Let the Tantra Begin!

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Author’s note: Sarah, the college student and reluctant model, begins her affair with Paul the erotic photographer. Paul has spent several weeks convincing her to become his tantric student and tonight they begin their studies together. This is the first of two tantric sessions and the story is more sensuous in nature rather than being about wild sex. As always, I love hearing your comments.


She stared at the strange chair, not knowing what to make of it. It was at least six feet long, made of red leather and with exaggerated curves that didn’t look necessarily comfortable for sitting. Stranger yet, the chair was narrow—ridiculously narrow at barely a foot and a half across. She had never seen anything quite like it and wondered if in fact it was some strange type of conceptual art. She ran her hand along the leather upholstery; it felt nice to the touch. As she looked it over, she noticed how pristine the leather looked.

Sarah shook her head at the contraption when Paul came into the sitting room.

“What the heck is this, a recliner for very flexible anorexics?” she asked.

Paul laughed. “No, that’s a tantra chair; it makes it a little easier to practice certain sexual positions that would otherwise require a gymnast.”

Sarah quickly removed her hand from the chair’s leather and just stood there staring at the chair.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure what is scarier: that they have a chair designed solely for tantra sex or that you own one?” Sarah asked.

“It’s more of a conversational piece, to be honest with you.”

“Just how does that conversation go?” Sarah asked.

“They shipped it here for a shoot I did, and it cost so much to ship back they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Want to try it?”

“Has somebody else christened this bad boy already?”

“Not naked; I’ve been saving the tantra for someone special,” he said.

Instead of feeling flattered by Paul’s comment Sarah felt the chair’s very existence bore mute testimony to Paul’s perverse appetites.

“Maybe I need to get one of these for the dorm,” she said.

She studied his eyes for a moment and then his handsome face. Paul had a rugged male face with a nose that was a perhaps little too large, and thick, dark brown hair with just a trace of grey speckles. He had grey eyes and a large muscular chest and was fairly tall compared to the diminutive Sarah.

In the other corner of the room was a device that looked like a saddle with a phallus sticking straight up from the middle of it. She recognized it as a Sybian and walked over to it.

“That’s a Sybian,” he said.

Sarah smiled and said, “I know what it is.”

“That’s just for show, actually an early prototype I bought as a collectible,” Paul said.

“Really? Did you get the original packaging—you know, being a collectible and all that?”

Sarah hesitated to touch it, not knowing what had ridden it previously.

Paul walked over to Sarah and kissed her. She fell into his arms and opened her mouth to receive his kiss. With her heels on, it was a little easier to kiss standing up.

“Before we make love, we’re going to begin our practice.”

“Where’s class?”

“Over here on this rug. Trust me.”

Sarah looked down at the beautifully ornate Persian rug.

“Here’s another gift for you,” Paul said, handing Sarah a box. She opened it; inside was a beautiful Chinese-style silk robe. Sarah picked the robe up and examined the colorful gold floral embroidery on the back.

“Thank you, Paul,” Sarah said. It was a little garish for her taste, and it screamed “fallen woman.” Still, the silk felt very sexy against her skin.

“Go ahead, get changed in the bathroom. And please use the fragrance on the counter.”

Sarah went into the bathroom and undressed, almost hating to take off the Jimmy Choos. She stood before the mirror and looked at her naked body. Not bad, she thought, though she was still underweight from not eating regularly. She looked at her breasts; they were a bit smaller from her forced diet, but they were real and probably her best attribute—at least, based on the reaction of her previous boyfriends. She was an honest and shapely 34C with large areolas and long nipples that looked dark compared to her pale skin. She liked her light green eyes, and they had an exotic Asian flare because of her eyelids being a little less pronounced. With her straight dark hair, pale skin and green eyes she could make quite an impression with the boys. But her face was a little too long to be considered very pretty—maybe attractive and even sexy, but by no means a beauty.

She saw a lone blue container on the counter and opened it. She took a small whiff and noted a light jasmine smell, güvenilir bahis but there was more. She read the label and it contained jasmine, patchouli, amber, and musk. She applied it to her neck, earlobes, and wrists before applying a small touch to her breasts and between her legs. She put the robe on; it was a little short, but the red silk accentuated her black hair and green eyes. Oh well, let the tantra begin. She noted a tightening in her lower hips. She wanted this.

When she returned to the room, the lights were turned down and she couldn’t see Paul. “Paul?”

“Over here, Sarah,” Paul said. He was already seated on the Persian rug surrounded by a number of brightly colored pillows and an intricately carved Indian table loaded with flickering candles. Paul waited for her attired in his own black robe; he stood up to greet her. In the background, some new age music played, and Sarah had to stifle a small grin at the setup. She examined the candles and noticed they were all new.

Paul was all about elaborate production values. Back in the dorms, a girl was lucky to get some takeout food and a trip back to campus for a quickie on a squeaky bed while the roommate slept in the same room. No, Paul was definitely going all out in his effort to impress her.

She went up to him and said, “Thank you for the robe.” Without her heels, she had to stand on her toes to kiss him lightly. He smelled like sandalwood.

“This is Indian Buddhist tantra, not the tantra of the ascetic Tibetan Buddhists; this is the true expression of the Middle Way, the way the Buddha told the laypeople of his day. Sexuality can lead to a higher level of spirituality. It’s about prana—energy—flowing through the universe and through the body. Here, sit down, face to face.”

Sarah sat down in a lotus position while trying to avoid exposing herself in the short robe. That was kind of comical, considering that Paul had been regularly photographing parts of her body even she wasn’t intimate with, but for some reason she felt this sense of false modesty was somehow necessary.

“Old religion is about holding back and being controlled by old men—old men, by the way, who couldn’t get a paid date. Tantra is about young men and women in search of their spiritual nature and not just blindly obeying a church. It’s about connecting to the energy of the universe. Like I said, I actually went to India and studied with a guru. Ah, tantra, so fulfilling, so tiring. I went to India to study with the maharishi.”

“How Beatlesque of you!” Sarah said.

“You do know the Beatles were before my time?” Paul said. “Ladali, the beloved, was a shudra, and she functioned as a guru with me. During our encounters, she was my yogini or karmamudra, that is, my sexual consort. She had an enormous clit, by the way.”

“Is that even relevant to our practices?” Sarah asked.

“Just drawing some mental images for you, that’s all. Let’s start with a small prayer or chant. We do with hands together in the Añjali Mudra positon and repeat the phrase ‘om mani padme hum.’ Remember, desire is pure; it tastes of reality.”

They chanted for a while until Paul stopped and said, “Next we go to breathing exercises with the pranayama. You know, some practitioners can get an orgasm from breathing alone. You’re familiar with this with your yoga practices, right? So this should be easy.”

Dear God! Oh no, not breathing exercises! He’s serious about being my teacher, my yogi, my guru!

“You’re serious about this? I mean, I just thought this was an excuse to get me to bed,” Sarah said.

“Of course I take this seriously. One yogini named Lak?mi?kara went off to practice tantric meditation and stayed in a crematorium for years before attaining her enlightenment. Her brother, the king, was her tantric consort, and student. When the townspeople derided her for having sex with her own brother, she cut off her own head. Then she personally paraded the head through town to demonstrate her enlightenment. Now that’s some serious commitment.”

“Cute story, but we’ll keep our heads on tonight, all right?”

“Remember, your body is borrowed from the universe; it’s all star-stuff, and it’s up to you maximize the potential of that borrowed body. Now let’s touch hands and fingertips,” Paul said.

Okay, at least they were touching now. His hand was much larger than hers, and she could feel the power of his body as their fingertips touched. She closed her eyes and focused all her attention on the sensation at her fingertips. He moved his fingertips in light, circular movements against her own in a way that somehow felt very sensual to her.

This went on for several minutes before Paul smiled and said, “Good, that was actually pretty intense for a first time. Let’s türkçe bahis disrobe.”

Sarah took her robe off, as did Paul, and she glanced between his legs. His magnificence was actually quite flaccid. Still, it was fairly long, symmetrical, and considerably thicker than the average cock while framed with neatly trimmed dark pubic hair. His manhood was magnificent, and so were his large testicles.

Paul began by rubbing her feet as Sarah laid back. Damn, that was relaxing.

“Your turn to rub my back,” Paul said. He was facedown on the rug, and Sarah began caressing his muscular back. His skin felt good, and she could feel the power in his shoulders. She liked the musculature of his upper arms and how tight he felt overall.

“Good, now we’ll concentrate on some chakras and release your kundalini or, as some call it, your aura. The first exercise is visual talking; sit over here and face the mirror for me,” Paul said.

Paul began touching her in front of a large, oval mirror, and she turned to kiss him.

“No, Sarah, concentrate,” he said in an admonishing tone as he returned to touching her. “Look how beautiful your breasts are, how inviting your nipples are.”

As he spoke, his hands lightly stroked the pale skin of her breasts, and then they moved to her dark nipples. With his forefingers and thumbs, he slightly pinched both nipples, and as he felt them harden, he lightly pulled them. She could feel the desire flow to the core of her very being.

When his hands moved to her legs, he spread them apart and exposed her labia as he stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

“Look in the mirror. See how beautiful you are,” he said. She watched in the mirror as his fingers began to play with her red lips, exposing her moist inner pinkness. Her clit was clearly aroused and protruding. His touch was electric, and Sarah could feel the liquid ardor rising between her legs.

“Any man or woman would want you—would want to make love to you.” His fingers descended to the sensitive skin between her labia and rosebud. “We call this the black tantra,” he said as he dipped his finger into her rosebud, eliciting a small gasp from her. It was just for a few seconds, but she could feel her vagina tighten with his touch.

“Go on your back.”

Sarah reclined with her legs slightly parted. He began massaging her labia and then entered her with a finger. First one finger, then a second, and each time Sarah shuddered with the touch. Soon she was groaning as his two fingers began stroking her wet vagina. Paul’s fingers were large, far larger and stronger than her own, and that sensation alone was enough to get her going. Paul removed his wet fingers and placed them near her mouth. She had never tasted a woman before, let alone herself, so she hesitated at first, but she was so horny she was willing to try anything with Paul. He traced her lips with his wet fingers. Sarah grabbed his hand, licking and then sucking both of the fingers together as she tasted herself. Not unpleasant, she thought, a bit sweet and musky.

Paul removed his fingers from her mouth and replaced them between her legs. But this time he twisted his fingers until they pointed upward, toward the front of her body. She knew right away what he was aiming for, and his fingers soon found it: her magical yet elusive G-spot! As the finger stroked, his thumb began rubbing against her enlarged clit, which was now quite sensitive.

As Sarah relaxed and received Paul’s caresses, she went through the clinical steps of female orgasm, something she used to recite during trysts with past boyfriends while staring up at the ceiling as she hoped and prayed for an orgasm. First, the excitement phase followed by the plateau stage and then finally, yes, the orgasm. Well, she was definitely past the plateau stage since her labia were swollen from desire and she felt ever-so-wet. Her orgasm rose, causing her to press her legs tightly together around his hand, and she began arching her back. He had increased the pace of his stroking.

The sensations were very different from Sarah’s usual masturbatory orgasm. Instead, it was a shattering, wet orgasm as his fingers plunged in and out of her vagina. She tried to retreat from his hand, but his other hand pinned her hips to the floor and held her in place. He was having his way with her body, especially with her vagina.

As she writhed, her body began to sweat, adding a sensuous sheen to her skin. She just couldn’t get away from his probing fingers; she was being totally dominated by this large man and his strong hands. Sarah had never experienced a total loss of control before, making the sex sweeter for her as she wiggled and softly cried with his continued stroking.

“Oh, oh, please stop; it’s too much, Paul,” güvenilir bahis siteleri she cried out. Paul stopped for a moment and looked her directly in the eyes. He just smiled at her as if to say he knew she didn’t mean it. Clearly, he was going to ignore her protests and his fingers continued their relentless caress.

She could only surrender and moan as her entire body trembled with his aggressive probing. She was having a deep and very wet vaginal orgasm, far different from her normal clitoral orgasms, seemingly focused deep in her pelvis. Paul continued stroking her quivering pussy with his fingers until her limbs went limp.

After her body stopped trembling, she rested on her side for a few minutes while Paul’s finger gently traced lazy lines on her back. That was nice, but she wanted more, she wanted to take him in her mouth. She got on her knees and reached for his hard penis. She began massaging his member, taking care to move from the base to his tip. It felt large and solid in her hand. As she observed, a drop began forming at the tip, and she massaged the sticky fluid with the tip of her fingertip. She had never enjoyed the taste of cum and, in fact, sometimes thought of fellatio as a necessary obligation instead of being pleasurable. But this time, she wanted to taste her partner, to taste both his skin and sperm, to feel his penis throb in her mouth. Something had changed in her; the old rules and inhibitions no longer applied. She no longer felt compelled to be a passive recipient of lovemaking from a man; instead, she wanted more. She wanted to initiate sex. Sarah wanted a sense of control over her lover as she played with his body, watching him get hard and watching it twitch as she gave him pleasure.

He took her hand and pulled her away from his cock.

“Are you ever going to cum?” she asked, a little disappointed.

“Of course I will—that’s part of tantra—but first I’m building up. Not tonight. You’ll see me cum—big time. I promise.”

“Do your magic tantra fingers work with all the girls?”

“That’s not important at all. What is important is that it worked with you.”

“Damn, you should bottle that. I’m so relaxed I could pose with Jack the Ripper.”

“Hmm, that gives me an idea for next week.”

“What? I don’t like the sound of that.”

“You’ll see, now come over here and get your oxytocin,” he said as he hugged her. His big arms felt good wrapped around her body. The feel of his skin was so good—so good that she promptly fell asleep in his arms.

Gulls cried as they soared in the light morning breeze. The sun crept into the room as a gentle ocean breeze moved the curtains. Sarah awoke to find herself in the large bed alone. She peeked under the covers and saw she was naked and horny. She turned over on her side, put a pillow between her legs, and started rubbing against it. It felt good, but she wanted to save herself for Paul, and she was disappointed he wasn’t there to share the morning with her.

She looked at the clock and saw it was almost ten o’clock. Shit, she had been asleep more than ten hours. Did he spike her food or drink, or was this a mental exercise by a master? Damn, he would have been great during Victorian times as a doctor treating women with hysteria!

She ran to the bathroom, cleaned up a bit, put on a t-shirt over her panties, and headed downstairs, but Paul was nowhere to be found. Alyce was already in the kitchen, dressed and in makeup, as she looked her over while commenting, “Look at you with that serious bedhead. Had a big night out with Paul?”

“I did, thank you,” Sarah said with a smile as she surveyed the kitchen for coffee. “Where’s Paul?”

“Oh, he got called away this morning—big problems with a West Coast video shoot. He had to fly out to L.A. to clean up the mess. He told me to apologize to you for not being here. So, are you going to tell me what happened last night? I want details.”

“No, not likely. It was a fun night, though. What’s happening out in L.A.?”

Damn, Paul was gone, and so was the rest of her weekend. She had to go back to her land of darkness.

“Paul is trying to make a silent porn film,” Alyce said.


“Yeah, it’s something he wanted to try, knowing that most of the girls can’t act for shit. Are you going to hang out today?”

Sarah shook her head and went to get her stuff. In ten minutes, she was ready to take off and said goodbye to Alyce, hoping to catch an early ferry out.

“Hey, forget something?” Alyce asked.

“No, what?”

“Jeez, get your head out of your ass. You want to get paid for the shoot, right?”

