Welcome to the Hotel California Ch. 02

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It was just before eight when I awoke the following morning, the sun was shining and despite the long day’s travel and last night’s encounter with Jack, I too was feeling as bright as a button; though perhaps that was because of Jack’s fucking rather than despite it? Jack was still in my bed, sound asleep — no bad thing, I needed time to think – and while he’d rolled away from me during the night, he still had one hand proprietorially cupping my breast; I can’t deny that I enjoyed that discovery. I was also pleasantly surprised, or perhaps that should read ‘relieved’ to find that I wasn’t racked by guilt over last night’s betrayal of my daughter. Yes, I know that I’d been unfaithful to my husband too, but to be honest I’d never anticipated having much remorse in that regard; hell, I’d been playing a very distant second-fiddle to his beloved football team for the last twenty five years!

I surmised that my carefree attitude toward our infidelity perhaps rested upon Jack’s words of the previous night: ‘What happens in Vegas – or in this case Los Angeles – stays in Vegas’. Last night was simply a holiday dalliance, compartmentalised and never to be repeated or even spoken of once we returned home; while Jack wasn’t a ship passing in the night, that perhaps was in some ways a bonus? No possibility of some holiday-lover appearing out of the blue to spill the beans once I was back in the real world; Jack had got just as much to lose as I did, so he could be relied upon to stay silent unto the grave. That rationale of course took me to its perhaps inevitable conclusion: Jack and I had another thirteen nights together and as one may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb… Sliding free of Jack’s hand and out of the bed I tip-toed to the bathroom for a much needed pee, to freshen-up down below and collect my thoughts, before making an equally stealthy return; thankfully Jack was still asleep, I may not have found the courage otherwise.

Slipping delicately, though upended, back into bed saw me eye-to-eye with Jack’s cock; even flaccid it was magnificent, had it been erect I’m sure that up this close and personal it would’ve scared the life out of me! During my bathroom musings I’d identified another benefit which a discrete and finite affair with Jack would provide and here was where that was to begin: Over the years there had often been subjects arise during girly conversations to which I’d made the appropriately shocked, horrified, or even disgusted responses that the codes of polite society demanded, at times whilst actually thinking: ‘Perhaps that might be fun?’ More than once I’d even glanced around at my peers and wondered which of those privately thought so too? With a long-standing partner there are risks in proposing something new in the bedroom, especially something a little risque; it would undoubtedly raise questions as to ‘why now?’ or ‘where/who have you learnt that from?’ Perhaps worse, would be to propose such a thing, only to discover that you didn’t enjoy it; but if your husband had, then it might prove difficult to say ‘no’ in the future? The next two weeks I’d realised could be considered free from such concerns.

Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to portray myself as some prissy little goody-two-shoes who’s never sucked a cock, but my sex-life has been somewhat conservative; I’ve heard the word ‘vanilla’ used as an adjective and that could be appropriately applied. My own Jack’s often requested a blow job and it’s been willingly granted as an adequate, albeit perfunctory precursor to our lovemaking – usually on high-days and holidays ; ) – but that’s been about my limit. What I was intending now for Anna’s-Jack was to deliver the sort of full-on, suck him dry, fellatio which I’d seen in those blue videos and no, I wasn’t being entirely altruistic, I would have been seriously pissed-off if Jack didn’t reciprocate; though for me that would casino siteleri be a new experience.

Stretching forward, I swept my extended tongue across the exposed tip of Jack’s resting cock, he twitched slightly but remained asleep, I repeated the move a second, third and fourth time; a little more firmly and assuredly with each pass. The flavour was rather stale, overlaid by a sharp acidic bite, I was rather regretting not having waited until Jack had freshened-up too, until I recognised that this tang was the taste of my own residue from the previous evening. That certainly perked things up, it seemed so appropriately sordid and that realisation sent tingles around my body, all of which ultimately convened in my groin. A glance toward Jack’s face confirmed that he was still sleeping, though on returning my eyes to his cock, I could see that he was beginning to awaken down there; a gentle swelling and starting to pulse. With my own confidence swelling likewise, I edged forward to lay my fingers on his shaft and that drew a gasp — my own! Even soft I could barely encircle Jack with my hand and that hand didn’t cover even half the length of Jack’s prick; he was huge!

Undeterred I drew back his foreskin and re-applied my tongue to the now fully exposed mushroom-dome crowning Jack’s erection, the expansion of which progressed in tandem with my own arousal; Jack’s cock and I seemed to feed off each other as my tongue and fingers became more ardent by the second. I wasn’t checking my watch, but it can’t have been long before my hunger overcame me, edging yet another few inches forward, I slipped the head of Jack’s by now tumescent organ into my mouth. Though perhaps ‘slipped’ rather under-plays the moment? Despite lips stretched wide and a jaw-bone threatening to dislocate, achieving Jack’s intrusion was a close call and once admitted I was initially able to do nothing beyond learn how to accommodate him and still draw breath! But necessity is the mother — or in this case perhaps, mother-in-law? – of invention and there was no way that I was conceding; after a long thirty seconds I was again breathing comfortably, that over-stretched feeling had slightly abated and I pressed forward in self-penetration.

In the same instant Jack’s hand slipped between my thighs and his fingers penetrated me at the other end too; this second intrusion drew a groan of pleasure which to escape past Jack’s intruding cock forced my lips to spread even wider, thereby allowing his cock an inch deeper into my throat; now that’s what you call a ‘win-win’ situation! I don’t know how long Jack had been aware of my ministrations, but the clarity of his speech suggested that he’d not just woken; I no longer cared, with one hand scratching along the length of his swollen shaft, the other teasing his tightening scrotum and my tongue having finally found space to operate, I didn’t ease off even as he spoke. Jack’s words affirmed my belief that I was damned good at this new skill I was learning and they aroused me almost as much as his intruding fingers between my legs: “If you want me to fuck you again Carol, you’re going to have to ease off down there.”

I disengaged from Jack’s cock for just long enough to reply and of course note his rapidly changing expressions: “But I don’t want you to fuck me again, thank you.”

Jack’s face fell and passed through surprise, perhaps even shock, then disappointment before finally morphing back to lust-filled pleasure in the instant that my own face fell – back into the depths of his groin — to re-engage with his now pulsing erection. On its return, my mouth feasted on Jack’s balls, allowing my hands to more aggressively assault his thick shaft, twin assaults which Jack’s lewd exhortations did nothing to discourage; yet only twenty four hours earlier I would’ve been outraged at his branding me a ‘dirty cock-sucking whore!’ When both güvenilir casino Jack’s words and the pulsations of his cock attested to his imminent climax, my mouth was quick to again devour his prick and barely an instant later, I received a literal demonstration of that time honoured maxim about biting off more than one can chew.

I’d understood the principal well enough, but my crash course in fellatio hadn’t prepared me for the reality of Jack’s cock seeming to explode inside my mouth; his first emission hit the back of my throat like a fire hose and a moment later I pushed myself free of him, coughing, gagging and gasping for breath. It was too late to stem Jack’s climax and stream upon stream of semen continued to spray across my face and décolletage to mix with the twin streams returning via my mouth and nostrils; I could feel it in my hair and dripping onto my breasts, I must’ve looked a complete mess. I was devastated to find that the dirty cock-sucking whore who’d so confidently plied her trade just moments earlier had seemingly fled, leaving only the demure and inexperienced housewife from Doncaster to cope with her consequences.

It was fortunate that Jack read and reacted to the situation so quickly; in that moment I was beyond consolation, so he didn’t even try. Ignoring the rising tears and expression of failure I must’ve worn, Jack simply redoubled the attentions that he’d been lavishing on my pussy. His fingers dug deep once again — there had to have been three, perhaps even all four! – and his tongue now joined the assault, dragging firmly along the soft, wet folds of my labia. This was a pleasure which my-Jack had never afforded me and the feeling was truly sensational, beyond even my wildest expectations; I’d anticipated the tactile stimulation but not the cerebral pleasure which Jack’s bestowal imbued. My hips bucked in response, driving Jack’s fingers even deeper and pressing his face harder into the wet softness of my crotch and thigh; I was on fire and those flames cauterised the wound of my perceived failure, while the orgasm which flooded through me a few seconds later washed away the tears. Jack had needed barely thirty seconds, to again leave me sprawled and struggling for breath, though this time in a far happier frame of mind; thinking that life could offer nothing to surpass that ebbing orgasm? Jack’s intruding fingers now withdrew, his face pressed unobstructed between my legs and I soon discovered that actually, it did.

What followed was a very different assault upon my honeypot, slow, predominantly gentle and tantalising beyond belief; there were moments when Jack’s caresses felt more like a torture! I may have been a cunnilingus virgin but even I could discern that I was at the mercy of a master. Jack’s tongue swept the entire length of my cleft in slow broad strokes, almost as he might’ve licked an ice-cream at the beach, then hardening and narrowing his tongue more insistently explored the warm furrows of my vulva. His fingers intermittently spread those outer lips wide allowing that eager tongue to reach between their soft folds and more aggressively assault my gaping channel before climbing upward to steal beneath the protective hood of my clitoris and lash that too; whenever he did so, I simply exploded. I was descending from the second, or perhaps even third such orgasm when I found Jack looking upward to meet my eyes; for a moment or two I was embarrassed by his gaze, but when he spoke: “Your pussy is just gorgeous…and the taste’s as sweet as honey.” my embarrassment fled before the realisation that Jack was enjoying this as much as I was.

Jack’s head dipped once again, now more heavily assaulting my labial lips, drawing them into his mouth and suckling on their swollen flesh, gently nibbling at them with his teeth, Jack even hummed, or perhaps he was speaking, or maybe even singing into my pussy? canlı casino I couldn’t discern his words of course, but the vibrations they created were just yummy! Jack was still managing to maintaining those reverberations and probe deeply into me with his tongue when he began re-addressing my clitoris too; flicking and teasing at it with his nose, Jack was taking multi-tasking to a whole new level! My arousal was re-escalating under this three-pronged assault when Jack’s finger entered the fray too, squeezing in above his tongue it began to stroke in tandem with his nose and I was tripped in seconds; presumably he’d found that legendary G-Spot? Whatever, I succumbed in the instant, bawling out a scream fit to wake the dead as my whole body bucked in response to my climax. I recall feeling the heavy bump as my pubic bone collided with Jack and hoped that it’d been his forehead and not his nose and also being afraid that I’d peed myself when a veritable torrent of juices streamed out of my pussy; drowned while concussed, a novel way to go ; ).

Jack’s lips and tongue continued to probe, they strayed everywhere, even venturing beyond my perineum to tease at the tight rose-bud of my bum! His persistent delving there was perhaps the most outrageously depraved experience of my entire life, but I still allowed it to bring me to the most shameless of that morning’s climaxes. Far worse, it set me to thinking of yet another and more degenerate violation that I might accommodate; that one I wickedly added to my already dissolute wish-list for the coming days. I’ve no idea of how long Jack’s attentions lasted, nor how many orgasms his tongue ultimately drew from me, but those climaxes were unceasing and saw me thrashing around violently in their throes. By the end of Jack’s oral assault I was spent beyond anything that I’d ever known and lay almost lifeless on the perspiration-soaked mattress, occasionally still trembling from the orgasmic after-shocks.

As I slowly recovered I could feel the moisture from within still trickling down the inside of my thighs and when Jack raised his head from my groin, his face and even his hair were similarly awash. Reaching down I grabbed Jack by that juice-soaked mane, pulled him up (or to be precise – down!) the bed and passionately kissed him; despite what had passed between us already, that was the first-time that we’d ever kissed in anything other than the most chaste and proper of fashions. As we continued that embrace, our protracted kisses were spiced by the taste of both my own secretions and Jack’s; a piquant flavour, which I swore to enjoy regularly before we flew home.

We lay there for ages recovering our equilibrium; A grinning Jack was the first to speak: “So… now would you perhaps like me to fuck you again Carol?”

His smile was extinguished by my reply: “Absolutely not! I need a shower; I must look an absolute fright? After that I want some breakfast and then we’ve got a busy day ahead of us.”

A crestfallen Jack almost pleaded with his eyes: “But… I’m not that hungry, there’s something I need far more than eggs and bacon, or a visit to Universal Studios either for that matter.”

It was time to stop teasing: “Oh, I’d assumed that Universal Studios had already been dropped from the day’s agenda? I was rather hoping that we might instead spend the day fucking each other’s brains out and to achieve all that I have in mind for you young man, you’re going to need a hearty breakfast to carry you through.”

Jack’s face lighting-up was all the answer that I’d been after, but when I began rising from the bed I caught sight of his cock — it really is rather eye-catching! – already standing tall and rigid; had my-Jack ever recuperated that quickly? Dropping back down beside a surprised Jack, I kissed him once again, stroking that stiff pole as I did so, before whispering: ” I’ve changed my mind, that’s a woman’s prerogative you know; I would like you to fuck me again…right now; the shower and breakfast can wait, but my pussy can’t.”

I pulled Jack on top of me and stared into his eager face; I wanted to be looking into his eyes when he came inside me this time…

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Young Man and Older Lady Ch. 05

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Abella Danger

Author’s note: Not everyone appreciates May-December stories that involve incest, so if that is you, this story isn’t you.

Pieter Strauss III, aka Trey, a young student who had a little over a year earlier lost his university Professor father, Pieter Strauss Jnr, himself son of another Professor, Pieter Strauss Snr, had a summer holiday fling with a mature lady, Sarah, then later learned on his return to university in September that the lady was in fact his father’s sister – his aunt – and his father’s replacement at the university. They decided to live secretly as a couple while looking simply like Aunt/Nephew house mates to the outside world.

This story takes place towards the end of the third – summer – session of Sarah’s first year teaching and Trey’s third year as a student. The summer holidays are just about to start after the last few days of classes. Trey is coming up 24 and Sarah approaching 59.

The weather was becoming more summer-like by the day, and Trey and Sarah decided it was time to go up to the lake and open up the cottage. They would have liked to have gone up on the Friday afternoon, but the Dean had decided that early that evening was a good time to hold his end of term cocktail party. Sarah had bought a new formal dress for such events. It was full-length, neck to floor, and had many, many pleats in it. The fabric, black with silver threads woven in, was almost sheer, so it hinted that things under the dress might just be seeable, but the layers and the constant swinging movement caused by the pleating kept everything modest. Still, the hint of something being revealed, and the fact that Sarah wore only a thong under it, was enough to titillate most of the male imaginations in the room.

Trey was talking to the Dean’s wife. She was a rather homely woman, a little on the plump side, which was magnified by the fact that she was not very tall. The Dean’s wife – Marjorie – was commenting on the fact that the Dean seemed to have a lot to say to Sarah, and Trey smiled to himself about why that might be. Sarah had that inner mysterious smile she always had when her body was sexually stimulated, and the fact that she had her Ben Wa balls inside her vagina ensured that she was indeed sexually stimulated!

The balls had become a ritual for these events thrown by the Dean, to give the pair of them some secret amusement. They normally resulted in a hot session when they got home, but a couple of times that had occurred even sooner. Trey loved the fact that Sarah, when stimulated by the balls, would need to flex her body in a most sensual way, and the guys would crowd round her like bees to a honey pot without knowing why.

The Dean’s wife was complaining that the Dean had arranged various trips through the summer break that she was not able to accompany him on, whether for the expense or for intensity of the sessions, and so she was going to be spending a lot of the summer alone, or with their only daughter and her very young kids. As she was explaining all of this, Mrs. Henry’s gaze was fixed on Professor Fotheringham, from the Arts department, who was alone, eating from the buffet.

“They’re nice enough kids,’ she was saying, “but so energetic.”

Trey, who had frequently been his father’s guest to such shindigs, had long since mastered the art of passive conversation at these dos, and would “MMM” and “I see” at the appropriate times while watching his Aunt play the room. They had evolved a system for these events. Sarah would take a clutch bag and put it on the corner of the food buffet. When she had had enough, she would pick up the bag, and that was Trey’s signal to “get me out of here.”

Sarah picked up the bag and nodded to Professor Fotheringham, but seeing that Trey was himself cornered, she came over to him and quietly said “We should go.” They made their good-byes, and like the Pink Panther, exited Stage Left as quickly as they could.

Their car was downstairs and already packed. They leapt in and drove away. A short distance away they pulled into the parking lot of the football stadium. They got out of the car and changed out of their dress clothes into shorts and T-shirt, and were off on their way to the cottage. The plan was to be there until Monday morning, at least, and the Twins were coming up for the day and night on Sunday. That would be a great day to be naked all day, and the weather forecast was ideal.

Arriving at the cabin, they did all the usual things. Turned on the power and the water, ran some water from each tap to clear anything trapped in there, and made up the beds, as the Twins were coming. They unpacked the car into the fridge and the freezer, which was small and would chill fairly quickly. They poured themselves a scotch and sat on the sofa side by side.

Trey started to tell Sarah about what Marjorie had said about the Dean going off on conferences and things all summer.

