It’s Been So Long

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The house was quiet for the first time in a long, long time. My wife had gone upstairs to get ready for bed and I took it upon myself to click the television off. I wanted to take advantage of the time and catch up on some reading. I was nose deep in War and Peace when I heard the shower shut off. For a second, I considered going up to our bedroom in an attempt to catch her naked. Then I considered the fact that I would be making an attempt to forego foreplay. It had been a long damned day, so I decided not to even make the effort. Maybe it was laziness, maybe it was fatigue, but at the end of it all, I just didn’t seem to have the drive in me to make a play for impromptu sex.

My eyes were going fuzzy with the passing lines of the book, so I marked my place and closed the pages. I was burned out and I knew that I would not be able to regenerate any bit of energy without a good night of sleep. I sat the book down, stretched through an aching breath, and heaved myself out my spot. Then I trudged up the stairs to our bedroom.

The bathroom door was still closed, so I went to the guest bathroom where I kept a spare toothbrush. I scrubbed my mouth clean and returned to the bedroom. As I breached the doorway, my eyes found their way to my wife standing next to the bed. She was wearing a light green and blue, silky, mini-length nightgown that lifted her breasts into glorious mounds. The center of her lingerie loosely hugged her waist and the skirt-like fabric at the bottom fell over her hips and the tops of her thighs. I looked further down the length of her legs and found that she was wearing her patent leather, platform heels.

She was stunning enough to have caught me in complete surprise and the energy that I thought had escaped my body suddenly returned. My cock was immediately hardening against the insides of my jeans, so I moved closer to her with every intent of taking her then and there. She moved slightly forward to meet my kiss and our tongues began dancing in and out of each other’s mouths. She tasted sweet as if she had eaten a piece of candy just to give me that much more delight.

“My God, you are sexy,” I said as I leaned back to look her over once more. I let my hands slide up and down her back then they slid down to her ass cheeks. In doing so, I felt the waist band of her panties and I found it peculiar that she was even wearing underwear.

She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and began to lift. I released her ass from my grip and allowed her to begin to undress me. First went my shirt. Then she undid my belt followed by my jeans. The backside of her hand rubbed my hard on as she lowered my zipper. Then, in a fluid motion, she went down to her knees as she pulled my pants down my legs. Almost immediately, she engulfed my cock with her soft and warm lips.

I felt my cock get harder in her mouth; harder than it had been in ages. It ached to become stone against the softness of her tongue and I felt a drop of pre-cum build at the tip of my member. She did not miss a beat as she sucked slowly up and almanbahis şikayet back down again. All I could do was moan until I twitched.

I think she knew how close I was to cumming because she stopped her oral love making and stood in front of me. I huffed in protest, but was caught off guard by the look in her eyes. Then she smiled as she said, “I’ve got something for you.”

Before I could question as to what she had in store, she parted her legs just enough for the front of her lingerie to spring forward. She grabbed my right hand with her left and wrapped my fingers around her eight inch, latex cock.

“You sneaky bitch,” I said playfully, but impressed by her ability to hide such a large strap on from me. The waistband of the panties I had felt was not that of a pair of panties at all. It was actually the straps of a leather harness. Then she commented, “I was afraid you felt the buckles when you rubbed my back,” and she smiled again. I had not felt the buckles and I was truly surprised.

“I don’t know about this baby,” I said as I rubbed her cock and she rubbed mine. “It’s been a long time since you’ve fucked me.” She squeezed the middle of my shaft a little and promised that she might be gentle.

“Tell you what,” I paused as her soft hand found a sensitive spot, “why don’t you take this off.” I tugged on her rubber dick and continued on. “I’d like to fuck you first just to make sure you get yours. Then you can fuck me and give me mine.” She had no objections and was swiftly out of the harness.

I turned her back to the bed and laid her down roughly. She fell back and the bottom of her nightgown flopped upward. Her legs splayed open and I wasted no time. I kissed the inside of her thighs first, but did not focus too much energy on getting her hotter. I could feel the heat from her pussy and I wanted to taste her. I dove in and buried my tongue into her. I flicked her clit and licked her lips before kissing my way up her stomach. Then I kissed her breasts and moved to her neck. All the while, I plunged my right middle and ring fingers into her. She moaned as my rough hands penetrated her depths and I felt her muscles grabbing desperately at the center of my hand. I loved the feel of her pussy and proceeded to tell her about how good she felt in my hand.

“Please,” was the only word she could muster between kisses and finger thrusts and “please” was the only thing I needed to hear. I placed the tip of my swollen cock at her lovely opening and I pushed into her hard and deep. She screamed out, “Holy fuck!” as I forced myself in and that made me want to fuck her even more.

A bit of compassion came over me and I allowed her a second to adjust. Her pussy muscles went into spasms, but finally relaxed. Her relaxation was my cue and I began to move my hips back and forth rhythmically. My ass flexed with each push and I buried myself as deeply as I could give and as deep as she could take. I started off with the intent to firmly make love to her, but I found myself fucking her harder and almanbahis canlı casino harder with every thrust. Before I knew it, she was hanging off the other side of the bed and I was still pounding at her insides. Moans and gasps filled the air just before she lifted her head. She reached down with both of her hands and dug her fingernails into the flesh of my ass cheeks. Her grip made me push harder into her as she began to convulse under me. I felt her hole gush with her cum and all I could do was smile.

“Ah, I needed that so bad!” she exclaimed. Then she let her grip loosen from my ass and gave me a light slap on both cheeks. “I think it’s your turn.”

I hesitated. “Alright, but be gentle.” I begged. She answered with less assurance than I expected. “I’ll be as gentle with you as you were with me.”

I slid back and let myself fall out of her soaked cunt. I moved off of the bed and grabbed her hands to help her sit up. Then I stepped out her way as she stood. She grabbed the strap on from the top of the nightstand where she had left it and she proceeded to step into it. She was still wearing her lingerie which added an extra bit of sensuality to the mix. The fact that she was wearing a strap on underneath it made it even hotter.

She fixed the buckles into place and refocused her attention back on me. I stood in front of her with my back to the bed. I leaned in for a long and passionate kiss, but I was distracted by the rubber of her cock rubbing against the skin of mine. The aura about her was intoxicating and she suddenly became more aggressive with her posture. Her hands rubbed up and down my back then over my ass as we kissed. Then she placed her hands on my chest and pushed me hard back onto the bed.

I chuckled with excitement, but was brought back to when she told me to give her my hand. I held it out to her, palm up, and she told me to get ready for her. She poured a generous amount of lube onto my hand and did the same into her hand as well.

As if posturing myself to be fucked was the most natural thing for me to do, I propped my feet up onto the edge of the bed. Then I reached down between my legs, bypassed my cock, and moved my hand to my ass. The position I was in, knees up and feet at the edge, allowed my ass to open wide as I spread the juice over my hole. I placed the tip of my middle finger at my opening and I pushed inward. My ass resisted my very touch because it had been so long since we had played in such a fashion.

“Um, I think this is going to hurt,” I said as I felt my asshole clenching against my fingers. My pulse thumped against my digit and I waited to relax a little before moving in and out of myself. I took a deep breath in and exhaled completely in hopes of relaxing a bit more. It worked and I let my ring finger glide in next to the middle. My ass clenched again and I went through the process once more.

As I fingered myself, getting ready to be fucked, I looked down to my wife. She had since wrapped her fist around her hard on and was jerking almanbahis casino off while watching me play with my ass. “Do you like what you see,” I asked with a coy tone and she nodded. “Then come and get it.”

She did not have to be enticed further. She instructed me to slide further onto the bed and lift my legs. I did so and she was quickly in between my open thighs. I felt the tip of her monstrous phallus at the center of my hole. Then she pushed forward. I gasped as she force the head into me. “Gentle!” I pleaded and she was gracious enough to give pause. She waited only a second longer. My asshole was still twitching at the invasion when she pushed the full length of her shaft into me. “Ah!” I yelled out as the front of her hips met the mounds of my ass. Buried into me completely, she hooked her arms under my knees and lifted my legs higher. This gave her more access to my hole and she pushed in even deeper. Pain seared through my body before the absolutely full delight of being penetrated kicked in.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. She complied with the request. My legs were still bent at the knee and draped over her arms as she began to rock back and forth with her hips. The dildo slid out of me nearly to the tip and impaled me once more as she returned. She started slow at first, but built into a hard and swift pace that continually knocked the wind from me with each of her thrusts.

Her breasts hovered just above my stomach when she leaned over me. She was in full force as she pounded my ass. Then, just to show me she was completely in charge, she raised back upward. She grabbed my ankles to lift my feet high above her shoulders, and she pounded harder and deeper. “Do you like the way I fuck your ass, bitch?” The words slithered out of her mouth the way you hear in a porn flick. It made pre-cum bead on the tip of my cock. I watched it drip from the head as my hard on bounced around at each slap of her hips against my ass.

“May I cum?” I begged as if I had any control over when my cock was to explode. “No,” she heaved into me. I felt my face go red with anticipation. I could barely breathe. I wanted so bad to jerk off into relief. My wife apparently was having too much fun fucking my ass. “Please?” I begged once more.

“Cum for me,” she commanded. I licked a wad of saliva into my hand and moved it to my cock. “Oh fuck, I’m so hard,” I was amazed at how hard I actually was. I loved the feeling of a rubber cock in my ass while I stroked my member in the same rhythm of her poundings.

She fucked me faster and I rubbed faster until I began to spurt. The first hot stream hit the bottom of my chin and fell across my neck. The ensuing blasts covered my chest and stomach until my orgasm subsided. My wife pushed one last hard pump deep into me to make sure that every last drop had come about. She was successful in milking me dry, so she slowly extracted her cock from me. Once she was out of me, I felt just how stretched my ass was from her ruthless fucking. I felt abused in a way that I had not felt in a long time and it made my cock twitch one last creamy bit.

My front was coated with cum and my asshole was slathered with lube. I was a mess of ecstasy and all I could think to say was, “I love you.”

We cleaned up and went to bed just to get some of that much needed rest.

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From MCD to Semen Donor

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The Britain Acres Institute where I worked, is both a medical clinic and health spa, owned and operated by women. The clinic staff is entirely made up of medical doctors, CMTs, and Registered Nurses.

I’d been working there about a year and a half when the head office at the clinic called me in and instructed me that I must wear a “male chastity device”. The reason given was to prevent erections when I’m working around the premises and in view of any women who might be nearby. Thusly, I could feel free to go naked or next to naked. Also, I would be allowed to shower and have a locker in the gym along with the women as long as I’m wearing the MCD. I was happy to oblige. Being allowed to go naked amongst women seemed too good to be true, but I wondered just how wearing the device would feel. I had seen them advertised on kinky websites, but didn’t know very much about such things.

First, I had to go to a physical exam where they measured my privates in order to determine the perfect size of the device. This entailed two nurses using string and small tape-measures to make an accurate record of the various dimensions of my package. It was fun, to say the least. Two attractive ladies going about the business of examining and fitting me for a chastity cage. I was told to stand naked with my hands on my head as they started the procedure. I tried my best to cooperate in an appropriate manner. I knew it might be uncool if I got a hard-on, but that was almost impossible to avoid as they calmly and clinically handled every detail of my nether regions. In a manner of minutes, ‘mister happy’ started bobbing up and down with unbridled enthusiasm. The nurses looked at each other embarrassed and awkwardly tried to maintain professional decorum, but to no avail. Several times I saw them trying to stifle a laugh as my blue-veined purple-head continued to bounce and dance in a lewd display of arousal.

I came to learn that most of the staff members felt it important that I be kept in a state of arousal as much as possible. They believed the arousal would in turn produce better quality semen, and improve testicle health in general. That’s why they had selected a large tube size for my MCD. Erections were encouraged, it was ejaculations that needed to be minimized. They knew that during my chores and various duties I would often be afforded a delicious view of naked or semi-naked women. Exercise classes, outdoor yoga sessions, not to mention the locker room and shower. I was told in no uncertain terms: “You can watch, but you must be wearing the device.”

Okay, no problem.

When the device arrived, I was again in the clinic room to have it installed. This was a bit difficult because with me standing naked in front of three nurses I immediately got an erection. And that made it next to impossible to get my dick into the tube. Fiddling and fussing, the nurses became less and less patient as they tried to get my little fatty to fit into the clear plastic sheath. The more they handled me, the harder I got. It became obvious that this wasn’t going to work, so one of the nurses suggested a cold bath. They all agreed and started preparing a tub for me to sit in. “This should do the trick.” said the head nurse, as I lowered my butt into ice cold water.

