The Ritual

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She comes to him in the still of the night. There is no sound except for the creaks and cracking of a house that can only come in total darkness. Without opening his eyes, he feels her lift the sheets and crawl in beside him, feeling her body snuggle up from behind. Her familiar feminine scent fills the air of the room, her pointed breasts with rock hard nipples now pressing into his back. He begins to lift his head and as per the nightly ritual, he holds still as she binds his eyes shut tight.

She rolls him over onto his back, raising his arms above his head, and slowly ties his hands to the headboard posts. She is straddling him, her body swaying above his. He can feel her soft tummy on his chest, her breasts scraping against his light beard as she makes sure he is secured. Her breath feels so damn good on his face as she kisses her way down, across his cheeks, barely touching his lips, his chin. She pushes his face upwards and sucks ever so gently on his neck, leaving little love bites as she works her way to his hard nipples.

He lets out an bayan escort ankara eerie groan as she tugs them with her teeth, making him emit a raspy shrill hiss through his clenched teeth. Not a word is spoken; it never is as she teasingly moves downwards licking his navel area until finally, she allows the tip of his hard penis to brush against her lips. His cock twitches, doing a small dance as she tries her best to tongue the dripping wetness, without using her hands to guide his swollen member. Finally the head pops into her mouth, allowing her cheeks to cave in around the shaft as she sucks tightly. Like a small vacuum she sucks every drop of pre-cum, swallowing it as if it was some rare wine.

He struggles, wanting to pull her tightly against him, to feel her whole body against his but she rebukes him, preferring to tease, taunt and tantalize him.

All too soon she pulls away from his rigid flesh and she crawls up his body. Using her hands on his shoulders, she pushes herself upright until she is straddling demetevler escort his waist, and agonizingly slow, she lowers herself onto him. Her wet pussy envelops his cock at a snail’s pace, one inch at a time. She begins to rock her hips, using them as a pendulum to take him a bit deeper with every swing of her pelvis.

He wraps his fingers around the material that bind his hands and he uses them for momentum as he tries to match her stroke for stroke. He pushes his groin up, hoping that in some miraculous way; he can go so deep into her womb so that he becomes a part of her, a part of her soul.

As she rides him she leans forward, kissing him, their tongues doing battle, a dance. Her soft hair cascades around his face; he wishes he could see it, the colors and the shape, instead settling for the feel as it creates a web of sensuality around him.

As if fucking to some symphony, their bodies move in complete unison, a familiarity of a couple that had been making love for years, knowing ankara evi olan escort what drove the other to the highest of heights.

She rides his cock as if she is riding in the Kentucky Derby, urging him on, bringing him to the finish line, a true champion. She grabs his nipples tugging them, making him fuck her harder, faster, and all too soon he feels himself shooting up into her sweet love hole, her pussy milking every drop of his hot thick cum.

She falls forward, collapsing on him as his cock twitches, releasing every miniscule bit of spunk for her.

As they lay there, their breathing returning to normal, he whispers in her ear how much he loves her, only to be shushed, her fingers covering his lips, the signal to just enjoy the moment.

He is sure he hears her softly crying, whimpering, and he feels his own tears start to form. She gives him the sweetest kiss a man could hope for, and almost like chloroform, he is off to dreamland.

When he awoke the next morning, the dream still so lifelike in his head, the tears returned as he thought back to the nightly ritual of the last month, the recurring dreams ever since his wife of 30 years passed away, knowing it was her coming to him as she promised she would.

He sadly turned over and his eyes opened wide. There was her lipstick on the pillow and red silk stockings still tied to the bedpost. Could it have been?

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The Pick Up

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I had been sitting at the bar for about twenty minutes sipping a cold one and checking out the action. Women were sitting in groups of twos and threes, some even solo enjoying their cocktails and unwinding after a hard week at the office or job or whatever they did to earn their keep. Laughter mingled with the cigarette smoke drifting lazily around the tables. All together a pleasant atmosphere where the trials of the outside world melted away. Because tonight was Saturday night and I felt strangely exhilarated.

My eyes scan the room looking for that special someone to spend the evening with when I saw you leaning against the bar while sitting on the stool. Calmly smoking a cigarette and taken leisurely sips from a frosty Margarita. You turned around and studied the crowd tasting your cold drink. I watched as you brushed away the advances of several men. But I’m intrigued. You were beguiling me from a distance. And as sure as the moth is drawn to the flame, I had to try my luck with you.

Before I set forth I looked you over. Hmmm! Perhaps late thirties, early forties. Sort of a dark blond hair. Nice solid body. Even sitting on that stool I could see you had the kind of ass that a man would love to get his hands onto. I also noticed and appreciated the solidness of your thighs and calves. Now I know many males like the big boobs, but for my money the best part of a woman’s body outside of her mind is the derriere. So stirred up and with nothing to lose but a bruise to my pride I ambled my lanky frame towards you.

“How ya doing?” I asked.

“Not bad. How about you?” you replied. You then raised your glass and took a long swig of the Margarita.

I almost stumbled over my words. Seeing your eyes for the first time took my breathe away. They are this beautiful blend of gold-green and brown overtones that are absolutely stunning. “I’m fine, escort vip thanks,” recovering from my surprise.

“Nice to know. ”you answered taking another deep draught from your Margarita. Draining the drink you set the empty glass on the bar.

“Care for another?”

“Sure why not. ”

I ordered another round of drinks from the bartender. When it arrived you suggested that we might be more comfortable finding a table instead of standing at the bar.

You led the way. The sway of your hips, an erotic beacon, guiding me through the crowd. “This looks fine. ” Then you sat at a secluded table in the dimly corner just off from the main flow of traffic.

We sat together with a view of the dance floor and engaged in small talk while we drank. It was shortly after our conversation had begun that you first stroked my crotch with the back of your hand. My immediate reaction was that it was just an accident. Then it happened again this time with a more insistent pressure. Turning your hand palm down and firmly rubbing my now hardening cock you asked how I was doing.

I was near speechless. Here I was in a secluded, though public, area with a foxy woman feeling the growing lump in my jeans. “Just fine. ” I stuttered. “How about you?”

You grinned slyly. “I have this spot right here that needs some attention.” You then guided my hand to the slit at the front of your dress, parted your thighs and slid my fingers to your waiting pussy.

I moved my finger under the dress and to my amazement you were not wearing a stitch. My heart began pounding harder as I stroked your silky pubes. I was a little nervous about being spotted, however my fermenting lust overcame any inhibitions I may have had and I proceeded to gently finger your moistened labia.

Your eyes took on a radiant appearance as you began subtlety shifting your escort rus hips to the rhythm of my finger fucking. You whispered, “Go a little faster and rub my clit more. ”

The combination of your coarse language and your mounting pleasure at the semi public display cause my hard cock to strain against the fly of my jeans. Unzipping my pants you released my cock and continued to rub my erection. The effect was incredible. If this kept up I would cum in a few minutes.

Just as I was trying to maintain my composure you began to close your eyes and take sharp breaths.

“Oh, I’m going to come!” you whispered hoarsely in my ear. “Ughhhh, Ughhhhh!” Then you quickly pushed my hand away from your very wet pussy.

You leaned back into the seat still with a firm grip on my engorged member. “I really needed that. ” Then you reached for your cigs and the remains of your Margarita leaving my neglected pole all alone.

I sat still for a few moments with my member exposed under the table. I tucked my penis back into my pants figuring that you were done for the evening.

“Let’s get another drink before we leave,” you said demurely with no hint in your voice to suggest you had just had an orgasm.

“Sure, why not!” Who the hell could figure where this was all going.

The small talk continued as we played with the ice in the drinks. between pauses in the conversation. We flirted and kissed each other the way lovers do.

“I think it’s time to go. Why don’t you come home with me, honey?”

“How can I say no to you? Sure, let’s go. ”

We left the bar and headed to our autos. “You can follow me in your car. I only live a few blocks away. ”You laughed and turned on your heel.

Within a short while we arrived at your place. I was out of my car in a flash and horny as hell.

No sooner had you turned the escort elit key, opened the door and stepped inside, we were in an impassioned embrace. Scrambling hands and nimble fingers soon had the clothes stripped off and on the floor in an untidy pile.

Your hands grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to your waiting pussy. “Eat me now…I’m so fucking hot for your tongue. ”you ordered me.

No encouragement needed here. I breathed in the musky wetness of your cunt. Beginning with licking your labia I worked my way towards your erect clitoris and applied tongue lashing after lashing. The juices of your pussy covered my face and I continued to inhale that wonderful fragrance of a woman in full heat.

Both your hands pushed my face harder into your sex. “That’s it…yes that’s it…Ohhh…Ughh… Then came your second cum of the evening. It smashed against your psyche like waves on a storm strewn beach. And again you pushed me away.

Taking me by the hand you pull me down the hall and enter the bedroom. Scrambling up onto the bed you assume the doggy position.

Now I must say that this was a magnificent sight to behold. Your ass is perfection. Wide and solid. I’ve never seen one that is so appealing. The crack of your pussy exposed the puffy pink engorged lips framed in blonde pubic hair. I’m in heaven. This is truly a turn on. I can smell your sex and it is an aphrodisiac. I can’t wait any longer and thrust my hard dick into your waiting cunt.

You shove back with every plunge forward. Now I’m hammering your pussy for all it’s worth. I grab both your ankles and continue to fuck you harder.

“UUUGGggggghhhhh…”You begin your climax. “OHHHHhhhh… Oohhhhhhh!”

As the orgasm runs it’s course your pussy clamps down on my harden dick and now I’m cumming also. “OOHHhhhh…GGOooddddddd!”It feels like I’m shooting buckets.

We collapse on the bed. That post coital calm descends on us as we lay wasted side by side.

You roll over to me and kiss me. “Good night, Honey.”

I kiss you good night also. “Sleep tight dear.”

And now the husband and wife fall soundly asleep.

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The Plumber

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Hmmm, no answer. That’s strange. I knocked on the door again. Still no answer, and no sounds coming from inside. Mrs. Peterson knew I was coming, she sounded very glad when I told her last night on the phone that I could come and fix her kitchen faucet first thing this morning.

I set my toolbox down, and went around to the garage. The door was closed, and her SUV was parked in front. I glanced around the back yard. Nothing. I went back to the front door, and knocked again. She must be down in the basement doing laundry.

Since she knew I was coming, I went inside, setting my toolbox on the kitchen floor. I opened the door to the cellar, but the lights were off, and no sounds coming from the washer. Now I was getting concerned, and decided to look for her. I made my way down the hall, opening doors and looking inside.

Reaching the end of the hall, I opened the door to the master bedroom, and that’s where I found her. Sound asleep, dead to the world, lying in a sea of pillows on her huge bed. I started to back out of the room, figuring she would wake to my work sounds. I heard a sound, a soft moaning. Turning, I saw her roll over onto her right side, facing away from me, her body in a slight stretch. In doing so, the sheet and blanket had been pushed down to her hips, and I was left to stare at her back.

Her long, luscious back. The gentle curve off her hip to the slight hollow at the small of her back. Her skin smooth and firm all the way up to her shoulders, her arms outstretched above her head, hands almost touching. Her chestnut hair, in its’ morning dishevel, flowing across her shoulders and upper back.

I couldn’t tear my eyes from her. She was beautiful. I moved slowly to the foot of the bed to view her in profile. My eyes traveled up from her beautifully curved hip to her firm flat stomach opposite the graceful curve of her lower back. Upwards, to the side of her left breast, perfectly rounded and proud, tipped in a small nub of a nipple and all but devoid of an areola. Her face was partially hidden by her outstretched arm.

I wanted to see more, so ever so carefully I gently pulled downward on the sheets. avrupa yakası escort They moved to expose another couple of inches of her. She didn’t move, the gentle heaving of her breasts to her breathing unchanged. I gently pulled again, sliding the sheets down to the top of her thighs. Again, no movement from her.

I slipped to her side of the bed, facing her head on. I drank her in, the smooth contours of her face, caught in her morning beauty. Her exquisite body, stretched before me in a sensual pose. I stood there, transfixed by a true sleeping beauty.

My captivation with the splendor of what lay before me was broken by a sound, another soft sigh. Effortlessly she rolled onto her stomach, pushing her arms out further above her head in a cat-like stretch. Then she was still again, her breathing calm.

I let my eyes travel her body again, how smooth and taut it was. Her latest movement had dislodged a small mountain of pillows, revealing what appeared to be a pale green snake. Moving closer, I saw that it was a coiled soft rope that was attached to the headboard, the other end tied into a slipknot. A deviously delicious thought entered my head.

