Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 07

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Howdy, folks. The name is David Philemon. A big and tall, good-looking young man currently living in the great state of Massachusetts. I am getting ready to go meet some friends of mine for some fun. It’s going to be fun. Feel free to tag along if you want to. I take a look at myself in the mirror and I smile. I really like what I see. A sexy, chocolate-skinned stud muffin with the body of an Olympic athlete and the face of a model. Oh, and last but not least, the endowments of a porn star. Why do I say it? Simply because it must be said. Just ask any of the sexy ladies on my campus. They’ll tell you straight up that I can stand and deliver! Yeah, I’ve got it all. Follow me!

I walk through the busy Commonwealth Institute of Technology campus. It was around noon on a Friday. In early May. Everyone was leaving. I kept bumping into folks and I didn’t like it one bit. This place is so crowded it’s not even funny. Commonwealth Tech is the place I call home these days. Located in Chestnut Hill, a few miles from downtown Boston. The school is like a small city. There are thirty eight thousand students. We’re considered one of the best private schools in the country for engineering, computer science and various areas of technical education. Oh, and our sports teams aren’t bad either. Commonwealth Tech sponsors Men’s Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Pistol, Water Polo, Alpine Skiing, Archery, Bowling, Rifle and Rowing along with Women’s Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Equestrian, Archery, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Water Polo, Alpine Skiing, Bowling, Rifle and Rowing. We compete in the NCAA Division One.

I enrolled at Commonwealth Tech, majoring in civil engineering. This tale takes place near the end of my sophomore year. I’m originally from Georgia and I wanted badly to get into Georgia Tech but they wouldn’t have me. I don’t know why. I graduated among the top five percent of my class back in high school. With my six-foot-four, 260-pound build, I had schools all over the country practically drafting me into their football teams. To heck with Georgia Tech. I would find another school. And I did. The Commonwealth Institute of Technology was offering me a full student-athlete scholarship for Football. My parents, schoolteacher Jean-Michel Philemon and attorney Bernadine Theodule Philemon of Atlanta, Georgia, weren’t sure about my moving up north. It took a while for me to convince that it was the best thing for me. And so I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, into the Commonwealth Tech men’s dorms. Some people would think that I had it made. Life wasn’t easy for this collegiate black man. I was under a lot of scrutiny at my new school. Tons of rich brats from the Boston area make up most of my classes. They have it real easy. I mean, some of them own yachts and drive Hummers! I’m just a poor guy from Georgia trying to better himself through education. I worked hard in my classes and generally tried to keep a low profile. Tons of college football players appear in the news as of late and it’s usually not for something good. I want to play ball, get my degree and move on. No drama for me. Thank you very much.

Still, sometimes, a man had to unwind. I had these buddies of mine that I decided to meet for some fun. I went to meet them at their apartment. My buddy, Commonwealth Tech Men’s Wrestling team captain Miguel Fernando and his girlfriend Theresa Roberts wanted to have some fun with me and I was down with that. I soon arrived at Miguel’s dormitory, a big brownstone building that kind of looked ominous. Like a horror movie set. I pressed the button and after a gaziantep bayan escort minute, Miguel and his girl came to greet me. I looked at him and smiled. He grinned, and pulled me into a bear hug. His girlfriend kissed me on the cheek, and we went inside. I’ve known Miguel ever since Orientation Day last year. He’s a Junior who helped me out by showing me around the campus. Miguel is a six-foot-two, big and beefy, mustachioed Latino stud with long black hair, light bronze skin and the hairiest body I’d ever seen. He’s a hirsute man and proud of it. The look worked for him, though. He’s good-looking in his own way. And really cool to hang out with. I like him a lot. Never thought I’d tell him. Until the day he told me he was bisexual. That’s when I revealed myself to him. I was bisexual too. Miguel was pleasantly surprised. I thought we’d kick it for sure. Unfortunately, he was in love with someone else. A female athlete named Theresa Roberts. His current girlfriend, who was very accepting of his bisexuality.

The three of us sat in Miguel’s living room. They sat together on a big brown couch. I sat across from them, on a large futon. My buddy looked really hot in a bright blue T-shirt and black jeans. His lady looked equally alluring in a black halter top and shiny white pants. I met Theresa a while ago. This five-foot-eleven, voluptuous dame was something else. A mocha-skinned curvy gal of African-American and Latino descent. She was stacked, with the biggest tits I’d seen in ages. Her hips were wide and her booty was huge. We’re talking about more than fifty inches of big booty here. I’ve seen a lot of big butts growing up in Atlanta. Theresa was in a class by herself. And this big beautiful woman was pretty athletic too. She was the captain of the Commonwealth Tech Women’s Rugby team. A while ago, she competed for the all-new Commonwealth Tech Women’s Wrestling team in the 250-pound weight class. This big beautiful lady was no spring chicken, that’s for damn sure. I looked at the two of them nervously. How do we get this party started?

Fortunately for all involved, Theresa was more than ready to break the ice. She grabbed the remote and turned on the big screen TV. I felt a slight tremor in my spine when I saw what was playing on TV. There were two men and one woman on screen. The first man was slim and brown-skinned, with a shaved head. He lay on a bed while a slim, blonde-haired white woman and a big, muscular, red-haired white guy busied themselves sucking on his cock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Theresa looked at the screen and smiled naughtily. Then, she laid her hand on Miguel’s lap. He smiled, not minding at all as she unzipped his pants. Out came his dick. I watched the two of them, fascinated.

Theresa leaned over and began sucking on her boyfriend’s dick, right in front of me. She paused long enough to tell me to relax, and enjoy myself. I nodded, fascinated. As I watched the two of them, I found myself quite turned on. Without even realizing it, I found myself patting my erect dick through my pants. Oh, to hell with it. I unzipped my pants and out came my cock. Eight and a half inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. I pumped my hand up and down on my dick, watching as Theresa sucked Miguel like her life depended on it. Man, this chick really knew how to work a dick. Miguel winked at me as his girlfriend serviced him. I smiled nervously, and nodded. Theresa briefly stopped sucking Miguel and told me to come over. I didn’t need to be told twice. I wanted a closer look anyway. I stood two feet away from them, jerking off as I watched them do their thing. Theresa pulled me down and stopped sucking Miguel long enough to ask me to join in.

I hesitated. What did she mean by that? I looked at her, then focused my gaze on Miguel’s long and thick Latin dick. I must say, I wanted a taste of it. And so I got me some. I knelt beside Theresa and pressed my lips against Miguel’s cock. The Latino stud urged us on as we sucked his dick. The first thing I noticed was the smell of Miguel’s dick. His scent was strong and masculine. Also, his cock tasted quite different from any other I’d ever tasted. No two men taste or smell exactly alike. I gently stroked Miguel’s balls while sucking his dick. Theresa slid two fingers into his ass while sucking him. Judging by the way Miguel moaned in pleasure, he was no stranger to having his ass played with. Truth be told, neither was I. Theresa and I worked him over until he finally gave it up, coming all over our faces. We greedily sucked every last drop of his manly essence.

Next item on the list was Theresa getting serviced by both of us. She lay flat on the floor, her voluptuous body gorgeously nude and her thick legs spread. Her pussy was quite hairy. Hot damn. I watched Miguel as he knelt between her legs and went muff diving. He began licking his girlfriend’s pussy and probing her with his fingers. The sight of Miguel licking Theresa’s pussy was hot, though not as hot as the sight of his sexy ass. Sticking up in the air. Impulsively, I grabbed his ass. Yeah, I kind of have that tendency. Miguel briefly turned around, and told me he liked it.

I grinned. That’s just what I wanted to hear. I rubbed my hands all over Miguel’s ass. Gently, I spread his ass cheeks. He didn’t protest. I slid first one finger, then two into his bottom. His ass was wonderfully warm and tight, but not too tight. I liked the way it felt. My cock was hard and aching to go somewhere warm. Might as well be Miguel’s ass. I spread Miguel’s ass cheeks as wide as they could go and pressed my cock against his backdoor. With a swift thrust, I went inside. Miguel didn’t protest as I penetrated his ass. Good man. I put my hands on his hips and began pumping my cock into his ass. His body shook under the force of my thrusts, but they didn’t deter him from aggressively licking Theresa’s pussy like oral sex was going out of style.

I fucked Miguel’s tight ass, and it felt good. Man, I hadn’t gotten laid in a long time. So I rammed my dick into Miguel’s ass. From time to time he grunted or moaned, but otherwise took it like a champ. He was a power bottom all the way. He did ask me for a break, though. I understood, and slowly pulled out of him. Miguel was now thrusting his cock into Theresa’s pussy while I fucked him in the ass. Talk about kinky. We fucked like this for a while, and I got my nut, as they say. I came, flooding Miguel’s tight ass with my cum. He finally screamed as my cum flooded his ass. That didn’t stop him from hammering his girlfriend’s pussy like a battering ram, though. Theresa wrapped her arms around Miguel’s torso, pulling him to her as they made love. I must say they made a very loving, beautiful image. Slowly, I squeezed my dick out of Miguel’s ass and watched him and his girlfriend do their thing.

It was pretty hot, I must say. Yeah. Miguel fucked Theresa’s pussy until the big woman begged for mercy. Later, I realized, she was still not sated. Wow. She said she wanted to try something new, and left the room. Miguel and I looked at each other, and smiled. What did she have in mind? Theresa reappeared a minute later, a strap-on dildo attached to her hips. My eyes widened. Um, I seriously hope she doesn’t plan on using it on me. That thing was huge! As if reading my mind, Miguel smiled and told me that the dildo was for him. I stared at him, stunned. Good luck, amigo! I watched as he got on all fours and spread his ass cheeks. Clearly, he was no stranger to this sort of thing. Theresa laughed, and told me this was a routine thing they did in the bedroom.

With that, she took some lube and smeared it all over the dildo. The she applied the lube on Miguel’s ass. She positioned herself behind him and spread his ass cheeks. She pressed the dildo against his puckered butt hole, and gently eased it inside. I watched, fascinated. Theresa Roberts was one kinky chick! Placing her hands on Miguel’s hips, she began pumping the dildo into his ass. Miguel grimaced as she fucked him, but did not scream. Theresa seemed to really get into it. She pounded his ass with ‘her dick’. It was pretty hot, though not my cup of tea. I prefer the real thing, in any event. Theresa briefly looked at me, saw my erect dick and licked her lips. Then, she uttered a request. I blinked. What? She repeated it. Apparently, I had heard right. This big beautiful woman with the ghetto booty from hell wanted me to fuck her. In the ass. Surprisingly, I was okay with that.

Theresa tossed me the nearly depleted can of lube, and I made good use of what was left of it. I lubed up my dick, then came up behind her. I spread her plump ass cheeks and smeared some lube all around her booty hole. Then, I pressed my dick against her asshole, took a deep breath, and pushed it inside. The first thing I noticed was how warm and tight Theresa’s asshole felt around my dick. Truth be told, I’ve never fucked a woman in the ass before. I’ve fucked a lot of guys, and a few have fucked me. This, however, was a first. I took time to savor the moment. Theresa groaned as I penetrated her ass. She continued ramming her dildo into Miguel’s ass. The big Latino stud was screaming as his ass got pounded. She laughed as she made him scream. I don’t know why, but this really ticked me off. Time for Theresa to find out what it’s like to get fucked in the ass. Mercilessly, I rammed my dick as far as it would go up her ass…and heard her earth-shattering scream of protest. I must say, it was music to those ears of mine.

I laughed as I slammed my dick into Theresa’s booty hole. She was whistling a whole different tune now. I dug my fingers into the flesh of her hips as I fucked her. She squealed and told me I was splitting her ass in two. I plunged my cock into her forbidden depths of her ass, going balls deep, as they say. Theresa’s screams changed in tone, and gradually she got used to it. Her asshole, which was surprisingly elastic, began to relax. She began to enjoy herself. Clearly, she was no stranger to anal sex, though dicks like mine didn’t come around too often. We settled into a nice, easy rhythm. I fucked her slowly and steadily, and in turn, she did the same to Miguel. His screams of pain had turned into groans of pleasure. We went at it until I came for the second time that night. I will never forget Theresa’s scream as my cum flooded her booty. Man, that woman could scream loud enough to break an office building. I couldn’t believe it. Slowly, I pulled out of her. And she pulled out of a very relieved Miguel. The three of us lay on the carpeted floor, sore, covered with bodily fluids, but undoubtedly feeling very much alive.

And this, folks, is how it all began. Miguel, Theresa and I officially formed a secret society. What do we do? Oh, you know. The usual. We hang out. We have fun. We go to the movies together. We chill. And when we feel like it, we get down and dirty. Having raunchy fun that could make the Devil himself blush. Yeah, we got it like that. I no longer feel alone or bored on campus. Not with friends like these. Anyhow, it’s been real. Thanks for sticking around long enough to hear the tale. I’ve to go. Got places to be, things to do and people to see. Just promise me you’ll remember the name. peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Annette sat alone at one end of the wobbly barroom table, wondering how she had let herself get talked into coming here. She didn’t like noisy drunks, and she didn’t like loud music. She didn’t like alcohol, and she didn’t like being flirted with by drooling morons. She didn’t like her sister’s friends, and, though she tried not to admit it, she didn’t like her sister much either. She thought the feelings were mutual.

Her mistake tonight had been in agreeing to give Michelle a ride home after work. She should have known her sister would never settle for going straight home–she always stopped somewhere to get plowed first. Sure enough, the minute she hopped into the car, Michelle had started in on her: “The girls are heading over to Pokey’s,” she said. “It’s two for one night. What do you think? Just a quick one?”

“I’d rather not,” Annette had said. “I have to be to work early.”

Michelle had rolled her eyes. “You always have to be to work early. You ought to let yourself have some fun for a change. Besides, we haven’t talked in ages.”

So Annette had let herself be played, thinking she owed it to her sister to make the effort, and now she was stuck. She wasn’t having any fun, and she certainly wasn’t talking to Michelle. In fact, Michelle was ignoring her, holding court with her friends while Annette sat alone with a drink she hadn’t asked for. Whatever it was they had put in her glass tasted awful, but she was drinking it because it gave her something to do.

Though they were sisters, Michelle and herself had little in common. Michelle was wild; a party girl who played men against each other and seldom slept at home on the weekend. Annette, on the other hand, lived by the rules. The only time she was away from home on the weekends was when she agreed to work extra hours at the Wal-Mart. She didn’t drink (although she was tonight), and she had never dated.

Not to say that she didn’t want to date, or that she never thought about sex. She really wanted to meet the man who would sweep her off her feet and make her his bride. She often fantasized about her wedding night, and what it would be like to have a man touch her in that way. She thought she would be a very sexual person, given the chance.

It wasn’t her looks that kept her lonely. Annette was a classic blonde beauty, with naturally wavy hair and a long supple form. She had developed young, and was aware that men sometimes stared at her. But she wanted to be appreciated for her mind, not her body, so she tended to dress in ways that minimized her figure. Today she was wearing a modest skirt/sweater combo in red and black that was too warm for the thick smoky atmosphere of the bar.

One of the girls came back with more alcohol. Annette had already accepted a second drink on the rationale that it was two for one night–now here was a third.

What the hell, she thought, seeing that Michelle was starting in on another pitcher of beer. I’m not going anywhere for a while anyway.

Annette’s eyes wandered as she sipped at the tall drink. At the end of the bar a raucous bunch of men–rednecks from the local foundry–were gathered around a small television set. Apparently they had put a porn tape in the VCR. The filthy, muscular men were watching some half naked woman crawl around on a dirty floor doing disgusting things. Annette turned away.

What a delightful place her sister chose to hang out at.

The sounds of the conversation Michelle was engaged in drifted to her ears as the girls talked over the country music. “It’s called a gloryhole,” one of them was saying. “They cut out a small hole in the side of a bathroom stall or something, and you’re supposed to suck his cock off through it.”

They all laughed. Annette took a swallow of her drink and sighed, finding their talk distasteful, but at the same time envying their casual regard for sex. She had never seen a man’s organ, but thought that when she did it would be in her marriage bed. The moment would be intimate and solemn–not part of some cheap thrill.

If it ever happens at all, she thought. She sometimes wondered if she would ever connect with a man.

Annette was feeling a numb tingling in her legs. She thought she had been sitting too long. She finished off her latest drink and stood carefully, wanting to find the ladies room. She was puzzled at the way the room swam when she moved, and wondered if it was the alcohol.

A sign said the restrooms were in the basement. Not a good indication as to the cleanliness, Annette thought. She had to steady herself as she walked down the stairs.

Actually the facilities were fine once she found them, but there was something odd about the ladies room.

Originally there had been three toilet stalls, but now there were only two. The door was off the center stall, and the toilet was missing. The drain in the floor had been capped. At the back of that stall, looking oddly out of place, another door had been cut and roughly installed.

Annette gaziantep bayan escort sat on a stool in one of the intact stalls and peed, curious about the anomaly. If she understood the layout of the building, the other side of that wall would be the men’s room. What was the purpose…?

She straightened up her dress and came out of the stall. She glanced at the odd door again after washing her hands. She stepped close to it and listened, hearing nothing. Feeling suddenly adventurous, maybe from the strong drink, she stepped forward and quietly pushed the door open far enough to see inside.

It was like stepping through a looking glass. She was standing at the back of another converted toilet stall. This time the toilet was still in place, and she was standing behind it. The front and side walls were made of plywood which stretched from the floor to the ceiling, so she could not see beyond, into the rest of the men’s room.

It was an odd set-up. There were three circular holes cut into the thin plywood walls, each about four inches in diameter, roughly three feet off the ground. One hole in the center of each side wall, and one directly in front.

She decided to look through one of the holes.

As Annette stepped forward into the stall, the door behind her swung shut. Distantly, she heard a buzzer go off, and was puzzled at that.

Suddenly Annette heard activity outside her stall. The outer door opened with a squeak, and someone entered the room. She heard heavy footfalls.

A shadow covered the hole in the front wall. Mortified that she might be heard, Annette stood perfectly still.

She heard the sound of a zipper, and held her breath as a flaccid, snake-like object slithered in through the hole, the drooped head of it flopping against the painted wall.

A penis. A large man’s veined, purplish penis. She’d never seen one before, but that’s what it was.

Annette swallowed as she remembered the words she’d heard spoken upstairs. “…they cut a hole in the wall, and you’re supposed to…”

Oh, Lord.

Maybe he’d just give up and go away if she stood still long enough. Whomever might be behind that wall, he couldn’t reach her, couldn’t see her.

In fact, she wasn’t really in the presence of a man at all.

It was just her and the penis.

It must have been the alcohol, but she almost giggled.

The body pressed against the wood shifted. The fleshy tube swayed a little, like a pendulum. Annette wondered if it was warm…

Michelle would probably do it, she thought.

Stepping closer, Annette sat gingerly on the end of the stool. Close up, the male organ looked huge. Gingerly, she picked it up and dropped it into the palm of her right hand.

Even that little contact stirred the male on the other side of the wall. She heard his intake of breath. The penis twitched and began to come alive. It started to fill out, and even lengthen. It was almost six inches long to begin with; how large was it going to get?

