The Story of Liam & Ollie.Pt.7. (Told by Roy).

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Saturday Morning.James & myself,we awoke about,straight into the shower,then dried off,getting dressed in our bedroom we heard the backdoor,downstairs slam shut,I went out of our bedroom onto the landing,walked up to the big window,there was Ollie & Liam,walking down towards the gate into the stables yard,Liam with his hand on Ollies Ass & both Kissing,I smiled,thinking,definitely in love,have a chat with them later,maybe breakfast time.
James & myself finished getting dressed,went down into the kitchen,two washed up mugs on the sink drainer,teapot was still hot,said to James,”They,ve had a mug of tea,we,ll have a chat with them at breakfast,we,ll have breakfast here instead of the cafe,can chat in private”,James agreed with me,we both had a mug of tea then went down into the yard,all the hire horses & ponies were in their stalls in the barn stables being fed & groomed by our stable staff,plus Ollie & Liam & a few early rising customers helping out to get them all ready for the first ride.
Now the third ride was going out,,James said “Breakfast Roy”,I shouted to Liam & Olllie,who were on their way to the cafe,”Liam,Ollie,breakfast in the kitchen”,they walked back towards us & followed us through the back garden into the kitchen,were James & the k**s sat at the table whilst I made a pot of tea & cooked the breakfast,the k**s asking if they were in some sort of trouble,James saying,”Why,what you done,you,re always asking if you,re in trouble,so what you done”,Ollie is in quick to reply to James,”Ain’t done nothing we know of”.
James & me,Laughing,”No k**s,you ain’t done anything wrong”, I say.putting the breakfasts down in front of them,me sitting down next to James.
We explain to Liam & Ollie that Liams parents & Ollies mom are a bit worried,suspicious,about them being Gay & you not telling them,we explain they need to know,”They,ve guessed you are Gay,you,re not in trouble,they want to support you,so you need to get them together & tell them,put their minds at rest,then you only have to tell them once”,I said to them.
Well they did this what we had suggested to them the following week,Liams rents where invited round to Ollies moms house for a meal which they accepted,having a good Idea what it was going to be about,how the k**s did it we don,t know but they got them together.
We saw Shirley,Ollies mom in the cafe during the week & she thanked us for getting the k**s to be open with them,she said that she & Liams parents are so happy knowing,”We had a good chat with them about,not flaunting it in public, also not to do anything in public that they could get in trouble,over”,me thinking,”Yea Shirley,like Fucking out in public”.
Well,Liam was Liam & Ollie,wasOllie,two teenage cheeky Bois,were lots of fun when they were about the yard,they seemed to have Bloomed ever since their parents knew they where Gay & also knowing that James & me knew.
When the weather was nice we would often see them disapppearing across the paddocks into the wood,and how many times have James & me done it,also a few of our young teenage riders that we,re sure are Gay.
Time went by to the summer of 2017,we had a police car pull into the yard about 08.00 pm on the evening,the officer telling us that one of our horses had got out of its field at the end of the lane below the stables down by the main road, it,s trying to get back in,looking over the gate to your other horses,it was our liveries field,me thinking,”How can it have got out,fencing is checked every week,plus all the hedges are thick blackthorn bush,s”.we tell the officer we,ll go down & have a look,I grabbed a halter & a bucket with some corn in it.
James & myself we walked down the lane,we could hear it neighing,sounding a bit distressed,we got to the field,the police officer was right,it was galloping up & down the grass verge,neighing to the horses in the field,the police officer was parked down below the a****l,stopping it going off down to the main road,it came up to the gate entrance into the field,I shook the bucket so that it would hear the corn,ears up looking at me & the bucket,it let me walk up to him,(me now being able to see it was male),nose into the bucket I slipped the halter onto his head,he soon saw the oats off.
I looked him over,Skewbald,(Coloured),niceley marked,built similar to Dancer,Anglo Arab,looks,14.2 hands high, Gelding,looked to be sound,checked his mouth,four years old,shod recently,I,d say in the last two weeks,James & myself knew he was,nt local,we told the police officer,he asked,”If we could look after it until they found out who the owner is”.
We agreed to look after it,but if rideable it would be earning its keep,the officer was okay with that.
We led it up to the yard,it was on its toes,lively,spirited a****l,we put it in the paddock next to,Dancer,Xavior & Mom,Dads & aunty Vi’s horses paddock,did,nt know how it was with other horses,did,nt want any a****ls getting kicked,including,itself.
Teenagers came out of the Clubhouse to look at it,including Ollie & Liam,all asking questions,some we could answer & some we could,nt.
The next morning I fed.groomed it,tacked it up,(Saddle & bridle),got on it,rode it about in our Menage,it was very spirited to ride,jumped a few small jumping fencies,jumped good,for a four year old it had been schooled well.
James on Xavior & me on this coloured went out a ride on the roads,it was okay with traffic,when we got back to the yard,we handed it over to Carl,(Head Groom),”It,s okay to ride Carl,experienced riders only,let it earn its keep”,so it was out for hire.
Ollie had took a keen interest in the coloured,named him Drum,apparently named after the Royal Drum Horses,paying to ride him every weekend out of his wages,(Off James & me),schooling him for Gymkhana,he knew I was retiring Dancer at the end of the Gymkhana season,he was doing well against James on Xavior in the Qualifiers,running second to him.
The police came to the yard to take Pics of Drum to try & find the owner or owners of him,they were posted Nationwide,we had our vet take a blood sample to send off to the Registration Authorities,(DNA).
Pics went out to all Vets,Farriers,Riding Schools & Stables,(Nothing).
We had,had him,two weeks short of six months now January 2018,when the,”Horse & Pony Registration Authorities”,had found the owner,apparently,a woman who had bred him,came from Yeovil,Somerset,she was now deceased,no family,,had a riding school,sold all her stock barring Drum,before she passed away,so a mystery,No one knows how Drum got from Somerset to our stables.
The police theory is someone from the midlands had stolen him from Somerset last June,(The owner was found dead in her bed at that time,Narural Causes),so nothing dodgy.
The horse thieves had panicked,maybe followed by a police car,maybe not suspicious of the horsebox they were following,Thieves panicked & knowing there was horses in this area decided to abandon him on the side of the road outside of our fields.
We received Drums Pasport from,”Registeration Authorities”,making him now our property,James & myself discussed what we were going to do with him,I think James knew what I had in my mind from before Drum became ours.well he had paid his keep,had,nt cost us anything,Financially.
Ollie had really worked hard on schooling this pony,he had come,runner up on Dancer to James on Xavior in the Midlands Qualifiers making,himself & Dancer,second best Gymkhana team in the Midlands & now Drum was in his Heart knowing Dancer was retired.
James & myself agreed to give Drum to Ollie on his sixteenth birthday,take Drum out of the hired horse & ponies,let Ollie school & gymkhana him up to his birthday,keeping it secret till that day,then give him Drums Passport on his Birthday making Ollie his owner.

Well got to take break,the next Pt.Pt.8.will be the end of the Story.—-Please leave Comments.xxxxxxxxxx

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Single Mom – Faith & Herron

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It was a Saturday night.

Herron Owens had just arrived at 1203 Hummingbird Lane in his black 201 Cadillac Escalade EXT sport truck. He walked up the steps to the above-the garage-apartment where Faith Moreland was staying.

The five-foot-six, blonde-haired chick opened the door. She was eager for him to come inside. There was an overwhelming smell of marinara sauce in the air. She had made mozzarella-stuffed Italian sausage meatballs. They were resting in a warm pan with a store variety tomato-and-basil sauce and a small bit of the same store label pesto.

“Have a seat,” the attractive chick pointed at the futon. She went to the stove in the kitchenette and stirred the mixture. “You ready to eat, baby?”

“Yeah,” the high school football coach answered. “I didn’t eat before I got here,”

Faith put a heaping portion of angel hair pasta on a square plate, She topped it with a few meatballs and some of the sauce,

“Goddamn, girl! This shit good as hell,” the high school football coach shared.
“I’m glad you like it. It’s just an easy throw together recipe,” the thirty-four year-old lady revealed.
“Yeah, my wife can’t cook shit! Her food is either too bland or too salty.”
“Be nice.”
“I’m serious, sexy!”
“Good deal!”
“I like that you be in these lace panties when I come over.”
“You like my titties?”
“Hell yeah!”

