Business As Usual Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

“What’s in a Name?”

When the noise settled, Veranon and Elwin faced their excited partiers with broad smiles and Veranon waved to someone who was leaning against the wall in the back of the room. “Master DasVivienne! Come forth, mon amor! This was partly your idea, after all.”

Everyone turned their heads to watch the tall, elegant elf with his streaming, shimmering cloud of lovely pale hair following in his wake. It was longer than his knees and caught up in several fancy braids, some twisted with glittering crystals. He wore a robe of deep purple and velvet trews in a gold embroidered burgundy that was almost black. There were gasps from among Veranon’s associates as they breathed in the sight of the stunning man who walked between them to reach Veranon and Elwin.

Smiling, he leaned over Veranon’s hand and kissed it lightly before planting a longer one on the other elf’s lips. He gave Elwin a long kiss as well and smiled as the pair encircled him in a hug. They parted enough that the crowd could view the three elves standing before them, beaming with pride. “Belvin is our newest addition to our growing enterprise, a gem broker of highly impressive skill. Some of you have met him, others have not, but all the same, he’s a good one to consult for any questions about gemcraft that you may have. Additionally, he has a keen eye for business-“

“-don’t let his exotic looks fool you!” Elwin added with a chuckle. “He’s no neophyte! Belvin here had both Veranon and I swindled into becoming his business partners before we knew what hit us!”

“Belvin, tell them what we are up to.” Veranon said with grin as he and Elwin backed away, slowly.

The tall elf looked out over the impressive group of carefully chosen guests. He knew that Veranon and Elwin had spent more than a month combing over lists of people in an attempt to invite only the most reliable business associates, friends and trustworthy contacts they had while keeping the number safely below a hundred. Some of these men were Vendalis’ own investors, people who had supported him even when he was still a neophyte in the world of gem brokering. Still, most of these faces were new to him and his pale cheeks flushed with color.

“Ah… Ahem. Greetings… Um…” Vendalis began nervously.

“Pretend they are all fucking each other,” Veranon offered helpfully. “They will be doing that eventually anyway so just envision it now and you’ll be able to ignore the fact that they expect you to say something. Go on.”

“Right. So, I’ve never spoken to such an impressive group of people! Thank you all for coming. Veranon is letting me give the latest announcement for some crazy reason… Very well, it was my idea, partially. You see, we went to a local brothel, Pierre’s on the Water, I think. I remarked how nice it was, how serene yet how… boring. ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place that was more than a place to pay for sex with attractive courtesans? With a restaurant and a fancy hotel and rooms for various fetishes? A house of pleasures and fantasies made real?’ I asked.

“That got Veranon and Elwin thinking and something sparked Veranon’s memory, a time when he witnessed his brother and his brother’s lover attacking one another for sexual dominance. He said, ‘With naked men wrestling in oil for prizes- and mounting privileges!’ Elwin looked at us both and mused that it had been some time since he invested in something interesting. So he said, ‘We could do it ourselves…!’ After a great deal of planning, searching for the site and figuring out what we planned to do and how we would go about it, we decided to open our own brothel, the three of us! A place where your fanta-” Vendalis continued to talk but seventy-five voices began to cheer and talk all at once.

“Give it up, love. They’re too excited at the moment, I think…” Veranon said, laying a hand on Vendalis’ arm.

Elwin quietly approached a box marked “Names” and withdrew three pieces of paper. He cleared his throat loudly and handed his companions each a slip. When the noise continued, he calmly walked over to Veranon and jerked his pants down to his ankles, much to other elf’s surprise- and amusement. The men all stared at Veranon’s tattooed cock and the large, gold hoop hanging from under the head. Attached to the hoop was a long herringbone chain of fine gold that ended in glittering, purple crystal. It was long enough to use as a leash and all the men in the room fixated on it.

“Beautiful. Now that we all have your attention, more or less, I have drawn three names at random. These three men will step forward, please, as your name is announced. Veranon, what name do you have?” The elf had calmly stepped out of his pants entirely and stood before the crowd naked from the waist down.

“Lord Irich Von Holzig!” he announced and the middle-aged human bearing the name stepped forward proudly to stand before the three elves. He was an impressive fellow, tall and broad of shoulder with a thick mustache that curled at the tips.

Vendalis looked down at his paper after casting Veranon’s Cemre Escort cock a sideways smile and announced, “Sir Andres Holmesmeade.” The knight was pressed up against the wall by a tall, pretty man of indeterminate age and blushed as he was hauled forward by other men near him. He scratched his red-tressed head and moved to stand beside the Lord.

Elwin looked down at his paper and grinned broadly. “Master Rivera Rinaldi! Come forward and receive your prize. Now, each of you has won an impressive package, a one year Platinum Pass good towards any service, unlimited, our new brothel will offer, once it is complete and ready for visitors, which will hopefully be soon. These coupons are worth a great deal to you- keep them close. On your first visit, present them and you will be issued rings to denote membership good for one year. Questions?”

The three men shook their heads though the knight raised his fingers. “Will you send word when the brothel opens?”

Veranon nodded and took a sip from his glass of champagne. “Oui. You will be there for opening day.”

“What will you call it?” Lord Von Holzig asked. The three elves stared at one another blankly for a moment before looking at the three winners with varying expressions of confusion.

“Eh… We don’t know yet,” Veranon said.

“Names are tricky- you want one that is catchy, easy to remember and leaves no doubt as to the establishment’s purpose,” Elwin added.

Vendalis smiled as he snatched a glass of golden champagne for himself. “It’s a secret, my friends, to be revealed when we open.” His answer satisfied the men, who nodded as they walked away to mingle with the other partiers. He spoke with such certainty that Veranon and Elwin both blinked at him in silence before downing their glasses.

Clearing his throat, Veranon raised his voice above the murmur of the assembled guests. “The fun is now about to really begin! If it has not already…” He held up the box labeled “names” and shook it to draw their eyes. “Everyone must pick up to three names, no fewer than two. If you pick two of the same, drop one, pick up another or return them both and choose two more. The object of the game is randomly generated encounters. Sex is optional, of course, but to spice things up, we have the box in Elwin’s hands.” Elwin rattled his box before setting it down on the table. “Choose up to three tickets for each of your names. There is everything from standard penetration to bondage with mild flogging. There are dozens of pleasant ideas. They are, of course, as I said, purely optional. Questions?”

“Are your names in the box?” Someone shouted from the center of the room.

Elwin chuckled and said, “After I debauch my blushing groom, yes, we will be available if you draw our names.”

The elves watched as most of the men took strips of paper from both boxes and set about locating the owners of the names they had drawn. Some here did know the others to some degree due to parties like these but few had actually chanced to meet and talk. This was another reason the assembled partiers had been chosen.

Once all the men had drawn the names and suggestions they wanted, Veranon hooked his fingers into Elwin’s sleeve and looped his arm through Vendalis’ elbow. “Conference, lads,” Veranon said as he plucked a bottle of cognac off a serving girl’s tray.

“The whole bottle-?” Elwin protested as Veranon drew him and the pale haired elf from the room.

Once out in the hall, they walked arm in arm with Veranon in the middle, his carafe gripped tightly on Elwin’s side. He steered them into his study and disengaged himself from the two so that he could sit in his chair at the massive desk dominating the wall facing the door. Once seated, he looked up at his husband and lover while sipping the strong liquor directly from the container. This was completely out of character for the normally fastidious elf who was especially particular about his drink.

“We don’t have a name, Lovelies,” he said sternly.

Elwin nodded and perched his bottom on the corner of Veranon’s desk, his hand comfortably held in Vendalis’ palm. “Yes, I am aware of this fact. I do not understand why you are so concerned about this, Veranon. Names are important! You cannot just pull one out of a box, you know.” Vendalis snorted and reached for the bottle. “Look, we can discuss this- later! After I debauch you in front of seventy-five other men. It’s my wedding night and I want you, badly, Veranon Krae.”

“I want you, too! But, Beloved, the name-thing is going to eat me alive until we fix it. Aren’t you embarrassed that we, of all people, had no answer for them? It was a stunning lack of planning on our part.” Veranon took the decanter back from Vendalis and tilted it back for another drink. He sighed and looked past the two men to settle his moss-green eyes upon a large painting on the far wall above the mantle. He gazed at it for some time in silence as he thought and drank his cognac.

The beautiful green-skinned man with his massive erection and incredibly fit physique did not Cemre Escort Bayan look back but gazed instead at the young, fine-limbed human male laying back upon a bed of soft moss, his own erect phallus drawing the eye with its red crowned head and long, alabaster shaft nesting in a mass of soft, carrot-hued curls. There was tension in the figures but the boy, despite his pose with his arm held up as if to ward off the man standing above him seemed anything but frightened. The man, a male dryad, was in an aggressive stance with one foot forward and his hand reaching for the boy’s but he had a slight smile as his other hand stroked the head of his penis. Flower petals from a canopy of purple and blue wisteria floated around them in a fairy paradise of green ivy, grasses, roses and delicate limbed trees. It was a stunning, magical piece that Veranon adored.

“Vendalis… You gave us that painting as a gift…”

“Yes, to celebrate your engagement and to thank you for accepting me into your fold. The artist who did it is here tonight as my guest since he was one of my first clients and pushed me to appraise art as well as gems. My true gift, of course, is with gemstones but I have a good eye for paintings as well, thanks to him,” Vendalis said with a smile. “Why?”

“Do you know the title?” Veranon asked with an eyebrow raised as his eyes appraised the impressive painting.

Vendi reached for the carafe and drew in a long, deep swig, causing Elwin to cringe. The bottle had cost him ten gold, which was incredibly expensive to be slugged down like cheap wine. He reached for the decanter and snatched it away as the other elf tried to recall the title. “Ah… ‘The Lusting Dryad,’ I think it was. The artist was inspired by a male dryad he met once, a rare creature by any extent. They are exclusively lovers of men and rarely live more than a day because the female dryad who gives birth to them usually kills them on the spot. Elwin! Where’s the-?”

The black-haired man produced a bottle of amber brandy, a far cheaper liquor than the expensive cognac and handed it to him. “Swig this if you must swig anything.” He turned to Veranon and scowled. “You are teaching the boy bad manners, Veranon. Men like us do not drink cold cognac straight from the bottle! It is obscene!”

He was ignored as Veranon’s eyes remained on the painting. He was muttering over and over under his breath various takes on the painting’s title. “‘Lusting Dryad,’ ‘Lusty Dryad…’ No-no, too feminine… Lust, Lusting, Lustful… ‘Lustful Dryad…’ Wait… That’s it! ‘The Lustful Dryad!'” Suddenly excited, Veranon turned to Vendalis and took his hand, nearly jerking him into his lap. “Your artist friend…! Does he do commissions?”

“He’s an artist. If you give him enough coin, he’ll sell his soul to you,” Vendi snorted as braced himself against the arms of the chair. His long hair around his face had freed some of itself from the braids holding it back and framed his face in a dreamy fashion of floating web-fine strands. Veranon took handfuls of it and kissed the other elf’s mouth in delight.

“Do you think he will supply art and decor based upon this male dryad theme? For the whole brothel? Say yes!” More kisses showered upon Vendalis’ mouth.

“I, uh, cannot answer for him-“

“Just say, ‘yes,’ love. Veranon won’t accept any other answer,” Elwin sighed with a smile on his lips. He loved it when Veranon was this delighted.

Vendalis tried to look over his shoulder at Elwin but Veranon’s hands held fast to his hair. “I will assume that he would jump at the chance for a project this big. I could talk to him if you like…” Smirking ever so slightly, Veranon let go of Vendalis’ hair and ran his fingers down the front of the robe, parting it until the pale expanse of the elf’s chest was available to his lips. Veranon eased the waistband of the pants down under the elf’s long, hard cock and stroked it with his hand while his eyes fixed on Vendalis’ face. “I, uh, oh, this feels… good… so… good…” gasped the pale-haired elf.

Then Veranon drew that long member into his mouth and sucked on it, his teeth scoring the surface ever so slightly while his hand stroked and rolled the heavy balls. Elwin came up behind Vendi and pulled back the robe to expose his neck and shoulders. “My lovely boy, I do believe you have given us our brothel’s name. Veranon’s right… Despite my desire to shove my new husband over a chair and fuck him until he can taste my cock in his mouth, I do believe you deserve a reward. Just relax… and enjoy.” Elwin pushed aside the great long, thick locks of hair and kissed the elf’s shoulders and neck softly while his hand dipped below the waistband of Vendi’s pants.

Veranon reached into a drawer of the desk and produced a jar of lubricant, which he opened while slowly, methodically sucking on Vendi’s impressive erection. He slid it along the desk so that Elwin could reach it.

Lips stroking and tongue licking Vendalis’ shoulders, Elwin dropped his pants to his ankles and kicked them aside while he likewise removed Escort Cemre his lovers’ trews. He then dipped his fingers into the soft, thick gel and pushed them slowly into Vendalis ass. He used his fingers like he would use his dick, shoving them in and pulling them out while stroking the sensitive gland behind the elf’s large cock.

He looked around the object of his sensual ministrations to spy Veranon’s own delicately tattooed cock proudly erect, the loop under the fat head gleaming in the lamp light. The long chain was looped around his shoulders with the amethyst hanging down his chest to dangle off the chair. He reached for it and was rewarded when Veranon handed it to him absently. He tugged on it, causing Veranon to gasp with a mouth full of Vendalis’ cock. He tugged harder and plunged his fingers deeper into Vendi’s body. There was a primal need to enter one of the two men and though he desperately wanted Veranon, proximity to Vendalis won out and he coated his cock with more lubrication before plunging it deep into the pale-haired elf’s body.

A long moan punctuated with sighs of contentment filled the room as Elwin repeatedly shoved his cock hard and deep into Vendi’s ass. Veranon sucked harder and harder still until gobs of hot, slightly salty fluid trailed down Veranon’s throat and down his chin to drip on the head of his erect cock. Elwin came a moment later, his strangled cries muffled by the long hair as he pressed his mouth against Vendalis’ back, his body bent over Veranon’s seated form. He bucked hard, shoving his cock as hard and deep as it would go until he was completely spent.

Breathing heavily, he looked over his lover’s shoulder at Veranon, who was smiling but still erect, unspent. “Bastard… You planned this, did you?” Elwin accused.

“Moi? I think not. Shall we return to the party?” said the grinning elf as pushed Vendalis back into a standing position. That one seemed dazed and had to rest against the desk for a moment while he collected his wits.

Though Elwin held the leash, Veranon was clearly the one pulling Elwin along by his cock, a metaphor made hilariously true. “Vendi, darling, are you coming?”

