Chapter 27 Preston Revisited

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Friday morning saw Emma & Chris biding a sad farewell to each other as we loaded up the car – Emma was leaving quite a good amount of her stuff with us since she was planning on spending most of her time away from university on our side of the Pennines rather than her Dad’s, just so she could spend more time with Chris There were tales of snow on the A66 so we took the slower but less exposed route via Harrogate and the A59 and pulled up at Pete & Cathy’s place just a couple of hours later. We unloaded the car, had a quick cuppa and then went over to Liz’s house – we were going out with her and Rob tonight and stopping there too.

We grabbed our bags out of the car and caught up with the latest news – most of which left me and Rob fairly bemused as we didn’t have a clue who most of the people were anyway. Every so often Liz would say something like ‘you know Sandra who we met in Asda three weeks ago” and Rob would just nod and smile agreeably. Lisa was keen to get freshened up and asked Liz which bedroom we were in. “Mine” said Liz. Lisa looked a bit puzzled “Well we’re all gonna end up in bed together anyway so I thought it was a bit pointless sorting another bedroom out” Liz continued “I thought you and Rob had packed in the swinging scene” said Lisa “We just stick to couples” explained Rob interrupting “and they have to be couples that we both fancy too” he added “Ahhh” I said “so you just wanna fuck Lisa again” Rob was about to say something when Lisa interrupted “Mmmm I hope so” “I remember the last time the four of us were together – the night of Emma’s 18th – that was a really horny session” “Speaking of which” said Liz to Lisa “Are me and you going to catch up too” “Sounds like a plan” said Lisa “Make yourselves scarce boys”

We did as the girls asked Rob dragging me down to his local. Rob has always been a sociable sort of chap and had obviously become quite friendly with a good cross-section of the pubs regulars. He introduced me to a few of the more interesting characters, we had a couple of pints, played a few games of pool and wandered back to the house. Liz and Lisa were sat in the front room watching television “Have a good time?” Rob asked “We did babe – it’s been a long time” answered Liz. “So what we doing tonight then?” I asked “Go for something to eat, a few drinks and then back here I guess” said Liz “Unless anyone’s got any better ideas” “Nope” I said “Happy to follow your lead” “We’d best go and get ready” said Lisa to Liz and the girls disappeared upstairs. Ninety minutes later they returned – both looked fabulous in very similar figure hugging black dresses – Lisa showing plenty of leg and Liz (as usual) plenty of cleavage. Rob wolf-whistled appreciatively. “Where we going anyway?” I asked “Local Chinese – it’s very good” replied Rob. “Oh I know it” exclaimed Lisa “and it is good – not cheap though”

It was only a two minute taxi ride and we soon studying the menus intently. One thing about having a Chinese meal is you should always allow plenty of time – there’s often lots of courses with long waits between them and it was two hours later before we were ensconced in a town centre pub – one that I instantly recognised as the Wetherspoon’s establishment we’d visited the night of Lisa’s farewell. We had a few drinks and Liz decided she fancied going clubbing – not to the clubs that her & Lisa used to frequent when ‘out on the pull’ but an indie club called the Warehouse if I remember correctly. We walked round there and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only a couple of quid to get in. Brilliant music – lots of Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Jam etc etc. We bumped into Emma & Tasha, I didn’t think it was their sort of music, although Tasha was a bit of an ‘indie chick’, but they explained that there was different music on each floor and they got cheap drinks with their student cards. I think Tasha rather fancied coming back to Liz’s with us but Emma persuaded her otherwise. I don’t normally care much for nightclubs these days (more like youth clubs) but I was quite sorry to leave this one to be honest.

We were soon back at Liz’s and the girls wasted no time in demonstrating exactly what they wanted by dashing upstairs, stripping naked and reclining on the bed with their legs apart in an obvious invitation to either fuck them or go down on them. I needed a pee and returning a moment later Rob already had his face buried in Lisa’s crotch, so I followed suit with Liz. An exploratory finger proved she was already more than wet and the first touch of my tongue on her already engorged labia saw her react as though shot, arching her back and gasping. Usually I’ll just slide two fingers in but I knew Liz liked more so I slid three fingers in and heard her gasp – she gasped again when I started licking around her clit. Rob was lapping furiously at Lisa’s pussy and I could tell she wasn’t far from an orgasm – neither was Liz but I held her on the edge for a short while before sucking hard on her clit which made her come almost instantaneously – Lisa followed suit moments later.

The girls laid back looking like the cats that got the cream. “Any requests girls?” I asked smiling “Well I want your cock up my arse” Liz said to me “I’d like some of that too” said Lisa looking pointedly at Rob and in particular his rock-hard erection. Rob and I sat with our backs against the headboard whilst the girls smeared lube onto our cocks and then spent longer than appeared necessary working it into each other’s arseholes. Prepared they shuffled back and helping each other slid smoothly down our cocks until we were both buried deep inside them. Neither of the girls were strangers to anal sex but both were shaking a little just with the initial penetration.”God I feel so fucking horny right now” moaned Liz “Mmmm me too” muttered Lisa as they started a slow, rhythmic rise and fall. Rob and I weren’t idle – we’d both reached around our respective partners and were caressing their pussies with the occasional touch of the clit which always made the girls jump.

