Slash Fiction Ch. 03: The Search for Spunk

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I graduated from college three years ago. Until last year, I could only find part-time work, so I lived with my parents. During that time, my sister Judy and I started a sexual relationship that neither of us wanted to end. The fact that we weren’t found out was a little luck but a lot of caution on our part, including her going on the Pill a few days later. We love and care about each other, too, but it was mainly about the sex. Last year, I got a full-time job, but it was an hour away, in the Cleveland suburbs. A few months ago, I got my annual review, and the raise was enough that I could finally afford a studio apartment here in town. They all helped me move, even my brother Tim, who was on break from another college. Last weekend was the first time Judy was able to come see me by herself. She graduates from college next month, and she had an interview with another company in the area.

Judy has a late class on Thursday, and it was raining everywhere in northern Ohio, so she didn’t get here till almost ten o’clock. That didn’t stop us from holding each other close and French-kissing as soon as she got through the door. We’d both missed each other terribly. I didn’t even care that my clothes were soaked just from the contact with hers. By the time she had her interview clothes hung up, it was past ten-thirty. There’s only one bed here, so we shared it, but she was worn out from the drive. We fell asleep together.

My alarm woke us in the morning. I felt a hand on my stomach. I opened my eyes and looked to the side. “Good morning, Chad,” Judy said.

“Morning, sexy,” I told her, and I kissed her.

“No time now,” she said. “You’ve got a job, and I hope to have one at the end of the day.” I rubbed her butt. “Tonight,” she said.

When I came home from work, I thought I was in the wrong apartment. There was no trash on the floor, the dining room table was clear, and the jeans I’d left on the back of my recliner had been replaced by a dress. Judy stepped out of the bathroom. She came up to me and greeted me. “You’re home!”

I put my arms around her and we had a long kiss. “How’d the interview go?” I asked.

“Hard to tell,” Judy said. “I felt like I got a little chatty toward the end, but I think I had good answers and good questions.”

“In that case, you might wanna know that Jeopardy’s having try-outs here next month.”

“Very funny. Hopefully, I’ll have a reason to be in town by then!”

“Speaking of the town,” I continued, “what did you have in mind for the weekend?”

“I told Mom and Dad not to expect me back till Sunday. Why, what did you have in mind?”

“I kept my weekend open, so we can do whatever we want. It was too late to get theater tickets, but-“

“Theater tickets?” Judy asked.

“You remember that fantasy you told me about? Part of it was seeing a musical in person. Plus, I remember coming home from college one Friday night, and you were at school for their production of Les Miz.”

“Oh, right! I wasn’t in the show; I was just working on the scenery. But you remembered that?”

“I love you, Judy. I was paying attention even before I knew you felt the same way.”

Judy squealed, “Chad!” and squeezed my waist. She hadn’t gotten any taller since I moved, so her head was still up against my chest. “I love you, too! I was so happy this morning. For all the times we had sex, that’s only the second or third time we’ve woken up together. It was so nice to see your face the first thing. I think that’s why I was so upbeat at the interview!”

“Anyway, the other part of the fantasy was that a tall, handsome guy takes you to dinner, so I made reservations at a seafood place downtown. The food’s pretty good, but what makes it special is that it’s on Lake Erie, and I mean right on it. You can actually see the lake from some tables. And I got one of those tables.”

“What time?”

“The earliest they could get us in was 7:30.”

Judy looked at her watch. “It’s six o’clock now. How’s the traffic there?”

“I don’t know, but if we’re early, we can probably find something to do for a while.”

“In the car? Gross!”

“I didn’t mean that!” I insisted. “There are shops we could look at.” As it turned out, the traffic near the ballpark was just enough that we didn’t have to wait long after we got to the restaurant. We talked about my job, the company she interviewed with and what had been going on at home since I moved. (Not much, apart from Tim introducing his new girlfriend to them.) They also had a ballroom. Neither one of us will ever dance on Broadway, but it was fun being able to make sensual moves without worrying that someone who knew us both would be creeped out.

The latest Galaxy Corps movie had just come out on DVD. I could have paid to watch it on cable, but I saved it as a back-up plan in case we couldn’t get in to see a show. We picked it up on the way back, but by the time we got home, it was almost 10:30, and the movie was nearly three hours long. We watched the special features, and student sex parties porno I put the disc back in the case.

“You know, there’s something I never thought to ask you,” I said. “I let it slip one time that I used to think about you while I was jacking off. What did you think about when you fantasized about me?”

“Well, my favorite was pretty much what we did tonight, except I’d have a sexier dress for you to take off of me at the end of the night.”

“That dress is plenty sexy,” I told her. “There’s a reason three different waiters dropped trays when they were crossing the room.”

“You’re just saying that,” Judy said.

Her dress was red, and the neckline was low enough and wide enough that I could lean in and caress her breast without moving the fabric at all. “A sexy dress on a sexy woman,” I said. I lifted her hand and put it on my dick. “And in case you had any doubt …”

“I also thought about sitting in the back of a porno theatre with you and blowing you while the people up front listened.”

“Dammit, I checked the wrong theaters’ listings,” I told her.

“I thought of it one time when I was heading for lunch. The adult bookstore was about halfway between my 11 o’clock class one semester and a McDonald’s. I knew what kind of stuff went on in the viewing rooms, and when I pictured us that night, I changed it to a movie house.”

I took the conversation in a new direction. “So, what would you do when you were thinking about us?”

Judy smiled, because she knew what I was up to. “When I had the porno theater fantasy, I’d usually be sitting on my bed. I’d imagine you in the seat next to me and lean down. I’d unbuckle your pants and fish your dick out of your underwear. I always go commando in this fantasy, so I’d move up, and soon you’d have your fingers inside my pussy. Of course, my real fingers would be there while I was imagining this. Sometimes while I was fingering myself, my arm would go up against my boob, and I’d think it was the arm rest between two seats. My head goes up and down while my fingers go in and out. If my self-control is good enough that day, I’m able to stop long enough that I can pretend you just came in my mouth. I smack my lips just to show you that I swallowed it all, and then I climb onto your lap. By now, if I have any underwear on in real life, there’s usually a wet spot on them, so I take them off.”

I looked down and asked, “Like right now?”

She hiked her dress up over her waist. “Yeah, like right now.”

“So what are you waiting for?” I asked. Judy pulled her underwear off. I tossed them in my hamper. I pulled my pants down and took her spot on the recliner.

She knelt at the side of the recliner. She tried to lean over and suck me, but she couldn’t reach that far. “Push the seat back,” she said. I did, and she was able to reach me with only minimal effort. She stroked it once and then licked the head. She looked up at me and I nodded.

“Yes, please,” I said. “It’s been a long three months.”

“I know,” Judy said. “I’ve missed you so much.” She tickled my balls and then slowly took my entire shaft into her mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times. I reached around and found her pussy. I ran my fingers over her pussy hair. It was as soft as I remembered. I rubbed her pussy lips, and they were even softer than I remembered. Once I got three fingers in her, she let me out of her mouth and said, “I want you!” I spread my legs. Judy got up and pulled her dress over her head.

“I’ll do laundry tomorrow,” I told her.

Now she had nothing on but the pink bra that I’d seen briefly when I’d pulled the seat out for her at the restaurant. “Go ahead,” she told me.

I put my hands on her hips. I looked up and told her, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, but right now, more than anything else, I just plain want you.” She sat on my lap and gripped the arms of the chair while I separated her pussy lips with my fingers. I hadn’t seen that beautiful pink flesh in a few months even before I moved out. Not that we hadn’t had sex, I just hadn’t done the look-in lately. I moved my hands up to her back, just below the back part of her bra. Judy reached behind her to undo her bra, and I took the opportunity to shake my pants down to my ankles. They’d gotten rather uncomfortable by now. “You wanted to know what I do when I’m thinking about us? Well, I pay so much attention to my pussy that my breasts don’t get much attention. How ’bout fixing that?”

I leaned forward and kissed each nipple. She held my head in the way some guys do when they’re getting a blow job. I put a third finger in her pussy and pumped while I sucked her hard nipples. I accidentally hit my cock on the side of the chair, and I pulled back. “I don’t know how much more I can take,” I told Judy.

“I can’t take any more,” she said. “Let’s go to bed!” She was already naked, and she ran to the bed. “What’s keeping you, Lover?” she asked.

“You were so nice cleaning up that I hate submissive cuckolds porno to leave my clothes lying around,” I answered.

“That can wait till morning,” she said. “I can’t!”

When I got to the bed, Judy was already on her back with her legs spread. I jumped on top of her, not even caring which body parts came in contact. I was just so happy to be with her again. She wrapped her arms around me, and we had a series of short but soulful kisses. She ran her fingers up and down my spine, making my cock even harder. I was afraid I’d come just from that! I sat up straight and looked at her. “My God, I’ve missed that beautiful body,” I told her.

“I’ve missed yours too,” she said. “I went to a gay porn site just so I could look at a chest that was almost as hairy as yours.”

“Don’t get any more ideas,” I told her. “Incest is one thing, but I’m just not into guys. At all.”

Judy turned over and said, “There goes my fantasy about you and Tim,” with a laugh.

I couldn’t tell whether she was joking, so I didn’t say anything. She raised her ass in the air. For no other reason than her joke, if it was one, I had less than zero interest in anal sex at this moment, so I pointed my cock up and forward. I found her pussy and slid in. “I can’t remember,” I said. “Have we ever done it doggy style before?” She didn’t answer right away. “I mean, besides in your ass?”

“Well, I know we’ve done it like this in the shower, but that was more leaning than kneeling,” Judy said. Now that we were conversing as well as fucking, I wasn’t going quite as fast, and I had a little more self-control. I moved my hips around so I was reaching different parts with each thrust. On one thrust, she rose up. “That was new!” she said.

“You like it?” I asked, as if I needed to.

“Hell, yeah!” she answered. I planted my knees and started fucking just for that spot. “Oh … oh … right there, honey!”

I pulled up a little so I could go deeper. Suddenly, I had an image, and I shared it. “Hey, Tim, what are you doing here?” I said. Then I said in a nasal voice, “I was hoping for a piece of the action!” (I used to tease Tim because he had kind of a nasal tone when he was younger.) “Well, let’s ask Judy,” I said. “You mind if he joins us?”

“Mind? Hell, I’ve been dreaming about it!” Judy acted like she was taking his dick in her mouth and did that thing that’s supposed to look like it’s poking at her cheek.

“Damn, that’s a fine ass, isn’t it?” asked “Tim.”

Before I could answer for myself, Judy said, “Yeah, and I bet you’d like to fuck it!”

“Not till I’m done with it,” I said.

Judy turned her head back and said, “Who says I meant mine?”

“Hey!” was all I could answer. Then I acted like I felt a dick behind me. “Hey!” I said again, but in a tone suggesting that I liked it.

“Oh, sure, a dick in my ass is hot, but your ass is a different story, isn’t it?” Judy joked.

I kept fucking her pussy, but now I moved my back like I was getting fucked. “Oh, … oh, yeah, … uh, Judy? Tim and I would like some time alone, if you don’t mind.”

Judy pulled away. She turned around and pushed me onto my back. “Oh, no, you don’t, you sons of bitches! You’re gonna fuck me, and then he’s gonna fuck me, then you’re gonna fuck me again, and no one’s fucking anyone but me!”

As she mounted me, I said, “Um, I think you may have hurt Tim.”

“Oh, sorry, Tim, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“Not his feelings. I mean you just pushed me on top of him!” I arched my back to give him a chance to extricate himself. “Okay, he’s gone now.”

“Good,” Judy said. “I want you all to myself.” She had me inside her and she started using me as her toy again.

“You have me all to yourself,” I said seriously.

“I want this job so bad,” she said in between bounces.

“Why’s that?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“I want you to come inside me,” she groaned.

“Not sure I see the connection,” I joked.

“Sorry, I meant, if I get this job, we’ll never have to be apart.”

“I’d like that,” I said. I raised my hips and added, “About that cum you wanted.”

She had her hands on my forearms. She mashed her hips against mine, saying, “I want it all. I don’t want anyone else to get it, ever again.”

I could see my cum flowing back out of her and over my cock. I reached up and put my hands on her back. The way she was holding me, I couldn’t get my fingertips to her spine, let alone get my hands together. “That’d be fine with me,” I told her.

“We’ll need a bigger place,” she said.

“I know. This is barely big enough for me, let alone two people.”

Judy continued my sentence with a smile. “Or three.”

“Wait. What? Are you-?”

“No, not right now!” Judy answered. She reached down and squeezed my dick. “But maybe …”

“We’ve had this discussion before. We’re not just going to do this on the spur of the moment,” I insisted.

She put her taboo heat porno index finger over my mouth. “I didn’t mean tonight, either. I’m still on the Pill, you know. I just meant I’d like it. You, me, white picket fence. With those muscles, I bet you could build one hell of a swing set.”

Now I was starting to see it. Judy was sitting on the back porch with two young kids while Tim held a board in place and I hammered the last nail into place. I lifted my head from the pillow and shook out my hair.

“Swing that hammer, Thor!” she said. She’d read my mind!

“And you’ll bring me lemonade when I’m done?” I asked.

“Lemonade’s only the beginning of your reward,” Judy said. “Why do you think we end up with two kids instead of one?”

“I’m sold,” I told her. I rolled her onto her back, my dick not fully erect, but still inside her. “I bet you could find work here even if you don’t get the job you came for.”

“And I’d have someone I want to come home to,” Judy said. “And wake up next to.” I was hard again, and I started fucking her again. “Speaking of pounding things,” she said with a smile.

“Hell, yeah,” I told her. “We’ve got a space ship to staff!”

Judy laughed. “I hadn’t thought about those stories in a year!”

“That’s funny,” I said, “because I can’t see a promo for Galaxy Corps without thinking about them.”

I could feel her tits against my chest. She was tickling my spine again, and this time she got my butt. “Fill me up, Sweetie! Don’t stop till I’m overflowing!”

“Damn right,” I told her. “By summer’s end, you’ll need loose clothes. By Christmas, you’ll have to turn sideways to get through my door.”

“Oh, shit!” Judy shouted.

“It’s great not having to worry about Mom and Dad hearing us, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah! Come in my cunt! Come in my cunt!”

“I’m going to!” I told her. “I’ve got a few million troops heading your way right now!” Then I let out an unintelligible string of sounds as I fired my photon torpedo into her warp core. I rolled off her, and we went to sleep. We’d both had a long day, but we were looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

This time I woke up first. I lay there and looked at her eyelids, wanting to be the first thing she saw when she awoke. I could hear her soft breathing and wondered if she was dreaming anything as strange as our new reality. When she opened her eyes, I said, “Good morning, beautiful!” and she smiled.

“It sure is,” she said.

We had breakfast, watched the DVD and went to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since I only moved in a few months ago, I hadn’t had much opportunity to visit it myself. For supper, we bought hot dogs from a street vendor and then we walked on the dunes by the lake. While we were there, Judy ran several yards ahead of me, right by the water. I could see her put her hand in her purse and feel around for something. “You remember you said you’d give me what I want, as long as I suggested it when we weren’t getting ready to have sex?”

“Yeah …,” I said.

Judy pulled out something circular and threw it into the lake. She walked back toward me. “Chance are, nothing’ll happen tonight, but … there, I said it. Are you gonna keep your word?”

“You haven’t said anything,” I pointed out.

Judy put her hands on my arms. “Darn you. Alright, I want to have completely unprotected sex. I want you to fill me with sperm when there might possibly be an ovum waiting for you. What do you say, Chad?”

I walked to her, put my arms around her and said, “I love you. I’d do it even if I hadn’t promised.”

Judy put her hand between us and felt my cock. “Looks like you’re ready!”

“Well, not yet. I don’t want to get arrested!” I told her. She laughed, and we had a brief kiss. We kept walking, but now we were hand in hand. We’d said we loved each other so many times, but this was different. We were really and truly in love. Once in a while, I’d turn toward her and pick her up. I love the feel of her petite frame, and she loves feeling my muscles over her back.

The last time I put her down, she spun around. “You’re so beautiful when you do that,” I said. “Even though I know what you look like naked, I’d love it if you wore a bikini the next time we come here. I want to see the shape of your sexy body when you twirl.”

Judy let loose with a lawyer-friendly excerpt from “The Sound of Music”. “The next time we come here, my body might not be bikini-ready,” she said with a smile.

“It will be,” I told her. “You could be a month overdue, and you’ll still be sexy.”

“God, I wish you’d take me right now,” she said.