Not a pleasant experience for me, but as I sat shivering, the hard-on started shrinking. “Okay, let’s try again.” said head nurse Olga. They helped me up, handed me a towel, and positioned me standing by the exam table.

The retention ring was installed first. An ergonomically designed ring to which the tube, or penis sheath, fastened. Holding onto my scrotum, they pulled down and gently pushed each ball through the ring. Then my soft dick was pushed through also so that everything was circled by the ring. It felt like it was gonna give me a hard-on again and I heard Olga say, “Hurry up..” as they applied lube and proceeded to squash my penis into the tube and fasten it to the ring. Once it was in place, Olga took a key, and I heard a click as she locked the device.

“Is that comfortable?” asked nurse Olga, and I had to admit it was. No pinching, scraping, or hair pulling. I felt like I could wear this thing indefinitely.

“You can wear it in the shower, in bed, at work, exercise, or anything you normally do” she said, “just understand, we hold the key.” I realized there was no escape, my cock was locked. “You see David, the reason for this is that you absolutely must NOT masturbate, we can’t have you undermining the progress of improving the quality of your semen.”

I was beginning to understand.

“But don’t you worry, I’m sure you will be happy with our regular semen sample procedures.” Somehow I knew that was gonna be good.

I got into the routine of doing my various jobs: gardening, pool maintenance, electrician, plumber, all while wearing the MCD. This was quite a novel experience, often being naked in front of the ladies, and more than made up for the inconvenience. But the real almanbahis compensation was having regular semen samples taken.

Every two or three days I had to go to a clinic room where a nurse would unlock the devise and proceed to masturbate me, in order to collect the results for analysis. Needless to say, I was in seventh heaven as nurse Patricia clinically went about her job. First, she had me lay naked on the massage table for a brief but careful examination of my sex organs. This I loved, as she gently grasped, pinched and probed every detail of my package. This also provided me the anticipation of what’s about to take place, anticipation which is sure to cause a raging boner. Once I was fully erect, Patricia would seamlessly transform the exam to a full-out hand job. Ever so gradually, her ministrations became more and more erotic until she was fondling me with vigorous abandon. Clinical soft touching became blatant sexual stroking as I could only lay there moaning.

Patricia was truly an expert. She knew exactly how to take me to the edge and then back off. Over and over she would bring me to the brink of orgasm, then ease off and start again. “This is necessary in order to obtain the fullest load possible,” she explained. “And we need to be sure you are completely drained.” She often used a finger in my ass, for the same reason. Prostate stimulation was the ultimate icing on the cake, and Patricia was a true expert at this as well.

When the moment was near, she would hold a plastic cup, point my dick downwards and collect my load into it. For me, these orgasms were extremely intense. Every single time, I saw stars as I lay there shuddering and twitching on the table.

I loved this routine. Even though after each session I had to be locked back into the device and return to my cabin.

Then after a few weeks of this routine, I was called to the head office again. This time to inform me that I’ve officially been assigned to the “Testicle Health Program”. I was given a few papers with information and instructions on the subject of testicle health. I learned some of the basics: keep testes cooler, wear loose pants with no underwear, regular checkups, testicle massage, testosterone levels will be monitored, ejaculations limited to a specific schedule geared to optimize sperm count, sperm motility, and semen volume, and lots more interesting stuff. I was delighted with the assignment, but it made me wonder where exactly this was leading.

I had to schedule regular appointments with Dr. Judith Eddelson, the resident expert on male physiology. Each time, she would unlock the device and give me a thorough physical exam, concentrating on the sexual organs; testicle condition and size, penile responsiveness, erection stability, etc. as well as the prostate. I was totally naked during these exams.

At the first appointment, I couldn’t believe this was happening as Dr. Eddelson asked me to stand close while she sat in her chair and matter-of-factly handled my privates. Circling my balls, pulling the scrotum, feeling and squeezing my now hard dick from root to the tip, inserting a finger in my ass, carefully squeezing each testicle as she felt for lumps or any irregularities, she seemed to enjoy my awkward reactions. Doctor Judith was a strong, mature, strict lady who had the look of authority, experience, and ability. No nonsense.

Interesting that such a proper official appeared to take such pleasure in man-handling me. She savored it, with gusto.

Taking her time, she would continue to grope and manipulate me in every way imaginable. I loved it of course, but part of me was afraid, wondering what was gonna happen next.

“David, before you were locked in the MCD, did you masturbate a lot?” she asked.

“Well, uh, I guess so.” I answered, hoping I wouldn’t be scolded for such a confession.

“The reason I ask is because you seem to have very quick responses… Do you always get hard this fast?”

“Um… I don’t know, I mean, I’m not used to this… this type of… situation.”

“Okay I understand that, but what I need to know is: in a normal erotic encounter, do you usually erect this quickly?”

I thought about it, then answered, “For me, I guess so… it depends. Besides, I can’t really say, ’cause I don’t have anything to compare it to.”

“That’s alright honey, I’m just trying to get an overall idea of your sexual experience. We need to know some things in order to determine what treatment program is best for you.”

“Treatment?” I wondered.

She paused, then went on, “You see, all men are different… each body is different. The best treatment for one might not be good for another, so we want to find out as much as we can about your particular inclinations, tendencies, and basic disposition. We must ascertain your various levels and make a profile chart. Then and only then can we decide on the proper arrangement for you.”

As she spoke, her ministrations to my privates almanbahis yeni giriş became less firm (but my dick became more firm) and she continued, “We will prescribe the best possible program for you, in order to foster the peak of sexual health; semen quality and volume, ejaculation control, as well as your ability to deliver.”

“Deliver?” I wondered what that’s all about.

After several of these wonderful examinations, I came to realize that the reason for all this regimen is that I’m being prepped for the “Semen Donor” program.

One time she began an informative lecture, telling me, “It’s now known that semen has many benefits other than producing a baby. It can aid in relieving mental depression, anxiety, as well as low energy. And general physical well-being can be enhanced by using regular doses of fresh healthy semen.”

I sat there listening, totally dumbfounded.

“We have quite a few clients applying, mostly post-menopausal women who, for one reason or another, do not want the encumbrance that goes along with a personal relationship. Some don’t necessarily want sex, they just want the beneficial effects of good semen.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Now David, if you are accepted as a donor, you will be expected to deliver… no matter what. Whether or not she’s your type should not concern you. I mean, even if you’re not attracted to her, you still have to do your job. And that job is: to get it up, put it in, and deposit that load.” Pausing, she stared at me intently. “These women are by no means glamor-girls or beauty contest winners, but most of them ARE self-sufficient, intelligent seniors who haven’t given up on life… and I think you will be able to find some feature you like in any one of them, be it her ankles, breasts, curvy hips, legs, whatever. All you have to do is give it to them… I’m sure you can handle that, hmmm?”

I nodded.

She started detailing what an appointment would be like. “You will not be required to romantically pursue these women in any way. In fact, they will be doing their best to gain YOUR favor. No courtship necessary.”

I listened intently.

“Initially, the sessions will be held here at the clinic, and supervised by one of our qualified staff members. This is to make sure the process goes according to plan, and that you learn proper procedure. Then, only when we are confident you are ready, can we book outside arrangements.”

I wondered how long that would take.

“An outside appointment starts when you arrive at her location, exchange friendly introductions, maybe a glass of wine and some small-talk, after which you both get down to business.”

I nodded.

“Once underway you should follow her lead… I mean, each lady is different. One may prefer a ‘quickie’, while another might want extended foreplay. You’ll need to get a sense of her idea and act accordingly.”

“Same as always,” I thought.

“Some ladies are into an intimate sexual experience, while others just want the payload. And a few (maybe two or three) actually don’t care for sex… For one reason or another, they don’t want ANY sensual intimacy whatsoever. In that case, you just wait for her cue, and do the deed.”

I thought, “Wow” could this really be true?

“Most of these women are nice and friendly and will expect a delicious good time. With them it will probably begin as you both take your clothes off, enjoy looking at each other, then you working up a good erection while she pleasures herself in front of you. And when she’s ready, you go to it.”

“Nice”, I said to myself.

“But with those few who DON’T want the intimate foreplay, you will need to be careful not to touch her in an overt, sexual way at first. In fact, you’d best do nothing but watch as she gets herself ready. She’ll probably be looking away, fingering herself and acting like you aren’t even there. You’ll just have to deal with it. Think of it as the ultimate ‘quickie’.”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“You see David, all these ladies are hiring a service; to receive a dose of healthy semen. They paid good money and put their trust in our clinic so as to be free of any worries, physical or mental.” For the most part, they will prefer the donor be unattractive, so as to reserve attractive men for love, and maybe fertilization of her eggs.

Somehow I knew I definitely fell into the “unattractive” category.

She looked at me intensely again. “So if you don’t think you’re up to the challenge, or if you can’t abide by the rules…”

I blurted instantly, “Oh no, yeah! I’m okay with all that.”

“Good. Now first, I have some more papers for you to read.” She opened a file drawer and gathered some brochures and articles. “You need to read up on the subject. It’s important that you fully understand the purpose of this service…”

I sat still, listening.

“You see, this is entirely for the client’s benefit. almanbahis giriş They have purchased an appointment for a semen donation, and you will deliver it. In a professional manner.”

I nodded.

She handed me the bundle of papers and continued, “There’s a lot of information here, mostly about the chemistry of semen and its physical & psychological benefits.”

I nodded again.

“I want you to know some facts and basic concepts, so you will recognize the significance of the donations you provide… Semen is truly powerful medicine. Nature’s elixir, for health and well-being. And the source is your body. You are supplying a precious gift. That’s why we assigned you to the rigorous testicle training program. I know it’s a bit tough at times, but you must be diligent. It’s worth the effort, I assure you.”

“Yes ma’am” I agreed.

“Okay. Take the folder back to your cabin, read up on it, and be here bright and early tomorrow for your final briefing.”

I hurried back to my living quarters eager to study the material. The folder contained many articles on semen. Some were more scientific than others. Detailed descriptions of chemical content, and a few experimental studies. Here’s a quote from one article:


Based on my knowledge of evolutionary sexology, I have come up with a useful clinical intervention, and I see it working every day! It is based on the theory that seminal plasma (the fluid that provides nutrients and protection for sperm, consisting of a complex range of organic and inorganic constituents) may have many health benefits.

The alleged benefits of seminal plasma are activated when a man deposits semen into a woman’s vagina. Newer research suggests that the same benefits may be available if the seminal plasma is swallowed. Some theories even suggest that semen deposited anally will offer the same benefits. The existence of “butt plugs” suggest that some may want to keep the seminal plasma inside.

Here are ten alleged health benefits of seminal plasma:

1. Natural anti-depressant.?2. Natural anxiety reducer.?3. Improves quality of sleep.?4. Increases energy.?5. Improves concentration.?6. Improves memory.?7. Improves mental alertness.?8. Assists with pregnancy maintenance.?9. Increases female-initiated sexual behavior.?10. Reduces pain.

Some of the helpful chemicals in seminal plasma include testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, opioid peptides, oxytocin, serotonin, melatonin, and norepinephrine. Just think, you can get a dose of all that without having to go to the vitamin store!


Needless to say, I was elated to find out there were benefits to semen infusion other than pregnancy, and that several women wanted a ‘dose’. Couldn’t wait to get started ‘disseminating the product’, my gift to women in need.


I studied the papers Dr. Eddelson had given me, learning all I could, and kept abiding by the physical regimen she had outlined. I was required to wear the MCD at all times, mainly to curtail masturbation. She held the key, there was no way I could take it off without her unlocking it. It was quite comfortable and did not hinder my daily activities (physical exercise, work, shower, etc.) but when it came to bedtime, I knew why they wanted me to wear it. Every night as I drifted off, my thoughts turned to sex. Images flooded through my head, women, tits, pussy, asses, thighs, calves, ankles, feet, and most of all their sexy faces. Dreaming and fantasizing, I desperately wanted to stroke myself. But as I lurched automatically, my hand would find only the hard plastic cage with my dick inside, swollen all the way to the limits. I could feel my balls just fine, but the penis, even though fully engorged, no way. Each night I realized over and over there would be no ejaculation possible. Eventually I resigned myself to this new regime and became able to fall asleep.

