My Journey Pt. 08 – Break

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No Panties

When I got inside I saw that Jack was busy in the kitchen. He was clearly freshly showered and only wearing a pair of boxers as he did some dishes.

“Hey! Right on time!” He said excitedly as he took the groceries from me and set them on the counter….next to a couple cases of beer and a few bottles of liquor.

He saw my look of confused concern.

“Alex and Jim are coming over tomorrow. Their wives let them free for a couple of days.”

My heart sank a little. I was hoping to have Jack all to myself. But I quickly realized it was unfair to think he wouldn’t spend time with his best friends.

He saw my disappointment. “Ah! Don’t worry. It’ll be fun. I promise. We usually go away together this week. But with everything going on with my divorce and all, we decided to pass this year and just hang out here. I probably should have told you that. With that in mind, I need to talk to you. I have some good news and bad news.”

“What? What is it?”

“Let’s get this place cleaned up and ready for the weekend first. We have to get the patio straightened out too. Then we can sit down and talk.”

Ohhhh….I didn’t like the sound of this at all. But I got busy dusting and straightening up. It was pretty late by the time we finished with the patio.

We plopped down on the couch, each holding a beer. “So what is it you need to tell me?”

“What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?”

“What’s the bad news?” I braced myself.

“Next week I have to leave on a business trip so I need to cut my vacation time. I’ll be gone for 2 weeks. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s required for the position and I’m still pretty new there.”

I sighed. I was clearly disappointed but it didn’t sound like protesting was going to change anything.

“Ok. So what’s the good news?”

“Well, if your interested, I’ve lined up an internship for you at my firm. Once you graduate you’ll qualify for a three month unpaid position. If they like you it’ll turn full time, permanent, with full benefits.”

I was ecstatic!! Aside from Anadolu Yakası Escort being stressed out about classes and projects and tests and homework, what I would be doing after graduation loomed over my head. It was like a huge weight was lifted of my shoulders.

I jumped on top of Jack and hugged him. He started laughing.

“Ok! Ok! Remember, it’s unpaid for 3 months and there is no guarantee we will work together! And you still have to go through the application process!”

I didn’t care. It was an amazing opportunity. Application processes usually involved transcripts, references, an essay, and an interview. My grades were great, references weren’t an issue, and I was great in interviews. And an essay? I mean…. that’s what I do. Plus the lease on my apartment was paid for three months after graduation because that’s when the year would be up. It was almost too good to be true.

I grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him deeply and aggressively. I could feel his cock begin to harden against mine.

What an amazing feeling!!

His hand slid under my shorts and grabbed my naked ass. He gave it a firm squeeze and began gently grinding against me.

I arched my back to grind back and tugged my shirt over my head. I fell back on Jack, kissing his ears, his neck, his shoulders. I slowly slid down his body, never removing my lips from him until I was kneeling between his legs.

He lifted his ass so I could pull his boxers off. I tossed them aside as I stared at his cock. It was obviously freshly shaven, the balls and shaft void of any hair. It was beautiful as it gently pulsed to his heartbeat.

I shimmied out of my shorts before gently licking the underside of his cock head. Instinctively I wanted to slide him into my mouth but I stopped myself. I wanted to savor this. I wanted to enjoy this. And I wanted to watch Jack enjoy this.

I licked up and down his shaft before slobbering all over his balls. I hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy nuts since I usually was so eager to taste cum. Not that I Avrupa Yakası Escort didn’t want to taste cum now, I just wanted to enjoy cock now, If that makes sense.

Once his balls were nice and wet I finally slid my mouth down his cock. We both moaned. Jack’s hands landed on my head but I quickly removed them. I knew that he’d soon be battering the back of my throat if allowed. Not that I’m against a good facefuck. Quite the contrary. I love it. But something was different this time.

I was in control.

Well, as in control as you can be when your kneeling in front of a man and have his cock in your mouth.

I really got into to it. Watching his reaction as I worked his cock was amazing. I’d brought him to the edge of orgasm a few times before finally letting him have a shuttering, groaning orgasm, which I caught in my mouth.

There something about having a load of cum shot into your mouth that’s indescribable, at least for me. I get an intense satisfaction, almost a high, when the cum lands on my tongue. And this time was no exception.

What I didn’t expect was the amount of cum. It seemed like it just kept coming which caused me to gag on it and some shot out my nose!!

That paints a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

It burned. I coughed. Slimy cum/snot/slobber was all over Jack’s cock and balls. I kept sucking though. I felt so dirty, so slutty.

And that’s probably what caused me to keep sucking! After he finished I began licking up his cum. His balls were coated and needed cleaning as did the base of his cock.

Then I went right back to blowing him. His reaction was priceless.

“Oh fuck yeah. Suck it you slut!”

His hands were back on my head again but I didn’t remove them this time. This might not have been the best idea.

A man will give you his first load of cum relatively easily. However, that second load, especially without a break, well, you have to earn that one. That was the lesson I learned that night.

And earn it I did. He was relatively gentle at first, letting me do İstanbul Escort the work. But as time went on, he got more aggressive. My jaw was aching, my hands, which I typically rarely use when giving head, were covered in cum/slobber. My eyes were tearing and my nose dripping with snot.

I was definitely enjoying it, using the slimy snot mix covering my hands to stroke my own cock. Jack had fistfuls of my hair and a leg over my shoulder giving him the leverage to brutally fuck my throat.

It was a strange feeling, wanting, needing a break but not willing to pull away. And I’m not sure I’d be able to get away anyway.

Eventually Jack shot his load into my throat. I savored the well earned flavor of his cum but was surprised when my own orgasm overtook my body. I was so focused on Jack that I wasn’t paying attention to my own pleasure.

I came intensely from my well lubricated stroking, shooting onto the floor as I cried out around Jack’s dick.

My head fell to the side of his crotch, keeping his knob inside my mouth as I tried to catch my breath as I savored the pride of getting that second load.

We stayed like that for quite a while, I may have even fallen asleep as Jack stroked my hair.

Jack’s sitting up startled me out of my post orgasm trance. He looked at me and laughed. “You’re a fucking mess! You should head into the bathroom and clean yourself up”.

We got up and I finished my beer, which was warm now. I went into the bathroom. I was shocked at the reflection in the mirror.

My hair was a mess, of course. My eyes were red, snot was leaking out of my nose, and the cum/snot/slobber mix was spread all over my face. Some of it had dried into a crust. There was even some in my hair.

Jack was right. I was a fucking mess! Totally worth it though. I smiled as I washed the mess from my face and hair. I also cleaned up my sticky cock as well.

I smiled at myself in the mirror. I felt incredibly content at that moment. That guy in the mirror with the wet, slicked back hair finally felt good about himself for the first time in a very long time. I had good grades, almost a college graduate, a potential job lined up, and I felt sexy and desirable. Like nothing could stop me.

I took a deep breath and wandered into the bedroom. I pulled back the covers and laid next to Jack. I fell asleep almost immediately.

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How I Met My Master

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“I finally made it.” I thought to myself.

This was my first time traveling both abroad and alone. I turned 18 3 days ago and normally I’d be drafted into the IDF, but since I have Kallmann syndrome I was granted an exception. I originally came to Chicago to meet a long-time internet friend… but while I was boarding the flight he messaged me and told me he had a family emergency and they needed to leave town to take care of his uncle.

I decided to go anyway and just visit the US alone and see him some other time. I chose not to tell my parents because I didn’t want them to worry, they’d freak out at the idea of me being in a foreign country alone. I’m an Israeli national, but my great-grandparents were holocaust survivors. So, I have blonde hair, green eyes, and pale skin.

Because I have Kallmann, I never finished puberty. I’m very short and have a high-pitched voice. when I made it to the hostel I was put in a room with two beds. No one was in there when I got in but the other bed was sloppily made and there were some clothes on the floor. Once I showered I put some shorts on and sat down on the bed. I was about to pass out from pure exhaustion when the door opened.

When I say love at first sight I’m not kidding. The guy who walked in was exactly my dream. Tall with a limber body but slightly muscular arms, light brown hair, green eyes, and a beautiful face. I was so taken aback that I looked down when he saw me to avoid eye contact but I could feel my face had gone red, I tried to talk but stuttered and gave up. He giggled a little and then sat down on his bed across from me. I finally got it together and looked over at him, still unable to fully make eye contact.

“How’s it going?” he asked.

He had an accent. Not an American one, I know what those sound like. I couldn’t tell from where.

“F-fine, how about you?”

“Amazing, I just got back from a concert I came here to see. What brings you here?” he asked.

“Well, originally I was gonna visit a friend but he had to leave, I decided to come anyway… where are you from?” I asked awkwardly.

“Germany,” he said.

Oh G-d, I could feel the blood draining from my face… I’m head over heels in love with a German guy…. When the irony really hit me I started laughing uncontrollably.

He asked me what was so funny.

“Well… I’m Jewish, I’m from Israel” I said.

His vibe instantly changed. He was Bostancı Escort still smiling, but differently. It was no longer a teeth smile, his mouth was closed and the corners of his lips were up high giving off a sadistic feel. And his eyes, it was like he was looking through me and not at me. You know when you’re looking through your backpack to make sure you have everything you need for school? It was like that.

“I’ll ask if he wants to go on a date,” I thought to myself.

Before I could say anything though he stood up and walked over to me, I was going to stand up too but he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back down. His zipper was right in my face and I could see his dick bulging through his jeans. My body went weak. I knew exactly what was gonna happen.

“Have you ever been fucked before?” He asked, running one hand through my hair and the other gently feeling the front part of my neck.

“No” I admitted nervously.

“Take my pants off” He said assertively.

“Wait, can’t we get to know each other a little first?” I asked.

“Wrong answer jewboy,” he said, tightening his grip on my hair.

I moved my hands up to his zipper, feeling his gigantic boner. I unzipped his black jeans and pulled them down, then pulled down his underwear, revealing his dick.

I’m cut, so seeing an uncut dick was enough to fascinate me alone, the extra skin over the tip pulled back revealing a dickhead so smooth it looked silky, completely different from mine. It’s so huge, I later learned it’s 20cm. Much longer than mine, and thicker too. It’s straight and has no veins, he had some pubes at that time but they were trimmed down.

I looked up at him and saw he had his phone out and was taking pics of me, getting me even harder.

“Suck it,” he said, putting his phone down and his dick into my mouth.

It tasted so good, he had some precum on the tip before it went into my mouth. He went slowly at first, but once I gagged and tried to stop he got more aggressive. It was so rough but I loved every second of it. I had tears flowing from my eyes and drool coming out of my mouth. He held my nose making it even harder for me to breathe. He stopped after about 10 minutes.

He pulled me up by my hair and then put one hand around my neck and used his other to reach into my shorts and feel my dick. He had his hand in a choking position around me, but he didn’t Ümraniye Escort choke me he just held it there gently. He pulled me close and gave me my first kiss. It was affectionate but still intense. His long tongue went so deep into my mouth that I gagged a little.

After, he shoved me back onto the bed, yanked my shorts off, and took off his shirt, revealing his slight abs. He got on the bed too and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I could feel his wet dick starting to go inside me, I tried grabbing my dick but he moved my hand away, and told me not to do that again.

He finally went inside me. It hurt so much but it also felt amazing, I let out a small cry that turned into a moan when his thick dick went past my prostate. He picked up the pace really fast.

After a couple minutes, I was in heaven. My ears started slightly ringing and I completely lost control of my body. I had to focus really hard to not have my eyes roll into my head. Before I knew it I sprayed cum all over myself.

“Good boy,” he said.

My hole tightened even more around his dick making him grunt louder and fuck me harder. I blacked out from pleasure. I snapped back when I felt his cum in me. He pulled his dick out and lay down on top of me after. I lay there with him feeling so amazing. I was already in love with him, but now that he has my virginity I became more emotionally bonded to him.

“I love you,” I said.

“You’re mine” he replied.

When I woke up I was already dressed in a different shirt from my suitcase, and I had his underwear from yesterday on. Having my dick where his was made me so hard. I looked at my apple watch and saw I slept for 11 hours! I jolted up, still feeling sore, and saw him laying on his bed looking through my phone.

“Good morning Abram,” He said.

I felt a bolt of fear run down my body. He must have used my thumb to unlock the phone, he knows everything about me now. I know I should’ve been really freaked out but I wasn’t. I was more scared I’d wake up and find him gone and never see him again. Not only was he still here, but he was also going through my phone meaning he clearly has plans for me.

“Finish getting dressed the Lyft is almost here,” he said.

We went downstairs and got in the car, “Detlev?” the driver asked.

He nodded and we got in. I leaned over on him in the back seat and he held my hand. At this point, I was melting. Kartal Escort I finally lost my virginity and have a really amazing boyfriend, everything really does happen for a reason I thought to myself.

When we arrived I saw we were at a place called county clerk. I wanted to google what that meant but he still had my phone. We went in and I asked what we were doing and he told me to be quiet. We got to the desk, and a guy behind the glass asked how he could help us.

“Hi, we need a marriage license,” he said handing him both his passport and mine.

My knees went weak. I wasn’t sure what caught me off guard more, the fact that I’m getting married or that he had my passport this whole time and I had no clue. I thought it was still in the room… But then again he had my phone, and put my clothes on me while I was asleep.

It was oddly cute, to see the contrast between our documents. Mine is blue with a Menorah emblem and Hebrew script while his is red and has a more hardcover with the German imperial eagle and writing. Hebrew is written from right to left, so our passports also open in different directions, it was cool to see them next to each other. He took them and gave us the form to fill out.