I carefully leaned across her, taking the looped end of the rope and slipping it over her outstretched hands. I slowly tightened the slipknot, holding her wrists snuggly together. Pulling the other end around the headboard, using it to hold her hands in their out reached position. She moaned softly, wriggling against the bed.

Looking around the room, I spotted a silk scarf on the dresser. Carefully folding it on the diagonal into one long wide band, I laid it on the pillow above her head. Slowly working the scarf side to side, I slipped it lower onto her face, working it towards her eyes. She moaned again, deeper, as the scarf covered her eyes and was tied down.

Stepping back, I watched her as I removed my clothes. Lost in an erotic dream, she writhed on the bed, grinding down into it. Once naked, I kneeled alongside of her. Leaning forward, I placed my fingertips on the back of her neck, letting them glide avrupa yakası eskort down, barely touching her skin as they passed over her shoulder blades. Floating down the length of her spine to the small of her back. Rolling my fingers slightly so that my nails barely tickled her soft skin as they slid over her asscheeks and downwards along the back of her thighs.

She moaned, almost purred, in pleasure. Arching her back, she rolled her ass up to me. Reaching the back of her knees, I turned my hands, letting my fingers slip upwards along the back of her thighs. Her legs spread a few inches. My fingertips slid higher, over her cheeks, dipping down into the small of her back, up along her spine, her neck, to her hair.

Turning my fingers again, I let my nails glide along her skin, following the previous trail to her thighs, leaving hoards of goose bumps in their wake. On the return trip up her thighs, her legs spread further, her ass lifting higher, inviting.

My fingers dropped between her legs to find her puffy lips, moist with anticipation. When my finger touched her swollen hard clit, her body stiffened and she released a deep throaty moan. I let my finger roll softly around her clit, as her hips began to gyrate in sync. Curling two fingers, I allowed them to slip between her lips, entering her to the first knuckles. She pushed back hard, straining at the ropes on her wrists, driving my fingers deep into her.

She began rocking, pushing back onto my fingers harder and faster. Using my other hand, I flicked my index finger across her clit as she rode my fingers faster. And faster. She began to shake, then her body went rigid, throwing her head back to scream in orgasm. I could feel her muscles wringing my fingers, pulling them into her.

I crawled between her legs, grabbing her hips to lift her onto her knees. Slipping tight to her, I slid the head of my cock across her pussy lips, up and down. Her juices quickly covered the head of my cock. Moving my hips, I slipped the head between her lips. She arched her back more, pushing her ass up to me. I held just escort avrupa yakası the tip in her, despite her grinding back against me. I grabbed onto her hips, holding her still.

Then I plunged into her, right to my balls. She pressed her face into a pillow as she screamed again in pleasure, her muscles squeezing hard on my cock. I started pounding into her, as she pushed back hard against me, her ass resoundfully slapping against my abdomen. Faster, and harder, we pounded against each other, until I felt her shaking again, then stiffen in another orgasm, her muscles rolling waves along the length of my cock.

Moving back, I slid out of her and off of the bed. I grabbed her ankles, pulling her down onto her stomach, then rolled her onto her back. Crawling back onto the bed, I straddled her hips. I slipped an arm under her back, lifting her enough to slide one of her large body pillows underneath her. Moving upwards, I laid my cock, glistening with her juices in her cleavage.

I pulled her breasts together tightly around my cock. The sensation was exquisite, such a warm soft tunnel as I pumped my cock faster and faster between her breasts, my thumbs flicking across her nipples as I did. I felt myself begin to get close, so I released her breasts and leaned forward, my hands holding onto her still bound wrists.

I looked down as I lowered my hips, my cock touching her lips. They opened and her soft tongue darted out to quickly lick the head of my cock. Lowering my hips further, she sucked me into her hot, wet mouth. I began sliding in and out as she sucked harder. Faster and faster until I was pistoning my cock into her mouth, my own orgasm ready. I shoved hard and deep into her mouth as I exploded. She continued sucking, pulling out every drop, and continued to try for more.

I rolled off of her, dropping to the bed alongside, gulping in air. After catching my breath, I reached over, undoing the scarf from her eyes.

“Good morning, Mrs. Peterson.” I released her wrists from the rope.

“Good morning, Mr. Peterson,” she replied. “What took you so long? I was starting to get worried.”

“Sorry, I was taking in the sights,” I said with a wink. She stood up from the bed. I reached out and gave her a playful smack on her ass.

“Now, I have got to get to the office, and you need to go grab a shower. Remember, that plumber is supposed to be here before nine.”

“Another plumber?” She just gave me a mischievous smile as she headed to the shower, wiggling her hips.

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The Presentation

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Amy leaned back in her office chair, rubbed her eyes and stared at the computer screen. Her brain was exhausted. She was in the middle of a major marketing presentation for her boss that was due to tomorrow when her computer screen suddenly went blank.

“Shit, shit, shit,” cried Amy, “why is this happening now? I need to get this done.” Amy looked over the top of her cubicle, but she didn’t see a soul. Glancing at her watch, she saw that it was 9:11 p.m. Her co-workers had gone home hours ago. Amy hit the monitor a few times, but nothing happened. The screen was still blank.

She remembered that her company had a 24 hour IT Help desk. She prayed some competent geek was working who could help her. She quickly lifted the handset and dialed. Someone answered on the third ring.

“Help desk. What is your computer problem?” asked a monotone voice.

“Hi, this is Amy Johnson in marketing on the 7th floor. I was working on a very important presentation for my boss, Mr. Sweeney, that is due tomorrow and my screen went totally blank. I think I lost everything! Can someone help me?” pleaded Amy.

“Well, Ms. Johnson, we are a little short staffed tonight. Chad was on his way home, but I’ll see if he can stop by your cubicle before he goes,” replied the Help desk operator curtly.

“Thanks so much,” said Amy. She hoped that Chad could fix her machine. She stood and stretched her long legs. She had been working on this presentation for weeks. Just this morning, Mr. Sweeney had asked her to look at one more option for the brand. The request had thrown Amy into a tailspin and she had been crunching numbers all day. She remembered she had not eaten anything since breakfast and she was starving.

“I must look like a wreck,” she thought to herself. She grabbed her purse and took out a hairbrush. She quickly combed escort bayan şişli her long, reddish brown hair and applied some lipstick to her full lips. She heard footsteps and she stashed her things back in her desk drawer.

A tall, broad shouldered man was standing at the opening of her cubicle. He had dark, curly hair and intense green eyes. Smiling at Amy, Chad checked her out from head to toe. When she stood up from her desk to greet him, her short red mini skirt rode up slightly on her hips. Chad noticed her long, athletic legs.

“You must be Chad. I’m Amy. Please help. I am in the middle of this important presentation that is due tomorrow. I don’t know what happened. The screen just went blank,” explained Amy.

“Let me take a look at it,” said Chad as he approached her computer. The cubicle was tiny and as he walked past her, their bodies brushed against each other. Amy blushed and did not say a thing.

Chad sat down in front of the computer and hit a few buttons. Amy heard several clicks, but the screen remained blank. In the reflection of the blank screen, Chad could see Amy’s shiny hair and red, lush lips. Her breasts looked full, and firm beneath her silk blouse. He felt himself getting aroused.

“Look Amy, your monitor is blown. There is nothing I can do tonight. I am actually off the clock so I will write up a ticket and someone will come by tomorrow to bring you a new monitor,” said Chad.

“NO!” shouted Amy,” you don’t understand I have got to get this done or my boss will crucify me. Can’t you help me? I will write a great letter to your boss about your going above and beyond the call of duty if you help me tonight.”

Chad liked her. She was really panicked and he was enjoying it in some way. He liked the fact that a marketing person was escort beşiktaş not in control for once.

“Amy, that’s nice but I don’t really need another letter for my personnel file,” said Chad as he stifled a yawn.

“Okay, what do you need? I will pay you cash to stay and fix my monitor,” pleaded Amy.

“I don’t need your money,” said Chad. He watched her get more and more frustrated with him.

“Fine, what do you need Chad? What can I give you to get you to stay and help me?” asked an exasperated Amy.

Chad took two steps towards Amy and took her right hand and placed it on the growing bulge in the front of his pants. Amy did not recoil. It had been a long time since she had felt an erection.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Amy matching Chad’s stare.

“Well Amy, I think you know what I want. I want to fuck your mouth,” said Chad in a husky voice. He took her slender hand and rubbed it against the fly of his pants.

“Let’s be clear. I give you a blow job and you will fix my monitor?” asked Amy.

“Yeah, I will fix it tonight,” said Chad. He sat down in her office chair and put his hands behind his head in anticipation of what was to come.

Amy kneeled on the floor in front of him between his legs She could not believe that she had just agreed to give him a blowjob, but she needed to finish the presentation. She unzipped his pants. She could see the bulge in his white cotton briefs. The sight of his hard cock aroused her.

“Wait,” ordered Chad, “I want you to be able to reach all of me.” He quickly pulled his pants and briefs down to his ankles.

Gingerly, Amy took Chad’s cock in her hands. She began to stroke the thick shaft with her hands. Chad was rock hard and his face was flushed with excitement.

“A deal’s a deal, Amy. Suck me,” esenyurt escort ordered Chad.

Amy slowly licked the head of Chad’s cock with the tip of her tongue. She alternated between nibbling and licking. Chad moaned softly as her tongue swirled over the head of his cock. She opened her mouth fully and took Chad inside of her. She imagined how carnal she must look sucking off a total stranger. This thought excited her and she began to suck harder and to take Chad deeper into her throat. He moaned with pleasure and placed his hands on the back of Amy’s head. He forced her head all the way down his shaft. Amy continued to suck his cock and simultaneously massage his balls. Chad reached down and put his hand between Amy’s legs. She was clearly excited and her wetness intensified Chad’s lust.

Chad pulled his cock out of Amy’s mouth. He stood up from her chair and pulled her off of the floor.

“What are you doing?” asked Amy. Wordlessly Chad turned Amy to face her desk and then bent her over it. He yanked her panties down and spread her legs. She could feel his still hard cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“I am going to fuck your hot cunt now,” said Chad as he began to enter her.

“Oh my God! That feels so good,” cried Amy, “yes, please fuck my cunt.” She lifted her bottom up so Chad would have easy access. Holding tightly onto her hips, Chad forcefully thrust himself into Amy. He continued to thrust until he felt her shudder and orgasm. He held her tightly as he exploded inside of her. Chad let Amy finish spasming before he pulled out of her. He helped her to her feet.

“Are you okay,” Chad asked. Amy nodded her head.

“My monitor,” said Amy as she pointed to her computer.

“Yeah, right. A deal’s a deal,” said Chad. He reached behind the computer and reconnected the cord that went to the monitor. The screen blinked and Amy’s presentation popped up.

“That’s all it needed?” cried Amy, “the stupid cord was out?”

“A deal’s a deal, Amy. I fixed it and I think I helped you in the process,” said Chad grinning. With that he left and Amy sat down to finish her presentation.

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The Goa Resort

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The early evening sun felt warm on her skin as Rina enjoyed her tea. Sitting in the backyard with a book, Rina had developed a routine for herself. Mornings were spent in looking after the house and doing errands. Afternoons were for lunch, either alone or with her girlfriends at a nearby restaurant. Evenings were for her – a time when she enjoyed readying, sometimes with a cup of tea, sometimes while relaxing in a bubble bath, and sometimes just in bed in very cozy attire. Rina was an avid reader and loved to read whenever time permitted. Her nights were for her husband – Vishal. The man of her dreams whom she loved dearly.

Rina and Vishal had been married 4 years. Vishal was an engineer at a private firm and was very good at his job. He was in Research and Development and at 33 was already a Vice–President of New Technologies. However, success always has a price. He had long hours and often traveled. When traveling within India, he could take Rina with him, but couldn’t do so on international trips. Rina understood of course and although she missed Vishal terribly when he was away, Rina was often patient and understanding. However, everyone has a breaking point and Rina felt that she was fast approaching hers.

Vishal had been in England for two weeks and this had been this 6th trip this year. His company was expanding and Vishal was given the responsibility of spearheading the project. This meant Vishal had to travel out of the country frequently and even when he was in India, he had to work late. Vishal and Rina hardly got any time together and the strain between them was starting to show.

One weekend, sensing that Rina was not happy, Vishal made dinner reservations at a high end romantic restaurant. Rina was thrilled and took her time in getting ready. She wore an exquisite chocolate colored silk sari with gold embroidery that highlighted her brown eyes. Her blouse was sleeveless and had deep back by design. Her exposed back was gently tickled by the long black hair which she kept loose. She put the finishing touches to her make-up and took a moment to admire herself in the full length mirror. At 26, Rina was a knock-out and she knew it. She was 5’4, not at all short by Indian standards, and slim. She maintained her 120 lb frame by working out religiously watching her diet. Her 26-inch waist was bare except for the gold chain she had decided to wear over her low tied sari knot. Rina also sported a very feminine 36-inch hips and her best feature were her 38-inch bust line which was accentuated by her blouse’s low cut design Her fair skin was almost flawless. Yes indeed, Rina was a knock-out and she knew it!