“That’s strange,” said Sarah, “at the last faculty meeting he was saying how he was so busy this summer writing a book that bonus veren siteler he was not going to conferences and was going to hibernate at home to work on it. Something to do with an analysis of the use of science by Arthur Conan Doyle in his Sherlock Holmes books. Sounds like a best seller!!” giving a thumbs down sign as she spoke.

Trey looked at Sarah. “Really, sounds like he is going somewhere where he wants nobody to know where he is. Can you think where that might be?”

They both looked at each other and grinned. They had a pretty good idea as to where, but not much of an idea as to why.

They finished their scotch and got into bed and made love slowly and gently before drifting off to sleep.


In the morning, it was warming up nicely, and so they didn’t bother to dress, staying naked. They just had cereals for breakfast as they didn’t feel like cooking, and decided they would laze on their dock for the morning, and maybe swim after lunch. The sun was full in bursts, but there was enough cloud around to stop it getting too hot. They had tested the water with their feet without going in fully. It was bracing, but not too cold to swim.

After a lunch of deli meats and salad, with white wine, and a pause for digestion, they dove into the clear water of the lake. The water was quite cold where it was deep, but nearer the edge was okay for swimming. Both strong swimmers, they set off for the headland that separated their little bay from the next bay, where there was a matching cabin owned by the university. Broaching the headland to the point where they could see the cabin, they rested partially on a rock where they could see and not be seen.

As they had guessed, the Dean’s car was there. The question was who was he with. The first surprise was that when he came out of the cabin to sit down on the small veranda, he was completely naked. The even bigger surprise was when his companion came out and was also naked.

Elizabeth Fotheringham was an art professor at the university nicknamed by students as the Virgin Queen. She had quite an attractive face, but was essentially straight up and down for her figure, being completely flat chested. And, she was the member of faculty who created the nickname ‘The Boobsy Twins’ for Jan and Sue, the photographers.

Trey and Sarah looked at each other. They too were naked, so if they were to swim over to the cabin, they would be as equally embarrassed as the Dean and his companion. While anyone in the world could understand the naked relationship of the two on the veranda, what would explain an Aunt and Nephew swimming around naked together. Could they get away with “We’re just Naturists?”

A further complication. If the Dean and Elizabeth were still here tomorrow when the Boobsy Twins came up, what would happen? What rumors would start? Or should Trey and Sarah swim home, dress and walk to the cabin? “On the other hand, and there’s always another hand.” said Sarah, quoting Tevye from Fiddler On The Roof,

“If he knows about us and we know about him, there’s nothing he can do about it.”

They looked at each other and at the dock, and then back at each other, and started to swim to the Dean’s dock. There were two ladders out of the water, so they each climbed one so that their shoulders appeared above the surface of the dock. In particular, Sarah deliberately climbed up enough to expose her breasts so as to show she was naked.

They called out “Hi” and the pair on the veranda looked up. Elizabeth immediately shrieked and ran into the cabin. The Dean, whose name was Charles Henry, wrapped a towel around his waist and walked down the dock.

“Well, this is a surprise,” said Dean Henry.

“I’m sure it is,” said Sarah.

“Do you wish to join us for coffee?” Dean Henry asked, trying to be civilized.

“That would be nice,” replied Sarah, “as long as you don’t mind the fact we’re both naked. But then again, so were you both.”

The Dean shrugged his shoulders, said “That’s okay, I guess” and walked back towards the cabin.

Sarah and Trey came out of the water and followed him. Elizabeth came out of the cabin wearing a beach wrap. “Hello,” she said, trying her best to be casual.

Sarah smiled at her. “Given we are completely naked, and given we know you both were until you saw us, may I suggest we put this on an equal footing and all remove the wrappings?”

She stood there, completely naked, proudly exposing her breasts and her hairless pussy. She made no attempt to cover up with her hands, and to his credit, neither did Trey. He was amused by Elizabeth sneaking glances at him, and not eye to eye either. After a pause, Elizabeth shucked off her beach wrap, looked at the Dean and said “Drop the towel, Charlie.”

Sarah was amazed. She had never heard anyone, including the Dean’s wife, call him Charlie. There was all the proof – if any more were needed – of the level their relationship had reached.

“You’re right, Liz,” bedava bahis said Charlie, dropping the towel. “I guess we can all agree that what happens at the lake stays at the lake?” It was more a pleading question than a statement, but Trey simply replied “Of course, sir.”

Naked, the Dean was not a bad looking guy. He wasn’t an Adonis, but there was not much fat on him and his waist was clearly noticeable. He didn’t have a pronounced belly, or flabby bum. All in all, not a bad body.

“So,” said the Dean – Trey was really having a problem thinking of him as Charlie – “afternoon tea, or something stronger? Wine or Scotch?”

“A white wine would be nice,” replied Sarah.

It was a nice warm afternoon and a gentle breeze was blowing preventing it getting too hot, at least air temperature wise. But heat was building up elsewhere. Liz kept staring at Trey, and Trey did nothing to hide his manhood from her. Eventually, Liz couldn’t bottle it up any longer. She looked at Sarah.

“I’m sorry, it’s rude of me I know, but I need to know something. I know you are Trey’s Aunt, but are you really able to live with that gorgeous hunk of a young man and not take advantage of his body?” The question was blurted out, and she even blushed as she asked it.

Charlie looked up. “Liz! they’re Aunt and Nephew, how can you ask something like that?”

Sarah smiled. “Charlie, calm down, remember we just agreed that what happens at the lake, stays at the lake. A year ago, before I started at the university, you loaned me this cabin. You didn’t tell me that my brother owned the one next door. Trey and I met here. Because we were both on holiday – escaping, in fact – we never exchanged surnames, just first names. And we had a glorious weekend of sex.”

She paused.

“After you introduced me at my first lecture, and I saw Pieter’s name on the class list, it was obvious to each of us who the other was. We discussed it, and decided we would live as lovers within our own world and as Aunt and Nephew in the outside world. And we sealed the deal with a glorious night of sex and scotch! So now you know.”

Liz smiled. She didn’t look shocked. “I kind of suspected there was something more intimate between you, but what a story. To fall in love as strangers and then find out later how intimately you are connected. Could make a plot for a romance novel….”

“So, in the interests of full disclosure, how did you two meet?” Sarah asked.

Liz looked at Charlie and laughed. “Not quite so romantic. I had had a long affair with a girlfriend, who dumped me for a man and said that I should get myself a man, it was more fun. I joined a website for people looking for no-strings sex, and we found each other there. When we realized who exactly we had just met, we realized it was a golden opportunity for both to get what we wanted without fear of being blackmailed or anything.”

Charlie – Sarah was still processing thinking of Dean Charles Henry as Charlie – picked up the story. “When we became a secret couple and rediscovered the pleasures of sex – Marjorie gave up sex once she found she was pregnant – we decided to broaden out and try a swingers’ club. It’s in the State Capital, so, far enough away for privacy, and we go down there and have some fun every now and then. Marjorie suspects, but turns a blind eye. Doesn’t want to lose her position in the world, or the benefits of my income and pension for that matter.”

Liz looked at Sarah. “I must say, Sarah, that you look absolutely great naked. That’s quite the figure you’ve got there. I can well understand a young man like Trey wanting to enjoy your body – could go for you myself! I still have an eye for sexy women, despite regularly bedding Charlie here.”

“Well,” said Sarah, “we do enjoy broadening our sex lives from time to time in various directions. For example, we have a couple of young ladies visiting tomorrow.”

“Ah, the Boobsy twins!”

“How did you know?”

“That project was set by me, and when I saw the finished photographs, which were, I must say, well worth the ‘A+’ grade I gave both girls, some things became obvious. Especially, the fact that you were in the pictures also, Sarah, meant I knew you had to have seen Trey naked, even if that was the only time. I knew that pictures like that had to have an underlying emotion and attraction, and I was pretty sure that the photo session had finished up in a bedroom or two.”

“Just one bedroom. The couple that plays together, stays together,” responded Sarah.

“Well, their pictures made Trey look really gorgeous, quite fuckable, pardon my French, and in real life, he’s even better…”

“Oh, he is! Very fuckable and quite accomplished with it, and Liz, you speak excellent French!.” Sarah laughed as she said this.

“Do you two mind? I’m still here, you know,” said Trey, blushing.

Liz looked up at the sky. “It’s going to get really hot out here soon, and I, for one, don’t handle sunburn very well. Maybe we should go inside where it’s deneme bonus cooler.”

As they all stood up, Liz put her arm around Trey. “Come young man, let’s get better acquainted.”

Trey looked at Sarah, who gave a very subtle nod and then glanced towards Charlie. Trey smiled, and put his arm around Liz. “Excellent idea, Liz,” and off they walked.

Sarah put her arm through Charlie’s. “I guess that leaves us to get better acquainted.” They followed Liz and Trey into the house. Trey picked up Liz and carried her through to the bedroom, where there was a king-sized bed. The bedclothes had been pulled down to air, as they had only arrived that morning, and so the mattress just had the bottom sheet on it. He laid Liz down on one side of the bed.

Showing pretty remarkable strength himself, Charlie picked up Sarah, and lifted her high enough to kiss, before laying her down next to Liz.

Liz looked at Sarah, and asked “Do you mind if we swap guys for a while? I can assure you, Charlie is quite an attentive lover, and an excellent kisser.”

As if wanting to provide further proof, Charlie pulled Sarah towards him and kissed her full on the lips. Within seconds, their lips had opened and their tongues were twisting and thrusting together. Sarah’s tits were being compressed against him, and she could feel his erection hardening and pushing up between their bellies. He got between her legs with his legs, and placed himself so the tip of his cock was touching her vagina lips. She raised and lowered her pelvis so as to rub her pussy on the very tip of his cock, and felt herself get moister down there. Then suddenly he thrust his hips forward, and was in her in one push enough to be a couple of inches inside her pussy. Gradually, Charlie eased his way deeper and deeper into Sarah until their pubic bones prevented any further possession of her by him. He lay still, letting her vagina adjust to his quite thick penis.

On the other side of the bed, Trey had sat down on the edge and was running his finger tips over Liz’s breasts, and teasing her nipples. Laying down, Liz’s breasts were even more non-existent, but her nipples were very pronounced. He bent down and sucked one nipple – already hard and enlarged – into his mouth. While he sucked, his fingers ran slowly and gently towards her pussy. The hair above her clit was shaped nicely and trimmed short, but between her legs, around her actual pussy, there was no hair at all. He rubbed her clit gently and could feel it responding. As he stood up to face her, Liz sat upright and moved to the foot of the bed.

“Lay down” she ordered, and he did.

She pulled his legs apart and knelt between them, and leaned down to blow gently on his cock. Then she grasped it and started to move her hand up and down on it, getting him harder and longer and fatter. She leaned right down and swallowed his cock almost whole, taking him deep in her mouth. She positioned herself so that her flat breast was rubbing on his thigh. Trey could feel one hard nipple rubbing up and down his thigh as she moved her mouth up and down him. Eventually he was in her so far, he could feel her lips on the base of his cock, her lower lip actually touching his ball sack!

Before he could cum, Liz stopped and released his cock from her mouth, She crawled up the bed, and straddled his hips. She reached behind and grasped his cock to hold it upright, and then she began to lower herself on to his cock. He was hard and rigid and she was wet, and so slid down him with ease. Liz looked at Sarah and smiled, and Sarah, with her legs wrapped around Charlie’s waist as he rocked to and fro to drive his cock in and out of her, smiled back.

Liz’s pubic bone was grinding into Trey’s, and Sarah called out, “Ride him, girlfriend!” Trey’s fingers had found Liz’s clit, and his thumbs pulled her lips open and then one thumb rubbed on her clit and it went hard to his touch. Liz began to moan and then suddenly her juices gushed out over Trey’s buried-deep cock. Just then, Sarah let out a familiar cry and came herself.

The foursome all rolled apart on to their backs, and Liz looked at Sarah, and said “Oh my God.”

“Don’t call him that – he gets big-headed!” called out Sarah.

And Trey looked at Liz, and said “You may call me Trey when we are being intimate.” Charlie laughed as soon as he got the joke.

“Well,” he said, “some of those photographs made him look like a Greek God!”

Sarah asked “Has everyone in the damn university seen those photos? I hope not!”

Liz looked at Sarah, and said “No, just Charlie and I. Charlie thought you looked beautiful and sexy, and I thought the same about Trey. When you said your good-byes last evening and said you were coming up to the lake to open the cottage, we decided we would leave early this morning in the hopes of ‘running into you’.”

“So all of this was a carefully planned ambush?” asked Trey.

“Yes, we hope you don’t mind. We’ve suspected your real situation for a time, and the photo session involving both of you made it seem even more likely. And after some probing, Jan and Sue confirmed it, albeit accidently, when they confessed they spent the night with the pair of you. Given our situation, you’ve nothing to worry about from blackmail or anything.”

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Stacy Ch. 03

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Ch. 3. 18 year old shows how cunning and controlling she is.

Stacy had a nasty, sexual aura about her that oozed of deep rooted freakish sex. At only 18 was a skilled slut. A master manipulator who at this early age knew she loved to fuck both cock and pussy.

At 18 she was amassing a resume of hot and nasty fucking exploits that veteran porn stars would be envious of. She was extremely manipulative; cunning in a way where she could seduce the most prim and proper older women or girls her age, and have the most self-assured men eating out of her palms, begging to fuck her again and again.

Although she was a very stern and proper woman, she had a sexual aura about her and a body that oozed sex. She caught every students and teachers eye, especially the devious 18 year old.

Virginia Stein stood 5’8″ tall and weighed a well maintained 130 pounds. Her smoking hot measurements of 44DD-21-33 could cause traffic jams. She was the fantasy of every boy, and a lot of girls in High School. Her huge pendulous tits always swayed seductively with the rhythm of her high heels, as they clicked loudly on the tile floor when she walked through the halls.

Her ultra-hot body always caused the most heated conversations among students to come to a screeching halt when she walked by, and even on the occasion when she walked into the cafeteria, she had the tongues of every male student and teacher in the school to hang out of their mouths and drool like a puppy dog.

She was always dressed fashionably, but without the intention to tease, or excite anyone. Her incredible body was impossible to camouflage, and always shown-through with anything she chose to wear.

Even the most unflattering cloths looked sinful on her. Because of her incredible body, her sexuality always oozed through her cloths. Through the years she was aware of the effect her body had on men and even some women, and although she never fucked to advance her career, she did dress fashionably to advance herself.

She dressed professionally, in corporate business-like attire, but her incredible body always made her eye catching and extremely sexy. Her slender frame and her measurements made her the secret, ultimate fuck of all the horny male students in her High School, and most of the male teachers, and even the female students and teachers too.

Unfortunately, her stern, and very strict nature caused most of those horny boys to lose their erections and shrivel-up for fear of her wrath, especially when they were brought into her office to be reprimanded for things like misbehaving in class, or skipping classes or school.

Male teachers who were brought in to discuss issues about their classroom instruction instantly were put in their place when they tried to act friendlily to the sexy Principal. Although she followed the administrative dress code, her body was so sinfully hot, it made even the most conservative cloths she wore look like she bought them out of a Fredrick’s of Hollywood catalog.

The stacked and sexy Principal always dressed in tight pencil skirts that clung to her narrow hips and her gorgeous ass. The skirt was just short enough to display her long, slender, and toned legs, which were always highlighted by sheer tan or nude stockings.

Her white blouses were always see-through and very sheer, revealing white, lace bras designed more for looks rather than for function. Because of the size of her big tits she always had to leave a few extra button undone on her blouse. Of course this drew attention to the deep plunging cleavage of her 44DD tits.

Her tight, form-fitting jackets enhanced her narrow waist, doing nothing to conceal her big, suckable tits and her huge, fat, round nipples, which were always pushing through her bras and jackets. In fact, all her tight jackets ever did was magnify the fact that her tits were huge, defying her narrow frame.

One day she fucked her High School Principal right in her office, when she was called in to discuss her repeated cutting of classes. The reason the nasty teen had cut her classes was because she was fucking the male and female gym teacher in their office, four times a week during 6th period, which was her scheduled math class. The 58 year old Principal and mother of two teenage girls was all business.

When Stacy came into the room the Principal started lashing out at her while holding the suspension document in her hand, with the pen to sign it in the other. The nasty teen had wanted to fuck the prim and proper Principal since the day she turned 18.

“I’m not signing a fucking thing bitch,” she said as she looked directly at her with what looked to the Principal as a threatening look on her face.

“Excuse me,” she said in an alarmed and startled voice.

“You fucking heard me bitch,” the disobedient 18 year old said as she approached her.

In all her years as Principal she never heard anyone speak to her this way, especially by a student. A second later, Stacy had the sexy, bonus veren siteler ultra-Conservatative, Principal, mother of two backed against her desk, kissing her like crazy while she while she ran her hands aggressively over her straining tits, and over her firm ass.

