Slash Fiction Ch. 03: The Search for Spunk

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I graduated from college three years ago. Until last year, I could only find part-time work, so I lived with my parents. During that time, my sister Judy and I started a sexual relationship that neither of us wanted to end. The fact that we weren’t found out was a little luck but a lot of caution on our part, including her going on the Pill a few days later. We love and care about each other, too, but it was mainly about the sex. Last year, I got a full-time job, but it was an hour away, in the Cleveland suburbs. A few months ago, I got my annual review, and the raise was enough that I could finally afford a studio apartment here in town. They all helped me move, even my brother Tim, who was on break from another college. Last weekend was the first time Judy was able to come see me by herself. She graduates from college next month, and she had an interview with another company in the area.

Judy has a late class on Thursday, and it was raining everywhere in northern Ohio, so she didn’t get here till almost ten o’clock. That didn’t stop us from holding each other close and French-kissing as soon as she got through the door. We’d both missed each other terribly. I didn’t even care that my clothes were soaked just from the contact with hers. By the time she had her interview clothes hung up, it was past ten-thirty. There’s only one bed here, so we shared it, but she was worn out from the drive. We fell asleep together.

My alarm woke us in the morning. I felt a hand on my stomach. I opened my eyes and looked to the side. “Good morning, Chad,” Judy said.

“Morning, sexy,” I told her, and I kissed her.

“No time now,” she said. “You’ve got a job, and I hope to have one at the end of the day.” I rubbed her butt. “Tonight,” she said.

When I came home from work, I thought I was in the wrong apartment. There was no trash on the floor, the dining room table was clear, and the jeans I’d left on the back of my recliner had been replaced by a dress. Judy stepped out of the bathroom. She came up to me and greeted me. “You’re home!”

I put my arms around her and we had a long kiss. “How’d the interview go?” I asked.

“Hard to tell,” Judy said. “I felt like I got a little chatty toward the end, but I think I had good answers and good questions.”

“In that case, you might wanna know that Jeopardy’s having try-outs here next month.”

“Very funny. Hopefully, I’ll have a reason to be in town by then!”

“Speaking of the town,” I continued, “what did you have in mind for the weekend?”

“I told Mom and Dad not to expect me back till Sunday. Why, what did you have in mind?”

“I kept my weekend open, so we can do whatever we want. It was too late to get theater tickets, but-“

“Theater tickets?” Judy asked.

“You remember that fantasy you told me about? Part of it was seeing a musical in person. Plus, I remember coming home from college one Friday night, and you were at school for their production of Les Miz.”

“Oh, right! I wasn’t in the show; I was just working on the scenery. But you remembered that?”

“I love you, Judy. I was paying attention even before I knew you felt the same way.”

Judy squealed, “Chad!” and squeezed my waist. She hadn’t gotten any taller since I moved, so her head was still up against my chest. “I love you, too! I was so happy this morning. For all the times we had sex, that’s only the second or third time we’ve woken up together. It was so nice to see your face the first thing. I think that’s why I was so upbeat at the interview!”

“Anyway, the other part of the fantasy was that a tall, handsome guy takes you to dinner, so I made reservations at a seafood place downtown. The food’s pretty good, but what makes it special is that it’s on Lake Erie, and I mean right on it. You can actually see the lake from some tables. And I got one of those tables.”

“What time?”

“The earliest they could get us in was 7:30.”

Judy looked at her watch. “It’s six o’clock now. How’s the traffic there?”

“I don’t know, but if we’re early, we can probably find something to do for a while.”

“In the car? Gross!”

“I didn’t mean that!” I insisted. “There are shops we could look at.” As it turned out, the traffic near the ballpark was just enough that we didn’t have to wait long after we got to the restaurant. We talked about my job, the company she interviewed with and what had been going on at home since I moved. (Not much, apart from Tim introducing his new girlfriend to them.) They also had a ballroom. Neither one of us will ever dance on Broadway, but it was fun being able to make sensual moves without worrying that someone who knew us both would be creeped out.

The latest Galaxy Corps movie had just come out on DVD. I could have paid to watch it on cable, but I saved it as a back-up plan in case we couldn’t get in to see a show. We picked it up on the way back, but by the time we got home, it was almost 10:30, and the movie was nearly three hours long. We watched the special features, and student sex parties porno I put the disc back in the case.

“You know, there’s something I never thought to ask you,” I said. “I let it slip one time that I used to think about you while I was jacking off. What did you think about when you fantasized about me?”

“Well, my favorite was pretty much what we did tonight, except I’d have a sexier dress for you to take off of me at the end of the night.”

“That dress is plenty sexy,” I told her. “There’s a reason three different waiters dropped trays when they were crossing the room.”

“You’re just saying that,” Judy said.

Her dress was red, and the neckline was low enough and wide enough that I could lean in and caress her breast without moving the fabric at all. “A sexy dress on a sexy woman,” I said. I lifted her hand and put it on my dick. “And in case you had any doubt …”

“I also thought about sitting in the back of a porno theatre with you and blowing you while the people up front listened.”

“Dammit, I checked the wrong theaters’ listings,” I told her.

“I thought of it one time when I was heading for lunch. The adult bookstore was about halfway between my 11 o’clock class one semester and a McDonald’s. I knew what kind of stuff went on in the viewing rooms, and when I pictured us that night, I changed it to a movie house.”

I took the conversation in a new direction. “So, what would you do when you were thinking about us?”

Judy smiled, because she knew what I was up to. “When I had the porno theater fantasy, I’d usually be sitting on my bed. I’d imagine you in the seat next to me and lean down. I’d unbuckle your pants and fish your dick out of your underwear. I always go commando in this fantasy, so I’d move up, and soon you’d have your fingers inside my pussy. Of course, my real fingers would be there while I was imagining this. Sometimes while I was fingering myself, my arm would go up against my boob, and I’d think it was the arm rest between two seats. My head goes up and down while my fingers go in and out. If my self-control is good enough that day, I’m able to stop long enough that I can pretend you just came in my mouth. I smack my lips just to show you that I swallowed it all, and then I climb onto your lap. By now, if I have any underwear on in real life, there’s usually a wet spot on them, so I take them off.”

I looked down and asked, “Like right now?”

She hiked her dress up over her waist. “Yeah, like right now.”

“So what are you waiting for?” I asked. Judy pulled her underwear off. I tossed them in my hamper. I pulled my pants down and took her spot on the recliner.

She knelt at the side of the recliner. She tried to lean over and suck me, but she couldn’t reach that far. “Push the seat back,” she said. I did, and she was able to reach me with only minimal effort. She stroked it once and then licked the head. She looked up at me and I nodded.

“Yes, please,” I said. “It’s been a long three months.”

“I know,” Judy said. “I’ve missed you so much.” She tickled my balls and then slowly took my entire shaft into her mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times. I reached around and found her pussy. I ran my fingers over her pussy hair. It was as soft as I remembered. I rubbed her pussy lips, and they were even softer than I remembered. Once I got three fingers in her, she let me out of her mouth and said, “I want you!” I spread my legs. Judy got up and pulled her dress over her head.

“I’ll do laundry tomorrow,” I told her.

Now she had nothing on but the pink bra that I’d seen briefly when I’d pulled the seat out for her at the restaurant. “Go ahead,” she told me.

I put my hands on her hips. I looked up and told her, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, but right now, more than anything else, I just plain want you.” She sat on my lap and gripped the arms of the chair while I separated her pussy lips with my fingers. I hadn’t seen that beautiful pink flesh in a few months even before I moved out. Not that we hadn’t had sex, I just hadn’t done the look-in lately. I moved my hands up to her back, just below the back part of her bra. Judy reached behind her to undo her bra, and I took the opportunity to shake my pants down to my ankles. They’d gotten rather uncomfortable by now. “You wanted to know what I do when I’m thinking about us? Well, I pay so much attention to my pussy that my breasts don’t get much attention. How ’bout fixing that?”

I leaned forward and kissed each nipple. She held my head in the way some guys do when they’re getting a blow job. I put a third finger in her pussy and pumped while I sucked her hard nipples. I accidentally hit my cock on the side of the chair, and I pulled back. “I don’t know how much more I can take,” I told Judy.

“I can’t take any more,” she said. “Let’s go to bed!” She was already naked, and she ran to the bed. “What’s keeping you, Lover?” she asked.

“You were so nice cleaning up that I hate submissive cuckolds porno to leave my clothes lying around,” I answered.

“That can wait till morning,” she said. “I can’t!”

When I got to the bed, Judy was already on her back with her legs spread. I jumped on top of her, not even caring which body parts came in contact. I was just so happy to be with her again. She wrapped her arms around me, and we had a series of short but soulful kisses. She ran her fingers up and down my spine, making my cock even harder. I was afraid I’d come just from that! I sat up straight and looked at her. “My God, I’ve missed that beautiful body,” I told her.

“I’ve missed yours too,” she said. “I went to a gay porn site just so I could look at a chest that was almost as hairy as yours.”

“Don’t get any more ideas,” I told her. “Incest is one thing, but I’m just not into guys. At all.”

Judy turned over and said, “There goes my fantasy about you and Tim,” with a laugh.

I couldn’t tell whether she was joking, so I didn’t say anything. She raised her ass in the air. For no other reason than her joke, if it was one, I had less than zero interest in anal sex at this moment, so I pointed my cock up and forward. I found her pussy and slid in. “I can’t remember,” I said. “Have we ever done it doggy style before?” She didn’t answer right away. “I mean, besides in your ass?”

“Well, I know we’ve done it like this in the shower, but that was more leaning than kneeling,” Judy said. Now that we were conversing as well as fucking, I wasn’t going quite as fast, and I had a little more self-control. I moved my hips around so I was reaching different parts with each thrust. On one thrust, she rose up. “That was new!” she said.

“You like it?” I asked, as if I needed to.

“Hell, yeah!” she answered. I planted my knees and started fucking just for that spot. “Oh … oh … right there, honey!”

I pulled up a little so I could go deeper. Suddenly, I had an image, and I shared it. “Hey, Tim, what are you doing here?” I said. Then I said in a nasal voice, “I was hoping for a piece of the action!” (I used to tease Tim because he had kind of a nasal tone when he was younger.) “Well, let’s ask Judy,” I said. “You mind if he joins us?”

“Mind? Hell, I’ve been dreaming about it!” Judy acted like she was taking his dick in her mouth and did that thing that’s supposed to look like it’s poking at her cheek.

“Damn, that’s a fine ass, isn’t it?” asked “Tim.”

Before I could answer for myself, Judy said, “Yeah, and I bet you’d like to fuck it!”

“Not till I’m done with it,” I said.

Judy turned her head back and said, “Who says I meant mine?”

“Hey!” was all I could answer. Then I acted like I felt a dick behind me. “Hey!” I said again, but in a tone suggesting that I liked it.

“Oh, sure, a dick in my ass is hot, but your ass is a different story, isn’t it?” Judy joked.

I kept fucking her pussy, but now I moved my back like I was getting fucked. “Oh, … oh, yeah, … uh, Judy? Tim and I would like some time alone, if you don’t mind.”

Judy pulled away. She turned around and pushed me onto my back. “Oh, no, you don’t, you sons of bitches! You’re gonna fuck me, and then he’s gonna fuck me, then you’re gonna fuck me again, and no one’s fucking anyone but me!”

As she mounted me, I said, “Um, I think you may have hurt Tim.”

“Oh, sorry, Tim, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

“Not his feelings. I mean you just pushed me on top of him!” I arched my back to give him a chance to extricate himself. “Okay, he’s gone now.”

“Good,” Judy said. “I want you all to myself.” She had me inside her and she started using me as her toy again.

“You have me all to yourself,” I said seriously.

“I want this job so bad,” she said in between bounces.

“Why’s that?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“I want you to come inside me,” she groaned.

“Not sure I see the connection,” I joked.

“Sorry, I meant, if I get this job, we’ll never have to be apart.”

“I’d like that,” I said. I raised my hips and added, “About that cum you wanted.”

She had her hands on my forearms. She mashed her hips against mine, saying, “I want it all. I don’t want anyone else to get it, ever again.”

I could see my cum flowing back out of her and over my cock. I reached up and put my hands on her back. The way she was holding me, I couldn’t get my fingertips to her spine, let alone get my hands together. “That’d be fine with me,” I told her.

“We’ll need a bigger place,” she said.

“I know. This is barely big enough for me, let alone two people.”

Judy continued my sentence with a smile. “Or three.”

“Wait. What? Are you-?”

“No, not right now!” Judy answered. She reached down and squeezed my dick. “But maybe …”

“We’ve had this discussion before. We’re not just going to do this on the spur of the moment,” I insisted.

She put her taboo heat porno index finger over my mouth. “I didn’t mean tonight, either. I’m still on the Pill, you know. I just meant I’d like it. You, me, white picket fence. With those muscles, I bet you could build one hell of a swing set.”

Now I was starting to see it. Judy was sitting on the back porch with two young kids while Tim held a board in place and I hammered the last nail into place. I lifted my head from the pillow and shook out my hair.

“Swing that hammer, Thor!” she said. She’d read my mind!

“And you’ll bring me lemonade when I’m done?” I asked.

“Lemonade’s only the beginning of your reward,” Judy said. “Why do you think we end up with two kids instead of one?”

“I’m sold,” I told her. I rolled her onto her back, my dick not fully erect, but still inside her. “I bet you could find work here even if you don’t get the job you came for.”

“And I’d have someone I want to come home to,” Judy said. “And wake up next to.” I was hard again, and I started fucking her again. “Speaking of pounding things,” she said with a smile.

“Hell, yeah,” I told her. “We’ve got a space ship to staff!”

Judy laughed. “I hadn’t thought about those stories in a year!”

“That’s funny,” I said, “because I can’t see a promo for Galaxy Corps without thinking about them.”

I could feel her tits against my chest. She was tickling my spine again, and this time she got my butt. “Fill me up, Sweetie! Don’t stop till I’m overflowing!”

“Damn right,” I told her. “By summer’s end, you’ll need loose clothes. By Christmas, you’ll have to turn sideways to get through my door.”

“Oh, shit!” Judy shouted.

“It’s great not having to worry about Mom and Dad hearing us, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah! Come in my cunt! Come in my cunt!”

“I’m going to!” I told her. “I’ve got a few million troops heading your way right now!” Then I let out an unintelligible string of sounds as I fired my photon torpedo into her warp core. I rolled off her, and we went to sleep. We’d both had a long day, but we were looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

This time I woke up first. I lay there and looked at her eyelids, wanting to be the first thing she saw when she awoke. I could hear her soft breathing and wondered if she was dreaming anything as strange as our new reality. When she opened her eyes, I said, “Good morning, beautiful!” and she smiled.

“It sure is,” she said.

We had breakfast, watched the DVD and went to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Since I only moved in a few months ago, I hadn’t had much opportunity to visit it myself. For supper, we bought hot dogs from a street vendor and then we walked on the dunes by the lake. While we were there, Judy ran several yards ahead of me, right by the water. I could see her put her hand in her purse and feel around for something. “You remember you said you’d give me what I want, as long as I suggested it when we weren’t getting ready to have sex?”