Rina walked out of the room to the living Room where Vishal was waiting. Vishal took one look at Rina and gasped.

“Oh my God, you look beautiful!”

Rina simple beamed. “Why thank you!”

Vishal walked to over to his gorgeous wife and extended his arm. Rina took her husband’s arm and the couple walked arm in arm out to the car.

Vishal had picked the perfect upscale restaurant. The ambiance reminded Rina of the places they used to go when they were first married. Vishal could hardly keep his hands off Rina even while dining at such fine places. Their dinners would often get hurried so they could rush home for desserts. Sometimes Rina would start fondling Vishal during the car ride home, which wasn’t always a good idea due to traffic. Vishal would have close call on the road, but Rina’s naughty streak would just get her more aroused. She thrilled on the fact that her husband wanted her, needed her, and pined for her. She loved the control her body had over him, loved the way he touched her, caressed her, made love to her. Vishal was a good lover who took care of Rina’s needs, and she responded in turn.

Rina had always been a sensuous woman even before her marriage. Though Vishal was her first man, she had always had a wild imagination. She loved to arouse and satisfy herself. Her love for reading even including erotic literature and she would often fantasize by imagining herself in the erotic plots and experiences of the stories. Her fingers worked magic on her body and she even experimented with toys. Being from a conservation Indian family, Rina could never truly indulge in her fantasies, but was content with her sexual experiences with Vishal. They loved to try new things in the bedroom and kept the spice alive. They had even spent one entire weekend trying out all the positions of the kamasutra. Rina had lost count of the number of times she had orgasmed that weekend.

As much as Rina loved sex, she enjoyed the sensuality even more. The foreplay, the caresses, and the touching. Her body was made to be worshipped. She and Vishal would spend hours kissing. Vishal loved to suck on her nipples, and her supple breasts would often have love bites reminding her of how much Vishal loved them. But Vishal’s greatest asset was his tongue. Vishal loved to lick Rina’s pussy and she loved him even more for it. Rina always kept her pubic Escort Beylikdüzü hair shaved expect for a small triangular patch of hair above her clit which Vishal liked. Vishal could never get enough of Rina’s pussy. The more she got wet, the more he licked. Her odor would intoxicate him and he would use his tongue to take Rina to new heights of pleasure every time. Rina couldn’t complain.

Until now.

Although both of them loved each other without questions, the physical passion had waned after 4 years. Added to the fact that Vishal was working so hard, his frequent trips had left Rina wanting. She had always remained faithful to Vishal but her mind and her eyes had started to wander. She had started to indulge in self pleasure more and more, making it a nightly affair. But tonight was doing to be different.

As the Maitre D escorted them to their seats, Rina was amazed. The table was lit by candles and there was a violin band playing romantic music in the corner. The place was filled with couples lost in their own romantic interludes. She even spotted a couple making a toast each other and sealing it with a kiss. She smiled to her self. The old Vishal was back.

“Oh this place is perfect honey.” She said to Vishal after the Maitre D had left.

“Thank you.” he replied. “I know this past year hasn’t been easy for you, and I wanted to take you some place special.”

“It’s wonderful. Where did you find it?” Rina asked.

“My boss recommended it. He comes here with her wife sometimes.” Vishal replied.

“I hope he isn’t here tonight, or you’ll have to behave yourself through dinner.” Rina said with a sly smile.

Vishal took Rina’s hand and gently caressed it. “I don’t care if he’s is watching. Maybe he’ll learn a few things.” Vishal said with a grin. He picked up her hand and gently kissed her.

“So romantic.” Rina whispered.

“All for you, my sweet.” Vishal said and gently glided his foot on Rina’s sari covered leg. “You look ravishing in the candle light. The way the candle lights are shimmering in your eyes, you truly look heavenly.”

Rina looked into Vishal’s eyes and could see this look of desire forming. His words were like sweet nectar igniting passions. This was going to be a fun dinner. As the waited was taking the order, she could feel Vishal’s feet going up her leg inside her sari. He had slipped off his shoes under table covers and was now making his way up and down her leg. Rina could hardly keep her voice leveled as she completed her order. She knew Vishal did that on purpose as he loved teasing her, testing her sexual control under such situations.

To tease him, she closed her legs, trapping his foot. Apparently Vishal had anticipated this move and with his other foot, gently tickled her bare stomach cause Rina to open her legs on reflex. Resigned to her fate, Rina kept her legs open as Vishal continued to move his foot up and down her leg and gently bringing it higher and higher with every movement.

Above the table, Vishal continued to caress Rina’s hand in his own. He looked into Rina’s eyes, enjoying her turmoil as he teased her under the table. He knew what this was doing to her and he was loving very second of it. It had been a long time he was made Rina feel this wanted and he was going to make it count. Unknown to Rina, he had already tipped the waiter to make sure their service was slow. He wanted as much tease-time with Rina as he could get. Vishal held Rina’s hand a bit tighter as he slid his foot higher and started rubbing Rina’s thigh. Rina had very sensitive thighs and Vishal knew Rina was about to respond very soon. He could see Rina’s conflict.

Rina was taking deeper breaths. She could feel her self get hot. Vishal’s foot rubbing her inner thigh was causing an all too familiar ache in her loins. She could feel her self start to respond. Her face was getting flushed and she knew Vishal could tell even in the dimly let place. She wasn’t wearing a padded bra and her stiff nipples were started to poke out of her blouse. She adjusted her sari to cover them. She could feel her pussy start to get wet as Vishal’s foot was inching closer and closer to her panty covered crotch. She had decided to wear lace panties. Vishal loved lace on her, but unfortunately for Rina, they would be getting very wet and uncomfortable soon. Vishal then moved his foot on Rina’s crotch and starting rubbing his big toe up on her now wet pussy. Rina’s couldn’t take much more of this teasing.

“I wonder what’s taking our dinner so long.” Rina whispered.

“What’s the hurry?” Vishal asked innocently with a smile.

Rina didn’t answer, but as an answer to her prayer, the waiter brought their dinner and drinks. Through-out dinner, Vishal kept teasing Rina with his foot, and Rina kept getting wet. Her nipples new now aching in her fabric and her panties were soaked. Rina could hardly concentrate on the meal, but she didn’t complain. Her body was enjoying the attention and Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan she was once again the object of Vishal’s desires.

When the waiter took their plates away and took their dessert order, he refilled their drinks. He looked at Rina who now looked flushed.

“Are you Ok madam?” He asked

“Of course,” she stammered. “I guess the food was bit a bit spicy for my taste but I enjoyed the dinner experience thoroughly.” She added looking at Vishal. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just freshen up in the ladies room.”

Taking the cue, Vishal reluctantly took his foot out from inside Rina’s sari as she got up. Rina went to the ladies room, and immediately looked in the mirror. She was indeed very red and flushed. She lowered her sari top and noticed that her blouse had become damp with the beads of perspiration that had accumulated on her cleavage. She wiped herself with a napkin, and then went to the stall. She closed the door, and pulled her sari up and saw her panties were thoroughly soaked and had bunched up in her crack. Walking in them was going to be a problem. Vishal was indeed got her ready for tonight and she was more than willing to play. Out of the stall, Rina re-touched her makeup and walked back very elegantly to her table.

“Feeling better?” Vishal asked with a naughty smile.

“Never better” Rina replied slyly. As she sat back, she pulled a small bundle from her hand and handed it to Vishal. “A reward for all your troubles, sir. Please note that this is juts a sample.”

Vishal looked in his hands and say that he was holding a pair of very wet black lace panties that had a very familiar and very intoxicating odor. Vishal closed his eyes, and brought the panties to his nose and took a deep breath. Rina could see him enjoying her musky womanhood, and that aroused her even more. He opened his eyes, and called the waiter.

“Can you please have our desserts wrapped up?” Vishal called the Maitre D. “Also please bring us our check.”

“What’s the hurry?” Rina said slyly recognizing the urgency in her now very horny husband.

Vishal paid the bill, and almost dragged Rina to the car. The drive back home was fast and Rina kept her hand on Vishal’s thigh the entire way back. Once they were home, Vishal picked Rina up, and took her straight to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed, took his jacket off and kissed his wife.

Rina’s mind exploded as she felt her husband lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around him and slipped her tongue into his hot mouth. He responded even more fiercely. Rina and Vishal rolled over in bed fully dressed, giving into their animal passions. Vishal broke their kiss are started to kiss Rina’s neck. He licked a wet trail from her ear down to her throat and continued to the other side and gently blew into Rina’s ear.

Rina’s sighed with pleasure. Vishal kissed her neck seeing the vein throbbing with pleasure. He kissed her neck again, lower this time. He kissed again, lower still and then removed the sari top that was still had Rina’s heaving bosom concealed. Rina could see that Vishal was starting to give into his lust. He pulled the sari wrap and looked at her exposed blouse. She saw the look of pure lust into his eyes.

Resisting the urge to rip the blouse open, Vishal expertly undid the three hooks and admired this wife’s bra clad beauties. Rina was wearing a black lace bra that did nothing to conceal her dark and hard nipples. Rina’s cleavage was sweaty and hot and the breasts were rising and falling with very breath. Rina felt her breasts were enticing Vishal even more with her every breath. Vishal pulled the bra straps down Rina’s shoulders and in one swift motion pulled her bra cups down free to his conquests from their prison.

Rina knew she had amazing breasts. They complimented her figure perfectly, and often got looks whenever she went out. Her dark nipples were stark contrast to her fair skin and her nipples were large that stuck out almost an inch when she was aroused. She also knew that Vishal was in love with her breasts and loved to suck on them. Rina just closed her eyes as Vishal started to massage her breasts in his strong hands. She felt his hot mouth wrap on her breast and his tongue flicked her nipple. Her hard nipple responded immediately by twitching in his mouth. Rina could feel her body coming alive even more and her bare pussy was seeping her juices down her legs into the sari’s inner skirt.

Vishal unleashed the lust he had always felt for his wife and sucked on Rina’s breast with vigor. He moved from one breast to the other, not able to get enough of them. He sucked on one while his hands massaged the other. He gently pinched one nipple with his fingers and nibbled on the other at the same time. Rina responded to each pain/pleasure filled bite with a sharp intake of breath. Vishal loved the fact that he could pleasure his wife so fully and this encouraged him even more.

Rina opened her eyes, and saw Vishal undoing Beylikdüzü Escort the sari knot and pulling it down in a crumpled heap of cloth. He expertly undid the knot of the inner-skirt and then pulled it down in one swift motion opening her wet womanhood in all her glory for his devouring pleasure.

“Oh lord!” Vishal said lustily.

He quickly undid his tie and took off his shirt and got between Rina’s welcoming legs bare-chested. Rina’s could feel her pussy quiver in anticipation. She looked down between her legs and could see Vishal parting her legs. She folded her legs and dropped them to either sides. Vishal started to lick her inner thighs from her knees all the way to her pussy coming just close enough to not lick her. He was still teasing her!

“Oh Vishal, please don’t tease me any more. I can’t take it. I’m so wet for you, please let me feel your tongue.” Rina panted.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” Vishal said in a husky voice.

“Lick my pussy, please! Taste my juices. Make me more wet and suck my clit. Make me cum in your face.” Rina groaned giving into her lust.

Vishal licked Rina’s dripping pussy in one broad stroke from bottom to top. Rina gave an animal-like moan.

“OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!More, I want more!”

Vishal heeded his wife’s moans and licked her slit with the tip of his tongue. Her pussy opened liked a blossoming rose for him and he delved into her wetness with the eagerness that Rina loved. He licked her pussy as deep as he could letting her juices fall on his tongue. He brought his lips to her pussy and kissed her quivering womanhood. He licked his tongue up and teased Rina’s clit. Rina’s clit was almost half an inch wide when aroused and would turn bright red. Vishal had learned to recognize this as a sign of Rina’s intense arousal and cupped his lips around the now throbbing clit.

“Ohh yeas!” was all Rina could muster Rina reach between her legs and pulled Vishal’s face into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his head and pulled him in as much as she could. She was on the verge of her orgasm. She could feel it rising from her being like a thunderous force.

“Suck me baby, I’m gonna cum soon” She panted

“Mmph, yes, cum on my face” Vishal said in a muffled voice in between his licks. He was now licking her slit and could see her clit get redder with ever stroke of her tongue. Rina was going to cum. Vishal held Rina’s legs apart as she came on his face. Rina was a squirter and he loved it when she came in his mouth. Her juices tasted like sweet nectar and he considered himself the luckiest man to have married a woman with such a talent.

