La Vita Dolce Ch. 01

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She attempted console herself as the plane began to descend and calm her rattled nerves. ‘It’s all right, everything is fine. Everything is under control. You’ve been here before.’

Pursing her lips, she blew out a slow stream of air.

She wondered what she would say the moment she saw her uncle, the notorious Renoldo Pezzini.

She drew an absolute blank.

Natasha James stepped off the plane feeling severely jetlagged and supremely rumpled. She grimaced. She felt like hell. Wisps of dark hair had succeeded in pulling free from the ponytail at the base of her neck. Her mascara was slightly smudged, making her eyes appear smoky. She yawned fetchingly and squinting into the sunlight she slipped a pair of dark Gucci sunglasses over her eyes. She made her way down the stairs slinging her purse over her shoulder. The heels of her stiletto boots clicked on the metallic steps. Eyes were on her. Even jetlagged and rumpled, Natasha James was gorgeous. The daughter of a black military man and an Italian heiress, her looks were quite unique; caramel colored skin, raven hair that fell in loose waves over her shoulders, changeling eyes…The young woman attracted attention wherever she went.

A man waited at the bottom of the stairs looking up at her expectantly. He wore a dark suit and sunglasses. His skin was Italian gold and his dark hair was swept back from his face. He was very Italian and she would have found him extremely handsome were it not for the rigid stance and the stern expression that marred his fine features. “Ms. James?”

Natasha slid the sunglasses up onto her head and eyed him critically. “That depends on who’s asking,” she grumbled.

He cleared his throat and shifted, slightly taken back by her answer, but his face remained impassive. He said in a heavy Italian accent “Your uncle sends his apologies. He has business to attend to.”

Natasha frowned, her lips twisting wryly. Her voice was dry. “Business? Is that what he calls it?” Then she looked at him more closely. “Alejandro Montelli? Is that you?” She looked him up and down with a smirk. “My…we’re all grown up. And so important too.”

His mouth twitched and he shifted uncomfortably. He skirted her sarcasm. “You bags will be taken to the hotel where a car will be provided for your use. Follow me, please.”

Natasha followed him over the airfield and into the airport. In the pristine blue and white terminal Natasha headed for the inevitable görükle escort interrogation at customs. “I thought they weren’t letting anyone past security…” Natasha said. Alejandro simply cast her a beleaguered glance.

After the customs officer checked her visa and passport dismissively, she returned it to her handbag, and followed Alejandro out into the terminal. Suddenly she was engulfed in a horde of commuters all rushing to meet their flights.

When Alejandro stopped abruptly before her Natasha nearly crashed into his broad back.

“Wha-?” she blurted, startled.

He glanced back at her, surprised be her closeness.

He took her arm in a none too gentle grasp and led her to a seat away from the bustling crowds. “Stay.” He ordered and turned briskly away from her and disappeared into the crowds.

Natasha bristled at his order. “Woof.” She muttered under her breath.

She watched the hurrying travelers pass by. ‘Like bumper cars ‘ she thought and grinned. She glanced at her watch, ten minutes. She blew out an exasperated breath. One booted toe tapped the floor. She spotted a coffee bar across the way and suddenly a cappuccino sounded desperately tempting.

She stood and was skirting her way across the terminal when a particularly hurried traveler bumped her shoulder, hard. Her purse flew from her shoulder and she stumbled backwards. She skidded across the floor with astonishing velocity. She teetered precariously on her heels and a small startled shriek tore itself from her throat as she began to fall backwards.

She fell against a tall, hard, male body. She winced and flushed with embarrassment as two strong hands took firm hold of her shoulders and she was unceremoniously set on her feet.

She was about to face her rescuer when she spotted her purse, its contents spilling across the floor. “Shit.” She bent quickly and began to gather her things back into her purse. She was reaching for her compact then promptly drew her hand back as a shoe came down and crushed it.

“Lovely.” She sighed and bent her head. It was the last straw. She was motionless a moment as tears of frustration threatened to fall behind the expensive shades.

As she crouched there fighting back tears, a pair of black wingtips appeared before her eyes beneath a pair of exquisitely tailored black slacks. The legs bent and a man came into her sight. He handed her her wayward passport with a gleam of white bursa escort bayan teeth. ” Credo che questo appartiene a voi.”

Natasha smiled weakly and stared. Lord he was gorgeous; tanned golden skin, a shock of dark hair falling over his brow. Super sleek aviator sunglasses shielded his eyes from her view. His lips were perfect and finely sculpted, sensual. His sideburns were worn long, stopping just short of his strong jaw line. His black v-neck sweater stretched over taut lean muscle.

She felt herself flush and was immediately thankful for her sunglasses. The tears that had welled up against her lower lashes were precariously close to falling. She resisted reaching to brush them away. Her voice wavered slightly. “Thanks.” she said taking her passport from his outstretched hand.

The corner of his lips lifted in a smile. He stood and offered his hand. He took hold and lifted her to her feet. His hand did not release hers. Damnit, the tears chose that moment fall. A tear made its way from beneath the dark shades to trail down her cheek. His brows drew together in a look of concern. He opened his mouth to speak but Alejandro was there before he could utter a word. She slid her hand hurriedly from the stranger’s grasp and sidestepped away from him, flushing.

She glanced at Alejandro. His hand was firm on her back as he eyed the stranger suspiciously with quiet menace. The man didn’t seem to notice. He spared Alejandro a mere glance, but gaze was fixed on Natasha.

“Natasha, it’s time to go.” Alejandro said quietly his eyes steadily trained the man across from them. He guided her around the stranger and Natasha glanced back to see the man still standing there, hands tucked into black trousers.

Alejandro was annoyed, surprise surprise. “You, of all people, need to be careful of who you speak to.” He didn’t notice the tear streaks on her cheeks, or it did not concern him.

She lifted her chin imperiously. “And why, exactly, is that?” She wanted him to say it.

He wouldn’t. “Don’t play games. This is not the time or the place..”

She hooked her arm through his, trying to make her voice light. “What’s wrong with you? We used to be cool when we were kids.”

He frowned and disentangled his arm. “I work for your uncle now. Things are different.”

Natasha caught her lip between her teeth and lowered her head, nodding to herself. Alejandro glanced at her but said nothing.

Natasha bursa escort followed him outside. As they appeared a black, Rolls Royce Seraph limousine navigated past a horde of Renault taxis beside the mosaic pavement. Its sky-roof was open to reveal the cap of the chauffeur. From the front passenger seat a man in a black suit with more menace than personality opened the door for her. “Miss James,” he gestured.

“How very discreet.” Natasha remarked.

Her skin prickled uncomfortably. Her gaze was drawn to a tall bald man in a dark suit across the street. It was difficult to tell if he was looking at her behind his dark glasses but a decidedly uneasy feeling settled low in her belly. People swarmed and moved around him but remained perfectly still. There was something decidedly unsettling about him. He was staring. Natasha looked around. He was definitely looking at them. “Alejandro? Who is that?”

Alejandro followed her gaze and the jerk of her head. His expression hardened and he spared the man a hard look. “Benicio Morelli. A henchman of your uncle’s enemy and someone you should definitely avoid.”

Natasha raised her eyebrows at him. “Did you just say ‘henchman’? Seriously?”

“Get in the car.” He hissed.

“But –“

Alejandro all but threw her into the back of the limo before settling himself next to the driver.

Gianni Angiolini also watched the limousine pull away taking the girl with it. Natasha. He liked the name. It was perfect for her, unique, sexy. Her face was in his mind. The dark arched brows, the full pink lips beneath a piquant nose. Her raven hair had framed her face to perfection. Her body was exquisite, young, slender but curved in all the right places. A smile unwittingly curved on his lips.

He had been about to ask her name when that man had shown up. Gianni hadn’t really looked at the man. He had been possessive. A husband? A fiancé, maybe. Gianni grimaced. Something about her companion had sparked his memory but refused to surface.

The shrill ring of his cell phone interrupted his thought. “Yes?” he was irritated.

“You’ve missed your window. I need you here now.”

Gianni’s jaw tightened. “Fuck.” He cursed and flipped the phone shut without responding. His keys jangled as he strode towards the black jag on the curb and the cop standing by writing a ticket and speaking into a radio at his shoulder. The doors clicked as he pressed the key. He got in, slamming the door behind him and ignored the cop completely. The engine roared to life and he shot away from the curb dipping the car around the startled officer.

The girl had been a distraction but he would not let it happen again. The Pezzini heir wouldn’t get by him again.

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Spark , Stone – Ch. 28

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Chapter Twenty-Eight – Drinks And Trolls Won’t Break My Bones

“What is it, son?”

Heathcliff drew one deep breath. Aidan was upset, and he needed someone with real-life experience to help him deal with this. Rushing after Aidan felt like a bad idea, and he needed to have someone look at the situation and tell him where he had gone wrong.

“I got into a fight with Aidan.”

He waited for a moment.

“I’m listening,” his father replied.

“Good.” Heathcliff let out an audible exhale. “For a moment, I worried that you might say that people fight once in a while, and I shouldn’t worry.”

“If you called me, it must be serious. I know you well, Heath, don’t forget. You wouldn’t ask for help if it weren’t important. Sometimes I wished you would have relied on us at least once in a while. So, what was the fight about?”

Heathcliff recounted quickly the circumstances of the argument he had had earlier with Aidan. “I feel like I did something terrible. He was so upset and angered when he left. Not that I don’t see how he would like to achieve this type of thing on his own, but he doesn’t know -“

“Heath,” his father stopped him. “Don’t find excuses for yourself. That’s the first rule if you want to see the end of this in a manner that won’t leave you brokenhearted.”

“So you’re not on my side?” Heathcliff half-joked.

“You’re not either if you choose to be right instead of happy.”

“I was afraid you might say that. But, still, dad, I don’t understand. Why did he get so upset? He didn’t even let me say that I was sorry.”

“Were you going to say that you were sorry?”

“Not at first. I really thought I was right.”

“Maybe this insecurity is something that runs deep with Aidan. Have you met his parents? Are they okay with his choices in life, in general?”

“He just told me he wanted me to meet them. From what he says, they tend to be overprotective. On more than one occasion, he told me he feels like a victim, well, with air quotes, of helicopter parenting.”

His father sighed on the other end. “That might explain why he feels the need to prove himself. You see, Heathcliff, to his mom and dad, he will always be the kid that needs protection. I think he got enough of that in his life and he doesn’t need the same treatment from his boyfriend.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Heathcliff admitted. “But I just wanted him to be happy. He wanted that damned promotion so much.”

“And because he wanted it so much, you felt like it would be the perfect gift. But this is not how these things work. You know your mother, and how she tends to overwork herself sometimes. If I try to pull her away from her work, she goes full beast mode. And I want what’s best for her.”

“And you know better than to do that, right? So, if someone you love is in this position, of letting themselves get hurt, you just stay and watch?” Heathcliff asked, feeling a tinge a bitterness creeping into his voice.

“No. But you need to be a good strategist and do something in such a way that fragile egos don’t get hurt in the process. In a way, not that I want to criticize you, you took from Aidan the possibility to see how little he means to that company and his boss. Once he would have seen that, he would have wanted to leave there, and never go back.”

“Ah, damn,” Heathcliff said dejectedly. “And now I’m the enemy.”

“Unfortunately, yes, but it’s temporary. Aidan will see clearly once he gets the chance that his boss doesn’t care for his hard work at all.”

“And what am I supposed to do in the meantime? I miss him already,” Heathcliff confessed.

His dad was the only person in the world to whom he could admit to such extreme vulnerabilities. He might have joked with Michael about his feelings for Aidan and asked for help, but his father was the only one who could see him down and that, without his feeling like he was less of the person he liked to be.

His father had always been the parent to whom he had ran with a scraped knee or a bad grade, no matter how motherly his mom had tried to be. She had been, more often than not, caught in her work, and Heathcliff had felt, instinctively, even as a child, that there was something in his mother’s life that was at least as important as he and Max. His father was different in that respect, and his love was complete. That was why Heathcliff was calling him tonight, and no one else.

“Heath,” his father said with affection, “I know you might not be used to this feeling, but it’s all right. It will all be fine. Such moments help you grow.”

“What if he doesn’t want to talk to me or see me anymore?” Heathcliff expressed his sudden deep fear. Anyone else who knew him would have either thought he was joking or really going insane when hearing him say something like that.

“You and Aidan don’t really know each other. Although you knew about Aidan’s parents and their obsession to be overprotective, you couldn’t have understood the implications of your involvement in his promotion. I’m just a bystander, but everything is clear to me. But it couldn’t görükle escort have been clear to you. You only thought of offering Aidan what he wanted. And there’s nothing wrong with good intentions, son; know that. It is, however, important to learn what to do with these good intentions and how to use them to offer the people you love what they truly need.”

“Thank you, dad. I feel a little better now that I talked to you. So, what should I do next?”

“Be honest. Tell Aidan you’re sorry and give him a bit of space. This is just a fight, after all. If there is enough in your relationship to weigh in balance, that part will win. Don’t expect things to work out from the second you see him, though.”

“Oh, damn, how long will I have to wait?” Heathcliff asked, and pushed one hand through his short hair, feeling already restless with the idea.

“You two work together on that project you were telling me about. That means that he will have to see you and talk to you. That’s your chance to set things right. Tell him what you have to say, and let him process it.”

“For how long?”

His father laughed softly. “Young people. You are so impatient as if life were short. Well, let me tell you, son; it’s pretty long, and there’s enough time to wait for the one you love to forgive you.”

“I can’t just sit idly,” Heathcliff protested.

“And you shouldn’t. Take this time to think about why Aidan got so upset. You will understand some things about him that you haven’t so far.”

“All right. I’ll try,” Heathcliff replied.

He wished his father goodnight and headed up the stairs, to go to sleep. Alone. Usually, he appreciated having the bed all to himself, but now it wasn’t the case anymore. He would miss Aidan tonight, and tomorrow until they would see each other again. His father’s kind and wise words were still on his mind. He truly needed to understand the one he loved better.


Trying to get drunk and listening to old songs was so cliché, but Aidan found himself in a bar, somehow, instead of going home. It was also a good time to hear a kind word or two from someone who knew him well.

Aidan took out his phone and stared at the list of contacts. Eventually, Heathcliff had given up on calling him and leaving him messages, so his phone was quiet for now.

He couldn’t call his parents. To think that only that morning, he had wanted to introduce Heathcliff to them as his boyfriend. How could Heathcliff see him so helpless? It was probably all his fault, but that didn’t make it any better.

If that was all he could do, maybe he didn’t deserve to live ‘the life’ and have everything. In fact, he had nothing. The promotion was a sham, and he had no boyfriend. Aidan stared at the bottom of the glass in front of him, reminding himself that he couldn’t really get drunk.

There was something wrong with him. Heathcliff had looked at him and seen it right away. His boss, too, or, otherwise, no blackmail would have been needed for that promotion to happen. So he needed to work on himself first before having any pretention that he would deserve to have things handed to him.

His stomach growled. Ah, damn, he hadn’t eaten anything since only one hour earlier he had been happily heading over to a lovely dinner with his boyfriend. Aidan snorted. The fairytale was over; it seemed. How could he be so stupid to think a playboy like Heathcliff Stone could really appreciate him? Maybe he had been just convenient, after all, and nothing more.

No, a little voice in his head revolted. That hadn’t been it. But Heathcliff had put it all clear about what he thought of Aidan earlier that evening. It was one thing to tease him with nicknames and whatnot, and another to treat him like he needed to be held by the hand like someone who couldn’t do anything by himself.

As he browsed through his contacts, finally a name caught his attention. “Hi, Bella,” he said in a weak voice.

“Hey, Aidan, what’s up?” His friend’s energetic voice came through.

“Are you busy?”

“Yeah, watching the paint peel from one of the walls. Seriously, I’m overpaying for this place.”

Despite how down he felt, Aidan laughed. “Do you think we could meet up for a bit of chat? I know it’s late -“

“Are you kidding? I’m off the door right now!”

It was clear as day that Isabel was bored out of her mind, so Aidan felt less guilty about dragging her out of the house at that hour.

“Where are you?” she asked.

Aidan gave her directions to the bar he was currently trying to use as the perfect spot for drowning his sorrows. “And don’t worry; I’m paying,” he added.

“Why? Are you suddenly rich? Or are you marrying your rich boyfriend?”

“Did I mention that to you? I don’t think I told you he’s rich,” Aidan replied.

Isabel laughed. “You didn’t. I was just fishing for info. So are we going to get wasted? What’s the occasion?”

“I got promoted. Yay,” Aidan said in a voice so sad that he could double as a eulogy speaker in his spare time.

“Wow, you surely bursa escort bayan are thrilled over it. Was it a negative promotion? Like a demotion?”

Aidan laughed again, but only halfheartedly. “That wouldn’t be possible in my case. The janitorial services at my company are outsourced,” he explained.

“I’ll be there as fast as I can. And then you can tell me all about why you’re sad like you watched our entire collection of tragic love movies on repeat.”

