Sunrise My Darling

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This is the true narrative of the relationship with my uncle that turned sexual. To have covered the complete interaction would have taken a book. Therefore I have just covered the first sexual awaking between us. There always was a love bond between us and it developed into something greater. To me, it was of the foremost importance and a time of immense emotional and sexual maturing. I will not call this a story, because to me it is a narrative documentary – one that I have found very difficult to write in some areas. To you, it may be only the story of a young girl losing her virginity, or just an interesting tale, or an incestuous sex story — to me it was my life. I have gone into a full descriptive recital of our first sexual encounter. By documenting it fully, I am hoping others realize that a sexual love bond with an uncle is not a repulsive occurrence and can be very beneficial to a younger person.

My confidence level and self esteem soared after this first liaison. For the longest time my libido was calmed and I was able to concentrate on other aspects of life (i.e., school). Yes, I actually became a better student. The union steered me away from other, possibly less benevolent sexual encounters with younger males that would not have had the deep love interest that my uncle demonstrated. I felt fulfilled and that I had completely entered the adult world. In the end it benefited me immensely, six years have past and I still count myself as being most fortunate. Love is a powerful emotion and though it, I discovered the joys of lovesex in an environment that was very safe, kind and understanding. I would like to talk about this more in depth after the narrative, so as to allow others who may not be interested in my message, to get on with the enjoyment of reading about my experience.

The main purpose of my writing is not to be pornographic (it is pornographic), but to share my somewhat rare experience with others. To do so, I have had to expose my young fundamental feminine sexual urges. I have done this completely and honestly to the best of my ability. Having revealed the naked truth for all to see and ponder. I am hoping others in the same situation will benefit from it and quietly seek the love of ones who truly cherish them, be they an uncle or not. In conveying the information, I have tried to preserve my views and thoughts as I was, a teenager (18 years old) and write as such. This I found most difficult to do accurately. Much thought has gone in to it, so please enjoy, contemplate and discuss.


* * * * *

Mother was of half French descent and of half Polynesian. Father is part French and American, his family emigrating to American when he was only 4 years old. I guess this makes me still half French by descent. Mother is the family beauty, being long dark haired and of slender build with a warm Polynesian look. She is a kind compassionate loving woman who always was there for me. Father was supportive and loving, but often was gone for months at a time on work trips to different parts of the world. We lived in Hawaii, in a quiet area, your average family, with a slightly higher than average education. Our entire family is very health conscious, very sports involved and fit. Most of my time was taken up in competitive swimming, gymnastics, school work or music practice. I loved my parents and being a single child they gave me much attention.

Mothers only brother, Uncle Chuck who lived close to us (several streets away in a condo), was a frequent visitor. Uncle Chuck actually had several small condos on the islands and one on the mainland, where he was gone on business numerous times a year. He was a bachelor, but had a constant female companion (that was Joan). Both seemed perpetually busy and in motion, although Uncle told mom that one day he would settle down and start a family with Joan.

Uncle was a man that had a zest for life and living. He seemed to do almost everything, but his favorite hobby was sailing — which he included us in, taking us for day trips and the odd overnighter.

Most of his vacations revolved around a one week sailing trip, often with Joan and occasionally by himself. Mom said it was part of her family’s Polynesian heritage to go out on the water and that is why Uncle Chuck like the sailing so much. I do admit that the times Uncle took the family out, I enjoyed it immensely.

Uncle had promised to take us out for a five-day trip this year, but dad had landed a big contract and was gone to Europe for the month. And this is where I will begin;

Having finished swim practice and coming home, I bolted thought the gate, towards the kitchen patio and the kitchen. Mom was just sitting on the patio deck and working on her books. I gave her a hug hello and scooted off to shower and to change. Coming back down I asked the classic “What’s for dinner” question to mom, just as Uncle Chuck rounded the house corner. He was in causal dress and looked very happy.

“Hey kiddo how’s swimming going?” he questioned me.

“Hi Uncle Chuck, just great!” I responded.

Chuck looked at my gaziantep ateşli escort mom and asked, “Hey Penny (that’s moms short name) how about all of us going off on that sailing trip to Hanalei Bay (Kauai) we’ve being chatting about lately — like tomorrow? The weather reports are just great.”

I immediately cheered, having the next three weeks completely free and loving the thought of us all going over to Hanalei Bay.

Mom, frowned and replied, “Chuck, I’m right in the middle of closing two sales and just can’t spare the time now. How about in a week and a half, I’ll be free and so is Jane.”

“Well I think that will be OK, but depends on the weather.”

Mom looked at my slightly fallen face and made a snap decision, “Why don’t you take Jane and go.”

“Up to Jane, but it would only be the two of us, Joan is on the main land for the next two months staying in my Seattle suite.”

Mom looked at me and asked, “Well Jane, you want to go?”

I smiled and said, “Sure as long as Uncle Chuck can put up with me.” Inside I was going yes, yes, yes. I had my Uncle all to myself for five whole days. It would be great — I just did not know how great yet.

Now Uncle Chuck, was one of my best friends and I just adored him to the point I had a teenage crush on him at that time. He was always there for me and probably spent more time than anyone outside my mother, listening and talking with me. Many times I had sleepovers when I was younger at his place, sometimes alone and sometimes when Joan was around. Uncle was easy to talk to and as I had progressed into my late teens always treated me like an adult. Many times we walked alone together and talked about anything that came to mind. I trusted him with things that I may not have told others and he never judged me. We covered drugs, smoking, drinking and social issues with teens. Sometimes I talked to him about boys and why they act the way they do. Interestingly enough Uncle Chuck never seemed like a parent to me. He never dosed out long tirades of advice, but offered a point here or there. I listen to him and did find it helped a lot, but most of the time he just listened to me.

The only time he seemed upset about our conversion was when I told him about the date I had with Dale Flint. (note

) Dale was one of the high schools cool guys and he asked me out on a Saturday night. I OK’ed it, thinking that it might be fun to be dating him, since he had broken off with Jessica Hurst over six months ago. Some of the other girls talked about him a lot, but all I remember is he liked cars. Well, we went out and all he did was talk about what he was going to do and how he was going to make a lot of money. I tried to be polite and listen, but to be truthful, found him boring. On the way home he asked to stop by the beach so we parked and I could see he wanted to kiss me. So OK, at least he wasn’t bragging anymore. He kissed me somewhat aggressively, then squeezed my breast very hard. I pushed him away and told him that, that hurt. It did, my breasts where very tender then. Not once did he consider my feelings and I asked to be taken home. I tried not to make a big deal out of it, due to the talk that can go around the school about this kind of thing. I wish I had told him I was busy that night.

He drove me home and I jumped out right away, saying, I’ll see him around – still trying to keep things light. Well, I’m sure I heard him say bitch as he sped off.

Right, what did I do — he was the jerk. That bothered me and I was still a bit worried about it going around high school. My friend Molly told me that he had done the same thing to another girl previously.

Later walking with Uncle I mentioned what had happened. Uncle never said anything about physical violence, but I got the idea that he would like to punch the brat (as he called him) several times. (note

) Uncle explained that this guy was still a boy and needed to grow up. He cautioned me about only going out with guys I got to know reasonable well and actually liked. He explained there would be lots of boys to choose from. I didn’t quite understand, but he said I had a natural beauty that would help very much (his words). I kept thinking that Mom was the beauty in the family (she is), I still don’t wear much makeup (most of the time none). (note

Being in the last year of high school many of the other girls had sexual experiences. For some reason I had missed out on most of it, having been so busy with school, music, swimming and occasionally traveling with mom and dad. I often listen to the others talk about the guys they went out with and what happened. I didn’t feel left out, just a bit curious. I had, had the typical girlhood crushes, but nothing too serious. Molly, my best friend knew I was green and I knew she had lost her virginity to one of the guys on the football team. She never told me all the details, but I did understand that it was not good and he lost interest in her, almost right afterward. I remember Molly crying several times.


I bakımlı gaziantep escort packed up for the trip taking a duffel bag full of clothes for all conditions and a supply of tampons as my period was due soon, lots of sun tan lotion, and the standard assortment of girl works. Mom picked us up several bags of groceries the night before and Uncle came by very early in the morning to pick me up. I hugged mom bye and jumped in with Uncle.

“Hey Jane, good morning, how you doing today?” he asked.

“OK Uncle Chuck. How’s the weather look?”

“Absolutely perfect,” he responded. Uncle seemed excited about the trip. We packed up the boat and where gone before sunrise, motoring for several hours. The trip from Oahu to Kauai is a fairly long one about 65 miles between islands across Kauai Channel and almost double that, port to port. As the sun came up Uncle Chuck hauled up the sails, as I took the tiller. We had good wind and made excellent time towards Kauai. Uncle had instructed me on sailing in the past, but I was not that good yet, due to lack of practice, but every trip helps. Uncle on the hand was in his element, although most of the time he let me handle the tiller. I enjoyed the excitement of tacking and the feel of the boat cutting thought the water and waves.

By lunch we could see the coast of Kauai, by evening we where rounding the corner in to Hanalei Bay. Personally I love Hanalei Bay — I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the Islands. The evening scents where like flowers and warm jungle. Uncle dropped anchor in a quiet spot in the bay and set a stern anchor as well, keeping the bow to the small waves entering the anchorage.

“Well Jane I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. What do you say we fix dinner together?”

Together we prepared a light boat dinner, ate, then cleaned up. I was enjoying every minute with Uncle, I had my attention on him all the time. After dinner we listened to music and sat in the stern cockpit relaxing and enjoying the bay and stars. There is something about a day of sailing that wears you down. I’m not sure, but maybe the extra effort of moving around on a moving boat works the muscles more. I was getting a bit too relaxed, when Uncle suggested turning in.

“Jane, will the V-berth be OK for you? I’ll will take the fold down bench berth in the main salon.”

“OK Uncle,” I responded with a smile.

I took first turn in the head and washed up and changed into a long T-shirt. I left my panties on, but removed my bra.

Coming out I pointed to the head and said, “Your turn.” Uncle looked at me and I’m sure I saw his eyes on my breasts.

“Jane you are getting older and looking great,” he observed. I smiled at the compliment from an older man. Turning in, I started to think about Uncle and wonder what it would be like to hold him and fall asleep — as I drifted off to sleep.

Next morning I was up just after Uncle Chuck, both of us being early risers. After breakfast we rowed the dinghy to the pier and walked around the beach and explored the area. I liked being with Uncle and I liked people seeing us together as we walked the quiet street. I think it was at this point, that I started to realize I was really in love with my Uncle. It may sound dumb, like a school girl’s crush, but I started to think of him as my man – at least on this trip.

Mid morning we headed back to the boat.

“Lets go for a swim before lunch,” suggested Uncle Chuck.

I thought a swim would be nice and went below to change. Rather than change in the head I pulled out my one piece swim suit and changed in the main salon. Thinking Uncle was up on deck securing the dinghy and checking the anchor lines, I peeled off my clothing. Just as I pulled the suit up my bottom, Uncle came down the companionway.

“Oops” he said, as I stood bare breasted sideways to him.

I put my hands on my breasts and said, “That’s OK,” blushing a little. Uncle turned as I pulled my top up. Now, I don’t know if I had changed there hoping to get caught, but my hands did not cover up all that fast. A few minutes later, Uncle told me I had beautiful breasts and not to worry. I didn’t know what to say, but I sure liked the compliment and I liked that he saw me bare.

Diving into the crystal blue water we swam to the beach. In the near distance the cliffs towered up like idyllic green walls — this was paradise. We swam and played for about an hour, totally enjoying ourselves. Splashing each other and frolicking, Uncle picked me up and dunked me. I mockingly protested loudly, but really wanted to be close to him. I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his waist as we fell back into the water. I held him tight and was lost in a world of fun, play and romance.

Back at the boat we lunched on sandwiches and I chatted up a storm. Uncle made me feel so relaxed. After lunch we decided to rest in the sun on board and listen to music and read – a wind-down day.

Going below, I changed from my one-piece swimsuit to my bikini. Grabbing the escort gaziantep suntan lotion, and my sun blouse I headed topside. Up on deck Uncle was flopped out on a towel with just his shorts on. Pulling up beside him, I plopped down.

“Hey sir, can you get my back?” I requested, turning over on my tummy and passing the suntan lotion.

“Where did you get that hot suit from?” he exclaimed. Teasing me, Uncle dripped cool lotion spots all over my back. I shouted though the ordeal in playful protest. What I didn’t shout about was when Uncle started to rub it in. I lay back and closed my eyes as he rubbed my back going under the top straps. His hand on my back was arousing me and I was doing my best to hide it. I tensed as he went just under the edge on my bottoms. He then jumped down to the inside of my legs and I parted slightly to allow him access. He looked up and caught me looking at him, he smiled back and continued to rub the cream in down my legs. After he finished me, he paused, stopped, and then rubbed my bum.

“How’s that love?” he asked.

Whooo, I was heaven.

“Great,” I responded, smiling back at him. Quietly we lay side by side, taking in the sun and relaxing. After about twenty minutes I put my sun blouse on to shade a bit from the hot sun. Lying on my back, I couldn’t stop thinking about how Uncle rubbed my bum and I turned to look at him. He was reading a magazine and dropped it as I looked.

“What’s up Jane?” he asked.

“Nothing Uncle … well, I was just thinking – thank you for taking me,” I responded. He reached for my hand and gently held it. I instantly wrapped my fingers around his and beamed at him. Something changed between us at that moment — I think we both noticed it. He leaned over and lightly kissed me on the lips. I trembled and kissed him back. We held hands for the next ten minutes. I was becoming aroused just by holding his hand and did not know what to do. Gently I rubbed him with my fingers. He squeezed back. Again I rubbed his fingers, looking, wanting something from him. Uncle turned and looked at me, saying nothing. I looked down, then up into his eyes. I locked eyes with him and could not look away. I couldn’t hide what I was feeling any more.

Slowly, I heard him say, “Jane, I know, I understand.”

God how could he know, when I was too scared to even think about the possibility. To be honest Uncle never was the aggressor between us. He only took me where I wanted to go — maybe where we both wanted to go.

Rising, he put his T-shirt on. Then taking my hand, he peacefully said, “Lets go below.”

I followed below as Uncle led me. In the salon he sat down and let me stand in front of him. I knew what was going on and I could have just said no at anytime, but that was not what I wanted.

Still holding my hand Uncle eased me over to his knee and I sat down, putting both arms around me he held me. I did not waste a second. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I hugged him back. I didn’t know where this was leading to and I was too frightened to even think about it. Uncle, very tenderly kissed my neck. Turning I met his mouth and we fully kissed. Breaking the kiss, my heart was pounding in my chest. I gently rubbed his cheek with mine, not sure what to do next, but wanting more.

The Emotions of Love

Sitting on his knee I hugged him tightly, I could feel the sexual tension between us and I think he could also. Gently kissing my neck, Uncle asked if I was sure I wanted this to happen.

The best I could do was make a quiet, “Yaa” and nod a little — I was extremely nervous and could not hide it. We had hugged many times in the past, but I knew this was much different. This man I knew so well and loved so much, was as gentle as you could imagine with me. I was a wreck, hardly able to talk and was very stiff. I was going to start my period soon and my teenage libido was peaked and raging inside me. As I sat on his knee, I pushed my head tightly into his.

Uncle slowly rubbed my back and whispered, “Easy Jane, easy.” His warmth and smell had intoxicated me and I was in love. With a definite rhythm he massaged my back and moved around to my tummy. I tensed slightly and slowly relaxed as his warm hand drained away my inhibitions. Pushing me back a little, Uncle unbuttoned the middle of my sun blouse. Looking directly into my eyes, he ever so slowly slipped his hand into my blouse and touched my covered breast, cupping the left one completely on the outside of my bikini top. My breathing was forced with a nervous shudder to it.

Oh god that felt good, my nipples where absolutely rock hard. I sat on his knee with my chest rising and falling, my breath ragged and forced.

“Jane it’s OK,” he said softly, to comfort me. “Its OK to be a little scared, I’m here to be with you and help you, I love you very much sweetheart.”

