New Experiences

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On just your average Saturday night, we all gathered at one of the girls houses to get ready and have some pre-drinks -it’s cheap and we were all only 18, and still in school so not exactly flush with cash, but still wanting to get good and drunk to enjoy the night and lower our inhibitions (significantly lower them, in my case). As much as us girls try and deny the whole ‘sexy sleepover’ fantasy that guys have of us, it really was kind of exactly what you’d expect. We were all in the same room, drinking and dancing around, painting each others nails and curling hair, most of us in our underwear and one or two of us completely naked while another girl rubs fake tan all over us. What guy wouldn’t like to be in that room?

At about 10pm we were all dolled up, I was wearing a short black skater skirt, with a sheer turquoise top, and black bra which you could totally see, I didn’t mind though, with a bra size of 34F there was no point in trying to hide them, so I might as well flaunt them. It was Summer, so there was no need to wear tights, just my bear legs and strappy black heels. My long chestnut brown hair fell in curls tumbling past my shoulders, and after steadily drinking malibu & coke for the last 3 hours, I was giddy and hyper and a little bit tipsy, excited for the night that lay ahead.

We all tumbled into a taxi on the way to the nightclub, and haphazardly tried to make arrangements about who was staying where that night, it was agreed that I was staying back at my friend Lily’s* house that night, and if we got separated that her mother would be picking us up outside the club at 2:30am.

I had been single now with about 4 months, after breaking up with a long term boyfriend whom I had lost my virginity to. I had been casually texting a few local guys, whom I expected at least one of them to be out tonight. We got to the club and did the usual once around the bar before getting our drinks and settling in a nice spot with a view to the dancefloor, so we could have a good look at who was here, and who we liked the look of.

A few of the girls went to dance, but I stayed where I was with two of the girls, just watching for a while until someone caught my eye. It was Cathal*, one of the guys I was texting during the week. I looked him up and down; he was tall, a little bit on the skinny side but had great hair and cheeky smile. He looked good tonight, in just dark jeans and a plain maroon colored tshirt. He was older than me, he was 22 while I was just 18. I had met him at one of my older brothers parties once, and he added me on Facebook, we got chatting and exchanged numbers. We had been texting all week, I had been quite flirty, but I doubt he knew what my agenda for tonight really was, I think he still saw me as quite innocent, being his friends little sister and all. Well, he was in for a surprise.

There’s no denying it, I was looking for a hook up. I was horny, it had been 4 months since I’d had sex last, and I’d only ever had it with one guy, (admittedly once we started we were at it like rabbits) I had always been a very sexually curious girl, I had started exploring and masturbating when I was just 14, I had watched a lot of porn, and knew what I liked, so far, but I was eager to gain more experience and try new things.

I played it cool and decided to text Cathal from across the bar rather than walk up to him, just so I could see his reaction. I watched him take out his phone and smile as he read my text, and then look up and scan the bar for me. I pulled my top a little lower, and my skirt a little higher, before waving at him until he spotted me. He sauntered over, his eyes scanning me from head to toe and by the looks of it he liked what he saw. He made polite small talk with my friends for a few minutes, but they both knew I had been texting him so they took the hint and joined the others on the dancefloor, leaving us alone. He asked what I was drinking and went to the bar to get us both a drink.

While I waited, thinking about what I wanted to do to this guy, and where I would get the chance to do it.

In a crowded nightclub in a small town, there wasn’t much room Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort for any privacy, although I hadn’t expected it to be quite this busy. When he came back, we left our spot near the dancefloor and managed to nab one of the more secluded booths that were dotted around.

Snuggled in the corner with him, breathing in his aftershave and feeling the heat of his body beside me, I already felt my panties starting to dampen with anticipation. He was easy to chat to, and me being tipsy meant I wasn’t very nervous, I felt confident and sexy as I laid my hand on his thigh as he chatted to me, slowly running it up and down, each stroke getting higher and closer to what I could now see as a very definite bulge in his pants.

He was being quite obvious in his attraction to me, besides his growing bulge, he could barely look at my face for a minute before dropping his gaze down to my cleavage again. Though who could blame him, I was wearing a V neck, sheer top. We kissed lightly a little bit, before stopping to chat some more, the anticipation and teasing was driving me wild.

I kissed him again, this time with more hunger, and passion, he grabbed my boobs as I arched my back into him. Getting hot and heavy now, I couldn’t take it any longer, aching to be touched I guided his hand down to the hem of my skirt, he paused before slowly slipping his hand up my leg, just about at the hem of my panties when – “Enough of that carry on please, come on, out” The bouncer had come over. I almost screamed in frustration. I needed human touch, and I was so damn close to getting it.

I decided I couldn’t waste the night on stupid, publicly accepted snogging in the corner, I needed more. So I took Cathals hand and led him out of the booth, down the stairs and headed for the exit. He stopped, with a questioning look, before following me out to fresh cool air.

The shock of the fresh air, plus the two more drinks I’d had inside, added to my desire and determination to get what I wanted. Scanning the street I looked for somewhere we could escape to, walking around, I see this big house that was in a bit from the road, just beyond the walls of the nightclub. It had a big driveway leading up to it, with thick trees and bushes lining the driveway all the way up.

I hesitated, before desire overruled my brain and I dragged Cathal towards the gate, and off to the side, ducking under the branches of the thicker trees on the left hand side. He followed eagerly, starting to get a sense of what lay ahead he moved in front of me and held back the branches as we wove our way deeper into what could only be described as a big hedge. Once we were in far enough that we could no longer see the road we stopped. Panting with the exertion and excitement of it all.

The tree trunks were spaced out enough that it wasn’t too cramped, and we soon were able to maneuver in such a way that Cathal had me pinned up against a tree, kissing me with vengeance. Hot wet kisses, sloppy, teeth and breath mingled as our tongues wrestled with urgency to get closer to each other. His hand was up my skirt and had pulled aside my black lace panties, circling my clit making me moan into him, as I felt around for his belt buckle, craving to feel his big bulge in my hand.

I finally freed him from his jeans, and held him in my hand, He was bigger than I expected for his build, which of course was a lovely surprise. As I stroked it he slipped his fingers inside me, with not much noise around us all we could hear was my audible wetness as his fingers slid in and out of me.

Craving his taste I dropped to my knees, the soft ground and leaves rustling and sticking to my bare legs as I took him in my mouth. Slowly licking his length before flicking his tip with my tongue, making him moan. I wrapped my wet lips around the head of his cock and sucked while looking up at him innocently, before forcing him all the way back my throat. He gasped, surprised that I was able to take him all so easily, and working my head backwards and forwards making him pant, he grabbed hold of my head when he realized how eager I was to pleasure him, and started to face fuck me roughly. I loved every minute of it, the sloppy hard thrusts into my wanting mouth and throat, making my eyes water.

After a few glorious minutes of being face fucked, Cathal grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me up, sensing that I liked it rough. He turned me around and pinned me against a large tree trunk, holding my wrists in one of his hands with my arms high above my head, he kicked my legs wide apart as he ran his other hand up my thigh up under my skirt. With one swift motion he grabbed the edge of my skimpy black thong and ripped it. I gasped at his boldness, not even asking and so eager to get to my now dripping pussy, it was so hot. His fingers soon found my sweet spot again, circling my throbbing clit and making my whimper with need. I need to feel him, “fuck me” I begged him breathlessly, “fill me up”.

His hand left me and I heard him tearing open a condom behind me and putting it on, then position the head of his cock at the entrance of my tight, sopping wet pussy. He paused there, teasing me as I felt his hardness pressing against my outer lips, driving me wild with desire, not being able to wait any longer I pushed my ass back against him forcing him into me. I cried out, with the intense feeling of pain mixed with pleasure as he stretched me out and filled me with his length. He slowly started to move and I groaned in pure ecstasy at finally having a cock inside me again, we started to move quicker and more urgently, the sound of him pounding into me mixing with my moans, I could feel myself getting close already, which just shows how badly I wanted to be fucked.

I told him I was getting close and he reached up and grabbed my hair at the nape of my neck, pulling so my head was stretched back, and he kissed and bit my neck as he thrust into me hard and deep. This unexpected roughness tipped me over the edge and I came, hard, feeling my orgasm shatter around me, my legs shook as I tried to catch my breath.

Slowing his pace as I came down from my high, Cathal ran his hands over my ass and gave me a light little spank. “I love your ass’ he said, which took me by surprise. With tits as big as mine, it’s not often guys pay attention to my ass or anything else. He continued to stroke my butt cheeks and give little spanks using the palm of his hand. I liked the tingle it gave me, and I arched my back to press harder into his hands as well as force his dick deeper inside me. My legs were getting tired after my orgasm, so I pulled away and turned to him, kissing him deeply.

He knelt down and began to lick my sensitive clit as my hands ran through his hair. He then pulled me down onto my knees facing him and kissed me, I could taste my own orgasm on his lips. He guided me onto all fours before entering my again, and took up a slow but steady pace, making me moan again as I could feel myself building once more.

His hands continued to caress my ass, and I felt him start to run his thumb over my butthole. I had never been touched there before, so at first I jumped away, but then he tried again, and I stayed put, marveling in this new sensation. “Have you ever had your ass played with?” he asked me

“No, never” I replied. He continued to stroke and press around my butthole, before pulling out of me (making me whimper) he leaned down and licked me! I squealed, not believing he had really just licked me, there! It felt dirty, but it also felt so so good.

I gasped as he rubbed little circles around my ass before slipping his finger inside my tight butthole. This was all new to me, it was slightly uncomfortable but my eyes were wide open in wonder of all this new sensation. He slid his finger in and out of me and all my nerve endings I never even knew I had in that area, jumped to life. I was panting at the naughtiness of it, as he started to press his still rock hard cock up against me, still fingering my ass. “Can I fuck you here?” he asked me. I had of course seen anal in porn and stuff, but had never really given it much thought until now.

I was tingling all over, and really liked the feeling of his finger in there, so I figured feeling his dick in there would be even better. “Okay” I replied, breathily, “but be careful” I was worried it might hurt. I heard him shuffle and a snap sound, I looked around and see that he had taken off the condom! “What are you doing?!” I asked.

Cathal laughed and said “its not like I can get you pregnant” I figured he was right, so I shrugged and pushed my ass towards him, I was so turned on and wanted to feel the new sensation of having my ass full again. He liked my eagerness and began to circle my butthole with his fingers again, spitting on my ass and sliding them in with ease, first one and then two, stretching me slowly.

I hear him spit on his dick, and feel him move his fingers and press the tip right against my butthole, I brace myself as he eases into me, surprised that it doesn’t hurt as much as I expected. He goes very slowly, which only turns me on more, teasing me, until finally his length is inside me. He pauses, groaning to himself about how tight it is, before slowly moving out again, he does a few more slow strokes until I start to get used to the feel of it, then speeds up, I’m enjoying it now, this new feeling and hearing his groans of how much he is enjoying taking my ass for the first time is such a turn on. He starts to move faster and his breathing gets quicker, I realize he is getting close, I start pushing back against him, rolling my hips to meet his. Suddenly I feel his hands grip my hips tightly and he cries out, stills, and I feel him empty himself inside me. Something else new, I’ve never had a guy cum inside me before, feeling him buck as he cums, his cock twitching as it squirts that hot sticky liquid deep inside me, its something I later come to discover is one of my favorite moments during sex.

Slowly, he eases himself out of me, still breathing heavily. I turn to him, a huge smile on my face, I got what I wanted and more! We gather ourselves and I look for my handbag. Fuck! 4 missed calls from Lily, it was 2:45am! I was to meet her at 2:30am to get picked up by her mother. Shit, I call her and tell her where I am and that I’ll be right out, she laughs and calls me a slut, but tells me to hurry because her mother will be here any minute.

Cathal and I begin to crawl out from the ditch, and out onto the footpath, leaving my torn black panties lying on the ground. Standing upright now, I wince at the tenderness of my ass, but it was only as we begin to walk over to the doors of the nightclub do I realize I feel something dripping, and running down my leg..his cum! How had I not thought of this! the more I walk the more it runs down my legs, squeezing my legs together does nothing because its oozing from my ass not my pussy. I look down to see if its visible just as I see Lily calling from across the road, sitting in the car with her mother.

Looking down my bare legs are covered in mud and debris, and my hands and elbows too. I run across the road, shouting goodbye to Cathal, and slide into the car, trying my best to keep my skirt close to my ass as to not get any cum on the seat because I was no longer wearing panties, my face flushed as i remembered Cathal tearing them off me. Maria is sitting in the back and Lily in the front with her mother driving. They tease me asking where I had been, but I shrugged them off, embarrassed by the disapproving looks Lily’s mother kept giving me through the rearview mirror. It was so completely obvious that I had just been on my hands and knees, in a ditch.

It was uncomfortable, but I was weirdly proud. I had gone out tonight with the purpose of getting laid, and quenching my urge, and I succeeded plus much more! I sent Cathal a quick text, thanking him for a great night and saying we should meet up during the week. I definitely wanted to do that again.

When we got back to Lily’s her mother left us and went up to bed, so the girls of course wanted all the details. They put on the kettle and patted the seat beside them on the couch expectedly, I looked over at them and giggled “I’ll sit down and tell you everything, right after I visit the bathroom, I have to clean the cum out of my ass” I scurried off leaving my friends staring at me in shock! They knew I’d had sex, but I don’t think either of them expected that!

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Jack Hammer Ch. 02

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West Campus Condos was a big new three-story building occupying most of a city block near the central UT campus.

Jack stopped at the parking garage entrance and punched in the code the condo manager had given him over the phone. The bars swung up and he pulled into a visitor parking space.

