Twin Holes

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Jacques Binoche lived on the banks of the mighty St. Lawrence River that runs between Canada and the United States. It was the area dotted with a thousand islands, some just big enough to support a cottage and some large enough for a country estate.

His passion was boating and almost every weekend he’d be out of the river, navigating his craft through the myriad of islands wishing he had the money to buy one himself. One, in particular, fascinated him. Owned by a rich banker, it housed a mansion fit for a king and sometimes when he passed, two rather sweet princesses would wave to him from the gardens.

He didn’t realize at the time that the eighteen year old twins had virtually no contact with males of the species. They lived in a house that only hired women servants and outdoor staff, and they had been educated by a series of middle-aged governesses.

Jacques would have loved to have stopped by and talked to them but the bold signs along the shoreline made it clear that visitors were not welcome. However, accidents do happen and one day his outboard motor just petered out a hundred or so from the North shore of the island.

He paddled over to a rocky promontory and tied up his launch so that he could examine the motor. In the shadow of a big sign that said, “Trespassers May be Met with Armed Response,” he desperately tried to fix it. As he fiddled with the gas lines he heard a voice behind him.

“Have you got a problem?”

He whirled around to see a pair of bikini-clad identical twins standing there smiling and looking rather pleased with themselves.

“You’re rather fortunate,” said, the one named Emma, “Father is away on business, mommy is drunk as a skunk and we locked Freda, the security guard, in the guard room.”

“If we hadn’t,” said Gemma, dangling a set of keys, “You’d be dead by now, the island is monitored you know.” She pointed to a camera mounted on a nearby post.

“So you owe us,” piped up Emma.

“Owe you?”

“Absolutely,” they chorused.

“We want you to tell us all about sex, we’re both 18 and we know absolutely nothing – it’s disgraceful,” said Gemma.

During the ensuing conversation it seemed that the father had kept them mecidiyeköy eskort totally isolated from boys, their TV and internet were controlled and no one was allowed to mention anything about human reproduction or the bodily parts used to facilitated it. His plan was to marry off his daughters into some equally rich families, possibly European royalty, and being virgins would add to their desirability.

After he was given assurances that Freda , described as the Annie Oakley of security guards, could not break out of the guardroom he agreed to accompany them to a summer house set in the gardens. It turned out to be quite luxurious and furnished with large comfortable looking sofas where they all sat down.

In spite of lots of seating been available the twins decided to squeeze each side of him.

“Now,” Emma, inquired, “have you ever stuck your thing into a girl?”

Jacques was a little embarrassed by the question but he admitted he had on several occasions.

“Could you show us your thing? The only one we’ve ever seen was on a picture of Michael Angelo’s David.”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate,” he replied, thinking that he ought to get back to his boat and beat a hasty retreat.

The next thing he knew the two shapely girls were struggling to unbutton his pants and pull them off.

“Oh my God,” cried out Gemma, “It’s much bigger than David’s.”

Of course he’d developed a hard on and it shot bolt upright as his pants were literally torn off.

It was Emma that handled it first pulling back the foreskin and revealing his bright red head. He leaned back and closed his eyes as both of them took turns to play with it.

“It’s like one of those big Polish sausages that cook boils up every Thursday lunch.”

“I wonder if it tastes as good?” asked Gemma and without any more ado she took it in her mouth.

Jacques let out a little groan as it slipped between her lips and deep into her throat.

“Am I hurting you,” she asked.

“No – it feels good actually.”

They both started to giggle and then they took turns to suck it. It didn’t take long before he felt his balls start to tingle and felt his cum getting ready escort bayan to blast off. He warned them with a muffled cry but they didn’t really understand and it was Emma who got the mouthful.

“Wow, that stuff tastes good, a little salty but good.”

She stuck out her tongue so that her sister could have a sample and she reached the same conclusion.

After the pair had discussed his equipment in some detail they stripped off their bikini’s so that he could see theirs. It was a scene he knew that he would never forget even if he lived to be a hundred. He’d already noticed what beautiful long legs they had and now he was treated to a view of their gorgeous pointy tits and hairy muffs.

Jacques decided not to get involved with high school nurse explanations, he just put his hands around Emma’s bum and dragged her towards him. Her nipples were quite hard and just waiting for his lips.

As he sucked and stroked her breasts she was whimpering like a little puppy and Gemma, feeling a little left out, forced her head between them and swallowed his dick. He didn’t intend cumming again, at least not right away, because he was determined to fuck them both before he left. Breaking away from Emma he grabbed hold of her sister’s shoulders, turned her over and started to consume her nipples. She began to moan and thrash her legs about but when he slipped his finger into her tight wet crack her body went rigid.

Emma knelt down beside her sister to observe close at hand what was happening to her. With his tongue and fingers playing their magic it didn’t take long for her to cum and scream as she did so.

As she sat up panting and trying to catch her breath, he lay down with his legs over hers and held onto Emma, re-positioning her so that she was sitting on his face. Then he reached up to fondle her tits and his mouth went into action nibbling the lips of her cunt. She gasped and cried out loud as his tongue began to move up and down her quivering slit in big swipes. It wasn’t long until her body began to shake violently and she went into a massive orgasm.

The two girls were both flushed, breathing heavy and dying for him to force an entry. It was Gemma’s turn first. He laid bayrampaşa escort her on the rug, opened up her lovely legs and then lowered himself onto her. As his cock penetrated she gasped and closed her eyes as if it was painful but then she relaxed as her snatch became lubricated, although it still felt as tight as a mouse’s ear.

Jacques was pretty worked-up after all the foreplay and he wasted no time in establishing a rapid rhythm. The perspiration glistened on both their bodies as he drove it in and out like a piston rod. When he made that final thrust, and shot his load, Gemma let out a loud scream and wrapped her legs around him as if she didn’t want to let him go.

He felt he needed to rest for a few minutes before starting on Emma but she diddled his balls and sucked his dick so that he was up and ready to go in thirty seconds flat. Wanting to show them that there was more than one way to fuck he bent her over the sofa, grabbed onto her tits, and went in from behind.

Soon he was bouncing off her beautiful round ass and Gemma, fascinated by the swinging motion of his balls, decided to fondle them as he plowed into her sister. It almost drove him berserk and he rammed it in as hard and as fast as he could.

When he exploded inside of her he pulled hard on her hip bones trying to force every drop inside of her. She reached back and held on to him as if she wanted the same thing.

Before he could dismount he heard Gemma, who was keeling behind him, cry out OMG. Turning around he was confronted by a face that only a mother could love, and even she would be hard pressed. It was – no other than – the notorious Freda standing there dripping with arms and munitions.

“You little cunts thought that door would hold me didn’t you – but you were wrong.”

The girls looked quite worried, whereas Jacques looked completely terrified, especially when she pointed her fat finger at him.

“If you want to teach these fucking morons sex you can use me to demonstrate – or ain’t you man enough?”

The security guard from hell quickly dropped her gun belt to the floor and started to strip. As her SS inspired uniform gathered around her ankles, her large pendulous breasts were revealed and a hairy bush that Hansel and Gretel could have got lost in. She kicked her clothing aside, lay down on the rug and opened up a pair of thighs that would have made a Mastodon envious.

“OK professor get sucking and fucking – NOW!”


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The Youth Pastor

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I was 25 years old when I arrived in town. Moving halfway across the country was a big step for me, but I was young and single, so I had the flexibility to do it. On top of that, I grew up a pastor’s kid, so moving around and adjusting to new people wasn’t that big of a deal. I was following in my dad’s footsteps, having moved here to become a youth pastor at a small church.

As for me, I’m John. I stand 5’9″ and I’m a few pounds overweight, though not obese. I have brown hair and green eyes, and I keep a beard neatly trimmed. Overall, I’m fairly average looking, I suppose, but at the time, I was pretty inexperienced, sexually. Being a goody-two-shoes pastor’s kid, I had only kissed a few girls, and had never gotten further than 2nd base with my college girlfriend, though I had seen my fair share of porn.

Upon completing my move, I didn’t really know anyone, so I threw myself into my work. Going to my students’ sporting events, choir concerts, and whatever else they were involved in that was open to the public was and still is my most common form of entertainment, but don’t take that as a complaint. I love my job and my students.

One of the first students I met upon my arrival was Megan. She was in the fall of her sophomore year in high school and just shy of her 16th birthday when I arrived. Straight A student, 3-year captain of the school lacrosse team, plays guitar and piano, sings in the school choir and did I mention gorgeous?

Her dirty blonde hair goes down past her shoulders when she lets it out (which rarely happens, due to the fact that she always seems to be coming from or going to a lacrosse game or practice), and she has beautiful brown eyes, cute little nose, and thin pink lips.

She stands about 5’6″ and has the body of an athlete. Long, tan, muscular legs (accented by the running shorts that were her preferred attire) and a flat stomach, cultivated from years of running up and down the lacrosse field, with what I was pretty sure were small, pert breasts usually hidden behind a sports bra and a loose-fitting t-shirt.

Being a musician myself, Meg and I developed an immediate rapport, and she quickly became one of my favorite students. We often worked together on church events, and I went to enough of her lacrosse games that I came to know her whole team by name, and many of them knew me as well. I even gave her a few piano lessons.

Two years later, as she neared graduation, she seemed interested in going into the ministry herself, so I offered Megan a summer internship at the church, which she happily accepted. We spent a pleasant summer working together and getting to know each other. We often talked about her dreams for the future, her fears about going off to college, and life in general.

On the last day of her internship, she and I happened to be the last two people in the office. As we finished up our work for the day and packed up, we were (as usual) talking about her pending move to school, and the topic turned to our romantic lives.

“You gonna have a girlfriend by the time I come back to visit?” she playfully joked, a teasing gleam in her eye.

“Probably not, ” I half-joked, a hint of wistfulness in my voice, despite my efforts to hide it. I turned the tables on her. “What about you? You haven’t had a boyfriend in a year, and I know you get hit on regularly.”

“What makes you say that?” she responded, a look of innocence and genuine curiosity on her face.

“Have you seen you? You’re beautiful, smart, friendly, talented…” My face reddened slightly as my complement trailed off. I had never spoken so forwardly to her before, despite being well aware of her charms, both physical and otherwise.

There was an awkward silence before her response came back softly. “You really think that?” She sat down in one of the chairs facing my old wooden desk, thinking my statement over.

“Think what?”

“That I’m beautiful.”

“Of course, I do.” I was incredulous. Did she really not know how attractive she was? I mean, I had never really thought about doing anything her, with the difference of nearly a decade between our ages, but I had assumed she was aware just how beautiful she was.

I stood, leaning back on my desk, while trying unsuccessfully to figure out what was going on in her pretty head. Meanwhile, the tension in the room had gone from non-existent to thick as molasses, and it had happened way faster than I was prepared for.

If I was being honest with myself, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to happen next.

“You have a crush on me!” she blurted out. I could hear in her voice and see on her face that it wasn’t so much an accusation as a realization.

I began to verbally backpedal, my teaching instincts kicking in. “No, not a crush, per say. I mean… you are incredibly attractive… But no, of course I don’t have a crush on you.”

Megan slowly stood up and took a step closer to me. As she closed the gap between us, she softly said, “That’s ok, John. In fact, while we’re being honest, I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, too.” I stood there, stunned into immobility as she kissed me, lightly, on the mecidiyeköy escort lips. The feel of her small lips on mine, her body a shadow pressing against me, left me speechless.

“Umm…” I dumbly responded after the kiss ended. Even though I couldn’t articulate a coherent thought, I was aware somewhere in the back of mind that she hadn’t taken a step back, even after breaking the kiss.

She giggled in the cutest way. “What?” she inquired.

“What was that?” I finally managed to get out a full sentence.

“Well, you have a crush on me, and I have a crush on you, so I figured that was the logical next step. Didn’t you like it?”

“Absolutely I did. It’s just… you’re my student, and…”

She cut me off with another kiss, this time with a little more enthusiasm, before I could finish my thought. Instinctively, I began to kiss back, though my brain was still arguing with itself about whether this was right or wrong. The metaphorical devil and angel on each shoulder were having a knockdown, drag out, and at that particular moment, I couldn’t tell who was going to win.

As the kiss broke, she began to speak. “Technically, I’m not your student any more. You’re a youth pastor, and I’m out of high school. AND I’m just a few months shy of 19, so I’m an adult by all standards, wouldn’t you agree?”

She made a compelling argument, and the devil on one shoulder started beating the crap out of that self-righteous angel on the other.

My response was to initiate a kiss of my own. This kiss was longer, deeper. My hands drifted to her hips and I drew her in to me as her arms wrapped around my neck. Taking the lead, I gently probed her lips with my tongue. She responded by opening her lips up and meeting my tongue with her own, all the while wrapping her arms tighter around my neck.

As I stood in my church office, making out with one of my (now former, I guess) students, I struggled to wrap my mind around what was happening. After what felt like hours (though it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes), I decided to just go with it and see where we ended up.

I allowed my hands to slide down from her hips to her butt, waiting for a reaction. When there was none, I gently squeezed her.

Oh, it was glorious! Far better than I could have imagined. I squeezed and rubbed her butt as she began to moan into my mouth. I broke our kiss and looked into the warm brown depths of her eyes.

“That ok?” Her gentle nod gave me all the encouragement I needed to keep going. As I kneaded her butt and we continued to kiss, her arms slipped down from around my neck. Her hands slid down my shoulders and rested on my chest, bumping my nipples and sending a shockwave through my body, which did not go unnoticed on her end.

