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Subject: Apple Of My Eye-Part 5 Apple Of My Eye-Part 5 IF YOU ENJOY THIS STORY, SUPPORT NIFTY! HELP THE SITE TO REACH ITS GOAL THIS MONTH! Support Nifty in any way you can so we don’t lose this wonderful, free archive. Visit: fty/ Even though I had showered, I stopped at the little lake, stripped down, and swam alps for about 20 minutes, trying to clear my head. I had just been naked, photographed and videos ejaculating by a man 5 times my age that I hardly knew. The thought that he could be spreading the pics and video all over the internet hit me and I almost got out of the water and ran back to have him delete everything. Three things stopped me, I was pretty sure he would never do anything like that, if he was the type to do that it would be too late already and lastly, I was still so horny I probably would have let him film me again. After finished swimming I lay in the sun, then headed home, and after supper and watching a movie I went up to my room, lay on my bed, and let my thoughts run wild. I figured if he had wanted to hurt me he could have already done it, if he wanted to spread the video around it was already done and there was the possibility of someone else finding out what we had done, but this place was so deserted my parents seemed the only possibilities so I made up my mind to be extra careful. They tended to not roam too far from our place, but extra caution was always a good idea. On the upside, he paid really well, he never tried to push me or get me to do things I didn’t want to, I was enjoying it and damn if it didn’t feel great. An idea hit me so I stripped down and walked into my shower and got the water nice and warm, then after soaping my body I got my fingers extra soapy and ran them up and down the crack of my ass, finally letting them slide over my hole and immediately that intensely amazing feeling returned, but even better this time. The soap made it much more slippery and as my other hand stroked my shaft I had to resist the urge to moan any louder, that would risk having my parents hear me. I slowed everything down, making my first 2 fingers into a ring and as I slid them up and down my shaft, I imagined it was a mouth, then with soapy fingers I reached behind and slid them up and down my hole, this time groaning loudly enough that I hear my, Mother, “Waylon, are you okay?” It took a moment to calm down so my voice would sound normal, then, “Yes, I’m fine.” I didn’t hear anyone coming up the stairs so I continued sliding my fingers up and down my shaft and this time as I ankara escort slid my fingertip over my hole, the tip slipped inside. My hole clamped down around it and it took all I had not to make any noise. After a moment my hole relaxed a bit and as I stroked my shaft I did it again but pushed it in farther this time. After adding more shower gel I found I could slide it in and out easily, the sensation incredibly arousing enough that I felt my nipples go hard. I was close to cumming and it was awkward to get gel on my other finger, it went everywhere so this time as I slid my fingers over it, 2 of my fingertips slid indie we, and my hole clamped down tighter than before, I took in a deep breath, groaned and shot my load. As my cum spurted out my hole clamped down even tighter, another moan escaped my lips, and this time I heard someone coming up the stairs. I imagined the expression of my parents, me standing naked in the shower my cock in one hand and two fingertips in my ass. I heard my door opening and someone coming in, then heard my mother, “Waylon, what are you doing? Are you okay?” I found my voice just in time, just before she opened my washroom door and said, “Mom, c’mon, I’m in the shower.” My heart pounded as I saw the door to my washroom start to open, another couple of inches and she would be looking right at me, then the door stopped moving and she said, “Oh, okay.” The way she said it, the tone in her voice made it possible she knew what I was doing, at least the masturbating part, but luckily not the fingers in the ass part. As she closed the door she said, “Get to bed when you’re done, it’s getting late.” At this point I was too tired and too spent to even think about it, I rinsed my cum from the shower, dried off, and fell asleep quickly. The next morning I pulled out an old pair of gym shorts and decided that when I got home that night I would order something a little more exciting online, after yesterday I didn’t even bother with underwear, then I pulled on a big t-shirt. At breakfast, neither of my parents looked at me any differently, so as I ate I figured I had just read too much into my mother’s voice. Once done I said goodbye, pulled on my shoes, and headed over to Mr. Rhodes. Once out of sight of my place I pulled off the t-shirt and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my naked torso. As I neared his house I heard the camera clicking, but could not tell from which direction, finally, I saw him sitting by the fence taking pictures of me, I raised my hand, then did my best seductive walk, escort ankara then broke out laughing. “Morning Mr. Rhodes.” “Good Morning Waylon, you’ve got some pep in your step this morning.” That made me laugh. “I thought we could start on this side of the barn today.” I smiled, “You’re the boss.” After about 45 minutes he said, “You should put a shirt on, don’t want you getting a burn.” I had forgotten I wasn’t wearing one, “Shame, such a nice morning, feeling good like this.” “You’re looking good like that too.” My breathing stopped monetarily, then I breathed again, his comment at first alarmed me but now it made me feel good so I smiled widely at him, “Thanks.” Then, “Guess I better grab that shirt then, I’ll be right back.” I took a few steps and then he said, “Or…..” I imagined all kinds of things, another session in his basement one of them, but, “We could put it off for another hour or so if you want, but gotta get some sunscreen on you.” “I’ll take the sunscreen, please.” “Go grab it, it’s in the washroom cabinet.” I was back in a flash, then something became obvious. There was no way for me to put this on my back by myself, he was going to have to do it for me and the idea thrilled me. I handed him the tube and asked, “Do you mind?” The speed with which he grabbed the tube meant he didn’t mind at all. I heard the top pop off then, “Let’s see….why didn’t you lean forward on the ladder.” I did as he said and a moment later felt a large blob of sunscreen plop onto my back, seconds later his hands carefully and very gently massaged it into the backs of my shoulders, then even though I could have done this myself, along with the ops and down my arms. Another glob of sunscreen and he did the backs of my shoulders, then down my lower back to the waistband of my shorts. My cock was fully hard at this point and his hands felt so good that I didn’t want this to stop, so I reached back and pulled my shorts down about 2 inches and instantly heard a loud gasp, “You’re not wearing underwear Waylon, good for you.” A second later his hands massaged sunscreen into the top of my ass cheeks. I almost pulled them right down but instead, he leaned down and got the backs and sides of my legs, sending shivers through me when his hands caressed up the inside of my legs. I again thought of pulling my shorts down, but instead, I turned over, now laying back on the ladder, his eyes taking in my naked torso and the bulge in my shorts. I smiled at him, “Mind getting the rest, no sense both of us having ankara escort bayan sticky hands.” Erwin smeared sunscreen into his hands and instantly started massaging my shoulders and the outside of my arms, then slowly smeared it into my chest, his fingertips playing with my nipples, then down my sides and over my stomach, then down my abs to the waistband of my shorts, my cock now throbbing inside, he even bent down and got the front of my legs. The tension in the air between us was palpable, I wanted him to go further and I was pretty sure he did too. With my eyes on his, I took a deep breath and pushed my shorts down over my hips and when they hit the ground I stepped out of them. My erection now throbbing, he stood looking unsure and nervous as I watched the bulge in the front of his pants grow he took a look around and squeezed sunscreen into his hand, then waited for my reaction. I nodded my head and he stepped forward running his slick hand over my balls I took in a deep breath then a low moaning sound came as his other hand slid up and down my shaft, the first other than my own to do that. I closed my eyes and felt both of his hands on my nipples, caressing them gently, for several minutes his hands explored every inch of the front of my body, then his left hand grasped my balls and his right hand slowly slid my foreskin down, something that always made me groan. His hand now slowly stroking up and down I shot my load a few minutes later, feeling my hot cum shoot up and land on my chest and abdomen, then it ran back down through my pubes and down my legs. I opened my mouth, but Erwin beat me to it and it turned out he said exactly what I was going to say anyways, “Thank you.” “Erwin, I’m starting to feel bad that I’m getting all the pleasure here, is there anything I can do……” He cut me off quickly, “Waylon, you are providing me with more pleasure than you know, don’t even think about it.” Somehow his words made me feel very important, that just watching and being able to touch me was enough for him, I made a mental note to make sure his hands were on me more and more going forward. As these thoughts ran through my mind I heard his camera clicking away, he must have picked it up while I was daydreaming. “I’ll be right back.” I lay against the ladder, feeling great, naked and in the sun having just shot a great load and having my first-hand job. Moments later he returned with a damp cloth and told me to wash off and once I had he said, “Put your shorts on and let’s get some work done.” After an hour he reminded me to put my shirt on and we worked steadily until lunch, then, “That’s enough work for today.” My heart sank, thinking it was time for me to leave, then, “Want to head inside?” I sprang up and raced to the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 109d IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, castles and aristocratic titled personages around England, Scotland or Russia are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titled personages are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site, then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. fty/donate.html Copyright and content notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******************** I want to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, And offer my season’s greetings to you all. Thank you all for joining me On this amazing journey. Stay safe. Blackscar *************************** `Forts, allow me to introduce Star of stage and screen, Miss Tessie O’Shea,’ She grabbed me and gave me a big kiss. Smiling at Gethin; it then dawned on me they had all been drinking on the plane. `Well, he is a bit of all right Air Marshall, isn’t he?’ I jumped, blushing, as she pinched my bum. I looked at Callum, who was now doubled over laughing. I panicked and bumbled `The cars this way, ma’am,’ She shrieked with laughter again. `Oh, he thinks I am a lady, I like him a lot.’ She winked as she leant in and pinched my cheek. `Lead the way, Tiger.’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 109d � Christmas 1941 Callum picks up the story I honestly thought I was going to wet myself; as you probably all expected, we had been drinking on the plane, the pilot and crew, must have been wondering what was going on, what with all the shrieks and laughter, mostly coming from Tessie, I might add; although by no means all. Gethin was laughing now, too. `Which way to the vehicle driver?’ Forts hesitated and blushed as Tessie linked arms with him and pulled him closer to her. `Err, we came in the Jeep. I didn’t realise you had anyone else with you, Gethin, sorry.’ `Ooh, does he mean me?’ Forts jumped again as his bum was pinched once more. Gethin looked at the jeep. `Well, give me the keys, I will drive, there is no way I am going in the back of that.’ He grinned. `I have wanted to drive one of these for ages. You two youngsters squeeze in the back with Tessie,’ Forts tried to shake his head. He looked absolutely panicked. `Wouldn’t she be better in the front seat?’ Gethin winked at me. `Don’t be silly Forts, all of you hop in,’ Dima wasn’t looking anymore excited by the prospect of the three of them squeezing in the back as Forts was. He finally wedged his bum in, having to cross one leg over the other to have enough room. I looked round; Tessie was killing herself laughing, one hand holding on to her winter hat. `Oh, this is no good, I will sit on handsomes here’s lap,’ Fort’s voice went up a few octaves as she lifted herself up and lowered herself down. `Oh, I don’t think,’ Tessie wriggled for a moment, pinching a blushing Fort’s cheek once more. `There, that’s better, ready when you are Air Marshall,’ Gethin had barely got the Jeep in gear when there was another shriek from the back of the Jeep. `Ooh, I am sitting on something hard,’ Tessie lifted her bum, grinning round at Forts. `Cheeky,’ Fort’s eyes nearly came out on storks as Gethin glanced back. `Fort’s you behave yourself,’ More Laughter from Tessie. `It’s my Cantel,’ Another shriek of laughter from Tessie. `Your what, Forts?’ Gethin was now practically wetting himself. `The Cantel, it’s the metal part of my sporran,’ Forts grabbed his sporran and pointed at the clasp. `Look,’ That was it. His voice faded away as the laughter grew. Only getting louder as he struggled to explain, Gethin grinned back at him. `Forts, haven’t you ever heard of the “Rule of Holes?”‘ Forts looked blank `When you’re in one, stop digging.’ More laughter as Forts blushed and became more and more embarrassed. Tessie now had her arm wrapped tightly round him; her face squished up against his; It reminded me of one of my old Grannies hugs; poor Forts. ** Davy picks up the story. `Niki, not so fast, you’re an Angel not a shooting star,’ Hugh had grabbed hold of his legs before he crashed into the stable; that Archie and Gary had built from assorted bits and pieces. Hugh looked at me as Gary, now walking again, albeit slowly, hurried to check the stable structure. `I am not sure, having Niki as both Joseph and the Angel Gabriel will work. Maybe he should just concentrate on being the Angel. What do you think?’ `You could be right, but then who do we use for Mary and Joseph?’ Hugh was jerking his head towards Gary. `Now, there was a thought, Gary and Maureen?’ Dropping his voice, Hugh whispered. `Well, she won’t need any padding and it saves us asking one of the boys to play a girl.’ Hugh winked. `Err, Gary,’ I watched him lead Gary away; I went to help Niki, now back up on the ladder, just offstage. `Go on Niki, try it once more, slowly in, arms outstretched, no giggling.’ The no giggling was probably a bit too much to ask, but watching him, I knew he would look good once he had on his wings that McPhee was making for him; he had been plodding round the Goose houses for a couple of days gathering up all the dropped white feathers he could find; the wings should look spectacular. Hugh came walking back, his arm round Gary’s shoulder; beaming. Gary, well, he looked more apprehensive. `I will ask her Hugh, but I am not making any promises she will agree,’ `Don’t give her a choice, just tell her if she wants to ruin the whole Nativity, well…’ He left it hanging in the air before laughing and patting Gary on the back. * As strange as it sounds, involving Gary in the Nativity play was a shrewd move. The only thing being he began to think big. `Animals, we need animals, why don’t we move the whole thing down to the stable block, make it really like the Nativity?’ Hugh and I stood open-mouthed. Gary was on a roll. `Yes, that would be amazing. All the school gathered in the stables, before the midnight hour; Picture it, the story of the Nativity and then Christmas Carol’s; it will be fantastic.’ He grinned at us and then smiled. `I am off to see Athol, see what he thinks?’ * Hugh shrugged his shoulders `Oh, well,’ BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP `Forts is back,’ I turned and ran for the door and down the Corridor. `Mr Thomas, this school operates a no running policy, unless I am very much mistaken,’ I stopped in my tracks as Archie came out of the staffroom. `Sorry, I,’ `No excuses Mr Thomas, please,’ I didn’t know what to say. Archie drew level and then gave me a little shove. `Out the way you,’ And off he ran down the corridor, me in fast pursuit. `Hey that’s not fair,’ We fell out the Castle door practically together, both pulling up sharply. Gethin was helping a lady out of the back of the Jeep. I watched her pinch Fort’s cheek; he was blushing and looked very nervous. `Davvveeee,’ I would recognise that voice anywhere, Callum launched himself at me and me at him. I was giving him a great hug when he stopped and looked at me. `Hey, I want more than a hug. Give me a big kiss,’ He pressed his lips to mine, a voice behind shouted. `Hey, I want a kiss too, out of the way, I outrank you,’ Callum let me go and I jumped into Gethin’s arms, kissing him on the lips too. `Davy, I have some bad news for you. Looks like you have lost your boyfriend to a star of stage and screen. Let me introduce you to Miss Tessie O’Shea,’ I glanced at Forts; he was madly shaking his head behind her back. She opened her arms and pulled me in for a kiss and hug. `Pleased to meet you, Davy. Gethin has been telling me all about you; I am hoping you’re going to join me in the show for a couple of numbers,’ I couldn’t believe it. `That would be amazing, Miss O’Shea,’ `It’s Tessie, two-ton Tessie from Tennessee,’ She let out another shriek of laughter; then glanced back at Fort’s `Come on handsome, what does a lady have to do to get a drink round here?’ Fort’s eyes met mine again. He was mouthing, “She is crazy”, as she turned and looked back. She couldn’t stop herself ankara escort from grinning. Giving me a little wink, she leaned into my ear. `Don’t worry, son, your boyfriend is perfectly safe, but teasing him is such fun,’ Gethin did the final introductions, and we all made our way up to the staffroom. Athol’s face was a picture when he saw Tessie; recognising her immediately. `Miss O’Shea, welcome to Castle Fraser; what a surprise, Gethin, must have forgotten to tell me you would be joining us too.’ Callum and Gethin exchanged glances, Callum mouthing, “I told you”. `Archie, can you sort out a room for Tessie while she is here?’ Another shriek of laughter, Tessie’s arm shot out and she pulled Forts towards her. `Athol, I am sorted, I will bunk with this stud,’ She pulled on his cheek again; Fort’s eyes moved to Athol, imploring him to say something; he hadn’t seen the winks between them. `Oh, okay, Davy, you okay with that?’ I nodded. `Hang on, what?’ Fort’s head was spinning. `Fort’s they are messing with you,’ The relief on his face was real. Tessie squeezed one more moment out of it; she stood with her hands on her hips. `Anyone would think you didn’t want to bunk with me?’ `No miss, err, it’s just that,’ Gethin interrupted him. `Fort’s have you forgotten the first rule of holes already?’ * Athol called everyone to order and rang to the kitchen for some light refreshments. Tessie took my arm. `So, Davy, do you fancy singing a couple of numbers with me?’ `Gosh, I would be honoured,’ `Can I ask, Ma’am?’ She held up her hand to stop me. `It’s Tessie, please,’ `Tessie, how do you know Gethin?’ I felt an arm slip round my waist; I turned. It was the man himself. `Did I hear my name mentioned?’ Tessie continued, `Well son, Gethin came to see one of my shows in London. Once I realised he was Welsh too, how could I refuse any request from the highest-ranking Welsh RAF Officer.’ I took hold of his hand round my waist and gave it a squeeze; I leant into his ear. `I haven’t congratulated you yet, Air Marshall,’ `Do you think your man will let you?’ I looked round and waved him over. `Fort’s, can I have my dance card stamped?’ He leaned in and kissed me. `You know the rules,’ `Thank you darling,’ * At that moment, the door into the staffroom burst open and Gregor came flying in. `Oh my God, it’s true,’ He practically landed at Tessie’s feet. `Oh Miss O’Shea, such an honour,’ Athol joined us and introduced Gregor properly; he was definitely star struck. `Gregor, any chance of those refreshments?’ `Just coming, just coming,’ He hurried back out of the room. Something caught Athol’s eye at the door. He glanced over and then began beckoning someone to him. The room fell silent as McPhee came in escorting a guy with a huge white beard. Athol greeted him warmly and then turned to the room. `Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce you all to a very old friend of mine, Gunny. He is going to be staying at the Castle as a caretaker come handy man and I am sure all of you will guess, with that beard as “Father Christmas” in a couple of days.’ After a round of polite applause, Gethin slipped his arms round my waist again, gently pulling me back on to what was a very obvious hardon. He nuzzled in to my neck. `How would you and your hunky fella feel about joining Callum and me upstairs?’ `Well, as Forts and I have given up our room for you, how do you feel about us joining you?’ ** Gethin takes up the story Callum and I had slipped away upstairs. Soon we were both in just our underpants, our tongues busy making out. We had made love passionately several times now since finally getting back together; all my worries and fears, just destructive figments of my imagination, all now put behind us. A chuckle from the door and the sound of it closing had us looking up. `Davy, they have started without us,’ Forts and Davy were both grinning, quickly removing their kilts and shirts. They were soon naked, well apart from their off-white boot socks, which now, without their garters, ruffled round their ankles. Callum looked at them and then back at me. `Our little boys aren’t so little anymore, they are all grown up,’ I could only nod, but that didn’t make them any the less horny. We watched as they both clambered on to the bed; their eyes not leaving ours. Callum and I both pushed down our y fronts, setting our hard cocks free; They bounced in anticipation as we approached the bed. Davy held his hand out to me; I clambered onto the bed, my legs slipping between his; I smiled down at him. He gave me a sexy wink and, wrapping his arms round my shoulders and neck, he pulled me down. Our mouths momentarily, hovering fractions of an inch away from each other’s. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I pushed mine to his, forcing my tongue into his mouth; lust taking me over. He pushed back hard, our tongues entwining; coiling round themselves. My brain and senses electrified at finally having some intimate time with this chap again. Our lips broke apart, leaving us both gasping for breath. `Wow,’ He moaned as he pulled me back down again. His legs wrapped round my hips and waist, pulling me harder against him. Our cocks throbbed; having their own ice dance in the pre-cum, coating each of our cocks and stomachs. I moved my weight to one side; allowing me to grip his hard shaft; another gasp escaped his lips. I squeezed his seventeen-year-old cock hard; he squirmed under me, his head back and mouth open. His hips trying to fuck my fist with his hard six-inch cock; that would have to wait. I shuffled down the bed, lifting his right leg and manoeuvring it behind my shoulder; leaving me free access to his cock and balls, now inches from my face. I leant into his groin, breathing in his young scent, struck at how it had matured from boy to young man. Two healthy pink eggs, not huge, just beautiful, floated in his sac; moved by an invisible force, they rose and fell, the skin gathering at the base of his shaft in little ruffles, soon vanishing as they joined the taut skin on his throbbing cock shaft. I kissed and licked each bollock; tasting him, enjoying the feel of his soft skin against my touch. Licking up his shaft, I gripped and held his foreskin back; watching his eyes as they pleaded with me to be gentle. I dragged its throbbing wet red head back and forth through my moustache; the hairs capturing his scent; flooding it over my smell sensors, driving me crazy with desire. I dropped a hand under his balls, feeling the smooth, slightly moist skin of his taint, and just a bit further, his twitching starfish. Withdrawing my hand, I licked my fingers; again, overwhelming my taste sensors with his light musk. I pushed myself between his legs and hauled his arse down the bed towards me, simultaneously pushing his hips up and back, presenting his twitching hole ready to be plundered. My mouth fell on it; my fingers either side, as my tongue aimed at the bullseye. His body froze, then he relaxed in a long moan, his arms hooked round under his knees and his hands gripped my head, pulling me into him. `Please, yes, please,’ I teased him, toying round and round his twitching hole, the now wet skin glistening; highlighting the spot. Another gasp from above me. `Please, please, don’t tease me,’ I gave a little chuckle and pushed my tongue hard at the bullseye; feeling it give at the relentless onslaught, I slipped a finger into join my tongue; he was pushing back. I could feel his hole opening, his skin twitching to the touch of my moustache and tongue. A second finger and then a third joined my tongue, pushing into his velvet lined arse. His hands, which had been grinding me into him, suddenly change and gripping my ears, pulled me away and up towards him. `Gethin, fuck me, please, I have waited so long,’ I dropped a hand to my cock and began to slowly wank it, making sure it was nice and hard. My cock lips dribbled a steady stream of pre-cum out onto my cut head, my fingers using it to lube the rest of my throbbing shaft. I shuffled up between his thighs, forcing his feet up on to my shoulders, gripping them in place. I positioned my cockhead, ready to push in to him, feeling it take up the ready position. I waited until he glanced up at me; I gave him another wink. `Stop your teasing me, please, just fuck me,’ I had to comply; I was so turned on if I didn’t get my cock in him soon; I was going to just blast my load all over his pouting hole. I eased my weight forward on my legs; he groaned as my cockhead pushed apart his hole and slid inside. His sphincter gripped tightly round my mushroom cockhead. Oh, that felt so familiar, so tight, so comfortable. I smiled down. escort ankara `Ready?’ He nodded, his eyes closing, his lips pursed as I buried all thick nine inches into my balls. He whimpered; I looked down again. `Kiss me,’ Once more our mouths joined, our tongues mimicking the fucking my cock was now giving his arse. The slap of my balls on his taint and his moans spurred me on. I knew I wouldn’t be long, not this first time. Then it began, that so familiar tightening as my balls drew up to my shaft. `Oh, Davy, I love you,’ I gasped as my cock began throbbing, pulsing my load up the shaft, spraying out, coating his inside in my thick cum. I felt his arse spasm; he was cumming too. His muscles gripped and released my cock as he came. I raised myself slightly, feeling his wet goo coating my chest hair and sticking us together. I kissed his lips, sliding to his side. We both chuckled as the applause started. Forts leaned over and kissed his forehead. `Did you enjoy that?’ Davy just kissed him back. Now it was Callum and Fort’s turn. ** Gary takes up the story Athol had agreed; the Nativity play would now take place on Christmas Eve after the ENSA show. With plenty of help, I had got the stables organised and a kind of stage area set up, ready for all the players. Hugh Davies and Rhys Evans would lead the Carols singing before in the Castle courtyard. And yes, Maureen, my wife, had agreed to be the Virgin Mary as long as I was Joseph. I had constructed the stage area walls with low barriers and sat many bales of hay around for people to sit on. McPhee had finished Niki’s wings; to be honest, they looked big; we would have to be careful that he didn’t really take flight as he slid down the wire into position above the stable setting. We had time for one practice and that had gone reasonably well; maybe just a slight change was needed. With that out of the way, I handed over to Hugh to narrate the story for the dress rehearsal. I had to head back up to the Castle, to make sure the ENSA Concert party had everything they wanted. The ENSA team had erected a small stage at one end of the Great Hall; a band was setting up next to the stage and some of them were now practicing scales, etc. This show was now to take place on Christmas Eve. Then the Hall would have to be cleared, and the tables set out and the hall redecorated, prior to the meal; it was all hands to the pumps. ** McPhee takes up the story I ran up the stairs. Davy was going to be so pleased; I didn’t think to knock. I just bounded into their room. `Oops, sorry excuse me, is Davy about?’ Forts was on the bed fucking the brains out of Callum, Gethin, lying next to Callum; encouraging him. Davy’s head popped up. `Did you say you were looking for me?’ `Yes, sorry to interrupt, but there are some people downstairs for you,’ Davy flounced back down on to his back; Forts was still fucking, but his strokes were gentler. Davy his head raised up again. `Can’t it wait?’ I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. `Well, no not really, they are in the staffroom.’ Recognition suddenly dawned on Fort’s face. `Oh my God,’ He pulled out of Callum, his glistening cock swaying in the air. Slapping Davy’s arse. `Come on you,’ `Forts?’ `Now! Davy,’ A tremendous sigh came from Davy as he clambered over Gethin. `Well, it had better be the bloody King, I was having fun,’ The two of them dressed, Davy still not happy. `For Christ’s sake, McPhee, you could at least say who it is,’ Forts grabbed Davy’s arm. `Come on you, down the stairs.’ Davy glared at him. `Do you know who it is?’ Forts didn’t answer. `Come on,’ I could hear Davy chuntering as they headed for the staircase. Gethin looked at me. `Who is it?’ `It’s a surprise. Forts invited Davy’s Mum and Dad and little brother Andrew up for Christmas,’ ** Forts continues the story `Davy shut up, come on,’ I lent round him and opened the staffroom door. `Mum, Dad,’ Davy’s face lit up, his eyes wide as he ran at his parents, throwing his arms round his mother first, then his dad. `But how?’ He stood, tears of joy running down his cheeks. His Mum glanced towards Fort’s. `You, you knew, you arranged it?’ Davy launched himself at me and hugged me. While Athol and Tessie clapped. `Thank you, thank you,’ Davy glanced round. `Where’s Andrew?’ Athol smiled. `He was making such a noise. His uncle Archie took him for a walk round, so he wouldn’t spoil the surprise.’ `A walk round?’ `Yes, he is toddling now,’ His mum added. Davy looked like he would cry again. `He is growing up so quick. I can’t wait to see him,’ `I am sure they won’t be long,’ Athol nodded as he refilled everyone’s glasses and poured two more, one for Davy and one for me. Davy wrapped his arm round my waist and then kissed my cheek, whispering. `Thank you, this is the best Christmas present ever.’ The door banged open and Andrew waddled in his little arms above his head, holding on to Archie’s fingers. Davy rushed over and scooped him up in his arms, kissing him. `Hello, little brother,’ Archie patted Davy on the back. `I wish I got greeted like that,’ We all laughed. Davy brought Andrew over to me, `Say hello to uncle Drageon,’ Even I found myself biting my lip as little Andrew stretched out his arms, waiting for me to take him. I took him from Davy, amazed as his enormous eyes gave me the once over. `Mum, but where is your luggage?’ I stepped forward. `Davy, I have Mum and Dad staying at Pittodrie House. One of dad’s cousins lives there, its only until ENSA and everyone has moved out then we can get them an apartment here, for the week.’ Davy looked a bit surprised. `But they will be here for Christmas Dinner, won’t they?’ `Of course they will. I got a car for them, while they are staying there,’ The staffroom door opened again. Gethin and Callum came in, both in full uniform. `Evening everyone,’ ** Archie picks up the story So, it was Christmas Eve already. ENSA had been practicing most of the day. It sounded like it was going to be a great show; I had even caught a sneak preview of Tessie’s and Davy’s numbers. Even old Mr Grumpy; Athol was really getting into the spirit of it. He had really lightened up, with Gunny’s appearance at the Castle. He even followed up on Colin, thinking he looked like Father Christmas. Believe it or not, there was an old Santa outfit at the castle, so now all the boys who remained at the castle were on Christmas morning going to get the chance to speak to Santa. With great difficulty we moved the Christmas tree in the Great Hall about six feet forward, allowing a little grotto behind, where Santa could hear what the boys wanted for Christmas: well, as long as they all wanted a blow job. Athol stood with his hands on his hips, grinning. `What do you think?’ `Well, I imagine once word gets out, Santa will have a queue of adults too.’ We both burst out laughing. `Hello? Hello? Is there anyone here?’ We both peered round the tree. `Jeremy!’ `Athol, Archie!’ We hurried over to hug him. He looked so good, so much fitter than the last time we saw him. Standing alongside him was yet another dashingly good-looking RAF pilot. `And who is this?’ Jeremy took a breath. `Your Lordship, Archie, please allow me to introduce Pilot Officer Stuart Burgess,’ Athol stretched out his hand. Stuart looked a bit shocked, or was it confused, unsure of what he had heard. `Sorry,’ He turned to Jeremy. `Did you say your Lordship?’ I stepped forward. `Yes, he did. This is Athol, Laird of the Clan MacDonald. Please to meet you young man,’ `And you both Sir,’ Jeremy gave a little chuckle. `So can you squeeze two more in for Christmas?’ `Oh, I am sure we can, if you don’t mind ruffing it for a few days,’ The clattering from the door had us all turning round. `Fort’s over here, two more for Christmas,’ Forts bounded over; like an excited puppy. `Jeremy!’ He slung his arms round him. `Forts, pilot Officer Stuart Burgess, Stuart, His Highness Prince Drageon Drageonivanov, but we call him Forts, or stud.’ Stuart’s face went from his mouth hanging open in shock to laughing. Forts held out his hand. `Welcome Stuart, don’t listen to him, please, just call me Forts.’ Athol smiled. `Fort’s is that the stockings for the boys to get from Santa?’ `Yes, Dexy, just brought the last of the bits for them. I think the boys will love them. He even got them an orange each as well as a bar of chocolate.’ Forts nodded. I turned to Jeremy. `Come on Jeremy and Stuart, let’s find you somewhere to kit down; the Castle is full. I hope you don’t mind sharing,’ Jeremy kissed Stuart’s cheek. `Not at all.’ ** Forts continues the story. Athol had pulled me ankara escort bayan aside as Archie led Stuart and Jeremy away. `God, I am not sure how many more people we can accommodate or feed. Can you warn Gregor, numbers seem to be growing?’ I gave him a big hug. `Dad, don’t worry, this is what Christmas is all about, a time for family and friends, all mucking in together; it will be great.’ The words had barely left my lips. `Athol you old dog,’ Dad and I burst out laughing. `Torcall, Russell, James and Colonel Mackenzie, chaps, welcome.’ Torcall was waving a bit of Mistletoe. `Fort’s get your arse over here,’ * Davy had been with the concert party most of the afternoon, so I hadn’t seen him; I sneaked backstage. They had created several rooms using army blankets. `Davy? Davy? are you here?’ `Oh, I recognise that voice,’ Hands pulled back the blanket. And there was Tessie. `Hello Gorgeous,’ I felt myself blushing, stammering too. `Err, is Daaaavy aaaabout,’ She laughed. `In here sexy,’ I felt my panic rising. `I best not, I am looking for Daaaaavy?’ A voice came from behind the blanket. `Fort’s stop being silly. I am in here,’ `Ooh,’ Tessie held the blanket open and let me enter. She swooped a kiss on my cheek as I tried to duck past; more laughter. `I will leave you to love birds alone,’ I was definitely blushing now. Davy had had his back to me. He stood up and turned to face me. `My God,’ `Oh, don’t say that. How do I look?’ `You have makeup on!’ `Yes, Tessie thought it would look better under the lights, when we do our song, don’t you like it?’ I flipped up my kilt; My cock bobbed hard. `What do you think?’ He grabbed me, kissing me. `Now out you go. I have to get ready. Make sure Mum and Dad get a good seat, will you? I hope my dad is okay, he will probably have a fit.’ * You would have thought that something was wrong with the clock in the great hall. The speed at which the hands on it whirled round towards show time. The seats filled up quickly; I had reserved the front row for the special guests; with Davy’s mum and dad, centre stage. With everyone finally seated; including several busloads of RAF men from DYCE and several hundred soldiers and schoolboys. Athol moved up on to the stage and welcomed everyone to the first of the organised Christmas events at the Castle and reminding them that after this, there would be drinks and mince pies, then everyone was invited down to the stable block for the Nativity play. There was a tremendous cheer from the many soldiers and guests. When the applause died down, Athol spoke again. `Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, I give you Tessie O’Shea and the ENSA Concert Party.’ To great shrieks, Tessie bounded on to the stage with her Ukulele and launched straight into “Two-ton Tessie from Tennessee” to rapturous applause; the audience staggered that such a famous star was actually in front of them. The show continued with the usual ENSA fare, singers, comedians and impressionists, interspersed with more songs from Tessie. It was obvious the show was coming to an end, and I still hadn’t seen Davy; I glanced at Dad; he put his hand on my knee and squeezed it. Tessie moved to the front of the stage again. `Ladies and Gentlemen, and your Royal Highness, your wait is over, I give you Mr Davy Thomas!!’ The stage lights dimmed and then there he was, centre stage, made up like one of “The Andrews Sisters” in a khaki skirt and jacket. The audience went wild; I glanced at his mum and dad. Both had great tears running down their cheeks. Tessie quickly joined him and another guy similarly made up from the concert party. Tessie grabbed the microphone again. `Davy wants to sing this song for a very special guy in the audience.’ Tessie put her arm round Davy. `And I know this young man loves him more than life itself, Forts or should I say Your Imperial Highness Prince Drageonivanov, please stand and take a bow.’ I froze, Dad poked me. `Up you get.’ I clambered up; to more cheers and clapping, I gave a little bow and sat back down: my face blushing red. The band struck up and the three of them began. “I wrote my mother, I wrote my father, and now I am writing you too. I am sure of mother, I am sure of father, and now I want to be sure, very, very sure, of you. Don’t sit under the Apple tree with anyone else but me, anyone else but me, anyone else but me,’ Davy was singing to me, his eyes not leaving mine; I felt the tear roll down my cheek. Brenda, Davy’s mum; sitting on my other side, grabbed my arm and pulled me in for a hug, dabbing at my tear with her hankie. She eventually handed it to me as I attempted to keep up with the tears. “Kiss me goodnight Sergeant Major” was followed by “Jingle Bells” then “Boogie, Woogie bugle boy” finishing up with “The Chattanooga Choo choo” The Hall erupted with everyone on their feet as the entire company joined them on the stage and sang. “We’ll meet again”. The audience belting out the lyrics back at them. Dad grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side of the stage. We were each handed a great bunch of flowers. I was dragged up to the stage as the company took their bows. He presented his bouquet to Tessie and mine; well, you know who got them. * Drinks mince pies and carols followed outside in the front of the Castle; Dexy and his guys had set up flaming torches; Adding to the atmosphere and general excitement as we all waited for the Nativity play. Davy and I stood; arms round each other: how I loved this guy. Dad rang a bell as the arms of the clock moved to eleven O’clock. `Everyone, down to the stables please,’ It was standing room only in the stable yard. Gary had excelled himself as we all fell silent. Hugh spoke in a loud voice, narrating the story. Maureen, playing Mary, was doing some gardening when she looked skywards. As we watched, there was a great whoosh and a figure shot above us, jerking to a halt just above her; as many feathers fluttered down. Torches illuminated the Angel Gabriel, played by a rather flustered looking Niki. He was chuntering away in Russian. Davy squeezed my arm. `What did he say?’ I shook my head. `I am not sure, to be honest,’ Dima leant in, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks. `He said he was going to kill Gary. Someone put grease on the wire,’ As Hugh pressed on with the story, Niki stretched his arms out flapping the wings McPhee had made him, and delivered his lines perfectly; all things considered. They turned the torches off and there was more chuntering in Russian. Niki struggled out of his harness and did a somersault landing in the hay. Davy grinned. `I don’t remember the Arch Angel Gabriel doing that in our schools Nativity play.’ Gary joined Mary and helped her on to one of the Donkeys; he looked none too happy, especially as they walked about six feet before Gary announced, `Bethlehem finally, I will try here for a room.’ A little face of one of the first years appeared as a door was opened; seeing the crowd of faces, he promptly slammed the door shut and began crying. Hugh pressed on bravely. Gary soon had Mary in a stable setting, sitting alongside Daphne; my foal, a cow and several chickens, oh and Bruno the Rottweiler was there too. Davy glanced at me again. `A Rottweiler?’ The play continued with the baby Jesus; miraculously appearing in a crib in front of Mary and Gary. The visits of the Shepherds and then the Kings followed. Another squeeze from Davy. `Gary missed a trick. I would have used you and Dima, actual Royalty,’ `Shoosh,’ With the play at an end, the entire cast came out and sat on the bales of hay, and together we all sang once in Royal David’s City. As the old clock above the arch clanged Twelve Midnight, and to oohs and ah’s swirling flakes of snow descended on us; a parachute flare rocketed into the sky and hung, twinkling above the Castle; our own new star. I turned to Davy. `Merry Christmas my love.’ ************************ Folks, thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story. Please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Josh’s Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest `A Brother Used’ – Gay/Incest `A very English Trailer Park’ – Gay/Adult Youth