I don’t know how I could have continued, had it not been for the consolation that frequently I was to go to the clinic for an exam. These check-ups often included taking a semen sample, collected by nurse Carole, to be analyzed for various quantities and qualities. Just like my appointments before with Patricia, nurse Carole would put me into position and masturbate me to orgasm. Often she would finger my prostate to ensure complete ejaculation. And also as before, the orgasms were positively spectacular.

These sessions were fairly regular, like say, every three days. But then after a while, the procedure began to evolve. I found fewer and fewer times that I would be allowed to ejaculate. They called it a “Booster Session”. They explained to me that it was necessary for training and conditioning. “Sorry we have to interrupt before you finish,” nurse Carole said sweetly, “but try to focus on the pleasure I’m giving you.” I wasn’t sure exactly what she was talking about. “You will find that orgasm comes in many forms,” she said quietly, “and ejaculation is not the only way to orgasm.”

I dreaded the thought of being denied an orgasm after such wonderful stimulation, but at the same time I was truly learning the enjoyment of being at peak arousal for extended periods of time. It felt great, even if I didn’t get to cum.

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Helen’s Enjoyment

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Author note: This story is set to come after Enjoying Adrian (which I haven’t finished yet!) but also stands alone. Enjoy!!


Clothes were strewn all over the apartment floor in messy piles. A black thong and matching bra were the nearest to the bed, accompanied by a dark pair of cK boxers.

The bedsheets were rumpled, and laid in the middle, curled together like sleeping animals, were Helen and Adrian.

Helen was a curvy blonde, her hair short against her head, mussed from her sexual adventuring. There was a remarkable brown birthmark on her left knee, her only distinguishing feature apart from her startling eyes, a combination of green, gray and amber.

Adrian, curled protectively around Helen, was tall, stocky and well built, with clearly defined muscles in his arms and legs, which were wrapped against Helen’s curves. His hair was brown, flecked with ginger, cropped extremely short, almost military buzz cut.

Slowly, Adrian stirred, his eyes fluttering open to reveal their dark chocolate colouring. A sensual, satisfied smile spread across his face as he noticed his lover was still asleep. It was time to grant one of her almanbahis fantasies.

Sliding a gentle hand up from its resting place on her waist to the well rounded curve of her breast, he began to lick and nibble her inviting neck, one of the most sensually connected areas of her body. The effect was almost immediate. Helen slid her ass sensuously against his stomach, down to his groin, causing Adrian to growl as he became intensely erect, obviously not as sated as he had felt.

Helen, meanwhile, was being awoken in a rather interesting way. At first she felt as though she was awaking from a particularly erotic dream, but as her consciousness came up through the levels of her mind she became aware of her lovers hand on her breast, rubbing the nipple between finger and thumb, his lips tormenting her neck, and his erection pressing against her tight asshole.

As she became more awake, her arousal increased, and she began to moan softly. This always had a devastating effect on Adrian’s self control. The audio feedback he received from Helen always increased his own pleasure, and now he was fighting the urge to plough straight into her, unprotected, and almanbahis yeni giriş let go. But this was about Helen’s fantasy, slow and sensual, and that is how it would be.

Bodies rubbing eagerly against each other, Helen was rapidly losing her self control, pressing her ass against Adrian’s rock hard penis, wanting to feel it fill her. The tip rubbed against her asshole, which was rapidly becoming lubed by both the pre-cum and her own pussy juices. Helen deliberately pressed down against Adrian’s prick, allowing the head to slide a little inside her, causing Adrian to freeze.

“Helen, don’t… that’s not…” He tried to speak, tried to ignore the voice in his head telling him to plunge…

“I know,” She replied breathlessly. “I want to… it feels good…”

Adrian still had his doubts. Helen had once told him she didn’t hold with anal sex, and he had promised never to try it with her. But now she was pressing so invitingly against him, taking almost all the head inside her tight hole…

“Are you sure?” Adrian managed, one hand holding onto her hip, trying to steady himself.

As if to answer, Helen pushed her hips almanbahis giriş downward, engulfing him inside her tight ass. Adrian loosed a low groan as he felt her slowly relax and loosen against him, and began to thrust slowly, gently.

Helen was concentrating on keeping her muscles relaxed. It had hurt when he first entered her, but relaxing had helped, and she was soon pounding against him, vocally approving of his rapidly increasing thrusts, her self control abandoned as he began to play with her breasts, stroking the nipples, squeezing, flicking…

“Helen…” He suddenly warned her, “I need to stop, now!”

Helen kept moving, trying to keep him inside her. “I can’t get pregnant in this position babe,” She replied, tightening slightly, increasing the pressure on him.

“Uhhh… its… dangerous…” Adrian retorted, and rapidly pulled out, laying on his back, breathing deeply and trying to calm himself.

Helen slowly turned over and kissed Adrian deeply on the lips.

“Oh babe…” She whispered. “I never imagined it could feel like that!”

Adrian managed a smile. “It was really good.”

“Yeah. Thank you babe. I trust you. That was one of my fantasies you know.”

“I know. That’s why I did it.” Adrian smiled, and kissed her lips softly, trying to ignore the fact he was getting aroused again.

Helen glanced downward at him and grinned. “Want to go again?”

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Lust at First Sight

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Big Tits

I turned to the right as I reached the sign telling me that the fishing lake where I used to spend so many weekends with my father was only five miles away. I knew that before I would actually arrive to the lake, I would pass the small town — well, little more than a hamlet — where I could stop and buy some food, a six-pack of beer and of course some bait and fishing-outfit I had to replace. I had plenty of opportunities to buy these things on the road; however, father and I always bought them at “Uncle Fred’s Grocery and Fishermen’s Store”, where we had a coffee (Fred and dad always corrected it a bit) and some talk about what happened since we left.

This time the trip was a bit different as I did not live with my dad anymore and ran my own business, so I came alone on Thursday afternoon and he would join me only on Saturday. As I drew up to the store I immediately noticed that something has changed since the last time I was there. The sign above the door said “Hungry Bass Grocery” and the old, faded gold-and-green decoration of the window was replaced by blue waves and pictures of fish.

I got out of the car and looked at the store. The outside of the store received a new coat of brown paint and a new, red-and-cream striped sunshade. Inside there was a woman in her late fifties was standing behind the counter. She noticed me and waved with a smile for me to go in. I opened the door and expected the clinging sound of the old brass bell, but instead I heard the soft, muffled sound of a bamboo chime. Things have definitely changed.

“Hi, and welcome to my store,” the woman said, then added as she offered me a hand, “I’m Wilma. Please feel free to look around, if you can’t find anything, just ask!”

“Hi, I’m James,” I introduced myself as we shook hands. She had strong hands for a woman of her age, but she seemed to be quite an agile woman as well. She saw my confusion and had a questioning smile on her face.

“Sorry, I was just expecting to find Uncle Fred here,” I explained quickly.

“Oh, sorry Honey, I’m afraid you won’t find him here anymore. Her wife passed away earlier this year, so he sold the store to me in March and moved south to the seaside.”

“So finally he acted on his dreams, even if in a different way.” I said “He told us for many years that if Melissa gets better, they will pack up and leave.”

In the meantime, she stepped behind the espresso machine and asked me if I wanted coffee. I gladly accepted and I noticed that she also sold muffins and doughnuts. Already a change I liked. She told me about the tricks of renovating the store and I told her about my business. She obviously liked to chat, but she was not boring at all. Once finished, I decided to look around and she went down to the storage room to bring out something.

The whole place has been rearranged, although in a somewhat more logical and cosy way. Uncle Fred did not put too much effort into the decoration of the store. He had old metal shelves that he bought somewhere during the liquidation of a warehouse and the prices were written on small stickers on each packet or box. He did not bother to arrange the stuff on the shelves either; usually everything was left in the cardboard boxes they came in. While the shelves remained the same, the prices were written out on neat little blackboards with white chalk. Also, some of the old brands Uncle Fred preferred were replaced by others and I was especially happy to find a better selection of beer, including the bottles of a small local brewery. I started to put the things I needed into my basket that was also new — fancy wickerwork instead of the old plastic ones. I was looking at my checklist when suddenly the door flew open and I heard a young female voice.

“Aunt Wilma, I’m back! Brought you all the magazines you asked for, risking getting a hernia!”

When she did not get any response, she looked into my row, “Aunt Wilma, are you here?” When she saw me, she blushed, and said “Wow… Uhh, I didn’t know there was a customer.” Then she looked at me and our eyes locked for several moments. She finally said, “Which is, of course my fault, the store is open after all. Anyway, hi, I’m Suzie.” She tried to smile, but was obviously a bit embarrassed, so I desperately wanted to ease things up a bit. It was quite difficult however, because I could see in her eyes that she saw something she liked, and to be honest I saw something that I liked as well. We both stepped almost unconsciously a few steps closer.

Suzie was around almanbahis şikayet 20 years old, she was a natural redhead, with short, curly hair, light skin and some freckles on and around her nose and her shoulders. She was a bit over 5′ tall and had a nice figure. She was not thin, but she had no extra weight either. With her nervousness gone she had that kind, absolutely-not-so-innocent girl-next-door smile on her face. She wore fringe short jeans with a flip-flop and a black spaghetti top that covered her nice, unsupported B-cup breasts. Altogether she was the kind of girl that you notice in a crowd but who will not draw the attention of every male on the street. She definitely drew my attention, however.

“Your aunt is down in the basement,” I said without breaking eye-contact, then added “Hi, my name is James. I’m here for a few days for fishing. We have a small cabin a bit farther down the shore.”

“Which cabin?” she asked suddenly.

“Uh, it’s the one in the large patch of reeds, close to the small bay. It is built on piers and is painted brown and green, so it is quite difficult to find during summer. Anyway there is a path leading to it from the edge of the lake.” I said this so quickly as if it would be a secret and wanted to tell it before someone disturbed us.

“Oh, I see,” she said, “I like the small bay; I usually go there for sunbathing on late afternoons, when the sun is not too strong for my skin. Can I help you with your list?”

“Sure,” I said and showed it to her. She helped me to find everything, but as we put the things into the basket, we noticeably made much more body contact than was necessary. I felt an inexplicable urge to speak to her, to touch her, to be with her and I had the feeling that she had similar feelings.

When I was ready, I went to the counter to pay. Suzie stepped behind the counter and we kept looking at each other as she scanned the things into the register. I paid in cash and as I gave her the money, she took my hand and held it as she searched for the change. Her hand was soft and warm and while the situation was not intimate or romantic at all, my whole body ached when she let my hand go.

Finally she said, “I hope to see you again.” Then she added, “Soon.”

“I hope to see you again too. Today.” I answered to her, and I really hoped that I gave her the right answer. She smiled on me and from her eyes I could read that I was right. She suddenly leant forward and we kissed each other. It was not a soft, first time kiss, but a raw, passionate, hot kiss. We only stopped when we heard her aunt coming up from the basement.

I packed everything into the car and left the parking lot. It only took me five minutes to get to the cabin. I brought in everything and put everything to its place, but during the whole time my thoughts were somewhere else. Or better said by someone else. I could not force Suzie out of my mind, so I decided that maybe the best idea would be to sit into my boat and go fishing.

The boat was still on the bank, turned upside-down, so I had to turn it over and push it onto the water. It was an old, battered metal boat, so I decided to check everything, to see if there was a leak or if the wooden seat was weakened by rot. Then I installed the motor and made a test run to see if it worked fine, but finally I decided to use the oars and make less noise. It was well past 4 o’clock in the afternoon when I was ready to leave.

As I left the pier, I started to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the silent rustle of the reeds, the song of the birds and the splashing sound made by frogs as they jumped into the clear water. The weather was hot, although the temperature already started to decrease. I was wearing my shorts, but decided to take off my shirt to get some sun. I took sun oil with me and used it generously to protect my skin, as one can get red like a crab quite quicly on the open water, sitting in a boat.

However, as I left the reeds and directed my boat towards the small bay, I caught sight of another small boat in the reeds, partly in the shadow. At first I thought that it was empty and just drifted in the water, but then I realized that there was someone in it. It was Suzie, and she was lying there on a towel, naked except for a pair of sunglasses. She had nice, firm breasts with tender, pink nipples and a bit larger than average areolas, and soft, red pussy hair that was neatly trimmed, but only shaved along the bikini lines. She had small drops of sweat on her temple and almanbahis canlı casino on her body. She was lightly slumbering. She was so natural, so beautiful that I had to spend a few moments just looking at her before I collected my strength to greet her.

