State Property

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— Dystopic world. To combat overpopulation, citizens are forbidden from having children. On the other hand, men and women found by the government as “of best quality” are forced to have sexual intercourses in front of official commissions, which make sure that the process of impregnation is carried out in accordance to the rules and that neither party is trying to evade its obligation to the nation. —

“Good morning,” I said nervously, entering a big room.

Behind a long, wooden table suited next to a wall, I found the commission — consisting of five middle-aged gentlemen in elegant suits. They all looked at me, either indifferently or straight up in a hostile way. I approached them, anxiously.

“According to this document,” I spoke, offering them a piece of paper I found in my mailbox, “I was summoned today to submit to the Breeding.” Saying it out loud made me chuckle. Some in the commission looked at me, in a rather unfriendly way. “But… I’m a male. So it has to be some mistake, right?” I thought that at this point they would be dying of laughter, seeing this silly paperwork error. “Because you know… biological males can’t get pregnant…” I continued, seeing their lack of reaction.

“Mr. Blake, please sit on the couch and wait,” the man in glasses, sitting in the middle, pointed me the other side of the room.

I walked there and noticed two incredibly good looking gentlemen sitting on the very same couch. I was left with the very narrow spot between them.

“Hello,” I mumbled shyly, sitting between them. Both of them ignored me.

My friends reassured me that I was probably summoned to become one of the breeders, but they mistakenly sent me the wrong form. According to my friends, it was almost sure, since I was good looking, healthy and rather intelligent. I wasn’t necessarily happy about it, considering the women I would have to impregnate would be most likely unwilling, but that was my duty as a good citizen and so was theirs.

“Alright, Mr. Blake,” the chief of the commission addressed me. One of the men stood up to close the doors. “We can begin. I’ll start by explaining you the rules…”

I chuckled, nervously, and stood up without thinking.

“Wait, Sir, what do you mean? I’m not a female!” I reminded him again, smiling nervously. But I was kind of annoyed by now, too. “I can’t get pregnant, that’s biologically impossible!”

“Mr. Blake, I will try to say this without being rude, but please forgive me if I fail,” said the chief of the commission, looking at me in a hostile way, “I have no doubts that you’re not biologically female and that it’s very unlikely that you will ever get pregnant, but we have no legal option to release you from this obligation. You’ve had seven days to make an appeal to the commission having such legal power and I assume you didn’t do it.”

“Well… I didn’t know I’ve had to!” I panicked. “I thought I could explain this today!”

“I understand, yet I can’t do anything about it. We’re here only to make sure that the mandatory breeding has taken place. And unfortunately, we will reinforce this.”

“What?!” I moved back, shocked, almost falling down on the couch. “You… can’t! What the fuck?! There’s no fucking way I will let you do this!”

“Don’t be stupid, boy,” one of the men sitting behind me spoke in a thick accent. “We will force you if we have to.”

“Mr. Chaz is correct,” the chief said. “During the breeding process, the officially appointed breeders are legally allowed to commit rape or sexual harassment. They’re basically free to proceed with your body as they see fit.”

“There’s another option,” the other breeder behind my back spoke. “Not ideal, but still. We could put him to sleep for the time of the procedure. That way he won’t feel as much… discomfort.”

“Unfortunately, that’s impossible in this case,” the chief of the commission said. “Comas require the use of anesthetic and the doses regulated by law were predicted only for women. We would be risking a lawsuit. Basically, our hands are tied. Mr. Blake, you will have to endure the entire process.”

I felt strong grip on my shoulder. It was the muscular guy with accent, Chaz.

“Come, boy,” he said. I looked down at his other hand. It was rubbing a huge bulge in his pants…

I pushed him back, but then the other man jumped at me. They were much bigger and stronger than me, as expected from alpha male breeders. They pushed me towards the coach and threw me on it. I noticed that the entire commission stood up and approached us with notebooks. I was about to get gangbanged by two guys, with five pervs watching all of it…

“Please…!” I screamed, but Mr. Chaz covered my mouth with his huge hand.

“Mr. Morris,” the chief addressed the other breeder, “please, strip him first. He has to be fully naked during the breeding.”

I felt my pants being pulled down and in the end, istanbul travesti off. Right after that, my boxers came off. A sudden touch of fresh air in that area made me feel so humiliated. I was naked and vulnerable in front of all these men. What happened next made it even worse.

Chief of the commission approached, fixed his glasses and grabbed my balls with his bare hand.

“Yes, there’s no doubt, it must have been a paperwork error,” he said, grabbing my nutsack and rubbing my flaccid dick with his thumb. I tried screaming in protests, but was muffled by that strong, big hand. “That’s a penis and a pair of testicles. It’s getting erect, so it’s functionating, too.”

“In that case, I will note that the failure of the breeding was caused by the object,” another guy from the commission said.

“Won’t that mean that he will have to keep returning here every day to undergo another attempts?”

“Sadly, yes,” the chief said. “We can apply for an official medical check-up on his fertility only after a full week of attempts.”

One of the commissioners reached out and curiously pinched my nipple. I moaned in protest and managed to slip my mouth out of the Chaz’s hand.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” I screamed.

The man looked at me, raised an eyebrow and twisted my nipple, making me scream.

“You seem to be confused about your whereabouts,” he said and then totally shocked me, slapping the breeder’s bare ass, like he was a stripper in a club. “Show him his place, Mr. Chaz.”

“Yes, commissioner,” the muscular breeder said submissively, loudly gathered gob in his mouth and then spat straight into my face.

I winced with disgust and spit a little portion of it that fell into my mouth.

“Now you understand, boy?” the commissioner asked, while molesting the muscular pec of the clearly uncomfortable, straight breeder. “During the breeding, all three of you are state property. Better don’t provoke us.”

Once I was stripped even out of socks, they flipped me on my stomach and restrained my wrists and ankles with chains. My chin was resting on a muscular thigh of Mr. Chaz, who was stroking his thick, but short cock, getting it ready to enter my mouth. Somewhere behind me, Mr. Morris was lubing my asshole.

“Why do you want me to suck a penis?!” I complained, in despair. “Even a proper woman couldn’t get pregnant from that!”

“The law dictates, that the object of breeding has to take part in all fantasies or sexual activities proposed by the breeders, which is meant to get them into the state of arousal,” the chief responded to me, in his very official tone.

“These guys are straight! I won’t arouse them by sucking their dicks!” I barked in frustration.

“The commission is allowed to advise activities to the breeders, in order to make the entire process easier.”

“But they don’t…”

“Shut up already, boy!” Mr. Chaz shouted. He lifted his leg above my head, turned his hips to face me and slapped my face with his meat. I winced in disgust. “You will do as you’re told! Now open your filthy mouth, that’s the only thing it’s good for!”

I whimpered when he pushed his warm, thick meat into my mouth. I thought I would bite it by accident, but some inner instinct stopped me and told me to protect it. My tongue quickly betrayed me and licked it curiously. It tasted weird and somehow dirty, but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be.

The mouthy commissioner moved behind the breeder and wrapped his arms around his muscular torso, molesting him once again. Chaz seemed to be uncomfortable again, yet hid it with a weak smile.

“Such a docile bitch you are,” the commissioner said to him.

“Thank you so much, Sir…”

The guy behind me pushed his cock inside of me. I moaned in surprise, feeling how my tight hole is being invaded, but thanks to the lube and my widely spread legs, it entered mostly without any struggle. The scary thing was that it seemed to go deeper and deeper and deeper… For a moment I thought it would come out of my throat, colliding with Mr. Chaz’s dick.

Instinctively, I tried to push him out. I placed my entire muscle strength into sphincter, but Mr. Morris’ dick was so firm and powerful that he probably didn’t even notice my pathetic resistance attempts. I moaned loudly, in exhaustion, creeped the fuck in my own mind. Why the hell did I enjoy it, when my attempt at pushing him out failed?

I tried it again, just to make sure that I was mistaken, that it didn’t feel good at all… but the moment I found out that I’m helpless and my ass can’t fight him off, my nipples started almost pulsating with excitement.

There was no way for me to hide it anymore without being delusional: I found the sensation of getting fucked in the asshole as extremely pleasurable. My only regret was that I happened to find that out in this fucked up environment, with all these istanbul travestileri perverts preying on my humiliation.

Another thrust into my ass sent an odd jolt of electricity through my body, making me feel weak and submissive. Mr. Morris mercilessly kept moving in and out and during that movement, I felt like my identity and consciousness faded away.

The chief commissioner started whispering straight to my ear. I could feel his warm breath touching my lobe.

“This is your duty to our nation, Mr. Blake. Embrace it. Serve with pride. Suckle on that teat in your mouth. Make it feel good. It must be so humiliating to you, but nothing will be done about that. You were officially reduced to a bitch. A bunch of real men gets to witness you reaching the lowest point any man could ever reach. Such a young, handsome, promising gentleman… made to be this. You will never recover from it…”

What was happening to me? Was that how gay sex felt to everyone? I should have been angry because of the things he said to me, so why was I so excited?

That dick in my ass kept taking more and more, slowly spreading warmth around my body. My nipples were burning in excitement, just as much as my cheeks were radiating in shame. It still felt disgusting to know I’m doing this with men, but I couldn’t stop my head from moving up and down, swallowing Mr. Chaz’s prick, probably dirty one, considering he must’ve been in a toilet today. And despite all of this disgust it paradoxically felt amazing?

And why on the earth I kept listening to this fucked up commissioner, like he was a god? Normally I would find his idiotic, derogatory rhetoric as repulsive, but now I wanted to do everything he told me to, just so that he doesn’t stop that cock from violating my insides…

“Good boy… such a good boy,” the chief commended me, gently patting my hair and helping me to suck Mr. Chaz’s dick properly. “Look how compliant he is. At this point I doubt he will mind coming back here every day…”

I wanted to protest, to say that I will mind… but then Mr. Morris pushed himself deeper than before and it kind of made my brain melt. I moaned in an ugly way, like I was losing my mind. Saliva escaped my mouth. I must’ve looked like I was having a stroke or something.

“He’s leaking, chief,” I could hear one of the commissioners informing the men about my shame.

The cock throbbing inside of me completely took away the control I’ve had over my body. I could feel my own penis spilling some substance and I could do nothing about it.

“He pissed himself out of pleasure,” the chief informed. “What an amazing sensitivity. His body can’t defend itself from the overwhelming pleasure…”

“Put clamps on his nips. He won’t be able to take it, it will break his mind,” proposed some exited voice.

I mumbled in despair wanting to beg them not to do it. But the cock in my mouth kept forcing me to act like a proper wet hole for its satisfaction.

I felt them pinching my nipples and the heat from them spread everywhere around my body. At this point I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I was overstimulated, sweaty, hot and overall feeling like in some kind of erotic fever. When I opened my eyes for a brief moment and noticed one of the commissioners recording me with his phone, smirking smugly. I didn’t care.

A part of me wanted them to stop, but another part wanted them to continue; and even more — to do this to me endlessly, and to do much worse stuff that will make my heart pound.

The thought that there will be a video of me, giving in to two other men, serving them in heat like a bitch, lying in a puddle of my own piss, made me nothing but horny. Now I had nothing but taste of dirty cock in my mouth and smell of sweaty balls in my nose. And there I was, fully naked, getting railed, surrounded by superior men in suits who enjoyed every moment of my torment.

And of course, there was this fucking chief commissioner who would whisper some hypnotic crap into my ears. My brain, left in the most vulnerable state ever, greedily swallowed all of his poisonous words like a sponge dipped in water. I actually craved to be indoctrinated. I wanted to take whatever shape he needed me to take just to make him feel good. I didn’t care about future or consequences, just about being used.

I was the state property now. There was no point in opposing their demands, as I was just a small piece of a much larger puzzle. It was the moment I’ve had to come to realize and accept my role in society. It was an honor for me, to be able to serve my nation and government…

Mr. Chaz grabbed my hair and pulled my face onto his dick, hitting the back of my throat and making me choke with slicky load of semen he just dumped in my mouth.

“Oh, yes… flood him with your seed, bull,” some commissioner whispered in a horny tone, watching groaning Mr. Chaz. “Look travesti istanbul how it drips from the boy’s mouth…”

The chief of commission ran his index finger across my chin, gathering a lump of thick cum and then guided it into his mouth.

“Delicious,” he said.

In this very moment, Mr. Morris started creaming the insides of my ass. He groaned, uncontrollably. I, too, whimpered, feeling some liquid warmth sensation spreading through my hole, straight into the depths of my body…

“I inform the commission that I ejaculated inside of the object,” Mr. Morris said in a very official tone, right after he regained his breath after the raw fucking he performed.

Only after he removed himself, I felt how sore and violated my asshole was after meeting his drill. But the worst part was that odd void and emptiness that he left. Almost like his cock belonged in.

I wasn’t surprised by the pain, as his cock was huge and thick, now glistening from lube. I noticed that it was incredibly red and swollen from all the friction.

One of the depraved commissioners grabbed his still-stiff dick and he swallowed it into his mouth balls deep, not caring about the fact that it just barely came out of my asshole. He sucked the filth off with a loud moan of pleasure, almost like he was savoring the best dish in his life.