Nodding, the pale haired elf tugged his robe back over his shoulders and followed the two half-naked men back down the way they came and entered the main party room to the sound cheers. A young human came bounding up to Veranon with the eagerness of a puppy and exclaimed, “Veranon! I drew your name! I’m supposed to use the body paints on you and make you into a sensual masterpiece!”

Grinning, Veranon kissed the young man softly and encircled Elwin with his arm. “I look forward to it but first, there is the matter of debauching my lovely new husband in view of you all. That is the tradition when one gets married, yes? Don’t they call it a ‘claiming’ of the new spouse? Consummation of the marriage? I need to do that before I do anything else. My love?” he turned to Elwin, smirking mischievously. “Come along.”

They went to a place at the center of the room and Veranon pulled a pair of ropes dangling there above the floor to disappear into the ceiling. “You’re putting me in the SWING?” Elwin protested as Veranon let the ropes slide through his fingers as a strange fabric contraption of belts and straps slowly descended from above.

Without a word, his amused smile being his only reply, Veranon strapped Elwin into the swing and tugged the ropes, even getting assistance from a muscular fellow who helped secure them to concealed loops in the floor. The “swing” had Elwin positioned just lower than Veranon’s hips, his legs spread wide and his hands above his body, tightly secured.

Other men grinned and approached the tantalizing display of flesh before them, Elwin’s balls and spent cock dangling deliciously for anyone to touch and tease. Veranon held them off with his hand and asked for a jar of lubrication. “He is mine first, lads. Then you can play!” While a jar was located, he detached the golden loop from the hole on the underside of his erect penis and draped the long chain around his shoulders.

Blushing, Elwin looked back at his husband and smiled dangerously. “You’ll get yours, pretty one! Oh, you will get yours!” Veranon withdrew something from his jacket pocket and showed Elwin a crumpled up piece of paper. He grinned broadly as the black-haired elf read it. Elwin’s eyes grew wide. “‘Using the swing at the center of the room, publicly display your ambition and desire to the man whose name you drew. How you do this is up to you but ensure that he is tightly secured.'”

“You little shit…”

Veranon lubed up his cock and rammed it hard up Elwin’s tight hole. To keep the swing from flying, the burly fellow who helped Veranon secure the ropes held Elwin tightly. This had the benefit of giving Elwin something to play with while he was drilled with gleeful abandon by his husband. The big human sighed as Veranon’s thrusts had the pleasant effect of intensifying Elwin’s sucking of the man’s thick member, which was right at Elwin’s mouth’s level if he leaned far enough. The big man happily raised himself up on an ottoman to make it easier for Elwin to reach his cock. Neither Veranon nor the human lasted especially long and both were soon spent, the gooey mess Veranon made dripping out of Elwin’s tight, puckered red hole and splattered over the elf’s angular face and in his hair.

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My Dream…My Fantasy…

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This story is purely fictional, but some of the characteristics of the main character are real, which makes the events in this story have more of an impact.


Feedback appreciated

The socks are always the toughest part of getting undressed; they seem to cling to my skinny legs like little elves begging for attention. It takes me a moment but I succeed at removing them. I slowly and carefully step into the bath tub; balancing myself by tightly grasping the handle on the inner wall of the tub. I gently turn the water on and my body flinches as the first splash of water hits me; it’s always so damn cold. The water runs down my misshapen body; my arched back, my crooked knees, my skinny legs. I sit there in the tub and let the water fall where it may; in here I am free, no hatred, no anger, just me and my thoughts. I know I should wash up quickly and go and get dressed; my girlfriend Serena is coming over for our ‘Movie Night’. Movie Night usually consists of us lying together on the couch eating popcorn as we watch a film. She is easily startled so I usually take a few innocent jabs on my chest each time she is spooked by a film. Myself; well, I am a crier. I have this habit of tearing up at a mushy part of any film. So our evening usually consists of both of us comforting each other throughout the film. She is definitely not what I expected in a girlfriend; she finds my odd quirks quite interesting, and she keeps saying she is not turned away at all by my physical disability at all. I always thought there would always be issues concerning my disability; but I am glad to have been proven wrong. Anyway, I lean back and relax; the water beats on my skin like a soft massage. I hear the door to bathroom open and a voice calls me.

‘Hey sexy, you in here?” Serena asks in a giggly voice. Her presence me and for a moment I sat there in the shower not sure how to react.

‘Um, yeah. Just give me a sec to finish up.” I heard the door shut and figured she had gone to sit in the living room and wait for me. After a minute or two a foot appeared in front of me.

“Mind if I join you?” she said as she stepped into the tub. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do; I shut my eyes and attempted to cover the growing excitement my body was going through. I would have to say that is the hardest part of being a guy; it’s tough to look innocent when I get excited.

“Why are keeping your eyes closed? I don’t mind if you look at me.” She told me as she sat down opposite of me.

“Um, well, you know. I see you naked all my hopes and dreams come true and I don’t really know if I am prepared to go from my fantasy world to reality.” I replied. It was true; for so long I have been dreaming and fantasizing about seeing a woman naked in a romantic setting that I was a bit afraid that it was happening. In a way I had come to terms with the fact that I may never be with a woman sexually.

“Oh, you’re such a cutie.” She said. “Why are you trying to cover up your body? You know that doesn’t bother me at all.”

“Um, I know. I just don’t know if I am prepared for you to see me naked.” Deep down I have always been ashamed of my body. I would never really admit it to anyone, neither do I blame anyone; I’ve just always been that way.

“Believe me sexy, there are things on that body that I am dying to get my hands on.” She said flirtingly. She was usually pretty forward with me in terms of what she liked and disliked, and right now she was driving me up the wall. “Now, open your eyes and look at me.” I slowly inched my eyes open and look up into hers, trying desperately not to break the horizon between her face and the rest of her body. She looked back at me with the most seductive and sensual smile I have ever seen; no doubt I was turned on. She leaned forward and kissed me liked I have never been kissed before; but seeing that I had only kissed one Örnekköy Escort girl before her that wasn’t saying much. The one thing that always amazed me about kissing was that I always expected that I would find another’s tongue in my mouth revolting but in reality when it actually happened I loved it. It was and still is my favorite part of kissing, other than having a woman’s arms wrapped around me of course. She leaned back and smiled. “Now, turn around.”

“Huh?” I replied looking confused.

“Trust me; I’m not going to do anything freaky.” I was totally lost, but be it for me to not listen to a beautiful woman; I turned around. “Now, just close your eyes and enjoy this, ok?

“Um, sure.” I replied nervously as I closed my eyes. She put hers hand gently on my shoulders and rubbed just below my neck. Next she did something that totally threw my concentration off; she leaned in and kissed just under my neck. I didn’t have great feeling in my back but I definitely felt her warm lips to the top arch on my back. I never in a million years would have ever thought I’d be in a situation where a woman would be kissing and caressing my back. As I had gotten older, through the year my back had become more and more arched; it became so bad that I was beginning to have trouble breathing. A few years ago I had major back surgery to straighten my spine, at least to the point where I no longer would have trouble breathing. My entire back was covered in many scars from the surgery, and at this moment a young woman was kissing and caressing it; she was not turned away by the scars at all. Her hands moved from my shoulders to the crevice in my back. She slowly and gently ran her fingers down to the entire length of my back and stopped just above my hips. From there she leaning closer to me and wrapped her arms around me and placed her head on my left shoulder and started to kiss my neck.

“Does that feel good sweety?” she asked. I was so nervous and excited at the same time, my entire body was shaking and goose bumps had formed.

“Um” I had my eyes closed as tight as possible at this point, “yeah, that felt really good.” I squeaked out. We sat there for only a minute, her arms holding me against her; I could feel her warm flesh pressed up against my back. I closed my eyes knowing that I had finally found the thing I have always wanted; the love and friendship of a woman.

“I know it’ll be tough, but do you think we can move to your bed?” she asked. “I’m sure it would be much more comfortable and warm and welcoming.”

I turned my head and our eyes met, “You know I just don’t let any strange woman into my bed.” I joked. “But you’re only a tad strange.” We both giggled and she smiled; damn, that smile was going to be the end of me. The journey from the shower to my bed was not an easy one; I usually wore leg braces to walk, I am incapable of walking under my own power without them. Serena is totally understanding of this; she helped me climb out of the tub and onto my feet. She wrapped her arms around from behind and held me up.

“Just steady yourself and go slowly, I kinda like having you in my arms.” She said softly as she nibbled my neck. “Hey would ya look at that. I better not let you fall forward; your excitement may get squished.” She was definitely right; Mr. Happy was standing at attention. It took a bit of time, but we successfully made it to my bed. She climbed onto the bed and gently helped me off my feet until I was lying down and she was kneeling beside me. “No, what should we do about your signs of playfulness?” she giggled. I was nervous beyond belief; my hands were shaking. She grasped my hand and lifted it toward her. “Don’t be nervous; I know this is a special moment for both of us, you especially. Just tell me if you feel uncomfortable and we can stop.

“Ok,” I replied quietly. She Escort Örnekköy started by kissing the palm of my right hand, which seemed ironic to me because that is the hand I use to, um, well, never mind, not important. She began sucking my fingers one by one and then began moving up my arm, kissing it with her warm lips. She kissed my shoulder and my neck; her hand ventured south and softly caressed my manhood. I kept my eyes closed trying concentrate, I didn’t want to explode right there and ruin this very hot and romantic moment. She kissed my lips, softly at first, and then with more of an I want you feeling; I kissed her back. Our tongues met and played with each other, her tongue explored my mouth and mine hers. Our lips parted as she sat up and straddled me but no sexual contact was made. She grasped my hand and placed it gently on her chest, I could feel her warm flesh on my palm; ours eyes never left each others gaze. She slowly moved my hand down her body until it was just above her small patch of hair between her legs; if I didn’t know better I would think she had trimmed her pubic hair.

“You doing ok?’ she asked softly. I just kept starring into her eyes and nodded. She moved my hand down farther until I could feel the warmth and the wetness of her pussy. Her yes closed as I gained more nerve as started to slowly rub her flesh. I had no idea what to do next so I just laid there and continued to gently rub her flesh and enjoyed the moment. She opened her eyes and looked at me seductively. “Just relax, I’ll go slow and be gentle.” She moved herself back a tad and then leaned forward and grasped my manhood with her hand and gently stroked it. I closed my eyes; I figured I could die right there and still feel happy for the life I had lived. My fists were clenched; I was beyond nervous, but also didn’t want her to stop. She continued to stroke it slowly then did something I have only fantasized about. Her tongue touched the head as she began licking it. She raised her free hand and grasped my hand and held it. This moment was the most erotic, the naughtiest, and the most sensual and romantic moment I have ever experienced. Her lips touched me at that moment, as she slowly sucked me; I could feel her tongue play with me inside her mouth. I opened my eyes and we looked at each other, she never stopped what she was doing. That moment for me seemed to last forever for both of us; she stopped playing with my manhood and began to kiss my body as she moved upward. We didn’t kiss at that point; we gazed in each others eyes for a moment. “Was that ok? She asked.

‘Um, that was wonderful.” I said nervously. “Ah, I know I’m not experienced in this area, but seeing what you just did for me, shouldn’t I return the favor.”

“Are you sure you’re comfortable with that? You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” She looked at me with a smile. She seemed surprised that I was willing to do this.

“Um, well, you may have to coach me a little, but I can’t imagine who else I’d rather do it with.” I said nervously. She hugged me a kissed me on the cheek.

“You’re such a sweetie, that’s why I love you so much.” I sat there for a second, dumbfounded; did she just say what I thought she said? I looked at her, more serious than usual.

“Say that again please?” I asked.

“What, that I love you? Oh honey, you know I do.” She said smiling.

“Um, I know. It’s just suddenly seems to mean more that you say that to me in this situation. All I’ve ever wanted was to fall in love, and you saying that just made me realize that I finally have.” Now, being a man usually one would be ashamed to admit this, but at moment I teared up and cried a bit; she was weepy eyed as well. We hugged each other tightly which seemed like forever, but I didn’t care. I could only hope this moment would last forever. She leaned back, wiped the Örnekköy Escort Bayan tears from her eyes, and gave me a naughty grin.

“Now, I think there was talk about me coaching you in the art of orally pleasuring a woman.” She said through her grin.

“Well, don’t fault me because I am inexperienced, but I’ll give it a shot. Can you give me a little hand sitting up?” I asked. She helped me up by pressing gently on my upper back. I changed position so I was kneeling between her legs. She lay in front of me looking like the Wiccan Goddess she is with her beautiful wavy hair and a cute and most adorable smile.

“No, just start off gently; don’t attack it right on. Work up to it, I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.” She instructed me. I nodded nervously as I leaned down. I began by kissing her inner thigh, tickling it with my tough. I looked up for approval; I just got back a quite moan as her eyes closed. I slowly made my way up her thigh closer to her flower, I could feel the heat emanating from it; I knew she was growing more and more aroused. I slowly licked around it; I could taste her with my tongue. It was a sweet sensation, along with a faint salty flavor. I finally started to slowly savor the inner workings of her flower. Her breathing became faster and her moans became more frequent and audible. She put her left hand upon my head and urged me to go deeper. From what I could tell her other hand was busy playing with her breasts and nipples. I began to move my tongue a little faster, licking the entire length of her love flower. Suddenly her right hand grasped my left hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Yes! Yes! Oh! Her body tightened up as I gave her an orgasm. This was the first orgasm I had ever given a woman and I felt quite proud of myself.

“Did I do O.K.?” I asked.

“That was wonderful, you did a great job.” She replied with a smile. “Now, I am not sure how you want to go about the next part. Do you want to lay down with me on top or would something else be easier?” My nervous state had pretty much diminished by that point.

“Um, well. I am pretty comfortable where I am; let me give it a shot from here.” I sat up and moved myself closer to her; my soldier stood out like a sore thumb. I caressed it just to give it a little more hardness and moved in.

“Now, go easy; just don’t stab it in there. Feel me around you. Feel my lips tighten as you enter me. Here, I’ll give you a hand.” she said as she reached out and gently grasped my manhood. She rubbed the head over her slit a couple times and then pushed her hips against me ever so gently. I entered her slowly; I moved my hips forward and she pressed back. “Gently, easy does it; just enjoy the feeling.” I can’t tell you how good it felt, I was trying so hard not to blow my load right there. “Now, slowly move yourself in and out.” I started moving my hips slowly as she moved hers. I looked in her eyes with a look of enjoyment and nervousness. She just smiled back and signaled that I was doing fine. She closed her eyes and a quite moan turned into frequent louder moans. “Mmmmm, yes Sheldon; oh your good at this.” We continued for what I hope would have been forever, but being a virgin I knew I could not hold out long.