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – part 73d IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. ———————————————————————- Callum ruffled Nikita’s cropped hair, Athol turned to me, `Now your back can you teach him something else to say, he was telling the Minister the other day’ I went to take Niki’s hand, but he wanted to hold Callum’s, luckily Callum was enthralled with the little guy and took his hand. As we headed toward the sitting room, Niki had other ideas, well as far as Callum was concerned, he began dragging him off, Callum went with him, he was last heard saying `Where are we going little fella? The linen cupboard? ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 73d Callum continues the story I could hear the other guys all laughing behind me, but the little guy Nikita had taken to me and seemed desperate to show me something, I remembered when I was a kid, adults ignoring you and how frustrating that could be; all it would take, would be a few moments of my time. He kept tugging at my hand, I followed him until we stopped outside a door, the sign above said Linen Cupboard, I smiled down at him. `Where are we going little fella? The linen cupboard? He nodded enthusiastically and turned the door handle, he let me go in first, it was very dark inside. I had just said `Hang on, let me find the light switch’ When he closed the door behind us, plunging us into total blackness. I felt about the wall looking for the light switch, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to find anything, more tugging at my sleeve this time, I was led behind what felt like a heavy curtain, the floor suddenly became spongy, I reached out blindly for the walls and hopefully a light switch. I called out `Niki where are you’ I felt a hand on the front of my trousers, and then my buttons were rapidly undone, and a little hand pushed through my flies. `Wooah, hang on’ I felt down, as a second hand pushed in to my open flies, the first hand found the opening in my boxers and now had a firm grip on my soft cock and was pulling it out into the open. I heard another couple of giggles coming from my left, then more small hands were undoing my belt and trouser waist buttons, my trousers fell to the floor, quickly followed by my boxers. My balls were cupped by sets of small hands, their grip became tighter as I was pulled forwards; well, there was little point in resisting. I was pulled to the floor, and manhandled on to my back, my jacket and shirt buttons, were next, this little team was professional; I was bollock naked within three minutes of being lured in here. More giggling, then I felt something climb over my head; that was a familiar smell, the backs of two little hands touched my cheeks as the arse they were pulling open, positioned itself over my nose and mouth. I breathed deeply, soap and boy, I pushed my tongue out until it contacted flesh. I gave the crack sat on my face a big lick, my cock was now rock hard too, I felt a small mouth stuffed with my bellend, its little tongue, licking the surface, digging into my piss slit; yet another mouth was attempting to get my balls in to it; with one safely inside the little mouth, they seemed to be having a struggle to get the second one in, I gasped as teeth scratched across the surface; and it was in. I could only imagine what the guy looked like with my two balls stuffed in his mouth, he seemed to be stretching them upwards; Christ I hoped he didn’t sneeze, I was rather attached to my balls, I gave a chuckle, my mind wondering how I would explain it to Gethin. As my tongue began to really lick the arse sitting on my face, I felt his little balls on my nose, I made a grab for them with my lips, finding a small hard cock too, managing a quick suck of it all; my tongue tasting boy and maybe a bit of pee, before they were pulled from my mouth. I carried on licking all round them and forced my tongue in to the boy’s hole. The boy forced himself back on to me, this arse had been fucked and recently. Initially resisting my probing, the sphincter stopped fighting me and the tip of my tongue slipped inside; oh yes salty man cum, I wondered who had been the lucky guy. I pulled the cheeks sat on my face further apart, forcing my tongue deeper. God, I love the taste of cum; coating my tongue, I smeared it all round my own mouth, sending my taste buds in to raptures. The little guy on top of me leaned forward, little fingers pushing and pulling on my chest hair, fuck I am sure he was purring, his fingers doing that things kittens do when they are suckling. My cock was pulled from its wet warm mouth and my balls freed from the mouth holding them, I felt my shaft gripped at the bottom, then the delicate flick of two tongues, each starting opposite each other, they worked round my Glans ridge until they met at my bow string, then up that, a feathers touch, to lap at the precum, my cock was pumping out. ankara escort The guy on my face pulled off me and I felt his hand grip my cock shaft too, he seemed to be getting the two other guys to swap places; Christ this room was dark I couldn’t see anything. My shaft was given another suck and then the guy got astride my stomach, positioning my cock at a well worked and wet hole. I felt a slight pressure, then my cock was sliding into a beautiful warm velvet hole, the skin gripping my throbbing cockhead, my nest of thick pubes, were soon being squashed down, by a pert and peachy arse, I couldn’t stop myself raising my hips and gently fucking this welcoming hole. A little knee nudged my face, reminding me there was more than one guy in here with me; and proved, it wasn’t only me who couldn’t see, a little hand landed on my face, it orientated it self and then rolled my head to the left, a three-inch hard cock brushed my lips, I licked the cock head, the shaft no thicker than my pinkie, again that taste of boy and an edge of piss. I opened wider, scouping up the attached balls, taking all this guys meat into my mouth, I felt them judder, their knees trembling as my mouth and tongue applied wetness and suction, I managed to manoeuvrer my hand under the boy’s arse, I eased my ring finger against his hole, this was much tighter, I felt the little pucker tighten, intent on keeping my finger out. Before I could have another attempt, the boy let out a yelp and shuddered in my mouth; I waited for cum, but nothing, a dry orgasm, well I hoped he had enjoyed it. My face was pulled the other way, I released the boy’s meat from my mouth and found an identical set, being forced into my mouth from the others side; now, that stirred a memory. I was brought back to earth as the guy riding my cock placed both hands on my chest and began slamming his arse up and down my shaft, stimulating my glans ridge; fuck he was driving me crazy; his little fingers found my nipples and with no warning, each was gripped vice like, that was all it took, my balls could take no more and began to fire cum up my thick shaft into his hole adding it to the spunk I had been unable to reach. My jerking, set the boy off to my right; I prayed for the taste of boy cum, but it was another dry orgasm. I lay back aware that my cock was still spasming in the guys hole, he was riding me and pounding his own cock too; then I felt it, three drops, hit my chest, my fingers eagerly searched for it and with years of practice, gathered it all and brought it to my mouth, I lay back, my body washed by waves of pleasure; sweet salty pleasure. I heard a knock at the door and Athol’s voice called out `Callum, are you in there? `Err, won’t be a minute, just helping Niki and someone else with some sheets’ There was definitely a chuckle form outside `Well, when you can, we are in my sitting room’ ** Athol takes up the story It was great to see the boys back and looking so happy, even if I did have to speak to Forts; about a phone call I had received. But now all I wanted to do was welcome everyone back, including Callum. I glanced at Archie `Where do you think he can have got too? `Probably on his back in the Linen Cupboard’ Archie burst out laughing `Well, I would like him here, hang on I won’t be a minute’ I left the room to sniggering and gently knocked on the Linen room door. `Callum, are you in there? `Err, won’t be a minute, just helping Niki and someone else with some sheets’ I couldn’t stop my self-chuckling `Well, when you can, we are in my sitting room’ I re-joined the others, closing the sitting room door behind me `Davy, you are going to have to speak to Nikita…no one’s safe’ That was it, Archie practically collapsed, tears streaming down his cheeks, his uncontrollable laughter soon joined by everyone else’s. The door opened and in came Callum; Niki followed him in, still holding on to his hand. `Sorry, everyone, I was helping Niki here’ More laughing `What? Callum, was sticking to his position, I walked over and took Niki’s hand and turned him back towards the door, he began struggling, really pulling against me as it dawned on him, I was putting him out, he called back over his shoulder `Fort’s, Fort’s’ `Not this time, out you go’ I manoeuvred him back towards the door. `Dad, you’re frightening him’ `Maybe he thinks you want to have sex with him’ Archie, collapsed laughing again `Archie, I don’t think that’s very helpful’ I tightened my grip on Nikita’s arm; that was when he bit my hand `Fuck, ouch, you little…’ `Dad, you have frightened him, just let him stay, it will be easier’ `Drageon, err please, he has to learn’ I was now struggling with a wriggling bundle of arms and legs and a room full of people trying not to laugh. `Shit, he has bitten me again, Davy, can you sort him out please, take him out’ Davy looked amazed at my request for help and turned to Forts and Archie. `Dad, you will lose, just let him go, remember what he did to that German sailor’ The twisting bundle of arms and legs broke free from me and ran for Fort’s, launching himself at him from a few feet away, his little fingers digging into Forts shirt material, now Forts jumped. `Ouch, he has got my chest hair, hey, calm down little fella, you can sit with me’ Nikita looked into Fort’s face and released his fingers from his shirt, now just happy with his arms round him. Archie handed me a Whisky, `You had better dab some on your bites’ Another chuckle `Davy, you are really going to have escort ankara to get a grip of him, we can’t have this’ Davy shrugged his shoulders `He doesn’t listen to me, or you, it would seem’ Was that insolence or an honest observation? So, I had lost, Archie, Davy, Callum, Forts, myself and now Niki too all sat in the room, I made sure everyone had a glass except Niki and toasted their safe return home. It was great catching up, Davy telling us all about the visit to his Mum’s and seeing little Andrew and how proud he had been of Forts, putting his Dad in his place. I stood up and went to my desk. `I have a letter for you Davy, it arrived this morning from your Mum, hang on, its just here’. I handed it to him, he quickly tore it open, I looked to Forts `And you, young man, I hear that wasn’t the only time you put someone in his place, with your new found title…we will speak about it later’ `But Dad’ I looked at Forts and shook my head, that really was a conversation I wanted to have in private. `So, Callum, have you heard from Gethin? He shook his head; our conversation was interrupted by a sob from Davy. Maybe giving him the letter in here was not a good idea, Archie beat me to his side, he knelt down beside him. `Is everything okay? Davy nodded, `I am just being silly, this is the nicest letter my mum has ever written to me, and look little Andrew’s hand print, she wanted to let me know how proud she was of me and what a fantastic young man Forts was’ Davy held up the letter to show us the handprint and then seemed to scan it again `No mention of Dad, she must have sent it without him knowing’ Archie, put his hand on Davy’s shoulder `Do you want some fresh air? `No, I am fine, honestly’ Callum nudged me and nodded his head at Niki, he was in a world of his own, Fort’s now had several of his shirt buttons undone and Niki’s little hands were both buried in to his chest hair, his little legs wrapped round Forts waist. Callum said what I was thinking `He looks just like a little monkey holding on to him like that’ I nodded; I was at a loss what to do with the little guy `Davy, can you come here for a moment’ Davy got off the chair and came over to me, Fort’s eyes never left us, we stood by the window. `Davy, you can see, things are worse with Niki, well I think so. How were the English lessons going before you went to London, do you think you were making any progress? Davy, shook his head `Well, some days we seemed to others not, maybe we need a proper Russian speaker to help. We could be the first school in England to offer Russian’ I nodded `Well maybe it is something we can look into, now there is something else I need to speak to you about, join me for a walk? Davy nodded, we both picked up our jackets. Forts looked over `Is everything okay? `Yes, Davy and I are just going for a walk, I need to chat to him privately as Head Boy’ It was a bit of a delicate matter, Davy and I headed out the room and down out of the Castle. `Shall we head to Daphne’s memorial; I always go there when I have a problem and need to think’ Davy nodded. We walked in silence most of the way, until I felt the urge to speak. `Davy, I am really pleased your visit to your Mum and Dad, went so well, I hope your pleased too? `Oh, I am Athol, is that what you want to talk to me about? `Err no, not really’ `Go on then’ We both sat down in front of the bronze statue, just the sounds of the birds serenading us. `Right; straight to the point, I have the first problem for you to solve as head boy, should be right up your street, now I haven’t asked Forts to come with us, because you may wish to have someone else help you, but I would suggest Forts and McPhee, I will explain why in a minute’ Davy sat and listened closely. `So here goes, a couple of days before you went away, two of the first years had to be taken to the local Doctor, now I am not going to name them, but basically, they both injured themselves; coincidently the same injury caused in different ways’ `Your uncut, aren’t you? Davy nodded, looking a bit confused `Well, so were these two, both of them ended up tearing their Frenulum’s’ As expected, Davy looked at me blankly. `Right, so if you don’t know what I am talking about, they definitely had no idea what they were doing risked injury, the frenulum is the medical term for what I have heard you call a bow string, the taut bit of skin that joins your glans to your shaft skin’ Davy nodded, and shuffled uncomfortably. `They, tore them? I nodded. `One was wanking too vigorously and the other was trying his first time at anal sex, result, due to lack of knowledge both tore there bow strings, blood everywhere and embarrassing trips to the doctor’ Davy looked at me in horror, squirming on the bench. `Ouch’ `So, what do you want me to do Sir? `Well, there are few, as practiced as yourself Davy, I would like you to put together a sex education course for all the boys of the school. Oh, and Archie suggested that you cover penis hygiene and stuff like that too, the rest is really up to you. You know what would have been helpful for you to know, I want you to teach everyone else, no staff will be involved, just you and a couple of chosen volunteers, that’s why I suggested Forts and McPhee, one cut one not and both big enough to be seen from the back of the room’ I chuckled at my joke; Davy looked perplexed. `Do you mean a hands-on course? `Davy that son is entirely up to you, just think about what you wished you had known’ Davy nodded, ankara escort bayan I handed him a book called `Teaching a skill’ `Have a read of this, I haven’t spoken to either Forts or McPhee, I will leave that up to you, Happy? Davy nodded `I think so’ `Good, I can let you have a full day for the lessons, that should be enough, right I must get on, keep me informed of progress’ ** Davy takes over the story I watched Athol, leaving, I couldn’t help thinking I had been handed a hand grenade, he certainly hadn’t hung around, I opened the book. Four words were in bold across the first page under the title “Teaching a Skill”. “Explain” � “Demonstrate” � “Guide” � “Enable”, I had a bit of reading to get on with, oh well no time like the present; page one. I found the book far more interesting, than I first thought I would. I checked my watch, it was getting late, I glanced round, it was getting chillier now too and the light was fading, I headed back to the Castle and the prefect’s common room, where I could continue reading. Luckily the room was empty, I sat down with some paper, making my first heading “what do they need to know”. I began to list, some things; maybe obvious to some, but things that had caused problems, when we had first come to the Castle. Number one especially applied to the youngest students, “Personal Hygiene”, most of the boys, were used to being washed by Mum or Dad at home, here at the Castle they were responsible for themselves, now how to cover this, going back to the four headings, I wrote, “Explain”, why and what to do, “Demonstrate”, I wrote down Forts and McPhee’s names, show them, how to, clean