Of Women and Men

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Scotland: 1557

Rain was falling as Lise slipped quietly into the grounds of the monastery where her mistress Margarete awaited her. She was cold, wet, exhausted and saddle sore, but she was grateful for the rain. It would increase her chances of remaining unseen.

Three days remained until the marriage of Margarete to the Lord Colin MacLean, and the bridal procession was one days travel from his estates.

Exhausted though she was, Lise couldn’t help feeling pleased with herself over the success of her enterprise. Drawing on the resourcefulness and resilience of her youth as an itinerant performer and sometime lady of the evening, she had maneuvered herself into the bed of her mistress’s betrothed. By doing so, she had acquired not merely silver and some genuine pleasure. She had also gained information that might be of great value to her young mistress.

Leaving her horse in the snug stable, she crept silently into Margarete’s bed chamber. As a servant, her movements were of little interest to anyone, but if anyone had seen her, being the Lady’s favored attendant, it would be natural for her to be in Margarete’s room.

Being anxious for Lise’s return, Margarete was sleeping fitfully, and sat up as Lise entered.

“It is I my Lady,” Lise said softly.

Margarete leapt up, fumbling to light a candle.

“Are you well? Did you see him? Did you…?” Her hurried questions broke off as she approached Lise and perceived the water dripping off of the older woman’s cloak. “You are sopping wet, and you shiver so!”

“It’s certainly no night for travel,” Lise said, removing her outer garments and laying them aside, “Unless of course your errand is secret,” she added. “Be at ease my Lady. I was not discovered, and I was able to find out much that might help you.”

Margarete’s forthcoming marriage had been arranged by her father. He hoped to draw on Lord MacLean’s wealth to settle some urgent debts. Her family’s finances had recently taken an even more alarming turn, and requests for aid would be coming from France more quickly than anyone had anticipated.

Margarete knew this, but Lord Colin did not. So, Lise had ventured ahead to slide herself into Lord Colin’s bed, and discover how Margarete should go about enchanting him. Convent raised, she was frightened by her ignorance of such matters, not only on her own account, but because her failure to please her husband might lead to penury for her family.

“And you?” Margarete asked with compunction, “You are well?”

“Well enough.” Lise answered wearily. “Tired, cold, hungry, sore in more than a few places, but I’ve known worse.”

Margarete was impatient to hear Lise’s account of her adventure, but Lise was much more than a servant to her, so she asked no more questions as she poured watered wine into a cup.

“There are remnants of my supper here, eat,” she commanded gently.

Lise did so, watching the younger woman’s anxious face with amusement. When she had finished, Margarete drew her to her feet.

“Come,” she said, “You’ll not warm up in those wet clothes.”

Together, they removed Lise’s damp clothing and, in the growing dawn light coming in the window, Margarete was shocked to see bruises on various parts of Lise’s active body.

Till now, Margarete’s solicitude had been simply good manners forcing down her own impatience. Now, she cried out in dismay.

“How did you come by these?” She asked in alarm.

Lise examined the various souvenirs of her adventure.

“These,” she said, touching raw skin on her inner thigh, “Are the price paid by one no longer accustomed to long riding: and these,” she grazed bruises on breast and buttock, “are expressions of enthusiasm.”

Margarete’s face was utterly blank for a moment, then lit with understanding and shock.

Lise saw this and laughed. “Do not be concerned,” she said, washing at the basin of cold water. “I felt them little at the time, and they will heal.” She was too tired and chilled to try and explain the mysteries of men’s passion to her virgin lady, so she finished her washing and slid naked into Margarete’s bed.

“I’m chilled through!” she exclaimed.

Margarete stood utterly still trying to digest Lise’s off-hand explanation. At these last words, she shook off her paralysis of shock and got hurriedly into bed also.

“Oh Lise!” she gasped, pulling the other woman’s shivering body against her warm one, “You are bruised, chilled, warn out! You risked all this for me! You rode alone, you put yourself into the power of strange men for my sake!”

Until she had seen the bruises on Lise’s familiar body, Margarete had not fully appreciated what her servant/companion had done for her. She was güvenilir bahis young, and preoccupied with her own anxieties. Now, she was awed and taken out of herself by what the other woman had done.

“Oh Lise!” she said rubbing the woman’s body to warm her, “Who else would have risked so much for me? No mere servant would have done this.”

She began to kiss Lise with the ardor of anxiety and gratitude. Lise lay still, no longer shivering, feeling the unaccustomed sensation of Margarete soothing her. When they were together like this, it was always Lise leading the younger woman. Lise accepted this as natural. Margarete was inexperienced and of noble birth, neither of which description fit Lise. Now, Lise was weary, and glad to be passive.

Margarete cradled Lise in her arms, kissing first her face and hair, then her lips. Their mouths pressed together, gently pulling but barely moving. The intensity of the kiss stirred Lise and she raised her arms to embrace and caress Margarete but the younger woman pressed her back.

“Always it is you taking care of me,” she said. “You tend me as any servant would, but you care for me as no one else. You have risked yourself to allay my fears, and even now you would give pleasure to me as you are accustomed to do. I owe you so much more than a servant’s wages, and before I hear your tale, I wish to begin to repay you.”

Their lips were close together. Margarete’s voice was low and intimate, and her long golden hair hung like a soft curtain around them.

She began kissing Lise again, first on her lips, then in slow, lingering progress down to her throat and breast.

Lise lay still, her weariness combining with the nearness of Margarete’s lithesome body pressed against hers to create a feeling of sensuous languor. Frolicking in Lord Colin’s bed chamber had been pleasurable, but it had not been a time for heedlessness. Now, her languor increased as the younger woman’s kisses covered her breasts, and lingered gently on the bruises left by urgent male hands.

Margarete’s kisses were slow, but her breathing quickened in response to a rising intensity. She ran her hands over Lise’s belly, her hips, her strong legs.

“You have a graceful woman’s body,” she said, marveling, “Yet you are strong too, and brave like a man.”

“Not like a man,” Lise smiled, reaching up to touch Margarete’s flushed cheek. “You too are brave and strong my little flower, you just haven’t discovered it yet.”

Margarete rose up and straddled the other woman so that their bodies pressed full length against one another. Their lips clung more hungrily as their hips began to rotate, grinding together. Margarete slid a hand between them and began pressing her palm against Lise’s vulva and moving it in slow circles, as Lise had so often done to her.

Lise began to moan and move her hips in more powerful circles. Maintaining the rhythm, Margarete sat back on her heals. She felt a new and unaccustomed sense of power rising in her. She had often witnessed Lise’s arousal, but she had never taken an active role in provoking it.

Now, her passion was combined with gratitude and something deeper. She wanted to please the other woman fully, to give to her, to take care of her, bring her to the ecstatic state to which Lise had so often lead Margarete.

Lise laid still, the tension and weariness draining from her like water. The fingers of Margarete’s hand began pressing gently on her clitoris. She reached up and took Margarete’s breasts in her hands, brushing fingertips across the small, hard nipples, lightly squeezing the rounded flesh, running her hands down the narrow waist to caress the delicate skin of her inner thighs.

“I have not yet tended to all your bruises,” Margarete said, and swung one leg over so that she could move further down the bed.

She found the marks on Lise’s bottom, and kissed them slowly, with a gentle sucking. Then, she found the roughened skin from Lise’s long hours in the saddle. With the tip of her tongue, Margarete bathed the flesh of Lise’s inner thigh with delicate caresses.

She began moving upward, licking towards the centre of Lise’s pleasure. Margarete had never done this before, and Lise lay reveling in her own surprise and pleasure.

Margarete nuzzled against the hair covered mound, feeling the heat and moisture emanating from it. She ran an experimental tongue in the tiny furrow of flesh visible, and felt the other woman’s body shudder as Lise gasped.

Margarete felt a surge of wonder and excitement. She repeated the action, and Lise spread her legs wider apart, exposing more moist skin, opening before Margarete like a lily to the sun.

Is this why she calls me “little flower”?” she wondered türkçe bahis giddily.

Now, she was eager to explore the exciting new notion that she could cause Lise to gasp and writhe as she herself had so often been made to do.

Trying to recall how it felt, she placed her lips so that all the exposed flesh was engulfed, pulling petals in gently, then sucking lightly, releasing, sucking again. She held her lips so for a time, then began to move her tongue against Lise’s skin.

“Lise cried out softly, and Margarete drank in the sound with amazement and delight.

“Yes!” Lise gasped, “Like that!”

Margarete sighed with happiness as she put her arms around and under the other woman, pulling her hips tighter against her mouth, maintaining the rhythmic sucking, flicking her tongue slowly, excited by Lise’s rapid breathing and startled throaty cries.

Margarete could feel Lise building toward the ecstatic moment, and she tried hard to maintain and slightly quicken the movements of her mouth. Her jaws and tongue were becoming uncomfortably tired, but she wanted desperately not to lose the moment. Her own arousal was growing and, partly to express it, and partly to distract herself from the fatigue, she began to moan, echoing Lise.

Finally, Lise put her hands on Margarete’s head and began grabbing handfuls of her long, fair hair. She was afraid that, in her inexperience, the younger woman might stop at just the wrong time so she gasped out “Now! Now!”

Margarete moaned in genuine delight, pulling just a little harder with her lips, finding a last reservoir of stamina in Lise’s cries.

Lise felt pleasure rushing out from her middle to flood her whole body with an overflowing liquid light. All of existence had shrunk to their warm women’s flesh, and Margarete’s sweet mouth giving her a precious gift.

When her body had ceased shuddering, Margarete’s lips relaxed, and she covered Lise’s mound with light affectionate kisses. Lise reached down and pulled the younger woman to lie close to her.

Lise could feel Margarete’s arousal in the heat that emanated from her skin, her shallow breath, and the way her body wriggled, taught and eager. Now was as good a time as any, and perhaps better than most, Lise reflected.

“Since you have been so generous my little flower,” she said, “I will tell you now of my adventure. You asked about my slight bruises, I will show you how they were acquired. Rise up onto your knees, yes, now lean forward onto your elbows.”

Margarete obeyed silently, feeling apprehension mingling with a strange rising excitement.

“This is the favorite position of your soon-to-be husband. Time and again I saw him repeat it with several women, and with me.” Lise’s lips twitched in a smile that Margarete failed to notice.

“For several such moments, I was being held thus.” She moved behind Margarete’s proffered bottom and placed strong hands on the soft flesh. She dug her fingers in briefly to show how her own flesh had been marked.

For one disorienting moment, Lise felt what she supposed it must feel like to be a man, the desire to plunge rigid but sensitive flesh into the delicate waiting virgin hole before her.

“Then what?” Came Margarete’s timid question, breaking into her reverie.

“Then? Then his organ entered here.” She slid a fingertip into the tight opening. Careful not to push hard, she began moving the fingertip in and out, simulating intercourse.

“This posture is very… very compelling for a woman; for a man too I think. I doubt that he will command it of you your first time, though he might. Bring your shoulders right down to rest on the bed.”

Margarete did so, pushing her sex more prominently upwards, spreading the tender lips wider apart.

“That is a sign to a man that you have surrendered utterly to him, and perhaps that you feel pleasure also. Men welcome surrender, but pleasure they seldom expect. You can bind him to you more easily if you show your enjoyment, even if it be more acting than truth.”

Lise could see moisture on the exposed lips and caressed them with her fingertip.

“You found pleasure so?” Margarete asked faintly.

“Yes, but I am a woman of experience, and I understand that rough treatment,” she pinched Margarete again lightly, “Is not mere brutality as it may seem to you. I cannot explain it to you, but I think you will understand. If he chooses this way for your first time, it will be painful but I promise you it will not always be so. Lie on your back little flower.”

Margarete turned and lay flat. Lise straddled her, on knee on either side of the younger woman’s hips.

“This is how I acquired these.” Lise guided Margarete’s fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri to the discolored skin on her own breasts. Lise was finding this instruction more enthralling than she’d anticipated.

She let Margarete’s hands drop to her sides and raised herself slightly.

“While a man is inside you thus,” and she began grinding her pelvis against Margarete’s, mimicking the actions of penetration, “He will often clutch you like this.” Her hands moved to the young breasts, pinching with unaccustomed force.

Margarete’s eyes widened but she said nothing and did not move. Lise’s fingers hurt, but they also seemed to be pulling something up from deep inside her, some powerful tide, like catching one’s self in a strong and dangerous current.

Lise continued her movements longer than demonstration required. Margarete’s dilated pupils and utter acceptance of Lise’s rough treatment were irresistibly exciting.

“During sex,” Lise said huskily, “Men may become transformed. If you speak they may not hear, and if they bruise you in their enthusiasm they may not know it.”

“And does this happen to women also?” Margarete asked unexpectedly, looking into Lise’s eyes.

Lise smiled. “Indeed it can,” she answered, “If you are lucky.”

She bent and kissed Margarete deeply, forcing her tongue between the girl’s parted lips. She took one of Margarete’s hands and placed it between their vulvas, then, continuing to push her tongue into the mouth of the woman beneath her, she rocked her pelvis backward and forward, feeling Margarete’s fingers move under her, urging her toward another climax. She pressed her weight down on top of Margarete, grinding her clitoris powerfully against the other woman’s until the paroxysms overtook her, then passed.

