Blanks and Missiles Ch. 02

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* * *

When I finally woke up the next morning Ander was gone from my bed, and apparently the house. I woke up horny and hopeful that Ander would take me once again. My dreams the night before were incredibly erotic, the moisture flowing from me had little to do with the potent seed he had filled me with the night previous. I figured I was better off, I was getting too close to Ander. I laid in bed for a while lightly stroking and petting my very sore pussy. My ministrations were feeling really good, I stopped before I got too out of control.

I found the t-shirt Ander was wearing before he entered my room. I stripped off my confining clothes and slipped it on. It felt great to be a little exposed, and I was loving the scent still on his shirt. I puttered around the house all morning, riding high on the orgasmic pleasure I had experienced the night previous.

I received a call at around nine or so from Paul. We chatted about nothing for a couple of minutes, and then he asked, “Well, uh, how did it go?” I paused long enough for Paul to say, “You still there sweetie? Hello?” I snapped out of it and replied, “Oh, yeah, uh, sorry, yeah. Everything went as planned. You know how I was worried that it was going to be, really, really weird. But, well, Ander was very mechanical and professional, as we discussed.”

Paul delayed his response, I heard heavy, if not gasping breathing on the other end of the line. Then he said, “Honey, I’m sorry about all of this. You know that I wish I could…do it,,, right? I just love you SO much!”

“I love you too, big guy. And of course I know that!”

“We need this, to complete our family. Let’s just stay focused on that beautiful baby…”

“Oh, Paul. You’re too sweet. I just wish it could be made by you and me! But this will be good too. I miss you,” Paul had to run; the guys were running late for a tee time, and our conversation was holding up the works.

“Yes, me too hon. I love you.”

“I love you too Paul, have a good time!” With that the phone clicked in my ear.

Ander came back about half an hour later with some shopping bags. He walked in and shouted, “Hey, Katie. Feeling good?” I said, “yeah, I’m feeling great!” He was digging around in the fridge pulling out ingredients, he then started whipping up an amazing breakfast with the ease of a pro. I joined in helping him chop and prep for our meal.

The whole time he was nothing but courteous, although I did catch him glancing at my swaying breasts under my thin t-shirt a few times. I really didn’t mind him looking, considering I had stolen quite a few looks of his huge cock pressing against his tight athletic shorts. We sat down and gorged on our finished product, the food was fantastic.

We were working on our second and third cups of coffee feeling contentedly full, when Ander out of nowhere, placed his hand on my bare thigh and said, “OK, sis. I say we hit the sheets, and keep trying for that baby.” I could hardly believe my ears. I kind of knew we’d be doing it once or twice more later that night, but not damn well now. Although I could feel a distinct tingle in my tummy when he mentioned my sheets.

A little shocked by his boldness, I instinctively replied, “I don’t think so.” But my body was already responding YES. I thought he would take me seriously and go watch TV or something, but I saw a moment of shock in his eyes.

“I mean, its not even noon yet!”

He didn’t say anything at all, he didn’t need to as his hand inched up my thigh. It wasn’t until I asked, “Are you sure you can do this?” Ander looked as though he was getting pissed, and then he laughed: “Let’s go find out. We’ve only got another day and a half, and I want to make sure you’re knocked up. Who knows, this might be our only opportunity before my brother comes to his senses! There is no way I would ever share you with another man, infertile or not!”

“I don’t know. I think we should wait till tonight, as we agreed.” My mind was trying to be rational, but my body was yearning for release. I now had my legs spread as he slowly pushed his index finger into my sopping wet hole.

Ander just said, with a big smile, as he pumped with now a second fat finger, “Get your ass over here.” His words were meant to be unaffected, but I could see the intensity and seriousness in his eyes. He didn’t wait for me to answer. Pulling his fingers out of me, he walked over, picked me up with ease. He carried me down the hallway to the master bedroom, to the bed I share with my husband.

“Ander,” I said, “Stop it. What are you doing? We can’t fuck yet!” He didn’t say anything, he dropped me on the bed, and lay on top of me, roughly pinning me down. He said, “Sorry. The minute I saw you in that shirt, and with nothing underneath, there was no question that I was going to have you.” I could feel his python growing to full length again as he pressed it against my belly, the memories of the pleasure he brought me the night before came flooding back

“Well don’t izmit rus escort think you were the only one looking.” He freed my hands as I began to work his shorts down over his hips. I could only reach so far until he completed the task for us.

He lost his balance for a split second, Ander’s as his hips parted my thighs, and I could feel his veiny tool press up against my soaked pussy. My lips were now right against Ander’s ear, and, involuntarily, I kissed it, trailing down his neck. I was making my way back up his chin when he grabbed my face and pulled it towards his. Ander kissed my cheek, my neck, and then his soft lips found their way to mine.

Softly at first, just brushing our lips together, and then harder, and then feeling Ander’s tongue push past into my mouth. I couldn’t help but to do the same thing back, sending my darting wet tongue past his lips. We kissed and felt each other up for what felt like an hour; it was almost better than sex, the build was making it that much more intense. Just the sense of being together, a man in complete lust with, was very gratifying. Then Ander started to make the moves to get back inside of me.

He sat me up, and pulled my shirt over my head, whipping it across the room. I was now completely nude, baring it all for my brother in law. I was trying to remember if Paul had ever seen me completely bare in the light of day. I grabbed his shirt at the bottom and lifted it up over his head. His fat cock was still pulsingly hard, I gave it a few gentle tugs, amazed at its firmness. We embraced, his chest pressed warmly against mine, we resumed kissing as my hands made their way down to his incredibly tight ass.

I was kissing him like I was in love with him, and maybe I was, on some level. I found myself moving my hands back towards his chest to get a feel of those incredible chest muscles and abs. Oh my… did they feel nice. So incredibly strong and hard. It really was a shame that we weren’t ever going to fuck again after today, I thought, as he gently cupped my breast taking it fully into his bare hand. He was now holding my engorged nipple between his thumb and index finger. He gently began to roll them as his tongue found its way down my throat once again.

Then Ander kissed his way down the valley between my breasts. God, he knew how to kiss my tits! So unlike the mauling I was used to from Paul. He now used both hands to eagerly cup and caress them, his mouth moving back and forth between them, kissing them with passion all while making small nibbles around the outer edges. He would then zero back in with soft kisses and eager suckling on my hard nubs his tongue relentlessly working on my nipples. I could feel how incredibly wet I was getting.

Ander started trailing kisses down towards my belly, and kissed around the circumference of my cute belly button. Continuing down further kissing me lightly, I realized that he was actually going to put his mouth on my now dripping wet sex. Paul had never even tried before, I gently spoke out, “No, We can’t do this, its not right!.” It wasn’t that I was against it, I just didn’t know what to expect, and I had always been curious.

Before I could protest further he started running his long wet tongue from the base of my pussy lips to just below my clitoris. He gave little sucks to soft sensitive folds up and down my vagina, and it was obvious that he was really enjoying himself. His obvious enthusiasm was turning me on as much as anything else, the fact that he was loving what he was doing. I was surprised by my own reactions, my initial inhibitions dropped, I gripped the sheets tightly as a sudden hard spasm rippled through me as his tongue moved from inside me to my clit and back again.

I was really getting into it when he pulled away and said, “God Katie, I’ve wanted to lick your pussy since the day I first saw you in your wedding dress.”

The mention of my wedding dress brought me back to reality and reminded me that what we were doing was wrong. I needed to clear those thoughts from my mind, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed my pussy back into his pleasure giving mouth. I was writhing with passion as his pointed tongue darted in and out of my hole. The sloppy sounds of his work resonated in my mind. I was focused on one thing, getting as much pleasure as I could from this.

I screamed out in orgasm, it was quite good, but a mere drop in the bucket compared to what he gave me the night before. It felt really good to be pampered by his very generous tongue. I wanted to return the favor, the desire to give something in return was strong in me, and I was hoping Ander would want to put his penis in my mouth. Another part of me fought that desire, now I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet. After my orgasm the desire was just as strong in me to now put a stop to this.

We were going too far. I said, “Ander. No more. We have to wait till tonight.” I tried to push him away from my still quivering sex. He eventually izmit escort complied, kissing his way back up my tight stomach, stopping off to spoil my very hard nipples once again. Ander then brought his lips to mine, I could taste my juices on him, and it filled me with a strange, and intense need. His hard cock gently nudged against my outer lips, my hips thrust instinctively against him, trying to bring his hard cock inside of me.

Now all I could think of was being fucked to the fullest by my new lover. As we made out he was running the length of his cock up and down my pussy. He knew I wasn’t serious about stopping, and never even considered it as an option. As if on cue, Ander directed the tip of his massive cock to my opening. My pussy was ready to accommodate him, albeit a little sore from the pounding he gave me the night before. He began pushing in, a couple of inches at a time.

“Oh, take it easy baby, I’m a little raw down there from last night,” I exclaimed in pain.

Ander ignored my complaint and continued pushing more into me with his rock hard shaft. Soon he could sense my anxiety levels dropping as I started enthusiastically responding to his forceful fucking. Ander’s huge balls were now slapping up against my ass as my well lubricated pussy offered less and less resistance.

“Fuck me, FUCK ME HARDER!” I moaned out in delight.

“I thought you said it hurt.”

“Not any more, it feels so good, just fuck me with your cock,” I moaned.

“Has Paul ever fucked you this well?” He said.

“What, who?” I replied, I had lost all sense of self awareness.

“I said, has Paul ever fucked you this well??” Ander began slowly pulling his fat cock from my tight confines.

In a panic I tried to thrust back against him, his strong arm kept me from my goal.

“Answer me now, or no more dick”

“OF COURSE NOT! I have never been fucked like this! Please give it to me!!” I was desperate for him to give me what I desired most. And at that he pushed deep into me giving me what I wanted most!

He started a hard rhythm that continued to turn my initial soreness into pleasure, and against all logical control I start to thrust back up at him. His words and huge cock were really pumping me up. Suddenly, another orgasm overwhelmed me, and it felt so incredible to be completely dominated.

Ander just said, “Oh yeah, baby. Fuck you cum so hard, this pussy is just too good.” Ander began to buck faster, deeper, harder, I knew he was getting close.

“What do you want? Tell me!” I watched his nose begin to screw. The first telltale sign that he was going to cum. I knew he was beyond stopping now.

“I want you brother, I want you to fuck me!”

“You want me to knock you up? Want me to fill this pussy full of my potent cum?”

“YES! YES! Cum in me baby! Make me a mommy!”

I could actually feel his fat cock expand inside of me, just as I felt his cock spasm his hot load against the deepest parts of my sex, I felt yet another giant orgasm wrack my body. I felt as if my contractions were drawing that life-giving seed towards my soon to be fertilized egg. We thrashed through our mutual orgasm together, I had never felt closer to another person until this very moment.

“YES Give me that CUM! I can feel you filling up my fertile little pussy! Do what Paul CAN’T!!” With each word I could feel him pulsing into me. Ander mashed his lips against mine as he continued to fill me up. I eagerly returned his kisses.

Finally his weapon was fully discharged inside of me, he was completely void of energy, but his plump cock remained plugged inside of me. Ander began tenderly kissing and feeling me up. Almost as if I were a fine delicacy, not some plaything, Ander softly kissed and licked my breasts now, telling me how wonderful and perfect they were. I never wanted this moment to end.

After awhile, he finally slipped from the tightness of my vagina, I could hear an audible plop as I finally released him. I felt a trickle of a stream of his cum leaking from my sex. I was hoping the most potent of the swimmers were making their way deep inside of me. That trickle soon began a stream as more and more of his copious load ran out of me. I rested my hand softly on his thigh, and shut my eyes, lightly falling asleep. I just wanted a small break, but I was secretly hoping he would recharge soon! I was saddened when Ander got up, and got dressed. I listened closely to what he might have been up to, after a minute or two I could hear the front door slam his motorcycle starting up.

Not too much longer later, I fell asleep fast and hard, perfectly content and satisfied. My slumber was restless, vivid dreams danced through my manic mind. I was in a hospital nursery surrounded by hundreds of screaming children. I knew my baby was somewhere in that room. I spotted Paul across the room fruitlessly searching, getting further and further away from me. I was panicked, I just knew that I would never find my child. Suddenly a strong kocaeli escort hand from behind grasped my shoulder and led me down one of the pathways amongst all the bassinets.

The stranger behind me suddenly stopped at a crib that was illuminated with light. I knew we had finally found my child. I was so happy that I burst into tears, I was so excited that I didn’t even look down to confirm. I grasped the stranger behind me and began covering his face in sweet kisses and lovingly staring into Ander’s eyes!

I didn’t know what to do this was supposed to be a child for Paul and me. Anders strong grip held me steadfast. He once again went to kiss me, as I watched Paul disappear from the room entirely. The scariest part was I felt nothing but relief as he was finally gone. I swooned at his touch, taking in everything he was giving me.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was transported back into a strange room. It resembled the seedy motel suite Paul and I stayed in on our wedding night. I was still wrapped in Anders strong arms. I looked down to see that I was totally naked. I fell back into the bed cooing for Ander to take me. When I looked up I realized that it was not Ander afterall, but the dark black skin of Dr. Carroll.

I was momentarily aghast at my nudity. I went to cover myself up when I noticed the room was full of men in tuxedos. It was all of Paul’s groomsmen, including Ander. They were cheering me on as Dr. Carroll began to ravish my body with his impossibly large black cock. He was pounding my pussy bringing me impossibly close to orgasm, I was just never able to get to the climax.

Suddenly one of the men from the gallery disrobed, it was Ander, he was fisting his iron hard cock, shoving it in my face. I gladly opened my mouth accepting his pulsing tool past my tongue. Suddenly Dr. Carrol’s huge cock began to expand inside of me filling my pussy full of his cum. The other men in the room were all completely naked each one fisting huge cocks. I knew I was ready and willing to take them all on. It was at that moment I began to convulse in orgasm, screaming out at the extreme pleasure I was experiencing in my dream. I woke up suddenly I had two fingers crammed in my pussy and I was sucking on two fingers of my other hand, starting to come down from a very intense and very real orgasm.