teeth, wash bodies, show in shower and at sink, “Guide”, let them all have ago, the fourth heading, “Enable” would be conducted the next day, well for washing. I looked at the full page of writing and this was just washing; page two, “changes to your body”. I was just starting to list them, when Fort’s came in, I glanced up at him. `Hi Gorgeous, are you still allowed in here? `Watch it cheeky, one day all this will be mine’ Forts leaned across me `What are you up too? `Just something Athol asked me to do, I will show you later, what about you, were is Niki? Forts laughed `I left him with Archie, Athol, dad wants to speak to me, that’s where I am going’ `Okay well good luck’ He bent down and kissed me, reading over my shoulder `Wanking? I covered up the pages with my arms… `Out, go and see your Dad’ Forts turned to leave, he flashed me a Fort’s smile `Wish me luck, I think it is about Colin’ He winked as I blew him a kiss, and he left. ** Fort’s continues the story `Ah Drageon, come in’ `Drageon? am I in trouble? Athol smiled and handed me a drink `Come and sit down “My Lord”‘ `Ah’ Athol looked at me `Yes, Ah’ `Dad, I think I can explain’ Athol stopped me. `Just listen, Forts’ I took a swig of my drink. `I received a call from a Mr Harbinger, does that name ring any bells’ I nodded. `He is the headmaster of the school; little Colin goes to’ `That would be Colin Jones, am I right? I nodded. I could feel my emotions rising, my heart beating faster, I burst out crying `Dad, she is doing it again, that witch’ Athol leapt out of his chair opposite me and got on his knees in front of me. `Hey, hey, calm, calm’ I had began sobbing, snot running from my nose. I began babbling `I had to try and help him; she made my life a living hell’ Athol wrapped his arms round me and hugged me, kissing my cheek `Come on, let it out, you never have before, you can tell me, then we can see what we can do, to help little Colin’ I couldn’t stop my tears or myself sobbing as those awful years came flooding back, injustice after injustice, hurt upon hurt, poured from my mouth, the sheer vindictive cruelness of someone who was supposed to be looking after me, I had never told anyone, now I couldn’t turn it off. Athol, shuffled onto the chair beside me and held me, listening in silence as I described my childhood at that woman’s house. `He even has a toy of mine a little red lead Dragon, my mum gave me that, that woman told me it had been lost, she had it all the time’ I couldn’t stop myself now `My uncle, the last time I saw him told me I had two things from my parents, one the little red Dragon figure; my name sake, and a platinum signet ring, with the constellation Draco picked out on it in diamonds; I don’t remember that at all, my Uncle said I must have lost it, I bet she stole it’ Athol just looked at me `And how could she starve him for breaking a fucking vase, she used to do that to me, I can’t even count how often I came to school hungry’ Athol, didn’t really know what to say, I could see that in his eyes, he was hurting because I was, he hugged me tighter still. `I am going to phone Mr Mishcon in the morning, lets see what we can do’ **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 56 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 56 By JJ [ ail ] LET US ALL SUPPORT NIFTY. THIS SITE HAS GIVEN COUNTLESS HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT TO EVEYONE IT IS THE LEAST WE CAN DO TO KEEP IT ALIVE AND FREE!!!! Chapter 56 It was par for the course I was awake at 4:30am. I was on my right side and Stephen was right behind me with his little arm partially around my waist. I smiled to myself he did like to cuddle. I was glad I didn’t have to piss I didn’t want to disturb him. I willed myself back to sleep. So much for sleeping in I was wide awake near 6am even though it was still dark out. I eased myself away from Stephen and went to piss, brush my teeth, wash up and get dressed. I threw in a load of towels from all our showers plus the sex Zachary and I had. For a fleeting moment I thought about sneaking upstairs to do it again but I didn’t want to push my luck with Stephen. While waiting for my coffee I did an inventory of what I needed for the next two weeks meals. I wasn’t in that bad of shape and made the list for tomorrow. This morning they were going to have waffles and eggs and oatmeal for whoever wanted it. The sun was starting to rise I made the oatmeal and waffles and put them in the oven to stay warm. While I was having my coffee I heard the toilet then the sink and then footsteps coming down the stairs. I got a ‘Morning Papa’ and a hug and he climbed on a stool. I asked if he wanted to eat or wait for Zachary. He said his stomach was growling so he had a small bowl of oatmeal and OJ with me. After eating we went in and watched TV, fortunately for the week no snow was in the forecast and it was not going move out of 30’s so the snow will be around for a while. Schools were already cancelling tomorrow there were a lot places still snowed in and there still wasn’t a lot of traffic on the highway cams. I was leaning towards taking off tomorrow and would leave it up to Zachary I was almost positive it wouldn’t be held against anyone if they didn’t show up tomorrow. Let’s face it to remove 30 to 48 inches of snow can be hard for some of the bigger cities streets. I will give Jim a call later and tell him once I find out what Zachary wants to do. I asked him if he was ready for some waffles and eggs and he was, so I asked him to go see if Zachary was getting up soon. Stephen crept up the stairs, and I heard some friendly banter and Stephen came bopping back down. I asked him what was up and he rolled his eyes and tried to imitate Zachary saying it was Sunday and he was sleeping till 8:30. I looked at the clock and told Stephen to go near the stairs and yell up it was almost 8:30. He got a kick out of that and Zachary mumbled he will be down shortly. They had their waffles with a couple of fried eggs each, and scoffed it down. We took our time and then they both helped me clean up, and as they we’re having some juice, Stephan ran to the bathroom and I followed and Zachary laughed and remarked the two of you are like clockwork. While we were alone Zachary tells me he decided he was going over to the grandparents for Sunday dinner, he hasn’t seen his Dad and he wants to tell him about us. I told him it was his decision whatever he was comfortable with. Zachary got his phone and called Maria and asked her if it was okay if he came over for dinner. I heard her yell at him about asking if it was okay and I laughed I knew that would happen. He told her he hasn’t seen his father and wanted to tell him he was engaged. ankara escort I couldn’t hear what she said but the look on his face told me she said something that he didn’t like. Not long after that he hung up and by that time Stephen was back and he asked him to help him strip the beds, for some reason that makes him laugh (must be the word strip). They threw the sheets down and Zachary went about cleaning the bathrooms. Stephen and I did the floors and Zachary and Stephen wiped everything else down. By the time they were done the sheets were ready to make the beds again. Stephen enjoys sleeping on the Christmas themed sheets. Stephen and I made the beds. Zachary went and got changed to go for dinner. I finally got a chance to ask him what Maria said. Zachary relayed that his grandmother said it was a good idea, but wait to see what kind of mood Dan was in, that she knew her son. I told him that made sense you don’t want to go in like a bull in a china shop. Then to lighten it up I asked “What is the big hurry it is not like either one of us are pregnant.” He choked on the mouthwash and called me a dick. Zachary got dressed and ready to leave and I hugged him and said play it by ear and geez smile. Stephen and I played one of his board games for a while then decided to get dressed and go sledding we took his sled seeing that it was just the two of us he wasn’t going down alone. For a Sunday afternoon there weren’t that many people there. We sledded for a little over an hour then decided to leave to have lunch. On the walk home Stephen said he was glad that Zachary was with his family having lunch that he liked being alone with me. I asked if Zachary was rough with him, he answered no Papa I like him like he is my brother but I like it just you and me sometimes. I told him that made me happy. This kid is going to turn me into mush before he goes home. We got home and he takes responsibilities for the gloves, hats, scarves, and boots. I take care of the jackets and snow suit. The two of us had ham, baked beans and I mashed a few sweet potatoes. Stephen is a great eater and for dessert he just wanted eggnog. We went to watch TV and he wanted to watch The Walton’s again. I found a couple of their Christmas episodes from the television series; he got a kick out of them being older. As we were watching it, it started getting gray out, and Stephen turned the tree on. Meanwhile across the street the four of them sat for dinner. Maria was happy all her family was there. The conversation was light and uncomplicated, the storm, work, and the grandparents told Dan about Stephen visiting and how long he has been here and about the estate case. When the meal was almost finished Dan told the other three he had something to say. Dan said to his son and parents “I am extremely sorry and embarrassed on the way I have treated all of you for the past few months all the disrespect and rudeness please accept my apology.” All three of them said at the same it was forgotten and no need to be brought again. Zachary asked his father if they could talk, with that Maria got up to start cleaning the table and Mario started to get up and help her. Zachary told them they didn’t have to leave. They both answered they were only going to clean up they weren’t leaving. Zachary looked at Dan and started “Dad I’m sure you must be questioning why I never had a girlfriend or for that matter be that interested in them.” Dan answered and said “I never really gave it that much thought, the only thing escort ankara that did bother me was wrestling but that turned out to be quite profitable for you with the prizes you won at your graduation.” Zachary continued “Dad I’m gay and have been gay since I can remember. I would have told you sooner but your reaction to wrestling changed my mind. But now that I’m 18 it is up to you whether you accept it or not. I would like our feelings for each other not to change, but I am well prepared to care less if you deny me. In fact I am engaged I proposed to the person who has always had my whole heart on Christmas Eve.” Dan just sat showing no emotion. The grandparents were beaming with proudness the way he presented it. Zachary then said “Dad I hope you aren’t questioning your parenting, after all I was raised by the same parents as you.” You are smart enough to know that being gay isn’t a choice or has anything to do with ones upbringing.” Dan looked at Zachary and told him “I’m not happy not because you are gay but because of how the world will treat you and I can’t protect or shield you from it. I could never stop loving you, you are my own flesh and blood. Can I ask who the lucky guy is?” Zachary answered “Jared.” Dan was floored “Zachary he is older than me, what is he 30 years older than you?” Zachary answered “Forty.” Dan started “Kid I don’t know about this, did he take advantage of you? How long has this been going on? What does his family think? When did he become gay, he would be the last person I would expect.” Maria was going to step in but Mario stopped her and they both kept working at the sink. Zachary asked “Expect to be what a fag? But you would expect it of me.” Dan said “NO no that didn’t come out the way I wanted. It is just a surprise at his age why now?” Zachary answered “I think maybe I had a lot to do with that. I will answer all your questions just let me get it out without interrupting.” Dan nodded for him to proceed. Zachary told his father about his feelings for Jared from the time they came to live here till when he turned 16 and came out to Jared. Zachary told him he never feared being rejected by Jared as far as being treated like a son, but his fear was that he wasn’t going to love me the way I loved him. He went on to tell his Dad that when Jared admitted there was something there on his part, he told me there would be nothing happening till I reached my 18th birthday. Dan looked at his son skeptically and asked “You mean for two plus years nothing ever happened, you are there every day, Geez you have lived there months on end during quarantine.” Zachary replied “Dad not for anything on my part I wanted him. He pushed me my whole Junior and Senior years to do things with my friends. There was also the agreement if I had changed my mind by the time I turned 18 that would be okay too. We have only been with each other completely for the past seven months. So if anything I seduced him. No one else seems to have a problem with it; in fact Andrea and Chris were not really that surprised. Neither were Noni and Papa. The only people we aren’t saying anything to are the kids, relatives, and work for who knows how long.” At this point Dan looked at his parents and asked them “You two are fine with this?” They turned around and Maria spoke first and told her son that she realized when Jared’s wife got sick how strong the bond was between them. In fact Nancy had told her children and me that Jared would never be alone ankara escort bayan that Zachary would be there for him and that comforted her. Zachary eyes filled up this were the first he heard of this. She looked at both of them and said ‘Mother’s know.’ She asked Dan you never saw the photos of your son sleeping in Jared’s arms after Nancy passed. She also went on to say that she prayed every day as he got older when she saw the love that Zachary had for Jared. Dan asked his mother “You prayed for this?” Maria told her son and grandson “I prayed if it was to be that was fine, but if Jared couldn’t reciprocate the same love that Zachary had for him not to have him be hurt that bad. In fact I had a speech already to comfort my grandson. And yes I am fine with this neither one could have picked a finer partner.” Mario spoke up next and just said “Zachary could not have found a better person. Jared was a great friend before this and I have grown to like and have more respect for him now. He will never do anything intentional to hurt the boy.” The two of them looked at them in amazement. Zachary knew some of this information but this was all new for Dan. Dan looked at his son and said “This is going to take some time for me to get used too. I don’t hate you I could never hate you and I don’t hold anything against Jared. But I need time to process how much of yours and everybody else’s life I have definitely missed and taken for granted.” But I think right now you are too young to get married or become part of a social union and I also know I can’t stop you.” Now if everyone will excuse me I need another nap it has been a tiring past few days. Then he added not this I mean dealing with the storm etc. Maria set the table for coffee and dessert. She poured the coffee for herself and her husband and milk for Zachary. Zachary was the only one who had a piece of cake. When they were seated, Zachary looked at his grandparents and said “It could have been a lot worse.” Maria agreed and Mario thought his son was being stubborn on purpose. Zachary told them it didn’t make a difference he didn’t need his permission to get married. Maria asked him if they thought about when they would like to do it. Zachary realized with everything going on he hadn’t informed them about the work situation regarding their marriage or engagement for that matter. Maria asked because of them being gay and he said the same rules apply even if you were straight. Mario agreed that was true, nepotism is taken serious in a lot of situations. Zachary told them they agreed that they were going to keep it under wraps until Jared can find out the ins and outs of it. He also told them he didn’t know what they were planning to do as far as the relatives went but for the time being keep everything under wraps. Zachary also told them if they didn’t want to announce anything that was fine also he didn’t want to cause them any embarrassment. Maria got up from the table and hugged and told him there was nothing he could do or say to ever embarrass them. Mario said “If I thought that I would have never gone with you to pick out the rings.” Maria asked “What rings?” Zachary explained knowing to keep the secret between the two of them and the talk they had on December 26th. (chapter 44) Zachary got ready to leave and Maria cut a piece of cake for Stephen, he kissed both grandparents goodbye and crossed the street. He was happy he told his father now the ball was in his Dad’s court. JJ Guys sorry for the short chapter. Shout out to all those who have written me saying they are enjoying the story. David, Chuck, Gregg, Keith, Henry, and Marc. Anyone feel free to comment etc. [ ail ] PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY TO KEEP THIS SITE UP AND RUNNING!!!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Group Sex