“Yeah …,” I said.

Judy pulled out something circular and threw it into the lake. She walked back toward me. “Chance are, nothing’ll happen tonight, but … there, I said it. Are you gonna keep your word?”

“You haven’t said anything,” I pointed out.

Judy put her hands on my arms. “Darn you. Alright, I want to have completely unprotected sex. I want you to fill me with sperm when there might possibly be an ovum waiting for you. What do you say, Chad?”

I walked to her, put my arms around her and said, “I love you. I’d do it even if I hadn’t promised.”

Judy put her hand between us and felt my cock. “Looks like you’re ready!”

“Well, not yet. I don’t want to get arrested!” I told her. She laughed, and we had a brief kiss. We kept walking, but now we were hand in hand. We’d said we loved each other so many times, but this was different. We were really and truly in love. Once in a while, I’d turn toward her and pick her up. I love the feel of her petite frame, and she loves feeling my muscles over her back.

The last time I put her down, she spun around. “You’re so beautiful when you do that,” I said. “Even though I know what you look like naked, I’d love it if you wore a bikini the next time we come here. I want to see the shape of your sexy body when you twirl.”

Judy let loose with a lawyer-friendly excerpt from “The Sound of Music”. “The next time we come here, my body might not be bikini-ready,” she said with a smile.

“It will be,” I told her. “You could be a month overdue, and you’ll still be sexy.”

“God, I wish you’d take me right now,” she said.

It took all my strength not to give in to her. “If you wear a bikini, I’ll bring the blanket,” I told her.

When we got home, neither of us could wait any more. It was like a contest to see who could get naked faster, but we didn’t really notice who won or lost. As soon as we were on my bed, we were kissing and grabbing each other. “Oh, Chad,” Judy sighed. “This is so wonderful.”

“I know,” I said. “It feels like … like … we just got engaged.”

“We can’t be, but I know what you mean,” she said. She was lying on her back, and I got between her legs. “That’s okay. Our kids will have our name, and if anyone calls me ‘Mrs.,’ I just won’t correct ’em. Besides, I don’t see a ring!”

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Sleeping Daughter

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Angela White

** This story doesn’t include my previous characters (Laura and Tori), but it is another topic that has always fascinated me. I’m still new to this and would love to get any constructive feedback! I’m always curious about the ratio of plot to sexual activity, so let me know if I should add more of one or the other. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy. **


Things haven’t been the same since my parents separated. I’ve always known them as Mom and Dad, but lately it’s just Mom or just Dad. They never seemed to get along when I was growing up, and now that I’ve just turned 18 they decided to officially divorce. Since I’m no longer a “kid”, they thought I could handle it. I feel like they were wrong in assuming that just because I’ve turned 18 that I’m not their little girl.

I spend half of each month with my mom and the other half with my dad. It’s the most annoying thing to have to switch between the two houses constantly, and I feel like neither of their houses are really home to me. Mom has already started dating new guys, which feels so awkward. Seeing another man with my mom is something I guess I’m going to have to get used to.

“Hey, Claire, how are you doing?” my friend Melanie asked after our last class ended for the day.

“I feel like that’s the only question I’m getting asked lately.” I sighed and turned away from her. “I’m doing fine. It’s not easy, but I’ll get through it.”

“Sorry, I just want to make sure you’re okay. You can talk to me about anything if you need to.” Melanie gave a sympathetic smile and softly patted my shoulder. Melanie was the person I could always confide in about things. She knows my family pretty well, especially since we’ve been friends since kindergarten. Even though we’re seniors in high school, things really haven’t changed much between us.

“My dad’s picking me up today and hates when I make him wait for me. I better get going. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I walked over to the parking lot where my dad was waiting in his Tesla.

My dad is a hardworking guy and is one of the best software engineers at some fancy tech company. I respect his ability to make enough money for us to live a comfortable life, but that doesn’t reduce the fact that he can be kind of pushy and impatient. Maybe he works too much. Maybe that’s the reason Mom finally got fed up.

“Claire, finally. Come on, we’ve got to get going. I have some work to finish up when we get home.” He seemed just about as grumpy as usual. I’ve seen worse from him, though.

“I had a good day, thanks for asking!” I sarcastically remarked after his inviting greeting. I sat stiffly in the car and looked out the window.

The divorce has made him even more bitter, he probably senses that Mom is out with new guys. I wonder why he doesn’t go out with new women, now that he’s single? Well, what do I know, maybe he does when I’m not around. Although you’d think he’d be less irritable if he was having some fun in life.

“Sorry, honey. I know I haven’t been the most pleasant person to be around lately. You know how it is… With work, the divorce… It’s hard.”

I looked over at him and his face turned solemn yet blank as he drove. I felt bad for him. He had a good life, a beautiful wife, a family. “It’s okay, Dad. I know it’s hard. I love you, okay?” I smiled at him, perhaps he would turn his head for a second and see it. He did.

“Thanks, Claire. You’re doing well with all of this. I’m really proud of you. You’re growing up to be such a great woman.”

We arrived home; I went to my room and Dad went to his study to do work. He usually stays in his study all night long, until he finally goes to bed around midnight. After a stressful day, I just really wanted to close my bedroom door and masturbate. Being a girl, and a shy one, it’s sometimes hard to feel comfortable with masturbating, but I’ve been slowly trying to get the hang of doing it more often. I only recently started since I saw an article online about sexual health, and since I’m not sexually active, I thought I should release my tension by my own means.

I teach that-bitch porno checked the hallway and quietly closed my door, then jumped back into my bed with my laptop. I put my earbuds in, searched for something to watch, and relaxed. I lay there with all my clothes on, but soon I could feel the warmth between my legs. I soon crept my hand into my pants and into my underwear, biting my lip when I felt how much wetness had accumulated only in a matter of minutes. I slowly began to rub on the area around my clit, only brushing over it for a second, to tease myself. My legs bent and spread wide open was quite the sight, as a mirror was opposite of my bed and I could see myself committing dirty acts. I felt so unlike myself when I masturbated; I turned into a lustful whore, one that wanted to be fucked senseless.

I started to ignore the pornographic sounds in my earbuds and focused solely on my internal fantasy with my eyes closed. I imagined myself being tied to my bed, helpless and vulnerable, spread eagle. Guys lined up outside my door, waiting to take their turn with me, jacking off as they watched the guy before them fucking my brains out. Each one would just use me and ignore my pleas for a gentle touch, slamming their pelvises into my sweet spot, forcing me to reluctantly cum all over their throbbing dicks. They’d dump their load in me and the next one would be on me without hesitation.

This fantasy made my hand move quickly, alternating between thrusting in and out and making circles on my clit. I was getting close to climax when I opened my eyes. My door was ajar. I stopped immediately.

My door was closed wasn’t it?

I specifically remember closing it.

Or had I?

I threw my blankets over me and quickly put my clothes on. I stepped out of my bed and quietly stepped over to my door, tapped it so it opened slowly, and peered out. The hall was empty. My heart was beating heavily, and I was trying to be as quiet as possible because every sound I made felt so loud for some reason. To calm my nerves I told myself that my dad had not seen what I was doing and that the door either opened on its own or I had not closed it all the way. I couldn’t imagine the level of embarrassment I’d feel if my dad had seen me like that.

“Are you not that hungry?” my dad asked as I got up to bring my plate to the kitchen.

I avoided eye contact, still feeling uneasy about what happened before dinner. “No, I’m not really feeling well, I think I’m just going to go to bed.”

“Want some sleeping pills? That will probably help you sleep through whatever sickness you’re feeling.” He got up to get some from the bathroom cabinet. I did have trouble with insomnia, and with all this added anxiety I might as well take some to help me sleep through the night.

“Thanks Dad. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” I took the pills before leaving the dining room. Maybe tomorrow I’ll forget all about that stupid door being ajar. Although I don’t know if I can get the courage to masturbate while anyone is home ever again. The idea of my dad seeing me naked, let alone touching myself, made me shiver and gave me a restless feeling in my stomach.

I went to my room and changed into a baggy t-shirt and shorts before laying down in my bed. I was feeling really tired and nauseous, and once I closed my eyes it wasn’t hard to fall asleep.

After what felt like many hours, I awoke, or at least I think I did, feeling stiff and constrained. I felt a bit dizzy and my vision wasn’t entirely clear. What’s going on? Why do I feel so… good, yet bad at the same time? After a few seconds, things started clearing up and I realized what was happening. Someone was touching me. The lights weren’t on and my eyes were struggling to adjust to the darkness. I could tell that my shorts were off and my t-shirt had been pushed up to my neck, my C-cup breasts exposed. I felt the breeze from my fan hitting my chest and causing my nipples to harden. A soft wetness was brushing against my clit again and again. It was a tongue, lapping furiously teamskeet porno at my cunt, giving me amazing sensations. Once I noticed how good it felt, my hips started to push up in reaction and my muscles tensed. I was so scared, which kept my orgasm from coming too quickly, but I felt it start to rise. How could I orgasm at a time like this?!

I began to moan, almost involuntarily, and tried to figure out what to do in the midst of this huge distraction. I wanted to push the person away, but my hands were bound above my head. My feet felt free, so I tried to kick the person away, but they immediately grabbed my ankles and held them down, then spread them wider so my pussy was on full display. I felt so vulnerable and violated, yet I was more turned on than I’d ever been. It was becoming more difficult to hold back my orgasm. All of my senses were heightened in this time of fear, confusion, and arousal. The tongue pressed harder onto my clit, going quicker, and I felt a finger slide into me.

I moaned again, “Please, please stop… I can’t- I can’t handle it much longer… Please!” I felt a few tears slide down my cheeks, not out of sadness, just panic.

Suddenly my orgasm came over me and my hips bucked, yet they continued to lick me up and down. I was squirming so much but not getting anywhere. After my orgasm calmed down, I lay there, struggling to keep my legs closed, but they held them open. My eyes were slowly starting to adjust, finally, and I tried to focus on my attacker.

“Even more beautiful than when I watched from before.”

I recognized his voice. “Dad? Dad! What the hell are you doing! Get off me!”

He ignored my anger and gazed in between my legs. I felt my shyness reach a new level. “Please.. don’t look. That’s so embarrassing, stop it! Don’t look at me!” I screamed at him.

“You have the prettiest pink pussy, Claire. I love it. And you taste amazing, too. Try not to scream, though, or I’ll have to punish you more.” He seemed so calm, as if he had no inkling that what he was doing was wrong.

“Dad… please… Why are you doing this?” I pleaded.

“Now that your mother and I are divorced, my sex life is basically non existent. I was hoping you could help me with that.” Even though what he was doing was crazy, his voice didn’t sound crazy. He sounded like he just wanted my help, like he was asking me to get the newspaper for him or help him do the dishes.

His tone gave me an odd sense of comfort. I didn’t know how to feel anymore.

“And I saw you earlier today, touching yourself, and it sent me over the edge. God, you’re beautiful. Your little 18 year old body, writhing as you pleased yourself. You looked so different doing that. Claire, have you been with any guys before? Just be honest, I don’t care if you have or not.”

I hesitated, fidgeting a little, still aware that my naked body was out in the open. “No… I haven’t.”

“Did you ever want to try anything sexual? I thought this could be a two-way street. You can try things with someone you can trust, and I can relieve some of the sexual frustrations I’ve been having.” As he spoke he started to stroke my pussy, slowly on my clit, driving me mad. His fingers were so experienced and felt so good, even better than mine.

“That… feels really good…” I said, softly, my mind going to the lustful place as it does when I masturbate.

He continued to stroke me, as I faintly heard his pants unzipping. I couldn’t focus on anything but the good sensations I felt between my legs. How could he reduce my fear to dust so suddenly? Why was I letting this happen? It’s almost as if I wanted it. But I couldn’t let myself believe that. This was NOT what I wanted. He was violating me, my arms were literally bound. I couldn’t do anything about what was happening to me.

His fingers continued to glide seamlessly in between my lips, spreading them and teasing me. I could now see almost perfectly, even in the darkness. His boxers formed a perfect tent where his penis was begging to come out. He slipped out of his boxers and I stared tecavuz porno at his length in awe, never having seen this up close before. For some reason I desperately wanted to feel it. Anywhere. These dirty thoughts made me feel sick, but I couldn’t help it.

“Are you going to take my virginity?” I asked, still a trace of fear in my voice. “I don’t think I’m ready for that. We can do that another time, okay? Please?”

“I think you can handle it. You’re grown up, now. It’ll only hurt for a little while at first. Don’t be scared.” His voice was so calming and soothing. He bent over to kiss me, a soft kiss that felt loving. “This is a really special experience we can have as father and daughter. We can connect in a more intimate way.”

There was a voice in the back of my head telling me that this was crazy and I was crazy. But, strangely, what he said made sense to me and made me want it. Our family was so broken now. Maybe this could help me feel closer to my dad, and make him less angry all the time. I wanted to make him happy, and I wanted to feel good in a way that I couldn’t do for myself.

I nodded slowly and tugged at my arms in their restraints. “Can you let me go, at least?”

“As a reward, I will let you go.”

Now I felt like I was working towards something. Once he let me go, this could be over, and I could try and forget about it. I had mixed feelings of eagerness to feel him inside of me, yet also wanting it to just be over.

He started to rub the tip of his head against me, and I was surprised at how wet I still was. No matter how much I told myself I didn’t want this, my body was telling the truth of how horny I was for my dad’s cock. He slowly started to insert himself inside of me, putting my legs on his shoulders. He stared at our sexes touching, becoming one, then looked at me as he thrust all the way into me. My eyes widened from the slight pain and the new feeling, I wanted to hate it, but I couldn’t. He grabbed my boobs as he began to fuck me, then leaned down to bite on my nipples softly at first, then biting hard and rough.

He did not take his time going gentle for too long, as he quickly started to thrust in and out of my cunt, making me feel more sore with every movement. I moaned in enjoyment and pain, “Please, Dad, go softer? It hurts!” My request was ignored as he began to untie my wrists, and immediately flipped me over onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up, my bare butt against him, my face pushed against the bed. I was only relieved of the pain for a few seconds, as he thrust himself back into me again and again, grabbing onto my hips for leverage.

I groaned into the pillow, feeling an orgasm start to build up, surprised at how good it felt behind the pain of his roughness. “Dad, please, I can’t hold it, I’m going to…”

“Don’t cum yet. Cum and you get spanked.” It was too late. I was already cumming, and he knew immediately from my moans and the wetness that built up inside of me.

“You didn’t listen.” He spanked my ass hard, twice, and my cheeks burned, causing me to shriek in response.

He continued to thrust harder, and in this position it was hitting the perfect spot, making me fear another orgasm (and another spanking). “Please! If you keep doing that I can’t help it!” there was a sound of tears in my voice. “Be gentle with me!” I tried to pull away, but he grabbed me back before I could.