Rina’s body continued to tremble as her orgasm washed over her. Vishal eased his licks and moved over to her and layed down next to her holding her. Rina considered Vishal to be very good looking and she liked that fact that he kept himself in shape for her. Now it was her turn.

Rina made Vishal lie on his back and then unbuckled his let and pants. She quickly took off his pants and underwear and immediate swallowed his semi-hard cock.

“Oh yea baby! Suck that cock!” Vishal moaned.

Rina loved sucking his cock. She rolled her tongue over his manhood in her mouth and felt him come to full hardness. Vishal was not circumcised so Rina pulled his foreskin back with her hand and licked his exposed head which was now seeping pre-cum. Rina loved the way Vishal reacted to her oral attacks. She pulled out his cock and licked his shaft all the way down to his balls. She then did something that she knew drives Vishal crazy. She sucked on his ball and gently took one into her mouth. As she rolled her tongue over it, she gently pressed her finger on his asshole and right beneath his balls.

“Argh!!” Vishal groaned as his cocked swelled even more in response.

Rina eyes widened in hunger as Vishal cock snaked front of her eyes. She took his balls out of her mouth and straddled Vishal. Then she lifted her self up and lowered her pussy into his rod feeling him stretch her pussy as he entered her. Being on top was Rina’s favorite position as she could ride Vishal to her heart and pussy’s content. She took his entire length in her letting her pussy adjust to his swollen shaft. Vishal rose up and hugged Rina feeling her velvety softness envelop his cock.

Vishal also enjoyed this position because not only could he be inside Rina’s hot love-hole but he could also play with her luscious breasts at the same time. As Rina started to rock herself back and forth on his cock, Vishal took her nipples in his mouth and started to suck. Vishal’s mind was now blank and his raw sexuality aroused Rina to no ends. She started to grind her pussy on his cock with every movement rubbing her clit on him feeling his tongue do wonders on her nipples.

Rina started to squeeze her pussy muscles as she fucked Vishal and Vishal responded with sucking her nipples ever harder. She could feel his cock twitching inside her and knew that Vishal was close. Close to cumming, close to filling her aching pussy with his manhood, close to pushing her off her own edge.

Feeling his impending climax. Vishal wrapped his arms around Rina’s waist and intensified her movement. He could feel her juices drip down his cock. He was getting close, and his balls were tightening. Any second now!

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The Realisation

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I had just stepped in through the front door and made my way to the foot of the stairs, having returned home early from my weekly night out with the lads because I felt a bit under the weather.

I had just been about to shout upstairs to announce my return, when I heard it. The soft moaning and mutterings of a woman having sex.

I stood stock still at the foot of the stairs, concentrating hard on the muffled sounds from above, then made a decision.

I slid my shoes off and slowly, silently made my way upstairs. I inched along the landing to my – our – bedroom door. I didn’t have to burst in to find out what was going on; my wife had been confident of not being disturbed and had left the door ajar.

Inwardly I let out a high sigh of relief, but strangely I was all too aware of a feeling of disappointment, a sense of anti-climax – literally! My wife was alone.

Alone, but still in a high state of arousal, murmuring barely intelligible words to herself; and bucking her hips and writhing her body, as her fingers frantically worked her clit and pussy lips – for all the world looking like she was scratching an itch that could not be calmed; a major source of irritation.

I was getting hard watching her. I was also extremely shocked by what I was seeing. This was my demure wife. A woman that is to sex what The Rock is to shyness. Or so I thought.

I had never seen her play with herself, not even as part of our love making. She never talked about sex, showed little interest in sex, had always seemed…well…embarrassed by it all really.

I badly wanted to push the door open, jump on top of her, and fuck her, but a little voice in my head won the day over my cock and told me it was the wrong thing to do. Before I backed off from the door however, I was in for another shock.

As she reached climax, as her breathing quickened and her fingers increased speed to ‘warp factor’ she expelled the words, “oh fucking yes, fuck me hard with that big cock” through clenched teeth, before her body shuddered and trembled, then went limp.

She lay there panting, and ran her hand across her face to clear away both a sheen of sweat and tangles of her hair – before raising the fingers that had pleasured her cunt, to her nostrils, to drink in the scent of her cum. She sighed, then slid her fingers in her mouth and sucked them delicately clean, like teasing an iced lolly in to, then slowly out of, her lips; stripping away a layer of flavouring in the process.

I swallowed hard, but as she rose from the bed to head off to the en-suite to clean up, I made my move and snuck back downstairs and put on my shoes.

I waited until I heard the toilet flush, then opened and closed the front door again. A bit dramatically, a bit loud, with an accompanying shout up the stairs. “Hi, only me. Think I’m getting a cold so called it a night. Be up in a minute.”

When I got upstairs, she had switched on the TV and was sat up, propped up with pillows, looking for all the world like she had been totally absorbed for hours in some god awful romantic film. But her face was still flushed pink. I made a remark about how flushed she looked and asked if she was feeling ill to. She looked a little sheepish in her guilt, but just said “it’s warm in here, either that or its the change”.

A subject she knows I will avoid and therefore is used often to shut down conversations, as well as any attempts on my part to initiate sex.

I didn’t go out the following week to the pub. I was still not 100%. She was not pleased. She treated me like shit all night; and I realised it was because my night out, was also her time to indulge in some sexually activity and fantasies.

Nothing much happened during the following week, though she did act odd and very nervous when I mentioned that one of those “we missed you” cards had been pushed through the letter box, and that apparently there was a parcel waiting collection from the sorting office. I offered to get it for her, but she was most insistent that she would get it on her way to Tesco for the shopping.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, but she did seem somehow scared and skittish about the exchange.

I had already decided that I would sneak home early again from the pub, to see if there was a repeat performance. Little did I know it, but I was about to discover the contents of the parcel.

I had been successful in timing my return (and sneaking upstairs again) to coincide with her performance. I figured rightly she was a creature of habit, and would wait until about half way through my usual time spent in the pub to begin touching herself. Enough time that I would not be expected to be coming back for anything I had forgotten, and enough time to finish what she needed to do. And it appears that “needed” was the correct word.

I wasn’t surprised to find the bedroom door slightly open again either. Funnily enough, I think this was meant to be her safety mechanism. I believe she was certain that by leaving escort ankara the bedroom door ajar that she would hear me come in through the front door, giving her enough time to stop what she was doing and look all innocent by the time I got to bed. Ironic really, that it had not worked out that way, and by leaving the door open she was providing me with a ringside seat to her self-abasement.

I saw it in the mirror first. Then I heard it above her words. There is a bank of wardrobes at the foot of the bed with floor to ceiling mirrors on the doors. The source of much fun when they were first installed, now they largely reflected two inert individuals sleeping, farting and snoring through the night. Except for now.

The vibrator was being slid in and out of her cunt, while it buzzed and gnawed at her soft, warm walls, two little prongs poked out tickling her clit when it was brought to rest there, with the thick, clinical, plastic body deep inside her.

The sight made a trickle of cum seep from my cock, already rock hard from the anticipation of what I would see, before I even saw it.

Her words made my head spin and my stomach churn.

She was practically spitting the words out through clenched teeth:

“Oh my god, fuck me, thats it, don’t stop…I want you to make me cum.”

“Oooo…I want you to fuck me hard. I want your big, thick cock to shoot its load inside me. Mmmm…yes…that’s it…I want to feel your cum spurt in me.”

“Your so much bigger than my husband…such a huge cock. So much better too…your gonna make me squirt…oh shiitttt yes.”

And then she did just that. She squirted her pussy juice everywhere; the bed clothes were soaked. The vibrator was still being worked desperately inside her, bringing her to a huge climax, which she announced with a scream and gushing expulsion of air from her lungs.

It was crystal clear to me in that moment that I was not the object of her fantasies. Though to be fair, that’s the point. We all dream of something or someone else getting us off don’t we? Otherwise it’s just not a fantasy. It is just not as exciting, and we all crave some escapism.

But her words had betrayed a little more than a mere fictitious dalliance with an imaginary lover. There had been an implied regret, dissatisfaction even in her outburst, about my manhood and my prowess. I had clearly never been enough to satisfy her.

I had an alarming vision of my wife enduring years of unsatisfactory sex (with me), only able to gratify herself by her own hand, but never really achieving the same result that a big, rock hard cock could – especially one equipped to a man who knew how to use it.

Later that night in bed I pondered a few things – a bed with different sheets on it from when I had left for the pub; changed because, “oh silly me, I spilt my coffee all over them”, when in reality they had her love juice sprayed all over them.

Had she ever been so unhappy or unsatisfied with me that she had fucked other guys to fill her needs? I was surprised to find that the thought was not without attraction. And that the thought made me hard.

How long had this been happening? On the one hand if she was so frustrated it could have been happening for years. On the other hand, it may just have come to a head recently. The addition of the vibrator to her sessions was new. It had only arrived a few days ago. Or had it? I was assuming that. The parcel could have contained something else, and the vibrator could have been around a long time. But then it looked new, and she did act strange when we discussed the parcel, and she did seem a bit of a novice in the way she handled it…but what the fuck do I know about how you handle a vibrator?

I thought deeply about things, and decided after much debate in my head, that all of it was probably a recent turn of events. Our sex life had slipped in the last 6 months to non-existent, mainly as she was not in the mood. Mainly blamed on the menopause. And therefore mainly accepted by me. Reluctantly.

I began to realise it was not the menopause that was the problem but me, or us. We had stagnated. Routine sex, in a routine life, in a routine way. And all of average quality if I am honest. Therefore, all this was new. She was trying to create a world where she was sexy (she is anyway, but she obviously was not feeling that way), where men desired her, wanted her and where she wanted them. Where she had mind blowing sex and could act and be whoever she wanted to be; do things she had never entertained before (or to my knowledge she had not, she certainly hadn’t with me). A fantasy world that brought her body paralysing orgasms without any need for guilt or remorse that would exist with an affair. At the time I didn’t realise how prophetic my thoughts were.

It seemed to be a world where her lovers are bulls. Stallions. Men of size and stamina.

My cock needed release. I pumped purposefully under the duvet, as I imagined my wife ankara sınırsız escort being impaled by another mans rod, as she slept beside me. I didn’t last long. The thought of her orgasming on a strangers cock sent me over the top, and the duvet got a shower of jizz that needed to be wiped off. But not yet. I brought my cock back to muster, and cracked another one off dreaming of my wife being fucked hard by many different men first.

A week later. Pub night. Or should that be voyeur night now? The lads were pissed off when I made up some bullshit excuse to slope off again an hour after my arrival.

I had been busy during the week. Installed a couple covert mini spy cameras, with audio and connectivity to my mobile phone. One above the bed and one in the wardrobe cornice. One forward, one reverse view. I had to. There was no way I would get away with sneaking outside my bedroom door again. Law of averages said I had pushed my luck last time.

I tuned in from my car parked a short distance away. My wife was not lay on the bed, facing away from door as she had been on the previous occasions. She was facing the door. Stood on her feet at the end of the bed, but bent forward at the waist, her hands touching the foot of the bed for support.

Her hips and buttocks were moving back and forth to / from the mirrored wardrobe doors. Slowly. Deliberately. Feeling every single inch of a huge, black dildo servicing her cunt, stuck to the glass by a suction cup.

Her eyes were closed but her mouth was not.

“Oh my god. Your big black cock is amazing”.

“Its so fucking big. I…I can’t get it all in…fuck me…Jesus H Christ that is so fucking good.”

As she became accustomed to the girth of the manufactured dick she began to speed up her movements, pushing back harder, trying to force the rest of it inside her. Almost as if she wanted to feel some pain in order to feel alive.

You could not hear what she was saying now, a torrent of no doubt filth, pouring from her lips as the massive phallus speared her and stretched her wide. Squelching noises mixed in with the sounds of sex, as her pussy gushed juices down her thighs.

Her right hand reached up and tweaked a nipple, then viciously twisted it in her fingers causing obvious pain, which brought a grimace, but also an obvious sense of pleasure, as the grimace turned to a smirk. She did it again, and again, until her legs began to visibly tremble (even on camera) spasming under the onslaught of wave after wave of delicious sensory overload.

“Fill me with your seed” she said. “I want your black mans seed in me”.

“Always wanted to…fuuckkk…(pant)…a well hung black guy.”

“Fuck…if only you were real…I would want…your cum.”

Then the shriek. Then the explosion of air and grunts, as she ejaculated on her rubber hero. I noted she did so with it as deep inside her as it could go.