I’ve felt sick seeing this. Weirdly enough, that fever-like bliss that filled me with desire and obedience worked just as long as Mr. Morris’ cock was stuck in me. Now, after it left, and my burning hole was twitching, spilling drops of sticky cum, I felt ashamed and used once again.

But the worst part was the excruciating pain stinging my clamped nipples…

“Please, someone take it off!” I whined, trying to move through restraints.

“In a minute. Firstly, show me your anus, Mr. Blake,” the chief of the commission said, freeing my leg and lifting it up, to have a better look at my ass crack. “Oh, unfortunately, some of it leaked. Let me help.” He took off his glasses and leaned over, pulling out his tongue. I felt its wet touch greedily cleaning the skin on my ass crack, as he slurped loudly few times. “Let’s check if there’s enough cum inside to get you pregnant.” He pushed two fingers into me, curiously examining the sticky insides of my ass. I was so sore and loose after that dick, that I couldn’t really feel that much. “Perfect, you’ve done really well, Mr. Morris. Please, now take a minute to rest. You need to be ready for the two next sessions.”

“What’s the point?” I asked, angrily, as he proceed cheerfully molesting my asshole. “I won’t get pregnant no matter how many times I get fucked! Just say in the report that it happened and let me go!”

He reached for something laying on the table with sex toys and out of blue, a leather belt landed on my ass, making a loud noise. I screamed in pain, tensing the shocked muscles in my butt, but then I’ve heard another slashing sound, as another powerful slap followed.

“Stop! Stop!” I yelled in despair, still chained and unable to cover myself.

“Then be a responsible citizen and don’t suggest that we should commit fraud for the sake of your comfort, Mr. Blake.” The chief released the belt out of his hand. The buckle made a sound as it landed on the floor. “Alright, I think it’s time. Bring the cock tenders.”

“Cock tenders?!” I asked, worried. “What the hell is that?!”

“Calm down, Mr. Blake. They will be of no importance to you.”

It turned out that cock tenders were three skimpy clothed, young men, who approached the commissioners with repulsed faces and started rubbing their bulges with hands. The two straight breeders sitting next to me were avoiding this sight, clearly not very eager to join a gay orgy.

“This is ridiculous, let me go!” I yelled again, watching the commissioners having their stiff pricks being pulled out of their pants. “You’re doing all of

this for your own pleasure, you fucking pervs!”

But I wasn’t able to protest any longer. One of the men picked up my sock and pushed it so deep into my mouth that I almost choked and wasn’t able to spit it out.


I was released two hours later, with loose hole, horrible taste in my mouth, pubic hair stuck in my throat and nipples burning from clamps.

When I came back home, my girlfriend and our roommate were already waiting.

“Finally! I was worried!” My girlfriend said, approaching me. She tried to kiss me but remembering what was going on to my mouth today, I stopped her. “What’s wrong…?”

“So, are you a breeder now?” My best friend grinned at me. “Kelly was losing senses out of jealousy…”

“I was not!” She protested.

“No,” I responded shortly.

I’ve had very little patience for their nonsense at the moment. All I wanted was a shower. Long one. In water hot enough to purge my skin from the filth of these men.

“Well, so what was it, then?”

“Nothing. Just a paperwork error.” It was true, so why did I feel like a liar? “And I will have an awful week trying to fix it…”

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Boating With the Boyfriend

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Alan Longfellow’s 3-person sailboat at Peconic Bay Marina on the south shore of Long Island sits tied to the pier. It’s flanked by other sail boats, big and small. Motor-powered boats also have their berths.

We have walked a short distance from the black Lexus under the warm sun of late morning. A mild breeze is blowing making the weather comfortable.

“I had this boat long before I met you.”

That’s at least two summers.

I asked, “did you buy it new.”

“Yah I did, and still paying the loan,” he replied.

A tax lawyer by profession, the 43 year old dude can easily afford the payments on the boat and his Breton Hills condominium at Glen Clove.

My boyfriend of 15 months since that night at Rosemont, we had started a chat over drinks that night then wound up in a nearby hotel room. He’s a 6 foot hunk who can mount me any time. Light-brown hair frames an oval face. He has full lips, a perfectly straight nose and trimmed beard.

A mild breeze propel the boat through small swells. Distant whitecaps dot the blue sea. Alan has control of a triangular sail and a much smaller triangular sail near the bow.

We hadn’t talked much since putting to sea, other than making observations about other boats. I gazed eastward.

A mile out on the water my boyfriend struck up a rambling conversation. He had been “bitten by the sailing bug” when he was 15.

I listened intently, unable to take my eyes off him. My eyes istanbul travesti soon wandered from his face down to his white/rainbow trunks. He was not unaware of my lust for him.

I’m face down on the bed propped up on my shins and forearms. You’re behind my thighs thrusting your dick into my hole. Make me ejaculate onto the blanket. Ejaculate inside me.

He asked jokingly, “getting any.”

I grinned but kept silent.

Late afternoon saw us at Bostwick’s Chowder House eating lobster rolls and sipping coffee.

During the long ride back to Glen Cove I was once again lost in my daydream. In my side vision I could see the object of my fantasy at the wheel of his black Lexus.

I had left Bostwick’s wearing my hands free masturbator from Amazon inside my swim trunks which by now are inside my pants. I discretely activated the toy and left my hands draped over the seat.

We had traveled several miles before my first ejaculation. I would have another one long before the end of the trip. Wearing wet briefs is not too uncomfortable.

“Hon, I just cummed in my underpants. They’re very wet.”

“Really,” he replied.

“I got a toy in the mail yesterday. It works nicely.”

“I saw your package but decided not to ask about it.”

The sun sat low on the horizon when we arrived at Breton Hills, an off-white two-story condominium complex behind a black metallic fence. One step outside the car Alan draped istanbul travestileri his arm around my waist and left it there until we reached the door.

The airconditioner chilled the rooms making our environment comfortable. We plopped into the sofa, a tan fabric piece. Alan aimed the remote at the 55-inch Samsung mounted above the hearth. At my suggestion he selected “Rome” on Netflix.

The TV played an episode about the reign of Nero. Meanwhile I leaned against my lover who draped his right arm around my shoulder. I planted a quick kiss on his lips. He responded in kind.

Sometime later I stripped off my jeans and shorts revealing the long inactive masturbator. Meanwhile the graph on screen counted down the seconds to the next episode.

My boyfriend grinned at the sight of it.

“I like that.”

“So do I.”

“Is that from Amazon?”

“Best 80 bucks I ever spent,” I quipped.

Since that night in the hotel room, “bottom” had always been my preference, not that I disliked being a “top”.

“Mount me tonight,” I said softly.

“I’ll mount you right here.”

The remark put a toothy smile on my face.

Seconds later I had one knee on the mattress while my lover’s big cock tapped my prostate gland. Soft grunts came with each breath masking my intense pleasure in “Bodyguard”.

He climaxed after a few minutes. I turned in time to see him pulling the condom off.

“Let me be ‘top’.”

He travesti istanbul asked, “do you know how.”

Having asked that, he raised his left leg above his chest inviting my cock to penetrate. I rocked gently thrusting my big cock into his tight hole. Unaccustomed to being “bottom”, he grunted loudly.

As darkness descended over the landscape and shrouded the room we crawled naked under the blanket.

Monday morning found me headed back to Syosset Hospital where I work as a tech in its MRI department with Alan’s sister Janette.

Janette Longfellow is not unattractive. At 5 8 she seems tall for a girl. Like her older brother, she has light-brown hair and blue eyes.

A peronsble type, she would make a nice girlfriend if I was straight, and she single. As always, her demeanor is cheerful.

I find it to be likeable.

I asked, “do you think it’s going to be busy today.”

“Probably,” she replied. “Did you have a good weekend.”

“Really nice,” I replied.

“Guess what,” she said.

That got my attention.

“My boyfriend proposed the other day.”

“I can’t wait to tell Alan.”

I bet you can’t,” she replied. She added, “I should be the one to tell him.”

On my way home in my modest 6 year old Honda Civic, I hoped silently that Alan would ask me to marry him. Living together is no longer enough. I want a full commitment.

Meanwhile I’m listening to long time favorite Chet Baker singing “You’d be so Nice to Come Home to.” The song expresses my feelings.

What can I do that will make him propose? I hate even the idea of withholding sex. It gives me too much pleasure.

I’ll bring up the subject when he comes in the door this afternoon.

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My Broken, Cheating Heart

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I think the hottest stories are the true ones and I wanted to share my first cheating experience.


I remember the conversation we had a couple of months ago:

“I’ve been thinking about it love and I don’t want you to go to Europe without me.” I plead to my partner. “Remember when you went to Hawaii without me and got sunburned the first day. It was karma and ruined the whole trip, this could be bad too? We can’t afford it right now but it’s something we should share together.”

“We talked about this Rob, I’m going with friends, sharing expenses, and spending my own money. You’re free to come but I’m not going to waste my life away not seeing the world,” my partner Oscar reminded me.

My partner traveling without me was becoming pretty common. I had accepted that he was eccentric and prioritized seeing the world. This was in contrast with my priority of building a future first so we could see the world together.

I meet my partner when we were both 23 years of age, we fell in love because we were both good caring people. He, a gorgeous 5’10 petite Mexican, caramel skin, beautiful butt, 7 in uncut cock, and verse. He also has class and style. Me a 6’3″ white, clean-cut, slender, nice stomach, 7in cut cock, and verse. I was also a soldier which I didn’t realize at the time added to that mystic some people find hotter than they are. To be honest I definitely felt like I had come up.

Now my partner had been gone a whole week already. I was going crazy, was my family right? My partner went to travel Europe for three weeks without me. Of course, he wanted me to go but I couldn’t justify it. I don’t know how he could afford it either I thought to myself? Oh, that’s right I’ve been paying for all our living expenses.

This wasn’t the first trip, there was New York as I was having surgery which hurt. Then there was Hawaii, Columbia, Brazil, and a few other places I don’t remember. Begrudging he finally decided to join me on my trip to the Philippines. He joined so late he had to take a different flight and took the opportunity to see the Great Wall of China without me. Then there were the work trips. He got paid to do “tour guides” for some very nice friends that included private jets. As I said he is very classy, Mexican, and cultured so it sort of made sense. I learned to trust him even though there was some ambiguity to the whole thing that I couldn’t comprehend.

I continued to play everything out in my head. I’m 30 years old now I endured 4 of our first 5 years apart because of immigration and my 2nd military tour. We didn’t get to marry and live together until two istanbul travesti years ago. Everything to this point had been an odyssey. We thought we would never see each other as I went to war. Five months after I returned they don’t let him cross back to the states after a visit to Mexico. We were stealing weekends together for 3 years. Some were erotic, exotic, and exciting. Other times it seemed like all we did was fight. Then right as we are falling apart and the distance is too much two things happen. I get injured and the federal laws change. Injuries pull people back together and the fact that we could get married meant it wasn’t for nothing.

Torn on the prospect of marriage I decided we need to marry to see if this was something real. From my mind as soon as we married it went downhill. Even though he took a trip during my surgery, that hurt me, he did nurse me back to health. I am forever grateful for that.

Over two years of living together everything went from great to horrible. As he was leaving for the Europe trip I mentioned, “Oscar I’m going to start friends with benefits.”

Assuming I was joking he said, “don’t use my bed.”

I wasn’t super busy while he was gone, some summer classes in which the instructor was sick a bit. This left me time to think about everything. This usually means lots of masturbation which leads me to craigslist. I like to imagine that I’m giving in to some of the scenarios. I had only ever replied to one person, Oscar.

As a week goes by, I’m going a little crazy. Replaying past stuff in my head. Was my partner using me? Would Oscar move on when he got his citizenship? Had I wasted my last eight years for nothing? Had he been some kind of whore all along and I’m ignoring the facts? What gay guy pays you to take trips on a private jet and doesn’t expect something else? Who goes galavanting around Europe without their partner if they love them?

I started to crack mentally, those hard questions were too much. I needed my partner, a friend, or some lifeline. I had always tried to stay as innocent as possible. No drugs ever, first sexual experience a day before I was twenty-one, and aside from a few times, I didn’t even drink. In my loneliness, my heart broke and I accepted the reality that I can’t love someone who doesn’t love me.

Once the love breaks anything is possible. On one of my craigslist get-off moments I did something I never do, I reached out to one of the posts. It said: white, 34 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, 6-7 in cock, and a pic of a slim type of body. Looking for a cumdump mouth to use often. A friends with benefits situation that enjoys pleasuring me.

I’m a very sexual guy but I had forgone my istanbul travestileri sexual desires for love. Now, this isn’t a poor me because I had plenty of sex from my ’20s to ’30s but it was all with my partner as it should be. My partner and I had many sexual getaways. The best was my 12 days of leave during my second tour. The build-up left me super strong and we took turns fucking each other, him in the morning and me at night.

For me it was an internal fight, I never wanted to be the person that thinks sex is the most important thing in life. Sometimes I looked on in envy but how could sex compare to love. I have no doubt in my mind that this was true but thought to myself I was a fool because now I have had neither.