Oh yeah, getting paid. She was so bummed by Paul’s early departure. Wow, she really missed his company.

She returned to the dreaded dorms. During the summer, the dorms were warm, smelly, and populated with the rejects from the Island of Misfit Toys. She hated the dorms. When she arrived, the few remaining freaks came out from their rooms to greet her.

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Let Him Eat Cake

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Big Tits

It was Hank’s birthday, the first of our birthdays that we would celebrate together. We’d just moved in together two months before, and I was making a cake. The traditional birthday cake in my family is the best cake in the world, so of course I was making it for Hank. It’s dark, dark chocolate, with a fluffy, shiny icing to go with it and I couldn’t wait for him to try it. As I cracked eggs and sifted flour, I kept trying to imagine the look on Hank’s face when he took the first bite. I wanted to make his amazing blue eyes roll back in his head—that was my goal. Nothing less would do.

As I stirred, I asked myself, “Why did I have to fall in love with a guy with an August birthday? It couldn’t have been in February, when stirring up a cake in a kitchen warm from the preheating oven would be a pleasure, oh no.” I had already put my hair up on top of my head with a clip, but still was sticky with heat. So I stripped to my panties and tied my white chef’s apron on top. No one could see. We lived in a third-floor attic apartment, and you couldn’t see in the windows from the street. I’d checked.

So there I was, stripped down, sweaty, stirring up cake batter, when Hank walked through the door, home from work three hours early! I had hoped to have the cake done by the time he got home, but the sight of his big solid body in the doorway made me so happy, I forgot to worry about the ruined surprise. I called, “Happy birthday!” and he took three big strides and was in the kitchen. He swept me into his arms, and planted a big kiss on me. He squeezed me so tight that he almost lifted me up, and then turned me loose. Hank has the most amazing looks. His hair is really dark and it’s curly, but you can hardly tell because he keeps it so short. He gets a tan easier than anyone I know, and now he had a great tan. The most amazing thing about him is his eyes. They are almost a turquoise blue, and against the darkness of his summer face, they stand out like you wouldn’t believe.

“Look at you, making a cake for me! And hey, I love your outfit. Is that the official cake-baking outfit?” he teased. I laughed, and he said, “I want a taste,” and tried to grab the wooden spoon out of my hand.

“No!” I held on to the spoon. “Let me get you a clean sp—”and then he let go of the spoon, spattering me — my chin, my neck, down one arm — with cake batter. Well! I don’t know what kind of look was güvenilir bahis on my face, but Hank saw a need to immediately kiss it away.

He kissed right beside my mouth, where one of the drops of batter had landed. “Mmm,” he said. “Hold still.” His mouth travelled to my chin, and then to my neck, kissing, licking, tasting. His lips were cool, then warm, and I was getting warm on the inside too. I blindly pushed the bowl of batter onto the counter. As his mouth travelled lower, down my arm, he said, “This cake’s going to be excellent, baby,” and his voice had dropped an octave. This was turning him on too.

Hank kept kissing my arm, though the batter was gone, and with one hand pulled the string of the apron that was tied behind my neck. The front half of the apron dropped away.

I took the wooden spoon from the bowl. “Hey Hank, look…” and I raised the spoon over my shoulder and let the dark, dark chocolate batter fall in little rivulets over one breast. His eyes flashed their blue at me and he grinned. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Yummy.” Then he got to work. His mouth went further and further south, not missing even a drop of batter, tracing fire inside me everywhere it landed. He reached my nipple, and pulled it into his mouth, and good god. Cake baking had never been like this before.

All at once I was greedy to have my hands on him. His head was still at my breast, and I laid my hands on his back and started to pull and scratch at the material of his shirt. I pulled it out of his pants, bunched it in my hands, and lifted it over the back of his head. He moved his head to let the shirt come off, but then went right back to my nipple with a slurp. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, the thick, meaty flesh I craved to touch. He felt so good, I crushed his head to me, put my fingers in his hair and brought him up for a kiss. Mmm. My solid, solid Hank.

He pulled the apron string at my waist and the apron dropped away. He rolled my panties off, with my help. I reached for his belt buckle, but then let him undo it — he was far faster — and then I unbuttoned and unzipped him. He pushed his pants down and shook them off, toeing off his shoes, and then there we were, naked in the kitchen. Well, us and our tall new friend. Hank’s erection was as big and solid as he was, and I reached for it, but he had other ideas.

Taking the wooden spoon, he said, “Janelle, türkçe bahis check it out,” and dribbled more batter off the spoon, out in a trail from the base to the tip of his cock and over. Some batter dripped off the sides.

“Yummy,” I said, trying to match his tone of voice from before. I squatted in front of him and licked the batter from the head of his cock, making my tongue swirling and soft. Then I licked the little drips from the front of it. There weren’t many, but I took my time, and focused a lot of suction and licks on that area in front where the head meets the shaft. I kept looking up at him, and he was watching me the whole time. Sometimes he would stroke my face, or rub my shoulders, but mostly he just watched my mouth lick him. There was still a lot of batter on the top side of his cock, so I took it all at once into my mouth. Mmm. The cake batter added some extra wetness that almost worked like lube. It was so easy to slide Hank’s wet cock in and out of my lips, easy to go fast and get him excited faster. He leaned his ass back against the edge of the counter and threw his head back, and I knew I’d better slow down. I licked up every bit of the batter from his cock and released it from my mouth with a pop.

He looked down at me and grinned, grabbed my hands and pulled me to a standing position. He put his arms around me and lifted me up and sat me on the rolled edge of the counter. Then Hank went for the spoon again. He lifted it high, and sent long thin strings of batter spattering down on my lower belly and thighs. “Looks tasty, doesn’t it?” he said with a wink. He bent over and lapped that dark chocolate off the tops of my thighs. I stretched my arms over his shoulders so I could rub and scratch and stroke his broad back. He straightened, and pushed me back so I was resting on my elbows. His blue eyes drilled mine for a second and I knew what was coming and couldn’t wait. But he made me wait. He lowered his head again, and used his mouth to smooth the batter all over the very bottom of my belly. He slowly, slowly licked it off, doing as much kissing and nuzzling as licking. I kept lifting my hips, or opening my legs to let him know what I wanted, but he didn’t respond. He already knew.

When my belly was totally clean and shining, he leaned down further, lifted my knees over his shoulders, and took a long look between my legs. I was open wide, legs propped güvenilir bahis siteleri up on his back, and his face was no more than an inch from my pussy. He glanced up at me for just a second and then began to lick me, softly, delicately, right on my clit. It was almost more than I could take. He flattened out his tongue and licked all over that slick place between the inner and outer lips. He kept going up to my clit for a few seconds of mind-bending ultra-light licking, and then back to the long slow swipes of my folds. Hank always loved to check my face while he was going down on me — I could feel my cheeks were flushed and I was breathing fast. It was so hot to watch him and feel what he was doing at the same time. Then he stuck his tongue right into my opening and thrust in and out a few times, making the strong muscle of his tongue as hard as he could. I writhed there on the countertop. As it always did, this sex-like thrusting made me wild to feel his cock in me. Of course he knew—that’s why he did it.

Hank stood up, saying, “You taste great, baby,” and then he positioned himself between my legs. His eyes met mine like two pebbles of turquoise from the bottom of a stream and then he eased the thickness and weight of his cock to my entrance. I could feel how wet I was. He pushed the head of his cock inside, and I clamped down on it with all my might, muscles trembling around his hard flesh. He smiled, and pushed a little deeper. I loved the feel of him opening me and opening me deeper inside, and I let it slide now, as deep as it would go. I know I groaned when he hit bottom. I locked my legs around his waist and squeezed with my legs when he was on his way in, and with my pussy muscles when he was on his way out. We kept our eyes on each other’s faces, right there in the afternoon daylight, right there in the middle of the kitchen.

He started hammering me for all he was worth, and I felt that upward hitching in my hips that let me know that I was going to come for sure. He fit his hands under my ass and added more power to his thrusts that way, drawing me back towards him on the in-strokes, and pushing away a bit when he slid out. Our hips slapped together. In a moment, the waves of pleasure that had been building in my pussy broke free and spread all over my belly, down my legs and out my arms and even made the skin under my hair tingle. I could feel my muscles inside squeezing and bucking around Hank’s cock, and so could he. He groaned, drove deep a few final times, and shuddered in his own orgasm.

So yeah. One way or another, my cake made him roll his eyes right back in his head.

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Super Siblings

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All characters over 18


Let me tell you a little about my world. Me and my twin sister about six miles from the birthplace of the world’s greatest hero. Well, that’s what they call him, anyway, the ‘Dashing Defender’, the ‘Stalwart Super’, though he’s mostly known as Crusader. He’d have taken Superman, but apparently that’s copyrighted. Go figure.

Yeah, my generation? Super powered. Well, some of us anyway. Sadly, not everyone can be a fucking flying brick. Knew a girl who could change the color of her hair at will. Fun at parties, not much use against burglars. And it’s a crap-shoot exactly when these things manifest. Cock-sucking Crusader got his right about the time he left high school. Compliant little bitch, too, government loves him.

So, right about now you’ll wonder what I can do. Well, mine’s fucked up. Anyone I touch, and by touch I mean skin contact anywhere, feels an instant rush of pleasure. Yeah, the sexual kind. The longer I touch them, the harder they cum. Too long and it’ll probably kill you. Never had that happen, thankfully. How did I find out? Was visiting a friend of mine. His squeeze for the night opened the door, I shook her hand, and, well…she mentioned later shaking my hand was better than riding my buddy. Kinda funny, in hindsight. He came down, wondering what all the screaming was, and saw his girl convulsing on the floor in ecstasy. I told him what happened, asshole didn’t think twice and shook my hand too. Yeah, you can imagine what happened. Not exactly a traumatic origin story, I know. But who was I gonna be? Orgasm-man? Defeated by keeping away? Now there’s a recipe for success. Thankfully, my mom had more sense and actually listened to me when I got home. We called my sister first thing. Twins get the same power, you see, and immunity against each other. She wasn’t as lucky. She’d been visiting dad, gave him a hug when he opened the door, cheek against his. Long story short, both had a long talk with a psychiatrist afterward. She wouldn’t dare touch anyone else for a while after that, except me.

Well, that sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Can’t touch anybody. Can’t be touched. I was popular with the ladies for a while, but it gets a little old when they can’t help me out. The time it would take to make me cum, they’d be dead. Which, as dying goes, isn’t too bad I guess, but not exactly desirable. Sure, they could use gloves to jack me off, but damn if that doesn’t take all the joy out of it. Full-body condom, tried it. Some people might find that sexy, not me.

Eventually, I found a wife. I was 22. Kept her happy. With a little help from science, we got a son and daughter, also twins, that same year. She was determined to raise them as she was raised, meaning nudist. What can I say, I always fell for the stupid ones. Kidding. It meant I was always clothed head to toe, gloves on. Separate beds, ’cause I sure as hell wasn’t gonna sleep like that all the time. I’d keep Kate, my wife, happy in bed of course. But I tell you, I sure missed the feeling of a nice tight pussy around my cock.

Meanwhile, my sister lived alone. She couldn’t handle too many people around her. Afraid she’d hurt them, accidentally or on purpose. Always had a bit of a temper; last year she tried to find a guy, damn near killed him when she found out he was sleeping around. Fucker actually liked it.

We all lived close to each other, my parents, sister and me. Regular visits and such. Kate and my sister got along great. Best of friends, insofar as she allowed herself to befriend anyone. My parents even got into the nudist lifestyle, which was a bit surprising to us, but made visits a lot more relaxed. One güvenilir bahis day, my sister mentioned she’d love to join them, but was afraid to risk it, same as me.

That night, after another turn of unsatisfying glove-hand, my wife said she had an idea.

‘Why don’t we send the kids over to your parents for a while? You, Sasha and me, the house all to ourselves…she doesn’t need to worry about me.’

‘She will. It’s a great idea, but she still won’t be comfortable enough. After that thing last year…’

‘So the only one she’d get naked around is you?’

‘Seems like it.’

‘So go over to her place. Wait, no…our house is more private. I’ll take the kids and go to her place for a day or two, she can stay here. Ben and Jane will love it, she’s got that gigantic backyard. And you two can just hang out, catch up, get naked. Neither of you have to worry about a thing. You know you haven’t talked to her much.’

I had to agree, I had not been the best brother to her. Aside from the superficial stuff, we never talked about how we felt. Not to each other, anyway.

‘I guess. If she wants to.’

‘I’ll call her in the morning.’

Before she crawled into her bed, I made her cum a few more times.

In the morning, like she said, Kate was on the phone for what felt like hours. Finally, she hung up.

‘She said yes!’, she chirped. I smiled.

‘Great. When?’

‘Over the weekend, so tomorrow. I’ll tell the kids to pack up when they get home from school and we’ll leave in the morning. She’ll come over once we get there.’

‘Okay then.’, I said.

‘You don’t sound very enthusiastic, Harold.’

‘Just a bit anxious, you know? Like you said, we haven’t been close. We should be, considering…but it’s my fault. I never took the time to talk to her. Just…always made sure I was okay and forgot about her.’

Kate came in to hug me as close as she could.

‘Dear…it wasn’t easy on you, either. Two extroverts suddenly unable to touch anyone? It would fuck anybody up. I’m sure she doesn’t blame you for anything. You shouldn’t blame yourself.’

I held her close, my hands on her face. I winced.

‘These damn gloves…I just want to touch you, Kate. Feel your soft skin against me. Embrace you. And more…damn it all…’

I cried. She couldn’t even wipe away my tears.

That night, she told our kids they were going to stay at their aunt’s house for a few days. They were happy of course. They wondered why I couldn’t come, but we just told them I had a busy time at work. They were 4 years old, they’ll believe anything.

Before they left Saturday morning, my wife took me aside.

‘Honey, I know…’, she trailed off.


‘You want sex. Real sex. Just- Well, your sister has needs too.’

‘Wait, what?’

‘Look, I know you’re both immune to each other. You both are in desperate need of some actual, physical contact. You know that.’


‘Yes, she’s your sister. But this a bit unique, isn’t it? I just want you to know, if something happens…if you both want it to happen…’

She looked me straight in the eyes.

‘Please, just let it. I-I don’t mind…I am okay with it.’

‘I…I don’t- I mean…I love you, I can’t-‘

‘Yes, you can. You need it, she needs it. She’s told me-you know we talk.’

‘You haven’t said this to her, have you?’

‘No. Not yet.’

‘Kate, no…’, I resisted, though I know it was weak. Her suggestion had stirred things in me. Thoughts I never thought I’d have about Sasha.

‘Honey, let me make you happy.’

I sighed.

‘I love you, Kate.’

She smiled brightly.

‘I türkçe bahis love you, too.’

About an hour later, I opened the door to find my beautiful sister standing there. I was wearing only shorts, and when Sasha walked in, she threw off her clothes before I’d even closed the door. When she was completely naked, she hugged me tight. No nervousness, no shyness about her body, she just threw her naked self at me. God, it felt good, just some physical contact.

‘Hey Rolly.’, she finally said.

‘Hey Sassy.’, I chuckled. Childhood nicknames. Her breasts against me, her naked crotch rubbing against my shorts.

‘This feels nice.’, she said, then let go after another moment. She pointed at my remaining piece of clothing.

‘Get those off, silly.’

Well, now that I finally could, they were off in seconds. She smiled as she saw my half-erect dick.


‘Let’s get in the backyard. Sun’s out, we can do whatever you want.’