She lay beside the younger woman who still had not moved. She caressed her soft breast.

“You feel unfinished don’t you?” She asked kindly. “Like your desires have not been satisfied?” She laid a quick finger over Margarete’s lips to silence her.

“This is a sensation to which you may need to become accustomed. Men, including husbands, are always in a hurry, they reach fulfillment far quicker than we, and they seldom take the trouble to ensure that we also are fulfilled. Perhaps with husbands it is different. As a Lady of Convenience, I have mostly had to find my own pleasure. But I am not a man, and would not leave you unsatisfied.”

She put her hand between Margarete’s thighs.

“Spread your legs as wide apart as you can.” She instructed, enjoying Margarete’s dazed compliance, imagining seeing her in a man’s fierce embrace.

Her fingers began to dance over Margarete’s tender, exposed wetness, knowing, from long experience how to bring release. When it came, Margarete let out a series of high, breathy cries which Lise found as beautiful as music, or bird song. The two women lay in one another’s arms and Lise talked on.

“He knows you are young and convent educated. He expects that you will be pious, subdued, cold, remote and tiresome. I think you will disarm him best by decorum in public, and spiritedness in private. Of course he will not expect a whore’s tricks from you, and you must be careful, for you are far more awakened than he expects you to be.

Remember that a man is always flattered and soothed if the size and potency of his organ are complimented. Remember also that too much modesty in the bed chamber is disliked. Do not flaunt yourself, but try to show your body as if by accident. You may allow your gown to slip so that he almost sees your breast, or, if you should chance to drop something on the floor, it would be appealing to him to bend such that your pretty bottom becomes visible to him. Such seeming guilelessness will win his devotion I’m sure. Be lively and inventive, but not course. Anyway, you are so beautiful that he will surely be powerless to resist you.”

Smiling, she kissed the tip of Margarete’s nose.

“He will doubtless be hurried and graceless at first, but you must just be patient. I think it will be well, and I will be with you in the morning if it is not.”

They heard a growing noise and bustle outside the door, servants preparing for their last day of travel, wondering why their mistress tarried so long.

Lise sat up with a groan.

“This is one day I wish I could sleep through. Do not look so distraught. We will have much time to talk while we travel: and oh, you must remember to pretend a fondness for his disreputable dog! The brute follows him everywhere and his fawned over like a child.”

Lise was not partial to animals, but Margarete routinely struck up friendships and alliances with domesticated animals, and thought that this at least would be easy.

As she rose and was prepared for travel, she tried to digest all she had heard and felt. As they left her chamber, though her thoughts were troubled, her face was composed and serene. Seeing this, Lise smiled to herself with approval.

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Crashing Camp

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I’m pretty sure I had lost him, the benefit of being young and fit but as I sailed through the air after tripping on a fallen log I wondered why I was still running so hard, guilt maybe? I landed with a hard thump, took a bash on the head and was awake long enough to look over at the young couple fucking on their blanket, her legs wrapped round his back, both naked and sexy and staring at me with wide eyes but then it went dark.

I woke up on my back, my head resting on a pillow and a cold compress being held on my head by the young woman I’d seen being fucked. She’d since dressed, was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and had her long red hair in a ponytail.

“Easy, you’ll be okay, no sign of concussion but you took quite a thump on the head.” She said, looking closely into my eyes.

“I’m so sorry I crashed your camp, didn’t know anyone was out this far.” I replied, sitting up slowly.

“Keep this on your head, I’ll get you some water.” She replied.

“You were running pretty hard, not from the Police right?” Said the man.

“No, um, turns out when the pastor can’t find his way to the river to do the baptisms he’ll just give up and come back, didn’t take to kindly to finding his naked wife with my cock in her mouth. She managed to stall him so I could get away but he had a tire wrench and pretty sure he wanted to beat me with it so I took off.” I replied. They both smiled.

“Wait, Pastor Collins? His wife Carol is hot, don’t know what she sees in that tub of lard.” Said the woman.

“Well it’s not his prowess in the bedroom, I’ve been seeing her for a few months. Sorry, I’m Marcus, thank you for this and I’m really sorry I interrupted morning fun.” I said.

“I’m Clara and this is my br.. um, boyfriend Alex.” She said.

“Well it’s nice to meet you both. I should find a way to get back to town, I came with the church group, was meant to be here all weekend but don’t think I’ll be welcome in the minivan ride home.” I said and tried to stand up, my legs didn’t like that and I sat back down before I fell over.

“You should rest until you can at least stand, we can give you a ride back later.” Said Alex.

“Well thank you.” I replied.

They both busied themselves round their camp, I wondered why they had 2 tents when they were very positively fucking when I first crashed in on them but I soon found out why.

“Here, let me take a look.” Said Clara.

Clara took my compress off and looked at my head then looked into my eyes again.

“You have a hard head, you’re going to be fine.” She said.

“You seem to know what you’re doing, you work in the medical field?” I asked.

“My sister is the best trainee Nurse in the county, you’re in great hands.” Said Alex, grinning. Clara glared at him and he went back to tending the firewood pile.

Clara’s face went red and I noticed a tears starting to well up in her eyes when I looked at her.

“You probably think we’re disgusting now don’t you.” She said.

“I actually think you’re beautiful. You should both hear this though, want to know why I was sent away on a camping trip with the church?” I replied. They both stood before me.


“My Dad caught me having a threesome with my older sister and her boyfriend. I was inside her, missionary like you guys were and her boyfriend was in me, was pretty intense until Dad started yelling.” I said.

“Was that the first time you’d had sex with her?” Said Clara.

“No, we’ve been having sex since I was 16, I’m 22 now, she’s 2 years older. Her boyfriend had to agree not to get jealous since she doesn’t want to quit me.”

“But what can he do, do you still live at home?” Said Alex.

“For now, my idiot roommate set fire to the kitchen so my apartment is being remodeled so is kinda his house, his rules.” I replied.

“What did your Mom say?” Said Clara.

“Oh, um, she said for getting caught I’ve to eat her at least 3 times a week until I move out. She caught my sister and I a few years ago and joined in.” I replied.

“Wow, we thought we were alone in this.” Said Clara.

“How long have you guys been sleeping together?” I asked.

“Few months, Alex walked in on me masturbating and it just kinda happened. He was my first.” Said Clara.

“So you’re here alone, why the 2 tents?” I asked.

“We facetime with our parents every night, they worry but we show them the campground, we have our shotgun too but we came here because it was so far from the new campgrounds.” Said Alex.

“Right, this used to be camping areas before the highway was built, awesome.” I replied.

“Well, if you want to stay the night we have plenty of food, we can take you home in the morning.” Said Alex.

“I uh, sure, if you really don’t mind that would be great.” I replied.

They set me up in Alex’s tent and had me stay out of sight when they made their nightly call to their parents, later that evening I heard what sounded like an argument, I was having trouble sleeping so I got up and sat by the fire that was still going and drank güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my water. A few minutes later, Clara came out of their tent, she didn’t see me until she got close but she was dressed in a loose tank top and shorts. She jumped when she spotted me.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Oh it’s okay, I just needed some air, okay to join you?” She replied.

“I’m your guest, please do.”

She sat staring at the fire for a few minutes in silence then looked at me like she wanted to ask a question, stopped herself then finally did.

“May I ask you something personal?”


“I’m sorry if this is too much but Alex keeps wanting to put it in my butt and he’s too big for me there, do all guys want that? That’s all he wanted tonight and he got upset with me when I said no. He took a sleeping pill and left me frustrated.”

“Not all guys but most, you have to take your time, do you even have lube?”

“Yes, we use it every time, he doesn’t know how to get me excited first.”

“Oh. Does he at least make you orgasm?”

“I… I’ve only had one with my fingers, never with him.”

“Holy shit, you were both virgins when you slept together right?”

“He said he wasn’t but he doesn’t do much to persuade me otherwise. Were you a virgin before your sister?”

“Yes but she wouldn’t let me fuck her until I’d made her cum quite a few times with my tongue and every time I’d have to eat her before I’d even get naked.”

“That, um, that sounds amazing.”

I wondered where the conversation was going to go but Clara soon led by taking off her top, letting her 36D’s spill out.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” She said.

“Uh, very much so.” I said, almost feeling the blood run to my cock.

“I’m not sure Alex does, I have to suck him for ages to get him hard.”

“Well, you just had to take your top off and I’m already half way there.”

“Could you make me cum with your tongue so I can teach him?”

“Sure but, what about Alex.”

“He’s not my boyfriend and we’re just experimenting.”

“Okay, I’d like that.”

Clara stood up and led me by the hand into Alex’s tent and let her shorts fall to the floor. She pulled my clothes off and kissed me then stopped to close the tent up then pounced me again. She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me, I was rock hard in no time. I stopped her though and had her lay on her back, she opened her legs and I climbed on top of her, she went to grab my cock to feed it into herself but I stopped her and instead kissed a trail down her body, taking time with her nipples until they were both like bullets then kept kissing my way down her body until I was at her pussy. She wasn’t fully shaven but I didn’t care, I slid my tongue over her lips then slowly licked my way inside, tasting and exploring her. She was getting pretty wet and her breathing heavier, when I started my attention on her clit she started to moan and when I pushed my finger inside her and rubbed her g-spot she gasped ‘oh fuck yes’ and before long was shuddering to orgasm as I rasped her clit. I stopped and wiped my mouth then climbed up her body, she was gasping for air and was still grinning.

“Th… that was f.. fucking amazing.” She gasped.

“That’s just the beginning.”

I slowly pushed my cock inside her, taking my time to enjoy her. She pulled my face to her to kiss me when I was fully inside and was cumming again after just a few thrusts. I built my pace up gradually and I could swear her eyes were glazed over by the time I got close, she had been cumming every couple of thrusts but I told her I was close which made her cum again then when I pushed in deep and exploded inside her she almost blacked out, gasping that she was seeing stars while my cock pulsed my seed deep into her. When I started to soften I rolled off her and caught my breath.

“Is.. is it meant to be like that every time?” Said Clara, still catching her breath.

“It should be when we have time but most of the time, yes.”

“Can you teach Alex, he needs to know this if he’s going to make love to me again.”

“Sure. Are you ready for more?”

“Oh, I need to rest a little.”

We kissed softly for a while then she sucked me again then got on all fours, I lasted a little longer but brought her to a few more orgasms before I sprayed what seed I had left deep inside her. We fell asleep together, still naked with just the sleeping bag pulled over us. Next morning we woke to the smell of coffee, Clara opened our tent and woke me up, not bothering with clothes.

“Alex, we’re going to shower real quick then I expect you in our tent, naked, when we get back.” Said Clara.

“Uh, okay.” He said.

Clara and I threw on towels then went down to the portable shower they’d set up near their truck, it wasn’t great but cleaned us enough. We dried off and wrapped ourselves in our towels, Clara held me and gave me a soft kiss.

“Thank you for last night, you were amazing.” She said.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri not like that with every guy, I love to please so I make sure I take my time, a lot of guys don’t.”

“Well, it’s their loss right.” She replied with a smile.

We made our way back to the tent and Alex was waiting naked as ordered. He was sitting with his legs out, covering his cock with his hands.

“So, last night Marcus gave me more orgasms than I’ve had in my life and I want him to teach you how to give me them too. I love you Alex but I need it as good as his. I’m not trying to make you jealous or anything, I want you to learn.” Said Clara, she pulled off my towel then dropped hers too.

“I’m willing to learn.” He said, looking at my cock.

“I’m going to get you both hard first then Marcus is going to show you how to eat my pussy and get me wet so it feels great for both of us.” Said Clara.

Clara had us both stand before her, she sucked Alex first then started sucking me, I got hard pretty quickly then she went back to Alex. He took a little longer but she soon had both of us standing with our cocks hard and sticking out. She got onto her back and opened her legs, I had Alex kneel down with me and gave him a brief intro to eating pussy. I knelt and watched as he started okay but a frustrated Clara stopped him after a few minutes.

“Didn’t you listen to what he said sweetie? Explore, taste, enjoy, take your time and listen to my moans, you’re licking me like you hate it.” Said Clara.

“I’m really not sure I do like it, I’m sorry.” He said.

“Well how are you going to turn me on enough to make love to me?” Said Clara.

“I… Can you show me Marcus?” He said.

I took his place between Clara’s legs and didn’t stop until she’d cum a few times, when I knelt up, Clara breathing heavily as she came down from her pleasure, she got up on her elbows and looked at Alex.

“Were you watching? Do you see how wet I am now, do you want to try again?” She said.

“Can I try something different?” Replied Alex.

“Um, sure.” Said Clara.

Before she could say anything else, Alex leaned over and took my cock into his mouth. Clara stared wide eyed, her mouth open in surprise as he swirled his tongue and sucked me better than she had. I groaned in pleasure, it felt really good but before I could enjoy it Clara stopped him.

“Not what we had in mind when we wanted to teach you how to please me sweetie, as exciting as watching you with a guy is, I thought you wanted me.” She said to him.

