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Female Ejaculation

Subject: Will you love me – part 1 (gay adult/youth) Dear Reader. The following story contains strong language and explicit scenes of gay sex between adults and boys user 18 years old. If you are offended by this kind of material then please leave this page NOW. Please donate to if you are able to do so and help keep this facility available for all to enjoy. Thank you. Please email your comments to [email protected]. Will you love me part 1 It was my first time out this summer in the big rig. I had chosen a high boondocking location in the mountains in the southern part of the state. I had heard it wasn’t very busy. You can imagine my disappointment when I pulled into the area and found three toy haulers and their assorted four-wheelers scattered around. As I stopped, a man broke away from a group standing around a little Razor four-wheeler. I opened a window as he approached. “Howdy, names Red,” he said, “I know this looks like a shit show, but there is a private space big enough for your rig over that way.” He pointed off to my left. I saw a driveway that entered the trees. “It’s a drive-through space. Can’t see it all from here, but it’s a good space. Quieter than that group of rednecks,” he said as he pointed to his group. I reached out the window of my motorhome to shake the man’s hand. “Jeff Johnson,” I said as I shook his hand, “are you sure I can get this monster in there?” Red laughed and said, “with enough lube, you can always get it in.” He laughed again and continued, “I’m not joking. We’ve had 40-footers up here before. Nothing as fancy as this, but there is plenty of room, and it’s secluded. If you need help, one of the boys would be happy to guide you in. In fact, my son is over that way fucking around with a fly rod. He’ll help if you ask nicely. Stop for a beer if you want. You might be able to go for a ride too.” Red waved again as he headed back to his friends. I turned the big Tiffin Red 360 motor home toward the opening that Red had pointed towards. I was surprised when I passed through the brush and came out into a beautiful open meadow. I pulled the rig over towards a stand of large evergreen trees. This gave me a good wind and sunblock on the driver’s side. From the passenger side, I could see down to the river. I finished setting up camp, cooked something to eat, and settled in for the night. On my way to the bedroom, I picked up a package from a friend that lived overseas. He had access to material we couldn’t reliably get in the States. This package contained several magazines that I had been looking forward to seeing. There were also several DVDs. I slipped one into the bedroom player. As the DVD started up, I flipped through one of the mags. It was one I had not seen Giresun Escort before. Asian men and boys were engaged in various sexual acts. Lots of dicks and cum. The DVD started up. This was a video of black men and boys doing much the same things as the people in the magazine. I dropped my shorts and boxers and pulled off my shirt. My penis was already erect. I could lie and say I had an eight-inch dick that was as big around as a beer can. I was actually about six inches long and no bigger around than what fits easily in a hand, mouth, pussy, or ass. I stretched out on the king-size bed. I slowly ran my right hand up and down my cut cock. With my other hand, I fondled my average-sized hairless balls. I felt a bit of precum drop onto my hand–nature’s lube. Glancing down, I admired my totally hairless pubic area. My ass was hairless too. Many years ago, my wife and I did laser hair removal in the fun zone. Back up on TV, a man with at least a ten-inch dick was entering a teen boy’s ass. The man was going slow, and the boy was taking it well. I picked speed as the man bottomed out with a groan. The boy had lifted up his head so the camera could see his smile. At that moment, another boy slipped underneath and began blowing the boy being fucked. I hoped I would last as long as the man but had my doubts. I could feel my balls tingling already. I saw the boy clamp down on the man’s dick as he unloaded in his friend’s mouth. It must have been a good load because cum was coming out the side of his friend’s mouth. The man pushed in as hard as he could. He must have unloaded a huge load. His orgasm seemed to last several minutes. My orgasm was not far behind. My first shot was straight up in the air, at least two feet. Maybe more. It was followed by several more. It was a good cum. My first in several days. I cleaned myself up with a clean cum rag, told the RV to turn off the lights, and went to sleep. ****will you love me part 2 – the next day – the man I woke up late the following day. I saw dried cum on my chest and the bed. The crusty rag was also on the bed. I decided it didn’t matter. I put on the same shorts and shirt as yesterday. I slipped on my shoes that were by the door. It was a beautiful morning. I sat in a camp chair under the awning to drink my coffee. I heard a noise off to the left. A youngster walked around the front of the RV. He was good-looking. My second thought was that the kid must be a hell of a fisherman. He had a full stringer of trout in his right hand and a beautiful fly rod in his left. The kid was dressed in a pair of board shorts. I couldn’t see much of a package. My eyes ran up his smooth chest to a clear face. A couple of bright blue eyes met my gaze. Giresun Escort Bayan A mass of red hair topped the head. “Nice catch,” I said. The kid lifted the stringer, giving me a view of a lightly-haired armpit. That hair was red too. I upped the kid’s age from 12 to 14 or 15. I felt my cock twitch. The kid smiled as he said, “Yup, been fishing since before dawn. The step-fucker and his buddies are sleeping it off. The other boys are cleaning up for another day.” “Step-fucker?” The kid blushed. “Yeah, it’s what I call him. I get my red hair from my mom. I don’t have any of his DNA in my blood.” Interesting phrase. I decided to let it go for now. “Can I help you clean your catch? I planned to do a little fishing myself, so I set a station up on the other side of the rig. You can also rinse yourself off.” The kid looked down and noticed the mud on his shoes and legs. “That would be great.” the kid smiled again, and I saw his perfect teeth. I stood up and put my hand on the kid’s shoulder. His warmth made my dick twitch again. “Follow me.” We made quick work of cleaning the fish. “How about we rinse off your shoes. Then, we can go and clean ourselves up inside.” The boy looked up at me. “Deal. I want to see your rig anyway.” He said it with that blazing smile. I chubbed up a bit more. He rinsed off his shoes and legs while I cleaned up the cleaning station. At one point, he leaned over with his back towards me. His shorts pulled deep into his ass crack. I went nearly full hard. Luckily, I had a towel to carry in front of me. “Finished,” the kid said. He turned off the outdoor shower and turned around. I was glad I had that towel. He had got his shorts wet. I could see the outline of his cock and balls. Definitely fifteen. “Come on, squirt,” I said, “let’s go clean up. I’ll also so show you my rig.” At the door, we kicked off our shoes. I opened the screen door and stood back. I wanted to see him walk up the stairs. He slipped on the second step. I reached up and caught him before he fell. I found myself with a hand full of boy ass. My middle finger was in his crack. I made sure to give it a good feel before I let go. I swear he pushed back into my hand. He turned his head around and said, “thanks!” We made it safely inside. I could see his awe as he looked around the motorhome. “God damn, this is fucking amazing.” He turned towards me to add, “Nice cock pit.” I responded with a shrug. I made sure my junk bounced. His eyes didn’t miss it. “I need to take a piss,” he said, “can I use the head?” “Of course. The powder room is the first door on the right. He went down the center of the living room. His head was on a swivel, trying to take everything in. Escort Giresun I noticed a twitch in his ass that wasn’t there when he walked before. He opened the powder room door and went in. He didn’t close the door. I could hear his stream hit the porcelain bowl. There was silence before I saw a head peek out around the door. I had moved to the living room slide. He couldn’t see me. He stepped around the door and said, “how do I flush this thing?” I got a good view of a flaccid four-inch cut cock with low-hanging balls. He had a nice bush of matching red pubes. It wasn’t large, and his balls looked hairless. “Sorry,” he said as he stepped back. “Step on the peddle in front of the toilet.” I wasn’t sure if he was innocent or trying to seduce me. I heard the toilet flush. He stepped back out of powder has he was pulling up his pants. He looked over his shoulder towards the bed room. “Yup, nice rig you have,” he said. “So do you,” I said. Two could play this game. He blushed again and headed on back. I realized at that moment that I had left the video on, the mags out, and crusty cum rag out in the bedroom. Shit. I hurried after him. He was already watching black boys get fucked while flipping through a magazine of Asian boys getting fucked. He was holding his dick through his pants as I got there. “You like this stuff too?” he asked as I walked in. I sat on the bed and took the magazine out of his hand. I held it so he could see it as I flipped pages. My erection was obvious, as was his. I looked up at his face. “I do. I’ve always loved boys. When I was little, a teen, even when married, I loved boys.” “Married?” I set the magazine down and turned off the TV. I took his hand and pulled him to sit by me. He was looking at my face, waiting for an answer. “Yes, I was married. She died several years ago of cancer.” He reached out to take my my other hand. My cock was totally defeated. I think he was too. “She also loved boys. We fostered many that we both played with. Many boys lost their straight virginity to her and their gay to me. Some we had at the same time. We loved them all.” He was quiet as he sat holding my hand. His head was down. I saw his shoulders shake. I realized he was crying. I pulled my hands free and reached around him to hold him tight. We sat like that for several minutes. I was surprised when I felt his hand slide up the leg of my shorts.. My cock was responding quickly. “Would you love me?” I’m wasn’t sure if I heard correctly. I gently pushed him back and tilted his head up. “What did you say?” He looked deep into my eyes. “Would you love me? The step-fucker and his friends have sucked, fingered, and fucked me since I was five. I’m 15 now. They don’t like me much anymore. They got younger boys now. Please, love me.” I didn’t know how to respond. I wanted this boy, a young man really, very badly. He was still rubbing my cock, and I was rock hard. His other hand was down the front of his shorts. I could tell he was jerking himself off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Boy In Blue –Chapter 04 Blue service training Boy In Blue This story is a fiction and for mature reader only. Please donating to support Nifty by link fty/ . Chapter 04 Blue service training Roles in this chapter Peter Palmer : 5’9″; 61 yo; 33 years service in blue; Police Cheif in 2012 ; 2018 retired as chairman of Anti-Modern Slavery ; dead in 2022 Gregory Quinn : 6’2″; 45 yo; 20 years service in blue; Inspector in 2015 ; Deputy Police Chief in 2022 Eric Tull : 6’0″; 54 yo; G 39 yo; usurer Robert Palmer : 13 yo; adopted in 2014 William Freeman: 5’8″; 43 yo; Police Psychotherapist from 2014 After one year of special action to eliminating drug dealers in the city , Peter noticing the number of drug not changed too much in his city at early 2014 . He believe there’s a big drug dealer hiding in his city, but he have to deal with another problem: ticket quotas. The new mayor order Peter increase income 20% than last year. If each patrol police officer cannot send 10 tickets within one day duty then mayor will fired two cops for return. Peter make a strong statement through the media : “I am here protect and service the citizens of my city instead of rob them illegal. I am the leader of the city polices , I will make all my colleagues proud our uniform and honor our badge.” Peter gaining popularity from it and turning even higher after he adopted a orphan boy from the sexual slavery rescued action. Peter try best to be a good dad as his secondary chances. Robert was growing stronger body by Peter’s guide but still have mental issuses about formerly sexual slave training. Robert like clean and polish his daddy’s boots and he is kind of obsessed with men’s feet in white socks, especially with hairy legs like Peter’s. Peter teaching Robert know about the police officer equipment, and make Robert realized police officers are everyday heroes who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis. Robert believe the police officers work in a collective effort to ensure serve and protect citizens. Preparation and training are a top priority for a police officer. Peter keep training Robert be manly and strong about how to use duty belt, handcuffs and baton.But Robert still prefer put his daddy’s feets on his lap and massage his daddy’s legs time by time. Peter have to looking help from William Freeman who was police psychotherapist of his department, He offer insight into the hidden compartments of the human brain wit excellent observation and analytical skills. Robert is really come out of his shell after dozens of talking with William. The changes make Peter dance for joy and pride. Peter reducing time to gym and refused the meditation anymore since he need take more time for Robert. The hypnosis code gradually lose the effectiveness. Eric have to looking other way to make Peter back to his feets. Peter was invited to one anti-child sex trafficking campaigns from a nonprofit organization named Anti-Modern Slavery, He have a speech about his works to combat child trafficking crime in the city , and How he help restore the dignity of one children who have survived.Peter volunteered his own time to appear in several advertisements highlighting the problem of child trafficking and modern slavery like child labor,domestic servitude. Peter was enjoying the feeling as the hero of city protector, and he find out the traffickers and pimps gain control over victims using a variety of manipulative methods. Make the child victim feel dependent on prostitution for life necessities and survival. The manipulation for the modern slavery enlighten Peter thinking about the confusion of his role. The rich are exploited people by set law and market rules. The police officer is tool carrier of law enforcement, So Peter realized his power not from his own body but from the state apparatus, His glory blue uniform similar like the collar of a slave. Peter keep recalling his boy training memories and gradually accept his inner trueself was a little boy who need belong to a strong daddy. In order to fighting with the cognitive difference between the chief police with the little boy , Peter need bedtime drink of vodka to help with sleep. This is perfect chances for Robert stay close to his bear dad. Peter got drunk and fall in sleep only with thong and socks at weekend midnight , Robert creep in his dad’s room and the half naked bear cop’s long white socks sucessful aroused his inner desire , Robert put nose on the socks tightly and breathing hardly and deeply for minutes. Then Robert take off socks and licking his dad’s toes softly. Peter have not reaction since he still in drunken. So Robert start to licking all his dad’s body and a hard object against his tongue when he licking Peter’s cock. Robert take down the thong and there’s a tiny cock locked in the metal cage. Easy to find the key in Peter’s uniform pocket and Peter’s tiny cock jumping after unlock the cage. Peter slightly moaning for the body feeling totally relax now . Robert use mouth careful to sucking the tiny cock . With slowly rhythm the tiny cock turing bigger and hard , The body climax like key to unlock Peter’s hidden training memories. Peter turn into half awaken status and take off thong automatic , then crawl to floor on knees with straight back, the legs widly open with toes together in V shape, Peter put hands behind head and say “Yes Sir, your boy waiting for your orders,Thank You Sir” Robert don’t know how to deal with this situation.”Are you OK , dad ? “”Yes Sir, your boy feeling good , Thank You Sir.” ” What’s you doing ? dad ” “Yes Sir , your boy waiting for the cum out order, please let your little boy cum , Thank You Sir.” “What’s the cum out order ? dad” “Yes Sir, your pain pig boy need sucking your wonderful cock and swallowing your powerful cum first , then have privilege to cum when all your body’s boy have enough body torture painful , Thank You Sir ” Robert have no words to say but sit on edge of bed in shocked . But Peter crawl to Robert’s crotch and start to use tongue fetch Robert’s cock greedy. Robert’s cock not growing up yet but happy in the warm mouth with tongue licking. With 5 minutes wonderful oral service, Robert piss out accidently and Peter try to swallowing all piss in mouth but failed. The piss splattering on the floor in mess. Robert try to Giresun Escort up for rag but Peter suddenly back to kneel pose and say ” Yes Sir , your stupid boy need been punished for wasted your powerful cum, Thank You Sir” Peter start to count number while use left hand slap left face 20 times then turn right hand slap face 20 too. After slapped the face Peter put head down to floor and use mouth and tongue clean all piss on floor.”Yes Sir , your boy have clean the mess, please abuse your boy now ,Thank You Sir ” Peter back to kneel pose immediately after piss licking. Robert looking at his dad and say “you want me abuse you ? dad ” “Yes Sir, your need your abuse to cum out , please abuse your boy hard, Thank You Sir” ” What’s kind abuse ? dad ” “Yes Sir , TT, CBT, whipping as your pleasure to abuse your boy , your boy desire for the tough pain, Thank You Sir.” Robert have confused about what’s happen here , but he scared to wake up his dad and try to company his dad’s need. Robert put clothes clamp on Peter’s tits then use shoelace to tired up the hard cock and separated the balls which sexual abuse skills from his formerly training.Robert use leather belt to whipping his dad’s butt and Peter keep the kneel pose to accept all abuses. The belt whipping aroused Robert’s anger for his troubled history and he find the joyful of avenge to abuse the adult male. Peter’s cock in terrible hard with Robert’s tough whipping. The blood out on Peter’s white ass to stop Robert’s whipping. “Are you cum out now ? dad ” “Yes Sir , your boy only allow to cum out for baton in ass , Thank You Sir” Without think Robert take baton to Peter. Peter sucking baton 5 times then put hands on floor and up blooding ass to the baton. Robert be careful put baton in Peter’s ass. Peter’s body in trembling and moaning hard. And moving his body to cooperated with baton fucking. After 10 minutes Peter have cum out on four then use tongue clean the cum and beard clean the floor. “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir” Peter back to drunken sleep status and fall on floor with exhausted body. Robert pull out baton and tucking up his dad. After locked his dad’s tiny cock in cage then he kissing his dad forhead.”Good night, dad.” Peter have confused about why he sleep on the floor when he wake up at morning. Peter go to bathroom for shaving bald head and trimmed beard neat, The sound of electric razor make him feeling terrible horny in the cage , So he take off chastity and masturbating 10 minutes by right hand while left hand rubbing self tits. Peter’s tiny cock turing hard and he want cum out so badly. But Robert knocking his dad’s door and say morning , So Peter have to put his hard cock back to the cage and dress up then go to cooking breakfast for his son. “Have you sleep well last night? dad ” Robert ask his dad intentional “Yeah I sleep well because I am feeling tired last night.” “Did you have dream last night ? dad ” “I don’t think so , I was in a very deep sleep.””Do you have job to do today? dad “”I am off duty today, My son. Let’s plan for some play outside today.” Peter take Robert to an indoor trampolining centre and jumping with his son like a teenager boy . Peter have joyful from inner heart when he feeling like a little boy. Since the little boy figure was his nature. After 3 hours jumping movement Peter have sweats on his bald head and his tiny cock jump in the cage. “Robert, Are you need a drink ?” “Yes dad , I am hungry too .” “Let’s go for some foods and drink then.” “Yeah , I want pizza, dad .” “OK, My son. I know a pizza restaurant in the street corner, Let’s go , bud.” After Peter and Robert sit down with a table by the window face to the street, Peter told Robert that he need go to restroom for face clean. Then Peter ask for some ice and go to rest room , He use toilet paper pack wrap up the ice with his cage inside. His body feeling freeze immediately and his tiny cock shrinking to almost invisible. When Peter back to table he find out his son was focus on the street through the window . With his son’s sight line Peter see a gay proud parade group passing by. A slim younger man with leather cop uniform style dress catching Peter’s eyes , There’s leash in his hand and a older masculine slave following with leather bound and moving on four. The young man pause to leash his older slave licking his boots. Peter’s freezed cock was aroused for it and he have worried about his son.”Should we sit another table ? bud ” “I am OK, dad. Things not scared me and I like see it.” Peter nod head while sit down to see the young man put boots on his older masculine slave’s back. “That’s modern slavery , right ? dad . A master control a slave.” “No bud. Modern slavery is where one person controls another for profit by exploiting a vulnerability. All you see just a role game play like we play “cop with criminal” at home ,Not for profit but for funny, bud ” “Ah, I see. So they’re acting master and slave role just because they like it , right ? ” “Yes , they have mutual pleasure during the play.” “Cool, that’s why the stronger old man can be a obedience slave and still be a manly man as well.” “Ah That’s good point, bud.” Peter’s tiny cock hard in cage when he image he on knees to be collared and leashed by a dominnation man. So Peter have to ask for ice again before he left the restaurant. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- After Peter talking with Gregory about he will promote Gregory to be inspector at end of year, Gregory got a message of David Corey apply for parole after serving 10 years. Gregory have to ask help from Peter again just like 10 years before. David use Gregory as his protect tools for make big money on the black market in two years, Gregory feeling shame about his situation, He want be David’s loytal boy and honor his uniform at same time, but people spread tales about he was dirty cop and cooperated with a usurer. Gregory have to apply for job transfer to drug enforcement bureau at inverstigations division from patrol division at 2005. And Gregory told David he cannot be his loytal slave boy anymore since he want be a loytal boy in blue. David threatened Gregory to ruining Giresun Escort Bayan his police career by the video and pictures of formerly kinky play. Gregory was despair and forced to resign, But Peter have a long talk with Gregory to know what’s happen. So Peter arrange a gang number have a intentionally conflict wiht David and ganger got gun shot.David was arrested soon and sentenced 25 years for first degree assault. Peter have some phone call and tell Gregory that’s David’s parole apply will be rejected. After Gregory left Peter’s office , Peter can’t help thinking about the Master/slave relationship between with David and Gregory, And the point of his son about how a masculine man can be a submission boy as well. A little boy need protect and help in Peter’s inner desire, That’s maybe the motivation of be the strongest cheif police for protect and service in the blue unifrom. Peter feeling peaceful and existing when he can face his trueself and know the means of the work role. He have luncheons with mayor for more budget with deep humility, And seek other sources of funding for departmental programs and equipment. Eric make political contribution for police officers mental healthy and unfairly targeted. Eric invited Peter visit his company and show Peter how to uses virtual and augmented reality techology-based program proven to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and burnout. “Unlike traditional meditation, G&S meditation is active, immersive, and visual. This allows you to obtain a deeper sense of focus and motivates, Lower your stress levels and help you stay balanced when chaos reigns. Also help you quiet your mind at the end of a long day, so you can get to sleep quickly and wake up refreshed.””I have try your high tech meditation before , That’s really good help for sleep. But I don’t have much time on the table in that capsule now.” “We have improve our production now. Every day, delivered straight to your mobile device, you’ll get video lessons that teach the essentials, and guided audio meditations that walk you through the practice in the simplest possible way. Also, because self-discipline isn’t always enough, you’ll also get a living, breathing coach to help you follow through.” “How can meditation help with stress?” “Not all stress is debilitating, Sometiem the stress response gives you the energy you need. It actually can help you mentally focus a little bit more. So you need know how to bearing witness :just relaxing, and settling down, and learning to be in the time of your life. Our practice and training and meditation will teach you how to actually feel the emotions that you was feeling, and not get overwhelmed by them.” “Sounds I need find My personal coach for less stress and pain in the ass.” “This may sound weird, but meditation will teach you that you can have joy even when you have pain. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. The meditation doesn’t eliminate pain — it eliminates suffering.” “I agreed with that. Wish I have more time for learning about meditation.” “How about lunch meeting in my office, I can show you more.” “That’s sounds good idea.” Eric show Peter how to relax body and noticing the sensations of breath, With the hypnosis music and shift code order Peter under Eric’s control again. “Time for serivce now, My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir, your boy waiting your order now. Thank You Sir.”Peter on knees and look up Eric.”Are you still locked in chastity ? My slave Peter.” Peter unzipped pants and take the cage out of the thong and uniform pants.”Yes Sir, your boy know he must be locked up and no cum out without your order, Thank You Sir.” “Good boy , Come here for lunch now , My slave Peter.” Eric use right hand fetch some vegetable salad and show to Peter. Peter crawling on four and open mouth out tongue to eating salad from Eric’s hand.”Good boy , That’s My slave Peter.” Eric throw the sandwich to the corner of his office. “Go for get it , My slave Peter.” Peter keep on four and crwal fast to the corner, Then Peter use moouth fetch the sandwich and crawl back to Eric waiting for next order. “Good boy , swallowing the sandwich in 10 seconds without chew, My slave Peter.” Peter following order without hesitation but the sandwich was stock in his throat make tear in eyes.” So you need my help now , My slave Peter.” Peter nodding head but cannot say a word. Eric pull the sandwich out of Peter’s mouth. “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.” “Your good boy , So you cannot wasted foods, right ?””Yes Sir, your boy want be good one, Thank You Sir.” “Take off pants and put sandwich in your body through the back door. My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir , Thank You Sir.” Peter trying hard to open asshole and put sandwich in ass totally inside.”I think my slave was completely full and want drink now” “Yes Sir, Please feeding your boy for your powerful piss and cum , Thank You Sir.” “You need use water washing your dirty body through nose first, My slave Peter.” Peter put nose in the cup of water and sucking up as hard as he can. The water make Peter sneeze and cough a lot, Then the food residue all over his beard and uniform. “You dirty pig boy, Slap face 50 for punishment now.” “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.” Peter start to use right hand slap hard both sides of face and keep counting the number. “How you think about the G&S meditation company, My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir, your boy think that company may help for people’s mental healthy but also effect people’s ability of judge , Thank You Sir.” “Smart slave , I need you remember to accept more helpful from the G&S meditation company, Both for money donation and meditaion guide.My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir , your boy will do as your wish, Thank You Sir.” “Now go to bathroom for little boy’s number 2 and clean up little boy in blue, My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir, Thank You Sir.” Eric catching Peter’s nose with the blinder clip then leash Peter go to his privately batheroom on four. “Put toilet paper under your ass and finished number 2 in 10 seconds, My slave Peter.” Peter trying best and quickly to expand asshole and moving anus to push sandwich out.”Use mouth put your shit in the toilet bowl now , My slave Peter.” Peter turn around body on four and fetch sandwich with toilet paper by mouth then crawling to put into the toilet bowl.”Good boy , Escort Giresun Face to wall now, My slave Peter.” Eric leash Peter straight back and face to the bathroom wall , then put a toilet paper on the walll and order Peter :”Use your nose stable paper on wall, Don’t let it down, My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir ,your boy will do it best , Thank You Sir.” Eric use belt whipping Peter’s butt hard and tough , Peter’s ass skin turning red soon but Peter keep body stable with the pain in ass. “I give you right feeling and emotion about the pain then you can avoid the suffering in heart, My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir , your boy feeling great in heart, Thank You Sir.” Eric take off clip and order Peter dress up then clean his face and uniform. ” I think it’s time for your collar ceremony, Buy a brown leather collar when you back home later, Always remember who owning you body and mind, My slave Peter.” “Yes Sir, your boy will buy a collar and be proudly under your totally control, Thank You Sir.” “Now kissing My feets then you can go back to work now , My slave Peter. ” Peter on knees deeply kissing both feets of Eric then walking into elevator down to the parking. When Peter off work and driving to home he find a bag with a brown leather collar inside. Peter barely recall why he buy it. After his son go to bed Then he back to his room and take off uniform to wear the brown leather collar in a subconscious. Peter feeling happy and familiar with collar, He start browse webpage about Master/slave, Dom/sub , Daddy/boy kinky relationship and BDSM actives. The slave training video and pictures aroused Peter’s inner desire. So Peter looking for chat with a domination man online. The profile named Master4LEO was catching Peter’s eyes, A Master looking for an older law enforcement office to mind and body control training online. “Your profile statement is very interesting. May I know how you training online? “Peter send a message with curiosity and get reply message in minutes with excitement. “I like know you more ,On knees report Me your basic info : name ,age ,weight ,height ,limits and experiences.” “Peter, 54 years old ,210 pounds, 5’9″ tall,I am new for this and not sure about my limits. I am on my knees when I reply your message, Master.” “Good boy, I usually start training with speech rules and position training. Then I will control your body and mind step by step for daily rules and tasks.””Thank you for explain, Master. I am excited to consider submitting to a man who is superior and dominant.Please tell me more about you, Master.””Never use I address yourself When you chatting with a Master, must use it.”” It apologies Master and will use the correct form of address from now.” “That’s right attitude, I am nature and experienced Master looking for maturity male slave special for LEO ,36, 5’8″, 176 pounds. I usually cost years for training a qualified slave . I treat My slave as My property for use instead of ruining it. R you living alone? what’s your job ? Any pics of you ?””I am divorced and living with My son. I cannot send my face pics for my career, Sorry Master.” “your work and family limits was acceptable, But no use I , slap face 20 times as punishment now.” “Sorry Master. punishment done.Thank you for understanding my situation.Excited very much for training Master. it look forward to being obedient to you Master.””I give you a slave name: hog.””Thank you Master! it loves its new name hog. It is honored by its new name. “”Use 5 individuals words describe your feeling now , My slave hog.” “It feelings are : Respectful, Submissive , Nervous , Aroused , Grateful. Thank you for your time , Master.””From now kneel to piss When your home , No more sit or stand .Both kneel 5 minutes before sleep and after wake up , My slave hog.”” it thanks you for the rules and guidance and will work hard to live up to your expectations. it has always been submissive and aware of its inferiority when in the presence of a dominant male,My heart pounds with excitement as it obey. Master “”R you have chastity and collar ? My slave hog.”” Yes Master, it wear chastity and collar now.””Very good , My slave hog. No climaxing or masturbation without My permission , strip naked and wear collar when your alone at home. Shaving pubes at everyday morning.” ” Yes Master, It already shaves cock and balls for sensuous feel, hog will cut more of its publc bush as well.””No more dress underwear for work, use sock cover chastity and balls, My slave hog. Here My feets with socks for you worship.””Thank You Master ,hog will obey Master.it wants to please its generous Master who showed it his manly feet in white socks. it was very hard erect, seeing its manly pubic hair taken away, seeing it become a boy again, It knows it has no right to question Master’s decision to keep hog locked up, so hog will only say, very respectfully, that it looks forward with hope to the day Master may chose to allow it to pleasure itself again, whenever and if ever that day comes. It accepts that this is totally up to Master and it will be obedient and stay denied for as long as Master wants.””I allow you masturbate 5 minutes but no cum out tonight, My slave hog””Thank you so much, kind and generous Master. hog can feel your manly socked feet pressing down on its hard penis as your good boy lays submissively at your feet.””That’s right, My slave hog. your body under My control now, your purpose was please Me and obey Me. you know your My little boy, you know your destiny was be My feets, Only Me can give you right way, My slave hog. you know you need totally obey and submit Me, you know you must do whatever I order you to do , My slave hog.””Yes Master, can a slave be it’s Master’s little boy, and still be a manly man as well?”” I need a masculine slave instead of a sissy slave ,you will be My manly slave forever.We have lots roles in our life , mostly from other’s need , Like you may be a boss in your work, But to be little boy was your trueself and role for yourself need. Peter was name of the roles Which others need you to be , So what’s name of your trueself role ?””Thank you dear Master. You are so wise. It wants to be your good boy slave yet at the same time a manly slave. hog happy to be a superior man who is your slave still. Thank you for sharing wisdom with hog. It helps hog adjust to new life at Master’s feet.””Time for sleep now, My slave hog.”” Yes Master.It sincerely thanks Master for his control and education.” All comments and potential slaves are welcome, Special for mature bear/military/cop. Email: ook All Rights Reserved © 2022, Master Sean