This was escalating fast.

Barely a month had passed from witnessing her pleasure herself with her fingers, to introducing a vibrator, to now impaling herself on a large (black) dildo. The significance of the colour and her choice words were not lost on me.

For a moment, I contemplated whether she was setting me up. Whether she knew I was watching. Whether she hoped I was watching. But no. I didn’t get that vibe.

But then I thought slightly differently. Would she want to be set up? What would she do if she was? What if she found out I had seen and heard her sessions of debauchery? Would she flip, or would she push further and go for broke. Challenge me to make her fantasy real.

It was an intoxicating idea. What if I set her up with a man. Could I cope with it? Would she hate me for it or thank me? Would we remain married? Did I care?

Well the answer it seems was that the thought of seeing her taken by another guy in front of me, of being properly used by a bull, actually made me extremely horny. Tame expression I know. But to be frank, that’s just what it did. My hormones were lit. I had to make it happen on my terms, before she reached this inevitable conclusion herself. Based on the trajectory she was heading on, her only logical next step was to make it happen for real. I had no doubt she would.

The week after. The night.

I had called her earlier that day to say I was bringing a new colleague home from work, to ask her if she minded cooking a meal for him / us as we had some stuff to discuss, that I had to bring him up to speed on the company policies being new. She was pissed off. I could hear it in her voice, “no sex night for me tonight then”.

I arrived with “Steve” about half 6.

Her face was a picture. You could almost hear her pussy flood at the sight of him. She shook his hand lightly, while her free hand brushed her hair behind one of her ears. She smiled effusively and welcomed my new colleague in to our home. She touched the nape of her neck as she showed him in to etlik escort the lounge and offered him a seat, and bit her lip in one corner subconsciously as she eyed his physique.

“Steve” my “work colleague” was a guy I found via one of those websites. You all know what I mean so no point in elaborating. I had explained the situation and the ruse. He was OK with it, as long as my wife was responsive come crunch time. He was not about to force himself on her and risk that shit. I told him that I expected nothing else.

He was about 6″5″ and well built, about our age, but fit and athletic. And very black. He assured me that he more than measured up in terms of his appendage and his performance.

We ate and chatted shit. She looked perplexed on occasion as we clearly had not rehearsed the storyline about “work” and the “stuff” were meant to discuss, but she was distracted by his presence and not paying much attention to such benign things, but was instead paying plenty of attention to his crotch.

She was flirting wildly. She even disappeared for a short while to change, in to something a little more “relaxed” but in truth this translated to more revealing – a short dress, with a low front to show off cleavage. She also freshened up her make up I noticed.

She went back upstairs for a second time shortly afterwards, to use the loo she said. I slipped off to the downstairs loo and watched her on the cameras on my phone.

She removed her knickers and lay on the bed and began playing with herself. No time for toys. She needed a fast escape from the pent up tensions and urges she was experiencing, thinking about Steve. Apparent because she mentioned him. She said out loud, “fuck me Steve…take me with that big cock. Oh god, yes Steve give it to me, fuck me hard. Fuck me properly.”

She changed her briefs when she climaxed, in to some silky, barely there, black-number I had never seen. Her bra was removed entirely.

She returned and the wine began flowing as much as her oestrogen. As she drank more she flirted more, gave him a sight of her unfettered cleavage by sitting next to him on the sofa, nipples tenting the cloth of the dress; turned sideways to him so one of her legs had to be lifted and crooked under her, providing an enticing canopy of cloth between her legs, with the merest glimpse of her briefs when she shuffled her bottom on the sofa.

She laughed at his wit. Leaning in and touching his arm, his knee and thigh when she did so. All the time taking not so furtive glances at the obvious outline of his trouser snake.

It was time. She was ready.

I said to Steve. “Oh mate, I forgot, I need to show you this. You will love it.”

With that I switched on the (smart) TV, found the file on my iPhone and air-played a video clip via the TV. The room was filled with the sound of my wife fucking the dildo, images splayed in HD across the 65″ TV for us all to see.

She looked confused at first. A few seconds where she was dumfounded, checking, then checking again, that it was her on the screen. Stunned.

“What the…I don’t understand, I mean WHAT THE FUCK.”

“How…why? What’s the fuck is going on…switch it off…switch it off NOW?”

She hadn’t moved from the sofa though. She was transfixed on the screen, hearing herself beg for the big black cock to fuck her. She was mesmerised and practically hyperventilating at the words and images bombarding her.

I made no attempt to switch it off.

“Steve” took advantage of the standoff and gently placed a hand on the leg crooked under her buttocks, and slowly slid it up towards the hem of her dress, shuffling toward her, and leaning forward in to her as he did so. His fingers met the gusset of her briefs before she knew what was happening, and she was instantly snapped out of her shock at seeing herself on the screen.

She grabbed his arm and said, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing.”

Steve stopped, his hand still up my wife’s dress, the tips of his fingers still in contact with her briefs and her snatch on the other side of the cloth divide, the heat from it sending rivers of warmth up his arm.

He looked at her, then at me as if to say “What do I do?” So I played the next clip.

It was her, only an hour or so before, finger fucking herself while she dreamed of Steve’s cock filling her pussy.

I turned and looked at her, though she was now transfixed again by her image on the screen, but this time more by what she could clearly be heard saying. Busted.

I spoke even though she was focussed on the TV.

“You know you want him. Listen to yourself, watch yourself. You have been playing with yourself for weeks with your toys imagining yourself being fucked by a big cock, a big black cock. You’ve fucking changed your clothes, flirted like a bitch on heat all night, removed your fucking bra and put on sex skimpy underwear too and now you’re going to get all uppity cos you’ve been caught out? I don’t think so. You are going to fuck him right now, while I watch. You are going to do it on my terms and not behind my fucking back…because I know you would have. It was inevitable. So stop being all fake indignant and wounded and spread your legs and take what you crave. Take the opportunity now or stop with the weekly fuck fest sessions while I’m down the pub.”

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The Gear Jammer , The Hitchhiker

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Big Tits

© 2016 Sal De Klerk, Naughty69M2M, All Rights Reserved

Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

This story started as a roleplay between the authors, using a premise from sinful_whispers. The main author was a truck driver for several years and always wanted something like this to happen, finally, it did, in fantasy.


This story contains adult content including straight oral and vaginal sex among others. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Big Mac had just picked up a load of machine parts from a warehouse. As he was leaving, he heard an old friend on the radio.

“Got ya ears on Big Mac, this here’s Crazy C.”

“Ya got me CC,” I responded to my long time friend.

“I’m headin to shaky town with a load of rocks, how bout you?”

“I’m on the flip flop headin’ to Beantown with scrap metal. I ain’t got the 10-36 to stop and get some java juice. Gotta get them green stamps.”

“Heard that driver, maybe on the flip flop.” Crazy C came back.

“Fer shure fer shure. I’m moving on.” I hung up my mic, smiling at hearing from Crazy C. I threw my rig into granny and pulled onto the dirt road leading to the highway.

I popped a well-used CD into the player and skipped ahead to track seven. The opening notes of Willie Nelson strumming on his guitar always helped my mind focus on the drive ahead and as long as I had listened to him sing about being ‘On The Road Again,’ at the start of a trip, I had not been in an accident. I made a right onto US 83 in Winters, Texas, heading North. As the song faded, I was feeling pretty good. I only had 1,742.23 miles to go before I would become a member of the million-mile club. This became my goal when I first saw my dad’s name on the plaque he had gotten when he’d hit that milestone. Driving a big rig for one million miles without a ticket, accident, freight damage, or late delivery, was no small feat.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Amy stood along the highway, still pissed at her lazy good for nothing boyfriend. The pathetic scumbag hadn’t had a job in over a year. All he did was lay on the couch as he played that damn PlayStation.

Her job barely keeps them in food, rent, and electricity. They wouldn’t have a phone if the owner of the diner she worked in hadn’t offered to pay for it. He only did that so he could call her in when someone called out.

This morning, her first day off in 9 days, she got a call from home. Her stepfather, a skeevy pervy asshole had left her mom for some skank. As he was leaving, he pushed her mom down, and she had one sprained ankle and two sprained knees.

She was going to be out of work and if her feet for two or three months. Her brothers were all in Africa, either military or volunteer work.

When she asked Billy to borrow his brother’s car to bring her home, he told her, ‘That’s what thumbs are for. Use your money maker’s if ya gotta.’ Then he started laughing as he turned on his console.

He wasn’t laughing when she stepped over his prone body on her way out the door. He didn’t try to stop her because he was too busy cupping his balls and crying, from the knee that attempted to send them into his throat. Amy paused for a moment, then snatched the PlayStation from the TV stand. She walked out of the trailer without a backward glance.

Heading down the dirt road she only paused to hurl the hated machine into the retention pond next to the rusted, leaky, barely fit for life mobile home that they were renting for way more than it was worth. Now, after walking for a couple of hours, she was hot, sweaty, hungry, tired, and desperate for a ride.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Big Mac saw a person on the side of the road up ahead. He searched his memory for a car in the breakdown lane and didn’t remember seeing one. He eased over and slowed to a stop about twenty yards past the thumb.

He sat in the truck, waiting for her to walk up to the door. He couldn’t see her in his passenger mirror and was about to put the hammer down when a musical voice floated into his ears. Looking out the open driver’s window, he saw her, and ‘what a her, her was,’ he thought as he stared into the grandest canyon he ever saw, restrained by cotton.

“Where ya headin’ young lady?” he asked, tipping his trucker’s cap to her and raising his sunglasses to get a better look.

Amy was nervous when the truck slowed and stopped. Taking a deep breath, she slowly walked up to the driver’s door. She was unaware that her backpack had caused an extra blouse button to come open, revealing more cleavage than she would normally show.

“Hi…I’m going to Allentown, in Pennsylvania. I don’t have a lot of money, but I won’t be any trouble. My mom is in the hospital. I need to get home. Can you…will you…are you heading North or East,” she asked in a decidedly non-Texas accent while flashing her big brown eyes.

“I’m heading to Beantown, right through Allentown,” I told her. “Hop on in, If ya dare,” Mac said ominously, as he winked at Escort Bayan Esenyurt her.

“That’s awesome,” Amy said excitedly, jumping up in excitement, making her grand Tetons flounce before she scurried around to the passenger side of the truck and climbed in. When she took off her backpack, she noticed the open button on her shirt and shrugged, ‘Up this high, no one can look down my top’.

The cool air of the cab gave her a chill after walking in the heat of a late Spring Texas day. She sighed in relief, as goosebumps popped up on her skin. Ignoring them, she looked at the driver, “Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver. I hate to ask, but do you mind if I lower the air a bit? I’m kind of chilly after being in that heat.”

Mac gestured to the AC controls, as he pulled back onto the blacktop and worked his way up through the gears until the rig was cruising along at a comfortable speed.

“I’m Amy, Amy Schenks,” she offered.

“Handle’s Big Mac, but you can call me Mac. Ain’t no one but momma called me any other name in years. So how’d you end up way out here with no ride?” he asked, opening his electric cooler and pulling out a bottle of orange Gatorade. “Oh, and help yourself, I got Iced Tea, Lemonade, Gatorade and Mountain Dew in the cooler. Got some groceries in the box behind it,” he told her.

Grateful for something to drink, she leaned over giving Mac an eyeful of her twin peaks. Just as she took the bottle, she realized how exposed she was, “oh,” she squeaked as her free hand flew up to cover the scenic vista contained in her shirt. Mac chuckled to himself wondering if she was teasing him intentionally to get a ride or…

“Um, so how did I end up here with no ride?” she repeated, trying to forget how she almost flashed the stranger sitting behind the wheel. She sighed loudly, “My mom sprained her ankle and both knees. My loser boyfriend told me to thumb a ride cuz he couldn’t be bothered to ask his brother to borrow his car, or come with me…” for the next twenty minutes she vented about; their car being repossessed, Billy being unemployed and addicted to gaming, her job where she hired and fired, scheduled, placed orders and still was paid a server’s wage, the piece of shit mobile home we rented in ‘no the fuck where,’ Texas and his creep of a brother Brad, who had made so many passes at her that he was eligible for the Football Hall of Fame. “…so I kneed the bastard in the balls, threw his PlayStation into a retention pond, and began walking.”

Shaking his head at the stupid life choices otherwise smart people make, he simply replied, “Sorry about your troubles, just curious. Do you have money for food and…things… stuff, or… even a change of clothes?”

Another sigh. “I didn’t have time to grab my stuff. I do have…” she looks in her bag “…some CD’s and video game discs a customer gave me. Other than that…” her voice trailed off, worried she was about to get kicked out of the truck. Thinking desperately she self-consciously said, “…I have other things… you can… anything you want…” Her face flushed and she looked away, wondering if she could follow through.