Aidan shook his head. He couldn’t fool his best friend if he wanted. “Well, I will tell you. Just hurry up, and tell me what I should order for you.”

“We’ll figure it out, Aidan. I’m on my way,” Isabel said, and Aidan could hear a door slamming shut, which meant that his friend was, indeed, out of the house.

He used the time needed for Isabel to reach him to mope like a teenager. Well, good, he deserved to sulk and feel bad, seeing how completely reckless he had been lately. Aidan couldn’t take it out of his mind how Heathcliff could believe he could do such a thing and consider it okay. That man had had everything handed over to him in his life. His parents were wealthy, and he was famous.

And Aidan was no one. Heathcliff Stone was out of his league in more ways than one. It didn’t matter. Aidan was pissed at him, like royally pissed.

“Hey,” Isabel called from behind and patted him on the shoulder. “Oh, damn, Aidan, you look like shit.”

“Thank you,” he replied dryly.

“You’re welcome,” Isabel said promptly and climbed the stool next to him while placing her purse on the bar. “So what are we not celebrating?”

Aidan pushed one glass in front of her. “My promotion isn’t real, and my boyfriend isn’t, either.”

“Wow,” Isabel said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah. My point exactly,” Aidan said and took another big gulp from his drink. “It looks like he blackmailed my boss into giving me the promotion.”

“Who? Your boyfriend? How could he do that?”

“Well, apparently, it was enough for him to walk over to my boss and tell him that I should get the promotion or else … I don’t know what the ‘else’ was, but it had to do something with his no longer wanting to promote the healthy drinks my company is selling.”

It took Isabel a few long seconds to process, and only then Aidan realized he had talked too much.


He looked away.

“Your boyfriend is Heathcliff Stone!” Isabel yelled, quite accusatorily. “I thought I saw something in a tabloid not too long ago, but I’ve been so damned busy with my shitty job that I couldn’t even have the time to keep up with the gossip lately. I thought it had to be some photoshopped picture or something! And I was thinking to myself, ‘Poor Aidan, the position he is put in. To be talked about as being Heathcliff Stone’s boyfriend when the only thing he can do is to drool in silence over such a man, like the rest of all humanity, regardless of gender’. And all this time, you were with him! For real!”

Isabel punched him in the shoulder, hard.

“Ouch!” Aidan pulled away a little. “Are you taking up boxing now?”

“Don’t try to change the subject!” Isabel wagged the finger at him. “How could you keep silent about it?”

“It was a secret, for a while, at least,” Aidan said, feeling guilty. “And I thought that I was dreaming or something. Well, it looks like I was, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Shit, I shouldn’t have told my parents about him. Now I’ll have to take it all back. Fuck.”

“Not so fast-forward, Aidan. For how long has Heathcliff Stone been your boyfriend?”

“Several months now. But he’s not my boyfriend anymore, so …” Aidan trailed off.

Isabel shook her head and pursed her lips. “Did you catch him in bed with some dude? Or more? Oh, no, Aidan, did you walk in on him having an orgy with three Calvin Klein underwear supermodels while they were all wearing that kind of underwear and pouring expensive drinks over each other?”

Aidan eyed her friend suspiciously. “That is awfully specific, don’t you think, Bella? What have you been reading lately? Never mind. Don’t tell me. And that wasn’t it. And haven’t you heard me? He got my promotion for me.”

Isabel stared at him as if she was waiting for him to continue.

“And,” he said with a loud sigh, “that is why we broke up.”

Isabel cocked her head to a side. “Who broke up with whom?”

“I … guess I did,” Aidan said quickly. “Ouch!” he yelled when Isabel punched him in the same spot.

“Over something like this? I wish I had a boyfriend who blackmailed my boss into giving me a promotion!”

“I don’t think that’s the right thing to do!” Aidan protested right away. “And, seriously, I thought you would be on my side!”

Isabel rolled her eyes. “I usually am, but on this, I think you don’t know what you’re doing. And breaking up with Heathcliff Stone? Are you out of your mind?”

Aidan sighed and stared dejectedly at his drink. Isabel sensed right away what was going on with him. That was how they had always been, reading each other like open bursa escort books. She scooted over, making the stool scrape the floor, and placed one arm over his shoulders. “Look, Aidan, why don’t you tell me why you’re so upset?”

“I’ve worked so hard for that promotion,” he began pouring his heart out. “And it’s like he took all the effort I did from me and turned it into nothing. Now I don’t know if I did deserve the promotion or not. He made it impossible for me to know. I’ll doubt myself every day from now on because I don’t know if I’m good at what I do or not. Do you have any idea how difficult it will be for me at work from now on? Not to mention, people will think of me like a slut capable of anything to get ahead.”

Isabel made a small hissing sound. “Now, I see how that would be bad. Sorry, I got caught up with all the ‘my bestie is seeing someone famous, OMG’ that I didn’t stop for a second to think of what you might be feeling. So, did you call him an arrogant bastard and threw at him the ring he gave you on your six-month anniversary or something?”

Aidan turned his head to stare at Isabel. “Have you ever thought of writing screenplays or something, Bella?”

Isabel smiled at him. “I’m just trying to cheer you up. What did he say in his defense, for real?”

“He thought he was doing me a favor. Instead, he pulled the rug from under my feet. Just when I thought that I was doing something good for a change. That I was proving myself, you know?”

Isabel patted his back. “Aidan, I don’t think there’s anything irremediable that happened. For starters, you should know your worth. A stupid promotion at work doesn’t tell you who you really are.”

“But my boyfriend shouldn’t be the one to tell me that, either.”

“I guess so. Well, unless, what he says is only comprised of very flattering compliments. Then he could.”

“You’re joking again. But I appreciate it, Bella. Just saying it all out loud makes me understand that I’ve been too complacent lately. I need to work hard and prove myself again,” Aidan said with determination.

Isabel shook his head. “Are you going to get back with him?”

Aidan deflated. “I don’t know. He might just be way out of my league. I mean, what do I bring to the table? I’m just a small-time copywriter, actually junior advertising copywriter, well wait, not even, because -“

“Aidan, just breathe. And I don’t think that’s the case. If Heathcliff Stone hung in the condoms to be with you, it might have nothing to do with whatever you’re doing at work, or how good you are at that.”

“Hung in the condoms? I’m pretty sure that’s not how that expression goes.”

Isabel shrugged. “Well, rumor has it that he was great at horizontal sparring, so I think the expression is spot on. You know what? Let’s just try to get wasted, and then go out in the street and sing sea shanties.”

“That might get us arrested,” Aidan pointed out.

“Good. At least then, something exciting would happen in my life, too. Seriously, I can’t believe you lied to me for so long.”

It felt good to have someone he could trust by his side. Even if Bella hadn’t offered, in no words whatsoever, to solve his dilemma for him, he already felt better. The night would be a good advisor, and, in the morning, he would know what to do.


The first thing in the morning, Aidan cursed his decision to drink and stay up late. He couldn’t get drunk easily, but, for some reason such as the universe loving to play tricks on him, he still suffered from bad hangovers. It was all about his brain shrinking due to dehydration if what he had read in some so-called health magazine was true. He groaned as he found his way to the fridge for a cold soda.

And then he cursed for the second time that morning. His refrigerator was completely empty. There was no wonder Heathcliff thought he needed to be held by the hand. When had it been the last time he had bought groceries? The empty shelves of his fridge stared at him in their complete and frigid nakedness.

Aidan shut the door to the fridge and just drank some water from the tap in the kitchen, making faces as the supposedly odorless liquid found its way down his throat and into his stomach. His shriveled brain would have to do with that until he managed to get something better on his way to work.

So he needed to take a shower, dress up, and head to work. He slowed down just as he was trying to put his mind in order. What if he needed to work with Heathcliff today? What the hell would he do? He was in no shape to face his ex-boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend? Was he really thinking of Heathcliff like that? Something in his still shriveled and dehydrated brain was telling him he was jumping to conclusions.

With a deep breath, he decided that maybe he could have a serious conversation with Heathcliff about boundaries. Aidan knew that most probably, that would be an argument he wouldn’t win, but, at least, he wanted to try. Heathcliff was sure of himself and his actions, unlike him.

Was he ready to give up on Heathcliff over this? Not that it wasn’t an important issue, but plenty was hanging in balance, on the other side, like his feelings for Heathcliff. In the light of the morning, he was more inclined to think like Isabel and consider that it wasn’t a good idea to break up with Heathcliff over something like that.

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Curtain Call

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Big Tits

We should get one thing straight from the outset: Samantha wasn’t in the habit of taking her clothes off in front of strangers.

We should get one thing straight from the outset: Samantha wasn’t in the habit of taking her clothes off in front of strangers. Sure, she might have thought about it once or twice, but she never figured she’d actually do it. Especially not strangers who knew where she lived.

She’d been a little uncomfortable when she’d first taken the apartment; it was weird for her, a country girl, to be living in the city with a picture window right across from another apartment. The rental agent had explained that this apartment building had been built before the other one that once the picture window had looked out over a beautiful view of the lake. But a few years ago, the high rise had gone up across the alley, and now the view was of some other person’s living room. Not that it had inspired the landlord to lower the rent or anything but Samantha didn’t care; she was just glad to have an apartment after her long and frustrating search.

Besides, the second she’d seen the picture window facing the apartment across the alley, her mind had turned to the idea of taking her clothes off in front of it, and the deal was closed. Not that she thought she’d actually do it, mind you. Samantha wasn’t exactly a good girl; in fact she really wasn’t a good girl; in fact she wasn’t anything even remotely like a good girl, but she drew the line at taking her clothes off in public. Her provocative clothing was nothing more than a matter of physical geography, albeit one she relished. She didn’t go out of her way to display her full hips, her large breasts, her thick, strong legs they just sort of displayed themselves, and she liked it that way. Samantha’s tasteful office attire was always a little dressier than necessary, maybe even slightly tighter than was necessary, showing off the swell of her it is and the curves of her ass. It never crossed the line of propriety, mind you, not quite “slutty,” just, how would you say it, “body-comfortable” that worked. She drew more approving looks than she would have thought possible when she was the quote-unquote “overweight” ugly duckling living in Wisketaw, Minnesota. Funny how that happened.

Guys at the office were always asking her for dates, but after all, Samantha had moved her to “find” herself, that obscure thing people were supposed to do when they turned twenty-five or maybe twenty-nine, or in Samantha’s case twenty-seven, two years late or early, depending on your perspective.

So Samantha turned her admirers down for their dinners and movies and impossible-to-eat seats at Miss Saigon and stayed home, reveling in the pleasures of her new apartment. And the pleasures of that big picture window.

Samantha would stay home weekend nights, often having turned down a date or two for the technicians up on the fifth floor or the lawyers on seven most of the bastards married or once, even, the FedEx dude, who she’d been sure was gay. She just couldn’t stand the thought of going through another love affair when finally had an apartment to herself, a place where she could stretch out on the expansive, luxurious floor more luxurious than a couch would have been, even had she been able to afford one and ease out of her office clothes, enjoying the sight of herself in the big mirror on the closer door, enjoying the sight of her sexy garter belt, stockings, tight panties, sometimes even no panties, the knowledge of that making her uncomfortably but deliciously wet all day long. görükle escort She could put a porn movie in the VCR, one of those “women’s erotica” movies she’d discovered at the feminist porn shop recently. The porn was disgustingly PC compared to the sleaze her ex-boyfriends used to want to watch with her, but yet it was somehow unbelievably sexy precisely because it was aimed at her, like it represented the fact that everyone in the world knew she was masturbating right now or something. She would put on one of the movies and stretch out on the floor with a bottle of red wine and her vibrator and maybe even a dildo or two, enjoying the feeling of being horribly, terribly, irrevocably bad not because she was watching porn or masturbating with sex toys, but because she was drinking red wine on that immaculate white carpet, and her anxiety about losing part of her cleaning deposit was matched only by the decadent thrill she felt and laughing about it, and because she was going to be alone in this apartment for a long, delicious time.

Samantha would keep the curtains closed on that window, thinking about who might be beyond it, thinking about what they were doing. Maybe the people who lived there had their curtains open and were doing nasty things in front of the window, wishing Samantha would open her curtains so she could see them. The thought gave her a thrill. Samantha was as mush a closet voyeur as a closet exhibitionist. Once when she lived in Minnesota she’d heard her downstairs neighbors fucking. She’d fantasized about that for months, still fantasized about it sometimes when she was masturbating. When she’d found out, weeks later, that two women lived there, a handsome diesel dyke and a curvy femme, that only fueled Samantha’s savoring of her illicit carnal knowledge. There’s something so delicious about things you’re not supposed to know, like what two lesbians sound like in the throes of lovemaking.

Now, she would fantasize about the people on the other side of those curtains. She would think about them watching her as she looked at porn and stroked herself; as she spread her broad thighs; as she tugged her skimpy panties to one side and slipped the silicone dildo smoothly into her body; as she turned the vibrator on HIGH and pressed it to her clit; as she came, screaming, to the images on the TV screen and the knowledge of sexual beings right behind her curtains, watching the red fabric ripple in the twenty-fifth-floor breeze, knowing that wind might carry her orgasmic screams to the people across the alley, or and this never failed to get her off the people in the alley many floors below.

But Samantha never actually opened the curtains not even when she was just hanging out to see who lived there. That might have spoiled the fantasy, she figured. Or would it?

Samantha discovered her very favorite video one night when she was just a little tipsy from a glass of wine and pleasantly satisfied by take-out Chateaubriand from Francesca’s Italian Restaurant she’d just gotten a midmonth paycheck and wanted to treat herself. There wasn’t a bite of irony in her liking it, because Samantha watched a lot of videos, having grown up in a place where “women’s erotica” meant Cosmopolitan articles on “How to Give Your Man Orgasms!” At this point, she’d seen practically every so-called “sex-positive” video, both lesbian and straight, that the sex shop rented, and she was starting in on the commercial stuff out of sheer desperation. But somehow she’d missed The Hungry Gaze in her first whirlwind tour through bursa escort bayan the video section. It had been made by a tiny lesbian erotica company in Minneapolis. The company’s location was an interesting coincidence, to be sure, and one that would drive Samantha even more perverse fantasies of sexual exhibition. But given how many videos Samantha had watched since moving to the city, there really wasn’t that much irony in her response.

That is to say, in the fact that The Hungry Gaze was a thirty-minute short about a woman who showed off for her female neighbor in front of the picture window of her high-rise apartment building.

Samantha came three times, the remains of the Chateaubriand forgotten, the red wine serving only to hydrate her in gulps taken between her frenzied bursts of self-fucking and desperate rewinding of the tape, muttering, “Come on, come on,” while she stroked her wet pussy and listened to the annoying whine of the VCR. Then she started all over again.

It didn’t bother her one bit that the woman on the tape was showing off for another woman, despite the fat that Samantha thought of herself as exclusively straight. Hell, the woman across the alley in the video was more handsome then any of Samantha’s boyfriends had been, and the woman showing off looked more like Samantha then the blow-dried prom queens she usually saw in commercial porn and even a lot of the more artistic stuff. Her yummy broad ass and rounded hips were cinched lusciously into corset, her luscious tits spilling out with their bright rings dancing for the camera as the woman ground her hips and spread her legs, exposing her shaved pussy as she slipped her fingers inside. The woman across the alley, a skinny dyke with a DA, lay naked except for a stained jockstrap, fondling her small tots and pulling the cotton garment away so she could rub her pussy as she watched. The tension between the two women even across the illusory gap between buildings, was palpable and drove Samantha into a new fury.

“Fuck,” muttered Samantha hungrily as she pumped her pussy yet again, “Sign me up.”

But what really turned her on was the fact that the woman was showing off and doing it in front of a window. It made Samantha think about who might watch her if she just happened to leave the drapes open one night…..

And that’s when Samantha did it. Maybe the fact that she had just gulped the remainder of the wine is what gave her the guts to do it.

Or maybe she really was a slut after all. She kept her garter belt on, but took off the bra. She loved the way the garter belt framed her board thighs, her wide hips, and her hourglass figure, drawing attention to the wispy blonde hair on her pussy.

She wanted to peek first, but Samantha told herself she shouldn’t. There was such an intense, hard thrill to just opening the curtains and if there was someone standing there watching her, she could always pull the curtains closed again like it was an honest mistake.

But there wasn’t anyone. The curtains across the alley were open, but the apartment was dark. Whoever lived there had gone to bed.

But rather than closing the curtains and going to bed herself, as she knew she would do, Samantha dragged her one kitchen chair over to the middle of the room, dragging the towel with her pussy and lube moistened vibrator and dildo on it over with her, and sat down on the chair.

Was there someone there in the dark watching her? “You could get arrested for this,” she told herself out loud, and spread her bursa escort legs.