Subject: The Pale Blue Sky Part 4 Chapter 3 Author’s note: This is part of a 2-volume novel spanning multiple parts and chapters. The characters and story are completely fictional. I am eternally grateful to for providing the platform for this kind of free expression. I encourage you to support them by contributing in whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Your comments and questions are gratefully appreciated. Don’t hesitate to email me: The Pale Blue Sky By Jack Lynch PART 4. CAREY Chapter 3. 15 Years Old. Bjorn. Tormented. Torment one. It was bad enough that Carey was in 10th grade Biology class. Worse, he didn’t have a clue as to what the teacher was talking about. Torment two. Two tables ahead, Lindy kept turning around to look at him. She was obviously hot after his ass. The feeling was far from mutual. Torment three. Agony. His cock ached it was so hard. Bjorn’s knee was pressed against his leg again. It had started a few days ago. Bjorn’s knee had brushed the side of Carey’s leg. Carey looked at Bjorn inquisitively but he didn’t seem to acknowledge the touch. During the same class, he did it again. Curious to see what might happen, Carey lightly brushed his own leg back against Bjorn’s. He ignored Carey. He just looked ahead. He appeared to be concentrating on what the teacher was talking about. Carey had known Bjorn, his table partner for Bio, since they were in 6th grade. They’d never hung out or anything. They barely knew each other. Bjorn had very light blond straight hair, bangs, pale skin, and blue eyes, obviously of Scandinavian background. A head taller than Carey, he was sixth man on the school’s basketball team. In other words, not quite good enough to start, but almost always the first one off the bench. A head taller than Carey put Bjorn at close to six feet. After a large growth spurt, Carey himself was nearing 5’9.” A massive amount of food was needed to fuel that growth. He was at the stage where he couldn’t get enough to eat. Within two hours of dinner every night, Carey either consumed an entire pepperoni and sausage pizza or he would run down to Subway for a footlong. Nothing seemed to stick. He was growing but still rail thin at only 115 pounds. His mother claimed he was storing it all around his ankles. He wasn’t. His ankles were pretty skinny, too. He looked different, too. Finally having enough of the pudding bowl haircut, he struck out on his own one day looking for someone new to cut his hair. Passing by the House of Mr. Bruce, the salon where his mother got her hair done and where he’d been taken since he was a little boy, he traveled all the way across town to a place he’d seen a few times. Marv’s Barber Shop was a real man’s hair salon. Located in an older commercial strip, the shop still had a revolving barber pole on the outside of the building. The first person he encountered when he entered was the only person there. Enrico, or Rico, as everyone apparently called him, greeted him with a big smile. In a thick Hispanic accent he cheerfully called out, “Qué Pasa!” Carey laughed. This was going to be fun! After a short conversation about what he wanted, Rico showed him a couple of pictures in a magazine. “Leave it to me, mi amigo!” Rico said. Skillfully and swiftly, his scissors ankara escort clipped away. Rico’s comb and fingers flew across Carey’s head. Watching his reflection in the mirror, Carey smiled gleefully at the transformation. When he finished, Rico stepped back from the chair and in an inquisitive tone asked, “Señor?” Carey smiled, “How do i say it?” “You say, perfecto!” “That’s it! Perfecto!” Carey loved the way his hair looked. Now parted on the left, it fell neatly over the top of his head. Short bangs covered the top of his forehead. The hair on the sides was cut fairly short around his ears and the back of his neck. His mom was going to hate it. So what, he thought! After the previous encounter in Bio, Carey decided to make the first move. He lightly brushed his knee against the side of Bjorn’s leg. This time he left it there.The heat from the knee to leg touching was intense. Carey got an instant erection. He could hardly concentrate on the teacher’s lecture. There seemed to be no response from Bjorn. Eventually, Carey moved his knee away. He settled down and tried to return his attention to class. Minutes later, Bjorn’s knee touched the side of Carey’s leg. Just like Carey did, he left it there. When class ended, they both got up and gathered their books. Nothing was said between the two of them. Over the next few days the same sequence of knee to leg touching took place, each time longer and more deliberate. Carey could hardly breathe. Bjorn never seemed to acknowledge Carey or what was going on. Either that or he was pretending not to notice. But, how could he not?? Carey fantasized about Bjorn non-stop. When he jerked off at night, he imagined the softness of his inner thighs and the smoothness of his chest. Throwing caution to the wind one day, leg and knee firmly held against each other, Carey lightly placed a hand on the top of Bjorn’s thigh. Bjorn gave a swift intake of breath but kept staring straight ahead. After class, again no words were exchanged. Carey watched Bjorn just walk away and slowly shook his head. Later that day, Carey saw Bjorn in the hallway leaning with his back against his locker. He nodded at Carey and gave a subtle jerk to his head beckoning him over to where he was standing. “Wanna hang out?” he said quietly. Carey was totally flustered. What did he mean? Now? School was still on. So, he just blurted out, “When?” “After school doof!” Bjorn said with a slight chuckle. “Where?” “My place.” “Oh, ok,” Carey said. He was at a total loss for words. He stumbled away almost in a trance, not able to utter another word. The rest of the school day, what was left of it, crawled by. When the final bell rang he sprinted out of the school building and ran home. By the time Carey got there he was sweating, not just from running, but from the anxiety he was feeling. A quick jump in the shower, fresh clothes including his favorite shirt, and after running a comb through his hair, he stopped for a moment to appraise himself in the bathroom mirror. Not bad, he thought, but not great either. It would have to do. Bjorn’s house was just a few blocks away. It seemed farther because it wasn’t a straight shot; more of a zig zag through the neighborhood. But, Carey was there in just a few minutes. When he pressed the doorbell he escort ankara thought of bolting right then and there. Before he could turn away, the door opened. Bjorn stood there, looking down at him. “No one’s here,” he said. Carey looked up at him quizzically. Well, Bjorn was here. Then it dawned on him. Bjorn had an older brother and a younger sister. “Oh, ok,” Carey said. Bjorn leaned forward as he pushed the storm door open to let Carey enter. As he walked by him into the house his nose caught a whiff of him. He smelled pleasantly like laundry detergent. “Would you like a Coke?” Bjorn asked. “Sure,” Carey mumbled. Bjorn grabbed a couple of cans of Coke from the refrigerator in the kitchen and handed one to Carey. “Come on up,” Bjorn said, gesturing to the stairway. Leading the way, they walked up the stairs and around a corner to a bedroom in the back of the house. This was obviously Bjorn’s. “I used to share this room with my brother, but he moved to his own room in the basement last year.” It was a pretty cool room. A slanted ceiling was on one one side; flat on the other. It was sort of like an attic space. Sports pennants were mounted on the slanted section of the ceiling and other posters lined the walls of the room. A window seat stacked with books and papers was on the far end of the room. Bjorn went to it and threw the books and other stuff on the floor. Looking at Carey, he sat down. An awkward moment passed where they just stared at each other. Wordlessly, Carey sat down next to Bjorn. Trying to calm his nerves, he gulped a mouthful of Coke. Naturally, some of it went down the wrong pipe causing Carey to cough and choke for what seemed like an eternity. Bjorn just chuckled. They casually talked about school for a few minutes. As they did, Bjorn gradually let his legs fall open until his knee and thigh were steadily pressed against Carey’s leg. Conversation stopped suddenly. They both stared at their two legs pressed up against each other. “You can put your hand on my leg again,” Bjorn said, pausing for effect. “Like you did in school.” Carey looked at Bjorn as he felt himself blush red. He slowly moved his hand over and put it on top of Bjorn’s leg. Carey could feel the warmth of it against the palm of his own hand. With them both looking down, he slowly wrapped it around the inside of Bjorn’s thigh and held it there. Carey’s eyes met Bjorn’s ice blue eyes. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Tentatively, Bjorn brought his hand up to the top button of his shirt and pushed it open with his finger. Carey’s eyes were riveted on Bjorn’s fingers as they slid down to the next button. Smooth pale skin appeared in the open gap of his shirt. As Carey watched, Bjorn steadily unbuttoned his shirt as his rising and falling bare chest and smooth stomach appeared. Carey put his hands up to the neck of his own shirt and pulled it over his head. Bjorn shrugged his shoulders out of his shirt. Both boys were now shirtless. Bjorn brought one knee up to his chest as he pulled one sock off of his foot followed by the other one. Carey turned slightly toward Bjorn and brought his own knee onto the bench. Half facing him, Carey also pulled his socks off. Bjorn sucked his stomach in slightly as he pulled his belt open and unbuttoned ankara escort bayan his jeans. For a moment, they just stared into each other’s eyes. “`You ok?” Bjorn asked. Carey couldn’t find his voice to reply; he could only nod. Instead, he slid his hand back onto Bjorn’s upper thigh. Unlike the moment at school, this time he brought his hand around to the inner part of Bjorn’s thigh and held it there. Bjorn pulled his zipper down and lifted one hip and then the other to shrug his jeans off of his hips letting them fall down to his ankles. Carey let his eyes fall to the bulge in Bjorn’s white briefs. Carey’s own raging erection was painful. He somewhat shyly unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled them off of each leg. They sat for a moment just looking at each other’s erections through their underwear. Bjorn reached for the waistband of his underpants but Carey stopped him. “Here. Let me.” Bjorn lifted his hips slightly so Carey could slide them down. Bjorn raised one ankle and then the other as Carey could pulled them off. His eyes took in Bjorn’s now naked body. Smooth pale skin, taut stomach, light brown patch of pubic hair, and a pink throbbing cock. Carey inhaled Bjorn’s boy smell, a kind of warm musky aroma. With only one thing to do, Carey yanked his own briefs down and off. He let out a long sigh. As they looked into each other’s eyes, they both began to stroke their cocks. From time to time, one and then the other would glance down to gaze at the other’s cock. Bjorn’s legs opened wider. Carey leaned forward a bit to stare at Bjorn’s cock and the spot underneath between his balls and his butt. After what seemed like either a moment or an eternity, Bjorn clenched his eyes shut, sucked his stomach in, and expelled a rifle shot of cum. Even though Carey loved watching the cum spurt out of Bjorn’s cock, his eyes were on his creamy thighs. Just like in his fantasies, Bjorn’s inner thighs were pearly white. With his legs naked and spread wide, his high inner thighs next to his balls looked like silk. Carey wondered what it would taste like, feel like, smell like, if he leaned over and kissed Bjorn there. Smooth, sweet tasting like honey, mixed with the mild smell of balls, pee, and spunk. He felt an overwhelming desire to bend over and kiss them. Carey felt that momentary numbness in his cock before he too pumped out a stream of cum. As each one of them started breathing more normally they looked at each other for a sign. Was this ok or was it…? A very slight smile came over Carey and, after seeing the same returned from Bjorn, Carey slumped over and laid his head between Bjorn’s neck and shoulder. They stayed that way for quite awhile before Bjorn sort of shrugged Carey off and stood up. He started to head toward the bathroom but he stopped and turned for a moment. He wanted to make sure Carey was looking at his back, butt, and legs. After wiping themselves off, they both sheepishly got dressed and Carey left. They met in the hallway at school the next day. Awkwardly, they talked around different subjects afraid to even broach the subject of the events of the previous day. Days passed during which Bjorn continued to let Carey put his hand on his thigh during Biology class. Later that week, one of the starters on the basketball team got injured during a game. Bjorn was promoted to starting forward. Concentration on basketball was now paramount. After class one day, Bjorn pulled Carey aside. “That’s enough,” he said in a stern, monotone voice. “We’ve got to stop.”

