The Seduction

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He doesn’t hear the door as it swings open.

She comes in and quietly kicks off her 3 inch heels. The same ones that hurt her feet terribly but accentuate the sleek, sexy lines of her shapely legs.

He is busy cooking the meal that he has longed to cook for her. She is the love of his life. The relationship is still new but he feels as if he has known her his entire existence. The smell of the meal permeates the home. This abode that seemed so cold only a few months ago is now a home, full of budding love and warmth. He smiles, lost in his thoughts.

She rounds the corner to the kitchen and sees him there and her heart swells. She watches as the man that stole her heart is dancing to music that only he can hear. The headphones plugged deeply into his ears, as he sings along.

She giggles.

He has totally captured her. Her slender figure moving cat like behind him. She reaches for him and as her hands touch his hips her ample breasts with diamond hard nipples press into his back.

With a jolt he sends the spoon full of marinara sauce soaring to the ceiling. The sauce going everywhere. Turning to face her his heart thumping hard against his toned chest. His surprised look was quickly turned to laughter as they fell into each others arms. He wiped the sauce from her cheek and she from his nose. Their eyes locked on each other.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” he said with a start.

She giggled as she responded, ” I know, I was wanting to surprise you. Maybe not this much,” laughing as she wipes the tomato from his ear.

His hand slips to her waist drawing her body to his own. Her body moving willingly to his.

She wonders to herself how this man who seems so different from the ones she has always dated could have found her, enchanted her and made her fall so deeply in love with him. As he leaned in and kissed her she knew. The tingling in her toes as his tongue found hers, the beads of sweat that developed on the swell of her breasts told her that he was the one. The man she had been looking to find, but she hadn’t found him. He found her.

Mike looked at his new love. Her beauty took the breath from the depth of his soul. He felt like a school boy. Giddy and nervous. “I am an educated man,” he thought to himself. ” I am well spoken and have a wide vocabulary. Yet when I am with her, I am unable to speak a coherent sentence.”

So Travesti he says the only thing he can.

In a whisper that only they can hear he says.

“I love you!” and with that their lips meet in a full body, toe curling kiss. Their lips pressing firmly to each others as the dance begins. Her hands on his chest, his around her waist.

Their kiss deepens. The fever pitch of desire races through there bodies. Forgotten was the meal on the stove as the hunger for each other drew to a boil. Her hand runs up his chest and around his neck as she pulls his mouth firmer against her own. The kiss sending the electricity of lust coursing through their veins. Every part of them coming alive.

Feeling the stirring in his groin, his shaft becoming rigid, he gently pulls her hips to his own. The evidence of his desire pressing firmly against her thigh.

She exhales as she feels his member throb against the fabric of her deep blue dress. The throbbing matching the beating of their hearts fast and erratic.

Her own heat burning through the cloth of his blue jeans.

Slowly he backed her up against the wall and she could feel the coolness in contrast to her inflamed flesh. Not breaking their kiss he ran his hands down her sides and with slow hands he started to lift her tight dress up her nylon encased thighs. She squirmed wanting him to go faster. Yet knowing that the slow movement was only making her want him even more.

He stopped the movement of his hands as the dress sat poised so that just a hint of her silk panties showed. “Why is he stopping now!” she thought , “can’t he feel how hot I am, how wet he has made me?” As if reading her mind he lowers himself to his knees as his hands slide down her body. As his hands start their gradual ascent up from her knees to her thighs his mouth places kissed wherever his lips touch, left thigh, right thigh alternating back and forth. This was no longer a dance, this was agonizing torture. Then as he neared the V in her hips he looked up and saw the pure lust reflecting in her eyes.

With their eyes locked, he looks at her damp panties then looks up at her again as if asking permission.

“Please,” she sighed almost inaudibly, “oh god please,” the last more begging.

His trembling fingers push her dress up to her hips, his mouth moves towards the source of her dampness, Ankara Travesti and her legs open for him.

Running a finger on either side of the top of her black undergarment she lowers it, revealing the smooth shaved flesh and the slightly puffed lips of her sex. As her panties hit the floor his tongue made contact with her boiling clit. She shakes at the feel of his tongue on her and she lets her hips move. Guiding his expert tongue to the places she needed, no yearned for his tongue to be. She moves her hands to his head and he moans as she both pulls his mouth harder to her but pushes her hips slightly up and harder against him causing his tongue to slip deep between her velvet smooth lips. She moans loudly as the first wave of orgasm sweeps through her, releasing a brief flood of her nectar. She heard the sound of swallowing and knew he was drinking her.

Losing herself, she surrenders her body and her juice to this man, HER man. She no longer cares about anything other than the continual waves of her cumming. She feels the flood gates open and her juice spilling over his mouth and chin. She shakes feeling that her legs will give out, that the only reason she still stood was because his mouth, his sweet cum covered face was holding her up.

Tears ran down her cheek as the final wave crested and broke over the shore of his tongue, he moaned loudly. As he drank in the last drop of her sweetness he rose to his feet and lifted her body up. Locked eyes with hers. Her legs wrapped around his waist and crossed at the ankles as he lowered her onto his throbbing aching rock solid 8 inch shaft.

He held her there. Her hips gyrating on his pulsating cock. His hips thrust upwards and holding deep within her. As if someone had put the moment on pause as the only movements in the room were their heart, their breathing and the constant pulsing, throbbing, clenching and milking of his cock and her pussy.

As he began to move, not slowly, but more forcibly in and out of her trembling sweating body the man was replaced by animal. His moan now a growl deep in his throat as he gripped her firm bottom and drove in and out with the force and power only the strong legs of an athlete can deliver. Her body bounced up with each thrust of his hips and she used her legs to drive down hard onto his shaft. Soon they were both emitting sounds of grunts, İstanbul Travesti squeals moans and cries. Her long nails ripped lightly at the flesh of his back leaving red lines as she marked her man. Her mouth falling to the nape of his neck biting him. He howled in both pleasure and pain. And He shook as his hot seed engorged his balls and shaft.

As the building reached a crescendo it was like a great orchestra conductor was in control of his orgasms. With each upward movement of the conductors baton he sprayed inside her, with each downward stroke he would coil to thrust upward and spray again and again and again!

As she felt his molten seed fill her cavern she gave in and let her nectar flow freely. Grinding and gyrating against each other as life giving fluid was exchanged. Until with bodies totally spent they collapsed onto the carpeted floor and lay there unable to move. Panting and twitching, bodies wet with their juices, she kisses him lightly and moves down his body. He is totally incapable of moving as he watches his love take his still pulsing penis into her mouth. Watching as all of him disappears, as her nose is now pressed against his groin and the tip of his cock tickles the back of her throat. Her head moves up and down on his shaft as she licks and suck their combined juice of his cock.

Her mouth picks up speed, her head slamming up and down with the same voracity as her hips had just moments before. “She is not just cleaning me,” he groaned.” She wants to make me cum again!”

And sure enough as he looked into her eyes, she nodded her head signalling that she wanted him to fill her mouth with his hot sweet cum.

And he did.

Arching his back and then thrusting upwards he took her mouth and was soon spurting his thick cum down her sweet throat until at last there was no more. Not one drop of moisture remained except that of their mouths and so they kissed.

Once again the kiss was tender and loving.

As they laid in the after glow of their bonding, realizing that there was no longer any doubt of their love for each other.

the cry of the smoke alarm awoke them to the burning sauce on the stove, they run naked to the kitchen and pull things off the burners and begin to laugh completely filling the home with love and laughter.

“Chinese?” he sputters through his laughter.

“Yes,” she exclaims as they both hurriedly dress.

And as they hurry out the door she looks back and with a wink says.

“And when we come back,” she hesitated for effect, “I am having YOU for dessert.”

The door slams shut as his sigh of pleasure echoes off the walls.

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The Windjammer Cruise Ch. 02

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April 2008

Authors Note: This is a continuation of “The Windjammer — Chapter 1”. The reader may want to read it first in order to understand the characters.


Dinner in San Juan

The kids and I enter our room at the hotel. They are excited to see the view out on our balcony. Our room overlooks the ocean and the beach.

“Dad? Carol, Linda and I want to go exploring downtown. If we stay as a group, would that be OK?” Charlie asks.

“As long as you stay as a group, it’s fine with me. Why not find us a place to have dinner tonight. I’m starved. And remember, we are meeting down in the lobby at 6:30.” I reply.

“OK, we will meet you there. What are you going to do?” he asks.

“I think I’ll just take a quick shower and relax a bit. See you at 6:30, and I don’t want to hear that you and Carol tried to loose Linda.”

“Would we do that?” he asks with a grin on his face.

“Get out of here, and be good”

The breeze coming in the window reminded me I was on vacation in the Caribbean. The sea air was very refreshing.

During my shower, I kept having flashbacks of Ellen reaching up for a pillow and blanket on the plane this morning. The way the blouse hugged her body was very erotic. I was instantly hard again. My hand quickly reached down, allowing me to relieve the tension that had been building all day. A quick nap afterwards is rejuvenating.

I dress in slacks and a loose linen shirt. As I walk down to the lobby, I wonder how the evening will be? Will Ellen cause me to be frustrated again. I know you haven’t really flirted, but I find myself thinking about you more and more.

The kids are already in the lobby waiting for us. Charley comes up to me to let me know we have reservations for 6:45 at a place down the block. The girls tell me about a club they found down the block that they want to go visit tonight after dinner.

In the middle of telling me about the club, Carol’s eyes got real wide. “Mom?”

We all looked where Carol’s gaze was directed. There stood Ellen, looking very different from the “conservative Mom” you had earlier. I’m sure my jaw dropped.

You were wearing a light blue paisley dress that has spaghetti straps and ends about 3 inches above you tan legs. The top is cut square across allowing me to see the tops of you tan breasts. The waist is cinched, accentuating your shapely figure. You are wearing very simple sandals’ with a 2 inch heal. Ellen’s hair is brushed back and held with a clip and there is just a hint more make up than earlier. Most surprising of all was the fact that you aren’t wearing a bra. Evidently there was a cool breeze in the elevator on you way down.

“Mom, I can’t believe you’re dressed like that.” Carol exclaimed.

“Carol, I’m on vacation. Your father isn’t here to get uptight about it. Are you wanting this vacations to be ultra conservative for everybody?” Ellen replied, shifting her glance between Carol and Charlie, who were holding hands.

You then turned towards me and asked, “Terry, do you find this too outlandish?”

“At the risk of upsetting Carol, I think you look fantastic. I’ll feel proud getting the glares from the other guys we pass. Let them think I’m your husband.” I replied while looking you in the eye.

“Dad, you shouldn’t encourage Mrs. B like that.” my daughter exclaimed.

“Charlie, why not lead the way to dinner. We don’t want to miss our reservation”. I then hold out both my elbows, one for Linda and one for Ellen. Linda ignores me and runs to grab hold of her brothers other elbow.

“Do you think this is too daring?” Ellen whispers too me.

I glance at you, taking in your sexy looks from head to toe and reply, “Depends on how you feel in it? I wasn’t kidding about how fantastic you look.” Then I whisper, more to myself than anyone else, “but seeing you like that is making walking a little difficult”.

You obviously heard what I said because you squeeze my arm, allowing your breast to press against me and say, “Thanks, a lady likes to know you can still have an effect like that now and then. Lord knows Jeff hasn’t noticed that lately.”

Dinner was delightful. Ellen sat on the other side of the table. This gave me the opportunity to talk with you easily. The kids were anxious to visit the dance club they had seen earlier.

“Dad, do you mind seeing that Mrs. B. gets back to the hotel? Linda, Carol and I want to head down the block to the dance club we saw earlier. What time do we have to be back?” Charlie asked.

“If Ellen doesn’t mind, I’d be honored to escort her back. We might even stop at the Jazz club we walked by on our way here. We are leaving for the cruise at 1pm. You guys are all over 21. You are responsible for yourselves. I will be having breakfast at 10am and expect you three to make an appearance by then. So use your best judgment.” I tell them.

“Aw Dad, I hate it when you tell us to use our best judgment. Then we have to guess what time you think is right.” Linda Lara Travesti whines.

I just grin and see Ellen wink at me. The kids quickly take off before I do set a time for them.

After paying the bill, Ellen and I begin walking along the road. “Terry, I really liked how you handled that. Jeff would have set some arbitrary time and that would be that. You seem to enjoy being with your kids, but giving them the space they need.”

“Thank you. You and Carol seem to get along ok.” I replied.

The Beachside Entertainment

We continued walking in silence for a block before Ellen asked, “Terry, did you know I really like Jazz when you said that to the kids?”

I laugh before replying, “No I didn’t, but I love jazz too. And, to be honest, I wanted get some more glares from those guys who are jealous, thinking I’m the lucky one taking you to bed tonight” I flirt.

You turn a deep shade of red before putting your arm through mine. “I think I’m going to enjoy this week Terry. You are such a flirt, and You’ve already boosted my self esteem more than Jeff has in the last 10 year. Thanks.”

“The Blue Lagoon” is an open air bar with a thatched roof, tikki torches and the sea breeze. “What would you like a drink?” I asked Ellen. I was momentarily distracted and had to ask you what you had said a second time. You has just taken a seat, crossing you legs, causing you flimsy dress to ride high on you thighs. The gentle wind from the ocean was caused your nipples to become very prominent.

You grab the drink menu and looks through it diligently until you spot a picture of the drink a lady at the next table over is having. “I’d like to try an Appletini” you respond.

I go up to the bar to order you an Appletini, and my Bushmills with a diet coke. I’m surprised at how much apple Vodka goes into the drink and wonder what effect it will have on you. I know you had two Bloody Mary’s while on the plane and we both had a large glass of wine with dinner.

When I return to the table, I see your sandals are on the deck in front of you and you are tapping your toes in rhythm with the music. When I hand you your drink, I watch in amazement as you take a big gulp.

Just as I’m about to sit down, you set down your drink and grab my hand, leading me to the dance floor. It’s a fast song, and I enjoy watching you as you move to the music. Your dress flares out at the bottom in a very sexy way. Two songs later, the little quartet slows it down. You step right next to me like we’d been dancing for years. You lift your arms around my neck. I feel the heat of your body against me, your firm breasts pressing into my stomach. I smell your clean hair as it brushes against my chin. Holding you like this is very exciting. I wonder if you can feel my arousal between us. It takes all my self control to keep from letting my hands wander over you body.

When we return to our table, you quickly downed the rest of your drink. “What are you drinking?” you ask.

I watch as you walk to the bar, swearing you are wiggling your hips more than usual. Then I wonder if you are flirting or have had too much to drink. I glance around to see a number of other guys and gals checking you out.

“They ran out of glass glasses, so we have to settle with plastic” you inform me before plopping down in my lap. You then lean over and whisper, “Do you think those guys are jealous now?”

I chuckle before replying, “Yes, I’m sure they are, and from the looks of it, there might be a few jealous ladies too”.

You drape your arm around my shoulder. This gives me a birds eye view of your thinly veiled breasts. After taking a drink, I let my hand “slip” onto your knee. You jump and giggle, “You’re just trying to get me chilled with those cold hands of yours so my nipples get hard.” I can tell you are feeling no pain at this point.