She could feel the erotic tension flowing from her fingertips to her full breasts, her swollen nipples, her spread thighs. She could hear herself moan uncontrollably as she rubbed her wet pussy and her engorged clit. Someone was watching her. Man or woman, she didn’t care. One of the lawyers from work, finally realizing what a slutty whore this third floor secretary was. One of the dykes from the video, treated unexpectedly to a hot show while she fucked herself on her couch. One of her ex boyfriends, suddenly realizing what hot piece he’d lost hold of. It didn’t matter. Whoever he was, he was slipping his hands into his briefs, roused from his slumber to appreciate Samantha’s wanton display. Whoever she was, she was slipping out of her panties, stroking her pussy, made instantly wet and dripping by the sight of Samantha showing herself off. Whoever he was, he was taking his cock, now hard, out of his Jockeys and stroking it, his hand gripping tightly as he pumped his hard flesh, as his eyes roved over Samantha’s mostly naked body. Whoever she was, she was spreading her legs wide and fucking herself the same way Samantha was fucking her own pussy, a six inch dildo, the really thick one, working its way in and out of her as the vibrator hummed on her clit. She was going to come. She was going to come.

Whoever she was, she was transfixed by the pumping motions of Samantha’s hips. Whoever he was, he couldn’t take his eyes off the dancing fullness of Samantha’s breasts. Whoever they were, they looked into Samantha’s bright blue eyes and wanted her, wanted her bad wanted her in a way no boyfriend or casual sexual interest had ever wanted her, because they’d never realized what a fucking slut she was, and how mush she loved it. They wanted her, the man, the woman watching her now, because Samantha was as much of an exhibitionist as there wanted her to be.

God, she was coming coming again! Samantha felt the orgasm bursting through her pussy as she lifted herself up and down on the chair so she could push the thick dildo harder into her, rubbing her cervix, slapping her G-spot mercilessly, driving herself over the edge. She was coming and moaning at the top of her lungs, not caring that the window was open or even, as she finished coming, that the light had gone on across the alley.

Not even caring that the hottest guy she’d ever seen was standing there with his dick in his hand, his eyes wide, watching her. Not even caring that he came as she came, and that he couldn’t take his eyes off her, even as she finished coming and ground to a halt on the tiny kitchen chair, watching him, transfixed by the sight of his hard cock squrting come onto the carpet.

He didn’t look embarrassed this bastard was shameless! He’d turned the light on so Samantha could see him, so she could see how much she was turning him on.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!!” said Samantha to herself as she watched the guy blowing her kisses and then running for something out of sight of the window.

Samantha jumped up, still mostly naked, her face flushing how as she began to close the curtains. But the guy got back before she could shut him out, and he held up a piece of paper.

Samantha couldn’t help herself. She started laughing. Her face flushed an even deeper red.

It was his phone number.

She stood there looking at him and laughing for what must have been for a full minute. When she was finished laughing she just smiled, looking foolishly across the alley as he held eye contact and kept nodding and pointing at the number.

Samantha heard herself give a surprisingly girlish giggle. “Thank you,” she mouthed, laughing again, blushing hot. Then she blew him a kiss, pulled the curtains closed, and went to bed.

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Getting Away from It All Ch. 01

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(I originally posted this story in August of 2014, but at the suggestion of several readers decided it was time to revisit the story and clean up many of the errors that I missed. This also meant sending it to my editor “larryinseattle” without whom I’d still be struggling to put more than two words together.”


Keith entered the cabin and stomped his feet to get the last of the snow off of his boots. The cabin was cold and bare just as he remembered it. It wasn’t much; a large open area that was used as the living space with a large hand-made table, some chairs, and his old bed along the back wall. A stone fireplace dominated the wall on one end of the room while a storage room had been built at the opposite end. His dad and mom’s room, actually nothing more than a loft with a large bed, was above. A second, smaller building was located about 15 feet outside the back door with a roof that connected the two buildings and removable walls. When he had asked his father why he built it that way, his father had looked at him with a knowing glance and explained, “By building it this way we can enclose the area between the two buildings in the Winter and use the outbuilding for storage and then we can remove the walls during the Summer to allow the breeze help cool the main cabin while we use the smaller one as a kitchen.”

Keith smiled as he remembered his dad. Six-foot tall, broad shouldered, and jet black hair; he had built this cabin from scratch and equipped it with everything needed to make a life in the wilderness. He had spent hours teaching Keith about fishing, hunting, trapping, preparing the land, and planting a crop. And most of all, how to respect the land and live off what it had to offer. He once said, “There’s nothing a man needs to live that he can’t get or make from the land you see around you.” To say he had been one of the original ‘wilderness men’ would have been the greatest compliment you could have given him.

His mom called him “tall and rugged” yet he was the most gentle, most patient and dedicated man Keith ever knew, especially when it came to him and his mom. This was why they had been so devastated when he suddenly disappeared the Summer that Keith turned 15 years old.

The local Sheriff and Search and Rescue unit spent weeks looking for him but finally had to give up when they couldn’t find a trace. He and his mom spent the rest of the Fall in the cabin as they continued their own search, each day hoping that his dad would return but he never did. Finally they left and moved in with his mom’s parents in town just before the first snow fell and all hope of finding his dad was gone.

Grandpa John and Grandma Elle had been great and did everything they could to make them both happy but Keith never outgrew his love of the outdoors and he frequently disappeared for days at a time. His mom, on the other hand, resigned herself to what was needed and found a job at the local post office.

It was while she was working there that she met Ned. He seemed like a nice guy and the two of them started dating. No one was surprised when 6 months later the two of them were married and Keith and his mom moved in with Ned on his farm just outside of town. Almost instantly, things changed. Ned became more and more demanding and frequently yelled at his mom for the things going wrong on the farm. Afterwards he would always say he was sorry but it quickly became a routine.

The final straw came just after Keith turned 18 years old. He had graduated from High School that Spring but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t find a job so he spent the Summer and Fall working on the farm. On the last night Keith spent on the farm, Ned started yelling and screaming, “That kid of yours is useless. He doesn’t belong here. All he does is wander around the woods and talk about the cabin you and his father lived in when he was younger. If it was so great maybe he should get the fuck out and live up there. Maybe he can find his ‘old man’ up there and they can live happily ever after.”

“Keith has been helping on the farm ever since he graduated, Ned, so I’m not sure how you can say he’s useless,” his mom had replied in his defense. But all that did was get Ned madder until he swung around and hit her in the face with the back of his hand.

Keith instantly jumped to his feet but his mother signaled for him to stay out of the argument.

“Shut the fuck up,” Ned yelled. “This is my place and I decide who is and isn’t useless. Do you understand that?”

Keith’s mom nodded her head but didn’t say another word so Ned stomped from the room pushing Keith out of the way as he did.

Keith instantly knelt next to his mom. “I’m sorry mom. I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“It’s not you, baby,” she replied. “Ned’s just under a lot of stress right now because of the poor crop.”

“That still doesn’t give him the right to hit you,” Keith sighed as he stood and helped her to her feet. “Dad would never görükle escort have done that.”

Leaning against him, she put a delicate finger on his lips. “Shhhhhhhhh, don’t talk about your dad, it just gets Ned angrier,” she whispered.

Instinctively, Keith wrapped his arms around her and held her close, the desire to protect and care for her overpowering him. Suddenly he became aware of how his mother felt against him; her breasts pressing against his chest, the touch of her hands on his back, the fragrance of her hair, the softness of her voice, and a more subtle aroma that was coming from her that was stirring a primal urge within him. Without another thought, he gently pulled away and placed a finger under her chin, lifting it as he lowered his lips to hers. Their first kiss was soft but quickly became more passionate until Keith suddenly pulled away, “I’m sor … I mean I didn’t mean … I ahhhhh, SHIT!!!” Keith finished as he left the room leaving his mother standing there.

He spent the rest of the evening in his room with the door locked as he relived what had taken place between him and his mother. At some point she had come to the door and knocked saying, “Dinner is ready” but all he could do was reply, “I’m not hungry.”

Finally, he came to a decision and packed everything he’d need into his backpack and duffle bag before writing a note to her.

Dear Mom,

Please don’t be upset but after what happened tonight maybe Ned is right and I don’t belong here.

Fortunately, Dad gave me all the training I’ll need for where I’m going. Don’t worry I’ll be fine. Someday I hope to see you again but for right now I think this is the best for all involved.



Afterwards he quietly slipped out the door, threw his stuff in the back of his old pick-up truck and, before leaving, took one last look at the house where his mother slept.

The following morning found Keith’s mother sitting in the kitchen crying as Ned tried to apologize for what he’d said and done the evening before, while Keith was several hundred miles away stepping into the cabin of his youth.

The daydreaming done, he quickly started a fire in the fireplace and began to unpack his belongings. “Fishing tackle, clothes, Rifle, knife, first aid kit, survival rations …” He ran through the items in his head as he unpacked them until he was finally done. The only thing not in his packs was food but he wasn’t too concerned about that as he walked to the wood bin, reached in and grabbed the small log that he and his dad had built into the bottom. Giving it a quick tug he heard the “CLICK” that released the lock and then pushed the bin off the hidden trapdoor to the food pantry. The first gust of air was overly sweet with the smell of old apples that had long ago gone bad along with all of the other fresh fruit and vegetables that they had stored here. But the true treasure that Keith was after was still safe … a full Winter’s worth of dehydrated and dried food for three people.

Descending the stairs, he quickly pushed the rotted food up and out of the trapdoor so he could get rid of it outside and possibly lure some wild game in for fresh meat. When he was done with that, he grabbed the checklist that was still hanging on its nail and began taking an inventory of the supplies that were there. “Corn, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, onions, carrots, celery, flour, sugar, tea,” he read as he checked them off on his list. Surprisingly there was even some dried venison that seemed good though it was as hard as a rock. Then he noticed a large manila envelope stuffed to the back of the top shelf. Curious, he grabbed it and tossed it up into the cabin along with the supplies he’d need to make a soup for lunch.

Once upstairs, he slid the wood box back in place and took the large soup pot from its hanger by the fireplace before stepping outside to fill it with snow. Back inside, he hung the pot over the fire to melt the snow and threw a hand-full of each of the dehydrated ingredients into the pot to start to cook.

Now, done with the meal preparations, he sat at the table and picked up the envelope. Nothing was written on the outside and it wasn’t sealed so he opened it and poured the contents out onto the table. Before him were over two dozen pictures of his mom, a few of her in a bikini or a sheer black lingerie set that he didn’t even know she owned. Most of them, however, showed her totally nude as she worked around the cabin, outside in the garden, or down at the creek.

He had always known his mother was part Native American but the pictures dispelled all doubts. Her golden brown skin shimmered in the light and there wasn’t a trace of a tan line. Her dark black hair hung to the just above her rounded butt and her deep brown eyes seemed to twinkle teasingly as she looked at the camera. Her body was toned and curvy, her breasts were full and topped by a slightly darker area surrounding bursa escort bayan her nipple, and the hair between her legs was also dark black but shaved to a small strip that drew his attention to the barely visible slit between her legs.

Instinctively, his hand slid from the table and landed on his cock as it pressed against his pants. He closed his eyes and imagined himself taking the pictures as his hand continued to rub faster and faster. Suddenly his eyes flew open and he jerked his hand away as if struck by lightning as he thought, “That’s my mom!!! What kind of a sick fuck am I thinking about fucking my own mom?” He quickly scooped up the pictures, dropped them back in the envelope, and threw it onto his old bed as he calmed himself and continued with the chores that needed to be done to get the cabin ready for permanent use.

The day seemed to fly by yet his attention was continuously drawn to the envelope lying on his old bed. He imagined his mom there in the cabin helping him with the cleaning and cooking, all the while being nude as she had been in the pictures. Finally, too frustrated to continue, he pushed the envelope under his make-shift pillow and finished most of what he had planned for the day.

Sunset brought a quiet to the wilderness and to the cabin that he had missed while living with his grandparents and on Ned’s farm. He sat in silence at the table and wrote a list of the things that he needed to do the next day before picking up one of the books he had brought with him and tried to read. But exhaustion soon overtook him and he headed to bed. Quickly banking the fire as his dad had taught him, he looked up at the loft and considered using the larger bed but even the idea of climbing the ladder to get there seemed too exhausting so he lay down on his own smaller bed.

Sliding into his sleeping bag, he slipped his hand under his pillow and once again found the envelope. Silently he pulled it out and sat up in his bed. Then, one by one, he pulled the photos from the envelope and spread them across his lap after looking at them in the flickering light of the fire. It was only after he’d pulled the last one out that he found a much larger picture still stuck inside. Gently he pulled it out and found a full frontal nude picture of his mom lying on her left side. Her left arm was bent at the elbow and her head rested on it while her right leg was bent at the knee and pulled up behind her left leg. Her right arm rested just under her breasts, pushing them up but the most striking feature were her eyes that had a ‘come hither’ look that every man hoped to see in the face of his lover. He sat, silently, and stared at the picture but instead of the lust he had felt earlier, a feeling of undying love flowed through his body until he quietly whispered, “I love you, Mom,” and placed the pictures back in the envelope.

The following days quickly fell into a routine as he repaired the cabin and took care of his own daily needs. Then one evening he noticed that the meat was almost gone. A hunt in the Winter was always a dangerous venture but the option of going hungry seemed more of a concern so he pulled out his hunting supplies and prepared for an early morning start.

The next day broke clear and crisp and after throwing some last minute items into his backpack, he was on his way. The paths and trails he had known as a child were gone in most cases but new ones had taken their place and after several hours, he found a well-worn deer trail that he followed to a clearing. Heavy snow clouds began to block the sun as he peered through his rifle scope at a large six-point buck standing on the far side of the clearing. He quietly slipped through the underbrush until he was able to drop it with a single shot. Once again the things his dad had taught him allowed him to quickly gut and dress down the deer so he could get it back to the cabin but by then the snow had begun to come down and come down hard.

He could barely see the far side of the clearing as he headed off and the woods now seemed different. The trail he was on didn’t show any sign of his coming that way earlier but he shrugged it off to the new fallen snow. Thirty minutes soon became an hour and then two and it was only when he came to the base of a mountain that he admitted his mistake. Glancing up at the sheer rock face of Mount Whatchamacallit, Keith instantly knew where he was and also that there was no way he’d make it back to the cabin that night. He silently cursed himself for making such a rookie mistake. He strung the deer up in a tree before looking for material to make a shelter and a fire for the night. It was then that he noticed the small opening above a rock slide at the base of the mountain.

Carefully climbing over the rocks, he took his flashlight and shone it inside. “Not too big but definitely dry,” he thought to himself as he moved the light across the cave until it hit upon something that reflected bursa escort back at him. He cautiously moved some of the rocks so he was able to slip inside the cave to see what was causing the reflection. Kneeling, he picked up an open compass; but not just any compass … it was his dad’s compass. He stood and slowly scanned the rest of the cave until he found what he had hoped he wouldn’t find. There at the back of the cave were his dad’s remains or at least as much as you’d expect to find after three years.

He slowly moved towards them and knelt down. The hat, shirt, rifle … there was no doubt it was his dad and the splints on both legs told the story of why he never made it back home. The unusual part was the way the rifle was resting on some rocks with a piece of paper stuffed in the barrel. Gently pulling the paper out for fear of tearing it, Keith looked at the message his dad had left.

Follow the gun. Mother Nature always provides even at times like this. Tell my family I love them and am sorry for leaving so soon.

Dennis Forbes

The note was cryptic but he slowly shifted the light back to the rifle and up its barrel to the wall it was pointed at. There he saw a vein of pink quartz and embedded in it was a thick vein of shining golden ore. “Gold,” he thought as he reached out for it and realized that even in the end his dad had been trying to provide for him and his mom. But the excitement quickly passed as he realized there were things he needed to do so he didn’t end up next to his dad.

He soon had a fire going and a tarp across the opening of the cave to block the snow and wind. From his backpack, he pulled out some dried apple and the fixings for bannock bread which he soon had wrapped around a stick and cooking over the fire while a piece of the deer was roasting next to it and a tin of snow was melting on a heating rock in the fire for tea.

It was only then that he returned to the mineral vein and broke off some samples with his knife. Taking a seat by the fire, he examined them closely. The quartz was deep pink and the ore shimmered when the light of the fire reflected off of it. He remembered a field test his dad had told him about and took his knife and pressed the tip against the yellow ore. Unlike ‘fool’s gold,’ the ore was soft and the knife tip sliced into it proving it was really gold. He placed it in his pack before spending the rest of the evening ‘talking’ to his dad about all that had happened since he had disappeared and how happy he was to have finally found him until he slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he finished off the food he had cooked. Something, however, seemed to be nagging at his memory about the night before. He sat there in the silence and listened until it was almost as if he could hear his dad’s voice whispering to him, “Take care of your mom. She needs you now more than ever before.” And then the cave once again became silent.

Exiting the cave, he found the trail back to the cabin without any problem and was pulling his deer up the hill when he noticed the smoke from the chimney. He was sure he had put the fire out before leaving the day before and instantly became suspicious. He silently dropped the rope he was using to pull the deer and cautiously moved to the cabin and glanced in a window. The pot was hanging over the fire along with the tea kettle and the table was set as if someone was getting ready to eat. But more surprising, was the small decorated Christmas tree standing in the corner along with a few presents under it.