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Big Dick

Subject: Mexico ‘Tweets’ (GaboKing (1) These are semi fictional tales of connections with some of the hottestMexican men I have ever met. All are online meet ups and chats with guys I found On ‘Twitter’. Some are pure fiction and some are based off true events. All these hot men are gay and ooze male sensuality. As some tales are only fiction. I would not assume they would ever hook up with me. But to those I had had the ‘pleasure’. Kisses Papi’s. I hope you enjoy it…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mexico ‘Tweets’ (GaboKing (1) …… I met Gabo on Twitter. The social media site. I had found him by looking at some of the tweets from people I had followed on the site. And he was linked to someone who knew someone. That sort of thing. Twitter in the last year or so had (at least for me) become a place to see hot men and connect with them through social media. No matter the distance. When I first saw this stunning muscular Mexican. I was chatting with this guy Jorge I had met online. He lead me to a Twitter account where we could kind of tweet fun messages to one another. But as I someone was looking at his page, I found myself linking to his friends, and then his friends friends. And before long I was tweeting with other BluTV hot Mexicans down there. Then I saw the ‘GaboKing’. My eyes near popped out of my head when I lay eyes on this gorgeous man from South if the border. “Who the ‘Wow’ are you” I said to the guys image. “My God look at this smoldering Latin “Gotta friend him.” So I sent Gabo a friend request. And since I was friends of someone he chatted with, he okayed my request. Then from there on I started to tweet with this gorgeous man. And he would tweet back. And we seemed to click somehow. Even though we were a country apart. “Thanks” I would say in response to a comment on my post Then when he posted something. It was more than often an image of him or his body. And damn did this guy have a gorgeous body. As stated before, he was a muscular hottie. Arms, legs and chest being shown after a workout or images on the beach “Holy fuck me!” I gasped as I saw one There was Gabo on some Mexican beach, naked, save for the small speedos that were trying to contain his very nice bulge. His chest was muscular and seemed smooth. And he always looked so damned hot. I almost studied every image of the hunk. I wanted him. More than anything. I wanted to lick at his awesome body. Then mmove down to his big bulging crotch and feast Netflix on the cock I knew was a good, big size. The bulges were just a tell of his meaty dick. “I should come down there one day” I had said to him “Should come down and meet you” “Yes you should man” he said back “I can show you the best clubs and beaches” ‘Yes beaches’ I said to myself. I wanted to see him up close and personal in those ever so lucky speedos. So I took some vacation time to go down to Mexico. I hadn’t been there in years and felt it was time to make a trip. I was in contact with the hot online man all they way up to to it. And I let him know that I would be down in a few hours. “Plane gets in a 4:30 PM” I sent him in a text “Will be nice to meet” he sent back I arrived in Mexico and it was hot there. Almost tropical heat wave. I took a taxi to the hotel, checked in and then went up to my room. Iwas on the 6th floor of a lovely hotel only a few blocks from the beach. I opened up the curtain and opened the door to a tiny balcony. It had looked so much bigger online. There was a small chair and a round table next to it. I huffed at the disappointment of the balcony. But i looked out towards the beach. “At least the view is nice” I said I took in a breath and stepped back into my room. Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle I wanted to get something to eat, so I called Gabo. The phone rang a few times before there was an answer. But I got a machine only. I left the hunk a message saying I was going to find a place near my hotel to eat, and I would love it if he joined me. Then I went downstairs and then out into the city. I walked a few blocks and found a decent looking place that was near the beach. “What can I get you senior?” the waiter asked I got a drink and then perused the menu a bit. The waiter himself was kind of cute. But he was bit my target. I wanted Gabo, and I was willing to wait for the gorgeous stud. Then as I atbthere looking at the menu I got a call on my cell. It was him. “Where are you at sexy!” He asked “I am at this place near the beach” I answered back “I will wait to order if you like” He said not to wait. He would be there as soon as he could. Then I gave him the name of the place and he knew of it. ” I will be there in 15 minutes” he then said “Great. See you soon Gabo” I said back I decided to wait a few minutes before ordering anything. Then I called the cute waiter to get him my order. And I ordered a second drink. As I sat there looking out to the beach and the people on it, I started to get hard. Thinking of the hit Gabo in speedos. “Fuck yeah” I huffed aloud as I looked out to the bay……. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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A Wheelie Good Time

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Written in British English, unfortunately I don’t have an editor so apologies for any errors I’ve missed.

Just a naughty little short as I take a break from writing my rugby series. I love cycling.

P.S. Don’t be worried if I’m behind you, on your wheel. I rarely letch at someone else’s arse in real life. Honest.



Adara watched his buttocks moving, the muscles bunching and elongating, intimately revealing every line of his body through the thin black fabric, and prayed she wouldn’t embarrass herself.

The saddle was rubbing against her and she could already feel herself swelling and getting wet, threatening to gush through the padding of the cycling shorts. She consoled herself by realising having a damp-looking crotch at the cafe stop wouldn’t be anything new to the fellow Lycra-clad cyclists; after all, cycling fifty-odd miles in the blazing summer sun meant nobody was particularly fragrant or fresh-looking. And tottering like John Wayne due to the arousal between her legs would just be attributed to normal saddle-fatigue.

Besides, bringing herself off in the loo cubicles may be her only option for relief.

If she had known, when she turned up for the regular Sunday club run, that she, as one of the slower riders, would be paired up with Gareth while the annoyingly-fast youth riders tore off, she would have spent the previous night with her vibrator. Gareth, the dark-haired, dark-eyed ex-rugby player with the body better than most Greek Gods. Gareth with the ponytail, the stubble, the broad shoulders, narrow waist and, hell, what was that expression? Mouth-watering buns of steel. Oh yes.

She was used to being dropped when the whippet-like lads upped the pace from twenty to twenty-five, but there were usually others fancying a more leisurely ride. That morning, at the car park meeting point, she had looked around the gathered cyclists and forlornly realised there wasn’t anyone of her pace there. When Gareth piped up and said he wasn’t up for a hard one, she had to restrain a snigger before her heart leapt in anticipation. When he also suggested cycling the lanes rather than the faster-but-busier main roads, she smiled in happiness. She’d temporarily forgotten that cycling together would mean having to watch his backside for at least fifty percent of the time.

Torture. Sheer, erotic torture.

Oh god, his thighs were wonderfully powerful, tanned with a light dusting of hair. She would love to feel him using that strength to thrust inside her. Taking her from behind, those wide shoulders covering her, dominating her.

She shifted in the saddle, pushing her clit into the leather, rubbing herself against it. So, so close. A tremor ran through her and she moaned, “Oh!”

“You ok?” Gareth glanced round briefly to check on her.

“Fine,” she confirmed throatily. “Just a little…bump in the road.”

He gave no sign of having heard her, and she decided that her aching loins would have to wait.

At least the countryside was pretty, the rolling country lanes bordered by six foot hedges with vast expanses of lush green fields on the other side. Sporadic gateways gave glimpses of the field’s occupants, usually sheep or horses, although many were empty or contained crops.

It wasn’t safe for Adara to spend too much time looking anywhere but at Gareth, but she managed it for a while. Well, a few minutes, until she was transfixed by the rear view of him. So transfixed she nearly missed his next question.

“Fancy winding the pace up for a sprint? Here to the next village sign?”

“Why not?” Anything to distract from his beautiful backside.

As Gareth increased the pace, Adara had to concentrate on keeping on his wheel, keeping that foot-length between his rear and her front to maximise drafting and conserve her energy for an attack. If she stayed within that limit, despite his greater strength, she may be able to surprise him and sprint past. If she was patient enough. Patience was key. Timing was everything. Like when a man thrust his hard cock inside her for the first time. That glorious feeling of fullness just when she wanted it.

Oh fuck! That moment of inattention meant she had dropped several feet off his wheel. She worked harder for a few moments to get back on as they swept around a corner. She could hear him beginning to breathe heavily, like a man who had just come.

As her imagination ran wild again, she almost missed Gareth signalling to pull over and let her take the lead for a while. Adara focussed on maintaining the speed he had set, pulling over a short while later as the burn in her legs set in. They took turns taking the wind, their only communication the twitching of arms and hands as they swapped over.

They flew around another corner and houses began to break up the hedgerows on either side. Once the village sign was in sight, Gareth really slammed the hammer down, and Adara had to hang on for dear life. Yards from the sign, with one final push with energy she didn’t know she beşiktaş escort bayan had, she pulled out and shot past him just at the right time.

“Woohoo!” she yelled joyfully, punching the air with one fist and laughing as she slowed. The adrenalin rush that came with winning swept over her, in a feeling not far off an orgasm.

Gareth came up alongside her, grinned ruefully. “Well done,” he congratulated.

“Thanks,” puffed Adara. “That was such a rush, better than sex!”

“Depends on who you’re doing it with,” corrected Gareth.

“No one at the moment, I’m single.”

“Me too.”

They looked at each other and Adara wished that they both weren’t wearing sunglasses and helmets, so they could see each other’s faces. Was he flirting with her?

She couldn’t think what to say in return and they continued cycling through the village two abreast, singling out for the odd car.

Gareth eventually broke the pregnant silence, “So, how long have you been cycling then?”

“Since last year, an ex got me into it.”

“You’re pretty good. Do you race?”

“Not yet, I’m not brave enough.” Adara grinned ruefully.

“But you plan to?”

“Once I’m fitter, yeah…maybe. I’d need to lose some weight first, most of the girls are size six to ten, I’m verging on twelve.” she looked down at her body wryly.

“Don’t lose any more, you’re perfectly proportioned as it is.”

She allowed herself a little smile, “Not great for racing though. What about you?”

“Had to give up the rugby a couple of years ago, too many injuries. Someone suggested getting a road bike and I’ve never looked back. Lost loads of bulk too.”

“Why the slower pace today?”

Gareth laughed, “Hangover from last night. You still won that sprint fair and square though.”

“You did more work on the front than me though, so we can call it a draw.”

Going slower and chatting, the heat caught up with them and Adara partially unzipped her jersey, cursing that the overriding colours of that and the club shorts were black, black and more black. Nice in winter, didn’t show stains and looked smart, but attracted heat on the hottest of summer days.

Gareth glanced over at her a couple of times, “As much as I appreciate a bit of skin, better do that up once the pace increases.”

Adara blushed and laughed, “Yeah, I’d want the only occupant of my bra today to be me.”

“Had insects down your jersey before?”

“Yeah, I once cycled through a swarm of bees, eventually I had to strip off to get them all out. You should have seen me dancing around by the side of the road just in shorts. Had a few comments from strangers passing by.”

Gareth chuckled and said something about wishing under his breath before clearing his throat, “Were you stung much?”

“A few times down my cleavage and on my…err, breasts.” Adara traced a hand to where the painful lumps had been.

“Ouch!” Gareth yelped as he went through a pothole he’d been too distracted to see. “Err, that must have hurt.”

“What, the stings? Not too bad, they had almost gone by the time I got home and found some antihistamine cream to rub on.”

Once out of the village and recovered from their exertions, they started to pick the pace up again. They had an awkward moment when neither could decide who to go in front.

“Since you beat me in the sprint, it’s your turn to lead,” eventually nominated Gareth.

Adara was quite happy and relieved with that, even cycling alongside, she had been sneaking glances at him, his strong profile and temptingly firm lips. She pulled in front of him, put her head down and began working harder.

A few minutes later, she came out of the saddle for a sharp rise, efficiently pumping the pedals to keep momentum, her hips shifting smoothly. Halfway up, she couldn’t miss the groan from behind, “You ok?”

“Yeah, just a bit of a twinge,” he panted back.

Adara gave a sigh of contentment, now she was leading, she could almost forget her companion. Almost. She was having to work harder out of the draft, but there was no actual wind to speak of. Whenever they slowed, the heat of the day would catch up with them. The sultry smells of a summer in the country surrounded them, along with suntan lotion, sweat and tar from the roads. When in the open, the heat shimmered off the tarmac, creating temporary mirages ahead. Riding under sheltering trees, the sun dappled the ground and disguised possible hazards.

Adara squinted at the road, having particular trouble. She quickly signalled to warn of a particularly large pothole in the road, and cringed as her own tyres only just missed dropping into it.

Gareth wasn’t so lucky. She heard a bang and, “Fuck!” from behind, closely followed by, “Shit! Flat! Ease Up!”

She coasted into a grassy gateway, out of the way of what little traffic there was and removed her helmet, shaking out her long brown hair. She was grateful for the little shade offered by the trees; once stopped, the heat beşiktaş escort really hit.

Gareth followed shortly, walking his wounded mount and frowning. Sure enough, his back tyre sagged to the ground, the rubber flat around the wheel. He lowered the bike onto its side on the soft grass and took off his helmet too, running fingers through his darkened, sweat-laden hair and retying it.

“That was a nasty hole, did you see my signal? It was a bit difficult to see until the last minute,” babbled Adara, she was afraid she had done something wrong. It wasn’t always possible to avoid potholes but it was wise to. You really couldn’t know how deep they were or what they contained.

“Yeah, I was a bit distracted though,” confessed Gareth. “All my fault for choosing the wrong time to…swig some water.” After partially unzipping his jersey, he crouched down to undo the quick-release skewer.

“Need anything?” she asked, trying not to gape at his strong forearms and thinking of the flash of solid, hair-dusted chest he’d just exposed. She breathed deeply, taking in the tempting scent of fresh male sweat and was grateful for the glasses covering her eyes. There was just so much masculinity. His shoulder muscles rippled under the formfitting jersey as he carefully pulled the wheel away from the bike frame.