“I’m not sure what I want Clara, I love you and have enjoyed having sex but I don’t know if I like women the way I should.” He replied.

“Oh.” Said Clara, we all just kind of froze.

“Well, like you said last night Clara, he’s not your boyfriend. Alex, go shower, I’ll talk to Clara for a few minutes and we’ll have more fun okay.” I said.

Alex got up and grabbed a towel and headed to the shower.

“I had no idea, I just thought he was awkward and nervous!” Said Clara when he was out of earshot.

“Well like you said to me last night, he’s not your boyfriend. I want to let him carry on with me, are you okay with it, I promise I’ll give you the same as last night when we’re done.” I said.

“I really like your tongue, sure.” She replied.

“Go get the lube.”

When Alex came back, Clara hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

“You know I love you, I am here for you and fully support anything you want to do. I enjoyed our fun but if you prefer men, I’m not going to be selfish and get in the way of that.” She said, he hugged her tight.

“Thank you sis, means a lot to me. You’re okay with this too?” He said to me.

“Sex is sex to me, your sister is sexy as hell, if she doesn’t turn you on then you may be right. I was enjoying your tongue.” I replied.

We got back into the tent, Alex immediately got to his knees and started sucking me, I had softened a little while he showered but he soon had me hard and groaning in pleasure again. He really got into sucking me, stroking my cock with his hand, fondling my balls and swirling his tongue on the tip and before long I felt myself getting close. I warned him but he kept going and I fought to stay standing as my cock exploded in his mouth, spraying my seed down his throat. He didn’t stop until I started getting sensitive. I looked over and Clara was touching herself and biting her lower lip as she watched, Alex was already hard and I had a feeling I knew what he wanted next.

“Would it be okay to fuck you?” He said, I was right.

“Sure.” I said with a smile.

I got on all fours as Alex lubed his cock then put some inside my ass with his fingers.

“Have you done this before Alex?” I said as he fingered me.

“No but I watch a lot of gay porn.” He said.

“It’s been a while so take it slow at first okay.” I said.

Alex did as I asked, he pressed the head of his cock at my asshole then slowly pushed into me. I groaned as he inched into me and soon had all 8 inches güvenilir bahis şirketleri of his cock deep in me, his balls resting against mine. I had Clara lay in front of me and as Alex began to thrust I slid my tongue into her and ate her as best as I could with Alex fucking my ass. With all of our moans of pleasure, none of us heard the people coming through the woods and right as Alex started cumming, groaning ‘oh fuck yes’ as he erupted deep in me, 2 Park Rangers and a dog appeared at the open tent door closely followed by Carol and another member of the church. Alex stopped thrusting but his cock was still spraying into me, the Rangers just grinned then turned away and Carol stood with her mouth wide open, staring at our scene.

“Well, looks like he’s safe Ma’am.” Said the Ranger with the dog.

“We thought you’d been eaten by a bear or something.” Said Carol as Clara and Alex covered up.

“Nope, just me and my brother.” Said Clara quietly, only we heard it and laughed.

“I’m fine Carol, does your husband still want to bash my head in for letting you suck my cock though?” I replied.

“He was angry but I’ve spoken to him, you should come back with us so we can go home.” Replied Carol.

“You know, I think I’m good here Carol, my friends here are going to take me home eventually.” I replied.

“I think we’re good here Ma’am, he’s safe and that’s all we care about. Sorry for the intrusion guys.” Said the second Ranger as they walked off.

Carol stood for a few more seconds then stormed off with the other church member, I finally got to lay down and let the rest of Alex’s cum drain from my ass.

“Well that will learn me to close the tent.” Said Alex.

We spent another couple of hours exploring each other, I had sex with Clara while we let Alex recover and he fucked me again before we showered and dressed. I helped them pack up the tents and the camp then we all drove back in their truck. As we pulled up to my parents house, Clara handed me a piece of paper with her number and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’d love to see you again if you want to, we live not to far from here.” She said.

“I would.” I replied with a smile.

“Just stay away from that slut Carol for me though.”

“Sounds like you’re claiming me or something.”

“I don’t mind sharing with Alex but not her.”

“Thanks for everything Marcus, I really enjoyed it.” Said Alex.

“I did too, see you guys again soon I hope.” I said and left.

I got in the house to my Dad on the phone, he looked pretty mad, Mom was sitting on the couch with my sister, they both look like they were stifling smiles. Dad excused himself to the caller and sternly told me to sit down. I did so and pulled up the messages on my phone, I ignored the ones from Carol and seen one I’d been waiting for, apartment ready. Dad finally got done with the call and stood to talk to me.

“So, not only did you fuck up this family’s chance of ever going back to that church but Pastor Collins is threatening to sue you for having adulterous relationships with his wife. I have to go and smooth things over in the morning but right now he’s really mad. I send you away to see things in a more pure setting, to be among people of the church and maybe learn how to be wholesome again. How long have you been sleeping with Mrs Collins?” Said Dad as he paced in front of the fireplace.

“Well firstly, if you wanted me to have a wholesome experience you sent me to the wrong place. Carol caught darling Pastor Collins fucking one of the new choir boys on video, that pretty boy that works at the supermarket that Mom says is no way 21? Well, she was upset, drunk and wanted me to make her feel wanted again so I did, a lot. I have the video if you want it, will put the lawsuit idea to bed. And 3 months, all those counselling sessions you sent me to after you caught me with Becky would be closely followed by an hour making sure Mrs Collins didn’t turn to vodka again. I’m a big boy Dad, I can take care of my own issues, if that fat prick wants to drag you into it then he’s showing how far away from a godly man he really is. I’ll go talk to him but I won’t be setting foot in that church again.” I replied.

“Are you serious? Mrs Collins is stunning, why would he do that?” Said Mom.

“She’s only stunning if you don’t prefer boys mom.” I replied.

“I… I’m sorry Son, as much as I can’t get past you sleeping with your sister this stuff with Mrs Collins is too much, if what you say is true then you deal with it but I can’t have you living under my roof anymore.” He said.

“Oh fuck off Jack, you’re not throwing him out of OUR house because he fucked a hot married chick. Stuff with Becky might not have happened if you’d let them go to sex ed rather than make them grow up not knowing why he got hard when he’d catch her getting out of the shower or why he’d wake up sticky sometimes. This ‘holier than thou’ bullshit you have going since you started the Shriners is pissing me off and it better quit real fast. Marcus, go talk to that fat prick, tell Carol if she needs a place to stay I’d be happy to let her have your room when your apartment is ready.” Said Mom, Dad just stood there stunned.

“Will do.” I said.

I grabbed my keys and left and drove the short distance to the church, I was met at the door of the house by Carol.

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Occupational Hazards Pt. 01

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// Author’s note:

After receiving some thoughtful feedback, I decided it might be better to combine the first two parts of this story in order to hopefully improve the flow of the story and make a little more sense. I apologise that I tend to be long-winded at times and that my writing often suffers for it. I appreciate your comments and I’ll do my best to take them on board and improve.

Please be advised that this story contains explicit themes of violence, nonconsent and potentially upsetting scenes, view at your own discretion.

Love, Lezbait <3 // Kate yawned. 10:58pm. Approximately four hours had passed since her boss had cheerily plopped an impossibly thick stack of paperwork onto her desk before sauntering out the door. What kind of sick bastard would dump this amount of work on someone who was literally one minute away from clocking out for the week? Who the hell does that? “Ariane.” Kate sighed, answering her own question. Ariane was exactly that kind of sick bastard. Her boss might have been her junior by several years, but her conniving work-ethic and backstabbing skills were top-notch, enough to shoot her up the corporate ladder and leave Kate standing bewildered in the dust. Kate exhaled deeply, wondering why she even let Ari get away with pulling shit like this. On a fucking Friday night, for God’s sake? Whatever. It wasn’t like she had had any better plans for the evening other than going home, getting drunk and passing the fuck out. The thought of the half-finished bottle of vodka waiting for her at home in lieu of a lover provided another spurt of motivation, though before long even that thought served little to comfort her as she continued tapping away at the keyboard in front of her. She mindlessly typed up the week’s expenditures, careful to make little “corrections” here and there as she’d been taught to do. It was going to be a long, long night. ******************************************************************* 11:40pm. All of the lights in the office were already turned off, but pale beams of light from the corridor’s 24/7 neon panelling shone onto the floor from the hallway, stretching across the carpet of the pitch-dark office. Kate was jolted out of her work-trance by the sight of a long, slender shadow moving slowly towards her from the hallway. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, unsure if she had been staring at the monitor for too long, but when she opened them again the figure was still there, even closer than before. “Uh, Hello?” Kate called out, against her better judgment. “Ari, is that you? You come back to help me with this shit?” No response. Kate could feel the beginnings of little pangs of unease starting to claw at her stomach. Please, god, please let it be Ari, she hoped, praying silently that whoever was about to pay her a visit wasn’t too dangerous. “Hello?” Kate called out to the figure one last time before letting the panic set in. Fearing the worst, she scanned her desk for anything sharp or heavy that she could possibly use to defend herself against an attacker. Pencil pot- nope. Cordless phone- doubtful. Memo pad- no way in hell. Cactus- maybe(?) Shit, the figure was getting closer. No time to think. Kate nodded to herself determinedly and grabbed for the little ceramic flowerpot containing a lone and decidedly unthreatening cactus plant. Whoever that looming, shadowy presence was, she wasn’t going down without a fight. She had a half-finished bottle of discount vodka waiting for her at home, after all. The figure continued to wordlessly approach her, until Kate was horribly, horribly certain that the figure was definitely not Ari. The stranger looked to be a tall, slender woman, advancing towards her with an elegant, swinging gait. It was hard to tell, but from what Kate could make out it looked like she was wearing some kind of seamless black bodysuit- probably designed for sneaking into office buildings in the middle of the night, Kate reasoned. The black fabric hugged the woman’s athletic figure, drawing Kate’s eyes up her slender legs and clinging to the stranger’s modest bust. The garment stopped just short of her elbows, leaving a glimpse of well-muscled forearm exposed above a pair of sturdy-looking leather gloves. The woman’s face was obscured by a black mask over her eyes and nose, and her blonde hair was tied back into a low ponytail. Kate gulped. If it hadn’t been for the large pistol dangling from the strange woman’s right hand and the sinister grin on her face, Kate would have been tempted to describe her as attractive. All things considered, she didn’t look half bad. “Oh, damn.” exclaimed the shadowy figure. “When I staked out the place earlier I figured you for a guy. I’d have brought lots more fun things to play with if I realised that K. Walker was a cute girl.” Kate was too stunned to respond, but the figure continued. “Heeey, so~ Listen, I’m gonna need a favour from canlı bahis şirketleri you.”

The intruder’s singsong voice rang out in the darkness. Kate opened her mouth to speak, but the strange woman continued.

“Mind letting me plug this USB into that computer right there? Pinky promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Uhh… what?”

Kate was startled by the woman’s seemingly innocent request. She didn’t know very much about computers other than the standard-issue knowledge needed for office and filing work, but she found it hard to believe that inserting a tiny USB pen drive like the one the woman held out to her could really do that much harm. No, stop, she reasoned. No-one would come waltzing into company premises in the middle of the night swinging a pistol if she was about to request something innocent.

“Um, I don’t think I should do that.” Kate protested.

“Awwww, pretty please?” The woman asked again.

She almost seemed to be enjoying this, Kate thought, the way she smirked and leant over the desk.

“Y’know, I’m gonna have to take them, whether or not you let me.” The woman continued, still smiling. “The only difference is whether or not I have to play dirty to make you cooperate.”


Kate genuinely didn’t understand. Take what, exactly, she wondered. Seeing the bewildered look on her face, the woman elaborated.

“I need to grab a couple of the records from that PC there,” the stranger smiled and held out the USB once more. “Can you do me a teeny tiny favour and plug this in for me?”

Kate said nothing, unsure of how she could respond to the woman’s seemingly-harmless requests.

“I’d really, reaaally like it if you and I could be friends, y’know?”

The mystery intruder proffered her hand to Kate. Kate couldn’t see the woman’s eyes behind the mask to decipher her intentions, but she seemed pretty sincere.

“People usually call me Widow.”

“Uh, Kate,” Kate replied. “Though I guess you already knew that.” she said, gesturing to the brass nameplate on her desk.

“Ehehe, what a cute name.”

Kate felt her cheeks flush at the unexpected compliment. “Um, thanks. But I really don’t think I can let you take these files.”

“Aww, but we’re friends now!” The woman exclaimed, seeming almost genuinely hurt by Kate’s refusal. “Fine, I guess I’ll have to be a little forceful with you after all.”

Widow smiled as if she had been expecting this outcome from the start- looking forward to it, even. In an instant, the armed woman’s masked face was inches from Kate’s own, her hot breath casting the beginnings of a fog across Kate’s glasses. She was impossibly close now, close enough that Kate could smell the taller woman’s lightly-scented herbal shampoo. Without meaning to, she inhaled deeply, enjoying the feeling of physical contact with another woman despite the unfortunate circumstances.

“Hehe, your glasses are all steamed up,” Widow laughed teasingly. “Am I making you feel all hot and neeeeervous?”

