An Encounter on the Astral Plane

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A dream of you.

You are in my bed in this big empty house and I can hear your breath echoing off my skin as you slip into the sheets beside me. I am half awake and don’t know how you have come to be here but there are no questions in my mind as your fingers trail softly over my skin. I am naked beneath the sheets as you expected I would be and soon your naked body is warming my own. There is a storm outside that seems to be building the way the the heat is building inside of me. Outside it is freezing and all the world seems to be falling down but in my room a fire seems to be burning.

I am laying on my stomach, face pressed to the pillow, breasts swollen against the mattress and your hands are slipping over my back. Kneading the muscles from soreness to sweetness, you work your way down, laying a trail of kisses down my spine. I can feel my wetness growing with every unseen touch until my body is a loose bundle of nerves shivering with arousal. When you reach the heat that emanates from my core, I can sense your hand hovering as if you are warming yourself on that fire. One hand slips underneath my chest to cup my breast, kneading it into a pointed peak, tongue slipping along my skin until it reaches the curve of my neck. I turn my head to see you, dark eyes glinting in moonlight through the window above. You kiss me then, for the first time, tongue slipping into my mouth as your finger slips into my pussy and I arch my back against you. Moaning into your mouth, I can feel you smiling against my lips and you circle my clit with your thumb, as waves of pleasure shoot through me.

I can feel your cock now, hard and heavy against my back as you kneel above Escort Ankara me. It strays closer to where I want it to go, brushing over the lips of my pussy and teasing me with its hardness. I push further against the palm of your hand, breath coming in short gasps as you fuck me with your fingers, spinning me into a dizzy haze where I can no longer tell up from down.

Your mouth breaks from mine and I moan aloud for the first time. I hear you chuckle softly at my reaction as if you are unaware of your effect on me. I bite my lip against a louder shriek of ecstasy as your tongue join your fingers in their ministrations on my body. In and out you fuck me with your tongue the way I anticipate your cock will do only moments from now. This combination sends me spiralling over the edge as waves of heat rush through me from the core, radiating outward and shivering my skin until I am shaking in your hands.

There is silence for a long time, broken only by the sound of my ragged breathing as I try to regain some semblance of coherent thought. I turn to look at you over my shoulder to see you sitting back on your heels, licking my wetness from your lips. There is this delighted grin on your face that makes me bubble over with a heady intoxication and I reach for you, pressing my lips to your skin. I settle myself onto your lap, brushing my slick pussy over the hardness of your cock and am pleased to hear you make a soft sound of pleasure.

Outside the wind is roaring like the blood pounding in my veins, every nerve alive with electricity. I run my fingers through your hair and down your back, nails scraping gently against the flesh. Your cock feels Ankara Escort oh so good beneath my pussy, so close to being inside of me, but its not time quite yet.

I kiss my way down your chest, pulling away until I reach the dip that I crave so much. My tongue fits perfectly into those little hollows. I can feel your cock bumping against my breast, as if reminding me that it is there but I have not forgotten. I cup my breasts with both hands and push them together around your long, hard cock and it pulses with need against my chest. I lick at the tip when you thrust up toward me and you jump with pleasure at the unexpected contact.

I drop my breasts then and your hands reach eagerly for them but I forestall all movement by enveloping your cock with my mouth, taking it in as far is it can go with the first motion. I hear you moan loudly which makes me smile, lips curving around your hard length as I slowly begin to slide my tongue up and down. The very first time I saw your cock, I wanted so badly to taste it and now that I have, its almost shameful how much the thought lingers in my brain. I hum my pleasure around you as I swallow you once more, the vibration meant to send tingles down your spine. By the way your hips jump, it seems to have achieved the desired effect. I still them with one hand as the other wraps itself around the base of your shaft, stroking in time with my lips and tongue until I can feel your body tensing with pleasure.

This is the moment I was waiting for, when you are standing right there at the edge. This is the moment you will least expect me to pull away but that is exactly what I do. My mouth leaves your cock, Ankara Escort Bayan my hands leave your body and for a moment we are not touching at all as I hover above you. I wait for your eyes to open, for you to look up at me with a question in your eyes before you see me positioned right above you. When your gaze meets mine, I push myself down onto your cock in one smooth movement, burying you in my depths.

You moan aloud again, a guttural growl and you pull my head to yours for a kiss as I settle onto your hips. For a moment we lay in stillness, bodies enmeshed, your cock buried so deep inside me that I cannot even think of moving for fear that the moment might pass, the dream might end and I might wake cold and alone in my bed.

This is when you take control, flipping me over onto my back with your cock still buried deep inside of me. You begin a gentle thrusting, the promise of your fingers finally fulfilled as your cock moves in and out of me. I feel those waves of heat begin to flush me as your body is slick against mine, I wrap my arms around you, nails scraping at your back as I moan your name. My hips pump upward in time with your movements, moving us faster to the brink as our bodies crash together.

You push my legs up as you penetrate deeper and harder into my open core, the tightness of my pussy seems to vibrate around your hardness each time you push yourself in deeper. I can feel my orgasm welling up inside of me, blood pounding in my veins, heart racing. Your lips are kissing my neck, nuzzling the soft spot beneath the ear and when you moan my name I can feel myself coming as your cock pulses faster inside of me. At last you are coming, following me over the edge and warmth floods me. The storm has broken outside and our own has only just reached the peak.

This is when I wake up, feeling blindly for you though I know you are not there. My bed is empty and the dream is not yet reality.

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Amy: Hubby Finally Scores

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Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. For those people who have a problem with the lifestyle that we lead, either quit reading stories that are posted on an erotic web site or keep your prudish, ignorant comments to yourselves. I hope the rest of you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like(Preferably regarding the story itself and not the choices that we have made in our lives!!!!).


It finally happened…I had actually had sex with another woman without my wife being present. I am quite shy so I wasn’t sure that it would ever happen even though Amy, my wife, and I had an open marriage and we had had numerous threesomes along the way. Of course it had always been easy for Amy to find a guy to fuck if she was in the mood but finding a woman for me isn’t that simple. She tells me that women are always checking me out at the clubs but I never notice when they do. I consider myself to be a fairly attractive 30 year old guy, 5’10”, 180 pounds with very short brown hair and a goatee so there is really no reason why I shouldn’t be getting checked out. My shyness prevents me from being able to approach any women that I find attractive so I pretty much have to rely on them seeking me out or Amy hooking something up.

I happen to work in a profession that is dominated by males which has actually helped me to shed some awkwardness around the opposite sex. Since there are so few women around, 25-30 out of 300 employees, you kind of feel obligated to make sure they’re comfortable and not left out of the conversations, most of which revolve around sports, drinking or sex. I am considered one of the less crude guys at work which may have something to do with how I found myself in the situation I am about to relay.

One of the women at work that I find most attractive, Violet, is the type that gets along better with men than with women and is often right in the middle of the sexually charged discussions. She is also very flirtatious and will start to massage your shoulders or jump in your lap at the drop of a dime. She is recently married but there have been rumors that she has had sex with a few different co-workers is places such as the sauna and gym in the basement and even in her car in the parking lot after her shift ended. Violet is about 5’2″, 125 lbs with shoulder length brown hair and will turn 40 later this year, though she doesn’t look a day over thirty. She works out regularly which keeps her body toned and helps to firm up what can only be described as a great ass, perfectly round and plump. She has a set of small B cup breasts that are very perky with nipples that seem to always be hard. It was always a good day at work when we were on the same shift and I got to check her out. I knew that I had little to no shot of hooking up with her but if the opportunity ever arose I would jump at the chance.

As luck would have it I would get my chance one evening when the two of us were both stuck working the midnight shift. The way our graveyard shifts go at work is that one person in each area works the first half of the shift and then the other takes over. Violet and I work in different specialties and we both found ourselves working the first half of the night. The midnight shift isn’t very busy so most people pass the time by watching a movie or reading a book. On this fateful night Violet happened to forget to grab a movie so she asked if she could look through the flicks that I brought in hopes that I had something she hadn’t seen. She flipped through my DVD’s and managed to find one that she wanted but there was an issue…it was the same one that I planned on watching that night. When I told her the bad news she looked so disappointed that I offered the movie to her and said that I’d find something else.

“I can’t expect you to do that. I know how awful these shifts are with nothing to do.” Violet said.

“Yeah, they suck even with something to do!” I agreed.

“Look, if we want to watch the same movie, why don’t I slide over here and we can both watch it?” Violet offered.

“Sure, that sounds fair!” I approved.

I was a bit nervous about having a woman that I was so attracted to sitting so close while we were at work but I didn’t want to leave either of us with nothing to watch. I was just afraid that I’d spend more time watching Violet than the movie and she would somehow get offended. Violet rolled a chair over and sat down a few feet away and I started the film. We had chosen to watch “The Hangover” and anyone that has seen it knows that we were laughing hysterically throughout the film. We were both having fun and the time was flying so we decided to take a break halfway through. Violet needed to use the restroom and I was looking forward to a cigarette. We parted ways momentarily and I went outside for a smoke while she headed for the washroom. As Violet Escort Eryaman walked away I turned around to check out her bubble butt as I always do and saw that her jeans were hugging her ass perfectly.

When I returned from my smoke I found that Violet had beat me back and it looked like she had moved her chair slightly closer to mine while I was gone. It was at this point that I really started to imagine the things that could happen between us if everything went my way. I sat down quickly to hide my growing erection before Violet noticed and we quickly resumed the movie. I pressed play on the DVD player and tried to stop my imagination from running wild so that my dick would go back to sleep before it was embarrassingly detected. All hopes of this were dashed when Violet began to laugh so hysterically that she ended up nearly falling off her chair and I had to reach out and catch her before she hit the floor. I managed to somehow avoid grabbing her in any inappropriate places as I wrapped my arms around her and prevented her from hurting herself. I pulled her back up into the chair and made certain that she was steady again before I let go. She continued to laugh all the way through her dilemma but I think it was due more to embarrassment than the scene from the movie.

“Are you alright?” I asked, unsuccessfully trying to hold back my own laughter.

“I’ll be alright! I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while!” Violet added.

Once Violet finally settled down I rewound the movie back to where we left off and hit play. I was shocked when Violet leaned over and planted a light peck on my cheek and thanked me for saving her from falling on the floor. She gave my thigh a thankful pat as well and her hand seemed to lightly squeeze and linger for a moment. Violet then sat back and crossed her legs while we resumed watching the movie. Every once in a while I could feel her foot graze my leg when she laughed or shifted her weight around which certainly didn’t help the erection I was still sporting. I had to sit slightly turned away from her so that my uncomfortable situation wouldn’t be discovered. We watched the remainder of the film without anything out of the ordinary occurring and when it finished we only had another half hour to kill before our relief would arrive.

“I’m going to run out and grab something to eat, do you want to join me?” Violet inquired.

“Sure, I’m starving and I didn’t have time to make anything before I came in!” I said. I had brought some food with me but I thought if I was ever going to get a chance to sleep with Violet than this was it and I lied to increase my chances. This was going to possibly be the only time that I’d get to be alone with her and I didn’t want to miss out.

“I’ve got to check something on the computer and when our relief arrives I’ll meet you outside. ” Violet stated.

