The Workout

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This story was written to be narrated by another Literotica member, SomeAussieGuy. Here, is the manuscript.


Introduction: Another day at the gym. I’ve been working out for about 20 minutes, now. Not too long. I’m walking on the treadmill at a pretty steady pace. Not too fast, not too slow. Even though it hasn’t been that long, I am starting to break a light sweat. I’m dressed in navy blue, nylon Adidas® track pants and a black wifebeater. After a bit, I notice an incredibly, beautiful young lady walk in with a gorgeous figure. She walks across the room to get to the equipment that she’s going to use, so I get a perfect view of her backside. She is wearing tight, dark grey sweatpants and a very cute, little hot pink sports bra. Her butt is squeezed so tight in those pants, and it switches lovely from side to side as she walks. I try to look away quickly so that I don’t get too excited, because if I do it will be easily seen through these thin, loose, track pants.

Warm up: So, I continue minding my own business. My walking has now accelerated to a jog and I’m watching the news over the sound of the treadmill. Sweat is starting to run down my face and neck. I take the towel around my neck and quickly wipe the sweat from my eyes. I’m breathing and panting hardly. I glance over at you on the elliptical. Gosh, I can’t help myself. I’m savoring the sight of you. Those tight, soft buns moving up and down rhythmically as you pedal. Your delicate hips are swaying graciously from side to side. You haven’t broken a sweat, yet; but I anticipate seeing it when it begins to drip down your hot skin that showing on your back. Your sports bra is hugging you nicely. As I continue gazing at you, I start to become aroused again. My body is already heated, and you make me even hotter. I can feel my heart rate going up, and I feel the blood rushing to every part of my body, including one part in particular. I’m starting to take notice to the moistness inside my pants from the sweating. The soft, silky, smooth nylon feels good moving against my member as it starts to grow. Mmm…I sort of make a quiet, low grunt. Luckily, no one can hear me over the noise of the machines and the t.v. Finally, I’ve come to the end of my jogging routine and I decide to move over to the elliptical area of the gym. I take a few minutes to cool down, wiping the excess moisture from my face and neck. I take a little time to let my erection go down, then after resting for a minute, I walk over and get on the elliptical next to you. As I start up the machine, I look over at you and smile.

You smile back and say, “Hi.” “Hi, how are you?” I reply.

You say, “Fine, thanks.”

“Great.” (I say).

We get back to working out, and I can’t help but to look over. I was enjoying the view from afar just a few minutes ago, and it’s even better up close. You notice Belek travesti me out the corner of your eye, staring at you. You turn your head over quickly and catch me. I turn my head quickly, a little blushed with embarrassment. I know I can’t deny it though, so I turn my head back over at you again and sort of give you a goofy smile. I turn my head back, looking straight forward for a few minutes. Then I notice you out the corner of my eye glaring at me. Your eyes are focused toward the middle of my body. I catch you take a glance at my crotch. I’m a little embarrassed at my excitement showing. You have a mischievous smirk on your face. I look back over at you, and give you a wink. Surprisingly, you wink back at me. After about ten more minutes, you turn off your machine. Suddenly, you sneak up behind me and grab my butt as I’m moving up and down on the elliptical. You rub it and squeeze it through my pants. I wonder if anyone sees you, but I don’t care. Mmm…damn it feels so good. I grunt when you take me by surprise and dig a little into my crack, through the soft, damp nylon fabric of my track pants. Then, you leave and walk off into the sauna room. I cut my elliptical off and follow you.

The Sauna: When I enter the sauna room, I find you bent over digging through your gym bag that you sat on the bench. I walk up behind you, wrap my hands around your waist and pull your butt up against my crotch. You must be excited already, because I feel your buttocks twitch immediately. Mmm…that got me so hard. My erection is raging, throbbing and jumping. I grunt and groan as I feel pre-cum starting to ooze out of the head of my very hard penis. I turn you around by your waist, so that you’re facing me. I pull you closer, one hand in your hair and start to kiss you. I force my hot tongue into your wet mouth, moving it in and out as if I’m fucking your mouth with my tongue. Then, I pull out and move my tongue down, licking the perspiration off of your hot neck. Your skin is so wet, slippery and smooth. You’re so beautiful and delicate. Mmm…your scent is so sweet. You whimper and moan as I lick you, then I move up your neck and begin to lick and nibble on your earlobes…

“We better get out of here!” you exclaim.

“I have a better idea,” I said. Then, I walked over to the door and locked it. I assure you that the door is locked, and that no one will come in. I tell you that, “they’ll think someone is cleaning.”

The Passion: …after nibbling on your earlobes, I stick the tip of my tongue inside your ear and it drives you crazy. Your moaning is starting to get loud and your breathing has gotten heavy. As I’m fondling inside your ear with my tongue, I slowly start to undo your sports bra from behind, then I squeeze your supple, creamy white breasts. I move my thumbs across your firm, taut nipples. You have Kemer travesti your arms around my waist, and you start to lift up my black, soaking wet wifebeater. I help you out, and lift it up over my head. Sweat is dripping down my chest, both from working out and from being in the steamy sauna.

I take my tongue out of your hear and onto your hot, wet, erect nipples. Mmm…your squirming with pleasure and you murmur, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

I ignore you, flicking my tongue quickly over your nipples as you gasp in ecstasy. While I pleasure you, you move your hands down my waist and onto my backside. You squeeze my rub and squeeze my buttocks, driving me crazy. Then, you move around to my crotch, and begin to rub, squeeze and tug on my erection through my track pants. You can hear the material of the baggy, nylon windpants making noise. My dick is throbbing and jumping inside, and I feel a puddle of wet, slippery, sticky hot pre-cum on the head of my penis, running down my scrotum. “Ahhh… baby,” I grunt out loud, with your tit in my mouth. My saliva is dripping and running down your breast onto your stomach and into your navel. I lick all the way down, and suck it out your navel and you moan in pleasure. As I drive you wild, tonguing your navel, I have my hands on your buttocks and give you a good spank. You shutter with excitement.

I look down and find your tight sweatpants are wet at the crotch. I move my hand down and start to gently massage it. Your moaning increases. Your hot body is shivering with anticipation. Feeling the wetness through the cotton of your sweatpants is driving me crazy. My hardon is raging and my balls are burning, ready to explode, as I’m bowing down with my knees bent, licking your wet, hot, camel tow through your sweatpants. I get more and more excited, so I pick you up and sit you on the bench.

“Spread those legs baby, so I can get in between them.”

I remove your tennis shoes, and then pull your pants down gently. My hot tongue is glistening with saliva as it enters that pretty, pink, supple, hot, moist anticipating vagina. It’s so sticky and sweet. I rub your thighs as I give you head. I can feel your whole body tingling; your chest is moving up and down, breathing so heavily. You’re panting so hard and moaning. Your juices are running down the inside of your thighs and dripping onto your legs. Your body is so wet from the condensation in the sauna room. So is mine, but I still have my pants on. My shirt is off. I pull my tongue out your pussy, and stand up in front of you. My crotch is in front of your face, and you grab me by my butt and push me toward you. You start sucking on my tent through my pants, wetting the front of them. The nylon material is glistening with your spit. I’m about to bust, so I pull back from you so I won’t cum in my pants. As Konyaaltı travesti you pull my pants down, a string of clear, sticky pre-cum is attached from my hard cock to the waistband of my trackies.

You wrap your soft, pretty lips around this dick. Right at that moment, I grunt and my dick jumps inside of your mouth. “Mmm…yeah girl! Suck this dick,” I say excitedly in a commanding voice. Your head is moving back and forward on my cock, as I stand in front of you with my hands on your shoulders and yours on my bare, sweaty buttocks. I start pumping into your mouth, and you begin to gag as I’m hitting the back of your throat. When I pull out of your mouth, my dick jumps. A thick, sticky, nasty mixture of pre-cum and your saliva drips from my throbbing cock. My pants are wrapped around my ankles, and I still have my sneakers on. I pull my sneakers off and pull my pants from around my ankles. Now, we’re both completely naked. I pull out my yoga mat from my gym bag, and lay it on the floor. I pick you up and carry you over and then lie you down gently on the mat. I climb in between your thighs, and hover over you as I kiss you gently on the lips and run my hands through your wet hair. I kiss your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, and then I crack open your pretty, pink, supple lips with my firm, hot, wet tongue and start fucking your mouth again with it. As I’m hovering over you, with my tongue in your mouth, you reach down beneath my abs and grab my hard, thick, meaty dick and start rubbing it on your split. “Mmm…baby, yeah. Your coochie is so slippery and wet,” I murmur as I’m still tonguing you deep.

I move my pelvis forward, trying to reach you. Feeling the tip of your dripping slit against the head of my swollen, throbbing cock. Pre-cum is steadily excreting out of the head of my penis, trembling down onto your pussy. There’s a puddle of your pussy juice and my pre-nut beneath you, on the plastic mat.

“Mmm…girl let me get that “wet wet.”

I look into your eyes and ask if you if you’re ready for it. You look into my eyes and shake your head, “Yes.” I tell you that I’m going to beat that pussy up.

We remain in the missionary position. You’re on your back, snuggled beneath me while I’m on top with my sweaty butt in the air. My cock is pointed toward your centerfold, ready to enter. You being to rub my dick against your entrance faster, and finally I push in. “Ughhh….!” It’s so good, I can’t help but holler out like a lion. My head drops on your shoulder. Your wet, hot, slippery, juicy, sticky poontang makes my knees shake. I’m pumping in and out slowly, my ass in the air, my butthole twitching as I beat your pussy. As I thrust in and out, our juices mix together and produce a cream that oozes out of your pussy while I’m inside you. We can hear the wetness. The excess moisture sounds smooth and sticky, like mayonnaise when you’re stirring it. You slip your finger into my hot, twitching, sweaty butthole, and I let out a manly moan. You have no idea how good this feels to me, having my hole fingered while I beat your pussy. Grunting and groaning.

To be continued…

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The Windjammer Cruise Ch. 02

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April 2008

Authors Note: This is a continuation of “The Windjammer — Chapter 1”. The reader may want to read it first in order to understand the characters.


Dinner in San Juan

The kids and I enter our room at the hotel. They are excited to see the view out on our balcony. Our room overlooks the ocean and the beach.

“Dad? Carol, Linda and I want to go exploring downtown. If we stay as a group, would that be OK?” Charlie asks.

“As long as you stay as a group, it’s fine with me. Why not find us a place to have dinner tonight. I’m starved. And remember, we are meeting down in the lobby at 6:30.” I reply.

“OK, we will meet you there. What are you going to do?” he asks.

“I think I’ll just take a quick shower and relax a bit. See you at 6:30, and I don’t want to hear that you and Carol tried to loose Linda.”

“Would we do that?” he asks with a grin on his face.

“Get out of here, and be good”

The breeze coming in the window reminded me I was on vacation in the Caribbean. The sea air was very refreshing.

During my shower, I kept having flashbacks of Ellen reaching up for a pillow and blanket on the plane this morning. The way the blouse hugged her body was very erotic. I was instantly hard again. My hand quickly reached down, allowing me to relieve the tension that had been building all day. A quick nap afterwards is rejuvenating.

I dress in slacks and a loose linen shirt. As I walk down to the lobby, I wonder how the evening will be? Will Ellen cause me to be frustrated again. I know you haven’t really flirted, but I find myself thinking about you more and more.

The kids are already in the lobby waiting for us. Charley comes up to me to let me know we have reservations for 6:45 at a place down the block. The girls tell me about a club they found down the block that they want to go visit tonight after dinner.

In the middle of telling me about the club, Carol’s eyes got real wide. “Mom?”

We all looked where Carol’s gaze was directed. There stood Ellen, looking very different from the “conservative Mom” you had earlier. I’m sure my jaw dropped.

You were wearing a light blue paisley dress that has spaghetti straps and ends about 3 inches above you tan legs. The top is cut square across allowing me to see the tops of you tan breasts. The waist is cinched, accentuating your shapely figure. You are wearing very simple sandals’ with a 2 inch heal. Ellen’s hair is brushed back and held with a clip and there is just a hint more make up than earlier. Most surprising of all was the fact that you aren’t wearing a bra. Evidently there was a cool breeze in the elevator on you way down.

“Mom, I can’t believe you’re dressed like that.” Carol exclaimed.

“Carol, I’m on vacation. Your father isn’t here to get uptight about it. Are you wanting this vacations to be ultra conservative for everybody?” Ellen replied, shifting her glance between Carol and Charlie, who were holding hands.

You then turned towards me and asked, “Terry, do you find this too outlandish?”

“At the risk of upsetting Carol, I think you look fantastic. I’ll feel proud getting the glares from the other guys we pass. Let them think I’m your husband.” I replied while looking you in the eye.

“Dad, you shouldn’t encourage Mrs. B like that.” my daughter exclaimed.

“Charlie, why not lead the way to dinner. We don’t want to miss our reservation”. I then hold out both my elbows, one for Linda and one for Ellen. Linda ignores me and runs to grab hold of her brothers other elbow.

“Do you think this is too daring?” Ellen whispers too me.

I glance at you, taking in your sexy looks from head to toe and reply, “Depends on how you feel in it? I wasn’t kidding about how fantastic you look.” Then I whisper, more to myself than anyone else, “but seeing you like that is making walking a little difficult”.

You obviously heard what I said because you squeeze my arm, allowing your breast to press against me and say, “Thanks, a lady likes to know you can still have an effect like that now and then. Lord knows Jeff hasn’t noticed that lately.”

Dinner was delightful. Ellen sat on the other side of the table. This gave me the opportunity to talk with you easily. The kids were anxious to visit the dance club they had seen earlier.

“Dad, do you mind seeing that Mrs. B. gets back to the hotel? Linda, Carol and I want to head down the block to the dance club we saw earlier. What time do we have to be back?” Charlie asked.

“If Ellen doesn’t mind, I’d be honored to escort her back. We might even stop at the Jazz club we walked by on our way here. We are leaving for the cruise at 1pm. You guys are all over 21. You are responsible for yourselves. I will be having breakfast at 10am and expect you three to make an appearance by then. So use your best judgment.” I tell them.

