A Thrill Ride Ch. 02

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All day Monday I was next to useless. I failed miserably distracting myself at work and had such an unproductive day I was lucky no one noticed. I was ready and waiting about twenty minutes before Jake was due to arrive. I hate myself for it, but I made an effort. If this was our last moment, I wanted to make sure he regretted it. I wanted him to hurt too. My mind had wandered earlier to which of his friends I could try and revenge fuck that would hurt him the most. I’d daydreamed over meeting a really fit guy online and parading him on our nights out making sure I tell the girls loudly how huge his cock is. Then I’d feel gut-wrenchingly sad because, despite it all, I didn’t want any of those scenarios coming true, the one scenario I wanted I wasn’t going to get. I wanted Tom to be wrong.

My heart was racing once it got closer to the time Jake had said he’d be here. He was extremely punctual and sure enough, my doorbell chimed bang on 7 p.m. I opened the door feeling sick to my stomach and tried my best to hide it. Jake came in all smiles and kisses. He’d bought me flowers and wine. Not petrol station ones either looked like he’d been to Waitrose, that’s proper guilt there. Once I’d taken the guilt gifts off him and made the necessary nods of appreciation, he hugged me and then kissed me passionately. For a brief moment, my nerves untangled, and I felt ever so slightly better. It was fleeting and all my emotions bubbled up at once when we stopped kissing. Jake was waffling on about the weekend I think, I’m not sure I wasn’t listening.

‘What’s been going on between you and Heather?’ I blurted out at one hundred miles an hour interrupting him. There was no point in pleasantries, I had already waited too long for answers.

He looked confused and a bit worried.

His mouth opened but no words came out.

He sat down.

I sat down by him.

‘Are you trying to work out what story to tell me? I don’t want a story I just want the truth, Jake.’ I tried to keep my voice calm, it wasn’t working.

‘Why are you asking?’ he said, I noted he couldn’t look at me.

‘Tom saw you.’


He looked mortified and I felt a stronger wave of sickness. My last hope gone. Tom wasn’t mistaken.

‘Look at me,’ I asked. My voice caught on the tears that had been threatening since Saturday. I choked them back, I didn’t want Jake to see me cry over him.

Jake turned where he sat so we were facing each other.

‘What did Tom see?’ he calmly asked.

‘Does that matter?’

‘I guess not, no. Fuck, Vix, I’m sorry, it means nothing, she means nothing, I promise. I’m a dick a proper dick, I don’t want to hurt you I’m sorry. I’ve never wanted to hurt you. She came on to me Friday night and I was pissed, I was flattered. I’m sorry. I really am sorry.’

‘I was in the room, Jake. I was sat next to you,’ a tear leaked out of the corner of my eye. I cursed it for giving any of my hurt away.

‘I know,’ he said solemnly.

‘You had us both under the table.’

He bowed his head, with shame I hoped before he started to babble.

‘It was all you though, I didn’t ignore you, it felt better with you, under the table, your touch feels better than hers. There’s nothing between us it was just ego. Two women at the same time. I’m a stupid bloke, Vix, it felt good having my ego massaged it – ‘

‘And your cock?’ I interrupted.

‘Only you’ve touched my cock.’

‘Oh, I am privileged.’

‘Don’t be like that.’

‘I don’t know how to be yet, I’m still waiting for the whole story.’

‘There isn’t much to say, she means nothing I promise it was a stupid mistake.’

‘How many times has it been a mistake?’

‘Before Friday, just the once I promise.’

He looked straight at me as he said this, I saw no sign he was lying. I started to relax a little.

‘It was Christmas.’

And I was instantly tense again. How many waves of sickness could rush through me before I actually vomited?

‘While I was away?’ I asked.

He nodded.

We were getting on so well then, we had got closer. Why then? Why ever? I had been gutted to miss that night out. One of the downfalls of moving away and coming from a large family, I have to do my duty once a year and miss out on that period between Christmas and New Year where the pubs are full and everyone’s off work together, relaxed and happy.

‘You knew I wanted to be there, you knew I was upset I couldn’t come home early.’

‘I know. I was pissed off you weren’t there. I missed you. You had that family do. I should have been there with you. I felt a dick for not being with you. I was pissed off with myself and pissed off at you and I know that’s wrong, it wasn’t your fault but…’

‘So much so you came on to my friend?’

‘She’s my friend too and it wasn’t like that.’

‘What was it like, Jake?’

‘Honestly, I was in a dark place Christmas, I’ve been such a prick, I’m lucky you put up with me, I kind of feel you should have kicked me to the eskort görükle curb by now. I’m lucky you haven’t. I could have gone with you to your parents I was just being stubborn. I wanted us to spend Christmas here, just us. I was pissed off, at myself more than you and Heather was just there, flirting with me. The guys were egging me on, but I didn’t need persuading, it felt good. No one else in our group has anything going on and I had two of you…’

‘Ego much?’

‘I know, I know. Look nothing happened, it could have done but I stopped it, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do that to you, I woke up. I realised. I told her no.’

‘At what point did you tell her no?’

Jake sighed.

This was hard for him I could tell, opening up. talking, owning his actions, taking responsibility for being the complete and utter jerk that he is. Why was my heart melting and breaking at the same time? I wanted to hold him as he spoke and I wanted to slap him while I was there. I didn’t move, I let him talk.

‘We’d all gone back to Ellis’s, she was all over me. I thought it would stay just flirting, I was enjoying the attention, but I didn’t plan on pushing it. She cornered me upstairs, dragged me in one of the bedrooms…’

There was so much bile in my throat right now I don’t know how my body was holding it back. My chest felt like it had been hammered in.

‘Oh shit, I’m sorry. I feel shit, I shouldn’t be hurting you like this. Fucking hell. I’m such a dick. You deserve better than me, Vix.’

‘I know I do,’ I smiled and as I did a couple of tears escaped my eyes again. Jake moved toward me. ‘No!’ I said sternly and instinctively put my hands up in front of me. Jake sat back down. ‘Tell me everything. What did you do, you and Heather?’

‘We just kissed, Vix, I promise. Nothing else.’

He had kissed her. It had taken months of flirting before he kissed me. One night and she’d got more than I got in months. Was it just the one night? Was he telling me the truth?

‘Just the one kiss?’ I asked.

‘I promise we kissed for a bit, she thought it was leading somewhere but I couldn’t do it. I woke up. I realised what I was doing and I stopped it.’

‘What did you say? You obviously didn’t tell her about me.’

‘I told her not here if we were going to take it further, I’d want to do it properly.’

He looked shamefaced as he said this. It hurt to hear.

‘And when were you planning on doing it properly, while we were away is that why you wouldn’t share a room with me?’

Jake was already defending himself before I’d finished speaking. ‘No, Vix, I didn’t plan on ever sleeping with her it was just words, I didn’t want to hurt her. I made up something quick on the spot because no one knows about you and they should, everyone should know then I wouldn’t be in this situation. I’ve led Heather on now and that’s not fair either. I’m a cunt, I’m not a nice guy. You both deserve better. I should be on my own, I don’t know how to do this. I’m shit at emotions and stuff.’ He put his head between his hands that were clenched tight into fists and mumbled something else into his chest that I couldn’t make out.

I think I believed him. Jake was many things, an actor he was not. He seemed genuine, he seemed hurt, he seemed remorseful and he’d talked, openly. That had to come from the heart.

We sat silent for a moment. I realised I now had huge silent tears falling down my cheeks. I looked at the man I loved in front of me. All I wanted at that moment was to hold each other.

I edged closer to him until I could touch his hands. I wrapped my hands over his fists and lowered my head to touch his.

‘Do I know everything? Three months, Jake, it’s a long time for nothing else to have happened. No texts? What about this weekend? Did you sneak off with Heather like you did me? Were you playing us off against each other all weekend?’ My voice squeaked as I spoke, my tears not so silent anymore. They fell into his hair.

‘She has text me a couple of times, but I’ve not let them lead anywhere, I’ve kept it friendly and I’ve kept my distance. I thought she’d got the message I wasn’t interested. I promise, Vix, you know everything. I tried to stop it at the weekend but she was relentless, I gave in, I shouldn’t have I know but I’m a bloke and I had the two of you and I’m not gonna lie it turned me on, the idea of having you both. But then I felt so shit. It was you I kissed goodnight, Vix. It was you I wanted to go to bed with.’

‘Tom saw you at the toilets in the pub.’

‘We were flirting in the pub, but nothing happened. I didn’t kiss Heather, I swear. She pecked me on the cheek as I came out of the toilets and we touched each other a bit but it was nothing more. I felt guilty next day, I didn’t sleep well knowing I’d led Heather on again and it’s you I wanted, you should have been with me. If I wasn’t such a cock you would have been. On Saturday. I kept my distance, I was a coward again. Ignoring her rather than telling her the truth. But kestel escort I just wanted you. I only want you. It’s all you. I promise. I’ll tell her. We’ll tell her.’

We were looking at each other now holding hands tight. My eyes were still leaking, I felt bruised but lighter. I believed him. I felt closer to him. This was what we did, this is what brought us closer every time, getting close to breaking up and him winning me back. I’ll be back here again, I know I will. I should walk. I shouldn’t forgive him. I have the perfect excuse to get rid, to move on to free myself to step off the roller coaster.

‘I’ll understand if you can’t forgive me. I’ll go if you want me to go. This isn’t how I wanted this night to go.’

‘How did you want it to go?’

‘I’ve missed you so much even being with you at the weekend. I know I’m a fool. I meant every word. If you still want me, I’ll tell everyone. I wanted to romance you, open the wine, talk, kiss, cuddle. I wanted to take you to bed and make love to you properly, loudly not secretly. I thought we could plan what we’ll say and to who and when over a glass of wine or two. I bought your favourite…’

‘I noticed.’ I let a small smile creep across my lips. ‘I’d have preferred that night.’

‘We can still get some of it back. If you want to.’

‘I want to.’

He smiled and exhaled, ‘Are you OK? Are we OK?’

‘I’m bruised, my heart’s taken a bit of a beating, I’m not sure I fully trust you anymore and I don’t know how that will affect us but I’m willing to see, to try if you are. But no more secrets, we tell people…’

‘I’m so sorry I hurt you, I’ll make it up to you I promise, we’ll tell everyone, anyone that will listen. It’s only you, Vix, I can’t bear the thought of losing you.’

We edged closer until our lips grazed. We kissed cautiously at first, slowly then fell into a breathless, hungry, fast kiss. We couldn’t kiss each other hard enough. Couldn’t get our tongues enough in each other’s mouths. We kissed and pawed at each other adjusting our positions to get closer. He fondled my breasts, I hadn’t put a bra on, my nipples were like bullets pushing against the fabric of my dress. He ran his thumbs over them and rubbed. His touch felt so good if I was trying to pretend to be mad at him my nipples would have given me away. I wasn’t pretending, my body at least had forgiven him, my heart and mind might need a minute to catch up. I tugged at his t-shirt and pulled it over his head, then undid his jeans. He tore himself away from my nipples for a moment to stand out of his jeans, shorts and finally socks. Naked Jake and fully clothed me. Once he sat back down, I straddled his lap, my figure-hugging dress hitched up around my hips. His hard cock slid up between my dress and stroked over the satin of my knickers. I moved my hips, so my pussy stroked along his length a few times then pushed down firm against his body, pinning his cock between us as we kissed again.

‘Did you put this on to add to my torture?’ Jake asked as his hands slid my dress up over my bum.

‘Maybe,’ I teased. I knew what effect this dress had on him.

‘You look fucking hot and you know it. I need you out of it though.’

I knelt up and put my arms in the air. He slid the dress off me. He stroked and squeezed my bum as he kissed my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair. His fingers wrapped around the rim of my knickers, he moved his kisses down over my mound as he pulled my knickers down. I lifted my knees one at a time for Jake to remove them. He pulled me firmly by my bum and pulled me into his face. I was wet and eager for his tongue. He held me firm as he licked and kissed my lips first, then my clit. I held his head firm as he licked and sucked. Fuck he felt too good. He always felt too good.

I enjoyed the attention of his tongue for a while before pulling away. I needed to get closer to him, I need connection, I needed him inside me. His hands found my tits instantly as I lowered my body, his lips followed them. I straddled his lap and sat down over his cock, I savoured every moment as I lowered my hips slowly, letting his cock push inch by inch gradually filling me. He felt good inside me, his tongue was working magic on my nipples. I resisted the temptation to ride him hard and fast and instead relish in our connection. Take our time. I lifted Jake’s face, guiding it with a finger under his chin. We kissed briefly before locking eyes as we wrapped our arms around each other and held each other tight. I rode his cock, slowly, deliberately. We focussed just on each other, eyes staring intently our breath heavy and in time.

My mind threw me an image that I had been trying to ignore since Saturday. In this moment, it felt right to focus on it.

‘It turns me on thinking about you having us both.’ I confessed. Because ashamedly it did. On more than one occasion this last couple of days my mind had strayed to the table, his hands running up both of our thighs and the thought made me as wet as bursa sınırsız escort it had made me feel sick.


‘Yes. I like the idea of sitting at a table, your hands on both of our thighs, sliding higher and higher under our skirts.’

‘I wish you’d have had a skirt on Friday, I wanted to feel you wet through your knickers.’

‘You feel both of us. You rub your fingers over both of our pussy’s till we’re both dripping for you.’

We often did the dirty talk in bed. Or had phone sex, we’d had quite a lot of phone sex when we couldn’t get time to ourselves.

‘I’ll slide my fingers inside both of your knickers and push my fingers inside you both, feel how wet you both are for me.’

‘Your fingers simultaneously part each of our lips. You make us both moan in unison as you start to play with our clits.’

‘Fuck, Vix, I want to make you both come at the same time.’

‘You do, you keep fingering both of our clits, you have us both moaning at the table, gripping it till we both come together, screaming your name.’

‘Then what?’

‘Then you move your chair back a bit. We slide our hands over your rock hard cock as we take turns kissing you.’

Jake moaned and gripped my bum firmer. I ground my hips harder rubbing my clit against his body.

‘Then we kiss each other as you undo your jeans and take out your cock. We drop to our knees and start to kiss pushing your cock between our mouths. We both take turns sucking your cock and caressing your balls…Jake make me come, I need you to make me come.’ My clit ached, I ached. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d needed to come with such urgency.

‘Lie back,’ he instructed.

I did as he asked. He knelt forward and spread my legs, both hands on my thighs. The first lick of his tongue quelled the ache that had built in my pussy. I groaned with relief.

‘Keep talking,’ he said between a long lick and a sharp suck of my clit.

‘Ah, we stop sucking your cock and you guide me to my feet. Heather stays on her knees. You bend me over the table. She starts to kiss my pussy as you push your cock inside me. You fuck me hard and fast as she sucks my clit. Oh shit, Jake, fuck…you’re fucking me hard, I’m going to come, Heather’s going to make me come, I try and hold off so we can come together…Shit, oh, ah…oh…she makes me come just before you start to come inside me, you fill me a bit then pull out and slide across my sensitive clit. The rest of your load spurts on Heather’s face…’ I rushed out those last few words, mostly as breathless pants as I came hard bucking my hips up into Jake’s face. He quickly replaced his tongue with his cock and started to fuck me.

‘Oh, shit babe I can feel that. That turns me on so much, I fucking just want to come so bad. I’m sorry, this isn’t going to…and Jake came what felt like buckets inside me. He held me tight as he unloaded spurt after spurt. I felt him trembling on top of me. I held him in my arms.

‘Jesus,’ he said after a long moment.

We both giggled and gasped.

‘I wish we’d done that Friday.’

‘With an audience? That’s one way of coming out.’

We laughed.

‘I can’t believe how much that turned me on. I’ve gone from hating her and you together to coming really hard over the thought of you both.’ I said.

‘I love how hard you just came, I love making you come like that. I want to watch Heather make you come. Have you always wanted to be with another woman, why have we not talked about this before?’

‘Because I haven’t caught you trying to shag another one before.’

Jake hung his head. I carried on talking.

‘No, I haven’t really. I’ve had more fantasies about two men.’

He raised an eyebrow, ‘Tell me more about that.’

‘I imagine standing between two guys, feeling that energy between us all, being sandwiched in the middle of it. Them both taking turns to kiss me, undress me. Then taking turns to kiss me, finger me, suck my tits. Sharing my pussy, two tongues, one inside and one on my clit. One eating my pussy and one sucking my nipples. I want to suck both of their cocks, wank them both at the same time, feel two cocks inside me. As much as I want their attention on me, I want to play with two cocks, have two lots of spunk covering me, filling me, being licked out of me.’

I could feel Jake’s cock growing inside of me. He was slowly rocking his hips back and forth as he listened to me.

‘You like the idea too I see.’

‘You know I love you talking dirty to me.’

‘Have you thought about it much?’

‘A little I guess, more two women, I’ll watch two women porn more than two guys and a girl, but I have watched stuff. I’ve liked the idea of sharing a girl with a mate like. Guess I’ve often thought about that, thinking about it.’

We were slowly screwing now, Jake was fully erect again.

‘And would you kiss a guy.’

‘I’ve never thought that far. My initial reaction is no way, but I guess, if you kiss a girl it’s fair and it’s part of it isn’t it. Sex isn’t right without kissing. Would you want me to kiss another guy?’

‘I love the idea of watching two guys kissing, touching each other in front of me. Hard cocks pushing together so I can wank them both while they kiss. Would you be OK with that?’