She began to gently rub my nipples through my shirt, occasionally pinching them gently between her fingers. Meanwhile, she began to grind herself into me, following the rhythm of my hands on her rounded posterior.

After a few minutes of this, I felt her left hand slowly begin to work its way from my chest down over my stomach and towards my belt line. I nearly came as she began to rub my long-since fully erect cock through my jeans. Even at the age of 28, no one else had ever touched me like that.

She looked me in the eye and softly whispered, “Can I see it?”

I nodded, and that was all the encouragement she needed. We passed the point of no return as she began to undo my belt buckle, followed by the button and zipper on my jeans. Up to this point, if we had heard keys in the main door of the office, we might have been able to extricate ourselves from each other with some sense of believability. But as she pulled both my shorts and my boxers down with one swift tug, leaving me wearing nothing but a t-shirt, I knew that there was no way we would be able to hide our activities, should any unexpected visitors show up.

My 6-inch cock sprang to life in front of her, harder than it had ever been. I silently thanked God that I was her first as she gasped audibly at the sight.

She wrapped her hand around the throbbing tool and gave me a clumsy tug. Reflexively, I jerked back at the unexpectedly rough handling.

She apologized, embarrassed and began to take her hand off of my cock.

I reassured her that it was ok, and as I demonstrated my time-tested technique for pleasuring myself, we momentarily slipped back into the student/leader roles with which we were so comfortable.

She proved a quick study, and she was soon rubbing me like an expert, my pre-cum beginning to leak and acting as a natural lubricant as she slowly jacked me off. Her eyes were locked on what was happening between us. She was mesmerized at the sight.

I gently broke her spell. “Feel free to take a closer look,” I encouraged.

She looked at me again, questioning, and when I gave her a nod, she dropped to her knees.

Megan continued to slowly rub my cock, now just inches from her face. I took her free hand and placed it on my balls, and she got the hint. Now she was slowly jacking me off with her left hand, and playing with my balls kağıthane escort with her right.

I watched as she slowly moved her face towards me. Daintily she stuck out her tongue and took a bit of pre-cum on it. As her tongue made contact, another lightning bolt flew up and down my body. She withdrew her tongue back into her mouth, a drop of pre-cum sticking to it and stretching to create a temporary bridge between us, which broke as she closed her lips to examine the drop that was left on her tongue.

She paused, seemingly trying to decide whether or not she liked it, and then stuck her tongue out again. This time her tongue took some more time exploring my cock, running around the head, and up and down the shaft as her hand took a break.

She then proceeded to kiss my throbbing head, right on the tip. She did this a few times, amusing herself, before taking my head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it.

Slowly, inch-by-inch, she took more of me into her mouth until I felt the back of her throat. She didn’t have my whole cock in her mouth, but I didn’t care. I was in heaven. Gently she pulled back till just my tip was in her mouth, and then took me in again. She went a little faster each time, both of us enjoying it more and more as I guided her gently. As before, she proved to be a quick learner.

A thought popped into my head about how I wanted to be a generous lover and give her the first orgasm, but her enthusiasm at exploring my cock and balls was quickly making that an impossibility. As she sucked me, running her tongue all over me, using her hands as aides, she was driving me closer and closer to an explosion in her mouth.

“I… I’m really close,” I warned her as I stripped off my t-shirt. The room had gotten very hot, very quickly.

She paused just long enough to look up at me and reply, “I want to taste it,” before taking me back into her mouth.

I couldn’t believe my luck. This good church girl was proving to be quite the little nymph.

Gently holding her head in my hands, I gave up trying to hold back. I flooded her mouth with my cum, shooting jet after jet into the back of her throat. After 5 or 6 full streams, I began to slow down, but my seed was already starting to drip out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin, despite her best efforts to swallow all of it.

After making sure to get every last drop out of my rapidly-softening cock and using her fingers to get the remnant that had escaped onto her chin back into her mouth, she swallowed the last of it and looked up at me, entrancing me once again with her big, brown eyes.

“Wow,” was all I managed to say.

I pulled her up so she was standing, leaning into me again and she kissed me. I tasted myself on her lips and tongue, and after a moment of consideration, decided that it wasn’t altogether unpleasant.

She broke our kiss and softly asked, “Was that your first blowjob?” Just hearing such sexually charged words come out of the mouth of this girl whom I had previously thought of as so innocent caused my cock to attempt to stir again.

My response in the affirmative seemed to take her aback, and I asked if she was that surprised.

“Well, I figured that at some point you’d probably gotten one. I didn’t realize that youth pastors are all as innocent as their sermons,” was her reply, a twinkle in her eye.

“Maybe not all of us, but I was. I’m glad, though. That was incredible,” I said, before ending the conversation with another deep kiss.

As we kissed, I realized that she was still fully clothed. I made up my mind to change that, and repay the pleasure she had just given me.

I began kissing her neck, gently nibbling and sucking on her soft skin. I didn’t have a lot of sexual experience, but I knew that I was good at this part. She softly moaned as I sucked a bit of her skin in between my lips before gently releasing it, and then repeated the motion a few inches away.

Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, I removed my lips from her skin just long enough to quickly lift it up and over her head, dropping it onto the pile of my own clothes on the floor. Doing so revealed that the skin under her shirt was a few shade lighter than her arms and legs, protected from the sun by lacrosse jerseys for years. Her breasts remained unfortunately trapped underneath her sports bra, but now I had better access to her shoulders and collarbone, and proceeded to explore them with my lips.

I moved around behind her, never stopping my assault on her soft skin. I allowed my hands to roam over her flat stomach and up to her breasts, still trapped underneath her sports bra.

She leaned back into me as my hands slipped under the bottom hem of her sports bra. I slid my hands up inside of it, allowing my hands to cover her small breasts. Lifting my hands up, her bra came with them. As her bra passed over her head, her 28A breasts sprang free. After dropping the bra onto the floor in the growing pile of clothes, my hands returned to her chest.

I cupped her petite, perky breasts in my hands, letting the small nipples slide between my fingers. I beşiktaş escort looked over her shoulders and saw her small, pink areolas and nipples as my fingers and hands traveled over them, alternating between lightly brushing over them and gripping and pinching them.

Megan’s head leaned back into the crook of my neck, and she moaned lightly as I continued to kiss her neck and shoulders, letting her luxuriate in the new sensations.

Removing my hands from her breasts, I placed my left hand on her hip and used my right to gently press on her upper back, bending her forward as she put her hands out to steady herself on the big wooden desk, a remnant from youth pastors past.

Hooking the waistband of her running shorts with my thumbs, I slowly pulled them down to the floor, squatting as I did so. I was rewarded with the sight of the globes of her incredible ass, half covered by a pair of simple pink cotton panties as she stepped out of her shorts, her ass and leg muscles rippling as she executed the simple action.

I let my hands run up and down her legs, lightly touching her skin, feeling every muscle and sinew. Meanwhile, I kissed the exposed skin on her ass, enjoying the taste of the pale skin before standing back up. My cock, now half hard, rubbed against her ass and she began to grind against it, causing me to harden quickly. I paused, simply enjoying the view of this nubile young thing, bent over my desk in front of me, just waiting for my next move.

I pulled her back to a standing position and turned her to face me, kissing her long and deep as I gently pushed her back so she was leaning with her ass against my desk.

I bent forward and began kissing her upper chest. I kept my hands on her hips as I began moving toward her left breast, eventually kissing in increasingly smaller concentric circles, getting closer to her nipple with each one. When I got to her areola, I stuck my tongue out and lightly flicked her nipple with it. She gasped at the unexpected movement and put her hand on my head, gently trying to pull me closer to her. I, however, was determined to go at my own pace and prolong this pleasure as long as possible for both of us.

I touched her nipple with my tongue again, maintaining the contact longer this time, and slowly allowed my lips to close around her breast. I could very nearly take the whole thing in my mouth, and very nearly did. As I devoured her tit, she again pulled my head toward her chest, which I allowed this time. After a few minutes of pleasuring her left breast, I then kissed my way across the valley between it and her right one and repeated the process.

As I finished my assault on her breasts, my hand ventured down to the intersection of her legs. I allowed my middle finger to gently trace her slit through the thin material of her panties, feeling her dampness. She pushed her sex towards my hand, trying to increase the pressure on her clit.

Instead of giving her the pressure she wanted, I reached my hands around her, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge of my desk. I gently pushed her back so she was lying on her back and quickly moved the chairs in my office behind me so that she could rest her feet on them.

As she lay back on my desk, I leaned over her and kissed the pale skin on her stomach, exploring the flat expanse. I paused briefly to tease her navel with my tongue, which elicited a giggle from above my head, before heading for her most delicate area. I kissed over her panties as her legs instinctively parted, giving me full access. I could smell and taste her juices on her panties as I kissed and licked her through the fabric.

Slipping my fingers under the top of her panties, I slowly pulled them down. Her legs came together to allow me to remove them, momentarily blocking my view of her pussy. Even so, I could see that her blonde bush was trimmed close, allowing me a view of the top of the crevice that held the object of my desire.

I pulled her panties over her feet, leaving her totally naked in front of me. I kissed her ankles, causing goose bumps to erupt all over her legs. I continued exploring her legs with my mouth, kissing, licking, and lightly blowing on the bare skin in front of me. I kissed over her shins and calves, reaching her knees, where the slight scars from years of turf burns awaited me. I kissed them gently, sensing that she was self-conscious about them, not shying away from them, and proceeded up to her thighs. As I proceeded towards where her legs met, they spread wider for me, and before I knew it my mouth was on her inner thighs, mere inches from her pink gash. Her scent threatened to overpower me.

I turned my attention to her cunt, blowing cold air onto it, causing her to shiver and the goose bumps that had receded from her skin to reappear. She had been mostly still as I had explored her legs, but when I finally kissed her pussy lips, she jerked like she had been electrocuted. I looked up at her, and the look of wide-eyed excitement on her face caused me to smile. I kissed her lips again, lingering a little longer. I took her outer lips between my own lips, gently sucking on them one at a time. I stuck my tongue out and proceeded to lick her slit from bottom to top, slowly, enjoying her taste as I did so. I intentionally avoided touching her clit as I reached the top, wanting to wait till just the right moment to take her to the next level.

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TomBoy’s Awakening Ch. 1

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As long as I can remember Missy has always been one of the boys in our family. I have two boys Justin and Jacob. Missy was a neighbor girl who grew up with my oldest boy and went everywhere with the boys. She went fishing, hunting and played football, baseball and basketball equally as well as the rest of the boys. She wouldn’t even think of herself as a girl and always wore jeans and loose shirts.

It was this one particular weekend as the group had been getting older and ready to go back to school, that we took off for a weekend at our cabin in the mountains. We had arrived and opened the cabin and put away the food. I have a loft bedroom and the boys and their friends have a bedroom with four bunk beds, so they can have friends along.

Justin had gone outside and Jacob and Missy were still inside horsing around. Jacob has always been in the middle of any activity and was trying to bug me while I was reading a magazine. So I grabbed him and wrestled him to the floor and was tickling him, when from behind, Missy couldn’t resist the opportunity. She dove into the back of me and pinned my arms down long enough for Jacob to escape. Out the door Jacob ran and his older brother called to him to go fishing. Missy escort şişli was on my back laughing and doing everything she could to hold me down. I leaned forward and rolled her off onto her back with both of us now laughing and wrestling each other. Then it happened, I reached down to pin her leg and she moved and trapped my hand between her thighs and locked it next to her little cunt. I think we both realized what happened about the same time. I went to move my hand and could feel those nice little pussy lips against my fingers.

Missy wouldn’t release my hand but just kind of smiled at my predicament. Suddenly after all these years my thoughts changed from just another boy to this young woman coming of age. My thoughts went from wrestling with a boy to lust for a young virgin pussy, at least I thought Missy might still be a virgin. After all she always looked like a boy, hair short, dressed like a boy and acted tough like a boy.

I decided to see how far this might go, so I just started rubbing against that tight little pussy. It didn’t take long and I could see Missy was relaxing her grip on my hand and starting to breathe a little heavier. By now my cock was starting to get hard and my hands were merter escort shaking. I leaned over and asked Missy in a low voice, as if anyone could hear anyway, if what I was doing felt good. She smiled and said it did. Then I asked if she wanted me to do some more and she nodded her approval.

I moved my hand up and down her thighs and back over her pussy feeling through the soft material of her sweat pants. I then reached up and untied the drawstrings to her sweat pants so I could get a better look at what was hiding underneath. By now her bulky sweatshirt had pushed itself up under her soft white cotton bra. I could see the underside of her two small firm breasts pushing against her bra. I reached up and ran my hand over her right breast and felt the hard nipple through the soft material of her bra. My breathing was getting heavier by the minute.

Those small breasts felt so firm under my massaging fingers and Missy was getting hotter by the minute also. I moved back down over her flat stomach to the top of her sweatpants. I pushed the sweatpants down to reveal her panties. They were girls Jockey panties with little yellow and purple flowers printed on the cotton fabric. Missy lifted her istanbul escort back up a little so I could push her panties further down her legs. I was now gazing at a perfect little cunt that had some of her auburn hair covering a small part of her “V”. The lips to her cunt were swelled from my stimulation and pouted out wanting for more. I left her pussy exposed and moved my hand back to her soft white bra and moved the strap aside and lifted one of her tits out for my viewing. The nipple was like perfect Hershey kisses with quarter size dark rims flaring up to those hard little points. I bent down with my mouth and took the nipple in my mouth and gently started sucking on it. With my free hand I reached over and started once again to massage those little cunt lips.