The next few minutes seemed to drag on forever as I anxiously awaited my coworker’s return and my much needed break. When my partner walked around the corner I jumped up, informed him of what was going on and hurried to meet Violet at the front door. She was already on the front steps when I arrived and I was greeted with a very sexy smile. She asked if we could take my car since she forgot to grab her keys and I readily agreed. I led Violet to my car and we started on our way.

“Where did you want to go?” I asked. “There aren’t many places open this late.”

“How does Wendy’s sound? Violet asked, “Just go through the drive-thru and we’ll eat back at work.”

“That sounds like a plan!” I agreed.

The nearest Wendy’s was only about 10 minutes away which allowed us a little bit of time to chat on the way. Violet and I had both been married within the last 2 years so we discussed how our respective marriages were treating us. I informed her that my relationship with Amy was amazing and I divulged that we were free to sleep with whomever we wanted. She was quite intrigued by my situation and had a few questions regarding our marriage.

“So you would let your wife go out and fuck another guy if she wanted?” Violet asked.

“Sure, I know she’s going to come home to me and tell me all about it while we have sex!” I admitted. “I’m not trying to brag but she is rarely satisfied after being with another man so she really needs me when she gets home!”

“Wow! So you have actually watched her with another guy and liked it?”

“Yeah, I love seeing her in action! She is so sexy and I love watching her having a good time!”

“Is she okay with you making love with another woman?” Violet inquired.

“Well, sort of…it wouldn’t be making love, just sex. And she has been encouraging me to do it since we opened our marriage.” I answered.

“So hypothetically, if I was to have sex with you, you would go home and tell your wife while you make love to her?”

“Exactly! It’s funny you mention that because she has actually brought your name up specifically!” I divulged.

“Really, why me?”

“We have talked about women that I find attractive at work and your name is always the first one out of my mouth!” I disclosed, Eryaman Escort feeling my face go red.

“Aww, that’s so flattering! Especially with some of the other women we work with. You are telling me that you find me more attractive than Tracy or Julia or even Crystal?” Violet asked.

“I do! I think you’re the sexiest woman at work by far!” I complimented as I looked her up and down again.

“Well thank you so much! I think you’re a great looking guy too!” Violet countered.

Our revealing conversation was interrupted when we arrived at the drive-thru and ordered our food. We drove back to work without saying another word and the silence was very uncomfortable. I was afraid that by letting her know I was attracted to her combined with the knowledge that I was free to have sex with other women outside my marriage scared her and that I had ruined any chance that I ever had. My concern was quickly dashed when we parked the car and started to make our way back inside work. I was walking slightly ahead of Violet when I felt her hand cup my ass cheek and give it a quick squeeze before letting go.

“What was that for?” I asked while continuing to walk.

“I just wanted to know if it felt as good as it looked!” Violet exclaimed. “And it feels great!”

“Well thanks, I guess!”

We made our way inside and Violet suggested that we take the food downstairs to the lounge where we could eat in peace. The basement lounge had a loveseat, TV, a few chairs, a coffee table and, most importantly, it was tucked away in a corner of the building where most people didn’t venture. When we arrived at the lounge I opened the door and allowed Violet to enter first. As she walked through the door I felt her hip slowly graze my crotch and I was certain she did it intentionally to see my reaction. By this point I was becoming accustomed to her flirting but that didn’t stop my dick from rising once again. Violet continued past me and took a seat in the middle of the loveseat before motioning for me to join her.

“Have a seat, let’s eat!” Violet invited, patting the small space next to her.

I managed to squeeze into the remaining space on the loveseat which caused our thighs to press tightly together as we began dining. Apparently we were both very hungry because we barely spoke for the next ten minutes or so while we devoured our meals. We both finished eating at roughly the same time and leaned back in the loveseat to relax and let the food digest. When Violet leaned back she let her head come to rest on my shoulder and her hand found my nearest leg. What she did next absolutely floored me as I was not expecting her to be so forward.

“So, why don’t you let me see what you’ve been hiding from me all night.” Violet boldly asked.

I tried to respond but before I could Violet dropped to her knees in front of me and started to undo my pants. Once she had released my belt her hand snaked its way inside and grabbed hold of my rigid cock. Her soft hand gripped my rod tightly as she looked up at me to see my reaction. The slightest movement of her fist caused my cock to twitch uncontrollably and my eyes to roll back into my head. I had been waiting for this opportunity for so long that I was in shock that it was actually happening and even more stunned that I was at work when it did. As her hand explored my stiff manhood she used her other one to finish undoing my pants which gave her a lot more room to maneuver. Violet started to rotate her hand as it slid up and down my cock and used her thumb to spread the precum that was leaking from the head.

“Your cock is so hard! I must be doing a good job!” Violet bragged.

“Your hand feels amazing and I can’t believe we’re doing this at work!” I exclaimed.

I tried to move into a more comfortable position while Violet continued to fondle me. I leaned back against the loveseat and Violet took the opportunity to finish stripping me of my pants. Sadly, she had to release my cock for a moment in order to slide my pants down my legs and pull them completely off. I was now sitting in the basement of my workplace with a very attractive co-worker on her knees in front of me and I was naked from the waist down. With my clothing out of the way Violet got a look at my stiff cock for the first time and she seemed quite impressed.

“You have a great looking cock!” Violet complimented as she eyed it from base to tip. “I hope it tastes as good as it looks and feels!”

Violet forcefully spread my legs so that she could move closer and get better access to my rod. She grasped the base of my shaft with her hand and aimed my dick toward her mouth while looking up at me with a mischievous smile. Her smile rapidly disappeared as her lips parted and wrapped themselves around the head of my cock. In the blink of an eye her nose was nestled in my trimmed pubic hair and my cock was deep in her mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the incredible blowjob that Violet was giving me. She certainly knew her way around a cock and proceeded to demonstrate just how talented a cock sucker she was. At first she took her time and allowed her mouth to Eryaman Escort Bayan explore every inch of my manhood, her tongue continuously dancing around my shaft. Once her mouth had coated my whole cock in warm saliva she allowed my dick free from her lips and proceeded to trail her tongue against my balls while lightly stroking me with her hand. In no time at all Violet had me on the verge of cumming.

“You’d better stop or else I’m going to cum!” I warned as I tried to hold back.

“Good! I want you to fill my mouth with your cum before you fill my pussy with your cock!” Violet admitted before continuing her magnificent blowjob.

As great as her mouth felt on my cock I knew that holding off my impending orgasm was going to be impossible so I decided to give her what she wanted. I grasped a handful of her hair and started to thrust my cock between her lips, fucking her warm mouth until I was almost ready to cum.

“Here it comes!” I groaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

My body stiffened and my cock twitched uncontrollably as I began to deposit my load into her mouth. Violet didn’t miss a beat as my cum splashed against the back of her mouth. She simply continued to suck my cock and swallow blast after blast of my warm jizz. My climax was so intense that I felt a little light headed as it finally subsided. I slumped back against the couch in exhaustion as Violet licked my still stiff cock clean. I was pleased to see that my cock had remained hard since I desperately wanted to fuck Violet. When she was done cleaning my dick Violet looked up at me with a proud smile and I could see the arousal in her eyes as she licked her lips.

“You should get rid of all those clothes so I can return the favour!” I suggested while helping her to her feet.

“That sounds like a great idea! It’s been so long since I’ve had my pussy eaten!” Violet admitted.

I pulled her shirt over her head to reveal the sexy red lace bra that hid her smallish tits. Violet reached around her back and unclasped her bra, allowing it to slide down her arms and expose her breasts. Her nipples were erect and stuck out like pencil erasers from her perky little tits. I leaned down and took turns sucking on each of her nipples while undoing her pants at the same time. I thought I heard Violet let out a low moan as I tongued her nipples. When I managed to undo her jeans I slid them down her legs and was shocked to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Violet stepped out of her pants and pulled my head down for a passionate kiss. She darted her tongue into my mouth while holding my head in place the whole time. My hand found its way to her pussy as our kiss lingered and I was surprised to feel how wet she was already. I teased her damp lips and clit with my fingertips without penetrating her which caused her to moan into my mouth.

Violet finally pulled away and broke our kiss, pleading with me to eat her pussy. I told her to have a seat on the couch and got on my knees between her legs. Before diving in I took a moment to admire her neatly trimmed mound and moist, puffy lips. I looked up at Violet as my tongue contacted her slit for the first time. She was desperate to feel my mouth and when I finally did taste her she flung her head back and let out a sigh of sexual relief. It had been a while since I had tasted a pussy other than my wife’s and the new flavor was very arousing. I took my time and made sure to lick and suck every inch of her pussy while paying a little extra attention to her hard clit. I was just starting to get into a decent rhythm when I felt Violet’s hand on the back of my head.

“Oh my God, you do that so well!” Violet complimented as she pushed my face harder against her mound. “I’m going to cum all over your face!”

I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt and fucked her with it as she began to buck her hips. I felt her body shudder as the first wave of her climax ravaged her body. Her tasty juices started to flow from her slit and I eagerly licked up as much as I could. When her orgasm started to subside she freed my head and allowed me to take a deep breath. My face was covered in her cum but I had no intention on stopping here. I sucked her clit between my lips and rapidly flicked my tongue over her hard nub which prolonged her climax and had her screaming my name over and over. Hearing another woman call out my name was such a turn on that I didn’t want to wait any longer to fuck her.

“I need to fuck you right now!” I exclaimed, “I have wanted this for so long!”

“Then get up here and slide that beautiful cock into me!” Violet demanded.

I positioned myself between her legs and aimed my stiff cock at her juicy slit. I sank my entire length into her with one long smooth stroke. We both moaned loudly as we enjoyed the foreign feeling of sex with a new person. I had already cum once so I knew that I could go for a while but I was also aware that once I came for a second time that I would probably be finished for the night so I took it easy at first to make it last. I pulled my cock all the way out and slapped it against her clit before slowly penetrating her fully once again. I took my time and enjoyed her wet canal with each rhythmic thrust and in mere minutes she was begging me to fuck her harder. I was slowly starting to build speed when Violet, who seemed slightly frustrated with my methodical technique, pushed me away and rose to her feet.

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Alicia Ch. 2

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I leaned up to Alicia’s ear and said, “Let’s make love with her, OK?” She smiled and got off my lap. Alicia grabbed herself and ran to the bathroom as our cum began to run down her leg.

I moved over to Margaret and slipped my arm around her and said, “I didn’t know you were coming over, If I had we could have waited for you”. She responded, “well, I am here now, show me what you can do with that thing.”

I kissed her and when our lips met I almost forgot that she is 60ish. Her lips opened and she kissed me with the enthusiasm of a teenage virgin. I was completely taken by surprise, and enjoyed it very much. We kissed deeply and I began to brush her sides with my hands and touch her breasts through her blouse. She started breathing more quickly and I knew she was sexually excited. I couldn’t help thinking of this as a self defense action…A mercy fuck if you will. But, I also couldn’t help feeling somewhat aroused and excited by this old gal’s enthusiasm.

As we kissed Alicia returned from the bathroom and began to unbutton Margaret’s blouse. “Mama Margaret, Is this OK? Can I take this off for you?”

