Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 22

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Sarah’s News

Sally Czarwitz was looking through the list of phone numbers for her “stable” of guys from high school. Before graduation she had anticipated having sex with every one of the 50 or so guys before heading off to Stanford. But then she had gotten back together with ,her best friend from middle school. Rather than having sex with her “stable” of guys the two of them together had been sexually active with an entirely different group. But Sarah had started dancing at a nude club north of the city and Sally had reverted to calling some of her high school partners.

Before she had finished looking at the list and deciding who to call next, Sarah called, “I have bad news.”

Sally’s euphoria vanished as she braced herself, “What?”

“My parents’ say we can’t go to the swingers parties anymore.”

Sally’s good feelings returned. This was worse for Sarah than for her. Sarah’s parents were swingers and Sarah had wanted to participate for some time. Her parents had let the two of them them come along once. Sally had great sex with three guys. One was Sarah’s father and another was one of her high school teachers. She was sure she could get with either of them again with little persuasion. The third was the best of the three. It was a bit of a disappointment that she wouldn’t be seeing him again but then he might not be at any party she might have attended anyway. “Oh, that’s too bad. Why?”

“Apparently some old biddies complained about us being there and taking the good guys. Their club committee passed rules saying only people over 21 with long lasting relationships can come.”

As she listened to her friend’s complaints, Sally resumed her perusal of her list. She wasn’t going to let the loss of this one source of sexual activity ruin the rest of her summer. Though sympathetic, she also knew that Sarah, with her stripping, was getting plenty of sexual stimulation in the VIP rooms at the strip cub and being paid for it.

Sally raised the point, “Don’t you get all the cock you need at the Pleasure Palace?”

Sarah answered, “Sally, those guys just want me to pleasure them. They don’t do anything for me, they could care less. You know how the guys at the swingers party are. Most of them want to please the women. Sometimes I think that’s the main reason they are there.”

Sally considered her hook-ups at the party, “Yeah, you’re right about that.” She started rubbing her clit as she thought about that one guy. “So, you don’t get any pleasure at the Pleasure Palace?”

“Well, I get what I can but it’s up to me. There are a few guys that seem nice and want to give me a good time but they are few and far between. It’s ‘wham, bam, thank you mam’ usually without even the ‘thank you’ except for the tips. And those booths don’t really give the space to do much. And then there’s the fact that a lotta sex stuff there is illegal, so you have to be careful. Not to mention that many of those guys are probably full of STD’s.”

“I’m sorry that the swingers’ parties are off limits. Is there anything I can do?” She was thinking of maybe going by and commiserating.

“Not unless you can ship over some good, woman pleasing cock. I could use a good, but loving fuck, maybe two, or five.”

Sally had her book of a supply of exactly that open in front of her, “I can supply that.”

“Oh, sure, how?”

“Remember I fucked almost every geek and nerd in school.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Hey, I taught them how to please a girl, well, ME, at least. They were all good learners, I guarantee they are all great, caring fucks.”

“But that was in school.”

“You don’t teach guys how to be a good fuck in one lesson and once you have him trained, you don’t let him go. I have all their numbers and most of them are available on call. They didn’t get much action other than mine.” She felt a tingling in her vagina considering that most of them would give anything for sex. And sex with a great looking ex-cheerleader like Sarah, well …

“You mean …?”

“Yes I do! I have a bunch of good fucks available at almost a moments notice.”

“You never told me.”

“Well, when we got back together we were having so much fun with other guys that I put my stable of studs aside.”

“You can get me one?”

“I’ll get you two, no, three. Hell! I’ll line them up to fill the rest of your day. What’ya think? One every 45 minutes?”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope! One every 45 minutes until you’re satisfied. You can expect a knock on your door in less than half an hour. They’ll keep coming until you call to close the spigot.”


Neal Carmody was looking through the list of community college courses. He had been a good student throughout school but was a procrastinator. He had procrastinated on applying to any college or scholarships and now the community college was his only choice. He didn’t have long before the sign-up for courses in the fall would be closed. And if he didn’t go to school his parents’ would explode. canlı bahis They were even threatening to throw him out on the street and force him to live on his part time, fast food worker’s wage or get a full time job. He didn’t even know what major to select.

His phone rang and he was surprised to see it was from Sally. His cock jumped. He hadn’t seen her since graduation and assumed she had forgotten about him. He was also surprised that she was phoning. Usually she just sent text messages.

“Hello Sally.” He resisted saying, “wanna fuck,” which was the only reason he expected she would call. He hadn’t had sex since his last time with her.

“Hey Neal, wanna fuck?”

She had to ask? “Sure!”

“Not me, Sarah Malone.”

“Sarah Malone?”

“You remember her from high school.”

He didn’t. Couldn’t place the name at all. “No, sorry.”

“You interested?”

He was disappointed it wasn’t Sally but didn’t want to turn down the opportunity. “I guess.”

Sally sensed his reluctance, “You have a yearbook?”


“Look her up, and check out pages 257, 258, and 305. I’ll hold.”

Neal found his yearbook buried under a pile of books he had spent the summer reading. “I needed to get these back to the library,” he thought, “I bet a lot of them are overdue.”

He looked up Sarah and saw an extremely attractive blond. That got a rise in his penis. He checked the other pages. 257 and 258 were the group pictures of the cheerleader squads and there was Sarah, cute and voluptuous with a great figure. 305 was a group of photos from a cheerleader day at the beach. They showed Sarah in a bikini that displayed everything but her most intimate parts and suggested heavily that those were substantial and soft.

Back on the phone, he was skeptical. “Yeah, very nice. What’s the gimmick? You’re punking me.”

“No gimmick, she needs a good fuck and I told her I find someone who really knows how to please a woman.”

“Yeah like you know the most attractive cheerleader from school.”

“She and I were best friends in middle school and we got back together.”

Neal was still a bit skeptical but all he had to lose was a bit of his minimal dignity when this turned out to be a prank. “OK, what do I do?”

Sally gave him Sarah’s address. “Don’t let me down or embarrass me. Show her a really good time. Make her want you to come back. Get there as soon as you can, she’s waiting.”

“This is her home?”


“Parent’s are out?”

“Don’t know. You might get lucky if her mom is in. She might join you.” In a playful mood she added, “But watch out if her dad is there.”

She stopped to let the silence have it’s effect. “If he’s there he’ll bend your ear about how best fuck his daughter, so watch out.” She laughed.

Now he was sure this was going to end in humiliation. “Right, if this is a prank, I’ll find a way to get back at you.” Any prank of Sally’s at least would end in a sex session with her.

“Not a prank.” Sally considered that “getting back at” her would mean a fuck.

Neal hung up and quickly put on jeans and a shirt.

Sarah’s Home

Marlene Malone was in her red leotards using the dining room table and chairs for stretching exercises. With every month it seemed harder to keep in shape. And now that she was back to stripping she felt she needed to be even more fit looking. She knew it wasn’t a competition and she knew the customers preferred the younger women but with her daughter at the same club she didn’t want her own income to fall significantly behind. She also wanted the mother-daughter pairing to be a significant draw to get guys into the back VIP rooms with the two of them. She thought she was doing pretty well. Her income was easily 80% of her extremely beautiful daughter’s and the guys seemed to want as much “extra attention” from her as from her daughter when they went back together.

The doorbell rang and she opened the door to see a taller than average, lanky guy with close set, deep brown eyes, a sharp, thin nose and long, slicked back, black hair. “Is Sarah here?” he asked.

“She’s in her room upstairs.” Marlene said, letting him in.

“Thank you ma’am.” The young man said as he eyed her body approvingly.

Marlene stretched slightly for effect and basked in his glances. She spread her legs slightly, knowing the leotards made a nice cameltoe. “Turn left, first door on the right,” she said sweetly as he reached the stairs.

“What’s your name?” she added, letting one of her straps fall to expose a nipple while his back was turned.

He stopped on the stair as he turned to answer her, “Neal Carmody, ma’am,” he said by instinct as he saw the partially exposed breast. He couldn’t say any more, swallowed nervously, and quickly proceeded up the stairs.

“My God, Sally was right about the mom,” he thought as he reached the first door on the right to see Sarah, better looking than any year book picture, completely naked, her back on a pillow propped against bahis siteleri the bed headboard. Her legs were bent and separated just enough to allow a full view of the slit formed by her fleshy major labia. He now knew for sure that this wasn’t a prank and his penis tried to snap to attention, hindered by his briefs.

“Come on in, Neal, isn’t it?” the vision said.

Neal walked in, “Yes, Neal, what would you like?”

“Sally said you’re the expert. I’m at your disposal,” She spread her legs wider and rubbed her breasts.

Neal’s mouth was getting dry. “Sally didn’t really tell me why I’m here.” Sally’s words, “she needs a fuck” rattled around in his brain.

“She thought you could help.”


“Yeah, help me get over my disappointment.”

“She didn’t tell me that.” Neal sat down on the bed next to the disappointed, but achingly beautiful, naked young woman. “What about?” If Sally had taught him anything it was to be interested in the girl as part of the foreplay.

“My parents told me I can’t go to their swingers’ parties any more.”

Now that was a new one to Neal. Swingers’ parties and this beauty’s parents went to them, and she wanted to go too? Already had gone if the words “any more” had their usual meaning. In any case, it didn’t seem like much of a problem. He wasn’t sure how to reply. “I’m sure a beautiful girl like you has no problem getting guys.”

“But it was a swingers’ party.”

Neal went with an old standby, “tell me about it.”


Sarah was in the mood to talk and as Neal stroked her soft, golden hair she told him how she was aware that something different was going on when her mother first started going out with her future step-father. “After going out for a night I’d hear them talking about cocks and pussies and how they felt one going into another.”

Neal had removed his shirt and was gently massaging her ample breasts as she related how she came to a realization that “cocks” were penises and “pussies” were vaginas. “My mom had told me things about the differences between boys and girls when I was very young.”

As Neal removed his shoes and slacks she related her first actual sexual experience at 12 with a slightly older cousin. “I realized what it meant for cocks to go inside pussies.”

Neal had left his underwear on so his cock was trapped inside his briefs making a bulge as it tried to straighten out. Sarah absent mindedly stroked it as she talked about the further realization that her parents were having sex with other people on those nights out.

Neal positioned himself behind and spooned her, his cock firmly wedged in her butt crack. One hand massaged her beasts. The other wrapped around her slim waist and rubbed the flat belly, making its way to her crotch. Sarah talked about how she was really enjoying her young sex life and was jealous of her parents. “On those nights when they were gone all I could think of was being with them and the variety of cocks I could have inside me. Men’s cocks, not boys’.”

Neal reached her crotch but gently spread her legs and massaged the inside of her thighs. Sarah continued. “When I was 18, I knew I was old enough to go to the parties so I looked for the opportunity.”

Neal increased the incidental touches of her vulva and finally began massaging the soft pillows of her labia. Sally moaned in pleasure. “I really enjoyed that evening with all the cocks and all the men desiring me. And they were great fucks. “When are you going to take these off?” she turned towards him and grasped his briefs.”

Neal protested with a grin, “all in good time.”

Let’s Fuck

“Let’s see what you’ve got.” Sarah grabbed at the waistband.

“Not yet,” Neal said lightheartedly, pushing her hand away.

“I wanna see,” she grabbed again.

“Nope,” He pushed her hand away.

She sneaked her other hand around and tried from the rear.

“Nope, got ya! ” Neal said as he pushed that hand away.

A fast and playful match ensued with Neal countering her moves. She was giggling and laughing as the match devolved from hands only to a wrestling match. Neal would be on top with her hands pinned and she would (partly with Neal’s help) pull out of the hold and twist around to get at the prize. He would grab her body and pull her over (this time with a little of her help) and throw her underneath him. All this was done with lots of laughing and giggling and feeling of body parts.

At one point Sarah had managed to get on top with her head right at Neal’s crotch and straddling his chest. She reached for his briefs and he grabbed at the most convenient part of her body. Two of his fingers fingers penetrated her moist cavity. “Ohh! nice” she exclaimed. Instead of going for the prize inside his briefs, she thrust back and his fingers sunk all the way to her cervix. He grabbed and, leveraging her most intimate parts, pulled her away from her goal.

Downstairs, Marlene listened bahis şirketleri to the laughter and general play from upstairs thinking she’d never heard Sarah laugh so much since she was 10. She rubbed at her clit as she thought about what might be going on upstairs. Her self pleasuring was interrupted by a huge thud on the ceiling.

Neal had Sarah under him, one arm pinned by his knee. He held the other as it struggled to get to his briefs. He had two fingers of his free hand embedded in her cunt, stroking her G spot and cervix, the thumb rubbing her clit. She was thoroughly enjoying the internal massage but took advantage of his distraction to attempt to roll him on his back. In the spirit of play he allowed her to do this. Keeping a firm, but gentle grasp on her vulva, he rolled. As he did so, he realized there was no bed under him on that side. He grabbed her body and the two of them tumbled to the floor.

“OW!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Are you hurt?” Neal scrambled to his feet.

“NO!” Sarah laughed as she grabbed the waistband and pulled his briefs to the floor. Out popped 7 and a half inches of rock hard, inch and a quarter in diameter cock with two large egg sized balls rotating in their fleshy sack six inches below.

“Oh! a present!” Sarah laughed as she got to her knees, grabbed the balls in her hand and sucked the entire staff into her mouth.

“Are you OK?” Sarah’s mother yelled from below.

Sarah pulled away and yelled back, “We’re fine mom! Never better!” The cock went right back into her mouth.

After popping his penis in and out a couple of times, she stood up, “Time to get down to business,” she pushed him onto the bed and he lifted his legs onto the bed. She straddled his chest and pinned his arms under her knees.

“So you think this bad boy is going to get inside me today?” she asked playfully, reaching back to grab his penis.

“Yes, I do,” he answered confidently.

“And why would you think that?” she asked.

“Well you stopped sucking my cock and said something about ‘getting down to business,'”

“Maybe I just meant this,” she said as she kissed him firmly and her tongue went into his mouth.

He responded with his tongue and when she finally pulled away with a huge smile on her face he said, “and there’s the fact that your cunt is dripping so much it’s getting my chest wet.” And, in fact, she had been moving her crotch over his chest, letting his chest hair stimulate her while a very damp pussy left a trail of wetness everywhere it touched.

“Very observant,” she told him, leaning in for another kiss, after which she took a condom she had placed there for just this purpose off her dresser.

She quickly tore open the package and expertly reached back to roll it over his hard cock. Doing this behind her back where she couldn’t see and left-right hand coordination could get difficult might have been a difficult task if she hadn’t unrolled many, many condoms over almost as many cocks from almost every angle.

That completed, she leaned over and gave him the biggest kiss yet, her tongue exploring every crevice of his mouth. Meanwhile she slid her crotch down to his cock and deftly guided it into her vaginal entrance. A quick thrust down embedded seven and a half inches of cock inside her.

Doing this released Neal’s hands and left the two of them in full body contact. Neal wrapped his arms around her and hugged tightly as the kiss continued. He was amazed at how his right arm fitted entirely around her slim waist. If their bodies weren’t so tightly together he knew he could have reached all the way around to touch her navel. With his left hand he grabbed her large, firm but very soft butt and pulled her so that his penis penetrated even deeper.

As he pushed, she felt his pubes push against her clit and helped by shoving her crotch into the hard rod. More than the normal visible length of his cock was forced out of his crotch and into her anxious cavity. She rose and began moving her body up and down, smiling as she felt his cock slide in and out. He matched the rhythm, thrusting up each time she came down. She began laughing an giggling with the occasional squeal of a high pitched laugh.

Neal watched her breasts bouncing up and down just slightly behind the movement of the rest of her body. He raised his hands and allowed them to rest just under the movement so they gently slapped his palm on each stroke. She let out a squeal of joy as he deftly caught her nipples between his thumb and index finger, holding them as the remainder of each breast pulled up, then down. “Love it!” she screamed.


Downstairs, Sarah’s mom was lying back on the couch listening to the joyful laughs, shouts and screams. “God, I need a cock,” she thought as she rubbed at her crotch. A wet spot was spreading over her leotards.

Back upstairs, Sarah was tiring. “Your turn,” she said and shifted to turn over. Neal went along with the shift and quickly found himself above her, his legs between hers and his cock still inside.

He began driving slowly but firmly into her. She smiled broadly at him as he held himself over her on extended arms. He smiled back admiring her beauty and considering his good fortune.

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Ralph Wrecked It Pt. 02

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In the first part, I had described how my distant relatives thought I manipulated my granduncle in the last few months of his life to inherit his entire estate. They had no idea that he and I had been fucking since I was in college and between my marriages. It wasn’t for any inheritance, but because I got off on fucking my grandmother’s brother. I thought he and I were the twisted, sick black sheep of the family, until I discovered a mysterious book, possibly left for me to find as a confession from the grave.

I had become a soccer mom by the time I inherited my grandparents’ house in 1999, and had been cleaning out some of my Grammy’s belongings. In her sewing room, going through desk drawers of ancient patterns and women’s magazines, a red diary was wedged in the bottom, ironically within the stiff but emptied blue covers of an old Methodist hymnal. The straps holding the diary’s tarnished lock had dry rotted and gave way as I slid a finger beneath them. The spine crunched as the yellowed pages appeared.

Until her early twenties, my grandmother and her family resided in a cabin at the base of a mountain in northwestern Virginia. They lived like paupers even though their land had extensive timber reserves. Their miserly, alcoholic father would sell a few acres of trees a year, just enough to get by. My grandmother, Darleen, got a job at the county library right after she graduated high school, just to get out of the house, I believe.

