Britnee Busted XXX Ch. 10

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


“Shit, Boo! You smell like pussy and ass! And cheap booze!” Lara put the car in gear and pulled out of the club’s parking lot.

“Yeah,” Britnee leaned over and gave her a sloppy kiss on the cheek. “Ima kinda drunk. Just a little…”

Lara stifled a giggle. “Seriously? Drinking on the job, Boo?”

Britnee made a face. “It was my last night! I had to party!”

“Your last night for two weeks. Two weeks.”

“Anyhow… And ya know how Nomi’s ass looks when she’s on her knees and it’s stuck up high an’ all? I just had to strap up and give her some dick!”

Lara scowled sideways at her. “Why the hell was she on her knees?”

Britnee smiled. “Oh yeah, she was eating that new girl’s pussy. You know, the one what calls herself Irish Rose?”

Lara nodded. “Mmm, she’s hot! Icy hot!”

“I know!” Britnee hit her vape pen. “Can’t suck a dick to save her life, though… I told Nomi to bring her over later and we’d give her lessons!”

“Nice… I wanna get my hand on those sweet tits of hers.” Lara turned into the trailer park entrance. “Shit! Julie’s car is still here! I told you you gave her too much!”

Britnee shrugged. “Meh… I’m good. I been wantin’ to strap one on and stuff her full o’ cock!”

Lara parked. “Yeah… I gotta admit, I want to get those fat tits in my mouth. Okay! Let’s go fuck that big titty bitch the fuck up!”

What the two porn queens witnessed when they walked into Brandee’s trailer had them shedding their clothes before the door closed behind them.

“Jeezus, Mama! Just take all the dick!” Britnee exclaimed, feeling her tiny cunt heat up.

There on the living room floor in front of them, were Brandee and Julie, bouncing on two fat dicks. Julie was riding Jed’s huge cock up her ass reverse cowgirl style, her back arched, her hands on his shoulders and her enormous, heavy, bowling ball tits bouncing hard against her ribcage. She was moaning and sucking Eddie’s thick eight-inch tool down her insatiable throat.

Brandee had Joe’s nine-inch dong up her ass as she smashed her huge, volleyball tits into his eager face. He had his hands full of her thick milf ass, pulling her cheeks apart as his cock split her colon open. Her throat was massaging Jayden’s serpentine cock as it slid in and out of her hungry mouth.

Britnee looked at Lara and winked. She pulled the strapon out of her purse and slipped in on over her thighs. Lara nodded and knelt beside Julie. She grabbed a humongous breast in both hands and planted her lips on the erect nipple. Julie groaned and slammed her ass down on Jed’s belly, taking his titanium hard cock deeper up her chute.

“Oh, Fuck! I’m an assfucking Whore!” Julie wailed! “Fuck my ass! Suck my titties! Suck them!! Fuck me harder!!”

Britnee was busy trying to wedge her thick rubber dick into Brandee’s mouth, a mouth already stuffed full with Jayden’s heavy dick. She slapped the hapless bastard’s belly to get him out of her way. Jayden guffawed and pulled his monster cock, dripping with saliva and precum, out of Brandee’s drooling mouth. A web of thick spit hung between the enormous tool and Brandee’s mouth. She groaned and whimpered at the loss of fat cock.

“Yeah, Bitchez! Britnee gonna Face Fuck her own MOM!!” Jayden hollered!

Larry, who was shooting the four on four anal orgy looked over at Lara raised an eyebrow. “She been drinkin’ ‘shine again?”

Lara nodded without removing her mouth from Julie’s massive tit. “Like it was cum… MMMmm…this so good! Mmmlllb slup slup Slup!” She flicked her tongue over the hard nipple as she sucked.

Larry chuckled and moved in for a closeup of Lara sucking on Julie’s tit. After several seconds he panned over to her other huge tit bouncing in rhythm with her rising and falling hips and then down her belly to her dripping, swollen pussy and stretched asshole taking Jed’s thick cock.

“Tha’s right, bitch! Suck my big, fat dick!”

Larry swung around to frame Britnee slapping her strapon cock against Brandee’s mouth. Britnee fisted her mother’s hair and forced the fat tip between her lips. Brandee, trembling and shaking with orgasmic carnality, sobbed and sucked on the rubber dick.

Britnee grunted as she fed her mother fat inches of dildo. She held her mother’s head in her hands and banged the back of Brandee’s throat. Brandee slobbered on the nine-inch tool, spit dripping off her chin and onto her fat, fake tits.

“GLAAAHHH!” Brandee gasped when Britnee released her. She glared up at her daughter. “You little bitch! Treatin’ yore mama that way! FUCK! IMA CUMMING AGAIN!!”

“Shut up, MAMA!!” Britnee shouted and stuffed her mouth full of rubber dick!

Brandee groaned around the fat cock, cumming hard from the fat cock pounding her asshole. Britnee pumped her hips, sending the dildo down Brandee’s throat. The thirty-something, ultra-busty whore sucked and fucked, bouncing between the hard cocks drilling taksim escort her holes. Britnee held her mother’s face against her belly and thrust her pelvis hard, fucking her throat. Brandee screamed over and over, her cries muffled by the thick dildo.

“Yeah, ya dirty bitch! Throat that MotherFucker!!” Britnee pulled back leaving the tip in Brandee’s mouth before sliding all the way down her throat in one thrust. She repeated the move, again and again, grinning lasciviously down at her oversexed mom. She looked directly at the camera and frowned, rage crossing her face.

“Yeah, that’s right! I’m fucking my mom’s face! Look how much the dirty slut loves it!” She slapped Brandee’s face! “You love it, doncha, bitch?”

She yanked Brandee’s head back. Brandee coughed and gasped for air. “Yes!,” she sobbed, spitting on the rubber dick. “I love suckin’ your cock! I fucking love sucking my daughter’s big, fat cock!!”

Britnee stuffed her mouth again, pumping the dildo against Brandee’s cheek. The horny milf drooled and sucked on the rubber shaft as her daughter abused her mouth.

“Fuck! Tha’s so fucking hot!” Julie cried, cumming on the huge cock buried in her asshole. “Fuck her silly, baby girl!”

Brandee glared at Julie. “You like? I bet you want some a this dick fer yerself!”

“Yes! Fuck Yes!” Julie moaned. “I need dick! More dick More pussy! Ohhhhh God! Fuck Me!!”

Britnee looked at the camera, amused. ” You heard her, folks!”

Brandee moaned, “No!” as Britnee pulled the dildo from her hungry mouth. Joe redoubled his efforts to transform Brande’s colon into a thru-way, slapping his hips up against her thick ass.

Britnee took a knee between Jed’s outstretched thighs and rubbed the tip of her strapon against Julie’s slick cunt. Jed stopped pumping his cock up her ass and pulled Julie’s legs back. Britnee thrust forward, sliding her dildo into Julie’s eager cunt, stretching the hot flesh.

Julie wailed as she felt her holes stretched to the limit! “Oh My God!! You’re tearing me apart!!”

“C’mon, Jed,” Britnee shouted! Let’s Fuck this big titty bitch the fuck up!”

Britnee grabbed Julie’s thighs and slammed her dildo in deep, fucking the mega-boobed stripper hard and fast. Jed matched her rhythm and in a few moments, they were pistoning their real and fake cocks into Julie’s fuck holes like a supercharged engine on crack! Britnee slammed into her pussy, Jed slid out of her ass. Jed pounded up into her asshole, Britnee slid out of her cunt. They were a fucking machine and Julie’s gushing cunt juice was the lubricant.

Julie wailed and came again, jerking and flopping as she lost all control. She fell back against Jed’s torso, breaking the hard suction created by Lara’s mouth on her huge, 8000ccs tit. Eddie took this as an opportunity to push Lara onto her hands and knees and stuff his achingly hard eight-inch cock up Lara’s burning pussy. Lara groaned and threw her hips back, taking the hard dick as deep as she could.

“Don’t be shy, stud,” Lara called, loOking back at the eager stud. “That ain’t no virgin pussy! Tear that shit up!”

Eddie spanked her tight, round ass and, grabbing her hips, pumped his cock in and out like a true pornstar. Lara groaned and lowered her head to kiss Julie hard on the mouth. The two sluts swapped spit as their bodies were ravaged by Britnee, Jed, and Eddie.

Julie broke the kiss as another hard orgasm ripped through her. Her pelvis went into overdrive and she pumped up and down between the pounding cocks, fucking Jed and Britnee as good as they were fucking her. Britnee took one of Julie’s legs over her shoulder and held it tight in her arms, pounding her fake dick into Julie’s sucking pussy harder.

“Now you learnin, boss! We do it Hard as a MotherFucker here at Britnee Busted XXX!!” Britnee cried, cumming as she fucked the horny slut. “FUUCCKKK!! YESSSS!! GODDAMMIT!! I’M CUMMING SO GOOD!! Somebody stuff a dick in my mouth!!”

Jayden slapped his throbbing cock across Britnee’s face and twisted her braids in his fist. He forced his ten-inch cock into her mouth and fucked it hard. Britnee sucked the pulsing, veiny prick as if her life depended on it as his ball slapped lewdly against her chin. The skinny, inbred moron groaned as he felt his massive cock slide down Britnee’s throat.

Britnee massaged the throbbing flesh with her throat muscles, milking the raging hardon as fast as her hips pounded against Julies. Jayden fucked her face hard, feeling his balls swelling up against his cock, ready to release his boiling cum. He jerked his cock out of Britnee’s mouth, squeezing the base in one hand and the tip in the other.