“Hi, Suzie!” I called out to her finally.

She slowly sat up in the boat and smiled. She was not startled at all and she did not try to cover herself in any way. She had a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. “It took you almost three minutes to greet me and I could feel your eyes on me during all this time,” she giggled.

It was my time to blush. “Sorry,” I said to her “but you are so amazingly beautiful.” I decided that being honest and straightforward was the best strategy this time.

“Well, why don’t you come over so you can get a better view?”

She did not have to say it twice. I pulled up my boat to hers with a few dashes of the oar and was lying next to her a few seconds later. She moved over me, dug her fingers into my hair and we started to kiss. Once again, we kissed passionately, like people who knew each other for a long time and not like two strangers who first met a few hours ago. I embraced her with both hands and started to fondle her back, her legs and finally her ass. Her skin was soft and slippery from the sweat. She tried to moan in pleasure, but did not want to break the kiss, so it became a “Mmmmmmpfh”, but she kissed even harder.

When we finally parted our lips I told her to get on her back and so she did. The boat tilted heavily as we both moved, so we had to be careful not to knock it over. When she was on her back, I opened her legs wide and she put them over the gunwale. Her pussy was directly in front of me, dripping from excitement. I started to kiss her legs softly and then wanted to reach her pussy, but she hungrily grabbed my head and pushed my mouth to her loins.

I started to lap her pussy, than ran my tongue softly up and down her slit, finally pushed my tongue inside a few times. She grabbed the seat with both hands and raised her head to see what I was doing. She started to breath heavily and said “Oh, fuck, yes, that’s it! Yeeesss, that’s it!” I searched for her clit with my mouth and I found it easily, as it bulged out almost half an inch. I started to gently suck it as I pushed two fingers inside her pussy and started to finger-fuck her. Her pussy was hot and my fingers were soon drenched in her juices. To push her over the edge, I started to fondle her tits with my other hand.

This was too much for her; she closed her eyes and tilted her head back as her orgasm rushed through her body. “Ah, aaah, aaahhh!” was all she could say as her body tightened. I kept sucking on her clit, pushed my fingers inside her pussy once more, but did not pull them out until her orgasm subsided. Her pussy pulsed around my fingers, almost crushing them.

“Oh, my God, this was incredible!” she said, gasping for air when she was able to talk once again. “I never had such an orgasm before without a cock inside me.” Then she took my hand into her mouth to taste her own juices.

“You can do amazing things with your fingers and tongue, you know! My two ex-boyfriends did not really know how to use them,” she said.

“Well, my ex-girlfriend loved to have my fingers and tongue in and around her pussy,” I answered. “And how about your cock? Did she also like that in her pussy?” she asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Again, I decided to be honest and straightforward.

“Actually she loved to have my cock in her ass. She always said that I have a longer but thinner than average cock that fitted her ass perfectly.”

I was curious how she reacted to that, but finally it was my turn to be a bit surprised.

“Hmmm, I’ll have to test that,” she said, “My first boyfriend loved fucking my butt but he never spent time over making me relaxed enough.”

We just laid there for some minutes waiting for her to recover. When she sat up, we decided to bring the boats to the cabin, so I tied my boat to hers and rowed us to the pier. I sat on the seat and she sat in front of me, with her head in my lap. When we arrived, as I fastened the boats to the pier, she playfully got down on her knees and elbows next to me on her towel and wriggled her ass towards me.

“Come on, James! Show me what you can do with your cock. If it is at least as talented as your fingers are, you will make me pass out!” she giggled, as she parted her ass cheeks with her hands. I almanbahis casino got out of my shorts and kneeled down behind her. I started to kiss her ass and to softly brush her clit with my thumb. She closed her eyes and purred like a cat. Then an idea rushed into my mind and I grabbed the sun oil from the boat. I squeezed some oil onto her anus and started to gently massage it, waiting for her reaction.

“Aaaah, fuck!” she groaned and I started to slowly push my middle finger into her ass. I pushed in only the tip, than waited for her to adjust, but again she was not so patient. It was clear that the sensation was not unknown to her. She started to push her ass up, so that my finger got deeper and deeper. When it was almost completely in, I added my index finger and slowly started to put some oil onto my cock. She slowly moved her ass up and down on my fingers and moaned in pleasure with each move. When I withdrew my fingers, she gave out a groan of dissatisfaction that immediately turned into a voluptuous sigh as she felt my cock slowly filling her ass.

“Oh, my God, this is fantastic!” she said, “Come, push it in completely! Your cock is sooo perfect!”

Her ass was tight and she squeezed my cock with an almost lethal force, still all I wanted was to push my cock more and more inside. I stopped halfway when I saw on her face that she needed some time to adjust again and added some more oil, but then I pushed it all the way in and after a few moments of rest I started to move my cock in and out while I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands.

We both moaned with pleasure in unison. Her hands got weak and she let her head down onto the towel, with her eyes closed. I closed my eyes as well and started to increase the pace and smacked her ass once. “Aaahhh,” she cried out and I took it as an encouragement. I increased my speed even more and smacked her ass again. “Once more, hit that ass once more!” she cried out again and I happily obliged. This was enough for her and she came around my cock. Just as in the boat, her body became tense and she grabbed my cock with her muscles as she started to wildly rock her ass. I could not hold back either, and started to pump my load deep into her ass, crying violently and pushing my cock deeper and deeper with as much force as I could muster up. Her grip was so strong she literally milked me as she pushed herself back and forth.

I collapsed on her back and then we both turned to our sides completely spent. My cock started to soften and as I pulled it out, my cum started to ooze out and dripped onto the planks. All I could do was to embrace her from behind and give her a soft kiss on her neck.

“Oh, my God, oh my God,” she said, gasping for air. She tried to say something else, but with no avail.

“Baby, you were fantastic.” I said, then I drew her closer to me and we both fell asleep.

I do not know how long we were asleep, but it had to be at least an hour, as it was already dusk when we woke up to the roar of a thunder and as large raindrops started to fall. In a few seconds it rained heavily and by the time we managed to get to our legs, we were soaked. Suzie grabbed my hand and motioned to the water, “Come, we need a bath anyway!” With that, she jumped into the water and I jumped after her.

The water was not deep, but the wind made quite large waves, so we had to tread to keep ourselves above the surface. I always liked swimming naked and I also liked the relative warmth of the water as the cool, large drops of the rain fell onto my head. She seemed to enjoy it as well. We both laughed and splatted water on each other. Then we climbed back onto the pier and ran back to the house laughing, as she tried to avoid me smacking her ass on the way.

In the house we dried each other with a towel and then I offered her some of my clothes, but she refused. She also looked at me angrily when I wanted to get into my pants, so I decided to stay naked as well. She made tea as I made some sandwiches. The counter was quite small and we had to cling to one another, however we did not mind that at all. Then we cuddled up to each other under a blanket with the food and the tea and we talked long into the night.

On one hand it was so strange as we only met a few hours ago, but on the other hand it seemed so natural to hold her in my arms, to give her small kisses on her neck, to fondle her soft breasts and to play with the curly public hair above her pussy. She visibly enjoyed it, although she found the last one funny and always started to giggle whenever my hand wandered there. Before falling asleep, she turned to me and said with a smile, “You know tomorrow you will have to fuck my pussy as well!”

I gave her a good-night kiss as I said laughing, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget that!”

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Giving Him My Anus Ch. 02

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For more than a week after Mr Taylor had taken my anal virginity in a hotel room, I did not see or hear from him at all. I had replayed the sordid encounter in my head countless times, and often felt my pussy clench involuntarily when I pictured the scene as it had unfolded. Even after the tenderness in my arse had faded I couldn’t stop thinking about the middle-aged married man squeezing his swollen cock into my rectum until his testicles slapped gently against my slippery labia. I shivered with longing when I remembered how his warm cum seeped out of my stretched sphincter and soaked my underwear as I hurried home afterwards.

So my stomach fluttered when I got an email from Mr Taylor asking me to attend a personal progress review in his office that afternoon. I couldn’t help shifting in my seat when I imagined being alone again with such a confident and dominant man who clearly lusted after my supple nineteen year-old body.

I was silently grateful that I had gone to the effort that morning of putting on skimpy black underwear and sheer black lace-topped stockings with a suspender belt. After lunch I checked my makeup, undid one more button on my blouse, and walked a little too quickly along to Mr Taylor’s office.

When I entered the office I was surprised and immediately disappointed to see that Mr Taylor wasn’t alone. Across his desk sat another of the senior executives at the firm, a chubby, balding man whose suit was slightly too tight. After closing the door, I greeted both men politely and took a seat.

“I have taken the liberty of updating Mr Hitchens on your recent progress,” said Mr Taylor, smirking at me. I looked between him and Mr Hitchens in confusion. “Don’t play dumb now. I’m talking about the services you have been providing me personally,” he continued and I stared at him in disbelief. “Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us both,” he said and I suddenly became acutely aware of Mr Hitchens leering at me with a crooked smile. “Mr Hitchens is only here because he wants to see your pert little arse in action for himself.”

“Mr Taylor insists he won’t share you with anyone, but I guess I can still enjoy the view,” said Mr Hitchens as he leaned over and laid a sweaty palm on my thigh. I realised the awful predicament I was in. After my boss had penetrated my anus with his large cock and injected me with copious amounts of his sticky semen, he was blackmailing me into spreading my arse cheeks for him in front of another middle-aged man.

Mr Taylor almanbahis şikayet tapped his thigh and I walked over to sit in his lap, almost in a trance. I was still strongly attracted to this virile older man but I had never imagined letting anyone watch him sodomise me, let alone another senior member of staff. It was clear that now I had no choice.

Mr Taylor slowly unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off my shoulders before yanking off my bra. He turned his office chair until I was facing Mr Hitchens across the desk and started to gently squeeze my tits. They’re quite small, but my perky pink nipples point upwards nicely and they quickly stiffened as Mr Taylor showed me to his colleague. I blushed furiously and stared at the ground as Mr Taylor jiggled my teenage flesh and Mr Hitchens stared in awe.

“Isn’t she tasty? My cock’s hard already. She really loves it up her arse, you know.” Mr Taylor nodded slowly as Mr Hitchens unzipped his tight trousers and drew out an average-sized flaccid penis. As he gently coaxed it to life, Mr Taylor stood me up and removed my skirt, then spun me around in a circle to show off my young body in the tight, slutty black underwear. I was terrified he would discover that my tiny lace thong was wet with arousal. When Mr Taylor unzipped his trousers and untucked his shirt, I was anxious that he was going to invade my anus straight away. However, he sat back down in his chair and forced me to my knees.

“Bring your chair round for a better view,” he told his colleague as he pushed my head down into his lap and I automatically accepted his engorged sexual organ into my mouth. It was almost completely erect already and I started to bob up and down slowly, running my tongue over every inch of his shaft and occasionally drooling extra saliva onto it.

I glanced up into Mr Taylor’s face and then without thinking I looked over at Mr Hitchens. His cock was extremely hard now and he was holding it tightly while he watched me fellate another old man. I maintained eye contact with Mr Hitchens while I rubbed my boss’ spitty cock over my chin and my cheeks, coating my face in saliva and shiny precum. Mr Taylor laughed gently then forced my head back down until the hot bulbous head of his member was pressed against the back of my throat.

“You’re not meant to be enjoying this. You’re mine and you’re here for my pleasure. Make sure you get my cock nice and slippery with your mouth because you where it needs to go next.” As I focused almanbahis canlı casino on giving my middle-aged boss the best blowjob I could muster, he asked Mr Hitchens how often he got to come in someone’s mouth these days. “My wife hasn’t blown me in ten years. I don’t care now that I have a teenager to do it.”

Mr Taylor shifted in his chair slightly and I wondered if he was going to spurt his come into my mouth while Mr Hitchens silently watched on. Despite the circumstances, I was extremely turned on and I worked faster in the hope of swallowing some of my boss’ slimy semen. I reached up to tickle his testicles but he pushed me away and told me to keep my arms behind my back while I serviced him. After a few more moments Mr Taylor sighed and leaned backwards in his chair, starting to pump his hips upwards to force his shaft deeper and deeper into my warm mouth. As he grunted softly I felt deliciously warm cum coat the back of my throat and my tongue. My boss moaned and held my head down tightly as his big shaft continued to expel gloopy semen into my mouth.