Slowly opening the door, he listened and watched for whoever was in the cabin until he suddenly heard, “SURPRISE!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!” from behind the door. He spun around and a pair of arms circled his neck and a pair of soft, moist lips met his in a loving and passionate kiss.

Dazed, he stood there until the person kissing him let go and stepped back. “MOM!!?? What are you doing here and what’s with the kiss?”

Taking him by the hand, she led him to the table. “Sit down. I have a lot to tell you.”

Unquestioning, he took a seat at the table as his mom sat next to him.

“First of all, you’re not nearly as good as your dad was … yet. He would have noticed the smoke coming from the chimney before he even stepped into the clearing by the creek. Second, I’m here because my son is here. Ned and I are through. After you left, things got even worse between us. We landed up fighting almost every day. He kept insisting that everything that had gone wrong on the farm was my fault because I hadn’t raised you up to be a man who took his responsibilities seriously. One night the fight got so bad that he hit me again. Without even thinking about what I was doing, I grabbed the big cast iron skillet that hung on the wall in the kitchen and hit him with it. Apparently, I broke his collarbone but the cops said it was in self-defense so I shouldn’t have to worry about it. I told him I wouldn’t be there when he got back as they were loading him into the ambulance and that he’d hear from my lawyer as soon as I got one. Third, and probably the most important, the kiss was because I needed to find something out – and now I have.”

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Sound Mind and Body

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Dedicated to my great proof-reader with thanks.


The sound reverberated through his mind, the cold sweat breaking out almost immediately and Gray cried out involuntarily as he shot up in his bed.

“Oh, God.” He ran his hands through his dirty blond hair, his breath coming in gasps as he tried, unsuccessfully, to get himself back under control. It didn’t matter that it had been almost four years, that he knew he was safe in his own home, or that lightening wasn’t supposed to strike twice. All that did matter was he was alone, always alone with his demons, and he knew that would never change.

“Morning, Mr. Watson, how’s it goin’?” The voice of the doorman broke into his dark early morning thoughts and Grayling Watson looked up.

“Like usual, Jim, how ’bout you?”

“Yeah, me too. Still, school’s out Friday isn’t it? You get what, six weeks off?”

The older man understood the rueful smile he got in reply. What good were six weeks holiday when the young man would spend them by himself? At least if he was in school he would be surrounded by people; still alone, but there would be others to interact with, chat to, pretend to be interested in. Jim watched Grayling pass through the ornate double exterior doors. He wished there was something he could do. He’d tried, so had others, he wasn’t sure what, if anything, could improve Grayling Watson’s quality of life. He would keep an eye on him; it seemed like the only thing left.

The walk to the large, unimposing, building took him just over ten minutes; if he drove it took twenty-five. Car horns honked, drivers swore, bikers weaved in and out of the early morning traffic and mums looked harassed as they took part in yet another school run.

Grayling pulled himself together mentally as he walked through the gates. He put a smile on his face, ran his hand through his hair hoping it would, just for once, lie flat and look like he combed it now and then and pushed his glasses up his nose. The early morning sun had darkened the lenses and so hid his deep brown eyes and the pain they contained, for that, if nothing else, he was glad.

“Mornin’, Sir.” A boy, probably about fourteen, ran past him in the schoolyard, tossing the welcome over his shoulder as he did so. Grayling didn’t bother to return it, knowing it wasn’t expected of him. Instead he thought about the fact that he had five days left before he could sleep in, try and get his life going again, even consider a vacation or a move to a new city, five days, that was only about thirty science lessons and then he’d be done.

The letter was waiting in his mailbox the first day of the holidays. He’d been expecting it, but still, he’d hoped it wouldn’t come.

“Dear Mr. Watson, he read out loud, even though there was no one to listen to him. It has been over six months since your last meeting with Mr. Bailey and we are concerned that you did not finish your allotted appointments. We would welcome the opportunity to rectify this at your earliest convenience.

In the time since your last visit Mr. Bailey has retired and Marcia Mulholland is now seeing his clients. Ms Mulholland has read your file and will be contacting you shortly to discuss the above with you.

Gray screwed up the letter and tossed it in the general direction of the waste paper basket. So, Bailey, Cross and Danby was missing the Bailey bit; Gray shrugged his shoulders. He wasn’t sure talking to a woman would be something he wanted to do, but he had a feeling the dreams and cold sweats wouldn’t go until he faced things. He could always move to another practice, see another shrink; money wasn’t a problem; he could afford the best, which was why he had a flat with great views and a doorman. Not that it made much difference; the struggles were the same, whether he was rich or poor.

“Mr. Watson, thank you for coming in to see me. I realize changing your therapist is a big step, and I hope you will give me the chance to get to know you and help you.” Marcia Mulholland had probably said the same thing twenty times in the last month, but most of her new clients had at least appeared to listen, Grayling Watson didn’t seem to even be in the same room with her.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Gray had been lost in the memories of his last visit; he’d lambasted Arthur Bailey, telling him in no uncertain terms how he didn’t feel he was doing him any good. Now he knew the old man had retired on health grounds he felt a little guilty.

“Nothing much, just the official spiel about seeing a new shrink. I’m guessing you aren’t interested in that.”

Gray shook his head, his thoughts would remain hidden, but he’d make sure he listened from now on. He wasn’t aware of the scrutiny he was under, didn’t know the woman across the desk from him was already making mental notes about her new client, if he had he might have been surprised at what she saw.

Marcia was forty-six years old; she had been married to another psychotherapist for twenty years and had finally got the Harley Street partnership she had been searching for. Grayling Watson had interested her görükle escort since she’d begun reading his file a little over a month earlier. Now, looking at the young man before her, she was sure if she could pick up his pain in her hands it would burn her. Arthur Bailey had written that Grayling hid everything from sight, never let his guard down and thought no one could see the agony he was in. Marcia had a feeling most people probably couldn’t, but if they looked closely they would see the emptiness in his eyes, the tenseness in his fingers, and the slight, but constant, movement of his foot against the floor. The man was holding on to himself so tightly that sooner or later everything would give way and he would be unable to function unless he’d begun to unburden himself before then. The responsibility was now hers to ensure that happened.

“Ok, I know you’ve already had an ‘initial meeting’ but I’d like to do another one. Arthur didn’t work like I do and, to be honest, I really want to have my own first impressions to go on rather than his.” She saw Grayling nod his head and so she began to speak again, this time holding a pen in her left hand and notebook in her right. She didn’t use tape recorders or video cameras, instead she had her own shorthand that, should she ever get hit by a bus, no one else would ever understand, but it worked for her, in fact it worked very well.

“The basics I have are these. Grayling Stuart Watson, schoolteacher, science, twenty-eight years old, single, lives in Barton Towers and works at Milton Community College. Has one sister, younger and is allergic to garlic. Has any of that changed?”

“Nope, none of it. Well, next week I’ll be twenty-nine, but I’m guessing you know that.”

“I do. How about parents, are they both still living?”

“Yes, they’re in Devon, I see them about once every two months or so, call them every week. Dad is a publican; mum helps in the bar and works in a local craft shop. My sister lives in New York, I don’t see her very often, but we e-mail each other all the time, and sometimes we even get the web cam strung up and talk face-to-face.”

Grayling watched as his therapist made notes of what he said. There appeared to be what his students called a spider diagram on the page, he was in the middle and everything he had said so far was there in some form or another coming off from his name. Marcia concentrated on her notes for a moment, aware that she was now the one under scrutiny. She hoped her young client would return on a regular basis, but she wasn’t sure if he would or not.

The sun had disappeared by the time Gray left the small, unpretentious terraced house where he had spent the last two hours. Large spots of rain were just beginning to stain the pavement and he decided, on the spur of the moment, to take a taxi instead of the bus. A shiny black cab pulled up to the kerb, an advertisement for the yellow pages splashed across the doors, and he looked in through the passenger side of the vehicle.

“Barton Towers please.” Gray’s voice wavered as he blinked and swallowed hard, hoping his driver wouldn’t think him mad.

“Sure. It might take longer than you think though. Sloane Street is snarled and Oxford Street is closed because of a security alert.”

“Oh, great. No problem, take the scenic route, I have all day.” Gray climbed in the back and ran his hand through his hair. Whatever had possessed him to say that? He leant into the seat, removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose before closing his eyes, not wanting to look at the driver but knowing he had to effectively blind himself to prevent him from staring. There was something about the man who was now pulling away from the side of the road, looking over his shoulder and then in front again, something that made him want to, for the first time in over four years, talk to a stranger.

The summer shower hadn’t lasted very long and soon the sun was warm through the windows as Ben Marsh negotiated the very slow moving traffic while his passenger slept in the back. He liked picking up from Harley Street; it was always interesting. Sometimes he was regaled by people’s history all the way to their destinations, other times they would sit in silence, staring out of the window, concentrating on what their doctor or analyst had told them. Either way it was more appealing than over-wrought shoppers from Bond Street or drunk football fans from Wembley.

Ben was just pulling into the cul-de-sac that contained Barton Towers when he heard a noise and looked sharply into his rear-view mirror.

“No! God, no, Simon, NO!” Gray jerked awake, completely unaware of anything but the vision, still in his mind’s eye, of Simon as he fell. He heard nothing but the scream, cut off almost as soon as it started, and tried to gulp back his sob as suddenly he realized he wasn’t at home but out in the open.

“Hey, shhh, c’mon, man, it’s ok.” Ben had parked and opened the back door of his cab almost in one movement, he didn’t touch his passenger but he did look on in concern. The young man was sweating and bursa escort bayan he knew he saw tears in his eyes.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry.” Grayling was mortified as he realized that, for the first time, someone else had witnessed his dream, his nightmare. “I … I’ll walk from here, how much do I owe you?”

“Oh no. No way, you’re not going on your own. Look, we’re here anyway. Let me just see you to your door. Please?” Ben had no intention of letting the terrified man walk one step unaided. He’d had people throw up in his cab, two suffer heart attacks and one woman in the final stages of labour in the ten years he’d been working in London, but none of that had affected him the way the anguished words of this young man had. He wouldn’t pry but he did want to know he had delivered him home safely.

Gray said nothing; he just nodded. He could see the time on the digital clock in the front of the cab. Jim would be at lunch and a little bit of company, even for just a minute or two, was suddenly very welcome. He watched in silence as the older man climbed back in the cab and pulled slowly into one of the parking spaces reserved for visitors in front of his building. Then he waited, still trying to gather himself together and catch his breath, until the door was opened once again.

“My name’s Ben, what’s yours?”

“Grayling, Grayling Watson, but most people call me Gray, thanks.” He stepped out of the taxi and leant back against it. His head was still whirling with the images he’d seen so clearly and for a moment he wasn’t sure if he had the energy to make it to the lift.”Slowly does it.” Ben rested Gray’s elbow in left hand and carefully guided him towards the exclusive looking building that had Barton Towers ornately inscribed on a large gilt name plate next to the double entrance doors. The lift was waiting patiently for them and the two men entered it before Ben spoke again. “Which floor?”

“Oh, sorry, ten.” Now Gray was leaning against the cool steel of the lift’s interior, his eyes closed again. He knew he should say something, maybe explain what had happened but he didn’t have the words and even if he did it wasn’t a place he wanted to go especially when he was awake.

“We’re here, you let yourself in and once I know you’re ok I’ll take off.” Ben still had his hand on Gray’s elbow; he wasn’t letting go until his companion could sit down rather than fall down.

“‘k. Thanks.” Gray’s home was the final apartment of three on the tenth floor. He walked, slightly unsteadily, towards his front door fumbling for his keys as he did so. He unlocked and although the stranger followed him into his home he felt no danger from him.

“Sit for a minute. The meter’s not running any more.” Ben smiled, looking around him as he did so. The flat was fabulous but he had a feeling its occupant just lived there, nothing more. He could see into the open plan kitchen and, once he was sure Grayling wasn’t going to collapse across the sofa if he let go of his arm, he made his way there and got a clean glass out of the dishwasher. He filled it with cold water and then returned to the lounge. He didn’t think he’d even been missed.

“There you go. H2O neat. Don’t drink it all at once.” Ben placed the glass on a mat he could see resting on a deep mahogany occasional table and then crouched down in front of Grayling, not wanting to sit next to him and scare him even more than he seemed to be. “Look, I don’t want to intrude, you just came from your shrink, I know that much, but no one’s home except you, do you want me to stay for a while?”

“No, no, I’ll be ok. No one is ever home but me; so however long you stay that’s not gonna change. Thank you, Ben, I appreciate you helping me out and I’m sorry, really sorry for what happened.” Gray concentrated on getting money from his wallet and didn’t look up as he spoke or when he handed over the cash with an almost mumbled ‘Keep the change.’ He couldn’t make eye contact with the man he’d felt such a connection with as he’d entered his cab. If he did that he’d have to tell him what it was that made him behave the way he had, and that was out of the question. Gray knew any chance of friendship had been blown out of the water without him even realizing he was doing it.

“Thanks. My mobile number’s on here. If you want to chat just call, and, well, it’s none of my business, but I’m not a bad listener. You wouldn’t believe some of the things that get told me from the back of that cab.” Ben put a white business card down on the table next to the glass of, as yet, untouched water. He got to his feet, looked once more at the young man and then made his way out of the room. He wished he’d got Gray’s number, but if he didn’t want to share there was nothing he could do about it.

Gray watched as Ben walked out of his home and his life. He had no idea why he’d even entertained the idea of having a friend; the whole thing had disappeared before he’d even had a chance to get it off the ground. For a few minutes he sat where he was, sipping at the water.

“‘H2O neat,'” he grinned. He hadn’t got what bursa escort Ben meant until now and shook his head. Everything was screwed up, his life, his dreams; even his sense of humour had deserted him. He knew he didn’t laugh and enjoy things as others did any more but he usually got people’s jokes, even if he didn’t show it.

As usual his dream had left Gray feeling exhausted, both in mind and body; he made his way through to his bedroom and flopped down on the large king sized bed. For the first time in a long while he rolled over until he could reach the nightstand, pulled open the drawer and took out a photograph. Simon stared up at him, smiling, his beautiful eyes so full of life and love.

Gray couldn’t suppress the cry of anguish that left him. After four years he still missed the older man as much as he had the day he died. The old adage of time healing all wounds was definitely a lie, at least as far as he was concerned. He hurt as much now as he had then, some days he was sure he hurt more.

The tears that he’d successfully hidden in the cab fell now, unhindered, and instead of putting the photo away Gray turned over with it still in his hand and sobbed. For the first time he’d felt some connection to another human being, a need had arisen inside of him to be friends with someone. Ben hadn’t looked, sounded or behaved anything like Simon but there had been something, something that drew Gray towards him with a need to be accepted again.

Maybe the only step he was up to right now was thinking about making a friend, he should be feeling good not bad about even having the courage to go that far, but he didn’t. The dream had spooked him more than he cared to admit. It was one thing to have that type of nightmare in his own bed but the back of a cab, no that was something altogether different.

Albert Bailey had asked if he dreamt of his dead lover and he’d replied that he did sometimes. Almost every night was sometimes, right? Besides he only appeared in his nightmares now and again usually when he was stressed or over-tired and the Lord knew he’d been both of them lately. No one knew though that when the nightmares did come he relived things so vividly it was as if he was back in that street in Chelsea, back where everything had gone so wrong when things were supposed to be so right.

A yawn escaped him and Gray made himself comfortable on the bed. He’d take a visit to see his parents the following morning, spend a little quality time with them and help out in the bar for a couple of days. It was always busy the first week or so of the school holidays and if he was busy as well they couldn’t ask too many questions of him.

Ben had driven by the small terraced house in Harley Street regularly every day at both eleven and twelve, not sure if Gray would go back or even if it would be at the same time but, exactly a week after his first encounter with the young man, his diligence was rewarded. He had stopped at the kerb, astonished to find a parking space so near to where he wanted to be, got out of the taxi and leant against it enjoying the good weather. Just under ten minutes later, he’d seen Gray descend the steps out into the London sunshine.

“Can I take you anywhere?” Ben called out and waved but didn’t move closer.

“Ben? What are you doing here?” Gray couldn’t believe he was seeing the cabbie again.

“Waiting for you. You didn’t call and … well, I don’t know why but I just needed to see you were ok.”

Gray felt his cheeks warm as he realized that not only was he blushing, which he never did, but also the man he’d wanted to befriend must feel the same way.

“I’m doing … well, average, I guess … I’m not taking the bus am I?”

“Not if you want to keep me in work.” Ben tried a hangdog expression and to his delight was rewarded by a short bark of laughter.

“That’s it, play to my sensitive side.” Gray moved forward his hand outstretched. “Thanks, man, I appreciate it.”

“No problem. Get in.” Ben held open the door and Gray climbed inside. The traffic wasn’t as busy as it had been the previous week, the school holidays played havoc with schedules and plans. Some days, inexplicably, it was dead quiet whilst the next it could be heaving. The taxi made its way slowly but steadily down Oxford Street, turning right by Broadcasting House and all the time Ben and Gray chatted, getting to know each other in an easy and relaxed manner. When they got nearer to home Gray pointed out a coffee shop he’d heard other teachers mention in the staff room and Ben pulled in to park, his yellow light off and his journey effectively over.