“Fuck!” He grunted. “I ain’t never been ready to cum that quick! Fuck, girl! What you doin’ t’ me?”

Britnee laughed and slapped his cock away from her face. “Bitch, You knows what I kin do with my throat! Go find a hole and fuck it! I’m busy right now!”

Lara was now on top of Eddie, topkapı escort riding him like a champion bull rider. Her grapefruit-sized fake tits bounced as she took his cock in and out of her flexing pussy. Eddie pulled her soft ass cheeks apart and grinned at Jayden.

“She got a vacancy what needs filling, bro!”

Jayden didn’t need further encouragement and straddled the horny slut’s hips. His fat cock slipped into Lara’s asshole like a hot knife through butter, going balls deep in one easy thrust. He groaned as her tight hole clenched his huge cock like a vise. Lara groaned and slapped her hand on the floor, loving the feeling of being completely filled.

“Yes! I’m getting fuck by eighteen inches of cock! I fucking love it!” Lara screamed, pounding her hips back to meet the pounding meat logs.

“Fuck, Boo! That’s so hot! Make those losers fuck you! Show ’em what it takes to be porn studs!” Britnee cried!

Julie lay against Jed cumming again and again as he and Britnee drilled her pussy and ass. She moaned and sobbed uncontrollably as she too every hard inch over and over, her gigantic fake tits bouncing and swaying with every thrust. Britnee grinned as she fucked the cum hungry stripper.

“Hey, baby! You had enough, yet? Cuz we here done broke you, lady!” Britnee giggled and pulled her dildo out of Julie’s gaping pussy. The same pussy gushed a load of girl cum on Britnee’s slick cock and Jed’s balls. Jed groaned as Britnee stood and rolled Julie over onto her tits, his massive, steel pipe cock buried in her ass.

Julie sobbed as she felt Jed lying on top of her, his cock pumping in and out of her quaking ass. “Ohhhh yes, fuck me!” she whimpered, too exhausted to shout.

Britnee stood, watching the fucking and sucking going on around her, proud of her crew and the ultra-hot action they put online every day. She spied a bottle and took a slug, relishing the hard whiskey taste. She went between her studs, giving them each a much-needed refreshment. Lara, on the heels of her third orgasm in as many minutes, grabbed the bottle and chugged it like it was water.

“Slow down, Drinky!” Britnee laughed and took the bottle back. “Julie?” She offered the bottle but, Julie lay, twitching and writhing, moaning quietly as Jed fucked her asshole. “Maybe later, babe.”

She looked at her mother, Brandee. Brandee was on her back, her humongous new tits in her hands, getting her pussy pounded by Joe and his nine-inch cock.

“Here mama! Have a fuckin’ drink!” Britnee held the mouth of the bottle over her mother’s mouth and poured a shot onto her lips. Brandee gasped and sputtered, licking the amber liquid off her lips.

“Dammit, Britnee,” Brandee scolded and sat up on her elbows. “Let yer mother have a proper drink!”

She grabbed the bottle out of Britnee’s hand and drained a good four ounces from it.

“I was just havin’ fun, mama!” Britnee spat. “Hey, I got an idea, talkin’ ’bout fun! Let’s switch this shit up! Now… Okay, Jed? g-“

Britnee was interrupted by a shout from Eddie. “Aww Shit”

Lara’s hot pussy combined with the slick friction created by sliding against Jayden’s cock in her ass was too much for the young fucker. He came hard as his cock slipped out of her weeping cunt, blasting her lips and Jayden’s balls with his thick jism.

Jayden, no stranger to another man’s jizz splashing his junk, froze; his ten-inch supercock buried deep in her ass. Lara pumped her hips, squealing with joy from the cum soaking she was receiving. The heavy globs of jizz dripped off her cunt, pooling on Eddie’s belly.

“Shit! That pussy is gold!” Eddie hissed, embarrassed to have cum so quickly.

“Okay…” Britnee took a drink. She looked at Larry. His cargo shorts were completely soaked in precum. “Looks like yer up, dingus. Eddie, yer the cameraman, now.”

Eddie hung his head in shame. “Aww…”

Britnee shrugged. “You came first! Besides, Larry gonna bust a blood vessel if he don’t git some release.”

Larry stepped out of his shorts and handed the camera to Eddie. The two conferred for a moment while everyone took a short break. Julie had recovered from her orgasm induced stupor and was sitting up, drinking some whiskey and passing a blunt.

“Damn, I’m so horny,” she said, pinching a nipple. “So this is what it’s like every day around here?”

Britnee and Lara exchanged sly looks. “Pretty much, boss!” Britnee giggled. “I mean, with all these hard dicks just throbbin’ fer some pussy… well. You know!”

Julie nodded, looking around the room. “Mmm… and I can always use some hard dick!”

Larry took that as his cue and stepped next to Julie, brandishing his ten-inch pussy stretcher. Julie smiled up at him and took his fat cock in both hands, stroking it slowly.

“Awright, assholes,” Britnee grabbed her strapon dildo. “Let’s get to it!”

Brandee pushed Jed onto his back and sat down on top of him. She reached behind her and stuffed tuyap escort his bloated cock into her wet, steaming pussy. Jed groaned and grabbed her huge, newly enhanced tits and buried his face between them.

“Fuck me, Jed! Give Mama that beautiful cock!” Brandee bounced on his lap.

Lara was on her back, legs spread wide with Joe underneath her, pumping his heavy dick into her hot pussy. She stretched back, letting her newly enhanced, 1000ccs each tits bounce and sway. Larry and Jayden were on either side of Julie, feeding her their enormous cocks, one then the other.

The mega-jugged slut held the two pricks in her hands licking across one shaft all the way to the base of the other, slurping up her spit and teasing the heads with her tongue. She rubbed the precum drooling heads together and tried to cram them both into her mouth. Larry chuckled and forced his hard prick to the back of Julie’s throat. Julie sucked as hard as she could, jerking both cocks rapidly. Larry punched her tonsils a dozen times then pulled out giving Jayden access to Julie’s throat. He banged away, fucking her face while Larry slapped his spit coated prick on her face. The two studs happily took turns plugging her throat as Julie stroked their throbbing, steel-like cocks and sucked inch after inch of fuck meat.

Britnee watched the action for a few moments, stroking her nine-inch dildo. Seeing her mom’s enormous, spheroid tits bouncing in Jed’s face and her thick, full mommy ass bouncing on his cock made the little porn magnate horny as fuck. She put her hips in front of Lara’s face and filled her love’s mouth full of fat, rubber dick!

“Suck it good, Boo! Ima need serious lubification fer what Ima do next!” Britnee pulled Lara onto her strapon and slid into her willing throat.

Joe grunted through clenched teeth. The strain of not emptying his balls into Lara’s cumming pussy as it kissed every hard inch of his cock was almost too much for the young stud. He tightened his grip on her slim, curvy ass and held her down on his huge cock. Lara bounced her ass on Joe’s hips and pulled herself off Britnee’s dildo.

“Shit,” she coughed, grinning up at the blonde slut. “Lubification? Really, Boo?”

Britnee scowled and threw her hands up in annoyance. “Like you ain’t as drunk as e’rybody else ’round here! You knows what I mean!”

She grabbed her dildo and smeared the spit and slime-covered dick across Lara’s face. Lara giggled then groaned as Joe began pumping his cock deep in her pussy again.

“More,” Britnee commanded and stuffed the dildo back in Lara’s mouth. Lara grabbed Britnee’s ass and pulled the tiny girl forward, throating her strapon dick. She sucked with a vengeance, sensing what her friend had in mind.

After a few minutes, Lara released her grip on Britnee’s ass and the dildo lodged in her throat. The rubber cock dripped copious amounts of spit and throat slime onto the floor. Thick strands of the goo hung between Lara’s chin and the dildo’s tip. Britnee scooped it up with her hand and stroked it over the thick fake dong.

“There ya go, Boo!” Lara grinned. “Joe? Fuck me. Fuck me like I stole your favorite pair of Lebrons and sold ’em on eBay! Mmm… Yes! YESYESYESYESSSS!!That’s it, stud! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG DICKKK!!”

Britnee turned and did a spit take at the sight in front of her. Julie was on her back. Jayden had straddled her belly and was mercilessly sawing his long, thick cock between her enormous, bowling ball tits! Larry was sitting on her face. He also had his huge pussy stretcher between her tits sliding on top of Jayden’s. Julie’s tits were more than big enough to fit two donkey dicks between them and the boys were pounding away like jackhammers! Julie, her fingernails dug into Larry’s ass, was greedily licking the horny stud’s asshole, snorting and slurping as she tongue fucked the tiny hole.

“Hellz Yeah, sister!” Britnee slapped Larry’s ass and stepped behind Brandee who was cumming on Jed’s mighty cock like the slobbering cumslut she was.

“OHH FUCK!! OHHHGAWWWDDD!! You dirty Fucker!! You nasty, Dirty Fucker!! Making me cum all over your fat cock!! OHHHHHHH… It’s so Big!! So Hard! OOOHHHHHHH!!”

Brandee moaned and collapsed on top of Jed, her huge, firm tits bouncing against his chest as her cunt squirted over his lead pipe cock. Jed groaned and spanked both thick ass cheeks as Brandee undulated on top of him.