“I’ve been saving that hefty load for you, you know. It was meant for your arse but your soft lips are good too,” Mr Taylor said as he released my head and looked down at me. I hadn’t yet managed to swallow all of the ejaculate and he lifted my chin and turned my head to show Mr Hitchens the pale creamy dribbles at the side of my mouth. Mr Hitchens was sweating profusely now as he masturbated furiously.

“You said I’d see it in her arse. Do it soon, before I cum,” he said to my boss desperately. Almost instantly I was dragged to my feet and forced forwards across the desk. My soft pliable buttocks were framed by my black suspenders and split in two by the string of my black thong. Mr Taylor shoved one knee between my legs to splay them apart, then spat on his hand and massaged the saliva into my tiny anus.

I was dripping with arousal at the thought of this older man violating my arsehole again and I pressed my bare tits into the wooden desk in order to lift my arse higher, towards Mr Taylor’s rapidly hardening organ.

“Spread your arse apart and show us your little hole.” After a couple of sharp slaps which reddened my peachy teenage arse cheeks, Mr Taylor pulled my thong out the way then leaned forward and pushed his swollen cockhead into my anus. With increased pressure, it popped past my sphincter and the discomfort faded away as my boss quickly sank his thick shaft further into my rectum. almanbahis casino Being taken forcibly by such a well-hung man had obviously stretched my anus permanently because this time Mr Taylor was able to start thrusting straight away.

With his trousers round his ankles, Mr Hitchens shuffled round to get a closer view of my little pink hole stretching around a large erect penis.

Dizzy with arousal, I began to deliberately ripple my rectal muscles, massaging my boss’ engorged organ as it slipped in and out of my anal cavity at an increasing pace. I was still prying my arse cheeks apart to facilitate easy viewing of my invaded anus, so my face was pressed harder into the desk with every thrust from behind. In minutes I felt the familiar creeping of an anal orgasm in my lower belly and I whimpered then moaned as it engulfed my senses and made my whole body tremble. My knees buckled but the force of Mr Taylor’s continuous penetration held my body over the desk as he neared his climax.

With a final violent thrust, my middle-aged boss ejaculated into my rectal passage and quickly filled me up with frothy jism. I squirmed beneath him as more and more semen flowed into my arse and marked me as Mr Taylor’s private property. I felt the delicious warmth seeping upward and deeper into my bowels than ever before and I over my shoulder I directed my most subservient and grateful gaze at his handsome face. He looked over at Mr Hitchens as he withdrew his softening cock from my anal cavity and staggered backwards.

Mr Hitchens stepped forwards and within moments had squirted his creamy cum over my lower back and the tops of my quivering arse cheeks. My fingers were digging into my flesh now but I continued to expose my whole bum crack and puckered arsehole as he directed a second spurt of cum onto my anus itself and my upper thighs. My garter belt and thong were completely covered in this fat old man’s white froth. It trickled all over me as Mr Taylor’s cream slowly emerged from my contracting anus and coated my bald pussy lips. My lower back, bum and thighs were shiny with their gooey mixed ejaculate and I could still taste Mr Taylor’s semen in my back of my throat.

Both men had pulled up their trousers and stood back watching as I quickly pulled on my bra and stretched my soaked thong back into place between my sticky arse cheeks. I looked around desperately but there was nothing to wipe myself with. I buttoned up my blouse then stepped into my skirt and pulled it up over my slimy bum. The skirt stuck to me as I tried to straighten it over my stretched underwear and the copious volume of gloopy semen that still dripped over my backside. The two middle-aged executives chuckled quietly as I walked smartly out the door and returned to my desk.

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Lights, Camera… Action!

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Mickey was suddenly woken by a couple of light knocks on his bedroom door.

“Fuck man, What do you need?”

“Sorry dude, I need your help,” Donny answered through the door.”

Mickey, annoyed, rolled out of bed and cracked his door open.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah yeah everything is cool,” Donny assured.

“Jesus man, are you fucking naked?”

“Yeah hahaha… Dude seriously, Michelle wants to make a porno but I’m too drunk to hold the camera and you know… Fuck her too.”

“You want me to hold the camera? Are you guys serious?”

“I know it’s kind of weird but she’s never let me do this kind of thing before and I want it to come out really good. Come on man, I know you’re a pro at this kind of stuff ‘n’ shit.”

Mickey paused for a second to process what his friend and roommate of three years was asking him to do.

“Well dude?”

“Sorry man it’s just that this isn’t an everyday thing. You’re kind of catching me off guard.”

“I know I know. You just got to hold the camera and get some sick angles and do all that fancy shit you know how to do. Plus you’ll get to see Michelle naked, she looks really good naked man…”

“You don’t have to convince me of that, I know your girl is fine… I’ll do it, just Let me wake up a bit.”

“Thanks man, this is going to be fucking awesome!”

Mickey closed the door and put on a t-shirt. He contemplated putting on a pair of sweatpants but decided to just remain in his boxers. He scratched his balls while yawning and stretched.

“Dude you ready yet? I don’t want to keep her waiting.”

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Donny handed Mickey his small digital camcorder and walked over to his bedroom where Michelle was waiting.

“Donnyyyy… Where did you go? I want to suck on your dick…” A slightly buzzed, naked Michelle whined.

“I’m right here babe, ready to make a video?”

“Yeah, let’s do it… MICKEY! WHAT THE FUCK! Donny, why is Mickey in here? How fucking embarrassing!” Michelle yelled and quickly grabbed the comforter to cover most of her naked body.

“It’s okay babe, calm down. He’s going to hold the camera for me.”

“She didn’t know? Christ dude… I’m sorry Michelle.”

Michelle laid there for several moments without responding.

“I can leave if you want…”

“No, I’m sorry Mickey , I didn’t mean to freak out on you. You surprised me when you walked in, me being naked all spread eagle…”

“It’s cool Michelle you don’t need to be embarrassed. You’re so fucking fine, I’m cool with it if you are.”

“I don’t know, this is kind of weird…”

“Come on babe, Mickey makes bad ass videos. You’ve seen them.”

“I’ll edit it and add some music and all that shit just like a real Porno Michelle, it’ll be pretty cool.”

“Oh I know you will… Alright.”

“Yeah babe, let’s do this. Come on take that blanket off.”

Michelle stared at Donny for a short while obviously annoyed that he didn’t concur with her first. Donny gave her an apologetic look accompanied by shrug and she eventually removed the covers revealing her curvy tanned body.

“Looks like it’s your lucky day Mickey…”

Michelle laid on her back, took a deep breath, covered her face with her hands and slowly spread her legs. Mickey almanbahis eagerly awaited his first real glimpse of Michelle’s pussy which was slowly becoming exposed the same way the sun does when it rises. Donny looked over at Micky and motioned for him to begin filming.

“The picture looks pretty dark… Is it okay if I turn on the lights Michelle?”

“I guess so… If we need to.”

Mickey flicked the lights on and every bit of Michelle’s delicious body was on display for the camera.

Donny leaned in and started kissing Michelle’s inner thighs until he ended up on her clit. Michelle started moaning not because her boyfriend was a cunning linguist but because she had never even been naked in front of more than one person at a time before. She was by no means a good girl but having Mickey not only watching but filming her had awoken a new sexually deviant part of her brain. She arched her back and ground her pussy into Donny’s face making sure to glance over at Mickey as she did.

When her eyes met Mickey’s, he felt his penis becoming very hard and starting to want to poke through his boxers. Michelle noticed and a tiny smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Mickey zoomed in on Michelle’s face to capture every tiny nuance in her expression as she came closer and closer to letting go of any inhibitions she had left.

Donny stood up and walked over to a large armchair in the corner of the room, sat down and motioned for Michelle to come join him. before she had a chance to stand up Mickey walked around the bed and got a nice close up of Michelle lying on her back with her legs wide open and her breasts hanging freely slightly jiggling with the smallest of movements.

“Rub your pussy a little, Michelle. It’ll look great when I edit it all together,” Micky said hoping he wasn’t overstepping his bounds.

“Mmmmm… You want me to play with myself, Mickey?”

“Yes girl, that’ll be really sexy…” Mickey was immediately relieved by her response.

Thoughts of his roommate with his girlfriend flooded Donny’s mind and he was more than surprised when he found it really excited him.

“Do you want to taste it Mickey?” Michelle asked as she raised her arm and extended her fingers waiting for Mickey to taste. A startled Donny gave a startled Mickey an approving head nod and Mickey sucked the sweet juices off of Michelle’s tiny wet fingers.

Michelle moaned then giggled as she continued to rub herself with her other hand. “You like that, Mickey?”

“You taste really sweet girl.”

Michelle rubbed some of her juices on her nipple closest to Mickey. “Do you want another taste?”

Donny stood up and grabbed the camera from Mickey to film his roommate’s cameo. Michelle reached back down to continue playing with herself while Mickey worked his way over beside her and took one of her nipples between his fingers and softly licked her juices off the other.

“Mmmm yeah… Suck on it, Mickey…”

Mickey sucked Michelle’s entire nipple into his mouth as she rubbed her pussy while moaning loudly.

“Yeah, Mickey…”

Mickey crawled above Michelle, grabbed her breast and sucked on her other nipple. Michelle started rubbing more intensely while Mickey couldn’t help but rub his hard cock over his boxers alternating several almanbahis yeni giriş times between Michelle’s nipples.

After a couple of minutes Donny sat back down in the chair and called his girlfriend over. Mickey reluctantly removed his mouth from Michelle’s nipple and took charge of the camera again. Michelle stood up and walked over to the chair brushing up against Mickey’s dick with the back of her hand. she sat down on Donny’s lap, put her feet on his knees, gripped the plush arms of the chair and lifted her ass up and then down bringing her moist pussy onto Donny’s thick erect penis.

Michelle eased Donny’s dick all the way into her pussy and paused when her ass cheeks were pressed against him. Once she was ready she started grinding up and down riding her boyfriend like a true professional porn star. Mickey got closer and knelt down in front of the arm chair and brought the Camera within a foot of the action. Michelle was getting incredibly turned on now. At first she was excited about making a porno with her boyfriend, but now the unexpected presence of Mickey was actually exciting her more than she had been in a very long time. She felt like she couldn’t control an immense urge to really perform for him.

“Yeah babe! Ride that dick! Fuck that feels so good,” Donny encouraged his unrecognizable girlfriend.

“I want to suck your dick.”

“Yeah baby, you want to suck some dick? Go ahead it’s right here,” Donny said.

Michelle clumsily stood up almost hitting the camera lens with her pussy, knelt in front of Mickey and reached into his boxers. She pulled his dick out and put it into her mouth in one fluid motion.

Mickey shrugged at Donny. “Sorry bro…”

“Nah man… It’s cool, g… go for it,” Donny said not fully prepared to see another guy’s dick in his girl’s mouth.

Mickey held the camera off to the side and at about the height of Michelle’s head capturing the incredibly sloppy blow job she was giving him. This went on for several minutes until Michelle pulled Mickey’s boxers down, lifted up his cock, placed his balls in her mouth and massaged them with her tongue.

Donny was starting to feel a little left out so he roughly grabbed Michelle’s head, guided her back to the chair, sat down and forcefully shoved his dick in her mouth making her almost gag as she deep-throated him. Every time she came back up for air she would look over her shoulder at Mickey as if she was prompting him to join in. Mickey leaned in again to capture her ass cheeks bouncing with the rhythm of her deep-throating.

Donny pushed Michelle’s head down deeper than before and with his free hand, making sure Michelle didn’t notice, pointed downward at her ass.

Mickey’s eyes widened and he now focused on Donny.

“Stick your finger in her ass dude,” Donny whispered.

“Really… She won’t freak?”

“No, she loves that.”

Mickey decided to test the waters by gently touching Michelle’s hip first. When she seemed to not even notice he moved his thumb to the inside of one of her cheeks and spread it out exposing her tiny brown asshole. When Michelle felt this she gasped and quickly turned to face Mickey.

“What are you doing back there?”

Mickey instantly let go and Michelle’s cheek dropped back to its natural almanbahis giriş place covering up her tiny butt-hole.

Donny grabbed Michelle’s head covering both of her ears and pulled her back down to his cock.