The elevator doors opened as Jack was reaching for the button. A tall black man in his early forties with a shaved head and a runner’s body, wearing white slacks and a pale blue sport shirt, stepped out. “Jack Hammer?” Jack nodded and the man took his hand. “I’m Will Kemp.” Jack had already talked to him on the phone. He was the condos’ on-site manager.

“Thanks for getting up in the middle of the night, Will.”

“It’s no problem. My husband’s a night nurse at the Heart Hospital, so I’m sorta used to late hours . . .”

“Husband. That’s great. ” Jack smiled. “How long you been married?”

Will’s grin lit up the parking garage like a neon sign. “Since the Supreme Court decision. We were in line at the Travis County courthouse on the first day. Waited eight hours, but it was worth it.” He punched the elevator button and the door opened. “How ’bout you?”

“Haven’t found the right man,” Jack answered. Will’s grin grew even wider.

They took the elevator to the third floor. “I checked the garage after Laura called,” Will said. “Alex’s car is gone.”

“What is it?”

“Silver Mustang GT. Couple years old. Nice, but nothing special.”

“Sounds a bit . . . ordinary . . . for a rich kid.”

Will laughed. “That’s Laura for you. Doesn’t mind spending money, but won’t go overboard.”

“How well do you know her?”

“Met her a few times. Nice lady. Not a stuck-up rich-” He broke off abruptly. “I know Alex really well. He’s on the Residents’ Council.”

“That it?”

“Well, we’ve seen each other . . . let’s just say ‘socially’ . . . a few times.”

“‘Socially,’ huh? Does your husband mind?”

“Naw. He has the option to join in. Sometimes he does.”

“Cool.” Jack followed Will down the hall. “You think Alex would just up and disappear?”

“No way.” Will stopped at a door and took a key ring out of his pocket. “Laura told me he’d missed a gig. Alex wouldn’t do that.” He unlocked the door and led Jack inside. “Wish I thought he was with Manuel . . .”

“Manuel? Who’s he?” Jack looked around the living room. It was small and neat, with a little kitchen at one end. Sliding glass doors led to a balcony overlooking the swimming pool in the central courtyard. Framed rock ‘n roll posters and a photo of a young Jimmy Page decorated the walls. The corner beside the couch was empty, except for a music stand, a straight chair, and Gaziantep Escort İlanları a Fender Stratocaster on a stand.

“His boyfriend.”

“Yeah? Laura didn’t tell me about a boyfriend.”

“He’s new. Alex just met him a couple weeks ago. Guess he didn’t tell Laura.”

“You try to get in touch with Manuel?”

“Don’t know how. I’ve never met him.” Will pointed to the empty corner. “Alex’s guitar and amp are gone.”

“That’s interesting. You know what he’s got?”

“A ’65 Twin Reverb and a ’73 gold-top Les Paul. He just bought the guitar a couple weeks ago. About the same time he met Manuel.”

“Where’d he get it?”

“Texas Vintage Guitars. You know it?”

“Yeah. Kinda out of my price range.”

“So I’ve heard. You play?”

Jack shrugged. “A little. I sit in with the Dog Butt Band now and then.” He thumbed through the spiral bound book on the music stand. Hand-written music filled half the pages. “You think Alex could have met Manuel at Texas Vintage Guitars?”

“Hard to say. He’s on a bunch of things . . . The LGBTQ Students’ Association, UT Business Council . . . couple others.”

Will went into the condo’s single bedroom. Jack followed him. In addition to the usual furniture, the room held a desk and office chair. “His laptop’s here,” Will said. “He’d have taken it if he was going to a meeting.”

Jack looked around the room. “Anything look out of place?”

“Don’t think so.” Will looked thoughtful. “Let me check the closet.”

Jack stepped over to the desk and opened the laptop. As he’d expected, the screen was locked.

Will emerged from the closet. “His fancy boots are gone. He wears them to every gig.”

“All right,” Jack said. “So he was going directly to the gig from whatever he was doing.”

“Looks like it.”

“Maybe a hot date . . . with Manuel?”

“Could be,” Will answered. “I haven’t seen Alex for a few days.”

“Well . . .”

Will was looking at him with a half-smile on his face. “What now?”

“I dunno. Can’t do much until morning.” Jack yawned and stretched. It’d been a busy day. “Guess I should go home and get some sleep.”

“Sure you feel like driving?” Will asked. “You could stay here.”

Jack’s cock stiffened. “That’d be all right.” He probably couldn’t sleep, anyway.

Will already had a big bulge in his pants. “Good. I’ve got a nice big bed with a vacant spot, just waiting for you.”

“Guess I’m up for that.”

“SOMETHING’S sure up.” Will fingered Jack’s hard dick through his tightly-stretched jeans.

“More than one something.” Jack pulled Will’s body to his and kissed him. Will kissed back, hard and dirty with lots of tongue.

“Let’s go.” Jack pushed Will away. “I don’t want to mess up Alex’s place.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Will said. “But, damn you’re hot. Specially for a white boy . . .”

Will lived on the first floor. A voice said “Wait!” as the elevator doors were closing. It was a college boy in tight Speedos and an equally young girl in a tiny little bikini. “Hi Will,” the boy said.

“Evening, Frank,” Will answered. “Little late for swimming, isn’t it?”

“Or early.” Frank looked at the girl and she giggled. “It’s just sorta . . .”

“You two been drinking . . . or anything?” Will slowly moved his finger in front of Frank’s face, watching his eyes.

“No, Dad.” He saw Will’s frown. “Well . . . A couple beers and a little weed. We kinda had other things to do.” Frank’s girlfriend blushed.

The elevator stopped and the young couple got out. Will watched them carefully as they walked toward the pool, holding hands. “Guess they’re all right,” he whispered. “Don’t want any drowning.”

“Just sex in the pool?” Jack asked, gazing at Frank’s retreating ass.

Will shrugged. “That doesn’t get anyone hurt.”

“You take your job seriously.”

Will nodded. “I’m an ‘all in’ guy. Do it right or go home.” He patted Jack’s butt. “I get the feeling you’re one, too.”

“I guess so.”

“Good. I’ve got a place for you to go ‘all in.'”

They started making out in Will’s living room-kissing passionately, rubbing crotches, and fondling each others’ asses-even before the door had closed completely.

“Man,” Will whispered. “You are one fucking hot stud.”

“So are you.” Jack unfastened Will’s belt and opened his fly, then reached into his pants and gripped his stiff rod. It was long, hard, and so thick Jack couldn’t quite close his thumb and index finger around it. “Jeez! You are HUNG!” He ran his fingers slowly up and down Will’s rigid shaft.

“You like that big black dick?” Will tongue-kissed Jack before he could answer.

“Um . . . Hum . . .” Jack finally managed. He opened his jeans, freeing his straining cock.

“Wow!” Will fell to his knees and wrapped his fingers around Jack’s stiff pole. “You’ve got one fine piece of white meat.” He kissed and licked Jack’s cock head while stroking his shaft and squeezing his balls.

“Oh yeah,” Jack whispered. “That feels so good.”

Will looked up at Jack. “Feels good doing it, too.” He stood up. “But I want a lot more.” He turned around and bent over, showing off the pretty little puckered hole between his sculpted buttocks. “Guess what.”

“That’s not hard.” Jack bent forward and stuck his tongue up Will’s asshole. The big black man moaned and pushed back, taking Jack’s tongue deeper.

Will pulled away. “Come on. I’m ready for your big stiff dick.”

They scattered clothes on the way to the bedroom. Will yanked the quilt off the king-sized bed and lay on its edge with his butt in the air.

Jack stood over Will, grinning. “Dude! You are READY!”

“Yeah. I don’t get a stud like you every day.” He saw Jack looking around. “Lube’s in the nightstand.”

Jack spread lubricant on his index finger and slipped it into Will’s asshole. It went in easily. He moved it in and out, twisting his wrist to distribute the lube evenly, and occasionally pulling it out to add more lube.

“That’s enough,” Will said. “Fuck me now.”

“All right.” Jack smeared lube on his cock and pressed its head between Will’s butt cheeks. His anal muscles resisted briefly, then relaxed, taking Jack’s whole long hard length. “Wow. You are fuckin’ TIGHT.”

“And your cock is fuckin’ big.” Will clamped his ass muscles around Jack’s invading pole. “I’m ready for a good hard pounding.”

“You’re gonna get it.” Jack gripped Will’s ankles and pushed them up over his shoulders, lifting his butt even higher. He fucked Will roughly, pulling almost out and then slamming home. “Hot . . . tight . . . ass . . .” he gasped between thrusts. “So . . . fuckin’ . . . good . . .”

“Oh yeah!” Will stroked his stiff pole while Jack rammed him. “Hammer my ass!”

Will gasped, “Shoot it! Give me your big hot load!”

Jack went even faster. “Here you are.” Boiling cum exploded from Jack’s straining nuts while Will screamed and sprayed thick white cum on his crotch and chest.

“Damn! That was good.” Will kissed Jack passionately. “I’m usually a top and I really needed a good hard ass-fucking.”

“Good for me, too.” Jack’s dick softened and slipped out of Will’s butt.

Will got up and turned out the lights, then stretched out on the bed. Jack moved into his arms and kissed him tenderly.

“It’s gonna be your turn,” Will whispered sleepily. “Soon . . .” He fell silent. A few seconds later, he was snoring softly.

Jack cuddled against Will, running gentle fingers over his shaved scalp and over the faint early morning roughness of his beard, feeling warm and content, for the moment.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2018 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support.

* * * * * * * * * *

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Jack , Walt Ch. 02

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[This is my second offering here at Literotica. I had several responses to my first story, and found that I loved hearing your thoughts, praise and criticisms…please let me know how you like this one!]

It had been a little over three weeks since that surreal Friday evening that I lost my anal virginity to my roommate and best friend, Walt. We had both been pretty occupied with our jobs since that evening, and each of us were also becoming more involved in traditional hetero relationships as well. I wondered what Diane and his new girlfriend Maryanne would think if they could have seen Walt on his knees between my outspread legs, the two of us fucking like animals!

We had managed to enjoy a little oral sex since then, but until today had not had time to reverse our initial roles…to allow Walt the opportunity to be the receiver of anal intercourse. We now had a weekend alone before us, and I was feverishly anticipating the chance to make love to my friend’s sexy little bottom. I only hoped that I could give him the sensations, the fullness, the unexplainable warmth and satisfaction that he had literally filled me with that Friday night.

As I entered our apartment, I heard a thump and a sloshing sound, and then a “damn” emanating from our bathroom. I opened the door to find Walt completely naked, struggling to hand a filled two-quart enema bag from the shower head.

“Damn, Jack, you’re home early…I had hoped to have this project over with by the time you got home, but I’m only half done – not a very romantic sight, I would think…”

“Actually, you look sexy as hell standing there holding the bag, so to speak”, I responded. “Why don’t you let me help with your rinse?”

“You’d do that…are you sure”?

“Sure I would. Enemas are a lot more enjoyable when you have a little help from a friend…just lay down on the rug on your back and I’ll get this started”.

Walt stretched out on the fluffy bathroom rug and pulled his knees apart and his legs up under him. Doing so made his arousal complete, and the penis I have come to crave was bobbing seductively before me. He was freshly shaven. His testicles and anal area were smooth as silk, and a drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of his shaft.

At my cue he raised his butt up, and I placed a thick towel under his bottom. I grabbed the KY, and squeezed a generous amount onto my index finger. With the fingers of my other hand I gently spread his cheeks apart, exposing my lover’s dark tunnel entrance. I massaged the KY around and into his anus – he was already swollen a bit from his first enema, and I cautioned him to go slowly when he released this rinse, so as not to further inflame this tender flesh.

I took the nozzle in hand and placed its tip against his puckered hole and slowly inserted the bulbous pipe – past his sphincter and into his rectum. He moaned softly as I did this…then more loudly as I opened the Gaziantep Escort Reklamları clamp and let the warm contents of the bag flow into his bowels.

“Oh my God, Jack. This feels wonderful”, he sighed.

“I know buddy, I love those warm and wet feelings, too”, I answered.

As the fluid slowly flowed into him I bent over and nuzzled my face into his crotch, enjoying the feel of his freshly shaved genitals on my lips and the musky smell of his arousal. I parted my lips and slowly traced the underside of his cock from the base of his shaft to the now oozing tip, paying close attention to the super-sensitive area just below the head. I was careful not to stimulate too much…I wanted him so completely turned on that he would soon beg me to fuck him.

“Oh God, Jack! Stop the flow – I’m really full!” Walt pleaded.

“No need”, I responded. “ you’ve taken the whole two quarts. I‘ll get things ready in the bedroom while you get rid of the enema”.

I left Walt to finish up his cleansing and went into him room. I was somewhat lightheaded from all of this newly discovered male stimulation, and more that a little confused regarding the complex turns my sexuality had taken. Is this the way bisexual girls feel about their same-sex desires? Does this happen to lots of guys and girls and I’m just not aware of it?

I had to admit that I now felt like a complete sexual being – that sex with a man satisfied some primal urges not fulfilled by fucking a woman. An any rate, my very erect penis told me not to worry, just go for it!

I finished undressing and pulled the sheets back just as Walt came into the room.

“How do you feel”?, I asked.

“Man, I feel wonderful. I really feel clean inside and the stimulation turned me on like crazy”, Walt answered.

The enema had rekindled the fire in both of us, and now we were about to explore a new area of our sexual awakening.

“Good. Get over here and let me check you out”, I spoke hoarsely. “I hope you are ready for your first fucking.”

“Please do me good.” Walt’s voice cracked a he spoke. “You’re probably the only guy that I will ever let do this to me, so I want you to fuck me long and hard – stick that fat cock of yours deep in my ass and fill me with your hot cum”!