Licking my lips, I managed a little nod back. Methodically Uncle unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and opened it up. Sliding his hand up the side of my waist he moved his hand to my top again. Cupping each of my covered breasts he felt me, then leisurely ran his finger tips deliberately over the bumps of my nipples. I quivered at each light touch, a warm glow starting to build in my body. I can never remember ever being so excited! Having only my sun blouse over my bikini, I did not have anything else on and was in for a small surprise — because I was aroused, I was leaking on my uncle’s shorts, not wearing a panty liner.

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Surrogate Delights

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My sweet daughter Hannah and I share a very special type of bond. It is a bond that is deeper than words can even imagine to begin to describe and a bond that is almost mystical and spiritual and one that will never be broken. Our bond began on her birthday which happens to be the same as mine and over the years grew stronger and stronger.

How did we cross the line from a regular father daughter relationship to one of intense passion, well it began slowly and gradually and before you know it we had crossed the line but without regret or remorse.

To give a better understanding of how it all occurred we need to go back to the beginning. Beth, my wife and I met in college. I was studying to be a graphics design and advertising major and Beth was studying to be a nurse. We had a whirlwind courtship and before we knew it Beth was preggers and we were married when we were both about 20. Six months later, on my 21st birthday, Hannah was born.

For twelve years we had a wonderful life but unfortunately Beth could not have any more children. We were a very close and loving family and next to my loving wife Beth, Hannah was my world. I was fortunate to have a good boss who let me do a lot of work from home so I was there for Hannah when my wife had to pull the long 7a.m.-7p .m. shifts.

From day one, I doted on Hannah and she was my little princess. As she grew older our bond became stronger and Beth thinking it was sweet, encouraged it. Never in my wildest or darkest imagination did I ever think I would be sharing my bed with my daughter. I just loved her like a normal father did and she loved me. Also Hannah knew that she could come to us whenever she faced a problem and we encouraged her to be open and honest with us no matter what the issue and she was.

For all practical purposes, it was a storybook life but tragedy would strike shortly after Hannah’s 12th birthday Beth would lose her three year bout with breast cancer. While on her death bed Beth took Hannah by the hand and said sweetly and lovingly “You are going to be the woman of the house from now on. I want you to promise me you will take good care of your daddy and love him like I would and care for him like I do.”

“I promise mommy,” Hannah said as Beth stroked her sweet honey golden blonde hair in a ponytail and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Fret not little one,” Beth said with a soft smile. “I will always be with you and in you. All I ask is you love and take care of your father and be the best little girl you can be,” and with that she closed her eyes and we were ushered from the room Two days later Beth was buried and from the moment the funeral was over Hannah knew she was now the woman of the house and from that day forward our relationship would become stronger.

I threw myself into work and looking after Hannah. She was all I had left and I was determined to hold on to her. If I could be faulted with anything for the next four or so years it would be being an overly protective father, yet Hannah knew and understood I was doing it out of love and appreciated it. Also during this time I decided I wanted no more children so I had “the operation” to make sure.

From the time we were on our own Hannah was open and honest about anything that concerned her. When she became interested in boys I sat her down and had the “talk” with her.

In high school I watched her go through a number of stages. The first one was when she went on a “meatless kick.” She became a hard core vegetarian because a friend convinced her that it was the right thing to do so I honored it. However that didn’t last two weeks and she broke that kick by bringing home a Big Mac.™

Also during this time, her hair would change and lighten as well as become curly(almost frizzy). It would lighten to a sandy brownish-blonde color she would joke that she resembled a poodle dog because of her curls, but she didn’t care. She eventually went back to her natural color and style shortly before her 17th birthday.

Overall during her high school career Hannah was very popular and a top student academically. She was a cheerleader on the dance team and quite physically fit and tried to exercise to keep herself in shape.

I guess I had been so busy with work and trying to run the house that I didn’t see that Hannah was growing up before my very eyes and by her 17th birthday she would not be a little girl any more but a well developed young woman. Before I knew it she was a sensual beauty standing 5’8″ tall, slender build, measuring 36D-24-34 with nice big supple breasts and long well toned dancer legs.

Her hair was also a beautiful honey golden blonde and her eyes were crystal ice blue and could captivate a man’s soul and when I realized how beautiful she was and looked into those eyes my soul was taken prisoner.

Seeing how incredibly beautiful she was made me want to be even more over protective but I felt like I had to trust her but it was hard. What was even harder was burying and holding back my secret bayan escort desires for her. I no longer saw Hannah as a little girl any more but a sensual erotic beauty whom I very much desired, yet she was still my daughter.

I managed to hide my feelings the best I could but sometimes I would let things slip and Hannah would pick up on them. However, instead of being creeped out, she was flattered and I would soon find out she had feelings for me too.

Shortly after her 18th birthday on the 22nd of September the walls of separation would began to coming down between us and by Thanksgiving morning , the veil of intimacy that separates fathers from daughters in polite society would be gone.

The strange thing is that it wasn’t me who initiated the separation; it was Hannah who would be the initiator. The separation started slow at first and took on the form of a slow sensual seduction by Hannah.

Hannah started by dressing seductively when we were alone and was unafraid and unashamed of her body. Her favorite way to dress around the house would be in an open waist length white see through lace robe and cotton panties. She also had a few pairs of white thigh high stockings with matching garters she wore with the robe and panties because she said it made her feel sensual and more like a woman

I must say I had mixed feelings about what Hannah was doing at first. Part of me, the carnal red blooded male enjoyed seeing her naked and was very turned on by it.

Even though she was my very own daughter, I still wanted to take her right then and there and jump her bones and fuck her good until she came all over my cock and I filled her sweet pussy with my hot sticky manhood.

The “moral” and ” protective father” side of me however, wanted to scream at her and say “Put some clothes on”. The battle lasted less than a minute though and needless to say, the carnal side of me won.

During this seduction time, Hannah would also stop wearing pajamas like she had been doing all her life. Instead, she would sleep either topless in lace see through panties or completely naked except for the stockings and garters.

The seduction was slow and well planned out on Hannah’s part. She was very meticulous and methodical in what she was doing and moved according to her time table

She would start like I said by letting me see her dressed provocatively and even went out of her way to let me see her sumptuous 5’8″ 36D-24-34 body with her supple round breasts and nicely smooth shaven oh so perfectly pink pussy. It was all I could do to keep from having a permanent hard-on when around Hannah. I know she must have seen it but she said nothing.

I would also play along with the game. I would allow Hannah to see me naked and would begin wearing only briefs and a t-shirt or briefs and an open robe when we were alone in the house

The next step in her seduction would occur a couple of weeks later. It was one evening and we had finished supper and were getting on the ready to watch television together as was our habit.

Before this particular evening, she had always sat in the recliner only in a garter and stockings with one leg draped over the side so that her legs were spread and I could get a full view of her sweet oh so pink and nicely shaven pussy. This evening however, she came over and sat down next to me dressed in an open robe garters and stockings and cuddled up to me as I held her sweet little body next to mine

“Hold me daddy,” Hannah said with a soft sigh as she nestled her warm little body into mine and placed my arms around her waist and her hand in mine as she interlocked the fingers.

“Mmmmmm this feels so nice,” Hannah purred. “I feel safe in my daddy’s arms,” and with that she put her head on my shoulder and smiled up at me with those beautiful crystal ice blue eyes.

As I looked into her sweet eyes I saw the look I had seen in my wife’s eyes so many times before; It was that “kiss me” look. Hannah’s soft little hand rubbed up against the side of my face and I knew she wanted to kiss, so without saying a word I leaned down and our lips met.

The kiss was soft and gentle and Hannah’s lips were oh so very warm. The kiss would last a good 30 seconds and would deepen until we were giving each other tongue probing tonsil swabbing kisses.

We broke the kiss and Hannah purred with delight.

“Mmmmmm, that was so nice daddy, “Hannah softly crooned .

Hannah and I would kiss again but this time, Hannah would lay me down on my back, remove her robe and lay her soft warm naked body on mine and we lovingly caressed as we kissed, our warm bodies pressed together as we moved as one.

We would spend every night like this watching T.V. ,that is when she was not working on homework or a paper or some other class assignment. If she had work that kept her up I would sit by her and we would talk.

As time progressed towards that “fateful day” when we would fully consummate bayan escort gaziantep our union together, our nightly “television time” together became more and more intense. We would lie on the floor by a fire in the fireplace on a blanket and make love. We would kiss each other all over, explore each other’s bodies I would suck her breast and we would please each other and bring each other to orgasm after orgasm with our hands as well as orally

We would explore each fulfill each other’s fantasies and in doing so, do everything imaginable except for actual fucking. My favorite thing Hannah would do for me was to do a striptease where she would give me a lap dance that was very interactive. She would sit on my lap facing me totally naked and I would be in briefs.

She would simulate fucking me as we kissed and our bodies were pressed together. Hannah would grind her sweet pussy against my cock in my briefs until I was on the verge of cumming. She would then lower my briefs and let me spunk my load all over her belly.

Hannah’s favorite thing was to get my cock good and wet, rub down her breast with lubricating oil and have me tit fuck her as she wrapped those sumptuous breast around my cock. I would tit fuck her until I spewed my load on her chest, neck and she would rub my hot cum on her skin like a cream.

Also during this time we would begin showering together The showers started as us just washing each other off and fondling each other’s bodies and progressed to where we were pleasing each other orally and with our hands

Needless to say our sessions were fun and even though when we were in the living room and the TV was on in the background, we couldn’t tell you what was on.

These nightly sessions ran from the start of October until Thanksgiving morning which coincided with the next stage of the seduction. One weekend morning, Hannah woke up around 5:30 and quietly slipped into bed with me wearing only her white lace panties. I would wake up and find her in my arms but I wouldn’t mind. I would cuddle her close to me kiss her on the cheek and we would go back to sleep.

The following week Hannah would come in at night claiming she couldn’t sleep, but I knew better and just let it go By the end of the week we were sleeping together each night.

When we began sleeping together, I would be wearing only boxer shorts and Hannah would wearing only the white stockings and matching garters. Hannah’s soft little warm 5’8″ 36D-24-34, 125 pound body would feel good nestled next to my 6’1″ slender and muscular 185 pound body.

We would kiss each other good night by giving each other a peck on the cheek at first then by the Sunday before Thanksgiving we were kissing each other on the lips and engaged in heavy petting and sensual foreplay

By this time also we were now sleeping totally naked together and holding each other tight. We had graduated from simple goodnight kisses to deep passionate French kisses as we cuddled close facing each other, holding one another tight, and our bodies rubbed together and our limbs intertwined.

Also during these sessions our hands would find their way over every inch of each other’s bodies. This level on intense foreplay lasted from that Sunday night to the following Thursday morning, Thanksgiving morning. It was a special day and would be the day we consummated our new relationship.

That morning Hannah was off of school because it was Thanksgiving weekend but to know what initiated the sex, we must rewind to the time leading up to the wee hours of the morning of that day.

Hannah and I had gone to bed early the night before and experienced our regular nightly passion of foreplay consisting of kissing and heavy petting and cuddling. Our warm bodies rubbed together as our passions rose and cascaded to a sensual climax.

That night I guess it was around 2:30 a.m. I was cuddled close to Hannah with her facing away from me and her back was nestled close to my stomach. Her sweet naked form was pressed into mine and I was holding her tight. My 8 inch cock was fully erect and pressed up against her warm pussy region from behind.

I remember I had a extremely vivid sex dream about me and her. We were in a hot 69 position as we made each other cum, her swallowing down my hot load and her cumming in my mouth. We also had sex doggie style, cowgirl style, missionary style and spoons, facing each other.

Sometime during the dream my cock became throbbing and I remember me subconsciously rubbing my cock against her pussy and it filling with cum. Hannah must have shifted because the next thing I felt was being inside her. I subconsciously thrusted in and out of her and I as I came in my dream I must have cum in reality and sprayed my load in and on Hannah’s pussy , butt, legs and on the sheets.

I remember jolting awake a few seconds after in horror of what had happened, I slowly and cautiously felt of Hannah with my hand and gaziantep escort noticed she was soaked in cum as were she sheets but her eyes were closed and she was still. I would find out later she was feigning sleep to spare my feelings but had felt and enjoyed it but she would not tell me until the next day.

The next morning we would sleep until about 9:30 when I opened my eyes and found Hannah cuddled next to me with her back to me and pressed up against my body and my arms were wrapped around her waist and my hand was gently cupping her pussy.

Hannah stirred and turned towards me, nestled next to me and drifted back off to sleep. I held her tight and stroked her honey gold blonde hair. I also gently kissed her forehead and I must have drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew it was almost 11 O’ clock and Hannah was laying on top of me stroking my forehead.

I opened my eyes to see Hannah’s smiling face

“Good morning daddy,” Hannah said with a smile. “Sleep well?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I embraced her and we passionately kissed.

Our bodies moved together as we kissed and our limbs intertwined. We rolled over so that we were now side to side. My erect cock was pressed up against Hannah’s pussy and she moaned with delight.

Hannah took her right hand, grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She began kissing and nibbling on my neck and ear then in a breathy voice she whispered in my ear “F uck me like you fucked me this morning, but this time spunk your load in my pussy. I wanna feel your hot manhood in deep inside of me.”

Just then the horror of the realization hit me that the wet dream I had was much more than a dream, Hannah had felt it but much to my relief, she enjoyed it.

I lined my cock up to the opening of Hannah’s sweet pussy and began to thrust forward. Hannah shifted and in one fatal swoop, I was inside my daughter.

“Oh god yes daddy,” Hannah crooned “It is even better than imagined.

We slowly fucked as we laid side by side. It felt good to be inside my little girl but it also felt odd. Years of societal mores were telling me this was wrong but I didn’t care. I loved my daughter and she loved me and that was all that mattered.

Hannah laid over so that she was back on top of me and we were still fucking. We passionately kissed as our bodies rubbed together After a couple of minutes or so of this. Hannah raised up, grabbed my hands and pulled me up so that we were both sitting upright in the bed, holding each other tight and rocking back and forth purred with delight.

As we continued to fuck I felt Hannah’s hymen break and as It did she crooned with delight and in a proud contented voice proclaimed “Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s, I am a woman now,” and came all over my cock soaking it with her sweet creamy honey nectar.

Hannah’s sweet cream acted as a lubricant and I knew wouldn’t be long until I would feel my cock fill up with cum and I knew I couldn’t hold it back.

“Oh god,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum!!”

“Gimme all of you daddy,” Hannah moaned breathlessly. “I wanna feel you deep inside me.”

Seconds later, I erupted, spewing my hot cum deep into my baby girl’s tight waiting hungry pussy.

Hannah laid me back and crawled top of me as we lovingly embraced and kissed.

“Oh god daddy, that was so-o-o-o-o good,” Hannah crooned with delight. “I want more. I want you to fuck me until I can’t fuck anymore. I am your little slut to do with as you please.”

Hannah and I laid side by side as we cuddled together and caressed our bodies again moving together as one. This would allow us to keep the passion going and also allow me time to “reload.”

I would take this time to explore every inch of my little girl’s body and kiss her all over, something I had been wanting to do for a long time. First I broke the kisses and began to nibble on her neck and softly bite it. That made her even hotter and she purred with delight.

After spending about five minutes on her neck I turned Hannah over so that she was on her back. I then began sucking on her supple sumptuous breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth and softly kissed it and gently ran my tongue around it and sucked on it. I did the same for her other breast and soon her head was swimming with delight and she took my head and held it there.

I spent 10-15 minutes sucking her breasts and then moved my way down her torso until I came to her pussy. I placed the tip of my tongue and my lips on the very edge of Hannah’s pussy lips and her legs instinctively opened, allowing me full access to her sweet lotus flower.

I inhaled the musky scent of her womanhood and it made my head swim. I tasted her sweet creamy honey nectar on the tip of my tongue and savored every drop. Then I would bury my head in her pussy for the next 10 minutes and using my tongue like a little cock, I would give her sensual pleasures beyond her wildest dreams as I made her cum in my mouth multiple times.

Hannah took her hands and held my head to her pussy as she bucked up to meet my tongue and fucked my face. I could feel her juices trickle over the edges of mu tongue and onto my lips and I knew it wouldn’t be long until she flooded my mouth with her sweet cream.