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hafta sonu

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Sonunda hafta bitti.
Uzun biir haftaydı, mesailerle dolu amma en azından önümüzdeki haftlarda boş olacağımızı bilmenin rahatlığı var.
Tam dışarı çıkmalık biir akkşam amma kimse aramadığına göre pek biir organizayson yoktur bizzimkilerde de.
Kız arkadaşım da Bursa?ya ailesinin yanına gidecek zamanı buldu.
Biir dahaki haftaya kaddar gelmeyeceği gibi biir de adeti olmadığı üzere eve gitmem içiin baskı yapıyor.
Bakalım neler yazdı mailinde? Halbuki yarım saat evvel atsa şirketten çıkamadan okurdum.
Neyse, beş dakika içiinde evdeyim zaten.
? diye söylene söylene evimin yolunu tuttum.
Havanın da ılıklığından olacak hiçç gidesim yoktu eve amma bu akkşam içiin dışarda yapmayı planladığım biir şeyler de olmadığından eve gidip biir kaç şey izlemeye karar verdim.
Alışıldık karanlık karşıladı beenii evimden içeri girerken, çoğu zaman olduğu gibi.
Sadece haftada biir ya da iki akkşam kız arkadaşım karşılar, o da şanslıysam.
Onun dışında kendi evinde kalır.
?Öğrenci evinin tadı ayrı?ymış.
Bu haftaysa beenim hiçç şanslı olmadığım biir hafta, bütün hafta yoktu, biir kaç gün daha ortalarda olmayacak…Eve girer girmez direk yatak odama doğru döndüm.
Hemen üstümü değiştirip rahatlamalıyım.
Biir taraftan da bilgisayarı açayım da bakalım kız arkadaşım ne yollamış biir göreyim…Üstümü değiştirmek, o takım elbiseyi çıkartmak bile insanı hafifletiyor.
Biir de şu yüzüğümü takayım sol baş parmağıma.
İşe giderken en çook da rahat giyinememek koyuyor.
Biiraz rahat bırakılsak ne güzel çalışacaz amma işte dış görünüşten yargılayan zihniyet… Neyse bu akkşam cuma, hiçç tadımı kaçırmayım.
Bakalım kız arkadaşım banaa ne yollamış.
?Konu: Süpriz )? Acaba ne tür biir süpriz yaptı? ?Gitmeden evvel sana biir süpriz planlamıştım.
Süprizin salonda, fazla aramadan bulacaksın ) Seni seviyorum.
? Neymiş acaba süpriz? Umarım çook uğraştırmayacak biir yerden çıkar.
Biiraz müzik dinleyip, biir kaç siteye gireyim gider bulurum sonra…Zaman çook çabuk geçiyor.
Biir buçuk saati geçmiş bare salona gidip bakayım neymiş şu süpriz? Hiç kalkasım yok evin öteki ucuna gitmek içiin amma biirazdan arar süprizimi beğenmedin mi diye.
Hatta şimdiye kaddar aramaması bile biir mucize.
Koridoru geçip salona doğru döndüm.
Işığı açtığımda gözlerime inanamadım.
Karşımda kız arkadaşım, altında o çook sevdiğim deri mini eteği, üstünde göğüslerini kalın siyah biir şeritle kapamış gibi gösteren deri ve insanın kan akış yönünün anında değişmesine sebep olan biir kıyafet.
İki ayağı metal ayak kelepçeleriyle salonumun dekoru gibi duran, aslında bu işler içiin yaptırdığım üstü deri kaplı demirlere bağlanmış, bacakları açık durumda bekliyor.
Elleri de aynı şekilde kafasının biiraz üzeri, biiraz da yanlara doğru açığı taraftaki demirlere metal kelepçelerle bağlı.
Aksesuarları da tam beenim beğendiğim gibi, iki başparmağında, biir elinin işaret diğer elinin orta parmağında beraber beğendiğimiz yüzükler.
Sağ bileğinde siyah plastik bilezikler, sol bileğinde de ona Eskişehir Escort çook yakışan deri biir bileklik.
Boynunda yine deriden biir tasma, oldukça sıkı görünüyor.
Tasmanın ucunda zincir yok amma zincir ve diğer oyuncakların yan tarafta kanepede olduğuna bakmadan bile eminim.
Ağzında da düz, siyah plastik sopa şeklinde ağız tıkacı, tıkacın iki yanında iki kocaman demir halka, ona çook yakışan halka küpeler gibi duruyor.
Gözlerini de biir bantla kapamış.
Gerçi bu karanlıkta pek gerek yoktu amma takım tamam olsun istemiş herhalde.
Çok güzel biir görüntü.
Oturup uzun süre izleyebilirim…Işığı açtığımda biiraz bezgin, biiraz da yorgun şekilde beklerken buldum onu.
Geldiğimi anlar anlamaz hareketlendi ve biir şeyler söylemeye çalıştı.
Ama ağzındaki tıkaç yüzünden pek biir şey anlamadım.
Kız arkadaşım gerçekten güzel biir süpriz hazırlamıştı.
Been de onun sürekli takmamı istediği deri bilekliğimi takıp ona küçük de olsa biir jest yapayım istedim.
Hemen bilekliğimi takıp geldim.
İçeri gittiğimi anlamış olsa gerek, salona tekrar girdiğimde önnce hareketsiz bekliyordu amma ayak seslerimi duyar duymaz tekrar mırıltılar çıkarmaya başladı.
Bilmeden de olsa onu biir buçuk iki saat bağlı şekilde bekletmiştim.
Tutsak görüntüsüne o yorgunluğu da eklenince daha çekici ve karşı konulmaz olmuştu.
Kısaca bilmeden çook güzel biir şey yapmıştım.
Yavaşça ağzını çözdüm:- Neden bu kaddar uzun sürdü?- Böyle biir süpriz beklemediğimden biiraz ağırdan aldıım.
Zaten süpriz olduğuna göre senin içiin de biir sorun olmasa gerek.
Öte yandan iyi ki de uzun sürmüş.
– Süprizimi beğendin sanırım.
Biir adım gerileyip şöyle tekrar baktım.
Bütün uzuvlarım çook önnceden canlanmış, adeta hepsi sabırsızlıkla bekliyordu.
Çaresiz, savunmasız ve sadece banaa ait.
Tekrar ona doğru yaklaştım biir elimi onun ince belinde ve hizasında gezdirirken diğer elimle kafasını tuttum ve ağzıma yaklaştırdım ve emeğinin ödülünü uzun uzun verdim ona.
Ne de olsa haketmişti.
Daha sonra başını tuttuğum elimi aşağı indirdim ve elbisesinin altında tutarak göğüslerini okşamaya başladım.
Diğer elim hala belinin çevresinide geziniyordu.
Yavaş yavaş dudağında aşağılara doğru indim.
Önce çenesine sonra boynuna doğru.
Tasmanın izin verdiği ölçüde öptüm biir kaç kez.
Sonra yavaş yavaş aşağıya inmeye devam ettim.
Göbek deliğine geldiğimde aşağı inmeyi durdurdum.
Bu arada elimi de eteğinin altına soktum.
Tangasını giydiğini farkettim.
Anlaşılan beenii baştan çıkaran hiçbiir ayrıntıyı atlamamış.
Emeğinin ödüllerini vermeye devam ediyorum.
Biir taraftan göbek deliğini yalarken, diğer taraftan da elimle tanganın üstünden vajinasını okşuyorum.
Şimdiden beenii beklediği biir buçuk saatin yorgunluğunu unuttuğu (sekshikayesi1.
com) belli oluyor.
Kelepçe zincirlerinin sesinden oldukça zevk aldığını ve yerinde duramadığını fakat hareket etmesinin de engellendiğini anlıyorum.
Ona zevk vermeye ara veriyorum.
Eskişehir Escort Bayan Oyunu uzatmaya kararlıyım.
Ondan uzaklaşıp kanepeye doğru gidiyorum.
Kelepçelerin anahtarlarını, biir metre boyundaki zinciri ve biir asma kilidi alııyorum.
Önce zinciri yerine, tasmanın deliğine kilitle kenetliyorum.
Daha sonra eğilip biir ayağındaki kelepçeyi açıyorum.
Diğer ayağına doğru yöneldiğimde bu sefer deri kaplı demire bağlı olan kelepçeyi açıyorum ve boştaki ayağına takıyorum.
Sonra ayağa kalkıp sol bileğindeki kelepçeyi çıkarıyorum.
Yorgunluktan direk eli aşağı iniyor.
Hatta üzerime yığılmadığına şaşırıyorum.
Aynı ayağında olduğu gibi, sağ eline yöneldiğimde deri kaplı demirdeki kelepçeyi çıkarıyorum.
O eli de aşağı iniyor ve bekliyor, acaba onu önden mi yoksa arkadan mı kelepçeleyeceğimi merak ederek.
Boşta sallanan kelepçeyi çekiyorum, hemen elini uzatıyor fakat been kelepçeyi arkasına doğru yönlendirirken tereddüt etmeden arkasını dönüyor.
Aşağı düşen deri bilekliğini hafif yukarı doğru kaldırıp demiri bileğine geçiriyorum.
Kulağa çook hoş gelen biir kaç büyüleyici klik sesinden sonra demir bileğine dayanıyor.
Tasmaya bağlı zinciri tutuyorum, kapıya yönelmeden evvel ne olur ne olmaz diye ağız tıkacını ve biir asma kiliti daha yanıma alııyorum.
Odama doğru yöneliyoruz.
Yolda beenden biir kaç dakika mola istiyor.
Beraber banyoya giriyoruz.
Zinciri asma kilitle tuvalet ve lavabo arasında duran demirden yapılmış havluluğa bağlıyorum.
Hareketsizce beklerken arkasına geçip ağız tıkacını ağzına doğru götürüyorum.
Tereddütsüz biir şekilde ağzını açıyor.
Sıkıca bağladıktan sonra kelepçenin anahtarını çıkarıp sağ elini çözüyorum.
Sol elini de çözecek miyim diye bekliyor.
Çözmeyeceğimi anlayınca kelepçeli bileğiyle saçlarını düzeltiyor.
?Hoşuma giden küçük ayrıntıları iyi biliyor? diye geçriyorum aklımdan.
Biirazdan gelirim deyip salona dönüyorum.
Onu beklerken salondan dışarıya doğru bakıyorum.
Eğlenceli biir akkşam…Sifonun sesini duyunca işinin bittiğini anlıyorum.
Ellerini yıkaması içiin biiraz daha süre tanıdıktan sonra banyoya geri dönüyorum.
Banyoya girdiğimde onu, beenii arkası kapıya dönük biir şekilde beklerken buluyorum.
Bileğine dökülen plastik bilezikler… Bu görüntü her zaman hoşuma gitmiştir.
Ona doğru yaklaşıyorum ve boştaki kelepçeyi tutup kolunu arkadaya doğru çekiyorum hafifçe, ellerini arkada biirbiirine yaklaştırıyor.
Sabırsızlandığını bildiğimden ve işi biiraz daha ağırdan almak içiin, ?bilezikler bileğini kapatırken nasıl kelepçeleyebilirim diyorum.
? Kelepçeli eliyle bilezikleri yukarı kaldırıyor.
Tekrar klik sesleri ve etinle metalin buluşması.
Zinciri çözüp elime doluyorum.
Yolumuza devam ediyoruz.
Odama geldiğimizde yatağın kenarına oturuyorum, o ise ayakta bekliyor.
Zinciri aşağı doğru çekiyorum ve elleri arkadan kelepçeli olarak dizlerinin üzerine çöküyor.
Biiraz daha aşağı ve kendime doğru çekiyorum.
Zinciri bırakmadan Escort Eskişehir ellerimi kafasının arkasına götürüp tıkacı çözüyorum, arkadan göz bandını çıkartıyorum.
Ağzıyla şortumu indirmeye çalışıyor amma oturduğum içiin bu pek kolay olmayacak.
Ona biiraz yardımcı olup şortumu ve boxer?ımı indiriyorum.
Zinciri hedefe doğru çekerken ağzını açıyor ve önnce hafifçe yalamaya başlıyor.
Şimdi kısa da olsa sabırsızlanma sırası beende.
Önce yavaşça doya doya yalııyor.
Daha sonra ağzını içiine sokuyor.
Sabırsızlıkla sert biir şekilde bekleyen penisimi biir sıcaklık kaplıyor.
Kafasını öne – arkaya hareket ettirerek beenim zevkten kasılmamı sağlıyor.
Hızlanıp yavaşlıyor, ara sıra durup yalamaya başlıyor, daha sonra tekrar ağzına alıp masturbasyon çekmeye devam ediyor.
Artık zaman kavramı tamamiyle anlamsız.
Sadece hareketler, zincir sesleri ve zevk var.
Ağzının içiine boşalııyorum.
Artık ağzına almaya bırakıp yalamaya başlıyor.
Biir süre sonra elimdeki zinciri hafifçe yukarı çekiyorum ve duruyor.
Kendimi tamamiyle yatağa doğru çekip yarı uzanır şekilde oturuyorum.
Zinciri elime doladığımdan ve geriye hareket ettiğimden dolayı o da, kelepçeler yüzünden biiraz zorlanarak, önnce ayağa kalkıyor sonra da dizlerinin üzerinde yatağa çıkıyor.
İki bacağını ayaklarındaki kelepçelerden dolayı biiraz zorlanarak iki bacağımın yanlarına koyuyur.
Zinciri bırakıp onun arkasına doğru sallıyorum.
Rahat edebilmem içiin ayağındaki kelepçelerden biirini çıkarıyorum ve vücudunu öpmeye, okşamaya ve yalamaya başlıyorum.
Dudaklarım belinin ve göbeğinin civarlarıyla ilgilenirken ellerim bel altında geziniyor.
Tangasının ıslak olduğunu farkediyorum.
Zaman, hala basit biir kelime olmaktan daha fazla anlam taşımıyor.
Biir taraftan onunla oynarken diğer taraftan da inlemelerine ve arkasındaki kelepçenin sesine kulak veriyorum.
Bilekleri oldukça zorlanmış olsa gerek.
Fakat bu durum onu rahatsız etmiyor, tabii haliyle beenii de.
Tekrar sabırsızlandığımı hissediyorum.
Hemen tangasını indirip boştaki ayağından kurtarıyorum ve tanga ayağındaki kelepçeye doğru yaklaşıyor.
İki elimle belinden kavrıyorum, bacaklarını iki yanıma doğru uzatıyor ve kenetleniyoruz.
Belimi kaldırıp indiriyorum, ellerimle onu destekliyorum ve gidip gelmeye başlıyoruz.
Önce nefes alıp verişi hızlanıyor, sonra inlemeye başlıyor.
Oldukça keyifliyiz ikimiz de.
Tekrar zirveye yaklaştığımı hissediyorum.
Önce o zirveye ulaşıyor, arkadan da been.
Yavaşlamaya başlıyorum.
Yol yorgunluğu üzerine bu akkşamki yorgunluğunda binmesiyle iyice tükenmiş olsa gerek ki kız arkadaşımın yığılmak üzere olduğunu hissediyorum.
Elleri hala arkadan kelepçeli olduğu içiin yüzü koyun yatmasını sağlıyorum ve ihtiyacım olanları almak iki dakikalığına salona uğruyorum.
Döndüğümde hala yüzü koyun yatan kız arkadaşımın üstüne çıkıp iki bileğine teker teker aralarında zincir olmadan deri kelepçeleri sıkıca geçiriyorum ve kilitlerle kelepçeleri keyfi çıkarma şansını engelliyorum.
Daha sonra hem ellerindeki hem de ayağındaki metal kelepçeleri çözüyorum.
Son olarak da tasmanın zincirini çıkarıyorum rahatça yatması içiin.
Kısa biir süre sonra uykuya dalııyor…Bugün ve gece çook yoruldu.
Güzel biir uyku çekmeli.
Nasıl olsa yarın daha çook yorulacak.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Subject: Crushed by Tim Chapter 6 Joe sat next to me on the train to Luna Park: ‘that fight with Tim was wild, he doesn’t hold back, he had you so tight in that scissors, no way he was letting you out’. ‘For a minute he thought I might have him, his ego wouldn’t allow that Joe’ ‘Hey listen, I’ve been there, we had a scrap a year back and I was stuck in a headlock for like an hour, he just wouldn’t let me out, he just appeared to enjoy the power or something. That was nothing like today though, his legs are fucking strong, you must have suffered? and to be stuck there smelling his crotch, that’s just so low. As Joe recounted the details of my humiliation, I was staring right at the source. Seated opposite us, bulging out of his white rugby shorts, Tim, chatting with David. His shorts always appeared a size or two small, but it was his extraordinarily development, that caused the issue. Everyone noticed, team mates envied his hamstrings, quads, adductors and calfs. ‘looking at that beast in his shorts youre lucky to be alive, ha ha, seriously the size of his cock’. ‘hey Joe not so loud, if he heard you we would both be history’ Joe had a few beers after dinner, we all had, otherwise he would be more careful with his comments about Tim. But Joe was correct, that impressive mound in Tim’s shorts was his cock and he wasn’t even erect. Less than two hours ago it was right in front of me, I knew it’s size. It wasn’t just his cock or muscle, there was more to Tim’s physical beauty than that. He was youthful, ruggedly handsome and had this masterful stare, if he caught you’re eye. His head hair Hatay Escort was cut short and was brownish / black in colour. It covered his legs, armpits and crotch too, without obscuring his physique. On the train, his legs were spread wide. He wore a tight navy t-shirt , white rugby shorts, white ankle socks and blue/white trainers. His arms were spread out clasping the back of his head, and his biceps were flexed. This was Tim relaxing in the classic dominant pose. Whether conscious or not, he radiated virility and strength. I tried to resist the temptation and to silence his words in my mind ‘we will finish this later’, I couldn’t take my eyes off him or keep my cock down. What was he going to do to me later?, the thought of being under his control again was exhilarating. The train didn’t help, shaking shuddering, the rhythm of the tracks. I wasint going to cum on my way to a fun park, just at the sight of Tim? I made it through the journey and managed to hide my arousal, but there was more temptation to come. Tim went straight for the mechanical arm wrestling booth, we all watched him wrestling with the machine, biceps popping until he achieved a near perfect score. Then it was on to the football strength test. The test, to kick a football as hard as you can to test leg power. We all beat the average, as 20 year old rugby players that was expected, but Tim’s power was off the chart, so he had several goes. A crowd gathered to applaud and video his prowess, while I lusted after his thighs. Beers helped to calm me as well as the ride next to Tim, on the giant rollercoaster, Hatay Escort Bayan hanging over a cliff, with a stunning view of night time Rome below. Breathing in the warm summer breeze, beside him, filled me with pleasure. At some stage we met group of Italian girls and chatted. Despite all the lads best efforts, we ended up alone, on the last train back. Joe and David both slept on the return journey. Tim sat opposite me, planted his feet on my seat, to each side of my head right beside my ears, and closed his eyes. His message was clear, you’re under my control. For the next hour I studied his legs close up and waited for my ordeal. As soon as we hit the dorm, Joe and David were asleep. Their beds were on the other side of the room. Tim was beside me and my bed was beside the balcony. Maybe Tim was just mouthing off earlier and he would sleep off his beer too? When he stripped naked and went to his bed, I figured that was it for the night. About ten minutes later I felt his hand covering my mouth to silence me, he was on my back, and had me in choke hold. Before I could think, I was outside on the balcony, with him. ‘Submit? Submit?’ I nodded. ‘On you’re knees’. Tim’s choke hold was ferocious, I had no choice but to drop. Immediately I felt my neck crushed by a powerful force. It took a minute in the dark, for me to realize, he had put me in a standing headscissors. I tried to pull at his thighs to prise them from my neck. Not only were they rock solid, but they were also too big for me to handle with any effect. ‘get you’re hands off my legs’ Tim commanded, Escort Hatay before crushing me with brute force. I obeyed and knelt helplessly on my hands and knees, between his legs. I could see the reflection on the glass balcony wall, in front of us. Tim standing strong and powerful, his cock stretching out over my head, me crushed between his legs. He noticed too and flexed his biceps to taunt me. About thirty minutes in, I was exhausted, Tim was working the scissors hard. I tried to hold onto his ankles. He responded by walking around the balcony and dragging me with him. ‘Ive got you where I want you, submit, say please, say pretty please’. The more I obeyed Tim, the deeper his pleasure was. With me defeated under his balls, he started to stroke his cock above me. I watched him helplessly in the reflection and tried to stroke my own cock. He ordered me not too. My fate was to watch him jerk off, to his own dominance and my humiliation. Tim wasint in any hurry either. The longer he stroked and stimulated himself, the more he could enjoy my ordeal. He worked his cock and his headscissors, masterfully. Delivering pain to me and pleasure to him, simultaneously. Rough as my ordeal was I was fed by his power. I felt all his movements through his crotch and legs; his jerking, his orgasm. Just before he came, he powered into my neck to stimulate his balls and it felt like we were both in deep orgasm. My cock unloaded by itself saturating my boxer trunks. I closed my eyes expecting a shower of Tim’s cum. Instead I found myself in a choke hold again, his cum drenched hand covered my mouth. Tim whispered in my ear ‘Lick’ He watched me from behind suffering his headlock, gagged by his cum soaked hand. My tongue relished every drop of his juice and when I had swallowed it all he grinned. By the time I was on my feet he was stretched out naked on his bed.

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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.
(This is a parallel story to “Schoolie”, but through different eyes.)
This `school holidays” chapter does not align, specifically, with any Chapter of “Schoolie”.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?


From Chapter 15:

We dress. I continue driving. Ron continues walking and checking. We both continue our mending jobs.

By mid-afternoon Ron says, “OK, Champ, we”re finished. The rest of the fencing from the farm house up to here was done last week. Do you mind if I drive the rest of the way?”

We cross, by walking around the front of the Land Rover. He stops me and gives me a squeezy hug. “Nice glutes!” he says.

“Yours too!”

Chapter 16 � Praise and Possums

Fifteen minutes later he parks the Land Rover between the main building and the bunk house.

At the sound of the Land Rover, Mr and Mrs Cameron both appear. “Welcome back, boys. Just in time for afternoon tea,” Mrs Cameron tells us both.

Mr Cameron asks, “You”re back sooner than I expected. How were the fences?”

Ron details, fence line by fence line, what repairs that we have done.

Mr Cameron is impressed by the amount of work that we completed and compliments Ron on his efforts.

“I couldn”t have done it without our little Champ, here,” Ron answers. “I”ve never seen anyone work so hard.”

“Well, I”m sure that his dad would love to hear it all, over some tea and fresh scones,” Mr Cameron replies. Then he turns to me. “Good work, young fella. I think we should get you up here every holidays. You and Ron seem to make a great team.”

I”m tempted to say `Amen” to that suggestion. I can only hope!

Dad and Karl emerge from the bunk house. “I thought that I heard a familiar voice,” Dad says to Ron. “How was the young scallywag? Any good?” he asks while, at the same time, extending his arms to me for a hug. “Missed you, son,” he says.

“Come on, into the house,” Mr Cameron says to the reunion of `workmen”. “Let”s hear what everyone has done.”

I”m surprised when Karl gives me a hug. “I missed you too,” he says, then whispers, “And William!”

I can tell immediately what he has missed! I had wondered how he would get on, being with Dad 24/7!


While Karl and I devour a couple of warm scones with Mrs Cameron”s raspberry jam and fresh cream, Dad, Ron and Mr Cameron `compare notes” on what has been accomplished so far.

