Wishful Thinking

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“It’s ok. You can tell me anything,” he would say as he wrapped his arms around me giving me much needed comfort.

Well that’s how it went in my dream anyway. Unfortunately real life is not something we get to control and the look of total disgust on Wesley’s face as I told him that I was HIV positive was enough to make me physically ill.

His bags were packed the next day and off he went to break another poor slob’s heart. I on the other hand sunk into total despair and self-pity. Yes I know, I know that’s not going to help but boy it sure felt great and very justified!

I went about my days at work like a robot, (I work at a hospital by the way) until my patients started to notice I was not myself and began asking questions. Those I had known for a while knew I was gay and started making little comments like “So doc which one of these hospital hunks broke your heart”?

They were not far wrong!

I didn’t have to disclose my status to the hospital but I found myself becoming extra careful about contact with patients and I knew there was no way in hell they would get “it” that way but I just couldn’t help myself.

My dearest friend in the world finally cornered me and pretty much demanded to know what my problem was. Ok that’s it…I totally lost it. “My problem? My problem?!! I’ll tell you what my bloody problem is” I screamed in his face. ” I found out last month that I am HIV positive and your mate, my now ex-boyfriend walked out because he was too disgusted to stay! That’s what my problem is”!! Before Mike could say anything I stormed off.

Whenever I find myself loosing control the first place I head to is the beach. It was just the way I like it, stormy looking and gray. In my scrubs I started to run as fast as I could up and down the beach like a total idiot. Luckily for me Mike knew where I would be and stopped me before I could either pass out or throw up.

His arms went around me and his fingers stroked my hair. Now this was how Wesley was supposed to react I told myself. “Just do it” He whispered, giving me the permission to cry that I would never give myself. I sobbed like a baby at the unfairness of life and the brokeness of my heart. We sat together for hours afterwards talking and watching the sinking sun.

Mike reached out and gently took my hand in his. “You know, he said quietly “I would never treat you like Wesley did.”

My mouth fell open at the implication of that whispered statement. I turned slowly towards Mike and for the first time in our seven years together as the two musketeers I really looked at him. His soul swam in his eyes and the sweet way his top lip curled when he smiled. Why did I not see this before? That’s what comes from looking with your eyes and not your heart.

Trusting that he meant what he said I leant in and took his face in my hands and brought our lips together in a time-stopping kiss. At first I think we were both shocked that we were actually kissing but then true feelings took over and we were powerless to stop.

A small moan escaped Mike and I knew he was feeling the same things I was. Drawing back all I did was Kumköy escort look questioningly at him and he tugged on my hand in response. Pulling me to my feet Mike enveloped me against his chest and judging by how fast his heart was racing this meant as much to him as it did to me.

I looked up into those beautiful green eyes and saw nothing but trust and love. I had a million questions but I didn’t want to know the answers to any of them. One of Mike’s biggest gripes against me was that I was always over-analyzing everything, that I never went with the flow so the fact that I was now about to make love with my best friend should make him very proud!

A smile spread across my face at this thought and he actually blushed! I guess he was thinking the same thing! Well they say great minds think alike. He bent his head to mine and captured my lips once more this time with more insistence and passion. We both became instantly hard and went on autopilot rubbing against each other.

This time it was me who broke the kiss. Breathing hard and with flushed cheeks I managed to pant out “If we take this much further I am going to throw you down and rape you here on the sand”! Mike wiggled his eyebrows in a comical response. “I’ve always wanted to make love in the great outdoors”. Trying very hard to keep my hands to myself I led Mike over to where our cars were parked.

“Ok well as talented as you are obviously are you can’t come with me and drive your car so let’s meet at my place ok”? Mike nodded in agreement and even though it was only ten minutes to my house it seemed to take forever. I hadn’t even turned the car off and Mike was there dragging me out and carrying me to my front door. We managed to get inside the house with minimum fondling. He turned serious for a moment and deposited me gently on my couch.

“I want this to be for always not just some fling so you can get Wesley out of your system. I have loved you from the first moment our eyes met and as much as it will hurt then if this can’t be forever I don’t want it.”

The thought of hurting Mike made my blood run cold. Commitment didn’t scare me but the thought of leaving Mike alone did. I wasn’t sick yet but what if….?

Mike took my long pause as a sign that the answer was no and stood to go. My heart was screaming “for God’s sake don’t let him leave” and my head was telling me quite calmly that he needed a healthy person to fall in love with. Hey I said I was a Dr I never said I was smart when it came to doing the right thing for love.

I could deal with the pain of my own loneliness but having Mike hurting like that was something that I could not deal with. I opened my mouth to say all of this just as the door quietly closed. Ok what just happened? If I were a violent person I would have beaten the shit out of myself!

I ran to the door and flung it open just as Mike was backing out of the driveway and began to chase him. Then there was an awful screeching sound, a blinding pain in my lower half and….nothing.

Why is my hand aching? Peeling my eyes open I found the source of my discomfort. Mike had a Kumköy escort bayan death grip on my left hand that was slowly turning my fingers blue. “Ease up a bit will ya.” I croaked out and discovered that yes you can swallow razor blades and survive.

Mike jumped to his feet and bought some ice chips to my mouth. Tears leaked slowly from the corners of his eyes and I longed to reach out and wipe them away but my body wouldn’t obey. Mike sagged tiredly in his chair and looked like he couldn’t decide whether to slap me or hug me.

“Why did you go and do such a bloody stupid thing like that for”? He asked roughly. And lent down before I could reply and kissed me. I opened my eyes and looked directly into his exhausted green ones.

“I was stopping you from leaving actually…I guess it worked huh”. I tried dismally to smile but I couldn’t pull it off. “The reason I didn’t answer you before was because the thought of leaving you alone hurt worse than not having you in my life and Mike what if I get sick, I don’t want you playing nurse maid to me when you should be enjoying your life.”

Mike ran his hands through his hair and sighed deeply. “God you are so bloody stupid sometimes! Do you realize that you will probably die of old age before you die of anything aids related? Unless of course I kill you first”!

I began to reply but one look from Mike promptly shut me up. ” We are in this together you moron and whether you like it or not I am not going anywhere! Taylor I love you don’t you get that by now? Even if we only get two years together isn’t that worth fighting for”?

My God this guy is gorgeous when he’s angry! I tried to hold my hands up as a gesture of defeat but darn it my arms were made of lead! I settled for shaking my head slowly and whispering “Don’t leave me ok. No matter what don’t leave me”. And yes once again I found myself bawling like a baby. Hey I’m an emotional kind of guy!

Mike growled softly in exasperation and kissed me hard on the lips and hugged me as gently as he could. “When you get out of here you’d better be totally healed because we may just break stuff”!

Six Months Later…

“Hey babe I’m home”. I loved hearing those words from Mike! I was making his favorite dinner and in danger of burning the house down when two strong arms lifted me off my feet. My body responded without any help from me when Mike began to kiss me passionately. I mumbled something about the stove still being on and we stumbled to the couch in a tangle of arms and legs.

We had to move carefully because my leg was still healing and my lower back still had large ugly bruises but that didn’t put a damper on our love life believe me!

My hands were shaking as I practically tore Mike’s shirt off and fumbled with the buttons on his jeans. His body wasn’t stereo-typically perfect but it was beautiful to me and it responded to my touch like an instrument being played by a master.

Mike’s nipples were sensitive and obviously directly linked to his cock because blowing on them gently produced immediate results! I kissed my way across his chest delighting Escort Kumköy in the little shivers I created along the way.

Mike’s small whimpers of pleasure urged me on and I continued my assault on his delicious body. Breathing in his masculine sent I licked and sucked my way down to his leaking cock and then much to his dismay I avoided touching it all together. He tried to direct me with his hands but failed miserably.

I wanted him totally at my mercy and begging for release when and if I decided to grant it.

I spread his thighs and suckled on his balls, rolling them around with my tongue and sucking on each in turn.

He sucked his breath in as my tongue invaded every crevice. I moved to his puckered hole and nibbled on it gently….I knew this drove Mike wild and I brought him to the edge and then backed off until he was practically screaming at me to fuck him.

Just for one last tease I took his rock hard cock in my mouth all at once, going right to the base. My tongue swirled and tickled its length. Mike totally lost control, grabbed me roughly and threw me down to the bed. I was achingly hard and desperate to make love to him too but it was so much fun getting him to take charge..which was something he wasn’t comfortable doing.

Mike smothered my body in hot kisses and then moved himself into position over my cock and slowly impaled himself on me. The sensation was so intense I almost lost it right then.

We moaned together as our bodies moved as one. That’s what it was all about for me…the union that comes from being with that someone that makes your soul fly.

I wrapped my arms around Mike and brought him down to my chest and we kissed hard and passionately all the while he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

I felt myself getting close as my body tensed and my back arched. When Mike and I made love like this my body took on a mind of it’s own.

“I’m gonna cum baby” Mike’s voice came out in a ragged whisper. His breath hot and fast in my ear just increased the sensations washing over me. One last thrust from Mike and I lost it. His hand clamped down on my cock and pumped furiously.

My head went back and I yelled out my love for my man as we came together. Mike’s body went ridged and he bit my ear as he got lost in our passion for each other. We both sagged as that wonderful tiredness overtook us from the exertion.

We took our usual positions with Mike snuggling tightly into my back, his legs curled against mine.

I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair and got lost in those endless eyes. He smiled at me and suddenly I knew that whatever the future had in store for us it would be ok. No matter what we had each other.

Mike usually gave me a hard time about being an eternal optimist and a hopeless romantic and yeah I guess I am….but what’s the alternative? Going through life being jaded and not opening yourself up to love? That’s no way to live so I choose to believe.

And now with Mike securely in my life it’s not just wishful thinking anymore.

Well I hope you enjoyed our little story. Yes that is actually the way it happened. Someone up there knew we needed each other and the rest is history. I am still living with being positive and we take one day at a time. So my wish for you is you find your someone and remember…it’s never too late.



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It Started at a Party

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My name is Alexis.

It started, as I’m sure it started for many others, after an evening out with my husband, David. We had partied pretty good, I still don’t remember how we got home. In the bedroom, I started to get undressed and I must have passed out from all the wine I had drunk. I woke up feeling my husband taking off the last of my clothes. He started kissing me and when his tongue started licking my pussy, I looked down at him. It wasn’t my husband. David was snoring softly next to me on the bed. It was my son Jason. I tried to push him away and get up, but he held me down. I finally gave up when he started suck my clitty. By that time, the wine and my son’s tongue won the battle. Next thing I remembered, my son was on top of me trying to get his cock in my pussy. I’m embarrassed to say I let him. As he slid into me, I looked over at my husband who was sleeping soundly. After that it didn’t matter much. I lifted my hips and got my legs around my son’s waist. I pulled him in as deep as I could and he started pumping. Harder and harder. I shuttered as I orgasmed. All too soon it was over. Jason got up and left. My pussy filled with his cum. I fell asleep thinking about what just happened. In the morning my husband and I made love. I never had the chance to clean up.

It was several days later that David confessed that he knew about my dalliance with our son. He knew that morning. He knew why I was so wet. He told me it was all he could do not to cum as soon as he entered me. The thought of our son’s cum in my pussy, coating his cock as he fucked me was overwhelmingly erotic. I spent those days worrying that he would find out and he was actually delighted. Of course we didn’t tell our son, at least not then. But David assured me that he urgently wished a repeat. He was so anxious that he said he would consider sucking both his cum and our son’s cum out of my pussy. I almost couldn’t believe what he was saying. He had never been keen on that sort of thing before. He said, “please mum”. He rarely called me ‘mum’ and then only when he really wanted something. I told him I would think about it. Not that there was much to think about. I knew I would do it right off, but sometimes it’s best to keep the pot boiling for a while.

After what David told me, I was hornier than hell. I wanted my son deep inside me again. I wanted to feel him pounding my pussy. I wanted to see the look of intense pleasure on his face as he unloaded, filling me with his cum. But maybe even more, I wanted ardahan escort my husband too. And there was something else. A desire just on the edge of consciousness. A desire that I could not put a name to. Now that David was looking forward to another go, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We decided to not tell our son right away and as much as my husband wanted to provide clean up services, we waited for the right time.

Waiting is hard. But eventually Jason sat down with me while my husband was at work. “Mom. I feel awful about the other day, I do not know what came over me and I cannot apologize enough.” He said, looking at the floor and not at me.

“You know what we did was wrong. I say ‘we’ because I was not exactly fighting you off.” I said.

“That does not help much. I still feel terrible and I am so ashamed.” Jason admitted, tears in his eyes.

“Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I enjoyed it very much?” I asked.

“Mom, I know you are just saying that, and I appreciate the gesture.” Jason said, looking up at me.

“I mean it. But I want to know if you enjoyed it too?” I asked, holding my breath.

“Well, yes of course. You are not too angry then?” He asked.

“No, not too angry.” I admitted. But…”

“Mom. I will do anything to make this right.” Jason pleaded..

“I am very happy to hear you say that.” I said. “Because I want you to do it again.”

“You are serious?” My son asked, choking on the words.

I spent the next hour convincing my son that I was indeed serious. He just sat there listening. I did not tell him that his father approved or the part his father wanted to eventually play, that could come later. I told him that his father was going to be working late and we would be alone for several hours the following Friday night.

Nervous? Anxious? I was bundle of nerves waiting. My son left after our talk without a commitment. Would he accept my offer? Friday evening I ate dinner alone and went up to my bedroom. I showered and got into bed. I left one small light on and tried to relax. Time moved slowly, and then he was there.

Jason opened the bedroom door. He was naked. He stood there and reached down to grasp his cock and lifting it up, pointing it directly at me. My heart almost stopped. Stepping inside, closing the door behind him, he crawled onto the bed and on top of me. Jason is heavier that my husband and his weight pressed me down. It felt artvin escort wonderful. I reached up and pulled his head down. I expected to feel his lips in a kiss. What I felt was his open mouth. His tongue searching for mine. That first kiss was not a mother and son kiss. It was a lover’s kiss. That elusive desire I felt that I could not name suddenly became crystal clear. I pulled my mouth away and looked at my son in the dim light.

“Use me.” I whispered. “Use me.”

At that moment I realized that I wanted, more than anything, for my son to dominate me. To use me as he saw fit. To ravish me.

Jason did not say a word. He lifted himself up, getting between my legs. He pushed my legs apart. My pussy bare under his gaze. He grasped his cock again and rubbed it up and down my slit several times and then guiding the head of his cock into my soaking wet hole. He leaned forward suddenly, ramming his entire length inside me. I gasped as his cock impaled me. He pulled almost all the way out and slammed his cock back in. I told him to use me and he was. My husband would have already cum, but my son kept on pumping into me. I closed my eyes, savoring every thrust. And he stopped. He pulled his cock out of my pussy.

“Turn over.” He said harshly. He did not ask. It sounded like an order.