“No Ellen, I wasn’t trying to do that. My intentions are honorable. Besides, I’d noticed that your nipples were already hard” I say before blowing warm air in their direction. “Does that help?”

“If I didn’t know better (and I don’t) I’d think you are trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me.” you slur.

A walk on the Beach

The band takes a break, so I suggest we take a walk on the beach. You grab your sandals and we grab our drinks and off we go, out the back way to the beach.

As we walk along, I wonder where this week will lead. I find you very attractive and enjoy being around you. Will anything sexual happen between us? What will our kids think if it does? Will they tell our spouses if they do find out?

You tell me to hold out my hand and then hang your sandals on my finger and put your drink in my hand. I then watch as you lift your dress a little higher and start running down the beach towards the water. You frolic in the foam up to your knees. You lift your dress higher, unaware that in doing so I see the black lace panties you are wearing. I follow you as you move down the surf Manavgat travesti towards our hotel. After awhile, you come out of the water and retrieve your drink. You take a big sip. You then lean up against me and give me a big wet kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for allowing me to come along. I’ve really needed some time away from home; to unwind, to think about things.”

We continue walking down the beach, each of us silent and in our own little world. With the alcohol for courage I take the first step over the line. I reach out to take your hand in mine. You look up at me with a questioning look, as though asking “is this real?” But then your smile begins to radiate and I know I made the right decision.

A few steps later, you stop and turn to me and ask, “Terry, have you heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”? I nod yes. “How do you feel about making a new saying, “What happens on vacation stays on the vacation?”

“Ellen, I met you five years ago at the Speech tournament and since then, I’ve thought about you a lot. I think I was more disappointed when Charlie and Carol split a month later the he was. I know this could get complicated, and I’m not sure how the kids would take it, but I want to ask you a question. ” I pause, hoping I don’t get slapped, but pretty sure I won’t. “Ellen, would you be offended if I kissed you?”

By way of an answer you stepped closer to me, lifting my hand to your cheek. “Terry, right now, I can’t think of anything I’d like better. Well maybe one or two things..”

I use my fingers to lift your chin towards my lips as I lower my head. Our lips brush together and I feel the heat. Our tongues make that first tentative entrance into the others mouth. Soon they are dancing with passion. My right hand moves through your hair.

I break the kiss, looking down into your eyes for a response. You lift your glass toward me, “Cheers, and here is to a great beginning to what I think might be a wonderful week”. You then down the rest of your drink, letting your glass and sandals fall to the sand.

We come together in a passionate embrace. Our bodies are pressed against each other. I feel your firm breasts against my chest. I’m sure you feel my arousal burning between us. My fingers are running through your soft hair while yours are under my shirt, caressing my back.

I break the kiss, nibbling my way along your chin so I can whisper in your ear how sexy you are. “Terry, you are a very handsome man. You don’t know how long I’ve yearned to hear someone call me sexy.” You murmur in reply.

“Well you certainly look sexy in those black panties you are wearing.” I giggle.

“How do you know what color panties I’m wearing?” you query with a shocked expression on your face.

I chuckle before replying. “Well Ellen, you should be a little more careful when you lift your dress up while frolicking in the ocean. You were fully exposed out there, and with the full moon, it was quite a show. And, a very nice show I might add”

I see you blushing as I lean down to kiss you again. Your arms snake behind me, pulling me against you. I shift slightly to let my right leg slide between your thighs. You let your legs part slightly, allowing my thigh to press against you. I feel you moan into my mouth. Your hands slide under my shirt, your finger tips pulling at my back muscles.

The fingers of my left hand glide through your soft hair as I pull your mouth tight against mine. You begin sucking my tongue into your mouth making me yearn to know what it would feel like to have you sucking on something else. I wonder if you know the effect you are having on me. Then I realize you must given that your hip is pressing against my growing bulge.

My right hand slides up your smooth arm towards your shoulder. Your skin is soft and warm to my touch as I lower it down your back. I grin to myself thinking about how you would react if I lowered the zipper I’m touching now. My arm stretches further, allowing me to cup your ass. You moan again as this increases the pressure of my thigh against you. I feel you shudder against me as I drag my fingers up your side, around your arm to the base of your breast.

You unrestrained beast is firm in my hand. As I begin squeezing you, I feel you flexing your hips, increasing the pressure of my thigh against your sex. Your nipples are like erasers pressing into my palm. From the feel, I’m guessing you are a 34B.

You moan out loud as I nibble my way along your neck. I capture your left nipple between my fingers and hear you squeal in pleasure. “Gaud that feels good Terry, he never touches me anymore” you murmur.

I glance behind you and see a beach chair a hundred feet down from us. I put my arm around you waist, leading you towards the chair. “Let’s sit down and get a bit more comfortable.” I grin. As we walk, you put your hand in my pocket, squeeze my ass periodically.

When we reach the chair, I sit down, pulling you into my lap. Your Side travesti arms go around my neck and mine around your waist. We are soon locked in a passionate embrace. Our tongues are dancing with a renewed fervor.

I raise my hand so I can cup your breast again. Your nipple feels hard in my hand and I hear you murmur “Yes” as I begin squeezing it. You arch your back, inviting me to squeeze more. I start kissing my way along your chin and down your neck. I find the strap of your dress and let my tongue leave a wet trail along your collarbone until I reach the top of your dress. I lift my head to gaze into your eyes. I see the lust there while you nod your head indicating you want me to continue.

My left hand slowly unzips the back of your dress. My other hand moves to push the spaghetti straps off your shoulders, allowing the cups of your dress to fall down. A look of concern moves across your face as I gape at your newly exposed flesh. “Your breasts are beautiful Ellen. They seem to be begging to be suckled.” I add.

“Please” you croak.

While not large, your breasts are firm and topped with tight brown nipples the size of my pinky. I lean over and blow warm air over your left tit. “hmm” escapes from your lips. You start running your fingers through my hair, slowly pulling my mouth towards your chest.

I extend my tongue so I can flick it over your bundle of nerve endings. You jump with my first contact. You arch your back when I suck your nipple into my mouth. You ass starts squirming in my lap as I let my teeth scrape over your flesh. Your fingers begin drawing my head tighter against your chest, forcing more of your flesh into my sucking mouth. I shake my head, sending new sensations through your body on their way to your sexual middle. the

You seem lost in your own little world of pleasure. Little sounds radiate from inside you. I take this opportunity to slide my right hand down your side, over your hips and along your thighs. You finally notice my fingers caressing you when they touch your right knee. You respond by letting your legs part limply. I continue stroking your inner thigh as my hand moves higher up your leg. Your muscles quiver in anticipation of the explosion that is building inside you.

As my fingers near your sex, I feel your damp heat. The wind shifts and I get a wonderful whiff of your arousal. When I finally touch your panties, I find they are wet with your juices. You moan when I press my finger against your button. You gyrate your hips in an effort to increase the pressure.

My hand moves up your thigh in an attempt to slide a finger inside the leg opening of your thong. I feel your soft honey covered pubs, looking forward to licking off your dew. You moan out loud with pleasure before adding, “Terry, will you make love to me?”

I pull back in surprise, not that I don’t want to have you, but more out of surprise. You quickly pull back when you see my face.

“Don’t you want me?” you ask with a whimper.

I pause before answering, trying to process it all.

“Never mind.” You sob as you bring your hands to your face. I can feel you beginning to cry.

“Ellen, you are so sexy. It’s not that I don’t want to have wild sex with you. It’s just that you caught me by surprise. I have to confess that I’ve had quite a few fantasies of what I’d want to do with you since I met you when our kids first started dating” I whisper.

You look up at me in wonder. “Terry, I have two confessions to make. Since that day we worked together, I’ve wondered what you’d be like. The other thing is, I’ve only been with one man, Jeff, before. I was a virgin till after he asked me to marry him. There are so many things I’ve read about but was afraid to bring it up to Jeff because he’d think I’m a freak.”

I hold you close, brushing my hand over your hair. “Ellen, I had no idea. The other reason I don’t want to make love to you now, key phrase there is now, is that I’m a bad boy scout tonight.” I can tell from the puzzled look on your face that you don’t understand. ” I’m not prepared. I didn’t expect this, so I don’t have any condoms with me. But fear not, I do want you. I want to make you feel so good.”

This must have been the right answer because you take my right hand and place it on your left breast. “You are already making me feel good. I just hope I can make you feel good.” you whisper before putting your lips over mine in a passion filled kiss.

Briefly breaking the kiss, I look into your eyes and say, “I think you are a little over dressed. I can think of something black that you should take off.”

“Hmmm” you murmur, “I think I’m going to like this” you add as you stand up, making a show of sliding your panties down your legs without lifting your dress.

You hand them to me. I feel how damp they are with your juices. You begin blushing as I bring them to my nose to inhale your scent. “Where do you want me Terry?”

I point to my lap. You sit down, not caring that the top of your dress fell down, exposing your firm chest. It is then that I notice there are no tan lines. My hand slides up under your dress, letting my fingers tickle your inner thigh. You make no move to close your thighs, but rather spread them open, inviting me in.

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The Roommate Ch. 02: The Massage

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Chapter 2. The Massage

If I have to use one word to describe my relationship with Niena after she performed one of the most memorable blow job of my life, it would be indescribable.

We are definitely not dating or together in any terms, she made that abundantly clear after that night, saying that she is not really looking for a serious relationship for now. On the other hand, she is not seeing other guys after she broke up with Klaas, which I take as a good sign. She and I joked as usual, hugged and kissed as usual, but aside from that there are no further actions of endearment. And it is not like I have not been trying. Ever since that last blowjob I have been greatly encouraged. I tried every chance I can to establish physical intimacy. A hug from behind next to kitchen table, or a kiss before we leave for work seems acceptable to her, but any time I progress to her chest or lower abdomen, I was met with a gentle push away or a firm grasp on my wrist.

“No sorry I am not in the mood.” Who would have thought that seven little words would become the source of all my frustration, anxiety and insecurity? My mind immediately opted for the worst-case scenario, that she regretted that night, that nothing essentially changed between I and her, that soon again a new Klaas will show up and I have to brace myself for that.

It was with this mood that I entered our Sunday cleaning session. Sunday was the day we cleaned our apartment. While I am not famous for my cleaning skills, Niena is generally quite competent in cleaning and directing how to clean. So quite naturally I became her lovely assistant. Cleaning makes her very happy, but it also inevitably makes her very tired. This weekend we had a lot to clean given that we just removed our Christmas tree, and leaves and twigs were everywhere. For a whole afternoon we cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, it was until 7 o’clock that we were finally done, and were eating a pizza with gin tonics.

“God I am exhausted. I feel like my arms might fall off and my wait would dislocate from my spine.” Niena complained loudly, with half a pizza in her mouth.

“Well,” I commented ” Sorry love but this is your fault. You bent down too much when you clean.”

“Yeah, and someone ogres my caboose too much when I was cleaning. ” Niena laughed ” If you spent half of the time you used looking at my ass in cleaning, we would have been done a lot faster.”

“Well sorry I am a guy. “I faked a tone that sounded like I was greatly wronged ” and you do have a nice ass.” I added with a smile.

” Oh how much do I love you.” Niena shook her head. I was thinking to myself: “if you love me then why did we stop fucking”, when Niena suddenly stopped talking, an exhale of pain interrupting her sentence.

“Damn, now I have muscle spasms.” She said, with clear pain in her voice.

“Let me take a look.” I approached, very concerned. “Does it hurt here?” I placed my hand on the muscle between her shoulder blade and her spine.

“Yes right there.” She sounds surprised. “How did you know?”

“Well I am a pretty good masseur with some experience. Your problem is textbook.” I shrugged and suddenly realize the potential lying before me. “I mean if you want I can give you a massage, should be able to alleviate the pain right away. We do have massage oil in the house. ” I tried my very best to sound as nonchalantly as possible, suppressing the excitement and hope in my voice.

“A massage? I don’t know. “she looked at me sheepishly, clearing suspecting something. ” It always tickles me, and you have been trying a lot of funny business lately.” Damn this girl is smart and onto me!

“Well Niena darling,” I decided to pull out the big gun. I sat next to her and held her hand, using my sincerest voice and most innocent looks (she always says that whenever I gave her that look I reminded her of a pug that she loves).” I am just trying to help. It bugs me that you are in pain. And all this time you have known me, when have I failed you?” I looked at her with a beseeching look, hope that she did not notice that I danced around the “funny business” issue and just focused on the massage.

“Am I to be naked? “She asked.

” It is not necessary but I would work best if you are.” I answered honestly, quite nervous to her answer.

She frowned a bit, making up her mind, and then Anadolu Yakası Travesti said: “ok fine. Can you give me a minute, I want to shower first.”

“Sure, take all the time you need. “I was so happy that she said yes and almost had trouble keeping my voice calm.

While she was inside showing, I began to prepare her room. I put a large beach towel down on her bed to prevent oil and other liquid from smearing her covers. I lit some candles, put down the drape, disconnected the phone and turned up the heat. I also put the oil in a small bowl and put the bowl in warm water, so that the cold sensation would not startle her. Last but not least, I stripped down to my underpants. It is a good thing that I have been working out these days and was in pretty good shape. While I folded up my jeans and put it in her chair, I slid a condom in the back pocket in case I get lucky. The moment I was done with my preparations, the bathroom room door opened and Niena walked out with a towel around herself. The water vapor made her blush, and her wet brown hair clung to her chest. She looked like Lady of the Lake, hauntingly beautiful.

She was a bit startled that I was already half naked, but soon curiosity was replaced by an appraising smile. It seems that she liked what she saw.

“So, Guru Rudie,” She asked and sat down on the edge of the bed ” How do we proceed?”

“You may want to remove the towel and then lay face down on your pillow. Let me know when you are ready.” I turned away to grab the oil. For a while there was only silence, and I half expected her to change her mind. Yet eventually I heard the towel drop on the floor and her fumbling on her bed. Soon she spoke to me dreamily, her voice muffled by the pillow “OK, I am ready.”

I took a deep breath, and turned around.

Even though the sun was mostly blocked by the curtain, a few arrays of light broke through and shined on her body. Due to the fact that she just showered, a little water steam was still arising from her skin. She looked like she was made of marble and had no poles. Her ass is like a peach, soft and perky, with a rosy shade on it. Her legs are long for her body, firm and muscular. Between her legs, half hidden, was a little pink cavity, perfectly shaved. Her labia opened up in a subtle inviting way. I swallowed and suddenly felt very thirsty.

I started with a normal therapeutically massage, starting around her spine and her shoulder. She was ticklish at first, especially when I massage the side of her body. The combination of my touch and the flowing of oil around her skin was a lot to take at first, but she soon got used to it. When I moved to her legs, intentionally avoiding her ass and genital area, she is already totally immersed in pleasure, occasionally letting out a small mourn even. This went on for about 20 minutes, and I can feel her whole body relaxing as all the tension was gone. Trying my luck, I lingered around the bottom of her leg, the side of my hands occasionally grazing across her pussy lips. What I felt was moisture and an encouragingly low mourn, like the purring of a cat. I decided to go for it.