Expecting the ancient journal to be filled with routine comments on the weather, gardening, their small assortment of livestock, and maybe some boys she liked, the volume was also filled with very shocking revelations in my Grammy’s longhand. It began in the spring of 1949, when she was just a nineteen year-old natural beauty, and before she acquired the refined grammar of finishing school. The ‘R’ refers to her brother Ralph. I’m sure she didn’t want any full names used. I nearly fell out of my chair after just a couple paragraphs. Here are the relevant passages, spelling corrected but otherwise verbatim:

‘April 16, 1949

Dear Diary,

I’m pretty sure R is looking in my window when I change clothes. I didn’t think the window was low enough to see but if he stands on the woodpile he can look right in. He never seems to be in the house when I’m changing at night and Daddy’s asleep drunk. Most sisters would be mad but I think it’s sweet and it makes my tummy tingle thinking about it. It’s been just undergarments so far but I’m going to show him more. He’s 18 and going to graduate soon and might get married and move away and I will miss my chance to show him. Maybe later he will try something sinful. It makes my parts warm just thinking about it.’

‘April 17, 1949

Dear Diary,

I did it! I took off my slip and brassiere and then stockings. I hope he saw but I feel sinful also.’

‘April 18, 1949

Dear Diary,

Last night I stood naked as a jay bird and ironed two dresses. I hope R was watching. I left the blind up an extra inch for him. My parts got warmer the longer I stood there.’

‘April 22, 1949

Dear Diary,

I am sobbing and filled with guilt. Daddy caught R looking in my window and gave him a beating so loud I could hear from inside.’

‘April 23, 1949

Dear Diary,

I am paying the wages of sin for my pride, and I’m sad because I have made R pay as well. He is on the train now to join the Marines. Daddy forced him.’

‘April 24, 1949

Dear Diary,

Daddy didn’t wait long to come after me after the mean bastard had poor R sent to South Carolina for basic training. With Mama in the insane asylum it was just me and Daddy left. The next day I had just walked home from the Sunday sermon and was undressing in my room. Daddy walked in. He was weaving from side to side drunk like usual. In his hand was a broke bottle neck. I screamed, hoping it would make him know he was a scaring me. It didn’t work. I didn’t want to get cut by the broke glass, so I figured I better speak up.

“You don’t need the bottle neck Daddy. I’ll give you what you want.” I said all serious. “But I don’t want a baby.” I was hoping he would just put his male part in my mouth and I could satisfy him there Girls at work talked about doing it that way even before they got married, but not with their daddies of course. Wasn’t no marriage ever blessing this union made by the hand of the devil. I kept taking my clothes off and Daddy smiled as my bosom bounced out of my brassiere. Wasn’t no use in trying to cover anything up. I had a feeling this ain’t going to be .the only time for this. Daddy watched me with his shiny red eyes while I took the rest off, exposing my birthing parts. My virtue was as good as gone. Poor Mama, it felt like I was replacing her. Next Daddy smacked me back and forth across the face and I tried to back away but tripped on my Sunday shoes and fell onto the bed. Daddy said “You don’t want a baby you little whore? I got a fix for that.’ and he spun me around so’s I was facing güvenilir bahis the bed and while holding my arm up against me he bent me over front ways across it. My arm hurt like the dickens and I heard Daddy’s belt buckle jingling.

I started to cry as he spread my cheeks with his fingers and I figured he was going to put his self in my rectum hole. “One smells as bad as the other,” he said. I heard and felt him spit on my hole. I was glad there wasn’t going to be no baby, but it was going to hurt. He left the broken glass neck on the pillow by my face as a reminder I guess. He must of spit on his man part too cause it was slick feeling as it went in. Daddy grunted and cussed and called me whore a bunch more as his peter made me feel like I was having a big long bowel movement in the outhouse. His hand that wasn’t hurting my arm squeezed my bosom and pinched real hard. He grunted loud after about a minute inside me, and the horrible sin we committed was done. I thought we was done for the day but Daddy pulled his belt off and whipped me all over my back and bottom. Then he turned me back over by the twisted arm that had gone numb and whipped my bosoms and aimed at my loins, and I couldn’t block everything at once. I screamed and cried the whole time. Luckily Daddy left and went to sleep. My birthing place was warm and wet after that like it ain’t never been before. I felt his liquid dripping out of my behind. I cried and prayed for forgiveness the rest of the day.’

‘April 27, 1949

Dear Diary,

It’s been three days since Daddy and I sinned against our lord. I had to visit the outhouse a few extra times on account of my tender bowels, but I’ll be okay. I’m still sore from being whipped naked. I had clothes on all the times before that. I can see pink lines criss cross my chest and thighs and I’m sure the back is worse, It hurts to sit down. Daddy’s been a little sober and been staring at me. I think I better figure out a way to make him happy without him beating me.”

‘April 28, 1949

Dear Diary,

Today I committed more sins that I ever have in my life. I sat on Daddy’s bed early in the morning in only a nightgown with nothing else not even drawers or a shawl. The room was all lighted by the sunrise, and I knew my nursing parts were sticking out for him to see through the thin fabric. I lied and told Daddy he woke something special up inside me and I wanted to give him my butt for sodomy like before and wanted to put him in my mouth also because I had impure urges and asked would he please help me with them. The most sinful thing is that I was only part way lying, I kind of liked the mating part of it with him on top of me and holding my body. Mama always said I could find good things even in a shit storm. In a peculiar way it seemed like Daddy actually cared for me if his part was stiff for mating. But maybe I was just fooled by Satan.

Daddy laughed and said this better not be some trick and I was no better than a common whore but pulled his peter out of his long johns. I leaned in and sinned with it in my mouth like a lollipop or ice cream. It was soft but got bigger and solid real quick. After a bit Daddy grabbed my hair and pushed my face all the way down so’s I was choking like on a big sausage. It was all I could do to keep my breakfast down. His fingers was in my hair and my head was bouncing like a ball. Up and down up and down. It was lots noisier than lip smacking my bubble gum. Daddy finally grunted and my mouth tasted all salty and slick like warm gravy which must have been his seed. I wasn’t expecting so much and gagged.

My stomach jumped and my breakfast oatmeal was a coming back fast. I got my face over the edge and made vomit on the floor. Daddy was laughing and calling me a stupid whore and told me to get down there naked and wipe it up with my nightgown or get the belt. I got down like a dog and started wiping it up. Daddy then told me why I was so stupid and a common white trash slut even though I put on airs like I was better than my family.

“I didn’t come into your room to violate you. I dropped a bottle and was going to warn you not to go barefoot in the kitchen. But you were quick to show yourself off and give it away like with your brother, so I took it, brown eye and all. Now that the deed is done, and we have carnal knowledge, ain’t no reason not to violate you nine ways to Sunday.”

I said yes sir but told him I never done nothing with R, which you know, Dear Diary, is the truth.

“Well he’s a damn fool, not splitting you like a piece of chord wood till you cain’t walk. Guess that job falls to me now.”

Most sinfully, I wished it was R that I had done the mating with, because I loved him way more than mean Daddy, but Satan has a hold on me because I still want it from Daddy. Like I said I was like a dog on the floor wiping up the vomit. Daddy got off the bed and behind me and started putting his hand on my intimates, spitting on his fingers and sticking them inside my birth hole. Suddenly I saw how Daddy türkçe bahis had gotten on the floor like a dog too and was licking my parts. I couldn’t help the loud breathing noises I was making and to be honest it felt really nice and made me want him inside me even more. His hands held on to my hips but not mean like usual.

“Get back up on that bed you nasty whore,” Daddy said

“Yes sir.” I climbed up on his bed and laid there on my back. Daddy used his foot to smear the nightgown all around in the vomit.

“If you’re going to be such a slut, that’s all you get to wear when you’re inside this house, hear me girl? You cain’t wash it, neither, ’till I say so. You’re either naked or in that nightgown, unless you’re going to work or church.”

Daddy had been taking his long johns off while he yelled at me and I saw his male part was sticking out and reddish. My parts was warm and wet and hungry for him, and I never felt so sinful I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Turn over, whore,” he said and I got back on my knees like a dog. Daddy slapped my behind and then my bosoms that were just hanging from my body like cow udders, Then he grabbed my hips and stuck his self in me. It felt really good but I knew I was going to hell for fornicating and losing my virginity to my father. The bed was thumping like my heart and Daddy just kept going and going, calling me names and told me to practice sticking carrots down my throat so I wouldn’t keep throwing up. He was rubbing my body and breathing loud. Finally Daddy cleared his throat to spit and stuck his slick sausage in my anus hole and pumped faster to sow his seed while he grunted in my ear saying slut slut slut. I could smell the whiskey and chewing tobacco on his breath. I was glad for no baby again and Daddy didn’t beat me this time. I made his breakfast with that vomit smelling nightgown on. Daddy pulled the neck of the nightgown down and spit some of his tobacco juice on my bosom and smeared it around as I sat his plate on the table and then he laughed. Luckily I had to wash and change to go to my job at the library. Daddy drove me and dropped me off on his way to the ABC store for more whiskey. I guess as long as he has whiskey and can stick his part inside me he will be happy I hope.’

‘May 3, 1949

Dear Diary,

I guess I replaced my Mama as a wife since we sin together almost every day. Daddy only hits me when he gets real drunk but I stay away from him if can. I’m only allowed to wear nightgowns or just an apron around the house. He said he knows I like showing off my wiggling udders. He said I have ro take a bath in the washtub everyday so he can lick my intimates when he wants. He knows that licking makes me end up begging him to mate with me and he likes me begging.’

‘May 16, 1949

‘Dear Diary,

Last night Daddy made me lick his rectum hole. I hope I don’t get a disease. He spread his cheeks wide and sat over my face laughing and said I had to put my tongue on it and promise to do it whenever he wanted or he said his friend Harry Butz would suffocate me. Ha ha.’

‘June10 1949

‘Dear Diary,

Today Daddy was mad it was my time of the month and made me walk on my knees into the hog pen in all the shit wearing just my stockings and skirt from church and my new hat. My slip was pulled down to my waist with my mammary parts exposed to nature. He stood with his boots on while I sucked him right in the middle of the pen. Once he had squirted on my face he slapped my breasts then told me to walk around like a sow and lie in it. Then he used his boot to push my head down into the mud. Sometimes I really hate him.’

‘June 22, 1949

‘Dear Diary,

Yes I was mad at Daddy but still I am getting good at putting his male part all the way in my throat and not even gagging. I’ve been practicing on carrots boiled a bit so they bend. It’s hot now everyday and Daddy and I go to the swimming spot in the creek and jump in naked. There’s a flat smooth rock nearby that Daddy spreads me out on to fuck me. I know that fuck word is vulgar but I’m vulgar so I might as well sound like it.’

‘July 19, 1949

‘Dear Diary,

I’m really sore. After swimming Daddy made me walk naked a long way into the woods and stand against a beech tree arms out while he whipped me front and back for no reason. He said it was because he felt like it. I am a fallen woman, it made me want him down in my pussy another vulgar word and I asked for him to sin with me right there in the woods bent over like Eve in the garden. At the end he squirted into my mouth which I liked, even though I was sore from the whipping. Maybe I am going insane like Mama.’

‘July 30, 1949

‘Dear Diary,

Daddy and I had sinful relations three times today, one time was the longest sodomy yet. I don’t know if I’m his daughter or his wife or his prostitute. He made me taste my bowels the last time because he put his peter in my mouth to squirt. I was weak and shaking when it was over. I hope I don’t catch a disease. The bowel güvenilir bahis siteleri taste was like dirt. Ir’s what I get for being an adulterer.’

‘August 11, 1949

Dear Diary.

I am crying as I write this. Daddy is in jail for beating me. I woke up two mornings ago on the floor in my room with a black eye and dried nosebleed and swelled up lips. I don’t really remember it I was drunk on his whiskey and that’s what made him mad. The next day I went to my job at the library and told them I fell off a loose rock ledge onto a stump collecting kindling up on the mountain for the cook stove. But they knew what really happened because Daddy is a leftie and my right side was all bruised up. Somebody in town must of told the sheriff. A county nurse came to look at my bruises head to toe naked except for my drawers. I had no scrapes from branches for falling in the woods she said. I felt like she could tell I was an instrument of the devil, sinning with my Daddy.’

‘August 14, 1949

Dear Diary.

The judge gave Daddy sixty days, after asking me in court if I could get along okay by myself. I said yes sir I’m almost twenty now. He didn’t ask me anything else saying there was irrefutable evidence of what happened. Daddy said I fell by accident because I was drinking. The judge said bullshit and told Daddy if he touches me again it will be state prison for one year. With Daddy away I am going to read a lot of books and maybe paint the inside of the house. I keep writing R and telling him everything is fine. I hate lying but he doesn’t need to hear all the bad things. I wish R was not in Hawaii because I would take a train to go see him even in California. I did go see Mama at the State Asylum but she didn’t recognize me. I brought a picture of hansom R in his Marine Corps uniform and left it in her room. Daddy was sick with D.T.’s in the infirmary they said at the jail when I visited, I’ll try another day.’

‘September 2, 1949

Dear Diary.

I know it’s sinful but I miss lying with Daddy, despite how mean he is. All my places crave his stiff penis sliding in and out. One of the deputies comes by once in a while to check on me. I know him from church and school he has a wife and baby already. Too bad he doesnt have a brother ha ha, but if I get married off no one would be there to care for Daddy and make his food and he would just drink his self to death.’

‘October 10, 1949

Dear Diary.

Daddy comes home in a few days. I will be glad but scared. I never told anyone he beat me, but he probably won’t believe that. Instead I wish R would walk in the door I would lie with him to pay him back for getting him sent to the Marines, but he’s too good a man to be such a terrible sinner.

‘October 17, 1949

Dear Diary.

I haven’t written you because I have been spending really nice time with Daddy. He is sober and says he is quitting drinking for good and is very sorry for what he did. It’s like he’s a different person since he left jail. He bought a blue Ford Deluxe Sedan and said its for me. It’s beautiful and a lot smoother to drive than the truck. We took a car trip and saw Natural Bridge and Luray Caverns. We saw Mama in the Asylum and she remembered us for a while and I read her letters that had piled up that R had sent her from Japan. R said he found a big camera in a box in a supply room and put it around his neck as a joke. An officer came in and said General so and so needed a photographer and to go with him immediately. R tried to explain he ain’t the photographer but the Major told him to shut his hillbilly mouth, so he did and now he’s the battalion photographer.’

‘October 19, 1949

Dear Diary.

Daddy tried not to sin, but the evildoer was me as I led him down the path of temptation. I wore only one of his undershirts in our motel room outside Bedford. It was at night after we saw some family there. I was wet from the shower and was craving him so bad and told him so. Daddy actually kissed me sweet for a while and then spread my legs and licked me like crazy while I lied on top of him with his penis in my mouth. He squirted a whole bunch of his sauce some of it came out my nose I ain’t kidding. I kept sucking on it but Daddy’s licking in one spot made me climax for the first time. It felt like fire all over me and it was wonderful. We fornicated twice more that night until almost three AM.’

‘October 20, 1949

Dear Diary.

In Martinsville Daddy and I fucked so long in the shower the three story hotel ran out of hot water.’

‘October 29, 1949

Dear Diary,

We are back at home. Today we went up the mountain looking for wild pumpkins to carve and Daddy had me wear nothing under my dress. He had me peel and trim two big buttered raw parsnips and he put them in each of my holes bent over the truck seat. Then I got to feel them bounce on the rough mountain road. I could feel them bumping around inside and got me warm in there and Daddy took my pussy on the open tailgate of the truck with the rectum parsnip still up there. It tried to slip out of my butt hole but he pushed it back in each time until the end when his dick stayed in my rectum. I liked the taste of his sperm mixed with the butter even though he had been in my butt.

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My Mother the Stripper Ch. 03

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Authors Note: All characters are fictional and are over eighteen years of age.

I picked up the flyer and read the hand written note on the back,

“This is where you can find Roxy!”

It was signed, “Sara.”

I turned the paper over and it was a handbill for a strip club along the interstate. They listed their headliner as “Moxy Roxy.”

It said she appears Thursday through Monday.

I googled the club and it would be about a five hour drive.

It was Monday and I had the night off. If I was going to act, it had to be tonight.

I quickly packed my suitcase. There was a motel next to the club so I called for a reservation. I was on hold as I locked the door of my room behind me.

I could hear women chattering down the hall, I had to go that way to get to my car, so I was hoping I could just sneak past them.

The reservation gal came on, luckily they had rooms open for the night. I stopped at the front desk, put my suit case down, and started jotting down the motel info on a pad sitting on the counter.

I repeated the info as I wrote it down,

“Gulf motel, off Interstate forty five, Galveston Texas.”

Then I read my credit card numbers to the lady of the phone.

I figure I could drive there, check in, and catch some sleep before the show.

The sound I heard suddenly stopped, then I peered into the manager’s office.

Christine the general manager, was setting in her office with Sara and two women that I had never seen before. They were sitting in front of the security monitor, but it was turned off.

“Is that him?” One of the women asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” whispered Christine.

They looked kind of guilty and I assumed they were all watching the video.

Sara broke the tension,

“Good morning Boss, anything new?”

All the women snickered and looked at my crotch. Feeling their stares, I held my suitcase in front of me hoping to stop their gaze.

I was embarrassed beyond belief, all these women were viewing and ogling over my naked genitals on the screen before they heard me and shut the feed off. One of them was my lead night waitress, I decided to act like it was no big deal.

“Ok, ok, you women have your fun, my penis and I are going on an overnighter.”

Sara called out,

“Did you get the flyer Floyd found?”

“I slipped it under your door.”

“Oh that,” I said trying to fend that I was uninterested,

“Yes, thank you, got to run now.”

I had almost made it to the door when Christine blurted out,

“Be sure to say hello to Roxy for us, drive careful.”

“Yes, I will do that!”

I’m sure they heard the whole conversation with the motel. I dashed to my car as fast as I could.

I set my GPS and the voice directed me the short distance to Interstate forty five. My tires hummed on the road as I set my cruise control to the speed limit.

I settled back in my seat and prepared myself for the long five hour drive.

The radio was no interest to me at that moment, so I turned it off. I had a lot of thinking to do. The big question was what I was going to do or say if or when I find Roxy.

The element of surprise was gone, she will recognize me right away, and what if she runs? She’s likely annoyed with me for my deceit by not using my first name at the diner.

She unwittingly had sex with her son, that can’t be sitting well with her.