Missy was now starting to push against my finger and let out a soft low moan of appreciation for what I was doing to her. As my finger pushed further into her secret place I could feel the sweet nectar oozing out over my fingers making them wet. Both of us were now thoroughly enjoying what was happening. I took my finger out and tasted that sweetness that was clinging to the end. I could smell the slight musky odor from her secretions and it just about drove me over the edge.

Then it happened I could hear the boys coming back from fishing! Missy and I quickly rearranged her clothing and tried to act normal as the boys came through the door.

Stay tuned for the further awakening of Missy.

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The Transformation of Lucy Pt. 01

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If asked to describe her life up to this point, Lucy would most probably have said boring or average. The eldest daughter, her parents had been happily married for over 25 years. Her father was an accountant, her mother a primary schoolteacher. Her sister was 2 years younger than Lucy and although, like all siblings they argued occasionally, on the whole they got on and in unguarded moments would even describe each other as their best friends.

Overall Lucy had enjoyed, as much as any child would, her school years. She had grown up in a small rural town and although there had been the odd issue with drugs and alcohol and one girl had got pregnant at 15, most of the big issues that many children in inner city schools faced passed Lucy and her friends by. Lucy had been popular at school, not one of the ‘in crowd’ but liked enough to be invited to most parties. She had a small group of friends she’d known since primary school and had also had a couple of boyfriends. Neither had lasted very long and if Lucy was honest she wasn’t that interested in boys of her own age or sex.

She had played sports for the school, always in the team, but never the star. Lucy liked to her keep herself fit and took pride that her body was slim and toned. She never had to worry about wearing a bikini at the beach. Academically she had held her own and managed to get a good set of results, which was why she was now standing in front of the mirror, preparing to go to her first lecture at University.

Lucy had always assumed she would go to Uni after school. She and a couple of friends had toyed with the idea of taking a gap year and travelling, but one by one they dropped out, so just a few months after leaving school, Lucy found herself in a big city for the first time in her life. Her parents had dropped her off at the halls of residence and after a few tears, Lucy had managed to persuade her mum that she would be fine and would call her every night. Freshers week had been ok. The halls of residence were divided into flats and Lucy got on with her flatmates. She went out most nights and again if honest had been surprised at what some of the girls in particular, got up to and were prepared to do with boys after only knowing them for a couple of hours, if that. Lucy didn’t regard herself as a prude, but was starting to realise just how sheltered her life had been. She had a couple of snogging sessions during the week, but was really put off by the drunken slobbering and groping and so got away as soon as she could.

She was really looking forward to her course. She had long had an interest in Psychology, studying it at ‘A’ Level and in the back of her mind thought she might want to be a psychiatrist one day. With that in mind, she had forgone another night out for an early night so as to be ready for the lecture in the morning. Lucy left her flat with plenty of time to walk to the University Campus about a mile away. She arrived early, found the lecture hall and got herself settled in. She was careful not to position herself at the front or in the centre as she didn’t want to attract the lecturer’s attention. Although she had done well in her ‘A’ levels, some of the people she had met so far at Uni had intimidated her and she wasn’t feeling as confident as she should. So she a picked a seat near to the back and a couple in from the aisle. She was one of the first to arrive and so watched as the other students arrived and took their places. Most seemed to be on their own, although there were a couple of small groups who seemed to know each other. Several people slid past Lucy on their way to their own seats, but no one sat next to her. A geeky looking guy in front of her turned around and introduced himself, but quickly ran out of conversation after asking her name and where she was from and not knowing where it was when she told him.

The lecturer arrived and was about to start when an beautiful young woman burst through the double doors at the top of the lecture hall, bounded down the steps and slumped into the seat next to Lucy.

‘Thank fuck I made it before he started,’ she panted, ‘hi, my name’s Hattie, what’s yours?’

Lucy was stunned, so much for not drawing attention to herself, ‘I’m Lucy, I think he’s about to start.’

‘Oh good, we’ll let’s hope he’s interesting,’ said Hattie with a big smile.

The lecture started with providing an outline of the 1 st year course, rules about assignments, who the students could ask for help if they were struggling etc. After about 45 minutes the lecturer then said ‘right it’s about time you lot start to get to know each other, because you are going to be spending a lot of time together and will most probably at some point study each other, so I want to turn to the person setting next to you, tell them who you are, where you come from, why you are here and why you are have chosen Psychology. I am going to give you 15 minutes.’

Little did Lucy know, but those 15 minutes were the start of a transformation that would take boring average Lucy on a very different path aksaray escort to the one she thought she would be taking.

Lucy had never met anyone like Hattie before. She was a couple of years older than Lucy, from a city and had a black father and white mum, which she said made her upbringing interesting. She had dropped out of the same course last year because of a family crisis, but was now back and ready to make the most of Uni second time around. In Lucy’s mind, she looked exotic, like a supermodel. She

was stunningly beautiful and although what she wore seemed extravagant, she managed to carry it off. Lucy, like most of her fellow students had just gone for the jeans and T-shirt look, with minimal make-up, whereas Hattie looked as she had just stepped out of a fashion show. Hattie was also interested in Lucy and managed to get more out of her in 15 minutes than her flatmates had in a week. Lucy was disappointed when the 15 minutes was up, but was thrilled when Hattie asked if she wanted to go for a coffee after the lecture.

The lecture went on for another hour, by which time both girls were desperate to leave and get a coffee. They found their way to the student coffee bar and after getting their drinks settled down on a sofa.

‘Now,’ Hattie began, ‘let’s get to the good stuff … have you got a boyfriend?’


‘Wow, I’m surprised a good looking girl like you, bet you get plenty of attention?’

‘Not much,’ replied Lucy, getting a little embarrassed, ‘I’ve not really been that interested in boys.’

‘Are you into girls then?’

‘Oh no, nothing like that, it’s just …’

‘Have you had a boyfriend?’

‘Yes a couple, but they didn’t last long …’

‘Have you done it?’


‘Had sex?’

Lucy started to blush, nobody had ever been this direct with her before. She and her friends at school had often talked about sex, but it was always one of the conversations Lucy had been on the outside of. Now as Hattie began to probe she started to get a tingling feeling between her legs and knew she was starting to blush.

‘You’re a virgin aren’t you,’ exclaimed Hattie, way too loud for Lucy’s liking.

‘Sshh … I’m not, but there’s no need for the whole Uni to know.’

Hattie was now laughing and smiling at Lucy, not in a horrible, but friendly way, ‘well young lady, you must tell me more …’

‘I really don’t want to talk about it.’

‘I’m only going to keep pushing … come on, spill the beans.’

Lucy was now turning a brighter shade of red and wanting a big hole to open in the floor to swallow her, ‘not here.’

‘OK, what are you plans for the rest of the day?’ Hattie asked.

‘I was going to go to the Library to register and …’

‘Sod that, let’s go back to my room and you are going to tell me all.’ And with that Hattie grabbed Lucy and they headed back to the halls of residence.

Hattie didn’t stop chatting all the way, but Lucy didn’t hear her. Her mind was in turmoil, what was she getting herself into? She had to put a stop to this now.

Before she knew it, the girls were in Hattie’s room.

‘Look Hattie, this has to stop. I’m not comfortable talking about this, it’s embarrassing and …’

‘Not a good experience then? Come on tell me what happened.’

‘Well that was it, not a lot happened. We were at a house party. I’d been seeing this boy and he had been pushing for us to do it. I’d had a couple of drinks, all my friends had done it, so I thought what the hell. We found a room and before I knew he had his hands in my knickers pawing at me and not very gently. He then pulled them down and then started ramming his thing against me. It took him a few goes to find the right spot, then when he did he just shoved it in and a couple of thrusts later it was over. Good job I’d gone on the Pill. He then rolls over, goes that was fucking fantastic, pulls his jeans up and went back to the party, leaving my lying there with my knickers around my ankles, feeling totally humiliated. Needless to say, I dumped him pretty soon after and he still doesn’t know why.’

‘Oh Lucy, I am so sorry, what a horrible experience. Have you had sex since?’

‘No, put me right off. Can’t see what the fuss is about.’

‘We’re going to need to put that right. My first time was totally different and opened me up to a whole different world. It was with an older neighbour, Mr Johnson. He and his wife used to babysit for me and my little sister. When we were younger we had little to do with him, it was mostly Mrs Johnson that looked after us. A few years ago his wife left him and he became a bit of a recluse, but I always got on with him and as I grew up we would often have a small chat when we saw each other.

Then one day, just after my eighteenth birthday, I was upset and walked past him when he was cleaning his car, which I never did.

‘Hey Hattie,’ he called out, ‘are you just going to ignore me?’

‘Sorry Mr J, but I had other things on my mind.’

‘Like topkapı escort what?’

‘It’s a bit embarrassing.’

‘You can tell me.’

I thought about it for a fraction of a second and then let it all out, ‘the girls at school have been teasing me about still being a virgin.’

‘Well there’s nothing wrong about that Hattie, you shouldn’t be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to.’

‘Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t really like boys my age, I like older men.’ I saw his eyebrows rise up at that point and I am sure his hand made a move towards his groin, but he quickly recovered himself.

‘Oh,’ he said, ‘I see.’

After his wife had left and as I grew up I had always found Mr J attractive, he hadn’t let himself go, kept himself fit – I often saw him out on his bike and I know he went to the gym regularly.

‘Ah Mr J, I don’t suppose …’

He suddenly looked very serious, ‘you don’t want to go there Hattie.’

‘Why not?’

He clearly thought for a moment and then decided to be straight with me, ‘I have some very particular tastes when it comes to sex, some would say perverted … it’s one of the reasons my wife left me. Now I’m trusting you Hattie, you better not going blabbing this about.’

My mind was spinning and surprisingly to me, I was getting wet and excited by what he meant by perverted, ‘Oh no Mr J, your secret is safe with me, what do you mean by perverted?’

At that point he had decided the conversation had gone too far, ‘I am not prepared to say, and I’d be grateful if you’d forget we’d had this conversation,’ and with that went back to cleaning his car.

Over the next few days, when I saw Mr J I tried to talk to him, but he always made an excuse and went off. I also started looking around the internet and looking at porn. I started to get an idea of what perverted might mean and found it turned me on and very quickly found myself with my knickers around my ankles getting myself off at the images I saw, particularly bondage, group and anal sex and if all were combined – wow!

After trying a few more times to talk to Mr J, I decided to write to him. I didn’t have his phone number so couldn’t text him or anything. In short I told him I liked him, I had looked at some porn, liked what I saw, especially the more extreme stuff and that I wanted to talk to him. I also included my phone number. I dropped the letter off on my way to school one morning. It took a couple of days, but as I was struggling with a difficult essay, my phone pinged – it was a new number:

– Hattie, I got your letter. If you are really interested in me you need to know I take no prisoners – I will use you in whatever way I want, whether you like it or not and I don’t accept anything being off limits, your mouth, cunt and arse will all be mine to use as I want. Before you get (literally) into bed with me you need to be absolutely sure. I suggest you look at the following categories on Porn Hub – teen anal, painanal, bondage, rough sex and then find the most extreme videos you can – and then think about it being you on the receiving end and me doing far worse than you can see on those videos.

I don’t want to hear from you for at least 2 weeks. If I hear from you about this before 2 weeks are up, I will ignore the text. If after those 2 weeks you still want this, then text me and I’ll give you instructions to follow. If I don’t hear from you then great, no problem, I just hope we can still be friends, I’d miss our chats.

Lucy, I tell you I was gushing between my legs when I read that text. For some reason the thought of him using me as he pleased really turned me on. I spent the next 2 weeks looking at the sites he suggested and more. I had never masturbated as much before or since than I did during those 2 weeks, waiting was torture. I even used carrots and cucumbers on my pussy and arse in anticipation.

After 2 weeks and 1 day, I texted him

– Hi Mr J, I have done as you asked and I want to submit to you. I am prepared for you to do whatever you want to me.

He didn’t reply immediately, it took a couple of hours for him to get back to me.

– Ok, you’ve made your choice. There is still opportunity to back out, but if you want to continue this is what you must do:

1. You must be on the Pill. I don’t use condoms. If you are not on the Pill, then make a Drs appointment and let me know when it is safe for you to have sex.

2. When you have done 1, you must shave completely, you must be hairless from the neck down.

3. You must then clean your arse thoroughly. If you don’t know how to do this, look it up.

4. I will tell you what time to arrive. DO NOT be late. You will wear your old school uniform, no bra and the smallest thong you can find. Make-up and hair will be up to you, but you must please me – you should be able to see where I am going with this.

When I have finished with you, you will not be a virgin in any sense.

As before if I don’t hear from you, no problem, sarıyer escort but you are getting closer to the point of no return.

I was already on the Pill so no problem there and I already shaved, but I did like to leave a landing patch, so that had to go. I had to look up how to clean myself properly and boy did that take some doing with my mum in the house. I had to nick my sister’s school uniform as I had ceremoniously burned mine when I finished GCSEs, but finally I was ready and text Mr J to let him know I was ready. He came back quickly this time

– Be at my house 8pm on Saturday. Make arrangements to be out all night.

I was now getting very excited. I told my mum I was going to a party and staying with a friend which I often did. On Saturday afternoon I got myself ready and left the house at 7.30. I had to sneak out in normal party clothes, with my ‘Mr J clothes’ underneath. I changed behind our shed and crept to Mr J’s so I was there for 8pm. Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door.

Mr J opened the door almost immediately. ‘This is your last chance to walk away.’ I stayed. ‘Ok, undo your blouse and show me your tits.’