The sight of her mother’s big, thick, heart-shaped ass made Britnee’s cunt twitch and leak inside the dildo harness around her hips. “Spread her open fer me, numbnuts!” Brandee knelt between the horny fuckers and brandished her long, fat dildo.

Jed spread Brandee’s cheeks wide. The orgasming milf’s rectum flexed, winking up at Britnee, inviting her to tear it open. Britnee pressed the tip over fae dick against the tiny sphincter and, with a hard thrust, buried the dildo all the way in, right up to the strapon harness!

Brandee shrieked loud enough to raise the dead at the sudden invasion of her colon. Britnee pulled slowly back leaving just a fraction of the tip inside the tight hole then… Slammed it home again. Then slowly back out. Then back in and slowly out. Over and over, she pounded her mother’s ass while Jed’s huge dick was buried in her cunt. Brandee wailed through the hard fucking, her holes stretched to the maximum.

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Behind the Equipment Shed

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Big Tits

Gregory was the son of the wealthiest man in the county. When his family would visit the estate they were bestowed not only an extraordinary dinner, but also given the nicest rooms to stay in, an endless sea of compliments from their hosts, and sometimes even a series of nonchalant gifts. Cyrus had always hated Gregory even though at the urging of his mother, they were “agemates and really ought to get along better”. When Gregory would visit he was always wearing the finest silks, always acted as though he were dining with the Queen and always made references to literature Cyrus had never heard of.

There was no denying his beauty either. But it was not the sort of beauty that made Cyrus glance at him whenever he thought Gregory would not notice, it was the type of beauty that irritated Cyrus out of the corner of his eye making him wonder how someone could possibly have everything.

Until they started fencing together. They would undress in the equipment shed, switching out silks for rough-spun trousers and padded armor and well-worn shoes. Cyrus had never been ashamed of changing seeing as he had figured out within the first few seconds of changing with other men that he almost always had one of the largest dicks in the room dangling between his legs. Changing with Gregory was no different. He would strut around the equipment shed with his cock swinging between his thighs as he gathered everything they needed for their practise. He did this especially because of the way Gregory’s face would turn bright red and he would sometimes turn away, fidgeting with his trousers just long enough to make Cyrus believe he was trying to calm down an erection. He did this to toy with Gregory, to watch him squirm and to shatter his usual pretentious demeanor. Sometimes he would daydream about it before falling asleep, but most of the time it was just a joke, something to entertain himself when Gregory would visit.

Then there was one afternoon when things played out differently. Cyrus had shirked his trousers as usual, letting his thick cock bounce between him as he walked. This time though he recalled how William had sucked on his cock in the stairwell, how good it had felt to be in the mouth of another man and wondered how eager Gregory would be to put his lips down there. His cock began to swell thicker.

“So,” Cyrus said, pulling a helmet down from the wall. “You’ll take this one again, I figure.” It didn’t matter which helmet Gregory took, he just needed to distract himself from the feeling between his legs. He was the one who made a show of strutting around bare-assed, he couldn’t let his own joke backfire on him.

“I suppose,” Gregory said timidly, his eyes practically glued to the size of Cyrus’ cock.

“Good.” With the look on Gregory’s face, Cyrus was sure that he daydreamed about them being together. He was sure that in the wake of a morning erection, Gregory had often thought of that big, thick cock that he had seen on Cyrus and wondered what it would be like to hold it or kiss it. Cyrus looked down to see that he had swollen a couple of inches longer. Good, he thought, maybe this would spur on Gregory’s excitement before his own.

Pulling a shirt over his head, Gregory said, “I’ve sort of missed this, you know. Nothing quite like clashing swords to relieve a little tension.”

Cyrus furrowed his eyebrows, trying to quiet the images playing in his head. Was this Gregory’s way of playing with him too? Büyükesat Escort Was he trying to get Cyrus spurred on first? Did he want Cyrus to be standing here, imagining the way their cocks would rub against each other when they kissed and feeling his cock slowly starting to stiffen?

His face turned pink. Between his legs, his thick swollen cock jutted out at a low angle, pointing directly at the pretty boy who smirked from the corner.

“Cyrus,” Gregory said putting a hand to his chest, playing innocent. “Are you alright?” he asked, doe-eyed, his smirk impossible to conceal. “We can save the fencing for another time if you’re distracted.”

“Of course I’m alright,” Cyrus insisted, taking in Gregory’s feminine beauty, the way his long blond hair fell over his shoulders. He could have him. He could take the boy he had always considered untouchable. Looking down, he saw his cock was at a ninety degree angle and Gregory was bemused.

The younger man advanced towards him and revealed his own awkward gait. He ran a hand down Cyrus’ stubble and looking up at him with those doe-eyes planted a kiss on his lips. Their lips locked and soon enough their tongues slithered and Cyrus took a step closer, pressing his naked hard on against Gregory’s trousers. Almost instinctively, he started to rub against Gregory’s cock under the fabric, unable to feel much of Gregory’s actual size. With the persistent rubbing, Gregory began to collapse in his arms. The sensation of such a large member pressed against him must have been overwhelming. All of the sudden Gregory caught his breath and Cyrus felt a sudden stiffness protruding against his penis.

His agemate stepped away for a second, fumbling with the ties on his trousers and with a wiggle of his hips started to pull them down. Cyrus’ eyes were glued to the light hairs that began to appear over the tie of his trousers. Gregory bored his eyes into Cyrus waiting for him to look up. With one final tug, his small but perfectly shaped penis bounced out of his trousers fully erect. After a moment, Cyrus’ eyes rose to meet his and found the irresistible glare that had been waiting for him.

Before Gregory could make any more innuendos about swords, Cyrus had his back pinned to the wall of the tiny shed. He was ramming the head of his dick furiously into Gregory’s belly, their shafts rubbing against each other every time he thrusted. He was grunting as Gregory’s head poked into his sensitive penis, their shafts entangled just like their tongues, and their sacks rubbing against each other. Gregory was completely submissive, his wrists pressed against the wall by Cyrus’ hands and his effeminate moans starting to pour from his lips. “Oh Cyrus,” he begged. “Oh God…”

When Cyrus and his big lumbering cock had calmed down, Gregory slid his wrists from the wall and reached down to wrap his hand around both their cocks and began stroking. His eyes were glazed over with pleasure, probably at feeling such a thick monster pressed so close to his little cock. “Oh Cyrus, you’re huge,” he muttered, sliding his cock between his hand and the other boy’s member. “You’re such a big boy. Your urges must be so much stronger than mine. You must be fighting the urge to just pin me down and fuck me right now.”

In Gregory’s hand, Cyrus’ cock jolted upwards twice. “Why don’t you just slither your cock up inside me, huh?” Cyrus jolted again. Elvankent Escort And again. His hands which had been grabbing onto Gregory’s hips slowly started to slide down to grab fistfulls of his ass. Gregory sighed, his eyes still begging Cyrus for more.

“I don’t know,” Cyrus muttered. “I’ve never done that with a man before.”

“I need you to fuck me,” Gregory insisted as he rubbed hungrily against Cyrus’ underside. “I need you to shove that thing… inside my mouth or my ass… until I milk your cock so hard that you can’t take it anymore.”

In his hand, Cyrus’ cock skyrocketed upwards, stiffer than he thought possible. He arched his back. He was ready. “Get down on your knees.”

Beautiful Gregory faithfully obeyed, his pretty cock bobbing between his legs as he adjusted himself. He reached a hand up to wrap it around Cyrus’ monster, but Cyrus said, “No. I get to fuck you.”

Gregory’s eyes lit up as he moved his hand down to cradle his own cock. Cyrus weaved his hands into Gregory’s long hair and thrust his cock between his plump lips. Gregory moaned with desire as the thick, hot memember slid down his tongue. Cyrus was gentle at first, only sliding himself halfway in once he realized halfway in was the back of Gregory’s throat. Then he began thrusting and closed his eyes to give into the pleasure, just as he had with William. In the heat of desire, he began sliding his cock further and further back until he felt Gregory’s wet lips sucking at his base and all the sudden heard a choking noise. Gregory was choking on his monster cock. Fuck.

He pulled his twitching cock out of the boy and it took all his reserve not to unload his cum all over his pretty face. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” Gregory said, a little embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I usually can… You’re huge.”

The wealthy boy stood and Cyrus noticed milky cum had splattered all over his thighs. That must have been what all of that moaning was about. The sheer size and weight of his cock on Gregory’s tongue had been enough to make him explode all over himself. Cyrus grinned. “I guess… turn around then,” he suggested.

Delighted, Gregory did so and Cyrus noticed how perfect the curve of his ass was. The pretty boy slowly bent over, hands grabbing onto the nearby equipment shelf, and presenting his perfectly round ass cheeks and tight hole.

“I don’t have anything to…” he started.

“Check my fencing bag,” Gregory muttered.

With a humorously large erection, Cyrus bounced over to Gregory’s bag, felt around and discovered a small bottle of oil. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Do you run into this predicament a lot?” he asked.

“What?” Gregory asked, pulling himself up and turning around.

“Why do you have this in here?” he said.

A deviant smirk spread across his perfect lips. “I find athletics to be an invigorating display of masculinity.”

Cyrus rolled his eyes, getting the sense he was about to quote some author he had never heard of before. “Right…” he said.

“I’ve fucked every boy I’ve ever fenced against in a match,” he spat. “You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to get their cocks inside of me.” He started to stroke himself, getting his own cock riled up for another round. “But I’ve never been with someone as big as you.”