The Principal, who was always in control was taken aback by the aggressive nature of the young teen. What shocked her was that she didn’t deter or resist her aggressive advances. In fact she instantly became submissive to the young teen. She was outright shocked to feel herself give in to her. She was absolutely lost in lust, and couldn’t stop the advances of the young teen, and to her surprise, didn’t want too.

The stacked Principal was caught up in the aggressive control of the young 18 year old. She was so turned-on that she found herself desperately kissing her back. Stacy had her under her spell, to the point where the stacked Principal was frantically sucking the young teens tongue. As the Principal was kissing Stacy her body was instantly turning on and heating up.

She began moaning as she thoroughly enjoyed having her ass and tits mauled by the young, experienced teenager. Bringing out the deep, hidden animalist urges in the pent-up, conservative Principal, Stacy spun her around and quickly unzipped her tight skirt.

“You’re such a sexy bitch, always teasing all of us with that fucking hot body of yours. Such a hot fucking slut,” she said, which caused the rigid Principal to moan, as she unconvincingly tried to deny it.

“I really don’t try to tease…,”

“Fuck you slut,” the aggressive 18 year old hissed, before the Principle could finish.

The Principal was so caught-up in the excitement of being seduced by the young, aggressive teen that she gave no resistance to her advances, and even assisted her by subconsciously lifting her leg to allow her to slide the tight pencil skirt over her high heel pumps. When Stacy saw the prim and proper, older woman dressed in a pair of nude thigh high stockings and her stylish high heel pumps she grinned slyly at her.

“You dress for fucking don’t you bitch,” she said slyly, and then kissed her hard which caused the older, stylish woman to moan hotly.

“Oh God, it’s not on purpose…really it’s not. I just like to feel sexy under my cloths.”

“Fuck you slut. I know you get real hot knowing every teacher and all the boys pump their cocks off or a lot of us girls finger-fuck themselves thinking of you,” she said with a sly laugh, as they met for a hot kiss.

“I swear, I really don’t dress like this to tease anyone, just that stockings and high heels make me feel sexy,” she said meekly, as she darted her tongue out to meet the fiery tip of the nasty teens tongue.

“You know you have a hot-teasing body bitch. Don’t tell me you don’t jack your sexy pussy off when your in bed or in the shower, or driving your car, thinking about all the hard cocks in this school that want to fuck your hot pussy real bad,” Stacy said as her hand went to the front of the Principals satin panties.

“Oh God,” she confessed. “Sometimes I do think about getting fucked by some of the handsome boys. It’s hard not to think about their young, hard cocks, knowing that they think about my body, and that I turn them on.”

The Principal couldn’t believe how she was talking. Using words that she would have never used and even reprimanded and disciplined students because she found them repugnant.

She went onto admit, “They are so built and in such great shape. I see the way they look at me, and have even overheard a few of them talk about how they’d like to take me in my office and fuck the shit out of me, she said as Stacy continued to play with her body.

“Tell me more bitch. Tell me how you imagine their cocks,” Stacy said in a commanding voice as her hands worked their way over the stacked Principals hot body.

“Oh God, I admit, I love knowing that I turn them on and that they’d love to fuck me.” She then added in a serious voice, “But I swear, I never dress like this because I’m fucking any of them. I just like to feel sexy for them. I’m a mother with two daughters, and a respectable person. Although I love the attention, and love getting dressed in something sexy, thinking about them, knowing they want to fuck me, I could never do that.”

“Yeah right bitch,” she snarled then kissed her hard as she began unzipping her tight jacket.

“Are you glad you dressed this way today bitch,” Stacy said while running her hands over her huge, pendulous tits.

“Oh God….Yes,” the wanton Principal admitted as her tongue flew out to meet the tip of the nasty teens tongue.

“Do you like what im doing to you bitch?” Stacy added as she pinched her hard nipples through her jacket and bra.

“Oh God, Your turning me on like crazy.”

“I knew under that prissy personality of yours you were nasty slut, bitch,” she said while feverously kissing the older woman and stripping off her jacket bedava bahis and blouse.

The stacked Principal was breathing so hard she even reached back and unclasped her own bra, not wanting to waste a second to have the controlling teens mouth on her swollen, rock hard pink nipples.

As she was unhooking her bra, Stacy grinned slyly. “That’s it slut, lets get this fuck started.”

“Oh God. Fuck yes,” the sexy, stacked Principal moaned in a soft breath not believing her use of words, as Stacy’s skilled mouth sucked and bit her big, achingly hard nipples through her dress and bra.

As Stacy ravaged her, the Principal clinched her teeth from the incredible sexual torture she felt blasting through her nipples, connecting deep into her pussy.

Hearing the older woman, cry “Oh fuck,” she felt her ass tighten and knew she was cumming. As she came in a blast that caused her body to shudder Stacy pushed her cum, soaked panties to the side and began fingering her spasming pussy.

“Thats it. Keep cumming for me you hot fucking bitch.” “Don’t let that pussy stop cumming slut,” she snarled, as the older woman continued to groan and cum.

The Principal was so caught up in the intense excitement of being taken so easily from the young, skilled, seductive teen she began lifting the backs of her feet out of her high heel pumps as she felt her pussy explode over the fingers of her aggressive student.

As she came her feet would go back into her pumps and caused them to click loudly on the tiled floor, as she shuddered again and again. As her heels clicked faster and faster she felt her own pussy and ass betray her and began slamming down onto the fingers of the skilled slut.

She heard the young teen laugh and say, “Thats it bitch, fuck these fingers while you think about fucking all your students big, hard cocks.” Maybe I’ll get a bunch of the boys and a few of the teachers Ive been fucking to come in here and jerk off all over your face and those huge-assed tits,” she taunted, as the hot woman moaned and sucked her fingers.

Although she never crossed the line with any of her students, images of a few of them holding her slender waist and fucking her from behind then jerking their hard cocks off all over her shot past her at that second, and she cringed and exploded harder than ever saying in her deepest raspy voice, “Oh fuuuuuck.”

At that second the devious teen thought of two studs that she was fucking, who she knew wanted to fuck the sexy, older Principal. Both boys were on the football team and both had huge cocks that measured 12 inches and were as fat around as beer cans.

As the hot, turned-on Principal was in the middle of her wild orgasm the young teen pushed her back onto her desk, resting her pumps on the edge. As her firm, slender ass slid back onto the desk it caused Stacy’s own suspension papers to fall onto the floor along with the pen that was going to sign the document. She took hold of the Principal’s new high heels, telling her she had a sexy pussy and that she was going to love eating it.

As the Principal groaned in anticipation, she spit all over it, which surprised the conservative woman, making her groan even more as she thought of how much of a slut she really was.

The wild teen then began sucking her pussy and sucked her big exposed clit between her lips which caused the Principal to groan over and over about how hot she was making her. As she sucked her pussy and clit she was rolling the hot Principals big nipples between her fingers. She began pulling on them which caused her to groan deeply.

“Oh fuck,” she wailed as she came over the controlling teens mouth.

For the next five minutes Stacy had the wild, and hot older Principals ass popping off the desk, then slamming back down on it as she ravaged her wet pussy with her mouth and penetrated her wet ass with three fingers.

The sexy Principal found herself pleading to make her cum again, but every time she was ready to explode the nasty teen pulled her fingers out of her ass and made her suck them clean.

“Taste your ass bitch,” she commanded, “taste that wet fucking ass of yours.”

The Principal was beside herself and totally lost with the way Stacy was controlling her. Finally, when Stacy was ready, and knew the Principal couldn’t take another second of her tortuous teasing, she slammed her fingers deep into her ass and sucked her clit so hard, as she snarled, “Ok. Cum you hot assed slut.”

After the older, sexy and conservative woman came Stacy dropped her own skirt and bent over the desk and commanded her to eat her pussy and ass and make her cum. Never having done anything so scandalous in her life, or having ever been with a woman before, she found herself eagerly doing what the nasty young teen demanded.

“Spit on that young pussy first bitch. Get that tight pussy nice and wet with your nasty spit. Let me hear you spit on my little cunt bitch,” she ordered.

The Principal, now deneme bonus well-under the nasty teens spell did as she was told, and found herself instantly squatting to her stylish high heel pumps and began spitting all over the young teens bald, shaved pussy. Even this nasty act turned her on like never before.

She then began kissing, licking and sucking her first pussy and ass, loving the experience, and causing her to groan.

“You like that little pussy and ass bitch?” Stacy snarled. “Tell me what you think of sucking my little pussy and tiny ass slut.”

“Oh God, you have such a sexy pussy and ass,” she moaned as she went crazy sampling her first pussy and ass.

Stacy was delirious with lust, but more from her being able to seduce the prim and proper older Principal than being fucked by her. Stacy was quite accustomed to being fucked by older men and older women she seduced. It was knowing she could control the most conservative, ethically moral person into a world of depravity and lust that got her off.

“Tell me how bad you want me bitch,” she said as the stacked Principle continued to bury her face into the 18 year olds sweet pussy.

“Oh God, I could eat and fuck you all day,” she moaned, surprised at her use of sinful and vulgar words, as she sent her tongue deep into the young teens tight pussy, and then into the depths of her tight asshole.

As she was eating the young teen, Stacy looked back and snarled, “Play with your hanging pussy while you eat me bitch. Get your hot fuck-hole off as you fuck me slut.”

Within seconds the wanton Principal started groaning which told the nasty teen that she was doing exactly what she was instructed to do. Within seconds they both came, filling the room with low, deep-throated moaning sounds.

After they both came, the Principal began dressing and adjusting herself, as Stacy went to the floor and picked up her suspension paper and handed it to the sexually drained and totally spent older Principal.

Before they kissed, the Principal tore-up the paper and said with desperation in her voice that almost begged, “Oh God, when can we fuck again?”

Stacy kissed her and said, “Real soon.” She then added heatedly, “But the next time I come in to fuck you, I’ll have two boys who I happen to know want to fuck you real bad, and real hard and that they both have huge cocks,” she said with a sly expression.

“Oh God,” the stacked Principal said in a deep throaty voice.

With a look of lust on her face, the nasty teen said, “They are both so fucking huge, you’re pussy is gonna be stretched for days before it recovers

“Oh god,” the sexy principal moaned out loud.

“Both of their cocks are over 12 inches long, and as fat as a beer can.”

“Oh God….Oh God Yes. I can’t wait,” she groaned in a delirious voice, as she tried to imagine two cocks ten times bigger the size of her husbands, or any other guy she ever fucked.

The boys always were inseparable and always fucked together in tandem. Their popularity was due in part to them being the star athletes, but mostly because they were both hung like horses.

Stacy had heard many rumors about them fucking her classmates and even teachers and that they had enormous cocks. Once she heard that they had dicks that measured over 12 inch long, she just had to fuck them herself.

Stacy came to a party dressed in the shortest micro mini dress with thigh high stockings and high heels, and with the intent to fuck them both. After 10 minutes she and the boys left the party and went back to her house and fucked for almost four hours.

Coincidently, their parents were good friends with Stacy’s parents and were at dinner with them that night. While they were out Stacy and both boys fucked non-stop. During the hot fuck session she chided the boys about fucking their sexy moms, and told them that she wanted to fuck them herself.

The boys reveled that they wanted them to for a long time. She got them real hot when she told them that she had an idea that she wanted to try, so that she could fuck them and set up the action for them to fuck their hot moms.

The boys couldn’t wait for the devilish teen to put her devious plan of seducing their hot moms into action. They were so turned on with the thoughts of fucking their own mothers that they came on command as she squatted on her high heels and pumped their huge cocks while looking up at them and telling them to imagine their moms hands jacking them off.

The cunning teen drove them wild and caused each of them to slam their massive shafts deep into her narrow fuck hole when she told them to imagine their huge cocks slamming in and out of their own hot moms pussy’s. The boys knew that Stacy was the nastiest teen they ever met and that she was also the most devious.

Stacy had both boys really turned on by the idea of fucking their moms and the Principal. The boys had both wanted to fuck their hot, stacked Principal since she started at the school, but never made a move on her, because of her stern and very rigid personality, and the way she reprimanded students, sent fear through them. This was an opportunity they couldn’t resist, and when Stacy told them what she had arranged, they immediately signed on.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Jim had just settled in to his apartment after returning from a six-week stint working at a mine in the far north. It was strange re-adjusting to life on one’s own after weeks of living in a company-controlled environment of work, bunkhouse living and cafeteria food. Suddenly you had to plan your own day and activities. He was out for a long break and was considering a variety of options that included some time in the sun.

He was 28 years old and had been on his own since age 18, with very little regular contact with his family. His parents had divorced after he and his siblings had left home and he was the only one that maintained contact with his father. His sisters had written their father out of their lives while staying close to their mother. Both parents had moved on, his father remarrying while his mother had entered into a long-term relationship with another man. There had been no apparent reason for the break-up, no infidelity involved, no fights or disagreements apparent, just lack of commitment to each other. The parting had been amicable and organised.

Jim was easy with both of his parents, they had provided all physical requirements that he had ever wanted or needed. At the same time his feelings towards them were ambivalent and it bothered him that he did not feel the deep love one normally has towards one’s parents. It was possible that their lack of affection for each other accounted for his outlook towards them.

He had skipped the opportunity to attend college and became attracted to a nomadic life style. He developed into a skilled and much sought after underground contract miner with a preference for working at remote sites. He liked the lifestyle, hard work with big pay and nowhere to spend it, lonely while on site but with the freedom and cash to do what he wanted when he came out for extended periods. He dated often when he was out but his way of life suppressed relationships of any length. What woman wanted to put her life on hold for six to eight weeks at a time?

He had just completed unpacking his clothes and setting his apartment in order when his phone rang. It was his father Bill, calling from Maui where he had recently purchased a condo. Maui had been a favourite vacation spot for the family, one of the few places that Bill had played the role of father to his son. He had been a busy executive with little time for his family and vacations had provided him an opportunity to be more of a father and husband.

“Hi son; how was the trip out from the north? Settled back in yet? Is everything in order? What are your plans?” Bill’s voice was a little strained, not normal when he was in Maui. There was obviously something on his mind and he was struggling with how to get it out.

“Hi Dad, everything’s fine. Had a good run at the mine, ended up with a great partner underground which always makes life in the north more bearable. Trip out was a little rough, especially the floatplane on the first leg. Not sure yet where I will go or what I will do, just settling in.”

“Hey then, why not join Shelly and I here in Maui. We have a nice big condo, lots of room, and maybe we can relive some of our Maui memories together.” Bill sounded nervous; he normally was in full control of the world around him but now he sounded vulnerable.

“Ah well Dad, come on now. I would love to see you, and love to visit Maui again, but I doubt that Shelly would want me underfoot. How long will you be there?” Spending his time out of the wilds with his father and stepmother was not high on Jim’s bucket list.

Bill sounded deflated, “Well son, I am sure Shelly would be pleased to have you around, but I realise that you have plans of your own for your free time. We will be here for another month at least. If you change your mind, just let me know.”

They continued to chat, talking about friends and family and Jim’s life in the north before saying goodbye. Jim had no qualms after it was over, life moves on, telephone calls and Emails were enough to satisfy his need for family contact.

The phone rang again about 30 minutes later. This time it was Shelly and she blurted out, “Bill’s gone for a walk, he’s really down now, he wanted to spend a little time with you. I hope that you will reconsider and come over, even if it’s only for a week or so. I would love to see you too Jim, you are the only one of the family to even talk to me and I appreciate that. Please think it over and call back. But if you do, don’t tell him that I called you. You know what he’s like, too damn proud to beg a little. Please come.”

Jim was caught flat-footed, with no idea of how to respond. He did like Shelly, she was a calm and pleasant woman; probably ten years younger than his father, but the thought of spending a week in the same condo as them did not resonate. He said, “Ah Shelly, thanks for the call. I’ll reconsider and call back if I change my mind. It does make it easier that you wouldn’t mind me being around.”

“Thank you Jim, please come.” Her voice was tremulous and struck Jim in a fashion that reminded bonus veren siteler him that treating others kindly did much for your own soul.

‘What the hell,’ he thought. ‘I can give up a week or so to make the old man happy.’ And there was Maui as well, a favourite place in the world. Maybe he could find a lady while there. It was a great place for sex. Everyone was easy and relaxed in a world of warmth and soft breezes. He could hear the sound of the surf on a beach while making slow passionate love with a willing partner. ‘I’m goin,’ he grinned to himself.

Two days later he was stepping off of the plane in Kahului airport.

He could feel his body go on standby just as soon as the plane door opened, all tensions expelled. His Dad had a big grin on his face as he watched Jim emerge from the arrival tunnel. He looked relaxed and tanned standing there in shorts, tee shirt and sandals. Jim felt uneasy with his own pasty white body, sun-tanning not being an option on an Arctic Island.