I did as I was told. I put my head down and raised my ass like an obedient dog. I felt Jason’s hand on my hips and his cock pushing at my hole. And he was inside me again. Thrusting with his cock and pulling my hips with his hands. He fucked me. In and out, over and over, he shoved his cock in as deep as it would go. By now I was panting, trying to control my breathing. My heart was pounding. I called out as I had a hard orgasm. And he stopped moving. I swear to this day that I felt his cock swelling in size as he filled me with pulses of warm cum. I felt cum leaking out, dripping down my inner thigh. As my son’s now limp cock slid out he slapped my ass cheek, which I was not expecting.

“You know this is not the end right?” He asked. “Use me you said. I intend to.” He said flatly and he got up and left.

I turned back over to stretch out on my back.

It was over an hour later, maybe more before I heard my husband in the hallway. He opened the door enough to peek in. Seeing me lying there answered his unasked question. He left the door open and got undressed.

“He might see us.” I started to protest, looking at the open bedroom door. aydın escort

“What better way for him to find out how perverted we are. ” David said.

Before I could answer, my husband crawled onto the bed and spread my legs. My pussy glistening with drops of our son’s cum in the dim light. My husband got on top of me and I reached down to guide his cock into my cum filled pussy. It did not take long. Days of anticipation and my cum filled pussy were all it took. David added his load of cum and I was filled to overflowing.

I remember thinking that this was going to be a night I would never forget. Boy was I right.

David pushed himself up and smiled at me. He had a wicked looking grin on his face.

He kissed me and slowly, deliberately, inched down between my legs. He shoved a pillow under my ass and lowered his head.

“You smell amazing.” He said, and lowered his head even more.

I felt my husband’s tongue starting to lick my very tender pussy. He started at my ass hole and ended at the top of my slit. Once. Twice. Up and down. I tried to relax and enjoy his tongue.

He lapped between my pussy lips like a hungry dog. He started sucking. I heard him moaning softly as he enjoyed his work. He worked his was up and down. Each time his lips brushed my overly sensitive clitty I twitched a little. I thought he was done when he stopped for a moment. I felt him spread my pussy lips with his fingers. I almost screamed when he fastened his lips on my clitty and started sucking. I started gasping. I wanted him to stop but I wanted him to keep going too. I could feel another orgasm building. I started twisting on the bed but my husband kept his lips locked on my clit. The picture of his evil looking smile flashed into my mind.

My husband bit down. Not hard, but hard enough. This time I did scream. Hot bolts of flame flared through my body. A wave of pure pleasure-pain flashed from my pussy to my brain. I could not move. I think my husband lifted his head. I could not be sure. My eyes were closed tight. And David’s lips found my clit again. I tried to wiggle out from under him, but he held me down. Thankfully. Did I really think that? David did leave my clitty alone after that.

He did play with my ass though. I felt his finger pressing into my tight hole. Just his finger, which was not too uncomfortable. But I could not help wondering if he had any future ideas. He finally let me sit up. The bed felt cold. It was wet with sweat and cum. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and looked back at David. He was smiling.

“Did you have a good time?” He asked.

“I cannot feel my legs.” I answered, massaging my calves.

It was not until then that I looked around. Jason was standing in the doorway, smiling just like his father.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I come from a small town an hour and a half northeast of New Orleans. Mama is half French and half Native American. She has long straight black hair and black eyes, and with prominent cheekbones and full lips, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Well, except for my sister Claire, who is a year older than me and looks like a younger version of Mama. Papa is a redheaded Cajun with a temperament to match. I tend to favor him in looks and personality.

Mama and Papa met in their senior year of high school and started dating immediately. They were hot and heavy for each other. They had sex whenever they could, often in the backseat of Papa’s car. Not long after they started dating Mama became pregnant with Claire. Papa dropped out of high school and got a job as a car mechanic.

Mama and Papa began having problems right away. They are both passionate people, which can lead to fireworks in the bedroom but trouble when tempers flare. As a result they were either fucking or fighting, or sometimes both. Papa and his blond half-brother Jacques started an auto body repair shop. Papa put all his attention into trying to get his fledgling business going, Mama felt neglected and her eyes started straying. Soon her pussy strayed as well. She’d dated Jacques before she dating Papa in high school, so she turned to him. Apparently Jacques couldn’t say no and they began fucking that very moment.

As it later turned out, Uncle Jacques was secretly taking money from the auto body repair business to pay gambling debts. He fucked Mama while fucking over Papa. Mama claims to have not known of Jacques’ larceny.

At one point Mama threw Papa out because a phone psychic assured her he was banging his office manager, which is a case of the pot calling the kettle black if there ever was one. I present to the jury Exhibit A, a video recording of Mama riding Uncle Jacques’ cock. Notice the date stamp. 11-28-09. Two days before Mama accused Papa of infidelity.

After Papa moved out, Uncle Jacques moved in. All he and Mama did was have sex. Nine months later his wife got pregnant and begged him to come back. Mama asked Papa to come home. They were back to their old fuck-and-fight ways before the sun had even set that first day.

Eventually, Papa found out Jacques 1) had been embezzling from their business and 2) was Remy’s father, since auburn-haired Papa could not have sired a tow-headed child. You could hear Papa screaming across the bayou. “Whore! Slut! With the man you know I hate!” He was moving out “for good this time.” That was a month ago.

I could have told Papa Mama was banging his half-brother. I had seen them coupling often enough. Once in a while she even brought a girlfriend to the mix. I would watch them through a hole I made in the wall separating her and Papa’s room from mine, a hole that contained a little camera with a line to my computer. I had installed a bug on the lamp on Mama’s nightstand, so I got them in full video and audio. That’s how we roll in the 21st Century.

Watching Mama screw Papa and later, his brother, I spanked my monkey. A lot. How could I not? My dick was almost always hard. I don’t know if it was the water or what but the adults in my parish couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Or me. Aunt Eliza gave me my first blowjob at her engagement dinner last month. Her new husband later caught my eye and stared hard before laughing. He winked at me. What the hell did that mean? I didn’t know.

Since the split Mama had not bedded anyone as far as I could tell. She didn’t bring anyone home and she never went out on dates. She continued to fingerbang her pussy a lot, though. One time I heard her cry out my name when she climaxed after a thoroughly exhausting masturbating session. Spawning a renewed hunger deep in my loins for the forbidden fruit of my fantasies, my mother.

You bet your ass I fantasized about making love to Mama. Sucking on her breasts. Eating her pussy. Kneeling between her open legs and sliding my dick in to the hilt. Making love to her in as many different positions as we could imagine. Sawing back and forth until wild orgasms rocked our worlds.

At the moment I was watching Mama pump breast milk pump. Even though it had been 18 years since the birth of her last child, me, she continued lactating. She donated her milk to a local women’s charity.

She held up her spare breast to her mouth, looked at me and licked. She looked at me, which meant she knew I was watching her.

“Claude, would you come here?” Mama called softly. So she knew I’d bugged her room as well. This could not end well. If Papa found out, I was a dead man. I had to play it cool with Mama and placate her in every way possible.

I padded into Mama’s bedroom. Her long dark hair spilled over her shoulders. She was wearing only her red flannel robe. Seeing her bare breast did something wicked to me.

“Do you need something?” I asked.

She patted a spot next to her on the bed. “Come sit by me,” she said. “We never talk anymore. kütahya escort Besides,” she added, pulling the other side of her bathrobe aside to reveal her right breast, “I have something you might like to suck on.”

Sweet Jesus, did she. Mama had great breasts. I knew them well from hours of video surveillance. I wanted to suck on her titties but it was purely sexual, I think. I don’t know and I don’t care. I had to admit, the thought of nursing at Mama’s C-cups made me hot.

Even though at least 15 years or so had passed since I last tasted her sweet mother’s milk, I still remembered the pleasure of suckling at her tit. Of lying in her warm embrace, my mouth fastened on a nipple, her sweet milk coursing down my throat, her fingers running through my hair.

I crawled onto the bed beside Mama.

Mama spoke in a hushed voice. “Now lay your head down, baby,” she said, guiding me to her spare breast.

My mouth instinctively fastened onto her nipple and I began suckling. I lay my cheek on her belly. Mama sighed contentedly.

I was in paradise. I closed my eyes. Mama and I were lying on a blanket in a green field, the sun basking us in its rays. My mouth melded with her nipple as the cores of our bodies got hotter. I secretly ached to touch her pussy.

When Mama had pumped enough milk, she gently lifted my head from her breast and got up to put the pump on her dresser. She turned to face me and let her bathrobe fall to the floor, revealing her voluptuous body, au naturel. She cupped her breasts. “Does my big boy like my titties?” she cooed.

I couldn’t speak. My throat was dry. I had masturbated to footage of Mama in action many, many times. But actually making love to her? Like that was ever going to happen.

She nodded at my erection. In the delirium of nursing at her breast, my dick had been fantasizing about Mama too. “I know you like ’em,” she sighed in pleasure. She lay down beside me. I gulped, or at least tried to. My mouth was devoid of spit.

She gingerly took my mother love bone in her fingers. “So hard and so big for Mama,” she cooed. “Do you mind if I kiss it?”

Holy shit! My mother was about to suck my dick!

I emphatically shook my head, no, I didn’t mind.

My eyelids closed involuntarily as she planted a wet one on my willie. My eyes stayed closed as she engulfed the head of my dick in her mouth.

I came almost immediately. My face turned red. “Well, shit,” I said

Mama gazed up at me, concern on her face. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

I gestured at my limp dick.

“Oh, baby, there’s no need to be embarrassed about that,” she assured me. She began stroking my dick. “I’ll let you in on a little secret. Your father did the same thing first time I went down on him behind the Tas-T-Freeze.”


“Yes. Give your penis a break and we can go again in a little bit. In the meantime, you can show me your pussy-licking skills.” She turned around on the bed and straddled my head with her voluptuous hips. Her pussy was just inches from my lips. I pulled her onto my face. I gently sucked on her clit, at first. I lapped at her pink folds, slowly and then furiously. My face thrashed between her thighs, my lips and tongue dragging every which direction in and around her pussy.

“Oh, God, baby, yes, just like that, ah fuck me with your tongue. Yes, just like that. Oh, sweet Jesus, I’m about to cream!”

And that’s just what she did. She squirted pussy juice into my open mouth. I swallowed as much as I could.

Mama buried her face in a pillow and screamed. Her body shook from head to toe and back.

She calmed down eventually and crawled up to spoon with me. Skin to skin, heart beat to heart beat. Her arm draped over my body, her bosom mashed against my back. Planting wet kisses on my neck. We lay like that for a while. It was very comforting.

Mama spoke up. “May I ask, who taught you to eat pussy like that? Claire?”

Something caught in my throat. Mama knew Claire and I were screwing. We had been careless lately. Hell, it was only a matter of time before we were caught. Nothing to do now but own it. “As a matter of fact, yes, Mama,” I proudly proclaimed.

Mama looked up coquettishly. “I have something to confess. I’ve watched the videos you’ve been making, including the ones featuring you and your sister fucking in my bed. Baby, they make me so hot I cream my panties every time I watch ’em.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn’t in trouble after all. “You’re welcome.”

“Mmmm,” Mama moaned. “The three of us will have to get together and compare notes.”

My heart thrilled at the idea of a ménage a trois with Mama and Claire. I must have done something right in a past life.

Suddenly Mama was on top of me. She squatted above my hips, and grinned at me as she sank down onto my pole.

She pulled me up to a semi-upright position, my legs under hers, her legs enclosing my torso, my dick poking up in her pussy at a 45 malatya escort degree angle. She arched her back, snaking her arms into the air and then around my neck. I held her lower back. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned as we moved together, my dick grinding in her pussy.

She rolled her hips forward and backward, bucking my dick against her pussy walls and ridges. I grunted with every thrust forward. She moaned and suppressed shrieks of pleasure. She stopped and pulled me close. She whispered in my ear, “Fuck Mama senseless, baby.”


I got her on her hands and knees. I reached under to fondle her breasts. Mama got impatient. “Stop romancing me and start fucking me,” she hissed.

I shoved my snake into her snatch in response, making her jump. She twitched her hips violently in an attempt to throw me off but I was way ahead of her. I leaned my entire 5’10” 170 lb. frame on top of her, pinning her to the mattress as my dick sawed in and out of her pussy. I took hold of her wrists and pinned them above her head. Soon her body twitched again. “Yes,” she hissed.

I rolled Mama onto her back. Kneeling between her upraised legs I guided my meat missile back into her pussy. I began grinding my pelvis against hers. “Oh, yeah,” she groaned, playing with her boobs. I picked up the pace and Mama was biting her lip.

I put everything I had into giving Mama what she wanted. I pounded her pussy, my hips jackhammering on top of her. My arms supporting me, hands planted on either side of her head, I let my hips do the talking. Mama had her eyes closed and the back of one hand pressed to her mouth.

I rolled her onto her side and slid my dick back home. I reached down to finger her clit. We moved our hips back and forth, my dick sawing in and out of her wet pussy. “Oh, Claude, yes; fuck me.” I amped up the speed of the ride.

Mama changed her mind, pushing me onto my back. She straddled my hips again, taking my hard dick in hand. She smoothly got on top of me, my member filling her hot pussy as she rode me. She rolled her head one way, then the other. She began undulating on top of me, groaning as she bumped and ground against me, rubbing my cock against her wet pussy walls, my pubis against her clit.

Before long she found a groove that hit her just the right way and began riding me for all it was worth. And then, just like that, she stood stone still. She clenched a pillow to her face and screamed. In seconds I was cumming too. Rockets and shooting stars. “Aw, shit,” I groaned as cum spurted deep in Mama’s pussy.

Mama rolled off and turned to face me. She held my face in her hands. She was grinning. “You are the lover I knew you’d be.” She pulled me in for a kiss and soon we were making out, tongues probing each others mouths. Hands rubbing, squeezing, holding.

The doorbell rang. Mama was up instantly and put on her robe. That was my cue to gather my clothes and head back to my room. I kissed Mama on the cheek and gave Remy the look, and left.

I ran into Claire in the hallway. She was wearing her work uniform. I was buck-naked and sporting a boner. Her eyes went wide as she realized whose room I was leaving. She grinned devilishly and unsuccessfully reached for my junk. “You dog! You engaged in carnal relations with our mother! When I get back from work, I want to know everything!” And with that she left.

Getting back to my room, I checked the audiovisual recorder. It was still running. I’d known to start recording when Mama rubbed her free tit while pumping breast milk, looking longingly at me. And now I had a recording of Mama and me fucking six ways from Sunday.

I couldn’t wait for Claire to watch it.

In the meantime, I had basketball practice. I took a shower and put on my gym clothes. I was point guard for the Varsity basketball team. Go Cougars! Handling a basketball was the second best thing I could do with my hands. Our team was first in the league. Mama and Claire both attended my games religiously. I even caught sight of Papa a few times. They were my biggest supporters.