Kate gulped, unsure of how to respond. She really was feeling nervous, but she was afraid that it was for all the wrong reasons. The taller woman was leaning over her now, effectively trapping Kate between the desk and her body.

“Hey,” she grinned. “I’ll take off my mask if you take off yours~?”

“Huh?” Kate didn’t understand.

Widow smiled and lifted her gloved hands to gently pluck the now-useless steamed-up glasses from Kate’s face, before bringing her hand back up to stroke her cheek. After a short pause, she brought her hand up towards her own mask and slipped it upwards and over her hair. A pair of fiery orange-brown eyes framed by rows of dark lashes met with Kate’s blue ones, causing Kate to blush and avert her gaze.


Kate was unable to stop her awe from showing on her face. Whoever this woman was, she had the most beautiful, intense gaze that Kate had ever seen. Kate’s breaths got shorter and shallower as she felt the other woman’s eyes pierce her entire being, transfixed by Widow’s passionate stare.

“Beautiful…” Kate murmured, before realising that she had said that out loud and blushing even more furiously.

“Hehe, what a cute reaction.” Widow seemed pleased with Kate’s flustered response. “After all, it’s like I always say: the only thing better than making friends with a cute girl is making friends with a cute girl who also happens to be a sexually frustrated lesbian.”

“H-Hey!” Kate blushed. “Am I seriously that easy to read?” she wondered. “I-I’m not.”

“Not what? Not a lesbian? Ahaha, sure.” Widow laughed, stroking a finger behind Kate’s ear to feel her close-cropped hair.

“No, uh, n-not that.”

Kate’s cheeks were burning now.

“The, uh, the other thing.”

“What, sexually frustrated? Well, didn’t you just say so! But I have a hard time believing that a woman who was having her needs attended to on a regular basis would be this geared-up because a big mean assassin made some flirty comments and pinned her against canlı kaçak iddaa a desk.”

“P-pinned me against…wha-“

Kate’s words melted away in her throat as the other woman’s slender thigh slid between her legs. If she had to guess, Kate would have said that she could probably outmatch the slim woman based on physical strength alone, but unfortunately her mysterious assailant had other advantages. Kate let out a quiet gasp as she felt something poking her in the ribs through her shirt. She looked down and stifled a yelp when she saw that what was poking her was the silencer of Widow’s pistol. Widow grinned devilishly at her.

“Hey, hey. We’ll have no need for this as long as you play nice with me and help me out. You like, me, right Kate?”

Widow was centimetres away from Kate’s face now.

“I, Hey, I…Stop…”

Kate’s objection was cut short by Widow’s lips pressing against her own. Before she knew it, she was kissing her back, lips parting to accommodate Widow’s insistent tongue licking and stroking her own. It was a hungry, passionate kiss. Kate shivered as she felt Widow’s gloved hands wrap firmly around her waist, pulling her closer as if the two women were lovers. She wasn’t used to being kissed like this, and the soft, slick feeling of the other woman’s tongue caressing her own sent delicious chills down her spine.


Kate found herself moaning into the other woman’s mouth as the two continued to kiss deeply. Her hand began tentatively moving towards the small of Widow’s back, drawing the other woman even closer as she felt herself surrendering to the growing heat between them. The kiss continued for several long moments until Kate broke the silence once again.

“Hey,” she panted as Widow’s tongue found its way along the curve of her jaw towards her ear, “I, ahh, fuck…I really c-can’t let you have those f-files, y’know…”

Her voice trailed off as Widow began kissing her way down her neck, licking and biting as she found sensitive spots Kate didn’t even know she had.

“F-fuck” Kate sighed. “I, ah, I…I…”

“Wow, what a loyal employee.” Widow cut her off, raising her eyebrows with a smirk. “I wonder if your money-smuggling boss would show the same concern for you.”


Kate wasn’t sure what to say. Money smuggling? Could Ariane really be guilty of something like that? Widow spoke again.

“Say, did you ever wonder why Ariane asked you to cover for her tonight at such short notice?”

Widow had stopped kissing her and was breathing softly into Kate’s ear.


Realisation slowly dawned on her.

“A little birdie told me that a certain somebody got a tip from my employer that one of her people would be paying a visit to settle some debts.”

Widow’s face was dead serious now as she met Kate’s eyes with her own burning gaze.

“I…She…She knew someone was coming tonight?”

Kate looked back at Widow, unsure if her assailant was being truthful or just trying to manipulate her.

“You catch on surprisingly slowly for someone who does math for a living.”

Widow laughed and took Kate’s hand in her own. “You can give me the files I need, or I can take them by force. Whether or not your asshole boss is gonna get what’s coming to her is up to you.”

“Stop it.” Kate frowned. “Look, Ariane may be a piece of shit, but she isn’t a…a criminal. She would never send me to…to get hurt in her place.”

“Oh, she’s a criminal all right,” laughed Widow. “Then again…I wonder- if ‘money-laundering’ is so evil to you, you must think I’m Satan herself.”


“I think you’re a good person-” Kate stopped herself before she could respond. Why on earth she had been about to call her mystery assailant a “good person” was beyond her. This woman had groped her, held her at gunpoint, and tried to threaten her into surrendering critical company documents. And yet…Kate just couldn’t shake the feeling that this woman was genuine. That she might actually be a good person.


The other woman seemed disappointed by Kate’s response, as if she had known that Kate had been about to say something more but had held her tongue.

“Look, I get it. You’re a good citizen, a good girl who would never hand over confidential documents to someone like me. I really don’t have a choice through. I don’t want to hurt you, Kate.”

Widow looked at her again. The expression on her face was a strange mixture of pity and wistfulness.

“I really, really do want to be friends.”

Kate felt a pang of emotion at the woman’s unexpected sincerity. Silence. Several moments passed, the two women just gazing wordlessly into one another’s eyes.


Kate started again, but Widow cut her off almost immediately.

“If you aren’t willing to cooperate with me, I’m going to have to at least make sure to keep you out of my way.”

Impossibly quick, Widow spun Kate around to face the desk. She grabbed her arms with one hand and held them canlı kaçak bahis together, gently wrapping the other around Kate’s body to caress her throat.

“I really, really don’t want to kill you. But if I do have to kill you, Kate, I want to fuck you first.”

Kate’s eyes popped open upon hearing this shocking revelation.


Widow continued, seemingly unaware of her squirming quarry’s sudden terror.

“It’d be a real shame to let such a nice body go to waste, y’know? Plus…I guess leaving a naked and well-fucked employee for that shitbag boss of yours to discover tomorrow morning is a pretty good way to send a threatening message, if you ask me.”

Kate was too stunned to respond. She felt bile start to rise in her throat after Widow’s nonchalant remark, and tried not to let her fear show.

“Awww, did I scare you?” ?Widow smiled tenderly into Kate’s hair as if she were comforting a startled child.

“I much prefer my girls alive, y’know. So really, you have nothing to worry about~ Besides, I think we’re gonna get on great. I really meant it when I said that I wanna be best friends forever!”

Kate said nothing, suddenly terrified that the wrong response would result in her, as her assailant had so delicately put it, ending up as a “naked and well-fucked” threatening example.

“Hey. It isn’t polite to ignore a lady when she’s talking to you y’know.” Widow scolded her, feigning annoyance with a slight flounce.

“Uuh… Uh…” Kate panicked and tried to remember what it was that Widow had been saying before she started threatening to dispose of her.

“Do you want me to kill you, Kate?” Widow asked sweetly, stroking a leather-clad finger across her pale throat.

“N…No! Of course not!” Kate stuttered, tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes.

“Then let’s play nice, kay? Why don’t we get to know each other a little better?”

Widow loosened her grip on Kate’s arms, allowing her to turn slightly to face her attacker.


Kate found herself short of words as Widow brought her lips to hers. Before long, the two women had resumed kissing deeply. The electricity was still there, even stronger than before, but Kate was struggling to process the mixture of arousal and terror that she was now feeling. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she moaned into her assailant’s mouth, unable to constrain herself and overwhelmed with emotion.

“Ohhhh…” Kate found herself starting to pant again as Widow’s gloved fingers explored her body, stroking up and down her sides and tracing the curve of her ass through her suit pants.


Kate’s moans stopped once again when she felt a familiar poking at her ribs. She looked down to see Widow’s gun once again digging into her shirt.

“Why don’t we make things interesting?”

Widow smiled, as though proposing to a friend that they bet on a card game. Widow gently drew the gun up Kate’s waist to her breast. Kate gasped as it trailed across her sensitive skin. She could feel the cold metal through her thin cotton shirt.

Kate didn’t know why, but she was starting to feel a definite something other than fear. Perhaps this was her body’s way of lessening the terror, but somehow she doubted it. This didn’t feel like relaxation. Kate felt a spark of heat in her stomach as the other woman delicately circled her breast with the metal silencer. Excitement?


Kate was silenced again by Widow’s lips pressing roughly against her own. Despite her best efforts to remain focussed, she could feel her thoughts begin to melt away in response to Widow’s skilful touch. Her pulse quickened as gloved fingers began to work their way from her ass down between her legs, kneading her firm thighs in a way that made her shudder with pleasure and anticipation.


Kate couldn’t help but imagine those strong, slender fingers roaming all over her body. Cupping her breasts, stroking her inner thigh…Slipping further down into-

Wait, what the fuck am I doing?! Kate frantically attempted to pull herself together. This woman is about to fucking murder me and here I am mentally writing fanfiction about her???

Energised by her own somewhat-delayed wake-up-call, Kate quickly raised her hands until they were around Widow’s shoulder level and then shoved hard. Although the other woman was a good few inches taller than her, the shove seemed to be sufficiently strong, and Widow was knocked back several paces. Attempting to make the most of her surprise attack, Kate lunged forward and reached for the gun in the other woman’s right hand. If only I can knock the gun down, that should buy me a few seconds to dial 911. The thought served to spur her on further and she swung her leg up in an effort to surprise her assailant into dropping the gun.

Had she been up against a normal human being, this plan might have been successful. Against a professionally trained assassin with a masters’ degree in Blowing People The Fuck Up, however, her chances were significantly worse.


With a disturbingly cheerful giggle, Widow deftly caught the leg and spun it upwards before thrusting it away from her body, knocking Kate off her feet and onto her back with a thud.

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Indian Male Bisexuality

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“Imran, you should have been honest with me,” Pooja Bawa said, looking somewhat reproachfully at her husband of twenty years. Imran Sheikh took a deep breath and looked at Pooja, the lovely woman who’d shared his life and his bed for more than two decades. He’d been in love with her ever since they met at Chandigarh University in the Mohali District of Punjab State, India. Since then, they’d gotten hitched, moved to Ottawa, started a family, bought a home, and embraced their new lives in a new country. If only things had remained that simple…

Imran Sheikh and his wife Pooja Bawa moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, from Punjab State of India and had to adjust to a new life and a new culture. Imran returned to school, eventually earning a Master’s degree in Business at Carleton University. Imran resented the Canadian government for making him retake the same business training he’d already earned at Chandigarh University but there was no use crying over spilt milk. Imran accepted a position at the Canada Revenue Agency’s downtown Ottawa branch. He had a family to provide for, after all.

Pooja Bawa followed her husband Imran’s example and went back to school, earning a Nursing degree at the University of Ottawa before getting hired at the Civic Hospital on Carling Avenue near Nepean, Ontario. The couple bought a nice townhouse in the Marketplace area of Barrhaven and had two daughters, Anandamayi and Amodini, both of whom were currently attending Ryerson University in the City of Toronto, Ontario.

At the moment, although Imran missed Anandamayi and Amodini, he was thankful for his daughters absence because he wouldn’t want them to see the quarrel he and Pooja were having. Imran faced the very possibility that the marriage and family he valued so much were about to come apart at the seams, and the Indian-Canadian businessman and family patriarch only had himself to blame. I hope we can turn this around, Imran pleaded to whatever Divine force made the Universe.

“Pooja, I love you, but I thought my feelings for men would go away, I didn’t want to hurt you,” Imran said plaintively, tears brimming in his eyes. At forty five, Imran Sheikh stood six foot one, with dark curly hair streaked with gray and brilliant brown eyes that usually looked out at the world without fear. Today, though, as Pooja, his wife of twenty years learned of his bisexuality, Imran felt as though his entire world were crumbling.

“Lots of women are married to men with sexual secrets, it’s not the end of the world, though my trust in you is broken,” Pooja said, shaking her head. Imran nodded at that and remained silent. For most of his adult life, Imran Sheikh was aware of the fact that he liked both women and men. In the Republic of India, just about the worst thing that a person could be is bisexual, gay or lesbian. Imran remembered watching men suspected of being ‘sexually immortal’ getting beat up on the streets of Chandigarh, and the police did nothing about it.

