A Different Kind of Love

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I still remember how we met, how that moment was the most embarrassing moment in my recent history, as I looked down at Angela, caressed her silk red hair as she snoozed, enjoying her post sexual nap. Holding, cuddling with Angela, my eyes slowly close as I recall the events of a year ago; barely feeling her soft breaths as she rests her head on my breast letting my mind go back to that evening.


I, we had attended a summer ball, courtesy of the company for whom I work. Being part of the organizing committee, I had stayed at the hotel the night before; to ensure all the final little administration hurdles were ironed out before the guests started to arrive in the late afternoon on Saturday.

It was early evening when I first saw Angela as she gracefully entered the reception area, and headed towards us. I and other members of the organizing committee stood to greet the guests. What struck me was her beauty, her long almost flame red hair flowing in the evening breeze, her necklace, earrings glistening in the lights. She wore a black halter neck dress, the neckline a narrow plunging affair that comes to an end below the breasts, revealing the gentle swell of her breasts, her flesh clearly visible, not obscured by a bra. The neckline is the type that can only be worn by those with small, pert breasts. The dress suited Angela’s physique perfectly. She is rather broad across her shoulders, with toned muscles, the definition almost worthy of an athlete, but then she had been an athlete.

“Excuse Me!” Her sarcasm and contempt obvious in her voice as she spoke.

My eyes fluttered, my face burnt as I was strongly bought back to the harsh reality, unaware that I had been staring. I looked ahead, but couldn’t quite see the owner of the voice, but rather I saw movement at the periphery of my vision. Quickly, I looked down to see Angela, in her wheel chair looking rather irate with me. Apparently I had been staring; she and her colleague had assumed it was because she was in a wheel chair, what many would term a cripple. Nothing was further from the truth; I had become infatuated by a truly beautiful woman.

I quickly regained my composure as I welcomed her to the Ball, and showed her and her colleague to the table of bucks fizz, sighing with disbelief. I had never been so openly embarrassed, in a very a long time.

For The next hour or so, I completely forgot about that incident as my duties kept me occupied. Finally, with the ball in full flow, I was able to relax, sip my bucks fizz as I collapsed in a chair away from the limelight, wanting to relax briefly before mingling with the guests, my colleagues. My eyes wondered around the room, wanting to see happy faces, to see the guests, and their guests, enjoying their evening.

“You should be more careful Miranda!” the tone of voice conveyed a combination of teasing as well as with a more serious note. Slightly startled for the second time that evening, I turned to see Peter, an old member of the company, one about to retire. He is an old school gentleman, always honourable, yet can be as politically incorrect as they come. Together with his black tie, complete with accompanying cumberbund making him look very much the gentleman.

“I thought you needed a refill Miranda” as he placed another champagne glass on the table, filled with Bucks Fizz.

“Thank you” smiling taking a sip.

“You might have upset Angela with that stare. Everyone is now saying that you have a dislike of disabled individuals.”

I looked at him in disbelief, considering how far that was from the truth that comment was and how hurt I felt. I simply nodded.

“Well Peter, to be honestly truthful, I wasn’t even aware she was in a wheel chair until she spoke to me and I heard her voice coming from below. I was taken aback by her beauty, and her style. Not that she was in a wheelchair!”

Peter smiled, as he spoke. “I know you Miranda, and like many of those who do know you, I have never seen, or heard any form of prejudice from you. But you were seen staring, and well maybe partly due to the booze the rumour has spread.

Peter and I continued to chat for a while. He knew Angela from another office before she had left the company after her tragic accident. I heard about her athletic potential, her accident and her turmoil afterwards. What hurt me the most was the story of her fiancé; who having faced with the severity and longevity of her injuries, quickly lost interest in her. I learnt more about her from Peter, as he continued to talk about Angela. He told me enough about the incident, but the true gentleman that he is, he never told me any great detail. As he said, “That is for Angela to tell you if she chooses to do so.”

Before Peter left, he offered to introduce me to Angela and he made one statement, or rather was it a query? “Since her fiancé did a runner, I have never seen, or heard her refer to a soul mate, or a partner. She has spoken fondly of a couple of female friends that has left me wondering if….” Peter never finished uşak escort that sentence, as he got up and left. Peter didn’t have to introduce me to Angela, but that final comment from Peter had got me thinking as I glanced around the room. If I was asked if I was looking for Angela, I would have said no. In reality the opposite was very much the case I was looking for Angela.

An hour or so later, I met Angela again, out on the terrace. I had gone outside with a group of colleagues who smoke, and went out to join them, chatting and enjoying the oranges and reds of the setting sun on the horizon. Slowly they left, until I and another person were all that remained of that group. David turned and left to head off to another group and I was just about to go inside to refill my glass.

I had not taken more than a couple of footsteps when I heard a voice, “Miranda?” I turned and saw Angela coming towards me. With an embarrassed flush on my cheeks, I smiled and took a couple of steps towards her. Despite being chair bound, she moved gracefully, her shoulders, and upper arms full of strength as she manoeuvred her wheelchair so majestically. Her dress made her look stunning, and the evening sun glistened off her jewels.

I smiled softly, “Angela, I’m sorry about earlier.” I paused as Angela smiled. “I had not quite realised, twigged that you were, or rather, are in a wheel chair. I just saw you approached, and became intoxicated by your elegance, and beauty,” I said, Smiling softly as I finished my sentence. I paused briefly, you moved so elegantly guess I just saw you.

She raised her right hand, as if to brush something aside, but this time it was Angela’s turn to blush as she heard my complement. “No problem Miranda, several people have spoken in your defence, you seem rather popular, and a lot of people are fond of you, it would seem.” After a brief pause, she added, “Thank you Miranda so kind of you to say so.”

I felt my cheeks flush yet again that evening, as I responded to her kindness “Well thank you Angela, it is lovely of you to say so.” I paused briefly before I spoke again “It seems that you also left your mark on the company. I’m sorry about what happened.”

Whilst trying to avert my gaze from her, I stood and we sat outside for a while, making conversation. At that point, she didn’t reveal too much detail, but basically she confirmed what Peter had told me; how she had been an athlete, a contender for the British Olympic squad before the fateful crash. She described how she had been in hospital for weeks, as tests were carried out, and soon the severity and longevity of her injuries became apparent.

The conversation enthralled me, as I, or rather, as we, lost track of time. Slowly we drifted to a terrace as before I sat on the wall, listening with interest at what Angela had to say. I felt sorry for her and her situation, but did not want to take pity. She was confident, accepting her situation, and trying to make the most of it. During that conversation, we soon became at ease with each other, as we chatted and exchanged our life stories as if we were long lost friends. Finally, as the evening breeze cooled, we both decided to head inside, “I’m heading inside, can I assist you Angela?”

“No thanks, I can manage!” was her rather abrupt response. Finally we parted, almost as friends. We both had other friends and colleagues to meet and socialize with. Unsure as to whether I had offended her, or just that her streak of independence was just strong, I saw some friends and walked over to join them.

As I chatted with colleagues, I could not get Angela out of my mind. Neither Angela, nor our conversation. For someone who had survived such a traumatic series of events, she was so positive, and upbeat about everything. She would did not dwell on her past but rather looked toward the future. The only negative words that Angela had used were in reference to her ex fiancé. But as she said, maybe it was all for the best, after all.

During the next few hours, several times my instinct told me that I was being observed. A couple of times, the stares came from males. But For the most part, I could see Angela looking in my direction. She was confident enough to make eye contact, and to smile; unlike the men who turned away their lecherous gaze, occasionally with a blush, after realizing that they had been caught.

Each time, my mind wondered about what Peter had said. Was she bisexual, or had her fiancé been a catalyst in her to re-evaluate her sexuality? Was she bi-sexual before the accident? Does she suspect that I am? My mind was filled with thoughts about Angela. I had become infatuated with her, it would seem.

Finally, the ball was approaching its closing stages, and the band started to play ballads, as they often do. Couples got up and danced, some were necking on the dance floor. Others were more discrete as they went outside with their partner, old and new alike. I saw Angela sitting alone, her friends were obviously off dancing.

I uşak escort bayan inhaled deeply, feeling my heart pound as I approached her. I saw her welcoming smile as I sat down next to her. “I’m not sure why I am still here?” pausing before she continued. “Dancing in a wheel chair is not that easy, especially if the other person is able to stand.”

I just smiled and reached for her hand and squeezed it, trying to reassure her. I smiled and nodded. Somehow I felt that this was her little whinge; a moan of her situation. She obviously missed the physical touch of a slow dance with a friend or partner. Angela inhaled deeply, before returning the squeeze, she spoke again softly.

“Besides” Angela inhaled deeply “there is only one person who I would like to be with on that dance floor tonight.”

“Oh?” I replied “Dare to reveal?”

Angela paused for a moment before she shook her head. “No, it isn’t fair to them, I guess, as well as for me if their feelings are not mutual. They often aren’t.” The last sentence was spoken quite harshly. Obviously, she had been turned down and from my own experiences; I knew how hurtful rejection can be.

“Think I shall retire Miranda…” She paused briefly; obviously her mind was debating before she continued.

“Would you mind helping me, pushing me to my room please? My friends are out there somewhere, enjoying themselves.” She glanced towards the dance floor.

“Of course.”

With that, I stood up and eased myself behind the wheel chair before pushing her towards the lifts and ultimately to her room. I was rather excited and confused as we headed to her room. Who was this mysterious person that she had referred to earlier? Was it me, I hoped? My attraction towards Angela had grown over the course of the evening as I admitted to myself that I would like to sleep with her. But why, I asked myself over and over? Was it because she is attractive? Was it partially out of pity? No, she is an intelligent, witty person and appears confident with her sexuality, despite her wheel chair. I was attracted to her for what she was and is.

Angela passed me her card key and asked me to open the door for her. I did standing t the side of the door, watching her start to wheel herself into her room before I took the handles of her chair and pushed her the remaining distance into her room.

I looked around the room, as it was rather bigger than the normal hotel room, and realized it was a wheelchair, a handicap room that was designed to accommodate her wheel chair. Additionally there were a series of white handles on the walls, obviously there for those who were able to walk with some assistance.

“Tea, Miranda? I’m about to call room service, would you care for some?”

We sat and made conversation. Angela had eased herself out of her wheel chair and onto the sofa. She made a deep sigh of relief as she eased onto the sofa. “Those chairs can get quite uncomfortable after a few hours.”

I smiled, thinking how easy it is for me to stand up and stretch after sitting in an uncomfortable chair, something that Angela could no longer do. The tea arrived, and I acted as Mother as I poured the tea.

An uneasy silence filled the room. My mind kept going back to Peter’s comments about Angela, about how that she has not been seen with a male since her and her fiancé had broke up. I just kept wondering, asking myself the same questions I had been all evening. Did she abstain because of her condition or was she leaning towards being gay? I did not know what sexual feelings someone in her state could have, if any. I was totally ignorant on the subject. The only thing I did know was that I was attracted to her, her charm, her attitude, and her sensuality. I sat back and smiled, admired Angela and her dress. She caught me looking.

“You like this dress, don’t you?”

“Yes” I simply replied. I paused before I continued, “You have the physique to carry that dress, my breasts are too full, and would burst free with every movement.”

Angela giggled softly at my comment as she nodded.

“Yes Miranda, but likewise you can wear certain styles of dresses, tops because you have a real bust, as opposed to my enlarged nipples,” she said, joking about her own breasts.

“But there is also something sensually elegant about that dress Angela. It conveys a message, a message of someone who is confident in their looks, their own sexuality. Are you?”

Angela smiled as she spoke, “I’m not sure if I am totally confident. I have had too many rejections recently to really be sure.” Was she referring to her fiancé, I wondered, or others, or possibly both? She looked like she needed a hug.

Angela sighed, as she looked at her feet, and around the room. “Sometimes I just like to be held, touched, and comforted. People seem to think being stuck in a wheel chair; we lose those emotions and those needs. If anything, we need more support, we need them even more.” I sat down next to her close on the sofa and I placed escort uşak my hand palm up.

“Will I do?”

Angela nodded softly “I’d like that Miranda,” pausing, “very much.”

She leant forward, towards me, twisting at the abdomen, as she rested her head on my shoulder, and breast. Her fingers reached behind my neck as mine reciprocated. We just held each other for what seemed like forever. I felt and heard a deep sigh.

“It’s okay Angela.” I’m not sure what prompted me to kiss her in the manner that I did; but I turned my head slightly and kissed her flame red hair my stomach full of butterflies.

“Angela, you are pretty, intelligent, and witty. I loved being with you tonight.”

“Thank you Miranda.”

We sat there for several minutes; just holding each other. I felt her fingers start to caress my back as we held each other. I responded, and allowed my fingers to reciprocate. The moment of judgement was almost upon us. The caresses were becoming more intimate; my breathing, my pulse quickened. Neither of us complained.

I gulped, inhaling briefly before my face turned to my right, my lips softly kissing her cheek. I felt her flinch softly, but rather than turning away, and brushing me aside, she leant closer to me. I kissed her cheek again, soft and gentle and she sighed in response. I licked her cheek, tentatively as I moved to her ear, and I kissed her ear lobe delicately. She sighed deeply.

“Ohhhh, that’s good Miranda.”

Her head turned, as if to offer me her lips. Her lips sought mine, before she brushed her lips against mine. Neither of was seemed sure about our feelings for each other, whether this was the right thing to do? But it felt natural as our lips brushed and nuzzled. I remember softly suckling on her lower lip, before our lips finally merged the kiss soft and sensual but with an underlying of growing passion and intensity.

Finally our lips parted, and Angela smiled and leaned back into the sofa. “I’m getting a crick in my neck Miranda.”

I collapsed back into the sofa, as our eyes met. My fingers reached for her cheek, as I felt my heart pound, and I gulped for air. Despite my hesitation, I leaned towards Angela again, my head tilted as I felt my lips brush against hers. I felt her gasp, before her lips met mine. We shared small, soft butterfly kisses, my fingers caressed her cheek. That kiss lingered, the taste of her wine, tea and lipstick upon my lips. Finally the kiss broke and we both inhaled deeply, both of us slightly taken aback by the turn of events. She smiled softly.

“You are so pretty Angela,” I stated in a matter of fact manner as I looked across at her. My mind wanted us to go further, but I wondered if hers did as well.

I felt her hand on my thigh, her fingers softly pressing into the silk of the dress, and it sent a shiver through me. Our eyes met in a gaze, neither of us sure of the other it seemed. Despite the kisses, and the caresses, we both seemed unsure of the other’s desire, or our need for each other. Was this a lack of confidence that faded as we reassured each other of our mutual attraction? Her lips parted as her head moved towards mine. I reciprocated as I leaned towards her again, tilting my head to allow our lips to press against each other. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue part my lips, hesitantly, as she gently explored as her lips closed around mine. My fingers pressed into her cheek lightly caressing her form. Her response was to move her hand from my thigh onto my breast, cupping it softly. That moment seemed to have relaxed us both, as the kiss deepened. I have no recollection how long we sat there snogging, making out. The kiss was long and varied; long sensual kisses, broken by short butter fly kisses, suckling on each other’s tongues and lips. I sucked her lips, bit gently, ran my tongue over her lips, against her teeth. I smelt her food, her breath, her perfume in that passionate kiss.

Angela finally broke our kiss, and she panted, before she inhaled deeply.

“Please stand up, I need some space.” When she said that, I thought she was going to ask me to leave. Hesitantly I stood up, wondering what I had done wrong. Was Angela having second thoughts? I stood and stepped back, unsure.

For Angela, that intense kiss had been the moment. That was the moment when she knew something would happen, that she even wanted something to happen; for our friendship to deepen, become more intimate. For that moment to normally occur, she would have seen a woman a few times before becoming physically intimate after the mutual attraction is already evident. Possibly she has already kissed her, maybe even made out a little. That was the moment when Angela would like their friendship to become more intimate, when Angela would want to make love to her. That long kiss between was the moment when Angela knew it was going to happen, when she trusted Miranda; and accepted her as her new lover. For Angela there was more going on in her mind than just the physical aspect? There was that transcendental moment; when Angela realized that her new lover did not see the chair. Rather she sees Angela, sexy horny Angela and that is what she wants; but what Angela found strange that evening was that it just happened during the course of a long day rather than a series of outings and dates.

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A Girl’s Night Out

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As I was getting dressed to go out I was feeling really horny. What with one thing and another that week I hadn’t made myself cum at all. Unusual for me!

I slipped on my little top and my short, tight skirt. I was choosing my shoes (high heeled black or high heeled strappy) when it occurred to me that I could get even more horny if I went out without any underwear. The thought of being secretly naked in a public place sent shivers through my body, and down to my sex which was already starting to heat.

I slipped my bra and panties off, put on my shoes (I went for the strappy ones) and grabbed my bag and headed for the taxi which had now arrived.

“The Pink Palace please,” I told the taxi driver.

“Isn’t that a gay place, love?” he asked. “All blokes snogging and stuff?”

“Actually,” I pointed out, “It’s a girl’s only place.”

“Oh.” He said, and then, realising what I meant, he said, “Phew! What a waste! A girl like you!!”