In the email, to the post, I included my phone number so we could get this thing rolling.

“Hi Rob, I don’t drive so can you come to pick me up and we can watch a movie at your place,” Neal texted me.

I thought to myself who doesn’t drive? I didn’t care as I was overcome with desire, between his post and his other text he had a bravado about himself. I replied, “ok sounds good, send me your address.”

In a picture-perfect story, he would be drop-dead gorgeous but I knew to set my expectations low. As I picked Neal up and gave him a hug I looked him up and down. He was as described by his post, about 5’10, blond hair, blue eyes, slim, nice butt. The exception was his face, which wasn’t the most appealing. The face of someone who had smoked too many cigarettes. It might have been too much having seen it beforehand so I’m glad I didn’t. I’m not shallow, nor am I perfect. Everyone has some hot features and loveable traits. It’s about the whole package of who a person is from looks to personality to meshing well together. The good parts need to outweigh the bad.

Neal did the same thing looking me up and down. I’m about 6’3, white, more beefy kind of guy now, thick legs and ass, clean-cut, and a nice face. No doubt he sensed my display of inexperience in this realm of hooking up.

Grabbing some food, we went to my two-bedroom apartment and set up a movie to watch from my bed. He is laying in his jockstrap and I’m laying in my briefs. We chatted for a bit while watching the movie. I remember running my hands over his hairy chest. Hair is so short that it felt relaxing as I ran my fingers over it creating electricity between us. More important to me as he enjoyed the slight feeling. There was something intimate about the whole thing.

Feeling him up I gained a better appreciation for his body. At first, I thought he had the appearance of a more feminine guy in my mind. As I felt the tone of his muscles my mind corrected that notion to travesti istanbul that of a slender more masculine guy. Leading me to the bulge in his jockstrap I was overcome with desire. A feeling of excitement and giddiness I hadn’t felt in a long time. I pulled out his semi-hard cut cock and started to stroke it. A slight moan escaped his mouth letting me know he was enjoying the attention. Caught up in the moment I continued my exploration feeling up his beautiful legs and hairy balls.

I can only imagine to him that it felt like I was teasing him but this was only the third guy I had ever been with. Getting frustrated with my teasing he guided my head to his crotch. My cock which struggled to get hard these days was twitching at his directness. Following his lead, I leaned over and put his hardening cock in my mouth. Leaning over onto him I start sucking and his cock starts hardening in my mouth.

That goes on for a bit before I decide it’s time to get to a more comfortable position. Taking off his jockstrap and getting between his legs. In my comfort zone, I had found myself so many times before with Oscar. As my body does the action my mind get lost in my thoughts. A skill that had helped me in the military so many times. I thought how amazing it was to have someone else’s cock in my mouth and how this wasn’t my partner.

“Get up Rob,” Neal ordered, snapping me out of my dazed state, “On the ground on your knees facing the bed.”

I moved slow and tried to comprehend what the goal was. He didn’t care. He knew what he wanted and got me in a position. He sat down on the edge of the bed legs spread and let me suck him a little from the floor. I could tell it didn’t feel right enough for him. Then he got on his knees on the bed and aimed his cock at my face and holding my head he said, “I’m going to fuck your face now.”

I almost shot my load from that comment alone. He starts picking up the speed. This was for his pleasure, not mine. His cock was around the average 6 to 6.5 at most and it was the perfect size for this. It was still enough that I’m choking on it but not dying. I loved the feeling of someone else being in control, taking me to places I didn’t have the courage to go to.

After a while he moans out, “fuck, here it comes,” he holds my head in place, cock as deep as he can get it, and floods my throat. As he releases my head I’m feeling blessed to be the guy that gets to worship his cock.

“Thank you for that, I needed that,” said Neal, “Do you need to get off?”

“No, thank you, that was amazing!” I replied, “For me, nothing can compare to the pleasure of getting someone else off. I got everything I needed.”

“That is hot!” he said getting up.

Afterward, he needed a cigarette so half-naked on the balcony we chatted up. I explained my relationship situation more. We laid down more finishing the movie before I took him home.

Upon getting back I get an email from Oscar, “You feel distant. What’s going on?

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High School Reunion Pt. 02

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I woke up to something poking me from behind. I could feel Stephens’ hard cock pressed in between my ass pressing against my hole. I felt him grinding me and I started to get immediately hard. I pressed my ass back against his cock and tilted my head back and moaned his name. Ohhh Steeeepheeennnnnn. Yeeeees!!!!

Good morning baby he replied to my moans. I looked back and he was smiling at me and I was smiling back. He went in to kiss me hard and I kissed him back forcing our tongues into each other’s mouths.I reached down and started to play with his cock he started to moan as well. I broke our kiss and asked Stephen, Can I have your cock in me? I want you to fuck my ass so good. Ohhh please Stephen. Of course baby, he replied and with that we started to make out again.

He broke our kiss and told me to get on all fours. I happily obliged and got on my hands and knees. Before I knew what was happening I felt his wet slippery tongue kissing and sucking my asshole. Oh god Stephen, I moaned. Yes it feels so good. I could feel his tongue going deep into my ass and shortly there after I felt one finger enter my ass. He shoved his finger as deep as he could go and then he brought it back out just to ram it back into my ass.

At this point I am moaning so loudly to have Stephen fuck me. Oh fuck me Stephen. I want you so badly. He added and finger and started to kiss my balls sack. He took my balls into his mouth as he was finger fucking me and I did not want this to stop. I could feel him pull his fingers out and I knew what was coming next.

I could feel Stephen adjust and he pointed his hard cock right at my asshole. He slapped my ass with his istanbul travesti dick a couple times and then he put the head of his cock right on the opening. I slowly pushed back and he was pushing as well. I could feel it enter my ass and it started to hurt. I told him to stop and he wouldn’t listen. He kept slowly pushing in and told me to relax it get better. I took a deep breath and I could feel his cock pulling out of my ass. I thought to myself. Oh good my ass needs a break. Before Stephen’s cock fell out of my ass he started to push it right back in. Again I started to moan and he said see, told you it gets better.

Stephen is slowly going in and out of my ass with his cock. He then tells me to take a deep breath because he is going all the way in. I did and he pushed deeper and deeper. He groans there we go and with that I feel his balls slapping my ass.

Oh yes Stephen. I want you to fuck me. He pulls in and out again and again. God this feels so good Stephen, I moan, I wish we would not have waited so long to do this. After hearing that he picks up the pace. He is going faster and a little harder. My face is smothered in the pillow moaning for Stephen to not stop fucking me. Harder I yell faster. Give it to me babe. I am in heaven when all of a sudden my insides feel empty.

Stephen pulled out and told me to get on my back. I roll over and he takes my cock into his mouth for a few sucks and then he lifts my legs above his shoulders. He repositions himself and he shoves his cock back inside of my ass. My eyes roll to the back of my head and he is moaning as well.

Give it to me I moan. He says yeah you like my cock in you istanbul travestileri don’t you. You always want my cock to be in you I can tell. Yes Stephen. I want it. I want you to fill me up. Yes, Stephen give it to me.

Stephen is now fucking my insides so hard I can feel his balls slapping my ass. I reach up and grab the back of his head. I pulls his head down to mine and we start to make out as he is fuck me nice and hard.

My hands start to wander and I find his nipples as he is fucking me and kissing me. I started to softly flick his nipples and you could tell this got to him. He stated to fuck me harder. I kept telling him to give it to me and he kept moaning.

Oh god I’m gonna cum. With that he shoved deep into my ass one hard last time and I could feel his load dumping into my ass. Before he was done shooting I could feel it start to leak out of my ass because that is how much he shot.

Stephen was twitching and sensitive and was finally able to have his cock fall out of my ass. He leaned down and started to kiss me and I kissed him passionately back.

I slowly kissed my neck and then went to my nipples. He continued on his journey and found my cock with his tongue. He licked up the precum that was all over my head but he did not stop there. His tongue continued down to my balls and he licked my balls. He lifted my legs again and brought his tongue down to my crack. He licked my crack until he reached my hole. He started to fuck me again with his tongue, licking and sucking his cum out of my ass.

Once he got a mouth full without a hesitation he came back up to my mouth and started to kiss me and he shared his travesti istanbul own cum with me. I shoved my tongue into his mouth to get as much as I could and swallowed all he would allow.

He reached down and took my cock into his hands and said your turn. He started to jack me off. I was so horny I knew I would last long and before I knew it he took my cock into his mouth again. He only did this for a minute to get it nice and slippery. He climbed on top of me and he positioned himself right over my cock. He then lowered down onto my cock and it slid right in.

Stephen was bouncing on my cock and riding me like a bull. He was moaning and I was moaning. He leaned down and kissed me. I knew I wasnt going to last much longer and I started to fuck him hard. He moaned and I shoved my dick deep inside one last time and started to shoot load after load deep into his ass. He tried to continue to bob up and down and I kept shooting,

My cock eventually flopped out of his ass and he laid on top of me. I kissed him and he kissed me. I flipped him over and had him sit on my face so I could suck the cum out of his ass. He let me and I licked as much of it up as I could. He turned over and started to lick my lips and we shared my cum. We kissed in each other’s arms for a while longer.

We both decided we should get up and around for the day. We climbed in the shower together and soaped each other up. We were both so horny we each got hard again. I wasn’t going to let this go to waste so I got on my knees and sucked his cock once more. He shot one more small load down my throat and I swallowed it all. I got back up and continued to shower.

We got done and around for the day. We departed but both knew we would have to keep in contact for this type of meeting again and again. Even though we were both in other relationships we knew we had fallen in love and had to make love to each other once again.

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Bathhouse Musings

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The bathhouse is one of those places that almost all men are aware of, with a curiosity that tends to remain more subliminal than anything else. Describing it as a male only sauna provides a certain cover to what really goes on, as a female only sauna is not a place for uninhibited sex. Calling a bathhouse a gay sauna seems imprecise, though.

For most bathhouses I have visited, gay sauna does not fit well as a description. This is not to say that rampant sex between men does not occur at such saunas. Nor deny that the reason such places are visited by so many is the opportunity to get off surrounded by other horny men. A bathhouse provides a place for men to get naked with other like minded men, without any concern that anyone inside is uninterested in male only sex.

A willing mouth sliding down a stiff shaft always feels entrancingly fantastic, and whether a man’s or woman’s is a trivial distinction. A distinction that becomes meaningless as soon as the cock sucking starts. At the baths, one learns how this is often equally meaningless when repeatedly giving in to those heavenly sensations, whether to the first or third cock sucker during a single encounter or over an entire visit as it becomes impossible to keep track of how many mouths have gone down on you. One of the more satisfying discoveries to be made at the baths is how wonderfully often an erect cock will be skillfully sucked.

A jutting cock is its own signal to those that see – or feel – its hardness. If a cock is hard, it is unlikely to resist a soft wet mouth sliding down its length or being guided into a lubed waiting hole. Men at a bathhouse have no need for doubts when it comes to playing with other men, just a certain sense of something like tact, with an easy acceptance of rejection. The reason to learn about rejection is that there will be times you will be the one rejecting a stranger’s interest.

That all men know what being hard means is one of the primary factors explaining how the bathhouse becomes a place where everyone is free to enjoy a thoroughly shared sexual atmosphere. Being naked allows more directness, with plenty of ways to approach partners that do not involve anyone needing to be already erect. Getting hard with someone is also exquisite, much like having a group grow, losing track of how many people you are involved with.

The steam room is particularly suited for this to occur after wandering inside. You may pass a man whose hand starts to slide along your uncovered thigh, making you pause long enough to know he is interested in playing with your exposed cock. As his touch makes your cock swell, he easily draws you closer. Only slowly realizing he is guiding your shaft towards a kneeling man’s lips after it starts to occur, already in a threesome, stroking the now available cock of the man beside you, slippery with the spit of the man going down on you.

Depending on circumstances, possibly a fourth man approaches as the kneeling man is sucking two strangers together. He may decide to kneel too, or have his cock approach the cock sucker’s mouth, or start running a hand over and under your ass, fondling your balls as you feel his body press against yours. Whatever happens will be heavenly, and if a fifth or sixth man approaches, having them add to the pleasure is part of the thrill of getting off like this. Numbers are not precise when it happens, and unimportant when surrendering to the opportunity to have mouth after mouth on your willing cock, beyond thinking as it occurs. Aware only of blissfully floating in a sea of group sex, something only possible when in a group.

The straightforward ability of men to actively indulge in sex with multiple strangers is something that women do not understand, apart from fantasy. Fantasies normally involving a certain aspect of submission, not a reality of sexual freedom among equals. I have no personal experience of a sex club, but from talking with women who do, it is rare to find single women, and those who arrive with a man generally expect the man to be in charge of what happens.

This is not talking about roles or preferences, but of an underlying difference. Such as the fact that women are rarely as quickly turned on as men, and generally much less motivated by seeing sex around them. A first time baths visitor is already aware of what happens inside, a fact that will be confirmed by the person at the counter before being admitted to a new bathhouse. An awareness that is the underlying reason for taking that initial step into an unknown yet intriguing sexual world.