Detlev went first, then handed the form to me. I noticed we have the same birthday, and not just the same day and month the same year too. I was so excited I could hardly stand up.

Afterward, he gave us the license, told us to wait 72 hours before we can get it ordained, and reminded us this document is just a marriage license and doesn’t give either of us immigration ties to the US as he’s a German national and I’m Israeli. Like I’d wanna live in America anyway.

The second we walked out I hugged him and told him how happy I was he was super happy too and told me loves me. He finally handed me my phone but took my passport back. I was certain my parents were so worried by now and sure my friends had probably been texting me asking how it is so far. When I opened up iMessage I saw that he had not only been looking through my phone but he had been replying for me as well!

I started to get hard again. I checked my other apps and saw he had done the same. I also saw some other apps I wasn’t familiar with, I asked him what they were and he told me not to worry about them and not to delete anything without asking him first.

“What happens now?” I asked, trying to figure out if he’ll be coming back with me to Israel or if I’ll be moving to Germany.

“We’re going to a hardware store, I’m gonna get zip ties.”

When I asked him why he looked over at me and said, “Why do you think jewboy?” smiling sadistically. Then he winked at me.

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The Man at the Mall

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It being a Saturday I was out and about shopping, not looking for anything really just looking is all, and yeah I was checking out all the hot men in the mall. I went thru a few stores not really finding anything that might catch my eye. I decided on lunch in the food court, I got myself fries and gravy and a soda as well.

I had been following my diet so I could cheat today, this guy walked by, I call them biker guys. Leather vest over a well worn tee shirt a biker logo on the back of the vest. Well worn jeans in all the right places, the bulge on this guy was incredible. He stared at me as he slowly walked past me, he clearly could tell I was checking out his package.

He gave me this look as he walked by, he actually scared me, was he going to hurt me or just slap me for looking at him. He made this grunt noise as he walked away, I knew I was not going to cross his path again. I ate my lunch then decided to check out on of the larger department stores they had in this mall.

I loved the clothes and it got great ratings for action in their mens room, I walked around for some time till I decided it was time to go in. This really hot guy had just gone in and I only hoped he was looking for a guy to swallow his cock and load.

He was in the last stall the oversized one, he was pissing with the door open, he was standing on the side of the toilet so anyone could see his cock. The man had an impressive cock for sure, a guess would be eight by five, cut and dripping precum like a geyser. I stood at the door and watched as he gently stroked his cock for me.

“Could you help a guy out? Been a few days and I need to unload in nice warm wet mouth.”

I walked in and grabbed his huge cock in my hand, it not only felt good but was so warm and leaking precum. I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth, it tasted even better than I looked. I swallowed his cock to the base and gently sucked it, he was moaning and groaning the entire time.

We Bostancı Escort did not hear the door open, I was going to town on his cock, he had my head in his hands and was fucking my mouth. I sucked down and his cock flooded my mouth and throat with his warm wet cream. I sucked and milked that cock till I got it all.

We did not see the guy watching us while I sucked his cock, the biker guy was there watching me on my knees. The guy pulled his pants up and zipped up, he noticed biker guy move, he buttoned up and tried to get out of the door.

“Is he any good at sucking cock?”

“Pretty good actually, one of the better ones I have had.”

“Don’t get up cocksucker I have a cock for you to swallow, and you will eat every single drop I feed you Son, cause that is what good little cocksuckers do. You get the fuck out of here I don’t need an audience.”

The guy bolted past him, I could not get out, I was trapped in here with this guy who planned to use my mouth for his pleasure.

“Take my cock out Cocksucker. Don’t fucking talk just do what you’re told Cocksucker.”

I unbuckled then slid his zipper down, the bulge in his jeans was humungous wide thick and oh so long, I peeled his pants down so I could get his cock out. The man was so hairy, an untrimmed bush, his cock and balls surrounded by a mound of hair.

The hair like on his head and chest dark black, his cock flopped out, that thing was the biggest I had ever seen or touched.

“Did I tell you to touch it Cocksucker? You only do as you are told and nothing else.”

He gently slapped my face for not obeying him.

“Please Sir may I touch it? Lick it, taste it?”

He grabbed my by the hair and smeared his precum all over my face, I did not dare open my mouth or stick my tongue out.

“Open your mouth Cocksucker.”

He pushed his cock in my mouth, right to the back of my throat then right back out, I was not sure I would be able to swallow such Ümraniye Escort a big cock. He pushed his cock in my mouth and held it at the back of my mouth.

“Swallow it to the base Cocksucker.”

I repositioned so my throat was lined up and his cock might slide in a little bit easier. I wet his cock as much as I could so it might slide down. I got maybe half of it and that was it, I choked I gagged, I was never one to choke or gag, this guy intimidated me.

“Can’t do it can you Cocksucker? and you call yourself a cocksucker, you’re a fucking joke, my girlfriend sucks cock better than you do. Fucking fags these days call themselves cocksuckers online, but in reality they can’t even suck a lollypop.”

Now I was mad, that cock was going in me come hell or high water, I took it in my hand and stared at it, first I took the knob, then the first few inches.

“Sad this is just sad that you call yourself a cocksucker and you do this to my dick.”

Determined now this cock was coming into my mouth if it had to go through the back of my throat. I got in position, his cock slowly disappeared till I felt pubes on my nose and balls on my chin. He grabbed my head and rammed the last bit inside me.

Holding my head in place he fucked my mouth hard, I sucked and took a breath when I could, I would not choke and I would not vomit. His balls pulled in and he shot his load deep inside of my mouth, he fell against the wall to steady himself.

I licked the man clean not a drop would be wasted, I even kissed his knob as I was about to get up.

“Did I say I was done with you yet Cocksucker? Get your fucking clothes off I plan to fuck that ass of yours as well.”

I was so thankful I cleaned out before I came shopping and had lubed up my as as well, I pulled my shirt off and dropped my pants and hung them on the handrail.

“Determined aren’t you, and seems like you are horny as fuck Cocksucker, damn Son you have a nice cock Anadolu Yakası Escort for a Cocksucker.”

He spit in his hand and lubed up his cock, he put it on my hole and rammed it in, my hole hurt and it felt incredible at the same time. He pushed me to the corner of the stall so I had no where to go, he grabbed my hips and the assault started.

He was relentless, his cock pounded my ass, my hole was so tender my cock was dripping, I went to grab it to stroke it, he slapped my hand away, I was not to touch my own cock unless he told me too.

“Liking this Cocksucker? We should have a third guy to ram that pretty mouth of yours while I pound your hole.”

His strokes gained momentum, his balls tucked in and he shot me full, his body convulsed as it shot his seed in deep inside of me. He lay on my back till he got his wind back, he pulled his cock out and grabbed me by the hair. He shoved his cum soaked cock in my mouth.

“Clean it up Cocksucker, I can’t go home with a cum soaked cock now can I?”

I sucked him clean, his cock was covered in cum and spittle, once cleaned up I took my tee and wiped his cock dry. He looked at me and smiled.

“Not to bad Cocksucker, you Son will be here at two pm next Saturday and you will be ready for me, do you understand me? If I have to come and find you you will be sorry Son, you are my personal little cocksucker now. Give me your number so I can call you if I need you to come and suck a load out of me before next Saturday.”

I handed him my business card, he smiled at me.

“Bill is it, no I don’t think so, I like to call you Cocksucker, suits you better, you have the mouth and lips for it, and I have to say your pretty good once you put your mind to it. Now zip me up and make sure I don’t have any cum on me anywhere.”

He opened the stall door there was another guy there watching through the crack of the door.

“He is a pretty good little cocksucker, you really should try him out, don’t forget Cocksucker next Saturday at two, you better be here and ready for a good pounding in the ass and mouth.”

I shook my head and he was gone, the next guy came in and did not even ask, he pulled out his cock and shoved it in my face.

“Suck it Cocksucker.”

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Enslaving Doctor Jake Ch. 05

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Autumn Falls

Author Note: Thank you to Vinner0071 for his counsel and advice regarding this story.

Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 21 years or older. Trigger warning–this story contains homophobic slurs.


Dr. Jake worried as Sheikh Hassan confronted him with the knowledge, the knowledge that his Master knew Jake had fucked Chase. As a harem boy, Jake might have guessed this was against the rules, but he didn’t know it with certainty.

“Your facial expression gives you away, bitch!” the Sheikh proclaimed. “Did I not express that your pussy was mine and mine alone!”

Jake answered him, “Yes, Sir. But…” The Master slapped Jake to silence the slave’s rebuttal.

“Then why did you disobey me, you insolent American bitch!” he smacked Jake across his face again.

“Sir, may I speak, please?” Jake begged. Tears were streaming down his face as he looked at his Master.

The Sheikh was visibly angry, standing naked and pacing as Jake lay on the bed. “You may speak, bitch!”

“Sir,” Jake spoke, choosing his words carefully, “I learned your faithful trainers were having limited progress with your American harem boy. I understood this was trying your patience, Sir. Having previous knowledge of the slave, I thought I might be able to convince this American faggot to submit to you.” Jake was treading cautiously, “I did this all for you, Master. It was for you and you alone! It was to bring him into line. You have to remember how much I hate him for his betrayal of me, Sir! He means nothing to me now!”

The Master was still volatile, shouting at Jake, “Your purpose here is not to think and plan! You are here to serve and follow orders!” He slapped Jake’s ass cheeks in succession several times. “You are here so I can fuck your ass! Do you think you are some fucking neurosurgeon still?! Well, you are certainly not, harem boy! That life no longer exists! Do you understand me?!”

The words hurt Jake deeply. He was reminded once more that his professional identity was no more. He was beginning to hate this man, his Master. Still, Jake replied to him, “Yes, Sir. I am strictly your faithful harem boy, a faggot bitch, and nothing more.”

The Master calmed down a little bit. “The only good thing to come from your misbehavior is that your bitch friend had his best session with my trainers today!” he spat at Jake.

Jake was relieved to hear it. His plan had worked. Jake could hardly contain an expression of joy which the Sheikh noticed. “Don’t get too excited, bitch,” the Master chided him. “You stupid boy! At the very least, you should have sought my approval first. I would have denied you, of course. But I wouldn’t be dealing with your idiocy right now. You were destined to be my favorite of the harem!” the Master almost whined to Jake. “I guess Kamran will remain my pet.”

Jake was floored that Kamran was seemingly the one to betray his confidence. It was a lesson to Jake that no one could be trusted moving forward.

The Master continued, “Back to your punishment. Let’s see. Perhaps your faggot friend should join us for this.” Without any notification, Naeem and Tarek hustled in with Chase in tow.

Jake smiled covertly at Chase and winked, hoping that Chase would understand. It was his way of communicating to him, ‘We’ve got this. Remember our plan.’ Jake had drilled into Chase the goal of internalizing and fantasizing that Jake was his sex partner at all times. Apparently, it had worked since Sheikh Hassan reported Chase’s earlier training session was the slave’s most successful.

“Hello, faggot bitch!” Sheikh Hassan greeted Chase. “I can’t wait to fuck you again. This time I expect you to willingly submit to me, just as you did to your faggot friend this morning!” İstanbul Escort Chase was startled by the Master’s knowledge of his liaison with Jake. Chase kept his composure and was quiet. “No more need for Naeem and Tarek to hold and tie you down! You will be a good harem boy to your Master!”

The guards brought Chase before Sheikh Hassan and pushed the slave to his knees. The Master commanded, “Suck my superior cock, you dirty American faggot!”

Without any words, Chase took the large 8-inch cock and began to kiss and lick it. It was hard to conceptualize that it was Jake’s because of obvious discrepancies. It was easily 2 inches longer, much girthier, and uncircumcised. Nonetheless, Chase closed his eyes and went to work. He fixated his energy on that man’s cock, giving it the attention he had never given another man. The room of men was impressed by Chase’s performance, even Jake. “Fuck!” the Master bellowed. “You have become an excellent cock sucker! I have a good little bitch on his knees, where he belongs!”

Sheikh Hassan was so overcome having this massive 6 foot 2 inch American brute sucking him off lasciviously that he reached his orgasm in minutes, shooting his potent seed deep into Chase’s gullet. The Master held tightly to Chase’s head but had no cause to worry. Chase wasn’t going to pull away. He imagined sucking all of Jake’s cum deep into his belly, humming, “Mmmmm, so yummy, Sir!”

“I am deeply impressed, faggot. You have come a long way,” the Sheikh admired, rubbing Chase’s lips and cheeks. The Master pulled his faggot up by the collar and grabbed his buttocks. “Now it’s time to reclaim your ass,” he said. He shoved Chase onto the bed. There was plenty of room for both of his American harem boys. Sheikh Hassan taunted Jake, “Now you will see how a real man fucks American pussy!”

The Master had Chase lay on his back so he could fuck the slave missionary style. Chase remained docile, complying with his Master’s orders. “Pull your thighs back, slave,” he ordered. “Show me that pussy!” Chase displayed his pussy for his Master. Just as with Jake, the Sheikh wasted no time in anal foreplay. He spat on Chase’s beautiful hole, wetting the glans of his mushroom head as it probed the resistant orifice. Then in a massive thrust, he drove deep inside Chase, screaming, “Oh fuck yes, you are a tight American faggot bitch!” Sheikh Hassan fucked his muscular American prize. “I want to hear you scream!” he wailed at Chase.