‘On the doorstep?’

‘Do as I say or walk away,’ he sneered. I was shaking as I undid the buttons and pulled open the shirt.

‘Very nice,’ he leered, ‘now pull up your skirt, I want to see if you have followed my instructions.’ This time I did as I was told straight away. ‘Good you’re learning. Ok very last chance, once you step in here, you’re mine – do you want to come in?’

Another deep breath and I was inside. Mr J closed the door behind us. ‘Go into the lounge and stand in the middle of the floor.’ I did as I was told. ‘Take off the blazer and put your hands in front of you.’

Again I did as I was told, my pussy was gushing – god it is now thinking about it, sorry Lucy I can’t tell this without touching myself, is it turning you on?’

At that point Hattie pulled up her skirt, showing she wasn’t wearing any underwear and started to play with herself. Lucy was fascinated by her new friend’s story and if she was honest, she was getting turned on herself, but she didn’t know where to look when Hattie started playing with herself.

‘Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I put my hands out in front of me and Mr J tied them together. He then looped the other end of the rope over a hook in the ceiling I hadn’t noticed. This had the affect of pulling me onto tiptoes. He then made me spread my legs and strapped my ankles to what I now know is a spreader pole to keep them there. He then walked very slowly around me. My shirt was undone, but apart from that I was clothed at this point. That didn’t last long, my skirt was the first to come off, followed by my blouse which he ripped off, so that only the sleeves were left. This left me in just a skimpy thong.

‘Very nice Hattie, you have a great body, I am going to have so much fun with this.’ With that he grabbed my pussy and rubbed his finger along my slit over my thong, ‘so wet already, I think you will make a fine slut Hattie.’ He then walked around and did the same to my arse this time probing my hole with his thumb through the very thin strip of material.

‘Before we get to deflowering you, I think we’ll have some fun.’ At this point he blindfolded me and I felt a snip as he cut my skimpy thong off me. ‘Open wide,’ he said. I opened my mouth and the soaking wet thong was stuffed in. I could now taste myself.

It all went quiet for a bit and then I felt a sharp pain across my backside. I now know he was using a flogger on me. First he focused on by arse cheeks and then moved to my shoulders. My back and arse felt like they were on fire, but for some reason I didn’t want to run away and leave. I wanted to be there, I was naked, tied up and could do nothing and was loving it.

The next sharp pain was on my left tit followed closely by my right. He spent a lot of time on my tits, not only whipping them, but pinching and twisting them as well. Finally I felt a pain on my pussy, right between the lips, that one hurt, but I almost came immediately.

‘Don’t even think of cumming yet.’ This was the first thing he had said since he had stuffed the thong into my mouth. He then proceeded to whip my pussy again and again and each time I had to hold back despite the pain. Finally he stopped and I then felt cold ice against my pussy lips and then my nipples, ‘like that?’

‘Ummphh,’ I mumbled through the thong gag.

‘Want to come yet?’

‘Ummphh,’ and I nodded.

‘Ok then,’ and with that he gave my pussy one final slap and I had my first orgasm.

I am not sure how long he left me there but it was a while. Eventually he pulled out the thong and released me from the hook. My hands were still bound in front of me and I was still blindfolded, attached to the spreader.

‘On your knees, time to use your first hole. Have you given anyone a blowjob before?’

‘No,’ I said.

‘Ok I am going to put my cock in your mouth, you are going to suck it, but if I feel any teeth you will be punished – am I clear?’

‘Yes sir,’ I said, not sure why I said ‘sir’ but it seemed appropriate. I had seen videos of blowjobs on the internet and did my best to imitate them. I tried to use my hands, but they were slapped away.

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A Busy Weekend Pt. 09

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A Busy Weekend Pt 9

The wind battered the sides of the small craft. Something about it had seemed to unnerve Saoirse, so Pia took extra care to hold her while they tried to have an afternoon nap in Pia’s bed. The two of them had changed from their nightshirts into some of Pia’s comfy sweats. Saoirse wore one of Miss May’s old sweatshirts, with a large patch sewn onto the back to patch up what Miss May had originally cut out for her wings. Pia ran her finger along the diamond-shaped seam, feeling Saoirse’s fluffy tail twitch.

“What’s the matter, Sersh?” Pia tried not to yawn.

Saoirse had been curled up, her face in Pia’s cleavage. Her catlike ears, the same pale yellow as her shoulder-length hair and her tail, were flat against her head.

“I don’t think it’s working,” sighed Saoirse.

Pia felt the blood drain from her face in cold prickles. “What?”

Saoirse cupped her crotch self-consciously. “I’m not retracting all the way.”

“Well, you said you need to be relaxed and pampered all day,” said Pia, relieved. “It’s been like two hours. Is there anything I can do to help?”

One of Saoirse’s hazel eyes peeked up at Pia from between her breasts. “Do you know what marking is?”

The wind was quieter in the bathroom, and they took off their sweats. Saoirse seemed a little shy about what her genitals looked like and sat on the toilet. She was half renoige and had the typical hyena-like pseudopenis, and she’d been trying very hard to retract it for Pia.

“I’m sorry, I don’t do this on purpose much,” said Saoirse while Pia approached her. “It’s always hardest when I want to retract it, pun intended.”

“Sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something,” said Pia, straddling Saoirse’s lap. “Are you sure you want me to pee on you now though? I don’t really even need to go.”

Saoirse smiled up at Pia, her eyes reflecting green in the pale light from the window. “Your urine disagrees with you.”

Pia glanced down at herself. Her breasts and tummy were dry, and so was her thin green pubic hair, the same color as the straight waist-length green hair on her head. Her labia was swollen and slick in the folds of her vulva, but that wasn’t surprising at the moment.

“A small amount always leaks out when you’re full enough,” said Saoirse. Pia wasn’t able to let go right away, and tried to relax on Saoirse’s lap.

“How is this ‘pampering’ you, exactly?” asked Pia. “I was expecting to do facials, or soak our feet, or put sliced vegetables on our eyes.”

Saoirse reclined against the tank on the toilet. “All you have in your pantry right now is bell peppers, but I guess those could work,” said Saoirse rubbing Pia’s outer thigh. “And you did give me a facial, after a fashion.”

“What do you-” Pia blushed. “Oh, you mean when I um…”

“That was better than anything I’ve gotten at a fancy spa, and if I ever ask you for a facial from now on, that’s what I mean,” said Saoirse. “Though let’s maybe do it without the impending blizzard next time.”

Pia scooted back a little and opened her legs. She got her first good look at how much Saoirse had retracted her clitoris; it resembled a puffy şişli escort human vulva. Pia didn’t touch it, but it throbbed when her hand brushed Saoirse’s thigh.

“I’m about two-thirds there,” said Saoirse. “Usually by this point, I lose my patience, pop it back out, and take care of myself.”

“And how is peeing on you going to help?” asked Pia. Almost as if on cue, Pia’s urethra relaxed and she loosed a jet of piss into Saoirse’s belly button before she could aim it.

“It’s a reminder of what I’m working toward,” said Saoirse, watching Pia intently. “May I ask a personal question?”

Pia couldn’t stop a long sigh of relief. Her flow picked up and hissed over the wind from outside. “Well, I’m only peeing on you. I think we’re well into awkward personal question territory.”

“Where are you from?” asked Saoirse.

“I’m from-” Pia’s thoughts blanked. She dug into her memory, but couldn’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital. “It’s kind of a long story, but I can’t remember anything from more than about five years ago when I was at Grace Harbor General Hospital.”

“Grace Harbor, huh?” said Saoirse contemplatively. Pia’s flow trickled to a stop.

“Phew. You were right, Sersh. I needed that,” Pia sighed. Surprisingly, Saoirse had retracted a bit more.

“You can touch it,” said Saoirse. Her pseudo-vulva twitched when Pia delicately ran her finger down the side. Saoirse’s bladder bulged slightly in her thin stomach.

“Do you need to pee?”

Saoirse nodded. “I probably shouldn’t have had that last mug of tea. I can’t pee like this, though.”

“Why not?” Pia asked, dabbing at herself with some toilet paper.

“I have to concentrate to retract my clit, and I can’t do that and pee at the same time,” said Saoirse. The wind howled, and Pia shivered, climbing gingerly off Saoirse’s lap.

“So,” said Pia, snuggling up to Saoirse under the blankets on her bed while the storm howled outside an hour later. The snow whited out the windows, giving the plant-lined room a dim, diffused glow. “How do you know when you’re fully retracted?”

“Mmmfwell,” Saoirse looked up from Pia’s cleavage. “I know for sure it’s fully retracted when I can pee without popping it out.”

Pia ran her hand over Saoirse’s lower belly and Saoirse squirmed. “Do you really want to wash your sheets again?”

Pia stretched her legs and yawned, “Well, we’re not doing anything else today, are we?”

“That’s fair,” said Saoirse. “But I’m not ready to pee yet.”

Saoirse spent the next hour alternately dozing off between Pia’s breasts and asking, “What’s that?” every time there was a crack of branches outside. None of the sounds were close, but Pia held Saoirse tighter. Pia’s home was close enough to the tree line that she could imagine a thousand things going wrong, most of them involving a tree dramatically cutting her roof in half.

“Pia,” groaned Saoirse on the bed, pulling away. She seemed to be pushing her pants down under the covers.

Pia pulled her clothes off and helped Saoirse remove her shirt. Saoirse insisted that they remove the pillows and duvet, and while Pia folded it Saoirse lay down on her back, taksim escort spreading her legs. Her pseudo-vulva twitched, but nothing came out. Saoirse’s face reddened when Pia sat down on the bed.

“Take your time,” said Pia. The air was warm, and it felt nice on Pia’s back and nipples.

Saoirse paused, blushing brighter. “Can I wash the sheets?”

“I was just going to get them into the wash after this anyway,” said Pia, stroking Saoirse’s ear. “It’ll be good to keep warm water circulating through the pipes too.”

“Can I do it though?” groaned Saoirse. She was shaking and beginning to leak.

“Yeah, of course,” Pia said slowly. “I’ll just have to show you how to set it.”

Saoirse lay back, took a deep breath, and relaxed. Nothing happened. Saoirse exhaled in frustration.

“May I start?” asked Pia. “It might help.” Saoirse nodded, and Pia began by rubbing Saoirse’s lower belly. Saoirse’s bladder was full and hard, and she shivered at the weight of Pia’s hand on it. Pia explored down to Saoirse’s pseudovulva with her fingers, delicately probing the twitching folds. Saoirse moaned and flicked her tail restlessly.

“You’ve told me that you’ve done Andyne speed dating,” said Pia, bending down to kiss Saoirse’s clavicle. “And rendez-“

“Where did you hear that word?” Saoirse squeaked. Pia kissed Saoirse’s neck.

“It’s a French word? Miss May uses it sometimes when she talks about being on her homeworld.” Pia inserted one finger experimentally, earning a small moan and a shiver. “I know it means ‘meeting,’ but when May uses it, I don’t think that’s all it means.”

“On the Andyne homeworld it’s where-” Saoirse paused to catch her breath. “-where you casually masturbate or have sex with friends.” Pia pushed deeper into Saoirse. Saoirse’s pussy tightened, quivered, and a hot gush of fluid flooded out. Following some more quivering, Saoirse’s bladder finally released.

Saoirse let out a long, contented sigh. Her flow ran down her crotch and inner thighs, hissing loudly. Pia tried to play with it.

“I can’t get a stream when it’s like this,” breathed Saoirse. She reached up to fondle Pia’s breasts and Pia scooted up to give her better access. Pia started moving her fingers in and out, and Saoirse’s body twitched to her slow rhythm.

“May I try giving oral?” asked Pia.

“I’m not-…in the right headspace to receive it right now,” Saoirse replied. “My vibrator is in my backpack if you want to use that but…” Pia sped up, and Saoirse curled forward to bury her face in Pia’s cleavage. She was still steadily peeing, but the flow picked up a little. “I don’t think you’re gonna need it.” Her hips gyrated to Pia’s thrusts, and she added another finger. Saoirse moaned something that sounded like “Harder!” between Pia’s breasts. She didn’t stop moaning, and her voice rose in pitch until she cried out, twisting and making an effort not to scratch Pia with her nails. She collapsed into Pia’s arms when she finished, gasping and sweating.

Pia let Saoirse catch her breath before helping her bundle up the sheets, and they went downstairs to the bathroom. Saoirse put the sheets in the washer while Pia turned on beşiktaş escort the shower. The wash would take up most of the water, so they had a quick shower before starting the washer. Saoirse insisted on helping Pia put clean sheets on the bed afterward, and it took a few tries to figure out which side went where.

“So you do a lot of um…” Pia pushed on before she could hesitate. “Do you do a lot of those rendezvous things?”

Saoirse’s face turned a brilliant red. “Well…you know my instructor, Mr. Deepuin?”

“Yeah?” Pia said slowly.

“Well…he’s an old friend – his first name is Arthur. He did spill blood on me at the last dig we were on, but he um…he made it up to me.” Saoirse’s ears flattened in embarrassment. “The first time we did it, it was at the site of the human breedery. There was an abandoned office building attached to it and we camped there for a couple of weeks. We pissed all over and I taught him how to give good oral. Arthur and I still rendezvous sometimes on more remote digs, but not as much anymore.”

“Why did you make it sound like you didn’t know him?” asked Pia, smoothing the sheets and picking up one of the blankets.