And then he spotted Shelly, standing away from the crowd, smiling nervously in his direction. God, he had never really noticed what a great looking woman she was. She had always appeared strained and nervous in previous meetings, sort of hunched over in a protective posture. No doubt because of the tension in meeting his unforgiving sisters. But now, dressed in attire color-matched to his father, her body appeared soft and relaxed. And God, those tits! How had he missed them before?

He smiled at her as she approached; they kissed each other’s cheeks and embraced briefly. She whispered, “Thanks for coming.”

His father was at ease and they soon were in the bantering mood that they had only ever enjoyed while in Maui. Shelly drifted around, proud and pleased to see the relaxed relationship between the two of them. But she could not take her eyes off of young Jim, what a beautiful man.

Later at the condo she caught her breath as he emerged from his room in Maui attire, his strong muscular arms and bursting pectorals filling his tee shirt. A tight butt and hard thighs strained the cloth of his shorts. She thought, ‘God, I will have to be careful, my hands ache to touch him.’ But life seemed good.

Jim was pretty much an open book in his talk and expression. He seldom made an attempt to hide his thoughts and could be both frank and abrupt. People either admired his demeanour or were put off by it, assuming that it was arrogance. His father accepted his manner easily but Shelly was uncertain how to react.

He smiled at her often, looked at her tits and ass without any attempt to disguise his admiration, all of which frightened and excited her. Frightened because his looks at her matched her thoughts of him, and excited for the same reasons. It might be difficult for all to remain happy and relaxed for an entire week. She assured herself that she could control matters and that all would be well.

Maui life soon sucks one into it. Do what you want, when you want to and don’t do anything if you can put it off until tomorrow. Jim was always up the earliest, a carryover from his mining life. He loved the early morning here. The breezes were usually quiet until a stirring of palm leaves preceded the sunrise. Doves began to coo and myna birds chattered as they sought crumbs around the lanai. The warmth increased as the breezes died down. It was a paradise to Jim as he puttered away making his own breakfast, a chore that provided enjoyment for him only while being in Maui. He felt at peace.

Shelly would be next up. Jim could hear her moving in the bathroom. She showered first thing and Jim allowed his mind to fill with the thoughts of her naked in the warm water. She would come into the kitchen wrapped in a robe to prepare coffee for Bill, a notorious late sleeper. She would whisper, “Good morning Jim,” with a smile while appearing a little uncomfortable facing a strange man in her kitchen. She carried her husband’s coffee into the bedroom, later returning dressed in shorts and halter-top before preparing a light breakfast to eat on the lanai.

Jim was fully aware of her as she moved around the condo, watching and staring at her unabashedly. Fuck she was beautiful, breasts floating back and forth in the halter-top, bared mid-rift, the hems of her shorts just barely covering her round ass cheeks highlighted by attractive long legs; she provided a beautiful vision to start a day. Jim grinned to himself as he thought back to his early mornings in a mining camp. Every cold dark morning beginning with a grumpy hung over roommate, each of them vying to hit the shower first, followed by a line up of sour miners in the cafeteria and then changing to grubby mining clothes for eight hours of noise and danger. It did enable one to really appreciate some time in Maui.

And he was horny as well. He had not been able to hook up with the manager of his apartment block before he left. Clare often welcomed him home from the bush with a sex filled night. But her traveling salesman hubby was back in town and bedava bahis she reluctantly declined his invitation. She loved taking that hard edge off of the young man when he returned from the wilds, horny and virile. Sex with older women was one of Jim’s pleasures in life and he seldom shied away from an opportunity to enjoy it.

Jim was the first to grab his snorkel and head down to the beach for a swim around the coral reef. He loved that part of the day, preferring to be alone, but joined by his father at some point. It had been their favourite pastime in Maui, and almost the only activity that his father had actually taught him in life. Jim had never taken to golf, while his father was a low handicapper and loved playing the game.

Shelly would show up at the beach around 10 am and stretch out to sunbathe for an hour or so before the heat became too much. Jim quite enjoyed coming out of the water to stand beside her while towelling down. He made no attempt to disguise his interest in her bikini-clad body while his attention did not appear to impact on his father.

That was life in Maui. If one wanted excitement and bars and exciting events, go to Honolulu. They went for drives often, sometimes just to one of the towns for supplies, but mostly to enjoy the widely varied views on the island. It never seemed tiresome or repetitive.

Building in the background however, was an undeniable attraction between Shelly the stepmother and Jim her husband’s son. Jim was at ease with the situation and his intentions were reasonably honourable. He loved watching her, loved her touch, and also the realization that she had a consuming interest in him. She was a gorgeous woman but he had no plans to move on her. Just was not in the cards, he enjoyed what he saw and felt, period.

Shelly’s issues were much more complex. Her marriage to Bill was the best thing in her life. She felt free with him, he looked after her interests and they enjoyed living together. She had lived through an early divorce, went through a series of sexual affairs before marrying Bill and becoming completely content as his wife.

This intense attraction for the young man bothered her considerably. She saw no good answer, but at the same time did nothing to limit looking at or touching him at every opportunity. She fantasized being in bed with him and doubted that, should the opportunity arise and he decided to screw her, she would refuse. The need burned in her, her senses acutely aware of his presence at all times.

The touches and looks were becoming more intimate as they adjusted to each other, encouraged and emboldened by the erotic vibes exchanged. She leaned ahead when his eyes went to her breasts, providing him a better view of the valley between them or even a nipple. Her hand would linger on his arm as she laughed at something he said, and his hand would slide down her side from her breasts to hip with a hint at circling her hip to caress her butt. She took note of his erection building as they jostled and brushed against each other in the kitchen. ‘Good morning’ cheek pecks evolved into soft lip kisses. Tension mounted.

Matters reached a new level one day after returning from the beach. Bill had settled down with a drink on the lanai to read a book. Shelly was in the kitchen still clad in her beach bikini. Jim joined her to search for a cold drink in the fridge. Shelly was watching him, leaning against the counter top nibbling on some crackers. He smiled as he turned to face her, eyes dropping down to view her bikini clad body. He shook his head, “God, you are one beautiful woman Shelly.” She was unfazed by his comment and stare, and if anything appeared to revel in his attention.

Her eyes fixed on his as he moved closer to her. There was a bar type opening over the counter that Shelly leaned against, with a view to the living room and the lanai beyond. Jim could see his father stretched out on a lounge chair facing away from them.

He reached out and with open hand rubbed the tip of her breast with his hot palm. Shelly gasped a little, encouraging him to close his hand around the breast still tucked into the bikini top. She bit her lip but made no move to pull back or to stop him.

He moved his hand to her side, slowly lowering it down to her hip, which he caressed slowly before moving his hand to the front of her bikini bottom. He rubbed her mound with the heel of his hand. Shelly closed her eyes in submission, leaning back against the counter top. She dropped one hand to cover his as his fingers pushed between her legs, probing and then pushing the crotch of the bikini to one side. His fingertip found her bare slit and slipped easily back along the length of it.

They both groaned at the touch of flesh on flesh, just as a sound from the lanai forced Jim to pull back from her. He glanced out to see his father beginning to rise from the lounge chair. Shelly’s eyes were desperate with emotion as Jim moved back out of sight of his father and put his finger to his lips, tasting her essence. She hurried deneme bonus off to her bedroom. Jim sucked his breath in as he watched her ass cheeks jiggle as she retreated. Damn close, good thing that his time was running out. He had never wanted a woman as badly as he wanted to screw his stepmother.

She sought sex with Bill every night. If he fell asleep earlier than she, she would move her tits against his back and reach around to find his cock, stroking it until it was hard and the excitement awakened him. If he refused or made excuses she went to the bathroom and got herself off. But this night she would not take no for an answer and went down on him to get him hard and then rode him like a cowgirl, her ass slamming down on him as if it was she with a cock.

Bill was up earlier than usual the next morning. He had a weekly golf date with some buddies. He apologised to his son for taking off for a good part of the day and told him that they had a reservation at a favourite restaurant for that night, Jim’s last night in Maui. Jim was easy with it, be good for the old man to have some time alone and a break from an extra person in the condo.

He was on the lanai when he heard Shelly get up and shower. He lay there a while in the warming sun before rising to gather his snorkel gear. A “Good morning Jim,” alerted him to her standing in the lanai doorway, clad in her early morning robe. Jim’s eyes roamed boldly down her body, at her breasts shifting freely under the robe, at a round hip thrust to one side as she smiled, “Are you off for a snorkel? Had breakfast already?” Still facing him, she backed hesitantly into the condo as he approached, partially blocking his way.

Shelly was in a quandary, her action totally involuntary, or was it? She looked down at his body clad only in tee shirt and shorts, as he said, “Yep, had breakfast with Dad, now have to change into my swimmers.” She did not move as he pushed past her, their bodies brushing, her breast automatically pushed out to rub on his arm. He paused, eyes burning into hers, moving his arm ever so slightly against the tit. Shelly returned his stare; her tongue circled her parted lips, her body on fire at his closeness. She was ready for anything but not ready to make the first move. Nor was Jim.

He deliberately left the folding door open as he entered his bedroom and dropped his shorts to the floor. Shelly was in an almost hypnotic state as she followed to stand in the opening. He paused as if considering his next move and then pushed his undershorts down to the floor. If she didn’t want a peek she did not have to watch him. He was turned away from her but sensed her watching him.

She willed him to turn around, she had to see him, she had to. She released her robe tie allowing the robe to fall open to expose her beautiful hanging tits and reddish blond gray speckled bush. Jim looked back over his shoulder, as if surprised to see her standing there and froze as he drank in her naked body. Clutching his swim trunks he swung slowly around providing Shelly a full view of his half hard cock and big balls. He put his hand on it as if ready to stroke it.

“Jim, what are we doing?” Shelly moaned, but remained standing staring intently at his hard body. His cock was starting to stiffen and rise up to a horizontal position; she could not take her eyes off of it. If she had had any doubts about his desire for her, they were quashed right there.

Jim was as direct as ever as he stepped into his swim trunks and pulled them up his legs. “We’re looking at each other because we like to, and we’re thinking of sex with each other, but neither of us really want to do it. Correct?” He tucked his semi-hard cock into the trunks. He grinned, “I’ll have to wait a few minutes before I head down to the beach.”

Shelly relaxed a bit, the elephant in the room acknowledged. She smiled wistfully, “Correct, you pretty well covered it. I could never live with myself if we did anything. But God, I want to. Could we just touch a little?”

Jim shrugged as though it was not a big deal, but his heart was pounding as they closed on each other, their eyes locked and arms outstretched. He slipped his hands into the opening of her robe, circling her waist before dropping down to cup her bare ass cheeks. Shelly’s knees almost collapsed at his touch. She moved her hands up under his tee shirt along the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders while grinding her tits against his chest. He pushed one knee between her legs and raised it to rub her pussy. They stood like that for some time before she moved her face to his, licked his lips with her tongue tip and then opened her mouth as his thick tongue surged suddenly between hers.

Shelly ground her pussy on his probing knee and sought to feel his cock with her mound. She wanted to take it out but preferred that he make the first move. Jim pulled one hand from her ass and eased it around her hip to her belly, than pushed his fingers down to rub her mound, sifting through her bush to locate the top of her slit. “Feel me Shelly, put your hand in my trunks and feel my cock.” She cried a little as she obeyed his request. She teased his knob with shaking fingertips and then clasped her hand around the shaft and pushed down feeling the hot pulsing cock slide up her palm until she felt his balls.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Tits

At first, she was just a customer in the store, albeit a pretty one. Blonde, blue eyed, with a curvy body, she projected an attractive aura, and her youthful flirtiness just added to her charm. He was only a couple years out of college, an assistant manager, someone who handled both the difficult and special customers. He earned a good reputation with customers, his combination of boyish enthusiasm, surprising knowledge, and attention to their needs contributing to building a loyal customer base. He was usually swarmed with customers, asking his advice, listening to one of dozens of stories he’d accumulated in his short adult life, or watching him help someone else.

She was not an exception and soon she started asking for him by name. He found himself looking forward to her visits, almost always preceded by a cell phone call to make sure he was there. As a customer, she did buy things, she was reasonable, and brought her friends to shop as well. Then, one day, in the middle of the summer, she sort of disappeared.

An odd call came in that fall, someone calling on her behalf, telling him that she’d been seriously injured and that she was in a hospital. Then nothing. He tried to call her, but there was no answer. Worried, he tried the cell phone. Nothing, just her pleasant voicemail. Well, he thought, I wonder if something really bad happened. He didn’t know if he should call the hospital. Don’t be ridiculous, he thought, you barely know her. Finally, he did, nervously, but he couldn’t even learn if she’d even been there.

The winter went by, and although he occasionally thought of her, the intervals grew longer and longer. Other customers occupied him, other problems. Spring rolled around, the leaves started to blossom, and people started to do summer-like things like wear shorts, ride their bikes, and lawnwork. The phone rang one beautiful day – another routine call on a busy day. But then when he picked it up, it was her.

“Hi.” she said.

“Oh my God!” he cried out, “I thought you died.”

She laughed. “What are you talking about?”

“I got a call from someone saying that you were hurt and in the hospital and I called and no one answered so I tried your cell and it was just voicemail and I thought you died!” he blurted out.

“Oh.” She seemed a little taken aback. “Well, it’s true that I was hurt, a climbing accident, and I was bed ridden for a couple months. But now I’m okay, ready to get on with things.”

He could hear her smile, and they talked a bit more until she said she was waiting at the light for the store parking lot.

He watched her walk into the store – she hadn’t changed a bit. She stood a hair under 5’7″, just about his height, but she had long blond hair as opposed to his short, dark hair. She was pleasantly tan, with long legs and a very proportionate and shapely body. He guessed she weighed something like 120 lbs, 30 lbs less than him. She loved to wear skirts, and he drew in the sight of her thighs moving under the mid-thigh skirt, hips moving seductively. They said hi, him shyly, a slight blush on his face. She looked at him knowingly, smiling with the contrasts of his obvious pleasure in seeing her while at the same time seeing his uncertainty and shyness.

Her “official” reason for being there was to be re-fitted for some equipment. Although she had the equipment before, the accident (a neck injury affecting her spine) made fitment a little different. And so she they discussed what would take place. Now normally, this involves things like measuring limb lengths, a procedure that would need some relatively close quartered touching, something that invades a person’s personal space. So when she showed up in a miniskirt, his face fell.

“Um, you need to wear shorts or jeans, a skirt won’t really be appropriate.” he told her.

Typically focused on the task at hand, he couldn’t even think of the possibilities of a fitting session with a skirt.

“I should have realized,” she replied, “I’ll come back another time.”

They walked outside, him to help her with a few bags, and they caught up with each other’s last few months.

She’d had a tumultuous time in the last half year – along with the injury, her husband filed for divorce while she was still bed-ridden. In her late 30’s, she struggled to straighten out her life, to return to normalcy, and this fitting was a part of it.

He’d ended (a few months ago) a painful, up and down, 5 year relationship, one that started when he was barely 19. Too weak to end it, too drawn to its rare highlights, he’d carry the effects of it for literally a decade more. He too was struggling to maintain some semblance of a normal life. Although very cheery at work, privately, he longed for companionship. He focused on his work and his hobbies (one of which, fortunately, had to do with his job). Personally though, he felt a lost, lacking direction, longing for that special someone.

And so they parted that day, both glowing, both smiling, him looking forward to her next visit. As promised, she returned a few days later, but bonus veren siteler as she walked in, she laughed.

“I forgot my gym bag,” she smiled, “and it has my shorts in it – I’ll have to come back.” She paused. “You know,” she continued, “we could just do it now.”

“No, no, no,” he said, blushing, “um, it’ll be better if you have something other than a skirt on.”

They chatted a bit and she left. For the rest of the day, he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

He thought about her a lot, her smile, her voice, her scent. He wished that she’d talk to him as more than just a sales person, maybe even have dinner or something with her. But no, that wouldn’t be possible he thought. No way.

A couple weeks went by, with visits every few days, and each time, either time or clothing seemed to intrude with the planned fitting. It didn’t stop them from chatting though, and they found themselves drawn into each other’s words, talking until it was time to go.

Finally, she walked in and proclaimed that she forgot her bag and she didn’t care. Scowling, she said that she really needed the fitment, and this delay was getting ridiculous. A little intimidated, he agreed to do the fitment. She had to sit, stand, and generally do a lot of “unladylike” things, and her peach colored skirt was definitely inadequate for coverage. Other patrons smiled at his discomfort, watching the proceedings, but continued on out of respect for the two of them.

Inevitably, he found his eyes drawn towards her crotch, where her very visible white (with little pink and purple roses, he noted) panties flashed. Then he’d look up, finding her watching him, smiling. He’d blush and continue on, asking her to lift her elbow or stretch out or move her leg. At some point, she had to lift her leg up, and for the first time she seemed embarrassed, clutching her skirt and pulling it down. But as she lifted her leg, she couldn’t help but reveal everything, and once again, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. Surprisingly red in face, she apologized for her unladylikeness, and he assured her it was okay. She looked around, catching more than a few eyes looking her way, and turned to him.