Her hand wrapped itself around the growing organ. It felt right to grip it, as if the act answered some need in her. She pulled on it gently, in an experimental sort of way.

Of course she wasn’t going to do the rest of it…was she?

Annette’s head was swimming. The heat in her blood and the alcohol were directing her actions more than common sense was. She resented the little voice in her mind that told her she was heading into trouble. It never seemed to shut up.

Leaning forward, Annette brought the organ right up to her face. She smelled the male musk and viewed the taut, rubbery texture of the head up close. It had a tiny slit at the end of it.

Annette touched the area around the little hole with her tongue.

There was a moan from behind the wall.

With just that brief contact, Annette realized, she had made a man feel good–had made him want her. The cock in her hand was at full mast now, so rigid she was able to let go of it, and it continued to stare straight at her.

She licked at it again, and liked it. She was beginning to realize why oral sex was so popular. It made her feel powerful to be able to bring a man to this state. The well-hung stranger was pressing himself into the wall, desperate for more of what she was doling out.

Annette decided she was not going to disappoint. She slid all the way forward off the stool and onto her knees. She placed her hands against the wall on either side of the gloryhole and eagerly impaled her own head on the fleshy stake that awaited her pleasure. She forced her face down onto it until the width of it stretched her lips wide and it popped into the wet cavern of her mouth.

The taste was fine. It made her mouth water. She pulled back a little and slid forward again, taking more of it this time. She bobbed her head up and down until she’d coated the organ with sufficient saliva to let it move smoothly in and out, all the way to the back of her throat. She bathed the rigid cock with her mouth, sucking at it gently as she pulled back, then plunging forward again. It was like fucking, but with her mouth. She was letting him fuck her mouth. She moved faster and faster, taking one hand free from the wall to reach under her skirt, because this act was stimulating her. She massaged her own aching sex organs through her underpants until she was wet enough to pull the crotch aside and stick her fingers in.

Annette was thoroughly aroused. She was in heat to the point that she was actually considering pulling off her panties. But the frantic thrusts against the wall of her male counterpart were demanding she focus, just to keep her mouth seated around his bucking cock.

She liked the wildness. She pursed her lips harder to give him more friction, and she rode him, all the while frantically stroking her own swollen, sticky cunt.

There is one reward for a good blow-job, and Annette earned hers now. She heard a moan, and at first she didn’t know what was happening as a gush of warmth ran down her throat, causing her to quickly swallow. Was it saliva? But a second stream escaped into her mouth, and the salty taste of it let her know…

Cumming! He’s cumming! Oh my God, I did it! I sucked a guy off through a gloryhole…

And then he wasn’t the only one cumming. Annette had an orgasm herself, her tight pussy spasming around her middle finger while the cock in her mouth spat out its goo. She swallowed eagerly, accepting the whole load, and continued to suck while the organ deflated slowly. She didn’t want to lose it while she was still in orgasm. She didn’t want to be alone again.

She needn’t have worried. Even as the man she’d just satisfied pulled out, Annette felt something pressing against her left hand–the one she was using to steady herself against the wall. Another male organ had been inserted through the hole on that side of the stall.

This time the cock that stared her in the face was a black one–a big black one that was already halfway hard. Annette didn’t know any black people, and was intimidated at the thought that she was kneeling in front of some huge black stranger right now. Still, he was hard and he was warm, and he wanted some of what she was giving out.

She grasped the organ without hesitation and began to stroke it. Her own orgasm was subsiding, but who was to say she couldn’t have another? She pivoted on her knees and brought this new plaything to her face, rubbing it against her cheeks and teasing it with her tongue.

She wanted more contact with this magnificent piece of a man–as much as she could get. She tugged one strap of her dress over her shoulder, yanked down her bra, and rubbed her bare right tit against the straining purple cock head. Her nipple was as erect as it was.

She did not want her mouth to remain empty. She much preferred it full. So she bent and engulfed what she could of this healthy black stud.

Only to see out of the corner of her eye that another penis–another cock–had replaced the first one in the center hole.

Annette grabbed for this smaller, white organ as well. She could only suck one man at a time, but she could hold it in her hand, get it hot and aroused.

She had trouble getting more than just the head of the black cock into her mouth. It was swelling to unbelievable proportions. She thought about all the times she had seen men and wondered what they had in their pants. She couldn’t figure how anyone could walk around with such an item as this and not have it show.

The problem of handling two penises at once–two men at once, she realized dizzily–was that she was no longer able to touch herself–not if she wanted to keep her balance. All this sucking and stroking was arousing a great need in her loins, and she could do nothing for it. She was sure she could make herself cum explosively, if only she could massage her pussy.

But the men were demanding. She forced herself down on the one and held the other tightly.

Hearing a rustling, she glanced around and saw that the hole directly behind her had been taken.

How many men are out there? She wondered.

She was still concentrating on eating the black rod to the left when the other cock, the one she was tugging on with her hand, shot off unexpectedly. She watched, fascinated, as it sprayed like a garden sprinkler, all over her arm. This was her first time seeing what male cum looked like, as it dribbled down her forearm.

At least this frees up one hand for a minute, she thought. Like a woman possessed, keeping her face locked onto her main customer, she pulled up her skirt and yanked down her panties. She rubbed her cum-coated arm into her wet crotch, and furiously fingered herself for a couple delicious minutes, bringing herself to the brink of what would have to be the greatest orgasm ever. But she couldn’t quite get over the edge, and she was forced to stop when she sensed the unserviced cocks around her getting restless.

The newest member of the get-me-off club, the one opposite the black man, was waiting for attention. She didn’t want him to lose patience and go away. She gave him a few strokes with her sticky hand.

Annette was in a drunken sexual frenzy.

Hoping the rock-hard ebony prick she had been nursing would wait for her, she released it for a moment and stood up. Working as quickly as she could, she stripped herself of her dress and underthings, leaving herself naked but for her shoes and jewelry. She pressed her body into the wall, grabbed the saliva coated rod she had been blowing moments before, and wedged it between her legs. She held it there, rubbing it against her clit again and again, hearing panting and pushing as she drove herself and the man she did not know close to cumming.

She wanted desperately to press the organ into her hole. She wanted to give it her virginity, make a woman out of herself right then and there. She arched her back and tried to swallow it with her cunt, but the angle was wrong, and she got just the head of it into her tunnel before it slipped back out. The man orgasmed during these ministrations, and his cum drenched her thighs. Panting, she let him go.

If she couldn’t have a cock deep inside her this way, she’d have to settle for the other. Turning, she prepared to select another juicy rod for her mouth.

And was stopped cold.

Sticking through the other side hole was a monster. Seven or eight inches long, and still flaccid, hanging against the wall.

She didn’t know who it belonged to, but she knew she had found the tool she needed.

It had to be hard, of course, if she was going to get it through her hymen and inside her where it belonged. She dropped down to make this happen, taking what she could of the warm snake into her mouth. It grew as she nursed it, until it stuck straight out, arching up like a huge meat hook.

Annette turned to face away. She bent deeply at the waist, raising up on her toes a little, and backing onto the now ten inch spigot.

In front of her another anonymous organ waited. She took this in her mouth as a way of stifling any screams that might come as a result of her deflowering.

The organ behind her started into her hole, stretching her, filling her. It encountered the flower of her virginity, and stopped. Annette savored the gentle pressure against that sensitive barrier. There was still several inches of cock between her cunt and the restroom wall.

She placed her hands against the wall in front of her, and she pushed.

“Oh Gawd, yesss!”

The exclamation wasn’t from her, but from the lucky fucker on the other side of the wall. Annette was breathing hard around the stiff dick in her mouth, but was otherwise quiet, only living the experience of pleasure and pain as something deep inside her tore apart, and she felt herself taken and filled.

Her eyes rolled upward with pleasure.

That’s when she saw the video camera.

There was a camera mounted at the top of the cubical, looking down.

Suddenly Annette realized–those men in the bar upstairs hadn’t been watching a porn tape. They had been watching the action going on down here.

And now they were watching her…


There weren’t so many foundry workers clustered around the television at the end of the bar anymore. Most of them had gone downstairs. One of the few remaining called over to the ladies’ table. “You girls ought to see this,” he said.

“Yeah, right,” Michelle said, knowing all about the set-up in the basement. She’d almost been talked into it once by a boyfriend, until she found out about the camera. “We really want to see some whore going down on you limp dicks.”

The man laughed. “No, really. This whore was sitting at your table a while ago.”

Michelle bolted upright. Where is Annette?

It couldn’t be Annette. Annette had gotten disgusted and gone home half an hour ago.

Hadn’t she?

But there was her coat.

“Oh my God.”

Michelle jumped up, pushed her way close to the television.

There was Annette, naked for all to see, speared like a pig on a spit, with a cock in her mouth and another behind her. Her skin, pale because she was too shy to lay out and tan, glistened with gobs and gobs of male cum. Her hair was matted and her breasts flopped this way and that…

“Oh my God…!” was all Michelle could say.


Annette couldn’t stop. She was mortified about the camera, and knew she would never live this down, but she couldn’t stop.

She was being fucked, for God’s sake. Fucked!

Nothing she’d ever felt, not even the time she snuck her sister’s vibrator and had it all the way up inside her, compared to it. It was the most satisfying, complete experience of her life, and…and…

“Oh, shit I’m going to cummm!” she squealed, pulling away from the cock in her mouth and speaking into it like a microphone. It spewed a load of thick cream just as she did, and she took it all over her face, delighting in the cum bath. The more she could get the better.

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Cat, Chris and Amy

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It was Friday afternoon. I sat at my desk staring at my computer screen, trying very, very hard to concentrate on the report I was supposed to be writing. Half past three. Time had slowed almost to a halt; every passing second seemed to take an age. But then I realised there were only two and a half hours to go – and all of a sudden time was going way, way faster than I could cope with.

I went to make myself a mug of coffee. Anything just to occupy the head and the hands. By four o’clock I had given up on the report, knowing I could catch up with it on Monday morning. I sat playing PC solitaire with one half of my brain, while the other half was racing with all sorts of distracting thoughts. Time was still going both way too slowly and way too quickly.

I took some long, slow, deep breaths. Tried to collect myself, slow down the trickle of adrenaline that was keeping me on edge. Why was I so nervy? Was it fear, or was it excited anticipation? It felt like both…

4.30 p.m.

I went to the bathroom. Locked myself into a cubicle and ran my hand slowly from knee to thigh, pulling up my skirt as I went. Trying to imagine how I would feel to someone else. Fine, silky nylon, ending just below my crotch…I traced the edge until I got to the stretched curve where the stocking was attached to the suspender. Ran my finger-tip over the button there. Slowly, with an odd little thrill, I moved my fingers to the thin silk of the g-string that covered my pubic mound. I’d shaved that morning and I enjoyed how soft the skin felt through the silk. The thought of someone else’s fingers there…I pulled the g-string to one side and looked at myself – smooth, soft, pale skin and, obscenely, a hard, dark pink clitoris poking right out in clear view. I wanted to touch it but I pushed my hands up inside my shirt instead, brushing the sensitive tips of my nipples through the silk of my bra … ENOUGH. With a shudder and a grin I put my clothes back where they should be and walked back to my desk. And found my boss, David, waiting for me there, perched on the edge of the desk. I felt myself blush as I sat in my chair, a foot away from him. Surely he would be able to smell my arousal? I couldn’t look him in the eye. I realised he could see down the open neck of my shirt. Blushed again.

“How can I help, David?”

I did it. I looked him in the eye and any doubts vanished – he could smell me. I took a deep breath and faced it out. Had the conversation. He wanted to set up a meeting for next week and was checking when I was available. Easy. I waited for him to go. He didn’t go. Just sat there looking knowing and friendly.

“Look, it’s nearly 5 … do you fancy a quick drink? I’m meeting someone at 6 and I don’t fancy hanging around here …”

David thought that was a fine idea and we made our way to the pub on the corner. A gin & tonic and a chat about the new trainee, and the butterflies in my stomach started to calm down a little. Just as I started to relax, David asked who I was meeting at 6. My husband, Chris. Yes, going for a meal … and then maybe to a bar … just saying it got me all nervy again. And very conscious of the thin layer of silk separating my clitoris from the outside world … for just one split second I wanted to ask David to come with me into the ladies’ and finger me until I came. And then I regained my senses … I just had to hold on for a few hours now …

All too soon it was 5.45. Time to go to the hotel bar. I wished David a good weekend and took off. The cold November air felt very odd through the damp silk of my g-string.

The brisk walk though the city streets sobered me up. I reminded myself over and over that Chris had given me a no-strings get-out. There was no obligation on me – at any point. That thought did comfort and calm me. And as I approached the brightly-lit bar in the darkness and saw Chris sitting with a glass of wine, absent-mindedly running his finger up and down the stem of the glass while he stared distractedly at the label on the bottle, his thoughts clearly elsewhere, I realised I was a lot less scared than I thought I was.

He stood up when he saw me coming towards him. Something half-way between a grin and a leer on his face. Kissed me gently and whispered in my ear “You look beautiful… and you smell like sex”. Quickly, I slipped my hand down to the front of his trousers and felt the thick, half-hard, heavy cock there. Felt a sudden awareness of my clitoris again. We sat down and grinned at each other. He poured me a glass of wine and, wordlessly, knowingly, we clinked glasses and drank. We sat for a long time, not talking, just collecting our thoughts and looking at each other … then Chris asked how I was feeling. I told him – nervy, but not in a bad way … distracted … horny … He gave me a smile that was so lecherous it took my breath away.

He ordered some food and we moved to one of the booths where the tables were set for dinner. I sat in the corner and was surprised when Chris sat next to me instead of opposite me. Suddenly very nervous again, I rested my head on his shoulder for a second … and felt his hand, out of nowhere, on the inside of my knee, gaziantep bayan escort moving upwards to the warm skin where the stocking ended. In a low, smiling voice, he murmured “Stockings, eh?” – and at that moment the food arrived and his hand withdrew. One of those big plates of things to share, and we both made a good attempt at it, knowing that even though nerves and excitement made eating difficult, it was going to be a long evening. Possibly very long …

Feeling like clueless teenagers, we’d spent the previous weekend searching the internet and local listings magazines for suitable bars and clubs. We’d found two, one a ten-minute walk from the other, that looked as though they might be what we were looking for. We’d booked a room in a hotel that was close to both bars. Now we went up to the room and shut the door. Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. Kissed my neck and whispered “Baby, you can say no at any point. You know I love you”. In response I moved my hand over the outline of his hard cock and kissed his throat. I moved over to the bed and bent over, my weight on my hands, and looked over my shoulder at Chris. He grinned and walked up behind me. Slipped my skirt up and over my hips and ran his hands up the backs of my thighs. I was just about to stand up when I felt his thumbs being hooked through the sides of my g-string. Surprised, I let him pull it down and I stepped out of it. He held it up in front of my face … “This isn’t very clean is it, after what you’ve been thinking about all day? I thought that might happen, so I went shopping at lunchtime”. I stood up and turned to see him get a bag out of his briefcase. He pulled out a g-string made of very fine, open black lace, and handed it to me, told me to step into it but not pull it up. I did as he said and waited. He dropped to his knees in front of me and looked me in the eye. “I think I need to clean you up …” and his mouth was on me, licking inside and around my wet cunt, avoiding my clit. He licked just enough to clean me up and then he pulled something else out of the bag … oh Christ … it was one of those love-egg things … I didn’t even get a good look at it … he quickly pushed it into my slick hole. It felt cool inside my hot cunt. It made me feel sluttish. Once again he licked me clean, not touching my clit … then he pulled up the new g-string and led me to the mirror, where I could see just how clearly my fat, swollen clit was visible through the open lace-work.

I could see how turned on Chris was – his cock was straining hard under his clothes … and then I looked up to see a black lace bra in his hand. He handed it to me and told me to put it on. I took off my shirt and bra and put on the lace bra … it pushed my breasts upwards, made them very round … and ended just below the nipple. I looked down at myself and saw the stiff nipples standing out, nothing to cover them … I was about to brush a nipple with my fingers when Chris told me to leave that for later and to put my shirt back on. As I buttoned it up, he said “Stop there”. I looked at him, unsure – I’d only buttoned it as far as the bottom of the bra … people would be able to see what sort of bra I was wearing if they happened to see me from the right angle … Chris told me I didn’t need any more buttons to be done up. I took a deep breath and chose to trust him on the point.

He held up my coat for me. That time already? Another deep breath and my coat was on and we were out of the room and walking to the lift. Chris turned and said “You choose – The Lounge or Sammy’s?” We might as well have flipped a coin – we had no way of judging which was the right place to go. I chose The Lounge.

Ten minutes in the November evening air, this time feeling the icy air pricking at my clit directly, through the holes in the lace, and I felt slightly more in control of my nerves. The egg in me felt good; I could feel it shifting slightly inside me with every step.

I felt a sudden wave of nervous nausea when I realised we were standing outside The Lounge. Chris put a warm, comforting arm around my shoulders and together we walked into the doorway and down the stairs that led to the basement bar. I had no idea what to expect. This place had no website. Just a few entries in listings magazines. It called itself a bar for bisexual women, “men welcome”. The thought was suddenly terrifying. I had never touched a woman and was, at best, “bi-curious”. I suddenly felt I was being hurled in at the deep end … we turned a corner at the bottom of the staircase and walked into the bar, and within a few seconds I felt much, much happier. The bar was relaxed, not too crowded. The music was down and dirty delta blues – not too quiet and not too loud … The people – mostly women, but a few men – looked normal and friendly, chatting quietly at the tables while a few danced on the small, dimly-lit dance-floor to one side of the bar.

Chris motioned to me to sit at a table for four next to the dance-floor, and went to the bar. Came back with a bottle of wine and four glasses … silently, knowingly, we again clinked glasses. I took a big sip and a deep breath and Chris smiled and affectionately stroked my cheek. I saw the love in his eyes and felt a wave of warmth and calm wash over me.

It was still early and over the course of the next hour, as more people trickled in, Chris and I sat together at the table, watching and commenting to each other. Two or three times, I spotted a woman who looked like Chris’s “type”, and turned to ask him if he found her attractive. Each time he just reminded me that we were looking for someone that I found attractive. I apologised to him, realising I hadn’t yet seen a woman I was attracted to. He just grinned and said nothing was or would be a problem. I tried to relax again.

The bar got busier, the music got a little louder, and somehow everyone’s inhibitions seemed to be getting ever so slightly less rigid. I found myself watching a pair of long-haired women nuzzling each others’ necks as they danced near the bar. They looked pretty lost in each other and I realised I was getting lost in watching them. I turned to look at Chris and found him staring at me, smiling. He was watching me watching them. “I’d love to see you dancing like that …” he said, and at the same time I felt the egg start to vibrate slowly inside me. I turned to Chris, wide-eyed, and he opened his hand briefly, showing me the remote control in his palm. Something changed at that point. Although Chris had quickly turned off the vibrations, he had given me a hint of what he could do. And right there and then I wanted him to make me come. Sitting in that bar. I wanted him to use his remote to make me come while I watched the women dance. I was acutely aware of my nipples, naked under the woven silk shirt…could they be seen by anyone other than Chris?