“Aw Dad, I hate it when you tell us to use our best judgment. Then we have to guess what time you think is right.” Linda Lara Travesti whines.

I just grin and see Ellen wink at me. The kids quickly take off before I do set a time for them.

After paying the bill, Ellen and I begin walking along the road. “Terry, I really liked how you handled that. Jeff would have set some arbitrary time and that would be that. You seem to enjoy being with your kids, but giving them the space they need.”

“Thank you. You and Carol seem to get along ok.” I replied.

The Beachside Entertainment

We continued walking in silence for a block before Ellen asked, “Terry, did you know I really like Jazz when you said that to the kids?”

I laugh before replying, “No I didn’t, but I love jazz too. And, to be honest, I wanted get some more glares from those guys who are jealous, thinking I’m the lucky one taking you to bed tonight” I flirt.

You turn a deep shade of red before putting your arm through mine. “I think I’m going to enjoy this week Terry. You are such a flirt, and You’ve already boosted my self esteem more than Jeff has in the last 10 year. Thanks.”

“The Blue Lagoon” is an open air bar with a thatched roof, tikki torches and the sea breeze. “What would you like a drink?” I asked Ellen. I was momentarily distracted and had to ask you what you had said a second time. You has just taken a seat, crossing you legs, causing you flimsy dress to ride high on you thighs. The gentle wind from the ocean was caused your nipples to become very prominent.

You grab the drink menu and looks through it diligently until you spot a picture of the drink a lady at the next table over is having. “I’d like to try an Appletini” you respond.

I go up to the bar to order you an Appletini, and my Bushmills with a diet coke. I’m surprised at how much apple Vodka goes into the drink and wonder what effect it will have on you. I know you had two Bloody Mary’s while on the plane and we both had a large glass of wine with dinner.

When I return to the table, I see your sandals are on the deck in front of you and you are tapping your toes in rhythm with the music. When I hand you your drink, I watch in amazement as you take a big gulp.

Just as I’m about to sit down, you set down your drink and grab my hand, leading me to the dance floor. It’s a fast song, and I enjoy watching you as you move to the music. Your dress flares out at the bottom in a very sexy way. Two songs later, the little quartet slows it down. You step right next to me like we’d been dancing for years. You lift your arms around my neck. I feel the heat of your body against me, your firm breasts pressing into my stomach. I smell your clean hair as it brushes against my chin. Holding you like this is very exciting. I wonder if you can feel my arousal between us. It takes all my self control to keep from letting my hands wander over you body.

When we return to our table, you quickly downed the rest of your drink. “What are you drinking?” you ask.

I watch as you walk to the bar, swearing you are wiggling your hips more than usual. Then I wonder if you are flirting or have had too much to drink. I glance around to see a number of other guys and gals checking you out.

“They ran out of glass glasses, so we have to settle with plastic” you inform me before plopping down in my lap. You then lean over and whisper, “Do you think those guys are jealous now?”

I chuckle before replying, “Yes, I’m sure they are, and from the looks of it, there might be a few jealous ladies too”.

You drape your arm around my shoulder. This gives me a birds eye view of your thinly veiled breasts. After taking a drink, I let my hand “slip” onto your knee. You jump and giggle, “You’re just trying to get me chilled with those cold hands of yours so my nipples get hard.” I can tell you are feeling no pain at this point.

“No Ellen, I wasn’t trying to do that. My intentions are honorable. Besides, I’d noticed that your nipples were already hard” I say before blowing warm air in their direction. “Does that help?”

“If I didn’t know better (and I don’t) I’d think you are trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me.” you slur.

A walk on the Beach

The band takes a break, so I suggest we take a walk on the beach. You grab your sandals and we grab our drinks and off we go, out the back way to the beach.

As we walk along, I wonder where this week will lead. I find you very attractive and enjoy being around you. Will anything sexual happen between us? What will our kids think if it does? Will they tell our spouses if they do find out?

You tell me to hold out my hand and then hang your sandals on my finger and put your drink in my hand. I then watch as you lift your dress a little higher and start running down the beach towards the water. You frolic in the foam up to your knees. You lift your dress higher, unaware that in doing so I see the black lace panties you are wearing. I follow you as you move down the surf Manavgat travesti towards our hotel. After awhile, you come out of the water and retrieve your drink. You take a big sip. You then lean up against me and give me a big wet kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for allowing me to come along. I’ve really needed some time away from home; to unwind, to think about things.”

We continue walking down the beach, each of us silent and in our own little world. With the alcohol for courage I take the first step over the line. I reach out to take your hand in mine. You look up at me with a questioning look, as though asking “is this real?” But then your smile begins to radiate and I know I made the right decision.

A few steps later, you stop and turn to me and ask, “Terry, have you heard the saying, “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”? I nod yes. “How do you feel about making a new saying, “What happens on vacation stays on the vacation?”

“Ellen, I met you five years ago at the Speech tournament and since then, I’ve thought about you a lot. I think I was more disappointed when Charlie and Carol split a month later the he was. I know this could get complicated, and I’m not sure how the kids would take it, but I want to ask you a question. ” I pause, hoping I don’t get slapped, but pretty sure I won’t. “Ellen, would you be offended if I kissed you?”

By way of an answer you stepped closer to me, lifting my hand to your cheek. “Terry, right now, I can’t think of anything I’d like better. Well maybe one or two things..”

I use my fingers to lift your chin towards my lips as I lower my head. Our lips brush together and I feel the heat. Our tongues make that first tentative entrance into the others mouth. Soon they are dancing with passion. My right hand moves through your hair.

I break the kiss, looking down into your eyes for a response. You lift your glass toward me, “Cheers, and here is to a great beginning to what I think might be a wonderful week”. You then down the rest of your drink, letting your glass and sandals fall to the sand.

We come together in a passionate embrace. Our bodies are pressed against each other. I feel your firm breasts against my chest. I’m sure you feel my arousal burning between us. My fingers are running through your soft hair while yours are under my shirt, caressing my back.

I break the kiss, nibbling my way along your chin so I can whisper in your ear how sexy you are. “Terry, you are a very handsome man. You don’t know how long I’ve yearned to hear someone call me sexy.” You murmur in reply.

“Well you certainly look sexy in those black panties you are wearing.” I giggle.

“How do you know what color panties I’m wearing?” you query with a shocked expression on your face.

I chuckle before replying. “Well Ellen, you should be a little more careful when you lift your dress up while frolicking in the ocean. You were fully exposed out there, and with the full moon, it was quite a show. And, a very nice show I might add”

I see you blushing as I lean down to kiss you again. Your arms snake behind me, pulling me against you. I shift slightly to let my right leg slide between your thighs. You let your legs part slightly, allowing my thigh to press against you. I feel you moan into my mouth. Your hands slide under my shirt, your finger tips pulling at my back muscles.

The fingers of my left hand glide through your soft hair as I pull your mouth tight against mine. You begin sucking my tongue into your mouth making me yearn to know what it would feel like to have you sucking on something else. I wonder if you know the effect you are having on me. Then I realize you must given that your hip is pressing against my growing bulge.

My right hand slides up your smooth arm towards your shoulder. Your skin is soft and warm to my touch as I lower it down your back. I grin to myself thinking about how you would react if I lowered the zipper I’m touching now. My arm stretches further, allowing me to cup your ass. You moan again as this increases the pressure of my thigh against you. I feel you shudder against me as I drag my fingers up your side, around your arm to the base of your breast.

You unrestrained beast is firm in my hand. As I begin squeezing you, I feel you flexing your hips, increasing the pressure of my thigh against your sex. Your nipples are like erasers pressing into my palm. From the feel, I’m guessing you are a 34B.

You moan out loud as I nibble my way along your neck. I capture your left nipple between my fingers and hear you squeal in pleasure. “Gaud that feels good Terry, he never touches me anymore” you murmur.

I glance behind you and see a beach chair a hundred feet down from us. I put my arm around you waist, leading you towards the chair. “Let’s sit down and get a bit more comfortable.” I grin. As we walk, you put your hand in my pocket, squeeze my ass periodically.

When we reach the chair, I sit down, pulling you into my lap. Your Side travesti arms go around my neck and mine around your waist. We are soon locked in a passionate embrace. Our tongues are dancing with a renewed fervor.

I raise my hand so I can cup your breast again. Your nipple feels hard in my hand and I hear you murmur “Yes” as I begin squeezing it. You arch your back, inviting me to squeeze more. I start kissing my way along your chin and down your neck. I find the strap of your dress and let my tongue leave a wet trail along your collarbone until I reach the top of your dress. I lift my head to gaze into your eyes. I see the lust there while you nod your head indicating you want me to continue.

My left hand slowly unzips the back of your dress. My other hand moves to push the spaghetti straps off your shoulders, allowing the cups of your dress to fall down. A look of concern moves across your face as I gape at your newly exposed flesh. “Your breasts are beautiful Ellen. They seem to be begging to be suckled.” I add.

“Please” you croak.

While not large, your breasts are firm and topped with tight brown nipples the size of my pinky. I lean over and blow warm air over your left tit. “hmm” escapes from your lips. You start running your fingers through my hair, slowly pulling my mouth towards your chest.

I extend my tongue so I can flick it over your bundle of nerve endings. You jump with my first contact. You arch your back when I suck your nipple into my mouth. You ass starts squirming in my lap as I let my teeth scrape over your flesh. Your fingers begin drawing my head tighter against your chest, forcing more of your flesh into my sucking mouth. I shake my head, sending new sensations through your body on their way to your sexual middle. the

You seem lost in your own little world of pleasure. Little sounds radiate from inside you. I take this opportunity to slide my right hand down your side, over your hips and along your thighs. You finally notice my fingers caressing you when they touch your right knee. You respond by letting your legs part limply. I continue stroking your inner thigh as my hand moves higher up your leg. Your muscles quiver in anticipation of the explosion that is building inside you.

As my fingers near your sex, I feel your damp heat. The wind shifts and I get a wonderful whiff of your arousal. When I finally touch your panties, I find they are wet with your juices. You moan when I press my finger against your button. You gyrate your hips in an effort to increase the pressure.

My hand moves up your thigh in an attempt to slide a finger inside the leg opening of your thong. I feel your soft honey covered pubs, looking forward to licking off your dew. You moan out loud with pleasure before adding, “Terry, will you make love to me?”

I pull back in surprise, not that I don’t want to have you, but more out of surprise. You quickly pull back when you see my face.

“Don’t you want me?” you ask with a whimper.

I pause before answering, trying to process it all.

“Never mind.” You sob as you bring your hands to your face. I can feel you beginning to cry.

“Ellen, you are so sexy. It’s not that I don’t want to have wild sex with you. It’s just that you caught me by surprise. I have to confess that I’ve had quite a few fantasies of what I’d want to do with you since I met you when our kids first started dating” I whisper.

You look up at me in wonder. “Terry, I have two confessions to make. Since that day we worked together, I’ve wondered what you’d be like. The other thing is, I’ve only been with one man, Jeff, before. I was a virgin till after he asked me to marry him. There are so many things I’ve read about but was afraid to bring it up to Jeff because he’d think I’m a freak.”

I hold you close, brushing my hand over your hair. “Ellen, I had no idea. The other reason I don’t want to make love to you now, key phrase there is now, is that I’m a bad boy scout tonight.” I can tell from the puzzled look on your face that you don’t understand. ” I’m not prepared. I didn’t expect this, so I don’t have any condoms with me. But fear not, I do want you. I want to make you feel so good.”

This must have been the right answer because you take my right hand and place it on your left breast. “You are already making me feel good. I just hope I can make you feel good.” you whisper before putting your lips over mine in a passion filled kiss.

Briefly breaking the kiss, I look into your eyes and say, “I think you are a little over dressed. I can think of something black that you should take off.”

“Hmmm” you murmur, “I think I’m going to like this” you add as you stand up, making a show of sliding your panties down your legs without lifting your dress.

You hand them to me. I feel how damp they are with your juices. You begin blushing as I bring them to my nose to inhale your scent. “Where do you want me Terry?”

I point to my lap. You sit down, not caring that the top of your dress fell down, exposing your firm chest. It is then that I notice there are no tan lines. My hand slides up under your dress, letting my fingers tickle your inner thigh. You make no move to close your thighs, but rather spread them open, inviting me in.

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The Video Store Ch. 04

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When I came to, it was sometime before dawn. Outside, light was just starting to sneak into the sky, changing it from infinite black to a deep purple. I’d been asleep for maybe four hours, and somewhere in that time my cock had softened and slipped from Jo, most likely when she had rolled away from me. I smiled as I looked at her in the darkness, her breathing soft and even, her hair messy with sleep and sex. Peering back over my shoulder, I could see Amber, sleeping peacefully, her soft blonde hair spread across a pillow, her chest rising and falling, creating a gentle rustling sound as the thin chain still connected to her nipples moved with her breath.

As gently as I could, I reached out and slowly freed the tiny clamps from Amber’s small, still-hard nipples. She moaned softly and shifted in her sleep, unconsciously rubbing her fingers across the most likely aching tips. I figured the girls would be asleep for a few more hours, but I knew I wouldn’t be getting back to sleep any time soon. I carefully pulled myself from between the girls and stood, stretching beside the bed. The bathroom was blessedly close and I walked to it, flipping on the shower and stepping to the toilet to relieve the pressure that had built up in my bladder while I slept.

The hot shower was incredible, the water washing away the sweat of my exertions the day before, relaxing muscles that had experienced wonderful over-use. I scrubbed myself clean slowly, enjoying my shower, and when I shut off the water and stepped out to grab my towel I grinned.

Amber was perched daintily on the toilet, still naked and smiling back at me as she reached behind herself to flush.

“Figured I’d wait until you were out to flush just in case your plumbing is anything like mine,” she said, her smile brightening.

“Thanks,” I said, pulling my towel from the rack by the shower. My cock stirred ever so slightly at the sight of her slim body as she stretched, her breasts pushing forward. Her still-hard nipples poked out towards me, and her smile deepened further as she caught me looking.