“I have to admit I’ve never been here but it’s supposed to be a good place. Apparently, according to our food tech teacher, their muffins are almost edible.”

Ben laughed; he looked at the small café approvingly and walked inside, holding the door just long enough for Gray to grab the handle. There were about ten tables, all with light blue checked tablecloths on. Small vases with white carnations in them adorned each table along with the prerequisite salt, pepper and sugar containers. Soft jazz music was playing in the background, the sound of the saxophone creating an immediately mellow atmosphere. The walls were white, roughly coated and adorned with old coffee advertisements plying the wares of long forgotten traders and plantations.

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Kinky Bride Confessions Ch. 11

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So my girlfriend Emma had just been married in her first porno wedding for the Kinky Brides Group and now ends her story with a shocking honeymoon.

“Returning to the altar we found the bed covered in a white satin sheet and climbed on to it. We were to begin in the traditional position, my legs wide apart as I watched Jay straddle me and then point ten inches of solid black cock at my eagerly awaiting love hole. The crowd came close, as near as the cameras would allow and witnessed me accepting Jays massive cock into my tiny body. He was very gentle as he once again stretched my cunt around his thick member. When he rested I relaxed a bit more which allowed him to slip deeper and deeper into me. I flung my legs around his body and squeezed him, an action which received rapturous applause as he began to fuck me, slowly at first, gaining momentum with each stroke until he drew his cock out further and then pounded deep into me.

Miss Anne was directing us and then had us change position so that Jay was fucking me from behind. We then had to sit up, me forcing myself into his crutch so that the guests could get a better view of his cock now fully inserted me. Being so light Jay managed to actually lift me from the bed and show his cock slipping in and out of me. I helped by holding my legs wide and Anne asked if we could get off the bed and walk into the crowd. It was no problem to the strong Jay and, with Bree and Monique holding each of my legs, he drew me up and down his shaft rather as if it was me fucking him instead of the other way around.

We just made it back to the bed when Jay began to erupt into me, his hot cum pumping into me as the once again naked Clara and Upe stepped up onto the altar. Jay rolled off me and Upe swiftly replaced cock with tongue as he clamped his mouth to my seeping cunt and Clara lapped the tasty fluid off the shaft of Jay.

Miss Anne made an announcement about entertainment and as Clara and Upe remained busy we watched as a young lady in a purple ball gown came spinning up the grass gracefully avoiding a display of her underwear, or should I say lack of underwear, in the process. She was followed by a man dressed in an evening suit, complete with white starched shirt and bowtie. They stopped and bowed to their audience before the lady stepped in behind her partner. She grabbed the collar of his attire and suddenly ripped the whole lot from him, Velcro merely providing a temporary fastening. He was left naked except for black stockings and suspenders. It was then that I realised I had seen them before and Miss Anne confirmed this as she continued.”

“This is Lucy and her transvestite lover Ianna who are both wearing black underwear. You will all remember that black is only worn here at Tulle Towers during punishment and today they are going to perform for you the ‘Petticoat Waltz’ where Lucy will continually play her gown against the clit of Ianna as they dance to the tune ‘Langsommerwaltz’. Of course being a clitlicker he is unable to respond as she drives him crazy with all those layers of sexy gown.

However, as the dance progresses Ianna has his attention diverted when the gorgeous ballerina, Mia arrives on the floor and, as she pirouettes in front of them, much to the annoyance of Lucy, she is eventually chased around the grounds by the furious Lucy as Ianna continues to pursue Mia.”

“Miss Anne then announced.”

“Lovers of porn and kinkiness, please give a warm KBG welcome to Mia.”

“I immediately recognised her as the transvestite who had shaved my pussy, her clit intermittently visible a she spun along the grass, her transparent tutu like something from the Nutcracker Suite, rising enough to give uninterrupted views of her görükle escort small but swollen clit.

The music began and Lucy and Ianna began dancing, immediately her gown against his clit and then purple tulle forcing through between his thighs. According to one of the Cum Dancers I was with later, the gown between the inner thighs is a most amazing turnon for any partner, male or female, and I could see the effect this was having on Ianna. Although he was not permitted to touch his own clit he was, as an entertainer, permitted to ask if anyone would like to suck his clit to relieve his spunk filled testicles. He got no immediate offers and so Lucy continued to swing her gown against him and then allow it through his thighs again.

He did get some respite when Mia joined in, lifting her tutu high enough and close enough to Ianna to touch him and let him know she had an interest in him. When he broke free from Lucy to embrace Mia, kissing the ballerina fully on the mouth, Lucy showed her anger by hitting them both with her gown. Mia ran off followed by Ianna and then Lucy and there pursued a chase through the guests, Mia and Lucy making sure their clothing made contact with as many cocks in the process. Then suddenly a Sugardaddy caught hold of Lucy and showed her what she had done to his shemale girlfriend and insisted she suck the lovely lady off forthwith. Meantime Mia had been caught by Ianna and both were rolling around on the grass oblivious to what was happening to Lucy. To get the camera angles correct this part had to be done more than once much to the delight of the naked guests.

Lucy is eventually set free to find Mia lying flat on her back with Ianna sucking her clit, his naked bum in the air. She rushes across making it look as if she is about to hit it with her hand. However, Lucy stops short and watches the two trannies as they turn into the sixty-nine position, now so intent on sucking each other that Lucy has been forgotten. She then goes back into the crowd and brings out the shemale she has just been sucking and gives her the pleasure of unfastening her gown in full view of us all. The gown drops and we are introduced to her secret weapon, 12 inches of solid black strap-on dildo.

Miss Anne laughs and explains to Jay and I that she and Ianna were once lovers and when he left her in quite a predicament she swore revenge. She has also sworn revenge on Lucy, her daughter-in-law whom she caught having sex with two men and got her to seduce Ianna when he recently returned to England after eighteen years in Italy. They are all lovers now but she has always planned to do something really nasty to Ianna in return for the mess he left her in. This was it and although he was expecting Lucy to pull his clit between his legs and suck it, she also had to lick his anus, as Anne normally had them do to each other, especially in public places. He was not expecting to have his ass fucked for the first time in front of so many people and cameras.

After sucking and licking his clit and testicles, Lucy did start licking at his anal region, at the same time smearing K-gel to assist entry. He was so engrossed in carrying out his instructions, for fear of Miss Anne sending incriminating pictures to his cousins in Italy, that he never noticed Lucy showing off her dildo to the crowd. She spread its entire length with gel and then dropped to her knees as the crowd went silent. Two security men arrived to stand behind Ianna as I obeyed the instructions of Miss Anne and stood up to announce, LET THE FUCKING BEGIN.

Beside me Bree flicked her bulky dress against Boyd as she dropped to her knees to seize his monster in her mouth. At the same time Monique lay onto the bed bursa escort bayan and had quite a job adjusting her dress and petticoats to display her pink pussy lips for him to lean forward and lick. Shelley, a long auburn haired transvestite came over and asked if she could lick me. Miss Anne thought it a super idea and called for a video camera to capture the bride receiving and giving oral to a tranny before we lay on the bed beside Monique and Bree and had some excellent sex, his long thin cock emerging from a nice little petticoat as he mounted me in front of Jay. I was having a wonderful climax, my orgasmic sounds filling the air in chorus with Bree as Boyd fucked her. The king size bed was soon alive with bodies as Boyd extracted himself from Bree to be immediately directed into the mouth of Shelley as Monique squatted above me offering her hot cunny to my mouth as soon as I recovered and opened my eyes.

Jay was engrossed in the action on the lawn and I had heard the painful cry, during my own orgasm, as Lucy plunged her thick dildo into the virgin ass of Ianna as he sucked on the clit of Mia. I looked across just as Monique pushed herself into my face and saw the two security men holding Ianna down as Miss Anne told him to relax his muscles as Lucy still had miles to push into him. There was lots more groaning from Ianna as well as Monique as I drank at her juicy cunt.

We were eventually joined by Lucy, her dildo still embedded in Ianna, as Miss Anne instructed her and I to change places. There was loud applause when I was led by Lucy onto the lawn where I suddenly realised I was being attached to the straps of the dildo to fuck Ianna. I was horrified by Miss Anne telling me to fuck him until he screamed for mercy. My veil was lowered over my face at the front and the back was spread across the grass behind me. A number of posed shots were taken, the security guards helping the sweating and frothing Ianna onto all fours, before moving out of shot, so that the camera could see who it was the kinky bride was fucking on her wedding day.

There was another scream and there was Lucy in the same position looking into the eyes of Ianna with Jay filling her anal passage with his condom covered cock. They were encouraged to kiss each other until Boyd arrived with his cock still fully erect and dripping with the cum juices of Monique. All the time the cameras were focussed on Lucy and Ianna who was now cleaning the entire 12 inches of Boyd with his tongue, alternating between licking and sucking my favourite cock. I was still watching as the dildo was unfastened from me and extracted from Ianna also. When I saw Boyd having a condom fitted to his dick I realised who was going to replace me.

Miss Anne, however was prolonging the action and making Ianna beg to be fucked.

“What do you want,” she asked.

“I want to be fucked,” he replied in little more than a whisper.

“I think you have forgotten something.”

“I want to be fucked…. By a man.”

“What are you?”

“I’m a transvestite slut and I want to feel a huge big black cock filling my ass because I don’t deserve to be allowed to make love to a beautiful woman again. The only fuck I deserve from now on is up the ass of Lucy after she has fucked me.”

“He was trembling as he spoke, prompted all the time by Miss Anne who by now had had Lucy and Jay move around so that she, especially, could get a good view of her lover taking twelve inches of black cock.

I actually closed my eyes to avoid seeing the pain on his face as Boyd fucked him hard and furious. I was a little disappointed to see my favourite cock fucking a man but there was lots of other fucking going on around me so I didn’t bursa escort have to watch for too long. Then, soon after, some of the dancing girls were pushing there spunk filled cunts into the faces of Ianna and Lucy for them to clean. Cocks and cunts came and went and all the time Boyd and Jay kept fucking the entertainers, but I didn’t get a chance to see how it all ended because I was taken away to meet Mr Belston, Madame Margaret and to be joined by Miss Anne soon after.

As we walked through the gardens to the house I stupidly voiced my opinion about the treatment to poor Ianna and was met with a curt reply.”

“Don’t speak so soon, it could be you next. The boys love to push their cocks up any ass and yours is a prime target being virgin. Ianna and Lucy did wrong and now they are being punished. Now, you may also have done wrong or been involved in something that was wrong, so we want to hear from you what you have to say about the missing photographs from the location shoot in your bridal gown,” said Mr Belston.

“I told them I didn’t really know, which of course was a lie. At the same time I could feel the colour draining from me as I imagined being punished like Lucy and Ianna.”

“Are you sure?”

“I nodded and continued to repeat that answer until they told me to get ready to go on my honeymoon.

Jay arrived and we showered together. After drying I was handed the same tiny white frilly petticoat I had worn under my school uniform at the boathouse. The red satin mini skirt I was then given was not much bigger and I could see from the many mirrors that they didn’t hide much. Finally I was given a blouse, off the shoulder, low cut and matching red satin. When I leaned forward to slip my matching heels on my ass was in full view. Jay gave a whistle and slipped his hardening cock through between my legs to touch my cunny.”

“My kinky little bride looks ready for a few fucks on her honeymoon. You turn me on and I want to fuck you now.”

“We were interrupted by Miss Anne entering the room with a BLACK satin jacket. Jay gasped.”

“What has she done to deserve this?”

“She has until we reach the restaurant to tell the truth or be punished. This will signal to the others that she is under disciplinary procedure unless she has changed her mind.”

“I shook my head thinking all the time about what might happen to Boyd and to you Yano if I said anything.

So my bridal gown was carried to the waiting limo and laid upon the bed inside. Holding Jay by his cock we made our way downstairs to the waiting crowd. A loud murmur went around them as they questioned why I was wearing black. On the outer steps I was ordered to suck my kinky husband for the last time for our guests but the customary throwing of rose petals did not happen because of my pending punishment. I saw Boyd, placing his finger to his lips, as he looked back at me and Jay as he and Bree and Monique entered Mr Belstons car.

Soon we were heading towards the city, both cars close together. A mobile telephone rang and it was given to me. Mr Belston wanted to know if I had changed my mind.

I hadn’t and returned to sucking Jay. Next thing I knew the limo stopped and the door opened and I saw Mr B.”

“Ok Emma, get out and swap places with Monique. If one of you three can’t tell me what happened maybe a night on the street will help YOU remember. He leaned in and hauled me out, my skirt and petticoat well above my waist and my nudity in full view of all the people around. The limo door closed and the car moved off and, as Mr B went back to his own car, he shouted back to me.”

“Ask some of the other girls if you don’t know what to do.”

“I was still wrestling with my skirt when I realised where I had been left. Instead of going off on my honeymoon I was in the red light area and expected to spend the night on the game as one of his prostitutes.

I didn’t have time to cry. Business offer were immediate – but that is another story.”

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The Student Teacher

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I’ve taken a two year sabbatical from Lit, but have a few new story ideas and a little extra time.

Thanks to Nstygrl for her help polishing and editing.

It’s good to be back. The Style Guy


Uncle Dave is the black sheep of our family. He’s in his mid-40s, good looking, but unemployed and a lazy drunk. It surprises me when he attends family functions with very attractive women.

I fondly remember the only good advice Dave ever offered me. It was at my high school graduation party in my parent’s back yard. Dave caught me ogling the tits of his latest bimbo. And, to be fair, she wasn’t a bimbo. She was a chemistry professor at a local university.

Her name was Stacy. I’d guess she was 35. Stacy was dressed in a cobalt blue sun dress, wedge sandals and not much else. Her large firm breasts and ample cleavage caught and kept my attention.

I was embarrassed when Dave caught me staring and was relieved when he smirked. He jerked his head and I followed him over to the make-shift bar. As he opened a couple of Coors Light’s and handed me one, he asked, “Ever wonder how a loser like me, gets pussy like that?” He nodded in Stacy’s direction as he said the last part.

I half-laughed and answered, “Yeah, Uncle Dave. I think everybody would like to know.”

Dave held back a snort, nodded and said, “Learn to eat pussy better than anyone else.”

I watched Dave for a few moments waiting for more and finally questioned, “That’s it?”

Laughing again, Dave continued, “I haven’t had a job in seven years, yet I have stunning girlfriends. They let me stay at their homes and drive their cars. We go on Island vacations, eat at great restaurants and drink the best wines. And, it’s all because I lick pussy better than anyone else.”

As I processed his advice, Dave finished, “With your good looks, athletic build, intelligence and drive, I know you’ll succeed in anything you try. If you learn to eat pussy too, you’ll be a quick success. Just find one girl. Lick her twat till she can’t take anymore and then eat her some more. She’ll be yours, to do whatever you want. And as an added bonus, she’ll tell her friends.”

Dave slapped my shoulder, “I’m telling you. Learn to eat pussy and you’ll have a great life, doing whatever you choose.”

Present Day

I chose to go into education and this Friday ended my first week of student teaching. My initial plans were to head back to campus and celebrate a successful first week, but I received another offer, one that I initially refused.

“Hey Chris, want to come to our Poetry Club meeting?”

My first thought is that I’m assisting with a before school martial arts club for teachers and students, and that was enough. My second thought was “Poetry Club,” fuck no!

Jim Willard, my advisor, laughed at the expression on my face. Before I could answer, he explained, “We meet for Happy Hour, every Friday after school. We call it our Poetry Club meeting, in case a student hears us.”

As it was the start of the school year, the Poetry Club meeting was well attended. Fifty or so teachers, administrators and staff chatted about their summer exploits as they drank one dollar draft beers and other happy hour specials.

The faculty was welcoming to me, but much more interested in catching-up with their colleagues. I took the opportunity to mingle.

I reintroduced myself to Maggie Wilson. Maggie is a school guidance counselor. We had met my first day, when she was assigned to explain the workings of her department to the three new student teachers.

Maggie was an attractive woman and in her mid-30’s. She was taller than average, with a full curvy figure, short dark hair, piercing eyes and a wide smile. Two rows of gleaming white teeth were framed by full and pouty lips.

Maggie was chatting with Lori Spenser, the school nurse and Bev Littleton, a secretary. After introducing me to both women, they included me in their conversation. The trio quizzed me about life in college, girlfriends, and my first week in the school and other mundane topics.

When Bev excused herself, to use the ladies room, I helped ease her bar stool away from the bar. She smiled, winked and thanked me, as she slid from the stool. Bev had a cute, athletic figure. My practiced eye gauged her to be a size six, with nice legs and a heart shaped bottom. I watched her ass sway as she walked through the bar to the bathroom.

As I brought my attention back to the women, I was met with two conspiratorial smiles.

“Nice ass, for an old lady,” Lori teased.

I wanted to agree, whole-heartedly, but instead answered, “Bev isn’t old.”