He glanced up at her and smiled, “Nope, got it all in my second bidon, thanks.” He gestured towards the cage holding a clear bottle containing an inner tube and some tools.

The smile just did it for her, her female parts clenched once again. “I’m just going…for a comfort break,” she squeaked.

Strictly speaking, a comfort break meant the loo, but Adara justified the little white lie to herself. She couldn’t be in comfort until she’d done something to dissipate the heat gathered in her body.

The five bar gate into the field was easy to scale and she headed for a copse of trees, her body burning. Once out of sight, she knelt down in a grassy hollow, dropping her glasses, frantically unzipping her jersey and stripping it off, pulling the straps of her bib shorts down so she could shift the shorts down to her knees. No knickers to remove, her fingers dipped straight in and she moaned with relief from the direct touch.

After a hard squeeze of her boobs through the thick elastic sports bra, she settled with a forearm on the ground, her head resting against it so any noise would be muffled by the grass. Her other hand was busy between her legs, she was so wet she was squelching.

She usually lay on her back to masturbate, this position was less usual for her but she needed to muffle her gasps of pleasure. Already she could feel the coils of pleasure tightening in her belly. She could smell sweat, sunscreen, grass and herself, only missing the scent of a male. Him. Those thighs. That arse. What did he have between those legs? Would it be long? Thick? Veined or smooth?

Her fingers swirled around her swollen nub, her rhythm quickening and sighs increasing. The frustration that had been building up all morning was coming to a peak. She was so, so close but still couldn’t come. She needed something more, something…

Her frustratedgaze fell on the small hand pump in the back pocket of her jersey. Could she? It was smooth enough, long enough, and maybe just about wide enough to feel.

Sod it, she needed something cock-like inside her. She grabbed the slim aluminium tube, shook it loose from the pocket and touched it to her. It was warm, heated by the close proximity to her body and the sun. She moved it around her swollen lips, stretching the tension out before brutally thrusting it inside her.

“Ahhh,” a sigh escaped her. She thrust again, and again, moaning constantly, forgetting to keep quiet. In and out, a quick twist, squeezing it tightly with her inner muscles.

Just as her body wound up to coming, she heard something close to her, felt footsteps.

She lifted her head. Gareth was stood frozen a couple of metres away.

“I…I called but you didn’t answer…you’ve been some time…I heard noises, I thought…” The sunglasses ensured his gaze was inscrutable but he didn’t look away. “I forgot my pump. Can I borrow yours?”

She groaned with embarrassment, her head falling back onto her arm. Her body was screaming for more attention, she was just so near to coming. “Oh fuck,” she muttered.”

The pump took this inauspicious moment to slide out of her and drop to the ground. Her embarrassment was total, but that sudden empty feeling was nearly as bad. A shiver ran through her. She had been so close.

She had to take her hand from between her legs to pick up the pump. Her fingers slipped on the juice-covered, narrow tube, and she looked down at it, wondering how she could give it to him. Should she be covering herself up instead? Forgetting the pump for the moment, she began tugging awkwardly at the bib shorts caught around her calves, her backside wiggling.

Gareth’s breathing becoming louder and she risked a brief glance up. All she saw was a massive bulge between his legs. He was aroused, and big at that.

“Oh my fucking god,” she shuddered, her body clenching around thin air, wanting that flesh and blood tool inside her.

“Adara, look up.” She lifted her head further as he shucked off his glasses and met his hot eyes as. “I can help you with that,” Gareth nodded towards her and started removing his jersey. “If you want, of course.”

The rasp of the zip seemed as loud as her breathing, she frantically nodded back at him and he pulled down his bib shorts. He was fully aroused, his hard cock sticking straight out. He knelt in front of her prostrate form, undoing her bra fastening and stripping the thick black fabric off.

“Let’s have a look at you.”He coaxed her into a kneeling position facing him. “Shit, you’re hot.” He fondled himself and groaned. Hesitatingly, almost as if he was waiting for her to object, he cupped her breasts and pinched the nipples.

Her eyes temporarily lost focus with the pleasure, “Need cock,” she muttered. “Gimme.”

He was hard, so hard, with pre-come already welling up on his damp skin. Her hands were small on him, he would stretch her a fair bit more than the pump had.

She groaned suddenly, “No way you have a condom?”

“Bidon, here.” He fumbled with the tool bottle, bringing out a square of foil. “The wrappers make good tyre wall reinforce…fuck,” he swore as she roughly stripped off her bib shorts and attacked him, her legs straddling his and rubbing her wetness on him.

“I won’t be able to last long,” gasped Adara as her hips undulated, her hands moving up and down his back, barely giving him a chance to pull open the packet and smooth the rubber over him.

“Doesn’t the man usually say that?” panted Gareth as he sat back on his heels, his arms full of mostly-naked writhing female. He took control of her hips, lifting up and rubbing her against him but not inside.

Without realising, Adara began pleading with him, he lifted her up slowly and at a frustratingly cautious pace, he began slipping inside

The real thing was soooooooo much better than the inanimate pump, thought Adara, “Oh yesssssss!” she hissed.

She tightened around him as he slowly stretched her until he was completely seated within her. He wasn’t small at all, his cock was a good, thick size, and she hadn’t had anything in her for a long time. She tried to catch her breath, the erotic shudders making her arch her back and rubbing her breasts against his solid, sweat-dampened chest. Her eyes glazed over, instinct taking precedence. Her hands moved to squeeze her breasts roughly, to pull the nipples, and her hips thrust at him as hard as she could.

Somehow, he lay back, letting her ride him, it was even better for her. Her hands darted from her lips to her breasts, running down her body to the thrumming, swollen, slippery heat between her legs. She was so close, she didn’t have enough hands, she growled in frustration.

He heard her appeal, his hands moving to cover her swollen breasts, copying her actions and squeezing them harshly, tugging on the engorged nipples, bringing her upper body closer to his.

The change in angle as he pressed against her clit spurred the tsunami of sensation to break within her. She shrieked as a glorious crescendo was reached, the combination of the pleasure and pain of his hands on her breasts and the delicious pressure and hardness between her squeezing thighs. The pleasure was nearly unbearable, waves of heat rebounding through her.

The world spun as he turned her over, stretching one leg up to hammer inside her, his head thrown back and teeth gritted. As the ripples of shock quaked her, the thrusting increased the satisfaction, until it felt like she was going to come again. Her hands smoothed down his back, her nails dug into his firm buttocks and her hips circled his.

His hips jolted harder and she squeezed him as tight as he good. He yelped as he began to spurt inside her, his groans unstoppable. His upper body fell on her as tremors of bliss continued to run through them both.

It was quiet while they caught their breath. Gareth reflexively kept pushing inside her as he shrunk a little, they both enjoyed the aftershocks.

Eventually, he slipped out of her and she could feel the condom loosening, “We, we’d better…the condom.”

He took the hint, collapsing to one side, taking it off and tying a knot. She missed his weight, the fullness inside her straightaway. Her hands ran up and down her sides, to the swamp between her legs and she rubbed her tender, swollen knot as she kicked her legs out.

“Any more of that and I’ll be ready to go again,” he commented, bemused at her actions.

Adara barked with laughter, “I wouldn’t say no, I feel great.”

“Me too.”

She turned her head to meet his smiling, hot eyes, “Good.”

Minutes passed as their heartbeats slowed and perspiration dried. The wind picked up slightly, the cooler breeze leading to Adara eventually stirring. She sat up, looked around for her jersey and pulled some tissues out of a pocket. “Here,” she chucked a couple over to him as she tried to dry herself off.

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A Warm Summer’s Eve

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One warm summer night, we are out walking, talking, holding hands. We just had dinner and some wine and we are just interested in wandering around. You have on a long, sun dress. And as you were feeling a bit wild that day, you wore one that should have required a slip but you didn’t. The light in the restaurant was subdued so no one noticed. But, I did. I was sitting next to you and I was touching your leg, like I always do, when we are out. I felt the warmth of your skin through the thin material. And as I looked into your eyes, you gave me that little wink and raised eyebrow.

As we were leaving, I was holding your arm and you decided to tease me by drawing it across your chest. It was very subtle and demure and also very exciting as I could feel the fullness of your breast as my hand was squeezed against it by your movements. We leave the restaurant and as we are going down in the elevator, with a group of other people, you press your back to my front and do a little shimmy. You know that drives me wild. These small moments that no-one else knows.

While walking on the street, you stop to look at something and, then as you turn around I notice that the sun is behind you. I can see your long legs through the dress and I can see the outline of your panties and bra in silhouette. You have a wonderful smile on your face when I finally work my eyes up that far. The look on your face as I let out a slow whistle is almost wanton. You know that you are going to have your way with me tonight and there is nothing that I can kurtköy escort do to stop it. Not that I would ever want to.

As I am standing in stunned silence at your brazen actions, you slowly walk up to me and take my hand and bring it to your lips. You kiss each finger, once by one. All the while you are staring deep into my eyes and slowly unbuttoning the top few buttons of your dress. Breaking your gaze, I notice that there is a sheltered spot half way up the block with a tall brick wall surrounding the courtyard. I grab your hand and we walk, in a leisurely pace to the opening to the courtyard and we take a glance in. It is empty, except for a bench in the corner which you guide me towards.

As I turn around I realize that you had taken the initiative and unbuttoned the rest of your dress and I can see that you are wearing the ensemble I had gotten for you on my last trip. A pale blue bra and panty made out of whisper soft silk. From the back, no one would know that you are almost naked, the view is just for me.

You push gently on my chest and I fall back onto the bench. You come forward and reach out and grab my head and pull it to you. I take the hint and start to kiss your stomach. Slowly and with delicate care I taste your navel. And your rib cage. Kissing my way up to your wondrous breasts. I stick out my tongue, mimicking your nipple. And lightly touch tip to tip. You shiver deliciously as you run your fingers through my hair. Guiding me from spot to spot, I nip, kiss, touch, tuzla escort taste and you sigh contentedly.

Unable to resist anymore, I slip my hands between your dress and your body, pulling you closer. My hands are running lightly up and down your back. Softly, almost floatingly, my fingertips trace the way from your shoulders, to the V at the small of your back. You arch your back, giving me more surface area to touch and also forcing your breast into my mouth for me to suck harder.

Now I am lightly tracing my fingertips over your back, down over your bottom and to your legs. I can feel the goose bumps that I generate with the light touch. It feels wonderful to know that I can cause such sensation in your skin.

I want more contact with your skin now so I start to massage your legs and work my way up to your lovely behind. I work the muscles in your bottom, and you move closer and climb up so you are kneeling on the bench. Your panties are now next to my face and I can smell your scent. It is intoxicating. I breathe in deeply and wantonly.

As your legs are spread, my tongue darts out to trace the pattern on your silk panties. You are so wet that I can’t resist a little taste so I lean a bit forward to kiss you. You moan as my mouth touches you and I feel the heat that I helped to cause.

I start to nibble and as I want to get a better taste, I pull your panties to the side. I slip my tongue between your lips and your muscles pull my tongue in deeper. I am almost growling as tuzla escort the scent and taste are making me hungry for you. I move my tongue in and out and then slide up to that certain part that I know will drive you nuts. I tickle that little nub with the tip of my tongue and you jump a bit and then push against my face harder.

The pressure is building in side of you as I now reach one hand up to your breasts while keeping the other to help hold your bottom close to me. Your nipples are so tight and crinkly that I can’t resist tweaking them a bit more. The combination of my one hand one your breasts, the other on your bottom and my mouth are pushing you closer and closer to the edge.

You start to move your bottom back and forth, almost like you are riding my tongue. It is getting harder and harder to keep my mouth on you. But, I know that it will be worth it for you so I try my best. Your hands are still in my hair and you pull me closer to help me get you to the brink.

Just when you almost can’t stand it any longer it finally happens. Seemingly starting at your toes and the top of your head the feeling works its way up your legs and down your back to your wet, hot center. There the sensations collide and you erupt in a wonderful explosion of feelings. You shudder and collapse inward so I have to hold you tight to keep you safe. I am softly telling you that it is ok and that you are safe and secure and to let yourself go in the feeling of the moment.

After what seems like eons to you, but is only a few minutes to us mere mortals you start to recover. And as I look up, I see that your eyes are now glowing. You climb down from the bench and taking my face in your hands you kiss me deeply and passionately. Thanking me the best way possible for my helping you to feel that good.

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A Trick and a Treat

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“Man I look hot!” I thought, looking into the mirror, staring at the near replica of Elvira. I had the long black wig, the tight, long, black dress with the low V-cut front, and my high heeled black shoes. My best friend was doing my make up, as we discussed how to trick my husband Pierre tonight. We have this on-going “contest” to see who can beat the other at the best Halloween trick. I have won the last 2 and was going for a third. I’m not too quick at being fooled, Pierre knows this, therefore I get him every time.

“Why don’t you talk to his boss, and have him temporarily ‘fired’?”

“Hmm, that may be something I can go on… but he would know something was up being Halloween and all. I’ll think of something before the night is gone. I gotta hurry though, Pierre is already there helping out.”

Pierre’s boss has a yearly Halloween party for all employee’s and their spouses at the job. No kids are allowed, so therefore they can get pretty wild. Last year, they had a contest with all the women bobbing for apples… topless! It was a hoot seeing all the women, drunk and half naked bobbing for apples as the men cheered them on. I won that contest… only because I decided to take it all off, and the judges were all men. Go figure.

“Ok” She said. “What do you think?”

I turned to look in the mirror. I looked really good, and knew it would be a hit.

“It looks awesome! You did a great job!” I thanked her and left off for the party.

Most everyone was there by the time I got there. There is only about 8 guys that work there and a female receptionist. I saw Pierre’s friend Brad, and went to ask him where Pierre was.

“Wow! You look great!” That sure is a hot dress you got on there!”

“Stop looking at my tits Brad, and tell me where Pierre is” I said laughing on behalf of his embarrassment.

“Uh, he is in with Kevin getting the keg ready.” He said quickly looking away.

I found Pierre and a few of the others sitting around a table drinking beer and talking about the contest they were putting on for the women.

“Hey Babe” I said.

All eyes went to me, and half of their mouths dropped open. I had to laugh. I guess the “wonder bra” was doing what it needed to, and I felt tuzla escort like the porn star Houston in that dress. My tits were just almost overflowing.

“Well hey there!” He said getting up from his seat. “You look great!”

“Thanks, where’s the rest of your costume?”

Pierre was wearing a black cape and black boots. He held up his mask and said it was too hot to wear it, but he would put it on after he got a few beers down him. I joined they guys for a few and we all decided to go out and liven up the party a bit. Everyone was in the lounge dancing and drinking when we got in there. The lights were out, and only a strobe light flashing. I knew we were in for a long fun night, and I had a lot of thinking and planning for my trick on Pierre. I figured I would party a little and drink a lot before I made any major plans. ‘I have the whole night’, I thought.

About an hour later, as Pierre and I were dancing, he whispered in my ear for me to meet him in his office.

“That dress is making me horny, and I wanna fuck you in it!” He started kissing and licking on my neck, and I felt myself getting hotter with every touch. I finally gave in.