“Ummmph, OK, yes, Uhhm Huuhmh” as her hand found my half hard cock still slick with cum. She began to move her hand back and forth and grip me firmly as I felt myself hardening for her.

I began fucking her mouth with my tongue. Very slowly, very sexy, licking her tongue and lips as my tongue moved gently, slowly in and out. Her breathing changed and became ragged with deep breaths interspersed between short gasps as we enjoyed her first sexy kiss in years.

I moved my arm so Alicia could remove her blouse and bra, then pulled Margaret to me, flesh against flesh. I could feel the softness of her body as I pulled her to me.

Margaret stepped out of her slacks as Alicia dropped them to the floor. Then she stepped out of her panties and was as naked as Alicia and I were.

Alicia led us over to the table and pushed Margaret back against it and helped her lay down on it. I continued to Kiss her and lick her neck and ear lobes. Then I picked up one of her breasts and moved my lips down to the nipple and sucked it into my mouth. I licked the hardening nipple and bit it firmly as I felt Margaret squirm and heard her gasp. I felt Alicia’s head near mine and glanced over to see that she had the other breast in her mouth.

I moved my left hand down her stomach and could feel the folds of Escort Çankaya flesh on her aged body, but did not hesitate. I stroked her and caressed her and lifted her left leg so the foot was on the edge of the table, which opened her up for me.

I continued to stroke her stomach and the inside of her leg, being careful to let my fingertips drag through her bush and gently touch her opening, moistening lips. My hand bumped into Alicia’s and I realized that she was giving Margaret as much attention as I was and could hear Margaret murmuring both of our names in passion. “Oh, Alicia, Sam, My God that feels wonderful”. I moved from her breast back up to her neck and lips as I kissed her with open mouth and busy tongue. I heard Margaret murmur “Oh, Alicia, That is wonderful. Don’t stop. God that feels good.”

I looked up to see that Alicia had her face buried in Margaret’s pussy. She was tonguing Margaret and sucking on her clit very slowly and sexily. So, I continued to kiss and stroke Margaret until I felt her muscles began to contract and her body becan to buck. She lifted her ass off the edge of the table and pushed it into Alicia’s face and began to tremble and shake.

Her orgasm left her gasping and shaken, but she said, “Alicia, That was wonderful. Thank you, Sweetheart. I never had a woman eat me before. You’re the greatest! God that was terrific”.

Then I moved to the end of the table and lifted her legs to open her up for my cock. I pushed the head inside slowly and she lifted her ass to help me enter her. I buried my cock to the hilt and heard her quick intake of breath. I was amazed, she was tighter than I would have thought she could be. She felt wonderful wrapped around my cock.

I began to fuck her slowly and when I bottomed out, I pushed firmly and felt/heard her react with passion and pleasure.

Then she began to fuck me back. The same enthusiasm that I felt when I kissed her lips was present again. She lifted her ass off the table with each stroke we made. She pushed harder with each upward motion and I could feel that she was approaching another orgasm. Margaret began to moan, “Oh, my God. Oh, Yes, Sam. Fuck me. Fuck me, Sam. Fuck me. Fuck me, Sam. Fuck Me. Oh, God that feels wonderful. Fuck me deeper. Give it to me. I want to feel your cock deeper. OOOHHH GOOOODDD, Sammmm. I’m Cummmiiinnngggg. OHHHH, YES!!”

Then she lay back and her body became lethargic Çankaya Escort as she completed her orgasm.

I lifted her and moved over to the couch. I held her in my arms and Alicia and I stroked her and caressed her and mumbled how much we loved her and how wonderful she was for having sex with us.

Alicia said, “Sam, I’m so Hot. I need you again”. I took her arm and pulled her to me. She straddled my cock and slipped it into her pussy. She began to fuck me slowly in long strokes. When my cock was fully inserted, she rotated her hips and rubbed her clit against my pubic hair. When it was nearly out she squeezed it with her pussy muscles. While her pussy was gripping me she made her down stroke. To rotate her ass and rub her clit on me again and again.

She began to bounce faster. Her breathing got faster, she closed her eyes and rolled her head back and moaned. I reached forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth and began to nip it with my teeth and as she moaned louder, I bit harder. I felt Margaret move and noticed that she had Alicia’s other nipple in her mouth and was licking, sucking and biting it as well.

Margaret placed her hand on Alicia’s stomach and began to purr and hum as she stroked her stomach. Her finger found its way to Alicia’s clit and began to rub it gently while Alicia was fucking me. It only required a few minutes of this to push Alicia over the edge and she crashed into an orgasm.

She slammed her cunt down on my cock and ground it against me. “Oh, GOD! Sam, FUCK ME, I’m Cumming. I’m Cummmmmming”

“OohhhGOD Mama Margaret. Kiss me. YES!!, I’m Cummming.” Margaret released her breast and kissed her full on the lips and slipped her tongue in Alicia’s mouth. Alicia continued to grind against me and buck her body against my cock until her spasms faded.

Margaret continued to kiss her and stroke her and caress her as she recovered from her orgasm.

Then they both turned to me and started kissing my cock. They licked their cum from it and sucked it the head into their mouths and found a rhythm that drove me completely crazy.

While Alicia licked my balls and bit the base of my cock, Margaret sucked the head into her mouth and buried it as deed as she could in her throat. Then she slipped her mouth off my cock as she licked and sucked her way to the top. As she sucked and licked her way down the shaft to my cock base, Alicia sucked Çankaya Escort Bayan and licked her way to the tip and slowly slipped her mouth over the head. She sucked and licked her way down as she inserted the full shaft in her mouth, allowing the head of my cock to slide past her tonsils.

As I watched this action and felt the intensifying passion rising in my body, I began to encourage them and beg, “Oh, My, God, Yes. Suck my cock, Lick my cock, God Damn that feels good, Jeesuusss, Don’t stop. That’s wonderful. Oh, Margaret, you do that so well. Sweet Jeesuusss, Alicia, that’s the best. Oh GOD. I’m goiinto Cumm. I’m CUmmmMMMinggg.”

As I emptied my load I noticed that Margaret’s mouth was over my cock. She was licking and sucking like this was the best she had ever had and I knew that it was terrific for me.

Margaret allow some of my cum to run down my cock shaft and Alicia licked and sucked it into her mouth and swallowed all that Margaret let her have. Margaret was swallowing some and continueing to lick my cock until there was no more cum to drink.

Then Margaret and Alicia turned toward each other and kissed, exchanging tongues and exchanging my cum between their mouths.

They lay down on the floor and positioned themselves for 69 and began to lick and suck each other’s pussy. They must have been hot from giving me that blow job, or from the “taboo” of woman/woman sex, or the pent up anticipation, or something, because even after all the sexual activity they both reached their orgasms in only a few minutes. They very nearly reached orgasm at the same time, but Margaret burried her face in Alicia’s pussy and I could hear a moan rise from her deepest recesses of her bowels as she approached her peak. She arched her back and forced her pussy down into Alicia’s face as she sucked her clit into her mouth and groaned, “MMMMNNNNPPPPHHHH AAAHHH, MMMMNNNNPPPPHHHH AAAHHH MMMMNNNNPPPPHHHH AAAHHH, MMMMNNNNPPPPHHHH AAAHHH” as she had her orgasm and her cum dribbled out of her pussy into Alicia’s mouth.

As her orgasm was ending, Alicia bowed her back to press her pussy harder against Margaret’s mouth and quickly crashed into her own orgasm while she breathlessly said, “My,….God….Mama…..Margaret… ..You suck, My Pussy…….goooooooddddddssssssssshhhiiiitttt.”

I held them both in my arms as they slowly stopped trembling and gasping for breath. Then I left them holding each other and showered to remove the cum, sweat and sexual aroma so I could dress and get back to my office.

They showered together and were dressed and had my office furniture straightened before Suzie came in from work. They both went upstairs to visit with her for a while before going home.

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Alternate Trapeze

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With the tv still running in the background, you trail me to the bedroom. I keep looking over my shoulder to judge your interest, but needn’t have been too concerned. Your interest is evident, much to my delight. Well, the fun’s not over yet, and I smile to myself.

I know you think the trapeze is a great idea – I do, too, but reality has intruded and that knee won’t support me that long. But I have an alternative you may like just as well. At the bed, I pile pillows up at the head we always have lots ’cause I really like pillows. Taking your hand, I guide you to the bed, and prop you up with your head and shoulders on my soft pile. Kneeling beside you, I kiss you. We make the best kisses, sweet and loving and moving to hot and demanding. Or not. It really doesn’t matter that much. Kissing you is something I could occupy myself with for several days. Your hands roam my body and mine yours. I love the feel of your skin against my hands, I love the feel of your hands against my skin. We have marvelous trade-offs.

Still at your side, I pull two firm pillows to either side of your hips, and then kiss your neck and nibble and love you, slowly moving lower on your Etimesgut Escort body. You’re such a dream, such a darling, such a love. You purr deep in your throat, a subvocal moan or groan from time to time. I play with your nipples, until they pucker nicely and wonder if their sensitivity goes to the head of your cock as mine seem directly connected to my clit. Ah, well, even if not, you taste wonderful.

Down your tummy, until my mouth captures its prize again. This time I tease you until you are firm and wanting and leaking as much as I. Playing with you gives me such pleasure that each voicing of yours sends ripples of exquisite sensation through my cunny and causes it to grab and clench on its need. The pillows fit under my knees as I straddle you, lifting my honey cave well above you. I reach with my hand to raise you and lower my body’s open gate until I can run the head of your cock up and down my slit, gathering moisture as you pass. I lodge you securely at my opening, the muscles there pulsing in a gentle rhythm against you.

Now you are securely locked at my spot, I raise my upper body and unblock your view. There. Your proud Escort Etimesgut manhood begs entrance, and your eyes nearly glow as I lower myself just a bit, until your hardness is just halfway into the pulsing ring. It’s only a matter of a bit before your crown disappears inside me, as if drawn by my hungering emptiness. Then the edge appears again past the gate, and slips inside once more, this time traveling just a bit further and emerging, glistening in the light. Over and over I raise and lower myself over your shaft until you are fully engaged within my velvet confines, and I can feel your response to my hungered milking.

Bracing myself on you, hand to hand, my fingers intertwined with yours, your belly hard with the balancing of our joining as well as your impending orgasm, I begin a slow circling, while rising and falling, round and round, with your being stroking the recesses of my vault and your pubis a stimulus to my clit, sending electric jolts through me at each sideways pass across you before rising. My tempo increases with my rising tide of need. I, too, watch as you penetrate me, and feel your hips matching my downward spiral Etimesgut Escort Bayan with an upthrust mirrored in your belly.

Quickly, now, the nuance of motion lost in the driving needs screaming in my body, I feel you gather again to spew your seed into me. Your eyes have ceased to see as your world narrows to the focus of your desire, a bottomless chasm of ecstacy. You explode, bathing me in your heat, my breath stops, my toes curl, my hands clench against yours as my vault narrows to pull your essence to me, over and over, the hot waves of purest pleasure suffusing my body, radiating from the sweetest center. Our shaking arms collapse me to your chest as your spasms subside with my own and I rock you and me slowly back to reality with my hips still sliding up and down our joining. And then, peace, bliss, satiety.