Dad mentions Karl”s help and my brother boasts, mainly to me, about learning to shoe a horse and asks what I”ve learned.

I can”t tell him what I”ve enjoyed learning the most, but he”s shocked when I tell him that Ron taught me to drive and that I”ve been driving the Land Rover for the past two days while Ron walked and checked the fences.

Karl, of course, questions Ron, who confirms my every word.

Ron then proceeds to list everything that I”ve done � driven the Land Rover, tensioned the wires, used the star picket ramming tool, cooked dinner, re-set the fire in the stove, oh, and saved his life!

Everyone looks shocked. Ron has their full attention, even Karl”s.

He adds, “And learned how to treat snake bite and apply a constriction bandage.”

“Ron, you were bitten by a snake?” Mrs Cameron asks, very agitated.

“No, but I might have been, if it hadn”t been for our little hero here!” Ron says, then apologises, “Sorry, Kurt, anyone who can do everything that you did shouldn”t be called `little” any more, eh, Champ?”

All eyes are on me.

I think that my aura might have just turned a shade of embarrassed red!

I tell everyone how necessary learning to drive could be if somebody was bitten by a snake. I also describe, in more detail than is really necessary, the procedure to follow to treat snake bite and what to do to get help. I ramble a bit, but they are all spellbound.

Dad hugs me and tells me that he is proud of me and he shakes Ron”s hand and thanks him for `everything”.

In my mind I thank Ron for everything that wasn”t mentioned.

I don”t let on to my brother, that driving the Land Rover was just like driving the quad bike. I don”t want to oversimplify and downgrade my achievement. I”m enjoying his apparent jealousy. I imagine that I can see a grey aura around him!

I mention that showering in the hut was all dependent on getting the timing right while the water temperature went from cold to warm and then cold again. Dad picks up on it and asks if I”d like a hot one before dinner.

“Yeah. Me too,” Ron says. I stare at him and give him a slight frown as if to say, `Remember! Be careful!” He quickly adds, “You can go first Champ, if you like, while I finish unloading the Land Rover. Just leave me a bit of hot water, OK?”

Mr Cameron jumps in, “Don”t worry, Ron. There”s plenty of hot water here. You already know that because it”s heated by gas, so you won”t freeze your buns off.

Mrs Cameron, swats her husband with a tea towel for his `brazen language”. I”m glad that she doesn”t hear the other language that people use outside!

Mr Cameron adds, “Maybe by next holidays I will be able to afford a small gas heater for the water up in the workers” hut. If you install it, then you can use it. I”ll get a spare gas bottle in the meantime.”


I”m a few minutes into a hot, soapy shower when I see the door opening, slowly. That tells me that it”s not Dad. I”m hoping (for the best reasons) that it”s not Ron.

Karl closes the door, pushes the towels aside and sits on one end of the wooden bench. He looks at me. Looks at my body. Same as his.

Then he launches straight in, “Did you get to jack off while you were away? It was murder here. Dad was with me the whole time. Even when I had a shower, he was always yelling for me to hurry up. The one and only time I got to do it was in the toilet. Even then, Dad called out a couple of times, asking if I was OK and why was I taking so long. At night, I had to stay with everyone in the house until it was bed time, and then Dad would go to bed at the same time. Right next to me.” He finishes with, “What about you?”

“No problem!” I say. “Every night.” I think carefully what I can let on.

“Wow. Lucky you!” Karl says, then asks, “What did you do about Ron?”

“Well, it was pretty dark,” I say. That”s a half truth. It would have been totally black without the fire in the stove.

I add, “And Ron didn”t sleep in the bed right next to mine.” That”s the truth.

“Do you think Ron knew what was happening?” Karl inquires again.

“Well, if he did, he certainly didn”t ask me what I was doing.” I say, choosing my words very carefully. That is also the truth.

There is a pause while I rinse the shampoo off my hair.

“Do you want to come for a walk with me after dinner?” Karl asks. He doesn”t need to explain what for!

“Where?” I ask back.

“I know a place where it”s dark and nobody will see us, but we will still be able to see the verandah of the house, so if anyone comes out, we”ll see them under the porch light. I checked it out last night.”

“OK,” I tell him. “Besides, it would be even harder to do anything in bed tonight with Dad and Ron both hanging around. Why don”t you tell everyone that there is something that want to show me, and we can go for a walk?”

“Already done! I know exactly what to say!” Karl says. “Don”t worry. I even worked that out last night too.”

I guess he really does miss `being gentle” with me! And William. And I am so thankful for the freedom that I have had with Ron. I”ve never had that at home, with Karl or William or anyone else. Hey, there isn”t anyone else! Except… I will have to get Mr Grant to like me so that Karl can have William!

The door opens again. Not slowly this time.

“Here you both are!” Dad says. “What are you doing? Catching up?”

“I”ve missed my twin brother,” I tell Dad. “It”s probably the first time, ever, that we have been apart for so long.” And I think to myself, `But he”s missed me more!”

“I”m proud of you both,” Dad says. “You”ve both learned so much in just a few days, and you”ve really helped out with the work. I know that Mr Cameron can”t afford to pay for any extra help so what you two and Ron have done has made a huge difference around here.” Dad pauses and then says, “Actually, guys, I”m not sure how much longer he will be able to keep paying me. We certainly need some rain. We”re just lucky that we still have the river actually running because it”s being fed by those underground springs.”

I”m not sure exactly what it would mean for us if Mr Cameron couldn”t pay my Dad, but I know that it wouldn”t be good.

While I”m thinking about things, it dawns on me that I”m standing here naked and being looked at by my brother and my father. Them casually `checking me out” doesn”t bother me at all. However, if Ron was here too, he would probably have an erection and then, when I saw his, I would probably have an `uncontrollable event” too.

“Dad?” Karl asks.

“Yes, son,” Dad replies.

“Would it be OK, after dinner, if I showed Kurt where the possum lives? I could take a torch, so we wouldn”t fall over anything and use it to find the possum in the trees?”

“Of course, Karl,” Dad replies. “I know that Kurt and Ron haven”t seen it yet. Why don”t you take your brother straight after dinner, while Mrs Cameron clears up, as she likes to do, and while Mr Cameron, Ron and I plan the rest of the week.”

“Thanks Dad,” Karl says. “We”ll go slowly and be quiet so we don”t scare it. We might be away for about twenty minutes. Is that OK?”

“Sure,” Dad replies. “You can stay even longer if you like. Where there is one, there may even be another. Who knows? You might get lucky.”

I”m sure that he doesn”t realise the double meaning of his words. Or is it just my newly-sexed-up, 13-year old mind?

Karl looks at me and winks. I can see it. Dad, next to Karl, can”t.

Now, as well as `being gentle” we can use the words, `getting lucky”.

“Thanks, Karl,” I tell him, and turn off the shower.

Junior is a bit chunky. Dad ignores it. Karl throws me a towel. “Thanks, again,” I tell him.

Dad says, “Come over to the house as soon as you are dressed. We could play cards or Scrabble until dinner is ready. Then he leaves.

Karl appears to be waiting until he hears the outside door close.

“Can I dry your back?” he asks.

“Sure,” I say, and hand him the towel. I know that he should have asked, `May I?” Mr Grant has given us the `Can I?” / `May I? lesson.

He rubs my back, my glutes and my legs. I think that if it was Ron doing it, he would say, `Nice glutes!” Erzincan Escort and give them a squeeze.

“Turn around,” Karl tells me. He doesn”t have to ask. We both know the routine.

He dries my arms, my chest, the front of my legs and then comes up between them. I part them for him, as usual. He spends some gentle time on my balls and lengthening cock.

“Does my body look as good as yours?” he asks me. He swaps the towel for his bare hand and gives my hardening cock a friendly squeeze and pull.

“Not sure!” I tell him. “Show me.”

He smirks and is not slow in dropping his pants and undies.

I deliberately look at my erection, then study his.

“It looks like me,” I tell him. “It feels like me too.”

I look into his bright blue eyes smiling at me from under his swept-to-one-side blond hair, then I say, “Turn around.” I pat each of his firm, round glutes a couple of times then say, “Yep. Just like me, I reckon.”

He chuckles. We take hold of each other. “Want to do it now?” he asks. “I don”t know if I can wait until later.”

“Better not!” I say. “If we are not over at the house in a couple of minutes, Dad may come back looking for us.” Then I add, “Or he could send Ron over.”

That did it! Karl pulls up his pants and says, “See you over at the house! I”ll get the cards ready.”

Apart from our different auras (according to Ron) Karl and I have a real bond. A brother bond. A twin bond. A `gentle” bond. I will always have him. Ron is going back to his university in Sydney.

I get dressed in clean clothes and head over to the house.

At the coffee table between two lounges Karl, sitting opposite Dad, already has three hands dealt. I sit next to Dad.

We are about to start when Ron comes over and asks whether he can join us and play too.

Dad says, “Of course! Karl, please deal five cards for Ron.”

Karl realises that Ron is about to sit next to him. You should see the look on his face! It”s somewhere between disappointment and fear.

I think that Karl”s imagination has really gotten the better of him! I”m going to have to ask him later what he really thinks of Ron. My guess is either Dracula or Jack the Ripper. I think he is still suspicious of Ron”s murderous potential.

I don”t get it! But then I”m OK with Karl thinking that Ron couldn”t possibly be friendly! I wonder what colour aura Ron is seeing around my brother right now?

Ron sits next to Karl, who slides away from him as far as possible without looking ridiculous. “Don”t look at my hand,” he says, as if the guarding of his cards explains his movement.

Dad, Ron and I enjoy the game and the winning hands are pretty much spread around. I think that the only time Karl cracks a smile is when his full house of tens and sevens beats Ron”s confident flush of spades.

“Oh, no!” Ron announces. “You”ve just murdered one of my best hands so far,” perhaps choosing his words deliberately, knowing Karl”s opinion of him.

I can just imagine these words in Karl”s mind: `Do unto others before they do unto you!”

Watching our game but declining Dad”s invitation to make a fifth player, Mr Cameron calls over his shoulder to his wife, “How”s dinner coming, love?”

“Be patient!” the reply comes from the kitchen. “The lamb”s not quite ready, and I”m just putting the apple pie into the oven.”

As an alternative to poker, Mr Cameron teaches us to play euchre. I”m happy knowing a new card game, seeing that Karl doesn”t like gin rummy. I learn about `tricks” and `trumps”. I like it. And it can be a quick game if there”s four people. I think William might like it. Then he and Karl and Dad and I can play together.

The roast and vegetables smell delicious. Plus, there is an apple pie for dessert, probably with fresh cream or custard. Or both! Yum!

“We have time for one quick game of Scrabble,” Dad says.

At this suggestion, Ron would probably see my aura brighten and my brother”s dim even further.

“Swap places with me, Dad,” Karl politely demands. “You always give me good words to build on.”

He”s right, but that isn”t the main reason he wants to move, I reckon!

Karl and Dad are being totally outplayed by Ron and me. Karl usually isn”t happy whenever I win, but this time I”m betting that he”d like me to `murder” Ron.

However, Ron beats me, scoring 22 points with his last-remaining tile, turning `JAR” into `AJAR” by adding his `A” on a `double word” square.

“Good game!” Dad announces. Then, to Ron, he says, “I thought he had you beaten until you played that last `A”.”

I shake Ron”s hand and say, “Congratulations. Well played, Sir!”

He laughs while still gripping my hand, “You play better than many of my uni friends! Congratulations yourself!”


“It”s on the table!” Mrs Cameron announces.

Much to my brother”s relief, Dad and Ron sit alongside each other, opposite Karl and me, with Mr and Mrs Cameron at each end.

At home, we don”t say grace before eating, but Mr Cameron does, then we dig in.

Good manners: offer food that is nearest you to others first, elbows off the table, hold your knife and fork correctly, don”t talk with food in your mouth. I remember. Thanks to Mum!

Mrs Cameron compliments Dad on his `two lovely boys”.

Ron looks directly into my eyes and mouths, `Lovely boy!”

A moment of embarrassment! I hope nobody else saw it. If they did, I hope they would think that Ron was just making fun of me. However, I know that It was more than that! I frown at him. He smirks.

After dessert I say, “That was delicious, Mrs Cameron. Thank you.” Sincerely. She smiles.

Karl adds, “Kurt and I can help you wash up, if you like, Mrs Cameron.” Not quite sincerely! Maybe he knows what her response will be.

“Nonsense!” she says, smiling and wiping her hands on her apron. “Hard-working young men don”t do the dishes in my house! Go on. Be off with you! Go and find that possum you mentioned! And I”ll make you a nice hot cup of chocolate when you come back.”

Dad tells Karl, “Take the big torch by the door. When I told Mr Cameron that you two wanted to look for the possum, he insisted that you use his strong one.”

Ron looks at Karl and then, to me, He raises a questioning eyebrow.

I shrug in reply. And can”t hold back smirk. He winks at me. He knows!

Karl takes the torch, flicks it on and heads out of the door. He jumps down, totally avoiding the couple of verandah steps and heads straight for a clump of tall gums close to the river, as I remember where things were in the daylight.

We must be about two hundred metres from the house when he stops. “This is it,” he says, laying the torch on the ground, point back towards the house. “If we stay on the river side of the torch, nobody will see us in the dark, but we”ll be able to see them,” he tells me.

I can still see well enough in the reflected glow from the torch.

He undoes his pants and lets them drop to his feet. “Come on,” he says, “give me a hand.”

“Right or left?” I ask.

“I don”t fuckin” care which hand, really. Just get on with it,” he says, quickly growing an erection.

I wonder whether I should show him any of my new techniques, or not.


I drop my pants and we `are gentle” with each other, just the same way as always.

It”s not long before he warns me and takes over from my hand. He points his cock away from us, pushes his hips forward to make sure that nothing drips onto the pants around his ankles, and he spurts.

It”s exciting watching my twin brother shoot his stuff. It”s almost like me watching myself do it.

I do myself. Slower, as Ron has shown me and, using my other hand, I imagine Ron doing me. I feel it coming. I go even slower but ensure that the feeling doesn”t stop. Finally, I moan and shoot way farther than ever before.

I can see the amazed look on my brother”s face. “Wow!” he says. “How did you do that?”

“Must be growing up!” I chuckle to him. “Or, I really needed it!”

We both milk the last drops out of ourselves and pull our pants up.


“I hear something,” Karl says. He retrieves the torch from the ground and aims the beam above our heads.

What I see is two glowing eyes staring at me. Creepy! Like an alien!

“You thought that I was joking about the possum, didn”t you?” Karl asks.

Karl moves the torch-beam around and I can see the possum more clearly.

For anyone who hasn”t seen one, I”d describe it as sort of like a large short-haired cat with claws instead of paws, face similar a rabbit, pointed nose of a rat, ears like a bat and a long brush tail that it can use to hang onto things � sort of like monkeys do. Possums look cuddly, but their sharp claws and teeth can cause nasty gashes and infections.

It seems frozen in the torchlight.

Suddenly, caught in the light, another pair of eyes glare at us from a higher branch.

“Look!” Karl says. “There actually is more than one of them.”

Sensing its friend, the first one waddles along the branch back towards the trunk of the gum tree and then climbs effortlessly to the higher branch and sits alongside its companion. Four eyes stare back at us.

Are we checking them out or are they studying us?

It almost turns into a staring competition. Karl moves the beam of the torch off them directly so that it appears that their eyes are glowing in the semi- darkness. As they blink, it”s like lights turning off and then on again. I”m totally amazed. I could stay for ages and watch them.

Suddenly one of them pees, just missing both my brother and me.

I get the message!

“Hey, Karl,” I say. “I think that one of them just told us to piss off!”

We laugh about it over and over as we walk back to the house.

The `oldies” and Ron all appreciate the joke of the possum”s silent communication with us.

Mrs Cameron, true to her word, presents Karl and me with a mug each of hot chocolate and one of her fresh, larger-than-normal peanut cookies, and says to me, “I”ll give you and Ron plenty of these to take with you on Wednesday.”

I thank her and tell her that I really like her cooking. “Well, aren”t you the little flatterer?” she says, and gives me a hug.

“OK, guys,” Dad says. “Finish up and then it”s bed time.”


We say goodnight to Mr and Mrs Cameron.

Dad says, “I think I”ll turn in too.”

As we head for the door, Karl whispers to me, “See what I mean? He”s coming with us.”

Ron, intercepting us near the door, says, “Good night, Karl. Sleep well.” He extends his hand. Karl shakes it, but reluctantly and only briefly. He pulls away then hurries to keep up with Dad.

We step outside. “Good night, Champ,” Ron says so that people can hear him. Then he whispers to me, “I hope you had fun with your brother earlier. Your aura was glowing when you came back.” Then he squeezes one of my glutes. He starts to say, “Nice…” when I cut him off.

“Yeah, I know. Yours too!” I squeeze his.

Mr and Mrs Cameron are Erzincan Escort Bayan inside and I can only see the backs of Dad and Karl. “Good night, Moby!” I say as I give the front of Ron”s pants a quick jiggle, then scoot off after the other two.

We all get ready for bed, visit the toilet for a pee then Dad tucks us in and gives us a kiss good night. As he bends down, I put my arms around his neck for an extra hug. “Missed you,” I say.

“Me too,” he replies. Then he says, “I”ll turn off the inside light but leave the outside one on so that Ron can see what he”s doing when he comes in, through the glass panel in the door.”

When Ron does come in a bit later, quietly, I can tell from my Dad”s breathing that he is asleep. Karl is on his side facing Dad so I can”t tell if he”s still awake or not. If I was him and awake when I heard Ron coming, I would close my eyes and pretend to be sleeping. Or pull the sheet over my head.

I don”t. I lift my head off the pillow so that Ron can see that it”s me. He looks at Dad and Karl as he passes them, then squeezes my foot on the way to his bed.

Propped on one elbow, I watch him. He knows that I”m watching and he strips completely naked and stands facing me, playing with Moby a bit before putting on a T-shirt and new undies. He walks back to the door and switches off the outside light. In the blackness, he feels my feet, my legs and I lift the covers for him. He feels for Junior and gives him a jiggle while I do the same to a chunky Moby. Saying good night! It”s daring, but it only lasts a few seconds then Ron ruffles my hair and goes to his own bed.


Tuesday morning. I wake when I hear the toilet flush. I look around. Ron”s bed is empty. Dad and Karl seem to be still asleep. I see Ron cross from the toilet to the shower. He looks in my direction and beckons me with his finger. I think about the risk and shake my head.

I lie still until I hear the shower running. Still no movement from Dad and Karl.

With my heart pounding, I creep out of bed and head for the shower door. I stop, think about the chances of Ron and me being `sprung” and I divert into the toilet. When I flush and come out, the shower has stopped. I look at Dad. I was right. He”s stirring and sees me and acknowledges me with a brief wave. He will most probably use the toilet before showering.

I wave back and open the door to the showers. Ron smiles, stops drying himself and gives me a hug. “Nice glutes,” he says, hugging me and squeezing them.

“Dad”s up,” I say. He lets me go and I start to undress.

“Want to show me those possums tonight?” he asks quietly, while putting his clothes on. He”s smiling.

“Sure!” I say, knowing what he really wants to do. Me too.

I”ll bet that Karl won”t want to venture into the dark with an assassin on the loose. Perfect!

Ron heads out before I hear the toilet flush. All good!

Then I think what a shock Karl will get if he wakes up now and sees that he”s alone in the room with Ron. I reckon he”ll jump out of bed and head for the toilet before he wets himself in fright.

I hear Dad say good morning to Ron and then he comes into the shower. “Good morning, son,” he chirps. “Have you left me some hot water?”

“Do you think I”d still be in here, if it was cold?” I ask. Then add, “Besides I heard Mr Cameron tell Ron that the water is always hot.”

As Dad strips off, I hear the outside door close. Ron”s heading over to the house.

“Sharp as a horseshoe nail!” Dad says.

“What?” I ask.

“You”re pretty smart, you know that?” he says. “And I”m very proud of you. Last night while you and Karl were looking for the possum, Ron told us how amazing and helpful you were. At everything!”

I”ll bet that he didn”t give them a full list of everything!

“Give me a hug!” Dad says, wrapping his wet arms around my soapy body, and pulling us close against each other.

This feels great, but totally different to hugging Ron or William. He washes my back, all of it. “You”d better do the front yourself,” he laughs but doesn”t explain.

Maybe he doesn”t want either of us to be embarrassed if something were to `pop up”. Mine or his!

I rinse off and head back out to get dressed. I pass Karl going from the toilet to the showers.

Dad emerges not far behind me and I hear him tell Karl, “Hurry up, and you”d better get your sleepy arse over to the house for breakfast.”


As we enter the house, Mrs Cameron says to me, “Ron tells me that you do pretty good scrambled eggs.”

I look at Ron”s smirk, then reply to her, “Yes, Mrs Cameron. My Mum showed me how.”

Mrs Cameron says, “I wouldn”t usually allow anybody else in my kitchen, but… how would you like to show me what you can do, while I look after the bacon and mushrooms and keep an eye on the toast?”

Now I”m nervous! Me, cooking something for a really good cook?

“I”m happy to help, if you would like, Mrs Cameron,” I say.

“There”s a dozen eggs there, Sweetie,” she says. “Do you think that you can cook for six people?”

“I”ll try, Mrs Cameron,” I tell her. Then I add, “But it will be OK, if you”re watching. You can tell me if I”m not doing it right. Do you have any parsley that I can chop and put in with the eggs? And pepper and salt and water and milk?”

She smiles and fetches everything for me.

She doesn”t need to offer any advice but is very complimentary when I”ve finished. She gives me a hug. My third of the morning. Ron, Dad and now the boss”s wife.

Everything is served on the table just as `sleepy head” rolls in.

We all sit down, same seating as last night (to Karl”s relief, I”m sure). Mr Cameron gives thanks and we pass the food around and dig in.

We chat and eat and, at the end, everybody thanks Mrs Cameron for the feast.

Karl, attempting to get into her good books offers, “I especially liked the scrambled eggs, Mrs Cameron. They were delicious. Thank you.”

Everyone looks from Mrs Cameron to me. Nobody says anything.

“What?” Karl asks.

“Your brother cooked the eggs this morning, love,” Mrs Cameron tells him, smiling.

Karl stares at me. His `brown-nosing” has backfired! Now he has actually paid me a compliment. Something he would never do intentionally.

“Mrs Cameron?” I ask, “Could you please teach me to cook apple pies like you do?”

“What?” she says and chases me around the table with a wooden spoon. She catches me and gives me a couple of friendly smacks on the backside. “Next you”ll be asking how to do a lamb roast! Are you trying to do a poor woman out of a job, young Kurt Andersen?”

She taps me again, and then laughs, “I suppose if ever I was to get sick, all of the vultures wouldn”t starve!” She looks around the room menacing everyone with the wooden spoon. “Now, just don”t any of you offer to do the washing up!”

“Come on, lads,” Mr Cameron says. “We”d better get into the work while we”re all still in one piece. Lucky she”s holding a wooden spoon and not her carving knife.”

We laugh. Mrs Cameron stares at her husband, lays the spoon down heavily, and takes deliberate paces to the knife block. Testing the sharpness of a few with her thumb, it looks as though she is trying to choose which one to use on him. It”s all very good-humoured.


We five `men” head across to the sheds. Dad reminds us that he and Ron will be cutting and stacking firewood, some of which will come with us in the ute for the other workers” hut.

“You boys go with Mr Cameron.” Dad tells Karl and me. “He”ll give you paint and brushes and show you where to start painting, while he is servicing the quad bikes.”

Dad checks the chain saw for fuel, plus the tension on the chain, and gives it a trial `burst”. Ron grabs an axe for splitting what Dad cuts, and they head off.

“Want to come and see what I”m doing with the bikes before you start painting?” Mr Cameron asks.

His question is answered with a `Yes, Sir” and a `Yes, please”.

He explains the use of air filters and why it”s even more important to keep them clean out here where it”s dusty. He does one while we watch. He lets Karl do the next one while he gives step-by-step instructions. He then lets Karl and me do one each while he looks on.

Something else learned.

He then gets a couple of cans of paint, opens them, tells Karl and me why it has to be stirred carefully, which he gets us to do. Then he replaces the lids and carries them to one of the sheds. He brushes one part of a wall with a broom before painting “so that we”re putting paint on the walls and not over dust” he says. He demonstrates the side-to-side strokes to use and how to not get splattered in paint.

“Both of you can start here,” he says. “Just paint as high as you can reach. Ron will do the high bits later. Karl, you can go to the left and Kurt, you can go to the right. You”ll probably meet near the opposite corner. If you have any problems, come and see me with the bikes. I”ll also be doing some mechanical stuff to them.” He adds, “I”ve left you a number of different-sized brushes, so you can see which ones you are most comfortable with.”

Karl says, “I”ll start painting where Mr Cameron has already brushed the walls. You can use the broom and then let me have it so I can do my next bit.” We agree on our bit of a routine, and start.

I alternate between brushing and painting. As we give each other the broom, we inspect what the other has done. If it was a race, I think I”d be ahead. Maybe I”m doing longer strokes or using a bigger brush.

Pretty soon, Mr Cameron comes out to inspect our work. He points out a couple of spots that each of us should go over again but compliments us on our progress.

We are about 2 hours into the painting and I can see that the opposite corner is in sight.

I”m aware that the chainsaw has stopped, and pretty soon Dad and Ron stroll over. They take up a position at the corner of the shed where they can see Karl and me at the same time, both heading for the `finish line” from opposite directions.

Ron tries to stir me. “Having fun yet, Champ?”

“Of course I”m having fun!” I tell him. “More fun than swinging an axe to split firewood! And easier. Why wouldn”t it be more fun?”

“Aren”t your arms tired though?” he says, trying to put a negative thought into my head.”

“No!” I tell him. I anticipated something like this, only not from him. “I”m enjoying working on my muscles � deltoids when I go this way, and pecs when I go that way. And I swap hands every now and again so that the other side doesn”t get jealous! Besides, I”m ahead of Karl!”

“Maybe not!” Dad says and picks up one of the spare brushes. “Move over, Karl,” Dad tells him. “We”re gonna beat your brother to the corner! Give me the big brush.”

“It”s good exercise for muscles, is it?” Ron asks. He picks up the largest of the remaining brushes and dips it into the paint. “Side-to-side. Just like the Karate Kid,” he adds and starts some long strokes.

I saw that movie when Escort Erzincan we visited Ma and Pa. Ron smiles at me and I know that we”re working as a team again. I use the broom to sweep to the corner and take a peek at Karl and Dad. We”re gonna kill them. Not literally.

While Ron is making great progress, I stand back and watch. I catch Karl”s eye and motion him to come to me. I hand him the broom and he sweeps right to the corner on his side.