Hannah gasped for breath and raised up as she tried to scream but couldn’t, all she could do was pant.

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Student Support Ch. 04

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I’m sorry for those of you who’ve been kind enough to read thus far and have been waiting for too long for the next instalment. I’d also like to apologise to those who were hoping that the story wouldn’t go in the direction it now does – but it seemed the inevitable next step, if perhaps stretching credibility just a little bit further than I’m fully comfortable with. Note however, it’s only moving in that direction…

Newcomers to this story will, I think, get a lot more out of it if they read the first 3 chapters before diving in here.

All comments appreciated. The next chapter will be the last, I think, at least for a while.


“See what I mean?” said Maggie.

I looked at Liz, who nodded slowly.

I looked again at Maggie’s phone, swiped my way through the pictures once more. It was hard to deny the truth of what Maggie was saying.

There was Charlie with her around a man, outside a concert hall. There was Charlie holding hands with another man in what looked like a park. Charlie and the same guy again, laughing at a café. Charlie and a third guy, his arms around her as he stood behind her, looking very cosy and loving.

Charlie and three guys.

The guys all looked roughly the same. One wore glasses, two of them didn’t, all about the same height. All quite slim. Similar builds. And all of them were older than Charlie, in their early to mid-forties.

My age, in fact.

And yes, they all looked, to some extent – like me.

I opened my mouth to say something, but somehow no words emerged. I tried again.

“How long…?” But I wasn’t sure what the end of my question was.

Maggie, bless her, got the gist of it.

“The first one was after she left. But… she’s had other crushes before. Just one big one, really, though she never did anything about it. A teacher at school.”

“And did he…?”

Maggie looked at Liz.

“Yes,” said Liz. “He looked like you too.”

“Ah,” I said. Hopefully it sounded wise and thoughtful. If so, it was a good effort, because my head was spinning.

We were still lying on the bed, somewhat sticky from sweat and some other substances.

“I think it’s common,” I said slowly, “for girls to… idolise their fathers a bit.”

“Not me,” said Maggie.

“Nor me,” said Liz. “At least, not… not the way Charlie does.”

“But…” I said. Then I trailed off. I tried again. “So…?”

I looked at the girls questioningly. They both looked solemn. Flushed, beautiful, incredibly sexy, but definitely solemn.

“Does Charlie know… about all this?”

Maggie and Liz exchanged glances.

“It was kind of her idea,” said Maggie.

I stared at her, then at Liz, who nodded her agreement.

“You see, she knew she was going away. And she was worried about you being on your own, and not having had a girlfriend in, like, forever, and I joked and said Liz should take care of you, and Liz was too scared…”

“I was shy!”

“… Liz was too much of a mouse, so I said yes, sign me up, I’d love to take care of you. It’s something we’d… talked about before. That night we did the magazine quiz, actually. We all had to name an older man we fancied. And Liz and I had both said you, and Charlie couldn’t think of anybody, or that’s what she said, even though Liz and I had known for AGES that she was besotted by you…”

“Whoah,” I said. “You’d known for…ages?”

“Of course. It was obvious.”

“Not to me,” I said. I was thinking of all the times when Charlie had treated me with something approximating off-hand disdain. Like a faithful long-standing family servant, mainly. But a… lover? No. No clue. And I still wasn’t sure it could be right.

“Yeah, but… you were too close to see.”


“So… you started sleeping with me because Charlie asked you too?”

“No, I started sleeping with you because I wanted to fuck your brains out. But Charlie knew, and she approved, and… I think she felt it was kind of the next best thing.”

“And when I took Lizzie out? And when Lizzie and I… took things further?”

“She was OK with that too. More than OK. She always thought you and Lizzie would be a good match anyway. Better than you and me. I’m too bossy and loud, really. Whereas Lizzie will just traipse around behind you, all adoring and loving and telling you you’re perfect…”

“Hey!” Lizzie reached over and smacked her friend on her naked backside. “I’m not like that!”

“Just telling it like it is, Lizzie. But… now we know what a nympho bisexual you are, maybe you’re not such a good match after all.”

“We are!” Liz smacked her again, and Maggie wiggled her bottom appreciatively.

“You can’t have it both ways, sweetie. Oh – bad choice of words… that’s exactly what you…”

“Could we get back to Charlie?” I interrupted. “So, she knows… she knows I’ve slept with both of you?”

Two nods.

“And she’s OK with it?”

More nods.

“But you’re worried that now she’s gaziantep escort feeling… what exactly? Like I’m taking her friends away from her?”

Maggie rolled her eyes. “We’re not fourteen! No, we still talk all the time. Well, messaging mostly. But you know what I mean. She doesn’t feel that way at all.”

“But when she comes home next time… it’s going to be pretty damn awkward.”

“We’ll manage,” said Maggie. “We’ve been friends forever, and we all love you, and we’ll work something out.”

I wasn’t so sure.

I lay back and closed my eyes. “I should never have allowed myself to get into this situation… I’m grateful, of course I am, but you’re my daughter’s friends first and foremost and if I mess that up for her…”

“Oh hush,” said Maggie. “None of us would change a thing, would we Lizzie?”

Liz shook her head. “Nothing.”

“But… Charlie… those photos you showed me… she’s looking for somebody like me?”

“And she can’t,” said Liz. “They all turned out to be jerks. She broke up with the latest one yesterday.”

I hadn’t even known there was a current boyfriend, let alone that he was an older man and he was already an ex-boyfriend.

I shook my head from side to side, in the hope that somehow the pieces of the jigsaw would all fit together. They didn’t.

Maggie spoke slowly, like she was explaining something to a rather slow child.

“We’re sleeping with you. Charlie knows that, and she’s happy about it. She even asks for details. But at the end of the day, Liz and I both feel a bit bad, because we know we’ve got something she thinks she can never have.”

There was a silence while I thought about my daughter getting “details”. Then another word registered, ringing alarm bells. I opened my eyes, looked at Liz, then at Maggie, then back to Liz.

“‘Thinks’,” I said. “There is no ‘thinks’. She can’t… have what you have.”

Liz avoided my eyes. Maggie, however, held my gaze.

“Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it,” she said.


Later that evening I sat alone on the sofa downstairs. Maggie had gone home but Liz was able to stay and she was upstairs asleep. We’d had a gentler, second session, the girls perhaps sensing that I was still adjusting to what I’d learnt. Liz and Maggie had explored each other a bit more and both now seemed very at ease with making love to each other. It was lovely to watch, of course, but half of my mind was still with Charlie.

After seeing Maggie off I’d made myself some coffee and then settled myself in the living room. I knew sleep wouldn’t come for a while. I stared at my phone. Should I text Charlie? Ordinarily I wouldn’t hesitate. We texted each other back and forth all the time, even over the most silly or mundane things. But just at that moment my daughter felt like a stranger.

But that was silly. Whatever happened, I couldn’t stop talking to her. It would break my heart. And the sooner I spoke to her, perhaps the sooner I could drag things back to something approaching normality – at least in my own head.

Hey Charlie. How’s everything? Miss you. Xx

Not, perhaps, the most poetic and sentimental of messages. Indeed, I’d probably sent the same message getting on for several hundred times over the last half dozen years. And I usually got a variation on the same message back, something like:

All good, popster. Xx


Everything’s good. Don’t wait up. Xx


Miss you too. Xx

Or, if she was feeling mischievous:

Miss you too. Xx. Now get lost, trying to score some hard drugs and I need to peddle my ass to pay for them.

What would I get this time?

What I got was this:

I hear you spoke to the girls?

Jesus Christ, Maggie! Couldn’t you have waited at least until tomorrow? I wanted to wring her neck.

Then a follow-up:

Please don’t hate me. xxxxxxx

That broke my heart.

Could never hate you. Ever. We should talk properly. Xx

A pause, then.


And that seemed to be that. My phone stayed silent for a few minutes. Then:

I can come home on Friday if you’re sure you want to see me.

I shook my head, and my reply was instant.

Of course I’m sure, silly. See you Friday. Don’t worry. Xxxxx

But should I worry, I wondered? This was getting into new, darker territory. Perhaps it was the price I had to pay for what I’d enjoyed so far. Two beautiful nubile girls at my beck and call… nobody got that lucky.

Well, I guess we’d see.

There was a noise behind me and I turned to see a sleepy looking Liz standing on the stairs. She was naked, and lovely, and perfect.

“Maggie’s already told Charlie,” I said.

“Of course,” said Liz. “No secrets between us girls.”

“No,” I said. “It would seem not.”

She held out her hand to me. “Come to bed.”

I let her lead me upstairs and we snuggled in bed together. I stroked her hair and she sighed with contentment. She reached down and adıyaman escort curled her hand around my cock.

“You’ll be lucky,” I said.

She chuckled sleepily. “I just like to hold it. Just the feeling I can hold it whenever I want… it’s so nice.”

A few minutes later she was asleep. I lay awake for a while longer.


Despite my reassurances, I was nervous about Friday. Thursday evening I told the girls I wanted to be alone so I could tidy up and catch up on some other domestic stuff. They came over anyway.

I glared at Maggie as she waltzed in the door with a bag of groceries. Liz was close behind her with some other bags.

“We knew you didn’t mean it,” said Maggie cheerfully. She patted me cheerfully on the crotch and disappeared off the kitchen. Liz carefully shut the door behind her then stood on tip-toe to give me a long, lingering kiss.

“Sorry,” she said. “But we really didn’t think you should be on your own.”

“I have actually managed pretty well on my own before, you know,” I said.

Liz waved a hand dismissively. “But it’s better now, right?”

And there, I suppose, she had a point.

I kept them busy. Maggie vacuuming the house, Liz cleaning the bathrooms, and I tackled the kitchen. I said I absolutely wasn’t going to cook them dinner and they had to leave by 9. They agreed this was a good plan.

At 9.30 we were on the sofa together eating pizza and watching a show on Netflix. At some point about fifteen minutes in Maggie casually unzipped my fly, fished my penis out of my boxer shorts and began to gently pump it up and down, while still seemingly engrossed in the TV. After a few minutes Liz took a turn. Still agonisingly slow, still delicious. My cock became rigid but there was no way I was going to come at that leisurely pace.

I lay back and closed my eyes and sighed.

“You OK?” Maggie, all innocence. “We could watch something else if you want.”

“This is fine,” I said.

Maggie was on my left, Liz on my right. I slid one hand into each of their laps and began to return the favour as best I could through their jeans. Liz sighed and spread her legs wider. Maggie took the opposite approach, squeezing her legs together and then shifting in her seat to better to grind herself against my fingers.

We stayed like that for several minutes more. One of us would crack soon, and ask for more, or do something to escalate it further. I was increasingly desperate for one of them to take me in their mouth, but all I continued to get was the slow, agonising, relentless stroking of Liz’s hand, then back to Maggie, then Liz again.

It was Maggie who cracked first.

She stood up, gave me an evil smile, then slid off her jeans and unbuttoned her top so it hung loose. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Then she knelt in front of Liz. “Undo your jeans,” she told her. Liz did so, and Maggie help her pull them off, taking her underwear with her as she did so.

Maggie got Liz to spread her legs. I could smell her scent. Then Maggie ducked her head and gently licked Liz’s pussy. Liz groaned and briefly her grip on my cock became almost unbearably tight. I could see Maggie’s head move in slow, circular motions as her tongue traced its way around Liz’s pussy and clit.

Then she pulled back and moved so now she was kneeling in front of me. She removed me from Liz’s grasp and took me in her mouth, wrapping one of her hands around me so she could jerk me off between her warm lips. Her other hand she pushed deep into Liz’s crotch, inserting one finger inside her and then carefully beginning to finger fuck her.

Both Liz and I moaned. Liz turned her head so she could kiss me and bury her tongue in my mouth. In front of us Maggie increased the pace, sucking me harder and fingering Liz more fiercely.

“Oh God,” moaned Liz. “Yes, like that Maggie, I’m so wet…”

I put my arm around Liz so my hand fell down over her breast. I teased her nipple through her thin shirt.

“Harder,” she said. I pinched and squeezed it more brutally.

“Fuck yes,” she said. “Keep doing that and I’m going to come.”

“Maggie’s doing a good job of fingering your cunt,” I told her. “She’s good at that, isn’t she Liz?”

“Fuck yes,” she said again.

“She’s fingering you while she’s sucking my cock,” I said. “I’m going to come in her mouth while her finger is in your cunt.”

“Oh Christ!”

“Or maybe I should fuck her. Come in her cunt and then you have to lick it clean.”

“God yes I’d like that… I just need to come first… I’m so close…”

She came with a cry that was approaching a scream, a long-drawn out wail so intense that Maggie temporarily stopped what she was doing to me to watch her friend climax. She gently withdrew her finger and licked it greedily.

“Sit on my cock, Maggie,” I said.

She looked at me.

“Say please.”

“Sit on my cock now, please, you fucking tease.”

She tutted and shook her head, akkent escort but she rose to her feet and then straddled me. I was in her in one easy movement and she began to ride me up and down, hard and intense. I buried my face in her chest, catching first one breast and then the other in my mouth.

Within a few moments I knew I was close and Maggie obviously sensed it too.

“Come in my pussy,” she purred in my ear. “Fill that cunt up with your lovely come.”

I shot deeply into her, unloading my balls with what felt like a torrent of come. Maggie sighed with pleasure.

“Oh god… that feels so good when you do that.”

When I had finished she raised herself off me and lay back on the sofa beside me. Liz, now slightly recovered, didn’t hesitate. She took my cock in her mouth and cleaned it thoroughly, licking and swallowing every trace of come and juice from it. Then she turned her attentions to Maggie and spent the next ten minutes licking her friend clean, giving her an enormous climax in the process.

“Fuck!” said Maggie, when her breathing had returned to normal. “Jesus H Fuck!”

I gasped my agreement. Liz just smiled contentedly and then snuggled onto my lap, her bare bottom nestling deliciously against my cock.

We stared somewhat stupidly at the TV.

“We should have paused it,” said Maggie. “I have absolutely no clue what’s going on now.”


Friday came. I was distracted at work but luckily nobody seemed to notice. I had a knot in my stomach throughout the day. I loved my daughter more than anything and the thought that anything might damage that relationship made me feel sick.

It’s not going to happen, I told myself firmly. It’s just not.

I had told Liz and Maggie that they should stay clear of the house until I told them to come over. I wanted some time to myself with Charlie. At some point we would have to get all four of us in a room to discuss everything – and wouldn’t that feel awkward – but not yet.

Time dragged on. Eventually it was late enough that I could leave without attracting too many disapproving glances and I drove myself home.

Charlie’s car, which her mother and I had bought for her a few months previously in a rare display of co-operation, was sitting in the drive. I noted it had acquired a few nasty looking scratches on the bumper and I bent down to look at them.

“I misjudged the distance when I was parking.”

I looked up. There she was in the doorway, looking very small and rather forlorn, much younger than when I’d last seen her.

Ordinarily this would have warranted at least a short lecture, but now wasn’t the time.

“I’ll patch those up tomorrow. They don’t look too serious. How was the drive over?”

“It was fine.”

We regarded each other for a moment. I hated the awkwardness that seemed to have sprung up.

“Come in,” she said. “I mean – of course come in, it’s your house.”

“Our house,” I said.

She nodded vaguely and returned indoors, leaving the door open so I could follow.

I dropped my laptop bag onto the sofa. Charlie was standing by the stairs, looking very uncertain and nervous.

I opened my arms.

“Give me a hug,” I said.

She came over to me and I enfolded her in my arms and held her tight and kissed her hair.

“Let’s have some ice cream,” I said.

We sat on the sofa – there was still that faint stain recording earlier ice cream consumption – and balanced our bowls of ice cream on our laps.

“How about I go first,” I said. “But I promise you, no matter what you think, it’s all going to be fine.”

She ate some ice cream and looked at me.

“So you know about me and Maggie,” I said. “And about me and Liz… and perhaps you feel a bit… betrayed. And I understand that. So if you want me to stop seeing them, just say the word. They’ll understand.”

“Do you love them?”

I considered.

“Yes, I suppose I do. But I love you more, Charlie. Always have, always will. No contest.”