I whisper at your neck, “I love you,” softly breathing in your man scent and the delightful aroma of our heat. “I love you, my darling Larry.”

“Oh, baby, I love you, too,” is your response.

We languish a few more minutes before you nearly buck me from your body. “I wonder if we’ve missed too much of the movie,” you say in your most serious tone.

I rise to smite you dead for destroying this moment of utter bliss, until I see the twinkle in your eye and the grin on your face before your arms crush me to you and my laughter joins yours. We giggle at our silly joke and love the laughter as we love each other.

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Alley Fuck Before Her Wedding Day

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This happened after a major row, alcohol fuelled, with my girlfriend. I stalked out of the flat we were living in on the edge of town and made my way down to the old town area of the city. It’s an area where alcohol is available cheaply and the music is loud. The people are a bit younger than me (some of them are much younger – I’m 43) but I wanted the privacy that comes with crowds and I sat alone for several hours, drinking cheap gin and adding to the sense of injustice I felt. Bitch!

Time came when I didn’t fancy it any more though, and I knew I’d have to make my way back and start the whole business of making up. I stood up and left the bar and made my way outside. A scent of cheap fast food and the noise of the crowds passing happily up and down the street didn’t improve my mood.

“Excuse me, mate.” A voice, seemingly addressed to me, came from an alleyway on my left. A girl in her mid twenties was there – seemed respectable enough.

“My friend’s in a bit of trouble. Could you come and look at her for me? She’s drunk too much and I don’t know if she’s safe. She indicated the deeper, darker part of the alley.

Well, I don’t normally walk down dark passages with complete strangers but I was feeling differently to usual and thought it might be a good thing to do something for someone else instead of thinking about myself so I muttered assent and followed her into the darkness.

I could see her friend leaning on a wall halfway down. She was about the same age as her mate, and wearing the traditional local weekend garb of short skirt and high heels; thin blouse (did I mention it was winter and the temperature was hovering around zero? – no problem for a north east girl). Her mouth was open a little slackly and there was a vacant expression in her eyes.

“Deborah, the man’s come to look at you and se Escort Kızılay if you’re OK, ” the girl said. “What do you think, mate?”

Truth to tell she didn’t look too bad to me. “Got a bit of drink in her, I’d say” I replied, “but she doesn’t look in any danger.” The girl smiled at me.

“That’s good, mister – it’s Deborah’s wedding next week and to tell you the truth what she really needs is a quick, hard fuck to send her on her way. Can you help?”

I admit I was surprised – I really hadn’t thought this was on the cards but the drink was in me and the girl’s words acted on me immediately. I could feel my cock crawling its way to hardness inside my pants. But I thought I should make a display of reluctance before anything happened – and I still wasn’t sure it would or should. I didn’t want to be taken through the town on a rape charge in the middle of Saturday night. I needed to see What Deborah felt first.

“I’d love to help – but this girl looks a little out of it to me, ” I said with a smile. “Don’t want anyone to regret anything in the morning.”

Deborah opened her eyes at this point and looked me straight in the face. Speaking a little slowly she said, “you look like you’ll do mister. But I like to know who I’m fucking – what’s your name?”

“Jeremy, ” I replied – but are you really up for this?”

Deborah turned to her friend and said – “piss off Julie – I’ll see you later.” And with that Julie moved off and the two of us were alone.

“Now to tell you the truth, Jeremy, I don’t want this to take too long, ” she said. A quick one up against the wall is what I’m looking for, with no kissing, understand? Something to remember on my wedding day is what I need. OK with that?” And with that she reached out and squeezed my balls through my 501s.

Well you can’t help Kızılay Escort being aware of your surroundings at a time like this and I knew that anyone could come by at any moment. But the booze was in me, my cock was like a bar of iron and the whole business was so sordid – in other words, erotic – that I decided to take what was being offered to me on a plate.

I repaid the compliment – reached over and snaked a hand up her tiny skirt. Was I surprised to find no knickers? – I was not. Her cunt was hairy to the touch and her pubes slightly matted – I guessed she’d had time to think about this moment.

Anyway, she groaned when my index finger made contact with her pussy lips and slid up her slot. I found her clit straight away and rubbed it a couple of times which made her clench her teeth and say something quietly to herself. She seemed to be talking to someone called Gary!

She pulled me closer and started to unbutton my jeans. My prick was stretching the fabric of my pants and a wet spot had appeared at the tip of the cock head. She freed up my cock and shoved my jeans and pants roughly down my legs. They stopped just below my knees, which was enough for me. My turn to groan – she was pulling the foreskin over my slick knob with a rolling motion and I could feel the sensation all the way down to my balls. Pure heaven in fact.

Deborah said to me, “OK Jeremy, let’s see what you’re like.” She leaned back, hitched her skirt up around her waist and stood there looking at me. In the dim light I could just see the juices on her pussy glistening. I moved forward to enter her and she stopped me with a push of the hand.

“One more thing, Jeremy – when you get inside me, make it hard and fast. No fucking about, OK?” And make sure you come inside me – I don’t want a mess.” I nodded – I was on the Kızılay Escort Bayan point of shooting my load anyway.

I pushed her back against the wall, took my aching cock in my right hand and placed it at the entrance of her hole. I gave it one wipe up and down her slot, then shoved my prick inside her with a thrust of the hips and a grunt.

She promptly went completely crazy , wrapping her arms around my neck, tearing at my shirt and grabbing hard to get me inside her. She began moaning in time to my frenzied thrusts and babbling filth in my ear as she timed her lunges at me to expertly match my pumping.

We weren’t going to last long. This was without parallel in my sexual experience and I had to work hard not to groan too loudly as we fucked wildly. My denims were round my ankles, my shirt collar was torn and I could feel us both moving rapidly to climax. I grunted something about coming in Deborah’s ear and she responded by scratching my exposed neck with her nails as I let go and pumped my spunk deep inside her cunt at the same moment as she threw her head back and came loudly – and a couple of camera bulbs flashed.

I was completely wrecked – panting, clothes all over the place, cock still semi-hard after withdrawing from her snatch and come dripping from the end. Deborah, on the other hand, was clearly in better condition, exchanging words with her friends, six of who were crowded round us congratulating her loudly on the perfect hen night. They didn’t spend much time on me, but Julie did thank me sweetly and offer to send me a picture if I let her have my address. I didn’t see why not and a print did arrive a few days later, showing the two of us at the point of orgasm; Deborah’s mouth wide open and back, me with gritted teeth and my cock nuts-deep inside her.

I hoped, since they had my address, that I might hear from them again, but no deal. At least I felt able to go home to my girlfriend with a story of having been accosted by thugs who’d torn my shirt – even got a sympathy fuck later on that night, but I can’t claim it was anything as good as what had happened earlier.

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Alex , Beth Pt. 04

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As a rule, Alex didn’t like nights out with people from work. It was Gemma’s last day and he had felt obliged to show his face. By and large, they were dull because people couldn’t help but talk about work and that was most definitely the last thing Alex wanted to deal with. Fortunately, Beth agreed with him, though she was always much more social, and they had decided to spice things up a little.

Graham, the office bore, was droning on about some report and Alex was doing his best to ignore him while sounding interested. He knew it was rude but Alex took out his phone and loaded up a specific app. He adjusted the settings from low to high and waited. It only took a few seconds before Beth gasped and nearly knocked over her drink. She laughed it off but shot him a dirty look. Alex merely smiled and set the remote control vibrating love egg onto a random pattern that would last a minute. It would be torture for her trying to keep composed while chatting with the girls, especially with the butt plug in her arse as well.

Both had been Beth’s idea and Alex was more than willing to go along. The idea of his girlfriend, politely chatting with their work colleagues, while a butt plug was filling her arse and a vibrator pulsed in her pussy was beyond hot. Beth was certainly enjoying herself. He wasn’t sure if it was the thrill of possibly getting caught that seemed to turn Beth on so much but her knickers had been drenched before they even left the flat. He’d wanted to fuck her there and then but they would have been late.

Finding his glass empty Alex made an excuse and left Graham, retreating to the bar for a refill. While waiting at the bar he pulled out his phone and sent a 20-second long pulse over to Beth. This time the vibrator was set to full power.

‘Who are you sexting?’ said a voice behind him.

Alex turned to see Gemma leaning on the bar. She was drunk, very drunk but evidently enjoying her new found freedom from work. She was wearing a dress that left little to the imagination. It was tight and hugged her body although it was clearly designed for someone with a slimmer figure. She still looked incredible but sadly gave off a rather desperate vibe.

‘I’m not sexting anyone,’ he laughed. ‘Just checking the news.’

‘No one checks the news with a dirty smirk on their face like that,’ Gemma said. She leant forward to show off her tits, E-cups at least, and a cleavage you could get lost in. ‘I think you are being naughty, shame Beth got her claws into you first. We could have a lot of fun together.’ She stroked his arm and leant in to whisper in his ear. ‘I’m not wearing any knickers. Want to get a finger wet? I hear you do wonderful things with your fingers.’

Gemma grabbed his hand and tried to pull it down to her crotch, the dress was side split and had he wanted he could have had easy access to her pussy.

‘I do, but only for a certain someone,’ Alex said pulling his hand away. Gemma was nice and maybe if things had panned out differently they could have got together. However, it hadn’t and he was with Beth. ‘Like you said Beth got her claws into me first, sorry. I’m sure there are plenty of horny boys out on the dance floor that would be more than happy to help.’

Gemma scoffed, she grabbed his crotch and squeezed his erect member. ‘I don’t want boys, I want a man with a big fat cock, but I doubt this is for me. She’s got you trained good I’ll grant her that. Shame. I’d let you fuck me any way you wanted.’

‘A very generous offer,’ Alex laughed. ‘But sadly I must decline.’

Gemma slunk off and Alex was finally able to order another pint of cider. Instinctively he sensed someone else approached and turned to see Beth. She looked stunning in a white collared burgundy dress that went down to just above the knee, covering her stockings. It fitted perfectly, accentuating her curves, and it didn’t even need to show off her cleavage. Once again he marvelled at being with someone so effortlessly sexy.

‘You are a naughty boy, Alex,’ Beth said, stealing a quick kiss. ‘I nearly came at the table.’

‘Don’t try and tell me you didn’t enjoy it,’ Alex retorted, knowing full well that she had.

‘Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,’ she said with a wink. ‘What did Gemma want?’

‘For me to finger her at the bar,’ Alex said casually, sipping his pint. ‘I suspect the plan was for me to fuck her after that.’

‘Well that’s a bold move,’ Beth said, looking over to where Gemma was throwing herself into the laps of a group of lads on a night out. ‘Did you help her out?’

‘You know the answer to that,’ he said, rolling his eyes but it did lead to fun thoughts. ‘Would you mind if I had?’

Beth cocked her head to one side then stole a bit of his pint. ‘You are very sexy, I don’t mind other people lusting over you. It’s kinda hot to know my partner makes other people horny. Sharing you would be an interesting idea, just not with her though. She’s a bitch.’

Alex laughed. Beth really was an enigma sometimes. ‘So who Escort Eryaman would you want to share me with?’