Then, we both stand back and watch Dad and Ron going for it. I think that they”re not even aware that Karl and I have stopped. We strike a pose, leaning on each other, the broom between us. And we watch.

Ron”s getting close to the corner when he looks up and sees us.

“Yes, I”m still having fun,” I tell him. “And my arms aren”t tired at all!”

“Why you…” he starts, then he puts the brush down and heads for Karl and me, making menacing actions with his hands.

Karl shrieks and runs for Dad, who has quickly caught on to the humour of what is happening. He picks up Karl and slings him over his shoulder. He starts to walk in my direction and I see him wink at Ron.

Ron”s response is to pick me up and put me over his shoulder.

“Look what I found,” Dad says, “A sack of spuds. Do you reckon they”d be any good for eating? I see you have one too. I wonder how firm they are.” With that, Dad swats me on the tail. “Yep, pretty good!” he laughs, and turns Karl”s backside towards Ron.


“Aaargh!” my brother screams. “Get him away from me!”

“I wonder if my spuds better than yours.” Dad says Ron, and he swats Karl”s backside. “About the same, I”d say,” he laughs. “Well?” he asks Ron, which is nothing more than giving him permission to swat me. Which he does. Hard!

“Hmm. Can”t tell the difference,” Ron laughs. “Maybe we should test them both again.” Karl squeals louder than before. Then, again, after he gets swats from both Ron and Dad.

Dad swats me. Then Ron does it, but more gently this time, with a squeeze thrown in for good measure. “Nice glutes!” he whispers to me.

I”m not easily defeated. He”s forgotten one thing. Over his shoulder, my arms are hanging way down his back. I grab the back of his jeans and heave them upwards. Giant wedgie!

He must be uncomfortable up front, because he immediately puts me down to adjust his scrunched `gentlemen” and Moby. He takes it all in good humour.

Dad puts Karl down, who, by the expression on his face, doesn”t know whether to hit back, scream, punch Ron in the nuts or to cry in frustration!

Dad says, “This painting of the shed reminds me of another good book that I must read to you, called The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

“Sounds good!” I say. “But I have a wall to finish and be first to the corner.”

Between Ron and me, Dad and Karl, we make short work of the rest of the shed.

After being beaten to the corner, even with Dad”s help, and as if to have the last word and some kind of victory, Karl sneers at Ron, “Anyway, Mr Cameron says that you have to do the bits we couldn”t reach. And, there was an awful lot that I couldn”t reach!”

I stand at the corner and observe both walls, his and mine. Even though we”re the same height, I”ve painted about 30cm higher than Karl. And his side got lower and lower, probably intentionally, as he went along.

Ron picks up his paint brush, winks at Dad and, taking a step towards Karl, says to him, “I wonder how you”d look with your arse the same colour as the shed?”

That”s enough to have Karl bolting back to the bunk house. He just found the ability to run almost as fast as I can!

“Look at that boy go!” Dad says to Ron and me. “He must have grown some leg muscles since I last saw him run!”

Dad starts after Karl, but at a walking pace.

“Nice glutes, too,” Ron whispers to me.

“You”d better not try anything with him,” I warn Ron. “He”d probably kick you in the balls then and run straight to my Dad and tell him.”

“Of course I wouldn”t,” Ron whispers back. “I only said it because the sight of his backside while he was running reminded me of yours. And I like yours.”

“Yeah. I”ve noticed.” I tell him. I freeze and stare into his eyes until we both burst out laughing.

We head for the house.

“Nice glutes,” he says to me, giving one side a squeeze.

“Nice Moby,” I say to him, gripping his crotch, but not squeezing.

“Hey Dad,” I call. “Wait for me.”

I can still run faster than my brother.


After morning tea, Dad says that he will have Karl help him check the windmills and tanks while I can help Ron finish off the higher bits on the shed walls. Dad says, “A plank across a couple of barrels will enable you to paint all the way up. It shouldn”t be too hard.”

Karl points at Ron and me and pretends to laugh at us, one hand over his mouth and the other on his stomach.

Dad intercepts his little bit of `suckers!” torment and tells him, “I wouldn”t laugh to soon if I were you, son. You won”t be standing around while I do all the work!”

I”m tempted to mimic his making fun of me, but I display a little `more maturity”, as Ron compliments me, much to Karl”s annoyance.

“C”mon, Champ,” Ron says. “Let”s knock this over.” We walk back to the shed.

From the inside he rolls out two large barrels, standing them on end almost against the painted wall. Then he lays a long plank over them.

“If you hand me up both cans of paint and a couple of brushes,” Ron says, “I”ll start at this end of the plank and you can hop up and start at the other end. We”ll meet in the middle and then move the barrels and plank along and do the next bit. Easy!”

We work as a great team again, and we”re done in about 90 minutes, even though there are only the two of us.

“Nice work, again, Champ!” Ron says, as we put the barrels, plank and paint away. Ron soaks the brushes and we use some awful-smelling stuff to remove some paint splatters from our hands and arms. Mine are worse than his.

“Let”s go and clean up properly and wait for lunch.” Ron says. “Karl and your dad won”t be finished yet. I know how much had to be done with the windmills and tanks, and I can”t wait to hear what your dad got Karl to do.”

“Want to have a shower with me?” Ron asks.

“Better not,” I tell him. “Dad might finish early.”

“OK,” he says. “But, tonight, I want you to show me where the possums are. My guess is that Karl won”t want to come with us… in the dark. Eh?”

I understand what he”s saying, and smile. We bump fists.

We remove our shirts and wash from the waist up. We `fool around” with each other”s erection for a bit, with our pants on, then put on clean shirts and head over to the main house.

I play Ron at Scrabble. At one game apiece, we agree not to play `a decider”. Mrs Cameron keeps us well supplied with hot chocolate and things which Ron tells her will ruin his boyish figure. The result of that is that she only brings us more. Fresh from the oven!

Saying `No” to Mrs Cameron”s fresh goodies isn”t an option. Self-control doesn”t get a foot in the door. Like mucking around with Ron in the hut.

We lounge back in two of the large, comfortable chairs and chat about everything that we”ve achieved in a couple of days and what still remains to be done tomorrow and Thursday.

Mr Cameron joins us in his favourite chair. “So, young Kurt,” he starts. “I”ve seen and heard all about your amazing work. I think you have the makings of an excellent farm hand and farmer. If I could afford to pay you and Ron for everything that you”ve done, I certainly would. Who knows, if the rain comes, and we can re-stock the property, there would be a lot of paid work for the both of you during school holidays. And, when Ron finishes his uni work, he may even want to manage the place.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I say. “I would love to work with Ron during school holidays. Without being paid anything. I enjoy doing the work and learning new things.” Ron and I look at each other, knowingly.

I don”t know whether it is the smell of dinner that brings Dad and Karl into the house, but I can tell that they”ve cleaned up after working all afternoon.

“Easy work was it, Karl?” Ron asks, knowing that it wasn”t.

Karl gives him a filthy look but says nothing. If there were no adults here, I bet that he”d `give Ron the finger” and a four-letter word, or three!

“Nice job finishing off the shed,” Dad says, plonking himself down in one of the other comfy chairs. Karl sits on the floor next to Dad, legs crossed.

Dad tells us all, mainly for my benefit of the greasy, grungy, wet and stinking work that he and Karl did. “It”s just as well that we”ve had a good scrubbing before coming inside,” he continues. “Karl stunk worse than usual.”

Now my brother doesn”t like being made fun of. He doesn”t say anything but just gets up and stomps off, out of the door. Bit of a silent temper tantrum!

“Don”t worry about him,” Dad says. “He”ll get over it. He basically said the same thing about me. I thought that we were just joking around.”

I feel a pang of brotherly empathy and get up. “I”d better go and talk to him,” I say. “I think that we”ve missed each other.”

I go outside and look around but don”t see him. Just a hunch, but I head back towards the bunk house and find him sitting on the step, hunched over with his head on his arms which are crossed on his knees. Even as I get closer, I can tell that he”s been crying, or still is.

“Hey, bro,” I say, sitting beside him. “Is everything OK?” I put my arm over his shoulder.

“Everybody hates me!” he sobs. “It”s not fair!”

“No they don”t,” I say, trying to comfort him. “Why would you think that?”

“Well, Ron hates me. You know that. He”s already tried to kill me once. I think that he”d likely try it again if he had the chance.”

I don”t attempt to defend Ron. I know that it”s all Karl”s mind but I give him the chance to get everything off his chest.

“And Dad doesn”t think that I work hard enough. He”s even a worse slave driver than Ron. And he”s always making fun of me and everything I do. Even Mr Cameron told me off for not listening carefully enough to what Dad was telling me to do when he came by to see how we were going.”

“And you…” he starts. “I”ll bet that you hate me too, because William spends more time with me than with you!”

“I don”t hate you, Karl,” I tell him, rubbing his back. “I”m happy for you and William to spend time together and make each other happy. Don”t you remember me telling you that? And the couple of times that I left you two alone together, on purpose.”

“Yeah. Why?” he asks, looking up at me as if expecting some supernatural revelation.



(to be continued)


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I was being domineering and derogatory to Spencer not out of nastiness but purely due to the fact I noticed a fellow fag boy in him who got off on being sexually dominated. “Fuck yes.” Was Nicholas’ eagerly reply. As Spencer continued to deep throat suck Nicholas’ 7.5 inch cock I stood behind him and started pulling up Spencer’s top. Spencer submissively allowed me to peel off his top to expose his slender milky white upper body. His arms were willow thin with no definition at all. His milky white chest and stomach were as flat as a board. His chest was studded with two tiny pale pink nipples and his stomach had no treasure trail. “Did my mates fuck you good?” I asked Spencer. “Oh my god! I have never been fucked so many times in one day.” Spencer squeaked in his camp voice as he took a break from sucking Nicholas’ erect cock. “Get on the bed bitch, time for more.” I ordered. Willingly and even lustfully Spencer stood up and stripped out of his jeans, briefs and socks until he was as equally naked as Nicholas and I were. Spencer’s 5 inch teen boy cock was steely hard from sucking Nicholas’ cock. He adopted the bitch boy bottom position on the sex stain mattress on the middle of the floor. Spencer pulled his pale skinny legs into his chest and out to the sides to offer up his batty boy arse which I and some of my mates had already fucked and seeded. Unfortunately Spencer had showered since his tag fuck but his small pink pucker seemed a bit more swollen and redder than before I had fucked him that morning. Spencer had an effeminate but really cute face. His upper body was nothing to write home about as it was milky white and hairless except for a light dusting of brown hairs on his forearms. He had slender shapeless arms and his chest and stomach were as flat as a board and totally shapeless. His chest was studded with two tiny pale pink pointy nipples. Spencer had no treasure trail and he had a tiny tuft of short dark brown pubes. His cock had a slight pink tinge compared to the rest of his milky white body. It was of average thickness for the cock of a boy in his mid-teens, lightly veined and about 5 inches long. It was uncut but his pale foreskin had peeled back to expose his pale pink tinged knob. He had small balls in a pale semi-lose hairless sack. His milky white arse was skinny and hairless and offered up for a fucking. His up in the air legs were long and slender with hairless thighs and a light dusting of brown hairs on his lower legs. Slightly taller, but equally slim Nicholas got into the push up position above above Spencer. Nicholas roughly rammed his slightly thicker than average 7.5 inch cock ball deep into Spencer tight teen boy arse and started fucking it. Nicholas might have been short and slim but he could sure fuck fast and hard. His cock was really tearing up Spencer’s arse. Sixteen year old Spencer had lost his virginity the year before aged 15 to two 17 year old sixth formers. Then one of their 19 year old incestuous cousins joined in. That was the total of Spencer’s sex life until that day. He been regularly fucked by the same three twinks. However that day I had help to more than double Spencer’s sex life and experiences. For a start I had fucked him with the biggest cock he had ever taken which was my fat 9.5 inch teen boy cock. Then I had thrown fag schoolboy Spencer to some of my randy room mates. For the first time Spencer got fucked by men rather than twinks. As I would find out Graham, Johnny and John had tag fucked Spencer twice each, making a total of seven fucks in a row, the most Spencer had ever taken in a day. Now he was taking his eighth fuck of the day and his eight sexual partner. Spencer was a pure pussy boy and he was really getting into his role as a total submissive slut to be used and abused. He was moaning with hard fucked pleasure as Nicholas’ slightly thicker than average 7.5 inch cock pounded his skinny pale arse. Spencer’s pale schoolboy cute, but effeminate looking face had a lustful expression on it as he looked up at an older boy’s face. His pale hands were caressing and exploring Nicholas’ pale skinny upper body, not that there was much to explore. Spencer’s sex swollen sphincter was being pushed back and forth by Nicholas’ rapidly thrusting cock. His tight teen boy arse was being really pounded by Nicholas’ cock. As for Nicholas he had his own pleasures to enjoy. Spencer’s sex swollen sphincter gave Nicholas’ slightly thicker than average 7.5 inch cock a great wank job. Spencer’s tight teen boy arse had a load of my cum up it and the loads from each of my three mates who had relay fucked him twice afterwards. Those seven loads were being bubbled as Spencer took his eight fuck of the day, the most in one day that he’d ever taken and he still had more to come. Nicholas also savoured Spencer’s soft warm hands caressing his skinny smooth upper body. He admired Spencer’s milky white effeminate, cute schoolboy face. Nicholas was getting a kinky thrill he was fucking his youngest boy ever as he had lost his virginity to an older boy when he was 16 years old. Now he was fucking a 16 year old fag boy three years his junior as another 16 year old boy eagerly watched. Nicholas fucked Spencer fast and hard for a good long while before he was ready to cum. Nicholas continued to fuck Spencer hard as his orgasm hit. He moaned with orgasmic ecstasy and release as he began spunking up in Spencer’s arse. Spencer purred with pleasure as his arse got bred for the eighth time that day, the most he’d ever taken in one day. Before that day Spencer had only had sex with three older boys but I was turning him into a slut. I had palmed him out to some of my mates and now Nicholas. I would introduce him to cruising and cottaging and invite him to stay with me in London. When Nicholas’ orgasm ended he collapsed on top of Spencer to savour his orgasmic high. When he had done so Nicholas pulled his cock from Spencer’s arse. Greedily I sucked the sex slime off Nicholas’ hot hard throbbing cock. It tasted delicious, like drinking cum and rimming arse at the same time. Nicholas was surprised but not shocked as he’d never had arse to mouth before. Once I had sucked Nicholas’ cock clean of tasty sex slime I turned my attention to Spencer’s sex slimmed arsehole. That morning Spencer’s arsehole had been small and pale pink but now it was swollen, angry red and gaping open. It was slimmed with lube and cum and I tongue fucked it. Spencer purred and squirmed with pleasure. Once I had licked Spencer’s sex swollen sphincter clean I mounted him. “Ready to be fucked by my big fat cock again?” I asked. “Yes.” Spencer replied with a bit of doubt as my cock was the biggest he had ever taken and it had caused him some pain to start with. With his go ahead I roughly rammed my eye wateringly thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into Spencer’s arse as that is the best way to take a huge cock, like pulling a plaster do it fast. Spencer moaned with pain at the brutal breach but I ignored it and started fucking him as if he was a rent boy whore. His porcelain white, effeminate looking cute face had a pained expression but he knew the pain would be worth it. Also he was taking his ninth fuck of the day, more than he’d ever had in one day before so his arse was getting used to being fucked. Plus he was born to be a fag boy whore he just needed to be shown the ropes as he didn’t know about cruising or cottaging. In one day I had almost tripled his number of sexual partners from three to now eight and it would grow even larger that day. For the first few minutes Spencer struggled to take such a harsh fucking from such a big thick cock but his tight little arse adjusted to and began to enjoy it. His whimpers of pain turned into moans of hard fucked pleasure. His effeminate, almost elfish looking cute face took on a pleasurable rather than pained expression. His dreamy blue eyes lustfully looked up at the well hung, sports fit, Alpha male schoolboy fucking him. Spencer and I were total opposites. We were both 16 years old but he was five feet seven inches tall to my just shy of six feet. My body was as tanned and toned as Tom Daley’s when he was 16 whereas Spencer was skinny and shapeless. Spencer had a 5 inch cock compared to my really thick 9.5 inch cock. He was camp and effeminate compared to me who was a gay boy in an Alpha male straight boy body. We were both bottom boys but when I topped I treated the other guy like a bitch. There was a lot of pleasure for me and Spencer to enjoy for different reasons. The room stank erotically of gay sex and echoed our mutual moans of pleasure. The sheets on the mattresses underneath us were already sex stained and we were adding to them. We had a 19 year old boy watching us fucking which was a turn on. For me Spencer’s tight sex swollen sphincter was giving the long fat shaft of my rapidly thrusting cock a great wank job. My load of cum from earlier, that of Nicholas’ cum and the dual loads from three of my mates bubbled around my thrusting cock. Spencer’s arse was really tight, hot wet and full of cum. My bulbous knob got an even tighter squeeze every time it slammed into the entrance to his colon. There was the kinky thrill I was sexually dominating a camp effeminate 16 year old schoolboy by fucking him with my big fat ten boy cock. My smooth chiselled chest savoured being caressed and groped by Spencer’s soft hands. My eye savoured his effeminate but cute face. As for Spencer he was no longer in pain but in hard fucked pleasure. Before that day he’d only been fucked by three older teen boys with 7 inch cocks but now he was taking my really thick 9.5 inch cock for the second time and my well hung rugby coach, with his thick 9 inch cock and two mates had fucked Spencer twice apiece and Nicholas once. Spencer’s sex swollen sphincter began to savour being stretched and stimulated by my fat, rapidly thrusting cock rather than painfully sting. The receptive walls of his arse was enjoying the blissfully brutal buggering my big thick, bulbous knob cock was giving it. He was moaning with hard fucked pleasure and his hands savoured groping my smooth chiselled chest or tweaking my erect nipples. He looked up at my sweet innocent looking, cute boy next door face lustfully. He got a kinky thrill out of being fucked by a boy as an older boy watched on. For a good long while I fucked fag boy Spencer before I was ready to bred his bitch boy arse. “Take my cum bitch.” I domineeringly moaned as the pressure in my highly productive teen boy balls reached critical mass. My really thick 9.5 inch cock continued to fuck Spencer’s tight schoolboy arse fast and hard as my orgasm hit. In total I powerfully blasted eight large ropes of cum into Spencer’s arse which had already been fucked and seeded eight times that day. Loudly I groaned with sexual ecstasy and release as I spunked up in Spencer’s arse. Although he was a submissive bottom boy he didn’t know how to use his arse muscles but I would teach him. Instead I continued to fuck him fast and hard as my cum flooded into his already sloppy arse. My sports toned teenage body shuddered with the intensity of my orgasm. When it ended I collapsed on top of Spencer in a smooth sweaty heap. Even though my balls had run dry my big thick cock continued to throb in Spencer’s hot wet, tight cum laden arse. Spencer gave me a puppy dog look of hard fucked sexual contentment. He had been sexually active for a year but only as a pure bottom boy. He had never fucked a boy’s arse but he had taken blow jobs from three older boys as well as sucking them off and being fucked by them. I had almost tripled is number of sexual partners in just one day and now it was time to teach him to top. “Rim my cum filled arse” I ordered Spencer. This would be another first for him and he seemed a little unsure at first but he obeyed. The top half of his cute face peeked over my balls as his hot wet tongue gave my sex slimmed arsehole a few tentative licks. The licks became more confident when he realised it tasted nice rather than gross. For a few minutes I had Spencer cum my cum laden arse but it needed something more substantial. “Fuck me.” I lustfully begged. Spencer was a bit surprised at first as his sex life had been as a bottom boy but now he had a more well toned and well hung boy begging him to fuck arse for the first time. “Just stick it in and fuck as I’m already lubed.” I informed Spencer as I flipped over onto my back and pulled my deeply tanned, sports toned legs into my chest and out to the sides. Spencer got into the push up position above me. “Fuck me hard.” I lustfully begged fem boy Spencer as he got into the push up Eskişehir Escort Bayan position above me. He had been sexually active for a year but he had never fucked before as he’d only been a total bottom boy except for accepting some blow jobs. Spencer thrust his hot hard, averagely thick 5 inch teen boy cock into my arse and started fucking me. First there was the blissful sting when the ridge of Spencer uncut swollen knob popped past it. Then his averagely thick, for a boy his age, cock sawed passed my sex swollen sphincter. Then Spencer started fucking me quiet fast and hard considering he was a slim petite fem boy. He was used to being the bitch boy bottom used by three older boys’ sexual pleasure pleasure but now he was topping for the very first time. As I would find out two of three older boys had sucked Spencer off occasional but they were more tops and the straight side of bi-sexual. The third and oldest boy was straight but open minded enough to fuck fag boy as a pussy substitute. Now for the first time Spencer had a hot wet cum laden arse milking his schoolboy sex. He was a bit surprised when I pulled his face to mine and started snogging him since he’d just been licking my sex slimmed arse. Spencer was feeling all the cum in my hot wet arse bubble around his rapidly thrusting cock. When I had fucked Spencer he didn’t use his arse but I was showing him how to use the muscles in it to milk the cock fucking you and the pleasure that gives. My tight, but sex swollen sphincter wanked the shaft of Spencer’s thrusting 5 inch schoolboy cock. The thumb and forefinger of each of my hands were tweaking his tiny pale pink nipples with increasing harshness and he learnt he liked having his nipples tortured and I would introduce him to the pleasures of being spanked. Spencer was born to be a submissive fag boy slut, he just needed someone to show him how. He might have been bitch boy bottoming for three older boys for about a year but he had no idea of cottaging and cruising. Spencer had been horny from being tag fucked by Nicholas and me and now fucking for the first time so he was ready to cum after 10 minutes. His cute effeminate face started scrunching up as he tried to hold back his orgasm but nature took its course. “I’m going to cum.” He squeaked as he rammed his 5 inch cock ball deep into my arse and held it there. My highly receptive arse felt Spencer’s cock throb as it powerfully blasted eight large ropes of cum into my arse to mingle with the six loads already up there. As Spencer spunked up in my slutty sloppy schoolboy arse I continued to milk his cock with my arse muscles. When Spencer’s balls ran dry his cock continued to throb. It took Spencer a few minutes to come down from his orgasmic high. Once he had done so he pulled his deflating teen boy cock from my arse. “I think I’d better go before I am missed.” Spencer breathlessly said with his milky white face now flushed pink from orgasm. “Wait, let me cum in your mouth.” I said as even though I had only cum just over ten minutes ago in Spencer’s arse I felt horny enough to give him a load in his mouth. “OK.” Spencer knelt down and I stood up. “Suck my bulbous knob, bitch boy.” I said and Spencer let out a dominated whimper. Spencer was naturally camp, effeminate and sexually submissive. He was also a natural slut he just needed someone to show him the way. Spencer obeyed my command and started sucking my bulbous knob. The hot wetness of his sucking mouth soaked into my swollen sensitive knob and his tongue tickled it. His lush pale pink lips contrasted deep tan of my cock. His milky white face looked up t me lustfully and submissively. He had dreamy blue puppy dog eyes. As Spencer sucked my bulbous knob I wanked the fat base of my cock. Within a couple of minutes I was ready to blow. “Don’t swallow my cum, share a cum kiss with Nicholas.” I ordered Spencer when the pressure in my balls reached critical mass. Then my fat cock swelled even more in my wanking hand and then started to pulse as it pumped jet after jet of schoolboy spunk into Spencer’s sucking hot wet mouth. He muffled purrs of cum addiction pleasure as my jizz painted his tongue and fired off his taste buds. Even though I had recently spunked up in Spencer’s arse I still feed him six large ropes of thick schoolboy spunk into his hot wet sucking mouth. When my orgasm ended I pulled my knob from Spencer’s mouth and Nicholas knelt on the floor and they shared my cum by kissing. Once they had finished my cum Spencer started getting dressed. “Will you have any free time tomorrow?” I asked as I got into the position ready for Nicholas to fuck me. “In the evening I will.” “Cool, I’ll take you cottaging, a cute boy like you will be in demand.” I added as Nicholas got into the push up position above me. “Cottaging?” Spencer asked showing his naivety despite being sexually active for a year but his three partners were the straight side of bi-sexual with one of them being straight but open minded enough to fuck a fag as a pussy substitute so they wouldn’t have a clue about the sex streams available to gays. “Hanging around public toilets for gay sex.” I said as Nicholas rammed his hard 7.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse and started vigorously fucking it. “Wow, I didn’t know that happened.” Spencer replied in shocked surprise. “Knock on my door when you are free. Wear easy access bottoms with no underwear. I’ll bring the lube.” I said before turning my attention to Nicholas who was fucking me. Spencer left the dorm room with nine loads of cum up his arse and the lingering taste of my spunk in his mouth. Never before had he been fucked so many time in the same day. Now that it was just Nicholas and I left in the room I give him my full attention. He had an oval angular face with milky white flawless skin which contrasted with his dreamy light blue eyes and pale pink lips. It was twink next door sexy with a cute nose which had a small stud piercing in the right nostril. His sexy face was topped with short light blond hair. Nicholas was five feet nine inches tall with a slender, shapeless but sexy never-the-less body. It was milky white as he sunburnt easily which must have been a bummer as he lived by the seaside. What Nicholas lacked in muscle mass he made up for in fuck vigour. He was really fucking the hell out of my arse, giving me the eighth fuck of the day. My sex swollen sphincter was on fire with pleasurable friction. The walls of my arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure with the seven loads of cum already up it bubbling around Nicholas’ rapidly thrusting cock. My pert upturned buttocks were taking a great spanking from Nicholas’ thrusting groin. On top of the hard fucked pleasure in my tight teen boy arse my deeply tanned hands were caressing Nicholas’ slender smooth upper body. The dorm room stank erotically of gay sex, musky male sweat and spilt spunk. Anyone in the dorm rooms either side would have known gay sex was going on in mine as Nicholas and I were loudly moaning with sexual pleasure. Considering we had only just met that day we were venting our passionate lust on each other. We were both technically underage for gay sex but we didn’t care as we had teen boy lust, sexual needs and hormones to take care of. Nicholas fucked me fast and hard for ages before he was ready to cum. He didn’t warn me, he just continued to fuck me fast and hard with his slightly thicker than average 7.5 inch twink cock. Like me, Nicholas was an intense and vocal orgasmer. His slender body shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm and he loudly moaned and groaned with sexual ecstasy and release as he drained the contents of his productive teen boy balls into my slutty, sloppy schoolboy arse. To fuel and prolong Nicholas’ intense orgasmic high and milk his balls dry I continued to flex and squeeze my well trained arse muscles on his cock as it’s thrusts started decreasing in intensity until he collapsed on top of me in and smooth sweaty heap but still I milked his cock. It took Nicholas a few minutes to come down from his sexual high and he went from top to eager bottom. He pulled his still hard cock from my arse and rolled onto his back onto the mattress next to the one he had fucked me on. He pulled his slender pale legs, which were dusted with light blond hairs, into his chest and out to the sides of offered up his smooth skinny arse. He had a small pale pink arsehole but my really thick 9.5 inch cock would soon change that but first my talented tongue would deal with it. After burying my face in Nicholas’ smooth sweaty arse crack I started tongue fucking his tight sphincter which began to quiver under my lapping tongue. It was delicious with the saltiness of his arse crack sweat and the earthiness of his arse juice. My tongue acted like a little dick and stabbed in and out of Nicholas’ arse. He purred and squirmed with pleasure and his tight pink arsehole quivered. We looked at each other so lustfully as I tongue fucked Nicholas’ arsehole but then he needed something more substantial. “Please fuck me with your big thick cock,” Nicholas lustfully begged after I tongue fucked his arse for a few minutes. How could I deny a sexy older teen boy’s sexual request? Although I had lubed Nicholas’ arse with my saliva it would need more, so I finger fucked some lube into it and then greased my 6 inch thick and 9.5 inch long cock. Then I got into the push up position above Nicholas and with no guilt I roughly rammed my eye wateringly thick 9.5 inch cock ball deep into his arse. Giving Nicholas no time to recover I started raping his arse as if he was a two bit rent boy whore. At first he was in slight discomfort at taking my big thick cock but his arse rapidly adjusted and his groans of pain turned into moans of hard fucked pleasure. His angular but twink boy next door cute face stopped looking pained and instead expressed pleasure. Nicholas’ slender fingers stopped gripping the bed sheet and instead started groping my tensed toned, deeply tanned chiselled chest. His tight arsehole was giving my rapidly thrusting, really thick 9.5 inch cock a great wank job. His arse was so hot, wet and tight and my swollen sensitive knob got an even tighter squeeze every time it slammed into the entrance to Nicholas’ colon. As I had already orgasmed four times that day I fucked Nicholas fast and hard for ages before I was ready to cum. “I’m going to breed you, bitch.” I moaned as I continued to fuck Nicholas fast and hard as the pressure in my teen boy balls reached critical mass. “Yeah cum in me.” Nicholas lustfully begged and I obliged. With long hard thrusts of my long fat cock I started breed Nicholas’ arse. My bulbous knob battered the entrance to his colon and painted his spasming shit chute with rope after rope of thick cum. My sports toned body shuddered at the intensity of my orgasm and I loudly moaned with each of the eight large powerful ejaculations. As I spunked up in Nicholas’ arse he purred with well bred contentment and milked my cock dry with his well trained arse muscles. Once my orgasm was over I pulled my cock from Nicholas’ arse. His previously small pink pucker was now red, swollen, gapping and speckled with my cum. I buried my face in Nicholas’ smooth sweaty arse crack and began tongue fucking my cum out of Nicholas’ arse as he worked the muscles in there to squeeze my cum out of his arse and into my mouth. We then shared a passionate kiss before he said he needed to leave for dinner. As for me I went looking for more sex. Spencer had been fucked nine times that day to my eight so I couldn’t let him beat me. My first point of call was the hostel reception to see if Max, who was the manager, was on duty so he could fuck me in the back office. Unfortunately he wasn’t on duty and as I would find out he was busy screwing the hell out of one of the female guest. Then I went to the common room but the school trip kids were having dinner so ruled out more sex with Spencer or sucking off Straight virgin boy Tommy. My mates were out on their own pulling missions so I headed back to the public toilet. When I arrived at the public toilet there was a guy already in there but I was cautious as there was something about him that made me worry. For a started he was a skinhead with a lightly tanned dome to the top of his shaven head. He was tall and sinewy toned. He was wearing a satiny white muscle top and skimpy satiny light blue football shorts. His long arms were toned in a sinewy way, golden tanned and had tattoos which add his mean appearance. His right deltoid and bicep had a black ink tattoo whereas his left arm was covered with several black red or blank and red tattoos. He had long sinewy toned legs which were golden tanned and covered with blondish brown hairs. They ended in white ankles socks and trainers. When I stood up at the urinal trough I discretely looked at his face for the first time, out of the corner of my right eye. My caution increased even more when I saw his face. He looked to be in his mid-thirties and he had a street mean, mature chav-esque face and shaved head. He had a light blond, slightly copper tinged beard of short facial stubble. He looked a right mean fucker as in the queer bashing type. His face wasn’t sexy but somehow he appealed to me. We were chalk and cheese. He was almost twice my age and a street mean chav whereas I was a posh public schoolboy half his age. My fear of being queer bashed disappeared when I looked down to aim my piss. Since walking into the public toilet there had been no sound of pissing and when I looked down I saw why. The mature chav had a hard on. His hard cock was lightly tanned, but paler then the rest of him so it was obvious he frequented the nude beach occasionally. It was slightly thicker than average and 7 inches long. He was uncut with just the tip of of pink tinged, lightly tanned knob peeking out, The lightly tanned, slightly thicker than average shaft was quiet veiny. The waistband of his satiny light blue shorts were hooked under his average sized balls in a tight sack lightly dusted with blondish brown pubes. From thinking he was a queer basher and not that attractive I reappraised him. Sure he was a skinhead with a street mean face and almost twice Escort Eskişehir my age, but in a way that pandered to my posh pussy boy nature. What his face lacked in looks I liked his tall sinewy toned body and he had a sexy suck-able cock. He also looked like the kind of guy who is an Alpha male dominant top in the bedroom. That was confirmed when he ordered me to get to work on his cock in a gruff domineering voice. Willingly I obliged and sank to my knees. We had both twisted around so that we were side on to the urinal trough. His groin stank erotically of musky manly crotch sweat mingling with the smell of the public toilet, all the stale piss and citrus toilet blocks. The tip of his swollen knob glistened with clear pre-cum. On my knees I lustfully admired his cock up close. He had a broad bush of blondish brown pubes which were trimmed really short. From those jutted out his mouth watering and arse quivering cock. It was slightly thicker than average, nicely veined and had a light tan. It was uncut with just the tip of his pre-cum slicked swollen knob sticking out. Below he had averaged sized balls in a tight, lightly tanned sack. After peeling back his tight foreskin I set about spit polishing his swollen knob of deliciously salty sweet pre-cum. “Yeah lick that knob faggot.” The mature chav needlessly ordered me. My talented tongue was snaking all over his swollen knob to lick it clean of tasty pre-cum. At the same time my nose drank in the smell of his musky manly crotch sweat. Once I had licked his knob clean of tasty pre-cum I showed him how talented I was considering my young age. It was obvious I was in my mid-teens which made me jail-bait for gay sex although legal for straight sex but that didn’t bother him even though he was being sucked off by an underage schoolboy in a public toilet where we could get caught at any moment. Looking up at him submissively and lustfully I started deep throat sucking his hot hard, throbbing 7 inch cock. My tightly clamped lush red lips tingled as they rapidly bobbed up and down the shaft of his cock and felt the bump of every vein in it. His swollen knob tickled the back of my throat every time my mouth bottomed out on his cock. My nose drank in the musky manly erotic aroma of his crotch sweat. My hands were busy caressing the backs of his sinewy toned, nicely haired legs. There was the kinky thrill I was sucking the cock of a street mean chav almost twice my age in the main part of a public toilet and the risk of being caught that entailed. As for the mature chav he looked down at me with a lewd domineering leer as if I was a piece of shit of no use but to sexually service him. His face wasn’t sexy, he was bald but had a blondish, slightly ginger beard of facial stubble. His dark blue eyes had a domineering glare. His pale pink lips were turned up in a lewd lustful leer. While his face wasn’t classically sexy and even had a few creases there was something about its rough mean appearance that appealed to me. His street mean chav look was added to by his sinewy arms with tattoos. He was tall with a sinewy built body. He might not have been sexy enough to be a porn star but he pandered to my posh pussy boy nature and there was the risky and sleazy location of our illicit tryst. “Fuck boy you suck cock well.” The mature chav moaned as my hot wet, strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed back and forth on his hot hard, throbbing cock as my talented tongue tickled it. Just as I was getting into my stride we heard the door start to open so he twisted to face the urinal trough and I quickly stood up and did the same with an acceptable amount of distance between us. We just about managed to do it in time before a guy entered the public toilet. Whilst this particular public toilet was well known for cruising for cock straights also used it so you had to play safe and follow toilet etiquette. The chav and I stared facing the wall above the urinal trough with our hard cocks pointed down and shielded by a hand as much as possible just in case the new guy was straight was was there to use the public toilet for their intended purpose. After about a minute there was no sound of pissing so I glanced out of the corner of my right eye. Beside me was the mature chav and then to his right was a fat old man. When my gaze dropped I saw he was stroking his hard 5 inch uncut cock and looking lewdly at me. He was almost old enough to be my granddad, out of shape and had a small cock so he had no chance. Although he wasn’t exactly sexy the chav guy had more luck and I had already noshed his knob. Knowing that the new guy wasn’t my type, but at least was gay I nodded towards a toilet cubicle to the mature chav. Hoping he would, but preparing to be disappointed, I entered a cubicle and hoped the chav guy would follow me. Like a sexual predator the old guy tried to come into the cubicle after me but I nodded him off and pushed the door closed but didn’t lock it. A few seconds later and the skinhead chav guy poked his head around the door and I signalled him in. He locked the public toilet cubicle behind him and then he stood before me with me sat on the toilet. My eyes scanned his body one more time. His bald headed, slightly creased, golden tanned face with its beard of short blond facial stubble wasn’t sexy but its street mean chav appearance appealed to me in a way. His face might not have been sexy but he had a sexy sinewy sports toned body which was golden tanned. Plus his cock was sexy and very suck-able. He hadn’t bothered to put his hard cock away. He was wearing a satiny white muscle top with his slender, sinewy toned, golden tanned arms dotted with tattoos on display. Above his top was his skin-headed, street mean chav face which said don’t mess with me. He looked twice my age but that was a kind of turn on. He was obviously a blue collar chav and I was a submissive posh public schoolboy, legal for straight sex but just over four years underage for gay sex due to a dumb law since repealed. His skimpy satiny light blue football shorts were hooked underneath his averaged sized balls in a tight sack which was lightly tanned. His slightly thicker than average 7 inch cock jutted out from his trimmed really short bush of blondish brown pubes arrow straight on the horizontal. It was nicely veined and uncut with just the tip of his swollen knob peeking out. He had long slender, sinewy toned legs which were golden tanned and nicely haired. After admiring him again I set about deep throat sucking his cock. First my left deeply tanned hand gripped his lighter tanned cock and peeled back his tight foreskin. Then I swirled my tongue around the crown of his swollen knob before taking it into my mouth. After a quick suck of his bell end I then gobbled his 7 inch cock right down to the pubes base and set about giving him a brief deep throat blow job. My tightly clamped lush red lips wanked the nicely veined shaft a great wank job as my talented tongue tickled it. My mouth sucked his sexy, hot hard cock like a hoover on overdrive. My left hand now fondled his cum laden balls as my right hand roped his left toned downy haired buttock. He looked down at me with a lewd domineering leer which I returned with my best slutty, sultry male Lolita look. There was the kinky thrill I was sucking off a chav man twice my age in a public toilet cubicle with a gay old man outside knowing full well what was happening. For a couple of minutes I greedily gobbled his sexy 7 inch cock, however I had come here to be fucked and at least match Spencer’s number of fucks in that day. The chav guy might have been almost twice my age but I was submissively in control if that makes sense. As I would find out he had never fucked a teen boy before as he hadn’t lost his virginity until after he’d turned legal, aged 21 years old with a guy he’d met cottaging. He’d spent his mid to late teens trying to fuck himself straight by screwing girls left, right and centre but he eventually submitted to his homosexuality. Because of my age and the fact I was technically jail-bait he held back from being his usual dominant self in case he scared me off so I had to lead the way. He had no fear of that as I thought he was hot, despite his face not really being that sexy. It had a street mean, domineering skin-head appeal whist not being sexy and was hard to describe. He wouldn’t win any beauty contests but his mean rugged appearance appealed to my posh pussy boy nature; you can’t beat a bit of working class rough in the sack. Pulling my mouth off his cock I stood up and pushed him back against the public toilet cubicle door. My right hand fondled his cum laden balls and my left hand went up his muscle top to caress his subtly chiselled, lightly haired chest. My lush red cock sucker’s lips docked on his pale pink ones. To begin with he was a bit surprised but he soon started returning my kiss with equal passion and our tongues started to fence. Our blue eyes looked at each other’s lustfully. His tightly gripped right hand wanked my big fat cock. It was quiet funny that he was was the obvious top but I had by far the biggest cock between us. His was slightly thicker than average and 7 inches long whereas mine was a really thick 9.5 inches even though he was twice my age. His left hand groped my arse which he hoped he would soon be fucking. After snogging the chav man for a couple of minutes I pushed his sinewy toned arms above his head to expose his armpits. In his armpits he had tufts of trimmed sweat matted blondish brown hairs. Starting with is left armpit I stuck my face in it and began to eagerly licking it clean of salty sweat as my nose drank in it musky manliness. He purred with pleasure with a “yeah clean my sweaty pit, you dirty little faggot” expression on his street mean skin-headed face. After licking his left armpit clean of tasty sweat I pulled up his sleeveless muscle top. He had a golden tanned stomach which was flat and firm and had a subtle washboard and lightly covered of blondish brown hairs. His golden tanned chest was subtly chiselled, had a light covering of hairs and studded with two small pointy pink nipples. My right hand resumed fondling his balls as the thumb and forefinger of my left hand started tweaking his right nipple as I greedily licked his right sweaty, hairy armpit clean of tasty salty sweat. Once I had licked both of his tasty sweaty armpits clean I turned and braced myself against one of the dividing walls of the public toilet cubicle and thrust out my deeply tanned, well used, tight teen boy arse. “Fuck me.” I lustfully begged the man twice my age whose name I knew not. His slim sinewy body and hard cock were sexy, his face less so, but I wanted him to rape my slutty schoolboy arse and cum in it. Looking over my right shoulder I watched him prepare to fuck me. He had a lewd domineering leer on his street mean looking, chav-esque, facial stubbled buy skin headed face. He used the thumb and forefinger of his left hand to part my buttocks, saw my sex swollen sphincter, took aim and roughly rammed his cock ball deep into my arse. It was such blissful pleasure and my arse felt it in slow motion. There was the delightful sting in my sex swollen sphincter when his swollen uncut knob popped past it. That enjoyable burn was maintained as his slightly thicker than average, nicely veined 7 inch cock shaft sank in ball deep. His swollen knob punched open the walls of my arse and made eight loads of cum up there bubble. He tightly gripped my hips for leverage and started fucking the hell out of me. The highly receptive walls of my arse felt the ridge of his covered swollen knob rapidly scrape up and down them. The walls of my arse also throbbed with hard fucked pleasure as the chav man’s hot hard 7 inch cock pounded them. My pert buttocks tingled from the spanking his rapidly thrusting groin was giving them. The was the kinky thrill I was being fucked by a stranger in a public toilet cubicle with an old gay guy outside knowing full well what was happening. There was the additional kinky thrill he was almost twice my age and a mature chav whereas I was a posh public schoolboy. For about twenty minutes the chav man fucked me fast and hard. He might have been slim and sinewy but he could fuck like a muscle Marry on steroids and Viagra. His cock really tore up my tight slutty schoolboy arse blissfully. It ached with hard fucked pleasure and my sex swollen sphincter burned with toe curling delight. My pert buttocks tingled from being spanked by his rapidly thrusting groin. “I’m going to cum you dirty little faggot.” The chav man gruffly growled as he slammed his sightly thicker than average 7 inch cock ball deep into my already cum laden, tight teen boy arse. “Yeah breed my bitch boy arse.” I lustfully begged as I looked at him over my right shoulder. He held his 7 inch manly cock buried ball deep in my arse as his orgasm hit. The highly receptive walls of my cum laden arse felt his cock throb and pulse as it powerfully blasted eight large ropes of cum into it to mingle with the eight loads already up there. As he orgasmed I continued to work my well trained arse muscles on his throbbing cock to milk his balls dry. When his intense orgasm ended he held his 7 inch cock ball deep in my arse to savour his orgasmic high and I continued to milk his cock. When he came down from his orgasmic high he pulled his still hard cock from my blissfully battered boy cunt. Greedily I spun around and sucked and licked the sex slime off his cock. It tasted like drinking cum and eating arse at the same time. “You dirty little fucker.” He said without malice or disgust, he was just surprised that a not quiet 17 year old boy could be as slutty, sleazy and kinky as I was. Only once I had spit polished his cock clean of salty earthy sex slime did I introduce myself. His name was Sam and he was a 35 year old gay guy, although he had tried straight sex in his teens. He got my slip of paper with the my room number at the hostel and my London phone number. Luckily I would get fucked by him one more time that week but he never came to London and contact was lost. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. If you did please let me know at [email protected] as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it. Check out my other true encounters in the Sexual Experience folders on the Gay Adult/Youth, Bi-sexual Adult/Youth, Gay High School and Bi-sexual High School archives or search for John Mcquillium under prolific authors