Again, Cyrus grimaced. “Right,” he said. “I’m sure you tell them all that.”

Gregory Beşevler Escort smirked and resumed his position, back arched and ass jutting out.

Hurriedly, Cyrus rubbed the oil onto his member and resumed his post in front of Gregory’s plump ass, hands grabbing onto either cheek. It seemed fairly simple, what he ought to do, but he was nervous. “Rub it around my hole,” Gregory said. “To open me up.”

Cyrus thrusted his pelvis and let his cock rest in between Gregory’s cheeks, feeling the weight of it rest on him. Then he started to rub slowly, finding his cock slippery now and the thrusting a lot easier. At Gregory’s incessant moaning, he stiffened right back up again. “That’s it big boy,” Gregory muttered. “Make me shudder.”

Rubbing thickened him right back up too, he felt wider between the boy’s plump cheeks. His balls were so heavy as they slapped gently against Gregory’s skin. He felt so much seed weighing him down that he was afraid he wouldn’t last very long, but Gregory needed him. Desperately, the boy underneath him started rubbing his ass along his cock too, almost begging Cyrus to take the next step. With one hand he positioned the swollen head of his cock at Gregory’s door. Slowly he slithered his head inside the tight hole and felt immediately constricted. He let out a grunt as he kept shoving, bringing at least half of himself inside Gregory’s warmth. The moan Gregory released was needy and encouraging. Cyrus continued his thrust, pressing his balls against Gregory’s skin. Grabbing on to his ass cheeks, Cyrus started to thrust his pelvis in and out of those beautiful ass cheeks. He loved the way Gregory’s ass constricted around his sensitive head and and then as he pushed further, let his cock fill him. Gregory’s moans were getting louder the harder Cyrus thrusted. Filling up this pretty boy entirely, riding him,turning his pretentious comments into submissive moans, was enough to make Cyrus’ cock twitch inside the suction of those round ass cheeks.

Helplessly, amidst all the thrusting, Cyrus’ cock began to twitch. As he rammed into that beautiful ass, he looked down to see Gregory’s cock swinging rapidly between his thighs. The bouncing of Gregory’s cock made him realize just how hard he was fucking him, made him more erect, made Gregory more his own. He had heard rumors from other men that there was this spot somewhere inside a man that made him instantly spill his seed. He wanted to find that for Gregory, wanted to feel him completely surrender to his cock.

Cyrus began to make his thrusts slower, exploring inside him to try to find this secret spot. He arched his back ramming his cock upwards, thrust it a bit to the side, then the other side, then suddenly-“Oh God!” He was close. Grabbing tight onto Gregory’s hips and plowed into the spot that had just elicited such a breathless reaction. “Oh yes-oh-oh-” He was ramming into Gregory’s spot, he could feel the way his hole tightened and his body trembled and his knuckles turned white as they gripped onto the shelf. His big cock made Gregory yelp, “Oh yes!” As Cyrus thrusted, he heard the splatter of cum hitting the floor. “Oh!” Then again. “Uh!” And again. “Oh God…”

Once Gregory was taken care of, he started his thrusts again, but soon his partner had pulled forward and he looked down to see his own penis bouncing free from it’s hold. As he turned around, Cyrus looked at the splatters of cum that had reached Gregory’s stomach, then at those bold eyes that smirked at him and his giant cock. “I want to have you in my mouth when I finally explode,” he said and knelt down before his giant, twitching dick.

All it took was Gregory’s lips sucking on his head, his willingness to take in all of his seed. He thrust himself into Gregory’s lips, and let the the man take all that he desired.

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Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 05-06

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Big Tits

Oh my god! I’m naked except for a pair of slutty fire truck red platform high heels, you know the kind you call ‘fuck me shoes’. I’m on a bed with David this great looking black guy and Saul, his white gay curly brown hair partner, with the dashing goatee, kind of a Jewish swashbuckler thing going with that goatee. Saul and David are built tall and solidly muscular, though Saul is a few inches taller than David. Both have bodies that only regular attendance at a gym gets you. Their naked as well. First Saul fucked David in the ass and then Saul had me fuck David as well.

I’m exhausted and on my back. Man oh man that ass felt good to be inside.

I pulled out of David’s hot ass and left a trail of my spunk as I did. That’s when I heard Saul command me.

“Now, be a good girl and suck David’s and my cock.”

David gets up on his knees on the bed and so do I. I take his chocolate thick erect meat into my mouth and begin to suck on that cut cock head. As I get into it, I hear a door buzzer.

“Perfect timing,” Saul says bounding out of bed. “You had emailed me and said you went on a shopping spree online for our slutty Gal Friday the boys from Victoria’s Servants must be hear with all the bounty. I will buzz them in and invite them to our party.”

I can’t say anything with David’s cock in my mouth but if I could I would plead no. Imagines of being gang raped come to mind.

“That would be splendid.” David says between moans. “You mentioned one of his favorite porn scenes was the Bukkake videos. Will give me a taste of Bukkake, a real literal taste! He’ll love it.”

From my position on the bed and the fact that my face is full of David’s cock all I can really see is his hanging black nuts. I can hear Saul tell two delivery boys to set down all the packages and then to strip naked and get their cocks sucked. They, of course, gladly and eagerly comply.

Soon I feel them all on the bed surrounding me.

Saul says, “Now David, you need to share, let our little girl get a taste of our guest’s pricks.”

David quickly complies and before I can say boo, a new white cock is stuffed into my mouth. This one tastes a bit musty and it is not as thick and long as even Saul’s. I would think it is my size.

He is holding my face with his hand and he is rocking back and forth, so I’m being face fucked by this new young white delivery boy.

“Hey, don’t hog the whore. Let me get in.” the other guest complains.

“Sure,” and the first guest pulls out and the other white guy and his prick are soon in my mouth. He is short and thick and he’s uncut. Very odd. I suck and nibble on his foreskin. He seems to like it.

“Now Friday, just relax and everyone will take turns… ” Saul instructs.

Oh my god… this is like one of those porn videos… the girl is surrounded by cocks and she’s sucking them all… and I know how this will end… lots and lots of cum… I’ve always wondered…

Cocks go in and out of my mouth. I tried to grab them with my hands as well but Saul told me to keep my hands on my knees. I’m to be just a face and mouth. I lick and suck on those different cocks that are brought to my face. My own cock is so damn hard. Oh my god… someone is sucking on my prick as well! Oh God…

I close my eyes and just focus on my mouth… the feel and smell of their cocks and bodies… their sweat… each tasting different… each filling my mouth in a different way… I’m becoming a sucking fag… a gay cross dressing sucking faggot… I can’t believe this… but… it feels so good… I think I hear one of them says he’s about to burst… I feel his cock rest against my face as it he is must be jacking himself… to do it… whoever was sucking me has must have stopped… I feel another cock rubbing against my face… Oh fuck! It starts! I feel the heat of his jizz as he ejaculates onto my face.

It is all warm and gooey… and there is more from the other cock… both are spurting out onto my face. I must be grinning like a fool… my tongue tastes some of the cum… did he finish? Whose cock is that? More and more spunk lands on my face.

I feel it melting all over me. How much is all this spunk? A cock is pressed against my forehead and lets loose a load. A cock is pressed up against my open mouth… I think it is David’s and he lets loose his jizz load at me… it gushes forth and my mouth can’t contain it… how much more can they deliver?

… their moans and wicked laughs fill the air as they spray me. Finally, it is done… the last cock is taking away. I just feel it all dripping down… I’m panting and breathless… I can’t believe this… they all laugh and say I’m such a slut… such a whore… I feel like one… I begin to lick up the cum off my lips and it just keeps dripping onto my mouth… I hear a familiar sound… clicks… the clicking of cell phone cameras… they are taking pictures of me… recording forever how I look with this my first cum facial… I… I… don’t know how I feel about this… I sense my aching Demetevler Escort hard on and how it is leaking pre-cum… I realize I love it all.

Chapter Six

I’m a twenty something who realizes that I’m enjoy being a feminized guy force to wear makeup and hot slutty platform high heels, who has been forced into channeling those sluts from all those porn videos I watched and now I’m one of those girls. I just got my first facial from four guys, two strangers and the others are my gay bosses, Saul and David.

It is sick and I confess I love it.

“Well, I sure worked up an appetite,” Saul says, “Let’s eat in?”

“Sounds fantastic!” David replies.

“Now we need to get Friday here cleaned up,” Saul says.

“Want to join in licking him or just wash it off?” David asks.

“Why don’t you clean him up and I suck on his sex, he’s been such a good girl and deserves a reward,” Saul says. “Friday hold still while we help clean you up.”

David approaches me and begins to lick the cum off my face. Treating me like a giant ice cream cone that is dripping. Occasionally, David’s tongue would play with mine as I too am trying to lick off all this jizz on my lips.

Then, Saul leans over and takes my hard on in his hand and holds it as he begins to lick me. Oh my God… he is good! I almost lose my balance from the sensations of having my cock sucked and still reeling from being a cum dump.

So, while Saul gives me an incredible blow job David is like a Momma cat cleaning up her kitten as she licks the jizz off my face. I can’t take it any longer… oh God… “Oh… going to burst soon… I’m on the edge… just a bit… oh please… “

That’s when Saul stops.

My cock twitches and a drop of precum begins to ooze out. “Oh please… finish me… please… I was so close… ” I beg.