Saoirse’s blush abated a little. “It’s one of those dumb Andyne cultural things. I only lived on the Homeworld for a few years, but I made the mistake of bringing a rendezvous up in conversation during my first semester there. Andyne culture is extremely compartmentalized: they can go from being open and honest about sex in one setting to being horrified about it in another, even if the people you did it with are the only ones there. It’s jarring, and in the more repressed settings it’s even rude to ask someone how their spouse is doing.”

“That sounds complicated,” said Pia, tossing the duvet onto the bed to spread it. Saoirse caught it and let it settle.

“It’s a shame because the Andyne homeworld is a nice place to live otherwise,” said Saoirse.

“What about that ‘book’ you’re writing?” asked Pia. She tossed her pillow onto the bed and sat down to put on her nightshirt.

“That’s a lie for your protection,” Saoirse said, almost sharply. “And Mayra and Azri’s. I probably shouldn’t have even told you about the human breeding facility – they called themselves the ‘World Sleepers’ because they were trying to grow humans in tanks instead of producing them the traditional way.”

Saoirse threw on the nightshirt she’d been wearing and got onto the bed with Pia.

Pia held Saoirse, feeling the damp fur on Saoirse’s catlike ears. “Is that why you’ve been so nervous?” she asked quietly.

“That, and I keep thinking there’s going to be thunder,” Saoirse yawned.

“Well if there is, I’m here,” said Pia. “But Sersh?”

“Yeah?” Saoirse cuddled into Pia’s side and looked up at her owlishly.

“You don’t need to lie to me to protect me. I wouldn’t tell.”

Saoirse sat up a little. “I want you to have plausible deniability in case I get caught. I um…I really like you, Pia, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Pia sighed, “Just don’t lie to me again, alright? You don’t have to.”

“Alright,” agreed Saoirse. “I can’t tell you everything, but I won’t lie about it.”

The rest of the night was uneventful; after a while, Saoirse fell asleep. Pia got up, did some dishes, and switched the sheets to the dryer. Saoirse was still asleep when Pia returned, and they slept until the early hours of the next morning.

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The Purple Panties Eater

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When Shannon’s mother volunteered to tutor me in English I was trepidations, I mean this woman practically chases me away from her house with a broom if Shannon and I get too close and now she is having me over to help me with school. Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the help as my English marks are failing and a free tutor is better than no tutor, it is just the sudden change of heart makes me nervous as to what she is up to.

I ring the bell to her door and only have to wait a short while until the door swings open. Standing in front of me was the woman that every young man in the neighbourhood held secret fantasies of. Her dark hair straightened and long enough to drape over her shoulder, her figure concealed in her loose fitting clothing, but the obvious fact was that she was lithe and athletic.

She leads me inside, walking in front of me and giving me a clear view of her rear swaying with each step in a provocative manner, I had to shake my head to remind myself who I was watching. She leads me to the living room where there is a table laid out and a couple of chairs with a white board set up, obviously all this was for me and I was certain to make her aware that I appreciated all the effort, which of course she downplayed as nothing and accepted the praise.

She talked to me for a while about how things would work, apparently Shannon was going to be at a relatives for the weekend so it would be the two of them for the afternoon, and as for studying, we were going to discover the problems and find a different way of looking at them.

She starts by leaning over the table from the other side to take a look at where I am having difficulties, as she does, I see her shirt open slightly and expose some of her breasts to me, the milky white flesh becomes irresistible and causes me to stare down her blouse while she talks until she finally catches me.

“Are you staring down my shirt?” she asks tartly as she stands up abruptly, her hands finding her hips in that disappointed pose that every young man dreads to see in a woman.

I stutter in response, unable to form words to defend myself, suddenly terrified of the consequences and she speaks again, her voice louder this time, “You were too you little pervert.”

Finally managing to form words I respond in the most apologetic tone I can muster, ” No, no, I would never, I mean not intentionally, I mean-.”

This sparks an even more abrupt reaction as she interrupts me “And why not?” she asks, “Am I not attractive enough for you to ‘check out’?”

Stuttering again and my face flushed red as cherries I stammer around back and forth trying to defend myself only finding that it digs a hole deeper. Eventually she finds some degree of mercy, and stops turning everything I say against me.

Now looking at me with a look of a predator that has been cunning enough to outwit his prey and was now savouring it for the kill she changes the conversation, “OK then you little pervert, since we have established that the only thing you can focus on is attractive women, we are going to play a game, if you answer a question correctly, Manavgat escort I will get a little more edgy for you, if you get it wrong, less so.” then with a wink she looks at me expectantly.

I nod with hesitance and a hint of eagerness, thinking to myself that all learning should be more like this, forgetting entirely that I am dating her daughter and my better sensitivities all together.

The questions start off relatively easy and each one correctly answered earns me a button undone from her top, each one progressively more risque in how she opens it until her bottom button is all that remains, leaving her bra slightly uncovered and a hint of her breasts showing.

Her questions now become more difficult and a few buttons are done up until I can finally earn them back with a bit of focus and restraint. Getting back to the bottom button I nail the question to get the last button with such confidence she grins at me like she has won something insubstantial but important. Another question and she removes her blouse completely, taking a moment for me to enjoy the sights, propping her breasts up using her shoulders to enhance them.

Her upper figure now visible it becomes obvious that her clothes do her no justice, her toned figure borders on muscular, and her abs flat and inviting at the same time. Her breasts seem massive in comparison to what I expected, appearing to strain against her purple bra eager to be released, heaving up and down with each breath.

“You seem to like what you see, maybe next time you wont judge a book by its cover.” she says with a wink and makes like she is going to continue with the lesson, “OK, bonus question, get it right we will go to the bonus round, get it wrong and we will continue as we are, so for all the marbles, can you tell me what colour are my panties?”

I nearly choke on my breath as she asks the questions and have to concentrate hard to be able to reason out what colour they are. A myriad of colours come to mind, red, black, even white, but eventually I decide that the most likely case is that they match her bra, “Purple?” I ask questioningly.

She looks shocked, then amazed as to how I was able to figure it out. The look on her face looking like some air head who just learned some simple fact that amazed her, the her eyes betray her and it becomes obvious she is faking it as I clue in to what is going on. With that she walks around the table to stand near me and turns my chair to face her. She leans in close and makes a motion with her finger for me to come with her and turns to walk away, watching over her shoulder to make sure I am following her as told.

She leads me down the hallway, her shapely behind the focus of my attention again, especially as she unzips her pants at the side and drops them to the floor, stepping out of them with a glance back and a wink with a mischievous smile. She leads me down to a room at the end of the hall as I resist the urge to do something that would get me in trouble, which turns out to be a large bedroom.

She directs me to a bed in a corner of the room and orders me Manavgat escort bayan to lie down. “It is time for you oral exam mister, how well you do here determines what happens next, understood?” she queries with a look of distinct seriousness and a sharp tone.

I nod as I lay myself back on the bed and watch as she removes her bra freeing her breasts to the dim light of the room, the light highlighting them in a delightful manner. In my mind I had never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in my life as those, and I become so caught up in them that I don’t notice that as I stared she had dropped her panties to the floor without a care. She walks over to the foot of the bed and crawls towards me looking like some wild cat stalking its prey.

Her impressive breasts caress along my body, making me wish I did not have them on as she places her hands on my shoulders and lifts herself up vertically until her crotch is directly in front of me. My first glance nearly becomes too much for me as my manhood strains against my pants, eager to be freed and join in. The beautifully shaved mound glistened in the dim light inches from my face, her labia split just enough to show her pink tender flesh that seemed to beg to be eaten.

I understood immediately what she wanted and slide myself downwards so she can sit herself perfectly over my face and I can lick her tender flesh with ease. I had heard about this before, even been exceptionally curious to the point of desperate to try. Now right on my face was my first real chance and I was determined to do this perfectly. Applying everything I had read and imagined about it, I set to work.

After a little direction from her I had my tongue twisting and flicking all the right spots for her, occasionally sliding it in and out of her hole to simulate what was becoming obvious as was next. She takes up my hands in hers and caresses her breasts with mine, pressing them in hard and caressing them together in a random sequence. She tells me constantly how much she loves what I am doing and moans about how much she loves what is being done, I just grin and press on in my efforts.

Her climax builds inside of her until it is obvious to even me that she is going to climax, her muscles tightening in pattern as she fights to hold out as long as she can until it all becomes too much and she lets it go with an intense moan that reminded me again that I was in the grips of a predator, a prey to her delights, a victim to her pleasures. Her legs tighten against my head as if to reinforce the point and drive it home that I was hers to do with as she pleases yet still providing me with the special treat of her juices spreading all over my face as she grinds herself onto my face.

As she comes down from her climax she tells me to keep going, saying that I have to do it again to make sure it was not a fluke, and I follow orders like a good little victim. I repeat my earlier attentions to her now dripping wet flesh, this time not needing nearly as much time to push her over the edge. Her scream from this climax pierces the otherwise still and quiet Escort manavgat air of this cool afternoon. As the sounds dissipate to nothing she falls forward in a heap and musters just enough energy to shift off of my face.

After a short rest she speaks again in a voice with a hint of shakiness “OK so your oral exam is a pass, shall we see how well you can do with the practical side?” sliding herself downwards resting just as her crotch touches the top of my pants, “We will have to take these clothes of yours off for this.”

Lifting herself up by her knees she unbuttons my jeans then waits for me to remove them, I make sure to brush my face against her breasts as I do, followed by my shirt exposing myself completely to her. Now stripped of everything and left naked and exposed to a predator so capable of dominating me I never really had a chance I find myself so turned on that my erection ached and seemed willing to burst out of its skin. Seeming to sense this she lowers her upper body to allow our flesh to merge with each other, her milky white breasts contrasting sharply against my skin, my breathing deep and heavy as I nervously await what is to come next.

She reaches in behind herself and grips my manhood for the first time, winking at me as she gets a measure of my size and leans in to kiss me. Again she out performs me as it is clear she is the better. I try to kiss back but just stumble over my own tongue. Easing herself upright again eases her hips up and over top of it as she stands it up. With a pace that would make a turtle seem like a rabbit and lowers herself to contact it. The warm wetness against my strained flesh overwhelms my senses and my eyes roll back in my head as my body tenses. I fought with every ounce of will I had left to keep myself from climaxing right there. Sensing just that, she takes her time maneuvering herself until she gets me where she wants me to be. With a glance to make sure I am ready she lowers her self onto my shaft, greedily impaling herself with a grin that can only mean victory.

The sensation of her heated wetness encompassing my manhood tips me nearly to the edge again forcing me to concentrate harder then I had ever done before to hold back. Sensing my readiness once the impulse passes she begins to gyrate in short motions easing me in and out in short motions and scraping my head around her insides stimulating her to start moaning.

Ever the predator, she taunts my climax onwards with whispers of how much she loves my cock inside, and how badly she wants my cum inside of her. Holding out on picking up the pace until she knows my limits are reached. Her pace picks up quickly now seemingly desperate to drive my shaft in and out of her as fast as possible. Her eyes close and she sways her head around letting herself get taken over by the experience while I fight not to cum too soon.

Within a minute of the intense speed of her riding me I lose my control and release my load inside her thrusting in what could only have been described as death roues thrusting desperately against her weight until I finally collapse silent and still.

With my eyes closed I can only feel as she lifts herself off of me and slips into the bed beside me, resting her head up in her hand off the bed.

We discussed the experience for more than an hour and she made me promise to keep this a secret, not like anyone would believe it.

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The New Neighbour Ch. 02

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The previous events left my cock half limp as I followed Kayla inside, staring at her swaying ass.

“I love this house,” she said, looking back at me.

My head jerked up to see her smiling. I looked back down at myself, realizing that my cock stood nude, and my pants were halfway down my legs.

As I reached for them, she spoke.

“Don’t,” she grinned mischievously, “they’ll won’t be on for much longer,”

I stepped out of them and continued to follow her through the desolate house. I couldn’t help but imagine what’d be like to make love to her in the different rooms. In the shower, in the kitchen, anywhere. That, and I still couldn’t believe that I might be losing my virginity within the next hour. I was definitely a lucky guy.

Finally, we entered a medium sized room, with a mattress lying on the floor. She sat down on the mattress and motioned for me to come to her.

I advanced, ending with my rod inches from her face. She gave it a quick lick, then spoke.

“Now, as much as Manavgat escort I’d like to dine on that bad boy again, I haven’t been fucked in so long, I need that pleasure again. Lay down,” she commanded.

I lay on my back by her, letting her take control of the situation. She lay beside me, hungrily kissing my lips as she started to jack me off. My cock hardened fully in her expert hands as they slid up it’s length.

“You know what I love about virgins?” she said between kisses, “they’re so much fun to break in,”

After a few more minutes of making out, she straddled my stomach. I moved my hands up her thighs, kneading them, then slid my fingers into the back of her shorts, gripping her ass.

“Ooh, feisty,” she said as she peeled off her shirt. I gazed in awe at her wonderful set of tan tits. She ran her hands over them, pinching her erect nipples. On instinct, I bridged up and took one into my mouth. She softly moaned as I caressed the other breast with my hand. Her head fell back Manavgat escort bayan as her breathing increased.

“Oh…I need it now,” she moaned. Smiling, she pushed be back onto the bed, and stood for a second, to unzip her shorts. Coyly, she pulled them down and through them across the room. Again, I gazed in awe at the beauty before me. Her pussy was shaved, and literally dripping juice. Slowly, she lowered herself onto my erect cock.