“You go ahead and I’ll meet you in there in a few. I don’t want us to look too suspicious. I’ll grab us a couple drinks on the way.”

“Alright, but hurry.” I said. “Don’t be too long!”

With that he kissed me, and I made my way through the crowd and down the hall to his office. I opened the door and it was all dark but the light coming from outside the window. I decided not to turn on the lights, so no one would be curious. I sat down at his desk, and scribbled him a little note for him to see on Monday. About ten minutes passed with no sign of Pierre, and I was getting a little spooked myself, so I thought I would go back out and see what was keeping him. Just as I opened the door, there he was, causing me to let out a scream. He quickly put his hand over my mouth and looked down the hall.

“Dammit Pierre! You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t think you were coming, so I was gonna come check on you.”

He closed the door quietly and led me back to his desk without a word. He motioned for me to sit up on his desk while he pulled tuzla rus escort the curtains tight, leaving a little light in the office. I pulled my dress up as I leaned back on his desk, exposing my pantyless crotch. He stood there looking at me, not saying a word.

“Well, arnt you even gonna take off that mask?” I asked with a laugh.

He moved his hands slowly up my legs, up my dress, and over my breasts until he reached my face, caressing it gently. His fingers made way to my eyelids and closed them softly, while letting one brush over my lips.

“Oh, ok” I whispered. “I’ll be quiet.”

He began rubbing my breasts over my dress, breathing heavily. I took his hand and led it to my pussy. “Start with this.” I whispered. He ran his fingers down my pussy lips and back up through the middle, teasing my clit on each run. I felt his hot breath come close and I pushed my hips forward to feel his tongue meet my pussy lips. I couldn’t help the almost loud moan that escaped my lips. He started to lick me softly, running his fingers at the same time up and down my lips, until he slipped two of them inside. He sucked my clit into his mouth flicking the end of it with his tongue, forcing me to let out small moans. His fingers twisted and turned in and out of my pussy hole, while playing with my clit, causing my body to go into great orgasmic pleasures. I felt myself cumming all over his face, as he just licked and took every bit from me.

I laid there for a bit, coming back to my senses, smiling to myself in the dark. He found my hands and pulled me up, and I sat there waiting for his next move. I felt him pull me to a standing position, and turn me around facing the desk. He kissed my neck, while pulling up my dress, and rubbing my still wet pussy from behind. I leaned down and rested my elbows on the desk, expecting him to enter me from behind, but instead I was surprised with him going to his knees, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my asshole. I was so turned on by this, at this point I didn’t care who heard my moans. He was being so kinky and erotic, and I was enjoying the moment! His tongue was soon replaced with a finger in my ass, pushing it in and out slowly. He came to his feet, tuzla sarışın escort and put his cock to my pussy lips.

“Oh yes Baby… put it in… I wanna feel you…” I said.

His hard cock slid in easily with my wetness, and he began to thrust in and out with the same rhythm of his finger in my ass. The office was filled with the sounds of my moans and his breathing. I guess it was the alcohol talking by that time, because I heard myself tell him that I want him to fuck me in the ass. What man to refuse that? His cock slipped slowly out of my pussy and up to my asshole. His fingers came to my pussy, diving them deep inside and then to my asshole, getting it nice and wet. His cock slid up and down my ass, throwing me into a frenzy, causing me to take his cock and guide it to my wet asshole, where he took over and pushed it in a little. I was so hot and horny by this time I just pushed myself back and felt him go deep inside me. He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass with such ease. I brought my fingers to my pussy and began fingering myself at the same time.

“Yes! That is so good! MMMMMM… you’re gonna make me cum Baby!! Fuck my ass hard!” I moaned. “I want you to fill my ass up with your hot cum… ohhhh, fuck my ass goooood!!”

With that, I felt his last hard thrust, pushing me hard to the desk as I felt him explode in my ass. I kept fingering my pussy, and soon brought myself to yet another orgasm. He pulled his cock out and I felt his cum drip down my ass. It felt so good and nawty. Just then the door opened, the lights turned on, and there stood my husband with a shocked look on his face. Both glasses slipped out of his hands to the floor. I quickly turned around to see his boss standing behind me with a big smile on his face.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “What the fuck is going on!!”

I stood up and pushed my dress down as fast as I could and I ran to Pierre.

“I was waiting in here… I thought it was you and…”

“You what? Decide to fuck my boss? What the fuck were you thinking? That’s it, it’s over!”

He turned to walk out of the office.

“Pierre!” I screamed.

He stopped and slowly turned around…


Needless to say I was pissed off the remainder of the night. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I couldn’t believe he actually got me on a Halloween prank! But after all, isn’t the saying “Trick or Treat” right? You get a trick OR a treat. Well I got a trick AND a treat. Pierre got a treat too… the boss gave him a raise. 🙂

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A Naughty Nanny’s ‘Special’ Service

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My wife Denise and I seemed to be the typical couple in their thirties with great jobs, our own home in an upscale neighborhood, healthy twin daughters, and – at least on outward appearances – a solid marriage, but every couple has its secrets.

While I still loved her, Denise wasn’t exactly giving me what I needed sexually often as she once did. Very few positions (except anal) turned her off when we dated for over five years; back then, she was ready to fuck any time and anywhere.

Our sex life continued to be hot after we married, at least until Denise became pregnant when she was twenty-five and I twenty-seven. We’d only been married a little over two years at the time and didn’t plan to have kids. However, the first time I laid eyes on my two baby girls, I vowed to be the best father possible to them.

Denise is a excellent mother, but after giving birth to Jade and Joni, sex became rare. She had the usual excuses; a long day at work, activities with the girls, a headache, her period. I pretty much heard them all. It got to the point I considered myself lucky to get laid twice a week, with the exception of about a week before her period was due. I looked forward to those times; Denise would be incredibly horny and we’d fuck each other’s brains out just like the old days.

Between sparse conjugal pleasures with my wife, masturbation was the only other option I had to get any relief. Even though Denise had a couple of hot girlfriends I wouldn’t have minded getting into bed under different circumstances, Talia and Caitlyn never more than played major roles in my jerking off fantasies. I never considered screwing around despite having a high sex drive. Not only was I still very much in love with my wife, but also more than well aware how easily one could contract nasty diseases with multiple partners. No thanks!

I usually crept downstairs many nights long after Denise and the girls were asleep. Totally naked on the couch, I’d stroke my hard shaft to either my favorite porn or fantasies of Talia and Caitlyn. Coming was always a messy moment, so I always made sure to spread a towel beneath me and had plenty of tissues nearby. Once I’d gotten off and caught my breath, I was able to get a good night’s sleep.

When the girls turned six, Denise was promoted to a full-time position at her job and my business became more brisk, so we needed extra help. Several women of various ages applied for the live-in nanny position we advertised. We spent the next several weeks interviewing, checking references, and doing background checks until both of us considered Summer perfect for the position. Summer added that she offered special services, but didn’t elaborate what they were. Both Denise and I assumed we’d know soon enough.

My wife agreeing to hire such an attractive woman came as a shock to me. Summer was twenty-two with long blonde hair, distinctive blue eyes, round yet tight ass, and perfect 36D breasts. It didn’t help that she wore skimpy outfits, barely leaving anything to the imagination. Keeping my eyes off her was a difficult task, and Summer soon replaced Taryn and Caitlyn in my stroke fantasies.

Whether or not ataşehir escort Denise and I had sex, making a beeline to the den after everyone was asleep became a nightly ritual. Though porn played in the background, I often imagined my hard cock thrusting between Summer’s tits or her sucking me with her sensuous mouth before we fucked each other to mind-blowing orgasms.

Fantasies about our nanny became more intense after I came home one day for lunch. Denise was still at work and the girls in school, so Summer and I were alone in the house.

Or so I thought.

I heard moans coming from her bedroom, and went to check and see if she was okay. The door was ajar, and I soon caught sight of Summer and her boyfriend fucking doggy style.

“Fuck yesss,” she hissed. “Give me that hard cock. I want to feel all of it in me.”

Her boyfriend ground deeper into her, both clearly enjoying the intense, raw sex. He tangled his fingers in her hair while continuing to pump in and out of her.

“Faster!” Summer grunted. “Faster, you bastard; you know you want it!”

Kevin picked up his pace, pounding into her furiously. “Do you like getting fucked like this, baby? You like taking me from behind?”

“Yes! Ride me harder. Give it all to me!” she breathed heavily.

“Summer…God, your pussy feels so good…”

He pulled almost all the way out before slamming into her with as much force as he could gather. His hips bucked sharply as he breathed hard and bellowed he was going to come.

Both cried out as their climaxes melted into one. He soon sagged against her, both drained of energy, their breaths ragged.

“God damn, baby,” Kevin chuckled when he pulled out of Summer’s pussy. “That was hot!”

“Why thank you.” she giggled and slapped his ass.

“Need to leave after I get rid of this rubber,” he said before going into her private bathroom.

She began putting on her clothes. “Good idea; Josh should be home for lunch soon.”

Aroused from what I saw, I ducked into the master bathroom and replayed the scene I’d just witnessed in my head, replacing Kevin with myself as the one who plowed Summer from behind. I quickly grabbed a dirty towel from the hamper moments before shooting a copious amount of semen into it, the hardest I’d come to date.

I sat back on the toilet and composed myself, remaining hidden in the bathroom for several more minutes before I heard Kevin’s car pull out of the driveway.

“Josh!” Summer gasped after she came inside. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Sorry,” I replied, not letting on what I’d seen moments before. “Had to make a quick trip to the john. Guess I drank too much coffee at work.”

“Your lunch is in the microwave.”

“Thanks. Whose car was outside?”

“Kevin stopped by for a few minutes. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not; just don’t let Denise find out.”

“Right, she doesn’t want me having company while you guys are at work.”

“No big deal. You’re here alone all day, a visitor now and then won’t hurt. I’ll talk to her if there are any problems.”

I then smiled and pulled out ataşehir escort bayan my checkbook. “I also remembered today is your pay day, young lady.”

Summer took the check from my hand and glanced at it. “You are too generous.”

“Any problems with the girls?” I asked.

“Very few. I think this is one of the best jobs I’ve had.”

She took my empty dishes and put them in the sink. “I’ll go to the bank soon as I finish these and vacuum.”

“I’m hanging out a little longer if you want a ride,” I offered.

“Oh thanks, Josh! I won’t be long.”

“Take your time.”

It wasn’t easy for me to concentrate on some paperwork while Summer completed her chores. I caught a quick glimpse of her ass as she stood at the sink with her back to me and then sneaked a peek of her magnificent cleavage out of the corner of my eye when she bent to take something from a lower cabinet. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time for a second round of jerking off before going back to work, I quickly turned back to the stack of papers I needed to sign.

I finished the last form just as Summer was ready to leave. We chatted on the way to the bank before I dropped her off in front and said I’d try to be back home around six-thirty. She promised to be home to meet the girls after school and start dinner before Denise returned from work.

I sat for a few more minutes and watched her walk inside the bank. God, she was sexy!

I felt my cock twitch, which jolted me back to reality. I started the car and headed back to my business, hoping to concentrate on the work that awaited me.


Visions of Summer fucking her boyfriend never left the back of my mind well into the evening. By the time everyone had gone to bed that night, I was hornier than I’d been in a long time.

I spooned against Denise and pressed my erection into the crack of her ass. I kissed her neck as one hand fondled her right breast and the other slipped into her pajama pants.

“I want you so much, baby,” I growled in her ear.

“Josh…please…not tonight,” she moaned in protest and pulled away. “I was swamped at work and then had a conference with the girls’ teacher. I’m tired.”

“You know, it would be nice to have sex with my wife once in a while, or do we need to schedule that too?”

“It’s been a long day and I just want to go to sleep.”

I flopped on my back and sighed in disgust. “This is bullshit.”

“I’m sorry, honey. Maybe we can have a little fun this weekend when the girls are at my parents’ house and Summer goes away with her friends.”

It was going to be yet another night spent with my hand. “Sure, baby, whatever you say.”

I lay wide awake for a long time, eventually hearing Denise’s steady, deep breathing of slumber. I then slowly crawled out of bed, walked downstairs to the den, and popped in a favorite DVD, keeping the volume low enough as to not cause a disturbance.

It didn’t take long for me to stroke my cock with a steady pace while watching a busty blonde perform deep throat on a guy in his forties on the screen. I threw back my head and closed my eyes, imagining myself in the man’s place as I pumped my cock harder.

I didn’t realize someone else was in the room until I felt something wet sliding up and down my shaft. I emitted a low, guttural groan, thinking Denise changed her mind about fucking and found me downstairs.

When I opened my eyes and looked down, I suddenly noticed it wasn’t my wife’s mouth pleasuring me.

“What are you…” I began.

Summer looked up at me and grinned. “Looked like you needed a little help.”

Her tongue resumed dancing over my cock before she suctioned it deep into her mouth. To my surprise, she was able to take my entire length without gagging – something Denise was never able to do – and I loved it. I could feel her throat muscles contracting and relaxing around the head as her talented mouth lavished attention on my erection.

After several minutes of giving me what may have been the best blow job of my life, Summer suddenly slid her mouth off my cock, stood, and straddled my lap.

“Fuck me now,” she said in a low, lustful whisper. “Fuck me, Josh. I want to fuck you.”

I pulled her breasts to my waiting mouth, demandingly sucking each erect nipple. Summer’s fingers tangled in my hair and she pressed my head closer to her, slightly shifted, and spread her legs wider. She kissed me hard, our tongues probing each other’s mouths as my shaft slid deeper into her wet opening. Summer rode me with wild abandon, her face contorted with sheer pleasure. The sight of her enormous breasts bouncing in time while she impaled herself on me was one of the hottest I’d viewed in a long time.

“Does Denise ever fuck you like this?” she asked lustily.

“I’m lucky if I get any pussy from her on the weekends.”

“No wonder you’re so horny. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day I started working here. You wanted me too, didn’t you?”

“Oh…hell…yes…” I managed to get out.

“I’ll give you all the sex you want, Josh. I’ll always be ready for you.”

“Whatever it takes to get me off, baby. You look so hot riding me.”

“God, I’m coming!” she whimpered. “Harder, Josh! Fuck me harder!”

I reveled in the sensations of Summer’s body quivering in orgasm. She continued to eagerly give herself to me and bit into my skin, careful not to let her sounds of ecstasy filter through the house. I groaned and dug my fingers into her ass, my upward thrusts meeting her downward strokes.

“I love bareback so much,” she moaned. “Kevin won’t fuck me without a condom. You like the feeling of me sliding up and down your big cock? Am I as good as your wife?”

“Much better, baby,” I gasped. “Best pussy I’ve had in ages.”

“You’re everything I’ve fantasized and more. Give it to me harder and faster, Josh. Make me come again!”

She grabbed hold of the one of the couch arms, leaned back, bit her lip and impaled herself on me with quick, hard strokes.

Her latest climax sent me over the edge. “Oh, Summer, I’m going to…”

She quickly jumped off my lap, knelt on the floor, and finished me off with her mouth. I exploded down her throat within seconds and she swallowed my entire load with enthusiasm.

Summer smiled up at me and licked her lips when she finished. “Now you know what ‘special’ services I offer, but only you will get them.”

I went upstairs not long after and slept through the entire night.

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