She practically skipped out the backdoor. I made us some drinks and joined her. She was lying in the deck-chair, I put the drinks on the table between us and lay down in the one next to her. She giggled, stood up, and pretty much lay down on top of me, forcing me to scoot over so we could lie, snuggled up against each other, on one chair.

‘I didn’t come here to avoid touching you, Rolly.’, she chuckled.

‘I know…I just, wanted to take it slow, you know? Didn’t want to freak you out.’

She looked me in the eyes.

‘Why would you freak me out? The naked thing?’

‘No, not that. We’ve both seen the rest of our family naked, this isn’t any big deal.’

‘Then what?’

‘Well…I-I didn’t know how close we were. I thought, maybe I alienated you. All these years, I’ve been so focused on me, I kinda lost sight of you. And I thought I messed it up. So I didn’t want to force anything you weren’t comfortable with.’


‘Just- I’m sorry, I should’ve been there for you.’

‘Harold, stop. I love you, brother. It wasn’t your fault we got this…power. You had your life to live. I had mine. Yeah, I was angry once…when you met Kate. Why you and not me? But I got past it. I never learned to deal with this-‘, she took my hand in hers, ‘-as I should have. Maybe you were there for me, maybe you weren’t. I never took the time to look up and see. I don’t blame you.’

Neither of us said anything more. We just held each other close and enjoyed the sun. Eventually, we both fell asleep.

When I woke up she was gone. I stood up and walked inside and found her on the couch in the living room. The tv was on, though she wasn’t watching. The magazine in her hand demanded her attention. She smiled brightly when I entered the room, then giggled. I looked down and saw that I sported quite the morning wood.

‘Good dreams?’

‘Heh…I guess…sorry…’

She motioned for me to sit next to her.

‘Don’t be. It’s been too long since I saw one in real life.’

She threw the magazine on the coffee table as I sat down, then rested her head on my shoulder. Her right hand traced the inside of my thigh. Mine slowly moved down from her shoulder, inching closer to her breasts.

‘Kate talked to you, didn’t she?’, I said.


‘Mmm…I- I love sex, Rolly. Always did. I know you did, too. Now, with this? I’m constantly horny…’

‘I know…god, do I know what you mean…’

‘And your hand isn’t any more satisfying than mine, I bet.’

‘No. Jesus, I know this isn’t normal, but-‘

‘We aren’t normal.’

‘Sassy, I love you. I want this. I need this.’

‘I love you, too Rolly. I need güvenilir bahis siteleri this, too.’

She cupped my balls with her naked hand. I grabbed her tit, squeezed it.

‘Mmm…a hard cock that I can touch…too long ago…’

I felt her small hand grip the base of my shaft and slowly jerk upwards. My own hand strayed down her back, between her legs. I slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. She squealed in delight.

‘Oooooh god….yessss….’

My sister kissed my shaft, dragging her tong up to the tip, then down again.

‘Mmmmm, please, Sassy…would you suck me off?’

‘With pleasure, brother mine….just….keep…your fingers…busy.’

I couldn’t help but moan as I felt my cock enter her mouth. It had been years since I’d had a blowjob, but this beat the memory of them all. Neither of us were going to last long, having gone so long without. But we didn’t care. Soon, I felt her coming on my fingers. Her mouth never left my cock as she did. Moments later, I groaned.

‘I’m gonna cum, Sassy…ooooh…Jesus…’

She kept sucking, draining my balls into her mouth. Streams after stream of my seed shot down her throat. My sister swallowed it all. I never even went soft. I’d forgotten how good this felt. Naked, intimate skin together in pleasure.

‘Wow…’, she said.

‘Yeah…that was…’

‘Great…fantastic, even. You came so much.’

‘Well, been a while since I got a blowjob. My god.’

‘Your fingers were nice, too. And you’re still hard as a rock.’

‘What can I say?’, I slipped my fingers inside her again, making her moan softly, ‘There’s finally a wet pussy around I can fuck.’

She smiled and looked at me.

‘Is that what’s gonna happen?’

‘Don’t you want to?’

‘Yes…I just want to hear it…tell me….’

‘I’m going to fuck you…Sassy.’

She grinned, sat up, facing me, her legs spread over my cock. I grabbed her hips and lowered her down, never once losing eye contact. In a moment, she was completely impaled on my dick. Soft moans escaped us both.

‘Holy-…..you’re so tight…’

She leaned down, kissing my cheek. She whispered in my ear:

‘And you feel so fucking good inside me…fuck me, Rolly. Please.’

I started slowly bucking my hips. I was fucking. It had been about 8 years. No words can describe the joy, the bliss, for either of us to finally have this again. It was slow and tender at first, until she started moving her hips, too. It surprised me how long I lasted inside her, even after that blowjob. But when I felt her muscles contracting around my cock I knew it wouldn’t be long.

‘Cum…let’s….oooooh…..let’s cum together….’

I held out as long as I could, until I heard her moan and clutch me tight. I bucked my hips hard, pushing deep inside her and letting go. It felt like every last drop of sperm I had left I launched in my sister’s pussy.

‘Yesssss! Mmmmmm….so….good……ooooooh….so full….’

I could only grunt in reply, bucking my hips again and again, riding through my orgasm.

Neither of us had even considered condoms. We didn’t care in the heat of the moment. Frankly, I still didn’t really.

‘Sasha…I just came in you.’

She smiled and kissed me.

‘Yes, you did. Quite a lot, in fact.’, she giggled.

‘I, uh- we didn’t use protection…’

Her eyes flickered a bit, she gazed down at my cock, shrinking inside her, then looked at me again.

‘I know…I don’t care.’

‘No regrets?’

‘None. And I want more. I want everything…I’ve- We’ve spent 8 years without and now we can do it all.’

‘Well, we do have the whole weekend.’

She climbed off me.

‘Good. But first, lunch. Kinda hungry now.’

‘Heh. You go shower, I’ll make some.

Needless to say, my wife’s idea had made me a happy man that weekend. But more on that another time, perhaps.

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Sunday Afternoon

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I’d woken up feeling sick and with a hard on. Last night I’d found out that my Dad was having an affair with my mate’s mum, and then I’d fucked her. The whole thing disgusted me but I couldn’t get the picture of her covered in my muck, her fat tits on show and her cunt flaps pouting for the world to see out of my head. I had a quick wank and then got up.

Dad was in the kitchen doing a fry up and Mum was hanging some washing out in the garden.

“Morning son, did you have a good time at Mark’s party?”

“Yeah it was OK, got back about 2, nothing very wild.”

“Good, you’ve got an appetite for breakfast then?”

“Oh yeah, I worked up one of those! I was in the lounge when you’re mobile was beeping away. You got plenty of messages.”

“Did I?” he seemed a bit worried, “I didn’t see any this morning.”

“No, I read them and deleted them, they were quite interesting though.”

“You’ve got no business going through my phone son.”

Then it came out, I couldn’t help it, “And you’ve got no business fucking Mark’s mum.”

I could see him thinking about what to say next but Mum came in through the door so there was no chance for him to say anything. I certainly wasn’t going to say anything to her so we left it and had a nice family breakfast. Those big juicy tits of Mrs Lewis kept coming into my head though and I knew that as much as it pissed me off what she was doing with my Dad, if she came here now, I’d take her upstairs and fuck the shit out of her.

Dad and I watched a bit of cricket on the TV. Mum kept coming in and out of the room so it wasn’t the best way to have a conversation but he managed to explain that Lorna, Mark’s mum, had been going through a rough patch after her husband had died. He’d comforted her and one thing had led to another. It was a shit excuse really but I knew what those tits felt like and how tight her cunt was and what a dirty cow she was when she was getting fucked and I couldn’t help but understand how it had happened. I also explained what I’d done the previous night and the state I’d left her in. He didn’t say it but I could see he was thinking, “Good lad.”

We stopped watching cricket to sit down to lunch. It was something I really missed being at college, good food and finding out what the family had been up to. Then it happened. My mobile beeped and so did Dad’s. We both reached for our phones and Mum said how rude people were these days reading texts at the dinner table. She had no idea how rude it was. I didn’t recognise the number because it wasn’t stored in my phone but when I opened it I knew exactly who it was from. I’d know that foaming gash anywhere. Lorna must have got my number from Mark.

From the look on his face, Dad must have been looking at the same photo. She was on her back with her legs wide open, holding her twat flaps apart with her forefinger and middle finger like a fucking porn star. She must have had a cushion or something in the small of her back because her arse was raised up enough that you could see her arsehole. I got a boner straight away. I stared at the photo for a while before reading the text message that accompanied it, “I want you both at the same time.”

“What a fucking slag,” I thought.

I looked over at Dad, I couldn’t read his reaction but I realised that I still had a lob on in my pants.

“You want to share the rest of the spuds, son?”

“Er, I’m not sure if I’m hungry enough.”

“Well they taste good.” He winked at my Mum.

What a bastard, her thinking how charming he was for complimenting her cooking while he was really just seeing if I wanted to share güvenilir bahis his slag.

I was unsure, I’d seen plenty of threesomes in porno but I wasn’t sure if I could do it with another cock there, never mind my Dad’s.

Our phones went again simultaneously, “You can take turns in my shithole.”

That was all it took.

“You fancy going out for a couple of pints Dad?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

We finished lunch at top speed and headed for the front door. I was doing my best to cover the hard on in my jeans and I noticed that I wasn’t the only one.

We got in Dad’s car, “you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

My heart was beating like I’d just beat the world record at 100 metres, “Yeah, let’s do it.” He got his phone and dialled her number.

“Lorna?… We’re on our way now you dirty little bitch… I hear you got a bit of a seeing to last night.”

I whispered to put her on speakerphone.

“I got my fanny fucked and a filthy facial, he’s as dirty as you.”

Me and Dad grinned at each other. “Tell me what you’re doing now,” he demanded.

We listened as we pulled out of the drive. Mum was waving us off, I had no scruples.

“I’m in the same position as the photo I sent you but I’ve got two fingers up my cunt and my thumb on my clit.”

“You fucking slag, stick one up your arsehole, get it ready for us.”

“Jesus,” I thought. I was listening to my Dad have phone sex with some slut, sat it the front of the car on a fairly busy road and all I wanted to do was get my cock out and have a wank. The thought of her laying there fingering her arsehole was making my cock fucking ache. Fortunately we weren’t too far away.

“I take it you’ve got an empty house for a couple of hours,” Dad said.

“For 5 hours, can you both manage that long?”

Dad laughed, “You cheeky fucking bitch, you’ll be ruined well before 5 hours… We’re nearly there, get your slaggy gear on.”

We parked a good way down the road so that no-one would recognise the car outside her house. We virtually ran to her front door; partly so fewer people would see us and partly because we both had rock hard cocks and needed to get fucking. When we got to the front door it was slightly open.

Dad led the way up the stairs. We’d both been in this house before but for different reasons. We got to her bedroom, I could hear her working her slit before we even walked in.

She was on the bed. I gazed at her from head to toe. She seemed a lot more classy and a lot less desperate than the last time I had seen her. Her shoulder length brown hair looked conservative but the basque she was wearing was anything but. She was in fucking good shape anyway but this thing held her stomach in and pushed her tits right up and out. A thong barely covered her pussy, her lips pouting either side of the material. The slut look was set off perfectly by thigh boots, shiny black thigh boots.

“I want you to strip for me,” she said.

I’m not shy about my body but stripping with my Dad in the room seemed a bit weird. I remembered she had said were pretty similar in the body hair and dick department so I concentrated on her and started undoing my shirt. I could see from the corner of my eye that Dad was doing the same. She looked wanton as she watched us strip and at the same time peeled the tiny thong off herself. Her hand went between her legs and she gave herself a rub.

“Spread it,” Dad ordered.

I had a feeling this going to be a bit of a rough session as she put both hands between her legs and held her cunt wide open for us to inspect, it was a lot türkçe bahis wetter than it had been when she’d taken the photo earlier.

“Keep stripping,” she said.

We were both down to our pants and I was just wondering why Dad was wearing expensive Emporio Armani briefs on a Sunday afternoon when Lorna got on all fours facing away from us. I hadn’t noticed before but there was something in her arsehole. She turned her head round to look at us both as she squeezed the butt plug out and in. She did it a few times, really slowly before squeezing the whole thing out with a plop onto the bed. Getting back into her original position, she reached for the plug, licked it and told us to get our dicks out before putting the whole slimy thing in her gob. There was no hesitation, the dicks came out.

We moved over to the bed. Lorna didn’t move, arse in the air ready to receive us. I was happy to get my hands on her arse again and Dad looked as though he knew the terrain well; I wondered how many times he’d fucked her. I squeezed her arse with one hand and my other moved to the slit of her hairless pussy. Dad’s did the same so we effectively opened her up, working as a team so we could see right up her pink hole. I slid a finger into her cunthole, she was fucking soaking. I pulled out and moved it to her bumhole, she was still gaping form the buttplug so I slipped it in easily up to the knuckle.

I asked Dad, “have you tapped this before?”

He shook his head, “she’s only let me finger it before, you?”

“No,” I replied, “didn’t even get a blow job.”

He laughed and said we’d have to change that.

I kept working on her arsehole as Dad fingered her twat and rubbed on her clit. She was going wild and could barely talk she was so short of breath.

“Finger my arse together?”

Dad laughed at her, “You want us both to finger your fucking shithole you dirty fucking cunt.”

Until today I’d never even heard him say ‘fuck’ I was shocked at the filth he was shouting but it didn’t do anything to dampen my boner; it just made me feel even more like an animal. We did as she asked and each placed the tip of a middle finger on her anus. We pushed in together; her ring piece offering a lot more resistance to the double fingering. Me and Dad had always got along OK before but we never really had a great bond; finding myself with him knuckle deep up some bird’s shitpipe changed that.

“I think she’s ready for a bit now,” he said.

He slapped her cunt hard with the palm of his hand; the amount of juice that came off confirmed that he was right. I lay on the bed under her body and lined my dick up with her mouth. I got a tit in each hand and gave them a working, rubbing her nipples on my bollocks while she sucked on my cock. She must have sucked quite a few dicks in her time and it felt fucking great. One minute she was licking my bell end and spitting on it, the next she’d swallow my shaft right down. Meanwhile Dad was giving her cunt a pounding; from behind he must have looked like a dog humping a bitch, I don’t know how he kept his balance but he even managed to get a hand round to rub her clit.

“Fuck her face lad, put some effort into it,” he laughed, “I’m going to pot the brown.”

I pulled Lorna’s head up so I could see her face as Dad shoved his dick up her arsehole. I held her round the back of her neck, my thumbs on her chin; her soft heavy tits were resting on my cock. I could tell when her shithole been breached because her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth opened. I was mesmerised by the slutty look of satisfaction mixed with pain her face. The güvenilir bahis siteleri buggering that Dad was giving her was getting more and more intense, I’d never even fucked a cunt as hard as he was plowing her arse. Tears were rolling down her face but she didn’t want it to stop. I moved by head towards her and snogged her deep. The bed was shaking like fuck, I could feel the vibrations in my bollocks and on my bell end with each thrust Dad gave her tight hole.

Still holding Lorna by the back of her neck, I pushed her towards my cock. She resumed the blow job but I was hornier than that. I followed Dad’s advice and held the back of her head with both hands. Holding her tight so her head wouldn’t move, I thrust my hips, banging my dick right down her throat. The relentless pounding she was taking in her arsehole and the filthy gagging sounds coming from her throat was too much for me and I unloaded right inside her gob. I didn’t know if her neighbours were in but I’ve never made so much noise when I’ve cum before and I didn’t fucking give a shit. I kept her head in position for a couple of minutes, she could have drowned the amount of spunk I shot.