After practice some of the guys suggested getting something to eat so we met up at a local burger joint. We cracked jokes, made outrageous lies about the size of our dicks and number of conquests, and consumed copious amounts of food. After settling up the bill, we went our separate ways.

When I got home Mama was curled up with Remy and watching a movie. I headed straight for the shower. Hot soapy water running over my body, I began jacking my Johnson to a Best of… reel starring Mama and me.

Cum was spurting out of my rod when Claire cleared her throat. She wagged a finger at me. “Whacking off while thinking about your mother? Sicko,” she deadpanned.

“Ha ha,” I replied. “Come into my room after you take a shower. You have to see what I recorded.”

“Can’t wait,” she said over her shoulder as she flipped on her bedroom light.

I dried off and tossed the towel by the bed. Never know when I might need manisa escort it. I settled into my computer chair. I pulled up a video I recorded of Claire rubbing her teddy bear against her pussy until she came and squirted all over the toy bear, soaking it.

That is, until I heard the bathroom door open. I brought up the video of Mama’s seduction of her oldest son.

Mama sat on her bed pumping Mama juice. I walked into the room. She asked me to sit beside her, slipping me her breast.

My dick began to get hard, watching Mama nurse me while I played with her tit-flesh. I reached down to stroke it and…

“Damn, that is hot,” Claire’s voice proclaimed just inches from my ear. I jumped in my seat. Claire jumped back. “Damn, dude, calm down. It’s only me.”

My older sister settled behind me, nestling the back of my head between her breasts. Hands tousling my hair. As the video progressed, her hands got a little grabby. Soon she was pulling my hair and rubbing her hard nipples against the back of my head. “Seeing you and Mama make love turns my pussy into a swamp,” she sighed.

I turned my head to her naked body and she stepped around to smother my face with her smooth belly. I dragged my mouth against her skin, planting kisses everywhere. I slid a finger into her juicy pussy. She wasn’t kidding. She moaned lightly.

She pulled back a bit and bent forward, her breasts hanging in front of me like ripe fruit. We kissed deeply while I fondled her breasts. “Mmm,” she moaned into my mouth as she reached for my junk again. This time I didn’t pull away. She took my stiff rod in hand and gave it a few tugs.

“Tease,” I playfully accused Claire. “Pfpppfft,” she snorted before sinking to her knees beside me. She began stroking my rod while watching the video. I was still suckling Mama’s tit. “What was it like?” she asked.

“Mama’s milk?”

She nodded.

” Heaven,” I replied.

“I bet. Sweet?”

“Like honey.”


We continued watching Mama nurse me. “Mama is so beautiful,” Claire sighed. I agreed. Mama’s long raven hair and high cheekbones made her quite striking. But it was the raw sexuality she exuded that pulled you in and made you desire her.

Now Mama was getting up from her bed and setting the milk on the dresser. She let her bathrobe drop.

Clair inhaled sharply. “Oh…my…God,” she groaned and stopped the video to ogle our mother. “Look at her! She’s a goddess!” Her grip around my prick began tightening. I pried her flingers loose and held her hands in mine.

“Oops,” she giggled. “Guess I got a little carried away.”

“You think?” I replied. “I have an idea. Why don’t you bend over the computer desk and I’ll do you from behind. That way we can both watch the video.”

Claire readily agreed and bent over the desk. I entered her from behind and began a slow rocking motion. I bent down to nibble her ear. “Ah, yeah,” she sighed.

“‘Do you mind if I kiss it?'”

We both looked up to the computer monitor to watch my mother go down on me. Claire gasped as Mama’s lips enclosed my cock head.

A moment later my sister collapsed into merciless giggles when I ejaculated prematurely. “Ha! You did the same thing the first time I tried to give you a blowjob!”

Everybody’s a comedian. Fortunately she soon calmed down, in no small part due to the sight of me eating out our mother. “Damn, son,” Claire exclaimed, clapping me on the back. “I taught you well.”

We continued grinding and watching me make love to Mama. And when Mama squirted, Claire shuddered beneath me. She buried her head in her arms. I reached down between her thighs and scooped up some pussy juice. I sucked it down. Tasty.

“‘May I ask, who taught you to eat pussy like that? Claire?'”

My sister laughed at the monitor. “You bet your sweet ass, Mama! I taught him well!”

When Mama clambered on top of me, Claire called out, “Ride ’em, cowgirl!” Sis lifted her left knee and rested it on the desk. “See if you can stay on longer than eight seconds.” And with that she began bucking against me. But no way was she bucking off this stud. I grabbed a handful of raven hair and held on. I smacked her ass for good measure.

While Claire and I fucked in Real Time, Mama and I made love on the monitor.

And then my mother said, “‘Fuck Mama senseless, baby.'”

Claire turned to look at me. She adopted her Mama voice. “Fuck Mama senseless, baby,” she drawled.

“Be careful what you wish for,” I replied. I practically threw her on the bed. I sprawled my body over hers. She clutched my body to hers. My lips attacked her neck while we maneuvered our hips into alignment. I instinctively guided my dick into her wet pussy.

“Oh, hell yeah,” she hissed and rolled her hips to let me in deeper.

I rocked my sister hard. Memories of my lovemaking session with Mama played in my head. I tried to picture Mama’s face on Claire’s body. That made me more excited. With her ankles on my shoulders, I bore down hard. I was grunting like a horny gorilla and Claire was moaning to raise the roof.

“Take me from behind,” she moaned. How could I say no? I rolled her onto her side and soon my dick was back in her pussy. I rammed into her over and over. I hooked a finger in her mouth. She sucked on it as we screwed.

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Who Sat On A Doughnut?

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Who sat on a doughnut?

Who sat on a doughnut
Who put it there
Right there -on the chair,
raspberry jam all over you know where
So sticky, its everywhere, on my jeans, my shirt
It’s here and there, even in my hair.
And yes, on my Derry -air
I am a raspberry jam red -alert

Who sat on a doughnut
Who put it there
Who’s the practical joker, do I know
Just wait ’till I find out, I’ll tell ’em where to go!
I feel sticky from head to toe
All that jam oozing out

I never realised just how much jam there is in one doughnut but I was about to find out who the culprit was who deliberately planted it there. Who else could it be but my darling Richard who was a renowned practical joker but I might have known his reasoning was much more than just a mere practical joke,
Richard is one of those guys who has his sudden spasms -, the sort of guy that sees something in his mind that turns him on big time, in fact most of our role play is derived from his ‘spasms’ but I do love him for it and would never want him any other way.

He makes me feel so very special and whilst he still wants to spice our sex life with the adventure of role play I am quite happy to go along with it, most anything that is he comes up with, and I can tell you that covers a wide variety of options from he having me in chains, like the proverbial slave of old who has to procure everything his master desires of him, spanking me in tight Kumköy escort jeans, tight boxer shorts, tight briefs that cut into my crack and sometimes just in my nakedness. And after he is done with me I feel the heat in my rear for a day or so to come having been thoroughly spanked and fucked to the full, because one of Richard’s specialities is to spank me raw and have me in full penetration afterwards over the back of the settee so he can get a good position to really rivet me with deep moving thrusts until I yell for mercy, feeling his throb grow and hearing his moans and yell as he explodes that seven inch prime cock into me with all his fervour, no holds barred and I am succumbed to an exhausted pile of well tended flesh curled up on the floor.

But for now I could see Richard had something else in mind as I attempted to clean the mess of the exploded doughnut off my jeans, bending over so I could do it more easily.

“I’ll do that for you Pete” he said grinning, I might have known, Just to bend it for him would muster up his longings and I knew instantly then the reasoning behind his practical joke and he was in the mood for another session.

It was fine yes but I was still smoldering from the early morning fucking when he had me well and truly in the shower, creeping up on me like that, just as I was soaping my privates too, “I’ll do that!” he said with a familiar ring, and suggested he could do it properly and anyway it would be Kumköy escort bayan much more fun.

So I was soon at his mercy as I felt the ingenious feel of his fingers working on me, the feel of his deep mouthed suck as he wanked me off good and proper, it felt so very sensuous and lovely, me just standing there with the shower still on, my feet astride, my ass stuck out to his lament, he loving that I could tell from his moans, and the feel of his light scratching over the contours of my tight ass he whispered was so fuckable, then the way he stretched each cheek to open up what he called his gem, the feeling of his tongue finding me there as he released my ass cheeks again, his face between, hearing him sniffing and sucking, so good, so wonderful and I soon wanted the feel of his fuck once more, my hole aching for it. I didn’t have to wait long because so that beautiful measure of prime stiff cock entered me and no messing and I was like a lamb for the slaughter, his cock ramming me like a piston engine, stretching and working my well sucked hole until he came like a thunderbolt, spurting his all into me until I felt it dripping down the inside leg.

But that was early on, now it was mid day and it was all systems go again as Richard soon vented himself up with a new venture, having me plastered in raspberry jam, he’d spanked me soundly again, his hands were sticky with the jam as he ripped of my jeans, cradling my balls through my boxer Escort Kumköy shorts, smothering his hand in the crunched doughnut on the chair again and plastering my ass and balls and cock with it, it was a new feeling to enjoy sure enough he whispered he loved me with raspberry jam, a new taste, a new experience – “perhaps we could try strawberry next time” he ventured;” and then maybe spaghetti hoops, the world is our oyster – and yes, that is another thought” and I just couldn’t help laughing my head off.

Richard was some guy sure enough and there was never a dull moment when he was around me – I was getting used to getting sucked up with the addition of all sorts of concoctions like I was being used as a recipe for some new edible sensation, Richard forever sucking me all and the thing is he never tired of it, I was having a ball when we got together, I loved it when he dressed me up as a bountiful woman with all the trimmings, making me feel like how it may be to be a woman, being fucked by a very active mature guy like Richard, it was all part of the thrill we shared of each other. And I can never get enough of his cock, “try the raspberry jam with me” he urged and I did. I’d got accustomed to the scent and taste of cock sure enough but this was quite different, and the stickiness Richard said, made it very sensual along with the sound effects too, his plum red knob glued to my tongue with the sticky saliva produced in the sucking action, it was quite something, a complete new sensation to make our relationship for ever more fresh and exciting.

Who sat on a doughnut
Who put it there
Right there -on the chair,
raspberry jam all over you know where

“I ” said Richard and I knew his game
But I adored him all the same.

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It Started With a Kiss

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Squirming and tingling all over in anticipation, Annie tried to sit still on her bed, waiting. The room was dark and silent, only the pounding beat of her heart filled her ears. She had turned off her bedside lamp when she heard the car pull into the driveway, wanting them to think she was asleep. It worked.

She heard their careful steps as they passed her doorway on the way to his room. She listened to them walking down the hall, whispering. Her brother Eric’s deep warm voice answered in a hushed tone to his girlfriend Carol’s chirping murmurs, assuring her that yes, it was okay, everyone was asleep. Then came the sound of Eric’s bedroom’s door closing.

Annie bit her lips as she counted the minutes, knowing she should give them some time to get started before she acted. She ached to jump off her bed but she restrained herself, not wanting to spoil it all by rushing things.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs, brushing her naked thighs together. Her thick pebble-hard nipples were brushing against the cotton of the flimsy T-shirt she wore to bed, teasing her already inflamed senses as she tried to picture what was happening in Eric’s room. She imagined them kissing, groping at each other as they fumbled to take their clothes off. She pictured them rushing and stumbling through his room, tearing off one another’s underwear, caressing and grabbing and licking the other’s naked flesh, hungry for more as they fell in a tangled heap on his bed.

Annie could almost see her brother’s strong hands running all over Carol’s smooth body, his lips on hers, his body pressing her down against the mattress, pinning her to the bed under his toned chest. The mere idea of Eric’s touch, the imagined feel of his fingers, of his closeness, of his labored breath; it was all so hot, even just in her head. It made Annie shiver, compelling her to get up and go.

Fighting the impulse to move, torturing herself by waiting yet knowing that it was better this way, Annie reached a slender hand between her legs. She was already wet. The heat and moisture of her pussy were obvious even through her panties. Her digits trembled. The instinct to pull her underwear aside and rub her clit to get a modicum of relief almost overpowered her resolve to do things right.

Sighing, feeling her arousal bubble and simmer inside her, Annie waited. Staying as still as possible, she gave them another couple of minutes, counting down the seconds. When she reached zero, she got off the bed and crossed her room.

Quiet as a mouse, Annie entered her en-suite bathroom, the bathroom that served both hers and her big brother’s bedroom. It made her snicker, half in self-pity and half in excitement, to think that for eighteen years this had been just a bathroom while lately it had become the setting of a secret ritual she couldn’t get enough of.

Walking on her tiptoes, Annie crossed the cold tiled floor and reached the door leading to Eric’s room. She could hear low groans and wet gurgling sounds as she pressed herself against the door-frame. Her heart was racing as she slowly, ever so slowly, pushed on the door. Careful not make it creak, her hand trembling with barely contained excitement, millimeter by millimeter she cracked the door open just enough for her to peek inside.

From where she was looking, Annie could see right across her brother’s room. His bed was exactly in her line of sight. She strangled a moan in her throat as she took in the scene before her.

Eric was sitting on the edge of his bed, naked, his head thrown back, his handsome face distorted in pleasure. Kneeling on the floor between his legs, wearing only a blue thong that rode up between her firm taut asscheeks, Carol was sucking his cock. She was slobbering saliva all over his big pole as she slid her lips up and down his length in a slow bobbing rhythm, her hand pumping him at the base. Carol’s mouth looked obscenely stretched as she tried to take more of Eric’s girthy meat down her throat at each plunge.

Watching her brother getting a blowjob from his slim, pretty girlfriend made Annie crazy with desire. In a flash, without removing her eyes from the fellating action, she pulled her panties down her thighs and stabbed her hand to her needy pussy, dipping her fingers in her creamy moisture. As soon as her fingertips made contact with her clit, Annie shook all over, the bottled-up desire she had strained to control so far finally overflowing in a mini-climax. She sighed in long-awaited relief and kept rubbing her clit while she feasted her eyes on her brother’s spit-glossy cock disappearing into Carol’s mouth.

As Eric’s moans got louder and he started pumping his shaft up into his girlfriend’s face, so did Annie’s digits whirl faster on her slick engorged nub. The balıkesir escort squishy choking sounds coming from Carol’s cock-clogged mouth turned Annie on immensely, as they did Eric. While Annie neared her climax, her brother started humping his girlfriend’s face with abandon, his hands sinking in her brown hair as he held her head down on his twitching shaft.

“Oh yeaaahh, I’m gonna cum… Ahhh fuck!”

Carol’s eyes bugged out as the fat cock in her mouth throbbed and pulsed, unleashing a torrent of thick cum straight down her throat. She tried to remove her mouth from Eric’s ejaculating pole, but her boyfriend held her head down, forcing her to swallow his load.

While her brother groaned in climax and bucked his hips into his girlfriend’s face, Annie shook and leaned against the door-frame, orgasming on her clit-strumming fingers. Through lust-glazed eyes she watched Carol squirm and finally manage to lift her face from Eric’s lap, spluttering and coughing as his last spurts hit her face, painting her cheeks, chin and nose in white gooey seed.