“Put your finger in her ass, trust me. She’s just acting like she doesn’t want it because she’s shy about it but we do it all the time. She asks for it. There’s some lube in the nightstand…”

Mickey put down the camera and applied some lube onto his left thumb. He picked the camera back up and knelt behind Michelle. He placed his left hand on her left ass cheek with his thumb resting in her crack. When she didn’t object he started to work his way closer to her asshole. He put the pad of his thumb right against her anus and started to gently massage it. As he did so Michelle began to let out the sexiest combinations of moans laced with whimpers…

“You like that girl? You want me to keep going?”

“Yes, Mickey, but I want your dick in there…”

“Yeah… You want my dick in your butt, girl?”

“Yes, Come on give me that dick, Mickey…”

Mickey applied some more lube on the tip of his penis and some more on Michelle’s asshole. He stood up and guided his dick into Michelle’s tightest of openings. The tip of his dick slowly began to open her up as he applied pressure. He steadily inched in a bit more and his head popped in.

“Oh my god…” Donny whispered to himself.

“OH YES! Keep going, Mickey,” Michelle moaned.

Mickey slid all the way in and gently pulled out almost to the head of his cock then pushed back in. he pulled back out and felt Michelle push her ass back into him before he even got a chance to slide back in. He grabbed hold of her hips and forced her to match his rhythm fucking her with long hard strokes.

“FUCK, MICKY! Your dick feels so good in my ass…”

Donny suddenly grabbed Michelle’s head and shoved his dick in her mouth. She deep throated him for several minutes before he started to cum forcing Michelle to swallow.

“Hold the Camera Donny,” Mickey said as he handed it over.

Mickey turned Michelle around to face him, bent down and picked her up placing the back of her knees on his forearms. Michelle held on to the back of his neck with one hand and guided his dick back up her ass with the other. Mickey bounced Michelle for what seemed like five minutes to him and an eternity to Donny until he felt the urge to cum and upped the pace when he felt it getting closer.

“Don’t you dare cum in my ass Mickey. I want it on my face like a real porn star.”

“I’m about to girl, get on your knees and suck on my dick.”

Mickey let Michelle down and placed both of his hands on the back of her head and fucked her mouth until he felt his cum shooting out of his shaft. He pulled out and sprayed Michelle’s face with thick spurts of warm cum then he shoved his dick back in her mouth.

“Clean it off girl.”

Michelle gently sucked on Mickey’s dick until it was soft again and finished it off with a peck.

“Oh my God, Mickey… That was so fucking awesome. I hadn’t been ass fucked like that before. You’re fucking strong. We should make a sequel tomorrow when Donny is at work.”


“Just kidding babe, Hahaha calm down.”

“You better be… I got the shower first,” Donny said as he left the room.

As soon as Donny left Michelle reached down to stroke Mickey’s dick.

“Or… We can make a bonus scene now,” Michelle grinned.

“We should, It is all about the extras these days.”


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Krack Licker; Fun and Cum

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Ricardo and his fiance’ Karina were coming back from his families get together. They had family favorites of tamalies, burritos, tacos, Mexican beer, rice and beans, all cooked in the traditional way. It was a lot of fun, and the food was great. Karina would make a loving young wife, a hot wife when they got married.

On the way home Ricardo said, “Hey lets stop and get some more weed. It won’t take but a few minutes and we can stop at the public park and enjoy the sunset.”

Karina said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Arriving at a house with overgrown shrubs and large untrimmed trees, Ricardo parked in the driveway but near the entrance. He did not want to get blocked in. “I’ll be right back,” Ricardo said to Karina as he got out and nonchalantly locked the car doors.

Karina wondered why he locked the doors. Ricardo never does that.

This was the residence of Al Jackson the black man who Ricardo went to for buying weed.

Al looked out of the peep hole and saw Ricardo. He opened the door and let Ricardo in. “How are you doing young man?” Al was always generous and friendly. “Come in. What can I do for you today?”

“Hi. I just need a baggie. Do you want the usual price?” Ricardo was brief, and maybe a little nervous. He suspected Al was into higher crime than just weed.

Al brought out a baggie and sold it to Ricardo for the usual price.

Ricardo said, “Thank you.”

“Enjoy it.” Al had an overly happy countenance, but it made it easy for Ricardo to do business with him.

They drove to the park near the beach of the lake. The breeze coming across the lake was fresh and invigorating. After smoking several joints Karina and Ricardo began kissing and petting. Karina said, “Pot makes me horny, did you know that?”

Ricardo pretended ignorance; “Does it really? I just like the way you kiss when you are high.”

Karina giggled and they hugged and kissed, but soon had to go.

They got high almost every weekend. Ricardo loved the kissing but was desperate to get the real thing.

One weekend Karina said, “Let’s get some more weed and go back out to the park. I want to get high again.”

Ricardo knew it was only a matter of time before he would get into her pants. He couldn’t miss an opportunity, but he was broke. “Karina I don’t have any money this weekend.”

Karina said, “Why don’t you ask him if he will front you the weed and you can pay him later?”

“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask.” Ricardo didn’t think Al would go for it.

They pulled up and Ricardo went to the door. Al let him in as usual and the living room was dimly lit as usual but this time there was porn playing. There was a beautiful young couple having wild passionate sex. Ricardo saw the nude man spread open her beautiful dripping wet pussy and start licking up the juice, sucking her pussy lips and clit, and plunging his tongue in her pussy. Ricardo’s cock almost busted through his pants when the man licked her dripped cum off her asshole, and kissed her butt cheeks. Al produced a lit joint, and Ricardo took a few deep hits on it. They finished the joint watching the movie.

Al said, “Why don’t you unfasten your pants before you make a mess in them? I can see you are hard as rock.” Al pretended he was going to help unfasten the belt buckle but let his hand brush against Ricardo’s cock ‘accidently.’ This was Ricardo’s first time interracial sex receiving a handjob from another man.

Ricardo was so horny and hard he couldn’t think straight. He fumbled with his belt buckle, but finally unfastened it and opened his pants.

With a guiding gesture, Al pushed down Ricardo’s pants and underwear.

Mesmerized by the beauty on the porno screen Ricardo didn’t object when Al took Ricardo’s hand and swept it across his own dick. He said, “Mine is hard too.” He cupped Ricardo’s hand over his cock and motioned it up and down a little. This was Ricardo’s first time giving another man a hand job.

Al asked, “So you want some weed tonight?”

“Yes, but I am broke. I was wondering if you could front me a baggie and let me pay you later.”

Al gently slid Ricardo’s hand up and down his shaft. “Let me think about it some. Why don’t we sit at the edge of the couch right here?” Al let his hand drift over Ricardo’s bare bottom.

Ricardo’s pants were nearly down to his knees. It was dim in the room except for the light from the movie screen. Al pushed Ricardo slightly backward, and Ricardo backed against the edge of the couch abruptly sitting his bare ass down on the couch. In the darkness Al stepped in front of Ricardo.

Unknown to Ricardo Al had pulled out his black cock which was now in Ricardo’s face. Al took Ricardo’s hand and cupped Ricardo’s hand around his cock and his other hand cupped his balls. Al rubbed his cock against Ricardo’s face. “Hot isn’t it?”


“I have a plan for you to get some weed tonight, but I still need you to pay for it,” Al said.

Ricardo saw the stimulating movie screen again for a minute, and thought of how much he wanted to do those almanbahis şikayet things with Karina. His chance might be spoiled if he couldn’t get some weed.

By now Al was rubbing Ricardo’s face against his cock and balls making sure Ricardo’s lips got plenty of contact.

Al started rubbing his cockhead on Ricardo’s lips smearing precum very thoroughly. “I have an idea.” He paused Ricardo couldn’t respond, he was blank from horniness and anticipation of how to get the weed. “Let this through your lips while I think on this.” Al pushed his cock head into Ricardo’s lips to the edge of his helmet. “Do me a favor and lick the head in your mouth.” The head was already dripping precum on his tongue, so Ricardo dabbed it with his tongue and painted the cockhead slick, and then sucked it clean again. Almost as an afterthought, Al started sliding his cock in slowly and then out. He slid it in all the way to the tonsils, and then tilted Ricardo’s head back and poked it into his cheeks on both sides, feeling his own cock through Ricardo’s cheeks.

This was Ricardo’s first time sucking cock.

Ricardo was thinking about the pussy on the screen, about Karina, and about getting the weed for him and Karina and that maybe they would have passionate sex like on the screen.

“Open your throat,” Al’s voice broke through the daydream fog momentarily. Al checked to see if his cock would start down Ricardo’s throat. It didn’t but that would take time. Ricardo would do well at deep throat.

“Your mouth and tongue feel so good and sexy on my big black cock. Get ready to be fed some soul food!”

Ricardo in his super turned on stupor tried to realize what Al meant when he felt a flow and a gush of tasty cum. Al had his head held firmly and kept his cock in Ricardo’s mouth until the sticky mess on his tongue was all around in his mouth. It tasted good, and he could smell it somehow. He smelled Al’s cock on his own breath. It was his first time tasting cum, taking a cum shot, and swallowing cum.

Al declared, “You can have a bag of weed now, but I want to be paid this weekend.”

As Ricardo began to get up, Al rubbed Ricardo’s face from below his balls, up his shaft, and before letting him stand up, Al turned his ass cheek against Ricardo’s face. “Kiss my ass, and lick my ass. That’s it, now lick the other side, now lick up the crack of my ass, kiss ass.”

Ricardo pulled his bikini underwear up and over Al’s hand that was on his ass cheek again. Al pulled his hand away so Ricardo could pull up his pants.

Karina and Ricardo pulled up in a discreet area near the lake shore. They walked to a picnic table nearby and Ricardo rolled up a joint. Karina noticed Ricardo was not quite as kissy this evening. It made her want to taunt him into foreplay. After several joints, they were both feeling good when they kissed. Karina tasted and smelled cockbreath.

She tasted cum in his mouth. Being female, she soon figured out what Ricardo had done. She decided if he didn’t want to talk about it then she wouldn’t push him. She admired him for what he did to get some weed.

Several weeks went by, and Ricardo kept earning his weed debt. It soon became obvious that Karina had figured it out.

Now several weeks into weed debt they went to Al’s again, and Al said bring your fiancé in while we talk about this. They smoked a few before starting to talk. By now the lights were dim and the movies were playing. Before he realized how it happened Al’s cock was in Ricardo’s mouth again right in front of Karina. Karina’s attention had been on the screen where she was looking at the tight ass of a man fucking a blond beauty. When she turned back around she saw Al’s cock halfway into Ricardo’s mouth with his eyes wide open in surprise. She could hear him sucking and slurping. It was like Al’s cock was a plunger in the back of his throat with squelching sounds. It turned her on to see Al’s black cock, and it turned her on to see her man sucking cock. Al’s loose pants had dropped to his knees and she saw his tight black ass. Even in the darkness, it turned her on.

Al turned toward Karina, “Show me your tits or this could go on forever.”

Promptly on queue, Karina bared her tits. Soon she could see Al clinch his ass and pump strongly into Ricardo’s mouth. After a few minutes Ricardo licked and swallowed the cum. Karina almost died in jealousy and horniness when Al turned to let Ricardo lick his crack. When Ricardo stood up, she saw Al give his ass a squeeze. This intrigued her to no end.

The following week Ricardo and Karina went back for more weed. Ricardo was now paying interest on his weed dept. The debt was mounting.

In the darkened living room Karina watched the porn while the two men negotiated. A scene came on where a black man was pushing lube into a light brown asshole. It was obvious that it was a virgin asshole, and tight. The black finger kept putting more and more lube into the asshole and working it in and fingering around. Soon she saw a black cock rubbing up and down the brown crack, and the man was almanbahis canlı casino whipping and spanking the light brown cheeks with the black cock. She was fascinated as she saw the cockhead pushing against the brownie hole for the first time. It went in a millimeter at a time, very slowly as the asshole stretched around it. Occasionally it stopped and she caught her breath in anticipation and suspense waiting to see if it would continue. There were a few light grunts, but the scene was mostly quiet. She saw the cock finally reached full depth and the balls were resting against the crotch and the stomach was resting against the cute ass cheeks.

Slowly the cock started back out and she heard a “huugph”. After a moment it stopped and the bottom man seemed to relax. Then it pulled out, stopped and pushed back in with a small stroke. This continued slowly until the full length was going in and out.

Karina was spell bound.