“Mmm,” she groaned, dropping her arms from over her head. One hand landed in her lap, the other landed on my hip. She pulled me toward her and leaned forward. “I was hoping maybe I could get another good, rough fuck before I head home.”

Amber spread her legs as she leaned forward, her free hand slipping lower and gliding across her pussy. She moaned, her mouth so close I felt her breath on my cock as it stiffened against her cheek. I felt her smile against my cock and it twitched, pulsing against the side of her face.

“I loved what you and your girlfriend did to me last night. Every second of it. I love being used, being so slutty and fucked like a toy. Use me again. Use me like your toy before I leave,” she whispered against my shaft, the movement of her lips on my cock and the Üçyol travesti words driving me to full hardness.

I reached down and tangled my fingers in her hair, pulling sharply back, turning her face up so I could look in her eyes. She gasped as I pulled, her mouth opening in a combination of surprise and hopeful lust. I took the opportunity to push my cock into her mouth, feeding her my length, pressing her head forward as she swallowed my hardness. The tip of my shaft bumped against the back of her throat and she moaned, her hand working faster on her pussy as I pushed myself against her throat.

I pushed harder and my entire length disappeared in her throat, causing her to gag and cough around my shaft, her face and neck reddening. Her hands grasped my hips, clawing against me, pulling me in, trying to shove me deeper even as my cock blocked the air to her lungs. Her toes curled and her knees came together as I let go of her head, but she kept pushing herself down, holding my cock in her throat, gagging slightly, small sounds of choking coming from her lips wrapped tightly around the base of my shaft.

Her fingers clawed more weakly at my sides and her eyes began to roll back in her head. I felt her body start to go limp as she began to pass out and slide from the toilet. I pulled my cock from her throat and caught her, hauling her up with my hands under her shoulders as she gasped and gulped in greedy lungfuls of air. I spun her around and she caught herself on the sink, her palms flat against the porcelain and her legs apart, her knees slightly buckled.

I stepped behind her and used one hand to guide my cock to her pussy, finding it shockingly wet and burying myself in her with one hard thrust that pushed her hips into the sink.

“Aaah! Oh fuck, yes!” she screamed, her knees buckling again as I grabbed a handful of her hair, wrapping my other arm around her waist and using my handholds to pull her back onto my cock as hard as I could. The young blonde shook as she came, her pussy clenching around me, her eyes wide and her hands white-knuckled on the sink, crying out with each fast breath. From the corner of my eye, I saw Jo stir on the bed, and I smiled to myself.

I pulled my cock from Amber’s shaking pussy and pushed her away from the sink, back into the bedroom.

“Lick her pussy,” I said as I pushed the young blonde girl toward Jo, who was just opening her eyes. “Lick her while I fuck you.”

Jo’s eyes widened and then her wicked little grin returned as she realized what was happening and spread her slender legs wide, beckoning Amber forward with one finger and licking her lips. Amber moaned and crawled across the bed, burying her face in Jo’s pussy, offering her dripping wetness to me from all fours. Jo blew me a kiss as I knelt behind our young blonde toy and winked at me.

As I slid my Alanya Travesti cock inside Amber’s tight little body once more, Jo handed me the butt plug I’d bought her and squeezed my hand before laying back with a moan to enjoy the lovely things happening to her pussy. I grinned and reached down, pushing gently until the plug slipped into Amber’s ass, and felt her deep moan vibrate through her body and around my cock. Amber moaned and gasped into Jo’s open, wet pussy as I slammed my cock into her over and over, her body shaking and her hands trembling with lust and pleasure as she slipped two fingers into Jo.

“Oh, fuck!” moaned Jo. “You like that? You like fingering me while my man shoves his cock in your slutty little pussy? Uhhhnn…. Fucking lick my clit and make me cum on your tongue!” Jo placed her hand on the back of the young blonde’s head, holding her in place while she swirled her tongue around Jo’s clit and pumped her fingers in and out. Jo threw her head back and arched, pushing her perfect pale breasts with their hard little nipples out toward me as she came on Amber’s fingers.

Our little blonde toy moaned and her arm moved even faster as she fucked her fingers in and out of Jo’s convulsing pussy. I slammed my cock into her again and again, my pelvis driving the plug into her ass with each thrust. As Jo’s orgasm ended, Amber’s began. Her breath stopped and her pussy clamped around my cock as she shook, a deep flush starting somewhere I couldn’t see and spreading out, emerging from under her hair and flashing down her back. Her pussy grasped at me, trying to hold me as I plunged into her over and over, driving through her orgasm even when it felt like her sex was trying to turn itself inside out around me.

As Jo cried out and called her taunting commands to her, I felt Amber’s pussy clench down on my cock and she came hard, her whole body jerking and spasming on the bed, the hand fingering Jo losing it’s rhythm. Jo began to roll her hips sexily, continuing what Amber wasn’t able to and bringing herself to her own wracking orgasm as she stared me in the eyes over the back of our young blonde toy. She licked her lips as she came, pinching her nipple and twisting it lightly between her fingers.

“Cum in her, baby. Cum in Amber’s naughty little pussy, fill her up, baby,” she moaned to me.

The sight of Jo grinding herself into Amber’s tongue, her fingers on her nipples, the look of total lust in her eyes all sent me over the edge. I slammed my cock as deep into Amber as I could and came, jet after jet of cum against the back of the young blonde’s tight, convulsing pussy. As I came, I felt Amber’s pussy clench even harder, felt her tremble as her orgasm renewed and she came again and again, collapsing across Jo’s lap, falling away from my twitching and still-hard cock.

I fell forward. catching myself Konyaaltı travesti on shaky arms, my head level with Jo’s soft, perfect breasts. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up, her lips coming to mine in and urgent and deep kiss, wrapping her free leg around my waist and pulling, wanting me wrapped up in her. I shuffled my legs over Amber’s and used my knee to gently push her aside as I lay forward, covering Jo with my body as we kissed. Jo’s tongue swirled around mine and she reached lower, gripping my hard, still-wet cock and pulling me closer.

“That was so fucking sexy, baby,” she whispered into my lips. “Fuck me. Please, baby, fuck me.” Jo lined my cock up with her soaking pussy and kept pulling until the head was just inside. I smiled down at her, and kissed her again, my tongue sliding across hers as I felt her arms circle my neck and her one free leg pull at my waist. I slammed my hips forward, burying my entire length in her pussy in one quick, hard thrust as she screamed in my mouth.

Jo’s pussy held me fast, pulsing around me. She whispered nonsense against my lips as she came around me, her leg holding me tightly in place, deep inside her. I began to thrust slowly, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in, inch by inch. Jo’s hands held my face, my lips close to hers, our eyes locked as we slowly fucked, grinding our bodies together at the bottom of each thrust.

I felt Jo’s other leg wrap around me, somewhere in the back of my mind registering that Amber had moved, left the bed, but it didn’t matter just then. All that mattered was Jo, her pussy clenched around me, her lips against mine as we moved with each other, straining together. I don’t know how long we stayed that way, clutching each other, my cock deep inside her, pushing as far in as it could go, her pussy tight around me, pulsing, milking, arms around each other, lost in each other’s bodies. I know that when I came, I came hard, deep inside Jo, her own orgasm crashing into her as her lips moved against mine.

We rested against each other for a few moments, our sweaty bodies still wrapped around each other, our foreheads touching, eyes closed, breathing heavily. Jo smiled and kissed me on the tip of my nose, her eyes opening and shining.

“We need a shower,” she said. She was right. Between Amber and her, I had effectively ruined my earlier bathing, and Jo hadn’t gotten the opportunity since yesterday.

We untangled ourselves slowly, both of us gasping as my cock withdrew and her pussy gave me one last squeeze before I slipped out of her. Looking around, we realized that Amber had left, excusing herself during our fucking, leaving behind only the nipple clamps and a post-it note that she had scrounged from my desk that had a phone number scribbled on it.

“I think we made an impression,” Jo laughed.

“Apparently,” I replied. I slipped my arm around Jo’s waist and pulled her in for a kiss. “Come on, let’s shower and go get something to eat.”

“Thank God,” Jo replied. I smiled as she pulled away and I got to watch her perfect ass move into the bathroom.

It had been one hell of a morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

The Waitress

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Although the person and place are real the rest is a fantasy.

I’ve known Kathy for over 10 years, well not really known her personally, but rather as a casual acquaintance for the most of those years. I really haven’t gotten to know much more than her name until the past 2 – 3 years.

There’s this small town, by small I mean less than 400 people, where there’s a little restaurant where I often stop for breakfast or lunch. For the first many years it would only be once every month or two but for the past years it’s been almost every week. I stop more frequently now since I have to travel through this little town to check in on one of my investment properties that’s about an hour up the road from there.

However, back to Kathy and how we got to where we are today. The very first time I went into this little place to get some food the main attraction was Kathy. Well it wasn’t her so much that got my attention at first but when she walked away from me after taking my order it was a delight to watch.

She just had the nicest shaped ass I had ever seen! She’s quite a thin women, I’m sure about a size 4 jeans and 32A bra, but her ass is that shape so many of us can spend hours admiring. How can I describe it? It looks much like an upside down Valentines heart or two halves of a peach? Definitely not big, not drooping, and not sticking out, but just sweet, very nice.

That didn’t really mean much to me until recently but every time I stopped in to get some food I always enjoyed the view but never did anything more about it until a couple of years ago. Since I had become a regular customer she’d started to call me by name and was always happy to wait on my table

Over the years I’d seen her age but her ass always looked great and looked to still be nice and tight. One year I’d seen her with a black eye, a few weeks later she’d taken off her wedding ring and then told me about her divorce and the difficulty of raising young teenagers.

Things changed about a year ago when she was cleaning off the dirty dishes at the table next to where I was sitting and as she was bending over to wipe off the table she realized that her ass was pointing right at me. She stood up and muttered some kind of apology about her posture but before she could say much more I blurted out something like “don’t worry I could look at your ass all day.”

That made her blush even more and I thought that for sure I had offended her and she would think of me as some kind of perverted jerk. However, the next time I came in for lunch she greeted me like nothing had ever happened and our usual banter went on as it always had.

But over the next several visits to the restaurant I did notice one big change. Every time I was seated at a table Kathy would seem to make an effort to face away from me and bend over while cleaning up the next table, and even while serving food or coffee to the other table.

It wasn’t too many weeks later that I decided to raise the stakes a bit and after she left the tab for the meal on my table I wrote on the back “Thanks, Nice Ass!” and left the cash and her tip on the table as I usually do.

The next week when I came in she seemed to be a little bit flustered but when she came to my table with coffee the first thing she said was “Thanks, and do you really think so?” Since the place was pretty empty I told her that I’d noticed her ass the very first Bornova travesti time I’d come into the place and it was one of the reasons that I enjoyed coming back every week.

Needless to say this changed our weekly exchanges and although we both flirted with each other we never really acted on it. Well except I did take the opportunity one time to squeeze behind her in the narrow hallway to the bathrooms and was able to get a good feel of her ass and at the same time she was able to feel how “hard” my appreciation was.

Shortly after that quick little feel I stopped in the restaurant and to my surprise there was a large “FOR SALE” nailed to the outside of the building. Kathy explained that the owners were old and bad health was forcing them to sell the business and retire.

Over the next couple of weeks I asked her why she didn’t buy the place, but the excuse of “no money” was all she could tell me. The weeks turned into a couple of months and still no offers had been given for the property. I guess nobody wanted to invest in such a small town. Kathy did say that she tried to buy the place and even had some ideas about improving things but that when she’d talked to the bank they had turned her down.

After I left that day I checked into the business and the property to see what hey wanted for it. I really didn’t want to own a small town restaurant but was curious.

I was surprised to find that the whole place was for sale for what I thought was a small amount of money. In fact after running the numbers, with the level of business remaining the same as it was now, it would just about be paid for in 5 years and even then it would still turn a profit during that time.

Of course by then my devious mind had a plan in place so I submitted and offer as an anonymous buyer, with just a few conditions and it was accepted that day. Now I needed to move forward and see if the deal would come together, or if it would fall apart.

The next week when I stopped in the big sign now said “SOLD” and Kathy was eager to explain that an out of town buyer had bought the business but everyone was convinced that they were going to lose their jobs, or that something bad was going to happen to their livelihood. She explained that the employees were going to meet the new owner, and at least she was supposed to meet them in about 30 minutes.

Since I’d already had an after hours tour of the building I knew that there was an office in the back of the building that had both and inside and outside entrance and had arranged to have the meeting with Kathy in the office. After getting my breakfast to me she excused herself to go and wait for her new boss to show up.

I waited a couple of extra minutes and as always paid my bill and walked out to the parking lot, but instead of leaving I walked up to the outside office door and let myself in. Kathy was sitting in the desk chair and when I came in she was confused and it took awhile before she realized that I was the buyer.

I handed her a folder that contained the purchase agreement, and the conditions for the sale that needed to be met before the sale was final. Basically I would only buy the business if she would stay on as manager for a term of at least 3 years. She would receive a 25% increase in pay and also receive 25% of all profit that the business generated. She really looked happy as she Buca travesti read the details and seemed like she wanted to sign the papers right away.

However when she got to the final paragraph she paused and looked perplexed. It simply said that all this agreement was conditional on a “personal service agreement” with me that she also had to sign. She looked up at the paper I was holding and when I asked her what do you think I want? She smiled and said “you want my ass don’t you?”

I handed her the last page and the requests were quite simple. At least once a week she would willingly give me her ass, her cunt and her mouth for my sexual pleasure to do with as solely as I desired. In addition to the weekly meetings I would require her to spend 6-8 weekends with me where she would attend to whatever I wanted in a sexual matter. This could include but not be limited to the previously mentioned sexual activities, serving as a hostess for parties, either clothed or nude, posing for nude photos or movies, and having sex with whoever I asked her to accommodate.