“Damn it, Eric!” Carol barked, her lips curled in disgust, “I told you I don’t like it!”

Hearing that, Annie cringed. Her tongue was unconsciously licking her lips as she basked in the lewd sight of her brother’s creamy sperm dribbling down Carol’s face. Thick ropes of cum and saliva connected Eric’s slippery and still plump cock to his girlfriend’s lips as Carol reached for his discarded T-shirt, cleaning off his abundant semen with it. Seeing her brother’s milky seed wasted like that shocked Annie, who, not for the first time, wished she could trade places with Carol.

“Sorry,” Eric said as Carol sat beside him on the bed, looking annoyed. “I just… I got carried away, your mouth feels so good. Let me make it up to you.”

Without preamble, Eric flipped his sulking girlfriend on her back, took off her thong and spread her legs wide open, exposing her pussy. A long, low groan of frustrated longing escaped Annie’s lips as she watched her brother dive face first between Carol’s thighs and start slurping away.

Those licking and lapping sounds, combined with the visual of her brother’s tongue working relentlessly on his girlfriend’s pussy, made Annie’s fingers rub faster on her own clit. As Eric devoured her slit, Carol reached her hands to her perky tits, cupping her ripe mounds and tweaking her long pointy nipples. Annie did the same, pawing at one of her plump boobs through her T-shirt with her free hand, wishing she could work both her breasts like Carol was doing.

Of course that was just a minor inconvenience compared to the fact that, unlike Carol, Annie didn’t have Eric’s face stuck between her thighs, eating her out passionately. As good as her fingers felt on her clit, Annie’s knees trembled as she imagined how much pleasure her handsome brother’s lapping tongue might give her instead.

Soon, Annie’s restrained whimpers matched Carol’s throaty moans as both girls neared their climaxes. Unlike her brother’s lucky girlfriend, Annie could only bite her lips as a warm crashing wave radiated upwards from her abdomen, claiming her in orgasm.

“Ooooh yes, lick me, Eric! Eat my pussy! I’m cummiiiiiing!”

Annie shook all over as she came, closing her eyes and murmuring under her breath the same words that Carol was moaning out load. Annie’s orgasm was so strong and the situation was so erotic that she felt her head spin. Her legs felt weak and she didn’t trust herself to stay upright, so she got on her knees, her legs as spread as her panties allowed, soaked and bunched up around her thighs as they were.

When she turned her gaze inside her brother’s room again, a soft mewl escaped Annie’s lips as she took in the sight before her. Automatically, she brought her nectar-wet hand to her mouth to silence herself, fearing they may have heard her. She needn’t have worried.

Eric’s grunts and Carol’s wails filled the room as he pumped her pussy with long hard strokes. He was on top of her, relentlessly plunging his thick cock deep inside his girlfriend’s slit, cramming himself balls-deep inside her at every thrust. Her legs were splayed open for him, her little feet straight in the air, her toes curling and uncurling as he pumped his hips hard and rammed his dick into her wet entrance, plowing her cunt fast and deep.

Annie watched Carol with undiluted envy. Her breath was ragged and her face burned red as Annie licked her nectar-slick fingers and returned them to her engorged aching clit, circling it. A familiar mixture of anger and frustration assailed her as she masturbated to the hypnotic, irresistibly sexy spectacle of Eric’s meat filling Carol’s leaking pussy over and over again. While she diddled her clit with one hand, Annie slid two fingers of the other inside her drenched needy pussy, finger-fucking herself furiously, trying to match her brother’s pounding tempo.

While he slammed away into his girlfriend, Eric growled in pleasure and muttered obscenities bartın escort to her, telling her how tight her cunt felt around his dick, asking her if she liked how he split her pussy open, demanding that she come on his shaft like a good little slut. Carol never replied with more than a throaty mewl of delight, her mouth constantly open in a perfect O. A high squeal escaped her lips when Eric leaned down and sucked hard on her wiggling perky boobs, nibbling viciously on her pebble-hard nipples, forcing his cock harder into her pussy, making her twitch.

Hearing her brother talk dirty to Carol made Annie’s head spin. He was so sexy, so manly. Carol was so lucky to have him, to get that amazing cock all for herself. And yet, judging by the way she just lay there passively and considering the fact that she didn’t even like drinking his cum, Annie doubted that her brother’s girlfriend appreciated what she had. This only served to confirm to Annie for the umpteenth time that Carol didn’t deserve Eric in the first place.

Lust and longing, burned inside Annie. Her eyes were getting moist from the stinging jealousy and impotent frustration that clouded her mind, while the warmth from her tight pussy radiated upward through her kneeling body. Her bitterness added a tormenting intensity to her pleasure, making the whole experience feel like she was grabbing onto a thorny rose she just couldn’t let go of.

While her brother kept reaming his girlfriend’s welcoming hole like a beast in heat, Annie gloried and suffered in voyeuristic delight, fingering her pussy and working her clit to match Carol’s multiple climaxes. As she came on her fingers time and again, marveling at Eric’s stamina and getting more and more jealous of his lucky and now blissfully surrendered girlfriend, one obsessive thought resounded through Annie’s arousal-addled mind, amplifying both her pleasure and her pain: ‘He should be fucking me.’

Girl-cum was tricking in rivulets down Annie’s thighs by the time Eric slid his glistening pole out of Carol’s pussy and repositioned her on all fours before spearing her cunt again from behind. Carol was putty in his hands, cooing and murmuring incoherently as he rammed his twitching shaft deep into her, his thighs clapping against her upturned little ass in a fast fleshy cadence.

Eric’s wild fucking tempo soon made Carol fall face down on the bed. She repositioned slightly when she got back on her hands and knees, so that now the rutting couple was slightly out of Annie’s line of sight: she could only see her brother’s muscular legs and humping buttocks as he hammered into Carol’s pussy with renewed vigor. While Annie’s vision was reduced, something happened, something that made Carol squeal out.

“Ohhh Eric no! Aaaaahh no, n-noo-oohhh,” Carol yelped in protest, “pleeeease don’t… Ooohhh! ”

Grinding her teeth in frustration, her heart hammering in her chest, Annie pushed the door open a little more. She tingled all over, scared and excited to take this risk, but she wanted to regain her line of sight on them as soon as possible, her need to watch her brother overruling her carefulness. When she could see the bed again, her breath caught in her throat as the reason for Carol’s broken groans became clear.

While he kept packing her pussy with his cock doggy style, Eric had inserted his thick thumb inside his girlfriend’s little asshole. In a trance, Annie watched her brother reach into his nightstand and retrieve a tube of KY from the first drawer. Applying a huge gob of lube on Carol’s anus, Eric started spreading the gooey gel all around her tight crinkled hole. A rush of sudden warmth engulfed Annie’s already flushed face as she realized what she was about to witness. As if of its own volition, her clit-frigging hand strummed her button faster.

“Nooohhh, Eric, please,” Carol moaned as her boyfriend slid his index and middle finger in and out of her sphincter, plunging his digits all the way in, coating her asshole with lube. “I’m still sore from the other day… Oooohh! Even your fingers feel big in my ass, aaaahhh!”

Carol’s words were strained and tinged with worry, her body shaking with the increasingly powerful thrusts Eric was inflicting on her battered pussy as he got ever more turned on by the prospect of sodomizing her. While Annie stared in awe, her brother slid his nectar-coated pole from Carol’s well-fucked pussy and pressed his bulbous cockhead to the entrance of her greased up rosebud.

“I want your ass so bad, Carry,” Eric said, reaching one hand under Carol’s slender frame to rub her clit while he held her firmly by her hip. “I’ll cum fast anyway, you’re so tight.”

“Ooohhh, no… Oooh!… I’ll let you cum all over my face and tits,” Carol replied, her reluctance somehow muddled by the feel of Eric busy fingers working her clit just how she liked, “but please, don’t put it in my ass. It hurt so much when you popped my cherry…”

Undeterred, his powerful cock twitching as Carol begged batman escort him not to sodomize her, Eric leaned over his girlfriend’s body until he could kiss her neck. Her protests diminished and she squirmed as he peppered her skin with kisses and whirled his fingers on her clit. All the while, he kept sliding his thick meat along her slick asscrack, his glans poking against her oily anus.

“Please, let me do this. After tonight I won’t see you till classes start again after the winter holidays…”

“Aww all right,” Carol sighed in resignation, resting her head on the bed and looking back over her shoulder at Eric, a worried expression on her face, “but you must stop if I say so. And don’t hold back, just cum quickly and pull out, okay?”

“Sure, Carry,” Eric said, grinning, grabbing harder onto her slim hips. “Now try to relax.”

Still rooted in place by the spectacle unfolding before her, Annie felt her mouth go slack as she watched her brother guide his bloated purple tip against Carol’s slippery anus and start pushing. Carol whimpered as Eric’s fat glans popped inside her asshole and he began slowly wedging his shaft up her butt.

Without thinking, feeling drunk, Annie frigged her clit with one hand in time with Eric strumming motions on Carol’s nub. Sliding the fingers of her other hand out of her soaked pussy, Annie reached behind her. Her eyes glued on the dilating ring of Carol’s sphincter and Eric’s thick, slowly disappearing cock, Annie leaned forward and pinned her shoulder against the door-frame, bending down on her knees and tilting her plump ass up.

Annie cooed under her breath when her pussyjuice-wet digits reached her asshole and started circling it, massaging it into relaxation until she could ease a slender finger inside her own tiny anus. The feel of her finger entering her warm rectum, mixed with the visual of her brother’s hard cock opening up Carol’s supple butt, caused Annie to twitch in pleasure. Panting silently, she sank her digit deeper inside her ass.

Watching her brother gradually cram his fat dick up his girlfriend’s tight little butthole was the most erotic thing Annie had ever seen. She was no stranger to anal porn but to actually watch two people having anal sex right before her eyes drove Annie wild with desire. She had never seen Eric fuck Carol in the ass before, so she assumed he had taken her anal virginity recently, in her dorm room. Fleetingly, Annie bemoaned not having been the one to be anally deflowered by Eric, but there was little space for regret in her lust-filled brain.

By the time Eric had forced half of his veiny pole inside Carol’s ass, Annie had already cum once, sawing her index into her anus and tormenting her engorged clit mercilessly. She was entranced by her brother’s slow buttfucking motion, she couldn’t tear her eyes from his girthy meat invading Carol’s stretched little hole. Annie’s slack mouth was practically drooling as she anticipated seeing the full length of Eric’s cock buried inside Carol’s ass, her ears ringing and full of her brother’s grunts of pleasure and his girlfriend’s strained whimpers.

Annie’s mind was reeling, overcome with the unexpected eroticism of the sodomy she was witnessing. The unbound virility radiating from Eric’s humping frame; the dominant/submissive dynamic implicit in the act of cramming his cock in his girlfriend’s tiny forbidden hole; the unique transgression of using the ‘wrong’ orifice as a gateway to pleasure; the unreadable, intense expression on Carol’s face, that inextricable mixture of pain and ecstasy painted on her visage: it was all so intoxicating, on so many levels.

To her own surprise, Annie realized that she had never wanted to trade places with her brother’s girlfriend as much as she did at that moment, while witnessing Carol getting sodomized by Eric.

A sudden squeal from Carol broke Annie’s trance-like state and brought Eric’s anal assault to a halt. “Uuuhh stop, Eric, stooop!” Carol shrieked, her hands clawing at the sheets, her bent-over body tensing up. “I can’t take any more ooohhh! Please, pull it out! Uuhhh… It hurts!”

Panting, flustered with desire, Eric stayed still, his half-buried cock pulsing inside his girlfriend’s cramping rectum. “Aahh fuck, you’re squeezing me so hard… You need to relax, it will feel better.”

“I can’t, Eric, even with you touching my clit,” Carol whimpered, looking back at him over her shoulder, a plea for mercy in her widened eyes. “I’m too scared you’ll rip me apart… Please pull out of my ass, Eric, pleeeease!”

“Okay, how about this: I’ll just stay still and you’ll squeeze your asshole around me. I’m so close and you’re so tight, I’ll cum any second now. Can you do that, Carry?”

“Ooowhh okay… Just cum fast and pull out, please.”

Eric moaned and threw his head back, grinding gently, barely moving inside his girlfriend’s ass while Carol milked him with her clenching anal muscles. Annie watched in mild disappointment as her brother neared his climax. This restrained assfuck wasn’t the savage rump riding she had wished to witness, but still she wanted to get off. She had two fingers buried inside her snug butthole now and she was masturbating her little anus faster, frigging her clit like Eric was frigging Carol’s, wishing to cum when he came in his girlfriend’s ass.

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Her Name Was….Amanda Ch. 03

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During the following week, I secretly watched this extremely beautiful woman masturbate each night as I hide next to her sliding glass door in her bedroom.

I also masturbated and tried to time my release with her orgasm. It was so good to jerk off and see this beautiful woman, the dream girl to me, work on her body and cum each night.

During the day I would meet her at the cafeteria in our building the next day as I sat and had lunch with her. I always imagined what her body looked like under the clothing she wore.

During lunch, we chatted about many things, the economy weather, things going on in the government, clothing that we both liked, didn’t like and some not to very personal things. I always let her leave first since I always had a hard-on! I mean every movement was erotic to me. She would just eat and breathe and my cock would begin to rise in my slacks.

One day I worked up the nerve to ask her if she was seeing anyone and when she told me no, I asked her why? I mean, I explained that I felt she was so lovely, why she didn’t have someone. She told me she just didn’t have anyone in her life at this time. She also told me she didn’t date very often. I let it go and changed the subject. We met three times that week and the following one.

In the mean time I continued to secretly watch her each week night hiding by her sliding glass door or bathroom window in the dark like I had done before. I didn’t care what she was doing I just needed to see her and watch her do whatever she was doing at the time.

But those nights when I was rewarded with her nude body and her masturbating were the very best. And I noticed that during the months we had been chatting she was masturbating more. I felt that was a good sign for me.

I would arrive about a half an hour before she came home from work and I stayed until she turned out the light and went to bed. It was 11:30 PM by the time I got home each night. I saw her masturbate almost every night each week. She was horny and needed a good fucking I was sure of it.

Each time I watched her seemed to be better than the last time. Oh my, seeing her bath or shower, strip down and work on that beautiful body enjoying the feeling of watching her touch her body in a special way to make her cum made me cum too. I was good at timing my ejaculation to her orgasms now.

Amanda was so special, so beautiful and an extremely erotic woman. When I watched her climax and cum, my sexual release was huge, much larger than when I masturbated alone. I came next to or on her sliding glass doors each time. Some nights I was so close to being caught it just excited me more to think she knew what I was doing and where I was at night.