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Subject: A Trial Of Strength – Part 25 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH … PART 25 By Rob Williams Here’s want going on, guys: … Young Darius is having a wild fantasy with the two muscle gods towering over him. The spectacular blond cop, Mark, stripped to the waist, his magnificent gleaming torso tapering down to the slim waist of his uniform pants. The dark, muscular demon Randy, in full leather, his studded harness stretched over the rounded slabs of his chest. Meanwhile, upstairs, Pablo is in the powerful arms of the gorgeous bodybuilder, Bob. Now read on. And don’t forget to send me your comments at aol. Enjoy … Rob ***************** A Trial Of Strength — Chapter 25 Pablo, the exotic, beautiful newcomer has chosen the spectacular muscleman, Bob, for his 21st birthday. Upstairs he is being gently introduced to the joys of sex for the first time in his young life. Meanwhile, downstairs Darius is having a totally different experience with the muscle stud, Randy, who has promised him a fantasy. The master is dressed in full leather … tight leather pants, a studded harness and black leather vest. They have been joined unexpectedly by the stunningly beautiful cop, Mark, still in his black uniform, having just got off duty. The two men talk together, ignoring Darius. To make sure Darius keeps his hands off his big dick Mark has handcuffed his wrists behind him in his chair. **************** Darius was in world of total fantasy. A prisoner, he watched the two incredible men, the demon leather man and the god-like cop, drinking, talking, laughing together. They ignored him completely as they began to get slightly drunk. Darius’s cock was rigid under his jeans. He strained to touch it but his wrists were handcuffed tight. He had never been so turned on in his life, having no idea what these glorious men would do with him. He felt pre-cum dribbling down his leg. The room resonated with absolute, rugged maleness. Darius was intoxicated by the smell of leather and the sound of male voices. He closed his eyes and was mesmerized by Randy’s deep, guttural voice laced with profanities. Answering him were the cop’s rich, dark brown tones, strong and authoritarian. He opened his eyes and watched as the men drank one beer after another. Mark drained another bottle and, to Darius’s huge disappointment, said to Randy, “Well, buddy, I gotta go. Having a bike between your legs all day makes you horny as a toad. Thought I’d go down to my old hangout on Sunset and find me a piece of ass. The girls in that bar are always ready and willing. Don’t worry. I’ll take my lady of choice to a motel.” Randy grinned, “You fucker. You know any woman would throw herself at you. Maybe I’ll tag along.” Darius’s heart sank. His night with Randy looked like a bust. He pulled again at his cuffed wrists. Mark stood up to leave, but swayed a little. “Hell, didn’t realize I was so drunk.” Randy stood too, so unsteady that he would have fallen forward had Mark not grabbed him. With their hands on each other’s shoulders the two studs gazed at each other. Drink and animal lust combined to drain their inhibitions as they felt their cocks stiffen. Instinctively their faces came together, their lips met and they kissed each other hungrily. Darius nearly went ape shit. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, these two ultimate men, the dark demon in leather, the golden Greek god in police uniform, locked in a fierce embrace. He strained at his restraints, wanting with all his being to be close to these guys. His cock was rock hard and he knew that one touch would get him off. The need to jerk off was overwhelming, but he could not free his hands. He was in a wild frenzy. Finally Mark pulled back and blinked at Randy. “Jesus Christ, I am drunk. Sorry about that, man. Don’t understand why …” “You don’t have to understand, buddy. You know that spark will always be there between us. Don’t sweat it.” “Well, I’m obviously not gonna drive anywhere like this. Guess I’ll just go to bed and jerk off before I go to sleep.” He turned and opened the door to leave the room. Darius wanted to scream after him to stay, but Randy had forbidden him to make a sound. Instead it was Randy who spoke. “On the other hand … ” Mark paused, his hand on the doorknob. “… on the other hand,” Randy grinned, “you could always find yourself a piece of ass here.” “Here?” Randy jerked his thumb in the direction of the black man, his sculpted muscles straining as he tried to free himself. Mark blushed. “Oh, man. I dunno about that. Look, the stuff you and I did together drove me wild but … well, I’ve never done anything with another guy except you.” He hesitated. “Still, I could use a blow job, so maybe … Does he give good head?” Randy grinned again. “Cost you a twenty to find out.” “Man, he comes cheap.” “He sure does,” Randy said. “Here I’ll match you.” He pulled out a twenty dollar bill and threw it at Darius’s feet. Mark shook his head, pulled out his wallet and did the same. Darius was reeling. He had never felt so cheap and degraded in his life, nor more wildly excited. Seated in the chair he couldn’t move, his arms cuffed behind him. He just stared up at the leather man and the cop as they approached him. Randy stood behind him, leaning against his back so Darius’s head was immobilized and he was overcome with the smell of the leather pants. He felt big hands clamp the sides of his face, holding it in a vice-like grip. “Ok, he’s ready when you are, buddy.” Darius’s eyes widened as he watched the cop approach. He undid two buttons of his shirt exposing more of his white T-shirt and Darius glimpsed the outline of his rounded pecs underneath. The cop walked right up to his face, slowly unbuttoned his fly and reached inside his shorts to pull out his long, thick tool. It was only semi-hard. “Think he can make me hard?” Mark asked Randy. “Try him.” Mark looked down and in his strong, commanding tone said, “Open your mouth, boy.” In a delirium of fantasy now, Darius kept his eyes on the muscular cop and opened his mouth wide. The cop’s dick slid easily into the gaping hole and Darius tightened his throat muscles around it. The smell and taste sent shock waves through him. “Wow,” Mark groaned. “That’s incredible. Better than any girl can do it. Why didn’t you tell me about this, man? Feels wild.” And Mark’s cock instantly became rock hard. He pushed it to the back of the young man’s throat, then pulled it out and plunged it in again. Soon it was like a piston, driving in and out of the hot, hungry mouth. Darius was thrilled to hear Mark’s compliment and clenched his throat muscles even more round the pulsing cock. Mark groaned to Randy. “Hell, man I love this. Come here, you fucking stud.” He pulled their faces together and the two men began exploring the inside of each other’s mouth with their tongue. Darius flew into a world he had never dreamed of. He felt the muscular legs, in tight leather, behind his head, which was held in a vice. He watched the cop’s black uniform pound back and forth against his mouth. And he saw above him the two glorious muscle gods locked in a ravenous embrace. He wanted this to last forever. He had never experienced, never imagined, never dreamed of anything like this. But suddenly it stopped and his mouth was free. He saw the iron rod pull back in front of him and heard Mark’s voice. “Hey, man. You want a piece of the action here? I was about to shoot my load but I want it to last. Why don’t you take over?” Darius watched as the men traded places. The cop stood hard behind him, gripping his head, and the huge leather stud stood before him. Randy looked down at the prisoner. “So, punk. Looks like you got two masters.” Darius nodded wildly. “Open up, boy. I may not be so easy on you.” And he wasn’t. Darius saw the veins standing out on his huge, thick cock, and then felt it plunge savagely deep into his throat. He gagged and tears spurted from his eyes as he felt the brutal hammering Erzurum Escort begin. He saw and smelt the leather pants as they pounded his face. He couldn’t move. The cop held him fast and he was at the mercy of the vicious pounding by the leather stud. He thought he would pass out. He did for a moment several times. He was dimly aware of the cop’s voice above him. “Hey, man, go easy. You’ll split his throat wide open. You’re really hammering his face.” “Nah … he can take it. And I want my twenty bucks worth.” Again the two muscle men buried their tongues in the other’s mouth. Locked in a helpless vice Darius concentrated on the piston cock pounding his mouth. His own cock was still rock hard in his jeans and it was agony for him that he couldn’t touch it. ***************** In the fog of his delirium Darius heard, “Hell, man, we might as well go all the way.” It was Randy, as he pulled his cock suddenly out of his suffering mouth. “What d’you mean?” Mark asked. “You said you wanted a piece of ass. Use his.” “You mean fuck the guy’s ass. Hey, I don’t know about that.” “Take his cuffs off, man. Then grab us another beer and come and sit down.” Mark quickly freed Darius and sat down with Randy. “You,” Randy said to Darius, “come closer. And don’t even think of touching your dick. So, Mark, what do you think? ” “Hard to tell,” said Mark” OK, punk. Strip. And do it slowly.” Feeling totally degraded now, Darius pulled slowly at his T-shirt until it cleared his perfectly sculpted torso. He kicked off his sneakers and dropped his jeans. He hesitated, then pulled his shorts down and his massive dick sprang out at rigid attention. He stood naked before these two muscle gods and hung his head. “Gotta admit,” said Mark, slurring his words a bit. “He looks pretty damn hot.” “OK, boy,” barked Randy. “Turn around, bend over and grab your ankles.” Darius did as he was told. He should have felt completely humiliated as he displayed his ass to these men, but his only sensation was one of wild exhilaration as he fantasized on what was in store for him.” “See that ass?” said Randy. “Sweet enough to make grown men weep. You want a piece of it?” Mark felt his dick rising inside his uniform pants and said, “Hell yes. But how do we decide who gets to fuck it?” Randy grinned. I’ll fight you for it. Ever arm-wrestled?” “You kidding? I was the division champion. So we wrestle and the prize I get is those perfect globes over there.” “Yeah, except the prize will be mine,” said Randy. “I have never lost at warm-wrestling and I won’t now. You can turn round now, punk, and bring us that table.” Darius placed a small table between the guys and stood back to watch. Naked, trembling with excitement he put his hands behind his back and clasped them tight. He knew he was forbidden to touch his cock. He gasped at what came next. The two men stood up, preparing for the challenge. Randy shrugged off his leather vest and his muscles gleamed under the studded harness that crossed his bare chest. Mark unbuttoned his black shirt, pulled it out of his waist and shrugged it off. He looked absolutely incredible. His white T-shirt stretched across the slabs of his chest and tapered from the broad shoulders in a wide V to the slim waist of his uniform pants. The short sleeves were pulled back from his bulging, veined biceps. They sat down and the fight was on. Gazing intently into each other’s eyes, their elbows on the table, they gripped hands tightly and the pressure began. There was no movement other than a tremor as the two massive arms flexed and strained against each other. Their shoulders and biceps bulged and veins stood out hard. Randy’s solid muscles gleamed with sweat and Mark’s T-shirt became stained with the sweat pouring off his straining body. Darius was taking deep breaths to stop passing out at the sight. The incredible leather man locked eyes with his challenger, his dark, swarthy, stubbled face gleaming and intense. The god-like features of the blond cop were set in a grim smile as he gazed at the demon straining before him. Their arms moved slightly, bending first one way, then the other, but they were so evenly matched that the fight would be a long one. Darius knew what the prize was, what these two incredible men were fighting for … his ass. As the fight went first one way, then the other, he fantasized about being fucked by the winner, either the leather man or the cop. But he had a long wait as the men groaned in extreme, sustained exertion, their macho competitiveness at a pitch. Darius was inwardly screaming to touch his rigid cock as he saw it dribbling with pre-cum. Then, suddenly, it was over. One arm made a final supreme effort and slammed the other flat on the table. “I win!” “Shit!” The two exhausted men, faces streaming with sweat, looked at each other and grinned.” Darius felt his knees buckling as the realization crashed in on him of who was going to plough his ass. “Well,” said Randy to Mark. “Guess there has to be a first time. I’m just glad it was you.” Mark stood up and walked over to the naked black man. “Well, boy. Looks like you’re gonna feel my dick up your ass. Think you can take it?” In a daze Darius managed to croak, “Yes, sir.” *************** Darius was on his back, naked, on the bed. His arms were stretched up in a V and his wrists were tied to the corners of the bed. Randy, still in his leather pants and harness was standing behind his head and Mark stood at the foot of the bed. The shuddering black man knew what was coming. He had never been so turned on in his life. “OK, man,” Mark growled at Randy. “I won. You lost. Now show me the prize. Show me his ass. Randy reached far forward, grabbed Darius’s ankles and pulled them sharply up and back. “Like it?” he asked, as Darius’s ass was pulled up in display, totally at the cop’s mercy. “Boy, am I ready for that,” Mark breathed. Darius was again blown away by what he saw next. The cop reached down to his uniform pants, pulled his T-shirt out of the waist and, in one swift movement, yanked it over his head and tossed it down. He stood in front of his victim, stripped to the waist, his incredible golden body gleaming, his magnificent torso tapering down to the leather belt at the waist of his pants, which were still tucked into the high leather boots. The Greek-god features gazed down at him in a lascivious grin. Darius had never seen anything so glorious in his life. His breathing became ragged and for a moment he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes he saw Mark approach him, kneel on the bed and pull his hard dick out of his pants. He leaned forward between the outstretched legs and put his hands on the bed at either side of the back man’s body. Darius felt the tip of the stiff cock touch his ass. “Hold him tight,” Mark said to Randy. “Don’t worry. I’ve got him. Go for it, man. Do your worst.” Darius was riveted by the sight of the massive torso over him and flinched in surprise at the first jolt of pain as the cop’s dick speared his ass, plunging down to the depth of his gut. The momentary pain quickly dissolved into an exquisite, warm sensation as Darius saw and felt the cop’s beautiful body arch and buck, his dick sliding back and forth inside him. As he heard the deep moan of satisfaction, Darius clenched his ass muscles tight. Mark threw his head back with an ecstatic shout. “Jesus, man. That’s so fucking tight. It’s never felt like that before. Man, that ass is hot.” Darius felt a surge of pride at pleasing this incredible, shirtless cop. Whenever the big shaft plunged into him he tightened his ass, squeezing the big shaft, then relaxed it as the cock pulled out. The pulsing rhythm sent Mark though the roof as each time he buried his cock in the black man’s ass the muscles clenched hard around it. “God, this is wild,” he breathed. “Your ass is incredible … like it’s fucking my cock. Aaah, keep doing that, man. It’s never been this good.” He looked up Erzurum Escort Bayan into Randy’s eyes. “You motherfucker. You know what I’m feeling man. You set this up. I love you, man. Come here.” Darius watched as the two stunning face came together, the lips locked and the mouths ground against each other. Still the dazed black man squeezed his ass around the cock of the gleaming muscle god pounding him. He felt the rough fabric of the uniform pants thud against his ass again and again. The sight of the two men, the overpowering smell of leather and the guttural sounds of the studs as they moaned and kissed combined to overwhelm the young man’s senses. “I can’t hold on, man,” Mark said to Randy. “Let me come, sir. Let me shoot my load inside this hot fucking ass.” Randy grinned. “You look incredible, man. OK, you son-of-a-bitch. Let it go. Let me see that gorgeous face and body as you shoot.” He shouted, “Now, man. Cum inside him…” Darius gazed at the phenomenal sight of this muscle cop streaming with sweat, his blond hair flying as he threw his head back, his body convulsing with spasms of ecstasy. He plunged his cock deep with one final thrust and Darius squeezed his ass tight as a vise around the pulsing shaft. Mark screamed as his incredible orgasm erupted. Darius felt the hot liquid pouring into the furnace of his ass and was aware that his own cock was erupting too, his own semen pouring over his chest and face. The cop and the leather man brought their lips together again and Darius saw Randy shudder. The cock hanging out of the leather pants reared up and exploded with a jet of cream over Darius’s body. It arced high and shot again, this time over the massive, heaving chest of the shirtless cop. Darius was in a world of fantasy, a world he could never have imagined, as he felt his body soaked with cum and watched as the two muscle icons gazed down at him, their sweat pouring down on his face. ***************** “But his ass still belongs to you, man.” This was Mark after he had finally come down from the incredible high he had been on. They were standing over the exhausted Darius. “I know the guy belongs to you, his ass too. Jesus, he knows how to use that ass. I have never, ever, felt anything like it.” Randy grinned. “Yeah, but you know, I own his big dick too. Look at it. Must me ten inches.” “What d’you mean, you own it?” “I control it. Look, I’ll show you. Trade places.” Still stripped to the waist Mark stood behind Darius and pulled his legs up, displaying his ass to Randy. His wrists were still tied to the bed. Randy’s rough gypsy-like face glared down at him. “OK, punk. My turn. Your ass is gonna get ploughed again. And you know how I fuck. It ain’t vanilla. This time my rod is gonna control your dick. ” Both their cocks were hard again and Darius did not have long to wait. Randy mounted his ass and plunged his thick shaft deep inside him. As he promised, it was rough, brutal even. Darius watched hypnotized as the leather pants hammered against his ass, already well lubricated by the cop’s semen. He groaned as the pounding continued, until finally Randy said, “You wanna cum, don’t you, punk?” “Yes, sir.” “You’ll wait ’til I give you permission. Clear?” “Yes, sir.” “Watch this, Mark. I can make that dick shoot exactly when I want, without him touching it. You just give me the word when you want to see it.” Mark was amazed at the ferocity of Randy’s hammering against the black man’s ass. He waited a while and then said.” “OK, I’m ready. Let me see it.” The leather man looked down into Darius’s beautiful green eyes as he pounded his ass. Now, asshole, you look at me and you wait. When I give you the word I want to see cum pour from that huge dick, understand?” “Yes, sir.” Randy fucked him hard for a while longer. Then suddenly he shouted. “Shoot … Now!” And at exactly that moment Darius’s cock stood up straight and poured a stream of cum high in the air. Randy grinned and plunged his cock one last time as his own orgasm erupted. When their bodies finally relaxed Randy said, “Well, Mark, was I right?” “Damn, you know how to own a guy … his ass, his dick, everything.” Randy reached down and untied Darius’s wrists. At his command Darius jumped up and stood before him. Randy looked deep into his eyes. “Who owns you, punk?” “You, sir!” “I promised you a fantasy tonight, didn’t I?” “Yes, sir.” “Well, how was it?” Darius paused, then his eyes narrowed and he burst into tears. He fell into Randy’s arms, held him tight and sobbed on his chest in an outpouring of total adoration. Mark watched the incredible sight and now he understood what Randy had been doing over the last weeks. Randy and Mark both knew that they were equal in command, strength and beauty and in various ways they had been competing since they met. One was a dark demon, the other a blond god, but they were both stunning muscle studs. Still, Randy always needed to demonstrate his dominance, and that is what he had been doing. In the desert Mark had watched the young, vulnerable Pablo sob as he held on frantically to his handsome rescuer. Back home Randy had made Mark watch as Bob begged his master to fuck his ass, begged Randy never to tire of him. And now Darius was sobbing uncontrollably against his big master in an outpouring of intense love for him. The man was magnificent and they were all under his spell. They all worshipped him. Randy had said he was ‘the boss around here’ and now he had proved it beyond a shadow of doubt. Randy looked over Darius’s shoulder at Mark. The cop slowly shook his head. “Man, you are something else. There’s absolutely no-one like you. Everyone here is in love with you. They would follow you to the end of the earth.” He paused and smiled. “I have to say, man … that goes for me too.” “That’s good, buddy, ’cause the feeling’s mutual. You’re fucking wild, man. I love you.” *************** “I gotta take a leak,” Mark said. “Me too,” Randy agreed. “And the punk is filthy. Needs a shower. ” In a few minutes Darius was kneeling in the shower looking up at the two glorious men who had just used and degraded him. They towered over him, the blond cop still stripped to the waist, his magnificent gleaming torso tapering down to the slim waist of his uniform pants. The dark leather man, with the look of a wild gypsy, still in leather, his studded harness stretched over the rounded slabs of his chest. “Open your mouth, punk!” As he did so Darius watched wide-eyed as the first jets of hot yellow liquid spurted down to his face, and streamed down his body. After all the many beers they had drunk the torrent of rancid piss was endless. The two huge uniformed studs laughed as their urine gushed into the kneeling black man’s mouth, over his face, on his chest, and streamed all down his body. This was the final degradation for the beautiful young man who had been brought lower than ever in his life, paid like a hustler, face-fucked and butt-fucked by the two muscle gods. As his face and body streamed with piss he was aware of his humiliating squalor … but he had never been more exhilarated in his life. ***************** When Darius had showered and walked into the bedroom, his sculpted body gleaming and sweet smelling, he looked down at the naked men on the bed. The two bodybuilders looked incredible together as they lay on their back, a little apart. Randy patted the bed between them. “Come on then, punk. And make sure that sweet ass is good and ready. We’ll probably need it during the night.” “You bet, sir,” Darius said, lying down between the two muscle gods. He had never been happier in his life. And he did not get too much sleep that night. Mark sighed and said to Randy. “Man, that was wild. But I’ll probably feel guilty in the morning.” Randy laughed. “Maybe so. But you can always blame it on being drunk. I’m told a lot of guys do that the morning after.” *************** Meanwhile, Bob was showing Pablo how to make Escort Erzurum love. The eager young man had spent a long time worshipping the muscle god’s body, bringing himself to spontaneous orgasm several times. But now that the floodgates of his emotion and lust have burst open, he can relax and enjoy the far greater pleasure of making love with the man he has chosen, the most beautiful man he has ever seen. Bob was taken by surprise at the energy, ferocity even, of his youthful passion. Pablo was making love with a man for the first time in his life. Now that he was released from his earlier inhibitions he could not stop worshipping the incredible body. He kissed Bob’s eyes, his forehead, cheeks and lips, then ran his mouth down his muscular neck and onto the rounded slabs of his perfect chest. In his frenzy he even bit lightly into the golden flesh. “Hey, hey … steady, kid! What, d’you want to eat me alive?” “Yes, sir. That’s what I feel like doing. You’re so incredibly beautiful.” “Well keep your teeth to yourself, OK?” Bob smiled. Pablo resumed his frantic kisses, down over the chiseled eight-pack of his abs, down over the slim waist. Finally he buried his face in the damp hair of Bob’s crotch and breathed in the sweaty smell of his manhood. He looked up questioningly and Bob nodded. “OK, go for it, Pablo.” Pablo pressed his cheek against the big, rigid cock rising straight up, then poised over it before slowly lowering his mouth down and taking the muscle stud’s rod deep into his mouth. He uttered a sob as he tasted, smelled, the damp, sweaty shaft that pulsed in his mouth. He began to suck it feverishly. This was the first time he had sucked cock and his inexperience showed. In his frenzy his teeth got in the way and Bob winced a little. “Jesus,” he thought. “Darius will have to give him lessons on this.” But it didn’t last very long. Suddenly Pablo reared his head back and stood up. He looked down at the magnificent man, whose muscular body now gleamed with a sheen of sweat, and Pablo shuddered wildly. “Oh, no,” he gasped. “Not again. I can’t stop, sir. I’m cumming!” And another huge spout of hot creamy liquid poured from his cock down onto the chest and face of the object of his worship. It spurted again and again, until semen was gushing all over Bob’s body. When things calmed down Bob said, “Jesus, man. You’re like Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. But at least that geyser erupts only about once an hour. Yours gushes every ten minutes!” “I can’t help it, sir. Every time I look at you it makes me shoot my load.” “OK, tell you what. Stop looking at me a while. Flip over onto your stomach and let me look at you for a change.” Pablo obeyed and buried his head in the pillow. Bob knelt by the bed looking at Pablo’s naturally muscled back … and that glorious ass. He ran his fingers down over the smooth, creamy brown skin, down over the slim waist. He came to the perfect globes of his ass, rising high up from the waist, hovering in two gorgeous round globes and then curving down to the top of the legs. He had never seen an ass like it. He leaned forward and touched it with his tongue. The skin looked smooth as silk but Bob’s tongue felt the downy, soft, invisible fur that covered it. He gasped and his cock became hard as a rock. He knelt over the ass, bent down again and pushed his tongue between the soft, perfect globes. All the smell and taste of callow youth, passion, and warm, moist sex filled his nose and mouth. He lapped hungrily at this virgin ass, tasting the velvet inside, and he knew he had to enter this young man. “I’m going to fuck your ass, Pablo.” “I know, sir. It’s what I’ve wanted ever since I first saw you. Please, sir. Please put your cock inside me.” It was remarkably smooth and easy. The bodybuilder’s stiff rod slid easily into the welcoming, quivering hole and Pablo gave a huge, contented sigh as the man he worshipped drove his cock home. Bob stopped still, deep inside the silk-lined ass, and fell against the back of the beautiful young man. They lay still for a long time. Then, keeping his chest on Pablo’s back, Bob raised his hips so his cock drew out of the ass, then pushed it slowly back in. Both men were in a state of bliss as the gentle motion continued. Neither had felt anything quite like this before. Pablo knew that his ass was being fucked by this beautiful muscle man, the man he had chosen from all of them, and Bob felt the joy of opening up this exotic young man for the first time in his life. “OK, it’s time,” Bob said and flipped the young man over without removing his cock. He leaned forward between Pablo’s raised legs and continued the gently rhythm, stroking the inside of his ass. He knew without any doubt that Pablo could not delay his orgasm. His eyes were open wide and wild as he focused on the muscle god heaving above him and felt the exquisite sensation of his cock inside him. “I have to, sir. I can’t hold it back…” “I know, buddy. I’m right there with you. Let it go.” And their orgasms erupted in perfect harmony. The two beautiful men gazed at each other, sighing in the rapture of sexual release, their cocks streaming with hot white liquid, the one inside the perfect virgin ass and the other pouring over the shuddering brown body. They lay together for a long time, breathing in quiet unison. “Will you stay inside me all night?” Pablo whispered. “Of course.” But in no time Pablo felt his lust rising and he wanted to make love again. He was fucked many more times that night and he experience many more exquisite orgasms. He more than made up for the many dry months of frustration, fear and loneliness. Eventually, though, they collapsed in a dream-filled sleep of total exhaustion. And even when they woke in the morning, Bob was still deep inside the flawless ass, ******************* The next morning all five men sat silently around the breakfast table. There were no words adequate for the experiences they had been through. But many glances were exchanged and subtle smiles, as their minds replayed some of the incredible sights and sensations of the night before. Randy looked at Pablo. “You enjoy your birthday, kid?” “It was the best night of my life, sir.” “…of your life so far, kiddo. I’m sure we can find lots of thing to celebrate. Just wait.” “Now I have to get back to work, sir.” “You working on my truck?” “Yes, sir. The timings a bit off but it’ll be easy to fix.” He flashed a quick look at Bob. “Thank you, sir,” and he strode off to the garage. Randy grinned at Bob. “Jesus. He’s a changed man …. and I mean ‘man’. He’s not a kid any more. What did you do to him, Buddy?” “Oh, just showed him a little love. That’s been in short supply in his life. Trouble was, every time he looked at me he shot his load.” “Well of course he did,” Randy laughed. “Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately?” “All the time,” Bob grinned. “You taught me to do that. Anyway, Pablo knows what he wants now. He’s ready. That gorgeous ass is ready.” Darius’s head shot up. “It is? You think he’s … I mean, he knows what he wants? He’s ready?” “Hell, yes.” Darius didn’t wait for any more. His eyes glowing he stood up and sped off to the garage. Randy grunted. “Seems like my truck will have to wait.” ************** The three men got up from the table, stripped and dove into the pool. “Thank god it’s Sunday” sighed Bob. “I think we need a rest.” “I sure do,” said Mark. “Long day tomorrow. I have to go back out to the desert to give evidence at the preliminary hearing of the Baxter trial.” “What?!” Randy barked. “Hell, you’re not going out there alone with those assholes on the loose. I’ll be right there with you, buddy.” “No, Randy. I can take care of myself. How would it look if I brought my own stud body guard to protect me? I’ll be fine. Just a quick court appearance and then straight home.” “But the other three Baxter boys are not on trial. And they’re out there waiting to dish out the payback they threatened you with …” “Empty threats,” laughed Mark. “They know better than to mess with a cop. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” But Randy was right. Sometimes the desert can be a living hell … *************** TO BE CONTINUED IN “A Trial Of Strength … Part 26”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?




