Son’s Friend

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Hi my name is Celia, Celia Trevors, I am 37, married to a great husband, have two children, boy aged 18, daughter aged 16, have a wonderful life, want for nothing, my husband is a partner in a successful electronics business, own a big house in its own grounds, cars all round, my sex life is still good after 19 years of marriage, I was young when we married, but its been a brilliant life. And I am very happy.

A little about me, I know I am good looking, almost beautiful, but don’t show off though, I have many admirers of all ages, Im 5ft 7inches tall, longish Auburn hair which is my pride and joy still, its still luxurious, soft and silky, no grey anywhere, big wide brown eyes, full lips, some friends say pouty, still full breasted, perky nipples which are still very sensitive, I’ve had some very near misses in my marriage, temptation being put my way, nearly succumbed a couple of times, and very nearly did at a party one night, but managed to keep my vows and integrity.

Until this day came.

My daughter was at her friends for the weekend, my husband and son were going golfing, so Saturday I had to myself, we own a very valuable set of glasses, decanter and goblets that have been handed down through my family for generations, they are kept in a very secure strong glass cabinet and locked at all times and are never used.

I clean them once a year and today I decided to do it as I had all day to my self, when my husband and son golf it’s an all day thing, practice ground, putting etc, lunch, then play, they left at 8.30am and I knew they wouldn’t be back until 5 at the earliest.

I wasn’t wearing anything special, I had no bra on, a thin blue cotton top, long sleeved that was fastened by 4 buttons, so my cleavage was on view a little, my nipples were evident but I was home for the day, so, so what.

I also was wearing a denim skirt that buttoned down the front about 3 or 4 inches above my knees, I have good strong toned legs so I am proud of them, a pair of panties that bordered on a thong, daring hey?

No tights or stockings, and a comfy pair of filled in high heeled sandals that raised my height to about 5, 10″

I had taken the glass objects from the cabinet and into the kitchen, we have an island in the middle so loaded the glass very carefully and gently onto a soft cloth in the middle of it, prepared the solution to clean them with.

At that moment Declan, or Dec as he is known to us, my son’s friend and the son of our neighbours, tapped on the door and came in.

He is 18, very good looking, knows it too, but doesn’t flaunt it, has an easy charm about him, a twinkle in his eyes that women of all ages have tended to fall into, 6ft, black shiny hair that lives its own life, powerfully built, without being too muscular, he and my son who is also very good looking but differently to Dec have been very successful with lots of girls and I’m sure a couple of married ladies too!

My daughter told me about 3 months ago that Dec had scored with a married female teacher who had left very quickly, but I don’t know if it’s true.

I had just turned back to the bowl of solution when I heard him enter the kitchen, I turned and there he was in the open doorway, I said “Im sorry Dec but John and his dad are out golfing all day”.

He said ‘oh drat’, and that he had forgotten.

He looked at the glasses on the table and said ‘wow I didn’t know they were so beautiful, much like you’ he laughed.

I smiled, I knew he fancied me but I never felt threatened, and I said ‘thanks Dec.’

He stepped forward and reached out to pick türkçe altyazılı porno one up, I jumped forward and said ‘whoa there mister, keep off ok,’ he apologised and stepped back away from the island I turned back to my task.

I heard him say ‘yes they are really lovely.’

I turned back and to my horror he had picked up 2 of them, I dashed forward to take them from him, he stepped backwards towards the wall as I reached him, I took them from his hands and started to scold him, when he put his hands on my hips, spun me around so now my back was to the wall.

I said ‘what the hell are you doing Dec!’

He just said ‘don’t drop those glasses Mrs T.’

I gasped and looked at my hands to make sure I had them secure, thankfully I had, he then just gently pushed me back to the wall and moved into my personal space, without any preamble, he leaned in and started kissing my neck, which I really do love.

I was stunned to say the least, I didn’t know what to do, or how to react, even think straight, he now had his body pressed up against mine, and in between hot kisses on my neck he told me this was something he dreamed about.

He moved to the other side of my neck, and began what was to become my utter seduction, although I would have laughed in your face if you had told me this was what was going to happen.

He reminded me about the glasses, I tried to push him away and off me but it was impossible because my hands were useless to me, I was truly trapped, and now I could feel his cock pressing into me and I nearly died at the sensation that it caused me, keeping me there, and kissing me like he was, up and down and around my neck, and into my ears, another turn on for me!

My mind was in turmoil, then without realising it his fingers and thumbs found both nipples, which to my utter dismay were not just sensitive as usual, but were super sensitive.

I could feel myself sinking into submission to my sons friend and there didn’t seem as though there was anything I could do to stop it, (I was about to find out there wasn’t)

My nipples felt like they were going to explode in to bits, I couldn’t stop the treacherous betrayal my body was doing to me, my mind was saying NO!

My body was saying Oh Yes!

His hot lips were still raking away on my neck, and now I couldn’t help from moving in time with him so giving him all the space he wanted on both sides, That was when he kissed me properly, it was like I had never ever been kissed before, his lips just moulded to mine like they had been sculpted just for that sole purpose. Where did he get all this expertise at such a young age?

I felt a draught on my body, I managed to glimpse down and to my total surprise, my buttons were undone, and my super sensitive fully distended and engorged nipples were being twiddled away by him, it must have been like turning on a radio, he was tuning me in, and very successfully too, my hands on his shoulders, I was helpless.

Here I was in my kitchen with my sons friend, the son of my neighbour, who I had known for many years and I was being utterly and comprehensively seduced, and now I was really beginning to love the way he was handling me, and making me squirm and submit completely to his wanton ministrations.

Another movement lower down made me realise the buttons on my skirt were being undone, along with me! I tried to wriggle away but he reminded me about the glasses in my hands.

I trembled and stayed still, my hands still on his shoulders, it was the only place I could put twitter porno them and keep the glasses in safety. It was as if he had ordered me to stay still and I obeyed.

My skirt fell to the floor, his hands went to my outer thighs, and stroked and caressed me, he wiggled me to make my pussy rub across his now hard cock, my panties weren’t pushed down he just put his fingers in and pulled them straight off me, which made me whimper in a little fear and some high apprehension to what was about to happen to me, I was now totally in his control, his constant kisses to my lips, neck, shoulders, and ears was driving me crazy, his hardened cock was now placed firmly in my pussy’s entrance although it was still inside his pants,

I was about to be taken by this strong, powerful good looking boy, and there was nothing I could seem to do about it, after 19 years, my vows and fidelity were going to be taken by this young predator, I was his prey, and he was having me no matter what I were to say, or do!

He asked if I wanted it here in the kitchen, or elsewhere, like upstairs where he could, and would give me what I was now craving, I saw a glimmer of hope to escape, although I wasn’t too sure if I really wanted to now, so I said upstairs, thinking if I could put down the glasses, I would maybe just maybe able to fight him off, but he must have read my mind, he smiled at me, leaned in and gave me that fantastic kiss of his again, which I just melted into, then stooped, put his arm under my knees, and I was up in his arms, and being carried upstairs to my now none negotiable fate.

My shoes fell off some where, he carried me into my marital bedroom, to say I was now in a daze is the understatement of the decade, how could a boy of 18 be doing this to me and so easily too.

He put me in the centre of the bad and climbed over me to keep me captive, he knew what to do every step of the way, he pulled off his shirt revealing his tight powerful body that was about to give me the greatest pleasure I had ever known, he went back to my nipples making me moan and moan.

He leaned forward to kiss me, I was almost delirious now, my hands above my head in complete surrender, I was in total lust, and in his total control

He whispered into my ear, ‘put the glasses down on the cabinet next to the bed Celia.’

Without any further prompting I did as I was told, it was then that he took me in his arms, told me he loved me, held and kissed me, I wrapped my own arms around his neck kissed him back as passionately and lovingly as I could, all I wanted was to please him now.

Then I asked him ‘please make love to me right now.’

I couldn’t wait to feel him in me, he jumped off the bed, kicked his shoes off, yanked his pants and boxers down, I stared in wonder at the beautiful cock that jumped into view, Im not going to say it was 10″ long and 5″ thick like you read about in those silly stories, but it was big, a bit bigger than my soon to be cuckolded husband, and certainly thicker.

I nearly feinted with delight, he got on the bed, I felt for him, his cock was so unbelievably hard, and so hot to my touch, I put my left arm around his neck, and my right hand on his hip, I pushed him over me so I could get that wonderful cock inside my traitorous pussy, which was now hot, wet and boiling away for him.

He duly obliged and thrust it into me without further ado, I gasped in a little pain but a fantastic amount of pleasure, I came immediately, my orgasm was cataclysmic, it just tore me apart.

I think I lost consciousness briefly, üniversiteli porno my feet were over his waist in total surrender now, my arms around him my nails digging into his back, hanging on for grim death, as he began to fuck the living daylights out of me, never have I ever been fucked like this, not even my husband had reached these glorious heights.

I knew in my heart he wouldn’t last too long, and he didn’t, but I still had 2 more mountainous orgasms and several small ones before he grunted, drove himself deep into me and shot his spunk all the way in.

It felt like it was going to come up my throat so powerful was his ejaculation, it was truly wonderful, we were wrapped tight together now, then slowly let go and subsided into bliss, what I didn’t know was, he didn’t really go down, he was still half hard and in what seemed like minutes he became fully hard again and then boy did I get the mother of all fucking’s, never before have I been taken like that, he was my master in all ways.

He was unstoppable, I came and came and came, and I now do freely admit, I didn’t really know what being fucked properly was about.

Sex with my husband had always been good and satisfying, but Dec had taught me in these few minutes that I didn’t know a thing, I did now, and I’d loved every second of it, I was spent, and now I loved this man boy, he had not only forcefully removed my vows and fidelity to my husband, he had taken my love too.

I looked at the clock it read 11.00 which meant there was still about 6 hours before son and hubby came home, I was so happy, it meant this man boy, my conqueror, my lover, could spend the rest of the day making me do whatever he wanted, and oh did I want to!

He jumped from the bed, and I asked with fear in my heart ‘are you going to leave’?

He grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the shower where he kept me for a good half hour, where we kissed and loved each other I couldn’t keep my hands or mouth off him, he pushed me willingly to my knees where I gratefully sucked his cock, it felt so big and bulbous in my mouth and I felt his balls, and when he eventually came I swallowed the lot frantically, we dried off and went back to bed where we played, made love, he got me on my knees and railroaded my pussy and me in to oblivion and shot another wonderful hot load of spunk into me, we 69’nd, kissed and cuddled for the rest of our time together that day.

It was wonderful, I loved my husband, but I knew I had never ever felt, or ever known love like this.

He said to me, ‘Celia have you ever had it up your ass?’

‘No’ I said, ‘my husband has fingered me there, but I didn’t like it, so I didn’t want it.’

He told me ‘I do’ with an intent look on his beautiful face.

I looked at him knowing that it was not going to be up for discussion in the future, and nodded my head, ‘it’s yours’ I said ‘when ever you want it.’

We had to change the bed clothes, tidy up, open the windows etc.

We went down stairs, where we were very close to each other, I couldn’t keep away from his kiss, touch, or stop feeling his wonderful masterful cock.

I put the glasses away without cleaning them, I picked up my discarded clothes, spent the rest of the time in his wonderful strong loving arms, and promised him, I was his whenever it was possible, I would go out to meet him, or he could come here if circumstance permitted, there was no way I was going to give up my young man boy lover now.

At 4.55 I heard the crunch of tyres on the gravel, Dec went and sat at the table after our last loving kiss, which unbelievably made me wet for him.

My husband and son walked into the house greeted me with a kiss, and big hello for Dec, asking how long had he been here.

His answer, which made me giggle was, ‘I came about an hour ago,’ and neither my husband, nor son knew how true that was!

To be Contd.

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The Lifeguard

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Today was Brianna’s big day.

It was her 18th birthday, and she was ready to spend a great day at the beach, picking up guys and gals to take back to her hotel room to have good sex with. For this purpose, she had bought a small green string bikini that matched her beautiful eyes. Although not too revealing, her ample DD-cup tits always wanted to pop out of her top.

She grabbed her towel, a book, sunglasses, a hat, a skirt cover-up, sandals, and sunscreen, and put them in her bag, then headed down for the beach.

Upon arrival, she realized that she had to do something to gain attention. Thinking fast, she coyly undid her top, letting it fall to the ground, while shouting “OOPS! MY TOP FELL!”

That did it. Immediately, a small crowd of hot men and women had formed around her, including some lifeguards, to assist her. One sexy lifeguard in a Baywatch suit stood in front of Brianna, shielding her while she put her xvideos porno top back on. Grateful, she struck up a conversation with the woman, who was named Alison Rhodes. Alison was a redhead, 25, with blue eyes, C-cup titties, and was a bit on the pudgy side.

“Thank you Alison! That was so nice of you!”

“Don’t mention it. Say, you’re the only young one who hasn’t teased me because of my weight. What gives?”

“Well, I think you look cute, Alison. My name is Brianna, by the way. Brianna Bailey. And I’m bisexual.”

“Me too! Hey, I get off duty in a little while, so you wanna go fuck when I’m done? Then we can tan a little or something.”

“Sounds great! See you around!”

Brianna had it good: people on the beach were coming up to flirt with her, and she responded in kind. She loved seeing the bulge that developed in all the men’s shorts, cooing when she saw it. Meanwhile, the yabancı porno temperature continued to rise, and Brianna decided to go for a swim.

Entering the water, Brianna thought to herself, isn’t this nice? She glanced around, and noticed people heading out of the water. She paid them no mind; in fact, she decided to piss while she was out here, since no-one else was around.

