Joel , Mrs. Nevers 01

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Joel & Mrs. Nevers 01

Wow, wow, wow, what a summer I had, am I right folks? One to remember for sure, but down here in the Middleton area, the fall season is the best because the temperature drops under 400 degrees, so the fall weekends are actually the better than the summer weekends. And believe me, Labor Day weekend parties, festivals and parades are the best, including Mrs. Nevers’ backyard hamburger cookout. I mean, her hamburger buns, am I right?

“I’m glad that you like them, Joel. It’s always good to know that there are still fans of my burgers and buns. However, I’ve had my eye on you for most of the afternoon and I noticed that you like to mingle with the ladies, so watch what gossip you take as fact or fiction. And by the way, if I am to be labelled as a cold fish, well that’s only towards one fisherman and that’s my soon to be ex-husband, Burt. So, that’s the truth Joel. Anyways, enjoy the rest of cookout party and you happen to catch me carrying empty platters into the house and there is chance for you steal a kiss when no one is looking, well, try to not miss that opportunity.”

“Like I would ever put all these gossip stories in bank, Mrs. Nevers, but it’s fun to watch and listen to the ladies carry on and on, right? And believe me, enjoying any of your outdoor parties is the easy part. The hard part is catching you alone in back door landing area alone. I mean, you’re this way as the host and then that way as the host and it’s hard to keep track of you, although following your chest of bouncing balls is half of the fun.”

“Oh, Joel, you young folks and your wicked tongues. Anyways, as the busy body hostess, I need to give a move on, so what special thing can I bring you or do for you as I run around pretending not to notice that my shirt is this close to revealing a nip slip?”

“Oh, well, Mrs. Nevers, I have a personal request alright, but it might be a little tricky for you to deliver on.”

“If it’s to help put some sun screen on me while I clean this yard up tomorrow in the morning sun, well, about 9am, with double-double coffee ready on the patio table, of course.”

“Oh, I’ll be here, but for tonight, um, what if I wanted to take, ah, take a bun wrapper home with me tonight?”

“Oh, I didn’t know that was still a thing. I guess I’ve been a little out of touch lately. Anyways, um, if you feel someone stuffing something in your back pocket in a few minutes, don’t flinch and draw attention. I mean, take a look to make sure it’s not Mrs. Olsen trying to goose you, but don’t flinch.”

“I’m a rock, Mrs. Nevers, a pillar of stone. I will not flinch.”

“Hmmm, yes, yes you are and I wouldn’t mind knowing a little more about your pillar of stone, which would be welcomed to flinch, if it were in a certain place. I’m waiting for the day when a young stud like you will flinch inside of me.”

“By the way, Mrs. Nevers, where is your hubby, Burt? He doesn’t seem to be here. I mean, LOL, you didn’t chain him up in basement, did you?”

“Wow, I never thought of that one, but no, no chain restraints this holiday weekend, but thanks for the Ankara escort fresh idea. Anyways, he went fishing with the Butchers’ all weekend. I mean, I thought fishing was over, but Butch Sr. said that he had a wiggly worm to use up and Butch Jr. agreed to row the boat from the back, so he’s fishing with the Butchers boys.”

“Which puts you all alone in house tonight, right? Like all tired and stuff after this great party and too tired to argue?”

“Oh, snap, I didn’t think of that one either, Joel. Um, Mrs. Sanders is my weekend guest, so why the hell did you even have to bring that up, Joel? And by the way, damn it, Joel, why in the hell did you even have to put in my brain? I don’t sleep well when I’m horny Joel, I just don’t sleep well and I’m too tired to argue with strangers in my bedroom, but still, right? I have weekend quests in the house, so use the bun wrapper that will be stuffed into your pocket soon as my substitute tonight.”

Ahh, end of the summer parties, am I right? People enjoying the perfect weather and wearing their sheer white shorts for the last time of the season and just like the new normal, ah, there was a string of private texts going around titled “Operation Quick Lips”, which was shortened to “OQL” because no one uses full words anymore in texts. And by the way, in the future, if I’m going to be assigned a secret code name, I would prefer STJ for Stud Tiger Joel over STD for Stud Tiger Dude, but apparently, Mrs. Sanders, or Silly Sandi Sanders (SSS) was in charge of Operation Quick Lips.

“STD, kitchen sink area, 0400.”

“SSS, what’s 0400?”

“STD, I made it up, take dirty plate to kitchen.”

“SSS, you are still like 5 crazy break ups down the list.”

“STD, but I’m on your list, right Joel, I mean STD?”

“SSS, about Halloween for “S” I think.”

Uncover operational code work, right? It’s good work if you can get it. But any operation isn’t worth the text screen it’s written if you don’t follow the lines of code.

“Joel, I mean, STD, it’s 0402, so I didn’t think you were going to make it. And don’t mind Sandi, I mean SSS, she’s running blocker for us.”

“Sorry, I ran into enemy lines when I was sneaking around the flank. Also, Mrs. Olsen likes Flank steak, my Flank steak.”

“Never mind that old biddy for now. Listen, OQL now means Operation Quick Lick instead of Lips, but Lips still work in the secret plan too.”

“I’m ready to receive my secret operational orders.”

“Good. Technically, I’m still married and I was hoping that I could catch my lousy no-good husband Burt cheating on me instead of hanging out in the fishing cabin with the Butchers’ boys, but he seems to be faithful, so I can’t take you in my pussy, but…”

“Oh, I love the butt, especially your butt, Mrs. Nevers.”

“Remain at attention, soldier! Here’s the operation. We both act like we had a few too many afternoon cocktails and then double agent Sandi, I mean SSS, accidentally walks you to the wrong bathroom and you open the door to my private bathroom in my bedroom and you find me sitting on the closed toilet seat trying to Ankara escort bayan compose myself from being tipsy from the afternoon sun and the afternoon cocktails and then you accidentally pull out your fat pillar of stone and then I accidentally open my mouth as I gasp from your drunken boldness and then you accidentally move forward and accidentally fuck my mouth like I’m your “woman in waiting” and then I accidentally brand you for the day by leaving my lip gloss behind on your pillar of stone and then double agent SSS walks you back out and takes any enemy fire because you appear to be extremely sexually satisfied. We launch at 0406, got it?”

“Got it. We’re tipsy, everything is an innocent accident, double agent SSS runs blocker for us and finger bangs herself because she can’t wait for her turn in my string of crazy sex affairs. Ah, ready, set, go?”

I mean, Mrs. Nevers had developed quite the fool proof plan, right? And with everything being all accidental and innocent at the same time, well, launch baby! Oh, and the best part was, hey, a fool proof secret blow job plan eliminates about 95% of the talk. I mean, am I right about that or what?

“Damn it, damn it, damn it! Why the hell did I have to marry the only guy in town who doesn’t cheat? SOB, right Joel? I want to cross the “woman in waiting” line Joel and I want to cross it big time, I promise baby.”

“Relax, you never know what might happen yet. I mean, three guys shacked up in a fishing cabin for the weekend, right? I mean, they might slip up and cheat yet still. I mean, I’ve heard that the Butchers are quite the smooth talkers, so anything can happen. Anyways, LOL, for a cold fish in bedroom, wow, you sure know to suck a cock, Mrs. Nevers. Also, double agent SSS sure knows how to finger bang herself too because she snuck into the bathroom with us and blocked from that position.”

“Please, you just filled my belly with your hot and sweet tasting cum, so call me Natalie. And thanks, I’ve always been good at sucking my man’s cock. I mean, the faithful hubby’s cock, but back in my day I was always afraid of getting pregnant, so I sucked off everyone who said hello to me.”

“Well, you were still pretty damn good for someone who hasn’t been practicing in a while because you refuse to suck off your apparent faithful hubby, Natalie. So, banana practice or what? Not that I care.”

“Hmmm, fine, my house guest double agent Sandi brought a strap-on dildo in her weekend luggage and we’re both lonely housewives, but you’re not complaining, right double agent STD? By the way, who in the hell assigned you your code name? I mean, seriously, STD?”

“Double agent SSS did. Double agent STD, Stud Tiger Dude.”

“Whatever. Anyways, I calling Operation Quick Suck a success, but I need to get back to my party guests and play the part of the faithful wife because my lousy no-good husband refuses to get caught giving it to some loose floozy in the ass. And I swallowed it all Joel, so tongue me up, tell me that I have best mouth in Middleton and then tell me that you dream of the day when you can take your “woman Escort Ankara in waiting” in the pussy and then send me on my happy way back to my party guests. Oh, and by the way, I just said it double agent SSS! I branded his pillar of stone with my lip gloss, so release his cock from your mouth and get off of your knees! You’re sucking it all off and your only job was to protect him from rear of the enemy lines. I just said it!”

“Oops. I thought I supposed to let STD cum from my behind, I mean from behind enemy lines. Oops. I mean, bye now Natalie. Your party guests probably miss you by now and we don’t want anyone to think that you side stepped to cheat on your faithful hubby, right? OK, bye now.”

Ahh, Middleton MILFs, am I right? The best cat fights ever. Oh, and even better, LOL, the look on Natalie’s face as she fixed her face and hair because she knew that Sandi Sanders was right.

“Fine, but STD, tell this old biddy that my tits still work for you! Also, wow, 76 seconds, baby! I mean, as your “woman in waiting”, well, you’re going to be worth the wait with that type performance.”

“Oh, Natalie Nevers, you have the best sun wrinkled cleavage skin in town and I can’t wait for the day when you find out that your husband’s fishing trip with the faggot Butcher boys is just a front for 3 days of faggot gay butt sex and circle jerk blow jobs, not that I know much about that. OK my “woman in waiting” Natalie, bye now and remember, act tipsy and innocent.”

Well, you knew that it had to come out sooner or later, right?

Besides, being left behind the enemy lines with double agent Sandi Sanders wasn’t all that bad, even if things were a bit out of turn.

“My guest bedroom is just down the hall, Joel and by the way, all of this is a freebie because I know I’m about five crazy MILF love affairs out of turn. And my weekend guest bedroom does not have type of “relationship” bed rules whatsoever. Also, I’m not sure why, but I have been known to squirt a little milk from time to time, so let me prove to you that my tits actually still work, not to mention that I take great care to protect my creamy smooth skin from our relentless sun. No wrinkles, Joel, no wrinkles.”

“Double agent SSS, I like it dirty.”

“Double agent STD, I am dirty.”

“Double agent SSS, flash me your creamy chest skin.”

“Double agent STD, take me to my guest bedroom and make me naked.”

“Double agent SSS, what is your marriage status?”

“Double agent STD, Duh, I own a strap-on dildo, so I share my faggot hubby. Besides, he went fishing for the weekend.”

Huh, a strap-on dildo, right? LOL, that’s a first. Anyways, I need to look into this “weekend” guest thing, especially if there are freebies involved in the rotation of Middleton MILF affairs that have become my life.

Oh, and as far as the “after party” yard clean up the following morning? Yeah, there was some sun screen and there was plenty of sun screen applications going on and it was nice that Natalie Nevers and Sandi Sanders found a way to share and share alike. I mean, Natalie hadn’t figured out that her faggot husband had been faggot cheating yet, so she played the part and bit her lip until her divorce was finalized. Also, she bit a few other things too and that included her weekend guest, Mrs. Sanders.

End Joel & Mrs. Nevers 01

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Direct Insemination

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“You need to see this,” the nurse tells the trainee, turning her head from the observation port. It’s called Direct Insemination. Instead of the donor delivering his semen to a test tube, he impregnates the woman directly. Hence the name. The donor is typically very young, quite often under twenty years old.” The nurse grins. “It’s a controversial procedure, to be sure, for any number of reasons. But it is often successful when artificial insemination fails. “Remember, this is for your clinical education.”

The trainee nods. The nurse again peeks through the observation port into the examining room. “Yes, it’s happening now!” The nurse gestures toward the trainee. “Come here. I need for you to observe this.” The trainee presses her face against the observation port. Within the examining room she spots three persons.