The first time is much like the first time entering a sex shop after turning old enough, desire overriding apprehension about being seen entering a place where sex is the overt reason to be there. Being hesitant when looking around, trying to not show that you are getting turned on looking at hard core magazine covers. Covers depicting a wide variety of sexual activity, explicitly exciting. Then istanbul travesti working up the courage to buy one in a turned on haze, cock erect as you pay, beyond caring if anyone knows how horny you are.

Later, both simply by reflecting and by visiting a couple of different sex shops when opportunity arises as you get older, you recognize that most men have gone to sex shops, for exactly the same reasons as yourself. Unsurprisingly, single women or couples in such sex shops were an exceedingly rare occurrence, especially since the main focus in decades past was on magazines and video booths, porn intended for a male clientele.

A clientele that was often furtive, in part because of a certain embarrassment being in a seedy place, one that is essentially exclusively male. Where explicit porn is openly displayed, with the clear appeal of jacking off while looking at it, either at home with a new magazine, or in a video booth. An appeal equally obvious to all the customers, that being the attraction in the first place. Yet something also generally not acknowledged, the most likely reason being that most of the men inside are not gay, but they are all horny. And the hornier you get, the more ideas that start to flow through your imagination.

This furtive atmosphere does not exist once inside a bathhouse. Someone might be initially nervous about going into the unknown, but for anyone already familiar with what happens after leaving the locker room, entering various areas is something straightforward, not secretive. Watching is completely accepted in public spaces. Nothing is hidden, though in various dim areas, sounds may be more reliable than sight as to what is happening within. Booths do offer privacy if desired, but over the years, I have had threesomes inside larger or smaller ones, or left the door open, leading to having sex with different men over an hour.

In my experience, bathhouses were always a concept that was known in a very broad yet concealed way among men past puberty. In contrast, glory holes were much more obscure. Personally only learning about them in the later 90s on the Internet, in contrast to the baths, a place known about from high school. Somehow, the thousands year old idea of the bathhouse permeates the male imagination, even if not openly discussed. As a teenager, the idea of a place where men gather to have sex was both enticing fantasy and assumed reality, without venturing inside one until my later 40s.

A fact that in all honesty probably worked out for the best. The baths provide an extremely addictive sexual environment, particularly after experiencing unrestrained group sex. Where the sensations overwhelm all thought as you are used by multiple partners, and you use them, lost in paradise. This sense of mutual satisfaction is impossible to resist, a fact known to everyone involved as it happens.

All ages and types visit what I consider a good bathhouse. Returning to the point that most are not really gay saunas, though gay men are definitely among those there. Definitions can be used in various ways, but many of the men at the bathhouse have little interest in men, apart from what can happen among them in this specific setting of entrancingly explicit sexual freedom. The truth that men are at least as equally talented as women at giving head should not be a surprise, though the fact that every man who has made me cum has swallowed remains surprising.

What may be unexpected is how wonderfully skilled men can be as partners, taking full advantage of each other’s shared weaknesses. Such as the fact that walking naked into a dimly lit room and having your cock fondled immediately is irresistible, getting increasingly turned on knowing that the other man wants to make you hard. Such encounters happen regularly, opening the door to another aspect of the baths.

That being just how irresistible cock can be. As someone plays with yours, it is just natural to do the same with theirs, without needing to worry about any inhibitions by that point, lost in a growing blissful haze. Mutual masturbation is just the start, as the sensations of being cock to cock with a stranger are incredibly rewarding. To the extent that you cannot stop from surrendering to the delightful reality of a cock being an amazingly satisfying sex organ too, creating delightfully intimate joy with a stranger under the spell of the same pure male pleasure as you.

A bathhouse offers the chance to experience this easily just a couple of minutes after entering when fortune smiles. Possibly even over an extended interval, one man following the other, letting your cock steer your actions. In a place where everyone is ruled by their cocks’ desires, joining in is simple. And being truthful, the reason a curious first time visitor is likely to become a dedicated long term one.

Leading to following trips uncovering further pleasures of sex with men, such as just how fantastic nipple play can istanbul travestileri be, either with a single partner or as group sex, a mouth on a nipple and another on your cock. Being part of a group is entrancing, getting lost in seemingly never ending sensations. Then almost inevitably, learning how incredibly hot it is to go down on multiple men, letting your mouth surround one willing stranger’s naked cock after another. After that first experience, there is no longer any question why cock sucking is so easy to find at the baths.

Providing a simple explanation why so many men visit, as getting sucked is a pleasure that is hard to withstand when you know a place where it is regularly available. Wanting a good blow job is something all men understand. Who does it is not important, especially when the other person is eager to be a true cock pleaser. This likely explains what motivates a number of married men to become regular visitors if their wife does not go down on them. In a certain fashion, it may also feel less like cheating when another woman is not involved.

Also, and not just for married men, there may be a certain plausible denial in being able to tell yourself you were just sitting in the sauna when someone started going down on you, not that you were actively doing anything involving sex with a man. Becoming a dedicated visitor under such a thin cover is imaginable enough, letting your cock decide to spend time with other naked men, but not crossing into active participation precisely. At first, at least.

As soon as the lips begin to slide downwards over a swelled bare cock head, there is no reason to stop getting head, and generally no way to resist as your mind sinks into the heavenly liquid sensations. The fact that you are wanting to be blown, already undressed in a place where men have sex, is the sort of non-coincidence that makes the rationalizations threadbare, and not that long lasting. After a few visits, no reason exists to conceal the basic attraction of the baths.

Men do seem to have a higher level of average oral skill than women. A bi friend has told me when getting her pussy eaten, the most talented are not distinguished by being male or female, but by being the best at making her to cum. Perhaps the most surprising observation about getting head from men is that all of them have swallowed, none simply stopping at the first unstoppable pulsing jet of cum, all instead continuing to pleasure my cock as long as I could take it. Which has included times getting hard again inside a talented mouth without ever pulling out.

That friend is a woman whose own skills at deep throating and swallowing are exceptional, whose interest in giving blow jobs stretches back over decades. She is also someone who cannot stop playing with herself when giving head, a trait she shares with many male cock suckers, including myself.

She is the one I have talked to the most about the baths, enjoying as we do exchanging sexual experiences, though she does not really comprehend this area. Mainly the freedom, which she finds impossible to understand, the idea of equal partners spending hours getting off with each other. She can only imagine group sex in a certain way, of being used by several men, a scenario that turns her on. But though the idea of sucking multiple cocks makes her wet, the idea of sucking cocks while being fingered or rimmed or fucked or eaten at the same time in a group is quite foreign to her.

As is the idea of simply being available to anyone without any sense of being dominated or submissive. A bathhouse offers a variety of opportunities and styles, from very discreet in a locked cabin to very publicly in a steam or porn room, even if the light level is low. Or a mixture of both, as someone in such a public space might ask about going to a booth to be able to fully concentrate on just one person, without additional distractions. Or to do things they don’t want to do in public.

Some men appear to feel that what they do is what defines being gay, something quite skewed in my eyes. An opinion shared by that bi FWB, as she no more cares about who is going down on her open pussy between spread legs than I do about who is sucking my erect length deep. Obviously, there are people who consider that distinction relevant, including men who cannot stop from going to the baths to indulge in hot sex regardless.

Submerging themselves among other men who took that step into something that exceeds imagination, certainly in my opinion. Not every bathhouse visit is overwhelming, a truth that can apply to a first visit also, leading to an understandable lack of further interest. This applies to my bi friend, who found her only visit to a swinger’s club quite disappointing for a variety of reasons, some that can apply equally to the baths. Fortune is not always with you, even in a place where you reliably find hot sex.

Not knowing any rules or how to act is always a bit travesti istanbul of a challenge when entering a new world. Such as how to tie a towel, something unfamiliar, even after going to mixed saunas with my wife for a couple of decades. A certain shyness, as unnecessary as at a mixed sauna, when asking a man at the bar if he knew how the proper way to do it. Then trying several times before getting it adequately right to sit at the bar and drink a beer.

Amusing enough in retrospect, along with being kind of settling, providing a bit of non-sexual contact with another man, undoubtedly here for the same reason I was, undoubtedly with more experience. He also looked a lot like myself, notably in the sense of being middle aged. This is one of the sharpest differences between my bi friend’s experience and my perspective. I simply do not care about appearances, while she places a very high value on them.

Along with appraising, outside of fantasy, any potential partners before simply having sex, an appraisal that most definitely includes whether she finds them attractive. A fact that left her very disappointed with what she saw at the swinger’s club, in contrast to my introduction to what can happen in a place dedicated to sex involving strangers. Entering the dark room that first time, not able to see anything, feeling a hand reaching under my towel, entranced from the first touch, unable to resist, was unbelievably seductive.

A seduction that stretched for a heavenly long time, as his hand first reached my cock, then teasingly drawing it closer to the platform. Feeling how he was laying on his back, head hanging over the platform edge, slowly understanding that was the explanation for why my cock felt so good. An explanation that extended to covering how easily his tongue had found my balls. He had taken control of me, reaching a point where I knew whatever happened, I could not stop if it continued to keep me in such a state of bliss.

Leading to an incredible session of being rimmed, one of the most entrancing bathhouse fantasies that had turned me on over decades. The first rim job I had ever experienced was from my first girlfriend, who said she had read about it in the Gay Joy of Sex. Combined with the sorts of things one heard happened at a male only sauna, finally feeling a man’s tongue lick me was fantastically fulfilling, mind lost as reality overwhelmed any previous fantasy.

His skill was incredible. Though I tried several times to move away with my legs spread on the platform straddling his head, it was impossible to escape his magical tongue. Yet it made no difference to me whose tongue had me totally under its spell, entering paradise having my ass bathed in unending sensations for the second time in my life.

He was older, larger, wearing a rubber cock ring, rarely getting hard, and a true wizard. My bi friend is an ass play lover, so telling her what happened more than kept her interest. She also was interested in how rimming flowed into group sex, but as a story, not something she would do. Even if a dark room did sound intriguing, the idea of just having sex with unseen, possibly otherwise unattractive strangers was not something she could imagine doing.

Oddly, this is where she fits into what I consider a gay framework, one that is less interested in sex itself than appearance. This may be the reason for my preferring saunas with a broad range of visitors, representing a variety of possibilities to find someone with exceptional abilities. Bathhouses allow for both extended as well as immediate sexual contact. Including minutes of naked teasing, caressing that only gradually becomes explicit as both cocks swell, not just walking up to a kneeling man in the steam bath and have him take your cock into paradise in his already cum filled mouth.

My friend happily considers herself a slut, a word I definitely use for myself. The idea of just laying face down in a booth, legs spread, condoms to the side, ready to be fucked excited her, but in connection with domination, submission, and what she thought to be an exciting level of humiliation. She simply could not grasp my trying to explain that for most men, regardless of being the one fucking or being fucked, this was about sex in a way easily understood by everyone walking by, not humiliation.

These are the sorts of things learned over time, so obvious now but not before being exposed to them. Understandably or not, it took a while to realize how easy it can be to fuck a stranger, or at least play with them before deciding to go further. I really cannot enjoy a totally passive partner, and compared to the public areas, a certain number of men wanting to be fucked are truly uninteresting, as sex with someone is more than me doing everything, without reaction.

When it comes to vocal expression, the baths tend to be a comparative wasteland, a shared negative observation, as both my friend and I are quite vocal. Talking during sex is a delight found rarely at the baths, though it does occur. The sounds of sex remain obvious, and quite arousing, but partner to partner oral communication is not common. Even allowing that both she and I know it is not always a matter of speaking.

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The Visit to the Bathhouse

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This story contains Forced and unclean Gay Sex!

Don’t read on if those things offend you, or you find them disliking!

Got to tell you about something that happened a few years ago, when I went with the kids to the bathhouse. We planned to go there earlier in the day, but one thing lead to another and suddenly we had to hurry to get there before closing time.

But, in we came and had time for a lot of play, diving and even swimming. All of a sudden a friend of my wife shows up at the edge of the pool. Oh, boy, I thought…someone who came even later with the children than we did. I got up and we sat down and talked for a short time about everything and nothing, when Linda suddenly asks if I could take the girls and come to the relaxation area.

I thought this was a bit strange as it was basically closing time, and the few who were left were picking up their things and walking off towards the showers and changing rooms.

Anyway, after a little inducement on her part, we went over there all four of us, and once there we also saw Linda’s two children…and almost immediately she suggested that Pia and Petra, my daughters, should go over there and play…she was too slow though, because they were almost there already and did just that.

Linda is a sexy woman, the same age as me, I think, almost 40…and very stylish, nice shapes and beautiful breasts.

First she’s quiet for a while, then she looks at me a little obliquely, and says, “So Eric, remember when we last met at our house and ate food, and you thought you should taste so much more than what was invited to the table?”

“You remember that, don’t you? You touched and held my hands, every time I gave you a refill. And took every chance under the table to feel and play with my feet….you really had big plans for that night?! And I’ll tell you, I actually think you don’t look completely wrong, good-looking and ok body, so if I had thoughts of cheating, or leaving my husband, you’d be high on that list my friend.