“Nice one son but this position is killing my fucking thighs, can we move round a bit.”

I laughed and went off to have a piss.

When I got back I didn’t even consider putting my pants back on, I just sat bollock naked in a chair opposite the bed and enjoyed the show. Dad was on his back and Lorna was riding him, his dick was still up her arse and he was milking her tits hard. I got hold of my cock and starting wanking myself back to hardness.

“Open her cunt up Dad, I wanna see right up her.”

His hands went down and split her twat wide open, my cock stiffened straight away. He banged away at her arse for a few minutes while I watched and wanked.

“You’d better have your turn Chris before I lose my fucking load in here.”

He slid himself up the bed a bit and Lorna turned over on all fours and presented me with her sloppy arsehole.

I never thought the sight of my Dad getting a blow job would be one for the wankbank but it looked fucking amazing. If I thought I’d been rough it was nothing. He pinched her nose so she couldn’t breathe, slapped his dick hard on her face and even rubbed his arsehole across her face. I looked down, her brown fuckhole was already gaping and fucking ruined, but I was going to have a go on it anyway. I slapped by bell end between her cunt and arse a couple of times and then rammed my dick up her twat. Giving it a few strokes, I got my dick nicely covered in pussy slime. Then I went for it. Holding an arse cheek in each hand, I nudged my prick up her browneye. The noise was fucking obscene and that, along with the sight of her noshing my Dad deep, encouraged me to give it to her hard. My hands slipped to her hips and I grabbed her hard, pulling her on to my cock.

I couldn’t hold it in much longer and I could feel my bollocks tighten for the second time.

Dad must have sensed me slowing, “double facial Chris.”

We switched positions, me and Dad either side of her, wanking in her face, taking turns to slap our helmets on her tongue. I turned my head and caught sight of the whole scene in the mirror, the view was straight up her thighs, two soggy fuckholes, above that she was mauling her own tits hard. I could feel myself cumming, moved back slightly and fired a massive load all over her face. The last bit of my spunk hit her face as Dad started to unload his muck. She was covered, it was dripping off her face, on to her tits, all over her bed; she looked ruined.

“We’ve still got time for a pint,” Dad said.

We pulled our clothes on and headed for the door. Just before we left, I pulled my phone out and took a photo of her spunky face. Dad did the same and then put his phone between her legs, “Smile.”

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Lena , Tori Ch. 03

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Ethan loved driving Charlie’s car. It was so big and low and easy to drive. He still loved his ’66 GTO, but Charlie’s Olds was a laid back and take it easy kind of car.

It was a beautiful, sunny morning. He parked the car in the lot outside Lena’s apartment building. He stood at the panel of buttons outside the door, trying to remember which apartment he was in last night. He never heard Lena’s last name, so that didn’t help. He guessed and pushed one of the buttons for the third floor, but there was no answer. He tried another button, and a girl’s voice answered.

“Hello?” she said.

Ethan hesitated. Was that Lena’s sister?

“Uh, hi. It’s me. Ethan? I was here last night with Charlie?”

There was a pause for a few seconds.

“Come on up,” the girl’s voice said, and the door buzzed.

He went up the stairs, knocked and waited. Tori opened the door.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Ethan said.

She was as beautiful as he remembered, maybe even more. She was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a white turtleneck shirt. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail. They stood for a minute staring at each other.

“Is Charlie still here?” Ethan finally said.

“Yeah. You wanna come in?”

She stepped aside and held the door open. He went in.

Immediately he smelled a strong, pungent odor that filled the whole apartment. On the coffee table in front of the couch was an ashtray filled with ashes and tiny, twisted cigarette butts. They had smoked the hash.

“You left pretty early last night,” Tori said.

“Yeah. I wasn’t feeling well.”

He noticed the way she was looking at him. He’d seen that look in her eyes before from other girls.

“Sorry to hear that. You feeling better now?”

“Some . Is Charlie ready to go?” Ethan said.

Tori giggled. “He’s a little … indisposed right now. He got pretty wasted last night.”

Ethan looked at the closed bedroom door. “Are they asleep in there?”

“Sort of. They’ve been asleep for a while. Every now and then I hear them going at it.”

Ethan started toward the door. “Maybe I should get him up.”

Tori put her hand on his arm. “Maybe you should let him sleep.”

Ethan looked surprised. She smiled.

“Have a seat. Would you like some coffee?” she said.

“Uh, sure,” Ethan said.

He sat on the sofa in the same spot he sat last night. Tori went to the kitchen once again. He watched her move about, opening the cupboard for a coffee mug, pouring the coffee.

“Do you like cream or sugar?” she said while she poured.

“Sure, just a little.”

She brought the mug out and handed it to him. He held the hot mug in his uninjured hand and took a cautious sip. It was very good. Tori sat beside him, folded her legs Indian style, and picked up her glass of Mountain Dew. They were quiet for a few minutes, sipping their drinks.

“How did you hurt your hand?” she said.

“Excuse me?”

“Your hand. How did you hurt it?”

Ethan raised his injured hand and cradled it in his good hand.

“Oh, uh, in a fight,” he said, and felt sheepish.

“Ah,” Tori said and nodded.

She was looking straight ahead while she sipped. Her skin was soft and pale. He had seen that she was beautiful before, that was not difficult to notice, but he had not realized how beautiful she was, how much more so than Lena. Lena had a hardbody, lean and firm, but Tori was softer, more delicate, her features more classically feminine.

Her cute eyes were small and girlish, her nose was a little button that turned up at the end, her lips were full and pouty. Her jaw tapered into her neck, which seemed too fragile to hold up her head.

Her round breasts were deliciously obvious beneath snug fitting turtleneck shirt, and their shape was accentuated by the flatness of her stomach and the gentle curve of her waist.

She turned and looked at him. Ethan realized he was staring at her and snapped his head around to face the other direction. He took a deep breath, totally embarrassed that she had seen him gawking at her body.

Tori cleared her throat.

“Um, how many stitches did you get?” she asked.

“Twelve, I think,” he said, holding up his hand as if it was an exhibit. “You probably think I’m pretty stupid for fighting.”

She güvenilir bahis giggled. “Yeah, I do. Did you win?”

Ethan started to explain to her why he had been fighting, but was confused by her question.

“If you think fighting is stupid, why do you care whether or not I won?” he said.

“Just curious.”

Before he could ask her his next question, she stood up.

“You want more coffee?” she said.

He stopped with his mouth open, distracted in the middle of speaking. He looked down at the mug. He had drank only about half of it.

“Uh, sure,” he said.

She held out her hand. He put the mug in it. She went back into the kitchen. He watched her ass cheeks, which were so neatly encased in her tight jeans, move side to side as she walked, and he groaned.

Tori poured more coffee into the mug and returned to the living room. She had a sly smile on her puffy lips as she walked toward him, shifting her hips side to side. She stopped in front of him.

“Here you go,” she said, holding out the mug.

“Thanks,” Ethan said, and took the warm mug.

He lifted it to his lips and tilted his head back to sip. Tori was still standing in front of him. He looked up at her eyes while he drank. Her lips were still curved up in a smile.

Her hands came up to the front of her jeans. His eyes followed them, and he lowered the mug. She popped open the button of her jeans and pulled down the zipper, peeling the two sides away like peeling a banana. His eyes widened when he saw the top of her black panties. He set the mug aside. Tori turned herself sideways and sat on his lap, pressing her soft, firm ass on the long, hard ridge of his cock. It wedged itself in the warm groove between her cheeks. She lowered her lips to his mouth and kissed him.

“Lena told me you had a bad night last night. She said I should make you cum,” she said.

She kissed him again. Ethan placed his left hand on her hip.

“Make me cum? She told you that?”


“You’ve been assigned to make me cum?”

“No. I volunteered.”

She took his right hand off the arm of the sofa and stuck it down the front of her open jeans. His fingers under the elastic band of her panties and touched the soft, downy hairs on her warm mound.

“You made me wait all night for this,” she said and groaned.

His fingers inched toward the soft, wet lips between her spread thighs. She spread them wider. He pushed his middle finger between her lips and rubbed it back and forth over her slit. He slid his other hand under her shirt to rub her flat belly and felt something cold and hard between the ridges of her stomach muscles. He raised the bottom edge of the white shirt and looked down. She had a pierced belly button and a small gold ring sticking out of it.

“Lena said you were built. Are you?” Tori said in a whisper.

“What do you consider built?”

Tori rubbed her ass on the hard ridge that stood up in his lap.

“Nine inches is built.”

“I’m close to that.”

“How big are you?”

“Twelve inches.”

He watched her beautiful tits rise and fall on her heaving chest and press against the thin, white fabric. Her hard nipples stood out like a pair of buttons.

“Twelve inches? Oh my God. Are you kidding me?”

“Does it feel like twelve inches?”

“No. Is it really?”


She rubbed her ass on it while Ethan fingered her pussy.

“Ok. I’ll take your word for it. Are you gonna show it to me?”

“You think I wouldn’t?”

Tori shrugged. “I had to make sure.”

She started to laugh. Ethan reached for her glass of pop and scooped out an ice cube with his fingers.

“This is kinky,” he said.

Tori wasn’t paying attention when he put his hand back down the front of her pants, spread her pussy lips apart, and slipped the ice cube into her cunt. She screamed and leaped off his lap.

“Oh fuck … Oh shit that’s cold,” she shouted.

She jumped around the room with her hand down in her pants. Ethan laughed. Finally she stopped jumping around and turned to him.

“That was mean,” she said.

Ethan shook his head. “That was kinky.”

“Ok. Fine. Now that we’ve determined what kinky is, are you gonna show me your cock, or what?”

Her eyes türkçe bahis glanced down at his lap. Ethan looked down to see what she was looking at. His erection was clearly visible in the leg of his jeans. He looked into her eyes. She grinned back at him, crawling closer on her hands and knees.

“Come on, show it tome,” she said.

He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled the zipper down, and peeled the sides away the same as she had done. Tori licked her lips. He pushed his jeans down past his hips, and Tori gasped.

“Oh my God. It’s true. You don’t know how long I’ve looked for a man like you,” she said.

Her warm hand closed around it and she leaned forward and kissed the head. Her puffy lips parted and it slipped right into her mouth.

Ethan moaned. Her wet lips smacked around his shaft. Tori moved her head back and forth, taking more of it into her mouth. Her left hand was closed around the shaft and her right hand reached under to squeeze his fat balls.

She reached for the glass of Mountain Dew, stuck her fingers in, and pulled out an ice cube. Pumping his cock for a few seconds, she popped the ice cube into her mouth. She giggled when she looked up at him. She grabbed his cock with both hands and shoved the entire length into her mouth.

Ethan gasped. The ice cube slid along the side of his shaft. Tori rolled it around the head of his cock. He put his hands around her head and pulled her closer, practically jamming his cock down her throat.

She gagged on it. The ice cube was pressed against her cheek, bulging out like she had a huge wad of chew in her mouth. He fucked her face, lifting his hips off the sofa and pushing his cock deep into her mouth.

She sucked it hard, tugging on his balls and jamming his cock to the back of her mouth. He gritted his teeth and winced when it felt like she was going to rip his balls off. He put his hands on top of her head, drawing back his hips when her teeth scraped along the shaft.

“Ow … ow,” he said.

Tori took his cock out of her mouth.

“Sorry. I get a little carried away sometimes,” she said, and crunched the ice cube in her mouth.

The head of his cock rested on her lower lip and she tongued it absently, smearing the saliva that coated it on her chin and left cheek. She started licking along the side of the shaft and the thick vein that ran along the bottom with her icy cold tongue, letting the bulk of it rest on the bridge of her nose.

Ethan sighed, relieved that she was taking it a little easier on him. He brushed her hair away from her face. She reached his balls and sucked one into her mouth. It was large enough on its own to fill her mouth, but she sucked in the other one, as well. Her cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk with its mouth stuffed with acorns. He moaned each time she sucked in her cheeks and pressed his balls together.

She released them and licked her lips.

“Did my sister blow you last night?” she said, and licked the shaft.

Ethan shook his head.

“Did you jerk off when you got home last night?” Tori asked.


“That’s too bad. These are pretty full right now, aren’t they?” she said and rubbed his balls.

“Oh yeah. They hurt.”

“They feel pretty full.” She gripped the shaft and licked the head of his cock like a lollipop. “You don’t mind if I empty them, do you?”


“You ever cum in a girl’s mouth?”

“Once or twice.”

“She swallow it or spit it out?”

She stroked the swollen, purplish head with her tongue.

“Some swallow. Some spit it out.”

“About a month ago I went out with this guy and we had some margaritas. When I blew him later he tasted like limes. Did you drink anything this morning?”

She closed her lips around the head and started sucking.

“Orange juice. Maybe it’ll taste tangy.”

Tori smiled, showing her teeth alongside his cock. Her bright eyes shined. She was ravishing, especially with his cock in her mouth.

He dug another ice cube out of the glass of pop. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and he put the ice cube on it. Watching his eyes, she closed her lips around the head of his cock.

He sighed and closed his eyes when he felt the ice cube on one side of his cock and her warm tongue on the other side. Tori’s head güvenilir bahis siteleri moved slowly back and forth, working her lips farther and farther down on his cock. He could feel the warm breath from her nose in his pubic hair and he could hear her soft, muffled moans. She was damn good at this.

He moved his hips back and forth. Tori moved her head faster. The soft insides of her cheeks and the warm, wet surface of her tongue rubbed the hot skin of his cock. He moved his hips faster. He was breathing hard. He could feel the orgasm building inside him. It was going to be a good one. Tori was going to get a mouthful of cum.

She had one hand on his thigh and one hand on his balls, kneading them, as if she was milking him like a cow. She had her eyes squeezed shut and was moaning when his knees turned weak and rubbery and he groaned. His orgasm burst in her mouth like a dam break.

Her eyes shot open wide and her squeal was muffled by his cock, but she kept sucking up the cum that quickly filled her cheeks. He grunted with each pulse of his cock until the orgasm began to taper off and his cum only dribbled onto her tongue.

She quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood up. Her mouth was open and she had a thick gob of white cum on her tongue as she leaned forward, wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her head to kiss him. For a moment, the thought of eating his own cum repulsed him, but he closed his eyes, opened his mouth, put his hands around her waist and let her kiss him.

She mashed her lips against his lips and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth, rolling it on his tongue to spread his cum around, as if she wanted to make sure he tasted it.

She pulled away with a smack of her lips. He opened his eyes. She was smiling. Her face glowed with color. His own cum coated her lips with a pearly sheen.

“Well?” she said, standing in front of him with her hands on her hips.

“Well what?”

“Does it taste like orange juice?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

She shook her head. “I didn’t think so, either.”

She pulled the bottom of her shirt up, exposing her belly, the shiny ring in her belly button, and her perfect tits.

“Now I want to feel you inside me.”

She pushed down her jeans, stepped out of them, and climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs. She held his long, hard cock pointed up between her legs.

“Be gentle with me,” she said, rubbing her thumb over the head.

“I’ll try.”

With one hand, Tori held the lips of her pussy apart. With her other hand, she guided his penis to the opening.

“I always wanted to feel a man your size inside me,” she said as she rubbed the head of his cock along her wet slit.

Her small hand barely closed around the thick shaft. The lips of her pussy seemed to open up to suck it in.

“I’ve been searching for a tool this size for years.”