As those thoughts were making me shift in my seat, I realised I was now staring at a woman who was at the bar, chatting to the barmaid. She was dressed a lot like me – fitted knee-length skirt, open-necked shirt, high heels … her dark hair was cut in a short, sharp bob. I found my eyes returning to her body and the way her curves moved under her clothes as she shifted her weight from one long leg to the other. Chris’s voice in my ear – “Why don’t you ask her to dance?” The idea both terrified me and made my stomach lurch with sexual anticipation. “Pour me another drink first,” I said, “I need to think about it first”.

As Chris poured me a glass of wine, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Pulled my g-string down, saw how wet the lace was…managed not to touch my clit, but couldn’t resist stroking my nipples through the rough silk. I came out of the cubicle and looked back to see two women in the next cubicle, the door open, kissing. One of them had her hand on the other’s breast and was pinching the nipple through her clothes. The other smiled at me and threw her head back. I felt my clit swelling again. I washed my hands slowly, looking into the mirror, partly at the two women (who now seemed oblivious to me again) and partly at myself. I looked myself in the eye and made my decision. I took a deep breath.

I opened the bathroom door and saw both Chris at our table and the woman still at the bar. Not even looking at Chris I strode across to the bar, touched the woman on the shoulder and said “If you’d like a seat, there’s room at our table”. I gestured towards Chris. The woman looked over to him, then turned to me and, with a sweet, good-natured smile, she said “My name’s Amy” and walked with me towards our table.

“Amy, this is my husband Chris. I’m Cat. I’m glad you decided to join us.”

Chris stood up and shook Amy’s hand. She gave him a smile and sat next to me, opposite Chris. We chatted easily for a while. All very mundane and normal – what we did for a living, where we lived, the weather … the usual. I started to feel really comfortable with Amy; she seemed a very warm and relaxed person. I turned from saying something to Chris and found Amy’s eyes on the place where Chris had told me to stop buttoning my shirt…then she looked me in the eye and smiled and there was something in her smile that made me reach over and touch her gently behind her ear. I saw her take a sharp little inward breath and then she smiled again. As I pulled my hand away I felt the egg start to vibrate again. Just gently, slowly. Making me very aware of my cunt as I looked Amy in the eye and asked her if she would like to dance. She smiled again and, as we stood up and I leaned over to kiss Chris on the cheek, I whispered to him, asking him to turn the vibrations off. But he grinned and didn’t turn them off. He turned them up a notch. He whispered back to me – “This thing has a range that covers the dance-floor”. As I walked, hand in hand with Amy, towards the dance-floor, I felt a trickle of wetness escape the thin lace and roll an inch or two down my inner thigh.

The music was slow, hip-grinding, dirty blues. Amy pulled me into her, with one hand on the small of my back, and we started swaying to the music. It felt odd, another woman’s curves against mine – so completely different from everything I was used to. I turned my face into Amy’s neck and she smelled of Coco de Chanel and sex. As Amy’s hand moved from the small of my back to my buttock, and as it pulled me in closer to her, I felt the egg start to vibrate faster. I looked over Amy’s shoulder at Chris, who was looking me right in the eye. His eyes were heavy with that aroused, lecherous look I love in him. I held his eye while I pointedly moved my hands to Amy’s buttocks and he slowed the vibrations. But he didn’t stop them. My cunt was getting to be pretty much the only thing I could think about and I turned my face to Amy’s and kissed her.

I’d already put my mouth to hers before I’d had time to stop and ask myself whether I really wanted to kiss a woman. For a split second as our lips touched I heard my inner voice say “Hang on a second here …” and then my inner voice shut up as I felt the softness of a woman’s mouth gently moving over my lips … before she pulled her mouth away she ran her tongue lightly over my lower lip and for a second I felt so incredibly turned on that my knees actually went weak. I whispered to Amy that I needed to sit down and we walked, hand in hand, back to the table. Chris watched us coming back and took pity on me and turned the vibrations off. I took a slug of wine and a deep breath. We chatted about nothing much for a while and I felt a sense of control returning. I was still achingly horny, but not in any imminent danger of coming. Amy went to get another bottle of wine. When she was gone, Chris leaned across the table, took my hand in his and told me that watching me like that with another woman had made his cock very hard. Hearing that made me shift in my seat. When Amy came back I asked her to dance again. She smiled and we went back to the dance-floor.

This time it wasn’t so restrained. I felt one hand on my buttock and another on the small of my back. I put my arms around Amy’s neck and let her pull me into her. I found myself grinding against her and suddenly my inner voice said “What the fuck!” and I pulled her face to mine and kissed her with real desire. As she kissed me back, teasing me again with her tongue, I let my hand drop slowly from her face, tracing a line down her throat, to her breast. I dragged my finger over her bra-clad nipple and felt her tongue in my mouth.

I whispered it in her ear. “Would you like to dance with Chris?” In response she grazed the side of my neck with her lips and murmured “Yes, please …”

I had a sudden flash of doubt. The thought of Chris even dancing with another woman … I still wasn’t sure whether I could deal with that. Another deep breath and I told myself there was only one way to find out.

Amy and I went back to the table and sat down. Amy turned to Chris and with an intimate smile she asked him to dance. Chris flashed me a wicked smile and took Amy’s hand and led her to the dance-floor. As I watched them walk away I did have a little flash of jealousy. I took a sip of wine and reminded myself yet again that I could put a stop to things at any time.

Chris and Amy swayed to the music, his hands loosely linked behind her waist, hers on his shoulders. I watched, sipping wine, and with a sudden rush of arousal I realised I was willing them to get closer to each other. I wanted to see Chris’s hands on her hips, see him kiss her neck … it hadn’t occurred to me before that moment, but the thought of watching Chris working his magic on another woman was really turning me on – it was almost like observing the way he worked on me …

Chris and Amy were talking while they danced, smiling. They were still talking when Amy moved a hand behind Chris’s head, pulled him down to her and kissed his mouth. He prolonged the kiss, moving one hand lower and pulling her in. I knew that this might have been a point at which I’d feel dreadful and have to put a stop to things. But I didn’t. I just felt very turned on by the sight. I realised my clit was actually throbbing.

Pretty soon – too soon – the music changed and they came back to the table. Chris leaned over and kissed me deep on the mouth. He sat back, smiled and started the egg vibrating again. That was too much. I was horny as hell and I didn’t want to be pushed over the edge. Not yet, anyway. I asked Chris PLEASE to turn the egg off, which he did, and I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Caught sight of myself in the mirror – flushed cheeks and a flushed area at the base of my throat. Dirty slut. I went into a cubicle and pulled the egg out. It was slick and hot. I touched my tongue to it, trying to imagine what Amy tasted like, still not sure whether I would be able to handle the taste and feel of another woman’s cunt … I wiped the egg clean. Slipped it into my bag. In front of the mirror I straightened my clothes. My nipples looked obscene, poking into the weave of the shirt. I smiled and couldn’t resist cupping my own breasts – just as the bathroom door opened. It was Amy. She looked at me and quickly ran her fingers over her own breasts. She looked very horny, very heavy-eyed. Chris must have been working on her while I was in here. Silently she took my hand and led me into a corner of the room. Gently pressed me against the wall and kissed my throat while she ran a thumb back and forth across my hard nipple. I couldn’t believe how good that felt and, as I willed my legs not to buckle, she pulled back and I felt her fingers on my stocking, just above the knee …

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Gillian Joins the Club Ch. 02

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A House in the Country

Joe sent the email that night and had a call the next morning on his cellphone from a cheerful young female voice at the “club,” which had no apparent name. The appointment was made for that same evening.

Joe and Gillian arrived around eight o’clock at a beautifully renovated farmhouse some 20 miles away, and a few miles beyond city limits. Joe had told Gillian that, based on Dave’s description, it was more like a small resort in the country, not a chic urban sex club. The only identification was a gold medallion with a cursive “A” on the front door. Joe turned the knob and opened the door for Gillian.

They were greeted by a perky young blonde woman. She looked about 19 and was built like a college cheerleader. Maybe she was, Joe thought. He recognized her voice from his earlier phone conversation. The girl—Joe had trouble thinking of her as a woman—introduced herself as Peggy and ushered them in to the club director’s office just off the front porch.

“Angela, this is Joe and Gillian Franklin,” Peggy said. Gillian’s breath caught when the woman Peggy had spoken to rose from behind a large oak desk and walked toward them eagerly and confidently, her heels echoing on the gleaming, hardwood floor until she reached the thick wool rug where the Franklins stood. She extended a white, perfectly manicured hand, adorned with red-painted nails, and beamed a glossy, matching red smile. A luxuriant pile of hair framed her face and hung in waves to her breasts. Like Gillian’s, Joe thought, only red.

“Hello Franklins!” she cried energetically. I’m Angela Jefferson.” She took each hand in turn. “I am so very pleased to meet you Joe and Gillian. I love that name, ‘Gillian.’ Sexy. Please make yourselves comfortable.” She gestured to two leather-upholstered armchairs.

Joe and Gillian looked at each other. Gillian’s expression seemed to say, “OK, here we go,” as she and Joe sank into the chairs. The cushion was so soft and deep that Gillian’s short black skirt rode up, fully revealing the tops of her stockings. She reflexively tried to tug at the hem to pull the skirt down, then gave it up and crossed one leg over the other, letting a smooth strip of white skin show between her skirt and her thigh-highs.

Angela beamed at Gillian, and then Joe. “I have to say, you are a beautiful couple. I’m so glad you’ve come to us. We adore Dave and Carla. Would you like a drink? I’m having one.”

She crossed to a small bar beneath the large window, which looked out on the countryside, bathed in the early summer twilight.

“Thank you, Ms. Jefferson,” said Joe, eyeing the bottle of Macallan. “I’d love a glass of that scotch.”

Gillian cleared her throat, but when she spoke it still came out a bit hoarse. “Me too.”

“Ahh, good taste. We’ll make it three,” Angela said, and poured three tumblers half full. Joe figured it would cost at least $20 apiece in most bars.

He caught Gillian’s eye and mouthed, “Classy.” But Gillian looked scared.

“And please call me Angela,” the redhead purred.

Angela eased herself back against the edge of her desk and took a long pull on her scotch. The couple stared at the sweep of her firm, luxuriant body, nearly bursting from her sleeveless, cream-colored dress, which ended just below mid-thigh. She wore no hose or stockings and her perfect legs and fit disappeared into exquisite four-inch heels that exposed her perfect, painted toenails.

Angela took her time with her drink, gazing out the window, seemingly giving them time to drink in the sight of her.

Finally she turned her gray-green eyes on them and said, “My secretary filled me in on why you’ve come to our club tonight. I’m sorry for your trouble, but your misfortune may turn out to be very good for all of us. A win-win, as they say.” She laughed—a, mirthful, gentle sound.

She looked at Gillian.

“I’ll get right to it. Mrs. Franklin—may I call you Gillian?—I can see immediately that Dave was right. You are certainly what we would categorize as a Triple-A attraction, our highest and most expensive category.” She swirled the scotch in her glass as she eyed Gillian. “About 28 is my guess, a perfect age. You have beautiful dark hair but your skin is fair. That’s a bit unusual, and anything unusual is to be treasured. Your figure is excellent. You obviously take good care of yourself and work out regularly. Your breasts are above average in shape and size, but not too big. You might be surprised to know that most men don’t actually prefer extremely large breasts, but all men like big red nipples. Judging from your skin tone, I’m guessing that I at least have the color right.”

Joe marveled at her assessment, which was right on, and found himself mentally measuring Angela’s breasts against Gillian’s. A little smaller, but not much. He imagined they were as perfect as the woman’s legs.

Angela continued her verbal inventory of his wife, who was fidgeting in her chair. Joe saw that gaziantep bayan escort she had already drained most of her scotch and must be feeling the effects. “Your legs are long and shapely and I saw when you came in that your bottom is firm but not hard. Men love some cushion back there.” She winked at Gillian. “Women too.”

Gillian giggled nervously.

Angela went on, “Your face is a joy to look at even when you’re nervous and blushing. The blush makes a delightful deep pink color that rises from beneath your blouse, up your neck. It’s quite lovely and endearing.” Angela took another long drink. “I find that I am quite smitten with you. You are an extremely beautiful woman.”

“Thank you,” Gillian said, almost a whisper. Then followed quickly, “So are you. I mean, beyond beautiful.”

Angela beamed her glossy smile. “Yes I know!” She giggled, and her eyes seemed to laugh too. Joe was sure he had never heard anything as sexy as this woman’s laugh. “It’s my business to be beautiful and to find other woman who are equally so. And you’ve simply fallen into my lap!”

Then she added, more seriously, “But there’s more to it as you might imagine.” She put down her drink, crossed the room to Gillian and, to the couple’s astonishment, leaned over and put her face close to Gillian’s. She put her manicured index finger beneath Gillian’s chin and gently tilted up her head. Joe could see that Gillian was breathing hard, her breasts rising and falling as the redhead leaned in even closer.

Angela said softly, “To succeed in this business and make money, a lot of money, quickly, you must not only be willing to do many things. You must, in fact, enjoy doing them.” She was so close that the two women’s lips were almost touching. Angela whispered, “Intensely.” Gillian released a little whimper.

Then Angela stood and reached out her hand. Her manner was again all business. “Stand up, Gillian. I want to take a proper look at you.”

Gillian took the hand and stood, unsteady on her heels. Angela said, “I’m going to undress you. I hope that won’t make you too nervous, but I can undress as well if that would make you more comfortable.”

Gillian swallowed hard. “Yes, please. I—I would like that.”

Angela’s smile was wide and gorgeous. “Very good.” She turned around. “Could you unzip me please?”

Her hands quivering, Gillian eased the zipper down the redhead’s back to the crease between her firm cheeks. Joe could see the crease perfectly as it was now clear that Angela wore nothing beneath the dress. Her back still to the couple, she lifted the dress from her shoulders, and let it drop in a silky puddle around her stiletto heels. She took a step backward, now naked but for the heels, and bent over, taking a long time to pick up the dress, while Joe admired her now naked bottom, the dark line separating the two round globes and just a glimpse of her sex underneath. Angela carried the dress to a closet behind her desk and hung it up. Inside the closet Joe could see a collection of dresses, suits, and silk and satin lingerie.

Angela turned and faced the couple. Gillian and Joe stared at her as she walked toward them. Like many redheads she had alabaster skin that almost shimmered. Her full, high breasts were adorned with deep red nipples. A small tuft of red hair crowned her otherwise shaved mound, leaving her coral pink lips on full display. It was, Joe thought, as if she’d stepped from an illustration for “the perfect woman.”

“Now your turn,” she said as she reached for the buttons on Gillian’s blouse and undid each of them carefully. She opened the blouse and gazed at her heaving pink bra. Angela laid the blouse neatly on her desk, leaving the bra in place. Then she pulled Gillian close and reached behind her, sliding down the zipper of her tight skirt and working it free of her hips until it slid down Gillian’s legs to her feet. In addition to the bra, thigh-highs, and black pumps Gillian wore a matching pink thong. And now, nothing else.

“What a delightful ensemble,” Angela remarked. “You have good taste. The pink is a perfect color for your dark hair and fair skin.”

She moved in and pressed her naked breasts against Gillian’s reaching around to unfasten the bra. She pulled it down Gillian’s arms and tossed it on the desk. “Mmm, I was right. Big, fat, red nipples. Luscious.” She leaned over and said, “I wonder if they get even harder.” Gillian gasped as Angela pressed her red lips around her right nipple and sucked, then backed off and flicked it with her tongue before sucking it in again. She leaned back a bit and the tit released from her lips with a “pop.”

Gillian whimpered, “Oh god.”

Angela moved to the other breast, plumping it with her hand, and repeating her sucking and licking technique. Gillian’s chest heaved as Angela sucked, vacuuming Gillian’s tit into her mouth, up and away from her chest, then releasing it, and watching it wobble to rest, the engorged nipple looking painfully swollen and erect. Angela stood back and admired her breasts and nipples, now stiff, red and sensitive. “Lovely,” she said.

Then Angela knelt and ran her hands up and down Gillian’s hips, finally slipping her fingers into the waistband on either side of the woman’s thong panties. The waistband came over Gillian’s round bottom and hips, but the strip of fabric wedged against her pussy and between her cheeks clung momentarily. Angela let it hang there as she looked up into Gillian’s wide eyes and smiled. Then she gave the panties another tug and let the tiny piece of fabric drop to the floor. She gazed at the site before her, murmuring, seemingly to herself, “Shaved bare. Oh it looks so good on you.” Then she leaned forward and pressed her red mouth against Gillian’s slit.

Gillian groaned as the redhead’s long, pointed tongue split her cunt lips apart. Angela grabbed each ass check and pressed the captive woman against her face. Gillian responded by tilting her pelvis up and rubbing herself against Angela’s mouth. Angela slurped at her, moaning. She pulled back for air, gasping. “God, you’re swimming in juice and you taste… so… good.” Angela turned Gillian around and pushed her toward the desk, crawling toward her like a cat after its prey.

Joe’s cock had been growing painfully hard in his pants. He unzipped and freed it, and began stroking as he watched the scene unfold.

Gillian’s ass reached the edge of the desk and Angela pushed her up onto it, then put her hand on Gillian’s chest and pushed her back until Gillian was reclined on her elbows. Angela lifted her legs and opened them wide as she positioned Gillian’s heels at the edge of the desk. Then she was on her, opening Gillian’s wet slit with the fingers of both hands and attacking her splayed pussy with her tongue.

“Juicy, juicy, juicy girl,” she said between licks and sucks. “I could eat you for hours.” Gillian grabbed the back of Angela’s head and pumped her pussy against the redhead’s face. She squirmed as the orgasm took her, moaning, “Ooooooh!”

Angela backed off to watch Gillian’s spasms, her tight stomach muscles quivering. Joe knew those were the big ones. Angela leaned back in, flattening her tongue against Gillian’s slit. Gillian tried to pull away, whimpering, “I—I need a break. I can’t take it,” but her heels slid uselessly on the slick, hard surface of the desk as Angela held her tight.

“You can,” Angela said emphatically. She raised her hand and brought it down hard, squarely on Gillian’s swollen pussy lips.

Gillian shrieked and lurched backward, slamming her legs together and curling into a ball on the desk.

Angela laughed as she grabbed the squirming woman’s knees and wrenched her open again. Angela looked over at Joe, “Come here and hold her legs apart,” she commanded. Joe moved in behind Angela and took Gillian’s legs, his hands just above the ankle straps of her heels. He held them wide as Angela gave Gillian several more quick slaps on her bright red cunt, making wet, rich, fleshy sounds.

Gillian yelped and twisted as she tried to escape the blows. She looked pleadingly into Joe’s eyes, but her husband was now complicit in this exquisite torture, and his eyes were intense and hungry. Joe held on tight, moving closer and pressing his hips against Angela’s smooth butt cheeks. His iron cock slid between her legs, bumping against her outer lips. Angela wiggled her butt, causing the head of Joe’s cock to enter her drenched canal. She pushed back, consuming him.