I scooped up a handful of oil and carefully aimed for her ass creek. Wonderful vanilla oil rolled down her check, across her beautiful little puckered hole which is twitching to the sensation, and guided by her labia, flowed towards her entrance like river meeting a dam.

“You have a lot of tension down here.” I asked quietly ” I can help with that.”

She did not reply, she just took a deep breath and nodded.

The tip of my finger slid across her vagina, locating both the clitoris and the entrance. Her pussy was pink like a virgin and her entrance seemed very tight. I positioned my index finger at her entrance, and very gently slid it in.

“Ohhh Rudie!” I can feel her tense up and I gently cooed her, “It is okay babe. You are doing so well babe.”

Dear lord she is tight, and warm and wet. I can feel her vaginal muscle clamping around my fingers, and I cannot even bend my fingers. Niena made a squeaky noise, which at first made me worry if I was hurting her. But instead she spread her leg a bit wider, and lifted her lower body up in the bed to give me better access, I took it as a good sign and continued, trying to bend my fingers downwards to a little curve to find her magic spot.

I have known Antalya Travesti for a long time that tantric massage is a lot like normal massage, as vaginal muscles are instinctively tight and flexed at first, but will eventually loosen up after touching and pressing. After five minutes of my finger moving in and out of her, Niena seemed much more at ease. A mixture of juice and oil is making my movement much easier. Her juice is creamy and clear, not sticky and very fluid. Every time I slid my finger out, a few drops got carried out and ooze slowly down her crotch. Soon she was well lubed that I could slid my middle finger in as well, and my fingers curved down, searching for the prize.

Her G spot is not deep, about two thirds of a finger down her vagina. When I pressed the little spongy wall she arched back her back, widening her butt cheek, and purred a long, out-of-breath “ahhhhhhhh” in the air.

“There, doctor, I think I need some extra work there.” She smiled with her eyes closed.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I quickened my paced, my fingers quickly tickling her spot. She was growing restless, and as her breath quickened my touches also quickened. She was so wet and her pussy was making sloshy noises under my fingers.

All of a sudden, she tensed up, her hands grabbing the tower and I can feel her vaginal muscle in spasm. Niena let out a long but not constant moan, her voice broke by the waves of pleasure. Underneath her, the towel was wet and damp as flows of juice slowing rolled down.

This sight almost flipped me over. With a boner hard as steel, it took all I could do not to ride her like a mustang right there right now. However I was not done with her yet.

I slapped her on the ass and said “flip over and sit up.” she was still breathing heavily after the post orgasm bliss, and reluctantly complied.

I sat back against the bed board, opening my legs. She lied back, with the same positon, against my chest. It is like she was leaning on an armchair with a man as her cushion.

I reached for her breast from beneath her shoulder. I have known them from our previous encounter. Her nipples were already hard, and the oil and her soft breasts can make any man forget about all his dreams and ambition, and just bury his head between them and rub it in. I played and tweaked with her nipple, making her ticklish and laughing. She could definitely feel my raging boner from the small of her back, and wiggled teasingly to get some revenge.

Eventually my hands moved to her naval and further down her lower abdomen. She spread her legs apart like an eagle, her hands holding her knees up in the air, her head lying on my chest, blushing furiously, while I gently pulled her labia apart like treating a spring flower, and revealed her clitoris.

Her clit is the perfect resemblance of a pearl. It was not big, but quite round, pink as the rest of her genitals. Her clit fold skin was also not long, barely covering the clit. With my left index finger and thumb, I formed a ring, circling the clit and the upper labia, and with my right hand, I started to draw a shape around her clit with my right index finger, the shape of infinity, or the shape of a Arabic number 8 put horizontally.

I paced myself, not too fast, not too slow, just gently dancing around her clit. Niena was in such an aroused state now, her juice was slowly flowing out of her hole like a wicked white chocolate fountain.

“You feel this ring of finger, babe?” I purred at her, gently sucking at her ear lobe and the back of her beck. “Inside there is pleasure babe, inside there is orgasm.”

“Faster.” She said quietly.

“I am sorry I did not hear you.” I teased

” Faster.” She said a bit louder, this time with a bit of urgency in the tone. ” Please.”

“Why, you wish is my command.” I stopped doing the dance of fingers, and put her pearl between my right index and middle finger, and started rubbing my fingers together, accelerating faster and faster.

She laid her head on my shoulder. I can hear her heart racing. Her legs spread so wide that you can see her pussy so clearly. Her lower body keeps twitching. The sensation and the upcoming orgasm fears her, but she could not escape the fingers. No matter how she twisted and arched her back, the fingers were not leaving her, they just kept bullying her little pearl, putting Ataşehir Travesti oil on it, pressing it, flicking it, rolling it…….

And finally, Niena came.

“OHHHHHHHHH RUDIE! ” She shouted so loud that the neighbors must have heard us.

Her pussy and her asshole were twitching open and shut furiously, like a fish gasping for water. For some reasons, it reminded me of Edward Munch’s painting The Screamer. Her juice was free flowing. She was not a squirter but it is like a water tap is opened. Clean, slightly white juice is gushing out, making the room smell like rich cream.

“Get up and come here.” I commanded, as she lied atop of me, almost passed out. My plan was not to give her any time to rest, I wanted to keep her orgasm nonstop.

I dragged over her chair and put it on her warm woolen carpet. I went over to her bed and picked her up like a princess, the orgasms have already rendered her motionless. I put her down on the carpet, then sat on the chair, lifted her knees so they are hanging on my knees, and opened her leg.

This is an unusual position for fingering but I decided to go a bit adventurous today. The scent of her orgasm drove me crazy and restless. This would have worked better on the back of a sofa, but I guess I will have to make do.

So there she is, my beautiful Niena, upper body lying on the floor, lower body in the air, in front of the chair being held up by me, her pussy vertically above her breasts, opening like a lustful lotus for me.

“You are the devil.” She smirked, yet an uncontrollable excitement in her voice.

“Oh yes that I am.” I smiled down at her from her pussy, the smell is driving me crazy me. ” I am gonna burn.”

I slid two fingers in her pussy, and the thumb of my other hand starts to furiously rub on her pussy. My experience tells that this position is not meant to last long. Before all the blood rushed to her brain, I would make her cum as much as possible.

In a matter of minutes, she was cumming again, unable to withhold the simultaneous stimulation of clit and g-sot, her pussy twitching insanely. When the pleasure came she almost wiggled free like a fish into the ocean, her legs shoots straight into the air and her hands grasping aimlessly. Yet I did not stop after the orgasm, my fingers are drilling deeper and my right index and thumbing rolling and pulling at her clit. Within two minutes she came again.

“Ahhhhhh kill me now.” She screamed, her pussy juice so overflowing that they dripped on her boobs.

I was close to my own edge. Almost one hour of watching this insanely hot woman cumming was making me sensitive to the slightest touch. I do not plan to fuck her today. No, I will wait until I can do it nice and slow, right now I need a quick release.

I let her leg down and put her on the floor, I then threw off my underpants, my soldier jumping eagerly out to salute its mistress. I lied down next to her in opposite direct, spread her leg, used her leg as pillow, and spread her lips.

Niena quickly caught my drift. Just as I started to gently perform cunninglingus on her oh-so-wet pussy, she stuffed my penis down her mouth like a sausage.

Her pussy smells so delicious. Wet and slippery, I run the tip of my tongue from her clit all the way to her asshole, and then always the way back. She tastes like salted cream. Down under, my body shivers as the tip of her tongue meets the tip of my penis.

“Suck my clit please, I am so close.” She asked squeamishly.

I gladly obeyed, rolling her pearl under the tip of my tongue like a kid sucking on a lollipop, sometimes shoveling my tongue down her pussy to taste the nectar deep within. Her soft leg wrapped around me, forming a luxurious pillow. Down under where I cannot see, her lips sucked furiously as her tongue tickled my opening.

She came first. I can feel her whole body tense up all of a sudden, and her pearl grow hot under my tongue. Her legs were shaking and her muscles contradicted against my tongue. I came seconds later, fighting a losing battle against her magic tongue, and unloaded myself into her mouth.

Five minutes later, we were gently kissing on bed, tasting each other’s essence off each other’s mouth.

“Well,” She caressed my face. “That was one hell of a stress release.”

“I can think of better ways. “I smiled “One that requires less hands and more waist movement.”

She giggled.

“Not today love. If I come any more I will have trouble walking.” She said “But what are you imagining? Care to share?”

“Oh I have a very vivid imagination. “I leaned in to kiss her deeply. And we tangled together into a dreamless warm sleep.

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The Workout

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This story was written to be narrated by another Literotica member, SomeAussieGuy. Here, is the manuscript.


Introduction: Another day at the gym. I’ve been working out for about 20 minutes, now. Not too long. I’m walking on the treadmill at a pretty steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. Even though it hasn’t been that long, I am starting to break a light sweat. I’m dressed in navy blue, nylon Adidas® track pants and a black wifebeater. After a bit, I notice an incredibly, beautiful young lady walk in with a gorgeous figure. She walks across the room to get to the equipment that she’s going to use, so I get a perfect view of her backside. She is wearing tight, dark grey sweatpants and a very cute, little hot pink sports bra. Her butt is squeezed so tight in those pants, and it switches lovely from side to side as she walks. I try to look away quickly so that I don’t get too excited, because if I do it will be easily seen through these thin, loose, track pants.

Warm up: So, I continue minding my own business. My walking has now accelerated to a jog and I’m watching the news over the sound of the treadmill. Sweat is starting to run down my face and neck. I take the towel around my neck and quickly wipe the sweat from my eyes. I’m breathing and panting hardly. I glance over at you on the elliptical. Gosh, I can’t help myself. I’m savoring the sight of you. Those tight, soft buns moving up and down rhythmically as you pedal. Your delicate hips are swaying graciously from side to side. You haven’t broken a sweat, yet; but I anticipate seeing it when it begins to drip down your hot skin that showing on your back. Your sports bra is hugging you nicely. As I continue gazing at you, I start to become aroused again. My body is already heated, and you make me even hotter. I can feel my heart rate going up, and I feel the blood rushing to every part of my body, including one part in particular. I’m starting to take notice to the moistness inside my pants from the sweating. The soft, silky, smooth nylon feels good moving against my member as it starts to grow. Mmm…I sort of make a quiet, low grunt. Luckily, no one can hear me over the noise of the machines and the t.v. Finally, I’ve come to the end of my jogging routine and I decide to move over to the elliptical area of the gym. I take a few minutes to cool down, wiping the excess moisture from my face and neck. I take a little time to let my erection go down, then after resting for a minute, I walk over and get on the elliptical next to you. As I start up the machine, I look over at you and smile.

You smile back and say, “Hi.” “Hi, how are you?” I reply.

You say, “Fine, thanks.”

“Great.” (I say).

We get back to working out, and I can’t help but to look over. I was enjoying the view from afar just a few minutes ago, and it’s even better up close. You notice Belek travesti me out the corner of your eye, staring at you. You turn your head over quickly and catch me. I turn my head quickly, a little blushed with embarrassment. I know I can’t deny it though, so I turn my head back over at you again and sort of give you a goofy smile. I turn my head back, looking straight forward for a few minutes. Then I notice you out the corner of my eye glaring at me. Your eyes are focused toward the middle of my body. I catch you take a glance at my crotch. I’m a little embarrassed at my excitement showing. You have a mischievous smirk on your face. I look back over at you, and give you a wink. Surprisingly, you wink back at me. After about ten more minutes, you turn off your machine. Suddenly, you sneak up behind me and grab my butt as I’m moving up and down on the elliptical. You rub it and squeeze it through my pants. I wonder if anyone sees you, but I don’t care. Mmm…damn it feels so good. I grunt when you take me by surprise and dig a little into my crack, through the soft, damp nylon fabric of my track pants. Then, you leave and walk off into the sauna room. I cut my elliptical off and follow you.

The Sauna: When I enter the sauna room, I find you bent over digging through your gym bag that you sat on the bench. I walk up behind you, wrap my hands around your waist and pull your butt up against my crotch. You must be excited already, because I feel your buttocks twitch immediately. Mmm…that got me so hard. My erection is raging, throbbing and jumping. I grunt and groan as I feel pre-cum starting to ooze out of the head of my very hard penis. I turn you around by your waist, so that you’re facing me. I pull you closer, one hand in your hair and start to kiss you. I force my hot tongue into your wet mouth, moving it in and out as if I’m fucking your mouth with my tongue. Then, I pull out and move my tongue down, licking the perspiration off of your hot neck. Your skin is so wet, slippery and smooth. You’re so beautiful and delicate. Mmm…your scent is so sweet. You whimper and moan as I lick you, then I move up your neck and begin to lick and nibble on your earlobes…

“We better get out of here!” you exclaim.

“I have a better idea,” I said. Then, I walked over to the door and locked it. I assure you that the door is locked, and that no one will come in. I tell you that, “they’ll think someone is cleaning.”

The Passion: …after nibbling on your earlobes, I stick the tip of my tongue inside your ear and it drives you crazy. Your moaning is starting to get loud and your breathing has gotten heavy. As I’m fondling inside your ear with my tongue, I slowly start to undo your sports bra from behind, then I squeeze your supple, creamy white breasts. I move my thumbs across your firm, taut nipples. You have Kemer travesti your arms around my waist, and you start to lift up my black, soaking wet wifebeater. I help you out, and lift it up over my head. Sweat is dripping down my chest, both from working out and from being in the steamy sauna.

I take my tongue out of your hear and onto your hot, wet, erect nipples. Mmm…your squirming with pleasure and you murmur, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

I ignore you, flicking my tongue quickly over your nipples as you gasp in ecstasy. While I pleasure you, you move your hands down my waist and onto my backside. You squeeze my rub and squeeze my buttocks, driving me crazy. Then, you move around to my crotch, and begin to rub, squeeze and tug on my erection through my track pants. You can hear the material of the baggy, nylon windpants making noise. My dick is throbbing and jumping inside, and I feel a puddle of wet, slippery, sticky hot pre-cum on the head of my penis, running down my scrotum. “Ahhh… baby,” I grunt out loud, with your tit in my mouth. My saliva is dripping and running down your breast onto your stomach and into your navel. I lick all the way down, and suck it out your navel and you moan in pleasure. As I drive you wild, tonguing your navel, I have my hands on your buttocks and give you a good spank. You shutter with excitement.

I look down and find your tight sweatpants are wet at the crotch. I move my hand down and start to gently massage it. Your moaning increases. Your hot body is shivering with anticipation. Feeling the wetness through the cotton of your sweatpants is driving me crazy. My hardon is raging and my balls are burning, ready to explode, as I’m bowing down with my knees bent, licking your wet, hot, camel tow through your sweatpants. I get more and more excited, so I pick you up and sit you on the bench.

“Spread those legs baby, so I can get in between them.”