She lowered her weight on him and her eyes and mouth opened wide as the shaft slipped through her fingers.

“Oh yes … Oh yes,” she moaned.

Her teeth clenched together until she was completely settled on his lap. Ethan had his hands around her slender waist where her hips started to flare out, as if guiding her down on his cock. Her warm, wet pussy was so tight it was almost unbearable.

“That feels incredible,” she breathed, looking into his eyes.

“Is it big enough for you?”

She laughed. “You’ll do.”

She started moving her hips up and down. Ethan’s hands slid up her sides and squeezed her tits. He stuck out his tongue and licked the warm skin between her tits. Tori moaned and tossed her head back. She put her arms around his head, cradling him like a child as he sucked her nipple.

He looked up at her. Her mouth was open and her full, pouty lips quivered. She leaned forward and kissed him.

The bedroom door opened. Lena came out of her room wearing just a t-shirt, rubbing her sleepy eyes. She stopped when she saw them on the sofa.

“What the hell’s going on here?” she said.

“Do you mind? We’re trying to fuck here,” Tori said.

Lena put up her hands.

“Don’t mind me,” she said.

She went past them to the kitchen, looking away. They watched her until she disappeared behind the wall, then they looked at each other and giggled. Tori started moving her ass up and down again.

She leaned close to him to whisper in his ear.

“I think you’re going to make me cum,” she said, and nibbled his earlobe.

Ethan smiled. He finally met somebody he really liked.

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Summer with My Family Ch. 01

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All characters depicted are at least 18-years-old.


I spent most of my high school summers at my aunt’s. Aunt April lived up north with her daughter, my cousin Melanie. We were more or less the same age; I think our moms were pregnant with us at the same time. But while my mom still worked as the day manager at a Hooter’s, Mel’s was a prosecuting attorney. So, a week after school was done I packed clothes and toothbrush and waited excitedly for my aunt to arrive to drive us upstate.

“Hey!” Mel rushed out of to greet us when we rolled into the garage. I beamed when she threw her arms around me in a hug, “Missed you!”

I hugged her, maybe a little awkwardly. Mel’s hug pressed her breasts into me and her hair smelled like floral shampoo. She was wearing a long tee shirt and flip flops, her long creamy legs stretching out from the shirt, knee rubbing against my crotch. Maybe a lot awkwardly. I reminded myself, forcefully, that she was my cousin.

“I’ll take your bags in, did you want to go for a swim?” my aunt said, and Mel immediately chimed in to second.

That was when it hit me. “I – I forgot my trunks.”

“I’ll find you something!” Mel offered, grabbing my hand and pulling me away by the wrist.

Melanie’s closet was bigger than my room. She led me in and flicked on a light. “It’s way too hot, I’m sure I’ve got something you can wear.”

I wasn’t sure what to think, but it didn’t take her long to open a dresser and begin tossing out swimwear – girl’s swimwear.

“Hey, Mel, it’s okay, really. I can get one tomorrow at the store,”

She was holding a little girl’s one piece, green with cat faces, I really didn’t want to try to fit into that but my cousin was nothing if not insistent. She looked back at me over her shoulder, flipping shoulder-length wavy black hair over. She batted her eyes, set something on top of the dresser and stood up to face me. She crossed her arms and pulled off her shirt over her head in a single smooth motion. “Come swim with me, it’s been forever.”

Melanie wore a güvenilir bahis blue bikini, tropical flowers stitched to the straps and the ties around her waist. Her breasts bounced when she discarded her shirt, the suit at least a size or two too small. She tossed a suit she picked out for me into my arms. As she walked past, she brushed a hand against my thigh and I swear she winked.

I looked down, she had given me a tan, ruffled skirt bikini bottom. The top too, but I left that behind when I changed. It’s a kilt. It’s just like a kilt, I told myself when I looked at Melanie’s full-length mirror. It’s a short, frilly, barely constraining kilt that I can definitely wear and not look like a girl.

Aunt April’s pool was a wide, in-ground, saltwater pool with a diving board and an attached hot tub. Melanie stood on the diving board and bounced twice and I came out. She leapt off, hands over her head and slipped into the water without a splash. She shot under the water and came up at by the ladder at my feet.

“You look good!” she said. She ran her hands through her hair as she clung to the ladder beneath the water.

I smiled nervously and sat, dangling my legs in the water. June had already gotten uncomfortably hot, and it did feel good after the long drive out. I took a breath and let myself sink into the pool. The skirt felt surprisingly good and when I came up for air, I had almost forgotten that I was wearing it.

Melanie swam around me “I’m glad you’re staying the summer.”


“I, um, I hoped I wasn’t being too forward. I’ve just been thinking about this for a while. I had kind of a crappy last semester.”

“Oh, Mel, you could have called,” I said, meeting her at the deep end of the pool.

She touched off the bottom of the pool and circled around to pin me against the edge of the pool. “Yeah, but I wanted to see you, cousin!” Her arms closed around my neck and she met my eyes. Water sloshed and her legs grazed mine as she floated.

I didn’t know what to think. Melanie and I had always been close türkçe bahis and I guess there are weirder things than being attracted to her. She was right there, throwing herself at me, and – suddenly I was at the bottom of the pool.

Mel held me down, floating over me in the salt water. I thrashed free and kicked away. Mel flipped over and came after me. I reached the steps and stood, cresting out of the water and gasping for air. I panted between starting fits of laughter.

Melanie covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes squinted as giggling took her.


She shook her head, “Comfortable?”

I blushed, and reached for the skirt of the girl’s bikini bottom. My palm found my exposed dick, the fabric of the bikini pulled aside. I stammered as I tucked myself back into the swimsuit “Sorry! Sorry!”

Mel pulled herself out of the pool still tittering with laughter. “Myyy baaad!”

“Melanie!” Aunt April called down from the house, “Are you two going to be dinner? We’ve got reservations at Fondeaux, remember?”

Mel looked to me, “I don’t want to miss that!” I said.

“Neither do I, never had fondue before,” she said, and turned to her mom, “We’re just going to get a quick shower!”

“Okay, come up when you’re done,” Aunt April replied.

“Can I use your mom’s bathroom?” I asked.

Melanie’s grin confirmed my suspicion. We toweled off and headed into her bathroom. Mel pulled open the glass door and turned on the water. It hissed and steam began to rise. “Why?”

Mel turned and reached for the ties on her top. She tugged the strings and let it fall to the floor. Water sluiced over her hair as she stepped into the shower. She turned towards me and planted her hands on her hips. Her fingers hooked under her suit bottom and shimmied out of it; breasts jiggling as she did. She kicked the blue slip of fabric at me, “Lose ’em.”

I took a sharp breath and stripped out of Melanie’s bikini skirt. The fabric caught on my turgid cock, I twisted and dropped the swimsuit to my ankles. I followed Mel into the güvenilir bahis siteleri shower. It was hot and humid and Mel’s hands found their way around my waist. She kissed my cheek, “See, this is nice, isn’t it? Soap me up?”

I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and squirted it into my palm. I ran my fingers through Melanie’s hair. It was soft and the shampoo’s scent wafted through the shower, all tropical flowers and fruits. She reached behind me, squeezing my ass. She mewled as I worked the shampoo into her scalp.

She tipped her head into the spray of the shower head. Mel turned and threw her hair over her shoulder. Her nipples were hard and her eyes narrow under a veil of dark hair clinging to her face and shoulders. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my stiff shaft. “Can’t keep mom waiting.”

Her fingers curled around me. I took a deep breath of hot air as she began to stroke. I felt myself harden in her hand. It felt good; she turned her hand around and around, wet and warm and tight. And it felt suddenly very right. I’d missed my time with Melanie. She’d missed me and for the first time in our lives we could be ourselves with each other.

She stepped closer, stroking me faster. I let my hand slide between her legs. My fingers found her slit smooth and bare of any hair. She leaned in beside my ear and gasped. “Later.”

Her hand worked me harder. I groaned and panted. “I’ve thought about this for a long time,” she whispered to me just over the sound of the shower. She purred in my ear, and with her free hand brought mine to cup her breast, more than a handful. Her skin was soft and her breast perky and full. I rolled my finger around her nipple while her palm worked around my head.

I leaned into her, baring my teeth. Melanie gave me a truly sultry growl of encouragement as she pushed me over the edge. I whined, and came into her palm and down the drain.

Melanie rinsed off her hand and turned off the shower. We dressed and met Aunt April. She smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at us, “Have a good time?”

Melanie beat me to it, “Mmm hmm. It’s gonna be a great summer, isn’t it!” She went on ahead into the garage. April lead me out, but put a hand on my shoulder before we left the house proper.

“You’re pretty cute dressed like a girl.”

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Sapphic Serenity Ch. 03

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Disclaimer and Author’s Note: All characters portrayed in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older. This story was a request from a reader and dedicated to them. They know who they are and I hope you all enjoy it. Feedback is welcome, flames will be laughed at, I promise.


Chapter 3- A Bridge Is Crossed

The hangover was terrible. It rattled around between my ears feeling like there was a pinball in my brain and little devils hammering on it with sandpaper maracas. And the pinball was covered in little, wicked spikes.

I groaned loudly as I turned over, the pain descending on me like a tidal wave. What the hell had happened?

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” I wailed loudly, now on my back and the sunlight streaming in to burn my eyes. I covered them and clenched my teeth in pain and outrage at this horrid imposition.

“Hi, baby…” came a weak but familiar and comforting voice from the direction of the dining nook. I slowly forced open my eyes and tried to focus- sitting at the table with her face in her hands was my mother, clad in a terrycloth robe and with a cup of coffee. “Glad to see you made it…”

“I’m not… sure about that yet…” I mumbled, turning onto my side again and regretting it instantly. I swallowed and stopped breathing for a moment, fearing the worst. I managed to not puke and tried to prop myself up on my elbow, at least for a little while.

Mom stood unsteadily and then picked up another mug and wobbled to the coffee maker. She poured a cup and then weaved her way towards me, managing to arrive without falling over. She set the mug down on the little glass table right in front of me and then sunk to her knees, kneeling beside me. She smiled tiredly.

“Thought I was going to die,” she said quietly, though whether this was out of respect for my hangover or because she had no more volume to give was unknown. “Just woke up a little bit ago myself…”

She leaned over and looked at her reflection in the chrome rim of the coffee table and grimaced. “Oh, God I look like shit…”

I smiled and reached out to touch her disheveled brown hair, caressing it. “You’re beautiful. Being hungover can’t change that.”

“God, we must have really done a number on ourselves…” she sighed, lowering her head to rest it on her forearms, which were by my thighs on the couch. “How much do you remember?”

I squeezed my eyes shut and finally shook my head. “Nude weekend… air hockey… tequila and beer… after that, it’s a blur. A lot of it is just dreams crammed in with drunken details.”

“Same here,” she admitted. “Kinda sure we did some risqué things, but I’m not sure. Something about a pool cue, but I dunno.”

“That… sounds familiar,” I agreed. “If we both remember it, there’s gotta be something to it.”

“Oh, baby,” she murmured, her voice carrying a not of concern and possibly remorse. “We must’ve got really trashed. Are you gonna be alright, even if we went stupid?”

“If I’m gonna get stupidly drunk, mom, you’re the only person I’d count on to be around,” I replied, meaning it. “If I’m not safe with you while I’m wasted, who could I be safe with?”

“Ohhh,” she purred, now coming close and hugging me gently. I returned the hug and she smiled into my eyes. “Drink your coffee. See if that helps. It’s a good, dark French roast.”

I nodded and slowly reached for the cup. The smell was piercing and strong, almost overpowering to my delicate senses, fucked up as I was. I took a tiny sip, making a wry face. “Jesus… fuckin’ cure’s worse than the illness.”

“Oh, you only say that because it’s tough love,” she chided. “‘You love strong coffee.”

“Has it helped your hangover?” I asked, looking at her levelly.

“I… no, not at all,” she confessed. “I still feel like hell, was hoping you’d do better…”

I sighed and took another sip before putting the cup down. I frowned as I looked at her hair and then a lock of my own. “Did we shower?”

She shook her head. “I was wondering that too. Maybe when we feel a little better we’ll have more answers.”

I decided to face my torment with some courage and began to slowly rise. The sheet fell away and I realized for the first time I was still naked. I should have known already, of course, but my brain wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, so little things could surprise me.

“Oh, here, baby,” mom said as she noticed my nudity. She stood and moved back to the little round breakfast table, grabbing her own mug and a small item off another chair. “I brought you a robe too, for when you woke up.”

“Thanks.” I said somewhat dully, my capacity for expression somewhat limited. I was sure she’d understand. I wriggled the robe on and did a half-assed bow of the belt. As I leaned back on the couch, my robe just flopped open, exposing me. Fuck it, I didn’t care. I hurt too much.

Mom obviously didn’t care either. She just sat and sipped at her coffee. Her ankara escort eyes were every bit as bloodshot as mine no doubt were and I could tell she felt like hell. The fact that she was trying so hard to make me comfortable was heart-warming. I loved her so much.

“I don’t even have any clue how long we slept,” she muttered, taking another sip. “Eight hours, two hours… I’ve no frame of reference whatsoever.”

“Y’got me,” I said, shrugging. “I just know I feel like I got eaten by a wolf and crapped off a cliff.”

“Very graphic,” she said dryly. “I think we’re probably gonna have to call this day a loss. We couldn’t do anything if we tried. So we’ll just sleep this off and try again later?”

“Well, let’s try sleeping and then see if we can figure out what happened last night,” I ventured, determined to know something about what transpired.

She pondered and shrugged her agreement. “If we feel up to it, sure.”

I looked around, although avoided gazing at the sunbeams that poured in through the glass doors to the backyard. “What time is it anyway?”

If mom had known at any point already since waking up, the information had abandoned her. She gave me a confused look for a moment and then cast her glance about the room to see if she could spy a clock. Finally she did. “Quarter after one, from the look of it. Let’s finish our coffees and then go sleep in our beds.”

I nodded and we slowly downed our cups, not really feeling any better or more clear-headed for the effort. We helped each other to our feet and I scowled and shed my robe in irritation.

“Sorry, mom,” I said as I left it in a puddle on the couch. “My skin’s really sensitive and it was driving me nuts.”

Mom smiled and graciously removed her robe as well. We walked slowly, arm in arm to the stairs and then went up. Sleep was beckoning.

“Gotta pee…” we said in unison before looking at one another. We made our way to the bathroom and mom allowed me to go first. I flumped down without grace on the marble seat, shivering as the cold stone kissed my ass.

“I’ll try and be quick, mom,” I murmured, my face in my hands. “But no promises.”

My mother then did something I didn’t expect- with some effort, she hoisted herself up on the granite-lined sink and plunked her behind into the basin and began peeing. I looked at her with my eyebrow raised and she shrugged and gave me a ‘whatever’ face.

“I’ve been to lots of rock concerts,” she said simply. “Not the first time I’ve taken a slash in a sink.”

It suddenly occurred to me that I had learned a lot more about my mother in the five days since my birthday than I’d known in all the years leading up to it. It was a side of her I hadn’t expected. It wasn’t a bad thing, mind you, not at all, I just didn’t know what to make of it.

She wiggled herself down off her perch once she was done and helped me to my feet again. We walked slowly down the hallway to our rooms, which were right next to one another. We stopped in front of mine and she turned and smiled at me. “Too sore and sensitive for a hug?”

“Never from you, mommy.” I replied warmly, putting my arms around her and hugging her tight. She did the same and we held one another in a loving, naked embrace. I could feel her breasts squashed to mine, her flat belly against my own and our hips touching, but I just loved the feel of hugging her. We both needed it and it was wonderful.