It felt good to pee, especially through her bikini. The water warmed up quickly. She looked up as she swam out, and noticed it was getting dark very early. The current was also a little rougher. She turned towards shore, and found it far, far away. Then all Hell broke loose.

The first wave tossed Brianna out of the water; she landed with a splash, plunging in headfirst. The next wave knocked her bikini bottom to her ankles. Brianna struggled to get them back up, but the waves were too strong, and she looked in dismay yaşlı porno as they disappeared beneath the waves.

Half-naked, tiring, and scared, Brianna screamed for help. Alison, who was on the beach, heard her call, and launched a small motorboat to get Brianna.

As she reached Brianna, Alison leaned over the side, and Brianna grasped her hand. Water drained from Brianna’s cunt as she fell into the boat.

“Thank heaven you are okay! And, might I compliment you on your twat?”

“Thank you. Now, let’s get out of here!”

But the boat wouldn’t start up again. As the two girls tried in vain to start the engine, they failed to notice the next wave bearing down on them.

The boat was knocked to shreds, and Brianna was relieved of the top of her bikini as she was knocked into the ocean. Alison swam over to her, grabbing her, and the two began to kiss. A further wave ripped away Alison’s one-piece suit.

All seemed lost, as the two naked women began fucking in their last moments alive, when, suddenly, they were whisked ashore by another wave. Holding each other tightly, the two women, soaking wet and orgasming, screamed in fear and pleasure as the sun rose after the long, hard storm.

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The Long Weekend – Day 03

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After spending two days and two nights with Melina over the Anzac long weekend, things take a dramatic step forward for Lindsay when Melina manages to secure a meeting with the head of a design company but in the midst of this excitement Lindsay is still holding back. Is she or isn’t she? Where is all this leading and should she embrace a possible future with Melina or treat this as just another affair?

Lindsay opened her eyes as the tap, tap, tapping sound continued. Beside her, Melina stirred and she rolled over to look at her. She was lying on her side with one arm under the pillow and the other stretched out and Lindsay felt a surge of tenderness. She looked so helpless just lying there and she reached over and gently pushed a stray lock of hair out of her eyes. Melina moved slightly and murmured something inaudible, her fingers twitched a little and Lindsay smiled.

She sleeps, in my bed.

The tapping started again and this time Lindsay made the connection between it and the noise that had woken her earlier, it was coming from the window above her head. At first she thought it might be a bird, but it was too loud and deep. Melina stirred and opened her eyes.

“Who the fuck is that?” Lindsay sat up in bed and turning around, pulled back the curtain just enough to show her face but not her naked body and looked down at Lisa’s face. The woman was standing just below the window with her head about the height of the windowsill. She was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, she smiled and waved.

Lindsay returned the smile and letting her side of the curtain drop to expose her naked body, pointed to the front door and closed the curtain but before she closed it, Lisa did get a good look at a part of her she’d never seen.

“It’s Lisa, she’s here early,” she edged off the bed and reached for her panties on the floor, “she was supposed to be here tonight not now.”

“Do you want me to stay in here?” Melina propped on her elbows and followed her passage around the end of the bed to the washing basket.

“What for?” Lindsay raised an eyebrow, “you’re my guest, not my prisoner. Just don’t wander through in the nude after what I told you about her yesterday.”

“Of course not,” she looked down at her form beneath the duvet.

Lisa was a mere six months younger than Lindsay. Raised a Seventh Day Adventist, she’d attended the Adventist college in Warburton but the moment she ditched her school uniform she cast aside a raft of conservative ideas and went in the opposite direction. It had caused problems with her family for years and she almost seemed to delight in pushing the boundaries just for the hell of it.

Yet despite her wild child persona, Lindsay genuinely liked her. It didn’t matter if you weren’t feeling very sociable when she came around, Lisa would just go with the flow and carry on. In that way she fit the bill of a true friend, you could not contact her for months on end and she’d still greet you with a hug and a smile the next time she saw you.

Her hug felt both reassuring and strange, although she put that down to Lisa’s admission the day before and her own intimate encounter with Melina.

What do I tell her?

“So you don’t mind hugging a lesbian,” Lisa released her, “I knew there was something I liked about you.”

“I’m not homophobic,” she stepped aside as Lisa entered.

“I feel like I’ve been released,” she followed her into the kitchen, “this is the longest I’ve been with anyone.”

“So, what brought all this on?” Lindsay asked a moment or two later.

“Circumstance,” she replied, “I met her in a pub one night, I’d gone to meet this guy but after two beers we had a big fight and he threw a beer in my face. Roxy was an off duty cop who got me a towel and cleaned me up. We got talking about it and me, I thought she was just doing her job but the next day she sent me a text, inviting me to come out for lunch. She came out over lunch, which surprised me because I didn’t think she was that way inclined and just flat out asked me to go for dinner the following day.”

“Okay,” Lindsay flicked the switch on the kettle.

“I just went for a laugh to be honest, the kind of thing to put on your bucket list but then we started talking and it was like someone was inside my head. This woman had not just lived the same lifestyle as me, she even thought the same way as me, it was like meeting my long lost twin if you know what I mean, which is odd because she’s eight years older than me.”

“So what happened?”

“Nothing that night,” she shrugged, “I went home, but for me it was the first time I went home after a date without having sex. I laid awake half the night, thinking. When I woke up the next morning there was a text from Roxy saying, had a great night, hope to see you again soon.”

“Uh huh,” Lindsay took out some cups.

“I saw her that night, we went out for a few drinks, went back to her house and because I’d had a few too many she refused to let me zenci porno drive. I thought what the fuck, maybe she just wants sex, so,” she smiled, “we went to bed.”

“And had sex.”

“No,” Lisa held out her palm, “that was the fucking weird bit. I was in her bed and yeah, I knew she liked me but I wasn’t sure how she liked me but we actually fell asleep and slept together. It was the first time in my life I’d gotten into bed with someone who liked me and not had sex.”

“That’s different.”

“Tell me about it,” she leaned against the bench, “nothing like that had ever happened to me and when I asked her about it a couple of days later, she told me there were other ways to please her than just spreading my legs,” she paused for a moment.

“We saw each other a few more times that week and I told her things about me I’d never told anyone,” she turned as she heard noises in the bedroom.

“We had sex for the first time after over a week of seeing each other and it was like nothing I’ve ever known, it was like actually making love instead of just fucking.”

“Wow,” Lindsay replied, “that’s really quite romantic, I’m happy for you,” she turned as she heard Melina coming out of the bedroom, “but does your family know?”

“They do and while they disagree because of their beliefs, they can see it’s put the brakes on my drug and alcohol intake, I’ve even given up the dope.”

“Fuck me,” Lindsay shook her head, “that’s a bloody miracle.”

“Too right,” she ran a hand through her hair as Melina entered the bathroom.

“Who’s here?”

“My friend, Melina,” she glanced over, “I met this model from Germany and stayed in her hotel room in the city, she stayed here last night.”

“Okay,” Lisa stared at her, “so, you’re just friends, right?”

Lindsay wanted to say yes but knew it was now impossible, Lisa’s candid snapshot had touched her, the other woman actually looked more relaxed. Every time Lisa came around to see her, she always brought a bit of dope and more often than not, she’d wind up sharing a bong or a joint with her. It was another reason she’d been relieved when Lisa moved to Sydney. Lindsay could take dope or leave it but the fact that Lisa seemed to gravitate towards her, meant she was spending a lot more time with Lindsay than her other friends. Subsequently, Lindsay’s marijuana intake increased over the space of a few months to the point that when Lisa finally went to Sydney, Lindsay actually bought a couple of grams from one of Lisa’s friends. However, it wasn’t the same without Lisa and so she didn’t score again.

But seeing her clean and sober, dressed sensibly and talking openly drew it out of her, the chance encounter with a model, her agreement to show her around Melbourne for a day, the dinner that night, sex in the hotel room and by the time Melina came through to the kitchen, she’d just told her about the visit to the Sanctuary.

“Hiya,” Melina smiled at her, “I am Melina.”

“Lisa,” she replied, “so, you two are a couple?”

“We are friends,” Melina leaned against the sink and squeezed Lindsay’s shoulder, “but who knows what will happen? It is early days.”

“That’s exactly what Roxy said to me,” Lisa smiled.

They heard a lot about Detective Roxanne Cumming over the next two hours. It almost seemed too good to be true, the older woman living in her own house, taking in a sex-obsessed straight woman and forming a permanent relationship. Roxy definitely sounded like a stabilising influence on the younger woman, similar in some respects to her situation but with one major difference. Lisa had been able to move in with Roxy and even if that hadn’t occurred they still lived in the same city, but in a couple of days Melina would be winging her way back to London and she’d be stuck here with a memory and at best, a long distance relationship.

She hated to admit it, but she felt a twinge of envy that someone who’d blown more chances with guys should just wind up falling on her feet while she was stuck in a house that was unaffordable if she couldn’t find a housemate.

There’s no way I could afford to fly to London, not on my budget.

She held a dress in front of her for Melina to see and the older woman frowned and shook her head, Lindsay sighed and turned back to the wardrobe.

“The longest she ever went with a guy for was three weeks and I’m subtracting two weeks because he took her to Europe with him, so it’s not like she could make a clean getaway.”

Melina stepped over to the wardrobe and took down a white, three-quarter length skirt made of cotton, it had flower cut outs halfway down it. She put it back and took down a denim skirt with a fly front and Lindsay shook her head.

“Mind you, she’s on a good wicket with her, she could never have afforded a deposit with her wage packet, she was like me, an eternal renter.”

Melina selected a peach-coloured three-quarter length pleated skirt and held it against her.

“This will look good with this top,” zorla seks porno she picked out a white top with a lace detail over the shoulders and the neckline, it had a single button at the back.

“You think?”

“I know,” she draped the clothes over her arm, “trust me, fashion is my life.”

She retreated to the bed as Lindsay started to change.

“Tell me, where do you see this going?” Lindsay pulled her top over her head, “I know it’s been two days, so it’s early days but in a couple of days you’ll be flying out and I’ll be here, stuck in this shithole joint trying to find someone to rent the other room or it’s back to mum’s place.”

She fastened the button.

“It is not such a bad house,” Melina propped on her elbow and looked down at her phone, “but would it be so bad moving back to your mum’s place?”

“No, it would certainly cut my costs drastically and I could even put up pictures. Would you believe that the old bastard I rent this joint off won’t let me hang a picture?”

“Why not?”

“He calls this his retirement portfolio, he’s got two other houses he rents out in the area and if I bang a nail into the wall I’m putting a hole in his portfolio,” she undid her jeans and pulled them over her hips.

“Funny, I don’t recall seeing investment portfolio on the rental agreement I signed.”

Melina’s phone rang at that moment and she smiled as she picked it up.

“Thank God, finally, excuse me. I have to take this call,” she swiped the screen and getting to her feet, walked to the door, “Andre, thank you for calling me back so soon.”

The rest of the conversation was lost as Lindsay donned the skirt. She examined her reflection in the mirror with a critical eye. Normally she wore casual clothes to a family barbecue, this was a little dressy. The skirt did flare out as she turned, it was perfect for a candlelit dinner and she managed a smile as she recalled the last time she’d worn this.

Dinner with Jason, how appropriate!

She selected a necklace and two bracelets to go with the outfit and by the time Melina returned she was busy fastening her sandals.

“Okay,” Melina sat on the bed and looked past her for a moment, “that was an interesting phone call. I called Andre while you were in the shower but I got his voice mail. I wasn’t expecting him to call back today.”

She patted the bed.

“Sit down, I have something to tell you and an offer to make to you.”

“Okay,” Lindsay sat on the bed.

“Andre runs a design company that is doing the new Myer catalogue, he has other contracts as well but this is the big one. I do not know if you would be working on that one because he has a team in place to do it but he is looking for an entry level desktop publisher. I have told him that you would be interested in applying and that you would be at the shoot tomorrow morning,” she paused.

“I cannot say for sure he would hire you because it is not up to me and it is only a six month contract but the pay is two and a half times what you are earning now, maybe more. From what he told me you would be working thirty hours a week, maybe more depending on the workload and your competency?”

Lindsay looked past her for a moment.

“A job?”

“I would have said something when you got out of the shower but I wasn’t expecting him to call back today and I didn’t think he would even agree to see you, but perhaps I impressed him the other day over lunch. You could come back to the hotel with me tonight and go down to the shoot in the morning? I will be busy working but the agency has hired out the whole of one floor so you would get free food as well.”

“Okay,” she flicked at her hair, “so, I show him my work?”

“Precisely, it would be what they call a pre interview. He looks at your work and decides whether or not to formally interview you. After that of course there is the interview, he has to do it this way because there are other people he has to talk to first. It is not a promise but it is hope, yes?”

“Yeah,” Lindsay straightened up, “that’s,” she swallowed, “no one’s done that for me in a long time, this sounds good.”

She fiddled with her necklace.

“Okay, I’ll do that. So, what’s this offer?”

“Ah,” she touched her phone and swiped the screen, a few seconds later she tapped the Facebook icon and held it up.

“My status is single, but if you are truly interested in seeing more of me then I will switch it to it’s complicated for three months and in that time I will not date or sleep with anyone else. I can do this because I am tired of giving myself to women who just take and do not give in return. And I am a generous woman, I love to give but because of my job, the money I earn and my social status I seem to attract the gold diggers. Sometimes they even manage to fool me, although not so much the last couple of years, but I am tired of these women.”

She lowered the phone.

“You are different, and perhaps you have also fooled me but I am hoping not. You gave freely of your time and yesterday you spent money that could have been spent on something for yourself, just so I could see Australian animals. You said that Lisa had a good wicket. This means she is onto a good thing?”