It took all my strength not to give in to her. “If you wear a bikini, I’ll bring the blanket,” I told her.

When we got home, neither of us could wait any more. It was like a contest to see who could get naked faster, but we didn’t really notice who won or lost. As soon as we were on my bed, we were kissing and grabbing each other. “Oh, Chad,” Judy sighed. “This is so wonderful.”

“I know,” I said. “It feels like … like … we just got engaged.”

“We can’t be, but I know what you mean,” she said. She was lying on her back, and I got between her legs. “That’s okay. Our kids will have our name, and if anyone calls me ‘Mrs.,’ I just won’t correct ’em. Besides, I don’t see a ring!”

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Sleeping Daughter

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Angela White

** This story doesn’t include my previous characters (Laura and Tori), but it is another topic that has always fascinated me. I’m still new to this and would love to get any constructive feedback! I’m always curious about the ratio of plot to sexual activity, so let me know if I should add more of one or the other. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy. **


Things haven’t been the same since my parents separated. I’ve always known them as Mom and Dad, but lately it’s just Mom or just Dad. They never seemed to get along when I was growing up, and now that I’ve just turned 18 they decided to officially divorce. Since I’m no longer a “kid”, they thought I could handle it. I feel like they were wrong in assuming that just because I’ve turned 18 that I’m not their little girl.

I spend half of each month with my mom and the other half with my dad. It’s the most annoying thing to have to switch between the two houses constantly, and I feel like neither of their houses are really home to me. Mom has already started dating new guys, which feels so awkward. Seeing another man with my mom is something I guess I’m going to have to get used to.

“Hey, Claire, how are you doing?” my friend Melanie asked after our last class ended for the day.

“I feel like that’s the only question I’m getting asked lately.” I sighed and turned away from her. “I’m doing fine. It’s not easy, but I’ll get through it.”

“Sorry, I just want to make sure you’re okay. You can talk to me about anything if you need to.” Melanie gave a sympathetic smile and softly patted my shoulder. Melanie was the person I could always confide in about things. She knows my family pretty well, especially since we’ve been friends since kindergarten. Even though we’re seniors in high school, things really haven’t changed much between us.

“My dad’s picking me up today and hates when I make him wait for me. I better get going. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I walked over to the parking lot where my dad was waiting in his Tesla.

My dad is a hardworking guy and is one of the best software engineers at some fancy tech company. I respect his ability to make enough money for us to live a comfortable life, but that doesn’t reduce the fact that he can be kind of pushy and impatient. Maybe he works too much. Maybe that’s the reason Mom finally got fed up.

“Claire, finally. Come on, we’ve got to get going. I have some work to finish up when we get home.” He seemed just about as grumpy as usual. I’ve seen worse from him, though.

“I had a good day, thanks for asking!” I sarcastically remarked after his inviting greeting. I sat stiffly in the car and looked out the window.

The divorce has made him even more bitter, he probably senses that Mom is out with new guys. I wonder why he doesn’t go out with new women, now that he’s single? Well, what do I know, maybe he does when I’m not around. Although you’d think he’d be less irritable if he was having some fun in life.

“Sorry, honey. I know I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around lately. You know how it is… With work, the divorce… It’s hard.”

I looked over at him and his face turned solemn yet blank as he drove. I felt bad for him. He had a good life, a beautiful wife, a family. “It’s okay, Dad. I know it’s hard. I love you, okay?” I smiled at him, perhaps he would turn his head for a second and see it. He did.

“Thanks, Claire. You’re doing well with all of this. I’m really proud of you. You’re growing up to be such a great woman.”

We arrived home; I went to my room and Dad went to his study to do work. He usually stays in his study all night long, until he finally goes to bed around midnight. After a stressful day, I just really wanted to close my bedroom door and masturbate. Being a girl, and a shy one, it’s sometimes hard to feel comfortable with masturbating, but I’ve been slowly trying to get the hang of doing it more often. I only recently started since I saw an article online about sexual health, and since I’m not sexually active, I thought I should release my tension by my own means.

I teach that-bitch porno checked the hallway and quietly closed my door, then jumped back into my bed with my laptop. I put my earbuds in, searched for something to watch, and relaxed. I lay there with all my clothes on, but soon I could feel the warmth between my legs. I soon crept my hand into my pants and into my underwear, biting my lip when I felt how much wetness had accumulated only in a matter of minutes. I slowly began to rub on the area around my clit, only brushing over it for a second, to tease myself. My legs bent and spread wide open was quite the sight, as a mirror was opposite of my bed and I could see myself committing dirty acts. I felt so unlike myself when I masturbated; I turned into a lustful whore, one that wanted to be fucked senseless.

I started to ignore the pornographic sounds in my earbuds and focused solely on my internal fantasy with my eyes closed. I imagined myself being tied to my bed, helpless and vulnerable, spread eagle. Guys lined up outside my door, waiting to take their turn with me, jacking off as they watched the guy before them fucking my brains out. Each one would just use me and ignore my pleas for a gentle touch, slamming their pelvises into my sweet spot, forcing me to reluctantly cum all over their throbbing dicks. They’d dump their load in me and the next one would be on me without hesitation.

This fantasy made my hand move quickly, alternating between thrusting in and out and making circles on my clit. I was getting close to climax when I opened my eyes. My door was ajar. I stopped immediately.

My door was closed wasn’t it?

I specifically remember closing it.

Or had I?

I threw my blankets over me and quickly put my clothes on. I stepped out of my bed and quietly stepped over to my door, tapped it so it opened slowly, and peered out. The hall was empty. My heart was beating heavily, and I was trying to be as quiet as possible because every sound I made felt so loud for some reason. To calm my nerves I told myself that my dad had not seen what I was doing and that the door either opened on its own or I had not closed it all the way. I couldn’t imagine the level of embarrassment I’d feel if my dad had seen me like that.

“Are you not that hungry?” my dad asked as I got up to bring my plate to the kitchen.

I avoided eye contact, still feeling uneasy about what happened before dinner. “No, I’m not really feeling well, I think I’m just going to go to bed.”

“Want some sleeping pills? That will probably help you sleep through whatever sickness you’re feeling.” He got up to get some from the bathroom cabinet. I did have trouble with insomnia, and with all this added anxiety I might as well take some to help me sleep through the night.

“Thanks Dad. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” I took the pills before leaving the dining room. Maybe tomorrow I’ll forget all about that stupid door being ajar. Although I don’t know if I can get the courage to masturbate while anyone is home ever again. The idea of my dad seeing me naked, let alone touching myself, made me shiver and gave me a restless feeling in my stomach.

I went to my room and changed into a baggy t-shirt and shorts before laying down in my bed. I was feeling really tired and nauseous, and once I closed my eyes it wasn’t hard to fall asleep.

After what felt like many hours, I awoke, or at least I think I did, feeling stiff and constrained. I felt a bit dizzy and my vision wasn’t entirely clear. What’s going on? Why do I feel so… good, yet bad at the same time? After a few seconds, things started clearing up and I realized what was happening. Someone was touching me. The lights weren’t on and my eyes were struggling to adjust to the darkness. I could tell that my shorts were off and my t-shirt had been pushed up to my neck, my C-cup breasts exposed. I felt the breeze from my fan hitting my chest and causing my nipples to harden. A soft wetness was brushing against my clit again and again. It was a tongue, lapping furiously teamskeet porno at my cunt, giving me amazing sensations. Once I noticed how good it felt, my hips started to push up in reaction and my muscles tensed. I was so scared, which kept my orgasm from coming too quickly, but I felt it start to rise. How could I orgasm at a time like this?!

I began to moan, almost involuntarily, and tried to figure out what to do in the midst of this huge distraction. I wanted to push the person away, but my hands were bound above my head. My feet felt free, so I tried to kick the person away, but they immediately grabbed my ankles and held them down, then spread them wider so my pussy was on full display. I felt so vulnerable and violated, yet I was more turned on than I’d ever been. It was becoming more difficult to hold back my orgasm. All of my senses were heightened in this time of fear, confusion, and arousal. The tongue pressed harder onto my clit, going quicker, and I felt a finger slide into me.

I moaned again, “Please, please stop… I can’t- I can’t handle it much longer… Please!” I felt a few tears slide down my cheeks, not out of sadness, just panic.

Suddenly my orgasm came over me and my hips bucked, yet they continued to lick me up and down. I was squirming so much but not getting anywhere. After my orgasm calmed down, I lay there, struggling to keep my legs closed, but they held them open. My eyes were slowly starting to adjust, finally, and I tried to focus on my attacker.

“Even more beautiful than when I watched from before.”

I recognized his voice. “Dad? Dad! What the hell are you doing! Get off me!”

He ignored my anger and gazed in between my legs. I felt my shyness reach a new level. “Please.. don’t look. That’s so embarrassing, stop it! Don’t look at me!” I screamed at him.

“You have the prettiest pink pussy, Claire. I love it. And you taste amazing, too. Try not to scream, though, or I’ll have to punish you more.” He seemed so calm, as if he had no inkling that what he was doing was wrong.

“Dad… please… Why are you doing this?” I pleaded.

“Now that your mother and I are divorced, my sex life is basically non existent. I was hoping you could help me with that.” Even though what he was doing was crazy, his voice didn’t sound crazy. He sounded like he just wanted my help, like he was asking me to get the newspaper for him or help him do the dishes.

His tone gave me an odd sense of comfort. I didn’t know how to feel anymore.

“And I saw you earlier today, touching yourself, and it sent me over the edge. God, you’re beautiful. Your little 18 year old body, writhing as you pleased yourself. You looked so different doing that. Claire, have you been with any guys before? Just be honest, I don’t care if you have or not.”

I hesitated, fidgeting a little, still aware that my naked body was out in the open. “No… I haven’t.”

“Did you ever want to try anything sexual? I thought this could be a two-way street. You can try things with someone you can trust, and I can relieve some of the sexual frustrations I’ve been having.” As he spoke he started to stroke my pussy, slowly on my clit, driving me mad. His fingers were so experienced and felt so good, even better than mine.

“That… feels really good…” I said, softly, my mind going to the lustful place as it does when I masturbate.

He continued to stroke me, as I faintly heard his pants unzipping. I couldn’t focus on anything but the good sensations I felt between my legs. How could he reduce my fear to dust so suddenly? Why was I letting this happen? It’s almost as if I wanted it. But I couldn’t let myself believe that. This was NOT what I wanted. He was violating me, my arms were literally bound. I couldn’t do anything about what was happening to me.

His fingers continued to glide seamlessly in between my lips, spreading them and teasing me. I could now see almost perfectly, even in the darkness. His boxers formed a perfect tent where his penis was begging to come out. He slipped out of his boxers and I stared tecavuz porno at his length in awe, never having seen this up close before. For some reason I desperately wanted to feel it. Anywhere. These dirty thoughts made me feel sick, but I couldn’t help it.

“Are you going to take my virginity?” I asked, still a trace of fear in my voice. “I don’t think I’m ready for that. We can do that another time, okay? Please?”

“I think you can handle it. You’re grown up, now. It’ll only hurt for a little while at first. Don’t be scared.” His voice was so calming and soothing. He bent over to kiss me, a soft kiss that felt loving. “This is a really special experience we can have as father and daughter. We can connect in a more intimate way.”

There was a voice in the back of my head telling me that this was crazy and I was crazy. But, strangely, what he said made sense to me and made me want it. Our family was so broken now. Maybe this could help me feel closer to my dad, and make him less angry all the time. I wanted to make him happy, and I wanted to feel good in a way that I couldn’t do for myself.

I nodded slowly and tugged at my arms in their restraints. “Can you let me go, at least?”

“As a reward, I will let you go.”

Now I felt like I was working towards something. Once he let me go, this could be over, and I could try and forget about it. I had mixed feelings of eagerness to feel him inside of me, yet also wanting it to just be over.

He started to rub the tip of his head against me, and I was surprised at how wet I still was. No matter how much I told myself I didn’t want this, my body was telling the truth of how horny I was for my dad’s cock. He slowly started to insert himself inside of me, putting my legs on his shoulders. He stared at our sexes touching, becoming one, then looked at me as he thrust all the way into me. My eyes widened from the slight pain and the new feeling, I wanted to hate it, but I couldn’t. He grabbed my boobs as he began to fuck me, then leaned down to bite on my nipples softly at first, then biting hard and rough.

He did not take his time going gentle for too long, as he quickly started to thrust in and out of my cunt, making me feel more sore with every movement. I moaned in enjoyment and pain, “Please, Dad, go softer? It hurts!” My request was ignored as he began to untie my wrists, and immediately flipped me over onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up, my bare butt against him, my face pushed against the bed. I was only relieved of the pain for a few seconds, as he thrust himself back into me again and again, grabbing onto my hips for leverage.

I groaned into the pillow, feeling an orgasm start to build up, surprised at how good it felt behind the pain of his roughness. “Dad, please, I can’t hold it, I’m going to…”

“Don’t cum yet. Cum and you get spanked.” It was too late. I was already cumming, and he knew immediately from my moans and the wetness that built up inside of me.

“You didn’t listen.” He spanked my ass hard, twice, and my cheeks burned, causing me to shriek in response.

He continued to thrust harder, and in this position it was hitting the perfect spot, making me fear another orgasm (and another spanking). “Please! If you keep doing that I can’t help it!” there was a sound of tears in my voice. “Be gentle with me!” I tried to pull away, but he grabbed me back before I could.

This only entertained him more, causing him to throb harder. “With that kind of talk you’re going to cause me to lose it, too.”

He steadied his pace, but that almost made it worse for me, and caused my next orgasm to creep up slowly. “I’m really going to cum again, please don’t spank me.”

“You cum when I tell you to.”

I tried to hold it back as best as I could, as I gripped the sheets and drooled on my pillow case. I felt him start to thrust quicker again, noticing his grunts getting louder, and it sounded like he was getting ready to cum too. I was right, and a few seconds later I felt his cock start to pulse, and finally let my orgasm go through me. “Fuck!” he yelled, “Did you cum on me as I came? I didn’t tell you that you could, but it felt amazing. So you only get one spanking.”

He spanked me once, and the sound echoed in my room. He pulled himself out of me, and I felt his fluids drip down my thigh. What had just happened to me?

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Just Sex, Amazing Sex

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This is a true account, with some extras, of sexual encounters with a guy I am currently seeing. I hope it’s to your taste and you enjoy reading it.


My brother had just turned 21, and he was having a Thursday night out on the town to celebrate. He’d invited all of his mates, and pretty much anyone was invited. Me and my friends decided to meet up with him later on in the night. He’d obviously enjoyed himself, as when we bumped into him, he was completely drunk. As you would expect for a 21st birthday celebration.

My friends and I got some drinks, and we danced in a local club along with my brother and friends for a while. Unfortunately he was so drunk, he broke my camera and a bouncer friend of mine asked me to take him home. I was struggling to help him, so a few of his friends offered to help, one of whom was called Chris. I immediately noticed Chris, and how good looking he was. Broad shoulders, muscles, striking green eyes and tousled dark hair. He helped to support my drunken brother, and we chatted a small amount. Anyway, I finally managed to get my brother home and safe in bed, and that was the end of that night.

The next day, I sent a message on Facebook to Chris, telling him thanks for helping me the previous night, and a friend request. We immediately hit it off, and we chatted via Facebook message for around 6 hours straight. We had a lot in common, he was very chatty and friendly, seemed very kind and interested in what I was saying to him. There were a few potential “issues”, one being he was my brothers best mate, or one of them, and also the fact he is 19 and I am nearly 25. This is a fairly big age gap especially for the girl to be this much older. But he is very mature for his age, down to earth and sensible, (most of the time!) he also drives, and has a full time job. He has a good sense of humour, as do I, and this helps to bring us closer.

Now, here’s where our newly found friendship quickly escalates. The Saturday after my brothers birthday, I was out for another night out with some girls, Chris was also out with his friends. I must note, I do not remember too much detail from this night out, but I will try my best to recall.

We were having fun, dancing in the local club, nearing the end of the night. We only saw each other near the end, as we were both with different people in different places. While dancing, we were kissing a cuddling a lot. We barely came up for air, his hands were touching me in my short and tight trademark dress, feeling the outline of my female agent porno slim body, and cupping my smallish breasts. His hands were in my hair, and kissing me so hungrily. I then made the decision I wanted to go home. He lives nearby to where I live, so we got a taxi together. You must realise, I never usually do this kind of thing. I have never had an official one night stand with someone I barely know. But tonight for some reason, I decided to change that.