We feverishly embraced, clutching each other. Each set of hands massaging, rubbing, caressing the hot flesh of the other…further heightening our already aroused states. I pushed Walt onto his back. We were both breathing heavily. I knelt over him and took his left nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking it as he moaned. My right hand reached down to his legs, and I gently stroked the inside of his thighs. He instinctively spread himself open, allowing me access to his smooth ball sac and anal region. I explored these erogenous areas with unrestrained passion – touching and licking – I wanted to consume my friend. I moved my hand up and softly wrapped his engorged dick with my fingers, slowly pulling back and forth on the sensitive skin of this beautiful organ. The aroma of sex filled my nostrils.

“You’re driving me e nuts, damn it!”, he cried.

“I’m just getting started, my friend”, I responded. “I want you to turn over on your stomach now. I want to take your virgin ass as you took mine”.

As he rolled over I took a position on my knees between his spread legs. A shaft of sunlight from the bedroom window shone perfectly on Walt’s bottom. As I spread his cheeks apart, it illuminated the inviting nether region that I needed so badly to explore. Panting raggedly, I kneaded his bottom as I lowered my mouth to his crack. I extended my tongue into this crevasse, tasting the saltiness of a man’s ass – the soapy cleanliness had been overpowered by the musky aroma of his sexual arousal.

My tongue sought its objective. With my hands I pried his cheeks wide open so that I could see my prize. His anus was red and slightly swollen from the two enemas, and I knew that bathing this delicious rosebud with saliva would soothe him. I nestled my nose into his bottom and licked slowly back and forth across the delicate skin.

“Oh God…Oh God…Oh my God…”, he repeated.

As he thrust his loins back into my face, I attacked his hole…licking and slurping, kissing, probing into my friend with my tongue. I could not believe the heat that was pouring from my lover. He bucked wildly as I invaded his most private place.

I managed to back off in time – to regroup – to regain my senses.

I rested my cheek against his bottom and began to prepare him for my cock. Although it had been only a few seconds since I paused, Walt begged me to continue. I took the bottle of Astroglide and squeezed a copious amount of lubricant into his crack, and began to massage the slickness around and into his bottom. I slipped one wet finger past his sphincter.

Walt now seemed to be more in control and ready to enjoy this to the fullest. In a calm voice he asked me to please go slowly so that he could savor each new sensation that I brought to him. I added a finger and proceeded to explore the rectum, much as I had explored my own so many times in the past. I marveled at the sponginess of the tissue, the shape and size of the prostate gland, and of course the heat, the wonderful heat that would soon lovingly encase my swollen penis. I stretched my fingers apart and twisted them back and forth…he was dilating nicely…he was almost ready.

We had talked earlier and decided that, even though he first took me face to face in the missionary position, I would enter him the first time in doggie fashion. I knew that my cock, which curved downward when hard, would provide increased pressure on his prostate in this position.

“Walt, it’s time for us to fuck…are you ready for me to fuck your hot little asshole”?

He rose up on his knees and wiggled his rear end at me. Reaching between his legs he parted his cheeks and inserted a long skinny finger into himself. Rotating it in small circles he answered lewdly “Yeah, I’m ready for some hot cock, Jack. Fill me up with that sweet dick of yours…give me the nasty buttfuck that I need so bad”.

I crawled into position behind my friend, devoid of all rational thought as animal instincts took control of my actions. I applied more lubricant to my swollen cock and nestled in behind him, rubbing the purplish head of my organ up and down the crack of his butt. I was dripping pre-cum continuously. With one hand on Walt’s shoulder, I guided myself to his hole..

“Is that it, lover? Is that your entrance?” “Is my dick at the rim of your butthole ready to go inside you for the first time?” I wanted him to tell me what he was feeling…I wanted him to tell me in the most vulgar terms what he wants and feels….

“Push that cock into me NOW! Fuck my ass, Jack…fill me up with that beautiful dick of yours”.

As I slowly pushed forward, I felt his anal ring further dilate to accommodate the thickness of my cock. A muted “umph” told me that the head had passed that magic point, and that I was now inside my lover, my friend, in a very special way.

I wanted to go slowly, but we each pushed against each other at the same time. In one long, smooth stroke I was imbedded im my roommate’s bottom.

“Jack, I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life”, Walt whispered. “I don’t want these feelings to ever go away…you feel so good inside me…so hot, so damned hot…promise me that you will always do this to me…fuck me now, Jack…fuck me now…”

I slowly drew back, bringing the tip of my penis out to his opening, and after a brief hesitation, I plunged back into him. He cried in ecstacy not to stop, and I was in heaven as I savored the tightness and warmth of his rear end. I felt the boiling in my testicles as they ached for release. Back and forth we moved against each other, our genitals mashing together in a sexual rhythm as old as life itself…

All too quickly it happened. I crossed that threshold and felt my climax approach. Sensing this, Walt screamed “hold my cock, I’m going to cum”. I reached around and grabbed his throbbing penis and jerked the slippery organ between my fingers.

We humped together in a frenzy, trying to extract every single bit of pleasure from this incredible joining of our bodies…I felt the familiar tingle as my semen started its journey, and with the first spasms of orgasm, I felt Walt’s cock explode in a torrent of hot cum, shooting all over my hand and the now sweaty sheets below. I thrust deeply into my lover’s bowels, splattering his inner walls with what seemed to be endless ropes of hot cream.

With that, it was over. We collapsed but remained joined together. My cock had no intention of deflating, and Walt was very content to keep me snugly inside him for a while. Exhausted, we drifted off to sleep.

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Cousin Emma Ch. 01

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The girl that he saw standing at his mothers front door was nothing like he’d expected. Her dark hair fell around the fair skin of her face and licked her cheekbones. Her eyes, which sought his in greeting, were disarming and unusual, grey within a deep blue circumference, and when she smiled at him they crinkled up in support of her mouth. For the next hour he sat with them all in the front room and he watched her charm everyone. She was all genuine, heartfelt warmth and good cheer, and it illuminated her. Even though she had just blown in from the street, with the cold still clinging to her, and the mist shining in her hair, she lit up his mothers front room and her warmth seeped into every corner.

She played subconsciously with her hair as she talked, twisting it up into a large claw clip, exposing her smooth white neck, emphasising the line of her jaw, before letting it spill out over her shoulders and lick at her cheeks again. She did this repeatedly, taming, releasing, taming, releasing. He made himself take his eyes off her. It was quite the effort for him to appear casual. Whilst sharing stories of her travels her eyes would land on him, the sun shone out of them, and he could not bare it in a room full of people. He realised with some disturbance that he wanted her to look at him alone. He was greedy for her attention.

So when she slipped out of the room, he followed at leisure and found her fiddling with the lock on the back door. She turned on that brilliant smile that he knew had convinced a hundred men to do her bidding.

“If you help me open this door I’ll make it worth your while.”

“What will you give me?”

“Anything you want,” she laughed uncomfortably.

“I can’t believe you are trying to escape already,” he said dryly as he worked the lock.

And she laughed. It made him feel wonderful in a schoolboy kind of way. He had made her laugh.

They tumbled out into the back garden and she regarded him as she dug around in her handbag for her cigarettes. Finding one she lit up and leaned back against the wall, looking around. She was uncomfortable and he could have filled the silence with inane chatter about something. But the tension between them as they stood in the tiny rear yard was entrancing, electric, confronting, and so delicious that he didn’t want it to end prematurely. Neither did she it would seem. She had swapped the happy chatter of the front room for something else entirely. He expected her to try to fill the quiet void and make everything easy and companionable, try to disarm Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort his quiet mood, push him into a more relaxed congenial humour. Perhaps they would share a joke and she’d see him laugh. That would make her feel more at ease, and by rights he knew he should give that to her. Then the light in her eyes would shine on him again, and he would bathe in it. But that would come another time.

After a while she glanced sideways at him, looking up from under long lashes.

“So, what is it we are to each other,” she half whispered. She had apparently decided that attack was her best form of defence.

“Hmmm… That all depends what you mean.” He turned in to her conspiratorially and made a little corner of their bodies against the wall. Though the were not touching it was an intimate gesture. He could see the rise and fall of her breasts as she sucked in some deep breaths, and it excited him that this was the effect that his proximity had on her.

She needed something to distract her and so drew back on her cigarette.

“Can I have a puff,” he asked, just to watch her hand, slightly trembling, move towards him through the small space between them. He took it gently, without making contact with her, and held it between his fingers.

“Well….,” she really didn’t want to have to say it, and now she turned to face him and the light from the window fell fully on her face. A little crease of disapproval had appeared between her eyebrows. “We are…related,” she hissed secretively.

And there it was. Everything that had been said between them up to this point could have been an exchange between any two cousins. But now she had given voice to the undercurrent and she was looking for an early resolution, she wanted to know how it would end. So soon? He knew she was probably used to feeling powerful around men and here, in this situation, felt confused by the power shift. But he wasn’t going to let her get out of it that easily. He knew what he had to do to keep her balanced on a knifes edge.

He drew back on the cigarette and used the opportunity to take in huge, delicious eye-fulls of her. Being obvious, making sure she was aware of his appreciative gaze. She was so well put together. He ran his eye languidly over those inviting curves, so well proportioned, hourglass. Skin so soft, yielding, young, flawless. The hollow of her throat. The sway of her back. Her stance. Her breasts. He felt like a predator. Even when he had been 25 (her age now) he had never met any girl like this. Which was a good thing because he wouldn’t have known what the hell to do with her back then. But now, 10 years later he knew that she was something rare, and this night was something rare. They would never be the same people again and never feel quite the same as they did right in this moment. So tonight they should immerse themselves in it, entwine their lives and bodies and minds so completely that they wouldn’t know where one stopped and the other began.

Scenarios of all her secret places that he would go, ran through his head in a giant mosaic. The sweep of her bottom to her thigh, looking up at the underside swell of her breasts, his thumb grazing across her nipple, his mouth on the side of her neck, her head thrown back in passion.

“So we are,” he said giving nothing away with his words whilst his gaze painted a different picture for her all together.


She wanted him to take her. Right then and there in his mothers courtyard. She wanted to surrender herself to him and let him do anything he wanted to. If he had been anyone else, she would have cornered him, propositioned him. She wasn’t shy. But this time she found that she was the prey rather than the hunter, and she was in fear. Fear of what he would do to her when he caught her, but an even greater fear than that. The fear that he would leave her, and not bother with her at all.

She believed that he still hadn’t made up his mind. There were complications. They had never met before this night but they had both been raised on the same Irish Catholic Values, where guilt was a very large feature of the education system. Now, usually Catholic guilt only goes to improve fucking out of wedlock, making it that little bit more naughty. But cousins, uh uh, cousins, no matter how distant, were still family. And you just didn’t fuck family did you! She wondered if this was adding to his allure. Was it the illicit nature of her feelings making her so wet between the legs that it was painfully erotic to move. He had to take her. He had to give it to her. So she did something that she loathe to do and laid her cards on the table. To try to secure the deal as it were.

So when he said, “So we are.”

she said, “I don’t think I can go inside now Declan.”

“Why ever not.”

“Because my knickers are soaking wet,” she whispered, staring at her feet. How was he making her feel this way? “Show me,” he demanded.

She froze…what did he mean?

“Take them off,” he said.

She glanced nervously sideways at the light spilling from the kitchen window.

“They can’t see you in the dark here, not when they have the light on” he chastised.

She reached up under her skirt and hooked her thumbs under the waistband, pushing her undies down and wriggling a little to get them down and over her heels. Then she bunched them up in her fist. He put out his hand and she still couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Give them to me.” He unfurled them and held them out in front of him.

She hadn’t dressed to be undressed. They weren’t anything terribly special but he seemed to admire them for a second and then popped them in his pocket.

She found the nerve to look at his face again and the eyes she found there were soft and deep and the darkest warmest brown. He was looking at her kindly. He stepped into her and leant over to whisper in her ear

“Show me more,” he said. His warm breath shimmering down the side and back of her neck.

She reached out to him.

“Don’t touch me,” he ordered softly. He leant in closer to her and she could feel his cock pressing into her thigh. She felt a proud desire for the erection that she had given him. Her stomach clenched and a shiver shot down into her pussy which spasmed and clenched aching for his prick to fill it.

“Put your finger into your pussy,” he said, “and show me how wet your slutty little hole is Emma. But don’t come. You’re not allowed to come yet”

Yet she thought, and gasped as her cunt spasmed again but she didn’t make a move to touch herself.

“Do it Emma! It’s begging to be touched. It’s not like you haven’t touched it before is it. I bet you play with that fucking beautiful, sopping cunt all the time.”

Emma squeaked a repressed moan and exhaled. No one had ever dared speak to her like this and she was disturbed and excited to find she loved it.

She pushed her breasts into his chest “Touch me!” She hissed forcefully in his ear.

“If you want me to touch you Emma, you are going to have to do as I say.”

He was calm, and she was so desperate to please him that she reached between her legs and, avoiding her clit, soaked two fingers in her juices. After which,meeting his eyes with a look of defiance, she held them up in front of him where the light caught them sparkling in the darkness.

“Declan!” Someone called from deep within the house.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, “Now taste yourself Emma.”

She was starting to feel humiliated but didn’t want him to know, so as she brought her fingers down to her mouth, and brought out her tongue to lick them clean in 2 long, slow strokes, front and back, she never took his eyes off his and was pleased when she saw a brief flicker of weakness in his countenance.

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Cousin Becky Ch. 4

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Memory is a funny thing. I’m sitting here in a pizza joint and it’s dark and sleeting outside. I’m twenty one years old, in my third year of college, and sitting here with a few friends. It’s Thanksgiving night, and we’re the few who didn’t go home for the holiday or have no home to go to. Someone walked in the door and yelled, “Frankie, you in here?” and suddenly I was back on the farm.