“I love you Pooja and I’ve never cheated on you with anyone, woman or man,” Imran said, and Pooja cut her eyes at him. Throughout their marriage, which was happy for the most part, Pooja always suspected that there was something Imran wasn’t telling her. He was tall, handsome and masculine, with a deep voice and a certain charisma about himself that many people admired. Pooja was happy that her hubby Imran never checked out other women in front of her, but he did seem oddly nervous around certain men…

“What about Oscar?” Pooja demanded haughtily, referring to Oscar Norton, the six-foot-tall, handsome young African American guy renting the apartment down the street from their home. Pooja noticed that the overly friendly Oscar, who was fluent in Hindi for some reason, and the way he always looked into Imran’s eyes. Imran, the hard-working, faithful married guy and devoted father seemed to get as nervous as a schoolgirl at a Jonas Brothers Concert when in Oscar’s presence…

“Oscar and I are just friends,” Imran said, and Pooja narrowed her eyes. Pooja Bawa, all five-foot-eight and one hundred and eighty pounds of her seemed to tower before Imran, who shrank from her even though he was much taller and stronger than she would ever be. Pooja glowered at him mercilessly, and Imran bit his lip. Pooja looked like she wanted to hurt him, but seemed to barely restrain herself. Imran and Pooja had always respected one another throughout their decades of marriage, but things were definitely coming to a crash between them…

“Imran, your friend Oscar is openly bisexual according to his Facebook page, he’s got big-booty pictures of Tennis player Serena Williams and shirtless pictures of Actor Shahid Kapoor, I guess he likes Indian men,” Pooja said haughtily, hands on her hips. Suspicious women do better detective work than Batman and Sherlock Holmes, Imran thought, cursing his lousy luck. Imran knew he was totally busted, and from the merciless expression on Pooja’s face, she was at her wits end…

“Oscar is cool, and a friend, and while I did tell him güvenilir bahis about my bisexual feelings, he wasn’t interested in me, in fact, he was asking me for advice on how to deal with Farzana, the brown Muslim gal at Walmart, her parents didn’t approve of her dating Oscar,” Imran said, pausing for effect. In truth, Oscar and Imran talked about a great many things as their unorthodox friendship blossomed. Oscar did have a thing for Farzana, true, but his affections for her were eclipsed by his growing feelings for Imran…

“Alright, Imran, let’s say I believe you, where do we go from here? Will I ever be enough for you?” Pooja asked, tears brimming in her lovely brown eyes. A bit on the tall side for an Indian gal, curvy, with dark brown skin, lively brown eyes and long dark hair streaked with gray, Pooja Bawa was as beautiful now as she was the day Imran met her at Chandigarh University, decades ago. I love this woman with all my heart, Imran thought, marveling at his dear Pooja.

“Pooja, I have always felt attracted to girls and guys, but I love only you,” Imran said truthfully, and then he pulled his wife into his arms and kissed her. Pooja embraced Imran and kissed him back, and then, slowly, the doubts and fear that she felt erode like ice in the sun. After a passionate kiss reminiscing of their courtship back in the City of Chandigarh, India, Imran and Pooja shared a smile. Hand in hand, husband and wife returned to the bedroom.

“Make love to me,” Pooja told Imran, and he smiled as she took off her shirt and jeans, revealing a curvaceous, brown-skinned body that had gotten only better with time, like a fine wine. Imran admired Pooja’s lovely form, from her angelic face to her big round tits, her slightly rounded little belly, her wide hips and her thick thighs. My woman now and forevermore, Imran thought as he began his approach into her.

“As you wish, madam,” Imran replied, and he kissed Pooja’s lips while caressing her breasts, which were ripe and full, augmented naturally by motherhood and time. Pooja sighed happily as Imran kissed her nipples, and slid his hand between her thick thighs. Imran’s fingers wormed their way into Pooja’s vagina, and stimulated her quite nicely. Pooja moaned and squirmed as Imran worked his magic on her. My hubby hasn’t lost his magic touch, Pooja thought as Imran did his thing…

“Hmm, keep doing that,” Pooja murmured as Imran licked a path to her crotch, after sucking on her tits. Imran buried his face between Pooja’s thick thighs and began to give her pussy a good licking. Fastening his lips to Pooja’s clitoris, Imran sucked on her sweet spot greedily, causing his darling wife to moan and squeal in sheer delight. Imran worked two fingers into Pooja’s pussy then added a third, and her screams changed in tempo. He was just getting started…

“Hell yeah,” Imran said, drinking Pooja’s hot girly cum as his wife came, squirting all over his darkly handsome face. Imran drank the liquid form of Pooja’s feminine essence, and she sighed happily, looking at her husband through moist eyes. Once more, they kissed, and then a grinning Pooja reached for Imran’s manhood, stroking him. Imran held his breath as Pooja got on her knees and took his dick into her mouth. Oh yeah, Imran thought as Pooja began fellating him. Truth be told, Imran felt that Pooja sucked dick even better than some guys whom he used to mess around with back in the day, before they met…

“Do you like that?” Pooja paused to say, winking at Imran as she caressed his balls while licking his dick head. My naughty wife knows no limits, Imran thought as Pooja slid her finger up his ass while fellating him. Pooja’s expert ass fingering and dick sucking soon had Imran hard as a rock. Pooja looked up at Imran, a naughty grin on her face. Without another word, Pooja got on all fours, face down and big brown ass up, and Imran grinned.

“I love this ass,” Imran said as he gripped Pooja’s wide hips and eased his dick into her. Pooja pushed back against her hubby, grinding her big ass against his groin and driving his hard dick deeper inside of her. Pooja groaned happily as Imran began to fuck her with deep, passionate strokes. She’d been sucking and riding that thick dick of his for ages and never gets tired of him. Imran went to town on his darling wife, slamming his dick into Pooja’s sweet pussy like there was no tomorrow. They went at it for a while, and then lay in each other’s arms after climaxing. Good times…

“So, Imran, I know you love me but I’d like to know your other side,” Pooja told her hubby, after some stupendous sex. Imran looked at Pooja and smiled before kissing her forehead. He thanked his lucky stars for having such an understanding wife. Imran knew many other men in his situation who weren’t so lucky. The life of a bisexual man is seldom easy. Gay men on the prowl love chasing bisexual men, hoping to convert them, only to lose their minds when the elusive bisexual men they crave choose women over them. For bisexual men in Indian communities, where tradition and family türkçe bahis rule every aspect of life, every day is like walking on eggshells…

“Pooja, my dear, I will show you everything,” Imran said, and he smiled at his wife, intent on keeping his word. Imran grabbed his laptop and went to one of his favorite spots. The site, geared at bisexual male viewers and curious female porn users, produced some of the hottest content that Imran had ever seen. Lying next to Imran, Pooja watched as he started playing a steamy bisexual porn video featuring a well-built Black man, a curvy, dark-haired Latin woman with a big butt and a slim young South Asian man…

“Oh my,” Pooja said, marveling as the video began to play, and Imran smiled at his wife’s reaction. Onscreen, the sexually adventurous trio were getting their freak on in a plush hotel bed. The Black man lay back comfortably as the curvy Latin woman sucked his big dark dick while getting fucked from behind by the handsome young South Asian guy. As the action continued, more freaky things started happening. The South Asian guy started sucking the Black man’s dick while he made out with the sexy Latin woman.

“It gets better,” Imran told Pooja, but his wife didn’t answer, her eyes riveted on the TV screen. Pooja found herself both disturbed and aroused by what she was beholding. The South Asian guy was on all fours, his face buried between the Latin woman’s thick thighs. He ate her pussy while the Black guy came up behind him and slid his thick dark dick into his ass. Without even realizing it, Pooja began fingering her pussy while the male/male/female bisexual threesome continued to unfold on screen…

“This is actually hot,” Pooja said softly, her interest all too evident. The two bisexual male actors and the sexy woman with whom they shared the scene continued with their freaky fun. At some point, the curvy Latin woman found herself sandwiched between the South Asian guy and the Black guy. With a brown dick in her vagina and a Black dick up her ass, she screamed like a banshee. Imran noticed that Pooja was quite aroused by the video, and grinned appreciatively.

“That’s the kind of action I can only dream of,” Imran said and Pooja looked at him, smiled naughtily, and nodded. They finished watching the video, which concluded after yet another switch of positions for the sexually adventurous trio. The south Asian dude fucked the Latin lady from behind while the Black guy buried his dick inside the South Asian dude’s ass. Pooja had never seen anything quite like this and it turned her on immensely…

“Hmm, you’ve given me a lot to think about, my dear husband,” Pooja told Imran, kissing him before going to sleep. Imran was soon passed out, snoring loudly. Pooja watched him sleep, her mind racing. A lot of women would flip out or even threaten divorce if they found out that their husband or boyfriend but Pooja isn’t most women. Pooja loves her dear Imran and the family and life that they have, and she isn’t giving up either without a fight. Imran’s bisexuality is just something which Pooja would have to get used to…or, rather, get control of.

Oscar Norton lay on his bed, in the basement apartment which he rented from a nice old Pakistani couple in the Marketplace Area of Barrhaven, Ontario. Life had been a roller coaster ever since Oscar moved to Ottawa from his hometown of Houston, Texas, for grad school. After a grueling day of mid-terms at Carleton University, Oscar needed his rest. After watching Supernatural on TV, Oscar lay in bed, thinking about his ex-girlfriend, Farzana Raghavan, the young Indian woman he’d met at the Walmart located up the hill, a ten-minute walk from his apartment.

“You’re crazy,” Farzana told Oscar, the last time they made love. They’d gone to the Odeon Cineplex one night during the summer, to watch X-Men : Dark Phoenix. Afterwards, they got their freak on behind the movie theater, turned on by the thrill of getting caught. Oscar pressed Farzana against the blue wall, and kissed her passionately. Farzana giggled as Oscar fondled her tits, and slid his tongue into her ear.

“I’m just getting started,” Oscar told Farzana, and he grinned before going to work on her. Farzana watched as Oscar knelt before her, and pulled down her jeans. After yanking down Farzana’s panties, Oscar inhaled the scent of her pussy and then began to give her a serious lick-down. Farzana, a prim and proper, Hijab-wearing Indian Muslim gal, closed her eyes and relaxed as her lover Oscar ate her pussy in public…

“Hmm, feels good,” Farzana moaned, loving what Oscar was doing to her. He licked her clit and fingered her pussy. After leaving her a moaning, quivering mess by coaxing a wicked orgasm out of her, Oscar propped Farzana against a large box, bending her over and admiring her big brown ass. Farzana yelped as Oscar smacked her big round butt, and then eased himself into her from behind. Oscar thrust his dick into Farzana’s pussy, burying himself deep inside of her. Time to fuck…

“Damn that ass is fine,” Oscar güvenilir bahis siteleri said, gripping Farzana’s hips as he slammed his dick into her. The curvy Indian-Canadian Muslim cutie squealed in delight, grinding her big ass against her lover’s groin as he fucked her. Oscar fucked Farzana with gusto, smacking her ass as he filled her pussy. The curvy cutie kept her grind game strong, giving her man a great visual to work up as she backed that ass up against his groin. Oscar fucked Farzana until he came not once but twice, and then they readjusted their clothes and got out of there…

“Oscar, I really like you but my parents don’t approve of us,” Farzana told Oscar as they walked around Cambrian Avenue, on their way to their favorite park. Oscar looked at Farzana like she had two heads. They’d been dating for months. Oscar, an avowed bisexual whom neither the ladies nor the fellas could resist, had effectively fallen in love with Farzana. Oscar threw away both his side chicks and his side dudes for Farzana, and now she was talking about leaving him? Fuck that!

“Farzana, I care about you, and I respect your situation, but you’re twenty years old, you don’t need your folks to tell you when to piss, when to shit and who to fuck,” Oscar said angrily. Farzana gasped in shock, not believing her ears. She stared at Oscar who stared right back at her, unfazed by her reaction. Farzana shook her head and gawked at Oscar as though seeing him for the first time. Farzana cared deeply for Oscar and would do anything for him, but his coldness stunned her…

“Oscar, I was going to tell you that maybe we should move in together but now I see that my parents were right about you all along,” Farzana said, and with tears in her eyes, she walked away. Oscar watched Farzana walk away, cursing himself for his pride, his anger and his folly. I’ve pissed away the best thing to ever happen to me, Oscar thought as he went home that night. In the following weeks, Oscar contacted Farzana, seeking to apologize, but she wasn’t taking his calls. Eventually, Oscar moved on…

Oscar felt quite lonely, forlorn over the loss of Farzana, until he befriended Imran Sheikh, the handsome Indian dude living down the street. Imran worked for the Canadian government and had a pretty wife, Pooja, and two adult daughters who were studying in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Whenever Oscar looked into Imran’s eyes, he sensed that he was dealing with a kindred spirit, another man who swings both ways. That’s why Oscar’s friendship with Imran blossomed. Well, up until a few days ago, things were great between them…

Oscar slept, and the next day, when he went to the local Walmart for grocery shopping, he was approached by a lovely brown-skinned woman, but not Farzana. Nope, the brown-skinned lady in question was Pooja, Imran’s wife. The lady happened to walk by the fruit aisle just as Oscar was checking out a big-booty Jamaican gal who happened to be bending over to tie her shoelaces.

“Hello Oscar, we need to talk,” Pooja told him, an enigmatic smile on her lovely face, and she led him to the nearby McDonald’s, where they sat down and talked. Oscar had met Pooja before, and of course, his good friend Imran talked about her all the time, but he didn’t really know her well. In some ways, just certain ways, Pooja reminded Oscar of Farzana, his attractive ex-girlfriend who worked as a cashier at this very same Walmart.