“Your husband’s cock just went into my pussy, Gillian,” Angela said. “He’s fucking me now. He’s fucking me while he holds you open for me. His nice hard cock is deep in my pussy.” It was true. Joe couldn’t control himself as he began to move his hips, pressing in and pulling out of the gorgeous redhead.

Angela pushed her middle finger into Gillian’s pussy, which was so naturally lubed it gave no resistance. Then she added her index finger, then her ring finger. Gillian groaned and grabbed at her own tits, twisting and pulling her stiff nipples. Angela pumped her hand, hard and fast, filling the room with sloppy pussy sounds. Every few pumps she would pause, fingers jammed into Gillian’s hole, and rub her thumb back and forth across her clit. Gillian was no longer trying to get away. Now she was pushing herself against Angela’s pistoning fingers, supporting herself on her elbows as she lifted her ass off the desk. When she did, Joe could see a wet smear a foot wide on the polished wood.

Angela looked deep into Gillian’s eyes and the brunette stared back, her own eyes wide and a little frightened. “You see,” Angela said. “I told you. You can take it. You can take more. Now what are you going to do? What are you going to do all over my fingers?”

Gillian whimpered, “I’m going to come so fucking hard!”

“And then what are you going to do to me?” Angela asked, fingers continuing their assault.

Gillian groaned. As she shook with another orgasm she squealed between gasps, “Gonna eat your beautiful, red-haired pussy!”

Angela leaned her head back and laughed. She rose, releasing Joe’s throbbing dick, and pushing him aside. She pulled Gillian up from the desk, then climbed on, taking her place, her soft white ass in the puddle of Gillian’s secretions. Like Gillian, she put her heels on the edge of the desk and opened her thighs, her glistening flower-petal cunt lips beckoning to the other woman.

Gillian pushed out her tongue, eager to taste the wet flesh. She moaned into Angela as she covered her completely with her mouth. “That’s it, darling,” Angela cooed as Gillian began to lap at her. “Lick it nice and sweet, just like that.” She inhaled sharply as Gillian found her hard bud. “Ooh. That’s good. You’re a natural. I knew you would be.” In a few short minutes, Angela was bucking herself against Gillian and groaning, deep and guttural. “Oh yes. Don’t stop. Just keep licking me.” Gillian did, her tongue plowing deep into Angela’s core.

When Angela’s second orgasm subsided, she nudged Gillian back. “Take off your husband’s pants and put his cock back in me.” Gillian did as instructed, fumbling Joe’s belt apart and yanking down his pants and boxers. She pulled him toward Angela by his outstretched shaft, then got behind him and pushed him toward Angela’s spread legs.

“Go ahead baby,” Gillian murmured in Joe’s ear. “I want to watch you.” In fact, she did more than watch. As Joe sank into Angela, Gillian reached under and cupped his balls, gently squeezing and massaging them. When he pulled back, she caressed his length until he plunged back in. She knelt and stared, captivated by the sight of her husband’s thick member thrusting in and out of another woman’s cunt. At one point she grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth, licking the juices and swirling the head. Then she redirected it back into Angela.

Angela put her hand between her legs and rubbed at her stiff clitoris. Gillian took the hint. She pushed Angela’s hand aside and replaced it with her mouth, her tongue mauling the hard, sensitive bud until Angela arched backwards and groaned, “Ahhh, fuck that’s good. Yessss. YESSS!”

Joe figured he was about ten seconds away, which Angela seemed to know instinctively. She nudged Gillian aside, who moved reluctantly, as if she couldn’t bear to pull her tongue away. Angela then placed a foot on Joe’s stomach, her heel pressing against his abdomen, and pushed him out of the way.

She leapt off the desk and pulled Gillian close, driving her tongue deep into Gillian’s mouth. Gillian folded herself against the redhead, reaching around and kneading the cheeks of her white ass. After a few minutes of deep, wet French kissing, Angela pulled back and gave her a wicked grin, spun her around and pushed her shoulders down toward the desk. With a cry, Gillian caught herself on the edge and hung on. Angela dropped to her knees behind Gillian, put her hands on Gillian’s inner thighs and forced the brunette’s legs apart. The spread position and the high heels pushed Gillian’s ass up as she held on to the edge of the desk. Joe could see wet smears down each of her legs, halfway to her knees.

With her thumbs, Angela opened the brunette’s cheeks to reveal her puckered hole. Gillian gasped, “Oh, oh, now what?” Angela glanced back and smiled at Joe for one heart-stopping moment, and plunged her tongue into the little opening, wriggling it like a relentless pink worm until she had about two inches embedded in Gillian’s hole. Gillian squealed. “Ahhhh, fuck! Joe! Joey! Oh god, she’s got her tongue in my ass! Oohh, nooo!” Gillian’s legs quivered while the redhead held on and worked her tongue in and out.

Then Angela reached a hand toward Joe. “Bring me that cock,” she demanded. Joe rushed to the side of the two naked women and held out his cock, still slick from Angela’s juices and the head dripping with pre-come from his near-orgasm. Angela took it in her fist, then plunged her mouth over it. “Ahhh!” Joe cried. With Gillian still bent over the desk, Angela pressed her long, manicured middle finger into Gillian’s back hole, then massaged it obscenely in and out as Gillian cooed and gasped. Angela took Joe deep into the back of her mouth, into her throat, as Joe pressed forward to give the woman every centimeter.

Joe felt the come boiling in his balls and Angela pulled off, gasping and leaving a thick trail of saliva dripping from Joe’s cock. “Fuck her. Fuck her ass now.” Angela moved aside and Joe positioned himself behind his exposed, vulnerable wife. Angela crawled under Gillian.

“Tell him what you want, Gillian,” Angela commanded. Gillian mumbled something, seemingly unable to form words as Joe ran his wet prick head around her puckered asshole. He had butt-fucked his wife before, but not often, and her hole always looked so tiny and tight. He wondered how it would ever get in. Angela repeated, “Tell him, Gillian!”

“I want you in my ass!” Gillian cried. “I want you to shove your fucking cock into my asshole!”

Angela laughed. “Verrrry good,” she purred.

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Gay for an Evening

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This is a story about being 95% gay. It’s that 5%… Everyone’s 18, don’t read if you’re not allowed.


Nanc was sitting across from me at her place. She’s about 5’10” and a runner. Thin as a rail. She keeps her hair cut short, sheared on one side, a bit longer on the right. Not much.

“So you go to gay bars, right Ted?”

I nodded. I’m 95% gay.

“Do you just find guys and have sex?”

“Sometimes,” I said. “Sometimes it’s just friends, like the corner bar. Sometimes there’s sex-on-the-sly, but the bars are kind of strict here”.

“Strict? How so?”

“Some cities and states don’t seem to care if you have full-on sex in the middle of the bar. Blow jobs. Fucking. Or even discreet fondling. Around here, if you’re discrete, you can pull something off. Otherwise, they might lose their liquor license, or worse.”

“Oh,” she said, thinking about this. The wine was starting to cloud up her mind. Her blouse was half-open, but it probably didn’t matter. She has no real tits. Two nipples. I have more tit than she does, but most of it’s muscle. She usually didn’t care about how she looked, oddly enough. She was good looking if some what butch. No hour glass figure here. Just a punk runner’s bod. No nail polish because has a pretty physical job and breaks nails a lot. She does have outstanding leg muscles. She even had the start of abs when I looked over, but not a six or eight pack. Female abs. Her dark brown, almost black hair would be curly if she let it grow out. The black glasses gave her a geeky look.

“Gay guys are supposed to be really promiscuous, right?” I thought about it and shrugged again. The wine was getting to me, too. “Do you go to those bathhouse things? The ones where they just wear towels and everybody has sex?”

I didn’t answer for a while. “Yeah, sometimes. I like strange cock. It’s umm, who I am. Some gay guys are really monogamous. I’m not.”

“Oh oh don’t get defensive!” she answered. “It’s always intrigued me, the idea of a place where you don’t know someone’s name but you get fucked by them, or suck them off or whatever.”

She was getting a little flushed. I watched as she emptied the wine bottle into her glass and quickly popped the cork on the second one. Her blouse was now fully open. No tits. She didn’t care, as usual.

That’s when a dim light bulb went off in my head.

“Nanc, you ought to see the inside of one of the local bathhouses. Imagine all of those cocks looking for action.” She cocked an eye at me. “I’m betting you could get in and get some cock, and no one would know.”

“Really?” she said, trying not to sound eager.

She shifted in the love seat. “I thought women weren’t allowed at ALL,” she said.

“I’ve never seen one there. But don’t take this personally- if you kept a towel around your waist, no one would know. No one.”

She nodded unconsciously. “Yep, no boobers. No tatas. No titties. I’m flat as a board. But I have no body hair at all. They’d surely know.”

I smiled.

“A lot of guys shave themselves baby smooth before they go in. Being a little fem is ok- they even let trans, cross-dressers, and varieties inside, no questions asked.”

“Really?” I nodded. Half the next bottle was gone. She had a silly smile on her face.

“What if I get outed?” she asked.

“Maybe they kick you out. That’s the worst that could happen. The best that could happen is you get to see what’s like, and maybe get some cock on your own. Remember how much you got turned on when you caught Jeff and me back in college? I think you nearly creamed your panties, dear.”

Her eyes got that far away look as she remembered it. I saw her shudder a bit.

Then she stuck her hands inside her loose shorts and jammed some fingers into her puss. Twenty seconds later, she came, shamelessly, in front of me. She’s done that before. I don’t jerk off in front of her, but I could, I suppose. She might smile. I know she likes big dicks. No, not this time. She knows I’m bashful around women. Imagine that.

She grabbed the wine glass and downed it. She could be like that. It’s part of what used to turn me on about her. She was good for many spontaneous fucks. But most of our history was pretty old now.

“Fuck.” she said. “You’re right. The idea makes me cream. Really cream. Fuck. I bet I could pull it off.”

She was done for the night, but the idea remained. Five minutes later, she was dozing. She’s a lightweight when it comes to booze. I let myself out. Again.

* * * *

Fast forward to three weeks ago. She sends me a text saying she wants to do this. And she wants to watch me have sex with guys. Sends me a text of her vibrator jammed against her clit. I get the idea. We used to fuck fairly frequently before I went 95% guys. She’s shameless. When she wants it, she gets it, and it worked on me in my overly horny college days. Often, she wanted it fast and rough and she was nice enough to wait for me to cream inside her after she screamed it out, or in her gaziantep bayan escort case, squeaked it out a several times.

“OK,” I texted her back. “My rules. You follow them to the MAX. Agreed?”

Her reply came in seconds. “When and where…”

She called me the afternoon before. I told her to wear a normal baggy plain T and baggy jeans. Scruff up a bit. Meet me there, and I’ll explain you’re a friend. The attendant will just nod us in, but he’s not in on the joke, right?

I went on with my rules: Don’t take your towel off. Oral only. If they see your pussy you could get thrown out in a heartbeat. Any sex is your responsibility. Be safe and don’t be stupid. And you can watch me all you want but don’t gawk. I asked if she agreed. She did so immediately. We set the time.

* * * *

Getting her in wasn’t a problem. The line was long. Cash is cash. They didn’t even glance at her ID to see her actual gender. She has enough of a hipster pierced punk about her to make no one give her a second glance. Random ink. Yeah, there was her ass, but it was hidden in the baggy jeans.

It was crowded. Maybe 100 or more guys, and as I smiled to myself, and one woman who tried very very hard to not let on that she was on fire. I know she was. Topless, she looked like any other younger, maybe sorta hipster dude. Not big nipples, although well-formed. Maybe androgynous. Her ass is killer for a woman or a guy, very muscled and it lifts a bit, not quite a bubble butt. It jiggles, too, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The locker room was empty as she quickly wrapped the towel around herself. The jock I ordered was on and fit her like a glove. She handed me a flask. Bourbon. Two quick swigs. She took two more then quickly hid it in her small backpack. She took a long look at my naked and mostly erect cock. Then she smiled. She showed me her jock, slightly stuffed with what was probably a small sock. My guess is there was a vibrator in that sock. Just sayin’. She waved her “package” at me lewdly. Then lovingly squeeeezed my ass. I heard a very faint giggle.

We walked quietly around the place. Steam room, sauna, hot tub, pool, darkroom/maze and the porn room. She tried not to gawk. Just act like you’ve been here before, I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy.

The steam room was busy. I left my towel on the hooks by the door. Two guys were getting blow jobs. One was tall and pretty fit, and the other guy was a bear with a big cockring. Two older guys were servicing them. I recognized one of the older servicing guys, who’s really a good fuck. I thought about testing him. Then I thought: Well, she wanted to watch.

My older guy friend is good looking, and likes to switch. I think his name is Barry, but I’m not sure. I bent behind him and fingered his butt. He looked up at me quickly, smiled and went back down on the cock he was servicing. I spent some quality time eating his fine ass. I occasionally looked over at Nanc, who was plainly hypnotized by it all. Then I stood up and probed his ass with my long cock. He pushed back and in seconds, I was all-inches deep in his hot hole. Nanc was wide-eyed.

Still another older guy had come in and plopped down right next to Nanc. She played it cool. His cock was maybe five inches, but standing straight up and obviously hard as stone. Pretty fit. His darker skin and light beard gave him an Arab appearance, a weakness of Nanc’s. He occasionally pulled on it as he watched us fuck and suck. Me? I was having a great time, feeling more like an exhibitionist than ever. Now she knew.

And then she shocked me by putting her hand on the Arab guy’s erection as she watched us. His thick foreskin rolled up and down as she did it, not looking much at him, more at me fucking in long strokes. My dick got really hard. I was enjoying this, if in a strange way.

I didn’t what to shoot a load yet, so eventually I had to pull out, much to the sadness of my bearish friend. I sat down near her as another load of steam hit the room, making things almost invisible. The Arab guy stood up and without preliminaries, spat on his hand, lubed his cock with it, and speared the same hole I’d been in just a brief moment ago. I heard him more than could see him fuck this guy, but it was noisy. Then he roared, loudly, adding a few noisy grunts to it. Through the haze, I watched him walk away. I pulled on my own cock, walking over to that hole and finding it, yep, loaded with cum. I pushed in and felt it coat my cock. It’s one of my fetishes- sloppy seconds, and the sloppier the better. I fucked for several minutes, but had to stop. Not ready to cum yet. When I looked over, Nanc was gone.

I left and hit the showers to wash my cock and balls. Nanc was nowhere to be found. I saw her lock was still on her locker. She was headed to be kicked out if she wasn’t careful. Oh well.

Finally, I found her in the porn room, giving head to a youngish guy with dark caramel skin and plenty of freckles. I think we’d played before. Top. Has a deep voice and a long thin cock. Huge cummer. Ask me how I know…

And Nanc had it in her throat. I sat, watched the porn, stroked, and watched them. I don’t think he was ready to pop but he did like the deep throat. Her towel was working its way down her butt. Uh oh. Hmmmm. How to signal her?

I got down on my knees behind her. The guy smiled. She saw it was me out of the corner of her eye. I ran my finger down and touched her butt and she jumped. Then she shook it lightly. Left right, up down. Fuck.

She lifted her ass and her towel was nearly off. You couldn’t see the goods… yet. I dipped my face down there and grabbed her towel. I started licking her little pink butthole as though this was spontaneous. Ok, it was. She fucking moaned and nearly choked. She lifted immediately off the cock in front of her and whispered loud and low: Yes!! Down went the jock strap just a little bit, so her pink hole was all exposed, but not the other goods.I took a deep breath and licked her butthole deeeeeeply. Probed it a bit. I remember it well. I got it good and wet. Put my cock right up there and when I was about to push, she hands me a condom from somewhere. Fuck.

Rapid condom installation and yeah, up Nanc’s hole, smooth as silk, all my inches in one slow long glide until my balls banged her. Oh, right sopping wet puss. Wow! I could smell it, too. The unmistakable scent of a woman in heat. Fuck. So I did her ass for about a minute, then I pulled out for a second. She reached underneath her and pulled the condom off, then pulled my cock back to her ass. I got the message. The pussy scent was getting very very strong, and so I had to help her make an exit, so I pulled out and did my best to look like a good doobie and wrapped her towel around her, nice and tight. I really didn’t want to leave her butt.

The guy never noticed. He was fixated on his poppers and the blowjob. I stood up. The guy motions me over. He tells me: I like the taste of ass. My eyebrows went up, but I pulled up to him and watched him inhale my cock down to the balls as Nanc sucked him steadily and sloppily. She pulled up for a second and smiled at me and him. Then he exploded, all over her face and hair and she gobbled it down her throat to try and catch some as he grunted on my cock. It was a huge load and it was everywhere. Finally he stopped shooting large wads of cum and rested back on the large chair, groaning. Thanks, man, he told her. She smiled. I smiled. He got up shakily- I had to grab his arm- and walked off.

I looked down at her. I wanted to laugh but suppressed it, because she was covered. I watched her get up and she followed me to the showers. They have glass blocks, these showers. She hung her towel and just walked in, back to everyone and washed the jizz out of her hair and face and neck and shoulders and more. The jock was soaked. She turned to me and rubbed her butthole, winking at me.

I was a kind of lookout, handing her the towel nonchalantly as she turned slightly. She took it and fastened it tightly. I was right- there was a bullet vibrator in the center of an athletic sock. Tough to notice, even dripping wet. I washed her down there to reduce the strong foreign scent wafting to my nose. Now she was almost squeaky clean… and really aroused.

She whispered to me: That was fun! I told her she was going to get us busted. She smiled. I washed my own self clean. She watched. She walked over and ran her fingers up my butt trench, and then took time washing my asshole. I liked it. But I snapped out of it, grabbed my towel, and made for the back and the maze and dark spaces. She followed.

The rewards were a bunch of cocks that needed sucking at the gloryholes. I took one and she took one. Mine blew in seconds, disappointing, but another appeared, a thick challenge of a cock- a huge head on a long shaft. I got it into my throat but it took a while. I worked it. Damn fine dick. As I’m working it, I hear Nanc gulping suddenly, her eyes closed and her hand working the shaft of the cock in her mouth. She got the last drops and it pulled away. She looked over and grinned widely to find another cock taking its place, a smaller one. I’m still working this cock, trying to make this guy give up his load. I feel her reach around to my butt and she fingers my hole, still wet and a bit soapy from the shower. Mmmmm. Nice. The big cock I’m sucking on suddenly pulls away. Gone. Dammit. Oh well.

She continues to finger me. A couple of fingers. To my incredible surprise, Nanc gets behind me and starts to rim my hole. She never did THAT before. She stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me into the darkest part of the maze.

Lots of guys there. Lots of hard dicks. Lots of sex sounds. I stroke a few cocks. Some stroke me. One guy puts his hand on my cock and I feel another hand- it’s Nanc. She’s yanking my cock and his cock. She flips me 180 and grabs the cock behind me and pulls it to my butthole. I swear she’s pushing the guy, and I feel him stumble towards my ass. Her aim is perfect and I feel his cock slip in a little. Then a lot. It’s not a huge cock. and it goes in at just the right angle. The guy reaches around and starts pulling on my nipples. Yeah. I like that.