“Yeah,” Lindsay replied.

“I too think I am onto a good wicket with you but it is early days. You have a lot to think about over the next few months but if you decide you want to be with me then I will change my status to being in a relationship and we will work things out.”

Lindsay shifted off the bed and walked to the window while Melina swivelled to keep her in sight, a few moments later the younger woman nodded.

“Look, even if we decided we just wanted to stay friends I’d still be on a good wicket, although right now,” she smiled slyly, “you’re looking hotter than hell.”

“Thank you,” she returned the smile, “you are pretty hot yourself.”

Lindsay knelt on the bed and rocked back and forward slowly.

“But over the next three months I want regular contact with you. Email, chat, Skype, whatever, but I want to find out your favourite food, your first kiss,” she kissed her gently, “your most embarrassing moment,” she peeked down her blouse.

“I want to know as much about you as possible. Only then will I be comfortable making a decision about you.”

“Deal,” Melina put a hand against her cheek and kissed her passionately, “I want the same thing.”

They kissed again but were interrupted by Lindsay’s phone. She picked it up while Melina was kissing her neck.

“Hiya,” she gently pushed Melina’s mouth away, “it’s my sister. Yeah, I’m just leaving in five minutes, be ready out the front?”

“Sure,” her sister replied, “who are you with?”

“My girlfriend.”

She hung up and kissed Melina again.

“I think I just outed myself, again.”

“You are starting to make a habit of this,” Melina stroked her face, “you’re looking very pretty today,” she ran a hand over her top.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she tugged at her sleeveless white chiffon blouse, paired with a black leather skirt with a zip down the middle, “come on, let’s get moving before we get naked again.”

Emma was looking a little hot and bothered when they pulled into the driveway of her house in Woori Yallock. Emma was seven months pregnant and wearing a longish dress while Tony carried a brown wicker basket of food and wine.

“My God, woman, I can’t wait to meet this hot fella, hiya, I’m Emma, and this is my partner, Tony.”

“Melina,” she smiled and stepped away from the door for Emma.

“Oh don’t bother with that,” Emma moved to the other side of the car and opened the back door, “I might be seven months but I’m not due yet. Get in Tony, your mouth is hitting your shoes.”

She shut the door and Lindsay slid behind the wheel as the others got back in.

“So,” Emma pulled the belt over her belly and grimaced, “help me with this belt, honey, it’s too short,” she looked at him and he leaned over and started adjusting the belt while Lindsay started the engine.

“This hot guy you met. What’s his name? I want all the details.”

Lindsay looked at Melina while Tony pulled the belt over her belly and clipped it in. A moment later she took Melina’s hand and put it on her leg.

“It’s not a guy, she’s a woman. Her name is Melina and she’s a model.”

Tony stared at Melina’s hand and then Emma. A moment later he moved back against the car door while his partner blinked and lowered her sunglasses. Emma leaned sideways and looked at Melina’s arm. The German model glanced over her shoulder and smiled at her. Emma saw Lindsay’s eyes in the rear view mirror and sank back against the seat for a moment.

“Huh,” she murmured, “that was quick,” she pushed against the headrest.

“Come on, get moving, we’ve just taken the wine out of the fridge but I want to know all the gory details. Leave nothing out. Oh and congratulations to you both.”

By the time they got to their mother’s house in Wonga Park the story had been told. Nevertheless, as Lindsay drove up the slight incline past a long row of small conifers she felt a slight queasiness when she saw several cars parked in front, one belonged to her mother’s boyfriend, Ron, the others belonged to her mother’s sister and brother.

“Talk about jumping in at the deep end.”

“Tony, honey,” Emma smiled sweetly. “Will you be a darling and get the things out of the boot and take Melina inside? Introduce her to the clan, I have to do the older sister thing.”

Once they were alone, Emma edged herself along and perched on the edge of the seat, she looked down at her belly and winced.

“Easy, tiger,” she murmured.

“All right. I’m gonna go in there and get the others all outside, I’ll make up some excuse. You come in with me but go to the bathroom and touch up your makeup. Once they’re all gone, come out and tell mum. I don’t know a bloody thing about coming out but that’s up to you. I’ll keep them all outside posing for pictures, yes that’s it and all I can suggest is you just be honest. If this woman is the one you love then go in there and out yourself to mum, tell her how it is and don’t hold back,” she squeezed her shoulder.

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Scent of a Cuckold Ch. 03

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Dinner went well and the wine flowed freely. I was the only one not drinking. Patrick and Nikki were feeling no pain by the time I served dessert and that’s when Patrick started to ask me questions about how often it was that I was inside Nikki and I had to embarrassingly tell him it had been a few months due to the fact that Nikki said I was too small and she was usually sore after coming home from being with him.

I was kneeling on the floor stroking Nikki’s leg still wearing the yellow latex gloves when Patrick pushed himself back from the table and put his hands behind his head and told me that he needed me to show him I understood who was in charge and what everyone’s role was. As if the fact that I was kneeling on the floor wearing a pink maid’s outfit, white thigh highs and a tiara after having served my girlfriend and her lover dinner and dessert wasn’t answer enough. But I knew what he meant.

I scurried over towards him still on my knees and unzipped his pants. Reaching inside with the latex gloves on, I pulled his cock out and kissed the tip. He smiled down at me and then smiled at Nikki. I lowered my head and began to suck his cock furiously. I could feel him growing harder in my mouth and could hear Nikki moving behind me. Once his cock was fully erect and I would guess about eight inches, Nikki pushed my head out of the way. Still wearing the crotch less black body stocking, she straddled Patrick’s lap and slid herself onto his eagerly awaiting shaft.

I knelt there for a moment mesmerized by the sight before yetişkin porno my eyes. Finally on instinct I began to lick Patrick’s balls and shaft every time Nikki rose off of it. I licked with a flurried frenzy and pretty soon I was licking her ass, his cock and balls all in one stroke. I was in heaven as I heard him moan and say he was going to cum. Finally, he grunted as she wrapped her arms around his neck and screamed out in orgasm. They stayed still like that for a bit and slowly she lowered herself off of his cock. He merely smiled down at me as if to say, “You know what you have to do” and I did. I licked and sucked and cleaned his cock knowing it was turning Nikki on and pleasing her. When I was finished with him, she told me to lie on my back on the floor and she straddled my face and brought her pussy right down on my mouth. I licked and sucked his cum from her with wild abandon.

When she was finally satiated, she rose and took Patrick by the hand and led him towards the bedroom telling me to finish my chores. I stood up and made my way to the sink and finished the dishes. As I washed and dried them I could hear them fucking like wild animals in the bedroom. Once done, I washed, dried and ironed two loads of laundry that Patrick had brought over for me to do. I was just finishing hanging up the last shirt when Patrick came out of the bedroom buttoning up his shirt. He smiled at me, picked up his laundry, patted me on the head and said, “I left you some dessert in there. Enjoy!”

I youjizz porno made my way to the bedroom where I found Nikki still wearing the crotch less black body stocking lying on her back drifting off to sleep. I moved forward slowly and could see that her pussy was full of cum and it was running down her legs. Dreamily she smiled and half opened her eyes and whispered, “Does my good little boy wife want dessert?” I immediately crawled between her legs and lapped at her pussy with my tongue. Furiously I worked at it, licking sucking, slurping. I smelled the scent of my cuckolding, his cologne, her perfume, their sweat, and sex. She grabbed my head and held it there pulling me into her. I gave her not one, not two, but four more orgasms before her lust was finally satisfied.

Pulling myself up, I smiled at her and told her I loved her. She asked me if I wanted to cum. I was in heaven and told her yes. She told me to get the key from her ankle bracelet and let myself out of my chastity device. It felt incredible to be free after being locked up for almost a week. Nikki instructed me to spread my legs and turn around with my ass facing her. I did as instructed standing next to the bed legs spread as she reached between my legs and cupped my balls. I was in ecstasy having her touch me and knowing I was going to get to finally cum. She massaged my balls and it was driving me crazy. She had instructed me not to touch my cock under any circumstances. As she massaged my balls I was dying to get some friction on youporn porno my cock as it was barely touching her hand.

She told me to hurry up and cum as she was tired and getting ready to go to sleep. I was dying! A mixture of pleasure and pain ripping through me wanting to cum. I could hear her breathing getting more labored and her grip was lightening as if she was already drifting off to sleep. I worked furiously to make sure she didn’t stop. I was in agony. Here I was having been locked up for nearly a week with no relief being told I had to cum in a matter of minutes while Nikki and Patrick had numerous dalliances this past week and even tonight had enjoyed each other for hours!

I was beginning to panic. Her breathing was growing slower and slower and she was beginning to snore. I worked my hips furiously basically fucking the air trying to get enough friction from her hand to cum. Finally I could feel myself getting ready to shoot. I told her I was going to cum and she mumbled something unintelligently. I had been instructed by her that when I finally did cum I was to catch it in my hand and not let any land on the carpet. God it was torture the feeling of knowing I was going to cum but couldn’t touch my cock. I strained and suddenly a shiver came over me as I shot my load into my cupped hands. The last dribble was barely out of my tiny cock and Nikki had already rolled over on her side and was snoring soundly. I stood there knowing what I had to do.

I raised my hands to my lips and licked my palms cleaned. I went into the bathroom, cleaned myself up, slipped my chastity cage back in place, gingerly put the key back on Nikki’s ankle bracelet and crawled into bed next to her. She murmured and snuggled up next to me. We kissed and both drifted off to sleep in each others arms. I knew we were each others true loves.

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Rest Stop Ch. 01

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We were tooling down the highway in the early evening at a pretty good clip in my BMW Z4 Roadster when Perry started to get frisky. Perry was this hulking blond roommate of mine who also was on the football team, but who was a couple of years older than I was and played first-string tailback. I’d just started college this year and was still warming the bench, although I’d impressed the coach pretty much with my catching and running ability.

I was headed home for spring break, and I really needed a break. Between the studies, trying to keep my football scholarship, and my part-time job as a model for men’s wear catalogs, I was really zonked out and needed a break.

Perry had asked me for a ride to the house of a friend of his in a town near mine, and, fool that I was, I had agreed. He was a cocky bastard–always on the move and exercising his mouth and topping any of the guys who appealed to him. The coach never said anything about this, because he was topping Perry. With Perry’s status on the football team, and his hunky good looks, he didn’t have too much trouble getting his cock in his ass of choice. But thus far I had held off all of his advances myself. I’d fooled around with guys in high school, but not all that seriously, and I just didn’t want Perry to have any power over me.

I guess my stonewalling had only increased his determination to get into my pants, though, because he admitted to me as we tooled down the highway that he’d only asked for this ride because he wanted to do me. If I’d known that, I wouldn’t have been wearing the comfortable sweat shorts and T-shirt I had on for the journey.

“Hey, I like you in that T-shirt, man,” he turned and said to me, “Sets off your pecs and biceps real well. You’re turning me on, Dale. Let’s have the shirt off. See, mine is off.”

“Cool it, Perry. Just sit back and relax. We’re still several hours from home.”

“Can’t cool it, Dale. You’re making me hot.” He ran his hand up under my T and slowly worked his way up from my belly to one of my nipples. I slapped at the hand with one of mine, causing the car to swerve a bit on the pavement.

“Whoa. Hold steady, Dale. Look, you’ve got me excited.”

I instinctively looked down in his lap, and, sure enough, his pants were tenting at the crotch, which was quite a feat, considering how tight his jeans were. I already knew he had an oversized package, because he had been careful to show it to me several times in the locker room shower.

“Knock it off, Perry.” I didn’t give you this ride just so you could proposition me again.

“Yes you did, sport. I didn’t need this ride. I’ve got a car of my own. I assumed you knew that and were game. I asked for the ride because I’m dying to fuck you.”

“Well, it isn’t going to happen,” I answered with irritation. “And put that hand somewhere else.”

“Of course, anything you say, Dale,” Perry answered with a laugh. His hand slowly moved back down my torso and across my belly and under the waistband of my shorts.

“Ah, very nice,” he was saying as his hand got the measure of my cock.

“Stop That! We’re going to crash,” I yelled. And, indeed, the car was weaving in the lane. I pulled over to the slow lane and brought the car down to the speed limit.

“OK, OK,” Perry answered. “That’s not what I’m really interested uzun konulu porno in anyway.” And with that, his fingers went under my balls and glided across the perineum in search of my asshole.

“I said stop.”

“Open your legs to me,” Perry commanded in a husky voice. The fingers of his other hand got entwined in my hair, and his lips went to the side of my neck. He was tracing my carotid with his tongue. For some reason, I responded to his command. I shifted my left leg over to where it was touching the door, and widened the stance on my right knee as well as I could while still keeping my foot on the accelerator. His middle finger found my asshole and pushed in up to the knuckle. I gasped and felt like my legs were turning to jelly.

“No, don’t. Perry,” I pleaded in a suddenly hoarse voice. “I’m trying to drive.”

But he paid me no heed. His mouth traveled down my torso and swallowed my cock, which was engorging under his attention. My pelvis instinctively tilted up to meet his mouth, and he was able to get a second, and then a third finger into my asshole and to push them deeper. I felt him rubbing on my prostate. I was melting.

“God, at least let me pull over somewhere,” I pleaded. Luckily I saw the sign for a turnoff into a rest area in the next mile, because he just kept on sucking and rotating his fingers in my ass.

The car was barely creeping along and I was fighting to keep it between the lines as we took the exit to the rest stop. I bypassed the well-lit car park and pulled behind the building into the truck parking lot and over to an area that was as far away from the trucks parked there as I could get.