“Um, Serena; I am just about to blow. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can hold back much longer.” I said in a slight tense tone. She arched her back so she was nearly sitting up and wrapped her arms armed me, along with her legs.

“Its O.K. honey; just go easy and let it happen when it does. Don’t hold back.” She rubbed my back and looked at me with the smile that was the reason I fell for her in the first place.

“Oh! God! Yes!” I held her tightly as I came, I can’t believe how good it felt. We kissed for a long moment and slowly leaned back until we were lying down. My eyes teared up and I began to cry again.

“What’s wrong Sweets?” she asked looking concerned.

“I’m not sad; I’m just overfilled with happiness and joy at this moment.” I replied.

“Oh, your such a sweety, I am glad you are mine.” She said as she kissed me. I rested my head on her chest and laid there, her warmness comforted me the entire night.

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An Aggressive Learning Strategy

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Next-Door Neighbor’s Aggressive Learning

Noon on Saturday. Jeff was far back under his house, in the unlit, tight, low crawl-space. He’d been there all day yesterday, and all morning today, replacing the electric water heater. He had taken Friday off and burnt it up getting started: he wanted the whole job finished by Sunday evening.

The upside was that he’d planned on the job taking the whole day for all three days, Murphy being the patron saint of plumbing repairs, but it was now only noon on day two and he was close to finishing: soldering was done and checked, power ditto.

He rolled over onto his stomach in the puddle caused by the original leak: mud was his destiny today. Mud and cobwebs – what the hell was with all these cobwebs? What was there under here for a spider to eat? Cobwebs in his face, his hair, his mouth. Ugh!

He felt about for the tools, as usual amazed how much junk was needed for such a simple job. Mustn’t leave anything behind, that’d just mean another long and dirty crawl!

Twenty feet away, out of sight beyond the floor joists and around a foundation corner was the hatch to the crawl-space. From outside came a female voice, one thoroughly familiar, but unexpected. It was Zohra, his next-door neighbors’ daughter. Her family was full-blooded subcontinental Endo-Dravidian Indian, the immigrant parents were almost caricatures of a classical Indian married couple, both slightly rotund, MaMá about five foot one, PaPá perhaps five-four on a good day, both of them very smart and well educated in high-paying technical fields. Their marriage was a traditional, arranged-in-childhood affair, set up back in India, long before they were old enough to consummate it. The marriage had worked just fine.

Jeff was on very good terms with the whole family. Occasionally he helped them out with minor repairs (that actually meant “helping” PaPá, who due to his caste was unsure which end of a screwdriver was the handle): much more frequently he aided their singleton offspring with her science homework. In return for Jeff’s help, the family often took pity on him and fed him MaMá’s home-made lamb curry hot, a favorite. Jeff always provided the wine.

Zo had her parents’ perfect, parchment-thin very dark skin, a genuinely beautiful face with fine Dravidian/Caucasian features, ivory teeth, full sensual lips that belonged on a much older woman, deep-set eyes around which skin tone and light conspired to produce the effect sought with, but never quite achieved by, eye-shadow, and the most stunning smile he had ever seen, all topped off with long black hair that shone as if greased. Physically she was tiny – about four feet ten and perhaps ninety pounds on her way to 100 at the outside.

Zo was mentally impressive, very much her parents’ child – blindingly fast, articulate in the best British-upper-crust manner, and exceedingly well read. Wildly multi-lingual as well – English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali plus smatterings of others. Years back, she had been skipped ahead in grade more than once. She spoke with the pretty singsong “Indian-English” lilt: her English was absolutely perfect when she chose, but lately she was affecting the inability of Star Trek’s android character “Data” to use spoken contractions. Her normal conversational mode was less ‘give and take’ than serial stream-of-consciousness soliloquies, with polite pauses for others to submit input. Jeff found both idiosyncrasies endearing.

The question now was “continue attending the local university” vs “best possible university, damn the expense and location!” As an academic himself, Jeff had been asked to weigh in on that topic of ongoing debate, but to avoid causing strains and discord, he limited himself to generalities – e.g., recommending that she attend a genuinely large university, so that she might have available high-quality departments in most fields of both arts and sciences… which would help her make decisions about topics and careers. He had been successful in not alienating anyone via his opinions.

Over the past many months, beginning with the first round of ‘which school?’ discussions, Zo and Jeff had developed quite a close relationship, encouraged by her parents, who had taken a shine to him for the way he so enthusiastically took on the role of being her academic mentor. The whole family insisted on using the honorific term “Guru” to refer to his role in the relationship, which both pleased and amused him. Zo was permitted (actually, encouraged) to call him up ‘for a homework appointment’ (which he had never yet refused to grant) and then go over to work with him at his living-room table.

They spent a lot of time together poring over her books every week, exploring ideas, with him asking probing, mind-opening questions, a process that he enjoyed every bit as much as she. Zo was more than mildly flirtatious when her folks were out of view, and Jeff responded in kind: it was now an incredibly blunt reciprocal flirtation -entirely verbal so far- which each felt was quite serious from their own point of view. Each also thought Ostim Escort the other was merely joshing.

Her parents seemed either immune to or accepting of the pair’s growing closeness, which extended well beyond things academic, into the (non-sexual) physical. In her ‘spare time’ Zo was studying elementary gymnastics, and also took a twice-weekly yoga class in the early morning. Her home yoga practice consisted of the time twixt end of school-day and dinner, several times a week.

Jeff, a dedicated long-distance runner, had close to zero flexibility, and Zo had taken an aggressive stance about it – she would teach him enough yoga to loosen him up. For his general health and well-being! Teacher and student roles thus reversed, they practiced together each afternoon, out in the open on Jeff’s big wooden deck, in plain view of the parents should they choose to wonder what was going on.

Zo loved the freedom that this private one-on-one time gave her to inspect Jeff’s body, to stare, and particularly touch, under the guise of ‘adjusting his pose’. She took advantage of the freedom at every opportunity. Their practice required mutual scantiness of clothing: the scenery so displayed gave both of them butterflies, and each quickly figured out what costume best pleased the other (namely skimpy, thin, and TIGHT!), then wore it relentlessly. Each had had many and many a prolonged view into normally hidden places, and neither could any longer pretend not to be looking, although they didn’t discuss it at all.

Aside from the delicious, intimate views, Zo’s favorite yoga-thing was when he was in triangle pose and she had to lay a palm against the top of his buttocks to push his hips into proper alignment: it was odd, indeed, just how often he seemed to need that specific -and usually forceful- correction. There was something incredibly stomach-flipping about the feel of his bottom, heavy-muscled and very strong, working under her touch. And pretty, too – she had some time ago developed an eye for male bottoms.

Sometimes, too, she would turn the tables, ask for his help, so that he could have the same sort of freedom – the ‘sometimes’ touchings becoming steadily more frequent, steadily more free and intimate. At least he’d detected no sign that any of the family saw it. Nothing overt had yet occurred, much to their mutual disappointment, but neither was prepared to make an opening move, Jeff out of some sort of practical-based morality rather than any lack of interest, and Zo out of inexperience plus an overt (although unreasonable) fear of rejection.

There was no lack of lustfulness on Jeff’s part – he had been busily suppressing his high level of carnal attraction to her now for many months – successfully, he thought. He was, after all, considerably older than she… but she was a self-proclaimed innocent, having never yet been on a real American-style ‘date’. When she discussed (?argued?) this lack of socialization with her parents, the usual points advanced by them were (a) yes of course all her female friends were dating and had been doing so for some years – but that didn’t mean Zohra was obligated to do the same. Reason (b) two carried the day with her – namely, the question “Who might she date, where to find some person her equal in at least some of the areas she sparkled in?” Certainly, all the way through school there had never been any male even close to her age whom she found sufficiently interesting.

“Hello in there, Doctor J! Can you hear me?” ‘Doctor J’ was her coinage, invented upon their initial meeting some three years ago and immediately adopted by the entire family.

Yes, he could, what was up?

“You have been in there for a long time today- and all day yesterday, too, so I noticed. It is lunch-time you know, here in the outside world! My parents are gone today to their silly bridge tournament and they have left me lunch money. Far too much money, really. If you would drive us, I can pay for a pizza for us both. You must be hungry by now!”

Age and educational differentials aside, Jeff thoroughly enjoyed her company, under whatever rationale du jour. Plus, he was also quite hungry, having skipped breakfast. “Great idea! Sure, I’ll drive. I’ll be out in about ten minutes or so… gotta clean up my mess under here! Or maybe you’d like to crawl in and help me? It’s nice and dark in here!”

Then as an afterthought, “Does this mean you are FINALLY asking me out on a date, My Lady Zo?”

During her latest homework-help session they had gone off on a huge tangent and ribbed one another mercilessly about whether they should be dating, since they got along so well and he had no wife or even permanent girlfriend. The big “problem”, they agreed, was relative ages – a significant difference which neither of them thought particularly germane. They had even puzzled over the questions of exactly why that WAS a problem, and for whom.

That conversation had ended with them both a bit red-faced, each realizing that there was more that could be said but unwilling to push into unexplored terrain. Escort Ostim To date, that was the closest they had come to airing their intense mutual attraction.

Doctor J had some typical Y-chromosome “male-blindness” problems (of transmission and reception alike!). First, he was enormously attracted to Zohra, and had been for the past couple of years. Second, he was absolutely convinced – wrongly, of course – that she had no idea of that attraction, that he’d kept it a perfect secret. Third, he was utterly unaware of Zo’s months-long and supremely intense crush on him.

And conversely, she was aware – hugely so – that he hadn’t yet recognized her crush. She didn’t know whether she should tell him, and if so, just how and when… but his failure to even notice really hurt, as did his inexplicable failure to simply SAY what was on his mind – it was so OBVIOUS that he was attracted to her!! If only he would SAY something, do the ignition sequence, THEN they might be able to progress… the question being, of course, progress to exactly WHAT? She wasn’t sure, but would have eagerly grasped any chance to find out!

Zo continued the conversation: “Do not be absurd, Doctor J. Pizza at lunchtime and paid for by my parents is NOT my idea of a date, not at all. To be a date, YOU (that is, the male!) must invite ME out (ME being the female here!). I must then initially pretend that I am NOT interested, YOU must persuade me, and when finally I agree, the MAN must pay. Those are the basic rules, no? And no thank you, but I choose not to grovel in the dust with you even if it is nice and dark in there! The conditions in the space beneath your house are far too much to pay for a small amount of privacy, and at the moment the idea does not appeal very much. Ten minutes, then. I shall collect the money and be back before that!”

It took Jeff the full ten minutes to finish collecting and filling two buckets with his equipment and supplies: then he began crawling to the exit, moving slowly and carefully, awkwardly dragging the buckets a foot at a time.

Zohra needed less time than that to trot home to her closet and change clothes. She knew exactly what she was doing: there had been daydreams a-plenty over the past year or so, in which to develop a grand strategy – if only imaginary. Those dreams now quite readily brought up for her inspection various tactical plans appropriate for the moment. First, a snug-fitting sleeveless pullover in thin white nylon. Braless of course -despite her body having some time ago entered boob-building mode, she not only didn’t yet need one, but hated the things and never wore them when out of parental sight.

Next came carefully-chosen yellow short-shorts that met two explicit criteria: must be tight across the butt, and have loose leg openings. And no undies, thank you very much! Undies would show through the shorts, far too déclassé for her taste! She added a yellow hair-band and thong sandals, nothing more.

She studied herself critically in the mirror – like most young women she flipped between entrancement and despair over her body and looks. At this exact moment, she was more or less satisfied. Besides, there was no more time to waste, this outfit would simply have to suffice.

She grabbed the money from the table and hurried back, just barely in time: she could hear Jeff grunting as he crawled, the tools clanking in the buckets.

She studied the yard’s topography and geometry, chose a location carefully, sat down on the rising ground about five feet from the hatch, facing it. Her face was flushed, but that was invisible under her coloring: her pulse was unusually fast, breathing likewise, her armpits annoyingly damp, and she had somehow gotten a bee swarm into her lower belly.

He shoved the buckets out the opening in the skirting, stuck his head and shoulders through into the dazzling light.

The first thing he saw as his vision cleared was Zohra, sitting there apparently careless of her pose. Careless like a D-Day battle plan: even Jeff, male-handicapped as he was, realized this pose was no accident. Not given how totally aware every woman is of her body, at all times. Seated on the rise, knees raised wide, she was leaning back on her arms, chest upthrust. The fabric clung to her miniscule bosom like snow to mountain peaks. Her shorts’ droopy leg-holes were properly oriented – he could see all the way up her left inner thigh. Her crotch was at exactly his eye level, and her lack of panties was excruciatingly clear.

Jeff tried to act as if he’d not noticed, but his cock suddenly displayed some aspects of an anchor.

She of course took in everything. Progress!

He wore a snug tee-shirt and work shorts that showed off his runner’s butt and legs, but he was also mud and cobwebs from head to foot. Zohra let her gaze linger on his body so long as he wasn’t looking directly at her, then when he did, she laughed – she hoped it sounded casual – as the headlamp and goggles came off. She held her pose: Jeff didn’t shift his own any too quickly. He tried to be Ostim Escort Bayan gentlemanly at the same time – after a long first head-to-toe look he let his eyes flick directly to her crotch, where they lingered for the merest moment.

She broke the silence: “My! You are a complete and utter mess, Doctor J. Totally. But cute, too – your eyes look just like a negative of a raccoon!”

Jeff pulled himself through the hole and stood up, hoping his bulge wasn’t overly obvious, trying again not to stare too blatantly at the display of tiny-tits and exposed crotch.

He grinned at her, scraped a handful of goo from his thigh rubbed it between his palms like brilliantine, worked it into his hair and gave himself a ragged, off-center Mohawk, then smeared the remainder over his face war-paint style.

“EW! Gross! And icky too! Now you are genuinely and disgustingly filthy! You simply cannot appear in public like that, Doctor J. And most certainly not with ME! You are going to have to take a shower before we can go out for lunch!”

“Now, that’s a major problem, Zohra. Remember… I just replaced the water heater! That’s why I was under the house, you might recall. If I turn it on immediately, the water will be hot in three hours.”

She stood and shrugged, making her solid little nipples slide about under the fabric in a way most distracting for both herself and Jeff. How many times had she practiced such a move in the mirror? Didn’t matter – the time spent was worth it, as Jeff tried, and completely failed, to hide his reaction.

“Men! Male = transparent!” she thought. But what she said was “Well, I for one am genuinely hungry, and do not propose that we should wait that long! Several hours, indeed! Not when I have a big empty shower in my own room, which you can certainly come over and use immediately. Our water is always hot, over there!”