In week four, since the first time I first saw her masturbating, I decided to ask her out to dinner and she told me yes! I was as very excited as I arrived at her home around 7PM.on Saturday night. She looked beautiful dressed in grey slacks and a dark blue blouse that showed off her ample breasts. The slacks were just tight enough to give a watcher an indication of her round full butt and hips. She had her hair down around her face and just a little make up on.

When I saw her I moaned deep inside to myself she was without a doubt the loveliest woman I had ever known. She asked me in and I saw her living room which was furnished very nicely. I only had to wait for a few minutes before she was ready and we left.

We chatted as I drove the few miles to the restaurant and she seemed to be relaxed. As we ate we both held the conversation up on our end and we both had a nice time laughing and smiling and enjoying the time we had together. She touched my arm a few times and her smile melted me. The dinner lasted over two hours and I’m sure she enjoyed herself. I know I did I was fascinated with her, with everything she did or said.

I drove her home and walked her to her front door. She kissed me lightly on the lips and thanked me for a pleasant evening. She held my shoulders not pulling me to her and keeping me from pulling her to me. I never felt her body press against my own that night but I did taste her lips and they were soft and wet and I could have floated to the car.

She turned and went into her home and I drove around the corner, stopped and then quickly, but quietly, walked to the back of her place and moved to my favorite location next to the glass door.

The curtain was half open that night giving me a very good view of her entire bedroom. I waited. It was only a few minute before I saw Amanda walk into the bedroom fully nude holding another half bottle of wine and a large wine glass.

This time she sat on the edge of the bed and brushed out her hair as I watched her body move, especially her large breasts reacting to the motion of her arm as she brushed. I never saw such breasts like Amanda had they were such wonderful beautiful full breasts. Her nipples so red and they were hard. I squeezed my cock.

She finished her hair took a big drink of the wine and then as kırşehir escort before she moved to the bed. She filled the glass again and took another large drink of it draining the glass. We had two bottles of wine at diner and she was still drinking now. As she filled her glass and took a sip she began to masturbate.

Spreading her thighs wide and facing the door I was hiding behind, this time she used lotion to spread across her breast first. God I loved seeing her bare tits. They were such large and full beautiful breasts! Oh how I wanted to touch them, love them nurse on them suck the nipples and please her.

She worked on them for a long, long time and I enjoyed every second of it. She lifted them and rubbed and squeezed them playing with them. She made her nipples as hard as I was sure they could get. She lifted each one up and used her tongue to lick her nipples as her other hand moved now and went between her thighs and cupped her pussy.

But her other hand stayed on her breasts. As she worked on her body her hand went back to her breast and she lifted them and lovely played with them. I heard her sigh and her body began move and her hips started to rotate. She began to hump her hand as she took it off one breast and again moved it between her thighs and squeezed her cunt again.

She moaned and threw her head back and cried out. Was she cumming? Cumming from just touching on her breast, it sure looked like it. She was humping her hand and moaning and I could see her hand pushing into her cunt as she squeezed the nipple on her left tit and pulled on it stretching it longer. It looked like she had an orgasm.

She kept pulling and stroking and working her tits, using both hands again to lift them and suck on those big long red nipples. Left to right and back again her mouth moved and she gave equal time to both breasts. And as she did, she slid down on the bed more and more until she was laying on the bed now. Her hand went between her legs and I saw her squeezing her thighs tightly!

I realize she was having another orgasm. Her one hand had dropped her left breast and moved down between he legs and she squeezed her cunt each time she wanted to cum. Then she squeezed her thighs tightly around her hand and she moaned loudly: “Oh yes Bud! Oh God baby! Yes, yes, yes, yessss. Yes baby make me cum I need a cum so badly!”

I could see her squeezing it and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing as she used her hand on her pussy to work on her body to achieve two very fast orgasms. I whispered softly as I held my cock, “Oh Amanda how I want to do all that for you! How I want to lay between your legs and lick your pussy and finger you and bath you with my mouth and taste your wetness and cum and sweet juices. How I want to please your breasts and make you cum over and over again!”

My sexual need grew second by second, minute by minute until I could scream whenever I saw her like this laying on the bed having an orgasm and seeing her nude body shuttering with pleasure was fantastic. But just seeing the way she swayed her hips as she walked or the way she bent her back amplifying her large breasts.

Amanda was the definition of pure sex. She is the perfect woman to me. And I wondered if she even realized she was doing what she was doing to stimulate me so greatly? It seemed that she was tempting me all the time. Was she tempting me to do something more, to make a move, to fuck her?

As we met and dated a few more times she never did more than hold my hand and kiss me good night. Oh it was on my lips but softly gently and never any hints of her mouth opening or letting that kiss linger very long. But I watched her in her bedroom and made believe I was fucking her as I jerked off and she masturbated calling my name as she came and so did I!

Then one night after a movie, a very sexual movie she kissed me stronger and as I held her she bent into me. I let my hands come down from her back and cup her ass cheeks. She didn’t stop me or try to remove them.

I heard a soft moan, a pleasure cry, a sexual sigh as I pulled her to me and felt her breasts, those big beautiful full breasts pushing against my chest for the first time. My cock grew hard in seconds! I felt her mound pressing against my cock and I knew she knew I had a huge hard-on.

If only we were both nude I was sure her nipples would be sticking in my chest like small diggers. Her pussy would be against my cock and my cock standing up pressing against her belly ready to slip into her wet hole. I felt this might be the night I would score, make love to her, and fuck her. FUCK HER, YES FUCK MY AMANDA! GOD how I wanted that!

But after a few seconds of our body contact she separated as if she heard what I was thinking and smiled as she again kissed me gently and told me goodnight. I had a huge hard on and I was so frustrated as she walked into the house and I drove around the corner and parked the car. I knew it wouldn’t take long tonight for me to cum!

Assuming kocaeli escort my regular spot by her back door I watched and waited. She came into the bedroom again, nude with a large glass of wine and she walked right to the sliding glass door. I hide against the wall and waited hoping I wasn’t caught or wishing I was. She opened the door leaving only the screen door between us. She turned and walked to the big chair in her room and sat down.

It was one of those big full chairs with big arms. I looked just in time to see her lift and spread her legs, putting one leg over each side of the chair over the arms. Spread as wide as she could possibly get now she began to masturbate using a long vibrator that bent upward a “G” spot vibrator. She would sip her wine and fuck herself. She didn’t play with her tits she worked the toy in her hole. She wanted to cum quickly! So did I!

Her inner thighs and pussy lips were all wet like she had put lube on them and the toy and her vagina was so fat and I knew she was ready to be fucked and cum. Then she slowly inserted the head of the vibrator into her hole without turning it one. I heard her moan softly as she began to gently put more and more into her body as if it were a real cock with a real man at the other end pushing his dick into her cunt a little at a time letting her feel the thickness and adjust to it. It was so erotic, so sexual seeing her doing this to her pussy.

Further and deeper she pushed it until at least 6 of the 10 inches was inside her. Then she began to move it slowly in and out and in and out fucking her body with the toy! OH Man this was so obscene and hot! Then like other nights she moaned my name and hissed my name loud as she turned on the vibrating part of the vibrator and taking it into her more.

I watched and listen as she begged me to fuck her and make her cum. As she talked she moved the big fake dick in and out of her hole. When she took it out I watched her pussy stay open a second or two before starting to close and she would reinsert the cock into her again.

As she pushed the toy back into her she would arch up again and again and in seconds she began to use her magnificent body to fuck the toy back. Faster and harder she moved the toy and her pelvis matched the toy as she pumped it and pumped it into her body!

As her legs stayed over the arm of the chair I realized she was facing directly at the door where I was hiding! Did she do that on purpose? Did she know I was there watching her? My cock was in my hand and I was stroking it again in time with her movements.

Again she called out my name louder this time as she moved the toy so fast it was a blur to my eyes. Amanda arched up and hung in the air just thrusting her hips as high as she could in the position as she held the toy with both hands and let it vibrate inside her hole deep inside her cunt. She was cumming.

She cried out and then moaned out and finally she grunted as she took almost all of the ten inches into her hole. Like a wild woman she fucked herself with the toy! And all the while she called my name telling me to fuck her hard and harder!

Her body shuttered and shook and I knew she was climaxing again back to back. She left it there in her hole and she came once again as the toy vibrated loudly I could hear it outside.

As I pumped my dick I realized for the first time that her body was facing directly at the door and I was standing there in full view, jerking off. I began to shoot my sperm on to the screen door. It ran down the webbing of the door and I just kept jerking watching her body convulse and quiver to the after glow of her orgasms!

If she looked back at the door she would have seen me. But her eyes were closed and her head was back and she was cumming! So was I!!

When she was done she stood on wobbly legs and walked to the bed. She faced towards the door and I held my deflating cock as she looked like she had her eyes closed. I waited until my cock was completely deflated and I moved to the side and put it back into my slacks and left.

The next day I asked her out again and this time we went dancing. She wore a skirt and blouse. We danced many dances together and she held me tight when the slow dances began to play. Our bodies pressed against each other and I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing against her body.

She looked up at me during one dance and I bent down and kissed her. She didn’t pull away and I pushed my tongue into her mouth! She sucked my tongue and pressed harder into my body! We stayed and danced until 1AM!

On the drive home she touched my arm or my knee few times as she talked. I was sure she was very interested in me now and I put my hand on her knee. She left it there. I didn’t move it up her leg right away but as we pulled up in front of her home I did and she bent towards me and kissed me hard putting her tongue into my mouth! My hand came up her leg and I realized Amanda was wearing stockings and garters. I stroked the konya escort skin above her stockings and slid my hand down to her inner thigh. She moaned in my mouth!

Then she said: “Why don’t you come in for a while Bud.”

I told her yes of course and we walked hand in hand towards her front door. Once inside I turned her around to face me and I took her in my arms kissing her hard, passionately and long. She melted in my arms as I bent her back a little pressing my pelvis into hers.

She held me tight as our lips locked together, our tongues fighting to enter each other’s mouth. Each of us moaned from the heat of the kiss. I cupped her left breasts with my hand and realized my hand wasn’t big enough to fully hold her fullness. So full, so round, and so big, I moaned in her mouth as I squeeze it.

She kissed me and kissed me and kissed me hard. She pressed harder against me and I know she could feel my hard on. It was screaming for release. She squeezed me so tight I couldn’t move my hand as it tried to rub her tit and open her blouse. I wanted to see and feel her breasts free of any clothes.

Finally, still cupping her tit we broke our kiss and I smiled as she watched me begin to undo her buttons on her blouse. We both watched as the top of her breasts came into view as the buttons were undone. When I had her blouse completely open I reached with both hands and cupped both tits still inside her bra. I kissed her and she held me that way not pressing into me now so I could squeeze her breasts.

She was shaking a little, trembling as I pushed her bra up over her two round full mounds and and her nipples spung fre. Icupped her free breasts which came popping up from under the bra.

She reached down and cupped my cock rubbing it up and down as I enjoyed her tits for the first time touching and squeezing them. My cock was so hard and her hand felt so good. I bent my head and let my lips come in contact with her nipple. My tongue touched her erect hard red nipples and she whispered in a husky voice, “Suck it Bud. Suck my nipple sweetie.”

She held my head with one hand and my hard cock with the other. Sucking and squeezing her right breasts I used both hands to do it justice. Amanda unzipped my slacks. I heard the sound and then I felt her warm soft hand reach inside my slacks and her fingers circle my hard dick. She pulled and took it out of my slacks.

Then she began to slowly stroke it as I sucked her red hard nipple. As she rubbed my cock as it stuck straight out of my slacks I played with her tits and used my mouth and tongue to lick both nipples. We stayed like that for some time enjoying each other.

Amanda took my hand and we moved to the sofa. As I pulled her to me she climbed over my legs and straddled them. She sat on my lay and pushed her tits into my face and held my head with both hands and again told me to suck and lover her tits. Her blouse and bra were now off, which gave me complete access to her breasts.

Oh God her breasts so close to my mouth and eyes as I took in the beauty of each one and held them both. I lifted them up and sucked each one first the left then the right then back to the left.

I was in heaven as I was feeling her tits on my face and in my mouth and in my hands. My dick was sticking straight up in the air and she was pressing her panties against t rubbing up and down on it with hr silky bikini panties.

I soon realized that she absolutely love to have her tits played with and sucked and I loved doing it for her. Hell I could have lived between her tits or thighs I was sure. It was heaven for me and I hopped for her. I played with them for as long s she sat in that position facing me and rocking on my cock.

I also realized that to fully appreciate these great tits required two hands on a single tit and a mouth on her nipples. She moaned and held my head and pressed hard shoving the nipple and as much of her breast as she could into my mouth!

I moved from one tit to the other working on then as she whispered for me to suck or squeeze or both. She pressed her chest into my face and I licked everywhere. She held my head and moved left to right slapping my face with her large globes.

As I worked on her breast making her feel good she was sitting on my cock and now began to rock back and forth a little faster. I could feel the wetness in her panties against my hard shaft. She was leaking with juices from what we were doing! As I looked down I could see the tops of her stockings and the red patch of her silk bikini panties as she dry humped my cock.

I continued to nurse on her tits. She wiggled and shifted and rocked as she rode on my hard on pressing her pelvis against my cock. I was so hard I knew if she kept doing this I would cum!! God damn!! She was so very exciting!

She held me and kissed my mouth when it wasn’t on her nipples or breast. I left little suck marks on her breasts as I make love to them. She moaned loud as I use one hand to move to her cunt.

I rubbed her pussy on the outside of her panties as she sat on my slack rocking on my hand. My hand moved and I slid my fingers under the leg opening of her panties now as I sucked hard on her nipple. As my entire hand moved under her panties I was now cupping her cunt. I began to rub her pussy as I sucked her nipples.

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Why: Why Dan? Why Not Ben?

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


I woke up the next morning and realized that I was rock hard. I figured a little “me time” would probably do me some good. I got on the computer and surfed over to my usual porn site. I logged on and tried to decide what I wanted to watch. I didn’t see anything that really caught my eye. In skimming along, I found myself reading the descriptions of several gay male videos. I got away form that and chose a lesbian video, instead. I began watching it, but it wasn’t doing anything for me. I tried switching to an anal video, but still nothing.

I found myself thinking about the different gay male videos that might be good. I shook my head and turned off the computer, unwilling to accept that I wanted to watch gay porn considering all that I had been through. I stripped naked and got into the shower. I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I was grabbing my keys and bag, when I heard my front door open. I stood in shocked silence as I watch Dan walk through my door. I couldn’t believe it. He wanted to fuck me again, already?

My face must have shown my surprise, because he laughed when he saw me and said, “Yep, I’m here for that sweet ass. So drop those shorts and bend over, boy. I’m in a hurry, so no lip.”

I hung my head, but obeyed. I undid my shorts and took them and my underwear off. I then knelt down and laid my chest over my couch. Dan didn’t waste any time. He unzipped his pants, and dropped down behind me. I was loathe to admit, but my cock was still rock hard. I moaned as I felt his hard cock press against my asshole. He then grabbed my hips and plunged every inch of his hard cock up my ass. I moaned and gasped at the force of his thrust.