Chase was taking the cock like a champ. “Oh fuck! Yes!” he cried. The cock was hitting his g-spot, giving him ecstasy. Chase remembered his lesson with Jake. “Oh, yes! I’m going to cum. Fuck yes, Jacobbbb!!” he cried and spewed his load despite his chastity cage.

Sheikh Hassan was astonished that the slave had cum while in chastity and that he shouted another man’s name. The Master was enraged, frustrated, but overcome with his own desire as he released his load deep inside Chase, “Oh fuck!” He cried out while bitch slapping Chase in anger and lust.

The Master immediately pulled out of Chase’s ravaged hole and said, “Who do you think you are? You little bitch! You cum in chastity! You yell out another bitch’s name while I fuck you!” He smacked Chase again and again while Chase lay there, closing his eyes thinking only of Jake.

Jake observed the scene, and anger swelled within him. He hated to see Chase abused by the Master. Sheikh Hassan was becoming a monster in his eyes.

Sheikh Hassan got up from the bed. He was seething and formulating another plan. He screamed at Chase, “You dare to call out that faggot’s name! You want that bitch to fuck you?! Well, alright then, he will!”

Chase was confused by this statement, and so was Jake. “My faggot bitch and I will fuck you simultaneously,” Sheikh Hassan Kadıköy Escort smiled maliciously.

Chase was panicked. The Sheikh clearly meant that he was going to get double penetrated. This scared him immensely. Chase didn’t particularly enjoy bottoming, and the idea of taking two dicks up his chute was too much to bear. It was challenging enough to take one cock.

“No, please, Sir!” Chase begged him. “I can’t do that. You’ll kill me! Please, I beg you! Have mercy on me!”

Sheikh Hassan was pleased to finally get a reaction from one of the Americans. “You are a natural cock whore!” he boasted. “And this faggot friend of yours seems to love fucking you. How can I deny him?”

Jake was horrified as well. He feared that Chase would crumble from a DP. Jake didn’t want to do this to Chase and hurt him in this manner. Jake couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be DP’d. Sure he had watched gay porn videos and wondered about the experience. Only this morning, he was coaxing Chase through taking one dick, and now their Master wanted the reluctant slave to take two!

Jake spoke up, “Please, Master. Let me be the harem boy to take two cocks. I beg you, Sir. This was all my fault, not his!” Jake tried his best to dissuade the Sheikh. Jake thought he could handle two dicks, but not Chase. Surely this would break Chase.

“That would be a reward, not a punishment!” the Sheikh raged at Jake. “You would love to have more than one cock, you hungry faggot. There’s no fucking way that’s going to happen!”

Sheikh Hassan grabbed Jake by his legs and pulled him so he was lying on his back, his knees flexed and hanging off the edge of the bed. The Master began stroking Jake’s cock to erection. “Think about fucking your faggot friend again, how tight his pussy is wrapped around your prick!” the man teased Jake. Jake’s cock sprang to life quickly at the delicious thought of Chase’s cunt enveloping his cock. “You’re such a whore!” Sheikh Hassan said. “Your clit is eager to fuck his faggot cunt again!”

“No, Sir!” Jake protested. “Please don’t make me do this! I don’t want to fuck anyone! I only want to get fucked by you, Sir!”

Sheikh Hassan pulled Chase by his collar. “Come and let your faggot lover breed your cunt!” He positioned Chase in the reverse cowboy position with Jake. “Now, ease your cunt down on his clit. You know you want to.” The Master grasped Jake’s cock and held it steady, positioning it at Chase’s hole. Jake’s glans probed Chase’s anal orifice while Chase impaled himself with his lover, just as the Master commanded.

Chase tried one last time. “Master, I beg you, please! I only want to be fucked by you, Sir! Stop this madness!” But it was too late. Jake was deep inside Chase.

The Sheikh looked at the Americans in disgust. “You two bitches are in heat! You can’t get enough cock. At least one of you will get more, though!”

“Oh fuck!” Chase moaned. He loved the feel of Jake inside of him and couldn’t conceal it. Chase was sitting on his buddy’s cock, savoring the moment. Jake reached up and rubbed Chase’s muscular back and shoulders.

“Now lean back against your lover,” Sheikh Hassan instructed Chase. He pushed Chase’s muscular pecs down and looped the slave’s legs over his shoulders. The Master was standing at the foot of the bed positioned between Jake’s legs, getting a bird’s eye view of Jake fucking Chase. “Ready to get fucked by two cocks, you filthy American?” He took Chase’s pre-cum and commented, “You will need some lubricant to accommodate two, and I’m feeling generous.” The Master greased his 8-inch cock with Chase’s seminal fluid.

Chase thought momentarily about fighting the man but knew it would be a losing battle, with Naeem and Tarek looking on a few feet away. The guards or the Master could shock Ataşehir Escort him at a moment’s notice with the slave collar. More importantly, Chase didn’t want to disappoint Jake. Chase owed him this and more for what he had done to Jake. Chase promised Jake he would serve as a faithful harem boy, so he allowed his Master to proceed with the ‘punishment.’

Sheikh Hassan slid his cock alongside Jake’s, inside the anal passageway of Chase Williams. The former straight stud Chase, who could have any woman he wanted, was now being fucked by two men. “Your pussy will never be the same, bitch!” the Master declared. He fucked the cunt with wild abandon. “You are transformed now, American faggot! Your hole will be gaping after this!”

Chase howled in pain and lust, “Oh, please! This is too much, Sir. The pain is unbearable! Don’t fuck me with two cocks, Sir! Ohhhhhh!!!! Myyy Goddd!!!”

“You love this, slave!” Sheikh Hassan yelled. “And so does your lover!”

Jake was moaning and groaning in lust, uncontrollably. He was conflicted by his concern for Chase but his desire to fuck the boy’s cunt. He grabbed tightly to Chase’s chest, reassuring him. “I’m here, Chase. You will be okay!”

“Oh my God! Oh, Jacobbb!!” He felt Jake’s arms around him. Chase clasped Jake’s hands in solidarity.

The Sheikh was enraged that Chase again called out Jake’s name. “Shut your mouth, you whore!” He reached his orgasm, shooting his semen inside Chase’s stretched-out hole. “You don’t deserve my superior seed, you dirty cunt!” the Master spat at the fucked up slave. He withdrew his cock while Jake remained embedded inside Chase’s stretched-out cunt.

Jake couldn’t stop himself. It was animal instinct, and he thrust, shooting his load inside Chase, thinking to himself, ‘You will always deserve my load, buddy.’

Sheikh Hassan was enraged. His punishment was less successful than he desired. “Naeem, bring me the device.”

Naeem handed Sheikh Hassan a metal cock cage. “It appears you both need these,” he declared. Jake’s cock lingered inside Chase’s pussy as the two boys were spent. The Master pushed Chase off Jake, “Move aside, bitch.” Chase lay there with his anus exposed, wide open, leaking copious cum from both his Master and his lover. “Your cunt is quite the spectacle, bitch!” Sheikh Hassan tormented Chase.

The Sheikh was adept at caging his harem boys, a task he relished. As Jake’s postcoital cock was softening, it was an opportune time to confine it. The Master wedged the slave’s clit quickly within the cage and padlocked it securely.

Jake had never experienced chastity. It felt uncomfortable and weighty. He suddenly felt guilty for his initial reaction to seeing Chase caged and how he had relished Chase’s impotence.

“Now, the two of you will never fuck again. And most importantly, you will never fuck one another!” the Master asserted. “Let it be a lesson to you both. Your mouth and ass pussies are all you need in my palace. Those clits of yours are just distractions.”

Jake was incensed by the Sheikh. He hadn’t really done anything so egregious. Jake was trying to help all parties: Chase, their Master. Yet, the punishment came even though Jake was well-intentioned.

The Sheikh continued to spy Chase’s gaping hole. “American faggots are adept at taking two cocks!” he laughed. “Perhaps that should be the new specialty for my American harem boys!”

Sheikh Hassan dressed and exited promptly, leaving Jake and Chase in shambles. Jake was overwhelmed with guilt for what happened to Chase. He held Chase tightly until Naeem instructed them it was time to return to the harem quarters.

Jake misjudged everything in his new life. He thought being a dutiful harem boy could be a reasonable path for him and Chase. Now, Jake realized his Master did not deserve any loyalty. Jake vowed to himself that he would find a way to escape Sheikh Hassan.


Thank you for reading, rating, and commenting on my stories. I welcome any feedback and story ideas.


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Close Quarters Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Glow from the Street Light

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock ringing for the fifth time that morning. Clearly the other four alarms I set didn’t work to actually wake me up. I grabbed my phone and shut off the sharp whining noise. I pulled off my covers and remembered that I slept naked last night, the reminder being my cock stiff as a board looking back at me. I was already running late so I would have to start moving around, grabbing few last minute things and hope that my cock would take the hint and allow blood to flow elsewhere. I went downstairs after getting dressed and saw my dad at the stove making breakfast, while my mom was sitting at the table going through the pamphlet the university sent me prior to moving into the dorms.

“It says here you should expect to have a roommate? I hope they at least introduce you prior to moving in,” she said in a worried tone.

“I’ve already met Jonathan on the college boards mom,” I said, grabbing some bacon off of the platter as my dad was putting more on. “His name is Jonathan, he’s from Springfield and wants to major in nursing. He plays video games, and also used to play baseball. His favorite team is the Cubs.”

“Well now we have to hate him don’t we,” my dad joked while slapping my hand away as I reached for another piece of bacon.

“We accept everyone regardless of their flaws. If there is anything I learned from you two it’s that,” I said, walking to the table to sit down. Dad went all out this breakfast, making a big spread of eggs, bacon, and waffles. My dad nodded in agreement to my statement.

“Well if he hangs up anything not Cardinals, I have faith you’ll properly dispose of it,” my dad said.

We finished breakfast and I grabbed the two bags I had left and walked them out to my car. I said my goodbyes to my parents before getting in my car, putting it in a drive, and starting the two-hour drive to the next chapter of my life.

By the time I arrived and found a place to park in the clearly over packed lot, it was already noon. I grabbed my bags and began heading to my dorm room. According to the letter I received, I am going to be in room D34 and I was able to find it with minimal ease. I made a point to say hi to many of the people walking past me in the hallway before I finally opened the door to my dorm room. It was pretty standard room, two twin sized beds on opposite sides of the room, with my side already unpacked and decorated and the opposite side having several boxes. I looked over and saw who I would assume is Jonathan, laying in an unmade bed scrolling on his phone.

Jonathan was pretty much like his picture on the college board Maltepe Escort only a little tanner from what one would assume was the summer sun His red hair was cut into a sharp fade, freckles lightly covered his nose, and he wore copper ringed circle glasses that shined the glare from his phone back at me. He was taller than me by a noticeable amount, his feet dangling off the end of the bed as he wasn’t lying at the head of the bed to start with. He was wearing black shorts and a black sweatshirt with what I would assume is his high school logo on the front of it. As far as roommates go, I could have been in a lot worse of a situation.

He looked up at me, smiling, before setting his phone down and sitting up in bed. “Well, I’m going to assume you’re Alex. Or you’re lost looking for the bathroom. Either way it’s nice to meet you, I’m Jonathan.” He began to stand up and that’s when I realized exactly how much taller than me he was. He had to be at least 6’3″ and was what felt like towering over me. I was never self-conscious about my height, only being 5’7″, but guys standing over me was always something I took notice of for obvious reasons.

“Nice to officially meet you, I’m Alex.”

“As you can see,” he said gesturing over to his piles of boxes, “I’m still not quite unpacked yet. I think if I just keep glaring at them with an irritated look they might unbox themselves but I’ve been doing that for that last hour and haven’t noticed any change other than that top box’s tape slowly becoming unstuck.”

“Well I can help you unpack if you would like, considering my dad did most of my unpacking.” He nodded in agreement and we began unpacking his things. As we worked through his books, video games, and clothes I was able to deduce a lot about his other hobbies. He was clearly a fan of rock as many of his T-shirts had different bands on them and also looked heavily worn. He seemed to like sci-fi based on the large stack of books, and he was clearly a fan of the same fighting games I like. As we got to last box I went to open it but he quickly pulled it from me.

“Don’t worry about that one, I honestly can’t believe my mom snuck this one in. It’s just my old blanket from elementary school. I’m pretty sure she just wanted it out of her attic and I honestly have no idea what else she tried to pawn on me that could be in here,” he laughed, taking the box from me and putting it in his closet. “Thanks for your help. Want to get some pizza and then get the TV set up and play something?”

“Sure thing,” I said, heading to the door to grab my shoes.

The rest of the afternoon we spent eating, playing video games, and overall Anadolu Yakası Escort just chatting. He seemed like a really cool guy who I’m sure would have been super fun to hang out with in high school. He had a brilliant sense of humor and incredibly sharp wit. After losing one too many rounds in a row, I used the excuse of being tired as a way to end the painful cycle of defeat. We said our goodnights and I saw him slipping his shorts off, revealing his plaid boxers underneath. I did the same considering my usual routine of sleeping naked would be a bit bold for our first night sharing a room and took off my shirt before sliding into bed. We said our goodnights and turned out the light, revealing a ray of street light that put a soft glow on the room.

I tossed and turned for half an hour pondering if this was really as easy as it seemed. My roommate was chill, and pretty good looking too. My first semester of classes was going to be pretty relaxed, and I was maybe going to be able to meet someone. Things were new, and exciting, and I was all too ready to experience it. Finally, I began drifting into a light sleep.