The top was down on the roadster, and I propped my left leg up on the top of the windshield and just lay my head back on the head rest while Perry finished blowing me off and playing with his fingers in my ass. After I’d cum and he’d licked me off, he brought his lips to mine and gave me a deep kiss. The fingers of his left hand were still entwined in my hair and he was holding my head back on the armrest in a hair lock. His heel of his right hand was still lodged under my balls, and his fingers were up my ass.

“Climb over here on my lap,” he commanded in that husky voice of his. “I’m going to fuck you now.”

“No, you’re not,” I responded in a strong voice. “Not here and not now. Possibly not ever! I have to piss, so I’m going into the men’s room, and then we’re going on and you’re not touching me again. Or I can bail you out right here.” Without waiting for a response, I brought my left leg down, threw open the door, adjusted my shorts, and marched off to the building with the rest rooms.

I was standing at a urinal, pissing, when a hulking, dark-haired dude, very hairy, but handsome in a Spanish sort of way, came into the rest room. I’d seen him moving in my direction from a group of trucks across the lot as I headed for the facilities, so I assumed he was one of the truckers putting in here for a rest. He smiled at me when he entered the rest room and then moved over to the urinal at the end of the row and unzipped his pants. He rolled out a thick, but not unusually long, pecker, and held it and showed it to me before turning to toward the urinal. I got a good look at him but shifted my eyes to the tiles in front xhamster porno of me to let him know I wasn’t interested.

Then Perry entered the rest room and unzipped himself and pulled his long cock out before he’d come anywhere close to the urinal. He took the urinal right beside me and made sexually insinuating comments all of the time our cocks were streaming. I could have died from the embarrassment.

He was finished before I was and, without unzipping, came in back of me, kissed me on the neck, and rubbed his cock on the small of my back.

“Sure you don’t want some of this, honey?” he asked sweetly. “You got me worked up, and I’m dying to get my nuts off.”

“Just stop, Perry. You’re embarrassing yourself as much as you’re embarrassing me.”

A stall door banged open across the room, and both Perry and I jumped in surprise. The dark trucker at the end of the line of urinals didn’t flinch, however, so he must have known someone was in that stall.

I quickly pulled my shorts up as I turned to see a mountain of a man sitting stark naked on a toilet in the stall and pulling at one of the most enormous cocks I’d ever seen. He was all muscle, with flaming red hair, worn long, in a pony tail.

“If cutie there don’t want you, Blondie, come over here. I’ll give you a blow job you won’t forget for some time. God, look at you. You work out most of the day?”

“First-string college tailback,” Perry responded with pride.

“Figures; come over here and give me a taste of that. I could tell you what a tailback is good for.”

“Sure, any port in a storm.”

I looked on with fascination and horror as the man mountain pulled Perry into the stall at his side and went down on his cock expertly, getting Perry to moan and gasp with ecstasy within seconds.

The guy at the end of the urinals watched for only a minute and than made like he was coming over to do the same to me, but I waved him away and stepped back. Taking the hint, he left the rest room.

“At least close the door in case someone else comes in,” I said, as I pushed the stall door closed. Upon reflection, I decided that Perry getting his rocks off this way was better than continuing to hit on me for the rest of the trip, so I finally shouted at him over the door, “I’ll give you fifteen minutes and then I’m pulling the car around to the car lot. If you’re not back out in twenty minutes, I’m tossing your bag out and leaving you here.”

I took the husky mumble I got back as agreement. So, I marched out of the restroom facility and back to the car and sat there for fifteen minutes. I noticed that the Spanish-looking guy from the men’s room was sitting on a picnic table nearby and watching me. After the fifteen minutes, I turned the key in the ignition, planning to drive around to the front of the facility. But nothing happened. The car didn’t start. The engine didn’t even attempt to turn over. I tried it several times–nothing.

The Spanish-looking truck driver strolled over to the car, put his hand on the window ledge, and looked down at the dash board with a concerned look on his face, as if maybe he could tell from a dark dash what the problem might be.

“Got a problem?” he asked.

“Yeah, it won’t start,” I answered. “Guess I’ll have to look under the hood.”

“Sounds xnxx porno like that would be a waste of time. I think you need a mechanic.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Guess I’ll have to call AAA.”

“Doubt they’ll be out here too fast,” the trucker said. “And this might not be a good place for you and your friend to be after dark. It’ll get dark soon.”

I had to admit he was right. The truckers I’d seen here had been pretty direct about what they wanted to do with Perry and me.

“I’ll tell you what, though,” he said. “I know of a mechanic living nearby. I know that he works on Beamers too. I can drive you there and back, and he can get this baby fixed quick like.”

“Hmmmm, I don’t know. Maybe.”

“All I’d ask is for the same consideration your friend was giving that trucker back in the men’s room.”

“What? I don’t . . .”

“Just let me suck you off, like’s happening with your friend, and I’ll help you get this car fixed up.”

I was pretty scared now. “I don’t think I can leave my friend like that. In fact, I think I’d better go over and check with him before making any decisions about getting the car fixed.”

“Oh, I don’t think he’s in any mood to be going anywhere for the moment. We have plenty of time to connect and get your car fixed before he’ll be ready to go, I think.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get out of the car, and come on over here, and I’ll show you what I mean.”

I got out of the car and followed the Spanish-looking trucker over to where a group of trucks were parked together. Beyond their trucks, shielded from the rest facilities, there was a picnic area, with tables, and I saw what the trucker meant. I saw Perry stretched out on a picnic table, totally nude. A beefy black guy with flowing dreadlocks who I’d never seen before was standing over Perry’s head, his torso arched over Perry’s and his mouth working Perry’s cock. Perry’s mouth, in turn, was working the black guy’s cock. Perry’s legs were splayed out, in the grip of the redheaded monster from the toilet stall, who had his dick up Perry’s asshole and who was pumping away at Perry’s ass. I thought idiotically for a second that Perry was being shown the redhead’s definition of a tailback.

I stood there in horror and fascination–watching Perry get sucked and plowed at both ends.

The Spanish-looking trucker stood close behind me. I felt his arms go around me. He pulled my T-shirt off, and he had his big, beefy hands covering my pecs. I could feel the hardness of his cock at the small of my back.

“It looks like your friend is used to this,” the man whispered in my ear. “But I’m willing to bet you aren’t ready to party like that. Come with me. I’ll blow you in the privacy of my truck’s sleeper cabin, where none of the rest of them can see us. And they we’ll go get your car fixed and you and your friend can get out of here. How about it? If you won’t come with me, there’s no telling what will happen to you out here.”

One of his hands had traveled down below my waistband and to my crotch, and he was gently pulling my cock. Between that sensation and what I could see going on on the picnic table, I was hardening and lengthening pretty solidly. I felt trapped, wondering what would be the lesser of the evils of this situation. I made my decision as I watched the huge cock of the redhead stroke in and out of Perry’s asshole. Perry was used to this; I certainly wasn’t.

“Okay, I guess that would be best,” I whispered, as my eyes went back to the brooding line of Trucks and I wondered what lay in wait for me in one of those foreboding cabs.

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Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Part II: Refinement

By AltErik (aka DarkPrince67)


Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you’re getting into by now. 😉

This story contains male to male sex, Crossdressing and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It’s always good to get feedback!


My life had changed so suddenly. One encounter with Jeff and everything was different. A week ago I was just an average married guy, with an average life. Sure I had the occasional Bi fantasy, but outside an college encounter all it was was a fantasy. Suddenly I found myself falling into one of my fantasies. I can’t doubt it anymore, I am very much Bisexual. Any doubts were wiped away last week while bouncing on a dildo with Jeff’s cum splattering my face. All while experiencing the most intense orgasm in my life. I’ve slipped into my new role. The one I fantasized about. I can’t deny it. Deep down I’m just a cocksucking sissy.

Since the first time Jeff has summoned me twice. And summoned is the right word. The first call came two days after our ‘encounter’. Laura picked up the phone first.

“Sure Jeff, he’s here. Just a sec.” She smiled and handed me the phone. “It’s for you, hun.”

My heart was racing as I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“I want to speak with Erica.” His voice held a note of command.

“Here.” I almost whispered.

“Good. You have 15 minutes to present yourself in my family room. It’s time to continue your training. And you had better dress appropriately!” He chuckled an hung up.

My heart was now pounding. I looked up to see Laura looking at me. I knew I was flushing, but couldn’t stop it. “You remember Jeff, from across the street?” I tried to sound normal, but I couldn’t tell if I was succeeding or not. ” He has something he wanted to show me on the computer. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Laura smiled. “OK, hun. I’m just gonna read for a bit.” She gave me a peck on the cheek as she headed to the couch.”

I watched her go. Once again admiring her voluptuous figure. She was only about 5 feet tall, but generously proportioned. I had always loved Reubenesque women and she was very much that. Part of me bridled at being ordered to leave, but I couldn’t deny the surge of lust either. So I headed upstairs to get ready. I had been intructed that I was never to enter his house unless I wore very girly panties. This was an absolute. It didn’t matter who I was with or who might be there. I was still to wear panties. This was meant to remind me of my place in his eyes.

I quickly shucked my shorts and underwear. After listening to make sure Laura was still downstairs I went to her lingerie drawer and selected my favorite pair of her panties. They were made of very thin, silky nylon with high cut legs that accentuated the wearer’s thighs and hips. They were soft pink with a rose embroidered above the crotch. I felt a chill as I pulled them up and settled them over my hips. I reached in and pushed my cock back between my legs. I was unable to resist running my hands over my thighs and hips. It felt so . . . sexy. A few minutes later I was saying goodbye to Laura and walking across the street.

There was a note on the door that read: “Erica, Come in. I’m in the family room waiting for you once you have made yourself presentable.” I took a deep breath and walked in. As soon as sarışın porno the door was closed I headed towards the bathroom and began to disrobe. Aside from wearing panties, I was also intructed that when told to ‘present myself’ to him I am to prepare myself first. I am to go to his bathroom and give myself a thorough enema then take a quick shower to make sure I am good and clean. Then, dressed in panties alone, I am to go and kneel in front of him for further instructions. It took me about 20 minutes before I walked over to where Jeff was seated on the couch and dropped to my knees.

He smiled. “Very obedient. Better than I expected on your first day of training. I am altering your arival instructions from now on. You will proceed as you did today. But instead of coming to kneel in front of me, you will do this. follow me.” He said, getting up and going towards the dining room.

I followed him as he walked over to the edge of the kitched where the refrigerator stood. As I came around the corner I saw it. Attached via suction cub to the side of the fridge was the dildo I had fucked myself on that first day. It was attached at just about waist height.

“I take it you recognize your lover?” He said with a smile. “Well from now on you will come here. Get on your knees in front of your lover.” He motioned for me to follow his instructions now. Thankfully, there was a pillow on the floor underneath to spare my knees. “And show your subservience by sucking on his cock. You will continue till told to stop.”

He arched an eyebrow at me to indicate I should already be doing this. As I leaned forward I felt a stab of fear. I noticed that from this position I was directly in line with the large bay window that looked out at my townhouse across the street! If it was bright enough inside I would be clearly visible.

“You are neglecting your lover!” He punctuated this with a sharp slap on my ass. I yelped and leaned in to the soft, rubber cock. I shivered as the thick head parted my lips. God, but it felt so good to have my mouth violated! I had already forgotten the window as I welcomed my lover’s cock into my mouth with a moan.

I still had trouble reconciling my normal life with the joy of a fat shaft in my mouth. I can’t explain why, but I clasped my hands behind my back as I leaned into the dildo. With my eyes closed I let gravity pull me forward and thrust the cock deep into my mouth. I had a visual flash of myself dolled up like some cheap slut, on my knees with my arms tied behind me while a young stud fucks my throat. I trembled and gripped my hands tighter behind me.

I don’t know how long I suckled on the rubber cock before I felt the cock shift and pull away. I moaned and opened my eyes. Jeff had taken it off the fridge and began leading me over to the couch. On some level I knew this was rediculous, but I couldn’t help myself. I kept up the suction and crawled after him.

“Such a good little cock-sucker.” Jeff cooed as he led me over and attached the dong to the smooth side of the boxy coffee table then sat down on the couch behind me. Since I hadn’t been told to stop, I continue to nurse on my lover’s cock on my hands and knees. A few moments later I felt slippery fingers begin to tease my butt.

“Erica-slut has a very tight puss. I’d better losen it up a little!” He thrust two fingers full length into me making me grunt around the dildo. The brief discomfort was replaced by pleasureable fullness. Within 5 minutes he had three fingers vigorously fucking me.

“Stop sucking and turn around.”

I did and when I finished turning I was staring at Jeff’s beautiful cock. It sert porno was firm and throbbing. I didn’t even wait for permission. I just swallowed him with a long, low hum of satisfaction.

“Damn, Erica! You really do love sucking cock.” He scooted forward, forcing me to shuffle backwards . . . until I felt my ever-ready lover poke me between the cheeks. “Looks like you still haven’t satisfied someone. What do you think you should do?”

I just moaned again, lined up the shaft and sank back onto it. “Oh – oh – oh – oooooooh.” Was all I could gasp as the entire length parted the opening to my boy-cunt and slowly, deliciously filled me. “Yesssss fffuuuuccckk mmmeeeee.” I whispered as it filled me completely. Anything else was cut off as Jeff slid his meaty pole into my mouth.

I fucked myself on the rubber shaft faster and harder as I felt myself approaching orgasm. At the same time Jeff was grunting and thrusting deep into my mouth. It didn’t take long before he grabbed my head and fully impaled my face with his cock and gasped. As he came in thick spurts down my throat he kept chanting, “Take it, take it, take it all like a good little girl!”