‘Oh now that would be telling,’ she said with a sly smile. She ordered two drinks at the bar then gave him a kiss and slipped away back to the table.

Beth returned to the table and handed Nalini her drink.

‘You were right, Gemma was trying to get into his pants,’ Beth said. ‘I mean really, I’m right here.’

‘I can’t believe she would really try it on here,’ Nalini said, thanking Beth for the drink and sipping the wine. ‘As if Alex would do something that stupid. He’s totally devoted to you. He isn’t going to give that up to fuck some washed up slapper like Gemma.’ She stared mournfully into her glass. ‘I wish I had a boyfriend like Alex.’

Beth knew she had nothing to worry about when it came to Alex. He was too honest and faithful to cheat on her. A threesome, however, that was a different question. The thought certainly excited her. The idea of another woman worshipping his cock with her, them both utterly enthralled by his member, was a real turn on for her. Not someone like Gemma, it had to be someone who could appreciate it.

‘Trouble with your fella?’ she asked. From their previous conversations, she knew that Nalini had a boyfriend though it wasn’t the most fulfilling of relationships.

‘Ex-fella,’ Nalini said. ‘He dumped me this morning.’

‘What? Why? If you don’t mind me asking,’ Beth said. No wonder Nalini had been so glum at work today.

‘He said my boobs were too small and my arse is too flat. Said he wanted a woman with real curves,’ Nalini said. ‘To be honest, if anyone has a reason to complain about size it’s me. He wasn’t exactly packing a monster in his pants.’

‘Clearly he’s a fucking idiot,’ Beth said. It was true that Nalini was not blessed with big boobs, probably a large B-cup, but she was perfectly proportioned. Barely 20 years old Nalini had a slim figure if her tits were any bigger it would have looked odd. ‘You are divine, I would have killed to have your body at your age.’

Nalini blushed, which with her light brown complexion was very cute. The girl was wearing a tight top, that proved there was no need for a bra to keep those tits in place and a short leather skirt. As far as Beth was concerned the British Indian girl was sex on legs. It was a shame that she was not enjoying sex properly. Maybe it was the butt plug in her arse or the buzzing vibe in her pussy, but a naughty thought swam into Beth’s mind.

‘Thank you, I don’t get it. He was really nice but then just turned into an arsehole,’ Nalini said. ‘It’s not like I have a lot of choice around here. There aren’t many brown guys. Most of the white guys around here are either racists or just want to fuck because I’m exotic. I’m from fucking Newcastle, that’s hardly exotic.’

‘Sounds like you need damn good fucking with a real cock from a guy who knows how to appreciate a woman,’ Beth said, leaning forward and placing a hand on Nalini’s knee. She could tell she was making the girl nervous but pressed on. Her pussy was hot and wet from the constant stimulation. She was feeling incredibly horny and risky.

‘I wish, I’m not lucky enough to have someone like Alex between my legs,’ Nalini said, nervously sipping her wine.

‘Would you like him to be?’ Beth asked, keeping her hand on Nalini’s knee and squeezing gently.

Nalini laughed but it was a nervous laugh. ‘As if he would cheat on you.’

‘Who said it had to be cheating?’

‘He wouldn’t.’

‘Nalini, honey, he’s a horny guy with a big cock,’ Beth said. ‘He wouldn’t take much convincing. My only condition would be that I get to play too.’

At that exact moment, there was a massive surge in her pussy. The vibrating egg was pulsing at full power. It caught her off guard and the delicious vibrations were enough to make her cum. It was only a small orgasm but it made Beth gasp and her hand jerked off Nalini’s knee and up her thigh.

‘Sorry about that,’ she said, regaining her composure, but keeping her hand on Nalini’s thigh. She lent in to whisper in the girl’s ear. ‘I’ll let you in on a secret. There is a vibrator in my pussy and Alex has the controls. He’s been teasing me all night. That was the first time he’s made me cum though.’

‘No way,’ Nalini said, shocked but Beth could see the arousal in her eyes. ‘You two are so naughty.’

‘So like I say, it won’t take me much convincing to get him to let you join us,’ Beth said, stroking Nalini’s thigh. She wanted to go further but thought it might be pushing her luck. Nalini was clearly interested but could be scared away. ‘I know he fancies you.’

‘Does he?’ Nalini looked over to where Alex was at the bar, chatting with someone while occasionally messing around with his phone.

‘Oh yeah, of course, he does. He’s got eyes,’ Beth said. ‘I’d invite you home with us tonight but I’ve got something special planned for him, he didn’t really want to come this Eryaman Escort evening.’

‘I guess that’s going to be something equally as naughty?’ Nalini said.

‘He’ll enjoy himself,’ Beth said, licking her lips. Tonight she planned on taking Alex’s fat cock up her arse, she couldn’t wait to be stretched out by him. ‘So fun with you might have to wait a day or two. You won’t be disappointed though, trust me. There’s nothing better than sitting on his cock.’

‘Your having me on,’ Nalini protested.

‘I’m really not,’ Beth insisted. She wanted this so badly now. To share Alex with Nalini would be unbelievably hot.

‘Fine, I’ll call your bluff,’ Nalini said. ‘Give me a time and place and I’ll be there.’

Alex was relieved when he and Beth finally got into a taxi to head home. He always found social events with work people so draining, both intellectually and physically. In his pre-Beth days, he would have gone home and gone straight to sleep. He knew that wouldn’t happen. He could tell that there was something Beth wanted to tell him.

‘So what’s the secret?’ he asked. Beth was snuggled into his side as best she could in the taxi.

‘I’ve arranged a treat for you,’ Beth replied. ‘But I can’t really tell you much more yet. It’ll need a little more planning.’

‘A treat?’ he said. It was unlike Beth to be cryptic, she was a very direct person, it had to be something rude and she didn’t want the driver to hear. ‘Well I look forward to finding out about it. You always spoil me.’

‘Oh I’m definitely spoiling you,’ Beth said with a cheeky smile and lust in her eyes. ‘There are actually two treats, you’ll get the other when we get home.’

Alex had never wanted a taxi driver to be over so quickly. Fortunately, they would not have to wait long so he entertained himself by kissing Beth and sliding a hand up her stocking clad leg, but not before making sure the vibrator was on full power. He could vaguely hear the driver grumbling something but he ignored it. The sweet taste of Beth’s lips was far more interesting.

By the time they got home, Alex and Beth were all over each other. Kissing, rubbing, groping, squeezing. It was positively indecent but very fun. Once they were through the door Beth pushed Alex up against the wall. Her kisses were intense and hungry as she rubbed a hand across the bulge of his cock in his jeans.

‘I need your cock,’ Beth said. ‘It was so cruel teasing me all evening. I nearly dragged you into the bogs to fuck.’

‘That would have been very naughty,’ Alex said. He had one hand roughly groping a breast while the other squeezed her arse. ‘I wouldn’t have said no.’

‘I know you wouldn’t but it was too risky,’ she said. ‘Everyone would have heard us.’

‘I suppose that would have made Monday’s team meeting interesting,’ he said as they slowly progressed down the hallway. He found that Beth’s knickers were soaked. So he rubbed two fingers into it; making sure they were both nice and wet before sucking on one finger himself and offering the other to Beth. ‘Fuck, you taste so sweet.’

‘Come and fuck me,’ Beth said as she broke away from his embrace and ran to the bedroom.

Alex laughed and chased after her. As he entered the room he began undressing. Beth was disrobing, at the same time, throwing her dress off followed by her bra and knickers. Clad only in stockings she lay on the bed, the flush of arousal on her checks, hard nipples and glistening pussy. She looked like a sex goddess given form.

‘What are you going to do with that fat cock?’ Beth asked. She teased a nipple while gently stroking her clit.

‘I’m going to fuck you senseless with it,’ Alex said, climbing onto the bed. ‘I’ll fuck your throat and your cunt, get over here and suck on it.’

Beth obeyed and shifted so that he could lay down. Skillfully she took his mighty member in her mouth, sucking and teasing the fat head with her tongue. Alex groaned at her ministrations, she really was amazing at giving head. He enjoyed it for a few minutes before he reached over and smacked her arse, marvelling at the butt plug still firmly in place. Then he turned his attention to her slick pussy. First, his fingers glided over her folds, getting them wet, before he quickly rubbed her clit. She moaned into his cock loudly. It took a mere moment before Beth came hard. A powerful orgasm hit her, she squirted, and the contractions caused the love egg vibrator to pop out of her pussy, still buzzing away.

‘Fucking hell, that was a big one,’ Beth said, momentarily taking Alex’s cock out of her mouth. Her pussy was still quivering as Alex continued to play with her clit. ‘You always make me cum so hard.’

‘I enjoy it,’ Alex said. ‘Giving you pleasure is everything to me. I want you to be happy.’

‘Keep doing that and I’ll have a grin on my face every day,’ she said, licking up and down the shaft of his cock.

‘So what are these treats you promised me?’ Alex asked, guessing she might Eryaman Escort Bayan be more amenable to talk now.

‘One you get tonight, the other will take a few days to arrange,’ Beth said. ‘You’ll love both of them.’

‘Why so cryptic?’

Beth laughed. ‘One I’ve been planning for a while the other was more spur of the moment. Who was I speaking with for most of the evening?’

‘You spent most of it with Nalini, seemed to be getting very close to her at times?’ Alex said, he kept playing with her pussy not wanting her to miss out.

‘You made me cum while I talked to her,’ Beth said reproachfully. ‘Well turns out her boyfriend dumped her this morning. The moron thinks her tits aren’t big enough.’

‘What? She’s fucking hot. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that’ Alex said, suddenly realising what he’d said. Beth, however, laughed.

‘That was my reaction. Anyway, she didn’t seem that cut up about it. Apparently, he wasn’t a great lover anyway,’ Beth said, licking up the precum from his cockhead. ‘I was so horny that I might have made a suggestion or two.’

‘What sort of suggestion?’ Alex asked. Not entirely sure what direction this was taking but suspecting that it might be glorious.

‘That she needed a real cock between her legs and that I could convince you to oblige,’ Beth said, a grin on her face. ‘The proviso being that I get to join in though.’ Unintentionally Alex’s cock jerked in her hand. ‘I’ll take that to mean you like the idea.’

‘Fucking hell Beth,’ Alex said. The idea was incredibly hot. Not only getting to fuck a hot 20 years old but Beth joining in as well. Once again Beth surprised him with how kinky she was. ‘I should send you out horny more often.’

‘I saw the opportunity and took it,’ Beth said. ‘The poor girl needs to know what real sex is about. I knew you wouldn’t mind. Plus I haven’t been with a girl since uni, so I thought it would be fun.’

‘You are full of surprise Miss Mackenzie, no wonder I love you,’ Alex said, rolling over her over and kissing her.

‘You’ll love the next treat as well,’ Beth said, smiling. ‘I want you to fuck me in the arse.’

‘Really?’ Alex said, incredibly this was the more surprising of the two treats. Beth had always been rather reluctant to discuss anal due to his size.

‘Yes, I’ve been training my arse for you. Why else do you think I went out with a butt plug tonight?’ she teased. ‘I’m ready for you to slide that big, fat cock of yours into my tight arse. You’ll be gentle, won’t you? To begin with at least.’