I should just turn around and forget the whole thing, but I can’t, I was hopelessly in love with her.

So, I had no choice but just go for it, if she didn’t feel the same adoration for me as I did for her, I needed to know. I was going to tell her one way or another that I loved her and let the chips fall as they may.

My thoughts turned to my late night visitor, what if she was Roxy?

Why would she run out like that, leaving me aroused and frustrated?

The miles wore on, I eventually started noticing the distance and time it takes to get to Galveston. It didn’t add up.

Roxy would have to have done her show, immediately got in her car and make the five hour drive, bust into güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my room, spend two minutes with me, then drive back.

It didn’t make sense, so I started to ponder as to who else it could have been.

My first thought was maybe it was one of the young college student waitresses that I had hired, fucking the boss would pay dividends if done right. But that wouldn’t explain why she ran out like she did, maybe she just chickened out at the last minute. I did have one with the body type of my night visitor, but she had a daughter and a steady boyfriend.

The miles wore on…

Perhaps it was one of the strippers? Cinnamon was definitely that body type but what would have been her motivation?

How about Dixie, the new dancer?

She was the new gal and needed to make a name for herself. What if Crystal had told her that I had trouble getting aroused and she made some sort of bet with her and some of the other dancers.

That kind of made sense, and the video would prove it. Soon the dancers were bound to see it.

The longer I drove, the more that scenario made sense. She unquestionably had the body type and that would explain why she wouldn’t let me touch her tits, I’d know it was her once I felt her pierced nipples.

My thoughts turned back to Roxy,

I started to fanaticize about what a life of mutual commitment with her would be like? How would I feel about having a romantic relationship with her by day and know she’ll be fucking men for profit at night. How is that possibly going to work? Somehow I didn’t care.

My daydreaming was interrupted,

“In two hundred feet stop and pay toll,” my GPS announced as I approached the bridge over Galveston Bay.

It isn’t going to be far now I thought.

A few more miles and my GPS indicated that I had arrived at my destination.

I pulled into the motel parking lot and checked in.

The set up was very similar to what I have in Dallas, a truck stop, diner, and a motel. In the midst of it all was the strip club.

My plan to catch some sleep before the show was just a pipedream, I was way too hyped up to sleep.

I kept going over and over in my head what I was going to say to Roxy, soon I should have my chance.

I went to the diner for some chow, it’s interesting all the familiar faces I saw. Many of the truckers were regulars at my diner. I didn’t know their names, but we nodded as our way to say hello.

I took a seat in a booth and ordered the nightly special. As I looked around it occurred to me that most of these guys are going to be at the show tonight and will be there specifically to see Roxy.

Getting close to Roxy could be tougher than I first thought.

I figured that if I went to the club at about nine o’clock maybe Roxy will be there working the room before her show. That would give me a chance to talk to her.

I still had two hours to kill so I went for a drive along the Gulf. The minutes clicked by like hours and my anticipation increased with every stroke of the clock.

Eight o’clock finally came and went, I drove back to the motel and sat in my car, studying the clock. At times I had myself convinced that it was broken because the time seemed to be standing still. At the pace of snail inching across a wet driveway, the time was finally nine straight up.

I entered the building and paid the cover charge. I took a seat at the bar in the dimly lit room. A few dancers were working the floor but Roxy wasn’t one of them. I got the attention of the scantily clad female bartender and ordered my usual Kentucky Bourbon, two shots, neat.

When the first dancer took the stage I was paying less attention to her body but more on her dance technique and what she did for the crowd to get more tips. Those who had watched the tape had planted the seed in my mind that I had the equipment to be a male stripper, that idea intrigued me. I compared in my mind the different skills of each dancer and made comparisons to the others.

Two more drinks later and it was time for the Main Event. The crowd started taking güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri chairs along the stage. I looked around waiting for a glimpse of Roxy, but I didn’t see her. The MC’s voice boomed over the loudspeakers,

“We have a change in tonight’s headliner, back by popular demand, let’s hear it for Miss Sugar!”

A large chested young women strode onto the stage and started her routine. There was a hush as the disenchanted truckers started moving back to the bar.

Unfazed, Sugar started working the platform as the men started remembering her and were filtering back to the stage. It didn’t take long before Sugar gained the acceptance of her on-lookers and the money started flowing.

I flagged the bartender over and she grabbed my glass to refill it. I lightly touched her hand signaling I wanted to talk to her, she leaned forward so she could hear me over the noise of the bar.

I semi-shouted in her ear,

“What happened to Roxy?”


I put my hand over the side of my mouth and tried asking again,

“What happened to Roxy?”

“I’m not sure, from what I heard, she sent her friend Sugar over to cover for her, something about having a family emergency!”

I was puzzled as to what family emergency she would have, I thought she was single and living on her own. Perhaps, the family emergency was me, someone could have tipped her off that I was going to be at the club that night. That would mean that she took off before I could see her.

Whatever the reason, my dejection started setting in, with no Roxy, it looks like I made the whole trip for nothing.

I made the short trip back to my room and decided to just go to bed.

I scanned my key card in the slot and opened the door. I entered my room and noticed that I must have left a lamp on next to the bed. Then I heard a female voice from a dark corner of the room,

“I heard you’ve been looking for me?”

Just then a female figure walked out of the shadows, it was Roxy!

She was naked except for one of my dress shirts. She looked at me with her doe shaped eyes.

“H-h-how did you get in here?”

“That doesn’t matter right now, let’s just say that in my profession, a good rapport with motel managers can reap dividends!”

“Let me have a look at you!”

“You really have grown up to be a handsome young man!”

She walked over to me and planted a wet French kiss on my mouth embracing me tightly.

I felt a bulge growing in my pants and as if on cue, Roxy reached down and cupped it with the palm of her right hand.

“OOOO, what do we have here?”

I just stood there stammering, words were failing me.

She knelt before me and un-did my pants dropping them in a heap around my ankles.

“So, I heard you had a little trouble getting it up with Crystal the other night!”

She started stroking my member in her palms,

“Hmm, you don’t seem to be having any trouble now?”

I quickly became full erect and started moaning at her touch.

“Let me tell you, your father never had any equipment like this, you must take after my side of the family!”

It was like I was living a fantasy, I had often masturbated at the thought of Roxy stroking me just like this, now it was coming true.

I popped off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. I quickly stripped out of my shirt. She took my erection into her mouth and guided me to the bed.

She slipped out of my shirt and assumed the sixty nine position. I reached up and felt her body. This is not the person who forced themselves into my room last night.

Her dripping pussy was right in my face so I started working her clit with my tongue, I had dreamed of tasting her golden nectar, but it was much sweeter than I could have imagined. Her aroma was intoxicating.

She was slurping on my dick and paused just long enough to ask,

“I heard you were a love sick puppy since I left, is that true?”

She kept her ass in my face as if not caring about my answer.

I couldn’t respond so I just picked up my pace finding her bud and flicked güvenilir bahis şirketleri it. We were like two wild animals, slurping, sucking and slightly biting.

I felt the head of my cock starting to mushroom, readying itself to spew its spores deep inside Roxy’s mouth.

Obviously knowing my climax was imminent, she relocated and impaled herself on my shaft in the cowgirl position. She reached down, took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I cupped her magnificent mammary’s in my hands and twisted her nipples as they started to harden between my fingers. She quickened her motion and thrusted herself deeper and deeper on my engorged rod.

As I was about to erupt, I expected her to stop and slide a condom on me, but she didn’t. She must have read my mind, because she blurted out, taking a labored breath between each word,

“Condoms,, are,, for,, business, this-is-pleasure!”

I humped my hips, mirroring her thrusts with those of my own. I felt a surge building up deep inside me. I tried to hold back, but it was no use, the dam broke and I shot my seed deep inside her vagina. She pulled back slightly and worked my swollen cock head in and out of her vaginal opening.

She lightly bit the side of her finger bracing against a powerful orgasm of her own. She screamed and moaned with each forceful surge. My balls were drenched with a mixture of semen and her divine female cum.

She collapsed on my chest, and breathlessly whispered in my ear,

“Christine doesn’t know what she missed!”

I rolled us over so Roxy was on her back. We kissed deeply. I moved down and started flicking and gently biting her nipples, kneading her mounds with my hands.

It wasn’t long before I had a massive hard-on again.

She reached down and inserted me into her wet pussy, I started slow deep passionate thrusts.

“You know, Christine had a giant crush on you since you moved into the motel!”

Not knowing what to think, I just ignored her and started kissing her neck, moving my hips, varying between short and deep lunges into her welcoming vagina. She arched her back and spread her legs far apart, I took it as an invitation to surge even deeper.

She screamed out as another powerful orgasm surged through her naked body. I continued humping her until I shot another load inside her, cum was shooting out of her with every thrust.

She was panting and cooing as her body tingled with the pleasure of her aftershocks as they continued to gush through her body.

“She said she finally tried making her move but chickened out when you started repeating my name.”

I rolled off her and took her in my arms, I held her tightly in a warm embrace, our naked bodies meshing together.

“W-w-what were you saying about Christine?”

“Are you saying that was her in my room, bringing me almost to orgasm, then running out?”

“Um-ha, and when the night clerk told you you’d have to wait till morning to see the tape, Christine was in her office making a copy then editing out any views of her face.”

“She was embarrassed by her advance, after finding out that you were hopelessly in love with me.”

“So, when she called and said you were on your way, I spent the day getting ready for you. I got Sugar to fill in for me, I went to the spa, got a wax, and even got my nails done. I wanted to look my best for you tonight.

“So, what are you saying,” I asked, bracing myself for the answer.

She turned to face me, she put her hand on my penis and smiled that it was already erect again. She started lightly stroking me,

“I’m saying that I love you too!”

“So what happens now?” I asked chocking on my question.

“The way I see it my love, Sara has told everyone who’d listen, about the tape and most women within ten miles have no doubt seen your erection in all its glory.”

“Not sure if you can go back to your job now, think of all the jokes people will be making.”

“That Birthday money I sent you, how much do you still have?”

“All of it, it’s safely in my bank account.”

“So why not quit your job and stay here with me for a while, I can have Christine send all your stuff.”

“Then what?” I asked.

“You should be able to get a similar management job here, or…”

“Or what,” I asked not knowing where she was heading with this.

“Well, Christine says you wanted to become a stripper!!!”

To be continued…

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Muslim Femdom and Blackmail

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Beautiful Face

Meet Nabila Obeid, a forty-something African Muslim woman living in the City of Houston, Texas. In the sixteen years since Nabila Obeid left her hometown of Kiffa, located in southern Mauritania, sometimes the similarities between her new home and ancestral homeland simply boggled the mind. The tall, curvy gal owns The Mauritanian Castle, a restaurant which she runs with a group of part-time workers, mostly college student types. Lately, due to Covid, Nabila has had to cut back on hours, and that’s no good. What’s a gal to do?

With her adult son Bahir Obeid having moved to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, to be with that white girlfriend of his, Meredith something or other, Nabila Obeid has the place to herself. Nabila feels quite lonely in the two-story, four-bedroom townhouse, located in a middle-class section of metropolitan Houston. What’s a bored, horny Muslim woman of a certain age to do during the lockdown? Out of boredom, and driven by a bit of naughtiness which she would have vigorously denied if queried on the subject, Nabila started an Only Fans account.

Nabila Obeid donned a burka in her videotaped appearances which she broadcast on the net, under the moniker of Mistress Kiffa. The response which Nabila got absolutely amazed her. Apparently, there were lots of people on the web who wanted to see a naughty Muslim woman talking about sex. Mistress Kiffa, Nabila’s sex-crazed alter ego, showed her tits and thick thighs in the videos, but never showed her face, which was hidden behind the burka. Let the wicked fun commence…

“I am Mistress Kiffa, the naughtiest Muslim woman on earth,” Nabila’s alter ego stated at the beginning of all her videos. With thousands of fans cheering her on, Mistress Kiffa would twerk, showing her thick golden brown ass in a pink thong, and she also recorded herself fellating the hell out of a long and thick ebony dildo. The dildo is modeled after the penis of African American porn icon Lexington Steele, whose movies Nabila absolutely adores. The man is talented, to say the least…

For Nabila Obeid, the actions of her freaky alter ego Mistress Kiffa served a dual purpose. She got to express her sexuality and freaky side without fear of judgement. In the Muslim world, the men get to do whatever they want while the women are supposed to be quiet, obedient güvenilir bahis and repressed. Nabila simply doesn’t subscribe to that kind of bullshit. Prior to her husband Amin Obeid’s death, Nabila enjoyed a varied and healthy sex life with her beloved. Muslim women are human, first and foremost, and they need sex too. Well, duh, right?

Nabila Obeid made quite a bit of money while working as Mistress Kiffa, whose videos got hotter and hotter. The fans seemed to really like it when Mistress Kiffa spoke Arabic to them. It added to the authenticity of the video. Lots of female porn stars pretend to be Muslim as they appear on naughty videos. Mistress Kiffa is the real deal, an authentic Muslim woman who does porn. To really shine her fans on, Mistress Kiffa appeared semi-naked, with her face and hair covered by an Islamic-style cloth, and her tits, hips and thick thighs showing. The audience was overjoyed to see their favorite naughty Muslim mama getting her freak on, right in front of the cameras.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Mistress Kiffa said to her fans, and as they watched, she took a slim blue dildo and inserted it into her neatly shaved vagina. That’s right, the masked and semi-naked, curvaceous and sexy mature Muslim woman fucked her pussy with the dildo while the cameras rolled. Looking directly into the camera, Mistress Kiffa fucked herself while muttering naughty words and insults in both Arabic and English. This won her more fans than she could have imagined…

After the hours at the Mauritanian Castle restaurant got reduced due to Covid, a lot of the employees were less than thrilled. One of them is Sylvester Duchene, a tall young black man of Haitian descent desperately trying to pay for his studies at Texas Southern University. Sylvester liked working for Nabila Obeid, the tall, curvy Mauritanian Muslim MILF with the thick ass and the enchanting smile. Seriously, the boss has been in Sylvester’s spank bang for a while now.

Sylvester Duchene lay on his bed, inside his tiny, one-bedroom apartment located in the east end of Houston. He finished reading the novel Waiting by Frank M. Robinson, a science fiction novel which caught his attention when he spotted it in the Houston Public Library. A novel about a man who discovers that a secret species of humanoid is trying türkçe bahis to wipe out mankind by means of a virus. The novel and its premise kept Sylvester Duchene at night, and he wondered if that’s the real origin of the Covid virus…

Feeling bored, Sylvester went online, and checked out some porn. One of Sylvester’s favorite genres of porn is the emerging realm of Hijab Porn. Sylvester once spotted a lot of beautiful Muslim ladies in conservative Islamic garb during Texas Muslim Day, and has been fascinated with them ever since. There’s something unbelievably erotic about Muslim ladies and Sylvester simply cannot resist them. The Haitian brother isn’t the only man who feels this way, since Hijab Porn is very much a thing on the web…

Hijab porn is growing by leaps and bounds, to the delight of horny masturbators like Sylvester, of course. With a song in his heart, Sylvester browsed the hot images and even hotter videos of women in Hijab doing all kinds of things. Sylvester smiled to himself as he spotted an interesting video. A tall, chubby, brown-skinned woman wearing an Islamic mask and headscarf…and nothing else. The gal in the video took things further by fucking herself with a dildo, and even spoke Arabic while doing it. How cool is that?

“That’s more like it,” Sylvester said, and the young Haitian man unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick ebony cock. Sylvester stroked his dick while watching the Muslim gal on screen, Mistress Kiffa, fuck her hairless vagina with a dildo. For some reason, Sylvester found himself frowning. There was something weirdly familiar about the female porn star on screen who was doing all kinds of naughty things, but Sylvester couldn’t quite put his finger on it…

Sylvester’s hand pumped up and down his dick as the porn star on screen, Mistress Kiffa the naughty Muslim gal, continued to do her thing. Mistress Kiffa was now on all fours, and spread her thick ass cheeks wide open. Hot damn, what Sylvester wouldn’t give to fuck her. Sylvester licked his lips, visualizing himself getting behind Mistress Kiffa and fucking her. In his fantasy, Sylvester gripped Mistress Kiffa’s hips and slammed his hard dick into her wet, hairless pussy.

“Oh yes, fuck me, habibi,” Mistress Kiffa squealed on screen, and she fucked herself with the dildo güvenilir bahis siteleri while Sylvester masturbated, envisioning himself fucking the hell out of her. Sylvester had seen a lot of big-booty, mature Muslim ladies all over Houston. Women from places like Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Syria, Indonesia, Lebanon, and of course, Mauritania. Sylvester winced and his dick shuddered as he came, and that’s when the Haitian brother had his eureka moment…

“Gotcha,” Sylvester said, and he suddenly put two and two together. There was a small scar on Nabila Obeid’s arm, and he suddenly noticed the identical scar on Mistress Kiffa’s arm. Sylvester grinned, and the truth dawned on him, presenting his cunning and twisted mind with disturbing and highly erotic possibilities. Hmm, so Nabila Obeid, Muslim widow and mother, mosque attendee and Miss Holier Than Thou is one of the wild sluts on Only Fans. How awesome is that?

After the video concluded, Mistress Kiffa vanished, and morphed back into Nabila Obeid, conservative Muslim woman. The Mauritanian-American Muslim woman smiled to herself after concluding yet another steamy and wildly popular video. Nabila Obeid put her clothes back on, and checked her reflection in the bathroom mirror. A tall, curvy, Hijab-wearing and appropriately robed Muslim woman stared back at her. Nabila Obeid is the naughtiest Muslim gal in all the land, and nobody knows her secret…

Nabila Obeid took her little dog Harriet for her evening walk, and that’s when her cell phone rang. Nabila frowned, and saw that it was Sylvester Duchene, the young Haitian guy who washed dishes and took out the trash at her restaurant. Hmm, Nabila had mixed feelings about Sylvester. On the one hand, Nabila thought that Sylvester was cute and damn fine, but on the other hand, he seemed needy and stared at her ass way too much. Hmm, if Nabila’s boredom didn’t subside, she might invite Sylvester over for some fun, provided his attitude changed, of course.