We arrived at mine, and after a few drunken exchanges, we ended up in my room, in my bed. We, of course, were kissing again. Lots of tender kisses, tongues touching briefly, and then getting stronger and more meaningful. He pulled me on top of him and started grinding his hips against mine, his arms wrapped around me. His hands start wandering, up the backs of my legs, over my bum, pulling my dress up slowly. I rub my body on his and he moans. He reaches behind my back and unzips my dress, I sit up and pull it off over my head. He unclasps my bra and immediately grabs hold of my breasts, gently squeezing my nipples, making me moan. All I am wearing is a thong, and his hands run down my sides, to my hips, he grabs my ass cheeks, gently parting them. Then his fingers tease me, slowly pulling aside my thong and touching me, feeling how wet I am.

I grab at his top, desperately trying to pull it off. He helps, and exposes his amazing body, dark hair on his chest running down to his cock, slim stomach, defined muscle. I start kissing his delicious body all over, running my lips down, down, kissing his sides, getting right down to his groin area. I slide my fingers under his belt and tease the tip of his cock. I tug at his jeans and he pulls them down. I kiss all around his cock, not touching it. I can see precum, about to drip. I reach his balls, and kiss them, taking one and sucking it into my mouth. I lick them all over, and run my tongue halfway up his huge hard shaft. I then move to his thighs, muscles and dark hair, I grab them and kiss them, moving in between them and running my hand right up to the top of his thighs, stroking his balls. I then look up at him, his eyes are closed, and he is breathing heavily, gently thrusting his hips up every so often. I flick my dark hair over to one side, and reach down to his hard, throbbing cock. I open my mouth over it, and reach out my tongue, and gently flick the tip, licking up the drops of precum. I swirl my tongue around the tip a few times, enjoying his response, hands in my female fake taxi porno hair, gently pushing me down. I resist, and carry on teasing, using my tongue to lick the head, and the length of his shaft, feeling how hard he is. His cock is twitching with pleasure and anticipation.

I, very slowly, grip hold of his shaft with my right hand, lean down, and wrap my lips around the head. He moans and gasps in response, thrusting his cock into my mouth. I move my hand up and down, and suck the head, moving my mouth deeper and deeper, making it wet and licking up all his precum. I move my head up and down, my tongue sliding up and down his length, and my lips gripping tight. I keep going, faster and faster, then I stop, and he carries on thrusting into my mouth, fucking my mouth while I grip his cock. Suddenly his cock starts pulsing and he thrusts hard into my mouth, his cum shooting out and spraying to the back of my throat. Taken by surprise, I struggle to take it all, almost choking on his hot cum. I hold my mouth over his cock while he orgasms, feeling the strong pulsating in my mouth.

When he finishes, he looks at me, eyes wide, and states he’s never had a blowjob like that in his entire life. I just smile and lean over and kiss him.

Now, I guess a good thing about him being a bit younger, is he can have sex more than once in a row. He can cum, and then 10 minutes later, can be ready to go again. And we did have hot wet desperate sex after that amazing blowjob, but I want to tell you about another time we had sex, that was amazing.

We have had a lot of sex, over the past 2 months or so that we’ve been seeing each other. And I mean a LOT. We’ve done it 5 times in one night, pretty much within the space of 2 hours, maybe less. He’s fucked me hard, gentle, from behind, reverse cowgirl, me on top — which he loves, he makes me feel incredibly sexy while I’m on top fucking him, and he cums reasonably quick in this position. I’ve given him lots of blowjobs and handjobs, he’s gone down on me and fingered me. All in all our sex life is incredible. I’ve never had sex like it, he’s amazing at making me orgasm over and over, his cock is big and he knows exactly how to fuck me to make it feel so good.

Anyway, so this one time, we were in his room. We had to be fairly quiet, because his 16 year old brother, and mum were both in.

I’d just gone down on him again, jerked him off and made him shoot his load into my mouth, lots of cum, which I swallowed. glory hole secrets porno I love the feel of his cock pulsing so hard, and his cum shooting out.

We were just kissing, him still completely naked, and me with all my clothes on. We were just casually chatting, him saying how amazing the blowjob was and how he loves cumming into my mouth. I laid back and was half watching the tv. I then turned to face away from him, my ass on his cock. I didn’t think this would have any effect just yet, but, he got hard straight away. He pushed his hips into mine, pushing his cock right up against my ass, which he always does when I get in that position. He undid my jeans and reached inside, gently stroking my clit between my legs, getting me wet, making me moan. Then, quite forcefully, he grabbed my jeans and yanked them down, to just below my ass, he pulled my top up a little bit, then I felt his hard cock against me, and before I knew it he’d thrust inside me from behind, making me gasp. He pulled me hard against him, pushing his cock deeper inside me. Then he started thrusting, in and out, all the way out, and all the way in. I was moaning in so much pleasure, pushing myself back against him, his arms around me, pulling at my hips.

He then moves, tells me to lay on my front, and not pulling out he moves on top of me, I’m laying down flat on my front, jeans still around my thighs and top still on. He grabs hold of my ass cheeks, and starts sliding in and out. By this point I am so wet. I can feel the length of his cock sliding across my g-spot and I am moaning, gripping his legs and digging in with my nails. I reach underneath me and finger my clit, and I cum straight away, my whole body juddering, gasping, my pussy contracting with the waves of orgasm as he carries on thrusting deeper. I raise my ass up towards him and he grabs tighter to my ass cheeks, thrusting harder and faster, the head board of the bed banging against the wall. I cum again, almost in tears with the pleasure, my legs shaking. He leans back and slides in deeper, his big cock filling me up completely. I am just thinking I can’t take any more, when he whispers he is close to orgasm. He grips hold of my hips, thrusts so hard and so fast, then slows down and pulls on my hips, thrusting his cock deep inside and holds himself there, as his cock pulses over and over. I manage to cum one last time at the same time as him, both of us moaning and gasping. He slows right down and collapses on top of me, kissing my cheek, still inside me. I can hardly speak. He then pulls out of me slowly, it still feels so good. His cum drips out of me, onto my thighs and a bit on the bed. I pull my jeans and knickers up, and smile at Chris.

I can safely say, that will always stick in my mind as one of the best sex sessions I have ever had. But I am also positive there will be many, many more to come!

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Just Visiting

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This was always the longest part of the trip. The plane was down and taxiing to our gate. I always have to convince myself to take a deep breath and be patient. But knowing you will be there waiting for me is just too much for little Miss Impatient.

Finally the plane came to a stop and the seat belt sign went out. I only had a small carry-on bag stowed under the seat, which I grabbed and hurried down the aisle to beat the rush.

As soon as I’m at the end of the tunnel, I’m looking for you. Usually you’re pretty easy to pick out of the crowd and this time was no different. Hurrying towards you, I almost throw myself into your arms.

Laughing you hold me at arms length, “Who are you? I think you’ve got the wrong guy!”

With a grimace I use my bag to slug you in the shoulder and finally you wrap your arms around me, nearly lifting me from the floor.

I felt dizzy. It was always this way when I first say you after a long separation. The time we were apart seemed endless and I lived for the moment I could touch you again.

“What? No kiss?!” You grumbled good-naturedly.

I stuck my tongue out at you, “In the car, doll. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself, and after all, this IS a public place.”

“In that case, lets go,” and you grabbed my bag in one hand and me with the other and led me away.

As we passed the mobbed luggage drop, I thought to myself on how you had insisted I just keep stuff at your place and save bringing so much stuff. It saved us a lot of time, plus shopping with you for all the things I’d need had been so much fun. You spoiled me relentlessly and I rarely complained.

As I followed along behind you, I looked you over closely to see what might have changed in my absence. Your hair was shorter and you’d grown your goatee back. I smiled to myself as I thought about how I’d said that I preferred that look last time when you had shaved.

Finally we reached the parking ramp and found your car. The doors weren’t closed more than a couple of seconds when I reached over and turned your face towards mine. “I think I owe you a kiss?” I laughed softly.

As our lips met, I felt that spark that had been there since the first time we kissed. A tiny jolt of electricity as soon as our lips connected. I leaned into you and deepened the kiss and touched your tongue with mine. With a deep sigh I moved as close to you as the seats would allow and ran my fingers through your hair and down your neck. I felt your skin shudder and pulled back enough to see your face. I never got enough of looking at your face and those blue, blue eyes.

Just now those blue eyes were darkened a bit and you were smiling at me. Softly you whispered, “I missed you”.

“Me too…” I spoke through a tight throat as your words sent a shiver through my whole body. Seems like a lot of things you say or do have that effect on me. “Take me home.”

Laughing you put the car in gear and pulled out of the parking spot.

The ride to your house is short usually, but the tension filling the car made it seem twice as long. I couldn’t keep my hands off of you and as you drove, I ran my hand up and down your thigh, feeling the muscles underneath flex and relax. I didn’t want to touch you anyplace more intimate. I could tell that you were hard. I could see your hard-on straining against the material of your shorts.

I leaned against you and whispered in your ear, “if you don’t hurry, I’m going to start in the car.”

You looked at me with wide eyes and I could see you assessing female agent porno my words, to decide whether or not I was serious. With a teasing smile I ran my hand to the waist of your shorts and slid the tips of my fingers inside. The backs of my fingers stroked against your stomach and I pushed a bit lower.

With a gasp, you grabbed my hand, saying, “Ok, ok, I’m hurrying!!”

I laughed softly and moved my hand back to your leg. I snuggled against your shoulder and was happy to just be with you.

You got out and not giving me time to do anything said, “Woman, 10 minutes ago you were telling me to hurry, now you won’t get out of the car! Lets go!”

I smiled and pulled myself up. You just grabbed my hand and led me into the house.

As soon as the door was closed, I pulled back on your hand and turned you towards me. I stood up on my toes and pulled your mouth to mine. I molded my body to yours, gently pushing my hips into yours to feel your cock against me. We fell back against the door, kisses growing frantic as our breath quickened and bodies grew taut with desire.

You drew me up and closer to you, stepping backwards with small steps, leading me towards the nearest couch. Still kissing each other, we somehow managed to fall onto the couch. I broke away from your mouth to breath deeply a few times. I nuzzled against your neck and licked you with tiny strokes. Flicks across your skin that let me taste you. I ran my mouth up to your ear and gently take the lobe between my teeth. With a warm breath I told you exactly how much I’d missed you and what I wanted to do to you.

I could feel you heartbeat speed up under my hand on your chest as you turned my head back to take another kiss from my willing mouth. I felt your hands working with the buttons on my shirt, and tried to make it easier by shifting away from you. Your mouth broke from mine to kiss my chin, throat and on down, following the path of your hands. I felt your lips on the curve of my breasts above my bra and I arched back to allow you access to the rest of my breasts.

With gentle fingers you stroked over my bra to caress the nipple. Instantly my nipple started to get hard and your fingertips focused on it, giving me a gentle pinch that made me gasp. Your head dropped down and I felt the warm wetness of your mouth over me, your tongue flicking over the hard nipple. I pushed towards you and pulled you closer to me. After a few moments you did the same with my other breast and I was trembling under your mouth.

Your fingers traced the line of lace covering me and slipped underneath to push it back and expose most of my breast to you. Your mouth dropped down again and touched my bare nipple for the first time. I felt your teeth scrape over it gently and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled your mouth back up to mine and kissed you hard.

I pushed you back and without leaving your mouth moved so I was sitting astride you. I pushed your head back and trailed my mouth down your neck. I loved your skin, warm and soft to the touch, a bit salty to taste. I pulled on your shirt to un-tuck it and ran my hands over your chest and sides. My fingers found your small nipples and stroked them to hardness. I pushed my body further away from you on your legs and lean forward as I pulled up your shirt. My mouth explored you from the waist up, my tongue flickered over your nipples and I gently nipped you occasionally.

Your hands were never still. You touched me from the crown of my female fake taxi porno head down as far as you could reach and then back down my legs where you could reach. I slid back close to you and pushed down into you. I wanted to feel your cock straining to reach me. I reach a hand between us and stroked you through your jeans. I could feel you jump under my touch. This was the one arena where I had more patience that you and I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Finally I pushed myself off of your legs to kneel in front of you. I nudged your legs open so I could rest my head on your stomach.

With a mischievous smile, I looked up at you while my hands started to work on the button and zipper of your shorts. In a few short moments I had them open and you relaxed a bit, finally having room for your cock. The snug underwear you preferred kept you tight against your body and I dropped my head down to nuzzle the length of you against my mouth and cheek. I noticed that the tip was visible above your underwear and I licked you with tiny, hot licks. Slowly I eased your bikini briefs away from your hard length, to allow my mouth more room. Eventually I exposed your whole cock and engulfed you with my mouth, just for a moment.

I backed away and ran my mouth over your balls, sucking gently before taking you in my mouth again. I continued like this for a while, before deciding to settle on just the sensitive tip. My mouth was wet and warm and I held you tightly, while my tongue danced over the ridge.

Your hands had moved to my shoulders and hair and were holding onto me, as if afraid I would stop. I laughed softly, deep in my throat and you were so sensitive that even that made you tense. I released you long enough to flip the rest of my hair out of my way and without warning took as much of you into my mouth as I could. Up and down a few strokes and you could not endure any more of my torment and your hips pushed up off the couch to meet my mouth.

Knowing that signal, I sucked harder and faster and kept you tight in my mouth as you began to explode. Throughout, my tongue is never still and I continue to tease you even as you orgasm. Only when you start to relax do I swallow and the change in pressure caused you to twitch again. I loved the fact that you could come and still be hard and I was reluctant to let you go.

Still shaking, you pulled me back onto the couch. “You’re going to let me return the favor, right?”

Impishly I grinned and said, “no!”

“Like hell!” you growled and pushed me back on the couch. My breasts were still exposed and your hands moved to hold them, plumping them while keeping the nipples exposed. Your head dropped down. Lick. “You sure?”


Lick. “Still?”

A pause, “yes”.

Teeth closing.




“That’s what I thought,” and I could hear you laugh as you took a position very similar to the one I’d been in just a few moments ago.

You pushed my skirt up out of your way and opened my thighs wider to plant kisses down my inner thighs. Your finger slid over the satiny material of my panties and I knew they were already soaked through. You pushed them slightly to the side and your finger continued its slow stroke, feeling my wetness, pushing into me slightly. Just enough to make me want more and I pushed my hips up towards your hand. You moved away, but only to pull my panties off. Then you opened me back up and I saw your head lower towards my center. So glory hole secrets porno close I could feel your breath, you stopped. “Say it, kitten. Tell me what you want me to do.”

My breath stopped and my eyes flew open. I’d felt every word you said on my super sensitive clit. “Taste me.”

You moved those final few centimeters and touched your tongue to me. I thought I was going to burst into flames any second. I willed my body to stillness and felt your tongue move over my clit. I pressed myself closer to you and my muscles deep inside flexed, tightening, despite the fact that my pussy was empty.

As your tongue continued to flick over and around my clit, I felt your hand on me. You pushed a finger into my dripping pussy, but withdrew it as I tried to push you deeper. Slowly, you slid into me, a tiny bit, a pause, another push and another pause. Finally I could tell you were as far into me as you could get and I deliberately flexed around your finger. You slid most of the way out and I felt another finger join the first and you began again. Slowly entering me, you curved your fingers up and stroked along my g-spot.

“Uhhh!” My gasp was loud in the stillness. My head came off the couch as you continued to lick my clit and rub my g-spot. My whole body shook as you played with me. I couldn’t decide if I wanted you to stop because of the intensity or to never stop. My hesitation gave you enough time to bring me to a screaming orgasm as my upper body lifted off the couch and my breath slammed out of me. My eyes were wide open and I couldn’t breath for several moments. Eventually you pulled away from me and looked up at me from the floor.

“I love doing that,” you said, “it turns me on to hear you come.”

With a low laugh I tumbled off the couch to join you on the floor. I pushed at your shorts and underwear until you were naked from the waist down. You were still hard as could be. I leaned down and kissed you, tucking my hair out of the way. I pulled my skirt back up and slid onto you. My forehead was pressed against yours as I lowered myself fully onto you. Then I relaxed and just felt you inside of me. I loved having you there, warm, full, slippery. Slowly I started to grind back and forth, and around in small circles. Your hands went to my face, as you looked me in the eyes.

With a wild laugh, I tore off my remaining clothes over my head and pulled your hands to my breasts. My left hand was on your chest and my right hand reached between us for my clit. I loved riding you, making you watch me masturbate, knowing I was going to make myself come.

I started to move more quickly, my hips matching the pace of my fingers. Your hands massaged my breasts, brushed my hard nipples and finally lowered to my hips.