“I love you so much, baby…” she whispered to my ear before pressing her lips to my neck and kissing it. She touched my spot and a somehow-familiar tingle and thrill ran through me. I struggled to not show it but instead took her beautiful face in my hands and whispered ‘I love you too’ before giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. She returned it willingly and then we hugged for a second more before we let go. She smiled at me tiredly.

“First one up wakes the other so we can solve our mystery?” she suggested. I nodded and she blew me a kiss and then I turned and hobbled into my room, collapsing on my bed and not giving a fuck about anything.

Sleep found me quickly, as did dreams about my mom I couldn’t rightly explain.


I finally woke and my little beside clock told me it was almost nine-thirty at night. I blinked and shifted slowly, testing my body- my head felt like it was full of cotton but the pain was gone, more or less. My body did not ache and I needed to pee. Good signs, I guess.

I slowly peeled myself off my bed and stood, noting with satisfaction I was not dizzy and didn’t want to hurl. I placed my hands on my bed and squatted low beside it, bending my knees and rotating my neck, getting any cricks and kinks out. Then I exited my room and stopped in the bathroom, taking care of business quickly before heading over to my mom’s bedroom. I didn’t knock, in case she was still hungover, I just quietly walked in.

As seemed to be her habit, she was passed out naked on top her her covers, facing the ceiling. escort ankara I smiled as I looked at her beautiful body. It occurred to me that I could happily stare at it all day. But that wasn’t why I was here and so I gently sat on the edge of the bed and put my hand on her upper arm, caressing gently.

“Mom?” I said softly, waiting for a response. “It’s nine-thirty at night. How you feeling?”

She finally stirred and her eyes fluttered open. She smiled warmly as she saw me and put her hand on my forearm, caressing it.

“Hi, baby,” she murmured. “I feel fine now, thank you. You?”

I nodded. “I’m recovered. Do you want something to drink?”

She shook her head and sat herself up, back on her hands and arching her back, which jutted her big, lovely breasts forward. I took the time her eyes were closed to drink in the sight of her boobs, so close and so tantalizing. She rotated her neck, her long, brown locks spilling back onto the bed like a milk chocolate waterfall.

“Forget not remembering how fucked up we were,” she said as she turned and swung her feet off the bed to sit beside me. “I can barely remember any of the hungover afterwards part either.”

“I’d just as soon not remember most of that,” I stated, grimacing as I recalled the pain. “Aside from you pissing in the sink, it’s all best left unremembered.”

She giggled at my mention of her rather unusual behaviour in the bathroom. “Well, when y’gotta go, y’gotta go. We’ve both pissed in weirder places.”

She had me there and I dropped the matter. She stood up now and beamed one of her heart-stopping smiles at me. “So, we missed the whole day and now we’re wide awake. What do you want to do?”

“I’m kinda hungry,” I admitted, feeling a growl in my stomach. “We could eat and then solve our mystery.”

“I like the idea,” she said agreeably. “Let’s figure out what we want and go from there.”

We walked downstairs naked, slipping on our robes without saying anything and proceeded to discuss options for food. We may have been awake but that didn’t mean that either of us felt like putting forth the effort to make food.

“We could order in,” she suggested. “Maybe some Thai?”

“I dunno,” I replied, nonplussed by the notion. “We had Thai the other day and we may feel fine, but if we’re not quite recovered, all that spice’ll kick our cute little asses.”

“True enough,” she mused. “What about that new Italian place? We could order a pizza or lasagna?”

“Hey, that sounds good,” I said, smiling. “I’ll order us a pizza and you can pay!”

She giggled at my offer. “Fairest deal I’ve had proposed to me all day.” She set about reorganizing the kitchen, since we’d been negligent the past two days while I called and ordered pizza for us. We were quoted forty-five minutes for it to arrive, so we cleaned the kitchen together and then sat and watched the news until the doorbell rang.

I answered it and smiled warmly as I checked out the delivery guy- he wasn’t much older than me at all, with sandy blond hair, cheerful eyes and what looked like it might have been a good build under his clothes. I knew before he had even said anything that he was getting my phone number and I would have his cock inside me one day soon.

I made small talk with him as I signed the credit card slip, leaving a generous tip but also my phone number on his inside wrist, smiling at him wickedly while I wrote. His face lit up and he thanked me for the tip and headed out. I came back into the living room with the pizza, mom already on the couch and having set out plates and glasses full of our favourite soda.

“I couldn’t see your face but I saw his,” mom remarked, smiling at me slyly. “Is that young man going to get lucky?”

“We’ll see,” I replied in a non-commital tone as I sat down beside her. “If he plays his cards right.”

“So in other words, if he shows up and has a pulse,” she quipped, sticking her tongue out at me. I giggled and didn’t even try to deny it. “Well, maybe…”

“That’s my little slut,” she said softly, stroking a finger down my cheek before leaning forward and opening the pizza box. She gave me a slice and then took one for herself. We watched some mindless television for about an hour until the pizza was gone and we were stuffed. We cleaned up and then she looked at me.

“So,” she began. “Ready to face the music and see what kind of morons we were last night?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.” I answered, shrugging. She took me by the hand and led me downstairs. Our trek took us through the gym area, where nothing seemed to be amiss. It was good to know we hadn’t attempted to exercise or lift heavy weights while we were fucked up.

Then we came to the recreation room. We both sort of stopped at the entrance and stared in, not sure what to say. There were empty beer bottles and an tequila bottle on the floor. Chips and salsa stood on a small foldout table, barely touched. The air hockey table was on, the little ankara escort bayan plastic puck gliding randomly around the surface. We walked in and began looking around, calling out anything unusual we found.

“Quite a few beers and an entire bottle of Cuervo Especial,” she muttered, turning the tequila bottle upside down, grimacing when not a single drop came out. “No wonder we can’t remember shit.”

“Might be just as well,” I added, looking at the mess we’d left. “Not sure I’d want to account for a lot of this if there’d been witnesses.”

“Thank God for none of those,” she said heavily, agreeing with me. “Guess we played air hockey.”

“I sorta remember a little of that,” I mused, sifting through blurry images in my head for anything substantial. “We were playing naked air hockey. Whoever got scored on had to take a shot.”

“I don’t wanna know what the score was, then,” mom said, looking again at the empty tequila bottle. “What else did we get up to?”

We met up at the pool table and she took hold of the long cue, examining it. She touched the thick, blunt bottom end with her finger and then brought it to her nose to sniff it. Her nostrils flared and she put it down suddenly. “Yup. One of us fucked a pool cue.”

“Oh, Jesus,” I muttered, dreading the thought of it being me. “Helluva way to lose a bet.”

Mom undid her robe and dropped it, standing naked in front of me. She reached down a and began feeling around her pussy, tying to determined if it had seen any action very recently. I did the same, curious to know if it was me but also so she wasn’t doing anything this weird alone.

“Don’t bother,” she sighed, leaning back against the edge of the pool table. “It was me. My cunt’s been penetrated and fucked hard real recently.”

I shrugged somewhat helplessly, trying to smile encouragingly. “Well, I… hopefully it was good, at least.”

“Here’s what I can’t figure out,” she said, frowning. “How the hell did you beat me at air hockey, if that’s what happened? You suck and I’m amazing.”

I giggled, I couldn’t help it. She deflated and then pulled me to her to hug me. We then began looking around for other signs of desecration and misbehaviour. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw spots of discolouration on the tatami mats in the exercise room. I walked in and followed them from the stairs back to their source…

The shower stall.

“Well, we were smart enough to shower.” I called out, letting my mother know where I was. She joined me and frowned at the tiny stall.

“We both fit in there?” she queried.

I reached in and held up the bottle of moisturizer. “Clearly a little ingenuity was involved. Besides, might’ve been our only option, since we were probably in no shape to make it to the shower upstairs.”

“Wow, tight fit,” she muttered, taking the bottle and examining it. “Even with a little help.”

She sighed again, pinching her eyes. “Baby, I’m so sorry,” she said, turning to look at me, her voice tinged with sorrow. “I would never-”

“Don’t be such a drama llama, mom,” I said, cutting her off. “We got drunk, played naked air hockey, you fucked a pool cue and we showered. What’s so damned bad about that?”

“It… doesn’t weird you out because I’m your mom and you’re my daughter?” she asked, looking at me.

“Who else would I feel safe doing that with?” I posited. “I’m sure we’ve both done stupider things.”

My mom now raised an eyebrow. “Oh? I would love to hear what sort of stupid things you have done, given that you just turned eighteen.”

“Well, next time we get fucked up I’ll tell you,” I said simply. “Pretty sure you could give me some pointers, since I know dad wasn’t your first.”

She blushed and bit her finger. “Alright, we’ll drop it for now. Can you see any other scandalous signs around?”

We did a little more searching and finally concluded that we’d been too drunk to do anything else. We both heaved a sigh of relief, although I’m not sure I meant it.

“Wish I remembered a little more clearly,” I admitted. “Would be nice to know everything that happened, we apparently had a good time.”

Mom smiled. “Of course we did, baby. I always have a good time when I’m with you. Let’s take this debris up to the kitchen and we’ll figure out what to do with the rest of our night?”

We went back upstairs and mom poured us each a glass of red wine. I took a sip of mine as we stood in the kitchen and smiled. “Wanna go through my drawers with me? I’m probably due to buy some new stuff.”

“Sure, sweetie,” she said cheerfully. “We’ll do mine afterwards. Deal?”


We headed upstairs and into my room. Mom sat on the bed and sipped her wine while I opened my dresser drawers. I poked around at various shirts and pants and skirts, showing them to her, tossing the ones we agreed no longer suited me into a pile and replacing the ones I should keep.

“Well, that takes care of your regular clothes,” she said, sitting back on the bed casually. “What about your intimates? If you’re like me, they need replacing often enough.”

I began rummaging through my underwear and bras, showing them to her. She pursed her lips as she considered.

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Sandy’s New Self Ch. 04

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When Sandy and her daughter Ashley got home from the mall her husband Dave was already back from golfing. He was locked in his study like always. Her sons Mike and Peter were outside doing yard work. As the girls were bringing all their bags upstairs Dave came out of his study, “Hi honey where were you?”

“Well we have lots of bags of clothes and shoes so the circus I think,” Sandy answered sarcastically.

“Ok, Ok you went to the mall. Why the attitude?”

“It’s a long story, but lets just say I’m seeing things differently today Ok Dave,” she all but yelled.

“What does that mean?”

“Well I heard about your jerk off sessions all through the house. If you’d rather play with your little toy between your legs than try to use it on your hot wife fine, just do it private I don’t want my baby girl seeing her dad like that.”

He was clearly getting upset, “It is my house, but fine I’ll try to be more careful.”

“You better be Dave,” Sandy snapped and started up the stairs, Ashley right behind her. They went into the master bedroom and started unpacking all their shopping bags.

“Ummm… mom are you ok?”

“I feel great baby. In fact I don’t remember the last time I felt half this good. And it’s all thanks to my little girl.”

“I’m glad I could help, you deserve to feel good all the time and I’m here whenever you need me just ask.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Of course I do. Now lets get our stuff separated.” They got everything out of the bags and put it in piles to separate Ashley’s from her mother’s. As Ashley was setting a pair of shoes ankara escort by the window she looked out to see both her brothers in the back yard. They both were in shorts without shirts and covered in dirt and sweat. “Mom come look at them.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really but don’t you think they look sexy out there covered in sweat doing hard work?”

“Ash those are your brothers and my sons!”

“Says the woman who fucked her daughter in a public place not very long ago,” she grins.

“Ok point taken,” she smiled back at her daughter. She looked out the window again, “You know they do look sexy.”

“Mom wouldn’t you just love to be under either one of them getting your mind blown or better yet pinned between them.”

“As weird as I feel saying this but god yes I’d love that.”

“Who knows mom maybe we both will soon.”

“Ok enough of that young lady. Bring you stuff to your room then if you don’t mind will you come help me rearrange my closet?”

“I’ll be right back.” Ashley grabs her stuff and runs out the door. In no time at all she’s back in her mom’s room, but doesn’t see her, “Mom where’d you go?”

“I’m in the closet.” Ashley goes to the closet and there leaning with one hand against the wall is Sandy completely nude, and smiling. “I’m asking.”

Ashley pulled her clothes off her as fast as possible and jumped into her mom’s arms wrapping her arms around her neck and legs around her waist. They stood there kissing passionately for what seemed like hours though it was only a few minutes.

Sandy broke the kiss, “Ash baby lay escort ankara down on the floor I want to return your favor from earlier.”

“My pleasure.”

“Well if I do it right,” Sandy jokes.

She tries to copy what Ashley did to her, first kissing her thighs softly slowly getting closer and closer to her pussy. When she reaches Ashley’s pussy she only softly kisses it at first then starts licking. She remembers how great it felt when Ashley sucked her clit and does the same. Ashley is soon moaning and shaking as her mom licks and sucks her young pussy.

“Oh god mom yes right there yes, yes, yes oh god yes mommy I’m cumming!!” she screams. As Ashley calms down from her orgasm Sandy softly licks up every drop she can get.

“So did I do good?”

“Are you sure that was your first time eating pussy?”

“I’ll take that as a yes. And yes it was. Now was my pussy your first?”

“No my third.”

“Who were the first two? You know what tell me later,” she says and starts kissing her daughter. They were soon scissoring again but this time Sandy was on top. This continued until they each had cum. They lay there holding each other for a minute catching their breath.

Sandy was still panting when Ashley started sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy. She softly sucks on her right nipple getting harder and rougher as she did, then did the same to the left. She slowly kissed down her belly and down to her pussy but stopping just before she reaches it.

“Oh god baby don’t tease mommy.”

“Mom are you ready for another lesbian lesson?”

“Yes ankara escort bayan anything just stop teasing me.”

Ashley moves around and straddles her mother’s head, “Ok mom you lick my pussy while I lick yours.” And she sits forcing her pussy into her moms face as she dives into hers. They lay there licking and sucking each other orgasm after orgasm after awhile Sandy rolls Ashley over as they continue with Sandy on top.

They are still in this position when they hear the door to the bedroom open, “Mom are you in here?”

“Oh shit its Mike,” they both whisper jumping up.

Sandy wipes her face and steps out of the closet, “What Mike?”

“I… I… I,” he stammers seeing his sexy mother completely naked, “I was looking for you and sis… because… I just wanted to tell you we ordered a pizza and it will be here in a few minutes.”

“Oh thanks Mike we were just trying on some new clothes we bought,” she looks down at herself and acts like she just realized she was naked and tries to cover herself but purposely leaves one nipple uncovered, “Oh fuck Mike I’m so sorry I forgot I was between outfits.”

“Oh…umm…it’s ok mom no problem,” he says before backing out the door.

Ashley all but falls over laughing as she walks out of the closet, “Mom I can’t believe you just did that.”

“I know, I can’t either. I don’t know why I did it either, but god was it fun.”

“And funny. Mom I think even though he looks so much like dad he must have gotten one thing from your side of the family.”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you not see the huge bulge in his shorts?”

“No I didn’t. Are you sure?”

“Oh yes I am. But I’m sure that’s not the first hard on you gave him over the years.”

“You’re probably right, but for now get dressed your sexy big brother got us food.”

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Sandee’s Story

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Author’s note: I’ve used Sandee, the lovable former stripper, in several past stories. Here is her own story. This one features several other characters already in incestuous relationships.