He was definitely in a hurry. He didn’t start out slow, but just slammed his hard cock in and out of my ass as fast as he could. I guessed that this would be considered a “quickie,” because there was no way he would be able to last long at this speed. I had to hold onto the couch for added support and stability, due to the force behind Dan’s hard ass pounding. I had a desire to reach down and stroke my own cock, as I felt Dan’s cock punching against my prostate. I refused to do this, I didn’t want to cum this way.

Dan was grunting and moaning loudly, as he pulled my hips back to meet his hard thrusts. I heard his breathing get louder and more labored. His cock was now battering in and out of my ass. I had gotten used to this kind of abuse. My asshole was able to stretch around his big hard cock now without a lot of pain. I was conflicted about that. For one, I liked that I wasn’t in constant pain, but I didn’t like that it gave me some pleasure. I briefly wondered how well I could take Ben’s much bigger hard cock, but I figured that would come sooner or later.

Dan then slammed his cock deep into my bowels and unleashed wave after wave of his hot cum inside me. Dan moaned loudly as he worked his cock in and out of my ass, milking any excess cum into me. He then pulled his cock out, stood up, and zipped his pants. I stood up and pulled my shorts and underwear back on. I then followed him out of my apartment and down the elevator. I figured he expected to drive me to school again, and I was right. I climbed on behind him, and he sped out of the parking lot. He then dropped me off at school, and said, “Well, boy. Tonight you get to enjoy Ben’s company. And that guy is seriously horny, so get ready for an ass stretching.”

He then laughed loudly as he sped off. I stood there speechless for a few seconds, then walked to my first class. I was once again in a daze most of the day, thinking about being roughly fucked by Ben’s monster cock. I must have looked like a deer in headlights as I started to walk home that night, because I didn’t even see Ben waiting for me on campus. I walked right past him, until he called to me. I turned around, still in a daze.

Ben laughed and grabbed his crotch as he said, “Damn, boy. You must really be hot for this monster of mine, if you are that out of it. Climb on, I’ll get us there fast.”

I nodded silently and climbed onto his bike, and he sped away. We arrived at my apartment building a minute later. I got off, and Ben followed me into the building and up the elevator. I was still dazed and silent. I led up to my apartment and inside. We stepped inside, and Ben immediately ordered me to strip. I was used to this by now, so I quickly stripped naked and then stood waiting for more instructions. Ben smirked as he say down on my couch and said, “Ok, now I want you to come over here. Take out my hard cock and suck me off. You’re going to swallow my load and keep sucking until I get hard again. You got all that, boy?”

I nodded saying, “Yes, Sir.”

I then dropped to my knees between his legs and unzipped his leather pants. As usual, he wasn’t wearing underwear. I grabbed his hard cock and pulled it out of his pants. I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and began maneuvering his giant cock head into my mouth. I was able to stretch my lips and accommodate the enormous hard cock. I then began to bob my head Alanya escort up and down his cock shaft as I sucked and licked his cock. I worked up a good rhythm as I kept going. I was able to work his giant cock easier than last time, but it was still a lot of work considering the length and width.

Ben then said, “Now work it like I taught you, boy. And keep going until I cum. I want to see you swallow all the cum I give you.”

I then took his cock deep into my throat and began swallowing around his massive cock head. Ben moaned loudly at this, and placed a leather gloved hand on my head to keep my there. I continued on like this for as long as I could, but with the cock head completely in my throat I was unable to breathe. I then drew my head back and began sucking just his massive cock head. I did this as I sucked in some much needed air. I continued working his cock head, until I felt his hand began to push me back down onto his cock.

I then began to bob my head up and down, as I sucked his cock shaft deeply. I moved one of my hands to slowly stroke his cock, while my other hand massaged his balls. I was loathe to admit it, but I was looking forward to getting fucked. I had come to be able to take Dan’s massive cock up my ass without pain. I knew that Ben liked to fuck rough and hard, but I also knew he liked to suck a boy’s cock. I was so horny that I was willing to take a hard fuck by Ben’s massive cock if it meant I would get to cum too.

I was really working Ben’s hard cock and not really paying attention to anything else, when I suddenly heard Ben moan loudly. I then felt his hard cock explode in a fountain of hit cum, right into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, and kept up stroking his cock with one hand and massaging his ball with my other. I also continued to bob my head up and down Ben’s cock shaft sucking as I went, as I continued to swallow his hot cum.

Ben let out a deep moan, as he said, “Damn, boy. You’re getting good at that. I haven’t cum that fast in a long time. Now get me hard again so I can shove it up your tight ass.”

I then doubled my efforts of sucking his cock. My hands continued to stroke him and massage his balls as my head bobbed up and down, trying desperately to get him hard again. I usually just wanted them to get off, so they would leave, but I was so horny now that I just needed any kind of pleasure as soon as possible. I felt the customary twitch and jerk of Ben’s cock, that meant he would soon be hard again. I was proved right as his cock began to grow hard right in my mouth. I felt his cock begin to stretch my mouth as it grew to fullness.

Ben then pulled my mouth off of his cock and said, “Now bend over, boy. You have an ass that I intend to fuck long and hard.”

I quickly leaned over then couch and pushed out my ass. Ben dropped down behind me. I felt his warm breath on my asshole. I then moaned as I felt his wet tongue begin to press into my ass. I relaxed my asshole as best as I could, as I enjoyed the feeling of his wet tongue probing my ass. I felt my head drop onto the couch, as I relaxed completely to Ben’s talented tongue. I was moaning and breathing hard as my asshole was being expertly tongue fucked by Ben. I whimpered as I felt his tongue leave my asshole.

I then felt Ben’s hard cock head press against my asshole and slowly force it’s way inside me. I relaxed my asshole as best as I could, but it still felt like my asshole was being ripped apart. I let out a relieved gasp, as I felt Ben’s giant cock head come to rest inside me ass. I had come to enjoy the satisfying “pop” when his monstrously large cock head finally worked its way past my ass muscles. Ben then began to slowly push his cock into my ass. I felt every inch of his hard cock, as it worked its way into me.

I had forgotten how long Ben’s cock really was, until I felt his cock head come to a stop inside my intestines. Ben let me get used to the feeling of his giant cock inside me. He then began to pull out. He continued to pull out until just his cock head was still inside me. He then pushed his cock all the way back inside me. Ben them moaned out, “I forgot how fucking great your asshole feels, wrapped around my hard cock. Mmm, how does my cock feel inside you, boy?”

I was humiliated to admit, “It actually feel really good, Sir. It doesn’t hurt like it did last time.”

Ben laughed as he said, “That’s because you like monster cock shoved up your asshole, boy. Well here I come.”

Ben then began to pick up speed as he fucked my ass. I was now moaning, as I felt his enormous cock filling my ass. Ben was now fucking me with a steady pace of pushing his cock all the way inside me, then back out until just his cock head was in my ass. Ben’s pace was still slow enough that I could feel every inch of hard cock as it was pushed up my ass, but fast enough that I was moaning louder. My moans added to Ben’s moans, as we enjoyed the feelings we were experiencing. Ben then grabbed my hips tightly and said, “Well, now boy. You ready for the real thing? I’m about to fuck your ass deep and hard.”

I moaned Alanya escort bayan out, “Yes, Sir. I’m ready.”

Ben then began to pick up speed as he thrust his cock in and out of my ass. I was amazed at the feelings of pleasure I was receiving, as Ben’s hard monster cock fucked my boy hole. Dan’s smaller cock didn’t feel half as good as Ben’s cock did. I began to try to clinch my asshole around Ben’s cock, but my asshole was already stretched so much, that it was impossible. I just decided to relax and enjoy the giant cock that was fucking my ass.

Ben was steadily increasing in speed as he continued to fuck me. His pace had increased significantly, so that now he was really battering in and out of my ass. I loved the new feelings that his cock was giving me. I was already so horny to begin with, now this added pleasure had my head spinning. Ben was really shoving his cock deep into my bowels, as he bottomed out his cock inside me. I couldn’t wait to feel him spray his hot cum deep inside me. I wondered if he would let me stroke my own cock, while he fucked my ass. I remembered the amazing feeling of Ben sucking my cock until I came, as I rode Dan’s cock until he pumped my insides full of cum.

I loved the feeling that my orgasm had given me. I wondered how much better it would feel with Ben’s cock fucking my ass. I decided to wait, and just enjoy this first fuck, that I was receiving. Ben had worked himself up to a fast and deep pace of fucking my ass. I was moaning deep and loud as my ass was being pummeled by this massively hard and enormous cock. I loved the feeling of Ben’s cock head plunging into my intestines, as he thrust deep into me. Ben’s moans had grown louder and deeper, as he continued to fuck my boy hole.

Ben then moaned out, “Here I come, boy. I’m gonna fill your insides with my man seed. Get ready. HERE I GO!”

With that last moan, Ben slammed his hard cock deeper than ever into my insides. I grunted in pleasure as the air was forced from my lungs, by the shear force of his hard thrust. I felt a flood of hot man seed erupt from Ben’s giant cock and flow into my insides. I moaned at the warm feeling of cum coating my insides. I imagined a river of hot sticky man seed washing deep into my body. Ben pumped his softening cock in and out of my ass, as he worked his cum into me. I moaned at the last few splashes of hot cum that flew into my ass.

Ben then flipped me around, so that I was now laying with my back on the couch. He had kept his long cock buried inside me, as he changed my position. He then began to slowly pump his softened cock in and out of my ass. I realized that he intended to work his cock in my ass, until he grew hard again. I moaned at the feeling of this slow ass fuck, and imagined being fucked in this position. Ben had my legs wrapped around his waist and his hands on my hips, as he slowly worked his cock in and out of my ass.

I quietly moaned, as I felt his softened cock steadily working in and out of me. Our breathing had settled down by now, and we were both moaning softly as he continued his slow and steady pace. Ben began to moan out softly, “Yeah work my cock, boy. I’m going to fuck you hard and deep real soon. I want to pump my cum so deep into you, that it sprays into your stomach.”

I was quietly moaning, as I listened to Ben and he continued to slowly fuck me. Ben’s softened cock was now the same size as Dan’s hard cock. I smiled at the thought of that joke against Dan. I had come to enjoy Ben’s monster cock much more than Dan’s smaller though still big cock. I began to feel Ben’s cock twitch inside my ass, and smiled as I felt his cock begin to grow hard and fill my ass with hard cock. I moaned loudly as Ben continued to slowly fuck my ass, with his how rock hard cock.

I felt my own hard cock slap my stomach. Ben looked down at me and said, “Stroke your hard cock, while I fuck you, boy. I want you to cum on yourself when I fill your ass with more of my cum. I want to see you cum with me.”

I reached down and began to slowly stroke my hard cock. I kept the same steady pace as Ben had now. I was looking Ben in the eyes as I continued to stroke my hard cock in front of him. Ben then smirked and began to pick up the pace of his thrusts. I increased the speed of my strokes to my own cock, to match his speed of fucking my ass. Ben had now worked himself up to a fast pace of deeply fucking my ass. I was moaning with each thrust into my insides, as I continued to stroke my hard cock. I found it very hot and kinky to stroke my hard cock to match the hard cock that was currently plunging in and out of my ass.

My body was being wracked my the force of Ben’s hard thrusts into my ass. His moans had grown in volume, as his thrusts into my ass had gone deeper. We were both moaning at the feeling of my asshole being stretched tight around his monster cock, my ass being filled with his cock shaft, and my intestines being battered by his giant cock head. By now, our moans had ceased. Our breathing had become labored and could easily be heard by both of us. Our breaths came out almost as loud as Escort Alanya our moans had been.

I knew that I was being fucked and stroked to a powerful orgasm. I had not cum since Ben had sucked me off, five days ago. I needed this release bad. Ben was concentrating on fucking my ass as deep and hard as he could. The length of his cock caused his thrusts to be long, as he would pull his cock all the way out to his cock head, before ramming his entire length back inside me. I imagined what it must look like from the inside, Ben’s massive cock head stretching my insides wide around his massive width. I moaned as I pictured it.

Ben then moaned out, “I’m getting close, boy. Jerk your cock faster. I want to see you cum all over yourself, when I fill you with my hot man seed.”

I eagerly complied and began to work my hard cock faster, desperate to cum. I felt my asshole twitch and tighten as I felt my balls begin to pull up. I knew that I was mere seconds from cumming. I called out, “Sir, I’m gonna cum. I can’t hold off. Here it comes.”

I then felt my cock explode a spray of cum. I moaned as I felt my cock empty itself of my hot boy seed. I felt drops of my cum hit my face and chest. I kept stroking my softening cock, as I continued to milk my cum from my cock. Ben smirked as he watched this and slammed his cock all the way inside my intestines and felt his own cock begin to spray my insides with cum. I moaned as I felt another load of hot cum drench my insides. I felt his hard cock jerk every time he released another spurt of man seed deep inside me.

I lay there drenched in my own cum, as Ben continued to slowly pump his softened cock in and out of my ass. I moaned as I felt him jerk his cock a few times, emptying his cock inside my ass. I then felt his cock slide out of my asshole. I then stood up on shaky legs, and began walking towards the shower. I didn’t notice at first, but Ben followed me to the bathroom. Stepped into the shower and Ben joined me, as I turned on the hot water.

I stepped under the spray of hot water and let it flow over me. I moaned at the feeling. Ben stepped up behind me and stepped into the pray with me. I smirked as I dropped to my knees and began massaging his soft cock and balls. I heard him moan, as he enjoyed my attention. I washed his cock and balls clean with my hands, as Ben stood before me. He then lifted me up and bent me over, as he dropped to his knees behind me. I felt his wet tongue begin to lick into my asshole, making me moan in pleasure.

Ben had a hold of my ass cheeks as his tongue was buried deep in my asshole. I clinched my asshole around his tongue. I felt my back arch, as Ben’s tongue continue to probe my ass. I heard him moan into my ass, as he tongue fucked me. One of his hands reached and grabbed hold of my cock and balls and began to knead and massage me from behind. I spread my legs to allow him better access. Ben then stood up, grabbed his now semi hard cock, and slapped it against my ass cheeks.

I moaned at then knowledge that he intended to shove his over sized cock into my ass again. He then said, “Ok, boy. Shot off the water, it’s time for another round of ass fucking.”

I shut off the water and we both stepped out of my shower and dried off. I then followed him into my living room. He then sat down on my couch and slowly stroked his cock. He smirked at me as he said, “Wrap your lips around this big cock, boy.”

I immediately dropped to my knees and began sucking his massive cock. I knew to work his cock with a deep and hard suction. I began to feel his cock grow hard. I smiled around his cock, as I continued to suck. Ben then said, “Ok, now climb on up. I want you to ride this massive meat.”