“Oh my God, everyone is watching,” she whispered, leaning over to his ear. He smiled, feeling her brush against him.

“It’s okay,” he said, “you’re done.”

They paused as he made recommendations for equipment, then he walked her out to the car.

She settled into her car, and he leaned in her open windows sill. She looked at him questioningly, but he didn’t say anything. His eyes darted around, he blushed, and, knowingly, she patiently waited for him. He took a deep breath.

“Would you like to have dinner with me one night?” he exhaled. She looked at him.

“I had a feeling this was going to happen,” she said, “I can’t, my schedule doesn’t give me a lot of time in the evening. But if you want, we can have breakfast together.”

“Uh, sure,” he replied, taken off guard, “let me know when is good for you. I just have to get to work by 9.”

“Okay,” she said, “I’ll call you.”

She drove off, and he thought about it. There’s no reason for her to call me, he thought. But I hope she does.

A week went by with no word from her. But then the phone rang, and her voice was at the other end of the line.

“How does Thursday morning sound?”, she asked.

“Great!”, he replied. Then a pause. She stayed silent.

“Are you okay?”, he asked.

“I’m fine.”

They met at a nearby diner. He walked in, nervous – he’d never really asked a woman for anything like a date, and now he was going to a breakfast date. He met his ex-girlfriend in his dorm through a friend, and they just “hung out” till things started to happen. So this was a novel and frightening experience. When he arrived, she was already there, sipping a cup of coffee. He sat down, and they ordered their breakfasts. They talked and she revealed to him that the separation was getting ugly, and that she’d actually called the police one night. He listened, empathizing, concerned. In return, she asked him about his ended relationship and listened as he poured his heart out. They both shared little stories, experiences, and such.

He glanced at his watch. It was time to leave. He walked her out to her car. She got in and started it, then looked at him.

“You want a ride?”

“It’s only a hundred yards!”, he said.

“Yes, but I can still give you a ride!”, she laughed. They got in her car and he thought about the impossibility of this – to be in her car with her! She drove slowly to the next lot and pulled up in front of the store. He turned to her, painfully aware of her closeness, of the private little world the car formed around them. He paused.

“Um,” he stammered, “would you like to have breakfast again?”

“Of couse,” she said. “Next week, same time?”

He grinned a Cheshire Cat grin, “Definitely!”

He stepped out of the car, smiling broadly. His co-workers (all friends) teased him as he walked in, bedava bahis asking him if he just got laid. He smiled inwardly. They don’t realize, he thought, that it isn’t just about sex.


He looked up from the coffee he was stirring.

“So where exactly do you live?”, he asked. He knew the address by heart, but he didn’t have a map of the town (it was in the next state over). She described where it was.

“You should drop by if you are ever in the area”, she smiled, “you can check it out if you like.”

“Oh, no,” he said, “I wouldn’t want to bother you.”

“Really, it’s not a problem,” she answered, “it’s just me and my daughter. If you’re scared of a 4 year old…” He laughed.

“Well, are you sure it’s okay?”

“I’m sure.”

“Maybe he would drop by,” he murmured, already thinking about the possiblity.


He came by a few days later, heart pounding, and seeing someone in a window, quickly turned away and kept going…


She laughed when he told her.

“Why didn’t you just come in and say hi?”, she asked, “really, it’s not a problem!”

She laughed again, shaking her head, looking down for a second, then peering up.

“I can’t believe you, going all the way up there and not saying hi.” She paused.

“Next time, come into the house,” she said.

He couldn’t help but stare into her eyes.

“I will,” he promised.


He walked up to the door, nervous, worried. He reached for the bell, but jumped when the door opened before he touched it.

“I watched you come up,” she said. “Come on in, we can have some lunch.”

He walked in, giddy, nervous. Her house was large, with cathederal ceilings, large open areas, and a deck running around the perimeter. Private, secluded, he understood why she took refuge here. And with the well stocked kitchen, she whipped up some great food. He explored her kitchen, finding things like pictures of her and her daughter (she gave him one) and her magazines (he loved reading Glamour and those types of publications). Sometimes, he’d just stare at her as she did kitchen things, slicing, mixing, stirring, checking. Together they sat and ate, chatting, happy. Afterwards, he prepared to leave. She walked him to the door, and they said their awkward good byes, standing a couple feet apart. She watched as he went down the driveway.


He wasn’t sure when he admitted the fact that he had a crush on her. It was probably at the third or fourth breakfast. She only smiled in response, their eyes locked, their heads close. His visits to her house became his “off-day” routine, more and more frequent. His heart soared when he thought of her. The scent of the house, the particular flower she kept in abundance, both mixed well with her natural scent. When there, he’d breath in deeply whenever he could, amazed at where he was, soaked in the aroma, the emotion, the woman.


Early on, she admitted that she had a deep distrust in men, from her childhood on. He respected that and kept his distance. His puppy love didn’t seem to bother her – in fact, she thrived on the relatively innocent longing he felt for her. She forbade him from coming upstairs to the bedrooms. She felt that it was her private space, and she wanted it kept that way. Although a little pained by the seeming rejection, he understood and accepted her request.


One night they sat to watch a movie. A little chilly, she went and got a blanket and some pillows. She offered half of both, which he accepted gratefully. She gave him a pillow, taking one for herself, and she lay down. He sat, leaning on his arm, painfully aware that she was laying just next to him. She moved her legs over just a bit, straightening them out, touched his thigh. Her touch electrified him. This is the first time they’d touched without purpose, not a bump or a door holding or a passing of the salt. His breathing almost stopped, and he froze. He turned and looked over at her.

“You okay?”, she asked.

“Um, can I lay down too?”, he replied, his mouth dry, nervous, excited. She scooted over just a bit.

“Sure”, she replied, “but there isn’t a lot of room.” He lay down on his side, his arm and leg held in, his body barely touching hers. He reached out to her blanket-covered stomach and gently laid his hand there. He looked up at her face, but she seemed intent on the movie. He visibly relaxed, his body sagging, contact attained. His leg came down over just a bit of hers. She moved a bit, and he thought it was in rejecting him, but it was only to get a little more comfortable. He smiled and closed his eyes, his face nestled in her neck, his arm wrapped around her torso, his leg over hers. He could feel her breathing, the slight rise and fall soothing him. He grew hard, pressing against her thigh. But she didn’t move, and he let himself just bathe in the sensation of being close to her.


Weeks went by. She invited him over for a workout (lifting weights and such) and dinner. He accepted, and arrived, comfortable deneme bonus enough to walk in without knocking. With fall arriving, the air a little crisp, indoor workouts seemed to be a little more comfortable, a little more easy. They had a good session, both of them working hard. They showered separately (even on separate floors), settling in to watch a video. Snuggling, they watched, warm, cozy. Afterwards, he got up, his hair a mess, his eyes sleepy. He glanced at his watch.

“Holy… it’s midnight. I have to go.” he exclaimed.

“Are you tired?”, she asked.

“Well, yeah, but it’s okay, I’ll make it home.”, he replied.

“You know, you can just stay here tonight. Then you can just go in from here.”

He looked up at her.

“Really,” she said, “it’s okay.”

His eyes questioned her.

“You can sleep in the guest room.”

“Well, okay,” he agreed, “I’ll stay.”

She had him come upstairs to get a t-shirt and a blanket. He stopped outside her bedroom.

“Come on in, it’s okay,” she said, looking out at him.

“I thought you said this is your private sanctuary,” he said, “I don’t want to intrude.”

She smiled appreciatively.

“You’re not intruding, trust me,” she replied, “if you were, you wouldn’t be here.”

He walked in gingerly, as if tip-toeing in would make it ok. She was standing in her closet, a large walk in, and handed him a t-shirt. He held it, her scent on it, fresh, female, beautiful. She pulled out a drawer. “Lingerie,” she smiled, closing it quickly.

“Uh, but,” he pointed, “um, can you open that again?”

She slid it out, smiling, and stood back, inviting. He stepped forward and touched the soft, satiny, silky, little things, all sorts of colors, all types of frilly things. She cleared her throat.

“Okay,” she said, “you need to go to sleep.”

He withdrew, and after grabbing a blanket, she led him back downstairs.

He went to sleep, laying on his stomach, wanting to be with her upstairs, holding her, breathing her in, listening to her heartbeat. Her t-shirt lay in his protective, curled arms, and he fell asleep with her scent in his face.

The next morning, he offered the shirt back, but she told him to wear it. It ended up on his bed, a reminder of him when he slept at home. He asked her for another t-shirt after a few days, and she obliged, trading. She smiled when she handed it over, watching him accept it, guarding it, protecting it.


She came into his work one day and pulled him aside.

“I wanted to show you something!” she said.

“Show me what?” he asked.

“This!” she said, pulling her halter top open just a bit. “What do you think, you like the color? I just got it!”

He stared, speechless, at her bra, some unusual beige color, lacy, frilly.

“Um…” he flushed, “I like it.”

She didn’t move, so he reached out caressed the bra, afraid to press down. He looked up at her. She flashed a smile and pulled her pants down just a bit over her hip.

“Matching thong!” she whispered proudly. He ran his hand over her hip, following the edge of the thong. He pulled him towards her, pulling him into her, her breasts pressed against his chest, his hardness pressing against her. He put his face against her neck, breathing her in. She allowed this for just a bit, her arms wrapped around him, and after too brief an interval, she pulled away.

“You know that man-barrier I have?” she asked, her eyes locked on his. “You’re breaking them down.”


One morning, alone in the house (no daughter, now 5, to watch over them), he woke up early. He normally did, unable to sleep past 5:30 or so, excited to be in her house even after months of sleep-overs. He trotted into the kitchen, but she wasn’t there. He looked up the stairs. He so desperately wanted to go up, but he was scared. What if she got mad and banished him? He’d never forgive himself. But recently, they’d been closer and closer. When alone in the house, she’d let him hold her close to him. She welcomed his hugs, and he’d put his hand on her thigh when she drove. Her visits to his work would consist of them walking into a private corner, her showing him her outfit underneath, and they’d hold each other, quiet, pressing, enjoying the closeness. He looked up again and made up his mind.

He climbed the stairs, tiptoeing quietly, not letting them creak. He walked slowly towards her door, then stopped, his heart pounding. What if she doesn’t want me here, he thought. He turned around and started walking back to the stairs. He stopped at the top of the stairs, his hand on the rail. He looked back. He stood there for a long time, maybe 5 minutes, until his legs started to ache from lack of movement. He turned around, his decision made. He walked back to her door, and opened it a crack.

“You in there?”, he whispered. It was quiet, dark. He walked in, slowly, cautiously, and saw her sleeping in her bed, curled up on her side, close to the edge. He walked over there and knelt on the floor, his face level with hers. He watched her breathe, studied her cheek, her lips, her neck, her arms. Her face seemed so relaxed, free of the stress of her waking, daily life. He sat back, and just let himself soak her in. Suddenly, she opened her eyes. He started, but she smiled.

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Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 11

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Chapter Eleven – The Prelude to the Gangbang

A typical guy thing, especially at that age, embarrassed that I was sitting there naked in front of my friends, other than with my shirt off or in the shower, after gym class in school, they had never seen me naked. Preserving some of my modesty, I grabbed a pillow and held it in lap, while I sat in the chair across from Kathleen. To be honest, I don’t think my friends would have noticed I was naked. Too focused on Kathleen’s hot, naked body, with none of us having ever seen a naked woman for such a prolonged period of time, their eyes were glued to her.

Usurping me, by her calling over my friends, and by my friends peeping on us from the park, they and she had robbed me of telling my friends the best damn, sexual story that any of us ever had to tell. Now, maybe even better, soon all of us will have an endless supply of stories to tell and memories to remember. Being the first to have sex with Kathleen, fucking her and eating her pussy, was way better than any down blouse and/or up skirt story that any of my friends had to tell. Having her suck my cock was way better than any story Steven told about seeing his big sister stepping out of the shower naked, better than any story that Joey told about his naked mother and all the down blouses he thought he saw in the supermarket, and better than any story that Anthony told about seeing Maryanne naked.

Only, with our innocence forever lost by this experience that we were about to embark upon now, we’d never sit in the shed in Slide Park and talk about naked sisters, down blouses, up skirts, and the accidental nudity of neighbors. Who am I kidding? Even after we fucked and were sucked by Kathleen, some things never change. Until the day we all die, voyeurs until the end, we’d always talk about all the tits we saw, the asses we thought we saw, and the pussies we hoped to see.

First and without doubt, jumping from virgin to swinger, this group sex experience would certainly supersede my first sexual experience with Kathleen, with her as my sexual education teacher. Now so much more sexually sophisticated than when we first spied on her climbing the cemetery fence to flash us her panties, after what Kathleen was about to do with us, we’d all be men of the world and, even though we’d still be voyeurs, we’d be way beyond sneaking a peek of a woman’s bra and panty. Actually, now that I think about it, no man is ever beyond looking at a woman’s exposed bra and panty.

Still, even though we’d look, no doubt, even though we’d hope to see all that we’d imagined we’d see, nonetheless, after experiencing Kathleen, the sexual excitement that we once had and shared about seeing a down blouse and/or up skirt view was now officially over. With our innocence lost, our sexual excitement to masturbate multiple times a day was over, that is, until later in life, such as now, when we aren’t having as much sex, as we were having back then. There’d be no need to masturbate, when we all had someone like Kathleen living in our neighborhood. Cougar woman, meet virginal men. Virginal men, meet cougar woman. There couldn’t be a better sexual match than this.

Wishing I could turn back the clock but keep the sexual knowledge that I have now, along with the innocence that I had then, maybe Kathleen would have kept me around, as her long-term lover than just casting me aside for my four, horny friends. Who knows? I’ll never know. Now, instead of telling the story of the sex that I just had for someone else to write about it, the shell of the testosterone filled man that I once was, I’m relegated to writing erotic literature and pornographic sex stories to publish as E-books.

We were all men now, after having seen Kathleen naked. Yet, what happened today was ten times better than the time that Stephen walked in on his older sister naked, better than the stories that Joey told about his mother and all of his down blouses and up skirts, and even better than the story that Anthony told about seeing Maryanne naked. A sexual memory, our sexual story, much like the story of the fisherman that caught the big fish that grows bigger, every time he tells his story, we’d never forget, what happened today. We’d have this memory for the rest of our lives. Never would we be the same, so sexually and emotionally unsophisticated, what happened today would change our lives forever.

“Does anyone have a cigarette? I need a cigarette,” she said looking up at my friends staring at her with eyes wide and mouth open.

With everyone smoking back then, not armed with the evidence that cigarettes caused cancer, all four of my friends reached in their pockets for their smokes and lighters, while never removing their eyes from Kathleen’s nakedness. Always working out in a gym punching a bag, sparring, and/or lifting weights, I was the only one of the bunch, who didn’t smoke. Ralph was the first to give her a cigarette and light it for her. It’s funny the little things casino siteleri that I remember and never forget. With none of us having any money, they were all cheap about sharing their cigarettes, back then. Yet, when naked Kathleen asked for a smoke, they’d give her our whole packs without complaint.

“Thank you,” she said, while holding Ralph’s shaking hand in hers to hold his hand steady enough to light her cigarette.

She turned away from them to look out her window and slowly blew a big puff of pale blue smoke in the air, while clicking her jaw to make four circles with the smoke, as if each little circle was her own personal lasso to rope my friends. With all of us being roundup and so tightly tied together, she was so smooth that we didn’t even know we were being roped into being innocent participants in her sexual rodeo. Nonetheless, even if we knew she was using us for her own sexual needs, we wouldn’t care. With no place we’d rather be, there’s nothing we’d rather do than to have sex with Kathleen.

Acting as if she didn’t know she was sitting there naked, she knew exactly what she was doing to drive us mad with desire for her. Acting as if she didn’t know what she was doing to us, as we discovered later, it was obvious that she had played this game before with others. Too sexually excited to care, no doubt, especially later, we all knew what she was doing to us. She was turning us into her personal pride of wild cougar cubs, while helping to mature us all into men.

I’ve never seen anyone blow circles before with cigarette smoke. I guess I lived a pretty sheltered life up to that point. Never having seen a naked woman other than my mother and sister, I never had sex, until I met Kathleen. Even so much as thinking that all cats were female and all dogs were male, I didn’t realize what she meant by asking me, if my friends could help her around the house. While waiting for her to sexually command us, we watched her mindlessly blowing circles with her cigarette smoke, as if none of us were even there.

Speechless and nervous, all the guys just stared at her naked body. She looked away from Ralph, Anthony, Joey and Stephen, while continuing to mindlessly blow circles with her expended cigarette smoke. Then, finally, when she returned her attention back to my four friends, she looked from Ralph to Anthony to Joey and Stephen. She gave them a long lustful stare with her bright, blue eyes. before letting out a tired sigh. As if they had all been hypnotized, as if she was in complete control of them and she was, I’ll never forget that moment and the contented look of in control she had on her face, while sitting there naked and looking at my friends. Unable to stop myself from not imagining otherwise, with her being so damn sexy and so damn beautiful, she was my personal version of Maureen O’Hara.