A woman lies semi-reclined on the gyno table, wearing absolutely nothing, her legs splayed apart by stirrups. The woman looks to be somewhere in her mid-thirties, is quite fetching, and appears to be mildly sedated.

A boy, slender, dark haired, and youthfully handsome stands naked near the foot of the gyno table, gazing at the woman, at her complete and utter nakedness. Half a minute passes before his expression morphs dramatically Ankara bayan escort from awe to one of longing, intense desire. He gasps, reaches for an open jar of lubricant on the side table, scoops out a dollop, hastily smears it over the head and down the shaft of his penis, now fully erect and throbbing.

The boy moves closer to the examining table. His thighs graze those of the woman. His hands move to his crotch. There is a period of fumbling as the boy attempts to mount the woman. The trainee hears the nurse in the examining room tell the woman, “Relax your pelvis. You need to take in his entire length,”

The trainee sees the boy’s hands move from his crotch to clutch the sides of the gyno table, at the same time hunching forward a bit over the woman, initiating coitus, slowly, mechanically, exercising his emerging sexual function in the manner prescribed by nature.

The nurse glimpses her wristwatch. “Make sure you give me two minutes, do you hear? Try to stay with her for at least two minutes before you… deliver. Three minutes would be even better. Remember, just like you saw the man do in the instructional video you watched earlier.”

The boy nods obediently. The trainee estimates him to be no more than eighteen. Escort bayan Ankara The boy’s coupling with the woman appears still young. The trainee quickly falls captive to the scenario she is witnessing.

The examining room nurse, seated on a stool alongside the gyno table attempts to comfort the woman, stroking her forearm with her fingertips. “There. There now. This won’t take very much longer.”

About a minute after the boy has started with the woman, she suddenly begins to protest. “No! Please. Stop this now, before…”

“I’m afraid it’s too late,” the nurse tells her. “From the looks of things, the donor is too far along in the cycle of his sexual function. It will be necessary for him to complete the physical act.” Then, to the boy, “Don’t stop. Keep going. Keep going.”

Through the observation port, the trainee is riveted as the sights and sounds of the scenario continue to unfold, barely a few feet from her. Beneath a canopy of gasps and moans the boy persists in servicing the woman–clinically, dispassionately–his buttocks clenching and relaxing, eventually speeding up, a curious choreography developing between the two as the seconds tick past. The boy’s scrotum sack bumps against the woman’s perineum with each coital Bayan escort Ankara thrust. Eventually, the woman succumbs, rests her palms on the boy’s buttocks. The boy no longer gazes down at the woman, rather at the wall behind the gyno table, no longer struggling to hold back, focused only on claiming his reward.

The trainee sees the boy suddenly clutch the woman around her shoulders. His right cheek presses against hers. He cries out, hips flailing, the expression on his face revealing everything as he surrenders at last to the intense urge to deliver his seed. After the boy has finished, he continues to hold on to the woman until the last of his sexual energy has dissipated.

Once the boy has regained his composure, the nurse in the examining room instructs him to withdraw from the woman. As he does, the trainee can see that in spite of his completing the act his penis remains curiously erect. A slender thread of his discharge still connects the tip of the boy’s penis to the woman.

The trainee listens as the nurse commends the boy for his performance. “Two minutes, forty-five seconds. Not bad for an eighteen year old. Okay, that’s all you need to do. You may get dressed now. Don’t forget to stop by the front desk to receive your honorarium.”

The nurse outside the examining room sees the trainee lift her head from the observation port. Her face is flushed. “It must be over,” the nurse says. Well now, tell me what you’ve just learned.”

The trainee is too jolted to respond.

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Grace Ch. 16

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As I drove home from my stunning encounter with Grace’s ass, I had a smile on my face the whole way. We had cleaned ourselves up after a while, put the toys and lube away, and thrown the towel right into the wash to cover our tracks discreetly. With our clothes back on, Grace walked me to the door. It was dark and fairly cold out, but she slipped on a puffy jacket and walked me out. Before I left, though, I felt like I had to clear the air.

“Grace,” I asked as we crunched across the gravel, “I hope you know how amazing tonight was.”

She took my arm and squeezed it, her face shining up at me.

“I do know,” she said happily, but there was a shadow in her eyes.

“And I know you’re mature enough to understand that we can’t be doing this all the time, right?”

She nodded again, but stayed quiet.

“Remember the whole can’t-take-you-to-the-prom thing?” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

She giggled despite the serious tone of the conversation.

“That’s what we have to hold onto.”

I stopped beside my car, leaned against it, and pulled her into me with my arms around her waist. She stood quietly, looking at me and clearly working to figure this all out.

“Also, you know that I’m going to keep seeing your mom,” I said as neutrally as I could. “And I’m sure you guys are going to talk about what goes on like you did last weekend, right?”

She nodded and a smug expression crept across her face.

“So you’re still okay with that, and we just happened to have an amazing time tonight, AND you really worked hard to get your paper done as well. The whole day is a win.”

It wasn’t much of a conclusion, but it was all I could come up with. I waited while she ruminated.

“I’m cool with you and mom,” she said at last. “And I’m cool with us working together. And I know you can’t be my boyfriend or anything. I just hope…” she trailed off.

“Hope what, Grace?” I prodded.

“I just hope that we can…you know, still have some time for other stuff.”

“I hope so, too,” I admitted candidly. “It’s pretty fucking great!”

That drew a real smile from my former student.

“We’ll have to play it by ear, though,” I added as a caution. “We can’t let you and me having some fun mess up the other things going on, you know?”

“I know,” she said earnestly. “I just like the way you make me feel.”

“I like the same about you, babe. You’re an amazingly sexy young woman, and I know I’m ridiculously lucky that we can do ANY of this!” I finished with a grin.

“You’re a goof!” she chided, but she was clearly much happier and she stood on tiptoe to give me a quick kiss goodbye.

“And YOU are a goof with a sweet ass!” I jibed back, giving it a quick squeeze.

“Hey!” she objected suddenly. “I’m a little…sore…back there!”

I was suitably chastened and kissed her softly as I whispered “Sorry!” against her lips.

“See you next time?” she asked in her normal chirpy voice as she stepped back.

“Absolutely. Work day on Thursday.”

With that, I turned away and opened the door. She walked back to the steps as I started the car, and waved when I looked back at her. I gave her a quick wave in response and headed out.

Once I was home, I took a long shower and replayed the whole evening in my mind. That train of thought got me all turned on again, and I had to relieve my tension before I got out of the shower. I came hard under the scalding water, a vision of Grace’s face dancing before my eyes as I remembered the incredible tightness of her ass.

After I was dry, I realized quickly that grading or prep was out of the question, so I poured myself a bourbon-and-water and stretched out on the couch to watch some Netflix. As I drowsed, I resolved two things: to get up early and do some work, and to do whatever I had to so Grace didn’t get too attached. After an hour, I gave up on my show and went to bed.

Wednesday brought a nice surprise: a snow day. The school was not requiring virtual teaching anymore, so I had a chance in the morning to catch up on work while still in my sweats. By 10 o’clock, I was done and stretched back on the couch sipping one last cup of coffee. That’s when my phone buzzed on the coffee table. It was from Lindsey, and it started out purely conversational.

“Can you believe they called off school for 2 inches of snow?”

“Not really,” I typed back, “but I’m OK with it.” Then I tacked on a zzz-sleepy emoji and hit send.

“Poor baby!” came the reply. “Working too hard?”

“Must be,” I replied.

“You live off of exit 29, right?”

“Yup. Why’s that?”

“I told Grace I had to run some errands” came the response.

Before I could think of what to say, a wink emoji popped up. Ah, I said to myself, she’s horny and I’m home all day! It seemed only fair that she came to my place for once, so I sent back a drooling face and then typed in my address.

“11:30” came back, along with a peach icon.

I sent back a thumbs-up, added a tongue for Ankara escort good measure, and then got up to straighten up the condo a little bit. I was pretty neat usually, so all I did was make the bed and make sure the bathroom was clean. Then I hopped in the shower, dried off, put my sweats back on, and lit a fire in the fireplace. A quick look in the fridge showed that I could feed a guest if need be, so I made another pot of coffee and sat back down to wait.

When Lindsey knocked, I sprang up and quickly opened the door. It was surreal to see her here after all my visits to her palatial house, and I was a little uncertain how she would see me once she saw my place. To forestall that discomfort, I opened the door a crack and peeked out.

“Can I help you?” I asked coldly.

“Yes,” she replied formally. “I believe you’re the swine who molested my daughter. May I come in and discuss the matter?”

“Molest is a very hostile word,” I said in an aggrieved tone. “I prefer to say enjoyed!”

She broke character first and laughed.

“Fine! You enjoyed her. Now let me in!”

I swung the door wide and bowed courteously. She grinned and strode past me, stopping to kick off her boots on the slate of the entryway.

“I like it!” she exclaimed, walking slowly around and taking in the mix of old and new.

I saw her smile as she brushed her finger along the carved top of a chair. When she got to the patio doors, she pushed aside the shade and looked out at the snowy grass leading back into the woods.

“This is nice, Steve. It looks like you.”

“Thank you,” I said simply, glad of her approval.

“Nice fire, by the way!” she said with a grin. “Trying to get romantic on me?”

“Just keeping my options open,” I answered in a confidential voice.

“Got any coffee?”

“Sure. One lump or two?”

“Two with milk, please,” she said quietly.

I left her there and went into the kitchen to make two cups. When I brought them back, she was perched on the wide black slate of the hearth, running her hand along the smooth curve of the cherry wood edging. I set the cup on the warm stone and sat down at the other end. The fire crackled between us, throwing heat through the mesh screen.

“Is Grace doing okay?” she asked after a long silence.

“How do you mean?” I asked in response.

“Everything. School. You. Us.”

“Oh, THAT everything,” I said with a gentle smile. “She’s okay all around, I think.”

“Did you guys talk?” she asked, her gaze serious still.

“We did. She’s cool.”

“Tell me what she said, please,” Lindsey replied in soft tones.

“Well, she said she could still work with me even after we…fooled around. And she did finish her essay on her own.”

“That’s good to hear,” Lindsey admitted.

“And I told her I wanted to keep seeing you and she was all for it. She said I’m making you happy.”

“That’s true, and it’s nice she’s mature enough to see that,” she said, sounding more motherly. “It’s also good for ME to hear that we’re still a thing!” she added with a slight smile.

I smiled back and continued: “Also, she knows that she and I can’t be a regular thing because of the age difference. I told her I’d get fired if I tried to take her to the prom or something stupid like that, and she gets it.”

“Does she want to keep…fooling around with you?” she asked, her voice quiet again.

That, I thought, was the heart of the matter.

“She didn’t say that. She knows it can’t go anywhere, though, and that’s what matters, right? I don’t want her crushing on me because I’ve seen it happen before and it hurts everyone.”

“So who do you want to be with?” she asked, not looking at me.

“You. I want to be with you, Lindsey. Things have gotten pretty confused, but that’s one thing I’m sure of. Grace said I’m making you happy. Well, you’re making ME happy.”

“You always have a good answer,” she said, rolling her eyes in mock disgust and sounding more like her normal self.

“Teacher training,” I said absently. “We’re quick on our feet!”

She actually chuckled at that one.

“You were pretty quick to come over yesterday when you knew I wouldn’t be there!” she said, but this time she was teasing me.

“Hey! I’m a dedicated teacher!” I said in pompous tones.

That drew a snort rather than a chuckle.

“So tell me, mister dedicated teacher…did anything happen yesterday?”

“You mean you and Grace didn’t drink a bunch of wine and share your secrets?” I said incredulously. “What’s wrong with you two?”

She laughed and blushed.

“Oh, shit! She told you about that?”

I nodded, grinning at her.

“And what did she tell you?”

“Well…” I said as if I was having trouble remembering, “I seem to remember that YOU told HER …that WE had been fooling around and ME…well, I put MY finger in YOUR butt and…YOU said felt really good!”