“So, no clothes, except what’s on her back, no money ta speak of, about $30 worth of music and games.”

Amy nodded her head, afraid of what Mac was about to ask for. She half expected to have to, but her mother needed her. That was all that mattered. She took a deep breath waiting for him to proposition her.

“Well, I have an idea…,” he looked at her with raised my eyebrows.

“Amy quickly looked away and felt herself blushing. She knew nothing in life was free. At least Mac was attractive and pretty close to her twenty-four years. ‘Besides,’ she reminded herself, ‘it’s not like Billy had been taking care of her, so she was a bit libidinous. She had hoped to get a meal and some miles before she surrendered her body to a stranger. She considered asking if they could get out of Texas first

“I’ve got a buddy who’s a Smokey around these parts. l can call him and borrow his pick up. Then we can go to yer place n’ get yer shit. You just need to send Billy boy and creepy Brad on a wild goose chase, so dere ain’t no drama.”

Amy looked over at him in shock. You’d take time to do that for me?” she asked in surprise.

“I got a momma ‘n two sisters. I hope if they was ever in trouble, sumwon would help ’em.”

Amy’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude as Mac stopped at a red light. While waiting he grabbed his cell phone and sent a text. As the light turned green the phone chimed in response. Glancing at the screen he tossed it to Amy. “Rick said it’s fine, so you need ta git rid a ‘dumb and dumber’.

Amy pulled out her phone and sent a text. Messages went back and forth a few times until Amy let out an exasperated sigh and slammed her phone onto the dashboard.

“The assholes are going to pick me up about forty minutes south of where we live. I hope that’s far enough.”

“Me too darlin’, me too. Escort Bayan Avcılar We should meet with my buddy in jus’ a few minutes. While I drive, tell me about yerself.”

Amy looked at him as she gathered her thoughts, grateful for the distraction. “Not much to tell. I’m twenty-four, been with ‘asshole’ since I was nineteen. I’m the oldest of four and the only girl. Mom’s last husband was a pervy prick, so when Billy asked if we should move to Texas with his brother, I jumped at the chance to getaway. We were on our way to San Antonio when our car blew up. We couldn’t afford another car, so we stayed. I got a job waitressing, Billy worked for the city in road maintenance, and Brad got a job as a bouncer at a roadhouse.”

“I worked my way up to be the manager in charge of hiring and ordering, as well as scheduling the other employees and the P&L. Then I found out my prick of a stepdad ran off with his secretary and momma was hurt. I knew I needed to go home since three of my brothers are in Afghanistan and the other works with the Red Cross in Africa.”

Not willing to share any more about her personal life, she asked, “What’s your story? How long have you been drivin’? Got a girl waiting for you at home?”

“Nope, no wife or serious girlfriend. Just a few friends with benefits here and there. Not one in the group is the kinda girl you marry if ya want yer ol’ lady home in da evenins. I got my CDL on my twenty-first birthday. Pa was a gear jammer, and every summer when my buddies went to summer camp and made lanyards, I rode with him, learning about truckin’ and interstate commerce. He owned a few rigs and mom ran the business tween raisin’ me and my sisters, all without cell phones and internet. I was riding with my old man when he hit his one and two million mile marks. It took him eleven years for the first and twelve for the second. I decided that I wanted my first million in five years. I should hit that somewhere north of The Rotten Apple.”

Mac stood on the brakes as a pregnant roller skate cut off the truck. Only his skill and awareness of the traffic around him kept him from turning the small car into scrap metal and the driver into a bloodstain. Once the danger had passed and they were rolling again, he looked at Amy, “That’ll jump-start yer heart.”

“Asshole!” Amy exclaimed, once her heart started beating again. She glanced over at Big Mac. Her mouth opened with a big stupid grin, “That scared the shit outta me. How did we not crash?” she asked.

“I swear, there was no way I did that. God protects fools and drunks, and that…, he gestures at the car in question, “…inbred shithead qualifies as both.”

Amy laughed a real laugh for the first time in months.

Mac pulled up at a Bear Den and parked the rig. He pulled out a notebook and wrote a message with his phone number and taped it inside the driver’s side window.

Amy asked, “Why are we at a police station?”

“Rick, my Smokey friend works here. He left his keys for me.” Mac jumped out of the truck and walked over to an old, beat up, F150, and reached into the rear wheel well and found the key. “You comin’?” Mac called, before getting into the pickup.

Amy got out of the rig and into the Ford as Mac started it up. The engine cranked for several seconds before roaring to life.

“Getting back to our conversation, you said one MILLION miles? That’s awesome. How are you going to celebrate?” Amy asked, pointing left.

Mac pulled into the street and followed Amy’s hand signals as they talked. “Once I hit a million miles, I plan on celebrating by buying this rig and starting my own trucking company. This is my last run haulin’ for someone else,” he answered.

Amy looked at Big Mac with a new sense of admiration. He was a man reaching for his goals and on the verge of reaching them. Meanwhile, she was stuck with a loser who had no idea what it meant to be a man.

“Mac, that’s amazing. It’s nice to know someone who can set and achieve goals,” she said, with a touch of bitterness in her voice, thinking of everything she’d given up to be with Billy. She paused a moment, calculating the cash she had with her, “I don’t have a lot of money, but if we can find a place I can afford, I want to buy you dinner, to celebrate.”

“That’s sweet darlin’,” Mac said, taking a right when Amy pointed and smiling at her, “But you ain’t got no job, yer momma ain’t gonna be working for a while, so ya need yer cash ta live on. How about you let me worry about payin’ and you do somethin’ nice for someone when ya gets back on yer cute little feet.”

Feeling her pride get wounded, Amy replied, “I have a job! I may not make a lot of money, but I work hard and know how to budget and manage money. Momma still works, should be back on her feet soon.” Amy told him.

Billy was only a little younger than him, but Mac was going places. He knew what he wanted from life and was getting it. Billy didn’t know what he wanted for supper most days. She realized Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü Mac was a man, Billy was a boy. She had thought about leaving him almost daily for the last few months, but she never had the wherewithal to act on those thoughts. Now, now she had a way out, and she realized she did not want to go back. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize that she was staring at Mac until she noticed him glancing at her.

“Darlin’ are ya really going back ta a loser dat don’ work n a job dat treats ya like a slave. Ifn I was you, I’d head home right quick, forget dose losers n’ start over.”

Amy nodded and grew silent thinking about what Mac said. As they reached the outskirts of the no horse town, she wrapped her arms around herself as a feeling of dread encompassed her. The closer they got to the trailer, the slower time moved.

Amy was only telling Mac where to turn and he was preoccupied with memorizing the streets, just in case. When they pulled up to the weather-beaten mobile home, Amy felt butterflies in her stomach. Biting her lips, she asked Mac, “Promise you’ll wait for me?”

“Nothin’ doin’ darlin’! If somethin’ ain’t right in dere, better I’m close by ta help. I got yer back, so let’s go get yer shit.” Walking around the pickup, to her door he pulled it open. He stood there offering his hand to her.

Her eyes filled with tears as Amy took Mac’s hand and got out of the truck. They approached the trailer and climbed the three steps to the half-rotted wooden porch. Her legs felt like rubber as she trudged upturned to open the door. The keys slipped from her grasp, and she started to repeat “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” like it was a prayer of protection.

Wordlessly Mac picked up the keys from the board they’d landed on, and opened the door. Stepping into the trailer, he looked around and made sure it was empty. He reached back, found Amy’s hand, and grasping it, he gently but firmly pulled her in. Before shutting the door, he looked down the dirt road for signs of an approaching car. Seeing nothing to worry him, he closed the door and followed Amy deeper into the trailer.

Amy stopped and took a deep breath, thankful Billy didn’t just send Brad to get her. Drawing strength from Mac, she said, “Ok, give me 5 minutes.”

She let go of his hand and moved down the hallway, returning with a box that she set on the small dining room table. Next, she moved into the kitchen, bringing out some paper towels and a set of dishes. “My Momma gave me these,” she told him as she put them on the table and began to gather figurines from all around the house before heading back into the bedroom.

Mac began to wrap the breakable items with anything he could find and put them carefully into the box. As he worked, he heard quiet sobs coming from the bedroom. Not moving, he debated the best thing to do. Would he help or hinder her grieving process if he went to her? When Amy didn’t come out, and the sobbing continued, he grew worried about time. It took longer than expected to get here, and they could get back at any time.

Making his decision, he walked into the bedroom, disgusted by the dirty naked mattress on the floor. Amy was standing facing away from the door, tears rolling down her face. She was staring at a beautiful homemade dress. He remembered momma making stuff like that for his sisters when they were young and money was tight. Silently, he stepped up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her.

Their height difference caused her breasts to rest on the top of his arms. He couldn’t believe how soft and warm they felt as he stood there, silently, holding and letting her cry. Leaning down he kissed the top of her head.

Amy loved the large man’s touch, she felt warm and protected in his arms or just being near him. Amy got her emotions under control and pointed at a simple dress, hanging from a nail on the wall. “My granny made this for my graduation. I know it’s not couture, but Granny loved me and I loved her. She died a week after we got here. I never had a chance to say goodbye, and I missed her funeral. She took a deep breath “OK, I’m ready to leave and never come back.”

“I bet you looked beautiful in that dress,” he said, as he takes it down from the wall and carefully folded it. Amy pulled open a drawer in an old worn-out dresser and pulled some clothes out and stuffed everything she could in her bag. She slung the backpack over her shoulder and found Mac’s hand waiting. He led her to the box, partially filled with her precious few belongings.

“Is there anything else,” he asks “Once we leave you ain’t gonna see dis shithole again, and yer ex ain’t gonna fed ex anything ya leave.”

Taking one last look around, Amy shakes her head, “Nothing I care about. Those assholes can have everything else.”

“Did ya pay for da flatscreen,” he asks pointing at the TV, “Ya kin sell it for a c-note or more.”

“We won in a raffle at the county fair. Billy and Brad fought for months over who bought the ticket. They decided to play one of Billy’s games winner keeps it. Let them keep it.”

Mac took the box and walked out to the truck, and carefully loaded it into the back seat. He secured it in place with a seatbelt. He closed the door, got in the driver’s seat, and watched Amy lock the trailer and hurl her keys into the retention pond.

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The Movie Lovers Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Dear Reader: The following story is a fictionalized account of some recent experiences. The names and many other details have been changed significantly to protect the ‘guilty.’ In order to make it more interesting and erotic I have followed the Christian Black’s suggestion in his essay entitled “A Philosophy of Porn” and placed my tale in “Pornotopia.” In other words I ignore such issues as safe sex, condom use, and other less than erotic aspects of human biology.

There won’t appear to be much connection between the title and the events in this first chapter but trust me its relevance will become obvious in the succeeding chapters, which will follow shortly.

I hope you enjoy and welcome all comments and constructive criticism. My thanks to my editor, funnygent32.



As I think back over the last year, I hardly recognize the woman I was before meeting Nick. You see, I grew up in a conservative Catholic family where sex was literally never mentioned. In my 31 years I have never seen my mother — much less my father – naked. As a result I was quite shy about such things and so compared to most of my girlfriends, I was pretty naive.

As a kid I fell in love with gymnastics and I was pretty good. At eleven and twelve I had dreams of the Olympics but at thirteen a huge growth spurt – that never included my breasts – left me 5’10” and gawky and my coach discouraging my Olympic dreams.

Since I was popular enough to have my pick of the ‘nice’ boys, I managed to avoid the issue of actually having sex until I decided, just before heading off to college, to finally get it over with. Even then the idea of being naked in front of boy was humiliating because of my meager endowment ‘boob-wise.’ As you can imagine the outcome with two 18 year old virgins — especially with one of them as uptight as me – was less than spectacular and so I was in no hurry make sex a big part of my life in college. There were two boyfriends in college with whom I had sex but I guess neither was all that experienced and so I graduated never having experienced an orgasm involving anything but my own fingers. I liked men, a lot; I just didn’t see what was so great about sex and given my upbringing, I tended to avoid those conversations with my girlfriends that might have led me to expect more.

After college I went to work in NYC for a large ad agency that offered plenty of opportunities to meet and date men in both the art and business worlds. Maybe I was just unlucky but my experiences with artists led me to conclude that they were either gay, total narcissists, or both, and the investment bankers and lawyers I met mostly seemed to enjoy bragging about their deals and their fees. The last of these ended particularly badly. A handsome early-forties lawyer charmed me for a month before I discovered that his wife was summering in the Hamptons. My friends all laughed at me, saying that a transfer to San Francisco was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire as far as finding interesting, straight men was concerned; but having just turned 31, I was ready for a change.