After catching my breath I tried to will myself back into that dream, I wanted to continue my fantasy orgy, to sample all of the men in that room. I never found it particularly odd that Paul was never there, in reality, he never had been. Paul could never give me the baby or the pleasure that I had always wanted. I fell asleep once again, this time it was mostly dreamless, but my emotions were in high gear.

When I finally woke from my sex induced nap, around 4 p.m., the pressure on my bladder was intense and I was starving. As I sat on the toilet feeling the sweet relief of emptying my bladder, I noticed a continuous stream of Anders cum running from me. I was surprised that there was that much left inside of me considering the large wet spot we had left on the bed. He must have shot his cum very deep in me. I sat there for an extra few minutes to let it all out. I wiped the sticky stuff from my lips and flushed the toilet.

I decided to clean up the bedroom. My bed was a total disaster, the sheets were all disheveled and the smell of sex was strong in the air. I stripped the linens from the bed and put them in the washer. It was only when I started to remake the bed did I acknowledge that I was still completely nude. My nipples were achingly hard, and my pussy was still dripping with moisture. I wasn’t sure if it was my own, or leftovers from my brother inlaws large cum deposit. Although I felt satisfied at the moment, I could feel my sexual arousal levels begin to grow. I was getting horny, a totally new experience for me.

My bedroom seemed different now, no longer was it simply a place to lie down, it was now a place where I got fucked, I had a whole new outlook on my bed. The thought did bring a sharp stab of guilt, as it wasn’t my husband giving me the pleasure. I’d promised Paul that Ander and I would only be doing it twice, and I was so sure that I would not find any pleasure in the act. Now it was the only thing I could think about, my pussy began to ache at the thought of having him inside me again very soon.

There was a picture of Paul and I on our wedding day, sitting on his dresser. We looked so happy and optimistic. The picture now made me feel sad. I picked it up and placed it face down, I did not want to confront the emotions I was feeling at the moment. With a sly grin I heard stirring from the floor below. I threw on my old house coat and bounded downstairs, I could smell food.

Ander had apparently began to prepare a meal for us. It was a good thing too, as I was completely famished. I saw that beautiful hunk of man standing by the stove as I made my way into the kitchen. I couldn’t help but to appreciate his tight ass and bulging biceps.

I grasped his strong arm and said, “So, what’s cooking? It smells delicious!” He looked at me and said, “Just a little something to hold us over. I dunno about you, but all this fucking has me starved!”

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Bad Influence Ch. 2

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My cousin Leon came in from NYC to visit for a weekend. He just hit his 21st birthday. For all who don’t know, I was totally fucking him the entire summer, we were almost to the point where it didn’t matter to us who knew about it or not.

But now, I hadn’t seen him since the wedding we attended in NYC last fall and I only had sex occasionally because I was working hard and literally had very little personal time. I missed my sex machine cousin called “Couso!” (My nick name too) I by the time the weekend came, I was so fucking horny.

Since I had been working the entire spring season, I hadn’t been able to work on my tan at all. The entire morning I was sunning myself by the pool completely naked, but freezing my ass off. Hey, at least I was getting tanned. I laid out in the sun for an hour or so, smoking weed and reading. I had recently gotten all of my pubic hair waxed off and the sun felt good on my bare pussy.

It was about 2 PM when I hopped in the shower and washed the suntan lotion off of my body. Of course I was fuckin’ horny as hell. At 3 o’clock PM, the doorbell rang. I ran to the door like a child expecting a present, wearing nothing else but the over-sized New York Knicks jersey that he left the last time he was here. It barely covered my naked ass and my tits were in full view from the sides. I opened the door to find Leon, his friend Joe that I met in New York and some Latin guy named Paul. I thought he was coming alone actually, but played it off, wondering if my brother knew that Leon was bringing his crew with him to LA to stay in his house.

I hugged Leon and he lifted me up. He started spinning me around in circles, causing my shirt to rise up over my ass, exposing it to the two other men who were still standing there. I didn’t care. He put me down as I giggled like a schoolgirl. I greeted Joe with a wet kiss on the lips and I turned and did the same to Paul, a complete stranger. He blushed. I could tell that he didn’t know what to think about that kiss, but he tried to play it off. I felt so slutty and didn’t care if anyone would judge me at this moment, except my brother. I mean, it is his house. I made a private bet to myself to see how fast I could get these guys inside of me without blatantly asking.

I led them inside and they put their bags in the living room. “What can I get you guys to drink?” I asked. “Cognac!” They all seem to say in unison. I went to the bar and poured for glasses of Hennessey on the rocks. I came back and we all raised our glasses. “Happy Birthday!” We all sang out. They drank down their drinks. I sipped escort izmit mine. I could never get into the taste of cognac.

We sat down in the living room. I made sure that I flashed my pussy to everyone, by “accident” of course. The guys were tripping, whispering to each other and almost giggling. I know what was going through their heads…me!

I had already made up my mind that I was going to fuck all of them, even, Paul, who I just met. I was waiting for the right moment to break the ice.

We made small talk as we drank, getting drunk quickly from. Suddenly I locked eyes with Leon and he smiled. I walked over calmly and sat on his lap with my legs over the edge of the couch. He let me sip out of his cup while Paul moved over to the love seat to get a view of my pussy because my tank tip had risen up. “Your friend is cute.” I said out loud to Leon. “Can I have him?” I continued. Leon and Joe smiled.

My pussy was dripping wet by then. I reached down and felt Leon’s cock through his jeans. It was rock hard. I looked up and saw Paul whispering to Joe. Paul seemed to be blushing a bit. I thought to myself. “He ain’t seen nothing yet!” For all those who know me, the shock value sometimes is equally as erotic as the actual sex. I love throwing people off with unadulterated acts of exhibitionism and wild, free sex. I reached down and unzipped Leon’s jeans, fished around for a second and out sprung his rock hard dick. Paul stood up laughing and saying, “Get the fuck out of here!” Joe was laughing too.

“I told you! I told you!” He kept repeating. My pussy was dying for some cock. I couldn’t wait. I placed one leg over him and straddled him. I guided his hard cock into my pussy and it slid in with one stroke. I slowly began humping his dick, listening to the two guys behind me snicker and laugh at me fucking Leon. “What’s so funny you little bitches?” Leon shouted at them. They stopped laughing and got real quiet as they watched. I didn’t even kiss Leon, just stared into his face as he smiled and bit his bottom lip from the pleasure. He grabbed at my ass, spreading my cheeks apart with his hand and fingered my open asshole with both of his fingers.

I wanted to see their faces while I fucked Leon. I slid off of his cock and turned around so they could see his cock sliding up inside my hairless, wet pussy. I was definitely putting on a show for these guys.

I placed one leg over him and straddled him. Then slowly eased his cock inside of me. The guys had little shy grins on their faces. As I humped up and down on Leon’s cock slowly. He started moaning. izmit escort Suddenly I felt the familiar feeling of my cousin’s cock tensing rock hard. Then I felt him begin to squirt his cum deep inside of my pussy as I slowly humped his dick. He came, moaning to deep within his throat. I think he was embarrassed because he came so quickly and his boys were watching. I wanted more and there were two able bodies right in front of me.

Paul had a huge grin on his face. His cock was out and he was slowly stroking it. It was very long, yet skinny. I slid off of Leon’s dick. I felt some of his sperm drip out down my leg. I moved in closer to Paul. He didn’t say a word, just held his dick upright, waiting for me. I straddled him and mounted his throbbing cock. It slid in with ease and he moaned out loud. So loud that everyone started laughing. I was in total control. “You like this pussy?” I kept repeating as I humped him harder and harder. “Yes!” Is the only words he managed to blurt out as I rode him hard. I felt Leon’s cum began to bubble out as Paul’s cock stirred it up. I leaned over and began kissing Joe on the mouth as Paul fucked my pussy slow and steadily. Joe moved down the couch a bit and took off his jeans.

I got up off of Paul’s cock to turn around. It was coated with my juice and Leon’s cum. I moved motioned for Paul to get behind me and he did as I laid down on my side and began to give Joe head while Paul slid his dick back inside my hot pussy. As I gave Joe the sloppiest head I could, I stared at Leon, who was stroking his limp dick back to life. Paul started fucking me harder and harder. I could tell he was losing control. My pussy was so wet and dripping with juice that his cock slid out. He attempted to slide it back into my pussy, but instead slid it into my well-used asshole. It made me shriek out, but my mouth was stuff with cock, so not much sound came out. I didn’t think he knew he was in my ass as he continued pounding away. Before I knew it, Leon was standing over me, wanting me to give him head or “brain” as the hip hop brothas call it.

I managed to sit up with Paul’s long cock still in my butt. My face and neck were dripping from the saliva that I was coating Joe’s cock with as I sucked his luscious dick. Ahhh. Here was the position that I was yearning for. A DP. Leon slid his cock inside of my pussy for the second time that evening. It felt so good, feeling the pressure from two cocks inside of me.

They fucked me for a good five minutes. I came so hard! Before I knew it, Paul was moaning louder and louder. I could feel izmit kendi evi olan escort his dick tense up. He grunted and began shooting his hot cum deep inside my ass. I could immediately feel it bubbling out of me from the pressure of the two cocks sliding in and out of my holes. The sensation was too much for Paul I guess. “Hold on! Hold on!” He kept saying as his cock slipped in and out of my well used hole. His dick didn’t get soft either. He stayed hard, but stopped moving. “Are you OK?” I asked while Leon snickered as he pumped my pussy.

“I need to get up!” He moaned. I pushed Leon away. His cock slipped out of me noisily. I slowly began to raise up off of Paul’s dick. It seemed to be semi-hard now. It slid out, followed by a small stream of cum that dripped from my ass. He got up and asked where the bathroom was. I pointed across the room and he walked away. I immediately went back to work. I simply moved over and sat on Joe’s awaiting cock. It was in my pussy at first until Leon came over and placed his dick right in front of my pussy. I slid Joe’s dick out of my pussy and slid it into my ass in one quick motion. Right away, Leon puts his big dick back into my pussy and begins slowly pumping away. I was in heaven. I felt another orgasm building up as I sweated between these two sexy men.

That was IT! I starting coming and it was hard and heavy! I was throwing my head around like I was possessed. I know I hit Joe’s head with the back of my head a few times, but I was out of control. I guess seeing me cum made Leon get off because once again he began to moan and suddenly he came once again inside my pussy. I felt dizzy and was just sweating so much that I felt like I was going to pass out. Leon stepped back and sat on the couch, watching Joe fuck his cousin, while he stroked is wet and sticky cock, fresh from my pussy. Joe was fucking my ass so hard that his dick slipped out of my ass. In one quick swoop, he slid it into my cum-filled pussy. I felt Joe’s cock begin to throb inside of me as he fucked me slowly. He had a certain rhythm that he followed and didn’t miss a stroke. Within a minute, he tensed up and came inside my pussy. That was the third load of cum that my pussy received within an hour. I felt so full and wet. I got up off of Joe and told Leon that he should go check on his friend, who hadn’t come out of the bathroom yet.

No one moved and I walked over and knocked on the door. Paul was in there still and didn’t answer. I opened the door and he was in the bathroom, hovering over the john. I think he had too much to drink. I walked over and squatted down next to him and rubbed his head. I was so sweaty and hot still. I gave him a glass of water and he drank it down.

I jumped in the shower and he took a nap while we all watched TV and laughed and talked.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Tits

I’m in bed. I went to bed early last night, so I managed to wake up unaided just a few minutes before my alarm, which meets silent death before it can scream into life in my ear. The house is quiet, and my thoughts turn to you.

I remember the last time you touched me, how you lit my body with such intense passion. Everything, your voice, your eyes, your hands, even the smell of your skin is like an intoxicant to me. I am addicted to you.

The warmth in your smile blooms heat in my belly, and as I remember you, my hands slide down the curves of my body lightly. That soft tease, fueled by memories of you is enough to awaken me from the inside. Just before I touch the most sensitive parts of myself…


I wake with a jolt and glare in the general direction of the alarm clock. One arm flings out and beats the plastic annoyance into submission, while the other vainly seeks to block out the day’s sun light from my face.

“Meow!” cries one of my three feline Masters.

“Alright, alright. Give me a minute, fur-face,” I grumble in reply.

“MEOW!” Now the command is unmistakable, and like the well-trained pet that I am, I slog escort izmit off to check food, water, cat box, and then stumble into the shower. I am followed. I am used to it, too. I have not been alone in my house’s bathroom in nearly four years.

Warm water, one of life’s truest and most glorious pleasures, stirs an echo of the dream-heat I felt. I angle my body so that the near stinging droplets can hit the tender skin between my legs, and think of you. Once again, my hands begin their dance, nails dragging just sharply enough from the tops of my breasts downward in slow, lazy spirals. I am just starting to tease apart the delicate lips of my sex when my roommate pounds on the door.

“That was my alarm you shut off, you are late!”

I sigh, wash quickly and try to ignore the insistent demands of release from my body. Oh, the joys of sharing a one-bedroom condo with someone whom you are not intimately involved.

Traffic is horrible, as expected, but I manage to make it to work without mishap. I have also managed to shut down that clamoring part of me that would have been the most distracting. I am calm again.

Today is the day we review our monthly finances izmit escort and budget. Oh goodie. The three-hour meeting promises to be as excruciatingly boring this month as it was last month, and the time before that, and the time before that as well. I am overcome with joy as I take my seat, sipping old, too-strong coffee.

My department head drones on, blathering about the rising cost of… paperclips, for all I know. I’ve been with this company for ten years. I’ve gotten good at tuning people out. Another person stands, a woman I don’t know who sits three cubicles down from me. She’s been here at least as long as I have. If I cared, I might wonder at her name.

The guy sitting next to me from A.R. nudges me and gives me a look that says I look too asleep. I sit up and attempt more perkiness, listening to this unknown woman speak.