Faith removed her red camisole. Her large, 34DD boobs fell out out. Herron examined the sweet tart in front of him and shoveled the rest of the food in his mouth,

Herron Owens had been a star athlete in his glory days. He earned a scholarship to a Division Two school where he played defensive back. He fucked white chicks almost every day while in college. The whole time Chara Simmons was at the University of Southern Mississippi waiting diligently for her. He couldn’t think of a time when he had not been screwing some lily-looking snow bunny behind Chara’s back. He was a dog and he knew it. He had been with a white girl when his wife went in labor with their youngest c***d. He kept fucking the young thing till he nutted and the drove to the hospital.

“Bend that ass over,” instructed the coach.

Faith assumed a face-down, ass-up position. Herron spanked her with his large hands. He fingered her tight pussy as his nine-inch dick grew harder. He wanted to stuff it inside the woman. He lifted her up and carried her to the full-size mattress set across the room. He entered as she cooed, “Oh, Herron!”

“Yeah, baby,” he remarked. Take this big black dick!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me, daddy,” she cried.
“Damn! Yo pussy tight!”
You like this white girl pussy on the big nigger dick?”
“Yeah, slut! I’m fuckin’ yo tight white pussy. Take my nigga dick.”

All of a sudden a huge bang shook them from their lovemaking. It sounded like a crash. Herron pulled out his huge dick and walked to the window. He saw his truck backing up and driving into Faith’s red 1987 Porsche 944. Another crash. He ran outside to find his wife getting into her 2014 blue Ford Edge. “Fuck you,” she yelled at him.

Herron jumped in the sport utility truck. He followed his wife back home. In the driveway they began to argue.

Jeramiah Stewart was spending the night with Herron’s son, Desmond, The loud, altercation made the thirteen year-old nervous. His adoptive mother had always told him to call her pager in an emergency and say ‘Dolemite’. It was an agreement between the two of them that she would be immediately available in that moment. Jeramiah dialed the number to his mom’s pager.

Rochelle Stewart was on a date with Hugo Alazar. He was a half-French, half-Ethiopian, slender mocha-skinned man with an incredible smile. He had thick-cut pork chops topped with mango salsa on his plate. She was noshing on a steak strip dinner salad. Her pager went off. SHe looked at it and realized it was Jere’s number. “Give me a minute,” she begged off.

Her son explained that things were bad at the Owenses. SHe attempted to calm him. It was not working, He said, ‘Dolemite’. Her next reply was that she was on the way.

Hugo volunteered to drive her, but she wanted to be in charge as per usual. She said he could ride along with her, which he quickly agreed to do.

Rochelle scooped up her son and his best friend, Desmond. Dez’s older sister ran to the car as well. They sped away to Ro’s house where they washed up, changed clothes, and ate a late night snack of nachos.

Hugo had watched the entire time admiring the beautiful lady. She offered him a bed, but he declined. She gave him a blanket.

Early the next morning, she woke him to take him back to his vehicle. She stopped at a fast food place to order hotcakes and sausage patties. She placed them in the oven on warm setting so they’d be hot when the k**s got up.

The smell took tickled Jeramiah’s nose. He got out of bed and walked into the Jack-and-Jill bathroom he shared with his older brother Coree. He took a leak then splashed some water on his face. His dick was hard as a rock. He had been dreaming about porn star Tori Black. He stuffed his member into his sweatpants and went to the kitchen.

“Mornin’, ma,” the JV cornerback greeted the woman.
She replied, “Good morning, sweetie! How are you?”
“I’m okay. Last night was crazy.”
“Yes it was. But you’re safe. You can always call me.”
“I know, ma. I just wanted out of there.”
“I understand.”

By this time, Coree, the older son had risen. He was followed by Dez and Shelby. Rochelle fixed them plates. Afterwards, she cleared the table and the k**s played Uno.

Chara Owens arrived at Rochelle’s house at 10:45 a.m. Ro met her outside. She confessed, “I went crazy last night. I just knew Herron was sleeping with that woman.”

“I get it,” the physician empathized.
“I’m sick of being treated like shit,” bemoaned Chara.
“You’re not a piece of shit. You’re a smart, talented woman. He doesn’t deserve you.”
“He never has. I wasted my whole life loving him.”
“Don’t say that.”
“It’s true. I told him to move out.”
“Yeah. Are Dez and Shelby up yet?”
“Oh, yes! They’re playing cards.”

The ladies walked inside the 2800-square foot, one-story, four bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, house.

“Hey guys,” Chara said.
“Hey, mom,” Dez smiled.
“Ready to go home?”
“Yes,” admitted Shelby.

The Owenses left.

Jeramiah and Coree went to their bedrooms.

Rochelle decided she needed to call Hugo.

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Anal cherry poppin

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anal cherry poppin
The following is one of my fantasy’s of losing my anal virginity.

im sitting alone on my computer browsing older mens profiles on collarspace, squirt , silverdaddies, fetlife and nzdating occasionally checking grindr on my phone searching for a older dominant man,

when out the blue after many profile views and taps a older dominant man messages me

asking if id like to meetup for a coffee and chat to discuss limits and so forth
i agree to meet him at a local cafe at this point im hard and my cock is dripping as my mind is racing and i struggle to sleep that night.

the next day get a message with a time and what he will be wearing all morning i have raging boner and the time to meet him seems to take forever to roll around

walking into the cafe looking around i notice him sitting at a table for two in the back corner i make my way over and sit down at the table after ordering a coffee

he slides a bag under the table while saying now you have seen me if you want this to go any further take the bag to the toilet and read the note inside i nod and pick up the bag and head to toilet and enter a cubical

i open the bag and read the note ” contained in this bag is a butt plug lube and a collar if you wish to go further lube the butt plug and insert it and place the collar around your neck and your briefs in the bag then join me for your coffee”
i find my self rock hard as i lube the plug and push it in and place the collar around my neck before heading out to join him.

as he see’s the collar he says good i was hoping you would follow through faggot, i gulp nervously but find my self hard again before he tells me to hurry up and finish my drink , i drink it back quick and follow him to his car

when we enter the door to his house he attaches a leash to the collar and orders me to strip i remove the rest of my clothes before getting blinded by a flash a photo for the throphy album he exclaims before pulling me over to the edge of his bed and pushing me upon it tying my legs and arms

saying now see that laptop over there the webcam is live streaming and recording men from all over are going to be watching you take your first cock and im going to upload the recorded to xhamster
and ill take photos also to upload

when im finished with you men all across the world will see how much you love cock and will want your ass

biting my lip as he pulls out the plug replacing it his is cock groaning and biting my lip as he thrusts it in stretching my virgin hole ” thats right faggot no turning back now” he says as the thursts become deeper and harder as he pushes my back down arching my body as rams his cock into my tight hole doggy style,

i start moaning as it becomes pleasurable he spanks my as while saying ” there we go, hows it feel faggot moaning for cock fucking your hole… what are you?” im a faggot i respond, “what do love?” i love cock

i feel his cock throbing as he cums the throbing pushing me over the edge as my small cock starts cumming too

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Holiday Spa Pantyhose Play

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Several years ago, not long after having joined the Holiday Spa Fitness Center I had an erotic pantyhose encounter. I was just 19 at the time. As a life-long pantyhose wearer I wear pantyhose nearly every day and always under my trousers to work. My schedule for working out was every Monday, Wednesday and Friday immediately after work. When I would enter the men’s locker room I would look around for a discreet space to change. I would pull off my shoes and pull my shirt tails out. Next, I would sit my shorts or sweatpants out and peel off my socks. I would pause for a moment to listen for anyone and once I thought I was alone I would drop my trousers with my thumbs tucked into the waistband of my pantyhose. This way I removed my pantyhose and trousers at the same time. I would toss my hose in my locker and hang my shirt and pants before going in to the gym.