I rented an apartment in the City and although I soon made new friends and quickly grew to enjoy the office’s more relaxed atmosphere, San Francisco is definitely a very gay scene. Now gay guys are great fun, don’t get me wrong, but as I settled in and started getting over “the Roger-who-rogered-me,” as my British friend branded him, I began feeling a little lonely and horny for some real, un-married, heterosexual male companionship.

About that time my best friend at the agency, Rita, a Mexican-American woman who dealt with the Hispanic side of marketing, invited me to a party at her home in Marin County, just over the Golden Gate Bridge. Rita is a true Latin beauty, amazing cheekbones and light brown skin that attested to some Mayan or Aztec heritage. But her height, 5’5″, and slender build suggested that some conquistadors were in the mix as well. One of the many things I love about her is her brash and bawdy sense of humor, which she often expresses in a rough Mexican accent that always makes me laugh.

“Come on up. You need to see some trees and grass and even though most of the men are taken at least they’re not gay.” She urged and I accepted and that sunny Saturday afternoon I was off to the land of hot tubs and chardonnay in my favorite new hip hugger Capri’s and a modest top that offered just a hint of midriff. While I may lack the boobs to be runway model material, I’m tall and thin and I’ve learned what flatters my figure.

The drive north to San Rafael was lovely, but I was surprised at Rita’s beautiful home, which was nestled back in the hills among huge trees. I knew that her husband, Carlos, was in the music business but I had no idea he was so successful. Rita must have been watching for me and as she opened the door she let the whole neighborhood know that “baby sister” had arrived (though I was barely five years younger) and that I had to meet her Carlos.

I knew that Carlos was Cuban but I surely wasn’t Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir expecting this Carlos. He was big (6’5″ at least) and very dark, powerfully built, and obviously still in great shape for a guy in his early forties. Most of all, he was an absolute sweetheart as he swept me along, introducing me to their guests as he refilled their glasses. I was half scanning the other guests scattered around their patio and backyard when I realized that the man Carlos was introducing me to had no tell-tale ring (or tan line) and I was being introduced as the most beautiful single woman attending.

“But Carlos,” I demurred, “I think I’m the ONLY single woman.”

“Well, this is the only single man. So you should meet. Marcy, this is Nick. He lives up the street and he’s a lawyer, so don’t trust him!”

As Carlos moved off, leaving me with Nick, I said something really stupid: “So are you an ambulance chaser.” I stopped, suddenly realizing that unlike back on Wall Street, he actually could be one. Fortunately he laughed.

“No, I’m just another corporate type, though I am, shall we say, semi-retired and doing more interesting stuff these days.”

He went on to describe having been corporate counsel for an internet start-up during the late ’90s and how, after helping them go public, went to another and then another, acquiring along the way a reputation for getting those things done. He laughed as he added that fortunately he’d sold his stock right after he’d moved on from each company. All and all he seemed a charming guy: taller than me (6’1″); good-looking; probably quite rich; but at 45 or so, I was thinking perhaps a little old. Still …

A little later, Rita sidled up to me when Nick had gone off for drinks, and nodding in his direction said, “Good guy.” She told me that Nick’s wife had died not quite a year ago, that he was 46, and not “back in the market” so far as she knew.

Nick soon returned and I found myself very much enjoying his sense of humor as well. He mentioned his wife’s struggle with cancer briefly but moved on quickly to charm me with stories of the sybaritic ’80s and ’90’s when everybody was getting rich on the dotcoms and the telecoms and, ultimately, the con-coms – as he put it – and the parties were outrageous. When I observed that things seemed to have calmed down a bit, he laughed and said that things were not necessarily as staid as they might seem that night.

“A few of us still partake in the demon weed and the hot tub parties are just a little smaller.”

“Well believe it or not, pot did make it to NYC.”

“But nothing like the stuff I’ve got at my house.”

OK, so I was buzzed on the wine and he was so charming and I do like a little pot now and then – and he lived just up the street. Off we went with Rita leering as she saw us sidling out the gate.

Nick led me through his house stopping only briefly to get his stash and another bottle of bubbly before heading to his backyard. Not surprisingly, given the combination of a charming man, a warm August night filled with bright stars, several glasses of wine, and now stoned out of my mind, I was a pushover and frankly happy to oblige.

Kisses led to mutual groping and when he suggested we go inside, I asked, “Would it be too bold if I asked to see your bedroom? You know I’m only doing this because you’re a complete stranger and I never expect to see you again,” I warned as we began fumbling with each other’s buttons.

“Bedroom, sure, but let’s suspend judgment on the rest.”

I lay back on the bed with a sigh. His mouth tasted great and we sucked each other’s tongues for a bit before he kissed his way south.

“I haven’t done this in a while,” he said.

“You can practice on me,” I said as he spread my legs and nuzzled my crotch.

Wow, I can attest that he hadn’t forgotten a thing. He took his time kissing all around my nether lips before gently inserting his tongue. After probing deep inside my already quite juicy pussy he whispered, “Mmmm, so tasty,” (something I assure you every girl is relieved to hear). As he alternated between sucking on my lips and licking deep inside me, I could feel myself just gushing with pleasure but also starting to hope that he wouldn’t forget my clit.

Well that turned out not to be a problem. He was so gentle at first, licking just outside the hood, then finding my clit ever so lightly on the up-strokes of his tongue. Sensing my growing need, he moved in for the final assault. Well, not really an assault, rather I felt him pulling back the hood with his fingers and begin a gentle direct tongue massage that ever so slowly accelerated and intensified. Soon my hips were thrusting wildly against his face but Nick managed to stay right with me, working my clit cunningly as I thrashed to an incredible orgasm. He even sensed when ultimately it became too sensitive and moved down to suckle on my engorged lips.

Having given me a marvelous orgasm, I expected that Nick would now want to fuck me İstanbul Escort or have me suck him, which I would have been happy to do; but he surprised me. He stayed right where he was. He kissed and licked and probed and sucked my pussy — making very nasty sounds that I found strangely erotic – until he sensed that my clit had calmed down. When he returned to it — WHOA — his expert tongue had me over the top again in seconds. Then he went back to my pussy once again, making it clear that he wasn’t done with me yet.

Now in my experience with men – not vast, say 10 or so … and maybe a few one night stands that shouldn’t count – most consider itde rigueur to give it a lick and some will try to satisfy, but no one had ever attended to my clit like Nick. OK, it’s true that I’ve since learned that he just generally really loves pussy but I was the current recipient and he was fantastic. I didn’t keep count but it seemed like he stayed with me through a half-dozen orgasms: some gentle, some intense, all were great. Finally, feeling almost guilty, I practically begged him to fuck me. Of course I offered to suck on him first, but, as he got up on his knees between my legs, it was clear that he was already rock hard.

“Tasting you and watching you cum does seem to have done the job,” he said. “You can suck him later. Right now I want to be inside you.” I was craving the feel of him as well and happy to oblige but I was a little surprised that he might want me to suck on him after getting himself all wet inside me.

Now Nick is tall and his dick is big, but it fit really, really well. “Goddamn, that is sexy,” he said, as he watched his cock slide deep inside me.

“I’m afraid I’m not going to last long,” he said as he tore his gaze away from our crotches for a moment and gave me a boyish almost embarrassed smile. “Play with yourself or I’ll never get you there in time,” he groaned as his dick plundered my delighted pussy.

Well that was something new. I had never masturbated with a man watching before; but then I’d never cum on a man’s tongue so many times either. He’d certainly earned a special request. So I did.

First I got my fingers nice and wet with the juices that were leaking from my pussy. Then I began stroking my clit as Nick fucked me and watched. In moments I realized that watching him watching me was getting me even more turned on. It was wild exposing myself so lewdly and masturbating for a man I barely knew.

“See what you’ve done to me,” I moaned as I pulled back the hood to expose my swollen clit as I stroked it. Several times he pulled out of me entirely and stared up into my open hole before plunging back in more forcefully than ever. His lust was almost palpable and I loved being its object. “Cum in me darling,” I cried, as I felt my moment arriving and together we shuddered as with powerful thrusts he pumped his load deep inside me.

Not sure if Nick would want to go another round, I gently fondled his softening member. “I think it will take him a bit to recover from that explosion. Please stay the night,” he muttered as he collapsed beside me and soon drifted off to sleep. I touched myself gently while I reflected on the fact that I’d never had even close to so many orgasms in one evening.

I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning. Nick was already up. After taking a shower, I slipped on the flesh colored thong (essential for the somewhat transparent white Capri’s I had worn the day before) and one of Nick’s robes. I found him in the kitchen ready with both OJ and coffee. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting gym trunks and a tank top that showed off his muscles nicely. Now I’m no runway model but I do have pretty good legs, which I decided not to hide as I sat on a stool at his kitchen counter and let the robe fell open. I caught Nick staring at the flesh colored thong that peeked out below.

“That’s a flesh colored thong not me.”

“I know, too bad,” Nick responded with a chuckle.

I did my best to ignore that comment while I ate the English muffin he offered. “Hey, show me your house,” I said to change the subject.

Nick’s house was just lovely. It was in an older neighborhood but whereas many of the homes had been rebuilt as mansions, he had kept the original almost cabin-like feeling. He had added a couple additional rooms and remodeled the others to make it beautifully light and airy. Most of the rooms opened onto a lovely backyard with towering trees (redwoods, I learned) and a small pool. One of the rooms that opened onto the yard was a fully equipped home gym with a hot tub just outside. Being a bit of a gym rat as a result of my years of gymnastics, I really appreciated his high quality equipment. In addition to free weights and a nice multi-position workout unit, he had an elliptical trainer as well.

“I’ve always wanted to try one of those.”

“Well now’s your chance,” Nick offered.

“I’m not exactly dressed for it,” I said, gesturing at the knee length robe.

“Take it off,” he suggested, Escort İstanbul “Nobody else can see you back here and I certainly won’t complain. Come on I dare you.”

He shouldn’t have said that. I may be a bit prudish, but I hate having other people know it.

“You seriously expect me to work out on this thing topless with only a flesh colored thong?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I don’t know what came over me but I took the challenge. “OK, show me how it works,” I said, as I shrugged off the robe and stepped onto the machine much more confidently than I felt.

Well in no time Nick had the thing going and there I was holding onto two ski pole type things and striding along. Fortunately the elliptical motion did not set my breasts to bouncing up and down too dramatically. Actually my breasts don’t bounce all that dramatically even when running. They’re solid B-cups: firm, and they still don’t droop; but they definitely don’t qualify as large or bouncy.

Nick seemed to appreciate them at least, “Nice, very nice,” he said as he ogled my chest.

I’m sure I blushed but secretly I was pleased to notice the bulge in his shorts had grown. About that time his phone rang and he went back to his office to take care of some business.

After about ten minutes or so I was beginning to work up a bit of a sweat and was beginning to wonder when Nick was coming back when I heard a noise outside the screen door. When it opened I was stunned to see a guy who looked familiar from the night before.

“Uh, hi,” he stammered, “I thought it was Nick working out. I was just returning his pole-pruner.” Of course he was staring right at my boobs and from his angle – off to one side – the thong probably wasn’t visible.

So there I was clutching these ski poles while semi-jogging on this thing. I couldn’t even cover my nipples for fear of falling off. “Could you please stare at something other than my tits.” I sounded annoyed but was really more embarrassed. It didn’t help that my nipples — with minds of their own – were jutting straight out as I fumbled for the stop button.

“Sorry,” he said grinning, “you’re so lovely I couldn’t help it. Please don’t stop on my account. By the way, I’m Ken. We met briefly last night.”

“I’m not naked,” I protested as I stepped off of the machine and headed for the robe.

“I see,” he responded, as he eyed my crotch for a long moment. I looked down and realized to my mortification that a trail of sweat had trickled down my belly and dampened the thong rendering it utterly transparent.

“Well not quite,” I muttered and then finally I just had to giggle. “Avert your eyes sir, they’ve seen enough,” I commanded rather uselessly as I slipped on the robe.

“Just tell Nick that I returned his tool and please excuse the interruption,” he said as he turned toward the door.

“He’s back in his office, if you want to talk to him.”

“That’s OK, gotta run. Nice seeing you, Marcy,” he added with a grin as he ducked out the door.

He left me feeling oddly confused. Certainly my first reaction had been embarrassment but then I had to admit it had also been a bit of a turn-on being so exposed and obviously appreciated. After a few moments reflection I decided to continue working out. Finding it difficult to do bench presses in a robe, I chucked it again, which was how Nick found me.

“Your neighbor stopped by.”

“Who, Ken?”

“Yes, and I was half naked on that elliptical trainer.”