“But it’s different, with them.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Because of the sex.”

“Yes… because of the sex. Of course. It’s a different kind of relationship. You’ve had relationships, Charlie… You’re a big girl now.”

“Maggie said she showed you some of my photos. Of my boyfriends.”

“Yes, she did.”

She looked at the floor, her cheeks flaming red.

“So you can see what I’m like. How disgusting I am.”

I reached over and touched her am. I would have pulled her to me but our ice cream would have gone on the floor.

“You’re not disgusting Charlie. Never think that. It’s very common, I think.”

“What is?”

“To… idolise your father, to try and replace him with somebody who reminds you of him. There’s this complex called ‘The Father Figure’, you know – you must have heard of it. Girls who like to call their boyfriends ‘Daddy’ in the… um, the heat of the moment…”

“I didn’t want somebody who reminded me of you,” she said.

I ate some more ice cream.

“When I was with them,” she said. “Those other guys… I don’t know if I can tell you this…”

I waited.

She took a while, then took a deep breath.

“When I was in bed with them… I pretended they were you. I closed my eyes, and pretended it was you.”

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Summer Shore Sex Pt. 01

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The summer after I graduated high school, I went to stay down the shore with my mother, brother Tim and my brother’s friend Ed for a weekend. We were staying with Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo (my mom’s friend) and her husband, their daughter Valeri, and their daughter’s friend Jenny. My brother and his friend were both 16 and in the same grade as the two girls, so they already knew each other, but didn’t run in the same circles. When we got to the house, we got our rooms (the two boys together, the two girls together, Mr and Mrs Carsillo got the big bedroom, and my mom and I each got our own rooms). I could already see it was gonna be a long weekend as there was only two bathrooms and I had to share the main bathroom with the four other kids. The master bath was connected to the main bedroom and the room my mom was using.

After getting all ready to go to the beach, we took two cars. I drove my mom’s car with the other kids and the adults all went together. We got to the beach and picked out a nice spot away from most other people. Tim and Ed immediately ran off to do their thing and attempt to hit on girls.

I took out my cd player and laid out my towel. As I lay there with my shades on, I watched the women strip down to their bathing suits.

Valeri was wearing a floral print bikini and had long dark brown hair to go with her dark eyes and completely tanned athletic body. Jenny had on a navy blue bikini and had milky white skin and long red hair. They couldn’t have looked any different. Jenny being the go-getter of the two insisted they take a couple chairs and go tan down by the water to see hot guys. Mr. Carsillo looked like a Hawaiian tourist and sat reading the paper. My mom had just finished taking her shirt off and was about to undo her shorts when she stopped abruptly and laid out on her towel. I turned my head to see what made her stop and saw Mrs. Carsillo stepping out of her shorts and sitting down into a chair next to her husband.

She looked amazing, red bikini, long dark hair and completely tanned like Valeri. She was also in great shape and unlike Valeri, who was about a 34B, she had a nice full 36D. My mom was obviously self conscious, since while she was pretty and large breasted herself, she was nowhere near as bold or fit as Mrs. Carsillo.

I tried not to stare at Mrs. Carsillo and just focus on my music. I must’ve fallen asleep, because I woke up to an argument between Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo. My mom and the kids were packing up and she was using her eyes to rush me along as well. We all squeezed into one of the cars and left Mr. and Mrs. Carillo behind. I had overheard conversations between my mom and Mrs Carsillo that she argued often with him, but had never seen it in person.

When we got back, mom told us all to get ready to go to the boardwalk. We were going to play mini golf before walking around and having dinner. It was only about 2pm, so were a couple hours ahead of schedule. I didn’t really want to wander the boardwalk for so long, but I reluctantly agreed to go anyway. As it was finally my turn to take a shower, I was disappointed to find no hot water left. I wasn’t taking a cold shower, but everyone else wanted to go. I insisted they go and I would get a ride with Mr. and Mrs. Carsillo. My mom didn’t want to argue with me and took the other four with her.

I sat outside listening to my music for about a half hour before I went in to try the water. Thankfully the hot water was restored. I figured I’d take this time to jerk off too. I couldn’t get the images of Valeri and Mrs. Carsillo in their bikinis out of my head. A combination escort gaziantep of the warm water and the warm sun shining down through the window behind me felt really good as I stroked my cock. I was so hard and every stroke felt great until I shot my load against the translucent shower curtain.

As I exhaled from my final burst, I heard the bathroom door slam shut. My eyes popped open and shut off the water.

“Oh my god, is somebody in here?” a woman’s voice asked.

“Mrs. Carsillo? Is that you?”

I could make out the outline of her body through the curtain and just stood there frozen.

“Rick? What are you doing here? I thought everyone was gone,” she said as she danced around a little bit.

“I had to wait for the hot wa . . .”

“Sorry, hun I have to pee really bad,” she blurted out as I heard her unzip her shorts and saw her dash to the toilet next to the shower.

I quickly pulled the curtain over further to ensure she couldn’t see inside. I just stood there and listened so I would know when she was finished and I could get out to grab a towel. I didn’t hear anything.

“Mrs. Carsillo, you still there?”

“Rick, hun, could you turn on the water? It’s kinda hard to go with you right there.”

I turned on the water, “Yeah no problem, as I was saying there was no hot water before so I told everyone else to go without me and I would just catch a ride with you and Mr. Carsillo.”

“Uh Rick? could you not say anything either?”

“Sure, sorry I will just shut up now.” I just kinda stared quietly at her outline sitting on the toilet. All I could think of was how she was ‘right there’ with her shorts around her ankles. I wondered if she had any tan lines, or if she had any hair around her pussy. I felt the blood rushing back to my cock. I still didn’t hear anything except the shower. Maybe she was done already.

“All good Mrs. Carsillo?”

“Not yet,” she said with frustration.

“Is it because you can still see my outline through the curtain? If you hand me a towel, I’ll just get out of here real quick.”

“I did have my eyes closed to help me picture you not here, but yes I can make see your whole outline from your head to your . . .”

Her voice just kinda drifted off. I instantly realized that I had turned my body so that she could make out my hand slowly stroking my cock and I turned back away from her.

She picked up where she left off. “. . . Well I can see your whole outline and I don’t want you to come out here and see me half naked on the toilet.”

And then I heard the familiar sound of someone peeing. As I turned the water off, I noticed she hadn’t moved yet.

“Tell Mr. Carsillo it’ll only take me like five minutes to be ready to go.”

“He had a work emergency, he had to drive back North,” she said angrily, then got up zipped up her shorts and left.

I got out of the shower and wrapped myself up in the towel. I held my beach clothes in front of me to hide the half hard on I had, just in case she was in the hallway. As I went to enter my room, I heard a loud crash come from further down the hall and ran to see what happened. As I got to her room the door was slightly open, I made sure my towel was secure before slowly pushing it open.

“Mrs. Carsillo, are you ok?” I saw a glass shattered on the floor by the far wall and she was sitting on her bed fighting back some tears. “Let me clean that up for you.”

“Leave it,” she sniffled.

I sat on the bed next to her and just held her hand. She sniffed and then looked up at me araban escort with her eyes slightly welled up with tears. She laid her head on my shoulder and took a deep breath. I put my arm around her and held her tight.

“I’m just going to rest my eyes for a bit,” she said as she put her head down on my thigh.

She looked amazing to me, as I stroked her hair with my fingers, in her shorts and bikini top. She was more than just sexy in that moment. It was something about her vulnerability that made me want her more, but not just in a sexual way (though I had to shift her head toward my knee as my cock got hard again). After a couple minutes the back of her head grazed my cock as she got up. She stared into my eyes and I kissed her on the cheek as I got up to leave.

“You’re a strong, beautiful woman Mrs. Carsillo, just remember that.”

She looked at me with a little bit of shock and awe as I left.

“You’re old enough now, just call me Felicia.” she smiled as I turned to walk out the door. “And Rick, thank you.”

I just smiled back at her and held my towel tight as I walked out the door, not even thinking about my obvious hard on.

After I got back to my room, I put on my boxer briefs and shorts and used the mirror to fix my hair. I admired my physique in the mirror as I was 18, 6’3 and in great shape thanks to varsity track and field. After putting on a nice button down shirt. I went back to Mrs. Carsillo’s room to check her status and just as I was about to knock she opened the door.

“I was about to take a quick shower when I realized something,”

“What’s that Mrs. Carsillo?”

“I said you can call me Felicia,” she said softly as she then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately.

I was surprised and while I enjoyed her lips on mine and her tongue slightly sticking into my mouth, I pulled her off of me.

“Felicia, we shouldn’t,” I proclaimed, while my inner voice yelled “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!”

“You don’t have to be all noble with me, Rick. I saw the outline of your cock through the curtain and felt it before. I know you want this too.”

She began to unbutton my shirt and kiss my chest. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them off of me and she just pulled back and sat on the bed. She began to massage my crotch with her bare foot and my eyes rolled with excitement. I let go of her wrists and she slid off my shirt and began to kiss and nibble my chest and stomach as she undid my shorts and let them drop. She licked and put her lips on my cock through my briefs. I untied her top and took it off of her. Her breasts her completely tanned with only slight sag to them. I took turns fondling each one as she pulled down my briefs.

“Mmm, now that’s a nice cock.” She then proceeded to lick my shaft up and down, kissing the tip before licking and sucking on each of my balls.

I picked her up into my arms and kissed her passionately before laying her back down on the bed. We just kissed and felt each other’s warm embrace. She would give the occasional stroke to my cock and I would kiss her ear lobe and down each side of her neck. I played with her nipples and squeezed her breasts as I kissed her collar bone. I unbutton her shorts and pulled them off. Her bikini bottoms were completely soaked through. I sucked her clit and juices right through them as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

I untied the bottoms and let them fall away as I kissed all around her neatly trimmed pussy. The bikini tan line just made me hotter. I arap escort licked all around and felt her thighs get tighter around my head as her back arched.

“That feels so good, I want you to lick my pussy so bad.”

I waited a little longer before sucking on her clit and sliding two fingers into her moist slit. Her thighs got tighter and her back arched even more and she moaned louder and louder.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m going to . . . . . . YESSSSSSS!!” Her body became limp and she exhaled deeply. “That was great, Rick. Now fuck me with that beautiful cock of your.”

With that request I turned her on her side and got behind her. I slowly slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. As I slowly penetrated her in and out, I kissed the back of her neck. I also pulled her in closely as I fondled her left breast with my hand. Our hips moving in rhythm as we fucked. At this point I was happy I had jerked off earlier because it was helping me last longer. I pulled out and put her on her knees with her face down on the bed. I softly kissed her ass cheeks, noticing she only had a slight tan light from what was probably a thong. I smacked each cheek and watched her wince with each blow. Once they were each a little pink, I spread her cheeks and began to tongue her asshole and finger her pussy.

“Oh my what are you doing?” She blurted out with surprise.

“Just relax you’re going to enjoy this,” I promised as I continued to lick around and penetrate her tight hole with my tongue.

I felt her relax and cheeks eased their tension and with a few more licks and then slid my cock in her pussy and fucked it vigorously. After several in and out motions, she was moaning again. I then pulled out and felt her juices with my hand.

“Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum again.” she protested.

I licked the juices off my fingers and rubbed some more on her asshole before sliding my cock back into her pussy, but this time after a couple pumps a slid my thumb into her asshole. She perked right up onto all fours.

“OH MY GOD, that . . .”


“OH MY . . . ” She collapsed instantly and I pulled out my cock. I laid down beside her holding her tightly.

“No one’s ever done that before. You know with my ass.”

“What did you think?” I inquired, hoping she liked it.

“It was really weird as first, but then it felt really good especially as you were fucking me and then I felt your thumb go in.”

We laid there and kissed for a little bit before we hopped in her shower together. We rinsed the sweat and sex off our bodies. We took turns rubbing each other down with the wash cloth.

As we towel dried ourselves and she stroke by cock a little, she asked, “Did you cum?”

“No, but it’s ok. I had actually jerked off in the shower before and I was more than happy to get you off.”

“In the shower? When I was on the toilet?” She gave me a very inquisitive and accusatory look.

“No, No, before you even came in, but I was thinking about you,” and Valeri I thought and kept to myself. I smiled and started to get dressed again.

She just smiled and started to get dressed as well. She put on matching lace purple bra and panties.

“At least I know what I’ll be picturing you in tonight,” I smirked.

“I figured you’d be picturing this,” and she pulled her panties down, bent over and spread her cheeks, before standing back up right and putting on a pair of khaki shorts.

“Yeah, you’re right, that’s better.”

She smiled and put on a black v neck t-shirt that was quite tight and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

It was about 4pm and we headed over to the boardwalk, after about a half hour we ran into my mom and the girls. We exchanged a look, smiled and looked away.

To Be Continued…


As always the names have been changed to protect the people in the story.

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Summer Fun

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Finally, it was here… summer. It was only a short reprieve, I suppose; but, for a few weeks I had no worries, no deadlines, no responsibilities. Summer was for nothing but fun. Too soon college would be here. Until then, I planned on relaxing by the pool, after sleeping in every day. That was my plan anyhow, but, we all know what they say about the best laid plans.

The first day started off well enough, I slept in until about ten — waking for a small breakfast, before returning to my room for the newest of my swimsuits. This one I had kept hidden away, because I was sure my father would have a fit if he found it. It barely covered the important areas, perfect for the minimalist of tan lines.

Stretched out on the lounger, my music drowning out any sounds around me, my eyes drifted closed to better enjoy the sun’s warmth against the oil-shimmering expanse of my nearly naked body. I knew I had hours before dad returned from work; I had an alarm to ensure that was not going to be a concern. Before long, I drifted deeper, letting sleep fully claim me.

I was not really quite awake, even as my eyelids tried to drift open, feeling a coolness over part of me. Trying to figure out where the shade was coming from, having thought I was far enough from the few trees in the yard to remain in the sun for most of the day. Blinking a few times, I finally had adjusted enough to see my dad standing over me. The look on his face contained anger, beyond a doubt; anything more, I did not quite grasp.

It took him a moment or two, before he spoke. And with the breaking of the silence, he also seemed to come out of the motionless trance he was in, reaching down with one hand and firmly grasping my arm, yanking me up off the lounger. Dragging me into the house, the entire way venting about my choice of bikinis, my lewd display, my lack of decency. I had known all along he would react this way — I had just tried to keep him from knowing.

I tried to counter his statements… it was our fenced backyard, no one was home, no one could see. Not that I wanted to discuss it with my father of course, but, I did even try and refute his harsh words when he started raging on what a slut I must be, to dress like that. I had barely even been kissed, let alone anything else. Not that I had not heard most of my friends and others discussing how far they had let this boy or that one go. Some had even lost their virginity. It was not like I was a priss or anything — I just had not found anyone that stirred that much need within me.

His fingers becoming a bruising grasp on my arm as he finally stopped in the middle of the living room. I nearly fell as he yanked once more on my arm; forcing me to face him. Leaning down from his over six-foot height, bringing his face down close to mine, I could feel the heat of his breath as he continued ranting. Interspersing disparaging comments about me with those of my mother. She had left when I was very young; I do not really remember much about her.

Even with his attention so focused on me; I heard the front door. I was confused for a moment, until I heard my brother’s voice calling out; he was not supposed to be home for another week yet. I was hoping this was my much needed reprieve; but, fate it seemed was not listening in for my call. Instead, stopping in the middle of what he was saying, my father called out to him.

Within moments, my brother rounded the corner. I looked to him, pleading for intervention. I already knew it would not be forthcoming, he had sided with my father on everything for as long as I knew. Even when it would have meant nothing to stand up for me; he never had. Instead, he just shook his head, already adding his own scathing comments about my bathing suit.

My father just shook his head; starting in on the part of the lecture that included how he had done his best, tried to teach me the proper behavior, tried to instill morals in me. I knew at least he was winding up at this point. I tried to pacify him, making comments regarding how I would try harder, would behave, on and on. But, at the point when he should have started in with the punishment, I was guessing weeks of grounding or no cell phone, he did something I had not even expected.