I woke up to the sound of a faint voice and struggled to open my eyes. It was clearly still night, the streetlight still lightly painting the room. I began darting my eyes around the room looking for the source of the sound. As my eyes looked over at Jonathan, I could see he had his phone. I began gathering the air to say something, but before I could, my eyes noticed something. Past his phone and under his eyes was a pair of briefs. They were nuzzled under his nose and his eyes were fixed on the bright light of his phone. I began to try and focus on the noise I heard before, and realized it was moaning coming from his phone. I let my eyes continue to survey the scene and that’s when I saw Jonathan completely naked. His boxers pulled down to his knees and he was palming his slowly hardening cock. It was pretty dark but I could easily make out the shape of it and boy was it impressive. It would make sense that he would be that big considering how tall he was but I still couldn’t believe it. It was at least 8 inches considering how much longer it was than my dildo and was twice as thick.

I half closed my eyes, hoping he wouldn’t notice I was awake, and watched to see what his next move was. He seemed fixated on whatever porn he was watching and was trying to shake his dick to life. I could hear the heavy sound it made every time it slapped against his torso. It kept growing until it was standing firm at attention. It looked even thicker now and it curved up towards his body. I watched as he began stroking it slowly İstanbul Escort at first but then started picking up the pace. His hand moving up and down his shaft and using his elbow from the hand holding the phone to try and push the pair of briefs deeper into his face. It was hard to tell but they looked like men’s briefs. They looked gray under the dim lighting and his nose seemed to be inhaling as much as possible. With every audible huff from him, I saw his cock twitch in his hand as he stroked it. He sat his phone down on his chest and swapped hands, putting his right hand on his cock and his left one he used to grab the briefs and push them even deeper into his face.

I laid there intrigued and curious and noticed my own cock starting to get hard. I tried my best to ignore it and just watch the show. I watched as he began to run his tongue over the front of the boxers. My cock twitched wondering what he was tasting. Did they belong to someone from back home? Did he steal them? These thoughts fought for space in my head alongside much dirtier thoughts. Would he want to do these to mine? Do they really smell that good? Do his smell that good? I continued to stare as the speed of his hand increased and his hips began pumping into his hand. I could hear his breath start to pick up and he took his hand holding the briefs and covered his cock in it, thrusting a few more times into it.

He let out a soft deep groan that had I been fully asleep I never would have heard, and it sent chills down my spine. I could feel a spot in my boxer briefs getting wet with precum as I watched him finish unloading into this pair of briefs. He used them to finish wiping up his mess before taking them, folding them up, and tucking them between his bed and the wall. I watched as he shimmied his boxers back up, failing to restrain his still clearly hard erection, before grabbing his phone, turning off what little moaning sound was slipping out of the speakers, grabbing his blanket, and rolling over facing the wall, his back to me.

I laid in my bed stunned over what I just saw, and my cock was aching at this point. I pondered my possible options. I could try and jerk myself off now that he is facing away, but I know I won’t be quiet during that and he would surely find out I was watching. What would he do if he found out I was watching him. Would he call me a creep? He was the one very openly stroking his cock in a room we both share. Surely he wouldn’t be able to make me the bad guy right? Maybe I could get up and go to the bathroom. As quickly as I thought of that plan, I was reminded that my current attire wouldn’t really be something I can walk out of my dorm room in especially in my current state of arousal. So I continued to lay there. Feeling my balls ache from the increased blood flowing and the lack of a release, I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. Maybe sharing a room won’t be the absolute worst thing to happen to me.

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The Pellow Dragon

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I drove across the Moor at least four times a year; eight times if you want to be pedantic and add into the count the return part of the journeys. I was the Area Rep for an ice cream machine company and we had an isolated franchisee in the small seaside town of Godber. Occasionally I had to make an extra visit if there was a special reason for doing so. And there was a special reason for my crossing the Moor that January day. My CEO had requested it.

I liked my job. I was approaching forty, divorced, and had eschewed the greasy pole of ambition and promotion. A large geographical area was “my patch” and I had about a hundred franchisees and other customers to visit, mainly on a quarterly basis. I liked driving, I liked my own company and, by and large, I liked my “clients” – as the CEO insisted on calling them.

I did not like being ordered to visit godforsaken Godber on a specific day in the middle of winter, but the CEO, Ted Outhwaite, was like a kindly patriarch and we, his employees, were loath to disappoint him. “Denzil,” he had said, “I know it is inconvenient, but I have a favour to ask of you.”

Ambition had helped fuck up my marriage and I had come to terms with living alone and caring for myself. I did have a couple of lady friends on whom I could call when the sap arose and, them being married, I felt safe from any ideas of matrimony. I was happy in my own skin, and the least I could do was to react to a request from Ted Outhwaite with a show of alacrity.

The day I was to visit Godber started badly and became worse as the hours rolled by. I forgot to reset my alarm the night before. The ninety mile outward journey needed an early start and I lost that opportunity. And, as I left the flat, the weather was beastly, sheeting with rain with my fellow road users driving cautiously. Of course I knew the route I was to take very well, and I did not need my Satnav’s help. so I didn’t switch it on.

The Moor, a National Park, is a wild and deserted pace; no roadside cafes or public houses for much of the fifteen miles of the main through road; just a few farm houses and worker’s cottages in the main. Thankfully the rain eased although visibility was still poor and snow was forecasted. I arrived at Godber close to lunchtime, two hours later than expected. My original plan was to be close to being on my way back home by then. and I was really choked when the client insisted on “lunch before business”. He met my reluctance with a confidential, “I’m diabetic you see. Type two, but I need to eat regularly.” That revelation put me back nearly another hour.

By the time I climber the winding road up the steep hill out of Godber it was gone three o’clock in the afternoon, the light was fading and the rain had turned to snow as the road ascended up to the Moor. To be fair to the client, he had offered to find me a bed for the night. “The Moor can be tricky this time of year, Mr. Hopper,” he had warned. “Best stay here and travel in the morning.”

Half an hour later I knew exactly where I was; just over halfway across. I had passed the sign pointing to a side road on my right with the single word “Pellow”. I had often wondered when I traversed the Moor, what Pellow was all about. A village, just a farmhouse, or a secret military installation? Why not? The Moor was just the sort of place that suggested intrigue.

I had not progressed much further when I was flashed by a Landrover coming towards me. It had to be a farmer – and it was. “The road’s blocked up ahead,” the driver shouted down at me in a local accent. “You’ll have to turn back to Godber. You’ll not get through this way.” I looked around and opened my hands in a questioning gesture which the man correctly interpreted as, “where can I turn?”

“Reverse about a hundred yards. You’ll see the lane that leads to Pellow. You can turn there. Then follow me to Godber if you like.”

I did as the man suggested. I turned the car round successfully but, for some reason I cannot sensibly explain, I shot down the lane in the direction of Pellow. Going back to Godber, finding somewhere to stay for the night, fucking up my schedule for the following day – it was all too dreary. I never gave it a thought that what I was letting myself in for was likely to be much worse.

A half mile or so on, I came to a steep hill downwards which I was on almost before I knew it. I braked as an automatic reaction, but the car just slithered on and I felt an edge of fear. I tried steering my way out of trouble. My brain was telling me that there was no way I would be able to drive back up the incline if ever I was to be given the chance to do so.

The hill turned a shallow corner and I was able to negotiate that and felt a little more confident, especially when the car came to a stop. There was more of the hill to come however, so I gritted my teeth and ventured forward again, gears in neutral and relying on gravity and brakes. The gradient became slightly less steep and I became cocky as Kartal Escort well as relieved. What I believed was an obstacle caught in the headlights caused me to brake sharply, the car slid sharply to the right. There was a thump and the right headlight abruptly cut out.

I had ended up so close to a drystone wall that, with difficulty, I had to slide across into the passenger seat in order to get out its door. A stone wall was part of a small bridge protecting a culvert containing a virulent stream by the sound of it. Almost anywhere else I would have gotten away with little damage, if any, and the remainder of my story would have been entirely different.

In the gloom my crippled car could be a danger to any traffic I should meet coming towards me. That was probably unlikely in the country lane I was in, but further on? And especially so in a snowstorm where visibility was extremely poor. There must eventually be some form of habitation ahead. That would be my immediate goal. After all, the signpost had mentioned a place called Pellow.

About two miles further on, with the snow covering the road averaging about four inches and counting, I saw pinpricks of light ahead and I came across a roadside sign confirming my arrive at Pellow. I passed some lighted windows on both sides but carried on to see if the village had a heart to it. If not I was prepared to walk back and knock on as many front doors as necessary.

Then, blow me down, a lighted pub sign came out of the curtain of snow; The Pellow Dragon. I pulled over and into its empty excuse for a car park where I pulled up right in the middle. I wasted no time in making virgin tracks in the snow marking my journey to the front door of the establishment.

A balding man, I was right to presume he was the landlord, was standing behind his bar polishing a pint beer glass with a blue and white striped tea towel. It seemed as though he had been awaiting my arrival and seemed oblivious to the tempest raging outside. “What can I get you sir?” he asked in a voice ever-so calm.

I was surprised to hear myself reply “a half of bitter please.” I looked around. There were just two customers in the one bar; oldish men, now drawn from contemplating their near empty beer glasses and watching me as a preferable substitute.

“A half of Bass it is sir.” He started to pull the handle of the appropriate beer engine. “Come far?”

“From Godber, heading South. The road was blocked.”

“That sometimes happens crossing the Moor at this time of the year. So you saw the sign to Pellow and took a chance, eh?”

“That’s correct,” I said

“And did you ignore your Satnav?”

I baulked my reply. “I wasn’t using it,” I replied warily.

“If you had of, sir, it would not have sent you down here. Pellow is a dead end as far as most cars are concerned. The only way out is the way you came in.”

“You’re joking?” were the first words to come to me. “How does this pub provide you with a living then?”

There is a huge camping site nearby – the only one in the whole of the Moor. It’s open all year round with statics and holiday lets. Winter weekends are often very busy.

I told him about the damage to my car and asked if he might suggest a way forward for me. “Do you do accommodation?” I asked finally.

“I can rent you a caravan I own just here, in my back yard. That will give you a bed for the night. As regards repairs to your car, Town End Garage in Godber are the only garage who will come down here. I can give them a ring in the morning if you like? Would you care to ring your wife to warn her you are out for the night?”

“I don’t have a wife anymore. There’s no-one I need to tell,” I admitted, unguardedly.

I prepared to make the best of a bad job and I cheered up considerably when the landlord, whilst we were chatting generally, invited me to join him in a “Winter Whisky Warmer – on the house.” I didn’t normally drink whisky but how could I refuse? He poured us both a hefty measure from what I thought was the same bottle. I couldn’t see to be sure as he had his back to me.

Very soon after, a couple of guys entered the pub; one about my age and the other looked to be in his mid twenties. They were educated and affable and seemed keen to join the conversation I was having with the landlord – now my new friend Pete. The older newcomer was Alistair, calm and collected and urbane. The younger, Jay, was excitable and vain and, I thought, somewhat effeminate.

It was great to be with good company, warm and safe in the wilds of the Moor after my ordeal that late afternoon. I felt that I was back in the safety zone even if it took a day or so to have my car recovered and me back to work. I would need to ring Mr. Outhwaite first thing though, and ask my secretary to cancel my appointments, perhaps for the next couple of days.

That was about the last thing I remembered with any certainty, until I woke up the next morning with a king-sized Tuzla Escort headache and a really foul taste in a dry mouth. I had been sleeping on my front with my arms above my head, which was unusual for me. I started the process of repositioning myself only to find my wrists were secured by a thin chain attached to a couple of hooks set into the wall above the apology for a headboard. What the fuck was all this about?

I made the effort to half turn my body and succeeded at the cost of a shooting pain that seemed to originate in my backside; my arsehole to be precise. Using the chain I managed to pull myself along and up eighteen inches or so in order to try and get a better slant on things – and I certainly did not much like what I saw. I knew immediately that I had been the subject of anal rape. I had been given a mickey, date-rape type of drug, for sure. The proof of the former was the brown stained wet circle in the middle of the bottom sheet where my arse had lain.

The chain securing my wrists gave me enough manoeuvrability for me too stand up straight close to the head of the bed. I looked down on the scene wondering what I could do next. My penis was a thimble, hiding away in its foreskin as if out of shame. I started shivering, not from the sub-zero temperatures outside, the room was warm, but rather, I suspected, from the after effects of being drugged.

Hand on heart, I could not rightly say that I had never imagined what it would be like to be fucked by another man. And particularly more of sucking a stranger’s cock. I had never done so in the flesh. Or ever got near to doing so. But perhaps, because I had fantasized to a small extent in my past, or because the spiked drink had an element of aphrodisiac which was still working, I was then not totally outraged as to the liberties that had been taken with my body, and any predicament I was in as a result. Bottom line; I was still alive, wasn’t I?

I called out. I shouted. I hollered. I demanded attention. Eventually the door opened a small way and a wary face appeared round it. I recognised Jay straight away. “Was it you that deprived me of my anal virginity last night?” I asked so matter-of-factly that I surprised myself.

I am sure it surprised Jay too as he might have been expecting a lambasting, a torrent of verbal abuse. It appeared that my words gave him the courage to walk fully into the room yet keeping his back close to the far wall. He was dressed in Indian pyjamas and sandals, just as if he had walked in from a street in New Delhi.

“How are you, darling?” he asked with more than a trace of camp. “You seemed to enjoy our little dalliance.”