And I did. I swallowed and swallowed as he filled my tummy with spunk. As he finished and began to pull out he pushed on my shoulders and thrust me back onto the dildo. “Don’t neglect your lover. He’s been patient, but you need to make him cum, don’t you?”

“Yes.” I whispered hoarsely as I resumed fucking myself. My eyes were closed and I lost myself in the feeling of that shaft filling and withdrawing from my loosened cunt. The head grazing my prostate on each thrust.

“You want to make him cum, don’t you?”

“Oh, yesss.”

“You owe it to him after letting you suck him.”


“Doesn’t he deserve to fuck your tight little cunt? Isn’t that what you need? To be fucked and filled with a man’s thick, hot, sticky cum?”

“Yes, yessss. Fill me!” I couldn’t think of anything except the shaft filling me and how good it felt as it fucked me towards orgasm.

“That’s right Erica, your body is made to drain the balls of strong men. To submit to their pleasure.” His voice had taked on a hard edge and he was driving me back on the rubber dong in quick, deep strokes that made me gasp. “This is your destiny, Erica. To give your body to stronger men. To submit. It feels so good to let go and submit doesn’t it?”

“Mmmm, so goooooood. Almost there . . . Yes, fuck me.”

“Cum for me, Erica. Cum on that hard cock.” Just as I started to go over the edge he whispered in my ear. “This is how Laura felt when her first boyfriend bent her over and filled her steamy cunt with cum!”

The image of a young Laura bent over a table and fucked by some highschool stud pushed me over the edge. I could almost hear her cries of pleasure as her pussy sucked the cum from his balls.

“Ooooohhhhh G-Godddd! Fuuuuuuck Meeeeeeeee!! Mmm- mmmm. YESSS!” I was whimpering, moaning and gasping as I filled my panties with cum. It was so intense I was shaking for a few minutes afterward.

* * *

Our encounters proceeded along similar lines for several weeks. Once, when Laura and I were coming out of the house to go out one afternoon, Jeff came over and introduced himself formally to Laura while I watched heart pounding.

“Nice to meet you finally.” He said smoothly while lightly shaking her hand.

“Likewise. You’ll have to come over somtime and visit.” Laura said while returning the handshake.

“I see you’re on your way out, but could I borrow Eric for a few minutes? I need a hand with somthing.”

“As long as it’s quick, sex hattı porno he’s all yours!” She said playfully. My heart actually skipped a beat. This was just too wierd.

“Thanks! I’ll make it quick.” He then looked directly at me for the first time. “Come on, Eric. Don’t want to keep your wife waiting!.” I swear I could almost hear him add the ‘a’ at the end of Eric, but maybe it was just my imagination.

I followed him to the door as Laura started the car and turned on the radio. Jeff opened the door and motioned me in. “After you . . . Erica.”

The name hit me as I heard the door close. I spun around and Jeff looked me in the eye. “On your knees, bitch! Lets not keep your sexy little wife waiting.”

I should have been insulted, mad, irate at this treatment. But all I could do was stare at his hard cock and drop to my knees as instructed. My clit hardening and mouth watering. Whenever he took control I just slipped into my new fem role by reflex. In less than 30 seconds I went from Eric, a normal guy with an attractive wife waiting in the car to Erica, Jeff’s sissy cock sucker. My cock suddenly became my clitty and I couldn’t help thinking of my ass as my cunt. What was wrong with me? Was this right?

All thoughts were swept away as, now on my knees, Jeff slid his cock into my mouth. “I couldn’t help coming out and grabbing you. You looked like such a normal guy out with his wife. I just had to remind you of your place in the world.”

I just moaned around his shaft stretching my mouth. I was so turned on by the thought of Laura just outside the door unaware her husband was now fulfilling his place as Jeff’s cum receptical.

“It’s such a turn on to know that I can use your mouth even with your wife a stone’s throw away, waiting for you.” He paused to groan as the head slipped into my throat. “She is a sexy one, too. Such nice full hips.” He paused again to sink the last few inches inside my mouth. “I’d love to hold those hips while I stretch her wet slit like you never could.”

He had been talking more about Laura lately, but it was usually brief comments. Jeff seemed to be in the midst of his own fantasy now. He confirmed it a few moments later. “Yeah, fucking your hot little wife. Making her whimper like a common whore as she begs for my cock to make her a real woman!”

Jeff was now holding my face while he slid in and out of my throat. Drool and pre-cum were running down my chin and the hallway was echoing with the gasps, grunts and wet slurping sounds. I should have been jealous and indignant at his comments but my clitty was throbbing and my mind was foggy and filled with the images he was describing.

“I’d ruin her for your little clit. She’d never be able to fuck you again without thinking of my big cock. She’ll masterbate to images of my cock when you aren’t there.” I could tell he was about to explode. I fumbled with my shorts to get my clitty out. I was about to cum myself just sucking and listening!

“Here it comes Erica! Drink it all down so your wife won’t know you just sucked my balls dry! YESSSS! Take it all, you little cocksucker!!” He exploded like I’d never felt before. I thought I’d drown as he pumped spurt after spurt directly into my tummy.

After a while he pulled out, still breathing heavily. “Such a dedicated slut, Erica. Thank you.” He patted me on the head. “Now go back to your wife.” And he turned and walked down the hall. I was left on my knees in the hallway, cum and spit covering my chin with a small pool of my own cum on the floor in front of me from my own orgasm. What was I doing? And, more importantly, why couldn’t I stop?

— The End . . . so far . . .


This story is copyrighted by the author. You may post it on other boards, but it must be posted in full, with all headers and credit given to the author. Don’t mind dissemination, as long as I get any fan/hate mail for my work! 🙂


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Birthday Party Ch. 02

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


If you have not read part 1 please do. This way you will know what happen up till now.

It was now about 11 pm and Sue and I have been at it for the past 3 hours. Sue had me get up and go into the bathroom. As I stood in the shower I thought of what we did. Sue knew how to pull the right strings on me or in me. And she knew what pleased me. I washed all over. I had no idea of what was to come next. I stepped out of the shower and took a clean towel. Sue always had clean things for me. She had a clean towel for each shower. She had mouth wash, and a new tooth brush. She was a clean nut. But that is why I kept on coming back. Plus she had something that most woman did not have. I put on a robe that she had out for me and walked out.

I walked into the living room and she was standing with a glass of wine. Sue was dressed in a white garter belt, white stockings and a pair of white lace high cut panties. “You look good enough to eat.” I took the wine and she kissed me on the cheek. “Now that is something you have never done.” We sat and talked. It was not about sex but about my job. Things that she knew nothing about but then that was the way she made you feel like you were the only one. Her hand was on my leg and was going up and down.

“So do you think Karen would like to join us one night. Or was that just a tease”? She smiled when she said that. No one knew about Sue and me. And the thought of someone watching got me going. “I would like to see that. Karen is… how can I say it… So straight at work, I would have never thought she would have said that to you. But I guess we all have are secrets.” With that I started to rub her leg. I keep on going higher and higher. I was just about at her panties when she looked at me. Her face was so pretty, like a girl I knew in school. Her make up was just right. Soft cheeks and red lips. ‘Are we going to the next step”? That is all she said. All I could now was move my head up and down. A soft kiss on my lips and she stood.

Her breast stood out from her body and I had to kiss them. I bent forward and kissed one then the other. I licked her nipples and then sucked each one into my mouth and then let then go. I ran my tongue down to her stomach. I got to her navel and pushed my tongue into it. I then sucked it. Kissed her stomach a few more times. My lips went lower. When I got to the top of her panties I kissed them. I looked up at her. Her head was back and I could see her breast lifting and falling as she stood. I bent back down and kissed her panties. I then worked my way down. Lower and lower I kissed. Sue’s legs held her secret spot hidden from my kisses. I kissed lower on her right leg I picked it up and placed her foot on the chair next to me. I then kissed and licked down to her knee. Then back up. As I got close to the spot between her legs she put her leg down. I then started on the left leg. Kissing that lower and lower. I picked that leg up and licked and kissed to her knee. Then back up. Once more her leg went down. I hooked my fingers into her panties and kissed the top once more. I then started to pull them down. With each new inch showing I kissed it and then pulled more. Lower and lower till I could see the top of her mound. I bent my head back and looked up.

Sue’s head was bent so she could see what I was doing. A smile came to her face as I licked and kissed that new spot. sikiş porno I had never done this to her. This was all new to me. I pulled harder and I could see in her eyes she was asking me something.

“Yes my dear the next step. I have been thinking of it and I’m ready.” I could see her breast rising and falling. I could hear her breathing. I could hear my heart pounding. I pulled down on her panties. Her legs open. And they came down. I could feel her leg lift and I pulled her panties off her one foot. Then the other. Her hand went down to cup herself. I looked into her eyes and smiled. Without taking my eyes off her eyes I bent forward. My tongue came out and wet my lips. I put my hand on her hand kissed it and then pulled it away. I then started to lower my eyes. Up till now I have only seen her a few times with out her panties on. And that was with her sitting across from me. Now I was going to get a up close and personal look. Her hand came away and her cock came into view.

Yes I did say cock. Sue was a woman with something extra. Looking at her like this was a turn on. I have been with her for four years and I have never been able to bring myself to touch her like this. But tonight it would all change. Her cock was about 4 inches long. Not to hard but almost half way. I swallowed and then bent forward. I wet my lips once more and took hold of her. I picked it up and kissed the tip. I would have thought that it would taste like something. But it had no taste. As I gave it my first kiss I could hear her suck in her breath. Then I kissed it once more. It sounded like she was running a mile race. Her breathing was that fast. She was getting harder and it was growing. I kissed the tip a few times more then I licked the tip. When I did that Sue sucked in her breath and held it. She was saying something but I could not hear her. I licked my lips once more and then without thinking I took the tip into my mouth. Across my lips and then deeper. This was all new to me. Would I like it? How was I going to do it? Soft, hard, slow or fast? My fingers went to her balls as I took more into my mouth. I felt her pull back, not to pull away but just pull back some. I had my eyes closed, and I soon felt her body on my face. I must have her whole cock in my mouth. I pulled back till it came out. I heard Sue moan and felt her trying to push herself back in. I opened my eyes and took a look.

Her cock was shaved. Her balls shaved. She was hard and it looked to be about 5.5 to 6 inches long. About 2 fingers wide. Not as big as me. But about as big as her dildo that she used on me. It was hard but felt so soft to my touch. I could hear music in the background and I thought of how she had sucked me to music. I looked at her and then went back to sucking her. I open my mouth and it went in. with one push she was all the way back in. I pulled back and she slid out. Back down and in, then up and out. Each time I could hear a moaning sound. I could hear her telling me how great it felt and that she loved the way I sucked her. In and out, in and out. I felt her hands on the back of my head and I knew she enjoyed it.

As the music stopped I pull back and I felt it come out and heard a sound like a pop. “Lie down on your back. I’m going to go one more step.” Sue sat down and then laid back. Her legs open. Her knees bent. I knelt and kissed her soft şişman porno stomach. I could hear her breathing once more. The next song came on and I bent and kissed her cock. Just the tip. After sucking her the way I did I would have thought I would have tasted something. But still no taste. I took her about half way in and then pulled back. A few more times like that and I went all the way down. I could hear Sue saying things like. “Great… Just like that… More… Slower… Deeper… Faster… Oh my god… You are great… Please… Please.” I then ran my finger from her balls to her ass. I was going to just push it in but then I thought better. I sucked my finger and when it was wet I went back to her ass. I pushed slowly and I felt her ass open. Once twice… three times for this lady… (L. O. L.) I was all the way in. I pushed and pulled a few times. Then with out thinking I pull off of her cock and licked her soft balls. I then sucked one into my mouth and then the other. As I did this I was jacking her off. I let her balls pop from my mouth and then bent lower. I looked and then put the tip of my tongue on her ass. I did not push in like she does to me, but just a lick with the tip. And a soft touch on her hole. She went nuts. She told me that she love it and that it felt great.

“Yes my dear… Oh my fucking god. Does that feel great. Now I know why you like it when I do it to you. Please… Go slow.” As I did it I was still holding her cock. I felt her hands on my head holding me so I could not move. The song came to an end and I pulled back. Sue looked at me and just smiled.

“That was great. Was that your first time doing that”? Sue knew that we never asked each other things like that, but I knew that I should answer. “Yes it was. And you know… I like it. I wish I had done it years ago.” I sat up on the chair and Sue moved and sat right in front of me. My cock was rock hard and she put her hand on it. As she spoke she slowly jacked me off.

“One last step. Think you are up for it”? I had no idea what she was thinking of but I shook my head yes. Sue stood left the room and came back all clean. She knelt down and just took my soft cock into her mouth. I was soft but soon she had me hard. Her fingers at my ass and she was pushing into me. I felt them going in and she started to fuck me. The song came to an end and she told me to lie on the floor. I did.

On my back legs open and bent like hers Sue knelt between them. She bent down and once more started her sucking. Soon she was sucking me like she had never done before. My cock was going all the way in and all the way out. She had my balls in one had and a finger of the other hand in my ass. I pushed up as she came down. I pulled down as she came up. I was now fucking her face. Making love is slow and soft. Fucking is hard and fast. And that was what I was doing. Fucking her face. I knew I was going to cum. The music stopped and she pulled off. I had my eyes closed and I was wishing that the song would have lasted a few more minutes. The next song came on and I felt two fingers going into my ass. All I could do was smile and breath.