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A Night in Three Parts Ch. 03

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Those are the words written on the third and final note that you’re holding in your hand. You shoot a look at me filled with a million unasked questions and more than a hint of anxiety. Holding your gaze and smiling gently, I whisper, “I’d never hurt you.”

You smile gently in response. “I’m not afraid of you.” Curling the note back and forth in your hands, you sit down on the bottom of our bed expelling a breath. I sit next to you and put my hand on your knee.

“Talk to me,” I urge.

You look down at the note, now folding the corners down sighing, “I’m afraid of….” your voice trails off.

“Of what, honey?”

“I don’t know how I’d react to….what you want to do.”

I can’t help but smile. “You make it sound so dirty,” I say with a wink and a leer. “I just want to tie you up a little.”

“How exactly is one tied up ‘a little’?” you ask, bumping my shoulder with yours.

I lean over and kiss your shoulder, “How about we start with baby steps so that you can get comfortable with the idea of being restrained? We’ll use one scarf this time, very loosely, hmm, how about not even tied. How does that sound?”

“Safe word?” you ask.

“Good idea. What are you thinking?”

“Hmmm,” you say, “artichoke.”

“Where did that come from?”

You shrug. “I dunno. It’s a food I don’t like. There’s no natural, or unnatural, reason for me to utter the word artichoke while we’re making love.”

I raise my eyebrow and glance sideways at you, “Ok, weirdo.”

“Hey, you’re the one who wants to tie me up. I think you’re the weirdo.”

“Seriously? This is pretty low on the ‘weird things I want to do to you’ meter. Now, shush and kiss me.” I grin rakishly at you.

Tossing the now crumpled note to the floor, you pull me towards you and kiss me. Even though we’ve been making love for hours, it’s like we just started.

I’m giddy. Excited. Turned on.

Your touch does something to me I’ve never experienced with another lover. The brush of your skin against mine gives me goose bumps and makes my nipples erect. You know exactly how to build up my response. Starting slowly you kiss me softly, running your tongue over my lower lip. In an unconscious reaction, my lips start to open and you slowly slide your tongue inside exerting a slight pressure. Using my lips, I suck your tongue and hold it inside my mouth teasing it with my own. I love that we both love kissing. It’s not just a means to an end, for us kissing is not foreplay, it’s a way to slow down and maintain a connection.

Every time we kiss it’s like the first time. There’s that tingle in my stomach, the shiver down my spine, the breathless anticipation waiting for your lips to touch mine, or kiss my neck, or nibble on my ear. Yes, making love is incredible, amazing, complete, but this…when we’re kissing, this is when I feel closest to you.

I pull myself away from you, stand up and hold out my hand to you. You take it and I tug you up off the edge of our bed. I walk over to the headboard and start untying the scarves. “Remember this one?” I ask holding up a piece of navy blue sheer fabric. You waggle your eyebrows at me laciviously, “Hah. Perv.” I throw it at you.

I untie a multicolored scarf and drape it across my neck. Kneeling with one leg on the bed, I stretch to reach the white gauzy scarf hanging in the middle of the headboard. Suddenly, I feel you leaning into me, pressing your body against mine. Wrapping your arms around my waist, your hands slid up to capture my breasts, circling your palms over my nipples. “Ahhhh,” I sigh as I push back into you. I wiggle my ass against you as your erection grows quickly. I pull my other knee up on the bed and start crawling to the middle. You have to either let go or follow me. Wisely, you follow me. As I’m reaching to untie another scarf, you rub your face back and forth across my back. I love that feeling. Your raspy stubble drives me wild. I know you can feel my nipples getting harder because you start to pinch and tug on them lightly.

When we’re both in the center of the bed, I kneel up and back against your body. Tipping my neck eskort bursa to give you better access, I feel your breath heating my skin. Your tongue is so close I can feel its heated moisture. You lick my neck, barely touching. Lips follow so softly and then your teeth are biting, nipping really. Not hard, just enough to feel it. “Harder.” I whisper. I feel you smile against my neck and then you suck instead of bite. Your tongue laves my skin. It’s almost hypnotic the effect you have on me. I’m lost in a myriad of sensations, your fingers teasing my nipples, your mouth savoring my neck, your body providing me with support, warmth, safety and more than a hint of promise.

Sliding my hand behind my back I grasp your cock and caress it stroking up and down firmly. You push lightly on my shoulders and I lean forward and put my hands on the bed. You rub against me and I moan with pleasure. Slowly you slide inside me and I stretch like a cat, arching my back and releasing, pushing back into you as you pump in and out of me. I slide my upper body down on the bed and stretch my arms out in front of me gripping the sheet tightly. Your hands move down to rest on my hips and you increase your speed. Propping myself up on my elbows I look back at you and mouth, “Fuck me, baby,” because I know that drives you wild. You wink, blow a kiss and starting fucking me, hard. I love you the way you feel.

I need to feel more of you touching me, so I start pushing up off the bed and back up against you until I’m kneeling with my body pressed against you. We move slowly so you can stay inside me the whole time. I pull your hands around me, so you are holding my breasts. My arms lift up and back and wrap around your head, holding you closer to me. You slide in and out of me in a controlled motion that is very quickly driving me mad. I reach one hand out in front of me to grab onto the headboard for support and my other hand caresses down your side and around to my clit rubbing slowly matching your pumping rhythm

It takes me a while to realize you are trying to distract me from my evil plan, crafty man that you are. I let you fuck me for a while longer so that you think you are winning, wonderful woman that I am, plus it feels so damn good, that I don’t want to stop you. But I really want to tie you up, so I reluctantly pull myself away from you and put some distance between us. “Nice try, devil,” I laugh, “now, get your sexy body over here.” I point in the direction of the headboard.

Want,” you say.


“Where do you want me to be?”

I motion for you to move around me and sit against the headboard. Propping a few pillows behind you for comfort, I take one of your arms and place it at the top of a slat in the headboard, I curl your fingers around the slat and squeeze. “Honey, hold on here, if you promise to hold on, I won’t even tie the scarf. I’ll just wrap it around your wrist. You’ll be able to remove your hand at any time. So technically, you’re not tied up at all, just held in place with the scarves.” While I’m talking, I wrap one of the scarves around the slat securing your wrist to the bed. “Test it out, give it a tug and see how quickly you can get out of it.”

You easily pull your arm out of the scarf and wrap it around my neck pulling me closer to you. “I love you,” you say.

I rest my forehead against yours. “I love you.” Making quick work of securing your hands to the bed with two filmy, soft scarves, I sit back and ogle you. “You are so incredibly handsome. Your body makes me weak in my knees every time I see you.” Crawling to your feet, I move your legs apart so I can lie between them. Resting my arms over your thighs and I lean over letting the tip of my tongue dance along your cock, we make eye contact and I whisper, “Artichoke, baby, that’s your word, ok? We’ll stop as soon as you’re uncomfortable.”

“I’m not uncomfortable now,” you waggle your eyebrows at me lasciviously.

Licking you, feeling you in my mouth, knowing that I’m turning you on, making you squirm with pleasure exhilarates me. I love having your hard, wet cock in my mouth. I love knowing that I merely have to touch bursa yabancı escort my tongue to just the right spot and you moan. I lean over you so that I can slide you deeper into my mouth. My lips lock onto your cock and I use the pressure of my tongue and my lips to massage it up and down. I like it messy. I like it loud, making sure you fully understand how much I enjoy this. When you’re in the sitting position, it’s easy to make eye contact with you and that connection just makes me feel sexier. You’re working hard to keep your hands on the headboard even though I know you are dying to touch me. Your fingers wiggle with restraint as I wink at you, while slowly pulling my mouth off of you. My lips are still tightly locked and when I get to the tip of your cock, I run my tongue around and around sucking hard.

As much as I love sucking your cock, and believe me, I do, I really want to fuck you, especially since you’re tied so delightfully to our bed so I reluctantly pull myself away from you and lean down to kiss the part of your body where your leg meets your hip, the electric spot that makes your whole body shudder like you’ve been buzzed.. A long, hot slow lick is followed by nibbling bites and pretty soon you’re struggling hard to keep your grip on the headboard.

“You. Are. Wicked” you growl. I smile while kissing my way to your other leg. Then I crawl up your body with my legs straddling you the entire way, rubbing myself against you. I’m so wet that I’m leaving trails of moisture on your body. My upper body is pressed against yours, and I’m resting lightly on top of your cock, squirming just enough to create warm, moist friction. Leaning forward to kiss you, my tongue slides inside your mouth. We trade licks, slow ones, fast ones, light ones, not so light ones. My hands caress your chest, tweaking your nipples with my fingernails. Pulling away from you, I rub my face against yours like a cat and my mouth finds its way to your ear. My teeth slip into the hypnotic rhythm of nibbling and sucking your earlobes.

I whisper, “In about twenty seconds, I’m going to slide down on your cock until you are as deep inside me as you can be and then I’m going to fuck you harder than you’ve ever been fucked before.” I feel your body jump underneath me as I say these words and my tongue flicks the spot behind your ear. You lift up your body and rub against me and it’s my turn to shudder. Your mouth captures mine as your body caresses mine. I curl my upper body up and away pressing into you with my lower body, my head lifts up and you bite my neck in that way that completely drives me mad.

“Ten,” you breathe with a sharp, pleasurable bite to the left side of my neck.

I say, “Nine.” arching my neck to give you better access.

“Eight. Kiss me,”

“Seven. Are you ready? Do you want to feel how wet and hot I am from the inside?” I ask between kisses.

“Six,” you hiss with a slight whimper to your voice.

“Five. Tell me, lover. Tell me what you want.”

“Four.” You latch on to the front of my neck, sucking hard enough to leave your mark. “Fuck me, baby.”

“Three. Love you…”

“…always. Two” Eyes locked, our lips barely touching. My hips lift up and I feel you pushing down into the bed, ready to be inside me.

“One,” we whisper together as I slowly slide down on you. I can’t control the strangled moan I breathe out. My hands reach out to hold on to the headboard and I start sliding up and down setting our rhythm. I know you can’t do much for leverage since your hands are still firmly attached to the headboard so I take care of that. The only sounds in the room are our expressed breaths and the moist sounds of making love. I experiment with tightening my muscles as I pull and and push down, squeezing my legs tightly against yours.

“I want to fuck you from behind. Move.” You thrust your hips up for emphasis, which feels amazing and may not have the effect you desired because I certainly don’t want to move.

“Want me to untie the scarves?”

“Hell no, I just want to move. Will you adjust them for me?”

We maneuver clumsily bursa merkez escort with excessive rubbing and caressing and body grinding plus laughing and giggling until you are on your knees with your arms crossed and I’m in front of you bumping my ass against your erection. While having you at this disadvantage is enticing, I know your arms are not in the most comfortable position so I untie your scarves and let you reposition your arms a little higher on the headboard. I retie the scarves and realize that you have an even smaller range of motion. Of course this means that you just have to get really close to me and stay that way.

Rubbing your cock against my ass, you whisper, “Lean forward, lover.”

I obey, placing both of my hands on the headboard close to yours as you roll your hips until your cock is just at the entrance of my pussy. You tease me a little by sliding just the tip of your cock inside me and then pulling out. Each time you slide in a little deeper and continue to pull out. I tighten my hands on the headboard and growl in frustration. I start moving my hips back into you forcing you to penetrate me deeper. You chuckle, “Impatient?”

“Uh, huh. Baby, please….deeper.”

We move together seamlessly, thrusting, pulling back, thrusting again. I know you’re pretty close but I’m ready for one more switch up. Reaching my hands back, I still your hips. “Are your knees ok, honey? Want to put a pillow under them?”

You nod and I disentangle from you. I have to slide under your arms to lift each of your knees to set the pillows in place. While I’m grabbing the pillows, I take a bottle of almond oil out of the “Pleasure Drawer” next to our bed. Scooting closer, I kneel up so that I can wrap my breasts around your cock and I pour the oil all over us. The feel of you covered in oil sliding between my breasts is incredible. You pump longer strokes and I tip my head down and lick the crown of your cock each time you thrust. I’m teasing you now, moving my head back so you can’t slide too far into my mouth.

Now you’re the one growling in frustration because if your hands were free you’d be able to control my head. My favorite thing is to watch your face when I’m sucking your cock. It’s a powerful thing, to see that kind of passion on you love’s face and know that you are responsible for it. Stroking you with my hands now, I use pressure and rhythm to build your reaction. I know you’re close because you start blowing out air in short, staccato breaths and your ass tightens.

“Wanna come?” I draw out teasingly..

“NO! Stop, slow…slow….slow down. I want to be inside you when I come. Untie me.”

“You didn’t say artichoke.”

“Because I’m not uncomfortable.. We just don’t have time to tie me back up, so I’ll hold on, I promise, but I want you to ride me until I come inside you.”

I untie your arms and you settle back in place grabbing onto the headboard with the pillows behind your back. I climb back on you with much less fanfare this time and ease myself down onto your cock. Gyrating my hips, I grind myself against you. My clit buzzes from indirect pressure and I move faster relishing the build up. “Touch me,” you hiss and I run my hands up and down caressing your chest. Words are lost between us as we make love in the dark.

“Honey, I’m so close,” I breathe. “I love you so much. Let go and touch me. I need to feel your hands on my body. Want you to feel what you do to me. Please.”

Reaching up, you pull my face down toward yours and kiss me deeply, lips moving, tongues tangling frantically. Sensing my orgasm building, I grab your hands and lean over you, pushing your arms into the bed. “More. Harder. Deeper,” I pant, begging you to push me over the edge.

“Lover,” you groan with each thrust. “Ahhhh. Damn you feel so fucking good.” Your movements increase in speed until I feel you climax inside me. Wrestling a hand free from my grip you slide it between our bodies to rub my clit. “Come for me baby, let go,” you urge as I come. I collapse on top of you, both of us breathing hard. You roll me over so we are on our sides facing each other. Foreheads together, lips touching.

“See. Tying you up wasn’t so bad, was it?” I tease you.

“Nope. I might even let you do it again.”


“Ok, more than might,” you grudgingly admit.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”



The End

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A Public Sexual Relation

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I have always been an exhibitionist. My mother loves to regale the story of how at two years old at my weekly ballet lessons, I would literally fight to be at the front. At secondary school after P.E I was never one of those who cowered beneath their towel dreading the communal shower. I would strip right down and run straight in. I wasn’t ashamed of my body and I couldn’t see why anyone should be ashamed of their but each to their own I suppose. But as I got older, my exhibitionism started to infiltrate into my sexual encounters.

I loved fucking outside and when the craze of dogging erupted I was beside myself with excitement. However, Daryl by boyfriend wasn’t quite as enamoured by the whole thing. He thought I was weird so unfortunately I had to let him go, who wants to be with someone who a) only likes missionary position and making love and b) couldn’t talk dirty if Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory depended on it.

So when I met Andrew on a night out and after I had tied him up and fucked him all night, when he told me he was a shop assistant at River Island and divulged to me his biggest fantasy I was determined to make it all come true.

Its Andrews fantasy that gave me one of the biggest orgasms I’d had in a while. I’d also had a dream that involved me, Andrew and a double ended dildo so you can imagine what kind of sexually frustrated state I was in. I decided that today would be the day when we reenact Andrews’s fantasy for real.

I rummaged through my bedside drawer and pulled out a pair of stockings. I check they have no ladders or holes searching around for my suspender belt. I decided to wear a pair of red crotch less knickers with a black ribbon on the front. I negotiated my breasts into place to create a nice cleavage now all I had to do was decide on an outfit to wear. In the end I plumped for my black, pencil skirt and red blouse. I left a few buttons undone so my cleavage was visible. I carefully applied my make up before slapping on my obligatory red lipstick that I wear especially for eskort bayan bursa sucking cock. I sprayed on my Chanel, gave myself the one over in the mirror before setting off on my mission.

I entered the shopping centre with its twinkling lights that reflected upon the shiny tiled floor which looked like an accident waiting to happen. Especially as I am tottering over them in three inch red stilettos. I’m unsteady on my feet at the best of times and the shopping centre is teeming with people even though it’s only just past nine o clock. Why the fuck do people feel the need to do their Christmas shopping early? I’d rather pour hot candle was on my clitoris to be honest. In fact that is quite an appealing thought. I have only ever had hot wax poured on my nipples and the guy kept the mould of my nipples on his mantelpiece like a weird trophy.

I walked across the centre until I arrived at River Island. I walked in and spotted Andrew folding up a pile of Fair Isle jumpers. He looked up and smiled when he saw me and I found this encouraging and it made me feel even more daring. I walked over to him and smiled.

“Hey, how’s you?” I ask, my eyes running over his body. His broad shoulders caused my lips to involuntarily pout my approval. Andrew had sleek back hair and intense blue eyes which he lowered taking in my outfit.

“I’m cool thanks, you look gorgeous by the way, are you looking for a Christmas outfit? We have had some new stock arrive this morning.”

“Well, not exactly.” I raised my eyebrows suggestively. “I’ve been thinking about your fantasy and thought that today was as good as any to carry it out.” I gave him one of my slowest sexy smiles and adjusted my blouse.

“You’re joking right?” The shock on Andrews face really was a picture to behold.

“No, I’m deadly serious.” I replied. I looked around the shop. “Its quiet at the moment, we may as well strike while the iron is hot so to speak.”

I looked down at the bulge in Andrews’s pants that told me that despite his altıparmak escort reservations, his cock was ready for action.

“You’re too horny for words.” Andrew murmured.

“Who said anything about words, I don’t think there is any more need for talking do you?” I grinned at him and suppressed the urge to kiss his full lips there and then. Turning on my heel; I walked away, picking up a mini skirt and a blouse off a clothing rails as I made my way to the changing rooms.