“Dalliance? Is that how you describe anal rape. Arse-fucking and drugging a man against his wishes?” I kept my voice level.

“You seemed to enjoy it,” Jay countered, his eyes straying and then locking onto my penis. “The Dragon brings out only what is there. It was another drug in the concoction that knocked you out. The real you wanted your arse fucked. The Dragon found you out.”

“You what?” I snapped back. At the same time I felt my penis starting to take an interest in the events as they were unfolding. The restraining chain allowed me to drop my hands and clasp them in an attempt to camouflage any penile movements.

“Yeh. When it came to Ali’s turn ;last night, he was fucking your arse and you had a real hard on. You shot your load, you were that randy. Pete filmed it – all of it. It’ll be on the bill at our next meet.

My heart sank. “You filmed it? All of it?”

“Of course. That’s the important bit.”


“You ain’t half stupid. We have to have enough on you so you don’t go blabbing when you get back off the Moor.”

“Are we talking blackmail here?”

“I don’t think that will be necessary with you. You’re halfway there already.” Jay smirked. I swear he did. “The trouble is, darling, we can’t let you go quite yet. We need to make sure that when you get back to where you came from, you will not tell anyone what has happened here.”

“You should have thought of that before you raped me.”

“Oh, we did, darling. It’s all in hand. You’ll see.” Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. Jay called out of the doorway. “Dan, Spiv, we’re ready for you now.”

One of the men I recognised as having been sitting in the bar when I turned up the evening before. The other, with slick black hair combed back, Spiv I guessed, was much younger. Each looked as though he could handle himself in a fight – enough for me to allow them, as naked as I was, to march me out of the room, once Jay had unshackled me from the chain.

I was transferred, in open daylight, the short distance from the static caravan into the back door of the pub, through a kitchen and straight up some stairs. The room I ended up in could have been a boudoir. An attractive, mature woman was apparently waiting my arrival. I was made to stand in a bowl of warm soapy water and then my two Anadolu Yakası Escort guards stepped away and watched from a distance. Obviously they were a deterrent against any misbehaviour on my part.

Escaping did not occur to me. I was in a “process” and I had seemingly just accepted that fact. It was all happening so quickly anyway, and I suppose my brain was having difficulty in keeping up with the reality of it all. My mind kept slipping back to the fact that I had been arse-raped and possibly gang raped – if two or three persons constituted a gang.. I was having flashbacks in regards to the state of the under sheet and the soreness of my anal passage, and wondering how many men had contributed their semen that night. Strangely I was not horrified; more curious than anything else.

The woman fastidiously concentrated on cleaning my groin and the cleft of my arse and she even popped her finger in and around my sphincter. I found it totally non-sexual until I noticed the woman’s Adam’s apple. She was wearing tights, I thought, and was on her haunches with her knees slightly apart. What made me do it? I waited my chance. When she stood up I bent down and quickly ran my right hand up her nearest leg. I found a stocking top to my surprise, then a suspender belt followed by a thoroughly roused penis. Not a large one, but a rock hard penis without any doubt. What would he do by way of retaliation?

The needed a few seconds to recover by way of shock. He then hitched up his skirt then pushed me to my knees. A hand came round and he lodged his penis in my mouth. I, for my part did not need to heed the command to “suck you cunt”. It must have been the effect of the drug they had given me the evening before, that was inducing me to cock suck. If I could have seen myself I would hardly have believed it. I sucked greedily, squeezing with my lips and my tongue, bobbing my had crazily. I pushed forward to deep throat, but that was never going to happen; his penis was short and stubby, just long enough for to make me keck.

I pulled away and licked down the prick to his scrotum and took his balls in my mouth one a a time. I licked and licked, then returned to cocksucking as my other hand I slid up the back of his thigh, hesitated at the stocking tops, then a suspender belt, before tracing up between his cheeks. I teased his sphincter for a short while before pushing a finger into his anal passage. I slowly pushed it in as far as it would go and as I made a shagging motion I gradually introduced my forefinger too.

Disappointingly, that triggered the man’s ejaculation as he speeded up fast fucking my mouth. His sperm was hot and thin and not the virulent stuff I had imagined in my wanking dreams. A resolve that I did not own flashed across my brain – I would do better next time. “Next time?”

The older of the two men standing behind clapped his hands together a few times. With the remains of sperm in my mouth I turned round to see Spiv with his cock out and masturbating energetically. I had a second flash. His spunk would likely satisfy me much more. Too bad.

When I turned back I saw my cross-dresser remove the nozzle of a tube of lube (I presumed) and anoint his arsehole profusely. He then arrange himself over the back of an armchair allowing me an uninterrupted view of his anus. The invitation was obvious and urgent. I stood to my full height, still naked of course, and shoved my eight inch boner to where its destiny lay. Of course, I had never experienced giving anal intercourse. Before arriving at the Pellow Dragon, I had not experience being fucked in the anus either. And yet, here I was, fucking this tranny in front of an audience. That could not have been any more out of character. There just had to be a link with the drugs I had been given.

I had no reservations. I actually salivated as I prepared myself, my eyes fixed on the lubricated, dark and puckered entrance to the man’s bowels. I pulled my foreskin right back and wiped up some of the excess lube with my other hand. This I smeared over the purple head of my cock. Every bit of me was raring to go.

I put the tip of my penis against the man’s arsehole. He let out a little moan and so did I. Slowly applying pressure the hole widened voluntarily, testament to the likelihood he had had been fucked dozens of times, perhaps hundreds, before. Just as well – otherwise my size could have been a problem.

I was too cautious, I wanted to enjoy each centimetre, one bit at a time. But my fuck-mate was impatient and lustful. He allowed me a few minutes before suddenly thrusting his arse backwards and taking the whole of my head. I felt a flash of irritation at having had my exhilarations so rudely curtailed and I felt tempted to ram my prick right in and up to my scrotum. But that might have given him even more pleasure at the expense of mine. Instead I gave him a hard smack on his bare arse.

The man let out a low yelp of what turned out to be pleasure. Again, again, more, he cried. We then seemed to hit a happy balance. I took my time sowing my prick into him and gave him a regular spank for his indulgence. Right into the hilt the thick scrotum end of my prick actually stretched his sphincter and encouraged him to moan, in pleasure I assumed.

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Sucking Off Best Friend and His Dad

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My best friend and I have known each other for a number of years. We were friends in high school. We would hang out together and go fishing and golfing on occasion. He is 5’9″ tall and around 180 pounds. Not muscular but in decent shape for his age. We were both now in our early 60’s. I am 5’6″ and around 190. A bit of a pudge in the belly but working on losing it. We were both retired now and didn’t live to far from each other.

I was sitting watching T.V. when the phone rang. It was Ron my best friend.

“Hey Ron. What’s up.”

“Hi Bob. Was wondering if you could swing by. Have something I want to talk to you about. Really don’t want to do it over the phone. It’s personal.”

“Sure. I’ll be over in a bit. Let me get a shower first.”

“If you can come over now, I would like that. You can take a shower here if you want. I really need to talk to you now.”

“Okay. I’ll be right there.”

We said good bye and hung up. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt. A pair of tennis shoes. And headed out to the car. Wondering what was so urgent I couldn’t have time to take a shower. Whatever it was I was willing to listen. Ron and I could talk about anything and no judgement.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to his house. I pulled in the driveway and Ron was sitting out on the front deck waiting for me. I got out of the car and walked up on the deck.

“Hey Ron. Good to see you.” I said extending my hand to shake his. Then took a seat.

“Same here Bob.” he replied.

“So, what is it Ron that is so urgent you want to talk about. That I couldn’t take time for a shower.”

“Let’s go inside. Don’t want wondering ears to overhear.” He got up and went into the house with me right behind him.

We both took a seat on the couch. I could tell Ron was nervous.

“So talk to me buddy.” I prodded. “You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“Well,” Ron started. “I’ve been single now for a number of years. Much like you. And haven’t had much luck finding a lady for you know. Sex. And I have been having a lot of thoughts about being with a man. Just for oral.”

It had shocked me a little at first but we don’t judge each other. And I have to admit I had been having the same thoughts. He must have seen the slight shock on my face.

“Sorry,” Ron said. “I shouldn’t have brought this up. I can see you are shocked.” “If you decide to leave, I would understand.”

I moved over next Ataşehir Escort to him on the couch. I placed my hand on his thigh and rubbed his leg. I could see a bulge starting to form in his shorts. I moved my hand up and started rubbing his cock through his shorts. In just a few seconds he was fully erect.

“Sorry about that,” Ron said. “I couldn’t help it. It has been so long and this is one of the fantasies I’ve had when thinking about other men. But mostly thinking of you. I watch male on male porn and imagine it is us. I know I can trust you and it would go nowhere no matter how it turned out.”

“Ron,” I replied. “I have had the same thoughts for a while now. Been a long time for me as well. And women only want a relationship if they get together with you. That’s not for me. And I to have been watching male on male porn. Turns me on to no end. Watching two men suck each other’s cocks.”

I continued rubbing his cock through his shorts. After a couple minutes I guess he felt more comfortable that I had accepted his explanation of what he was feeling. He reached over and started rubbing my cock through my shorts.

We looked at each other than both of us leaned in and brought our lips together. We kissed softly at first than we opened our mouths and let our tongues explore each other.

I broke the kiss and said. “You okay Ron.”

“Yes,” he replied. “I’m happy that I asked you over.”

“I am too,” I replied. “Mind if I take that shower. Think this is going further than just rubbing each other’s cocks.” I smiled and stood up and headed to the bathroom.

“Care to join me,” I offered to Ron.

“Would love to,” he replied.

We entered the bathroom and both stripped naked and entered the shower together. The water felt wonderful and so did Ron’s hand when he started stroking my cock while washing me.

I let out a moan and leaned my head back. “This feels really good,” I said.

“I agree,” Ron said. “Just wish I had decided to talk to you sooner.”

“The good thing is that you finally did.” I replied.

It was my turn to wash him. I started by washing his back. Then had him turn around. I reached out took a hold of his cock and stroked it a little bit.

Ron’s cock was around 8 inches long and slender. Mine is around 6 1/2 and has a little more girth than his. I washed his front and we rinsed off and got out and dried off. We went back and sat on the couch naked. Acıbadem Escort We stroked each other’s cocks for a few minutes. Then we looked at each other and we knew where we wanted to go with this next. We laid in opposite directions on the couch so that both of our cocks were in front of our faces. We took each other’s cocks in our hands and then in our mouths. We both moaned loudly.

I pulled off his cock and said, “Damn Ron. this feels wonderful. I love how your cock feel in my mouth. I’m glad you decided to talk to me and open up. I had thought about it but couldn’t find the courage.” I then went back to sucking his beautiful cock.

“I feel the same way,” Rod said and went back to sucking mine.

“I don’t know about you.” I said. “But I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum and swallow all of it.”

“I want the same thing,” replied Ron.

We sucked each other for another 20 minutes. Stopping now and then to prolong the inevitable as we were enjoying each other’s mouths immensely. But we both knew either one couldn’t last any longer. We started sucking like our lives depended on it. I was burying his 8 inches into my throat and he was doing the same. I felt his legs start to shake and then felt the first spurt of cum enter my mouth. And I started unloading into his mouth at the same time. It was the greatest feeling I have ever felt. Cumming together. Swallowing each other’s cum. We sucked until we both went soft and had gotten every drop of each other’s cum.

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed. “That has to be the hardest I have ever cum. No woman has ever made a blowjob feel that good. Love sucking your cock and the taste of your cum.”

“I agree,” Ron said. “It was the best I have ever had. To think we have been missing out on this all these years. But we have a lot of years to enjoy our new found love of sucking cock. Our cocks.”

“I want to do this often.” I said. And gave Ron a deep passionate kiss.

“Me too,” is all he could say.

We got up and got dressed and then there was a knock on the door. It was Ron’s father.

“Come in Dad,” Ron said. “We were just sitting around shooting the bull.”

His Dad said. “I saw what you two were doing. I had knocked on the door a couple times but you must have been really into sucking each other off to hear it. So, I looked in the window to see if maybe you were sleeping on the couch. You definitely weren’t sleeping.”

Ron İstanbul Escort and I both looked at the window at the same time and realized we had not closed the curtains. We had locked the doors but forgot that. Then we looked at each other and then at his Dad with fear in our eyes.

“Don’t worry boys,” he said. “Your secret is safe with me. On one condition.”

We both asked simultaneously. “What is the condition.”

And with that Ron’s dad stripped naked. “Condition is Bob sucks my cock.”

Ron’s dad’s cock was already erect and was a good nine inches. Cut. And really hard. Impressive for a man of 78. He was 16 when Ron was born so the difference was not that far.

“Are you serious,” Ron piped up.

“Dead serious,” his dad said while stroking his cock. “That or I tell the whole family about it.”

Ron looked over at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and dropped to my knees. Tom, Ron’s father walked over in front of me and put his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth and let him slide his cock into my mouth. I managed to take the whole 9 inches.

“Oh fuck,” his dad yelled. No one has ever taken my whole cock. Damn you are good.” He took hold of my head and started face fucking me. He must have fucked my mouth for about 15 minutes before yelling, “I’m going to cum. Here it comes Bob. Take all of it.”

He started filling my mouth with cum and I swallowed as fast as I could. His cum tasted as wonderful as his sons. He kept pumping until he had gone soft and emptied every drop in my waiting mouth.