Her pussy felt so warm and soft, although slightly tight. She bounced slowly, letting me probe her deeper with every bounce. One of her hands traveled downward, to play with her clit, while the other moved to her breast, gripping it and squeezing it. I bridged up again and caught her with a kiss mid-moan. I hungrily kissed her, loving her tongue and lips.

She broke it off, leaned back and moaned a bit more audibly, as she neared climax. I kissed her breasts, and she panted a bit faster. Deftly, I grabbed her and flipped her to her back. She let Escort manavgat out a gasp of astonishment and looked up at me with surprised eyes. I knew I was in control, I knew I couldn’t let her down.

I continued at a steady pace, humping her, letting her feel my full length and thickness. I’d pull out until just my head was in her, then I’d enter fully again, my balls slapping her ass.

I moved down and took her left breast into my mouth, gently nibbling on her erect nipple. I moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment.

Absentmindedly, her hand roamed down to her pussy, and she began to rub her clit as I fucked her.

“GOD you’re fucking good,” she moaned. I did my best to last as long as I could. I’d slow a bit if I felt an orgasm coming, and I’d continue to work on her breasts, occasionally kissing her deeply. My finger toyed with her asshole, and she smiled, surprised at that.

As she got wetter, I moved faster, she moaned more and more as she got ready to orgasm. As I felt her body tense, I shot loads of cum into her wet gate.

Slowing to a stop, I kissed her passionately.

“Amazing,” she said as I rolled to the side. I started to get up, but she put her arm over me and rested her head on my shoulder. Without trepidation, I fell asleep.

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The Sleepover

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Big Dicks



I sat there staring at the ceiling in the dark, beside me I heard the soft snores of Belle from her bed and I sighed. This happened every time I slept over. As soon as she touched her bed she was dead to the world, and I would lie alone in the dark thinking to myself. I had been sleeping over Belle’s place a lot lately.

My parents had been having these huge arguments, doors slamming, yelling, screaming. I couldn’t take it. It had come to the point where all I wanted was for them to get a divorce and leave each other be. But they seemed to be trying to hold onto the scraps of their unhappy marriage. Unfortunately. I was lucky though that I had Belle.

Her parents had split when she was younger and she hadn’t seen her dad in years. I loved her mum though. She made me feel so welcome, apart of the family. She was that type of mum you saw on tv. The type with soft hands and infectious smile. Flour in her hair and cookies in the oven. I think secretly Mrs Write was trying to overcompensate for the fact that Belle and her brother Sam didn’t grow up with a father.

I sighed as I tried to move around again. I had an oversized t-shirt on and it kept bunching up each time I fidgeted. I gave up trying to be comfortable, I couldn’t seem to stop tossing and turning till finally, I huffed to myself and sat up. Maybe if I didn’t make too much noise, I could make a cocoa to help me sleep.

I slowly pulled the covers off myself, looking over at my friend’s sleeping form. I tiptoed past her bed, then almost tripped over my own mattress. I swore under my breath then continued on in my journey, the door creeping as I opened it. I squeezed past once the gap was big enough and found myself in the hall.

I knew this house as if it was my own, so I headed right and found myself in the kitchen. I moved forward in the darkness, waiting for my eyes to adjust… when I bumped into a large figure. I screamed. Well went to scream. A hand snaked around and grabbed my mouth, pulling me against their hard body.

My cries were muffled and I struggled, I tried pulling my elbow forward to pull it back hard against my assaulter’s abdomen until I head his voice.

“Shhh! Jesus Addie, you’ll wake up the whole house.”

Sam whispered in my ear, his breath hot on my cheek. I sighed out in relief and closed my eyes trying to slow my erratic heartbeat.

My hands on my chest.

“You scared the shit out of me Sam.”

I whispered back, shoving his shoulder. He chuckled under his breath. It was dark but I could see him. He was shirtless and sporting a pair of polka-dot boxes. I snapped my eyes to his before I was caught looking at his almost naked form.

“What are you doing out of bed?”

He asked, then he looked down, a cheeky grin on his face.

“Are you wearing pants?”

I looked down at my naked legs under the large t-shirt and gasped, immediately pulling down the shirt as far as it would go.

He laughed at my struggles and patted me affectionately on the head. I rolled my eyes at the action.

“I couldn’t sleep so I was going to make a cocoa, did you want one?”

I asked him. He thought about it then nodded his head, pulling out a chair from the dining table and sitting down, watching me make the drinks.

“Oh, half mil-” he started.

“Half milk, half water, two and a half spoons of sugar and a big heap of cocoa.”

I finished for him, grinning at his stunned expression. I finished our drinks and popped them down on the table. Dining in the dark. How romantic. Sam was a couple of years older than me, but ever since I became friends Manavgat escort with Belle at 15 I had formed a crush on Sam. And as I got older that crush turned into an attraction. Not that I’d ever tell him. He treated me like his little sister, always patting me on the head like a toddler, calling me nicknames. It was sweet, but I knew it would never turn into anything else. He was my friends older brother after all. He had these gorgeous green eyes followed by sandy blond hair, bleached from the sun.

He seemed to always have that mischievous grin on his face and each time I saw it it made my heart flutter. I sighed at the gooey mess I had become, shaking myself from my thoughts. We whispered in the dark as we drank and several times I had to cover my mouth in order to stop from bursting out laughing.

I felt sick by the time I finished half my drink, I had made it way to sickly so I sloshed it around as he finished his own cocoa. I smiled and grabbed his cup, standing up to tiptoe them to the sink. But on the way, no matter how well my eyes had adjusted to the dark, I didn’t see how close I was to the corner of the bench and I tripped over it. Stumbling I caught myself in enough time to not fall on my ass, but I couldn’t save the cups from falling out of my hands. I froze, waiting for the shatter, but instead, I watched the mugs bounce.

“You idiot.”

I sighed to myself, looking at the dark puddle on the floor. I heard Sam breath in quickly as I had stumbled, but now he was rushing over to me.

“Are you ok?”

He whispered, a worried expression on his face. I laughed at his concern and pointed to the mess on the floor.

“I’m fine, but I can’t say the same about the floor.”

He looked at me and chuckled.

“You are a goof, princess.”

He cupped my cheek in his warm hands. Yes, a goof.

I sighed, finding a cloth in the sink and getting on all fours. I started to scrub the tiles when I heard an uncomfortable cough. I turned my head to see Sam behind me, a strange expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked concerned, blowing the stray hair from my eyes. He smiled uneasily.

“Your still not wearing pants.”

He cleared his throat. I assessed the situation. I was on my hands and knees, ass in the air, and my t-shirt had flown up so it was exposing my whole backside. I laughed and rolled my eyes, wiggling my waist.

“Why is it turning you on?”

I teased. As if. He swallowed, not answering. Instead, coughing again and averting his gaze to look at the ceiling. I frowned. I was confused, I knew he didn’t see me like that, and yet that made him uncomfortable? Unless he didn’t like the idea of me teasing him like that. I finished cleaning the chocolate mess and stood up. Rinsing the cloth. I went to walk over to where the mugs had landed when I slipped on the wet patch I had just cleaned, I lost my footing and in a matter of seconds I was on the floor groaning. Sam swore and leaped to me, leaning down over me.

“Shit Addison, what is with you and accidents?”

He leaned down on his knees beside my fallen form and did a quick inspection. I laughed at the absurdity of it all and he shushed me, continuing on with his inspection. He went to check my other side, moving one of his knees so that he was straddling my waist. His face was inches from mine as he moved my head, looking for whatever he was looking for. I breathed in his scent and watched as he looked me over.

“Does your head hurt?”

He asked, concerned. I shook my head slowly, biting my lip. His gaze flicked to that one moment and his eyes changed from concern… To something unknown. Manavgat escort bayan His smell was intoxicating and I watched his lips just inches from mine. I don’t know what in that moment I was thinking but there was this sudden surge of electricity and all that I was aware of was him. My head moved forward quick and my lips touched his. I felt him freeze and I pulled back as soon as I realised what I was doing. My cheeks blazed red as I looked at his stunned eyes.

“Oh my god. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry Sam I-“

I started to babble, trying at that moment to overwrite what I had done, but he cut me off mid-sentence. His lips crushing to mine. I gasped under the pressure of his need. I was suddenly aware of his body against mine. His pelvis pushed against mine. All too quickly he pulled away and I gasped, puffing at the new oxygen entering my lungs. He looked down at me, shock and desire and guilt and need, all in that one glance.

“It’s ok.”

I held his face in both my hands, stroking his cheeks with my thumbs.

“This is ok.”

The corner of his lips twitched into a small smile as he looked down at me. His lips met mine again and we shared a passionate kiss, all the while he sat upon his knees, his arms pulling me up to his waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he slowly stood up. The heat of our two bodies together drove me wild as he carried me around the house. I pulled away for air and looked around, realising that we were in his room. He looked at me, a single question on his lips. I grinned, my heart running a million miles per second.


I whispered breathlessly. He grinned an intoxicating smile before he kissed me again. He pushed me against the wall and I squirmed under his heat, feeling the firmness of his body. His lips moved down to my neck, sucking the untouched skin. I gasped in pleasure, my hands in his hair. I grabbed his taught back as his mouth moved lower to my cleavage. I moaned under each blissful touch. I was shocked by the way my body was behaving. Already my hips seemed to move against him, grinding his pelvis. He groaned at my movements, trying to hold me still. Each thrust of my hips drove him wild and he tried to control himself. I couldn’t help but grin at the animal I turned him into just by the touch of my body. He moved his hips hard against mine and I moaned in response. He looked me in the eyes, his warm breath reaching my cheek as his puffed hard.

“Do you want to do this Addison? Really want this?”

I smiled shyly at the serious tone in his voice. I nodded at his question. I was ready. I was really ready. Yet that didn’t stop my heart from jumping, the butterflies in my stomach from flocking. He blinked his eyes and his face held an expression of adoration that squeezed my heart.


He whispered, grinning. His hand raked down my body, touching every part of me. Every cell. I shivered from his hands on me. The feel of him against me. His hands finally ended at my hips, slowly reaching the bottom of my shirt. He pulled it up and over my head. I raised my arms so that he could slip it off me. My body shook as the nerves and excitement took over. My legs still wrapped around his waist was almost reassuring, like he was keeping me from falling apart in this moment. His hands traced down my naked breasts, leaning close he kissed each goosebump covered mound. His teeth grazed my taut nipples and I gasped at the tingling sensation.

When he was finished with my breasts his fingers slid down to my panties, his hands reaching to the back and cupping my ass underneath the fabric. I sighed in pleasure. He continued Escort manavgat to kiss down my neck. With his fingers we pulled down the panties off my ass, pulling them as far as they would go with my legs wrapped around him possessively. Leaving me exposed enough for him to gain entry. He used the wall to hold me in place as he fiddled with his boxers, pushing them down to release his erection. It sprung free, long and hard and suddenly I realised this was all happening. I tried to breathe to slow my pulse. He positioned his member and slowly started to push himself into my softness. I gasped at the feeling of him entering my body, I closed my eyes hard as I tried to breathe through the small spikes if pain. I let out a hushed cry.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?”

He hushed, his fingers running gently through my hair. I groaned and squeezed my eyes harder, conscious of the thought that my best friend and his mum were just inside this house. He stopped pushing and we puffed together in silence before he pulled out slowly.

“It’s ok, we’ll take it slow and soon the pain will go away ok?”

I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder. I tried to move my hips along will his movements. Grinding my teeth as he continued to push in and out slowly. After a few beats he got a little faster, his speed slowly increasing. I bit his shoulder and he groaned but pushed on. I moved my hips faster to meet his, puffing hard in silence. It was a sensational torture. It wasn’t entirely painful anymore, but it was strange. This feeling of complete fullness. And then I started to feel it. This heat. I started to gasp and Sam stopped, looking at me with concern.

“Are you ok? Did you want me to go slower?”

He gasped through his labored breaths. I shook my head, slapping his shoulder.

“Don’t stop! Just keep going.”

I puffed through the fog I was in. He chuckled and pumped into me, faster. I matched his speed, pushing my hips forward. He took my energetic movements as encouragement and started to pound into me faster, deeper. I moaned, trying to muffle the sound with my hand. He was stretching my tight opening to the max. It was excruciatingly good.

“Oh god.”

I moaned. He ground into me over and over, the heat building, the tension inside me like a stretched rubber band ready to snap. He grunted as he pushed me further to the brink, our bodies colliding in fullness, a connection of our souls by the touch of our bodies. Prickles like pins and needles spanned out across my body and I covered my mouth again as I moaned at the sensory overload.

“I think I’m close, I think I’m- agh”

I whispered through each moan. Close to what I didn’t know, but I knew I would find out soon. It spurred him on, he pumped into me, riding me through this explosion of heat. This fire that raced through my body and burst, burning me from the inside out. I cried out, pushing my mouth to his shoulder so that my screams were covered. He pounded into me, grinding against me as I screamed into his shoulder. I shuddered in his arms through the waves of ecstasy. He suddenly pulled out, spilling his seed into my discarded oversized t-shirt. Oops. He pulled me down with him to the floor, both entangled on the floor, sweaty bodies puffing in union.

“That was amazing.”

I whispered, my head collapsing on his chest. I laid there breathing heavily on his body, my fingers playing with his hair. His arm came around and his fingers traced my spine.

“It was.”

He mused, watching the goosebumps appear as his fingers glided over my skin.

I started to giggle, burying my face in his chest to keep quite. He started to laugh along with me.

“What are you laughing at Addie?”

I turned my head to look into the pools of green staring back at me. I giggled again, tracing his jawline, smiling at the grin threatening to tug at his lips.