I didn’t want to spoil his little fantasy by telling him I was straight, and that I just went there for the fun night out that it was, so I just laughed.

We were there, and I got out, paid, and told him that I’d kiss a blonde for him. He muttered something appreciative and drove off.

I entered the bar and was hit by the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol. I aimed for the bar and ordered a drink. It was then I realised that there was a stripper busy doing her thing at the other side of the room. I got my drink and headed over to have a look.

She was quite petite, and had lovely small rounded breasts which jiggled lightly as she moved. She was completely naked already and had a lovely figure. I noticed she was blonde and laughed to myself. I was almost at the front when she noticed me. She started to look straight into my eyes as she danced, touching herself all over and gyrating gently to the music. My body was starting to heat with a combination of embarrassment ands arousal. When the music stopped I breathed a sigh of relief and headed back to the bar for a refill.

I was watching the other women milling about when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the stripper.

“Hi, I’m Lisa,” she said and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’m Holly,” I replied.

“Can I buy you a drink?” she asked.

“Thanks, but I’ve just got one!”

“Never mind,” she laughed, and stood closer to me to let someone get to the bar.

As our bodies brushed together yalova escort bayan I couldn’t fail but notice the spark. I’d never expected anything like that from another woman, but there was no denying it. She glanced at me and we smiled at each other. I could see in her eyes what she was thinking, and I thought to myself, “Maybe I wasn’t lying to the driver after all!”

We continued to look at each other, and the longer we looked the hotter I got, and the more aware of my naked sex I became.

After what seemed like forever Lisa leant forward and kissed me gently on the lips. I stood there stunned. I’d never done anything with a woman before, although I’d thought about it many times. She kissed me again, more firm this time, and I responded by parting my lips slightly to allow her tongue access. She explored my mouth with her tongue, and then I did the same. We moved in closer, our breasts pressed together, our hands working up and down each other’s back.

Just as we were beginning to give in to it she pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “But I’ve got another gig to get to.”

She kissed me again, and was gone. By now I was so turned on I thought I was going to have to go into the toilets and make myself cum. I could feel that my nipples were hard and excited, and my sex was plump and moist, needing to be satisfied.

I became aware of a woman standing very close to me. I turned and saw a tall, auburn-haired woman with an amazing figure, and perfect skin. I smiled, and she smiled back.

She moved to stand in front of me, looking deep into my eyes in a way which made my whole body heat. I was glad it was dark so that no-one could see how flushed I was. She moved closer and started to kiss me, just as Lisa had done. I responded immediately this time and we were soon kissing passionately.

As we kissed I felt her hand slide up in between us to tease one of my hard nipples. I sighed into her mouth as she rolled it between her fingers. She slowly slid her hand down, over my belly and down to caress my inner thigh. My legs parted slightly to let her in. She slowly worked her hand up and up until she found my mound. We both gasped as she made contact with the naked flesh.

She slowly started to stroke the hair above my vee, and I moaned into her mouth. She gently moved her hand over my clit, barely touching it, and along until she was cupping my wet sex. yalova escort She pressed her palm against my outer lips and began to rub very lightly. This was pure heavenly torture. I squirmed under her touch. She pressed harder, letting her middle finger drop into the space between my lips. As her hand moved back and forth her finger was also sliding back and forth between my lips, making my juices flow freely over her. As she started to rub faster and faster I moaned and sighed into her mouth. As I could feel an orgasm building up she took her hand away. I cried out suddenly in surprise, and had to turn it quickly into a cough. She grinned at me and walked away!

I couldn’t believe how hot she’d made me. I started to make my way to the toilets. I couldn’t wait until I got home – I would have to cum now. Unfortunately I bumped into someone who I saw quite often in there, and was forced to talk for some time, feeling really uncomfortable. I could feel my juices oozing down my leg, and my whole body ached with need.

Finally, I got away from her and continued towards the toilets. I noticed a woman beckoning me over.

“Shit!” I thought, “What now?!”

I walked over to her, and as I walked my lips rubbed together and I though I might cum just from walking!

As I reached her she took me by the arm and turned so that I had my back to the wall, and she stood in front of me. She had brown hair, was about my height, with large, full breasts and a tiny waist. I didn’t have long to look at her before she started

kissing me, just like the others had.

By now I thought that any touch on my sex would make me cum. I was wrong!

She slid her hand between my thighs and stroked the hair there. It was so gentle I could hardly feel it. She slid her finger over my vee, just stroking the start of my clit. I started to breathe heavily as she slid her finger over my clit. She moved it on tiny circles all over – round the edge, at the tip, on the top. I thought I was going to burst, but her touch was so light that, although it was driving me crazy, it wasn’t enough to give me the orgasm which I so needed. She continued to tease me until I thought I would collapse with the sensation of it. As suddenly as last time, she moved her hand away, smiled, and was gone.

This time I headed for the door. I needed to go home and cum over and over again. As I made my way though the crowd someone grabbed escort yalova me and pulled me over to a quiet corner. Sitting there was Lisa, and the other two women.

The fourth woman, who had grabbed me, pushed me down onto Lisa’s lap. She parted her legs so that mine were forced to part, and my sex was pulled open. The two women stood up and moved out of my view.

She leaned forward and started to kiss me again. One of the woman was now behind me and she started to caress my breasts, teasing the nipples back up to their full erectness. My hand, seemingly of its own free will, moved down between Lisa’s legs. I gasped as I felt her naked sex, wet and ready. I slid a finger gently over her slit, feeling her juices flowing over my finger. I was rewarded with Lisa doing the same to me. My wet cunt gushed as she touched me softly. I moved my other hand down to flick her clit lightly. I gloried as I heard her sighs and moans. She moved her other hand and flicked my clit, moving in circles and strokes. I removed my hand from her slit but continued working her clit. I used my now spare hand to touch and tease her tits. Again, she mirrored my actions.

I was suddenly aware of movement underneath me. Lisa gasped and as I looked to see why I could see the fingers of the woman beneath us sliding in and out of Lisa’s cunt, slowly filling her with another finger.

“Fuck!” I gasped, more shocked than pleading. Nevertheless I was in turn rewarded by the woman’s tongue gently lapping, flicking and probing my cunt as the juices flowed into her mouth.

Me and Lisa were still working each other’s clits and breasts. Our touches were becoming harder, more desperate.

I pressed harder on Lisa’s clit, and she in turn pressed harder on mine, working back and forth, quicker and quicker. I too sped up. The woman beneath us sensed the urgency and used her tongue and fingers as quickly as she could.

Finally, and together, me and Lisa both started to cum. Our groans and sighs mingled with each other, and as our fingers worked faster and harder still we both started to cry out with the release.

We were both vocal for some time, but when we did finally start to relax we looked at each other and smiled.

“Thank you!” I whispered.

“Likewise,” she smiled.

We kissed again – a long, satisfied, gentle kiss.

Eventually, we parted and went our separate ways.

In the taxi on the way home I thought to myself, “The driver would have been proud!” I laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny?” asked the driver.

“Just something I remembered, that’s all.”

I got home and went straight to bed. I came over and over, remembering those women and how they touched me, and I hoped they did the same too.

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A Kristian Goddess

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I woke up early in the morning knowing that you were driving in sometime today, but not knowing for sure when you’d get here. I had to work at the restaurant, so I gave you the number and told you how to get there, but didn’t convince myself that you’d actually show up there. Boy, was I wrong. I wore some Wranglers with a cute lil tan blouse and had my hair up in a matching ball cap.

Lunch run was just starting to get busy, when I, from the back of the restaurant, seen someone walk in that I knew hadn’t been there before. She quietly sat down at an empty table with her back to me. She was beautiful and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I was sure that my mouth was wide open. I collected myself and grabbed a menu to take to this Goddess who had suddenly captured my thoughts. Little did I know I was in for the surprise of my life! I finally arrived at the table when she looked up and said with a smile, “Hey, baby girl.”

“Oh my God!!” I exclaim. “You’re here!! I can’t believe you’re here, Kristian.” You quickly got up to hug me. I thought for a moment you were going to kiss me right then and there, but you held back and I let out a soft whimper as you sat back down. I sat with you every chance I got, holding your hand, and whispering “sweet nothings” in your ear, not caring if anyone saw me or not. You were the only person that mattered in this moment in time to me.

Finally, my shift was over and I was free to leave with you. I grabbed your hand and pulled you along behind me as I hurriedly left the building… clearing a spot for you to sit next to me in my truck. We sped off not knowing where to go from here. I just kept driving. Your hand on my thigh gently squeezing it softly whenever I got going too fast. Somehow, we wound up at the small lake nearby. You seen a semi-secluded area and told me to stop in there, so we could talk. I didn’t put up any arguments to that… a chance to really calm down and relax and talk to you was just what I needed. You turned the music up a lil bit as one of your favorite songs came on the radio. “Shiver.” I flashed a devilish smile, but said not a word. You had been sending me shivers since the first time I had laid eyes on you back at the restaurant, and you knew it! You gently caressed my face with your hands while singing the song. I was yozgat escort melting in your hands.

You leaned in and whispered, “Can I kiss you?” I didn’t have to say a word… you knew I wanted it more than anything. You kissed me softly at first. Then you parted my lips with your tongue. I met it with my own tongue. The world seemed to stop around us. Everything was a blur. But it didn’t matter because I finally had you in my arms. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but in reality, it was only a couple minutes. The passionate kiss finally broke and we were both breathless and were eager to do more. “That was the best kiss I’ve ever had, Kris. Wow! I love you so much!”

“I love you, more, baby girl. Now! Let’s get outta here and go somewhere a lil more… roomy,” you say. “I’ve already got a motel room for us, baby. Made the arrangements earlier today,” I say with a proud grin.

The motel was only about 15 minutes away, but that was too long for us. I found it extremely hard to drive and not keep a watchful eye on the love of my life. You, too, found it hard to keep your hands to yourself. We wanted in each other’s clothes and couldn’t wait till we got to the motel. You wanted to have me NOW! Your hands fiddled with my jean button and zipper until you got them unfastened. You urged me to tilt the steering wheel up and I did so without hesitation. I was beyond wet right now and wanted you on me. The romantic side of me urged you to stop, but the more animalistic side of me urged you to never quit.

You pulled down on my thighs hinting at me to slouch down a little bit so you could have easier access to my awaiting love button. You began kissing, sucking, and licking on my neck while forcing a hand down the front of my thong. I gasped and had to hold on tight to the steering wheel. You giggled softly in my ear knowing that you were driving me crazy and driving me close to the edge. “Hold on tight, boo,” you coo in my ear. Then your lips left my neck in an instant and found their way to my heaving stomach… I let out a small moan… then you move lower… onto my awaiting and pulsing clit. Your hand deep inside my panties still, partaking in my love juices. My body jumps and twitches to your every touch. The vibes I felt before with yozgat escort bayan you over the computer were nothing compared to what I was feeling now. I was in heaven. You ran your tongue under the waistband of my thong. I was having a very hard time driving now and you sensed this. “Be careful, baby. Don’t wreck us before I get to taste you,” you say with a sly grin. That was enuff to send me over the edge. My body shook as I came on your hand with a loud moan. “Oh, babyyyyy… I’m cumming.” I yell. This wasn’t enuff for you tho. You wanted more. I had to slow down because of a stop light ahead. You took this small amount of time to pull my jeans down further. Then you attacked my dripping wet puss with your glorious mouth licking up my slit and swallowing my cum.

“OH… MY… GOD!” I scream, oblivious to anyone around me, and to the fact that light had now turned green. I open my eyes to see the green light and punch the gas pedal which in turn forces your mouth further onto me. “I can’t handle this, baby… You gotta stop… please!” I plead with you. But you wouldn’t. I was at your mercy. Your tongue felt wonderful on me and combined with your fingers along my slit and deep in my canal… it wasn’t long before I was cumming again right as we pulled into the parking lot of the motel. “Oh my God, baby. I gotta recover before we get out. I’ve never cum with anyone before, let alone twice!!” I say breathless as I pull your head up gently with my hands. Your face is shiny with my love juices. I kiss you gently on the lips tasting my own juices in your mouth still. I finally catch my breath and get out of the truck, grabbing your hand to help you out behind me. Never letting it go until we reach the door to the motel room.

By now, the sun was just below the horizon and the sky was beautifully colored with purples, yellows, reds, pinks, oranges, and blues. I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss you while we were standing at the door. You were so beautiful and I was falling deeper in love with you with each passing second. I couldn’t believe that I was holding you… finally.

I opened the door to the room and walked in with you right behind me. As you walked in the room, I closed the door fast and grabbed your arm… pinning you against the escort yozgat door… holding your arms above your head. I tossed my cap off my head and pulled my hair dilly out… allowing my hair to flow freely. I pressed my whole body against yours to feel you hold your breath in. I leaned in to kiss your lips passionately.

Our tongues danced together. You moaned in my mouth and I repaid the compliment by moaning back. I kissed your neck… your ears… your forehead… then I slowly lifted your shirt above your head. I stood back a second to admire your beautiful breasts before I undid your bra and tossed it behind me. I cupped your right boob in my hand as I began licking your nipple. Your whole body tensed up. It was then that you noticed the room. You were taken by surprise when I gave you the “door kiss,” and didn’t have a chance to look inside. “Sweetie… when did you do all this?” you ask softly. I stop what I’m doing to allow you to look around the room. There were white roses and sunflowers everywhere and a nicely wrapped gift for you on a shelf. “I had the flowers delivered here this afternoon after I seen you. When I felt the sparks between you and I at the restaurant, I knew right then that things were gonna work out this way,” I proclaim.

You walk back up to me with them “I wanna make love to you” eyes. You take a page outta my book and push me against the wall and smile. “I love you,” you whisper. “I love you more!” I say back as I kiss your lips tenderly. Then I walk you backwards towards the bed. We’re both stripping our clothes off as we go. I break the kiss just for an instant and try to speak but before I can, you place a finger over my lips. You know exactly what I’m gonna say before I say it. “I know, hun.” You wanna take it nice and slow, too. “I’m not going anywhere and we have all night.”

We lay down on the bed next to each… just caressing each others body’s… cuddling and whispering words of love and devotion to each other. We both know this relationship is going to be a long and very happy one. We make love to each other all night long. You bring me to many more climaxes. I seem to know exactly what to do and have you moaning in pleasure all night long as well. Even had you squirt once on me much to my delight. Our bodies finally collapse around morning time. I snuggle up to you and kiss you hand softly. “I don’t ever wanna leave this room, Kristian. I wanna live like this forever. I want you to stay with me for the rest of our lives.”

“I want that, too, Melissa.” We fall asleep in each others arms dreaming of the perfect love we just made!

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A Body to Worship

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Kim was very excited that she would be seeing her friend Ashley again. It felt like it had been such a long time and they had a lot of catching up to do. She had been busy all day preparing the house for her friend’s arrival, cleaning each room and fixing a nice dinner. When everything was done she sat down to catch her breath when a knock came to the door.

She opened the door and was greeted by Ashley. Wow, she looked a lot different. Long brown hair, brown eyes, medium weight. She realized she was checking her out and looked away.

“Ashley! How’ve you been?” Kim exclaimed, embracing her friend.

“I’m great, Kim, I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a long time.”

They chatted for a long time over mindless things like past boyfriends and decided to go for a swim. Kim directed Ashley to the bathroom to get changed, and went in after her.

As she unhooked her bra, she noticed Ashley’s panties in her bundle of clothes on the floor. She remembered how she had looked, and without thinking, picked up the panties.

She began to turn them inside out when she dropped them, realizing what she was doing. She had never had a lesbian thought in her life. But, before she knew it, she picked them back up again and stared at them.

They were very warm. She had the thought of this being wrong again, but she couldn’t resist. She brought them to her face and rubbed them there, shoving her face in the warm crotch area. Two of her fingers reflexively went down her own white cotton panties and found her pussy.

She stopped herself again, not understanding why she was acting like this. She was not a sexual person at all, and had only had sex with two different guys. She returned the panties to their place and changed into her swimsuit. She went to the pool confused, but overall still turned on.

Ashley was a vision of beauty in her bathing suit. It exposed much of her 34 C breasts and long tan legs.

They swam for over an hour. Kim found herself going underwater to sneak peeks of Ashley’s tunceli escort large, tight, beautiful ass. She made sure to not be obvious in any of her peekings.

They changed, went inside, and ate dinner. They watched TV for awhile, but Ashley was tired from her trip and went to bed in the guestroom.

Kim lay in her own bed, thinking about the day. Ashley had looked so sexy, and she couldn’t get enough looks at her. She began to finger herself again while developing fantasies in her head, but interrupted herself. She decided she wanted to go see her again.

She slowly walked down the hall and gently opened the door. Ashley was sound asleep on her chest. She was completely covered with sheets with her right foot dangling off the side.

Kim wanted to worship every square inch of Ashley’s body, but knew she couldn’t. She decided she would do as best as she could to relieve herself, though.