“Thanks for checking in, Sylvester, yes, we are open tomorrow, I look forward to seeing you,” Nabila Obeid said, before wishing him a good night and hanging up. Sylvester smiled to himself after making contact with the boss. Nabila Obeid is Mistress Kiffa, and this is information which Sylvester intends to use to his advantage. He wants some of Nabila/Mistress Kiffa’s sugar, and wasn’t about to be denied. Sylvester intended to seduce Nabila, and if she rebuffed his advances, he’d let every Muslim person in Houston know about her Only Fans. Simple as that. Let the games begin…

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The Serum Pt. 02

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I was back in the lab. It had been just over a week since I discovered my new abilities and I had been working feverishly to try and understand them. I had taken skin samples, blood samples and any other sample I could use, every test came back the same. I was a perfectly healthy, perfectly normal, and perfectly average human being, with no discernible differences to my DNA, cellular structure, or brain activity. I had posited that the changes may only become apparent when I was actively transforming, but so far I had found no way to isolate a sample to test this, as if my DNA defaulted to normal when removed from my being.

The Serum as it was when I ingested it was currently in the process of being resynthesized by my team, but the process would likely take weeks if not months. Beforehand we had previous samples to modify, hence why we kept multiple copies, but we only had the resources to create a limited number of copies, and all of those had been smashed during the accident, so we were effectively back to square one. I had chosen not to inform my team of what had happened until I fully understood it. I also had no intention of becoming a lab rat myself, which I wouldn’t have anticipated anyone in my team would want to do but the wider company I had less faith in.

On top of this I was having way too much fun with my new-found abilities to really want to stop. Every day for this past week I had been deliberately expanding my bust, hips and ass just a tiny bit more at the start of each day to see if anyone would notice. It meant buying new clothes that I would actually fit in but that was the benefit of foresight and next day delivery. Although the idea of deliberately wearing my older clothes to accentuate the difference was appealing, I didn’t want it to be too obvious, just noticeable enough for it to be fun. Had I walked in one day the size I was in the meeting with the Director, questions would definitely have been asked. Currently I would say I had about a B cup, enough ass for a small handful and hips defined enough to look feminine. I’d noticed a few choice looks but nothing had been said.

“Latest update on the Serum resynthesis for you, Dr. Boley.”

I looked up to see one of our Lab Technicians, Dan, standing with a folder for me. I had never thought to consider his appearance before, but I seemed to have a bit more interest in other people since the incident (still unsure if that was a side effect or not), so I took him in before answering. He was about 6’1″, slim, similar complexion to myself, not handsome but not hideous either, with short, brown hair styled in a side parting. If you looked up the definition of a Lab Technician, he would likely be the example photo.

“Thank you Dan,” I said taking the file. Dan was lingering longer than I expected. “Was there anything else?”

“Well, Dr. Boley, I just wanted to ask if you’re ok?”

“Yes I’m fine.” What an odd thing to suddenly ask. It was well over a week since I’d come back, what was the agenda here?

“Ok, that’s good to know.” He turned to leave but I felt compelled to probe further.

“Why do you ask?”

He turned back to me. “Well you were in isolation for a little while and you just seem a bit, I don’t know, different I guess?”

“Different how?”

He was squirming a little bit at this point, which I was admittedly enjoying. Finally, it seemed, someone had noticed.

“Well you’ve been dressing a little differently and, not that I’ve been staring or anything, but your clothes are a little more figure-hugging, I guess? I’m sorry, this isn’t appropriate…”

For a workplace, yes it was very inappropriate, but I really didn’t care. That was new.

“Well, Dan, thank you for noticing, I have changed up my wardrobe a bit.”

“Yeah, it looks great on you.”

Wait, was he flirting with me? Or at least trying to flirt? Again, not something I was familiar with. The nerdy, skinny, flat girl normally doesn’t get much attention, so I had never learned to crave it. But now that I knew I could get it, I kinda wanted it.

“Do you think so?” I replied.

“Yeah, you look hot,” he said, clearly emboldened by my apparent willingness to engage.

A guy flirting with me! It hadn’t really been my aim, but it felt really good to be admired. Like really good. Too good, actually. I realised that I was starting to get that familiar sensation in my breasts and my ass and could already feel myself starting to grow. Shit!

Thinking on my feet, I quickly covered my body with my lab coat and groaned a little. “Oww, I’m really sorry Dan, I’ve got to go, women’s issues.” With that Dan stepped back with an accepting nod that said ‘I don’t need to hear any more.’

I ran to the women’s bathroom, using every bit of focus I had to try and slow the expansion down. Finally I got to the bathroom and locked the door. I removed my lab coat, breathing heavily with the strain of trying to hold myself in, I looked in the mirror and finally released. I had decided to wear a button up blouse today that I quickly realised illegal bahis was in danger of being destroyed by my rapidly expanding tits, their weight and girth already causing the fabric to creak and stretch. I fondled at the buttons, but it was no use. I was still swelling and growing, it was amazing that the blouse had stayed intact for so long. The skirt I was wearing wasn’t faring much better, and I could feel ladders forming in my tights as my ass filled out and stretched the material to breaking point. Unable to take the pressure any longer, the blouse finally gave way, each button popping out one by one, the buttons bouncing off of the bathroom mirror as more and more of my engorging tits spilled out over the rapidly diminishing material, feeling so full and heavy. The release as my tits finally hung free was incredible, and had I not been at work I feel like my hands would have been busy exploring my pussy.

My skirt was the next to go. It had ridden further and further up my waist as my ass inflated beneath it and now my hips were making short work of the material. I heard a tear as the skirt fell to the floor. My ass was too big to be contained by any normal clothes anymore. I felt incredible, the sensation of the stretching and growing bringing me close to orgasm. I couldn’t decide whether if someone walked into the room right now I’d be mortified or I’d ride them into an orgasmic haze. Luckily I had locked the door. I couldn’t afford to let anyone else know my secret yet.

Slowly, and with a lot of willpower, I finally regained control of my body and shrank back down to the size I had been when I entered work this morning. I could do nothing to save my clothes however, now laid in a torn pile at my feet, leaving me completely naked. Luckily I had had the foresight to remove my lab coat before I had released, and it laid in a pile next to the bathroom door. I slid the coat back on and made sure to do up all of the buttons. ‘That’s me done for the day I guess’ I thought to myself. Not ideal, but the benefit of being the lead on this project was that I doubted too many questions would be asked if I had to leave, nothing that couldn’t be answered by a likely extremely awkward Dan explaining that I had ‘women’s problems’. I binned my ruined clothes, unlocked the bathroom door and left the lab.

* * * * *

Back at home and in lounge pants and an old t-shirt, I was sat pondering what had happened at the lab. Why had I spontaneously grown like that, I thought I had it completely under control? Or had I just assumed I had control? Like I had done before I broke down the situation piece by piece. What had prompted the change? Dan was talking to me, he passed me the results. Then he started to comment on how I looked, said I was hot…

I started to feel the sensation again, not as strongly, but enough to confirm it. I quickly brought my focus back to keeping everything in order, although it felt like my tits in particular were eager to start pushing this shirt to it’s limit too. Body under control I formed a hypothesis in my mind: my body had reacted to being aroused by spontaneously swelling, almost as if my subconscious was shouting ‘look at me!’ In a way it made perfect biological sense. Human beings tend to react biologically in some sort of way when aroused anyway, be it releasing pheromones or skin flushing, but my body had reacted by effectively making me ‘more desirable’ and giving me a more womanly figure. I’d grown so much in the bathroom because I had been focusing so hard on trying to supress the growth caused by the arousal, and I had just let myself go once I was safe to. That must have been it, surely. It couldn’t be anything else right?

Before I could think any further, there was a knock at my door. I could just make out the figure of Susan through the frosted glass of my front door as I rose to let her in. She must have been back from her holiday and wanted to share some stories and snaps with me. I didn’t mind, the company was nice even if it did stop me working out exactly what happened at work. That was new, again.

I opened the door confirming my suspicions. “Hi Susan.”

“Hi Sian, how are you, feeling any better?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I replied with a smile. “Come in.”

“Thanks,” she said moving past me and towards the sofa.

Much like with Dan earlier, I found myself taking in more of Susan than I had previously noticed. She was around my age, so in her mid to late 20s, slightly taller than me with jet black hair pulled back into a neat ponytail. She was wearing a loose-fitting blouse and a pair of baggy jeans that gave nothing away of her figure. It had never struck me as odd before but remembering the last time she was here and the amazing pair of tits hiding beneath that baggy blouse, why wouldn’t she want to show them off? I had only been able to pack out my clothes like that for a couple of weeks and I was loving it! People have different body confidence levels I suppose, god knows mine were next to non-existent a little over a fortnight ago, but it still seemed strange illegal bahis siteleri considering the last time she was here she had also been asking me about bikinis. So, she was clearly confident enough to wear next to nothing next to a public pool, but not confident enough to show off her figure day to day? Odd.

“How was your holiday?” I asked, breaking away from my train of thought as I joined her on the sofa.

“Oh it was great, the hotel was amazing, lots of great food, and such nice staff!”

“That’s good,” I replied. Out of both politeness and a little curiosity I asked, “So how was the bikini? Do have any pictures so I can see my handiwork at play?”

I had gotten back to Susan once I had finished planning for the meeting with the Director and picked the skimpiest of the bikinis she had shown me. I was definitely riding high on a little lust and had since slightly regretted the choice, but she had asked which one she’d look best in and for me that was the one I had picked. Attraction to girls as well as guys was also new it seemed.

“Oh, yes,” she said, almost with a sigh. “I didn’t wear it in the end…”

“What? Why?”

“I tried it on and it just didn’t look right…”

“I find that very hard to believe Susan, from what I saw you were packing the other day it would have looked amazing on you!”

I had never been this bold or brazen about commenting on someone’s appearance before, but it was true; Susan would have looked stunning in the bikini I had chosen, I was slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see it.

“Thank you, you’re kind but it just didn’t work out…”

Something wasn’t right. Susan was usually almost annoyingly bubbly and upbeat, but the woman in front of me looked unsure of herself and was actively avoiding eye contact. I needed to get to the bottom of this.

“Is everything ok, Susan?”

“Yes, everything is fine,” she said through a forced smile.

“Forgive me if I don’t believe you.”

She looked down at the floor. “I’d rather not talk about it, if that’s ok.”

I wanted to respect her wishes but I was both worried and intrigued. “This really isn’t like you Susan, what has happened?”

As she looked back up at me, I realised she was holding back tears. Suddenly she broke down. Instinctively I moved closer to her to comfort her and she rested her head on my shoulder blade just above my bosoms. I gave her time to work through the raw emotions, quite enjoying the sensation of her head against my chest but pushing that to the back of my mind and trying to focus on the matter at hand.

Once she had had a chance to calm down, I probed further.

“Tell me everything, Susan.”

“Well as you know, Carl and I have been married since we were young. Things have gotten very dry between us lately, I assumed it was work or stress related, but with the holiday coming I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try and spice things up again, you know?”

Admittedly I didn’t; I had never had a falling out with my fingers before. But I reciprocated with a, “yes, of course.”

“So that’s why I wanted the bikini. I thought the sight of me laying in the sun, almost naked with it would stir something up, you know?”

Susan was starting to stir something up in me, that was for certain. I was concentrating on what she was saying as much as possible, but my body seemed to be screaming back at me that it was time to grow! I forced the feelings back and continued to listen.

“But he saw me trying it on in the bedroom and then…”

She was trailing off and I could feel another emotional outburst coming. “And then?”

“And then he told me to get rid of it, that it made me look like a whore.” She broke down again, floods of tears pouring from her eyes onto my top. Any thoughts of Susan’s body and her close proximity to me were gone. In their place were a mix of sadness, concern and a building sense of anger. How dare he say that to her!

Once she had calmed down again, I continued.

“Who the hell does he think he is?”

“He’s always been a little conservative with what he likes me to wear but he’s never been that cruel before.”

“Well did he at least apologise after?”

“No, in fact he avoided me for most of the holiday after that, and whenever he looked at me, it was like he was looking at something that sickened him.”

I don’t think I’d ever formally met Carl, but at this moment in time I felt like I hated him more than I’d ever hated anyone before. No wonder Susan covered herself up if that was his attitude!

“How long has this been going on for, the holiday surely isn’t the only time?”

“Well, like I said, we’ve been a bit dry for a while, he’s been ignoring my advances, and there was that one time he slapped my hand away from him…”

“Wait, he hit you?!”

“No! No, just a slap on the wrist, that’s all it was, I swear.”

I was absolutely livid. I could feel a knot in my chest that seemed to be expanding and contracting along with my breathing and my brain felt like it was being boiled. canlı bahis siteleri I wanted to do something about this, I NEEDED to do something about this. I had never felt so strongly about something like this, and, quite apart from being concerned about the strong emotions I was suddenly feeling, my mind went into overdrive constructing a plan of action.

“It’s ok Susan, it’s ok,” I said cradling her head. “You need a little pampering time to yourself, it always makes me feel better. You can use my bathroom, the bath has a jacuzzi function in it, feel free to use it to your heart’s content. There’s fresh towels on the radiator and in the airing cupboard.”

“That’s so kind Sian,” she said through small sobs, “but I couldn’t possibly…”

“Yes you can hun.”

She seemed almost as caught off guard by my use of ‘hun’ as I was. I guess she was rubbing off on me, but whatever the case, it was enough to get her to agree. I took her to the bathroom and showed her where everything was and how everything worked and made her promise not to leave the bathroom until she felt better.

“You’re such a good friend, Sian, thank you so much.”

“Everything will be better, I promise.”

I closed the bathroom door and started the next part of my plan. I was going to confront Carl.

* * * * *

“Sian isn’t it? Susan’s friend. What are you doing here, where’s Susan?”

I had marched straight over to Susan’s house, completely incensed, so incensed in fact I had completely forgotten to change out of my lounge clothes.

“May I come in, Carl?”

“Yeah, I guess, where’s Susan?”

I strode past Carl as he closed the door. “We need to talk.”

“Do we?” he said with almost a grin. “I mean this is the most we’ve ever spoken as I recall.”

“Susan told me about what happened on your holiday.”

“What do you mean ‘what happened’? Nothing happened.”

“So, you calling her a ‘whore’ is nothing?”

“Oh jeez, she’s not spouting off about that is she?”

I couldn’t believe how unaffected he seemed. His wife had been in tears and he was acting like it was a complete non-issue!

“No, Carl, she wasn’t ‘spouting off’ as you put it. She was in tears, heartbroken even.”

“So what, you’re here on a crusade to vanquish the terrible husband now? I know you think you’re saving the world in that little lab of yours, but that doesn’t give you the right to poke your nose into other people’s business, especially not mine or my wife’s.”

“You might be able to get away with talking to Susan like that, but I’m not Susan. You should be ashamed of the way you’ve treat her!”

“Get the hell out of my house,” came Carl’s curt response.

“Not until you guarantee me that you will start treating your goddess of a wife like she deserves!”

“Goddess? Ha! What are you in love with her or something? I said get out!”

I stood fast, unwilling to move from my position until I knew that Susan was going to be treated the way she deserved. With a surprisingly quick movement I felt Carl grab my arm and start dragging me towards the door.

“Get the hell off me!” I shouted.


In a brief moment of realisation, I felt the knot in my chest unravel and a burning sensation start to take over my whole body. I was growing. But not just my breasts, or my hips, or my ass: my whole body. I could feel every cell of my being expanding and growing, quickly breaking Carl’s grip as he stood and gawped at the sight before him. Luckily my clothes had been baggy, otherwise I would have been naked in front of this asshole, but they stretched enough to keep me covered. By the time I was finished, I was still in the same proportions as I had been but twice the height and by extension twice the width. I had to bend to prevent myself from going through the ceiling. The suddenly now very small looking Carl was still staring in disbelief. I grabbed him by his collar and easily lifted him from the ground closer to my face.

“If I ever hear a single bad word about you from Susan ever again, you are going to wish I crushed you here and now, do you understand me?”

He practically yelped in response. I dropped him sending him to the floor with a clatter, not quite realising how high off the ground I had been holding him. He scrambled to his feet and bolted to another room in the house, slamming the door behind him and locking it. As if that would have stopped me with my current size.

Content I had made my point, I focused my mind on returning to my normal size. It took a moment, but I finally started to shrink, feeling calmer as I did so. Where my clothes had been baggy before, they practically dwarfed me now, and I had to grab a handful of the waist of my lounge pants to stop them from falling down. Luckily I hadn’t been wearing a bra or underwear so I hadn’t inadvertently ruined more clothes.

As I was walking back to my home, I reflected on my sudden giantess transformation, for lack of a better term. I had been so, so angry and it had built up and built up inside me until Carl made the mistake of trying to manhandle me and it all released. My body had reacted to the external threat by growing in size to overcome it. Once again, the answer closest to science seemed to make the most sense, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else?

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Daughter and Dad Plus a MILF

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Me, my daughter and a MILF. Lots of sex and various adventures in this one. Just where my characters wanted to go. There are a few twists and turns along the way though! Dad loves to fuck his college age daughter and discovers way more than he expected!

“Daddy, you need a girlfriend in your bed!” I was home on summer break from college and all he did was hang around the house. He was an architect that worked from home, so even work didn’t get him out.

“I beg your pardon!?” He looked up from his laptop, peering over reading glasses.

“Your hair needs cut. You haven’t been out of the house in forever. You’re looking at those porn sites all day! You need a woman.”

“I have let myself go a bit I guess, but I don’t see where it has anything to do with it. And those sex sites are for entertainment. Most men like looking at sexy women.”

“That’s my point! You need one to look at in real life.” I was exasperated. “I’m taking you for a haircut tomorrow. Get you cleaned up,” I grumbled.

He submitted, and we set a time. While he was at work, I went through his closet and tossed out all the torn, stained, ripped, ugly clothes. We would stop to do some shopping afterwards.