My towel went somewhere. I’d find it later. I feel him lightly plow me, long strokes on a bone hard cock. Then, in front of me, I feel something else, another naked ass, and oh FUCK! it’s Nanc. She has my erection in her hand and she’s backing up on it, right into her puss. It glides in beautifully, but NO NO NO we’re going to get caught!!

I feel poppers under my nose. Oh Geez. I inhale a solid snort. Makes me into a slut. This is too weird. I can feel her juices on my balls. She’s totally soaked. I grasp her hips and slow the action. The cock inside my hole is becoming urgent. It only makes me harder knowing that he’s going to cum any second and yeah, he does, shoving it deeply up my hole for the big squirts. I can only feel the pulses. He stays in there for a while until I’m really really soaked and plops out, and walks away.

I worry that jabbing my cock too hard in Nanc’s pussy will cause her to moan. Instead, she squeaks very softly. That’d be a buzzkill for a lot of guys in this room. But ok, I’ll admit it: The sheer craziness of boning a cis woman in the middle of a darkroom in a bathhouse is well, kinda of stimulating in a perverse sort of way. It hit me: I’m plowing pussy instead of boy butt here. Perverse. Really perverse. So I pulled out. There was more to do.

Along the floor had to be two towels. I found two, but I had no idea if they were ours or not. One felt a little wet, so did the other. I put one on and handed another to Nanc.

But Nanc was gone, not in the same spot. Fuck. I felt along and around. Found one nice bear and a by the grunts of it, two guys fucking, ok, maybe four guys fucking. I felt around some more along the wall. I rubbed a chest- yeah, it was Nanc. I felt for her towel. It was in her hand. I reached down and felt her puss. It was unbelievably wet. Dripping. I smelled my fingers. All girl smells, no boys.

I reached down to her ear and whispered there’s more. I pulled on her arm but she didn’t want to go. Finally, she relented. I felt her lift her arms to put the towel around her waist and we made our way out of the maze and dark space.

At the lockers, I whispered that I wanted a couple of swigs. At first, she was still somehow mad, but then she shrugged and discretely handed me the flask. I took two long pulls. She emptied it. I locked my locker, and she, hers. We left. She wondered where we were going. I just motioned along into the hallways where there were rentable rooms. Some were big, others small. Some had porn. She looked at the clock in the hallway, pausing, thinking. Then she joined me on the cruise. I knew what I wanted.

It didn’t take long to find, a guy stroking a very nice cock, all glistening in lube. I sashayed in there, Nanc behind me. I closed the door, while taking his cock out of his hand. He let me do so with a smile. Nanc whipped my towel off, then started fondling his balls. I asked him: Wanna fuck? The twitch in his erection told me the answer. I got up on the bed and sank his stone hard cock into my hot hole without preliminaries. He moaned, loudly. I groaned. Nanc wasn’t sure what I was doing. Showing off? She fondled his furry balls then my own shaved ones, then my erection. She grabbed his bottle of lube and made her hand very slippery, jerking me off. I was totally unsure if I wasn’t going to splatter the wall with my cum. It felt really good. But I had something else in mind.

After squeezing his erection with my ass, I climbed down like a gymnast. I lowered Nanc’s towel just so, then lubed my erection and found her asshole. She knew immediately what was going to happen and bounced back, impaling herself at the edge of the bed. Fuck me, I told him. Make me the man in the middle! He grinned and climbed out of his bed, his outstanding erection at max in front of him. I moved things around a bit, and he slowly slid back into my hole, shoving it hard. Oh. Fuck. Big. Thick. Maybe bigger and thicker than mine!

I pivoted my hips back and forth, impaling, fucking Nanc deep. I wasn’t going to last. I had to start thinking of baseball scores or I was a goner. Nanc just grunted with my thrusts. Then she had a small cum. I could feel her squeeze on my dick. I was a goner. Then the guy behind me asked if I wanted in me or on me. Anywhere, dude, anywhere! And with that he started getting really erratic as I fucked Nanc deeply. Then it happened.

His cock swelled up like a stopped water hose and he started squirting! I held still to feel it all and there it was, it was like he was peeing his cum deep up my ass, then he shoved it in, then did this again. On the third thrust, I was over. I blew a huge load into Nanc’s sweet butthole as deep as I could plant it, yanking her hips so hard that I knew it would leave hand prints. Then she started quivering, and tried desperately to suppress a tell-tale orgasmic squeak. She faked a sneeze as I felt her quiver again. Choo! She shuddered deeply several times, then went almost limp.

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Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story is a bit different than some of my others, not having any long-winded plot and only written in a day. It is merely a short (for me at least) spank story. Some may like it, some may not. It is merely a hot wife type story and a cuckold, so if you do not enjoy such things, move on…



My wife is extremely beautiful and sexy. I know every story like this one starts off that way, but imagine Ashley Benson with a 35C-23-32 athletic figure—and not afraid to show it off. When she was in college, Jessica was a wild child—the word ‘promiscuous’ not even holding a match to how she described herself, but I did not know her then. In fact, I never pried into her past, merely happy a girl as gorgeous as her could fall for a guy like me. I knew she had slept with other men—in fact, she had hinted the numbers being more than I could possibly guess—but again, although my curiosity was piqued, I decided to let the past remain in the past, again merely happy she ended up with somebody like myself.

It is not that I am not a good catch. Professionally I am the youngest senior partner at a prestigious law firm dealing in corporate law, making almost seven figures, and only in my mid-forties. Our practice specializes in mergers and acquisitions—our lawyers and legal representatives being the intermediaries to verify both sides of the equation are treated equitably.

Due to the time involved in such projects, I have spent more than my share of time both at the office and travelling, and as a result, have had to leave my wife alone many times. Work has therefore impacted our sex life, although Jessica has never complained. She always states she is happy with the attention she receives; however, little did I know it was not necessarily attention I was giving her, but that she received from others. I state this not to condone her actions, but to admit I may have had a role in what has happened over the years to cause her to get attention elsewhere.

Gainfully employed and job well-in-hand, I am an average guy, not necessarily in the best of shape—being stocky with a minor beer belly and slightly premature grey hair—but I am not ugly either. I could get a more svelte figure by spending my spare time working out like some of the other partners; however, as I spend enough time at the job, I do not need to neglect my gorgeous wife any more than she already has been.

I had originally gotten into the firm through a couple of buddies I knew from law school. At the time of my application and interviewing process, I had not known they had gone to undergraduate school with Jess, so knew nothing of them having ever known each other. In fact, several of the partners had gone to the same college during her four-year tenure, and I now know that had played a big part in me being considered, but I get ahead of myself.

I had met most of my buddies during law school at Columbia, and it was during that time I met Jessica and we fell in love. As I look back on it, even knowing several of my friends had gone to Northwester as Jess, it was a large university, and I could not imagine the chances of them meeting. Having gone to the local Community College which was much smaller and not knowing many people, It was unlikely for all of my friends and my wife to have been acquainted at a university five or more times the size, so I had no awareness of anybody knowing my wife—socially or otherwise.

That they did know her shows what a small world it is, as our practice in New York is a far cry from Illinois, having lawyers from all over the world working at the firm.

But I digress. In brief terms, I have found out my wife is a slut, and that I am a cuckold. She is not a slut in the sense of ‘hangs out in bars and picks up men’ all the time or even the homebody who fucks the neighbor or delivery man as soon as I am out the door. My wife often remains faithful for years between her transgressions, but like a recurring alcoholic goes on binges once in a rare moon where she completely lets down her hair—or in this case panties—and overindulges.

Jessica has always had a large libido and is very open with her sexuality. I had mentioned how in undergraduate school she was quite the deviant, but again, never pried into her past. I knew she had gotten around a bit, but had never thought it would interfere with our marriage. Again, the past is the past and should best be left buried.

The stories I am relating to you I have learned over the course of quite a few years. In some cases I found out purely by accident, in others, I was told directly. My wife is not aware of my knowledge of her indulgences, and as you’ll see, I am in turmoil as to what to do. To be brutally honest, even at the chance of you thinking lesser of me, I am excited that other men find her so irresistible and sexy, while in other ways I feel betrayed. Some men would have kicked her out long ago upon hearing of her first transgression, but I am honestly in love with gaziantep bayan escort her, and even in light of her transgressions, she is in love with me. I have come to grips with knowing for her it is purely a physical release, and once it happens she does not stray for a considerable time.

Judge me how you will, I hope you see my view as I relate these happenings.

The first incident I discovered actually occurred almost fifteen years ago. I did not know if it was a one-time occurrence or something that had been going on for years, but at the time it had occurred I had already been married to Jessica for several years and was up for a possible junior position in the firm…

******************** Chapter 01 — Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

It was a Memorial Weekend Saturday—one of the few weekends I had off, and Jessica was getting ready to head to a bachelorette party out of town. One of her old girlfriends from Northwestern University was getting married, and Jessica was going to spend the three-day weekend with her and several other girls she knew.

As Jess came downstairs I was going over my ‘Honey Do List’ for the weekend, determining where to start. The sound of her dragging her suitcase behind her caught my attention up and I could only stare at my lovely wife. Jessica was an open exhibitionist and always dressed provocatively, showing off her body to maximum potential, and today was no different.

As she stood in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee I could only stare at her with desire. Today she was wearing something of a cowgirl motif—a purple and red plaid shirt tied to show off her waist with tight jean shorts and ankle-high cowboy boots. The lower parts of her ass cheeks were struggling to come out the bottom of her shorts, the frayed edges seeming to purposely draw your eyes to her ass.

Turning around as she sipped her coffee I saw she had her plaid shirt completely unbuttoned, wearing a tight white tank sports bra beneath it. The sports bra held her breasts together nicely, her fleshy mounds pushed up and out revealing considerable cleavage.

The cowboy boots accentuated Jess’ long toned legs, and that was when I noticed her wearing a large purple Wildcats belt buckle, the color matching the purple and red plaid of her shirt.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright for the weekend?” my lovely wife asked, the concern noticeable in her voice.

I smiled nodding my head and smiling at her worry.

“You are only going to be gone for a couple of days; it’s not like I haven’t fended for myself before,” I laughed. “Besides, you’ve given me enough to do that I’ll be headed to the office Tuesday morning just to get away from the chores,” I laughed, holding up the note as she smiled at me in return.

“It’s nothing you haven’t said you would do already,” she mockingly told me as I held my hands up in surrender.

Jess moved towards me and I wrapped my arms around her, feeling the firm smooth skin of her bare waist against my hands. While my body may have gotten out of shape working a desk job for so long, Jess had kept her athletic build, working out at the gym, jogging, and keeping herself occupied aerobically. While I worked hard to bring home the proverbial bacon, she worked hard to keep her body as fit as she could for my pleasure.

I looked at the suitcase—the largest we owned—and asked, “You sure you got everything packed? You’re going to be gone for three days,” I told her in mock seriousness. “Maybe you should take two suitcases,” I said with a grin.

Jessica laughed as she playfully slapped me.

“You know I don’t know what to wear until the mood hits me,” she said with some exasperation. “And I don’t know what the girls are planning—I have everything from demure married spinster to sleazy party girl in that bag,” she teased.

I pulled her closer, grinding my hips into her ass as I said into her hair, “And what might you do in your sleazy party girl clothes?” I asked seductively, my slowly hardening cock pressing into her ass.

We both smiled, me having confided to her once about my fantasy of her pretending to be the slutty promiscuous wife. I knew Jess loved me and had always been true, but the fantasy turned both of us on as she playfully said, “Well, if I come home completely worn out, you’ll know what happened,” she teased.

I smiled, knowing she was playing with me, our verbal banter being a long played game between us. I enjoyed the looks other men gave her, proud of having such a beautiful woman to come home to each night waiting for me. Although work had interfered with our sex life being gone so much, when we were together we never failed to satisfy each other. Jessica’s libido may be more aggressive than mine, but we made do with what we had.

I gave her a firm kiss on the lips, my hands again sliding across the smooth skin of her waist as I nudged her towards the door. “Go, before I change my mind and keep you here all weekend to myself,” I chuckled, as she playfully swayed her hips out the door.

A few minutes later I heard the Mercedes’ engine fire up, smiling as I realized she was taking the convertible. Jess always was in a playful mood when she drove that particular car, saying the 300-plus horsepower got her hotter than being surrounded by a bunch of hunky guys. Knowing she had over a three-hour drive to Washington, I grinned understanding she would have plenty of time to let the horsepower rev her up.

Turning back to my ‘Honey Do List,’ I decided the garage was the first item to tackle. Jessica and I had renovated the house since we had moved in after being married, but we had never thrown out any of our old items. After fifteen years there were quite a few boxes of both mine and Jess’ junk that needed to be explored. The decision on what was junk versus something to keep had been given to me, my wife granting me full permission to throw out anything of hers I deemed unnecessary, saying she trusted me with everything she owned, and after items being boxed for this long, she probably would not miss anything. But that did not mean everything could go into the trash, as there were quite a few family heirlooms and items that even if we did not use them, could be sold to make some extra money.

I started out with my own boxes, as it would be easier to recognize the wheat from the chafe so-to-speak. Even going through my own old trophies, certificates, books, and various knickknacks I had gathered over the years, it took most of the day.

The worst part was going through the stacks of papers I had accumulated over the years. Thankfully I had a somewhat organized system, so was able to discern what should be sent to the recycler versus keeping a few more years in storage for tax purposes.

By the time I hit Jess’ side of the garage I already had four black Hefty garbage bags full of crap ready to be put on the curb on trash day, another two bags with recyclable paper, and another containing things I was still in a quandary whether or not to get rid of.

To take my mind off my junk, I began working on Jess’ boxes.

Jess had always been a few steps ahead of me and more technologically advanced, so many of her documents had already been converted to CD’s. Unfortunately, beyond backing up her documents to computer media, her organizational skills fell short. She rarely labeled the CD’s, so I took a brief respite to get my laptop in order to start digging through the contents of every single one to determine what to keep and what to throw away.

I could have just set the several spools of CD’s aside for Jess to go through, but knowing her she would just put them back in the garage and they would sit here for another fifteen years. Also, we had been missing several documents I knew she wanted recently such as old family photos and such, so I knew she would really appreciate me finding them.

Although Jessica’s method conserved space, it took twice as long as having the paper copy to go through each CD. I did not know what files were important or not without opening each and every one, and her naming system was something less than normal. Thankfully being in a document-oriented business, I had a preview program that allowed me to quickly see the contents of a file and decide whether to keep them or not.

With the responsibility of throwing away something important on my shoulders, I paid close attention to what the files contained, so it was late in the evening by the time I was through most of the first box.

I had finally moved from CD’s to DVD’s, coming across documents that were now dated after 2000.

I had just gone through over 3 GB of random bills scanned during the time Jess and I had first been married when I came across another blank nondescript DVD, no different than any of the other dozen I had already reviewed.

If I had known then what I would find, I wonder if I would have looked at it; however, at the time, I merely inserted it into my laptop.

My first surprise was Windows Media player starting instead of a simple Windows Explorer file list. Before clicking the ‘Play’ link, I opened up Explorer and saw the file was an actual WMV file labeled ‘Halloween,’ seeing the date was 11/10/1996.

I realized it was the Halloween of the year I had become a junior partner in the firm. I had been an associate for several years and it was rumored a new position was opening for a junior partner, so every associate in the firm at that time had been jockeying for the spot. Although atypical, at our firm it was tradition for the other junior partners to vote upon potential junior candidates, the senior partners believing it was good practice for them to know the process and select a suitable candidate whom they would then review and make the final decision.

I had high hopes for the position, as I was friends with four of the eight Junior Partners already indoctrinated at the firm; however, friendship did not necessarily mean anything, as Jason Melvin, one of my closest friends had explained to me.

“There’s just too much competition James,” he had told me. “And we can’t show favoritism. The Big Three (our term for the Senior Partners) are using this to gauge our own careers, looking closely at our reasons for selection. We’re up for possible promotion ourselves,” he told me, “so we can’t just glibly say ‘James Thomas is the man for the job because we’ve known him for years’ and expect to be considered professional.”

I told him it was fine, what would be would be as he told me I was definitely a candidate, but they had several aspects to consider.

“All seven of us Junior Partners need to be on the same page, and although four of us are in favor of you, something needs to happen to sway the other four,” he had told me.

I told him he was in a better position to know what to do to get me on the good side of the other partners, telling him it was all in his hands. All I could do was work my ass off and hope my worth ethics might impressed them.

As I reminisced, I recalled it being a good time for making impression within the firm, as it was the time of the big telecom explosions. I had been assigned to the team for the Bell Atlantic/Nynex merger, so it was understandable my name was in the spotlight, as it was a high profile transaction. As such, I had pulled extra-long hours at the office as well as weekends to show everybody I was willing to do what it took to get the job completed.

Everybody had known Jessica and I had only recently been married, so I hoped to earn extra points by showing that I was even willing to leave my recent newlywed bride alone to get the job done.

I had been out of town that Halloween for the contract, having to convince Jess to attend the party alone. I had told her she had to make a presence and show herself to some of the partners and their spouses in order for them to get to know us. As it was iffy whether I would get elected to Junior Partner, if both of us did not appear at the Halloween party it would definitely have be noted. In the fast-paced world of corporate law, work-life balance meant the two often intertwined, and it have be noted highly in my favor that even though I was out of town working, my wife was willing to socialize and place the firm as a priority.

I looked once more at the file on the screen, wondering what it was doing in Jess’ office supplies, finally clicking the Play ‘button’ to see what it was.

I somewhat expected a home movie video showing various people at the party, so was confused when the image faded into what was obviously a hotel suite, the camera off to one side showing the bed in the main portion of the screen with an open bathroom directly across from it.

I wondered what the hell was going on as the video showed the same thing for over two minutes before something happened.

Over the laptop speakers I heard a door opening and closing as a woman giggled.

To my surprise Jess walked into the room, closely followed by Jason, my best friend at the law firm.

Jess’ hair was a shiny black and made up in curly waves around her head, and I remembered her dying it for her costume.

Jess looked around the room, her voice clear over the speakers, as she said, “This room is nice!”

I grinned in amusement at her words. Back then, yes, the small hotel suite would have been considered nice for us, but over the years working at the law firm we routinely stayed in rooms three times as big.

“Not as nice as you look,” Jason said to her, causing Jessica to once more giggle in response.

My eyes widened in surprise as Jason moved up behind my wife, encircling her waist with his arms as he pressed his pelvis against her ass!

“What the fuck?” I muttered as I stared at the video in shock.

Instead of moving away in outrage as the proper response of a married woman would be, I watched as Jess giggled once again, turning in Jason’s arms. I then watched in horrid fascination as my wife of fifteen years—although not at that time—put her arms around my best friend’s neck and started French kissing him!

“What. The. Fuck.” I said again to the empty garage, watching as Jason and Jess both groaned on the screen, pressing their bodies against each other.