To learn of how these mom/son couples came to be, feel free to read:

Dahlia and Darren, Former Playmates Pt 03, and The Long Absence: Ted’s Story.

To learn of what’s happening in Charleston, I’ve covered that in:

The Challenge Ch. 04, and to some degree, The Challenge Ch. 08: To the Haven.

Sandee’s Story


Sandee moaned, loving the feeling of Darren sucking on her tits. She rolled off him, shaking her head at the condom he was wearing.

“When are you going to knock me up?” she asked her 22-year-old friend and lover.

Darren sighed, “Sandee, I can’t handle another kid right now. Mom and I have our hands full with Daisy. She’s walking around, getting into everything.”

“Your mom wouldn’t mind, you know,” Sandee said, referring to Darren’s mother, Dahlia.

“I know, but,” he sighed again. “She and I are focused on Daisy right now,” Darren explained of the daughter he and his mother have together. Dahlia became pregnant not long after her and Darren became lovers – almost two years ago.

“Oh alright,” Sandee reached over to the bedside table, handing Darren her tablet. “Look at what I’ve been searching for online.”

“I’m not sure I want to know,” Darren joked.

“Just do it!”

Darren opened the web browser seeing search results: “finding the child you gave up for adoption.”

Sandee snuggled next to Darren, watching him scroll through the results. She had no idea how long it would take to find the child she gave up for adoption at 19, but knew she would find him or her one day.

Many times over the years Sandee wondered if she found her child as an adult if she’d make love to him. This intensified when Dahlia and Darren – her close friends – became lovers. Seeing a mother and son become one has been a wonderful experience for her.

Dahlia entered the bedroom, putting away some laundry. She smiled at her son and Sandee, glad to see them enjoying their weekly date night. Dahlia and Sandee would have their date night the day after tomorrow.

“Are you ready for another round?” Sandee whispered to Darren.

“Sandee, I just – ” Darren attempted to say before being interrupted by a kissing Sandee.

Darren put the tablet down, hands to Sandee’s waist when she mounted him again. She pretended Darren was her son and she was meeting him for the first time.

All her masturbatory sessions, all her fetishes and fantasies, all her pornography viewing and reading revolved around one thing: incest.

Chapter 1

A few months later, Sandee was dropping Dahlia off at the house, ending their weekly date night. Dahlia invited her in as expected and the two friends entered the home, kissing and giggling.

“Shh!” Darren glared at the women, watching TV with the volume low. “I just put Daisy to sleep.”

“Sorry,” Dahlia said. “We’ll be quiet.”

“Let’s go to bed. I’m thirsty,” Sandee said, pulling Dahlia along. Darren watched them retreat down the hall, shaking his head, chuckling.

Fifteen minutes later, the raven-haired Dahlia was straddling Sandee. Sandee was sitting up in bed, her hands to Dahlia’s large breasts, gently kneading them, sucking milk from them.

“Oh Sandee,” Dahlia whispered, arching her back for her friend.

Sandee brought Dahlia’s face to her own, giving her a warm, milky kiss. “I love you,” Sandee said.

“I love you too,” Dahlia replied, watching Sandee nurse from her. Daisy stopped nursing long ago, but between Darren and Sandee sucking Dahlia’s tits, the mammary glands kept up with the demand for milk, producing it now for Dahlia’s lovers.

Darren had trouble doing it at first, but got used it. Sandee loved it, nursing from Dahlia, squeezing milk on to her own face, every time they had a date night.

“They found my child,” Sandee said, taking a break.

“They did?”

“Yes. Everything has been arranged. All parties involved know.”

“What’s his name?” Dahlia asked.

A small smile came over Sandee’s face, “Rachael.”

“You mean, the baby was a girl?”

“Yes. I thought it’d be a boy, but after she was born, I only saw her face for a moment, before they doctors rushed her away to her adoptive parents.”

“I see.”

“There’s more,” Sandee said, taking a long, slow lick of Dahlia’s dripping tit.


“You know her,” Sandee said.

“I, I do?” Dahlia asked, confused.

“Yes. And her adoptive mother.”

“I don’t understand.”

Sandee smiled again, releasing a nipple from her lips, “Your Aunt Nikki adopted Rachael.”

Dahlia’s mouth dropped with shock. “What?”


“Rachael was adopted? I had no idea.”

“Well you weren’t that close to your family. So maybe it was never brought up,” Sandee said.

“You’re right. But still, wow,” Dahlia looked away, taking pendik escort a deep breath. “Small world,” she said with a soft smile.

“One more thing,” Sandee said. “I’m going to meet her next month during the holidays.”

Dahlia nodded.

“And you’re coming with me,” Sandee said. “You, Darren, and Daisy.”

“We are? Nikki lives in Charleston, South Carolina the last I heard,” Dahlia said.

“Yep, that’s where she still is apparently. That’s also where my mom lives too”

Dahlia hugged Sandee, her tits mashing against her friend’s. “I’m so happy for you. This is great for both of us. I haven’t seen my family in a long time.”

“Mmhmm. Now then, enough talk. I want more milk! Give me those tits!” Sandee said, pushing Dahlia back, grabbing her breasts and sucking away at them.

Chapter 2

There was a welcome party of sorts, for Sandee in Charleston. She and Dahlia truly discovered how small the world was.

Not only was Dahlia’s Aunt Nikki there greeting them, but her mother, Robin too. Greeting Sandee was her mother Diane and sister Valerie.

The seven adults and toddler, Daisy, went to lunch. Sandee learned that her mother, Diane, lived right across from Nikki. “This is too funny!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, well, we all live in a great neighborhood,” Diane said.

“I think you’ll love it here,” Nikki added, glancing at her niece Dahlia. Dahlia was smiling, sitting next to her mother, Robin, who was playing with her grandchild.

“Rachael will be excited to meet you when she comes home from college in a couple days,” Nikki said.

After a nice family reunion, Dahlia and her two children, Darren and Daisy went to stay at Robin’s house down the street. Sandee hung out with her mother and sister, Nikki joined in too.

Dinner was at Nikki’s house that night. Sandee’s younger brother Elliot joined in along with Nikki’s son Ted. It was a great meal with great company. Sandee noticed something odd about her brother and her mom, it was the same thing she noticed with Nikki and Ted too. The seemed to interact like couples would, flirty, affectionate. Sandee glanced to Valerie, sitting on the couch next to her. Either she noticed it too and didn’t say anything, or she simply saw this at their standard behavior.

“Geez, maybe I’ve been away for too long,” Sandee thought, having lived most of her adult life in Los Angeles.

After the meal, wine flowed, and Sandee couldn’t ignore the tingle she felt in her crotch. Her mother and brother were very close, sitting next to one another and holding each other just like a happy couple. Nikki was sitting on her son Ted’s lap.

Sandee suppressed the urge to excuse herself to masturbate – her biggest fantasy and fetish was mom and son incest. It appeared that, right before her that some sort of incestuous relationship was happening between her own mother and brother. It couldn’t be though. Valerie seemed unfazed by their affections, chatting, laughing, drinking with the group like nothing was going on.

“I hope things are calm when Rachael arrives. I’d hate for my family, IF something is going incestuous, to scare the poor girl off,” Sandee though, sipping her wine, pretending to pay attention to something Nikki and Diane were chatting about.

“Rachael. I can’t wait to see what she looks like,” Sandee said, opting not to view pictures of her or any information about her appearance. She only knew who adopted Rachael, and that Rachael will be 19 in a couple months – February.

The night ended when Valerie left to leave. She hugged everyone goodbye, and soon after Diane, Elliot, and Sandee left too.

Walking home, Sandee noticed Diane and Elliot holding hands. “Please be sleeping together,” she thought. “No! I mean, if you are just wait until Rachael gets to know us a little better before you flaunt your relationship,” Sandee spoke in her head.

They chatted a little more before bedtime. Diane said one of Sandee’s aunts was having a Christmas party in Atlanta. She suggested Sandee and Rachael come along, once Rachael gets settled in and meets everyone.

“That’d be great mom,” Sandee said, hugging her goodnight. She glanced at her brother and winked. Elliot gave her a funny look.

An hour passed, Sandee in one of the empty guest rooms, was naked, playing with herself, “I gotta see, I gotta be sure they are sleeping together.”

Not bothering to dress, Sandee snuck down the hall of this huge house her mother was living in. She approached her mother’s bedroom door. She heard something, a wonderful sound, a sound Sandee loved – the sound of moaning. Her mother was receiving pleasure.

“Ah yeah baby, just like that,” Sandee heard Diane say. “Lick my pussy like that.”

Sandee wondered if her mother was alone in there and she was masturbating. She listened and waited.

“Here, sit on my face, mom,” Sandee heard her brother say.

“No way!” she thought.

“Mmm love it,” Diane said. Sandee heard loud sucking and slurping sounds. Her mother was sucking Elliot’s cock.

Sandee escort pendik pictured them in a 69-position. “Yep,” she whispered. “I’m going in!”

Sandee barged into the room, naked, hands on her hips.

“Oh hi sweetie,” Diane said, calmly, as if her daughter hadn’t just barged in on her and her son.

“How long? How long have you two been doing this?” Sandee asked.

Diane ignored Elliot’s pleas for her to get off him. “Oh I’d say a little over a year now. Is that right, sweetie?” Diane looked over her shoulder, asking Elliot.

“Get off! Get off!” he begged, thoroughly embarrassed at getting caught.

“You keep working your tongue like that and I’ll be getting off pretty quickly tonight,” Diane replied, winking at her daughter, casually stroking Elliot’s cock.

“Wow,” Sandee said. “Does Valerie know?”

“Oh yeah, we told her. We didn’t tell you because you live so far away, we don’t see you often, but we figured you’d find out at some point.”

“Is she cool with this?” Sandee asked.

“Can you please cover me up?” poor Elliot asked.

“I am silly. Well except your legs and cock. Sandee can see those pretty clearly. Yes Val is ok with this, she was weirded out at first, but accepts it now.”

Sandee looked at her brother’s glistening, saliva covered dick. “I’m going to go now. I’m going to leave you two alone. But I want in. I don’t when or how, but I want in.”

“Ok sweetie!” Diane said.

“No, no! I can barely handle mom, I can’t handle another – ” Elliot pleaded, before his mother’s ass slammed back down on his face.

Sandee giggled, closing the door. “I think I’ll hang out with Nikki.”

Chapter 3

Nikki in her pajamas handed Sandee a plastic cup filled with wine. “Sorry, I didn’t feel like doing more dishes.”

“It’s fine! This is perfect,” Sandee said. They dinged cups and sat next to each other on Nikki’s couch, sipping their wine.

“So how did Rachael take it when you told her?” Sandee asked.

“Surprisingly well. Her and I,” Nikki paused. “We got along ok, but when she entered her teen years, and her dad and I, I mean, adoptive dad and I divorced, we kept our distance some.”

“I see.”

“Things could’ve been better between us, but they also could’ve been a lot worse. When I told her she was adopted, she was shocked, but didn’t go crazy about it. She nodded and thanked me for telling her. She was receptive to meeting you,” Nikki explained.

“Good. I’ve been nervous about this, but very excited.”

Nikki placed her hand on Sandee’s. “Everything will be great.”

“Does she look like me?”

“Sort of, yes. Her natural hair color is the same as yours. A nice brown shade. It’s also a little like mine, which is why I suppose she never wondered about herself. You two have similar shaped ears too,” Nikki smiled, moving a long lock of Sandee’s hair behind her ear.

“I hope my family doesn’t scare her off.”

Nikki laughed, “Why would they do that?”

“Well,” Sandee paused.

“Oh because your mom and brother are together?” Nikki asked.

Sandee nodded, “So you know about them. You know, I think you and Ted are similar, right?”

“Of course! Gosh, you should see all the wild and crazy contraptions in our bedroom. I love it when he ties me up and flogs me.”

Sandee’s eyes lit up. “Where’s Ted tonight?”

“He’s out with Darren. The two of them took Dahlia and Robin out.”

“Oh. So Ted will be home soon?” Sandee asked.

“Nope. I suspect his cock will be buried balls deep in his grandma Robin. That woman could pass for my age,” the late 40s Nikki said.

They paused, sipping more of their wine. “So did you want to sleep here tonight? I have a guest room ready,” Nikki asked.

Sandee thought about giving her mother and brother more privacy, “Sure.”

Nikki showed her the guest room, leaving her be. Sandee thought about if she had a son, how she’d be riding his cock all night. “I have a daughter though,” she thought.

“I’m sure she’s gorgeous. But she may not be into women,” Sandee told herself sitting on the edge of the bed. Just as she was about to close the bedroom door, Nikki appeared. She stood there, her body a silhouette, the hall light behind her.

“Say Sandee, are you bi-sexual?” Nikki asked.

“Um, well, yeah.”

“Good,” Nikki sipped from the plastic cup, and then tossed it over her shoulder.

She entered Sandee’s room, her naked body coming into focus, pouncing on Sandee, kissing all over her face. “Have you ever worn a strap-on?” Nikki asked, in between kisses.


“Then come fuck me,” Nikki said, pulling Sandee’s shirt, then pulling at her arm to follow her.

Strap-ons, chains, whips, paddles, were used on each other. Both women went hard on one another, exhaustion setting in a couple hours later. They collapsed into each other’s arm. Then the pussy grinding began.

An hour later, their pussies sliding up and down the other, they climaxed together one last time. Falling backward on the bed, their pendik escort bayan feet near each other’s heads, Nikki sucked all over Sandee’s toes.

Sandee, out of breath, looked to her new friend, the woman who adopted her daughter, “You’re pretty wild.”

Nikki pounced on Sandee once more, their tongues swirling around in the other’s mouths. “I have no idea if Rachael is like this. I don’t know if you and she would be able to cross this line and have sex.”

“It’s ok. I mean, it’d be nice, but I want to build a friendship with her first,” Sandee replied.

“She’s pretty shy too. I could easily see a sexy older woman, you, seducing her. I don’t know if she’s into women though.”

“Time will tell,” Sandee said, bringing Nikki back in for another kiss.


The next morning Nikki and Sandee were in the shower making out. Ted startled them both, joining in, giving Sandee a quick “hey” before grabbing his mother and kissing her passionately.

“You have a nice night?” Nikki asked him.

“Oh yeah, it was great,” Ted answered.

“I bet it was,” Nikki swatted at him.

“Darren had a good time with Robin too. That old broad is one sexy, wild lady,” Ted added. “Oh by the way, did you know Cousin Dahlia is still lactating?”

Sandee’s eyes widened and she turned away, suppressing a giggle.

She was surprised when she felt Ted’s cock against her back. “May I?” he asked.

“Yes, please do,” Sandee said, arching her back for him. Ted entered her from behind, and continued his conversation with his mother. They talked about where they ate, what they ate, and other relatives and neighbors they ran into – all while fucking Sandee from behind.

“This place is amazing,” she thought, shortly before she climaxed in the shower.

Chapter 4

The next two days consisted of Sandee spending time with her family, interviewing her mother about sex with Elliot, much to his annoyance. She asked for every detail that brought them together. Diane was happy to give that information to her daughter. Sandee learned her mother’s new home, the entire neighborhood, was filled with incestuous households. Sandee admitted to her mother that mom and son incest was a huge fantasy of hers. Diane suggested mom and daughter love could happen for Sandee.

Sandee found herself hanging out with Nikki the night before Rachael arrived home from college for holiday break. That night both Nikki and Sandee took turns riding Ted’s cock, cumming over and over again.