She discusses the riveting world of finance as if we are not all well versed in our decade plus jobs. I tune her out again, and debate slipping out of work early to beat the traffic. It is only ten am, and I don’t think that excuse will work. Oh well. I’ll just have to wait until quitting time like a good salaried izmit kendi evi olan escort employee. My attention sharpens on the discussion at hand, as I continue to sip the scalding, bitter-burnt coffee. If I am going to be here, I might as well pay attention.

… your hand, fisted deep into my hair, the thick coil of it wrapped around your fingers to give you power… you pull back with that reign, hips thrusting forward… your skin merges with mine and I scream… the sensation of you sliding in so forcefully sends me into helpless spasms but you do not stop… your thrusts, your demands on my body grow more forceful, driving the breath from me with each motion… I silently beg you not to stop as my peak rushes up again and again… I am mindless, unable and unwilling to remember a world not suffused with pleasure so intense it leaves me bleeding… your hands settle now on my hips, yanking me back faster… your own climax approaches and I am greedy to feel that sweet liquid heat pouring into my deepest flesh…

The vision releases me and I am only just able to suppress a shudder. My skin tingles distractingly, demanding attention. The meeting is just wrapping up, and I manage to keep a neutral expression as I locate my boss in the crowd. I’d worry about how long I had been lost in my daydream later.

“Frank, I’ve got a small emergency I need to take care of. I’ll be working from home today.”

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Jewell “the Maiden” Blakemore Ch. 04

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Jewell “The Maiden” Blakemore

Jewell sat across from her longtime rival Ashleigh Kendricks and smiled softly at the woman. Both women were ruthless and dangerous, neither trusted the other anymore than she had to.

Ashleigh was everything Jewell was not, she was tall dark-haired with skin the colour of sun kissed wheat. Where Jewell was small and fit, Ashleigh had a much more imposing physique. Her body was thick and muscular, yet she lost nothing of her femininity in the exchange. Her flaming red hair was as recognizable as Jewell’s own silver mane. Her eyes were deep and brown, flecked with just a hint of amber in the iris. She was dressed today in a pair of black leather pants and boots, with a green and black bodice with front lacing. Her long flowing red hair was worn loose to her mid back, curling naturally and looking like fire reflected over waves in the darkest of night.

Jewell herself wore a black simple doublet of fine silk along with plain canvas petticoat pants and her trademark knee high black leather boots, Her hair was tied back in her customary ponytail, held in place by the leather binding with the silver skull she always wore in her hair.

The two women had known each other a very long time. They have been shipmates once, friends even. Both had served on board the vessel of Lady Meredith, The legendary pirate queen who had paved the way for the younger generation of women who would follow in her footsteps. Jewell and Ashleigh were first and foremost among these.

The two captains were meeting to try and work out an agreement. There had been tension between the two as of late. Ashleigh had returned from an expedition in the southern seas and the crew of her ship ‘the Salty Succubus’ had been at odds with that of Jewell’s own ‘Black Widow’ ever since. Both crews hoped to claim the lucrative spoils of the northern sea passes near Clew Bay. The two corsairs might not have liked each other but they both recognized the current arrangement was bad for the bottom line, their profits.

The dry cave where they had decided to hold their meeting had been a favored hideout of thieves , cutthroats and pirates for almost a hundred years and a carefully guarded secret amongst the underworld community. Over the years it had been turned into a comfortable, if somewhat small hiding and gathering place for those who ended up on the wrong side of the law.

The two women had called a truce long enough to at least be able to discuss the matters over.ha While each would like nothing more than to pull a hidden dagger out of her boot and stab the other woman through the heart, they also recognized that such an action could just as easily result in their own demise. Neither woman had reached their position by taking dangerous risks.

They heard the cough of one of Ashleigh’s men standing guard outside the door to the small room the two women shared. Two men from each crew stood outside with strict orders to let no one bother the two pirate captains. Jewell smiled and thought to herself, provided they do not kill each other first. Then again, the same could be said for Ashleigh and her.

She reached for her goblet of wine and brought it to her lips to sip lightly from it. “Listen Ashleigh, the fact of the matter is this is our territory. My crew and I have been working these waters for the better part of two years while you have been off down south. I don’t see why I should just let you come in and lay claim to it just because you have returned.” Jewell’s tone was hostile, but deep down izmit rus escort she was not against the idea of sharing, provided that her counterpart offered suitable compensation. Reaching a mutually acceptable compromise was always more profitable than bloodshed.

Jewell carefully looked over her rival. She had always considered Ashleigh to be a very beautiful woman. Even now in this close proximity she was very conscious of the other woman’s beauty. A part of her wished to take her and make her her own. A plan of approach was needed though. Ashleigh was nothing like the other women that Jewell had broken over the years.

Jewell stood and walked around the table , coming to lean on the side of the table next to where Ashleigh sat. The silver haired pirate gave her rival a disarming smile and said softly “We are both women of reason here, and we both know that striking a deal is much more profitable than needless bloodshed. I have been working these waters for a long time but I am more than happy to share in the spoils, provided I have a reason to do so.”

Ashleigh smiled as she met Jewell’s gaze. Her eyes took in the other woman’s body as she leaned against the table a few mere inches from her. She had always found her deep green eyes captivating, Such a rare and vibrant color, she had first seen them years ago aboard Lady Meredith’s ship and while their friendship and rivalry had waxed and waned over the years, those eyes had always continued to amaze her. She found herself once more drawn to her as they were in close proximity.

Ashleigh looked up into those eyes and her smile deepened “What is it you have in mind Jewell? I am always happy to listen when an offer can be beneficial.” The redheaded beauty sat back comfortably in her chair and fixed her gaze squarely on her rival’s face.

Jewell laughed happily and lifted a foot, before setting it next to Ashelgh’s leg on her chair “Well you know sometimes the greatest treasures are not the ones you hold in your hands but the memories and moments you can create which will be with you forever.” She licked her lips softly as she stared into the deep brown eyes of the other woman. Ashleigh found her gaze was charged with palpable energy and it sent a bit of a shiver down her spine as she met it.

They stayed in this position for a moment which seemed to drag on forever and then Jewell turned away with a laugh “Of course I am sure you are a much more practical woman and are not interested in such things are you?” Her eyes twinkled with a teasing light as she said the words. Ashleigh was torn between admitting her curiosity for the other woman’s offer and remaining poised and aloof for the purpose of the negotiations.

Curiosity got the better of the woman and she leaned forward and gently ran her own tongue along her soft lips. She smiled coyly and looked at her former crewmate “W-what exactly did you have in mind?” her voice had a barely perceptible stutter to it as she asked the question. For all her worldly ways and experience in life, Ashleigh was still very much a novice when it came to lust, love and sex. Unlike Jewell who enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh as much as any other of the spoils of her victory, she had always sent such rewards to her crew while abstaining from partaking for herself. She had to admit now though that the offer was quite tempting.

Jewell saw the look in her eyes and gently reached out with a slender hand, stroking Ashleigh’s hair softly “Relax and enjoy yourself, I have no intention of izmit escort hurting you… Unless you would like that” she added the last part with a playful laugh and Ashleigh found herself smiling back. Their heads moved forth and their mouths met, as both gave into the growing desire they felt.

For Ashleigh it was like a shock through her whole body. The touch of Jewell’s lips against hers was like nothing she had ever felt and her mouth melted into the kiss off this woman that she both hated and felt a deep affection for. Her hand moved to cradle the other woman’s head , softly stroking her smooth silvery hair as their kiss deepened even more.

Jewell’s hands moved to the front of Ashleigh’s bodice and fumbled a bit with the cords. Her fingers found purchase on the lacing and began to loosen it. Ashleigh pulled back from the kiss and started to protest, but Jewell’s mouth followed her and immediately silenced her once more as she kissed her again.

Her thoughts of protest quite forgotten, The red haired privateer let her hands wander down the back of her once rival now lover, touching her with tenderness. She slid her hands beneath the fabric of Jewell’s black doublet and caressed the other woman’s skin. It was strange for her to run her hands over the soft skin of another woman but the more she did it, the more she found she was enjoying the experience. Her kisses became more urgent and her fingers and skinned seemed to burn with eager lust as they caressed and kissed one another.

Ashleigh stood and lifted her arms as the silver haired beauty finished untying her bodice. Jewell slid her fingers underneath it and pulled it up over the taller pirate’s head. The sexy red haired buccaneer trembled slightly as the cool air of the cave brushed over her suddenly bare skin. Jewell smiled as she moved her mouth to Ashleigh’s nipple, taking it between her lips and suckling on it gently. In the same movement she spun her lover around and laid her back on the table, climbing atop her half naked form as she straddled the taller woman’s hips.

Ashleigh slid her hands to the bottom of Jewell’s doublet and started to clumsily undo the buttons holding it in place. She could feel the beautiful young woman’s breath become more heated and passionate on her breasts as she undid each of the buttons. They had stopped talking altogether and the only sounds that reverberated through the small cave. Ashleigh was a bit worried that her guard outside the door would be able to hear but the feelings that the argent haired temptress were simply too good to ignore. She moaned loudly and cupped her one time rival’s head in her hand and pulled her more firmly against her breast.

Jewell reached down and firmly cupped Ashleigh’s ass in her hands, taking charge of the situation. The two women may have been evenly matched in many things but the young pirate could sense right away that she was the one with the upper hand when it came to matters of seduction and lust. Ashleigh’s gentle and timid touches told Jewell all she needed to know about how experienced the other woman was in such matters.

With a smile for herself, Jewell held the pretty redhead’s ass in her skilled hands and kneaded it firmly. She left one hand on the girl’s firm backside as her other hand slid up the girls back, her long fingernails caressing her now bared skin with a mixture of tenderness and insistent firmness. She felt the beautiful Ashleigh rub back against the and on her ass as Jewell’s hand firmly groped her wonderful ass.

Jewell planted a kocaeli escort few gentle kisses on Ashleigh’s neck and moved down her body, kissing her full breasts once more as her mouth and tongue slid down the curvy girl’s shapely and comely body. Her tongue teased and excited the skin with it’s skilled movements. Ashleigh arched deeply and whimpered her lust as she had never felt arousal such as this. No one she had ever been with had ever touched her or kissed her body the way Jewell was at the moment.

She reached down and ran her hair through the long silvery hair, pulling on the leather strap and letting it fall free around Jewell’s slender shoulders as the girl’s mouth moved down her body, pausing to play with her tits for a few moments before continuing to explore Ashleigh’s body.

Jewell was loving feeling her rival react to her mouth. She could sense every shiver and every squirm of her skin as her mouth continued it’s unchecked progress towards Ashleigh’s pussy. Her tongue darted and danced against the pale skin as she savoured the power she felt in this situation There was something so empowering about showing someone the pleasures that a woman could give them.

Jewell’s mouth reached Ashleigh’s sex and softly swirled around her clit, rolling it in a circular motion, She felt the other woman’s grasp on her hair tighten and a heard a loud moan escape her lips. Jewell took a moment to smile and gently licked over the folds of the girl’s pink labia. She felt the fingers in her hair release and clench again and the redheaded pirate whisper in a husky voice “That feels so amazing, please don’t stop.”

More than happy to oblige, the red haired beauty slid her tongue between the folds of her lover’s pussy, lapping up and down as she worked her tongue in a little deeper with every movement. She could feel the moisture and the heat between Ashleigh’s legs building with every flick of her skilled tongue.

Ashleigh’s back arched and Jewell climbed atop her, sliding her pants down and turning to straddle her head. Jewell lowered her own sex to her one time rival’s mouth and grinded against her sexy full lips a few times. The other woman did not need to be urged anymore as she began to lick at her sex. The tongue was clumsy and rough at first but quickly began to settle in as Ashleigh seemed to sense instinctively what Jewell enjoyed.

The smell of sex filled the room as each woman lost themselves in the pussy of the other, focusing on giving pleasure, knowing full well that their effort was being well rewarded by the eager tongue of the other girl.

Ashleigh had been aroused for a long time now and her body could take no more. Feeling her begin to shake as her body was inflamed by the rising climax, Jewell sat up and pushed her sex down on the beautiful pirate’s mouth, riding her face hard as her right hand’s index finger moved to Ashleigh’s clit. As she did this she brought her left hand to her own engorged button and teased it hard between her index and thumb. Her hips writhed and bucked against the eager tongue and lips of the woman between her legs and she tossed her head back with a loud scream. Her smooth silver mane flew wildly as she came hard, her own orgasm refusing to be denied.

Much later, as both women stood in the much larger main cave of the outlaw hideout and announced to their respective crews that an agreement had been reached for the share of the spoils in the passes near Clew bay. While both captains were very happy with the agreement that had been reached, both agreed that it would be very important to renegotiate the deal on a very regular basis, to make sure that they would both continue to be very satisfied with the terms of the pact. Both women looked forward to that very much.

To be continued.

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Blessings Ch. 02

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There are four chapters to Blessings. They should post in daily intervals. Thanks go out to chargergirl for her support and for her expert eye. Don’t forget to vote and/or comment. I’d love to know what you think.


As he’d suspected it hadn’t taken Amanda long to join him on the sofa. She had glided down the stairs like a goddess.

Amanda wore her sleeping clothes, a bright red Mickey Mouse t-shirt that stretched halfway to her knees. She was not long removed from her shower. Her skin was still flushed from the hot water and lustrous from the body lotion she had applied. Kevin pretended not to notice how good she smelled as she plopped down on the couch beside him. Apple body wash and strawberry shampoo conspired together to distract him from the football game. He inched closer toward her, shifting his hips just a bit on the sofa.

Angling his head to get a better whiff, he instead got a better view. Her right arm was propped on the back of the sofa; her shoulders were turned in his direction. The position accentuated the curves of her breasts. That they were angled toward him drove him mad. With each breath she took, they rose and fell. Unrestrained beneath her night shirt they were free to bob and sway, reacting to every little movement she made.