The changing rooms were unmanned as I slipped behind the curtain and hung my garments on a peg. I looked in the mirror, puffed up my hair, pouted at my reflection and waited.

With a minute the curtain was pulled back and Andrew stepped inside. It was a cramped affair due to my height and Andrews’s large frame but it felt deliciously naughty and within seconds Andrew was kissing me and I was almost breathless at the anticipation of him fucking me. His hands moved down to my hips and thighs, his fingers stroked the top of my suspenders before he roughly pulled up my skirt. His fingers slipped between the gap in my knickers that exposed my pussy to him. I groaned with pleasure as Andrews tongue probed my mouth while his fingers slipped inside me.

I realised that time was of the essence. What id dint want mid fuck was a tannoy announcement interrupting the action as the asked where their missing member of staff was from the men’s department. On top of that I was in the mood for a rapid hard fuck, the aim to make Andrew cum as quickly as possible.

I turned round which was no mean feat in such a confined space and bent over. I felt Andrews’s hard cock through his trousers as he rubbed himself against me before unzipping his pants as I played with my clit, my pussy almost dripping in expectation.

Andrew pushed his cock inside me and it took all of my self control not to make a noise as I could fell him fill me with his length. Gripping my arse Andrew pulled me into him. Faster and faster he bursa türbanlı escort guided my hips into the rhythm that he wanted and grabbed my hair which was a nice surprise and caused me to gush all over his cock, my juices dripping onto the changing room floor. Andrew must have felt my juices splash against his legs and he leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“I can’t make a mess in here and I don’t want to shoot my cum all over your skirt.”

“Stick to the fantasy.” I gasped as Andrew groaned. My words had been enough to tip him over the edge. The pace of his fucking upped several gears until it feels almost like a violent assault. His balls banged against my pussy as Andrews cock pushed my insides to the absolute limit. I heard his quietly groan as his hot spunk shot inside me and I felt my pussy filling with Andrews’s cream.

Andrew gathered his composure quickly and slowly pulled himself out of me. Kneeling down he pushed his face in between my legs. His mouth cupped my pussy and he started to suck his cum and my juices from inside me, licking both inside and around the edge of my lips, the tip of his tongue lightly slipping beneath the hood that housed the nub of my pussy as he ensured that not a scrap of sexual mess was left.

The situation was so erotic and horny that I felt myself shudder as an orgasm reached a crescendo before the waves of pleasure pulsated through my body. Once Andrew was sure that he’s cleaned me up thoroughly, he stood up and pulled up his trousers before zipping himself up. He grinned at me and kissed me as I pulled down my skirt.

“That was fucking ace.” He whispered in my ear. “I will get a hard on now every time I look at this changing room.”

“I bet you will.” I gave Andrew a self satisfied smirk; the look of achievement must have been evident on my face.

“I have to go.” Andrew popped his head out of the curtain. Once he had made sure the coast was clear he slipped out leaving me to button up my blouse and retouch my lipstick before I grabbed the two hangars of clothing off the peg. I pulled the curtain back and stepped outside to be greeted by a sales assistant.

“Didn’t you find what you wanted?” she asked as she took the hangars from me.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” I replied winking at her before walking out of the store.

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A Really Big Favor

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The call came in at almost midnight. Brooke hopped out of her relaxing bath to respond to the emergency. She threw on a light sundress and some flip-flops, grabbed her keys and phone, and was on her way.

She hurried through the hospital doors at just after 1 a.m. Rosa met her in the waiting room, nearly hysterical.

“I need a favor,” she sobbed. “A huge, huge, huge favor. You can say No. I won’t get mad, I promise. But then I’ll have to do it myself. That would probably be a mortal sin and I’d have to go to Hell. But I’ll do it if I have to.”

“Calm down,” Brooke urged. “Take a breath. Start from the beginning.” Rosa took several deep breaths, but then the tears started to flow, and the hiccups came.

“Relax!” Brooke demanded, pulling Rosa into a tight hug. “Calm down! I’ll do it. Whatever it is, I’ll do it. Just tell me what you need.”

Slowly, between hiccups and sobs, the story came out. Rosa’s brother Matteo had been in a motorcycle accident. He would survive, but he’d suffered multiple fractures in both arms. This was not actually news to Brooke. She hadn’t seen Matteo in years and had never much liked him even then. But Rosa paid close attention to every little thing he did, and she insisted on keeping Brooke in the loop.

Matteo had been in traction for four weeks. He was expected to continue like that for another four. The shattered bits of bone would knit together only if they didn’t shift around. And afterward, the muscles would be so weak, it would take a year of therapy to regain anything close to full function.

“But Matteo’s fucking, worthless, piece of shit girlfriend decided to break up with him,” Rosa spat, “She can’t handle her responsibilities to my brother.”

“What responsibilities?” Brooke asked. “The doctors and nurses are helping him get better. Insurance is covering all the bills, you told me. Beth is a flight attendant. She flies all over the country. She can’t exactly sit by his bed 24/7.”

“She was in town for almost two days. She left at one p.m. yesterday. But when I visited my brother at 1:30, he was popping a boner under the blanket. Beth should have taken care of him before shipping out. Instead, the bitch broke up with him.”

“This is the favor you want?” Brooke asked incredulously. “To get your brother’s rocks off?”

“Well, he can’t do it for himself, not with his arms in traction. And guys aren’t like girls. Guys need to pop on a regular basis. That stuff builds up in their balls and turns sour. They get depressed and moody. They lose confidence. Deprival can even lead to cancers and ulcers and strokes and worse. But you can say No.”

“I already said Yes,” Brooke grumbled. “I won’t go back on my word. But you are going to owe me big time. So, what are we talking about? A handjob in his hospital bed?”

“If that’s all you can do, that’s all you can do,” Rosa said, which meant, of course, that she expected and hoped for a whole lot more.

Brooke glared at her friend and stood up from the table. “What room is he in?”

“318,” Rosa said. “I wrote it down for you.”

Brooke took her time. And she took the stairs. She’d made a commitment, and she’d honour it, but she was in no hurry to make a slut of herself. Time waits for nobody, however. And all too soon, she was standing in front of Matteo’s door, checking the nurse log.

According to the logs, someone was checking in on him every hour. She had about 45 minutes until the next round, 40 to be safe. She had no desire to be caught by a nurse.

Brooke quietly entered the darkened room. She chose to leave the lights off. It was way past visiting hours. She didn’t think anyone was enforcing it, but she didn’t want to tempt fate with a glowing window shining out into the corridor.

Carefully, she approached the bed. Matteo was propped up in a reclining position, as if he were dozing in an easy chair. Brooke studied his shadowed face and listened to him snore. She hadn’t seen him in years, and she was curious what kind of man he’d become.

The mustache suited him, she decided. She didn’t ordinarily like facial hair but it worked for Matteo. He’d been an ugly child and had grown into a much uglier adult. The mustache hid some of his face and was therefore a good thing. A beard, a hat, some sunglasses, and maybe a ski mask would do well for him.

Under normal circumstances, Brooke would not touch him with a ten-foot pole. But she’d made a promise. Very slowly and quietly, so as to avoid waking him, she pulled back the blanket covering his midsection, revealing his blue pajama bottoms.

Gently, she gripped the edges of his fly and pulled it open, until Matteo’s flaccid penis emerged from the opening like a sleepy groundhog, not yet ready to end his hibernation. Brooke did not want to touch him directly yet. Soon, they would be very intimate. But the flesh-on-flesh contact would surely wake him up, and she did not want that to happen until she was fully engaged. No awkward questions, thank you.

She grinned down at the floppy little penis. bursa eskort It was so tiny and cute. An erect cock was impressive. Imposing, commanding, even intimidating. A stiff dick had a specific purpose and the target was the nearest vagina. Even a welcome invader was a shock to the system and the sight of a ready boner could be alarming to a vulnerable female. But flaccid, it was a weird-looking worm.

But time was ticking. The nurse would be here in 38 minutes. Brooke took a deep breath, knelt on the bed, and brought her face down to Matteo’s crotch. She stared at the strange creature for a long moment, then opened her lips and scooped the floppy worm into her mouth.

Matteo gave a little sigh and started waking up. Brooke sucked on his soft little member and it immediately started swelling in her mouth. A spurt of really salty pre-cum oozed onto her tongue. He wasn’t very hard yet, but he was already making noises of distress, moaning and panting, writhing on the bed. It was dark, and she could barely see his face, but he actually looked panicked as he neared orgasm.

The first blast popped hot and bitter on Brooke’s tongue. She’d given only a few blowjobs in her life, but the cum had never tasted like that. And it was usually thick, like egg yolk, not watery like Matteo’s. Rosa had told her that semen went sour if a guy didn’t cum regularly. Brooke hadn’t really believed her. It sounded like a guy’s pathetic attempt to persuade a reluctant date. But maybe there was something to it after all.

She swallowed the first spurt, which was followed quickly by the second and third. She kept gulping it down, as it was now just free-flowing from his dick. She’d never known a guy to cum like that. Matteo gave a long, sighing moan of relief as he poured himself into Brooke’s mouth. She was chugging it dutifully when she suddenly realized that Matteo wasn’t coming. He was pissing. Matteo was pissing right down Brooke’s fucking throat.

She was furious at the sick bastard’s arrogant presumption. Brooke hadn’t consented to this. And she had little choice but to continue drinking his pee. If she released him, he’d piss all over her face and hair when his fountaining dick pulled free of her lips. If she let it dribble out, it would get all over her clothes. The hospital was forty miles from her house. She was NOT driving that distance drenched in piss, stinking up her car. She was NOT letting the bastard ruin the sweater her grandmother had knitted her for Christmas.

So she kept swallowing. Gulp after gulp of the acrid yellow stuff. In college, during the Dorm Olympics, Brooke had won the Beer Chugging event two years in a row. That experience served her well now. Matteo pissed for what seemed like three eternities, Brooke drinking down every drop.

When he was finished, Brooke waited a moment to be sure, then carefully eased back. “Why the fuck did you do that?” she demanded.

“Why did I do that? Are you kidding? Why did you do that?” he asked, completely astonished.

“I was trying to give you a blowjob,” Brooke snarled. “Why the fuck did you piss in my mouth?”

“Why were you giving me a blowjob? I don’t even know you. Do I?”

“Answer the fucking question! Why did you piss in my mouth?”

“Okay! Okay! I had to pee. Really fucking bad. I’m supposed to let the nurse know when she checks on me. She gets a bedpan, points my dick into it, then cleans me up after. I tried to hold back, but I’d been holding it for two hours. The tongue massaging my dick was loosening everything up. I couldn’t stop it. I’m sorry.”

Brooke wanted to be mad. She wanted to hate him. But she’d been there. She’d spent two nights in the hospital after a spider bite. She’d wet the bed twice waiting for nurses. She found herself sympathizing with Matteo’s plight.

“All right,” she said. “I won’t kill you. But I just drank about a gallon of your piss, so I’m not happy with you either.”

“Why were you giving me a blowjob?” he asked. “I don’t even know you.”

“You knew me when we were kids. I’m a friend of your sister. She asked me to do this since you can’t do for yourself.”

“My sister hates me,” Matteo said.

“No,” Brooke disagreed. “She disapproves of your lifestyle, but she doesn’t hate you. The fact that I’m still going to give you a blowjob, even after you peed down my throat, should prove that. I owe your sister big time and this is how she’s calling in the favor.”

Matteo’s dick had gotten huge just from the stimulation he’d already received. Brooke leaned over and took him back into her mouth. He still tasted of piss, but she was going to be burping that odd flavor for the next several hours. It was way too late to start fussing about that now.

At least he was properly hard this time. This was the manly sword that made a girl’s insides lube up in invitation. And she remembered how much fun it could be to blow a man. A puppeteer could pull a few strings and make a marionette dance. But Brooke had even more power over a living human male. She could lick bursa otele gelen escort his balls and make him moan. If she gently sucked the head, letting cool air flow over moist, sensitive flesh, his back would arch and he’d start panting. If she tongue-tickled the tip of him, he would probably yell.

Brooke chose to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock just to watch him writhe and hear him gasp. But that was just a bit of fun for herself.

She had never really liked Matteo. Rosa had assured her that he’d changed in the last fifteen years. He was no longer the arrogant buttwipe bully he’d been in high school. But even Rosa thought he was a drunk with a sleazy job. And even if he did have a reasonable explanation, Brooke hadn’t forgiven him for pissing in her mouth.

Brooke would do this thing, and she’d make him enjoy it. But it would be fast and basic, just to make him blow. No loving cock worship today. This was for duty, not intimacy.

The quickest way to finish a guy from a blowjob, in Brooke’s experience, was to use lips, tongue and fingers together. She took the head of his cock between her lips and licked the sensitive spot where the crown met the shaft. At the same time, she stroked him with one hand and massaged his balls with the other.

She licked tiny little circles on that sweet spot until Matteo was panting in desperation. Then she wet her lips and bobbed up and down on him with quick, shallow motions, passing her lips back and forth across that spongy ridge.

He was close. He was grunting in sweet anticipation of release. Brooke readied herself for the creamy elixir about to pour onto her tongue. It wasn’t the most pleasant-tasting treat, but it was one of the most satisfying. And it was a hell of a lot better than a mouthful of urine.

Suddenly, Rosa’s voice was whispering in her ear. “What the fuck are you doing? That isn’t Matteo!”

Brooke drew back in shock and horror, “Not Matteo? You’re lying. It has to be. I drank his fucking piss!”

“Matteo’s in the next room.”

Brooke stood quickly, and ran to the door, turning on the lights and glaring back at the bed. The man there had both arms in traction, but was at least fifteen years too old.

“You’re not Matteo,” she accused.

“I’m James,” he said.

“You should have told me I was in the wrong room,” she told him.

“I did tell you that my sister hated me,” James said. “Janice would cut my dick off and feed it to her dog. She’d never arrange to have someone suck it.”

Brooke opened the door and went into the hall. The doors to 316 and 318 were next to each other and the nameplate for 318 was right between them. It was a confusing placement. And it was one o’clock in the fucking morning. She was worn out. It was no wonder she’d gotten the wrong room.

As the door closed, Brooke made the mistake of looking back in the room. James was looking back at her, frustrated and forlorn, his dick still poking out, hard and throbbing from Brooke’s unfinished attentions. James hadn’t deserved her attentions, but neither did the real Matteo. And it was cruel to tease.

With a resigned sigh, she grabbed the door before it shut and went back inside. “I hope you appreciate this,” she growled, then came back to the bed and resumed her interrupted blowjob.

This time, she cheated. A blowjob is stimulation of the penis with lips and tongue. Brooke no longer had the patience for that. She put her mouth on his cockhead, licking the underside, and stroking his shaft to achieve the fastest results.

He had been so close before, right on the very edge. It took her less than a minute to bring him back to that state. His whole body went abruptly rigid. A tiny squeak escaped his lips. Then he was coming, spilling his seed onto Brooke’s waiting tongue.

Cum was not Brooke’s favourite flavor. But after all she’d been through to get this man to pop in her mouth, it was a better reward for all her hard work than chocolate or brandy. She let the semen collect on her tongue as James poured his weeks of frustration into her face.

James’ cock was a magnificent instrument. It had poured out a hell of a lot of piss earlier and now it was pumping an impressive amount of sperm into Brooke’s mouth. In more ways than one, his poor dick had been neglected and it had fallen to her to relieve his needs. Feeling sorry for the deprived man, Brooke took every last drop he had to give.

In her experience, guys loved to see their women behave like porn stars. So Brooke let him finish, then eased back and opened her mouth carefully to let James see the cum he’d deposited on her tongue. Then she swallowed it down and showed him it had disappeared down her throat.

James gave out a weak little whimper. There was a dazed and satisfied expression on his face. Brooke was proud of herself. She didn’t give many blowjobs, but she was damn good at it. She tucked his spent little soldier back into his pajama pants and said, “You’re welcome.”

She nilüfer escort walked back to the door, where Rosa had been waiting impatiently for her to finish. She shut off the lights and now led the way out into the hall. She checked her watch as she went next door and entered the correct room. She had 23 minutes until the nurse made her hourly check. She would try to finish in under 10.

Brooke approached the real Matteo, experienced now, with purpose and plan in mind. No more unpleasant surprises. She patted his cheeks until his eyes fluttered open. “Do you have to pee?” she asked.

When he answered yes, Brooke quickly located a bedpan and added a minute to her estimate. She eased his dick out through his fly, pointed it into the pan, and waited for him to answer Nature’s Call. A man’s urination was not something she’d ever paid much attention to before, but the events of the last ten minutes had given her a keen curiosity.

To Brooke’s surprise, the real Matteo started the same way as the fake one. A spurt, a dribble, and then the flow. The genuine Matteo took much less time to finish peeing than the imposter had. But Brooke was honest enough with herself to acknowledge that it might be an illusion. When a girl is drinking the stuff, it seems to go on forever.

When he was through, Brooke tapped him to shake off the last few drops and massaged him to be sure he was empty. Her attentions had the added benefit of giving him a hard-on.

When he was clean enough for her tastes, Brooke bent over the bed, pursed her lips and went down on him. She took her cock slowly into her mouth. Since this Matteo was awake, she thought he should have the visual and sensual benefit of slow, oral penetration.

“What kind of nurse are you?” he gasped, watching his dick disappear between her lips. Since the nurses usually took care of his pissing needs, it seemed an understandable error.