I let his cock fall out of my mouth, with one last suck of his hard cock head. I then climbed up onto his lap. I straddled his hips and lowered myself down onto his incredibly wide and long cock. I moaned as I felt his cock slide past my asshole and into my ass. I took him inside me all the way until his cock head popped into my intestines. I settled myself on his lap, as I positioned myself to ride his cock. I then set a slow and steady pace of rocking my hips forward and back, as I worked his cock inside me. His cock was so long, that I felt his cock head popping in and out of my intestines.

My mouth opened wide in a silent moan, as I felt his monster our cock work its way deeper than ever into my insides. I moaned at the feeling of him being so deep inside me. I began to pick up speed, making his cock head go in and out of my insides. I loved this feeling of being so full of hard cock. I thought of the previous day, that I was still so mad at being forced to take Dan’s hard cock into my ass. But now I was willingly working Ben’s much bigger cock in and out of me. I smiled at the change I had gone through in the past week. How willing I now was to be roughly fucked by giant cock. I felt my breathing pick up as I continued to rock my hips faster and faster, desperate for more depth. Ben moaned loudly, as he placed his hands on my ass cheeks to keep my pace fast. He began to buck his hips upwards to meet my hips as they rocked backwards, driving his hard cock deeper and deeper into my insides. I had never had either of their cocks plunged so deep into me, and I loved the feeling. I felt my own cock harden, as the pleasure of being fucked caused me such pleasure.

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The End

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Please Note: This is a work of fiction, not intended to be used as a suggestion or template for actual play. Always play responsible, Safe, Sane, Consensual, Risk Aware Consensual Kink as you choose.

When the silence took over my mind I realized that this was his plan, that it was a game and I was the toy. I had been a fool to think that I could hold my own here in this exact situation. I was lost, thanks to the rush and concentration i needed to try and keep up with him. I was afraid, because despite knowing that he would never let me get hurt, he was gone. I was left in the growing darkness in a forest somewhere far from the places I knew.

I slid out of myself in that moment. He was playing with me and I knew it, but I was the toy, and he knew just how to play me.

I could sit still and wait or I could turn back and try to make my way. Sitting still would be smart and excruciating. Running would be stupid and excruciating.

The silence was the deep silence of an evening hunt. It terrified me, and I looked around for a tree to climb. I could only sit the night out and catch my bearings in the morning if he didn’t find me first.

None of the trees near me were suitable for climbing, and I wouldn’t leave since this was the last place I had seen him, so I put my back to a narrow birch and tried to slow my heartbeat.

I watched myself from within. I wondered if he would have more fun if I had run. I wondered if he was watching my face, smiling at my fear. I thought he would make me wait at least an hour.

I sank to my knees in the soil beneath the tree.

I had nothing with me – no phone, no watch, no needles or water or matches. I cursed myself for a blind trusting fool, and then snorted softly at myself.

Yes I was a blind, trusting fool, and he was watching me.

The sounds of the night arrived as the sun said goodnight. Chirping and singing of bugs and frogs and rustling from small animals – all reassured me, and my uncomfortable knees told me that at least 30 minutes had passed.

A crunching twig made me nearly jump out of my skin. “Master!” Came to my throat but I held it back just in time. I realized my skin was trembling like the hide of some wild animal.

I didn’t notice when the world fell silent again, but I did hear a crashing, crunching, stampeding sound some distance from me, and I was lost to fear. I jumped and ran.

Vaguely my mind sought a tree to climb, some refuge from unknowable predators. The silence enabled the thunder of my racing heart, and the crashing of my own feet through the brush. I was being chased, hunted, I knew it. I could feel it.

There was the tree, the limbs high enough and low enough, and I was almost there when I tripped.

I barreled headfirst into the trunk, scraping my hands and cheek, shocking the last of the air from my lungs, and my head spun for an instant

Long enough to feel the grip on my calf jerking me down onto the ground.

I couldn’t scream, I had no air, no mind, no voice, as the weight settled over me and my clothes were ripped, shredded. I struggled weakly, gasping to catch a full dose of air, my body twisting underneath the savaging.

When I felt the cold earth against my naked skin, the scream ripped out of me, bursa escort long and loud and full.

My hoodie was pulled up over my head, muffling my voice and blinding me completely. I kicked and bucked, shaking my head like a wet dog, but rough hands held me down, heavy legs trapped mine.

That separate me, the one who watched from inside my panicked body, told me it was him, that this was the game, that he had me and I should be still.

I didn’t listen, and my struggles exhausted me before my voice gave out.

By then my wrists were tied and he held the end of the rope. He lifted his weight from me and I fought to get up, to get my feet under me. I only managed to look like a worm in the dirt, covering myself with more filth.

The tree that I had thought would save me became my hanging tree, as he tossed the rope over a limb and pulled, raising my arms painfully behind my back and planting my face more solidly in the dirt.

“Fuck you paracord.” I snarled into the hoodie, and then giggled at myself. I had lost that self-control I was so proud of.

He came back to me and wrapped the other end around my thigh above my knee. Roughly, he pulled my body into position, knees spread wide and ass high in the air. He tightened and tied the rope, and distantly I realized I could possibly relieve my own pain if I moved my body just right, but I couldn’t fathom how to do it. My mind was hidden deep within the animal that lay hobbled on the ground.

I lay still and tried again to catch my breath as I listened to him moving beyond me into the trees.

Would he leave me there? My shoulders ached already, the cold nipped at me, I began to shiver and goosebumps rose on my skin.

I had to compose myself, I knew it wasn’t as serious as my blood pressure level was trying to tell me, and I focused my ears on his movements.

He crunched over leaves and branches steadily, moving farther away. He would stop and rustle and I thought ‘hes searching for a switch. Oh god a switch. Dont let him find nettles.’

My breathing was a steady burn in my chest, shoving out and sucking in my chest was a struggle to put out a fire, and I worried that I couldn’t calm myself this time.

This was when I began to lose my control.

I stopped listening to him and focused on my body instead. My shoulders hurt wrenchingly, but otherwise I was fine. My face was in the dirt and I was a little chilled, but I could handle that.

The rope was very secure around my wrists as well as my thigh. I had no way of fighting that – so how could I have fun with it?

My heart still thundered, but not so loudly, and I slowed my breathing until it was almost silent. I let my mind drift, and thought of a cat

A big cat

A panther

I could be like a panther waiting for my chance.

Energy filled me again, and I wanted to fight. I wanted to fly and be beautiful, be inhuman and untamable. I wanted to be strong and attractive and dangerous.

When his boots crunched into the dark clearing I raised my chin as high as I could and looked at him as he walked. His eyes met mine and he smiled, and my last coherent thought was “god, he is gorgeous.”

The smell of the dirt, of moss and mold, couldn’t çanakkale escort quite overpower the scent he wore. My chin dropped again, my face was back in the dirt, but I still had the smell of him in my nostrils, the look of him in my mind.

He gave me sound, then.

“Who are you girl.”

Less of a question than a demand, gruff and stark.

I could not speak. He waited.

Behind me, I could *feel* his movement, his presence, the body heat that moved off of him in waves. I imagined him placing switches and thorny vines and god knew what else all in neat little rows on the ground, waiting to be used on me.

“answer me girl. Now.”

The threat in his voice flooded my pussy, and suddenly the cat was in heat. He was going to hurt me no matter what I did.

“lets make this spectacular.” I rasped, my voice unwilling to cooperate, my mind not a part of any of this.

“oh I will.”

I trembled even as the first blow fell, a switch across my ass. It startled me more than hurt, and I sucked in a breath only to cough at the dust that I had breathed in.

He waited for my coughing fit to end. “so kind” I thought, sarcasm dripping from my ears and regret that I hadn’t said it aloud grinding my teeth together.

It seemed I would be a pussy instead of a wild animal.

The blows fell in earnest then, one after another, heavy and sharp. So accurate, so perfectly tuned, and I moaned and tried to move my body. Hit me somewhere else, anywhere else…

Still he didn’t stop and my voice climbed a ladder against my will. I was soon wailing and struggling hard against the rope, no thought in my mind but escape. It only grew tighter, and I tossed myself left and right to get away from his switch.

His abrupt stop left me gasping and whining, my body hot with the stripes he had laid on me and dripping from my cunt.

“Who are you, girl?”

It sounded like a growl, like an animal I didn’t know, and I trembled and throbbed. Answer…what was the answer?

I was sure I knew and yet nothing came to me.

Seconds ticked by eternally and I slowed my struggling breaths again. Fire lit me, I could not be still, and didn’t even realize it until his voice drew me back.

“You will tell me your name, girl, before we are done.”

I held my breath and the switch fell again, this time on the back of my thighs. I squirmed harder, each blow made me move, ground my face into the dirt, and I managed to scoot myself away but of course it wouldn’t matter – he had only to take half a step.

I lowered my hips, bending my knees and the switch fell across my ass again, burning into the welts he had already made.

I screamed then, a puma scream, hoarse and shrieking and long. My body jerked back up, my shoulders and arms dying, my thighs once again taking the punishment. I wasn’t prepared for this, I wasn’t ready for this, and my screams turned to sobs.

He held silent for a moment and I listened to my helpless, pitiful dry sobbing with disgust. I bit my lips and struggled to calm myself, breathing noisily through my nose.

No tears sparked in my sinuses, my nose was dry, and yet I felt as if I were being wrung out. I snorted air and tried to still my trembling çankırı escort body.

I could feel him moving again, although it was a dull sensation now. I breathed and I squirmed and I waited.

His hand gently brushed the hair back from my. Eye and looked down at me, looking up at him. His face was hard in the darkness and I was so afraid. This man…this was the man I was afraid of, the one I knew so little about.

I squeezed my eyes shut and his hand traveled ever so lightly down my neck. He traced my shoulder and stroked my arm, and I felt no kindness or sweetness there – I was a meal, prey that he played with.

I shivered and realized I had been whimpering the whole time. My voice fell silent until his fingers grazed my hip.

I uttered a low, twisted wail as the heat of his touch crept toward the marks that crossed my ass and thighs.

“Do you know who you are, girl?” His voice was low and menacing, it held no warmth for me. Tears ripped from my eyes with no warning.

“no” I gasped, my throat constricting around tears that moved through me like air. I breathed sorrow from my eyes, my nose, and the sobs that came then only accelerated them.

His fingertips blazed across my damaged skin and I arched away – or into his touch – until his palm settled rough over the main part of the pain. It was white-hot and I screamed as well as cried.

Dirt on my cheeks became mud as I moved by centimeters across the ground, trying to escape, trying to come closer. This feeling that had come up behind the tears was unbearable, dark, and all mine.

“ready or not girl.”

“No! No, no please! Please stop! Please let me go let me stop…” The words crashed in my throat back to incoherent sobs as the blackness that had come to the surface blocked my throat.

He untied my wrists, my shoulders screaming as my arms fell limp to the ground. I couldn’t lift them, I couldn’t move, I had no concept of time and all I could do was cry and scream, moan and growl.

My body was not mine to control, and rage spilled out of my mouth with that oily dark hatred that had lived inside me all my life, feeding from me, a parasite.

“why do you want me, what good am I, stupid little bitch, cant even fucking… FUCK…cant even talk listen to my fucking stutter fuck.” Sobbing racked me, words meant nothing, they were only the physical result of that formless rage.

The switch fell across my back and the pain pushed more of my darkness out. Each stinging strike caused another black volcano to erupt.

“I hate you! I hate hate hate…fuck you you never loved me fuck your fucking lies!”

I had no idea who I was speaking to. I didn’t want to be aware, to think clearly of my grievances against myself.

I didn’t count, I didn’t know how long he worked the evil out of my body through my skin. Words of hatred, of misery and of a little girl afraid all mixed together in a grand mess.

I was dry of tears, limp and finally empty, when I felt his hands on my back, stroking gently.

Gentle or not, it ripped at me, and I whined, pathetic. Mud covered my cheek and was in my eyelashes, and tears leaked from me periodically, but I could not kneel anymore, my muscles would not hold me.

“Who are you girl?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then you can be who you want.”

I whined softly. His eyes on mine were again warm, and the last piece of my heart shattered.

“I want…”

My throat burned, my voice was gone, the world pressed down on me and I knew I was fading into unconsciousness.


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Ryan Ch. 12

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As Ryan slowly came awake he had the distinct feeling that he was being watched. Not unfamiliar with the sensation, he smiled.

Opening his eyes leisurely, he saw the beautiful brown eyes of his wife, but now they were reflected in the faces of their four year old twins, Christopher and Gabriela.

Seeing that he was awake, the twins said in unison, “Hi, Daddy.”

“Morning, brats,” Ryan said, reaching out to ruffle their hair. These two were a handful, but you couldn’t find two sweeter kids on the planet, in their father’s opinion.

Gabby was a tomboy who often fooled people with her love of girly clothing. When she got older there was no doubt that her wardrobe would rival her mother’s, but keeping her clean was another matter. She was a rough and tumble kind of girl who wanted to do everything her brother did. She’d gotten as many bumps and bruises as Christopher to prove it.

Christopher was every boy; he wanted to be like his daddy. He even had his own set of camo wear. As tough a kid as he was, he was always gentle with his sister and tried to protect her. The little angel, however, sometimes made it difficult for him. But they were a team and got along well with each other and with other kids.

Feeling Christopher pat his shoulder, Ryan gave him his attention.

“Mommy said to see if you had woken up, but not to wake you. Are we in trouble?” he asked with a small frown.

“No. You’re not in trouble,” Ryan assured him.

Gabby crawled into the bed and kissed Ryan on the cheek. She was quickly followed by Christopher who did likewise. The kids were very loving and secure in their parents love.

Sometimes they would knock on their parents’ door when they woke up in the morning. Dani would make breakfast while the kids entertained Ryan or vice versa.

There were changes in their lives, but they were good ones. One thing that had to be remedied right away was the sleeping arrangements for the twins. All of the guest rooms were on the far side of the house, too far away for young children. To help the situation, Dani moved her studio to one of the guest bedrooms and the large den, which was close to the master bedroom, became the twins’ room.

In the back of their minds, Ryan and Dani thought their sex life would be severely curtailed when they became parents, but thankfully, with a little planning and creativity they still enjoyed a very erotic and romantic sexual relationship.

“Where’s mommy?” Ryan asked.

“She’s changing Jordan’s clothes. He spit up all over,” Christopher said.

“Ewww,” exclaimed Gabby.

Gabriela was too refined to tolerate spit up, but she didn’t mind getting niğde escort grimy and squashing bugs. Ryan thought she was quite the paradox.

Yawning he asked, “Have you guys eaten breakfast yet?”

Both twins nodded, yes.

“Mommy said she would make you breakfast when you got up. Are you getting up now?” Gabby asked.

“Yep, I’m getting up. You can tell mommy I’m awake and I’ll be out in a few minutes. Tell her I need coffee,” Ryan instructed.

Both twins nodded, said “Ok, Daddy,” and scrambled off the bed to deliver the message to their mother.

Ryan lay back, reflecting for a moment.