“No.” Saul says getting off the bed.

“But… but… please… just a few more minutes… ” I plead.

A few swift and hard swats on the ass is Saul’s reply to my begging. My butt cheeks sting.

“I like my toys to be in a perpetually thinking about sex, wanting it but can’t having it. It keeps you focused. David finish cleaning Friday up.”

Now, now… I’ll take care of him, love.” David says as he returns to licking my jazzed face.

Saul gets ta box and sets it down. He then sits and watches us as David finishes cleaning me off. “I think we shall order in Chinese.”

“What is in there?” I ask.

“This one is for you,” David says as he pushes it toward me, “Open it up and try it on.”

I do so and find a blonde wig inside. I take it out and hold it, it has wavy honey blonde hair that flows downward. “It is lovely.”

“Here let me show you, it’s like putting on a baseball cap,” David says as he sets it on me.

I look at myself in the mirror and the hair looks so real. It falls half way down my bare back I shake my head and it swings so naturally, like a mane on a pony. “Wow… you two really want me to look like a girl don’t you.”

“We enjoy turning you our straight little man into our slutty cum slut girl, yes.”

“Well this dress up is okay and kind of fun in a weird kinky way. It does make me horny. I’m just glad no one sees me this way but you two.”

“Well only strangers.” Saul says.

“No… please no… I would die of shame… “

“But you said you enjoy showing off in our application and interview, didn’t he? Anyway it please us so you will come to enjoy it. Now, David how about I order some take out and you help Friday get ready for company.” Saul says.

Before I can say anything David whisks me off and we work on my makeup. When he is done with the blonde wig I really do look like some hot babe. The bright red lipstick makes me look slutty. I put on a red lace garter belt, and red cropped camisole, as well as red fishnet stockings.

Lastly, I put on a red thong that is all lace in front but a single band of fabric around my waist and up my ass crack, that comes to a pretty little bow at the top of my ass. Then I am handed a pair of shoes with a three inch platform and therefore what must be a seven inch heel, red leather with bands of red across the top to secure my feet and an ankle strap as well. He gives me these large gold hoop earrings, they clip on David tells me.

When we’re finished I check myself in the mirror. Damn! I am one fucking hot looking young whore. I could stare at my ass all day, I’m like one of those nubile young things that I have pictures of on my computer screen.

I then set the table for our dinner, prancing around like a little hot pony with this incredible wig as my tail. By the time I get everything set I hear the buzzer from downstairs go off.

“Food is here, now be a good girl and go fetch,” Saul says.

“Dressed like this? Can I at least wear a coat to cover up?”

“Of course dressed like that, why did you think we got you all made up. Now go show off that pretty ass of Otele gelen escort yours and fetch our dinner. If you don’t do it right now I’ll strip you naked and shove you outside to go fetch, which will it be?” Saul snaps.

“Yes, master. Yes master, your girl hears and obeys, master.”

“Much better.”

I take a deep breath and out the door I go, stepping into the hall way, praying it is empty. It is not. A trio of young men are clustered at the elevator waiting to go down. They wolf whistle at me and tease me. I try to remain focuses and just stride down the hall confidently. Of course in these hooker platform heels a stride becomes a sexy hip rolling provocative walk instead. I feel like I’m oozing sex as I walk. I just hope I don’t get raped in this outfit.

Once I’m standing with them, they are all polite and complement me on my outfit and my makeup.

Asking if I could help them sometimes do there makeup and pick their clothes out. Duh! They are all queers. I forgot. Do they think I’m a girl or a guy dressed in drag? I can’t tell. They treat me like a girl.

We step into the elevator and down we go. I feel their eyes all over me as if they were feeling me up. They exit the elevator in the lobby and I spot the delivery boy. I walk up to him as if I was dressed for a night on the town. In this outfit I am… if that was going to a fucking swingers party. The delivery boy looks barely eighteen and all stammering and blushing.

I can see him begin to tent in his cargo shorts. I am impressive. I take the bag and then turn and walk a few paces away to show off my swaying butt. I blow him a kiss over my shoulder and wink at him as I finish walking back to the elevator. I can feel him fixate on me and just standing their staring and watching me as I finally get in the elevator and the door closes.

That was hot! I am like a sex bomb! I wonder if he came in his pants? I giggle to myself as I return to the office with the food. This is fun!

“That wasn’t so bad, was it Friday?” Saul asks taking the bag of food from me.

“No, it wasn’t.”

“Now, confess, you liked it, right?”

“Well… yes… “

“I knew it. Now be a good girl and strip off that camisole and thong and let your prick hang out for us to admire. You can take off the wig as well. You can relax. Now it’s just us naked boys. But, I keep the stockings and heels on, you look so hot in them. Makes you look good enough to eat. Don’t you agree David?”

“Yes. He is a natural,” David remarks, “he has great pair of legs, makes me jealous.”

I put away my wig, take off the earrings and the thong as well. But I do leave on the rest. Damn, they both look good all naked. They strut around all naked as if it was perfectly natural to do so. Well, for them it is. We are all just three guys with our dicks hanging out, going to eat dinner and who knows what next.

After dinner, I clean up all the dishes as they settle in at the leather couch in front of the huge flat screen TV. I notice that David brings to the couch two small glass jars of oil, one is the Karma Sutra oil that taste like Chocolate.

“Hey Friday,’ Saul calls out to me. “Why don’t you strip out of those things, just keep the heels on, then tidy up the place and set your cute butt down between us. You’ll be off clock then.”

“Okay.” I wonder what’s up? In this place it seems what is ‘up’ is usually a cock, but whose will it be this time. So, after tidying up a scoot my bare ass in between them, they didn’t leave me much room and so we are all packed tight all out naked bodies touching each other. Damn! Just this gets my prick all excited. I guess it is understandable, here I am naked wearing these sexy and slutty platform high heels, sitting wedged in next to two good looking naked guys. It is a wonder that we all don’t have raging hard ons, rather than just me.

“I think it is time for a taste test,” Saul says as he gets one of the Karma Sutra oil bottles, “I feel like trying out strawberry.” The pours a dollop onto my cock and balls, it feels nice.

Then he leans over and begins to lick and suck my prick! Oh man, is he good! It doesn’t take him long to get my cock hard and twitching to cum.

“David, didn’t you tell me that Friday here claims he can cum multiple times?” Saul says as he lays his face on my naked lap with my hard hot cock so close that his lips rub up against me as he talks.

“That is what he claimed,” David replies.

“Will have to take the time this evening to prove that claim. We can’t have him getting away with lying to us on his job application.”

“I agree, he is technically still being interviewed for the job,” David says. “So, we need to decide tonight whether or not he has the job.”

“Well then we will have to test that claim out before we can say he’s hired.”

“I agree.”

With that Saul goes down on my cock and sucks me furiously. Oh my God…!! I can’t help myself and I explode with all Balgat Escort this pent up desire filling Saul’s mouth with blasts of hot cum. Oh God… Oh God… he manages to swallow must of it up, but then pulls back when I’m still oozing out my last bit.

“He is tasty,” Saul says licking his cum stained lips. “He’s a bit of a mess now, but he’s all yours.”

“You always leave me to clean things up,” David remarks as he bends over to gently lap up my cum mess. Oh fuck… I’m a so sensitive now… I have a hard time keeping still. I just close my eyes and let David’s insistent tongue get me hard again.

As he sucks my erection, I reach out with my hands to their semi-flaccid cocks to feel their warmth and to instinctively stroke them.

“Now, now, now… “Saul teases as he takes my hand away from his cock. “None of that now. Sit on those pretty hands. Lift up your bare ass and sit on those hands.”

I hear and reluctantly obey, as my action stops David from sucking on my cock. As the show begins he continues to stroke my hard on, slowly but insistently. I squirm as he does. I can’t help myself, I feel so helpless and I so love this feeling of being controlled. My cock is rock hard under his big warm hand. I’m sitting naked next to two good looking naked gay men who seem hell bent on playing with my cock all night and I just am sitting on my hands feeling almost like I was tied up and have to let them have their way with my cock. Oh God… this is wonderful.

I can’t even last through the whole commercial. I feel that hot jizz boiling up and I erupt! I shoot a stream of hot cream that splatters on my bare chest.

“Oh my!” Saul says. “He is just like a hot cum dispenser!”

I shoot off another burst of jizz that lands on my tummy. I sigh deeply and melt into the leather couch. David reaches down and licks the last drops of cum off my now very sensitive cock head.

He takes it into his mouth and just ever so gently sucks on my head. I am in such exquisite pain from this. My cock is so sensitive at such times. Thank goodness, the commercial ends and he stops.

I relax.

But then I feel Saul’s fingers playing with my balls.

My eyes are closed tight and I am breathing heavily. He then runs his finger along the edge of my member coaxing it and awakening it. It has a mind of its own, needs of its own. It is insatiable. Soon under the magic of his finger’s touch my cock gets hard once more. He gently holds my hard member between his thumb and first finger and glides slowly up and down, up and down. Oh my… under the slow and steady pace I feel time bleeding away as a vein in my cock pulses under his slow strokes. Then it all stops.

Oh no…

Next I feel the delicious wetness of oil pouring over my cock hand and traveling down the length of my erection to pool over my balls. Then I feel Saul’s tongue licking my cock as if he were licking an ice cream cone and lapping up the melted ice cream. He just keeps doing that, lapping my cock and balls with his tongue, savoring the flavors of my salty skin and the oil. Oh dear god… I’m not sure I can take this… ohhhhhh… then it stops… fucking commercial!