This only entertained him more, causing him to throb harder. “With that kind of talk you’re going to cause me to lose it, too.”

He steadied his pace, but that almost made it worse for me, and caused my next orgasm to creep up slowly. “I’m really going to cum again, please don’t spank me.”

“You cum when I tell you to.”

I tried to hold it back as best as I could, as I gripped the sheets and drooled on my pillow case. I felt him start to thrust quicker again, noticing his grunts getting louder, and it sounded like he was getting ready to cum too. I was right, and a few seconds later I felt his cock start to pulse, and finally let my orgasm go through me. “Fuck!” he yelled, “Did you cum on me as I came? I didn’t tell you that you could, but it felt amazing. So you only get one spanking.”

He spanked me once, and the sound echoed in my room. He pulled himself out of me, and I felt his fluids drip down my thigh. What had just happened to me?

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Just Sex, Amazing Sex

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This is a true account, with some extras, of sexual encounters with a guy I am currently seeing. I hope it’s to your taste and you enjoy reading it.


My brother had just turned 21, and he was having a Thursday night out on the town to celebrate. He’d invited all of his mates, and pretty much anyone was invited. Me and my friends decided to meet up with him later on in the night. He’d obviously enjoyed himself, as when we bumped into him, he was completely drunk. As you would expect for a 21st birthday celebration.

My friends and I got some drinks, and we danced in a local club along with my brother and friends for a while. Unfortunately he was so drunk, he broke my camera and a bouncer friend of mine asked me to take him home. I was struggling to help him, so a few of his friends offered to help, one of whom was called Chris. I immediately noticed Chris, and how good looking he was. Broad shoulders, muscles, striking green eyes and tousled dark hair. He helped to support my drunken brother, and we chatted a small amount. Anyway, I finally managed to get my brother home and safe in bed, and that was the end of that night.

The next day, I sent a message on Facebook to Chris, telling him thanks for helping me the previous night, and a friend request. We immediately hit it off, and we chatted via Facebook message for around 6 hours straight. We had a lot in common, he was very chatty and friendly, seemed very kind and interested in what I was saying to him. There were a few potential “issues”, one being he was my brothers best mate, or one of them, and also the fact he is 19 and I am nearly 25. This is a fairly big age gap especially for the girl to be this much older. But he is very mature for his age, down to earth and sensible, (most of the time!) he also drives, and has a full time job. He has a good sense of humour, as do I, and this helps to bring us closer.

Now, here’s where our newly found friendship quickly escalates. The Saturday after my brothers birthday, I was out for another night out with some girls, Chris was also out with his friends. I must note, I do not remember too much detail from this night out, but I will try my best to recall.

We were having fun, dancing in the local club, nearing the end of the night. We only saw each other near the end, as we were both with different people in different places. While dancing, we were kissing a cuddling a lot. We barely came up for air, his hands were touching me in my short and tight trademark dress, feeling the outline of my female agent porno slim body, and cupping my smallish breasts. His hands were in my hair, and kissing me so hungrily. I then made the decision I wanted to go home. He lives nearby to where I live, so we got a taxi together. You must realise, I never usually do this kind of thing. I have never had an official one night stand with someone I barely know. But tonight for some reason, I decided to change that.

We arrived at mine, and after a few drunken exchanges, we ended up in my room, in my bed. We, of course, were kissing again. Lots of tender kisses, tongues touching briefly, and then getting stronger and more meaningful. He pulled me on top of him and started grinding his hips against mine, his arms wrapped around me. His hands start wandering, up the backs of my legs, over my bum, pulling my dress up slowly. I rub my body on his and he moans. He reaches behind my back and unzips my dress, I sit up and pull it off over my head. He unclasps my bra and immediately grabs hold of my breasts, gently squeezing my nipples, making me moan. All I am wearing is a thong, and his hands run down my sides, to my hips, he grabs my ass cheeks, gently parting them. Then his fingers tease me, slowly pulling aside my thong and touching me, feeling how wet I am.

I grab at his top, desperately trying to pull it off. He helps, and exposes his amazing body, dark hair on his chest running down to his cock, slim stomach, defined muscle. I start kissing his delicious body all over, running my lips down, down, kissing his sides, getting right down to his groin area. I slide my fingers under his belt and tease the tip of his cock. I tug at his jeans and he pulls them down. I kiss all around his cock, not touching it. I can see precum, about to drip. I reach his balls, and kiss them, taking one and sucking it into my mouth. I lick them all over, and run my tongue halfway up his huge hard shaft. I then move to his thighs, muscles and dark hair, I grab them and kiss them, moving in between them and running my hand right up to the top of his thighs, stroking his balls. I then look up at him, his eyes are closed, and he is breathing heavily, gently thrusting his hips up every so often. I flick my dark hair over to one side, and reach down to his hard, throbbing cock. I open my mouth over it, and reach out my tongue, and gently flick the tip, licking up the drops of precum. I swirl my tongue around the tip a few times, enjoying his response, hands in my female fake taxi porno hair, gently pushing me down. I resist, and carry on teasing, using my tongue to lick the head, and the length of his shaft, feeling how hard he is. His cock is twitching with pleasure and anticipation.

I, very slowly, grip hold of his shaft with my right hand, lean down, and wrap my lips around the head. He moans and gasps in response, thrusting his cock into my mouth. I move my hand up and down, and suck the head, moving my mouth deeper and deeper, making it wet and licking up all his precum. I move my head up and down, my tongue sliding up and down his length, and my lips gripping tight. I keep going, faster and faster, then I stop, and he carries on thrusting into my mouth, fucking my mouth while I grip his cock. Suddenly his cock starts pulsing and he thrusts hard into my mouth, his cum shooting out and spraying to the back of my throat. Taken by surprise, I struggle to take it all, almost choking on his hot cum. I hold my mouth over his cock while he orgasms, feeling the strong pulsating in my mouth.

When he finishes, he looks at me, eyes wide, and states he’s never had a blowjob like that in his entire life. I just smile and lean over and kiss him.

Now, I guess a good thing about him being a bit younger, is he can have sex more than once in a row. He can cum, and then 10 minutes later, can be ready to go again. And we did have hot wet desperate sex after that amazing blowjob, but I want to tell you about another time we had sex, that was amazing.

We have had a lot of sex, over the past 2 months or so that we’ve been seeing each other. And I mean a LOT. We’ve done it 5 times in one night, pretty much within the space of 2 hours, maybe less. He’s fucked me hard, gentle, from behind, reverse cowgirl, me on top — which he loves, he makes me feel incredibly sexy while I’m on top fucking him, and he cums reasonably quick in this position. I’ve given him lots of blowjobs and handjobs, he’s gone down on me and fingered me. All in all our sex life is incredible. I’ve never had sex like it, he’s amazing at making me orgasm over and over, his cock is big and he knows exactly how to fuck me to make it feel so good.

Anyway, so this one time, we were in his room. We had to be fairly quiet, because his 16 year old brother, and mum were both in.

I’d just gone down on him again, jerked him off and made him shoot his load into my mouth, lots of cum, which I swallowed. glory hole secrets porno I love the feel of his cock pulsing so hard, and his cum shooting out.

We were just kissing, him still completely naked, and me with all my clothes on. We were just casually chatting, him saying how amazing the blowjob was and how he loves cumming into my mouth. I laid back and was half watching the tv. I then turned to face away from him, my ass on his cock. I didn’t think this would have any effect just yet, but, he got hard straight away. He pushed his hips into mine, pushing his cock right up against my ass, which he always does when I get in that position. He undid my jeans and reached inside, gently stroking my clit between my legs, getting me wet, making me moan. Then, quite forcefully, he grabbed my jeans and yanked them down, to just below my ass, he pulled my top up a little bit, then I felt his hard cock against me, and before I knew it he’d thrust inside me from behind, making me gasp. He pulled me hard against him, pushing his cock deeper inside me. Then he started thrusting, in and out, all the way out, and all the way in. I was moaning in so much pleasure, pushing myself back against him, his arms around me, pulling at my hips.

He then moves, tells me to lay on my front, and not pulling out he moves on top of me, I’m laying down flat on my front, jeans still around my thighs and top still on. He grabs hold of my ass cheeks, and starts sliding in and out. By this point I am so wet. I can feel the length of his cock sliding across my g-spot and I am moaning, gripping his legs and digging in with my nails. I reach underneath me and finger my clit, and I cum straight away, my whole body juddering, gasping, my pussy contracting with the waves of orgasm as he carries on thrusting deeper. I raise my ass up towards him and he grabs tighter to my ass cheeks, thrusting harder and faster, the head board of the bed banging against the wall. I cum again, almost in tears with the pleasure, my legs shaking. He leans back and slides in deeper, his big cock filling me up completely. I am just thinking I can’t take any more, when he whispers he is close to orgasm. He grips hold of my hips, thrusts so hard and so fast, then slows down and pulls on my hips, thrusting his cock deep inside and holds himself there, as his cock pulses over and over. I manage to cum one last time at the same time as him, both of us moaning and gasping. He slows right down and collapses on top of me, kissing my cheek, still inside me. I can hardly speak. He then pulls out of me slowly, it still feels so good. His cum drips out of me, onto my thighs and a bit on the bed. I pull my jeans and knickers up, and smile at Chris.

I can safely say, that will always stick in my mind as one of the best sex sessions I have ever had. But I am also positive there will be many, many more to come!

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Just Visiting

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This was always the longest part of the trip. The plane was down and taxiing to our gate. I always have to convince myself to take a deep breath and be patient. But knowing you will be there waiting for me is just too much for little Miss Impatient.

Finally the plane came to a stop and the seat belt sign went out. I only had a small carry-on bag stowed under the seat, which I grabbed and hurried down the aisle to beat the rush.

As soon as I’m at the end of the tunnel, I’m looking for you. Usually you’re pretty easy to pick out of the crowd and this time was no different. Hurrying towards you, I almost throw myself into your arms.

Laughing you hold me at arms length, “Who are you? I think you’ve got the wrong guy!”

With a grimace I use my bag to slug you in the shoulder and finally you wrap your arms around me, nearly lifting me from the floor.

I felt dizzy. It was always this way when I first say you after a long separation. The time we were apart seemed endless and I lived for the moment I could touch you again.

“What? No kiss?!” You grumbled good-naturedly.

I stuck my tongue out at you, “In the car, doll. I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself, and after all, this IS a public place.”

“In that case, lets go,” and you grabbed my bag in one hand and me with the other and led me away.

As we passed the mobbed luggage drop, I thought to myself on how you had insisted I just keep stuff at your place and save bringing so much stuff. It saved us a lot of time, plus shopping with you for all the things I’d need had been so much fun. You spoiled me relentlessly and I rarely complained.

As I followed along behind you, I looked you over closely to see what might have changed in my absence. Your hair was shorter and you’d grown your goatee back. I smiled to myself as I thought about how I’d said that I preferred that look last time when you had shaved.

Finally we reached the parking ramp and found your car. The doors weren’t closed more than a couple of seconds when I reached over and turned your face towards mine. “I think I owe you a kiss?” I laughed softly.

As our lips met, I felt that spark that had been there since the first time we kissed. A tiny jolt of electricity as soon as our lips connected. I leaned into you and deepened the kiss and touched your tongue with mine. With a deep sigh I moved as close to you as the seats would allow and ran my fingers through your hair and down your neck. I felt your skin shudder and pulled back enough to see your face. I never got enough of looking at your face and those blue, blue eyes.

Just now those blue eyes were darkened a bit and you were smiling at me. Softly you whispered, “I missed you”.

“Me too…” I spoke through a tight throat as your words sent a shiver through my whole body. Seems like a lot of things you say or do have that effect on me. “Take me home.”

Laughing you put the car in gear and pulled out of the parking spot.

The ride to your house is short usually, but the tension filling the car made it seem twice as long. I couldn’t keep my hands off of you and as you drove, I ran my hand up and down your thigh, feeling the muscles underneath flex and relax. I didn’t want to touch you anyplace more intimate. I could tell that you were hard. I could see your hard-on straining against the material of your shorts.

I leaned against you and whispered in your ear, “if you don’t hurry, I’m going to start in the car.”

You looked at me with wide eyes and I could see you assessing female agent porno my words, to decide whether or not I was serious. With a teasing smile I ran my hand to the waist of your shorts and slid the tips of my fingers inside. The backs of my fingers stroked against your stomach and I pushed a bit lower.

With a gasp, you grabbed my hand, saying, “Ok, ok, I’m hurrying!!”

I laughed softly and moved my hand back to your leg. I snuggled against your shoulder and was happy to just be with you.

You got out and not giving me time to do anything said, “Woman, 10 minutes ago you were telling me to hurry, now you won’t get out of the car! Lets go!”

I smiled and pulled myself up. You just grabbed my hand and led me into the house.

As soon as the door was closed, I pulled back on your hand and turned you towards me. I stood up on my toes and pulled your mouth to mine. I molded my body to yours, gently pushing my hips into yours to feel your cock against me. We fell back against the door, kisses growing frantic as our breath quickened and bodies grew taut with desire.

You drew me up and closer to you, stepping backwards with small steps, leading me towards the nearest couch. Still kissing each other, we somehow managed to fall onto the couch. I broke away from your mouth to breath deeply a few times. I nuzzled against your neck and licked you with tiny strokes. Flicks across your skin that let me taste you. I ran my mouth up to your ear and gently take the lobe between my teeth. With a warm breath I told you exactly how much I’d missed you and what I wanted to do to you.

I could feel you heartbeat speed up under my hand on your chest as you turned my head back to take another kiss from my willing mouth. I felt your hands working with the buttons on my shirt, and tried to make it easier by shifting away from you. Your mouth broke from mine to kiss my chin, throat and on down, following the path of your hands. I felt your lips on the curve of my breasts above my bra and I arched back to allow you access to the rest of my breasts.

With gentle fingers you stroked over my bra to caress the nipple. Instantly my nipple started to get hard and your fingertips focused on it, giving me a gentle pinch that made me gasp. Your head dropped down and I felt the warm wetness of your mouth over me, your tongue flicking over the hard nipple. I pushed towards you and pulled you closer to me. After a few moments you did the same with my other breast and I was trembling under your mouth.

Your fingers traced the line of lace covering me and slipped underneath to push it back and expose most of my breast to you. Your mouth dropped down again and touched my bare nipple for the first time. I felt your teeth scrape over it gently and I couldn’t stand it any longer. I pulled your mouth back up to mine and kissed you hard.

I pushed you back and without leaving your mouth moved so I was sitting astride you. I pushed your head back and trailed my mouth down your neck. I loved your skin, warm and soft to the touch, a bit salty to taste. I pulled on your shirt to un-tuck it and ran my hands over your chest and sides. My fingers found your small nipples and stroked them to hardness. I pushed my body further away from you on your legs and lean forward as I pulled up your shirt. My mouth explored you from the waist up, my tongue flickered over your nipples and I gently nipped you occasionally.