“She’s got you by fifteen years, Chris. Besides, you didn’t answer the question. She’s got a nice butt, doesn’t she?

Feeling myself begin to blush, I admitted, “She has a very nice figure.”

Both women laughed. We knew I hadn’t completely answered the question, but they seemed willing to give me a pass.

“Bev’s divorce came through, three weeks ago. She’s still a little down-in-the-dump,” said Maggie.

“Hopefully görükle escort the start of the school year will keep her busy and active,” Lori added.

Not knowing what to say, I just nodded and sipped my beer.

Maggie turned in her stool and looked toward the restrooms, then turned back and said, “Guess what Bev’s plans are tonight?”

Before I could think up a snappy answer, Lori slapped Maggie’s arm and hissed, “Quiet! You can’t tell him that.”

As both women laughed, Maggie asked, “Why not? We might be doing her a favor.”

Lori gave me a long hard look, from head to toe and started giggling again. She turned to check for Bev’s return. “She would kill us,” Lori observed.

Both were giggling nervously, when Maggie blurted, “He’s a college senior, so I doubt he’s a virgin.” Both women howled in laughter.

Together, they twisted and glanced toward the bathroom. The coast was still clear. The women looked at each other, giggled again and Lori said, “She planning on getting layed tonight.”

With the flood gates open, information poured from the women.

“She hasn’t had sex since she was separated,” said Maggie.

“It’s been over nine months,” continued Lori.

I felt like I was at a tennis match, as my head swiveled back and forth between the two.

“She’s only been with her ex, for the last twelve years.”

“They had great sex, all the time, but he cheated on her and bragged about it. He’s a fool and an asshole!”

“They made love four times a week for their entire marriage and now, she’s had a nine month dry spell.

“Nothing but her toys.”

Suddenly, as if out of breath, Maggie and Lori stopped. I noticed that Bev had left the ladies room and had stopped to say good night to a group from our Poetry Club, who was leaving.

The women followed my gaze and knew we only had a few moments until Bev’s return. They gave each other knowing smiles. Lori called to the bartender and ordered a refill for Bev and me.

Bev returned as the fresh drinks were put in front of us. As Bev maneuvered into her bar stool, Lori and Maggie wiggled out of there’s.

“Chuck is on his way home from work. He’s picking up the kids and I’m meeting them at Ming Palace for dinner. I need to run,” said Lori as she picked up her purse.

“I’m meeting Mike at home, and then we’re going to Heathers soccer match,” was Maggie’s excuse.

“We bought you a celebratory round,” was Maggie’s parting comment as the women headed to the front door.

Bev smiled but looked conflicted. We reached for our beers and toasted.

“What are you celebrating?” I asked.

Bev stuttered before answering, “I guess the finish of the first week of school.” I noticed a slight blush around Bev’s open collar.

Bev was easy to talk too. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry. When our beers were almost empty, I caught the bartender’s eye and circled my finger, for another round.

“You don’t mind?”

Bev gave me a nice smile. “I’m having a nice time. Thanks.”

As the beers arrived, I asked, “Are you hungry?”

She considered me for a second and I continued, “I’m starved. Would you like to grab a quick dinner? We could sit here.”

“You don’t mind having dinner with an old woman like me?”

I smiled and answered, “That’s the second time you have been referred too as old. You’re not old.”

Bev gave me an appreciative smile and asked, “Who else called me old?”

Trying to dismiss her question, I said, “I can’t tell you Bev. I’d have to explain the context and you might get mad.”

“Fess-up college boy or I’ll send you to the Principle’s office on Monday.”

I raised my hands in mock surrender. “When you walked to the ladies room, your girlfriends caught me staring at your butt. Lori’s comment was, ‘nice ass for an old woman.'”

Bev considered my confession for a moment. We were looking into each others eyes and I could see . . . something.

With a shy confidence, she asked, “And what did you say?”

Lying, I said, “Not nice, smoking hot.”

That’s when I knew what I saw in Bev’s eyes. It was a spark . . . that was slowly turning ‘smoking hot.’

Bev turned to the bartender and called out, “Two menus please.”

We shared appetizers, had sandwiches and two more rounds of beers. Bev turned playful and flirted. She touched my hand, arm and shoulder as we talked, which caused a growing sexual tension.

“Thanks for suggesting dinner. You gave an old lady an ego boost.”

Her bright smile turned into a 1000 watt glare, when I responded, “Not old. Smoking Hot. Remember?”

She considered me for a moment before admitting, “I lied to you before.”

I was surprised and asked, “When?”

“The celebratory drinks weren’t for the first week of school. We were celebrating my divorce.”

“I’m not sure if I should say, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Congratulations’?”

I picked up my almost-empty glass and raised it in a toast. “Congratulations?”

She clinked her glass against bursa escort bayan mine and nodded.

“If I have another beer, I don’t think I’ll be able to drive,” admitted Bev. She continued, “But, I don’t want the night to end.” Again, she smiled.

I was going to offer Bev the option of letting me drive her home later or getting a taxi, when she said, “Would you like to follow me home now? I have some beer in the refrigerator.”

Answering her, I said, “I’d like that. I’d like it a lot.”

When I saw a flash of doubt in her eye, I leaned in and added, “Bev, you need to know that I’m very attracted to you.”

All doubt instantly vanished and was replaced by a roaring fire. I called for the check, which Bev insisted on paying. Together we walked out the front door. When we were away from the prying eyes of our few remaining colleagues, Bev slid her arm through mine, as we walked through the parking lot. It felt nice feeling her body next to mine.

We reached her sporty Miada first. “My car is around the corner. I’ll be back in a second.”

I quickly reached my old beat-up Honda, crossed my fingers that it would start, backed up and pulled behind Bev. As she waved in recognition, I thought, “I hope this isn’t the only time I’m in tight and behind her!”

It was a ten minute drive to Bev’s condo. In the parking lot, she pointed to the designated “guest parking area,” then pulled ahead to her assigned spot. We got out of our cars at the same time and Bev walked in my direction.

I was leaning against the trunk of my car as she passed and said, “It’s this way.”

When I didn’t move, she turned and stared before asking, “Are you having second thoughts?”

I smiled, shook my head and wagged my finger at her.

Taking two steps back to me she asked, “What?”

“Closer,” I said.

Bev was smiling as she moved within two feet of me.

I reached out and slid one finger between two buttons of her blouse and gently pulled her closer.

When she was pressed against me, I leaned in and kissed her hungry mouth. Our lips pressed together and our mouths opened, as our tongues tasted each other. Bev’s arms ringed my neck and my hands tightly held her hips.

Bev let a muffled, “EERRRRgggghhhh,” escape as our kiss escalated. Her arms tightened and my hands slipped from her hips to the globes of her ass. I pulled her tight against me and she whimpered and ground her pussy against my hard cock.

As I squeezed each ass cheek, she huffed, “You like my assss. Don’t youuuu??

I let go with my right hand, reached back and swatted her cheek. As the ass-slap sounded, Bev groaned again. “I love your ass, baby. It’s going to get a lot of attention tonight.”

She groaned, “OOOhhhh Godddd. Yesssss!!!”

Bev let go of my neck with her right hand and slid it to my crotch. After cupping my balls, she ran her finger tips along my stiff rod to my cock head. “Jesus,” was her response, as she used her fingers to gauge my length and thickness.

She stepped back to give herself more room and was watching her fingers as she measured me. When she looked up, her smile was huge. “I love big dicks. And yours is fucking huge.” Bev lifted up on her tip-toes, kissed my lips, grabbed my hand and half dragged me to her condo.

Once inside the small neat condo, Bev turned to flick the deadbolt and chain lock. As she slid the chain into place, I pressed against her, pushed her shoulder length blond hair to the side and kissed her neck. Bev shivered and tried to turn to me.

I gripped her hips, pushed my rock hard log against her bum and continued to kiss and lick her neck and ear.

“Take me to . . .,” Bev started.

“We’ll go to the bedroom soon,” I told her as I lightly bit and tugged her ear lobe.

As Bev sighed and ground her ass into my cock, I reached around and quickly unbuttoned her blouse. I pulled it off her arms and over her shoulders and let it drop while kissing and licking her from shoulder to shoulder.

“Your mouth feels so . . . so . . . good.”

I smiled, kissed lower and was rewarded with a shiver and groan. When I reached her bra strap I opened it with a flick of my wrist and let it hang open. As I continued my oral trail down her back, I had to sink to my knees.

In a husky voice Bev asked, “Please take me to bed.”

I was kissing along the waist line of her high-waisted tan slacks. Instead of answering, I kissed the small of her back and reached around, unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned and unzipped her pants.

When I gave her slacks a tug, they easily slipped over her hips and pooled at her ankles. I was eye level with a cute athletic ass, covered with a small red silk g-string. The panty crisscrossed her ass cheek.

Goosebumps formed on each globe as I traced my tongue along the edge of the fabric.

“Your mouth feels so good!” Bev panted.

“I can smell you, Bev.”

“I’m so fucking wet!”

I bunched up the fabric of her panties, wedged it into her ass crack and continued to lick and bursa escort kiss her ass. After I had left a trail across each cheek, started down the backs of Bev’s legs, alternating back and forth. She let out an urgent groan, when I kissed the back of each knee.

“You are doing thingssssss to meeeee . . .,” Bev moaned.

I smiled to myself, reached up and palmed each cheek. I pulled them apart, massaged and kneaded them.

“Oh, god. My ass is on fire!”

“Your bottom likes a lot of action, doesn’t it Bev?”

She hesitated, before admitting, “Yes . . . God . . . Yes.

Hooking a finger into each side of her panties, I pulled it down until it joined her slacks around her ankles. Reaching down, I pulled her heals, pants, and g-string off. Before I could tell her to, Bev leaned against the door and spread her legs. Using my hands I spread her cheeks wide. I could see the bottom of her wet pink pussy and the brown crinkle of her asshole. She looked clean and smelled delicious.

I heard an in-take of breath, as I ran my tongue along the crack of her ass.

“No one has everrrrr . . .”

Bev mewed, groaned, and sighed as I licked back and forth over her hole. I felt her reach a hand to her pussy and use her fingers to circle her clit.

“I’m gonna . . . I’m gonnaaa . . . I’m fuckin gonnaaaaa . . . cummmmmmmmm!”

As Bev exploded, I held her ass cheeks and licked her until she settled. When she slumped against the door I stood, turned her around and held her tightly. She regained some composure and looked up.

“Will you kiss the mouth that just ate your ass?” I asked.

The naked women circled my neck with her arms and aggressively pushed her lips against mine and jammed her tongue into my mouth. Without breaking the kiss, I reached down and lifted Bev, cradling behind her back with one hand and behind her knees with the other.

Her condo was small and I easily found her bedroom while continuing our kiss. I laid Bev along the edge of the bed, broke the kiss and stepped back. It took me less than a minute to take my clothes off and Bev watched me intently the entire time.

As I stepped to the side of the bed Bev pleaded, “Fuck me . . . just fuck me!”

Instead, I bent over, kissed her lips and trailed the kisses over her cheek and neck and to her breasts. Bev had cute B-cups topped with small pink nipples. I took my time and alternated back and forth between them. I licked, kissed, and sucked them as Bev gently groaned.

After giving her tits a nice workout I kissed my way down her stomach. Bev kept her public hair trimmed in a short landing strip. As I nuzzled her pubes I turned her, so she was laying with her butt at the edge of the bed. I knelt in front of her, spread her thighs and licked from her asshole to her clit.

“OH . . . fuck . . . yesssss,” Bev hissed.

She grabbed my head with both hands and held me in place while I ate her pussy and licked her clit. Bev tasted incredible. A few minutes after I started she had a small cum. She’d have small orgasms every few minutes and finally begged, “Fuck me . . . I need you to fuck me now.”

When she let go of my hair, I locked my lips on her clit and slid two fingers into her tight overflowing cunt and started a hard deep finger fuck.

Her response was an immediate, “Oh Jesus . . . OH Jesus . . . OH JESUSSSSSS!”

Bev bucked her crotch into my face as I finger banged her. Her orgasm easily lasted a minute and when it was done I tenderly resumed licking her twat.

She pleaded, “No more . . . give me a rest,” so I licked even more gently and stayed away from her sensitive clit.

It took a few minutes for Bev to completely settle down and when she did, I increased the intensity of my oral assault. I tongue fucked Bev’s pussy and asshole and circled her clit. When she started to moan I pressed two fingers back into her pussy, and a few moments later I pushed one into her ass.

As soon as I attached my lips to her clit she exploded. Bev’s hips lifted off the mattress and she screamed, “I’m cummmmmmmmming!”

When this orgasm ended Bev aggressively pushed my head from between her dripping thighs and shimmed away from the edge toward the middle of the bed. I crawled in after her, lined my rock hard cock up to her pussy and eased it in.

“You’re fuckingggg killinggg meeeee!” But as soon as I bottomed out she begged, “Fuck me . . . just fuck meeeeee!”

Bev’s pussy walls were tight, but soaking wet and I was easily able to pump her hard. Her eyes were closed and her head shook from side to side. “Cuming . . . cuming . . . cuming againnnnnn!”

I was embarrassed to cum so quickly, but a few minutes later as Bev crested to another orgasm I said, “Grab my balls. I’m cuming too.”

Bev reached for my swinging sack and massaged my balls, as we exploded together. I pumped her full of cum and when my cock finally started to soften, I pulled from her gapping hole, rolled onto my back and pulled Bev to my side.

“That was fucking unbelievable. Where did you learn to have sex like that?”

I silently thanked Uncle Dave. I reached for Bev’s hand and guided it to my half hard cock.

She seemed content, lying next to me, with her head on my chest. My cock and pubic hair had an abundance of natural lube and Bev’s fist lazily stroked me.

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Some Like It Hot

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Jarrett sat down at his desk, relieved that the first day of classes had ended. He looked over the left-side, his side, of his dorm room. His bed was neatly made. His books and some food products were carefully spaced on the shelves above. His desk was clear except for his laptop. He had gotten some paper from the floor’s resident assistant to cover his bulletin board. So far he had posted his class schedule and a calendar.

Then, Jarrett looked over to AJ’s side of the room. His bed was unmade; just a top sheet was crumbled at its foot. The shelves were somehow already littered with items, as well as his desk. It wasn’t quite what Jarrett had expected, but as long as his roommate kept to his side of the room, he wasn’t too worried.

It wasn’t long before AJ came back from his last class of the day.

“It–,” AJ emphasized, “is — so –HOT!”

Jarrett laughed, his bright white teeth where highlighted by his smooth, black skin. One thing the dorms lacked was air conditioning.

Jarrett also considered AJ’s build probably didn’t help. While Jarrett was fairly thin and average height, AJ was a little taller, and definitely thicker, like a rugby player.

By the time Jarrett looked over at AJ, he was already stripping.

“It is SO hot,” AJ underscored. AJ’s shirt was already on the floor and his pants were next to follow.

Jarrett looked away startled at the fact AJ was not wearing any underwear.

AJ turned his head towards Jarrett, “Don’t let my ass stop you from your work.”

Jarrett looked back, making eye contact, somehow AJ always seemed playful.

“It’s just so pale,” Jarrett defended.

“Hey,” AJ said, almost serious, “That’s not fair — I’m white.”

Jarrett couldn’t help but laugh, as AJ jumped on to his bed and sprawled out. His open legs exposing his limp dick and well-hung sack.

“Dude,” Jarrett said as if to alert AJ of the obvious.

Glancing up at the ceiling, AJ countered with, “It’s so hot!”

“It’s eighty-two,” Jarrett informed, “It’s not that bad.”

“Maybe not in Africa,” AJ commented gleefully.

Jarrett laughed, “Whatever.”


Jarrett had continued to do some school work, while AJ did some reading, still lying on his bed. After a while, AJ got up and said, “Dinner.”

Jarrett looked up briefly before looking back to the paragraph he was working on.

“You’re coming,” AJ notified.

“Oh,” Jarrett said, kind of glad AJ had insisted. AJ threw on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. He was putting on his shoes, when Jarrett interrupted, “You’re not going to wear anything under the shorts?”

AJ looked up, “It — is –“

Jarrett interrupted, “so hot, I got it.” And with a smile, the two went to dinner.


At dinner, AJ and Jarrett talked about their families and then about high school.

“Are you two still dating?” Jarrett asked about AJ’s prom date.

“No,” AJ responded, “We knew we were going to separate colleges…I don’t think either of us wanted a long distance relationship. How about you?”

“Well,” Jarrett paused, “She was more of a friend…I mean we went as friends.”

“So,” AJ continued, as he scooped up another spoon-full of mashed potatoes, “she couldn’t help a guy out a little on his prom night?”

Jarrett let out an uneasy laugh. Then he took a deep breath, “I wasn’t too interested in that, since I’m gay.”

AJ looked up, and yet continued eating, “Gay? Are you sure?”

Jarrett just starred, unsure if AJ was joking.

“You don’t seem very gay,” AJ added.

Jarrett smiled, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure.”