It was a hot summer afternoon, and my cousin Frankie and I were in the hay loft in the barn. If you’ve never been in a hay loft, it’s like an open attic in a barn. You climb a ladder to get there and it’s rather warm. But I was sucking Frankie’s cock, which was just about my favorite thing to do. We’d fucked a few times, but then worried since we are cousins and didn’t want to get caught. So every time he had the urge and I was doing nothing else anyway, we’d sneak to some out of the way place on the farm and I’d suck him off.

“Frankie, you in here?” it was his Dad. “Have you seen Becky?”

“Ah, yeah, Dad, we’re up here.”

Well, I don’t have to tell you how we were scrambling to put ourselves in order. I still had my clothes on, but he was trying to stuff his shirt into his jeans and fasten them at the same time while stumbling to the ladder. We both climbed down just as quickly as we could to see Uncle Jacob standing there. If people could blow up, he looked like he was just about ready.

“What the hell were you kids doing up there? You’re not having intercourse, are you? You know you can’t do that. I’ll not have that kind of behavior on my place.”

“No, Dad, we weren’t having intercourse. Becky was just, ah…sucking me off.” His voice just kinda trailed off into a whisper.

“Frankie. You can’t be doing that with your cousin. But I guess at your age, all you think about all day is your hard cock. Well, run down to Fred Johnson’s place, he’s going to put you to work for the afternoon. Maybe some hard work in the sun will get your mind off your pecker.”

“Yes, Dad.” And Frankie just walked out the door. I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy for me.

For one thing, I’m the girl; not the daughter, mind you, the niece. And ever since shortly after I got here after my parents’ death, Uncle Jacob has found a reason or excuse to paddle my behind nearly every day. Of course, he did that to Aunt Marjorie, too. He firmly believed that women had to be kept in their place by frequent spankings. Didn’t even matter what for. Only now, I’d really been caught doing something bad.

“You come over here, young lady.” He led me to the workbench, told me to undo my jeans and bend over. There was a pole on the opposite side, which I hung onto for dear life, because I knew what was coming. He pulled down my jeans and my panties and said, “I don’t want to see you wearing jeans anymore. You need to wear cotton dresses.”

“Yes, sir.” He picked up a leather strap that was kept at the workbench; I think just for this purpose and started beating my ass and the tops of my thighs with it.

“I knew it was going to be a mistake having you here when you two got older. Well, I’m going to see to it that Frankie is kept busy doing farm work and you I am going to confine in the house. I don’t want you two to even see each other until I can find a school that I can send you to and get you out of my house. Understand?”

Well, I was sobbing because this is really starting to hurt, but I said ‘Yes, sir’ in between sobs and then he was done.

In the coming weeks, I never saw Frankie Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort at all. And I was confined to the house to “help” Aunt Marjorie. And if Uncle Jacob needed an excuse to spank me in the past, this pretense was long gone. My jeans and shorts were long gone, also, and whenever he had a mind to; when Frankie is gone who knows where and Aunt Marjorie is outside hanging clothes, Uncle Jacob would come into the kitchen for a cold drink and say, “Becky, come here.” I would come to him and immediately bend over the table or counter or chair or whatever he would indicate, because I knew it was time for him to beat my ass again.

Most of the time he would use a wooden paddle. And if he were out in the fields all day so he never had a chance for my daily spanking, he would administer it in the evening after coming in, cleaning up, and having supper.

He got me to confess that Frankie and I had indeed had intercourse a few times several months ago, but it was apparent I was not pregnant, which was a great relief to us all, but I no longer had a doubt that I would be punished daily.

Within a few weeks I was accepted to a college in a neighboring state, beginning to receive monthly checks from my parents’ insurance, and before I knew it, I was packing to be sent off to school.

That last morning, he must’ve known he’d never see me again, because that spanking was especially severe, and by the time he took me to town and I was getting on the train, he didn’t come right out and say, “Don’t come back.” But the unspoken words hung in the air. I would not be welcomed here. I lugged my two suitcases onto the train, and found a seat just as it was pulling away from the station.

Sitting down was the hardest part. There was no possible position for me to sit that wasn’t painful. And I noticed the conductor looking at me a bit funny. I thought he would say something, but he didn’t. Only he was nice to me the whole trip.

So, now for the past three years, I’ve been living at school, studying hard, getting good grades and working part time. I get monthly checks, but since I never go anywhere for holidays and such, I work at the school to fill in the time.

Anyway, here I was, sitting in the pizza joint with some friends, having a few beers and pizza. Rick and Laura decided they were going back to her place, and I was just left there with Steve.

I’ve known Steve since I first got here, and he’s the closest thing to a real friend I have. Only I never told him much about my childhood. He knows about my parents, of course. And he knows I have no where to go on holidays and vacations, but I’ve never really filled in the blanks for him. I suddenly realized I was still looking out the window as he was talking to me.

“You haven’t heard a word, have you?”

“Uh, no, I’m sorry. I was back in time so to speak.” He didn’t say anything for awhile. Then, “You know, Becky, anytime you really want to, or need to talk, I’m here. And non-judgmental, just as a friend. I’m here to listen.”

Well, I almost broke down and bawled, but I don’t cry much anymore. Guess I did all my crying when it counted.

Then he was saying, “Um, you know, I see the way you look at Rick.”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that innocent act. You look at Rick like you wish you could eat him right on the spot.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s got Laura.”

“And that’s the problem, isn’t it? Laura’s your friend, but if you could, you’d want Rick for yourself.”

“Steve, I can’t believe you’re even saying that.” But I could feel my cheeks redden.

“Why don’t you fall in love with me, Becky? I’ve loved you since we first met. You have a dynamite little body, all the right curves, and the most spankable rounded ass I’ve ever seen. Plus you’re fun to be with, and we always have a good time together.”

We were getting our coats and he was holding the door for me. “You need a ride, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I walked here.” I have money, but I’m saving up for my own apartment, so I can move out of the dorm.

I was walking out with him; he was holding his car door open for me when I suddenly said, “Wait a minute. Why would you say I have a spankable ass?”

“Because you do. It’s got the neatest shape to it. Just makes me want to turn you over my knee. You know, there is a group of us here who do that for each other.”

“Do what? Spank each other?”

“Well, yeah, but it’s not dirty or anything. And not like a Club if that’s what you think. But sometimes if you just feel like someone should give you a spanking, we know who to call. Personally, I don’t want to be on the receiving end, though some guys do. I’m always on the giving end. If you know what I mean.”

He had this twinkle in his eye. We were driving through town and I just couldn’t believe I was having this conversation.

“By the way, you going back to the dorm?”

“Well, I should, but no one’s there and it’s really depressing.”

“OK, then come to the frat house with me. No one’s there either.”

“No one’s given me a spanking in three years. But my uncle used to do that a lot. I think it’s taken this long just for my ass to heal.”

“Do you miss it?”

His question just hung there. I was thinking hell no. But inside, part of me was thinking, yeah, I hate to admit it, but I guess I do. Well, I thought I was talking to myself, but I must’ve been thinking aloud, cos he said, “Ok.” Then I thought ok what? And made sure I didn’t say that aloud.

It was coming down as freezing rain, and we were soaked just walking from the car to the house. He let me into a nice warm kitchen. We removed our shoes and coats and he led me upstairs. This was a nice big place, and he was right. No one else was here. Upstairs he said, “You can take a hot shower if you want to warm up, I’ll give you a tee shirt or something you can put on.”

That was a heavenly idea. And when I came out of the shower, put an oversized tee shirt on and headed back to the den, he was just sitting in a chair reading.

“You look like you feel better anyway.”

“Yeah, thanks. At least I’m warmer.”

“Ok, then get on your knees in front of that chair.” I was sitting in a chair on his left, and at first I wanted to protest loudly, but thought, ok, why not? At least he won’t be as vicious as Uncle Jacob was.

I got on my knees, my upper body lying on the seat of the chair; I grabbed the back of it and held on. I didn’t know if he’d known I had no panties on, but he certainly did now!

He seemed to produce a paddle from nowhere and the first hit was more of a surprise than anything. “So, you have the hots for Rick, do you?” Whack! Whack! He hit my ass 5 times. “No, not really the hots.”

“Don’t lie to me Becky.” He hit my ass 5 more times. “Tell me what you like about him.”

“Ah, he’s cute, and he’s masculine. And he looks at me like he likes me.”

“But he’s Laura’s guy.”

“Yeah, I know.” Whack, Whack, he hit my ass some more.

“If Laura weren’t around you’d be after him big time, wouldn’t you?”


“Don’t lie, Becky. Tell me how much you want Rick.” Whack whack, he didn’t hit with quite as much of a vengeance like Uncle Jacob did, but it was hard enough to bring tears to my eyes.

“Yes, if Laura weren’t around. I’d want to suck his big cock.” Whack! Whack! “Well, Becky, why don’t you ever want to suck my big cock? I’m the one who wants you.” He gave me three more swats and then stopped.

I said, “Do you really want me to suck you off? I haven’t done that in a really long time.”

“Why, do you think you forgot how?” I smiled. “No, I don’t think I forgot. It used to be my favorite thing to do. It’s just been a long time is all.”

I turned and he had his legs spread apart, and was pulling his hard cock out of the fly in his sweatpants. Not only his cock, but his whole scrotum as well. I encircled the base of it with my left hand and began stroking it with the fingertips on my right hand. “Oh, “he was moaning. And soon I was licking and kissing and then pulling his cock into my mouth.

I really do enjoy this and once I get that nice suction going, I want to hummmm… and set up some kind of vibration. Frankie used to love that. And it looked like Steve did as well. “Ok, Baby, suck on my balls for awhile.” Well, I’d never really done that before, but I tilted my head underneath and suctioned his balls together into my mouth. This was different, but he was certainly enjoying it.

He was holding my head steady, though not in a hurtful way. Just firm, like I wasn’t to go anywhere. And I suddenly heard soft footsteps behind me. “Don’t stop, sweetheart, until you get your reward.” Well, I knew what he was talking about, and it wasn’t like I was going to stop. Then he spoke to someone who was standing behind me.

“Yeah, she’s one of the best little cocksuckers I’ve ever met. Really enjoying it.” The other guy mumbled something and though I didn’t stop what I was doing, I thought, that almost sounds like Rick.

“That’s it; give her a nice pussy massage. Yeah, she’ll like that.” Whoever it was was running his fingers and thumbs around my ass, my pussy and stroking my pussy lips. Oh, I think I’m going to cum right on this guy’s hand.

Steve said, “Ok, I think she’s ready.” Before I knew it, while I was sucking Steve, Rick was back there sticking his cock into my pussy. Part of me wanted to protest about this, but it did feel so good, and he was pumping his cock into me. I’ve only been fucked about three or four times, so this felt really good and tight. And Rick seemed to read my thoughts.

“Oh, yeah, she’s good and tight. I’m about to cum in her now.” Steve said, “Yeah, me too.” I couldn’t believe it, but as Rick’s cum was shooting into my pussy, Steve’s cum was shooting into my mouth. I was swallowing it, and licking the drops from the corners of my mouth. Oh, he tasted salty and sweet at the same time, and it was really good.

“Looks like our little girl is having a good time.”

“Yeah, what happened? I thought you were staying with Laura for the night.”

“Well, she wanted to get some sleep; she’s headed to her folks’ in the morning. I thought I’d drive into the city for the weekend. Do you want to ride along?”

“Ah, no, everyone is riding, and I think I’ll just stay here for the weekend.”

By this time, I was just sitting on the floor between these two listening to the conversation. “How about you, Becky? You going anywhere?”

“No, I’m just going to stay here.” And Steve looked at me and gave me that knowing smile that says, ‘me too.’

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Cousin Laura, My First Love Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Laura and I are practically brother and sister. Technically we’re just first cousins but we spent a ot of time together growing up and recently she came to live with us. She’s 18 and just one year younger than me. We both have basically worthless parents. When her dad was locked up and her mom stayed too stoned to take care of her she came to live with us, which was better but not by a whole lot. My dad left years ago and my mom was gone most of the time.

The apartment we lived in was just 2 bedrooms. The day Laura’s mom dropped her off I remember my mom saying, “Well she sure as hell isn’t staying in my room. You two will have to work it out.” Those first few days were awkward. Even though we were cousins and good friends with each other we were teenagers past puberty and there wasn’t a ot of privacy. At night I would give her a few minutes to change into her night clothes and get under her blanket on the floor. When she was ready she would yell “Ok” and turn the light off. Then I would come in and get undressed, stumbling around in the dark, and get into my bed.

Laura is my cousin but I still find her hot. Somehow I’ve always felt guilty about that. She’s 5-6, 120 pounds, dirty blond hair, brown eyes, 32b Her boobs aren’t all that big but her nipples always seem to be poking out, which drives me crazy. He lips are full and gorgeous and she has the cutest nose. As you can guess, it was hard sleeping in the same room with her. Without privacy I couldn’t even jerk off anymore except in the shower.

Late at night we talked for hours in the dark. We even found a mutual interest in engineering and decided to go to the same college out of state, far away from our disappointing childhoods. One winter night, deep in conversation we noticed it getting increasingly cold in the house. I knew what had happened. My mom failed to pay the gas bill again. I was embarrassed to tell Laura. She was shivering down there on the floor.

“Laura, why don’t you come up here with me?” I asked timidly. As soon as the words came Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort out I wanted to shoot myself.

“Thank you!” she squealed, jumping up into the bed with me. Her body was trembling from the cold. It was pitch dark and she cuddled up behind me. I was hard and thankful to be facing away from her. Her body heat felt so good. I was wearing boxers and a t-shirt. I could feel her bare legs on mine. I assumed she had changed into the panties and sweatshirt I always saw laying on top of her blanket.

“Ohhh that’s so much warmer cuz,” she sighed. “I owe you and your mom so much I can’t tell you how grateful I am.” She’s always called me cuz.