Your hands were never still. You touched me from the crown of my female fake taxi porno head down as far as you could reach and then back down my legs where you could reach. I slid back close to you and pushed down into you. I wanted to feel your cock straining to reach me. I reach a hand between us and stroked you through your jeans. I could feel you jump under my touch. This was the one arena where I had more patience that you and I couldn’t help but enjoy it. Finally I pushed myself off of your legs to kneel in front of you. I nudged your legs open so I could rest my head on your stomach.

With a mischievous smile, I looked up at you while my hands started to work on the button and zipper of your shorts. In a few short moments I had them open and you relaxed a bit, finally having room for your cock. The snug underwear you preferred kept you tight against your body and I dropped my head down to nuzzle the length of you against my mouth and cheek. I noticed that the tip was visible above your underwear and I licked you with tiny, hot licks. Slowly I eased your bikini briefs away from your hard length, to allow my mouth more room. Eventually I exposed your whole cock and engulfed you with my mouth, just for a moment.

I backed away and ran my mouth over your balls, sucking gently before taking you in my mouth again. I continued like this for a while, before deciding to settle on just the sensitive tip. My mouth was wet and warm and I held you tightly, while my tongue danced over the ridge.

Your hands had moved to my shoulders and hair and were holding onto me, as if afraid I would stop. I laughed softly, deep in my throat and you were so sensitive that even that made you tense. I released you long enough to flip the rest of my hair out of my way and without warning took as much of you into my mouth as I could. Up and down a few strokes and you could not endure any more of my torment and your hips pushed up off the couch to meet my mouth.

Knowing that signal, I sucked harder and faster and kept you tight in my mouth as you began to explode. Throughout, my tongue is never still and I continue to tease you even as you orgasm. Only when you start to relax do I swallow and the change in pressure caused you to twitch again. I loved the fact that you could come and still be hard and I was reluctant to let you go.

Still shaking, you pulled me back onto the couch. “You’re going to let me return the favor, right?”

Impishly I grinned and said, “no!”

“Like hell!” you growled and pushed me back on the couch. My breasts were still exposed and your hands moved to hold them, plumping them while keeping the nipples exposed. Your head dropped down. Lick. “You sure?”


Lick. “Still?”

A pause, “yes”.

Teeth closing.




“That’s what I thought,” and I could hear you laugh as you took a position very similar to the one I’d been in just a few moments ago.

You pushed my skirt up out of your way and opened my thighs wider to plant kisses down my inner thighs. Your finger slid over the satiny material of my panties and I knew they were already soaked through. You pushed them slightly to the side and your finger continued its slow stroke, feeling my wetness, pushing into me slightly. Just enough to make me want more and I pushed my hips up towards your hand. You moved away, but only to pull my panties off. Then you opened me back up and I saw your head lower towards my center. So glory hole secrets porno close I could feel your breath, you stopped. “Say it, kitten. Tell me what you want me to do.”

My breath stopped and my eyes flew open. I’d felt every word you said on my super sensitive clit. “Taste me.”

You moved those final few centimeters and touched your tongue to me. I thought I was going to burst into flames any second. I willed my body to stillness and felt your tongue move over my clit. I pressed myself closer to you and my muscles deep inside flexed, tightening, despite the fact that my pussy was empty.

As your tongue continued to flick over and around my clit, I felt your hand on me. You pushed a finger into my dripping pussy, but withdrew it as I tried to push you deeper. Slowly, you slid into me, a tiny bit, a pause, another push and another pause. Finally I could tell you were as far into me as you could get and I deliberately flexed around your finger. You slid most of the way out and I felt another finger join the first and you began again. Slowly entering me, you curved your fingers up and stroked along my g-spot.

“Uhhh!” My gasp was loud in the stillness. My head came off the couch as you continued to lick my clit and rub my g-spot. My whole body shook as you played with me. I couldn’t decide if I wanted you to stop because of the intensity or to never stop. My hesitation gave you enough time to bring me to a screaming orgasm as my upper body lifted off the couch and my breath slammed out of me. My eyes were wide open and I couldn’t breath for several moments. Eventually you pulled away from me and looked up at me from the floor.

“I love doing that,” you said, “it turns me on to hear you come.”

With a low laugh I tumbled off the couch to join you on the floor. I pushed at your shorts and underwear until you were naked from the waist down. You were still hard as could be. I leaned down and kissed you, tucking my hair out of the way. I pulled my skirt back up and slid onto you. My forehead was pressed against yours as I lowered myself fully onto you. Then I relaxed and just felt you inside of me. I loved having you there, warm, full, slippery. Slowly I started to grind back and forth, and around in small circles. Your hands went to my face, as you looked me in the eyes.

With a wild laugh, I tore off my remaining clothes over my head and pulled your hands to my breasts. My left hand was on your chest and my right hand reached between us for my clit. I loved riding you, making you watch me masturbate, knowing I was going to make myself come.

I started to move more quickly, my hips matching the pace of my fingers. Your hands massaged my breasts, brushed my hard nipples and finally lowered to my hips.

My head fell back and my breasts jutted toward you as I felt myself grow tight and even wetter.

Snapping forward, I fell across your chest and gasped, “are you ready? I’m going to come soon.”

Eye to eye, you looked at me and said, “Do it. Come with me”

Still touching myself, my eyes fluttered closed and I could feel the muscles inside of me tensing, ready to explode again. My hips pushed you as far into me as I could and my whimpers finally trailed off in a long moan. I couldn’t stop rocking against you as all the little shockwaves continued.

I don’t know if it was the motion or my moaning that set you off, but just a few seconds after I came, I felt you tense beneath me. You grabbed my hips and lifted us both off the floor as you buried yourself deep inside of me. I could feel the jerk of your cock and the new warmth of your orgasm, as you lay rigid beneath me.

I lay against you and felt you subside slightly. I looked up into your beautiful blue eyes again and said, “Do you think we’ll ever make it to the bed the first time?”

For you –


Your kitten

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School Days Ch. 06

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Melinda Briggs was always a little flustered around Christmas time, but this year was proving worse than normal. She was still single…by choice…and that made her lonely. She was still seeing Courtney and Erin…by choice…and that made her question her own sexuality.

The twenty five year old grade school librarian was proving to be a hit at school among the children and staff. Her ever-present smile and natural good looks resulted in anyone spending time with her leaving with a warm feeling.

Needless to say, she had been a popular guest at the Halloween party Courtney and Erin took her to. Most people would have been happy just to watch her walk around in her sexy schoolgirl costume. But when word got around the party that she was involved in light bondage having sex with the “lifeguard” every woman in the house wanted…well, it drew quite a crowd.

Luckily, Courtney and Erin were the only parents of kids at her school that Melinda had to worry about seeing after that episode. And see them she did! At least once a week, and usually more often than that, the women were together in bed. Sometimes only two of the three could show up—the “odd man out” usually being the married one, Erin—but oftentimes it was a threesome. They met during the day mostly, when Melinda could get away. Courtney, a 34 year old widow, was between jobs and Erin, 31, was married to a middle aged executive who considered her nothing more than a trophy.

A month ago Melinda never would have imagined herself living such a lifestyle. But the Halloween party changed everything. She was beginning to consider herself bisexual, and loving it.

But Christmas would continue to haunt her. And it was fast approaching.

It was two weeks before the big day and Melinda’s condo was brightly decorated, just the way her mother used to decorate their house when Melinda was a child. Perhaps her mother wouldn’t have dreamed of putting up a fake tree, but this was the twenty first century, Melinda reasoned. Up in fifteen minutes, down in ten. That’s all she cared about.

She was on the couch watching TV an hour after dinner when the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Dressed in a long football jersey and panties, she hesitated at first. But at this time of evening the only visitors she ever had were Courtney or Erin. So, she walked to the window and inched the curtain open to peek out. It was a man, but his back was to her.

She cracked open the door, keeping the chain lock in place.

“Dad!” Her tone was half statement and half question.

“Hi, Melinda,” Don Briggs said sheepishly.

The woman quickly undid the chain lock and swung open the door. She stepped back, allowing the man to enter.

“What are YOU doing here?” she asked.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call,” Don replied. “I didn’t think I’d be here until tomorrow. I was able to get out of a meeting and get a flight. I hope it’s not too inconvenient.”

Melinda closed the door, still a little shaken. She stood next to her father, pulling down on her jersey self-consciously before taking his coat and hanging it in the closet.

“Sit down.” She moved back to the couch and let him settle into the only large chair in the room. She hit the mute button on the TV remote and pulled her legs tightly underneath her, once again tugging on the jersey.

“So, how have you been?” her father asked.

“Fine.” She wasn’t sure how else to answer when you haven’t seen your father in years and he shows up at your door.

“Michael told me you had a job,” he said, referring to Melinda’s brother. “A school librarian?”

“Yeah. I like my job. I’ve met a lot of nice people…made some friends.” If he only knew, she thought.

“I knew you’d be alright. You were always very independent.”

“Well, I guess I had to be, didn’t I?” The implication was obvious. Don looked at her and didn’t need to decipher the look on her face.

“Melinda, one of the reasons I wanted to see you was…to say I’m…I’m sorry. When your mother was sick…”

“She was dying,” Melinda interrupted.

Her father continued as if he hadn’t heard her. “When Beth was sick I needed to be around you more. I wasn’t. I’m sorry. I was busy, and…”

Melinda chuckled. “You’ve always been busy. Too busy for me, apparently. My mother was dying before my eyes and you didn’t care.”

“That’s not true,” the man shot back. “The doctor didn’t know how bad the cancer was and I couldn’t quit work…no knowing anything.”

“It was very obvious what was happening,” Melinda said firmly. “You didn’t want to listen to the doctor, even if you HAD talked to him. It would have taken you away from your precious job.”

Neither of them spoke for a few agonizing seconds.

Melinda wanted to make her point, but for some reason she didn’t want her father to leave. Despite the tension between them she felt a little relieved saying some of the things she’d felt for so long.

“I can’t change what happened, Melinda. I can’t bring back your mother. But I want you to know I czech pool porno care about you and Michael and I don’t want us to hate each other.”

She couldn’t argue with that. Besides, she would never hate her father; simply blame him for everything concerning the agonizing death of her mom.

“Do you miss her AT ALL?” Melinda tilted her head to one side as she asked the question.

Her father looked incredulous. “Of course I do. I loved her. I’ve been lonely ever since we lost her.”

Melinda stared across the dimly lit room as if she was hypnotized. He was lonely? She refused to let herself believe him. But for the remainder of the evening she remembered his words and repeated them back to herself, because it gave her hope that she wasn’t alone.

They talked for two hours—no so much as father and daughter but rather as two acquaintances who weren’t quite best friends. Melinda’s father was forty five and she didn’t view him now as an “old man.” In fact, she had seen him so little in her adult life that he was practically a stranger.

He was tall and thin and just as good looking as she remembered him from her childhood. He had never mistreated her. All she’d ever wanted was for him to acknowledge her existence.

Don accepted his daughter’s invitation to stay at her condo for the duration of his visit. When they were done chatting he brought in his bags from the rental car. She took him to the second bedroom just down the hall from her own and showed him where the bathroom was. They agreed on meeting in the morning for breakfast. There were no goodnight kisses. But at least they were together in the same house again…for a change.

Melinda retreated to her bedroom and closed the door. She flopped down on the bed and stared at the roof, rehashing many of the things that had been said during the evening. She truly did not hate the man, she kept saying to herself. Is that what he thinks? That she hates him after all these years? She closed her eyes.

She woke up suddenly, unsure of what caused it. She glanced at the clock. Just past midnight.

Melinda was thinking of her father, as if she’d never fallen asleep. But she was almost emotionless in her feelings now. She imagined the large bedroom she used to have at home, her parents just down the hall protecting her and Michael. But her father was alone now. It was just him and her. Alone.

A bedroom door opened. Bare feet quietly walked down the hall. A second bedroom door was nudged open and the visitor listened closely. The visitor entered the room and left the door slightly ajar. The carpet accepted each step without a sound. At the side of the bed, a shirt was lifted off and dropped to the floor. The visitor could now make out the form in the bed.

She lifted the sheet and climbed into the bed, her father’s bare back facing her. Melinda felt a shiver go through her body as her breasts touched his skin. Then her stomach brushed against him. She pulled the sheet up.

Just as her arm fell over his body, Don awoke. He realized something was behind him and he began to turn over.

“No,” Melinda whispered. “It’s just me.”

The man lay frozen in place. His daughter’s arm wrapped around him while her skin pressed against his. He had little doubt she was topless, but was afraid to look or touch. Don felt her legs rub against his, below his boxers.

When he finally moved, it was to hold the hand that she placed on his chest. It was warm and soft. Don put his fingers between those of his daughter.

Melinda kissed his neck. Now he was certain it was her bare skin resting on his back. He had to say something, but what? Did he dare roll onto his back?

The young woman took her hand out of his and ran her fingers over his chest. She traced around his nipples and moved her hand lower. She felt the firmness of her father’s stomach. Then Melinda touched the top of his boxers.

Don sensed her hesitation. He wasn’t wishing her to either stop or continue and he decided not to influence her one way or the other. Melinda’s hand moved down and her father felt strangely contented.

It only took a second for Melinda to find the tip of Don’s cock under the thin material of his boxers. She stretched out her fingers and felt for the rest of the shaft. Melinda placed the palm of her hand over it.

She was pleased to feel it twitch and begin to grow. The woman rubbed it gently, pressing it against her father’s skin. She rubbed it in a circular motion before running her palm up and down the shaft.

Don was getting over the shock of waking up to his daughter in bed with him, and his body was responding. Her touch was magical. It was light, yet applied just the right pressure in just the right places. The cock grew involuntarily.

When it was almost fully erect, Melinda found the opening in the front of her father’s boxers and slid her hand inside. She wrapped her fingers around the cock and held it firmly. She hoped her father didn’t feel her nervousness.

The czech sharking porno cock became rock hard within seconds after Melinda gripped it. She stroked it slowly, with long, even movements of her hand. She could feel the blood flowing through it and knew at that point that she would make him cum, one way or another.

Melinda pulled on the cock until her hand, with cock in tow, rose out of the boxers. She looked down on the throbbing dick with admiration. The tip was red and swollen, ready for whatever Melinda had in store for it.

She took a moment to gently caress it. Her nipples hardened at the thought of having the huge cock inside her pussy. Then she couldn’t wait any longer.

Melinda let go of the cock and pushed on her father’s boxers until they began to slide down his legs. She moved until she could remove them entirely, Don still on his side but gradually rolling towards her. She was glad it was as dark as it was, at least partially hiding her semi-nudity.

Once the boxers were off, Don found himself settling onto his back, looking up at the form of his daughter in the darkness. She let the covers slide off her body. Still reluctant to let her father see her bare breasts, Melinda bent over and forced his legs slightly farther apart. She took his penis in her hand, then kissed it.