‘Yes I do love when you finger my ass. I could have you do that all night my dear.” I opened my eyes and looked down. Her face looking at me, her eyes told me that it was not her fingers. And it was not her dildo. swinger porno Sue looked at me and said. “Remember the safe word.” And then started to push her cock into my ass. I could not take my eyes off her. Sue pushed harder and she went in deeper. It was the same size as her dildo but it felt bigger. It bent and was softer. It was the same size but different. Sue pulled back and I could feel her put more KY on. She then started to make love to my ass. In and out. Deep and then pull back. In and out. I pulled my legs up and bent my legs. Soon I could hear words coming out of my mouth.

“Sue fuck me. Yes my dear. Fuck my ass. Oh yes. Deeper. More. Just do it. Please… don’t stop. Yes… Oh Fuck Yes.” This was the first time I had a cock in my ass and I was starting to like it. It did not hurt like I thought it would. In and out and then she started to go faster and faster.

“I’m going to fuck your ass till you cum.” Sue pulled my legs up and now they were near my arms. My cock was about 8 inches away from my face and she kept on fucking me. I could see Sue looking right into my eyes. I could feel her breathing as she fucked me. I could see her breast bouncing as she went in and out of my ass.

“Jack off as I fuck you. Grab your cock and make yourself cum. Please trust me. You are going to love it. Do it for me.” I took hold of my cock and without taking my eyes from her I started to jack off. It felt great having her watch me. I enjoy jacking off in front of others. I love to watch her do it as I do it. But this time was better. She was pushing her cock in and out of me. And to top it off. I enjoyed it. I was nearing the point that I was going to cum. I could see that she knew.

“Tell me when you are going to cum. Let me know. And then I’m going to take you over the top. Just open your eyes and mouth and I’ll take over. I’m going to have you shoot your cum on your face and into your mouth.” This was one thing I have never done. Could I do it. Would I let her jack me off into my own mouth. “Your going to love it. And the best part, you’ll and think it is my cum. I do it all the time. I love to watch it shoot out of my cock and hit my face. Trust me my dear. It is the next best thing to the real thing.”

As Sue said that I made a move. I was going to cum and I could not say a word. She knew. She took hold of my cock and pushed all the way in. My legs bent more and then I felt her pulling my cock. I felt myself ready to… And it happen. I started to shoot. The first one hit my face but Sue aimed it better for the next one and it hit my mouth. The next one went right in. Now this was a new thrill. I was taking my own cum. Sue kept on jacking me off and I kept on shooting. I felt it hit my face and I felt it in my mouth. The taste was just like licking it off my hand. But this time it was coming right from my cock. I was almost done when Sue pulled out of me. She pulled the condom off and I could see her shooting on her leg. She was jacking me off with her right hand and jacking herself off with her left. It looked like she was going to cry. And I felt like I was going to cry. She let go of my cock and I put my legs down. She was still pulling her own cock. I just watched.

We both sat holding a glass of wine. I looked at her and told her that next time I was going to do the same to her. “Next time I’m going to fuck you and jack you off.”

Sue looked up at me and smiled. Took a sip and then… “If you ask Karen to come over we can have some real fun.”

That is one thing I’m going to have to tell you about. Sue, Bob and Karin… Maybe for my next birthday.

E-mail me… BYE… or is that Bi

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Bitch Maker Ch. 02

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I woke up feeling pretty good. A new place and an unexpected blowjob had fallen into my lap last night. As such I regarded the maid outfit laid out on my dresser in good humor. Sam was a very silly woman after all.

Yawning and stretching I stepped into the hall, hearing movement in the kitchen. I stepped around the corner of the hall and the smell of cooking pancakes greeted me.

“Good Morning.” Sammie said.

“Hey Sam.” Wow, I thought. Does this mean were dating? I had no objection to that, nor to pancakes, so I seated myself at the table.

She smiled and picked up a glass of orange juice, placing it in front of me.

“No thanks, I’m not into orange juice.”

She looked at me like she might pop a vein so I relented and began drinking the juice. She smiled again, pleased. Some chicks are weird.

Shortly, she finished the pancakes and sat them before me. I dug in, noticing she had none of her own.

“You don’t want pancakes?” I asked.

“Naw, I prefer waffles, pancakes are for soft little girls like you.”

This comment made me rather uneasy, and I ate in silence. As I finished she stood up and said, “Why aren’t you dressed?”

“Huh?” I didn’t get it immediately.

“As my maid I expect you to perform your functions in the proper attire.”

“Um, okay.” I said. If she wanted to humiliate me a little who cares. At the end of the night it would be her servicing me. I smiled with the memory of the previous night. She took my smile to mean surrender and left happily for work.

I thought about cleaning but as I walked the house I noticed how everything seemed spotless. Bored, I went to the room she’d given me and turned on the tube. 60 channels and nothing to watch, well nothing until I found the Little Mermaid, an awesome movie.

I watched, but I was still bored. I glanced at the maid outfit, curious, I walked to it and picked it up. It was very soft and skimpy. No “proper” maid would wear this, it was one of those outfits for bored husbands to spice up their wives with.

Inside I found silk panties. I rubbed them in my hands and loved the feel. I couldn’t resist. Closing my eyes I rubbed them over my face, parting my lips I let them glide across. Without thinking I poked out my tongue, pushing the panties into my mouth some.

My cock strained against my pants. Reaching down I lowered my zipper and pulled it out. I was already leaking precum, which I smeared around the head and began to jerk off.


The bleeding doorbell.

I dropped the panties and tucked myself back in quickly, heading to the door. It was probably UPS or something equally bothersome. Once they were gone I could pick up were I left off.

I got quite a surprise. Standing at the door was a sweet little vixen, dressed like a slut in a miniskirt that would shame the wearer of the maid outfit, a belly shirt showing her cute little belly button piercing, with tits practically hanging out the top, and her makeup seemed designed to draw all attention to her lips, painted a bright red.

“Um, is Sammie here?” She asked.

“Ah, no, she’s at work.” I replied.

“Oh, well, can I come in?” Considering my still throbbing cock I could hardly tell a babe dressed like that to buzz off.

So she came on in and began walking around the house inspecting every corner.

“My my,” She muttered to herself, “So dirty.” She set immediately about cleaning the house, getting up things I hadn’t noticed. I followed her around like a puppy, my eyes glued to her ass.

She could hardly not notice my gaze and giggled at me. I smiled, there was nothing I cold do but look, every step she took gave me a brief glimpse of her panties. They were pink with little hearts. LITTLE RED HEARTS! I was so hot I wanted to go to my room and finish myself off, but at the same time I couldn’t bear the thought off taking my eyes off her. It wasn’t just the panties, there was something… off about her. All my senses told me she was a hot fuckable babe, but something about her nagged at me. My curiosity kept me there as much as her panties.

“Since your following me around why not help?” She asked. I nodded my consent. “You can’t be a maid dressed like that though.” She turned, walked straight to my room and came out with my maid outfit and panties. Any thoughts of saying no to this vanished when she bent over the couch, laying them out for me and giving me an eyeful of her shapely ass, enclosed in those gorgeous panties.

She left the room for a moment and I quickly change clothes, when she came back she laughed out loud at me. Needless to say I felt a little exposed. The skimpy maid skirt had the same effect on me as her skirt had on her. I knew with every motion it bounced a little, revealing what was underneath: my hardening cock. The feel of the skirt, the embarrassment, the girl’s look, it turned me on.

She crossed the room to me, seeing me blush, and to my shock reached under my skirt, pulled aside my panties and started to rub my cock. toplu porno I closed my eyes and moaned.

“You like being dressed like a girl?” A pure question, no mocking or dirty, just curious. No point in denial, though I didn’t know it until this moment the obvious answer was yes.

“You like my panties don’t you? Would you like to feel them?” I reached around to touch her ass, but she hadn’t meant it that way. Pushing my hand away she turned around and started rubbing her ass up and down my cock.

“God yes…” I moaned. Grabbing her hips I started dry fucking her rear, in moments I spurted, covering her ass in cum.

Realizing the error of my haste I slapped myself on the forehead. She looked at me, amused. “Well, back to cleaning!”

She made no attempt to clean herself, just went back to work with the cum drying on her panties. I felt a little silly now, my sexual energy discharged, also a bit ashamed. Before long though the silken feel of my new look began to get to me, and as I passed mirrors and saw myself I wondered what I could do to look more girly.

My erection recovered I was about to start flirting up Alex, but the sound of the front door opening sent my heart racing. Sam was home. I scurried back to my room, closing the door behind me, I didn’t want her to see that I’d actually worn the outfit.

I heard Alex and Sammie speaking in the hall. Surprisingly their voices were very affectionate, like lovers, I thought.

Pressing my ear against the door I listened.

“Hey sweetie I see you cleaned up good.” Sammie.

“Well I had help.” Alex.

“Oh, meet the new girl?” Sammie laughed at this, Alex giggled.

“Your not trying to replace me are you?” Alex’s question was soft, but urgent. No mistaking it, the genuine concern of a lover for their partner’s affection. Wow, I’ve found heaven, I thought. Two hot lesbians, Sammie the butch and Alex the bitch, and then me, invited to live with them!!!

There was more talk that I couldn’t hear. But I felt I understood my place a little better. Sammie wasn’t interested in dating me after all, it seemed I was a side dish. A position I was more then happy with.

I heard them walk past my door, into Sammie’s room. They closed the door, but it didn’t shut. My brain recognized an opportunity for spying. I waited a few moments until I heard moaning coming from Sammie’s room. Now they’d be too preoccupied to notice me.

Creeping out of my room I snuck up to their door and peeked in through the crack, the scene in front of me was hotter then I’d dreamed. Alex’s hands were bound together, a rope going up to the ceiling holding her in place. Her shirt was gone, pert tits bare for my viewing pleasure. Her skirt was still on, her panties were around her ankles, she still had her heels on. Sam had her shirt off, green army fatigues adding to her toned upper body making her look quite fierce. In one hand she held a long horse hair whip, in her other hand she held a large pink vibrator.

With ease that came from clear experience she pushed the toy under Alex skirt and straight up, out of my view, and indeed out of anyone’s view. Disappearing into her lover’s body. Alex took it with a grunt, but little apparent pain, Sammie must have worked on her some before I arrived. But no, I realized. There couldn’t have been time. I saw her twitch her arm and heard the buzzing start. Alex moaned and shuddered.

Then I looked a Alex’s feet. Laying inside her panties was a butt plug. The sight of this really turned me on, had she had that in her while we cleaned together?

“Don’t let that fall out now.” Sammie said, she backed away, and Alex shifted toward her some, pointing her breast at Sammie she leaned back her head.

“Hurt me Sammie plezzzz!” Alex whorish attitude was exceptionally hot. The girl radiated slut, as she wiggled her body for her lover’s amusement I also fully enjoyed the show. There was just enough rope for her to have some freedom, she used it to twirl in place, causing her skirt to fly up, but she was a blur and from where I was I couldn’t make out her juicy parts. She shook her hips, circled them, moaning as the vibrator worked inside her. Reaching down I rubbed myself through my skirt.

I could see Sammie was similarly affected. She breathed heavily, staring at Alex’s dance.

Licking her lips she pulled back her arm, raising the whip. Alex smiled, arching her back and waiting for the strike. For a breathless moment they stood still.


The silence broke and Alex yelped in pain, gasping for air. I pulled out my dick and started jerking myself.

Alex arched her back again, closing her eyes. Another blow fell, squarely on her right breast. I felt myself close to orgasm and slowed down, wanting to enjoy the show.

Alex breathed deep and prepared herself again, receiving the next blow with a smile and soft gasp. I figured the ease with which she took that strike must have told Sammie she was ready for more because Sam didn’t türbanlı porno wait a moment before lashing her again and again. Yelping with each blow, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as I watched her tits slowly turn bright red. The beating seemed to last forever, but it could only have been a few minutes.

When the whip stopped Alex hung limply, breathing heavy. Sam walked over to her and gently placed her hands on Alex’s breast, rubbing them softly. Alex tossed her head back and moaned, pressing herself against Sam.

Sammie lowered her mouth to Alex’s hard nipples, making as much noise as she could as she slurped an them.

“Uhhhh, umm, OH!” Alex made delightful noises and wrapped her legs around Sam’s waist.

Sam looked up at Alex from between her breast, “You want me to go lower?”


Sam laughed and dropped to her knees, planting a kiss on Alex’s belly button before slipping her head under Alex’s skirt. God I wished she’d tear that thing off. Even with it though there was little to the imagination about what was going on under the cloth. Sam reached up with one hand and I saw it disappear under the skirt, Alex screamed in pleasure and I saw the pink vibrator pulled out, then shoved back up.

Alex rolled her head side to side and suddenly stopped, staring right at the door. I sat like a deer in headlights, I knew I was found out. Then she winked at me.

Sammie pulled her head from under Alex’s skirt. Fearful she’d follow her lover’s gaze I hurriedly crawled away from the door, returning to my room.

I sat on my bed, closing my eyes I summoned up the scene and replayed it in my mind. I stroked myself softly for a few minutes, hanging on the edge of orgasm. Just before I decided it was time the door to my room opened, Alex stepped in inside, her tits an angry red glow. I sat there, penis in hand, unsure what to do.

Alex examined me for a moment and then pointed to my erection.

“I could take care of that.”

I stood up and stepped over to her, my mind joyfully racing through her options for taking care of me. Without another word she turned around, reaching behind herself she took my erection in one hand, her skirt in the other. Lifting it up just enough that I caught a glimpse of her firm ass before my cock slipped into it. I entered with ease, with ass well lubed from the vibe she’d had in there.

Her ass was really hot to my raging member and I started pumping it quickly. Wanting to feel her tits before I spurted I reached around her and squeezed them. She cried out in surprise and pushed her ass back against me, her muscles squeezing my cock. This sent me over the edge and I forced myself as deep as I could get into her, creaming her insides.