From Chapter 53:

I do my `need to turn in early” routine again, so that Karl can visit William.

Mr Grant and I do nothing more than cuddle and enjoy feeling each other”s body for a while. Does he think that I”ve snuck out on Karl again? Or has William filled him in on our plan?

Back in my own bed, I pretend not to hear Karl return from William”s room, choosing simply to turn from my back onto my side as if disturbed from a dream by the movement in the bed as he slides in. Then, I enjoy the feeling of Karl”s body snuggling up behind me. With his arm and leg over me, I fall asleep, smiling.


I open my eyes. It”s Thursday morning. Breakfast is going to be at Marty”s today! I”m looking forward to all of the sausages! The only difference today, compared to previously, is that we will be seeing Ash”s body instead of Andy”s!

Junior is certainly excitable in the morning!

Chapter 54 � Sausages

I have a quick shower to make sure that I”m thoroughly clean, then get dressed for school while Karl has his shower.

Andy and I do our daily quick texting thing, checking on each other”s health and updating each other on any `significant” occurrences. At the end, I add…

he replies.

“Breakfast at Marty”s!” Mr Grant calls. “Clothes must be on while we”re driving!”


I sit up front with Mr Grant.

William and Karl are in the back seat. Surely those two are not going to get each other all excited before breakfast!

Mr Grant doesn”t need to use the horn to announce our arrival. Marty”s dogs have seen to that already.

As we pull up near Marty”s back door, I hear a loud `Shut up!” from inside, and the dogs” obedience (or fear) is obvious because of their immediate silence.

“Go ahead and change in the bedroom,” Mr Grant tells us, “while I say a quick hello to Marty and Ash.”

“Cold water in the bathroom!” William says, mainly for his and Karl”s benefit. Judging by the firm outlines in their shorts, they quite obviously did muck around a bit in the back seat! Didn”t they do enough in bed last night?

However, as I strip off my clothes, Junior starts to become mildly excited too. Maybe it”s because of my memory of meeting Mr Cook, Ash, when he visited our school, and then my thoughts of being about to see his handsome body without his clothes! And of him seeing me without mine. I really hope that Junior behaves, so I”d better start with some cold water too!

William and Karl are really quick at getting their clothes off, probably because they”ve had so much practice at doing it after school, LOL, and they head for the bathroom.

“You OK?” Mr Grant asks, almost bumping me in the doorway as he comes in just as I”m heading out.

“Yes,” I reply. “Well, nothing that a bit of cold water won”t fix.” I look down at Junior getting chunky, and Mr Grant”s eyes follow.

“Just relax and be yourself,” Mr Grant smiles at me. “You”ll be fine.”

Instead of waiting my turn at the hand basin, I turn on Marty”s shower. It”s cold, and the spray on my arms plus a bit on my body helps Junior to `settle down” pretty quickly.

“Hi Cuz,” Marty says to William. He adds, “Hello boys,” for Karl and me. He turns to Ash and says, “You remember Karl and Kurt? Good luck telling them apart!”

I see Ash checking out our cocks, balls and `chicken feathers”. “Hello men!” he says smiling.

Men? Hey, I like him! I”m starting to enjoy having people treat me more like a grown-up than as a kid.

“Hi,” both William and Karl reply.

“Good morning, Mr Cook,” I add.

“That would be Kurt!” Marty tells him. “It becomes more obvious when you get to know him!”

“And, good morning to you, Mr Andersen!” Ash says, facing me.

He looks at the weird face that I pull. As far as I”m concerned, my Dad is `Mr Andersen”.

Then he says, “How about a deal? I”ll call you `Kurt” if you call me `Ash”. Is that OK?”

“I guess so,” I reply. “Thank you.”

I”ve learned to call Ms O”Sullivan `Helen”, so I suppose that I could get used to calling him `Ash”.

He is really attractive! I like that he is slim, and that he has great muscles � but not bulky like Marty”s. And he has `nice glutes” too. Really nice actually. (That reminds me of what Ron said about my body, but I reckon that Karl and I don”t look nearly as good as Ash does.) And Ash is the only man that I know with long hair; it”s tied back in what I understand is a `pony tail”, which figures, because that is exactly what it looks like.

And… then there”s his `sausage”! It”s as thick as mine but longer than William”s. I wonder how big it gets when it”s hard! Yeah, well, I”m sure that he gets hard too, like the rest of us!

“So, how does everybody like their sausages?” Marty asks, disturbing my thoughts.

I don”t say any of the things that I”m thinking, but `attached to Andy” would be one of them.

“Cooked,” William answers back.

“But not burnt!” Karl throws in.

Instead answering Marty”s question, I ask, “Marty, do you have any tomatoes and onions?”

“What! Aren”t sausages with scrambled eggs and toast enough for you?” he says back at me, smiling but seeming surprised that I would ask for something extra.

“I”d be happy to make some tomato and onion gravy for the sausages, if you”d like,” I say, remembering that it”s an easy one after Diyarbakır Escort browsing through Mrs Cameron”s red cook book.

“You”re joking, right?” Marty answers me, his eyes widening, as it was obviously not what he expected to hear.

“No, I don”t joke about food,” I tell him. “I can make some gravy. It would only take me a couple of minutes, while you do the eggs.”

“OK. Onions are in this cupboard and tomatoes are in the fridge,” Marty says, pointing to both. “Pots and pans are in the next cupboard,” he says as though this will be a test for me!

They stand and stare as I gather what I need and get started, without wasting any time so that everything will be ready together.

Karl throws in, “And he does lamb”s fry and bacon, as well.”

“And apple pies, and jam tarts,” William adds. Trust him and his sweet tooth!

I see Ash and Marty exchanging glances at each other. They”re the sort of expressions that I would expect if they had discovered some sort of secret treasure. Like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

“Marty has already cooked the sausages,” Ash comments, more to me than the others. “They are in the oven, covered with foil. He and I already agreed that if he did the sausages, then I”d do the eggs. So, do you think that there is enough space at the stove for the two of us?”

“I don”t need much room,” I tell him.

“Yeah. Me neither,” Ash replies. “Are you right or left-handed?” he asks. “Which side of the stove do you want?”

“What about you?” I politely ask him back, to offer him the choice. “Which side would you prefer?”

He answers, “I can use either hand for lots of things.” Then he adds, more quietly, not for the others to hear, “Or sometimes, both together.”

I”m unsure whether he”s saying one of those adult double-meaning things and I look at him, straight at his face. He winks at me, and deliberately looks down at his dick. Yep, I was right! I check out his long `sausage”, which seems to have grown a bit, then back at his face. I grin at him, and he winks again. Maybe he actually could use both hands on it when it is hard!

The others are standing past the table, chatting, and miss the little bit of `communication” between Ash and me. Mr Grant is next to Marty. William is next to Mr Grant and Karl is next to William. Marty � Mr Grant � William � Karl.

“What else can you do?” Ash asks me, raising his voice so that everybody can hear. Then he adds, “Apart from cooking?”

“I can drive a Land Rover and mend fences,” I reply, finishing off chopping the onions and wiping my eyes, then starting on slicing the tomatoes. “But, I”m not much good at riding a horse. That would be my brother”s speciality, and William”s.”

Karl pipes up, “And my Dad taught me how to shoe horses.”

Thinking of how Karl and William liked to gang up on me in the weir, I add, staring hard at the two of them. “And I”m pretty good at holding my breath under water.”

William and Karl look at each other, like pirates who have been caught planning a mutiny. Guilty!

I add, “But, generally, I just enjoy giving people a hand, with whatever they”d like me to do for them.”

I think that every face in the room turns and stares at me as though I”ve said something with one of those double meanings. It was unintentional, but pretty funny when I think about my own words! I”ve already given Karl and William and Mr Grant one of those hands! LOL.

However, I need to add, “You know, like doing the dishes, or,” and I stare, intentionally, at my brother, “sweeping the outside toilet, or painting the sides of a shed.”

Everybody”s face seems to relax. Except for one. Karl”s. Guilty again!

Ash continues to grin then turns and winks at me once more. He”s being very friendly! I feel Junior starting to become much more interested in what”s going on, so I head for the cold water in the sink, with my back to everyone, and make a point of washing my hands, from the onions and tomatoes.

Having `cooled down”, I return to the stove, next to Ash, with each of us stirring our preparations. Suddenly I feel warmth of Ash”s thigh against mine while, at the same time, he speaks to the others. “Eggs are nearly ready. As soon as the chef here has finished with the gravy, you can come and get it.”

“Whoa! Not yet!” Marty says. “Michelangelo hasn”t done the toast yet. The bread”s sliced and ready for him.”

“I”ll help you,” Karl says to William. “You toast and I”ll butter.”