He searched her face and body-language for evidence she’d tossed out the double-entendre intentionally, found none. At any rate, she didn’t wait for an answer.

“Come on, Doctor Jeff! I am getting hungrier and hungrier, and you must be starved after working under there all morning! Pizza! Pizza! Does not the very word itself make you salivate like one of Mister Pavlov’s dogs? I intend to hold you to your promise to drive! I have enough money so you can even have a beer – the Parental Contingent has been most generous!”

He set the tool-buckets in the screened porch. She took his hand, urged more speed: he hung back slightly as he followed, just enough so he could let his gaze caress her bottom and the backs of her legs, wondering if she could tell? They had to be the most perfectly shaped legs he had ever encountered. And, too, she had a bit more hip than he’d noticed before, didn’t she? The observation did nothing negative for his hardon.

He left his muddy shoes and socks at the door, followed her inside and upstairs, a little wary and nervous. He really shouldn’t be here at all, but it was intriguing, being led about by his Mz Zohra, and he enjoyed the combined senses of impropriety and adventure and danger. Hers was a big bedroom, elegantly furnished. She had expensive tastes – and indulgent parents.

“Here’s my own bathroom. You may use all the hot water you wish – with two women in the house, my PaPá long ago gave up and had an extra-large heater installed. Women like showers much hotter than do men, you know. And more of them, too. That is probably why we smell better than men!”

He positively loomed over her, but clearly relishing her position as guide and hostess, she grinned up at him, handed him a big towel, pushed him gently but authoritatively on the chest: “Go ahead! What are you gawking about? Surely you have been in a strange woman’s bathroom before this! Moreover, I am NOT merely some ‘strange woman’! But do not take forever, else I will starve, and you likewise. Go now! Wash!”

She shut the door, leaving him alone in the bathroom.

He stripped, piled the dirty clothes on the marble countertop, finally realizing that he had nothing clean to wear post-shower. He shrugged: it was a problem easily solved later, and meanwhile the shower beckoned. It was tub-less and double-sized, with a glass swinging door. He stepped in, adjusted the water.

Zohra was more than capable of rising to meet such an unexpected, glorious opportunity. New plans, instantly. Outside the bathroom, she took a long, deep breath, and then, heart thundering, she stripped. Naked, shivering and covered with goose-bumps despite the house’s lovely warmth, she listened for the shower to start.

Jeff didn’t hear the bathroom door open, but the shower door opening certainly caught his attention – especially when Zo came bounding through it, stark naked, to join him, and shut it gently behind her.

Totally nonplussed, he turned his body away from her, under the spray – stepping out of his shorts a minute ago he had already been half-erect. Another five seconds with her like this was going to drive him to about 115%. He had no idea what to do – completely flustered, a rare occurrence indeed. He looked at her over his shoulder: his expression was priceless, and she laughed heartily, then wrapped arms around him and squeezed. Hard. Small. Pointy – her breasts made distinct indentations in his back. She was warm to the touch, warm verging on hot.

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Anna’s Valentine

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Double Penetration

Anna kicked off her shoes and put her laptop bag on the floor. As she squeezed her toes into the thick hallway carpet of her London townhouse she sighed with relief. That tube journey seemed to be getting longer and longer. She’d left the office at 6.30 and it was now nearly 8, and she’d had to stand up most of the way. It was almost worth doing the car crawl every rush hour, just to be guaranteed a seat. She hung up her coat and placed her jacket over the back of a dining room chair. She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was not much there, other than some stale cheese, a mouldy half eaten kebab and some ex-vegetables. Such was her life as a rising star in the advertising business that she seemed to spend every evening either wining and dining clients or jetting across Europe and the U.S.

She dialled the number of the Chinese takeaway across the street and ordered a chicken chow-mein. She went upstairs to the living room and turned on her computer and then she went upstairs again to her bedroom and changed into comfy sweatpants and an old t-shirt. She’d just finished cleaning the makeup off her face when the door rang and she ran down the two flights of stairs to find the teenage son of the takeaway owners there with a bag.

“I don’t have any cash on me,” she said apologetically to the boy. “Can you ask your parents to charge it to my usual card, along with a tip for yourself?”

The boy nodded and ran off again. Anna grabbed a fork from the kitchen and went back upstairs to the living room. Her tropical paradise desktop background was gleaming at her and she sat down in the chair. She tucked into the food as she waited for Outlook Express to open. She hadn’t been on her computer for 3 days and there were consequently 3 new email messages from him.

She didn’t know who he was, but he obviously knew who she was. It had been a month now that she’d received daily messages from someone who called himself “Your Secret Admirer”. His email address was a generic hotmail so she had no clue as to his identity. The first message had said that he’d seen her at Tesco and thought she was very pretty. It still didn’t explain how he got her email address.

She opened the latest three in order. The first one read: “My dearest Anna. I saw you last night as you were getting ready for bed. Your silhouette against the light curtains was the most erotic sight I’ve ever seen. It made me dream of you dressing up in satin for me.”

The next one continued: “Your house is dark and empty. You must be away. Your pink satin sheet are so inviting, I dream of us making love on them.”

The third one was the most explicit: “Today I bought you this bra and briefs. They’ll be delivered tomorrow. I want to caress them off your body when I take your virginity. Be my Valentine on Tuesday. Reply to this email with a yes.” She scrolled down to look at the attachment. It showed a woman with a satin bra and low cut briefs with a frill trim. They were coloured peach and cream and she knew that they would go very well with her pale skin.

She knew that she should be appalled that this stranger seemed to know her most intimate secrets. She knew that she should probably call the police to deal with this sick stalker. But she was intrigued. At the age of 25 she must be the oldest virgin in the world, and it was not by choice. At work she put up a front and played the brilliant young executive, but in private she was painfully shy. She’d been dreaming of having sex for so long now, but still she ended up with only her fingers for company. She could feel how wet her pussy was as she studied the picture of the woman who was modelling the underwear that she was about to get. Her nipples were hard as she hit the reply button. She typed in the three letters. Yes. She hit send quickly so that she wouldn’t have a chance to change her mind.

It didn’t take long for a reply to arrive. “My darling. I’m so happy that you’ve agreed to be my Valentine. Take Tuesday and Wednesday off work. On Tuesday you will receive some deliveries in the afternoon. One of the deliveries will contain brand new satin sheets. Make your bed with them. Another one will contain some erotic toys. Put them on your bedside table. A third one will contain bath oils. Leave them next to your tub. Wear the beautiful outfit that I’ve bought for you by 7 o’clock and unlock your door. Then go upstairs, turning all the lights off in the house and light the candles that came in the fourth parcel. Lie down on your new sheets and wait for me to come and make love to you. You need to take Wednesday off work because you will not get any sleep during Valentine’s night.”

Anna switched off her computer and went to bed. She undressed and inspected her body in the mirror. Her tits were firm and generously sized D-cups. She had a flat tummy and a perfectly waxed triangle of blonde hair crowning her pussy. She lay down on the bed and licked her fingers. Slowly she started teasing her clit and her Şentepe Escort dripping hole. She thought of Valentine’s Day and her date with her secret admirer. Just as she’d cum violently the phone rang. The voice on the other end was distorted.

“Hello darling,” he said. “You’re so beautiful when you bring yourself to a climax on your own. I can’t wait to see how you’ll look when it’s my fingers, my lips, my tongue, my cock that bring pleasure to your pussy. Sleep tight, my love.”

It didn’t come as a complete surprise to her to find out that the number of the caller had been withheld.

The next morning Anna went to work as usual. Shortly after lunchtime she heard all the secretaries giggling and then there was a knock on her door. One of the receptionists stood outside with a giant red balloon that read “My darling Valentine”, a bouquet of red roses and a delicately wrapped parcel with the name of a famous lingerie shop printed all over it. There was no doubt what was in there. Since Anna had just told her secretary, within earshot of half the office, that she was taking Valentine’s Day and the following day off, it was obvious to everybody what was going on. Anna the Ice Maiden had a secret boyfriend.

She was incredibly embarrassed and spent the rest of the day locked up in her office. Since it was Friday, everybody left as early as they could get away with and soon there was only Anna left. She finally plucked up the courage to open the parcel and found the beautiful lingerie from the picture last night, in the right size for her. She decided to take a taxi home.

When she got home she undressed in front of the mirror and tried out her new underwear. It was wonderful. It felt luxurious and decadent against her skin and the colour was perfect. The phone rang and it was the same distorted voice as the previous night.

“My darling,” he said. “I can’t wait for Tuesday, but I have to, and so do you. Take your nice new clothes off and don’t wear them again until I’m ready to fuck you.”

He hung up and Anna quickly stepped out of the underwear. Still naked, she looked around herself. How could he tell what she was doing? She couldn’t see any camera anywhere. The houses across the street were offices so they couldn’t see into her bedroom. She was baffled. She put on her dressing gown and went to the computer. There was an email from him.

“Darling, I’m sorry I was so short with you. But the outfit I bought is special and I want you to wear it on the night that you lose your virginity to me. You were so beautiful when you walked around naked. I wish you’d sleep naked tonight. Turn up the heating and sleep without a cover. For me. I love you.”

Anna did as she was told. She didn’t need much encouragement. Her secret Valentine had made her so horny that she struggled to think about anything than having sex. After pleasuring herself with her fingers she finally settled on her stomach, one leg slightly curled up, giving a great view of her pussy for the minute camera in her fire alarm to zoom in on. A couple of miles away a man typed in delivery instructions on various web sites where he’d ordered some Valentine’s Day gifts for Anna. He kept glancing at the screen where she was sleeping and he stroked his hard cock, knowing that it was only a matter of days until it was going to charge through her virginity and make her his.

On any normal Saturday Anna went jogging in the park and this was no different. She kept looking around, trying to figure out if any of the men she saw was her secret admirer, but she knew that she didn’t stand a chance of recognising him. When she returned home, there was a box leaning against her front door. She picked it up. It was red and shaped like a heart and there was a note attached to it.

“Go and have a long soak in the bath after your run. Eat these chocolates as you cover your delicious body with bubbles.”

He even knew that she preferred a bath to a shower after running. Once again she walked around her bedroom and bathroom as she got undressed, trying to figure out how he could see her. As she finally stepped into the steaming bath and her luscious tits disappeared under the bubbles he stroked himself to an orgasm. She was the sexiest creature on earth and she would soon be his.

She spent the Sunday with some friends from university and when she came back home she found a red bag with a DVD and a bottle of her favourite wine. She opened the note that was attached to the bottle.

“My darling, soon you will be mine. Open the bottle and take it upstairs to your bedroom. Get undressed and watch this DVD. Then send me an email and let me know what you thought of it.”

Anna was giddy with excitement. She was sure that she was finally going to see who he was. She opened the wine and brought it with her up the stairs. She put the bottle and a glass next to her bed and she took her clothes off. At first she was in a hurry, but then she Şentepe Escort Bayan realised that he must be watching her. She lay on her back with her legs in the air and peeled her stockings off her long legs. Then she slowly shed her bra and finally she pulled her briefs off. She poured herself a glass of wine and started the DVD. Her TV screen was filled with a woman, not all that unlike herself, who was lying naked on a bed. Then a man entered and he parted her legs. For the next few minutes his tongue and fingers brought the woman on the screen to a screaming orgasm and Anna got to see everything in close-up detail. She was dripping wet by the time she pulled on her robe and went downstairs to her computer.

The minute she logged on a new name popped up in her messenger. It was him.

“Hello my love,” he typed.


“Did you enjoy my gift?”

“Very much.”

“Did you wonder what it would feel like with my tongue on your clit as you were fingering yourself?”

“Yes I did.”

“Did you wonder what it would feel like with me lapping up your pussy juices?”


“Did you wonder whether I have a beard, like the man in the film, or whether I am in fact the man in the film?”

“Are you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“And the beard?”

“You’ll find out on Tuesday, my sweet. Now go to bed. We only have two more lonely nights before Valentine’s Day and then my cock will finally be inside your cunt.”

Then he logged off. Anna had a restless night’s sleep and a bad day at work. Her boss fussed at her during a meeting since she didn’t have all the relevant numbers and then he even criticised her in front of more junior staff because she didn’t have her usual sharp with about her. It was a relief to finally be able to go home and her heart jumped when she saw a parcel by her door. She opened it and it contained a bright red babydoll that was held together by a simple ribbon to tie between her tits. She read the note.

“Darling Anna. Wear this, and nothing else, tonight. More instructions to come.”

She went inside and changed into the flimsy garment. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She ate and checked her email. There was no message from him. She relaxed in front of the TV, but couldn’t settle. All she could think of was what was going to happen in 24 hours’ time. Then she heard something coming through her letter box downstairs. She looked at the clock and it was much too late for deliveries. She ran up to the window, and she could see the shadow of someone disappearing down the street. She ran downstairs and found a parcel. She opened it and it was another DVD and note.

“This is what I’ll be watching tonight. Enjoy it, my love. Tomorrow night it will be us.”

She hurried upstairs and turned on the DVD. It appeared to be a full length film this time and she settled on her bed with her fingers teasing her pussy. On screen was the same girl from the previous film, but with a new guy. She watched the action, hornier by the minute, as the guy fucked Anna’s look-alike to oblivion. When the onscreen fucking was finally over, Anna masturbated herself to her best orgasm yet and then she fell asleep. Her swollen pussy glistened in the night as her audience of one gave his swollen 7 inches a final few strokes before shooting his load straight onto a printout of a photo of Anna in the shower that was hanging on the wall in front of him.

Valentine’s Day had finally arrived! Anna skipped out of bed and had a long shower. As she was soaping her breasts she shuddered with excitement at the thought that tonight they were going to be touched by a man for the first time. As she was making her breakfast the doorbell rang. She thought it strange since his email had stated that the deliveries would arrive in the afternoon. She opened the door and there were three delivery men with their arms full of red roses. She signed for them and then watched as they entered her house to place them in very carefully selected positions. There wasn’t a single space in her house that didn’t smell of roses now.

Shortly after lunchtime the new satin sheets arrived. They were a deep red, the same shade as the roses. Anna carefully made the bed with the beautiful sheets. She was tempted to lie down on it, but she felt that would be cheating. A while later a man delivered a box. She took it upstairs and opened it and blushed when she saw the red coloured contents. She was still a virgin, but she did know what all those toys were for. There were two dildos. One was like jelly and relatively slim. The other one was shaped more like a cock and it had a little rabbit attached to it, it appeared to be a vibrator. There were several other little toys that seemed to be designed to pleasure a pussy and she was really tempted to try them. The last thing she got out was a huge bottle of lubricant. She shivered as she left them on her bedside table and put away the box.