“She’s not a nurse,” Rosa said. “It’s Brooke, Matteo. Remember Brooke?” She had followed her friend into the room this time to make sure her brother got what he deserved. But she kept her eyes closed and her back turned. It was inappropriate for a girl to see her brother getting his dick sucked. But she was listening hard to make sure it happened.

“Brooke?” Matteo said in surprise, adding, “Oh, God!” when she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. She took him deep in her mouth and licked the base of him. She used her thumbs to gently rub soft circles on his balls.

Brooke only had a few minutes. She had to make this fast. She licked and sucked and stroked him for all she was worth. Her whole world was reduced to the penis in her hands and mouth. But every time she got him close, he started going soft on her and she had to start over.

“I’m sorry,” he panted. “I’m sorry. It’s not going to work. I can’t come from blowjobs.”

“Why the fuck not?” Brooke broke off to ask. “What kind of guy can’t come from a blowjob? Most guys would do anything to blow in a girl’s mouth.”

“Teeth,” Matteo answered meekly. “I’m afraid of teeth. I got a nasty scrape once.”

“Dammit!” Brooke snapped. Her pride was at stake. She’d made a promise to Rosa and she was determined to keep it. But she’d promised herself she could finish Matteo in ten minutes, modified to eleven because of his need to pee first. A quick check of her watch told her she had just over four minutes left. Luckily, she’d just thrown on a light sundress when Rosa had called her on this mad mission. In her swift response to the “emergency,” Brooke had skipped bra and panties.

She quickly mounted the bed and straddled Matteo. She lifted her dress, took hold of the cock, and guided it into herself. She was plenty wet for him. Despite her grumbling, this adventure had turned her on. In less than one half-hour’s time, she’d let a complete stranger come in her mouth. She’d even let a complete stranger piss in her mouth. She hadn’t exactly enjoyed it, but it was the nastiest, dirtiest thing she’d ever done in her life. Now she was fucking her friend’s brother in a hospital room, where anyone might walk in and catch her. She felt like a whore. It was enough to wet any girl’s pussy.

And she suddenly became aware that she had an audience. The room was dark, and she hadn’t noticed before, but Matteo had a roommate. There was a rapt face peeking out from behind a privacy curtain. What the hell, she figured. Let him look. Let him ogle. She rode Matteo’s cock, feeling him filling up her deepest places. And she pulled off the sundress, letting it fall to the floor. She arched her back and thrust out her tits, inviting the roommate’s eyes to feast.

Forbidden sex, stolen sex, is always so much hotter than the regular Wednesday night. She was doing this for Matteo. She was doing this for Rosa. But the taste of James’ cum on her lips, the feel of Matteo’s cock in her cunt, and the sense of the roommate’s eyes on her tits was affecting her more than she realized. The orgasm hit Brooke completely by surprise.

The slow-motion explosion ignited in her clit, primed by the drilling dick, fueled by the liquid heat her pussy was producing, and sparked by the hot eyes of the roommate. Brooke grabbed Matteo’s shoulders for stability, then rapid-humped the cock inside her, stabbing her own cunt over and over and over.

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A Roll in the Hay

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Amy Lynn Steele tried to choke back the tears as she watched the blue Chevy van make a large swing in the driveway and then head up the dirt road past her farmhouse. With the tires kicking up some rocks, and spewing dust in billowing clouds past the pansies that encircled the black mail box, Amy’s in-laws honked their horn twice as they gained speed and threaded their way between the hayfield on the right, and the lower pasture on the left. With no one to see her cry, Amy openly wept; her tears streaming down the smooth skin of her cheeks as she felt the anguish of letting her in-laws take her infant daughter for the day. It was the first time her two month old had been out of her sight, and while deep inside she knew Alyson would be just fine, Amy tasted the saltiness of a tear that had trickled over her lip and entered her small mouth. Wiping the tears away with her hand, Amy longed to give her daughter one last kiss on the forehead, but she knew had other obligations as well.

With new resolve, Amy tried to forget her daughter for the moment as she grabbed a wicker basket she had prepared earlier in the day and stepped across the threshold of their sliding glass door that lead to her back deck. Already her mood had improved as being outside on a warm and sun filled day always did. She started to descend the wooden steps to the back lawn, but before she did, she stopped to remove her shoes. Since they were white canvas sneakers, there was no real need to unlace them before she pried each one off from her feet in turn and nonchalantly tossed them onto the deck, not caring that one landed upside down.

Being a farmers wife, there was not a lot of opportunities to go barefoot on the farm, but whenever she could, Amy did, as much for her benefit as for her husband’s. Since it was not quite noon, the short grass of the lawn was still damp from evening dew and Amy knew her canvas sneakers would have been soaked only a few minutes into her hike across the upper hay field.

With a group of sheep nickering near the sheep barn, Amy ducked under a barb wire fence and entered the hay field. Here the grass was much taller, but also a deep dark color from the orchard grass and timothy that stood up tall and bent over in waves as the gentle breeze rolled across the hilly New England terrain. Because of this type of grass, not only was she glad she was barefoot, Amy was glad she had chosen to wear her favorite floral print, black and pink sun dress with a hemline that hovered between the midway point between her knees and waistline. At this height, the orchard grass and timothy, which was just starting to head out, kept her dress from getting wet from the dew. Closer to the ground was the thicker, but shorter, white clover that hung onto the dew with ferocity and sent up a wonderful sent of spring dampened grass that was as intoxicating in aroma as a bouquet of flowers.

Just over the rise Amy could hear her husband working the field with his tractor. Amy often teased that he loved and cared for his 8830 New Holland more then he loved her or the baby. While she knew that was not true, she knew he was content to be inside it, the door closed up tight to block out the engine sounds as the radio played and the plow behind him sunk deep into the soil and overturned the sod.

She could almost tell where he was in the field just by the tone of the two hundred horsepower engine. It labored slightly as he ran up the right side of the field, a portion of ground that was uphill, and eased off a bit as he started down the left side which was of course downhill. As Amy walked steadily upwards, she could see the plume of black smoke as one of the plow points hit a rock, but had to hike a few hundred feet more before she could actually see the blue and white tractor. At that distance she could smell the earthen fragrance of the overturned soil, the smell of diesel smoke in the air, and of course the ever present smell of the fresh green grass under her feet.

Once on top of the little knoll, Amy had a commanding view of the countryside. It was one of her most favorite parts of the farm, a location where she could see almost all of the four hundred acres they owned, their farmhouse and the sheep barns. Here though, she could also see the big blue and white tractor dragging behind it a red, seven bottom plow that cut savagely into the soil, flipping it over and exposing fresh green grass into crumbling dirt. Amy was hardly upset at what her husband was doing, because while the grass field was iconic, she also knew the beauty of the farm was the quality of the soil located here. A deep rich loamy gravel; crop rotation was not only the only viable way to raise sheep; it also broke up compaction, aerated the soil and allowed for a higher tonnage of winter feed for the sheep. Ducking under another barb wire fence, Amy made no hesitation about stepping onto the deeply furrowed field even though she had no shoes to protect her delicate feet from eskort bayan gorukle being cut by the many rocks and exposed ledge rock that made farming in Maine so difficult.

Despite the rocky soil she stepped on, Amy swooned at the sight of the tractor. She could remember the euphoria of actually buying the farm from her father-in-law a year before. With a new wedding band on her left ring finger, their excitement manifested itself by making love in all manner of places, including the old farmhouses slate countertops, inside the hay mound of the barn and of course inside the New Holland tractor. Of all the places Scott and her had made love over the last year, it was the tractor that Amy remembered vividly. Perhaps it was the importance of the machine to the farms profitability, or perhaps it was how wet her panties got as she watched her husband drive the thing with such skilful dexterity. Either way, as Amy walked closer to the tractor, anticipating where she could intercept it, she reminisced about having sex in such a powerful piece of equipment.

“Are you ever coming home”, Amy remembered asking Scott when she saw the tractor for the first time? Scott’s mom had given her a plate of food to take to Scott and specific directions on which roads to take to get to the isolated field Scott was disc harrowing. With the lights of her husband’s pickup truck piercing the darkness, Amy had been worried that she was in the wrong field and would get stuck until she saw the tractor working the field, its own powerful lights illuminating an acre or more of the ground as it pulverized sod with a plethora of steel discs that it towed behind it.

“It’s planting season Hon, I really don’t know when I am coming home except that when this field is done, and it is taking more passes then I expected.”

“Well maybe I should have stated that different; when are you coming to bed,” she asked as she struck a sexy little pose?

Amy was not wearing anything overtly sassy, but with her thumbs shoved into the front pockets of her denim blue jeans, the pant legs of which were stylishly rolled up to her calves and an outfit completed with a pair of white flip flops, and ankle bracelet festooned around her left ankle and maroon polo shirt, her young innocent look was sexy enough. Illuminated by a light in the rear fender of the tractor, Amy bent one knee, pointed the toe of her flip flop in the dirt, and tilted her head to the right to get her point across. As a grin spread across Scott’s face, Amy formed her own smile and looked Scott square in her eye with her own big blue eyes.

“We don’t need to go to bed to do what you want.”

“No, but it’s freezing out?”

“So we’ll do it in the tractor and turn the heat on.”

Amy paused for a moment thinking about her options. They were in a distant field in the middle of the night so getting caught was as remote as the field they were in, and even if they did get caught, having only been married for a month, the newly weds would have been excused. Amy cast a glance at the tractor that was less then clean as Scott’s boots had dropped mud onto the floor of the cab, and dust kicked up from disc harrow had coated ever surface of the interior of the cab. It was not the ideal place to have sex, but Amy and Scott had engaged in wonderful sex in the backseat of her car, and so having sex in the tractor had a powerful appeal.

“Would that make me a tractor slut?”

“No, just a kinky farm wife,” Scott said knowing Amy loved the fact that she was now married.

“I am your wife and if you want to take me in a tractor, I’ll let you,” Amy said as she bit her lower lip and smiled at her husband.

A second later Amy followed Scott into the tractor not really sure how they were going to pull it off, but knowing that Scott had some ideas. For Scott getting ready meant just tugging down his jeans and underwear as he sat in the comfortable seat of the tractor. For Amy, getting ready was a bit more difficult. She couldn’t exactly do the sexy little strip tease she wished she could do for him, but the fact that she was willing to have sex in such a machine was certainly appeal enough.

Amy started with her polo shirt, and while she did not need to be naked, she knew that was what Scott wanted. She awkwardly pulled the shirt off in the low ceiled cab and then removed her bra, letting her ample breasts spring loose as Scott killed the engine, shut off the operating lights, but switched on the interior dome light so that he could see his bride. Just as clumsily her jeans came next, and Amy could see Scott’s growing excitement as her tight jeans were pushed down and her panties slowly came into view. Nearly falling over as she tried to pull her tight fitting folded over pant legs off her feet, she was struggling because she tried to do so over her flip flops. When it became blazingly clear that she would not be able to keep her flip flops on despite the mud on the mudanya escort floor, Amy gave up all caution to wind and removed her flip flops, then the jeans, and ignored the mud under her bare soles of her feet. Scott had already put his hands on his wife’s slender hips and worked them down to her knees.

“Scott,” she said as if she objected, but Scott knew she had no objections to him helping her take his clothes off. In the past he had done it using only his teeth; he had done so on their wedding night, and had done it while she was hopelessly tied to all four corners of the bed posts. Now as she whisked her panties off her feet, she knew there was only one position they could take in the fairly confined space of the cab. Scott flipped up both arm rests of the tractor seat, adjusted the air ride seat with a bit more air as Amy faced him and sat in his lap.

Amy was not sure what touched her first, Scott’s lips upon hers, or the tip of his cock as she reached underneath it and gently steered I towards her sex. She was not overly wet as there had been little foreplay, but undressing in such a unique place, and seeing her husband’s erection pulsate in anticipation of being inside her was enough to dampen her insides. She also knew the unique position would help, as her own body weight would help to sink Scott’s shaft fully inside her.

Scott seemed to understand this too and helped prep Amy’s body by stealing light kisses at first, and then romantically invading her mouth with his tongue. Amy truly felt as she was being ravished by her husband as his tongue and his shaft entered her simultaneously. A deep feeling of passion overtook her as she felt the operator’s seat bottom out from both of their bodies compressing it, and then without being able to descend any more, Scott’s cock began sliding deep into her sex. In fact Amy was not sure if she had ever been taken so deeply when Scott finally came to rest. With her hips rotated backwards, and her legs splayed wide with her bare feet pressed tightly against the back window, it was the perfect position in which to be entered.

“Oh my God,” Amy murmured through Scott’s lips as Amy realized she was in complete control. With her position on top of Scott, she could regulate the speed in which he sent his shaft in and out of her by manipulating her body up and down on his shaft. And the feeling was liberating. Because her hips were rotated backwards, Scott’s pelvis was rubbing on her clit, exciting her in ways that having sex on the bed never could.

Scott knew he could still do more then sit there with the euphoric feeling of his shaft deeply impaled in his wife’s body. Knowing his wife was a hopeless romantic, he continued to kiss her with zeal that could only come from the life time commitment of marriage. With head tilted, his mouth completely open and his tongue lashing her tongue with longing and love, Amy swooned with passion from it all. Part of her felt that Scott’s passion came from having spent years inside the cab of a tractor, his mind endless thinking as the sod behind him was pulverized and he inevitably wondered what it would be like to have sex in a tractor. But Amy knew that was only part of it, the real reason they were making love with such ferocity was that he truly loved her.

With that powerful thought, Amy began to increase her tempo, the seat rising and falling upon its cushion of air as Amy sent her husband thrusting inside her in a rather fast pace. Normally she liked to take it slow, letting her body build up to a credenza, but today with her clit being rubbed in unison, she was building to a very fast orgasm. Breaking the open mouthed kiss, she began to moan and pant in time with the thrusts. Already their built up heat was starting to steam the numerous windows up and she could no longer keep her eyes open.

Amy really did not need too; she could envision her husband’s young, stout form rippling from years of farm work. That was all she really needed to see, for the dirty floor, empty cans of soda and bolts laying on the tractor cab floor was more of a distraction than anything else. And certainly she did not need her eyes open to smell her husband’s unique scent that Amy was so familiar with. Hardly offensive, it was her’s and her’s alone and knew no other woman knew of it, much less appreciated it as much as her. Amy also knew she had her own sweet fragrance, especially with Scott slipping in and out of her sex with abandon, and even if it would linger in the cab for hours, it would not bother her husband any as he finished tilling the field.

Scott kept trying to reinsert his mouth onto hers, but as Amy bounced wildly up and down upon his shaft, the moving target was bobbing way to wildly for Scott to plant a kiss with any accuracy. Willing to let his wife take what she wanted, he began to close his eyes and tried to think about anything but the wondrous feeling he felt welling up in his balls. bursa evi olan escort It was all too familiar of a feeling, and while often times Scott could think of other things and delay his release, he knew in this circumstance there was no way he would be able too. Amy was riding him with rapidity and he found her inner walls snug, slick and descended upon his entire shaft with each thrust.

“Amy I’m close”, he said as he always did just before getting off. He had no idea why, because while it seemed like he was asking for permission, the reality was he could not stop it any more then he could change the commodity prices of lamb. Still there was no need to delay the inevitable because Amy was even closer. She had been building up to a powerful climax from the very moment Scott had entered her, and the inadvertent rubbing of her clit had spurned her on to an incredible orgasm. That burst forth with one final plunge and as her voice moaned out, it spurned her husband’s release as well.

As they climaxed together, each one in turn nearly passed out from the incredible pleasure of it all. Amy’s inner walls quivered with power, milking Scott’s balls of every drop of come it could produce. As powerful ejaculation after ejaculation pumped into her vagina, Scott and Amy could both feel their juices intermingling as never before, a product of their unique position that invaded all their senses and made the moment almost too much for each of them to handle.

“Oh my God”, Amy said as a moment of silence and inactively allowed the two of them to retreat from the cloud of pleasure that true marital sex allowed. She did not say it, but a mutual climax had only occurred twice before in their relationship and she knew the memory of this lovemaking session would live with her forever. “God Scott I love you so much.”

“I love you too”, Scott said in turn, finally opening his eyes from the near blackout he had due to the intensity of his orgasm.

Now as Amy watched Scott drive the tractor across the field, she had no way of knowing that Scott was thinking about that night as well. He longed for a repeat of that night, as he spent hours inside the cab and it was only natural to want to incorporate the farm, the tractor and his true love into one pleasurable moment.

Now though that Scott could see Amy stepping across each furrow; for a moment was concerned something was wrong as she did not have the baby with her. That fear subsided as he watched her movements and realized she was moving in too much of a care-free way to need him for any sort of emergency. He also knew as he drew closer that she was wearing his favorite sundress. Light and airy, a little short and a little tight, Scott had always loved how she looked in it, and while the recent baby had filled it out a little bit more then last year, Scott still found her attractive as all husband’s do who truly love their wives.

As he drew within twenty feet of her, he was merely going to stop and pick her up, keeping the plowing going as she rode around with him in the tractor, but when Scott saw that she was barefoot and carrying a picnic basket, he knew Amy wanted far more then lunch. Slipping the throttle back to an idle, Scott shifted the big tractor into neutral before turning the key and pulling the plunger that shut off the loud and powerful engine. With a flick of his wrist, he popped open the left side door and Amy watched with amazement as her strong husband decided the steps from the cab and walked the twenty feet over to her.

“Where is Amber”, Scott asked as Amy stood on her tippy-toes to greet her husband with a kiss, their lips connecting just as he finished his question? Scott broke the kiss after their lips touched in a loving, but less then romantic way, at which Amy was not about to let him off so easily. Letting her answer wait, Amy wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him for a full ten seconds, letting her tongue connect and lash with his until there was no question that she loved him and only him, and what she had trekked all into the field for.