“Alright, Miss Pooja, I am all ears, what do you want with me?” Oscar said in a polite but firm voice. He’d never been the one to beat around the bush. Pooja smiled at Oscar and appeared to take his measure. So this is the handsome man that my husband fantasizes about, he likes men, but he also like big-bottomed girls, I can work with that, Pooja thought as a wicked idea sprang into her head. In a few simple words, Pooja explained to Oscar exactly what she wanted from him…

Pooja Bawa, Indian-born Canadian wife and mother, nurse practitioner is the lady of the Sheikh Household. In every culture, every race, every nation, the lady of the house runs the house. Pooja has learned about her husband Imran’s bisexuality and his crush on a bisexual African American gentleman-scholar named Oscar and found the perfect solution. It’s amazing what a good wife does for the husband she loves, at the end of the day…

“I can’t believe you did that,” Imran said, amazed, as Pooja told him about her encounter with Oscar at Walmart. Pooja grinned and gently hugged her hubby. She knew that Imran was attracted to Oscar in spite of all his protests and this was the perfect solution to a big problem. When Imran looked into Pooja’s eyes, she smiled at him, knowing that she would get her way once again. In spite of himself, Imran was turned on and a bit intrigued by what Pooja was proposing…

“Come on, Imran, I think this is going to be fun for all of us, I’m cool with it and so is Oscar, we need you to get onboard,” Pooja said, smiling. Imran looked at his wife, this cunning, beautiful and adorably manipulative woman whom he loved more than life itself. Most bisexual men in India would be in danger if their wives found out about their other side. Pooja not only accepted Imran’s other side but she was accommodating him in new and fun ways. How could he refuse her?

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Cousins Reunion Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Three Way

As I washed my hands and face I reflected on the activities Mira and I had just concluded. I had never lost control like that before. Overwhelmed with lust. Fucking Mira with such ferocity. Eating, literally eating her pussy without inhibition. How did I feel about what had just transpired? Embarrassment? Regret? No. I wanted more. The wild sex was intoxicating. The escalation of excitement with Kay and now Mira was a catalyst. I was committed to experiencing these two women and what they had to offer. I was determined to enjoy them both to the fullest of my ability.

I wanted them together again. Our workout earlier in the day, the two of them masturbating me in the sauna and being in the shower with these two beautiful but very different women had me obsessing about being with them both again. Would they actually want to have sex with me at the same time? Mira suggested that was the case. God, what was in store for me?

I pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt and ambled over to the family room. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, three minutes tops, I stuck my head out in the hallway and listened. Nothing. I tiptoed down to Kay’s master bedroom and peaked in the door where I could see the foot of the master bed and two sets of legs. One pair of feet, soles together and facing the ceiling with a beautiful ass slowly bobbing up and down just above the heals between another pair of feet with the soles buried in the soft bedding legs rising up to knees that were gently holding the slowly bobbing ass. I moved quietly into the room. More of the bed came into view. It was Mira’s bum bobbing between Kay’s legs. Mira’s head was nestled between Kay’s legs, her face obviously buried in Kay’s muff.

Kay was reclining comfortably back on the bed with her upper body supported by several fluffy pillows. Her eyes were closed with a rapturous look on her face, her hands gently holding the sides Mira’s bobbing head. Kay’s upper arms bolstered her own generous breasts which were rippling slowly in concert with the motion Mira’s head. Just then, Kay moaned out, “Oh Mira, don’t stop. Your tongue feels so good. Oh god yes my darling, that’s perfect, oh so wonderfully perfect.”

Mira moaned in response, her ass wiggling as she continued pleasuring Kay’s crotch. Mira’s bum cheeks were spread just widely enough that her plump pussy lips were slightly parted and her large clit was visibly peeking out from under its hood. A dark blush of skin surrounded her dark little puckered rosebud. The little anus was winking slightly and glistening with the moisture leaking from the dark slit formed by her pussy lips.

“Oh Mira, god that is so good my baby, so incredibly good. Your soft tongue is heaven on my clit. Yes, oh yes, that feels wonderful baby.” Kay opened her eyes and watched Mira pleasure her exposed güvenilir bahis gash. She held Mira’s head snuggly against her crotch, her knees pulled up and back as she thrust her glistening slit into Mira’s face. Her eyes closed as she threw her head back. “I want to cum, fuuuuck, oh fuck yes, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby, soooooooooo gooooooooooooood,” she sceamed as her hips and pussy pressed and squirmed against Mira’s face and working tongue.

Kay’s breasts slid and bounced across her chest as her head fell back on the pillow and the dark area between her legs bucked relentlessly into Mira’s furiously sucking mouth. Mira’s small firm breasts jounced and jiggled below her chest, their bodies beating in time to the orgasmic symphony playing out in their beautifully in tuned bodies. Mira’s ass bouncing, her ass cheeks opening and closing as her flesh jounced and jiggled up and down with each buck of Kay’s pelvis. Mira’s pussy and anus winking into view with each jounce of her flesh.

I took my cock in my hand, holding it loosely, feeling its weight against my palm, the involuntary twitching of my swollen member keeping time with the music of their moans, their screams of ecstasy, with the rhythm and beat their synchronized bodies were playing out. Pre-cum was copiously oozing from the gaping hole in the tip of my swollen glans. The clear thick liquid was collecting and pooling along the swollen flesh from which it flowed.

Mira broke free from the hold Kay had on the sides of her head. She quickly swung herself around and presented her glistening crotch to my cousin’s waiting mouth, lips parted, tongue already reaching for the delicate lips presented so generously to her. Kay’s tongue split and disappeared into the dark gash created by Mira’s swollen labia. Mira re-buried her face in the wet glistening darkness nestled at the base of Kay’s widely separated thighs. Their breasts now bobbing and rippling in time, the nipples pointed and hard brushing the other’s swaying breast tissue. Both women danced, an erotic and sensual dance of pleasure. The sounds of lips kissing and sucking wet juice laden tissue, skin slapping rhythmically, moans and sighs, whispered nothings creating a beautiful symphony of choreographed spontaneity as their bodies moved and pleasured as if one.

I moved slowly, deliberately around the bed. The two entwined bodies so enraptured with their escalating excitement, they were oblivious to my presence. I knelt on the bed behind Mira’s kneeling form, her ass again bobbing up and down against my sweet cousin’s probing and lapping tongue. The juices of Mira’s cunt dripped freely onto Kay’s slick and glistening face. Kay sensed my presence as my cock approached the dripping faucet of Mira’s gapping pussy. Her eyes glassy with rapture, her tongue lapping at Mira’s stiffly proud clit. I placed my cock against türkçe bahis the gapping lips of Mira’s cunt, my swollen head pressing against her opening, gaining entrance and sliding into her tight, dark vaginal tunnel.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes. That feels good Jay. Oh my god, slide your hard dick into my pussy. Fuckkkkkk yessssss, fuck my pussy,” cried out a surprised yet very please Mira.

My cock slid home into a sloppy wet slit. My balls slapping into Kay’s nose as she lapped and sucked Mira’s long hard clit.

Suddenly, Kay licked my balls and sucked on my scrotum. “Fuck, my god, Jesus, Kay, unhhhh, that is good.”

“Give my your cock Jay. Stick your dick in my mouth. I want to suck your dick and taste Mira’s pussy juice. I want to suck Mira’s wetness and taste her necter.”

I pulled my cock out of Mira’s hot hole and plunged it into Kay’s waiting mouth. I had no mercy. I pumped it viciously into her open mouth and plunged it deeply into her throat.

“Suck that,” I said as I plunged my dick to the hilt, my pelvis hitting Kay’s mouth as my cock slid deeply into her upraised face and open gullet. Kay gagged and choked as my cock slid in and out of her open mouth. I fucked her face with rapid thrusts of my hips letting her gag as my cock forced its way into her upturned face.

I pulled free of her face and slammed my rock hard dick into Mira’s waiting cunt. She screamed with surprise and pleasure as my cock slammed into her cervix.

“Fuck my pussy, slam your dick into me, please don’t stop Jay,” Mira pleaded as I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She squealed as I pinched her nipples and slammed the head of my cock into her gapping cunt.

“I want your dick in my pussy,” pleaded Kay. “Jay, its my turn, I want your dick back in my pussy now,” she whined as she squirmed and pushed Mira away and off of her reclining body, tearing my cock form Mira’s hot pussy.

Kay pushed Mira down on her back, straddled her face, grabbed my cock and pulled my member to her ass. “Put your cock in my cunt Jay,” she ordered. I obeyed gladly. I rammed my dick into her pussy. I viciously slammed into her waiting cunt. I felt Mira’s tongue licking my balls and shaft as my pumping hips presented my moving genitals to her reaching tongue.

“Oh my god Kay,” screamed Mira. Yes, suck my clit hard. Make me come, Christ that feels good,” she said as her lips left my balls and shaft to suck and lick at Kay’s clit.

The two women were now intent on making their dear friend orgasm. They signaled their closeness to climax with the building crescendo of their moans. My cock was inside of Kay’s pussy, all but forgotten now by my dear cousin who was intent on an orgasm being orally orchestrated by her best friend.

My cock was nearly numb. After so much abuse and so many orgasms this day, it was hard, but güvenilir bahis siteleri it was not close to a climax.

I looked at Kay’s anus, contracting with pleasure as her orgasm approached. I pulled my dick from her stretched and abused cunt and pressed it against her messy and puckered asshole. I was not gentle. I plunged my stiff cock into her ass. My cousin screamed, I thought in pain, then realized My cock stretching her ass and plunging into her ass perfectly coincided with the onset or actually even tipped her over the crest onto the tidal wave of her orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, holy mother of goddddddddddddddddddd, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Yesssssssssssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssssssssss, oh my goddddddddddddddddddd, so fuckkkkkkkkkingggggggggggggggggggg gooooooooooooooooooooood,” cried out my cousin obviously in the grip of an intense orgasm.

“My turn, my turn, make me cum,” pleaded our poor Mira as my cock plunged in and out of Kay’s tight ass. My cock was now being super stimulated by the hot tight flesh and contracting muscles of Kay’s anus and rectum.”

Kay stopped screaming and collapsed sideways onto the bed my still rock hard cock popped out of her stretched ass hole. “My god Jay,” she said. “That was incredible. Mira get on her knees again, I’ll suck her hard little penis/clit and Jay, you fuck her ass like you fucked mine and she’ll cum.”

I watched as they once again changed positions. Mira slammed her crotch into Kay’s open mouth and ground her long clit into Kay’s tongue. I positioned myself once again behind Mira’s tight ass. I grabbed my slick cock and pressed the dripping head against Mira’s anus. Mira held still when she felt the tip of my rock hard penis touch her tight hole. I pressed slowly at first. Then, when the muscle relaxed, I thrust firmly and quickly gained entrance to her rectum. Mira screamed with pain as my prick forced its way into her hot rectum. She cried out and tried to move away from my invading flesh. Her tightness caressing my swollen member and perfectly stimulating my flesh. I was going to orgasm and I did not want anything to prevent the tremendous release of pressure that I now needed.

I grabbed Mira’s ass and held it firmly in place as I repeatedly slammed my cock into her stretched asshole. Mira screamed with a combination of pleasure and pain as Kay continued to suck her hard clit. I exploded and screamed out with the agony and ecstasy of the incredible climax that ripped through my groin. Mira screamed in ecstasy as well and now thrust her ass rapidly against my pulsating and pumping cock as her orgasm mounted and ripped through her cunt as well.

We collapsed as one tangled mass of dripping and spent flesh. My cock still trapped inside of Mira’s rectum. Mira’s pussy surrounded Kay’s still licking tongue. We finally untangled ourselves. I lay in between these two wild women wondering how they could still put up with someone who had so abused their bodies. They silently reassured me the abuse was enjoyed. They wrapped their arms and legs around my body as we drifted off into a sex induced slumber.

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Cousins Reunion Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Morning Titillation

The smell of coffee and bacon welcomed my senses as I came awake. I felt refreshed and hungry. Ready for a new day and what adventures awaited in this house of contradictions. The husband and wife obviously not emotionally connected. The two cousins obviously connected despite the elapse of time since their last illicit encounter.

I was wearing my loose fitting sleep shorts. I pulled on a well worn sweat shirt and padded barefoot to the kitchen looking forward to a hot cup of coffee. Kay was frying bacon and starting to scramble eggs, a pile of buttered toast already beside the stove. Her back was to me. She was wearing the same robe she had worn on my arrival the previous morning.

“Good morning Kay.”

Kay looked over her shoulder, smiled and said, “Good morning Jay. Pour yourself a cup of coffee. The eggs will be ready in a couple of minutes.

I looked at the kitchen clock. Almost 10 am. I had slept much later than usual. The time change and the all night drive obviously responsible.

“Parker up yet?”

“Yes. He will be here in a minute. I was hoping you would be up soon. Parker will be leaving right after breakfast. He has to get back to the Denver office.” Her face broke into a happy grin as she turned toward me, her robe falling open, no pajamas, nothing, just Kay naked, lovely breasts pointing at me, the dark thatch of trimmed pubic hair between her shapely thighs exposed.