Another Escort Şentepe while later there was one more delivery. It was a bag of bubble baths, bath oils and lotions. She placed them all in her bathroom. As it was starting to get dark, she decided to check her email. There was one from him.

“I hope you’re enjoying my gifts. It won’t be long now.”

It was nearly 6 o’clock when the candles arrived, all red. She placed them all over her bedroom and then she had another shower. When she was done she put on her new bra and briefs. It was a couple of minutes to 7 when she unlocked her front door and went upstairs. As she lay down on the bed she thought to herself that she must be crazy. This could be a rapist. This could be the most twisted sadist and she was just letting him into her house. But she couldn’t change this. She’d never met him. She’d hardly had any interaction with him, but she knew that she wanted to make love with him.

It felt like hours, but it was probably only a couple of minutes until she heard her front door open. It then closed and she could hear it being locked. Someone was taking their time, hanging their coat up downstairs. On her bed Anna felt compelled to run downstairs and meet him, but she knew that wasn’t the plan. Her pussy was soaking her new briefs and her nipples were hard as rocks in the beautiful bra. Soon she heard the steps up the stairs. He reached the first landing. Then there were more steps and he reached the second landing. She stretched herself to see, but the hallway was dark and the bedroom lit up with candles. He stopped outside her door and she could hear him undressing. The suspense was killing her. Then the door opened and a man came slowly into view. Her eyes stopped first at the bone hard 7-inch shaft that protruded from his hips. Then her eyes moved up past a chest covered in brown curls to a face. She gasped in recognition.


“Yes, Anna,” said her manager. “It’s me.”

“But how? Why?”

“I fell in love with you the day you started working for me. So many late nights in the office I just wanted to tear your clothes off your body and make passionate love to you, but you seemed so distant. You kept pulling back at the tiniest sign of physical contact. Then I heard you at the Christmas party. You were rather drunk and you were bawling your eyes out to Gracie about still being a virgin and that no man would want you. That’s when I came up with the plan of making you mine on Valentine’s Day.”

“But you saw me, you could tell what I was doing in here.”

“Well, when I figured that you were getting intrigued by your secret admirer I decided to install some spy cameras. I sent you on a business trip to Paris for two days, borrowed your spare keys from your desk and came her at night. There’s one in here and one in your bathroom. I’ll take them out later. They were all part of my plan to get you horny and ready for tonight.”

“It worked.”

“I’m glad. You’re so beautiful tonight. Stand up and let me admire you.”

Anna stood up and he took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She loved the feeling of his hot erection against her tummy and she pressed herself against him. She felt his hands on her tits and they separated a little. He caressed her nipples through the soft satin and then he wrapped his lips around one. When he let go the satin was soaked and Anna’s nipple was aching with desire. He finally reached around and unclasped her bra. As the bra flew to the floor his hands cupped her round tits. Once more he started sucking on a nipple, this time without the satin between his lips and her flesh. Anna’s pussy was drenched when he finally let go.

Mike’s hands moved down her body and he hooked his thumbs under her briefs and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and be brought them up to his face where he felt the wetness with his lips before he let go of them and smiled. Once more he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately, more urgently this time. They were both breathing heavily, discovering each other with their hands, when he finally picked her up in his arms and then placed her on the red sheets.

He parted her legs and settled between them. Anna breathed heavily as his lips moved closer to her pussy. Soon she could feel his warm breath against her sensitive skin and then his lips met hers. He kissed her slowly, as if he was kissing her mouth and then he pulled back. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue along her slit. She shuddered in reply. Soon his hands pulled her pussy lips apart and he flicked his tongue lightly across her highly sensitive clit. He licked downwards and soon found the source of her sweet nectar and lapped it up.

Anna was in ecstasy. She’d always figured that it would be nice to have her pussy eaten, but this was far beyond nice. She kneaded her tits and moaned as his tongue investigated her folds and teased her. It wasn’t long before his lips closed over her clit and he started sucking on it and teasing it. Anna cried out. If it hadn’t been for his hands on her thighs she would have wrapped her legs around him. It was only a question of time and soon enough she cried out and squirted a pool of sweet juice as she experienced her first orgasm at the hands of a man.

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Alice from Next Door

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This story is and was inspired by the events that happened in my life. I’m trying to tell it from different perspectives so I’m sorry if I don’t really have the perfect execution for that so bear with me and the story. I know it’s a long story, but I hope it’s worth the read.

All characters in the story are eighteen and older and their names have been changed out of respect for them. This is my first story so I would and will appreciate any feedback you have for me. Sorry if this is a slow starter. Thanks for reading!


It was a hot Wednesday in sunny California. It was nearing the end of her last year in high school and she could only smile as she was almost done with the most uneventful years of her life. Her name was Alice, a petite brunette with a nice figure that she was sure caught the eyes of her classmates every so often. The last four years were uneventful in the sense that she didn’t really “get any” as her friends nicely put it out there. They were surprised that with a figure like hers she couldn’t really get anyone to ask her out. They’d said that she was much too focused on her studies and used that as an excuse to not invite her to the many parties/events that they’d attended.

She’d just left the campus and was on her way to her friend, Chelsea’s house. She and her friends all agreed to meet at her place after school. It was in the mid 80’s and she just sat in contentment as she could feel the AC working its magic.

She passed the park and turned right at the street and found herself come into view as her friends were watching her park into place. She could see Chelsea, whose figure and shapely breasts refueled her small pangs of jealousy for her. She was 5’7 and had rich blonde hair that she spent so much time to style and really made it work. Chelsea could get the attention of anyone with just the bat of her eyelashes; her figure only added on to the overwhelming control she has over all the guys that she laid her eyes on. Alice couldn’t believe her friend had D cups and a nice, toned butt. Her outfit only accentuated her curves; she was wearing a loose tanktop and a skirt that did nothing to hide her “assets” as she liked to call them. Jenny followed, she was a small blonde at 5’3 with small, perky breasts (she was she she was a B cup) that she was not shy to show off. She had a bikini top on and her shorts from soccer practice on. The last of their group, Tara walked out of their friend’s home. Tara was her favorite. She had a very nice figure that she kept hidden. They shared a kinship in the sense that they didn’t like to show themselves off. She had a shirt of her favorite band on with some khaki shorts.

They all came out and hugged her and asked how she was doing. “I’m fine.” Alice said and as she tried to continue, Chelsea interrupted her. “I can’t wait to finish this shitty school year and really cut loose!” she practically screamed. Chelsea loved to be the center of attention; it was as if she craved to have all eyes on her, regardless of who they belonged to. Jenny just followed suit and cheered with Chelsea. Tara was the quiet one, but she looked like she was enjoying herself being a part of the group.

Chelsea led them all up to her room and they all piled in to find out what the plan was for today. “So, what’s the deal? Why bring us here?” asked Alice. It was nearly 4 pm and she just wanted to head home for the day. The only reason she came here was because Chelsea practically begged her to get here ASAP. She just smiled at her friends and she shushed them and their questions. “Ssshhh. It’s almost time.” She motioned to the window and they all came over to see just what the hell she was talking about. They looked out her window to the house she was pointing at. Soon, the front door opened and a young man came out dressed in a tight, white shirt with basketball shorts.

Chelsea just sighed as he started stretching, unknowing of the show he was putting on for the girls. Alice held her breath. He had brown skin, a nice, short haircut, and he looked to be in good shape. Not really her type, but there was an air about him that had her interested. He finished his stretches and soon ran off towards the park that was just down the street.

Jenny cut the silence with, “Ooookkayyy? Who is that fine, young man and how come you’ve never brought him up until now?” Her eyes weren’t the only ones looking at Chelsea expectantly. She blushed which Alice had to admit happened rarely. Oh my God..She was serious about him?! Most of the guys Chelsea had her eyes on were just flings or just went in and out her life. Alice couldn’t believe she was seeing Chelsea like this.

“He moved in with his family maybe a month ago? I never really saw him move out and about until I noticed something out of my window two weeks ago. He was shirtless and was doing yardwork and my eyes locked on him. I couldn’t stop staring…” Her blushing continued.

Tara cut in and just asked her why she brought them along for the peepshow. She was trying hard to contain Macunköy Escort her laughter.

“Hey! Don’t poke fun!! I know you were all staring too!” They all nodded in agreement. Alice was surprised at that. Their tastes varied, but for this man they all felt that he was very good looking. Soon Chelsea looked over her friends and they knew she had a plan. She stared over at Alice and noticed that she was still staring at the mystery man and said, “Look, it’s been some time and we all think that you should do it. It’s time to lose your V-Card.”

Alice was stunned. Sure, she had crushes and liked boys and she knew that she wanted to do it; who doesn’t? But she never really gave it much thought. She wasn’t and didn’t feel pressured to “do it” until now. She just had her mouth open and couldn’t find the words she wanted to say.

Jenny took over. “Look, we think it’d be best for you to just let go and have fun. Even if it’s with a guy you don’t know. It is and will be an experience. You just turned 18 and we think it’s time you cut loose!”

Alice just stayed quiet. How could they do this to her? Why? She wanted to go home now more than ever. Sure, he was good looking and there was an air about him; but they couldn’t expect her to just walk up to him and ask him to do her could they?

“You can’t expect me to just walk up to him and ask him for sex. Who does that? He’ll think I’m a slut!” Alice just looked at her friends as smiles began to grow on their faces.

Chelsea just looked at her with a big grin and said, “That’s exactly what we want you to do. And if you don’t go over there right now, I’m going to text Jake that you want to meet up with him this Friday and that you’ll do anything to get in bed with him.”

No! Not Jake! He had a thing for her that she knew was only superficial. She saw him look at her and shuddered at the thought of ever coming close to him.

“Alright. I’ll do it. But what do I do? I’ve never really done anything close to this..I’ve never even gone out of my way to talk to a guy!” She was close to crying now.

Her friends all looked at her. Then Jenny chimed in, “Look, just ask him out or something and on the planned day you jump his bones! Done and done!”

Tara was quiet, she knew not to interfere but could only feel bad as the other two were pretty much forcing Alice to be someone she was not. She couldn’t go against them so she stayed quiet. She just looked at Alice and encouraged her, “Look, you’re really pretty and have a great figure! Why wouldn’t he or any guy want to go out with you?!”

To Alice’s chagrin, Tara’s words of encouragement only added fuel to the fire as Jenny and Chelsea started cheering. Alice just swallowed away her anxiety and insecurities. Maybe they were right?

They were. It’s time I live some.

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

The room filled with cheers and she borrowed a shirt from Chelsea that she knew would really stick close to her and show off her C cup breasts. She also grabbed some tight fitting shorts as well and made her way outside. She was surprised to see him gone. She went upstairs and told her friends that he was gone. Right as they all looked disappointed, Tara’s eyes lit up as she saw him running back down the street. “He’s on his way home! Run! Go get him!”

Alice almost fell on her way down the stairs and ran outside to try and meet up with the mystery man. He was close and as she ran out to his driveway, BAM!

He definitely wasn’t expecting to run into a girl, let alone anyone on his run home. It’d been a long day and he wasn’t paying attention on his run. Sadly, he pretty much tackled the girl who was running as well as she ran into view and they ended up colliding. She was sprawled on the floor and he wasn’t in good shape either.

He got up and as he did, their eyes met. She had beautiful hazel eyes. She was blushing and trying to apologize but all he could do was just offer his hand to her. She blushed and grabbed onto his hand and let him help her up.

“I’m so sorry about blocking your way! I just wanted to…talk with you?” Alice felt awkward; she was out of her element here and she was horrible at flirting. It was easier said than done. But his eyes were on her and she could feel a tingling sensation.

Soon he started to blush as he tried to apologize too, “No, I should be sorry! I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going and I hit you. I hope you can forgive me. Is there anything I could do to make it up to you?”

She thought that this was the perfect opportunity. “Maybe I’d forgive you more if you’d go out with me some time?” She was startled to know that she actually wanted something out of this. If she was going to jump anyone’s bones, it’d be him. Not Jake.

“Oh! Um..sure, I’d love to take you out sometime! When’s a good time for you?” He practically stammered that out, but was glad that he was able to get it out his system.

“How about tonight at 7? You can pick me up here if that’s fine?” she Macunköy Escort Bayan pointed to her friend’s house and he just smiled and nodded.

Then she realized something, she was going out with a guy and she didn’t even know his name! She didn’t give out her name either! Shit! She quickly tried to introduce herself. “I’m Alice, by the way. It’s nice to meet you…”

“Jerrid. My name’s Jerrid. And it’s nice to meet you too.” He was smiling and she felt like her legs were going to give out seeing his dazzling smile and dimples.

“I’ll see you at 7 then?”

It was her turn to smile and nod.

“Great! I’ll treat you to dinner and a movie. How’s that sound?”

It sounded perfect. But she didn’t want to sound too desperate.

“That’s fine with me.” She tried to smile as sexily as possible and his eyes went wide and he just smiled back at her.

He went inside his house and she ran back into Chelsea’s to share the news. “OH MY GOD!” and “YAY!!” was all she heard as she told them she was going out with the boy across from Chelsea. They helped her pick out a nice outfit, a tight fitting skirt and top that went great with it and they did her hair and made her look amazing. Soon, it was 6:45 and her nerves were making her go insane. 6:59 and Chelsea’s doorbell rang and squealing ensued.

She made her way to the door to find him in slacks, a nice form-fitting black dress shirt and a nice jacket to boot. He smiled and blushed and so did she. Her friends were camping out on the stairs to try and get a good look at him. He held his hand out and took ahold of hers and led her over to his place only to bring her inside.

She was quiet and wide-eyed. She assumed they were going out and this was moving way too fast. She wasn’t prepared. She was freaking out. Up until he led them into the kitchen and she saw the table had candles and plates all set with food that smelled delicious!

He looked over at her with that smile of his and pulled her chair out. As she took a seat, he said, “I hope you don’t mind having dinner here; it was so last minute that the place I wanted to have dinner at was full and I couldn’t make a reservation.”

He was blushing and embarrassed and she just smiled and made sure to tell him that this was just fine and that she appreciated what he was doing for her.

She looked at the food and was perplexed as to what she was looking at. It smelled amazing, but she didn’t know what it was.

He saw her and smiled. “I hope you like chicken. I made some adobo; it’s a filipino dish my mom made and since tonight’s special, I knew it was time to bust it out. Just cut up the chicken and mix the sauce with the rice. Trust me, it’ll taste amazing all at once. If you don’t like it, I promise I won’t take it personally and we can just order pizza. Is that okay?”

She couldn’t help but smile and made her best attempt to try this “adobo.”