On one of the louder grunts, she realized the sound on the screen seemed like it was coming from this room. She looked over and saw Ricardo draped over the couch and Al’s black cock was halfway up his ass. Ricardo was humiliated and it was his first time anal. It turned Karina on, but she did not know what to say.

Out at the park again Karina reassured Ricardo, “It’s only temporary.”

The next day Ricardo confided to his friend Jose. “Man, the first thing I knew his cock was all the way up my ass. I thought it was his finger again, or just the cock head.”

“No worries man, you still have a girl friend and you will get a job soon and some money to pay him off.” Jose displayed great confidence in his friend as they smoked some Panama Red spiked with something strong. “I tell you what man, tomorrow I am going to a new dealer to get some crack. Just for you, I will ask if he also sells weed. Maybe we can get you out of trouble for a while so you don’t have to pay with your ass.”

The next evening Jose went to Sam’s motel to strike a deal for some crack.

At the same time Karina and Ricardo arrived at Al’s. Al was on the phone with his friend Sam. “Sam I took this young man’s Latino cherry and it was so tight I was in heaven. His girlfriend saw the whole thing, and by the way she has some nice tits.”

Sam replied, “Are you trying to catch up with me, I am the cherry popper king around here, send me a virgin young man and I will have him every time. I am getting about one a week now.”

Al countered, “My thing is popping the anal cherry of young couples and I am going to get more ass than you, just watch after I finish the video with them both.”

About then the master of negotiating, Jose, arrived at Sam’s motel.

Ricardo and Karina took some sample tokes. It seemed the weed was a bit stronger. Karina felt like she was starting to hallucinate, but that was impossible she thought. It was only pot they were smoking.

Al started some very raunchy XXX rated movies. There was lust, oral and anal sex in every scene and the most forbidden sex of every kind. Karina couldn’t believe her eyes and her panties were getting soaked. Ricardo was smelling fish.

While Ricardo sat next to them, Al pulled down Karina’s top and started fondling her boobs, lightly rubbing below them, and brushing and pulling her nipples. As he bent down to lick her nipples his hand sort of slid right down into her thong panties from behind as if by mistake. He bent over kissed her boobs and licked her nipples. He licked from her nipples up to her neck. Karina was submissive. She started getting hot and turned on.

He put her hand on his cock and let her explore it and feel it grow. He put her other hand on his ass. In her stupor she was fascinated with his cock and wondered what it looked like. Soon though to her surprise in a lapse of attention his cock was out before her eyes and pressing against her lips. Reflexively she began to kiss and lick it with livid eroticism. She felt like she could make love to his cock with her mouth all night. Soon she realized it was sliding in her mouth. She enjoyed the feel and the taste. It was so sexy when he grabbed her head by the hair and started fucking her mouth.

Ricardo was watching and he saw the signs of the pulsing cock and the clinching, and he knew from his own experienced exactly when the cum coated her entire mouth in spurts The cock was still sliding out when he reached over and kissed her on the lips and felt the cock slide on his own lips.

This really turned on Al and he had taken drugs that he knew would keep him hard.

Al pushed his cock into Ricardo’s mouth with no resistance and just the thought of it all kept him hard.

While Ricardo sucked away prostituting himself and Karina, Al started undressing Karina, pulling her shorts and her panties down, feeling her pussy. He finger fucked her pussy while Ricardo sucked his balls. With his pussy wet finger he teased and manipulated her asshole. Finally he bid Ricardo to tongue wash his ass and lick his crack, rimming his favorite part.

While Ricardo went to work, almanbahis casino Al bent Karina over the couch, reached for some lube and slathered, and exercised her tight anus with his finger, round and round, in and out, stretching and playing it into shapes. Soon he let his bareback cockhead rub her asscrack. He spanked her ass with his cock so Ricardo could hear. Then he gently started pushing against her asshole. Greedily her asshole accepted the tip of his cockhead, as if trying to swallow it.

When they were done Karina gratefully kissed his ass, and licked his crack. She loved the taste of his black ass. Licking all the way down, she rimmed his asshole and savored the exotic taste.

Meanwhile Jose was using his masterful ways to negotiate with Sam.

Sam said why don’t we come in here to my office so you can sample some of the goods. It was a small office and the door to the hotel office front desk was open so Jose felt comfortable enough to talk. There was no one else in the building that he could tell.

Jose wanted to start talking about prices, but Sam wanted to tell him how good the stuff was. They sampled some.

Soon Sam could tell Jose was getting stoned. Sam said, “Hey come here, I have something to show you.” They walked through what appeared to be a closet door.

Jose could see the dim light of a monitor in a back corner.

“If you stand right here and look over this shelf you can see right into this room and watch this sexy couple.”

Jose peeped into the other room and was surprised of the quality voyeur view. While he watched, Sam lit a joint and stuck it in Jose’s mouth.

Sam said, “Take a deep hit on it and hold your breath.”

Jose was getting very stoned, and it seemed like the joint was spiked with something. As he looked he could see a very sexy young couple getting it on. He clearly saw every part of her sexy body. Just the sight of her was enough to die for, he mused. The couple went at it doggy style and he could see her kinky asshole winking open and shut while her pussy was getting fucked. In the back ground he could see they had a filthy porno movie going on with deepthroating, and cum swallowing, that was so nasty and erotic it made him hard.

Sam was a black man but he sure liked light brown young men like Jose.

Jose realized this room was probably kept dark to not reveal this peep site.

Sam whispered, “Are you getting hard?”

Jose felt Sam’s hand brush against his hip as they stood close to the spy hole. The hand brushed against him but this time stayed against him. For some reason this make his dick harder. Soon he felt the hand rub his leg a little. Again his dick seemed to get even harder. The hand drifted a little in the rub pattern, and ended up close to his cock head. It rested there for a minute that seemed like an eternity. Jose had to concentrate hard to keep track of what was going on in the other room. Soon he realized the hand was ever so lightly tracing his shaft, so agonizingly slow that it seemed like if he got any harder that it would burst his pants open.

“Mine is getting hard also.” Sam took Jose’s hand and placed it over his cock up and down.

Taking his hand off Jose’s cock drove him crazy as he was about to burst his pants or cum or something. This temporary distraction had him desiring Sam’s hand again in desperation.

Sam said, “bend down and take my cock out first before I take yours out.”

That was the solution Jose had been waiting for. Jose bent down, unfastened Sam’s pants and took out his black cock. In the darkness Jose could not see it, so he kept his hand on it. It felt good, and strangely he had a desire to taste it.

“That’s a boy. Lick the precum, kiss it making fish lips. Twirl your tongue on it and let it slide between your lips. Secretly let your tongue explore it. No one can see, so it is ok. The juice is good for you. Keep licking and sucking. It is good for your lips and makes you a good kisser. You will learn discipline.”

Encouraged, Jose let his tongue work over every part of the cock, and then licked it down to between the balls as if to find the root. He sucked in each ball tasting the exotic tastes, and then licked all the way back to the anus, and back up to the head again when Sam held his head tightly and Jose felt gushes of cum pelting the insides of his mouth, sticking and dripping. He got a thorough taste of it, and reflexively swallowed the cum.

Sam kept the cock in his mouth and told Jose to keep enjoying it and make it hard again.

Jose was sucking and licking while Sam pulled off Jose’s shirt. In the darkness of the room he felt Sam lifting his arms up saying, “Hold on to this exercise cable. This will hold it in place on your wrists,” as he leather strapped and tied Jose’s wrists to the BDSM cable handcuffs.

Jose felt a cock gag go into his mouth and strapped around his head. He felt Sam’s hands go around his waist from behind and stroke his cock keeping it hard. The he felt his pants and boxers being pulled down. He felt Sam’s hand stroking his naked ass. Jose could no longer look through the peep hole and the room was all but pitch black in darkness. He felt the cables pulling him forward until he fell face first over a bench top. Now his ass was sticking in the night air. Sam loved Mexican ass.

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Johnny, Are You Queer?

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“John? John Weir?”

Hearing the somewhat familiar voice, he turned around and just stared into the woman’s features. “Do I know you?”

“I’m Sharleen Roberts. From Ensemble.”

He searched his mind and found her: an overweight puff of flesh with crooked teeth and frizzy blonde hair. She’d had a huge crush on him and had done everything possible to make sure she was near him. That might have gotten on his nerves except he remembered that she had the smokiest alto he’d ever heard and it was a pleasure to hear her sing.

“Sharleen. Yeah, I remember you.” He stuck his hand out and shook hers. “I remember that you had a great voice.” His compliment brought a smile to her face and he noted that she’d gotten her teeth fixed. “You still singing?”

“Only in the shower.” She laughed, tossing her thick blonde hair. Another improvement, he noticed. In fact, he noticed that a lot had changed about Sharleen Roberts. Teeth and hair were minor. Her fat nose had been trimmed and the hook on the end removed. The fat was gone and she held herself with more confidence than she had in high school. This was a much improved Sharleen Roberts. “Can you believe it’s been almost six years since we graduated?”

“Seems like it was only yesterday.” He looked behind her. “Are you here with someone?”

“Yeah. My gay friend, Brian. He loves this club and insisted that we come here.” She almanbahis paused. “I guess the rumors I heard were correct.”


“That you were gay.” He turned away for a moment, nursing his drink and trying to figure out what to say to her. “It’s all right, John. No need to worry about recrimination from me. You have my lifelong friendship for allowing an ugly girl to feel like she was worth something.”

“You were never ugly, Sharleen.”

She glared at him with a wry smile on her face. “Just how much beer have you had tonight?”

“Too much, but never enough. Speaking of that, can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, why not? Brian’s trolling so I’m about as useful as tits on a bull.”

They stepped up to the bar and John bought beers for both of them, then steered her over to a vacant table. Simple conversation turned to personal reflection and he told her how much he’d missed the intimate friendship of Ensemble. “It was so perfect. When we would all gather outside and practice the Requiem.”

“Fauré’s Requiem? That was the most beautiful piece we ever did.”

“It sure was.” She finished her beer and stood up. “Well, thanks for the beer, John. Maybe I’ll see you out here again.”

“You have to leave so soon?” He wasn’t sure what he was doing but he did know that he was horny as shit and that for a gay man, Sharleen was looking awfully good …

“Not almanbahis yeni giriş if you fulfill my dream.”

“And that is?”

“I know that you’re gay.” She moved close to him, whispering in his ear. “I want you to fuck my ass.”


“You heard me.” Sharleen opened her purse and placed two items in his hand: a condom and a tiny tube of Astroglide. “Meet me in the men’s bathroom.”

John watched her slide off of the barstool and walk away, his mind swirling with her words. He couldn’t believe what she’d said. A straight girl was willing to give him a taste of her ass all because she liked him. He grabbed his beer and headed toward the rear of the club, pushing through the crowd at the back bar and sliding into the men’s bathroom. He saw her heels under the door and knocked lightly, ignoring the hisses of the other fags. She opened the door quickly and turned her back to him.

He was shaking as he set his beer on the back of the toilet. He wasn’t sure why but this meant a lot to him. He reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt, momentarily stunned at finding her ass naked to his touch. She glanced back at him, gave him a quick smile and bent over the toilet, spreading her legs. John didn’t waste any more time. He opened the lube, squeezed a liberal amount onto his fingers and lifting her skirt, rubbed the cold liquid into her cleft. almanbahis giriş She made a noise at the coldness but said nothing more.

Even though he was going to fuck her ass, John was surprised to find that his cock was as hard as marble. He slipped his pants down, pumping his cock and stepping up behind her. It was so very strange but so very exciting. He didn’t know whether he should touch her or just fuck her. She was a girl and he wasn’t sure what she wanted. She took the question out of his hands when she reached back and grasped his rod, lining it up with her hole.

He pressed in, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth as his flesh breached her tight muscle. He hadn’t felt something as wonderful as this since his first time. So giving, so … A streak of adrenalin tightened his chest and he slid into her again and again, becoming lost in the give-and-take of the motion and not realizing when she stood up and let his roaming hands touch her body. He thrust faster and harder, his mouth open as he gasped for breath and she whimpered with each entry, shivering at the sensation that swept through her body.

When she came, Sharleen screamed and took John with her. His hot seed poured into her anal canal, his cock pumping with each squirt. He held onto her for a moment, lamenting the fact that it was over too soon and his flaccid cock slipped out of her hole, breaking their connection. She turned to him, gently pressing her lips against his and lightly touching his cheek.

“Thank you, John.”