One day, I was getting dressed when I was caught with my pantyhose. I had put my shirt on and was debating whether or not to put the pantyhose back on. I had accidentally rolled the waistband and part of the panty. If anyone has done this you know it can sometimes be difficult to unfurl the pantyhose. I looked at them a second time and decided wearing them home wasn’t worth the effort and that I would fix them once I got home. Just as I was about to toss the pantyhose in my bag I heard a man clear his throat. I tossed the pantyhose quickly and they landed a few feet behind me on the bench. The man was an employee of the gym. He was a young, lean muscled and good looking guy. I guessed he was about 24-25 years old. My heart was pounding. He said “looks like some nice stockings, huh?” I immediately replied “they aren’t mine.” He then said “oh, well, I’m not judging, just saying they look nice, probably feel good on the skin too.” He walked past me and picked up the pantyhose by the toe of one of the legs. “Oh, its pantyhose!” he exclaimed. “Have to say, black pantyhose is sexy, don’t you think?” The only reply I could muster was “I guess so, but they aren’t mine.” He said “they aren’t your girlfriend’s?” I repeated “they aren’t mine.”

The employee next said “well, that’s a shame that these nice pantyhose were lost. Most lost items we hold in the lost and found but something like this I will just throw out.” The employee raised the pantyhose in front of him and looked at them closely. “I don’t see any rips in them, fucking shame to throw them out” he said. By this point I wanted my pantyhose back and I had a chance to really look him over and I wanted to fool around with him desperately. I didn’t say anything. After a few moments he balled the pantyhose up in his hands. “Oh these are soft” he said. “Well I guess I’ll get back to my office so I can throw these pantyhose away” he said. He kept the pantyhose balled up in his hands and walked two steps past me when he turned quickly and threw the pantyhose at me. He had a big grin on his face and asked “why are you lying? We both know they are your pantyhose.” I stammered that I was embarrassed and he said “awe, you’re so cute.” He said he had to do a few things and would be back in 15 minutes could I wait there for him and would I put the pantyhose on.

I put the pantyhose on, then my trousers over top and sat dressed in the locker room waiting for him. Fifteen minutes later he entered the locker room. He was pleasantly surprised that I waited for him. He asked “why did you wait for me? You had every opportunity to leave.” I told him I thought he was hot and I wanted to suck his cock. His eyes glazed over and he grunted “oh Baby, you’re going to get to, believe me!” He walked me over to a stall and asked me to drop my trousers. He wanted to see the pantyhose. He had me stand on the toilet as he rubbed his face all over my crotch and ass. “That is fucking sexy, I don’t care what anyone says, pantyhose are sexy on a man” he said. He continued rubbing my legs, kissing them, licking them, squeezing my ass, nibbling on my cock through the pantyhose as his cock strained against his track shorts. He helped me down and kissed me hard on the mouth. I could feel the heat of his hard cock against my groin. He continued kissing me while roughly groping my ass cheeks and keeping his hard cock pressed against me.

We separated and he yanked his shorts down and pulled his jockstrap to the side. OMG, I thought. I love how men look when wearing a jockstrap. I bent over and took his full length in my mouth. He let out a soft sigh and proceeded to give me instruction on how he liked oral performed on him. I wondered if he had worked out earlier. His balls and cock tasted salty and there was a masculine muskiness behind his nut sack. Not funk, just an intoxicating aroma of manliness. As I sucked his beautiful 7 inch cock he ran his hands over my back, ass and the backs of my legs, moaning softly and giving me words of encouragement.

I lowered myself, squatting in front of him and began caressing his silky haired legs, fondling his balls and cupping his ass all while sucking his tasty cock with all I had in me. I had decided that I wanted him to nut in my mouth but had not yet told him so. A couple of times he arched his back and let out an “oh fuck, fuck… whew! Baby! I almost came!” Minutes later he said “I don’t want this to end but it is going to have to soon. Can I jerk off on your pantyhose?” I said “I thought I’d get you off and let you cum in my mouth.” He cupped my face and had me stand. He leaned forward and kissed me and said “okay, you don’t have to, I won’t be disappointed.” I said “I want to do it but I can’t promise I’m going to swallow.” I took him in my mouth again and began sucking his cock in order to get him to nut. Seconds before he blew he began panting heavily and his thigh muscles bulged and his back arched. “Fuck” he muttered with his fist in his hand. We needed to remain discreet. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, Baby, suck my cock, take my load!” I felt his cock head expand and grow hot, then his cock spasmed as jet after jet of his semen spewed into my waiting mouth. He tried to pull out as the last squirt of cum entered my mouth but I wouldn’t release. I did a hard swallow of his cum and began sucking again to get every drop from his cock. “Oh shit, no, no, I can’t, ugh, ugh….stop.” He was giggling in ecstasy and implored me to stop before he passed out. He adjusted himself in his jockstrap and pulled his shorts up. He went over to the sinks and splash cool water on his face. “Damn, I’m going to smell like sex for the rest of the night” he said. I told him “well, everyone will be jealous, so just enjoy it.” “Oh you! Next time I’m going to fuck you in your pantyhose!” he said.

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my 2018 Dr. appointment

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My Dr visit 2018

Like the previous years I had my annual Dr. appointment and since now both the nurse and the Dr. know I’m a feminine male (the male term I use very loosely:) I really don’t have to hide the fact and as before my recent visit certainly validates that. I showed up wearing cute capris with a very pretty lacy bra and cute panties underneath, topped off with a somewhat feminine blouse that did not really conceal my bra if you looked. After checking in with the receptionist I took a seat and waited to be called back to the Dr. My hair is only down to my shoulders and I still haven’t done much with it so I still look more feminine than masculine. I have by now gotten used to the whispering and subtle remarks made by some other males, the grins from some of the females who know exactly what I am.
The nurse came out to get me and added to my potential embarrassment by saying rather loudly how cute I looked and did I still have a boyfriend. all the while grinning as she led me to the back. The same room as last time which was the ob/gyn room with a table in it that had stirrups, so I knew what I was going to be in for again. After hopping up on the table, she checked all my vitals and asked if I was still using tampons on occasion after sex, and I blushed and told her I was. She then asked me if I had douched prior to the appointment like last time since the Dr would be giving me a similar exam though more thorough and someone like me should be in the habit of keeping themselves clean especially since your regularly having anal sex. No one likes a smelly pussy now do they, she grinned.
In essence your using your ass more as a pussy and therefore the Dr thinks a more thorough gynecology exam will be needed now and in the future. Its more essential now since your such a feminine boi and are having sex with another male. I was shocked at her openness and she said “what did I expect” after our previous 5 years I had in essence become more feminine in my dress and enjoyed being sexually penetrated during sex like a girl, it only followed that he would have to do a more thorough exam to make sure I had no internal damage. Like last year she then handed me a pink gown, told me to strip down to my bra and panties and put on the gown. She left the room telling me the Dr. would be in soon. I’m wondering how much more thorough it can be from last years.
I took off my Capri’s and blouse leaving on the panties but I did remove my bra since I knew he would be checking my nipples and breast again. Soon the Dr. came in, asking how I was doing and told me to lay down on my back on the table, remove my panties and put my feet into the stirrups. I told him what the nurse had said to me about needing a more thorough exam and asked him what did she mean. he smiled and told me not to worry he would take care of me and insure my pussy was functioning properly He then proceeded to tell me that since my last visit he and the nurse had again talked and decided since I was so sexually active, he needed to look for any internal damage. You are still the “girl” in your relationship and having anal sex, I answered yes while blushing deeply. Are you experiencing internal orgasms like a women does from penetration? “Sometimes not every time, it depended on how long and deeply he had intercourse with me and if he was able to stimulate my prostrate.” He told me that I was feeling like a women inside and responded to internal stimulation just like one. Girls don’t always experience an orgasm but do their best to insure their man does. Smiling he said, let’s get started looking at how healthy your “pussy” looks. The exam started; he lubed me up more than before and told me to relax my “pussy” so it won’t be so uncomfortable, I did my best. He inserted more lube and I could soon feel his finger enter me as he felt around for my prostrate and then added another one as he continued to feel around in my as he called it “sissy vagina”. He massaged my prostrate like last time and it was really starting to feel good. I squirmed against his fingers, moaning with feminine pleasure. He continued feeling around inside me, moving his fingers in and out as I continued to moan and worked my pussy muscles as he was loosening me up more and causing to start seeping sissy crème from my tiny soft clittie.