But right now, the situation isn’t like that, and even though I liked the touches, you crossed boundaries then. And we have to do something about that, my dear.”

I didn’t know what to think or feel, let alone if it actually happened what was happening now.

“Yes, like I said…do something about it. And just tonight I’ve arranged a surprise for you. Maybe you don’t know I work extra here and take care of both openings and closures…and I knew that I pretty soon would be able to fix something nice for you. Something we both can talk about the next time you caress me….or what do you think? You can think of my feet when the surprise enters you.”

“But, Linda, I…I like you as a friend and friend of my wife. And I’d been drinking a lot when that happened. Of course I think you’re nice istanbul travesti and sexy, but it was too much to drink, and I shouldn’t have done that when we met. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“So be it…but I think you might have done this to other women too, when you had too much to drink. And I feel like you have a struggling part in you that must come out, and believe me when I say…it will tonight. Both get out and far in as well. You’ll understand soon.”

“You look insecure and confused. I understand that, and we don’t have to drag this out anymore, because the entertainment for the evening is over there.”

When I turned around and looked in the same direction as Linda, I saw two larger and colored men coming towards us. Probably the same age as us or slightly older, but that’s not what I was thinking about the most. And now the heart immediately started beating faster, because they went straight over to Petra and Pia, picked them up in their respective arms and came towards us. And I immediately saw that they were holding my children unsuitable, and had their fingers in a way that’s not okay with anyone in middle school. Really not okay.

Now it had all happened so fast, so no one had had time to react to the situation…but as soon as I got up with more and more boiling blood inside me, both girls started twisting to get loose.

Then the men’s grip hardened, while their fingers ended up even more obscene…

Linda was quickly up, pulling me down again….whispered a couple of things in my ear that made me pale white in the face…

“Yes, but how nice…then we all agree. I’ll take the children with me for burgers or other goodies, and after that we’ll go to our house so you can play there, or watch movies, before your mom comes to pick you up. That sounds pretty good, right girls?

“I think your dad’s a little excited about his adventures tonight, so don’t think about him anymore. Let’s go have a good time, and you, dear dad…you have the same. Big hugs! Come on, let’s go now.”

As in a dream, I saw the girls slowly and gradually walk away, while I nodded almost not noticeable towards them…

Before they’ve even gotten out of sight, one of the men lifts my head up and asks if I’d sucked cock before…and I certainly haven’t. Even though I’ve thought about it once and twice…but right now I was thinking about everything Linda said and about my girls.

“So, my friend…you have not sucked dick before?! Then today will be the first then. And I guess you haven’t been fucked either…but you will tonight. Oh, you will. It’s good with new experiences, and you might even like it so much, you want us to meet again. Well, either way, I don’t care…just start sucking our cocks now!”

While he had been talking, they had moved the bench I istanbul travestileri was sitting on in a better position for both of them. And quite synchronized, both had also pulled down their shorts and moved much closer to me. When I hesitated and didn’t move, he said I had to react faster tonight, if I didn’t want this adventure to involve more people in my family. And with that, I grabbed their dicks and moved so close that I could almost touch them with my lips.

I’m a person who showers quite often, probably too often. I’ve been teased by friends and acquaintances and probably Linda had taken up on it too, because these men hadn’t showered in the near future…

As soon as I approached them with my nose, I smelled sweat and coughed. They found that a bit irritating, but ignored it completely and the first guy just grabbed his sagging cock and shoved it hard into my mouth.

And without thinking, I started sucking him. Right after the other one also shoved his unwashed cock adjacent…and I sucked that too in my mouth.

I guess it was ok how I sucked them, because they both started growing fast in my mouth and in the hand I was constantly jerking off the dick that wasn’t deep in my mouth.

I don’t think I have a little dick…It’s not big, but still… in comparison to the cocks I was now in the process of sucking… the size difference, almost double mine.

After a while, both were really stiff, and had the situation not been as it was, I could almost have been proud of my achievement. But I had a short time to think about that, because now I was pushed to the bench. Where one of them pushed my legs, pulled off my shorts in one swoop, grabbed my buttocks and pulled them apart brusquely. Seconds later, he bent over and started licking my anal, and I was so surprised I moaned…

“So, you like getting licked anally. Perfect, because that is exactly what you are going to do right now. Get to it, get in there deep…I want to feel your tongue all the way inside me. Now!”

While he was saying the last thing, he’d stripped completely, turned around, and shoved his ass up centimeters from my mouth. And if the dicks weren’t washed, his ass was in the same condition. It smelled so bad, I choked again. But it wasn’t appreciated, so he grabbed my back head and pushed it straight so my mouth sat directly against his entrance. And I started licking tentatively, smelling all the new flavors and smells…and didn’t want to.

“Get in there, how many times should I tell you?! Lick me clean…and probe your tongue really deep.”

Just like with their cocks, most of the smells disappeared the more I licked and sucked. I guess I got used to it too. And when I’d had my tongue all inside him several times and licked quite a lot around as well, he got up and told his licking friend travesti istanbul to get out of the way.

He grabbed my legs, moved me a little closer to him, stood a little half uncomfortable, yanked his cock a bit and put the impressive cock-head against my asshole.

“I hope my friend here fingered or tongued you equally deep as you did me, otherwise this is going to hurt like hell. And hell no I care a bit about that…but you better not move or scream.”

And with the last sentence, he started pushing his rough baguette for a cock. And it stopped right away. Pulled back, jerked off a little more and while he made another attempt, now with a lot more force, his friend came up, straddled my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth, hard and all the way. And those were probably the best choking I’ve had all night, because right then he pushed his cock deep into my ass…not in the slightest cautiously he drove it directly to the bottom and without hesitation he began to pump decisively inside out at once. Long hauls out and force shoved hard all the way in.

It was a good thing I had my mouth filled to the brim, because I screamed.

Screamed and about half passed out….but woke up almost instantly with punches to the face, and comments that I should suck properly. And also shove a couple of fingers in his ass and make sure I did this well, so they both could fill me up with cum at the same time.

I sucked and fingered and got hard and deeply fucked in what felt for quite some time…I don’t know if it was or not, but suddenly both started pushing more intense, breathing heavy and moaning a lot louder….and I noticed the familiar twitches in both of their dicks… and soon after, they began to fill my mouth and anal. And these guys had big charges….oh, I swallowed as best I could, but it ran over and out of my mouth, of course. My ass felt like it was bursting. First his oversized rough cock thrusting deep inside, and then filled with at least as much cum as his face-fucking friend delivered from his big hose.

After a while, they both pulled out of my holes…stood there and looked at me…

After far too long, he who was speaking all the time said,

“You did well today my friend. We both liked you and can think of fucking your brains out a second time. I think you would like to see us again. Maybe you don’t think so right now….but you do. I can see it on your expressions and how you reacted to the deep hard fucking and sucking.

And we have a couple of more friends who also like to fuck you in many dirty ways.

I tell Linda you were a perfect fucktoy and she will give you our contact info. Maybe you have another friend who also needs to let out steam and bottled up emotions….

….yes, we’ll see more of each other…

And after looking at me for a short time, they took their shorts and walked away.

I relaxed completely, just deep sighed and let out a lot of air from my lungs and thought about…nothing… the night…what just happened…and that I actually had a hard-on.

A really bulging hard-on.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


TW: Mild reference to attempted suic*de.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“Alexander! Language!”

Alex stood up from his kitchen stool sending it clattering to the floor. He glared at his mother who had gone red in the cheeks with anger. But he was angrier.

“I’m twenty this year and you get me a fucking babysitter?”

“Alexander I will not tolerate-“

“I swear to god Mum-“

“Oh for goodness sake! He’s not a babysitter!” She cried. “I just thought you could do with some company whilst your father and I are away for the next month!”

He glared at her, feeling like a hormonal fourteen year old all over again as boiling hot rage took over his body making his hands sweat and his fingers tremble. He balled them into fists, digging his nails into his palms so hard they hurt as he tried to breath out slowly, to speak at a normal volume.

“Him. Of all people you asked him?”

His mother sighed, as if he was a spoiled child complaining he hadn’t got the toy he wanted. He locked his jaw against the bubbling fury he wanted to hurl at her.

“Don’t be silly. You were best friends once, this could be a chance to rekindle an old friendship.”

It was true. Logan Conners had been his best friend since… well he couldn’t remember. Nursery maybe? As children they had been inseparable. The blond sporty boy with bright blue eyes, and the black haired bookish kid with skinny limbs couldn’t have been more opposite from each other, and yet they were a balanced ying and yang, bringing out each other’s strengths. That was until secondary school.

What had started as a natural drifting to different circles of friends changed over time to hatred for one another. It was a slow process over the course of the years. Alex, had grown into a bookworm and a video gamer. His ‘loner’ hobbies along with his naturally dark hair and eyes, paired with pale skin led people to think and gossip that Alex Drumm was an ’emo’. And of course like any secondary school kid getting picked on, he wore darker clothes to ‘blend in’ and hide, unintentionally increasing the stereotype.

Logan on the other hand was bright and charismatic. He was able to wrap even the strictest of teachers around his finger with his charm and wit. He joined the football team, quickly forming a circle of friends that gravitated to the top of the food chain in their year. They were the ‘popular boys’, the ‘sporty boys’, the ‘hot boys’. Alex had heard it all, but preferred to refer to them all as ‘dickheads’.

There had been a brief time that he had managed to maintain a sort of friendship with Logan. But things quickly started to go wrong. Like how suddenly the whole year knew about how he had wet himself in Year 4 at school when he was eight. The only person who had known about that was Logan. He had been the best friend ever and had lent his spare pair of PE shorts, not even the teacher had known.

“What the fuck?!” Alex had said when he saw Logan that day, but Logan had just shrugged it off as a joke and called him ‘sensitive’.

Then there was Alison Crawford. A girl who he had dated for two weeks until eventually she dissolved into fits of giggles when he had leaned in to kiss her, and admitted she was only hanging out with him because Logan had dared her. Once again, his old friend defended himself that he was just trying to get him some action, to break him out of his shell, have some fun. But by this point their friendship was shattering quickly.

The final straw has been the worst of all. He had only glanced at Logan in the changing room for a second. Maybe two. Then suddenly he was confronted by Logan’s mates.

“What are you looking at perv?”

“Yeah you gay or something? Hey Logan, emo kid was looking at you. Think he’s got a crush.”

“Fuck off I was not-“

“You gay, emo kid?”


“Bet you are. What you say Logan? You reckon emo kid is gay?”

There was a moment where Alex gave Logan a pleading look, the childish naive part of his brain thought Logan would rescue him, cover for him, or at the very least not engage. Instead his face twisted into a cruel smirk that he didn’t recognise.

“Yeah he’s always been a little fag. Why do you think I tried so hard to get rid of him?”

His world had broken apart at those words. Not because he could, correctly, predict the years of torture those words would start, or that his old best friend had been the one to say it. But that there was a small part of him that knew it was true. He had a crush on his once best friend, now bully. And he hated himself all the more for it. He was a fag, an emo kid freak. He had glared at Logan, letting the hatred roll over his skin, filling him with an anger and shame that would never leave him.

“You are a piece of shit Logan,” he spat and Logan’s eyes narrowed.

“Whatever emo kid.”

Alex stormed out from the changing room, slipping through the broken fence behind the Sports Hall and ditching school for the first day of many.

Now, here he stood. A nineteen year old virgin with no friends, living with istanbul travesti his parents, working in a local book shop. Facing the prospect of having Logan Conners back in his life.

“Please mum,” he begged. “Tell him no.”

“It’s too late,” she said in a clipped voice. “We’re leaving for the airport shortly. I think you’re being ungrateful, Logan was really pleased when I asked him. Said he’d love to see you.”

He felt sick. What was Logan up to? Why had he agreed to come and visit someone who he despised?

He knew why his mum had asked him. Logan was successful, handsome, back on his summer holidays from Leeds Uni. He was still as charming as he had been as a teenager and perhaps his mother thought he could brush off some of his cheerful persona on her moody and miserable son. She had no idea of course what had happened. He had told no one, writing down his miserable thoughts in a diary that no one knew even existed. It was full of his hatred and infatuation with Logan, the tangled mess of his brain, the longing and the hurt pouring out of him. Even now years after he had last seen him in the flesh.

Not that he regularly checked up on Logan, he just sometimes found himself wandering onto his Instagram feed when he was bored and feeling particularly depressed. Wondering where it all went wrong.

He clenched his teeth and said nothing as his mother tidied the kitchen and gathered her things.

“Right, I’m off. I’m meeting your father at the train station so I’ll send your love.”

“Have a nice holiday,” he said grudgingly and she leaned in for a kiss on his cheek.

“I love you,” she said, smiling sadly. Pushing his hood back and stroking his black hair like when he was a kid. It was nice, but he was nineteen and too old for that, so he pushed her hand away and pulled up his hood. “Please dont just sit in your room in the dark for a month?”

He nodded, but said nothing. The dread of Logan still ate at him.

“Bye mum,” he said and watched as she pulled her suitcase to the car, loaded it into the boot and drove away with a small wave.