Don felt the softness of her lips. They were everywhere on his cock. Then her tongue touched him and he stifled a moan. His legs were stiff from anxiety and he had to force himself to relax.

A moment later his cock was inside his daughter’s mouth. His body froze in place. He looked down and watched her hair flow up and down as she worked her lips on his shaft. Melinda’s hand gripped the base of the cock, sometimes forcing it up to her face.

Don felt the pressure build in his balls. He was about to give in to the need to cum when Melinda backed away. In the darkness, he saw her removing her panties. Now, just an outline of a beautiful naked young woman rose above him.

Melinda repositioned herself so her legs straddled her father’s waist. Slowly she lowered her body to his. When her damp pussy first touched his cock she thought she couldn’t go on. However, her desire to please him and have him accept her made her continue.

She took the stiff cock in her hand and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Certain, now, that he was about to have sex with his daughter, Don put his hands on Melinda’s hips. Together, they maneuvered until Don’s erect penis was deep inside Melinda’s pussy.

He took a second to take pleasure in the tightness of her youthful body. She welcomed the size and stiffness of the cock below her. Then they began to make love.

It was awkward at first until their rhythms matched and the anxiety wore off. Melinda leaned forward a little and Don raised his knees a few inches to cradle her ass. The next couple minutes were sheer ecstasy for both of them.

When Melinda took her father’s hands and placed them on her breasts, she knew it would only be a matter of seconds before she came. He squeezed her nipples and cupper her breasts in his palms, sending waves of her pleasure to her pussy she could not ignore.

It was impossible to tell who started to cum first. They each called out in the shadows for the other and then were lost in their individual orgasms. The bed rocked as Don forced his cock up into his daughter. Melinda squeezed her pussy around her father’s penis and shifted her hips up and down with each thrust.

Don’s hands found her breasts once more and seized onto them. Melinda sighed her approval. She played with her clit as stream after stream of cum filled her pussy and groans filled the bedroom.

Melinda thought she would cum forever. She was pretty sure her father was done before she finally took her hand away from her clit and collapsed onto his chest. Don wrapped his arms around his daughter and they rolled on the bed, kissing tenderly. They ended up on their sides, looking closely into each other’s eyes for the first time since Melinda entered the room.

“I love you, Melinda. I always have,” Don whispered.

“Oh, Daddy.”

Tears flowed freely from Melinda’s eyes. Her father hoped the darkness hid his own.

“Merry Christmas,” Melinda said softly.

The next morning, Don entered the kitchen to find Melinda in a nightgown cooking breakfast. They talked completely around the subject of the previous night and were both much more comfortable around the other than when Don first arrived. They sat and ate together, agreeing on plans for Don to stay a couple of days.

“A friend of mine is coming over tonight. Can you be here to meet her?” Melinda asked, referring to Erin.

“Of course. I’d love to meet your friends.”

“I think you’ll like her,” Melinda smiled. “She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. And really nice. She has two kids at my school.”

“Are you setting me up?” Don asked between bites.

Melinda laughed. “No. I wouldn’t do that. Erin’s czech streets porno married to some rich, old guy anyway. But that doesn’t mean…”

She hesitated. “Doesn’t mean what?” Don asked.

“Oh. Nothing. Please say you’ll be here.”

“I will,” he assured her.

Melinda was anxious for Erin and her father to meet each other. She had the condo spotless when it was time for Erin to arrive. The two women had talked during the day and Erin had promised to wear something “appropriate.” Melinda giggled at the time, but now she was seriously interested in seeing what her friend would show up in. Don had changed into jeans and a sweatshirt while Melinda wore her normal jeans and oversized sweater.

Father and daughter were watching TV when the doorbell rang. Melinda jumped off the couch and rushed to the door, pulled it open and warmly welcomed Erin inside. The guest pulled off her coat and Melinda gazed at Erin’s 1980s style sweater dress. It clung to every curve of the woman’s body, stopping half way down her thigh.

“Erin. It’s fabulous. Where did you find it?” Melinda asked while hanging up Erin’s coat.

“I had to go online to get this one. They don’t sell them much in the stores.”

“It’s beautiful. Now, come in and sit down,” Melinda said, taking her friend’s hand.

They walked to the couch. “Dad, I want you to meet my friend Erin. Erin, this is my Dad.”

Don was already standing and they shook hands politely. The man’s eyes were unable to keep from scanning the blonde. After exchanging greetings, Melinda urged everyone to sit down while she got drinks.

Erin sat in a chair, folding her legs and gracefully giving her short dress a slight tug toward her knees. It seemed apparent to Don that no bra separated Erin’s breasts from the fluffy material as their full roundness and prominent nipples could easily be discerned.

Despite the distraction, they managed to talk for the short time it took Melinda to arrive with the snacks. The young librarian was happy to see that her father and Erin seemed to get along and found enough things in common to hold a conversation. It was uncomfortable enough for her to have her girlfriend/lover in the same room as her father/lover without having to entertain them, too.

In fact, as the evening progressed Melinda found herself on the outside of much of the dialogue. This didn’t necessarily upset her, but she felt a twinge of jealousy as Erin became more and more relaxed around Don.

During the second round of drinks, Erin rose from her chair to take a short tour around the living area of the condo. She stopped at the various wreaths and nick-knacks that brightened the walls and shelves, commenting on several of them. Don was more intent on watching the shapely woman move than on what she had to say. Erin’s ass seemed to float around the room under the tight fitting dress.

Melinda went to the kitchen during the tour and Erin eventually made her way into the same room, leaving Don alone on the couch.

Erin walked up behind Melinda and put her arms around the hostess. “I think your Dad is very nice.”

Melinda tilted her head back. “Thank you. I’m glad you think so.”

“But you’re still mine.” Erin kissed Melinda on the side of the neck.

“Hmm. I hope so.”

“Have you told him about us?” Erin asked.

“No. Not really.”

Erin kissed her again. “Do you want to?”

Melinda felt the familiar tingle between her legs that she always got around Erin and Courtney. “I was more concerned with…well, I wanted you…I wondered if you wanted to be with my father?”

Now it was Erin’s turn to feel the tingle. “Are you serious? I mean…I don’t mean I wouldn’t. I mean would that bother you?”

“Can I watch?” Melinda said innocently.

Erin laughed out loud, then covered her mouth. “Melinda. You are SUCH a brat.”

“Well, can I?”

Erin put her hands on the librarian’s breasts. “Why don’t you join us?”

“I just might.”

The women kissed and moved back into the living room without any further discussion. Melinda knew from being at parties with Erin and Courtney that Erin would know what to do next. The only question was: What would her father do?

Erin walked ahead of Melinda and nonchalantly took a seat next to Don. Melinda headed for the chair Erin occupied earlier.

“What was so funny?” Don asked.

The women looked at each other and laughed nervously. “Just woman stuff,” Erin answered. She glanced at Don and blinked her long lashes at him a couple times.

“Actually, Erin had a question for you, Dad,” Melinda interjected. At this, Erin shot a confused look at her friend. “She’d like to know if she could stay with us tonight.”

The inference was immediately clear to Don—she meant the three of them. Erin, of course, not knowing of the previous night’s activities wasn’t sure how to take it. She still didn’t know how much Don knew about the women’s relationship.

“I think that would be wonderful,” Don said cheerfully. He reached out and put his hand on the exposed portion of Erin’s thigh.

Now it didn’t matter to Erin what the hell Melinda meant. She was going to have this man and anything else that happened was just icing on the cake. She moved her leg a few inches closer to Don, who slid his hand up the inside of her thigh.

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I’d Rather Be Fucking – The Tourist

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I saw her as the tour group came past. She was at the end, almost detached from it, wandering without really looking at anything. It was a hot day, still, a typical summer Rome day where everything is hot and you feel breathless just sitting down. Which was what I was doing, just next to the Temple of Vesta in the Forum. I’d done the Colosseum in the morning, had pizza for lunch, and had promised myself a gelato once I had ticked off the Forum in the afternoon. I rather fancied melone and limone, two of my favourites, cool and fresh, just perfect for the midday heat.

I was perched on a large boulder to the side of a little piazza. There was an old olive tree above me, offering the shade of its large outspread branches. The Forum was very busy, it was peak tourist season and there were groups everywhere being led by their flag waving leaders. Most had microphones fixed around their heads, which fed into earphones worn by their customers, so the place was fairly quiet despite the multitudes.

The group slowly made its way up the flight of steps which lead to the temple. Their leader was talking to them through their headphones so most had the glazed look of the information-overloaded. Their eyes darted back and forward, but their shoulders were slumped. It was too hot to be doing this. They were probably off a cruise ship so had a strict itinerary they had to stick to.

The woman drifted off the back of the group and sauntered over to the piazza where I was sitting. I was taking a swig from a bottle of iced water I had bought from a street vendor, but I got a good look at her. She was gorgeous. Very pretty face, long dark hair, slim but shapely body, and she was wearing a lovely summer dress which hugged her figure and billowed out around her knees. She was the sort of woman who skipped rather than walked, which gave the impression she didn’t weigh anything, that she was floating.

She floated over to a wooden bench and sat down. I watched her through my sunglasses. She raised one hand and wiped the back of it across her forehead.

“Hot,” I said.

She slowly turned her head and looked at me.

“How’s the tour going?” I said.

She remained for some moments just looking at me. I felt I was being examined.

Then she sat up straight.

“I’d rather be fucking,” she said. And still staring me in the eyes, she produced a small and well controlled smile.

I didn’t say anything. I just stared back at her.

“It’s the heat,” she said. “And all these columns.” She gesticulated with her arm at the surroundings. “It has an effect on a girl.”

Still I said nothing. I wasn’t quite sure how this conversation was supposed to go.

“Oh well,” she said, with a sigh. “Another time perhaps?” And she stood up.

I watched her as she turned and took a step away from me.

“Wait,” I heard my voice saying. She stopped and turned to face me again. We stood and stared at each other. The breeze blew her dress around her legs, and her hair across her face.

I took off my sunglasses.

She raised a hand and brushed her hair out of her eyes.

“Kolbe Hotel,” she said. “Room 315.”

“Where’s that?” I said.

She raised her arm and pointed. “Over there. You can see the roof. Via di San Teodoro. There’s a path over there.”

She came over to me and took my hand. “Thank you,” she said. And with that, she walked away, dropping the tourist headset on the ground. “10 minutes,” she called back at me over her shoulder. I watched her skip away.

Kolbe Hotel was impressive. The sign indicated it was four star, and the notice at reception said ‘Charming luxury hotel just steps from the Roman Forum.’ I took the lift to the third floor, the luxury suites, and walked along the red carpeted corridor to Room 315. My heart was racing, it was either nerves or excitement, or both. I knocked gently.

The door opened slowly. The woman was standing behind it, holding it half open. She was leaning on the door with a smile on her face.

“I wasn’t sure you’d come,” she said. She was still wearing the same dress, and she saw me look her up and down.

“I haven’t showered twitter porno yet,” she said. I put my hand on the door and pushed it open. She stood back, and I walked in.

“Don’t,” I said. I took the door in my hand and pushed it shut behind me. It closed with a sigh and a click.

“I need to freshen up,” she said.

I took her hand in mine, and lifted it up to my face. I kissed the back of it very gently.

“I prefer the smell and taste of you, not soap,” I said. I pulled her towards me and kissed her on the mouth, a long, deep, wet passionate kiss. She pushed her hips into mine, and found my erection. She moaned.

When we both ran out of air she pulled away and immediately her hands went to my belt and started to undo it. She was breathing heavily and she had an urgency about her. She looked me in the eyes.

“I need you in my mouth,” she said. Then she lowered herself to her knees, at the same time opening my trousers and pulling them to the ground. She stopped for a moment to inspect the bulge in my underwear, she put her hand on my cock and squeezed it, then she pulled my boxers down and watched as my cock sprung forward. She gasped, and smiled up at me, then without any hesitation she opened her mouth and took my cock in, slowly and in one movement, until I was as far in as I could get. I heard her moan, a deep, accepting, wanting moan which told me she was a woman who needed cock and found great pleasure in it. She remained still for a few seconds, just feeling my hardness in her mouth, then she moved her head backwards and started to suck me gently as I went in and out of her. The feeling was sensational, wet and hot, and soon she started to use her tongue to lick around the head of my cock as she sucked.

I looked down. She was squatting on her haunches, with her dress pulled up over her knees, which afforded me a glimpse between her legs. She was wearing white lacy knickers, and because of her position they were pulled tight into her pussy. I could see no hair which meant she was probably shaved down there. I closed my eyes as her sucking motion caused an intensity of feeling in my cock, god it was good, so good, my cock was really throbbing now.

Then suddenly the feeling stopped. She let my cock slip out of her mouth and she sat back to look at it closely. She was smiling, and she ran her finger along the shaft and over the head and around the underside. She took my balls in her hand and squeezed. She squeezed hard. And harder still. My cock responded by throbbing even more, and standing more upright.

She looked up at me. “Right now,” she said, “my pussy is wet and needs a fucking. Will you oblige?” I smiled and nodded.

She stood up and wrapped her hand around my cock.

“God that feels good. Hard and thick. Over here.” I tried to move with her as she made for the bedroom, but I almost tripped. My trousers were still tangled around my feet. “Oops!” she said, laughing. “Let’s get you undressed.” And she stood there, undoing all my clothes and taking them off. She was still fully dressed. I tried to undo her dress at the back but she pushed my hand away. “All in good time,” she said.

She finally pulled my shirt off, and she stood back and looked me up and down. She smiled, and kissed me on the mouth. Then she kissed me on my nipples, biting each one just a little too hard, then she kissed me right down my stomach and ran her tongue down onto my cock. She took me in her mouth again, had a quick suck, and then stood up. She licked her lips.

“You’ll do!” she said. “Now come and fuck me.”

She was still holding my cock, and she made to lead me off like a dog on a lead when she stopped again.

“But before we do…” she said. She dropped my cock, leant down, put her hands under her skirt, and unceremoniously pulled her knickers off. She stood up and held up her knickers like a trophy. They were wonderful. White, mostly lacy see-through material, with a full white cotton gusset that I knew had been snuggled into her pussy all day in the heat of a Rome summer. I really wanted to smell those knickers.

“You said you liked the smell of me, not soap. xhamster porno Is that right?” she asked, almost in a whisper.

“Yes,” I said, “that’s right.”

“So you’d like to smell these then? Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” I said.

“They’ll smell of me, won’t they?” she said, looking inside the knickers.

“Yes,” I said.

“Especially this part?” she said, holding the knickers open so I could see the crotch. She had it stretched between the fingers on one hand. Her other hand she returned to my cock, which she squeezed hard.

“In a minute or two you’re going to have this cock inside my pussy, aren’t you?” she said.

“Hopefully,” I said. She smiled.

“Are you sure my pussy is ready for your cock?”

She was looking at me, smiling. “You said it was,” I said.

“Did I? And you’re going to believe me are you?” she said. I nodded. “Shouldn’t you check for yourself? You’re the man after all.”