She swallowed a bit hard at the last words but after some thought said that I could have had her any way I wanted without having to buy the place. I already knew that but thought this was much cleaner and would carry less emotional baggage for the next 3 years. She then offered to sign the papers, but I explained that they needed to be notarized and I would pick them up next week. This would mean that at least one other person, the Notary, would know that she had signed up to be my sexual slave for the next 3 years.

To my surprise she asked if I’d like to seal the deal, and have a taste of what the future will hold? After a quick yes from me I instructed her to stand and start to undress. She stood up from the desk chair and slowly began to unbutton her shirt. I was pleased to see that she was calm and as she pulled off her shirt she even smiled as she reached behind to unhook her bra.

She apologized for the little tits but didn’t hesitate in removing her bra and showing them to me. I was happy to see that she had soft pink nipples and that although her tits were little they were still nicely shaped and didn’t have much sag to them at all. I guess that gravity is less of a problem for women with small tits.

She stood there and waited until I waved her on to continue and after taking off her belt and unfastening her pants she pushed her jeans and her panties off at the same time. Once again I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was indeed a real blond and also that her pussy had just a thin covering of hair.

Once she stepped out of her clothes she just stood facing me as I looked her up and down. She didn’t seem embarrassed at all but just watched me as I looked her over. I asked her to bend over the desk and I moved around behind her to finally get a look at her ass. All these years of looking at it walking away from me and now here she was bent over the desk showing her bare ass to me.

I quickly dropped my pants and started to squeeze and knead her little ass. Soon was also pulling apart her cheeks and running my cock up and down the crack between her sweet ass cheeks. She told me that she hadn’t had anal sex more than a couple of times and that it was a long time ago.

However I had come to this meeting prepared and I quickly lubed her ass and started to explore Konak travesti her ass hole. I could tell that it was going to be tight, it was evident she wasn’t used to having anything shoved in her ass. But that would all change soon.

I told her that I was going to fuck her in the ass and she told me to go for it, and that she wanted it too. It was slow and easy and after a few thrusts had still managed to get about half way into her ass. She was doing the best she could to let me use her but I could tell from the way she clenched her hands that it was difficult for her.

She was encouraging me to push harder and get it all the way in so I grabbed he by the shoulders and shoved my cock all the way into her ass in one quick move. My balls were now up against her pussy and I could feel that she was turned on as she was very wet.

I waited a few moments and then pulled almost all the way out and after a pause plunged all the way in again. She gasped and pushed back against me as she was really doing her best to give me a good fuck with her ass. I realized that today wasn’t the day this was going to happen and after a few more, but less vigorous, pumps in and out of her ass I pulled out all together.

Much to my surprise she was crying when she stood up and I figured that she must really be hurting but instead she was saying how sorry she was and that she really wanted me to fuck her ass, and now I wouldn’t buy the business, and she wouldn’t be able to make more money and on and on.

Finally she quieted down, actually she looked quite nice standing there naked and crying about not being able to please me, and I explained that this didn’t change anything. I would buy her some butt plugs so she could work on stretching out her ass and that I would enjoy fucking her ass many times in the future. I also reminded her that I had plans for her for the next 3 years and that today was just the start of our business relationship.

She finally stopped crying and hugged me and asked “now what”. I asked if she was any good at sucking cock? For a response she dropped to her knees and in less time than it takes to think about it had swallowed almost the complete length of my cock. Not only was she a good cock sucker but she could deep throat as well! This was going to be enjoyable!

It wasn’t until she was well on her way to getting me to cum that it dawned on me that she had taken my cock in her mouth without any hesitation even though just moments before it had been shoved all the way into her ass. She later told me she didn’t think about it until she had already sucked it in and by then she figured that it was something I wanted her to do anyway.

I told her when I was getting ready to cum and that I wanted her to take my cum on her face. She just nodded and as I pulled out of her mouth she positioned herself under my cock so that every drop of cum was between her eyebrows and chin. Nothing missed its mark.

I must say that she looked great with a face covered in cum and quickly took out my cell phone and took a couple of photos. I explained that I would be back next week to pick up her contracts, both for work and for sex, and bring her the butt plugs at the same time. She was still kneeling on the floor, naked, with her face covered in cum and as I went to the door she said “Thank you for a future.”

As I walked away I was already thinking about what the next weeks and months would have to offer.

Ok, if you’ve gotten this far you’ve made it through the story and I’d appreciate some feedback so email me. Too much background? Not enough sex? Write more as it could get interesting” Let the story die?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

The Ultimate Gift

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


There was only so much he could do with his wrists tied together above his head. She made sure to fasten them tight to the bed frame. Naked and slightly cold he was ridiculously hard, anticipating what was going to happen next. It was her birthday and after a romantic evening together filled with dinner by candle light, wine, bathing her and a full body massage, he gave her one last gif-himself.

The only thing she only wore black two inch heels. He could see her still wet hair drape down around her supple breasts. They were a solid C cup, with perky nipples he just wanted to cover in chocolate and eat like the candy they were. Perhaps another night, when he had more say in the evening activities. He couldn’t help but stare at her womanly hips, and long legs. Hopefully she would turn around for him so he could see her awesome butt. He loved her ass so much. It was nice and firm, yet curvy and deliciously spankable.

Without saying a word she crawled over him on all fours. He couldn’t help but stare at her breasts. She would occasionally let her hard nipples drag across his body. Finally her lips met his. His tongue darted into her mouth and searched every crevice- hopping his passion would Esat travesti convince her to let him cum. She put an end to that by biting his lower lip and pulling. She held him like that for what felt like forever, as she grinded her hips into his hardness. She was hot and wet, and such a tease. Her pussy juices left a shiny coating on his throbbing cock. He was a moaning mess and wanted her badly. As he subconsciously struggled through his restraint, she gently kissed along his neck and sucked his earlobe. In between her heavy breathing she told him exactly what they were going to do. This made him both nervous and insatiably horney- something he thought was impossible.

She spun around on top of him so they were in a sixty-nine position. He loved watching her ass as she lowered her sweet dripping pussy just out of reach of his mouth. He then felt what he was dying for- her hot wet moth around his hard throbbing cock. This was short lived, as she dug teeth into him, signaling him to start. Straining to reach her purposefully far clit, he flicked her clit with his tongue. This caused her to ease the pressure of her teeth on him. She swirled her tongue around his head, over his ridge, Kızılay travesti and right at the tip, teasing his hole. This caused him to try and squirm away. She just bit a little harder as she lowered her pussy right on his face.

He wildly began to eat her out. His tongue lapped her whole cunt over and over and over again. He would drag his tongue right from the base of her ass all the way up to above her clit. Faster and faster he licked her. She moaned and gyrated her hip into his face. Her moans vibrated through his cock as it throbbed. She bit down again. She wanted more. He then shot his tongue into her tight wet pussy. He could only taste her- and her juices as she surrounded his tongue. He kept his tongue hard and used his head to thrust it in and out of her. She began to move her hips in rhythm with it- just as if they were fucking. Faster and faster the two went as she sucked him harder and rapidly swirled her tongue around him, sopping up and swallowing the precum.

That reminded her- she couldn’t let him come this easily. She bit down on his cock again trying to fight her own imminent orgasm. He just had to make her cum! He took her clit in his mouth and sucked Alsancak travesti as hard as he could making a vacuum seal around it. As all the blood rushed to her clit he furiously swirled his tongue around it. She quivered violently. This was not what she planned for. She bit down a little harder and even squeezed his balls. He would not give up though- the more she tried to stop him, the harder and faster he went. Suddenly her pussy throbbed. She couldn’t hold it in any more. Letting out a massive cry she came all over his face. But he wouldn’t stop! He kept licking her over and over and over again, forcing her to ride out another orgasm. She could not keep herself up as she collapsed on him.

So, he wants to play like that? She thought. I can play like that. As soon as she caught her breath, she told him to cum, and that she wouldn’t stop doing what she was doing until he made her cum again. She then furiously bobbed her head up and down his sore cock, deepthroughting it after every couple bobs. He finally launched load after load of his cum into her mouth. Licking his seed off of his sensitive cock made him squirm. She continued to torment him by swirling het tongue over all his hot spots. He violently wiggled to try and get away. Whenever he did, he was met with her teeth. He stretched to take in and suck her clit like before. She however was just out of reach. Only the tip of his tongue could touch her clit. This was going to be a very long night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

The Tropical Massage

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


We are on a secluded beach in a small cove. I have a massage table setup in the shallow, warm water, small waves lapping at the shore. Warm tropical breezes rustles the fronds on the palm trees, steel drum music coming from water proof speakers mounted under the table. Looking at your hard, hot body (in your little bikini) has me thinking of several very inappropriate massage techniques I hope to use this morning. We step into the shallow, warm water, I turn away so you may remove your top and get on the table. You lay on the table, on your back, covered by a light sheet, enjoying the warm sun.

I take your left arm from under the sheet and begin to apply my oil to your left arm, from shoulder to your hand. I then take your arm, working from the fingers, progressing upwards to the shoulder. I step to the other side of the table and repeat the procedure on your right arm.

After I finish your arms, I step to the head of the table and take your head in my hands. I apply the oil to the right side of your neck and firmly knead from the base of your head to your shoulder. After I finish, I repeat on the left side of your neck.

I place a towel over your full breasts (still covered by the sheet), and ask your permission to work the sheet from under the towel. I fold the sheet down to your waist, and apply oil to your chest, above and below your tits. This is followed by kneading your chest, above and below the towel (even though you secretly hope that I would cup your tits and play with your nipples, I am the consummate professional, not contacting your breasts).

I then move down the table and uncover your left leg. I apply oil from hip to toe, then knead from tow to hip, working the inside of your thigh. You hope that I would reach up a bit higher on your thigh, but I don’t (and that begins to frustrate you). I move to the other side of the table and repeat (causing you to become more aroused and frustrated).

I lift the sheet up and you roll towards me, on to your belly. I drape the sheet to expose your back and upper glutes. Oil is applied to your back, working neck to hip, followed by very firm kneading from hip to neck. I knead working upward then outward, asking if the pressure was ok and you replied that it was. When I finished your back, I asked if I could untie the strings on your bottoms, so that I would have better access to your glutes, you murmured ok. I exposed your lower back and glues, covering the lower half of your ass with the sheet. I proceeded to oil and knead your firm, hot, little ass. I noticed you gave a few low moans as I worked your glutes. I had been trying to maintain control during the massage, but hearing your moans I’m beginning to get very hard.

I get a little more oil and work under the sheet and begin to rub the inner thighs, slowly working higher…

As I work my way up your inner thighs, toward your cleft, I feel you Osmanbey travesti squirm lightly and hear you draw in your breath in anticipation. I feel you spread your legs ever so lightly and I reach the velvetly smoothness of your mound, enjoying the smooth softness of your skin. I gently kneed the inner thighs to the top of your crotch, and especially pay attention to the outer area of your mound. I feel you wriggle at my touch, longing for me to caress your inner lips, which are beginning to drip from my touch. You try to remain calm on the table, but you feel the desire building in your pussy.

As I move my hands down your legs, I felt you grind your crotch into the table. My cock is straining in my shorts, outlined in the lycra material. I know that you are mine for the taking, but I continue to tease you, working around your honey hole without touching the areas you want to be touched. I can feel you grind into the table harder, trying to stimulate your clit, soft moans escaping from your lips.

Working back up toward your moist pussy, I slip my right hand, palm up, under your mound. You begin to grind yourself into my hand, rubbing with greater urgency. I slide my hand back a few inches and place my thumb alongside your now dripping slit. You continue to rub against my palm and as you grind, I place my thumb against your opening. I feel you push back, ramming my thumb deep within you. You moan softly and continue to buck back and forth, fucking yourself harder with my thumb rubbing deeply within you. After a few minutes, I pull my hand back and rub your inner lips, feeling the satin smoothness of your skin. You moan urgently and I roll you onto your back, spreading your legs and begin to lick your wet slit. I feel you shudder as my tongue flicks across your erect clit (peeking out from under it’s hood). I lick and suck downwards, till I reach your opening. I thrust my tongue deeply within you, riding the waves of pleasure you feel, causing you to thrust your hips harder and harder. Seeing that you are about to cum, I begin to suck on your clit, while I thrust 2, then 3 fingers deeply into your throbbing pussy. You are bucking harder and moaning louder, working towards your first orgasm. I feel you clamp tightly against my probing fingers, while you are pressing my head harder against your sweet mound. I feel the release begin, causing you to shudder with intense pleasure, as you continue to grind against my face. After what seems hours, you subside on the table, laying on your back, catching your breath.

After a few minutes, I feel you tracing the outline of my hard cock, through the lycra material of my shorts. I feel you pulling the shorts downward, freeing my dick from it’s prison. Grasping me in your hand, you pull me toward the head of the table and your waiting mouth. I feel your hot breath against me as I await the touch of your tongue against Ayrancı travesti my skin. I feel you flick the tip of my dick with your tongue, paying attention to my slit, dripping with pre-cum. You lick up and down my stiff shaft, teasing me as you come to the head, licking down the other side. Finally, after what seems to be an eternity, I feel you take me into your velvety warm mouth, sliding downwards toward the base of my shaft. After taking several Inches, you bob your head upwards, lips sliding along my cock, your cheeks hollowing inwards from the gentle suction. I begin to thrust my hips, matching your movements, silently urging you to take me deeper. I feel you taking me deeper into your throat, and after a few minutes, I reluctantly pull away not wanting to cum to soon.

I slip out of my shorts, and at your urging, laid on the table. You climbed on top of me and straddling my face, proceeded to continue to suck my straining cock. You lower your pussy to my waiting lips for some well deserved attention, and begin to grind against me while sucking me faster and faster. You are very sensitive and begin to cum again almost immediately. Your grinding and shuddering prove to be too much and I begin to squirt my load into your waiting mouth, as you clamp my head within your thighs as you also cum. After we both finished, I can feel you gently licking me, urging me to rise to the occasion, anxious for what will follow.

After a few minutes of skillfully using your tongue on my softened member, my dick is growing stiff again. As it hardens and lengthens, you keep your mouth against the base of my cock, allowing my dick to expand deeper and deeper into your throat. I struggle to remain still, relishing the unique sensation generated by your unusual technique.