He shut and locked the front door with a sigh. Although she would kill him when she came back from holiday, if he kept the door locked then Logan couldn’t come in. He was safe. He grabbed a bag of crisps from the cupboard and went up to his room, sitting in his gaming chair and starting up one of his favourite games.

He was engrossed into the story as he fought as a mage through the challenges when he heard the doorbell. He paused the game, and listened. He heard knocking and the doorbell rang again. He swallowed, his heart beating quickly and then put his headphones back on. Ignoring the noise, ignoring him. He continued playing, exploring the game and admiring the graphics as he sliced through his enemies, using his magic to cast spells to clear his path. He sat with his back to the door so he didn’t see or hear him until he was right there.

A body flung itself onto the bed beside him and gave him a grin.

“Hey bud!”

“Agh!” Alex cried, almost falling off his chair in surprise. He took off his headphones slowly, staring at Logan. He looked as good in real life than in his photos. A good six months older than Alex he had already turned twenty a few months back. He looked broad and strong, his sandy blonde hair cut smartly but still with a boyish tangle of effortless good looks. His eyes were light blue in a naturally olive tanned skin. If they were to stand up Logan would be considerably taller than Alex. He felt like a kid next to him, the pathetic loner once again.

“How did you get in?!” He whispered in amazement.

Logan dangled a small key on a key ring and chuckled. “Your mum thought I’d need this to check up on you. And she was right! Locking me out? Come on I thought we were friends!”

“We aren’t friends.”

“Sure we are! How many times have I been in this very bedroom? Countless! It’s barely changed, bit darker now though. Jeez man what’s with all the depressing posters and shit?”

“I like them.”

“Whatever floats your boat,” Logan shrugged. He pulled open the dusty curtain letting light into the dark room and he winced. Logan noticed and chuckled.

“Why are you here?” He asked quietly and Logan shrugged.

“Your mum asked me.”

“Yeah, but why did you say yes?”

“Why not? You’re not still holding a grudge from school are you? That was years ago! Lighten up!”

Lighten up?! Alex closed his eyes, feeling the prickling heat of anger and hate for the world and everything in it that lingered on his skin at all times grow stronger, humming through his veins. The words he had endured for years from Logan’s own mouth and those that rippled from them echoed in his ears. Loser. Loner. Fag. Gay boy. Emo kid.

Logan may be here, but he didn’t have to engage with his games. He put his headphones on and resolutely turned away from him. He heard Logan say something in protest but he relished in not being able to hear what it was. He saw Logan sit on his bed again beside him in his peripheral istanbul travestileri vision but he ignored him.

“Who’s that?” He heard him this time.

“Is that you? Oh sweet you can- ah nice shot!”

Alex cursed Logan’s natural charisma. He seemed so effortlessly calm and collected, like there had never been any issue between them. Like they had always been great friends. How could he do that? He envied him.

“Can I have a go?” He pushed Alex’s chair with his foot.

“No,” he growled.

“2 player then. I can see you’ve got a spare controller for your PS4. Got any good games? Oh look we used to play this! Is it this game?”

He held up Starwars Battlefront and Alex nodded.

“Let’s play it!”


“Ok how about a bet. If you win, I leave.”

Suddenly he had his attention. Logan had a mischievous glint in his eyes that at the same time unsettled him and sent a uncontrollable thrill through his guts. Fuck. This again? Why couldn’t he just hate him plain and simple.

“You mean it?”

“Sure. If you win I will leave you alone for the rest of the day.”

“And if you win…?” He asked cautiously.

“I pick the next game,” Logan said cheerfully.

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

Alex lent forward and took the game from Logan and started it up.

“Shotgun rebels,” Logan grinned as he passed him the spare controller.

Alex felt a confident smugness, he knew he would be able to beat Logan. He was a good gamer. Granted he hadn’t played this particular game in a while but it wouldn’t be hard. Before he knew it his confidence slipped to horror.

“Yes!” Logan cheered. Alex sat staring at the screen in shock. Defeat was flashing on his side of the screen and he scowled, throwing down the controller in annoyance.

“What’s the game then,” he snapped turning his chair towards the bed and taking off his headphones. A small voice in his brain registered Logan lying casually on his bed and wondered if his smell would linger on the sheets. He couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not. Logan grinned. Alex was unpleasantly reminded of paintings of Gods lying just like this. He wouldn’t have looked out of place in a painting like that.

“A personal favourite. Truth or Dare.”

Alex blinked, struggling to focus on his words for a second, and then, finally understanding he scowled.

“No. That’s cheating.”

“Why? It’s a game. I chose it. Deals a deal Alex.”

He glared at him, but knew he was right. He should have known Logan would trick him.


“Excellent. You start,” he said with a smug expression. Of course.

“Truth,” he said. Wary of the grin spreading further across Logan’s face.

“How many people have you slept with?” Logan asked, barely even a hesitation as he leaned forward, biting his lip and smirking. Alex took a moment to breathe.

“Three,” he lied lamely.

Logan raised his eyebrow, “you’re still a terrible liar then.”

He glared at him furiously, but knew that Logan already knew the answer. There wasn’t much point continuing the lies. Why did he even have to make him say it?

“None,” he muttered. Wincing as he waited for some joke or tease from Logan, but he only nodded his head once.

“My turn then,” Logan said, “truth.”

Alex mulled this over for a moment. Perhaps this game wasn’t such a bad idea.

“Why are you here? Really?”

Logan shrugged. “Your mum asked me. I thought it would be fun. Besides I’ve missed hanging out with you.”

“I don’t believe you,” Alex scoffed but Logan just laughed.

“It’s the honest truth. It’s been a while, I wanted to see you. Call me.. curious.”

Despite everything, Alex felt like Logan was being honest. Deliberately cryptic perhaps, but honest. He leaned back into his gaming chair, relaxing a little despite himself. His hands wrapped around himself protectively as he spoke.


“Ok, let’s spice this up a little,” Logan moved forward even further, his knees brushed against Alex’s as he put his hands on the arm rests of the chair, staring at him with a fixed and intense expression. Alex tensed, his mouth dry. Logan’s eyes were piercing him, holding him captive. He loathed him, and he loathed himself for relishing in those eyes despite everything.

“Do you, or at least did you… find me attractive?”

Alex felt his chest tighten. He was locked in that gaze, his mouth opening to say a witty retort that couldn’t come. He blinked, breaking the spell and shook his head.

“I don’t want to play this game anymore.”

“So that’s a yes.”

“No it’s not I just- I’m done with this game we aren’t kids!”

“You agreed to play a game of my choice, and I say the game isn’t over yet. I take this reaction as a yes.”

“It’s not a yes.”

“Then say no.”

Alex opened his mouth to say the word but couldn’t force it from his lips. The hatred for himself and for Logan rose in his throat like bile. His eyes felt hot, his neck prickling.

Logan leaned forward slowly, and Alex froze. Disbelief and travesti istanbul shock holding him in place as Logan brushed his lips against his. Gently and soft, so soft it was barely even a kiss. A tease of what could be. Logan leaned back, and smirked watching him with a curious expression.

Eventually Alex regained the ability of speech.

“You asshole,” he hissed.

“My turn. Truth.”


“I know you just want to dare me to leave, I’m not an idiot. Truth.”


“Why did you just do that?” He whispered, he felt the hurt in his voice and wished he could crawl into a hole. His eyes burned and with thick crushing shame, he felt tears well up uncontrollably, blurring his vision and clogging his throat.

“I wanted to. I told you, I’m curious about you.” Logan spoke so calmly, level headed, as if they were talking about what they were having for dinner. It infuriated him.

“This is fucked up!” Alex growled, pushing his chair away from the bed and hugging his legs to his chest. He felt the angry tears fall, burning tracks down his cheeks and he brushed them away angrilly, pulling the cords of his hood so it closed tighter around his head, his black fringe hiding his eyes. “You call me a fag and ruin my life for years then just come in here and- and-“

“Jesus Alex you’re still holding that grudge. It’s not my fault you were unpopular!”

“You didn’t help me! You were my friend! You spread rumours about me, called me names, you even scratched fag into my locker remember that?”

“It’s just jokes! It was just harmless pranks!”

Alex laughed incredulously. “You’re serious aren’t you? You have no idea. I need some air.”

He stood and headed straight to the bathroom, locking the door and leaning his pounding head against it. What was going on? Logan had definitely kissed him. Why? Was this another joke? Was he gay? Was Alex just some experiment? Or, his stomach jolted, was this all just another trick?

It wouldn’t be the first time. Logan loved a trick. He remembered vividly the photoshopped photo of him in a dress that was taped to every classroom door one Monday morning. Or the time his PE trainers were filled with yoghurt from the school cafeteria. Was this another planned out prank? But how could he claim Alex was gay, without incriminating himself in the process?

He went to the sink and washed his face, scrubbing the sensation of Logan’s lips from his own. He looked at himself in the mirror and took a deep breath before heading back to his room. To his relief Logan had gone.

He looked around the whole house, but he had left without a sound. Relieved and also, frustratingly, a little disappointed he returned to his bedroom. He went back onto his computer games and began playing, but as he played he felt tense. He couldn’t explain why but something unsettled him. Why had Logan left so quickly? He paused the game and looked around. Everything was exactly as it should be.

He shook his head, he was clearly paranoid. After an hour on his computer he yawned and noticed it had gotten late. He crawled into bed and reached under his pillow for his diary. His fingers felt the soft sheets, but the cool cover of the book was not there. He lifted the pillow, his heart suddenly beating quickly. No. He couldn’t have. He looked down the back and sides of the bed, but it was not there. And there was only one place it could be.

He logged into Facebook on his computer and typed a frantic message.


Logan read the message almost instantly, the mother fucker had been waiting for this.

Logan: Hey bud! Long time no text!

You: You took my journal.

Logan: Oh that’s what it is! Wasn’t sure if you were writing a really depressing story.

Logan: I like how much I get mentioned though, great for the ego.

Logan: 😉

You: It’s private you dickhead.

Logan: well, I tried the nice way and you weren’t playing ball. So we can do things the hard way.

Logan: this ways much more fun for me anyway.

You: what do you mean?

Logan: You do what I say or I share all your private diary entries online. Bet your mum would love that you called her a bitch… and everyone would know how you dreamed about me fucking you.

Alex breathed a sharp breath and slammed his fist into the desk. He was cornered. Fucking Logan. He knew he had him.

You: fine. Just please give it back.

Logan: sure thing. I’ll bring it back when I’ve finished it. I’ll make sure to save my pictures somewhere safe first 😉

Logan: can’t wait for the fun we’ll have… just like old times.

Alex didn’t reply. He logged off and crawled into bed, but his eyes stayed open fixed at a point on the wall like a zombie until late until the night.


He started awake when he heard the doorbell ring the next day. He had overslept and it was already the afternoon. He considered getting up to let Logan in, but knowing he would find his own way in anyway he pulled his covers over his head, enjoying the last seconds of peace.

The door banged open and before he knew it the covers were torn away from him. The cool air tickled at his bare legs, having slept only in boxers and his hoodie. He scowled at Logan who grinned with the confidence of a someone who always got what they wanted.

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Submissive Fuck Pig Finds a Dom Ch. 02

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The note on the door read:

Welcome back FAGGOT! I’m taking another shower. when you hear the water turn off, wait 10 minutes before you come in! The room key is outside under the ash tray by the door.”

P.S. I have nasty plans for you FAGGOT!

My cock was now standing straight up and I made no attempt to cover it! The cum on my leg was down to my calf now!

I peeked around the corner, seeing nobody outside the hotel. I slipped out the door and felt helpless as it locked behind me! If the key wasnt there, I was locked outside in my tiny pink mini-skirt and saliva soaked crop top! I nervously walked to the can by the parking lot and bent over to check underneath it. I felt my greasy, cum filled ass and hard cock on display!

The cool night air tingled against the strangers cum that coated my balls, well fucked hole and the cum that had oozed down my left leg to mid calf! I felt so slutty, trashy and horny!

I found the card where Daddy said it would be and rushed back inside the hotel door and around the corner to my room. The room now occupied by “Daddy” the unknown to me Dom who had totaly used me, who’s cum I had swallowed and worn on my face through a drive thru and whos’s cum now clung visibly to my bare shaved leg!

I arrived at the door and heard the water shut off. Started the timer on my phone for 10 minutes… 10 long, agonizing minutes!

After about 5 minutes, I heard my suitcase being unzipped in the room! He was going thru my things! And I was helpless to stop him!

“Give me your clothes faggot!” he told me thru the door!

“I… I need something to wear!” I responded frantically.

My pink, lace thong was slid out under the door and a voice filled with demand and urgency, came through the door loud enough for anyone around to hear.

“Now faggot! give me everything but the panties, but don’t wear them, put them in your slut mouth!”

I nervously removed the pink crop top and stuck it under the door, where it was quickly pulled through! After a nervous glance around, I dropped my mini-skirt and started to feed it through the bottom of the door and it was pulled away from me.

I now stood in the hall, naked, in full erection and reached down to pick up my tiny lace panties. Reluctantly, I wadded them up and stuffed them into my mouth!

“Good bitch! stand there just like that… better yet, hands behind your back and don’t move them until I say!”