After I’d finished downsizing my Dad’s wardrobe, I wanted to go see my old ballet teacher. We became close friends after starting with her as a student.

I stood back in the shadows for a bit to watch her lead the class. She was classic Audrey Hepburn, Long neck, supple body, big doe eyes. She hadn’t changed. She had little cupcake breasts that appeared bigger on her small frame. But she was tall and exquisite, and about the age my mom would have been.

She dismissed the class and turned to see me. She yelped, ran over and nearly knocked me down.

“Patsyyyyyyyy! Oh god I’ve missed you,” she said hugging me tightly.

“And I you, Claire! You look ravishing as always.”

“Can you have lunch with me now?” We agreed to meet at a small cafe downtown.

“How’s Millie?”

“Millie is Millie. My daughter and I still don’t have the best relationship.” I nodded, understanding. She often told me she would love me as her daughter. “How is your Dad?”

“He has let himself go. Doesn’t go out much. Doesn’t socialize. It has been a long time since Mom died and it’s time he moved on. In fact I’m taking him for a much needed haircut and clothes shopping. I told him he needs a woman!” We laughed.

“I remember your Dad well. He was quite handsome and charming. I always wondered how your mom kept him from straying. But today in his situation… Maybe he doesn’t know what to do. When we are married for so long, we forget how to meet others, what to say, what to do. I’m still unsure and my husband divorced me five years ago.”

“I suppose you could be right.” I noticed men stealing glances at Claire. She always got a lot of attention because of her natural classic beauty. “So do you have a man?”

“No, nobody to even talk about. Men my age are just so old. They seem like my grandpa.” We both laughed. “But hey, will you have time to dance this summer?”

“I’m planning on it! I can’t wait to get back to the barre. I’d hoped to fit dance in between college classes, but this semester was just crazy.”

“Sometimes we have to prioritize in life and it’s not always the way we like. After the divorce, I lost my way for a while. I realized I’d lost dancing. Somehow, at that time, it’d become unimportant to me. Once I realized that, my life changed.”

A good looking man approached the table. “Excuse me, but aren’t you Miss Claire, my daughter’s ballet teacher?” She nodded, stood up and hugged him and they went on to discuss all the accomplishments of his little ballerina.

I smiled to myself remembering how Claire was a hugger, a toucher. Some people don’t like to be touched by others. I always felt sorry for them. It’s just another important part of human communication, and they were missing so much of the warmth that was exchanged, just by a touch.

My dad took me to classes. My mom was often too sick to do it. Although I’m sure he was bored, he stayed to watch and encourage me. I took ballet until I left for college, but began driving myself when I got my license.

“Dad it’s a unisex hair salon in the mall, not a barbershop. We’re going to the mall. Besides, we need to do some clothes shopping for you.”

I hoped that his style sense would kick back in. He used to be a sharp dresser and always well groomed. Some of my girlfriends crushed on him. One of them often stopped by the house to have him help her with college classes for architecture.

He was still grumbling about the salon in the mall when we walked out the door.

“Dad, did you… You know… Mess around with Brianna?” His grip on the steering wheel tightened and I saw the muscle in his jaw tense.

“Ummm, why would you ask that? Would it bother you if we had messed around, as you call it?”

I took a moment to think about it. “No, not really bothered. I actually think it would be sorta cool. And lots bahis firmaları of girls like older men. I have an older professor that’s pretty hot.”

“Okay, TMI,” he said laughing. “Just don’t lose focus on your studies.”

“Oh I won’t, I want to keep up my scholarship!”

“Patsy, I know you’re in college and going to date. I don’t even have reservations about you seeing an older man, as long as you face the reality of the future with someone older.”

I put him in the capable hands of a stylist and waited out front in the mall. I loved people watching and malls were the best places for that.

“My dad says I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” I said to a stunningly handsome man that just walked up.

“Very funny very funny.”

“Holy crap dad you are drop dead gorgeous.”

“Yeah yeah yeah, let’s go shop for those clothes you think I so desperately need.”

I couldn’t quit staring at him. Because he’d let his hair get so overgrown, she had a lot to work with and gave him a totally different style than he’d always worn. It made an amazing difference.

He did seem to have a different energy and began choosing shirts probably better than I’d have chosen. I just followed along and only interjected when he asked.

We stopped for a mall lunch.

“You almost look like a different person, Dad.” I was still staring and he was getting embarrassed but I didn’t care.

His jet black hair was thick and she had given him a longer, more trendy style, but still neatly trimmed. When we left the last store, he wore the one outfit I chose for him. Black slacks and a black v neck sweater. Perfect for his creamy white skin.

More than a few women in the restaurant gave him glances, or just out and out stared. “You have a fan club, dad. Everyone is crushing on you now,” I said, winking.

“Oh stop it Patsy!” He was embarrassed, but I could tell this helped immensely with his self esteem that had taken quite a beating.

“So you never answered my question about Brianna. Did you guys have a fling?”

He studied me for a moment and said, “Yes we did. I know she’s young, your age, And I resisted because of that. But Brianna could be persistent. When you went off to college, she came by every day and wore my resistance down.”

“I think that’s very exciting!” I had to admit to myself, imagining my dad with any girl my age turned me on a little.

“Glad you do sweetheart, but she’s gone and it has been over.”

“She’s at school in Europe isn’t she?”

“Yes. It was a fling for both of us and long over. I’ve never particularly been interested in younger girls but it was Brianna that clinched it. At my age, life is relaxing and slowing down, starting to enjoy what we worked for. You all are just beginning your lives. A relationship wouldn’t be fair to either.”

“Yes, someone at our own stage in life would be better I suppose.”

For a relationship, but not for raw, rolling around in bed sweaty sex. Which is a vision that is now stuck in my head.

I started ballet again with Claire and it was good to get back to it. Ballet had been such a big part of my life, I didn’t think I’d ever go without it, until college.

I bounced in the door, excited from my first… Workout really. I had a lot of stretching to do. Fortunately, I was just dancing with Claire so I could ease back into it.

Dad looked up from the TV and stared. I just jumped in the car after and hadn’t changed at the studio. I’d just worn white yoga pants and a sports bra.

“Have a good time,” he said quietly.

“I did! Good to be back dancing with Claire. You remember her, don’t you dad?”

“Of course I do,” he said thoughtfully. “She was a beauty. Probably still is…. She looked like Audrey Hepburn.” He was lost in thought. “She was so graceful and feminine.”

I stared at him. Oh my god she was a MILF for him, I thought. At the time, she was still married. When she asked after him the other day at lunch, she had that dreamy look. My mind raced possibilities.

“She was a mom as I recall, but don’t remember if it was a daughter or son?”

“A daughter, Millie, but they’re estranged.”

“Damn, that’s sad. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He looked at me again, but his gaze was different. More appreciative than shocked.

I sat on his lap and put my arms around his shoulders. “You’ll never find out daddy. We would never do anything to each other that was that unforgivable.

He ran his hand down my spine soothingly. I put my head on his shoulder and just enjoyed our close contact. His warm hand on my skin became for than just a touch. My skin tingled. I glanced down and my nipples were hard, poking through the thin sports bra. My yoga pants and worked up and I had a flagrant camel toe, which is obviously what he noticed when I came in.

Heat built against my left ass cheek first, then I felt the hardness. We both realized what was happening at the same time. I shifted to press my breast into his chest, trying to ease the ache. He petted kaçak iddaa up and down my side, his fingers caressing the side of my tit on each pass.

I felt and heard his breathing change. I moved a bit, rocking against his cock and turned my upper body. I needed his hand on my breast, to ease my aching nipple.

In turn he held me a little tighter and with his languid circles on my bare skin, slowly increasing in size. The cotton was so thin the bumps on my aureole pushed through. I felt his fingertip touch them and he hesitated. I knew he felt he was crossing into some illicit territory.

He swallowed hard along with my soft mewling sounds. He had admitted he hadn’t dated in months. I know he liked his girlie porn sites online, but it’s not like having the real thing. On your lap. Under your hands.

“Patsy,’ he said softly, almost a moan. He was fighting with himself. “Oh god Patsy.”

“Please Dad, my nipples ache so bad,” I moaned.

He lightly touched my nipple and I automatically arched, needing more. He covered my breast with his hand and palmed my nipple. I started rocking on his lap. Neither one of us was prepared to go much further, but I wanted to cum with him. Being limber from dancing, I spun around and was straddling his lap before he realized what I was doing.

Face to face. He looked down seeing the camel toe even more pronounced, but it was abrading my clit so thoroughly. His thin knit sport shorts did nothing to hold down his rising cock.

“Daddy, I know you like those sexy girls on the internet, but you have one in your hands right now.” I started rocking my mound against his inflamed cock.

“Oh sweetheart,” he hissed, his hands on my ass pulling me harder against him.

I kissed him, wet and passionate. I didn’t lead into it. I knew what he needed and it wasn’t long drawn out foreplay. The internet girls did that for him, but it was always his hand that completed the job. It wasn’t what I needed from him, but that part would have to be slow and easy.

His tongue dipped into my mouth and I sucked. He groaned and angled his head. I reached into his shorts and wrapped my hand around his cock. I had to feel him. I needed him to feel my hand on his cock for the first time.

“Oh my god Patsy. You’re my daughter. We shouldn’t but I can’t stop,” he said, his voice full of anguish.

“Dad, we both want this. We want each other so it’s not wrong.” I pulled the sports bra over my head baring my tits to him. He hugged me and I rubbed my tits on his thickly furred chest. “That feels so good on my tits. They’re aching, Daddy.” The college guys seemed to prefer busty girls and I was more cupcake size, so I probably disappointed them.

He stared at my tits for a moment and said, “They’re perfect Patsy. Just perfect.” He circled the tip with his tongue, getting closer each time. My nipples hurt for his mouth.

“Please Daddy.” His mouth was hot and his teeth nibbled the hard nubbin and I moaned.

Both my hands were in his shorts which squeezed my tits tight together, forming a deep valley between. He had his face buried between them with both hands massaging my tits. I arched my back, feeling the shadow of his beard rasping across the sensitive skin. I moaned louder when he rubbed his beard across my nipples.

I hefted his full balls in my hand and lightly scratched with my fingernails. He jerked and his cock throbbed.

“I’m going to cum soon.” I stroked his fiery hot cock faster. His hips naturally rocked, just as they would if he was thrusting into me.

“Cum for me,” I whispered. “I want to watch your cock pump. I want to make you cum, Daddy.”

“Oh god yeah,” he shouted out, pulling me against him while his cock exploded between us.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and rubbed my tits on the cum on his chest. I moaned, rocked against him and came hard and loud. I leaned back in his arms. He supported me while wave after wave racked through my body.

“What did we just do, Patsy,” he said, clearly distressed.

“Nothing we both didn’t want to happen.”

He avoided me for a few days and I knew he was regretful. I had to stop him from going down that path. Somehow. So I asked Claire if she would go out to dinner with us some evening, thinking it would be good for us all to socialize.

When I got home from ballet Dad was looking at his computer and didn’t hear me come in. I looked over his shoulder and he was looking at the internet girlie porn site.

“Whatcha looking at Daddy?”

“Older women. I like looking at older women. Girls with fake breasts. I just don’t get why they do that to themselves.”

“Because a lot of guys like busty women. Especially college guys. My friends and I were discussing that before break. Guys just don’t pay attention to us with the small tits.”

“Well your breasts are beautiful sweetheart.” I hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek.

I could see he was pretty randy from looking at the pictures. “What else are you doing, hmmmm?” I hung over his kaçak bahis shoulder looking at his hand laying in his lap.

He groaned. “This isn’t a subject between father and his daughter.” I ignored that.

I kissed the side of his neck and spoke softly into his ear. “What if I told you it gets me hot that you pleasure yourself by doing this. What if I told you I wanted you to continue doing what you were doing while I watched.”

“Damn Patsy, you’re making this very difficult. I’m just trying to be a good Dad.”

I pointed to a woman, about his age, long blonde hair covering her tits. “What about her, does she get you aroused?”

“They all do really.”

“But you have to have favorites? Those that you go to that will get you cock hard fast. When you really need to cum.”

“You’re killing me.” His hand started moving, uncovering his hardening cock.

“Show me.”

He clicked on the picture which opened up a whole page of photos of her posing. I blinked, not believing how much she looked like Claire. Hmm, I guess Claire would be a MILF to young guys, but why not to any age. I knew I wanted to think about that later but right now I wanted to watch my Daddy stroking his cock.

“She’s the one that gets me every time.” I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it open.”Mmm Patsy,” he moaned when my fingers wove through his mat of curly hair.

“She would be so sexy naked, next to you in your bed,” I whispered seductively in his ear and felt his chest expand with his heavier breathing. “Maybe you’d wake up in the morning with your cock in her mouth.” He nodded, his lips parting. “Those luscious lips wrapped around the tip of your cock, her tongue circling the ridge.”

“Oh god yeah,” he breathed. “I’d love her mouth on my dick.”

“You’d watch her tongue flick out, tasting your pre cum. The tip probing the tiny hole.” He moaned. “You’d watch your cock disappear in her mouth. You’d feel it enveloped in her steamy hot mouth. Teeth lightly scraping the shaft up to the head.”

He whispered unintelligibly and raised up to push his pants down. His cock lewdly stood up from his lap dripping precum. I wanted to do it instead of talking about it, but this was for him. I’d have my turn.

“Mmm yeah she’d have that hard meat in her mouth, but now her fingers would be under those big fat balls too. Weighing them in her hand. Toying with the two orbs in their sac.”

“Oh yeah my balls. Don’t stop.” He stroked a little faster but wanted to draw this out.

“She’d hold the base of your cock tight and suck on the head, run her tongue over the smoothness.” I lightly rubbed his nipples and jerked and moaned. “She’d run her tongue down the sensitive underside to your balls.” His moans increased. “Feel your balls in her hot wet mouth, daddy. Sucking and toying with them with her tongue. The vibrations through your balls from her humming drive you crazy.”

“Yessss,” he ground out.

I pulled up another picture of her. Spread legs, pussy wide open.”She wants your cock in that wet pink pussy. To feel you sliding deep. Ball deep in that hot cunt. She moans when she feels the intrusion of your fat cock. Stretching her cunt. Her legs wrap around you, locking you inside her.”

“Oh Patsy, god don’t stop sweetheart, you’re driving me crazy,” he said, his voice wavering and gravelly.

“You pick her up, impaled on your cock, and she starts bouncing on your cock. Banging deeper and deeper.”

I clicked on the picture of her on all fours. “You lay her on the bed and tell her to get on her hands and knees. You’re running your hands all over her ass. Her smooth soft pussy lips are wide open. Swollen and sensitive to your touch. To your tongue. She cums at the first touch of your tongue on her clit. You make her cum again and again. She’s exhausted but you’re still throbbing and hard. You want to ride her. You want to hump her hard and fast. Wild animal like sex.”

“God damn,” he ground out, stroking faster.

“You drive into her cunt, bottoming out, the tip of your cock touching her cervix. She groans and bucks but you’re in deep. You reach under her and flick her clit and start pounding in her. You can’t stop. You’re out of control.” His ass lifts off the chair and he’s grunting loud and I keep talking in his ear.

“Her cunt is squeezing your cock tighter while he cums. She starts riding your hard pole and banging back into you. Your bodies making lewd obscene sounds and you fuck faster and harder.” Suddenly he shouted loud and his cock spewed a geyser of cum out of his lap. He slowly milked the rest, gasping and catching his breath.

“Dammit Patsy, you trying to kill your old man or what. How did you learn to do that. It was the hardest I’ve ever come just stroking. And in front of my daughter yet,” he groaned.

“Yes, and you’ll do it again for me sometime.” He groaned again comically and we laughed.

Dinner with Claire was coming up soon which made me remember the MILF that Dad liked. I got on his computer when he was gone and looked her up again, making note of a few things.

Since she had a late class, we had reservations at a restaurant by Claire’s studio. We had arrived first, and shortly Claire came in, a longish flowing dress, delicate and feminine.

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Lucas’s Bully

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Note: this story involves cuckolding and humiliation. If you’re a fan of my work, be aware that this one is a little on the sillier side.


“Hey, dweeb,” my high school bully Brad said to me, casually pushing me against my locker.

“Hey, leave my boyfriend alone!” cried Stephanie, my girlfriend. “Just because he’s not as big and muscular as you are doesn’t mean you can pick on him all the time!”

A small crowd quickly gathered around, laughing at my girlfriend having to defend me.

“Sweetie…” I said quietly to her. “You’re not helping…”

“Yeah, sweetie,” Brad said, eyeing Stephanie’s tight, gymnast body up and down. “Besides, I saw your nerd boyfriend already gave you his homework to copy off of this morning, so you don’t need him for the rest of the day.”

The crowd laughed. Stephanie rolled her eyes at him, but she was also smiling a little bit.

“Anyway,” Brad said, “I’m not even picking on him, I just wanted to let him know what my dad told me last night.”

The crowd was growing bigger. Here I was, an 18-year-old high school senior, still getting bullied by this big dumb jock while all the other kids laughed at me. “Okay, whatever, go ahead, Brad, what did he tell you?” I asked, wanting to get this over with so I could get to class.

“He said he was gonna fire your dad’s worthless ass,” Brad said. My face fell. My dad worked as an office clerk for Brad’s dad, who was a lawyer. What was going to happen to our family if he lost his job? “But good news!” Brad added quickly. “He decided not to.”

I sighed with relief. “Oh, good,” I said.

“Yeah, great news, right?” Brad asked. But I could tell something bad was coming. “Ya wanna know how your dad saved his job?”

“Um…how?” I asked.

“You know how they had an office party this weekend?”

“Yeah…” I said.

“Well, my dad and all the other guys in the office fucked your mom right in front of him in exchange for him keeping his job!”

The crowd all gasped and burst into laughter. I looked over at Stephanie. Even she was holding back a giggle.

“Whatever,” I said. “You’re making that up.”

“Nah, loser, I got the proof right here,” Brad said. He held up his phone and played a video. I saw my mom bent over a desk while Brad’s muscular father fucked her from behind and a bunch of other guys gathered around waiting to take their turn, their wives or girlfriends cheering them on or pointing and laughing. My mom was moaning like a total slut, and my dad was off to the side, staring intently and jerking off.