“Now boys,” Tom said. “It’s my turn to enjoy. You are both hard as rocks again and I want some.” With that he got on all fours. “I want Bob in my ass and you son in my mouth. I have wanted to suck your cock since the first time I saw it when you was younger.”

Ron gave me the weirdest look and I just smiled and got behind his dad. Ron thought for a minute and then just shrugged his shoulders.

“What the hell,” he said. “Why not.” I just watched my best friend suck my dad’s cock.” And he knelt down in front of his Dad.

I entered his ass as Ron was sliding his cock into his father’s mouth. The sight turned me on to no end. As did his dad’s tight hot ass. We fucked both of his holes hard and fast. His dad moaning like a little whore. He moaned loudly as we started to unload in both ends. His dad bucking back against my cock as I shot my hot cum up his ass. And Ron shooting his cum into his father’s mouth. Both of us grunting like bears as we finished. We finally pulled out and looked at each other and smiled. I knew from that day on Ron and I was going to be very close. As were we going to be with his dad.

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Las Vegas 2022

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Las Vegas that oasis in the American dessert is still a great destination for Sex.

Three of us decided to take a four days vacation to what has been called “sin city”. We each had different ideas about what we wanted to do in “Vegas” as I’ll describe here. John wants to gamble, he’s a big fan of black jack. Jon likes to see shows and he enjoys playing the slots. I am here for some fun in the sun and all the sex I can handle. I’m hopeful that I can engage in as much sex as possible.

We agreed to meet each morning for breakfast and and each evening for dinner. The rest of our time was pretty much on our own. We also agreed to see one show together and get together for a road trip to Utah.

Being very horny in anticipation of this trip I wasted no time looking for fun. First stop, the nude pool scene at a nearby club. This is a gay club, other clubs are for women and couples only. Being bisexual I had no problem attending this exciting place.

The nude gay pool was really nice. Upon arrival and paying the fee I obtained a locker. Another attendee had arrived at the same time. We smiled at each other and went our separate ways. A quick shower done, I grabbed a towel and headed to the pool.

The ultra modern pool was very inviting. The pool was fourty by eighty feet with chaise lounges, umbrella tables and chairs. Towels and drinking water were available as are cocktails and snacks. Being new here I chose a chaise along the eighty foot side of the pool. I’d estimate that there were approximately thirty-five men at the pool. Many knew others and clearly some were couples.

I spread my towel on the lounge, İstanbul Escort I placed my water, sunscreen and locker key on the table next to me. Streching out on the chaise I closed my eyes and started catching some rays. A few minutes later I heard some one say hi. Looking up I saw the man I’d seen in the locker room. He was preparing the lounge chair next to me on the other side of the now shared table.

Laying on my back I felt my cock getting hard so I let it happen. I placed my hand on it to keep it from standing straight up. Now a little about me. I’m a smaller man. Five seven, one hundred fourty-eight pounds. Fit and tan describes me. Having longer legs they suggest I’m taller than I am. I’ve got a decent six inch long by five inch around cock.

My new pool neighbor was perhaps five ten or eleven, fit to muscular perhaps one hundred sixty to seventy pounds. Blonde hair blue eyes with a cock that must be seven inches long and perhaps five inches around. He placed the back of his chair level. He got on his chaise face down revealing his muscular back and great ass, I mean great.

He introduced himself as Ron and I told him my name was Dan. Where are you from and other exchanges were made. We both rotated about ever ten to fifteen minutes so as not to burn. I was first to get into the pool, later followed by Ron. Waste deep and face to face we continued talking. Others in the pool were swimming, laughing and others were kissing and hugging.

We returned to the chairs and continued talking and tanning. As the sun moved past us we were now in the shade. I stood saying it was time for me to leave. Escort Bayan Ron stood and asked for my phone saying he’d like to give me his number. I agree then shaking hands I left.

After dinner with my travel partners we caught a show at our hotel. Retuning to my room I immediately got naked. The sun had caused me to deepen my tan to a golden beige color. Looking in the mirror I got an erection while enjoying the view.

Now resting in bed I looked at my phone. Ron had texted me. He said he’d had an enjoyable afternoon and would it be okay if we met again? It was now eleven p.m. but I texted back asking what he had in mind? He immediately texted back asking if I’d like to join him for a night cap? Feeling tired but willing I agreed to meet at my hotel’s bar in ten minutes.

Quick shower then put on my beige shorts and white linen shirt, I left the top three buttons open, flip flops on I headed to the bar. I saw Ron seated at a dark corner, wearing blue shorts, a blue and white shirt with the top three buttons open and also wearing flip flops. I took the seat next to him and ordered a Manhattan. Ron was sipping Scotch, neat as we sat talking then Ron put his hand on my thigh.

Ron wasted no time as he slipped his hand under my shorts as we talked. The conversation immediately changed. Ron wondered if I’d be willing to spend the rest of the night with him? A bit hesitant I agreed and offered my room on the tenth floor and it’s wonderful view. Finishing our drinks we headed to the elevator, going up.

Using my keycard I open the door to my room. Walking in I felt Ron’s hand on my wasteline. Eskort We both kicked off our flip flops. The only light in the room came from the surrounding buildings. Ron quickly removed his shirt, belt and partly unzipped his shorts. Touching his washboard abs was exciting. Now on my knees after I removed all my clothes I dropped his shorts.

His cock was hard as a rock. I looked at the raspberry colored head and started sucking. I could not help myself. I licked and sucked his cock to his orgasm. As he began to cum he pulled his cock out of my mouth, he began spraying my face, pecs and abs with his bountiful semen. Dropping to his knees he started licking his cum off of me. He licked from my abs to my mouth, until we were kissing deeply our tounges dancing.

Ron pushed me back onto the bed. I propped myself up on my elbows. He began giving me an incredible hand job. As I started cumming he took my cock in his mouth and ate every drop of my semen.

With his erection returning Ron positioned himself facing me. Putting my ankles on his muscular shoulders he drove his cock into my ass like a jackhammer. As he kept fucking me I smiled. I felt like an absolute whore and loved it.

Throwing his head back he came in my ass. I felt incredible pleasure as he pushed himself deeply into me. Finally sliding his cock out of me I rested. I fell asleep nude and satisfied. Ron too fell asleep next to me.

Waking at five a.m. I glanced over but suddenly realized Ron was gone. I checked the bathroom, no Ron. His clothes were gone and so was he. We never exchanged last names or anything beyond phone numbers and information about my hotel. I got cleaned up and at seven-thirty I met my travel companions for breakfast.

While having breakfast my phone buzzed and to my surprise It was Ron. One text asked “see you at the pool later?” Needless to say my answer was all caps YES.

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A Birthday Treat for a Virgin Sissy

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As my birthday celebrations wrapped up, I said goodbye to my friends and got in my parents’ car to drive home. I had just turned 19 and my friends had taken me out for dinner to celebrate. We had had a few laughs and a good meal, but secretly, I was desperate to get home.

I was a virgin at 19. Deep in the closet, I had been too afraid to try and meet a guy or date. I had decided that tonight, my 19th birthday, was the night I would lose my virginity. I was planning on downloading Grindr and finding the perfect guy for my first time. I was giddy with excitement and fear.

As I pulled into the laneway, I went inside. My parents were upstairs watching TV in bed. I knew they would be asleep soon, as it was already almost midnight. Heading downstairs to my basement bedroom, I pulled off my tight, light blue jeans, and got into my bed. Pulling out my phone, I opened the App Centre and found the app, clicking download.

Within a few seconds, the yellow and black icon had appeared on my home screen.

I opened it and started to fill out the profile.

Thankfully, I consider myself an attractive young guy. I’m somewhat short, at 5’7″ and slender — weighing in at just 135lbs. My brown hair is coifed into a faux hawk and I have green eyes that a few of my female friends have said are “cute”. I liked to think so too…

I flipped through my phone and found a selfie that I thought showcased my face in a nice light. I also took a picture of me without my shirt on, hoping that my slender body might catch a guy’s eye. I thought my ass looked pretty cute in my boxer briefs…

In the description section, I wrote out what I wanted:

“Young virgin looking for sweet, caring Daddy for first time”

I knew I wanted an older man for my first time. I had always been drawn to more mature men. I loved their masculinity and their confidence. Most of all, I really just wanted to be held by a man in his strong arms. I wanted to feel pretty and desired.

With my profile complete, I clicked on “Done” and was immediately taken to the page I wanted…

My phone was flooded with pictures of guys. Some handsome, some not, some young, some old. A little bit of everything.

I started flipping through the profiles, amazed at how many guys were close by in my suburban neighbourhood. Immediately I started getting messages. It seemed that an 19-year old virgin was a hot commodity…

I reached under my bed and pulled out a shoe box I had hidden under there. Reaching inside, I pulled out a dildo and a bottle of lube. These had been my only sexual solace for the past year as I imagined being with a man. I had bought them shortly after my 18th birthday. Wiggling out of my underwear, I squirted some lube on my finger and gently worked it into my tight hole. The dildo looked like a realistic cock — about 6″ with a reasonable girth. It was connected to a remote and had a vibrating feature. I turned it on and started rubbing it against my little bud. It felt so nice, gently pulsating against the hole. I felt my little cock getting hard at the feeling and I closed my eyes momentarily, imagining that it was a real man.

As my hole relaxed, I started to slide the dildo inside, feeling every inch slowly push inside my eager ass. My cock throbbed with pleasure. Finally, when the dildo was buried inside my tight butt, I turned up the vibration, wiped my hand with a tissue, and picked up my phone again.

There were at least 10 messages now. I flipped through them quickly. A few had no profile pictures, so I deleted their messages and moved on. A few of the guys were too young. One was an older man, but very overweight. But then, I opened one message and was delighted to see a truly handsome looking Daddy profile pic.

“Hey baby. I’d love to help you with your first time. What’s your name sweetie?”

He was rugged looking, with a trim beard, crew cut brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. He was 51 but still very much in shape. In his second picture, he was shirtless at a cottage. Although he didn’t have a rippling six-pack, he was well built, with a nice bit of a hair on his chest. I could imagine myself nestled up against that chest, feeling the hair brush against my smooth cheek as I nuzzled against him. I felt my cock throb at the thought…

My hands were trembling as I returned to his message and started to reply.

“Hiya 🙂 I’m Evan. Nice to meet you! My gosh, you look super handsome lol.”

I reached down and touched my cock lightly and readjusted the dildo still pulsating in my ass.

“Nice to meet you too Evan. I’m Steve. And you look very pretty! There’s no way you’re still a virgin looking that good?”

I blushed at the compliment.

“Aww, thanks. Ya, I’ve actually never been with a guy. I’m kinda still in the closet…But today is my birthday so I decided I really want to finally have my first time. Just want to find the right guy to share it with :)”

“Happy Birthday sweetie! Wow, still can’t believe that you’ve never been with a man. But you’re right to take things Bayan Eskort slow and find the right guy who will take care of you.”

“Have you been with many guys?” I asked, pulling the dildo out my ass now that it had been well stretched.

“Yes and no”, he replied, “I’m actually married, so I don’t get to be with men as often. But my wife and daughter are out of town this weekend.”

I felt a flutter in my chest…Married and a daddy-type? Super hot. But I was nervous about the idea of being with a married man.

“So you’re hoping to have some fun while they’re away I guess?”

“Well…hoping to find some cute young thing to share my bed with me while they’re gone, ya,” he answered. “What do you really want to try with a guy, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Honestly, everything!” I replied, letting my mind wander through my various fantasies. “I want to try giving a man a blow job, getting rimmed, frotting, and ideally getting fucked for the first time. Also, I know it’s silly, but I want to try making out and cuddling too…”

“That’s not silly at all”, came the reply, “I love holding a young man in my arms and kissing him softly, rubbing my hands over his body. And, of course, the other things are also fun! Are you sure you want to try getting fucked on your first time?”

“Yes!!!” I typed back enthusiastically. “I’ve actually had a dildo in my ass while we’ve been chatting hehe! I love the feeling of having my ass filled up. But I really want to feel a real man inside of me.”

“Wow, that’s hot baby. I would love to be your first. I’ll take it nice and slow.”

A picture popped up in the chat box and I opened it. I was looking at the nicest cock I had ever seen. 7″ with a beautiful curve and nice head. I felt myself drooling as I looked at it.

I realized that he’d probably want a picture from me too. I stood up and walked over to the mirror at my closet. Twisting my body and popping my ass out, I took a shot of my naked bubble butt. Nervously, I uploaded it and sent it to Steve.

“What a gorgeous bum sweetie,” he replied almost immediately, “It’s making me hard just looking at it”

I smiled with pride.

“Your cock is incredible! I would love to wrap my lips around it!” I replied eagerly.

“I bet you’d worship it so well baby. So what other fantasies do you have?”

“What do you mean?” I responded.

“Oh come on, you’re an 19 year-old virgin. You must have tons of unfulfilled sexual fantasies. What really turns you on?”

“Umm, well I really want to try eating cum. And I’d love to take a shower with a guy. And, you know…other things lol.”

“Other things like what? You can tell me anything”

I gulped, wondering if I could tell him my real fantasy. The conversation was going so well. And Steve seemed so perfect…I didn’t want to ruin it by saying something that scared him off. But I did have a fantasy…one that I had had for some time.

“It’s fine, it’s probably too weird lol. I just want to be with a handsome guy like you :)” I replied.

“Don’t be shy baby, you can tell me. What’s your real fantasy?”

I paused, my heart racing. This was the first time I was really talking with a guy about my gay dreams. Was I really ready to talk about my deepest yearnings?