I feel you begin to raise your head upward, allowing my cock to slide upwards and out of your throat. You continue pulling away, till only the tip of my hard on remains in your warm mouth. I feel your tongue swirling around it, teasing the sensitive underside and playfully flicking against the opening.

While you have been sucking me in this wonderful fashion, I have been gently licking your pussy, avoiding your clit, sucking and nibbling on your our engorged labia. I can feel you struggle against your desire to grind against my gently teasing mouth and tongue. As I feel my cock escape from the prison of your mouth, you grind your clit against my mouth, sending waves of pleasure to spread throughout your firm, tan body. I lick and nibble on your love nub, causing you to moan in pleasure. You raise your dripping pussy from my face, and I feel you slowly turn and face me, straddling my waist, my dick standing erect, as you position yourself.

I feel you rub my against my cock with your pussy, sliding up and down my stiff shaft. I can feel my tip brush against your opening as you slide Cebeci travesti up and down, teasing my shaft, teasing me. After a couple of minutes, you reach down, grab me, and guide me into your hot, moist, velvetly love tunnel. You take my entire length in one slow, downward thrust, and you pause, griping me with your internal muscles. I reach up and begin to fondle your full, firm tits, circling your erect nipples. A quite moan escapes from your mouth and you begin to ride me, slowly at first, with long full strokes. After a few strokes, you begin to vary the pace and depth up your of thrusting. At the top of the stroke, I feel only my head in your pussy, in danger of falling out, but you reverse your motion, burying me deep within you. You pause at the bottom of each thrust, grinding against me, crotch to crotch. I watch as you reach down and finger your clit, shuddering with the jolts of excitement pulsing from your erect little button. After 5 to 6 minutes, you slowly, reluctantly pull yourself off me, freeing my prick from your velvet prison.

I roll off of the table and grab you, still on your knees, and pull you to the edge of the table. I grab my cock and guide it into you from behind, thrusting as deep as I can, while you push against me, meeting my thrust, moaning as my dick penetrates and fills your waiting pussy. As I continue to ram myself into you, I grab your hips and pull you against me, controlling the pace and depth of our love making. I reach up, cupping and fondling your breasts, hearing you squeal in delight. As I can feel you begin to increase the pace, I can hear the building urgency in your moans, as you build to another orgasm.

I pull out of your pussy, as you whimper from the sudden emptiness, and begin to eat you again. I run my tongue around and in your pussy, tasting your juices, teasing your clit. After licking you for several minutes, I roll you onto your back, spread your legs, and drive my throbbing cock deeply into your pussy. You match me thrust for thrust, moaning louder, wrapping your legs around me to pull your cunt against me, grinding your clit against me. I watch as you begin to finger your clit, faster and faster, matching your thrusts. I can see the building orgasm on your face, sensing your urgency and desire to cum. After several minutes of hard, vigorous fucking, you begin to cum. I can feel your pussy constrict around my dick, increasing the amazing sensations of our love making, bringing me to ram as deeply as I can into your cunt, as my dick begins to spasm repeatedly, filling you with my hot cum. You reach up and pull me against you, holding me tightly as you shudder over and over, the waves of pleasure spreading through your body, finally releasing me after your orgasm subsides. I feel my cock softening in your pussy and I reluctantly pull out of your cunt, dripping with a mixture of our love juices.

I cuddle up to you for a few moments as you regain your composure and strength. I suggest that we go snorkeling in the cove. You agree, so I get our masks and fins and we go for a little skinny dipping. I’m sure we will be up for a bit of weightless, underwater lovemaking (story to cum. 😉 ).

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The Train

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Day four of their journey through Europe continues as the previous three days; an almost overabundance of visual, textural, cultural and erotic explosion of the senses. Mike and Sarah have traveled by train from Amsterdam, through Brussels and are now traversing the Rhineland of Germany. Being the peak of fall, the colors of the changing foliage paints a palette of colors outside of the picture window of their sleeper car. The air outside is cool but the day is bright. The sun streams through the window, casting both shadows and vivid streaks of light in a staccato yet chaotic rhythm as the train soars along the tracks. The Rhine River below reflects the sunlight and the changing leaves; throwing life back at the long dead castles dispersed along the shore and on islands within the river.

Mike is reading while Sarah impassively stares outside of their car at the scenery below. Their car is warm; not uncomfortably warm yet enough so that the cabin length sliding door has been left open to provide some air circulation. The couple opposite has obviously felt the same need for air and openness as there is now a direct view between the two temporary homes. They are either French or are doing a fine portrayal of the culture and the language. The woman, raven haired with porcelain skin and a seemingly fragile waif like figure, is speaking to her companion. Although neither Mike nor Sarah have a firm grasp of the French language, the tone and body language perceived peripherally indicates a conversation of boredom.

“Voulez-vous jouer des cartes?” the woman asks.

“Non.” Her dark haired and complected companion replies.

“Pouvons-nous faire quelque chose seulement assied autrement qu’et boit ici le vin?” Asks the woman, her tone showing early signs of impatience.

Mike chuckles quietly, prompting Sarah to ask what is so funny. Mike tells Sarah that he doesn’t know exactly what the conversation opposite is about but it has something to do with her wanting to play cards or something other than just sitting around drinking wine. Sarah laughs, saying that at least they have a head start with the wine. With that, Mike stands up and retrieves a bottle of Zinfandel, uncorking and pouring a glass for each of them. The late afternoon sun continues to dance through the window, now having deep burgundy liquid to filter through with their glasses on the console next to the view outside. Mike looks up from his book, remarking to Sarah that the light reflected on her yellow cotton shirtdress look like rubies flickering on her breasts.

Mike continues reading until he notices some unusual movement above the pages. He looks up and sees that Sarah is unbuttoning her shirtdress from the top down, slowly. Mike continues to watch as Sarah releases the button just above her navel and slides the fabric across her chest, exposing her beautiful breasts. Now the light through the wine alights on her nipples, making them appear to be the actual jewels that Mike imagines them to be when they’re in his mouth.

Sarah, not looking at Mike, begins to softly trace circles around her breasts with both hands; sliding her fingertips along the underside of her breasts, in long arcs up to the top and then back down again; moving in a slow spiral until she reaches her nipples. She lightly traces her nipples, then pulls each between her thumb Çankaya travesti and index finger, feeling them harden beneath her touch.

Mike watches wordlessly, feeling his own parts hardening in response to the sensual display before him. Sarah continues to caress her breasts, leaning back now with her eyes closed, alternately lightly touching with her fingertips then cupping fully with her hands, tugging on her nipples as her palms pull tension into her breasts. Mike puts the book down next to him. Sarah bends her head down and pulls her breast to her mouth, running her tongue around her nipple.

From across the aisle, voices are heard.

“Regardez-vous ceci?” (Are you watching this?) the raven haired woman opposite asks her companion.

“Oui elle est stupéfiante.” (Yes, she’s breathtaking) he replies.

“Devons-nous fermer la porte et leur donnons l’intimité? (Should we close the door and give them privacy?) she asks.

“Non, ils sont l’une avec l’ouverture de porte.” (No, they’re the ones with the door open) he replies.

Mike continues to watch Sarah as one of her hands moves below her stomach to unbutton the remainder of her dress. Mike watches Sarah caress her stomach, sliding her dress off to the side so it appears that she is reclining on a yellow blanket spread beneath her. She adjusts her posture, leaning towards the window and spreading her legs with one foot placed on the sofa bed, exposing her smooth thighs and inner folds. Mike finally speaks.

“Do you realize that you’re being watched by the couple next door? He asks.

Sarah replies as she looks directly at him, “It doesn’t matter, I was getting bored and hot. And the wine was making me feel, well, a little naughty.” Sarah continues to touch herself as she talks.

“Would you like some help with that?” Mike asks as he watches her.

“Not yet, I’ll let you know when I need you.”

Sarah continues to explore herself, sliding the dress completely off of her shoulders, throwing it away from her. Dual gasps from across the aisle are heard as the large swath of yellow cotton finds the floor. Sarah’s hands slide south as her legs widen. Her hands slide down along her abdomen, past her hips and continue along her legs. Sarah slides up alongside her thighs, finally finding her wetness. She presses one hand against her pubic bone as the fingers of the opposite hand slide along her slick lips, lightly tracing the contours up to her clitoris. She runs her finger in circles around her clit, wetting it with her juices, then sliding a finger deep inside of herself.

Mike peers across the aisle, making eye contact with the couple who are now caressing each other through their clothes as they watch Sarah’s seductive display. Mike is interrupted by the sound of Sarah’s voice.

“I need you to take your clothes off now.”

Mike does as she asks, pulling his shirt off, then taking down his pants and boxers in one fluid motion. Sarah watches Mike disrobe while continuing to pleasure herself.

With Mike now naked, Sarah looks up at his eyes then down at his hardness and says “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Mike complies, moving towards Sarah. He places a knee on the sofa bed, moving his pelvis within reach. Sarah leans forward with her mouth open, engulfing the head of his cock in her mouth while Dikmen travesti continuing with her personal exploration. She takes him deeply inside of her and Mike feels her lips at the base of his cock, her tongue pressing against the underside of him, her throat gripping the head. She withdrawals her mouth almost completely and then plunges down again. She continues her rhythm, occasionally interrupting the cycle to run her tongue around the head and tease the underside of his hard penis. Sarah pulls her finger from within her pussy and slides the wetness along Mike’s cock, then replaces her finger with her mouth, savoring the concoction made between the two of them. Mike almost explodes but stops.

Mike kneels before Sarah, taking her head into his hands and kissing her deeply on the mouth. His lips touch hers, his tongue probing inside of her mouth, finding her tongue. Their tongues mate together, sliding against each other, alternately sucking the other’s into their mouths. Mike sucks her lower lip into his mouth as his hand cups the back of her head. He continues to kiss her softly, sensually, with increased periods of urgency as his hands move along her back and the top of her ass. His mouth moves across her face, kissing her eyes, nose, and face before progressing to her ear and neck. Mike’s mouth and tongue plays with Sarah’s ear, pulling the lobe into his mouth, tracing his tongue along the contours. His mouth continues to move lower as Sarah leans back further.

The couple opposite having been forgotten for some time now enters Sarah’s field of vision. She looks over and sees that they are continuing to watch and caress each other, although with far less clothes than earlier.

Mike takes Sarah’s breast into his mouth. His hands are cupping both breasts softly while his tongue and lips move from one breast to the other, wetting her nipples with his mouth then sucking the moisture off of each. He is driven now, not able to take in enough of her sweet texture, she feels like a drug. His mouth moves along the underside of her breasts, his tongue finding purchase and paradise with the silky smoothness of her flesh. Mike inhales her as his tongue glides along her abdomen, tasting the unique flavor of Sarah’s skin past her belly button.

He pauses before her spread legs, taking in the beauty of all that is her. He looks up at her, taking in the depth of her green eyes, his gaze following the contours of her body both softened and enhanced by the light dancing through the window until his vision rests between her legs. Taking in the lovely folds and contours of her smooth pussy, Mike moves his mouth to taste her. His tongue finds its sensation, sliding along the wet lips, his mouth on her fully. Sarah spreads and raises her legs to give him access to her jewel and Mike melts into her. His tongue and mouth is a puppet, an extension of Sarah’s desires and needs, sensing and feeling where she wants it to go next. Her clitoris is sucking into Mike’s mouth, while his hands move underneath her to hold her against him. Her wonderful ass cupped within his palms, Mike tastes, feels and smells every part of Sarah. His tongue travels the length of her sex. His tongue teases and probes her clit, sucks in her lips, finds the depth of her vagina and wets her ass. Mike’s mouth begins to focus on her clit Eryaman travesti and vagina, sliding deep inside of Sarah only to return to trace and caress her clit. While his tongue moves along these spots, Mike’s fingers slide into her. A finger softly but firmly enters Sarah’s pussy, sliding up to apply pressure along the upper wall with his mouth tasting her clit. A moistened finger also slides into Sarah’s ass, prompting her to begin to press her hips against Mike’s mouth, urging him to provide more pleasure.

Mike and Sarah are now oblivious to anything other than what is happening between the two of them. Sarah pulls Mike up to her, kissing him on the mouth, tasting herself on his lips. She stands, holding his hard cock in her hands. She leads him onto the sofa bed opposite hers and hovers above him. Sarah straddles his hips, placing her pussy above his cock as she kisses him. She reaches down to guide him into her, placing the tip of his cock along her lips. Only then does she glance over across the aisle.

The French (or seemingly so) couple have removed their clothes and remain transfixed by the display before them. Sarah reaches up and turns Mike’s head towards them. He sees the raven haired woman taking her companion’s cock into her mouth, while they both look across the way towards Mike and Sarah.

Sarah slowly lowers herself onto Mike as he thrusts his hips upward to meet his destination. Sarah enjoys the fullness of him as Mike feels himself being wrapped within her heaven. Mike and Sarah begin a steady cooperative thrusting, his cock being bathed in her juices while the French couple opposite begins their own exercise in physics.

The French man is now fucking the woman from behind, thrusting into her while she reaches between her legs to touch herself, all so they can both continue to watch Mike and Sarah.

Sarah is enraptured by her own sensations and by the vision of the couple next to her and Mike making love. She moves opposite of Mike, taking him inside of her facing away from him. Her pussy slides up and down his cock while Mike’s fingers glide over her breasts, stomach, legs, pussy and clitoris. Mike rubs Sarah’s clit while he thrusts deep inside of her, her eyes holding steadily on the couple across the aisle. The rhythm between Mike and Sarah and the other couple becomes synchronized, both cocks sliding into both pussies in coordination. Sarah is close to cumming, her breath coming in ragged gasps, her hands not knowing exactly where they should be, Mike’s cock fucking her harder, his hands on her breasts and clit, his breath warm on her neck.

Sarah crosses the threshold, with Mike’s hand rubbing her clit, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, her hands on her knees, taking control and moving at her pace. She cries out, cumming loudly while watching the French couple fuck. She’s thrusting hard now, taking Mike as deeply into her as she can while watching the Frenchman thrust into the raven haired woman, not so fragile now when seeing her orgasm face as she gets fucked.