I was getting so hot and he noticed my seepage and commented that I was responding to his stimulation just like a girl would. I groaned and pushed back and he laughed and told me I was doing fine and responding like I should to his stimulation. He did comment that I needed to exercise my inner muscles like that when my boy friend fucked me so that my “pussy” would continue to contract around his cock just like a girls vagina did during sex. He said It was obvious that he had a rather large penis but I still had good elasticity which was good for obvious reasons. He removed his fingers but continued to rub my moist anal lips causing me to squirm against them. He told me I reacted like any girl would to a man’s stimulation, telling me to continue to relax as all girls experience similar anxiety and he could see how feminine I had become in my responses to male stimulation. He then penetrated me again with his finger, applying more lube and I just laid back, closed my eyes, as he made my sissy lips relax even more and telling me I was such a good girl now. The Dr. then told me now the more uncomfortable procedure would have to be performed and for me to keep my feet in the stirrups then I felt the cold lube on my pussy and the doctor inserted a cold metal object into me, I felt my pussy stretching as the instrument opened me wide so he could examine me. Most girls feel a little uncomfortable during this procedure and he imagined I would as well. The pressure was so much more than when my boy friend’s cock penetrates me. He told I was doing fine and to just relax as he probed around inside me and told me I looked very healthy especially having been fucked so much but he said that’s a girls function and did I enjoy it? Embarrassed, I told him yes I did. Well we are just about done as he removed everything and as a final procedure he lubed me up some more and inserted his two fingers into me and pressing down on my tummy he wiggled them around and I started moaning since it felt so good and seemed to take pleasure in that and finger fucked me for what seemed like 5 minutes but I’m sure it was less.

He finally removed them and said my pussy was functioning well and to continue to use plenty of lube and like last year he told me he would ask the nurse to bring in a thin panty liner to protect my pretty panties incase some of the lube inside leaked out. He wiped the excess lube around my “pussy” spending more time than I thought necessary cleaning me up, but it felt so good.
He then told me to remove my feet from the stirrups and handed me back my panties and I wiggled into them, asked me to stand up and hold my gown up so he could look at my breast and nipples. He then felt my small budding breast checking for any lumps and rubbed my enlarged nipples Saying my nipples seemed a little bigger than last year, was I doing anything or was it just from my bf stimulating them more? I told him my bf did like to play and suck on them a lot now and that they seemed more sensitive. He told me he would prescribe some cream for me to put on my nipples. He then told me I would be getting a mammogram today as well just to see if my breast were healthy and no sign of cancer since they seemed sensitive to his touching them. He told me the nurse would be coming in soon to talk to me and then take me for my mammogram. Before leaving he then patted my bottom again and told me I was such a cute feminine boi and my bf was lucky to have me and to take good care of him. He did wonder if I wanted to see a Gynecologist in the future and I told him no! He said good because he liked being my Dr. and he would be sending in the nurse after he left.
The nurse came in smiling, told me the Dr. said all went well and handed me a panty liner, waited for me to put it in my panties and asked me how it went and told me she understood the embarrassment and discomfort I might have felt, it is not something girls looked forward to having done, but was necessary and the Doctor had told her I did very well and since I wanted to assume the girls role my appointments would continue in this manner. she told me continue to do my proper feminine hygiene regularly, take good care of my boy friend and now we would be off to the XRAY unit and that I was now in for another very uncomfortable procedures that we girls need to do. She did not lie, it was very painful to have my breast compressed for that procedure and the technician just smiled and told me to be strong as all girls need to go thru it.

these might be becoming to repetitive and maybe I should just stop describing my Dr. appointments please let me know. they sure do make me feel girly and embarrassed.

hugs, Sis

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“The F-Express Train going to Orly-TGV will depart in two minutes.”

I was sick of this automated voice, sick of the F-Train and sick of all these commuters making my life hell. At least it was the end of my shift—one last round trip, and I’ll go home. There, I’ll connect to dating sites, find the first bottom willing to get fucked, and I’ll release all the stress of my day in his ass.

Yes, that sounded like a great plan.

“Sir, is this train going to Orly?”

No, of course not, the announcement was just a joke. “Yes, madam, we’ll be there in forty minutes,” I answered to the blonde tourist, ridiculous with her Eiffel Tower keychain and her I love Paris tee-shirt. Yes, we Parisian love tourists.

I entered the train and put back in place my fucking kepi. My mother found me handsome in my uniform. I was pathetic. I put my key in the closing system next to the door and turned it while blowing in my whistle. The doors locked and the train started its way.

A young man, twenty-five maybe, the same age as mine, approached me. When a passenger came to you before you had time to make one single step in any direction, you knew the journey would be shit. “Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to buy a ticket.”

I should take you in the cabin and spank you hard, boy. Then, I’d spread your ass cheeks and play with your hole for the rest of the journey.

“I can sell one to you, but there’s a premium when you’re onboard.”

“Oh, but you see, I’m just a student, and I don’t have much money. Can’t you make an exception, please?”

If you suck my cock and gag on it. I watched his face, and I had to admit he was a handsome typical Parisian student, with his glasses, his shoulder bag and light brown curly hair falling on his face.

“All right, no premium.” It’s not like I would get any richer anyway. “That will be four euros, please.” I even managed to smile.

I printed his ticket with my portable payment terminal and gave it to him. He slightly brushed his hand against mine, sending a shiver through my cock and balls. “Thank you, sir, that’s very nice of you.”

You wouldn’t say I’m nice if you were on all fours in front of me, little bitch.

Okay, becoming vulgar in my own thoughts was the sign of an urgent need to discharge. Maybe I could go to the bathroom and do my thing. I just needed a minute. No, the place was filthy. Be patient, Victor, in two hours you’re home, getting your cock sucked.

So I went, slaloming in the aisles, controlling tickets, giving fines, getting insulted by a band of riffraff from the rough suburbs. After these joyful fifteen minutes, I entered the last car. It seemed empty, and I was going to turn back when I saw some movement in one of the seats, in the back.

I walked down and recited this fucking phrase I repeated a thousand times a day. “Hello, ticket control, please.”

I was now in front of a fucking handsome young man, not more than twenty, blond, his face red as if I had just caught him in a shameful act. Some people were impressed by uniforms, even when it was only a train conductor before them. I was somewhat athletic, yes, but I didn’t have a dangerous look. I think.

“Tickets, please.”

“I d-d-don’t have one.”

Oh, yes, my lucky day. In less than five minutes I’m pounding you in the cabin, boy.

“You know you’re supposed to come to see me just after the departure. I have to give you a fine.”


“But what? You were trying to hide here, don’t you? You really thought I wouldn’t see you? It’s fifty euros if you pay now, eighty-eight if you pay later.”

His eyes filled with tears. Why didn’t he pay the fucking four euros to buy a ticket? Suddenly, I heard some noise coming from the next car. A group of young people was making its way toward us. Now or never, Victor.

“Come with me in the cabin, we’ll deal with that together, okay? Take all your stuff.”

He took his bag and coat, his hands shaking. My coke was hard, I needed to quickly free it from my briefs.

“Come on, it’s just there.” We walked to the door at the end of the car, leading to the driver’s cabin. It would be empty, as we were going in reverse.

I closed the door behind us and locked it. “Put your stuff there.” I showed him the little table on the side. He obeyed and removed his wallet from his pocket to check inside.

“I don’t have any money, sir. I’m so sorry I didn’t come see you. I – I was afraid.”

“Shh, hey it’s okay. Who’s the girl, is it your girlfriend?” I was pointing at a picture in his wallet of him next to a brunette. I was no expert, but she seemed fine.

“Oh, no, she’s just a friend.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend?” He shook his head. “You’re cute, it should be easy for you.”

“I-I don’t…”

“Maybe you prefer men?”

He started shaking again. I put my hand on one of his, and the other on his cheek, caressing it slowly but firmly. I’ll show you who commands here, boy.

“Don’t be afraid, you want it, and I know it. I saw you looking at my bulge in the car. You like cock, don’t you, boy?”

He didn’t answer but didn’t push me back either.

“Show me your ass.” He didn’t move. “Now! Fuck, you need to obey, or else…”

He removed his belt, unbuttoned his pants and lost it, before slowly removing his briefs, keeping it just under his tiny ass. Fucking beautiful, not too flat, hairless, smooth. A thing to fuck hard and open wide.

“Bend over on the console and don’t make me repeat twice, boy.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, you’re a fast learner. What’s your name?”


I went on my knees behind him and spread his ass cheeks with my hands. Holy fuck, the b**st in me awaken when I saw his little pink hole.

“That’s a tight pussy you have here, Olivier. I’m going to fucking breed you. Turn around.” I caressed his face again. “Hey, don’t be shy, you just exposed your asshole in front of a stranger, boy. That’s fucking hot. I bet you like to be checked on like that. Now, come on, suck my cock.”