“It’s the least we can do Laura, after all we’re family. My mom wasn’t sure about you staying here at first but I begged her not to let you stay in that terrible situation at home.”

“It was really hard for me. Now that I’m here, safe and warm with you, it seems like a lifetime ago.”

We fell asleep and in the morning I was so hard it hurt. In the night I had rolled onto my back and as I opened my eyes I could see that I was making a tent in the bed covers. I gasped as I glanced over and saw Laura, her head propped up in her hand, grinning at me. I quickly rolled to the side, away from her. She giggled.

“It’s ok, cuz. I’m so sorry. I’ve been so selfish, stealing your room like this. We’ve been so close, just like friends, and after growing up together, I totally forgot you’re a man as well as an awesome cousin.”

My heart was pounding. “I, uh…I must have been dreaming…”

She giggled some more. “Oh cuz it’s completely natural. Don’t even worry about it. Do you know how many times I’ve masturbated in the bathroom with your electric toothbrush? We all need a release sometimes.”

“My toothbrush?” I couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“Oh, yeah, that thing is perfect.”

“Do you want to…uhh…should I close my eyes so you can out of bed and change in the bathroom?”

“No, I want to help you with this…” She slipped her hand into my boxers and wrapped her fingers around my raging hard-on. I gasped.

“Ohhh…Laura…what…I don’t think you should…”

“Shhhhh,” she whispered in my ear and with her other hand on my shoulder she rolled me back over onto my back. Her hand felt like heaven around my cock. She slipped her head under the covers and I suddenly felt her mouth enveloping me. I practically cried it felt so fucking good. She was moving her head up and down, her warm mouth taking all of me. I could feel my orgasm quickly building.

“La…Laura…you better…uhhh…” She stopped for a moment, listening to me. “You better stop…or I’m…I’m going to…like…cum…”

“That’s what I want you to do, silly!” She giggled as she lowered her mouth back onto me. I was glad she under the covers. It would be so embarrassing for me if our eyes met at this moment. I couldn’t hold back a second more. I covered my mouth to muffle the heavy sighs, not knowing if anyone else was in the house, and came. Wave after wave of my cum spilling into my pretty cousin’s mouth. It felt like all of the stress of my whole life was lifted at that moment.

She came up out of the covers licking her lips. “Wow, cuz that was a ot of cum! You must have been really backed up. How do you feel?”

“Amazing.” It was all I could think to say.

“Well if you want, I will take care of you that way anytime you need it ok?”

We had always been open and honest with each other, but this was uncharted territory.

“That would be…uhh…yes…very nice.”

“I love you cuz”, she said. “Without you and your mom I would be completely lost right now.”

“Laura…I love you too…I always have.”

Things were very different after that. She slept with me every night, and there was no more worry about modesty. We were naked around each other without shame. She was sucking my cock on a regular basis and we were sleeping nude, holding and touching each other in the night. The subject of intercourse didn’t come up in conversation for a while, although she had to be thinking about it and I definitely was. One night we were in bed, in a spooning position. Normally she would be behind me when we spooned but tonight somehow I wound up behind her and soon I was hard, my cock poking against her ass cheeks.

“Cuz I want to ask you something,” she whispered.


“Are you a virgin?”

“No way.”

“Cuz? Be honest.” Even if I wanted to lie I knew she could always see right through me.

“Ok, fine…I am,” I admitted.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re hot and everything I just think you’ve been too shy to get laid.”

“I guess so…maybe.”

“I want to be your first…right now. Oh, and I’m on the pill.”

There was thirty seconds of stunned silence and then I moved my hand from her stomach to her boob. She opened her legs enough to reach down and move my cock to her pussy and started rubbing it along her slit. It was wet and warm and I wanted to be inside of her more than anything in the world. She moved her thumb over the head of my cock and there was a slippery bead of pre-cum. The room filled with the smell of sex. She was pushing back now and I moved forward and was in her. She purred softly as I moved back and forth, fucking her slowly from behind. I never imagined my first time would be in this spoon position but I loved it. Of course I never imagined my first time to be with my cousin either.

My fingers were rubbing her nipple as she purred and moaned, moving her hips in rhythm with mine. She reached down and started massaging her clit, her breathing and moans becoming louder and her movements more rapid.

“Uhhhh huhhh uhhhh huhhh uhhaaaaa…,” she yelled as I felt the tight walls of her pussy contacting around my cock. The contractions basically milked me, and as the last waves of her orgasm subsided mine started and I wrapped my arms and legs around her body as I let loose inside her.

We both fell asleep, still joined together, our bodies exhausted and satiated. I dreamed about Laura and wished we never had to leave this room.

To be continued…

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My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 1

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I had just turned 21 and the dream of romantic love was finally wearing off. I had been looking for true love since I was 17. In three serious relationships I had done my best to make things work – I was faithful and true, a really good boy, but it wasn’t working. My current relationship was breaking up slowly, we both were scared of making it final.

I had lost my own virginity to a girl who wasn’t a virgin. I had always thought I would lose it with a girl who was also a virgin. In four years of sex I still hadn’t been with a virgin, and somehow it kinda got under my skin. I wanted to have the experience of being the first with a girl, and now I had started to grow out of the idea that I had to be in love before I got laid.

After taking a couple of years off from my studies to make some money I was back at University and I was finding that being a few years older was a good deal. I was learning, but I was still one of those dumb guys who think that it’s only guys who are hungry for sex. I was still being Mr Nice Guy, but I was smart enough to see that a lot of girls liked bad boys.

One night I went to a party without my girlfriend. Everyone there was a law student like I was, but most of them were only 17 or 18. It was unusual for me to be alone and I was enjoying it, flirting a little and not having to worry my girlfriend would get on my case. Even when you want to be faithful you still can’t help noticing a nice ass walking past.

I had sunk a few beers by the time I turned around and saw that Mandy had turned up. Mandy was a very hot redhead from one of my classes. She had the classic redhead colouring – green eyes and smooth creamy white skin. She was voluptuous, even though she was only 18, and she was gorgeous, and when my eyes moved up her body to her face, bingo! Eye contact!

She was with her boyfriend Andrew – a bit of a geek, also only 18, her boyfriend from high school, but I could see straight away she was using him as a chauffeur. She had a look in her eye that I would get to recognise from then on – the look of a girl who wants to dive in to the wild world she has been warned about. It’s amazing how much you can see in a girl’s eyes.

She sent Andrew away to get her a drink and I went over to her straight away. “Hi!” I said, “I’m Bobbie”. “I know who you are,” she said. Mandy’s look was half lust and half fear. “Really?” I said, “well let me catch up. What’s your name?” She told me and had a quick look over my shoulder. “You here with your boyfriend?” I asked. “That’s a shame”.

“You think?” she said. “Of course! My girlfriend is working tonight so I am all alone.” I didn’t know it then, but I was also going to learn from Mandy that girls seem to love proving to themselves they can pull a guy who has a girlfriend. I had said exactly the right thing. She was looking over her shoulder again and I turned to see Andrew was back with the drinks.

She introduced me and I could feel the tension straight away. I was bigger than Andrew and I had always looked old for my age. He was kinda tall and skinny, still had a pimple or two, and he was a geek. I made small talk for a while, taking the chance to keep the eye contact thing going with Mandy. “Well, I might see you at Uni,” I said to her, “later….”

I was trying to be casual, but the look in Mandy’s eye made me think about being unfaithful. I had always been faithful to my girlfriends up until then, trying to be a good guy, but I wanted more, I wanted to be bad. I was going to make sure I saw Mandy again and what happenned with my girlfriend Judith after that, I would just have to wait and see.

I went to a small law school, so there was no doubt I would be seeing Mandy again. I had always been a little shy with girls, but thinking about the way Mandy had looked Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort at me, I decided I would adopt a bit of a persona, if she wanted a bad boy, then I could do that. I had always wanted to be an actor and so now was the time to see if I could be different.

On Monday morning I saw Mandy sitting in the lecture theatre as I walked in. She was with her girlfriends, so I just walked past slow and there it was, she turned to me and looked into my eyes with a hot little smile forming on her lips. Her look was so hot I just smiled back on reflex, I was even kinda surprised. I didn’t know much about the female of the species.

I spent the lecture sitting up behind Mandy, watching her, thinking about how I was going to convert this feeling into action, and every once in a while I noticed she was looking back. By the time the lecture finished I had decided to just go for it. As everybody was wandering out I caught up with her and said hi. She immediately turned around giving me her full attention.

“Wanna coffee?” I asked. Not a great line but effective. “I have a class,” she said. “Well skip it, your friends can give you the notes.” “You want to be a bad influence on me?” she was smiling. “I guess I can catch up one class.” We wandered out with Mandy giving her friends a funny little look and a giggle – and that was good. Getting a girl to giggle is good.

We went to one of the cafe’s on campus and had a coffee and talked smalltalk for about an hour. It was going good, and I had let her know that I wasn’t really happy with my girlfriend and she had let me know Andrew was more of a habit than the love of her life. This was great. I had always wanted to find true love and now I was just trying to get laid, much less stress.

We were making heaps of eye contact and I was feeling how good it was to be a bit detached, not trying to make a girl think I was maybe her one true love, just trying to get her hot and horny. We had about three coffees and it was getting obvious that things were happening. Then she said that since she had skipped that class she was finished for the day.

“So are you going home?” I asked. I already knew that I lived on the way to her place. “Cool,” I said, “can you drop me? I don’t have anything else to do today.” I was lying of course, but missing a class wasn’t going to stop me taking a chance if it came my way. “Well sure, if you want.” Mandy said, smiling. This was definitely looking good.

We walked up towards the law school car park when Mandy walked off in a different direction. “Can we go this way?” she asked, “It’s just I don’t really want to run into Andrew.” “Sure.” This was looking better and better. This was the first time I had tried being a bad boy and I was surprised that the girl was making it so easy.

We went the long way around to her car and got in. Since she was driving I was able to spend most of my time looking at her. It was still warm and she was wearing a silky summer dress. She had a soft, round, white body. I had never been with a redhead so I didn’t know what to expect if I got to see what was under that dress. But I knew it would be good.

I gave Mandy directions but it was only a few minutes to my place. I shared a big old house with three other people, but no one was home when we got there. I asked if she would like to come in and see my place, since we had been talking about it over coffee, and she made my heart start beating a little faster when she said yes. I had to remember to stay cool.

I opened the door and we went inside. I gave her a quick tour and then I said she should come and see my room. At that time I had a big old room with a fireplace and a grove of orange trees growing outside my window. I was a great old room and it was painted green and had a really cool feel to it. I like nice stuff and I have learned girls like that.

I had a really big old bed and two old armchairs. Mandy was kinda just looking around and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I decided to go for it. While she was looking out the window I walked up behind her and put my arms around her, “You like it?” I didn’t know how she would react to me being so forward, but it was like she had been expecting it.

She turned around in my arms so we were face to face, “What about Judith?” she asked in a little voice, looking into my eyes. “She like’s it too.” I said, and kept looking in her eyes, til she started to laugh. I took her chin in my hand and kissed her, and she kissed me back and started pushing her body back into mine as I closed my arms tight around her.

The good thing about being in a relationship is that you get to have a lot of sex. I had never been a player up til then, but I had spent a lot of time fucking, and once Mandy opened her lips to my tongue I knew what to do. While I was still kissing her I picked her up and moved her over to the bed and laid her down on it, all without breaking the seal of our lips.

I have always thought that kissing is almost a physical metaphor for fucking, and I was showing Mandy exactly what I wanted to do with her, pushing my tongue into her throat then tickling her own tongue before I pushed deep into her mouth again. Mandy seemed to have the same idea and she was just letting me kiss her, pash her, with her eyes closed.

I was hot, hard and horny now and my right hand went straight down between Mandy’s thighs and under her soft, light dress and when my fingers reached her crotch I could feel already she was hot and wet. But what sent a little shiver of excitment through me was when I touched her and I felt her spread her legs apart, letting me in, letting me know she would let me play.

I pulled her panties to one side and let the tip of my middle finger softly run down between her cunt lips. She was really hot and really wet and as her lips came apart under my fingers I could feel the rim of her cunt really tight but open, and I just slipped the tip of my finger into her tight hole. As I did it I pushed my tongue deep in her mouth to synchronise the sensation.

With my tongue in her mouth Mandy couldn’t say anything but she moaned and I felt her arch her back and push so my finger went in to the knuckle and I started to move it slowly in and out of her luscious cunt. I put my thumb on her hard clit and started to roll it around her clit while I pushed my finger deeper into her cunt and kissed her more and more.

I was kinda surprised she was letting it happen so fast. This was the first time I had the chance to learn that if a girl thinks a guy has an expectation she will fuck him, it can be enough to make her decide to do it. Being just three years older than her was enough to put the idea in her mind that I would want it all. If she came into my house, she was saying yes.

I decided to push my luck and try something pretty radical. I took my mouth off hers and pushed myself up on my knees. I looked down without saying a word and saw her legs were spread and her dress was pushed up to her hips and I could see her hot pink cunt with my right hand still working it. She was looking up at me with a look that told me she was mine.

Keeping my eyes fixed on her eyes I slowly pulled my finger out of her cunt and with both hands I took hold of her panties and pulled them right down and off then I put my hands between her legs and spread her thighs apart and let my face fall down into her soft red muff. I put my thick hot tongue on her cunt lips then let the tip find her cunt and pushed it in.

I already knew that all girls love a guy who likes to eat quim. What I learned with Mandy was that some girls get so horny they just totally lose control. When I had tasted Mandy’s sweet cunt I found her hard clit with my tongue and started to suck it like a third nipple. This drove her wild and she grabbed my head and started pushing her cunt into my mouth.