Mike cries that he’s going to cum and Sarah pulls off of him, turning to take him into her mouth. She sucks him into her, feeling his cum inside of her mouth, against her tongue, while watching the Frenchman cum into the mouth of the raven haired woman.

Mike and Sarah, along with the couple across the way, lean back; spent. Mike and Sarah hold each other, occasionally looking across the aisle at the other couple until someone speaks.

The raven haired woman says “Now that we’ve become almost as intimate as possible, would you two care to join us for dinner?”

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The Therapist Ch. 03

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Author’s note: To better understand what is going on, I would encourage you to start with the first chapter and read through. This is part of a series and was never intended to be a stand alone story. Thanks for taking the time to read my work and please vote. That gives me a sense of how everyone likes it. If you feel the need to criticize, please make it constructive criticism. This is my first attempt at writing a series, and I know I could use some improvement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jane looked down at herself. She hadn’t realized how much all of this excited her. Her nipples were hard, and when she looked past them, she saw her panties were soaked. She didn’t believe it, so she reached down to feel. Her fingers touched her panties right at her pussy lips. She felt a shiver go up her spine. She pushed her panties slightly inside her pussy, and she felt another shiver. She pushed even deeper and almost climaxed right then. She jerked her hand away from her crotch. She thought. “This is wrong. I just beat and fucked my best friend to oblivion, and I’m horny as hell and need to cum. Who’s the slut now Jane?” Jane couldn’t think straight. “It’s the wine.” She thought. She sat on the bar stool and sipped her wine. Her pussy continued to ache and tingle. She squirmed a little to reposition herself, but when she did, her panties rode up inside of her and pressed against her clit. She shuddered and thrust her hips forward. At that exact moment, her body twitched, and she started to cum. It wasn’t an earth shattering orgasm, but it was still an orgasm. She wondered. “Is this what Kate feels when her body starts twitching? If so, this is amazing.”

Jane had just cum, and she was still as horny as she could be. She looked down and the wet spot in her crotch had grown. She suddenly became very aware of her pussy and the changes going on inside her. She slid back on the bar stool. She saw the trail of cum she left behind on the smooth vinyl. She thrust forward again. Her body twitched and she came again. It was the same intensity as the first one, and she could feel her pussy oozing cum. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t. She needed to see. She needed to experience exactly what her best friend had experienced. She reached down and touched her clit through her panties and another wave spread over her, and her pussy leaked some more. She stood up and pulled her panties off. She spread her legs right there and explored her body with her hands. She took off her tank top and stood there naked. She was overcome with lust. She felt like such a slut at that moment, and she loved it. She pinched and squeezed her nipples and felt wave after wave of pleasure overtake her body. Little mini-orgasms flooded Jane’s senses driving her lust deeper. She reached down and touched her pussy lips and came again. “My God.” She thought, “This is amazing.” and at that moment she touched her clit. Her body twitched, and she had another mini-orgasm. Cum dripped from her pussy onto the floor.

Jane looked down, and there was a puddle of cum on the floor, gooey white cum. This excited Jane even more, as she had never been able to ooze cum like Kate. She continued to rub her body producing mini-orgasms the whole time. Her pussy dripped cum every time. She brushed her clit with her finger and came again. She was beyond herself now. She started whispering to herself. “Jane you fucking slut. You love having your nipples pinched don’t you slut?” At that moment, Jane grabbed both of her nipples and pinched them hard. She came again. “That’s it slut. You like that don’t you? Oh God Yes. You want to fuck your cunt don’t you slut? Oh God Yes. I want to cum.” She buried her fingers inside her cunt and mashed her clit with her thumb. Her legs locked and she threw her head back. She exploded and her pussy poured more cum onto the floor. She didn’t know she could cum like that, but at the moment, she wasn’t thinking about that. She continued fucking her pussy and pulling on her nipples. She was moaning loudly into the air. She didn’t care if anyone heard her. The only thing she wanted at that moment was to cum hard. “Ugh. Fuck yourself you nasty slut.” She continued. She just kept coming, and her juices kept dripping. She slowed playing with her pussy, as her orgasm started to subside. Her body was shaking and she was sweating. She looked down at the mess she had created.

It embarrassed her, but excited her as well. She thought. “My God. I have never come like that. She brushed her clit and had another mini-orgasm. “Oh my.” She thought. “This can’t be happening.” and she brushed her clit again, and another wave rocked her with a couple of mini-orgasms. She was tugging on her nipples again. She longed for those orgasms. She rubbed her clit and wave after wave rushed over her again. She kept having mini-orgasms, but she needed the real one. She needed that orgasm to rock her world. Jane dug at her pussy jamming her fingers Şişli travesti in and out of her sloppy cunt. “Oh God you fucking cunt come on those fingers you slut.” She said to herself. Jane fucked her pussy violently almost like she wanted to hurt it.

Her whole body began to shake and Jane came like she had never come before. Cum dripped from Jane’s pussy and hit the floor and puddled with the earlier droppings. Jane stood there with her finger mashed against her clit and her body shaking for some time. Wave after wave overtook Jane’s body. She finally collapsed on the floor. She still had her hand between her legs and her body convulsed. Jane shook for a minute as her orgasm died down.

Jane felt disoriented. She shook her head and thought to herself. “Wow, that was amazing.” Jane was still breathing heavily when she tried to get up. She realized her hand was wet and she was lying in a puddle of cum. She got to her knees and grabbed a towel from the drawer. She wiped the cum from her hands and then mopped up the cum from the floor. When she stood up, she looked at herself. She had cum all over her body. She figured it must have been from the convulsions. She started to walk and realized the inside of her thighs were coated with cum. She spread her legs to look and more cum dripped from her pussy and ran down her leg.

Jane took the towel and cleaned herself up as best she could, but it was going to take a shower for her to really clean up. She glanced at the clock. It was only two o’clock. She sat down at the bar and sipped on her glass of wine. As she sat there, she let her hands wander down to her nipples. She caressed them and pinched them. She was amazed at how good that still felt. She shook her head and thought. “I gotta stop this. Maybe a shower will help.” She got up from the stool and walked to the master bedroom. Kate was asleep. Her breathing was steady and her body was still. Jane wanted to go hold her, but Kate needed some rest and she needed a shower.

Jane went to the guest bathroom and opened the shower door. She started the shower going and turned to look in the mirror. She pulled her long blond hair back from her face and looked herself in the eyes. She loved the deep blue color. She looked at her complexion and was reminded of her Irish blood lines. Her skin was so pale, but it was soft and supple. She fondled her 34C breasts as she watched in the mirror. She held them up as if offering them to someone. Her areolas were large and she had large protruding nipples that were as big around as her pinky finger. She ran her fingers over her nipples and they instantly got hard, and she felt a twinge in her pussy. She knew she could come again, and deep down inside, she wanted to. She thought to herself. “My God. What are you doing?” She quit rubbing herself and climbed in the shower.

The lukewarm water poured over Jane’s body and felt exhilarating. It cooled that burning desire she felt inside. She stood there for the longest time and just let the water flow over her body. She wanted to rinse herself of the sins she committed earlier against Kate. Every time it happened, she felt so bad and guilty, but she knew that after today, Kate’s addiction will subside a little. Her sexual activities would be minimized if not stopped all together. It never lasted for very long, but it gave Kate a chance to try and put some of her life back together. Jane soaped herself down, and removed any evidence of the cum she writhed in earlier. She lathered her hair and washed the sweat and cum from it as well. She let the water run over her body reveling in the feel of the water as it basted her smooth skin. She finally turned off the water and climbed out of the shower.

She grabbed a towel from the nearby towel rack and dried herself off. Once she was done, she wrapped the towel around her body. She grabbed a smaller towel and wrapped her hair. She went to the master bedroom and looked in on Kate. She hadn’t moved and her breathing was still steady. Jane headed back to the kitchen. She picked up her cell phone from the bar and flipped it open. She hit the send button and scrolled down to Phillip’s number. She pressed send again. It rang a couple of times before Phillip answered. “Hello”

“Hi honey.”

“Hi Jane. What’s up?”

Jane sighed. “I’m sorry Phillip, but I’m going to have to cancel our plans tonight.”

Phillip asked. “Why? What’s going on?”

“Kate’s here and I think she needs to spend the night.”

In a concerned voice Phillip asked. “Is every thing okay?”

“Yes Phillip. It is now. Kate is asleep in the master bedroom.”

Phillip knew about Kate’s addiction and what Jane would sometimes do to Kate to help her out. “Oh Jane don’t tell me. Not again.”

“Yeah Phillip. It’s not pretty. I fucked her up pretty bad this time.

“Oh my God Jane. What do you need me to do?”

“Nothing here Phillip, but you could do me a big favor.”

“You know I’ll do anything. What Taksim travesti do you need?”

“I need to let John know that Kate isn’t going to come home tonight. I don’t want to call him. You know I hate that bastard. Anyway, he stops at the Trails End every night after work to have a drink with the guys. Would you stop down there and have a drink with him and let him know Kate had a migraine and she laid down. Let him know I don’t want to wake her, so she’s going to spend the night here.”

“Yeah, I can do that, anything else?”

“Yeah, I think once Kate comes to, she’s going to be very needy and I have some patching up to do on her body, so I don’t think I’ll get time to cook. Could you stop by Loves and pick up a couple subs. Get a roast beef for Kate and an Italian BMT for me. Just load them up and we’ll take off what we don’t want.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that. Let me get the food and I’ll stop by first. Then I’ll go to Trails End and see John. I’ll see you in a short.”

“Thanks baby. I’ll see you in a little while.”

Jane closed her cell phone to end the call.

She grabbed her glass of wine and returned to the master bedroom. She watched Kate for a few minutes from the doorway. “God she looks so peaceful.” she thought. Jane went to the dresser and took out a pair boy shorts and a tank top. She slid them on and headed back to the guest bath to hang up her towels. She knew Phillip was going to be there soon and she was ready for him. She knew Kate wouldn’t wake up for another hour or more, so she didn’t have to worry about her right now. She grabbed a brush and brushed her wet hair. Phillip loved it when she seduced him with wet hair, partly because it fell heavily on his body and not just the light wispy hair when it was dry, and because the smell of her clean hair turned him on. Jane wanted Phillip today. She really wanted Phillip.

She settled into the kitchen with her bottle of wine. She turned on the TV and flipped it to Judge Judy. She loved this lady, as she thought she was insane and so out of touch with reality. Jane was laughing and watching Judge Judy and never notice that Phillip had come in the back door. As soon as she noticed he was there, she grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. Phillip walked in and set the bag down on the table. Jane turned to Phillip and hugged him. “You are a sight for sore eyes.”

Phillip smiled. “I love you too. Where’s Kate?”

“She’s in the master bedroom, but she’s okay”

Phillip said. “I need to see. I don’t need any dead bodies coming out of here.”

“Phillip, Trust me she’s fine.”

Jane escorted Phillip to the master bedroom. “See. She’s breathing, she’s fine.”

Phillip turned to Jane. “What did you do to her?”

Jane looked at the ground in shame. “I beat her pretty bad and then I broke her.”

They headed back to the kitchen. “What do you mean you broke her?”

Tears welled up in her eyes. “I just broke her Phillip.”

“I know what you are saying Jane, but I don’t understand. Do I need to take her to the hospital? Did you break one of her bones? What do you mean you broke her?”

Jane was holding back her tears. “I whipped her really hard for a long time, I fucked her with a strap-on, and then I fucked her with that huge dildo until I broke her desire.” she pointed to the dildo setting by the sink.

“My God Jane, why’d you do that?”

“I had to. You know how her addiction gets. It’s the only way. I’ve done this so many times before, but never this bad. I’m afraid I really hurt her this time. That’s why I can’t let her go home tonight.”

“Okay. I’ll run point with John, but he’s probably going to call you or try and get a hold of Kate.”

“I know Phillip. I have my story straight.”

Jane’s urge to cry subsided. “Phillip? Do I look sexy?”

Phillip looked Jane over. She was 5’7″ and had long silky legs that went on forever. Her ass was round and full, and her boy shorts molded perfectly to her curvy cheeks. Her stomach was smooth and flat, and she was blessed with the most perfect 34C breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and wanted to escape the confines of her tank top.

She moved closer to Phillip and brushed against his body. Phillip smelled Jane’s freshly shampooed hair, and he felt the heat radiating from her gorgeous body. His breathing got faster and he felt his cock beginning to harden. Jane saw his bulge increasing and licked her lips.

“You want me don’t you?” she cooed. Jane could feel the depths of her pussy twitching, wanting to feel Phillip inside her. She reached out and felt the bulge in his pants as it quickly grew. She massaged his member, letting it grow in her hand. She looked up at Phillip spreading her lips and licking them.

Phillip saw the lust in her eyes and knew her pussy was soaked. He bent down and kissed Jane. He slowly maneuvered his tongue past Jane’s lips, working it deeper into her mouth until he found her tongue. Jane moaned into his mouth Gümüşsuyu travesti as he slid his hand up and cupped her breast giving it a firm squeeze. He squeezed her nipple between his thumb and index finger. He pinched even harder when he got the response he was looking for. He continued fondling her tits outside of her tank top, working between one and the other.

Jane shoved her crotch against him. She rubbed her femininity against his leg while she stroked his cock on the outside of his jeans. She pulled back from kissing Phillip and whispered into his mouth. “Fuck me Phillip, right here, right now.”

Phillip slipped his hands into Jane’s boy shorts, picked her up by her ass cheeks, and placed her on the counter while at the same time sliding her shorts over her hips. He pulled them down the rest of the way and slid them over her feet. He let them drop to the floor as he reached down to undo his belt. He let his pants drop to the floor and his tented boxers pointed directly at Jane’s womanhood.