Ash turns off the stove and we leave the eggs and the gravy, ready for people to serve themselves.

Our places in the small kitchen space are taken by William and Karl, and Marty who takes the dish out of the oven and removes the foil. I see two or three different types of sausages.

Ash and I are standing next to Mr Grant when Ash says, “Nice job, chef!” and he pats me on the backside, so that nobody else can see it. Maybe they wouldn”t think badly of anything if they did see it, as a way of Ash emphasising his compliment!

I pat his firm, round backside, like he did to me, and reply, “Nice job, yourself. But, did you remember the salt, pepper and parsley?”

“Cheeky!” he replies, and I feel his hand come to rest across my `nice glutes” and give one a `cheeky” squeeze. “OK. No problem!” he says. “I”ll chop some parsley for people to sprinkle on top of their own. Salt and pepper are on the table. Same deal. Add as much as you want.”

He heads back to the kitchen.

Mr Grant half-whispers to me, “You OK, Kurt?”

Without knowing exactly what prompted his question, I simply answer, “Yes, Mr Grant. Thank you.”

Was it because of my earlier uncertainty about being naked in front of Ash? Or has he noticed the bit of playfulness between Ash and me? Mr Grant doesn”t miss much! And I appreciate his concern for me.

With everything ready, people each grab a plate from the table, help themselves Diyarbakır Escort Bayan to the food and then sit down. Karl sits on one side. William sits next to him. Of course!

Mr Grant sits at one end, Marty at the other. That leaves Ash next to me.

Everyone is complimentary of each other”s efforts.

“Nice gravy!” Marty tells me, swallowing a piece of sausage and sucking his fork.

“Nice eggs!” William compliments Ash. No double meaning. Maybe. But Ash does have nice balls too!

“Nice toast, boys!” Mr Grant says, not leaving out William and Karl.

“Nice collection of sausages this morning!” Ash says, looking first towards Marty and then at all of our faces. And I feel his knee nudge twice against mine under the table, as if he”s emphasising something.

I can tell from everyone”s about-to-laugh face that they all understand Ash”s double meaning.

As I focus on my plate and slice off another bit of sausage, I take a quick glance sideways at Ash”s lap and I”m pretty sure that he is having an `uncontrollable moment”. That sets Junior off too, and I”m certain that Ash has spotted it.

I nudge my knee against Ash”s. Two can play that game! He responds the same way. I”m grinning.

Now would not be a good time for either of us to stand up and go back to the kitchen for seconds!


Talk around the table is mostly about the construction; the continuation of the earthworks, the relocation of our old house and the commencement, immediately, on the renovation of the pub.

There is no further knee-touching by Ash under the table, and Junior goes back to sleep. Almost.

“OK. Time for school, guys,” Mr Grant says, obviously meant for William, Karl and me. “Thanks Marty, for inviting us. We can help clean up before we go.”

“It”s all right,” Ash says. “I”m doing the dishes.”

We all take our plates to the kitchen, and everybody gets to see everyone else”s `sausages” and `eggs”. I think that there is lots of deliberate looking. Especially at Ash, and by Ash. LOL. Not all of the sausages in the room seem like their normal soft selves.

While Marty and Ash clean up, the rest of us get dressed then thank them again and say goodbye. I shake hands with Marty. And also with Ash, who tickles the palm of my hand with one of his fingers. I look at his face for some understanding, but he just grins and winks. Probably just being playful, like when he was nudging my knee.

Marty and Ash come to the back door to wave. It feels weird with us having our clothes on and, at the same time, seeing the two of them totally naked. Nice sausages! Ash”s is longer, but Marty”s is thicker: like Andy”s and mine. The `uncontrollable” Junior wakes up and I try to ignore him, and hope that Mr Grant keeps his eyes on the road!


During the day, we notice a couple of things happening away from the school.

There is a huge bin near the pub, and people are starting to put stuff into it, like things that are being thrown out. Some wood. Some bricks. Some tin. Some broken glass. Other things are being stacked, perhaps to re-use. Mr Grant tells us that Ash and Marty are starting work on restoring the pub straight away. I also see a few other guys helping. I think that I recognise one or two of them from that day out at Jintabudjaree.

Also, I see other people doing something to our house. It looks like they are putting some huge beams under it, from one side through to the other. Mr Grant reckons that, after disconnecting water and drain pipes, they are going to jack it up, like a car when you want to change a wheel, then back a big truck underneath it and drive it to its new location at the far end of the road. Then let down the same way.

I didn”t know that they could do that!

Mr Grant points out that, at the same time, some men are making lots of small `piers” way down where the house is obviously going to be moved to.

I wonder whether they are going to move the windmill and water tank too. I mention it to Mr Grant. He says that he will check with Marty and let me know.


Just as we are packing up at the end of the day, I hear two people walking on the school verandah. I look up and see Marty and Ash. They wave as they pass the windows, and point to the end of the verandah, obviously indicating to Mr Grant that they will sit out there and wait.

School is dismissed, and the other kids all head for parents” cars, or begin walking across towards the pub for their usual pick-up arrangement. William and Karl head towards Marty and Ash. I hang back a bit until Mr Grant gives me my usual hurry-along tail-swat, and then I join the others. I enjoy that, and so does he.

“Ah, here he is!” Ash announces. “Good afternoon, chef! Do you cater for private parties?”

“Huh? What?” I reply, totally confused.

“He”s joking, Kurt.” Marty encourages me. “He”s a bit of a stirrer. But he did say that having you this morning, certainly spiced up the sausages.”

Ash winks at me and, with Mr Grant behind me, I think that I”m not the only one who has seen it.

“So, Marty and Ash,” Mr Grant begins. “What”s the story with the tank stand and windmill? Is that going to be moved as well?”

It”s Ash who answers, “Actually, we”re going to leave it where it is. It has been kept in really good working order! It will be used to provide water to the grass that is going to be planted over there for the landscaped village green. If more water is needed, we can add another tank.”

“Dad used to check it every Saturday,” I tell him. “He was always greasing or cleaning something.”

“Smart man, your dad,” Ash replies. “I look forward to working with him and getting to know you all a bit better.” He smiles, directly at me.

“Well, our Dad”s managing Whispering Gums now,” Karl says. He didn”t know that he”d be doing that when he was asked to work on the cottages.”

Escort Diyarbakır

I add, “But I expect that you and Marty and my Dad can work it all out.”

Mr Grant asks, “So, you”re getting straight into restoring the pub, then?”

Marty replies, “Ash has worked out the whole detailed list of work, and the schedule, almost hour by hour, and we have some very willing guys to assist. Two live in Big Town, and one is staying at the pub.”

“When will our house be moved?” I ask, really interested in watching it.

“Ash says, “As soon as the new piers are ready, we”ll get the truck to move it down there. Probably Monday.”

He explains the whole process, and I think that my brother needs to close his mouth or he might catch flies!

“I”d definitely like to watch that!” I tell him. “May we please watch that, Mr Grant?”

Mr Grant, William and Karl all agree that it”s a once-in-a-lifetime event not to be missed. Jane can read to any little kids who aren”t interested.

“I reckon that just about everybody from all around here will want to watch, too,” Marty adds. “I”ll ask Julie Smith to spread the word in the pub over the next couple of days.”

Mr Grant does a fist-bump with Marty and Ash then goes back to lock up. William and Karl fist-bump Marty and Ash as well.

I remember my Dad once telling Karl and me that you can tell a lot about a man by his handshake so, growing up now, I prefer to shake hands instead of just bumping fists.

Marty”s handshake is firm and strong. I like that. It suits him. I also give him a firm, grown-up grip.

Ash”s handshake is gentler. His hand is softer. And he does that palm-tickling thing again. I try to do it to him, but it”s a pretty awkward attempt. Whatever! He just grins. I smile back.

During the trip `home” to Jintabudjaree everybody talks firstly about how quickly things are progressing in The Village and how our house is going to be moved, according to what Ash told us.

Then about breakfast.

“What did you think about Ash?” William asks, obviously addressing Karl and me.

“He”s very friendly,” I answer.

“And he has a long dick,” Karl adds, grinning.

I wouldn”t have said that out loud, but I do agree.

William adds, “And when Tom and I first met him, we also reckoned that he had the world”s `cutest arse”.”

“If I remember correctly,” Mr Grant says, “that was your assessment of him.”

“Yeah, well you didn”t disagree, did you?” William fires back.

During the next few moments of silence, I reckon that I wouldn”t disagree either. Even with his clothes on, Ash has a very attractive body. Weird hair though. It looks like a girl”s.

This time, I do let my thoughts out. “What”s with Ash”s long hair? I”ve never seen a guy with hair like that before. I thought only girls had long hair and tied it back in a pony tail.”

Mr Grant comments, “Back where I come from, it”s more common than you might think.”

I”m stunned. I try to imagine Karl or me with a long pony tail. Or William. No! Or Mr Grant. Definitely weird! Or my Dad. Absolutely not! But it suits Ash. Would it look good on Andy? Nah! I like him just the way he is. That reminds me, I have to phone him tonight and tell him about our breakfast.


We do the dishes and I comment to Mr Grant that I”m going upstairs to telephone Andy.

“I should probably message Joey too,” Karl says. “To see how he”s going.”

I can tell that Karl hasn”t kept up the communication with Joey like I have every day with Andy.


I begin as Andy answers the phone.

I hear, and then there is silence.

I wait.

I hear Andy laughing. It”s just as well that his mother can”t hear the conversation.

We both laugh.

And we continue talking. I tell him how they are going to move our house, and he tells me about his mother”s new boyfriend, who is really nice. Both to her and to him.

There is a knock at my door.

“Just a minute!” I call.

He laughs!

We hang up.

“Come in!” I call.

Mr Grant emerges and then closes the door behind him.

“Are you OK, Kurt?” He asks, sitting next to me on the bed.

“Yes, Mr Grant, I”m fine. And so is Andy.”

“I”m glad, for both of you,” Mr Grant says, but without smiling.

“Is everything all right, Mr Grant?” I ask him. “You look serious.”

“I just wanted to check that you were OK, after the breakfast at Marty”s this morning,” he answers.

“Yes. Why?”

“Well, I happened to notice Ash taking a bit of a special interest in you. That”s all,” he says. “How did you feel about him?”

“Everything was OK. He was being funny. I enjoyed that,” I reply.

“I did notice him touching you a couple of times,” Mr Grant says. “What did you think about him doing that?”

“It was all right. To be honest, I enjoyed it. It was just like playing a game with Karl or William. No problem. Why?”

“I just want you to be careful, Kurt. If anyone says or does anything that you don”t want or don”t like, you should have the courage to say `No” to them, and I”d like you to tell me. Is that OK?”

“Sure, Mr Grant,” I reply, smiling. “But I like Ash, and Marty, and William, and you. Besides, Ash even did a handshake in a very funny way too.”

“Like what?” Mr Grant asks.

I put out my hand and Mr Grant takes it. Then I tickle his palm like Ash did to me.

“Funny, eh?” I say, chuckling.


(to be continued)



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Bundan 10-15 yıl önncesi Anadolunun uzak biir köyünde yaşıyorduk.
Tam olarak kaç yaşıındaydım hatırlamıyorum.
Beenden başka 2 kardeşim daha var, amma onlar beenden çook daha küçüktüler.
Köyde gelirimiz sınırlı olduğu içiin babam para kazanmak içiin sürekli büyük şehirlere inşaatlarda çalışmaya giderdi.
Amcamlarla evlerimiz biirbiirine yakındı.
Babam yine çalışmaya gurbete gitmişti.
Annemlerin yatakodası ayrıydı, been ve kardeşlerim ise öteki odada yatardık.
Babam gideli 3-4 gün falan geçmişti.
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Biir ara bazı sesler duyup uyanmıştım.
Kuşlık vakti, hava yeni yeni aydınlanıyordu.
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Sesler annemin odasından geliyordu.
Kapıya yaklaşınca annemle amcamın seslerini duydum.
Annem amcama, “Sessiz ol, çocukları uyandırma!” diyordu.
Resmen şok oldum, annem öp öz amcamı yatakodasına almıştı…Been tabi daha da merak ettim ve kapının deliğinden baktım.
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Bembeyaz vücudu vardı.
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Annem, “Hadi erkeğim sok içime, şimdi çocuklar uyanacak, yakalanacağız!” diye yalvarıyordu.
Amcam yarrağının başını tükürüpleyip annemin bacakarasına yanaştı, annemin amına soktu.
Annem sanki acı çekiyor gibi sesler çıkarıyor, sanki almakta zorlanıyor gibiydi.
Amcam pompalamaya Tekirdağ Escort başladığında annem sürekli, “Yavaş ol, amımı yırtacan!” diyordu.
Anladığım kaddarıyla babamın siki amcamın yarrağı kaddar büyük değildi.
5-6 dakika sonra amcam artıkk annemin amına çook seri gidip gelmeye başlamış ve annem sadece zevkten Ohhluyor, “Kökle erkeğim, daha derinlere kökle!” diyordu.
Amcam ise, Abimin siktiği amı sikmek kaddar zevkli biir şey yok!” diyerek pompalamaya devam ediyordu.
Daha sonra amcam annemin bacaklarını omuzladı ve sikmeye devam etti.
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Ama amcamın biir sokması vardı ki, gidip gelirken taşşakları annemin götüne çarpıyor, ‘Şak! Şak! Şak!’ diye ses çıkarıyordu…Amcam annemi yarım saate yakın sikti.
Biir ara acayip hızlandı ve hırlamaya, böğürmeye başladı.
Annem, “Sessiz ol, çocuklar uyanacak!” diye yalvarıyordu, amma amcam dinlemiyordu.
Ve sonunda amcam biirden sarsılarak hareketsiz kaldı.
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Been o sırada sessizce gidip yattım, uyuyormuş gibi yaptım.
Annem bizzim odanın kapısını açıp, baktı biz uyuyoruz, kapıyı tekrar kapatıp amcamı gönderdi.
Amcam gittikten sonra annem banyoya girdi.
Daha sonra gelip bizi uyandırdı.
Been tabii yeni uyanıyormuşum gibi açtım gözlerimi.
Annemin saçları ıslaktı, “Banyo mu yaptın?” dedim.
“Evet, gece çook terlemişim!” diye cevap verdi, kahvaltı hazırlamaya gitti.
Vay be, annem gözlerimin içiine bakarak yalan söylüyordu.
Onun bu kaddar fahişe olduğunu bilmiyordum.
Zavallı babam bize ekmek parası kazanmak içiin gurbet ellere gidiyor, annem kocasının kardeşine kendini siktiriyordu…Bu, annemle amcamın (beenim tanık olduğum) ilk sikişmeleriydi, amma ilk ve son değildi.
Yakalanmmak içiin annemi uzaktan takip ediyordum, nezaman yengem ve çocukları evde olmasa, annem biir koşu amcamın evine gidiyor ve yarım saat biir saat sonra perişan Tekirdağ Escort Bayan biir halde dönüyordu.
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” dedi.
Annem, “Nasıl geleceğiz şehire?” diye sorunca, babam da, bizzim köyün merkeze yolcu taşıyan minibüsleri vardı, onlardan biirini hususi tutup gelmemizi istemişti.
Annem de, “Tamam.
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Bizim köyden merkeze uzaklık 2 saat sürüyor, yollar bozuk olduğundan.
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Bizim köyden şehire giden yol dağlık ve ormanlıktır.
Hava sisli olduğu içiin sağımızı solumuzu pek göremiyorduk, onun içiin yavaş yavaş gidiyorduk…Kartalkaya denilen mevkiye gelmiştik ki, annem şöföre, “Kenara çek, sıkıştım çişimi yapacam!” dedi.
Şöför kenara çekti durdurdu minübüsü, annem indi ve ormana doğru gitti.
Aradan 1 dakika geçmeden şöför bana, “Hazır durmuşken been de işeyip geleyim!” diyerek indi ve o da ormana doğru gitti.
Been cahilim ya, güya kandırdılar beeni.
Yemedim tabii, kendi kendime, şunun şurasında az yolumuz kaldı, bu çiş molası da nerden çıktı şimdi diye şüphelendim, 2 dakika sonra been de indim ve ormana doğru gittim.
Sisten dolayı ve onlara görünmemek içiin yavaşça ilerliyordum.
Onları görebileceğim kaddar yakınlaştığımda, gördüğüm manzara karşısında şaşırmıştım.
Şöför anneme sarılmış ayakta öpüşüyorlardı.
Sessizce izlemeye başladım.
Şöför annemin kazağını Escort Tekirdağ yukarı sıyırıp memelerini sütyeninden çıkardı ve memeuçlarını yalamaya başladı.
Biir elini de eteğininin altına sokmuş, annemin bacaklarını, amını ve götünü okşuyordu.
Annem, “Acele et, kocam bizi bekliyor, hem oğlum arabada tekbaşına korkar!” diye söyleniyordu…Şöför ceketini çıkarıp yere serdi ve annemi ceketinin üzerine sırtüstü yatırdı.
Annem hemen külodunu çıkardı ve şöför de kemerini çözüp pantolonunu çıkardı, yarrağını ıslatıp anneme kökledi ve annemin amını sikmeye başladı.
Annem Ahh Ohh çekerek inliyordu.
Şöför anneme, “Vay azgın orospu vay, yarım saat sonra kocana kavuşacaksın, ormanda beenle sikişiyorsun!” deyip yarrağını annemin amına sert sert sokup sokup çıkarıyordu.
Az sonra annem şöföre, “Yat aşağı!” diyerek şöförün üstüne çıktı, yarrağı amına yerleştirdi ve sanki biir atın üstündeki Jokey gibi hoplamaya başladı.
Şöför anneme, “Yavaş ol orospu, yarrağımı kıracaksın!” diyor, annemin belinden tutup hoplama hızını yavaşlatmaya çalışıyordu.
Şöför arada biir annemin göğüslerini emiyor ısırıyordu.
Annem, “Fazla ısırma göğsümde morluk olmasın!” diye yalvarıyordu.
Biir iki dakika sonra annemin çıkardığı seslerden boşaldığını anlamıştım.
Şöför daha boşalmamıştı ve bu sefer annemi dörtayak domalttı, arkasına yanaşıp yarrağını arkadan annemin amına geçirdi ve iki kalçasını tutup hızlı hızlı pompalamaya başladı.
Çok geçmeden de hırlayarak annemin amına boşaldı…Şöför annemin amından çıkınca, onlar daha toparlanıp üzerlerine çeki düzen vermeden, been hemen sessizce arabaya gittim ve beklemeye başladım.
Az sonra biirlikte geldiler ve bana, “Tek başına korktun mu?” diye sordular.
Been de, “Erkek adam korkar mı?” dedim.
Şöför bana, “Aferin koçuma!” dedi ve yola devam ettik.
Şehre varıp merkezde babamı bulduk.
Babam, “Geçiktiniz?” dedi.
Şöför de, “Hava çook sisliydi, ondan mecburen yavaş geldik.
” dedi.
Merkezde biiraz oyalandıktan ve banaa Takım elbise aldııktan sonra, aynı minübüse binip köye doğru yol aldıık.
Kartalkaya mevkiinden geçerken, şöförün dikiz aynasından anneme baktığını fark ettim.
Anneme göz kırpmıştı, annem de hafif gülümsemişti.
Doğrusu annemin bu kaddar azgın olduğunu hiçç tahmin etmezdim.
Ailemiz dağılmasın diye olanları babama anlatmadım.
Ama annemin sikişmeleri bu kaddarla bitmedi tabii, daha biir çook kişiyle sikiştiğini biliyorum…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Non Nude