“She is with your parent’s”, Amy said, her seductive smile unable to hide her passion from the kiss they had just shared.

“So you brought me lunch then?”

“Yeah I brought lunch,” Amy said with a slight heft of the wicker basket as proof. “I hated to let her go, but I know it’s important for her grandparents to have some alone time with her, and between the farm work and the baby, we have not had much time alone either.”

“Well I was hoping to get this field plowed up before nightfall but…”, he said, his words trailing off as Amy shot him a dirty look, and standing in her little sundress and bare feet, Scott knew that grabbing some sandwiches and eating while plowing was not part of her plans. Taking a glance back at the tractor, Scott realized it would be just fine and started after Amy who was headed toward the top of the knoll.

As the two of them walked, Scott could not help but reach out with his hand and cup her right ass cheek and give it a little squeeze. He was not sure what he expected, either from Amy as a reaction, but he expected to feel something underneath, failing to feel anything, he could not help but quiz his wife.

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A Perfect Slutty Valentine

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Valentina was a single mother that was born on February 14, 1976. She was always picked on due to her name and birthdate, but she loved it and tended to be into all the romantic things in life. It made her a better person as she took the time to look for the love in people and the good no matter what the situation was. She lived in Michigan and her children were grown and off on their own. She worked hard on raising them the right way and scrimped and saved for a long time. She was going to reward herself this year, and she was going to celebrate her birthday in style and not alone. Every year she was forced to spend her birthday alone, and this year she was determined not to spend it that way this year. She had been talking with her friend, Jason, over the six months and they had grown close. Jason lived in Florida ironically right around the area that she spent half her life when she was younger. Last night inspiration struck and she gave Jason a call.

“Hey Jason how are you? Do you have any plans for the fourteenth? No? Well that is great! Hey listen do you mind if I came down and visited you for a couple days? Great I will see you then.” Valentina spoke into the phone as she sat on the edge of the couch. Suddenly excited for the first time in a long time she hung up the phone and jumped up and screamed out “Hell yes finally a good time is in store!” She took her time to pack just the right clothing that she knew that Jason would like. She packed the thongs and bikini sets, and the silky sheer nighty. Then she added the three dresses that she owned, and then her favorite jean skirt that barely covered her ass soon joined the clothing in the suitcase and she was done packing. There she was done now all she had to do was get in the car get gas, and she was on her way.

Eighteen hours later she pulled into the local Holiday Inn, and got settled into her room. She promptly fell asleep as she had drove straight through, and she knew that being around Jason she would need her all her energy. She knew that he was into all the things that she ever dreamed of in a sexual sense. They met on an adult literature website, and they flirted with each other on and off for a few days before they exchanged messenger ID’s. They had spent the last 6 months at least becoming friends and chatting with each other over the messenger service. She was confident that she would have one heck of a good time. He was into the same things that she dreamed of doing, but never had the guts to come out and do.

The next morning she woke up and took a shower sneaking a play with her wet pussy while thinking of Jason. She finished her shower and got out and dried off. She put on a matching strapless bra and thong set that was pink and lacy. Then she pulled on her favorite blue jean skirt and pink button down shirt that she left the three top buttons open showing off her ample cleavage. She put her long blonde hair into a ponytail and slipped on some shoes. Looking at herself in the mirror she found that she looked halfway decent. She got into the car she got Jason’s address out of her pocket and put the information in her GPS. Fortunately for her she was familiar with the area a little having spent her half of her life down here. It only took about ten minutes to get to Jason’s house from the motel. Checking her reflection out in the rear view mirror, and wiping her sweaty hands off on her skirt she drew in a sharp breathe and exhaled slowly.

Jason must have been watching for me, because as I walked up he opened up the door by the time I got up to the porch. “Hey, Valentina, you are finally here it is so nice to meet you in real life. How was the trip? Come on in you must be exhausted. Do you want a beer?” Jason said as he looked at me from head to toe and back escort bayan up then smiled at me. He led the way into the house, and I followed him as I took in all the beauty of his house. I closed the door behind me and followed him into the kitchen.

“This is a nice place you have here. The trip was long but not too bad of a drive. Actually I left about an hour after I talked with you on the phone. Yes, I would like a beer.” I slightly blushed after admitting to Jason I had left immediately after talking with him. I took the beer from Jason’s offered hand opened it and took a gulp of it. I leaned against the table with my hip and studied him. He had brown hair in a buzz cut and brown eyes with a golden tan. He looked perfect in my eyes. “I am glad you said that I could come see you while I was in Florida anyways. I needed to get away and I most certainly did not want to be alone today of all days.” I stated wondering if he would remember that today is Valentine’s Day along with my birthday. Everyone always remembered the romantic day, but hardly anyone remembered my birthday. He did not disappoint me.

“That is right today is…” Jason paused and scratched his head, “your birthday today. Happy Birthday Valentina!” he teased me then walked over and took the beer and set it down on the table. Then he kissed me slow, passionate and full of determination. His tongue gently probed my lips open and explored my mouth, and soon our tongues danced together as my foot popped up off the ground. His hands moved around my thick waist and pulled me close to him, and my hands wrapped around his neck as we continued to kiss for a while. Almost reluctantly he broke the kiss and whispered, “I hope you will enjoy what I have planned for your birthday, Valentina. That is such a pretty name.”

What he said made my pulse race and made me feel special for once in my life. “Thank you.” I whispered back as I gazed into his eyes. After what seemed like forever I finally pulled myself out of Jason’s embrace. “I hate to break such a tender moment up, but I got to use your bathroom. Where is it?” I asked my face slightly pink in color.

Jason pulled himself together and showed me where the bathroom was. He waited until I was done and led me back into the kitchen. We laughed and joked around for a couple of hours while he was cooking dinner. He made the meal he always had bragged about in our chats that he would make me if I ever came to visit. We had catfish, cheese grits, hushpuppies and coleslaw. It was one of the best meals that I had in a long time. I helped you clear the table and together we did the dishes. “Okay Valentina, you are not alone today, and you did not have to spend your birthday being bored. You have had the romantic dinner for two, and I assume you enjoyed it. You did correct?” Jason asked me as he led the way into the living room.

“Yes, Jason, I did enjoy dinner. I am grateful for not being alone today with it being Valentine’s Day and my birthday.” I replied to you after I walked into the living room.

I only made it just inside the door when I was pushed back against the wall. Jason kissed me rough and thoroughly which made me weak at the knees. His hands took ahold of my breasts and squeezed them. He broke the kiss, took off my shirt and as I gasped he tasted my tits one at a time. Then he stopped and said, “Good I am glad you feel that way. Now show me just how grateful you are on your knees slut.”

I dropped to my knees topless with my tits exposed. I undid Jason jeans and slid his boxers down. I ran my tongue over his balls as licked them and kissed them which made them wet. I put them in my mouth one at a time and rolled them around with my tongue as I gently sucked on them as my fingers were lightly teasing bursa merkez escort his cock. My fingers ran up and down his cock and rubbed lightly over the piss hole. I licked lower down to his asshole at first I licked it then I pressed my tongue in for a few times. I licked and kissed my way up to his cock my tongue danced around the tip of it as it teased his piss hole before finally took his cock into my mouth and went all the way to the base of his cock. I started to suck him fast as I never took my eyes off of Jason. I wondered what his reaction would be.

Jason watched me as I went to work on his cock. “God damn yes mmmm,” he moaned as he put his hands on my head and he curled his fingers in my hair.

After sucked Jason for a few minutes while his cock was all the way in my throat I eased my mouth off of his cock, and said, “I am glad you like that. I love sucking your cock,” then I spat on Jason’s cock which made it wet. I started to bob my head on his cock slowly at first then I increased my speed as I did long deep strokes soft at first then got harder and deeper with each stroke of my mouth.

With both hands on my head as he watched my mouth he said, “mmmmm, Fuck you are a great cocksucker.”

“Mmmhmmm,” I moaned as I continued to suck Jason’s cock faster, and I grabbed his ass to make him go deeper into my mouth and throat as my tongue rubbed on his cock inside my mouth.

Jason kept hands in my hair as he moaned and watched me. “God, I love how you suck my fat cock. You got a fucking talented mouth.”

What Jason said inspired me to go more fast and deeper as my hands gripped his ass and for a minute, my nails dig into his ass. Instantly, I remembered my place and immediately loosened my grip as I sucked his cock even faster and more hard.

Jason gripped my head at that point and started to work his cock in and out of my mouth. As he fucked my face hard and fast he moaned. I moaned around his cock to let him know I enjoyed the way he was handling me. My tongue danced around Jason’s cock then I parted my lips a little at the base of his cock to let my tongue come out and lick on his balls a little. Jason moaned, “mmmmmm yes.” I sucked him faster and harder as I brought one hand around to play gentle like with his balls. “Gonna cum,” Jason moaned as he increased the speed he fucked my face. I sucked him faster and harder as I tried to milk out his cum, because I wanted to taste him. “CUMMING!!!!” He yelled out as he exploded into my mouth which I started to swallow right away. As he had not expected me to swallow Jason exclaimed, “Mmmmmmmm fuck!” Jason took his cock from my mouth and walked over to the couch and said, “Fuck, mmmmmm, you suck cock so fucking good!”

Blushing I stood up and walked over then sat next to him on the couch. “You really think so?” I asked him. In answer to my question, Jason pushed me down on the couch. He leaned down and pushed up my skirt revealing my pink thong. He glanced at me and grinned his fingers traced my thong. He moved the thong off to the side then he spat on my clit and started to suck on it. Almost as soon as he started I moaned, “Mmmm ohhhh fuck, Jason, I hoped it would feel this way.” He looked at me as he slid his tongue deep in my wet pussy. He rubbed his nose on my clit as he started to tongue fuck me. I breathed harder as I moaned louder, “Ohhh Jason!” He continued eating my pussy with his tongue worked in and out and made me squirm. “Mmm you have such a talent,” I said as I started to shake my hands gripped the couch next to me. In response to that Jason looked up raised his head and slapped my clit which caused me to rock my hips forward. He dove back into eating my pussy more intensified which in turn made me whimper, gürsu escort “Oh!! Jason fuck you are going to make me cum,” as I shook and trembled against your tongue. Jason increased his speed and tongue play, “Mmmmmm baby! Mmmm fuck!” I cried out as my hips went wild shaking as my juices flowed. He moaned as he drank in my juices.

Jason took his mouth off my pussy and said, “On your knees slut,” as he ripped my thong off of my ass. He positioned me on my knees on the couch with my tits pressed against the back of the couch, and then got behind me and pressed his rock hard cock into my pussy. He drove his cock into my pussy pounding it in and out fast and hard, “Damn your pussy is so damn tight,” he moaned. He smacked my ass with one hand and pulled on my hip with the other.

“Ohhh fuck! You fill me up so much!” I cry out as I started to tremble while I started to push my hips back to meet his cock. Jason pounded my pussy harder as he smacked my ass and then reached in front of me to grab my tit with one hand. The other hand grabbed my hair and pulled me back against him. He pinched my nipples as he slammed into my pussy then he grinded against my body with each thrust. I tightened my pussy around your cock as I met you thrust for thrust. “Oh yes, fuck me, Jason, fuck me hard!” I moaned as he fucked me with more force and speed. He made me cum hard, and I soaked his cock with my juices. He pulled out of my pussy and slammed into my ass. He fucked my ass hard and rough as he pulled my hair. He groaned as he shot his hot cum deep into my ass.

“Damn girl, you got a tight pussy and tighter ass,” he growled into my ear as he collapsed against me. Once Jason grew soft he pulled out of my ass and sat next to me. I turned on the couch and smiled at him. “Well, how do you like your birthday so far?” Jason asked me.

“Oh yes, Jason I have loved every second of it! Thank you so much for letting me come and visit you,” I told him. We sat there for the next few hours as we talked in between having more sex. Finally I went to get dressed and asked him if I could use his phone to call the hotel to rent it another night. Jason told me just to stay there tonight so I did. “Well in that case, let’s go in your bedroom and get more comfortable. I want to show you just how much I appreciate you,” I stood up and offered my hand to Jason. He took my hand and stood kissed me then led the way to his bedroom. He lay down on the middle of the bed, and I crawled in bed with him and kissed Jason, then kissed his neck, chest and stomach as I settled myself between his legs my hands ran along his body. Once I reached Jason’s cock I kissed it softly on the head and ran my tongue over the tip which made it dance in and around his piss hole. I kept eye contact I licked his cock lower on the side of it as I slid lower my tongue barely touched his cock as it moves down to his balls. I licked and sucked on each of his balls and rolled them in my mouth as my hand lightly stroked his cock. I spent ample time as I licked and sucked on Jason’s balls. I licked lower over his asshole to tease it which made it wet before I pushed in with my tongue as I stroked his cock. I slowly pushed my tongue in and out of his asshole.

“Fuck yes, mmmm so good. Eat my ass slut,” Jason moaned as he watched and enjoyed my actions. I slightly increased my speed with my hand as I started to tongue fuck his ass. “God yes, mmmm it feels so good,” Jason moaned more loudly. Then I stopped fucking his ass with my tongue as rose up and attacked his cock with my mouth after I spat on it. I plunged his cock into my mouth deep and hard as I deep throated it the first time as my hands gripped his ass I started to suck his cock with wild abandon. “Hell fuck yes, suck that cock,” Jason said as he thrust his cock deep into my throat. I sucked his cock fast and hard going deeper with each thrust until he came again. I swallowed it very quick and popped his cock out of my mouth, and I crawled up and lay in his arms. With his arms around me we both drifted off to sleep.

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A Night with His Dream Girl Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

As the steam rises in the shower stall, we find our lovers getting to know each other’s bodies. Lazily relaxing together in the temporary haven, they enjoy the intimacy and pure joy of each other’s nakedness and the feelings of a shared openness. After all, who doesn’t enjoy naked time? With the embarrassment from being watched by the other girls gone, she has relaxed with her man and allowed the loving touch of his hands to sooth away the stress and strain built up over the last few hours of dancing.

Leaning back against him, she locks her hands behind his neck and rests against his chest, allowing his hand easy access to liberally apply soap to her stomach, breasts, and neck. He runs his wet hands over her slippery breasts reveling in the feel of her hardened nipples against his palms. Guiding her forward, he gets her to lean against the wall with her hands as he massages and washes her neck from behind and then lowers his touch to glide over her supple back and inviting ass. Leaning into her, he presses his chest against her back, allowing her to feel his erect shaft against her back. Reaching behind her, she takes the shower gel, and although the aroma is a bit feminine, squeezes a healthy amount on her hands and proceeds to wash, fondle, and stroke both his manhood and balls. A small groan escapes his lips and he nearly falls backward. Feeling his loins tense from the firm grip with which she holds his swelling member, and not wanting things to end too quickly, he grabs her roughly by the shoulders and spins her around facing him. Pressing her, perhaps a bit roughly, against the shower wall, he leans in to kiss her. They spend several moments twirling tongues together, nibbling on lips, and generally invading each other’s mouths due to a rising need within both of them. Nearly panting, they finally part, he with a level of urgency he has never known, she with confusion after losing herself in the passionate kisses. Quickly coming back to earth, she feels his hands on the back of her thighs as he lowers himself to his knees in order to properly worship his goddess.

Leaving her one leg with which to support herself, he raises her porno other leg over his shoulder in order to apply his oral loving upon her cleft again. He simply can never get enough of her taste. Delving into her folds, he finds her clitoris quickly and gently rolls it between his lips while darting his tongue out to tease it even further. Gently inserting a single finger partially into her, he continues to lap at her sex while lightly teasing her with his digit.

Whether it is from the relaxed attitude he instills in her, or the erotic and unexpected setting, she is not sure, however, she rarely remembers being this wet and this easy to satiate. Quite surely his nimble fingers and tongue have something to do with it as well, but it is her mood of acceptance and openness that she marvels at. Losing these thoughts as quickly as she snares them, she quickly grabs his hair and pulls his face into her and covers him with her juices. Her orgasm sends acute bolts of pleasure along her spine, and leaves her feeling warm and fuzzy throughout her entire body. With trembling knees she urges him to stand again, if for no other reason than to support her lest she fall before she recovers.

Happily fed, he rises to his feet, supports her weight and nuzzles against his lover’s neck whispering words of need. He tells her how much he loves pleasuring her, how much her body makes him need her. He leans down to suckle each breast, nipping her nipples between his teeth in order to elicit a throaty moan from her. Backing up a half step, he looks into her eyes and sees the kind of unbridled passion that drives him wild, her desire obviously matching his own unrelenting need. He also sees something else. The heavy lids tell him of an unexpected depth to her emotions. It is this moment, this place, and it is this union of souls that makes her gaze so riveting. He cannot force himself to look away from her stare, not that he really wants to. Seemingly baring their inner sanctums to each other, a more powerful connection is made in a mere handful of seconds than words could produce in a lifetime. His life is hers now. He feels a weight lifted from his mind, body and soul that he had not realized was even there heretofore. His lover, his friend, his dream stands before him, moves towards him, and gently kisses him. She brings her arms under his and brings her hands to the back of his shoulders, pulling him in tighter against her nude form. They share a lasting kiss not encumbered with the passion of a few moments ago. No, this time they kiss as real lovers do. They impart their emotions into the lip lock, gently melding their lips together until the world around them dissolves into nothingness and they are left alone in the universe.