I put my hands behind her knees and pulled her legs apart and pushed them up so I could really get her whole cunt in my mouth. Now I was sucking on her clit then pushing the tip of my tongue into her hot tight cunt. This was my first taste of redhead quim and it was enough to make me a real sucker for redheads to this day. And that soft downy hair tickled my nose.

I could hear Mandy moaning and cooing while I slurped her soft cunt lips and suckled on her thick hot clit. Now I let her feet down on the bed and slipped one hand up to her cunt. I suckled and licked her clit and gently slid one finger into her tight, tight hole. Then she started to move her cunt on my finger, pushing down, her urge to fuck taking control.

Now I wanted to take it further, not rushing it but just to take it past the kind of groping she would get from younger guys. I slid one more finger into her luscious cunt and then pulled my mouth away and got onto my knees next to her, still with two fingers feeling her tight hole stretched around them, looking down into her eyes, open now, looking at me.

With my other hand I unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped and pulled my thick hard cock out for her to see. She looked at it for a moment, she was flushed and breathing hard, and without a word she lifted her head and moved onto one elbow and brought her mouth up to my knob, glistening with my pre-cum. She looked into my eyes then at my hard knob.

Now she took hold of the base of my cock with her hand and started to suck and lick the last four inches of my cock. I put my thumb on her clit and started rolling it around feeling how wet she was, stretching my fingers apart to open up her tight cunt, feeling her moans through the vibraton on my cock more than I heard them. God was her cunt tight.

There is some kind of connection between my fingers and my shaft when I am fingering hot wet cunt. I could almost feel her cunt on my cock from the sensation I had in my fingers. Now I was holding her head with one hand, pushing my knob deep in her mouth while she worked my cock with her hand and mouth, and I worked her cunt, feeling it open and hot.

We hadn’t said a word for 10 minutes and now my cock was aching for the thick wet lips of her cunt. Gently I pulled my cock out of her mouth and let her head down onto the pillow. With my free hand I pulled one of her legs up and moved between her legs so my cock was hanging hard and thick inches from her cunt. She was looking at me wide eyed, panting.

I eased my fingers out of her cunt and with the same hand took my cock and put the hard wet knob between the lips of her cunt. I rubbed it up and down til I found the sweet spot, and looking into her eyes I used my hips thrust it just a little and looked down to see her tight cunt stretch around the knob and then down onto the shaft of my thick bulging cock as it went in.

When I looked at Mandy’s face her eyes were closed and she had an intense half smile on her face. I leaned forward and put one hand either side of her body with the only point of contact now was four inches of my thick cock in her tight hot flaring cunt. She looked up at me and softly said, “I’m a virgin.” A jolt of adrenalin went right through my body and my cock.

I let my weight push the full length of my hard cock deep into her belly. Mandy moaned and I felt her pushing up, pushing her cunt onto my cock. “Can you feel my cock inside you?” She opened her eyes and gasped, “Yes!” “You aren’t a virgin Mandy.” With that I went down onto my elbows, kissed her deep, bent my back and pushed my cock deep to the hilt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


This is my first attempt at an erotic story. Any comments on how I may improve, whether it be wording, flow, story, or any tips to make it more enjoyable, please let me know.

Please enjoy my first work. If you like it enough, I may revamp it or continue the story as is (or with added improvement’s with the next instalment and/or other stories).

Thank you for reading again.


“Big fucking deal,” Oh, here we go again. My sister is bitching once more. She is the epitome of a spoiled brat. At least on the surface, I know better. “I was the star of my own TV show, and…”

“We get it, you’re semi-famous,” Sighing, our parents just shook their head at my irritation. It’s well disserved, I come home for my parents wedding anniversary, not my sister’s bitching about not getting all the attention. “Now you are a top of the line runway model and aspiring song writer. Big whoop and get over yourself for half a day. If any of your fans saw you like this, they would probably die of shock.”

Yeah, my sister is one of those childhood stars. It only lasted a season and a half. They didn’t even give her a final goodbye episode. Hell, they should have never got to the pilot. It was called, The little talk with Debby show. Think late night show for kids, you know, like Letterman, just well, crappy. Ever since then she has been a stuck up brat. Hard growing up with her is an absolute understatement.

Flicking back her raven long hair, she scowled down at me with her big brown eyes. I’m sitting with our parents at the kitchen table drinking some well needed coffee with them. My sister Debby, has been bringing her luggage in on her own. If she can bring all that unnecessary crap, she can haul it in herself. “You should at least help me out here, Flip.”

Yes, Flip is what she calls me. It’s a nick name she gave me growing up. You would think I got the name from something as simple as flipping up girl’s skirts. But about seventh grade I started to take up parkour. It’s a good skill that has aided me through my many years of life. One of the few things that helped me let off steam, among martial arts, fencing, as well as sharp shooting through the Gun Association.

“No, you get spoiled too much as is by everyone ells around you. I think I will abstain from adding to that ego that is already too big for your head.” Sipping at my coffee, I smiled to my parents. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Flip,” My mother spoke up softly, and yeah, even they too to the name. Her now slightly graying hair gives her an aura of wisdom about her. Still, she is well into her late forties with a figure better than most twenty year olds. “Try and get along with your sister when we are gone, it’s not often you two have a chance to spend some time with one another. You are twins after all, you should get along better.”

Yes, we are twins unfortunately. We both have black hair, brown eyes, tall and in athletic. Her five eleven, against my six two is where the differences really start. While I’m a loner in respect to her outgoing nature. “Yeah Flip, you should know when to treat me right. After all, I am your only sister. You should love me, and hug me and suck my toes if I say so.”

“Yes, I agree with your mother, Flip. Well, not sure about the toe sucking bit,” Ahh crap, not dad as well. “But at least should try and enjoy one another’s company, your birthdays are coming up soon as well. You two should for once spend it together. With her career, and…” Scratching his chin, he shook his head lightly. “Actually, what is it you do?”

Debby took a break from her oh so back breaking work of bringing her items in, sitting down next to me a little closer then I would like. That and her dress, (if you can call it that) is barley containing her almost C cup breast. She moves her legs just right and the hem is going to show everything above the crotch. “Yeah, dad has a point. You never talk about your work. Last I saw you, you look like you went ten rounds with a bus, and I think the bus won. Also, where did you get that horrific scar over your eye?”

Rolling my eyes, I looked to my watch a moment. Not going to tell them how I got the scar over my eye, let alone the countless other ones I have on my body. “Well, look at the time. I think I will catch a nap before hitting up a bar.” Standing, I pushed the chair out and I figure I won’t be here long as is. A day or two at most. “I won’t be here for the celebrations. I just am making time to see you two off on your cruise. After that I will see about where I’m going to go.”

“What?” Debby looked up to me with a surprised look about her. Wonder what she is so upset about now. “But you we just got here, I haven’t seen you in almost a year now. Can’t you at least stay for our birthday?”

“Don’t give me that crap, you’re almost twenty five. Besides, I am sure your party loving friends are planning a shallow party for you anyway.” Pushing my chair under the table, I took my mug to the sink, rinsing it out. Walking past them and out the kitchen, my sister seems to not want to drop the subject. “Don’t fallow me, I’m going Gaziantep Anal Escort to take a nap.”

“Wait a minute!” Grabbing me by my shirt, I stopped not wanting to deal with her. Jet lag is a real bitch. “I want to talk to you about our birthday. Can’t we spend it together? I know you never liked birthday parties,” Or any sort of party for that fact. “But as a gift to me, just you and me spend the day together?”

Looking back, she held her head low as I pry her hand from my clothing. “Sorry, but I am leaving first flight I find to South America, perhaps Africa. On the other hand I may stop by Australia.”

If this was a carton, her jaw would be on the floor right now. I can’t even fathom what is going through her head. “Then take me with you. We can travel together. You can show me what you like to do, and how you make the money to take on these trips.”

Sighing, I just shook my head at that one. “You can’t go two minutes without a pedicure, what makes you think you can deal with jungles, swamps and heat of a dessert? And that is just the part of the climate, there are insects and animals, and not all the people in those areas are looking for your autograph unless it’s in blood.” Patting her head, I am getting the feeling something is going on with her. “That aside, why are you suddenly so interested in what I do? You never really cared about it before.”

“Err, yeah,” That’s one hell of an answer for you. Doesn’t say much for what is upsetting her, or what she wants. “Nothing is wrong, okay? I just think that you and I should, you know, do things together.” Do things together? She only ever wanted me to do that stupid show with her. I even did try out for it, everyone thought having twins on the show would be good for ratings. But I fail to have the personality for such things. “What is that look for? So what if I want to spend some time with my big brother? Maybe I’m feeling a little lonely and want my brother with me?”

“Don’t you have a film to shoot or something? I don’t have time to waist on your childish wants and needs.” Walking up the steps to my old room, she is continuing to fallow me. Can’t she take a hint? Sitting on my bed, I glanced around the room looking at old toys and figurines, posters of half dressed women and just the average things in an adolescent room. Kicking off my boots, Debby just watched me as I laid down, relaxing. Shutting my eyes, the bed shock a moment. I can’t believe this girl, she just doesn’t let up. “What are you doing? Can’t you see I am trying…”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” To my surprise, she abruptly straddled my stomach. “You should have been a model, you know that? You stay in such good shape. Bet your dick is just as nice.” For fuck sake, she’s starting this crap again. “I know what I want for my birthday, and it only coast a bit of your time. Though it could be one hell of a work out.”

“Get off…” I started as she cut me short.

“That is the point, I want to get off.” Damn it, I knew this was coming. This is why I avoid her, every time I am around her, her sex drive goes into the stratosphere. It’s infectious to say the least. The only thing that has kept me from not looking at her like a sister is her horrible attitude. “So, what do you say? Want to be my sex toy?”

“Gahh, just shut up.” Sitting up, I turned so my legs hung off the bed once more. With ease I picked her up by her waist standing her up before me. “I told you, get out, I’m too tiered to deal with your bullshit today. Why don’t you grow up and get a boyfriend? Hell, go have a one night stand. Get it out of your system, anything, just don’t bother me.”

Running my hands through my hair, she suddenly slapped me out of no where. Stunned, I am not sure how to handle this right now as she spoke her intent. “You asshole,” Rolling my jaw, I just looked her in the eyes. She is at least keeping her voice down so only I can hear her, hate for this conversation be heard by our parents. “I don’t understand you at all, any guy would love to have me to do what they want with. What the hell is wrong with you? Do I disgust you? Don’t you love me?”

Guilt tripping, that isn’t going to work on me. “Don’t take me for one of your simple minded friends. I am sure you have plenty of people you can get laid by at any time. Hell, why not open up the phone book and just point to a name. I’m sure one of them would love to see you on your back again.” Normally I wouldn’t feel a bit bad about what I just said, but for some reason, the look on her face right now is troubling me. Can’t fallow into her game though, she is an actress after all. “Why not just call up your sweet heart from high school? The one you went to the prom with.”

Taking a clear step away from me, her head tilted slightly. Her lips started to quiver, and tears falling down her cheeks. Something is off here, she is a good actress, but not this good. “You fucking asshole,” Slowly standing, she took another step away from me. “What the fuck do you know? I got stood up for prom, and don’t make me out to be some sort of a slut.” The venom in her words rang clear with me. She’s not playing me right now, I haven’t seen her this upset in years. “Just so you know, Mister Know It All, I even avoid rolls with sex in them.”

Huh, what is this all about now? “Why, I can’t see you not knowing how not to act out a little bit of sex.” Jaw clenching she folded her arms, looking away from me slowly, avoiding any eye contact. Holding a finger up to her, I think I know what is going on. “Oh my god, you’re a virgin.”

“Ack,” Dropping her arms she spun for the door and started to walk away from me. Grabbing her arm, I brought her to a stop, pressing my chest to her back. “Go on, laugh it up.” She sniffed rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. “Laugh just like everyone ells. I can’t act out sex because I never done it before. And while your at it, just laugh because I didn’t go to prom. I went alone so dad and mom wouldn’t worry. Didn’t even go inside, I just cried like a baby in the limo all night. So I’m sorry that I’m such a bitch all the time…”

Turning her to me, I brought her into a tight hug. “You have nothing to be sorry for, you stupid, stupid girl.” Pulling back a bit, I looked her in the eyes as an idea struck me. “I will postpone my trip,” She went to speak, but I shook my head for her to wait as I went on. “Under one condition. All you have to do is let me plan your birthday celebration.”

“But our birthday…” Kissing her on the forehead, I just waited for her to nod. “Alright, but I really just want a kiss from you. A real one, not like a brother kiss. Like I’m…”

Cupping her cheeks, I smiled down at her. Perhaps I have been too hard on her. I think she is just that little girl starving for attention. “It will be a special night for you. Just trust me, this will be the best birthday ever.”

Well, maybe not ever, but the best one I can set up in the next few days. “Debby, Flip! We’re heading out for a little while. You two try and not kill one another while we’re out shopping.” Har, har, dad, you are a riot. “Your mom is going to get a new swim suit, among other things, so we will be late. Dinner is up to you two to figure out.”

Yeah, like I don’t know why there going to be late. “Okay, have fun then. See you when you get back.”

Debby rolled her eyes, cocking her hips and folding her arms. What is her problem now? “Guess that is that then? So what is it first, a nap or running off to the local watering hole?”

“Nap,” Taking her hand, I heard the door shut as my parents loudly giggled like a new married couple. Those two I think never actually made it out of there original wedding night. There perpetually in limbo on the best night of there lives. “Come on, Debby, you can stay with me for a bit. I’ll make something for dinner and I can kick your ass in Halo, or Call of Duty.”

“Hmp,” Kicking off her three inch pumps, she smiled as her cheeks flush red. “You actually don’t mind? I don’t remember a time you actually liked me touching you. Are you only doing this because it’s our birthday soon?”