As their passion grew the girls were thrusting harder and faster – both heading for big orgasms. I had both hands around Liz’s waist helping her to grind out the orgasm she craved. It wasn’t long in coming – I felt her arsehole contract and then her body go rigid as she yelled in pleasure and toppled over to one side my cock sliding out of her arse as she did so. She laid there with something of a glazed look in her eyes gently stroking her engorged clit and murmuring thanks. I was just contemplating fucking her when Lisa declared she wanted a DP. I could tell she was close to an orgasm and as her and Rob slid down the bed a little and as she lay back with his cock still buried in her arse I had no difficulty entering her pussy. “Oh my fucking God” she wailed “I’m gonna cum and cum and cum” A dozen or so strokes was all it took before I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock, I’m guessing she must have squeezed Rob’s cock too ‘cos he suddenly came filling her bowels with his spunk – moments later her orgasm peaked and she slumped back onto Rob, his cock sliding out of her arse as mine exited her pussy. “That was so good” Lisa whispered as she came back down to earth. “You gonna shoot your load too babe” Lisa asked “I need to” I replied “Any volunteers?” “Lie back” said Liz “I’ll take care of you” I did as she asked and Liz took my cock into her mouth as deep as she could manage. Lisa came over and joined in, caressing my balls, under the dual assault I was never gonna last long and I could feel my orgasm approaching rapidly. I let the girls know and at the very last moment Liz pulled my cock out of her mouth and aimed it at hers and Lisa’s faces – one jet hit Liz, one hit Lisa and then Lisa clamped her mouth over my cock to capture the rest. I think everyone was pretty well satisfied and Liz retrieved the quilt from the bottom of the bed and pulled it over us – the girls in the middle and me and Rob on either side.

Following morning we said our goodbyes and headed back over to Cathy’s to pick Emma up and drop her at her halls. We were considerably earlier than planned but were met by an excited Tasha who showed us into the front room “Guess what guys” she said. I had a feeling I knew what was coming but didn’t wish to steal her thunder “What?” I asked “Emma let me go down on her last night, then she ate me out and she was really good – I came so hard” she declared “Were you drunk?” asked Lisa “Well maybe a little” admitted Tasha “Well don’t expect it to happen every time you’re together” cautioned Lisa” Alcohol lowers the inhibitions” she continued. “Is everybody else still in bed?” I asked “They are” said Tasha “but Mum said that when Lisa arrived I was to ask her to pop up to her bedroom” “What for?” asked Lisa sounding puzzled “I can’t say” replied Tasha smiling “and Steve’s coming with me” she continued leading me upstairs behind Lisa who, having been here before, walked straight towards the front and what I presumed was the master bedroom whilst Tasha led me to the back of the house.

The curtains were still drawn so it was gloomy in the room but as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see Emma apparently asleep – her blonde hair prominent on the pillow. “So what’s going on” I asked Tasha – although I kind of knew what answer I’d get. “My Mum wanted to improve her pussy-eating skills and Pete wanted a blowjob – me and Emma obviously couldn’t oblige and we knew Lisa wouldn’t mind – and she said I should keep you entertained” “So how were you planning on doing that?” I asked “Like this” she said, dropping to her knees, unfastening my trousers and locking her lips around my rapidly hardening cock. What Tasha lacked in experience she made up for with enthusiasm. Breaking contact for a moment she looked up at me “Fuck my mouth Steve” she whispered. I did as she asked – all the while she was turning my balls over and over with her free hand.
It was very good and although I would have been quite happy to unload in Tasha’s mouth I guessed she wanted more so I withdrew my cock before leading her over to the bed and sitting her on the edge. She was wearing an over-sized t-shirt and I realised as I pulled it over her head, nothing else. “Are you gonna eat me Steve?” she said quietly “Do you want me to?” I asked “Oh please” she pleaded “You make me cum so hard” She lay back and I knelt on the floor between her legs. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as the blood surged through it, swelling her labia. I was about to lower my head when I become conscious that we were being watched, Emma had woken up and was laid on the bed her chin in her hands watching us closely. “Don’t mind me” she said smiling “I’m just watching to get some tips”
Being laid on the edge of the bed Tasha was completed exposed to my questing tongue, so I really went to town on her licking from her arsehole to her clit and back – a long, almost mournful moan being the result each time. After a while I concentrated on her pussy – inserting two fingers into her which brought a sharp intake of breath and when I started slowly fucking her with them whilst licking all around (but being careful to avoid) her clit I could sense she was on the verge of a big orgasm. The cries of “I’m gonna fucking come” were also a clue that an orgasm was imminent. I tongued her clit hard and then sucked on it – Tasha orgasmed almost instantly with a cry that echoed around the room and was probably audible two streets away. “Oh my God that was intense” she murmured as she came back to her senses.