Breaking the lip lock, she pushes him in the chest lightly, wanting him to back away from her. Never breaking their eye contact, she offers him a wanton smile and reaches between his legs to eagerly stroke his shaft. With both hands upon his cock, she slides them up and down his organ with a strong grip. Lubed from water and soap, her hands glide easily, firmly teasing his head on each stroke. Filled with passion from his attention to her body, he realizes he will not last long. She senses the impending explosion from the change in his breathing and the tightening of his abs. She quickens her pace, eager to have him find his release, and is rewarded when he grabs her shoulders for support and begins to spurt. With a strong grasp, she continues to stroke him until he pushes her hand away, too sensitive to take any more stimulation. Once finished, she moves towards him, embraces him in a hug and kiss, and slyly steers them into the running stream of water, rinsing the evidence of his orgasm off of them both.

With a sudden yelp from both of them, they realize they have killed the supply of hot water as freezing cold liquid pours down upon them sending them scrambling for cover. Protectively, he shields her from the shower of chilling droplets and allows her to escape into the dressing room. Relieved that their prior audience has vacated the premises, she quickly wraps a towel around her hair, dries off, and encases her nubile form within the confines of a terry cloth robe. She turns into an appreciative gaze, at once blushing due to the visible sign of his renewed arousal. He stands on the threshold of the shower, not wanting to remove himself until he has the chance to at least partially dry himself. Although his body is covered with goose bumps from the cold air added to the chill brought on by the sudden fall of the water temperature, it does not seem to have affected his organ, since it is once again standing proudly at full mast. Immediately she feels herself grow damp again, eager to touch, to lick, and to have him inside of her. She grabs another towel and lovingly dries him off, stopping briefly to take his rigid organ into her hand for a teasing stroke and a kiss upon the head. They slowly dress, stopping for a playful slap on the ass here, and a stolen kiss there.

Leaving together, they stop for a quick bite to eat at a local diner, laughing and enjoying the meal together as only a new couple can. With the taste of a newfound love in their hearts, the early morning breakfast satisfies better than any meal either of them can remember. During a quick drive to his house, they succumb to the eventual weariness brought on by the intense level of emotion and sexual activity. As he pulls into the driveway, he looks over and takes a moment to watch her as she sleeps. He turns the car off and sits as still as a stone, closes his eyes, and listens to the soft sounds of her breathing. Finally, he gets out and traverses the car, opening the door and lifting her out of her seat and into his arms. Like a newlywed couple, he carries her through the threshold and to the bedroom, eager to fall asleep next to her, and even more eager to wake together. She wakes up to feel her clothing being stripped from her, allows for her eyes to adjust to the dark, and suddenly remembers where she is and with whom. Stripped to her panties, with the addition of a soft t-shirt that smells like her man; she is fulfilled when he reclines next to her finally and takes her in his arms. With gentle kisses and soft-spoken words, they recline together for a few moments before succumbing to the well-earned repose they have both so eagerly earned. Laying her head into the crook of his arm, the last thing she remembers is his smell wafting towards her, and the admission of his love as she slowly fades away.

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The Party House Pt. 02

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The Party House: Part 2

Copyright (c) 2021 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living, dead or fictional is coincidental. All characters mentioned herein that participate in sexual activities are adults (18 years of age or older).


For those who have not read The Party House Part 1, please do so. We’ll wait. You will be glad you did. For those who don’t read directions the synopsis of what you missed is below.

In The Party House Part 1, you were introduced to the narrator, Rob that’s me, my wife Sandy and our neighbors Gary and Alex. I guess you could call us neighbors with benefits. We had been having movie nights together every couple of weeks thanks to the lockdown due to the pandemic. One time Sandy and I accidently left a porno disk in the DVD player and that added a new dimension to our movie nights. Things progressed from kissing to petting to heavy petting to oral sex and at least partly due to the shenanigans we found out about occurring in the house behind us, to full on wife swapping.

The house behind us got dubbed ‘The Party House’ because there seemed to be a sex party going on there every weekend. Each couple independently decided to spy on them from back bedroom windows in our respective houses. We still didn’t know anything about how or why these parties got started or how you got invited.

Little did we know how easy it was going to be to solve the mystery, just a little dumb luck.

Sunday morning we had an invitation to go next door for breakfast. As we got ready, I was a little worried. Sandy and I had fallen asleep and Gary and Alex had to let themselves out. I was worried that they might be mad at us or upset that we took advantage of them. There were all kinds of stupid things running through my head.

As Sandy packed a few snack things to bring over, I packed my laptop, the portable Blu-ray burner and some disks, the camera and all the memory cards. I wanted to make sure they got a complete set of all the pictures we had taken of the Party House and the shenanigans we witnessed there, as well as the pictures and videos of the shenanigans the four of us indulged in.

We were a couple of minutes late heading out. Sandy turned to me and kissed me hard. She said, “I love you so much after last night. But I’m a little worried that we may have crossed some lines with Alex and Gary last night.”

I nodded and said, “I love you too. No matter what happens next door, that will never change.”

So, holding our goody bags in one hand and each other with the other hand we walked the short distance to their house. Knocking on the door with some trepidation, I wasn’t ready for Gary bounding out of the open door hugging both of us. “Glad to see you guys up and moving,” he said. “We hung around for a few minutes last night, but you guys were really out so we hope you didn’t mind, we let ourselves out and came home.”

“We’re so sorry,” Sandy began, “It was so intense and draining we just crashed and we feel terrible.”

“No worries,” said a grinning Alex from just inside the door. “C’mon in. The rolls just came out of the oven and Gary is just about to start the omelets.”

Their house smelled amazing. As we came into the kitchen it was immediately obvious why. Alex had baked some amazing cinnamon rolls that smelled heavenly. I should mention that Sandy and I are pretty good cooks, but Alex is a world class baker and Gary is an amazing chef. So when I say if you have ever walked past the cinnamon roll places in the mall and your mouth starts drooling, this was at least ten times more mouthwatering.

Sandy handed her goody to Alex and said, “Some snack things for later.”

Alex oohed and ahhed over the wine and cheese and said, “We have some crackers that will go great with this.”

Gary smiled at the girls and then cast an eye on my backpack. I set it down in the corner and said, “I brought over all the pictures from yesterday and my laptop to burn you guys a copy.”

“Including last night?” Gary asked.

“Yep,” I said. “I haven’t gone through all of them, especially the videos, but there were some really nice shots.”

Gary said, “Nice,” then raised his voice to get the girls attention, “We’re ready for omelets, so come pick your poisons.”

The next little bit was spent mostly letting Gary know what we wanted in our omelets, but Alex did come up and snuggle against my back. I turned to kiss her and then said, “I’m sorry we fell asleep so suddenly last night. We were both a little afraid you guys might be mad at us.”

She giggled and then said, “We both thought it was cute the way you two snuggled up on the couch like that. I tried to find a blanket for you guys but I had no idea where to find one, short of pulling one off porno the bed.”

Sandy, who had overheard, came over and snuggled up against Alex’s back and said, “Sorry girl. They are upstairs in the linen closet by the guest bedroom.”

I could feel Sandy’s hands slide between Alex’s boobs and my back and begin to massage them. Alex wiggled her butt and pressed it back against Sandy and then reached up and started playing with my nipples. Now I have to admit that my nipples have never really seemed like and erogenous zone, but the way she was playing them made my little man stand up and salute.

Just then Gary announced, “Sandy and Alex, your omelets are ready. Rob, our omelets will be ready in just a minute. So girls come get them and don’t wait, feel free to start eating while they are hot.”

The girls unwound from around me, grabbed plates and picked up their omelets and sat down giggling. Gary was as good as his word and two minutes later we were sitting down with the girls with hot omelets on our plates.

Not long after, I pushed back from the table and said, “Wow! That was amazing. Gary that was an awesome omelet. Alex, if I ate all of the rolls that I wanted to, I would be six hundred pounds. Those things should be by prescription only they are so addictive.”

Both of them beamed. Alex looked at me standing up and said, “Where are you going?”

“To clean up,” I said. “You guys cooked, Sandy and I will clean. It’s only fair.”

They both started to object and I told them, “I think we have had this argument before. If we were only occasional guests over here, I would agree guest privilege might apply. But we are well past that. We practically live here or at our house on the weekends so we need to earn our keep.”

Alex looked at Gary and then said, “OK. Compromise, you and I will clean up and Sandy and Gary will go upstairs and see what out partiers are up to.”

I looked at Sandy and she nodded with her eyes gleaming. “Done,” I said.

Gary and Sandy headed for the stairs, arm in arm as I turned to Alex. “You just wanted me all to yourself, didn’t you?”

She grinned as she stepped up to me. Bending down she pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and popped my cock into her mouth. After sucking on it for a moment she pulled it out and said, “I can make those rolls anytime. I don’t get this every day,” as she began to slowly bob her head on my cock.

After a couple of excruciatingly pleasurable minutes, I pulled her up and pushed her to the sink. She put her hands on the counter and pushed her butt back. I flipped up her short skirt and applied my lips and tongue to her exposed pussy. For some reason it never crossed my mind that she wasn’t wearing panties until much later. I just devoured her, much to her delight. After she shuddered and let loose a soft, “Oh god,” I stood up and slipped my man meat into her hot wet oven. It didn’t take long for her to have her second orgasm and I caught up just after her third hit. I think because she was having her orgasm, she was a little slow in turning around and dropping to her knees. My second shot caught her across the t-shirt, but she recovered and sucked the rest of my cum into her mouth. She continued sucking and stroking my cock for a few minutes and I just stood and enjoyed the post-come pleasuring she was performing. Finally I reached down and kissed her and pulled up my shorts.

“Time to pay for the hospitality,” I said. “I’ll clear the table if you rinse and stack in the dishwasher.”

She nodded and said, “Spoil sport. You were just starting to get hard again.”

“Maybe,” I said, “But I’ll be here all day if you’ll have me and we don’t want to me not to be able to perform later.”

“Oh, I suppose,” she said turning the hot water on.

We had the kitchen clean in a few minutes and I pulled the camera out of my backpack and we headed upstairs. Alex had an impish grin on her face as she put a finger to her lips and tiptoed to the guest bedroom door. She peeked in and waved at me. As I came up alongside her, I could hear Sandy’s moans and Gary’s groans. When I looked I could see the two of them at the window. Gary had his shirt on, but the bed was in the way so I couldn’t tell where his shorts were. Sandy had her shirt up around her neck and no sign of her bra. From the position of his arms, Gary had his hands wrapped around Sandy’s tits and the in and out motion of his butt definitely indicated that he was fucking Sandy.

As we watched, Gary grunted loudly and held in the in position. Sandy was muttering, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” as she shuddered with her climax. For a few seconds, Gary held position and then collapsed backwards onto the bed. Sandy stood there briefly and I could see Gary’s cream dribble out of her pussy and start to run down her leg before she turned and slipped Gary’s cock into her mouth.

Alex slapped my shoulder lightly and gave me a ‘thumbs up’ as she pushed the door the rest of the way open and strode into the room. Without a word, she went around the bed and knelt down behind and licked the runner of cum from Sandy’s leg. Sandy was startled and stopped sucking Gary’s cock. She looked down on Alex.

For her part, Alex looked up and said, “Spread your legs girl. Let’s not waste that good man cum dripping out of you. You can have what’s on Gary’s cock. There is nothing tastier than a cock that has been marinated in pussy juice and man seed.”

Shocked Sandy looked at me and I made the ‘hand pushing an imaginary cock in and out of my mouth’ sign to her. She shook her head and went back to sucking Gary’s rapidly deflating cock. About the time she pulled her mouth off Gary’s chubby and started to lick the base of his shaft and balls, Alex stood up and lightly slapped her ass and said, “There, I don’t think you’ll drip on the carpet now.”

Alex rolled up on the bed and gave Gary a big wet kiss and I came over and gave Sandy a big kiss while running my hand over her smooth ass.

She pulled back and said in an accusing tone, “I taste pussy on your lips.”

I pulled her in to kiss again while Alex said, “What did you expect was going to happen?” while Gary said, “Does his cock taste like pussy too?”

When she processed those words, Sandy turned around, pulled my shorts down and slipped my cock into her mouth. She took as much of it as she could and then used her tongue to lick the shaft. I was starting to groan and she grabbed my ass and pulled me deeper and I slipped into her throat. Now usually her gag reflex kicks in but this morning she pulled me all the way until I felt her teeth on the base of my cock. I am pretty sure I groaned loud enough to wake the dead at that. And then to complete the surprise, she stuck out her tongue and licked my balls. I almost lost it.

Then as quickly as she had pushed me in, she pulled off my cock and started coughing. I dropped to my knees and asked if she was ok, she nodded and said, “Give me a minute.” I wrapped my arms around her and held her.

When she had recovered, she turned to Greg and said, “Yes. His cock tastes like pussy.”

Alex threw up her hands and grinning yelled, “Guilty. Yes, we fucked in the kitchen. What did you expect?”

I held up a hand. “Before this spins out of control, I’m sorry. We should have asked before we stared something in the kitchen.”

Gary looking sheepish was next, “I’m sorry too. We could have called downstairs.”

Alex looking back and forth, finally said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come on that strong when we got up here. I was just trying to be funny and I took it too far.”

Sandy looked at me and then said is a small voice, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take it wrong. I got a little bit jealous. Forgive me?”

We all said in unison as if planned, “You are forgiven.”

Alex yelled, “Jinx!” and we all laughed, things were better.

I squeezed Sandy and said, “By the way, congratulations are in order. Sandy here fully and officially deep throated my cock. Now she did choke after she got it down, but she did get it down and allowed me to violate her throat with my dick.”

Alex looked at her, “You did. Really?”

Sandy nodded. “It was just for a second, but I got all the way to his pubic bone.”

A couple of minutes later, Sandy stood up and stopped the celebration by peeking out the window and saying, “Where did everybody go?”

We all stood up and looked out the window. There was nobody in the pool area. Suddenly the blonde and guy that did all the cooking came out and took down the big pool umbrellas and tied them down. They worked together to fold up the lounge chairs and put them in a rack nobody had seen previously. The guy pulled out a little pool cleaning robot and tossed it in the pool. Chores done, they kissed then gave the place one more look over and went back into the house.

Gary summed it up, “Well, now what do we do for fun?”

There was silence for a moment until Sandy said, “You can come over and we can go skinny dipping in our pool.”

I turned and looked at her, before she continued, “The only two houses that can look into our pool area is this one and the Party House.”

Alex broke out with a big grin, “What a great idea. I have never gone skinny dipping.”

Gary looked at her, “Never?”

Alex shook her head, “Never. I went topless with you on that beach in the Caribbean once, but that was as close as I have ever gotten. What about you?”

Gary quietly said, “Just once. It was senior skip day and a bunch of us went out to a friend’s parent’s cabin. There was a dare and about half of us, four guys and two girls took off our suits and ran into the water,” he laughed, “The water was soooo freaking cold. We ran right back out and there was some serious shrinkage and some nipples that stuck out a mile.”

“I’ll bet,” I said. “We have only done it a few times since we got the pool. That was why I was so pissed off that they built these houses back there. I had finally talked Sandy into trying it when they built the first one.”

Alex turned to Sandy, “So, since this is your idea. How do we do it? Do we just run naked from your house and jump in or do we go in with suits on and take them off?”

“Suits on, I think,” Sandy said after a moment. “That way, if anyone chickens out …”

“C’mon Gary,” Alex said, “Let’s go find suits and we’ll meet these guys in the kitchen.”

As Alex rummaged around finding her clothes, we all did the same.

A few minutes later, Alex and Gary came down holding a beach bag. “Ready,” Alex announced.

We walked next door and left Alex and Gary in the living room as Sandy and I headed for our bedroom to find swim suits.

“What do you think Alex is going to wear?” Sandy whispered to me.

I turned and gave her a ‘You asking me?’ stare. Finally she answered herself, “Probably a nice bikini.” With that said, she went off in search of a bikini.

I tossed a pair of board shorts on and I was ready to go. Finally Sandy came out of the bathroom wearing a leopard print bikini.

“I thought you threw that rag out years ago,” I said. I remember when she bought it. It was for a Halloween party, we were going as the king of the jungle and his mate. She had worn a flesh colored body suit under it.

She blushed and said, “I kept it for some role playing, but never seemed to find the right occasion.”

“Well today seems like as good a time as any,” I said.

We walked out and our jaws hit the floor. Alex was in a white bikini. It was just one of those ones that had real thin strings holding three tiny triangles of cloth. If you took them off, stretched them out and laid them side by side, you might have as much material as there is in the average tissue.

Gary was in an orange European style banana hammock. He had to lay his cock sideways to avoid it popping out of the top.

“Wow,” Sandy said finally.

“Too much?” asked Alex.

I started laughing. Alex looked hurt until I finally stammered out, “I don’t think there is any possible way there could be any less of that outfit.”

At that point the other three got where I was going and they joined me in laughing.

I picked up the camera and pointed it at Alex. “I have got to get some pictures of this. It is too damn sexy.”

After giving her some posing suggestions, I could see Gary was starting to get hard in his mankini. So I told him to go in and suck on Alex’s tits.

As he was getting close, Alex reached down and lightly stroked Gary’s balls and he popped out. “So suck on him,” I suggested.

Alex reached down and pulled his suit off and began to suck Gary as if her life depended on it. He let her go for a couple of minutes, then pulled her up and pushed the fabric back releasing her ferocious nipples. They were so into each other I just shot pictures and then switched to video mode.