I remove your tennis shoes, and then pull your pants down gently. My hot tongue is glistening with saliva as it enters that pretty, pink, supple, hot, moist anticipating vagina. It’s so sticky and sweet. I rub your thighs as I give you head. I can feel your whole body tingling; your chest is moving up and down, breathing so heavily. You’re panting so hard and moaning. Your juices are running down the inside of your thighs and dripping onto your legs. Your body is so wet from the condensation in the sauna room. So is mine, but I still have my pants on. My shirt is off. I pull my tongue out your pussy, and stand up in front of you. My crotch is in front of your face, and you grab me by my butt and push me toward you. You start sucking on my tent through my pants, wetting the front of them. The nylon material is glistening with your spit. I’m about to bust, so I pull back from you so I won’t cum in my pants. As Konyaaltı travesti you pull my pants down, a string of clear, sticky pre-cum is attached from my hard cock to the waistband of my trackies.

You wrap your soft, pretty lips around this dick. Right at that moment, I grunt and my dick jumps inside of your mouth. “Mmm…yeah girl! Suck this dick,” I say excitedly in a commanding voice. Your head is moving back and forward on my cock, as I stand in front of you with my hands on your shoulders and yours on my bare, sweaty buttocks. I start pumping into your mouth, and you begin to gag as I’m hitting the back of your throat. When I pull out of your mouth, my dick jumps. A thick, sticky, nasty mixture of pre-cum and your saliva drips from my throbbing cock. My pants are wrapped around my ankles, and I still have my sneakers on. I pull my sneakers off and pull my pants from around my ankles. Now, we’re both completely naked. I pull out my yoga mat from my gym bag, and lay it on the floor. I pick you up and carry you over and then lie you down gently on the mat. I climb in between your thighs, and hover over you as I kiss you gently on the lips and run my hands through your wet hair. I kiss your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, and then I crack open your pretty, pink, supple lips with my firm, hot, wet tongue and start fucking your mouth again with it. As I’m hovering over you, with my tongue in your mouth, you reach down beneath my abs and grab my hard, thick, meaty dick and start rubbing it on your split. “Mmm…baby, yeah. Your coochie is so slippery and wet,” I murmur as I’m still tonguing you deep.

I move my pelvis forward, trying to reach you. Feeling the tip of your dripping slit against the head of my swollen, throbbing cock. Pre-cum is steadily excreting out of the head of my penis, trembling down onto your pussy. There’s a puddle of your pussy juice and my pre-nut beneath you, on the plastic mat.

“Mmm…girl let me get that “wet wet.”

I look into your eyes and ask if you if you’re ready for it. You look into my eyes and shake your head, “Yes.” I tell you that I’m going to beat that pussy up.

We remain in the missionary position. You’re on your back, snuggled beneath me while I’m on top with my sweaty butt in the air. My cock is pointed toward your centerfold, ready to enter. You being to rub my dick against your entrance faster, and finally I push in. “Ughhh….!” It’s so good, I can’t help but holler out like a lion. My head drops on your shoulder. Your wet, hot, slippery, juicy, sticky poontang makes my knees shake. I’m pumping in and out slowly, my ass in the air, my butthole twitching as I beat your pussy. As I thrust in and out, our juices mix together and produce a cream that oozes out of your pussy while I’m inside you. We can hear the wetness. The excess moisture sounds smooth and sticky, like mayonnaise when you’re stirring it. You slip your finger into my hot, twitching, sweaty butthole, and I let out a manly moan. You have no idea how good this feels to me, having my hole fingered while I beat your pussy. Grunting and groaning.

To be continued…

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The Shower

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It had been a long day. I couldn’t wait to get home and crawl into a hot shower, anything to rid me of this tension and grime of everyday work. I was heading for the bathroom stripping my clothes as I went, when I heard water running.

What a way to end a long day. I see you standing in the shower, your flesh glistening from the water caressing your body. I rid myself of my bra and climb in behind you giving you a bit of a start. We give each other a long lingering kiss, my hands sliding over your hot wet soapy body, caressing every muscle as I work my way down your delicious body, working the soap into a lather all over you.

As my hands move across the tender part of your belly, you sigh, as I reach for your hard cock. I caress him with my hands, stroking him, lathering him into a froth with creamy soap. You grow harder as I administer ever-gentle touches around the head of your cock and down the shaft. I love the feel of your powerful cock sliding through my fingers. Up and down ’til you’re thoroughly clean.

I move on to your engorged balls. You shiver as I lightly caress them. I feel my own hunger growing deep within my own secret spot. Göztepe travesti I go to my knees before you. Looking up, I watch the creamy soap sliding down your body as the spray from the shower rinses it away. I help it along by stroking your cock, watching it trickle off your balls, my own senses swimming. I want you so much. I rub the tip of your cock across my cheek feeling the smoothness of him burning into my tender skin, your own pre cum trickling down my face. I massage it in with your cock, loving the slippery feeling of it on my skin, bringing him closer to my mouth. My hot breath scorches you.

You take my head in your hand, pulling me closer to you, encouraging me to take you. I tease you with my tongue, swirling it around the head of your wonderfully hard cock, lapping up any juices you offer me, sending shivers of anticipation through you…. Slowly I draw you into my hot wet mouth, sucking you in farther til your hard cock reaches my throat. I relax my throat muscles. You slide in effortlessly….. You taste so good….. I slowly withdraw, tracing every vein with my tongue, feeling your every pulsating heart beat. I give Küçükyalı travesti you two more long lingering strokes with my mouth.

Suddenly, you bring me to my feet, kissing me long and hard, taking my breath away. You slide your hand down over my breasts tweaking my nipples, causing them to grow hard under your attentive fingers. I arch back bringing them closer to you. You weigh them as you caress them, bringing them to your searing hot mouth. My body quivers needing you to suckle them. You tease each nipple as you bring them together, sucking and flicking your wet tongue across them. I feel my own juices spill from within. I need you to take me. My excitement growing, as you continue to caress my tits. Your hands glide down over my tender belly, playing with my belly button, sending ever more shivers through me.

I tense slightly as your hand reaches my mound, sliding your fingers into my slit, causing my clit to ache with desire. You rub it gently.

” Babe, I need your cock!”

I beg you to take me, but you ignore my pleas. You continue to explore my sex, causing my body to vibrate with wanton desires. I cling Avrupa yakası travesti to you as my knees go weak. My eyes close, feeling you spreading my hot juices, making me ready for you. You turn me in your arms, kissing my mouth as you do so.

I lean into the wall. Your hands on my hips you pull me on to you, slowly penetrating me. Oh Yes, I need all of you.

You withdraw long enough to tease my clit with the tip of your cock. I move my hips to try to capture you. Obliging me, you slowly drive him home, your balls gently beating against my clit, driving me on. Harder and harder, we slam together, driving our senses wild with heated desire. Your hands pulling me onto you, I feel every beat of your heart deep within my pussy, spurring me on to meet your every stroke.

I need my release. The pressure building deep within, my body tenses as I give in to it. I feel your body spasm. Harder and harder you penetrate me, causing my own orgasm to intensify. My whole body quaking, Your engorged balls release hot creamy sperm deep within me. Your body quaking, you lean on me for support. We both take a deep breath and a deep sigh.

My body filled with the essence of your desire, I lean back into you. You cup my swollen breasts and kiss my neck, sending added shivers through me. With your arms wrapped around me, giving a feeling of deep desire and warmth, I turn to hug and kiss your searing lips ………….


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The Sex Survey

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My name is Lois and I am 22 years old and just graduated college. For the summer, I decided to get a job until my post graduate studies started in the fall. I went on the internet and found that the Johnson Research Foundation was hiring people to take surveys in my area so I went there and filled out an application and was hired.

On my first day, they gave me my I.D. and gave me my first assignment.

They told me that my survey was to find out about people’s sexual fantasies. I almost fell off my chair but they told me it wouldn’t be that bad.

They gave me a clip board, the questionnaire, a mini recorder and a couple of pens.

I looked at the questionnaire and it was pretty simple really. They asked basically for five things:

. Gender
. Age
. Ethnicity
. Fantasy
. Fulfillment

I agreed to do the survey and out I went. My first day out in the field I wore a short skirt and a white blouse with my I.D. tag around my neck.

The first few people I asked just ignored me. A few others did give me responses which I jotted down on the form.

Most of the people responding were women and, to my surprise, their answers were that they fulfilled their fantasy of threesomes with two men.

The men that did answer said that watching their wives or girl friends being fucked by another guy was a fantasy that was fulfilled.

By late afternoon, I had about 25 people who responded to my survey which I thought was pretty good.

Just as I was ready to call it a day, I asked a couple if they would answer my questions. The woman said she would and when I got down to the fantasy and fullfillment part the woman said she would answer that but it would take too long and said she would tell me at their place which was a block away. They invited me to join them at their place and answer over coffee.

I decided to go with them since they looked like Maltepe travesti a well to do couple.

Once at their place, the woman made coffee and we sat down to go over her answers.

She told me that her name was Diane and her husband’s name was Mike. They were both in their forties.

When I asked about their fantasy she told me, “Lois, we have a daughter who just turned 18 and from the day she was born, our fantasy was that she would be an open minded woman when it came to her enjoying her sexuality.”

I asked her what she meant and then her husband answered, “Lois, my wife and I, besides being nudists and raising our daughter in that manner, we also belong to a group that promotes a healthy sexual activity between parents and their offspring as soon as they are of legal age. It has always been our fantasy that our daughter would accept that.”

I looked at them and said, “So, what you are saying is that you have always wanted to have sex with your daughter once she was legal.”

Diane responded with a firm “yes.”

I then asked them if their fantasy has been fullfilled and they both answered “yes.”

I thanked them for their responses and told them I had to go. Diane asked if I would like to learn more about them and their group.

I don’t know why, but I told them I would. As I said that, I could feel a tingling in my pussy and a wetness between my legs.

Diane looked at me and asked if it would be ok if they got naked while we chatted. I told them I didn’t mind.

They excused themselves and in a short time they both came out nude. My eyes opened wide when I saw them. Diane looked terrific, standing about 5’7″, firm breasts, smooth shaven and she let her hair hang down to below her neck.

Her husband stood at least 5’10”, was smooth shaven and had a nice sized cock, with a cock ring around his cock and balls.

I Ümraniye travesti must have turned a little red as Mike asked if I was ok. I told him I was fine. I also told them that they both looked terrific.

As we sat, Diane told me all about their group and what they do. I asked if the group allows singles in or just couples. Diane said that the group only lets couples in but if a couple wants to sponsor a person, they would take their request and decide to allow the person in or not.

Mike asked me if I was interested. I told him I wasn’t sure. I asked them what went on when the group got together.

Diane said, “Lois, you are 22 and seem to be aware of your sexuality. You seem comfortable with us right now. Well, when the group is together, we get naked and enjoy ourselves in whatever sexual activity we choose. Would that be something that interests you?”

I looked at them and said, “I am old enough to know what I enjoy sexually. To be honest, I have been fucked by a few men and have enjoyed women as well. If I must be honest, I do enjoy all aspects of sex.”

Mike looked at Diane then said to me, “Lois, that is very good. You seem to know what you like. Are you interested in being sponsored?”

I don’t know why, but I said, “I am very interested but only if you guys were with me if I am accepted.”

Diane said, “Lois, would you like to join me and Mike now to see if we are all compatible?”

I told her I would like that. Diane and her husband got up and I could see his cock twitching as it got hard. They led me to their bedroom and told me I could undress in their master bathroom. I nodded a yes and went into the bathroom and undressed.

When I came out, they were both standing next to the bed, Mike’s cock fully erect. As I stood there, Diane said, “Lois, you are beautiful. Your tits and nipples are exquisite and your smooth Tuzla travesti pussy is magnificent. Come, join us now.”

As I got to them, they were both feeling me up. They took their turns kissing me and sucking on my nipples. I was in heaven.

We finally got on the bed with me between them. Their hands were all over me. I felt fingers near my pussy not knowing who they belonged to. I just spread my legs for them. I was sucking Diane’s nipples as I felt another finger playing with my asshole. I pushed my ass back letting them I wanted more.

Suddenly, I felt a finger slide into my asshole and another finger into my wet pussy. They were both fingering me.

I heard Diane tell her husband to fuck me. I got on my back, spread my legs wide and guided his cock to my slit. In a second, he had his cock deep into my cunt. He wasted no time and started pounding me as soon as he was fully seated in me.

As he fucked me, Diane was kissing me. I told them I was going to cum. Mike fucked me faster and Diane had her tongue deep into my mouth as her hands squeezed my tits.

Mike yelled out that he was cumming as did I. Then I felt his hot cum shooting into my cunt and I exploded in orgasms. My body shook for an eternity before I was able to relax.

When Mike took out his limp cock, his cum oozed out and Diane was quick to lap up all his cum and even slid her tongue in my cunt to lick whatever cum she could get.

We all rested for awhile when Diane said, “Lois, you were incredible. Please tell us you want us to sponsor you in our club.”

I looked at her and, with a smile said, “If this is what I can expect, I would love for you to sponsor me.”

We all smiled and Diane asked if I would like to stay the night. I told her I would. I then asked her to tell me more about the group.

She smiled and said she would but only after she had her way with me. I smiled and said to her, “Well, the quicker I satisfy you, the quicker you will tell me.”

I looked at Mike whose cock was again hard as he said, “I think I will watch you two, then fuck you both at the same time. Lois, you are going to be a great addition to our group.”

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The Story of C

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It was a Thursday night. I had just flown in from Boston. I was tired after three separate delays at the airport caused the flight to take three times the normal flight time. I wanted nothing more than a scotch on the rocks and some overdue playtime with Christine, my wife of exactly three years that day. We had celebrated our anniversary before I’d left the week before, but I was more than willing to celebrate again as long as it didn’t require getting dressed and going out on the town.

Imagine my surprise when Christine greeted me at the door with the news that her sister had flown in earlier that day, and would be staying with us through the weekend.

“Eve is here?” I said, trying hard for a neutral tone.

“No,” my loving spouse said with a bemused expression that had her eyes twinkling mischievously. “It’s Amy. You haven’t met her. She was in Spain when we got married, remember?”

In fact I didn’t recall, but nodded as if I did.

“Amy, huh? Any other siblings I don’t know about?”

Christine laughed that delightful laugh that always brought me around to whatever she wanted of me at the time. I truly loved her and I’m certain she felt the same about me.

“You’ll love her, she’s a real character, kooky-like, you’ll see,” and with that she whirled from me and ran up the stairs, yelling, “He’s home! He’s home!” Sounding much more like Paul Revere than the woman I’d married three short years ago.

Moments later, Amy appeared at the top of the stairs and stood there as if awaiting my inspection and approval. She was in her mid-twenties, a year older than Christine. She had a pleasant, almost but not quite innocent face, and looked spectacular. Her light brown hair was coiffed and glowed. Her eyes were made up abundantly, as was her mouth. The short skirt hugged her tightly as if painted on her frame.

Her tits were bigger than Christine’s and when she bent forward to shake my hand as I climbed the stairs to greet her; they almost fell out of her blouse. There wasn’t much to restrain them.

“Hello, Lucas,” she said in a husky voice. “It’s time we met, don’t you think?”

“Hello, Amy. Yes, it is.”

“Sorry about the wedding,” she said through semi-pouted lips. I knew she didn’t mean it.