I watched in stupefied amazement as Jason began to move his hands down my wife’s back to cup Jess’ firm ass as their mouths continued to assault each other, their moans of arousal clear over the laptop speakers.

Finally they broke apart and Jess once again giggled and said, “Watch it Mr. Melvin. I am a happily married woman,” she told him, noting a slight slur to her speech indicating she probably had a few drinks.

I mentally sighed in relief, willing to forgive a kiss that had taken place fifteen years ago, my heart thankful Jess had returned to her senses.

“That only makes you more desirable,” Jason told her to my amazement, pulling her body against his once again.

This time Jess did not pull away, merely grinning at him as she looked around the room.

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Fun Day at the Beach

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Jim and Pam were at a house party at their new neighbors, Bill and Jane. Jane and Pam worked together at a local restaurant and were good friends.

The four of them got together once in a while for dinner or a trip to the beach. All were in their late twenties, Jim and Bill were both dark haired, six ft, well built.

Jane and Pam, often mistaken for sisters, both blond, hazel eyes, 5 ft\6, shapely bodies. The main difference was Pam’s hair was longer and her tits were small. Jane had very large tits and enjoyed showing them off by wearing low cut bras, or none most of the time.

The other main difference between the two girls was Jane liked to get fucked at least once a month by someone other than Bill. She had several different men that she fucked with on a steady basis and usually told Pam about what they did, describing every detail to her. Telling her how good one was at eating pussy, or the size of another’s cock. How each of her lovers was different but good and how much she liked the variety. No body else knew of her indiscretions, not even Bill but she thought he suspected.

Pam confessed that she had been a virgin when she met Jim and he got her cherry just a week before they got married. They fucked steady and did all types of things with each other but she often wondered what it would be like getting some strange cock.

Pam got a thrill from hearing Jane describe her activities with the different men and was envious and often wished she was brave enough to watch or join in some of that type of sexual fun.

The only thing she ever did was let Jim use a dildo on her once in a while and they would pretend it was another man in bed with them.

She was too chicken to do it for real, though the idea was an exciting turn on for them both and Jim had often mentioned getting another guy in bed with them. He said that he would love to watch her getting fucked by another man.

Jim was always reading sex books and she enjoyed some of the stories about threesomes and swinging. Pam often pretended that they were involved with a group, it sounded like fun to fuck with others. Or to be loved by two men at the same time. Someday she would like to try it. The idea got her pussy hot and she usually had to masturbate to satisfy herself.

Jane said that she thought Bill was also getting some different pussy once in a while but they didn’t talk about it, pretending to be true to each other. They had also talked about swinging a few times, fucking with others openly but didn’t know who to ask. The sexy talk always made both very horny and they had the best fucking then.

Jane told Pam that she could borrow Bill for an evening if she wanted but only if she could have Jim in exchange. Bill had often said that he thought she was sexy and would like to fuck her. Maybe if they set up a switch sometime with the guys, it would be fun for all of them.

Pam wasn’t sure if she could do it or not, but would think it over. The idea excited her and she said she would like to try swapping some time, she finally told Jane okay. Lets set things up.

That weekend they all went to the beach for the day. The girls packed a lunch and they found a quiet spot to spend the day. The nearest people were two couples about fifty yards away. Changing in their cars they met at the waters edge.

Both girls were wearing bikini suits that covered very little. They had just bought them together yesterday to tease the men with and get them excited. Just a small patch over the nipples, Pam’s suit covered more on the bottom, only a few hairs showed.

Jane’s barely covered the lips of her shaved pussy and was only a string up the crack of her ass showing off her lovely body.

Both men got hard looking at each others wives and the girls laughed at the bulges in their suits and told them to behave until they got home.

In the water they splashed around together for a while then Jim started to play with Pam’s pussy, pulling her suit aside and fingering her underwater while she held tight to his cock. They played like that for a while, teasing and getting each other hot. Jim asked gaziantep bayan escort his wife if she would like to take hold of Bills cock and compare it with his.

“NO”, she said. But he could tell that the idea excited her by the way she gripped his cock harder while jacking him.

“Would you like to fuck him? You know we have talked about it, I would like to see you get fucked by him. We talked about swapping, now is your chance to try it. Want to?”

Just then Jane removed her top, fully exposing her nice tits saying, “I don’t want tan lines, hope nobody minds?”

“I don’t care if Bill doesn’t. Jim said. “Let’s all strip.” And pulled off his trunks. Jim then pulled down Pam’s top and turned her to face Bill while holding her arms tight to stop her from getting away.

She tried to get loose but he held her up to expose her bare tits to Bill and Jane.

Jim told Bill to help himself to her titties. “Grab a handful if you want.”

Jane took hold of Bill’s hand and placed it on Pam’s left tit while she squeezed his hard cock. She told him. “It’s ok hon, you can play with her titties, would you like to fuck her? Jim might let you fuck her if you let him fuck me.”

Bill reached both hands gratefully to grasp Pam’s tits and started to lightly caress them.

Pam struggled and tried to get away but Jim was holding her firm and was telling her to relax and enjoy it, have some fun. She was scared but was getting excited. Bill’s hands felt so very good on her tits. If this was what Jim wanted, okay. She wanted it too. She would go for it. Pam reached and took hold of Bill’s prick, it was the first cock other than her husbands that she ever touched. It felt the same as Jim’s in her hand and she wondered if it would feel the same inside her hot, wet pussy. She was ready and willing to find out.

Meanwhile Jane and Jim wasted no time in removing the rest of her suit. Now naked they started to play with each other in the water. Jim rubbed his hand over Jane’s bare pussy, parting the lips he thrust his fingers into her cunt.

Jim had often thought about fucking Jane and he really wanted to watch Pam get fucked. He was now about to get both of his wishes.

They were standing waist deep in the water and Pam straddled Bill, allowing his stiff rod to enter her hot cunt. If this was what Jim had been wanting for a long time, for her to be fucked while he watched. Now he was finally getting his wish. She hoped he was going to enjoy it, as much as she was.

Bill’s cock fit nice and snug in her pussy. It felt so good to be fucked. Especially by a different man, why hadn’t they done this a lot sooner. She shut her eyes and fucked back to this stiff cock that was invading her pussy so beautifully.

Jim and Jane watched as their spouses started to fuck, both of them were enjoying the sight but just watching wasn’t enough. They both wanted to fuck. Jane wrapped her legs around Jim, took hold of his prick and guided it to the hot slit between her legs. They started to fuck.

Jane loved to screw but this was the first time she had been fucked while her husband was fucking someone else and they could see each other. It excited her to know that Bill could watch while she got Jim’s cock in her. This could be addictive. Much more fun than fucking around on the sly.

The four of them fucked side by side in the water, all loving the sensations of group sex for the first time. All enjoying watching their spouses fuck.

Pam was really turned on, getting fucked by Bill, knowing Jim was close by and watching only added to her pleasure. Bill’s cock felt the same but he used it different. He fucked slower giving a little twist on the way in. It was nice.

Jim was the first to come, he was so excited from seeing Bill fucking his wife that he lost control too soon and shot a load of cum deep in Jane’s pussy.

She told him not to worry, they would make up for it later.

They moved close to Pam and Bill, playing with them while they were fucking. Jim kissed Pam and whispered that he loved her in her ear. He caressed his wife’s tits while his buddies stiff cock used her cunt for the first time.

The added thrill of them being there started Pam to climax, she moaned and gripped her legs tighter around Bill milking his cock with her pussy drawing his cum into herself. Finishing her first fuck with a man other than Jim, but not her last, she hoped.

Relaxing, Pam let Bill’s cock slip from her cunt and turned to Jim and asked. “Did you like watching while I got fucked? Was it as good as you expected?”

“Oh, yes hon. I liked seeing you with him, now I want you. NOW!”

They left the water naked and went to their blankets on the sand to continue the fun.

Jim’s cock stiffened as he eagerly inserted it into her wet freshly fucked pussy. She was full of Bill’s cum and he slipped in easy. One of his favorite fantasies had just come true, and he had also fucked Jane. Fantastic. He wondered how soon they would do more?

As Pam and Jim started to fuck, Jane went to her knees and started to suck hungrily on Bill’s prick.

Standing there with his cock in Jane’s mouth, Bill could see that the two couples down the beach were watching so he waved to them and they waved back. He waved again and motioned for them to come closer. As Jane continued to suck his prick he watched as they came over close to them.

They stopped about six feet away and were watching as Pam and Jim twisted around and started to 69.

The two girls knelt to watch Jim’s cock fuck in and out of Pam’s mouth while the two guys stood near Jane, took out their cocks and started to jack off.

Bill’s cum shot into Jane’s mouth, she sucked him dry. Opening her eyes she saw two hard cocks aimed at her face. Not knowing or caring where they came from she wrapped a hand around each and guided one to her willing mouth. Sucking first one then the other, she soon had them both starting to come at the same time. Holding both to her open lips she let their cum flow over her tongue as she swallowed it. Savoring the different tastes.

The two girls stripped to join with Pam and Jim, one sat over Pam’s face and settled her pussy to her mouth. It was the very first time Pam ever tasted pussy, not bad. She eagerly licked the wet cunt of this new girl.

The other girl rolled Jim over on his back and started to suck his prick. She sucked it deep down her throat then twisting her tongue around and around gave him one of the best blow jobs he ever had. When he started to come she sucked out and swallowed every drop of his cum.

After every one was sexually satisfied they introduced themselves to each other.

The newcomers were John and Shirley, Sam and Sherri. Two friends with their sisters, the boys were 19 and the girls 18. Their folks thought it was cute that they were all friends and thought it was safe for them to all run around together. What their parents didn’t know was both boys had been screwing with their own sisters for a couple years and started swapping for the last few months after going on a double date and finding out that they all liked to fuck.

After exchanging phone numbers and inviting the kids to come over any time to party, they all packed up to go home. Bill said that Pam could ride with him and Jane agreed only if they all rode home naked. Everyone said YES.

Riding nude in Bill’s car Pam stayed low so nobody could see her. She held on to his cock while he played with her tits.

In the other car, Jane sat up and flashed her tits to all the men she saw. She had horns honking and guys waving to her all the way home.

Jim pulled the car into the car port leaving room for Bill to park behind him. They quickly left the cars still naked and went through the gate into the back yard which had a high fence which gave them privacy for their pool.

They all jumped in the pool to wash off the salt and sand from the beach then laid on the grass to dry.

Jim was the first to ask if anyone had regrets about what had happened and if they wanted to continue enjoying sex together?

They all agreed that it was great and would like to keep it up. Pam suggested finding another couple or two to join with them, that way they could have more variety in their fucking. She had really liked sucking all those cocks at the beach and wanted to do more.

As she said this she reached for Jim’s prick and started to give him a blowjob.

Bill crawled between her legs to suck her pussy while Jane went down on him and twisted around so Jim could eat her. All connected they enjoyed some fantastic oral sex.

What they didn’t know was that they were being watched by the next door neighbor, Alice. She had been looking out her window and had seen them go naked from the cars to the back yard.

Knowing that she shouldn’t but curious about what was going on, she went to the fence and peeked through the gate that connected their yards. Totally shocked by what she saw, she watched as they sucked each other, then they rolled apart and Jim started to fuck Jane as Bill stuck his cock into Pam.

Watching them fucking side by side made her hot for some cock too. She was so hot that she started to play with herself, her finger felt good but a cock would feel better. She went to find her husband.

Jack was watching a ball game on TV. When she told him what was happening next door he went to see for himself. Not quite sure she was seeing right, but hoping for the best.

As they watched Jim and Bill switched and started to fuck their own wives, after a few minutes they switched again, then again. Finally depositing their cum deep in the others wife.

Jack’s cock got so hard watching he had to do something with it. Yanking down his pants he reached for Alice, stripped her quickly and pulled her to the ground, spread her legs and started to fuck her. Neither one of them needed any foreplay, they were both hot and ready to fuck.

Alice was wet and ready for a hard prick and Jack easily slid into her. They both fucked fast and furious till he shot his load and she screamed in climax.

Alice was groaning in delight at one of the best fucks she has had in months and continued to thrust her pussy up to Jack’s hard cock.

The foursome heard the noise from next door and went to check. The gate was open so they gathered around and watched as Jack and Alice finished, then cheered for an encore.

Embarrassed, Alice jumped up and ran naked to her house, Jim followed after her and caught up with her in the living room. He pulled her to the couch and kissed her while running his hand up her leg to play with her wet pussy.

Frightened, but still hot from her recent fucking Alice opened up to allow him to finger her cunt, then spread wide to get fucked again.

“Please make it quick before Jack catches us.” She begged. He had been wanting to fuck Alice since they first moved here, he was going to enjoy this and take his time.

Meanwhile Pam and Jane were working on Jack, Pam was sucking his cock as Jane sat on his face covering his mouth with her cunt. He had no objections to this and responded by lapping Jane and playing with her tits.

Bill went in search of Jim. Finding them fucking on the couch, he watched as Jim finished then took his place to give Alice her third fuck of the afternoon. She was sloppy wet with two loads of cum already there and he slid easily in.

Alice opened her eyes, startled at this new invasion. Seeing Bill she wondered where Jack was, hoping he wouldn’t catch them before she came a few more times. This was the most fucking fun she had ever had, she wanted more. Wrapping her legs around Bill she fucked him with all her might. Fuck, this was great. Pushing back with each thrust of his cock, trying to get it deeper. His cock filled her pussy, pounding her to another climax. “Fuck me.” She cried. “Again”

After getting a load of cum from Bill and having two climaxes she decided enough for now, her pussy needed a rest. Going to the bath room to clean up she could see Jack and the girls through the window, Jack was fucking one of them doggie style while she was eating the other.

Returning still naked to Bill and Jim she told them what she saw so they all went back out to the yard to continue the games they liked best. Fucking

And now they were six. Any more out there?

If you liked this story let me know. I love feedback. Ron

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Game 3 – Post Game

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Melissa was away for a couple of days visiting her mother in Springfield, who was in the hospital. Fortunately, it turned out to be relatively minor. I got up early and went to the office. I rarely worked Saturdays but I was up against a tight deadline on my project and needed to review the weekly field reports. Sixteen of the twenty sites were on track, two were ahead of schedule and two were behind although one had made significant progress the previous week. If that team had another good week, they would be up to speed.

Game three was starting at four o’clock and although the Sox were down two-zip, like every other Red Sox fan, I was sure this one would be different. They were back home at Fenway. Although I had just spent the entire day at the office, I still needed to get some work done, so I brought my laptop and briefcase. Normally, I went to McNally’s, a pub closer to our apartment when I wanted to catch a game out. But it would be loud and packed wall to wall with boisterous patrons pounding down beers and cheering on the Sox. I went to Sullivan’s instead. It was closer to the office but still walking distance to our apartment. It wouldn’t be nearly as busy on a Saturday. It catered to a more upscale work-week crowd. Drinks were a bit more expensive and the beers on tap were all craft brews and Irish or English imports. If you wanted to drink a mass-produced American beer at Sully’s, you were getting it in a bottle.

Melissa called just before I left the office. She told me her mother was doing well and would be discharged the next morning. She was going to dinner with her father, two brothers and their wives, and would get home late that night. When she asked me what I had planned, I told her what I was up to and where I was going. She asked why Sully’s, and I told her I still had some work to do. It would be quieter. I could get some work done and still catch the game. I made Mel promise not to drink too much. She promised to wake me when she got in.

I got to Sully’s just before the starting lineups were announced. It was somewhat busier than expected but I still didn’t have any trouble getting a booth where I could spread out and work. Most patrons crowded around the big screen. I ordered a Sam Adams Honey Porter, a Rueben, and a Caesar salad from the attractive Irish immigrant waitress and got to work.

Like every other Red Sox fan on the planet, I was sure the Sox were going to turn it around but in the back of my mind, I couldn’t escape a well-justified sense of doom. The Yankees jumped out to an early lead in the first but the Sox went ahead in the second inning. When the Yanks tied it in the third, the place got quiet. In the fourth, after Sheffield hit a three run shot, a collective groan went through the bar that made me lift my head from my work. That was when I saw her.

She looked out of place. She drew attention from the predominantly male patrons as she passed by the crowd. She wore an expensive gray silk business suit with a magenta silk blouse. The suit seemed odd for a Saturday. She was about five foot six with thick, wavy dark hair that hung past her shoulders. Her eyes were a positively luminescent blue-gray. High cheek bones, a flawless fair complexion, sensuous lips, a narrow nose, and a small narrow chin assembled a face from a fashion magazine cover. She was slender with an appealing shape that wasn’t disguised by the suit. She moved with an easy grace that suggested she was an athlete.

I had a sense that I’d seen her before. But I was sure I didn’t know her. She nodded at me and I nodded back. She sat at the bar across from my booth. I could see her face reflected in the mirror behind the bar. Her attention was on the small television that I had been watching, just to her left. I watched the remainder of the debacle that was the Yankee half of the fourth inning and then returned to my work.

A parade of men, disgusted with the game, approach her. Every suitor was sent away. When one persisted and got a bit too close for her comfort, Sully, who had been watching from his post at the quiet end of the bar, approached.

Sully might have been in his late sixties, but no one fucked with him. He was six foot seven inches of muscle and looked more like he was in his forties than sixties. Sully’s didn’t attract a clientele that justified having a bouncer so a peaceable resolution was likely. The guy about jumped out of his shoes when Sully gently put a hand on his shoulder. He put up his hands in surrender and turned to go back to the crowd at the big screen. That wasn’t going to be good enough. Sully took him by the elbow and assertively led him toward the front door, telling his bar maid to call a cab. There was no resistance from the patron, dwarfed and cowed by Sully. Sully kept the guy company until the cab arrived. Sully would keep the conversation light and avoid any mention of the woman at the bar. But it would also manage to induce a sense of dread.

I hadn’t seen my waitress since she cleared my meal dishes and I wanted another beer. So I went to the bar gaziantep bayan escort and stood next to gray-suit as I waited for service. She looked at me, openly dismayed by my presence. She expected me to hit on her, too. But I just nodded to acknowledge her and turned to get the attention of the bar maid. I returned to my seat when I got my beer. Several more guys approached, by this time the game result was a foregone conclusion, and she sent them all away. I felt sorry for her, but Sully was keeping watch and her issues were not my problem.

I started packing my work to leave when I spotted another guy approach gray-suit. She spotted him, too. Before he got there, she got up and startled me by sliding into the booth next to me. She nodded and smiled. The look on the new suitor’s face suggested he wanted to kick my ass. Some guys just don’t have a clue.

She leaned into me a bit and asked, ‘Do you mind if I sit here for a few minutes. If they think we know each other, maybe the parade will stop.’

‘Sure,’ I told her. ‘But I’m going to leave as soon as I get my check and settle up.’

‘That’s OK,’ she said. ‘I just want to sit for a few minutes and not get hit on. You’re not staying until the game ends?’

‘Nah. I know how it ends. I’ve lived here all my life. Once again, they’re going to disappoint in the worst possible way.’ I told her.

‘That’s a fatalist’s attitude. Where’s your faith in the team?’ she asked.

‘Oh, I have faith. It’s just tempered by years of disappointment.’ I laughed.