My head fell back and my breasts jutted toward you as I felt myself grow tight and even wetter.

Snapping forward, I fell across your chest and gasped, “are you ready? I’m going to come soon.”

Eye to eye, you looked at me and said, “Do it. Come with me”

Still touching myself, my eyes fluttered closed and I could feel the muscles inside of me tensing, ready to explode again. My hips pushed you as far into me as I could and my whimpers finally trailed off in a long moan. I couldn’t stop rocking against you as all the little shockwaves continued.

I don’t know if it was the motion or my moaning that set you off, but just a few seconds after I came, I felt you tense beneath me. You grabbed my hips and lifted us both off the floor as you buried yourself deep inside of me. I could feel the jerk of your cock and the new warmth of your orgasm, as you lay rigid beneath me.

I lay against you and felt you subside slightly. I looked up into your beautiful blue eyes again and said, “Do you think we’ll ever make it to the bed the first time?”

For you –


Your kitten

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I Decide When We’re Done

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I parked my car in the office parking lot and made note of the few other cars in the lot as I walked in, as if I would know his car. I entered the building and walked slowly down the hallway towards my office. I tend to be clumsy and that, combined with 5″ inch heels and my nervousness, was guaranteed to lead to hallway tumbling. The heels and the nervousness were all due to the fact that Derek was scheduled to be in the office that day.

I had met Derek a couple of years ago because we work for the same company. I work at the corporate office in Ohio and he is a salesman in Oregon. Derek was actually one of the top salesmen in the Company with the charm and confidence bordering on arrogance that you’d expect.

But we really ‘met’ a few months ago at the annual company meeting. Several days of super exciting and educational meetings during the day, and an open bar and dance floor at night, leads to many office hook-ups. We weren’t any different. The way he looked into my eyes when we talked, his dimples when he smiled, his full lips and broad shoulders; there was no way I would miss an opportunity to sleep with him. I was scheduled to be at the meeting only one night, and I spent it with him.

It led to other nights, which I did not expect. I expected to have one fabulous night and go back to my life. He’s not the settle down type and I didn’t need to get my heart broken. But we stayed in contact and we both even flew out to visit each other. We spoke on the phone several times a day, sometimes for hours. I shared everything with him, and he shared a lot with me, but not everything. Most days he was the first person I talked to in the morning and the last person I talked to at night.

As great as it was, and the sex was always phenomenal, it didn’t change the fact that he did not want to be in a relationship with me. I’m a typical girl, I get attached. I had to end it before I got really hurt. I haven’t spoken to him since I called him to tell him I couldn’t have any kind of a personal relationship with him anymore.

Flash-forward one month, and he is scheduled to be in the office, my office.

Even though I ended it, I wanted him to miss me. I wanted him to look at me and want me. So I wore a black suit — fitted jacket and mini skirt. The skirt wasn’t too short or too tight, as I still wanted to be professional, but it did hug my ass. The open toed heels are probably more sexy than professional, but I knew how much he liked them. He also really liked candy red toenail polish, but I’m not his girl so mine were painted purple.

After putting the laptop in its place I went to the cafeteria to get my coffee. I had just finished pouring the coffee and set my cup down to add sugar when I heard laughter behind me. I turned around to see Derek walking in the room with a couple of other people from the office. He was always outgoing and funny, so they were all chatting animatedly.

He smiled at me and said “Hello.”

I smiled and said “Hello” back in the most normal voice I could find, even though I had acrobats in my stomach and that all too familiar itchy-tingly feeling lower.

He walked towards me and I had nowhere to go. I was in a corner and if I scooted around him it would be obvious that I was trying to avoid him. He gave me a hug, which was of course normal behavior before the sex. But then, so that no one else can see, he snuck one hand up past the nape of my neck and grabbed a fistful of hair. He whispered in my ear “I decide when dvd full porno we are done.” He backed away from the hug, still smiling at me. As he walked out of the room he said “I’ll stop by your office later so we can catch up.”

I returned back to my office and sat motionless in my chair for a few minutes trying to clear my head. I had work to do and I needed to focus. I sat up to the computer and started working on my project. I was typing away at my report but my mind kept wandering. Every once in a while I heard his voice from down the hallway. I got up to shut my door thinking the quiet would help. While I was reading a particularly boring manuscript; my hand absentmindedly traveled into my lap, then under my skirt. I snuck my fingers under my underwear and started exploring myself, the folds of my lips, gently massaging my clitoris. I started massaging my clit with more pressure and speed as I got more excited. I leaned back and closed my eyes as my fingers moved faster and harder.


I was startled by the ringing phone. I cleared my voice and answered. It was my boss. That brought me back to earth and I realized I needed to get up and get some air. I prepared some correspondence to be mailed and headed to the mail room at the other end of the building. I looked for him as I walked through the entire building but I didn’t see him. When I returned to my office and opened the door and was surprised to see him sitting at my desk, waiting for me. I froze in my steps and searched for a fake smile to plaster on my face, but I was having a hard time concentrating.

“Hi, I … uh …” I started.

“Lock the door” he said. He just kept looking at me with his deep brown eyes. He smiled, a little, and flashed his dimples.

“No. I … uh … I’m not going to … ah … do…” I stammered.

He cut me off and just repeated, a little more slowly, “Shut and lock the door.” I did.

“Come here.” He pointed in front of him, “Come stand here in front of me, with your hands on your desk.” His stern and commanding tone caused shivers to run through me. I looked at him and knew I was powerless to say no.

I did as he asked so I’m standing in front of him, bent over slightly with my hands on the front of my L-shaped desk. I can’t help but curve my back so that my ass is inches from his face. He reached up and ran his hands from the sides of my waist, down to my hips, and cups my ass over my skirt. His hands went lower, below my skirt, and made a trail on my bare skin up the insides of my thighs. I shuddered and captured the moan in my throat almost before it escaped. I bit my lips to keep from making more noise. Again he cupped my ass. He got rougher, squeezing and pinching my skin.

“I would spank that ass, but I don’t want to make too much noise right now,” he said.

Even though the door is shut, the walls are thin in my office. He pinched my ass hard enough to sting and probably leave a mark. I bit down harder on my lip to keep from reacting.

One hand went back to the inside of my thigh and started to massage my clit through the thin material of my thong underwear. I noticed I’m humming quietly to myself as I became lost in how he makes my body feel. My hips instinctively started rotating as I slide my legs more open. I was remembering how good, how amazingly good, it felt when he slides his cock inside of me. It seems so cliché to say it, but he really does have an amazing and large dick.

“Damn, ensest porno you get so wet” he said. “You’ve been thinking about me, haven’t you?” I was completely open to him as he continued to softly caress my clit.

I’m pushed my very wet and very warm pussy against his hand, urging him to press harder. “Yes. Yes. Please” I said quietly. I was embarrassed it took him less than a minute to remove all the barriers I tried to put up in front of him. Even more quietly I asked “Please, please fuck me.”

He slid only one finger inside of me. I shuddered and held my breath, waiting for more. But there is no more. He took his finger and hand away from my very hungry pussy and grabbed hold of the string of my panties. With the other hand still on my ass, he pulled on them, causing the bit of fabric to cut into the lips of my pussy. “Ouch” I whispered.

He pulled the panties until both sides ripped and pulled them off me. “So wet,” he said again, as he put them in his pocket. He got up and started walking to the door. Still shaking, I straighten my skirt and sat down. “I’ll be back later,” he said as he opened the door. “I’m pretty sure you won’t be leaving the office early today.” He looked at the door and added “Keep this open” before he left.

Hours passed uneventfully. I did my best to work. I decided I was not going to let him pull me back in. It was difficult pulling away from before; I couldn’t let him overwhelm my life again. I couldn’t let him control me like that. As 5:00 p.m. approached, I decided I was going to leave before Derek returned. I shut down my computer and packed up the laptop and headed out.

He was at the door of my office before I got through it. He stood in front of me and blocked the doorway. He looked at my bag.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

I noticed that his hands were on my waist. I looked down the hallway and saw that all the doors are closed. It looked like everyone left early today. He stepped forward, forcing me to step back.

“I wanted to spend more time with you,” he said.

He kept walking forward until we were both far enough in my office that he was able to close and lock the door.

“I don’t want you,” I told him bravely, looking right into his eyes.

“I wasn’t asking,” he answered. “I take what I want.”

I turned away so he couldn’t see how his words aroused me. He reached out to me and grabbed my wrist. I tried to pull away but he had a firm hold. He took the bag from my shoulder and set it down. He tried to pull me closer but I continued to struggle.

“Leave me alone.” I plead quietly. Instead he grabbed my other arm.

“Stop fighting me” he responded.

“No. Leave me alone.” I repeated more loudly. “You don’t care about me the same way I care about you, so just leave me alone.”

He pulled me to the wall and pinned me against it. “Stop struggling.” I ignored him and continued to try and get my arms free.

He took both wrists with one hand and easily held me. He removed his belt and started to wrap it around my wrists. “It’s alligator,” he told me.

He leaned closer and I could feel his hard dick against my ass. He backed up enough to lift my skirt and caress my ass. His mouth was on my ear when he said “I am going to fuck you. I am going to abuse that ass.”

He slid his hand down to my exposed pussy and gently teased me. I felt a calm come over me as my body takes over. I stopped fighting him.

He pulled fake agents porno me off the wall and turned me around and bent me over the table. My face was not resting softly on the hard surface.

He was holding me down on the table by the small of my back while his other hand was playing with my pussy again. He put two fingers inside of me and fucked me with them.

I lifted my ass to him and gyrated my hips. I wanted more. I lifted up three fingers.

“There’s my bad bitch,” he said, as he started fucking me with three fingers instead of two. “There’s my horny little slut.”


He slapped my ass. “That’s for not following directions and trying to sneak out.”


My ass was stinging and yet he smacked it again. I recoiled, but his fingers are still working my pussy so I pushed my ass out again to allow him to keep doing his work. He massaged my ass a little to take away some of the sting, before smacking it one more time. My cries transformed into physical tears.

He took his fingers out and started to undress. “I don’t want you to get my clothes all wet when you start squirting,” he explained. He took the tip of his cock and teased me with it. He rubbed his dick up and down my pussy, driving me crazy.

“Please,” I mumbled. “Please please please fuck me Derek.”

“Whose pussy is this?” He asked.

I didn’t answer.

“Who does this pussy belong to?” He said more sternly. I still hesitated so he pushed his dick inside of me with no warning. I could feel him all the way to my cervix and it hurt. Then he pulled out, all the way out.

“It’s yours, it’s yours,” I said quietly.

“Tell me.”

He was teasing me again by running his finger around my pussy, but not on my pussy. He ran his finger along the crease at the start of my thigh; and around the outside my pussy, slowly and gently.

“My pussy is yours, just yours,” I said more loudly. I was rewarded with his black thick cock deep inside me. He rewarded me again and again as he powered in and out. He didn’t fuck me slow or tenderly. He fucked me hard.

He stopped and told me to bring my right knee up to the table. I had a hard time bringing my knee all the ways up given my arms are tied behind my back. He grabbed my ankle and helped me slide my leg under me.

“Thank you for wearing these shoes for me.”

“I didn’t wear them for you,” I retorted.


“That’s for lying.”


“What’s that for?” I asked.

“For not wearing red toe nail polish.”

With one hand still on my ankle, he put the other hand on the curve of my ass and grabbed hold. He drove his cock inside me again, building momentum. I started moaning and yelling “oh god oh god oh god. Yes yes yes yes.”

He kept pounding me as waves of intense pleasure moved through me. I could feel my muscles contracting and I started gushing. My juices were squirting all over him. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. His motions became more frenetic as he began to let himself lose control. His grunting excited me even more, if that’s possible.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me,” I yelled out.

He growled as he shoved his dick in me one last time before collapsing on top of me.

“You take the abuse like a champ,” he whispered in my ear. “Since we agree you are mine, I don’t want to hear any more talk of this ending. You are mine as long as I want you.” He kissed the back of my neck before lifting himself up and off of me. He untied the belt from my wrists before he started getting dressed.

It took me a few minutes to gather myself. I got up off the table and pulled down my skirt. Once he got dressed, he pulled me close and kissed me.

“I’ll call you.”

And he walked out.

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Sera Ch. 14

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“Gina, relax,” I laughed.

We’d reached the library, my black haired friend still fretfully tugging her hem down, still flushed red. I loved the expression on her face, but I felt a bit bad and wanted to calm her down a little. The command worked and she looked at me with a sort of dreadful expectation that I loved even more.

“Gina! C’mon, let’s have a game.”

She got the game set up while I got us a couple of stiff drinks, watching her trying to keep that hem down.

“God, I’d love to see a great big cock screwed up that skinny little bum…” I mumbled without thinking.

“What about my bum?”

“She was probably complimenting you on it,” my radiant and sensational Auntie Kathleen said as she walked into the room.

She looked fabulous in a tight, black, mid-thigh length skirt with black stockings and high heels. A stylish, long sleeved, red pullover completed her form flattering outfit and I just loved those black streaks in her hair. Her eyes, like her mouth and the rest of her face, were all smiles and all over Gina. She walked right up to her and I held my breath while I waited for her to see what I’d done.

She saw, alright.


Besides that, she looked at me with a funny sort of questioning smile, but didn’t actually say anything about it right then.

“I’m sorry about this dress, Kathleen,” Gina apologized, holding the hem down in front again, “I-“

“There’s no need to apologize, hon. You look fantastic. I think it’s very considerate of you to dress for Kitten like this.”

Gina smiled and looked her in the eyes. Auntie looked back with her special smile and I watched as Gina swooned, actually giggling with desire for the voluptuous blonde. This was spectacular.

“I- I’m glad you like it, Kathleen. I like you a lot.”

“You’re sweet,” she replied with sincerity, taking my friend’s nipples between thumb and forefinger for a little pinching and rolling through her thin ‘dress’.

“Ohh-h! Ohhhh! Uhhh-hhh…” Gina excitingly moaned in surprise and pleasure.

After a moment, Auntie let go with a horny smile, breaking eye contact to check out Gina’s incredibly erect nipples through her top.

Gina blinked a little, but a flickering smile returned as Auntie approached me. Her expression was even more loving when she stopped in front of me and our eyes met. That’s when it just sort of happened, this mutual ‘falling into one another’ that caught me completely off guard. For a long moment where time had no meaning, I was surrounded by a garden of her and her love for me, more beautiful than any earthly garden and so safe and secure, warm and perfect that I never wanted to leave.

Then I was looking at her, blinking and suddenly giggling at this totally awesome little way Auntie had of saying ‘hello’.

“I love you, Auntie.”

“I love you too, sweetie pie. I’m assuming you know what you’re doing here?”

“Uh huh.”

“Uh huh,” she repeated, looking at me thoughtfully while Gina waited at the table. “I’m sorry I couldn’t mention anything about all this, but Ashleigh made me promise not to. Actually, her reasons made sense, as much as I hate to agree with her on anything, but… just know that you can do damage if you’re not a bit careful, and this is Gina, hm?”

“Yes, Auntie.”

“I don’t know a lot about what this is, but I do have experience and, if Ashleigh doesn’t hold true, I’ll inform you myself. Don’t worry, okay?”

“I won’t. Thanks.”

“In the meantime, like I suggest, do be careful because you know Gina’s good people. Right now she’s in a nice place where she’s co-operative, but with some will and an awareness of ego that lets her… be her. Best to leave her like that, okay?”

“Okay, I will, Auntie.”

“So, ummm… have you been playing… with her?”

“A little.”

“She’s hot, isn’t she?”

“Yeah. I love her.”



Monique gave me one hell of a hand-job while my aunt’s hand stroked inside her bikini bottoms, thighs spread as she watched.

“Oh god…” Sheila sighed. “I’d love to do that to you while you suck your mother’s pussy…”

“Oh, ffuu… fuuuck,” I groaned, about to orgasm.

“In your mouth, Monica,” Sheila told her. “Open your mouth and get as much as- ohhh!”

I was coming, getting most of it into the obedient pool attendant’s mouth as I held her there, gyrating on the lounger. Sheila was encouraging me on with her broken sounds of desire, spreading her legs as far as she could. Monique truly made her best effort and was actually able to swallow a lot of my jizz, as far as I could tell, but her attractive face looked better and better with each shot she took to her cheek, upper lip or chin while she was swallowing. She smiled when she was finished and it ran from her bottom lip, over her chin and on my belly as Sheila came right then and there.