Kevin tried to concentrate on the game. Dad occasionally asked him questions about the two teams or about a particular player, but Kevin was too distracted to give coherent answers. He glanced at Amanda again; she now reclined against the opposite arm of the sofa. Her shapely legs stretched enticingly across the seat cushions. She scissored her legs, playfully bouncing her heels on the middle cushion. As her legs rose and fell, he was treated to enticing glances beneath her nightshirt. Her pale legs were even paler beneath the short hem of her red nightshirt. The soft flesh of her inner thighs jiggled with every motion, moving as unpredictably and as erotically as her breasts. Kevin angled his head a bit, trying to see even more. At the junction of her thighs he caught a glimpse of turquoise blue. He leaned forward, under the pretense of scratching his foot and glimpsed even more turquoise. Her panties, he realized. The leg openings were trimmed with black-and-white striped elastic. The harder he concentrated the more he thought he could see brown curls pressing against the soft fabric.

She stopped bouncing her heels. Her right foot reached out to touch his left arm. Fearing he might have been caught peeking, he abandoned his view of her panties and concentrated on the TV. She rubbed the sole of her foot along his arm, tracing a delicate pattern across the navy sweater. Slowly she moved down his bicep, across his elbow, and over the length of his forearm. Kevin shivered. Beneath the sweater, his arm hairs stiffened at her touch. She moved her foot down, slipping it under the cuff of his sweater. He glanced at her face, but she was watching the game intently, paying absolutely no attention to what her feet were doing. Her foot slipped out of his sweater. Her nimble toes curled around the top of his hand, and she pinched him, hard.

Kevin yelped. He grabbed his hand as she squealed with laughter.

“Mandy, stop pestering your brother,” Dad warned.

“Sorry Daddy.” Her lips drooped in a pout. “We’ll kiss and make up.” She crawled on her knees to Kevin’s side and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek. She left a streak of saliva on his face and laughed again. Refusing to relinquish her pout, she turned to Dad and asked, “Would you get me something to drink?”

Dad asked what his little girl wanted. Kevin rolled his eyes. His dad wouldn’t have been so accommodating had he asked.”You want something, Kevin?” Dad asked. Kevin called out Diet Coke, as his father headed for the kitchen.

Amanda was still close at his side. She pressed her warm body against Kevin’s shoulder. He wanted to put his arm around her waist, to hold her even closer, but he was afraid she might laugh at him.

“Can you believe what they thought?” she said. “I mean you and me?”

“It’s nuts,” he nervously answered. He felt his hand leave the safety of the sofa. It was destined for Amanda, more specifically the warm skin of her exposed thighs.

From the kitchen, Dad hollered at them. That was enough to halt Kevin’s advance. Dad yelled that they were out of Diet Cokes. He asked if the regular kind would be alright.

“You want to mess with him?” she asked.

Kevin’s hand fought to rise from the sofa. He swallowed hard and asked how.

“Follow my lead.” She climbed on Kevin’s lap and sat facing him. He oophed like he’d just had the wind knocked out of him. “Coke sounds fine, Daddy,” she called. “I think Kevin’s in the mood for something sweet, anyway.” She grabbed his wrist and forcefully placed it on her thigh.

He was in heaven, absolute heaven. As she squirmed on his lap, trying to find a more comfortable position, her soft butt ground against izmit rus escort his crotch. He wanted to trail his fingers up her magnificent legs, to sneak under the hem of her nightshirt and feel her magnificent ass through the turquoise cotton panties, but he was completely frozen. He could do nothing but sit there and sweat. She tugged the zipper of his quarter-zip navy sweater, exposing the white oxford he wore beneath. She undid the top two buttons of the shirt and exposed the base of his long neck.

She pressed her lips to his neck just as Dad returned with the sodas. Dad looked as confused as Kevin felt. Her lips climbed the side of his neck. They weren’t proper kisses, just light contact between her lips and his skin (this was, after all, a put-on), but they were incredibly hot.

She rose up on her knees and sank back down, better positioning herself over his crotch. “Mmmm,” she moaned, “Daddy, you were so right. Kevin and I are so good together.” She leaned forward to quickly peck Kevin’s lips. She remained in that position, rubbing their noses together and mashing her breasts against his heaving chest. “Come on,” she whispered into his mouth, “play along.” Kevin slipped his hand under her nightshirt. He grazed her soft butt before settling on the small of her back. She reacted favorably, cooing into his ear and playfully nipping the lobe. He wanted to move his hands and graze her butt again, but he was totally paralyzed. “And to think, we have Daddy to thank for everything!”

Dad stumbled backwards a step. Despite the little conversation he and Kevin had, it was clear that he was not prepared to see his son and daughter engaged in any type of intimacy. He fell backwards into the recliner. Both glasses of Coke went flying, thoroughly drenching both he and the chair. She nipped Kevin’s ear one last time before losing control. She threw her arms around Kevin’s neck and tried to smother her laughter in his shoulder. He was still erect, and she was still in his lap. He had been so nervous that he didn’t realize how close to climax he was. Her laughter sent tremors throughout both of their bodies. Her unrestrained breasts jiggled against his chest; her soft legs clenched tighter around his lap; and her crotch, that place that radiated such glorious warmth, rubbed his own crotch, teasing his erect penis. His tension eased just enough to where he could move his arms. His hands slipped to her butt. He kept them there, using the justification that he was helping her keep her balance; he didn’t want her to fall over laughing and bang her head on the floor. He had touched her there before. There had been accidental brushes, playful smacks and pinches, but nothing like this, nothing like molding his hands around the perfectly shaped cheeks. He wanted to squeeze them, but he didn’t dare. He just kept his hands in place and hoped she didn’t figure out what he was doing.

Dad got up from the recliner. His white t-shirt was soaked with sticky brown soda. “Damn it, Mandy!” he cursed.

Amanda started laughing all over again. “What’s the matter, Daddy? Not quite ready for grandkids?” That statement combined with the friction from her body was too much. Kevin felt the orgasm approach but was powerless to stop it. His hands moved to her hips, where he tried to rock her against his spurting penis.

The release was amazing. Mandy was amazing. He spurted again and again, soaking his boxers.

He was so in love but knew that none of it was real. The kisses were fake, the touches an act. He felt increasingly foolish as his cold, wet penis wilted. He pitched Amanda off of his lap. She was still laughing at Dad’s spill when she asked why he was leaving. Kevin made up a lame excuse about homework. He didn’t want Amanda to see the growing wet spot on the front of his jeans, so he walked sort of hunched over, blocking his fly with his left hand. The strange position probably only drew attention to it. He heard Mom at the top of the stairs. She asked what the commotion was. Kevin knew he didn’t want Mom to see the wet spot, and he didn’t want to explain what had just happened between him and his sister. Repeating the lame excuse about homework, he abruptly left.

The week passed, and Kevin was able to reclaim some manner of focus. The grind of his job certainly helped. Kevin worked a paint line in a small manufacturing plant. The job was hot and messy; he often had to use the company shower to get the sweat and powder-coat out of his hair, but at least the job offered solitude. Spending nearly ten hours a day in a paint booth was a unique kind of meditation. Muttering to himself through the respirator, he spent the week considering life and love, and replaying Monday evening on the couch with Amanda more than a few times.

It had been a game to her, a not-so-innocent joke. She had laughed, not only at Dad but at him.

By Friday, he decided he needed a diversion, so he found himself izmit escort thinking about Cassie. Thinking about her conjured up memories: Cassie in her flowery Easter dress, Cassie in English class twirling ropes of blonde hair around a mechanical pencil, and Cassie at the waterpark on Memorial Day, modeling the new bikini she’d bought just for him. And that bikini was fantastic. The triangles of turquoise and beige stripes had done little to conceal her willowy body. She was quite thin, a bit too thin, but she looked absolutely stunning in a bikini, like a model.

Kevin had never been outgoing. Girls he found particularly intimidating. He had gained a bit of experience playing the standard teenage dating games; he spent years trying to get from one base to the next, and he lost his virginity under the most clichéd of circumstances, prom night. Yet he’d never been the type of guy who would traipse through clubs or parties scoping out his next conquest. He felt little compulsion to approach strange girls.

Cassie had been different. He’d met her in English class last spring, and the two seemed to click. She was rational and sensitive (everything he was), yet bubbly and outgoing (everything he wasn’t). Everyone who met Cassie fell instantly in love with her; Kevin was no exception. Yet it hadn’t worked out. They hit a few snags in the relationship when they started spending less time together. She drifted toward her friends, and he drifted toward his. The drift turned into a mutual decision to take a break from one another, a break that never ended.

And thus we prove that Kevin Armstrong is the biggest idiot on the planet. He should have called her, or sent an e-mail. Hell he could have mailed her a postcard. He wondered what might have happened had they not broken up. Monday on the couch wouldn’t have happened; that was for certain. He wouldn’t have ruined a perfectly good pair of boxers and his favorite jeans. He wouldn’t be slowly driving himself crazy thinking about Amanda.

After getting off work Friday, Kevin stopped at the bank, picked up a take-and-bake pizza for dinner, and bought a pack of vacuum bags at Wal-Mart. As Kevin cleaned his apartment that night he made a mental checklist of his plans for the weekend. Bob, one of his buddies from work, was moving into a bigger house. To spare Bob the expense and expertise of professional movers, the guys at work had all promised to pitch in. That would eat up a good portion of Saturday. And then what? He would do homework Sunday morning. The F he received Monday was a blow to his overall grade, but with strong homework and even stronger test scores, he could salvage his grade. He might even be able to finagle some extra-credit work out of his professor, Mrs. Langdon. Then he would have just enough time to hop over to the parents’ for movie night.

Absentmindedly, he picked up the day’s copy of the Star. He flipped to the movie listings section, before freezing. His imagination conjured up an image of Amanda; the zipper of her yellow cardigan lowered just enough to show she wasn’t wearing anything beneath. Cleavage, he saw a hint of her white, generous cleavage. She climbed on his lap, facing him the way she had Monday night. He tugged the zipper all the way down, and parted the sweater. Her large, tear-shaped breasts were capped by swollen pink nipples. The areolas were round, and half-dollar sized. He wanted to kiss them, then keep them between his lips and suck. He imagined her whispering that he could do anything he wanted to her. She kissed his lips hard, promising that this time it wasn’t pretend.

Kevin blinked the bewitching image away, realizing, to his consternation, that his penis had grown rock hard. He couldn’t think such things about Mandy. And he certainly couldn’t see her, not in his current state. The movie could wait a weekend. The evil empire wasn’t going anywhere. Diarrhea Face wasn’t going anywhere. And other than helping his friend move in the morning, he wasn’t going anywhere for the rest of the weekend.

Amanda heard a car out on the street. She rushed to her bedroom window and peeped through the curtain, but it was only the neighbor, Mr. Pinkston, just back from the store. She slowly put the curtain back in place and retreated to her bed. She felt like such a waste of space, wearing her nightshirt at Seven P.M. on a Sunday night. Usually, she and Kevin would be at some grimy drive-through, pigging out on greaseball burgers, a meal that was always followed by a trip to the multiplex. There they inhaled even more junk food, indigestion be damned. It was their little tradition, and she liked it. But Kevin hadn’t been around since Monday.

Dad had been furious once he got the soda cleaned up. But it was a great prank, and Kevin seemed to have enjoyed himself. He was certainly hard enough. She didn’t blame him for that. She knew that guys got erections every time the wind changed. The way she was squirming around in his lap probably didn’t kocaeli escort do him any favors. She got a little wet, too, but only from the friction of their bodies rubbing together.

She remembered his hands had snuck under her nightshirt. She hoped he hadn’t noticed her wet panties. It would be incredibly embarrassing to let your brother know that rubbing on him made you wet. No, she decided, he only felt my butt, not my crotch.

She thumbed through a few magazines as another hour ticked away.

Surely he had laundry to do, or he was running low on groceries. He usually stopped by after work a few times per week to raid the pantry and fridge or do laundry. He hadn’t even called. She had his number, of course, but she was reluctant to call him. After Monday night, and their parents’ little stunt before that, he was probably just a little weirded out. She hoped that he’d snap out of it soon; she really missed his company.

She turned on her laptop and instinctively found herself at the movie listings website. It was so nice to spend time with a guy without any expectations or pressures. She could cuddle next to a warm body in the chilly theater and not have to worry about where her date’s hands might go or what his hands might do when they got there. She always felt so secure with Kevin, and it was the kind of security that only a big brother could provide.

Another car moved up the street; this one slowed to the squeak of shoddy brakes. She knew the squeak by heart and bounded down the stairs. Kevin was too late for dinner, but Mom heated him a plate of lasagna, and cut a piece of chocolate cake. Mom had cut them each a piece of cake. Kevin stood at the counter, shoveling forkfuls of noodles into his mouth, while the rest of the family sat at the table, civilly eating cake. He poured a glass of skim milk and quickly downed it. He offered a deluge of schoolwork as the reason for his sudden reclusiveness. Amanda knew better. She could see his discomfort in the way he inhaled the food (the faster he ate, the faster he could leave). She could see it in the way he desperately avoided any and all eye contact with Mom, Dad, and especially her.

“Well,” he said, using the good dish towel as a napkin, “You are still the world’s greatest cook, Mom.”

“Actually,” Dad said, “your sister made the lasagna.”

Amanda licked some chocolate frosting from her lower lip. “It was just Hamburger Helper, no big deal.” She had made the cake from a mix, too, but didn’t want to brag.

“Don’t sell yourself short, cupcake,” Dad said. “You’re going to make someone a great wife someday; just not Kevin, apparently.” It was a brave attempt at diffusing the tension, and a funny one. Amanda couldn’t stifle a giggle, neither, apparently, could Mom or Dad.

Kevin’s mood changed at the sound of their laughter. He went from uncomfortable to indignant. “What is wrong with you people?! Do you think I’m some kind of perverted freak who can’t find a real girlfriend?” He still had some chocolate in the corner of his mouth. “I would never touch Mandy, never, God damn it! So just let it fucking rest.”