I stood naked in the hall, my hands behind my back, my mouth stuffed panties now being saturated by my saliva!

The cum drying on my ass, balls and leg now felt cold and pulled at my skin. I was truely a faggot, a cock whore, enjoying my degrading submission to a man who’s name I didnt know!

Just before my timer went off, the door opened and Daddy snapped at me,

“Get in here fag, you istanbul travesti worthless bitch!”

My hard cock twitched at his words, my mind raced at what was about to happen!

“You bring my Coke fag?” Daddy demanded.

I handed him the cold bottle of soda and he opened it, taking a swig and setting it on the counter.

Daddy pulled the spit soaked panties ftom my mouth and told me to turn around and bend over. He used the wet panties to wipe his cum from my leg, balls and fucked hole! He held the panties against my leaking ass and told me to push his load into the panties.

I pushed and relaxed my hole until nothing else came out. Daddy held them up for me to inspect.

The panties were coated with a slime except for a puddle of cum on them that had moments ago been inside my ass!

“Lick them clean my little cum bunny!” Daddy said.

I ran my tongue over the large glob of cum on top of the panties, and it stuck to my tongue like a filthy suprise!

Before I could take another lick, Daddy shoved the cum glazed panties in my mouth and stood there staring at me.

The cum in my mouth was pushed to the back of my tongue. Unable to swallow due to the panties in my mouth, my senses were filled with the taste of my ass, Daddy’s cum and the lube he had used to turn my ass hole into a cunt!

He walked past me to the bathroom and pointed at the floor. Dropping to my hands and knees, I crawled to him and sitting on my heels looked up at him.

He moved forward until the head of his cock was resting against the panties in my open mouth.

“Look at me faggot.” he demanded.

I looked into his deep brown eyes, they looked serious. A man staring at his fuck toy, a faggot being examined by a real man. I held his gaze and noticed his eyes soften as my mouth began to flood with his hot piss!

He let his stream flow into the saturated panties in my mouth, while looking me in the eye.

I attempted to swallow, made nearly impossible by the woman’s underwear I had been wearing when we met! I choked down some of his piss while his powerful stream overwhelmed me!

Most came out my mouth and ran down my body, some found it’s proper place in my stomach, and as I strughled to beathe, some came out my nose!

I never broke eye contact, I looked into his eyes as I endured my panicked struggle of a faggot trying to please a man. I was being tested by him and did not want to fail!

As his stream subsided, he smiled at me. As he he stopped his golden flow, he pulled the panties from my mouth and dropped them to the floor. I quickly swallowed the last of his salty gift and moved forward, taking his driping cock in my mouth. I sucked him clean and would not have stopped except he pulled me off his hardening cock.

I was told to clean the bathroom and shower before returning istanbul travestileri to the rest of the room.

After cleaning the bathroom, I showered and removing the head from the shower hose, quickly cleaned myself out before drying off and reaching to open the door.

Hanging from door knob was my collar that had been buried deep in my suitcase. It’s purple leather and has “Cocksucker” on it in chrome letters. Next to the door was my jeweled butt plug.

I fastened the collar on, inserted the plug and opened the door.

Daddy sat in the chair, now wearing his jeans, but bare chested. The other man sat at the foot of the bed…

I looked at Daddy questioningly but he just smiled.

“You have a quest to entertain faggot, don’t just stand there, on your knees!”

I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to the man. He was probably late 50’s, a little heavy and wearing a polo shirt and golf shorts.

I crawled up and seeing where his cock lay inside his shorts, lightly kissed it. I felt it move through the fabric.

“You like dick don’t you little cock sucker?” he asked.

“I love dick Sir!” I responded.

He stood up and removed his shirt before dropping his shorts, revealing a nicely thick cock with a large head. He then gestured for me to stand.

He ran his hands over my body, examining my body, and running his fingers over my collar before cupping my ass with one hand while lightly stroking my now hard cock with his other. His fingers found my butt plug as his stroking of my cock began to feel electric!

“If you make the faggot cum, it has to clean it up… in fact it has to clean up all cum, no matter where spilled… house rules!” Daddy said.

It made me so hot to hear Daddy talk about me like an object, and pushed me close to orgasm!

The old guy let go of my throbbing cock and offered me his fingers wet with my pre-cum. I dutifully sucked each one clean before dropping to my knees and being eye level with his hard 6+” dick.

He tasted sweaty and a little musty, but I love sucking dirty cock so I was soon taking him to the balls. and he was groaning wildly!

Daddy spoke as he walked around behind me and removed my butt plug with a painfull tug, “My friend here has never been with a guy, and especialy not with a faggot like you that lives for cock.”

My humiliation drove my to start fucking my throat on the old man’s cock as I felt Daddy’s big cock find its welcome home inside my fuck tunnel. As soon as I was pushed and pulled into a rythem between the two men, the old man pulled from my mouth.

“I want to cum in his ass!” the old man blurted out.

Daddy simply pulled out of my ass, spun me around so my ass was in the air facing the old man and pulled my mouth down on his slimy cock.

I began throating Daddy’s cock travesti istanbul as my spit-roast began again. Hard cock thrusting in and out of both my slutty holes!

I was soon flipped over on my back and pulled so my head hung over the bed. Daddy lined up and slid his cock deep into my throat, feeling his cock with each thrust, using the hand he had wrapped around my throat, applying just enough pressure to reduce but not cut off the air to my lungs and blood to my brain.

I was in Heaven, being used by two men, one dominating me and slowly choking me! I felt so euphoric I didn’t notice the old man stroking my cock, or my balls drawing up tight!

Unable to make a noise, I exploded in orgasm! my first spurt of cum hit Daddy in the lower abdomen before the next few splattered my own chin, chest and belly before pooling in my navel.

The old man, overcome by my orgasm and spasming hole, drove deep and filled me with his hot sperm!

As the old man caught his breath, Daddy used his cock to wipe my cum from my chin and neck and feed it to me on the head of his cock!

The old man presented me his greasy, cum covered cock and I sucked it clean before he wiped my cum from my body and dropped it in my mouth as I eagerly swallowed’.

Daddy moved around behind me and wiped the glob of my cum from his belly, put it on the head of his cock and once again claimed my cock sleeve as his own. He began fucking me hard and fast and I couldn’t help but start begging!

“Fuck me Daddy…FUCK ME!… give me that cock Daddy… BREED ME DADDY!”

The old man dressed and watched in wonder as Daddy did just that, pounding me to his own orgasm as the mix of his and the old man’s cum turned my hole into a sloppy, slurpie mess!

After Daddy finished breeding me for the second time that night, I dutifully sucked and licked him clean before he had me push the double load of cum from my ass and fed me the foamy mix!

When the old man left Daddy had me take a shower. When I came out, he handed me the steel cock cage I had buried in my suitcase!

After securing it, I handed Daddy the key and he gave me a glass of water and two pills. One I recognized as Viagra, the other I did not recognize! I was going to me miserable but very horny in a steel chastity cage and a perpetual hard cock!

“You have done good faggot, but you are not done! I have a surprise for you.” he said, showing me an on-line add advertizing his dirty submissive fag for free no limits use, tonight only! The hotel name and my room number were on the add!

He then showed me a couple responses from guys saying they were coming by!

I soon began feeling very horny and guessed the second pill was X!

Daddy made me go out in the hall wearing only my “Cocksucker” collar and prop the outside door open. When I returned, he had me set the room deadbolt, proping the door open!

Daddy blindfolded me and had me get on the bed on my hands and knees. My swollen cock strained inside its steel prison!

I heard the door open and Daddy say, “Hey guys, come on in, it is yours to use!

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Not in That Way Ch. 01

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Hey guys! Here’s something a little bit different. I had this idea for a story and actually wrote one of the final scenes first. This one is told in a series of flashbacks- so I hope it’s not too confusing to follow along. It’s also a slow burn. I’m not too sure how long I want this to be, but it’ll definitely go at least four chapters. As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think.

Ch. 01: Dustin is caught between a rock and a hard place

It’s not easy being friends with someone like Gabe.

There’s just this force of energy that consumes everyone who enters his orbit- whether it’s his golden brown skin or that boyish smile that can be made out in a sea of strangers. He pulls you in. And once you come face to face with those clear blue eyes, you’re lucky if you make it out in one piece.

I know this because out of everyone in the world- every godforsaken soul he could have tormented- he considers me his closest friend.

Some days, I really wish I wasn’t.


Gabe and I met back in the middle of high school- when most kids already had their friend groups established. I had a couple friends I hung out with, mostly guys I’d grown up with. For the most part, everything was light with them: we’d hang out on occasion and I always had a place to sit at lunch, and so I never really read much into the company I kept. I wouldn’t say we were all that close, but it was better than having no friends at all.

And then Gabe came along and shifted everything off balance. I remember that day very clearly, because it was a series of random encounters. I’d learn later that that’s just how Gabe is.

He surfs through life on a wave of serendipity.

We were two weeks into the semester and Gabe had apparently just moved stateside after being in Japan while his dad was stationed there. He was new to town, and after having moved around with his military family, wasn’t exactly the best at making friends. I was sitting in my room doing some readings for class the next day when I got a message request from a Gabriel Cruz on Instagram. I clicked on his profile and saw a few wannabe travel shots as well as some pictures of a tanned guy who looked to be around my age. We had no mutual friends- which was odd for a place that small.

I was zooming in on a photo of him standing in front of Tokyo Tower, trying to get a better sense of what he looked like, and where I may have known him from. Then, in what I’d come to realize is true Gabe fashion, he sends me a message, almost like he’d been reading my mind.

“Hey how’s it going? My name’s Gabe and I just transferred here. Ms. Lee sent over the syllabus and class roster, saying I should connect with someone to help get me up to speed. Down to help a bro out?”

I read that and immediately wondered why he’d chosen me out of everyone in the class. Dustin Green wasn’t exactly first on the list- and maybe it’s just my lack of confidence, but I didn’t feel like there was anything about me to stand out. Still, he seemed like a chill enough person and who was I to turn him down?

We met the next day at a coffee shop not too far from school. I didn’t really put much thought into it when I left my house that morning. I figured I’d hand over some notes, summarize some of the lessons and we’d be on our way. Gabriel Cruz would just be another kid I’d see in the halls and occasionally wave to.

The bell at the door went off as I had my back turned, fumbling through my bag in search of notes from the past two weeks. I was met with a deep voice- one that was a few octaves lower than the rest of the guys in class who’d barely hit puberty.

“You’re Dustin right?” He asked as he took a seat, not even waiting for an answer before he did.

“Yeah man, just give me a sec- I can’t seem to find anything and school’s only just started.” I said over the sound of crumpled up papers. “I hope this isn’t a glimpse of what the rest of the year would be like.”

He gave me my first taste of that laugh- the one that would reside in my memory and have me doing whatever i could to hear it again. I turned and was met with the bluest eyes I’d ever seen- eyes that I didn’t know could be so bright.

“Cool, I’m Gabe. Thanks for this.”

I must have stared for a bit too long with my mouth open because he gave me a chuckle and a wink.

“Not what you expected?” He asked, like he’d been prepared for my response.

I stammered, not really sure how to respond.

“A Mexican guy with blue eyes? I get that all the almanbahis time” He affirmed, as he pulled out his books, “My mom says it’s an anomaly- which sounds a whole lot like her way of calling me different.”

I laughed with him, thankful that his ease broke any potential awkwardness. The truth was that, eye color aside, I didn’t expect Gabe to be as attractive as he was.

Back in Junior year, I knew the person I was and the fact that I liked guys instead of girls. It was a revelation that came in a series of small, fleeting moments- like the time I lingered on the cute boy stocking the shelves at Target too long that I bumped into the display with my cart, sending dozens of oranges rolling through the aisle. Or there was the time my middle school crush got together with one of my friends and I spent the afternoon pouting in my room. Thinking back now, I was more upset that she was with him, than him being with her. But still, all of those times revolved around temporary people- the stock boy I’d never see again and the friend that I barely hung out with. I only really liked guys from afar.

Gabe was the first crush I’ve ever had that would remain a constant in my life- I just wouldn’t know it yet.

I snapped out of my reflection and met his hand, shaking it as he smiled again. “Well Mr. Anomaly, yes, I’m Dustin. Nice to meet you.”

He chuckled, “You definitely win points for the coolest name.” He thought for a second with his mind turning. “Dustin.” He said again, “It’s so close to dust- like you could disappear in a cloud of smoke and be anywhere in the world.”

I just smiled along, thinking about what I’d gotten myself into.

“I like that a lot.” He said, “I’m gonna call you Dust.”

I laughed, wondering just who the hell this Gabriel Cruz kid was. He had this ease about him- having already assigned me a nickname and made himself at home opposite me at this coffee shop. Back then I thought it was weird how he always vocalized every thought that skated through his mind, but that was just who he was.

“Knock yourself out’ I said to him, earning me another smile.

What I didn’t know at the time was that, right at that moment, some imaginary clock had been set- one that would keep ticking away until finally going off. You see, whenever you develop a crush on someone, it’s only a matter of time before you reach that breaking point- that moment when you’re forced to make a decision on whether you keep going as is, or whether you try to change the situation.