‘I thought you were going to be another one when you stood next to me earlier. But you didn’t make a pass at me. You just got your beer and returned to your booth. Just out of curiosity, why not?’

‘Well, there were two reasons. First, you sent a long line of guys packing, so it was pretty easy to conclude you weren’t interested in company. And second, but more important, I’m in a committed relationship.’ I told her.

She looked down at my left hand. ‘You’re not wearing a ring.’

‘I didn’t say I was married.’

The waitress appeared at that moment. I asked for the check. She reached into her apron pocket, rummaged through a stack until she found mine and handed it to me. I handed it back to her. ‘You need to add another porter. I got one at the bar when I didn’t see you for a while.’

‘Sully said that one is on him. When the lady joined you, he could stop worrying about her.’

I shrugged and handed her my credit card and she went off to run it.

Gray Suit leaned toward me again but this time, I felt her hot breath in my ear. Her hand slid up my leg and caressed my cock, which had been sleeping contentedly. Her hand didn’t linger. She removed if before I could move to push it away. But that didn’t stop the response. She grinned at me.

‘You really shouldn’t have done that.’ I told her.

‘Because you’re in a committed relationship?’

‘Well that, and now I have to sit here a for a few minutes before I can leave.’

Smiling, her hand fondled my erection, again briefly. ‘That’s OK. I can finish my beer and then you can walk me to my car.’

‘Not a good idea,’ I told her.

‘Relax. I’m not trying to pick you up. I just want to get to my car un-accosted. You seem my best bet.’

‘Why did you do that, then?’ I asked.

‘I was curious. It seemed like it might be fun to tease you a bit. It looks like you enjoyed it. And you haven’t really complained.’

She did indeed only want an escort to her car. She pointed to indicate the direction to her car, coincidentally toward home for me. She walked next to me. Close enough that an observer would conclude we were together, but not close enough to suggest we were a couple. She didn’t say anything on the short walk and I wasn’t inclined to initiate a conversation. No goodbye, no thank you, or anything else for that matter when she got to her car. She just got in, checked traffic, and drove away without a glance in my direction.

I headed home, watched a movie and went to bed, knowing Mel would wake me when she got in.

I’ve always been a sound sleeper but I guess I never realized just how sound. I woke when I felt something pressing against my lips. I opened my mouth and a ball-shaped object was thrust in and some kind of flexible band was pulled behind my head to secure it. When I tried to remove it, I found that my hands were secured to the headboard and my feet to the bedframe. A blindfold covered my eyes. I tried to scream but the ball in my mouth effectively stifled my ability to generate any kind of volume.

My first thought, was ‘What the fuck is going on?’ My next reaction was panic.

I thrashed around trying to get free but to no avail. The heavy, antique cast bronze headboard Mel contributed to our furnishings was not about to give. And whatever I was bound with didn’t give, either. The hot breath next to my ear, frankly, unnerved me. A feminine voice whispered. ‘Relax, this won’t hurt. In fact, I think you’ll enjoy it.’ It wasn’t Mel, that much I could tell. It wasn’t her voice and it wasn’t her perfume. The scent seemed familiar, though.

I thrashed about for a few more minutes until I felt cold metal on my belly. I stopped struggling immediately. I felt my tee shirt pulled taut and heard scissors cutting my shirt. The sleeves were each cut and the shirt was pulled from under me. I felt the steel again on my legs, as first one leg, then the other of my boxers were cut free. ‘You can thrash around again, if you like. We’re done with the scissors,’ the voice whispered.

I was in a panic. Mel was coming home tonight. If my tormentor was gone when she arrived, Mel would not understand finding me tied up and naked. Hell, I couldn’t understand it. I was at loss to even begin to understand how I got into this predicament. If my tormentor was still here, what would happen to Mel? How the hell did this happen? How the hell did whoever she was get in? Did I neglect to lock up and set the alarm?

I thrashed around a bit more, but eventually, I had to stop.

Once I stopped moving, I felt a fingernail begin to trace my pectoral muscles. The touch sent shivers through me. The fingernail moved to the center of my chest and headed south. When it got to my navel, it paused there and circled around it a couple of times before again heading south. When the finger nail arrived at my pubic hair, it was joined by the fingers of both hands. The fingers gently entangled in the hair, tugged it, and caressed the skin under it. I found it oddly arousing, considering the circumstances and I began to feel the sensations that heralded my imminent erection.

Once I was hard, the fingers stopped caressing and the hands pressed down on my hips. Next I felt hot breath on my cock. It felt like my cock was surrounded by her mouth rather than in it. There was no physical contact. Only hot, moist breath betrayed the presence of her mouth. The weight on my right hip went away and I felt the hand flutter across my leg, sending chills up my spine. Fingernails began caressing my balls while hot breath continued to stimulate my cock head.

The hot breath went away and the weight on the bed shifted. Her body came to rest on my chest. I could feel damp pubic hair rubbing up and down my chest. One set of fingernails continued to caress my sac. Another fingernail traced the vein on the shaft of my cock. The weight on the bed shifted again. Fingers cupped my balls and gently rolled them around inside the sac. The hand that had been on my cock shaft moved to my lips. The ball in my mouth pivoted a bit and I felt some pressure pushing it into my mouth. I bit down on the ball, which was made of a semi-hard rubber-like material. My teeth sunk into it readily and easily held the ball in place, although I could still feel a force pushing down on it.

I got a whiff of feminine arousal, then felt soft pubic hair on my chin. I wondered what the hell I had in my mouth. I knew what a ball gag was though I had no personal experience with one. But this was different somehow. The weight lifted off my face and the pressure pushing the ball into my mouth was relieved. In fact, it felt like it was being pulled up. I tried to spit it out but the straps held in in place. After just a brief moment, the downward pressure returned. I bit into the ball again.

The body above me let out a moan. It repeatedly lifted up and then pushed down. Each change in direction, brought change in the direction of force on the ball in my mouth. I figured it out after a minute or so. The ball in my mouth that had a dildo on it. OK, fuck this, I thought. Time to take some action.

When the pressure was downward again, I lifted my head off my pillow, thrusting into the pussy coming at me. I heard a gasp. When the pressure reversed, I relaxed my neck and my head fell back onto the pillow, eliciting another gasp. I did this several times, the woman above me gasping and whimpering. Finally, what I was working toward happened. All pressure on the ball went away as the dildo slipped out of her. I turned my head to the side. When she pushed back down, there was nothing to impale herself on.

She spoke again. ‘Son of a bitch,’ she said. ‘I was so close.’

The bed shifted as she changed positions. I felt the hand on my face again and felt the ball being pulled so that my face had to turn toward the pussy above me. I tried to resist but the pressure was too much. The pussy returned to my face and I felt legs move up to either side of my head. Feet went over my shoulders and hooked under my arms. My face was now trapped in place.

The up and down pace increased. She didn’t make the same mistake again. Fluids began to seep onto my lips. They were warm and slick. Pubic hair tickled the end of my nose each time she came down on the dildo. All through this, my cock remained rock-solid.

I felt her weight shift on the bed again as she changed positions. The hand forced my head back into position as she once again began fucking herself. I felt hot breath on my cock head. This time, I felt lips on the head and then a hot, wet mouth slid down my cock toward my balls. When the lips bottomed out against me, my face got soaked by her orgasm. She kept me buried in her mouth as her hips thrashed up and down on the dildo. I couldn’t bring myself to resist. The sensation of her hot mouth on my cock was pushing me toward the brink.

When I felt my orgasm begin, my hips involuntarily lifted off the bed. A hand grasped the base of my cock as the mouth quickly withdrew, stopping just long enough to swirl a slippery tongue around the head before releasing me completely. The swirls pushed me over the precipice. I fired a first jet of semen into space. I didn’t feel it land. The second, third, and fourth ejections were also launched into empty space but I felt them land on my chest and abdomen.

The pussy on my face lifted up and the dildo popped free, completely relieving the pressure on the ball. I felt the blindfold pulled off but by the time my eyes adjusted to the dim light, she was standing in the doorway with her back to me. Her dark hair looked like it had been through a windstorm. I lifted my head to get a look and the view confirmed that the ball did indeed have a life-like dick attached to it. The dark-haired woman had a trim waist, a nicely shaped ass, and great legs. She stood with her back to me and appeared to be sending a text message. She didn’t seem familiar.

She didn’t turn toward me but stood looking out into the next room. After a few minutes, I heard the front door open and Mel appeared. She barely glanced at me before going over to my tormentor. They kissed. This wasn’t a peck on the cheek between friends. This was a passionate endeavor undertaken by two lovers. By the movement of the muscles on her face, I could tell Mel’s tongue was active inside the unidentified woman’s mouth.

When they broke the kiss, she smiled over at me. ‘How did it go, Ashley?’ she asked.

‘It went just fine.’ I recognized the voice immediately. It was Gray Suit from Sully’s. ‘You were right, when he falls asleep, he’s out. I had him trussed and blindfolded without any response from him at all. He didn’t react until I started to put the gag in his mouth. He was a bit of trouble at first. He thrashed around but eventually realized he couldn’t break free. He’s inventive, I’ll give him that. He managed to get the dildo out of my pussy at a most inopportune moment.’

Mel came over and sat on the bed next to me. ‘David, remember our conversation last fall?’

I knew exactly which conversation she was talking about. At the time, we had been living together for about three months.

Mel had come home from work early on Friday and surprised me with my favorite meal. Fortunately, I got out of work on time for a change. We enjoyed a bottle of Malbec and snuggled up on the couch listening to classic rock. ‘Honey, can we talk about something?’ she asked.

I figured this was the ‘Where is this relationship going?’ talk. We had dated for a little over a year and then, at her suggestion, we moved in together. It was an easy transition. We looked for an apartment together and eventually found one to our liking. Walking distance to my job and two stops on the T to hers. The rent was high but still much less than we were paying for two apartments. Our taste in furniture was similar so we had no trouble furnishing the new place with what we already had. Even deciding what to part with was easy. After over a year together, I thought the talk was past due. And, frankly, I was ready to take the leap.

‘Sure, Mel.’ I told her. ‘I think I know what you want to talk about.’

‘You do?’ She sounded skeptical.

‘You want to talk about getting married. Or at least committing to a future together. I’d like that. The prospect of spending my life with you makes me very happy.’ I told her.

‘That’s sweet,’ she said. ‘But, no that’s not what I want to talk about. At least not right now.’

‘OK, what do you want to talk about?’ I asked, somewhat surprised and a bit embarrassed.

‘I’m not sure if I can really explain it but I’m going to try. You know I love you?’

I didn’t like the way that sounded. ‘Are you breaking up with me?’ I asked.

She was clearly exasperated by the question. ‘No, David, I’m not breaking up with you. I’ve got almost everything I could ever want in our relationship. But there is one thing missing and I need to resolve it before we can have the move forward talk.’ Mel had her head on my shoulder. Her hand was inside my shirt, caressing my chest.

‘What can I do to make everything right for you? I’ll give you anything I can.’ I told her, meaning every word of it.

‘I like girls,’ she said simply.

I sat upright. My change in position forced her to do the same. ‘What? But, our sex life . . . You always seem to enjoy sex with me.’

‘I do, I do. I really enjoy making love to you. I love everything about our sex life. I love it when you fuck me hard. I love when we take it slow and easy. I love sucking your cock. My senses fail me when you lick my clit and suck my pussy. Everything we do I enjoy and want to do with you again and again and again.’

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Fuck Buddies Ch. 01

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Hey I’m Will. I like to have fun – fun with the girls. I like to cut to the chase, so if that’s your thing, keep reading. Here’s some fun:

* * * *

So this one time it was during summer holidays between first and second year university. I’m in the city, out alone one night at an uptown bar. I normally don’t go out alone, but my friends were all busy and I was in the mood for a noisy place. Anyways, I was finishing my beer when I noticed two girls giving me some glances from the pool table. I like glances, especially from girls like these. Both were amazingly gorgeous — one had wildly short dark hair with tanned skin and square-framed glasses, the other sported a sexy blonde crop and fair tones. Both had the figures of models. The dark haired girl was in a very loose halter-top — the kind where you can see what the lady has because the sides of her breasts are exposed. The blonde had worn a tight white tank top, and both were in capri jeans. Sexy as can be. And those glances kept coming back. I won’t describe myself… these stories are about the girls, and I’ll leave it up to your imagination if you’re wondering. And remember, it can’t be bad if I get looks from two vixens like these. Read on.

So I gave them a smile and a tip of my empty bottle. They exchanged looks and giggles. The blonde tipped her head indicating “come over here you”. Oh and I went over there indeed.

“Hey I’m Will.”

“Zen” said the blonde, her blue eyes twinkling and lips breaking into a perfect feminine smile.

“Cool name!” I replied. “Are you laid back?”

“Very” she said. Lots of innuendo applied.

“I’m Mel” came the black haired beauty. “Nice to meet you Will.”

“Likewise Mel.” She too had a mystical beauty about her. Now I’m all about the sex and the naked bodies and all that, but I have to step back and give a nod to these two wonderful ladies. Both are classically beautiful – and as I got to know them more over time, kind and generous and very smart people. Now back to the sex and the naked bodies. Well, all I could see of Mel right now were her green eyes and perfect teeth – and genuine interest in meeting me, but it was very, very good. “So I got some glances from you two, and the old nod-over. What’s all that about?” They chuckled. Mel dove in for it.

“Well we were looking to make a new friend!”

“And we need a decent match for some pool!” piped in Zen.

“Let’s get it going then!” I said, ready to fill some holes. Har har. I went to get us some fresh beers while they set up my favourite game. When I got back, they decided it was girls versus the guy. But my, did they need help.

“I hold it like this” I said, my body curved against Zen’s backside, the cue in both our hands. We took the shot and she sunk one. Both girls were delighted.

We went on like that for a while, and I happily lent my expertise to the two beauties. I was under a spell of their perfume and looks, and I’ll admit it — I’m a sucker for girls with short hair. The way I see it, it means they’re clean, they like to groom themselves (not just on their head), and they only chop off the locks if they have a gorgeous face to compensate.

Mel turns out to be an art major, working at a local art shop. Zen is doing law, and also looks after a group of student houses, including their own. Ya, Mel and Zen live together. And of course I got to see their place that night. Let’s cut to the chase.

* * * *

I drove into Mel’s pussy, slamming her creaky bed back and forth against the wall like some porn cliché. Okay so this was my first threesome. It was everything I’d hoped and dreamed. I know it’s everyone’s fantasy (maybe not the exact guy to girl ratio, whichever way you swing), but it was as much a fantasy as I plunged my way into Mel as it had always been in my mind. Times that hotness by ten because I just met these erotic girls a few hours ago. Zen sucked on Mel’s floppy breasts, barely capturing the nipples in her mouth as they sprang back and forth with my thrusts. The screaming could break windows. Then the leggy blonde straddled her roommate, facing me. Her pussy absorbing the heat off mine and Mel’s connected loins, she full-out mouth-fucked me. Mouth-fucking is what I call an insane makeout when you and the girl are naked. This usually happens during sex, but in this case that would be a few seconds away. And…. time! Okay it was Zen’s turn. I pulled out and propped my nine inch member into my other new friend.

“Do you mind Mel?” I said. She could barely breath.

“I already came twice. Knock yourself out.”

“Or knock me up” said Zen, already matching my strong thrusts.

“Let’s hope not!” I said, already fully aware they were both safe. Hmmm how can I keep this interesting for you? You’ve probably read just about every depiction of sex there is. I’ll just be general and keep the pace moving. We licked, sucked, gave, took, rammed, rode, rocked, and came the whole night long. Different rooms, different surfaces, different pieces of furniture, gaziantep bayan escort different climaxes of pleasure which can only be achieved with two beautiful, sweaty, horny girls like these. Zen came three times. Now you’re thinking “what’s this guy all about? How’s he holding back?” Well I’ve had my fair share of intimate encounters, so I’ve got a collection of moves and tricks to keep the girls cumming and myself lasting. But all things cum to an end, and I erupted my load inside Mel on a switchover that was definitely in the double digits.

Even though I was tired, and so were they, I was determined to make the first time with them even more special. We took a short breather, then gathered some new location ideas and some hardness, and we were back at it again and into the wee hours of the morning.

* * * *

I awoke in a tangle of smooth, toned limbs, spread over me from their naked bodies. Zen’s flat chest was face down on my side, while Mel’s breasts cushioned my other side. The bedroom door being opened was what woke me up. The girls were already awake, and looking radiant in the morning sunshine which spilled through the curtains. They were still in a state of euphoria, feeling all over my body. A head popped around the door.

“Hey Naomi” moaned Zen. Naomi was perhaps more beautiful than the two I had just ravished. Her pale skin was the perfect fairness for her lovely freckles and shaggy, extremely short red hair. Another one! Wow.

“Hey you guys” she said, showing no inhibitions whatsoever. She seemed genuinely giddy to see her two friends and a completely stranger naked in front of her.

“This is Will” said Mel. “He’s the most amazing love-maker you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing.” I blushed. What a situation! Naomi came in the room. She was only wearing a towel having just showered.

“I’m Mel and Zen’s other roommate, Will. Sorry I missed the party last night, I was at a friend’s. It looks like it was good. It smells like it was good.”

“H…Hi” was all I managed to get out. I can be a cool talker, but not with Naomi eyeing me down.

“So will I get the pleasure of getting to know you?” She arched an eyebrow tauntingly. Of course she would! The towel dropped.

* * * *

I gave it everything I had on the floor of their kitchen, Naomi’s back arching at full capacity as I throttled into her from behind. She was sprawled on all fours, doggystyle in front of my kneeling body. It turns out her freckles ran everywhere. Except for her messy hair and a small strip of runway above her cunt; I couldn’t see behind those. Zen and Mel both walked around naked, preparing coffee and some breakfast. They occasionally teased each other, or let me or Naomi in for a lick or a finger, but for the most part they were spent. Naomi’s body spasmed and jerked backwards, her vaginal muscles tightening around my cock for the second time this morning. Her twenty-year-old tits springed around in joyous freedom. I slowed for her pleasure, and resumed when she recovered. We got into another position — she sat on the counter facing me and spread her legs for my entry. Here’s a chance were I can say we properly mouth-fucked. Minutes later, I was ready to explode.

“Take it out!” she gasped, clearly wanting to see the prize.

“Where?” I yelled, pulling my dick out and pumping it full force.

“My face!” she cried, her finger now a blur in her swollen hole. I came before I could aim properly, the hardened veins of my member propelling out the white mess. Half of it found Naomi’s face, where she had her way with it. The other half found a bowl of fruit, which Mel and Zen filled their appetites with.

* * * *

A few hours later after some more getting-to-know-you and quality time together, it was time for me to run some errands. I consider these girls my good friends. Even best friends. And definitely fuck buddies. That summer, and many nights beyond, we continued our mutual pleasure and it was wonderful. I kissed each of them goodbye after our first night, knowing I would return often.