She cut up the chicken, grabbed some sauce and poured in on the rice. She mixed it all and grabbed a spoonful. She closed her mouth over the spoonful and did her best to take it all in.

“It’s delicious!” she couldn’t help herself and just dug right in.

He was smiling at the success of the dish and they finished quickly.

“So now that dinners done, what’s the plan for the movie?” she asked, hoping that the evening wasn’t going to end after all this.

“Well, I got some movies we could put up on the TV if that’s to your liking my lady?” he had this funny look on his face and she couldn’t help but laugh and nod her approval.

He picked a rom-com and led her to the living room (he called it the sala) and soon she was cuddling up to him hoping that this moment would last forever. She barely knew the guy, but she’d had an enjoyable evening thus far. His hand grazed over her thigh and her face reddened.

She looked up and he looked back with eyes wide.

“Oh man! I didn’t mean to do that, I’m so sorry!” he tried to get up but she grabbed onto him and pulled him back on the couch.

“No, it’s fine. I like it when you touch me…I” she trailed off as she knew she’d gone too far.

The last time she tried to confess her feelings for a boy, he just laughed at her and got everyone to join in. Tears filled her eyes at the memory.

“Well, that’s good news. Because I like you too.” he couldn’t help but blush at what he admitted.

She just looked into his eyes and edged closer to his face. Their noses touched. He smiled and brought his mouth over to hers. It was a quick peck to try and test the waters. She didn’t even know this man, but it didn’t matter. Now was the time to be daring.

She pushed her face into his and she could feel the heat of them reaching out for the other. He grabbed onto her face and tried out some tongue. She liked it thankfully. She brought her tongue in too. They were smacking face and it was as if nothing else mattered.

He started to unbutton his shirt and she was starting Escort Macunköy to unzip her top when he stopped. He smiled at her and brought his hands on her top and she brought her hands to his and they undid the zipper and buttons.

She could see and feel the muscles on his chest and his abs didn’t look too bad either. He could only stare as her C cups poured out and her lacy bra just made them look even better. She was self conscious of her breast and she looked up at him hoping he’d say something to break the silence.

He smiled and said, “You’re beautiful!”

She smiled back and they went back to sucking face. Their tongues interlaced together and they couldn’t bring themselves to separate. He grabbed her ass and she progressively moved her hands down his chest to his crotch. She yelped when she felt the bulge that she failed to notice.

His face was red and he pulled her onto him and they were at it again. Only this time he started at the zipper of her skirt. She reached for his belt and to his amusement couldn’t find the right way to get it off. He laughed as they kissed and that alone made her feel right at home. It was if his laugh alone obliterated the jitters she felt. Everyone of her insecurities flew out of her and she couldn’t help but laugh too.

“Alright, let’s compromise. I’ll get the belt and you get the zipper. Deal?” he had this look in his eyes that was playful but hoping at the same time. It was adorable. She nodded and kissed his nose as they went to work.

Soon she was just in her bra and panties and he was just in boxers. He could only beam at her and he just pulled her close to him in a hug that she desperately needed. She knew this would be special.

But she realized she was still hit by her nerves and was trembling.

He released the hug, looked her deep into her eyes said, “Look, I know this is moving fast. We just met and here we are. I understand if you want to stop and just keep things as they are. I completely understand. I just want you to be happy. I don’t want to do something you or I would regret.”

His dark, brown eyes just melted her on the spot. The need in them and the desire she felt from him sent her to cloud 9! It was an amazing feeling.

She just shook her head and put her head on his chest hearing his erratic heartbeat. He was as nervous as she was! She smiled and said, “I think I’m ready. I want you.”

That was all he needed to hear. He picked her up and carried her straight to his room and carefully placed her on his bed. He crept over and started reaching for her thighs. Her moans were something else, and he just continued on. Her hands gripped the sheets as he made his way to her pussy and he saw the wet spot that started to show on her panties.

She was blushing and she looked at him with such a look that drove him insane. He went to work. The put his tongue over her panties and she went wild. He pushed them to the side and started licking as much as he could all the while sliding his fingers up and down her slit.

“OHH, OHHH, YESS KEEP GOING PLEASE DON’T STOP!! JERRID!” was all that she could get out of her mouth.

She’d masturbated numerous times but it never felt like this or this good. He knew what he was doing. She could only moan in appreciation of his efforts as her brought her to climax.

“YEESSS, YEESSS, OH GOD!” she cried out.

He was smiling as she came back to earth from the orgasm he just gave her. She was surprised she was so loud, and wet, and blushed. She looked at him and noticed the bulge in his boxers.

She reached over and he shuddered. Apparently the tip of his cock was sensitive.

“I may not be good at this, but I’d like to try for you. Is that okay?” the innocent look in her eyes only added fuel to the fire. He just nodded and hoped he wouldn’t blow too soon. She reached out and pulled his boxers down to see his full length. It was at least 7-8 inches and its girth was good too. She was surprised at the size and wondered if it’d even fit inside her.

She placed her tongue on the tip and was surprised at the taste and feel of it. She liked it. She continued down his shaft and reached his balls. He trembled at her touch and moaned. She loved seeing his reactions and the pleasure he was getting from this. She loved how wet she was. It was so dirty.

“Alice, I’m getting close; just wanted to-” he let out a guttural noise as she tried to take him whole in her mouth.

“FUCK! How’d you do that? That felt AMAZING!!” he was inbetween moans now and was losing the good fight.

She smiled as the moaning intensified and she was preparing herself to take it all then and there.


The force of it alone almost made her gag but she was determined. The act alone got her so wet.

As soon as he was spent he flopped back on the bed and let out a content sigh. She followed suit and nestled next to him. She rested her head on his chest, so she could hear his heartbeat. She was smiling and couldn’t believe what was happening to her.

She looked up at him and noticed was smiling too. He was bringing his fingers up and down her back and she let out a moan as he reached her ass and gave a gentle squeeze. That was enough to bring him back to life.

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A Day for Firsts

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The day had finally arrived, the day that I had been looking forward to for so long. Today… was the day I was going to lose my virginity! And, as the ache in my dick reminded me, it was the day my Mistress would free me from this cage.

It had been a month since the unmarked box had appeared on my doorstep, a gift from my partner (and Mistress!) Elise for the wait until she could visit me for the first time. Of course, I was expecting a fleshlight or some other fun toy, but as I pulled the item out of the box, I recognised the curved metal and leather base from a thousand fantasies. I almost squealed with excitement just at the sight, barely waiting to slip the restraint around my cock and balls. There was a padlock in the bottom of the box, already unlocked.. Knowing the key was safely around Mistress’ neck, I snapped it through the loops at the base, completing my captivity. She was so turned on when I told her, she masturbated right there with me on the phone! It was fucking agony and I loved it. All month, she would tease me and turn me on between all the sickeningly sweet messages people in long distance relationships send each other.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of rapping knuckles on my front door. It was her, she was here! I stepped to the door quickly and opened it, gasping as I saw Elise for the first time in person. It was one thing to see someone through a computer screen, but she was…

She laughed Yenikent Escort softly, noticing my awestruck stare. “You know how to make a girl feel welcome, Will.”

I blushed, already on the back foot. Sheepishly, I stepped aside and let her into the house. She placed her luggage down by the door before she wrapped her arms around my neck and stared deep into my eyes.

“Have you been a good little slave, Will?” One of her arms disentangled from my neck, sending her hand straight to my crotch. Judging by the cooing, she was pleased with what she found. “So obedient! I am glad that you managed to survive the month without resorting to bolt cutters.”

“Well all that torture makes our time together more fun, no?” I beamed with the praise.

“Absolutely, at least for me.” She smirked and gave me a warm, affectionate kiss. I responded in kind, all of the affection left unexpressed flowing freely into her lips. We collapsed onto the couch. Sitting atop me and pulling back from the kiss, Elise wiggled her hips against mine, her ass pressed against the steel cage. She regarded me with an affectionate gaze.

“So… You were serious, weren’t you?”

I blinked, confused. “What about?”

“That this was going to be your first time.”

My cheeks turned bright red, as I looked away. “I… I don’t know why someone would lie about that.”

“No, it’s that… I guess I thought boys Yenikent Escort Bayan your age would be falling over themselves to pass this milestone.”

“Well… I mean, I kinda didn’t know what I wanted… Aside from kinky shit, I knew that years ago.”

She ran a hand along my cheek. “Well I’m flattered to be the one to pop your cherry.” Her body leant down to kiss my lips again, sweetly.

“Okay, now that the lovey dovey stuff is out of the way, roll over and stick your ass up.” She pulled back with an evil smile, sliding off me and padding over to her luggage. I was swift to assume the position, ass up head down with jeans around my ankles. She returned to slap me on the ass, making me squeak and blush. I turned around to look at her and spied the dangling mass of condomed silicon jutting out from her harnessed panties. Every muscle in my body wanted to jump on it and take her length inside me.

Her fingers, lathered in cool lubricant, pressed softly against my ass and swirled around. The coldness and touch brought squirms and moans in equal measure. She laughed, a devious light shining in her eye.

“You’re such a buttslut, Will! I’m so proud of you.” Her praise brought more butt wiggling encouragement to my actions. Her hands moved to take hold of the sides of my hips, and I felt the tip of the strapon pressing between my cheeks. The moment was finally here.

“Are you Escort Yenikent ready?”

I was barely able to contain myself to just a nod. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long before the tip slowly pushed past my ring and probed my insides. I had played with my fingers before, but this… This was something else entirely. My hands balled at the couch cushions as my back arched to meet the invader. As the whole length settled inside me, I let out a long, lustful moan.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Elise chuckled with surprise.

“Well, I had to make sure this was gonna work… You never said I couldn’t practice with fingers!”

Her reward for my creative rule bending was a slow thrust of her hips, the pleasurable tingles shooting all throughout my body with the movement. I whined with need, my body thrusting softly against the cock in my rear. Her nails raked down my back as her thrusts picked up, increasing to a steady rhythm that had my mouth open with a constant string of pleasured noises. I thrust my hips in time with hers, slamming together as the tip pressed to its deepest. It was the best moment of my life.

Unfortunately, like most great moments in a person’s life, it was over way too soon. My cock was already straining against the cage after a few minutes, and with a few more thrusts I was spurting thick puddles of cum onto my couch cushions. I was so embarrassed, I had expected to last way longer!

Elise smiled and pulled herself out of me, moving beside me to stroke my hair as I rode my orgasm.

“Was it worth the wait?”

I nodded dimly and sheepishly smiled. “I hope I don’t have to wait a month for round two.”

By her grin, I’d say I wouldn’t have to wait even an hour.

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A Happy Ending

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I tell you to take off your clothes and cover yourself with a towel and lie down on the table while I go into the other room to get some lotion. I leave the room, and give you enough to remove your clothes. Before coming back into the room, I knock and ask if you’re covered. You tell me that you are. So I open the door and walk in. The first thing I see is your beautiful bare ass as you’re lying on your stomach. I ask why you didn’t cover yourself. You tell me that you just didn’t want to. Simple enough, I think to myself.

I walk to the table and survey your body from this angle. It’s amazing. I apply some of the lotion to my hand, then sit the bottle down on the little table I’ve set up beside the massage table. I rub the lotion into my hands a little in order to warm it up. I start with your shoulders. Rubbing the lotion in deep and hard with my hands. You moan slightly with the soft pressure. I work my way down your back, rubbing my hands and fingers into every inch of your skin. The lotion making your already soft and smooth skin feel even smoother. I’m getting slightly turned on as I caress your bare skin.

I finally work my way to your bare ass. I caress them softly, eliciting soft moans from you. I slowly work your ass cheeks apart, trying to get a peak at your tight pink pussy. You quickly realize what I’m trying to do. So you turn over. Which leaves me speechless as I’m now staring at your naked body. From your perfect 36D breasts, down your sexy stomach, to your bare pussy. It’s difficult, but I control myself. I will finish the massage before I do anything else.

I apply a little more lotion to my hands, then start with your stomach. I rub the lotion into your stomach, then up a little to right below your breasts. Batıkent Escort I make my way back down your stomach, past your glistening pussy, down your legs. Your long, sexy legs. I massage your thighs for a bit, getting a little closer to your pussy every second. I then continue down your legs, massaging every inch with my fingers as I go. I get to your feet, and pay a little extra time to the soles of your feet. While massaging your feet, I pull your legs apart just a bit. Just enough to get a better peak at your waiting pussy.

I decide that that’s enough. I rub the rest of the lotion into your legs as I make my way back up. I graze your clit with one finger as I pass. I hear a soft moan escape your lips. I get back up to your breasts, and grab one as I lean down and kiss you. It catches you by surprise, and almost don’t know how to react. Then you return the kiss. It gets deeper and more passionate the longer we kiss. Finally, I break the kiss. The look of amazement on your face tells me that it worked.

I kiss you once more, then begin to kiss your neck and nibble your earlobes a little. You start to squirm a little at these pleasurable feelings. I make my way down your neck, to your breasts. I slightly pinch one nipple as I start to lick the other one. I nibble slightly as I continue to flick my tongue across it. You’re squirming even more. Even moaning a little. I let one hand slowly make its way down your body. I rub your clit a little. Then I start running my finger up and down your slit. Teasing you.

I look at you for permission. You nod your head. I slowly slide one finger into your tight virgin pussy. You bite your lip as I slide the finger in inch by inch. I stop for a second and lean Batıkent Escort Bayan down and give you a reassuring kiss. I slowly pull the finger back out. It’s soaked with your juices. I push it back in a little bit faster. I continue this process, slowly gaining speed as I go.

After a while of this, the one finger is going in easily enough, so I add another finger. I repeat the process I used with one finger. Slowly going in, slowly pulling out, and slowly gaining speed. I lean down and flick my tongue across your clit one good time. This makes your back arch as you let out the loudest moan yet. I decide to do it again, but repeatedly. I then go back down to one finger, and slide my tongue inside your wet hole. I quickly flick my tongue back and forth while it’s inside your pussy, driving you crazy. I feel your already tight pussy clamp down on my finger and tongue as you cum. I start licking at all the fresh juices coming out. They taste so good that I can’t get enough.

After this, I climb onto the table with you. I rub the head of my cock up and down your slit, then rub the juices down the length of my cock to lubricate it. I rest the head at your slit and look up at you. I ask if you’re ready. You slowly nod your head in anticipation. I slowly slide the head of my cock into your pussy. You wince a little, but don’t tell me to stop. So I slowly continue to slide the rest of my cock into your pussy. Inch by inch I go, until I’m all the way in. Then I stop for a minute while your pussy adjusts to its newest visitor.