I went on my knees behind him and spread his ass cheeks with my hands. Holy fuck, the b**st in me awaken when I saw his little pink hole.

“That’s a tight pussy you have here, Olivier. I’m going to fucking breed you. Turn around.” I caressed his face again. “Hey, don’t be shy, you just exposed your asshole in front of a stranger, boy. That’s fucking hot. I bet you like to be checked on like that. Now, come on, suck my cock.”

I removed my pants and my trunks, revealing the monster. Surprise. I sat on the driver’s seat, legs spread, cock hard and bursting pre-cum.

“Do you want an invite or what? On your knees and suck my fucking cock.”

When he came between my legs, I used my hands to maintain his head. One in his hair, one under his chin.

“Look at me when you suck. Yes, like that, fucking bitch.”

I didn’t have time to let him blow me like a nun, so I used my grip on his head to make the back and forth movement. He was looking at me with his imploring eyes. I leaned my head to the side, to check if at least he was enjoying being roughed up. His cock is hard, he moves his head by himself, everything’s okay, a perfect little bitch.

I leaned back in my seat, letting him do his thing. He took my cock in one of his hand and caressed my balls with the other. They were big and ready to discharge on his face. Keep calm.

“Eight inches, boy. The size of your head. You look beautiful with a cock in your mouth. Arch your back, put your ass in the air, come on!”

I loved how quickly he obeyed my orders.

“You’re a perfect little cocksucker, aren’t you?”


Nice, his first sound since I had checked on his ass. His moaning was a thing of beauty. I wondered what noise he would make when I’d breed his ass.

“I’d let you suck my cock in this position all night, boy but we only have fifteen minutes left, and I want to explore your ass. So get up, and get on all fours on the chair.”

“I’m afraid,” he said while positioning himself.

“Don’t be. I’ll be rough, yes. But I won’t hurt you.”


“Of course. You need an education, boy, and I’ll give it to you.”

“Your cock will hurt me, it’s enormous.”

“Look, I’m always ready.” I showed him the lube I just removed from my little leather bag.

“Oh, so okay, I guess.”

“No shut up and put your ass up.”

I put some lube on his asshole and caressed it slowly. Last gentle moment, boy. I fingered him, one, then two. He was moaning like a perfect little bitch. Surely he didn’t know that the more he moaned, the more I wanted to act like an a****l.

“Lower your ass, same level as my cock. Come on.”

I was standing beside him, cock in hand, him in a perfect little bitch’s position on the chair, ass wide exposed. I put the head of my member on his asshole, ready to tear him apart. The need to breed him was becoming unbearable. I pushed a little and felt his body stiffen.

“You ready, boy? You don’t move, and you let me fuck you like I want, okay?”

“O-Okay, sir.”

“Good boy.” I pushed further, but I couldn’t enter his ass. The guy was too tight.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Don’t push it back! As long as this fucking train is running, you’re mine, and I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with your pussy. Now, relax your asshole and let me enter you.”

“I-I’m sorry, sir.”

I tried again, and this time he let it go, allowing me to penetrate his ass properly. He moaned and turned his head to look at me. Oh, I knew this look. He saw my eyes full of lust. I knew I had the face of a sexual b**st in these moments. The glow in his own eyes and his mouth half opened told me that the vision pleased him.

“You’re wide open. Do you feel it?”

“Yes, I feel it.”

Three-quarters of my cock were now inside. Time to slam this ass. I began a back and forth movement slowly, as it was still a little tight, but his asshole soon opened around my member. I quickened the pace.

“Ouch, you’re hurting me.”

“Relax your fucking ass, boy. I’m not going to stop.”

This young man was meant to be fucked, his body was so slim and smooth, his ass cheeks small and soft, and he took my cock so well. I was rough, but he liked that. Now my movement was faster, a true fucking, balls deep when going inside. I wasn’t going to be able to keep it for long.

I removed myself from his ass, squatted and looked at his hole.

“I told you that you’d be wide open. Look at you.”


“Glad you like it. Get off the chair, stand up here. I’m not finished with you.” I looked at my watch. “Five minutes until Orly’s station. Put your hands on the wall.”

I went behind him and put back my cock where it belongs. It slid nice and easy. This time I stroked his cock while pounding his ass. I was maybe rough, but the guy deserved some pleasure too.

It wasn’t long until I discharged, still deep in his ass. He came at the same time. I roared, he meowed. The guy had paid for all the commuters that had made my life hell today. I felt so good.

I removed my cock from his hole, squatted again and spread his cheeks wide.

“Perfect little slut. There’s a lot of cum in your pussy. Push it, come on.”

The cum dripped from his distorted hole, making a delicious squishy sound. I played with it, putting it back inside, making him push again. Still spreading his ass hard with my hand, I let the cum flowed his balls. I would’ve continued humiliating him like that all night, but we were arriving at the end-station, so I took some tissued in my pocket and helped him clean.

“Did you like it, boy?”

“Yes, sir, it was amazing. But, what about my fine?”

“Oh, I think we can forget that after what we’ve just done together.”


“Do you often take this train?”

“Everyday, why?”

“Every day we’ll meet in this cabin, and I’ll play with the asshole for all the journey, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Shit, I think I’m going to love the fucking F-Express.

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You never know which dick you end up with

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Just before I stepped up to pay my fee to enter the arcade area at one of my favorite adult book stores, a hot younger guy, who acted somewhat inexperienced with the routine of the place, was paying for his entry. I wondered if I might get lucky with him as I followed him back to the dark aisles of the arcade, admiring his slim ass all the way.

There had been some damage to the place since I was last there—doors ripped off their hinges and stuff like that. But still, there were a lot of men milling around. I followed the object of my attention all the way to the back where the door to the largest booth was closed. As this young guy moved closer to the door, it opened, as if inviting him to go in. That is exactly what was going on. A naked man was standing on the broad bench in the room, peering over the door and looking out. He seemed to be surveying the clientele for prospects to invite to his private party.

But it wasn’t so private. As the door opened, I could see four guys in the room. All of them were naked or near-naked. The action looked mighty hot, and I didn’t want to miss it, so I slipped in. Up on the bench was an older man with a fairly big belly and a nice cock of averaged length being sucked by an equally naked, but really buff 30-something guy with a full beard who was standing on the floor as he serviced the door monitor. He had a broad back and big arms with sculpted muscles. His butt was round and firm, and humping him from behind him was a slightly over-weight guy in his 40s.

A tall slender guy in his 50s made up the quartet. He was also totally naked and stroking a medium sized dick off to the side as I entered. Walking up to him, I opened my shorts and pulled out my own rapidly growing dick. He bent down to suck it, and it quickly made it up to its full eight inches. I swung around to sit down in the room’s one white plastic chair. This allowed me the opportunity to suck this guy’s dick for a while before he pulled back in order to kiss with his curious tongue and then resumed his action on my equipment. I really loved it as he licked my balls and below where he had full access since I was sitting and leaning back in the chair.

The humping guy parted our company leaving the four of us paired up. The door monitor standing on the bench kept trying to lure the younger guy in the hall to join up, but he never took the bait. An older guy walked in and joined my pair. As my partner on the floor continued to work on my hard dick, I took the new man’s tool in my mouth. It was one of those delicious dicks with a big ball of a head on a narrow shaft. As I sucked him, he pulled his ass cheeks apart. I picked up the invitation and began to finger fuck him. He sighed with pleasure at the fingering, but eventually pulled his pants up and moved on as did my dick servicer.

That allowed me to move over to the other pair. I bent down to investigate the fat dick of the young stud as he kept working on the standing door master, sucking hard at the hard dick offered to him. I stood up to share that dick with him for a while, but then the muscled stud put his clothes back on and wandered off. I asked the door master if the guy came, but he didn’t think so.

Eventually I wandered out to see what else might be happening. I ended up at one of the glory hole booths right at the front and bent over to see what was on the menu in the next booth. Right at that point, the bearded, muscled guy appeared at the door and also looked in. He left, and I thought he might be on the way to the back, so I followed him.