“If you’re making this up, so that I’ll wear underwear in the dorm, it’s not going to work,” AJ informed, “remember, the first time we met you said I could do whatever I want on my side of the room.”

Jarrett had to laugh. “I’m not making it up. But I think I am regretting ever saying that.”

AJ smiled as he ate.


Jarrett read over the lab instructions…apparently college Chem was a little bit tougher than high school.

“This is impossible,” his lap partner, Justin chimed in.

Jarrett glanced over at him. Justin was tall and lanky; he was a skater-type. “It will be okay,” Jarrett coaxed, “lets just go through it step-by-step.”

“Man,” Justin complained, “I don’t get any of this.”

After 40 minutes of trying to get Justin on board, Jarrett gave in.

“Actually, it looks about done,” Jarrett began, “I can finish it up.”

“Thank God,” Justin sighed, “That was painful.” And off he went.

Jarrett finished up the last reaction, and bent down to scribble some notes. When he stood up, a pretty blond girl was smiling at him.

“Hi, I’m Courtney,” she offered.

“I’m Jarrett.”

“I know this is a little weird, but is that your notebook?” She asked, pointing to a blue notebook next to him.

“Yeah,” Jarrett confirmed.

Courtney opened it up to the only entry, notes from their first lecture.

“I sat behind you in lecture,” Courtney began, looking over the notes. “I couldn’t help but görükle escort notice your notes. I can’t believe how well you can summarize during the lecture. I always have to go back to my dorm and re-write.”

Jarrett smiled. He had gotten compliments on his notes from teachers in high school, but never like this, and never from a student.

“And these little descriptions of what the professor emphasizes…these are great,” Courtney continued.

“Yeah, my side notes,” Jarrett added.

“Side notes?” Courtney smiled, “You have a name for them?”

Jarrett laughed, “Yeah.”

“I was thinking,” Courtney said, putting down the notebook, “We should study together…maybe like once a week, just to stay on-top of things?”

“Yeah,” Jarrett agreed, “that sounds good.”

“Great,” Courtney said, “I don’t know about you, but I opted against asking my assigned lap partner.”

“Ha,” Jarrett said, “yeah, I’ll pass on that.”

“Mine might be smart,” Courtney described, “It would be easier to judge if he would have looked at the sheet instead of my breasts.”

Jarrett, laughed, as he quickly glanced down at Courtney’s larger-than-normal chest, “Luckily, I didn’t have that problem with Justin.”

Lauren laughed, “Here, let me help you clean up the lap.”


Jarrett walked in his dorm, to find AJ talking with two friends.

“Perfect timing,” AJ said, “This is Dom…” Dom was slightly taller than Jarrett, mixed race with soft, brown skin. And very built. “And this is Mich.” Mich was around 6’3, easily the tallest of them. He was white and thin.

The two greeted Jarrett, and AJ continued, “We’re going to play some friendly two-on-two…but we need a forth.”

“Why not?” Jarrett asked himself. “Sure,” he said, as AJ smiled.

“Glad to have you,” Dom said, smacking him in the arm.

“Me and Dom, against AJ and Jarrett,” Mich instructed as the four headed out to the court.

Mich and Dom were probably the best two players, so the teams were lopsided. It became clear quickly that Mich and Dom were going to win, but AJ and Jarrett kept calm and kept it interesting. Somehow, even with a decent lead, Mich got worked up every time AJ or Jarrett made some progress.

“Fuck!” Mich exclaimed, after a basket from Jarrett, “Un-fucking-believable!” Mich’s face was turning red, “That should have been blocked.” Mich had been covering Jarrett, so it was unclear who he was angry at. Jarrett noticed that neither Dom nor AJ seemed the least phased by Mich’s outbursts.

Midway through the game, they switched coverage, so that Dom was covering Jarrett. Jarrett dribbled toward the middle of the court, as Dom came up behind him. Dom hit into him, pressing his pelvis into Jarrett’s butt and his chest against Jarrett’s back.

Jarrett noted the feeling of Dom’s firm body as it pressed against him, for just a moment, he felt overwhelmingly secure.

As the feeling left, Jarrett focused to see AJ looking annoyed…Dom had completely stolen the ball from him.

Before long, the game had ended.

“Good game,” Dom stated, as the four headed to the side of the court.

“You too,” AJ offered.

“That last basket was fucking weak,” Mich stated, referring to one AJ had made.

AJ just smiled, as he sat down, spaying some water onto his face.

“So you guys should come out with Mich and me on Saturday,” Dom offered, “There’s this fraternity I’m trying to get into; they’re having a big party. Just come and chill.”

“Sounds good to me,” AJ agreed.

Dom looked over to Jarrett. Jarrett watched a bead of sweat ran down Dom’s chiseled face. “Sounds fun.”


A day had passed, as AJ walked down the hall, sweat rolling down his face. “It was way too hot for basketball,” he thought to himself.

AJ pushed open the door and walked into the room, putting the basketball down near his desk. But he couldn’t help but notice Jarrett jump when he came in the room.

“Whatcha doing,” AJ asked as he quickly moved behind Jarrett’s desk chair.

Jarrett sat frozen…in complete silence, as AJ stood behind him and a paused gay porn movie shown on his laptop. Jarrett didn’t know what to say, one question kept streaming through his mind, “Why didn’t I lock the door?”

“Well,” AJ questioned, “Are you going to hit play or what?”

Jarrett unfroze as relief rushed over him. He quickly hit play, almost rushing to appease AJ. But he couldn’t help but feel confused; after all he was fairly certain that AJ was straight.

The porn played for a few seconds, which seemed much longer, and then Jarrett got a second shock. AJ’s hand moved in to rub his crotch. Jarrett had on black, baggy shorts and boxers underneath. But AJ’s strong hand was actually rubbing his crotch. He didn’t know what to say.

“What are you doing?” Jarrett finally asked.

“Does it feel good?” AJ asked.

“Yeah,” Jarrett replied meekly, before silence set back in.

Against Jarrett’s objections, his dick was becoming pretty stiff, as AJ rubbed.

“This bursa escort bayan porn is missing something,” AJ commented.

“Pussy?” Jarrett said, hoping AJ was in his typical light-hearted mood.

“That’s it!” AJ exclaimed, as if he had just realized it.

Then AJ wrapped his hand around Jarrett’s dick, and through the shorts, gave Jarrett a couple of strong jerks. Jarrett sat up straight and desperately held back from moaning.

Then AJ simply let go, and walked away towards his desk.

Jarrett leaned back in his chair, and glanced over at AJ. There was definitely an outline in his shorts.

Jarrett couldn’t help himself, “Looks like you enjoyed it too?”

AJ sat down at his desk, “Yeah,” he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen bad porn.”


AJ and Jarrett walked along the street, returning to their dorms from the campus bookstore. A few more days had gone by, and their first college week was finally behind them.

“I can’t believe how expensive books are,” Jarrett was saying.

“No kidding,” AJ agreed.

“Dinner?” Jarrett asked.

“Can’t,” AJ answered, “I have practice.”

Jarrett looked over at AJ, “Practice for what?”

“I joined an intramural basketball league. You know, you should definitely join.”

“Thanks for the confidence,” Jarrett said, “but I don’t want to do too much the first semester. I want to see how my classes go.”

“I thought you’d say that,” AJ said, “I’ll see you back at the dorm.” With that AJ gave Jarrett a smack on the ass, and the two parted ways.


Saturday night couldn’t come soon enough for Jarrett. He was excited as him and AJ left the dorm, to take Dom up on his offer.

Dom led AJ, Mich, and Jarrett pass the frat brother approving guests, as they made their way into the house. The live band was all that could be heard over the hoards of college kids crowding the rooms of the 1st floor.

“Have a blast,” Dom yelled over the music, as he and Mich made their way towards the beer. AJ and Jarrett walked around the house talking with some of the brothers, before they eventually got separated.

Jarrett was feeling pretty good, as he had been sipping on some long-island iced teas they were serving in a corner room. Jarrett went to get another refill from the pitchers centered on a coffee table on the side of the room. Jarrett looked up to see a larger red-haired guy making out with a brown-haired girl on the couch next to the coffee table. Jarrett couldn’t help but notice that the girl was dressed more than a little slutty. Then, she pulled away from the guy. The red haired guy moved back in, as the girl stretched out her arm, pushing her hand against his chest. The act didn’t do much good, as the guy was easily twice her weight.

Jarrett put his empty cup down on the table, and focused on the pitcher. He tried to listen to the band in the background, although it was not so deafening in this section of the house. Jarrett refilled his cup, and looked back up.

“Stop,” the girl was saying, to Jarrett’s dismay. The guy was now physically holding her arm down, as he was saying something too her. He didn’t seem happy. She was looking increasingly nervous.

“Hey,” Jarrett said. The girl looked up at him for a moment, but the guy kept pushing in closer to her.

“Hey,” Jarrett said again, louder, stepping closer. The guy turned; keeping his firm grip on the girl, “You got a problem?”

“She’s not interested,” Jarrett was almost surprised the words made it out of his mouth.

The guy let go of the girl and stood up angrily, “How the fuck is that your business?”

“Just cool down,” Jarrett said, taking a step back. Unfortunately, Jarrett’s move backwards didn’t take into account the coffee table. Multiple pitchers of the iced teas toppled over as Jarrett’s legs hit against the table.

“Fuck!” The red-haired brother exclaimed, focusing on the alcohol. Panicked, Jarrett knelt down and grabbed a pitcher, setting it back up and saving some of the alcohol. A second brother, in a rush to do the same, knocked one of the fallen pitchers in Jarrett’s direction, sending iced tea all over him. Jarrett stood up to get out of the way, as others moved towards the table to survey the damage.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” The second brother said towards Jarrett, as the red-haired brother, and others moved in to get things cleaned up. Jarrett looked up to see the girl was long gone.

He then turned and began walking away from the table. Soon the sensation of embarrassment rushed over him. “What is wrong with me?” He couldn’t help but think. With his shirt and crotch covered in alcohol, he decided going back to the dorm was his best option.

Jarrett moved through the crowd, and after what seemed like forever, he had the door in his sights…before he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“How is everything go—” Dom stopped as Jarrett faced him. “What happened to your shirt?”

Before Jarrett could answer, a hand pushed Dom in the chest pushing him back so he was side-to-side with bursa escort Jarrett. Jarrett swallowed as the red-haired frat boy stood in front of them.

“Is this fucker with you?”

“What’s your problem?” Dom answered, annoyed by his greeting.

“When we said you could bring some people…” the red-haired boy started.

A part of Jarrett was of course curious to see where the conversation would go, but his feet where on the move out the door as soon as Dom’s attention had shifted.

The embarrassment gave way to a rush of disappointment as Jarrett made his way back to campus in the cold night’s air. Embarrassing himself was one thing, but making Dom look bad in front of guys he was trying to become friends with…Jarrett felt himself holding back a tear.

“Nice going,” he mumbled under his breath. “Way to fuck over any chance of Dom ever liking me.” It wasn’t until that moment that Jarrett realized how much he wanted Dom to like him.


Sunday was fairly uneventful. Jarrett met up with Courtney what had turned into an almost daily steady session, but other than that him and AJ spent most of their day doing work in their dorm.

Monday’s classes came and went, as Jarrett pushed open the door to his dorm, to her female moaning coming from inside. Jarrett stopped and peered in to see AJ sitting on his bed, with porn playing on the TV.

“Lock the door,” AJ stated, after turning and confirming Jarrett’s presence. Jarrett locked the door, as he looked back to his roommate, wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt. Jarrett threw his book bag on his desk and sat down on his bed to watch a big-breasted female give a guy head.

AJ slid over to the side of his bed, and patted his hand on the other side, “Here.”

Jarrett smiled, he went over and sat next to AJ.

“She has nice tits,” Jarrett offered.

“He has a hot cock,” AJ exchanged.

After a few minutes, AJ unzipped and pulled his cock out of his khakis. Jarrett glanced over to see a thick, eight inches hardening in AJ’s hand.

Jarrett decided he should follow suit, and pulled off his shoes, socks, pants, and boxers, letting loose his own hardening dick. Then he stripped off his shirt, leaving himself completely nude. AJ, noticing Jarrett’s soldier, “I guess straight porn does the trick for you.”

“Guess so,” Jarrett confirmed. He kept to himself the role that AJ’s cock had in getting him hard. Jarrett gently tugged on his dick as AJ worked on his.

The female in the porn had decided to move things along by sitting on the guy’s dick. AJ also decided to move things along, as he pushed Jarrett’s hand aside and grabbed his dick. Jarrett let out a breath, as AJ’s hand wrapped around his rock hard, black dick.

Jarrett , slowly, wrapped his hand around AJ’s hard tool. AJ moaned softly, and spread his legs more, overlapping his left leg over Jarrett’s right.

Jarrett tugged AJ gently, he was enjoying the feel of AJ’s meat in his hand. AJ stroked Jarrett’s cock roughly, sending pre-cum trickling down its head.

“Ohhh,” Jarrett moaned, breathing harder. AJ took it as a sign to go faster, tightening his grip on Jarrett’s cock.

“Shit,” Jarrett moaned, as his load sprayed out onto his chest and stomach.

Although, Jarrett’s hand had practically come to a stop, AJ’s kept his hand wrapped around Jarrett until he had pumped out the last bit of semen.

Jarrett looked up at the TV as he finished his orgasm, and couldn’t help but notice the clock underneath.

“Shit,” Jarrett reacted, “I’m going to be late for my study session with Courtney.”

AJ let go of Jarrett, as Jarrett looked over at him, being reminded of AJ’s cock still hard in his hand.

“I can jerk you off first,” Jarrett said.

“Its okay,” AJ said, “don’t be late because of me. I’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” Jarrett said, letting go of his cock. For a second, he rethought his choice; did he really want to give up some time with AJ’s dick? Jarrett looked again at the clock, grimaced, and got up.

Jarrett wiped the cum off of him and quickly began getting dressed, as AJ turned off the TV and moved towards his desk with his cock still hanging out.

“Sorry,” Jarrett said, as he grabbed to get his books together.


“I’m on time today,” Jarrett said, as he sat down next to Courtney.

“Oh, forget about Monday,” Courtney eased, “do you mind if we talk about calc a little first? It’s moving so much faster than high school.”

Jarrett laughed, “Please!”

Jarrett and Courtney had been working for a while, before they got interrupted.

“Hey.” Jarrett looked up to see AJ and Dom standing before them. AJ and Dom were both sweaty, Dom with a basketball in hand.

“Is this Courtney?” AJ quickly asked, moving in to shake her hand.

“Yeah,” Jarrett stuttered, not caring about introductions.

“Jarrett’s told me all about you,” AJ promised.

“Oh, great,” Courtney said, shyly.

“He says you’re almost as smart as his lap partner.”

Courtney laughed, with Justin’s image entering her mind, “He better not have said that!”

However, Jarrett’s focus was elsewhere.

“Hey,” Dom greeted, “How’s it going?”

“Good,” Jarrett responded. Dom’s shirt stretched to cover all of his muscles. “How are you?”

“Really good,” Dom said, with a smile.

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Solitude Leads to Curiosity

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Iowa is just about the middle of nowhere. And I was just about stuck there.

A few years ago, I was working for an issues group right outside of Omaha in Council Bluffs. To a lot of people, it would seem a great gig. I barely had any accountability, didn’t have to report to someone except by phone or email, worked from my office, and set my own hours. There were goals and expectations, but everything was so muddled and confusing that it was tough to figure out when I was doing well or really what I should be doing in the first place. So I had a lot of free time and was making a decent amount of money. But, like I said, I was stuck.

I’m not from Iowa, though it is a very nice state. Originally, I’m from Pennsylvania and moved to Iowa for this project that only lasted a few months but seemed like it would be good for my resume. Plus, at 24, I figured I was young enough that it was worth the trip, promoting some good liberal issues at the same time. As an average looking white guy, I blended in pretty well. Too well actually I guess because it is very easy to get lost in the crowd when everyone pretty much looks the same.

Out in Council Bluffs I knew pretty much nobody, and the few people I did know I couldn’t talk to because they were working for campaigns or organizations that prevented us from communicating. And they were always really busy anyway. The few people from my organization who were also in the state were hours away in Des Moines or Ames. Plus, knowing that I was only going to be around for 6 months, with no intention of staying even if I could, I was hesitant to start a relationship or get myself too invested in the region.

Loneliness and boredom, however, cause the mind to wander. I have to confess that I have always had a fetish for pantyhose and tights. In high school, I would stare at girls legs every time they wore any legwear. I snuck a few pairs of my mom’s when she had a snag and tried them out, feeling how smooth and snug they were on my legs and feet and ass, but especially how great they felt on my cock. By college, I had gathered the courage to buy a few pairs of my own hose, usually at a supermarket late in the day, and slip them on, stroking my cock and cumming in the nylon. But anytime I did wear hose, I had to take them off for fear of getting caught, so I rarely wore them for more than an hour at a time, then went back to lusting after legs in hose and the feeling in nylon.