Monique continued to slowly, softly stroke my softening member while both Sheila and I came down to the point where we could answer a question youporn porno about drinks. She went away with our orders and left us watching her ass, looking at each other with big smiles afterward.

“That was so good,” she said in a conspiratorial tone, yet with a laugh added. “Oh my god, that was incredible. And since you told me about things last night, I’m finally getting why Ashleigh’s staff are the way they are: They’re- (giggle!)- sex slaves!”

“I know. I’ve been looking at that little situation from my vantage point since I’ve been here and, the way I figure it, they’re all spelled. They’d have to be. That’s not what actually concerns me about them, though.”

“Oh?” she asked, only now removing her fingers from her bikini bottoms.

“Don’t these people move on? Is this their career for life? I mean, they couldn’t possibly be left to just seek employment elsewhere after seeing the things they have.”

” … Good question.”

“I’ve been thinking of-“


I looked across at her, wondering why she was shushing me until Monique emerged from the pool house a second later. The attendant, her lower face still splattered with my seed, served our drinks and then cleaned me up, asking us if there was anything else we required. We thanked her, told her we were fine and once again watched her leave.

“I have to ask why I wonder about them,” Sheila confided.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… do I ask about Ashleigh’s staff out of concern for their basic human rights, or am I only worried about what’ll happen to me if something goes wrong, if it ever gets out? Let’s face it, this is a sexual paradise. The news, the cops and everyone else would cut this place to ribbons if just one of these staff members blew the whistle. We’d be…”

“Fucked,” I filled in for her.

“Ironically, yes. But you see my point, right?”

“Yeah. That’s a tough one. No offense, but I wouldn’t have thought you’d wrestle with something like that.”

“Everybody wrestles, but who’s to say if we win or lose based on choices?”

“I don’t get it.”

“If I find a married man attractive, and all I can think about is fucking him, I’ll be as miserable for wanting him as I should be about having taken him. What’s the difference in the end?”

I looked at her, keeping my features open rather than blank because everybody knows a blank face is holding something back. In this case, I was holding back the obvious answer to her question, that being the difference that existed in that man’s home life after she’s done with him. I thought she’d be offended if such an obvious sentiment had to be pointed out to her, but I also wondered at how she couldn’t come to it on her own, and that was something else I was holding from my features.



“I’m starting to feel like a retiree,” Auntie Kathleen stated with a grin.

She leaned against the pool table and swirled the ice in her drink as Gina almost adoringly replied, “I think you’ve got a long way to go before that, Kathleen.”

“You could retire here when you’re ready, or now if you wanted,” I reminded her. “Auntie Ashleigh said.”

“I’d rather have my own place,” my auntie decided. “Maybe something like this, but not so overblown. Steven and I have gotten used to what you might call ‘the simple life’ lately, and this is a bit much for me.”

“Plus,” Gina observed with a knowing grin, “You’d be Ashleigh free in your own place.”

“Weeell… Ashleigh isn’t that bad, she just doesn’t know her place. Once I grind her down a little, she’ll be a bit more mellow. I might even invite her to my place,” she laughed.

“How gracious of you, Kathleen.”

Auntie Ashleigh’s face held an amused smirk as she moved confidently into the room, eying my other auntie and enjoying her sudden discomfort at being overheard. She wore a very nice, opaque black dress with polka dots. We could see her bra and panties underneath the short sleeved number that looked great on her, and even Gina’s eyes were distracted from the voluptuous blonde we’d been conversing with.

“It was never like you to eavesdrop,” Kathleen dryly observed as her sister reached the wet bar.

“And it’s still not. But then, you were never one to talk about people when they might walk in and hear you. Are we slipping?”

“When you’re enough of a concern to warrant my care in such matters, I’ll consider it.”

Ashleigh actually laughed, a good natured laugh at that, as she mixed herself a drink, saying after, “You’re not that bad either, sis. You look very nice this evening, by the way.”

Auntie Kathleen didn’t know quite how to take this. Her brow raised and she smirked at her older sister as the taller woman approached me with her drink and a warm smile.

“You look really good, Auntie.”

“Thank you, so do you. I love that vest,” she imparted.

Looking across to Gina, she froze for a second, no doubt noting her attire and maybe the look of a person under the Jedi spell. Again zenci porno I held my breath.

“Hello, Gina,” she greeted.

“Hello.” She smiled back.

“I love your outfit.”

“Uhh, thanks. It’s… a little short.”

“I see that,” Auntie Ashleigh said, smiling wider and walking closer. “Turn around and show me your ass in that little thing.”

“Uhh… I-” Gina replied.

“Ashleigh,” my other auntie softly interrupted.

“What? I just want to see her ass in that little dress.”

Auntie Ashleigh’s eyes locked with Gina’s, my friend’s green ones wide in sudden adoration for Auntie Ashleigh.

“Turn around and show me.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Ashleigh,” Auntie Kathleen said more firmly as Gina turned anyway.

“Oh, fuck off, Kathleen!”

“She belongs to Kitten, not to you!”

“Oh, for god’s sakes, I think Kitten knows-“

“Kitten knows next to nothing, and I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to be-“

“Fine!” Ashleigh said. “Kitten, you know I didn’t mean anything by that, right?”

“Well, what’s she supposed to say now that you’ve put her on the spot?” Auntie Kathleen answered for me.

“Kathleen, I swear to god…” Auntie steamed. “One of these god-damned days…”


By the look on Auntie Ashleigh’s face, I really didn’t want to get in between the two older women, but I felt I had to do something before there was a total meltdown.

“Aunties, please! It’s okay, really! I love you both any you can do anything you want with Gina, can we please just not fight?”

That seemed to calm things down somewhat, but I had a real problem seeing these two cougars ever cohabitating on the same territory. Almost carefully, I moved to the loveseat, telling Gina to take a seat in the nearby, huge paisley armchair while Auntie Ashleigh collected herself. She cleared her throat and sat between us, trying not to glare as Auntie Kathleen leaned against the end of the pool table. Her nose slightly lifted, she pretended to check out her opulent surroundings as though they may someday meet her personal standards, as though the previous words with her sister never even took place.

Gina now watched all this from her armchair, feet curled underneath her like a green eyed kitty-cat, her black heeled shoes left on the floor. Sitting like that, her dress rode high on her hip, but she seemed not to notice.

“(Ahem) it really is a great outfit, Gina,” Auntie Ashleigh told her. “I’m a little surprised, though.”

“Actually,” Gina politely informed, “I dressed for Kitten. I don’t dress like anything this, not even back when slutty and I met.”


“Nicknames, Auntie,” I explained with an embarrassed smile, just glad they weren’t upset about me mesmerizing Gina in the house, or something. “I’m slutty, she’s smutty. Kind of a personal joke between us.”

“I love it,” she replied with a dirty smile. “So, Gina, how did you used to dress when you met Kitten?”

“More like Kathleen is now.”

“A lot of women my age look to twenty somethings for fashion cues, but you did the opposite,” Ashleigh observed.

“Trying to grow up,” Gina offered with a smile.

“Don’t,” Auntie Kathleen advised with her own cautious smile back in place. “Growing up is highly overrated and nobody respects it in women.”

We all laughed at this, including Auntie Ashleigh, who retorted, “You’d know.”

“Look who’s talking, pothead.”


Auntie Kathleen laughed as we all looked at Auntie Ashleigh.

“So, I like a little weed every now and then, so what? God, you’d think I was a crack head or something.”

“That’s what pot leads to, sis.”

“Kathleen, you’re an ignorant fool. I started toking when I was fifteen, now I’m fifty and I’ve never done anything besides weed and booze.”

“Studies have shown that potheads will eventually-“

“Studies, shmuddies! You oughta know by now that these so-called studies say whatever those who fund them want them to say. Just look at-“

“Oh, shut up, pothead.”

They both stared one another down and, were it not for the slightest smirk on each of their faces, I would have been worried about World War Three breaking out once again.

“You were always such a little bitch, Kathleen. Why the fuck do I put up with you, anyway?”

“Watch your language, pothead.”

Gina and I, both of us grinning nervously as we observed this strange interaction, gasped softly at Kathleen’s nerve as Ashleigh subtly straightened in her seat.

“Fuckin’ pretentious, bitch snob.”

“Foul mouthed old bag.”

” … Fuck off, Kathleen” Auntie Ashleigh warned as she rose from the chair, although her smirk had turned just enough to be called a grin.

“Sit down you old cow, before I kick your fat ass right out the front door of your own home.”

“Oh my god, Kathleen!” Gina warned while she tried not to laugh.

My alluring, black haired aunt moved slowly closer to my pretty, blonde haired one, the latter xhamster porno not even standing straight and ready, rather still leaning casually against the pool table. She dared Auntie Ashleigh further with her challenging eyes and confident grin.

“Kathleen…” Auntie Ashleigh almost seductively breathed into her ear as I watched from the edge of my seat. “I love you, but you’re a mouthy little bitch and I’m very much going to enjoy dominating you, right in front of these two lovely young ladies.”

“Haaaaaa! You? Dominate m-aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!”

After the family meeting, I would have expected another scene like in the library, Auntie Ashleigh grabbing at Auntie Kathleen’s crotch to do… whatever to her. In retrospect, I wonder if Auntie Kathleen also expected, perhaps even wanted that.

Such, however, was not to be the case. It turned out that Auntie Ashleigh knew about the nipple pinch, a fact I stored for later requests from her as I watched Auntie Kathleen being forced backwards and down until her back was on the pool table. With her legs drawn up, closed and bent at the knee, she tried to roll away from her grinning older sister, but her hands only rested on her attacker’s wrists, not daring to tear them away.

“Aaaaaaaassshleeeeeeeeeigh, stoooooooooppp!!”

Gina had come to a standing position so she could see this, her hand gripping her hem, holding it down in front with her bum completely exposed as her slack jaw smiled in awe. The owner of the estate finally let go, allowing Auntie Kathleen to roll away, covering her boobies protectively as her screams turned to groans, then moans of pleasure. When she finally stopped, we watched her get off the table with her face as red as a beet, nipples clearly visible under her blouse and bra. With her lips sealed angrily shut, she glared at her quietly chortling sister. Gina and I didn’t know what to do.

“It’s not funny, Ashleigh!” she leveled.

“Oh, shut up and take your blouse off, you fucking bimbo. I wanna see those tits now.”

“Go to hell!”

“Oooooh! Kathleen swore!”

“Shut up!”

Auntie Ashleigh laughed again and reached out quickly, taking a fistful of her younger sister’s blouse and roughly yanking, pulling her off balance as buttons clattered to the floor. She wore a very nice bra of green silk with gray lace edges, completely filled by her large, round boobies as they joggled and swayed violently.

“Ashleigh, stop it! I mean i- Noooooo!”

A glance at Gina rewarded me with the surprise of seeing her slowly, unconsciously caressing one of her poky nipples through her dress as she watched my aunt’s blouse being forcibly removed from her body.

“Ashleigh! I just got that blouse!” Auntie Kathleen shouted as she pointed at the ruined garment in her sister’s hands.

“You’re a hot little mummy, aren’t you?” Auntie Ashleigh commented, looking the topless blonde up and down while ignoring her comment entirely. “Nice taste in lingerie, too. It’d be a shame if I had to tear that bra right off you, wouldn’t it?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Take it off, blondie. Right now. Show us those nice big fuckin’ titties.”

“I don’t do what you tell me, you twisted deviant!” Auntie Kathleen seethed, still pointing, “And if you think you’ve embarrassed me, you’ve only embarrassed yourself! I’m leaving!”

As much as Gina and I liked Auntie Kathleen, I think she was as relieved as I when Auntie Ashleigh moved to stop her. Seeing this from the corner of her eye, Auntie Kathleen began running for the door as a small sound of pleading defiance escaped her throat. Apparently, she wasn’t prepared to back up her claim of kicking Auntie Ashleigh’s bum out her own front door.

However, when Auntie Ashleigh grabbed her by the back of her bra strap, she turned and fought back. She put up a good struggle too, but I realized that she must have known she couldn’t beat her larger, better conditioned, laughing older sister. She was out of breath, her hair with its sexy black streaks in complete disarray when Auntie Ashleigh forced her back to the billiards table by use of an arm lock.

“Get up there, little bitch. It’s time I taught you some respect.”

“Nooo, stooop!”

We watched as her resistance failed to stop Auntie Ashleigh from forcing her down on the table again, from having the shoulder straps of her bra pulled down her arms, the cups away from her truly magnificent boobies and big, dark, fully erect nipples. Soon, it was upside down, inside out and riding at her waist, just above her hips to allow Auntie Ashleigh to freely grope her sister.

“Oh, fuck these are nice. What do you think, girls?”

“Auntie Kathleen’s hot,” I agreed, getting up and coming closer.

“Gina, what do you think?” she asked.

She’d been standing as tall as possible so she could see, but now took the opportunity to come closer as I had, the three of us now looking down at my Auntie Kathleen as she began to enjoy the attention on her impressive chest.

“Yeah, she’s…” Gina trailed off in a small, soft voice, finishing with, “Let’s see her panties.”

“Oh, yeah,” I breathed, looking at Auntie Ashleigh.

“I think that’s a great idea,” she confirmed. “Go ahead.”

“Noooo…” Auntie Kathleen softly moaned as I giggled excitedly.

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Sgt Rock: Badass American Soldier

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Let me begin by saying this; I have the highest respect for our American fighting men and women. Hopefully, I won’t offend any of them by dedicating this story to their bravery and sacrifice. This story does not depict any actual person or event (but, some in the military might wish it did). To any ‘real’ soldier reading this; please forgive me for any inaccuracy in describing weapons, vehicles, tactics, etc. Best wishes and good luck to you all.


Sergeant Jonas Rockwell heard the annoying static of the field radio in the outer room of his command tent. He paid little attention to the clamorous chatter emanating from the device. Better things occupied his mind. At the moment, the sergeant had his two hands full of soft, smooth, female ass. Pfc Jessica Sampson was sitting astride his prone body and was riding his cock with the wild passion of a berserk banshee warrior.

This female soldier was a true warrior in deed and fact. Sergeant Rockwell himself had already sent in the documentation requesting a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for the 20 year old lady. He also requested a promotion for her. Jessica had earned her stripes in the field of armed combat action. She had stood toe-to-toe with every other fighter under Sergeant Rock’s command in battle after battle against the insidious insurgents.

Orgasmic fire was building inside the sergeant’s testicle sack. Jessica’s sweltering-hot pussy was dripping vaginal juices all over the cock buried deep within her cunt. Suddenly, the woman began squalling, “Oh goddamnit Rock, I’m cumming again! Oh god, it feels so good! Fill me up with your big, bad boy and all its cream! Oh shit, my pussy loves your cock!”

Despite the fact that he outranked the private, Sergeant Rock obeyed her demanding orders. His fingernails bit savagely into her ass flesh and he thrust his hips upward to meet her downward plunges. His hard, swollen shaft penetrated deep into the woman’s steaming hot vaginal home.

Jessica’s pussy muscles latched on and pulled him in until his shaft bottomed out and his belly slammed into hers. Cunt and cock fought a furious battle in a race for orgasmic release. Rock jack-hammered his meat in and out while Jessica’s slippery-wet pussy rode his long, hard cock intruder with an insistent, insatiable lust.

With Jessica’s female cum spraying his loins, Rock let loose his cunt-hungry ‘dog-of-war’. Volcanic fire erupted and his cock spewed forth pressurized streams of molten cream into the woman’s vaginal honey pot.

Rock grunted and groaned with guttural, animalistic moans. Earth-shaking, cock-quaking orgasms viciously shook his body and violently rattled his world. This experienced, well-disciplined soldier wasn’t a screamer, but the young female private fucking him was driving him near the edge of losing his ability to keep his orgasmic ecstasy quiet!

Private Sampson had no such disciplined restraint. Jessica screamed aloud as another round of unrestrained, untamed, multiple orgasms grabbed hold of her feminine form and carried her to blissful oblivion. Her nude body shuddered, her breasts swung round and round wildly, and tears welled in her eyes.

Rock grabbed the well-rounded, grapefruit-sized tits and steadied them in the palms of his calloused, battle-worn hands. No sense in letting the girl hurt herself with those dangerously dangling globes of gloriously erotic female mammary mounds.

Sexual exertion and the 100 degree heat inside the tent caused stinging, sweaty perspiration to flow as freely as the male and female juices joining this man and woman’s bodies together. Paying no attention to the desert’s heat, Rock and Jessica continued to orgasm and spill cum until every drop of sex fluid was drained from their bodies.