We heard footsteps.

Parker walked in as Kay calmly pulled her robe together while turning back to the stove. “Yeah, I just found out that some of our main research on a big case going to trial in a couple of days is suspect and needs to be thoroughly reviewed and possibly modified. Kay will have to entertain you alone for the next few days I guess.” He had obviously overheard Kay. Had he seen anything? Apparently not.

Kay turned as she heard Parker’s chair scrape up to the table. A smile came to her lips as she let her robe fall open exposing herself again. A flush appearing on her chest, accentuating the whiteness of her breasts, spreading up her neck to her face.

She quickly turned without closing her robe and faced the stove as Parker swung around and asked, “That breakfast about ready Kay?”

“Yes, almost.”

Parker faced me; the aimless chatter resumed. I tried to keep my attention on our conversation, but my eyes and my mind were drawn over his shoulder to Kay, who turned again, her breasts clearly visible between the hanging edges of her robe.

She boldly walked up behind Parker, placing her hands on his shoulders, she leaned over causing her breasts to hang and sway just behind her husband’s head. Watching me with a happy smile on her face.

“More OJ, anyone?” she asked innocently. She finally stood and slowly pulled her robe loosely about herself and cinched the ties.

I breathed a sigh of relief or satisfaction or both.

We ate breakfast together and jabbered about jobs, vacations, the snow, ski resorts, airports, the growth of Boulder, etc. Parker went to get ready to leave. I helped Kay clean up the kitchen.

“You are awful” I admonished her as I reached into her robe and caressed her right breast, the nipple cool from the recent exposure. güvenilir bahis “You have always been bold, but that really takes the cake.”

Kay chuckled as she leaned against my hand, obviously enjoying my touch. “I know I am bad. I can’t help myself.” She turned and the hand that was inside her robe pulled against the loose tie as Kay rotated to face me, her robe falling open again. I looked down at her nakedness feeling myself swell and harden. Kay pulled at the fly of my shorts, slipping her hand through the opening, taking my swelling cock in her hand and gently messaged my engorging cock.

“Kay, Parker?”

“Nervous?” Kay asked as she pulled my cock through the loose fly of my shorts.

I looked down seeing my cock in her hand, she pulled me towards her and pressed the undersurface of my dick against her lower belly.

“Jesus Kay,” I whispered back, “yes I am nervous.”

Kay just smiled at me as she gently rubbed my cock against her smooth skin.

We heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. Kay dropped my cock and closed her robe around herself as she turned back to the sink. I got my cock back inside my shorts and leaned over the dishwasher hiding my erection as best I could. Kay started handing me dishes again, which I arranged in the dishwasher as Parker walked into the kitchen.

“Well, I am about ready to shove off.”

“Ok Parker,” Kay replied. “You load up while we finish here and we will be out to see you off in a minute.”

“Sounds good.” Parker said and was off to put his bags in his car.

We smiled at each other, but actually finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, wiped up the counter and table. Fortunately, Kay did not pull anymore exposure stunts and my erection subsided by the time we finished cleaning up.

We walked to the front door as Parker came in from loading his car. Kay gave him a perfunctory hug and a peck on the cheek. I shook hands and agreed that we would see each other in a few days. That was that. He got in his car and drove off.

Kay turned, dropped her robe and looked coyly at me. “Want to take a shower?” and with that, turned and walked to her bedroom. I heard her shower come on. I followed the sound into the master bath. I could see her through the glass door of the large shower with dual heads both spraying water, steam from the hot water already beginning to fog the door, partially obscuring the view. I stripped out of my sweatshirt and shorts, opened the door and stepped into the steamy hot water with Kay. We looked at each other admiring each other’s naked bodies. She touched my chest, well muscled, her palm running across the hair and tracing it down across my flat stomach, following it into the longer pubic hair surrounding my cock. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. Enjoying the sensation of her breasts pressing into my chest. Feeling my pelvis and cock press into her pelvis and between her legs, the hot water cascading over and down our bodies. I pulled back slightly and looked at her now upturning face. I bent slightly and put my lips gently against hers. So soft and welcoming, they parted as her tongue lightly touched my lips. I opened my mouth and allowed her tongue entry to my mouth. Her tongue lightly touched my tongue then pushed türkçe bahis deeper into my mouth. As she withdrew her tongue, mine followed, feeling her lips, her teeth, tasting her, playing with her darting tongue, breathing her breath in as she exhaled.

Kay pulled back. “Wash me?”

I shampooed her hair first, enjoying the feel of her silky hair, messaging her scalp, which she obviously enjoyed. Next I washed her hands, arms and back. I gently washed her abdomen and then her chest caressing her breasts with my slippery soap covered hands. I knelt and washed her feet, working my way up her legs and thighs coming to her pelvis. I lathered her pubic thatch, enjoying her moans as I washed her labia and clit.

“Now let me wash you,” Kay said taking the soap from me. She followed the same order. Of course ending at my pelvic area carefully washing my balls, closely watching my penis get hard. Her hand washing between my legs, her soapy finger slipping across my anus, the tip just barely entering, bringing a gasp from me. Kay smiled and began lathering my fully erect cock. She slowly stroked it bringing me close to an orgasm. I groaned. She stopped. We rinsed together. Kay turned off the water, handed me a towel. I dried her body. She disappeared into the bathroom while I finished drying myself.

I walked in the direction she had gone. She was sitting before the bathroom mirror, legs parted, perfume bottle in her hand, turning the cap back into place. “That smells good,” I said.

She smiled, stood, and walked through the door into her bedroom. She looked at the unmade bed and frowned. “Not here,” She walked and I followed. She went to the living room, opened the drapes, the morning light filled the room. We had a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. She pulled me to her and we kissed again, standing naked in front of the large window. She sat on the couch, slouching, spreading her knees wide. “Kiss me here,” she requested, holding her labia apart with her right hand as she reached for me with her left.

I knelt between her legs and placed my face against her breasts, nuzzled each, feeling their fullness, kissing each nipple lightly, then sucking them causing them to become erect. I traced my tongue down her stomach. I kissed her labia, licking each lightly, tasting her moisture building. I sucked on her swollen lips, Kay moaned in pleasure. She had both hands pulling her own sex lips apart, exposing her vaginal opening and her clit, the hood pulled up, the clit fully exposed. I licked her opening, tasting her sex. She moaned. I let my tongue move slowly up and gently touch the tip of her clit. Her hips lifted slightly, she moaned louder. My tongue circled her clit, Kay’s hips gently gyrating against my face. As she moved faster and moaned louder, my tongue engaged her exposed clit directly and more firmly.

“Yes, harder, faster, don’t stop,” Kay begged, “make me come now, I need to come now.”

My tongue lapped at her clit, and she was suddenly bucking and groaning with an orgasm, her hips pressed tightly against my face. I slipped my tongue deep into her vagina. I could feel her orgasmic contractions clutch at my tongue as I thrust it as deeply into her pussy as I could, enjoying her tart flavor.

Her orgasm subsided, the güvenilir bahis siteleri twitching of her pussy muscles slowed. Kay relaxed back against the couch. “God that was so good,” she sighed. “Fuck me now Jay. I want to feel your dick inside me now. It feels so good to have a dick in me after an orgasm. Put your cock inside me now.”

As I raised up, my erection coming toward her pelvis, Kay reached out and grabbed my erect penis and pulled me urgently toward her sex. I obliged and allowed myself to be guided to her crotch, her pussy wet from her own juices and my saliva. She guided my cock to her vaginal opening. The head of my cock slipped easily into her pussy. Hot, wet, tight, a perfect fit, a perfect sensation as her sex enveloped my shaft. I thrust my cock into her body, watching my shaft disappear inside her, watching it sliding between her labia. I groaned with pleasure while reaching to take a perfect breast in each hand. I felt Kay’s hands lightly touch my ass, gently following the rhythm of my thrusting inside her body. The pressure of her hands increasing, following the intensity of my thrusts as my excitement built. My cock sliding in and out of her velvety canal, pleasure coursing through my loins, filling my body with the energy of the orgasm building in my pelvis. My hands firmly on her breasts, my back arching as I thrust my rigid penis inside her as deeply as it would penetrate, then withdrawing it until I could feel my cock’s head slipping out of her body, then thrusting into and penetrating her tight opening again and again. Kay’s breathing turning into moans and whimpers of pleasure.

“Your cock feels so good Jay,” Kay moaned with obvious pleasure. “Fuck me, yes fuck me.”

I passed the point of no return, not even wanting to stop this first time. Desperate for release of the tremendous tension that had been building since my arrival. The first contraction of my orgasm exploded from my balls in an almost painful burst of pleasure, a loud groan bursting from my lips as I thrust my cock into Kay’s vagina. Another intense burst of pleasure as the next ejaculatory contraction spewed another gush of white liquid into Kay’s warm receptacle. Each contraction of my loins spewing my sperm into her body, my tension ebbing as each contraction released the tension with equal amounts of pleasure.

I released my hold on her breasts and collapsed onto her chest unable to hold myself up after the tremendous orgasm I had just experienced. Kay pulled me against her body cradling my head against her breasts, my panting beginning to abate as I recovered my senses.

“My god,” I was barely able to get out, “that was the most intense orgasm I have ever had.”

Kay gave me a tight squeeze in response. We held each other as our breathing returned to a more normal rate. My cock was beginning to soften.

“Careful,” Kay said, “you are about to slip out of me and I don’t want cum all over the couch.”

I felt her hand surround my shaft and reluctantly let my cock slide out of her dripping pussy. My penis exited her warm body as her hand cupped her vaginal opening to catch my sperm as it oozed out of her body. She smiled at me as she stood and walked out of the room, her hand between her legs, cupping her dripping privacy.

After cleaning up, we sat in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. We were both extremely relaxed in our post-coital bliss. We leisurely discussed and considered our options for the day. K informed me that she already had the evening planned.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Merhaba benim adım Can, 19 yaşında oldukca yakısıklı birisiyim. İlk gay tecrübemi bu yazın başında yaşadım ve bunu sizinle paylaşmak istiyorum. Temmuz ayına kadar kendimdeki gay eğilimleri farketmemiştim. Bir gün Kadıköy?den porno CD aldım eve geldim, koydum bilgisayara ama beklediğim gibi cıkmadı cünkü ben kolejli kız konulu bir film aldıgımı sanmıştım ama gay pornosu cıktı. Şok olmuştum hemen kapattım.Derken dayanamadım ve CD?yi tekrar actım. Oldukca yakışıklı 2 genç erkek ofiste oturuyorlardı ve birden biri diğerinin önüne elini attı ve oksamaya basladı. Öpüşmeye başladılar ve sonra biri diğerinin sikini emmeye gecti. Cok etkilenmiştim ama bunu kendime bile kabul ettiremiyordum. Filmdeki adamlar gibi deliğimi okşayarak boşaldım. Hiç böyle zevk almamıştım mastürbasyondan.Asıl olaya geliyorum 1 hafta sonra arkadasım Tolga onların yazlığında kalmam için beni davet etti ben de gittim. O annesi ve abisi kalıyorlardı. 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Sonra sabaha dogru 5 gibi götümde bir el hissettim ?Bahadır yeter biraz uyuyayım bırak, aksam yaparız? dediğimde el deliğime girdi hızla kalktım ve ne göreyim İlker karsımdaydı, yakalanmıştık. ?Kızma onlara oldu bi kere? dediğimde ?ne bir keresi gecen yazdan beri sikişiyorlar bilmediğimi sanıyorlar? dediğinde cok sasırmıstım. ?Yürü? dedi ve kolumdan cekti beni odasına götürüp yataga attı ve sikini agzıma soktu. ?Onlara engel olamazdım ama sen bir daha onlarla olmayacaksın? dedi, sikini agzımdan cıkarıp niye dedgimde tekrar agzımı sikmeye basladı ve ?bundan sonra onları kendi hallerine bırakıyorum, artık senle ben birbirimizin karısı ve kocası olacagız? dedi. Bu laf cok hosuma gitmişti. Hersey karsılıklı olacaktı ve İlker, yani 2 gecedir siktiğim arkadasımın abisi benim sevgilim olmustu. ?Tamam aşkım? deyip yumuldum ve 1-2 posta da onla yaptık.O hafta ilker ve annesi sahildeyken biz evde sürekli sikiştik. Sex dolu bir hafta olmustu. İlkerle beraberim hala, Bahadırla Tolga da İlkere söylediler sonunda birlikteliklerini. İlker de bir sey demedi artık beraberce gay cluba gidip özgürce egleniyoruz. Bahadırın kendi evi oldgundan cıkısta oraya gidip sevgililerimizle sınırsızca sevişiyoruz. Bahadır Tolgayla, ben İlkerimle. Cok sıkı dost bir 4lü olduk.Gönderen: Venin