Jane reached out and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Phillip’s boxers. She watched as his cock sprang free and bounced on Jane’s mound. She moved forward making sure her pussy was over the edge of the counter and mashed Phillip’s cock against his belly. She ground on it making it penetrate the full length of her slit. Jane’s pussy was soaked and by grinding her hips up and down, she managed to soak Phillip’s entire underside of his shaft. His cock rubbed on her clit while she did this and she started having mini-orgasms again. Phillip felt her shudder.

“My God Jane, I’ve never seen you like this.”

Jane didn’t say a word. She reached down and grabbed his cock and pointed it at the entrance to her pussy. She slid the head inside her and reached around and grabbed Phillip’s ass with both hands. She pulled him into her sucking his entire eight inches deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and held him in close.

“Don’t move Phillip.” She whispered as her body twitched and she had another mini-orgasm. She could feel Phillip’s cock throbbing inside her. He had the most wonderful cock she had ever fucked. She released her grip on Phillip and he started pumping her pussy slowly in and out of her with precision strokes.

He felt her muscles milking his cock as he slowly fucked Jane. He felt the inside of her pussy twitch whenever she had a mini-orgasm. Phillip picked up speed as he felt his own orgasm getting close. He wanted to rock Jane’s world and give her the orgasm she needed. He bent his head down and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it hard.

Jane gasped and at that moment her own orgasm started. “Oh God. Fuck me Phillip. Yes. Fuck me.” She was bucking against Phillips hips trying to get his cock deeper.

Phillip was pounding her pussy now and wanting to empty his seed inside her. Jane was shaking uncontrollably now and that sent Phillip over the edge. “Oh fuck. I’m coming.” he cried out as his cock spurted load after load inside Jane’s already soaked pussy. He didn’t stop fucking her as his cock ejaculated inside her. He kept pounding her as Jane’s own orgasm continued. Phillip could feel her pussy spasm around his cock as her pussy milked the remaining drops of cum from his love muscle.

Jane collapsed back on the counter her head resting against the wall. She kept her legs wrapped around Phillip not letting him move away.

Phillip looked at Jane. “You always amaze me Ms. Dawson.”

“And you always amaze me Mr. Doyle.” Jane looked at Phillip. “Fuck, I needed that bad. Thank you.” She smiled at Phillip in a very approving way. “We gotta do this more often.”

Phillip looked down at her pussy then back at Jane. “Want a taste?”

“Mmm. I’d love to.” she replied.

Phillip put his hand under his cock and pressed against Jane as he pulled his cock out. Cum gushed from her pussy into Phillip’s hand. He held his hand there until her pussy quit oozing.

“That’s a bunch.”

“I don’t care. Feed it to me Phillip.”

As Phillip removed his hand from Jane, Jane sat up and stuck out her tongue to receive her present. Phillip brought his hand to her mouth and tilted it to let the cum run off his fingers and into her mouth. Jane eagerly swallowed the cum. She loved the taste of their mixture. He eventually stuck his fingers in her mouth so she could lick them clean. “You are so nasty.”

“And you love it.”

Phillip just smiled and thought. “Yes he did.”

Phillip reached down to pull up his boxers, but on his way down to get them, he stopped at Jane’s clit and gave it a lick and then sucked it into his mouth.

Jane shuddered and pushed his head away. “I can’t do this right now.”

Phillip laughed. “I know. I just wanted to give it a proper kiss.”

Jane chuckled and slipped off the counter. She felt her pussy ooze more cum and drip down her thigh. She liked the feeling and didn’t wipe it up. She slipped on her boy shorts and tank top while Phillip finished putting himself back together.

About that time, there was a moan coming from the baby monitor. Phillip looked at Jane.

“I guess I need to go.”

“Yeah it sounds like our little addict is waking up. I’m gonna need to go check on her.”

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The Sweetest Flower

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It was a Saturday night when Rose was due to come over to my apartment. I set out to make dinner and have a very nice evening with her. Of course I had thoughts of this horny woman completely naked and her legs spread wide inviting me to enjoy the sweet nectar that she offered. Needless to say I was horny all day and kept thinking of all the things that I wanted to experience with this lovely flower. We had gotten together once before for drinks at my place but ended up drinking so much she passed out. Well, later in the morning she woke up and invited me to join her in bed. We had a lot of fun but it would have been better had we not had so much to drink.

7:00pm arrived and there she was, right on time. I answered the door and there stood Rose with her long dark hair. Damn I really love her hair, lots of wavy curls and shoulder length. I invited her in and we embraced in a gentle and sensual hug. I could feel her 34C breasts pressing against my chest and I could feel that familiar stirring in my pants. My penis was reacting to the thoughts going through my head. With one hand I began to caress her back as my other slid to her face and pulled it to mine and gently kissed her soft lips. Rose had put her arms around my shoulders and neck and returned the kiss in such a soulful, hunger as if she needed that much as I did. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths erotically and not at all like warriors. Let me tell you I had a raging hardon then. I knew she could feel me against her pelvis as she slowly made a motion like a rolling ocean tide against me. We held that kiss for only a moment when I took one of her hands and walked her to the dinning room table.

The table was set for our dinner with two large white candles flickering their light. I retreated to the kitchen and prepared the plates of food and served her a drink to occupy her. We talked briefly about work and the goings on in our lives. Once dinner was complete were retired to the living room and sat on my sofa close to each other with my arm around her shoulders. Rose nuzzled close to me as we continued to talk. Soon, our conversation turned towards small sexual innuendoes and I gazed into her eyes knowing that I wanted this woman with every fiber in my being. She rubbed her hand across my chest and I could not help myself as I reached under her chin and gently raised her head to mine and kissed her again. Her hand stopped rubbing my chest for a moment and then moved towards my thigh as she made circle across my leg from my knee to almost my groin. I reached around with my free hand and touched her cheek as I glided it down the front of her neck and then towards her Cihangir travesti breasts.

Rose’s scent was strong in my nostrils and it only made me desire her more. To kiss and taste the nectar of the sweetest flower. Through her blouse I could feel her erect nipples tearing at her bra, wanting to be released. Her kiss was more passionate as I manipulated nipples and her hand found the object of their own desire, my bulging cock. It was like being jacked off through my pants and I could not stand it any longer. I broke the kiss as I stood from the couch pulling Rose up with me. As she raised up she once again threw her arms around my neck and was kissing me again. I guided her towards the bedroom as we kissed, stopping only long enough to remove an item of clothing every few feet. First, I pulled her blouse and bra off making sure I got to suck one of her nipples into my mouth for a quick kiss before moving to the other. Rose’s hands would hold me from the back of my head forcing me down to her breast as she uttered a low “Ahhhh”. It sounded as if all of the air in her body was suddenly released from her.

Rose clawed at my back pulling my shirt over my head. She attacked my neck with kisses and gentle sucking as she made her way over my chest. By now we made it to the bedroom where she back away slightly and allowed me to unfasten her jeans. My hands quickly found their way inside and pushed them towards the floor. Returning up from my task we embraced again and kissed as Rose sought to release me from the confines of my pants. Once my belt and zipper were delt with, she snaked a hand inside and took hold of my cock. Rose squeezed and pulled on me for a moment before kneeling down and shoving my pants into a heap around my ankles. She never lost her grip on my rigid penis. I was watching her every movement as she lowered her head toward my cock and licked the underside of it. She gazed up at me and continued stroking my shaft. The look on her face was like she was asking if I was ready for something special. We both smiled and she returned her focus to my swollen dick that she held so lovingly. Rose kissed the tip and then opened her mouth and agonizingly slow, pressed me into her mouth. She got me about half way in and then, just as slow, withdrew me just to the crown of my head.

I wanted to throw my head back and close my eyes enjoying the sensation that Rose was affording me. But, I could not pull my eyes away from the totally erotic sight before me. I had fantasized many a time about her luscious lips wrapped around my cock and giving me the pleasure that was now at hand. My hands instinctively went Fındıkzade travesti to her head. Not to push or pull away but to feel her hair, her face her very being. After several long minutes I could feel that familiar tingling in my balls, I knew I was not going to last too long with the most wonderful feeling she was giving me. Finally, I had to pull away from her and pull her up. I laid her down on the bed and just gazed at this beautiful creature in front of me. Rose spread her legs and raised her knees to me as if she were a real flower opening her petals; waiting for me to taste and savoir the nectar of the gods.

I quickly finished removing my pants that had been bunched around my ankles and knelt on the floor in front of Rose. I used my hands and caressed between her thighs, careful not to touch the prize that awaited me. I wanted her to experience the same amount of pleasure that she had given me. I lowered my head and placed gentle kisses from the inside of her knees down to her pussy. I alternated from one leg to the other and could tell she was now having a hard time keeping her legs up and so I propped them using my hands. Her scent was so intoxicating to me and I could now plainly see how wet I had made her. She was glistening with her own moisture and I could not wait any more. I lowered my head and let my tongue touch the fold of her pussy. She moved slightly and I knew she liked what I was doing. I licked around the outside of her lips enjoying her flavor and the gyrations her body was making. I circled around and around getting closer and closer to her opening. I moved one hand and using just one finger I touched her at the bottom of her vagina and ever so lightly trailed upwards to the top. I just grazed her swollen clitoris and felt her body tense under my touch. Running my finger back and forth a few times just allowing myself to penetrate her slightly more with each pass I finally entered my finger into her. The warmth and moisture consumed me. All I could think about and wanted was to make her achieve her orgasm. She turned her head from one side to another as I slowly pushed my finger in and then pulled it almost all of the way out.

Finally, I dipped my head, opened my mouth and completely covered her pussy with my mouth. Using my finger and my tongue I ravished her fast and then slow. When I felt her about to explode I would slow and allow her to relax. I wanted her to cum like she had not cum in a very long time, if ever. After what seemed like forever I decided it was time to send her over the edge. This time I did not back off when she started to slightly moan. She reached down Fulya travesti with her hands and grabbed my head. Almost trying to force me deeper into her. Suddenly her body tensed and began to quiver slightly. Her breathing was labored and uneasy as the ocean wave of her orgasm consumed her. I felt like I was being pulled into her as her muscles contracted and gripped me tight. I knew to remain still as she came down from the rush of her orgasm. Rose regained her senses and began to relax. I pulled my finger from her and licked her wetness from it and lightly licked her a little to sooth her.

I raised my head and looked at Rose’s face. There was a huge smile stretched across it and her eyes seemed to be glazed over in lust. I stood and was going to lie down beside her so she could relax for awhile but she had other thoughts. Rose quickly maneuvered under me with her legs on either side of me. “Not yet” she said and reached down taking hold of my cock. She stroked me a couple of times before guiding me towards her. She pushed the head of my cock into the opening of her pussy before releasing me. She was still so wet that I slid completely into her without effort. It was fast and hard. I watched her face as I entered her. Her head tilted upwards and I could tell it felt good to her having me inside her. I paused for a moment enjoying the feeling myself. She was so warm and felt so good. Having myself buried all the way inside of her was the most wonderful feeling. I could feel every inch of her around my dick. The walls of her pussy were so smooth and felt like silk. I could not help but begin moving in and out of this amazing creature. I pulled back far enough to feel the head of my cock at her opening and then I pushed back all the way inside. I started very slow and built up speed. I could not believe it but I was about to cum to quickly. I had to stop for a moment and try to think about something other than how fantastic she felt around me. The harder I thought the worse it got. Rose must have sensed it also; she opened her eyes and looked at me. She said only two words that rocked me to the very core. “Go ahead.”

Having heard those words, I began to build a pace and before I knew it, without hardly a warning I erupted deep within Rose. By now Rose was holding both of my arms with either hand and was squeezing me tight. I could feel myself expand then retract with each shot I deposited. After I relaxed and opened my eyes, Rose was smiling at me and had a glow all about her. I gently laid down closer to her as she told me how good that felt to her. She said that she could actually feel my cum hit the back of her cervix each time I erupted. I told Rose that it felt so good that I want more and hoped she did also. She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her as she started moving underneath me. “You had better give me more!” was all she said just before we rolled over and she got on top.

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The Teacher Ch. 04

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Chapter Four

Full Service

Tommy’s survey was simple to complete. He had listed every sexual act imaginable and all I needed to do was check off those that I had provided for the Mayor. There was a section for comments but there wasn’t anything about the Mayor that was unusual. I just confirmed his preference for licking pussy and that it was best to remind him to use a condom. Oh, and I listed the time as one hour, forty minutes.

Several days later, Barbara had posted a copy of the Mayor’s bill on my personal link. It indicated an hour and a half at $600 per hour “normal fee” for “services rendered” plus $150 for the hospitality room. The total was $1050 and billed to Human Services in care of the City of C*%^*#o. I can’t name the city here but it is pretty well known in the Midwest. I was credited with earning $577.50.

Over the next week I had several customers. I entertained them at different condos, never the same place twice in a row. I was screwing short guys, tall guys, fat and thin gays, ugly men and once in awhile a handsome man. Most of the handsome men don’t need an escort service. There was one female customer, and to tell the truth, I was at a loss at how to deal with the situation. Women have a sixth sense about these things. She called me “Darlin’ ” and pretty much understood how to make both of us feel comfortable. She also wasn’t shy about telling me what she wanted. Every situation was uneventful except that most of the men were married and none of their wives let them do anal. So, my butt hole got a workout and we went through plenty of lube. It was a little harder to sit down after the first week and I needed a bit of a rest. The second week was the first time I did two guys on the same day … one in the afternoon and the second around ten in the evening. Sunday afternoon I got a late call and Barbara apologized. She asked if I would service a client that evening? I was new on the team and didn’t want to disappoint the boss so I agreed to do it. The man was in his 70’s and arrived with a little black bag that made me nervous. Would this be some kind of kinky bondage or BDSM role playing? It turned out that the old man brought along a penis pump and a cock ring. He knew getting it up would be a problem. Even with Viagra, an erection was a challenge so he brought along a few sexual aides. He was delightfully polite and gracious. I liked him. I sucked him and pumped him until he got close to being hard enough to perform. I helped him on with his cock ring and eventually he was ready to get it up and in. He wasn’t a great fuck but I felt sorry for him and told him what a great lover he was. He thanked me but knew I was lying.