“I was just thinking, this was one hell of a sleepover.”

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The Happiest Woman

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The lilting sounds of Donna Fargo’s voice came through the speakers on the car radio.

Good morning, Morning. Hello Sunshine.

Wake up, Sleepyhead.

As the song went on to assert Donna Fargo’s claim to being the “happiest girl in the whole USA,” Gerry turned in her bucket seat and put her hands on the thigh of Jimmy, her brand new husband. “That song is wrong,” she said. “I am the happiest girl in the whole USA.”

“That’s great, Sweetheart,” Jimmy answered, “Because I am the happiest boy.”

Whether they were actually the happiest boy and girl in the whole USA was a matter of opinion but they were certainly strong contenders for those distinctions. Hours earlier, in their church, in front of a small group of friends and family, the pastor had pronounced them husband and wife. Knowing a room in a nice hotel was waiting for them to spend their wedding night, Gerry and Jimmy had thanked all their well-wishers at the reception and, after changing clothes and combing the rice from their hair, were now looking forward to spending the night together in that room. Both were 18 year old virgins and looking forward to ending that condition and both firmly believed they had done the right thing by remaining virgins until they were married, and by being married in a church as they had done that day.

At the hotel, Jimmy unlocked the door and pushed it open. He wanted to avoid embarrassment so, after looking up and down the hall to make sure nobody could see them, he picked up Gerry and carried her across the threshold. Both these young people were doing everything they could to follow tradition and make their marriage as full of joy and happiness as they could. As Gerry deposited the contents of their combined overnight bag in the bathroom, Jimmy called room service to order a light supper. No champagne was included; they were both underage and they were already intoxicated enough with each other that they didn’t need anything else.

Supper was punctuated by frequent giggling and licking of each other’s fingers and kissing. Only one set of silverware was needed as the two lovers took turns feeding each other from all the plates. By the time they were finished, both had food and Gerry’s lipstick smeared all around their mouths.

Jimmy took his shower first and shaved to avoid whisker-burning the delicate skin of his bride, then put on his new cotton pajamas. While he lay in bed waiting for her, Gerry used the bathroom for her shower and did what she thought was needed to attract the man who already considered her to be the sweetest and most beautiful person in the world. This included letting her hair down and donning the short, silky nightgown she had bought especially for this night.

After looking in the mirror and seeing herself wearing the nightgown, Gerry was too shy to let anybody else, even her loving bridegroom, see her so she held a towel in front of her as she approached the bed. “Don’t look, Jimmy,” she said before dropping the towel. Dutifully, Jimmy turned away to avoid invading his bride’s privacy, and Gerry climbed into the bed. Once they were both in bed and decently covered, the young man and woman turned toward one another and shared the sweetest kiss they had shared since being instructed by the pastor to kiss each other.

That was the first of a series of ardent kisses and, as their lips met, Jimmy had one arm around Gerry’s waist and his right hand was gently caressing her rather plump hip and thigh and buttock. When they weren’t kissing, the two were whispering their undying love for one another and each was describing how lucky he or she was to have found the other. They agreed whole-heartedly that life is wonderful, and that it would get better as they grew old together.

Although he and Gerry were equally inexperienced, Jimmy, taking his husbandly duties seriously, had been studying marriage manuals. They all stressed how women are more tactile, compared to men, who are more visually oriented, and that gentle caresses will lead to the sexual arousal of the new bride. As he ran his hand intimately over her soft skin, Jimmy wasn’t sure how well it was working for Gerry but he was aware that the kisses and stroking the body of his beloved had caused his cock to become erect.

Actually, his gentle caresses were working quite well. Alanya Escort escort Gerry had done some research too, mostly quizzing her more sexually active friends and they had all described how a woman’s vagina lubricates to prepare her for entry of the man’s penis. Gerry wasn’t quite sure what that meant but she could feel her love for her husband growing greater as they kissed and as he lovingly stroked her. She could also feel a warm liquid trickling from the place where she knew he could soon be penetrating her and she knew it wasn’t urine.

Jimmy had also read about nipples becoming erect, and he was delighted when his fingers explored and found Gerry’s nipples to be firm, almost rigid. Although never going “all the way,” they had done some petting and when Jimmy’s hands had been under Gerry’s blouse, her nipples had always been soft. “This is good,” he thought. “We will both lose our cherries tonight.” Almost instinctively, he reached his right hand under Gerry’s short nightgown to cup her breast and kiss and nuzzle her there.

Gerry really liked the feel of Jimmy’s fingers on her breast, especially when he caressed her nipple. When he started kissing and licking her there, her arousal grew and she reached between her legs and felt the fluid that dripped from her vagina. “Oh, ick, she thought. I hope Jimmy doesn’t get grossed out by this stuff.” From her own crotch, Gerry reached out toward Jimmy’s and was shocked by the unfamiliar, hard thing she found. From conversations with those same friends, she knew that her beloved Jimmy had gotten a hard-on, and what would be done with it. Panic flickered through her mind. “My God, how can this big thing fit inside of me? It must hurt something awful.”

As Jimmie was kissing and licking her bride’s nipples, he felt her hand on his cock. “She must be almost ready,” he thought. “I hope she isn’t scared. I wouldn’t hurt her for anything.” His hand gently went to Gerry’s pubic area and he felt the juices trickling from her vagina. “Oh, good. She’s nice and wet and almost ready. Resting his weight on his left elbow, he started moving his knees between his bride’s legs, rolling her onto her back at the same time, until he was kneeling between her spread legs, her nightgown folded up, exposing her pubic area to his hands but not his sight.

With Jimmy in position between her legs, Gerry reached down with both hands and another flash of panic crossed her mind as she felt his erection. “Jimmy,” she asked. “Do you love me?”

“More than anything. More than the whole world. I would die for you if I had to. You mean everything to me.” Although he realized his words sounded like clichés and platitudes, Jimmy didn’t care because he knew they were sincere and he was sure Gerry knew it too.

“Do you think it’ll hurt when you put this inside me? It feels so big.”

“It might hurt a little at first but I’ll go slowly and I’ll be gentle. If it hurts too much, let me know and I’ll stop. I don’t ever want to do anything to hurt you.”

“Okay, Jimmy.” Gerry reached down and spread her inner lips as she knew she would have to. As Jimmy moved forward, she could felt the head of his cock blundering about her pubic area. Holding her lips open with the fingers of one hand, she guided the hard tip of Jimmy’s cock into the place where she knew it should go, and took a deep breath.

Jimmy felt his bride guiding his erection and he felt the wet lips of her vagina. Just as she took a deep breath, he wedged his cock forward and felt its tip enter a tight, slippery-wet hole. Although he had been deeply in love with Gerry for a long time, Jimmy felt an even greater love flood over him, something more intense than he had ever experienced before. He felt that she was the only thing in his life that mattered. “Did that hurt?” he asked.

“A little, but it feels good now. Keep going.” There had been a slight pain at first, as the entrance to her vagina was stretched by the penetration, but it had lasted only a second, and all Gerry felt after that was pleasure. She felt pleasure at being in bed and making love with the man she loved more than anything; she felt pleasure in what he was doing to her and she felt pleasure in knowing that she was giving him pleasure. Her feelings were confused but she knew her love for Jimmy Alanya Escort bayan was increasing every minute and she didn’t want to stop what they were doing. Jimmy moved forward slightly and slowly pushed his erect penis farther into the tight, slippery vagina of the most wonderful person in his world.

With only a small part of his cock in his beloved, Jimmy felt his progress impeded by a barricade. From his research, he knew what it was. “Sweetheart, this will hurt some,” he told his wife.

“That’s okay. I know you won’t hurt me if you can help it.” From her own research, Gerry knew what would happen next and she braced herself for it. With Jimmy’s next thrust, there was a brief, painful tearing sensation, but the pain quickly disappeared as his organ penetrated more deeply, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Reflexively, she raised her legs and wrapped them around Jimmy’s hips as he completed the first penetration that Gerry’s vagina had ever felt. Although she had thought of Jimmy’s penis as huge, it was actually of average size, and Gerry was able to pleasurably accommodate the entire length.

With his cock imbedded in his beloved, the first time ever, in anybody, Jimmy felt even greater love flooding all his senses. Although it was dark in the room, he could see the smiling, trusting face of his beloved bride. “What a wonderful girl I have found here,” he thought. “Nothing will ever come between us and nothing will ever hurt her; I’ll see to that.” Up until then, Jimmy’s weight had been supported on his hands but after making full penetration, he leaned forward and curled his arms under the arms of his beloved. Her arms went around his neck and they kissed, feeling their love for each other deepen.

“Does that hurt, Sweetheart? If it does, I’ll stop.”

“Oh, no, Jimmy. It feels wonderful, better than anything I have ever felt before. Please don’t stop; I love what you are doing and I love you.”

“I’m glad because right now, I feel better than I have ever felt. I love you so much and I want to make love with you all night.” After he said that, Jimmy drew his cock out and slowly stroked it back into his bride’s tight vagina. She moaned in pleasure and dug her fingernails into her husband’s back, but he didn’t notice because he was so concerned that she might be in pain.

“Did that hurt you? I thought I heard you moan.”

“No, no. Please don’t stop. It keeps feeling better and better. I have never felt anything so wonderful before.”

He backed his cock out and thrust it in again. Gerry moaned again but this time, Jimmy knew what it meant and he moaned also because the pleasure was so intense to him too. On the next stroke his cock was drenched as Gerry’s pussy flooded with lubrication. Although she was still tight, Jimmy’s cock started sliding in and out of his wife with greater ease.

For a pair of sexual novices, the young couple learned fast and, although they may not have known just what they were doing right, the immense love and pleasure they were both feeling convinced them they were doing something right, and they continued doing it. Although they didn’t know it, their feelings for each other were the most important ingredients in great sex. Technique has its place but the deep feelings shared by the amorous couple is the most important part of making love.

The newlyweds continued with their slow, gentle love-making and Gerry could feel a new sensation start to build. Although she had been a virgin until a few minutes ago, she was not entirely an innocent and she had played with herself a few times and brought herself to a climax. The new sensation building in her was something like that but only as a tornado is something like a spring zephyr. She had been lying passively but now, as her orgasm was building, she started thrusting back to meet the gentle strokes of her loving husband. Her moans became louder and she held more tightly to Jimmy’s shoulders.

Jimmy felt and heard these changes and hoped it meant that Gerry was almost ready to cum. He had dated Rosy Palmer a few times but the momentary enjoyment he had derived from his hand was nothing compared to the pleasure he was receiving from his thrusts into the warm, tight moistness of his loving wife. “I think she’s getting ready to cum,” he thought. Escort alanya “I hope I can hold off until she does.”

Between kisses, Gerry whispered, “My love, this is getting more and more wonderful all the time. I am feeling something I’ve never felt before. You are so good to me, and I think I’m going to cum.” Gerry blushed a little at what she thought of as a rather daring thing to say, and hoped her husband wouldn’t think less of her.

Jimmy loved his wife so much, especially just then, that nothing could have made him think anything negative about her. He remembered something else he had read about her “clitoris,” and moved forward a little and increased the speed of his strokes. He knew he was getting closer to cumming but wanted his wife to reach that place first.

“Oh, Jimmy! That is so good! Yes! Yes I am. I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” For the first time in her life, Gerry was about to reach a full climax, many, many times better than anything she had ever gotten from her fingers. Her nails dug into her groom’s shoulders and, without knowing what she was doing, her responsive thrusts matched the increased speed of his strokes into her, squeezing him with her arms and legs and grinding her pubic area against his, bringing Jimmy to his climax also.

Although he had held back as long as he could, the movements of Gerry under him, and the incredible pleasure he was receiving brought him over the edge. With a series of strong plunges into her vagina, Jimmy climaxed, ejaculating heavily into his beloved. “Oh, my love, my love, I love you!” he cried out.

Gerry felt his penis swelling and she felt Jimmy ejaculating and heard him announcing his love for her. Her pleasure, incredibly, increased again as she reached a tremendous climax, arching her back and thrusting her pussy against the man she now loved even more than she could have thought possible.

The bride and groom lay on the bed, happy beyond belief, Jimmy still on top, his penis softening somewhat and still inside the place where it had given and received so much pleasure. “Oh, Jimmy,” she sighed. “That was so good. I never dreamed anything could be so wonderful. I am so glad we shared that.”

Jimmy felt mostly love but he also felt a certain manly pride at bringing his wife to a great climax like that. “I’m glad it was so good for you because it was great for me too. I love you even more now than I did this afternoon, and I wouldn’t have thought that was possible.” They kissed. Jimmy rolled off his bride, and they lay together cuddling and kissing and wondering if their entire marriage would be as marvelous as the first night had started to be. After a few more minutes, Gerry noticed that Jimmy’s penis had not softened as she had expected and she noticed also that she was lubricating more. Jimmy noticed the same things and both realized that, wonderful as their first love-making had been, it wouldn’t be their last, and didn’t even have to be their last that night.

As intense and pleasurable as this first time had been for both of them, as they lay, wrapped in each other’s arms, even more in love than ever, their desire quickly returned. At 18 years old, they didn’t have to settle for only one coupling, or two or even three. Four times that night, Jimmy slowly eased his penis in and out of his beloved’s vagina, and four times, both achieved ecstasy. The fourth time took the longest and was the most satisfying for both the young lovers. His back was lacerated by her fingernails but the love he felt for Gerry and the pleasure he was giving and receiving easily overpowered the pain in his back. After the fourth time, they lay together, covered in seminal fluid, vaginal lubricant, hymeneal blood and love, especially love. They finally drifted off to sleep, Gerry’s head resting on Jimmy’s chest, satisfied and content and convinced that nobody had ever loved as much as they did.