“Did you enjoy my little naked show?” After casting her bait with her strip tease show, after hooking them on the line with her sitting there naked, she reeled them in, while looking from one to the other and smiling. “Did you like watching me touch myself?” As if she was Madonna performing on stage, she dropped her fingers to her pussy. “Have you ever seen a woman touch herself? Have you ever seen a woman masturbate? Have any of you seen a naked woman?” She let out a laugh, when none of them responded to any of her questions.

“I did,” said Stephen. “I saw my sister, when she came out of the shower and I walked in on her. Only, she doesn’t look anything like you naked. My sister is short and fat and not tall and stacked like you.”

They all nodded their heads, while smiling and giggling like little girls. Joey’s face was red with embarrassment and Stephen looked down on the floor most of the time, as if he was embarrassed, too. Staring more at her tits than at her face, Ralph and Anthony never removed their eyes from her nakedness. I watched their eyes move from her tits to her pussy and from her tits to her pussy, before focusing on her tits. I wanted to tell them that if they took a step backward, they could better see both her tits and her pussy at the same time. Yet, I don’t think they would have heard me.

They appeared to be in a sexual trance of lustful desire and a horny daze of sexual delight. She put out her cigarette in the ashtray and moved her hands to her breasts and fingered her nipples, while looking up at them to watch their reaction. The four of them watched her without blinking their eyes. Immediately, her nipples responded to her touch, popped out, and became erect.

“Oops, dear me. Look at what I just did. Look how big my nipples get,” she said teasing them by looking down at her nipples, as she pulled them out, even more. “It feels so good, when I finger my nipples like this, twist them like that, and pull my nipples out this way,” she said fingering, twisting, and pulling her nipples out to full erection. “I just love my tits,” she said cupping a breast in each of güvenilir casino her hands and lifting them up, as if hugging them, before lifting them to her mouth to suck her own nipples, first one and then the other. “They’re so big and firm. Don’t you think I have nice tits?”

Again without anyone responding, as if they were bobble head dolls sitting on the backseat of a car’s package shelf, they all nodded their heads in unison,. She licked her fingertips and returned her hands to fingering her nipples again. My friends’ eyes were transfixed watching her touch her nipples and play with her tits. Never have any of us witnessed anything like this before. She had big tits, natural, firm and symmetrical breasts. Playboy playmate breasts, they were perfect tits in every way.

“I love sucking my nipples,” she said moving one breast to her mouth to suck her nipple, before moving her other. “I bet you wished you could all suck your own cocks,” she said with her sexy smile. “I love feeling, caressing, and fondling my tits. I love touching my breasts. Do you enjoy watching me playing with and sucking my tits in the way I’m doing now?”

Again they all nodded their heads. She was really teasing them, now. A sexy siren, she was such a sexual tease. With one hand still fingering her nipple, she reached down with her other hand and rubbed her pussy with her palm, before reaching her fingers inside to finger her clit. Then, acting as if they weren’t even there in the room with her, showing them a lot of pink, she closed her eyes and spread her legs wide open, pulled up her pussy lips, and fingered her clit, while looking down at herself. She knew just what she was doing, by giving them a good look of her vagina. Opening her eyes, she lifted her head and gave them all a sexy smile, before she closed her eyes again to slowly masturbate herself.

They watched her play with her clit and finger fuck herself with her long, manicured fingers. With none of us ever having seen a naked pussy up close before, never mind seeing a woman masturbate herself, the sexually aroused expression on her face added to their excitement. If there was an Oscar given for sexually teasing these four, poor, young men, she would have won the award. Then, after she had a small, quiet orgasm, when she pulled her fingers from out of her cunt and put them to her mouth to lick off her pussy juices, as a final touch to put them over the top, the excited looks on their faces were priceless.

“Do you like watching me play with my pussy? It feels so good, when I touch myself,” she said reaching her hands up to pull, turn, and twist her nipples. Again they nodded their heads while staring at her.

Not only in just the way she did things but also she was so sexy how she said things was just so sexy. No women we ever knew talked dirty like this. Before Kathleen, masturbation was something that no one admitted doing, especially not us and never women. Before Kathleen, none of us even knew that women masturbated and now there we were all witnesses to her pleasuring herself. Before Kathleen, we always thought that it was only the men who were horny, perverted, talked dirty, and masturbated. We never knew it was women, too, albeit, of course, not all women. Before Kathleen, we never knew there were older women, who wanted younger men. Before Kathleen, we were all so naive.

“Did you all get hot and bothered watching me in the window standing there naked?” Looking from one to the other, when no one answered her question, she asked another. “Did I make you horny, while watching me dance so slowly and so seductively in front of the window?”

She raised her arms of her head and wiggled her hot body in her seat on the couch, as if she was chair dancing, and they all watched her tits raise with her arms. In the way that she said things so sexy and demur, no one would think that she was so sexually depraved, but she was. For the fourth time, they obediently shook their heads without talking.

“Do you like what you see?” She looked down at herself, moved her hands away from her body, and opened her arms and uncrossed her legs. She looked up at Ralph with her big, blue eyes and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Me?” Even though she stared at him and nodded her head to him, he looked to his three friends, before responding. “Ralph,” he said.

“Do you like my body, Ralph?”

“Yes,” he said nodding his head.

“Do you want to touch me?”

He stepped forward and leaned down to feel her left breast. Then, as if being burnt by a hot pan, he pulled his hand away, while nervously giggling. When he stepped forward and leaned down, she reached out and felt his cock through his pants. Then, she looked to Anthony standing next to Ralph and made eye contact with his brown eyes.

“What about you? What’s your name? Do you like my body?”

“Anthony,” he said. “Yes, I like your body,” he said nodding his head yes.

“Do you want to touch canlı casino me?”

Unbelievably, he stepped forward, leaned down, and felt her same breast in the same way that Ralph had just done. Just as she had done with Ralph, when he stepped forward and leaned down, she reached out and felt Anthony’s cock through his pants. She had these four, poor saps eating out of her hand. She was in total control of them. Next, it was Joey’s turn and she looked up at him, but he looked down at the floor with red faced embarrassment.

“Look at me,” she said to Joey. He lifted his head and took her all in with a look of lust. “What’s your name?”

“Joey,” he said looking back down, as quickly as he looked up.

“Do you like my body, Joey?”

“Yes,” he said, nodding his head up and down, while looking longer at her, this time.

“Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes,” he said again, while stepping closer and reaching out his horny hand to touch her.

Instead of feeling her breast, without sticking his fingers inside of her, he reached down and cupped her pussy. Mostly, running his fingers through her auburn forest, he felt her bushy, red pubic hair. As she had done with Ralph and Anthony, she felt Joey’s cock through his pants, too. With his hand up to his face, he stepped back smiling and gave a look to his three friends, while giggling inside his palm. Stephen looked at Joey shaking his head and then looked back at her.

“What about you?” She looked to Stephen. “What’s your name?”

“Stephen,” he said without breaking the focused stare he had on her tits.

“Do you like my body?”

“You have a beautiful body,” he said shaking his head, yes, too, as if to highlight his response in the affirmative. “Do you want to touch me?”

“I do,” he said.

He stepped forward, while reaching out both hands and felt both of her tits, before stepping back. Only, before he stepped back, she reached out both her hands and felt his cock, too. As if my four friends were disciplined students in some sexually depraved school, after talking about sex every day for as long as I can remember, now that they have a naked woman sitting in front of them, their polite, reserved behavior bordered on bizarre. If it was me, I’d be all over her bodacious body. Even though their sexual excitement was obvious, they were all so very shy, even shier than I was with her, my first time, when helping her to paint her walls.

As soon as she asked the last of my four friends if they liked her body, she stood and slowly turned around. Then, showing them all of her body, she turned back around the other way and finally turned her back to them. Giving them a real show, she leaned over the couch and wiggled her ass to give them all a better look between her legs. They all looked like they were going to pass out from horniness. A time when sex was never discussed in public, a time when censorship controlled the television airwaves and cartoons commanded prime time television, and a time when it didn’t take much more than a down blouse or an up skirt to make us crazy with lust, she knew exactly what to do to make us crazy with sexual desire for her.

Then, she stepped back and planted her ass against Ralph. Instinctively, he put both his hands on her hips and pretended he was humping her. He looked to his friends smiling and giggling like the school boy that he still was but wouldn’t be for very long. Next was Anthony’s turn and she did the same to him, pushing her shapely ass up against his crotch. Placing his hands on her hips and pretending he was humping her, too, he responded in the same way that Ralph had. Then, it was Joey’s turn, only this time, when she moved up against him and rubbed her ass against his bulge, he reached a hand between her legs that made her giggle with delight by slowly running his hand along the full, wet length of her pussy. Then, he did something weird; he smelled his hand and, as if rejecting her, he wiped his hand on his pant leg. Last was Stephen, and he humped her, as if he was giving her anal sex, as he reached out and cupped a breast in each hand.

With every question she asked, my four perverted friends nodded their awestruck heads without saying a word, other than ‘yes’. What does she have to do to get these guys going? Now that I remember back, having just experienced sexual overload and, apparently, more than they could handle, I think they were all in sexual shock. Yet, Kathleen wasn’t about to have them leave, without first having her wicked way with all of them.

Without doubt, she did have an incredible body and the best body that we ever saw, perhaps because she was the first naked woman that any of us had seen up close and personal. It was the late 60’s and we were all so very young and inexperienced. At a time during the sexual revolution, times were changing quickly and we were all threading new ground, while running to stay on the same page. Granted, at the time, much more sexually sophisticated than my father was growing up on a farm in Kansas during the ’30’s, ’40’s, and ’50’s, I wasn’t much more sophisticated than any of my four friends growing up in Boston during the ’60’s, but I wasn’t as backward as my friends obviously were.

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Dennis , Mrs. Green Ch. 1

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This is the story of a young man’s ascent into manhood. What you are about to read are actual incidents from my teenage years.

My first sexual encounter came on one of those fabulous spring days and is what all young men hope for – initiation into the joys of sex by an experienced older woman.

My best friend Bobby and I had been shooting some hoops in the local schoolyard and had returned to his house to grab a soda. When we walked into his kitchen we were greeted by his mom who was down on the floor cleaning a mess made by the family cat. “Watch where you’re walking, boys. Ginger just threw up another hairball!”

She was wearing one of those tank tops that women and girls wear on warm days. I couldn’t help but look down the front at the lovely mounds that her top barely concealed. I hadn’t really thought of Mrs. Green in a sexual way until that moment. Her nipples made definite imprints on the front of the thin top. Being young (and horny), my cock began to stir. She looked up into my eyes after a lingering glance at my groin and smiled when she realized where I was looking. Because she didn’t show any disapproval and in fact seemed pleased by her effect on me, I grew even larger in the confines of my shorts. I looked over at Bobby but he was oblivious to what was happening. He was more interested in getting the sodas out of the fridge.

Grabbing the sodas, he announced, as he dashed out the door, that we were heading up to his room to watch the basketball game on the tube. Mrs. Green took this opportunity to bring a hand to her bosom and asked me to help her up. Now Mrs. Green couldn’t have been more than 36 and since I knew she worked out regularly at the gym (very effectively judging by her fabulous figure), I knew she didn’t really need any assistance.

As she held up her hand I swear she caressed her boob in the process. Her nipples seemed to stand out even more. I stood there and stared at her chest. Not waiting for me she reached out, grabbed my hand and started to pull herself to her feet. However, in the process, she rubbed her free hand across my groin which, of course, elicited a groan from me.

“Thanks, you’re quite the gentleman, Dennis” With that, she turned her back on me and bent over to pick up her cleaning utensils. This presented me with a view of her incredible butt. She was wearing skin-tight short-shorts with no sign of a panty line. Her long legs were tanned and muscular. It was obvious she was giving bonus veren siteler me this erotic view intentionally because she paused, turned her head, shook her long blonde hair out of her face and looked back up at me.

Once again she looked at the effect she was having on me. Even embarrassed as I was that she had caught me staring, I couldn’t conceal my raging erection. This brought another bemused smile. She licked her lips as she said, “Dennis, you naughty boy. Are you staring at me?”

My response was a weak, “Geez, I’m sorry, Mrs. Green. I didn’t mean to.. but.. but.. you’re just so.. so… gorgeous! ” Boy talk about sounding like an embarrassed kid when I really wanted to sound like a man, sweep her in my arms and make love to her.

“Don’t be sorry, Dennis. You don’t look like a boy! ” And with that she looked at my raging hard-on and licked her lips.

At that moment, Bobby shouted from his room, “Dennis, what the hell’s taking you so long? Get up here. The game’s started!”

Mrs. Green smiled and said “See you later Dennis” and headed down to the basement.

When my hard-on finally subsided, I joined Bobby in his room and we watched the ball game. I have no idea who won as my mind kept going back to visions of Mrs. Green’s tits and ass. Was I wrong or had she deliberately tried to turn me on? Was it only my imagination? Did she really touch my cock when she got to her feet? Did I have any chance of fucking my best friend’s mother? Would I be betraying our friendship if I did?

My thoughts were interrupted by Bobby himself suggesting that I sleep over that night. Would this give me an opportunity with Mrs. Green? One thing for sure, my teenage hormones were taking over and I was a little over-zealous in agreeing.

I heard him asking his mother if it was okay and she responded by saying it would be fun for her to have the company of 2 handsome young men for the evening but that I should let my mother know so that she wouldn’t worry. I was on the phone before Bobby came back into the room.

Bobby’s father had deserted he and his mother before Bobby was even three. Evidently being a father at 20 was too much for him. Mrs. Green had had various boyfriends over the years but Bobby said they never measured up so she doted on him.

After dinner, we watched the movie American Pie which is all about a young man wanting to experience sex – boy did this hit home with me. Throughout the bedava bahis movie, I kept sneaking peeks at Mrs. Green who had changed into a low cut top and short skirt. She had come into the TV room wearing high-heels which accentuated her curves (and gave me another hard-on) but had kicked them off so that she could curl her feet under her. Every time there was a sex scene or overture, she would catch me looking at her and smile that wicked smile of hers. Bobby, of course, seemed to think the movie was hilarious and had no idea what we were doing.

After the movie, Bobby said he was going to head off to bed. I think he just wanted to go and jerk off in the privacy of his room. “See you guys in the morning” and off he went leaving me with the opportunity I had hoped for but Mrs. Green suddenly seemed cold and distant.

“I’ll fix up the bed in the spare room for you, Dennis”. Without giving me a chance to respond, she was on her feet. My penis jumped again when I saw her put her feet back in her high heels and turn seductively. “Coming Dennis?” With a sly smile and a flip of her hair she was gone. I ran after her so fast that I bumped into her at the bottom of the stairs and fell on top of her. My face ended up just below the hem of her skirt and I couldn’t help but look up and see her light blue panties.

To protect my fall, my hands had landed on her butt. I couldn’t help myself. It was like they had a mind of their own as her butt cheeks were so nice to touch. We stayed like this for a second or two. My left hand went under her skirt and reached up to touch her mound which to my surprise was moist. I heard her groan but then she jumped to her feet and said, “We can’t do this!” With that she charged up the stairs, ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

Now I really was in a quandary. Had I made a major mistake? How would I face her in the morning? How could I face Bobby if she told him that his best friend had tried to feel her up?

Heavy hearted I went to the spare room, made up the bed myself, took off my clothes, climbed into bed and tried to sleep. It never came. I tossed and turned for over an hour. Worst of all, I was still horny as hell and decided that I’d better relieve myself or I’d never get any sleep. I became so involved with playing with myself that I never heard the door open or knew that Mrs. Green was standing just inside the door touching herself.

I was getting close to climaxing when I noticed deneme bonus her approaching the bed. “Dennis, you must never tell anyone what we are about to do ” With that she knelt beside the bed and reached out for my 8 inch cock. As she started to stroke my erection with one hand, she reached down and grabbed my balls in her other hand.

“Oh God.. ” was my automatic reaction. “It feels so good! If you keep doing that I’m going to cum!”

“Don’t come yet, Dennis. Is this your first time?”

“Holy shit… yes!! I can’t believe you’re doing this with me, ” I groaned.

“I don’t want your first time to be a hand job, Dennis. You can get that from any girl friend. First I’m going to suck you off and then you’ll be able to last longer when you fuck me. Is that ok?”

“aaaa… yeah… oh yeah… I’m getting close… It feels so fuckin’ great.. don’t stop!!”

Mrs. Green brought my hard-on to her lips and after kissing the tip, she opened her mouth and sucked me in. I was in heaven. I have never felt anything so great. Jacking myself off had been my only experience and now the beautiful mother of my best friend was giving me a blow-job! In and out my cock-head went as her tongue washed the length. Every time I thought I was going to explode in her mouth, she would squeeze the base and pull it out. When I looked down, she would run the cock over her cheeks and smile that knowing smile.