“That was years ago,” I said softly, not wanting to put any inflection or meaning into my words.

“Three years, Lucas.”

“So where have you been hiding?”

“I was traveling around the world,” she replied as if it was something one did all the time.

We went down the stairs together, my eyes glued to her breasts bouncing liquidly with each step she took. We reached the bottom and I could swear she winked at me. A promise of something lewd in her eyes.

She laughed as Christine appeared and stood by her side inviting me to compare them together. I took them both in. It was obvious they were sisters. They shared a resemblance in their comparative beauty to Eva Green as she appeared in that classic film The Dreamers.

Christine was slightly taller, but Amy had fuller breasts. I managed to recall that Christine wore her hair s in a pony-tail most of the time, but this evening it was different, combed straight back above her forehead in sort of a lion’s-mane effect. Their similarity continued in that each possessed high, prominent cheekbones that slanted their eyes just the tiniest bit. But they differed in that Christine’s mouth loomed out at me and her full, sweet upper lip was so unusually short that it appeared unable to cover a perfect set of prominent upper teeth; whereas Amy’s was wider with flashing teeth, and when she laughed several filling were visible at the back of her mouth.

We made our way out onto the veranda where Christine had a pitcher of Margaritas’ waiting. I poured us each a drink and we sat there quietly waiting to see who would kick off the conversation.

I decided it would be me, so I said, “Sisters, eh, and only a year separating the two of you. There must have been some fights back then.”

“Oh, no!” Christine exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah, there were some beauts,” Amy said, contradicting her sister.

I took a gulp of my Margarita and waited.

Christine sighed and ruefully admitted they had their share of catfights.

“Without sister fights, life was dull,” Amy admitted with a small smile. “I liked them because I was bigger and stronger; and I recall getting in a few good bites that left black and blue marks on her arms and legs.”

“And that got me sympathy from Mom,” Christine said with a big grin.

“And got me a spanking,” Amy said with an even bigger grin.

“What about Eve? Where did she fit in?”

“You know, it’s funny,” Amy said, “I’m four years older than Eve, and Christine is three years older, but we always treated her like the baby.”

“She was the baby!” Christine said.

Amy smiled and said, “Yeah, but we never seemed to compete with her.”

I kept sneaking looks at Amy while pretending to glance back and forth at each of them. I knew they could tell what I was doing, but I didn’t Kadıköy travesti really care.

Amy wore sandals and her toes had a pale pink nail polish on them. She also wore small silver earrings, in the shape of little rabbits. She smiled easily; and she was a definite flirt, as least as far as I was concerned. Christine knew, but let it go. She also spoke quickly, and used ‘Yeah,’ instead of ‘Yes’

How far would she let her sister go, I wondered. I started to fantasize that after a few more drinks Christine says she’s tired and retires after telling me to stay up with her sister.

A hour and a couple of drinks later, we’re both kind of high; Amy excuses herself to go potty, and when she returns we decide to call it a night. I get a warm, appreciative kiss, feel those tits pressed against me then she’s gone off to bed.

I put the glasses in the sink, and do a little bit of cleanup then head to our bedroom, Christine is snoring lightly. I pass her and enter the master bath wanting to take a quick shower before retiring.

I’m just walking into the shower when Amy storms in demanding to know what I’ve done with her personal stuff.

“What personal stuff?”

“My panties!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about and lower your voice, Christine’s sleeping.”

“My panties are missing!”

“You think I’ve got them? You need to rinse them or something?”

“I can’t sleep without this particular pair.”

“I don’t have them.”

“You’re a liar!”

Rather than wake Christine, with further arguing Amy left the bedroom only to confront me again when I ventured out into the kitchen after wrapping a towel around my mid-section.

“I know you took them. You want a pair of panties to sniff or whatever you do with them, I’ll give you the pair I just took off.”

“I don’t smell people’s underwear!”

“You saying they walked off on their own?”

“I don’t know how long were you wearing them?”

“Fuck you!”

“No, fuck you! You’re a guest in my house and you’re nothing but trouble.”

“I wouldn’t be trouble if you hadn’t stolen my panties!”

Amy whirled away from me and stormed to the bar and poured herself a shot of Tequila and threw it right down. She coughed and dropped the glass, and promptly bent to pick it up. Her breasts almost leaped out of the peasant blouse she was wearing.

“It may be inappropriate for me to say it, but you have lovely tits. Thank you for showing them. If I had your panties I’d gladly give them back for an even better view.”

With an alacrity that startled me, Amy pulled the peasant blouse over her head and tossed it on the bar.

“Have a good long look, than gimme back my panties.” Both nipples were fully aroused. They were slightly larger than Christine’s; and probably longer, but I wasn’t certain. She licked her lips. I knew it wasn’t the Tequila she tasted.

“Wait!” I said.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong… this just isn’t right.

Christine’s sleeping right down the hall.”

Amy giggled. “We won’t wake her. She can sleep through an explosion.”

“You don’t know her,” I said.

“She’s my sister for Christ’s sake. I know I’ve had several of them in her room. I fucked a guy in her bed, and she didn’t even stir.”

“She might have pretended to be asleep.”

“Of course I do. Sisters know those things.”

“You do, huh?”

“Yeah, I do.”

I had had enough of her bullshit and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her toward the doorway.

“Hey, what are you doing?” She protested weakly.

“Testing a theory.”


“C’mon, we’ll see if you can have an explosion without waking her up.”

“You’re kidding me!”

“No, I want you. I want you very much. It’s going to happen, Amy.”

“No it isn’t.”

“I knew it when you let me see those tits.”

“Lots of guys have seen ’em, but that’s all.”

I opened the door to our bedroom. Christine was sprawled across the bed, the sheet wrapped around her.

“Is she hot or what?” I said, more to myself than to Amy.

But Amy replied as if I’d spoken to her. “Yeah, she could hop out of a sauna and look good enough to eat.”

I noticed her hand had a tight grip on my towel while she started at her sister, whose ass was now jutting provocatively in the air although for the moment still covered by the sheet. It was an invitation I recognized. In fact, I had accepted a similar invitation just before leaving on my business trip a week earlier. It had been the wildest and longest ass fucking I’d ever participated in.

Amy nosily drew in a breath, prompting me to tell her to be quiet.

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, and followed with, “she won’t wake up, I’m telling you.”

She moved closer to me and devilishly nipped at my ear lobe.

I began to consider the possibility of doing them at the same time. I could wake Christine up and see if she wanted to have a go at a three-some. But found myself muttering to Amy, “We don’t want her waking up.”

“Pull the sheet off her,” Kurtköy travesti Amy whispered in my ear. I wondered why she was whispering now, after making so much noise earlier. But I didn’t answer. I too was caught up in Christine’s unsullied beauty as she lay sleeping. Then I remembered why we were in the bedroom.

“Lose the skirt, or whatever the fuck you call it, Amy.”

She shucked the skirt and stood there pantiless. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and she had a star tattooed on the innermost part of her right thigh. Then seemingly needing something to do, she ran her fingers over my chest.

“So what are you going to do if Christine wakes up?”

“Yell rape, I guess. She knows you, and will probably believe me.”

Amy laughed lewdly at my remark and pointed a red fingernail at me as if in reproach.

“I like that; you’re a naughty, naughty man. I bet you give great head.”

“As a matter of fact….” I said but stopped in mid-sentence for Amy had bent her knees ever so slightly pressed her fingertips into the puffy cheeks of her pussy and pulled them apart. I licked my lips in anticipation.

She smiled lewdly as she slowly pried the inner lips away from each other, and then used her thumb to nudge the hood back leaving her clitoris exposed. After waiting several seconds to ensure I had seen it all, Amy inserted her index finger into the pink wetness then offered it to me. I sampled it and grunted in satisfaction.

While I was sampling her nectar, she ran a hand under the towel I was wearing and said, “Relax.” I parted my legs to give her hand the freedom it needed. The towel floated to the floor as her hand began a slow journey up my inner thigh to the point midway between my balls and my asshole.

“Mmmm,” she said, and on cue I replied, “Mmmm.”

Amy let her fingers glide over and around my balls. The effect on me was apparent. She rested her forehead on my hip. “Mmmm, balls he’s got, big balls for sure,” she said, and carefully gave them each a squeeze.

I managed to remain steady although I felt anything but as Amy eased her thumb along my inflamed crotch until she came to the start of my ass. After a brief pause she began to press upward, massaging the area in a gentle circle. The effect was invigorating.

“Does Christine do this for you?”

“No comment.”

“C’mon, does she?” There was a hint of jealousy in her voice, they were sisters after all and I was familiar with the concept of sibling rivalry.

“Lucas, are we gonna do it?” Amy whispered.

“Yeah, we’re gonna do it.”


“Right here! Get down on your hands and knees.”

“Lucas, she’ll hear!”

“What about her sleeping through an explosion?”

“I was kidding!”

“Hands and knees — now!”

“Lucas, we can’t!” But she was already on her knees.

There was one last squawk of protest from her, “Lucas!”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“I can’t! I really can’t!” Her eyes told me she was torn between hopelessness and hope. A woman’s most vulnerable state.

“What the fuck’s your problem?”

“I don’t… I don’t want Christine to know. I want you… I really do. I mean, my fucking nipples ache for it.”

When she paused, I prodded her. “What else?”

“There’s… this spot between my puss and my asshole….”

“What about it?”

“When it starts to itch I go crazy, and…”

“And what?”

“I get so hot there… I get all buttery there…” she was panting with the exertion it took to get the words out. I had never seen a woman like this before. I could smell the light urine scent of her pussy and the heat of her body through the perfume she wore and realized she had placed the scent between her legs for me.

“Hands and knees… now!” I growled although I made sure my voice wouldn’t carry to where Christine lay quietly.

Amy was on all fours without another word. I studied her bottom for a full minute. Somehow I knew she would permit me this pleasure. Perhaps in her mind it was important that I find her ass to be a magnificent sculpture, worthy of worshipping in the most lascivious ways. Then again, it might have been the fear of detection that kept her quiet.

I contemplated the pale, rounded hillocks of her ass then kissed each cheek in turn. And as she murmured her approval, I quickly spread her apart with my thumbs and sent my tongue into her perfumed star-shaped orifice.

“I knew you would, I just knew you would,” she moaned obscenely as I sucked so hard her inner walls surged outward.

Just then, Christine moaned and turned over, exposing her almost nude body as the sheet fell off to one side.

The two of us were hunched over in the doorway to the room. I heard the gasp from Amy before I saw what it was that caused it.

My wife was wearing a pair of lime green panties and nothing else; they were Amy’s lime green panties.

“The fuck?” Amy muttered to herself.

“Told you,” I said.


“I told you I didn’t have them.”

“Oh… yeah, you did.”

Amy appeared Pendik travesti lost in thought while I added a second finger to her asshole. Still nuzzling her rectum, I managed to get a third finger in there and her sounds told me all I needed to know about moving ahead. I used my other hand to palm her pussy and thumbed her clit until she was moaning uncontrollably. It was frightening how similar she was to Christine in that department.

Her first climax arrived while I gnawed happily at her ass and frigged her with three fingers. It was with some reluctance that I left her asshole and went looking for her clit. My face grew soggy with her juices as she spent a second and perhaps third time, while remaining amazingly quiet.

I unleashed my dick, and fed it into her from behind with her watching me.

“Oh, you’re bigger…”

“Than what, a breadbox?”

She giggled and humped back at me. “That feels so good!” she whispered over her shoulder. I grunted in reply, and on the following stroke, found myself fully immersed in her sodden cunt. I squeezed the cheeks of her ass and made her groan.

“Fuck me hard!”

“Shut up!”

“Fuck me harder!”

I did, and she demanded more.

Just to spite her I switched to long, deep thrusts that accentuated the length of my dick as it penetrated her. She seemed to like this, because she turned her head to ask, “You fuck Christine this way?”

“I fuck her every which way.”

“No wonder she loves you, Lucas.”

“And now I’m going to fuck your heinie.”

She barked a soft, mischievous laugh. “My fucking heinie?”

“You prefer anus, or rectum, or asshole over heinie?”

“I don’t care – it’s just – unusual to hear that word used in that context.”

“Are you an English teacher?”


“Then shut the fuck up!”

Angling myself for insertion, I heard her whimper, but I wasn’t concerned. I had spent time lubing her anus up and after having had several orgasms, Amy was ready for some backdoor nastiness, she readily accepted my erection and we were off on a meandering ass-fuck.

“Yes,” she groaned, as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Yes,” she sighed as her body shuddered and gave way again and again.

The sighs turned to moans and then short barks as Amy was overtaken by cascading spasms. Pushing and then pulling my cock in her ass, I watched her melt while impaled on my thick cock. For pure amusement I reached around her, found a nipple and pinched it hard.

She screamed.

The house was suddenly eerily quiet. We both knew Christine had to have been awakened by that screech. I looked up and saw Christine with both hands between her legs; her juices gleamed enticingly in the dim lighting.

I abandoned Amy and fell upon Christine; roughly shoving her hands away from her sex and hoovered at her with both mouth and tongue while her hips rose and fell from one precipice to the next.

I felt Amy’s fists pounding on my head and back, but paid scant attention to her. Only when she started raking at my spine with those long, red fingernails did I swat at her and sent her flying off the bed onto the hard wooden flooring with a loud thud.

Fearfully, Christine pushed me away from her and we both went to see after Amy, who lay on the floor, legs akimbo, but apparently unhurt. Her main concern was for her sister, and vice versa.

A minute passed, and then Amy said, “You… you took my panties!”

Christine looked down and sheepishly grinned. “So I did. How about that.”

I knew then I wasn’t in trouble and that the two of them had probably set something like what had happened up deliberately.

“Let’s hear the truth, ladies. The honest truth, with no flourishes or ambiguities.”

“Is he a lawyer, Christine?” Amy asked coquettishly.

“No, but he is fairly intelligent.”

“I’ve noticed that,” Amy said and gave me a smirk.

“I have a confession,” Christine said with a smirk reminiscent of her sister’s earlier.

“Go on,” I said, sitting back on my haunches.

“I wanted to have a really memorable anniversary. Me and Amy talked on the phone and well… she told me how horny she was… so I got to thinking and the next thing I know we set this little evening up.”

“It wasn’t exactly like that,” Amy said, jumping in. “She told me how hot you were… in great detail and there I was masturbating over the phone.”

The image of Amy doing so filled my mind, and then I wondered why they were bothering to tell me all this usually hush-hush stuff.

“So the thing with the panties was part of it?”

“No!” Amy said.

“Yes,” Christine said.

“Christine, explain, please.”

“Well, honey, I knew about Amy’s panty fetish.”

“Panty fetish?”

“Yeah… she has to sleep in her favorite panties. They’re always green ones. So I took them out of her suitcase and hid them until I went to bed. Then of course, I put them on. Do you like them?”

“I love ’em, but they’re not yours.”

“Will you buy me some?”

“I’ll buy you both a dozen after tonight,” I said, brightening both women’s faces.

“But first I have to take a quick shower.”

“Why?” both of them whined.