She crept over to the bed and knelt at the behind it, so she would be will hidden if Ashley awoke. She raised her face right up to Ashley’s foot, and felt the warmth radiating from it. She inhaled deeply and loved the scent. She ran her finger lightly down her sole to see if she would wake up. Ashley didn’t stir. She slowly rubbed her foot, loving the feeling. Every now and then she would gently place her nose between two of her toes and inhale.

Kim began to lose control. This had given her a foot fetish, and any other part of Ashley’s body she could get a hold of she thought would give her one too. Soon she was running her tongue down her sole, savoring the taste. After she started to suck her toes gently one at a time, until she was sucking all five, and fairly loudly.

“Kim?” Ashley’s voce said sleepily. “Is that you?”

Kim froze in horror. She began to feel very ashamed of herself.

“I’m so sorry, Ashley,” she said after a few minutes. “I-I-I don’t know what came over me. I’ll just go back to-“

“No, Kim,” Ashley said. “I’ve been awake for most tunceli escort bayan of it, and to be honest, I’ve loved it. Please, don’t go.”

Kim couldn’t believe her ears. She still felt ashamed, but the feeling of lust was overcoming it.

“Is it just my feet that attract you?” Ashley asked.

Kim decided to make the best of this and not let herself get embarrassed. “No, Ashley, your whole body makes me so horny. You look like a goddess, and I want to worship your whole body.”

Much to Kim’s disbelief, she saw Ashley’s hand buried in her soaked orange panties.

“Alright, Kim, then that’s what you will do. But I say what you do, where you do it, and when you do it.”

She was apparently taking the dominating role, and it was turning Kim on even more.

“Yes, Ashley, anything,” she said.

“You’ll address me as Mistress, I think,” Ashley said with a giggle.

“Yes, Mistress. What do you request?” Kim asked.

“First I want you to kiss me. I want to taste the remaining taste of my feet from your mouth.”

Kim bent over her and kissed her. She stuck her tongue in Ashley’s mouth and they remained locked like so for five minutes. Ashley then ordered Kim to remove her clothes, then Ashley’s.

She quickly tore off her bra and removed her wet panties. Ashley purred at the sight. She then slipped off Ashley’s bra and pulled off her wet panties. She quickly sucked the wet crotch.

“Lay on the bed,” Ashley ordered.

Kim did so, and Ashley lowered herself with her wet pussy over Kim’s mouth. She sat, with her wet mound on her mouth.

“Now eat me,” she ordered.

Kim wrapped her mouth over Ashley’s luscious pussy. She was very new at all this, and felt very uneasy. She closed her eyes and sucked and licked, loving the taste.

Soon enough, she was met by Ashley’s moans and screams of pleasure. She was getting into the dominating role a lot as she began to call Kim names.

“That’s right, eat my cunt you escort tunceli dirty slut! You better breathe through your nose, because you’re going to eat my mound until I’m satisfied! Teach you to lick my feet in the middle of the night!”

Kim just moaned loudly, loving every second of this. She sucked her clit madly, wanting to feel Ashley’s pussy juice flow over her face.

“Oh yes, you dirty bitch, eat me! Yessssssss! That’s so goooood!”

Kim grabbed a handful of Ashley’s left tit and gripped another hand on her ass cheek.

Kim never wanted to come out from under her Mistress, but the flow of her juice felt and tasted great. Ashley’s screams added to the pleasure.

“Now you have the other end,” Ashley said. She turned herself around and hovered her heavenly ass over Kim’s face.

Again, Kim felt uneasy. Eat an asshole? She didn’t know how that would be exactly. She was to enrapped in her role as a dirty slut, and could only beg that Ashley sit on her face.

She lowered herself down until Kim was buried in her ass. The thought of Ashley’s large cheeks sitting one her face turned her on to the point of ecstasy. Her fingers went to her pussy, put Ashley removed them and stuck in her own.

Kim couldn’t give a second thought to munching Ashley’s tight hole as her fingers entered her pussy. She extended her tongue and lapped at her rosebud like a dog.

“Oh yes, Kim, eat out my butt you bitch,” Ashley screamed. “Eat out my asshole! Lick it! Oh yesssssss!”

Ashley was enjoying the anal attention very much as she bobbed up and down on Kim. The slapping sound of her ass cheeks on Kim’s face turned them both on very much. Kim brought both of her arms around so she could fondle and play with Ashley’s tits. As she licked faster, Ashley’s fingers entered her pussy faster. The taste was so sweet and she hoped the moment would never end. Eventually Ashley climaxed again, and the feeling of it again cause Kim to orgasm out of control, spilling her juices everywhere. Ashley quickly bent herself over, licking up all she could like a dog.

Oh my God, Kim, that was incredible,” Ashley said between gasps.

“Mmmmmmmm,” was all Ashley could reply.

” I need to give you something in return… tomorrow will be your night, and you’ll never forget it, I promise.” Ashley said with a smirk.

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A conversation with Dee Ch. 06

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Dee told me about her first encounter with another woman.

(Dee had sent me this email on Friday evening.)

Wow Sarah,

What a wonderful Friday afternoon. Omg. I pretended to be in the bath when Pat arrived. I came down with my hair wet and a towel around me. I told Pat to wait in the lounge, make a coffee etc., but also said I’d had the note from you and it was on the table if she was interested. I waited a few minutes and crept down the stairs and peeked into the lounge. She was reading your note, BUT she was touching herself as she read it, it was such a turn on.

I crept back upstairs and put on my sexy French knickers and a silk robe. My nipples were so erect. I went back down, and as I got into the lounge, Pat was still reading and playing with her boobs! Stroking them. I set opposite her and started chatting, then casually asked her if she had read the note, she blushed and said yes. She was looking at my nipples….. omg …

I’ll tell you the rest when we chat.’

(Monday morning came. I found Dee already available on IM when I logged in.)

‘Hi Dee. It worked! You happy?’

‘Very. Omg Sarah – it was incredible! Unbelievable!’

‘Did Pat stay overnight??’

‘OMG! I wish! But no, just the afternoon. She’s married though.’

‘Oh!! Active with hubby?’

‘A bit, but not great sex she tells me.’

‘But you gave her a marvelous new experience. Was it better than you’d anticipated?’

‘Oh yes, I did, but no, I think you’d given me good idea what to expect! I asked her if she liked your note. She blushed even more and said yes. Well, more of a croak! “I love them,” I said. “They really turn me on!” My nipples were so hard. I opened my robe to show my heavy tits. Her eyes opened wide with a greedy look in them – glued to my very stiff nipples. She looked, and looked, so I stepped over to the settee and sat on the edge, half-facing her. She gazed at my tits, jaw dropped, before reaching over to cup my right tit in the palm of her hand, weighing it! Her thumb slowly rubbed the nipple. Omg the touch was like an electric shock. I shuddered, and leaned over to kissed her on the lips.’

‘A lingering one?’

‘No. Just gentle peck. I hadn’t noticed that she’d unfastened her bra, until when she lifted her tits out with her other hand. They’re not as big as mine, but, Omg Sarah, her nipples are HUGE. So long. I was absolutely mesmerised by them. Almost like little fingers pointing at me! And we hadn’t said a word! My mouth just went dry. Just stared at each other’s tits and gasped.’

‘OMG Dee! How thrilling! Marvellous! Mmmm!’

‘Yes, that’s what I said too. My first words to her. I could feel her trembling. She was blushing – I suppose I was as well – but was so intent on stroking and examining my large tits, rubbing the nipples. I was entranced by hers. I couldn’t resist the temptation to suckle them. I leaned over and took her left nipple in my mouth. I felt her give a little jolt as though having an orgasm. I was soooo close myself! Another touchless orgasm! I never it was possible! I just suckled her nipples between my lips. OMG what a superb feeling to have another woman’s nipple in your mouth! I had only ever imagine it with yours, which was exciting enough, but in real life … Wow!’

‘And your robe was open, tits on display – showing your French knickers. Did you slide your hand under her skirt?’

‘Yes. I just couldn’t resist. She had tights on, but her thighs were so smooth. And I was so desperate, I pulled a hole in her tights and squeezed my hand into her panties, covering her vulva. And Omg Sarah, more gasps of surprise! She was so wet. “Oh Pat! You are absolutely soaking!” So was I, she told me. Her fingers were stroking my pussy through my knickers, examining my details. I swallowed hard, and asked if she wanted to go to my bedroom. She said nothing. Just gave me a come-hither look, stood and followed me up the stairs, stroking my bum as we went.’

‘Gosh Dee. It sounds as though she was as keen as you were. Well, by this time, after all that stimulation, Pat must have been so ultra horny!’

‘We urfa escort both were! In the bedroom I almost ripped her clothes off before pushing her naked onto the bed. The first fifteen minutes were so violent. Like a couple of dogs on heat. Desperate for each other! We kissed hard and lashed tongues as we both pushed a hand between each others thighs, to explore the soaking wet vulvas. It was fantastic! As soon as I felt her fingers on my clit it was as if I had another electric shot. My whole body was alive. Fizzing! I gave a loud whimper as I juddered violently to an orgasm. I think Pat did the same from the noise she was making, but I was too busy with my own excitement!

‘That’s wonderful! So, how many orgasms then – at least three. You’re getting me all wet here.’

‘Omg, three in the first fifteen minutes, just touching and exploring each other. It was so bewildering. So much happening inside me. I was delirious I think. Drunk with lust and joy. Time seemed to stand still.’

‘Did you lick her pussy?’

‘Yes. Omg yes. It was so sweet. Tasted faintly of herbs. And her bum, but that was a bit later.’

‘Does Pat have pronounced labia for chewing?’

‘Not as big and fleshy as mine, but delightfully suckable. And a smallish clit – but it works!! Omg how it works! Mmmm noisy orgasms – like you. I loved sucking it and playing with her bum hole.’

‘I just climbed over her body, getting my head between her legs, my pussy over her face, filling my lungs with the scent of her vagina, and just ate her. Her thighs were covered with such a lot of juice. Gob-smacking! I just licked and kissed and drove my tongue inside her vagina, until she came with huge jolt, crying out – I think she shouted FUCK! I wasn’t listening really, my own orgasm building up and shattering my loins. I was noisy as well.’

‘The 69 with her was amazing. Astounding! Sorry to be using so many excessive adjectives, but it really was!! After that we just went on, stimulating each other, biting, chewing, squeezing nipples. Exploring every inch of lour bodies. She was gasping heavily and when I slipped my finger into her bum, she yelled out, flipped and thrashed about with another orgasm which seemed to last for ever. I was so thrilled at her reaction that I had another big one myself. We flopped exhausted just where we were.’

‘And did she say she’d fancied you for quite a long time, but was too nervous to approach you?’

‘Yes, she did. How did you know? As we lay side by side, recovering, I told her I’d been wanting to have sex with her for ages. We both laughed and she told me she’d been the same. “What were you waiting for?” she asked. “I was too scared,’ I admitted. “Same here,” Pat said. Then we fell into a passionate embrace. She said later that she’d masturbated yesterday, thinking of me and you having sex on line. I said you were the most amazing lover. And then we started fucking each other again. I studied her vulva and realised that it was the first pussy I’d seen at close quarters. I was fascinated. All that pink wet flesh! And the little petals surrounding the opening of her throbbing dilating vagina! I started to kiss and lick it. Pat was doing the same to mine.’

‘After all that worrying about making a move!’

‘I know. After the next climax, as we got out breath back, I went for a carrot!’


‘YES! We had a great time with it. Until we both couldn’t prevent another huge orgasm. By this time we were both rather exhausted. Reluctant to stop, but all good things, as they say. I’d lost count of my orgasms. But you made it happen Sarah. You’re amazing.’

‘I’m absolutely delighted. I still can’t believe it!! Marvellous! ’

‘It was. But … I want YOU Sarah – NOW! Oh, you’ve no idea how much!’

‘So after your long chat I expect she’ll be coming more often – as opposed to cumming – or maybe both, lol.’

‘I hope so. We chatted yesterday on the phone. We both masturbated as we chatted, gasping and sighing as we brought ourselves to a crashing orgasm.’

‘Just masturbating with memories, describing to each other.’

‘Yes, urfa escort bayan have you done that?’

‘Once or twice with Sue, when she was so desperate and horny, telling me what to do to her in a husky voice.’

‘Lucky you. I’m desperate and horny right now. Mmmmmm.’

‘Cum on then, feel my fingers in your panties. Gosh Dee, you are soaking!!’

‘Tell me now. I certainly am. It’s your fault. I’m glad to say!’

‘Your squashy soft labia all hot and wet.’

‘Omg your fingers are … Yes baby.’

‘Kissing you. Feeling your nipples. Mmmm … your thighs are trembling. Muscles shaking.’

‘I can hear you panting and gasping, Sarah.’

‘Very noisy orgasms.’

‘I’m nibbling your nipples Dee – they’re good and hard – and your belly is shaking.’

‘They are, really, Sarah. Hard as nuts.’

‘I’m playing with your labia, fingering your clit. Mm you’re wet. Slipping two fingers deep into the warm wetness.’

‘Use the f word. Pleaseeeeee..’

‘Fucking you hard. Fucking fucking. So wet. Other hand now rimming your bum.’

‘Omg Sarah you’re so amazing. Eat me.’

‘Slipping a finger into your bum – warm and musky. Fingering your bum hole. Fucking both holes. Fucking. Fucking! Touching it as I lick you. Ohhhh yessss. Now getting my head between your thighs.’

‘I’m cummmmiiIINNNNG Sarahhhhh …’

‘Tongue penetrating your vagina as my chin rubs the clit.’


‘Oh yes Dee. Oooooooooooo ….’

‘Oh baby, I did that to Pat.’


‘Rubbing your clit.’

(Another pause to recover.)

‘Why not ask Pat to send me a feedback!! Then I can chat with her as well. We could all three chat on line together!’

‘Hey, you’re mine here!’

‘Mmmmm and you’re special darling.’

‘Just want you.’

‘Mmm – that was a nice cum though.’

‘Not as special as you, Sarah. Did you? Did you manage an orgasm with me?’

‘Just a little tremble. It sort of came up on me suddenly. Whoooosh!’

‘Like Pat on my tits.’

‘I was thinking of your pussy – though I’d love to see it! Did she cum on your tits?’

‘When I sat opposite her, I could see her looking at my nipples.’

‘You were very brave actually, though properly prepared.’

‘Very well prepared actually. Thank you so much for showing me..’

‘How long has she wanted to make love with you? Just waiting for you to make a move?.’

‘Not long, she started thinking after our chat.’

‘Is Pat a blonde?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘I’m trying to picture her.’


‘And her groin.’


‘Trying to imagine what you were experiencing.’

‘I know.’

‘You must be so pleased with how things went. Delighted even.’

‘I slept well on Friday night after looking at your pics and playing. Not a quickie.’

‘And came again?’

‘Came!! YES! Again! Blissful! Long and lingering. A satisfying, lingering one – mmmmm. But have you written up our chats?’

‘I shall send you the first one after lunch Dee.’

‘Ok, can’t wait.’

‘How was Emily May’s chat? Did Pat enjoy that.’

‘Oh yes. She loved it. Got very, very horny.’

‘Well, she’ll like the one of you and me, then. When will you see her again?’

‘I know she will, I’ll send it to her. We haven’t got a date yet, but hopefully on Friday evening.’

‘Later gorgeous. Love you – and so thrilled for you.’

‘You too sexy.’

(Later the same day.)

‘Here again Dee. Where are you?’

‘Come to my bedroom. I’m tied to my bed, legs splayed wide showing off your delectable vulva – pouting and damp. I’ve brought my cougette – thick – 12″ long. I’m going to penetrate that delicious vagina slowly, stretching your vagina as never before.’

‘Oh darling, yes, fuck me. Lick my bum hole.’

‘Licking you all over – biting your nipples. Pulling them and shaking your tits.’

‘They need biting. And shaking. I’m all yours. Love watching you. So sexy. Mmm love your bum.’

‘Lifting your legs over your shoulders escort urfa and tie them to the bed head. Your bum now facing the ceiling. Nothing can protect your private places. They’re so very vulnerable, you have an adorable pussy.’

‘Omg, wow. Oh baby. Lick it. Rub your tits over me.’

‘Both holes dilated – I shall push the courgette deep into your vagina and two fingers deep into your bum hole and fuck them both hard and cruelly!!’

‘Ohhhhh. I’m rather wet. Yes, slap me.’

‘Scoop your juices onto my tongue.’

‘Oh dear, this isn’t me speaking, wow. SARAH. I’ve never … OMG.’

‘Spanking both cheeks.’

‘Oh no. Oh no. Please.’

‘Your body is shaking – trying to escape. Your vagina is stretched to its limit. And your bum.’

‘No Sarah. Please Sarah. Let me go … Please … Sarah, nooooo – Sarah. Please..’

‘Crush – crush – crushing into your two delicious entrances..’

‘Stop! Aggghhhh.’

‘Now picking up your slipper. Spank spank spank!!.’

‘Aggghhhhh. Sarah!’

‘Your bum cheeks are glowing scarlet. A real scarlet woman!’

‘Noooooo ….’

‘You’re about to cum.’

‘Aaggghhhhh. Cumminnnnnnngggg.’