“Push it in as far as you can! Fuck my face, Dennis! Fuck my face! Cum in my mouth! Give it to me now!” With that she swallowed all 8 inches and her lips touched my pubic hair. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling!

The pressure in my balls was building. “Mrs. Green, I’m going to cum!” I roared. Then she shocked me by sticking a finger up my rear. That did it! The first stream of cum erupted like a volcano. “Suck it bitch! Suck it all!” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. The feeling was incredible. I couldn’t stop shooting my jism into the deepest part of her throat and she kept sucking and sucking. The cum had no where to go but down her throat. She swallowed every drop. After numerous spasms, I started to pull my cock out of her mouth but she seemed determined to drain me. “Lick it all bitch! Take it all down your throat! Clean it up!”

When she finally released my cock, she swept her tongue up and down the length of my deflating member and every time she touch the glans, she forced a little more cum out. This cum she spread all over her face by using my cock like an applicator. “Holy fuck! You are a GREAT COCKSUCKER,” I groaned.

“You’re not done yet lover. When I get this monster hard again, we’ll move on to the main event.”

To Be Continued…

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Discovering Christina Ch. 03

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If you read the first two chapters of Discovering Christina, you’ll enjoy this second installment more. However, if you decide to skip them, here’s a quick recap:

Ross Daniels is a bachelor in his late 40’s who has pretty much given up on finding love and passion in his life. That is until he meets Christina, a beautiful blonde in her early 20’s, who is filling a temporary position at the bank where he does business. The sparks fly from the beginning, and the two eventually begin an affair and decide to see where this May-December relationship will lead.

Christina and I hadn’t been apart for even one night in the first four months we lived together. Of course, I never used the term “live together” in her presence, knowing that she would shy away from anything that sounded like a commitment. But, there we were, inhabiting the same loft apartment above my office in downtown Durham. We slept in the same bed every night. We ate most of our meals together. We spent most of our evenings snuggled together on the couch reading or watching television.

And, of course, we fucked like bunnies nearly every night. Yes, we were living together all right, and I’d never been happier.

One week, though, our record of being together every night was broken. I had been asked to be on the program of a combination trade show and professional meeting in Las Vegas, and it was an opportunity I didn’t want to turn down. I would have loved to take Christina with me, but she was nearing the end of her first semester of graduate school and had papers to complete and finals to study for. So, reluctantly, I went by myself.

The conference lasted five days, and I would have gladly left early. But my primary presentation was early in the week, and I’d been asked to be a part of a panel discussion on the final day. So I was stuck in Vegas alone for the entire time. Now, five days alone in Las Vegas would sound pretty good to most single guys. But not me. I missed Christina badly and the fun that others were having just made me feel lonelier. Oh, we talked by phone every day, but it just wasn’t the same as having her with me.

At last, Friday afternoon came and I flew home. Unfortunately, Durham is fairly isolated–about a two hour drive from any major airport. The trip home from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport seemed to take forever. Finally, however, I was climbing the stairs to my loft. As I walked through the door, Christina ran across the floor and threw her arms around my neck. She pulled me close and let me know without saying a word that she had missed me just as much as I had her.

It was impossible to keep our hands off each other. I had thought about her almost constantly for the past five days, imagining how wonderful it would feel to hold her again . . . to experience that beautiful combination of physical and emotional closeness I always felt with her. Apparently, Christina felt the same, because there we were, standing in the middle of the living room, locked in a tight embrace and kissing with a sense of urgency I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager.

Christina stood on her tip toes, wrapping her arms around my neck, as my arms encircled her waist and pulled her close. I loved the feel of her breasts against me, the flare of her hips as I let my hands drift lower, and finally, the curve of her mound as I pulled her against my hardness. She gasped and her breathing quickened a little when she felt my cock press against her. It was a silent confirmation that we would soon be enjoying each other more completely.

Her lips tasted of lip gloss and her breaths came quickly, almost panting, as I tangled my fingers in her hair and pulled her head back to expose her neck. I had learned just where to touch her to maximize her pleasure . . . and her desire for me . . . and I began to kiss slowly up and down her neck, her throat, and lightly trace the line of her jaw with my tongue. That particular move signaled that we had gone as far as we could standing there in the living room, so Christina pushed me away gently, took my hand and led me silently into the bedroom.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other as we made our way to the bedroom and barely broke the kiss as we tumbled into bed, with her still wearing her black and white dress with the full skirt and me in my dark blue suit, white shirt and tie. We must have looked odd, lying there fully dressed, locked in a tight embrace, lips nibbling on lips, hands exploring, but at that point we cared nothing about how we looked. It was all about how we were feeling. I know I was feeling incredibly aroused, and I’m sure Christina was right there with me, judging by her little moans and whimpers each time I kissed and caressed her.

“God, Ross,” she whispered, “I missed you. Don’t you ever leave me like that again!”

“I won’t, baby,” I said softly, my lips hardly leaving hers. “From now on, when I go, you go with me.” And with that, I slowly began to move one hand up her leg, tickling her knee, casino siteleri then her thigh with my fingertips, ever so lightly. Her skin felt smooth and taught and I loved the sensation of my fingers literally gliding over her. Soon, my hand was between her thighs, moving slowly upward, then back down, before going a little higher once again.

I was so aroused I had to make a conscious effort to go slowly, gently, rather than to simply thrust my hand upward to find her eager sex. But the slow buildup felt so good that I made myself wait and enjoy the sensation of touching and teasing her sensitive skin and fully enjoy the feel of her hand tracing up and down along the length of my cock as she felt me through my trousers.

But soon enough, my hand had worked its way to that wonderful vee between her legs, and I heard a little gasp when I began to trace the length of her slit through her lace thong. I knew it was a thong because I had raised the back of her dress as we kissed in the living room and gripped the bare cheeks of her bottom. Her thong was already damp with arousal, and it was almost immediately soaked as I pressed the delicate fabric into her crease and massaged sensuously up and down.

Finally, I pulled the thong aside and enjoyed the feel of her smooth mound again. I loved that she took such care to make herself so deliciously bare. The feel of her soft, sensitive skin was intoxicating and I had the idea that it made her more sensitive to my touch, as well. I parted her lips slightly, just enough to allow me to dip my two fingertips inside and feel the warm, wet nectar that was moistening her silky folds. I moved my fingers up and down, opening her a little more each time before finally moving higher and using her juices to slicken her clit. I gently caressed her swollen little pearl, then put one finger on either side and moved up and down, feeling it swell further between my fingers.

As I pleasured her with one hand, I used the other to massage her breast, and even through the fabric of her dress and bra, I could feel her nipple harden at my touch. I kissed her neck, then her chest, which was exposed by her dress’s vee neckline. As I drew some of her soft skin into my mouth, I pressed one finger inside her warm, wet tunnel and began to slowly fuck her with it. Almost unconsciously, Christina began to move her hips and press herself to my hand, and I obliged her silent request by plunging my finger deeper and pressing the heel of my hand hard against her clit. We had reached the point where we were totally consumed by the sensations and time felt as if it were standing still.

I could tell her orgasm was close by her ragged breathing and moans that seemed to come from deep inside. Her hand gripped my cock hard through my pants, almost to the point of discomfort. But I kept moving my finger in and out, occasionally curling it upward to pleasure her magic spot. I was already anticipating her wonderful and spontaneous cries of release, when all of a sudden, she shoved my hand away and raised herself on her elbow to look at me.

“Okay,” she proclaimed, still a bit breathless. “Now you’re going to do what I say.”

I looked at her, puzzled and a little irritated, trying to figure out what the hell she was saying. Then I remembered a silly little bet we had made several weeks ago. I couldn’t even recall what we bet on, but I did remember that I had lost. Obviously, Christina remembered, too, and she had decided to collect this evening.

One of Christina’s little quirks was that she would bet on anything. She had this wildly competitive streak inside that caused her to eagerly take sides in any disagreement and be ready to back it up with a wager. I truly believe she’d bet the sun would come up in the west, if only she could find someone to take the other side.

Hardly a day went by without our playfully wagering on one thing or another. Some nights, lying in bed watching television, we’d bet what color tie Jay Leno would be wearing on the Tonight Show. We’d bet on whose favorite team would win a particular ballgame. The possibilities were practically endless.

Quite often, the stakes had something to do with sex. What else would you expect when the bet involves a beautiful and sexy young woman? “You’re mine tonight,” she said sternly. “It’s time for you to pay up. Losing has a price, you know.”

“I’m beginning to find that out,” I said, my mind racing, wondering what she might have in store.

“All right,” she continued, keeping up her stern demeanor, “take off your coat and everything from the waist down and lie on the bed.” With those words she disappeared into the walk-in closet, leaving me to decide whether to comply. Actually, I didn’t have to think about it very long. I was incredibly aroused. I also couldn’t wait to find out just what she might have me do to pay off the bet.

I pulled my suit jacket off and threw it on the floor in the corner, then proceeded to remove my shoes and güvenilir casino socks, trousers, and finally, my boxer briefs. I was so turned on that I was almost tearing the clothes from my body. It’s a good thing she didn’t tell me to take off my shirt, too, because it undoubtedly would have cost me some buttons. One of the things I most enjoyed was the urgency . . . the hunger . . . that Christina made me feel.

When I was naked from the waist down, I lay down on the bed, my cock resting stiffly against my belly. Each time my heart beat—and it was beating pretty fast by this time—my erection pulsed and rose slightly, only to return to my stomach once again. However, I was not watching my cock throb and pulse. My eyes were locked on the closet door, waiting for Christina to emerge and wondering what would happen when she did.

After a few minutes, which felt more like an hour, Christina stepped out of the closet, now clad in a beautiful dark blue negligee’. It was short, barely covering her mound, and the lace at the top allowed her dark areolas to show through. She was smiling that mischievous smile that I love so much—a smile that started at her sensuous mouth, spread to her blue eyes, before finally encompassing her entire face. Then, I started to smile, too, as she held up the silk scarves she clutched in her hand.

As she reached the bed, I lifted my hand to try and caress her breasts. But she would have none of it. “Lie still,” she commanded, “and keep your hands to yourself.” And with that, she began to tie me up. As she moved, it became apparent that she was wearing ONLY the negligee’, as I caught several glimpses of her freshly-shaven mound. First she secured my wrists with two scarves, then tied the other ends to the posts on either side of the headboard. “All right,” she said, “move your arms.”

So I raised my arms as much as I could, able to bring them up nearly perpendicular to my body. She studied my position for a second, then concluded, “That won’t work. I don’t want you to be able to touch me.” And with that, she retied the two scarves to ensure that I could raise my arms only six inches or so from the bed. Then, she secured my legs in the same manner—scarves tied around my ankles, then attached to the bedposts at the foot.

As I lay there, I didn’t feel exactly helpless. I knew that I could probably rip the scarves from the bedposts if I wanted to. But I certainly didn’t have the control that I normally felt when Christina and I were together. And, perhaps surprisingly, I liked it . . . at least so far. Then I noticed that she had one more scarf in her hand. Before I could ask what it was for, she showed me, tying it snugly around my head to cover my eyes.

By this time, everything was dark . . . and quiet. I was wondering where Christina had gone. Or, was she just letting me lie there anticipating her next move? I began to think she might have done this kind of thing before. If not, she was certainly a natural at building up suspense and making me squirm. After a bit, I sensed that she was close by again, but she still didn’t speak. Instead, I felt her movement as she climbed onto the bed and put one knee on either side of my body. I wasn’t sure if she was facing me or had her back turned, but I found out soon enough as she slowly lowered herself until her pussy came into contact with my straining cock. From the moisture that was seeping from her swollen lips, I could tell she was as aroused as I.

At this point, I expected her to reach down, take my swollen cock and guide it into her tight little tunnel. But she surprised me by slowly moving her wet slit along the length of it as it rested on my belly. Backward and forward she moved, using my cock to part her lips, making it slick with her hot nectar. Soon, my shaft was coated with her juices, except for the head, which was wet with my own precum. The silky feel of the negligee’ tickling my belly each time she moved up and down only added to the exquisite sensation. It just made me hungrier for her. I wanted more than anything to be deep inside her!

Each time her wet pussy slid along my cock, I could tell that her clit was coming to rest against the swollen head. It felt so good as she stimulated that sensitive area on the underside. She must have liked the feeling, too, as she continued to come back to that spot and linger a little. As I picked up her rhythm, I made the head of my cock swell each time her swollen little pearl nestled against it. And each time I could hear Christina moan with pleasure. Our moans, our breathing, and the squishy sound of her wetness against me were only sounds in the otherwise quiet room.

I also figured out how to raise my head a little each time she slid forward so I could take one of her rock hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it through the lace of the negligee’, then took it between my teeth in an attempt to keep her from moving away again. I have no idea how long we played like that, but I know that I canlı casino was getting very close to cumming. I began to raise my hips to her, and Christina realized how close I must be. But, instead of taking me over the edge, she lifted herself, and I could no longer feel her against me.

“Oh, baby,” I pleaded. “What are you doing to me?”

“What do you mean?” she asked in mock innocence.

“You know what I mean, you little tease. You’re making me crazy.”

But my pleading didn’t do any good. Christina simply continued to straddle my hips, all the time making sure her pussy was just out of reach of my aching cock. I was beginning to hearken back to my younger days when I made out in the back seat of a car for hours with Dianne Simpson . . . another tease. I often went home will my balls tight and aching, crying out for release.

Then Christina surprised me by removing the blindfold. And in just a second, I knew why. She lifted the flimsy blue negligee’ over her head, teasing me again with the beautiful body that she was not allowing me to touch. Her breasts were rounded and full, nipples standing at attention. Her neck and chest were flushed with arousal. Her blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She was truly a wondrous sight. When she had removed her negligee’, she slowly unbuttoned my shirt, opening it to expose my chest. She flipped my tie to the side out of the way and began to sensuously run her hands up and down my chest, pausing occasionally to pinch my nipples.

“Like what you see, mister?” she grinned, knowing perfectly well that she was driving me insane with all the sensations, including the sight of her that I could now enjoy.

“How about having a little compassion?” I pleaded. “If you don’t fuck me soon, I’m going to explode!

“You mean like this?” she replied softly. And in a single motion, she reached down, guided my straining cock inside, and began to rock sensuously back and forth.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned. “That’s exactly what I meant.” Her tight tunnel was wet from our extended foreplay, and hotter than I had ever felt before. It was like she was on fire. I certainly knew I was!

She ground her clit against my pubic bone over and over as she moved against me. She closed her eyes and began to raise herself up and down. I raised my hips to meet her each time and did all I could to increase the speed of our movements. I could feel my balls tightening and knew I couldn’t last much longer. I didn’t WANT to last much longer.

But Christina had other ideas. Each time I’d thrust my hips upward, she’s raise herself a little, just to keep me from getting deep inside and finishing. I was in agony and ecstasy all at the same time. Finally, I took over as best I could, given my circumstances, and began to thrust my hips high off the bed—so high that Christina could no longer pull away. I began to fuck her urgently, thrusting in and out forcefully from below, forcing her to hold on to the headboard for balance.

Our breathing was ragged by this time. We were both spent with the exertion. And after only a few hard, deep thrusts, Christina had what appeared to be a small orgasm. I knew I wasn’t far behind. However, just before I was ready to paint her wonderful pussy with my cum, she quickly pulled away and moved down on the bed so her face was even with my cock. By this time, of course, it was slick and shiny with her juices.

“Oh, baby, come back up here,” I begged. “I’m so close.”

“So you’re close, are you?” she teased. “Then I guess we’ll just have to let you settle down a little bit.” At that moment, I knew she was a bigger tease than even Dianne Simpson.

“Fuck!” I called out in frustration. “This is getting ridiculous.”

But Christina just smiled that mischievous smile and began to lick up and down my swollen cock, which was throbbing once more against my belly. She used her tongue to slowly clean her nectar from my shaft, pausing at the head to taste the precum that was oozing from me. I knew I couldn’t take much of that in my heightened state of arousal, and anticipated that I would soon have my release.

She took my shaft in her hand and moved the skin up and down, making sure to go very slowly and tease the head on each upward stroke. After she had done this a few times, she would take me into her mouth again to slicken my shaft with her saliva, then stroke me once more.

“Oh, baby, I’m so close. Please!” I begged, as I lifted my hips off the bed as if to offer myself to her.

This time she had pity on me. She began stroking my shaft faster and faster until her hand was almost a blur. It took about 30 seconds of this action before I erupted and shot my hot jism all over her breasts, my belly, her belly, and certainly some of the bed clothes. The volume was incredible. I had never cum with such intensity, or in such an amount.

Even after the spurting had begun to subside, Christina kept pumping my cock, and pumping it fast. My orgasm had made me quite sensitive by this time, and her touch felt incredible. It almost hurt on the one hand, but at the same time it felt better than anything I’d ever experienced. Finally, when I could no longer stand to be touched and stroked, I begged her to stop. Thankfully, she did.