Lust rushed up inside Alex. The very idea that he could fuck Beth’s arse was exciting, an illicit pleasure he’d never experienced before. He lent in and kissed her passionately while roughly rubbing her clit, producing a moan from her.

‘I’ll be gentle,’ he said softly. ‘And then once you are nicely warmed up I’ll fuck your tight little hole until you can take all of me, I’m going to fill your arse with cum.’

Beth grinned, a naughty grin, as she rolled over and wiggled her bum in the air. She crawled over the bed, ensuring to swing her hips and flash the butt plug at him, and rummaged in her bag beside the bed from which she withdrew a bottle of lube.

‘Get some of that on your cock,’ she said, tossing the bottle over to Alex.

He knew this was important. He dick might have been wet with precum and her saliva but that wouldn’t be enough lube for an arse fucking. He pumped some of the lube out and began applying it to his bellend. It was oddly cool and quickly made his member very slick.

As Alex prepared himself Beth was playing with the butt plug, teasing herself as she pulled it out a bit before pushing it back in. She did this repeatedly, fucking her own arse with the butt plug.

‘Now get over and fuck me,’ she said upon judging that he was sufficiently lubricated. Beth lay on her back and shoved a pillow under her to lift her bum up a bit. ‘I need you to fill me up.’

Alex needed no further encouragement. He positioned himself between her legs.

‘There’s still something in the way,’ he said playfully. ‘What are you doing to do about it?’

Beth smirked. She reached down, spreading her arse cheeks with one hand as she slowly pulled the butt plug out. It was longer and fatter than Alex had imagined but even then it wasn’t as big as himself. As the plug popped out it left her arse gaping, hungry and ready to be filled again. With only a quick slap of his cock into her pussy folds Alex lined his cock up with her gaping arse and slowly began to push in.

Alex went very slowly. As Beth was well primed by her practising it did not take long before his entire cockhead was in her arse. The tight pressure on his prick was intense and very pleasurable. For her part Beth gasped sharply and whimpered, her breaths were short and ragged.

‘Are you ok babe?’ Alex asked, acutely aware that he could hurt her doing this. He stopped pushing.

‘Yes,’ Beth managed to say. ‘Just needed a moment, right, you can push a bit further.’

‘OK, if you need me to stop tell me,’ he said as he gently pushed into her again. This time though he began stroking her pussy with a free hand, teasing her clit and sliding fingers into her slit; ensuring she had no want for pleasurable stimuli.

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Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 10: Atonement

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains ffm, exhibitionism, anal sex, fellatio, and cunnilingus. If this is not your type of smut, please find another story.

As usual, Lars was sitting in his room, sulking about losing Aggie, when his phone rang. Looking at the screen Lars saw it was his father. “Hello.”

“What the fuck happened at Club Orient?” came his father’s booming voice.

What are you talking about Dad?’ Lars asked. “I mean you know Aggie and I broke up while there. Other than that nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Then why am I about to lose them as a client? Apparently, your girlfriend accused one of the richest men on the island, and the resort’s best client of attacking her in a hot tub.”

“When I came back from parasailing, I saw security escorting Muhunnad off the property. I figured he found someone to bet against him in darts . . .”

“Nope! Your ex accused him of sexually assaulting her, in front of witnesses. Instead of suing like a normal person, he’s doing what the rich do. He’s building a more luxurious resort less than a mile away. When it opens, it’ll be nicer and cheaper until he runs Club Orient out of business. You need to fix this, and fix it now.”

“I was just about to book my flight back home. I’ll make sure I have a layover and take care of it.”


Aggie was sitting in Beatrice’s living room, feeling depressed. Even being the bitchy plant in last night’s initiation didn’t cheer her up.

Despite all the changes and all the fun she had over the last year, she didn’t have what she had with Lars. She had gone on a few dates, and even tried to go full lesbian, but she still loved Lars and wanted him, and only him. She couldn’t help but imagine him going down under with various Sheilas who fell in lust with the handsome muscular American, wondering, not for the first time, if Aussie chicks found American accents as sexy as American women found Australian accents.

She sat there watching some stupid sitcom rerun as she had a good cry. As her first tears fell, Beatrice and Nat joined her on the couch. Wanting to show them how strong she had become she tried to stifle her sobs. Wordlessly Beatrice handed Aggie a piece of paper that had a flight number and destination on it. The flight originated in Melbourne Australia and ended at Club Orient. Aggie looked at Beatrice and Nat puzzled.

“One of our Sisters happens to teach at the University of Melbourne, where Lars is studying. She’s been keeping tabs on him, and confirmed he’s been living like a monk. No parties, no woman, just classes, and an occasional drink with the guys.” Beatrice told her.

“The rumor mill is running rampant, but I think he’s still pining for you. He’s stopping at Club Orient before coming home. If we leave now, we can get to Beatrice’s Jet and get there before he arrives. Then all you have to do is welcome him with open legs. Now, will you be the Aggie I love or the Agatha you used to be?”

Aggie jumped up and hugged the women, before heading to her room to pack. “Darling, it’s a nudist resort. Do you really need clothes?” Beatrice asked reasonably.

Aggie stopped dead in her tracks. “I guess not,” and hugged Beatrice and followed Nat out to her waiting car, where Shay, May, and Vee were waiting.


Lars was walking through the lobby after checking in. He was heading to the elevators, to drop off his stuff and arrange a meeting with the resort manager so he could find out what happened, and figure out how to fix it.

The last time he was here, he was with the first and only woman he loved. He had taken her virginity on their second day of college, and they had been a couple until the end of the summer after freshman year when he got drunk and did something stupid.

Now he was a year older and much wiser. As he strode through the lobby he saw a familiar figure sitting by the elevators. She was totally nude, not even wearing a piece of jewelry. He stopped dead in his tracks realizing who the naked female was. “Aggie!?” he said disbelievingly, trying to process the fact she was here, and she was naked. This was not the girl he remembered.

She looked up at him and smiled. “Hi, Lars,” casually as if they had just seen each other yesterday. She stood up stretching her long lithe body that had filled out a bit, giving her a womanly figure. She posed as she stretched her muscles, letting him stare at her tanned toned flesh.

Lars could see that there was something different about Aggie, not just the physical changes, but her attitude, her demeanor. She was more confident, more outgoing. He really liked this new Aggie, especially liked the tattoo she had gotten.

“What are you Escort Sincan doing here? You’re naked?” he said in total shock.

“Well this is a clothing optional resort, isn’t it? So I figured why bring clothes, it just means doing laundry when I get home.”

Lars’ jaw hit the floor as he processed this new information. “Do you have a room?” He asked, still not sure why she was here.

“Actually, no. I came here on the spur of the moment and hoped some nice guy from Australia would let me share his,” as she winked at him.

Lars swallowed hard and felt his cock start to grow at the implication. “Aggie, I um would like to explain…”

“No need to. I know what happened. You were drunk and stupid. And now you are forgiven.” she holds out her arms to him and he stands there in shock for several seconds before running into her arms and pulling her close to him. They kiss as he lifts her and carries her to the elevators. Without breaking the kiss, they find their room.

Lars places Aggie on the bed and strips off his clothes. As soon as he is exposed, Aggie drops to her knees and sucks him into her mouth. Lars’s eyes shoot open at this new skill of hers. He wondered who taught her because she was very skilled. As he luxuriated in the pleasure she was giving him, he realized he didn’t care as long as she was here and didn’t leave. He threw his head back, his eyes closed as Aggie slurped and gagged on his shaft. His hands grabbed handfuls of her hair and pulled her down his shaft. Aggie smiled as she took him balls deep without complaint.

Once Lars was fully erect, Aggie let his cock pop out of her mouth. “I can finish you off with my mouth now, or you can choose another hole.” She said while she stroked his cock keeping him hard.

“What if I want your ass?” He asked, worried that it would just start another fight, but wondering how much she had changed.

“Then you better get some lube. I’m not taking that monster dry,” she said climbing onto the bed and getting on all fours. “Come on stud, this ain’t an all-night diner.” She chided him.

Lars froze in place hearing her say lube and seeing her hold her cheeks open so he could see her rosebud. Lars grabbed a bottle of lube from the room’s minibar. He opens it up and applies a generous amount to his throbbing shaft. Then climbing on the bed behind Aggie he pours a handful of lube into her crack. Using his finger he spreads it around her hole, gently using a finger to lubricate her insides.

Aggie sighs as his fingers penetrate her hole. She wanted to be with him for so long, and now she could show him she was the woman he always asked her to be. When Lars was satisfied with the slickness, he lined up his cock with her hole. As he thrust forward, he said “Are you sure Aggie… I mean if you aren’t willing . . .”

“Shut up and fuck my ass before I fuck yours,” she said pushing back until she felt the head of his cock pushing into her sphincter. Lars was shocked by her dirty talk, and he pushed deeper into her, not entirely sure if her comment was a joke. He gently eased into her hole letting her stretch around him as he slid in.

“Oh my god,” he moaned as her bunghole squeezed his cock in a death grip. Without the lube, he doubted he would be able to move at all. He put his hands on her back and slowly forced himself deeper into her bowels controlling his breathing, trying not to lose it so soon.

“Fuck Lars slam that cock in me,” Aggie begged as she rocked her hips back to try and get more of him in her. Lars was shocked by her language, but never one to disappoint a lady, he pushed himself in her until his waist hit her ass.

Lars paused to let the wonderful sensations die down a bit trying to control himself. “Are you gonna fuck me or not?” Aggie asked as she started to rock herself forward. Lars growled as the beast rose in him and started to ram his cock into her.

“That’s it baby, ram that fuck stick in my bunghole.” she encouraged him as she threw herself back to meet his thrusts. Aggie reached back with her arm, planting her face in the mattress and started to rub her clit as Lars drove himself into her. It was hard, it was fast, it was brutal, and it was overall too soon.

Aggie grunted, “I’m fucking cumming” as her asshole started to spasm around Lars shaft. Lars was on the verge himself, sweat dripping off his face as he tried to hold back for just one more stroke. The convulsions of Aggie’s body as she climaxed was too much for him, and he couldn’t hold back. He bellowed like a Minotaur as his cock exploded in her rectum flooding her with his cum. Aggie who was in the midst of her explosion screamed as his cock began to pulsate inside her.

When they finished, they collapsed on the bed together unable to speak. They lay there side by side, holding hands and basking in the glow of their reunion as lovers. When their heart rates finally fell below 200 and their breathing was under control, Lars said, “As much as I hate leaving you I have too Sincan Escort . . .” he nods toward the bathroom.

Aggie chuckles. “Hurry up lover, and wash up, we have a lot of lost time to make up for.” She tells him as she watches the muscles in his naked ass shift while walking across the room. When the door closed, Aggie grabbed her phone and quickly sent a text. Getting a reply almost immediately she smiles as she hears the water running.

Standing up by the bathroom door, she waits for Lars to come out. When the door opens, she jumps into his arms and kisses him deeply. My turn in there lover. I’ll meet you in bed. As she lowered her long lean legs to the floor. Shutting the door she started to giggle hoping Lars would like the surprise she had in store for him. She spent a few minutes freshening up and even used the bidet to clean the cum that was oozing from her body. When she heard a knock at the door, she dried herself off and threw open the bathroom door running over to the bed, jumping on it in excitement.