‘The courgette is covered with juices. I’m wiping it over your mouth.’

‘Agghhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh. Omg. Ooohhh Sarah. Trembling. Cummminnnngg.’

‘Squeezing your tits hard. Grasping them in my hands. Pulling the nipples..’

‘Baby. Omg. Stop. Please!’

‘Courgette pushed deep inside you as I feel you starting to cum. Shaking! Trembling!’

‘I’mmmmm cummminnngggg.’

‘I’m sitting on your face – your legs over my shoulders. Fingers ramming deep into your bum.’


‘I’m pouring pussy juices into your mouth. Grinding against your mouth.’

‘Licking your pussy. Eating Sarah’s pussy. Ooooooo! Soooo wet. Biting your labia. Cum baby. Join me.’

‘I think I shall cum as well … mmm – please don’t stop – cumming cumming cumming Aaaaaarrrrggggg. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.’

‘Tongue deep inside you. Licking it. Tongue fucking you. Deep inside your pussy.’

‘Gosh Dee – didn’t expect to be fucking today – but there you are. You are so wonderful. A fantastic lover, but didn’t know you enjoyed a bit of discipline.’

‘It was so exciting. I’ve never done it before!’

‘Good orgasm? You’ll have lots to tell Pat tonight!.’

‘Two wonderful orgasms. You?’

‘Hey Dee – that’s greedy!.’

‘No, that was for you and me. I came twice when you came. Have to have our special time..’

‘Love you – so glad you’ve realised your ambition. Reading my story about our first encounter, you’ll remember how nervous you were at the beginning. Must go darling.’

(The next day).

OMG Dee,
I was still reeling from your success this morning. When I got to Sue’s she asked all about it and I told her what had happened and read your email. She seemed a bit hyper really, perhaps a little jealous, but she admitted afterwards that your story had rekindled the original excitement the two of us felt at out first encounter. That was after she had taken me in her arms and kissed me with a savage intensity, pushing me onto the settee. My blouse was almost ripped off as she grabbed my nipples to bite them. Then, lifted my skirt, pushed my legs open and got between them, her nose rubbing my gusset. She was moaning and urgent. Fingers soon dragged my knickers off and she was chewing and licking and fingering my pussy.

“Hey,” I gasped, “take it easy darling.”

Her laptop was on the table at the side of the settee. “C’mon, Sarah. Send Dee an email and tell her what I’m doing to you at this very moment.”

The idea appealed to me. The laptop was already booted up in MSN Messenger. Sue had already planned it! So I rested the laptop on my belly and got into my email account as Sue went back down on me – well you got it! I was so wound up and horny, sending you a message while Sue made passionate love, chewing my pussy and slipping a finger in my bum, that I came to an orgasm as I pressed the send key!!

Afterwards, we had a more leisurely fuck. Sue was so horny – I hadn’t seen her quite so turned on for a while. We got into 69 on the floor, and when she came with a huge judder and jerk, she ejaculated into my mouth. Delicious! So wonderful. I owe you one Dee, for bringing passion back to our lives!

Come home soon.

Sarah xxxx.

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A Fresh Start Ch. 02

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The miles slipped away under the wheels of the black truck. It had been almost 2 months since she had been through this part of the state. The road she was on led to the tiny truck stop and the pretty red head that she hadn’t been able to forget. That wasn’t like her, she never thought about the girls she bedded when she stopped for the night in a truck stop parking lot. Something was different about this one.

She hadn’t even thought about bedding another girl for the first month after the encounter with Gina, but when her libido finally won out, the sex was hollow, without any fire. She had cum, but the orgasm was weak and almost forced.

So, she had taken a load that would bring her back to the little diner and hopefully the red head would still be there. It was late in the afternoon when she pulled into the parking lot of the truck stop. There were only a couple of cars in the lot, and it looked like the place was closed. ‘No, it can’t be closed. Sign on the door said 24/7, so must be it’s just slow right now.

She parked the truck and left it idle to keep the cab cool. She was tired, but not as bad as she had been the first night. She walked to the door and peered through it before she opened it. Seemed like the only ones in there were the cook, one patron and Gina. She opened the door, and the entry bell went off.

Gina called,”Have a seat, I’ll be right there” without turning around. She picked up the coffee pot and a menu and turned then to take care of the customer. She squealed and nearly dropped the pot of coffee when she saw the spiky, dusty blond head above the seat of the booth.

Donna had deliberately sat with here back to Gina. She wanted to see if the red head remembered her, or if she had just been a handy lay that sultry night 2 months ago.

Gina hurried over to the booth, hardly daring to believe that it was Donna. “Oh my God! I didn’t think you’d ever come back this way! I’m so glad to see you! What will it be?” She said, taking out her order pad.

“Coffee, a lunch special, and a side of you for desert if you have the time.” Donna said. Gina was busy writing when it dawned on her that Donna had just asked her back to her truck for some fun. “I nearly wrote that in my book!” She said, giggling. ” Sure I’d love a repeat performance after work. I’ll go get your order on.”

She went back and handed the order to the cook and stood at the counter waiting for it to be ready. When it was, she picked it up, and took it and the coffee pot back to the table.

She sat the meal in front of the trucker and said, “You look like you have seen a lot of miles recently. You look tired.”

“Well, yeah, I’ve been pushing hard, trying to forget something. You know what? It didn’t work, I’m back here.” She said, pondering her coffee. “You got time enough to sit and keep this old trucker company while I eat?”

Gina looked around at the nearly empty diner and said, “Yeah, I think this rowdy crowd will be fine without me for a bit.” She sat across from Donna and just looked at her. She could see there was something on her mind, but years of experience had taught her that if someone wanted to talk they would in their own time and pushing the issue wouldn’t help.

Donna ate in silence for a while and at length she spoke. “Well, talk to me. How did you end up in this place? What did you do to deserve this dead end job?”

Gina giggled. She said, “Well, I am a college graduate, just this past spring actually. I took this job cause it was close, and all I could find after my girl left me stranded here with nothing and no one. The woman I rent my trailer from was really nice to me, she let me live there free till I got this job, and I finally got the back rent paid up last month, so now I don’t owe her anything, it feels good to be free for once. “

“Do you like working here?”

“Yeah, it’s fun, I meet a lot of people. Some really interesting ones, but some are unforgettable.” She pointedly looked at Donna as she said this.

“Yeah, I know the part about some people being unforgettable.” Donna said, returning the stare.

Both women were squirming slightly in their seats, not wanting to admit that just being near the other was turning them on so much. The conversation continued, with Gina telling Donna how her ex had left her there during a road trip to celebrate the graduation, and how hurt Gina had been. How it had taken a long time for her to forgive her and go on with her life.

“What about you? How did you get to driving a truck?” Gina asked at length

“Well, my dad was a trucker, so mom told me, so I guess it is in my blood. I never met dad, and mom was a lot like you, a truck stop waitress I mean. She didn’t have no fancy education, she barely made it out of 8th grade. But, she worked and put me through school; made damn sure I went too. She was killed a few years back so now I have no one; I’ve driven this rig now for 3 years, and I must say I enjoy it. Meet a lot of people, see a lot of things, and places.”

“Did van escort you ever think about settling down?”

“Nope, not yet anyway. I like my freedom too much. Though I do want to settle into my sleeper with you pretty soon. It’s been a long hard day and I need to feel you in my arms and taste you again.”

Gina blushed. She had to admit it felt good to be wanted again. “Finish your meal. I’m off in a couple of hours. That will give you time for a shower and a nap before we play.”

Donna grinned. She ran a hand through the spiky hair and said, “Yeah, I could do with a shower, for sure. Those dusty roads don’t do a thing for my complexion.” She said, doing her best imitation of a glamour girl.

They both laughed at that and Gina went to take care of a customer who had just come in. From the counter the voice came, “Well, Ginny, I see your trucker is back. Guess that means you will be cutting out early today huh?”

“Darryl you know I only work half a day today, get off my case!” Gina said good-naturedly. Gina and the customers had a good relationship, she knew all the locals, and they all joked and ribbed each other. It was all in fun, and it was refreshing not to have to hide behind a straight facade here.

She had hidden the fact that she was gay all the while she was growing up, hid it from her parents, her friends, everyone. They wouldn’t have understood. She was only free to be herself when she finally went away to college, and that was where she had met her ex girlfriend. She had fallen in love and they had spent the whole 4-year college stint as inseparable companions.

It was not until they were finished and on the road trip across the country just to see the sights, that she found herself, one morning, all alone in the little motel on the edge of town, her girl and all her money and possessions gone. A note on the pillow said “It’s been fun, but I’ve got to live my life now. See ya.”

Her heart had been broken. But now, she was here in this diner, happy with her life and the people she knew. The trucker was the first person she had been with since she had been dumped, and she couldn’t help wanting to be with her more and more.

She looked across the diner, to the booth where Donna sat. She was just finishing her meal, and Gina took her bill to her and said, “you go get cleaned up and get some rest, I’ll be done here in a bit and I’ll meet you out in the truck.”

“OK, sounds good to me.” Donna said, picking up her bill and heading for the register. She paid her bill and went back to the truck. She grabbed her shower bag, and noted that the pile of clothes in the corner was getting deep; she’d have to do laundry before she went too many more miles.

She stepped around the diner to the shower house in back and went in. She took the same shower stall she had on her first trip through, knowing there was nothing to worry about covering and that the lock worked.

She stripped and as she pulled her shirt off, a long scar was visible. Bright red and newly healed, it was the result of defending her truck against some vandals a few weeks prior. She ran her fingers down the scar, mumbling to herself ‘nice beauty mark those hoodlums left you, huh Don?’

She finished stripping and stepped into the shower, adjusted the water and stepped out to wait for it to warm. She examined herself a bit while waiting and decided she didn’t need to shave this time, the fuzz was barely noticeable on her lips and pits as she had shaved just the day before.

The relaxing spray felt good on her tired, stiff muscles. For a while she lost herself in the feeling of the hot, pounding spray. Soon, her thoughts turned to the redheaded waitress.

How hot would it be if she were in there with her? Knowing she was just a few short feet away did nothing to quell Donna’s erotic, rambling thoughts. She could almost feel the long, supple fingers exploring her willing body, probing into her most secret places. Without realizing it, she let her fingers stray to her tiny breasts, fondling her nipples till they were hard peaks of pleasure. She pinched them lightly and felt the sparks ignite in her loins.

Almost reluctantly, she pulled her hands away. Quickly, she finished her shower, and got dried and dressed. She didn’t want to be caught sleeping again when Gina came to her, so she hurried to the truck and set her travel alarm for an hour. She settled back on her bed and was instantly asleep.

She came out of a sexy dream when the alarm went off. She quickly shook the sleep from her head and picked up a few scattered things in the truck, trying to make it look presentable for Gina.

She caught herself cleaning up and laughed. What was it about this woman? She didn’t clean for any truck stop bitch, why should this one be different?

She didn’t have time to ponder that as the truck door opened and the top of a bright red head was visible.

“C’mon in, I’m awake this time. Awake and ready for you, baby.” escort van Donna said as Gina clambered into the truck.

“Why don’t they make ladders for these things?” She said jokingly as Donna extended a hand to help her up. Gina took the offered hand and Donna pulled her up into the truck and on into her arms.

She wrapped the pretty waitress in a bear hug and inhaled deeply. “You smell like French fries that want to be fucked.”

Gina giggled and said “Well you are half right, I do want to be fucked and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have fucking me than you.” She reached for Donna’s crotch and was rewarded by the feel of the hard bulge she knew would be there for her. “Mmmm, I’ve been dreaming about that.”

Donna said, “Well, it’s right here waiting for you, baby. But first I want to taste you. It’s been so long. Lay back and let me get some of that sweet pussy.”

Gina settled back on the bed of the sleeper cab, and let Donna take over.

She wasted no time, dropping to her knees and flipping the skirt out of her way. She loved the fact that the uniform Gina wore was a skirt and blouse, gave her easy access to that sweet pussy. Her tiny thong panties didn’t stand in the way much either. She quickly peeled them down over her hips and tossed them aside. “What’s this?” Donna traced a finger over the slick hairless lips. “You shaved! I love it!” She ran her tongue over the smooth, slick pussy lips. Gina’s juices were flowing and Donna couldn’t get enough. She ran her tongue up and down Gina’s hot slit several times, coating it with the heady pussy syrup. Using her fingers, she gently opened those sweet lips and dove right in, attacking Gina’s clit with a wild, thrashing tongue.

The touch of Donnas tongue on her hard clit sent bolts of electricity through Gina’s pussy and up to her suddenly hard nipples. Her back arched and her hips bucked upward, straining for more contact from Donna’s well-schooled tongue.

Donna drank in the hot nectar from Gina’s steaming pussy, licking gently around her clit and running her tongue the full length from time to time. She couldn’t get enough of her sweet juices.

Her tongue action soon had Gina begging for a little extra to send her over the edge. Donna backed off then and stood, bringing a whimper from Gina. The almost silent track of her zipper told Gina that she was releasing the hard rubber cock she wore from its cloth prison.

She pulled Gina to the side of the bed, picked up her legs and held them straight up, while she guided her cock home in one smooth motion.

Gina squealed with delight as she felt herself being filled up and she wrapped her legs around Donna’s neck as she began pistoning the rubber cock in and out of her hot pussy. She set a hard rhythm that soon had Gina gasping and straining for release.

Donna felt with every fiber of her being her cock as it stroked in and out of that tight pussy. She felt the hot tight closeness as it sank to the hilt. She could feel Gina as she quivered on the edge, and she felt the sparks in her own overheated pussy, as she got closer to orgasm herself. She wanted to hold off till Gina was ready but she knew she would not be able to hold back much longer.

Gina was close, so close she only needed a little more to drop off the edge into ecstasy. She drove herself onto Donna’s cock, and Donna felt the change as she did so. She redoubled her strokes, driving harder and faster into Gina’s swollen, dripping cunt. Suddenly, Gina’s orgasm ripped through her, her back arching off the bed and her hips bucking so hard that Donna nearly was tossed off of her.

That was all it took for Donna, she felt the first velvet bullet as it ripped through her pussy, sending shock waves throughout her body. Her orgasm was so strong that she saw stars for a minute, and then gentle blackness engulfed her.

Moments passed, and Donna slowly awoke, fully aware of the sweet redhead under her, squirming to free herself from Donna’s dead weight. Donna rolled quickly off the helpless girl. Laying half on the bed on her back she said “I ain’t cum that hard since I don’t remember when. You are about the best I’ve ever been with baby.”

Wow, I didn’t think anyone could cum from running a strap on. But you are the best I’ve ever been with. You know just how and when to hit me. I could easily get used to that.”

Donna chuckled, and slipped the harness off. “Come on baby, I been aching to feel what you can do with that pretty mouth of yours, so hop on up here and do a little 69 with me. I want more of that sweet pussy anyways.”

Gina giggled and swung one slim leg over Donnas head and settled down on her face, where Donna got an up close view of the smooth glistening lips. Below, she could feel Gina’s hot breath on her lower lips. She was super sensitive, as she rarely allowed anyone to touch her there. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it; she was just very particular whom she shared that part of intimacy with.

The first touch van escort bayan of Gina’s mouth was like electricity coursing through Donna’s loins. She bucked involuntarily, pushing her hot pussy lips hard into Gina’s mouth. She took that to mean Donna wanted more, and she worked her tongue deep into Donna’s pussy, finding her hole and slipping a tiny way into it.

The sweet sensation nearly caused Donna to explode on the spot, but she managed to hold back, concentrating on giving Gina as good as she was giving her. Letting her mouth follow the pattern and pace that she was feeling play out on her own pussy.

Her tongue traced velvet lips along the path to Gina’s waiting clit. A gentle flick of the tongue tip across Gina’s clit sent shock waves through her body.

Donna was not used to the electric velvet feeling of her lover’s experienced lips and her hips bucked uncontrollably. She was having a lot of difficulty in controlling the raging orgasm that threatened to consume her. It had been too long, she fought a brave fight, but all too soon she felt the first ripple shoot through her pussy and radiate out to the rest of her body. Gina never moved off of Donna’s gushing pussy as her orgasm ripped through her.

The waves subsiding, Donna dropped back onto the bunk and gently pulled her red headed lover up to her. She wrapped her in her arms and for the first time Gina noticed the long jagged scar that crossed Donna’s lithe chest. Gina struggled a bit in Donna’s strong arms, then gave in, and lay comfortably snuggled against her chest.

“What happened here?” She asked, lightly running a finger down part of the scar.


“Oh nothing really major, baby. I just caught a bunch of teen hoodlums trying to steal my load a few weeks back. It had to have been just for fun too. There is no money in stolen toilet paper.” Donna laughed lightly and snuggled down holding Gina even tighter. “Can you stay with me tonight?”

Gina snuggled down closer and said,” I really want to stay here with you tonight. I really shouldn’t but I want to.”

“Why shouldn’t you? You got someone waiting up for you at home? You sure can’t be thinking about what folks are gonna say, seems like everyone in this town knows about us.”

“It’s not that, I’m getting really comfortable with you and the more I stay around you the more I want to stay with you. I know you have to leave in the morning, too.”