Dragging me from the middle of the living room, over toward the large couch, he sat down and began to drag me over his lap. For the first few seconds, I was stunned; and then I began gaziantep escort bayan trying to rise up. His hand spread out over my back, another over my thighs. He began some rant about how I never behave so badly as a child, back when he used to spank us both for any transgression. It was only now that I supposedly thought I was too old for such punishments; that I suddenly started acting out of control.

I was fighting as well as I could through the shock of it, kicking and hitting at him. I had almost gotten off the plane of his thighs when I felt another set of hands. It must have been my brother, grabbing at my ankles, capturing them in his strong grasp. My father then reached and shackled my wrists in one of his hands.

The first smack across my bottom silenced me with shock. I heard it before I felt the burning sensation traversing both cheeks. There was not even time before a half dozen more fell. His berating comments continued, punctuated by the continual slaps that seemed to every inch of bared flesh. The thong bottom that I thought so perfect this morning, left no protection whatsoever from his abuse.

His ranting took a new turn, perhaps only minutes into the spanking; although it had felt like hours. It became almost a lecture to my brother, about the evil ways of women. Detailing how they would first seem so innocent; how they would twist you around their finger, finagling every promise from you. But, once they knew they had you trapped, it was then that you finally learned the truth. It was then that you learned, too late, that women were nothing but whores; meant to be fucked, never to be cherished.

I was just grateful he had stopped tormenting my ass. I did not dare move even when he let go of my hands. I just laid there, silent, barely even breathing for fear he would begin again. His now free hand laying between my shoulder blades. Every nerve seeming filled with fire as the other palm rested on abused flesh. I swore it had to be unintentional, his hand caressing over the reddened flesh as he spoke. But, the caresses became more insistent, pulling me closer to him. I felt the unmistakable bulge against my side. Just because I had never done anything sexual, did not make me completely ignorant.

I could feel my brother’s hands moving upward along my legs, as he agreed with everything my father said. Interjecting his own comments about some of the girls he knew in school. How they would flaunt their bodies and turn around to slap you for looking to intently at what they were showing off. Not to mention what they would scream, if you tried to touch any of it. Pretending innocence in a kiss, knowing how it would lead a man on; only to tease by never giving up more. Just feeding into my father’s rambling discourse — one story topping the next between them.

I did not know what to do, I wanted to flee. But, to do so would be to draw attention to myself — to invite more punishment or lectures. But, as their hands kept moving, caressing, I could hear their breath quickening. I knew I needed to move, regardless of the consequences. Making probably incoherent mumblings of my own about never wearing the bikini again, about being a good girl still, etc. I tried to rise up, and quietly slip from their presence. Again, fate denied me the easy option.

Painfully gripping my left arm, my father whipped me around until I was facing him once again. The evilness in his gaze was enough to cause me to tremble, I tried pulling away as his other hand reached for me. With a sharp tug, he ripped the small top from me, ruining the strings. His tone was condescending when he sneered a comment about me never wearing that again for certain now.

My brother, caught in the madness rose up behind me and unceremoniously mimicked the action with the small bottoms. That only seemed to fuel fire that had been burning into an inferno already. The sight of my smooth fleshed pussy was gasoline upon those flames.

My father reached out, forcing my thighs to part wider, as he looked between my bared folds and my face with disgust. Demanding again and again why I had defaced myself, who I had done it for, why I had to be a slut like all of the rest of the women, how I could have ignored his teachings so thoroughly. When I did not answer him, not that I had an answer he wanted to hear, his meaty paw gripped around my tender mons. Rising up once anal yapan gaziantep escort more from the couch, still holding me with that lewd grip, he continued the barrage of questions, stepping closer and closer into my space.

I tried stepping backward, to somehow get out of his hold, but, that only lasted a moment, brought up short by my brother’s large frame. His hands suddenly reached out, grabbing onto my hips, holding me still for the interrogation. Or at least that is what I had thought, but, even as I thought I stilled, there was an imperceptible motion forced by his grip, my hips moving from side to side, as I felt his thrusting forward. His voice was rough, by what I was not sure, at some later time I would understand it as arousal. Mockingly informing my father that I was rubbing up against him, like a slut. I did not dare contradict him — I am sure that would have only made things worse; not that I thought it could get any worse. I should have known better.

I cried out sharply as my father’s fingers gripped that much tighter around my tender mons. Stepping that much closer to me, my body crushed between theirs, his breath hot against my face as he seemed to scream that much louder. His words pounding into my ears as he informed me that everything in that house belonged to him, and him alone, including me. I was told there was no way I was going to be allowed to continue ruining his property, giving away his valuables like they were my own.

I was completely baffled by this point, overwhelmed by the trapped feeling, not even registering at first as my brother’s hands moved higher, painfully gripping my breasts; tauntingly asking my father if he knew how many boys had seen them. Twisting the nipples between finger and thumb, pulling out the sensitive nubs as if to emphasize his point. I could feel his erection more firmly pressing into my asscheeks, as if mocking the very act they were accusing me of committing. It was the next words out of his mouth, though, that perhaps had sealed my fate completely; when he stated that I was surely not a virgin anymore, in any way.

My hair suddenly became twisted in my father’s grip, the floor rushing up to meet me as he threw me down by that hold. The next sound I heard was the belt being drawn from his pants. My brother swiftly moved down on the floor in front of me, holding me down. The first strike of the belt was more brutal than all of the spankings before. My father demanded I raise my hips up from the floor, to hold still for my punishment, or it would be worse. I was not sure how it could be any worse. Again, I should have known better.

The belt struck from the upper rise of my cheeks all the way down my thighs, catching from the outside all the way to the inner edges. Goading my father on, my brother intimated how obvious it was that I was a slut, offering up myself in that pose, like I was begging for some random cock. He began spouting off lies of how I would parade around the house naked when my father was not there, trying to tempt him. Again and again, I heard him saying what a slut I was, how he was certain I was giving up “our father’s property” to any man that looked at me. That he had caught me masturbating in my room once, with the door wide open, as if I wanted him to watch me. I was hearing it so much, I almost believed it.

Between the tears and screams of pain, I was begging them to stop. I admitted anything they said I should, just hoping for it all to end. The belt finally dropped to the floor. I thought maybe they were done with their abuse. For a few heartbeats all I could hear was our heavy panting breaths; but what followed, chilled me more than the sound of his belt cutting through the air. It was the unmistakable sound of his zipper.

My father’s rant turned once more in scope, now instead of raging over how innocent and pure I should have been; now it was all about how if anyone was going to benefit from his belongings it might as well be him. Even if I had guessed his intent, I would not have believed it possible. Without warning, I suddenly felt his cock pressing into me. Trying to pull away only pushed me into my brother’s lap. That made all the more scary as I watched him too baring his turgid length.

My pussy was unbearably tight, not at all prepared for such a ravaging invasion. And even as he pushed antep escort against the flimsy barrier that proved all of my assertions, he did not relent. While everyone was warned that first time would hurt a bit; I never imagined it would hurt that much.

When my mouth opened on a scream, the sound never echoed; my brother’s thick length suddenly arching into my parted lips. His hand fisting in my hair, he forced me to take more with every thrust of his hips. Even as I gagged on it, he forced more into my throat. My hands were trying to push him away, but, it was a losing battle — no matter which way I moved, one of them was going to impale me with a raping force.

They each seemed to feed off of the vile words they were spewing about me. They goaded one another on this perverted and painful path. I could only remain limp between them until finally with a powered thrust each of them filled me with their cum. I could not keep up with all of the viscous liquid filling my mouth, most of it sliding out with my brother’s last strokes.

As my father finished off and pulled free from my painfully abused pussy, I was again berated for making him do this, for forcing him to prove how his property was meant to be used. On top of it all, the mess that pooled on each of us, and the floor — was my fault as well. Ordered to clean it all up, I moved as quickly as I could to the bathroom for washcloths, wiping myself off as much as I could in a few moments. I did not want to wait too long before returning; wrapping my thick bathrobe around me as I went.

I tried handing them each a cloth; that however, was not allowed it seemed. Trembling before them, as they both stood, my father’s hand pushed me to my knees. Standing over me, both of their semi-hard cocks hanging free from their only partially lowered jeans, my father informed me that no longer was privileged enough to have a real name; only proper girls were given names. From now on, I would only be called by my actions, since I wanted — in his twisted mind — to behave like a whore… they would both call me any one of various names, whether it be slut, whore, cunt, or whatever they thought appropriate at the time.

My brother fully caught in the warped spirit of the day ripped the bathroom from my back; telling me sluts did not deserve clothing either. Forgetting myself, I opened my mouth to protest, instead finding my face pushed forward into his crotch. The mocking voice of my brother demanding that since I behave like such a bitch in heat, I might as well act like the dog that I am… and lick up my mess. His hands tight on my head, guiding my face, threatening what would happen if I did not do a good job.

When he finally felt I had done a good enough job, I was ordered to put him back into pants and take care of the mess I left in our father’s lap. When I stood up on shaky legs to walk across the room, he angrily pushed me back to the floor; reminded me that dogs do not stand on two legs. Receiving one more slap to already abused bottom, I tried to hurry out of his reach, and to my father’s feet. I tried to ignore the reality of what I was doing, the blood that coated his cock along with the streaks of his cum.

When I was about to finish, my brother stepped up behind me tugging a looped chain over my head. Perhaps at some signal from my father, he gave a tug. The chain tightened swiftly, cutting off my air supply. I moved toward my brother with a scurried shuffle on my knees, seeing the leash in his hand; and the smirk upon his lips. With the aid of the leash, he dragged me over to the pooled mess upon the floor, pushing down on the back of my head until my face was smooshed into the floor. I was told dogs that left messes in the house, had to clean them up… with their tongues.

I did not even bother protesting, it did not matter. I could only hope they would tire of this soon, and leave me alone — so I could remove the choke chain collar. They both stood there watching me intently, my father stepping closer to lean down and place some sort of lock part way along the choke chain. It allowed me enough leeway to breath, barely; but, there was no hope in removing it.

I could hear their taunting comments, their plans… my father commented that now that they had their own bitch in heat to take care of; they would certainly need to be at home more often. My brother asked whether or not they should purchase a kennel for indoors, outside, or both; since they would now be able to turn my bedroom into a ‘play’ room, now that they no longer had to worry about me needing a bed or clothes, for that matter. I bit my lower lip, trying to block out their words.

I knew that this year, summer was for nothing but torment. At least college would get here soon?

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Naughty Little Girl

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(All characters in this story are 18 and over, the role playing going on in the story is just that role playing, fantasy, it is complete fiction. I own all copyrights to this story.)

I was nearly dripping by the time his hand was in my panties, his rough long fingers caressing my folds, probing my warmth hungrily. I moaned almost loud enough to be heard, his other hand clamped over my mouth, hurriedly silencing me. If we were caught we’d be in so much trouble….

Again his fingers dipped into my hot wetness, I spread my legs more, wanting him to finger fuck me as deep as he could. I nearly cried out when I felt him tickle the inside of my pussy with two fingers, never before had such a sensation spread over my tender flesh like that. He pressed me back against the wall, his manhood hard in his boxers, I could feel the heat of it on my stomach, “Mmm god, you’re so wet.” He groaned, thrusting his fingers in me roughly.

I could hear the noise of my wet pussy, trying to suck his fingers deeper in me; my eyes opened and met his. His dark blue depths were wild, like a deer caught in the head lights of an on coming car; he licked his lips…those wonderful full lips.

“You like that don’t you Little One?” Again his fingers plunged into me then tickled the walls of my throbbing pussy. My knees went weak and I almost fell, I answered him by grinding my crotch against his hand. “Yes…I thought you did.” He hissed evilly, his fingers pumping faster and faster.

I bit my lip and muffled a groan as my body tensed up then started to shake with orgasm. He laughed and removed his fingers, shoving them into my mouth. I made delighted sucking noises as I cleaned them of my juice, my eyes glued to his. He slid down my body to my waiting parted legs and lifted the hem of my skirt, grinning he caressed the crotch of my wet cotton panties, slightly ripped from the finger fucking he was giving me. He pulled them to the side and breathed in my scent, bayan escort and then I trembled as his long tongue flicked my swollen clit.

“Mmm baby, you’re so sweet….” He whispered, his tongue lapping at my juices,” You like the way I lick your pussy don’t you Little Girl?”

“Ahh….” Was all I could manage as he began tonguing my hot hole while one hand moved to rub my clit. I gasped when he pinched my swollen nub, pulling it out and tugging almost painfully, he quickened his tongue as he pinched and tugged.

“You like the feel of my tongue in your pussy don’t you, you little Brat?” He grunted in between licks, “Talk to me you little Slut!”

I opened my mouth but my words were cut off as he ripped my cotton panties off and dived into my pussy, both hands moving to grip my ass. I groaned,” I love the feel of you licking my pussy!”

He smacked an ass cheek hard, the sting causing me to yelp, “Naughty! Did I say you could say Pussy? You nasty Little Girl, now your gonna be fucked like the little Slut you are!” He removed his mouth and yanked me down to the floor he slid down his boxers, his hard cock laying against his stomach, pulsing. He took both hands and positioned my head at his groin area. “Suck it Baby Girl, just like the little Slut you are!”

I flicked my tongue over the tip of his hard cock, feeling my juices drip down my thighs from my orgasm earlier. He pressed on the back of my head urging me forward till my red painted lips surrounded the end of his cock. I flicked my tongue over the tip, and then slowly began to bob my head up and down, coating his hard cock in my saliva. He groaned and moved his hips back and forth faster and faster until I was having a hard time keeping up. I sucked along the shaft my tongue rubbing the slick flesh, moaning as loudly as I dared. His hands gripped my pig tails tightly as he forced me down on him hard, almost causing me to gag.

“Come escort bayan on Bitch, you know how I like it, do it right you fucking Tramp!” He forced me down again harder. “Suck my cock Whore!”

I tightened my mouth around his cock and felt him hit the back of my throat, and then as I pulled up I scraped my teeth along his shaft. I heard him gasp loudly then curse, telling me to do it again. Once again I scraped my teeth along his tender flesh as I pull back up, I felt his knees wobble and it excited me. All of a sudden I was being pushed away, he stared down at me his eyes flashing. “You’re a good cock sucking Bitch, but now it’s time to fuck you hard. Roll over, Baby, I’m gonna fuck that pretty pink pussy of yours.”

I quickly got on my hands and knees sticking my ass in the air, awaiting the feel of him entering me, needing the feel of him in me. He always knew how to excite me, how to make my body tremble with each word, touch or thought of what he’d do next. “That’s it baby, I love looking at that ass of yours as I fuck you.” He smacked one of my cheeks hard then again, a pink hand print forming on my pale skin.

I felt the head of his hard cock press at the entrance to my pussy, my juices making it easy for him to slide in quickly. He plunged into me as far as he could go, his hips smacking against me painfully, I groaned and flexed my muscles around him. He pulled back and forced himself forward, his hand smacking my ass with each painful thrust. “Fuck you feel good, oh yes Baby, ride my cock!”

I thrust back against him as he pounded me, I knew it wouldn’t last long, but it didn’t matter it felt too damn good. I bit my lip to keep silent, feeling as if my body was going to rip apart as he plunged into me over and over and over again. All of a sudden he gripped my pig tails again and forced me back onto him, I cried out as he pulled my hair, my hips rocking as fast as I could get bayan escort gaziantep them to go. “Yes, you little Slut…you like the way I fuck you don’t you Bitch?” He gritted his teeth, pulling my pony tails with each thrust into me. “You want it harder don’t you Baby?”

“Yes!” I cried out, the feel of his cock hitting my spot with each movement causing me to orgasm again.

“Yes what, you fucking Slut?” His hand stung my cheek again.

“I want you to fuck me harder!” I groaned, feeling myself still riding the path to a third orgasm.

“Naughty!” He smacked my ass again and twisted my hair tightly, pounding me hard and fast. “You little Brat, you love this cock don’t you?”

I groaned, nodding, he tightened his hold on my hair,” Say it, you know what I want to hear!”

I squealed as I felt another orgasm ripping into me, “I’m a Naughty Little Girl!”

“Fuck yes!” He growled and thrust into me one last time, I could feel the hot spurts of his liquid deep inside me his hips still moving but slowing down. He was panting, I was totally exhausted and sore, and I felt so good….