“Oh, my god! I can’t believe I told my fucking daughter about that!”

“Ya Ankara escort bayan did,” I said, nodding at her with an evil grin.

“So what did she say about it?” she asked, laughing at herself with some embarrassment.

“You won’t get mad?”


“Well, she asked me if I would do the same to her.”

That brought Lindsey’s laugh to an end suddenly. She didn’t look mad, but intrigued.

“So? Did you?”

“I did. It was actually really cute. She finished her essay early so that we would have time.”

“Oh my god, I raised a horny little schemer!”

The laugh was back, at least.

“I actually thought to myself like mother, like daughter at one point yesterday,” I told her with a wry smile.

“Well, that works both ways,” she said with a provocative lilt to her voice.

“How’s that?” I asked, genuinely puzzled.

“When you said put your finger in her ass just now, I got totally wet. I swear to god!”

“You’ve said before that it makes you horny to think about Grace and me, right?”

“Yeah, I know. This was just so sudden! Do you think it’s weird?”

“Me? Hell, no! I’m just hoping to take advantage!” I added with a leer.

“Well come on, mister quick-on-his-feet…show me your damn bedroom!”

In a flash, we were up and moving across the room, our coffees forgotten. We both shed clothes as we went and by the time we got to the bedroom, we were naked. I was a step ahead and threw back the comforter and top sheet. Lindsey dove in full length and bounced to the middle with her hair flying around her face, laughing all the while. I climbed in and lay down facing her. Before we kissed, she reached down and pulled the covers back up and over us, leaving only our faces exposed, sharing a pillow. Then our lips met and my arm went around her waist as she snuggled in close. Her knee went up and over my thigh and I felt the slick heat of her pussy against my skin, which made me grin as I pushed against her.

“What!” she exclaimed, pulling back an inch. “I TOLD you I was horny!”

Before I could reply, she disappeared. The covers dropped to the pillow as she spun herself under them and grabbed my hardening cock, sucking it almost immediately into her mouth. I heard her moan happily as she sucked and milked my cock, urging me to grow harder, faster. I groaned myself and did exactly that, rolling onto my back to give her a better angle. She clambered between my legs and tickled my balls, working very effectively in the dark. When she was satisfied with my erection, she crawled up my body and laid herself on my chest, her knees on either side of my hips. Her head popped out just above mine and she looked down somewhat wildly, a faint glow of sweat on her brow already.

“Now we’re BOTH ready!” she crowed as her hands fumbled behind her to steer my cock into place.

Lindsey got me lined up and slammed herself back and down, splitting her pussy open in one hard push and forcing my cock all the way inside her.

“Fuck!” she cried as her back arched.

Her hands thumped down onto the sheets beside my shoulders and she closed her eyes, pistoning herself almost frantically onto me. Just as I had done with Grace, I took advantage of her position and grabbed her bouncing breasts, squeezing her sharply and then pinching and pulling her nipples. I didn’t have to be as careful with Lindsey, though, and I mauled her breasts mercilessly in time with her thrusts. She kept up a steady stream of groans as the sensations rocked through her.

Because the lights were on, I could see a flush rising across her sternum and knew she was getting close. To speed things along, I let go of her nipples and pulled her down on top of me, mashing her breasts into my chest. Grabbing her ass with both hands, I rammed my hips upward, spearing myself deeply inside her while urging her hips down against me. Lindsey responded with a loud moan and laid her head on my shoulder, pulling herself down against me harder by grabbing my upper arms. Again and again I filled her aching need, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could, ignoring the rising tide inside me as I tried to get her off.

“Oh…my…god!” Lindsey hissed between thrusts, “I’m…so…CLOSE!”

I took a deep, ragged breath and kept my pace going.

“I’m there too!” I gasped when I could.

“God…yes!” she replied. “Cum…with…me!”

Desperate to bring on her climax before I lost control, I pushed my hands deeping between her firm buttocks, letting my fingertips push against her anus. I also twisted my head down to capture her lips and kissed her frantically. She moaned against my lips happily and her tongue flicked out to meet mine.

“Fuck, Linds!” I warned her with a groan, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!” she wailed, each word emphasized by a frantic pull down and thrust of her hips onto my swollen, throbbing cock.

That last set did it for me and I threw my hips upward, impaling her and Escort Ankara pulling her ass down as hard as I could to get every millimeter inside her as I exploded. Her pussy throbbed wildly around me and our spasms seemed to line up perfectly–I shot stream after stream of cum inside her and she milked my pulsing cock as her own orgasm rattled through her. Our kiss broke as our bodies arched uncontrollably and we held each other tight, lost in waves of pleasure.

I relaxed first, and my butt came back down to the sheet, bringing Lindsey down with me. My embrace moved from her ass up to her waist and I held her close as she shivered wordlessly on top of me. I could still feel her fluttering muscles surround my shaft, milking every last drop out of me as I softened. Once again, I felt a tinge of envy at the power of the female orgasm, but I buried the thought with a tired, happy smile and stroked her sides as she came down to Earth. Her neck relaxed at last and her cheek came down onto my shoulder again facing away from me. I smiled to myself and breathed deeply and slowly, coaxing her subliminally to do the same. I could feel the rise and fall of her ribcage under my forearms and kept my hands still. Her body was warm and smooth and felt amazing on top of mine.

When my cock popped out of her pussy, releasing a dribble of cum, I expected a giggle or a comment, but nothing came. I kept still for another minute, suspecting she was right on the edge of sleep and not wanting to disturb her. When I felt her breathing deeply and evenly, I turned slowly onto my side, rolling her with me. Her face stayed on my shoulder but her hips and shoulders slid off and sank into the memory foam softly. As carefully as I could, I withdrew my trapped arm, keeping the other one around her soothingly until I could tell she was settled. Then I tugged the covers around her and slid backward off the bed. She looked calm and beautiful and vulnerable as she slept on my pillow. Don’t fall in love, I cautioned myself. She’s married, and that’s not yours to change! With that depressing thought, I walked back out to the living room, gathering my clothes as I went and dressing in front of the fire. I added another log and sat down by the renewed heat, sipping my neglected coffee.

An hour later, I was in the kitchen trying not to clank things too much when Lindsey reappeared. She was wearing my fleece robe and it brushed the tops of her feet. Her dark hair was tousled and her eyes smiled although they were bleary with sleep still.

“Hey,” she said as she leaned against the counter across from me.

“Hey yourself,” I answered with a smile.

“What are you doing?”

“Making lunch. I hope you like paninis.”

“I love paninis. Sorry I fell asleep!”

I laughed and said, “Don’t worry–it was probably my fault!”

She smiled sweetly, her eyes dancing now, and agreed: “You did work me pretty hard in there!”

“You weren’t the only one ready to go!” I assured her slyly.

Five minutes later, we were on the couch eating turkey-and-swiss paninis and sipping iced tea.

“I had no idea you were so domestic,” she said during a pause.

No quick answer came to mind, so I shrugged and took another bite.

“I like it,” she said simply. “I know this has to be a fling, but I really liked waking up in your bed, and being in your house.”

“Lindsey,” I said finally, “you don’t have to explain anything. I like being with you, too, and we both know how things are. So let’s just be together when we can and not feel badly, okay? You make me happy. I make you happy. That’s enough. That’s actually a lot these days!”

“So fucking sensible!” she said, smiling to show that she was teasing.

We finished our sandwiches in companionable silence, glancing at the fire occasionally and smiling when our eyes met.

At the top of the stairs, an old-fashioned clock chimed twice. Lindsey twisted her head to see where the sound was coming from and then looked back at me.

“What’s upstairs?” she asked.

“Office. Sex chamber. Chains and whips.”

“Nice. Some other time?” she asked, wide-eyed and innocent.

“For sure.”

“I actually do have to get back,” she said regretfully.

“God, I hate that clock!” I muttered.

Lindsey almost laughed, but then stood up and began to assemble her tossed-aside wardrobe. She followed the trail into the bedroom while I cleared dishes and she reappeared fully dressed. I dried my hands and walked her back to the door.

“Are you coming tomorrow?” she asked quietly as she put on her coat.

“That’s the plan,” I answered with equal reserve, sorry to see her go.

“Is this visit number ten?” she asked.

“It actually is,” I said with a smile.

“So make sure I get my money’s worth, you student-enjoyer!”

“Yes, ma’am. Whatever you say, ma’am!” I replied, laughing and nodding my head.

Suddenly, Lindsey grew serious and stepped up in front of me. Her arms went around my neck and she stood on tiptoe to kiss me softly.

“Thanks for letting me come over. Thanks for letting me fall asleep in your arms. Thanks for all of it.”

“I’m glad you came,” I said as I kissed her back. “No pun intended. I’m just happy you’re here.”

“I know what you mean,” she whispered before she turned to go.

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One More Year Ch. 11

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“So, Eric’s a piece of shit,” Melissa said – so loudly that a few other people in the restaurant looked over at us.

“Mel.” Louis looked at her reproachfully.

“What? Tell me I’m wrong.”

“You are not wrong.” Ellie grinned. “A steaming puddle of condescending narcissism.”

Melissa chuckled. “Satan, but without the winning personality.”

“If evil could take living form in a human, that human would find Eric a bit much.” Ellie leaned back, and Melissa doubled over laughing.

“Guys!” Louis frowned, looking across at me.

I just smiled at him, and shook my head, which made him relax slightly. Ellie and I had taken up Mel’s invitation to the movies, and the four of us had already gotten food. We’d paid, and were just hanging out at the table while we waited for John and Sarah to arrive.

Ellie’s phone went off, and she looked down at the message. “Oh god. Jamie wants to join us. Would that be okay?”

“Who’s Jamie?” Melissa grabbed one of Louis’ leftover fries.

“A guy from their school,” said Louis.

“Does he know Jay’s gay?” she asked.

“No. Why?” I asked.

“Well, we can’t really talk about the Eric stuff if he doesn’t know.”

I crossed my arms. “If you think I want to talk about Eric tonight – at all – then we’ve got more problems than Jamie coming.”

“Okay, fine. I’m just tired of new people. No offence.” Melissa smirked.

“Some taken,” I said, and Ellie narrowed her eyes at Melissa and nodded, but we both laughed.

“Why’d you invite him anyway?” Melissa asked.

“I didn’t. I just told him what I was doing, and now he wants to come.” Ellie shrugged. “He’s been hanging out a lot with me and Jay recently. His girlfriend’s being shitty to him, and he’s fighting with his friends, so he needed a backup plan that wasn’t sad.”

“And sitting around with us single fuckers – watching John and Sara make out – isn’t sad?” Melissa cocked her eyebrow.

“Apparently not,” Ellie said. “Plus, he’s nice. You’ll like him. Right, Jay?”

“Yeah, he’s okay.”

“What a ringing endorsement.” Melissa arched an eyebrow.

“Okay, fine, whatever.” I sighed. “He’s great. Fun to be around.”

“A solid chap!” Louis laughed.

“Okay, good. I’m telling him he can come then,” Ellie said. “Although I think he might already be on his way.”

“Is he the guy you had a crush on?” Melissa asked. My eyes darted to her face, but then I realised she was talking to Louis, not me.

“No.” Louis said – a bit too quickly. “What are you even talking about?”

“You told me you had a crush on someone at their school.”

“I don’t remember that.” Louis leaned back casually into his chair, but he was blushing slightly.

“Ooh, scandalous.” Ellie giggled.

“I did not have a crush on Jamie.” Louis said indignantly.

“But it was on SOMEONE.” Melissa leaned in, taking another fry from his plate.

“Oh my god, it must have been Kyle. Was it Kyle?” Ellie bounced in her seat.

Louis crossed his arms. “I am not indulging this.”

“Jay, care to weigh in?” Ellie looked across at me, her eyes sparkling.

“Yeah, you’re being annoying. Leave Louis alone.” I frowned. He’d been so nice to me just a day ago, and I didn’t want Ellie to pick at him like that. I also didn’t want to seem too earnest, though. And I thought it might help him to muddy the waters a bit. “It could have been Matt.”