At last, the young private squealed one last time and then collapsed onto her sergeant’s body. She lay there gasping for breath as her heaving bosom rose and fell with the rhythmic, labored breathing of the man lying beneath her.

Pfc Jessica Sampson wasn’t one damn bit sorry about fucking her sergeant. Hell, she knew as well as he did that they were violating the military code of conduct! Fuck the code, fuck the rules, and fuck the ‘men’ who made them! She wanted a cock in her cunt so she got one. She didn’t give a shit that the man she’d just fucked was old enough to be her father. Sergeant Jonas Rockwell was the strongest, healthiest, and most robustly virile man she ever met. God help her, she’d fuck that man anytime and anyplace of his choosing!

A loud, persistent voice interrupted the sexually sated couple’s orgasmic afterglow reverie. Spc John ‘Sparks’ Johnson was the squad’s radioman. Sparks hated bothering his sergeant at this time, but circumstances demanded he take the action. Stepping further into the tent, he repeated, “Damnit Rock, I said that there’s a radio call for you! I wouldn’t interrupt, but it’s the goddamn Colonel and he’ll chew my ass off if I don’t get you!”

Without letting go of the reality kings porno woman in his lap, Rock sat straight up in his army cot. He gave Jessica an impassioned kiss on her lips, fingered her soaking-wet pussy, and whispered, “Thanks gal, I need that. Jessie babe, you’ve got the sweetest pussy in the whole damn company. I know you’ve heard me say this before, but girl I’m going to keep on saying it every time I fuck you. Girlie-girl, that’s some mighty fine feminine meat you’ve got there between your legs!”

Jessica giggled, kissed her sergeant, and huskily replied, “Well Sir, your meat is mighty fine, too, especially when you smother it with your hot, creamy, cummy gravy! Yes Sir, I could make a meal of your meat and gravy three times a day and six times on Saturday and Sunday!”

Rock kissed Jessica once more, slapped her ass, and threw her off him. The two quickly dressed and exited the sergeant’s sleeping quarters. As the private waved goodbye, the sergeant picked up the field radio’s handset and said, “Go for Sergeant Rockwell.”

The distinctive ‘whirlybird’ sound of a helicopter’s whirling blades could be heard loud and clear in the background as Colonel Ross Blake’s gruff, no-nonsense voice spoke, “Rock, I’m bringing in a couple of people with me on the chopper. One is your new shavetail and the other is the Rep we’ve been hearing the scuttlebutt about. Get your squad together and meet us at the LZ.”

The transmission abruptly ended and Rock slammed the handset down on the radio. The sergeant wasn’t a damn bit happy about this particular turn of events. His mind deciphered the colonel’s coded message. The ‘shavetail’ was the new second lieutenant he’d been expecting and the ‘Rep’ was a United States Representative who was coming for an inspection.

Sparks was the one only close enough one to hear Rock’s heated verbal outburst, “Goddamnit, I don’t have the time to break in another green, baby-face lieutenant! I just sent the last one home in a body bag along with two good soldiers his inexperience and bravado got killed. And, damnit-to-hell, I don’t need the aggravation of babysitting a fucking congressman out to take some pictures and get his name in the papers!”

Despite his irate tirade, Sergeant Jonas Rockwell did his duty. He grabbed up his battle gear, opened the outside door to the tent, and ordered, “Corporal Jones, round up the squad and tell them to ‘saddle-up’. We’re hitting the road in ten minutes.”

The caravan of three Humvees and one Stryker armored carrier reached the LZ two minutes before the chopper landed. Rock deployed his squad in a defensive perimeter. The helicopter’s backwash sent a whirlwind of stinging sand and debris into the face of the ground soldiers. Rock heard his corporal’s voice shouting, “This is a hell of a way to make a living, ain’t it Rock?”

The sergeant’s mood immediately lightened up. His friend had summed up the war in one short, succinct statement of fact. But hell, Rock was in his element. He was a career warrior and armed combat was his chosen profession. He loved it, he lived for it, and he wouldn’t change a thing! Rock smilingly answered his friend’s question, “Yeah Bob, it’s a hell of a way!”

The chopper sat down and the rotor blades slowly spun to a stop. Doors slid open and several uniformed figures emerged from the belly of the airborne beast. Rock recognized the deep-wrinkled face of the colonel, but the identity of the Lt and the Rep was indistinguishable.

As Rock approached the chopper’s passengers, a hint of recognition crossed his mind. This battle-hardened soldier swore under his breath, “Goddamnit-to-hell, both the Lt and the Rep are females!”

And so it was. United States Representative Caroline Carter was the 38 year old junior Congresswoman representing Kentucky. This Republican politician was on a ‘fact-finding’ mission. She wanted to find out for herself whether or not this war was justifiably necessary. Second Lieutenant Debbie Dawson had no such noble intentions. This 22 year old recent graduate of West Point was following orders and doing her duty as an officer in the United States Army.

When Colonel Blake was close enough, he saluted Rock, and began making quick introductions between the sergeant and the women. He told the congresswoman that the sergeant was to be in charge of her security while she was visiting. He told Rock that the Lt was his new commanding officer.

Sergeant Rockwell was not listening to every word being spoken by the colonel. He was too stunned. His eyes were playing tricks on him. He stared intently at the attractive female lieutenant standing before him. The young officer came to attention and saluted the sergeant. Unconsciously, words spilled from Rock’s mouth, “Goddamnit Debbie, what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you since…since…”


Rock’s stunned senses retreated into remembrances. A birthday party sexmex porno came to his mind. He saw streamers, banners, and balloons strung around a festively-decorated room. 18 birthday candles burned brightly atop a three- tiered cake. Birthday revelers were singing to his stepdaughter, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Debbie…”

Whomever it was that brought the booze, brought too much. By the end of the party too many ‘quarter shots’ had been consumed. Too many young minds had been compromised by inebriating spirits. Debbie Dawson’s mind was apparently one of the intoxicated ones. The young lady had come to her stepfather’s side and drunkenly whispered, “Daddy Rock, please make everybody go home and take me to bed…”

The girl gulped, belched, and then giggled. She laughed in her stepfather’s face and clarified her statement, “I… I mean, ‘put’ me to bed. Not ‘take’ me to bed. Although Daddy Rock, you can take me to your bed if you want to. Am I drunk? How many of my friends have you fucked, Daddy? Hey mister, do you want to fuck me? I want to be Daddy’s little girl in Daddy’s big bed. Can I be my dear, sweet, old grizzly Papa Bear?”

Rock knew his stepdaughter was speaking from a ‘faraway’ world clouded with compromised inhibitions. Nevertheless, he sent the partygoers home and escorted the girl upstairs to her room. This stepparent of a maturing young woman spoke angrily, “Damnit girl, where is your mother when you need her? I bet the adulterous bitch is off screwing that lawyer bastard she’s been sneaking around with! She doesn’t even love her daughter enough to come to her birthday party!”

Debbie had sprawled out on her bed, but she had pulled her short, spaghetti-strapped dress off first. She now wore nothing but her peach colored panties and bra. The skimpy little outfit did little to conceal the maturity of her teenaged body. She was not a tall girl, but her spread-eagled legs stretched out seductively. The mounded crotch of her panties bulged tightly against the thin, nearly-transparent, silky material. Several wayward tendrils of blond pubic hair had escaped from their panty-covered confinement and were now glistening invitingly in the bright bedroom lights.

Rock tore his eyes away from his stepdaughter’s alluringly enticing feminine mound, yet the eyes settled on the shapely form’s decorating her chest. Debbie unconsciously stretched her arms and both breasts popped out of her strapless bra. Two well-rounded, softball-sized tits topped with puffy-pink nipples burst into view.

Despite his mind’s screaming protests for restraint, Rock stared at the magnetically mesmerizing feminine form of the girl lying on the bed. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t have pried this man’s eyes away from the undeniable temptation overpowering him.

Through a haze of sexual stimulation, Rock heard his inebriated stepdaughter speaking, “Yes siree Mister, you hit the nail right on the head! Mommy doesn’t love me, she doesn’t, no damnit, she doesn’t! But, Daddy Rock loves me, doesn’t he, yes he does, don’t you Daddy? Show your girl how much you love her. Mister, why are you standing there with all your clothes on when I want you to jump in my bed and fuck me?”

Bedeviling temptation rooted Rock’s feet in place. He watched as the girl’s panties and bra were removed and flung across the room. Well hell, if this girl expected to get fucked by him then she was in for a disappointment! Why, he’d never taken advantage of an inebriated woman in his life and he wasn’t about to start by fucking his tipsy stepdaughter!

Contrary to this stern proclamation of facts, Rock found himself unable to resist when Debbie started undressing him. Two minutes later, he stood ‘jaybird’ naked beside the girl’s bed.

Without warning, Debbie reached out with her small, feminine hands and grabbed her stepfather’s cock and began to play. Her short fingers couldn’t quite completely encircle his swollen shaft, yet she played and fondled energetically. Not one inch of his blood-engorged meat went untouched. His balls were squeezed, juggled, and bounced. Fingers ran through his thick pubic hairs combing, pulling, and tugging. Debbie’s voice heatedly declared, “Oh god, its more wonderful than I imagined it would be! Daddy Rock, I’m going to kiss and suck it now.”

And that’s just what she did. The girl began kissing Rock’s meaty, hard shaft. Her warm, wet lips and tongue kissed and licked with a frenzy of cock-hungry desire. The girl’s lips were moving so frenziedly that the head of the cock slipped into her mouth. She licked and sucked with an experienced zest.

Rock immediately guessed that this wasn’t Debbie’s first cock-sucking rodeo. Tipsy drunk or not, this girl sucked with an expert’s skill. She made her mouth release a flood of saliva which lubricated the rigid rod she was sucking on. Before Rock knew it, his stepdaughter’s head was bobbing up and down on his spit-lubricated sindrive porno shaft. His wet cock was disappearing deeper and deeper into the girl’s tight, young mouth. The sensual sensations overwhelming the man felt unbelievably good!

Debbie’s mouth, lips, and tongue were dripping wet with cock sucking enjoyment. Rock’s swollen manhood was imbedded deep into the girl’s cock-hungry oral cavity and she was refusing to let go of it. This young lady had an unusually long, serpentine-like tongue which flicked and licked with venomous fire. This wicked, viperous snake coiled around the man-meat it was so intent upon devouring.

Rock’s fingers dug viciously into Debbie’s long, curly-blond hair and he attempted to pull her head away from his dangerously imperiled manhood. His cock-crazed stepdaughter had sucked his shaft deep into her throat and was now chewing his meat with biting, razor-sharp teeth.

Paying no attention to the hair-pulling pain, Debbie ravenously ate the meat in her mouth. In defense of his cock, Rock slapped the girl’s face with a nasty, stinging blow to both cheeks. When the over-enthusiastic female sex fiend let go of his inflamed, rigid rod, Rock threw her back on her bed and dropped to his knees between her legs. He sneered maliciously and curtly said, “Goddamnit young lady, two can play this meat-eating game!”

Spreading the girl’s legs wide, Rock attacked the tender young pussy staring him in the face. He viciously kissed the soft flesh of her blond, bush-covered pussy mound. He kissed and licked every delectable inch of feminine flesh from her thighs to her pussy lips.

He spread the swollen pussy lips and captured the girl’s clitoral jewel between his lips. Rock licked and sucked the rigid ‘girlie-girl’ treasure. Debbie’s teen clit stiffened in an effort to accept his ferocious oral assault. Her stepfather’s tongue flicked and licked feverously. He explored the young cunt with the spit-wet slippery wetness of his tongue and mouth.

This sexually aroused man cupped his tongue to stiffen it and plunged it into the hot-pink opening to Debbie’s vaginal hole. This girl had reached the full age of puberty so her young female body produced an abundance of feminine moisture. Rock licked and lapped all the wetness he could get. Debbie was whimpering wantonly and sighing contently.

Rock ate his stepdaughter’s cunt with the appetite of a pussy-starved man. Sweet, warm, wet vaginal flesh was his to consume with all the wicked debauchery of a man gleefully possessed by bedeviling lust.

With this same unfettered lust, Rock assaulted Debbie’s breasts. These delectable orbs and their nipple-topped pink buds fell victim to his untamed oral mauling. The skin of his face had been clean-shaven a few hours ago, but enough stubble had now grown out to scratch and scrape the tender tittie flesh. With the same reasoning as a dog would pee on a tree, Rock deliberately marked the unblemished breast skin as a sign of territorial acquisition.

Abruptly, Rock ended his violent oral onslaught. This girl had demanded that he “jump in her bed and fuck her”, so curse his wicked soul to hell, that’s what he would do! He lifted her pretty, silky-smooth legs and lay the girl in the center of her bed. He climbed into the bed above her, spread her legs, and positioned his cock at the entrance to her dripping wet, feminine glory hole.

Rock, the domineering ‘stallion’ mounted Debbie, the in-heat ‘filly’ with all the uncontrollable, animalistic urges of wild, feral animals mating. There was nothing romantic about this carnal coupling. With the breeding instincts of wild creatures, Rock and Debbie fucked.

Rock’s cock parted his stepdaughter’s pubic bush and sank deep into her bottomless, sweltering hot vaginal cavity. Debbie’s pussy accepted the welcomed intruder and urged it to do its duty with all deliberate haste.

Debbie felt her stepfather’s long, swollen shaft pounding into her pussy with jackhammer strokes which penetrated deep into her innermost feminine sanctuary. After only a little while, she felt the beginnings of orgasmic fire being conceived. Just as she’d hoped, the flames gave birth to the wildest, most intense orgasm she’d ever had. She gloried in the ecstatic, euphoric majesty of it.

Rock’s body too was reveling in the delightful exhilaration of powerful, cock-quaking orgasms. His masculine loins quivered, shuddered, and shook. His pulsating penile rod began spewing forth torrents of slippery, milky-white seminal cream. He grunted and groaned with the guttural sounds of a man overwhelmed by orgasmic forces stealing away his mind, body, and soul.

Her stepfather’s steaming seminal cream filling Debbie’s pussy triggered the birth of another enormous orgasm. Multiple orgasmic births followed in the wake of those before. This young woman’s body sprayed her forbidden lover’s loins with all the feminine cum she had in her body.

Time lost its meaning as a cunt and a cock joined together in a race for orgasmic rapture. The end didn’t come quickly. Time slowed to a crawl as Rock and Debbie’s joyful bliss continued for an eternity and then gradually subsided. The two of them lay in each others arms and basked in the warming comfort of sexual afterglow.

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Siamese Bi’s Ch. 03

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The following week, Dionaea and Cytherea had to phone Jamila that they couldn’t visit her — they were having their period, it was really uncomfortable for them to ride a motorbike to her home, so they had to put off their meeting by a week.

When they eventually came and visited Jamila, not only did she give them 12 complete set of lingerie each, but also 2 sets of leather motorcycle gear — each comprising a pairs of pants, a pair of gloves and a jacket, so they could ride their motorbike fully protected.

They were so moved by the gifts that they hugged Jamila and even tried to kiss her in the mouth together: Dionaea, Cytherea and Jamila opened their mouths and joined them, and their tongues voluptuously danced together.

Then the Siamese twins opened Jamila’s shirt and nursing bra, and helped themselves with her milk, while their outer hands (Dionaea’s right hand and Cytherea’s left hand) stroked Jamila’s body from her thighs and butt to her cheek and hair, and their inner hands stroked her vulva, entered into her panties, and even dared stimulate her G-spot.

When Jamila was done with her orgasm, she told Dionaea and Cytherea to rise on their feet, and to undress their breasts — when their mammae were fully exposed, and after Jamila briefly licked their nipples, Jamila’s co-wives entered the room, were introduced to the twins by Jamila, and chose their favorite breasts.

Khalida chose Dionaea’s right breast; her favorite co-wife and lover Rashida Dionaea’s left, while Jamila let her favorite co-wife and lover Sharifa suckle Cytherea’s left breast, and she in turn chose Cytherea’s right breast.

All women undressed before the breastplay — the twins asked not to remove their panties, for fear of letting their Duotone Balls drop, but Jamila had a solution for them: she and each of her co-wives had a She Shell vibrator, for the rare occurrence of being horny with nobody (neither their husband Zayan or any of their co-wives) able to help, and Jamila opened a new She Shell package, and delicately placed it into their shared vulva.

So each woman could both suckle one of the twins’ nipples and enjoy orgasm through clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The luckiest of them were Dionaea and Cytherea, who got all the conceivable stimulation from their nipples and their twat.