My cock is left hanging and wanting… At least David comes to my rescue and ever so gently strokes my wet hard cock. Oh shit… it doesn’t take much…

“I was going to burst… now… I willllll!” I shoot my load all over my upper chest in big thick creamy strings of cum that David works out of my cock with expert ease. “ohhhhh… god… oh god… oh god… ” I just want to collapse, and I do melt into the leather couch. I would have slipped off of it had it not been that my body is pinned between Saul’s and David’s naked hot bodies.

I just lay there panting with my cock going all flaccid.

Then the commercial ends again.

Saul takes my cock in his mouth and just starts working me all over again.

They keep doing this to me… hand jobs… sucking during commercials… I can’t tell them to stop… I don’t want them to stop… but how long can I last?

Hand jobs and blow jobs… all night long… I think this is a great trade off… I wear some girl clothes… suck on their cocks… oh yeah, they pee on me as well… but then they do this to me! They know how to suck and jack a guy’s cock!

Oh fuck… yes!!

It’s getting late and I’m dripping multiple cum loads down my chest, drizzling down to my tummy and hips. Saul is holding my erect cock and squeezing it hard to prevent me from cumning one more time.

“Now Friday have you enjoyed today?”

“Well… yes. It’s been weird but I am ashamed to admit it but I’ve like it.”

“Good. Let me give you a preview of a typical day, starting with tomorrow, so you will know what you are getting into if you agree to take this job. Our interview has ended and you need to decide once and for all if you are committed. If you agree you spend the night and your hired. If you don’t agree, we give you your things and drop you off home.”

Well, I can’t go back to my Ex’s place, not at this hour, which he may not know. So, really I am trapped, just like he has trapped my hard cock in his hand.

“I understand.”

“So, we need eight hours sleep and we expect to have our coffee ready before we wake up, so you need to figure that out and set your alarm, a silent alarm so as not to wake us, understood?”

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Besotted by Phil

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Besotted with Phil © Alex Carr 2010

“Are we meeting tonight, Phil?”

“What you mean, Pete is are we fucking tonight!”

“Well -put that way yes – so?

“Pick you up after work, usual place, Pete, we can have a meal out and a glass and then back to my place?”

“That’s fine” I said.

“You must surely have r -e- a -d my mi- nd” Phil continued, his signal bad then, trying to catch his words: “I really want you tonight!”

I settled to my writing spree for the rest of the day and looked forward to being with Phil again, he’d been away with his work and I had badly missed him’

In fact images are going through my mind as I write, you see Phil has that special way about how he makes it with me and I have truly never met anybody who could satisfy me the way he does, I can almost taste him now, that certain earthy pungency with a slight sea salt flavour – and I love it when we do it to each other at the same time, there is never any pressure in thinking am I doing as well as he, feeling the measure of his mouth take my cock fully, me content to gently stretch his foreskin back tight as I gently wank him and taste the sweet sourness of his pee-hole, so ardent and so wonderful, the way he jerks it in my mouth without even touching it, his beat is strong and already I can feel his beefy throbbing fuck inside me. OMG! Phil is heaven on earth.

True to his word Phil picked me up at Foley’s lodge where we always meet and as soon ,after I had clambered into his Jaguar beside him I felt the sheer excitement of just being there with him enthral me completely. I nudged his arm and was glad to open my thighs for him as I felt his first touch of me for ages. He turned off the motor for a while seeing it was all quiet and concentrated, demonstrating so sublimely that he had missed me too, I felt his finger release my zip, Cebeci Escort open my jeans just enough to get his hand inside my pants, then the squeeze which always made me feel so right with Phil, the way he prompted me to raise my butt but just enough for his fingers to tease my anus, it was lovely but seeing someone approaching he started his engine and suggested I should leave my jeans open so he could feel me on the way to the restaurant.

It was so nice, enjoying his touch of me – we had to stop occasionally at a traffic light or whatever, quite funny at one point too because unbeknown to me and Phil at first – a cyclist was eyeballing us through the passenger window, I felt someone was watching, turned and saw him, his expression saying it all, he turned away immediately he’d obviously observed I’d noticed him but I could see he was having trouble with his saddle – which probably meant he had a good old hard on. That made me feel good too, the fact that another guy could get turned on watching Phil massage my cock Driving me mad circling my plum with his wet finger.

Phil laughed too saying he hoped the guy enjoyed his cheap thrill. “I tell you what, your cock is stunning today, you been on Viagra or something?”

“Not Viagra, Phil just looking at those DVD’s we shot before you went away, they have kept me in tune and well wanked.”


We had just left the camcorder placed carefully on the side cupboard and forgot about it. It was really riveting to see us together like that, and you learn things about yourself too you’d hardly notice when you are actually doing it. My concentration so deep and enthralling the way I sucked him and moved to let his length slip easily up me. And the sounds of fucking you never notice quite the same when you are at it, all very stimulating Kolej Escort and the shots, played over and over again each night before I went to bed certainly set me alight making the climax always so very strong and good.

We had a good meal and all the time it was all I could do to keep cool, wanting to save all for later, but Phil was a real sod, his hand creeping beneath the table as I was trying to eat my spaghetti bolognaise, he loved to do that, like he was a naughty school boy, taking risks when lots of people were around, I whispered to him that he was in for a tanning later for being so mischievous Of course he said “yes please!” so I had this vision of strapping him with my belt, which he liked spread across my knees, his trousers and boxer shorts rolled down to his knees.

And I loved that, our speciality, well one of them, hearing the swish of the belt as it spun down on his hind, hearing his yelp as I made it ten strokes and one for luck. By the end of it he was tingling but his fuck up my ass was like a mad animal, he said nothing ever turns him on so much as a real firm spanking and it was something which at first was reluctant to do, but with Phil’s persuasion I gradually got into it as I did the first time I sucked and swallowed. Now it is all part and parcel of our relationship and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Phil was a lovely guy, it never seemed seedy at all when I was with him, like when we reached his place and he’d garaged his car, me knowing he’d want me to stay for the night -felt so privileged too.

First things first, we’d eaten, peed and stripped down to our boxer shorts, but soon it was off with them too after some brief fondling , and into the walk- in shower – both of us.

Generally we both liked it clean and yet sometimes Phil Yenimahalle Escort had a stir to take me after a hectic jogging work out which was a thrill to behold.

Tonight he wanted me squeaky clean he said although I knew it wouldn’t be so long before we’d both be soiled again and returning to the shower

There was never any inhibitions with Phil, he was there spreading himself over my lap, handing me his belt me perched on the bathroom stool, his ass round and expecting, waiting for it, I smoothed may right palm aver his ripe cheeks and felt him quiver, starting to slap him gently first, watching him sway his hips so his ass juggled, very tempting that and down came the first swish contacting with a loud snap as he yelled “don’t stop.” then the games we play, me telling him it was his own fault he was getting the punishment, he’d been such a very naughty boy.

Come the tenth and the one for luck I could see his ass was burning, he jumped up rubbing each cheek systematically and warning me that now I was going to get it really hard

I was ready for him, oiled and rimmed, he had seen to that and not messing, his cock thoroughly sucked and massaged primed and ready for the big fuck,

He always boasted this time it would be the ‘Mother of fucks’ as he planted it into me and oh! Was it good, the sensation of hard cock stretching inside with no mercy as he thrust it into me like a steam pin, in and out, right out sometimes and then finding my hole again for another so very deep and complete plunge like it was going to come out the other side.

I vouch I have never ever been so full of cock as I am with Phil, his eight inches of sheer unadulterated splendour gives me something I can never forget, and even afterwards, we are both spent. When the post- fuck feeling, touching, soaking and sucking is complete it still feel like his length is inside me, a wonderful soothing and gratifying feeling, like we belong to each other and I know forever I want to be all ass for him, all everything for him, the way he wants me, I would do absolutely anything for him, that’s how I am just completely besotted by this guy!

And still we had the night to go …….

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An Evolution, II

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That damn buzzing seemed louder today, or at least more persistent and consistent. My colleagues couldn’t hear anything on our call, but I looked out the window multiple times and didn’t see anyone doing landscaping work or electrical poles near us. After a while, it either faded or I stopped noticing it.I was so deep in my work that I again didn’t hear Sarah come home. She kissed me on the neck, then moved my desk chair out so she could sit on my lap. She lifted her skirt as she sat down and pulled her panties aside.“I beşevler escort need you inside me, I’ve been going crazy all day,” she hissed. “Come on, get your cock inside me.”This shocked me, as I think it was the first time I ever heard her refer to it as a cock. Then that buzzing seemed to start again, maybe louder this time. Sarah seemed to be lost in a fog for a moment, then her eyes blazed; she kissed me, pinched my nipple through my shirt, and cebeci escort then told me it was time to fuck. She moved my cock deeper, squeezing me. I thrust as much as I could, but she did most of the work, her cheeks reddening, her nails digging into my back, and then she moaned, “Yess yesss, ohhh yessss,” before collapsing against me. I held her for a while when it hit me. Her nails had dug into my back — since when did she have fingernails long enough to kolej escort do that? I pulled her hand to my lips, ostensibly so I could kiss her hand, but I was looking at her newly long and polished fingernails.I took one finger into her mouth, then another, kissing them and sucking on them. She moaned again and started moving them in and out of my mouth, slowly. She offered me a third finger and I greedily took it in. I felt myself getting hard again; Sarah shifted her weight and again took me in, giving me a look that said I’d better not let her down. She started moving her fingers faster, then added a fourth. She timed her movements on my cock to those of her fucking my mouth and surprisingly quickly her head rolled back and she moaned. She then pushed her fingers deep into my mouth and held them there as she finished, shuddering and sighing.