And with those words, she left him alone in the stall, wondering what had happened and wondering if he was truly queer.

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I Needed the Money

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They always say that payback’s a bitch but they don’t really know. I know what a bitch it can be because it tried it’s best to take my life apart at the seams. I thought I had put him behind me, figuratively. Not literally like he would put himself. He just wouldn’t stay gone though. In hindsight I suppose it’s obvious that it wasn’t his fault, not really. It was my fault. I guess I should start by introducing myself instead of confusing you with all of this other garbage though.

My name is Kirsten Stamos and I dated a man named Sean Renaud almost my entire adult life. He’d been with me through thick and thin but he wasn’t marriage material. He wasn’t a bad guy just that wasn’t part of the way he saw his future and it was the only thing I could see in my own future. I wanted to be married; I wanted to see myself in a wedding dress and with the wedding ring. It kinda feels silly now that I’ve done all that but the only thing I’d wanted since I was a little girl was to be married. When the chance happened, when I met a man who was willing to marry me I took it and I left Sean behind.

I can’t say that it was a mistake. My husband is a wonderful man and he makes me so happy that I can’t imagine a life without him. It’s just that after so many years I have a hard time with my life without Sean as well. It was early into my first year of marriage that I was in trouble. About two grand in debt and there was only one person that I could call. He didn’t only asked two questions, how much and how soon which was all I expected him to ask. He set his terms at the same time. He wanted the one thing that I had never given him while we were together. He wanted to fuck my ass and I agreed. It was either that or let my car be repossessed.

I think he enjoyed making me wait for him to call me. As much as I love him he’s got a horrible streak of cruelty in him and he enjoys making people suffer and he had to be loving the fact that even after I was married I needed him to get through life. It was nearly a week later when he made the call and told me where to be and when. It was a spot that we had spent a lot of time at before, mostly fucking so I didn’t have a hard time finding my way to the spot.

Its’ true that you never really stop loving someone. The moment I saw him all the memories of our romance came flooding back and I wanted to hug almanbahis him. I almost forgot that he was basically blackmailing me and that he was going to be fucking me in the ass. He was just standing there as handsome as ever, he’d shaved for our “date” and even dressed up in a nice button down shirt. As soon as I was out of the car he stepped up to me and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a deep kiss and it was like going home. I remembered how strong his arms were and how wonderful they felt around me.

As soon as be broke the kiss he handed me an envelope that with the money that I needed, just over a thousand dollars. Then he reminded me that despite what a jerk he was that he did love me. I was free to go if I wanted. He’d sworn long ago that he would always be there to protect me and to help me with anything. I didn’t actually have to do anything if I didn’t want to. Even now I’m not sure if he knew what I was going to do before I did it. He’s good at reading people, maybe he knew that I wouldn’t be able to accept the money without giving him something in return or maybe he knew that I had to keep my word. The thing is that maybe he really does still love me and that was all there was to it. That when he told me that him knowing that I was ok was the only thing that mattered he was telling the truth. I doubt it but a thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend getting into your ex’s pants if there isn’t something there.

I should have let him go. I’m married now and that means that I’m supposed to be loyal to him and that includes only letting him touch me but I wasn’t going to leave a debt unpaid. That’s what I’m trying to convince myself of, I think the truth is that as much as I didn’t want him fucking my ass I did want him.

He was really going to leave to; he was getting back into his car when I kissed him. Married life is wonderful and I love my husband but there is something to be said for having a little variety. He just tasted so great that I was instantly lost in him. He still remembered every spot from before and it was only a second before he broke away from my lips and started seeking them out. I cried out when he nipped at my shoulder, and shuddered as his fingers lightly scratched the small of my back. I felt my legs turn to butter when he gripped my ass and lifted me onto the hood of his almanbahis yeni giriş car.

Then it was my turn and I started by ripping his shirt open sending buttons flying every direction revealing his smooth chest beneath it. He’d put on some weight since the last time but that’s okay, I actually like my men with some meat on em. I kissed down his chest lightly flicking his nipples with my tongue while I worked on getting him out of his pants. As soon as I got his belt and buttons undone I went back to work on his shirt as my feet slide his pants down to the asphalt. The only thing between me and his cock was a pair of black boxers with Donkey Kong on them. Then they were gone as well.

I’d kinda forgotten how big he really is. It’s not that he’s porn star huge but he’s nearly eight inches long and so thick that I can’t quite close my fingers around it. I felt a few familiar butterflies dancing in my stomach as I wrapped my hand around it for the first time in a little over two years. It was warm and hard and pulsing. It was actually getting harder and harder and I wasn’t doing anything but holding it. When I heard him whimper I knew I was going to utterly blow his mind.

I know its part of being with the same person all the time but my husband doesn’t want me the way he did right then. Of course he hadn’t when I’d been dating him for the majority of eight years. Right then though he didn’t want me, he needed me. I could feel the hunger coming off him in waves. He was barely able to keep himself from ripping my clothing as he pulled my shirt up and over my head and then nearly turned my pants inside out getting them off of me. It just makes a woman feel sexy when a man wants to devour you the way he did.

The moment he had my panties off he started kissing along my inner thigh and working his way towards my cunt. Back when I was with him he used to make me shave it, now I keep it trimmed. Not bald like he’d like it but short enough that he could kiss me there without getting hair in his mouth. I don’t know how that man got so fucking good at eating girls out but goddamn. Even right now as I’m writing this down I’m getting little shivers from the memory. It only took him a few minutes to get me to the point where I was clawing at the hood and squeezing my thighs around his head. I would have cum if he’d gone on any almanbahis giriş longer but stopped right when I was at the edge.

Then he sank his cock into me in one stroke. I felt like I was going to split in half. I was almost going to slap him but then he hauled me back into a kiss and I remembered just how much he needed me right then. I forced him to hold still for a moment while I adjusted and then I let him go. His car was rocking back and forth; he was grunting I was moaning. Anybody for a mile would have known exactly what was going on and someone probably did. I didn’t care. As he fucked me like I hadn’t been fucked in ages I wouldn’t have stopped if a crowd had shown up to watch. He was barely able to stop himself before he came.

That was just so he could calm down and get a position change. He twisted me around so I was leaning over the car, crushing my tits against the cool metal while he entered me from behind. Pinned between metal and man flesh I came for the first time that night and something snapped. I had to have more, I pushed back again and again determined to drive him even deeper into me. I knew when he dug his fingers into my hips that I was going to have bruises when this was over and it was going to be worth it.

He pushed me screaming into another orgasm before he started prepping for what he’d actually come for. My ass. He started off just playing with it while he fucked me, pushing him thumb in and I gotta admit. It felt good. Something about that taboo of anal play just gets me going and he knew it. He knew that snarling all those profane things in my ear was getting me off. He took his time slowly stretching me out and then he was ready and he gave me one last chance to get away.

I didn’t. We switched so he was sitting on the car and I mounted him and slowly slipped his greased pole into my ass. It wasn’t like this the last time when he’d been to young to know that he needed to prep me. This actually felt nice, especially when I got him far enough in that I could grind my clit against him while I rode him. It was almost disappointing that he didn’t last very long once he got into my ass. I probably could have gotten him hard again if I’d really wanted to but it was getting late and I needed to be home before I was missed.

He held me for a few minutes then gave me a kiss for the road and reminded me of something I already knew. He loved me and would always love me and if I ever needed his help just call. Then he told me something I didn’t know. He was happy I found a man to marry because as much as he loved me he wasn’t going to.

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Hot, Kinky Sex

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Damian entered the small room, taking notice of all the furnishings; there was king size bed against the far wall, covered in a black, silk cover, a wooden desk with a chair to the right side, and in the left corner there was a slightly open door, leading to a small bathroom. Veronica enters the room from the bathroom. She is about 5’5″ tall, around 115 lbs. She is slightly tan, and is wearing a black, lacy bra and thong, complete with stockings. She is very skinny, with a slim waist, but has large, supple breasts, obviously implants, either large C or small D cup size. She is wearing a lot of makeup and has light blonde hair, which she is wearing down. It is straight and goes to just above her upper back.

She leans over the front of the bed and quietly says, “Just watch for a minute.” She reaches her hands around and pulls her thong down to her ankles, then steps out of it. She continues bending over the bed, raising her tight, plump ass into the air. She spreads her legs wide, causing her shaven slip to open slightly. She reaches her hands around and spreads her ass cheeks apart, exposing her clean, pink anus. Damian has already undressed, and now, unable to control himself, grasps Veronica around the waist and ass, then drives his tongue deep into her anus. He licks it dry, then spreads it open and spits into it, then begins sliding his tongue in and out of her ass. His saliva drips out of her ass and onto almanbahis şikayet her pussy, which is starting to become wet.

Veronica’s ass is dripping with spit, and now Damian says, “Alright bitch, now to lube me up.” With that, he lifts her legs up, dropping her head to he ground, the slides her up towards the top of the bed, until her head is hanging over the edge of the bed. He squeezes either side of her head tight, saying, “Open up, whore.” Veronica opens her mouth wide, and Damian slams his now rock hard cock down her throat. He pumps himself deep into her throat as she chokes and gags for air on his 9 inch dick. Her head rocks violently with every thrust. Now Damian wraps his hands around her neck even tighter, feeling his cock ramming her throat over and over.

He removes himself and Veronicas face is dripping with saliva. Damian’s dick is now smeared with spit from tip to base, and as Veronica coughs and gasps for air, she is able to yell, “Fuck my asshole! Fill my ass with your dick! Now! Fuck me now!” He pulls her head down to the floor again, then puls her legs over her until they too touch the ground right beside either side of her face. Her makeup is smeared all over her face and neck, and her eyes are still watering frm the intense throat fucking.

Her pussy and ass are now straight up in the air, and Damian climbs over Veronica and bends his erection down, just slightly almanbahis canlı casino into her tight ass. He then slams his torso downward, jamming his massive dick deep into her ass. She screams and moans with pleasure. “Ohhh! Fuck yes! Fuck me!” Spit is oozing out of her anus, all over Damians cock, and is running down her back and thighs. He pulls his cock out and wraps his fingers around her plump, now reddened ass and into her anus. He pulls apart as hard as he can, gaping Veronica’s ass wide open. He leans his face over her ass and licks the rim of her anus, then spits into her spread hole. It bubbles back out as her ass clenches tight.

Both now stand up. Damian lays face up on the bed, then Veronica hovers over him and leans herself onto his rock hard member. Buffy now enters the room. She is taller than Veronica by about an inch, and weighs slightly more, maybe 120 lb. She is completly naked, has dirty blonde hair and, like Veronica, has a completely shaven pussy. Her tits are lager than Veronica’s, about DD’s and also implants. She is strapping on a large, flesh colored dildo, almost ten inches long. Veronica bobs up and down on Damian, facing Buffy, her tits bouncing around in her bra.

Damian removes Veronica’s bra, exposing her large, now erect tits. Veronica leans back and lies over Damian with his dick still deep in her anus. Damian reaches over the top of Veronica to her almanbahis casino loins and grasps her thighs, then pulls them apart. He then spreads her pussy lips wide open, and with that, Buffy slams the dildo all the way into Veronica. Buffy climbs on top of Veronica and begins licking her breasts and sucking her tits, all the while jamming the dildo deep into her pussy. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it harder you fucking slut!” Veronica screams.

After a few moments of harcore fucking, Damian almost cums, but both Veronica and Buffy climb off before he does. They both walk into the bathroom. Damian hears the sound of the shower, then walks in after the girls. He walks in and finds them in the shower, embracing each other, making out and licking each other, the large dildo stuck deep within Veronica’s pussy. Damian climbs in behind Veronica and lifts her legs up, which she wraps around Buffy. He slides his dick into Veronica’s gaping asshole,and both Buffy and Damian lean together and ram themselves in and out of Veronica.

As the hot water sprays her face, making steam rise throughout the entire bathroom, she moans with pleasure. Veronica is wedged between the two bodies, so Damian reaches around and cups both of Veronica’s boobs, then squeezes, filling the hot, soft flesh in his fingers. Damian rams himself harder and harder into Veronica until he cums, deep within her anus. All three seperate, and Buffy lays on the floor with Veronica squating over her face, both dripping wet. Buffy spreads Veronica’s ass apart and laps up the cum that drips out of the gaping asshole onto her face. Veronica then flips over, lays on top of her, and licks the cum off Buffy’s face, too.

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