That wouldn’t happen for years down the road, but there were many times I came close to feeling like I needed to do something.


It’s Friday night and Gabe is dragging me to this club he found not too far away. We’re a long way from our partying days back in college. And even now, with both of us having just turned twenty six, it feels like nights like these are getting few and far between.

I don’t want to make it seem like we followed each other after high school, because we genuinely didn’t. I’d always had my sights set on Berkeley and even though Gabe had his pick of any of the lesser California schools, him getting in as well felt like a sign. It didn’t even feel like we were making plans together- rather we both made the decision to attend Cal on our own- like two planets who happened to fall into the same orbit.

We finished out our high school days as best we could. Gabe and I were inseparable, and he became a mainstay at my house- much to the dismay of my older sister Grace. I’d often hear her complaining to our mom about how he’s always here, to which Gabe would show her tongue and mom would brush her off. Grace seemed to be the only one not under his spell at the time, though she’d soon come around to him.

Deep down, I knew that they felt sorry for him. Though he was kind and funny and the most handsome person I’d ever met, his home life wasn’t all that great. Gabe’s parents split up at the tail end of Senior Year with his dad relocating- not even coming back to see us graduate. Still, he took it in stride, reminding himself that he was lucky to have his mom, and me, there for him.

College was somewhat of a blur, and he often brings up those old memories over lots of booze. After our second graduation together, we’ve settled into modest, yet pricey apartments in the city not too far from each other. To say that we’ve remained close is an understatement- something that doesn’t seem to surprise any of our high school friends who visit from time to time.

Tonight almanbahis giriş he sounds excited in his texts- which only accentuates how dry my replies are. Normally I’d try and match his energy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pretend to be excited about going out ever since my break-up.

I played it off for the most part, and as much as I’d like to think that Gabe was aloof in what I was going through, I know he just tried to give me the space I needed. It’s been three weeks since Tom left, and him pestering me to re-join the outside world has only gotten stronger.

It’s no secret that Gabe didn’t like Tom. For a while it felt like there was a third person every time we hung out: me, Gabe and the elephant in the room- the one that made it very clear that he didn’t like who I was dating. To his credit, he tried to hide it- often trying to include him when we went out or being fair when I’d vent to him whenever we got into a spat. I never drew much attention to it either- because what do you do when your best friend doesn’t like your boyfriend?

I was caught between a rock and a hard place.

Gabe’s been pushing this for days until finally, after a realization that he won’t stop anytime soon, I agree to go out with him. In true Gabe fashion, he called me right after with a smug message.

“Really Dust, was it that hard to say yes to me?” I grunted over the phone and hung up, only to see that he’d sent me a few laughing emoji texts shortly after.

He shows up just after 9, doing his usual three knock routine. I open it just after and get brawled by the boy as he steps into my apartment and surrounds me with a hug.

“Dude it’s been like two days, ease up.” I say, feeling his hands pressing into my arms.

“I’ve been waiting for this day, Dust. When you’re finally over your ex and ready to move onto-” he winks “and under someone new.”

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my jacket and gestured him out of my apartment. “I agreed to a simple night out- not a hook-up.” I lock the door behind us and continue, “And since you’re such a good friend, that means no ass for you either.”

Normally, I didn’t care about whether or not he brought someone home- at least I pretended not to. But this restriction and his newfound sensitivity given my single state, seems like it’ll be fun.

Gabe opens his mouth like he’s going to say something, but he stops himself. “Okay.” He finally says, “Just you and me tonight, bro, like how it’s supposed to be.”

I smile at that, left to wonder if maybe that’s where his resentment towards Tom lies. Maybe he felt like he was getting in between the two of us. Like a guy was somehow going to undo several years of friendship, two awkward coming outs, and a divorce. The answer is that no one has ever come between us. Something that I don’t feel the need to tell Gabe.


We get to the club and it’s packed- so much so that I feel my annoyance brewing as I by-pass groups of people just trying to find a clearing. Gabe doesn’t seem to mind. He has this smile plastered on his face that keeps reminding me of how happy he is that I agreed to come. That alone does a lot to ease my mood.

“I’m really glad you said yes tonight, Dust. I’ve missed you.” He hugs me tightly, almost like a bird he’s found with a broken wing and nursed back to health.

I play it off, “I went through a break-up, man. I’ve done it before and I may do it again.”

“Hopefully you won’t have to anymore.” He says, almost mystically. I try not to read too much into it, because if I had it my way, I’d be with him and not have to deal with any other guys for the rest of my life.

Gabe disappears for a few minutes only for me to spot him chatting it up with the bartender. There’s a line of people waiting to get drinks, but somehow my friend managed to get to the front and come back with two drinks in hand, in what seemed like no time at all. Everyone else seems annoyed, but he strolls back in the same happy-go-lucky spirit that I know.

“I don’t know how you do that” I say, taking a sip of a drink I didn’t ask for, yet am pleasantly surprised by.

He shrugs, “It’s a gift.” He takes a sip of his beer, “One that I use for good, not evil.”

It’s here when I’m reminded of my crush. Most times when we’re together, I manage to stave off these feelings and rest in the reality that we’re best friends. But in moments like these, when he’s standing really close- close enough that I can smell his cologne- and when he’s making sweet and stupid comments almanbahis yeni giriş to me, I feel like I’m back in high school, fawning over boy who chose to pay attention to me.

He seems to notice that I’ve drifted because he leans in, asking, “Are you thinking about Tom, again?”

I shake my head, “No actually. I haven’t thought about him in a while.”

He nods, “Good.” He takes another drink, “Tom was fine, but I never understood what you liked about him.”

“He’s six-two and has more abs than I could count.” I joke, getting an eye roll from him.

“Yeah but he also never posted about you online and always put off trips to meet your parents until the very end.” He spat out, “What kinda boyfriend does that?”

It’s true- those are things that he did- or rather didn’t do. And if I’m being honest, those little things turned out to have bigger reasons behind them- reasons that I don’t want to divulge to Gabe in the middle of this Charli XCX song. Gabe’s only seen the tip of the iceberg, but I’m the one who’s had to fight my way through arguments beyond the surface.

“Not everyone can be as perfect as you, Gabe.” I say playfully with a wink, playing off any attempts to swerve this conversation into the serious lane.

He just smiles. “That’s the beauty of me, Dust.” He starts, taking another sip. “I may be pretty, but I’m pretty fucked up too.”

“An anomaly, if you will.”

That’s kinda become our catchphrase- something I remember from that first time meeting him. Gabe is a complete anomaly. He’s the playful and mischievous kid born to a strict military, and later, absentee father. He’s the half-Mexican boy who finds Tapatio too spicy- with a deep tan and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. He’s also the guy who had a line of dough-eyed girls following him in high school, only to come out to me at the tail end of senior year.

He’s perfect on the outside, and yet I’m the only one who knows that not to be the case.

He nods in agreement as we clang our glasses together, “Here’s to you and me.” We both drink together, “Here’s to anomalies.”


A little while later, Gabe has just come back with our fourth round of drinks. We’re both pretty buzzed at this point, and it’s here where I remember how much fun going out with him is. He’s funny and goofy and insists on dancing to every top-forty hit like he’s not making a complete fool of himself. He looks so happy as he’s dancing several feet from me and even flashes me a questioning look when some slender twink pulls him slightly to dance with him. I give him a wink and mouth, “have fun”, knowing the boy has no shot with my friend- something that’ll have to wait until the song finishes.

“Sorry about my friend.” I hear someone say as he joins the table where I’m standing. “He’s been eyeing him for the past twenty minutes even though I warned him that he’s clearly taken.”

“It’s just a dance.” I say to the blonde guy as we watch them together. “Besides, he’s single- but not really looking for anything tonight.”

The guy looks genuinely surprised, “Oh- so the two of you aren’t together?”

I shrug, “Nah. We’re just best friends.”

“I guess I just assumed.” He started to say, but clearly picked up on my annoyed expression. “You guys look really coupley”

I fake another smile, having had this exact conversation more times than I ever wanted to. Maybe on the outside we do look like we’d make a great couple. And maybe, on paper it would make sense. But that’s never been in the cards for me and Gabe- no matter how many times I try to reshuffle them. He’s not into me, and as far as he’s concerned, I’m not into him.

I put on my best act and tell the stranger, “We love each other-” I start saying, before adding in the line I’ve practiced a million times over, “but not in that way.”

He seems sufficient with that answer, though makes no efforts to hide the look of confusion on his face. Thankfully, the song ends and I watch as Gabe says something to the twink, causing him to walk back to his friend with a disappointed look. They leave before Gabe comes back to the table and finishes off my drink.

“Wanna get out of here?” He asks. “That guy came on a little too strong and I feel like a need a shower after all that.”

I chuckle, thinking about another broken heart that Gabe has added to the trail to which he walks through life. I know that expression on the twink’s face because I’ve seen it on just about every guy who plays Icarus- thinking he could fly too close to the sun and not get burned.

Somehow, I’m still standing, wings in-tact, with nothing but a crush and a clock that feels like it’s going to go off soon.

“Keep your shit together” I tell myself before following Gabe out of the club.

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Jakarta Pt. 02

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**I am an early 40’s Caucasian expat in Asia. Fair, slim, reasonably fit and a hedonist by nature.

My stories are of encounters I have experienced with other men and trans / shemales during my two decades in Asia.**


Jakarta, Indonesia. Around 2008.

With a few hours to spare before Tony would return, I decided on a quick bite from room service, followed by a nice long relaxing shower.

Exiting the bathroom the cool air conditioned air, mixed with the subtle scent of lemongrass instantly reminded me of the earlier encounter.

What started out as a simple, relaxing massage quickly became so much more.

At no stage in my hectic day rushing between meetings, did I imagine I would be having such a hot oral session, following my enjoyable massage.

Smiling to myself I settled on the bed and caught up on the international news channels.

My mind slowly drifting towards the possibilities of what was about to happen.

Having tasted Tony’s cum already this evening I was in no doubt that I would be happy to do so again, though I wanted more this time.

Just after 11pm there was a light knock on the door. Letting Tony in I was once again greeted by his warm smile.

Passing him almanbahis a towel to freshen up, I returned to the bed, taking some lube and condoms from the dresser and placing them on the bedside table.

It wasn’t long before Tony joined me in the room, the brightness of the white towel in contrast to the smooth toned caramel colour of his lean body.

Removing my robe I knelt on the bed and started to slowly stroke my rapidly hardening cock. Tony dropped his towel and joining me on the bed, knelt directly in front of me, his beautiful cock already firm and inviting.

Without a word spoken we started to make out. Tongues exploring mouths while arms pulled each other closer, hands rubbing taunt tight muscles and teasing ever hardening cocks.

Tony was once again working his magic on me. From intense passionate kissing, he slowly worked his way to my neck, lightly sucking while still stroking my cock. The intense feeling was driving me wild. There was still more to come.

Leaning back slightly, Tony took both our cocks in his hand and began stroking them together.

Pushing my foreskin back, electric bolts of pleasure pulsed through my body as Tony rubbed our cock heads together.

Firmly pressing almanbahis giriş them into each other.

The intensity was pushing me close to climax. Not wanting to cum so quickly I asked Tony if he wanted to fuck me.

Again that beautiful smile was all the answer required.

Passing Tony the lube and a condom, I positioned the many pillows to provide support, and lying back I placed one under my hips. I was looking forward to this and wanted to watch his gorgeous body as we were engaged in the most primal of activities.

Lying there on my back, my legs spread and lubed ass exposed to a man I met just hours ago, my mind was filled with an anticipation and lust that was keeping my cock erect.

Sensing my need to be fucked, Tony slowly started to open me up. His big thick cock head stretching me and challenging me to accept it, slowly being worked in.

Inch by inch.

After gradually working my hole open, Tony started to push deeper inside me, until leaning forward we were able to kiss.

My legs wrapped around his waist. His strong cock fully inside me, my body slowly adjusting to the most intense feeling of pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Tony had found a sweet balance of rhythm, pace and depth.

Each almanbahis yeni giriş long probing stroke pressing firmly into my prostate, making my erect cock throb and flooding my body with intense feelings of pure lust.

I kept encouraging him to fuck me, breaking our kissing just long enough to ask him to fuck me harder and deeper, letting him know just how good it felt.

With a thin sheen of sweat highlighting the defined muscles of his torso, and his rhythmic fucking pushing me over the edge, it wasn’t long before my orgasm swept through my body and I shot my load onto my stomach.

All the while Tony continued to fuck me as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Soon after I felt Tony’s body tense and he started to cum. Spurting cum deep inside me, the condom catching his load while he collapsed on top of me.

His orgasm sweeping through his sweat covered body.

As his orgasm subsided we slowly disconnected our bodies and cleaned ourselves up before taking turns to shower.

Tony dressed to leave I thanked him for a special night, and for one last time he flashed me that magical smile, thanking me in return.

A quick embrace at the door followed by some tender kissing ended one of the most sexually satisfying encounters I had experienced to that point.

A glance at the hallway mirror and the prominent love bite just below my collar bone, would be a pleasant reminder for the following days.

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