“It’s ok pretty one, I will make sure I come back from time to time. I am getting pretty used to you too.”

Gina thought it over a moment before snuggling down in Donna’s arms. She just felt so comforted and needed there. Donna too, felt that she belonged there in her arms. The crickets buzzed on that sultry late summer night, as a plan formed in the short trucker’s mind. A broad smile crossed her lips as she drifted off to sleep.

Daylight found the lovers curled into one another. The first rays of the sun hit the sleeper window and woke the lithe trucker from a sound sleep.

She untangled herself from the redheaded waitress, and sat on the edge of the bunk. She was shaking the sleep from her head and reaching for her clothes when she felt the soft gentle hands of her lover run down her back.

She turned on the bunk and grinned. “Good morning, sleepyhead” she said to her redheaded lover. “You ready for more, or will you let me up to hit the head first?”

Gina laughed and said, “Go ahead, I need to go freshen up, too.”

They dressed in silence. Gina only having to find her top and her thong got dressed and was out of the cab and headed to the bathroom stalls long before Donna could get herself together.

At length, Donna clambered down from her big black rig, and walked with a strut that had not been there in years toward the bathhouse. Towel and clean clothes in hand she stepped into the building. Waiting just inside the door was Gina, sitting on the bench waiting for her.

Donna jumped at the unexpected surprise, but the grin that split her face was enough to let Gina know she was not an unwelcome sight. She said coyly, “I thought you might like some company?”

Donna took her hands and drew her close, kissing her neck and slowly trailing kisses downward.

She fumbled slightly with her top, removing it finally, and stopped and allowed Gina to remove her T-shirt. Dropping to her knees and slipped the tiny skirt down Gina’s hips and let her nostrils pull in the heady perfume of her lover’s sweet sex. She peeled the tiny thong down her lover’s long legs, and allowed her to kick out of her flat shoes.

Gina fumbled for a second with Donna’s zipper. then it fell with near silence, allowing the hard rubber cock of her strap on to bounce free once more. Gina giggled and said, “don’t you ever leave that in the truck?”

Donna chuckled, and said, “If I did, I would not be able to do this.” As she twirled the girl on her arms, bent her over and slipped her cock into her in one swift motion.

Gina gasped with the sudden flood of feelings that ran through her body. Donna’s rubber cock filled her and touched hidden places she did not know existed till she was with her. Donna pounded into her till the little redhead gasped and came hard. Then she held her tight while she regained her composure and her footing.

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Early Morning Ride

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This story is based on fact. Of course, parts have been…romanticized for effect, but the circumstances under which the two characters meet and proceed are factual.


High beams penetrated the thick night air, illuminating all around her and casting a shadow forth for the first time since the sun had set. The hissing and squealing of massive breaks being locked split the silence. The soothing purr of a diesel engine gently vibrated the earth beneath the eighteen-wheeler.

A girl sat in the grass beside the road- calmly holding her knees to her chest, staring off into the trees that lined the street. Largely undisturbed by the mechanical raucous occurring a few yards away from her, she emitted an eerie aura of displacement: no girl belongs lounging by a busy road at 3am.

At least it was usually busy. Not now. Not on this night. It was dead; not a soul for miles. It was for this exact reason that Lawrence thought she was helpless-or maybe it was suspicious. He was too busy halting his truck to decide.

His silhouette stepped into the glow of the headlights and strode cautiously toward her.

“Hey! You alright?” he strained to yell over the idle engine.

An unusually beautiful face turned slowly toward him. He paused momentarily a few feet from her, startled by the directness of her gaze. Nothing made sense about the scene: she could simply be bait for a group hiding in the woods waiting to attack him. Shaking the apprehension, he cleared his throat, and repeated himself, holding his hands out in front of him as if he were approaching an injured doe.

“Miss, are you alright?”

She loosened her arms from her knees and dropped her hands into her lap carelessly. A childish, playful smile ignited her face and her straight, pearly teeth added a new dimension to her appearance.

“Are YOU alright?”

Lawrence felt his heartbeat speed up, why would she ask him if he were alright? Instantly he wondered if he’d made a mistake pulling over. Maybe she was high and completely whacked out of her mind on drugs. Almost as if she could read his concerned expression even though he only appeared as a shadow, she released a gentle laugh.

“You’re the one who seems upset. You stopped your truck… and your hands are shaking.”

Embarrassed, he pulled his outstretched hands toward his body, letting them hang limply beside his thighs. Searching for an appropriate response to her odd line of questioning, he said nothing.

Carefully, as if she thought she would break if she moved too quickly, the girl rose from her seat, adjusting her low-rise jeans and black tank top, and brushing the seat of her pants. She never removed her eyes from where she assumed his were, and he observed her actions in silence.

His concern diminished quickly as he watched her move; watched her eyes glued to him as if he were the only living thing for miles. His chest began to ache. He hadn’t made a mistake stopping, and they both knew it. She released a soft sigh and smiled again.

As she stepped gracefully over the curb and onto the grainy asphalt, he noticed that she was wearing black stilettos that enclosed everything but a glimpse of well-manicured toes. They reminded him of the late 1950s, and he remembered his mother wearing a similar pair years ago. The sound of the pencil-thin heel scraping against the road sent a strange chill down his spine.

“And no, I am not ‘alright,'” she said plainly, flipping her dark auburn hair over an exposed, pale shoulder. She smiled sheepishly and slowly blinked her eyes, “I’m lost. I need a ride.”

“Well, I have a cell phone if there’s someone you’d like to call,” His stomach quickly turned to knots and he swallowed hard. As desperately as he wanted her to climb into the truck with him, he felt it was important to make her feel like she had options.

She reacted to his suggestion as if he were an idiot: scrunching up her nose and rolling her eyes playfully.

“If I had someone to call, don’t you think I would’ve done it by now?” She reached into her small black purse and pulled out a cell phone in a pink, sparkly case. It dangled between them for a moment, and there was silence.

“You’ll give me a ride, won’t you? I mean, you were nice enough to stop and investigate my plight, so you might as well go through with the whole ‘good Samaritan’ routine, right?” She tilted her head slightly, flashing a convincing smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah,” he hesitated, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”

The passenger door creaked loudly as he swung it open. She stood behind him patiently, and then held out a slender hand daintily, indicating that she needed him to help her into the cabin. Her smooth palm pressed down against his with only a slight pressure, as if she were weightless. It was obvious from the cool temperature of her skin that she’d been outside for hours in the early morning chill. As she passed him and climbed up into the seat, he caught a whiff of lavender perfume.

As he circled around to the driver’s side, his mind was racing. He’d given rides siirt escort to stranded people before, but this one was different for any number of obvious reasons.

“I’ve never been inside one of these before,” she leaned forward and patted the dashboard as he adjusted himself in his seat. “There’s a lot of stuff to look at. How do you know what’s what?”

“Just do,” he didn’t know what else to say.

Everything bounced and lurched forward and they began to move.

“So where’re you headed?” He was pleased with himself for managing more than a few words.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing!” She giggled. “I’ve always wondered where these big trucks are going all night. Do you go from city to city? State to state?”

“A little of both, really,” he listened carefully as she continued to speak, carrying their conversation further and further from his original question.

“So what’s your name?” She turned her whole body to face him, and he suddenly felt her big blue eyes burning into his unshaven profile.

“Lawrence,” he smiled, glancing over at her beaming face. Her excited energy was beginning to calm him. She turned to sit back. He ran his right hand through his graying hair.

“Well, Lawrence, I’m Lily.” She stated her name definitively, as if her title were a simple, universal fact.

“That’s a pretty name,” he said sincerely. He squinted his eyes a little, wondering why he hadn’t guessed such a girl would be named after a flower.

“Thanks,” she heaved a fulfilled sigh. “A lovely night for Lily and Lawrence,” she glanced over at him. They made eye contact and he noticed that she licked her lips subtly and then bit down softly on her lower lip. “That’s alliteration- all those L’s.”

There was a pause after she spoke. He decided to use the moment to try and return to his original question, hoping to keep himself focused on the conversation at hand.

“You never did tell me where it was you needed to go.”

“You’re headed in the right direction.”

There was another pause. They made eye contact again, and her inviting expression absorbed him. She silently refused to break her gaze first, and, rather than choke on the tension that was quickly filling the small cabin, he resorted to a different line of questioning.

“How’d you end up out there, anyways? If you don’t mind my asking.”

“I went for a walk,” she practically sang the words, though softly. He glanced down at her shoes and wondered if he should believe her. Before he had a chance to think about it, he chuckled and motioned at her feet.

“In those shoes? Well, girl, I’m not surprised you had to give up and sit down. I’m shocked you even got where you were to begin with. We’re miles from everywhere right now! And you’re just a kid, too. What are you doing wandering around at this time of night?” He looked at her and was greeted by an unfeeling, humorless expression. He choked on his laughter and returned his gaze to the road.

“Well, you’re right, it’s impractical.” she said after a painful pause. “Let’s not talk about that, though. Where’re you headed? You never did tell me.”

“Henderson,” he was slightly agitated that the conversation had lapsed back onto him. “Now you tell me where you’re going.”

“Henderson,” she echoed. “I’ll get out of your hair once we get there. We’re only about an hour away aren’t we?”

“More like two, actually.” He was still unsure of her motives. Unless you belong there, Henderson is far from a popular destination.

“Two hours,” she said softly, almost to herself.

“Too long?”

“Oh no, no, no,” she assured, turning her entire body towards him again. “You know, you look just like a neighbor I had growing up.”

He glanced at her and smiled, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” she said slowly, “I was always so jealous of his wife. Are you married?”

“Not anymore. I was for a little while when I was closer to your age. It wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I prefer to be on my own.”

“Is that why you drive a truck?”

He paused and thought for a moment. “I guess so. I never really thought about it like that.”

“Well, then. There you go. Aren’t you glad I’ve figured it out for you?” she laughed.

Turning to see the expression on her face, he instead caught her mid-stretch. She was quite a sight: her long, thin arms draped over the dark head rest, her back arched and her head thrown back picturesquely. A few inches of her smooth, white abdomen peered out from underneath her black shirt. As if she didn’t think he’d notice, she let out a low, pleased moan through her slightly parted pink lips.

Her eyes had been closed, but she turned and opened them luxuriously, looking directly into his, like she knew he’d been watching the entire time.

“What?” she whispered. He barely heard her over the engine noises. Her gaze crept quickly up and down his body, then back to his eyes. “Am I distracting the responsible driver?”

A crooked smile danced across his face. He had no siirt escort bayan idea how to respond. Before he even had the chance to speak, the familiar lights of a gas station loomed on the horizon.

“Oh good,” she let her arms drop into her lap, “Let’s stop, I’ve got to use the bathroom.”

Cursing to himself, he realized that he needed to do the same, as well as re-fuel. Without another word to each other, they pulled into the bright green station. She successfully let herself out of the cabin before he had a chance to help her, and he watched as she strode confidently towards the foggy glass doors of the convenient store.

She took her time, and he left the doors unlocked for her in case she came out before he did.

The cashier smiled knowingly as he paid for his fuel.

“S’at your daughter or sumthin’?” the man smiled, revealing a mouthful of rotting teeth stained from years of chewing tobacco and ignoring all forms of dental hygiene.

Answering without words to humor the simple man, Lawrence smiled slyly and winked, motioning toward the back of the store with his head. “Bathroom’s that way?”

“Yessir.” The cashier cackled and leaned forward on the countertop as Lawrence walked away.

The bathroom was like every other public facility: dirty yet attempting to smell clean with the assistance of cheap deodorizers and weak overhead fans. There was only one urinal, and the handle had been snapped off. Stuck carelessly above the fixture hung a poorly-written sign that read, “Broked. Use Stall.”

Scrunching up his nose as he stepped into the tiny enclosure, he didn’t bother locking the door behind him and simply pushed it shut with his foot as he unzipped his fly.

As soon as he started to relax and relieve himself he heard the heavy bathroom door squealing open.

“Someone’s in here!” he shouted angrily. The image of the charmer at the cash register came to mind and he began to wish he’d thought to lock the stall.

The door slammed shut and everything was silent. His heart started to race as he cautiously zipped his pants and flushed the toilet. Though he heard nothing, he felt the presence of another body in the room.

He pulled the stall door open gingerly and stepped out as fast as he could, practically swinging himself around the stall wall and out into the open area of the bathroom.

Lily stood in front of the heavy door, smiling enticingly with both her hands behind her back, resting on the door handle.

“Boo,” she said in a breathy voice, taking a few long strides toward him. Her high heels echoed in the small, tiled room.

He stood perfectly still, his back against the outer wall of the stall, the toilet still slurping away at its last few drops of water. The space between them gradually decreased until her torso practically rested against his; her face tilted upwards expectantly.

Those eyes of hers were now more noticeable in the buzzing fluorescent lights than they had been in the glow of his headlights. Dark brown eye makeup cradled and accentuated their grayish-blue color; her pouting lips implored him to give her whatever she wanted.

“Lawrence and Lily,” she whispered, rolling her tongue with the “L” sounds. She raised her arms and wrapped them loosely around his neck, obliterating the last ray of light between them. Consistent with her behavior throughout the night, her eyes never left his.

With one continuous motion, she released her hold and delicately ran her palms over his shoulders and down his chest, followed by his abdomen. Hooking her fingers into the waistline of his pants, she rested her hands there for a moment before she tugged and he was thrown slightly off-balance.

“Aw! Don’t let my manly strength overpower you,” she giggled, pulling her hips back to his. Her lips were now dangerously close, and he bit down on his own as if to fight the urge.

“Your ‘manly strength?'” he laughed, reaching out abruptly and grasping her hips and grinding into her. She gasped loudly, and he watched with delight as her eyelids fluttered momentarily. A look of satisfaction lit up her face.

Pivoting quickly, he swung her around and pressed her back firmly into the synthetic wood of the stall. Pushing her legs apart with his knees, he reached down, sliding his hands beneath her thighs and bouncing her up onto his hips. Looking both stunned and pleased, she began to smile enormously, hugging him trustingly.

“Girl, you scared me,” he joked, shaking her slightly. “I thought I was gonna have to come out throwing punches.”

“Sorry. Do you hate me?”

Her eyes burned into his, shifting slightly as she looked from one eye to the other, as if searching for something.

Unable to control himself any longer, he took a deep breath.

And then he kissed her.

Her lips were soft, and responded to his with an electricity he’d never experienced. She released a feathery whimper, accommodating every move he made with alluring hospitality. Her grip around his neck tightened, escort siirt and he felt her thighs compressing his midsection with a gentle pressure.

Her tongue moved with his as if it had been waiting for this moment for ages, dancing with a certainty that relaxed and inflamed him all at once. He slid one of his hands behind her thin neck and grabbed a handful of her auburn hair, pulling her tongue deeper into his mouth. She moaned loudly, and he felt her go slightly limp.

“Put me down,” she barely pulled away to whisper, her muffled words buzzing against his lips.

Carefully he released her thighs and she removed her arms from his neck, dropping her hands back down to his waist. Concentrating for only a moment, she began to feverishly unbuckle his belt before giving into his grip on her neck and kissing him once more.

Switching places again, she pushed his back against the stall wall with a rattling thud, giggling girlishly as she quickly unzipped his pants without looking. No sooner had she dropped them than he pushed her head downwards, her fingers still tugging at his dirty jeans.

She melted into his forceful action, crouching down and balancing successfully on her famous high heels. He caught a glimpse of her bedroom eyes gazing up at him as he watched her nimble fingers grab hold of his straining cock and press her moist lips lovingly against the head.

Dallying for only a moment, she practically inhaled the entire length of his erection into her mouth and throat, tilting her head back slightly to welcome it all. His eyes squinted closed out of sheer reflex, and he dropped his head lazily back against the wall, growling like a bear.

He shifted his hand from her neck to the back of her head, and he grasped her hair tightly and pushed her head down and up his shaft repeatedly. She moved exactly the way he wanted and needed her to, curtailing unquestioningly to his commanding hand like a faithful slave.

Utilizing everything she had, she ran her fingers up and down in conjunction with her tongue, which circled playfully around the tip, lingering in particular spots when he moaned.

“Mmm,” she would hum in response, curling her lips tightly around his cock’s perfect circumference. Even with her mouth full, he could feel her smiling.

The ecstatic first waves of his orgasm ignited deep within his belly, and then shot to the tips of his fingers and toes almost instantaneously. Just when he thought she couldn’t possibly fit any more of him down her throat, she managed to nestle the last few pivotal centimeters of his cock in the muscles of her esophagus, absorbing every drop of his fluid as it was released.

Her nails dug gently into his thighs as he came, partly to support his trembling legs, but also out of her own sheer arousal at the sights, sounds, and tastes of his climax.

She stayed glued to him until the last of his muscle spasms. Holding his eyes closed weakly, he felt her rise from her crouching position and shivered as she softly pressed her face into his neck and planted a series of airy, sensuous kisses on his sweaty skin.

“I want to go back to the truck,” she said in a hushed voice, as if she were telling him her deepest secret. Her fingertips traced the fading blue outlines of the tattoos on his forearms as she spoke.