“I had my dick up Amy’s heinie and need to clean it off before using it again. Sanitary reasons, I know you’ll understand.”

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The Skinny Dippers Ch. 03

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My, ah, problem started when I was on holiday with my parents and I was asked to wander over to a neighbour’s place to fetch my sister-in-law, who was ignoring her phone. I found her there with a number of other young ladies, skinny-dipping.

I had quickly delivered my message and, being heavily outnumbered, beat a hasty retreat, but not before opening my big mouth and promising to meet them all one on one. This, I realised, would be a damn sight easier to do if I knew who the various young lovelies were.

A little quizzing of Diana, my sister-in-law, got me the names of the various lovelies but not how I could go about meeting them. Apart, that is, from a suggestion as to where I might meet Isabel. I actually did meet Isabel and had a little chat with her, but I had no idea of where to find the rest of the girls.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I knew where Maureen lived but it would take more nerve than I’ve got to just rock up at her parent’s house and try to seduce her. So, effectively, the whereabouts of the girls was an unknown. I did know their names, though. They were Maureen, the twins, Debbie and Tricia, and finally Petunia, better known as Pet.

Not knowing where to hunt for them I shoved the whole thing in the too hard basket and went about my normal holiday activities. This was not to be taken to mean that I forgot about them.

The day after meeting Isabel my mother decided to go shopping at the local mall. With nothing else to do, stranded out in the country the way I was, I decided to tag along. Big mistake. After half an hour of shopping I was shopped out and my mother was just getting warmed up. I told her I was shooting through and that I’d catch a bus back to the farm if needed, so if I wasn’t back by the time she was ready to go she should go without me.

Leaving the mall I crossed to the park next to it. It was quite an expansive park, continuing to the edge of the town. It occurred to me that if I strolled across it I’d be on the road home and could walk the ten kilometres to the farm in an hour or so. I might even get a lift along the way. The exercise wouldn’t hurt me either. I strolled into the park.

Now this little town was quite dead during the day, everyone either at work, home or the mall. I was a little surprised to come across a young lady also strolling through the park. I moved a little faster and caught up with her.

“Morning,” I said cheerfully. “Nice day for a stroll in the park, isn’t it?”

She glanced over at me, did a double take, went pale and looked pointedly away.

“Go away,” she said, and icicles formed in the air.

I did my own double take at that. It also occurred to me that the young lady looked familiar.

“Um, I think I know you,” I said affably, ignoring the chill. “You’re Petunia, the one they call Pet. I think I’ll call you Petal. A much nicer description of you. You look as pretty and as delicate as a flower.”

“I don’t know you and we haven’t met. Go away.”

Boy. Talk about your tough audiences.

“Yes, we have. A couple of days ago at Maureen’s place. No way could I forget. You were all gleaming white, standing out from the throng, and I could barely take my eyes off you, you were so lovely.”

She flushed and glared at me.

“And is that what you said to Isabel before you tried to attack her?” she asked.

What you might call a ‘say what?’ moment.

“Ay? Attack Isabel? That’s a base calumny. I have never tried to attack Isabel. If you don’t believe me, ask her. Apart from meeting her on the road yesterday I’ve never even spoken to her.”

“It was Isabel who told me,” she snapped. “She said you tried to jump her when you met her riding home. She said that you were after all the girls you met at our pool party.”

“Right,” I drawled. “So I see Isabel riding her bike and try to jump her in the middle of a public road, where traffic could come past at any moment. Like Mrs Caruthers, who drove past twice while I was talking to Isabel. Can you really see me taking that sort of chance?”

Petal gave me a look that wasn’t quite so severe.

“But you did make a pass at her and you did tell her you were hunting all the girls from the pool party.”

“No harm in making a pass. I’m entitled to make them and she’s entitled to catch them or let them sail on by. However, I definitely didn’t tell her that I was looking for all the girls at the party. Even if I was, you’d have no reason to worry, pretty though you are.”

She Erenköy travesti was back to giving me nasty looks. Didn’t she want to feel safe?

“What do you mean by that crack?” she demanded.

“I would consider it unfair to try to seduce a virgin, especially when I’ll be going home in a few days, so set your mind at rest. Even though I thought you were the pick of the bunch and would love to taste you, I fully realise that you’re off-limits.”

“Who told you I was a virgin?” she demanded. “Did Isabel tell you that?”

“Ah, not in so many words,” I admitted, “but it was easy to see what she was getting at. Don’t let it worry you.”

“It doesn’t worry me and she doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” snapped Petal. “You shouldn’t listen to a thing she says. She’s just jealous of all other girls. Always running us down because she’s got bigger boobs than us.”

Bigger boobs, indeed. That I had to admit. A double portion was allotted to that young lady. I should know.

“You apparently listened when she said I attacked her,” I pointed out. “Or did she say that? Did she, instead, make certain innuendos and let you draw your own conclusions?”

From her blush I’d guessed right. I laughed at her.

“Probably trying to scare both of us off, especially when I commented on how lovely you’d looked. She did mention something about small breasts but they certainly looked fine to me when I saw them. Um, I think you’d better hang on to that virgin tag for a while.”

“Why should I want to pretend I’m something I’m not?” she asked indignantly.

“Self-defence?” I suggested.

“From you, I assume?”

“Well, if I’m the sort of person who’d tried and attack Isabel on the open road with Mrs Caruthers driving around then I’m capable of anything.”

“OK. I don’t believe you tried to attack Isabel. You probably wouldn’t have to. Fending her off is more likely. And you’ve got no reason to try and jump me in the middle of town.”

“A couple of minor corrections,” I said. “We’re in the middle of the park and quite secluded, for a start. And there was that littler matter of the pool party. Remember, you standing there all white and glowing, and me standing there with my eyes popping and wondering how I could taste the strawberries and cream.”

She blushed slightly.

“Where do the strawberries come into it?” she asked, rather naively in my opinion.

We’d continued strolling through the park as we talked but with that comment I stopped and turned her towards me.

“Two pretty pink strawberries, just aching for me to taste them,” I said softly, reaching up and placing a finger gently on one nipple. Hey, what can I say? She was wearing a thin top and her nipples left little bumps on it, making them easy to spot – and touch.

She gave a little squeak and backed up a step.

“That’s not funny,” she said crossly.

“Wasn’t meant to be. Look at me,” I said, pointing to my head. “Can’t you see my mighty mind is whirring full bore, trying to find a way to coax you out of that top so I can see those strawberries in their natural surroundings?”

“Ha. Did you try that line on Isabel?”

“No, I didn’t. There’s no-one around. Take off your top. I want to see you up close, not surrounded by a gaggle of giggling geese.”

“I’m not going to do that!”

“Why not? It won’t hurt you and there’s no-one to see but me. It’s not as though I’m asking you to strip.”

While talking I put my hands in my pockets, attempting to show her that I was no threat.

She was tempted. Girls are just as interested in sex as men, although they tend to deny it. Having a man asking to see her breasts like this was exciting, and we were shielded by the trees in the park.

“If I show you will you then go away and leave me alone?”

“To be honest, no. If you take your top off I am going to taste you.”

I looked at her and shrugged.

“I can’t help it. I’ve been thinking about you and your breasts ever since I sprung you and the others at the pool.”

She was chewing on her lip, plainly considering the idea. I contemplated giving another little push but decided it would be counter-productive. I tied to wear a hopeful expression and left it to her.

“Bloody hell,” she muttered, glaring at me. “All right, but just for a minute and then it goes back on with no protests.”

“It’s your decision,” I said quickly, lifting my hands in a hands-off gesture.

“Just you remember that,” Beşiktaş travesti she muttered.

Now that she’d decided she moved quickly, flipping her top off and then doing the same with her bra, apparently not needing to unfasten it.

“Oh, my,” I said softly. “Even nicer than I remembered.”

I reached out and cupped them tenderly, weighing them in my hands. Not overly large but very shapely, and her nipples were now pointing at me, showing me she was already slightly aroused. I gently rolled her nipples with my thumbs.

“Let’s just move off the path a little,” I said, “just in case someone else does come along. I wouldn’t want anything to happen that might embarrass you.”

While talking I was shepherding her off the path and onto the lawn and behind some bushes, showing true consideration for her feelings. Stopping as soon as were out of sight of the path, I bent down and brushed my mouth across one nipple, lips parted slightly so my teeth rasped over her nipple. Then my mouth closed over her breast and I gently sucked, teasing her nipple with my tongue. Lifting my head I could see she was flushed and breathing harder, and she didn’t say anything when I transferred my attention to her other breast.

Her minute quickly extended into a couple and she was still making no move towards putting on her top again. I stood back from her for a moment, unbuttoning my shirt.

“Ah, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Just undoing my shirt,” I said matter of factly. “I want to kiss you and when I do I want to feel your breasts pressing against my chest.”

I pulled my shirt open and then gently tugged her towards me, her breasts mashing against my chest. I could feel her nipples as two hard little nubs pressing against me. Then I kissed her.

Not bad as kisses go. She put some enthusiasm into it and there was a little bit of wriggling, causing her breasts to rub back and forth across my chest. I was rather furry, chest wise, and I wondered how it felt to her. Not that she seemed to have any complaints.

Now my hands were naturally on her back, stroking it while I kissed her. It also seemed natural to slide my hands down across her bottom and back up. It wasn’t really my fault that her dress rode up with my hands. It was just coincidence that the back of her dress wound up bunched at waist height while my hands remained at bottom height, resting on her panties.

When we broke the kiss she looked at me.

“Um, your hands,” she said.

“Oh, right. Shouldn’t be there, should they,” I agreed.

I slid my hands up but they just seemed to want to slide back down again, this time sliding under her panties and closing over the cheeks of her bottom.

“That better,” I asked.

“You know it’s not. I don’t want your hands in my pants.”

Which was reasonable, I suppose. So I pushed the panties down out to the way.

“Do you mind?” she gasped. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Feeling a very nice bottom,” I replied. I let my hands drift around to her front. “Ah, also checking to see if my memory was correct and you had this cute little landing strip just here.”

“That’s enough,” she said. “I think I’d better put my top back on.”

“Hold on,” I said quickly. “There’s no rush.”

I lifted the front of her skirt, letting her see that I was looking and admiring.

“Just relax a little,” I told her. “I just want to touch you. I’m not going to try to have sex with you. Even I will admit that that would be pushing it.”

I eased her down onto the grass, settling down next to her. Leaning over her I started tasting her breasts again while I let my hand wander around down below, tracing her landing strip and stroking the, ah, hangar that it led to.

After a while I sat up, unzipped, and coaxed her to sit straddling me, her pussy just rubbing up against my erection. She emphasized that she wouldn’t be having sex with me and I agreed that that was reasonable. I wouldn’t, I assured her, try to take her.

We kissed some more, her pussy rubbing against the length of my cock, and I could feel her heat and wetness. She was breathing quite heavily now, but I’m a man of my word and didn’t try to stick it in. Instead I lay back, pulling her with me, so that she was lying on top of me.

There was more kissing and more touching. A gentle tug on her bottom and she slipped a little higher along me. I could feel my erection resting between her legs, the business end pointing Avcılar travesti right where it wanted to go.

It was only a matter of time. She adjusted her position slightly and suddenly her pussy was pressing down upon my cock. She froze.

“Ah, you said you weren’t going to actually have sex with me,” she pointed out, speaking carefully.

“No,” I corrected her. “I said I wouldn’t try to take you. I’m not. I’m just lying here. You’ll find that you’re pressing against me.”

She glared at me.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she snapped. “I wouldn’t do such a thing.”

She put her hands on my chest and pushed herself up right, and the look on her face when she found she had swivelled onto my cock was a joy to behold. Not fully on, but she had managed to sink an inch or so into her before she could stop. She blushed very prettily.

“You’ve started, you might as well continue,” I suggested.

She sat frozen for a moment, spluttering and trying to deny what had happened. She wanted to accuse me of doing it but we both knew that she was the one who’d slipped up. (Or on, in this case.) Mind you, I might have staged the scene so that this sort of accident could happen, but she had made that final move.

Her main trouble was that she was aroused. Actually, she was not only aroused but a cock had already started its journey. She was giving me a very irritated look as she slowly sat up, letting my cock sink smoothly into place.

“You planned this, damn you. No, don’t bother trying to protest. You know you did.”

I lay there, watching her, but my hands did rise to cup her breasts. I squeezed them slightly, rubbing the nipples.

“Go on,” I said softly. “Do it.”

Her face changed to a look of concentration and she started to move, sliding smoothly up and down my cock. All I had to do was lie there and accept what was being done. Inactivity was not quite my style. I started pressing up to meet her as she moved and very soon we were banging along in fine style.

I don’t know who had been teaching her what, or if she just had a natural talent, but she would give this very disconcerting little twist every so often. The first time she did I thought I was going to come on the spot, but I got past it. Fortunately I was ready for it after that and could make allowances. Or as much in the way of allowances you can make when a young lady has straddled you and is bouncing on you in a very interesting way.

Petal was making little sounds of appreciation as she bounced, thoroughly enjoying her efforts, her excitement plain to see on her face. Her arousal was complete and she was going for the prize.

Her breathing was getting harder, she was gasping with the effort she was making, finally falling forward on top of me, bottom still bobbing up and down.

I took her lying on top of me as my cue. Arms around her I rolled over, taking her with me, and now I was on top and being the driving force. So I like the dominant position. Don’t most men?

She was past ready, and I was driving in hot and hard, quite eager to spill my load, just trying to hold it until the last moment. She was making throaty little sounds, trying to hold herself together but losing the battle fast. I gave a slightly stronger push and she shattered, and I was only too willing to let go at the same time.

We lay exhausted for a couple of moments and then Petal gave me a hard shove.

“Get off, me you great oaf,” she grumbled, and I obediently rolled to one side.

We lay like that for a few more moments and then she sat up, frowning at me.

“I,” she stated, “am more inclined to believe Isabel now. You probably did try to jump her on the road.”

I opened my mouth to defend myself but she got in first.

“Yes. Even with Mrs Caruthers driving back and forth along the road to keep an eye on you.”

“All I did was kiss you,” I said meekly. “You. . .”

I broke off at the look on her face, deciding silence was the wiser option.

“If you dare say I jumped you I will strangle you,” she said quietly but deliberately. “You probably planned the whole thing.”

“No, not really,” I said with a laugh, “but I’m not sorry it happened.”

She gave me the evil eye for a moment, but then laughed as well.

“Ah, well. These things happen,” she said. “Just be aware that it won’t be happening again.”

She started scrambling into her clothes and I tidied up my own.

“I don’t need an escort,” she told me when were back on the trail. “Why don’t you walk in that direction while I continue the way I was going?”

I bowed to a superior force and headed off in that direction, even if it was taking me back to the mall. Maybe my mother had finished shopping and I’d be able to grab a lift home.

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The Special Event Ch. 01-02

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The Special Event
A work of Fiction

Part 1

Late on a cold Tuesday night, Melody was doing a little web surfing. Bob had already gone to bed, as usual, and she heard his steady, heavy snoring from down the hall. She moved and clicked her mouse with one hand, and curled her long locks of blonde hair absent-mindedly between the fingers of her other hand. Never much online, she thought, just shopping and a few goofy videos people sent.