In the morning, the clock radio, which had been left on by accident, went off, just as Donna Fargo started singing:

Good morning, Morning. Hello Sunshine.

Wake up, Sleepyhead

“Well, my love,” Jimmy asked, after kissing Gerry good morning, “are you still the happiest girl in the whole USA?”

“No darling, she answered. “After last night, I am the happiest woman.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. I appreciate knowing people’s opinions, either good or bad, so please vote to tell me what you think, and leave public comments or email me. I promise to respond to all those who leaves their email address or Literotica handle.

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The Coruption of Karlia Genovesi

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The full moon shined down on the canal, bits and pieces of its light reflected from the waves brought on by the evening breeze. Karlia Genovesi looked back up the marble stairway to her father’s palazzo she had just descended. She made sure that she was not followed, her bed packed with pillows to imitate her sleeping form, and the second decanter of brandy she got from her father’s cook she gave to her nurse had been enough to leave the poor woman snoring loudly, as she crept out of her room. The sound of chirping crickets were the only sounds she heard while the rest of the palazzo slept as she made her way outside and down to the side of the canal. She did her best to wait patiently, looking over the water and straining her ears to hear the sound of her lover’s approaching gondola.

She first saw him at mass two Sundays before, as she was sitting in her family’s pew, after receiving communion. Her father was one of the richest men in Venice and paid well for a pew near the front of the cathedral San Pietro de Castilo. This assured him that they where they were among the first to receive communion each week and afterwards they would wait, her father impatiently, while all the other parishioners filed to the front to receive their wine and host. Karlia would often spend the time people watching, observing the other parishioners as they waited in line to receive their communion. That was when she first saw him. She was taken by his beauty immediately. His long curly, blonde hair cascading down his muscular shoulders straining against the material of his shirt and his angelic face drew her attention, and led her to wonder who this handsome young man was with his fair hair that set him apart from all of the other men receiving communion.

The next week she secretly wrote him a letter and carried it to church hidden in the folds of her dress hoping that she would see him again. Throughout the service she waited nervously only to feel a surge of relief as she saw him waiting in line for communion again. She was not sure, but she thought that he smiled at her as he passed her family’s pew. After mass, as she filed past the pew where he was standing, waiting to exit the church, she discretely as she could, dropped the envelope with the letter at his feet. In the letter she told him how she had seen him the week before, likening him to an angel fallen from the heavens, and how she wanted to meet him. This brazen advance, something a girl of her position would normally not dream of making, had been prompted by her father’s recent plotting to marry her off to Vinchenzo Nunzio, the son of one of his main rivals. He felt that the marriage would smooth the way to a merger of the business interests of the Genovesi and Nunzio families. Vinchenzo was hideous in Karlia’s opinion. Short in stature, he was hunched over due to a birth defect and his dark complexion did nothing to improve his looks. The thought of marriage to him was abhorrent to Karlia, and the thought of eloping with this handsome man seemed as if it may be a salvation from what her father intended.

In the letter she also told him about a chink in the garden wall at the back of her family’s palazzo, telling him that if he was interested he could slip her letters through it. The next day she woke early and snuck out of her room, careful not to disturb her still sleeping nurse, and went down to the garden at the back of her family’s palazzo. Looking at the wall at the edge of the garden she found a letter that had been slid into the crack. Hardly believing her luck she slid the letter out and read it.

Dearest Karlia,

I was amazed to get your letter. For weeks I have watched you spellbound by your beauty and I dared not approach you, fearing your rejection. But when you dropped your letter at my feet my heart jumped. What could you want of me, I wondered. Reading your letter I was thrilled that you shared my feelings. Now my heart beats only for you and I long to be with you. I have dreamed of the joy your company would bring to me and hope that we may be together soon.


She Side escort was thrilled when she read this letter and was careful to hide it from her nurse and family, reading it over and over again in secret. Awaking early each day of the next week, she snuck down to the garden and retrieved a new letter, left during the night, from the crack in the wall. Each day the letters seemed to grow more confused and desperate as Enrico begged her for an assignation, telling her that he would take her away to his villa and they could enjoy a midnight supper. Although willing to give in to his advances almost immediately, she played coy and after a week of reading his missives she agreed to meet him, leaving a note that she would secretly meet him on the canal Friday night at midnight.

Impatient for his arrival she was down at the canal side almost half an hour before midnight. She spent her time pacing up and down the short walkway at the canal side waiting what seemed like an eternity for Enrico to make his appearance. She stopped her pacing when cathedral bells struck midnight and as the pall of the bells faded she heard the sound of an approaching gondola breaking the water. She looked down the canal and in the moonlight saw a gondola approaching. As the gondola came to the quay side where she stood she saw that it was empty save for the gondolier.

“Where is Enrico,” she called out to the gondolier.

“Singnorina, my employer has told me to collect you and bring you to his villa. That is all I know. Come aboard and I will take you to him.”

She could feel her heart beat harder as she stepped aboard the gondola. The mystery of the unoccupied gondola thrilled her and thinking that he had his own villa raised her hopes that maybe he was rich, rich enough to afford his own villa, and maybe rich enough to win her father’s approval. She was near swooning as the gondolier paddled down the canal. It seemed to take forever until the gondola pulled to the side of the canal. As the gondolier secured the boat to the landing, she jumped out of the boat and ran up the stairs leading away from the canal, the skirt of her dress flying in the air as she ran. When she reached the top of the stairs she saw the villa, its white walls resplendent in the moonlight. She quickly crossed the courtyard, its pavement surrounded by arbors and lit by torches posted into the ground.

She approached the front door of the villa, painted a deep red, and knocked. She only had to wait few seconds and the door opened to reveal an older man, clothed in dark red livery.

“Ah Signorina Karlia, master Enrico will join you in the dining room. Please follow me.”

She followed right behind the servant as he led her into the villa. The door opened into a luxurious sitting room with many red velvet covered couches. As she crossed it she took a moment to take in the sculpture and paintings on display, marveling at the good taste she thought they showed. He must really be rich to afford such fine art she thought. The servant led on to the dining room which was lit with candles both in sconces on the walls and candlesticks on the table. She sat down in the seat that the man pulled out for her at the side of the table. The table was impeccably set with sparkling silver and ivory white china.

“Master Enrico will join you in a minute,” said the man before he bowed, walked around the table, and disappeared into a doorway. Karlia looked around the room as she waited. Just like the sitting room the walls of the dining room were coved with art, which consisted mostly of landscape paintings showing the Italian countryside, all remarkably well done, she thought.

She was still looking at the paintings when Enrico walked into the dining room. He was dressed in a black suit, with a white shirt and tie, his long blond hair vibrant against the black background of his jacket. He sat down across the table from Karlia.

“Thank you for coming, my dear,” he said, smiling at her. “Welcome to my villa. Please make yourself at home.”

“I Side escort bayan am so happy to be here, with you,” she said. As she spoke, his servant began serving dinner setting bowls of soup in front of both of them. Karlia picked up her soup spoon and tried the soup. It was delicious she thought, a chicken and vegetable soup flavored with rosemary and garlic.

As they ate their soup, Karlia asked him, “What is your business? You must be very successful to be in this lovely villa.”

“Thank you,” he responded. “I am a trader or at least I was. I did very well and am retired now. I sold my interest in the business to my partners and have retired here to Venice.”

Karlia was surprised that someone so young would be retired, because he did not appear to be older than forty. He must be very rich to retire so early, she thought.

Trying to make conversation she asked, “Where are you from if you’re not from Venice?”

“From Napoli,” he said. “I ran my business out of Napoli, but, uh, traded with ships throughout the Mediterranean.” She failed to notice the somewhat ironic tone of his answer.

After the soup bowls were removed Enrico’s servant brought the main course, slices of prime rib with potatoes and carrots. They started eating and as they ate they talked, Enrico asking her questions about her father and his business. She told him what she knew, which was not much. While they ate Enrico’s servant remained by the side of the table, continually filling their wine glasses whenever they got empty and by the end of the meal, having little experience with drinking more than one glass of wine, she was quite intoxicated.

After they finished their meal and the servant was clearing their dishes, Enrico invited Karlia into the sitting room for a glass of brandy. Karlia accepted and unsteady on her feet followed him into the sitting room, where a huge fire was now blazing in the fireplace. They sat down on a pair of deep chairs facing a small table and Enrico’s servant brought in a tray with two glasses of brandy and placed it on the table in front of them.

“Here you go, my dear,” said Enrico handing her a glass off of the tray.

She took a sip of the brandy and swallowed. It was very fruity tasting and she was surprised how smooth it was, not burning her throat as she swallowed. She took another swallow and marveled at how warm and comfortable it made her feel. By now she was very inebriated and as she went to put the glass back down on the table she let it go an inch or so above the table and the glass fell to the marble table top with a clank.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Good,” she said, not really sure what to say, but not wanting to reveal how drunk she was.

He took a sip of his brandy and looked across the table at her, as if judging her. “You seem to be a proper young woman, but that’s just a charade you put on so your papa won’t punish you.”

Affronted, she complained, “I am a good girl.”

“If you were, you wouldn’t be here.”

She wanted to protest, but no words came to her. She knew he was right; she would not be here if she was the young woman that she pretended to be for her nurse and parents.

Without another word he got up out of his chair and stood over her. Reaching down he grabbed her arm and lifted her out of the chair. Still holding her up, with his other hand he grabbed the collar of her dress and ripped the fabric, exposing her corset. She started to protest, but her words came out of her mouth slurred and unintelligible. Smiling at his power over her he inserted his hand under her corset, loosened it and pulled it down to reveal her breasts. With her breasts exposed, he ran his fingers over her nipples and pinched them. They responded to his attention by getting instantly hard. She was stunned in open-mouthed silence as waves of pleasure seemed to shoot down her spine in response to his pinching her nipples.

“Looks like you aren’t such a proper little girl are you?” he asked. With his hand he ripped her dress open Escort side and let it drop down to her ankles. Then he pulled her corset down till it was around her ankles and wrapped around her feet, so she could not move them apart. Next, with an evil smile, he slid his finger in under elastic waistband of her underwear, fingering her virgin cunt. “No, you are nice and wet, no way for a proper Venetian girl to be.” She was surprised at the wetness she had not noticed when he pulled his hand out of her underwear and the wet fabric rubbed back against her skin. Where did that come from, she wondered.

He pulled down her underwear and pushed her back over the arm of the chair, spreading her legs, still pinned together at the ankles with her, now ruined corset. Holding her steady he opened his trousers and pulled out his cock, already fully engorged. She was amazed at the size of it. Although she had seen pictures, erotic drawings that she had hidden away from her nurse and parents, this was the first real cock she had ever seen. She was surprised how enormous it looked, at least ten inches long. Guiding it with his hand he slid it into her pussy. She cried out at the pain as her hymen broke, but that only drove him on. Soon he was fucking her hard, slamming his member into her, shoving her ass down into the arm of the chair.

After a few seconds the pain subsided and she felt something else as he continued to ram his cock into her, the feeling of pleasure deep in her loins. She could hear his breathing getting faster and her breathing seemed to be rising up to match his. Then a faint moan escaped from her mouth, and it she continued moaning as she felt the pleasure of his penetration as he continued to fuck her.

“No you aren’t a proper girl, are you?” he asked in raised voice, his rod still pounding in to her. “Really you’re just like one of the whores who sell their bodies in the Rialto, or at least you will be when I am finished with you.”

“No, no, no, I’m not a whore,” she cried.

“But, you moan like one,” he replied, his excitement seeming to increase the rate of his penetration. As he continued she felt something building up in her loins. The waves of pleasure that permeated her crotch seemed to be building to a crescendo, and then all of a sudden the waves broke free from their barrier, like a rogue wave, cresting over a breakwater and flooding her body. She felt him respond with a moan, his cock disgorging his seed into her canal.

There was silence between them as his cock spumed into her. After a moment, her body leveled off she felt him slide his cock out of her. He stood over her pulling his still shiny and slightly red tinged cock back into his trousers. Karlia was speechless as he regarded her.

“I’m glad that you enjoyed that,” he said.

“I did?” she said almost asking herself, after a moment when she finally gathered her wits.

He looked to the clock on the wall over the fireplace. “It will soon be dawn. Go back to the canal. I left instructions for the gondolier that brought you here to wait so that he could take you home. You should go now, before you are missed.”

“But, when will I see you again?”

“Soon, don’t worry my dear. I’ll see you soon.” He bowed over her and placed a lingering kiss on her lips, his tongue sliding in to her unsuspecting mouth. When he had finished, she pulled up her underwear and gathered her torn dress and corset about her. Bowing her head she backed out of the room, only turning to see his liveried servant holding the door to the courtyard open for her. She blushed in shame wondering if he had watched his master take her virginity. She crossed the courtyard quickly and as he had promised the gondola was waiting to take her back to her father’s palazzo.

She heard the bird calls of the approaching morning as she snuck back into her room. She disposed of the torn dress and blood stained underwear in the back of her closet, got into her sleeping gown and slid into bed, just in time to hear the first cock crow announcing the arrival of day. As she closed her eyes she tried for feign sleep she realized that she would have to hide the absence of underwear from her nurse when she dressed. But she dismissed this thought as she waited for her nurse to wake her, in favor of dreaming of her handsome new lover.

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