“WAS it Matt, Louis?” Ellie asked.

“I also think it’s mean of you not to include Sid.” I added, before Louis could answer. Sid wasn’t particularly good-looking, and he was also an awful person. I was still trying to casually derail the conversation.

“Eww. Sid’s an asshole.” Ellie grimaced.

“Exactly. Bad boy.” I smirked. “Totally fuckable.”

Melissa guffawed, and Ellie’s eyes went wide – whether her shock was about me using a word like ‘fuckable’ or whether it was about the absolute impossibility of anyone having a crush on Sid, I didn’t know. The conversation moved on, and I looked across to Louis, who gave me a slight smile and a nod.

Jamie walked around the corner a little later, and when he saw me and Ellie, he started weaving his way through the tables towards us. He looked good – almost too good, for what we were doing. He’d styled his hair with gel and was wearing a really nice blue button-down shirt. Very overdressed for the movies, but it was hard to criticise someone when they looked like they’d just stepped out of a cologne ad.

“Wow.” Melissa said under her breath, while he was still just out of earshot. “Objections withdrawn.”

“Hey guys. Thanks for letting me join.”

“Oh, it’s no problem. The more, the merrier.” Melissa’s voice was slightly higher than usual. “I like your shirt.”

“Oh, thanks.” Jamie smiled at her. “I’m Jamie, by the way.”

Melissa blinked, and took a second to respond. “I know. Cool. I’m Melissa.”

“Awesome. Nice to meet you, Melissa.” He gave her a wink, and turned to Ellie, not seeing the way he’d just made Melissa blush. “I’m going to that party tonight after all.”

“Then why’d you even come Ankara escort here?” Ellie sighed deeply.

“I kind of need to prove a point. I’ll just go afterwards. I just need her to know that she’s not going to be running my whole life.”

“That’ll go well.” Ellie scoffed.

Jamie just grinned, and shrugged. Ellie’s phone buzzed again, and she took it out and typed a response.

“That’s Sara – they’re going to be a bit late.” She stood up. “I’ll get their tickets, but we should probably go do that right away.”

We made our way further into the mall. Jamie and Ellie led the way, while the rest of us lagged behind. Melissa’s eyes kept darting to the back of Jamie’s head, and Louis was looking at her with an amused grin. We reached the movie theatre, and joined the queue for the tickets counter.

“The line’s too long. We’re not going to have time for the concession stand. Jay, will you get tickets for us, and we’ll sort it out later?” Ellie asked. I nodded, and she turned to Jamie, fluttering her eyelashes. “Jamie, be a dear and come with me to buy Whispers.”

“No, thanks. I don’t want anything.”

She pursed her lips. “Jamie, come with me, or I’ll text your girlfriend and tell her where you are.”

“Jesus. Okay, fine,” Jamie grumbled. “Remind me never to get between you and chocolate.”

I laughed a little, but Melissa giggled like a maniac. Ellie gave her a slightly annoyed look. “Do you guys want anything?”

None of us did. Louis waited for them to get out of earshot before he turned to Melissa and smiled. “Yeah, I’m totally the one with a crush on Jamie.”

“What?” Melissa asked indignantly, flicking her hair in annoyance.

“That laugh. Oh, and,” Louis raised an eyebrow. “‘I like your shirt.’ Come on, Mel.”

“Oh, fuck you.”

Louis and I just laughed.

“Did Ellie and Jamie used to date?” Melissa asked me. Clearly she wasn’t quite ready to change the subject.

“Um, yes. But they were like fourteen or fifteen.”

“So?” she asked.

“It’s not like they did anything.” I shrugged. “I don’t think they even kissed.”

“Seriously?” She turned to Louis. “Wow. Elohim kids, right?”

“I had my first kiss when I was sixteen.” Louis said, raising an eyebrow.

“I had mine this year.” I said.

“Well, it’s not my fault you two are bad at being gay.” She raised her hands defensively before we could say anything. “I know, I know. It’s more difficult than that, blah blah blah.”

“Such an ally,” I said to Louis.

“It’s heart-warming, really.” He grinned.

“Whatever, you guys love me.” She shrugged dismissively. “So Ellie and Jamie – nothing there, right?”

“Jesus.” Louis shook his head.

“No, nothing. I don’t think so, anyway. She’s…” I shrugged. There was that Gary guy Caitlyn had mentioned, but I didn’t know if that was still a thing. I hadn’t even asked Ellie again. Maybe I should have. “Yeah, I definitely don’t think there’s anything going on with them now, anyway. She’s just interfering in his love life, because she finds that sort of thing fun.”

“Ah.” Melissa nodded. “Well she should tell him to break up with his girlfriend. Sounds like a bitch.”

“In your professional, disinterested opinion as a neutral third party?” Louis asked.

“Of course.” She flicked her hair again, and grinned at him. “Let’s talk about something else.”

“Like what?” Louis asked.

“Like Jay.” She turned to me, her face suddenly quite serious. “How are you? Really?”

I sighed. “You know it hurts my feelings when you get all wholesome. I feel much more loved when you’re making fun of me.”

“Okay, fine.” She smirked. “Ride any big dicks lately?”

“Only your dad’s.” I said, which drew an appreciative chuckle from both of them. “Or he could have been riding mine. I can’t remember. It was dark, and there were so many people there.”

Louis broke out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter, and Melissa grinned.

“Well, it does sound like you two are very much in love. Are you going to be my new Mommy?”

“We’ll see, sweetie, we’ll see.” I gently patted her on the shoulder. Louis was almost doubled over and in tears at that point.

“Anyway, I have to go pee.” Melissa handed Louis some money. “Just get my ticket if you get to the front of the line before I’m back.”

“Good thing Jamie’s not around – can’t let him know you have bodily functions.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“I swear to god, Louis…” She gave him a glare, and then marched off.

He looked at me and laughed. “This is so great. I’m usually the one who gets awkward in front of guys I like, and she’s always laughing at me about it.”

“Revenge is sweet.” I chuckled.

He nodded.”Totally.”

“So I take it Jamie’s not the guy you had a crush on?”

“What?” He flinched a bit. “God, no. He’s cute, but not really my thing. Too sporty and cocky. Thanks for changing the topic, by the way. I think you really threw Ellie with that last one.”

“Yeah, she’s not used to me being open about that sort of thing.” I grinned. “That Ankara escort bayan and Sid’s actually kind of gross, and kind of a dick. He wasn’t your crush, right?”

“That’s that creepy guy who sits in the back, right? Yeah, no thanks.” He smiled softly. “How are you, by the way?”

“A little tired of getting asked that question, to be honest.”

“Sorry.” He grimaced. “It’s just not a great thing to go through – so it makes sense for people to be worried about you.”

“Yeah, maybe.” I shrugged. “I think I’m fine. I’m feeling much better after yesterday. But I see John and Sara coming. I’d prefer not to talk about it in front of them.”

“Yeah, okay.” He nodded, and then turned around to wave at them. They joined us in the line, and Sara and I chatted a bit about school while John and Louis talked quietly about something else.

Melissa got back before we got to the counter, and Jamie and Ellie found us just after we’d bought the tickets. While we were filing into our seats at the movie, Louis dashed in front of Melissa with a mischievous grin, leaving her to sit next to Jamie. I sat on his other side at the end of the row. She alternated between glaring at Louis, and giggling like a school girl at every remotely amusing comment that Jamie made.

If it hadn’t yet occurred to me how different my post-crush behaviour with Jamie had become, Melissa was providing a helpful comparison. She made me wonder if I’d ever been that bad. At one point, I actually saw her blushing deeply after Jamie laughed at the one joke she’d managed to get out. Luckily for her, not too long after that the room went dark and the movie started, and he didn’t seem to notice. She was very quiet once the movie was over, and we all filed out of the theatre.

“So, what do you all want to do now?” Jamie clapped his hands together.

Ellie cleared her throat. “I want to go to that party with my girlfriend, before she gets so mad with me that she dumps me.” She put her hands on her hips and gave Jamie a dark look. “Oh, wait, no – that’s you.”

The rest of us chuckled, and Jamie sighed. “FINE. I’ll go. What are the rest of you guys doing?”

“John and I wanted to go get a milkshake.” Sara was clinging to John’s arm. He just nodded.

“I’d love a milkshake.” Melissa said.

“Me too.” Louis said.

“Oh, I might be a little tired, but Jay’s my ride.” Ellie turned to me. “Jay?”

“I think I might want to just go home.” I smiled at Ellie. She’d kind of given me an easy way out.

“Boo, boring.” Melissa grinned, and then walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me. “Night Jay.”

“Night, Mel.”

She moved on to Ellie, and to say goodbye awkwardly to Jamie, while I said my goodbyes to Sara and John. Then Louis stepped towards me, slightly out of earshot of everyone else.

“I’m not going to ask you if you’re okay again.” He smiled, his voice soft. “But I’m always there to talk, if you need to.”

“Thanks.” I couldn’t help but smile back at him. It was still just really nice knowing I had someone like Louis in my life.

“Okay, Jay, are you ready to go?” Ellie asked, stepping up to me.

“Sure. Bye everyone.”

They all waved us off, and Ellie, Jamie and I made our way to the parking lot.

“So how are you getting to the party?” Ellie asked Jamie as we walked towards the parking lot.

“I’ll just get an Uber.”

“I’ll give you a ride if it’s near us.” I said.

“Really, man? That would be awesome,” he said. “It’s very near, I think. The house is like the next street over. You can come with, if you want.”

“And be a human shield between you and your angry girlfriend?” I grinned. “No thanks.”


“Yeah, because showing up alone at a party with some other girl’s boyfriend – who’s very late, by the way – is just such a good look.” She waved her hand dismissively. “Besides, I’m not dressed for a party. And I promised my mom I’d be home by a reasonable time tonight.”

Jamie groaned. “You guys suck.”

“You’ll just have to be a big, strong, brave man and face your girlfriend on your own.” Ellie laughed.

He sighed, and we all climbed into my car.

“Guys, I’m actually scared,” he said, once he’d settled in the back seat. “She’s probably going to really freak out.”

“Then why did you come to the movies with us?” Ellie asked in an exasperated tone.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was mad at her.”

“If she’s so awful, why are you even dating her?” Ellie buckled in, and I started navigating out of the parking lot.

“She’s not bad. She can be really nice sometimes. And she’s so hot.”

“There it is.” Ellie rolled her eyes.

“Hey, that’s a fair reason to like someone. It’s not like you’re into Gary because he’s smart.”

“You’ve told Jamie about Gary?” I frowned, and looked across at Ellie for a second. “You haven’t even told me anything yet.”

“I didn’t TELL him anything.” She bit her lip. “He was just there when… I’ll tell you later. Sorry, I was going to tell you, but with you and… It didn’t Escort Ankara seem like the right time.”

I nodded. “That makes sense.”

“What stuff?” Jamie asked.

“Absolutely none of your business.” Ellie said decisively.

“Rude.” He shook his head. “Jay?”

“Sorry.” I shrugged. It was hardly the right moment to tell him I was in the aftermath of a break-up with a guy. Far too much honesty on the pathway to that revelation. “I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

I thought I could see real concern on his face, looking back at him through the rearview mirror. “Everything okay, though?”

“Yeah, I’m alright. Mostly,” I said. “Thanks.”

He just nodded, giving me a searching look. But he let it go, and the conversation moved on.

“I just realised…” Jamie groaned. “I’m going to get there stone-cold sober and everyone’s going to be drunk – Megan too – and I’m going to have to deal with that completely dry.”

“Well, you wanted to come to the movies with us.” Ellie shrugged.

“Would it be tacky if I bought some vodka at the convenience store and drank it on the way?”

“Yes.” Ellie scoffed.

“I still have that bottle of vodka you brought for Caitlyn’s party. You could have that,” I said.

“That’d be perfect! Ellie, pre-drinks at Jay’s place?”