He pitched the fork into the sink, letting it clatter around in the stainless steel basin. As quickly as his anger flared, it subsided. He quietly apologized for the outburst, his eyes trained on the dirty dishes in the sink. He still wouldn’t look at Mom or Dad, but he turned to look at her. It was a curious look, one of hurt mixed with fear. He had something to say but wouldn’t do it in front of Mom and Dad. She had the funny feeling that she wanted to say something to him, though she didn’t know what. He left before she could figure it out.

In the sanctity of his apartment, Kevin finally returned to normal. He could breathe again without raspy wheezes. His cheeks were no longer red and hot. He unbuttoned the collar of his shirt and flopped down on the sofa. He turned TV on out of habit, but quickly turned it off. He rolled on his side and tried to rest, but something in his pocket was poking his hip. It was his cell phone.

Kevin flipped the phone open, prepared to call home and apologize for the way he had left. He flipped through the contacts list, flipped right past Amanda’s cute picture and didn’t stop until he reached the end of the list. Without thinking he pressed call. A youthful female voice answered after one-and-a-half rings. She didn’t say “Hi” or “Hello” or “This is Cassie.” She answered by calling out his name, “Kevin?” Her voice registered surprise, but it sounded like she was pleasantly surprised.

He paused a moment, stunned by his own boldness. He was not the type of guy who called girls out of the blue. “Yeah, Cassie, it’s me. It’s been a while, huh?”

She giggled a bit and answered, “Yes it has.” He could imagine her perfect white teeth smiling just then.

He loved it when she smiled and wished he could see her. He gathered his courage for the next question. “Would you like to do something tonight?” He wanted to smack himself for being so stupid; it was almost nine o’ clock on a Sunday.

“Sure.” She answered quickly. “I mean, I have to work tomorrow, but we can hang out and catch up for a little while.”

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Jessi’s New Mistress Ch. 3

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Jessi was awakened in the middle of the night by a body slipping into bed next to her. She was sleeping nude, except for the collar. Jessi was still half awake but she could feel soft hands exploring her body. She reached along the arm and found what had to be Diana’s hair. Jessi stroked the hair, loving how Diana’s hands felt as they caressed her.

Diana began sucking on Jessi’s erect nipple, and Jessi couldn’t help but moan softly. Jessi moved her hands down, and was delighted to find nothing but bare flesh. Jessi’s hands stroked Diana’s arms and back, relishing the feeling of all that soft skin under her hands.

Diana’s hand dipped between Jessi’s legs, and the brunette opened them wide. Jessi knew that she was already very wet, she had been dreaming about the scene when she left for class, with Diana sliding up and down on Mistress E’s large dildo. Diana slid her finger into Jessi’s wet pussy, and Jessi arched her hips up against the younger girl’s hand.

Jessi was totally into the feelings, loving how Diana’s soft body felt next to hers, how wonderful Diana’s fingers felt as they stroked her center, how good it felt to have Diana’s mouth sucking her erect nipples. Jessi was moaning and moving her hips with Diana’s fingers, thrusting them up, forcing Diana’s fingers deep inside herself.

Jessi was startled by a soft voice at her ear. “You love that, don’t you, slut?” It was Elise, and she ran her tongue around inside Jessi’s ear.

“Oh, God yes, Mistress E, I love it!”

“Then show me, slut… Show me how much you love fucking my little Diana, cum for me, cum for Diana, make Diana cum for me… Will you do that, slut?”

“Of course, Mistress E, I want only to please you…”

Diana twisted around and lowered her hips to Jessi’s face. Jessi could smell that Diana was aroused, and the younger girl’s wet pussy was glistening in the faint light. There was a tiny strip of red hair above her lips, but she was otherwise totally shaved. Jessi slid her tongue forward, as deep inside Diana as she could. The younger girl moaned softly and pressed her hips back, forcing her pussy more tightly against Jessi’s mouth. Jessi was licking and sucking at the younger girl’s clit, even as Diana was tongue fucking her.

Diana was grinding her pussy up and down against Jessi’s face, and Jessi was flicking her tongue fast and light across the younger girl’s mound. Jessi heard Elise’s voice at her ear again, “That’s my good little slut babies… Show Mistress E how much you want each other… Cum for your Mistress, little babies…”

Jessi could feel Diana’s hips movements getting more ragged, and could tell the younger girl was getting ready to cum. When Diana took Jessi’s clit between her teeth and fluttered her tongue across it, Jessi was helpless to do anything except cum. Jessi’s hips bucked up in the air, and she could feel Diana’s pussy throbbing around her tongue. Jessi was moaning into Diana’s pussy, and she could taste the younger girl’s juices as they flowed out into her mouth.

The voice at her ear was constant… “Mmmmmmm…. Oh, yes, babies, such good little sluts… Cum for your Mistress, my little slut babies… You two please me so much, my sexy little sluts…”

As Jessi and Diana’s orgasms wound down, Jessi turned her head to look at her Mistress. Elise was sitting on a chair, right next to the bed. She had her legs spread wide, and she was working a vibrator all around her shaved pussy. Elise had one hand on her breast, pinching and twisting the nipple as she watched the two younger girls.

Diana spun around so she and Jessi were face to face, then whispered something into Jessi’s ear. The brunette nodded and got a big grin on her face, then the two of them slid off the bed onto the floor, one on either side of Elise. They each leaned their heads forward and took one of Elise’s nipples between their teeth.

Jessi reached down and took the vibrator out of Elise’s hand, then began working it in and out of her Mistress. Diana slid her hand down and spread Elise’s lips wide, exposing her very erect clit. As Jessi moved the vibrator all around Elise’s mound, the older woman was moaning softly, “Mmmmmmmm… Such good little slut babies… God, do I love how you two take care of me…”

Jessi and Diana smiled at each other, and kept sucking and licking Elise’s hard nipples and teasing her wet pussy. Diana licked her way down Elise’s flat stomach until her mouth was poised over her Mistress’ mound. Jessi moved her hand to allow Diana room to get between Elise’s legs. Diana put one of Elise’s legs over her shoulder, then fastened her mouth around Elise’s clit and began to suck it, while Jessi was moving the vibrator all around Elise’s mound. Diana slipped two, then three fingers into Elise’s pussy, sliding them in and out in rhythm with her sucking her Mistress’ clit.

Elise was panting, arching her hips into the air, moaning, “Yes, my little slut babies, yes yes YESSS!!! Fuck your Mistress, my little sluts, show your Mistress escort izmit how you love her, how you make your Mistress feel so good…”

Elise’s hands were at each girl’s heads, holding their faces tight against her. Jessi and Diana could feel their Mistress was close to cumming, and they increased their effors. Diana slipped a fourth finger into Elise, and began to wiggle her fingers, reaching deep inside to find her Mistress’ special spot. Jessi raised her head up and kissed Elise, their tongues swirling together as Elise’s hips bucked up against Diana’s hand.

Diana slid her free hand down and pressed her fingertip against Elise’s ass. The older woman moaned, “Yesssss… That’s it, Diana, fuck your Mistress’s ass too!”

Diana slid her finger tip slowly inside Elise, all the while working her fingers in and out of her pussy and sucking on her clit. When Diana’s finger was completely buried, she began to twist it as she slid it in and out. Elise erupted, her juices were pouring out of her pussy into Diana’s mouth. Diana was sucking and slurping at the older woman’s pussy, not wanting to miss a single drop of the nectar.

Jessi and Elise were kissing passionately, Elise was sucking hard on Jessi’s tongue as Jessi pulled and twisted on Elise’s erect nipples. Elise’s hands were tangled in Diana’s hair, pulling the younger girl’s face tight into Elise’s pussy as Elise arched her hips up, grinding her wet mound into Diana’s face.

Elise’s orgasm seemed to go on and on. Jessi couldn’t believe it, but she was pleased that she and Diana had obviously given their Mistress such intense pleasure. Finally, Elise pushed Diana’s head away from her tender pussy, and said, “No more, babies, please, I need to stop for now…”

Diana looked up at her Mistress and asked, “Do we please you, Mistress E? Are we good little sluts?” Diana looked over at Jessi and winked.

Elise smiled at Diana and Jessi and said, “I hope you already know the answer to that, my darling babies. You are the best little slut girls I could ever hope for!”

Jessi and Diana put their arms around Elise, and the three of them held each other tight. Then Elise said, “I need to get to sleep, but if you two want to stay together tonight, you may. You have pleased me so much, you deserve that reward.”

Almost exactly simultaneously, Diana and Jessi said, “Thank you, Mistress E!”

Elise said, “No, thank YOU, my little slut babies! Now tuck me in, and you can play together like good little sluts!”

Jessi and Diana helped Elise to her feet. Her legs were still a little wobbly after the intense series of orgasms she had just experienced. Elise leaned on the two younger girls, and they led her to her bed. They tucked her in, and each gave her a deep good-night kiss.

“Okay, now, my baby girls, you go run and play. You’ve earned it!”

Again simultaneously, Jessi and Diana said, “Thank you, Mistress E!”

They walked hand in hand down the hall toward Jessi’s room. Diana said, “It’s almost spooky how we both seem to know exactly what Elise wants or what the other one is going to say…”

“Yeah, but I think it’s pretty cool! We’re like twins even though we don’t look alike…”

“Mistress E has commented about how we seem to think alike. And I agree, it’s very cool… And it makes things a lot easier, it just takes a quick look and we both know what to do next.”

The girls arrived at Jessi’s room, and walked inside. Jessi said, “What to do next… You mean like this!” She pushed Diana onto her back on the bed, then knelt between Diana’s open legs and pressed her body into the redhead’s. Diana wrapped one leg around Jessi’s back, and began to thrust up with her hips. Jessi leaned forward and took Diana’s nipple in her mouth as she ground her hips into Diana’s.

Jessi lifted her head and looked into Diana’s eyes. The fire, the passion reflected in them shook Jessi to her core. She knew now that she could never go back to a man, ever. This beautiful young woman had completely captivated her, not to mention that the two of them were both hopelessly in love with their Mistress…

Jessi leaned forward and kissed Diana deeply. The two girls were floating on the sensations, soft skin against soft skin, incredibly passionate kisses, they were truly making love rather than simply fucking. Diana’s hands cupped Jessi’s tight ass, pulling the brunette tight against her hips. Jessi could feel their juices mingling together, and the feeling of her own smooth mound sliding up and down across Diana’s was utterly amazing.

Suddenly Diana gave a little cry, and then wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Jessi. Diana was making little squeaking noises in Jessi’s ear, and Jessi could feel Diana’s tremors as her orgasm overtook her. The two girls were spasming together, their juices running out of their wet pussies, soaking the bed.

Finally, Diana’s breath came back to normal. She took Jessi’s face in her hands and kissed her tenderly. Jessi could see Diana’s eyes izmit escort get a little misty as she said, “This may seem strange, since we have only just met, but I love you, Jessica!”

“I love you, too, darling Diana. Even though we just met, I feel as if I have known you forever…”

And with that, the two girls fell asleep in each other’s arms. When Jessi awoke the next morning, she was alone in her bed. Just the way she had gone to sleep the first time the night before…

The next morning at breakfast, Elise seemed unusually happy and energetic. When Jessi asked why, Elise said she was looking forward to their visit that day to her friend Jana’s. “She and I have been close friends for a very long time, and it’s been too long since we have gotten together. Plus I have to admit that the idea of seeing you with her girl has me a little excited, too.”

“You’ve said that a couple of times… You must think she and I would look good together or something!” Jessi smiled.

“Yes, I do think you would look good with her. Although, I think you would look good next to just about any sexy girl, Jessi.”

“Thank you, Mistress, that is too kind…”

“Not at all, my sexy little baby… You deserve every nice thing I say about you, and more!”

Jessi stepped around the table and hugged Elise. Jessi was dressed in her “around the house” outift, which consisted of the collar and nothing else (unless you count her smile!). Elise ran her hands all over Jessi’s body, squeezing her tight ass and running a fingertip down between her cheeks and all the way to her clit. Jessi moaned softly and arched her hips back against her Mistress’ hand.

“Not yet, my little slut… Even though I would love to ravage you right now, you need to wait until we get to Jana’s. You will have all the fun you want there…”

“Thank you, Mistress. How shall I dress for our outing?”

“Dress? You are dressed exactly how I want you at Jana’s. If you put any clothes on, you would only be taking them off as soon as we arrived. Plus, this way I can play with your sexy body in the car on the way there!”

“Thank you, Mistress E. It was a stupid question, I am sorry…”

“No, Jessi, it was a perfectly natural question… But as you will learn, the outfit you are wearing right now is my favorite and I want you dressed like this as often as possible!” Elise smiled at Jessi.

The appointed hour came soon enough, and the two of them went to the garage. Diana let them into the back of the limo, then they headed out for the short ride to Jana’s. As Elise had promised, Jessi was dressed in just her collar. Elise was wearing a flowing silk dress, wraparound with a tie at the waist. When she sat back in the car, it fell open and Jessi could see that Elise was wearing nothing underneath it. Jessi laid her head in Elise’s lap and was gently kissing the older woman’s thighs. Elise was stroking Jessi’s hair with one hand, and playing with Jessi’s nipple with the other.

They arrived at Jana’s, and Elise clipped the leash onto Jessi’s collar. Diana pulled the car right up to the front door. Diana got out and rang the bell, and when Jana’s maid opened it, Diana opened the car door so Elise and Jessi could quickly step into the house.

Jana greeted them warmly, with a hug and a long deep kiss for Elise. Jana was a tall blonde, with long hair past her shoulders. She was dressed in a short silk robe, and her erect nipples were poking out against the fabric. She also had a leash in her hand, and at the other end was a tiny nude girl. She looked to Jessi to be about 14 years old. She was less than 5 feet tall, and had short blonde hair, an angelic face, and a very slender body. Her breasts were small but she had large puffy nipples, and her pubic mound was completely hairless.

Jana spoke up. “Jessi, this is Cameron. You two will be playing together today…”

Jessi looked at Elise with a questioning look on her face. Elise nodded, so Jessi said, “Thank you, Mistress Jana. But Cameron looks so young…”

Jana smiled and said, “Yes, she does, doesn’t she? But I assure you, she is 18.”

