Becky Loves Cum Pt.3

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It was the 4th of July weekend. Patty, Becky, and myself drove down to Keene to watch a parade, go to a carnival, and then at night watch the fireworks display. We all had a great time, and I even won a couple of of stuffed a****ls for my two precious ladies. It was after midnight when we got home. Becky was fast asleep in the back seat holding her stuff tiger. Patty could barely keep her eyes open driving from highway to county roads. I tried to fiddle with the radio looking for some classic rock stations to keep me awake. I found a couple, but the reception was shitty.

When we got home, Becky went straight to bed. She never changed into her jammies. She went to sleep with her clothes on. Patty and I went to our room. She took off her shirt and bra letting her tits air out. For a 60+ year old woman,her tits were still nice. They sagged a little, but all in all, there were hardly any wrinkles on them. She also had huge ass nipples. These suckers could poke your eye out if you weren’t careful. She unzipped her skirt and her girdle. I guess she felt she needed a little something extra to show her figure. Once she was down to her underwear,I held her from behind. My cock was pressed up against her ass as I began kissing her.

“Oh Jeff. Not tonight.I’m pooped.”

“Come on baby. Let me fuck that ass.”

“Fine. But then we go to bed. It’s late already.”

“Maybe that’s just it Patty. Maybe that night drive did something to me.”

Patty liked being butt fucked. and it was for this reason she agreed to stay up. She got on the bed on all fours. I poured some baby oil on my cock and on the crack of her ass. I slid my cock in her, watching it disappear in her asshole.Patty rubbed her clit as I filled her ass with 8′ of tube steak. My lower belly was slamming up against her ass, making ripple effects on her cheeks. I pulled out of her ass, quickly turning her her sitting up placing my cock in her open mouth. Cum shot out filling her mouth up with creamy white semen.I watched how Patty swallowed my man juice. wiping off the excess from her chin and licking her finger clean.

“Okay. Let’s go to bed now.” She said as she got under the covers and turned off the light.

It was another Tuesday, which meant Patty was going to her bridge club. Becky was out on the dock getting a suntan. Her skin really had i nice brown pigment. Shortly after Patty left, Becky came into the house to get a drink. She was wearing a flower design bikini wear her bottoms had tied laces at the hips. I got a hard on as I saw her bend down showing her ass. Just like I did with Patty. I got behind Becky, pressing my cock up against her ass.

“You ready for another blow job Grandpa?”

“No baby. This time I want to fuck you.”

I picked her up carrying her into her bedroom. Once inside, I sat her on the bed. I removed my clothes and laid down on my back. I pulled her on top of me, getting face to face. Her body was very warm from sunbathing, and she smell like cocoa butter from the lotion she was wearing. I began kissing her, rubbing her warm back and ass. I put my hands under her bottoms, squeezing her baby smooth cheeks. I rolled her over on the bed. Pulling up her bikini bra, I saw how her tits have grown more. They were very round and higher in height. I couldn’t even get my middle finger to touch my thumb squeezing her boobs.

I started to suck on her nipples. I’d clench down on them with my teeth,pulling up as far as I dared,then releasing them. Her nipples became firm and hard. I’d lick around her tits, then back to the nipple. Becky was really enjoying this as I played with her tits. She would even cup them from the bottom, lifting them up as I sucked and nibbled on her pouting hard nips.

“Do you like my tits now Grandpa? They’ve gotten bigger since last year.”

“Yes baby. You have grown a lot over a years time.”

“Wait til you see my pussy. I think you’re going to like that a lot.”

Well that was good enough for me to find out. I lowered myself down onto her belly. The smell of cocoa butter filled my nostrils. I got down to her crotch I shoved my nose into her bikini covered crotch, still smelling the aroma of cocoa butter. I slowly pulled the top of her bikini bottom down. A patch of brown hair became visible as i pulled lower and lower. More became visible, surrounding a little pinkish red mound of skin. Her pubes are now fuller and thicker than they were last year.and her clit and pussy lips are out of her slit between her vulva. I took her bottoms off, then spread her legs opening her pussy. I spread her lips with my thumbs, looking into her birth canal. She was right, I did like her developed pussy. Moving closer I dove in between her legs.

She moaned as I shoved my tongue into her hole. I used my thumb to rub her clit as I tongue fucked her pussy.Aside from the cocoa butter lotion, her twat was very sweet tasting. with a hint of tartness and salt. Semi clear liquid oozed out as I played with her clam. I lapped up the juices, as fast as i was coming out. Hey!! If I wanted her to swallow my cum, I have to swallow hers. Her hips wiggled and gyrated as I ate out her pussy. Licking her in every way, shape, and form. Before long, thicker cream was coming out of her. This had more tart and salt. This was for her inner walls. Her pussy was ready to be tapped.

I moved up on top of her. I positioned myself, aiming my cock toward her wet hot pussy.With a pelvic thrust, I penetrated her cunt with lightning speed.She gave out a loud cry as my cock filled her pussy. She was still very tight, but she relished the feel of it inside her. She held me tight, kissing my neck and inner shoulder as I bounced my hips up and down, pounding her pussy with every inch. My balls was banging against her ass. They were moist and cool from collecting pussy juice. My cock was drenched in her cum. She cried out several times that she was cumming. My cock was now throbbing. I took it out just in time as creamy white goo shot out all over her belly. I stroked my cum drenched cock, cumming all over her pussy. Exhausted i laid down beside her.

“Wow Grandpa. That’s a lot of cum.”

“Well Becky, now you know how much you turn me on.” I said still panting.

“Well, it’s a good thing I was going to take a shower.” Looking at her cum covered bush.

“I’ll tell you one thin. Your pussy developed real nice since last year. It felt good around my cock. And for your bush, don’t ever shave it off. Keep it trimmed, Shave the bikini lines, but don’t ever shave the rest.”

We got up, took a shower, then went swimming in the lake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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