Nodding slowly with a twisted smile on his face, he stood still as she helped him situate his pants, buckling his belt into position as if it had never been moved. Tucking her index finger behind the buckle, she led him towards the door. She paused for a brief moment to check herself in the grimy mirror before kicking the door open forcefully, as if in some violent protest against using the handle like everyone else.

She winked at the chuckling man behind the counter, and Lawrence wondered for a moment if she hadn’t let the man in on her plan to startle him in the restroom.

The early morning air was moist and heavy as they strode quickly across the parking lot; her thin fingers wrapped tightly around his wrist as she led the way. The change of scenery had revitalized him, and he now followed her with his heart racing in anticipation. Her hair bounced against her bare shoulders, still tussled from where he’d gripped it in his hand only moments ago. A thin strip of glowing skin peered out from between the bottom hem of her shirt and her jeans that sat low on her jutting hips.

She spun around when they made it to the passenger door, a loose curl sticking to her glossy lips before she brushed it away and slung her arms around his neck.

“What’d you think?” she smiled flirtatiously hanging on him as he unlocked the door.

“Oh, about the blowjob? It was alright,” he joked as she pretended to be shocked and offended.

“Well, if you didn’t like it, then I’ll never do it again, that’s just fine!” she laughed.

“Naw. You just need some more practice, that’s all.”

The door squealed as it opened, and she pulled him into another feverish kissing spell as she climbed up backwards- awkwardly- but completely devoted to keeping her lips to his.

Together, they clamored through the discolored curtain and fell in a tangled heap on the unyielding excuse for a mattress in the tiny cabin. Only a glimmer of the yellow lights that oversaw the parking lot filtered in through the gap in the curtains.

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180 Degrees Ch. 02 – Wolf at the Door

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Thank-you for taking the time to read chapter two! I highly suggest you read 180 Degrees part 1 before this or you’ll be lost.

A shout out to my favorite ‘beta reader and editor’ Thank-you for always pre-reading, giving me input and for just being a great friend!

As always please favorite, rate, comment, and send me some feedback if you are so inclined. I love hearing from everyone!



My breathing was shallow as I watched her disappear down the stairs. My heart rate had skyrocketed as we sat on the deck together and was now thudding in my ear mixing with the heat I was feeling from being so close to Tasha. Had felt from the moment she sat down and said, ‘gorgeous night’.

All we had done was sit near each other and talk. Everything I was feeling was throwing me off, my head was a swirl of uncharted emotions. I didn’t know what to make of these feelings, or what, if anything, to do about them. This was not what I expected when I put the ad in the paper.

Not what I expected when she came up and sat next to me on the deck.

Or was it?

I couldn’t deny I had noticed her from the first moment she showed up on my doorstep for her interview. Really noticed her. Maybe could even call it attraction. I offered her the job after knowing her for minutes. Let her move into my house. Had my subconscious been working at this since moment one?

Or had a switch been flipped with the information that she was potentially gay?

Working at what Abby? What switch had been flipped? Not a damn thing has happened except some weird feelings you are having.

Lying in bed after a hot shower, I was thinking about the way the light from the flames danced across her face. Making her eyes even brighter, her smile better. The way the heat seemed to waft from the table to my core. None of this was okay. She worked for me.

Was Kris right in her assessment of Tasha? I wanted to believe she was and believe that what I thought I saw in Tasha’s eyes was the same desire I now felt coursing through my body. The type of desire I hadn’t felt in decades and had never felt for another woman.

Something I could never act upon, I was her employer, nothing more.


The clock flashed 6:30am and I was up, changed into the closest thing to running clothes I owned and was waiting for 7am to come. I was pacing my kitchen like an anxious teenager going on a first date. It was silly and I was well aware of that. I grabbed a banana and ate it while I paced. Heartburn hit me almost immediately.

The sneakers on my feet were years old. I only wore them when I was playing in the yard with the grandkids now. There were scuffs of green along the soles from mowing the lawn at the old house. I had someone who did that here. I used to love to mow the yard. The physical activity and watching the lawn slowly get tamed was a satisfying experience. New sneakers were going to be needed if running became a thing. And more running clothes. I made a mental note to order new stuff if I survived this first run.

Chill. You haven’t even run once and you’re already buying a whole new wardrobe.

At 6:55 I looked out the window. Tasha was just walking from the side of the house to the front. She looked so good as she stopped and did some stretches. My heartrate jumped instantly as I watched her for longer than I should have. Quickly, I attempted to calm myself, then opened the door and stepped outside.

“Morning.” She spoke before I had a chance to. She stretched a few more times, my eyes lingered on her.

There were so many things I wanted to say to her. Ask her, like did she sleep well? Everything inside my head sounded too familiar, like we had a relationship outside of employer/employee so instead of saying anything I wanted, I just said, “Good morning Tasha.”


I nodded my head and we started out. Her stride was much longer than mine. Just as I was going to speed up she slowed down, and we matched pace. “Sorry.”

I liked the view more than I should have for those few moments she was in front of me. The way her thigh muscle gave way to the gentle curve of her butt. I could have run behind her the whole time.

Stop being a perv Abby. What has gotten into you?

I chuckled, “Not your fault I’m short.” That would be genetics. My mother was short but not as short as I was, my father was well over six feet. I didn’t win the height lottery that was for sure. My brothers were both tall like my dad. Sam and Jonah were too. Kris was short like me. Drew was average. Neither tall nor short for a guy.

That comment earned me a laugh from her. She had a sweet laugh. It filled the air and settled on my skin giving me delicious goosebumps. We ran in silence for a few miles. This had more to do with the fact I would not have been able to run and talk at the same time than anything else. My lungs and legs were burning by the time we had completed what I figured was a mile. It was as if Tasha could sense this and didn’t want to point it out, trabzon escort so she kept quiet and kept the pace easy.

As we traversed the neighborhood, she turned her head every once in a while, to check on me I was sure. Little bubbles of heat hit my face every time she did. A few times I nearly tripped because I lost my focus knowing she was looking at me.

She knew the area better than I did. I had driven or been driven through but had never walked, never mind run through it. I tried to take it in, but it took all my focus to plant my feet on the pavement and breath at the same time.

I was starting feel like I was at the end of my ability to run for the morning and was going to tell her to keep going, I would walk the rest of the way home, if I could figure out exactly where home was. Before I could speak we made another turn and saw my house in the distance. I forced myself to stay on pace for the last little bit.

Back in the driveway, I was bent at the waist trying to regain my capacity to breath properly. Tasha watched. “You did great Abby. How long did you say it’s been since you last ran?”

“Like… a.. decade.. geez I’m… old.” I needed to take a breath in between nearly every word. If I thought my lungs had been burning earlier, they were an inferno now. I resisted the urge to sit down on the hot pavement, the embarrassment of needing to do that would have been too much. Especially with Tasha barely breathing harder than normal.

“You are not old. Stop. You just haven’t run in a long time. Wanna do this again tomorrow?”

I was unbending, bringing myself to a standing position again. My eyes had wandered her fully as I stood up. The definition of her thigh muscles was just perceptible through her compression pants. It would have been entirely too easy to keep my eyes where they didn’t belong. It took effort to move them up until I was looking directly into her green eyes. “Um. Can I let ya know later? Not sure I’ll still be alive tomorrow after this.”

Her hair was a shaggy mess. A sexy as fuck shaggy mess. She had the slightest sweaty sheen, not like what I had seen after she ran alone. It was still tantalizing, but it also told me this run was not the least bit hard for her.

Stop Abby.

Another laugh from her. Goosebumps filed my arms. If she was looking at them, she would have noticed. The realization that I wanted her to notice the way my body reacted to her hit me.

“Of course. Well I’m going to go shower. Thanks for this Abby.” She turned and walked towards her apartment door.

“Thank-you Tasha.” It took me a second to say that to her and I wasn’t sure if she even heard me. I made my way inside and into the shower. After that, I grabbed my phone and called Jan on speaker as I made myself a late breakfast.

“So, how was your run?” Jan was actually being okay about me running with Tasha. Likely she had some idea that this would benefit her somehow.

“I survived. Barely.”

“If you run enough, you will gain the stamina to take my girls for a few hours. You know, give yourself something to do.” And there it was, how me running would be to her benefit.

“Not happening Jan.”

She scoffed at me.

We continued to talk as I made myself eggs then tea. Her girls interrupted us more than once. Their tiny little kid voices filled my kitchen as if they were actually here. When our conversation finished, and my house was once again quiet, I found myself feeling down. There was still so many hours to fill between now and bed.

I looked at the door of the fridge. Sam had hung his game schedule with the tornado magnet I had picked up somewhere along the way, probably in some touristy gift shop. I didn’t remember where, but it was my favorite. It was strong, could hold multiple papers up without any issues, and looked good while doing it. I smiled at the memory of how many times that magnet had come through for me.

Looking at the schedule, I saw that Sam had two soccer games this week. That would fill up some of my evenings. I grabbed the book I was reading, ‘Born a Crime’ by Trevor Noah, and headed out on the deck. I read for a couple of hours, unaware at first of the slight chill filling the air. Dampness was settling in, and it looked like it might rain. I clicked on the fire feature, then went in to make myself a sandwich and some tea and grab a hoodie.

As I opened the sliding glass door to sit back down, there was a figure sitting in one of the chairs. It took me half a moment to not panic and realize it was Tasha. Her hair was neatly tucked behind her ears, which were filled with earrings. I felt a little leap of energy jump inside my belly as I stepped out and said hello.



Our morning run had been nice. Slower than what I would have done on my own, but just having company was good. Especially her company. Even if we barely spoke. Abby was winded sooner than I expected, so I kept the pace slow and cut the run down a bit. When we got back in her driveway, she could trabzon escort bayan barely speak. When she finally stood herself up from the bent over position she took in an attempt to catch her breath, I was almost certain her eyes had drifted up my body, even lingered a few times.

Or maybe it was my imagination. It wouldn’t be the first time. It had been a long time though. Olivia and I had been together for ten years. Tens years of not noticing being noticed. Or at least trying not to. Before Liv, I had one other long-term relationship. And before that, I had played the field. Lived life. Enjoyed life, sometimes too much.

After the run, I made some food, then cracked open the gallon of paint gotten at Home Depot earlier in the week. Now that I was comfortable thinking of this as more than just a short-term solution, a change seemed in order. Abby told me right in the beginning I could make the apartment my own.

I poured the paint, aptly named ‘anonymous’ into the paint tray. Opening the windows to keep the place aired out, I began my project. It had been years since I had much input on the aesthetics of where I lived. Picking out the color I wanted in here, took longer than I thought it would. Olivia had made all the decisions on how things would look inside her house. Hell, thinking back now that I was more removed from ‘us’, I was sure she had made the decisions on a lot of my aesthetics too. That might be why I was growing my hair out for the first time in over a decade.

Two hours later, the living space was no longer the pale yellow it had been. Feeling accomplished, I cleaned up then made a quick lunch and jumped into the shower.

After getting into leggings and a tank top I needed some fresh air and went out on the patio. It was a little chiller than expected. I grabbed my grey Smith hoodie. The flames from Abby’s table top fire could be seen through the deck boards. I didn’t hear her though. I thought about texting her to see if she wanted some company, then decided to just walk up the stairs. We had run together just a few hours ago, maybe we were becoming friends. And friends could just drop by right? Especially when they lived in the same house.

She wasn’t on the deck when I got to the top of the stairs, but next to the flames sat a book, face up. I checked out the title. I had watched Trevor Noah more than once. He was so intelligent and insightful and funny. As I was about to reach over to thumb through the pages, the slider to her kitchen opened.

I could tell I had startled her, but she recovered quickly. For that moment in between, she had that same look on her face as last night. That adorable flustered look. Everything about her, told me she didn’t get flustered often, so to see it twice in twenty-four hours made me smile. And wonder.

She said hello as she slid the door shut with her foot. Her hands filled with a mug and a plate with a sandwich on it. Her feet were bare, but she had jeans and an oversized hoodie on. She nearly swam in it.

“Hope it’s okay I came up. I saw the fire thing on.” I was in the same seat I had been in last night, the one closest to the one she sat in.

Putting her drink and sandwich plate down she replied, “of course it’s okay. Do you want a sandwich or some tea?”

I shook my head no. “I’m set but thanks.”

She settled into her seat and started eating. There was an awkward silence for a few moments. Like neither of us knew what to say to the other. Noticing my hoodie, she broke the quiet first. “I visited that campus once.”

I cocked my head, “yeah?”

“Yep. Jan and I were shopping at Thornes Marketplace during a day trip to Northampton before the holidays and she wanted to see the place. So, we walked around. It’s beautiful. Very New England.”

“It is. I did my masters there. Undergrad at Umass Amherst.”

“I remember reading that on your resume.” She smiled as she took another bite of her sandwich.

“Ah right” I gave a slightly awkward chuckle.

Geez Tasha did ya forget she had your resume?

“Where did you go to college?”

She swallowed the last bite of her sandwich, took a sip of her tea and sat back in the chair. “School of hard knocks.” Then she laughed. Before I could ask what she meant she continued. “I didn’t go to college. I was just barely eighteen when I got pregnant with my oldest son. Life got…complicated after that and I never made it to college.”

She let out a deep sigh with the word complicated. I wondered what her story was. I hadn’t seen this older son of hers, the one that would be twenty-six in a few months. His kids had been here a few times. They were cute. The boy was blonde and the little girl a redhead. Both had ice blue eyes. I had only seen the eighteen-year-old once, he had the same eyes. Kris and Sam both had Abby’s mellow green-gold eyes. Kris was nearly the spitting image of her mom save the few lines that came with life that speckled Abby’s face. Gave her depth and character.

That reminded me, Sam had escort trabzon two games this week, he had given me his schedule before they left for their father’s.

“Are you going to Sam’s games this week?” The schedule for the week she gave me was sparse, lunch with Jan. Pick up the grandkids once. She had switched to using a shopping services for groceries, so we didn’t even have that to do. There had been no mention of Sam’s games though.

She pushed herself even deeper into the chair, chewed on her bottom lip. She looked, unsure. It wasn’t a look I had seen on her before. Another sigh came with her reply. “Oh right. Yes. The ex will likely be there. I blocked out the games from my mind for a bit I’m afraid.”

That’s right, given it was his two weeks with the kids that made sense. I had no idea if he had been at the games during the time they were with Abby. I pondered what their life together had looked like. I knew from what she had told me that she had simply played a role for many years. That had to be hard, to present to the world that way. I had lived with Liv for only a few weeks after our relationship was over, and we didn’t have kids and that was hard enough. I couldn’t even begin to imagine years of that.

I wasn’t sure what to say to her about that, if anything. If we had known each other longer, or if we really were friends, I would probably have words of wisdom for her. But we didn’t have history, so saying nothing seemed right.

Sam had asked me to come to a game though, and I didn’t think he meant for me to drive his mom and stand by her car like I had done before. It was harder to find the right way to ask to enter her world than I thought it would be.

Just ask her.

“Is it okay if I go to his game Wednesday? He asked me to go to one before he left.” I didn’t want to make things awkward for, or with her, but I also didn’t want to let Sam down. He had put a lot of work in with me on his skills and maybe it would already be paying off. I wasn’t sure if she understood that I meant to sit and really watch the game. My mouth open to allow me to clarify it to her, but she started talking before I could.

She looked at me and a slow smile formed. “We can sit together.” Her eyes got narrow for a moment, “If you want to that is. You don’t have to.” She pulled her legs up to her chest as she spoke, hugged them close as she put the hoodie over them, the size of it now made sense to me. She became one with the hoodie. I could almost picture her sitting like that on the beach, the water licking at her naked toes. Me sitting next to her.

Shit. Stop Tasha.

Entirely too quickly I answered her. “Sitting together would be great.” I pictured us up on that small hill where she always sits. Sharing a blanket. I wondered what the soccer moms would think of that.

“It’s a…” She paused and that flustered look threatened to fill her face. “plan then.” Her face went back to the gentle eyes and softness I was growing used to. “Want tea or coffee or anything? I’m going to make another cup.”

The thought of another cup of coffee from the Keurig made me shiver and I wasn’t a tea fan. “I’m set but thank you.” I got up head back down the stairs.

“Don’t go, unless you have to. I’ll be right back. Or you could come in while I make the tea.” She bit her lower lip again just slightly. She was up and walking towards the slider, not waiting for me to decide.

Going back downstairs alone any sooner than I had to didn’t really appeal to me. I stood up and followed her inside. It was the third time I had been in her kitchen. I sat in the same seat at the breakfast bar as when I interviewed for this job.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” The teapot was starting to whistle as she was getting her cup ready.

“I’m positive but thank you.” I looked around the kitchen, taking it in more than I had before. I knew they hadn’t lived here long. There wasn’t much in the way of decorations to be seen. A candle sat burning on her stove top. Its vanilla scent filled the area around us. It was nearly identical to the way she always smelled. A few mugs hung under the cabinets. They weren’t there the other times I had been in here. Those must be her favorite ones. Before I could make out what was on the different ones, she was taking the teabag out of the mug that she put down between us. This was black with Donald Duck on it and ‘Mad Genius’ written across it.