I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t think, she was giving my cock little squeezes as she spoke and my mind was completely distracted by this.

“I tell you what,” she said, “why don’t you do a double check? See if you like how I smell, and see if my pussy is ready for your cock. All at the same time. What do you think?”

As I opened my mouth to reply to her, she moved forward towards me. She dropped my cock, took my hand, then she leant me down and pushed my hand underneath the hem of her dress. The she stood up, bringing my hand with me. Then all in one movement she pushed my hand between her legs with one hand and covered my face with her knickers with the other hand.

Oh my god, what heaven! My left hand immediately felt the hot wet stickiness of her pussy as my nose buried itself in the strong, delicious musty smell contained in her knickers. I breathed in deeply, my cock hardened, I pushed a finger up into her pussy, it slid in easily and was enveloped in her wet engorged lips, she was soaked, and her smell was divine and strong and made my cock throb and throb. She pushed my hand up into herself, and smothered my face with her knickers. It seemed to go on for ages, but it was probably only seconds, then without any warning she suddenly pulled away and dashed across the room into the bedroom.

“Come on, lovely man, come and fuck me,” she said, laughing.

I needed no further encouragement. By the time I was at the door of the bedroom she had her dress off, and she was lying on the bed with her legs wide apart. She still had her bra on, it was a matching twin of her knickers, white and lacy and see-through. It could stay on as far as I was concerned.

She had her arms wrapped around her knees, which had the effect of pulling her legs far apart. Her pussy was on full display, its lips were open and wet and glistening.

“Get that cock in there,” she said, with huge grin on her face. “Fuck me, oh fuck me!”

Just below her pussy I could see the beautiful round bud of her ass. For a moment I wondered how many times that opening had known cock, but I put that out of my mind and positioned myself. She was again breathing fast and heavily, and her eyes had become sparkly and alive. Almost a challenge in them.

I moved forward. My cock was throbbing in that way you only get once in a while, it is so full and erect it is almost painful. It desperately needs relief. You can feel it throbbing, you can feel the blood pumping. The heart must be working overtime for this.

I placed the head of my cock just at the opening of her pussy. She was watching intently, she watched me approach, she watched my cock find its way to her opening, and just as I was about to enter, she put her hand on my chest and stopped me.

“I want it hard and fast. You go in hard, fuck me hard, you understand?” She peered intently into my eyes. “You understand?”

I didn’t reply to her. I raised myself onto my legs and it one long, hard thrust, I buried my cock in her, I went on and on until I could go no further. My cock disappeared inch by inch, deeper and deeper it went. I watched it open her up, her pussy lips open to receive me, she was so wet and ready xnnx porno there was no resistance at all. Her pussy took my cock and swallowed it up.

She screamed. She screamed the moment my cock entered her, she screamed as I slid further and further into her, she screamed as my cock opened her pussy lips and rammed into her. She screamed ‘yes’ over and over again, ‘yes’, she screamed, ‘yes’ and she continued to scream and growl ‘yes’ as I began to pump, in and out, in and out, hard, fast thrusts, in and out, in and out. She pulled her legs back as hard as she could so her pussy was pushed forward even more, she wanted her pussy fucked and now she was getting it.

I pumped at her. She tried to push back but she didn’t have any traction so she gave up and lay there, receiving my cock over and over and over again. At times I managed to almost pull my cock out of her, but always I didn’t and I fell forward, the whole weight of my body thrusting my cock back into her pussy. I went in hard and she loved it.

So we fucked. This woman who I had met only a little while ago was taking my cock again and again. We fucked. In and out I went, in and out, and she screamed along loving every thrust of it.

Then I could sense a change coming. Her breathing became faster, she became quieter, her screams were not as intense as before. It felt that she was withdrawing into herself. I knew what that meant. It meant she was building towards an orgasm, a climax. I decided to give her a hand, or more precisely, a finger.

I continued to fuck her, keeping my thrusts regular but little by little increasing the tempo. My thrusts became faster. At the same time I worked my hand round her bottom and ran my fingers along between her legs. It didn’t take long to find what I wanted – her ass hole. She clenched her muscles the moment my finger touched her there, but she soon relaxed and I started to play my fingers around her button. She was very wet there from all the juices coming from her pussy, so as I circled her there I slowly applied a little pressure and pushed in. My finger went in a tiny bit, barely noticable with everything else going on. But I was now prepared.

The fucking went on. She was moaning and groaning, it was just a long unending sound coming from somewhere inside. She had her eyes closed, and I could see one tear in the corner of one of her eyes. Then her breathing suddenly quickened, and the noise from her throat grew in sound and in pitch. I was fucking her now at a regular speed, long deep thrusts that rubbed against her clitoris as they went in. I sensed her time was near. I decided my time was near too, so as I pulled away and went down on her for another thrust I pushed my finger into her ass, right up to the first knuckle, all in one movement. She jerked violently, her eyes opened and she stared at me, she clasped her knees even more tightly, and then with one long scream of release she exploded in orgasm. She was uncontrollable, her whole body spasmed and shook, she groaned and rocked and cried out and in the midst of one of her waves of climax, I took my orgasm and emptied myself into her, pumping, pumping, pumping my seed into her. I kept my finger in her ass until her orgasm died down when I quietly slipped it out.

We slowly came down from our orgasms, untangled each other, then lay down together on the bed. We had no words, there are no words for moments like that, a good fucking is well beyond words in its ability to communicate something deep between two people. She had turned her back on me and was snuggled up, foetus-like, into me. I had my arms wrapped around her. She was wet and hot and shaky, but she was able to turn her head and kiss me on the forehead. Then she fell asleep.

I lay there for a while watching the window curtains blowing in the afternoon breeze. I could hear the sounds coming from the streets outside – cars, motorbikes, police sirens, voices chattering, birds, the ebb and flow of traffic, street vendors, buses, trams. It was still hot outside. It was hot inside too, but it was a different heat, an animal heat generated by two people fucking, fucking, fucking. I looked down at the woman in my arms, fast asleep and breathing gently. She was beautiful in her nakedness, and I smiled at the memory of what we had just done. I wondered for a moment who she was. I bent down to kiss her on the shoulder, and realised, with a shake of my head, that I didn’t even know her name.

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In the Ladies’ Dress Department

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xMost of the shoppers in the ladies’ dress department are women, but there are a few men. They see the beautiful young blonde girl with the big breasts jiggling sexily as she walks, narrow waist, long legs and the striking green eyes, wearing a very short filmy silk dress, seamed stockings and unbelievably high heels, choosing several different items from the racks to try on. They watch her. She knows they are watching. She knows what they are thinking.

She chooses five dresses. She goes into the changing room to try on the things she has chosen. As she enters, she notices a pretty girl in a cute dress coming out, with a flushed look, but smiling. She glances under the doors of the other cubicles to see if there is anyone in them. One is occupied. The door to each cubicle starts just above her eye level and ends down to two feet from the floor. She notices the occupant is wearing royal blue pumps with very high heels, and appears to be bending over and adjusting them, she can see the hands with long red fingernails down close to the floor.

She enters her own cubicle. From outside, her legs can be seen from mid-calf down. She is wearing black strappy patent-leather sandals with high heels. The rustle of silk slipping over silk can be heard, and above the door she can be seen as she slips her flimsy dress off over her head. Then below the door she can be seen again as she eases her short black silk and lace slip down, and steps out of it.

What cannot be seen is that she is wearing a matching black see-through lace underwear set, consisting of a tiny open-cup brassière, garter belt and thong. The brassière exposes her big breasts completely and pushes them up and out to provocative points. The tiny thong disappears in between the soft perfect curves of her rounded ass, and rides high on her hips. The garter belt is attached to sheer black seamed stockings.

She tries on the first dress. It is a pretty dark blue with white designs on it. The material is light and silky and semi-see-through, and it is very short. Her arms are visible above the door as she slips it on over her head.

Under the door her lower legs and her shoes can still be seen as she poses in front of the mirror. She turns round and settles the dress on her slim waist, smoothing out the skirt, pulling it down since it only just covers her stocking tops, and buckling the matching belt. She notices that her brassière, garter belt and thong, as well as her wide aureoles and nipples are slightly visible through marks head bobbers porno the filmy fabric. She likes that. The fabric is quite tight over her breasts, and her erect nipples make two lumps that cannot fail to be noticed. She likes that too. It is for that reason that she wears an open-cup brassière. She pulls at her nipples through the fabric to make them even larger.

Just then, she senses someone behind her. Impossible! She smiles and half laughs. The brightly-lit cubicle is fully visible in the mirror. There is a chair directly behind her, and the dresses hanging on the hook to her right, nothing else. She slips the flimsy dress off over her head again and puts it back on its hanger. Then for a reason she cannot quite understand, she slips her thong down to her knees and slips the straps of her brassière down off her shoulders, then pulls it down to her waist leaving her heavy breasts to swing free, completely naked. She turns round with her back to the mirror.

There is someone there! She sees the male figure as though the room is dark, even though the lights are bright. She turns again to the mirror. He is invisible. From outside, the only legs that can be seen are hers. He is invisible to everyone but her. He is naked, and his penis is incredibly large and erect.

She wonders why she is not surprised to see him there, and why she does not cry out. She knows what he is there for, and she is ready to let him do what he wants to her. She bends down with her hands on the seat of the chair, her legs slightly apart. He reaches for her swinging breasts. She stays still and lets him enjoy squeezing them for a while.

She realizes that the girl who was adjusting her shoes – the royal blue pumps – as she came in, is just leaving. She catches a glimpse of her shoes as she walks out of the dressing room. Adjusting her shoes? And the other cute girl who was leaving, so flushed in the face, when she came in? She bends lower to see more of the girl. Enough to see that she is carrying her panties and brassière in her hand!

The shadowy figure grabs her in this completely bent-over position, holds her firmly by the hips and thrusts himself into her. She gasps as he plunges deep and hard, and begins to pump. She feels the length of his thrust, realizing that almost the full length of his huge cock is inside her. His hands reach down once more for her huge swinging breasts, find the erect nipples and squeeze them. She senses how much he massage porno enjoys the softness of her luscious big breasts as he revels in the hot wetness of her sex. Her cries and moans as her enjoys her are the only indication of what is happening in the little cubicle. Still the only part of her that is visible from outside the cubicle is her lower legs and her 5-inch high patent leather high-heeled sandals.

A careful observer would notice that her feet are set slightly further apart than normal, and that her ankles are flexing rhythmically, but even her thong so far stays obediently around her knees. To a casual observer, she might easily be trying the next dress and adjusting the skirt or smoothing the sleeves. The reality is that she is moaning quietly and panting as an unknown male with a supernaturally large sex-organ enjoys the ripe fruits of her almost naked body, thrusting his huge penis into her freely offered sex and squeezing her big nipples mercilessly.

She bends over double, holding on to her ankles, as he thrusts hard and deep. Her breasts hang down and her hair reaches the floor. Now finally the flimsy thong slips down to her ankles. She looks down at her feet and realizes that if anyone were to look under the door now, they would see her long golden hair swinging backwards and forwards, both her hands gripped firmly around her ankles, as well as the tiny little black lace thong dangling between her shoes. Maybe they will notice the more active movement of her lower legs as she absorbs the hard thrusts of this invisible man.

Would they wonder what she was doing? Was that what the girl with the blue pumps and the one she saw when she came in were doing? Was that why she was ‘adjusting’ her shoes? Was he in there, fucking those other two girls just like this, before coming in here?

She struggles hard to stay upright, wanting not to interrupt his enjoyment of her perfect body by overbalancing. Once more he reaches down for her breasts, swinging wildly. She looks out under the door and sees the bright red high heeled pumps of another girl going by, pausing for a moment outside her cubicle, and then going into the adjacent one. She wonders if he will go in there after he has finished with her. She wonders if the girl next door is as big-breasted as she is, and is wearing the same kind of sexy frillies that she is. He pulls hard at her nipples as he fucks lustily.

She still only partly believes that this is happening to her as she waits for meet-suck and fuck porno him to release himself into her. She feels the hard thrusts as he climaxes, feels the liquid spurt inside her body, and smiles. He withdraws immediately.

He is gone. She remains bent double for a while. Was it her imagination? She feels liquid run from her sex, running slowly down her inside leg, and dripping on the floor. Perhaps others will see the semen dripping on the floor between her legs. Finally she stands up, then sits on the chair with her legs spread wide, but with her feet together. With her eager fingers at work on her clitoris and one nipple, it only takes her a short while to stimulate herself to orgasm. She tries to be quiet as she climaxes, but she doesn’t really care if someone overhears.

She sneaks a glance under the door of the adjacent cubicle. She can see the red 4″ high-heeled pumps, set close together, the black seamed stockings, and a pair of red silk and lace panties draped between them. Two hands with long red fingernails exactly matching the shoe colour are holding on to the heels. Once more there is a matching red silk and lace brassiere, rashly dropped on the floor by a girl hurriedly making herself ready for the same treatment. The floral silk dress has fallen from the chair onto the floor. A long mane of glossy blonde hair reaches almost to the floor, swinging rhythmically backwards and forwards. And the ankles are flexing. She hears a stifled moan and some girlish panting coming from inside the cubicle. He is still there, enjoying his fourth girl in ten minutes!

She rearranges her underwear. Her thong is restored to its proper place, caressing a pink, well-stimulated sex with liquid still oozing from the soft crevices. Her flimsy brassière once again cups her big beautiful breasts, pushing up and forward the flushed nipples that were so recently squeezed and pulled. She smiles and wonders if it really happened to her. She looks down. The moaning from the adjacent cubicle and the wet drips falling on the frilly panties tell her it did.

She tries on the other dresses. There is one she likes. A skimpy black one with a low-cut front that shamelessly exposes most of her breasts, and a deep split at the back of the skirt. Short. Easily pulled up to give access to her sex. A dress to be fucked in. She decides to buy it, as well as the blue one she tried on first.

She leaves quickly, smiling, somewhat flushed in the face. The girl with the red shoes comes out at the same time, she is young, pretty, looking a little embarrassed as she stuffs her panties into her purse, but they only glance at each other and smile, and go their separate ways.

She plans to come again to that same cubicle, soon. Maybe he will come, and maybe he will fuck her again. Who knows?

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Show Me How Conclusion

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Big Tits

– an addendum to Show Me How. Thanks for the love (an criticism) – S.S.


I laid back and closed my eyes. Mom snuggled up to me, her head on my chest, my arm around her. She placed her outside leg across my upper thighs. Her knee nudged my semi-erect member. Her arm rested lightly on my chest. She hummed a deep contented sigh. The wetness that had issued so hotly from her and soaked her crotch had already cooled. I felt it dampen my hip as she pressed her pelvis to me.

Light post-orgasmic tremors shook her body. She purred like a content kitten. At the height of masturbating my mother, I had strongly considered mounting her so we might climax together. Now I was glad I didn’t. This was a gift a love, purely for her. If I had taken her while she was in the throes of passion, she could have seen all of this as an elaborate set up. She might have seen it as a betrayal of her trust. Of course I was painfully in need now. My balls ached from hovering at such an intense state of sexual excitement, only to descend from that peak without sweet release.