“Lucky stiff! Bet you made his day.”

“Think so?” I asked a little miffed that he took my statement so casually.

“Yeah, I bet he’s chasing his wife all over the house right now.”

I had to laugh. We then worked out together for a bit and Nick showed me all his fitness toys. Afterward we showered, made love, and showered again before heading off to brunch.

“I want to see you again,” Nick said over his eggs benedict.

“I don’t know,” I teased, “I don’t sleep with men on the first date because now you’re going to think I’m some kind of slut.”

“Can’t we call that an accident. You know, ships passing in the night that just happened to get entangled. That will make dinner Wednesday night our first date.”

Well I didn’t want to play too hard to get; after all he was nice and absolutely great in bed, so I accepted.

Of course when I arrived back at my apartment there was a message waiting for me from Rita. She wanted all the details, naturally, and I gave her some. But I have to say I was struck by how happy she seemed for Nick. It was reassuring knowing how much she liked him. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about hooking up with some demented axe murderer.

The Wednesday evening dinner with Nick was delightful. I found that we generally shared worldviews, political views, and we made each other laugh. I suspect that sharing the same sense of humor is greatly underrated in falling in love. OK, it’s true that more than once I’ve jumped into bed with a guy who seemed hot only to discover shortly thereafter the narcissistic bore within. But Nick was proving to be different: smart, funny, rich, and not obsessed with getting richer. He didn’t even try to get me to sleep with him, insisting that it was only our first date. It was easy to accept when he invited me to his place for the weekend. We agreed to meet in Sausalito for dinner.

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The Rendezvous Ch. 2

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He awoke not realizing he had drifted off. He looked around and saw the room was empty.

He heard water running in the bathroom and guessed she was freshening up, so he decided to relax and wait.

He heard the water stop and the door opening. He opened his eyes just a sliver to see her standing there smiling at him.

He smiled in spite of himself and opened his eyes fully. She was standing there in a beautiful Oriental robe. She smiled down at him and said nothing.

She beckoned for him to get up. As he did, he reached for her but she silently backed away. Not wanting to spoil her game he quietly followed.

She led the way into the bathroom. He had not toured the suite before and was astonished to see a full jacuzzi in the bathroom. Candles provided the only light as the steam rose from the full tub. There were rose petals sprinkled on the water making the whole scene beautiful and flagrant.

She began to slowly help him off with his robe and guided him to the hot water. He eased his way in and settled back to await the remainder…

She turned and brought out a tray. On it were a glass of cracked ice, a bottle of his favorite scotch, and what looked to be a Cuban cigar. He reached for the cigar and saw that it was not only a Cuban but also his favorite brand. He started smiling to himself at her ingenuity and the sheer pleasure that was soon to be his.

She deftly cut the cigar and lit it for him then began to pour his drink.

He took a drag of the cigar and exhaled as all of the tension of his work and the events leading up to this moment began to hurry out of his body. He settled down further. He looked around at the scene she had created. It fit his fantasy completely down to the Motown playing softly in the background.

He took another drink and ankara escort bayan a drag as she moved behind him. Her hands caressed his shoulders as warm oil (soap?) or something was rubbed into his shoulders. She deftly performed the Shiatsu maneuvers that brought pain and release intertwined to provide the ultimate relaxation. As she removed the knots from his back and shoulders he began to feel another tension arise.

Her back rubbing began to move from his shoulders to his arms and now much gentler, caressing, tingling. He began to feel his passion beginning to build. He soon finished his drink as she worked her way around his body. Caressing and massaging every part except one.

His cock began to poke out of the water and the cool air made it even more excited. Now it began to throb as she massaged each toe and rubbed his calves with the oil.

As if on command, one by one the candles began to burn out. Soon all that remained was the faint glow of his cigar as she continued to massage his body. Her touch began to get closer to his now fully erect penis. But each time she would move around or away as she massaged his thighs and stomach.

He heard the water start to drain and the level began to ease its way down until his throbbing manhood was completely out of the water. Then he felt her enter the water between his legs. She gently set his heels in position on either side of her. The water stopped draining and she began to massaging his balls with her hands.

Her hands, warm and slick circled the base of his cock and back to his balls. Each movement of her hands brought new pleasure and longing from the one spot on his body that had yet to feel her touch. He longed for it as his pulsing cock shouted his desire.

Suddenly he felt çankaya escort her hot breath on the tip of his dick and he waited for the first touch. Her hands continued to massage his balls while he waited for it. He could feel her hot breath but longed for the touch.

When suddenly her tongue flicked across the tip, it was like electricity. He nearly jumped up. Certainly his manhood did.

Finally, she took him hungrily inside her. She tasted his desire as the pre cum flavored his cock for her. His cock filled her mouth as she took it deeper and deeper to the back of the throat.

He felt the desire welling up inside him as she expertly sucked and taking more and more of his cock inside her mouth. In the first few moments he felt himself draw near the edge.

“Incredible”, he thought. As wave after wave of pleasure swept over his body bringing him to the brink.

She felt his desire and new he was close. She also knew this was a gamble. He had told her before that he was unable to cum this way. Yet her pride refused to believe it. The newness of the event, all the staging led to this moment. She was in control. She would bring him over the edge.

With an almost fierce resolve, she began to work her hands to the base of his cock and time her actions to his dick moving in and out of her mouth.

He closed his eyes and felt himself being brought rapidly to the edge. Still something held him there. As marvelous as it felt, as close as he was. He began to doubt that she would be able to succeed where others had failed.

She new he was close, she could feel him throbbing, yet she also felt the building passion slow. It was time for special action, she decided. As she continued working with her mouth, her hands encircled dikmen escort the base of his cock and massaged beneath his balls. Slowly one finger found its target.

He nearly jumped again as she touched his anus. One finger circling it and playing there while the other hand rubbed below his balls. He began to feel a heat rising from somewhere.

She inserted the finger slowly and he jumped again as he tightened around it. Slowly he relaxed and she moved deeper.

Still on the edge of orgasm he was surprised at how wonderful this new sensation was. “Would it be enough?” he wondered.

She waited until precisely this moment to spring into renewed action. Her tongue and mouth doubled their efforts while one hand massaged beneath his balls and the finger inside him found the prostate. She massaged it inside and out while taking him fully inside her mouth.

It took him totally by surprise. The ecstasy flooded over him as he felt himself explode inside her mouth. It seemed as if he would never stop as he came in floods and she drank it all with greed.

As the ecstasy gave way to hyper sensitivity he quickly realized she had not stopped. He began to struggle and he was not far too sensitive to touch, let alone do THAT. Still she continued. He had not softened yet and she knew it was possible. She continued.

he struggled but was unable to move as he felt overcome by the sensations. Then he felt it. Heat began to well up from somewhere deep inside him as the sensitivity gave way to a deeper feeling. She continued and picked up the pace another notch. He finger moved in and out of his ass while her other hand kept milking him and her mouth took him completely.

Before either of them expected it, it happened. He came again, this time it was enormous. He thrashed in abandon screamed and flooded her with a second wave of cum.

She was barely able to keep up with the flood and ride his thrashing body, but she managed, and loved every moment. She realized her complete victory. She owned him now.

As the ecstasy of the died down, his thoughts cleared and he began to plan, “her turn”.

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The Guest Bedroom Ch. 01

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Erin had been backpacking around southern Texas for nearly 3 months now. And, if she was honest, getting totally sick of the hostels she was staying in.

Sharing kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms; guys – and girls – hitting on her, and no time to reflect on her travels and adventures.

What she needed most was a comfy bed and yes, maybe a back rub.

So when she saw the ad for a home stay in Houston, her heart skipped a beat.

The ad showed pictures of the house: a lovely 2 story villa, a backyard, and most of all, a self contained flat, with its own bedroom and ensuite!

The photos of the hosts showed them to be lovely, respectable people. The only alarm bell was, “open minded hosts”. But, well, Erin was open minded too, as she thought about some of her favorite web sites!

Without hesitation, she emailed the hosts and was now awaiting a reply.

Now, several days later with still no word, she resigned herself to staying at yet another hostel!

But that night, sitting in a crowded kitchen her phone beeped, announcing the arrival of a new message:

“Hi Erin.

Sorry we didn’t get back to you, our internet was down. Yes, come and stay with us. The address is SilverBirch, Houston. John and Sarah. This weekend is available, and it’s 50% off for females.”

Nice, she thought! Now, to find her way to her new, temporary home.

But, why on earth did they have a 50% discount for females? Erin wondered about the true meaning of “open minded”. Oh my gosh!

Without really thinking, she took a quick flirtatious selfie and fired it off to John.

The accompanying Avcılar Escort message just said: “Do I qualify for the discount?”

After much help from Google maps finally Erin finally arrived in Birch Road and a little nervously tapped on the door.

A nice looking 40ish woman opened the door. A VERY nice looking woman, thought Erin. Long straight hair, not too skinny, a lovely smile and full breasts. So lucky, she thought, mine are too small!

“Are you Erin?” said the woman. “I’m Sarah if you hadn’t guessed. Come in, and make yourself at home.”

Sarah gave Erin a quick hug, and for a moment Erin wished the hug had lasted a little longer; she missed the hugs from her mom.

Erin walked into the house, which was definitely a home to nice people, just like in the photos.

“John will be back later, but let’s get to know each other. I’m making coffee.”

Erin sat down on the large comfortable sofa, thinking she could get to like this. Nice sofas, a huge TV and a bunch of videos she could see poking out of the cabinet.

She looked at some of the titles and inwardly blushed.

“Look but don’t touch”

“Watch and enjoy”

“I fucked the babysitter”

What the…?

Sarah brought the coffee and sat down beside the young backpacker.

As the women got to know each other, Erin relaxed. Sarah seemed like a nice lady, and an attractive one. And the photos of Sarah and her husband showed them as a loving couple.

At that moment Sarah’s husband John walked into the house.

“Ah, the lovely Erin,” said John. “How lovely to have Beylikdüzü Escort you here.”

The three of them enjoyed a lovely meal, but Erin did feel a flirtatious element in some of the conversations. But, on reflection, she didn’t feel uneasy or that the couple was at all sleazy, maybe just a little kinky.

Erin was starting to tire and announced that bedtime wasn’t far away.

“That’s ok, Erin,” Sarah replied. “Come on, I’ll show you where everything is.”

After her shower, Erin said goodnight to her hosts and went straight to bed.

Erin reflected on the evening

During the night, Erin had trouble sleeping which she put down to being in a comfortable bed.

And the silence, while magical, was a little unsettling; although now and then she could hear voices, and soft moaning. Oh goodness, she smiled; my hosts are enjoying themselves, lucky things!

She thought about John and Sarah and reflected on the evening. They were certainly interesting people, and very much committed to each other.

“Open minded” hosts the ads had said. Erin knew what that usually meant! Yet there had been no overt moves on their part, or even suggestive comments; just some mild flirtation.

Then, she remembered the video titles she had seen and knew they were adult movies. “Look, but don’t touch?”

She was certain they were in their bedrooms now, making love. Fucking, she corrected herself. Erin wondered if they were thinking about their young house guest.

Stop! She told herself. Erin concluded her pent-up sexual frustrations were coming Esenyurt Escort to the fore. It had been a long time, she thought!

But she knew what to do, to release that pent up energy. Her hands wandered over her own body; tonight she wouldn’t even need to take out her favorite toy, a 8″ vibrator.

Undoing her shirt and running her hands over her breasts felt nice. Wetting her finger and then watching her nipple harden as she squeezed it gently felt even better.

She hadn’t touched herself properly in a long time. The hostels were not really designed for that type of privacy, she smiled to herself.

Erin quickly slipped off her panties and soon her fingers were working their magic between her legs. She was very wet, although she felt a little tight; out of practice she giggled.

As she was reaching the point of no return, she was shocked to notice her thoughts were on her hosts; John, the perfect gentlemen – I wonder how big his cock is – and Sarah, with her full breasts and cute arse. And, oh fuck, fuck!

She reached the heights of her first orgasm very quickly.

“Those” videos were her final thoughts as her fingers became saturated with her own juices, cuming in a momentous climax.

The cameras that Sarah had installed in Erin’s bedroom had certainly done the trick, thought John, as his wife ran her lips over his hard cock.

“Baby, can you believe it,” said Erin. “Such a nice girl; Looks like leaving those videos out did the trick.”

John smiled. “Well, let’s hope the next part of the plan works just as well.”

They had been hosting backpackers for a long time now. Sometimes the plan worked, sometimes it didn’t.

The idea was for the guest to discover that the security cameras had inadvertently been left on. And either they would be shocked and outraged, or they would say nothing. Now and then, the guests would up and leave, but the odd one earned their free lodgings.

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