“For a party I’m not even going to?” She asked sceptically, but she turned to me and grinned mischievously – she knew I hadn’t meant it as an invitation. “Okay, fine. It’s not like I’m doing anything else.”

She had a point. It wasn’t as if I was doing anything either, and distractions were helpful. I hadn’t wanted to hang out with Louis and Mel too much more, because I didn’t know if the conversation would circle back around to Eric. But with Jamie, at least, I could be sure it wouldn’t. “Fine.”

“Awesome.” Jamie grinned, and flopped back into his seat.

Once we’d parked and gotten to my room, I started pouring drinks for the three of us at the counter in my kitchen area. My mind went back to the night I’d met Eric, and this was pretty much exactly how we’d set out for that evening. Orange juice and vodka – same drinks, same people.

I’d also had my crush on Jamie to worry about. That was a funny thought. It seemed purer, somehow – less tainted by reality. I’d had no intentions of actually doing anything about it, and I doubted he’d had any designs on me anyway, so it had felt mostly harmless. I was just going to keep my secret, keep my head down, and finish high school. That had been the plan.

But I found myself almost glad I hadn’t – one way or another – managed to stick to that. It still freaked me out, from time to time, that so many people knew I was gay. But I liked that Ellie knew. I liked that John, Sarah and Melissa knew. And it was so great that I knew Louis – another gay guy who I could talk to, about pretty much anything.

I still wanted to escape high school relatively unscathed – we still had a couple of months before prelims, moderation and finals kicked in – and being out would still be awful in the day to day drudgery of normal school.

But I wasn’t so freaked out about it now – people knew, and I was still fine. The world hadn’t ended as soon as one other person found out. I had to be careful, but I could trust people. I had real friends. Being with Eric had given me that, at least.

“Bring the bottle?” Jamie asked, after I’d put down his and Ellie’s drinks, and was heading back to get mine.

“Sure.” I grabbed it, and passed it to him as I sat down. He took a large sip from his glass, and then topped it up with vodka.

“It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion,” Ellie said.

“I’ve got to catch up to how drunk Megan is.” He shrugged, his tone defensive. “I can’t stay here all night drinking with you guys. I’d like to, but I can’t.”

Ellie and Jamie started workshopping a strategy for how he’d talk to Megan. She rattled off an extensive list of the sorts of things he was not allowed to say to her, but I wasn’t sure he was listening to any of it. I was also not convinced that it was going to help him, anyway.

Ellie was right – the whole thing was kind of like watching a disaster unfold slowly. You could see the danger coming, but things were already in motion – whatever was going to happen was just going to happen.

“Okay, I better go,” Jamie said, getting up. “How do I look?”

Annoyingly perfect, I thought – but didn’t say it out loud. My crush wasn’t so intense any more, but it was impossible to avoid noticing that Jamie was still objectively hot. I wondered if it ever bugged Megan that he could affect girls like Melissa – and guys like me – the way he did, sometimes.

“You look like a no-show douchebag who’s ditched his girlfriend at a party,” Ellie said. “But very well-dressed, and your hair is great.”

“Thanks, Ellie.” Jamie grinned broadly. “Jay, thanks for the drink and the venue. See you both around.”

With that, he let himself out of the glass door, and we heard the gate open and close a few seconds later.

“She’s going to break up with him.” Ellie sighed.

“None of my business.” I said. “Or yours, actually.”

“Oh, shut up. You guys are SO dead set against me knowing about anything until you need advice. Then it’s all ‘Oh, Ellie, what do I do now?’ But I’m the annoying one?” She shook her head. “Ridiculous.”

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Becoming His

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This fictional ride into sci-fi territory has elements of self discovery to it. It is a bit of a mind game story…one that may be familiar?

Beau moves his hands across his firm and muscular chest. As his fingers glide around and over firmly engorging nipples, the flesh sends quivers of electricity to his hormone soaked brain cells. The young and fit body of this teenage hunk is in the first throes of a buildup to eventual climax and orgasm, something that Beau does on a regular basis. So this Saturday morning wakeup romp is nothing new to our sex starved young hero. But before this day is done, Beau will have changed in ways he could never imagine. Not even his wildest and furtive imagination could ever match what reality has in store for him.

“Damn straight. My body is a thing of beauty.” Beau has a habit of expressing himself verbally, out loud, to no one in particular. He is alone this day in the house he has grown up in. He will be alone for the entire weekend. Just long enough for his transformation to complete. It is a lovely early Springtime morning, and the open window to his room lets in curtain-billowing gusts of fragrant floral scented air, ripe with moist morning dew.

“This body is perfect. This chest is amazing. This bush, this cock, these large full balls…they’re yours. Yours for the taking. Take me. Make me yours.” Beau wishes to be heard. He hungers for someone to hear his pleas. He needs someone. Something. Anything to sate his desire for connection. Will he regret his calls to the ether? Does he understand what he is asking for? Is he ready to accept the answer he is about to receive?

“Crap!” The wind suddenly bursts into his room with a force that knocks the curtains off their support rod. The light fabric flows in a surreal ballet of slow motion waves as it begins to slowly settle over the prone and heated body now startled into stillness.

“What the fuck? Damn wind!” Beau is about to thrash the curtain off of him, when he realizes there Ankara bayan escort is a problem.

“Uh…” He can not move his arms.

It Begins

Something else occurs to Beau. The scent that wafted into his room moments before is now much stronger, and seems to fill the space between his warm flesh and the cool fabric of the curtain. He takes in a very deep breath.

“Oh, Geez. That smells good!” There is a gurgling in the young belly. His hunger is not for food alone. His pheromones have flashed into over production. His nostrils flare as they suck harder at the fragrant scent. He is giving his essence to the wind; and taking in its offerings in response.

“We will be.” The whisper was heard…or was it imagined? Beau tries to stir, yet he is now completely paralyzed and immobile. Fear is nowhere to be felt, however. His mind is calm. He knows. Beau knows that his prayers for connection are being answered.

Part 2 –

The curtain is hovering over him, not clinging to the young body beneath it. The space between is not exactly empty. Oh, no. It is not empty at all.

“Okay. I think I know what is going on. I read about this. But it has only happened to a few. And no one believes them, anyway. My wish for connection is being answered…is that right?” He holds his breath and waits for an answer.

“Your soul has asked. And we are here.” The whisper again. Inside his head?

“Who is here?” He waits.

“Your connection.” With only masturbation to his credit, the notion of connection is both enticing, and unnerving.

“My What?” He waits.

“Your virginal human form needs to open, to connect, to bond.” The whispers resonate deeply within Beau, for he has hungered for these very things.

“We will provide.” There is a rush of feather-like tingles cascading over his flesh. Beau is alive with electric pulsations on his skin; and they start to penetrate the layers of his sweat covered body. By the way, Escort bayan Ankara throughout this very odd episode, the erection he earlier worked to achieve has not subsided one bit. If anything, it has grown in hardness and length. Unable to feel his pulsating member with his hands, he still senses its aching fullness, a fullness that is straining for release.

“What are you doing to me?” He waits.

“We will become one. We need to connect to survive.” Beau knows. He too needs to connect to survive. His feelings of loneliness have pushed him to the brink of despair and suicide more than once before.

“I do, too.” It is a statement of hope, of longing, of surrender.

“Then it is done.” He waits.

Part 3 –

Some light has been penetrating the thin curtain fabric all along, and Beau has had a good view of his strong and virile body…until now.

“What? What’s happening?” His vision has shut down. He begins to ‘see’ a movie-like scene with his inner ‘eyes’. The ether is projecting itself into Beau’s brain, fusing with his visual cortex, providing a good ‘view’ of the unfolding connection.

“We are entering you now.” The whisper subsides. He waits.

“ANGHHHH!!!!” The body on the bed jolts upward as if shocked by electric cables. Beau ‘sees’ undulating waves of curling energy flowing into him like a ribbon of flashing light, as it penetrates every muscle, organ, and cell. Tentacles of energy push into his penis, his rectum, his mouth, his body and brain. He is on fire with a level of desire and urgency he has never known before.

“Let go. Let us go. We need to feel this.” Beau hears the whisper. His vision returns, His hands move once again and grasp his raging organ. It has seemingly grown in size to a seven inch pole of thickly throbbing boy meat, no longer the six incher it once was. Beau smiles as his mind floods with pre-ejaculatory chemical goodness.

“Yes. We are with you. Make us feel!” The whispers Bayan escort Ankara are now silent. They will not return.

“I have you. We are one. OH. OH. OHHHHHH.” A euphoric tsunami engulfs the mind of Beau, as he swells within with his gurgling river of life. The curtain is flung from his overheated flesh. His manhood points proudly to his chest, pulsating with its heartbeat’s blood soaked tissues. He loosens his grasp on the throbbing member. He grabs his head in his hands as if to stop the explosion from destroying his mind. It is useless.

“FUCK. OH, my fucking GOD. I CAN’T!!” Yet he can. He is stronger now than he knows. He is one with…the Universe. And his seed belongs to it, as well.

“uhhhhhhh” His mouth is open wide, wide enough for a scream to erupt from him, yet only a whisper escapes. He feels the river within his body begin to flow to its flood stage. With the most intense muscular contractions of his young life, his body gladly erupts his hot seed into the world. The connection within his mind reels with joy and elation at the feeling. Finally feeling the first ropes of human ejaculatory glee!

“AHHH. AHHH. AHHH” Beau can hardly catch a breath. His manly young chest, home to newly sprouted soft and wavy hairs, is heaving like a race horse at the finish line. Yet he is by no means yet finished!

“GOD. OH, GOD!” He holds his head and moans. Rope after strong rope of his semen wafts through the air and lands on his forehead, his cheeks, his lips, his tongue. His chest is awash with cum. Just as he feels the need to pass out, the contractions cease. He is more now than he was before. He feels his new connection in every cell of his body. With great purpose, Beau slowly rises from his bed. He stands on strong legs. Turning to the mirror, he sees anew the beauty that he has become, that he always was. He smiles and runs a hand through his ejaculate soaked chest hair. Putting those fingers to his nose, Beau sniffs his seed. He knows what his role is now. He knows that he must go out and seek his partner. As his mouth savors the seed dripping from his fingers, Beau feels his inner strength double and double again.

“I am a man. I know who I am. I know what I want.” He speaks in a whisper to no one there.

“I will find him.”

Next – The Search

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Stay at the Neon Nights Motel Pt. 01

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Part 1

The rain was coming down hard. So hard that I considered getting off the road and staying at a motel until it died down. Which looked like it wasn’t going to be soon. I had been driving on the road for about three hours now with about three hours still left on the trip. The trip was from Los Angeles to San Francisco to visit my sister. Who had just given birth to my first nephew. Since I was scared of flying, I chose to drive up North. It was the first time I had driven to San Francisco and honestly I was a bit nervous.

Using my phone I looked up a motel to stay at. Thankfully, one was close by. The Neon Nights Motel. I headed off the highway and drove down the nearly empty street. The roads were flooded everywhere, but thankfully the road to the motel wasn’t too bad. It had a giant purple and blue neon sign that read Neon Nights Motel. I drove into the parking lot and turned off the engine in front of the lobby. My car was the only one in the parking lot, which made me wonder if it was even open.

I covered myself with my coat and headed into the lobby. Inside, it was nice and warm, but empty. Now, I was really wondering if it was open. But seeing as the door was unlocked it clearly was open. It made me wonder if a murder happened or something like that. I went to the counter and rang the bell. A few seconds later, the clerk walked out. He was a young guy, in his early twenties. Short brown hair, thin frame, tall. About six feet in height, but not taller than me. I stood at six feet two inches.

“Hello, sir,” the man said in his soft voice, “It’s really coming down out there, huh?”

A flash of lighting flickered through the room followed by a roar of thunder that shook the building. “Yeah, it really is. I wasn’t expecting it to be this bad.”

“It is an odd storm. They say it’s something that only happens every hundred years or something.”

“It certainly looks like a Roland Emmerich flick out there.”