I lean down and kiss you deeply once again, reassuring you that it’s gonna be just fine. You nod your head, letting me know I can continue. I slowly pull my dick out until just Escort Batıkent the head is still in. Then I slowly slide it back in. I continue this slow in and out for a while. Making sure you’re comfortable with everything. I ask if I can go a bit faster, and you mouth “Yes.” So I push in a little faster, and with a little more force. You don’t protest, so I continue to slowly build speed.

After a while, I’m fucking you as hard as I can, and you’re moaning and screaming as I pound your no longer virgin pussy. I slow back down so you can calm down a little. I ask if you wanna change positions. You nod your head, so I ask which you wanna try next. You tell me to lie down on my back on the table. I do so, and you straddle me. You slowly lower yourself onto my dick.

I pull my legs up to get some thrusting power. I reach down and push you up by your ass. I push you back down onto my cock as I thrust up as hard as I can. You scream loudly. I slowly pull back out while pulling you back up. Then I quickly push you back down and thrust up hard once again. You scream again. I grin slightly. I keep this up for several minutes before I get a little winded. I let my legs down and let you ride me for a while.

You rock your hips back and forth quickly, which feels absolutely amazing. You then put your feet onto the table, and lean back with support of your hands. Then you quickly bounce up and down on my dick. All I can do is lean back and enjoy this as you fuck my dick. You start moaning and screaming again as you cum once again. This time, it’s too much for me. So I tell you that I’m close to cumming. You get off of me and stand beside the table. You grab my dick and start jacking me off. After only about ten seconds, I feel that surge. Then I feel it spurting out and watch it land all over your hands and my stomach.

You walk to the head of the table, and lean down and kiss me. Then you whisper “Thank you. For making my first time so amazing.” I just nod my head and lean up and kiss you again. Feels like the start of something great.

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Absolute Beginners Pt. 01: The Risk

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This is the first story with a sexual content that I wrote. I am not an experienced writer and I am not a native English speaker, but I hope that I can give you a little joy with my story.


Recently I have been at the birthday party of Patty, a friend of mine. She invited the whole circle of friends and also an old childhood friend named Amy. First you might have to know more about our clique. Despite being fairly good looking and probably due to our shyness and some of us being prude, we are all a bunch of losers when it comes to love and sex. We never learned how to date since we were playing cards and tabletop-games as teenagers instead of going out. None of us ever had a spouse or even sex. And here we are, in our mid 20s, inexperienced if you don’t count porn and too afraid to make a first move. There is even a name for people like us: Absolute beginners or short ABs.

Back to the party: Patty invited everyone to her parent’s house, in which she still lived, to celebrate her 25th birthday. I always wondered why she doesn’t have a boyfriend, since she is such a beauty. She is 5”6 with an athletic body and B-cups. Her dark blond hair falls straight to her shoulders and with her cold blue eyes and her glasses I always imagine her as a strict secretary. She prepared lots of food and little games to entertain us in the evening.

After eating a little we played a truth or dare type tabletop game. Now you might think this leads to a typical erotic scene, but don’t forget that we are ABs. It went like that:

(btw I’m Matt)

Michael: “Ok, let’s begin. I got 3 on my die and the field is a truth-type. Let’s see… the rules say that I have to ask one of you a question which you have to answer truthfully. We give points from one to 5 about how interesting or embarrassing we judge the answer. This way we can gather addition points. The more you reveal yourself, the more likely it is to win. Ok, I choose Thomas.”

Here you can see what I mean. He could have asked an interesting and sexual question to Patty, Amy or Natasha and he probably wanted to, but he is too shy and asks Thomas. Let’s go on…

Michael: “Thomas, uhm, what is the most disgusting thing you ever ate?”

Kyle: “Let’s see… probably seaslug at the Chinese restaurant…”

Michael: “Ok, what points to you give for that?” Everyone was holding up fingers. “On average 1, you get one point, which means your answer was not very entertaining.”

Kyle: “Screw you too, dude!”

Patty: “Is it my turn now?” Her dice showed 3 as well. “Ok, question to Natasha. What do you dream about?”

Natasha: “My biggest dream is to hear more of those unbelievably shocking questions and answers.” Everyone laughed about her sarcastic answer and gave her 3 points average.

This is how it went on for a while. Points were gathered on the point fields instead from revealing secrets or doing dares like “Eat Karşıyaka Escort 30 pretzels as fast as possible”. It was our usual innocent fun until that one round. I did not really concentrate on the game because I was trying to catch a glimpse of Amy whenever I could. I didn’t know Amy before the party. She was fun but also holding back herself since she knew only Patty. She could not be an AB though. Amy is about 5”8 tall, has a normal figure with big D-cup breasts and her dark brown hair was tied to a ponytail. She wore a wool jersey which tightly followed the line of her skin and of course this distracted me a bit, when I was about to get asked another truth question.

Harry: “Matt, what sites do you visit on the internet?” A knowing laughter followed the question.

Being taken off guard only trying to hide my lustful stare at Amy’s gorgeous boobs made me spout:

“Anything with MILFs and Rimjobs is fine…” Oh fuck, what did I say? My face froze as the laughter died off immediately. Only Amy started to giggle. The boys looked down and smiled a little, just Harry said:

Harry: “Well, if you need that.”

Patty: “What is a Rimjob?”

Amy: “That is when you get licked around your butthole.”

I was totally flushed when Amy answered. So were the others and a painful silence followed. At first Amy was smiling but then she looked down as if in shame. I had to help her so I turned the prudes to me again.

“Yeah, what can I say? I am an ass man. I want 5 points now…”

Another silence towards me was broken by Patty suggesting that we play another game and everybody thankfully switched over to her idea.


Later after the game when everybody was talking in different corners I went over to Amy.

“Hey there Amy. Sorry about earlier. It was me who put you in this situation. I hope it wasn’t too embarrassing for you.”

Amy: “It’s fine. Thanks for taking the frost. But I don’t understand it. What is so embarrassing about knowing these things?”

“Oh, nothing really… I am sure that at least every guy here knows those words. We just don’t mention sexual stuff.”

Amy: “I noticed. The game earlier also was unusually sexless. Why is that?”

“Well, I don’t know but I guess that it is hard to talk about unfulfilled wishes.”

Amy: “What do you mean? Are you all as shy as Patty?”

“I don’t think that we are prudish, just cautious.”

Amy: “Well, you better stop being cautious and risk something, or you will look back at a life of regrets later.”

With that, Amy left me startled and thinking. She was right. What is there to lose?


After a lot of thinking and gathering guts I went back to Amy.

“Hey there again.”

Amy: “Hey there again, Mr. Cautious.”

“You are right. I need to risk more. And here I am. I would like to talk with you in private. Would Karşıyaka Escort Bayan you meet me upstairs in Patty’s room?”

Amy: “Sounds interesting. Let’s hear you out.”

We walked up the stairs and into Patty’s childhood room. I turned to Amy, with my heart bumping louder than my thoughts and stammered:

“Will… will you go out with me?”

Amy smiled at me, more pitying than nice, walked past me and stretched her arms above her head

Amy: “Oh my. I thought you were going to actually risk something. Now I am disappointed.”

Right into my balls. Here I risked more than ever and it was still not enough? And she turned her back to me stretching her back and moaning and just being ready to be grabbed from behind and… there I grabbed her. My left arm embraced her down around her waist and my right arm went around her chest with my right hand covering her left breast above the thin clothing. I pulled her close to me and held her tight. She didn’t even flinch.

“I want you. Now.”

Amy: “Now you finally man up.”

With that I swung her around, held her tightly again and we kissed wildly. Never could I imagine how wonderful a woman feels. My hand started from her neck, went down on her spine until it reached her butt crack, where it jumped to cup her ass cheek strongly, pulling her up. My hands researched her back, thighs and ass as if to make up for all the lost years. Meanwhile we kissed so furious that our mixed salvia ran down our chins but I didn’t care and she not either. That woman was fire and I was about to be burnt to ashes.

When I started to kiss her neck and bite her earlobes, she took control.

Amy: “Hold it, Mr. Cautious. We don’t have much time until the others will ask themselves, what we are doing.”

I stopped kissing her, fearing that this moment was over.

Amy: “I grant you a reward for taking a risk. I will either take all my upper clothes off and you can use my upper body however you want, for a few minutes OR I will strip down my pants and panties and you can take care of my lower half to your cock’s content for a few minutes. Your choice.”

What should I do? What would you do? There was no time to waste so I said what my feeling told me.

“Take down your pants and kneel on Patty’s bed.”

That is what she did. Without hesitation she flipped off her shoes, pulled down her jeans and her panties at the same time, jumped on the edge of the bed and positioned herself on all 4. She spread her legs enough to be fully accessible from the start. For the first time I saw a woman’s pussy and ass live in front of me. I came close and watched her pussy and ass carefully. I wanted this picture to burn into my eyes. There was this girl, ready and waiting for me. Her pink pussy lips glistered from moisture. Slowly I ran my finger above those lips, feeling them, parting them a little and Escort Karşıyaka back up towards her clitoris. I tried to use everything I learned from porn, books and the internet and massaged her lips and circled around the clit.

Amy moaned: “Fuck, Matt. Why are you so cautious? We don’t have much time. Use me already!”

With that I closed my mouth on her pussy. Fuck, the taste was unbelievable. My tongue slid through her lips to her clit, circled around and pressed against it. Since I was behind her and she on her elbows and knees, my nose dove right into her pussy hole. Then I raised my head and slid my tongue into her pussy and was surprised about the amount of pussy juice.

But there wasn’t much time and my eyes already saw my next goal, so my fingers went to her asshole. When I touched it Amy moaned loudly and lost strength in her arms. She let her chest fall on the bed and bit into the sheet, in which she left another loud cry which would have alarmed the whole house if she hadn’t had muffled herself before. Then I moved my mouth from her pussy to her anus and kissed it. I couldn’t grasp at all that my fantasies became true all out of the blue. I moved my tongue over the wrinkles around her hole and dipped my tongue in.

Not wanting Amy to rush me anymore I slid down my pants to take out my by now painful erected cock thinking about which hole I should lose my virginity in to. I decided for her ass.

“Move up the bed a little and spread open for me.”

Amy: “Oh yes, fuck me already.”

Then I reached my fingers into her pussy juice well and moistured Amy’s ass, when…

Amy: “What are you doing? Don’t you try and fuck me there. I want you in my pussy.”

“But you said… ok.”

Maybe you think that she told me to use her and that is right. But I didn’t want to force myself on her and I speculated on something, but that I will tell you later.

Not wanting to argue to her I gave her what she wanted and shoved my dick into her pussy with one push.

Amy whimpered: “Oh my gosh. Fuck you. No, fuck me. It’s safe. Just fuck me.”

I pushed into her. And hard, so that my balls flapped against her clit and until she bit into the bed sheet again. Feeling my cock sliding in and out of her was great. I knew my life changed completely now and I knew that I was the greatest guy on the world in right that moment. I couldn’t wait to shoot my load into her knowing that the rest of the evening she would have my semen in her. I didn’t have to wait for long until I pumped endlessly into Amy and I got so dizzy that I almost passed out. But I didn’t care. In front of me there was my first woman, biting and moaning into the bed sheet with a filled up pussy.

After some seconds it was Amy who came to her senses and organized our retreat. She told me to walk down first, she would follow me later. I should say that I was in the upstairs bathroom and she waited to use it and therefore it took so long. Well, my friends would believe that… only later it came to me that walking down with the biggest grin ever, telling them I came out of the bathroom, probably wasn’t the best idea. But who cares, the evening held for more great surprises, but that I will tell you another time…

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A Night He Will Never Forget

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Female Ejaculation

Justin and I met while still in high school. We became immediate friends from the very beginning through a mutual friend, Josh. Josh was very strange and not many people liked him, or could even stand him, for that matter. Although there was one thing I could give great thanks to him for, and that was for introducing me to the love of my life.

We grew up in a small town in Georgia. We had always talked about getting married and that day was finally here. For nine months I had been stressing out about having everything perfect for our wedding. I totally forgot about our wedding night and what a surprise Justin will get when I step out of our hotel room bathroom with my white satin corset and matching g-string. But enough about the wedding night. That day was magical. I had everything I had wanted even down to the flowers.

After the wedding was completely over, we changed out of our wedding clothes and put on something a bit more suitable for a plane ride. At this point I still didn’t know where the honeymoon was, until I heard this familiar voice over the intercom say, “Last call for flight 113 to Atlantic City.”

I could not have been more surprised. We had always talked about going there and now we actually were. On the flight there Justin kept whispering sexy little things in my ear and getting me so wet I’m sure you could have seen it through my jeans. “I can’t wait to kiss every inch of your body tonight…” he once said.

Besides the fact that he was already incredibly hot, and I could do whatever I wanted with him, made me want him even more. Obviously the flight there was hard for Demetevler Escort us to keep our hands off each other. At one point a stewardess had to come over and ask us to stop messing around because we were making the other passengers uncomfortable. We felt like kids again.

Finally we landed in the beautiful Atlantic City, and I should have known that Justin would get the best hotel and the best room in the hotel just for our fun filled night of ecstasy. I just hoped that the walls were sound proof because there’s going to be a lot of screaming going on.

When we checked into the hotel, we carried our luggage up to our room and before we went into our room, Justin picked me up and carried me in and put me on the bed.

While he was bringing in the rest or our stuff, I crept into the bathroom and changed in to his surprise. I knew I could get a rise out of him when I came out wearing my white leather corset with matching g-string, thigh high white stockings, and 4 inch high stilettos with white fur on the top.

“What are you doing in there?” He asked even though I knew that he knew what I was doing.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” I was so nervous because this was our first time to ever have sex and I really wanted to make it a night he would never forget.

I hesitated coming out of the bathroom looking like a hooker, but Justin had a fetish with underwear, especially corsets, and I really wanted to be sexy for him and plus my ass looked incredible in that g-string. When I came out of the bathroom and came around the corner, I looked at him and he was Escort Demetevler speechless. His jaw dropped to the ground like he was in shock and I knew he couldn’t wait to fuck the shit out of me. I could see it in his eyes.

He was sitting on the edge of the king sized bed. I walked over to him and told him to stand up. He stood up, willingly, still with his mouth open in shock and he didn’t say a word. He just did what I said to do. I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off onto the floor. I unbuckeled his belt, unbuttoned his pant button and unzipped his zipper, to find silk boxers and a very hard, very big man. I asked him if I looked hot and he just nodded and I closed his mouth, put his big bear arms around me and kissed his sweet, lustful lips. I kissed him again but this time with a little tongue.

I licked around his lips and softly bit his bottom lip. I knew that was something he loved for me to do. His hands moved from the middle of my back to the bottom of my back and drew a circle with his finger around my tattoo. He moved his hands further and further downward and landed on my ass. I hoped he was ready for what was to come next.