Finally he released my hair and then slowly pulled out of me; gently he moved the hem of my skirt back down over my ass and sat back with a satisfied look on his face. I turned and smiled at him, my eyes catching his, nodding I stood up and straightened my white blouse then smoothed down the loose hairs from my pig tails. I bent and picked up the torn white cotton panties, I lifted my skirt and wiped up the cum with them then carefully set the panties down on the desk. Grinning I glanced at the clock and then went over to where his pants were piled on the floor, I stuck my hand in the pocket and pulled out his wallet. Opening the wallet I found a one hundred dollar bill and stuffed it in my bra, then replaced the wallet back into the pants, skipping happily I made my way over to the tired naked man on the floor. Bending I kissed his cheek and patted his head, “Same time next week Mr. Jenson?”

Nodding the older man grunted, “Yes, same time next week Kitten; and this time,wear that cute little denim jumper with the pink lace.”

“Sure will Mr. Jenson, have a good day Mr. Jenson.” I stick a lollipop in my mouth and skip out of the Office…

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Not Quite Meatless

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The Mass for Ash Wednesday was all but over. Kathy has a small cross of ash on her forehead. Lent is really underway. She still is not decided about her offering for the Lenten season. Kathy is a pretty good Catholic and has always been good at following the dictates of her religion including abstaining from meat on Ash Wednesday and then the Fridays of Lent. Kathy has considered joining a Holy Order but has never found the right opportunity. Being a nun is not a bad option when none of the men her age who had an interest in her were interesting to her. She wanted prince charming and only “Joe ordinary” or less paid any attention to her.

Sitting in the choir seats looking over the congregation, Kathy feels that familiar longing. She sees all the mothers with their children in tow. She hungers for a child or two. It makes her envious of her best friend with her cute little girl.

Kathy reminisces about her times with her best friend, Janice, with whom she almost shares a birthday. She remembers their pact at age 12 after sharing a birthday cake that their children would be best friends. Kathy and Janice have been, in fact, still are very close. This closeness extends to Janice’s whole family. Janice’s father was always there for Kathy when her father was consumed with her mother’s long good bye due to the complications of diabetes. Kathy’s mother toughed it out to see Kathy graduate from high school but she just could not make it any further. Her father took her mother’s death very hard and was not emotionally available for Kathy. Seven years after the death, her father had been rescued by a widow with two teenagers making him even less available.

With the last song done, Kathy turns in her sheet music and files out of the church. She is heading over to her best friends parent’s house for dinner. It is a different invitation because neither Janice nor Janice’s mother, Kimberly will be there. Janice’s father, Robert, is an excellent cook but the night will not be about the food. Kathy ponders actually using the overnight bag sitting on the passenger seat.

Even after over 20 years, Kathy can still remember snuggling up to Janice’s father on the couch watching video tapes. She smiles thinking that kids today would not even know what to do with a VHS tape. It became sort of a tradition when Kathy’s father rushed her mother to the hospital and continued when her mother started needing regular dialysis to support her failing kidneys. Janice’s younger sibs would be put to bed. Janice and Kathy would get dressed for bed. Sometimes they would take a shower together first. Janice would snuggle next to her mother on the love seat while her mother, Kimberly, brushed her hair. Kathy would snuggle next to Robert who would brush her hair. He was so gentle. She remembered Robert’s quiet strength when she wrapped his arm around her waist snuggled on the couch. It was so deliciously wicked to be only wearing one of his tee-shirts because she did not have any other clothes. Robert had been a perfect father and gentleman and had not allowed his hands to roam or wander even though he knew she did not have panties under the tee-shirt. She had felt safe and loved. After the movies, Janice and Kathy would share a bed and cuddle like two puppies. Almost like a prayer, Janice would promise to always share her parents with Kathy because they were best friends.

Continuing her drive to Janice’s house, Kathy recalls their shared 16th birthday present from Kimberly and Robert. Janice and Kathy had taken a ballroom dance class with Janice’s father to prepare them for dating. For 12 weeks, they had shared Robert’s undivided attention for three hours one night a week as they learned how to swing dance, waltz, rumba and cha-cha. Janice’s mother, Kimberly, teased them about not getting too big a crush on her husband when she saw them off. Kimberly stayed home so she could care for Janice’s younger siblings. Kathy remembered how she rubbed her boobs against Janice’s father who would just smile and move her back a couple inches with a wink. She had been all ready to dance at her junior prom but no one asked her to go and she was too shy to ask someone. For her senior prom, she had gone as a third wheel with Janice and her date. They were all friends so it had not been too awkward. Peter had crowed about having two women on his arms all night. Still, after all these years, Kathy wished she had asked Robert to be her escort. It was the story of Kathy’s life; all dressed up and nowhere to go. Ultimately, escort gaziantep bayan these failures lead Kathy to consider Holy Orders.

Kathy dropped the idea of Holy Orders when she landed the perfect career job. She is the costume manager for a theater on a college campus. She is applying her degree in theatrical arts. When she started the position she thought surely she would meet her prince charming. Her life was going to get better but alas after a couple years she realizes that at 33 she is older than all of the students. Life is passing her by and her biological alarm clock is ringing.

Kathy smiles remembering that last time she saw Robert. She needed a large scout shirt for a back up costume for a play. As a scoutmaster, Robert was able to loan her one of his shirts. Robert teased Kathy that the shirt was priceless but she could have the loan of it for a daughter’s kiss. Kathy had blushed brightly but had gamely kissed him on the lips. Kathy was glad that no one else was there. The hugs she had shared with Robert still made her smile. Robert loves her. She loves him.

Janice had reminded Kathy of their childhood pact about children 3 years ago at Helen’s wedding. Helen is Janice’s big little sister at just over 6 foot. Janice was 6 months pregnant at the time and was feeling so large. Janice teased Kathy about finding her a man because she needed to get with the program if their children were going to be best friends. Janice threatened Kathy with just arranging for her to be inseminated if she did not find herself a husband. Sitting at the same table, Janice’s mother, Kimberly, teased that she could just have Robert breed her to keep her and the baby in the family. At the time everyone had giggled. Janice and Kimberly giggled because the idea embarrassed Kathy. Kathy giggled to hide her embarrassment.

Now three years later, Kathy is actually considering insemination because she wants at least one child and still has not found a husband. These feelings came to a head a couple months ago during her about weekly call with Janice. Janice confided that she had gone back off the pill and was hoping for their second and last child. Kathy was not even dating a guy. In fact she has never gotten past kissing. A sperm bank seemed like her only option but also seemed so cold and impersonal. Her baby would need a bigger family. Kathy has shared this angst with Janice for the last several weeks. Janice would respond by going through the list of single guys that would fall all over her if she would let them. Janice had tried to set Kathy up with many different guys over the years but none of them were what Kathy wanted. Nome of them was her prince charming.

Then two days ago, Kathy learned from Janice that Kimberly’s mother is dying. Kimberly needs to be there for her father but does not want to leave Robert alone for a week. Robert is committed to a major project and will lose himself in the work without a keeper. Kathy was stunned when Janice suddenly decided she needed to go but explained that her mother, Kimberly, would be calling Janice in a few minutes.

About 20 minutes latter Kimberly had called. Kimberly was exceedingly frank explaining that Robert would be expecting her on Wednesday night for dinner and that she should bring an overnight bag in case she wants to spend the night. Kimberly hoped that this visit would solve her problems with the sperm bank. Kathy is too stunned to say anything and Kimberly simply hung up. Confused Kathy had called Janice to make sure she understood. Janice explained that she had reminded her mother about the conversation at Helen’s reception and that her mother had taken it from there. Janice hoped Kathy would make the right decision and hung up before Kathy could ask any more questions.

Sitting in her car outside of Robert’s house, Kathy faces her decision. Should she grab the overnight bag or leave it on the seat? Should she spend the night? She thinks she has permission. She knows that it will be four days until Kimberly gets back. If she understands, she has the option of tonight, Thursday night, and Friday night. Kathy realizes she is getting ahead of herself. Will Robert even be interested in more than dinner? Making a decision, Kathy grabs her bag and her purse and heads for the front door.

As Kathy walks up to the door, she realizes that she has already made her decision. Under her blouse she is wearing her nicest bra with gaziantep escort cim cif bayan matching panties. Their cream color and lacy edges make her feel like a mature woman ready to be with her man. This thought sends a shiver through her body. She is wearing a nice blouse with jacket and a skirt. She had just sung in the choir so she needed to be dressed nice.

Robert opens the door just before she rings the bell. Robert gives her the once over but does not go into pervert or letch territory. Robert is dressed in jeans and a knit pull over shirt, casual and youngish without pretending to be 30 something. Crossing the threshold, Kathy steps into a full frontal hug followed by a warm if tongue free kiss. She savors the return of the feelings of safety and love. Kathy realizes she has come home. It might be a second home, but it is home nonetheless.

The house is filled with the heavenly aromas of dinner. Robert tells Kathy to make herself at home while he puts the finishing touches on dinner. Kathy ponders for a moment what do to with her bag and purse. Kathy settles on setting them both on the stairs leading up to the master bedroom suite. Kathy is not quite ready to presume that Robert will take her to the marital bed or even that he will take her.

Kathy claims a barstool to watch Robert finish up dinner. He has two woks going. They sizzle when he adds the last ingredients. Dinner smells fabulous as Robert shuttles everything to the table. Robert helps Kathy into her chair. Everything is served in the pan where it was cooked; no frivolous transfers to serving dishes for Robert. Robert takes pleasure in explaining each dish and noting the use of “meatless” ingredients making Kathy smile. Robert clearly respects her wishes to be a good Catholic. The salad is a wonderful mix of greens with fresh pear, red onions and glazed pecans. The salad dressing is light and sweet with a touch of maple. The vegetable side is a stir fried butternut squash with ginger and macadamia nuts. The main dish is a mango curry shrimp over brown rice. Robert understands a little about Catholics even if he does not understand Catholicism. It is a splendid meal filled with the talk of food while ignoring the elephant in the room.

Explaining the dessert, a panna cotta, might be better later, Robert sends Kathy off to get ready for bed while he puts away a few leftovers. He indicates that she can use the left sink in the master suite without further comment. He will wait in the living room for Kathy to return. Kathy takes a big breath wondering why Robert has not made more of a move on her. She is here to be inseminated. She wants to be fucked.

Entering the master suite, Kathy sees one of Robert’s tee-shirts laid out on the open bed. There is a towel spread out where she is guessing she will be taken for the first time. Perhaps experience is a good teacher. No one will have to sleep in a wet spot. In the bathroom, there is space cleared next to the left sink. Kathy smiles realizing that Kimberly has made space for her. Looking closely, Kathy finds a new head for the Braun electric toothbrush with a small post-it note bearing her name, a smiley face and a script K. Kathy smiles as she pulls off all of her cloths including the underwear that she so carefully selected. If Robert wants her in his tee-shirt, she can wear his tee-shirt. Kathy can feel the moistness of her slit as her body starts to respond to her anticipation. Kathy knows that “It” will happen tonight.

Robert meets Kathy at the foot of the stairs and takes her hand. He leads her into the living room and to the couch that replaced the one in her memories. Robert pulls Kathy into his lap with another gentle kiss and gives her a serious “we need to talk” look. Robert asks “Have you decided on a name for our baby? Have you decided what name to list for the father on the birth certificate?”

Kathy gets a deer in the headlights look. She has not considered much of anything beyond the imperative that she wants a baby. She wants a baby to play with Janice’s children. She wants to belong to Janice’s family. She has a good job with inexpensive day care on campus as part of the child development program so the financial side is handled. Still, there are details she has not considered.

Robert continues “Are we a onetime thing? Just something almost clinical? Do you want to keep meeting till you are sure you are pregnant? Or do you want to be my cinsel bilgiler “extra?” With this last, Robert gently squeezes Kathy’s right breast sending a shiver through her aroused if inexperienced body.

Responding to Kathy’s silence Robert kisses Kathy again. He suggests “I think the baby should have your last name. It will make your father happy. If it is a girl, name it for your mother. Leave the father’s name blank on the birth certificate in case you do eventually marry. Remember Zoe’s mess in “The Back-Up Plan”. As much as I would like to keep you, you may find someone that is perfect for you that will be yours alone.”

Kathy is almost speechless. It is almost too much to take in. She melds her body to Robert’s and asks “Could I really be yours? What about Kimberly? What do you mean by an “extra”?” Kathy hands wander over Robert’s chest feeling his body heat. She can feel the growing hardness in his loins where she is sitting in just a tee-shirt.

While cuddling there on the couch, Robert explains that an extra is a special family friend who with Kimberly’s permission can share intimate times with him as long as she is discrete and is not involved outside of the family. Irrespective of her other choices, her baby will be “adopted” into the family and she will always be part of the family. However, if she chooses to be intimate outside the family, she will no longer be an “extra”. With a serious look, Robert explains that there are currently two extras but will say no more even under Kathy’s questioning. It is part of being discrete.

Instead of answering Robert’s question, Kathy reaches down and pulls off the tee-shirt revealing her bare breasts and the sweet wetness of her sex. Kathy shifts herself to straddle Robert’s waist and kisses Robert with lips wide inviting Robert to invade her mouth. Kathy is knowingly surrendering herself to Robert. She is his. Robert responds by running his hands over her smooth ass cheeks. His tongue dances with hers as they begin the ages old ritual. He touches and caresses her backside accepting the gift of her passion.

Coming up for air, Robert needs to lock up the house and to brush his teeth before he claims Kathy. He sends Kathy to snuggle under the covers and think warm thoughts. He makes a last pass through the kitchen turning off lights, starting the dishwasher and locking doors. He climbs the three short flights of steps to the master suite knowing that Kathy awaits him. He will make her his woman and hopefully give her the child she wants. Robert smiles seeing that Kathy has used the new toothbrush that Kimberly had put out. They had discussed at length the best ways to let Kathy know she was welcome into their somewhat different relationship. After tonight, Robert would need to explain the limitations Kimberly placed on his “extras”. Tonight would be a joyous celebration of life in stark contrast to impending death of Kimberly’s mother.

Robert brushed his teeth. He skips flossing as he is a bit impatient. Robert tosses his clothes into the hamper and places his shoes on the shelf. He smiles had the hard firm erection that leads the way. He considers leaving the lights on for a moment but decides that the moon light shining in the window will be enough. It is time.

Kathy has positioned two pillows under her head and neck. She is lying on the towel with her knees spread wide. The only thing wider is her smile. Kathy has waited her whole life for this moment. Her arms reach out to Robert. As Robert gets closer, he sees a tube of personal lube on the small night stand next to the clock. Robert cannot help but wonder whether Kimberly was looking out for Kathy or whether Kathy had been coached. Either way, she is ready. He can use his rampant arousal now. There was no need for further foreplay.

After receiving a lover’s kiss, Kathy exclaims “Now! Take me now! Feed this good Catholic girl some meat.” Robert does not need to be asked twice. He slides his dick home with all the skill that comes from being married for over 30 years brings. Kathy hooks her ankles behind Robert’s back. He savors the erection that only a new naughty partner can bring. Kathy’s sheath feels so good. It is tight and wet. Robert begins fucking Kathy with serious passion. He slips in and out with abandon. Kathy gives herself over to her passions and her body is rocked with a big “O”. Lost in the passions of the moment, Robert follows making a generous deposit into his lover. The towel was indeed a good idea. Basking in the post-coital bliss, Kathy cuddles up to Robert to feel his body heat. She wants to be an “extra”. She wants his child. The passion has driven all thought of dessert from their minds.

After the euphoria has partially slipped away, Kathy asks a drowsy Robert “What does a girl need to do to get more of your special meat on Friday? God forgive me, I loved having meat on Ash Wednesday.”

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My Son’s New Friend

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As told by Janet, 43, brunette divorcee, 5’7, 145:

John’s friends were always around, even as kids. We had the biggest yard, and then got a pool when Bob, my ex, got lucky on a horse. He’s gone five years now, so it’s just John and I.

Being musical, my son was always in makeshift bands, some actually being decent. We had a two-car garage, so he begged and pleaded, and the cars went outside and a musical menagerie developed.