The crowd laughed harder now. Even Stephanie was openly laughing at me. I felt my face turning red and I stormed through the crowd to go to class.


“Mom!” I whined when I got home that day. “I can’t believe you would do that to Dad!”

“Oh, honey,” my mom said dismissively. “Would you prefer that he lose his job?”

“Well, no…” I said. “But still…”

“Besides,” my mom said, “you said your bully showed you the video, so I’m sure you saw that your dad didn’t mind one bit. He was enjoying the show!”

I sighed. “Yeah, I know,” I admitted. “But that just makes it even more humiliating for me…”

“Aww, sweetie,” my mom said sympathetically. “I know, I’m sorry. Your bully really shouldn’t be telling you about all that stuff.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “He’s such a jerk. He thinks just because he’s this big muscular football player and all the girls want to date him that he can do whatever he wants.”

“Oh, really?” my mom asked.

“Totally,” I said. “He even told me that he’s had sex with most of the teachers and the principal and they all let him get away with whatever he wants because he has such a big penis. It’s so unfair!”

“Hmm,” my mom said thoughtfully, “that’s very interesting. It sounds like he needs a real talking to. I want you to invite him over tomorrow.”

“What? No way!” I objected. “I can’t have my mom fighting my battles for me!”

“Oh, honey,” my mom said. “It’s fine. I promise I’ll get him to stop bullying you.”

I sighed. “Really?” I asked. “How?”

She smiled a little. “I can be very persuasive, honey,” she said ambiguously.

“Okay…I guess, if you really think you can get him to stop,” I agreed.

“Good boy,” she said. “And, um, bring that cute little girlfriend of yours over too, okay?”

“Why does she need to be there?” I asked. “It’s gonna be so embarrassing!”

“I just want her to be included,” my mom said simply. “Now do what I say or you’re grounded.”

I couldn’t believe I was an adult and my mom was still threatening to ground me. “Okay, fine,” I said with a sigh.


“Um…Brad?” I said nervously to my bully the next day at school. “My mom wants you to come over tonight. She said she needs to give you a talking to about how much you bully me.”

Stephanie and some of Brad’s friends were standing nearby. They all started laughing, even my girlfriend. “Uh oh, Brad, you’re in trouble,” one of his friends said.

Brad laughed. “Your güvenilir bahis slut mom wants to punish me? Sounds like fun, dork.”

“Whatever, it’s not like that,” I objected. Then I turned to Stephanie. “Um, she said I should ask you to come too, sweetie.”

“Damn, she wants your girlfriend there, too?” Brad asked. “This really is gonna be fun.”

Stephanie laughed a little. “Okay, honey, I’ll be there,” she said to me, then handed me a paper. “Here’s my math homework, I need it finished before third period, okay?”

“Um, yeah, sure,” I said. She gave me a peck on the cheek and walked away.


That evening, Brad and Stephanie arrived at the same time. He wore a pair of mesh gym shorts and a tank top. She was in cut-off denim shorts and a crop top. “Hey, loser,” Brad said. “I gave your girl a ride over here.”

“Oh…okay,” I said, not enthusiastic about the idea of my girlfriend in a car alone with my bully.

“Don’t worry, all I asked in return is for her to flash me her tits,” Brad said with a laugh. Stephanie giggled a little.

“Honey,” I said. “You didn’t…?”

“Oh, sweetie, it’s no big deal,” Stephanie said. “He was doing me a favor, so in return I gave him a quick peek and let him squeeze them a little bit.”

“Squeeze them?” I asked.

“Hey, that was all her idea,” Brad said.

“Oh, stop,” Stephanie said with a laugh, slapping Brad on the arm playfully. “It’s just my way of saying thanks for the ride.”

“Um, I really wish you hadn’t let my bully feel you up, sweetie,” I whined. “You haven’t even let me do that!”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “You know I don’t like jealous guys,” she warned me sternly.

“Okay…I’m sorry,” I said.

Just then my mom walked up behind me. “Sweetie, aren’t you going to let your friends in?” she asked.

I turned and saw that she was only wearing a robe, loosely tied so that the opening showed off a lot of her cleavage. “Mom!” I cried. “What are you wearing?”

“What? I just got out of the shower,” my mom said. “You two don’t mind, do you?”

“Hell no,” Brad said quickly, eyeing my mom up and down with a lascivious grin and rubbing his hands together.

My mom laughed. “You teenage boys, always just one thing on your minds,” she said. “Come on in!”

I stepped aside and Brad and Stephanie walked in. “I think you look gorgeous,” Stephanie said to her.

“Oh, thank you!” my mom said with a smile. “I love that crop top.”

“Aw, thanks,” Stephanie said.

“How are things going between you and my son?” my mom asked. “I hope he’s treating you respectfully.”

“Mom…” I said, embarrassed.

“Oh, he’s a perfect gentleman,” Stephanie said. “He’s really the perfect boyfriend. He does whatever I tell him to do!”

“Yes, he’s such a good boy,” my mom said, patting me on the head. Then she looked over at Brad, a mischievous smile on her face. “Unlike this young man over here. Let’s go into the living room and have a little talk, shall we? Please make yourselves at home.”

Brad walked in and sat down on the middle of the couch. My mom and Stephanie sat on either side of him, leaving me to sit in a chair to the side. I wasn’t enthusiastic seeing my bully in my house like this, as if he owned the place.

“Mom?” I asked. “You’re not gonna change?”

“No,” my mom said, as though this was a stupid question. “Your friends already said they don’t mind, sweetie.”

“Yeah, don’t be rude to your own mom, dork,” Brad said to me, looking straight down the front of my mom’s half-open robe and rubbing his crotch through his mesh shorts. A large bulge was starting to form in them.

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” my mom said to Brad, putting a hand on his muscular shoulder and looking down at his bulge. “Oh, my, I’m sorry, is what I’m wearing getting you…excited?”

“It’s okay,” Brad said, his shorts now forming a massive tent as he kept rubbing his hard-on. “I should be the one apologizing. But I can’t help it, this is just what happens when I’m sitting between such hotties like the two of you.”

My mom and girlfriend both cooed at these compliments. Neither of them could take their eyes off Brad’s bulge.

“What a nice compliment,” my mom said. “It’s hard to believe you’ve been such a bully to my son.”

“Aw, well,” Brad said with a grin. “All I did was tell him how much fun you had at the office party with my dad and his friends.”

My mom laughed. “Well, it is kind of naughty for you to be talking about that at school, don’t you think?”

“Oh, I guess,” Brad said. “And I probably shouldn’t have shown him the video my dad gave me.”

“Very naughty boy, embarrassing my son like that,” my mom said, but she didn’t sound very upset about it.

“You know what? You’re right,” Brad said. He looked over at me. “I’m sorry, dork.”

My mom looked over at me expectantly. “Well?” she said. “What do you say?”

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“He just apologized, honey!” my mom said sternly.

“That’s it?” I asked. “He apologizes, türkçe bahis and calls me a dork at the same time, and that’s enough for you? He’s just gonna keep bullying me!”

“Well…” my mom said thoughtfully. “I suppose you’re right. Are you planning to keep bullying my son, Brad?”

“Probably,” Brad said, still looking down her robe and rubbing the tent in his shorts.

My mom leaned forward a little bit. “Well…is there anything his girlfriend and I could do to convince you to ease up on him a little bit?”

“Hmm,” Brad said. “I dunno, your son’s such a little loser, it’s really hard to resist picking on him. It would have to be something pretty special to get me to stop.”

“Aww, I understand,” my mom said, then slowly let her robe drop off her shoulders, revealing her big, bouncy breasts. “Are these special?”

“Damn,” Brad said, gripping his hard-on firmly. “Those are fucking amazing.”

“Go ahead, play with them,” my mom said.

Brad reached over and started feeling up my mom’s boobs.

I couldn’t believe it. “Mom! What the fuck?” I objected.

“Oh, honey, shush,” she said. “Don’t you want him to stop teasing you at school?”

“I mean…yeah…but this is ridiculous!” I said.

“Don’t pay any attention to him,” my mom said to Brad. “Go ahead, suck on them.”

“Fuck yeah,” Brad said, leaning over to suck my mom’s tits. I could only sit there and stare, not knowing what to say at this point. After a few seconds of this, he stopped and looked over at Stephanie. “You too, slut.”

Stephanie bit her lower lip and smiled, then quickly pulled her crop top over her head and tossed it at me. My mouth fell open as I stared at her bare breasts. This was my first time seeing them.

“Wow, your girlfriend has such nice, perky little tits,” my mom said to me. “Your bully’s really gonna love playing with those.”

Sure enough, Brad was already squeezing and licking Stephanie’s breasts while she ran her hands through his hair.

“Sweetie!” I whined. “Why are you letting Brad do this to you?”

Stephanie rolled her eyes. “Um, hello, we’re doing this to help you,” she said, as if I were stupid. “Once he has his fun with us, he’ll stop bullying you. Right, Brad?”

“Uh, yeah, maybe I’ll ease up a little,” Brad said, flicking her erect nipple with his tongue.

“See?” Stephanie said. “Honestly, you should be thanking us.”

I shook my head, then silently watched as Brad turned back to my mom and motorboated her, making her laugh.

“Um, okay, Brad, you’ve had your fun,” I said, trying to bring this to an end. “That’s enough, and now you have to stop picking on me at school!”

Brad glanced over at me. “Are you kidding me? I’m gonna make these sluts my fucktoys. And if you keep whining, I’m gonna kick your ass right in front of them. Now sit there and watch like a good little boy.”

“But…but…” I stammered.

“Honey, your bully is right,” my mom said. “Stop complaining and let us take care of this for you.”

Brad pulled my mom’s robe completely open and slid his hand between her legs. “Damn, your mom’s pussy is dripping wet already,” he said, sliding a couple fingers inside her and making her moan. “You like when I boss your wimpass son around, huh?”

“Mmm,” my mom said. “Well…I do like dominant men.”

“Yeah, of course you do, you desperate slut,” he said, sliding a third finger inside her. As he fingered my mom, he turned to Stephanie and said, “Get on your knees and take my cock out,.”

“Yes, Brad,” Stephanie said obediently, sliding to the floor and kneeling between Brad’s legs. She quickly pulled down Brad’s shorts. His massive erection popped out. “Oh, wow,” she said, in awe at the size of it.

“Holy shit,” I said, also in awe. “Sweetie, it’s okay, that penis is way too big, you don’t have to do anything with it. He can just keep bullying me, okay?”

But she was already wrapping her lips around it and starting to suck it. She pushed her head almost all the way down it, until she gagged a little bit and pulled off. “Mmm, no, honey, it’s okay, I can handle this big dick, see?” She slid it back down her throat, this time going all the way down, until her nose was pressed into Brad’s pubes.

“What the fuck…” I said softly, in disbelief that my girlfriend was deepthroating such a massive penis.

“Wow, good job!” my mom said encouragingly. “Can I try?”

Stephanie giggled and nodded at her. My mom got down on her knees next to my girlfriend and started sucking Brad’s cock, sliding it all the way down her throat on the first try, then bobbing her head up and down on it.

“Ohhh, fuck, of course your slut mom is a pro at this,” Brad groaned. Stephanie started sucking his balls while my mom kept going. “Fuck yeah, two sluts on my dick.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I said, putting my head in my hands.

Just then, the front door opened and my dad walked in. “What’s going on here?” he asked. I was embarrassed, but relieved that somebody had arrived who could put güvenilir bahis siteleri a stop to this.

My mom pulled her head off Brad’s dick and turned to my dad. “Oh…hi, honey,” she said, sighing in frustration that she was being distracted from her task. “This is Brad, our son’s bully. And this is Stephanie, our son’s girlfriend. Brad says that if we have a little fun with him he might stop picking on our son so much.”

“Oh…I see,” my dad said, his eyes fixed on Stephanie’s topless body as she licked the shaft of Brad’s cock. “Um…you’re my boss’s son, aren’t you?” he asked Brad.

“That’s right, and I’ve heard all about you,” Brad said. “Now sit down next to your loser son, you fucking pathetic cuck.”

My mom looked up at Brad and laughed. “Like father, like son!” she said. “Both of you know how to dominate my sissy husband!”

My dad submissively followed Brad’s orders and sat down next to me. His hand started rubbing his crotch over his pants. “Enjoying the show, son?” he asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Of course I’m not! My bully is about to fuck my mom and my girlfriend right in front of me!”

“I know, it’s gonna be so hot,” my dad said. “Damn, your girlfriend has such a tight little body. What’s she doing dating a nerd like you?”

“Dad!” I said. “She likes me!”

Stephanie giggled and glanced back at my dad. “Yeah, I especially like how he does all my homework for me.”

“Ah, now I get it,” my dad said with a laugh. He slid his hand into his pants. “Damn, she’s got perfect fucking tits, son.”

“Oh my god, what a gross, old pervert,” Stephanie said, rolling her eyes.

“Aw, I’m sorry, baby, don’t worry about me, just keep sucking that nice big dick,” my dad groaned, his hand moving up and down in his pants.

“Dad, come on,” I objected. “That’s my girlfriend. And don’t forget your wife is sucking his dick too. You should be putting a stop to this!”

“What do you want me to do?” my dad asked. “Your bully is way bigger and stronger than either of us. Besides, look at him, he’s probably gonna fuck them both so good. I wanna see that!”

“Oh my god, Dad, that’s so fucked up,” I said.

Brad had Stephanie stand up and peel her denim shorts off. I stared at her round little butt, which looked so perfect in the red panties she was wearing. Brad quickly peeled her panties off and threw them at my dad, saying, “Here ya go, perv, have fun with these.”

“Fuck yes, thank you,” my dad said gratefully, holding my girlfriend’s panties to his face and sniffing them.

“Jesus Christ, Dad!” I exclaimed. “You’re really embarrassing me!”

Stephanie giggled, getting back on her knees. “It’s okay, Lucas, I don’t mind if your dad is a weirdo perv who wants to sniff my panties and jerk off to me.”

“Ohh, yeah, they’re so wet, son, you can smell her pussy juices,” my dad groaned, still stroking himself and holding her panties to his face. “She must really like your bully.”

I could only shake my head and watch in exasperation as my mom and girlfriend continued sucking Brad’s dick for a few more minutes. Then Brad told my mom to get on all fours on the floor, facing me. She quickly obeyed.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” my mom said to me with a smile. “We’re gonna take good care of your bully and you won’t have to worry about him anymore.”

Brad got on his knees behind my mom, peeled his tank top off, and slid his cock inside her. She let out a moan. “Fuuuuck yeah,” Brad groaned. “My dad was right, she does have a tight pussy for being such a used up slut.”

“That’s right,” my dad said, his fist moving up and down in his shorts, “now fuck my little cheating whore wife nice and hard with that big teen cock.”

Brad laughed. “Dude, I think your dad is even more pathetic than you,” he said to me as he slammed his cock in and out of my mom’s pussy.

Stephanie was kneeling next to Brad, sliding her hands up and down his muscular body and kissing his neck. After a few minutes of this, he told Stephanie to get on her hands and knees next to my mom, and he went back and forth fucking both of them from behind for a while.

I looked over at my dad, who was staring in awe and stroking himself furiously. “I seriously can’t believe you’re jerking off to this,” I said to him.

“Oh please,” my dad said dismissively. “Like you don’t have a little stiffy in your shorts right now?”

I had been trying to ignore the raging hard-on pressing against my briefs, but now I let out a sigh and said, “Okay, fine, I do, but at least I’m not stroking it like you.”

“Why not?” my dad asked. “Look at this high school jock splitting your girlfriend’s tight teen pussy open. You don’t think that’s hot?”

I blushed, staring at Stephanie as she looked up and me smiled while Brad railed her from behind. I had to admit, she did look really hot.

“Poor thing,” my mom said to me. “Why didn’t you tell us this was getting you hard? You know we can’t see your tiny hard-on in your shorts the way we could see your bully’s.”

I blushed as Brad and Stephanie laughed at me. “Mom…I didn’t want to tell you,” I whined. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Oh, sweetie, it’s okay,” my mom said comfortingly. “We really don’t mind if you jerk off to us, honey.”

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Sex with Coworker Pt. 03

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If you read the previous part 1 and 2 you’ll get an idea of what to expect. This story is 100% true of my escapades with Michele.

As in the other stories, Michele and I could not help ourselves. At work, she would bring me my mail instead of placing it in my box. If I was in my work area she would put mail on my desk, reach onto my crotch, and feel. Talk about instant hardons. I had to sit there until it went down. As for me every chance I got I would caress her ass or tits. She did not mind at all. We were both in relationships with other people but enjoyed each other’s company and the sex was great. We had to be careful of course as we did not want to lose our jobs. On one occasion I was washing my coffee cup at the sink after a mid-morning cup of coffee. She came in stood behind me pressing her tits against my back, reached around, and started caressing my dick. I did not mind one bit until we heard two co-workers come into the kitchen.

Michele left and I began washing my cup again because my hardon was very noticeable. My other co-worker had a cup and I volunteered to wash it for her, after all, how could I explain the hardon I had. She thanked me as we made conversation about the outcome of last night’s baseball game. I washed my cup again and washed hers. She left the kitchen with our other female co-worker. Finally, I was able to sneak into the bathroom which was down the hall from the kitchen, and run cold water on my canlı bahis şirketleri hands, adjust my pants which I couldn’t do in the kitchen, and allow my dick to settle down. It worked. I walked by Michele’s desk and let her know I had some errands to run for the company. Michele just smiled and winked at me. She knew what she had done and seemed proud of the control she had over me.

Two days after that encounter Michele came to my cubicle grabbed my hand and I reached under her skirt. No panties and her pussy was soaking wet and hot. Two fingers went in easily. After one minute I pulled them out and licked them, so sweet. She later told me that she had been having contractions all day long. I wish we could have fucked that day but our schedules did not allow it. We were both desperate to be together again and it showed.