Opening her Gmail account, she saw a few new emails. Her sister forwarding another lame joke (she hated scrolling past the hundreds of other email addresses before you got to the joke), a couple of online store advertisements, and… hmmm… one odd email. Melody was intrigued by the subject which read “A Special Invitation for Melody.” At first glance, it looked like one of the thousands of “SPAM” email which were usually, but not always, sent into the “Junk” mail. Pushing aside a slight warning in her head, curiosity got the best of her and she opened it. It was from an long, odd-looking email address with a bunch of letters and numbers mixed up.

She began to read:

A Special Invitation for Melody

This is not an advertisement. This is for you, Melody Huffman, born April 19 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

You have been invited by a special friend to a special event. The friend who has invited you is a person from your past of the opposite sex. At one time in your life, you had a special, intimate relationship with this person.

At this time, this person from your past has chosen not to reveal their identity, to allow you to delete this email and forget about this communication forever. Your life could be perfect, your desires fulfilled. If that is the case, then close this email and delete it, and you will not receive any further communications. However… this event and thousands like it, across the entire U.S., has been organized because many of us are living lives we did not expect. Lives which may be comfortable, steady, dependable, but are without surprise, without excitement. As we grow older, we may ask ourselves “is this all there is?” We may wonder what happened to the excitement? What happened to the foolish, impulsive thrills we used to have? Is the rest of our lives defined by riding out the days, doing the same things over and over again until we die?

If you are still reading this email, you may want to know more about this event, and you may be curious who sent you this email.

Below are two buttons. One button says “Not Interested.” Click on that, and you will never receive another email from us. The other button is “Learn More.” Click on that, and you will receive a second email with more information about the upcoming special event in your area. You will still be able to walk away at any time prior to the event without cost and without risk.

Before you choose, you should know… the event is something which, if you choose to attend, you will need to do so secretly. Nobody can know that you are involved in this event. When the details of the event become clear, you will know why. Secondly, you should know that this event will be exciting, amazing, fulfilling and incredibly FUN… and if you follow the rules and do not share your involvement with anyone (outside of those already involved), things will be completely safe, and there need not be any effect whatsoever to your life as a whole. You may even find that this event will enrich and improve your “normal” life in ways you had never imagined possible.

Now, Melody, click a button below. Failing to click on a button will simply be the same as clicking on “Not Interested.” Thank you.

Melody saw the red Not Interested link, and the green Learn More link, and she felt her heart racing. Who were these people? Who invited her? Her heart raced… and nearly skipped a beat when she remembered the man she hoped it was. How did they know her social security number and her birthdate? Should she turn them in? Should she just delete the email?

She thought for a long time. Bob’s snoring drifted down the hallway. She sipped her beer, warm now, and grimaced. She much preferred white wine, but Bob never brought that home.

Melody wasn’t UNhappy with her life with Bob. They went on their two vacations a year, golfed together at the club, rented movies. They had friends and talked about all the traditional friend-things. They had sex twice or three times per month; unexceptional, not bad, not great. Normal married life, she thought. No loud arguments, no screaming,… but no deep discussions. They didn’t look into each others eyes very much, she thought. It was almost as if they talked to the wall when they talked to each other. As if speaking to each other was something that was standing in the way of doing something more important. They had not had any kids. They had both been focused on their careers. Now, Ataköy travesti in their late 30’s, they had discussed having kids, but something was always standing in the way, it seemed, and kept the discussion from turning serious. She knew she was still stunning. She worked out at the club several times per week, and her long blond hair and athletic but voluptuous figure (she had large 38D natural breasts) turned heads continuously. Bob, on the other hand, did not really take care of himself. His rapidly expanding waistline didn’t concern her all that much usually, but it didn’t please her either. His balding head was cute in a way, but it didn’t turn her on the way some women claimed.

Mainly, with Bob, it was the little things. The things he didn’t do. He didn’t open the door for her anymore. He charged through each door, expecting her to fend for herself. He ordered food at the club without asking first what she was having- or even if she was ready to order. “I’ll have the New York, Medium, and the fries. Oh- honey, sorry, are you ready to order?” All the little things, things that said in so many ways that she didn’t matter to him. Not really. Not anymore.

She looked again at the email and re-read the phrase “you will still be able to walk away…” Forcing away sharp warnings in her head, she clicked … Learn More.

Later that night, lying next to the snoozing Bob, her heart was still racing with thoughts of the strange email and its meaning. Her thoughts returned to her past, before Bob. She remembered him. His eyes, his hair, the way he touched her. Her hands traced down the front of her hips and to her thighs. She found herself very wet, more so than she had been in years. She suppressed a soft moan as her fingers parted her soaking lips, making a wet sound in the suddenly silent bedroom. She easily remembered the way his fingers used to move, as he would kiss her thighs, teasing, his tongue getting closer. She circled her fingers around her clit, remembering his insistent tongue… playing, circling, then tracing her thick labia… sucking her lip between his, first one then the other, then licking her entire cunt like an ice cream cone, smacking his mouth succulently as if he were enjoying the finest gourmet cuisine… then sliding up to her, kissing her mouth deeply, sharing her taste, their tongues intertwined as the thick head of his cock began to easily part her warm, inviting folds….

Melody came then, a deep, shuddering orgasm … she suppressed her moans and breathing, and she tried to keep as motionless as possible so as not to wake the still-motionless Bob. The orgasm and its after effects, then the second and third time, lesser each time but easier, lasted another 10 minutes. As the third time subsided, Bob’s snoring again began. Or, maybe he had been snoring the entire time and she hadn’t noticed.

During her long, sleepless night, she checked her email three more times (no new mail), and checked once again when she was preparing breakfast for Bob that morning. Serving him as he read the sports page, she pretended to be interested as he made comments about some player that would be re-signed, and another player who was retiring. It didn’t matter that she was there or not, she thought, he might be talking to the wall and would probably be happier. Except of course the wall did not serve bacon and hashbrowns. The wall did not go ‘mmm hmmm’ at the right time, or, “oh no…” depending on the positive or negative sound of the vitally important sports news tidbit.

After Bob left, she postponed her rush to get ready for work, and checked her email. Nothing yet. How silly she had been! Oh well.

The reality of the day rushed in, and she hopped on her mental train and began her daily ride. Always the same. One day blurring into the next, she thought as she drove to work. In the office now, she hung her coat and got her coffee with Kelly, like always. Same chitchat. American Idol last night.

Melody’s mind was not there with her in the weekly status meeting. The droning voice of her boss, whining about the declining profits and the effects of the economy, faded away as her thoughts overtook her again. What does this all mean, she wondered? Why do I give a damn about this stupid business stuff? Why am I wasting whatever youth I have left sitting in a fucking cube, pounding away on a keyboard, so that Inscomp can increase their profit a few more bucks over last year?

“Melody?” her boss broke into her consciousness rudely, “are you with us?”

“Sorry Jonathan,” she managed, and straightened up into her chair. Looking up, she saw he was again staring at her cleavage. She adjusted her blouse and stared at him until he met her gaze, then looked away embarrassed, and continued his points about the quarter’s profits. Kelly gave her a wide-eyed look for a second as if she was saying “where is Bahçelievler travesti your head this morning, girl?” Jonathan did not like inattention. As he frequently reminded them, he did not spend 35 years getting to be an Assistant Vice President with Inscomp for nothing, after all.

On the second day, she checked her email five times. On the third day, three times.

On the fourth day, Thursday, she convinced herself she would never receive another email. She felt silly, but also a little scared. This must be some kind of weird scam, she thought… maybe it was a virus after all? Maybe somehow by clicking on that link, she had launched some sort of attack against her personal identity? Alarmed, she checked her bank accounts. No unusual transactions, she thought, and breathed a little easier.

On Friday, however, a new email arrived.

Part 2

Friday evening, after Bob had left for the evening to play cards, Melody opened her email again, and Melody’s heart skipped a beat when she saw the subject: “Thank you, Melody!”

Her hand moved the mouse absently in circles, hovering the little arrow around the email for 10 or 20 seconds, like the pointer on an Ouija board. She opened it.

Thank you for accepting our Special Invitation, Melody. As a reminder, you were invited by a person of the opposite sex with which you once had an intimate relationship.

The person who invited you has been notified of your willingness to participate in this Special Event. We are sure He is thrilled that you took the first step, to Learn More. Preparations for your event are underway, and more details will become known to you in the coming days.

Before we give you information about the event, you need to know a few things, and you will need to pass three small tests.

First of all, a few things you should know:

1)The price for this event is $1,000 per couple. Some couples are actually three or four people- in this case, discounts will be considered. Your fee has been taken care of by your sponsor – usually the person who invited you.

2)You will need two full days (including one full night) away from your “real life” to participate. Your event will be scheduled in the next two months, on two consecutive weekdays (M-F). You will need your own transportation to and from the event, and you will need to get away from work and/or other commitments- this is your own responsibility.

3)You will be given very detailed instructions before the event to help you plan.

4)If you enjoy the event, you will be given the opportunity to come back, either as a returning member, or as a sponsor.

Secondly, we need you to pass three tests. These tests will help to prepare your mind for the Special Event, and to test your commitment to meeting your sponsor. If you turn down these tests, you will not be able to continue, and you will not be able to attend. If you accept these tests, and pass these tests, you will find things about you will change. Your mind will become more Open. You will realize there is more to life. You will turn a new page. You will be ready for the Special Event. From there, it is up to you.

Your first test is below. The second test will be given to you after you complete the first test and take our easy online survey about your experience.

Test 1) Your Online Faceless Erotic Photograph (FEP): You will take an erotic nude photograph of yourself and email it to this email address (an anonymous email of one of our administrators). You are allowed to crop off your head/face, or otherwise obscure your face to hide your identity. This photograph will be then uploaded to a popular web site where approximately 50,000 people (80% male) will view your photo. To best prepare your mind for the Special Event, we recommend your photo be as explicit as you can manage. You can include toys, lingerie, oils, whatever you wish. We recommend that you enjoy some alcohol, and that you play with yourself for at least 30-60 minutes before you begin your photography, and that you take at least 5 pictures and choose whichever one you feel is best. Remember, 50,000 people will be staring at your picture- some for many long minutes, some may even masturbate while they look at you. Your identity will remain PRIVATE… but absolutely nothing else will. 50,000 people, as if the entire capacity of a major league stadium were walking by you, one at a time, watching you in your most intimate pose, naked for the whole world to see.

After emailing your photograph, it will first be sent to your sponsor, then it will be uploaded as explained above, then the original photograph and the email you sent to us will be deleted. You will be given a link to the site where your photograph is posted. You will be able to see the count of the numbers of people who have viewed your pictures, your rating (a number of stars, Bahçeşehir travesti from 1-5), and any comments people have typed. In 10 minutes, more people will see your beautiful naked body than in your entire life.

After your photograph is posted, you will receive an email telling you of your next test. If you wish to discontinue this process, you may reply STOP to this email, and you will receive no further communications. Otherwise, reply with an emailed photograph and we will proceed as described above.

Thank you, Melody, for participating.

What on Earth? Melody thought. This is ridiculous. They want an erotic photograph of me? So they can post it on the Internet? That’s insane. She had never taken a photograph of herself, much less without clothing, and she wasn’t even sure how to do it. Did she hold out a camera pointing at herself? She thought maybe there was a Timer setting on their camera, but she wasn’t certain.

She thought then about Him. She remembered the days they were together, as vividly as it were yesterday. Bob had taken pictures of her back then. Many – OK, most – of them were erotic. Many times, they had made love in the parks, in the sun, on the beach or in a grassy park between the thick green pines. Both of them took so many risks- so young and foolish, yet so achingly alive. He had taken photos of her in the sun, her head back, the warm rays coating her body- later in the evenings alone she would smile at the odd slight sunburns she sometimes had, and the bug bites. Small prices. Sometimes he would take photos of her sucking his cock. She would look at the camera with wide, longing eyes, knowing that he would be looking at the picture later and thinking of her. One time he took a photograph of her face after he had pulled his cock out of her mouth and had shown her the picture later, in the bar. In the photograph, a thin trail of his white come had been rolling down her lower lip, and had pooled slightly on her chin. Shocked, she had touched her chin, and it was still there, dry now. He had laughed at her shocked expression, and gently kissed her then. The pointed tip of his tongue then traced her lip, then chin, then danced up to her mouth and they shared a deep, particularly tasty, French kiss.

She remembered Him so well. Everything from his thick brown hair, his winning smile, his laugh, his blue eyes, his strong shoulders. The feeling of his warm cock and the hard rubbery apple of its head in her mouth. She would tickle the contours of the engorged veins on the underside of his shaft with her tongue; she remembered the sound of his urgent moaning as his cock began to quickly pulse then, throbbing as the jets hit the back of her mouth, the sweet taste of him coating her throat like warm cough syrup. She loved sucking his cock.

She wondered if he still had those pictures. What pose would He like now, she wondered?

WAIT! She stopped for a second and thought- Was she really considering this? Did she really believe this whole thing? Why was it all so mysterious? What was this Special Event? Why did she have to pass “three tests”?? What were the other two tests? Who the hell were these people? Was HE really involved? Or was it just a lucky guess? But… and now she re-read the first email… hmmmmm…. they certainly were not mistaken about her, or her identify.

She turned on some music and moved around the house then, sipping her wine as she organized the week’s mail, sorted and loaded the laundry. After finishing the dishes, pouring what she realized was her fourth full glass, she realized she was actually going to do this. Right now. Before she lost her nerve.

Around 11pm, Bob still a couple hours away from his predictable, drunken, smoke-smelling return, Melody closed the door to her bedroom. She stumbled a bit, almost spilling her win- she was drunk too, she realized. The room was well lit by many candles. Indian incense filled the air, and slow jazz music drifted in from downstairs. She had her digital camera, and all the props ready for her photography session. For some reason, she covered the oversized skin-color dildo (she had been given as a joke when she had turned 30) with a hand-towel- it’s shining pink rubber shaft seemed shocking and obscene, and somehow broke the mood a little bit, at least for now. She had used it only once, a very tight fit and not very erotic. Tonight however, she felt different. Completely naked now, she began by pouring a little oil on her upper chest, and began to rub it into her skin…

She took 10 photographs that night, coming several times in the process. The dildo slid in and out of her wet pussy again and again. It was Him, of course. Her fingertips were his tongue. The dildo was his cock. Her hands on her large tits were His hands.

Realizing the time, then, she picked up and blew out all the candles, showered, then hopped onto the computer. After choosing the picture she thought was the best one, she created the email all ready to send… She heard Bob’s car pulling into the driveway! Her mouse hovered again in circles, the pointer circling the SEND button… Now or Never…. *click*

Test Number One- passed.