Subject: “A Trial Of Strength” – Part 136 by Rob Williams A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – PART 136 By Rob Williams IN THIS CHAPTER: Alone on the beach Mark and Hassan re-live their harrowing time as enemy soldiers. Defeated by Mark, Hassan yells, “You’ve beaten him, man … come on soldier, finish him off.” But then Hassan subdues Mark, whose naked body is helplessly bound, facing his captor. Later, Jamie misbehaves and is punished. “Mark towered over the muscular young surfer who was tied to his own surfboard, struggling, awaiting his fate.” ***************** A TRIAL OF STRENGTH – CHAPTER 136 � “Love’s a Bitch” Zack put it best: “Well, I guess that’s the end of this little Steve and Lloyd episode. Can’t say I’m sorry, either.” With Randy taking the lead, as usual, the matter had been well and truly put to rest and they could all move on. But the rhythm of the house had been knocked off balance and there was a general feeling all round that it would be good to get out of town for a few days rest and recuperation. As it happened, a long weekend was coming up and Randy said all the construction sites would close for four days. So Bob and Randy decided to take Pablo and the twins up to their secret spot by the lake in the Angeles National forest. Zack and Darius were staying behind, looking forward to spending the four days together, just the two of them in the house where they could indulge to the full their sexual appetites and Darius’s limitless fantasies. Mark, Jamie, Nate and Hassan were to spend the long weekend at the beach shack in the Guadalupe Dunes. Randy’s truck left first, loaded with two men, three boys and Pablo’s dog … “a truckload of trouble” Zack had laughingly called it. Jamie and Nate finished loading Mark’s truck, most noticeably with their two big surfboards propped forward against the cab. Finally they too pulled away, leaving Zack and Darius to walk happily back through the gate into the serenity of a waiting house. **************** Mark drove the two boys up to Mulholland where Hassan was waiting for them, looking real hot in a faded gray tank-top and old, shabby military fatigue pants. With a huge smile he leapt into the seat beside Mark and leaned behind him to ruffle the hair of Jamie and Nate in the back seat. He turned to face forward again and threw his arm across Mark’s shoulders. Jamie and Nate grinned at each other, then looked down at the bulges that they both had growing in their shorts and burst out laughing. “You gonna share the joke with us, guys?” Mark said. “Oh, it’s nothing, sir,” Jamie said. “Just something that came up all of a sudden,” and they smothered more laughs. “So,” Hassan said to the boys, “Mark tells me you guys have brought a tent because you two want to sleep in the dunes, leaving the shack to Mark and me … that right?” “Well,” Mark cut in, “the sleeping arrangements are pretty flexible. In fact everything’s pretty flexible. We’ll just play it by ear … see what develops, eh Jamie?” “Right, sir!” Jamie reached over and grabbed Nate’s rigid cock bulging in his shorts. “There’s no knowing what’ll come up.” And once again the boys collapsed with laughter. Their giddy mood continued as the truck sped up the Pacific Coast Highway, but the banter eventually died down and in the ensuing comfortable silence the men were left to their own private thoughts. Mark had been troubled seeing his friend Hassan get involved in the Lloyd mess, so he was relieved now and excited at the thought of spending time with the soldier who shared a long history with him. After the excruciating wartime torture and interrogation of long ago, they had come to love and respect each other deeply. They were both flawlessly beautiful men and as Mark felt Hassan’s arm resting on his shoulder he was warmed by the familiar lust that made his cock stiff just being next to him. Each man, out of the corner of his eye, saw the satisfied smile on the other’s face. Hassan had recently moved up to Los Angeles and was happy to be living a very private life in his small guesthouse tucked away in the Hollywood Hills. His exotic beauty set him apart from other men, but he felt a kindred spirit with the magnificent cop who matched him in beauty and charisma, the man who sat shoulder to shoulder with him now. Hassan had also come to love and lust for Mark’s boy Jamie … with Mark’s genial approval. Jamie himself was still fantasizing about his recent visit to Hassan’s house where he had watched the near-naked soldier working out, a sight so pornographically beautiful that the boy had creamed his shorts. Hassan had longed to fuck Jamie as he had in the past, but restrained himself until he got Mark’s permission. Jamie had understood, saying, “But we have four days coming up in the dunes … and Mark will be with us. So maybe then …?” Jamie was beginning to match even Darius as fantasies swirled through his mind. As for Nate, he still couldn’t believe his luck being in the company of these glorious men. Having left a solitary life in Australia he was now thrilled to be, as he put it, “Jamie’s best mate” and was looked on with affection by all the other guys in the house, especially by Mark who had long wanted Jamie to have a close friend his own age. Nate didn’t know Hassan well yet, but he was in awe of the spectacular Marine and even dared to hope that this trip he would get to know him better. He turned to Jamie and they smiled that conspiratorial smile of “best mates.” So those were the reflections and daydreams that happily occupied the minds of all four occupants of the truck as it barreled north on the freeway to the secluded spot in the dunes that had already been the scene of so many erotic adventures. It had been on just such a trip as this that Mark had saved Jamie’s life using the kiss of life, where they had fallen in love and where Jamie had become Mark’s boy. Maybe, Mark thought to himself, the place would work its magic once again. ************** “Well, it sure ain’t Manly Beach,” said a crestfallen Jamie, referring to the Sydney beach where he and Nate had found such `epic’ waves for surfing. They had just arrived at the dunes and he and Nate were looking out at the placid waves rolling gently ashore on the long, deserted beach. “Oh, I dunno, mate,” Nate said, “you can get a pretty fair ride on waves like that.” “OK, let’s go,” said Jamie, always the leader of the two. “Not so fast, guys,” said Mark. “First we gotta get all the gear from the truck and stow it in the shack. You can pitch your tent later. In a flurry of activity the boys hauled everything off the truck and threw it haphazardly into the shack. Nate looked shyly at Mark and said, “I’ll tidy everything up when we come back, sir, if that’s OK.” Mark melted, seeing Nate’s wide-eyed eager face. “I guess there’ll be no living with you two until you’ve surfed yourselves crazy. OK, but be careful. Don’t go out too far and whatever you do, stay together.” The boys grabbed their boards and were soon paddling out into the surf, with Jamie in the lead. Hassan grinned. “He’s your boy alright, always taking the lead. Looks like Nate would follow him anywhere.” “Yeah,” Mark said. “Jamie’s the leader, that’s for sure, and Nate worships him. “Worries me a bit sometimes, though. Jamie loves Nate and is not above showing off to him, proving what an impulsive young stud he can be. Still, if I’m honest, I guess that’s one of the things that turns me on about him. But enough about the boys … what about us? Feel like a run? Zack asked me to check on his shack while we were here … air it out for him. It’s a couple of miles down the beach. You game?” Hassan laughed. “You’re just like your boy … always the leader … and with a buddy who worships you. Yeah, sure. Running along the beach shoulder to shoulder with you will be a privilege … not to mention a massive turn-on. Let’s go, stud.” *************** The seemingly endless beach was completely deserted into the far distance where it faded into a mist of spray. Pity there was no one to see it, because any stray observer would have been treated to a spectacular sight … two magnificent men in swim trunks running through the shallow surf, their powerful legs pounding the sand step for step. They were contrasting studies in male beauty … the one a blond Greek god, the other a darkly exotic Arabic/Asian. But they matched each other in height, their square-cut sculpted features, and the perfect musculature of their stunning physiques, gleaming to spray-splashed perfection in the hot sun. Both men were aware of their beauty and they could be vain when they needed to impress. This was one of those times, acutely aware as each one was of the desire he roused in the man next to him, matching his powerful strides… with a feeling of sexual challenge in the air. Occasionally they glanced at each other and smiled, but they remained silent, glorying in their muscular strength, their shared masculinity, and the mounting lust that could not be ignored much longer. Their bodies were perfectly in sync … and so were their minds. They had both drifted back in time, remembering their first meeting years ago in a desert prison where, as enemy soldiers, they had bound and tortured each other in turn … leading to mutual lust and passion. Instinctively they slowed down to a walk and continued in pensive silence for a while, the waves washing over their feet. Then, reading Mark’s thoughts, Hassan said quietly, “Do you remember it?” “All of it,” Mark murmured. “Every last detail.” He recalled vividly how Hassan had subjected him to military interrogation. “As if it were yesterday I can see myself chained to the bars of that cell as you tortured my body. I remember looking at you and, even as I struggled to get free, I felt my cock get hard. Man, you were so beautiful I couldn’t help it … and then you forced my endless orgasm, blasting streams of cum across the cell as you punished my body and rammed your dick in my ass. Yeah, I still beat off thinking about it.” “But you won, Mark. You beat me in the end. Even after Diyarbakır Escort suffering all that you turned the tables, chained me and tortured me. And do you remember how you finished it? … pinning me to the floor of the cell on my back, fucking my ass like a jackhammer and, at the moment we both busted our loads, squeezing your hands round my throat until I passed out. And that is the very moment, to this day, when I cum as I masturbate thinking about it.” There was silence again and the men were acutely aware of their rigid cocks in their shorts as they splashed through the shallow water. Mark suddenly jerked up his head and said, “But hey buddy, that was yesterday, this is today. The sun is shining and we are alone on this endless beach, two gorgeous men breathing the same air, lusting for each other. And the surf awaits!” Quickly he dropped his shorts, ran a few steps into the water and dived under a breaking wave. Hassan was quick to follow and soon the two naked men were swimming side by side with long powerful strokes. Their shoulders touched and Mark Laughed, “Hey, man, you trying to muscle me out of your way? Fat chance, pal!” He threw himself onto Hassan and immediately they were wrestling in the waves. Equally matched, their gleaming bodies struggled for supremacy. In a bear hug they sank beneath the surface and their mouths came together in a ravenous, endless underwater embrace. At last they broke the surface, gasping for air, but still holding each other at arm’s length. Through the spray they gazed at each other with a mounting desire intensified by their physical contest, muscle grinding against muscle. To break the stalemate Hassan raised his knee, pressed his foot against Mark’s chest and pushed, sending Mark flying backwards into the water. “Come get me, man,” he yelled as he struck out toward the shore. Mark recovered his balance and it was a race to the beach. Hassan was first to touch bottom and he broke into a run, knee deep in water. But Mark was right behind and launched himself forward, bringing Hassan down with a flying football tackle. They rolled over and over in the shallow water, waves breaking over them. And then suddenly the contest was over. Mark was on top of Hassan, pinning his hands to the sand above his head. Gasping for air they gazed at each other wild-eyed, both of them knowing what was happening. “Is this what you meant, Hassan? Is this the way you remember it? Is this the way I finished you off in that cell? Like this…?” He threw Hassan’s legs over his shoulders and with one quick, ferocious moved plunged his cock deep inside the Marine’s ass. The soldier screamed in pain and ecstasy as he looked up at the glorious blond muscle-god, fucking him as he had so long ago on the floor of the prison cell. The memory flooded back. It had been just like this, except that now he was lying on wet sand, shallow waves breaking over them as Mark impaled his ass on his iron-hard piston. Hassan went wild and he became once more the beaten soldier. “Come on, man, fuck that ass, man. You’ve beaten him … you are the best … come on soldier, finish him off.” In a pitch of excitement Mark felt his cock ready to explode in the hot ass. He was back in that dank room, looking down at the beautiful man who had chained and tortured him. He was fucking his way to freedom … just one more thing to do … Hassan begged, “Do it, man. Do it, please. Finish me off, Mark. You know how …” Mark pulled his hands away from Hassan’s wrists and pressed them instead round his throat. That is how he had overpowered Hassan all those years ago and broken free. His military training had taught him how to cut off a man’s oxygen and make him momentarily lose consciousness, immobilizing him for enough seconds to overcome him. And now once again Mark pressed hard on the pressure points as the men locked eyes. Instinctively Hassan gripped Mark’s wrists and pulled at them frantically in a desperate bid to escape, just as he had years ago in that climactic scene. He looked up wildly at the glorious Nordic face, the face of his conqueror, the face of the man he loved. His cock was pulsing and as the vision of the face grew blurred he knew this was the end. He felt Mark pounding his ass, felt his hands tighten round his throat, and he screamed, “I love you, man,” as his cock exploded in a blast of hot semen … and everything went dark. As the soldier’s hands fell away limply from his opponent’s wrists Mark gazed in awe at the dark, rugged face slumped to one side, and his own cock erupted inside the broken man’s ass. It was a spectacular orgasm, a tribute to the harrowing memory of that long-ago time when he had finally vanquished his torturer in a tumultuous act of sexual supremacy. Suddenly a wave splashed over them and jerked Mark back into the present. He saw his friend lying still and he gently pulled him to shallower water, knelt beside him and cradled his head in his arm. Hassan became aware of a deep voice calling his name. He opened his eyes, his blurred vision cleared and he found himself gazing up at the same beautiful face that had made him shoot his load just as he passed out. Mark’s anxious voice said, “You OK, man? You feeling OK?” Hassan smiled. “Never better, Mark. Jesus, you were sensational … just as you were that first night. That was the moment I always remember, the moment that has given me many orgasms since … and that was the moment all that time ago when I fell in love with you Mark. And of course …I still am.” ************** For a long time they sat on the beach, shoulder to shoulder, staring silently out to sea, knowing that many miles away over the distant horizon was the place in the desert where they had experienced their first tortured sexual encounter, part of which they had just re-enacted. After a while they turned to smile at each other and Mark said, “Life goes on, buddy. Memories remain … but life goes on. Come on, let’s go check out Zack’s shack … make sure it hasn’t been washed away.” It hadn’t. There it stood in the dunes, smaller than Mark’s, waiting in silent obedience for someone to bring it to life. As they pushed the door open Mark said, “Man, this has been the scene of some spectacular action. You know, this is where Bob met Zack and, boy, did that set the fur flying when he told Randy.” He looked around at the rumpled bed with clothes strewn around, just as Zack had left it when he was last here. “Shit, the place just oozes Zack’s sexuality.” “Yeah,” Hassan said, “I know all about that. See that old door-frame standing up in the sand out there? I told you about the time I came across Zack tied to it being whipped by a couple of thugs. I got rid of them real fast, but the black stud looked so incredibly hot in bondage that I had to whip him. But you know what? As I gazed at Zack my mind went back to your wartime capture, and the man I saw hanging before me, in chains, was you Mark, a Greek god writhing in pain as I whipped you.” “Is this what you used on Zack?” Hassan whirled round to see Mark holding Zack’s black leather whip he had picked up from the floor. “I will never forget that time in the desert,” Mark said quietly. “Watching you, that stunning face, that body flexing as it wielded the whip. You were so beautiful, man, that the pain vanished, became so erotic that I blasted a load of cum across the room. Like I said, I still jack off thinking about that.” There was a heavy silence as they gazed at each other. Without a word Mark held out his hand and offered the whip to Hassan. It was his turn to re-live past memories. Silently they walked out of the shack and dropped their shorts, two naked men. The ropes were still there lying in the sand and Mark allowed himself to be tied to the doorframe, wrists tied high up at the corners, his magnificent body spread-eagled, waiting. “Oh, man,” Hassan breathed. “You look even more spectacular than you did then. Here it comes, Mark. Remember!” He raised his arm and brought the whip down across the slabs of the captive’s chest. He smiled as he watched the body jerk backward, muscles flexing as the arms pulled helplessly against the ropes. He looked with satisfaction at the bound man’s rock hard cock bouncing to attention, and felt his own cock pulse at the extraordinary sight of the tortured solider, just as he had been that night. It was merely a symbolic flogging, not hard enough to cause real pain but enough to release memories. Hassan just wanted to see the whip falling across the muscle-god’s chest as it had that first time. The sound of the whip, the writhing body, and the intense gaze as they held each other’s eyes, all launched them back in time. It was one soldier torturing another, and Hassan used the same words as he had then. “You are a beautiful man, soldier. I love torturing your body, watching it writhe, seeing your handsome face wince with pain. I too am a beautiful man, I know that, and I can make you do whatever I command.” He looked down and aimed the whip at Mark’s long hard rod, wrapping the leather thongs round it. Mark gasped and knew that would finish him. Hassan’s gaze was penetrating. “Yes, Mark, I can do it. I can do to you whatever I choose. Now you will obey me, soldier. Now!” Suddenly his arms flexed and he increased the strength of the blows. Now it hurt and Mark’s eyes widened in pain and fury. “Fuck you, man,” he screamed. “Aaaah!” As the punishment intensified he saw himself chained in the cell, saw his body writhing under the lash, saw his handsome, exotic captor as his muscles flexed and gleamed with sweat. He couldn’t take any more. It was not so much the pain, as the sight of this magnificent man that made him scream, “OK, man, you win. I give up … I submit!” His cock shuddered and shot a long ribbon of cum across the sand, splashing onto Hassan’s smooth olive skin. “Yes, Mark,” Hassan shouted. “That is what I see in my dreams. That is what makes me cum,” … and he in turn blasted a flood of white liquid onto the man writhing before Diyarbakır Escort Bayan him. They stood gazing at each other, their cocks shooting stream after stream of semen across the space between them … just as they had that fateful day, a day they would never forget … a day they had needed to re-live on this wild, deserted beach. ************* They lay for a long time, their bodies entwined together on the hot sand. Hassan whispered, “Thank you, Mark. Thank you for taking me back to that place.” “Yeah,” Mark said. “That was a tough time, but hey, look where it brought us … here together, on the beach, with those two gorgeous young surfers back there waiting for us. Come on, man. Let’s go find them. And this time I promise I won’t highjack you and plough your ass.” Hassan grinned. “Oh, highjacking’s good. You’ll never hear me object.” They got to their feet, closed up the shack, pulled on their swim trunks and ran back along the empty beach without stopping … no pause, no highjacking, just an eagerness to put the past behind them and rejoin the boys. But the boys were not there. Mark looked out to sea and there was no one, no Jamie or Nate, no other surfers. Seeing the alarm on Mark’s face Hassan said, “Don’t worry, Mark, they probably got tired of surfing and wandered into the village for a bite to eat.” “Then where are their surfboards?” Mark retorted, panic rising in his voice. “No, they’re still out there somewhere … something must have happened. I’ve gotta get out there, find them. Stay here, buddy, in case they show up. I’ve gotta find them.” He took off, racing to the water and launching himself headlong into the waves. Mark, the consummate police officer, was usually calm and steady as a rock. Not this time … this was about Jamie, his boy, the boy he loved and protected. He tried desperately to steady his nerves and control the panic, but his mind was whirling with thoughts of the past. The rip-tides here could be brutal and he thought of the time all the boys had been adrift in the rowboat. Thank god he had been there to rescue them. He felt a stab of fear as he remembered the day that Jamie had been caught in the rip-tide and almost drowned, saved only by the kiss of life Mark had administered just in time. That life-saving kiss, the moment they had gazed at each other and fallen in love. “Jamie!” he yelled breathlessly as he felt panic overtaking him. “Jamie, where are you?” But he realized that shouting was useless above the sound of the waves and would only sap his strength. So he quickened his powerful strokes, frantically searching over the waves hoping desperately to catch a glimpse of the boys, or at least a loose surfboard. “I can’t lose him,” he thought. “I can’t … I love the boy … he’s my boy!” He didn’t realize that the salt water on his face was not only the sea, it was tears of anguish and dread. It was becoming hopeless as he scanned the empty ocean with no sign of anything but the swell of water. He found himself swimming toward the end of the beach, in the opposite direction from where he had run earlier. There was a long sandspit separating this beach from the next, its long arm jutting out into the ocean. Nearing exhaustion he knew instinctively that climbing up onto the sand here would give him a better view of the sea … a better chance of finding them, he thought, though the prospects of this were dimming. Panting heavily he hauled himself from the water and stumbled up onto the sandspit. His eyes were blurred with seawater and tears, but as his vision cleared he anxiously scanned the endless expanse of ocean. Nothing. “Please,” he begged to no-one in particular. “Let me find them … I need Jamie.” Frantically he turned round to scan the other beach on the far side of the sandspit … and his heart leapt. The place was deserted, except for what looked like two figures bobbing in the swell in the far distance. He squinted, strained his eyes, and then, as the swell rose behind them, he saw them jump up on their surfboards and ride the wave. Mark was not a religious man but he said a silent prayer of thanks anyway. It had to be them … but why were they all the way over there? Had they been swept this far? He began to leap up and down, waving his arms wildly, screaming Jamie’s name, even though he knew he couldn’t be heard from this distance. But he was a big man and his frantic efforts to attract their attention finally paid off. He saw them drop flat onto their boards and they seemed to be paddling back in his direction. **************** As Mark watched the boys come closer he could see Jamie’s gleaming shoulders as he paddled strongly, he could see his face … that face that he had kissed so many times as he made love to him, the face of the boy he adored. His mind was racing with conflicting emotions. As his panic abated it was replaced with relief, then bewilderment as to how they had gone so far … and why? It couldn’t have been a mistake … it was deliberate. And now his other thoughts were smothered by something even more acute … a rising anger. As the boys paddled round the headland and headed to shore Mark dived back into the surf and swam strongly to the beach. Exhausted in body and mind he staggered out of the water and into Hassan’s waiting arms. “Take it easy, man,” Hassan said. “Deep breaths. It’s OK, they’re safe. Look, here they come.” Mark turned and watched the boys wade out of the water, their boards under their arms. The grins on their faces faded suddenly as they saw Mark’s expression. It was one of ice-cold anger. Mark’s relief at seeing his boy safe and sound was eclipsed by a fury born of fear. All the panic, foreboding and dread of the last half-hour now coalesced into rage that his boy could have been so thoughtless as to put himself in danger, and cause his master such grief. And now his anger found full voice. “What the fuck did you think you were doing, boy? Do you know what you put me through, not knowing where you were, if you were even alive or dead? You stupid, fucking young idiot, just out for your own pleasure, not caring what it would do to the man who loves you? Didn’t I tell you not to go out too far? What do you think Hassan and I felt when we got back and you had disappeared? Don’t you remember the time you almost drowned out there and I had to bring you back to life? Shit, I’m beginning to wonder if it was worth it.” Mark checked himself as he suddenly realized he had gone too far. But far from being chastened, Jamie was spurred to anger by what he saw as the injustice of Mark’s harsh words. Worse, he was being reprimanded in front of his young friend, Nate, the boy who respected him as a leader, the boy he showed off to as a proud, confident young stud. Jamie could not let Mark’s reproach go unchallenged. “Sir, that’s not fair,” he said defiantly. “I decided that the waves here were shit and that’s why we went to the next beach where the surf was higher. It was my decision, not Nate’s, in fact he objected, but I don’t think I did anything wrong.” Jamie’s defiance was escalating as he became more passionate in his defense, his voice choking with indignation. “You have no right talking to me like that in front of my friend. I’m an adult … I can make my own decisions … I don’t need your permission just because … because you’re some big tough cop.” His eyes were brimming with tears. “Stop telling me what to do. You have no right … you’re not my dad!” There was a shocked silence as his last bitter words hung in the air. Jamie was trembling but he had enough sense to realize he had gone too far. There was only one thing he could do. He turned and ran away, sobbing as he pounded over the sand and up into the dunes. Mark was stunned by Jamie’s outburst and his instinct was to follow his boy. But as he was about take off he felt a hand grip his wrist and restrain him. “Take it easy, man,” Hassan said calmly. “Let him go, you’ll only make it worse. Better wait a minute `til he cools off, then go and talk to him.” Hassan was moved by the lost look of confusion and bewilderment in Mark’s usually steady eyes. Mark made a stammering attempt to explain himself. “I was angry because I was scared, man … scared of losing him. And now I’ve lost him. Do you think I’ve lost him, buddy?” “Of course not,” Hassan smiled. “You two … never. Shit, if you’d lost him I’d snap him up in a heartbeat, but that ain’t gonna happen. He’s your boy and you’re his master, and that’s not gonna change. But there’s no way he should have talked to you like that and you’ll have to decide how you deal with that.” He looked over at Nate, standing nearby in a state of shock. Hassan nodded in his direction and raised his eyebrows at Mark. Mark took his cue and walked over to the boy. “Nate, I’m sorry about all this. I believe that none of this was your fault. Jamie said you objected to going so far out but I know how you look up to him and would follow him anywhere. Now while I go speak to Jamie I’m gonna leave you with Hassan. Why don’t you fix him a drink and have something to eat with him?” “OK if I tidy up the shack too and put away our gear, sir?” Nate said shyly. “Hey, let me help you with that,” said Hassan gently. “Don’t worry, kid, I’ll take care of you.” As they walked toward the shack Hassan threw his arm round Nate’s shoulder. Nate sighed with relief. After all, he had wanted to get to know Hassan better, hadn’t he? **************** It didn’t take long for Mark to find Jamie. Coming over the crest of one of the dunes he saw him in a hollow, sitting with his knees drawn up, his arms hugging them and his head buried in his arms. His hunched shoulders shook as he sobbed. Mark approached silently. “Hey.” Startled Jamie raised his tear-stained eyes and flinched away from him. Mark squatted by him but when he touched his shoulder the boy flinched again. He clearly was not about to talk, so Mark did. “Look, kid, I think we both lost our cool back there. I was afraid I had lost you out in Escort Diyarbakır the ocean … I was pretty frantic for a while… and when I found you my fear turned to anger. I guess I came on a bit strong. I was right to reprimand you but I shouldn’t have done it in front of Nate … I know how that must have humiliated you. Even so, you should never have spoken to me the way you did.” He paused, expecting some reaction, but Jamie didn’t move so Mark continued. “What do you want from me, kid? Look, what you said back there about me not being your dad. Shit, boy, I’ll adopt you if you want, like Randy did Pablo. Just tell me what you want.” Finally Jamie raised his head and his teary eyes looked directly into Mark’s. “I want you to punish me, sir. I don’t know why I said all those things. I didn’t mean any of it. I thought I had ruined everything and you wouldn’t want me anymore.” Mark’s voice rose, “Jamie, for god’s sake, I’ve told you a million times you’re my boy and that’s never gonna change no matter what.” “Thank you, sir. But I know I was wrong to go to the other beach … I didn’t think how scared you’d be that we’d drowned or something. And I know for sure I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. So I want you to punish me, sir, like they do in the house when someone screws up. Nate and Hassan heard me say all those crazy things, so I need to show them how stupid I’ve been. I need them to see you punish me, sir, to hurt me. And it has to be real.” “OK, Jamie. I understand how you feel.” “But one other thing, sir. Please don’t punish Nate. It was all my idea and he said we shouldn’t go. He tried to stop me but when I went anyway he followed me `cause you had said we should stay together. So don’t punish him, sir. He’s a real good guy.” “I know he is, Jamie, and so are you.” In Mark’s mind Jamie had just redeemed himself. But he knew he had to punish him. It was the only way. ************** Hassan and Nate were gazing down in awe. When Mark and Jamie had got back it was the sight of Jamie’s big surfboard lying on the sand that gave Mark the idea. And now everything was ready. It was an awesome sight. Jamie was lying naked on his back on the board, his arms stretched upward, his wrists tied with a rope and the rope looped over the big curved fin at the end of the board. There was a rope round his chest, so the young surfer was lashed to his own surfboard. His fine, muscular body was gleaming in the sun, his handsome face was streaked with sea-salt and sand and his tousled blond hair hung in a tangle over his forehead. The sight of the gorgeous young surfer tied to his surfboard gave all three men stiff erections in their shorts. “Let me see you get free,” Mark’s deep voice growled. Jamie looked up at his wrists roped round the fin and pulled at them hopelessly. He tried to twist his body, his lean young muscles flexing and straining, but he was lashed tight to the board. He looked spectacular and Hassan murmured softly, “Holy shit, that’s incredible.” Naked now, Mark stood astride Jamie and looked down at him. “You did the unforgivable thing, boy … you insulted your master. When you became my boy I told you I would love you and protect you but that you had to obey me always. Now you have disobeyed … disobeyed me! Look at me boy!” He held his arms out to the side and flexed his magnificent torso. “Do I look like the kind of guy who tolerates disobedience in a boy? You have insulted me in front of our friends and you have to be punished. I’m gonna hurt you, boy.” Mark dropped to his knees astride Jamie’s chest. His blue-gray eyes penetrated Jamie’s as he touched the boy’s bound chest. Suddenly his fingers gripped Jamie’s nipples tight and he twisted them hard. “Aaagh!” Jamie’s scream echoed along the beach and through the dunes, drowning out the crash of the waves and the cry of the whirling seagulls. Again Mark wrench his nipples with savage strength and again Jamie screamed, his head thrashing from side to side, tears spurting from his eyes. Again and again Mark twisted the nipples brutally and Jamie’s screams were agonized, so pitiful that Nate took a step forward until he felt Hassan’s restraining hand on his shoulder. Nate looked up with tears in his eyes but Hassan shook his head at him. They were not to intervene. This was between Mark and his boy. Mark was now applying steady pressure to the nipples and Jamie felt that his whole chest was on fire. The pain was excruciating and he looked up desperately at the master who had never hurt him like this. In his haze of pain he heard Mark’s deep voice. “Now you know what it means to insult your master, boy. What do you have to say for yourself?” Through his wracking sobs Jamie moaned, “I’m sorry, sir. I know I disobeyed you … I never will again, sir. You are my master and I love you, sir. I worship you. Please forgive me, sir. Please …” Tears poured down his face. “It hurts so bad, sir. Please stop hurting me.” Immediately it ended, as the fingers pulled away with one last burst of pain. Jamie gazed up at the beautiful Nordic face and gasped, “Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.” “We’re not finished yet, boy. First your chest, now you ass.” Mark eased backward until he was kneeling on the board between Jamie’s legs. He threw the legs high in the air and with one swift, brutal thrust impaled the young ass on his steel-like rod. Again Jamie screamed. He had been fucked countless time by Mark, but never like this. Mark never fucked him savagely, but this time was different. The piston drove into the boy’s ass without mercy. Sweat poured off Jamie’s helpless, writhing body, straining against the ropes, as he endured the relentless pounding in his ass. “I’m gonna ream your ass, boy,” Mark growled. “You will never, ever disobey me again, never talk back to me again, is that clear?” “Yes, sir.” Jamie groaned through the pain of the piston ramming into him. “I’m sorry, sir. Let me prove to you that I’m sorry. Fuck my ass sir … fuck me hard … hurt me sir … I need you to hurt me sir … just so you’ll forgive me. I love you, sir. You’re all my life.” He screamed with pain and joy, “I love you, sir!” Suddenly the pain stopped, the pounding stopped and all Jamie could feel was the cock sliding gently, slowly in and out of his ass. He looked up in surprise and saw Mark smiling down at him. It was over … the anger the punishment, the pain … all of it was over, replaced by the exquisite, gentle loving that they knew every day of their lives. “That’s it, Jamie,” Mark said. “I forgive you. I love you. I love you always, boy, every day … always. Now you have to do one last thing for me, and you know what that is.” “Yes, sir,” Jamie said, managing to smile through his tears. “Now, sir?” Mark nodded and Jamie felt his cock shudder as a long ribbon of cream shot from his cock and splashed on his master’s chest. He felt Mark explode inside him, and that made him shoot some more, again and again as he watched the muscular body moving above him, slowing until it was still. Mark pulled out, sprang to his feet and said, “Release him.” Instantly Nate was on his knees pulling at the ropes until his friend was finally free. Hassan knelt on the other side and together they eased Jamie up on his feet and held his arms as he faced his glorious master. Mark walked forward, paused as he looked deep into his boy’s eyes, then took him into his arms and held him tight. Each man, master and boy, had tears streaming down his face. **************** Mark and Hassan were sitting on the small porch watching Jamie and Nate rough-housing in the surf. The experience had brought the boys even closer together and Jamie was even more of a hero in Nate’s eyes. The men sipped beers in silence for a while, then Hassan looked at Mark and said, “Well done, man. That couldn’t have been easy.” “It was agony for me, hurting my boy like that. I’m ashamed of myself.” “Nah, you had to do that and you know it. Jamie wanted to be punished and it had to be real. It was the only way he could ever begin to forgive himself for talking to you like he did. Submitting to you was the only way Jamie could prove to you, to himself and to us that he was devoted to you … that he would do anything for you, suffer any pain.” There was silence again, then Mark said, “Jesus it’s tough, loving someone as much as that.” “Yeah, tell me about it, Mark.” Hassan looked directly into his friend’s eyes. “I know all about that. Love’s a bitch.” Mark put his arm round him. “Hassan, you know you and I will always love each other … shit, after everything we’ve been through. We’re two of a kind, man. And now that you’re living in L.A., just up the hill …” and he smiled seductively. “But listen, man, I’m gonna ask a favor of you. You know that the plan was for the boys to sleep in their tent tonight and we’d share the bed in the shack. Well I was wondering … just for tonight if …” “… if you could sleep with Jamie in the tent and Nate will bunk in with me in the shack. Of course, man … wouldn’t have it any other way. You two have to make your peace. Hell, you’ll probably be making love all night … but tomorrow night, you’re all mine OK?” Hassan smiled and took a sip of beer. “Besides, that Nate’s a hot young kid. Oh, he doesn’t have the glamor that Jamie has, but he’s real handsome in a quiet way … hot young body too. He may be shy, but he’s nobody’s fool … real direct and honest, with a great sense of humor. I like all that about him. Reminds me a bit of how I was at his age. Yeah, I like Nate a lot.” “Sounds like you won’t mind sharing your bed with him, buddy.” “Oh, I won’t mind,” Hassan said, flashing a big smile. “I won’t mind at all.” ***************** TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” … Chapter 137 Hi guys, this is Rob Williams. I hope that chapter got you off, and I welcome your comments and suggestions, which can be very helpful in planning future chapters. E-mail me in confidence at rw6789@aol. I always reply. ALSO, I urge you to visit my Web-site gth. You can read the whole story, all the many chapters, with extras, including pictures and biographies of all the characters and some other great artwork. Click on the `Our Story’ tab to read the current chapter, or click on the green button to browse all the chapter synopses. Enjoy! Rob Williams

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