Lars opens the door a crack and peeks out. Standing there is a beautiful olive-skinned Hispanic girl, totally naked, and smiling. “Hi, you must be Lars. Is Aggie here?” she asked.

“Come on in Chiquita,” Aggie shouts as Christina pushes past Lars and jumps onto the bed hugging Aggie and kissing her as Lars had just minutes before. Lars stood there with the door open, his jaw hanging down to his knees as he watched Aggie have a tongue duel with this woman he never met before.

“Uhh, Aggie…” He said as Christina pinched one of Aggie’s nipples.

Finally, they pulled themselves apart from their kiss. Aggie got off the bed and grabbed Lars by the hand. Pulling him to the bed Aggie says “Lars, this is my best friend and sometimes lover Christina. Christina, this is my boyfriend Lars.”

“Wait! What?” Lars said looking back and forth between the girls. “Lover?” He asked, his head spinning out of control.

“A lot has happened to me over the last year, Lars.’ Aggie told him. “I made some new friends and had a few experiences. Agatha is gone. Are you okay with everything?” She asks him nervously.

Lars has no idea what to say. He never suspected Aggie would become this wild. He wasn’t sure he could handle her, but he was willing to give it the old college try. “So you two are lovers, huh. Well, I don’t think I mind sharing, as long as the two of you share . . .”

Aggie and Christina smile and look at each other silently. Then they both jump Lars taking him to the floor, and they start kissing his chest while their hands start to caress his half-erect shaft. Aggie and Christina kissed over his chest letting him get a close-up view of their tongues dancing with each other as their hands stroked his rapidly hardening shaft.

They both bent down to his cock and he felt two very different mouths and tongues starting to work it over. As he did he noticed their asses were pointed right at him, and he lifted his hands and started to probe each or their pussies.

They both shivered in delight when his fingers began caressing their damp holes. They worked over his dick with their mouths as he started to finger the ladies, making sure that his thumbs rubbed their clits. Both girls were loving his talented fingers, and how hard he was. When he was fully erect, Aggie turned her head to look at him. “So do you want to fuck me while I suck Christina’s twat, or would you like to fuck her while she licks my slit.

Lars grew another inch at the thought. “I want…” He didn’t want to choose and possibly insult one of these sexy women.

“How about you fuck Christina,” Aggie suggested. “You’ve had my pussy a bunch of times, and my ass too. Let her feel your cock.”

Christina nodded in agreement and climbed onto the bed laying on her back. Lars, not believing his luck, aimed his dick at her hole. Aggie stood next to him, to watch his cock enter her friend.

“Are you sure,” Lars asked nervously, not entirely sure this wasn’t some kind of set up.

“I’m sure babe. Fuck my lezzie lover as I watch,” She said putting her hand on his ass and pushing him closer to the spread eagle Latina. Aggie grabbed his cock and pushed the head into Christina’s pussy. Lars groaned in pleasure and Christina sucked air in as the cock began to fill her. Aggie stood next to Lars until he was balls deep, then she slapped Lars on his ass, and jumped onto the bed straddling Christina’s face, lowering herself onto her mouth. Aggie was amazed at how hot it was to watch her boyfriend fuck her friend while that same friend feasted on her pussy. Aggie couldn’t believe what a prude she used to be as she surrendered to the wanton debauchery of her new lifestyle.

Aggie rubbed her clit while Christina’s tongue attacked her folds, and Lars watched his girlfriend as she was pleasured by another woman, that he was fucking. The room was silent except for the sounds of three bodies copulating for all they were worth. Lars had a huge load of cum Sincan Escort Bayan built up from his almost terminal case of lackanookie, but having just cum in his girlfriend’s ass, it was going to take a bit of time for his supply chain to find and divert another load to this new location.

He pumped into the stranger’s cunt while he watched his girlfriend get her slit licked. Lars always liked threesome videos but they pale in comparison to the real thing. As he was concentrating on making sure Christina was feeling good, Aggie leaned forward and put her forehead against him and breathlessly said: “Do you like this lover?” Fucking a stranger, who is eating my pussy? Her tongue is soo fucking good. It never went into me this deep before.

Lars groaned in pleasure and kissed her, fucking her mouth with his tongue as hard as his dick pummeled Christina’s pussy. Christina wrapped her legs around Lars and pulled him in deeper and moaned into Aggies pussy. He reached out with his hands and grabbed Aggies tits and pinched her nipples. Aggie grunted into her lover’s mouth and started to grind her cunt on her friend’s face.

Christina sucked Aggie’s clit into her mouth and bit it hard. Aggie yelped in pleasure, as she shuddered in a small climax. She pulled back from Lars and quickly climbed off Christina. Lars looked down at the pretty Latina whose face was covered in Aggie’s cum. He lay down on top of her and began using his tongue to clean her face.

Aggie slipped off the bed and walked around behind Lars. She Squatted down and took Lars balls in her hand and began to play with them. “Oh fuck yes!” Lars shouted as he felt her lips suck them into her warm mouth. As Aggie sucked on the meaty balls, she used her tongue to lick his shaft and Christina’s pussy. Both of them were in the throes of passion and Aggie’s tongue pushed both of them over the edge.

Lars bellowed as his dick blasted his baby batter into the hardbody he was fucking. He collapsed on top of Christina as Aggie continued to suck his balls, her hand milking his cock. Aggie let the two orbs fall out of her mouth as she began to lick up the cum oozing from her friend’s pussy.

Lars rolled over and watched as Aggie used her mouth and tongue to collect as much of his cum as she could. Then she climbed up Christina’s body and let the cum fall from her mouth and into Christina’s open mouth.

Lars’ eyes widened in shock as he watched them share his cum. As their lips met, their hands were running gently over each other’s body, cupping and caressing each other as two sated lovers do.

Aggie broke the kiss and pulled Christina’s hand to her mouth kissing it. “That was wonderful chica, but I think my guy and I need some alone time.”

Christina kissed Aggie on the cheek, and then Lars. “I’ll be around if you need me mi vida,” Looking at Lars and grabbing his sticky shaft, she said, “that goes for you too stud.” And she walks out of the room as quickly as she arrived.

“Wow, Aggie, that was amazing. But what happened? You’re so different,” Lars said, pulling her to him and resting his head on her navel. I missed you so much this last year. As tears started to form in his eyes.”

Aggie dropped to her knees. “I missed you to Lars. Being away from you was horrible. Especially when Bree and Pris started their bullshit again. But we’re together again and those two assholes won’t ever bother us again.”

So many questions ran through Lars’ head, but all he cared about was having his lady love back in his life. He pulled her onto the bed and began to kiss her. Aggie kissed him back and was reaching for his cock when the phone rang.

“Fuck!” Lars exclaimed. As he pulled away from Aggie to answer it. “Hello”

“Sir this is the front desk. The resort manager asked us to call you and ask you if he could push your meeting up an hour. Another matter came up that he needs to deal with. Will that work for you?”

Lars looked at the clock on the nightstand. “Shit that means I need to head down now, Yeah, that’s fine.” He said hanging up the receiver.

“Lars?” Aggie asked, looking curious.

He sighed and without looking at her told her “Last time we were here. The guy in the hot tub. I have to make it right.”

“What about him?” Aggie asked, getting a sinking feeling in her stomach.

“He’s really rich and one of the best customers of this resort. After you ran out of the tub, people said you accused him of groping you, so he was banned. Now he’s building a more luxurious resort close to this one, and he plans on putting this one out of business with better amenities and lower prices.”

“Oh shit. He didn’t grope me. I thought he did until I realized it was the material of the bathing suit rubbing my thigh. I never told anyone he groped me.” Aggie said.

“Let’s go talk to the manager and see if we can fix this.” As he stood up and pulled on a pair of shorts and a polo. He realized Aggie was still naked. “Aren’t you getting dressed?” he asked.

“I brought exactly one outfit and that’s in a dumpster right now. I can wear a smile or a pearl necklace if we have time for you to give me one.”

Lars looked at her in shock. “Maybe another time,” he said, as he opened the door. Letting Aggie lead the way to the elevators.

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Afternoon Delight

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Black And

I was at brunch with an old friend when I felt my phone vibrate in my purse. I checked my notifications and saw your message saying you could leave work early for the day. I quickly answered back and said I’d be home within an hour.

I felt giddy and excited as I made the drive home. I had wanted to see you again so badly but life got in the way for awhile. I was happy we were finally able to make the timing work out.

You arrived just a few minutes after I pulled into the driveway. I let you in and you followed me inside.

We chatted and shared an extended warm embrace. We continued to talk while we undressed one another, stopping every so often to punctuate our conversation with kisses.

Oh, your lips today – they were perfection – everything I wanted and more. Your kisses – all things – soft and gentle, transitioning to urgent and passion-filled, and of course, plenty of nibbles and the way you suck on my lips that just always drive me out of my mind.

You lifted up my long skirt to find me naked and hairless beneath. You fingers sought out my wetness and teased me mercilessly. Escort Keçiören I moaned and desperately pressed my lips into yours, our tongues intertwining in the midst of my pleasure-filled throes.

You had me lay back on the edge of the bed while you busied yourself pleasuring me with your tongue. I felt myself explode with wetness while you licked and sucked my clit and sent shivers of electricity through me. I could never tire of your oral amazingness!

You came up to greet me and I kissed you greedily, relishing the taste of my own juices on your lips.

We transitioned into a 69 – and then we traded our position to facing each other. You caressed me so gently and then rolled on top of me, pushing your hard cock into me in one motion. It met with some slight resistance, and you slid all the way in and remarked on how tight I felt to you. I felt the wetness seeping out of me and you pushed inside of me to the hilt.

You grinded into me and stirred your cock around while inside of me. This is one of my favorite things that you do. It feels so amazing! Keçiören Escort Bayan I wrapped my legs around you to feel you inside me in the deepest possible position. You ran your hands all over me. I came again, and again. Each release transcended the one before, and I felt light headed and spacey with every orgasm shaking through me – I felt flushed in my cheeks as if I had a couple of glasses of red wine. I was drunk on desire and passion.

My clit was in direct contact with your pelvis, and your cock was all kinds of amazingness slipping and sliding inside of me.

After a while, I got on top of you and rode you while you sucked on my tits and drew my nipple between your teeth. Your biting was gentle, yet it sharply sent incredible sensations all through me.

Unhurried, and slowly, we kissed and shared amazing pleasure together. We were completely covered in each other’s sweat and sex juices. Your longevity very much impressed me today. I told you I wanted to feel you come inside of me as you began to get close to your own climax. We continued our lovemaking Keçiören Escort and you did finally enjoy your own release, moaning loudly while you exploded inside of me, filling me with your cum.

We stayed connected for awhile afterward, still kissing and exploring each other. Eventually I hopped up and grabbed a towel to clean us up.

We continued to lay side by side, touching, talking, kissing. Oh the kissing… Simply perfect in every way. I was so sooo close to having an orgasm just from you kissing me. It was just incredible. I lost myself in your lips. I just couldn’t get enough of our tongues exploring each other, yours tracing over my lips. My breath was taken away by the sensations and emotions washing over me.