I held my mother in the dimly lit room. The air was warm and heavy with a narcotic mix of scented candles and her arousal. Before I knew it, I fell asleep. At some point in the middle of the night, mom got up to use the bathroom. The sound of water running in the sink woke me up. The door was open and the bathroom light was on. I took in the sight of her naked form as she washed her hands and face. My unmercifully teased cock once again swelled as I watched the reflection of her breasts swaying and bumping into each other. I fought the urge to crawl out of bed and bury my face between her dimpled ass cheeks.

She turned off the light when she was finished. Only the glow from her alarm clock’s display illuminated dvd porno our forms. The candles had burnt themselves out. She slid into the bed next to me.

‘Baby? Are you awake?’ she whispered.

I turned to face her. I placed my hand on her bare shoulder and brought my face to hers. Her lips were slightly parted as I lightly pressed mine to hers. We held the kiss like that for several seconds; feeling the warmth of each other’s mouth, barely touching, our lips still swollen from the unconstrained biting and sucking during her passionate masturbation session. Now our breath intermingled in a kiss that expressed pure open-hearted intimacy.

She withdrew but a few millimeters and breathed, ‘Are you ok, baby? What are you thinking?’

‘Being with you like this is bliss.’ I whispered back, ‘I was waiting for a red light to pop into my head. Some impulse that told me this was wrong. It never came, mom. Every step of this has felt right. Being your guide, sharing this ecstasy, this closeness — it feels exactly where I ought to be.’

She kissed me. The emotion it expressed told me she felt the same.

‘Baby, the orgasm you gave me was… just unbelievable.’ She reached between our bodies and took my upturned erection in her hand. ‘But you have wakened a deeper desire inside me. Please, please make love to me.’

I gasped at her touch. Her grip was light. She only moved her hand an inch one way, then an inch the other. Yet the feel of this woman’s hand surpassed any pleasure my previous lovers had ever given me. I placed my forehead to hers and groaned,

‘I love you so much. Yes, let me love you. Let me satisfy your every need. ‘

She let go of my manhood and wrapped her arms around me. We kissed with a heat born of equal ensest porno parts raw lust and pure love. I ran my hand down the side of her naked body. When I reached her knee, I drew her leg over my hip. She hooked her leg behind me and drew our bodies together. My erection snaked its way between her legs. I felt the damp heat of her enflamed need on the top-side of my shaft. As we sucked, bit and licked each other’s mouth, her hips instinctively rocked back and forth on my organ. Her clit bumped and glided on the vainy shaft.

I reached between us and pawed one of her sweat-slick breasts. She roughly turned my head so she could bite my earlobe. She then begged, ‘Please baby. I need you so bad. Fill me, please.’ Still lying on our sides, I tilted my hips so the head of my hard on nestled between her labia. It felt like a soaking wet kiss on my prick’s head. I pulled back and ran my length through those petals, lubricating myself well in the process. I turned my mom on her back. I held myself above her at arm’s length, poised between her open legs, the underside of my cock teasing her clit as I slowly gyrated. I gazed down at this lust-drunk beauty. Her large breasts were spilling off to each side. I leaned down a captured one fat nipple in my mouth and lovingly sucked. She moaned and reached for my rod with both hands. I kissed my way up her neck while she jerked me. When my mouth met hers, our kiss was more controlled. It was about to happen and the moment was overwhelming for both of us.

I broke the lip lock and whispered, ‘Put me inside you.’

She was sopping wet and I was hard as iron. Still, her neglected womanhood was tight. When my swollen head gained entrance, my mother’s nails raked across my back. She had a look of fearful determination czech amateurs porno on her face. She wordlessly nodded her head when I asked if she was alright. I started gently rocking my girth in and out. Slowly, a half inch of probing became an inch.. then an inch became three. Eventually her body accepted me. Her pussy felt searing hot.

Once the trauma of entering her passed, she began to cry silently. I asked her if she wanted me to stop but she emphatically shook her head ‘no’. She grabbed my head with both hands and assaulted my mouth and face with kisses as my 8 inches began to slid in and out of her. I could taste the salt and feel the wetness from her tears on my face. The rhythm of our coupling was slow, steady and loving.

My mother’s words were interspersed with sobs. ‘I need you like this forever. I could never live without this now. I feel complete for the first time in my life. Oh baby.. Baby! I’m coming again! Oh my God! Baby?! Oh my God!’

I didn’t think we had sufficiently built up to an orgasm. It seemed to hit her out of nowhere, fast and hard. The walls of her pussy convulsed around my cock. In turn, the control I normally possessed disappeared. I had an instant to decide whether to pull out or cum inside her. I abandoned myself to instinct and buried myself as deep as I could penetrate. Jet after jet shot out of me. We locked eyes for a moment once it began then came together in an urgent kiss that completed out union. Both of our bodies convulsing in mutual ecstasy.

I shuddered as my prick continued to jerk and buck within her. Our kisses evolved into soft assurances of love. I could feel my arms begin to tremble so I had to withdraw and lay on my back. My mom moaned in disappointment when I slipped out of her. She cuddled up to my side and breathed in my ear.

‘That was the greatest moment of my life, baby. I love you so, so much.’

‘Nothing could ever approach what we’ve just unlocked. Let me love you like that forever, mom.’

‘No need to ask. You own me now baby, body and soul.’

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It Starts With a Tease

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I’m sitting on the couch reading when she sits down next to me. The smell of her perfume igniting a stream of images in my head. The story I’m reading gets lost in the flood of information. My eyes continue to scan the lines of text trying to find the beat of the story again but I can’t help but think of her.

Next to me she swings her legs onto the couch. Her bottom of her white-stocking covered feet rest against my thigh.

I try to focus on the words in front of me again and the curiosity gets the better of me. I close the book, sit it aside, and turn to look.

She smiles and bites her lip as my eyes take her in. She is wearing a black chocker, black panties, and white opaque knee high stockings. Her hands rest in her lap. She gives me a slight smirk and a don’t-mind-me shrug.

My body starts to come alive. My pulse quickens, my pants start to tighten, and my stomach does an anxious flip. I place a hand on her calf. I love the feel of her stockings. My fingers glide over the material and I suddenly want to more.

She pulls her leg away. “No touching,” she says and then pulls her knees up and spreads her legs. One of her hands traces a slow path from the top her knee, slowly down her thigh to her panties. I can’t help but follow its progress. She spreads her hand blocking my view of her center.

Peaking from under her panties I see a hint of skin and feel like I just caught a glimpse up the skirt of a girl in school. The thrill causes the butterflies in my stomach to take flight.

She closes her eyes letting her hand explore between her legs. Her fingers teasing the skin beneath the cloth. She lets out a soft moan.

When she opens her eyes she catches me watching and smiles. She lifts the edge of her panties giving me a quick view before hiding it again. I think my face is neutral but she must see some frustration because she laughs. Her fingers hook under the edge of her panties and push down as she brings her knees together. The panties slid over knees and to her ankles. She leans forward and hold the cloth to my face.

I can smell her arousal and it is fuel to my own fire burning within. It calls to me like a siren’s call. My body screams for me to do something. To reach and touch. My mouth aches to taste her.

She drops the panties on my lap and leans back. A smile tugs at the corner of her mouth until it turns spreads into something wicked sert porno and sexy.

One hand slides between her legs to play with herself. She holds my gaze as a finger slips inside. Her mouth appears to be about to unleash sound but I hear nothing but an escape of breath. She slides it free and leans forward placing the wet finger under my nose letting me get the scent before returning it to its place.

It is joined any another. Her fingers glisten from her arousal. Slowly the sounds of pleasure build from a whispered breath to groans. Her body starts to tighten and her heels dig into the couch as the intensity increases.

I break from her gaze to watch her fingers slide in and out the heel of her hand sliding against her clit. Her fingers work in a steady rhythm. When my eyes find her face her smile is gone replaced with the furrowed brow of concentration. I can see from her face the pleasure is climbing the dam holding it back. Then her eyes rollback as she shutters. Her ragged breath starts to slow. Her gaze catches mine and I can see she is not sated.

When she finally relaxes she shifts to her knees and leans to me. Her wet fingers rub against my lips. I part them allowing them access to my tongue. My mouth fills with the salty sweet taste of her. When she pulls away, her mouth is on mine. Her tongue sliding on mine. Our mouths tangled in a rough dance full of heat. A hand finds the hair at the back of my head and takes hold. Her body presses into me. Kissing her is my favorite thing. To feel her want of me in her kiss and the taste of her tongue.

My hand works it way up her sides taking time to enjoy the feel of her skin. It is soft and smooth. I take hold of her neck holding her against me. She rubs the hardness in my pants and I need to have her. I feel her smile at my lips, and when she pulls away there is mischief in her eyes.

She straddles me and I feel her heat hovering above my cock as she grinds against me. She pulls my head to her breasts. Her skin smells of soap and perfume. Her fingers scratch lightly at the back of my neck and her teeth tug at the top of my ear sending shivers down my back and causing my cock to solidify into stone.

How can this woman ignite this animalistic lust inside me? I want to run my tongue all over her body. To taste every inch from her feet to her neck. To cover my face in her scent so that sex mex porno I am constantly reminded of her. I run my tongue along her collarbone and then pull her head back to lick her neck to her ear lobe.

She slides down to the floor and pulls down my zipper. Her hand disappears into my pants. Her hand wraps around my cock. Her touch is cold against heat of my member and then she pulls it free.

She looks up at me, and smiles. Her tongue is rough as it slides up the back from the base to the tip. The anticipation is heavy as she pauses with the tip of my cock near her lips. She slowly takes me in letting me watch as her lips push over the head and down. My cock disappears as the pressure slides down and then she slide back up.

I pull her hair out of the way to give myself a better view. The sensation of pressure and warmth and the cool air in a battler as she works up and down. Her tongue presses against the back of my cock. The view and the feeling threaten to call my orgasm to the surface, but I fight to get it back. I’m not ready for this to be over.

She stops and moves over to the couch spreading her legs again. She doesn’t say anything, but curls her finger beckoning me to her. I take her ankle in my hand and raise it to my mouth. I start at her stocking-covered foot kissing a path along her instep. Then lick along her calf to her knee. Then along the inside of her thigh to her wet center. I run my tongue over her lips slowly trying to give just the barest of touch. I let my breath caress her skin. I split her seam with my tongue feeling the smooth wet ecstasy waiting for me. She tastes amazing.

This is my church. The alter at which I worship. My tongue finds her clitoris and circles it. She lets out a moan and her hands grab at my hair. That those moans are mine makes me almost giddy. I lick, suck, and kiss until my face is covered with her scent and my tongue is covered with her arousal. I don’t want to stop. but there are other parts that need my attention.

I leave my fingers to explore as I continue licking a path to her breasts. I greet each breast with my tongue before taking my time to get to know each nipple. Pulling each one into my mouth and grazing them with my teeth.

She tilts her head back as I lick the top of her breasts. I bite at her neck loving how primal it is. She pushes me back and catches my eyes with hers. “I stranded teens porno want you to fuck me,” she says.

I lean back and take her in. “You’re a dirty girl aren’t you?”

She spreads her legs. I’m drawn to the hint of pink waiting for me. Then her tone turns coy, “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

Fuck yes I do. I want to hold her down and fuck her. To bend her over, press her head into the couch and bury my shaft to the hilt inside her. To cover her in my cum. To mark her as mine.

I grab her ankle and hold her leg as I move between her legs.

The blunt head of my cock rests just outside her entrance and take a moment to enjoy the view. All it would take is a small push and I would be inside her. She arches her back.

I slide the tip of my erection from the bottom to the top pressing it against her clitoris. Holding the base of my cock and I slowly split her open and watch as my erection disappears inside. She is eager and she accepts my length easily.

I push inside then take hold of her hips and pull out with with deliberate force. I enjoy the feel as skin slides past skin and enjoy watching my cock slide out. The way it shimmers from her wetness.

I take hold of her hips and pull her to me and then push away sliding her on and then off my cock. Each time I thrust gets harder. We grunt and moan together as I push deeper.

Her hands find her bouncing breasts and wrap around them as fuck. Our bodies moving in harmony. We lock eyes and her legs wrap around my waist. The friction changes and I push even deeper.

“Yes,” she calls out. “Fuck me. Harder.”

I obliged concentrating on trying to push my cock through her. I try to impale her to the couch. Her fingernails scratched lines down my back and I hiss at the bright pain.

“Yes. Oh yes,” She shouts and then her body shutters and she clenches my shaft as her dam breaks and her release rolls over her.

“Fuck,” I say as I start to feel the familiar tingle start to climb my legs. “I’m gonna cum.” The sensation causes my legs to shudder and I try to ignore it. I try to hold back as long as possible.

“I want to you to cum in me,” she says between breaths. “I want to you to fill my pussy.”

The fuse burns faster with the tone of her words. I feel my cock tighten and her moans get louder. I take hold of her hips and thrust one more time then stop. “Oh fuck,” I call out as my cock explodes with my orgasm. She tightens around my cock with each spasm. I try to hold each spasm of pleasure back trying to prolong it.

My body starts to relax and I slide my cock free. Her finger slides over her stomach to pussy and inside. She smiles.

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Sister-In-Law Affection Ch. 03

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This story is continued from a previous chapter.


When I woke up and I was already late for work. But fuck it, I owned the company and it was Friday. The other guys at the office probably got more done without me there anyway. I felt no compulsion to hurry.

I dragged myself into the bathroom. I left the door unlocked as I showered but Ashley didn’t let herself in this morning, she was already gone. My girl was gone too; not surprising though as she was rarely still home at this late hour on weekdays. Both the girls waitressed, but Kay had to be in a lot earlier. Although I liked to see one or both of them before heading out to work, I didn’t mind having the apartment to myself today.

I still hadn’t spoken with Ashley since we’d…..what? Become lovers? Had sex? Hooked up? For some reason my mind needed to classify everything logically. Apparently I’d never properly determined what a single hand job qualified as. I cursed myself for wasting time thinking about it when I still had much more important things to work out.

She was my girlfriend’s sister. We lived together. We’d grown closer over the last few years, closer than was appropriate. We took it too far a couple of nights ago after my girlfriend Kay had gone to bed. Ashley had caught me perving out during what was supposed to be a back massage; but instead of freaking out and having me arrested, her reaction was to grab my cock and finish me off on her face.

Wow, it was fantastic but now things were a mess. I’m sure Ashley was terribly upset and she had zero emotional stability to begin with. Who knows what her reaction to this was going to be. She’d probably move out, I’d have to confess to Kay and she’d leave me too.


What was I going to do about Kay? Ashley and I knew we had unspoken sexual desires for one another, but they were always just that, unspoken. I’m sure Kay never suspected anything of the sort. While she tolerated and even encouraged our affection for one another, that obviously didn’t extend to hand jobs and facials.