“Learn anything?” I asked Emma who was still gazing at Tasha’s pussy “Yeah one or two things” she said smiling “Are you gonna fuck her now?” she added “I dunno- am I” I asked quizzically “Yeah you are” said Tasha “Only don’t cum ‘cos you gotta fuck Emma too, while she eats my pussy again” I needed to get up off my knees before I got cramp so pushed Tasha up onto the bed and once she was on her back I slid my cock smoothly into her pussy “Mmmmm” was all I heard as I reached full-depth – an ‘Mmmmm’ that intensified in volume and frequency as I fucked her. If I was gonna get both girls off I couldn’t make the first fuck a marathon so as Tasha’s moans continued to increase I picked her legs up, put them over my shoulders and really pistoned into her pussy. The deeper and tighter sensations were driving her wild and as I’d hoped she came – almost explosively – as I slowed down and put her legs down I could feel her shaking “God that was good” she murmured “You make me come so fucking hard”
“Are you gonna fuck me now” asked Emma in an almost plaintive tone. “I am but I want Tasha to get you wet first and while she’s doing that you can give me a blow-job” “I like the sound of that” she smiled happily. I laid on my back whilst Emma went to work on my cock with her mouth whilst Tasha did much the same to her pussy. I hadn’t experienced Emma’s oral technique before but she was very good, varying the depth and speed and using her tongue to good effect. Much as I was enjoying it I had to stop her otherwise that could have brought an end to the day’s proceedings. Emma too was at a heightened state of arousal – Tasha had been busy between her legs and she was breathing heavily and more than wet enough to take my cock without any problems.
I got up from my prone position and moved around behind Emma who was already on all-fours. Tasha wanted some action too and got into position, with a pillow under her arse so she was fully exposed and available for Emma to go down on her – which she did without any prompting. Emma lost contact with her pussy for a moment as I slid my cock inside her but returned to her task enthusiastically. I had hold of her hips and could feel her trembling as I started a gentle stroking motion “Steve” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at me “Fuck me hard please – I’m so close to the edge and I’m desperate to come” I had no problem in doing so but her previous activities had brought me fairly close to orgasm too and although I had no real problem with coming inside Emma I really wanted to come down one of the girl’s throats. I increased the speed and length of my strokes, Emma was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on licking Tasha’s pussy, leaving her to get more and more frustrated until eventually she moved out of the way, rifled through her bedside cupboard, pulled out a large rabbit and jammed it up her cunt – a look of contentment spreading across her face as the battery powered device propelled her towards the orgasm she craved. Emma was closer though her breathing becoming more ragged and her gasps of pleasure almost constant. ” I’m coming” she wailed, shaking from head to foot and her internal muscles pulsating around my cock.
She slumped forward and I slid out of her pussy “Have you not cum yet?” asked Emma “Nope but I’m really close” I replied “Do you want to fuck my tits?” Emma asked “Chris really likes it” “I’d love too” I replied She lay back and I straddled her, laying my cock into her cleavage, no doubt due to her youth her tits were really firm and she didn’t really need to hold them together. A dozen or so strokes – and a few licks from Emma’s tongue on the forward stroke was all it took and I erupted – one big spurt hitting her right between the eyes with the rest on her neck, chin and mouth. She licked up what she could with her tongue before Tasha came across to help her with the rest and I pulled my pants on before slipping across the hall to see what was happening in the other bedroom.

I eased the door open to see Lisa flat on her back being fucked vigorously by Pete whilst she licked furiously at Cathy’s pussy. Cathy spotted me and beckoned me closer, pulling down my pants and clamping her lips around my soft cock. I whispered to her than I’d just come but she seemed unperturbed and continued trying to stir some life into my cock. However, Lisa’s tongue was having its expected effect and Cathy experienced a big orgasm which caused her to roll off Lisa and onto the other side of the bed. Moments later Pete came too which pushed Lisa over the edge. Pete shuffled across to join Cathy and I lay next to Lisa “Hiya babe” she said a little breathlessly “Enjoy yourself with the girls?” “Yeah of course “I replied But why ……” Cathy interrupted my question “Blame Tasha Steve – she’s had so much sex over the holiday that she was feeling sex-starved back here – plus I wanted to practice my cunnilingus skills – and of course Pete wanted a blowjob” “Well” said Lisa” Are we gonna lay here all day or shall we make a move and get Emma to Leeds” “I guess we should” I replied

We were ready to leave and the car packed about an hour later, fortunately the roads were fairly quiet and we rolled up outside Emma’s halls or residence about 90 minutes later. Didn’t take as long as I feared to unload the car and after a tearful goodbye between mother & daughter we set off for home. It was dark when we arrived and it seemed a bit odd to have an empty (and quiet) house once again. Tom had said the same thing after his house guests had departed too. Lisa couldn’t be arsed cooking so I rang Giovanni and he had free tables. Lisa rang Ally and invited her and Dan over – they arrived 30 minutes later and we got a cab across to the restaurant. We had a cracking meal before going back to the house where, for a change, we had sex with our own partners before getting an early night.

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