Jessi smiled and said, “Thank you, Mistress Jana… She is very sexy, but I wouldn’t want to get in trouble!”

Jana laughed and said to Elise, “Gorgeous, a hot body, AND a conscience… Where did you find her?”

Elise smiled and said, “We sort of found each other…”

Jana took Elise’s hand and said, “Come along, girls, let’s go to the playroom!”

Elise whispered into Jessi’s ear, “Jana has one room that is just for her and her girls. I think you’ll like it, lots of toys and it’s even got comfy chairs so she and I can sit back and watch…”

Jana led them through the hallways to a large bright room with lots of windows. The floor was mostly padded, some kind of very squishy vinyl. There were pillows scattered throughout the room. There was a large overstuffed couch against one wall, and a big brightly-painted wooden box marked “Cameron’s izmit kendi evi olan escort Toys” in one corner. The lid on the “toy box” was open and Jessi looked inside. There was a wide assortment of dildoes, vibrators, lotions and the like.

Jessi took out a black vibrator, shaped like a cock but about 14 inches long and at least two inches in diameter. She handed it to her Mistress and whispered into her ear, “Here, Mistress E, you can use this while you watch me with Cameron.”

“Thank you, Jessi, you and Cameron may play now!” Elise unclipped the leash from Jessi’s collar and patted her on the ass.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Jessi stepped toward the tiny blonde girl. At the same time, Jana removed Cameron’s leash, and the two “pets” moved toward each other.

Cameron reached for Jessi, and slipped her arms around the taller girl’s neck. Jessi’s hands went to Cameron’s waist, as the younger girl pressed her body forward into Jessi’s. Cameron reached her face upward while gently pulling on Jessi’s neck, bringing their faces closer together. As their lips met, Jessi felt Cameron’s tongue forcefully sliding between her own lips, meeting her own. Jessi moaned softly and her hands slid down to cup the younger girl’s tiny ass.

Cameron pressed her hips forward, opening her legs so she was straddling Jessi’s thigh. Jessi took Cameron’s ass cheeks in her hands, lifting her up so her feet were nearly off the floor. Cameron was grinding her pussy into Jessi’s thigh, and Jessi could feel that the young girl was already very wet.

Jessi looked over at the couch, and saw Jana and Elise sitting next to each other. They both had undressed, and were sitting with their legs spread wide, one thigh across the other’s. They were watching the two girls, and each was fingering the other’s pussy as they watched. Watching her Mistress with Jana, plus having Cameron grinding her pussy into her, was making Jessi very wet.

Cameron broke the kiss then said, “Jessi… I need to suck your beautiful pussy… Please…”

Jessi set Cameron down, then took the younger girl’s hand and they stepped to the “toy box.” Jessi said, “Please, baby, pick one out you like. I want to fuck your sexy little pussy…”

Cameron cooed, “Mmmmmmmm… I want that, too… Ahhh, here’s my favorite!” She reached in and pulled out a dildo with two projections pointing the same direction. One larger, one smaller, obviously for penetrating both a pussy and an asshole at the same time. The larger one was maybe 7 inches long but VERY fat, maybe 3 inches around. The smaller one was about a little longer and much more slender.

Jessi could hear Jana talking to Elise, “Oooooh, she must like Jessi a lot. That is her favorite toy, she just loves having both her holes filled up.”

Jessi took the dildo from Cameron, and grabbed some lube out of the toy box. She didn’t know if she would need it, but better to ‘be prepared’!

Cameron took Jessi’s hand and led them so they were right in front of Jana and Elise. The shorter girl pulled Jessi’s head down and whispered into her ear, “I hope you like showing off, I do… And I know Jana and Elise love watching, too!”

Cameron darted her tongue around Jessi’s ear, then pushed her gently to the floor. Almost as soon as Jessi’s butt hit the floor, the little girl was kneeling between her thighs, licking Jessi’s pussy. Jessi moaned softly and spread her legs wide. Jessi was amazed that this tiny little girl had an extremely long, thick tongue. It felt incredible as it slid in and out between her shaved lips, fucking her almost like a cock.

“Turn around, Cameron, I want you too…” Jessi whispered. The younger girl smiled and turned her hips around, her mouth never leaving Jessi’s dripping pussy. Cameron lowered her hips into the older girl’s face, and Jessi could see that the young girl was already very wet, her juices running down her thighs. Jessi darted her tongue out, sliding it as deep into Cameron as she could. The younger girl squealed and pressed her hips back into Jessi’s face.

Jessi was licking and slurping all over the younger girl’s mound, getting it good and wet. Jessi took a finger and slipped the tip into Cameron’s pussy, getting it wet. She then pressed it against Cameron’s brown pucker, gently twisting and sliding it inside until it was buried to the first knuckle. Jessi then squirted a little lube on her finger as she worked it deeper inside the smaller girl’s ass. Jessi was flicking her tongue all around Cameron’s clit as she fucked her ass.

Jessi then brought her other hand to Cameron’s pussy and began to work her fingers inside, gently probing until she had three fingers sliding in and out. Jessi was sucking Cameron’s clit and fucking both her holes with her fingers. Cameron’s hips were grinding back into Jessi’s face, and Jessi could hear the younger girl’s breathing getting ragged as she approached orgasm.

Suddenly, Cameron’s bodied stiffened and she screamed, then Jessi could feel the young girl’s pussy spasming around her fingers. Cameron thrust backwards hard with her hips, then a flood of her juices erupted out of her pussy. Jessi opened her mouth and captured as much as she could, but her hands and face were covered in Cameron’s sticky cum.

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After Work Surprise Ch. 02

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As the first of the month rolled around again my anticipation began to build. The first time being caught was a total accident and I’d been horrified when it happened, but everything came out all right in the end, pun intended. So, as the 1st was upon us again I was both eager to be ‘caught’ again and pretty nervous about it at the same time. After all, I’d not talked to Tonya since that eventful day a month ago and sometimes the span of time allows one’s mind to wander, to begin to doubt and question what was understood, what was implied, if the whole thing was a one-time-deal or if the opportunity for something more was a reality. After all, it was seemingly just as plausible for the whole matter to blow up and become a real stink, or it just might become something much more pleasing. The suspense was driving me nuts and at times I was totally off the idea of pushing the envelope. Then the horns sticking out of my head would take over.

For the past several days as each of my co-workers would leave I’d take notice, going to deadbolt the front entrance when the last of them had exited the building and departed the parking lot on their way home. Then I’d retreat to my office in the rear of the layout, kill the lights in the main part of the office along the way, dropping my trousers and briefs to my ankles before taking my seat behind my desk, pull up my favorite webcam site and proceed to coax an erection. I didn’t want to bring myself to climax too soon, wanting to give Tonya ample time to make her monthly visit to my office to drop off the rent check. The problem was that her schedule was never consistent. Some months she’d actually drop by during the lunch hour, but mostly it was sometime after working hours, and that sometime was anywhere from a half hour after normal hours to several hours later.

This one particular day I was determined to stay there in some state of erection until she either came over or she left for the day. Periodically I’d get up, pull up my trousers and go to a window that faced the parking lot to see if her auto was still there. Seeing her car still parked out back I’d go back to my seat, drop the trousers and resume my wait.

It was getting a bit late and my favorite webcam lady had already cum and gone, so to speak, and I’d changed to another webcam. I was tired of waiting and had decided to just let the matter run its course. I was absorbed into the moment with a curvy young woman on screen that escort izmit was laid back with her splayed pussy facing directly into the webcam, from close range, and she was giving her twat what for. She was plenty wet and my firm erection was building into something significant when I heard a little ‘ahem’.

In wide-eyed panic I snapped my focus towards my doorway and there stood Tonya. She was standing there with her arms folded across her ample bosom with a stern look on her face, as if she’d just caught a child doing something wrong, one of those “I’m your mother and you’ve been caught doing something wrong” looks on her face. The look on my face, with my engorged dick in my hand, must have been a sight for Tonya couldn’t hold her stern look for long and a fraction of a second later she broke out into a huge grin and loud laughter. You can’t imagine how relieved I was. And how quickly my dick had deflated.

“Damn, you are a real perver, aren’t you?”

“Hey, just a horny old dog.” Tonya stood there for several moments, grinning but with a look about her as if she were contemplating something, then waved her arms as if to brush off something, chuckled as she nodded her head feigning disbelief and walked off.

I heard her office door shut, heard her walk away up the hallway, then went and watched her drive out of the parking lot. Horny, frustrated, somewhat relieved that even though I didn’t get the reaction I had hoped for at least it didn’t seem as if I were in any trouble, I went back to my desk and took care of matters at hand.

The next afternoon I hung around as usual. When the parking lot had emptied all but my pickup and Tonya’s SUV I went and locked the front office door. Back in the rear of the layout, next to my office, I checked the door that opened into the space that Tonya was leasing. As usual the door was unlocked so I opened it slightly and stuck my head through. It was quiet but I could hear some soft sounds coming from one of the forward office spaces. Making my way up the hallway, quietly, I got close enough to Tonya’s office that I could make out that the sounds were a mixture of moans and groans of pleasure from her computer, and a few more subtle moans and gasps from Tonya herself. My dick also heard what was going on and he was already coming to attention.

I moved quietly up towards Tonya’s door, pausing just short of the opening but close enough that I could see the front of her desk and the izmit escort back of the computer screen she was watching. The sounds of Tonya’s breathing and moans were growing more intense and the timing seemed just about right. I stepped squarely into her doorway and stood there with my hands on my hips. It was a sight to behold, for sure. Tonya was slouched a bit in her chair a bit and though I couldn’t see below desktop level it was apparent that one hand was up under her skirt while the other hand was up under her blouse and presumably inside the cup of her bra over her left breast.

“So I’m not the only horny dog in the building, huh?” Her face grew several shades of steadily deepening crimson as her hands snapped from their post and began to straighten her clothing to a more respectful fitting.

“Look, you have no right to be in here..” I interrupted her in mid-speech.

“As landlord representative I actually do have a right to inspect the premises periodically to assure proper maintenance and upkeep of the leased area.” There was silence and the stern look from Tonya had me a bit nervous though I kept my stance and composure. Then, slowly, a grin began to creep over her face.

“OK, so we’re even now. I caught you, you’ve caught me. We even now?”

“No way. You may recall that the first time you barged in on me you took position behind me and watched the proceedings.”

“Oh, yeah. That was nice too, I might add. The image has served me well a few times since then too.” I began towards her desk. “But you don’t think..”

“Yeah, actually, I do think.” We went around to the side of her desk and she was scooted up under her desk now just the way I’d been under mine a month ago, the only difference being that she had on a skirt and I could see it had been pulled up to crotch level. I instructed her to pull up whatever she’d been looking at when I came in and was a bit surprised to find it was the same webcam site that I’d been visiting. Instead of a solitary man performing on cam she’d been watching a couple play, and honestly I found that to be at least as hot as the solitary women I’d been watching. I was standing behind her chair and as I had Tonya slide back from under the desk I was treated to a view of her white cotton panties totally soaked in her passion juices. The smell of sex wafted up and filled my senses.

“You need to pull those panties aside so you can really treat yourself.” izmit kendi evi olan escort Without hesitation Tonya slid the panties to one side and allowed her reddened and swollen labia to come to view. Her hand immediately went to rubbing and massaging the already wet folds, a finger sliding into the depths with each cycle.

Tonya was staring at the screen, her breathing returning to the heated pulse of before as she pleasured herself, her clit swelling and protruding far enough that I could see it as her hand moved up and down the length of her pussy. I reached down from above and behind her and began unbuttoning her blouse, with no resistance from her. I caught sight of her heaving chest as the blouse fell open. Tonya has huge breasts and they were barely contained by the ample bra. She began to put one hand up to her breast but I slid my hands down her chest and up under the top edge of her bra, coming to cup both nipples in my fingers and eliciting a gasp from Tonya as the fervor of her attack on her pussy intensified.

I kneaded those ample mammaries as best I could while inside the bra but I wanted more. I slid my hands fully into the cups and lifted the breasts up and out of their containment, pushing the bra down below her tits. They were magnificent with huge, dark areolas and short, thick puckered nipples that stood in sharp contrast to the soft and creamy tone of her breasts. I massaged her massive boobs, pinching and pulling on her nipples as she was obviously nearing an orgasm. By then both of her hands were down in her pussy, one diving deep into her hole while the other was furiously tormenting her clitoris, her hips bucking up and down in involuntary reaction to the stimulation, and her head had long since rolled back on the chair, her eyes tightly closed and complexion coming flushed.

Just as I grabbed and pulled both nipples hard Tonya’s whole body convulsed with the power of her climax. Her knees pulled up and torso bent forward before her body snapped back out almost straight in the chair. Her hands had stopped and were stationary in their position, her breath stopped and her body literally quivering in the aftermath of that initial eruption.

I had stopped my stimulation of her tits and was merely holding them, not wanting to let go, really. Her breathing returned and her body relaxed. Her hands were drenched in the juices of her orgasm and there was a glistening over her body from the exertion. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiled.

“You can let go of my boobs now.”

“Oh, yeah.” I stood and walked around to the side of her desk, trying to give her some room and to give her a bit of privacy. “Well, I suppose we’re even now.”

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Stephanie’s Silver Bullet

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Author’s Note: Everybody in this work of fiction is at least 18 years old.


Early one Saturday morning, twenty year old Stephanie Gordon awoke in her dormitory room at the university with her body suffused with a deliciously wicked feeling of horniness. The pretty brunette would have the room to herself until the following morning because her roommate was cavorting in a hotel with her steady boyfriend and wouldn’t be back until then. Such distractions were not available to Stephanie because so much was expected of her by her family that she had to be strictly a grind. That, especially, meant she was not allowed to indulge herself with boyfriends so she had to get by with what was available to her.