Jamila had thought of everything, except turning her laptop-cum-webcam off. Her couture house had only female employees, but two: the fashion photographer Hussain and the marketing director Hassan.

They were identical (but separate) twins, and when Hussain skyped Jamila in order to talk to her about some catalog photos, Jamila’s client automatically answered and started the webcam, so Hussain saw and heard anything.

He could subdue his arousal when he saw Zayan’s naked wives, but was caught off guard by Dionaea and Cytherea, as their body was unlike any other, and watching their black hair, blue eyes, pink cheeks and red libs, big (although sagging) breasts, a wide pelvis and a small, hardly noticeable vulva rapidly led him to orgasm.

He could have recorded the video sequence, but he decided not to do that — as he feared that if the video was found, he would face horrible music. But he was determined to take the twins.

The next day he showed Jamila the photos he had intended to send them — they were of the motorbike gear Jamila had sewn for Dionaea and Cytherea; and he bluntly asked for whom they were intended.

Jamila answered sincerely, but then asked him why was he so interested. Hussain blushed and replied, “I wondered who was the girl so wide-busted and tight-waisted who was going to wear these jackets.”

Jamila told Hussain, “They’re single and probably seeking a boyfriend. And Egyptian law would allow you to marry both. But you have to meet first, and I can arrange an occasion. We could ask them to pose with the motorcycle gear on, and you’ll photograph them.”

“Good idea,” Hussain replied, “My brother Hassan thinks that our motorcycle gear for ladies could be very successful, and therefore we need a catalog.”

“Hassan is right, as usual,” Jamila replied, and phoned the twins, who gladly accepted the offer.

The next day, after attending class, Dionaea and Cytherea went to Jamila’s couture house, and met both Hassan and Hussain, who were very impressed by the girls.

While they managed to keep a professional poise, the girls couldn’t — they donned and removed the motorbike gear they had to wear in front of the men, even though they only wore their underwear under the leather jacket and pants, and as the panties’ crotch was transparent, everybody could see that a She Shell vibrator was in place!

Hassan and Hussain dared not say family stroke porno a word, and Jamila waited for the end of the reportage before talking to Dionaea and Cytherea in private.

“Honeys,” she asked, “Didn’t you notice that you were undressing in front of men?”

“Sorry, Jamila,” Dionaea answered, “They were so cute and charming that we couldn’t behave otherwise. Are they identical twins?”

“Yes, they are,” Jamila replied, “And you’re lucky that they’re more enlightened than the average Egyptian man, or they would have left the studio screaming, ‘Sharmuta = Whore!'”

“What may have they thought about us?” Cytherea asked.

“Hmm … let’s look at the photos they’ve shot and uploaded,” Jamila said, “By looking at them, an experienced eye can discern the relationship between the photograph and the model.”

Hussain had shot several hundred photos; even though only a score were worthy of the motorcycle gear catalog, lots of them could appear in a lingerie catalog. All photos were sensuous, but neither risqué nor debauchee.

“Hussain has seen you in the best possible light,” Jamila inferred, “And you can still save the day. By the way, why didn’t you remove the vibrator from your body? It can be easily discerned in most photos.”

“Er,” Dionaea answered, “We wanted an excuse for our torn hymen.”

“Ah! You’ve set your eyes on these boys, and you’re also telling me that you’re virgins no more, aren’t you?”

“We have never had sex with men so far,” Cytherea explained, “But we once masturbated with a rolling pin …”

“Not just once!” Dionaea corrected her, “We couldn’t afford to buy a vibrator. Not because of the price, but because of the shame.”

“The vibrator I gave you will hopefully solve the problem. Photoshop will cancel the She Shell out, and nobody but your perspective husband will learn your secret.”

“Will we be able to model again?”

“Of course, but you should remove the device when posing for the lingerie catalog,” Jamila replied smiling, while Sharifa was entering the room with Yahya and Yussuf latched to her breasts.

Sharifa told Jamila, “Your children are hungry for milk and love. They’ve gotten some from us, but now they really need their mom.”

Jamila bared her breasts, took the children from Sharifa’s arms and let them nurse from her. Then she told Sharifa, “Darling, I’ve forgotten to remove the vibrator from my twat. Could you do that for me, or I’ll be forced to detach my children from my nipples?”

“Of course,” Sharifa answered, and bent upon Jamila’s thighs, without even caring to cover her own bare breasts, which touched Jamila’s thighs; put her hands under her skirt, grasped her panties, and took them off.

Then Jamila’s legs had to gape, in full view of Dionaea and Cytherea, so Sharifa could remove the She Shell, and then put the panties in place again.

The Siamese twin were already somewhat aroused by Sharifa’s naked breasts; Jamila’s lovely nursing her twins increased it a lot, and their watching her vulva, and the vibrator removal was really exciting.

So, when Jamila proposed Sharifa, “Ask the twins if they want to lick my vibrator clean,” they accepted; and when they were doing that, Sharifa went behind them and tickled the nape of their necks with her nipples.

The message couldn’t be clearer, and when Dionaea and Cytherea were done with Jamila’s vibrator, they latched their mouths to Sharifa’s areolae, and began sucking her colostrum — she was still 7th month pregnant, so she couldn’t secern milk.

Sharifa was wearing a She Shell, but Dionaea and Cytherea put their hands under her skirt, removed her panties and the vibrator, then they began stroking her vulva and anus.

Zayan only penetrated Jamila anally — and limited sexual interaction with her co-wives to vaginal penetration, carried out until they climaxed, but he wasn’t interested into fondling their bodies or getting the pleasures his favorite wife Jamila gave him.

So Sharifa was somewhat surprised by the twins’ interest in her anus, but she decided to let them act as they saw fit — so she noticed that not only did they stimulate her clitoris while suckling her nipples, but they also deftly penetrated her vagina, reached the G-spot and made her squeal and squirt of pleasure.

Cytherea’s right hand and Dionaea’s left were engaged into stimulating the clitoris and penetrating the vagina, while Cytherea’s left and Dionaea’s right were engaged with Sharifa’s backdoor.

Sharifa’s squirting gave the twins the lubricant they needed to slowly massage, penetrate and stimulate Sharifa’s anus, and she noticed at last that the twins were trying to have female taxi porno her come from both vaginal and anal penetration — and they succeeded, even though their technique was somewhat coarse.

Then Sharifa told them, “Darlings, my ass needs respite, and your hands cleaning. Let’s go to the bathroom.”

So the three women had a shower together; Dionaea and Cytherea wanted to resume sex, but Sharifa said no, as her butt was unaccustomed to penetration; but she nonetheless asked them, “Can you tell me how did you come across the idea of anal penetration?”

“We often do that to ourselves,” the twins admitted, and added, “Our most secret sexual fantasy is to get penetrated by two male twins at the same time.”

“Hassan and Hussein are identical twins,” Sharifa noticed.

“Yes, they are. Are they engaged?”

“I don’t know — perhaps Jamila does.”

After shower, Sharifa led the Siamese twins into a room in which the four co-wives kept their sex toys, and showed them a Scorpion Stinger vibrator.

She told Dionaea and Cytherea, “If you love both vaginal and anal stimulation, it may be your cup of tea.”

“Can we test it?”, Dionaea said, and Sharifa answered, “It’s Jamila’s toy. Our husband Zayan loves anal sex, but he only has it with Jamila, and she at times wears this vibrator to keep her rectum fit for Zayan’s penis.”


“Yes, Zayan is a very busy man, and in the afternoon Jamila, after nursing her children, asks me to rinse her rectum with an enema. Since Zayan loves irrigating it with his own urine, I fill the douche with my own, and with it I rinse Jamila’s rectum.”

“Is it necessary?” Dionaea asked.

“Is it enough to please her?” Cytherea asked.

“It is necessary to cleanse her rectum, or she will have to wash her toys thoroughly — not to speak about Zayan’s member, which shall then enter her vagina,” Sharifa replied and added, “After the urine, several douches of water are necessary; when only water goes out of her anus, I insert the vibrator into it — and I turn my own She Shell vibrator on.”

“And then?” the twins asked.

“We sit on a couch together, and even though our vibrators are skyrocketing us to heaven, we pretend to be just friends who drink some tea, read and comment a newspaper and a book together until we fondle and kiss in the mouth, and then lay on the couch hugged until night — or Jamila’s children need her attention.”

“But we saw that they are usually nursed by your co-wives before being brought to Jamila’s breasts,” Dionaea remarked.

“Right. Our co-wives don’t provide urine, but love to watch us while we come, so they sit on another couch opposite us, and alternatively watch us and the children.”

“If they supply milk to Jamila’s children, they can also supply urine to their mother,” Cytherea suggested.

“Good point,” Sharifa said, “We — not just me and Jamila, but Khalida and Rashida also — use these toys because we want to enjoy cuddling and orgasm at the same time. Bringing us to orgasm is relatively easy; but tenderly lovingly taking care of each other requires careful fondling, hugging and kissing — something we couldn’t do while our hands and mouths are engaged into having sex.”

“That’s why you use the vibrators,” Dionaea inferred, and Cytherea asked, “Do you ever use them for self-satisfaction?”

Sharifa laughed and answered, “Actually, we’re never alone in this house. When one of us wants to please herself, she knots a purple ribbon around her left arm, so she is left alone while the vibrator, her hands, or her fantasy do the trick. But she is invariably watched by one of the co-wives at least, out of concern or of sheer lust.”

“And I suppose that once the first is done, the second asks her the purple ribbon,” Dionaea says.

“Yes,” Sharifa replies, “Our home life is literally full of love, and the more we give love, the more we crave for it. About the vibrator, I think we have another still sealed in his box, together with a new douche. Would you like to try them?”

Dionaea and Cytherea looked at each other and assented, but asked for Jamila’s opinion.

Jamila was nearly done with nursing her children, and when she had put them into their cribs, asked for her She Shell vibrator. The twins gave it back and told her that Sharifa wanted to initiate them to triple stimulation; Jamila said it was a good idea, and asked the twins which fluid did they prefer to wash their butt.

“Urine. We’d like your urine, Jamila.”

“Thanks, but I haven’t enough of it now. Would you mind if I ask my co-wives to add theirs?”

As the twins assented, the co-wives were summoned, lowered their panties, female agent porno sat on their chamberpots and filled it; as Khalida asked if adding some colostrum or milk to the urine could harm the twins, and Jamila answered no, all the co-wived also expressed their breasts into the pots, thus giving the urine the color of tea with milk.

The content of the chamber pots was poured into a giant enema bag, hung up to a pole; Jamila asked the twins whether they preferred to knee on the sofa, or to lay on their backs on a double bed while receiving the enema, and they answered, “On our backs.”

Jamila took care of inserting a She Shell vibrator into their vulva, the enema nozzle into their shared anus, and gave Dionaea the enema valve (and Cytherea the She Shell remote), telling them, “It’s up to you to start, check, stop the fluid and the vibrations. Don’t exaggerate, you needn’t prove anything.”

Cytherea asked, “Can we drink something before the enema? We are somewhat thirsty.”

“Of course,” Jamila answered, went behind them, and stooped in order to let her nipples enter their mouths. While Dionaea and Cytherea suckled Jamila’s milk, Khalida fondled and massaged Cytherea’s nipples, and Rashida Dionaea’s. In the meantime, Sharifa temporarily removed the vibrator and licked the twins’ labia and clitoris, fingered their vagina, and stirred the beaded enema nozzle within their anus.

When Jamila was done nursing, swapped place with Sharifa, and Khalida and Rashida swapped theirs. Then it was Khalida’s turn first, and then Rashida’s, to alternatively nurse the twins with their colostrum and stimulate their genitalia and anus, while Jamila and Sharifa kneaded the twins’ huge breasts, before putting the She Shell vibrator in place again..

“Why didn’t you suck our nipples,” the twins asked, and Jamila replied craftily, “Start, and you’ll learn.”

When Cytherea started the vibrator, and Dionaea opened the valve, Jamila and Rashida latched on Cytherea’s breasts, and Khalida and Rashida’s on Dionaea’s.

So the girls received complete stimulation, and were so distracted by the pleasure they were experiencing, that they let the bag completely empty into their butt, and when Sharifa noticed it, she proposed to pour a pint of tap water into the bag to rinse it thoroughly.

So the twins received much more fluid than expected, and they had to be carried to the toilet bowl with the nozzle in the butt — and it was Jamila who dared remove it and smear her hands with the bowel content.

When the girls were done, Jamila filled a douche with water, and gave them another enema while licking their clit; so did Sharifa, then Khalida and Rashida, until the fluid getting out of their anus was as clean as the fluid that had gone into.

So the twins could now receive their much coveted Scorpion Stinger vibrator, which kept its promise, giving them absolute bliss.

It was also their turn to wear the purple ribbon — signaling that they wanted to enjoy orgasm alone, while Jamila and Sharifa on a sofa, and Khalida and Rashida on another, had sex together, paying only token attention to the twins.

Jamila wanted to give them another present — two couples of nipple stimulators. “They’re somewhat effective,” she explained, “But using them means wetting our clothes with milk or colostrums, since we are now either nursing or pregnant, so we have discontinued them. Would you like to test them?”

The twins accepted, but Jamila added, “I need an enema now, because I have to wear the Scorpion Stinger, as Zayan is coming home and my butt must be ready for him. Could you please give me your urine?”

The twins peed into the bag, then Sharifa did, and then even Khalida and Rashida volunteered — for the first time. “We love the idea of sharing our bodily fluids,” they explained.

Jamila preferred to receive the enema while stooping down the sofa, and the twins proposed to suckle her breasts while she was taking the fluid into her butt. Jamila accepted, while Sharifa kneeled between her legs and licked her clit — while Khalida and Sharifa, who used to suckle Jamila’s breasts in this predicament, in lieu of the Siamese twins, asked her the permission to suckle their four breasts, while their hands reached for their vulva.

Sharifa didn’t love anal stimulation, but when Jamila’s butt was thoroughly rinsed, and she could wear the Scorpion Stinger as well, she wore and activated a She Shell, and asked Jamila if even the twins could share their bliss.

Jamila didn’t refuse, obviously, so the twins experienced for the first time being both loved, cuddled and led to orgasm. Once they shared it with Jamila and Sharifa, they also shared it with Khalida and Rashida, thus creating a wonderful bond with all the four women.

But, as Zayan’s return time was approaching, and Jamila’s children needed nursing, their shared bliss had to be broken, and the twins came home — they greeted Zayan as he was getting out of his car while they were turning their motorbike on.

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It Was Worth It

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Big Tits

I’ve never been one to sleep around or have a one-night stand, but I gave into my primal urges last night with a girl that I’ve wanted to fuck for years.

There I was last night on the train platform, heading home for the day after a long eight hours at the office. The sun was setting and I was texting my now ex-girlfriend Kate. We had just broken up a few days ago and the emotions were still raw.

It was so bitterly cold outside I could hardly keep my hands out of my pockets, so I texted Kate to go fuck herself so my fingers wouldn’t get frostbite. I didn’t feel like dealing with her nagging anymore.

I must have been standing close to the edge of the platform because as I tucked my phone away this girl tried to walk past me but lost her balance and nearly fell onto the train tracks.

She let out a scream but luckily I grabbed a hold of her leg before she fell onto the tracks and I pulled her up to safety. We made eye contact as she stood up and tried to regain her composure and I did a double-take as I realized who it was.

It was Samantha Perez, a girl I used to know in high school. She was the hottest girl I had ever seen and was the leader of the ‘popular’ girls group at the time.

She went through boyfriends like water, a tell-tale sign that she was a troublemaker, yet she was irresistible.

She was Puerto Rican but had very fair skin with rosy cheeks and noticeably long eyelashes which cloaked her gorgeous brown eyes. Her long, wavy hair was jet black and done up in a pony tail.

She was wearing a puffy winter coat but I remember how big her tits were from staring at them many a time during class. She also had an incredible ass, it was perfectly round and tight.

“Samantha!” I exclaimed as I grabbed her by the shoulders, “I can’t believe it’s you! You haven’t aged a bit since high school, can you believe it’s been eight years?”

“Yeah I can Ken,” Samantha replied tersely in that thick Latin accent of hers, “and you could say you’re sorry for nearly knocking me onto the tracks first.”

“Oops, sorry,” I said, taking the high road considering I saved her from actually falling onto the tracks, “I just got excited when I saw your face. I really miss our old school. Those were good times, weren’t they?”

“I guess,” Samantha replied.

“So what are you up to these days?” I asked.

“I’m a cashier at Target,” Samantha said. “You?”