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The Homecoming

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“I will be home in about an hour, Amy. I want you to be upstairs in our room when I get home. I want you to have the spreader bar and ankle restraints holding your legs wide apart and your wrists in the restraints held up by the hook I installed in the ceiling beam. I want you wearing your blindfold as well. Do you understand these instructions?” I said. “Oooh, John! Feeling frisky tonight? Ok, I will do as you say,” she said. “Good girl,” I said and hung up the cell phone. _____________________________________ I had been called away on business for a couple of days, trying to salvage someone else’s fuck up on a multi-million dollar project out-of-town. I didn’t want to go, but when you are told by your boss that “you are the only one I can count on to fix this”, you’re pretty much stuck with the responsibility. So I had said goodbye to Amy and told her to be good. She had been to the store and I had taken care of any bills or other home affairs before I went so she really didn’t have anything to worry about until I got home. “Just keep the place running and I will see you when I get back,” was what I told her. It was about an hour and a half by the time I pulled into the driveway – traffic was heavier than I anticipated. But that would work to my favor. I unlocked the door and stepped inside the house. Taking off my coat and shoes, I went upstairs and got my “working clothes” out – black leather pants, a white open-front sleeveless shirt, and black pull-on square-toe boots. I got dressed in the bathroom so that Amy could hear me but had to wait just a little longer. When I was ready, I went into the bedroom to see my Amy. The bedroom was dimly lit by the overhead lighting dimmed down, and accented by the two candles she had lit on our night stands and the three she had lit on the dresser. Standing in the center of the room was the object of my desire, my lovely Amy, looking as alluring and delicious as otele gelen escort ever she was. She had followed my directions to the letter, her hands raised over her head and held there by the leather wrist restraints while her ankles were held so far apart she had trouble standing upright. She had the blindfold on and was standing there, softly swaying and waiting for me. I slowly walked up to her, taking in the whole scene while it was still fresh and new. I got close to her and her sweet scent found my nostrils – a mixture of her perfume and her own musky, sex smell. Coming up, right up to her without touching her, I breathed her in once more. “Have you been a good girl, Amy?” I said in a low throaty voice. “Yes, John,” she whispered, her voice quivering with excitement. “I have missed you, Amy,” I said. “And I have missed you too. I have missed you so much,” she panted. I reached my hand up and softly stroked her cheek, while she laid her face in my hand and purred. Then I reached behind her head and grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and pulled her head back. She gasped at my sudden action and I covered her gasp with my mouth. She opened her mouth to me and my tongue entered to find hers. As I embraced her, our tongues embraced as well and she moaned into me. I kissed her hungrily, claiming her once more as my own and asserting my possession of her. I broke our kiss and she sighed, “Oh, John!” “I know, Amy. But I am home now,” I said. I pulled away from her slightly and with my fingertips at the back of her neck, I slowly ran them over her left shoulder and down her chest to trace small circles around her areola. She moaned as my fingers left a trail of fire across her skin. I saw goose-bumps raise on her skin and felt her shudder as I touched her. I continued on my way, and Amy arched her back as my hand left her breasts. I traced balgat escort a slow trail down her taunt stomach and as I neared her mons, her breath quickened into panting. “You are wet, my dear,” I said, as I noticed the wetness of her pussy reflected by the candlelight. “Yesss,” she said. I touched her pussy and she jerked and gasped then opened her legs for more. I traced a soft line down her slit, not entering her but letting her feel my presence at her velvety opening. She pushed her hips forward in an attempt to get my fingers in her, but as she moved forward, I moved back, never giving her what she craved. “John, please, don’t tease me,” she whimpered. She stomped a foot in frustration. I smiled “I just want to make sure you are ready for me Amy,” I told her. “I am. I want you so much! I want you inside me!” She whined. I obliged her then, slipping my two middle fingers into her warm, wet pussy as I rose to kiss her once more. She spread her legs as wide as she could and pushed forward as my fingers began churning inside her hungry hole. She gasped and panted and moaned as she felt me fondling her pussy lips, her clit, and plunging in and out of her. “Oh my God! Oh John! Oh!” She cried as I fingered her. I stabbed at her pussy with my fingers roughly, but she was so hot and so sex-starved that she only wanted more. “Fuck me, John! Fuck Your slut! Oh yess, Fuck me! Fuck mee!” She cried. My hand was flying in and out of her and she was bucking into every thrust. I sawed in and out of her pussy as she rose higher and higher towards her first orgasm of the night. I could feel the pressure building up inside her. I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. “OH, FUCK! Oh GOD I’m going to CUM! Oh please, John, please make me cum! Please!” She cried loudly as she reached her peak. “Wait for it,” I commanded. “OHHHH!!!” she wailed. But she held it back. elvankent escort I continued to plunge in and out of her with one hand, but I added another level to her distress when I used the thumb of my other hand to massage her throbbing, swollen clit. “JOHN! PLEEEASE! Oh Fuck! Please, please, please,” she cried louder this time. “Then cum for me Amy, CUM NOW!!” I said. “OHHHHHHHMMMMYYYYYGOODDDD!” She screamed as she threw her head back. Her whole body went into convulsions as her orgasm roared through her body. She jerked and bucked, her wrists holding her up as her legs gave out on her. One orgasm after another raged on through her sweating, panting body. I kept plunging into her pussy as she came all over my fingers and her juices ran down my arm. “Who are you slut? Are you my whore? Are you my filthy whore?” I said, goading her higher and higher. “YES, John! Oh Yes! I am your whore! I am your filthy, fucking whore! Fuck my pussy, please!” She screamed as the words brought her to the peak again. Finally she had wrung herself out and hung there, her legs quivering as they struggled to hold her up. Panting she stood there, her body glistening as sweat ran down her body in little rivers and her hair hung stringy and matted with sweat. I moved around behind her and nuzzled into her neck, kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. I wrapped my arms around her and drew her close to me as I reached around and began playing with her tits. “John,” she purred, pushing her ass back against my growing bulge. As her breathing returned to near normal, I took the fingers that had only a few moments ago been deep in her pussy and put them to her lips, smearing her juices across her sweet lips and into her mouth, She licked her pussy juice off my fingers eagerly, savoring her own taste. “Mmmmm,” she said as she licked my fingers. “How do you taste little one?” I asked. “Delicious, Sweetheart,” she replied. “I believe I’ll have a taste then,” I said. “Nooo, John! Please! Wait! Wait!” She said. But I wasn’t about to wait. She had come down from her first orgasm and I wanted to start her up the next hill before she had cooled down too much! I moved around in front of her, kneeling in front of that heavenly mound and parted her lips, revealing her wet, pink insides.

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I love fresh air

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Go easy on me this is my first story. It is mostly true and happened when I was younger. The names are changed, especially the lady’s. After college, I got a job in Highway Construction. Our biggest job concern was always profit, so many times us foremen would work alone on weekends to keep things moving. Just before thanksgiving, I was clearing trees on the weekend while my girl, Laura, a very eryaman escort sexy 20-year old relaxed in the sun. A little about her, she was very well proportioned and very horny. Whenever she rode next to me my cock would get hard just being close to her. She never wore a bra and whenever people looked at those barely covered 36C sincan escort tits her nipples turned to iron.So there we were, out in the woods near the work site, Laura getting some sun and me running a D8 pushing over and piling up trees. I stopped in the middle of the afternoon for a break and went over to my truck. After getting a drink, etlik escort I sat next to Laura and we started to make out. Soon I had my hand under her t-shirt and was playing with those rubbery, erect nipples. We kissed and petted one another for a good 20-minutes and pre-cum was soaking my briefs.When we broke off the kiss and I stood up, she plaintively moaned, “You just can’t leave me like this!” So, horny as I was, I pulled off her shirt and we continued with me kissing, licking and sucking her breasts while I slowly undid her jeans. Soon my hand was in her panties and my fingers were pleasing her sweet, wet folds and rubbing her clit. She laid back across the seat of my truck as I lowered my jeans to my ankles.