The young man laughed. “So, overnight stay, sir?” I gave him a nod. “Alright, you can pick whatever room. They are all empty.”

“Really?” I said in shock, “You guys get a bad review or what?”

He shook his head, “No, the last person left today. It’s been pretty dead since.”

“I guess, I’ll take room one,” the man gave me the key to the room and I gave him the money to pay for it. Before I left, I turned to him and said, “What’s your name?”

“Oh, Christopher, but you can call me Chris.”

I smiled and said, “My name is Russel, nice to meet you, Chris. I hope you can get a good night’s sleep.”

“Same to you, Russel.”

I walked inside the room soaking wet carrying one of my suitcases. A shower was probably the smart thing to do. The last thing I wanted was to get to my sister’s with a cold. Speaking of her, I had to text her and tell her I was going to be coming late. Quickly, I sent her a text and she immediately replied saying, “Okay, be safe.”

With that out of the way, I removed my wet clothes and headed into the bathroom to shower.

I put on some new clothes and laid down on the bed. The rain was still coming down hard with flashes of thunder and roars of thunder. It made me wonder if I would be able to sleep at all. I turned on the tv and the second I did that, a flash of lightning happened and then the power went out.

“Great,” I said. Annoyed. This night was going terrible. I had to sit in traffic for like an hour because it was a weekend. Then a once in a century storm had to hit California. Which was actually a good thing since California was in a drought. I sighed and got off the bed then went to the window. Looking outside, it was dark, really dark. The only light came from the flashes of lightning. When the flashes happened it showed me the road flooding. I turned away and reached for my phone and saw an alert. A flash flood watch was in effect.

Because the night could only get worse, as I checked my phone I felt water against my feet. The water was coming in from the bottom of the door. “Crap!” I said. I grabbed my shoes and put them on. The moment I got my bag, I heard a knock on the door. Quickly, I went to it and Ankara bayan escort saw through the peephole that it was Chris.

I opened the door and he said, “Hey, Russel. The area is getting flooded. Seeing as you’re the only person here, I was wondering if you wanted to take shelter in the lobby?”

“Oh? That would be great, thank you.” I grabbed my duffel bag and followed Chris to the lobby. The lobby was a bit raised compared to the rest of the motel rooms.

Inside the lobby, I took off my soaked shoes and sat down on the small sofa. “So, this night went to shit real fast.”

Chris laughed, “I’m sorry to hear that, Russel. I’ll try to make it better for you.”

“Unless you can make the rain go away, I doubt you can make my night any better.”

“Try me,” before our conversation could continue, we both noticed water seeping through the bottom of the door into the lobby rug.

“Oh, wow! That is coming in fast.”

“Let’s go upstairs.”

“Upstairs? This place has an upstairs?” I followed Chris into the back room where there was a short staircase that led up to the second floor.

“It’s where we keep some of our extra stuff that we can’t store somewhere else. Plus, I have a bed up here so when I decided to sleep in.”

The second floor had boxes everywhere with a mattress on the floor and a single lobby chair. Chris turned on a portable lamp and said, “Have a seat, wherever you want. You can even go to sleep if you want.”

I sit down on the mattress and say, “I doubt that, the thunder alone won’t let me sleep. Plus the worry of waking up in water.”

“I doubt the water will make it up here,” He sat down on the chair across from the bed and lit a candle. “So, where were you heading?”

“Up North. Heading to see my sister in San Francisco. She just had a baby,” I popped out the phone and showed him a picture of my nephew.

“Oh, how adorable.”

“What about you? How long have you been working at this motel?”

“Five years now, it’s my dad’s place. But he’s out of town, leaving me to tend to the whole place myself.”

“It’s a good thing that the place is small.”

“And aside from you, no business,” we both laughed.

He grabbed a bottle of whiskey and said, “You want some?”

“Sure,” I said.

Chris poured whiskey into two cups and handed me one. I grabbed it and held it up, “To a shitty night,” he laughed and both of our glasses clinked and we drank. He took a sip while I downed the whole drink.

“Wow, you really needed that. Here’s another.”

As the night continued, Chris and I drank some more whiskey while getting to know one another. I had explained to him that I was a lawyer from a mid level law firm in Los Angeles. He was in college while working at this motel.

I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol but I was still in control of my actions. Most of them at least. Chris then threw me a curve ball when he asked, “So, I take it you don’t have a wife?”

I smiled, “No, I was going to marry this girl from high school but she left me at the altar.”

“Ouch,” he said, pouring more whiskey into my glass, “You need that.”

“Thanks. Yeah, we had been together for five years and were finally going to get married, but she clearly had second thoughts. But my friends say I’m young and can still find someone.”

“How old?”

“36. And you? 22?”


“Don’t rush into a marriage, that’s a piece of advice I can give you,” I took a sip from the whiskey glass and said, “How about you? Anyone special in your life?”

“No, I have yet to meet a man I’d like to marry.”

“A man? So you’re gay. That’s cool.”

“It’s something I normally don’t tell anyone. Not even my dad.”

“So why me? I’m a stranger.”

“I don’t know. It felt like we’re bonding, felt like we had gotten to know one another pretty well.”

I shrugged, “You got a point there. I’ll probably never see you after I leave this place. So, I’ll keep your secret.”

“Thanks,” Chris laughed, “Have you ever done anything with a guy?”

I shook my head, “Nah, I’ve only mingled with women. Escort bayan Ankara What about you? Only men?”

“Yes, very satisfied men.”

“Satisfied men? Are you telling me that you’re that good?”

A smirk could be seen on his face, “Yeah, I’ve had men tell me that I’ve sucked them better than any women.”

I drank the rest of my whiskey and stared at the empty glass, “I don’t know if it’s the whiskey or curiosity, but I’m willing to take you up on that?”

“On what?”

“Show me if you’re better than a woman,” Chris was taken back by my bold statement. As was I. I never would have thought that I would be asking a man to suck my dick. But here I was, in the storage room of a motel on a stormy night.

“Or you don’t have to. I was just messing around.”

Chris smiled, “I’m down,” He got off the chair and got down on all fours and crawled to me. With his hands on my knees he parted them open and slowly they slid down my thighs. Blood began to flow to my member. His hands undid my pants and opened up the flaps, his hand rubbed against my crotch. “I see someone aroused,” he said.

I smiled, “Maybe.”

I lifted my bottom up for him to pull down my pants down to my ankles. Just in my grey boxer briefs, Chris continued to rub my member. When I was fully erect Chris opened up my underwear and took out my cock. My cock was about seven inches in length with a girth of six inches. It was thick. His soft hands wrapped around the shaft and slowly pulled back the foreskin to reveal my rose colored tip. A bead of precum was right at the entrance of my peehole as he hovered his mouth over the tip. He looked up at me and stuck out his tongue and slowly placed it on the tip. Then his lips slowly closed around it and went down.

While his hand stroked my member his mouth worshipped my cock. And when I say worshipped, I mean worshipped. The way he worked my cock was something I had never experienced. I’ve had plenty of blowjobs in the past but this was something else. Maybe it was true that gay men sucked cock better than women.

My back and head were on the bed as Chris continued to pleasure my cock. Moans fled my mouth and filled the room. I was so lost in ecstasy that I had forgotten about the storm outside.

I nearly lurched forward when he held my cock deep in his throat. This was something entirely new to me. None of the girls I had been with gave me one of these. It was glorious. Chris released my cock from the confines of his throat and continued to slobber all over my cock. The way he worked my cock was something artistic. Jolts of pleasure shot through my body as he continued to pleasure my cock. His hand twisted up and down my thick shaft while his mouth slurped on the tip of my cock. My head was tilted back staring up at the ceiling. Moans continued to come out of my mouth, sometimes being louder than the thunder outside.

My eyes had rolled back into my head as he sped up using both his hand and mouth to pleasure my cock. I was close. So close that I muttered out, “I’m coming,” but he didn’t hear me. Something told me he didn’t care that I was about to cum in his mouth. I was about to repeat myself when my hands grabbed the sheets of the mattress as I let out a loud moan. My cum began to shoot out of my shaft and splattered against the walls of his mouth. As I fired everything, he continued to stroke and slurp on my cock.

When I was done filling him with my seed, Chris swallowed my load while he continued to stroke my cock, “So was I better than any of the girls you’ve been with?” He had a grin on his face.

I nodded, “Yeah, that was amazing.”

“I’m glad you are satisfied,” he slowly stroked my cock, causing more precum to leak out, “I’d love to have this cock in my ass.”

I smiled, “I wouldn’t say no,” the girls I had been with never let me do anal. So this would be a fun experience. I was already committed at this point. I didn’t care if he was a guy.

Chris stood up and removed his shirt then he undid his pants and removed them. He wore white briefs for a few seconds before removing them, showing his slim Bayan escort Ankara body to me. Next, he climbed on top of me and mounted me. Spit fell into his hand from my mouth and he used it to stroke my member. Then, he guided my cock into his hole. The tip entered and immediately I felt resistance as his hole was so tight. But that didn’t stop him from pushing it deeper.

The tip of my cock stopped at his prostate, this was indicated by a moan he let out. Slowly, Chris moved his pelvis up and down causing my cock to slide inside of him. It felt amazing. I never knew that an asshole would feel so amazing. It was so tight and warm.

Chris showed his experience as he sped up and the mattress began to move against the wall. Thankfully we were alone. Moans filled the room once again. His head was tilted back as he rode my cock. My hands naturally fell onto his buttcheeks and held on as he continued to ride me.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking a man. And enjoying it. I had plenty of sex with women in the past and honestly, a pussy alwasy felt good. But this was a whole new experience. He gave me probably the best blowjob I had ever received and now was riding me like a cowboy.

Chris’s eyes were staring right into mine as the speed of his thrusting had sped up. The way he moved his pelvis was magical. Once again my eyes were rolling back into my skull as I got lost in pleasure. Loud moans would leave his mouth when my cock rubbed against his prostate.

Chris was now at full speed and control. My hands were glued to his buttcheeks as he moved his pelvis up and down on my cock. I was completely lost to his pleasure hole. And really close to climax again. I didn’t think I would be able to cum again, but Chris had a goal. To make me cum again.

Our breathing and moans were in sync. I convulsed and titled my head back as the first load fired out. I let out a long “I’m cumming” while doing so. Once again I fired my load into his body. I was surprised I was able to fire again, let alone a hefty load like that. When I was finished, a satisfied gasp left my mouth.

When I was done firing my seed into him. Chris looked down at me while his hand went behind him and gathered some of my cum onto his finger. It had been leaking out from the amount I had released. He brought the cum covered finger to his mouth and said, “I hope you leave a satisfying review.”

I smiled, “I think I will.”

The next morning, I woke up to see the rain had finally stopped. I was on the bed in my underwear with Chris tucked under my arm. His head was resting on my bare chest. He too was only in his briefs. At least the intense rain had tapered off which meant I could leave. But I also had to consider if my car had any damage from the flood.

I turn to look at Chris peacefully sleeping on my chest. I didn’t want to disturb him so I just stared up to the ceiling. Last night I was drunk, but I still remember everything and I know the alcohol did play a factor into my decision to have sex with him, but I don’t regret it. It was something new and honestly fun. I don’t know if I would ever do it again. But it definitely would be something that I will always remember.

Chris woke up and I looked down to him, “Good morning.”

His hand went up from my stomach to my chest, “Good morning, I see the rain has died down.”

“Yup, I’m hoping my car can still run.”

Chris frowned, “And if it can’t?”

“I guess I might have to stay another night.”

I rose from the bed to put my clothes on. Chris did the same. Together we went down stairs and saw the lobby no longer had water. Thankfully, that meant the roads were no longer rivers. I grabbed my coat and headed to my car.

Inside my car, I turned the key and after a few tries the car did turn on. Thankfully it wasn’t damaged.

Chris was standing outside, “Well I guess I gotta go.”

I grabbed my single duffle bag and put it back in the car.