College was also when I started to see pantyhose websites and see pictures, videos, and stories of men wearing pantyhose. I’ve always lusted after women and consider myself straight, but, for some reason, the thought of wearing pantyhose with another guy just got me so so hot. It was just a fantasy, and not always a frequent one, but I couldn’t help but look at some of the pictures and stare, noticing myself getting harder.

That was college. That was when I had roommates and friends around all the time. Now I was in Iowa, away from most anyone I knew, and definitely alone. Now I could buy pantyhose anywhere and not think about anyone noticing me. Now I could wear them as long as I wanted at home, cause I lived alone and it wouldn’t matter. I still was nervous, but after my first time going to JC Penney and buying some nice pink tights and black sheer hose, I got a rush and quickly my hose collection was around a dozen pairs. I started to not just look at pictures online, but join chatrooms and email groups. I took pictures of myself in pantyhose and showed them to strangers. I couldn’t believe how exciting it was, even if I never showed my face. At first I just showed off my legs on the couch or stood and posed, and it took a bit before I got the courage to get closer and show my cock hard in pairs of hose, but I was loving showing myself off, and then getting pictures from others in hose as well.

I still looked mostly at women online. And I still was always checking out women at the stores when I went out. I tried to meet a few women at bars, but I’m a shy guy and somehow being alone made me more reserved. At one point I joined a dating site, but they said there were no matches near me. Needless to say, I had reserved myself to just being alone for the 6 months and leaving it at that. But, now I was feeling more free with my fetish. I started not just wearing hose to jerk off, but sleeping in them sometimes, and I even started to wear them out under my pants.

God what a rush it was to wear pantyhose under my pants, feeling that nylon brush against my thighs and caress my cock all day. I didn’t do it every day, just if I didn’t have some work project to do and felt a rush to do it, but my fear that görükle escort people would notice seemed unfounded. The girl at the register never cared when I bought tights. Nobody every seemed to bat an eye when I searched for the right color or size. In some ways, this was a disappointment, and I was surprised that I was let down that nobody gave me a wink or even a comment, but it allowed me to feel more comfortable wearing them.

I felt comfortable again when I was wearing some Leggs Sheer Energy black pantyhose while at the JC Penney again, this time shuffling through some huge collection of tights. I was deciding on a color, and picked up a pair of forest green in my size. Once I had them in my hand, I had to stroke the fabric in my hand just a bit, loving how soft it was.

“I bet those will look good on you.”

I froze. I didn’t turn my head, just darting my eyes over to the left and right to see if someone was saying that to someone else. After all, I was alone, right.

“You should get the red tights too, those look fun.”

Now there was no doubt, I was caught. I bit my lip and was literally sweating, at least from my head, even though the a/c was blasting. I turned and saw a man a little older than me, probably a shade over 30, who looked in decent shape but definitely not muscular, and most definitely not creepy looking. He was smiling at me, and I was still holding the green tights.

“Oh, these, uh, they are for my girlfriend,” I was barely able to muster.

“Nonsense,” he said, still smiling knowingly at me. “I know they’re for you, you’re wearing some right now.”

At that, I got nervous, running my hands around my waist, of course I had worn a shirt that would cover enough to not show a waistband even if I bent over. The guy nodded down and I saw that I had snagged the ankle of my hose just a bit right on a small hook.

“I bet you don’t have a girlfriend either, do you?” He whispered, leaning over to me, my breath heavy.

“Uh, um.” I couldn’t think straight, I didn’t know what to do. This was not in my plan.

“Do you have a boyfriend instead?”

“No no! I…I just like pantyhose, that’s all.”

“Well, if you’re so single, let me introduce myself, I’m Steve.” He reached out his hand to me and I felt no option but to shake and be courteous at least.

“Jeff.” I felt dumb for not making up a fake name, but I wasn’t thinking straight, figuratively or literally.

Steve took the green tights from my hand and looked at them, clearly inspecting for the size, and then he bent over and picked up a pair of red ones, just like he’d mentioned. He smiled at me and nudged me to follow, which I felt obliged to do at this point, going down the aisle that had all the other hose with him.

“Since I seemed to have startled you, why don’t I buy these for you? It’s the least I can do.” He was very friendly, and hey, he already knew I liked hose, so what’s the harm in a couple free pairs.

I stood back while he paid, not being comfortable enough to buy with him. When he got his change, I followed him out of the store to the parking lot.

“Here you go Jeff,” he said, still with a smile as he handed the bag to me. “I wish I could see how nice they are on you.”

I took the bag and shuffled my hands together nervously. “Um, I guess I could take a picture in them and email you.”

He smiled again at that. Dammit, why did he keep smiling! “that’d be nice.”

He shuffled in his pocket and got a more sly look on his face. “Though, if you’re gonna send me a picture anyway, why don’t you come over and pose for me. I’ll wear some of my hose too if you’d like.”

I couldn’t believe it. It was a fantasy coming true, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to come true. Steve seemed to notice my uncertainty and his voice got quieter.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, but I have a feeling you want to or you would have said no pretty fast. I know you like pantyhose a lot because I’ve seen you buying them a few times. That’s what got me more into wearing hose myself. We did it a couple times, but seeing you buying your tights reminded me how hot it was. So why not just come over and do the things you probably want to do. We won’t hurt you.”

“Who-who’s we?” I went from curious to scared. Were these guys just out to beat me up and take my money?

“My boyfriend Greg. He’s fine, trust me. I got him to try a pair of hose too and he thought it was pretty sexy. Not as into it as you or I, but we could all have fun.” He seemed so confident and polite. This was too much of an opportunity.

I gulped. “Ok, but bursa escort bayan I’ll follow you.”

It was tough to believe this was happening. I pulled my car behind Steve’s and followed him for no more than ten minutes, which somehow seemed like an eternity and a split second all at once. His house was really nice on the outside and it felt welcoming. He waited for me at his car as I got out, bag of tights in my hand. We got to the front door where Greg was waiting in a tshirt and jeans. I looked down and saw his feet were in navy hose, it was obvious, and my eyes went wide.

“You must be Jeff,” he said to me, shaking my hand. “Steve called me from the mall and said you were coming over. I guess you can see I put on some pantyhose myself. Thought you’d like.”

Steve playfully slapped his chest. “I thought you’d wait for me! You two talk while I change then.”

I walked inside and was still unsure as Greg offered me a seat on the couch. He then walked to the kitchen and came back with some drinks, a rum and coke for me.

“Here, I got you a rum and cock- oh my God, I mean coke! Sorry bout that!”

I just laughed, and for some reason felt at ease as I took the glass, sipping on the straw in it.

“Doesn’t taste like cock to me, heh.” He slapped my thigh and leaned back with his drink.

“Oh, then you do know what it tastes like then, hrm?” Greg was leaning forward with his drink.

I looked down into my glass, stirring the ice cubes around. “No, was just joking. Never really done that.”

He slid up closer to me. “Is that something you do want to do though?”

I didn’t answer, frozen from the uncertainty of the situation still.

“Don’t worry Jeff, you can be comfortable here. You can trust us, I promise. Why don’t we just share some fantasies, huh? For instance, I’ve always had a fantasy of being with two guys at once, in some way, I don’t know, it always just got me hard. And Steve, he’s always been a bit more shy. He just fantasized about picking up a stranger.” He looked at me with a smile and I noticed that Steve still wasn’t back yet. “What about you?”

“Well, I’ve always fantasized about wearing pantyhose with someone, playing with each others cocks in hose, touching and seeing each other.” I could not believe what was coming out of my mouth and was already wondering what might be going into it soon enough!

“Hmmm, is that all? That does sound hot though. After all, I got my hose on and they feel nice.”

I sighed, this was it. “I’ve often fantasized about sucking cock, especially through pantyhose. I think it’d be hot to just be a submissive cock sucker, everyone in hose, everyone playing with their cocks and having others cum through their hose right onto me. And then helping me cum too.” I slapped my mouth in disbelief.

“Well then this is your lucky day.”

That wasn’t Greg, it was Steve, who was walking into the room naked except for his sheer black pantyhose. And his cock was very visible, straining against the nylon. I was mesmerized.

“Let’s see you too Jeff.” Greg was asking to see me in my hose and I was just so in the moment, standing up and dropping my pants, showing my hard cock in the nylon. “mmm nice, want to help me out of these pants so I can show off too?”

As if on instinct, I got on my knees and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, loving the sound of it sliding against the nylon fabric. Once he stepped out of the jeans, I looked up, face to face with a cock for the first time. He looked down at me with a smile. “Well if you want to suck some, now is the PERFECT time to start.”

I licked my lips and then licked the cock right through the nylon. It wasn’t hard enough to me, so I stroked it with my hand, running my finger up the underside and getting harder myself listening to him moan. As it grew in my hand, I took the nylon covered cock and devoured it in my mouth, getting it wet and feeling its heat between my lips. I hugged his thigh to get better positioning and sucked harder, teasing the hard member with my tongue and massaging it with different twists and turns from my tongue. He was moaning loudly now and I was working my mouth faster, feeling his cock fill my whole mouth and loving it.

“Wow, you’re better than I expected,” came the response from Steve, who was now standing next to Greg, stroking his own cock in his black pantyhose. I looked up at him and reached up to take control, stroking his cock while I continued sucking his boyfriend. Quickly though, Greg was making moaning sounds much louder and he rubbed my head.

“I’m going to cum so hard!” he practically yelled. bursa escort I looked up at Steve who said “Keep going, I’ll tell you when to stop.” So I kept sucking, taking the whole cock in my mouth and then all at once, his cum shot through the nylon into my mouth. Steve pushed my face back a bit and I kept stroking Greg’s cock to get the cum out as they both watched me get cum all over my face and lips. I started to move away when Steve said “Give it a few more licks, see if you can get any more out.”

So I went back, with pleasure, lapping up the wet crotch of Greg’s pantyhose and teasing the tip of his cock with the tip of my tongue. A little cum seeped out and I went AHHH and sucked it right up, whipping my face with his hose. He smiled and sat back, clearly relieved. That’s when I turned back to Steve, who looked down at me and asked “Do you want my cock next?”

“Yes,” I breathed, so hot for what he had.

“Well, you said you wanted to be a sub, so why don’t you stay there a minute and tell me how much you want this?” He didn’t look stern or mean, but just hard and welcoming, trying to make my fantasy come true.

“Please Steve, I want your hard cock in my mouth. I love how delicious it looks in those pantyhose. Please let me make you cum and show you how talented my mouth and tongue can be. I want your cum so bad.” I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but I was so turned on I couldn’t help it.

Steve sat back on the couch and spread his legs, saying “If you want it, take it.”

His cock was straining against the nylon and I gobbled it up whole, bobbing my head up and down slowly and then fast, sliding my tongue hard against the underside of it. I felt his hose covered ass while I licked the cock with my huge tongue like a dog drinking water and then swirled it around, making Steve moan and groan. As I sucked, Greg sat on the couch and encouraged me saying “You are such a good cock sucker” and “Take that cock, you’re gonna love his cum.”

As my sucking got a little slower but more focused, Steve whispered something in Greg’s ear and he smiled. I paid no attention, but in a second, Greg took my arms and tied them together behind my back. Oddly enough, I didn’t fight back, just focusing on the cock. I sucked, I mean sucked, hard on the cock and Steve started to really let it out now, his cum shooting through the nylon. I kept licking, but was pulled back and made to stick out my tongue to tickle the cock and take in the last of the cum like it was snowflakes.

Immediately I smiled at the end result, the pantyhose covered in wetness and my mouth covered in white. However, I had no way to move, and the two men helped me get up and sit on the couch. My hands stayed behind my back and they looked down at my rock hard cock in my black pantyhose and both started to stroke my thighs and cock. I wanted it to last forever, but I was so sensitive. Steve leaned in and started to suck and right away I was twitching, breathing so so heavily. He noticed and moved, just running his fingers up and down my nylon covered shaft. They both leaned in and put their tongues on my cock, running up with a lot of pressure and that was it. I exploded all over my hose and chest, more cum than I could ever remember. They looked down and smiled at the huge stain on my hose.

“You like that?” asked Greg, still slowly rubbing my cock. All I could do was nod.

“Think you’re ready to be intied?” asked Steve. And again all I could do was nod to him, cum still on my face.

“And you think you might want to have some fun again later?” Greg smiled at Steve as he asked, nudging him that they had something good. I yelled out “Oh Yes,” which was what they wanted.

Steve stood up and took my keys and wallet from my pants and put them in the bag with my tights from the mall. He brought over my shoes and shirt and sat down next to me, his hands petting my wet hose.

“Ok, then we’re going to keep your pants here. You go home wearing just your pantyhose and shirt and shoes and we promise there will be more fun in the future.”

I was so into the moment that I agreed right away. Greg untied my arms and Steve handed me my shirt, which I quickly put on. He patted me on the ass as I walked out the door, exposing my cock in my hose to anyone that would pass by, though thankfully it was now late and dark, with nobody in site.

On the ride home, I was sweating and I couldn’t wait to get to my apartment. I looked around for safety before running up the stairs and then shut my door right away, making sure nobody saw me. When I sat down on my couch, I reached into the bag to check my wallet and saw a note:

“We had a great time with you Jeff. Email us when you’re ready to have fun again. Or give a ring.”

And there was their number and email on the back. I wouldn’t be too alone in Iowa anymore.


Feel free to contact me via my Literotica profile (link below).

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Puppy Girl Aven Ch. 01

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Aven awoke in her lil doggie bed at the foot of her master’s king sized bed. She stretched with a yawn and looked about lazily. She debated on going back to sleep for another hour or so, but the smell of bacon was strong through the house. So instead she decided to go beg her master for a piece.

Down the steps she crawled and through the living room into the kitchen. Her master stood in front of the stove tending to a pan full of bacon strips. The table was set for two and already pancakes sat on a plate in the middle as well as a second plate of bacon. She thought this curious and whimpered up at her master.

He looked down at her and smiled. He walked over to the table and picked up a piece of bacon which he dropped to the floor. Aven scampered over on all fours and licked it up off the floor and chewed it up and swallowed, then looked at him again. He reached down and petted her head and smiled.

“Good girl,” he said, and went back to the stove.

She crawled over after him and sat near his feet staring up at him. He ignored her however, and continued to cook. Her tummy rumbled and she then decided to find her görükle escort doggie bowl for more of a breakfast. It was where it always was, in the corner of the kitchen sitting next to her water bowl.

She pushed her head into the dog food and ate it, and her master smiled as he heard her crunch down on the hard pieces. She had eaten half the bowl when she was finally full. She took a drink from the water before she crawled into the living room to take a nap.

She hadn’t been laying down for long when she heard the door bell ring. She lifted up her head and looked at the door until her master stole her focus. He came in and smiled at her, which told her it was someone she could be allowed to be seen by, and laid her head back down, keeping her eyes on the door.

Her master opened it and she heard the greeting female voice of a common visitor to their home. Ellen walked in and gave master a hug. Trailing behind her was her slave, Isabel. They came in and exchanged their pleasantries, except Isabel who stood silently behind her mistress with downcast eyes. Ellen was pretty, and so was Izzy. Both had bursa escort bayan brown hair and blue eyes except Izzy was much tinier than her mistress. Her master still stood tallest and Aven still stood smallest, especially since she was a puppy girl and on all fours constantly.

Master lead the two into the kitchen, and Aven got up and followed a few minutes later. Master and Ellen sat at the kitchen table, while Isabel kneeled at her mistress’ side on the floor. Ellen was of course regaling her master with one of her recent adventure stories and he was listening. His eyes were distracted however by the sight of his lil puppy girl entering the kitchen, and he smiled as he saw her.

Aven crawled beneath the table and laid down close to her master’s chair. She rested her chin on his shoe and listened in on the conversation, since she too liked Ellen’s tales.

From what Aven could tell from being beneath the table, it was a pleasant breakfast. The two had laughed a lot and Aven even got two pieces of bacon snuck to her from Ellen’s plate which she lapped happily from the floor. She even noticed a smile bursa escort from Izzy as she did so.

“Now John, as to the reason of our visit…” Ellen started.

Aven’s ears perked up at this, and she listened contently from beneath the table catching Izzy blush a bit.

“Isabel has confided in me,” Ellen continued, “That she envies the life that your lil slave girl lives.”

Aven smiled as she watched Isabel blush deeper.

“Is that so?” her master inquired.

“Yes, John” Ellen answered. “Apparently she wants to experience being a puppy herself. You know I don’t care much for training puppies, nor do I know anything about it to even do it if I cared to.”

Her master laughed at this and Aven sat up and laid her head on his lap. Her master reached his hand down and stroked her hair. She gently licked at his hand and then laid her head back down on his thigh and he continued to stroke her hair.

“So what exactly is your proposition Ellen?” Her master asked.

“I should think it quite obvious, John.” Ellen answered.

“You want me to give her a taste I take it.”


Master thought about this a minute, and then said, “Fine, shall we begin today?”

Ellen smiled and nodded, “I shall leave her here then, when a week is through I shall be back, and John, you have my permission to treat her just as you would your sweet Aven, in every way…”

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