Exhausted, sat down on the edge of the bed and laid back. Alex left the room silently and I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke and went to the kitchen, Alex was there cooking. She smiled at me as I came in. I stretched and approached her. She was in a new skirt, a red, white, and blue plaid miniskirt. Her top was a simple, thin, and revealing white T-shirt.

“Good morning.” I said.

She went to the sink and bent over it, flashing her panties at me again, a different pair, bright red.

She looked over her shoulder at me, smiling. “Sit down and we’ll eat.”

I sat down, the chair cool on my legs, still under that maid’s skirt.

She sat next to me, putting a plate of pancakes in front of me, on the side of the plate was a pill.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Oh, their good for girls like us.” Saying this she picked up her own and tossed it in her mouth. Shrugging, I did the same. The remark didn’t bother me. We ate in silence for a moment until she spoke.

“I could help you look more girly.”

I stopped eating and looked at her. “Sure.” I said. “I am having fun.”

After breakfast she took me to the bathroom, checking the cabinets she pulled out a few bottles of hair remover.

“Hmm,” I said, “I guess that’s a good place to start.”

I stripped naked in front of her, my cock standing at attention. She looked at it, licking her lips. The motion didn’t seem to be meant for me either, did the girl just crave cock non-stop?

Looking at my face she smiled and began spreading the Nair all over me, avoiding only my pubic hair. While the Nair sat on she got some scissors and trimmed my pubic hair, she didn’t trim it evenly though and I wondered if she’d meant to do that bad a job, the middle needed a lot more trimming, the sides she’d cut close to the skin.

After a few minutes she brought in a wet towel and wiped me down, I was amazed to see the hair fall off, the transformation of my body very sudden. There were a few patches left though.

Alex had me stand under the shower for a few minutes to rinse off, and when I came out she had a razor and some shaving cream. She touched up my shave, her hands on my body making my cock cry for attention.

Much to my türk porno delight she knelt in front of me, but she didn’t start sucking. She rubbed shaving cream around my crouch and started working with the razor. This made me VERY nervous, especially when she ran it over my balls.

But I didn’t get a scratch. Alex stood me under the shower again for a moment, and when the rinse was done I saw her handiwork. She’d shaved my pubic hair into a heart shape.

I laughed at this and she laughed with me, “I’m glad you like it.” She said, sitting in front of me to examine my new haircut. Raising her hand she fingered my hair, my cock pointing right at her face. Smiling up at me she planted a wet kiss on my cockhead, then stood and walked out.

“Tease.” I said.

I looked around for my maid outfit but it wasn’t there, she must have moved it while I was in the shower. Stepping out into the hall I found a new maid outfit. This was not as skimpy, it was much focusing on being more elaborate, buckles and straps everywhere, large frills running around it.

Putting it on I looked in the mirror, smiling. I was pleased with how I looked. Pausing, I unbuckled some straps and saw that they opened to reveal my chest, where I’d have tits if I was a girl.

Reattaching the fold I headed to my room and found Alex scattering makeup on my dresser. “This stuffs for you okay?” She said.

I sat down on my bed and smiled at her, “Help me pretty up!”

She worked on me quickly, decorating my face with skill. I looked at the mirror and gasp, “Now we’re getting somewhere.” I said.

She looked at him in the mirror, “We’ll have to name you.”

“Yeah!” I said. Her enthusiasm was infecting me, I loved my new girly look.

We brainstormed for a while but didn’t settle on anything I liked. Alex decide we should wait for Sam to get back to help name me. I was still a little nervous about Sam seeing me like that, I suppose I’m attracted to her and frightened by her.

Alex left me and I sat in my room for a few hours, stroking myself through my panties every now and then. I looked at the clock after a while and realized Sammie ought to be home now, I hadn’t heard her come in.

Leaving my room I went down the hall, at first the sight that greeted me was quite pleasant. I saw Alex’s back, she was completely naked now, first time I’d seen her that way. She was sitting hunched down, head underneath Sam’s skirt.

These girls really loved miniskirts.

I walked closer and Sam smiled at me. Looking down her body I was shocked. Alex’s aggressive motions weren’t like licking a pussy at all… and then I saw her hand flip back the skirt, revealing Sam’s long penis half buried in Alex’s mouth.

I stared at the display, mesmerized, I walked over to the couch and sat down, then I saw Alex drop one hand to her crouch, following her eyes I gasp.

She was stroking her own limp cock. It was small and soft, but it was there, a penis. I’d been fooling around with a tranny. I’d fucked her ass, she’d had her mouth on my dick, hands all over my body. I felt like I’d be sick.

Sammie looked at me. “Alex tells me your quite the freak.”

I just stared, breathless as Alex bobbed her head on Sam’s pole.

Sam went on, “I see your looking pretty good. Your more then welcome to join in the fun.”

I shook my head no, I wasn’t like that.

“Aww,” Sam whined, “Check your clit and see what it says.”

My clit? I wondered. Realizing what she meant my hand drifted down to my panties, I couldn’t stop myself. I felt my hard cock through my panties.

“Hey,” Sam said, “Alex loves to please me, but she only has one mouth. You can help her out by taking care of my other special spot.” Saying this she rubbed her ass.

No way! I thought. She couldn’t be suggesting that I kneel behind her and lick her asshole… I wouldn’t do it.

I stood up walked out, back to my room. Sitting on my bed I closed my eyes, trying to shut out the image. But under my eyelids the scene appeared, except this time I was next to Alex on the floor.

Slowly standing up, shaking, I walked back down the hall, unable to fights my sick urges. Sammie saw me and put her hand on the back of her miniskirt, raising it, “Come on, show me what a good girl you are.”

Moving behind her I knelt, seeing her ass before me, shapely and beautiful. Alex had two fingers buried in her asshole and she pulled them out when she felt my breath, granting me access. Sam’s balls hang inches from my face, Alex’s chin slapping them as she went down on Sam.

Opening my mouth I slowly inched forward, my hands went just before my face, spreading her soft ass cheeks. Her tight hole was just before my lips. I slipped out my tongue and touched it shyly.

“Good girl, go on, you know you want to.” Sam encouraged me.

Flattening my tongue I pressed it firmly just below her anus and began licking up, over her hole and to the tip of her crack. She sighed, “Oh God, that’s good.”

Becoming more eager I pressed my tongue against her hole, pushing my lips around it in a deep kiss. I sucked gently and probed with my tongue, her ass was loosened by Alex’s fingers and my tongue slipped in without me thinking about it. I pulled back, my shock at my actions rising in me again.

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The Lauranna Vignettes Pt. 02

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Part 2 of my new short story series – I have abandoned the distracting lowercase convention of part 1 because it apparently breaks lit rules and is distracting from the story itself.

As before, this is dedicated to Laura


I awoke to the smell of coffee. I smiled because I knew what was coming next. I felt the clear and distinct twinge in my pussy as I opened my eyes and saw you walk, gloriously naked, into the bedroom carrying two mugs of coffee. you sat on the bed, sitting in a half lotus. I could see how puffy you were and that added an extra level of tingles, wetness and warmth between my legs.

our eyes locked onto each other and you handed me my coffee, smiling.

“I want my first taste from you, my love,” I said.

You smiled and took a sip. I pulled myself up, letting the duvet fall away from me, placing my coffee on the bedside table and putting my hands on each side of your face, pulling you to me as we kissed. The effect was immediate, as it always is. I stroked my hands down tayland porno your beautiful body, over your shoulders, stroking down over your breasts, teasing a nipple briefly and then on further. my fingers found your centre and you gasped as i stroked gently from side to side on your engorged and excited clit.

Our kiss continued and I was thrilled as you moaned into me. We briefly broke the kiss and I whispered, “cum for me, my love. let’s start our day properly.”

You just nodded and I continued my touch on your clit – not rushing, just building you up slowly. I felt you stiffen and you moaned into my mouth as we kissed passionately, fiercely. I felt your touch as you took one of my nipples between your thumb and forefinger, sending electric signals directly to my pussy. I felt as your fingers slid down over my mound, finding my centre.

We broke our kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes. your passion, desire and heat were obvious. our breathing speeded up as we stroked each other. I could tecavüz porno feel I was close. The heat inside me was growing, I could feel how wet I was and likewise how hot you were.

“I’m going to cum for you, love,” I managed to croak out.

You moaned and, in a low growl, said, “I’m with you baby.”

I felt the pace of your fingers on my clit slow and I slowed with you. this only served to magnify the already intense feelings inside me. my pussy warmed up and i felt your fingers slide down to my entrance. I mirrored you and, as you slid two fingers into my warmth and wetness I slid my fingers into you. I could feel you filling me, your fingertips on my spot, pressing rhythmically. I felt your thumb brush over my clit and our kiss resumed as we finger fucked each other, thumbs strumming gently.

I was close. as always we read each other. you stopped. I stopped. The build up was intense. we counted to ten silently and resumed our movements with our fingers and thumbs. That was all we needed. tombul porno the very moment i felt your thumb move on my clit it started. I grabbed your tit with my other hand and felt the same from you. the practiced lovers that we are knowing what was needed and when.

My orgasm started and I felt your cunt walls clamping on my fingers. we were in some delicious feedback loop now, our orgasms fuelling each other, rising to peaks inside and out. I felt the explosion mushroom out through my body and centre back on your thumb and fingers before crashing back outwards. I felt your fingers on my nipple, squeezing as I squeezed yours. we were crying out, moaning into each other’s mouths as the final wave burst. it was incredibly fulfilling and we collapsed against each other as our movements slowed and finally stopped.

Once our breathing was under control we withdrew our fingers and, in what had become our ritual, lifted them up to each other’s lips. we took them in and tasted each other, sucking and licking our juices.

We withdrew our fingers and finally kissed, tasting ourselves mixed together.

After a gorgeous eternity of being lost in each other’s kiss we broke apart.

We stared into each other’s eyes and you said, “Hey you.”

I smiled in return, “Hey you. Lovely coffee by the way.”

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Amy’s Fascination Ch. 07

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Amy couldn’t sleep. She had been tossing and turning for hours, ever since she had snuck back inside after getting fucked by her black boyfriend in the garage. Her insomnia was not because she felt guilty about cheating on her husband, however. Her mind kept wandering back to the profile she and Treyvon had made on an interracial sex website. All she could think about is whether or not her favorite black porn star Jackson Hammer had seen the pics she had posted yet.

She picked up her phone to check the site for what had to be the tenth time that night. There were a few new comments, but nothing from Jackson yet.

“Just relax,” Amy told herself. “He’ll see them eventually. You just put up your profile a few hours ago. Give it time.” She had a double shift at the coffee shop in the morning, so she needed to get some sleep. Maybe if she got herself off, she would finally be able to rest.

Her hand slid down to her panties, then under the waistband. Amy was excited to find that her pussy was still slick from the load Treyvon had left in her a few hours ago. She had recently discovered her new favorite way to masturbate: by using her black lover’s cum as lube.

She pulled up a photo of herself sucking Treyvon’s dick and looked at the comments as her fingers went to work.

“Damn, suck that dick, sister! Wish I could join you.” from MarriedQoS.

“I bet he blew his load down your throat. I would do the same.” said BBC_Destoyer.

“You would look good with his cum on your face!” from YourBlackGod.

“OMG I love this picture. You look so sexy with that black dick in your mouth.” said gina4blacks.

The lewd comments about her body really had an effect on Amy. The fact that so many strangers thought she was sexy was a huge turn on for her. She pumped her fingers into her hungry pussy as she imagined some random black man jacking his dick over her photos.

She opened Treyvon’s profile next. Her black boyfriend had posted videos of him fucking the six or seven girls he was able to meet up with through the site. The first one was labeled “jessi94”. She clicked play on the video.

A blonde girl who looked to be about 24 or 25, presumably Jessi, was on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air. Amy recognized Treyvon’s bedroom from the background. Jessi was wearing a skimpy black thong. She wiggled her ass towards the camera, and a moment later Treyvon stepped into view. Amy’s mouth salivated at the sight of his hard black cock. Her thumb pressed against her clit as she fingered her pussy. In the video, Treyvon ripped the panties off of the girl, and slapped her bare ass.

“Are you ready to feel this big black dick, girl?” he asked.

“Yes, daddy,” the girl cooed. “Make me take it.”

Treyvon held his cock by the base and rubbed its tip against the girl pussy for a few seconds before finally pushing it into her. Amy heard her gasp as the huge cock entered her for the first time. She remembered how she had felt when Treyvon had first penetrated her, too. Her fingers pushed in and out, making audible squelching noises in her sloppy pussy.

On the screen, Treyvon pounded the lucky girl like Amy had never seen. “Is this how we look when he fucks me?” she wondered. Maybe she should suggest they make a video of themselves next time. As she watched her black lover’s dick vanish into the young blonde’s pussy, she could feel herself getting close to an orgasm. She checked the time on the video. She was 7 minutes into a 30 minute video. She decided to skip ahead, determined to make herself climax to his cumshot.

At 26 minutes in, Jessi was now on top of him, the camera focused in on the black dick as it entered her pussy. Amy smiled. This was her favorite position to watch. She could hear him start to grunt, and knew it was coming. Sure enough, she could see his balls clench, and the black shaft start to pulse as he pumped his cum into the girl’s pussy. She let herself go as well, feeling her orgasm ripple through her body as she watched the young blonde girl being seeded. She covered her mound as she felt her pussy begin to squirt, careful not to disturb her sleeping husband. After weeks of practice, she was an expert at getting herself off without waking him.