I pushed him down on the bed and strattled him. I took his hands and moved them down my corset to my thighs, then to my ass again. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me very passionately. I didn’t want it to end, but just as he pulled away he picked me up and threw my on the other side of the bed. He positioned me to be right in the middle of the bed and kissed me again, kissing my neck, then my chest, all the way down to Demetevler Escort Bayan my toes. I moaned a bit to make him do it more. That turned him on so much. I wanted him to just fuck the hell out of me and he knew that, but instead he unhooked the top half of my corset and kissed in between my breasts. I didn’t want it to end.

His hands were so soft it almost tickled when he slid his hand under my g-string. “Oh god baby! I want you to fuck me so hard,”

“Not yet Baby, just wait.” I didn’t want to wait, that was the problem. I wanted it now and I wanted it hard and fast. He took my g-string off and threw it on the floor behind him. Just when I thought I was going to get what I wanted, he just teased me again. He kissed on the inside of my legs and bit everywhere and he got me so wet I could feel it. I was dripping. Couldn’t he see that!? Apparently he could because the next thing he did was amazing. He took 2 fingers and slid them into my wet pussy. Then he licked my clit so soft, it only took me a minute to have one of the best orgasms ever.

“Oh fuck baby, you are so hot, I want you to fuck me so hard.” I said filling his mouth with all my juices.

He didn’t stop fingering me and sucking on my clit. I can’t even count how many orgasms he gave me, it seemed to go on forever. I didn’t want him to stop. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore before I came again, he stopped, pulled my legs up and put them on his shoulder and slid his dick inside of my wet pussy. He started fucking me very slow. He would go in real fast then pull out slow and repeat about 20 times. He then started pulling out half way and go back in fast and hard, just how I told him i would like it.

He kept fucking me until we both came. We both laid there on the bed looking at each other, thinking how lucky we both were to have found each other. A couple minutes of cooling off was enough time for us to just start fucking again.

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A Taste of Being Bad

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It had been fairly easy for Jonathan to join Devina’s preferred sex club. He used forged documents and gave his name as Joe Grind. However, the club’s administrators seemed more focused on his ability to pay their fees than on his name. Plus they only referred to members by their membership numbers, so no one needed his name.

This was his first night there, so he got a guided tour. The place was like Sodom and Gomorrah in overdrive. There were transsexuals, homosexuals and heterosexuals on every level. The ground level was the entry level. That level was home to a spa, a pool, a restaurant, a bar, a clinic, lockers for personal belongings and the main shower area, which was completely open with no separations for the different genders. The next level, or first level as they referred to it, was where the toys and costumes and all sorts of sexual paraphernalia were displayed and issued. That level had hosts guiding club members through their options and demonstrating how to use the equipment. The second level was the party floor, where you could literally fornicate with any and everyone. They had open sets, which were clearly for voyeurs and role players; there were makeshift public toilets; fake farm barns; mock classrooms; and so on but the main area was a tiled dance floor with disco lighting and live sex shows. The third and final level was for niche orgies and private sessions. That is ostensibly where couples who meet on the ground floor can go to explore each other fully and privately. It is also where routine parties were held to suit every fetish imaginable.

Jonathan was surprised that he was not erect after the tour. Maybe his penis was disappointed that it had not seen Devina. He decided to spend some time on the ground floor, which was the only place he felt comfortable. He went to the restaurant and had a Sushi meal. The topless waitress who served him made a point about Sushi being an aphrodisiac and recommended a Saké to wash it down. He smiled with her nipples and asked what time her shift would end. She giggled and left him her number, which he knew he would never use.

The atmosphere there was quite nice. The music on the ground floor was soothing and low enough to encourage conversations. He looked around and noticed that he was the only one sitting alone. Everyone else was with someone or in a group. He saw two pleasantly plump white women looking at him and giggling. One of them decided to approach him.

“Hi ya,” she smiled, “How long is your penis?”

Jonathan was truly shocked. The lady looked like a kindergarten school teacher and grandmother wrapped in one, “Hello,” he responded.

“Hi dear,” she smiled again, “How long is your penis?”

“Well,” he laughed, “It’s seven inches when erect.”

She looked in his eyes to see if he was lying, then she said, “Seven inches? What kind of nigger only has seven inches?”

“What?!” he was incredulous. “Did you just call me a nigger?”

“Well you’s a nigger ain’t ya?” she asked matter-of-factly, “And what kind a nigger only has seven inches?”

“The kind with a law degree,” Jonathan said defiantly.

“Pshh!” the woman responded. “Your law degree ain’t worth diddly squat in here nigger. Not unless you plan to roll it up and shove it up my asshole while you plough my vagina with your seven inch penis.”

“Oh dear,” he was not accustomed to this at all. “Lady, is there something wrong with you?” he asked.

“Something wrong with me? I’m not the nigger with the seven inch penis! Better question is: What’s wrong with you?! Seven inches… What kind a black penis is that? Nigger you better spray paint that appendage white! My friend and I have had black penis before and it sure as hell wasn’t no seven inches; more like seventeen inches! That black anaconda İvedik Escort almost shifted my intestines!”

“Lord, have mercy,” thought Jonathan but then someone came to his rescue.

“Hey! Are you bothering my man?” Devina asked.

The white woman said, “Pshh! You can keep that one for yourself honey. I want me a real nigger with at least ten inches. Pshh! Seven inches…”

“Yeah whatever,” Devina said, “Move your shrivelled white self along.” Then she sat across from Jonathan at his table.

Jonathan was shocked and it showed. Devina’s soft dark skin and thick luscious lips were more beautiful in person than in the file his P.I. had prepared.

She smiled at him, “I just saved you from an old cougar, so the least you can do is buy me dinner,” she said.

“Buy?” he asked, “I thought this was all free with membership?”

Devina laughed, “Free? Not at all. What they’ll do is, they’ll bill your credit card for it under some nondescript name like Barney Bear’s Diner, so that people who see your credit card history don’t notice that you’re a freak. But it’s definitely not free.”

Jonathan sighed, no wonder the administrators focused on his ability to pay rather than on who he really was.

“I take it you’re new then?” Devina asked.

“Yeah and I’ve already been bamboozled by the club and attacked by a cougar,” he said.

“Hahaha,” Devina laughed, “That lady wasn’t attacking you. It was foreplay. She was warming you up. It’s what they call a hate fetish. She abuses you verbally, questions your manhood, then let’s you take her upstairs to make angry, merciless love to her in order to restore your ego. But that’s what she really wants: a good, hard, hateful romp in the sack.”

Jonathan was intrigued, “Really?”

“Yes really! Seven inches is more than enough penis, honey. No matter your race,” she said.

Jonathan smiled. He did not realize how much he needed to hear that.

“What do you want to eat?” he asked.

Devina smiled and said, “I don’t want you to go bankrupt, so I’ll buy my own meal.”

“No, no, no,” he said, “I can afford it. I just didn’t expect it.”

He signalled his waitress, who then came over, took Devina’s order and left them alone.

“So where’s that accent from?” Devina asked.

“Oh, Jamaica,” he said, “Born and raised.”

“Jamaica,” she said cheerfully, “Irie mon!”

They both laughed.

“Well before you ask,” Jonathan said, “No, I’ve never met Bob Marley or any of his relatives. I don’t know Usain Bolt personally. I don’t intend to grow dreadlocks and I very rarely smoke marijuana.”

“Wow!” Devina said, “You actually read my mind. Now I don’t know what to ask?”

He laughed, “Let’s see…,” he paused, “You can ask for the size of my penis?”

“Oh no! Grandma Cougar already covered that one!”

“Oh man! How could I have forgotten that?” he asked.

“You better come up with a good one fast,” she said, “Otherwise we’re gonna have to skip dinner and go upstairs.”

“Really?” Jonathan asked.

“Yes really,” she said, “You’ll have to show me what you can do with those seven inches of yours.”

“Really now?” Jonathan’s phallus hardened for the first time all night. He actually liked Devina.

He thought for a moment then said, “Well although I am surely going to enjoy showing you what I can do with my seven inches. I still want to feel like I am earning the privilege. That way, when I have you beneath me, naked, panting and gasping and grabbing at my nakedness while I stimulate the most delicate, intimate parts of your flesh with my love tool, you’ll at the very least know whose name to whisper. So, please, ask me my name.”

Devina looked into his eyes and saw sincerity. He İvedik Escort Bayan was definitely new to this. She had been a member of the club for a long time and had managed to avoid feeling anything for anyone. She did not want to change that now. “How about, we forget names and you tell me your favourite sexual thing?” she asked.

Jonathan leaned back in his chair. She wanted his phallus but not him. He repeated her question, “My favourite sexual thing? Hmm, let me see… I really like a good blow job but it’s more than the act itself. I like getting my perineum, balls and anus licked too. Plus I really enjoy a tight, warm, wet, responsive vagina grabbing at me while I penetrate it. And I love kissing. I also tasted breast milk once and it was not bad…”

Devina laughed and interrupted, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You only get one favourite!” she said and smiled at him.

“Ask me my name,” he said.

“I don’t want it,” she said, “That might make it more than just sex.”

“Ask me my name,” he insisted.

She took a deep breath and looked into his brown eyes, “Fine, what’s your name?” she asked.

Jonathan leaned forward, “Joe.”

She looked at him and said, “Nice to meet you Joe with a law degree.”

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

“Sarah,” she said.

“What’s your name?” he asked her again.

“I just told you,” she said as her meal arrived.

“I don’t believe you,” he said.

“That’s your problem not mine,” she replied.

“What’s your name?” he insisted as he took a piece of tomato from her salad.

“I don’t want to play this game,” she countered. “You said I should ask you your name and I did. Why can’t I get what I want now?” she asked.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Sex,” she said and then she stuffed some of her salad into her mouth.

He smiled, “Well… I have to change before going upstairs,” he pointed out, “So why don’t you finish your meal and accompany me to the shower?”

“Will you have sex with me if I do?” she asked.

“Maybe,” he said coyly.

“Then no,” she said, “I need a definite yes. I don’t like being teased.”

“Definitely yes then,” he said. His phallus was straining to be released from the confines of his pants.

“So hurry up,” he urged.

“Don’t rush me,” she said feeling triumphant.

The waitress brought them a fruit dish which was disproportionately filled with pineapple slices and cherries. Jonathan was sure that had he been alone, the waitress would have explained the impact that those particular fruits are said to have on the taste of sperms and vaginal secretions. He smiled to himself as he feasted on the pineapple slices. Devina finished her meal, stretched and burped.

“Oh lord, excuse me!” she apologized, “I’m really sorry,” she said giggling, “I never do that. It just happened. Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he lied.

The truth was he hates it when women get comfortable and start burping and farting out loudly around him. No matter how long he has known them, it was usually an indication that he should move on. For him, it signals one of two things: One, she was not a lady; or two, she was so comfortable around him that she believed it unnecessary to be ladylike. Both of which were unacceptable. Whether he is a philanderer or not, he has standards and those standards demand ladies, not just women with operational vaginas.

“Is it though?” Devina asked him.

“Is it what?” he asked. He was so caught up with his thoughts he missed the association.

“Is it okay to just burp like that? Because the look on your face says otherwise,” she said.

He became conscious of his facial expression and stood up, “Naa, naa it’s okay. Are you ready?”

She looked Escort İvedik at him quizzically but then she stood and held his outstretched arm as he led the way to the changing area and shower.

The walk to the shower and the disrobing in the shower were done in silence. She also spent about ten minutes saying nothing while he washed her body from head to toe with his soapy hands. It felt so good to be treated to a shower by him. His hands were surprisingly strong and he made a point of actually washing her, even while being sexual. He pressed his wet chest against her back while he massaged and lathered her breasts. He held her chin up and stared into her eyes while he stimulated and cleaned her vaginal area. He held her close and hoisted each of her legs onto his shoulder as he washed her feet. He was hard and she saw it. She felt it. She wanted it. However, something was eating at her mind.

“Why did you lie to me?” she asked.

He was surprised but he hid his facial expression in the streams of water that came from the shower. “What do you mean?” he asked.

“You said it was okay that I burped. I could tell that it wasn’t but yet you lied. Why?” she asked.

He sighed, “I want you too much to let a belch stop me. That’s why,” he said.

Bing! Bing! Bing! Right answer! Devina was immediately at ease. She took the soap from him and rubbed it vigorously over his anus, perineum and testicles. She was careful not to hurt him. Then she rinsed the area and whispered, “The soap might have missed a spot. Let me clean you properly.”

She slowly kneeled behind him and sucked on his testicles, licked his perineum and cleaned his ass with her tongue. Just the way he said he liked it. He could not bear her tongue working magic from behind him. So he turned to face her and guided his fully erect penis into her warm receptive mouth. He moaned as streams of water crashed over his torso, down his pubic area and all over Devina. If she even attempted to look up at him, she would probably drown. He held her by her ears and forced his corona pass her tonsils. She gagged. He moaned. She swallowed him as her gagging caused constrictions in her throat which sent waves of pleasure through his manhood, into his testicles and down his legs.

“Oh God!” he cried as she grabbed his buttocks and tried to force him even deeper down her throat.

His knees buckled but she held him upright. It was an impossibility that she was able to breathe. He rested his hands and bodyweight atop her head. She slithered her tongue down to his scrotum as every centimetre of his erect member disappeared into her mouth and throat. She twisted, sucked, licked and fondled him until his male organ exploded in orgasm. She could no longer keep him standing, so he fell, but she followed him to the ground with her mouth locked around his ejaculating penis as his knees gave way. Some of his sperm came out her nose as her eyes leaked tears. Jonathan moaned and shook involuntarily as his orgasm seemed to occur all over his body. When he was lying on the shower floor panting breathlessly, she decided to let his phallus go. She took a deep, satisfying breath and enjoyed the look of ecstasy on his face.

“One down, two to go,” she thought.

Devina dragged Jonathan’s body along the shower floor and back beneath the shower’s stream. She then spread her vaginal lips with her hands and sat on his face. Jonathan’s orgasm had taken so much out of him that now he could neither protest nor acquiesce. However, it took him less than five seconds to realize that he did not need to do anything. Devina did not need his help. She was grinding her vulva all over his entire face, moaning loudly as she did. It only took her about a minute to reach orgasm and with her orgasm came a flood of thick white fluid from her vagina onto his face into his nose and into his mouth. She kept riding his face until she had no more energy. Then she collapsed on his chest.

They both lay there, spent, breathless. “That was definitely not what I had in mind when I said ‘taste her peas soup’,” Jonathan thought.

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