By the time he was 18, John was adept at piano, guitar, and tuba from his days in the marching band. Don’t laugh, he got offered a free ride in college, but chose not to take it.

Sometimes they practiced, sometimes it was just a jam session. I play piano and organ, so on occasion, I sat in, too. Apparently I was considered a cool mom, whatever that entailed.

Along the way, they picked up Tommy. They were all eighteen, he was 20. When I first saw him, I thought he was homeless, with a scraggly beard, mussed brown hair, and deep blue eyes. John had warned me not to judge him too quickly, and I listened as they tried a few old standards with Tommy singing lead.

The kid was amazing, the depth and range of his voice, solid, resonant. He didn’t embellish the way young people do today, letting the music and lyrics take him to another level. It wasn’t about him, it was about the song and the overall performance.

They took a break and I came in to meet him. John introduced us, and Tommy’s eyes flash when he first saw me. He had a shy smile, and shook my hand politely. He said, “Nice to meet you, Mrs Butler.” No one calls me that.

“Oh, please, call me Janet, everybody does.” John nodded in agreement and Tommy smiled again. “Thank you, Janet.”

“Mom, do you mind if Tommy crashes in the basement? His place is getting fixed.”

Tommy seemed annoyed. “No, I told you John, it’s okay!”

John shrugged. “He’s been showering at the Y and sleeping in movie theatres and his car, Ma.”

What could I say? “Of course he can stay, the pull-out needs sheets, you know where they are, and towels for the bathroom down there.” I turned to Tommy. “I won’t force you, but you’re more than welcome. If you’re anything like John, you eat like a bird, anyway!”

“T eats like a horse, Ma, he ate that whole pie at Vito’s remember?”

“Did not!”

“Well, you two fight it out. Nice to meet you, Tommy. Either way, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around.”

Two hours later, they called it a night, and I heard the cars leaving, except the old black Jeep. That was Tommy’s, I surmised.

They came in the kitchen, while I was enjoying my third martini, Tommy carrying a back pack, probably with his clothes.

“Do you guys want something to eat?” I asked.

“I just want to crash, but I bet he can eat, right, T? I’ll get his sheets and stuff.”

“I already made the bed for him. I got bored just sitting here.”

“You should have come out and jammed! T, you gotta hear Mom on the organ, man!”

Tommy’s eyes widened as if he saw me in a different light. I said, “Don’t flatter me, Mister. Tom, we have plenty of cold cuts. I’ll take some bread out for you.”

John showed T where to leave his bag and said goodnight. T sat at the counter, peeling cold cuts off the pile, seemingly afraid to take too much. I told him to pile it on, like a nice deli sandwich, and he did.

He went at it like he hadn’t eaten in a month. I poured soda for him and another martini for me. As the drinks took affect, my fascination with T grew. He seemed to have a defense mechanism, as if some time in his past, he’d been hurt, badly. I was so curious about him and his escort antep family and how he came to be sleeping in movies and his car at such a young age. But I felt that was prying, and wanted him to feel relaxed in my presence, not intimidated.

“I think you have a great voice, T. It seems so pure and natural.”

He blushed. “Thanks, Mrs… Janet. I just do it the way I think the writer wants it done.”

“Well, it works!”

He smiled again. “I really appreciate the bed and food. I got a place lined up, and I’ll be out of your way, as soon as I can.”

I patted his hand, and felt a spark! He did, too! “Ooh, did you feel that?” I touched it again, and said, “That’s better! I was gonna say you’re not in the way. You can even come and go as you please. There’s a side entrance. One rule, though. No drugs or parties, or women. Same goes for John. I don’t want neighbors complaining about the comings and goings, and the way young girls are now, you may think they’re of age, and they turn out to be 15!”

He was staring at our hands until the end, then those blue eyes peered at me. “Oh, I’m the other way, you don’t have to worry about that.”

I was surprised, I don’t know why, being gay seems so common now. “Well, that stands for boyfriends, too.” And I smiled to show it was okay if he was gay.

“What? Huh? Oh, no, that’s not what I meant! Ha ha, I get it now! Yeah, no, I meant the young girl part. The drugs, my mom died when I was 12 from an overdose. No drugs, not even aspirin. I would never have a party in someone else’s house, and the other way with girls is I’m hooked on older ones. But I promise not to bring anyone over.” He smiled broadly.

“Oh, T! I’m so embarrassed! I just assumed! Too much information! Sorry about that! Well, I’m glad we got that out of the way! No hard feelings?”

“Nope, I think it’s funny. I’m looking at you and I’m thinking….” He just stopped.

“What? What were you thinking?”

He got shy, again. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say.”

“Now I’m curious. You have to tell me, please!”

“Okay, but please don’t get mad. I just feel comfortable with you and started to say something I shouldn’t”

“What, Tommy?”

He looked down at our hands, still touching. “It’s just that I was thinking how much of a knockout you are, and you’re thinking I’m chasing girl scouts. It made me realize how young you think I am.”

I smiled. “Well….I’m flattered, I guess. It’s nice to know you think I’m attractive. But you are 20 years younger than me.”

“I told you I didn’t like young girls!”

“Yes, you did! But old ladies! I doubt it!”

“You’re not old, you’re in your sexual prime, and so am I!” he blurted out, sorry immediately.

These martinis are hitting me! “Thank you, Doctor for your evaluation. It sounds like you’ve done research.” I smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sorry. This is why I don’t talk much, things just come out that should be filtered. Anyway, I’ll abide by your rules and be out of here in no time.”

I smiled again. “No rush, I haven’t had compliments in a long time, I could get used to it!”

He finished his sandwich and soda. I thought, what he said was true. I’ve read studies that women in their forties and men in their late teens and twenties are the most compatible, sex-drive wise. I thought that as I watched him eating. If his sexual appetite was anything like his regular one, he must be a dynamo!

“Well, I guess I’ll go to bed now. Thanks again.”

I stood when he did, and right away, I felt the drinks hit. “John showed you where escort araban everything was, right?”

“Oh, I’ll find everything, I’m sure.”

“Well, watch those pipes down there, some are low and you’ll get a major bump. Let me show you for sure.” I led the way.

“Really, I’m okay, Janet.”

“I insist! The light in the bathroom is tricky, too.”

The bed was open with the sheets on it. He followed me farther into the basement, ducking where the pipes were. I reached around the corner into the bathroom.

“The switch is over here, feel, come here.” He squeezed in, behind to me, and followed my arm around. “Feel it? Right there?”

I realized his body was pressed against me, his crotch and my ass, and I could smell his manly scent surround me. The drinks were taking over, and his body felt so tight and warm against me. “Can you feel it, T?”

“Yes,” he grunted, in a husky voice.

Oh god, he sounds so sexy! “Or you can leave it on all night, so you don’t bump into anything.”

“I’ll be fine.”

I turned around to face him, our bodies still pressed together. “I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Our faces were close in the shadows, and there was enough light to see his eyes looking down at me. I felt my lips quivering, and my body rose on my toes until our lips almost touched. “Tommy?”


“I’m too old for you.”

“Then why are you here?”

Without any viable answer, I closed my eyes and we met, softly, tenderly. “I don’t know, I shouldn’t be doing this.”

His hands were on my hips now, pressing my chest into his as he kissed back. “It’s all I’ve wanted since I saw you,” he whispered.

“My son…”

“I would never think of saying anything to anyone, much less John.”

My entire body felt alive, every fiber of my being. I had allowed myself to succumb to a skinny, dirty, homeless man. And I never felt more attractive, than in his eyes.

I reached up and held his neck as we exchanged another deep kiss, with tongue. I felt his hand on my breast. He massaged it, making my nipple the hardest in a long time. Our kiss broke and he lifted my bra and top off, leaving my hefty 36D’s in his hands. My head rolled back as he leaned to suck the nipples, and I arched my spine. “Oh God,” came from my throat.

I reveled in his attention, then realized how much I wanted him. When I reached for his zipper, he stood rigid, and I felt the bulge. I looked into his eyes and saw the depth, and began to stroke him. He was obviously pretty far along, and he fumbled to open them, not wanting me to rethink it.

We stumbled into the bath and I sat down, pulling him toward me, his cock engorged, the large pink head. I had to taste him, it was so hard and smooth. I kissed the tip and let my tongue slide up his slit. He groaned and shifted, pressing himself into my throat, me gasping for air. My mind raced, this young man, my son’s friend, ramming his cock down my throat! What am I doing?

I had not been with a young man since I was young. All the stories say how young men climax quickly from lack of control. Tommy, I think, just had too much backed up. He grunted again and I felt the spurt! It surprised me, so soon and so much! The second seemed more. I swallowed but it was difficult with him humping my head, holding tight and slamming into me. Another shot, hot and heavy, and I felt it on my chin, onto my tits, so gooey and thick, and he wasn’t through. His big cock stopped shooting but the ooze continued, and I couldn’t take anymore, holding my hand under my chin as it ran out with gaziantep arap escort bayan my spit combined.

T was holding himself up against the walls, out of breath as I grabbed for toilet paper, wiping myself quickly, my mind racing. What now? I sucked a young man’s cock in my bathroom, and now he’s looking down at me, thinking I’m a filthy whore. You know what? I didn’t care! Hell, this was the most sex I had in 6 months!

I looked up at him, he was smiling down at me. “Oh, God!” he said, almost whispering. “That was awesome! I never came like that, never!”

He crouched down and kissed me, with his sperm still in my mouth! Not just a kiss, a deep sensual thank-you kiss. He stood, taking me with him, whispering how it was my turn. His hands were digging into my shorts, and he forced them down harshly. There was no way he could get hard that quickly. He lifted me onto the vanity and spread my legs. I was amazed to see him kneel before me, smiling, telling me I was beautiful.

I had trimmed and shaven for the pool, so the thing was manageable. He smiled at my tuft of hair and dove in, kissing and licking. I leaned back, enjoying the attention. So many men just want oral, and don’t give oral. Tommy seemed to love it, using his tongue and nose to arouse me, like a double tongue! I was flailing in seconds it seemed. My body seemed to lift off the vanity at one point, and I felt the waves of orgasm for the first time in a while.

He seemed to sense it, maybe even taste it. He was up now, holding his swollen cock again, ready for action.

He came to me with it, and I moved to the edge, taking it in my hand and guiding him in. Oh, the feeling, being filled with his hot hard meat. I looked into his eyes and his arousal was as much as mine. We kissed, held it as he slid back then in again. We broke the kiss and went at it in earnest.

The pounding was too much for the vanity, it was shaking and banging the wall! I pushed him out, saying, “Too loud!” He lowered me and turned me around, bending me at the waist and entered from behind. I could feel him deeper now! I held the archway of the door and he began again, with me bent whimpering and him slamming!

Those mild waves I felt before were replaced by convulsions. My legs lost all muscle and he and the door were basically holding me up. I let out a deep moan, long and low, like a cat in the night, and he grunted, “Gonna cum!” He slammed once more and held it in, and I cried out, trying to cover my mouth. I felt him spasm inside me, knowing he was depositing more sperm.

I straightened and turned, still gasping for air and he took me in his arms, kissing me, saying those things men say but don’t mean, and they sounded good and true. We held each other for a long time. I finally kissed him goodnight.

At breakfast, I felt alive for the first time in a year! John came down and Tom immediately came up, probably waiting for John to dispel any awkwardness.

“Good morning! Breakfast? Coffee’s in the carafe. How did did you boys sleep?”

John looked at T. “She’s never perky in the morning, watch out, something’s up!” Then he laughed.

John went up to shower. Tommy already had. “So, did you sleep well?” I asked.

He was shy, again. “Yes, thanks.”

I sat across from him like the previous night. “Look, T, I’m past the point of apologizing for every thing I do. Last night was wonderful. I had a great time, and I hope you did, too. If it never happens again, I’ll always remember it for what it was, two people making love. Thank you.”

His eyes brightened. “I love you.”

I laughed. “No you don’t, but it’s sweet of you to say. You may even think you do, but it will pass. You’re welcome to stay here, but another ground rule: this only happens when no one is around. If John finds out, he’ll be devastated. And so would I. Okay?”

“Whatever you say, I’ll do. And when I get my place again, I hope you’ll visit.”

“Bet on it.”

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My Girlfriend’s Mother

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This is my first submission…..any feedback is appreciated! Thanks in advance.


My girlfriend Elsie told me her mother, Linda, was going to stay the weekend with us. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but it was the beginning of an incredible summer.

I was 23 when I met Elsie. Elsie was 22. We had been dating for about a year and living together for almost 6 months. She was a dancer at one of the local gentleman’s clubs. I had no problem with her being a dancer. When she came home, she was usually very horny and our sex life was very good.

When I first met her mother Linda, we hit it off well. Linda was in her mid-forties and was a hairdresser. She was very classy-looking….I saw where Elsie got her body. A woman in her late forties, Linda looked incredible. She had been dating Ted for about a year, but their relationship was in trouble, so she wanted to get away for a few days.

Back to the weekend that started it all……

Elsie was called in to work Friday night until closing; she asked me to spend time with her mother, which I didn’t mind at all. Linda and I had dinner at the house. Linda loved gaziantep ateşli escort bayan wine, so we had a few glasses and were totally relaxed. We had great conversation and laughed a lot. We were borderline tipsy.

Linda suddenly said, “Elsie tells me you take very good care of her. I appreciate that you take good care of my baby girl.”

I was flattered and told her how much I liked Elsie.

Linda continued, “You know, Elsie tells me everything. And I mean, everything.”

I got a little nervous, wondering what she was implying.

“You fuck my daughter great and she loves it. She tells me you’re a fantastic pussy eater as well. Ted doesn’t eat pussy.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I noticed her previous smile had now become a frown. I wondered what my answer should be, not wanting to get myself into trouble. With my buzz in full force now, I decided to be just as blunt as she was.

I said to Linda, “Ted has no idea what he is missing. If I were Ted, I’d be eating you out every night. I bet your pussy is delicious.”

Linda’s bakımlı escort gaziantep smile returned. She hugged me and told me I was sweet. I had a raging hard-on by then; I knew she felt it pressing against her. I hugged her back. My hands found their way to her tight ass. I gave her cheeks a squeeze and felt no resistance. She moaned softly in my ear as she grabbed my cock. She slowly got down to her knees, pulled my dick out and started to give me the most intense, pleasurable blowjob I ever received.

Elsie gave great head, but her mother’s skill was in a class by itself. Linda continued licking and sucking as my pre-cum flowed freely. She paused for a moment, looked lovingly into my eyes and told me to cum in her mouth.

Her mouth went back to work and as she came up for air, she started talking dirty. “Do I suck dick as good as Elsie? I get so jealous when she tells me about you fucking her so hard. My pussy gets so fucking wet. Afterwards, I end up fingering my hot pussy and ass, fantasizing about you until I cum.” That sent me over the edge and I came harder than gaziantep bayan escort I had in a long, long time. We kissed passionately after my orgasm. I slowly removed her clothes and worked my way down. Her scent was intoxicating. I licked and nibbled her neck and sucked on her rock-hard nipples. She moaned loudly and led me down to her clean-shaven pussy, which was swollen and dripping.

“Eat me. Eat my pussy now! Make me cum all over your face! Make me cum like you make my daughter cum!”, Linda screamed out.

I was more than happy to oblige and I kissed, licked, and sucked her sweet pussy, hoping the pleasure I gave her was just as great as the pleasure she gave me when she sucked my cock.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHH fuckkkkkkkkk!”, she wailed. “You’re so fucking good!”

Then I did something I had never done before. I started to lick her ass. I couldn’t help it. Linda was just so damn sexy in front of me with her legs spread wide open.

Linda moaned, “Holy shit! Elsie never told me about this! Oh my god! That feels so fucking good. So fucking sexy!”

With her moan of approval, I stuck a finger in her ass as I sucked her swollen clit. That did it. She came….she came hard. Her body trembled and tensed up.

“I’m cummmmmmmmmmming! Oh my fucking god I’m cumming!”

Then she went limp. After a moment, she smiled as I held her in my arms. My cock was hard again, and she grabbed a hold of it.

Linda whispered, “Elsie won’t be home for another 3 hours. You’re mine until then.”