What the heck…it is my birthday.

“Well…umm…my big fantasy is to be feminized by an older man. Dressed up in girly clothes and fucked like a girl…I know, super weird :S”

My cock was rock hard at this point. I was absent-mindedly rubbing the tip as I waited for his reply.

“That’s not weird at all. I’d love to make you my little girl.”

I felt some precum dribble out of my cock as I read his reply.

“Really, you think that would be hot?”

“Ya, so hot! You’re actually probably the same size as my daughter. I bet you’d fit into some of her clothes if wanted to dress up for me. I’d treat you like a proper girl.”

My heart melted. I couldn’t believe it. Here was a handsome man of my dreams who was willing to not only take my cherry but also fulfill my deepest fantasy.

“That would be amazing Steve! You’ve got me so turned on!”

“Me too baby. So what do you think, do you want to come over?”

My heart was racing as I considered the request. Every fiber of my being wanted to say yes. I wanted to rush over there and become this man’s girl for the night. But the rational part of my brain was putting up red signs.

What if he didn’t take it slow?

What if he had an std?

What if he took pictures of me dressed up and blackmailed me?

I bit my lip and squeezed my cock. After a moment of not replying, he messaged me again.

“I promise I’d take it slow with you and treat you special. And if you don’t enjoy it, you can head home, no problem. I’d love to share this moment with you on your birthday, Evan.”

“OK,” I replied, putting my fears aside. “Send me your location.”

The next half an hour was a blur. I wiped the excess lube off my ass and put my dildo and lube away. Standing Anadolu Yakası Escort up, I pulled my boxer briefs back on, my cock still rock hard. I bent over a few times trying to coax it down. Pulling my jeans back on, I checked myself in the mirror, fixing my hair.

Tiptoeing upstairs, I could see the lights out in my parents’ room. I grabbed the keys from the hook I had left them on at the front door and quietly went outside. Starting the car, I plugged in my phone and looked at the blinking map in the message. Steve wasn’t far, probably about a ten-minute drive. While I lived in a townhome, he was in a slightly wealthier part of the suburb. I knew it would be a long ten minutes…

Driving along, I tried to suppress the fears still flitting through my brain. I buried them under my excitement. I couldn’t believe this was really happening! I couldn’t believe I was finally going to be with a man! And I could feel the girlish yearnings that I had always felt inside me. The ones that had made me crank the Lady Gage on the radio. The ones that made me want to try ballet, instead of playing a sport. The ones that made me look at girl’s outfits at school with envy rather than lust.

As I arrived at the right house, I pulled into the laneway. My heart was well and truly pounding in my chest now. My brain was screaming for me to turn around, but my little cock was rock hard. It was making the decisions.

“Hey Steve, I’ve just arrived,” I typed into the app. Closing my phone, I walked up the front steps nervously and pressed the doorbell.

As I waited for it to open, I panicked, wondering if maybe I had gone to the wrong house. It was close to 1AM now and I was terrified that I might have just woken some poor family up. I started reaching into my pocket to double check the address when the door swung open.

“Hey Evan, come on in,” Steve said, holding the door for me.

“Hi,” was all I could muster as I skittered into the house past Steve, turning around to look at my host.

He didn’t disappoint in real life. Standing 6′, he had broad shoulder and nice arms. His face was dangerously handsome. And as I passed him, I could smell a feint hint of cologne. It gave him a very masculine musk. He was wearing darker jeans and a brown shirt.

“You look nervous sweetie. Don’t be. We’re going to have an amazing night together. I’m going to take good care of you,” he said, reassuringly, reaching over to put a hand on my shoulder.

I looked up at him. He was smiling at me, and his eyes made me feel calm.

“You have a nice house,” I replied, not knowing what else to say.

Steve laughed. “Ya, it’s not bad eh. I own a small construction firm, so most of the house is custom built. Come on inside.”

I bent over and took off my sneaker, glancing at Steve. As I hoped, he made sure to take a look at my ass through my tight pants. As I stood back up, he reached out and gave me his hand. I took it, feeling the warmth and strength of his fingers take hold of me. I loved the feeling.

He led me down the hall into the living room. He had a fire going and a hockey game playing on TV. Leading me to the couch, he sat down and invited me to sit next to him.

“So did you do anything else for your birthday?” he asked.

“Ya, I went out for dinner with some friends,” I replied.

As I answered, he wrapped his arm around me, pulling in towards him.

“You are so adorable,” he said, ignoring my response. “Let your body relax.”

I did as I was told and relaxed, letting myself sink towards him. I turned my head, looking up at him, staring at those calming eyes.

Without warning, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It was so gentle but loving. I felt myself melt. His other hand reached over and gently caressed my inner thigh. My cock responded eagerly to the new feelings, swelling in my boxer briefs.

As I relaxed, I turned my body, wrapping my arms around his manly frame, feeling his gentle kisses on my lips. His hand that was around me, holding me close, gently caressed my shoulder. He pulled back from our kiss.

“You’re a natural sweetie,” he said.

I smiled and leaned back up, taking the lead this time.

I had read all about French kissing, and I knew what to do. I let me tongue slide out past my lips and his, brushing against his tongue.

The sensation was electric. He took back control, pulling me towards him and kissing me deeply, our tongues dancing around each other’s. My cock was throbbing as we kissed, and I could feel some more precum leaking out. Sliding my own hand down his side, I felt around for his crotch. Sure enough, under his jeans I could feel something hard and big. I moaned a little as I felt it for the first time through the fabric.

Steve broke the kiss again.

“You are so sexy, Evan. But if we keep going I’m going to fuck you here and now, and that’s not the plan. We need to get you ready for your big night. Make you feel pretty and girly, right?”

Biting my lip nervously, I nodded.

“Ok Pendik Escort then, let’s go upstairs. I’ve run you a nice bubble bath. There are lots of fruity soaps that you can use from my wife and daughter. Let’s get you cleaned up and then we can go and help you pick out your outfit. Sound good sweetie?”

“Sounds amazing Steve!”

Taking me by the hand again, he led me upstairs and into their master suite. The king-size bed looked so inviting, and I couldn’t wait for him to take me to it. But first, a nice relaxing bath.

The master ensuite was gorgeous, with a large double vanity, a walk-in shower, and a big soaker tub. As we stepped inside, I could see the bubbles in the bath. They smelled like strawberries.

“Why don’t you get naked for me?” Steve suggested, letting go of my hand.

I looked around the bathroom nervously, then back at Steve. I could still feel my hard cock in my boxers, poking a tent in them.

“Get all those boy clothes off”, Steve persisted.

I pulled my white t-shirt off, feeling it slide off my slender body. Unbuttoning my jeans, I unzipped them, feeling the hard cock prodding out. I wiggled out of my jeans, taking my socks off at the same time. Now, I was standing in front of this very sexy man in just my boxer briefs, with an erection clear as day underneath.

“Such a beautiful body,” Steve said, running his hand over his crotch. I could see that he too was also still erect.

I pulled my boxers down and stepped free of them, now naked in Steve’s bathroom.

“What do you think?” I asked, nervously.

“You are stunning!” he replied, moving forward toward me.

He put his hands on my shoulders, taking in my whole body. He reached down and gently took my hand.

“Give me a spin sweetie, let me see your beautiful ass.”

I spun around giddily, making sure to show off my pert ass.

“Perfection,” he smiled. “Climb into the tub and wash up. I want you to feel relaxed and pretty.”

I climbed into the bubble bath, feeling the hot water relaxing me. The fresh berry smell was sweet in the air and made me feel carefree. As I sunk into the tub, I let the hot water envelope me, sinking beneath the bubbles. I let out a sigh of relief, feeling some of the nervousness and stress dissolve.

Steve walked over to the bathtub and sat on the ledge of the tub. He was still rubbing his cock gently through his jeans.

“You look so pretty in that tub. Way better than my wife,” he said, reaching down to run his fingers through my hair.

He reached over and grabbed the luffa. Arrayed on the side of the tub were a whole assortment of fruity body washes, soaps, and shampoos. He picked a pink bottle and squirted some of the gel onto the scrubber.

Like a lover, he started to wash my body, letting me relax as he moved the luffa in circles, creating more suds and massaging my slender arms and torso. The body wash was fruity, like the bubbles, making me feel so feminine.

“That feels so nice Steve,” I murmured, enjoying the sensations.

As he washed me with the luffa in one hand, his other hand slipped beneath the water, resting on my inner thigh. He rubbed it gently before letting his finger slide over to my erect penis. Gliding them over my smooth testies, he gradually took my cock in his hand.

I let out a moan of pleasure, my head spinning as I felt another man touch my private parts for the first time.

Steve stroked my cock tenderly as he washed my body, head to toe. I was in heaven. The sensations I was feeling were incredible. I felt so pampered. And the feeling of his hand around my cock was sensational. When he got to my ass, he told me to get on my hands and knees in the tub, ass in the air. He washed my bum with the luffa, then put it aside, letting his hands explore my ass. He massaged the cheeks and I purred with pleasure.

Then he slowly slid a finger into my hole.

My brain exploded from the feeling. I could feel every bit of his finger, every crevice of the skin, brushing against the cluster of nerves at my ass hole.

“Oh my god!” I gasped.

“Relax sweetie, I’ve got you,” Steve replied, reassuringly, as he probed further with his wet finger, still slick with a bit of soap suds.

“That feels so amazing!” I said, fighting back tears of pleasure.

“Mmmm, I’m glad sweetie. I’m going to make you feel so amazing tonight when I take you in my bed.”

As he probed my ass with his finger, I couldn’t help but reach down between my legs and touch my cock. I rubbed with gently with my fingertips. It was slick and wet from the soap and water. I rubbed it like I’d seen girls rub their clitties, feeling so dirty yet perfect at the same time.

After a few minutes of this, Steve gently guided me back into a more comfortable seated position. He squirted some shampoo into his hand, and laid my head back into the warm water, getting it wet and then lovingly washing my hair. As he massaged my scalp, I started to imagine what was next…

When he was finished, I shook my head to loosen the moisture from my hair. Reaching into a jar next to the soaps, I pulled out a razor. Rubbing my legs with some buttery soap, I shaved each leg nice and smooth. I made sure to try and make a show of it for Steve, putting my legs up on the ledge as seductively as I could.

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Wresting Team Gone Wild Ch. 02

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


A new coach with rather unorthodox methods is appointed to bring the University’s wresting team back to the top. Unfortunately for straight hunk Scott, the path to victory involves turning him into the team’s bitch.

The story, names, and places are entirely fictional. All characters featured are above 18. Enjoy.


Wrestling Team Gone Wild

Chapter 2: The new singlet

“Awhooo!” Howled Feytons as I revealed my big dick and fat ass to the entire wrestling team and staff.

I hastily stepped up to the scale, my dick heavily hanging between my legs. I tried to covering it up with my two hands as much as I could.

“My, oh my! What a great member… for this team!” Shouted Robert de Portier, clearly excited.

I looked at him angrily. He had the face of someone who had just landed in heaven. He also looked hard in his suit pants.

“154 lbs” Stated Doctor Peterson. I was in the 149 lbs class last year; I knew that I had gained some weight during the summer. It meant that I would be competing in the 157 lbs class this season.

“Mmm… Not good.” Stated the Coach.

“Not good? What do you mean, Coach?”

“Boy, we need one more person in the 149 lbs class. I was told you were competing in this class. You’re overweight.”

Overweight seemed like a strong word given my shape.

“I… I don’t understand. Last season, the coach said that it would be only natural for me to go with the 157 lbs class this year, I…”

Coach Ranson cut me off and held me by my shoulders:

“I guess last year coach was not that smart, eh? Don’t worry, boy. You’ll have to lose a few pounds. I can see there is some fat here and there.” He pointed at my ass. “Daniel, make sure to get him to lose some fat in this area, right?” He said, now groping my bare ass cheeks.

“Of course, Coach!” Daniel responded, taking notes on a piece of paper.

I could hear Feytons and the others laughing behind me.

“Coach, are you sure… I’m already following a strict diet… I…”

“My decisions are final, boy, and besides, we do no longer have singlets available for heavier weights. I was told you would be competing in 149 lbs so you will. Unless you want me to find another athlete to fill that spot?”

Defeated, I went to get checked by the doctor. He asked me to open my mouth, to turn around. God, everyone was still watching! Then, I had to cough. Generally, the doctor was hurried by the other guys coming from the weigh-in but since I was the last one, he took his damn time. He touched my ass.

“Some extra fat here, indeed. Well, there’s some overweight on the front too but I don’t think we can do anything about that, right?” He said while grabbing my cock, grinning.

Could this be more humiliating?

He then proceeded to feel my balls. His hands were warm. I guess that made sense, he had touched so many genitals before mine. Still, as he was taking his time handling me, I started to feel some sort of arousal. Just a natural reaction of your dick and balls being touched but this was awkward.

Thankfully, I did not get hard. I would have never heard the end of it from Feytons.

Doctor Peterson took some more notes on his pad and sent me to Coach Daniel who handed me my singlet. The uniform did seem small, way smaller than the one I had last year when I was myself thinner.

Things started to really go south when I tried to put it on. I could see from the start that it would be an impossible fit but Robert de Portier kept saying that he had a limited budget and he made sure to purchase singlets for weight and height indicated in his sheets.

All I could think that the singlet could not have been made for an adult. When I got to my thighs, it was impossible to get higher. My ass was just too big. My dick was hanging above the white lycra.