Guiding her to my bed, I lied down with my hands behind my head. Personally, if she wants the attention, she should get it when I offer it. “Well, you know where your room is at, like I said, I am tired and taking a nap.” A few seconds past before I felt the bed rock once more. I figure she wasn’t going to argue the point. She sighed heavily as her arm draped over my chest, and her head resting on my shoulder. My left arm wrapped around her waist as she slowly put her left leg over mine. “So, want to tell me what is bothering you?”

Shaking her head, she simply pressed in tighter to me. “Maybe later, I just want to rest now, is that okay?” Nodding myself, I figure just to get some rest and wake with a clear head. I can listen to her problems after I feel refreshed.


“Flip,” My name is being called, it’s far away it seems. “Flip, just a little more, I’m almost… gah, just a little…” Slowly opening my eyes, Debby in her sleep is whispering my name. Rubbing my eyes, I tried to focus a bit more on her. “Not so fast Flip, just take it, Ahh!” I can’t believe my sight, I never thought I would see the day someone sleep masturbating. Her fingers worked there way into her panties, if that thin string actually is that and not dental floss and triangle of fabric. As her fingers worked at building her orgasm, it’s hard not to notice at some point the top of her dress fell below her breast. Perfect handfuls, hard to resist the dark nipples that are poking out at me. With a loud shrill, her eyes opened as her body shook from the pleasure. “Flip! Fuck me harder!”

What a sight to behold, her sweating face, red and hot from her excursion. Her breathing labored as she slowly came down from her high. Pulling her in closer, she seems to have woke from her waking dream. “Well, good evening sleepy head. You seemed to have slept rather well.” Looking around, her confusion grew as shock washed over her. Removing her hand from her pussy, she sat up quickly on her knees. She mumbled some drowsy nonsense, leaving me with a smile. She actually has a cute side, only when she is half asleep it would seem though. “Well, would you like me to start dinner or order in?”

Blinking at me she smoothed her long black hair out a bit. Her being shy all of a sudden is a real treat. “Um, can we order in some Thai food?” Well, that’s not a bad option, if we were in the big city and not in such a small town. I think she realized what she just asked is a near impossibility. “I think I miss L.A. already.” Just as she said that, she unconsciously moved her arms over her breast. Just as quickly, her disappointment shifted to a small delight. “Hey, do you think that hamburger joint is still open, what was it called again?”

Hmm, her eating something greasy? She really must be in a good mood. Her diet normally consists of over the top healthy and plain foods. “Yeah, I think I passed it on the way here. Skater Buns, interesting pick of names I always thought. Girls on skates, short shorts and all in white. Rainy days were there most profitable I would wager.”

Yeah, sex sells no matter how reserved a town is. Debby grinned something sly and fierce as I thought back to my teen years. That place was a source of a lot of self gratification. “So, are you going to stair at my tits all night long, or are we going to get something to eat? If you like, we can eat in, and eat out at the same time.” Nope, no sexual innuendo there. “What do you say, Flip? Or can I just call you, Big Brother?”

What the hell is with her change in attitude? Normally she is trying to boss me around, (to no avail mind you) but she is actually attempting to be respectful, well at least civil. “Tell me what happened, something has changed, hasn’t it? Debby, you can talk to me about it anytime you feel you need too.”

Looking away, she shook her head. For some reason there is shame in her gesture. “Am I unlovable?” Heh? Seriously, what is going on with her? “Every guy seems to think I am some slut. I haven’t been able to keep a guy more than a week. All they seem to want is the glory of being around someone rich and famous. Most seem okay with the not having sex, but they at least want a hand or blow job.” Sighing, she looked back to me with an emptiness I have never seen in her before. I think things haven’t turned out as well as she would like. Years of frivolous men weighing down on her heart, just made her retreat behind a protective wall.

“I’m am so tired of the way things are.” Reaching out her arms, she hesitantly moved forward, wrapping her arms about my neck. I’m not protesting, but my excitement is heading south. Shit, if only she wasn’t my sister, this would be such an easy thing for me. Nuzzling her nose into my neck, I can feel warm tears roll down onto me. Guess I can’t treat her like a spoiled brat as much now. Not when she is opening all her emotional stress on me. “I’m so sorry, Flip. I know you know I love you, I tried really hard to ignore my feelings. But the more you went away, the harder it got. It became easier to treat you like I hate you. That just made me feel even more alone though. I wish you would sometimes just show up and take me with you where ever you go.”

Finally pulling her into a hug, I let her cry on my shoulder for a bit. Feeling the smooth skin of her back, this well toned body, and the sent of her sex. The combination of her frailty at this moment with all of that is driving me made. I have to try and change the situation. “You don’t need to apologize, you always have been somewhat isolated. I guess you lashing out towards me, is to be expected.” Stroking her hair lightly, I pulled the small hair clip holding her hair back in a ponytail. The delicate strands fell, sprawling freely down her back and over the bed. Standing it goes well past her tight little ass. I’ve never been blind to her looks, or her overwhelming sex appeal. “For the time than, how about I be the big brother you disserve?”

Pulling back from me she tilted her head as I thumbed her tears away. Sitting off her ankles, her breast pushed against my face a moment. Maneuvering her legs, she sat on my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist. “No, I don’t want a big brother this week. I want a boyfriend that knows how to treat me right. So, at least at home, can we act like we are dating? I won’t do anything funny, I just want…”

Kissing her on the forehead, she froze as my hands massaged her back lightly. “I’ll do you one better, I will go as far as kissing seeing as that is what you asked for your birthday. Only at home though, this is a small town after all. I won’t be surprised if there is some paparazzi hanging about.”

“Really?” She blinked looking shocked at my willingness. Don’t blame her there, it’s going to take all I have not to look at her just as a woman from now on. “Are you sure about that? I did only ask for one kiss.” Nodding to her, she looked behind me to the door a moment, resting her head back on my shoulder. “Um, than would it be alright if you, you know,” She hesitated, she is going to test how far I am willing to go. That much I can tell. “Would it be alright if we slept in the same bed from now on? Just till mom and dad get home from there trip? And I will spend the next two weeks here at home instead of going back to L.A., I want to stay with you for as long as I can.”

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I Really Need That Review

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Kate was a very quiet girl, and I often needed to ask her to repeat herself. She didn’t really open herself up personally, so even after a few years of working together, I still didn’t feel like I really knew her. That said, she was also just a little bit flirtatious, and I flirted with her whenever possible as she was absolutely gorgeous.

Now it was review time, and she needed a way out; anything other than admit to her boyfriend and family that she received a poor annual review and wouldn’t be getting a raise – maybe even be fired. Her flirting had become more and more obvious during the last few months, and I responded in kind.

And why not? My employee was a beautiful girl of 22 years old, a 5’3″ 105 pound former college swimmer with light brown hair, a slender tan body, and cute b-cup tits that she loved to show off. A smile that went on forever, beautiful brown eyes, and her toned swimmer legs didn’t hurt either. So far, it had only been quiet smiles when we passed each other; she pretended not to notice while I pretended not to look down her many low-cut shirts to see her sexy cleavage, and again acting like nothing happened the many times I was caught staring at her fantastic ass in short skirts or sundresses.

Today was the big day, and Kate was dressed for success. She showed up that morning in a tiny light blue sundress that showed off her angelic body. Her light brown hair was in a tight ponytail that ended just between her tan shoulders. The spaghetti-strap top of her dress just barely hung above her breasts; clearly she didn’t have a bra on, which became all the more apparent close up as I could see the faint outline of her nipples through the fabric. The flowery dress itself very much complimented her slender neck and feminine shoulders.

As Kate walked around throughout the morning, her dress looked amazing, staying a healthy 4-6 inches above her knee. It allowing a full view of her shapely legs which, in turn, looked all the more amazing in her heeled sandals. But when she sat down, the dress rode up to her hips and she was probably lucky to be facing the computer.

My other employee, Anna, seemed a bit off today too. Not as cute as Kate, Anna was just a little on the punk side and had a great body, with fantastic DD breasts and a big ass, which was still somehow tight in that 23-year-old way. Anna was loud, crass, and loved to talk about her personal life on the company phone as loud as possible. On more than one occasion, I had overheard her complaining about how her boyfriend had had trouble getting it up, and when he finally did he stuck his tiny prick into her for a few seconds before piddling his cum into her.

Anna had her black hair in a double-ponytail worn essentially into pigtails this morning. She wore a solid red dress, one that accentuated her fantastic tits and ass very well. At one point I had come over to her desk to find her bent over the counter, and from behind I had the passing thought that she looked ready to fuck. Already turned-on from flirting with Kate all morning, I licked my lips absentmindedly, right as Anna turned around and caught me. She smiled and turned back as though she didn’t notice.

It was finally time for Kate’s review, and I walked back to her desk. “Are you ready?” I asked, trying my best not to stare down her dress. “Oh I’m ready for you, alright, James,” she responded with a seductive smile, making me even more uncomfortable.

As we entered my office for her review, I sat across my desk from Kate and tried my best to stay professional. She immediately stood up, sat kiddie-corner, and leaned over. “I really need a good review this year,” she pouted as she leaned yet further into me. Our faces were now inches away, and my heart started pounding. Kate simply smiled her cute little smile, knowing full well that if either of us leaned any more we would be touching. Although I didn’t recognize the brand, her hair smelled faintly of perfume, and I couldn’t help but notice Kate’s hair tucked behind her ear, showing off the smooth skin of her cheeks and ears.

At that moment I wanted to grab Kate by the back of the head and kiss her hard immediately. “Well, what do you think about” I said softly, breathing ever so gently into her left ear, “getting started.” With that, I leaned back into my chair, creating some much-needed space.

As we talked about her inability to get to work on time, Kate leaned back too, in fact leaning back into her chair which pulled her dress up just the slightest bit. I caught glimpses of her white lace panties, and was obviously busted more than once. As we moved into other work issues, she spread her legs a bit while adjusting in her chair. After a while though, Kate sat back and began absentmindedly rubbing her hands over her thighs, seemingly unaware of her own actions.

Just 10 minutes into our meeting, I was getting hard and had to lean forward a bit to avoid being obvious. We began discussing the numbers summary for her review, Gaziantep Oral Escort and there was no choice but to once again huddle closer.

With us both leaning over, I was intoxicated once again by her faint perfume; while I did my best not to look down, I couldn’t help but take a few glances down Kate’s dress. This time, because of Kate’s leaning there was space between her perky body and the dress, and I could see a clear glimpse of her cute breasts and pert nipples. I was once again caught, and this time instead of ignoring it, Kate smiled her coy smile again, and placed her hand on my leg. “Is there anything I can do to make this easier for you? We have 45 minutes left to finish the review…” she asked, and with a wink she slowly slid her hand up my leg until she reached my crotch. “I thought so,” she whispered as she gently began to massage my hard cock through my pants.

It was finally too much; I leaned in closer to Kate and we kissed, gently at first as my lips found Kate’s and met her eager tongue. I caressed her outer thighs and slid my hands up past her hips to her flat, tones stomach. My tongue began to slowly explore her mouth, massaging Kate’s own tongue slowly and rhythmically as we looked into each other eyes. My hands kept exploring, finally reaching her sweet pussy which remained covered by her ever-moistening panties. “I can’t do this, Kate. I’m your boss, it just wouldn’t be right,” I moaned as we rubbed and kissed.

Kate responded with her best pouty face, “Look James, my boyfriend probably wouldn’t be too happy either, but seriously, as long as you don’t give me a hard time about what I do around here, and maybe if you give me a little less work to do, we don’t have to just flirt. I guess what I’m saying is, I will let you be with me. Well, really, I will let you fuck me whenever, and wherever, you want. I will suck your big cock. I will even swallow your cum. Please just don’t mess with my review. You’re right, you’re my boss and I will do whatever I need to do, and whenever you need me to do it, in order to have you be a good boss to me.”

For a moment, I just stopped in disbelief. I couldn’t believe Kate had just talked like that to me! I was incredibly turned on after what had already transpired, my heart beating like never before. After I was able to regain some control of myself, I realized what had just been offered, and without wasting any time, slid my pants down. “OK Kate, you want me to take it easy? Show me how much you want a good review. Now.”

Kate went down immediately, engulfing most of my rock-hard member into her mouth. She went at it like she was trying to prove something, sucking hard and fast right away, grabbing the base of my cock and pumping while sliding her young lips up and down my shaft, fast and hard.

My left hand ran up and down her back, lifting her dress up to her head and revealing her petite body, while the other grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled her even closer. While she sucked away, she looked up at me and I could see by the look on her face that Kate was on a mission to get a mouthful from me.

After only a few minutes, I felt the beginnings of an orgasm but I had other ideas, and stopped her. “You’re very good at that Kate, now it’s your turn.”

Kate understood immediately, and without a word laid on her back on the carpeted floor. I removed her soaked panties, and the aroma of her sweet young pussy filled the air. I pushed her dress back up above her navel, again revealing her beautiful, tan body. I had dreamed of this moment for years, and admiring her sweet young body, I went down kissing her breasts, ensuring each nipple was paid attention. After swirling my tongue and sucking each puffy nipple, I led my tongue down to Kate’s stomach, licking around her navel, and trailing down past to the neatly trimmed triangle above her clit.

I initially glided the tip of my tongue along the slit of her shaved bare pussy, then moved to the lips and the surrounding flesh against her thighs. I fluttered my tongue further against the slit until I began to enter Kate’s tight hole, and again moved up until I found her clit slightly protruding already. I concentrated my efforts there for a few more minutes, then again ever-so-gently entered her sweet cunt with my tongue, enjoying the taste and smell of her pussy juices as they flooded my mouth and the experience penetrated my every sense.