As hard as we tried we could not get our schedules together to meet outside of work. Other commitments, family, work, etc. got in the way.

Finally, after 5 weeks of pure torture, it happened. Our schedules allowed us to make it happen. I told my girl I was working late. She told her husband she was going to the gym. We met at a parking lot nearby and she drove. I was so horny I pulled my dick out of pants as she drove. I could not help myself and I teased her just like she teased me at work. Luckily we were in the inside lane as she got on the highway. She looked over several times and simply canlı kaçak iddaa said “I want to suck that so bad.” I continued to caress my dick and wave in the air as she drove. I wanted to caress her tits but I was afraid of causing an accident so I just sat there with my hardon enjoying the scenery.

Once we got to the hotel she went to get the key. She had to use her license and give them her plate number. She drove around to our room. As soon as we walked into the room she dropped her purse by the door, placed the chain on, and dropped to her knees. I was reluctant to pull my dick out after all we’ve been at work all day and I’m sure it was sweaty but she insisted. Who am I to argue, so with minimal resistance from me she opened the zipper, undid the belt and my pants and underwear were down to my knees a few seconds after that. She began by giving my dick a tongue bath. I had to turn and lean against the door for support. Her mouth and tongue were on fire. Every side of my dick was licked and so were my balls. She reached underneath and caressed my asshole with her nail. I had to put my hand on the wall for fear of falling. The feeling was fantastic. My girl did not come close to doing that for me. I wanted to explode right then and there but somehow I was able to hold back. I learned a trick from a buddy of mine that if you bite your knuckles or fingers the pain associated with that will help you hold back your orgasm.

It canlı kaçak bahis worked!

I pulled Michele up and it was my turn. I pulled down her pants, panties and began to lick her pussy lips, the inside of her thighs, her clit, her stomach. It was incredibly sexy and she tasted wonderful. She was moaning from every kiss and caress that I gave her. If anyone walked by the room they would know what was going on. At that point in time, we didn’t care. She came a few times with her legs shaking, knees buckling, pulling my head tighter into her warm pussy. I know she enjoyed it.

I finally stopped and I began to undress as she did the same. After we were both naked the lust took over. She lay on the bedspread her legs and I was in her in two seconds flat. I hit bottom in one swift push. We began to kiss and I began a slow rhythmic in and out thrusting action which sped up in no time. She exploded several times pulling me closer into her with one of her hands while the other wrapped around my neck. She wrapped her legs around me as she met every thrust with one of her own. All that pent-up energy and desire were giving us pleasure to no end. As we continued to kiss, one load moan from Michele was all it took for me to let go. Her contractions felt wonderful on my dick. It seemed like I could not stop thrusting into her but I finally collapsed next to her. I caressed her tits and we kissed lightly as we made eye contact.

After a few minutes she started to laugh…what the hell was so funny…she said “we never pulled the covers back and now left a big stain on them.”

Oh well…I hope they wash them after we leave…LOL.

Comments are welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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Jim and Edie Again Ch. 01-03

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Jim and Edie – Again

‘Not enough sex. Too short. Add more. More sex. What happens next? More sex!’ Those were a few of the many comments I got by email about my 2014 story — Jim and Edie. Well, I’ve tried to respond to them with this much longer rewrite of that story. Chapters 1 and 2 are pretty much the original story with a few tweaks — and little sex; but then the juicy stuff starts in Chapter 3 and continues for the rest of the story. I’ve chosen to post the first three chapters together to get readers started. There are twenty-one chapters overall. If I could check all the boxes for what this story involves, I would touch heavily onErotic Couples, Loving Wives, Group Sex, Mature, and even Incest. Enjoy. SW.

Chapter 1 — The Mating Habits of the Mature

Jim’s Story

Suddenly, I’m single. I’ll probably never stop grieving the loss of Diane, but I’d committed to myself, my son and daughter, and my best friend Bruce to get my head out of my ass, as the latter called it, and to start to enjoy the world again.

I’m very left brain — analytical, logical. I was a systems engineer for NASA, and segued into middle and then upper management, but always with large, multi-million-dollar technical aerospace projects. I guess I was good at my job and we lived frugally, and made some wise investments, so Diane and I ended up able to retire when we were both fifty-five. We moved from Washington, where I ended my NASA career, to Sarasota, Florida, bought a nice house near the beach with a fabulous view of the city’s marina, and settled into a new lifestyle.

Diane had been a schoolteacher. She taught eighth-grade social studies in a suburban school. She was good at her job, too, and also took on some administrative duties that justified a pay raise. Four years ago, Diane found a lump in a breast, and that led to what turned out to be a never-ending series of visits to various doctors, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and eventually a hospice center, and then Diane was no more of this world.

We were married for thirty-six years, birthed two kids in that time, and raised and launched them — Josh and Carolyn. They’d both married, still lived in Virginia, and graced us with two grandchildren — one apiece, so far. The grandchildren had never met Diane.

Bruce asked me to write about ‘my situation’ as he called it — my story, and the first couple of tries I made read like a report on a replacement software system for a Mars’ mission. I’ve made an attempt in this version to be a little more humanistic instead of instructional, such as ‘put left thumb in right ear’.

I did not take to my early retirement as well as I thought I would. I was restless. I tried a whole string of hobbies and athletic endeavors: golf, tennis, bike riding, fishing, wind surfing, kayaking, painting, piano, and there are another dozen others that I could list. In parallel, there were a dozen charitable groups that I volunteered for: Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Red Cross, Head Start, SCORE, and Boys Club, to name a few. This attempt at being an author is also part of this story thanks to Bruce.

Why did I leap from hobby to hobby? At first, I was looking for my niche, and something that was satisfying and that contributed in some way to society. I took classes, went to many lectures and meetings, mentored others and got mentored, and slowly I realized I was trying to reestablish all my old office routines and schedules with new activities and under new banners. Bruce told me I was a ‘retirement failure’.

Diane’s illness pulled me out of my ‘retirement failure’, although I seemed to be productive and having fun at the other stuff, I devoted myself to her, and that wasn’t hard. I’d been doing that for almost forty years since our first date. I became almost more involved in her cancer and treatments than she was. I knew more, learned more, and talked to more people. I wanted to be sure we left no stone unturned. I don’t think we did, and the result was that we milked two extra years from the Grim Reaper after her first prognosis.

Diane tried to make her death ‘festive’. She insisted we all celebrate her life instead of mourn her death. We tried, but with tears in our eyes. When we shifted to palliative care, our kids came down, and a steady stream of friends and neighbors poured through our doorway to offer support and eventually condolences after Diane slipped away. My friend Bruce and his wife Mindy became my mainstay. I cried a lot, they held me, and then got me somewhat whole again, and back up and running on my own. We had a celebration of life party, and many of our friends and I waxed eloquent about the high points in our memories of Diane. I laughed and cried the day was so special. After that I felt so empty.

I cried myself to sleep for a month and then slowly got over the pain of loss. At first, I couldn’t even believe that she was gone. I’d go to the kitchen expecting to see her puttering around making breakfast bedava bahis or cleaning up some dishes from the night before, but she wasn’t there. After that, I got mad at her for leaving me, and then mad at the doctors who seemed impotent in what they could do for her. After that stage, resignation set in.

Mindy struck fear into my heart while I was having dinner with them with one simple sentence, “Jim, I think it’s time you started to date again. Diane made me promise to get you back on the circuit, and … it’s time. Come on, three years have passed and you’ve done nothing but your charity work and mope around the house.”

I sputtered and spit around for a week thinking about that possibility. I tried to visualize ‘dating’ at sixty.

In one daydream I hang out at the local ‘meat market’ where I’ve seen attractive younger women. Several of them dance with me, and eventually I invite one of them to come back to the house. She does, and we start a torrid romance. The romance turns to a sudden pregnancy, and, oh my god, I face another twenty years of diapers and child-raising. I’d be eighty with a kid in college. I am not a ‘hang-out-in-bars’ kind of guy.

In yet another daydream, I decided to start to attend church again. This dream turned on me. Instead of hot, young women, I am suddenly surrounded by dozens of gray-haired women — all from the quilting circle. They vie for my attention, but elderly thinking, plump or even obese in form, and vapid in intellect, I find myself in a little shop of horrors. I also am not a ‘churchy’ kind of guy.

I kept waiting for a rational daydream to arrive, but none ever appeared to me. My ‘visions’ were really nightmares materialized in the daylight hours. I didn’t allow any of them to haunt me.

Edie’s Story

Two years before our planned retirement Harry, my husband, had a massive heart attack in his sleep. One minute he was there, and the next gone to a funeral home on a gurney as I stood in a bathrobe and watched two men from the funeral home take him away forever. I missed him, but in a way felt glad I didn’t have to suffer his long retirement. Harry had been a perfectionist, and I knew that as soon as he started to spend a lot of time around the house instead of with his consulting clients, I’d become the focus of his assessments, and time and motion studies. He’d have an unlimited number of recommendations for me about improving the laundry, cooking, arranging my closet, consolidating my shopping trips to save energy, and more and more. That was what Harry did. Somehow, I’d managed to keep him out of the business division that I ran for a modeling agency.

Thus, I found myself at age fifty-five single, yet with many friends — many of them divorced females. Since I wasn’t divorced, I didn’t have the bitter, anti-men, love ’em and leave ’em mentality most of them had. I’d had a reasonably happy almost thirty-year marriage, and figured I’d used up my allotment of happy times with a member of the opposite sex.

Harry had been not only a good provider, but also had often referred to himself as ‘over insured’. Thus, as a widow I was suddenly the beneficiary of a small fortune. I would never have to worry about money again, and neither would our son and daughter. Penny worked in publishing in Chicago. Mark was career military and was stationed in Germany, and was in and out of the Middle East frequently. He liked it over there, and even had a German girlfriend.

I stopped working only a few months before I’d planned to stop anyway. I’d been in charge of running a branch of an international modeling agency. The older I got, the younger the girls we represented appeared. I was always amazed when one of them told me she had trouble parking her car; I couldn’t believe she was old enough to drive.

Once I’d been in their shoes, enjoying the travel and being the center of attention as I modeled various lines of clothing or just my own skin. I’d started in my teens, and then even competed in a few beauty queen contests, ending up winning a few major contests in the region. Those efforts were a natural segue into a modeling career. The industry changed so much over the years. For a while I did some modeling when I wasn’t running part of an office, but then I eventually opted to work on the business development and placement side of the business instead of being a model. I started that transition in my late-twenties, and despite that I often did some ‘gig’ to keep my hand in the ‘front-end’ of the business. I think I was really an exhibitionist.

Despite having ‘retired’, I saw men friends — most always the husbands of some of my married friends and neighbors when I got invited to a dinner party, but I had no inner voice telling me I was an incomplete person without a man permanently in my life. I was still able to hold my own in mixed company, and enjoyed the diversity in my circle. In fact, I found it odd that the women that felt needy for bedava bonus a man appeared to be all my divorced friends, who opined hourly about their lack of male companionship. They often wondered why I didn’t feel the same way. Of course, two minutes later they’d be bashing their ex-husbands or ex-boyfriends and then generalizing to all men. If I’d been a male in their presence, I would have run the other way at top speed.

My friend Rita Styles and I had coffee at Starbucks late one morning. She was married to a really nice man, Hank, and happened to be the smartest woman I knew. He was pretty hunky, too. I guessed her IQ had to be well into the genius range. Rita could have been a model, except she started a computer programming business and made some real dough in her career, particularly when she sold the business she’d formed.

Rita said, “Edie, you are a gorgeous woman, and I know you’ve become fiercely independent since Harry died; however, I think you should think about going out on some dates … and I don’t mean with your divorced friends hanging around either.”

I laughed, “Why would I want to do that? I gave up dating when I fell in love with Harry. I let him get into my panties back then, and from what I hear from the girls that’s what the guys still want to do despite being thirty years older. You know Harry and I were trying to reverse having a stale sex life.”

Rita smiled. “The men still want sex, and if they’re good, you know it’s worth the effort. Whether you have sex or not is beside the point — well, sort of. You, my dear friend, are becoming very insulated in your thinking and in your social life. You may have regained your mental virginity, but I think it’s time for you to lose it again.”

“I’ll think about it.” That was my standard passive-aggressive response to things I didn’t want to do. I had no desire to think about finding a mate of any nature, but the response would hopefully satisfy Rita.

It didn’t.

Rita said, “Oh, good. I’ll think about it too, and maybe we can come up with a plan.”

* * * * *

Bruce didn’t ask, he informed me over a beer in his backyard that I had a command performance for dinner at their home on Saturday evening. He said, “Look Jim, Mindy has this friend Rita, and she has this widow friend named Edie who apparently is a knock-out, and they’ve cooked up this dinner so you and Edie can meet. Rita and Hank are coming too, but you and Edie are the main attraction. If I don’t deliver you to the table, Mindy told me I was cut off for two years; come on, man, you’ve gotta help me out by coming.”

I feigned, “I feel a heavy dose of the Asian flu coming on.” I felt my forehead.

“You have to. This is what we were talking to you about weeks ago. You’ve got to start dating.”

“I don’t even know this Edie person. What will I say to her? What if she … I don’t know … expects something to happen? Does she even have a brain in her head?”

“Jim, buddy, just roll with the evening. There’s no preconceived notion about how things will end.”

“What do you know about this Edie person?”

Bruce smiled. “I’ve not met her, but Mindy had Rita on the speaker phone when she was being described, so I listened in. I am ready to ditch Mindy for Edie if you don’t take the bait.”

I gestured for him to be forthcoming with lots of information.

Bruce said, “She’s apparently a walking dream — even for someone in your age bracket. She’s late fifties, blonde, won the Miss Iowa beauty contest way back, was a fashion and bathing suit model, but then retired when her husband died two years ago. She hasn’t been serious with anyone since — long-term marriage, two kids, etcetera, etcetera. Rita said she was still gorgeous. I gathered she’s financially independent too, so she’s not looking for a sugar daddy.”

I stepped back, “Oh, my god, you’re setting me up with a model — a fucking model. Miss Iowa? I’m just a plain Joe. I’m not worthy of a model or beauty queen. Is she a ditz? Was she a trophy wife?”

“No, she’s apparently a skilled business woman and now, like you, spends part of her time working with local charities. She ran a multi-million-dollar region for the Windsor Agency — they’re known worldwide as having some of the top models in the world. That’s also who she modeled for. She has a good head on her shoulders. As for you, you certainly are a worthy person. In your own way you’re handsome. Not my cup of tea, but I can understand why Mindy likes you and Edie might find you appealing. Mindy described you to Rita as ‘previously hunky’.”

I laughed, “I’m previously everything. I’m out of touch, out of shape, out of gas, retired, dull, reclusive, and I won’t know what to say to her. I do try to stay in shape.” I thought a moment and asked, “Is she on the Internet … maybe some of the porn sites?” I said, pretending some enthusiasm at finding a porn queen.

Bruce ignored my leer and said, “Let’s look.” He got deneme bonusu his iPad and started to punch at the screen. He muttered to himself as he typed, “Name … Edie Emerson … oh, wait, that was her married name. I heard on that call it was Reed before that.” A minute went by.

Finally, Bruce said, “Yes! Here we go.” He paused and stared at the screen. “Hoooooly shit! Wow! I definitely might ditch Mindy for this gal. Look.” He thrust his iPad into my hands.

I gawked at the screen. Some of the photos were obviously dated, perhaps two or three decades old, but … Edie Emerson in her twenties was an absolute knockout. I think I started to drool.

I groaned. “I can’t possibly meet someone this good looking, even if they’ve turned into a crone since these pictures were taken. Look, there’s a picture of her getting crowned as the state beauty queen.” I pointed at one picture in Google Images. “There’s one of her at a charity ball here in town; she’s still gorgeous. My God.”

Bruce said, “Scroll down the page. See if there are more recent shots.”

Another hundred photos scrolled by with many duplicates. “Holy shit,” I declared, agreeing with Bruce. “This woman is coming to dinner to meetme? She’s got to be stupid. She could have any man she wanted. She’s … the most beautiful woman I think I’ve ever seen.” I paused and then pointed to a shot of Edie Reed nude but demurely posed. “My god, she doesn’t have a blemish on her body. She’s the most perfect specimen of womanhood I’ve ever seen.”

Bruce gawked at the nude study and then struggled to recover his edge, “All the more reason for you to come and sweep her off her feet. She’ll love you. You two are made for each other. Hey, you take Mindy, and I’ll move over and keep Edie.”

I ignored his humor. “I’ll come … but I’ll be dumbstruck by her the whole night. I bet I can’t even say hello to her. I’ll babble and drool all over her.” Just hit me on the back of the head when I’m supposed to make a noise. Keep me from dragging my knuckles on the floor.”

Bruce studied another photo of Edie his iPad. “I may be right there with you.”

* * * * *

I sat in the back seat behind Rita. Hank drove and all but outrightly refused to be drawn into the conversation Rita and I were having about ‘Over-55 Dating’.

I sputtered to Rita, “You’re telling me that this man you’re setting me up with tonight actually worked for NASA … that he helped launch stuff into space and put a man on the moon, and things like that?”

“Well, yes, although I don’t think he personally did the first moon landing. Now he’s retired. He’s doing all this volunteer stuff for a few charitable organizations.”

“But he’s brilliant … and he had over a thousand people reporting to him. My god, he was the Big Boss. He’s so important, and I’m just a nobody. He’ll think I’m an airhead that could only make it by selling my body.”

“Edie, you are gorgeous and smart, and you are distinguished in your own way, and you didn’t just sell your body, you managed the southeast branch for your agency the last twenty years in fourteen states. Jim’s retired. He’s not into that NASA stuff anymore. He’d just a nice guy, and according to my friend Mindy — who you’ll also just love — he’s as nervous about meeting you as you are about meeting him. Just go with the flow.”

“What if he expects me to … do something?”

Rita laughed, “He’s not going to try to make love to you tonight in the middle of the living room rug while the rest of have a glass of wine and watch, although I like that image.”

“No. No. I mean, what if he asks me on a date?”