“I’m the CEO of a small investment company. I was just profiled in the New York Times as the biggest up-and-coming name in the NYSE,” I replied.

Samantha didn’t bat an eyelash at my impressive résumé. “Interesting” was all she said.

“So, taboo heat porno are you married yet?” I asked.

“No, what are you implying Ken?” Samantha responded.

“Nothing,” I said, “I just thought a pretty girl like you would have gotten married and possibly started a family, that’s all.”

“Well, you’re wrong,” Samantha said sternly, “I don’t need a man in my life bossing me around.”

Her accent got thicker as she began to get noticeably annoyed.

“Well don’t feel so bad,” I said, “I haven’t settled down either. I’ve only had one girlfriend in the last few years and we just broke up the other day. It only lasted about a month.”

This seemed to genuinely surprise Samantha. “Really?” she said, “but you’re so successful!”

“Well women aren’t just going to show up out of the blue, a guy has to put himself out there. Guys have to be the one to force the issue, and I’m too busy to be going out on date after date,” I said.

“I know what you mean,” Samantha said.

“Hey,” she continued, “I haven’t eaten yet, would you like to get dinner together?”

“Sure, why not?” I said.

“Let’s go get pizza, there’s a great pizzeria around the corner from my house,” said Samantha.

‘I guess she finally let her guard down,’ I thought to myself.

The train finally arrived and me and Samantha stepped aboard. We continued to chat about high school and how much people have changed since then and whatnot.

The pizzeria, and by coincidence Samantha’s apartment, was about a mile out of my way.

We sat in the empty parlor and I watched as Samantha took off her jacket to reveal a maroon sweater which covered up her incredible breasts. She was still stacked.

Dinner was largely uneventful; the pizza was nothing to write home about but it seemed to make Samantha happy as she managed to smile throughout most of the meal, a demonstrable change from when we first bumped into each other.

I cleaned up our table as Samantha went to throw away the garbage. I watched intently as she strutted toward the trash can, her ass swaying up and down.

Then Samantha came back to the table and said, “Would you like to stop by my place for a little while?”

It still wasn’t that late in the evening, so I accepted her invitation and we walked around the corner to her apartment building. The outside of the building wasn’t too shabby but the inside of it was cringe-worthy.

The vestibule and hallway were painted a hideous shade of green. There were holes in the wall. It didn’t take me long to figure out that Samantha wasn’t as successful as I was at this teach that bitch porno point in her life.

We climbed up to the third floor where her apartment was and she let me inside. It was a small three-roomer with a decent-sized kitchen and living area combo. It definitely felt lived-in as the dirty walls had cracks in them and the dingy kitchen window had a tattered blind with no curtains.

“Sit down,” Samantha said as she shut the door behind her, “I’m going to give you what you want.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Don’t play dumb,” Samantha said, “I see how you’ve been looking at me. I saw how you used to look at me in high school eight years ago. You want to fuck me hard, don’t you Ken?”

I didn’t know what to say, my mouth ran dry. I tried to deny it but before I could get a word out Samantha leaned in toward me until she was inches away from my face.

“I’m all yours,” Samantha whispered, “take me.”

I put my arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Ken, are you some kind of pussy?” Samantha said, “You’re dealing with a real woman, take me and fuck me hard!”

“If you want it rough then that’s what you’ll get,” I said.

I grabbed Samantha by the shoulders and kissed her forcefully now, I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her mouth, rubbing it against the back of her tongue.

Then I shoved my hand down her pants and started to rub her clit. She immediately responded with a cry of passion. It wasn’t long before her pussy became soaked in her own juices.

Then she backed away from me suddenly and took off her shirt and bra, revealing her large rack to me.

“You like what you see?” Samantha said.

“Fuck yes,” I said.

“Grab them,” Samantha ordered.

I reached out and grabbed one breast in each hand. I could barely fit my hands around her tits.

I alternated sucking and rubbing her nipples and she loved it; she couldn’t help but throw back her head in ecstasy.

As I was doing this she unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants to unveil my fully-erect penis.

“Bet you can’t wait to have your cock in my mouth,” Samantha said.

“Yes,” I said in a lustful whisper, “suck my cock you dirty little slut.”

Samantha put her lips around the head of my cock and started to blow me. She gradually put my cock further into her mouth until she fit the whole thing inside and she gagged on it.

It was the sloppiest blow job I’ve ever received; there was drool dripping off my cock as it entered and exited her mouth faster and faster.

Right before I was ready to team skeet porno cum Samantha said, “Ready to see the pussy you’re gonna fuck?”

I nodded excitedly as Samantha slowly took off her pants, followed by her panties to reveal her clean-shaven pussy which looked amazingly tight.

Samantha then laid down on the other end of the couch and with a ‘come hither’ look began to play with herself.

I watched as she rubbed her clit gently, massaging it in slow, sensual circles.

Then I remembered that she told me to be forceful with her, so I crept up to her end of the couch and stuck two fingers in her vagina and began to search for her g-spot.

Once I reached it I began finger-banging her aggressively. She shrieked as I rubbed her spot vigorously.

It didn’t take her long to cum from that rough stimulation. I licked my fingers clean after she came.

“Ready to get pounded?” I asked her.

“Not so fast,” Samantha said, “give me fifty bucks right now or I throw you out.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I blurted out as I was caught off guard.

“I’m dead serious Ken. Fifty bucks or you’ll be rubbing it out on the sidewalk,” Samantha replied.

“You fucking bitch,” I said as I found my wallet and pulled out the cash, “here’s your fucking money. Now bend over.”

Samantha took my money and placed it in her pants which were tossed off to the side, then climbed back on the couch, her ass facing me.

“Pound my little pussy good,” Samantha teased.

Stroking my cock to full erection once more, I penetrated her from behind while kneeling on the couch and quickly got into a hard and fast thrusting rhythm.

Samantha screamed loudly as I shoved my cock into her pussy again and again.

‘I hope these walls are thick,’ I thought to myself.

I played with her wonderful ass as I fucked her pussy from behind, spanking her and eventually jabbing a finger in her anus.

Samantha continued to shout passionately and loudly as she came for a second time.

I could feel myself getting ready to blow my load. I wanted to shoot my cum on her face, I was determined to get my money’s worth.

I pulled out and instructed her to get on her knees on the floor.

As I was stroking myself to climax Samantha said, “Cum on my face costs an extra $25.”

“Fine!” I shouted as the cum exploded from my cock and onto her forehead, cheeks and outstretched tongue.

As Samantha finished cleaning off her face I reached for my wallet, pulled out $25, and threw it at her.

“So how do you feel?” Samantha asked as I began to hastily put my clothes back on.

“A little dirty,” I said, “but I don’t regret it.”

“Maybe you can stop by another time.” Samantha said.

“Will I get a customer loyalty discount?” I said sarcastically as I made my way to the door.

“We’ll see,” said Samantha as she led me out of her apartment and closed the door behind me.

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Jennifer’s Fire

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February 1999, brought with it a new job. My new job forced me to relocated to a part of my state I knew very little about. I was hours away from my parents, friends, old hangouts, etc. I was basically a stranger in a strange land.

I had been there a month of so, and was feeling down. My hair was getting long, so I decided to get a hair cut and perhaps that would pick my spirits up. I opened the phone book and made an appointment at a salon for a hair cut. Friday arrived and I left work for my hair appointment, arriving around 6:30. I only had to wait a few minutes before having my name called. It was approximately 6:45 when my name was called and my new life changed. That is when I met Jennifer.

Jennifer introduced herself and lead me back to her station. I couldn’t help but notice her. She was beautiful, and friendly. Jennifer is 5’4 with a medium frame. She has large, firm breast. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are the most beautiful shade of green I have ever seen. She sat me in her chair, put a cape on me and asked what I would like to have done. I was so in awe of her beauty that it took me a moment to get the words out of my mouth. She must have had this affect on many men I thought. Eventually, I told her I would like a wash and a cut.

Jennifer lead me to the hair washing station, put me in the chair, and turned on the water. She told me to relax. She could tell I felt a little nervous. I leaned back, took a deep breath, and allowed her to wash my hair. Jennifer commented on my red hair. She told me she likes red headed men, and loves a man with a mustache and goatee. She continued talking to me while washing my hair. I bantered back and forth with her during this process. Then I got, more than an eyeful. Jennifer leaned over me, and her beautiful firm breast pressed against my face. Oh how I wanted to suckle them, but I didn’t. Jennifer eventually rinsed and dried my hair before leading me back to her station.

We talked back and forth. I told her how I was new in town and didn’t really know anyone, and told her I felt kind of down. She told me what a fun town it was, saying there were many great places to eat great clubs, beaches, etc. Jennifer finished cutting my hair. I mustered up the courage and asked if she would join me for dinner. She agreed, but told me she didn’t get to leave for another half an hour. I drove back to my apartment, changed my shirt and put on some cologne. I then drove back to the salon to find Jennifer waiting for me.

Jennifer took me to one of her favorite eateries and we had dinner. During dinner we got to learn a lot about one another. She told me she had only lived there for about 6 months and really hadn’t gotten to know anyone herself. We finished dinner around 9:30 and she invited me back to her apartment. Never in the back of my mind did I think that she meant for anything to happen, I just thought it to be a nice gesture. I paid the check and then followed Jennifer gizli çekim porno to her place.

Jennifer had rented a home in town. The house was an old farm type house with 5 bedrooms, large kitchen, dining room, and a huge living room with a fireplace. Jennifer asked me to make myself comfortable in the living room, and start a fire. She went into the kitchen and poured us some wine. With the fire going, I took a seat on the couch. Jennifer returned from the kitchen and took a seat on the couch with me. We sat and talked, gazing deeply into one another’s eyes the entire time. I eventually noticed that we were moving slowly closer to one another as the conversation progressed. Eventually, I found that we were sitting next to one another like old time friend or lovers. As Jennifer talked, I couldn’t help but notice her soft full lips. Oh, how I wanted to kiss and suck on them.

A long gaze into her eyes, and a pause in the conversation afforded me the opportunity to lean in for a kiss. I paused for just a moment, waiting to see if she was going to allow this. Yes, she was. She moved to meet me. We kissed long, deep, and passionately. I sat my drink down on the sofa table and wrapped my arms around her. She followed my lead and soon we were in each other’s arms. Caressing one another, exploring each other’s bodies. The heat from the fire mixed with our body heat lead us to the loosening and eventual removal of our clothing.

I could not believe this. I had just met her hours before and now we were stark naked on her couch making out like lovers. My one hand caressed Jennifer’s back while the other ran through her hair. I pulled at her hair causing her head to roll back. This allowed me to nibble on her neck. Our bodies moved in unison as we continued kissing and caressing one another. I reached down with my right hand and parted her silky smooth thighs. My hand traced its way up and down the inside of her thighs. I would run my hand, palm side flat against her thigh, down from her soft pubic hair to her knee. I now lifted my hand so that the fingertips just barely touched her, and brought them ever so slowly back up her thigh. Her body let out a low moan on the down stroke, and gasped for air on the way back up.

I stood up from the couch and motioned for Jennifer to roll over on her belly. She complied allowing me full access to her backside. I placed my one knee behind her and the other on the edge of the couch. My hands began massaging Jennifer’s back. She let out moans of approval as my hands worked her flesh. I ran my hands up and down her back, kneading and pummeling her. Her back started to become red from the increased blood flow as her muscles started to relax. I then leaned forward and began deep kneading movements on her shoulders. Her body continued to relax as well as moan in pleasure. After doing this for about 20 minutes or so, I laid down on her with my chest pressing against her back. I then glory hole secrets began nibbling at the back of her neck. We remained in this position, just relaxing and feeling each others body heat for about 5 minutes.

My relaxed, yet excited body wanted to explore more of the beautiful woman lying beneath me. So I grabbed her firmly and rolled the both of us from the couch to the floor. When we hit the floor we moved closer to the fire and felt even more of its warmth caressing our bodies.

We once again began kissing and caressing one another. My hands began to explore her body once again. I ran my hands down to her breast, occasionally squeezing them. My fingers pinched her nipples producing a moan of pleasure mixed with pain. I continued moving my hand down over her belly, to her pubic region. I ran my fingers through her soft, long hair and down her slit. She gazed at me deeply as my finger found its way into her moist crevice. My finger teased her for a few minutes, occasionally brushing against her clit. I could tell she wanted more.

Jennifer now pushed me to my back and kneeled beside me. She leaned over, kissed me deeply and then traced her tongue down to my chest and nipples. I took a deep breath as she licked my nipple; it sent a wave of pleasure through me. Jennifer then raised her one leg, and with careful movements assumed the sixty-nine position above me. I was now eye to eye with this woman’s beautiful pussy. I moved my hands up her thighs to her ass as I inserted my tongue deep into her. She let out a gasp as she sucked my cock, feeling a wave of excitement run through her body. At first, I just licked at her outer lips. I then pointed the tip of my tongue at her vaginal opening. I found myself tongue fucking her now wet cunt. In and out my tongue went, gliding easily due to the mixture of my saliva and her juices. I paused from time to time to suck her juices into my mouth, as if I was a man dying of thirst. Jennifer continued working her mouth up and down the length of my shaft. This was wonderful.

The minute my tongue hit Jennifer’s clit, her body became rigid and she sat straight up. She couldn’t take it anymore. My eating her was becoming too pleasurable for her to concentrate on my cock. I continued to tongue fuck Jennifer for a few minutes and soon felt her hand on my chin. She traced her finger from my chin to my lips and eventually to her clit. Jennifer now played with her clit as I tongue fucked her. This combination was too much for her. Jennifer came quickly. Her body shook almost violently as she ground herself onto my face. When she came I felt her cum shoot straight from her into my mouth. What a rush this was, I had never been with a woman who shot cum before.

Eventually Jennifer’s body stopped shaking. My cock continued pointing skyward. I motioned for Jennifer to mount me. She stood up, turned around, and slowly lowered herself to a crouching position grup sex above me. Jennifer then slowly lowered herself onto me, and I felt my cock glide into her moist cunt. Jennifer’s ride was slow and deliberate. She placed her hands on my chest and leaned forward as she raised and lowered herself on me. We both moaned with pleasure. I started to feel my balls tightening, the early signs of being ready to cum. Jennifer’s moaning lead me to believe she was close also, so I ordered her to cum. I wanted her to cum before me. I wanted to feel her contracting around me as I came. My demands became more frequent, as did Jennifer’s moans. Jennifer then came with the same violent force as before. The second I felt her cumming I let myself cum also. It was incredible! We both collapsed with exhaustion on the floor.

Jennifer and I rested in the spoon position. I held her tightly. My hands caressed her shoulders and arms. I kissed the back of her head. Jennifer let out a few sighs of contentment. We took a short nap, 10 minutes or so. When we regained some strength Jennifer got up and headed to the kitchen for some refreshments.

Seeing her silhouetted body, beautiful curves, and ass I had to follow her. We got to the kitchen and had some more wine, straight from the bottle. We kissed once again and I wrapped my arms around her. I now guided her to the dining table and pressed her up against it. A moan of shock escaped her lips. I reached down around her waist and lifted her to the table. An oh escaped her lips as we continued kissing. “Mmm, I’ve never done it on the table before.” Jennifer said. “Neither have I.” We couldn’t quite get comfortable on the table so I asked her to get on all fours.

Jennifer complied and I took a place between her legs. I raised my renewed erection, pointing it at her cunt. My hips thrusts forward as my hand guided me deep inside her. I began thrusting into her. My hands began wandering over her body once again. Jennifer urged me to go faster and harder. I readily complied. My right hand now found its way over her hip and under her to her clit. I rubbed my hand against her pubic mound as my cock thrust in and out of her. My finger quickly found her clit and I began rubbing small circles around it. “Oh fuck! God damn this is good!” Jennifer shouted.

Jennifer’s body loved the way I was treating it. She began to cum easier and more frequently. I could hold out no longer. I started slamming my cock deep into her. My balls swung freely and I could feel them slapping against the hand playing with her clit. A few more thrust and I felt my cock unloading hot cum deep into Jennifer’s body. I kneeled there for a moment, completely exhausted.

I got down from the table and leaned over and kissed Jennifer once again. Her body, completely exhausted from so many orgasms lay almost lifeless on the table. I mustered up all of my remaining strength and carried her back to the living room where we lay down near the fire. We both fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

Our relationship got stronger and stronger and eventually Jennifer became my wife. Perhaps it was my destiny that led me to Charlotte and Jennifer.

Comments are greatly appreciated and encouraged.

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