The next afternoon, Sandee waited for her daughter to arrive. She wondered how she’d greet her, she wondered if Rachael would be scared, nervous or shy, and she wondered if Rachael wouldn’t want anything to do with her. She pushed negative thinking aside and waited.

Sandee wore a modest dress, nothing tight or sexy; her long light-brown hair was down, her makeup was minimal. She felt she looked like a normal late 30s woman.

Then the doorbell rang. It was Rachael. She hadn’t yet been to Nikki’s new house in this new neighborhood since Nikki moved in a few months back. Sandee’s heart was pounding, as she watched Nikki answer the door.

“Should I stand, or sit? Maybe I’ll wait for her to approach me,” a thousand other thoughts ran through Sandee’s head. “Be calm, act natural.”

Nikki cleared her throat, entering the room, causing Sandee to quickly stand. She turned around and saw her daughter for the first time since she gave birth to her. They stared at one another for what seemed like minutes.

Nikki spoke up, her arm around Rachael’s waist, “Rachael, sweetie, this is Sandee.”

Sandee couldn’t speak for fear of crying. She gave a goofy smile, and mouthed a “hi.”

“Hi,” Rachael, eyes wide, transfixed on Sandee, smiled back.

The two were silent, staring at one another, softly smiling to each other’s faces – almost hypnotized by what they were seeing.

Ted entered the living room, eating a sandwich, “Hey Rachael. Since we’re not blood related, I guess it’s ok if we get it on. Right?”

Rachael laughed awkwardly, Sandee couldn’t help but smile, inwardly thanking Ted for diffusing the tension. His mother swatted at him.

“What? Just saying, it wouldn’t be incest. That’s stuff is nasty. Right mom?” Ted winked at his mother. Nikki gave him a look, silently telling him to shut up.

Sandee cleared her throat, still unable to look away from her daughter.

“I’m going to fix the rest of you sandwiches, since Ted only fixed one for himself,” She jabbed him at his side, taking him into the kitchen with her.

Sandee and Rachael were alone in the living room.

They slowly approached one another. Sandee fighting tears and extending her hand to the shorter Rachael, “It’s um, it’s good to meet you.”

Rachael smiled, her eyes slightly watery too, she nodded her head and shook her mother’s hand.

“This is a really nice house your mom, I mean,” Sandee shook her head, breaking her gaze on Rachael to look down, embarrassed.

“It’s ok. She is my mom, I guess,” Rachael smiled, taking another step toward Sandee.

“Right. A mom doesn’t have to be blood related. I had a Chihuahua for many years and I was his mommy.”

“Yeah,” Rachael chuckled. Sandee took a step closer.

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Sam’s Strangeness

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“Samantha!” Rick called, “You’re dork who sucks at everything!”

This of course was the opposite of the truth. I just got the highest score on the final in AP science, but that hardly mattered to the guy who was upset that I got a scholarship and he didn’t.

High school was almost over. After this weekend there were just two more days to graduation. I couldn’t wait to no longer be around all the idiots that seem to go to this school.

I gathered my bag and hurried out the door of my last class of the day, down the steps and out the glass doors ready to go home and enjoy the weekend.

I pushed through the crowded alley way between buildings and around the corner.

Finally away from everyone I changed my pace to a more normal walk, though I was anxious to get home and try out on my new bikini and go swimming. I rounded the last corner before my house and POW!!

I’ve been punched I thought at first, but as the next second passed I realized that no fist could make all of my body hurt at the exact same time the way I felt.

Everything was white, and I couldn’t make out any of my surroundings. My ears rang with a high pitched scream. Then after only a few seconds more of the agony it was gone.

I looked around, I was on the sidewalk exactly where I should be. Everything looked as it had before. I couldn’t see anything that would explain what had happened.

I looked at myself. I looked at my thin legs, my tiny green shorts that hugged me very tightly, I lifted up my thin shirt and saw my flat stomach with my tiny slit of a belly button.

I lowered my shirt and ran my hands through my blonde hair. It came down to just above my crack, and was very soft, if I say so my self. Everything seemed normal.

Only, my bra felt a little tight.

I walked the half block home and ran in the front door and up the stairs to my room to think about it some more. I threw my bag into the corner, and looked at myself in the mirror.

I have a small nose and lips, and dark blue eyes. I don’t see anything bruised or injured, just that feeling that my bra was too tight.

I lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it on the bed. I looked at my chest, my tiny bra that was almost out of decency more than a need to support my flat chest, was now holding some B cup tits, which were spilling out of the top.

I undid the bra’s clasp at the back and my breasts popped forcefully out of it. This was very weird, now that they were out of their confining bra I’d say they were a perky C cup.

My pink nipples pushed into the air and were completely erect. I couldn’t help myself I ran my finger around my areolas and pinched my nipples. They felt normal, maybe better than normal I could feel my pussy start to moisten.

“Sam are you up there?” I jumped when my mother called from downstairs, “Sam I need your help!”

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on over my bare tits, and ran down stairs, a little flushed at what I had been doing. I was never one to play with myself.

I’d never really had any sexual experiences, well I kissed a guy and I let him touch my chest, but he was unimpressed by them. I’d never let anyone touch them since.

When I got downstairs I didn’t see my mother at first, then I turned to the door and saw her balancing four paper bags of groceries, which had apparently shifted when she opened the door.

She had them pressed against the wall as she tried to keep them from falling. I hurried over and grabbed two of the bags from her. “Thank you she said, I thought I was going to loose them.”

We went to the kitchen and I helped her put groceries away. As I did I noticed that the button on her blouse had opened. It must have happened when she almost lost the bags. I could see the curves of her breasts, and her deep cleavage.

I then realized that I had never before noticed that my mother had a very nice big rack. I found my self wondering if my tits looked like hers. Obviously mine were much smaller despite their sudden increase.

But might tuzla escort they have a similar shape? Could the nipples be the same color, the same size? Would they feel the same as mine did when I was playing with them in my room? Would they feel good pressed against mine? What would they taste like?

I suddenly stopped myself, as my thoughts were really getting away from me, and Mom was looking at me wondering what I was staring at.

I turned and grabbed a can of corn that I put in cupboard, then went back for another only I saw that Mom had undone another button and was reaching inside her shirt.

They way she moved her hand over her breast made it look like she was checking its size. She saw me looking at her and quickly pulled her hand out.

“I had an itch”, she exclaimed in a way that sounded like a cover up. I didn’t know what to say so I grabbed another can of corn and put it away.

I wondered why she reached so deep into her blouse to get an itch, it seemed a bit odd. Where was that itch, from the look of it, it must have been right on her nipple.

What does that nipple look like? Could I see it somehow, maybe walk in while she was showering.

Yeah that wouldn’t be obvious, –sorry Mom didn’t hear the loud water spraying from the shower head. Or notice that someone was in the shower before I pulled back the curtain, my mistake.

That’ll go over like boulders through a sieve. Still could there be an “innocent” way that I could see her in the shower?

“Well that’s the last of it” Mom said, “thanks for your help Sam”.

“Sure Mom”, I answered, “Want to watch something with me?” I asked just so that I’d have said something.

“Not now, I think I’ll go take a shower, wash my… uh, wash myself up.”

“Ok” I said and she turned and walked down the hall toward the bathroom. I watched her ass sway side to side as she went. She was skinny but curvey, she was really hot.

Her hair had once been the same color as mine, but was now blond only because of her efforts to keep it that way. Her legs were not as thin as mine, but were still toned below her mid length business skirt.

As she walked down the hall I though I saw Mom open her blouse. She usually kept her self so modest, but here she was undressing as she walked down the hall.

I sat down on the our soft green couch, the one with the diamonds that were a darker green. I was thinking of Mom running water over her breasts. If only I could see them. Where were these thoughts coming from? This desire to see my Mother naked seems to have risen up this afternoon from no where.

I’ve never thought of anything like that before, well before that smash of pain on the way home. That’s when my breasts felt larger too. I lifted my shirt again exposing my breasts to the empty room.

My sisters and brother wouldn’t be home for another hour or so. My breasts look even bigger than before, they were almost a D cup now. Why were the growing? Were they going to get as big as Mom’s? How big is Mom?

I heard the shower turn on from down the hall. The water was loud, just as I had thought to myself, too loud actually, like the door was left open.

I pulled my shirt down over my breasts again, which was a very difficult task with them so big now. My nipples were erect again and they pushed out against the fabric of my T-shirt. I pushed on them a little as I walked down the hall, why was I going down the hall? I didn’t remember deciding to do that.

I got to the bathroom door and sure enough it was open, did I dare step in? What would Mom say if she noticed me? I pushed the door the rest of way open. I took a step inside. I could clearly see Mom’s silhouette on the white curtain.

I stepped softly over to the edge of the shower and found that the curtain hadn’t been drawn all the way. I held my breath and peaked inside at my Mother showering.I saw her smooth back as she faced the shower head. She had her hair all soapy and had it in all up in her hands as she scrubbed it.

I looked at the round globes tuzla escort bayan of her ass, they looked so warm, I wanted to squeeze them, feel them. Her legs were long and toned, her feet looked soft and I found I wanted to caress them.

Just then she turned to the side, and I pulled back hoping she didn’t see me. I heard her continue to wash her hair. Being extra daring I quickly looked and pulled back minimizing the amount of time I was in site.

She had had her eyes closed as she rinsed her hair, so I looked again hoping her eyes were still closed. I was in luck, her eyes were shut tight as she rinsed her hair behind her, I looked her up and down, finally seeing her beautify big tits. She gulped them in with her eyes.

They were a lot like her own, only they sagged a tiny bit from their weight. They were round and firm and inviting. Her nipples were tiny and pink just like my own. What would they feel like if I rubbed them back and forth between my fingers?

I enjoyed looking at her breasts for at least a full minute, afraid that I’d get caught at any second, and I’d be in so much trouble. Despite that I couldn’t stop looking. I let my eyes slide down her tight stomach and down to her pubic mound.

She had light colored pubic hair that really stopped me from being able to see her pussy. Oh how I wished that hair wasn’t there blocking it, I’d love to see Mom’s slit, to see her lips, touch them pull them aside and look deep into her. If only that hair weren’t there.

Then I saw that Mom had grabbed a bottle of shaving cream, to shave her pits I guessed, but I looked up and saw that her pits had already been shaved, probably before I entered the room.

I watched as Mom, with her eyes still closed lathered up the shaving cream and spread it on her pubic mound. I had never thought of shaving pubic hair off. It just never occurred to me before that moment.

From the look at how grown Mom’s pussy hair was it had never occurred to her before either. I was going to see her shave her pussy, see her pussy lips, see them bare and hairless in front of me. Touch them, kiss her right on the lower lips, and stick my tongue into…

Mom’s eyes opened and she looked right at me. I instinctively pulled back afraid of what she would say, only I didn’t see the shower curtain.

Or the bathroom.

I was very disoriented, but after a few moments I realized I was back in the living room on the green couch, the one with the diamonds that were a darker green.

How did I get here. I sat dumbfounded for a few minutes not understanding. Then I heard the water turn off. As I continued to ponder the strangeness of it.

Mom walked into the living room wrapped up in a towel, with her hair in another towel. She sat next to me. “So what are we watching?” She asked.

After a minute I shook the confusion out of my mind and answered, “Nothing, I was just thinking” About how weird that was and if I really saw your tits, it seemed so real, but now…

“What about?” she asked.

“Oh nothing in particular” I evaded, still thinking to myself, was it real? If only that towel would slip then I could see if I actually saw your boobs. They could look completely different, maybe I just imagined the whole thing.

“Well lets see what’s on” Mom said and picked up the remote and started flipping channels. As she did the towel did slip and her breast popped out. It was indeed the exact breast I had been looking at before. Right down to the pink nipple that looked just like mine.

“Oops” Mom said and covered herself again, “Sorry”.

“No problem Mom.” I answered, then got bold, “Though if you’re going to flash me you could at least show me both of them” and I laughed.

“You’re such a naughty girl” Mom told me and playfully flopped her hand on my thigh. It sent a current through me, it felt so good to have her touch me. Then I thought silently. I would be nice to see both of those breasts though.

Right then Mom readjusted on couch but the towel didn’t come with her, it pulled down escort tuzla into her lap, and I was able to see both of her large magnificent breasts for a moment, until Mom screamed and pulled the towel up.

“It seems you were prophetic, I obviously need to go put some clothes on, and she stood and hurried down the hall embarrassed.

Man she’s beautiful I thought, I hope I look like here when I’m that age. Without thinking about it I leg my hand fall to my breast and started plucking my nipple through my shirt. Then I looked down my Breasts were now a double D, I’m almost as big as Mom I thought.

This is so weird, its like everything I think of is happening. Except my breasts seem to be getting bigger without me thinking about it. Hmm, I thought, could it be, I thought of a car, a red Ferrari, I jumped up and looked out the window. No Ferrari. Silly of me to try really.

Why is it then that all this sexy stuff is happening when I think about it. Its like my sexual desires are coming true, even desires I never had before now. I then thought, why don’t I rule that out too. So I thought of something ridiculous.

A bus full of guys and girls stopping in front of the house all naked and they get out and have a huge orgy on the lawn. I looked out the window and sure enough, nothing. Well that’s that.

Then I heard a loud horn, I looked out the window just as a bus appeared and naked people started getting off of the bus and they started fucking each other right there on the lawn.

There’s no people there, no people there I thought to my self, looked out the window again and they were gone. My heart was pounding and I didn’t what to think. I ran to my room and closed the door.

Why was I able to see Mom and then not get caught, and like teleport to the living room? Could I do it again? I thought to myself. I want to see my mom in her room, I’ll watch her change, if its not too late.

I got up and walked out the door, down the stairs and then down the hallway to her room. The door was closed this time. Here ‘goes I said to myself silently and opened the door and stepped inside.

Mom was indeed getting dressed. She was naked in the closet flipping through her clothes. She must have heard me enter but she didn’t say anything. I walked up behind her and watched her.

I looked again at those perfect breasts, wanting to grab them, feel them with my fingers. As I thought this Mom began to massage her left breast.

She had decided on an outfit and pulled it from the hanger, a red dress with a very low neck, and skirt that looked like it wouldn’t cover much.

She turned around as was facing me, but she didn’t look at me, didn’t acknowledge my presence at all. She just walked to the bed and laid down the dress.

“Why am I so turned on?” She said out loud. “I feel like I did in the shower, like all I want to do I have sex.”

She sat on the bed and I looked at her pussy for the first time. It was smooth and had no hair at all due to her shave in the shower. I wondered what that felt like and thought I’ll have to try it myself.

I ogled her pussy lips that seemed to be calling for someone to touch them. Mom’s fingers answered their call.

She laid bed and ran her fingers up and down her slit I could see her getting wet.

Mom even pulled her lips apart and I got real close, still a little afraid that I was going to get caught even though it seemed that Mom couldn’t tell I was there.

She pulled more and I could look right into her pussy, her opening was very small, I guess she hadn’t had it stretched by anything in a long time, but I could see into her pink canal just a bit.

I wanted to push my finger in that love hole, see what it felt like. I put a finger towards her and waited just at her hole, and then went for it, just as my finger would have touched her cunt, I was ripped back to my room.

What went wrong I wondered. What ever strangeness had happened to me must not give me the ability to touch when I wonder unseen. Still I had seen my Mother’s pussy, shaven and sexy. I wanted my pussy to be bare like that too. I ran to my door and down the hall to the upstairs bathroom.

To shower and shave, and for good measure, I left the door open just in case.

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