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Reading between the lines

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At the library, we’re sitting so close together I can feel his breathe on my neck. I stare at a page of letters, grouped and typed in small neat rows. Already whole paragraphs of Times New Roman have become gibberish. His hand slides further up my thigh. My pussy anticipates his touch, a dull ache begins on my insides as desire starts to form. Our row of desks are nine flights above street level, facing the window. At night the view of blackness from these floor-to-ceiling glass panels reflects seriously studying students back onto themselves. Right now though, the sun is shining, corrugated campus roofs littered with air conditioning units look like over sized suitcases of 1960’s space junk. The bricked path yawns away below us. Beside me, Obie licks his lips without looking up. One hand holds a pencil but he’s not working on his notes anymore than I am. His fingers continue to trace a path up the smooth flesh of my thigh, working their way unhurriedly towards my skirt’s rus escort hemline. It’s summer, my legs are bare and I kicked off my Havanas half an hour ago. I can feel my own hands beginning to shake. A warm palm presses down on my skin. I glance across at him and he’s staring at me. Behind us, the shuffle of shoes indicates we are not alone. Someone is making their way in and out of the shelving, searching. I turn my head. A dark skinned man stops close by, he wears wire rimmed glasses and an expression of concentration. He searches on a top shelf, retrieves a book, leaves. Obie curls his fingers in between my legs. I’m lush, waiting. He pushes a finger into my slit and languidly strokes all the way upward, missing the nub of my clit. I ache, unfulfilled. He pushes two fingers into my sopping folds, past my lips, into my vagina. Once again he curls his digits, only this time they are inside me, searching. It works, yenimahalle escort I jerk forward, impaled on his probing hand. He rubs and thrusts. It’s delicious. I’m not breathing right. I’ve forgotten our study, I want to push the books aside and haul him up, remove his lovely cock from within red corduroy trousers and feel him slide inside me. My mouth is open, my stomach muscles beneath my singlet feel so tense they might jump and snap. My breath is so shallow it feels as though I am holding onto it. I might melt. His fingers slide out of me, they smear pussy juices over my lips. This time he reaches my clit, lightly touching it as though his finger is a cats tongue. I’m dizzy with lust, wriggling and chaffing against his hand. I adjust my arse in my seat from side to side.Wet with longing. I love the library and it’s atmosphere of quiet; the smell of the books, the unappealing carpet and the 70’s furniture. I wonder briefly if I am making a wet patch on my seat. I like my lips and shiver making a whispered, broken sound. Obie looks at me. I want to burst. “Shall we fuck?” His voice sounds steady, but it’s a little deeper than usual and his pupils are dilated, hiding most of the blue. He plunges his finger into me and I spread my legs wider. I want more. He makes little circles with his fingers and his eyes watch my mouth. I’m drowning. “Sure.” “Well, lead the way.” He stops touching me. I can smell my cunt on his fingers after he withdraws. My lust is a tangible scent in our little corner piled high with study materials. When we both stand I get a good look at the overwhelming evidence he’s excited too. Taking his hand, I lead him away from the window, enjoying the feel of my swollen sex as I move. My arousal feels like cream between my thighs. I lead the way to one of the private listening rooms. Here there are no windows but also, you are unable to lock the door. Inside the little booth is a CD player and a set of headphones at a desk. I push these out of the way and slide my arse onto the little blue table. Obie moves the room’s only chair and I place one foot on it, spreading my knees wide, leaning back on my hands.

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They Could Have Incredible Sex In A Kitchen

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“Crap,” Reagan inhaled taking a gander at her telephone.The Uber was here. Eli had landed in his exquisite dark Charger, tag XTUD 459, and she wasn’t exactly prepared. She took one last look in the mirror and surrendered that moistness had won today. A mesh adorned with frizz would need to do. She got her tote and quickly grabbed around inside. Keys. Wallet. Telephone. Taking one last clearing look around the flat, she opened and shut the entryway, bolted it, and as she turned, she wound up taking a gander at a dark Charger, tag XTUD 459. “Reagan?” a voice called from inside. “Indeed,” beşevler escort she got back to, strolling up to the auto. “Eli?” What welcomed her was the most dazzling grin she had ever observed, supplemented by the most wonderful face and body joined. Heavenly Fuck, she practically gasped. Going after the handle, she got in the auto and was promptly immersed in an inferno of warmth. With an arm around the headrest, he swiveled around and asked “Windows affirm?” blazing her another uber watt grin. In cebeci escort spite of the fact that the warmth was practically unendurable, she answered, “Yes,” astonished at how imposing her voice had progressed toward becoming. “Incredible.” He pivoted, slid his finger along his telephone flagging the begin of the Uber ride. Also, they were off. He started to ask her the usual “How are you? ” She pondered what it’d resemble to fuck him. Where might it happen? Would he pull over to the side of the street and sink her kolej escort the rearward sitting arrangement of his Charger? “Great.” She wanted to think not. She realized that they would have astounding sex if given the suitable setting. Like, for instance, a kitchen. They could have incredible sex in a kitchen. She could see him pummeling into her, making her shout out in torment (delight?) Jesus Christ. She would nip at his ear in answer and Eli would clearly let out a difficult snort and react with a particularly powerful push. “Where ya headed this evening? She had a suspicion that his chicken would be a magnum opus: long, thick and persistent. She envisioned herself being totally and altogether loaded with it. What’s more, she knew it would feel so great much superior to her present arrangement of using her vibrator. God, it had been too since a long time ago she had last been legitimately fucked.

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Everything I Ever Wanted

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Close Up

I was just like every average 18 year old girl at my school. Senior year was flying by and we all had only one thing on our mind: Austin Worthington. He was the school’s star basketball player. He had the rocking abs every girl was totally crazy about. He had the sandy brown hair that slightly hung in his eyes, and he had perfected the hair flip. He even had those dreamy greenish blue eyes that you could stare into all day. He had everything. I was the girl hidden in the corner. I kept my face tucked away behind the curly curtains of flame red hair. my blue eyes never really looked up from my feet, even though I wasn’t shy. I didn’t exactly have a ‘rocking’ body, but I knew guys stared. I could feel them looking when I walked by, and I could’t blame them. The summer before senior year, I had really changed. I had let my hair grow out to almost untamable length. The growth of my confidence had caught up with the growth speed of my breasts and my bum. I was finally what I considered to be a lady, and I could tell my fellow guy class mates could tell. Well, all of them except Austin. And he was the only one I cared about. It was just a normal Friday in basketball season. Living in north Florida meant that this was also rainy season, which I would admit, I wasn’t thrilled about. Have you ever tried to tame curly hair in the rain? Yeah, it’s because it doesn’t happen. The final bell had just dismissed us. I was driving down the road in my beat up old red Mustang, jamming out to Simple Plan eryaman escort when I saw it. ‘It’ being my golden opportunity. Austin’s blue truck was parked on the side of the road with his four ways on. I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled up besides him where he was busy looking under the hood. The rain was slanting in at a perfect angle, soaking my seats and me, but I didn’t care. This could be my golden opportunity, my one in a million chance, and I couldn’t miss it. “Hey, do you need a ride?” I asked cautiously. Austin looked up, hitting his head on the hood of his truck. “Shit! Oh… Crap, sorry, didn’t mean to swear in front of you.” We both laughed nervously. This wasn’t going exactly how I had imagined in my head. Our first conversation was going down the drain. Actually that didn’t describe it; the correct term would be up in flames. This conversation was on fire, but the wrong kind of fire. “Um, so… What’s wrong with your truck?” I asked. Austin ran a hand through his damp hair and I almost melted. Could he be any hotter? I answered my own question with a yes. Austin Worthington could be much hotter. My hormones agreed completely, as they were kicking into over drive. I was turning into a sex crazed teenager right in front of him, and I could only hope it wouldn’t be to obvious to him. “Heck if I know. It’s never done something like this before,” he said upset. I took a small breath before I dared to ask sincan escort the question out loud. “Do you need a ride somewhere? I could take you home, or to the car repair shop downtown if you want,” I said, tacking on a brave smile at the end. He smiled and closed the hood. Without saying a word, he grabbed his backpack and climbed into my front seat. Taking that as a yes, I pulled away from the side of the road and started heading downtown before I realized I had no idea where I was going. “Where to?” I asked shyly. “Just right ahead. I live right on the other side of town,” Austin said. “Ya know, you’re a real life saver right? I would’ve been stuck there forever. My phone died and I wasn’t walking anywhere until the rain stopped. It’s this house right here,” he said pointing. I swerved into the driveway and parked my car. Austin didn’t make a move to get out though, and soon an awkward silence fell over us. I began to panic. Not again! I could not endure another awkward moment with Austin Worthington! Everyone at school would torture me, the girl who can’t speak in front of her crush. It wasn’t the title I really wanted for the rest of my senior year. Right before I got the courage to open my mouth and say something, Austin spoke up. “Do you wanna come inside?” he asked quickly. “I’d love to,” I said with a smile as I turned off my car. I followed Austin inside. His house was really nice. I had heard his parents both had really etlik escort good jobs, that his mom was a lawyer and his dad was a well known surgeon. But I had also heard that they were hardly ever home, which is why most of the weekend parties were at Austin’s house. I looked around for his parents, only to come to the conclusion that they weren’t there. My breathing instantly changed. I was alone, with Austin, in his house. Who had ever thought that this day would come? Thank you gods! “Do you want something to drink?” Austin suddenly asked. I was broken out of my train of thought, and just nodded my head. I knew I looked like an idiot and that I needed to get my shit together. Austin would never speak to me again if he thought I was some kind of mute. I followed him into the kitchen and leaned up against the island as he poured me a glass of water. When he handed it to me and our fingers brushed, a shot of electricity ran through my body and my knees buckled. Luckily, Austin caught me before I gracefully face planted into his kitchen floor. I looked up at him and was caught off guard by his eyes. “Thanks,” I whispered. I cursed myself at how breathy and weak I sounded. That wasn’t attractive to a guy like Austin! He needed someone daring and sexy and brave, and so the opposite of what I was. Or at least that was what I thought, until he reacted to my one simple breathy word. He instantly crushed his lips to mine. There was fierceness in his kiss, like he couldn’t cover enough of my mouth fast enough. I felt the glass slip from my hands, felt the water splash all over my feet, heard the glass shatter, but I didn’t care. I was being kissed by none other than Austin Worthington, and I was going to soak up every minute of it before he realized who he was kissing. He pulled away and I waited for the blow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32