* * * *


* * * *

This is my next sexcapade. It’s hard to top three girls at once, but sex isn’t about topping your past achievements. It’s about having the best time possible with beautiful women, no matter what the situation. I went up to the cottage with the family for a week during my summer vacation. I was sorry to leave Mel and Zen and Naomi back in the city, but I’d be back inside them in a few days no doubt. The town was small but very pretty — definitely what the vacationers paid for. One day I was walking down the main street and my luck took a turn for good once again. Next to me, a girl came into stride. She sent a smile my way, which I returned. Blonde hair down to her chin worn messy, with blue eyes and a perfectly feminine smile. She reminded me of one of my best fuck buddies…

“Hey what’s up?” she asked.

“Not too much” I said, hands in my pockets and switching my sight between her stunning face and the ground.

“Ya that’s the problem with this town. It can get a little boring.”

“You’re bored?”

“Well ya, there aren’t exactly boys lining the streets.”

“Well there’s one” I mused.

“I know! Nice to meet you, I’m Maxine.”

“I’m Will” I replied. Maxine was nice. She seemed delicate. Very attractive. All the vacation sun had bronzed her skin, and sunkiss freckles dotted her face. She wore extremely small white shorts, and a pastel blue tank top. Her toned arms were the kind that reflect dimples of shadow here and there if you see it in just the right lighting — clearly some light muscles. Her breasts seamed to be small rounds in my peripheral vision. I guessed she was probably a year younger than myself — eighteen-ish.

“So,” She turned to me and stopped, raising an arm to mess with the hair on the back of her head. “Wanna fuck?”

I have to admit I was taken aback.

“Haha… wow” I managed.

“Ya I know huh?” she said understandingly. “Okay I’ll be honest. This town is boring when there’s nothing to do. But now there’s something to do… you!” She said this matter-of-factly. “And you come highly recommended.” Now she really had me lost.

“My cousin is Zen!”

“I thought you looked like her! Wow! Small world!”

“No kidding right? Anyways, she said you were a maniac in bed and do things to her that are insane. So, you wanna fuck me up?”

“Of course Maxine!”

“Cool! Oh, one thing. You’ll be screwing my sister too. She’s going even crazier for a cock than I am!”

Now I was in that common situation where the clothing covering my crotch felt like a jail cell.

“Right, ya. I can do that!” I stammered.

“Great!” She took my hand and led me down the rest of the deserted street. We got to know each other and talked about Zen in the few minutes it took to reach the sisters’ beachfront cottage. We walked around to the back porch. They were staying alone for a few weeks. Excellent.

We went up onto the porch, I caught my first glimpse of the other. Ohhh yes. It was another Maxine! It was the same person! They were twins! Identical twins!

“Will, this is Riley” said Maxine, introducing us. “This is Zen’s friend.”

“Ohhhh” murmured Riley, tiptoeing to give me a kiss on the cheek and realizing the connection. She wore the same tanktop as her twin, but in red. “Glad to have you onboard the crew. It’ll be a nice change fucking someone besides Maxine tonight. Not that I don’t love you sis.” Riley gave Maxine a peck. Fuck this was surreal! Maxine realized she needed to explain.

“Oh Will, we’re very close as sisters. Ya we pretty much fuck and everything together. It’s kinda incest, but we’ve never got any complaints from guys we share. That cool?” I laughed at my luck.

“Haha are you kidding? Where do I sign up?” Maxine was at my side, her chin resting on my shoulder. One hand was on my crotch, the other on my ass. Riley pulled off her tanktop, bouncing down a supple chest with a continuous tan.

* * * *

The two girls were lying flat on their backs next to each other on the large bed, long legs spread eagle. They smelled like vanilla. They tasted like sex. I quickly darted my face between their two pussies, flying my tongue over their twitching clits. With Maxine on the left, I tried something different when I came back to her. With her anal hole clearly visible and cheeks spread, I danced my tongue around it, then pressed in. The taste was clean, and she rippled in glee at the new sensation. I repeated it for Riley, who gave the same response. They were twins after all.

* * * *

We fucked all night, their cunts swallowing my cock lovingly after their serious dry spells. They felt the exact same on the inside, but the arousal it gave me to have twins bouncing on top of me like rodeo riders was incredible. And just as promised, they gave as much attention to each other as I got. Maxine had now climaxed three times this round. It was Riley’s turn. She climbed onto the saddle and gripped her hands high above her head on the bug-net’s bar. She rocked me with fury, breaking the sound barrier in the process. And boy did she swear like a sailor.

“Fucking right you fucking piece of ass! Fucking ram that dick into my womb and make me cum!”

“Shit Riley you fucking keep talking like that and I will!” I gasped. Maxine threw a leg over my face, planting her asshole for my tongue. She faced Riley and they mouth-fucked.

“Will, stick your tongue as far up as it’ll go! Fucking make my ass cum!” groaned Maxine.

“Fuck I’m cuming!” screamed Riley. Her arms did pull-ups on the bar as she slammed herself down on each ramming.

* * * *

The next days were a blur of ecstasy. Their private property let me experience a whole lot of outdoor sex. I do specifically remember introducing the twins to the wonderful world of anal sex on the sands one afternoon. Maxine loved the reaming so much that we went out there (having been naked for days straight now) and she went doggystyle. I thought of Naomi. Riley laid back in front of her sister for some oral. I gently pushed into her asshole, letting her adjust to the sensation. Her natural muscle spasms to push me out worked wonders on my dick. As soon as she was comfortable, we started the usual routine — our young bodies pushing back and forth against each other in pure lust. Then Riley gave it a try. She loved it too. Back inside Maxine a half hour later, I came. The twins were doing sixty-nine (while I was just above in Max’s ass!), and they came too.

They other thing I remember really well was their incestual tendencies. Whether I was recuperating or joining in, those girls were hungry for each other. They would eat pussy constantly, and taste every square inch of each other’s bodies. And they were nymphotic too — once I saw Riley sitting her cunt over a bedpost and bouncing on it. Another time Maxine stuck rocks from the beach up her pussy and rubbed it around. These girls provided an incredible week for me. Their loveliness and sheer love of fucking makes them excellent friends indeed. Thanks to Zen, I’ll never lose touch with Maxine and Riley, the horniest twins ever.

* * * *


* * * *

The title says itself. The next girl I was inside is Nadine, from Scotland. Although I couldn’t wait to get back to the city and my three best friends, I had to tag on another week with the twins in their beachfront cottage. They begged, and it’s impossible to put up a fight when two blondes are naked and toying with you while they ask. So anyways, it was the second day into the new week. I had just come out of the shower, and wore a towel around my waist. Riley wore a much-too-small bikini and see-through fabric wrapped around her waist. A flower was in her hair. She was a sight to be worshipped, even though I had already memorized every part of her body. Maxine walked around in the white shorts I met her in. Her tits jiggled as she walked around, enjoying the evening breeze. A flower accented her messy blonde hair too. Outside, the sun was casting an orange glow as it set. Wow this has gotten a bit more descriptive lately, hasn’t it? Well that’s not a bad thing – the more women, the more description. It’s only fair, because I have to give them all decent attention. If you saw them in real life, you would too.

Anyways, guess who walks in! It’s Mel, Zen, and Naomi! And another girl! The stranger was shorter than everyone in the room, and sported blonde hair with blue eyes. Hey hair is curved inwards and down to her neckline. Her face looked very young, but very happy to be here. She had nothing going for her on her chest, but I get equally aroused by flat tits as with big ol’ teardrops. She was in a miniskirt which was probably too high for a girl her age, and a tight polo top. But she had the athletic figure of everyone standing in the room.

Sorry I got carried away. There’s just nothing better than describing a stunning girl. So my three best friends all run at me! Naomi is first in for a big smooch, sending me back onto a couch.

“Will you deserter!” yelled Mel.

“We missed you!” shouted Zen, ripping off my towel underneath Naomi.

“Haha I’m sorry! I was going to call you this evening! Zen your cousins… are amazing!” Riley and Maxine looked delighted, Max giving her left breast a slight squeeze of pleasure.

“Wait, did you two know about this?!” I asked.

“We wanted it to be a surprise!” Riley answered.

“I’m surprised!”

We all caught up and I was introduced to another new friend, Nadine. Her Scottish accent instantly caught my interest as it sexily rolled every word. Oh and by now I had the towel on again. Naomi is yet another Zen relative, a cousin of the twins and her from the UK. She was staying with Zen for a while over the summer. Anyways, Mel and Zen and Naomi were anxious for some fulfillment. They decided to wait for the next day because the twins wanted to take them shopping. I was tired, and so was Nadine, so we stayed in that night. We sat on the couch talking. Eventually it came to our favourite subject.

“So I hear you’re a fiend with my cousins and friends!”

“What? How’d you hear that?”

“Hmm let me think. The stories on the car ride up. The towel and then the losing of the towel in front of everyone. Maxine’s lack of shame. Oh and everyone deciding they’ll fuck you tomorrow.”

“Oh right. That.” I blushed a little. For all my ranting, I can be a shy guy here and there.

“It’s alright, I’m just as happy to join in!”


“I’m all for it. Let’s give it a go! Right now!”

“I can’t Nadine…”

“What? Why?” She sounded hurt.

“It would be pretty much illegal. You’re not eighteen, right?”

“No I’m sixteen.”

Fuck, a gorgeous sixteen year-old wanted my dick inside her and I was saying no.

“I really would love to…”

“Don’t worry! In the UK the age of consent is sixteen! And I consent!”

“Really? Wow I guess that would be alright then!”

“Of course it’s alright!”

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Friendly Fuck

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My girlfriend Dawn and I were at a small party at a coworker’s house recently. It was a nice summer night, and our friend Vie has a house on the beach, so it was really a great night for a party. Everyone was in a fun mood, and we all took turns mixing drinks for everyone at the bar.

Dawn was wearing a patterned peasant blouse, thin gauzy cotton, that laced up the front – no bra and a pair of jeans. She looked amazing as usual, and while we were standing by the porch rail soaking in the warm sea breeze, I had to kiss her. We spent quite a few minutes kissing on the porch when we heard our hostess Vie say to some of the other partiers who had been watching us “Don’t you just wanna watch them fuck?” Of course we all laughed. It was kind of a joke around work that Dawn and I couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.

Later the party began to thin out, leaving only a few of us behind who were, at that point, very well drunk. We continued to laugh and drink on the porch as people slowly paired off and drifted away. Who knows what was beginning to happen in the bedrooms as our drunk friends began to find each other irresistible. Eventually there were three of us left on the balcony, Dawn, myself, and our hostess and good friend Vie.

Vie stumbled inside to fetch drinks, and again Dawn and I found ourselves standing by the rail kissing. Our tongues danced around each other, and we began to caress each others rears. Soft moans began to emanate from our drunken throats. We were clearly ready to leave so that we could get home to our bed and our lovemaking, when we heard Vie stagger back onto the porch.

“Damn,” she said when she say us making out like crazy on her porch and grabbing each others asses, “I really wanna see you guys fuck!” Vie is in her early fifties – ten years older than me and twenty years older than Dawn. We have known her for a very long time, so we weren’t too surprised by her bawdy comment. In fact it happens quite often when she is drunk. Nonetheless I was still surprised when Dawn replied, “That is a distinct possibility tonight, Vie.”

Vie of course did not hesitate to call her bluff. “Let’s head upstairs then,” she slurred, winking drunkenly at both of us. We all laughed, but found ourselves heading upstairs, grabbing the handrail for support.

The topmost floor of their beach house is all bedroom. The french doors open onto a balcony that overlooks the ocean and allows a fabulous view and a fabulous breeze. The doors were open this night, and the thin curtains billowed in a soft sea breeze. Dawn and I flopped on the bed and Vie plopped into a big rattan chair sitting adjacent to the king-size bed.

We chatted for a while, and I began to think maybe the “dare” had passed when Vie said, “You should kiss her some more.”

Happy to oblige, I began to kiss Dawn hungrily, eager to see how far this would go. gaziantep bayan escort Dawn was more than responsive to my kisses, enjoying our tongue play and pulling me close to her. Then Dawn broke away from my kiss and surprised me by suggesting Vie be the “director.” Vie seemed a bit confused at first, and I must admit so was I. Dawn explained that she meant Vie should “direct” us – meaning for her to tell us what to do.

Vie understood immediately. “I have been,” she said smiling. “now quit talking and start kissing again!”

We resumed our make out session on the bed with what I must admit was a bit of renewed vigor. This was something new for sure, and we were both enjoying it.

“Feel up her breast,” Vie directed, and I did so, cupping her C cup in my hand and squeezing gently. “The other one too.” Again I complied gladly, squeezing handfuls of my girlfriend’s luscious tits.

“Take your top off, Dawn,” Vie directed next. Dawn removed her soft top, allowing her amazing breasts freedom in the warm sea air. I began to kiss and lick them immediately (even though I hadn’t been told to do so). Dawn moaned softly as I kissed her round nipples, alternately sucking one and squeezing the other in my hand.

“Take off your pants too.”

Dawn removed her tight jeans, wiggling out of them on the bed while I continued kissing her breasts. As she pulled her jeans off, she pulled her panties down part way, exposing her ample bushy pubic hair to my view (and to Vie’s). She quickly pulled these back up as she laid back further on the bed, arching her back up so that her breasts stood up firmly in the moonlight that now flooded the bed from the open porch doors.

As I continued attacking Dawn’s breasts I glanced at Vie, sitting in the large rattan chair only a few feet away to see how she was taking all this. Vie was extremely attractive in her day and still is an amazing physical presence. She is tall and blonde, and in spite of carrying a little extra weight, beautiful. The flowered shirt she wore was unbuttoned all the way, and it lay open to the waist. She was caressing one of her large breasts with her hand, periodically squeezing the large dark nipple. Noticing that I was watching, she licked her fingers and moistened the nipple. I looked at Dawn, whose own nipple was in my mouth, and saw that she was smiling back at Vie.

By now I was about to lose my mind (or my wad). “Take off your panties, Dawn,” Vie directed next. As she did so, I watched Vie spread her own legs, and I saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her short skirt eased up as she spread her legs further, exposing the blonde and furry mass inside.

I sat up then to admire both of these beautiful women more clearly. I probably looked like a guy at a tennis match, looking at one furry snatch on the right and my own beautiful girlfriend’s furry mound on the left. To my surprise (though at this point nothing should have surprised me) both of them reached a hand down slowly and they each began to caress themselves. I sat back on the bed and watched as their masturbations both increased in intensity, each occasionally licking their two fingers before bringing them back to their moist cunts, inserting a finger or two then pulling them out to rub the furry mound briskly on top.

Dawn was really beginning to moan when Vie said, “I think you should fuck her now.” Dawn immediately hiked her legs in the air and beckoned me on top of her. I slid up close on my knees, and grabbing her thighs firmly, drove deep into her on the first stroke. I admit I have never heard such a pleasurable moan from her as the one she emitted as I began to pound against her firmly. She was on fire soon, bucking against my thrusts and pulling me deeper into her. Then she came, throwing her head back and letting out a deep exhalation of breath. Sensing that I was soon to cum myself, she eased away from me, pushing herself into a sitting position and leaning against the padded headboard. I saw her beckon Vie with her finger then and I turned to look at our hostess who I had briefly almost forgotten about.

I sat back on the bed and watched as Vie slid next to Dawn. I watched with delight as she took Vie’s hand and guided it down to her soaking wet pussy. Vie began to rub Dawn’s cunt and again Dawn began to moan. Dawn usually takes a while to get excited again after cumming once, but tonight she was crazed. I scooted closer to watch Vie’s fingers darting in and out of my girlfried, when Dawn said; “Touch her.” I didn’t realize at first she was talking to me until she said again, more forcefull, “Touch her.”

I carefully eased up my friend Vies’ skirt and slid my hand up the inside of her leg to find her warm wet pussy. I eased two fingers in and rubbed her clit with my thumb. To my surprise (I know – nothing should have surprised me by now) Vie reeached over with her free hand and squeezed my throbbing cock.

We were all touching each other now, rubbing and stroking and moaning. I removed my hand and reached around behind Vie to squeeze her ample ass. I let my fingers ease down her crack to explore her asshole and to my delight she leaned closer, buried her head between my legs and gobbled my cock in one gulp. She began squeezing it with her throat muscles and slurping it’s length slowly as I eased a finger into her tight asshole. Our moaning had reached quite ample levels by now, and as we all rubbed and bucked and sucked we all came explosively. I came first shooting the load that by now felt like bucketfulls down the throat of my older friend. Vie came next as I buried fingers into both her ass and cunt. Dawn came last as Vie frantically fingered her moist slit with Dawn rubbing her own bushy mound at the same time.

As I let out a huge post-orgasm sigh, I noticed that in spite of her huge second orgasm Dawn was still rubbing her fuzzy mound and slipping a finger into her pussy to join Vie’s two fingers which were still sliding slowly in and out of her cunt. I noticed next that Vie was still grinding against my hand, forcing my fingers in and out of her ass and pussy. Finally I realized that Vie was still sucking on my cock, which in spite of having just cum a huge load was rapidly hardening again. I usually require 15 or 20 minutes at least after an orgasm to get hard again, but I guess the excitement of fucking my girlfriend and our best friend was having an effect on me because my cock was already starting to throb again as she sucked it’s length down her throat.

Vie broke away from me then and removed her hand from Dawn’s twat. She turned herself around and shoved her ass toward me. She bent down and began licking Dawn’s reddened pussy lips in long slow strokes. Dawn threw her head back in pleasure, and I saw her looking at me as Vie murmured through a mouthful of twat, “I want your cock in my ass.”

I eased myself into position behind my her and licked my finger to moisten her ass. It was pretty loose already from my avid fingering during her last orgasm, and I was ready to slide inside her. I looked into my girlfriend’s eyes, and she smiled as I slid my cock deep into Vie’s ass. We again quickly became a bucking and fucking mass. As I pounded Vie’s copious ass from behind, she was madly licking Dawn’s dripping cunt. Vie’s other hand reached down to her own cunt and I could feel her arm violently rubbing her clit as I fucked her asshole. Danwn’s hands were busy as well, one rubbing her bushy mound, occasionally grabbing Vie’s blonde head and grinding it into her crotch, the other hand squeezing alternately one beautiful breast then the other. Occasionally she would reach forward and squeeze Vie’s beautiful tits which were swinging back and forth as I slammed my cock into her ass. The slapping and sucking and fingering sounds increased in speed and volume as we all fucked like beasts on speed.

I’d like to say we all came at the same time in an explosion of shared sexual ecstasy, but that would be a lie. Dawn came first – even though it was her third orgasm of the night. Vie didn’t cum a second time. I guess my cock in her ass didn’t do as much for her as it did for me. But as Dawn and I dressed and staggered out of the bedroom, she was sitting on the bed still sliding her fingers in and out of her cum filled ass.

At the bottom of the stairs we ran into Vie’s husband Paul. He had opted for a night out with some friends instead of a night at home with Vie’s friends. We exchanged brief pleasantries before staggering to our car and driving home. We wondered aloud as we drove home if Paul had fun as he climbed the stairs to find his horny wife and her cum filled holes waiting for him in bed. I’m willing to bet he had the time of his life, just as we did!

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