Rita implored, “Then you say, ‘I’d love to. How about next Saturday night?’ and then you give him your address and phone number, and suggest five-thirty. Here, put this slip of paper in your pocket. I’ve already written down your key data that you’ll want to give him. I’ll give one to Mindy too just in case he loses his note, and I have a spare.” She held up three pieces of paper about three-by-five inches.

I rolled my eyes. I had let myself get dragged into this dinner — an obvious set-up to meet someman. I wondered what percent of blind dates ‘clicked.’ I was betting that it was one out of a million. At least we wouldn’t be alone. Mindy and her husband Bruce were hosting, plus Rita and Hank were known quantities to me. I’d just converse with them. Maybe this Jim character would leave me alone except to say hello. Then again, there’ll only be six of us; we’ll have to converse.

I had this image of a blind date as something only losers did. They couldn’t go out on their own to meet a member of the opposite sex because they were ugly, had zero personality, or were sexual perverts, and … and then it dawned on me that this man Jim might be thinking I was a loser because I washis blind date. I sat up a little straighter. Shit, I hated this.

Hank announced from the front seat, “We’re here.” He rolled the car to a stop in front of a nice Florida home. The three of us got out and walked up to the house. Hank rang the doorbell, presented two bottles of wine to Bruce — a nice man who seemed preoccupied with helping us inside, and then there was a lot of hugging and welcoming going on.

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Family Curse

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I couldn’t fall asleep, rolling in my bed, pondering. I was nervous. Tomorrow was my twenty fifth birthday and in my family it was kind of a big deal. If you were woman that is. Every female, as far as anyone could remember, seemed to blow up after reaching this age. It didn’t matter how slim and skinny you were before, there seemed to be no escape from this fate.

I was determined to be the one to change it, to be the exception from the rule. I didn’t spend hours upon hours in the gym just to let my toned athletic figure disappear. I worked too hard to get my rock hard abs and there was no way I would let it go in vain just because of some stupid family diagnosis. Mom called it a family curse, but surely there was nothing like that. The fact they all became lazy gluttons can hardly be considered a curse… I was sure that if I just maintained my current regime then nothing wrong could happen.

Reassured by my reasoning I drifted into sleep.

I woke up starving, hungrier than I ever was before. Could there really be something real about it? No, that’s silly. I’m sure it’s just in my head. I ate a banana as my breakfast and ignored the unsatisfied rumbles coming from my stomach. Weirdly enough, even the single piece of fruit made me look a bit bloated. “That’s it, I’m going to the gym! That will show you!”

One intense workout and shower later, I was sitting in my car, ready for the long ride to my childhood home. Home… I haven’t been at home since Christmas three months ago. With all that was going around at work it seemed like ages ago and I was quite excited to see the rest of my family, even though they could be a lot to handle sometimes, especially my sisters.

“Happy birthday, honey!” My mom greeted me with a big squishy hug as soon as I stepped out of my car. My mom was a short woman barely over five feet tall, but what she missed in height she made up for in width. Her large bosom rested on top of her well-fed middle, but her biggest asset must have been her huge bottom and her wide hips that couldn’t be described as anything else than motherly. Despite being massively overweight, her weight must have been near to 300 pounds, and having a big lifetime jubilee around the corner, my mom was still quite youthful and beautiful.

“Hey, mom.”

“How was the travel?” My mom asked.

I let out a sigh. “Pretty exhausting actually.”

“Did you have lunch?”

“No.” I shook my head.

“Oh, you must be starving!” She said, her filled with concern. “Come on inside, your sisters are already here as well, but there still should be some food.”

At the thought of food my annoying stomach let out a demanding growl.

Mom went into the kitchen, but I couldn’t follow her, because of a wobbly figure that ran towards me.

“Hey Kelly! Happy birthday!” Two soft arms wrapped around my firm lean body.

“Hi Courtney.” I planted a kiss on the shorter girl’s forehead. Nineteen years old Courtney was the baby of the family and was the only sibling that still lived with our parents. When she released me from her tight embrace, I could take a better look at her. Courtney was as far as I can remember always chubby, being the only member of the family that didn’t stay slender until reaching twenty five. Looking at her now I was amazed how much she managed to change in those few months I haven’t seen her. The previously chubby teen was heading straight into the fat territory. Fortunately for her the biggest portion of the weight was located on her chest. Courtney’s huge boobs were each bigger than her entire head and they completely overshadowed her pudgy tummy.

“Oh my god, look at you!” I exclaimed looking at her breasts. Courtney took it as an incentive to proudly stick out her chest, straining her button down blouse to its limit. The buttons creaked under the huge pressure from her jiggly mounds, but held. I’ve always been pretty proud of my looks, but comparing my meager B cups with the watermelons attached to my little sister’s chest made me self-conscious.

“Where are Amber and Cheryl?” I asked Courtney in order to distract my mind from feelings of inadequacy, even though I already knew what the answer to my question will be.

“Oh, they’re stuffing their faces in the living room. As always.”

Mom emerged from the kitchen bearing a plate with two of her infamous hamburgers. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious, but they were so big and filled with so many calories, it would make your eyes pop out of your head. I’ve never been able to finish even one of those things.

“Here you go honey. I’m sorry I couldn’t save more for you. Those two,” she motioned her head towards the living room. “They’re like acid! I even had to send your dad to get more food!”

“Thank you. It looks heavenly.”

Courtney stared at my burgers with her mouth watering.

“Here.” I offered. “Take one. There’s no way I would eat both of them.” Courtney didn’t need any convincing and immediately grabbed one burger off of my plate and started to cram it into her mouth like if she was afraid that someone canlı bahis would take it from her. Remembering our two older sisters were in the next room, it made some sense actually. I took a bite of my burger, already imagining how much time I will have to spend in gym to make up for it.

“Oh look, it’s Twiggy.” Said Amber, my eldest sister, while she was pointing her fat arm in my direction.

“Hey Twiggy.” Cheryl mumbled with her mouth full and with burgers in each hand. She didn’t even bother turning her head to face me, too occupied with stuffing hamburgers into her greedy mouth.

It was quite shocking display even though I was fully aware of what I’ll find. Amber and Cheryl were sitting on a three-seated couch that was crying for mercy, with they’re huge asses and thunder thighs pressing against each other. Just three months ago the 29 years old Amber was significantly larger than Cheryl, but now it seemed that the 27 years old glutton managed to close the gap between them. And by the look of how was Cheryl eating, it wouldn’t take long before she was the fattest in the family.

That was another thing about the crazy family gene or whatever it was. Once you reached a certain point you simply stopped gaining. Amber seemed to have reached this point already, while Cheryl was still piling pounds upon pounds like there was no tomorrow.

Amber and Cheryl seemed to be about the same size, there were big differences however between how their respective weights were distributed. While they both inherited mom’s large booty, the rest of Amber’s weight was quite evenly spread across her more than 500 pound body. Cheryl on the other hand carried most of her weight in her truly gargantuan gut.

“Can’t you move your fat ass a little?” Cheryl turned to Amber. “You’re taking too much space!”

“You’re taking just as much space as I do! It’s this stupid couch. It’s way too small!” Amber retorted.

“You guys realize that three people are supposed to fit on it comfortably, right?” I remarked, hiding my disgust.

“Shut up, Twiggy!” Amber and Cheryl shouted in unison.

The whole family sat around the table. Eight chairs for six people. Both Amber and Cheryl were using two chairs to contain their extensive posteriors. I sat between Amber and Mom.

The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty five candles on it.

“Come on, I want that cake. Just blow out those fucking candles already!” Cheryl shouted impatiently.

“Language!” Mom scolded her. “I won’t be tolerating such language underneath my roof! If I’ll hear anything like that again, you won’t get cake at all!” She warned her sternly. Mom turned to me. “Make a wish, honey.” Her voice changed from harsh into soft and sweet in a fraction of a second.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. No curse, please. I don’t want to end up like them. I blew out the candles.


I looked down at my half naked body and sighed. Only a month have passed since my birthday and I couldn’t see my abs anymore. Instead, I had this soft paunch oozing over the waistband of my pants. Fifteen stupid pounds found its way on my once tiny body. The worst about it was that I didn’t even change my diet or anything! Despite having hungry pangs all day long, I never gave in to my cravings, never succumbed to the temptation. Not even once. And what was my reward? Fifteen fucking pounds! “This fucking curse is ruining my life!” I shouted to the empty apartment. “Why me?!”

I knew I was going to regret it sooner or later, but I had enough of this. If I was going to be fat no matter what I’ll do, I might as well enjoy the ride. I picked up my phone. “I’d like to place an order. One pepperoni, One quattro formaggi and one prosciutto. No, make it two of each actually. No, I’m not having a party! I’m getting fat!”

Slice by slice I made my way through the huge meal in front of me, eating with inhuman gusto. I couldn’t believe how long I have denied myself from gorging like this. I was wondering if the years of watching my diet to remain skinny were really worth it.

I was bloated. My belly protruded in front of me as if I was pregnant, but I didn’t care anymore. A satisfied gurgle sounded from my stomach. “You think you had enough, do you?” I talked to my swollen stomach. “No, no, honey. I’m only just beginning. You’ll be begging me to stop before I’m done with you!” I picked up my phone again. “Yeah, it’s me again. Yes, I am aware that I just ate six large pizzas. Yeah, I guess it’s pretty unusual. Can I place the order now? Great. Ok, so I’ll have the same order as last time, just add some bread sticks as well. A lot of them actually. Thanks.”

I woke up the next day spilling out of my underwear. I ran my delicate fingers all over my body, noticing how much softer it was. How pleasant it felt to touch it. I kneaded the protruding belly with both of my hands. It felt so good! For years I worried about gaining weight, but now when I did I felt incredible. Why was I so afraid of it?

I put on stretchy clothes and headed out to bahis siteleri get some breakfast. A month ago I was so determined to stay thin to fight the fate of my family, but now? Now I had a very different goal in my mind…


Today was my twenty sixth birthday and I’ve just arrived to my parent’s house. I was… avoiding the rest of my family for the whole year. Sure, I stayed very much in contact with them, but I made sure not to meet with any of them in person. Today was the day to see them all again, the day they would see ME. I wanted to shock them and looking at myself, I was pretty sure I would. I was fat.

I struggled to get out of the car and there was no surprise in that, I was quite frankly too fat for it. Even with the seat moved as much back as it could go, my gut and boobs were still pressing against the steering wheel. I didn’t know how much weighted, but I knew that the car sighed in relief when I finally managed to get out of it.

I slowly walked towards the entrance to the house. All the muscles I acquired during my slim days found their use in getting my extreme weight into motion. Thanks to my previous disciplined lifestyle I was able to walk quite easily. The issues I had were caused more by my size rather than by my weight. Step by step I had to waddle to the door, because of my massive thighs rubbing against each other so much and my gut slapping against them didn’t help either. I lifted my meaty arm, larger than most people’s legs, and rang the bell. Couple of seconds later my mom opened the door. “Hey hon- Oh my!”

It took me a few moments to navigate my large body through the door frame, but I was getting quite experienced with this issue and so it didn’t take me too long. “Mom, could I get something to eat? I’m kinda peckish.” I said stroking my soft middle.

“Of course honey.”

“Could you please bring it to the living room? Thanks.”

This year I made sure to be the first “child” to arrive. After all I had to make sure I’ll have enough to eat. Recently my appetite went crazy… I haven’t felt full in almost three months and I was going to try to change it today.

I sat down on the good old three-seated couch. It groaned and whined as my booty sank into its cushions. Quick look sideways revealed I filled almost two thirds of the couch. I smiled to myself. I’m bigger than Amber and Cheryl were last year! Although I think I’m a bit more bottom than them…

After a little while my mom appeared carrying a tray with a huge pile of her giant burgers on top of it. With my expert eye I estimated that a normal family could have live off them for a number of weeks, maybe even months. Probably months. I definitely wasn’t normal at this stage in my life. “Thanks for the appetizers, mom. Can’t wait for the main course!”

As the day progressed, one by one my sisters started to arrive. Courtney was the first to turn up. Let’s say she was quite taken aback when she realized who I was. “Oh my god! You’re huge!” Courtney exclaimed.

“Thanks. You don’t look so small yourself.” It was true. Courtney’s previously huge bosom seemed to have expanded even further, still overshadowing the rest of her body, even though she was sporting pretty impressive gut herself. She must have been nearing the big 300 just like mom.

Amber was next to waddle in and it seemed like she wasn’t too happy to find someone else in her spot.

“Oh my god, Cheryl. You fat bitch, there’s not enough space next to your giant ass anymore!”

“I’m sorry Amber. I’m not Cheryl though…”

Amber’s jaw dropped. “Twiggy?!”

I laughed. “I guess I’m not Twiggy anymore either.”

“How the fuck did this happen?!” Amber exhaled in disbelief.

“Language!” Mom shouted from the kitchen.

Last to arrive was Cheryl and we heard her before we saw her. She was panting heavily, her legs barely able to carry her extraordinary weight. To make things worse, her giant middle fell all the way down to her knees.

“Amber, if you’ll even think about sitting on the couch than I’ll kick your ass!” Cheryl shouted while she was struggling to make her way into living room.

“I don’t think I’ll be your problem today.” Amber laughed from her spot on two chairs put together. “Kelly on the other hand…”

Cheryl waddled into the living room and rested her gut upon a table with sigh of relief. The table groaned underneath the immense weight.

“Get out Twiggy. I’m the fattest, I sit on the couch.” Cheryl announced, still failing to look my way.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be so sure about that either. You look about the same size.” Amber remarked pointing at me.

Cheryl finally looked at my expanded form. “How the hell did you get so fat?!” I just shrugged.

“Alright there’s only one way how to solve this. Courtney, bring the scale!” Cheryl commanded.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? This scale only goes up to six hundred.” Courtney said worryingly.

“Do you have a better idea?” Courtney shook her head making her impressive chest wobble. Cheryl took a deep breath and carefully bahis şirketleri stepped on the scale. “What does it say?”

“598” Amber announced. “Your turn Kelly.”

Hours and hours spend by eating took its toll on me and I struggled to lift my fat bottom off the couch. “Just give me a sec.” I tried to stand up, but failed. “Can you give me a hand?”

I tried to look down at the scale, but I couldn’t see anything but my soft body. “So? What does it say.”

“Error.” Cheryl exhaled in defeat.

The whole family sat around the table. Nine chairs for six people. I couldn’t help but smile, seeing that not even two chairs managed to contain my growing posterior. Only Amber sat next to me this year.

The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty six candles on it.

Looking around the table there was no denying that the family curse was running strong. In fact it seemed that it was getting stronger. I watched Courtney digging into her second slice of cake. She was only 20 and she was attacking 300 pounds already.

“Can you imagine,” I said to the silence disturbed only by munching, “how big will Courtney get when the curse hits her?”


Three pairs of strong arms helped me out of the truck as I was too big to get out on my own. “Thanks guys.” I breathed heavily from exertion. “See ya tomorrow.”

I slowly waddled towards the entrance to my parent’s house. With my every step my whole body quivered. I was absolutely massive. My huge gut hanged just inches above the ground. It was a wonder that I still remained moveable. Although it did look like my mobility would be thing of a past pretty soon. In the last year I haven’t missed a single family celebration at my parent’s house, because I knew that every single one could have been the last. The thought of missing a single chance I have left to spend time with my mother’s cooking simply wasn’t acceptable. As sad as it made me, in my heart I knew this was my last visit. In the last twelve months I managed to double in weight and I still wasn’t showing any signs of stopping my gain.

My parent’s during the year renovated the house, enlarging the size of every door. It made me feel kind of bad that despite their effort I still struggled to get through them…

Just like last year I tried to be the first to turn up, but this year Courtney beat me to it. When I arrived Courtney was already stuffing her face on the couch, but as soon as she heard my thunderous steps, she moved her 400 pound top-heavy figure out of the way.

Happily I let my body fall onto the couch. Loud CRACK sounded through the room and the piece of furniture squealed in agony. My heart stopped and I was worried that it would fall apart underneath me. Fortunately nothing happened. I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. I was probably lucky that I wasn’t putting my whole weight onto the poor sofa with my gut resting on the floor. I remembered the couch as a place of comfort, but I couldn’t quite enjoy sitting on it as much as I did in the past. Three months ago at Christmas I filled its entire seat, but know… “I can’t believe how small this couch is getting.” I complained, my squishy body spilling over the armrests.

“I don’t think the size of the couch is the problem here.” Courtney muttered under her breath.

“Would you please bring me some food Courtney?” Loud rumble sounded throughout the entire house. “I’m starving.”

I wasn’t really bothered by how fat I had become, the opposite was true actually, but there still was one thing I minded very much. I couldn’t even remember the last time when I wasn’t hungry. Despite spending almost every waking moment eating, I simply couldn’t eat enough to properly fill my stomach. The more I ate, the fatter I grew. The fatter I grew, the more food I needed to consume. It was an endless circle.

The whole family sat around the table. Eleven chairs for six people. Four chairs struggled to contain my fat bottom, creaking underneath my weight. This year I sat alone, no one else would fit on my side of the table.

The biggest part of the table was taken by a giant cake with twenty seven candles on it.

Looking around the table I couldn’t help but smile. Everyone looked so small compared to me! Just two short years ago Amber and Cheryl seemed huge, but now? Now I was bigger than the two of them combined. And I loved it.


Four months later…

I woke up in the middle of the night, starving. My stomach was rumbling loudly, complaining about its emptiness. I use the term emptiness loosely though. Only a few hours have passed since i had dinner that consisted of enough food to feed your regular family and then some. My family was hardly a regular one though and I was no exception. The bed underneath me creaked as I shifted my soft body in an attempt to get up. It was becoming more and more challenging lately, but that was no surprise considering the fact that the big five hundred seemed to get closer with every passing day. With another year of university behind me, I was back at home, spending the summer with my parents. And, quite importantly, back to my mother’s cooking. While I missed mom’s cooking dearly it certainly doesn’t mean that I didn’t use my unlimited meal plan in uni’s cafeteria to the full.

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