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Dark Shadows

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“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she replied.

“Come on, I’m your sister. I know better. What’s going on?”

“I don’t feel like talking about it.”

“Okay, that’s progress. You just confirmed something is wrong. Now why don’t you tell me what that something might be?”

“Why? It won’t change anything.”

“Maybe not, but it always helps to talk about it. Just having someone to share things with always makes us feel better.”

She really couldn’t argue. She and her sister had shared every secret they’d ever had and that included her sister telling her about the affair her she’d had three years ago. She knew the circumstances were very similar in her own marriage, but that didn’t mean she had to give in to temptation. She laughed to herself at the thought. What temptation? There was no temptation because there was no other man and there never had been. Still, with the way her husband was behaving and given the right set of circumstances…

“So are you gonna get this off your chest or suffer in silence some more?”

Lisa Kennedy had just turned 35 and never felt worse in her life. Everyone she knew, including her older sister, Lauren, told her she was still beautiful, but she sure didn’t feel that way. And the way her husband, Michael, had increasingly chosen to be gone far more often than necessary for the last three years (and emotionally unavailable when he was home), only added to her growing sense of frustration and insecurity.

It all sounded eerily similar to the way things had unfolded for her older sister, Lauren, when her former husband, Ken, had started finding reasons to stay on the road more and more often. Lisa remembered how much it hurt her to watch Lauren recount one story after another of how lonely she felt night after night; nights she was spending alone more often than not.

Michael’s seeming voluntary abandonment was especially troubling because he and Ken were brothers and Michael had followed his older brother in virtually everything they’d done from high school sports to majoring in the same subject at the same college to choosing the same careers to this wanting to be away from home thing. Michael didn’t do what Ken did at the same time but rather a few years later after watching his older brother.

That scared Lisa to her core because she’d done nothing but love Michael since the day they’d met. She wasn’t a perfect spouse let alone a perfect person, but she’d worked very hard to be a good, caring, loving, supportive and yes, even a beautiful wife, and now she was watching it all slip away just like her sister had.

Lauren began warning her nearly two years ago, but Lisa refused to listen. Willful ignorance didn’t make it go away, but it somehow seemed preferable to facing the very real possibility her own husband could be cheating on her.

To her credit, Lauren had remained faithful until she was sure Ken was screwing other women and then gave up and gave in. She’d filed for divorce around the same time so it wasn’t as though she’d snuck around behind her husband’s back the way he’d done to her. Still, she had slept with other men before she was divorced and they’d both been raised to think believe that was a huge ‘no-no.’

And now Lisa was being forced to face the inevitable and wondering whether or not she could weather the storm with as much grace and strength as her sister had.

“It’s Michael, isn’t it?” Lauren asked. “I know he’s spending even more time on the road these days than before and he was gone way too much then. That’s it, isn’t it?”

Lisa didn’t speak but she did nod her head. She wasn’t looking at her, but Lauren intuitively knew she was on the verge of crying. She got up and sat next to her younger sister and put her arm around her.

“They’re nomads, Lisa. They’re wanderers. And…they’re assholes.”

Lisa managed a nervous chuckle as tears began falling.

“Lord knows I tried and I know you’re trying, too. But some guys can’t settle down. Oh, sure. They can try. They might even do it for some period of time, but eventually ‘the call of the wild’ wins out. I watched it happen right before my very eyes and I see it happening to you, too. So please, Lisa…open yours.”

Lisa shook her head and tried to talk but couldn’t. Lauren didn’t need her sister to speak.

“It’s okay. I’m pretty sure I know what you’re going to say anyway. Like me, you’ve tried everything. You work out four days a week, you’re a great cook, and well, you can be rather creative in the bedroom. And all to avail. Is that about right?”

Lisa inhaled deeply then slowly exhaled as she nodded again.

Lisa finally spoke. “Uh-huh. You’re not ‘just about’ right. You’re exactly right. It’s happening to me the same way it did to you. You were all those things, too, Lauren, and nothing helped.”

“No, it didn’t. In fact, it just kept getting worse. The harder I tried the more Ken pulled away. At some point, I did, too. I had no intention of cheating. I’ve always hated ‘the other woman.’ But then again, I wasn’t really the other casino siteleri woman, was I? I was more the woman scorned. Or at least the woman…utterly neglected. Do you know how many times we made love the last year we were together?”

“You told me, remember?” Lisa said without being critical.

“I know, I know. We really do tell each other everything, huh? But a year without sex is…unconscionable. For that matter, once a month is essentially abstinence in my humble opinion while anything less may as well be abstinence. And the year before that we might have averaged once every 4-6 weeks. I’m no sex fiend or nympho, but dammit, I like sex! I didn’t get married to be a nun!”

Lauren put her arm around Lisa and said, “Sorry, sis. Here I am rehashing my old problems when you’re the one who’s dealing with this…crap…right here and right now.”

She hugged her sister then said, “Is there anything I can do to help other than be here for you?”

Lisa tried to laugh as she hugged back and said, “Not unless you can turn yourself into a handsome, kind, decent, single man who wouldn’t mind sleeping with an old maid my age.”

Lauren laughed loudly before Lisa joined in.

“Stop! Don’t be mean,” Lisa said.

“Sorry. It’s just that I’m three years older than you, and you’re talking like you’re this 80-year old, shriveled-up hen. I’d kill to have your body.”

Lauren looked at her sister then smiled and said, “Or your boobs. Or your butt. Or your…”

“Okay. Okay. I get it. But I feel like I may as well be 80 years old.”

“Join the club,” Lauren said.

Then wanting to be more supportive she asked Lisa, “How long has it been, sweetie?”

“Four months,” she said quietly. “And counting.”

“Jesus. I’m so sorry. I wish I could say things will change, but, well…Michael is Ken’s brother, right?”

“And we can’t kill them, can we?” Lisa said only half jokingly.

“Don’t tempt me,” Lauren said before they both laughed loudly again. “I thought about turning into Lorena Bobbit more times than I can count.”

“Oh, right. The woman who cut off her husband’s…”

“Yep. One and the same,” Lauren confirmed.

Both sisters laughed again and when it got quiet, Lauren then asked, “Feel any better?”

“Yeah. A little bit. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Lisa said.

“Yeah, I know. I am kind of awesome like that, aren’t I?” she said before getting in one more good laugh.

Lauren got serious for a moment then said, “You think he’s cheating on you, huh?”

“How could I not? I mean, Ken cheated on you and now Michael’s gone just like his brother was so what else could I think? They both make so much money it’s ridiculous so that can’t be the reason for being gone so much. At least not anymore.”

“No, you’re right. It takes a couple of years to get established and being gone is essential. I get that. But once you are established and have a huge clientele, how much more money do you need especially when it’s supposedly for your family. You know, the family you’re never home with. Yeah, so after what his brother did to me, how could you not feel that way? He really is following Ken’s pattern to a tee. It’s like they’re genetically hardwired to follow this…script, you know?”

“It’s not like I can prove it,” Lisa said. “I know I should leave him…now. I just can’t, you know?”

“Yes, I do. We were raised to be good girls who have integrity and always do the right thing, even when no one is looking, and blah, blah, blah.”

They could both hear their father saying those very words time and time again growing up.

“So…unless you know he’s being unfaithful…”

“Exactly. I can’t leave because if I’m wrong… I know he’d deny it if I came out and asked him directly, so what’s the use in asking, right? I need proof. Without it, I’m stuck in this limbo-like world. I’m neither in nor out. it’s like there’s this… There are these gray clouds and these…dark shadows just hanging over me.”

“Dark Shadows. Remember Mom telling us how scary that show was when she was our age?”

“Oh, yes! She was afraid to watch it but even more afraid to miss an episode.”

“You know what? Mentioning Mom just reminded of something,” Lauren said. “Do you remember her friend, Vi?”

“Yeah, sure. Nice lady. I haven’t seen her in forever. Why?”

“She’s still around. She and Mom don’t hang out anymore, but she recently told me Vi’s son is some kind of computer prodigy-genius guy or something. He’s like scary smart. She told Mom he can hack into anything, and he’s really good with stuff like monitoring and tracking and…”

“And…spying on someone’s husband?” Lisa asked as the light came on.

“Uh-huh. Surveillance is the nicer-sounding word,” Lauren teased. “I’m assuming he could do that. I mean, if he can hack into the Pentagon or whatever, it seems pretty likely he could track someone via their phone or set up video cameras or whatever surveillance people do. It couldn’t hurt to ask, right?”

“Michael güvenilir casino watches the finances like a hawk. There’s no way I could pay him without getting caught.”

“Even so, I’d ask. What harm could it do to talk to him?”

Lauren got out her phone and called their mother before Lisa could react. She had it on speaker phone so both girls could hear the conversation.

“Mom? Hey, I’m at Lisa’s and we need Vi’s phone number. Can you get it for us?”

Lisa heard her mom tell Lauren to hold on and just seconds later she read off the number.

“Thanks, Mom. Oh, what’s her son’s name? You know, the computer whiz kid?”

Again, Lisa heard her mom saying, “Oh, um…gee. What is his name? It’s right on the tip of my tongue. Oh! Corey or Connor or something like that. I can ask Vi if you want.”

“No, that’s okay. We’ll give her a call and find out.”

Having watched Lauren get her heart broken and knowing Lisa was now having similar concerns, their mom had a pretty good idea what they were up to but didn’t ask.

Lauren thanked her and Lisa called out, “Thanks, Mom!” Both of them got a ‘you’re welcome’ and a quick ‘love you both!’ before the call ended.

“Here you go,” Lauren said as she texted Vi’s number to her.

“I gotta run, but let me know what happens, okay? Oh, and I’ve got a few bucks put aside if you need some help.”

“Um…no way,” Lisa said. “You have your own issues, and being single again I know money is one of them. No, thanks. I’m not taking yours. I appreciate the offer, but that’s not happening.”

“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t offer. And with the settlement I got, I think I can afford a few bucks to help out my baby sister,” Lauren said as she grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

“Did you know you’re the best sister ever?” Lisa asked her sister.

“Um…duh!” she said causing them both to laugh again.

They hugged one another goodbye and Lisa stood there thinking about her next move. How could it possibly hurt to just call and ask some questions? Satisfied the answer was that it couldn’t, she resolved to call this Connor/Corey kid the following morning.

For now, she got ready for bed knowing she’d be spending yet another lonely night all by herself in the king-sized bed she hadn’t had sex in in so long she didn’t want to think about it anymore that night. After laying in it wide awake mentally hashing it all out over and over again until nearly 2am, she finally dozed off.

Although she’d barely slept, Lisa was wide awake very early the next morning. As anxious as she was to make the call, she waited until a respectable 10am and then called Vi who was thrilled to hear from her.

“Oh, my goodness! Lisa? How are you? It’s been ages since we talked.”

“I know, Vi, and I feel terrible for calling when I need something, but well, I kind of need some help.”

Her mother wasn’t all that close with Vi anymore, and Lisa barely knew her from her childhood. She knew Vi had had a child a few years after the last time Lisa had seen her but she’d never seen her baby.

Lisa didn’t go into detail about her marital woes, and only gave Vi the basics.

“Collin will be happy to help. He’s looking at starting his own company in the near future,” Vi said without offering any details on what she meant and that was fine with Lisa.

Vi gave her Collin’s number and told her she thought he’d be in his office and available. She warned him he was always busy doing ‘computer stuff’ and might not answer his phone, but at this point he wasn’t working full time yet and would almost certainly be happy to help.

Lisa thanked her then took a deep breath and punched in Collin’s number. She laughed out loud when she pictured him in a tiny little room crammed with old computer parts sitting at a desk frantically tinkering away. His hair would be an uncombed mess on top of a thin face framed by black glasses—held together with tape, of course. His dingy shirt would have a mustard stain in the front and would be buttoned all the way to the top. Completing the classic geek look, he’d be sporting a pocket protector jammed with old-school mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens.

Lisa had forgotten to ask how old he was which really didn’t matter, but she was pretty sure he had to be out of high school by now at a minimum.

“Hello?” she heard a pleasant voice say after the third ring.


“That’s me,” he said cheerfully. “How are you, Lisa Kennedy?”

“Okay, how did you know my name when I block caller ID on my end?” she asked.

She heard a polite laugh before he said, “My mom told me you’d be calling. She texted me seconds after you hung up with her. Oh, and for the record, it’s very easy to defeat a caller-ID block so I had your name on my phone anyway. How may I help you?”

Lisa nearly laughed as she thought to herself, “Maybe he really is that good.”

She started out rather tentatively, and as he answered each of her questions very thoroughly and professionally, she canlı casino began opening up and providing details.

“Sure, I can help you out. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get answers to all of your questions. When can we meet?” he asked.

“Collin? I don’t have a lot of money so I was just doing some initial…”

“I won’t charge you,” he told her before she could finish. “I’m starting my own security company in a another month or so…knock on wood…so if you like my work, I’d only request you write a good review for me on Yelp and some other tech sites to help spread the word.”

“Seriously? That is so kind of you!” Lisa said. “Yeah, sure. I’ll be more than happy to do that.”

They agreed to meet at a Starbucks a few miles away at 11 o’clock when Lisa realized she had no idea how to recognize him so she shared that concern, too.

“I could tell you not to worry about that because I know what you like by having already found your photo ID on your driver’s license while we were talking, but rather than do that, I’ll send you my pic. Hold on.”

While she was waiting Lisa couldn’t help but ask, “Did you really see my driver’s license?”

She heard another polite laugh before he said, “No. I didn’t check. But I could have in a matter of seconds. The DMV’s security isn’t very sophisticated. They like to think it is, but I can get through everything they’ve got in short order and they’d never know I was there.”

There was a short pause before Collin said, “Okay, I just sent my pic.”

“Oh, wow. It’s already here,” Lisa said as she saw his text was waiting to be read. “I’ll meet you in an hour then, okay?”

“Sounds good,” he told her. “Oh, and the first cup of coffee’s on me.”

Before she could reply, he’d hung up.

She went to ‘messages’ and opened the one from his phone number and looked. And then she did a double take then looked again.

“Oh, my goodness!” she said as she stared at the handsome face in the pic. Collin Morgan was not only not a geek, he was as good looking a guy as anyone she’d ever seen and this was just a selfie he probably took right before sending it.

In the photo he sent he wore his sandy-blond hair rather short but it was very neatly combed. Strike one. It was thick and full and went quite well with his bright blue eyes and very handsome face. He had a square jaw that was masculine but not overpoweringly so. His face wasn’t thin, but it did look like it belonged to an athletic body and the image of a surfer ‘dude’ immediately popped into her head.

He was wearing a Henley shirt with three buttons and the top one was open so…strike two. Lastly, he had a killer smile with two incredibly cute dimples that kept her staring at his pic long after she should have stopped looking. Oh, and there was no pocket protector or even a pocket. Strike three.

“Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong, could you?” she said to herself as she finally put her phone away.

She laughed then said out loud, “I didn’t see that coming.”

It didn’t take long to get to the coffee shop and when she walked in Collin saw her before she saw him and stood up to greet her.

“Mrs. Kennedy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise,” she said extending her hand. She didn’t stare, but he was even nicer looking in person than his picture had led her to believe.

“Can I get you something?” he offered.

“A small coffee maybe? Black?”

“Coming right up.”

Moments later Collin handed her a cup then sat down and began nursing one of his own.

Before he could speak Lisa said, “I have to say I had a very different impression of who’d be meeting me.”

The younger man smiled and said, “I hope you weren’t disappointed. I’m sure I could scrounge up a pocket protecter somewhere if that would help.”

His comment nearly made her blush as she couldn’t help but wonder if he could also hack into her thoughts.

“That is what you were expecting, right?” he teased politely. “Pocket protector, old-school calculator. Maybe a pair of glasses with tape holding them together.”

“Well, kind of,” she found herself admitting as he ticked off most of the assumptions she’d wrongly made about him. “When you hear ‘computer whiz’ that’s what tends to come to mind, right?”

“I have to agree with you, because that’s what I tend to think, too. I guess I don’t really fit the stereotypical profile, but I have been called words like geek and nerd for as long as I can remember.”

He took a sip from his cup then told Lisa, “I took apart the first computer my mom ever bought and put it back together after replacing the motherboard and doubling the memory. I was fascinated by computer code and spent every free minute learning it. From that time on, I’ve been hooked.”

“So do you have an office crammed with computer parts?” she asked trying hard not to smile.

“I do have a small office, and it does have a lot of computing power, but there are no spare parts lying around,” he told her. “A good hacker can get by with a decent laptop, but as Tim the Tool Man Taylor used to say on Home Improvement, there’s nothing wrong with ‘more power’!”

This time Lisa couldn’t help but laugh as her dad used to imitate Tim Allen saying that very line from the TV show Collin had just mentioned.

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