So, she had a bit of a kooky side.

Instead of taking her mug and heading towards the slider, she sat down across from me. “Sorry. My legs just suddenly felt like lead. Not sure I could walk out to the deck without tripping over air. I am going to feel that run tomorrow.”

“No worries. You should take a hot bath with some Epsom salts. And make sure you’re drinking enough water.”

“Hum. I think I have some of those. Think it will help?”

“Can’t hurt.” I hoped her feeling like this didn’t mean she wouldn’t want to run again.

There was a few moments of silence, which I didn’t want to become awkward, so I asked her about the book she was reading. And if she watched Trevor Noah’s show or his stand-up. The conversation continued and the next time there was silence I looked at the clock on her stove. It had been nearly four hours since I stepped foot on her deck. I tried to figure out where the day had gone.

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Altina , the Older Professor Ch. 02

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I floated back to my dorm room that late March evening, returning from Professor Walton’s home. I could still taste him in my mouth and the memory of what had just taken place was reverberating in my head. While slightly disappointed that I had not been allowed my own release, I was buoyed by the knowledge that such a distinguished member of my college’s faculty had achieved such a mammoth orgasm and flooded my mouth with his seed.

I increased my pace as I thought about taking care of my own needs as soon as my dorm room door closed. But then I remembered the Professor’s command to not orgasm until Friday when I returned to see him. I smiled at the thought. This was going to be sweet torture. My panties were soaked, but I’d make good on my promise and wait for the dam to burst on my next visit in two days. The magnitude of what we’d started was overwhelming my thoughts. So I threw myself into my studies the next two days and tried to temper my growing arousal for this man.

Attending his class the next day was an exercise in focus. I needed to listen and take notes; not smile to myself at the fact that out of all the hot young coeds in our class, it was me Professor Walton had chosen as his assistant. He paid no special attention to me in class; he never did. Knowing our secret as he commanded the dais and wove his professorial magic just aroused me all the more. Tomorrow, I thought to myself, he promised to focus on me. The thought went straight to my pussy and I squirmed in my seat through the entire class.

I arose early on Friday for Econ class and as soon as it was over I returned to my dorm to ready myself for my twice weekly visit to the Professor’s office. We had found a balance that allowed for me to continue assisting in editing his book, but also allowed us time to explore our growing needs.

I’d almost forgotten about the small gift he’d given me that I’d stuffed in my bag before leaving him on Wednesday. I fished it out, slid off the bow and opened the box. Inside, folded neatly and wrapped in tissue, was a tiny pair of sheer black panties. They felt so dainty as I held them up and smiled at what must have been going through the Professor’s mind when he purchased them. They were side tie panties in black lace with a small delicate red bow in the middle. I knew exactly how they’d fit me and just what they would showcase. I smiled at his cheekiness.

I spent the early afternoon getting ready and gathering my senses. I showered and shaved, lotioned and primped. I wanted to be totally worthy of his attention. I spent more time than usual trying to look like I was not wearing make-up. As the early afternoon ticked by, I finally arose to get my clothes on and get ready to leave. I donned his gift and admired how they looked in the mirror. Oh, he was going to love these – no wonder he’d purchased them. They clung to my pussy and accentuated the gentle rise of my pubic mound so nicely – as, I was quite sure, was his intention.

I pulled a long wrap-around dress from my closet. It was not something I’d normally wear – it was far too revealing for mass consumption. But it seemed perfect for this occasion. The beauty of the dress was that it was attached in only one spot – a large button over the right hip. All it took was one slip of the button and the dress unfurled and fell away. I chose to wear it without a bra so my nipples would be clearly on display. It had a strategically placed slit that allowed the left leg to protrude to the upper thigh. Although the dress was clingy and vaguely showed the bikini bows on my hips below, I somehow didn’t think the good Professor would mind.

I also noticed that the cut and cling of the dress showed off the way my mound rose from between my thighs and below my tummy. He was going to love this. I had left my heels in his office so I donned sensible walking shoes, put on my long overcoat and left the dorm so to be there at precisely 4pm.

Several people smiled at me as I walked across campus and toward Professor Walton’s home. I finally realized that they were smiling at me because I was absolutely beaming. I did my best to contain my excitement and felt my heart beating rapidly as I ambled down his tree-lined street. The windows in his office glowed warmly as I walked up the brick walk to his stoop. I took a deep breath and entered.

I turned to see him seated at his desk as I closed the door. I noticed his usually cluttered desk was completely cleared off. I smiled at what this might mean as I took off my overcoat and hung it on the coat rack.

“Ms. Beck. Welcome to my humble abode,” he bellowed with considerable glee.

I thanked him and walked over to my workstation to retrieve my heels. I could feel his eyes on me as he surveyed the body-clinging wrap I was wearing for his benefit. As I sat down on his sofa to put on my heels, my dress fell away at the slit and exposed my left leg up to well above mid-thigh. I peeked over and saw the Professor eyeing me carefully sinop escort as I tied the thin straps around the ankle of each heel.

Satisfied, I stood and straightened myself out before slowly wandering toward him. I knew he’d want to approve my appearance before we got to work – and possibly take my dress off. I felt so exposed in this dress, but could also read approval in his eyes as I approached.

“Very nice, Ms. Beck. How lovely you look on this Friday afternoon.” I felt his eyes wash up and down my body. “Come. Stand closer. Lean against my desk, please.” He rolled his chair back to allow me room as I moved in front of him and leaned my ass back on the edge of his desk, facing him. I put my arms behind me to support myself and tilted my hips forward slightly to accentuate what I knew he wanted to see.

“Oh, Altina. Look, dear girl, at the lovely shape of your breasts,” he crowed, as he peered at my stiff poking nipples. “And, my goodness, how can I possibly resist the subtle rise of your mons Venus?” he exclaimed excitedly. As I expected, this position forced my mound to push out from the tight fabric stretched across my hips and belly. Professor Walton’s eyes were glued to my sex as he rolled slightly closer to inspect. “Just exquisite, young lady. My goodness.”

He reached out his large hands and rested them on my hips. He didn’t touch me directly; he moved his hands around my center and never let his eyes stray from the soft round bulge that he clearly cherished.

“Such a lovely dress, Ms. Beck. It showcases your incredible body so clearly. Excellent choice. But…perhaps removal is in order before you begin your work for the day,” he stated with conviction.

“Of course, Professor. It’s all quite easy…just unbutton right down here,” I said, pointing to the large button on my hip, “and it should all open up for you.”

He looked up at me expectantly and reached down and fumbled sweetly with the button. As it gave way I lifted my body off the desk and he slowly unwrapped me. His eyes were wide and his mouth open as he unveiled my body. I assisted by twisting a little this way and that to free the shift from my body.

As it fell free and dropped to the floor, Professor Walton moved back slightly to admire the end result. I felt totally exposed, yet also quite comfortable. I was now in only my heels and the panties that the Professor had given me at our last meeting. He eyed me hungrily before looking up into my eyes.

“Ah, Ms. Beck. Such pulchritude – you truly are stunning.”

“Such what?” I asked defensively.

“Pulchri…ah me. Never mind,” he replied with a warm smile. “It’s just a fancy way of saying beauty, young lady. Nothing more. Pardon my rambling. Your beauty does seem to scramble my brain,” he joked.

I leaned back against his desk and let him look at me. I’m quite sure I had never – ever – in my life, felt sexier than I did at this moment. Professor Walton eyed me with such unmitigated hunger.

“You know, Altina…it is Friday after all. Perhaps we should rethink our plans. Maybe we should take a break from our routine today and just enjoy this moment. Do you agree?” he asked expectantly.

I nodded in assent. I was definitely not in a work frame of mind at this particular time. I wanted to continue with whatever it was we had started here. I was standing in heels and tiny sexy panties – hardly attire suitable for editing on a computer screen.

“I cleared my desk, as you might have noticed, just for you, young lady. Why don’t you hop up on it for a few minutes?” I slid my bottom up on his thick mahogany desk and awaited instruction. He grabbed the two throw pillows he happened to have close by and gave them to me for elbow rests as before. “Please – lean back and make yourself comfortable.”

I did as he requested and leaned back to watch him admire me. He gently spread my legs wider and I could see his eyes glued to my pussy. From my vantage point my little mound, barely encased in black lace, rose like a small fleshy hillock from the flat plains of my tummy. The professor continued to study me like he might an ancient manuscript – with great care and precision.

His large hands glided over my body – barely touching me – studying my contours. He slid back on his rolling chair and lifted one of my legs. “We shan’t be needing these,” he said, as he took great glee in unstrapping and beginning to remove my heels one at a time.

As he took off my first heel he hoisted my leg up in the air to study.

“Just exquisite form, young Altina. And proof that the sum can be the greater than the parts. Each individual part of your leg is near perfect, but when taken together forms an astonishingly beautiful leg.”

He held my ankle with one hand and brushed along my toes and instep with the other. “Your lovely petite foot,” he exclaimed. I was usually very ticklish, but his touch felt sensuous and erotic

Gently grasping my sinop escort bayan ankle, he commented on the “gentle turn of my ankle.” He admired and commented on the thin ankle bracelet I was wearing.

He then ran his hand along the underside of my calf. “The glorious shape and form of your calf,” he said, cupping the smooth skin. He lightly teased behind my knee. “The tight compactness of your knee,” he said, as shivers ran down my spine at his touch.

And, finally, he ran his sturdy hand along the underside of my thigh as it sat suspended in mid-air. “And, of course, the long sleek softness of your pretty thigh. Such nubile magnificence.”

He gently lay that leg on the arm of his chair and lifted the other leg to unstrap the second heel. As he removed it he leaned in to kiss my foot. I gasped as I felt his lips and the scratch of his beard on the arch of my foot. Before I could do anything to respond, he did something no other man had ever done. He put my big toe in his mouth and sucked it for a few seconds. I felt a direct jolt from my toe to my pussy as my manicured fingers clawed at the smooth wood finish of the desk top.

“Oh, Professor!” I exclaimed. He picked up the other leg and did the same thing. Slowly he began to alternate legs – each time kissing up a little further – my ankles, my calves. He spent a little time on the back of my knees and I added those to the list of erogenous zones I didn’t even know I had.

As he arrived at my thighs I could see that he was clearly beginning to enjoy himself – as was I. He kissed and nibbled his way – inch by inch – occasionally pausing to comment on my silky smooth skin and soft, but muscular, flesh. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his worship of my legs. But he was kissing his way toward the end of his journey and as his lips paused only an inch or two from the gift he had sent me home with on Wednesday, he paused, placing both feet on the arms of his chair.

“And now, Ms. Beck, we must unwrap the last part of this treasure.” He gingerly reached up to the left bow and gently pulled one of the ties. As it let go, he turned to the right bow and did the same. Then, as if he were uncovering some rare precious jewel, he pinched a tie between each thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled the dainty panty down toward him. His face glowed with a heated passion that I had never seen in a lover before. I could not recall ever having felt more desired. Ever!

He let go of the ties and bent down low to take in the sight and smell of my now bare pussy. I knew that the arousal I felt was manifesting itself in very wet glistening lips. His face beamed with joy as he surveyed his final goal. My smooth hairless mound rose up to greet him, having been finally freed from the silken confines of his gift.

Other lovers I’d had in the past would have chomped down or dived in head first. Professor Walton took his time. He was going to embrace this moment and take in every scintillating nuance of my pussy. I pulled up on my elbows to closely watch as he leaned forward and closed his eyes – wafting in the scent of my arousal like he was coifing the nose of a fine Burgundy. He blew softly on my exposed wet lips and elicited the first of what would be many earthy groans.

I felt his manly grip on each leg as he leaned down to plant kisses on my inner thighs, all the way up to where they met the outer edge of my labia. He pulled me closer so that my ass and hips were now just off the bullnose edge of his desk. He palmed my cheeks in a sturdy grip as he pulled my lips open. I gasped at how totally and fully exposed I was.

I could not take this anymore and I groaned loudly as my elbows gave way and my head fell back against the desk. Without missing a beat he pushed one throw pillow up my way to support my head. And as I placed it behind me, I felt him lift my hips and slip the other one under my lower back and ass, lifting me up higher and closer to his attention – closer to his face and his mouth.

“Goodness gracious, your sweet young pussy is just as gorgeous as the rest of your body, Ms. Beck. I suppose that should come as no surprise…but what exquisite beauty!” he exclaimed.

I couldn’t talk. My hands went to my breasts and began to squeeze as I closed my eyes. He re-engaged and I felt his tongue begin to gently kiss the bottom of my pussy. I moaned as I felt his pointed tongue probe lower and enter my ass for a few seconds. No one had ever licked me there and I felt a rush of physical and emotional reactions. I’d always thought of it as so taboo and dirty. But, in this context, I felt my body and mind react as one as I gasped.

It was just a teaser, however. I suspected his brief journey there was just a harbinger of things to come. His tongue trailed slowly north before dipping into the nether reaches of my pussy. He slowly, and with an aching tenderness, entered me with his tongue.

I lifted my hips to meet him and felt my lower escort sinop body quiver as his hot tongue trailed along the delicate ridges of my lips. I longed for him to reach my clit, but he always stopped short – teasing me and making me ache for more.

I felt my heart racing and my breathing become audible as he played me like a fine instrument. It was almost like he was tuning me up – getting me ready for a solo concert. My body stiffened as I concentrated on the location of his tongue and its travels.

He stopped at one point and I opened my eyes and turned my head to look down. Why had he stopped? The view at that moment was magical. There, just beyond the fleshy bare rise of my mons pubis was the smiling face of Professor Walton. He was removing his glasses and setting them aside.

“I don’t want to mar your soft silken skin with my spectacles, young lady.”

He then lifted my legs, one at a time, and placed them carefully on each of his shoulders. As his hands returned to my clenched butt cheeks, he cradled and lifted my lower body off of the desk and pillow.

I was now suspended between my upper back on the desk and my legs over his shoulders. I could feel his breath on my open lips as he returned to teasing his way closer and closer to my center – to my very core. He planted wet kisses in a big circle around my pussy, his short beard strafing my smooth skin.

I alternated between closing my eyes and opening them to look into Professor Walton’s intense gaze. I lifted my head and watched him smile at me and tongue me simultaneously as he touched my clit for the very first time. The feel of his tongue was soft and feathery and I groaned in appreciation.

How many guys had I been with who were either not interested in eating pussy or chomped down on it like a hamburger. The professor seemed to know innately to start as gently as possible. I might want a more spirited tonguing as things progressed. But his first foray between my furls was a bullseye.

I knew my body was in a somewhat awkward position, but at that moment all I could feel was his tongue on my clitoris. I felt like I was the center of his focus as his tongue swirled slowly around my small pink nubbin. I could feel his breath on me and his short stubble rubbing the tender skin of my inner thighs.

My body reacted by arching up to meet his tongue as I lay my head back down again, closed my eyes, and let the sensations of his cunnilingus wash over me in waves. When he opened his mouth and covered my entire clit with his mouth, I felt like he was French kissing my lower lips. He seemed to sense how much I loved his gentle approach, so his suck was soft and slow. And as he sucked my pussy, I felt his tongue re-enter the fray with little tiny clit flicks. God, I was losing my mind and knew I was making nonsensical sounds as he sucked my pussy.

I put my hands down between my legs and wove them into his wavy white hair. My fingers grabbed his skull and held him right where he was – letting him know how spot on he was with his tongue and lips.

He showed no signs of letting up and could probably feel my body conveying my impending orgasm. It was his fingers, however, that pushed me over the top. He had this slow sensuous rhythmic sucking thing going on and then had the sheer audacity to casually slide a finger inside my pussy. It wasn’t very far, but it was enough sensual overload to kick me over the edge.

“Oh yes…yes…right there…mmmmf…fuck…more…don’t stop…don’t…”

My expressions above do not come close to conveying the way these words were being spit out in a succession of bursts as my breathing became erratic and I felt my body stiffening with an impending explosion.

“Oh God!” I screamed. “FUCK!”

It hit me like a runaway train – head on. I felt my thighs spasm and clasp onto his head as my ass lifted up and my hands clenched his head. For a few seconds, as the orgasm swept through me like a wave, I could not breathe or utter a sound. All I could hear was the rhythmic juicy licks and soaking wet finger wiggle as Professor Walton saw me through the throes of my very first orgasm with him.

I realized after a few moments that I had the good Professor in a headlock with my thighs, so I slowly relaxed and relieved the pressure of my vice-like grip . We both began to breathe normally again as my body relaxed and I lowered it back onto the desk.

“Well, Ms. Beck. That was one tasty treat for a Friday. I thank you,” he said politely.

“No, Professor. I thank you, sir. That was marvelous.”

He reached for my hands and pulled me up and told me sit on his lap. I did so, wrapping my arms around his neck and sitting sideways. His mouth and lips glistened with me. The kiss that followed seemed like the most natural in the world. It felt good to be naked, sitting on a fully clothed man. The kisses were warm and passionate, but also felt like a good way to ease down from a truly tremendous orgasm. I could taste myself in our kiss. I finally nuzzled in his neck and we just sat holding one another for a few minutes.