After her orgasm ended, Amy shut off her phone. There was now a wet spot on the bed underneath her ass, but she didn’t mind. She looked at the clock on the bedside table. There were only five hours until she needed to get up. She closed her eyes, and was finally able to drift off to sleep.

When her alarm went off, Amy reluctantly got out of bed. Her husband was already gone. She went to go make breakfast for the kids. After they are she got them on the school bus, leaving her just enough time for a shower before work. When she got out she took a second to check her profile, but was disappointed to find nothing from Jackson.

As she got into her minivan, the smell of sex and cum hit Amy like a brick wall. She had forgotten to wake up early and clean up after last night’s escapades. It would have to rokettube porno wait until she got back from work. She drove to the coffee shop, distracted by memories of the previous night’s fucking.

The first thing she noticed when she got into the shop was that Janice had copied her slutty work uniform. Her tits weren’t as big as Amy’s, but otherwise she was pulling it off. Amy had been so focused on her own sexual exploits the previous day that she had forgotten to call Janice and get the details of her blackening. She ran over to her boss now.

“Oh, my gosh, Janice! I’m so sorry,” Amy said. “I was with Treyvon yesterday and I totally forgot to call you!”

“It’s okay,” the other girl said. “I was busy, too!”

“Ooh, what happened?” Amy asked in a low voice, getting close to Janice.

“Well, I told you how it started that first night. I ended up staying over at his house that night and last night, too. I actually haven’t been home since we last talked,” Janice said.

“Oh my god, you slut!” Amy grinned and hugged her boss. “I can’t believe you did that!”

“I know, right? I told my husband my grandmother was in the hospital,” she said. “I feel terrible about the lie, but I don’t regret doing it at all. It was amazing, Amy. We spent all day and all night fucking the shit out of each other. I haven’t felt like that since… maybe ever. It was so much more intense with Mike than it ever was with my husband.”

“I’m so glad you did it, Janice!” Amy said. Her friend was positively glowing.

“I invited him over this afternoon for another round in the stock room,” she giggled. “You’re welcome to watch us.”

Amy laughed. “Don’t mind if I do! Oh, that reminds me, I need a few minutes before my shift to go scrub a cumstain out of the seats in my minivan.” Janice raised an eyebrow at her. “Treyvon came over last night and fucked me in the garage while my husband was asleep,” she added.

“You’re so bad,” Janice smiled at her. “Take all the time you need.”

Amy grabbed some cleaning supplies from the back and spent the next 15 minutes scrubbing out the minivan. When it was clean she went back inside to start her shift. The breakfast rush was busy that day, so she didn’t have much time to daydream. At about 10 o’clock it started to taper off, so she was able to check her profile. Still nothing. She was getting impatient. And horny.

She decided to text Treyvon. Since her boss was planning to fuck a black man while on the clock, there was no way she could get into trouble for doing the same thing.

“Hey, are you coming to see me today?” she asked him.

“I was planning to come in for lunch,” he replied.

“Maybe I will give you a special dessert,” she text, followed by alternating eggplant and water droplet emojis.

“I think I’ll take my lunch early today,” he text back.

Treyvon worked at an office nearby, she knew. It wouldn’t take him long to get there. While she waited, she busied herself with getting ready for the lunch rush.

Fifteen minutes later, Treyvon came through the door. Amy rushed over to greet him, her big tits bouncing as she ran. Without thinking where she was, she threw her arms around him and kissed him on the mouth.

When she realized what she had just done, she froze. Had anyone seen? Her coworkers knew she was married. Some of her customers did, too. Luckily, the only one who seemed to notice her was Janice, and she was unlikely to cause problems for Amy. Silently, she kicked herself for being so careless.

She made Treyvon a sandwich and a coffee. He sat down at a table nearby to eat. Amy went to go sit with him. A few minutes later, she saw another black man enter the shop. It was Mike.

“This is interesting,” Amy said as she watched him walk straight up to Janice, grab her arm, and march her toward the stock room door.

“What is?” Treyvon said as he finished his BLT. He hadn’t been watching.

“Come with me, I want to show you something,” Amy said. She led him back to the door Janice and Mike had just disappeared through. She put her finger to her lips, motioning for him to be quiet, and slowly opened the door.

Careful not to make a sound, they stepped inside. Their caution was unnecessary, however. The occupants of the room were already too busy to notice them. Mike’s shorts were down around his ankles, and Janice was kneeling in front of him sucking his black cock. Behind her, Amy could feel Treyvon get hard, his erection poking her in the small of her back through his pants.

They stood behind a shelf, concealed from the couple’s view as they continued to watch the erotic scene unfold. Amy could see Janice’s throat bulging as she took all of Mike’s cock down it. He was holding her head in both hands, fucking her face. Her hand was down the front of her shorts, playing with her pussy.

Treyvon grabbed Amy’s hand and put it on his dick. Needing no further encouragement, she unzipped his fly and pulled it out. She began to stroke his cock as they watched.

After rus porno a few more minutes of blowing him, Janice stood and began to take off her bottoms. Amy felt Treyvon’s dick pull away from her, and she saw with shock that he had stepped out into view. Hesitantly, she followed him.

Mike and Janice startled at the interruption. Janice relaxed immediately when she saw who it was, but Mike was defensive.

“What the fuck!” he shouted.

“Relax, man,” said Treyvon. “You’re not the only one who’s trying to fuck his white slut back here.”

Mike smiled. “Shit, man, welcome to the party,” he said, pushing Janice back down to her knees. Amy joined her on the floor, and together they each sucked their respective black lover’s cock.

“Your bitch has some fine-ass titties,” Mike said to Treyvon.

“I know it,” Treyvon replied. “You want to see them?”

“Fuck yeah,” Mike said.

“Come on, girl, you heard the man,” Treyvon said to Amy. “Show him those big tits.”

She loved the way he was talking to her, like she was his property. Amy’s pussy gushed as she obediently took off her shirt and unhooked her bra, freeing her huge breasts for everyone to see. She could see hunger in Mike’s eyes, jealousy in Janice’s, and pride in Treyvon’s.

The girls continued sucking for another few minutes until Treyvon spoke again. “What do you say we switch it up for a bit?”

Mike grinned eagerly. Janice and Amy looked at each other apprehensively. Amy wasn’t sure what to do. She really didn’t have much desire to suck Mike’s cock, but if Treyvon wanted to see her with another black man she wasn’t about to tell him no. Also, she was convinced that Treyvon was a better lover, so she did want Janice to experience his cock as well.

Her mind made up, Amy took the lead. She knew Janice was very submissive when black men were around. She stepped over to Janice, pulled her to her feet, and guided her down in front of Treyvon, placing her hand onto his cock. When she saw Janice start to stroke his shaft, she went to kneel in front of Mike.

The black cock in front of Amy was slightly smaller than what she was used to, but still much bigger than her husband’s. She gave it a couple strokes before licking the tip. She knew Treyvon was watching, and wanted to give him a good show. She pushed her head down on the shaft, forcing it down her throat.

“My third black cock,” she thought to herself as she bobbed her head on the thick pole. She remembered Ray, the black construction worker whose black cock had been the first she had ever touched. “I wonder what ever happened to him.”

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Janice slurping away eagerly on Treyvon’s dick. She was afraid she would feel jealous, but all she felt was arousal. It was like seeing the video she had watched before going to sleep in live form. She slid her hand into her panties.

After a couple minutes Mike grabbed her hair and held her head in place. “I’m gonna cum,” he said, his cock already spraying its hot load onto her tongue. Amy wasn’t used to taking cumshots in her mouth. She struggled to swallow as much as she could, but a few drops escaped her lips and landed on her bare tits.

After Mike was finished, the two of them watched Janice and Treyvon. Amy felt a surge of pride to see her black boyfriend outlast Mike. It was another seven or eight minutes before his cock erupted all over Janice’s pretty face.

Amy brought her friend some napkins to wipe herself off. She helped Janice to her feet again. “What did you think of Treyvon’s dick?” Amy whispered.

“I could barely fit it in my mouth,” Janice said. “It must feel amazing when he fucks you.”

“You have no idea,” Amy replied. “Although, maybe you can find out!” The two girls giggled while the black men introduced themselves to each other.

“One of us should go check on Mara,” Janice said. “She’s been out there by herself this whole time.” Both girls looked at each other, neither of them wanting to leave. Luckily for Amy, Treyvon made the decision for them.

“Sorry girl, but Amy can’t go anywhere,” he said to Janice. “I need her back here riding my dick.” Janice looked surprised, but sure enough, Treyvon was hard again. She looked to Mike for help, but he clearly wasn’t ready.

“I’m gonna need another minute,” he said. Janice glowered at Amy as she put her shorts back on. Amy on the other hand was ecstatic as she stripped off her remaining clothes and bounced over to Treyvon. The black man sat on the floor with his back against the shelves. Amy watched Janice leave the room as she lowered herself onto Treyvon’s cock. The hard floor hurt her knees, but she didn’t care. She would do anything to feel that massive black cock inside her.

“Damn, this bitch knows how to ride a dick,” Mike said as he watched the two of them fuck. Amy could see his cock beginning to get hard again. She bounced herself on Treyvon’s shaft, feeling his girth stretch her pussy. Her tits flipped up to hit her chin as she moved.

After about russian porno 10 minutes, Janice came back in. As soon as she was through the door her shorts were sliding to the floor. “Mara’s fine, it isn’t that busy out there.” she said, making a beeline for Mike. She pushed him down next to Treyvon and straddled him, slowly bringing her wet pussy down onto his hard black cock. Amy stared intently as it slid inside.

The two women watched each other as they both rode black cocks on the floor of the stock room. Amy was enjoying seeing Janice get fucked as her own pussy was being pounded. She tried to put on a show as well, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples while the other girl looked on.

“You like getting fucked in front of your friend, don’t you, girl?” Treyvon asked in her ear. “You like showing her what a black cock slut you are.”

“Ooh, yesss,” Amy whispered back. “I want to show her that my boyfriend’s big black cock is better than hers.” She grabbed the shelf behind Treyvon to give herself better leverage as she drove her body down onto his dick. He sank his fingers into her ass while thrusting up to meet her.

Next to them, Janice began moan as her orgasm approached. Mike was holding her tits as she bounced in his lap. Amy could see how wet Mike’s shaft was each time it pulled out of Janice’s pussy. He whispered something in her ear and Amy watched her cum.

Her own climax wasn’t far away. She shoved her tits into Treyvon’s face, and arched her back as he sucked her nipples. The room echoed with the sound of black balls slapping against white pussy.

“Hey, Trey, what do you think?” Mike asked. “You wanna switch it up again?”

“Nah, I don’t think so,” he replied. “Amy’s pussy belongs to me.” Hearing Treyvon claim her pussy pushed her over the edge. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on the black shaft inside her. Overwhelmed, she was no longer able to hold herself up and she fell onto his lap. Treyvon never stopped thrusting into her.

“Come on, man. Don’t be so greedy,” Mike said.

“Sorry bro, that’s how it is. Her pussy is just for me. At least until I knock her up,” Treyvon said. Amy’s head swam. Her orgasm just kept going.

“Damn, they’re gonna have to open a black baby nursery at this coffee shop by the time we’re done with these girls,” Mike chuckled.

“That’s right, girl,” Treyvon said, just to her again. “The two of you are gonna be pregnant with black babies together.” Amy moaned obscenely as her pussy continued to spasm, unable to form coherent words. The fat black cock kept pounding into her.

“Awe, shit, I’m about to cum!” Mike yelled. Janice cried out in ecstasy, presumably when she felt Mike’s cock squirt its load inside her. She bucked in his lap for another minute, and finally slid off backwards to the floor. She lay panting on the cold concrete, watching Amy ride as the cum ran out of her pussy.

Amy put her arms behind her to hold herself up. Each of Treyvon’s upward thrusts into her was like the beginning of a new orgasm. She had never been so turned on.

“You ready girl?” Treyvon asked. “You ready for me to cum in your pussy again? You ready for me to get you pregnant?” Deep in the recesses of her brain, Amy knew she should answer no. She was going to be ovulating any day now. But in her current state of mind, her rational side didn’t stand a chance. She nodded fervently, crazy with lust.

Treyvon roared as he forced his black cock against her womb. Amy felt it release, pumping its huge load in her unprotected pussy once again. She couldn’t stop cumming as the huge black shaft spewed its hot seed deep inside her. She fell backwards as the last of her strength left her, her ass hitting the floor hard. She cried out as the spurting black cock was pulled from her hole, covering her tits with cum.

Amy’s orgasm finally ended as she lay on the bare concrete floor, absentmindedly playing with her cum-splattered tits. Janice crawled over to her and started to lick her breasts clean. Amy held them in place for her friend as she greedily ate Treyvon’s load. She hadn’t really had much interest in being with a girl before, but somehow, within the context of fucking black men together, it turned her on.

When Janice was done cleaning up her tits, Amy pulled her in for a kiss. She could taste Treyvon’s cum on her lips as their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. Janice climbed on top of her, and Amy could feel her tits mashing against her own as they kissed. She felt something cold against her pussy, and realized that Janice’s pussy was dripping cum onto her.

Amy reached around and grabbed Janice’s ass, pulling her crotch down into contact with her pussy. She started to grind her clit against her other girl’s. Their bodies rubbed together, slick with sweat, saliva, and cum.

After a minute of this, Amy felt strong hands on her knees, spreading her legs apart. She broke the kiss with Janice and looked up to see Treyvon sliding into position between her legs, his hard black cock pointed straight towards her pussy. He slapped Janice on the ass, and indicated for her to move up. She did so, shimmying up Amy’s body and coming to a stop with her pussy over her face. She lowered her dripping slit onto Amy’s mouth just as she felt Treyvon enter her.

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