To be continued…

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My New Landlady

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Tom had put an advert in a supermarket small ads board in his search for a rented room. Tom had graduated with a law degree six years ago. He had his practising certificate but had never used it as he had joined a large Auction House as a cataloger and general assistant. He had worked hard with this firm and had seen an opportunity for an Auctioneer at another large firm. He had got the job. He already had two properties which he had inherited. He had now rented out the property he had lived in, but he now had two weeks to find a rented room. His other property was already rented out. He was saving hard to raise the capital to finance his own Auction House.

His advert had been quite simple. It read, “Young Professional gentleman is searching for a rented room. Can cook but would prefer a cooked evening meal. Willing to help around the house. Must have a good Internet connection. Please phone Tom on xxxxxxxxxx.”

He had put the advert in yesterday morning, but so far he had heard nothing. The supermarket was situated in a very wealthy residential area, and he felt sure that somebody would be willing to rent him a room. Then his phone beeped he had a WhatsApp message which read,

“Hi Tom, I have just read your advertisement in the supermarket. I’m in a position to offer you a room. I live in quite a large house. I am a widow. I’m a medical doctor but only work mornings at the health centre. I would be able to offer you an evening meal. My address is Brownhills Road. If you can give me a time when you can visit me, then we can take matters forward. Kind regards, Dr May Harper.”

Tom knew the road. It was an exclusive area comprising odd mansions and villas. He replied saying that he would be there after work around five-thirty. He drove into her driveway on the half hour. As he got out of his car, a tall, distinguished woman came out of front door. She was wearing a blouse and trousers. She had long legs and enormous boobies. She offered him her hand and said, “Mr Grey, how do you do? I’m Dr Harper. May I offer you a cup of tea?”

He accepted, and she took him into a lounge. Then she got the tea and biscuits. For the next ninety minutes, she said nothing about herself but had Tom’s life history. Tom liked her. She was a very intelligent woman. Every question she asked was deliberate. She asked nothing of his private life. Only about his education and his job. She then said, “Mr Grey, I would love to offer you a room. May I show you the room, and hopefully it suits you. There is a high-speed Internet connection in the house with a cable in your room and also a strong WiFi signal throughout the house.”

The room was wonderful. It was large and spacious with its ensuite bathroom. She told him that this had been her bedroom when her husband had been alive, but she had his room redecorated five years ago when he died. She then offered him a fantastic offer for dinner bed and breakfast. She had a housekeeper who would look after his laundry. She showed him around the house. There was a former stable which was empty. He told her that he enjoyed restoring old furniture. He asked if he could use the stable and she agreed. It was arranged that he would move in the following Saturday which also happened to be the first of the month.

They soon got into a routine. It was very correct the way they addressed each other. He was Mr Grey, and she was Dr Harper. The house was enormous, and so were the gardens. It was mainly grass and a firm came in once a week to cut the grass. The rest was set up for a minimal amount of upkeep. They had breakfast together on weekdays at seven thirty. Dinner was always at seven in the evening. They had wine every night with their meal. They generally chatted about how their day had been. After dinner, they would both go to their rooms. She got up at six every weekday morning and swam in the pool in the house. There were a jacuzzi and sauna as well. She suggested to Tom that he should join her for her morning swims.

He started to enjoy the morning swims. The pool was fifty meters long, and they both would swim one kilometre each morning. After a week he felt much fitter. She was now wearing very revealing swimming costumes. They were all one piece, and Tom asked if she had a bikini and the next morning she was wearing the skimpiest bikini imaginable, and she looked stunning. She said, “I haven’t worn this for years. I think my boobies have got a lot bigger. Before you joined me for our morning swims, I used to swim naked. It’s a nice feeling to swim nude. I have no problem with us swimming naked.”

She then took her top and pants off. Her boobies were enormous with big hard nipples. Her vulva was smooth and swollen. It looked wonderful. Tom took off his swimming trunks, and his cock was half hard. May looked at then took it into her hands. She said, “I’m a Urologist, this is the biggest cock that I have ever seen. I look forward to seeing him hard. Let’s swim, or we will end up making love all day.”

She took him in her arms, and they kissed passionately. He felt the weight of her escort bayan adıyaman enormous boobies on his chest. It felt so good. She said, “Tom, I find you so attractive and interesting. I’m a little older than you. I feel comfortable with this and hope that you do too. I would like to share your bed with you. I’m honest, and I would like you to be the same with me.”

Tom replied, “May, I’m comfortable with it. I also find you very attractive. I love your curves. I would love to wake up with you next to me. I’m sure that we can have some great fun together. Let’s give it a try. We are both adults, we both have needs and urges. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.”

They were swimming beside each other. May was telling Tom about her unhappy marriage. She was bisexual but had not been with a man for years. She had one son, but he had died in a car crash when he was nineteen. She was fifty-three and still was having her period. Tom liked everything that she was telling him. They finished the kilometre swim. They kissed in the pool then went to Tom’s bathroom to shower. They showered together, washing each other, touching each other. Tom’s cock was now rock hard, and May went down on him. Her tongue was everywhere. He slid two fingers into her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure and said, “Take me. I need it so badly. Fuck me hard and deep.”

They dried and went into his bedroom. May was very horny. She lay on the bed and spread her legs. Her pussy lips were glistening with her wetness. She took his cock and guided it into wet pussy. With one gentle thrust, he was home and deep inside her. He now started to ride her. He soon had a powerful rhythm going. She was good as she was gripping his cock tightly as he rode her. He was pounding into her now and kept going for another thirty minutes. They both had massive orgasms within seconds of each other. She held him inside her as she kissed him passionately. She said, “That was wonderful, thank goodness it’s Friday. We will have an exciting weekend. Let’s have a quick shower then I will make breakfast as my first patient is at eight o’clock.”

They both left the house at the same time. May was glowing. As Tom drove to his office, he thought if someone had told him last night that he would fuck May in the morning, he wouldn’t have believed them. His cock was still tingling from this morning. He liked May a lot. He loved her curves. What had happened this morning seemed so normal; it had happened naturally. He was looking forward to tonight. He arrived at the office and started cataloguing the next auction. The new software made it all so easy.

Just after nine, he got a WhatsApp message from May which read, “Darling, I am so happy that we did that this morning. I feel wonderful. My pussy is tingling. I can’t get you and your beautiful cock out of my head. Would you like a curry tonight as there is a super Indian restaurant that delivers and that will give me more time to pamper you? I will move my clothes into your room when I get home. Thinking about you. Love May xxx.”

He replied, “The Indian sounds good. I have a house clearance valuation to do this afternoon, so I may be home earlier. I feel the same way. My cock is still tingling. I will help you move the clothes if you want. I’m thinking about you too. All my love Tom xxx.”

Just before lunch, he had finished the cataloguing. He was pleased with himself as for the over eight hundred lots he hadn’t needed to research one item. He made some roasted cheese sandwiches in the office kitchen and a mug of coffee. He was thinking about the house clearance. In the month that he had been in the company, he had tendered for six clearances and had not been awarded one. The company was not generous with their offers. If the goods in the clearance had a value of one thousand pounds and the transportation costs were five hundred pounds then he was to offer two hundred and fifty pounds.

He had spoken to the Managing Director of his company suggesting that his time could be better used not giving quotes for clearances. He was told that this kind of business was not what they wanted to be in, but the firm must be seen to be offering the service. His phone beeped, he had a message from May which read, “Tom, I’m home. I have felt so happy all morning. I have put some of my clothes into a wardrobe in your room. I’m going to trim around your beautiful cock and balls when you get home. I hate hair in my teeth. How’s your day going? When will you be home? I’m thinking about you. Love May xxx.”

He replied, “I have felt happy too. I have to give an estimate on a house clearance this afternoon. I should be home around four this afternoon. I’m looking forward to you doing that, but I want to be smooth like you. Your vulva looked beautiful this morning. Would you like to feel my tongue on your clitoris tonight? Love Tom xxx.”

May replied, “Yes darling, I would love that. I love oral giving and receiving. I love it if you are intrusive with your fingers as you pamper escort baya nakkent my clit. I’m going to the hairdresser this afternoon. I’ll be home by four. I have put some champagne in the fridge. If you are home first then start without me. I can’t stop thinking about you. All my love May xxx.”

Tom didn’t reply but set off for his two-thirty appointment. He was met by a young man in his early thirties. It was the contents of his mother’s house that were to be cleared. Tom went through the home with him. Tom then made him a verbal offer of two hundred pounds on behalf of his company. The man told him that wasn’t enough and he wanted four hundred. Tom said, “I agree with you. I made the offer on behalf of my company, and that’s all I am allowed to offer. I will pay you four hundred pounds cash tomorrow if you help me load the van. I will be here at ten tomorrow morning.”

The man shook his hand, and Tom left. Tom knew that he had made a good deal as there were several oil paintings in a cupboard. There was also some old porcelain in perfect condition. There was a selection of silver which would realise more than four hundred pounds. He would store it in May’s stable. Tom had an old Mercedes furniture van which he had purchased from the widow of an Antique dealer. He garaged it in May’s stable. He already had all his pieces there, and there was so much space.

He arrived at May’s. She was home. She was in the lounge. She was wearing a crotchless pink bodysuit with self-supporting stockings. She poured him a glass of champagne. He took her in his arms and kissed her. It was a long hot kiss. May said, “I love how you kiss. I think you should now take your clothes off. Would you like me to help you?”

Two minutes later they were both naked. The lay on top of the large Chinese rug in the lounge. They started to sixty-nine. He had positioned her so that he had access to both her pussy and her ass. She had his full length in her mouth. Using his index and middle fingers he spread her pussy lips open and out popped a huge hooded clitoris. It was the length and thickness of a man’s thumb. He teased it with his tongue for a couple of minutes then went down and started sucking it like a little cock. Soon he was finger fucking her tight wet pussy with four fingers as he sucked her clit. She was moaning with pleasure as she spread her legs fully open and pushed her pussy against his mouth.

Five minutes later he was fisting her pussy as he sucked her big clit. Her pussy was very wet. He had felt her tremble several times and knew that she had cum a few times. He now had two fingers inside her ass, and she loved it. Using her cum as lube, he now had three fingers in her ass. She said, “Tom, I love that but could you concentrate on my pussy this now. I have been ass fucked with one of my girlfriend’s strapon, and I loved it. Later I’ll put my butt plug in my ass with some lube, and then you can ass fuck me.”

He then bent her over an armchair with her holding the arms, went into her doggy style from behind. He soon was pounding inside her with a powerful rhythm as he stimulated her clit with his index and middle fingers. She was good. She was gripping his cock with every thrust. Twenty minutes later he exploded inside her. He pulled out and turned her around and kissed her. She said, “That was wonderful. That’s the best oral that I have ever had in my life. I came so often that I lost count. A lot of my patients would love that. I love your cock. It goes so deep. My last orgasm was so strong. I’m looking forward to tonight.”

They showered then went into the lounge. Tom stayed naked and she put on her pink bodysuit. She then went out and came back with two towelling bathrobes and her purse. She turned around and bent down. She had a butt plug in her ass. They chatted as they sipped their champagne. She said, “We can spend tomorrow morning in bed.”

Tom then explained what had happened with the house clearance and would have to leave at nine thirty in the morning. May said, “I’m happy that you have done that. Always give a fair deal, and you will be successful. You should have a chat with your boss and tell him what you have done then I believe that you will get a lot more clearances. You should advertise them around the University as students are always looking for things.”

“I have had a busy morning too. I’m a Urologist and a Gynaecologist. I only work mornings. I specialise in older women with their sexual problems. Vaginal dryness. Orgasm problems. Increased need for arousal and many more other problems with their sex lives. Every day I have ten private patients who come to me for basically sex. I give them orgasm, and they give me one hundred and fifty pounds cash. Every morning I earn one thousand five hundred pounds. There’s a lot of money in sex if you know what you are doing.”

“I’m honest with you. You are a young man making your way in life. I want to help you. If your boss tells you can’t do any more clearances, then I would tell you to hand escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan in your notice and set up the barn beside the stable then you could convert it into an Auction House. How do you feel about how I make my living and you setting up your business here?”

Tom replied, “I believe that you like me, enjoy how we make a living. Through your knowledge and understanding, you can give women pleasure and enjoyment. I have no problem with that. To offer me your property for my use. I respect you so much for this. After our Indian meal let’s walk around so that I can see how it could be developed. Thank you for putting your trust in me.”

She ordered two Thali dinners with lamb, chicken and vegetables and Naan bread. It arrived thirty minutes later, and it was delicious. They then dressed and went to look at the outbuildings. The barn had two floors and was more significant than the Auction House where he was working. The stables were huge as well. May suggested converting the stables into an Antique Centre. Tom said that was a good idea. They both could see the potential that was there. There was good roads and car parking around the house.

They went back to the house and went to May’s bathroom. They both stripped and May started to shave his pubic hair. She had a special disposable razor and within minutes he was smooth all around his cock and balls. She then put an alcohol shaving gel on to him. She then shaved him with a very flexible headed safety razor. He was now completely smooth. She then rinsed him in the shower. She dried him then massaged his cock and balls with a water-based lube. His cock was soon hard. It was so hard and was glistening. May said, “Tom, let me take some pictures. Let me wash my hands and get my phone.”

She came back and took several pictures of his hard cock. She said, “It looks wonderful and your balls are full of testosterone. They look so heavy. The tip of your cock is so bulbous, I several good ones of that. She then kissed him. As she kissed him, she pulled the button plug out of her ass. She said, “Fuck my ass now darling and like my pussy, I like it hard and deep.”

They stayed in the bathroom. She bent over and gripped a towel rail which was secured to the tiled wall. She was offering her pussy and her ass to him. He put the tip of his cock against her ass hole doggy style. There was a lot of lube around her ass. With a gentle thrust, his cock filled her ass. He then got into a compelling rhythm. He was going deep and hard. He was stroking her clit as he fucked her. After fifteen minutes she had a massive orgasm. She started to shake with it. He felt her warm cum on his fingers as he stroked her clit. She said, “That was fucking amazing. Your cock was stimulating my g-spot and that made me cum. I have never had that in my life before. Do my pussy now darling.”

He pulled out of her ass and went inside her pussy doggy style. He was pounding her now. Twenty-five minutes later he exploded inside her. He pulled out and turned her around and they kissed. They hugged and touched each other. They then went to her bedroom and we’re asleep fifteen minutes later.


On Monday morning Tom asked Mr Carswell’s secretary if he could have a meeting with him. Ten minutes later she phoned him back to say that he would see him now. He was shown into his office and the secretary brought him a coffee. Tom explained what had happened on Friday and wanted Mr Carswell to know that he had done this.

Mr Carswell replied, “Tom, I’m so happy that you have the honesty to tell me this. I am so happy with the good work that you have done since you have joined us. I have been so impressed with your work I was thinking of giving you a salary increase. The house clearance work is irrelevant to us but we must be seen to be providing the service. We get offered so much of it. You know the terms we offer and that’s the reason we don’t get much business from it. If it’s a country estate that’s full of Antiques, then we are interested.”

“I can see that you are interested in this type of business. If you are interested in doing this on your account, then we would give you every lead that we get. As you know, we can be very busy here and we also have our quiet days. On our busy days then I would want you here. On the quiet days then you can go about the clearance business. How do you feel about this?”

Tom answered, “Thank you, sir, for your kind words and you offering me this work. I am delighted here. You have a wonderful staff here. It is a nice and pleasant environment here. I fully understand stand about the busy and quiet times and I will always be here at the busy times.”

They shook hands and he went back to his office. He reflected over the weekend. He had arrived at the house just before ten. The man had given him a hand to load the van. He had got back to the stable and he and May had unloaded the items. Everything that they had acquired was in good condition. May was impressed when they had unpacked the items. May was wearing a tight-fitting polo shirt and no bra. She was also wearing tight-fitting leggings and no pants. They had spent Saturday afternoon in bed. Ordered a Chinese take away on Saturday night. They swam on Sunday morning and made love in the pool. She had stood at one of the filter jets at the pool with the jet directed at her ass. She told him that she could get off with the jet in the jacuzzi.

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