The time leading up to the birth of the twins was peaceful for the most part. They decided not to learn the sex of the babies before their birth. However, that didn’t mean that the debate among the family members didn’t go on for months. In the end, they were all surprised that the babies weren’t both boys.

Dani was on bed rest for a month, but at thirty nine weeks, labor was induced. Ryan stayed home the entire time and conducted business from his office there. They had plenty of volunteers, but he needed to be near her to make sure she was all right. If anything happened, he didn’t want to receive second hand information.

It was a great time for both of them, filled with laughter, love and long talks. It was during those times that the reality of children hit them. They talked about their fears and expectations and the type of parents they wanted to be.

It was a heavy responsibility, but it was one they accepted gladly.

The only thing to mar their happiness was the sentencing of Keith Hall. Dani decided that she wanted to speak during the sentencing phase. Ryan was adamantly opposed because of her condition and on general principle, but she’d explained to him that this was something she needed to do for herself, not Keith.

She’d told Keith that she forgave him, but had she lost the babies, she wouldn’t have been there and she might not have ever been able to forgive him. He hung his head at that point. She asked the judge to take in consideration his background and personal issues. She said it wasn’t an excuse for what he did, but she did feel sorry for him and what he had gone through.

That being done, she never talked about Keith Hall again. It was in the past, one that would never be allowed to influence their future again. She was at peace now, which was the reason behind her actions. She wanted to purge herself of the bad feelings she had toward him.

Keith was sentenced to seven years in prison. If he kept out of trouble, he could possibly be out in five. He would have ordu escort on going psychiatric sessions and evaluations for the duration of his sentence.

With that chapter closed in their lives, there was an abundance of good news.

When it came time for the babies to be delivered, Ryan was in the delivery room with Dani putting to use his Lamaze training as her coach. She’d been a trooper, although Ryan felt a bit squeamish. He’d been in the military and saw horrible things, but those things weren’t happening to Dani. He did manage to keep from passing out, but just barely.

Christopher was the first to be born; Gabriela was born four minutes later. Both were healthy with Gabby weighing a little over five pounds and Christopher almost six.

Crystal married Isaac two years after the twins were born and she was now six months pregnant.

Caleb found happiness with a woman who loved him to distraction.

Micah and Amanda were engaged and planning their wedding.

Haley had another baby, a girl, Melinda Rose.

Now as Ryan pulled himself out of bed, he reflected on the time he and Dani went back to the beach house. It was a wonderful two weeks and the first time they’d been away from the twins for more than a day. The kids stayed with his parents who spoiled them to no end. Their time at the beach was an especially sweet memory because it was there that Jordan was conceived.

The twins both had light brown hair with Ryan’s features and temperament. Jordan had dark brown hair with hazel eyes inherited from his grandfather, Michael. His features were a mix of Dani’s and Ryan’s. He was a happy baby, calm and peaceful no matter what was going on around him.

Ryan got up and quickly took care of his morning ritual. When he got to the great room, the twins were watching cartoons and Dani was cleaning up their earlier mess with Jordan watching from his high chair.

Walking up behind her, he slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. “Morning, baby,” he said breathing in the sweet scent of his woman.

Turning in his embrace, Dani wrapped hers around his neck and gave him a long thorough kiss, the loss of which made Ryan grunt when she pull back.

“Damn!” he groaned.

Easing out of his arms, Dani promised, “Later.”

Then she asked, “What do you want for breakfast, sweetheart?”

“French toast with two scrambled eggs, bacon, orange juice and that heavenly coffee I smell brewing,” Ryan answered, followed by a swat to her still luscious ass.

Gasping in pleasure, she looked Ryan in the eyes and asked, “You do know you’re playing with fire, don’t you?”

“Uh, osmaniye escort huh,” he replied with a crooked grin, “and I’m looking forward to the inferno.”

They’d been together more than six years and were just as crazy for each other as they’d ever been. Keeping that relationship alive with kids took work. But they were more than just parents; they were lovers who intended to always make time for the physical side of their relationship.

Dani never went back to work. She put in her resignation and sold her condo shortly after her 25th birthday. She wanted to be a full time mother and wife. That was a great decision as far as Ryan was concerned, but he would have worked with whatever made her happy and fulfilled. She told him there was no contest; it was him and the kids. In the years since, she’d proven just how deep her love and commitment to them was.

Hearing Jordan make a happy gurgle, Ryan took him out of the high chair, cradling him in his strong arms. When he tickled the baby’s belly, he elicited a laugh from his son who waved his arms and wiggled in his embrace.

Jordan was just shy of a year old and soon would be sharing the bedroom with his siblings. For now, he was nicely ensconced with his crib set up in the large alcove in his parents’ spacious room. Like the twins, blessedly, he slept all night.

Ryan held the baby snugly and went over and sat on the sofa. The twins, lying on the floor on their bellies, looked behind and caught sight of him. They got up from the floor and joined their father on the sofa, taking up residence on either side of him. They continued to watch TV, content with just being close to him.

Dani watched from the kitchen, her eyes filled with tears as she thought of the wonderful life she had. She still laughed whenever she thought that something as mundane as her fascination with home improvement stores led to this unexpected treasure.

It was a treasure and a pleasure that would continue through many years as she and Ryan raised their children and hopefully enjoyed grandchildren. Life had given her more than a dream, because she’d never possessed the ability to dream on such a grand scale.

Life had given her the world.

As Dani watched them she remembered the promise that she and Ryan made to acknowledge their love for each other every day. They kept that promise and now they included their kids. Their children would never doubt their love no matter where the journey of life led them.

Dani sighed and said a silent prayer for the blessing that was Ryan Sinclair and the life he’d made possible for her and their family.

It was a life that would continually unfold as each of them was nurtured by this endless circle of love.



We’ve made it to the end and what a ride it’s been. I’d like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. I’ve enjoyed writing this story and was pleased with your response. Thanks again.

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The Hostess

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Carmine shook his head as he looked at the host of Prometheus Fishbein’s birthday, Fish himself. What the hell?

Angel had thrown Fish this uh, bash, but when Carmine had walked in, he’d seen Fish kneeling naked on the floor, wearing a pink ribbon around his dick.

On Fish’s chest hung a sign, suspended with twine that said “SMALL PENIS BIRTHDAY BOY”.

The other guests were not new, apparently to this entertainment style from the Fishbeins, as they just sort of stood around in their fancy clothes, sipping martinis and chatting.

It wasn’t as if Carmine wasn’t somewhat aware of Fish and Angel’s peculiar relationship; in addition to servicing Fish’s nice Alfa Romeo when it came to the DiCarbone garage, owned by Carmine’s dad; Carmine had come over and serviced Angel as well.

Angel was a sassy ash blonde, kind of short haired but very curvy, and yes, when Carmine and Angel were getting it on one night, Angel had jumped out of bed and opened the closet door, dragging her husband out by the ear.

And Fish had been naked then as well, except for a little metal clip on the end of his dick.

“See where it locks in on his glans there, Carmine?” Angel had asked with a wink, “He can jerk his Willy all he wants, but unless I take the clip off, he can’t have an accident, if you know what I mean.”

Angel had then told her freaky husband that she wanted him to suck Carmine’s balls while Carm fucked her…when Fish had demurred, Angel had kicked him in the stomach and then whipped her prone husband with an ivory headed walking stick.

And that had been one weird thing, Fish had put his head under Carmine’s legs and had sucked on his scrotum, his head bobbing up and down as his mechanic had slammed his own dick repeatedly into Angel’s quim.

Carmine had been initially revolted by this, but it did feel good having the warm mouth of the wealthiest burgomeister of South Buttermilk Falls slobbering on his grease monkey’s nutsack.

Carmine now was trying not to look at Fish, and his eyes wandered to a cute little number standing by the dessert table. Wait, was she talking to Fish? She looked somewhat uncomfortable too…

But she was trying to be polite!

“Mr. Fishbein, I hope you’re okay down there.” Larissa tried to smile at her boss.

“I think you can call me Fish at this point, Larissa.” the little man with the sign on his chest said, trying to smile.

What a nice man! Even with his bitchy wife making him do this, he was still trying to put Larissa at ease. About six weeks previous, Larissa had been called by Mrs. Angel Fishbein into the Belek escort big boss’s private office.

“I know, Larissa, that my husband has a little crush on you, he’s always talking about how helpful you are, and how fashionably you dress…so I told him if he wants his privileges this month, he’ll have to do them in front of you.”

Larissa had had no idea what the fuck Mrs. Fishbein meant at the time.

And she’d been flabbergasted when Fish had begged his wife to “let him off.”

“It’s up to you, Fish.” Mrs. Fishbein had said, smiling. “You’ve waited thirty days to jack off, and you can wait another thirty days, but next time it’ll be in front of that parking meter-maid you like so much.”

“B-but Angel, please-“Fish had said, quivering. “I don’t want-want to traumatize Larissa.” He tried to smile at his puzzled receptionist, who smiled back, wondering…

She had known that Mrs. F, Angel, was really kind of nasty, even if she was good looking, and she’d seen Angel slap her husband once when she’d dropped by the office-apparently Fish had forgotten to wash the breakfast dishes.

But this was wild! Angel looked over at Larissa and she’d said “If my husband doubles your Christmas bonus and gives it to you early, do you think you could keep a secret for him, no sexual harassment nonsense?”

When Angel had nodded, thinking of the vacation such a bonus might afford her and her boyfriend, Angel had nodded grimly at her husband, who had taken off his nice suit and cowered in front of the two women.

Angel had handed Larissa a little key. “Go ahead, take his guiche off.”

The “guiche” apparently had been a little metal doohickey on the end of the boss’s dick, and Larissa had stepped closer and unlocked it, while Fish had blanched…

And then Fish had jacked off and made a mess all over Larissa’s Jimmy Choos, and then licked them clean!

After this, Fish had seemed overcome with shame, but he’d also looked up at his wife and said “That was so hot, I’m so humiliated.”

And, for the past few weeks, Fish had not looked at his lowly receptionist at all, just hurried by her every morning, though he’d given her an envelope with a LOT of cash the afternoon after this incident.

And now, she was trying to find a way to distract poor Fish from his embarrassment and agony.

“Really, this is an odd way to celebrate your birthday, um, Fish.” Larissa said. She was mildly flattered by Fish’s eyes, which were avidly checking out her leather miniskirt.

Fish was such a nice man, unlike the lascivious salesmen who worked for him. Belek escort bayan Some of them were here tonight, and they were pointing at their employer, and laughing about the situation he seemed to be in.

“Well, Larissa, it’s my birthday, and it’ s a time I get focused on.” Fish said, looking down awkwardly at his beribboned penis.

“Last year, Angel hired five black Masters who took turns fucking her and then giving me whippings. I know you probably aren’t really aware of the BDSM lifestyle.”

Larissa smiled demurely. When Larissa was still at Buttermilk State, she’d had a roommate, a butch dyke called Strider. One night when they were both a little blitzed, Larissa had asked Strider for a spanking.

And Strider had done this. She’d pulled Larissa across her knee and yanked up Larissa’s skirt and pulled down her panties and had thrashed Larissa with her big hand…

Then Strider had been worried she’d gone too far, and Larissa had given her a big kiss and asked for the same thing the next day, using a curtain rod.

Eventually Larissa had graduated and she’d found a nice normal boyfriend, but it had always stayed in her mind, being a submissive. In a ways she sort of envied Fish, since it would seem that Angel was taking the reins, right?

It probably took a lot to get all these people together and have them agree not to get too shocked when the host was kneeling naked, with the ribbon around his junk. That couldn’t have been all that easy for Angel, could it?

Larissa’s thoughts were interrupted by one of the rude young salesmen, who stomped up, leering at the receptionist and then sneering at their naked, kneeling C.E.O.

“Having fun talking to the big shot here, ‘Riss?” the salesman said as he casually kicked Fish in the side. “Last time we three were together was when Big Shot here was talkin’ to me about my low numbers, right?”

Larissa looked compassionately down at Fish, who was scarlet faced. Still, Fish’s dick was getting hard, even with that nasty metal guiche on it.

“You know, Muncie, if you worked a little harder, and weren’t so shitty right now, you’d be far more attractive.” She was just trying to get Muncie to leave the boss alone…Muncie wouldn’t be attractive unless he cut his own head off, or something.

And Muncie knew it, and apparently knew he should milk this while he could, because Monday morning, he’d be the low-achieving sales schlub again, and being berated by Mr. Fishbein, who was really a business genius.

“No, I just came by to escort Boss Fish here to the bathroom. I need to Escort Belek take a whiz. Mrs. Fishbein-she asked me to call her Angel-said you take all pee down the throat, dude.”

Now Fish looked up at Muncie with a particularly vicious loathing. “Y-yes, yes sir.”

Larissa tried to smile as Fish rose and shuffled naked after the egotistical underling…

About half an hour later Muncie went upstairs, hearing his name being called by Angel, who was just so hot.

Muncie had not had the easiest time on the sales force at Caldwell, Hinton, Hewlet and Blaine. He wasn’t a brain trust, and missed the old days at school when he could just run around with a football.

He might have been fired by now, for general incompetence, but Angel Fishbein, wife of the current comptroller, had taken a liking to him…Muncie liked her too, for an old broad.

She had to be pushing forty, but she was firecracker hot…dynamite even. Muncie had just peed in Angel’s husband’s mouth, and then jacked off in the old dude’s hair.

Now old Fishbein was sucking off a row of young men in the hallway. The party was really starting to get interesting.

But Angel was easily the hottest woman there, and when she summoned Muncie, he ran!

Upstairs, Angel smiled and beckoned Muncie to come into her bedroom. Damn! This was getting better and better. Larissa, the stuck up bitch receptionist at the firm was kneeling naked on the floor, and it looked like she had a couple of long red marks on her back.

“Muncie, how are you?” Angel said with a smile. “Larissa just confessed her submissive desires to me, and I decided to test her a bit.”

Muncie looked down at Larissa, who was always so cold to the guys, she was always making cutting remarks, all that kind of shit. She liked guys who went to museums, all that. Snotty.

But now she was naked and she looked humiliated and pissed off, like the last person she wanted to be this exposed to was Muncie. Kind of like Angel Fishbein’s douchebag husband.

“As you are probably aware, Muncie, Larissa’s feelings for you are generally revulsion…so I have ordered her to exercise her oral skills on you. I suspect that she’d do the same for my husband if she had the chance, thankfully he’s locked in his guiche.”

“Angel-Mrs. Fishbein, that’s not-” but Larissa’s protest was matched with a lash across her back. Muncie noticed that Angel Fishbein had this evil looking whip with like six tails, and she’d just given Larissa a little run for her money.

And man, was Larissa a hot little chick. Those tits are incredible. Bigger than I thought. Larissa saw him gaping and gave him a hostile look back.

But then, of course she remembered how stupid she must look, and she blushed again.

As Muncie unzipped his pants, he thought, Angel Fishbein is one hell of a chick. She knows how to give a great party!

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