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The Submission

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The Submission:

She enters the hotel, and finally realizes that this is it, no turning back. Taking a deep breath she opens the door and enters. The lobby is relatively quiet, only a few people mingling around the front desk and another on one of the pay phones to the right. The layout of the lobby suggests a very nice hotel, and she smiles, and feels just a tad bit more at ease. Approaching the front desk, the clerk greets her with a warm smile. She asks for the room key, and waits as the clerk gets it, and hands it to her, along with an envelope, adorned with only her name. She thanks the lady and moves towards the elevator. She has no bag with her, no luggage, only her purse that she has on her side. Stepping aside from the elevator, she opens the envelope, her fingers shaking just a bit as she does. Inside is a hand-penned note, as she thought it would be.

My darling, Today you come to me and offer me a great gift, one that I shall always cherish. If you turn now I shall understand, if you proceed, I promise to always treat you with kindness, love, compassion, and fairness. Know that I love you, and will respect your decision.


After reading the note, she hit the button on the elevator. A flurry of emotions hid just beneath the surface, as she stepped into the elevator and chose the floor. She wasn’t nervous, she was very expectant, but in her heart she knew this was the right thing to do. This was her destiny. The doors of the elevator opened and she stepped into the hallway, crossed the few steps to the room, and ordered her hand to stop trembling as she opened the door. She took but a moment to glance around the room, and quickly entered the bathroom and started the shower. As the water warmed she glanced in the mirror, and saw the light in her eyes, the anticipation, she knew this is where she was supposed to be.

She quickly washed the exhaustion of the long journey off her body and lingered just a few minutes, letting the water wash away any last reservations she had. Stepping out she dried her hair, brushed it, dried her body, and leaving the towels in the bathroom, gathered her clothes and placed them neatly in a chair in the room. Then turning her back to the door, she sat in the main room, quickly knotted her wet hair on top of her head, and sat on the floor with her legs separated, and her hands resting lightly on her thighs, palms turned up, lowered her head and waited.

She had sat there for about 15 minutes before she heard the key in the door, and it swings open. Quickly she squelched the urge to turn, and remained as she was. She heard him enter but not a sound other then that. Straining to hear, nothing else was in her mind. She heard him cross the room and knew he was standing directly behind her, and heard him rustling something there. Still she remained eyes down, back straight, barely breathing.

She could feel him approach her, then the touch of his breath on her neck, as he said quietly, “You honor me with your presence. At this moment, I can think of no time I have been more proud. You are sure that you want to continue, this is your last opportunity to change your mind without serious repercussions.”

She drew in a full breath and answered, “Yes Master, I have been sure of nothing like I am of this.” Lightly he kissed her neck, then got up and went back to whatever it was that he had set down. She saw his hands briefly as he set the blindfold into place. He stepped in front of her and ordered her to stand, she rocked up onto her knees and raised before him, and placed her hands clasped behind her head, with her elbows out to the sides. He smiles, and lightly ran his fingers along her jaw.

“You are so very beautiful, my little one, and I am so very lucky. Now turn for me.” and she instantly turned and waited. He took her right hand, and moved it to the small of her back and quickly cuffed it there, then reached for her other hand, and cuffed that one too. He stood before her and ran his hands down the sides of her body, his palms gently touching the sides of her breasts. He reached up and guided her chin, until their lips gently touched and slowly he began to devour her with his kiss.

Drinking in all she was offering to Him, her very essence. As he pulled back from the kiss, he asked her again, “Are you ready to allow me to take you as I wish, without regard to yourself, do you allow me to drink of your body until I have had my complete fill of you?” She could only nod in answer. Anticipation mixed with a bit of fear of the unknown, and her body was alive with sensations, she could detect even the light breeze in the room. And His presence, so close to her, but unseen, kept sensations running through her. He told her to open her mouth, and placed a small but solid ball in it, that tied around the back of her head, now she was only limited to the nods and shakes of her head as her ability to communicate.

Suddenly it came to her, this was real, and she had given herself to him, to do as he pleased Bakırköy travesti and he had accepted. The anticipation of learning what he would do with her completely under his control swept through her warming her. She caught the scent of her own arousal as it escaped her naked, prone body. Standing there she could hear the unmistakable rustle of clothing being cast away as he undressed. Her ears began to take up the information that had been denied her eyes. Her mind tried to picture what she looked like, standing before him, what he was thinking as he looked upon her.

He placed both hands on her hips and guided her forward, which placed her just beside the bed. She felt something lightly touch the inside of her thighs as he told her to spread her legs. Quickly she did as told and again caught the scent of her arousal, knowing that the anticipation had caused her to dampen. He ran his finger lightly across her womanhood and felt the wetness that had collected there. Then he took his damp finger and outlined her right nipple with it. Suddenly her right side was covered in goosebumps as the sensation of the light touch filled her. Then she felt his lips upon the nipple, drawing it into his mouth, so warm and so wet.

His hand reached for her other breast and began to deeply fondle it. Bearing his fingers deep within her flesh. Her breath began to deepen, and as the assault on her breast began to become more and more demanding, she could hear herself moan, and feel her body pushing into the touch. As if in a response to her moans, his teeth bared down upon her flesh and new, intense sensations griped her body. Like electricity traveling through her, her body was gripped in an assault of racking shudders.

When it passed through her, she was weak, and felt the increasing warmness and dampness in her womanhood. He dropped his other hand to that spot and began to lightly pull at her clit, and began rubbing her there. She felt as though her body was a fine instrument being played by a maestro, every touch, every sensation, bringing her body to new heights led my his mind, playing her, commanding her responses. Never in her life had she felt such a release of control, nothing she could do but let the sensations wash over her, and the only way to please the one pleasing her was to allow it to happen.

With that release understood her body began to shudder uncontrollably, seeking its own pleasure from his touch. Her mind had no focus except the electrical responses coursing through her body. Building into what seemed to have no end. Her mind was lost in the time and space of the events, left open to only the assault on her body, seeking more and more until there was no more to seek, no further to go, and slowly the realism began to return to her. Like waking up, slowly she became aware of him holding her tightly to him, unaware of when he had moved to hold her.

Gently rocking her, he was softly humming the melody of the song He had sung to her on the phone, “Love me, just love me”, and she felt the tears that had left marks on her, occasionally slipping past the mask she wore, and she felt these being brushed away by his touch, and then his lips on her temple, and like nothing before in her life, she felt cherished. At that moment she so wanted to tell him her love for him would never die, she knew this with everything that she was, deeply and forever, her past and all the pain of it was far behind her now. This would be her life now, living and doing whatever he wanted that would keep this feeling inside of her. “My little one, Master loves you and shall take care of you forever, for you are mine.” His words were soothing, and yet again she felt the tears well up again from deep within her, and she nuzzled against his chest hearing his heart beating there, gaining strength from it.

He sat there softly running his hand down her long tresses, feeling her warmth. A bit taken back at how easy it seemed to bring out a buried passion in this little one, but then he had long realized that she was more then most of the would be and wanna be’s that were often found online. But until this moment when he had first tasted her ability to abandon, he hadn’t realized how deep she was.

After a couple of moments of stroking her, he felt the need growing in him, to make her his, to bring out the passion that dwelled within her, wanting to drink and gain strength from her abandon, and wondering how far she would yield. He pulled her deeper into his arms and twisted her around, and laid her gently on the bed. Leaned up and gently kissed a few escaped tears and asked if she trusted Him. Immediately she nodded, and his hands moved to remove the bindings that had captured her wrists. He left the cuffs on, but moved her arms before her. Again she felt the nervous anticipation return, and felt it shudder through her body. He kissed her brow and she felt him get up from the bed, and waited to see what would happen next. She could hear him just a bit, doing something Beylikdüzü travesti to the corners of the bed, and then heard him move to the footing of it. He reached up over the bed and pulled her down towards him, until she had slid down towards the footing of the bed, with her rounded rear hanging over it.

As she was pulled down her arms lifted as she realized that the cuffs were now being held to the banisters at the top of the bed, drawing them tight and off of the soft mattress. She felt the tightness increase as she was drawn down towards the footing of the bed, and heard the moan that escaped her, her body alive with anticipation, and still floating with the aftershocks of the orgasm still within her. Quickly he moved and caught her legs one at a time, and bound them just above the knee to each of the banisters at the foot of the bed. Stepped back and looked at his little one, open to his gaze. He watched as she adjusted to this condition, and saw the acceptance come over her after a shudder was sent through her body. He reached up from the foot of the bed, and over her, and captured her large breasts in his hands. Smiling as the quick intake of breath it produced.

“Now little one, I want more then just to touch your body that is now so open to me, I want you to open up to me completely, relax and let the sensations wash over you. I want you to open yourself up to me and allow me to touch your soul.”

His words met with a shudder from her and he watched as she noticeably relaxed, willing herself to surrender, as he watched her, so open and so trusting, he began to feel the stirrings in his loins. He rose from the bed, his eyes never leaving her prone body, and placed a chair at the foot of the bed. He again leaned over her and grasped her breasts, kneading them deeply, as the shudder traveled down her body his touch followed it, spreading warmth down the sides of her torso, and coming together over her belly, and outlining her exposed womanhood, and then down the length of her captured legs. Her calves tensed at the touch and feet flexed as the sensations reached them. He drew his hands back down her legs, following the underside and ran them fully over her exposed rear.

She held her breath, anticipation at his movements gripping her. He smiled at the scent of her reaching his nostrils and without any warning placed his warm lips over her unprotected bud and drew it greedily into his mouth. Her head rolled back as the deep moan escaped pass the ball in her mouth, and she pulled against the restraints. Her reaction only caused him to suck her deeper into his mouth, drawing is tongue along her sweet bud, caressing her lavishly. Her arms and legs off the bed, and her rear hanging over, left her no recourse to even attempt to reduce the assault, and only the sounds of her moans and breathing would give witness to the fact that she was surrendering into the sensations that assaulted her. He dropped but a second, to lavish his tongue over her tight secret opening and then plunged his tongue deep within her, tasting her fully for the first time. He lapped at the sweetness of her, and felt her move against his tongue. He could feel the need rising in her as even his was in him.

He drew his hands down her legs slowly moving them towards her essence and felt the muscles in her legs respond to the touch. As his hands moved to her opening, he drew his tongue from her and returned to suck her bud deeply, as his thumbs entered her and pushed against the sides of her opening. For an instant she realized how open and vulnerable she was to him and with a shudder accepted it, allowing the sensations to wash over her and felt the need begin to build again. He withdrew his thumbs and never leaving the administrations of her clit, plunged two fingers deep within her.

Again he felt the shudders and heard the moan between her breaths, and began to deeply stroke her as he continued to suckle. Shudders, sensations, and intensity racked her body, feeling the need to release building within her. Her moans were growing deeper, and her breath was raging against the ball in her mouth, and she slid into the sensations racking her body, and felt the release building to the point of rupture. He noticed the calming as she surrendered into the pleasure and knew she was getting close to release.

He suckled harder, allowing his teeth to graze her swollen clit, causing even deeper moans to escape her. He rhythmically used His fingers to draw the orgasm from her, her body responding to each stroke to the point that he felt the shudder begin to cause her vaginal walls to pull against his intrusive fingers. As the pulsations started, followed by the warm flood of sweetness escaping her, his lips never released her clit, even as his tongue darted down to capture the escaping warm fluid. Lapping at her, and tasting the mixture of rawness and sweetness, trickle down his throat. He reduced his actions, allowing her to again drift into the sweet after shock, smiling Bomonti travesti to himself that he had chosen correctly, and wondering how far and how long this night would take them both.

As she started to relax again, he stood and made his way to her, placing kisses up a path to her lips. He reached over and released the ball from her mouth and kissed her so deeply and so completely that it seemed it would never end. She could taste herself on his lips and tongue, and smell the scent of passion deep from within her. As he pulled away from the kiss, weakly she whispered… “I never knew, it could be like that.”

Suddenly wanting to see her eyes, he reached up and removed the blindfold, and looked into them. Never in her life, could she remember such eyes, as the ones looking back at her now, soft, caring, compassionate, loving. Looking at them searching her, she flushed and realized that twice he had brought her to a climax, and still must be needful himself. Before she could even look down, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her damp eyes, and rose from the bed, walking away, and asked if she needed something to drink, before they continued.

She watched him move across to the sink in the suite, and grab the handle of the refrigerator, and weakly answered, “Oh yes please, Master, thank you so much.” and heard the words that had come to her, so easily, and smiled deeply as she realized they were true, and that she was his, if he would have her. He returned with the glass of cold water and set it on the nightstand, then moved to the end of the bed and released the bindings on her legs. She moaned as her feet made their way to the floor, the ache deep within them. He move beside her and placing his hands on her still swollen breasts, leaned down and kissed her parched lips, drawing her into the kiss deeply.

He moved his hands to her sides and gently moved her body up the bed, releasing the tension on her arms, then quickly released the bindings there and helped her sit up on the bed, and reached for the water. Her hand was shaking slightly as she accepted the water and brought the glass to her lips. She drank deeply as he arranged the hair around her temples. She handed the glass back to him, and he took a long drink before placing the empty glass back on the nightstand. He kissed her temple and drew her into his arms.

Her head against his chest and she could hear his heart beating, strong, pleasant, she relaxed as he slowly and rhythmically rubbed the stiffness out of her arms. Her breathing approached normal before he asked if she was ready to continue.

“Yes” was her only answer and he knew that she was apprehensive yet trusting and willing to continue. He drew her body so that she straddled his lap, his right hand began to caress her buttocks, kneading the flesh of it, feeling her relax. He raised his hand and brought it stinging down upon her fleshy rear and heard her gasp at the shock and surprise of it. Her body tightened for a moment as the sharp sensation stung. Again His hand caressed her, lessening the sensation, she heard his words and biting her lower lip listened to them very carefully, taking them in.

“Relax, I will not hurt you, just relax and feel.” she nodded in understanding, and he smiled at her acceptance. He raised his hand and allowed it to again rain down upon her exposed rear, she stiffened for only a moment after.

“Good girl, that’s the way,” and stroked her flesh in wide circles feeling the heat beginning to build. Placing his left hand around her arm to steady her, he proceeded, his hand would raise and smack against her flesh, then slowly run the feeling, spreading the warmth that was growing. At first she hesitated at each smack, but concentrated on relaxing and soon she felt herself floating in the sensations that began to curse through her body, the heat of her rear, driving down, warming her womanhood, and wondered at the stirring there. As she would almost get lost in the floating feeling, she would be assaulted by another smack on the rear, and again be centered on that sensation.

Quicker and quicker they came, she began to lose the time between, realized that tears were streaming down her cheeks and splashing onto the floor. The sensations racking through her were so new, and she felt an acceptance at them, emotions running through her, becoming one. He paused and ran his hand over and over her brightly reddened bottom, feeling the warmth there, feeling the warmth and dampness of her arousal seeping onto his lap, feeling his own arousal stirring within him and was taken with the sense to take her fully. Slowly he gathered her back into his arms, calming her light sobs, feeling her hot rear burning against his manhood and placed kisses on her eyes.

She melted against him, held onto him, feeling his strength around her. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed feeling the raw emotion running through her, he held on to her as he rose from the bed and laid her upon it and climbed over her. Taking her wrists and holding them next to her body, he slipped into her. A sound full of passion, emotion and desire escaped her lips and her eyes and head rolled back at the change in assaulting sensations. Her body fought to move up against his, to draw him deeper within her.

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