We returned to the now empty large booth in the back, and a short, heavy Hispanic guy followed us. After getting naked, I sat on the bench and the stud stood in front of me. He didn’t seem all that interested in my meat, but bent over to start sucking the other guy’s fairly small dick. He went crazy sucking the thing as I fondled his equipment. The Hispanic guy shot his load, and the bearded guy swallowed the whole thing. That must have done the trick for him as he stood up, turned to face me and proceeded to jack out an enormous load on my dick and thighs. That was enough for me to also jack one out with the lubrication of his cum and the scent of his semen sufficient to push me over. It sure was satisfying.

I hope that cute young guy with the hot ass who I initially followed into the arcade had as much fun as I did.

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Single Mom – Don’t Lie

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Rochelle was up early this Friday morning even though she didn’t have to be at work until 2:00 p.m. She was making French toast, turkey sausage links, scrambled eggs with cheese, onion and bell pepper, and strawberry compote. She fixed a plate and stuck a candle in the middle of the bread. She called out for the boys to wake up.

When her younger son, Jeramiah, entered the room she yelled, “Happy Birthday!” She handed him a party hat and showed him to his seat.

The birthday boy’s older brother, Coree, said, “Happy birthday, mane!”
“Thanks you guys,” Jere replied.
“Here’s your present,” the woman stated handing him a gift bag.

It was a new rose gold iPhone SE. Jeramiah was thrilled. “Thanks, ma,” he beamed.
“You’re welcome,” she shared. You can have a sleepover tomorrow night. Pick two or three friends.”
“Coree is spending the night with Ty. I’ll make my nachos grande.”
“Cool. Thank you!”

Jeramiah played with the phone and went to update his account with the new SIM card number after finishing his breakfast.

Coree told his mom that he and Layla wanted to see another movie on Saturday afternoon. She said that was fine.

“So, you really like her,” Rochelle checked.
Coree answered, “Yeah! She’s straight.”
“What do you like about her?”
“She’s pretty, smart, and sweet.”
“Well, she better be,” snickered the woman.
“You crazy, ma!”
“But you love me.”
“I do,”

The boys caught the bus to school. Rochelle walked to her bedroom to get a couple hours of sleep.

She woke up at 10:30 and began making a chicken casserole. She mixed the shredded poultry with sour cream, cream cheese, cream of mushroom soup, water chestnuts, and bread crumbs. She topped it with crumbled Ritz crackers and poured some melted butter on it. She stuck it in the oven and went to read a new novel.

When the dish was finished, she took it out of the oven and covered it with the lid. She slid it into the fridge then texted the boys that dinner just needed to be heated up.

She also decided to make a tomato tart to take for her evening meal. She started with a packaged pastry dough. She rolled it out and placed in the appropriate pan. She pre-baked the crust then added shredded mozzarella. She topped that with slices of Roma tomatoes and sprinkled coarsely chopped basil and garlic over them. She mixed soft goat cheese, grated Parmesan, sour cream, and more mozzarella. She dropped dollops on the top. Then, threw it in the oven.

She put on her scrubs and jumped into the Cadillac crossover. She headed to work at Mercy Memorial Hospital. She called Hugo.

“Hey, beautiful,” the handsome man answered.
“Hey there! How are you,” she asked.
“I’m good. Thanks! What about you?”
“I’m well. Just on my to Mercy.”
“Oh cool. I’m glad you called. I wanted to see if you would let me cook for you Saturday.”
“That would be awesome. But, I’m hosting sleepover for my son’s birthday that night.”
“Ah okay! Can I cook at your place.”
“Uh, sure.”
“Excellent. 7:00 work?”
“Yes. sir!”
“Great! I need to run. Call me when you get off.”
“Okie dokie. Bye.”

This evening was not unlike any other. There were patients waiting to be seen when she arrived. First up was an elderly man with a fever. She ended up admitting him for observation and treatment. Then, there was a boy that had broken his arm after falling off a jungle gym. A young, unwed mother-to-be was experiencing bleeding during her first trimester. There were a few cut wounds mixed in. And also two cases of appendicitis. All of this was before lunch.

She took her dinner break just at 6:15. She heated up her tomato pie and ordered a sweet tea from the cafeteria. She ate alone at a table perusing news articles on her phone. She texted Jere to see how the game was going. At that moment the Mustangs were down 6 to 7. As she completed eating she made a quick list of what she needed to do for Jere’s sleepover tomorrow.
Grocery store was first. She needed the items to make the party nachos. She would stop to get two double cheeseburger Heat & Eat pizzas and a giant chocolate chip cookie pizza from Montesi’s.

The second part of her night was off to the races when a motorcycle accident victim was rushed inside. Two of his fingers had been severed and his blood pressure was dangerously low. She and the nurses worked diligently to get the patient stabilized and then moved in for emergency surgery. The rest of the shift contained mostly minor illnesses like sore throats, headaches, and lacerations. She also had to lance a large boil on the neck of a mentally ill patient from Bordeaux Psychiatric Facility.

She finished up work and headed straight home. She was scheduled to be at St. George at 6:00 a.m. She entered the house and walked over to say good night to her sons. “How’d the game go, Coree?”

“Uh. We won. 13 – 10,” he shared.
“Great! Did you get an PT?”
“Yeah. I played the whole fourth quarter.”
“Excellent. Well, good night!”

She climbed into bed and set her alarm for 4:45 a.m.

She grabbed a protein snack pack from the fridge on the way out the door the next morning.

When she got off at 2:00 p.m., she drove to the store to get the ingredients she needed. Then, she picked up the pizzas and cookie cake. She was back home around 3:30. Coree was getting ready to head over to Ty’s house and then take Layla to the movies. Jere was playing Fortnite. She prepared the recipe for the nachos. She’d throw them in the oven when they got back. The party was set to start at 5:00.

Jere had invited two teammates, Tucker and Jaleel, plus Desmond to spend the night. There were two girls coming over for the first part ot the party – Blysse Powell, whose mom and dad owned the counseling center the Stewarts used, and Stefanie Cruz, a kind, gentle, artistic girl that attended their church.

Everyone was being dropped off with the exception of Tucker. Rochelle said they would pick him. She drove to the trailer park where the k** lived. As she drove through the neighborhood, she noticed Lynton’s truck parked in front a single-wide unit. She made a mental note. Once Tucker got in the car, they went straight back home.

Jere’s additional friends began to arrive. Once everyone was present, they sang happy birthday and sliced the giant cookie. The k**s took some of shredded chicken and ground beef nacho bake. They went upstairs to the game room to watch a movie. Dr. Hugo showed up around 7:15. Rochelle let him in. He handed her a bouquet of tulips. She thanked him with a hug and a peck on the cheek. She showed him to the kitchen.

The thirty-two year-old was carrying a box filled with his ingredients. He went to work separating out what he needed. Due to timing on four of the dishes, he had started them at home. First was doro wat, a chicken stew with a tomato base. Secondly, he had Ye’abesha gomen – fragrant collard greens cooked in spiced butter and flavored with cardamom, fenugreek, and nigella seeds. The third stew was kik alicha made of yellow split peas. And lastly, mesir wat – a red lentils with a paste-like consistency. He heated the food.

He made timatim in front of his hostess who was in awe of his knife skills. It was a delightful tomato salad with jalapeno and red onions in a red wine vinaigrette. After that was finished. He prepared the injera, Ethiopian sourdough crepes on which all the food would be served. Once everything was to his liking, he asked for a large platter. He arranged the injera in an overlapping layer. Then he topped the bread with two ladles of each stew around the plate leaving space in the middle for the fresh salad.

He explained that the additional injera was used to eat instead of utensils. She smiled and let him know she was aware of that part. As they ate, the doorbell rang. It was Suzette Ellis-Powell coming to collect her daughter and her friend, Stefanie. “Come on in Dr. Misses! We’re in the kitchen eating.”

They entered and Suzette entranced by the smell. “What are you eating. My mouth is watering.”
“It’s Ethiopian cuisine. Made by him. By the way Suzette this is Hugo. Hugo meet Suzette.”

They exchanged pleasantries while Rochelle went to let the girls know ride was here. Hugo was explaining what the dishes were and gave the woman a tablespoon of each item. She devoured it before taking her leave.

Rochelle cleaned the kitchen and her potential beau assisted. He asked if she wanted to watch a movie. He had picked up that movie about Sen. Ted Kennedy and the intern that got killed after a car accident. She wanted to see it and replied in the affirmative. She brought out a blanket and the snuggled up to each other as the watched the retelling of the fateful night and ensuing cover-up attempts.