Before leaving he said, “The thing is, I did this to feel young again … just one last time.”

I smiled and give him a big hug saying, “You’ll always be young at heart.”

“Thank you,” he said. “You are a very sweet girl.” At that, he turned and went out the door. Sad, so sad.

The good news is that during the first month I earned $7000 tax free. I might be shopping for a BMW of my own soon.

There was another customer I have to tell you about. It was Charlie and he had just turned 18. His dad had booked my escort service for his birthday because, as it turned out, Charlie was a virgin. Charlie was tall, maybe 6 feet, 5 inches with a chiseled face and a muscular body. The boy was gorgeous! I could see right away he was scared stiff, but not stiff in the right place. I asked him about school and his girlfriend. We talked about sports and where he was going to college. Then I asked him about sex and he looked away and said, “I don’t know much about it except whacking off at home.” I told him that was fine and a good release. Had he seen his girlfriend naked? No, he said but he had jacked off to plenty of erotic pictures on his computer. I said, “How about it if I take off my clothes. Would you like that?”

“Yes, but should I take off mine too?”

“If you like,” as I slowly removed my blouse. He followed by taking off his shirt. Then I slid my skirt down around my ankles and stepped out of it as I turned to let him see my ass. Wearing a tiny thong, he had an unobstructed view of my nicely formed ass cheeks. He was removing his pants and I unhooked my bra. I wanted to let my breasts fall deliberately so Charlie could fully appreciate with a great deal of anticipation the thrill of seeing a live naked woman. I was left wearing a red thong barely covering my pussy lips. Charlie was down to his shorts.

Seeing he was not at full strength, I sat on the love seat teasing him by playing with myself hoping to get him at full staff. He was curious but didn’t show much reaction.

Finally I said, “OK, Charlie, here’s where I show you what a woman can do for a real man like you. I gradually pulled his shorts to his knees and held his limp cock in my hand waiting for it to respond. It didn’t. I began licking his balls smearing saliva around Halkalı travesti his sack, still waiting for my hand to be filled with a rock hard organ. It didn’t work.

“Charlie, I’m going to suck on your cock and you pretend you are in your bedroom, all alone, massaging yourself. OK?”

“OK” he nervously replied.

I put him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his still limp dick pressing my lips against his manhood. It was beginning to be hard work but I loved the challenge. After about ten minutes he began to relax. I sat him on the couch and opened his legs continuing to work on him. Finally I could feel his soft hose begin to stir and as his cock grew, it was obvious Charlie was well endowed. All I could think of was getting his hard shaft into my pussy.

I held onto his hard member and led him to the promise land … the bed. I was so ready, wet and anxious to have him sliding inside me. He was unsure what to do next. I spread my legs and gently pulled him over me. I could feel his erection on my belly and reached down to put it between my legs.

“Come on Charlie, get yourself inside me. I’ll help,” as I grabbed that marvelous tool and I placed it in front of my pussy lips. “Now just push it in and help me feel you inside me.”

He did what I said. At first, my young stud seemed cautious, then rubbed his cock head between the folds of my pussy lips as I let out a quiet whimper. His cock slid into my slippery love hole with no resistance and I said, “Now fuck me Charlie.” Apparently, he knew what that meant and pressed inward, entering with progressively longer strokes, sliding his erect penis in and out … slowly at first and then he picked up the pace. I was fully aroused feeling the orgasm that had steadily been building inside me. It felt so good and I began to squeal, “More Charlie. Deeper Charlie. Harder Charlie.” That’s about all the encouragement he needed. He slammed his dick all the way in, up to the hilt and I could feel his pulsating meat while he ejaculated steady streams of youthful sticky cum into me. I cried out, “I’m cumming Charlie, I’m cumming. A wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over my entire body with tears streaming down my cheeks. His cum continued to gush inside my fuck canal and when he finally was finished, there was a gooey slick mess coating his dick and more dripping out of my cunny slit. I was totally in dreamsville.

“Mam, did I hurt you?” he asked noticing my tears.

“No Charlie, those are tears of joy!”

His father had paid for two hours so we had another hour left. I didn’t want it to end and hoped Charlie could recover for round two.

I said, “Charlie, the next time we do this, you need to wear a condom.”

“Fine, but my dad didn’t give me any.”

“I’ve got some. Are you ready to do it again but maybe in a different way?”

“Sure, but give me a minute.”

We talked awhile and then I asked him if he was ready. He said he wasn’t so this gave me an opportunity to teach him how to pleasure a woman.

“Charlie, come over here and play with my pussy.” I took his hand and pressed it against my sopping wet cunt and showed him how to rub my clit.”

“Mam, that feels so soft and wet.”

“That’s right, Charlie. When a woman is excited she has those natural juices and I’d like you to taste my juices. Bring your head down between my legs and lick me.” Of course he was also going to taste the creamy fluid he had deposited in my love box as well my wetness. It all kept oozing out of my swollen gap down to my ass. Charlie did what I instructed so I asked him how it tasted.

He said, “I’m not sure … kind of salty.”

“You’re probably tasting the fluid you shared with me awhile ago. You haven’t tasted your cum before?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Charlie, do you see that little button just above my girly hole? That is what really gives a girl pleasure. Please lick it and suck on it and if you do it well, it should get swollen like your cock.”

It didn’t take long for him to learn to give great head. He was a natural. And it didn’t take long for me to be on the verge of my second orgasm.

It was clear by the rising pole between his legs that he was ready to fuck me again. I slipped some protection on his rock hard cock and showed him how to enter me doggie style. He humped me good for what seemed like hours and we both came again with semen filling his Trojan. It turned out that Charlie was quite the guy. After ejaculating twice, he came a third time when I showed him cowgirl, riding him up and down like a bronco buster. Finally he shot a load in my mouth doing a 69. So the final score was two to two. He had filled two Trojans and two of my holes. I, of course, was thrilled to be a teacher again and both the teacher and student were totally satisfied with the lesson.

Before he left he said, “Thanks, that was great. Can I buy one of your videos?”

“Sure, take it. It’s free.”

“Oh my dad Levent travesti said you probably would expect a tip. How much should I give you?”

“Forget it, Charlie. You made me very happy in bed tonight. You will make some woman a very good lover. By the way, I’m curious. When was the last time you jacked off?”

Embarrassed he said, “Last week. My dad said to save it for tonight.”

He took the video and I sent him on his way. The maid was on her way up to the apartment as I was leaving and I hoped she had brought along an air freshener. The place reeked of sex. I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up the “morning after” pill and was soon home fantasizing about another night with Charlie.

I never saw Charlie again but his dad left a nice tip on the credit card.

The following month I earned over $10,000 and Tommy gave me the apartment. In addition, my hourly rate increased to $750 due to my growing popularity. Barbara also required clients to pay for a two hour minimum per engagement. For the agency, I had become a cash cow. Barbara and Tommy had just bought a fifth condo shortly after my second month and it occurred to me that their business plan was to build a real estate empire on the backs of us girls. Eventually, it seemed, they would sell the escort service and rent out the apartments. Brilliant! My bank balance was also prospering growing like kudzu on a telephone pole. I even opened an account at Fidelity to invest in a few mutual funds. Things were going really well for all of us but as we all know, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are consequences.

Dressing in different costumes made me feel sexy and like a real actress. When not in costume, I would greet the customer braless with my tits bursting out of an undersized tank top. Guys liked the look and enjoyed unwrapping my package, anticipating the delights waiting within. They liked what they saw by the time they removed the last ribbon, usually a thong or g-string. One guy wanted me in panties so he could take a scissors to cut an opening in front of my pussy. Then he’d fuck me through that hole without removing my panties. Different strokes for different folks, it appears. I enjoyed posing nude and to increase the sexual heat, I’d shake and play with my tits. It was always met with overwhelming approval. In the bedroom, the basics are net stockings, teddies, garters and garterbelts. Among the most effective was sexy lingerie that would even make Victoria’s Secret blush. They did the job for which they were intended. Babydoll lingerie was particularly popular and there was one that drove every guy wild with animalistic passion. It was a see-through babydoll that accentuated my already ample breasts. When my nipples got hard, the man was treated to them poking through tiny holes in the fabric. The g-string left nothing to a man’s imagination. There was never a guy that didn’t get an instant hard-on seeing me in it. This, of course, made my job a lot easier. The pump was already primed!

Our Mayor made several more visits. He loved the tantalizing French maid outfit. Once I dressed as a fraulein in native Bavarian dress. Actually, I got some good ideas from a video, “Fraulein in Uniforme.” Well, sometimes the frauleins were in uniform. I told him how Nazi soldiers had tortured and raped me and I needed a strong American man to protect me. He fell for it hook line and sinker. Another costume was a girl dressed in Swedish holiday clothes. My blond hair worked well in this role play. The Mayor had booked me during the Christmas holidays and I was Lucia, the Swedish girl that was martyred and killed for her faith. However, I altered the story somewhat. Instead of bringing food to the persecuted Christians, Lucia provided sexual favors to them. The Mayor was not familiar with the St. Lucia story but believe me, by the end of our session, he had a pretty good idea what it was about. He was delighted and gave me the biggest tip so far in my fledgling career.

“Jaws” rang on my phone one afternoon when business was slow. It was the time of year when the rich and famous were away on vacation … in Switzerland, The Hamptons, or Hawaii. The following month was the beginning of convention season. That’s when I easily make up for any lost revenue as conventioneers hit town.

The ringtone played on and I answered. “Hello?”

“Hi, this a friend that saved you from the Nazis,” the voice whispered on the other end.

“Oh hi.” I recognized the Mayor’s voice. “Shouldn’t you be contacting me through the website?”

“No, I’m not scheduling another appointment but would like to speak with you about a business proposition.?

“Really?” and I was truly surprised.

“Yes. Can you meet me for dinner at the Como?”

“What’s this about?”

“I’ll tell you at dinner. You won’t be disappointed”

I thought a minute and wondered if this was within company policy. Well, Barbara said it was OK Şirinevler travesti to have dinner with clients but she didn’t say if it would be fine without entertaining them for a price.

“I think it’s alright. What time?”

“I’ll have a limo pick you up in front of the same place we met last week. Make it 6:30.”

“OK, I’ll be there.” This was an ideal arrangement because that condo is now where I live.

I was escorted to a private room in the Como. I knew there was a VIP room but never worked the room when employed as a waitress at the Como. The Mayor had already arrived and stood to greet me.

“Welcome Eve. Please sit down.”

“How did he know my real name?” I wondered. The maitre d’ helped me be seated. This was the same man that fired me and must have been curious why I was there with the Mayor. Neither of us let on that we knew each other.

“Eve, I’m sure you know who I am. Being rather well known, I appreciate your discretion regarding our association. I know I can trust you.”

“Thank you, Mayor Johnson,” I replied in a soft tone.

“Let’s enjoy some Champagne and we’ll talk business over dinner. I’ve ordered baked flounder for the entrée. It’s freshly caught and the chef has a fantastic recipe. The Como has the best seafood in the city. I hope you will like it.”

“I’m sure I will.” That part was genuine because when I worked at the Como, it was among the most popular dishes. It’s just that I could never afford it.

We sipped our chilled Champagne and munched on a delightful shrimp cocktail. Most of our conversation centered around the Mayor’s work and his upcoming reelection campaign. I was still curious why we were dining together without a reservation through And how did he know my name? Somebody squealed but then mayors have their ways and lots of clout. Midway through the succulent flounder, Mayor Johnson began telling me how difficult it was finding a private secretary with just the right qualifications. Finally getting to the point, he said, “I’d like you to fill that position for me.”

The Mayor was offering me a job! Wow! I never would have guessed as much. So that’s one of the consequences of success it seems.

He went on, “The office part is rather easy. You would answer my private calls and do some filing. It really doesn’t amount to much. Mostly you would dress well wearing fine but understated jewelry while welcoming visitors. If you need help with that, I have a rather generous expense account. There would be some travel because you will always be at my side during trips. I need someone to make me look good.” He smiled.

“Perhaps the most important part of the job is to host an occasional private party for dignitaries and colleagues. That’s very important in politics. The pay is good. The starting salary is $125,000.”

I said nothing and listened when he mentioned that I would have to leave my current employment and work only for him. The city would lease an apartment for me and all entertaining would take place there. The expense is within the Political Functions/Entertainment budget. “Holy buggers,” I thought. He wants his own private fuck girl … a mistress. We ordered a dessert but I only picked at it.

When we got up to leave I said, “Mayor, I really appreciate your offer but I need time to think it over.”

“That’s fine, Eve. I figured you would need some time on this. Call me when you make a decision. Here is my card with my private number. I need to know by Thursday. The limo driver will take you back to your condo.”

That gave me two days to decide. I was back home at 9:00 PM doing my homework. It wasn’t a simple decision but one thing kept creeping into the back of my mind, “What if he isn’t reelected?” The other consideration was the money. I already lived in a very nice apartment and I was now averaging $12,000 to $15,000 a month. That’s something like $150 grand a year! So, I thought I’d run this by Jan. I called her that night and heard, “Hi, this is Jan. I’m out. Leave your name and number and I’ll return your call.” I left my name.

She called back the next morning and apologized for the delay. Jan had been performing a much needed service to one of our top military generals and it ran later than usual. “So Eve, what’s up?”

I explained the deal. She was a great help by reinforcing my thoughts about the election and money. In the end, we both decided it was best to turn down the offer. The one concern we both had was the Mayor might turn vindictive and close down the agency. I called Tommy to explain what had happened and told him I had not taken the Mayor’s offer. He said not to worry about the Mayor. Mayor Johnson is a good man. If he decides to apply some heat, we have his record on file.

“Oh, and Eve, something’s came up and I need to speak with you right away. This is an out of agency situation and maybe we can talk about it in your apartment.”

“Why not tell me now?” I inquired.

“Well, it’s a delicate matter. I’ll be there in an hour.” and he hung up.

Oh boy, another mystery for me to ponder. For Tommy to come to my place and on such short notice, it must be important. He said it wasn’t about the agency so what could be so pressing?

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