Gary picked Alex up and deposited her on the hassock on her back. He pulled her G-string bottom to the side and thrust his cock into her. It was so primal. He buried himself in her in one swift stroke. She let out a wail of pleasure at being violated that suddenly and completely and arched her back.

Sandy had come over and had fished my cock out and was sucking on it when I leaned down and said, “Go sit on Alex’s face.”

She looked up at me with eyes that asked, ‘Are you sure?’

I nodded and made a shooing motion with my free hand.

Sandy walked over and slid her bottoms off when she was by Alex’s head. Sandy looked like she was about to ask Alex something, but Alex didn’t wait. She pulled Sandy forward and applied her mouth to Sandy’s sex. Gary reached out and pulled Sandy’s top up and let her breasts spill out of the top. Useless now, Sandy discarded the bikini top and pulled Gary’s hands to her tits. Once he had latched on, she took her own hands and began massaging Alex’s titties.

The three of them were definitely lost in the moment. Alex was the first to come. She arched her back and tremors shook her whole body. Sandy was next. She let everyone know by screaming it.

Gary announced that he was close and Sandy got off Alex’s face and knelt down by Gary. She pulled him out and devoured his cock as she did that I walked up to Alex’s face and slid my cock between her lips. Gary came shortly after that and Sandy almost managed to keep all of his cum in her mouth.

As a little of Gary’s cum was dribbling down Sandy’s chin, I was face fucking Alex. Watching all the action while not being able to join in without putting the camera down had left my cock stiffer than a triple starched collar. I was totally enjoying Alex’s mouth and after filming Gary’s cum shot into Sandy’s mouth, I pointed the camera down and got a nice point-of-view close up of my cock violating Alex’s mouth. It was my inattention due to getting video or my enthusiasm that caused me to push too hard and slide past the back of her mouth and into her throat. It wasn’t intentional, but it was a delicious feeling and one that I repeated several times before I pulled out and sprayed my cum over her face and then over her tits.

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Unexpected Anal Office Tryst

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I’ve known Kathryn for a little more than eight years, since her first day working for the company back in 2012. I’ve loved Kathryn since the same day. Which is to say, platonically; as much as any married father of two could love a coworker who is engaged to another man without risking his job.

Kathryn is, in a word, adorable. She is petite, maybe 5’4″, with a girl-next-door appeal despite her age. Like myself, she is in her mid-thirties, but has flecks of grey dotting her otherwise brunette hair, nature’s response to our stressful work environment. I’m sure the younger guys who work here fantasize about her, but the more mature men, mostly husbands, appreciate her for the harmless way she flirts. Every conversation with her feels natural, organic, as though you’ve known her forever and are completely comfortable around her. She’s attractive enough that you enjoy making her laugh, but not so hot that you are intimidated by her.

In other words, she’s just right, and seeing her is always a highlight of my day. And while I respect her tremendously for her intelligence, professionalism and sense of humor, I must admit that my favorite part about her is her cute butt. And “butt” is the right word. It’s not an “ass,” hardened in the gym and flaunted through yoga pants. It is the cutest butt I’ve ever seen, always adorned perfectly in a smart pair of trousers, implying that she knows how good it looks, and doesn’t need to emphasize it more than necessary.

All this is to explain why, when everyone else in the office takes off early on Fridays, I was willing to accept a meeting invite from her at 6pm. I texted my wife to let her know I would be a couple hours late, which was met with the expected mundane reply, “Let me know when you’re on your way.”

It was not unusual, nor was it common, for me to have one-on-one meetings with Kathryn. We were in different departments, and typically when we were in meetings together, other members of our departments were also there. But around once a month, we had to meet alone for one reason or another. What was unusual, though, what that Kathryn would send a meeting invite without an agenda attached to it. She was always organized, in control and keeping everyone on schedule. Loose-format meetings were not her thing.

She came up to my floor right on time.

“Hey, Kathryn,” I said as I turned the conference room light on. “Come on in.”

“I’ll be right there,” she said. “Just going to grab some water from the cooler. Want one?”

“Sure, thanks,” I replied. I started to enter the conference room, but turned to watch her walk away. God, her butt was perfect. There was that barely-noticeable crease where the top of the leg arcs towards the bottom of the butt, disappearing and reappearing in a mesmerizing cycle as she took each step. It had enough of a bubble that you could imagine it fitting perfectly in your palm, should you ever be presented the opportunity. I regretted that I would never get the chance.

I sat down in one of the swivel chairs and waited for her to return, which she did about half a minute later. I looked up to her as she stood near my chair, something clearly on her mind. In an instant, I got the impression that something serious was up, as though she needed to tell me something of grave importance. I turned my chair towards her and asked if she was alright.

She took a deep breath in through her nose, exhaling through her mouth like an Olympic diver steadying her nerves. I began running through all of the possible things she might have to say to me, then she did it again.

In through the nose, out through the mouth. But this time, as she exhaled, she said, “OK.”

OK, indicating that she was ready to share. I waited for her to go on, but instead of speaking, she did something most unexpected. She grabbed the hem of her polo shirt and pulled it straight over her head. Dropping it to the floor behind her, she stepped forward and straddled my lap, so that her chest was against mine.

“Wh—” was all I was able to muster before her mouth hit mine. I wasn’t even sure what I was trying to say. “What’s going on?” “What are you doing?” “Why?” “Wait?” Kathryn had a flawless figure, and before marriage I would have killed to have this happen. I knew I should have stopped it right there, but there was an urgency in her kissing that suggested I might really hurt her if I forced her off me. When she came up for air, I would try to better gauge the situation.

She cupped my cheeks with both hands and held me steady and she continued to explore my mouth. Up until now, I had just been taking her tongue past my lips, but I quickly found myself kissing her back. Her breath was minty, her lips soft. It felt amazing, and though I knew it was completely wrong, I couldn’t help but encourage her.

All this time, I was holding my hands up and out to the sides, as if to prove that I was not a willing participant in this. In my head, I envisioned my wife seeing a surveillance video of this, and my messed-up logic was that not holding onto porno Kathryn suggested that I was innocent.

She backed off for a minute and allowed me to get a word in.

“Kathryn, what’s going on? I’m married. You’re getting married next month!”

She put a finger to my lips, silencing my rebuttal.

“Shhhh. Let me explain, and please don’t interrupt. I need this, badly. I’ve been a good girl my entire life, and I get the impression you’ve always been a good man. Before I get married to Jeremy, I want to be bad. Just once. I want to allow myself a moment to feel incredibly naughty. I picked you because you’re married. Because you won’t talk. This is a one-time thing, our dirty little secret. After we leave this room, it will only exist in our memory.”

Even if she had allowed me to reply, I don’t know what I would have said. First, I never would have expected Kathryn to behave or speak like this. And second, she was actually making some sense. If this happened, I would never say a thing for fear of destroying my marriage. And naturally Kathryn wouldn’t say anything for the same reason.

But she didn’t let me reply. Her lips closed on mine again and her hands started fumbling with my belt.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Please, let me have this moment. Please. Please. Please.” Her tone diminished from a melodious mewing to a hushed whisper as she repeated the word. She unclasped my belt and was pulling down my zipper, her hands frantic as they dug for my throbbing cock.

I caved.

My hands fell to her sides, feeling the warmth of her waist just above the hem of her pants. At that sign of compliance, her eagerness intensified. Her butt rose off my lap and her chest pressed hard into mine as she undid my zipper and kissed me hard. As she rocked forward, my hands slid down to cup the cheeks that I’d been admiring all these years. They did not let me down. Somehow both supple and firm, fitting perfectly between my thumb and forefinger. A quick squeeze and they bounced right back into place.

Kathryn giggled.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the day we met,” I said.

“Really?” she asked, innocently. “Why? It’s not that special.”

“To me, it’s the perfect butt. I’m surprised you haven’t caught me staring. Not that I don’t try to be discrete about it.”

She smiled. “Well, that actually works out well,” she said as she dismounted and stepped back from me. For a moment, I thought I had somehow turned her off.

“What do you mean?”

She bit a fingernail, belying her nerves as she stood in front of me in just her tight pants and bra.

“Well, actually, I was thinking that I don’t want to share my pussy with anyone other than Jeremy. It wouldn’t feel right, for some reason.”

“Oh,” I said, dejected. I felt my cock start to soften a bit. “So what do you want to do? Just some oral play?”

Kathryn sighed and raised her eyebrows. “Please don’t make me spell it out for you!”

It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks, and my cock sprung back into action.

“Oh!” I said with a totally different timbre. “Oh!”

Kathryn turned away and undid the buckle on her pants. She then leaned forward as she slowly, torturously, peeled them down her legs. A slutty, sheer white thong emerged, steering my eyesight from her lower back to the treasures scarcely visible between her cheeks. I still couldn’t believe this was the same, girl-next-door Kathryn I’d been working with for eight years.

When she turned back around to face me, her face was beet red. I rolled my chair forward so that she was standing between my knees.

“I’m still not sure what I’ve done to deserve this, but thank you,” I said. “I swear whatever happens here stays here. Let your inhibitions go, and I’ll try to do the same.”

At that, I looped my fingers into the band of her thong and slowly pulled them towards the floor.

“Allow me,” I said as the flimsy fabric snapped away from her obviously excited pussy.

Her knees rubbed together as her thong fell to the floor. While she was clearly into it, she was also a bit jittery.

“I’m following your lead here, Kathryn. I’m nervous too, but I trust you. And I think we can trust each other.”

It wasn’t lost on me that Kathryn was now completely naked, save for her bra, while I was fully clothed, save for my raging hard-on protruding through my zipper. I was about to stand and start removing my own clothes, but Kathryn stopped me. With a hand on my shoulder, she lowered herself to her knees and grabbed my dick with her left hand.

“Thank you, Henry. I knew I could trust you to see this hidden side of me. I need this for myself, but I want you to have fun, too.”

At that, she lowered her head to my lap and took my throbbing erection into her mouth. I sat back in the chair and let it happen, my eyes rolling to the back of my head. What tremendous luck!

Kathryn bobbed up and down for a few minutes. It was clear that she hadn’t given much head in her life, but I appreciated the effort. Her tongue made subtle swirling motions on the underside of my cock. It was tantalizing, but definitely not enough to get me off. Given that we had just professed this being a safe place, I decided to see if I could push the envelope a little.

“Just how dirty do you want to be tonight, Kathryn? Can you take the entire thing in your mouth?”

She let out a guttural moan, seeming to welcome the challenge. She adjusted herself for a better angle, and I slid forward to make things as easy as possible. She lowered her torso to make the tunnel from her mouth to the back of her throat as straight as possible. As she scooched forward, she managed to get all but about an inch of my cock past her lips. Her forearms rose and landed on my thighs, bracing herself as she worked towards the ultimate goal. I helped her by grabbing the ponytail and pulling her closer.

Her jaw looked strained as it stretched to accommodate me. Her eyes clenched shut, I believe to focus her attention inward. A single year leaked down her cheek.

“Mmmphhh!” she gargled as the last inch slid into her throat. Her fingers clenched my thighs in a death grip, but that couldn’t deter me. What did deter me, though, was the fear of turning her off. Having completed her mission of deep throating me, I pulled her off.

Kathryn rocked back so that her but was resting on her heels. Her mouth hung open in astonishment, and a healthy wad of drool cascaded onto her chest. For a minute, I thought I had gone too far, but the corners of her mouth curled up into a smile. She seemed proud, more than anything.

“Thank you,” she said, shocking me. “I didn’t think I’d be able to manage, but now I’ll always be able to say that I did it. Even if I never actually say it, you know.”

“You said you wanted to be dirty. I figured let’s be dirty.”

“You have no idea,” she said. “After everyone else left, I spent fifteen minutes in the ladies room giving myself an enema for what I hope happens next.”

Jesus Christ, this woman was full of surprises! The thought of her on the bathroom floor, cleansing herself just to give me her ass had me harder than my wife had ever made me.

“Fuck, Kathryn. You might make me cum just by talking. We better get to it before I lose my chance.”

I helped her to her feet, then bent her over the conference table.

“You want to be a bad girl, Kathryn? Spread your ass for me. Let me see my target.”

Kathryn had her head turned sideways, enabling me to see her reactions. She smiled again, then pulled her ass apart and swayed her hips seductively at me.

“Do it. Take it. It’s yours now.”

I clenched my cock in my fist, with about four inches extending beyond. It felt wider than ever before, no doubt a response to this taboo situation. I laid my cock between her cheeks, marveling at the variance in size between it and the puckered hole below. It was at least five times larger, but I was going to make it fit. Couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I rocked forward so that my thighs were resting against her ass and my erection lay on the small of her back. I wanted to see how deep I would be getting.

“You feel that? Are you ready for how deep you’re going to take this cock? Are you sure you can take it??

“I’m going to take whatever you give to me. I’m ready. I want this.”

Fuck. Where were the girls like this when I was single?

I pulled back and aimed at her rosebud. Kathryn inched her fingers slightly closer to the hole, pulling it further open for me. My head pressed against it, and was met with shockingly little resistance. I guess that enema really helped.

The head popped in and Kathryn gasped. She immediately let go of her ass and brought her hands up near her head, bracing herself against the table. I pulled back out, thinking I’d hurt her.

“No!” she exclaimed. “Don’t pull out! I read that the hardest part is entry. Once you get it in, I’ll get used to it.”

It was so like Kathryn to read about what to expect, and to have a plan. Somehow, that made it even sexier.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to get a little lubricant on it before we continue?” I asked. As a hint to what I meant, I lowered my aim and gently nuzzled my cock between the slick folds of her labia.

“No…that’s just for…oh, God,” she shuddered as I made contact with her clit.

“Who’s it for?” I asked.

“Fuck, it feels so good. You can stay there, but no insertion!” she insisted.

Happy to oblige, I slid the head of my cock over her clit several times. I felt it brush over every vein on the top of my dick, and I could see Kathryn’s mouth morph into a sort of gape-smile hybrid. Her knees started to shake, then her legs clamped tight around my dick as she screeched her orgasm into the echoic conference room.

Her arms were shaking as she brought her hands back to her ass. Peeling it apart, she again started giving direction.

“That was fun, but it’s time for the main attraction,” she said. “Get to it before I have second thoughts. This is already by far the sluttiest I’ve ever felt.”

My newly-lubricated cock felt more prepared this time. I again slid into Kathryn’s ass, and this time she seemed to take it much better. I easily got the first three inches in before letting it rest a moment. Firmly inside of her, I moved her hands back towards her head, then grabbed her butt with my own. Fuck, it felt incredible.

I moved my hands up to her waist, and started pulling her back as I rocked forward.

“Eeeee!!” Kathryn emitted as two more inches disappeared inside of her.

“You OK?” I asked.

“So far. I can take more, I think.”

“Only a couple inches to go,” I told her. “I have to tell you how incredible you look like this. Lying naked on the conference table, your cheeks spread and ass impaled by my cock. Give me a few seconds so I can commit this view to my permanent memory.”

She giggled. “I’m glad you’re having fun. My view is of the tabletop, so hurry up!”

She managed to find ways to be adorable even with a cock in her ass. I gave her a courtesy spank before resuming my efforts. Needing more leverage, I moved my right hand up and grabbed her shoulder. With my left hand on her hip, I was able to bury the last of it inside her anal chute.

“Good girl,” I said, straightening my back and patting her gently on her right butt cheek. “How do you feel?”

“How do I feel? Stuffed. Slutty. Incredibly naughty…exactly what I was hoping to feel. How different does it feel from a pussy?”

“Honestly, not that different physically. But the taboo nature of it, combined with the taboo nature of each of us cheating, and being at work, has me harder than ever. Are you ready for me to start moving a bit?”

“Go for it.”

I pulled back, leaving about half inside her, then pushed back in to the hilt. It went flawlessly.

“Yes,” Kathryn whispered.

I did it again, and again she mewed a positive reaction. Next time, I pulled out a bit further leaving just the head in. As I pushed forward, I felt a vacuum effect, sucking me deeper. I nearly lost my balance.

“Fuck, this is incredible,” I panted, straining not to cum early.

“You can go faster. I can take it. I want it.”

Easier said than done. The tightness and suction made it a bit challenging to go too quickly. As I pulled out again, I watched as her sphincter clung tight to me, extending outward just a few millimeters. I shoved in harder, trying to loosen her up a bit.

“Yes, like that…harder…” she expressed through shortened breath.

I began working up a rhythm, rocking into her about once per second, reveling in the sensation of her pulsing anal passage clenching me tight. I put my right hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her flat against the table, giving me some additional support as I thrust harder and faster.

“Uhh…oooh…uh…yes…,” she squeaked, her voice getting higher and higher. As she approached another orgasm. “Fuck yes!”

I rotated my hips a bit with my next three thrusts, trying to reach depths and angles previously unexplored. That seemed to do the trick. Kathryn went up on her toes and let out a long, almost painfully loud “aaaaahhhhh!” Again, her knees shook as she climaxed on my cock, nearly jarring me loose. Her fists gripped the opposite ledge of the table strenuously. After a moment suspended above the table, she collapsed onto it once more.

“I guess I don’t need to ask whether you’re enjoying yourself,” I said, still idly moving in and out of her quickly relaxing asshole.

“Oh my god. It’s so good. How did you not cum?”

“I’m close, though this reprieve is giving me a bit more stamina. Are you ready to keep going?”

“I think I have at least one more cum in me,” she said.

“Good. Let’s shift positions a bit.”

I grabbed her shoulder and waist again, lifting her off the table and pulling her back against my chest. With her ass still wedged on my cock, I wrapped my arms around her, tenderly caressing her breasts over her bra. She turned her head to me, and we kissed aggressively, her tongue lapping at mine with urgency. I slowly thrust in and out as best I could in this position.