We’d breached the trust of one of the most generous people I knew. How could I explain my infidelity and reconcile with my long time girlfriend? I loved Kay. I loved Ash. I loved them both.

It would have been so much better for everyone involved if we’d kept it all proper. Well, that was the voice of morality talking; my libido couldn’t have been happier crossing that line. Damn me for allowing sex drive to trump higher reason; I should have been stronger. Prior to all this I had convinced myself I was stronger, but it turns out I was just another degenerate who couldn’t keep it in his shorts.

The shower water was running rather cold by this time. I’d lost myself in thought again.

“Go to work, Top” I said aloud referring to myself by nickname.

My parents had named me Topher. I don’t know; I guess I didn’t think much of the name. It was alright but I far preferred the abbreviated version Top. Not pronounced “Toph”, just “Top”. Rhymes with mop. It was unusual, but Top had stuck and I’d gone by it since I was a kid. It rolled off my tongue without a thought.

Eventually, I did go to work and I struggled through another day. I got home and discovered Kay had been screwed out of another big money Friday night shift at the restaurant. She was home and her friend Laura was over as well. Normally, three or more of us in the same room early on a Friday evening would have evolved into a night out with the gang at the bars. But tonight I guess no one was motivated enough to pick up the phone and we ended up just hanging on the couch watching some movies.

It got to be about 10 or maybe a bit after, the three of us were still watching the TV when I heard footsteps coming up the stairwell. It sounded like 2 people talking as they ascended. The apartment door opened and now I could definitely tell there were two people coming in. One of them was Ashley and a male voice. They came down the hallway a few steps and appeared together in the entrance to the TV room.

“Hi Ash” Kay greeted her sister.

“Hey there Ashley. I haven’t seen you in a while”, Laura said excitedly as she ran over for a hug. Laura was Kay’s friend, but I guess she knew Ash as well. “Aren’t you going to introduce us to your friend?”

“Hi, I’m Dom” the kid said, introducing himself. Dom was a rather tall guy. I usually don’t really notice how tall other guys were, but he must have been about 6 foot 3 inches.

“I’m Laura. What are you two up two?” she said in her upbeat, overly happy voice cutting Kay and I off from introducing ourselves. That’s just how Laura was, absorbed with herself and what she was doing. She was pretty much oblivious to the slight.

I can’t say I mined the inadvertent rudeness, though; it gave me an excuse not to talk to this shit head. I’d seen him before somewhere, I was pretty sure he worked at the restaurant with Ashley. That would make sense, as Ashley would have just gotten off work ensest porno and had already managed to find a guy to bring home with her.

I had already decided he was a pretty boy gym-rat. He had some sort of European accent and the machismo that he was trying to pull off was downright offensive. We’d never intentionally hang out or find one another amusing in any fashion. This guy was a toad.

But mostly I didn’t like him because she was going to let him fuck her.

To be frank, Ashley had been around the block a few times. Hell, I’d watched her go around the block. I would never call her a slut; more like desperate to find someone – and she was always willing to give the next guy a chance to be the one. She’d bring them home and I’d be forced to witness some random loser getting lucky with Ash.

I was always jealous. I did so much for her: I’d shown her a thousand kindnesses, kept her safe from any sort of harm, gave her the male attention she craved. I had basically filled in as her boyfriend between each of her failed attempts at a relationship. More or less, I was her boyfriend when it was convenient. The real travesty was, I never got the sex. I figured it wasn’t fair that all these other guys got to nail her and I had to endure.

This time it was different.

I couldn’t exactly spell it out to her with words at the moment, especially with my girlfriend Kay right there, but I wasn’t about to let Ash be with any other man ever again. The snag was that even if I could have talked to her right then, Ash and I still had this gigantic, unresolved moral dilemma between us. We still hadn’t spoken a peep since I came all over her face two nights ago.

This predicament was just so fucked up.

I needed to do something fast. I had about 5, maybe 10, minutes before she’d disappear with shit head into her bedroom.

Kay and Laura were right there, so I couldn’t say what I wanted to without revealing everything. I was effectively muzzled. No matter, words were not my strong suit and I decided I didn’t need them anyway. As Laura bantered on with the small talk incessantly, I managed to get Ashley’s attention. I gave her a look, speaking through expression: ‘What the hell are you doing?’ I was trying to convey how crushed I was that she was doing this and my extreme disapproval.

She looked confused. Didn’t she realize that I loved her? How could she ignore the sex play we’d just shared not 48 hours ago? Surely that changed everything between us.

It seemed an eternity passed. I feared the worst; that she might completely disregard me and carry through with her intentions to screw pretty boy Dom there.

‘Ashley, I want you to be all mine’, I communicated as best I could with expressions.

I could hear silly Laura, Kay and Dom prattling on but they may as well have been a thousand miles away. All that mattered right then was Ashley.

‘Please don’t do this’.

Finally, she understood. Her face softened. She accepted. At that moment, I knew that she loved me and was mine forever.

I smiled and let her know that I loved her, even if I couldn’t vocalize it yet.

It may go down as one of the most fucked up “awwww” moments ever. My future wife was right there in the room while I pantomimed some sort of courtship with her older sister – who had only paused to say hi on her way to bang some other guy. Not exactly a fairy tale script.

I was ecstatic though. I felt we’d managed to get around a giant obstacle between us. Not too bad for a couple of facial expressions. Not that everything was solved, far from it; but I’d settled enough to prevent the immediate disaster.

We locked our gaze for a few moments as lovers would. I didn’t care if Kay noticed; it’s not as if she didn’t know I cared for Ash. Maybe it was too intense and lasted a bit longer than friends would have shared, but I doubted Kay could have picked up on all that. I just don’t think she’s all that perceptive; otherwise she would have objected to Ashley and I a long time before our affection had boiled over to a hand job and facial.

Tunnel vision. All I could see were her hazel eyes. I had looked deep the other night while she jerked me off but that was mostly lust. This was love and I drank it all.

I remember so clearly. She was wearing thick black eyeliner with a white eye shadow. I don’t think I’d ever seen it before but I’ll never forget it now. White, with a hint of frosty blue-green glitter. Her hazel eyes were so sexy; I just lost myself in them as we communed.

It was a lot to pack into 5-6 seconds. However, there were still practical matters to be dealt with, namely Ashley ditching the loser she brought home. I would have gladly run him off, but Kay was sitting right there on the other couch. If I just charged to her rescue now without motive, it surely would have betrayed our romance before it had even started. I was pinned down. Ashley would have to fend for herself though I ached to protect fake agent porno her now more than ever.

Ashley stumbled into an uncouth attempt to get Dom to leave. She jumped back into the ongoing conversation.

“Actually, Dom was just dropping me off from work. My car stalled and he was nice enough to give me a ride”. Apparently, the car trouble bit was a continuing lie. I found out later that Ash really had approached Dom for a ride. It was the surprise premise for luring him to her bedroom. “I’m sure he has to be getting home”

Pretty boy’s night had just taken a big time turn for the worse. If I wasn’t still smoldering pure jealousy, it would have been amusing.

“Ahhh, I thought….I thought I was staying over…” Dom stammered.

“Well, it’s late and I didn’t think anyone was going to be home. We um, sorta have apartment rules about guests staying over” she lied. She wasn’t doing very well at it. Shit head’s expression soured.

Laura was a bit clueless, but even she could see this train wreck of a conversation in progress and retreated back onto the couch with Kay.

“Aww, you’re joking with me right Ashley?” he asked with a forced smile trying to change the mood.

I so desperately wanted to jump up and take over. I was teetering on the verge of action. My guilty conscience kept me on the couch.

“I think it’s time to say goodnight, Dom” she replied.

Ashley moved the conversation out of our sight and back down the hall toward the apartment door. Their voices were still audible, but the three of us still in the TV room couldn’t distinguish words. It was certainly getting more contentious; apparently she’d led him on rather hard.

I was shaking my head without shaking my head. Why this Ash? Like shit wasn’t already fucked up enough. The girls looked concerned too, cocking their ears to eavesdrop as best they could.

“Oh, that’s just great that’s great, sweetheart”, the asshole barked.

Ashley’s exact response was lost under the TV noise, walls and interposing angles, but it was evident she was becoming distressed. I should have jumped up to rescue her but I worried it would lay our entanglement bare for everyone to see. I guess my mind was playing tricks on me or something, normally I would have been nobly defending Ash.

It was Kay who broke my paralysis. Once again, she unwittingly enabled my budding romance with her older sister. She caught my attention and gave a flick of her head toward Ashley’s situation.

“Go” she mouthed, flicking her hands to shoo me from the couch.

Ah, the irony and the guilt just then. There was my girlfriend, unwittingly dispatching me to aid her romantic rival. It tinged my conscience, but Ashley needed saving and I was just the guy to do it.

Now, I’m not the most intimidating dude at first glance. I was 5′ 9″ at best and had a quite demeanor. No other guy was going to pick me out as the threat in the room, but that was their mistake. I did weigh over 200 pounds, and while I can’t say it was all muscle, I was constructed out of some pretty rugged stuff.

I’d played rugby since I started college and I had earned a reputation of being tough amongst the tough. I’d certainly held my own in the rough and tumble and I was flat out devastating in a tackle. Underestimating me was a common mistake on the field and I’d thumped plenty of victims. After 10 years of rugby, I figured I could handle myself well enough against any guy I’d be likely to meet in my own hallway.

Besides that, Dom was all talk. I vaguely overheard him chatting up Laura about the gym or some such bullshit. To me, talking was nothing but bluffing. Like a puffer fish full of air.

I stepped out into the hallway and squared up. From a distance, but squared up none the less. Conversation stopped. I gave shit head a scowl and tilted my head a bit. I made it pretty clear I was about to toss him down the stairwell and curb stomp his pretty teeth on that bottom step.

He sized me up and reevaluated his chances. Now faced with the prospect of a physical confrontation with angry me, I wasn’t so easy to overlook. He was mad, but he wasn’t taking me lightly.

He gave me the mandatory, face saving “Fuck you” as he departed, but he definitely departed.

All along I was pretty sure he wasn’t prepared to mix it up, nevertheless my adrenaline was pumping. I wasn’t bluffing at all. I really would have wrecked that guy. Now I was all jacked up. Raaaar! Adrenaline is powerful; it was going to take me a bit to come down off the hormone.

Ashley locked the door and put her back against it. She was beaming gratitude and admiration but I wasn’t receptive in my current state. I could feel the chemical reaction still coursing through me. I shook and twitched my arms. I’m sure I looked like some typical muscle head showing off as I walked back down the hall to the kitchen. I didn’t mean to; I hated myself a little bit for doing it, but damn I was still fired fake cop porno up.

“Yeeay, Top’s our hero!” I heard Laura cheering. “He ran off the big, bad wolf.” She broke into a sing-song chant. “Top saved Ashley. Top saved Ashley.” Yeah, she was kind of an idiot that way. I could hear her bouncing around the room and she had Kay and Ashley laughing off their anxiety. I guess it was a bit tense for everyone. We were all just letting off steam in our own manner.

I was in the kitchen now, trying to settle down a bit. Having ‘saved’ Ashley I was feeling like a hero. I fancied myself like the dominant head of the lion pride after defeating a rival male in a challenge for mating rights. I should have been entitled to walk in that room and mount all three females right there on carpet.

As I calmed down, I found it interesting how quickly hormones had devolved me thousands of years to basic animal instincts. Hormones easily trumped higher reason in a flash — all that were left were base impulses to kill and fuck.

I have always regard myself as a rational, intelligent man able to control himself and live according to the rules of civilized society. The last couple of days were steadily proving me wrong. I wished I cared more, but fact was I didn’t. Fuck it, this was great.

Ashley came into the kitchen to see me just then, alone. Our eyes met instantly, her expression was all gratitude and admiration.

“Thank you”, she spoke softly. “You rescued me again, Top.” She was crossing the kitchen and closing the short distance between us. Her swift appearance and approach made me a bit tense and excited. This was the first moment we were alone together since our initial sexual encounter. My heartbeat was still elevated from the adrenaline of the throw down; now it was skipping with her growing proximity.

She came to me and leaned her head on my left arm. She was a bit less than five feet tall; I’m sure this was as close to leaning her head on my shoulder as she could manage. Wrapping her arms around tightly she gave my arm a hug. Her soft skin and warmth felt exquisite pressing up against me. All the fight in me was giving way to fuck.

I took my free hand and ran it up the back of her neck into her hair. Clenching it I pressed her cheek harder into my arm. I leaned over a bit and gave her a kiss on the top of her head as I massaged the back of her head with my right hand.

I drew her into me with my whole arm, never relinquishing my vantage of having my hand tangled up in her hair. I slid her face from my arm to my chest making our embrace chest-to-chest.

I’d given Ashley plenty of hugs before, it was a standard display of affection between us. In fact, if Kay had walked in on use right now I wouldn’t have even been embarrassed — unless of course she were telepathic and could read the twisted thoughts running through my head.

It would have been ridiculously easy to take Ash by the back of her head and force her to her knees. I could feel her willingness to please me; I wasn’t telepathic either but this was palpable. Dirty thoughts ran through my head while I held her against me.

Fantasy took over. Down, girl. There you go, pop it out and rub it on your face. I envisioned my cock smearing her mouth and cheeks with precum. Push it in there, Ash. Yeah, in your mouth. Good girl – that’s it, take it. Thrusting in and out. Oh, I would have cum a river in her mouth.

Back in reality she was still leaning on me and we held our embrace while my mind’s eye ran amok. I could sense her sharing these fantasies too. My mind flip flopped from the real to imaginary and back to the real again.

In the physical world chemistry was hard at work. Hormones were having their effects on both of us – silently compelling us to breed. Pheromones wafted at point blank range, intoxicating our senses. There was a tingle where our skin met. Every strand of DNA in me was programmed to take her right there in the kitchen.

Rationally it was unattainable, but I couldn’t help myself. I was going to fuck her right now and plant my seed. I tightened my grip, making a fist of fingers and hair. Drawing her body in even tighter, I pressed my arm against her back vertically and tugged downward.

She resisted, but I was not dissuaded. Her body was pressed chest to chest with mine, she was firmly held captive. I pulled harder, buckling her neck and tilting her face toward mine. I could see her gritting her teeth, resolute not to go down where I wanted her. She opened her eyes, wincing slightly at the discomfort. My eyes held her now just as my arms and hands did.

I spoke my first words to her since our sex play two nights past. “Ashley, please”, I begged. I held my grip but eased up. My left arm was around her waist now as well, pulling her against my ridiculous hard on. I ground it against her belly.

“We can’t, Laura’s here!” she spoke softly so as to not be overheard. And so she was, just two rooms away. It snapped me back to reality. I heard her and Kay talking about some nonsense as they had resumed watching TV.

Aaarg! I release Ash who backed away a few steps. I held my hand out, open palm facing her, fingers spread in a silent apology for my forcefulness.

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