She had slept in her pajamas but, thinking of what she was going to be doing that morning, she took them off and was bare naked when she went to the bathroom. After she had relieved herself and attended to some other physical needs, Stephanie went to the panty drawer in her dresser and took out what she had named The Silver Bullet. It was a vibrator, big enough to take care of her needs but not too thick to fit her snugly, with a narrow tip and a tapered barrel. The outside of the toy was shiny aluminum, which was how it had gotten its name. Holding it affectionately in her hand, she returned to her bed and turned the top sheet and other coverings all the way down. The final touch was placing a bath towel where she would be lying. With the bed prepared, the horny young student lay down with her head nestled in her pillow.

Stephanie kissed the toy for what she expected it to do for her and turned it on to a high setting, smiling at its low, steady hum. She had learned, while still in high school, an artificial cock such as the one in her hand was vastly more reliable and less demanding than any boy or a man could ever be. Holding a breast in one hand and her the vibrator in the other, she placed the tip of The Silver Bullet against the nipple and areola, smiling at the erotic sensation she began to feel almost izmit escort immediately.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured and moved the end of the battery-operated giver of pleasure to her other breast.

For a few minutes, Stephanie alternated the vibrator between her nipples until she was sufficiently aroused for her pussy to start lubricating. She dipped the end of the toy into the flow and applied it to her inner labia, which had begun to swell, and felt stronger waves of pleasure rippling through her from that very sensitive place. Once again, she switched The Silver Bullet from one side to the other, occasionally dipping it into her stream of juices, until she could feel her orgasm steadily mounting within her body.

It was time for her clit to be pleasured as her breasts had been and Stephanie applied her vibrator to the protective hood of that swollen morsel. Eventually her clit would push its way clear of the folds of her inner lips and, when that happened, she would start stroking it between her fingers while the trusty Silver Bullet was fucking her. She was already squirming on the bed and was breathing rapidly but there was still a long way to go and much more pleasure to give herself before she would reach the orgasm she craved.

Her pussy lips were not being ignored because the horny brunette’s fingers were caressing them, still using her abundant juices as a lubricant. As with the rest of her body, she made sure either side of her clit hood and both her inner lips got their share of the caresses, transferring the toy between her hands to give herself the best angles she could. She could almost feel her clit and lips growing more engorged under her ministrations and Stephanie smiled at the erotic sensation. It was fun but she knew what still lay ahead would be much better and that coming would be the best part of all.

That time finally arrived. Stephanie decided she was wet enough and her clit was engorged enough for her to go on to the main event. She turned the toy to a low speed, gripped it in her right izmit escort bayan hand and used her left to carefully squeeze her clit between two folds of its protective hood. The eager young woman began stroking the swollen organ with her hand while she dipped the tip of The Silver Bullet in the copious flow from her pussy and carefully placed the end against the entrance of the pink hole it would momentarily be cramming. With a firm push, the tip slipped into her tight pussy. At the first penetration, Stephanie drew her breath in sharply between her teeth and waited a few seconds before continuing the insertion.

Pleasure reverberated through her body from the path of the toy as it burrowed into Stephanie’s pussy and from where her clit was being fondled. She moaned softly as she writhed blissfully on the bed and her head tossed from side to side on her pillow. Both her eyes were closed and her lips were parted in a grimace of bliss as The Silver Bullet caressed her sweet spots and her fingers massaged the sweetest of all.

When most of the barrel of the toy had been enveloped, Stephanie paused and increased the setting. The stronger vibration sent bigger and better waves of joy through her body and she moaned again, louder this time. “Oh, that feels so good,” she murmured to nobody but herself.

But it felt much better when Stephanie started pushing the barrel more deeply into herself. The Silver Bullet was stimulating all the sweet spots inside her pussy, sending intense pleasure throbbing throughout her physique. She didn’t stop until the toy was at maximum penetration, with the control knob even with the entrance at her pussy. The sensations swirling from its presence were at their most delightful and her slender form was thrashing about on the bed. It was wonderful but she knew the best part was still ahead.

After turning the speed of the vibrator up to one notch less than its maximum, Stephanie started slowly withdrawing the toy from her pussy. While her left hand continued izmit sınırsız escort to provide excruciating pleasure to her clit, The Silver Bullet was doing the same for the inside of her love channel, and it felt even better when she stopped and thrust it back in again. Over and over, she drove the sleek aluminum barrel into her needy pussy and pulled it out again until she was on the verge of what she knew would be a tremendous climax.

Except for what she was doing with her hands, she had no control over her muscles. Stephanie’s head and body were wildly rocking from side to side and her pussy was thrusting back to meet the strokes of her vibrator. Both heels were drumming against the bed and she was sobbing and whimpering from the intense pleasure while she continued fucking herself and stroking her clit.

Abruptly, her climax began to overwhelm her. Stephanie was able only to turn the vibrator to its highest speed and ram it all the way into her pussy before she lost control of the rest of her facilities and became no more than a mass of exquisite joy. She bounced and tossed and pitched all over the bed, coming close to falling off. Her hand kept the toy in place as it continued sending delight through her until the orgasm completely inundated her. She cried aloud, incoherently but ecstatically; her back arched and she rammed her pussy against The Silver Bullet for an ultimate time.

After that momentous orgasm, Stephanie lay sprawled out on her bed, arms at her sides and legs spread. She reached down and removed the toy from where it had done such a great job and, after that, waited for her heartbeat and her breathing to return to normal. It had been a good start to the morning and she felt relaxed but there were still some lingering feelings of horniness. They didn’t bother her because she still had the rest of the day to attend to that condition. When she was ready, Stephanie walked over to the dresser to get her panties and to the closet to get her jeans and sweater and back to the bed to put her clothing on. She would go out to The Student Union for breakfast and, when she returned, spend more time with The Silver Bullet. Another session with him like the first one and the determined young woman would be able to concentrate on her studies the way she needed to do.

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Black Friday at the Border Crossing

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It is “Black Friday” and my cousin Cathy and I are driving to the border crossing leading into Montana. We both love the State of Montana as it holds special memories for both of us. There is no way we could know what is about to happen to us, but the term “Black Friday” is going to take on a new meaning. It will be something we will never forget. My cousin Cathy is always the one to create new adventures for us when we take trips together.

I am driving the car as we pull up to the border crossing, and we come to a stop as we wait our turn to talk to a customs official. I am always nervous when we cross over into the U.S.A. Those officers always ask questions and look at a person in such a way as to make you feel like you have committed a crime. Today is no different as I nervously wait behind the wheel. I keep telling myself to calm down and relax which is something I have a hard time doing even at the best of times. The fact is that I have a hard time sitting still, as I am a bundle of nervous energy. That nervous energy is about to be used in a way that I have never experienced.

After waiting in line for about 30-minutes, it is our turn as I pull the car up to the window. The customs official is a big black man and he looks delicious. Big powerful forearms, a thick neck, broad shoulders, and a wonderful sexy round ass – I can feel myself starting to stare at him more than I should under these circumstances. I am nervous as I sit in the driver’s seat waiting for him to start asking questions.

“Good morning, may I see your passports, ladies.”

“Yes, sir, here they are.” I watch his every move as he checks over our passports.

“Do you own everything in your vehicle?” His question takes me by surprise.

“Yes,” I stammer. Oh, I hate it when I start to stammer, but I was so nervous. I hadn’t even thought about the contents of our vehicle. Of course we were not driving around with stolen items. As I had stated, these customs officials always make me nervous.

“Why are you entering the U.S.A.?”

My cousin Cathy could see I was starting to “crash and burn” under the pressure of his questioning, so she leans over me a bit and looks up at the customs officer and replies, “We are here for pleasure, not business, and we will be staying within Montana to do some shopping. We will be here for two-nights, sir.”

“What do you have in your trunk?”

“Only luggage, sir,” I replied. beylikdüzü escort

“Ladies, I want to inspect the contents of your vehicle, so pull up over into that area and turn off your ignition and wait for me,” he states as he waives his hand over towards a parking lot.

I respond with a polite, “Yes, sir,” as I feel my heart starting to race. I pull over to the parking lot and turn off our vehicle and wait.

“Cathy, I have never been pulled over like this for an inspection at the crossing. What do you think will happen?”

“Oh, I just thought of something. Brenda, I am so sorry, but I packed my special 9″ strap-on dildo and a big bottle of lube. I knew I would be aroused at some point during our little vacation, so I brought it along. I was hoping we could take turns using the dildo on each other, and I wanted to introduce you to sucking up my pussy juice and swallowing it. I should have told you. I wonder if that customs officer will find the dildo and the jar of lube?”

“Cathy, oh, no. What will happen to us?”

“Brenda, just calm down. Don’t start talking to him, just wait for him to ask us questions. You need to relax. Do you think he has never seen a dildo before?”

“This will be so embarrassing, and especially if he starts asking questions about why we have the dildo. Are you going to tell him we are cousins, and that you have plans for us to use that dildo on each other?”

“Brenda, relax. You are getting ahead of yourself again. Be quiet and let me do the talking unless he asks you something specifically.” Cathy’s confidence did begin to calm me, as I sit there taking in a few deep breaths and exhaling slowly.

Suddenly he appears outside our vehicle and says, “Ladies, step out of the car and go sit down on that bench over there. But before you go, open up the trunk so I can have a look at what you were planning to bring across the border.”

“Yes, sir.” I open the trunk and then Cathy and I make our way over to a bench and sit down waiting for our ordeal to be over.

“Oh, no. He is going straight for the suitcase that has my special 9″ dildo,” Cathy says as she bends over and whispers into my ear.

It did not take long for our humiliation and embarrassment to begin. Within a few minutes, after carefully looking through our luggage, he stands holding up Cathy’s 9″ strap-on dildo. He waives his fingers at us, as he instructs us to come back escort beylikdüzü over to where he is standing by the rear of the car. I think that perhaps he is smiling slightly, but I am not sure, as we walk up to him.

He looks each of us over, “You want to take this dildo with you on your vacation?”

Smiling up at him, Cathy is looking into his eyes, as she responds, “Yes, sir. Brenda and I are cousins and we have a special relationship with each other. I want for the two of us to use that dildo on each other while we spend time at the hotel during the evenings when we are done our shopping.”

He smiles back at Cathy as he replies, “I will let you cross the border, but it will cost you a favour or two. Are you willing to give me some special favours while you are on your vacation?”

“Yes, sir,” we both reply while gazing up and looking into his eyes.

He then takes a card out of his pocket and slips it into Cathy’s hand. “Now you ladies meet me at the address on that card in about two-hours. We are going to have a great time together. The key is under the front doormat. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” we reply as our voices sound as one. He places the dildo back into the suitcase and tucks it back into the trunk. We quickly get back into our car after saying our goodbyes and drive off.

“Mmmm, I cannot wait to be with him. I want to crouch over his face and have him give me a good pussy licking,” Cathy whispers almost to herself. “I wonder if he will shove his big cock down my throat. I would love the feeling of him forcing his big cock into my mouth and pushing it down into my throat. I love the feeling of being forced to suck cock. I am getting wet thinking about it.”

“This will be the first time the two of us are together with a black man.”

“Cousin Brenda, you just follow my lead. Stay calm and do try to relax. Mmmm, I hope he is a forceful type of a guy, as I am in the mood for being controlled and used.”

Cathy and I are both becoming increasingly wet as we anticipate what will soon happen. We arrive at his home and let ourselves in. Time goes by quickly as we shower together, and each of us gets on our knees and gives the other a pussy shave. While shaving each other, we take some time to finger each other and the pussy juices start to flow.

We make our way to his bedroom and make ourselves comfortable on the bed as we finish drying off. “Brenda, beylikduzu escort I need you to hurt me just a little, okay? I am in one of those moods where I need to feel some pain and discomfort in my pussy, as it will help me to get ready for when he comes home and we start having some intense pleasure.”

“Cathy, what would you like me to do exactly?”

“Brenda, put on that strap-on dildo and lube it up nicely. I need you to ram it into my pussy. You don’t need to go deep, just push it in a few inches, then pull all the way out, and then push it back in. Something has just come over me and I really need to feel some force and some discomfort. I can’t stand waiting, please I need this quickly.”

I follow Cathy’s orders quickly and put on the dildo and give it a generous amount of lube. As Cathy lies with her legs spread apart wide and bent at the knees, she holds her pussy lips apart with her fingers urging me to hurry up and ram into her. As I force the lubed dildo into her, she let’s out, “Mmmm, fuck, oh, please make it hurt. Oh, I need this so bad. Ram it in and out quickly. Please, I need to feel some pain.”

Following her orders as she seems increasingly crazed, I push it inside her a few inches, then pull it all the way out, and then keep repeating the movement, as she begs to feel more pain from the quick and forceful movement. I have never seen my cousin Cathy like this before, and I think she must be consumed with the thoughts of a big black man coming to use her body.

I keep repeating the rough and forceful movement as Cathy keeps begging me to keep it going, she yells out, “Oh, hurt my cunt and make me moan, oh, I love this, Mmmm.”

Suddenly, I hear movement behind me, and as I look over my shoulder I see our new friend has arrived home. “Baby, let me take over. I see this bitch needs a man to use her. I can give her the pleasure and pain she needs. But if it is only pain she is looking for, I can deliver with my big black cock.”

He skillfully takes over and pushes Cathy legs apart wider as he forces his big black cock inside her pussy with one swift and forceful movement. “Oh, oh, oh, more.” I stand there stunned at what seems to be Cathy becoming more and more possessed with wanting to be used and abused with a big cock as she keeps moaning loudly and writhing beneath him.

I can hear Cathy’s wetness making a sloshing noise and our new friend’s balls start to slap against Cathy’s ass as he rams himself in and out of her. He gives her a hard slap across the face as he says, “Hey, bitch. You really need some pain don’t you? The pain you need will come from me fucking your ass. This will be one Black Friday you never forget.”

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Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 01

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Chapter 1:

I’ve been enjoying the retired life for the better part of 10 months now and look forward to many new adventures on the open road. I recently purchased a 25 foot travel trailer and have been traveling up and down the West Coast of the good old U.S. of A.

My itinerary this week has me traveling down Highway 101 in Central California. I’d been on the road many hours and it was getting late on a dark summer evening. Lucky for me, I spotted a sign for a local RV park just a few miles away.