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


İster inanın ister inanmayın size anlatacağım bu olayı her hatırladığımda daha fazla azıyorum. Bir pazar günü idi saat sabahın 6`sı idi uykum yoktu ve bende biraz dışarı çıkayım. Dedim eşofmanlarımla biraz yürümüştüm ki bir köpek gördüm sanki bir sıkıntısı varmış gibi duruyordu. Gözgöze gelince ben dönüp yoluma devam ettim ama o arkamdan gelmeye devam etti. Ne kadar git desem bir fayda yok. Yanaştım ve elimi attım üzerinde bir leke yoktu. sapasağlam bir hayvandı gayet rahat hareket ediyordu. Birden dişi olduğunu fark ettim. aklıma biraz şeytanlık gelmişti tabi. Köpeği aldım evin yolunu tuttum. Hazır herkes köye gitmişken buradan okuduklarıma taş çıkaracak birşey yapmalı idim. Köpek arkamdan gelirken birden yanına bir köpek daha yanaştı. Bir baktım havlamaya başladılar birbirlerine. Sebebini tam anlayamamıştım taki diğerinin erkek olduğunu anlayana kadar. Öbürünün yanına gittim ama erkek bana havlıyordu. Bende dişi ile ilgilenmeye başladım. Birden yanıma hızla gelmeye başladı. Sanki dişi köpek için kapışacak gibi idik. Birden dişi köpek gitti ve boynunu koklamaya arkasını koklamaya başladı. Erkeğinde kafasını okşayıp ikisini beraber aldım eve geldim. ikisini de banyoya pendik escort soktum hemen ve yıkadım bir güzel. Yıkanırken erkek sürekli dişinin amını götünü kokluyordu. Ben dişiyi yıkarken dişi dilini dışarı çıkarıyor elimi memelerine atınca inliyordu tıpkı bir kadın gibi. Erkeği yıkarken sikini iyice okşayıp birkez kaldırdım. onu uzun bir çabanın ardından boşalttıktan sonra kalktım dişiyi salona götürdüm. Dişi sürekli parmaklarımı kokluyor ve yalıyordu. Salonda pantolonumu indirir indirmez sanki biliyormuş gibi gelip benim mütevazi sikimi koklamaya başladı. Derken ben koltuğa oturunca yalamaya başladı. Taşşaklarımı yalıyor, sikimi emiyordu. Hemde büyük bir özenle. Bende onu çevirdim ve deliğini yalamaya başladım. Belki size iğrenç gelecek ama çok güzel arkadaşlar. Bir baktım ki bizim erkek gelmiş arka ayakları ile otuzbir çekiyor. Ben dişiyi yalarken inliyor kesik kesik hırlıyordu. Dayanamıyordum artık benim 14 buçukluğu öyle yalıyordu ki kendimi zor tutuyordum. Derken onu boşaltmayı başardım inleye inleye boşaldı. Köpeği yere indirdiğimde erkek yanına geldi maksadı sikmekti her halinden belli idi ama önce benimdi. Köpeği aldım ve kucağıma bana bakar şekilde ümraniye escort oturtarak sikimi yavaşça içine sokmaya başladım. Bu ona çok zor geldi ilk başta ama amı o pozisyonda daralınca zevk almaya başladı orospu. Ağırdı bayağı ama o daracık ama değerdi doğrusu. İçine girmiştim . Bu arada bir elimlede memelerine elliyordum. Çok güzel idi. Of tanrım. Birden baktım bizimkisi benim dudağa öpücük konduruyor. Yalıyor, dudaklarımı emiyordu. Bunu kendi yapıyor olamazdı biri ona öğretmişti muhtemelen. Ama kim. Onu bulup teşekkür etmek lazımdı ;).Ben köpeği sikerken erkekte gelmiş benimkini ve dişisinin bal kutusun yalıyordu bu arada. Sıcacık amı artık yavaş yavaş ıslanmaya başlamıştı. inlemeleri artık iyice artmaya başlamıştı. Ona erkeğide eşlik ediyordu. Derken tanrım oda ne boşalıyorduk beraber. Offfffffff. Bu ne güzel bir orgazm idi böyle. Bunu bana yaşatan kadının kölesi olurum. Sonra o üstümden kaydı ve inince hemen sikimi yalamaya başladı. Sanki temizlermiş gibi. Erkekte onu yalıyordu. Birden baktım ki erkek yalamayı bırakıp üstüne çıktı. gidip gelmeye başladı 19`luk takımı ile beraber. Sanki öyle olmaz böyle olur dermiş gibi çatır çatır sikiyordu kancığını. kadıköy escort Birde baktım ki sırtına tırnaklarını geçiriyor sanki başkasına siktirirsin kendini ha dercesine gergin bir şekilde sikiyordu. Tabi dişide benimkini yalıyordu. Ben kancığın ağzını üç kez siktim ama hala tık yoktu. Nerede ise yarım saat oldu derken birden baktımki ikiside birden derin nefeslerle kesik kesik inleyip ulumaya başladılar. erkek orada uzandı dişi ise gelip yanıma bana bakarak dilini sikime değdirip değdirip çekmeye başladı. Erkek üçüncü büyük postasını attığından yorgundu. ama bizmi ki hala diri idi. Birden baktım ki üstüme çıkmaya çalışıyor. Onu kaldıraca gücüm kalmamıştı artık ondan dolayı onu indirdim yere ve arkadan üstüne çıktım. Amı bu sefer folloş gibi olmuştu. Bende bitmiştim ama öyle bakıp öyle kur yapıyordu ki dayanamadım ve yavaşça az önce dar iken şimdi dudakları şişmiş ve kabarmış içi büyümüş ama giriyordum. Ben benim seks makinesini sikerken baktım ki bizim erkekte arka ayağını yine sikine yanaştırmış yavaşça otuzbir çekiyor. Son defa boşaldığımda artık iyice yorulmuştum içinden çıkmadan onu yatırdım ve yanına yattım. Kendime geldiğimde dişi yine dudaklarıma abanmıştı. Bunu birkaç daha yaptım bir kezde dişi kendisi geldi ama yaklaşık üç aydır ikiside ortada yok. Ve onları özlüyorum. Diğerlerini başka zaman anlatırım tabi arkadaşlar. ;)Tatlı bayanlar eğer köpeğiniz varsa maillerinizi bekliyorum. Beraber güzel şaylar yapabiliriz ?? [email protected]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Nefesi Boynumdaydı

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Okan beyin bürosunda işe başlamıştım. Patronum 45-50 yaşlarında oldukça yakışıklı ve seksi bir erkekti. Bense 20 yaşında sarışın balık etinde oldukça güzel sayılabilecek bir kızım. O hafta büroda her şey sakin geçti. Olağan dışı hiç bir şey olmamıştı, ve ben büroya oldukça alışmıştım. Yine monoton bir iş günü can sıkıntısından büroda Okan beyin kütüphanesini karıştırırken, üzerinde “Adli Tıp” yazan bir kitap gördüm, merakla kitabı karıştırmaya başladım. Cinsel suçlar adlı kısım ilgimi çekmişti. Heyecanla sayfaları çevirdim. Çeşit çeşit kızlık zarları ve bunların nasıl bozuldukları anlatılıyordu. Kitaba o kadar dalmışım ki, Okan beyin büroya ve yanıma kadar geldiğini fark edememişim. Birden yanımda birisinin ayakta durduğunu fark edince başımı heyecanla yana çevirdiğimde göz göze geldik. Bana gülümseyerek Seni yaramaz, çok mu merak ettin bu kitabı” diyerek benimle beraber kitaba göz gezdirmeğe başladı. Neredeyse nefesini yanağımda hissediyordum, ani yakalanmış olmanın da heyecanıyla epeyce heyecanlanmıştım. Parmağını açık duran sayfanın üzerinde gezdirerek “Senin ki nasıl, delikli mi, elekli mi, vs” diye sormaz mı. Utanç ve heyecandan kıpkırmızı kesilmiştim ama dilim de tutulmuştu sanki. O ise muzır bir şekilde bana bakıyordu ve pantolonunun önü de kabarmıştı. “Evet sana soruyorum, seninki nasıl, hangisine pendik escort benziyor” diye tekrar sordu. Çekine çekine “bilmem ki” diye cevap verdim. Önündeki kabarıklık hafifçe oynadı. Gözümü oradan ayıramıyordum. O da bunu anlamış ve kitaba bakmak bahanesi ile iyice yakınlaşmıştı. Elim masanın kenarında duruyordu ve ister istemez pantolonunun önündeki kabarıklık elime değdi. Ben de heyecanlanmış ve biraz da meraktan elimi çekmemiştim. Yüzümü ona çevirdiğim de gözerimiz karşılaştı. Bana gülümsüyordu ve arzulu olduğu gözlerinden okunuyordu. Elimi yavaşça pantolonunun üzerinde gezdirdim. Dimdikti. Hafifçe okşamaya başladım. Aleti elimin altında oynuyordu. Ben ise gayri ihtiyari bacaklarımı ikiye ayırınca zaten sıyrılmış eteğimden siyah külotum görünmeye başlamıştı. Bir elini kitapta gezdirirken diğer elini bacaklarımın arasına soktu ve külotumun üzerinde gezdirmeğe başladı. Amım oldukça kabarmış ve ıslanmıştı. Parmakları yavaşça külotumun arasından içeri süzüldü ve ayva tüylerinin arasından klitorisimi okşamaya başladı. Çıldıracak gibiydim. Bende onun pantolonunun fermuarını indirim elimi içeri soktum ve külotunun içinden sikini okşamaya başladım. Usulca kulağıma fısıldayarak: Onun içinde olmasını ister misin?” diye sordu. Gözlerime bakıyordu… Ben de gözerimi kapayarak, olumlu karşıladığımı ümraniye escort belirttim. Bunun üzerine hızla yanımda ayrılarak odanın kapısını kilitleyip yanıma geldi ve hırsla dudaklarıma yapıştı… Öylece ne kadar öpüştük bilemiyorum. Ama ikimiz de arzudan çıldıracak gibiydik ve bal kutup nar gibi olmuştu… Beni yavaşça kucaklayarak masanın üzerine oturttu, dudaklarımız hala ayrılmamıştı. Ben de durum dan istifade çekine çekine sikini pantolonundan dışarı çıkarmış, okşuyordum… Pozisyonu hiç boz madan ve dudaklarını dudaklarımdan ayırmadan bacaklarımı hafifçe ikiye ayırdı ve külotumun arasından sikini klitorisime sürtmeğe başladı… Çıldıracak gibiydim ve zaten nar gibi olmuş bal kutumdan ayva tüylerinin üzerine ıslaklık yayılmağa başlamıştım. Bu arada dudaklarımın arasından dilime ağzına alıp emmeğe başlamıştı. Kendim den geçmiştim. Aletinin başını hafifçe bal kutumun dış dudakları arasından içeri kaydırdı. Aletin başı kızlık zarima dayanmıştı. Dilimi hırsla emerken sikini hafifçe bastırdı, kızlık zarım yay gibi gerilmişti ve bal kutumdan akan sıvılar kızlık zarımı iyice kayganlaştırmış ve adeta sikinin içine girmesini kolaylaştırmıştı. Sanki bir kor parçası gibi olan aletinin yavaşça içime süzüldüğünü hissettim. Gözlerimden sanki şimşekler çakmıştı ama duyduğum zevk tanımlanamaz derecede kadıköy escort idi… Yavaşça bal kutumun içinde gidip gelmeğe başladı. Bal kutumun en derin yerlerini keşfediyordu sanki. Bir kor parçası gibi aletinin tamamını içime almıştım, artık en derin yerlerimdeydi. Ben de onun dudaklarının arasından dilini bularak ağzıma aldım ve emmeğe başladım. Artık bir yandan dillerimizle emişiyor ve bir yandanda adeta ritmik bir şekilde ben masanın üzerinde oturmuş o ise ayakta dans ediyorduk. Kalçalarımı bir ileri bir geri hareket ettirdikçe o da beni ritmik bir şekilde karşılıyor ve içime girip çıkıyordu. İçimde çok garip bir duygu vardı. Evvelce böyle bir hazzı hiç tatmamıştım… Sanki ulu bir dağın tepesine doğru tırmanıyordum… birden sanki dağın tepesine, zirveye yaklaştığımı hissettim, hareketlerimiz son derece hızlanmıştı… Birden içime bir yanardağdan fışkıran lavların yayıldığını hissettim. Bal kutum kavrulmuştu sanki… Ve birden zirveye ulaştığımı hissettim… Sarsıla sarsıla boşalıyordum… İçime akan lavlardan bal kutum bir yanardağ kraterine dönmüştü O da içimde bir sağa bir sola sallanarak sarsıla sarsıla boşalmıştı… Birden telefonun zili ile kendimize geldik. Pozisyonumuzu hiç bozmadan uzanıp telefonun ahizesini aldım ve Buyrun, Okan beyin bürosu! diyerek cevapladım. Telefondaki ses Okan bey orada mı? diye sordu. Biraz boğuk bir ses tonu ile Evet, Okan beyi size bağlıyorum diye cevapladım telefondakı sesi… Yavaşça yanımdan ayrılarak pantolonunun fermuarını çekerek odasına yöneldi ve Buyrun, ben Okan” diyen sesini işittim ve telefonu usulca kapattım. Bulutların üzerinde uçuyordum

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32