“Working to fit in the singlet will only give you more motivation for losing weight Russell!” Stated the Head Coach after my complaints.

All my teammates were ready now, and I was still struggling.

I complained some more but there was no way out, Coach Ranson started to get annoyed.

“Stop whining Russell! If there is one thing that I cannot stand is little whiners, these things fucking stretch so stretch them! Put that damn singlet on! You’re not going to stay naked all day! Do you want to show off or something?”

Of course, remaining naked was the opposite of what I wanted!

“Put your singlet on Donkey Scott! No one wants to see that!” Shouted Feytons, making a disgusting face while staring at my junks.

“You, instead of mocking Russel, come here and help him! We’re a team. We should be there for each other.”

Feytons let go of his smirk and walked towards me. I did not want his help.

“Damn Donkey, why is your middle area so disproportionate with the rest of your body? That’s sick.”

“Shut up Feytons.” I was getting ready to punch him in the face but I looked ridiculous with my singlet still stuck around my knees and below my thighs.

“Russell, Feytons is here Escort İstanbul to assist you, accept his help.”

Travis, on the bleachers, was looking at me with eyes that were saying: “bro, just go through with it.”

Damien Feytons held on the straps and pull up the singlet. To help with his grip, he then pressed one hand against the top of my bare ass. I was mortified.

Eventually, it worked and the singlet covered my big ass and dick. Although, the result was just lewd. The white singlet was too stretched, so stuck to my body that one could see every single inch of my skin, including my genitals which were fully compressed and I was sure of it, every little hair on my ass.

The whole process had made me sweat and I felt like the uniform was fully translucid now.

“Finally!” Coach Ranson grumbled. “Now that everyone had been examined and handed their singlets, I think we are good to go. You can change yourselves back into your clothes right here or in the locker rooms if you prefer. I want you back here tomorrow at 5:45, ready to train at 6. For the ones who struggled a bit with their singlets, wear them as much as possible in the meantime, it will loosen up the fabric and make things easier.” He looked specifically at me.

Struggled a bit! What a joke! It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.

Most of the guys started to change right there, but I was again struggling with removing the straps off my shoulders. It was like the singlet had already become one with my body.

I was about to ask Travis for help when Coach Ranson came near me. He scanned my body with a disapproving look. Maybe, he finally understood that I could not wear that freaking thing.

“Listen boy, for you, I think it’s even better if you don’t take the uniform off at all until training tomorrow.”

“Sorry, Coach?”

“Clearly, you have to lose some pounds and the singlet has to be stretched out a bit. This is simply…” He marked a pause and stared at my cock. “Well, this needs to be fixed.”

“Coach, I cannot keep the singlet on, I have classes…”

“I don’t care about your classes or your damn life. The only thing I care about is your wrestling. Anyway, just put your regular clothes on top of the singlet, that’s no big deal. Wear it for 24 hours and you’ll see, tomorrow, it will fit perfectly.”

He could not be serious. I was sweating already. This was super uncomfortable.

“Is not Lee your roommate?”

“Yeah… he is”

“Travis Lee, come here.” He barked.

Travis was in the middle of changing and only wearing his underwear.

“Yes, Coach.”

“You have an important mission to perform for the team now. You need to make sure that our little Scotty here keep his wresting singlet on at all times until tomorrow’s training.”

“Coach, I don’t think this is necessary, Travis is not…” I tried.

“Here, within this team, we all work together! Lee is going to help you out with this one and I’m sure you’ll help him out another time. Now Russell, put your clothes back on top of your uniform unless you want to remain in just your singlet all day.”

There was no winning.

Reluctantly, I went back to search for my clothes and I did wear them above my singlet, still glued to my skin. Everyone else got to change. This was so frustrating.

“Good.” Commented Doctor Peterson. “We’ll talk about your alimentation next time; you know you have some weight to lose, Russell but Lee should be a good example to follow.”

Worst thing was, Travis and I were following the exact same diet.

At least, my roommate did not feel like gloating and agreed with me that the Coach was a crazy idiot when we left to attend our first English class. The other members of the team were less nice with me and found the situation hilarious.

“Donkey Scott and his elephant ass cannot fit in the singlet! Guess, he’s gonna have to leave the team.”

For the first time, I seriously considered this option. Quitting.

To be honest, I would certainly have left the university that day if it were not for the encouraging words of Travis.

“Come on man, at least we have an actual coach this year. And you’re super good at the sport. 5 pounds to lose! That’s nothing. Coach Daniel will help you on that. And the singlet, it’s gonna stretched and eventually get looser. And if it does not fit, I’m sure they’ll get you another one in the end. They won’t let you go to public competition looking like this.”


“We’re in this together Scott, don’t give up now! Not for something that stupid.”

He was right but I hated how things had turned out. I was even more pissed off that I eventually agreed to sleep in that thing. As travis was changing into loose underwear to get in his bed, I was still in my damn white singlet.

I guess it was a bit looser now. Or maybe, I was just getting used to it.

When I woke up the next day, my dick was fully hard under the fabric and I have to say it gave quite the impressive sight. More than 9 inches of meat going through İstanbul Escort Bayan the singlet. Probably a ton of guys would have been proud but it just made me feel bad. It was abnormal carrying this much of heavy meat between one’s legs.

At the end of the 9.3 inches, where my cockhead lied, shit, I realized there were stains of precum on the fabric. I probably had some steamy dreams that night but I did not remember any of them.

Travis looked at me, he was no stranger to my morning woods even if I tried to conceal them most of the times.

“Damn, this is a sight!” He joked. “Did you cum in that thing?”

“Of course not! I must have precummed a bit during the night.” I put my covers back on me.

“Well, there was clearly a leakage there. Thinking about Tiffany?”

“You bet!”

Once my dick had become flaccid again, I stood up and proceeded to remove the singlet.

“What are you doing bro?” Asked Travis.

“Well, taking this damn thing off!”

“But then, you will have stayed in the singlet all night for nothing. And I’m… well, I’m supposed to make sure you…”

I cut him off.

“I stretched it out! It was the whole point. Besides, I can put it back on right before the training. The coach does not expect me to shower in my singlet.”

“You should consider washing it though.” Travis said, pointing at my crotch.

“Shut up and help me out here, it’s still glued to my skin.”

Travis helped me out getting the singlet off and I was awkwardly standing before him naked. That was a first. I was usually more prude but after the last 24 hours, there was really no point in hiding anymore.

I went in the communal showers, chose a stool and appreciated not feeling the lycra on my bare skin. There were some marks on my body. I would definitely have to ask Coach Ranson or Robert de Portier to provide me with a new uniform.

When I came back in our dorm room, Travis was waiting on me, already dressed for class. He was holding my singlet in his hands.

“I’ll help you put it back on now.”

“Maybe I could wait until right before the beginning of training.” I tried again.

“Come on Scott, it will reflect badly on me too if you don’t do it.”

I obliged. But I had a plan to conceal my attributes a bit more. I put some white underwear first.

“It’s going to be even more difficult to put it on with that underneath.” Travis estimated.

“Well, we wore underwear last year. Everybody does. Either jockstraps or briefs, but no one in the state championships goes commando. This is not the 80’s anymore.”

Travis did not make any further comment but he was right, with my underwear on, I struggled even more.

“This is just ridiculous. Robert de Portier will have to do another small miracle and find me a singlet that fits!”

We laughed it off with Travis and eventually, I got both my underwear and my wrestling singlet on. I could put my jeans and sweater on top and go to class.

Mostly, I got used to wearing the singlet all day, it was just a pain in the ass when I had to go pee. A couple of times, I had to remove my clothes entirely in the bathrooms and I shocked some freshmen. But it did get easier to take the singlet off and put it back on. I was now able to do that alone.

At 5:30, we went down to the sports centre with Travis.

There were already a few guys in the locker-room, including Tom, the shy red-hair freshman guy. We chatted with him a bit, he was coming from a very small town in the countryside and seemed like a fairly nice guy. He had a real passion for sports and was also part of the rugby team of his highschool.

Damian Feytons, Eli Gardener, and Harry Cooper came in shortly after. The atmosphere in the room shifted as soon as they entered the locker-room. As always, the seniors were acting as if they were owning the place and the banters started right away. I was their main victim of course.

“I guess you don’t need to change Donkey Scotty.” Said Damian with a smile. “Always wearing your attire, always ready!”

“Fuck you, Damian.” I showed him my middle finger.

“Come on, don’t be a bitch about it. Your bum is a little bit too big for your singlet, that could happen to anyone of us. Right guys?”

“Damn right!” Confirmed Eli. “There’s no shame to feel about that! Just don’t twerk your fat ass too much in front of us, that could get us horny you know, a big Kardashian bum like that. Given the tightness of our singlets this year, none of us can really afford to have a full hard on underneath it.”

I rolled my eyes.

Damian was now in underwear checking himself in front of a large mirror.

“I did gain some weight as well this summer Donkey Scotty. I mean, for me, it was muscle gain, not fat, but still.” He flexed his biceps.

What could I say? They were indeed huge and veiny.

“Come on, cut the crap.” Intervened Harry Copper mindlessly. “You’re going to traumatize the newbies.”

Damian removed his black underwear.

“If we cannot joke anymore, this year is going Anadolu Yakası Escort to be quite boring.” He sat on the bench, letting his big dick hang between his hairy thighs. He sure took his damn time to get ready.

I could see Tom glancing at this amount of pure muscle and virility, probably wishing he would take Damian’s place one day.

The other wrestlers changed quickly and besides Eli and Damian, everyone had their singlets on when Coach Ranson and Coach Daniel entered the room.

“Ready for your first training, guys?” Asked the head Coach.

Damian stood up, still stark naked:

“Almost, Coach.”

The Coach nodded at him, went through the room, and then stared at me with a disapproving look.

“I have kept it on as you requested, Coach” I said, already justifying myself.

“What’s that?” He asked, pointing to my crotch.

“Sorry… What Coach?” I was once again super embarrassed. Did he notice the cum stain? I had tried to wash it off. Was my abnormal long dick too visible?

“Who’s wearing underwear underneath their singlets around here?” Coach Ranson asked the room.

All freshmen raised their hands, a junior named Cory said “only a jockstrap, Coach”, and Harry Cooper raised his hand as well. Travis was not wearing any, he had already figured that the head Coach would be against it.

“Remove them. Now. Underwear are the best ways for your opponents to get you! You don’t want them to have any grip! This is why we are wearing lycra uniforms, not for showing off!” He finished his sentence looking straight at me and my bulge.

All the boys who had raised their hands started to undress immediately. I did not:

“Coach, about my singlet, I…”

He cut me off.

“You are going to have to pass through this ridiculous shame Russel. No one cares about the way you look. This is not a fashion show.”

Reluctantly and painfully, I removed the singlet, and once again, I had to strip naked in front of everyone else. I tried to change quickly but as I was reaching my ass, I still could not pull up the damn thing.

“Coach, really, I’m sorry, I’ve been wearing the singlet for 24 hours but see… It’s just too tight!”

“It’s not too tight! Your ass is too fat! Don’t mix up the problem!”

Damian laughed loudly at the Coach’s remarks. He was still naked. For one second, I thought the coach was going to ask him to help me out like the day before. But instead, he took the matter in his own hands, quite literally.

Coach Ranson grabbed me and pulled on my singlet aggressively. It moved up so fast that it entered into the crack of my ass like I was being given a wedgie and my balls and dicks came out from the front.

“Now, arrange yourself boy.”

I was beyond humiliated.

Coach Daniel who had remained silent until that point came near me.

“You’ll get used to it Russel. And I’ll take care of your ass, I mean, getting it in shape. In two weeks, the singlet will fit perfectly and you’ll love your new body.”

I smiled faintly. I hated my fat ass. Getting it in better shape was a good goal. I readjusted myself and left the locker-rooms, blushing.

We went on with our first training and for the first half, the Coaches got us competing against each other according to our weights, evaluating our performance.

Eli and Damian went first. It was brutal. They were both strong but were heavily lacking in the technic department. Damian won the match; he was very proud of himself until Coach Ranson listed all the things that he did wrong.

Coach Ranson completed his critics with a demonstration where he completely pinned down Damian to the mat. Damian literally got his face under the Coach’s big ass.

One of the highlights of my day!

I competed with Travis. I considered him as one of the best members of the team and I was happy to be able to challenge him. I was a bit rusty from the summer but damn, I still loved the sport and I was fucking good at it. We went through several rounds and the match was pretty balanced.

I am sure that I would have done even better without the singlet entering in my ass crack from time to time but Coach Ranson and Coach Daniel were quite satisfied with us.

“There is some great potential with these two” The head Coach said, slapping our asses.

I was freaking proud, especially noticing Damian’s defeated smug face.

After those preliminary matches, we trained on machines and heavy lifting.

Daniel then came to see me to “focus on my ass”. His words, not mine.

At one point, all the other guys were jogging around the gymnasium while I was right in the centre, doing some squats. The fact that my ass regularly came out of the singlet made it so much worse but at this point, I had realized that complaining would not get me anywhere. Obviously, some of the other guys were very happy with the show I was unwillingly giving.

“Careful Scotty, we can literally see your hole now!”

To tell you the truth, I had no idea if this could be true but Daniel did not let me the opportunity to check.

“Don’t mind them, Scott! Focus on your work! Focus on your ass! You gotta get rid of that extra fat!”

It was exhausting and I was sweating a lot. We all were. By the end of that first training, even Damian did no longer have the energy to be snarky anymore.

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