My tongue went as far as it could reach up and down her pussy, slowly, achingly gliding along her lips while she writhed around. Every time I reached the top I spent a few seconds sucking directly on her clit while my hands explored her body. The constant pressure was eventually too much, and she began to cum. “Jim, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

With that, I went directly back to her clit, and began to flutter the tip of my tongue directly on her clit while my fingers explored the rest of her. “Oh god Jim, oh wow, holy shit this is fucking awe…” I heard from Kate before she went completely silent, her eyes closed for a few seconds, and her entire body began to tremble. I never slowed down while she came, and instead began to suck and place more direct pressure on her clit while wave after wave of orgasm washed through her. Her pussy, and now my mouth, were full of her tasty cum.

Finally, Kate’s trembling began to abate. With Kate’s cum all over and inside of my mouth, I knelt up, and so did Kate. We kissed, filling her mouth with her own pussy juice and cum with my tongue. There remained no more gentleness in the kiss, my hand on the back of her head and pushing her towards me, as we smashed our mouths into each other and explored each others mouths with our tongues, reaching areas we had both dreamed of for so long. Kate pushed her head back for a moment, “Jim, I want you to fuck me, I NEED you to fuck me. Now.”

Kate laid directly back down onto the carpet, and I took the cue. Leaning over her, I pushed and my still-hard cock eased right into her pussy. I began a slow rhythm in and out of her, amazed at how tight she was. I grabbed her dress and lifted it over and off of her head while I continued to fuck her. She was still reeling from her first orgasm, and looked like she was on the edge of another. My hands traveled around the length of her body, from her toned, tan hips, up her tight stomach, to her tits, beautiful neck, and finally up to caress her face and hair. My eyes never left Kate’s as I slowly moved my hands down to her breasts and pinched her nipples hard while continuing to slide my cock in and out of her.

We continued to fuck as I leaned into her, our bodies now rubbing each other from head to toe, and I felt my orgasm beginning again. I moaned, “I think I’m going to cum; Kate, I think I need to get out.”

“No Jim,” Kate responded, “I want your cum inside of me, please shoot your cum deep inside of me.”

Whatever my better intentions may have been, that was all I needed to begin fucking even harder, I sped up the rhythm of our fucking as my orgasm began; I emptied my balls deep into Kate with pump after pump. Hovering over her, I jetted my tongue into Kate’s mouth and mimicked the rhythm of our fucking; Kate felt load after load of my hot cum pushing deep into her sweet cunt, and louder than I should have I groaned “fuck yes Kate, I’m cumming inside of you!”

Kate almost screamed, “Yes Jim, fuck me harder, fill me up with your magnificent seed, oh yes!” I slid in and out of Kate over and over until I had finally drained every last drop of my cum into her. For a minute, I just laid on top of Kate, my cock still resting inside of her.

As soon as I was completely spent, I pulled out and Kate did not hesitate to lean over to clean me up, placing my member into her mouth. She gently bobbed her head up and down against the shaft of my member, sucking and slurping up every remaining bit of her own cum mingled with my cum off of the shaft and tip of my cock. Kate finally sat up with a smile, just a bit of my cum running down her chin.

“What the fuck is going on here,” I heard behind me, and looked around to see Anna with a wry look on her face. “Why James and Kate, what are you two up to?”

“Look Anna, this was not what it looks like. Anna, I…”, I was at a loss for words. However, I lost all concept of words at what happened next.

Anna walked right up to Kate, and slowly licked the dribble of my cum off of Kate’s lips. “Mmm, this is something I could get into,” Anna continued, “I hope I’m not too late though…” She turned back to Kate and they began to kiss, immediately with passion and energy.

Again I had the thought that this was not happening by accident and said, “You two know each other better than I thought.”

Anna briefly explained, “Boss, let me just get to the point. Kate and I have been talking about how to get you to fuck us for a few months now. Both of our boyfriends are lousy in bed, to be blunt, and we want to be fucked by a real man. From what I heard outside just now, we don’t have that problem with you, and we’re both very good at being discrete. Mmm, by the way, you both taste fucking great. Now, what can I do to get you hard again, big boss man? Can I please put your big fat cock in my mouth, pretty please?”

My cock sprung straight back to attention with that! Anna wasted no time, and bent down to help clean up. She got on all fours before slowly grabbing my cock, still with a hint of my recent fuck with Kate, with both hands and placing it into her open mouth. Anna slurped and sucked, swallowing every bit of my and Kate’s cum off of my still hard cock. She started slowly and then got into a rhythm, and she was able to take my entire shaft into her mouth, using a long sliding motion to reach every inch of my hard-on with each bob of her head.

It didn’t take long before I grabbed Anna by her pigtails and was practically fucking her face, shoving my member in and out of her mouth and shoving her head into my pelvis, quickly picking up speed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the girls’ recent kiss, and I stopped after a moment, “Kate, I want you to lick Anna’s pussy to get it ready, she’s going to get a good fucking from me. Can you do that for me?”

Without hesitation, Kate gave me a “Yes sir,” and with a grin and a mock salute, she bent over and lifted Anna’s dress and buried her head underneath; Anna didn’t miss a beat on fervently sucking my now rock-hard member, while Kate licked her pussy from behind. Anna immediately groaned and put on a look of happy surprise, and even picked up pace on sucking my cock.

Though a big part of me didn’t want to, I separated Anna’s mouth from my cock for a moment and pulled her dress over her head. Kate had already shed Anna of her panties, and was gently licking at Anna’s pussy from behind with Anna still on her hands and knees.

After enjoying a few more minutes of the oral and the view I stood up and, pushing Kate aside, told Anna to lay on her back on my desk. Without a word, Anna obediently stood up before laying back onto my desk, placing her feet at the edge, and spreading her legs wide open, revealing her clean-shaven snatch which was now pink and puffy from being licked and sucked by Kate. I stood between Anna’s legs and stroked my cock for a while, taking in every inch of her voluptuous body with my eyes before finally pushing forward and easily entering her waiting pussy.

“Kate, you need to continue to take care of Anna,” I commanded, and Kate went back to work on Anna’s clit from the side of the desk. I had slowed my pace, wanting to fully enjoy each moment as my cock entered and exited Anna’s hot clean-shaven cunt. Every time I slid out of Anna, Kate’s tongue fluttered aginst the top of my cock and cleaned it off, only to have me slide back in against her tongue on the way in. I reached around and started fingering Kate, intermingling long strides along her dripping slit with rapid thrusts of my fingers to pay extra attention to her clit.

Anna’s DD tits were bouncing around in her bra while I pushed in and out of her, and they were just waiting to get free. It didn’t take long for me to grab it from the front and rip the bra free, releasing her gorgeous tits that were now in full view and bouncing freely.

I pulled my fingers for a moment from Kate’s sloppy hole and shoved them into Anna’s mouth to let her experience Kate’s love juices. The sight of all that was going on really got me going; I lifted Anna’s legs up onto my shoulders and started pounded into Anna fast and hard, my cock now slamming deep into her pussy over and over. Anna’s monster tits continued bouncing up and down with our pace, and I took a few minutes to lean over and lick and suck them while we fucked.

Leaning back, I grabbed Anna’s hips again with her legs over my shoulders, pushing with all I had in me. Because of our new found angle, my cock now went even deeper into Anna’s cunt with each pounding. My desk was rocking on it’s legs with our motion and in the back of my mind I hoped no one was walking by outside since there was no way they wouldn’t hear us.

Anna, on the other hand, was beyond caring and started wave after wave of orgasms, moaning just over a whisper, “oh yeah baby, you’re the boss, fuck me, fuck me harder, yeah, fucking fuck this sweet pussy so hard Jim. God yes, my boyfriend can’t fill me up like you do, you go so deep inside of me baby…”

With one hand roughly groping Anna’s tits and the other now wrapped around her thigh, I pounded Anna’s sweet pussy just like she asked, as hard and as fast as I could muster. Her sweat and my saliva glistened on Anna’s tits as they swayed. I wanted to see Anna’s awesome ass bounce before I finished, and told the pair to get up for a second.

With a twirling motion, I told Anna to turn around – she again obeyed, though I could tell she really didn’t want to take a break at all. Anna bent over the desk fully nude, and I spread her legs apart, making her do a half-splits with her tits and face resting on my desk. I didn’t know how much longer I could last, and quickly entered Anna from behind, though I was back to a slower pace now.

With another motion, I told Kate to get back on the desk to be serviced by Anna; she obeyed immediately, and laid back with her legs spread wide open in front of Anna and I. Anna caught on too, and leaned forward to start gently licking Kate’s slit while Kate began masterfully touching her own clit. I grabbed Anna’s hips and began long, slow motions in and out of her; she sighed each time I pulled out completely, only to have me once again thrust into her waiting pussy, entering her anew and driving the head of my cock deep into her.

I did love watching Anna’s ass bounce when my pelvis hit her from behind, now again hard and fast as ever, but couldn’t keep away from watching Kate play with herself while Anna continued to lick away. Kate started another round of orgasms, enjoying Anna’s tongue which was pulsating deep in and out of her well-stimulated pussy.

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Cooking a Reward for Dad Ch. 02

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Talk over dinner was lively although no one really seemed like eating, Kirsty quizzed her parents on their sex lives and trying to figure out how she had ended up in this odd situation.

After dinner the three of the returned to the lounge and all piled onto the sofa with Kirsty encased in the middle of her parents.

It wasn’t long before Keith’s hands started easing their way onto his daughter body, feeling her breasts once again through the dress that had re-encased her body over dinner. Those hands were quickly joined by another set and Kirsty found her nipples quickly becoming hard again.

Kirsty started to relax again and let her own hand stray also, one finding her mothers legs and the other her fathers cock through his trousers.

‘Here let me help.’ Keith told her and stood up to get undressed, quickly slipping off his trousers, boxers and shirt to give her all the access she needed. She quickly took hold of his hard cock and guided it slowly into her mouth, teasing along its length with her tongue.

Jill had pulled down her daughters dress from the shoulders and began sucking each nipple in turn keeping each one rock hard, after a while sitting back up to help suck Keith’s cock. ‘I’m not going to last long at this rate with both of you sucking me like this.’ He told them.

‘It’s okay darling, I’m sure Kirsty will swallow whatever load you can deliver.’ She said as she allowed him to give to his cock Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort to his daughters mouth once more. Kirsty felt him shudder and then her mouth was filled as her fathers cock erupted into her.

‘That’s it – swallow it all.’ Her mother told her.

Keith pulled out of his daughters mouth as her mother pulled her head towards her own and kissed her deeply tasting her husbands cum from Kirsty’s mouth. They both led there kissing each other for what seemed like an eternity, playing against each others tongues and groping each others bodies.

‘Stand up dear and lets get this dress off of you.’ Jill told her and helped her pull the dress off before removing her own. There was a sudden flash as Keith managed to get a shot on their digital camera of both women stood there in their in their stockings.

‘Wow – that is some shot.’ He said half to himself and half to them.

Her mother pushed her back down on the sofa as her father continued to take photos of them both. Jill started kissing her way up her daughters legs easing her forward slightly as she got to the smooth shaven target for which she was aiming.

‘Oh God!’ Kirsty almost screamed as her mothers tongue darted around her pussy lips for the first time ‘That feels wonderful.’ She told her mother.

‘Keith get down here and lick me’ Jill told her husband. He did not need to be asked twice and quickly dropped to the floor and knelt behind her, his tongue darting out over her pussy and causing her to judder.

By now Kirsty was holding her mothers head in place as the tongue darted deep into her own pussy. ‘Pull your knees up darling.’ Her mother told her ‘Time for you to experience something else new’.

Kirsty wasn’t sure what to expect until she felt her mothers tongue slowly ease of her pussy and slowly drift down towards her ass, it darted around the rim of her asshole before assaulting it full on, trying it ease into the tight passageway.

‘mmmmmm wow that feels bloody wonderful!’ she cried out, shaking from head to toe as her first orgasm racked her body. At the same time her father was doing exactly the same to her mother who came shortly after she had herself.

‘Time for you to repay the favour I think.’ Her mother whispered to her quietly as she calmed down from their initial fun.

‘Swap places with your mother Kirsty.’ Kirsty did as she was asked and knelt on the floor in front of her father, running her hands over his cock as she did. Her mother took her place on the sofa and presented her soaked pussy to her daughter.

Kirsty inhaled the aroma of sex from her mothers pussy before tentatively taking her first licks while at the same time feeling her fathers cock taking aim at her own pussy. She moaned into her mother as her father pushed his way slowly into his daughter.

Every thrust from her father seemed to go deeper and deeper and also pushed her tongue deeper into her mother. Kirsty pushed her mothers legs into the air deciding to repay the early favour entirely by licking her own mothers ass, as strange as it would have seemed to her only an hour earlier.

‘That’s it my little girl, push your tongue into your mothers ass’ her father encouraged her.

‘Don’t cum in her pussy Keith, cum in her ass the first time.’

Keith briefly stopped her thrusting and pulled his cock out of his daughters tight pussy and repositioned it at the entrance to her ass. ‘You’ll be the first cock in my ass.’ Kirsty told him.

He needed no more encouragement and slowly begin pushing his way in holding tightly onto her cheeks as he did so. Her mother got up off the sofa and came around to have a look at his cock sliding into their daughter and massaged his balls with one hand and Kirsty’s pussy with the other causing both of them to moan with pleasure.

It took only a few minutes before both father and daughter both orgasmed in union. Jill pulled her husband back and began lapping at her daughters puckered hole once more, sucking and licking out as much of the cum as she could while her husband moved around to give his cock to his daughters mouth once more, allowing her to have a taste of her own juices mixed with her fathers cum.

After about ten minutes more everyone seemed to need a rest and all three of them collapsed onto the sofa.

That night was the first of many fun nights enjoyed by all of them and continued for may years to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32