Finally, Professor Walton broke the spell

“Perhaps a spot of whiskey would be good right now. If you’d accompany me over to the bar, I’ll set you up,” he said, jokingly.

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Down by the Lake Ch. 02

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The week after Dave left, we fell into a routine; Madge busily cleaning the house, me outside doing the maintenance I had been ignoring. Using my tractor, I mowed the dry grass around the house, then switching to a blade filled in some holes in the drive way. After that I hooked on the trailer and hauled fire wood down from the trees behind the house. Madge meanwhile, went through every room in the house; cleaning, dusting, washing all the linens.When I would see her, she was all covered with dust. After a couple days she was running out of clothes, so she borrowed a t-shirt of mine, and I must admit it looked much better on her. Especially with her nipples poking through the cotton.

Dave left on Saturday, and by Wednesday night I realized Madge was washing the same clothes every other day. Considering the little we had brought up the hill, she didn’t have much. Thursday morning I went out to the barn, pulled the dust cover off the ’66 Mustang, checked all the fluids, made sure the tires were properly inflated, started her up, watched the gauges. She had been sitting a good seven months, but fired on the first try. After a minute she settled into a pleasant idle, as if waiting to go. I quietly pulled her up to the house just in time for lunch.

Madge had lunch on the table as I walked in, so I washed up and sat down. While we ate I coughed, then asked how she was doing for clothing.

“Oh, ok, I guess.”

“Nonsense. I’ve noticed the same blouse every other day. How long would it take you to get ready for some shopping?”

With a happy squeal she shouted, “Really? Where will we go? I don’t care, I can be ready in ten minutes.”

And she was gone! (My sense of survival kicked in and I realized I had better eat now or forget it). I was still swallowing while she was standing at the door, tapping her foot. Slipping my wallet in my back pocket, I took my time ambling to her while she gave me a look that said ‘Hurry up’. In less than ten minutes that woman had changed clothes, washed up, brushed her hair and applied make up. She was motivated.

We stepped onto the porch and when she saw the Mustang, she cooed , “Oooh, nice.”

I held the passenger door open for her, and for my effort got a smile and, “Thank you sir”.

As we drove she wanted to know where we were going, what could she get, why was I doing this, how much she could go, where did I get the car… I finally just called ‘time’.

“Naomi spotted her sitting with a ‘for sale’ sign and just had to have her. I restored her, Naomi drove her everywhere. We’ll cruise down to the South Hill Mall. They have good shops, and I’m sure we can find what you need. I’m doing this because you need clothes, and while it would be interesting watching you run around in next to nothing, that isn’t why I offered you a place to stay. How much you get is open, we’ll see what we find, but you’ll probably want some shorts, tops, and how are you fixed for underware?”

Sigh,”You’re right, I do need all of that and more. I didn’t realize how little I had left until you brought it up.”

“Ok, lets do this. We’ll start at Sears for pants and tops, then go from there. I have to warn you though…I haven’t been clothes shopping with a woman in years so I’m out of practice.”

At the mall, I parked away from other cars as I’ve learned there are idiots out there that really don’t care if they ding up someone else’s car, but howl if a bird craps on theirs. We strolled into the mall, Madge holding my left arm lightly, but firmly. Our first stop was Sears, where she quickly picked out half a dozen tops, three or four shorts, several pants and some things in the underwear section, then led me to the changing rooms. There are no seats for men to wait on, so I was one of four men idling away, while their women tried things on. Women would come out, ask their husband’s opinions, then disappear back into their cubicle.

Finally Madge appeared. And all the men perked up as she walked over to me. Now, she was just in tan jeans and a light top, but those guys couldn’t take their eyes off her. One wife came out and had to nudge her husband.

“You know you have an audience, don’t you?”

“Do you like this on me? Oh, I hadn’t noticed them. What do you think, should we get this?”

“Turn around, slowly. Yes, it’s perfect fit, and the top goes great with your hair and eyes.”

“You just wanted to check out my butt, wait, you know my eye color?”

“From day one.”

She gave a little spin and strolled back to the cubicles, looking over her shoulder at me. Then threw a little extra wiggle into her walk while looking me in the eye.

When she came back out she was dressed, with her selections over her arm, ready to check out. “Don’t you need to try more on?”

“Nope. These will do. Can we go find some shoes, maybe a jacket next?”

We moved down the mall, first hitting a shoe store for some new training shoes, a pair of dressy boots, sandals, and a couple other shoes I can only call stylish. Then another shop where she found samsun escort ‘just the right jacket’. I have to say it looked perfect on her, snug around her waist, shapely over her breasts. Across from them was a lingerie shop, and she pulled me to the display in the window, “Can we go in? Just to look around? Please?”

Now I have to tell you, I hadn’t been in one of these shops in many years, and it had been a form of agony back then. Well, I was breaking out in a cold sweat, stammering I’d wait in the mall. But Madge would have none of that, “Don’t be silly, you’ll be fine. We’re just going to look anyway.”

As we stepped in a clerk asked if she could be of help, then suddenly said, “Madge?”

“Jeannie! When did you start here? How have you been? “

“Well, let’s see, you and I were at Macy’s for Christmas, we were let go after New Years, and I lost track of you. One day at Macy’s I had a conversation with a lady I was helping. Mrs. Patrick. She was the owner of this shop, and wasn’t happy with the girl she had in here. She asked me to stop in when I had a chance, and when the Christmas rush was over, I had a lot of time so I dropped in. The girl that was working here was slovenly and rude, and I knew why sales were way down. When Mrs. Patrick came out of the office, she took a look at me, then the other girl and asked me to step into the office. Girl, that had to be the fastest interview I’ve ever had. Within five minutes she asked me when I could start, and five minutes after that she had me signed up and the other girl fired.”

“Wow, that worked well for you. Oh, by the way, This is my boss, Josh Murphy. He’s helping me out some.”

Madge filled her in about the last seven months, and where she had met me. Jeannie’s brows went up when she heard I was buying clothes for Madge, “Well, if I had known there was such a knight out there, I might have tried my luck.”

“Easy girl, this knight is taken.”

With that, they broke into gleeful laughter and strolled further into the shop. I just tagged along, looking at the two of them. What a contrast…Madge, with her feminine shape, and flowing auburn hair and Jeannie, a few years younger, slim, almost boyish in shape, although you would never mistake her shapely butt for a boy’s. Her hair was a light brown, tending towards blonde, cut close to her face. As they moved from rack to rack, they were catching up with each other, and from the way they rubbed against each other I sensed just how comfortable they were together. Jeannie would remove a set here and a set there, handing them to Madge, and after tweny or thirty minutes, led her back to a changing room, then showed me a bench I could wait on, “Can I get you something…water, maybe?”

“Not right now, but thanks. Shouldn’t you be doing something?”

“Oh, I am,” She said with a smile, “I’m helping you spend money.”

“And what makes you think I’m spending?”

Again she smiled, “Two things; one, I’ve seen how you look at her, and two, wait until she shows you what she’s trying on. I’ve been here long enough to know what effect she will have. She’s already a beauty, wait ’til you see the icing.’

That’s when Madge stepped out from behind the curtain. I audible caught my breath.

“Told you.”

Madge strode to me, did a slow turn looking over her shoulder. If I hadn’t known how gorgeous she was, I did now. She was wearing a light green set. It just covered the tips of her breasts, the pink of her nipples peeking through the material. The panties barely covered any more, riding high on her hips, sweeping gracefully over her cheeks and between her legs. When she faced me again, the material came to just above her pussy, leaving some auburn hair exposed over the top.

“Oh honey,” Said Jeannie, “we’re going to have to mow that lawn if you’re going to wear something like this.”

“Josh, what do you think? Do you like this on me…should we trim the lawn…can you speak?”

“Don’t laugh at me. I’m an old man, so much beauty in one minute like this could kill me. You look marvelous, and Jeannie, you’re right-it is icing.”

“What else do you have back there?”

Madge spun, strolled back behind the curtain, Jeannie following with offers of help. They didn’t close the curtain all the way, I could watch them in the wall mounted mirror. Madge quickly removed the set, while Jeannie selected another. I could see Madge clearly. She bent forward, sliding the next panties up her legs, her breasts swinging freely, the nipples standing out. As she stood, Jeannie slid another bra over Madge’s breasts, her hands lingering in a gentle caress. Madge leaned back, her cheek brushing Jeannie’s. They exchange whispers, then looked at me in the mirror. Slowly, Jeannie’s hands brought the back straps together, hooking them, then she held the curtain open for Madge.

Again, I was looking at a vision of loveliness. She was breathing rapidly, and her eyes had a lidded, smoky look, “Do you like what you see? Shall we get it?”

All escort samsun I could do was nod. Words just couldn’t get past my dry lips.

Madge looked at me again then stepped into the dressing room. She came back out a few minutes later, dressed, with several items in her hand. As we stepped to the register, Jeannie commented what good choices Madge had made, and only wished she could afford them. Madge looked at me with a raised eyebrow, so, I turned to Jeannie telling her to pick something, and add it to my account.

“Josh, can we invite Jeannie up to the cabin? I’d like to catch up with her more, and she could model her choice for you.”

“Sure. When are you off next Jeannie?”

“I have to be here over the weekend, but I’m off Monday and Tuesday, so I can do it either day.”

“Josh, do you mind if she’s there both days?’

“No, not at all. I’m sure we’ll enjoy having her up there.”

After we finished the business part of our conversation, I wrote out directions to the cabin, including my phone number in case she got lost. Madge and I were headed in the direction of the Mustang, when once again she was tugging on my arm, this time pulling me into a cafe. We sat at a table away from others. She insisted I sit next to her, then moved right against me. In a low voice she said, “I really want to thank you for all this, but I also want to ask you something.”

“Sure, what is it?

She was interrupted by the waitress, asking if we would like to order. “Two coffees, please. And a couple Danish.”

I could see Madge mulling her question, then she asked when I had felt the ‘tingle’ with my wife. As I thought back to when we had met, the hum of the cafe receded into the background.

“It was while I was in the Navy. I was staying with a shipmate, Earl, and his wife at their apartment in Long Beach. One day I was working on my car-well under it actually-and this great pair of legs slowly walked by. All I could see was high heels, legs and shorts. I tried getting a better look, but by the time I scooted out, she was walking away from me.

Later that night we were playing cards when a friend of theirs came in; she was about my height, very nicely curved, still in shorts and heels. She was wearing a light, tight sweater, her hair was platinum blonde. Madge, right then my heart stopped. If anyone ever felt a ‘tingle’, I did then. Earl’s wife, Cathy, introduced us; her name was Naomi. I picked up a British term in Hong Kong, ‘gobsmacked’. I never understood it, but right then I did, and I was.

She joined us at cards, but I wasn’t following them. If we had been playing for money, I’d have lost everything. She kept watching me then asked if I were the legs she saw under the car? Before I could even answer she just nodded to herself, and smiled.

Well, long story shortened, we started dating, and within a few months were engaged.

I was off on another WesPac cruise the rest of that year. Naomi and I wrote while I was gone, strengthening our ties. I got back to the States in April,left the Navy in August, we married in September. I moved around in a few jobs in Southern California, eventually we moved up here. In among all that we had the two kids.”

“Wow…you’re telling me all that happened because the two of you just saw each other’s legs?”

“When I got back from that last cruise, she told me about her ‘tingle’, and how she knew we were going to marry.”

Madge sat quietly for several minutes, then asked if we could go home. All the way back she looked to be in deep thought, just staring out the side window. I felt it best to leave her to her thoughts. Stopping at Jerry’s Pizza in town, I picked up one to go , then headed up the hill towards the house. Madge took dinner and her bags in while I put the Mustang in the barn, recovering it.


Back in the house, the pizza was on plates and a pair of beers were opened. We took them out to the deck in time for sunset.

The summer sunsets in the Pacific Northwest are drawn out affairs, the sky slowly losing color long after the sun passes behind the Olympics on the western horizon. The stars take just as long to appear, often not showing until 10 pm or later. It was only as the last light faded away that Madge finally started talking, and then in a low voice that I had to strain to hear at first.

“You were so lucky. You found your love, and she found hers…and it worked for you.”

I sat quietly. She was looking for words to match her thoughts, my sense was to wait.

” I have been in three relationships that might have been considered serious. None had that feeling. I missed that.”

“Marjorie…don’t give up on yourself, or on life, or the fates, or the gods if you will. We never know what may be around the next turn in our lives. You can go down the same road a hundred times and nothing happens. And on one hundred and one, you go around a bend and BINGO, there’s a unicorn. I don’t have some magic power that let’s me see the future, samsun escort bayan but I’m sure your life has a major change in it. Let it come to you.”

“Will you hold me? I feel cold.”

“Come sit on my lap, I’ll keep you warm.”

She slid into my lap, putting her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder. I wrapped her in my arms, whispering into her ear, “You’re safe with me.”

We watched the summer constellations come out, and when the Moon’s light started washing them out, moved into the house.

“It’s late, we should get some sleep.”

“Josh…can I sleep with you tonight? Please…”

“Of course. Join me when you’re ready.”

I went to my room, and contrary to my usual practice, put on t-shirt and shorts, then slid between the sheets. Minutes later Madge came in, spooning into me so I could hold her in my arms.

“Thank you…I need this.”

“Why so sad?”

” I don’t have anyone loving me the way you and Naomi loved each other.”

“Darlin’ don’t count yourself short. I watched Jeannie with you today. There is real affection there.”

She rolled in my arms, her breasts pressing into my chest, her belly and legs against mine. My cock firmly against her and slowly getting hard. Her sweet breathe brushed my cheek, “What about Jeannie? Do you think she’s into women?”

“That I don’t know, but she was genuinely happy to see you, and couldn’t stop touching you. And she really got into caressing you. Remember?”

“Emm, yes, that did feel sooo good. And you enjoyed watching. I saw you in the mirror.”

“You two were beautiful together. Haven’t you been lovers?”

“No. Could you accept me having a woman lover?”

“I accept you the way you are.I don’t want you changing to please me.”

“You know I felt the ‘tingle’, don’t you.”

“When did you feel it?”

“Down by the lake. I thought so the first time we met. I was sure when you came back and we sat and talked. You were polite and respectful and willing to listen to me. And I knew. And today, at Jeannie’s shop, I knew you felt it too. Jeannie spotted it on me, and as we left the shop she told me she saw it on you also.”

“It was much like that for me too. That first day all I could see were your hair and your eyes, oh, and your freckles. But the next time? I was happy you were alone, and more than willing to sit and listen and look and just take in your essence. Yes, I felt it also. And right now, this is where you should be. In my arms.Can we talk more tomorrow? As much as I want this conversation, my eyes just won’t stay open.”


Friday, the bed was empty when I woke.

It was after eight, much later than I normally slept, the house still. Quickly dressing in sweat pants and slippers I went down to the kitchen. There was fresh coffee in the maker and my cup sitting next to it. Pouring coffee, I looked around. Madge’s bags from yesterday were still on the table. Looking further I could see the doors to the deck were open. Sitting on a chaise, her feet drawn up, and cup to her lips, Madge was looking out over the lake and trees. Bogart was curled next to the chaise, chin on paws.

“Good morning. Are you all right?”

“Yes, thank you. I was just thinking…Last night, when you held me as we sat out here, you said a couple things that have me confused. You said I would always be safe with you. And last night in bed, I felt your cock pressing against me. But you didn’t try anything. Why?”

“I’ll answer in reverse order…By that time it was Oh Dark Thirty. Naomi wouldn’t have gotten action out of me then. I’m an old man, I need my sleep. Its what keeps my wrinkles smooth.Now part two. As long as you stay with me, no one will harm you. You are safe. “

“That’s it? I’m physically safe, that’s what you meant?”

“Not just physically. Look, it’s early and I may not say this just the way I mean it, but I’ll try.”

I sipped at my coffee as I gathered my thoughts, “I feel a connection with you. The last person I felt something this strongly with was Naomi. But I don’t know where we are going. Not yet any way. I don’t have sex randomly, I don’t just fuck for the sake of fucking. If, or when, we join it will be an act of love. That is how I am. But you said there were two things you wondered about. What’s the other?”

“Wow, that’s a deeper answer than I expected, and yet, no less than I expect from you. Ok…we were talking about me and Jeannie, …you said if we were lovers, you could accept that. That you wouldn’t expect me to change?”

“Let’s go make some breakfast. This is going to be a long convo.”

While she made breakfast, I fed Bogart, then poured us more coffee, carrying the cups out to the deck. Just as Madge stepped out, a herd of deer moved out of the tree line to the south. Holding up a hand, I pointed them out. Putting the plates down, she backed against me so I could hold her as we watched them move to the east.

Once they had disappeared back into the trees she turned around, gave me a light kiss, and sat . We ate in silence, simply enjoying each others presence.

Breakfast finished, Madge cleared the dishes and brought out more coffee. Bogart worked his way around the yard, sniffing, finally tracking the deer a bit before coming back up on the deck and flopping at Madges feet.

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