“I’m sorry that your stay here involved getting flooded,” Chris said.

I smiled, “You made the night better. Thank you for the hospitality.”

“Have a safe drive, I probably won’t see you again.”

I was inside the car already, ready to pull out, “Well, I do have to come back down. So maybe, I’ll stop by,” I winked. Then I put the car in reverse and drove off of the parking lot.

A smile was on my face as I looked at the motel from the rearview mirror. I was definitely going to come back.

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The Release

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Another trade show, another junket to Vegas and yet another mind-numbing three days of pretending to love my job. Yet here I was, in for three more days of meetings, presentations and handshakes, pitching the wares of my health insurance employer.

I went through the motions for the first two days and by the second night I was over it. I needed a break, something to take me away from the tedium of a job I’d been doing for too long. On top of it all, I’d left home after another fight with my wife, an argument over nothing, really, that had me flying off to Vegas in a funk.

Back in my room, the TV running an anonymous college football game, I sipped a beer, contemplating ways to rise above my down mood. I thought about calling the wife but wasn’t sure that would help. Instead, I picked up the bedside phone and dialed the hotel concierge. It had been years since I’d had a massage, the last one being a his/hers massage at a Mexican beach resort, and the concierge was prompt in setting me up with an in-room rub down. Before the masseuse even arrived I felt a release of some of the tension that had been building in my body. I needed this.

When I opened the door I was taken aback by the masseuse standing in the entry, holding a standard massage table. It was a dude and not what I had expected. He could tell immediately that I was surprised, if not a bit shocked. Right away, he went into damage control. “Sorry man, I can see I’m not what you expected,” he said.

“I guess not,” I replied, trying not to sound too put off. “I did ask for a woman though…and obviously…”

“No, I get it. It’s just that on such short notice, we didn’t have anyone else available. I was gonna call up but figured I’d just come by and see if I could fill in.”

I thought about if for a few seconds. I’d really been looking forward to this for the past hour and I figured it really didn’t matter much what hands worked their magic on my muscle tension so I thought, what the hell. “Well, you’re already here and I appreciate the prompt service so…come on in.”

Johnny, my masseuse, was a fit guy, probably in his mid twenties, dressed in athletic shorts and a casual polo shirt emblazoned with the hotel logo. He set up the table next to the bed and asked me to change out of my clothes and come back in a towel draped over my waist. When I returned from the bathroom, I laid out prone on the sheet-covered table and fixed the towel over my midsection.

Johnny asked if I wanted any particular music and when I said I didn’t have any preference, he tuned in some basic mysto-Eastern type stuff that I considered a typical wellness vibe. And then he started in on my shoulders.

Aside from asking what areas I wanted him to concentrate on, he said little for the next fifteen minutes and I zoned out with my eyes shut and mind quieted. Soon my body was entirely relaxed and I could feel the tension release from my shoulders and arms, then down in my back. He worked warm oil into my skin, alternately utilizing his fingers and the heels of his hands the massage the muscles of my upper body.

“I’m going to move down to your legs now, okay?” he asked after working his way down my back.

“Sure,” I replied. “This feels great.”

“Well good. Just let me know if you have any areas that need attention.”

Johnny started in on my calves, first dripping warm oil along the length, then rubbing it gently in. “You’ve got great tone in you calves,” Ankara escort he commented as he rubbed the oil in. “You look like a guy who keeps himself fit.”

I thought for a second about my wife and wondered how long it had been since she complimented me on my efforts to keep in shape. I was always telling her how good she looked but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. At forty-five, I took pride in my fitness. “Thanks, I try,” I replied.

Johnny continued up my legs, working my calves and then my hamstrings, really digging into the muscle then backing off and gently massaging the skin. I flinched when his hand moved up higher on my inner thigh an he backed off, commenting, “Sorry, let me move the towel up a bit to get to your upper hams and glutes.”

And then his hand inched higher and higher up my leg with each pass, slowly working up to my ass. He really worked the area where my ass met the top of my thigh. With this section complete on each side, the boundary was pushed further as his hand slid the towel up to my lower back, exposing my ass to him. I think he sensed my surprise, and asked, “You okay?”

“Fine,” I replied. “Just a little tense, that’s all.”

With that, he continued, and drizzled warm oil on my ass cheeks, a drop of which rolled down my crack. It felt oddly delightful but nothing like what came next as his talented hands started in on my glutes. He worked the oil in gently at first, covering all of my ass real estate, top to bottom and side to side, dipping slightly into the crack on several passes. For the first time, I felt a slight stirring in my cock.

I didn’t want to admit it but I was thoroughly enjoying this intense attention my ass was receiving and as he continued I emitted an involuntary low moan. After what seemed like a much appreciated but perhaps inordinate amount of time concentrated on my ass, Johnny’s hand slipped further down into my crack and I felt the slickness of the oil smear across my inner fold, once, twice and then a third time in which his hand slowly eased down across my anus. I flinched.

“Sorry,” he said softly.

“No worries,” I replied. Of course, I knew he wasn’t sorry. He was working me over, pushing the boundaries and I myself was wondering where the line was. I am not gay nor have I ever been with a man but at the same time, this was feeling magnificent and I was in Las Vegas. His hands resumed their mission, massaging my ass and sliding up and down my ass crack, deep down into my inner thighs. I moaned softly.

Not only was I releasing tension and the occasional moan, I was also getting hard. Really hard. I purged all outside thoughts from of my mind and stared down at the floor as I enjoyed another slow glide of his hand down my ass crack, wondering where this was headed. Minutes passed and my entire body fell into a state of bliss, an erotic alternate reality where nothing mattered except the sensual ministrations of my male masseuse.

When his hand eventually returned to the starting position, it grabbed the towel and moved it to my side. “Time for the B side,” he stated.

I wasn’t sure how to reposition myself while hiding my uncontrollable erection but I did my best to cover it with the towel as I rolled over and repositioned on my back. I kept my knees up too, hoping this might help. But instead, Johnny smoothed my legs down to horizontal while stating softly, “Just relax and enjoy it.”

So there Ankara escort bayan I laid, my stiffy pitching a terry cloth tent, as Johnny went back to work on me, starting with my legs and working quickly back up to the inner thigh region. Not a minute in, the towel was cast aside to the floor. “Let me know if you want me to stop at any time,” he added.

There was no stopping now. I was locked and loaded as Johnny progressed to gently massage my balls with his hand and then, to my surprise, his mouth. Then he repositioned me, moving my legs back into a spread position, raising my knees back up with my ass down closer to the end of the table. I was in a trance, fully engaged in this oddly ecstatic experience that I could never have imagined happening to me. Yet here I was with Johnny’s mouth working some magic on my balls. His hands continued massaging my inner thighs before one wandered up eventually, taking hold of my cock. His hand explored my length and girth gently, smoothly caressing me up and down as his tongue tickled the underside of my sack. Then his head raised up to join his hand at my cock and he patiently ran his tongue along my underside. He stopped at the underside of the head, enflamed in a deep purple, then slowly licked me there like a lollipop. His lips joined his tongue as he kissed the sensitive underside of my cock before taking me into his mouth.

Johnny was half on the table now and my cock was firmly planted in his mouth. He worked slowly, alternately swirling his tongue around the head and taking me halfway in. My eyes seemed to roll back in my head as his oral talents drove me further into an altered state of ecstasy. His free hand reached up and pinched my nipple, driving me even faster. His pace quickened and it seemed his hands continued to find other areas to please as his mouth drove me to a higher and higher plane. I could feel myself building toward a massive release.

Johnny sensed that I was close and his pace quickened, then stopped as he took me all the way in, bottoming at my pubic bone. Again he started up, slowly, then increasing then bottoming with a pause. After several of these cycles my hands grasped the sides of the table, my body seized and I exploded in a tremendous release.

Johnny took the first salvoes deep, then pulled out and took several more in his open mouth as his hand pumped my throbbing cock. Ropes of cum shot out, covering his waiting lips as his tongue lapped at the head of my pulsating head. When I finally finished unloading on him he took me into his mouth again, slowly and softly, engulfing me all the way to the base. He paused there again, feeling the last weak throbs of my deflating cock, before slowly backing off and releasing me from his warm grip.

“Fuck,” I gasped.

That was all that was said for the next several minutes as my mind raced to different places taking in what had just transpired. Oddly enough, I felt more turned on than anything. Johnny had given me the most amazing orgasm I’d had in years and all I could think of now was wanting to return the favor. I continued laying there on the table with my eyes closed and heard him stir to his feet and start to gather some things. I opened my eyes and sat up. “That was fucking amazing,” I stated.

“Glad you enjoyed it.” He stood with the towel in his hand by his waist and I noticed a sizable bulge in his shorts.

“I need to take a shower.”

“Yeah, Escort Ankara I guess you do.”

Feeling emboldened, I looked to him, then down to his crotch, before adding, “I’d like you to join me.”

Johnny said nothing but didn’t need to as he started to pull his shirt off over his head. His body was taut, like a swimmer. He was broad at the shoulders and lean right down to his narrow waist and six-pack abs. Once out of his shirt, he quickly shed his shoes and dropped his shorts.

Standing naked before me, Johnny was quite a sight. I have never spent much time ogling male bodies but can appreciate a fine physique, and this was fine. His cock stood straight out, bigger than mine, and sculpted beautifully with a bulbous mushroom head and thick veins. I stepped off the table and faced him.

He took a step forward and so did I. Slowly, I reached out and took his cock in my hand, the first time I’d touched another man in a sexual way. His lips parted in a half smile. I held his cock timidly, marveling at it’s softness and felt it still growing. “I think the shower can wait,” I stated confidently.

With that, I dropped to my knees and paused with my face mere inches from Johnny’s rigid member. I again took hold of him, this time down near the base. I gave his cock a few gentle tugs and then, with my hand pulling it back to fully show the beautiful head in all it’s majesty, I too him in my mouth.

Strangely, it felt natural. I’d had my cock sucked enough to know what feels good and now I knelt there wanting to deliver pleasure just like I’d received myself. I bobbed slowly up and down a few times to get the feel of it and judging by his moans, I was doing just fine.

I did everything Johnny had done to me, working his length, licking and sucking his balls, paying special attention to the sensitive underside and varying the pace of my delivery. The only thing I had trouble with was taking all of him in. That would take practice, I suppose. Other than that, I have to say I was really enjoying the experience, which was hard to fathom.

I figured Johnny might take a while to cum, being a young guy and all, but after about five minutes of concentrated pleasure giving, I could sense a coming crescendo. I released him from my mouth and pumped him slowly for a bit, looking up at him to check his expression. He caught me looking and smiled, before groaning, “Feels so fucking good.”

I felt a tinge of pride and took him back in my mouth. I focused on the head and upper third of his generous length, working my tongue feverishly on the underside of his head. I felt him building. I quickened the pace. His hands gripped my head, his fingers woven into my hair. He began to fuck my face as I struggled to maintain a strong suction.

Johnny’s body tightened and he let out a long “Fuuuccckkkk” as his cum exploded into my mouth. I gripped the bottom of his shaft and pumped it vigorously as rope after rope of cum blew up in my mouth. It all happened so fast that I hardly realized that as he fired away I was slurping up his cum and swallowing. He was cumming prodigious amounts and I had to free his cock from my mouth and take the last ropes in my face. One shot landed at the base of my nose, then next on my lips, then the final spasms oozed out and ran down his cock onto my hand.

He was alternately breathing hard and moaning, his orgasm slowly subsiding. I put my mouth back to work cleaning him up and, like he had with me, finished by taking him deep one last time as his erection started to soften.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, He ran his fingers through my hair as he recovered while I remained on my knees. Finally, he broke the silence. “So, how about we take that shower now?”