After the conclusion, he told he he was going to get a move on because tomorrow started his 28-day stint in the cardiac intensive care unit. “I have to work six days straight each week.”

“Residency and fellowships are brutal,” she commiserated.

Tonight, they actually kissed good night. It felt special and caring. Not too much tongue. She sensed he was a lover.

On Sunday morning, Rochelle woke the boys at nine. She had fixed breakfast burritos with turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, tater tots, and bell peppers. The k**s demolished the baking dish of handheld goodies. The plan was for them all to go to church. Then, she would drop them off and pick up Coree from Ty’s.

Chara Owens was at church, but not Herron. Rochelle would learn in between church school class and worship service that she had the man sleeping at an extended stay motel for the time being. “I don’t know if I even want to try to work it out anymore,” the aggrieved wife confessed. “I’m not that silly little girl dying for his affection anymore. He’s done this too many times.”

“Just be sure before you guys make the plunge,” Rochelle cautioned.
“Are you going to marriage counseling?”
“I think we should. I need to find a ther****t.”
“Well, the boys and I go to New Path. It’s owned and run by the Powells.”
“Oh, that’s right, Brienne and Blysse’s parents,” Chara remarked referring to her current and future students, respectively.”
“Yeah. The boys see the husband. He does a family session with us monthly and I see Suzette individually.”
“Can they prescribe medication?”
“Suzette can because she’s a psychiatric nurse practitioner. But she doesn’t like to unless completely necessary. No matter which ther****t you see, any scripts would go through her after a consultation.”
“Perfect. I’ll call them tomorrow. And see if that man wanted to go.”
“I’m proud of you, girl.”

Desmond, of course, went home with his mom. Rochelle took the other boys to their houses, making sure each was safely inside. She had offered both of them to go plates with a couple of slices of pizza, one of the burritos, a bit of the chicken stew, a granola bar, and a pear. She wasn’t sure Tucker would eat again until the next day at school. And, to not make him look or feel bad, she offered it to all of them.

Little did she know that when the boy was inside, he split the plate three ways sharing it with his younger brother and sister. They hid in his bedroom eating so they wouldn’t have to give any to their drunk father figure. Neither of them had any substantial food since the night before.

Coree hopped in the car. “Hey, ma! Hey, Jere!”
“Wassup, playa,” the younger son laughed.
“Hi, sweetie! How was the date?”
“It was good.”
“Nice! What did you do?”
“We ate at Applebee’s then went to the movies.”
“Cool! How’s Ty’s grandmother.”
“She’s doing pretty good.”
“Okay, great! I’m going to drop Jere off at Mrs. Mary’s church and then you and I are gonna spend quality time in the city.”

Her phone buzzed. It was Lynton. She asked him to hang on and that she’d call back in ten minutes when she got home. Coree went inside to get changed. Rochelle walked to her room and called the married man.

“Hey, Lyn! How’s it going?”
“Pretty good, baby girl. Been thinkin’ about you,” he shared.
“Oh really,” she smirked. “What were you thinking?”
“How much I wanna see you again.”
“We’ll have to make plans soon. You do anything yesterday.”
“Naw, sweetie! I was home all day.”
“Oh wow!”
“Yeah, pretty boring,” he lied.
“So you didn’t leave home at all? That does sound boring.”
“That’s right.”
“Oh okay then. So, who was driving your truck yesterday?”
“I had to pick up one of Jere’s friends yesterday. He lives in Cotton Trail Park and I saw your truck parked in front of one of the trailers.”
“Huh, baby…”

“Don’t lie, Lynton,” she pleaded. “I’m not mad. Just want honesty.”
“Well. I went to see a friend,” he he omitted a portion of the truth.
“What kind of friend?”
“Someone I knew a long time ago before I knew you. They’d gone through rehab at the center and was clean for 3 years. Relapsed a couple of weeks ago. Reached out to me and I went over to provide support.”
“That’s cool. And, very sweet of you. Male or female.”
“It’s a dude.”
“Well, I pray he gets clean again. It can’t be easy living over there. It’s a hotbed of all kinds of mess.”
“Don’t I know it,” he tried to keep his voice from shaking.
“Yeah. I’m taking Coree into the city for some one-on-one attention. Can I call you tonight?”
“Yes, ma’am!”

Rochelle hung up the phone believing only half of what he had spewed to her. And the part she did consider to be true, she still took it with a grain of salt. The next time she saw Tucker she would ask him what neighbor lived there. Rochelle would then learn the rest of the story.

Lynton cursed himself for being caught even though he had admitted no wrongdoing. He was, in fact, helping an addict in need. The piece he did not share was that he been banging the effeminate blond twink with the silicone injected booty ever since he had gotten out of treatment. It had been six or seven months since he had been with the twenty-two year-old. The k** had called him crying. He needed help and his rent was due to boot, but he was broke. Not to mention hungry.

Lynton offered to pay the next two week’s rent totaling $218. He also brought over a sack of groceries with bread, sandwich meat, apples, and cheese. The boi had answered the door completely naked except for a pair of lace boyshort panties. And, in a moment of weakness, it went from there. He fucked the sissy good and hard.

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First time dressed outside. (Part II)

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The moment was about to come, when I would fully admit to sucking Mr McDoden’s hard cock and in my present condition that took not too much courage from me to do so. So I unzipped his briefs, grabbed his penis with my right hand and started taking it deeper and deeper into my greedy little sissy mouth. Never have I ever felt so sexually aroused and at the same time completed in a way. It was as if I had reached a life goal. Well, at least a “sissy life goal”, later I used to laugh about irony of this moment, but on the other hand it was a serious thing. I really was born to be a cock sucking, obedient and eager sissy.

Mr McDodens cock got really hard from me doing my first blowjob and I also got really obsessed with my new profession so I started licking his hairy, old balls as if they were made out of honey. He really enjoyed me doing my way because he was constantly saying things like: “Oh gosh, Fiona!” and “You are doing so well my dear” and “Oh yes, you are such a good girl, sucking daddies big cock, aren’t you?”. I nodded. I knew I was a “good girl”, but getting this actual acknowledgement was so fulfilling. After a while he started to put his right hand on top of the back of my head and started to push me deeper onto his cock which at times made me gag slightly and I had to take little breathing pauses. I often dreamed of being in that situation and I gotta admit, I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Sometimes I would stop sucking Mr McDodens cock for a second and he then slapped my lips or cheeks with it, which I enjoyed just so much. It really put me in my sissy place. My sissy heaven. I guess the whole blowjob situation took on for about 40 or so minutes and before I could consciously anticipate the next step my daddy asked me: “So my little slutty dear, are we ready to get fucked by daddy now?”. If I would not have been so intoxicated from all the whine I would probably have hesitated at that moment, but I was slutty, ready, better to say upmost eager to have that awesome cock in my hungry sissy pussy and just said “yes daddy” without losing a second. “Fine. You are a very good girl for daddy.” He replied. “Kneel on the floor, sissy. Bottoms up, base down.” I liked that he was kinda ordering me to do so, instead of asking for it. Of course I obeyed and was as excited as a little sissy can be to receive my first cock and finally losing my “actual virginity”.

First I heard Mr McDoden spitting on my and felt his spit pouring down my sissy pussy with a feeling of the greatest excitement which then was topped by him using his thick, manly fingers to spread his spit consistently over my hungry little hole. He then spitted one time again on his cock and then it finally happened. Since I was all ready to receive his cock it did not even hurt a bit and my pussy just soaked it in like it never did something else actually. He noticed that and instantly praised his little girl. “Oh gosh yes. My girl’s pussy is so hungry. I love it!”. Then he started properly pounding me. Not too hard and fast but not too slow either. It is hard to describe my excitement and pleasure at this moment in words. I was in heaven. I was properly getting fucked and I was all aware of that. Not only accepting it but embracing it. Breathing it, living it. Living for the cock.

Mr Mc Dodens cock was brushing my prostate with every time he went in and outside my wet and throbbing sissy pussy and me groaning and moaning like a little naughty girl just happened to naturally that I did not even have to control the pitch of my voice in any way to sound more feminine. What was happening was real. What was happening wasn’t an act. It was supposed to happen. It was destined to happen. A few times I felt like I was about to just cum from getting fucked like this and my daddy noticed that and went a bit slower or held on for a second. Then he would lean forward to french kiss his little girl or reach my nipples with his dirty, old hands. “Hold on, sissy.” He began talking. “I wanna see that pretty face while I am fucking you.” He pulled out is cock, which my sissy pussy water was dripping from, told me to lay on my back and put my legs up so that he could grab on my ankles and put it back in again.