During our kissing session, I felt your cock begin to stiffen once more. Before I knew it you were right back inside of me. The two of us were pressed so hard and close together, yet barely moving. Nearly imperceptible, and controlled Kegel muscle spasms on my part and very subtle hip movements on yours – I came at least two more times. I lost track of how many times I came.

You briefly tricked me into thinking you were retreating, and then you pushed your hardness right back inside me… Evil and delicious.

My legs are still shaking and my ab muscles feel like I did a serious workout. You ruined me in the very best way possible. Perfection.

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After The Shower

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You stand in front of the mirror as you ruffle through the dresser searching for clothes. Your towel is wrapped around you like its giving you a hug. Your hair leans to one side of your shoulder as drops of water fall from the ends. Water drops run down your leg. The room is dim and quiet. Candles light up the room as the scent of vanilla fills the air. The light shines onto your wet body as you remove the towel. Throwing it on to the bed.

I walk up from behind you and wrap my hands around your waist. Pulling your body towards mine as I gently kiss your neck. You moan as I wrap my hands around your ass. Squeezing slowly and gently. I throw you onto the bed as your hair whips out water. You look up at me startled and in a daze.

I mount over you as the light shines off my abs. My hand slowly and lightly runs up and down on your thigh. As the other lifts your head up for a kiss. My lips touch yours in a slow, gentle motion. Your lips melting into mine as we kiss. We break away as I look into your eyes. My heart warming. You look deep into mine as we stare with smiles. I lean in to kiss you more vigorously. Our tongues colliding against each other.

My hand wrapped around the back of your head as I gently kiss your neck. My lips caressing your body as I move lower and lower. My soft lips running down your Escort Etlik belly slowly as my hand glides on your thigh. I get to your moist pussy lips and give a gentle, wet kiss as I move away and kiss your thigh, In the hopes of a tease.

I kiss all around your pussy. Ignoring it, and kissing your thighs and licking all around it. Your body shaking as you pant slightly. I look up to you and give you a smile as I lick my lips . My tongue touches your clit and then moves up and down in a slow gentle manner. Your back arches as you moan and grab your breast. Your hand pulls my hair into you closer. My tongue moves quicker as I suck and kiss your clit. The wetness of you drips from my chin and runs down. Your sweating and panting. The light glistening off you.

My tongue licks faster as you start to quietly yelp. You getter louder as I get faster and faster. You arch your back and yell. Screaming my name as you cum all over my lips. Dripping off my chin and shinning from the candle light.Wiping it from chin, I go back to kissing you.

Our lips colliding as you taste yourself and me. I bite your lip as you roll me over onto my back. You kiss my neck and I breath heavily. You move downward as your soft lips pull away from my skin. Your tongue running down my abs. You pull my boxers off slowly. Throwing Etlik Escort them to the ground. I spring out of my shorts like a jack in the box from hell.

You grab it gently and lick the sides. Slowly and so softly. Bringing me closer to the edge. You look up into my eyes and slowly stuff it into your mouth. My back arches as I moan your name. You saliva running down the shaft as you turn and bob your head up and down. I grab your hair and yank you down. My hard cock rammed down your throat. You gag as you push further down. You yank back up gasping for air with this wide grin on your face.

You climb back up to me as I kiss and suck the drool from your mouth. Your drool runs down my hard dick and glistens off the light. Your pussy drips like a fountain onto my abs as you sit on me. You reach under yourself and grab my hard, wet, dick and set it under you as you slowly move down on it. It squeezes in slowly as you drop your head back and moan slowly and lightly. My eyes close and I arch my head back. My hand flies to your supple breast as I grab it and squeeze. You jump slowly up and down on me. As i tightly squeeze in and out of your tight, petite pussy. My hand wraps around your tit as it grabs handfuls of your breast. My other hand moves down to rub your swollen clit. You moan faster as Etlik Escort Bayan you jump up and down with a faster momentum. Your tit flopping as the other one is tightly grasped into my hand. You jump faster and your screaming and flailing your head back. I moan louder. Calling out your name in gasps between breaths. You cum again as you scratch my abs, drawing blood. Letting out one loud scream as your cum sprays onto me.I pull out and yank you down so I can kiss you more.

You get up and lean over the dresser. I follow behind with my hand on your ass. I kneel down and spread your cheeks as I lick slowly into your small, wet pussy. I get back up and grab my dick as I slowly push it into you. You mouth widening and eyes clenching as you pant and shake. I thrust faster as objects wobble off the dresser. The mirror pounding against the wall as your body is lunged forward faster and harder. My hand grabs your ass as the other pulls your back. I smack and slap your ass. Leaving red hand marks. My hard cock runs in and out of you with a quick, heavy motions. The mirror falls, and the dresser is wobbling as you grip onto it. We are both shouting each others names.

And then. Like clock work. We cum simultaneously. Spraying out like a popped water balloon. We scream and shake. Panting we lay back in the bed. Light shinning of our sweat drenched bodies. I wrap my arms around you as you lay your head onto my chest and listen to heavy heart beat. I rest my head on yours and I hold you tight. Fearing for you to leave. Us laying there. Speechless. Falling asleep in each others arms.

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Chav Slut

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It was a Friday night in November last year, I had planned to meet the lads down town for a few beers but my plans changed when I got to the bust stop. When I walked up to the bust stop I could see two chav girls sat there drinking some kind of alcopop. I immediately didn’t like them, I thought why are they wasting their life freezing their asses off drinking in a bus stop?

The first girl was a brunette. Her hair was slicked back tight into a ponytail, she had large hooped earrings in and too much make up but despite that she had a pretty face. She was wearing a large white puffer jacket, tracksuit bottoms and boots but I knew there was a tidy little body underneath. The second girl was blonde and quite short. She wore trainers, leggings and a jumper. It was pretty cold out and almost felt sorry for her. She wasn’t an ugly girl but she didn’t do anything for me at all. When I stood in the bus stop they went quiet and stared at me. I lit up a cigarette while I waited for the bus.

“Give us a fag.” said the brunette.

“Here we go.” I thought.

“Give us a fag an’ she’ll suck your cock.” the brunette said with a smile on her face.

“Shut the fuck up” the blonde said and pushed her friend.

It actual made me smile as I looked at the brunette and she smiled back at me. I was feeling a bit cheeky so I said “what about you, will you suck my cock for a fag? or would I have to give you a full pack?

“She’d do it for free.” said the blonde.

The brunette joked “At least a full pack of fags and a bottle of wine.”

I threw the girls a cig each “Come back to my house then, for a drink and a smoke. It’s warmer than out here and you don’t have to suck my cock. Only unless you want to.” I wouldn’t normally be this forward but they were just a couple of chav girls so I thought why not.

“Ya Escort Ankara got some booze then?” the brunette asked.

I’d recently had a party at my house for my 40th and was left with a variety of drinks. “Yeah I’ve got wine, cider, lager I’ve even got some WKD’s” (That’s what the girls were drinking at the time) “Got a bit of weed as well if you’re interested?”

The brunette was obviously the decision maker of the two. “Alright then, where do you live?”

I told them I lived a couple of minutes away and we set off back. I learned that the girls were both 18, the brunette’s name was Becky and the blond was called Charlotte. When we got back we got pissed and stoned and got to know each other a bit more. I was surprised at how we all got a long considering I was twice their age and we had totally different backgrounds. I thought they were both really nice girls and it made me think about how judgmental I can be sometimes. We all had a laugh and there was a lot of flirting going on between me and Becky. It was getting late and due to tiredness, drinking and smoking too much Charlotte fell asleep. It was at this point I decided to make a move on Becky. “So if I remember correctly I was gonna get a blowjob for one fag, so what do I get for all this?” I said it jokingly but she knew I wanted something.

She walked over to me and straddled my legs. She looked down into my eyes “Well what is it exactly that you want?”

As I looked up at her I just said “A kiss.”

That was all she needed to hear as her tongue entered my mouth. She was an amazing kisser, I put one hand on her waist and the other on her ass as my erection bulged through my jeans. After a few minutes she broke off the kiss and pulled my head towards her breasts and pushed her crotch onto mine. I pulled up her vest Ankara Escort top and hiked up her bra, releasing her small but pert breasts. I immediately took her left nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around. She was really enjoying my mouth on her, I could tell she was sensitive so I gave it a soft bite and it drove her wild.

She grabbed my hair and whispered “I want you to fuck me”

I lifted her off and led her by the hand to the bedroom. On the way we both noticed Charlotte still asleep in the chair and we laughed. When we got into the bedroom I pulled her vest and bra off completely and took my own shirt off. I grabbed hold of the back of her head and pulled her body next to mine as we kissed. Becky unbuckled my Jeans and pulled them to the floor. She put her hand inside my boxers and wrapped her hand around my cock. I looked into her eyes and she bit her bottom lip. I took both her nipples between fingers and thumbs and pinched them hard.

“Oh my God!” she breathlessly whispered.

I couldn’t help thinking about how wet her pussy must be and I could wait no longer. I pushed her back onto my bed. I grabbed the waist of her tracksuit bottoms and yanked them off revealing her cute tight pink panties. I could already see they were wet through. I grabbed her soft inner thighs and slowly pushed them apart and lowered my head towards her crotch. She smelt amazing as I began to kiss her pussy through her panties. After a few minutes they were almost see-through, I began flicking my tongue over her clit. I pulled her panties to the side and plunged my tongue deep within her. She tasted so sweet I could of stayed down there for hours but my cock was aching.

I began to peel her panties down and pulled my boxers off. I crawled on top of her, my cock was inches away from her warm Ankara Escort Bayan wet pussy. I still had her panties in my hand and I raised them up to her face and held them against her mouth. She breathed in her scent and her tongue hooked the panties into her mouth. As she did this my cock slowly entered her. I nearly came straight away, it was the tightest pussy I’d ever experienced, it was a good job it was so wet. I thrusted slow and strong as she moaned through the panties in her gritted teeth.

I removed the panties from her mouth as I wanted to kiss her. Both our mouths now tasted of her sweet pussy as our tongues mixed together. I spun her round so that she was on top of me. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pulled them gently apart as she began to ride my cock as if she was possessed. I slowly crept my middle finger closer to her tight hole and as soon as I touched it she stuck her ass out onto my finger and it entered her. This made her fuck harder and faster.

“You know how to fuck don’t you?” she said.

“Come here” I ordered. She leaned close to me and with my free hand I pulled her neck down towards me and put my thumb gently on her throat. She closed her eyes in pleasure as I fucked her as hard as I could. I could last no longer and shot my load deep inside her.

I collapsed back from exhaustion. Becky slowly got off me and as she did the cum leaked out of her and onto my cock. She laid at the side of me and looked at my cock and smiled. She traced a finger from the bottom of my shaft to the top so that her finger was covered in cum. She put the finger in front of her mouth and licked it clean. She began to kiss me with her cum covered tongue and as she did I stuck two fingers inside her. I pulled my cum covered fingers out of her and offered them to her greedy mouth. She stuck her tongue out and I plunged them into her mouth. I was impressed with how kinky she was “You’re a naughty little slut aren’t you?”

She looked into my eyes and smiled as she pulled my cleaned fingers out of her mouth.

“maybe I am” she said.

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