Pulling into the park this late meant the registration desk was closed for the night. The sign posted on the front door said to pick a spot and check in first thing in the morning. There were just a few open spaces, but I managed to find one in the back area that was a pull through. Even in the dark, I could tell there was nice shade and some seclusion. After the long drive, I decided to just pull in, unhook and call it a night. I would deal with hook-ups and leveling in the morning.

Bright and early the next morning, I wake to a loud knock on my door. My first thought was, wow they don’t waste time collecting the registration fees. As I cleared my foggy brain and got out of bed, the knocking grew louder and more persistent. Well hold on a minute and let me get some shorts on. I always sleep in the nude. I enjoy the freedom and have found that I tend to have more sexual dreams when I am naked as a jay bird. It also makes it easier to tug on my seven inch cock throughout the night and when I wake up with morning wood. This morning was no exception. I was looking forward to a nice long leisurely masturbation session fantasizing about big tits and wet pussies.

I put on my shorts and tucked in my hard cock. My orgasm would have to wait. I opened the door and my jaw literally dropped. Standing right outside my trailer was a lovely, older lady, hair up in a bun and totally topless. I did a double-take, rubbing my eyes, not believing what I was seeing. She looked to be in her 40s or 50s and had the most gorgeous tits I’ve seen in quite a while. They were quite large, rounded with a touch of sag, but sitting high and proud on her chest. Her dark nipples looked to be the size of my thumb and quite erect, probably due to the morning chill. Her areoles must measure at least 3 or 4 inches across. In my mind they were perfect and I probably stared a bit too long.

She introduced herself as Madeline. The sound of her voice brought me back to my senses and I raised my eyes to meet hers. They were sparkling blue and mesmerizing, as were her breasts. Madeline apologized for the early interruption, but was here to ask a favor of me. In my mind I was thinking, may I have the favor of feasting on those two delightful orbs and tasting those hard buds that were still erect.

I told her my name was Paul and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Madeline explained she was in the space right next to me and was having some issues with her RV’s refrigerator. It wasn’t cooling as it should and the ice in the freezer compartment was beginning to melt. Since the park office was still closed and she couldn’t reach the handyman, would I be able to assist her. I would be more than happy to, especially if it meant that I would be able to admire her naked chest up close and personal.

We made our way over to her rig. As we walked over, I must have been staring at her boobs a little too long. She turned to me and inquired if these were the first tits I’d ever laid my eyes on. I replied, “well no, but they are the first I’ve seen in an RV park that were not covered by clothing. Aren’t you worried that other campers might see you?” Madeline laughed and asked me if I knew where I was. I said, “Sure, I’m in an RV park right off Highway 101 near the ocean.” With a smirk she said I was almost correct. “This is an RV park alright, and it is by the ocean, but it is a clothing optional RV park!” She went on to say and that I would probably be seeing a lot more boobs as the day unfolds, so I’d better get used to it and put my eyeballs back in their sockets.

“Now, about my refrigerator?”

It took me a moment to wrap my mind around what she just told me. I heard there were nudist parks all over, but assumed they were hidden up in the hills or down in secluded valleys, not right here next to a major thoroughfare. This was going to be interesting.

We entered her travel trailer; my cock was exceptionally stiff, but hidden beylikdüzü escort by my shorts. Her trailer was quite nice, larger than mine with two slide outs. It was well appointed and looked brand new. I was about to inspect the fridge when I heard another voice wish me a “good morning”. I looked over to the dinette table and my cock got several degrees harder. Sitting there was another lovely older lady, with a bright smile, curly locks and bare breasts. I thought I was seeing double. She reached out to shake my hand and introduced herself as Sandra. I reached out to shake her hand, but my eyes were glued to her tits. They were equally as magnificent as Madeline’s with rose colored aureoles and thumb sized nipples. Her nipples were not as erect, probably due to the warmth inside the cabin. As she stood, her boobs jiggled slightly. They were firm and large and large and firm. I was a lucky man.

Madeline chimed in, “This is our neighbor, Paul. Don’t mind him, he just found out he rolled into a clothing optional RV park last night. I told him it was not polite to stare.” Both ladies began to laugh at my expense.

Sandra told me I could stare all I want. She appreciates a good “boob man” and squeezed her globes to emphasize her point. I detected her nipples stiffening up just a bit.

I looked back and forth several time at both ladies and it occurred to me that they could be twins. If not twins, at least sisters. And, they did not have any tan lines across their breasts. Mmmm, I wonder how often these two beauties flaunt their assets beneath the golden sun.

Sandra said, “If you are wondering, we are not twins, nor are we sisters. Just two good friends who look very similar to one another.”

“I was wondering if you were related.”

Madeline chimed in, “We get that question all the time. We do look like twins, but there is definitely one way to tell us apart. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll find out just what that is.” I spotted a slight blush by Sandra.

I cleared my throat and turned my attention to the fridge. It was indeed warmer than it should have been, but the chill control was set properly. I mentioned there might be an outside control for the cooling coil I could check.

I walked outside and around to the back of their coach. Both ladies followed, boobs swaying back and forth. I opened the cover and inspected the refrigeration unit. Sure enough, there was a control knob that was not turned to the proper setting. I turned the knob, the refrigeration unit immediately kicked in and I could tell this was the problem. Madeline and Sandra gathered around me as I explained the problem and showed them the proper setting. Both ladies were ecstatic and immediately grabbed me for a big hug. I almost came on the spot as two sets of the most beautiful breasts, and four extremely hard and erect nipples pressed into my chest. Of course, I hugged back and held their bodies close for as long as possible.

I’m sure they could feel my very hard and throbbing member grinding against their lower torsos, but they did not say a word. After we released each other, they thanked me profusely and invited me to join them later down at the beach. An offer I immediately accepted.

I needed to get back to my trailer and get some relief for my aching cock. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to unload a powerful spurt of jism. I thought briefly of asking for a quick hand job, but knew I should not push my luck. There would be time enough to pursue that course of action.

On my way back I noticed a tag on my car stating I needed to check in at registration, this was not a free park. OK, but first I need to take care of something.

As soon as I shut my trailer door, my shorts were off and I was lying prone on my queen size bed, cock in hand. I didn’t need any lube at this point. I gripped my dick with my right hand and began to stroke. A mental picture of Madeline and Sandra had me at the point of no return. I pictured their perfect breasts, hard nipples and inviting smiles. I remembered Sandra squeezing her flesh, offering her tits to me. I tightened my grip around my pulsing shaft and erupted with a torrent of cum. Two or three thick ropes sperm launched from my cock straight up in the air and landed on my chest. A few more spurts dribbled out onto my fingers as I continued to pump through a very satisfying orgasm. This one curled my toes, it was the release I needed. My cock began beylikduzu escort to soften. I brought my hand to my nose and inhaled. I love the sweet smell of my cum and I hope the two ladies next door do too. I dozed off to a picture of their tits covered in my sperm. Oh, the possibilities.

Chapter Two:

After a brief respite, I needed to stir and get over to the registration office before I receive another nastygram. I enjoyed a quick bowl of cereal to recharge my energy. Then it was time to get dressed in my business attire. Being fully retired, this means a pair of cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops. I usually go commando as I enjoy the extra room for my cock to sway back and forth. I walked to the office and saw many campers up and moving about their sites. Some were cooking breakfast on outdoor stoves; others were giving full attention to their rigs, repairing one thing or another. I saw other folks already out for a morning walk. One thing in common: they were completely nude, except for the requisite hat and sandals. Lots of boobs, cocks and pussies on display. All shapes and sizes. Most of the people were of my generation, men showing a bit of paunch, ladies with sagging tits, some ladies sported tits sitting high and proud due to a surgeon’s expert hands. I don’t mind, I enjoy them all. All of a sudden, I was feeling a bit overdressed.

I walked into the registration office which also served as the camp store. There were a few couples milling about looking for items to purchase. I couldn’t get over the fact they were so casual about their attire, or lack of it. I admired the ladies from afar, getting nice glimpses of their lovely boobs and the curly tufts of hair adorning their pubic region. I looked at the men too, silently comparing the size of their equipment to mine. As I said, all shapes and sizes.

At the registration desk the lady behind the counter introduced herself as Pamela, one of the owners of the RV park. “You must be Paul. Welcome. You’re a bit over dressed don’t you think.”

“What?” I was a bit taken back by her comment. “How?”

Pamela smiled and said Madeline had just called over and wanted me to thank the lovely man staying in space A18. “Madeline said you were a lifesaver with their refrigerator and to be sure to give you a good rate for your stay. Oh, and by the way, he might be a little shy.” Pamela added a little wink with that last statement.

There was nothing shy about Pamela. She is a beautiful goddess standing behind that counter, completely naked. She looks to be in her mid-40s, soft, tanned skin, intoxicating ruby red lips with a smile a mile wide. Her breasts were a lovely C cup with upturned puffy nipples. The kind I would love to suckle on to see how hard I could make them. They were the color of peaches. Her trim body was flawless, probably the result of many hours working out. As she stood behind the counter, her legs were slightly apart giving me a wonderful view of her pussy. Her golden curls were neatly trimmed into a perfect vee shape, pointing down to deliciously smooth outer lips. There was a hint of her inner labia extending down and they seemed to glisten with moistness. I would love to run my tongue up the entire length of that inviting slit and taste her sweet juices.

I felt my cock stir as my eyes wandered up her perfect form and made contact again with hers. She smiled a devilish smile and explained the ins and outs of the RV park, the house rules and lay of the land. She made a point of telling me that full nudity was the accepted norm and she hoped I would comply very soon. Again my cock began to rise. She explained one of the perks of park ownership was lusting over the guest’s hard cocks, wet pussies and lovely tits. She made a point of telling me her favorite is a semi hard cock, maybe seven to eight inches in length, circumcised and neatly trimmed. And shaved balls were a must, as she enjoyed countless hours of licking and sucking a well hung man. I admit I fit that description to a tee.

Why is she telling all of this to a total stranger. Maybe it was her way of extending a special welcome to new arrivals? My seven inches were busting at the seam and I needed to take care of this right away. I figured Pamela had to keep an eye on business, so I opted to take up this subject matter with her at a later date. I paid my fee for a three day stay and turned to leave. Pamela gave me a sly wink and added escort beylikdüzü if there was ever anything she could do to make my stay more pleasurable, don’t hesitate to ask.

I figured now was a good time for me to fit in with the crowd. I unbuttoned my Hawaiian shirt, dropped my cargo shorts and stepped out of them one foot after the other. By now, my cock was rigid and sprang to attention. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip. I gathered the wetness on my finger and licked the salty fluid. Pamela whistled her approval and told me to have a great day.

I walked to my trailer, my mind reeling with the possibilities presented by this clothing optional RV park and Pamela. She will definitely be the subject of many future wank off sessions. Hopefully she may even be a part of them.

I love to masturbate when I am not with a hot sexy partner. Nothing is more satisfying than making love to a willing and energetic lady. But a slow, leisurely self-inflicted hand job is a close second. I travel with a generous supply of lube and my favorite inanimate object, the Fleshlight. The soft silicone inner sleeve with the right amount of lube creates the sensation of a warm pussy. I stand and thrust into it back and forth until my hot seed boils over and erupts inside. I will fantasize I am thrusting into one of my new found and well-endowed ladies. Would it be Madeline, Sandra or Pamela. Maybe all three. The toy’s suction grabs my throbbing cock with a tight grip and always sends me to a satisfying climax. Cleanup is a nuisance, but it’s always ready and available.

My cock failed to deflate walking back to A18. I was harder now than it has ever been in my entire life. That includes those times when Viagra works its magic. The sun’s warmth had my balls hanging low, swaying with each step. A few women passed by, smiled and acknowledged my presence with appreciative nods to my groin. Their suntanned bodies added fuel to my pulsating rod. I’m sorry Madeline nor Sandra were outside to greet me. I’m sure they would have grabbed on and pulled me into their trailer and thank me for saving the day.

I entered my trailer and headed straight for the lube and Fleshlight. Standing next to my bed, I applied a generous amount of gel to my rigid cock and the silicone opening. Holding my favorite toy in place, I lined up my cock and thrust hard. I entered the device easily and pushed my entire seven inches straight ahead. The tight grip was just what I needed. A sublime feeling took over as the gel heated and lathered my shaft. I slowly withdrew from the friendly confines until the tip of my glans nearly popped out. I pushed in, this time with a slow deliberate pace savoring each inch. Again seven inches were fully encased in silicone. I picked up the pace and began fucking in earnest. I pictured Pamela’s spread legs and distended labia glistening with female juice. I imagined being balls deep in her tight pussy with those long willowy legs wrapped around my back, Pamela eagerly thrusting against me over and over again. The picture I created in my mind fueled my passion and that familiar feeling began building. I was close to coming and enjoying the sensations created with the friction of my love glove. I so wanted to eat Pamela’s slick pussy, inhale her womanly aroma and taste her sweetness. My tongue would slice through, lapping her juices and end by flicking her clit. My repeated licks would harden her little nub and create endless spasms of joy. As I was imagined my lips around her clit sucking it deep into my mouth, I erupted in a mind numbing climax. I unleashed several thick sticky ropes of sperm one after another and deposited a huge amount of cum into my fuck toy. I was spent and leaned over on my bed for support. I was lightheaded as my cock began to soften and release from its enclosure.

Once I disengaged, I realized that yet again, I would need to clean up my well used toy. I picked it up and made my way over to the sink where I was able to drain my toy and wash it out. Some of my spent cum covered my fingers. I raised them to my lips to taste my sweet essence. I thoroughly cleaned the inner sleeve of latex and placed it on the counter to dry.

Wow, in the space of 90 minutes, I met three gorgeous and well endowed women, and had two wonderfully satisfying orgasms. It wasn’t even 10AM yet. With all of this excitement, I almost forgot that I need to level my trailer and hook up the water, power and sewer lines. After all, I planned on staying here for a couple of days. I got about my business of setting up camp. It felt rather strange doing all of these tasks while only wearing a pair of flip-flops. At least my cock was fairly flaccid and I could concentrate on my chores.

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