Then, holding her tight to me, I sat back in the chair, pulling her into my lap.

“Spread your legs on either side of me, Kathryn. Hands on the armrests.”

Kathryn complied immediately. God, I wish I were able to see her from the other side of the room. Her sopping wet cunt spread lewdly as she eased her asshole to the base of my cock. I again grasped for her breasts, finding her nipples through the thin lacy material.

“Bounce, dirty girl. Ride my cock like it’s going to be the last time.”

Kathryn was able to do this with relative ease. Her arms were certainly fit enough to lift her diminutive form up and down for a while. After about twenty reps, she seemed to grow fatigued, and instead held her arms straight and pumped her ass up and down. This motion, focused on just the head of my dick, seemed to stimulate me more effectively. That, and the mental image of her spread pussy reacting to this position.

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The Mr. Larry Chronicles: Goldie

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Everyone is over 18


Goldie first took a man’s cock in her ass just before she left for college. At her request, her sweet older neighbor down the lane from her parents house opened and filled her. He had been delighted to comply. She was initially surprised and intrigued by how much she enjoyed it. Soon she was entranced. He taught her to appreciate the fullness and stretch of a long, smooth pole sliding inside her, slowly filling her darker hole.

He was not her last.

Her most recent anal partner had been an acquaintance in college. He had a shy smile and engaging manner and worked in the cafe below the dining hall. He was a frequent attendee of the parties thrown by Goldie and her roommates, often sitting outside on the porch with Goldie while the louder party raged inside. After they spent more time together, Goldie found he had a darker, more commanding side that she loved. His attentions taught her to crave a power exchange and to have her boundaries pushed. He also taught her to love his cum. Whether in her mouth or deep inside her anus, it was her ultimate reward.


Goldie moved several time zones from home a few years after graduating college. She found the most darling apartment soon after arriving in town. It was listed as a charming 780 sq. ft. Congress Park 1+ bedroom and included parking and access to a common courtyard. It was small, but the location was perfect for Goldie.

She was shown the place by the on-site manager who referred to himself as, “Mr. Larry.” His his Olympicly-large tattoo-covered frame combined with his quiet manner and deep voice felt somehow comforting to Goldie. Enough so to overlook some–perhaps–less than appealing aspects of the big, thick man who seemed to have a barely passing acquaintance with soap. Although she introduced herself as, ‘Goldie’, he immediately called her “Babygirl” as though one word.

Toward the end of the short tour, he was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and back “bedroom”, a bonus room with access to the courtyard Goldie intended to use as a possible guest room and office. Mr. Larry gestured toward the back door with its door to the outside. Goldie needed to scooch by Mr. Larry who was standing in the doorway to look. As she turned her body to get past him through the tight doorway, her bubbly butt lightly brushed his crotch. Her sensitive buttocks registered having made contact with something sizable beneath his shorts. She couldn’t decide whether Mr. Larry positioned himself just so on purpose or not, but she felt a flush of embarrassment for enjoying the sensation of her cheeks brushing a, presumably, thick cock.

Goldie shivered and walked to the window to look outside. She bent to look out and the pretty rectangular grassy area. Her movement arched her back slightly, rotating her pelvis up. She was unaware that Mr. Larry quirked an eyebrow while getting good view of her rounded behind. She turned back to Mr. Larry and glanced down to note some additional tumescence down the inside of his right leg. She blushed and dropped her gaze to the floor. She heard his rumbly chuckle and looked back up to a smirking Mr. Larry. She felt suddenly shy in his presence.

In his low tones he told her, “I think you’ll do fine here, Babygirl. You’ll fit in just fine.” He explained he lived on-site, just across from the laundry room in the basement to take care of “any needs” while she was a tenant. Goldie squeaked out her thanks and left feeling exhilarated.

By the following weekend, she moved her things into the apartment, excited to begin her new life. In time she met her neighbors and established routines. Her neighbors mostly seemed welcoming, if not remaining somewhat private. An upstairs neighbor flirted with her aggressively, but when he caught sight of Mr. Larry looming–a frequent happening–he’d scuttle away.

Goldie soon became comfortable in her neat little place and soon began to take care of herself and her personal needs in the ways she had established after college. Although she’d had not yet had opportunity to look for another partner, she remained hopeful.


Wash day. She always waited until her laundry was out of control before doing it. It was her bad habit, but not one she cared about enough to change. The only thing that made it bearable was making a sexy game out of it by keeping herself–well, her bottom–full and herself on constant edge while venturing to and from the laundry room with her multiple loads. It was her delicious secret.

As she passed by the manager’s apartment, Mr. Larry peeked around his slightly opened door to see who had been using the laundry room, happy to see Goldie. He appreciated the view. She looked so cute in her short swing dress and long bare legs when she walked by with her load of laundry. He smirked – her heavy tits and pokey nipples were easy to discern through the thin material of her dress and unconfined by a bra – reasonable, he thought, porno for wash day. Although her dress was nearly tent-like on her curvy frame, not only her breasts, but the roundness of her buttocks was noticeable.

Mr. Larry began to wonder how he would make Goldie a true Babygirl like he had all the others. It was merely a matter of time – Mr.Larry’s success rate over the years was 100%. Mr. Larry looked forward to spreading that bubble-butt to spear her rosebud with his chocolate pole. As he watched her movements, he started imagining how he’d slowly pull her toward him, watching his cock slowly disappear in her tight hole until that bubble butt was squashed firmly under his belly. Would she resist and need persuading? Would she take time to stretch out to fully accept him inside? Would she be worshipful? Would she beg to swallow him? There had been so many situations and scenarios in his time as a manager and trainer of Babygirls, he wondered into what category she’d fall.

He smirked, lost in his thoughts, and watched Goldie load the washer with its new load. Then she bent and crouched to get to her knees to take her last load from the dryer.

When she reached deep in the dryer, Goldie’s short little swing dress slid up over her bottom. From where he was partly hidden, Mr. Larry could see not just her cute unconfined globes, but something else in between her cheeks. It was red and rectangular in shape, roughly two inches wide and four long. As Goldie reached deeper in the dryer for the clothes to put in her basket, her back arched and hips pushed out. As Mr. Larry watched, the rectangular shape seemed to suck in and push out in time with her movements.

Mr. Larry realized that rectangle was the base of a butt plug. If the size of the base was any indication, it wasn’t small. Her little pink crinkle was stuffed. Full. He raised his eyebrows. This was a delightful surprise!

In that moment, his cock rapidly filled, becoming fully erect in an instant, sticking straight out, tenting his shorts. This Babygirl already had a taste for back door action! A quiet moan escaped his lips in anticipation of an easy conversion.

As Goldie continued to pull her clothes from the dryer, Mr. Larry caressed the shaft of his cock in time to her movements and fingered the bottle of lube he perpetually carried at the ready in his shorts pocket. He groaned quietly as she began to stand, bending over once more to pick up her laundry basket with her filled bottom facing him. This movement caused the rectangular shape to push out slightly with her bending movement. It then sucked right back in as she straightened out, clothes basket in hand.

Now standing, her head cocked to the side as though in consideration. She bent down with her basket again and once again straightened. Goldie repeated the movement. And again. And again. Each time causing the plug to slip in and back out. He heard her moan as she arched her back, thighs quivering below. This Babygirl, he realized, was allowing the plug to fuck her asshole in the middle of the laundry room. She continued the cycle at least ten more times, Mr. Larry as her unseen and rapt audience.

The insides of her thighs were now visibly wet. Mr. Larry groaned quietly again as he watched, now allowing himself to thrust the head and the underside of his dick against the door. Any lingering concern he had about bringing her into the fold and teaching her to take him inside utterly evaporated.

Goldie stopped, shook her head as though coming back to herself and realizing her location and turned fully toward the exit of the laundry room with her full basket in hand. Her nipples were very, very erect through her dress and appeared barely able to keep from slicing it open.

Approaching the doorway, she caught sight of Mr. Larry standing in his doorway, half covered by the door. Like a rabbit, she froze.

He watched as color stained her face, moving down her neck toward her breasts and sharp, pointed nipples. She was realizing the likelihood of his having watched as she fucked herself in the ass with her plug.

He wanted her to know what her lascivious activities had caused and opened his door. Her eyes immediately flicked down, taking in his shorts tented by his throbbing pole.

Goldie shivered and tightened her body responding to her increased arousal.

He moved from his doorway and started across the hall toward her position in the laundry room. She saw the apex of the tent in his shorts was more than halfway down his leg. It bobbed back and forth as he walked towards her. Her pulse raced. Her mind formed the word, ‘huge’. She nodded as though in agreement and shivered again. She could not look away.

He entered the laundry room coming close to her, stopping on her right side positioned as though making a “T” with their bodies.

“You got sumpin’ up in your starfish, Babygirl. Don’t you, Babygirl?”, he growled out in a near whisper inches from her ear.

She shivered again and nodded, arching her back. Her painfully erect nipples poked through the thin cloth of her dress while desire slammed through her lithe frame. His cock jumped.

“You in here fuckin’ you little starfish and every time you do your little up and down dance”, his hand moved to his clothed cock and grasped it, “Making this happen”, shaking his cock at her.

“You need to see what you done,” he said and pulled the elastic waistband of his basketball shorts over and down, way down, below his pole and heavy balls.

She looked. Fire exploded in her body.

His hard penis stuck out from him, engorged and straining under its own weight. Thick. It was so thick – from just behind the bulging head to its base it became progressively thicker. Her mouth dropped open. Even his balls looked thick, hanging heavily between his thighs as though terrifically full.

“This is what your little show done to me,” he said taking his cock in his hand to show her. He rubbed it against her unclothed thigh. She felt the wetness from his pre-cum on her skin.

Her anus and rectum gripped and pulsed pulsed around her plug in hopeful, eager anticipation.

“You like havin’ something filling your cute little bottom, Starfish?” He said, ‘Starfish’ like a new name, replacing ‘Babygirl’, “Like it moving in…” his left hand reached out to touch the base of her plug and he pushed in, “…and out?” He let the plug slide out a bit.

Her legs nearly buckled at the sensation of him fucking her ass with her own plug and she groaned long, and loud as her head fell back. She reached out to put a hand on his shoulder to not completely collapse.

He repeated the movement. Push…release…and again. Two, three times…push…release…

“I ask you a question, Starfish; you like that hole filled and fucked?”

“Yessssss,” she groaned out. “Soooo much!” She moaned.

“Mmm hm. That’s what Mr. Larry think!” he smirked, pushing in the plug yet again but with more force. “Mr. Larry give you what you need. Fill you. Fuck you,” he growled in her ear. “Drop that basket, Starfish,” she responded as swiftly as the command was given dropping her basket to the floor to the side, “Move those feet apart.”

Goldie shuffled her drenched thighs to near shoulder width, shivering with excitement responding to his commands. She needed this. There was only so much her dildos and plugs could do and for too long she had needed to be filled with real cock.

She felt the sausage-like fingers of his index an middle fingers of his right hand begin stroking her slick clit. She let out a little scream of pleasure.

“You got a juicy pussy, Starfish, an yo clit is fat, pokin’ out for Mr. Larry’s fingers.”

She started jerking her hips in time with the thrusts of the plug in her ass and his huge fingers on her clit. She could not keep quiet.


“That’s it, Starfish. Do you need to cum? You gonna cum for Mr. Larry? You gonna cum on Mr. Larry’s fingers?”

She had been edging for hours and desperately needed to cum. “Please…oh, please, Mr. Larry…I need to cum…I need to cum on your fingers!” She started shaking, getting closer and closer.

“Hmmm…I think maybe…No.”

Suddenly the pressure on her clit, anus, and the walls in her rectum began to change.

“Nooooo!!!” She felt great pressure at her full hole as the plug was pulled from her. Her nether ring expanded and expanded as Mr. Larry pulled, pausing to rest the plug in position at the apex of its girth leaving Goldie gaped open. Mr. Larry pulsed it several times, then it was gone. There was a thwack sound as it was dropped to the floor between her feet.

“That a big plug, Starfish!” he said admiringly, but then changed his tone to one that was darker when he said, “but Mr. Larry is bigger.” She blushed and moaned knowing the plug was more than seven inches in circumference, and closed her eyes. It typically took about a half hour to work it inside.

She felt fingers now moving in through the lips of her pussy from behind gathering her slick vaginal juices. At the same time she heard a click of a plastic cap being opened. Suddenly the fingers were removed backward and there was a pause with a squeezing sound and then pressure on her loosened furl. Her anus was once again opened and stretched with two heavily-lubed banana-sized fingers entering and sinking deeply inside.

He thrust and her hole just sucked his superlative digits inside. “Yeah, Starfish! You greedy hole takin’ my fingers so good!” Thrust, thrust. Two of his long, fat fingers together were of much similar girth to that of her plug, maybe a bit bigger? She could feel his fingers moving in and out and around, separating and stretching inside and coming back together while they pulled out.

“You need more, Starfish?” She moaned and nodded her head loving the way he filled her. The next time his fingers moved out, they were entirely removed. She felt pressure again at her gasping pucker and when they pushed back in the stretch was greater and she felt a burn with the stretch! He had three fingers inside her now. It felt so full – fuller than she felt even with any toys. So deep.This was definitely exceeding the circumference of her plug or of any other cocks she’d had inside…with just his fingers.

“You a greedy Starfish, sucking my fingers in like that. Mr. Larry got to get you ready… that plug good, but you needin’ a bit more…” the three fingers were working in and out, opening her hole wider and wider. She loved feeling of being opened, gaping, getting ready for his meaty schlong. “You ready for more, ain’t ya?” A fourth finger swiftly joined in the games before she could even respond, sinking deeply in Goldie’s dark chamber to spelunk in, slip out, delve back in as far as they could reach, and out again. The cycle repeated again and again to Goldie’s delirious delight. Her knees were weak. She felt deliciously open to Mr. Larry. The incessant thrust and stretch driving her to new heights of pleasure.

“You know what comin’ next, ain’t that right?” He purred and thrust his fingers as deep as he could deep, deep deep…only to once again slip out.

“Oh, yes, please!” Goldie was almost out of her mind with need to finally have her ass filled with that wide, long cock. It has been at least two years since her friend from college last bent her over to stuff his pretty brown pole inside her. She couldn’t wait to be full, filled and stretched by Mr. Larry.

His fingers massaged her open hole keeping her soft and waiting. “Starfish, I know what you want…What you need…You know it too…Tell me what you need…Tell Mr. Larry.”

“FFffffuck…ffffffuck…fuck me!!” She stuttered as the screamed.

“Fuck you where, Starfish?”

“My ass. Fuck my ass with your massive cock!”

He stepped behind Goldie, moving her to the wall, putting her hands against it. She felt contact. It felt huge and rounded, putting an encompassing pressure on the opening of her anus…and just like that, he pushed in, breaching her hole. So. Very. Slowly. With barely a popping sensation on her relaxed ring, the heavy crown of his cockhead slipped inside her plug and finger-widened hole. Her body shook with near-orgasm adjusting to the invader.

Mr. Larry paused in her tight, slick heat feeling her hips jerk in spasm and a long deep moan ground out of his throat.

Determined to give her no quarter and have her become utterly lost to his great fullness, he continued a slow, arduous ascent, bit by bit, his slick girth filling her.

He had been entering her for some time and she could feel as every inch of his long, thick appendage sinking into her. The stretch was absolutely remarkable. Intense. So, so good. Nothing had ever felt like this before. She felt so owned. So invaded. So conquered.

Goldie was having a near transcendental experience. She was breathing to relax and pushing out to allow Mr. Larry’s deeper passage inside her rectum. With each moment that passed she could feel her anus stretching wider and wider.

Animal like sounds filled the room as they tore from her throat. She didn’t know it, but tears were pouring down her face. She was wrecked.

A great long groan from Goldie followed his progress. Mr. Larry smirked and looked down at his dick disappearing into her pink depths. She felt so good. She didn’t squeeze too hard, but she was still tight, surrounding him with a wet velvet-like sensation.

“You never feel a stretch like this before, have you Starfish?” She shook head no, not capable of being able to answer him. Suddenly Goldie felt her ass firmly pressed against Mr. Larry’s stomach. He had bottomed out. Mr. Larry groaned. He was in her up to his balls. His cock was completely encased in her body. “Nobody ever take me so fast, so deep, so easy. Not like you, Starfish. You just suck me in. You made to take Mr. Larry, wasn’t you?” She nodded, her head dropping forward to the wall. She was so open she could barely concentrate on breathing much less holding her head up.

“Mr. Larry inside you now, Starfish. He balls deep. It’s time for Mr. Larry to fuck you. Mr. Larry gonna deep dick you, long and hard. Mr. Larry gonna empty his balls in you ass. You hear? Mr. Larry gonna nut you greedy hole. You gonna cum for Mr. Larry. You gonna cum hard. You ready?”

“GOD, please, yes!”

She almost cried in relief from being filled. “So empty…for so long

His hands changed position. Fingers of his right hand stroked her clit and the left pulled on her nipples. It was amazing. Pleasure thus far unrealized overtook her. She could feel every inch of him stretching her as he started to fuck. It was better than anything she could possibly imagine. He moved outward, pulling his cock from inside her. She moaned wanting him back inside. NOW.

As though reading her mind, he thrust fast and deep, smacking her ass with his stomach and her pussy with his heavy balls. This started a pattern: removing his cock very slowly and then trusting back in as deeply and fast as he could, balls deep. She wanted more. She wanted his all.

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