Now that was really even more putting me into my place as is has been before. He was in total control of his little sissy fucking toy and soon began caressing my sissy clitty through my sweet girly panties. I could not help myself but ferociously moan and unbridledly leak precum. My daddy of course noticed me wetting myself and emphasized my slutty behavior by telling me he could not in his slightest dreams have imagined how much of an eager, cock loving and just throughout desperate and needing little slut I was. And he was all so right about that. And I was all so loving what was happening now. In fact knowing how much I would hate myself for being so slutty, naughty and willing to go so far, leaving everything what once was masculine and straight behind me. Never able to pick it up again. Never able to go back. But what should I do else? It can’t be helped, can it? Was it ultimately my fault? Have I become utterly perverted and abnormal? Maybe I should stop wining about it and start seeing my future for what it is going to be: the world turning into a whore house with me as the ultimate workaholic. No brains left, just craving. Never ending craving. Never ending lust. Never ending sin.

I loved my hell to be heaven.

Back to me and Mr McDoden. Again he was pulling his cock out of my pussy, starting to stroke it, leaving me jealous of not touching, sucking or fucking it. Before I could ask to suck on it again he stood up and sat back on his couch, took a zip from his whine glass and ordered me to kneel before him again and continuing my oral work. You can imagine I was most eager and willing to be of service again and showed daddy how warm, wet and loving my mouth can be, once a cock was inside honoring my sissy efforts. After all he seemed to be a little jaded and tired and of course it was on me to cheer him up again so gave him the most sloppy, devoted and deep blowjob I managed to come up with. For a few minutes it really did work on him and he slightly got harder and more interested again, but of course I could not keep up my efforts for long. I asked him if anything was alright. He affirmed but noted he would have to pee. Shortly I hesitated if I should offer him to be his personal sissy urinal, but I did not know if he would approve of that or if that simply was too much. Surprisingly he ordered me to come with him, on my knees.

My heart was pounding. What was going to happen. We reached the bathroom door, he opened it up and showed me my way. I had to kneel next to the toilette. He told me to watch his cock while he was relieving himself standing. When he was finished he said: “Come on little sissy. Be a good servant and clean daddies cock.” I was so happy he finally asked me to do that and instantly put my mouth around his cockhead and cleaned it up properly, soaking in the last few drops of his golden nectar and letting it pour down my throat, as if it was the sweetest juice I have tasted in my life.
Then he flushed and told me to get back to where I was before, waking closely behind me, watching my cheeks move up and down like the pervert he was. When I reached the couch he told me to wait a second, without telling me what he was about to do. A few moments later he came back with a rope and ordered me to get my hands behind my back to tie them together. Of course I obeyed. Now this dimension of helplessness finally has entered the scenery. Leaving me all excited again. I could not have asked for a more fulfilling first time and realized that this man must be way more experienced with those sorts of things that I have expected him to be. So I was ready for the next round. Ready to be used again. Ready to be abused again. Ready to a whore again.

To be continued……

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Beefcake is my Speedo Bitch

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I mentioned it briefly the other day that a friend of mine got in a bit of trouble with the law. It isn’t too bad, he just drank a little too much and made some bad choices. Nobody got hurt and I don’t think it is a ‘habit’ of his.

I’m not going to defend his actions or decisions, he fucked up and he is more than paying for it.

Perhaps because I am so discrete with my business (and sexuality), perhaps because I’m not fully in on the inside of my Terrigal crew, he reached out to me to help him out with this incident. Reluctantly, I am helping him out.

Last weekend I had to go up to Coffs Harbour and present myself before the court and it all went well. I spent the night up there in a motel and I was kinda horny. So I grabbed my phone and tuned on Grindr. There was this guy who looked like a hot younger Hulk Hogan. Blonde, broad shoulders, body builder type. Which isn’t my type – I prefer lean swimmers build.

The guy was within a kilometer from me so I sent him a photo of me in a speedo.

He replied back, he said he was a bottom, loved being dominated and he had a speedo.
I promised I’d dominate him, he promised to wear his speedo.

It wasn’t 10 minutes later and there was a knock at my hotel door. I looked through the peep hole and there he was, Beefcake.

I opened the door to my hotel room, Beefcake was huge. I’m 6 foot, Beefcake was half a foot taller, twice as wide and probably nearly twice my weight – all of that in muscle. He was wearing jeans and a button up white dress shirt.

He walked in, I told him to take his shirt off which he did.

Then I told him to put his hands on the door he had just walked through, spread his legs and I was going to give him a pat down. Beefcake complied.

I put my left hand on his shoulder, he was super ripped and super smooth. My right hand followed his spine all the way down his back to his jeans which had a belt. I traced his belt, counter clock wise around his torso, which was crazy flat and smooth. I got to the belt buckle and undid it.

Beefcakes jeans slid down, he was wearing a sky blue speedo, lycra that fit him perfectly.

Now my hands were on Beefcakes hips, I ordered him to spread his legs and he complied.

My left hand slid down the blue lycra, down his lycra clad butt crack and between his legs and started rubbing his balls. My right hand was rubbing his cock which was fully hard and straining to be free’d from its lycra confines.

Beefcake was enjoyed this and started to moan a little bit. I was on one knee in my reach around and reach under at the same time position, my right cheek on the small of his back. He started to turn around and I barked at him, telling him if he didn’t keep his hands on the door I’d “knock his block off” (and Aussie term for punching someone – of course I would never punch anyone and definitely not Beefcake because if he hit me back it would be the end of me).

I’m always a little be afraid of guys being super horny, cumming first and then just wanting to leave so I thought it was time to fuck Beefcake.

I stood up and went to put a condom on, I told Beefcake he better not fucking move.

I was horny before I even turned Grindr on 20 minutes earlier and now I was really horny. I stripped off my shirt and jeans, as usual I was wearing a speedo, my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. I pulled my cock out the leg of my speedos and put a condom on my rock hard cock. I squirted a glob of lube into my right hand, and rubbed it all over my cock. I was going to wipe my hand but then though I’d just wipe it on Beefcake.

He was standing, facing the door, both hands on it, legs spread wearing nothing but his blue speedos.

I walked up behind him, pulled his speedo away from his man vagina and put my cock at his entry. You ready for some cock you little bitch I whispered into his ear. Yes sir Beefcake replied.

My left hand helped guide my cock into his tight manhole which was between a pair of very muscular buns. Once the head of my cock was inside Beefcake he let out a little gasp. I left it there for a second, maybe ten seconds before I started to slide it in deeper, and deeper and deeper until I was ball deep.

Then I started backing up and sliding my cock out. Since I was so darn horny to start with I could end this in three strokes but I wanted it to last so I was taking much more time than I usually would.

Sliding my cock out slowly, it felt like it was a foot long (unfortunately it isn’t) until it finally popped out and I was no longer inside Beefcake. He let out another little gasp as my cock departed his arsehole. I gave him a minute, then entered him again. I repeated this four times I think, each time sliding my cock in to the hilt and then taking it all the way out of Beefcake. It was then that I came up with an idea of how I wanted it to end.

The fifth time (maybe the sixth, I wasn’t really counting) I slide all the way into Beefcakes arse and kept my cock there. I reached around and started rubbing the front of Beefcakes speedo which was defying the laws of physics somehow to keep his cock inside them.

I started stroking his cock through the stretched lycra.

Then I was talking dirty to him. It didn’t take long and cum started to soak through his speedos as he ejaculated. As he was convulsing in the throws of orgasm I told him he better not move his hands. Somehow I managed not to cum as his hole clenched on my cock. When he finished his convulsions I slid my cock out of him slowly.

I ripped off my condom, pulled his speedos out and down from the back with my left hand and grabbed my cock with my right. It was about twenty second and I unloaded into the back of his blue speedos. It was a big load too. I wiped the last of the cum from the head of my cock on his blue speedos as well.

Then I told Beefcake to pull up his jeans and get the fuck out. Which he did.

About fifteen minutes later I got a message from him thanking me, saying how hot it was and that he was going to wear those cum drenched speedos for a while and would be adding even more cum to them.

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