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The New Job

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My name is Jack. I was married for 12 years and went through a nasty divorce. Fortunately, I was prepared and had taken steps for the inevitable. I was semi retired and no longer had any benefits so I set out to find a job that offered a decent salary and had some benefits. I eventually was hired by a company that did not pay great but was easy and afforded me a comfortable life. I got through training and was happy to be working again plus the added benefit to work outdoors. After a few months there was a realignment of work groups and I was transferred to another group and supervisor. My new boss was a young lady who was almost 15 years younger than I. Pamela had been with the company for a couple of years and had progressed up the ladder to become one of the leaders.

Pamela was a cute woman who was about 5’5″ and short hair, that she colored red. Her body was slightly plump but no where near fat. I was immediately attracted to her physically and thought secretly how much I would like to fuck her. Being a few inches taller I often imagined being behind her and feeling her breasts while she leaned her head back into my chest. I would kiss and suck on her neck and ears and revel in the content coos coming from her as she became more horny and delighted in the emotions she was feeling. As the weeks went by I relished in my sexual fantasy with Pam and I did everything I could to get closer to her on a professional basis. Soon I realized I had a huge crush on her and was developing deeper feelings for her.

Occasionally, we had jobs out of town and Pam was in charge of those trips. She would book stays in nice hotels with above average amenities. She really did take care of all of us during trips and even coordinated dinner out for everyone so we could meet and interact with the people from different groups. During these trips we worked alone almost exclusively and Pam would drop in and check on all of us one at a time. She and I had become pretty casual with each other and she became more and more comfortable with me. This particular time we started to flirt a little in the most casual of ways and it was during this time that I though that maybe she was beginning to consider me as a love interest or at least a sexual partner. I had a hard on all day thinking about the prospects of having an intimate relationship with her during this trip. During dinner that night there was very few of us eating together and Pam continued making small casual sexy innuendos with me. My cock was in continuous hard on mode and was really think about fucking her. I confessed quietly to her how a had developed a crush on her and hoped she had one to.

After dinner we all heading back to our hotel and went to our separate rooms. Disappointed, I decided to shower and watch TV for the remainder of the evening when my cell phone rang. It was Pam and my heart jumped a little. Once I answered, she asked what I was up to and replied I was about to get into the shower. “Need some help getting your back clean?” was what I heard and about dropped my phone. Was she seriously telling me she wanted to help me in the shower? “I can always use help getting my back as well as other things.” A moment later there was a knock on my door and there she was in lounge pants and a t-shirt. I was already erect and think about the possibilities with her tonight. I invited her in and she brushed her hand across my crotch as she passed by. I knew at this point that she really was ready to have some fun tonight.

Once the door was closed, Pam grabbed a handful of my shirt and pulled me down to her and kissed me strong on the lips. Our tongues darting and swirling around in each others mouths, I could hear soft moans coming from her like I had been imagining for months in my fantasies. “I know I could use a shower also, lets get in and wash each others backs.” As Pam began to unfasten my belt and pants, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were standing up and proud. Slowly she unzipped my jeans and drew her fingers across my erection at the same time. Then running her hands around my waist and dipping inside she began pushing my pants down. She then made her way around into my underwear until she was able to take hold of my cock and balls. “Aha, your excited huh?” she said as she began stroking my shaft. All I could say “Damn, that feels better than I thought it would.” Pam chuckled and push the rest of my clothes down to the floor. I had to interrupt her so that I could spin her around and begin to lift her t-shirt up and off. My gosh, she had to most beautiful tits that I guessed to be 34B in size. I had to cup each one and massage them gently and even softly pinch her erect nipples until she tilted her head Ankara escort back into my chest and began to softly coo. I dipped my head down and began to softly nibble her neck and ears. I could feel her breath begin to quicken as she reach her hands behind her and took hold of my cock. After a moment of us caressing each other Pam stopped. “Go get the shower started, I need to get wet and soapy.” We let go of each other and as I turned to get the shower going I saw her removing her lounge pants and noticed she wasn’t wearing panties.

The shower was really nice garden style that was more than large enough for two people to fit comfortably. Pam stepped in and closed the glass door behind her. We traded places so she could get her hair and body wet while I soaped up my hands. While her back was to me I reached around with my soapy hands and lathered up her tits and stomach. She leaned back and pressed herself against my cock and covered my hands with hers and encouraged me to further explore her body. After several moments of gentle caresses and massage, Pam began lathering the soap with her hands. She turned and washed my balls and cock in the most erotic way that I have ever experienced. Slowly she stroked my shaft while gently kneading my balls. I was in heaven and leaned down to kiss her deeply and passionately. We embraced and allowed our bodies to slip and slide against each other.

Rinsing me off, Pam traded places with me so that my body was blocking the water and bent forward. She swirled her tongue around the head of my dick while pushing my foreskin back exposing my entire helmet. Suddenly she took as much of me into her mouth as she could. I could feel the back of her throat as she began to slide me in and out. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the feeling of her warm, wet mouth sent me to heaven. I had to hang on to the towel bar with one hand so I didn’t fall over while my other hand held onto the back of her head. I was pushing and pulling myself into her mouth as she was sucking me in and out. I could feel the tingly sensation begin deep in my balls and the head of my cock get harder. I knew I was going to let go soon. Pam must of felt my head get larger and harder and pulled my penis out of her mouth. “Don’t cum yet, we got a lot more to go.”

Wrapping her arms around my neck, Pam pulled my head down and kissed me. Our tongues dancing around each other was as erotic as was her sucking my cock. My dick was throbbing and I needed to feel her pussy. I pushed her away and spun her around. Sensing what I wanted, she bent forward and put her hands on the tiled wall of the shower. I reached down and felt her pussy with a hand and it was so wet and hot. Pam wriggled around on my hand as if she was trying to get it inside of her. “Quit teasing me and fuck me!” I bent my knees and bit and then aligned my cock toward the treasure I’ve been wanting for so long. I pushed slowly into her so I could savor every bit of her tunnel. Her pussy pulled me in and I could feel her pushing back at the same time. I heard her take a deep breath and moan as we each pushed together, trying to get me as deep as possible. I held her shoulders and pulled her against me as hard as I could for a moment. I delighted in the feeling of her pussy around my dick and made a mental note of how every inch felt.

Sliding in and out effortlessly, I began to fuck her her slowly and methodically. Feeling every inch of her depth my cock was getting harder and harder. Her pussy felt incredible with it wetness and warm that I naturally starting thrusting faster and faster. Pam matched me stroke for stroke and speed, it felt like she was trying to force my entire body into her. Didn’t take long and I noticed her labored breathing. She wasn’t quite as her moans were full voiced “Yes!, Yes!. Oh my god! Oh my god!” The more she exclaimed the closer I felt my own cum heading up. Suddenly her mouth was open but nothing was coming out. Her eyes closed tightly and her head dipped down. “Aah! I’m cumming!” Simultaneously, I felt her pussy grip my cock like a vice and her hot cum flooded around my cock. I wanted to cum but I desired her to feel all of her orgasm first. I continued to push my cock in and out of her until I she started to relax and I felt her pussy’s death grip begin to release me.

“You feel incredible and I want to keep fucking you.” I said. “I’m craving your pussy.” Pam turned her head and looked me in the eyes. “Cum baby, give your cum.” We continued fucking in this positioned for a couple of more minutes when she said “Your dick feels so good, fuck me harder.” Pam raised her head as I fucked her faster and harder. Her eyes closed and mouth open again as Ankara escort bayan I felt her vice like grip on my cock again. I felt my cock getting harder and my balls begin to tighten. She felt it also, “Cum in me. Shoot your cum deep in my pussy!” For a moment I thought about pulling out and cumming on her back then she said “I’m safe. Cum inside my fucking pussy!” Hearing this I was at a point of no return. I forced my dick as far into her as possible and pulled her hard to me. She push back at same time and suddenly we were both cumming. I felt her pussy flooding with both of our orgasms and she exclaimed “Oh my god, I’m cumming again!” We were pushing into each other trying feel as much of our orgasms as possible and her head was bowed down humming to herself.

Moments later I gently pulled out of her and she gave me a slight moan. “Damn, that was so good, I felt that orgasm deep inside my soul.” I was happy and proud I made her feel that good. She stood and turned to face me. She wrapped her arms around my back as I draped my arms over her shoulders and we pulled each other tight and kissed. We kissed until we noticed the water was getting cool and we were pruney. I turned the water off and we took turns drying each other. Softly patting each other’s bodies with the soft towels until we were sufficiently dry but also fondling each other more. I wrapped a towel around Pam’s body and pulled her to me as we kissed yet again. She reached down and was pulling on my still erect penis. “You’re still hard and ready for more huh?” Nodding yes was all I could do.

Pam took my hand and led me to the bed where she pushed me down onto the edge. She dropped down to her knees in front of me and began to jack me off slowly. Looking me in the eyes “I’ve wanted you for awhile myself.” That made my dick twitch. “I’ve masturbated to the though of sucking and fucking your cock. Taking your cum in my pussy and mouth.” she lowered her head and engulf me as far as she could. I felt the back of her throat each time she took me into her mouth. She stroked my cock and balls with her hands at the same time. I was in heavenly bliss as she moaned into my cock. In and out she took me and would stop only while she tried to get all of me into her throat. “That’s it baby, take all of it. I love feeling your throat.” Suddenly, I felt her taking me deeper as I slipped further in her. I almost lost it and was having to really fight to keep from cumming. She raised her head and held my head just inside her mouth and I could see her eyes watering. With a strong thrust she deep throated me again and again and my balls tightened and cock hardened. Just as I was about to cum, she took me all the way down and I started to cum. She pulled back slightly as I continue to orgasm in her mouth. Sucking me all the way through my orgasm, I could feel her swallow my seed at the same time. I finally stopped and Pam released my cock and licked her lips clean. Climbing into the bed next to me, we spooned and relaxed.

Pam laid in front of me with my arms wrapped around her while she hugged my arms tight into her. Pam’s ass was aligned with my dick and after a few minutes she wriggled her but a little. I felt cock settled into her butt crack and begin to swell again. I had fantasized about fucking her ass and those visions were dancing through my mind. The longer I thought about it, the more my erection grew. Pam rolled over to face me and draped one of her legs over my hip. She reached down and played with my cock for a moment. “You can go again?” she asked “You got another one in ya?” all I could say was “Yeah, I think so.” With that, she pushed me over onto my back and climbed on top of me.

I pulled her up “Climb up on my face honey, let me treat you.” Pam cooed and made her way up. She settled onto my face with her pussy centered over my mouth. Knowing she was going to get her pussy eaten excited her and I could feel and taste her wetness on my tongue. I took my time and paid attention to all around her thighs and the outside of her vagina. Working my way toward to center of her precious glory. Once there, I paid in-directly to her clit. Back and forth teasing her clit, I could feel her trying to move herself to get centered so I was paying attention solely on her clit. She wanted to cum again and fast. I moved a little and moan out a “Not yet honey.” I wanted her to enjoy what I was doing and build up her orgasm. As I kept teasing her with my mouth, tongue and my hands she started gyrating on my mouth. The more she moved and moaned, the more I attacked her and was ready to make her cum.

Pam began fucking my mouth like a woman possessed. Rubbing her vagina up and down my mouth, Escort Ankara I focused on her clit. Licking, sucking and rubbing that little protrusion. Her breathing was getting faster and faster as well as getting harder to understand what she might have been mumbling. It sounded like she was trying to say “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Suddenly, she was very clear “Fuck, I’m cumming!” A gush of her cum hit my tongue and mouth and I continued to lick on and around her clit. As she was coming down from her high, I would touch her clit and cause an involuntary jerk of her hips down onto my face hard. Finally she collapsed onto my side and was panting hard.

“I’m going to fuck you again like you have never been fucked before.” whispered Pam in my ear. “Oh yeah? You got enough energy left in you for that?” I joked knowing never to underestimate this woman. I rolled over on top of her and she spread her legs allowing me easy access to her womanhood. I moved as close as I could to her, on my knees and raised her hips up with a pillow. I hooked her legs up into the air with my arms as she grasped my dick and aimed me toward her glorious opening that I have craved for the last few months. She guided me inside and we both gasped at the joy we were bringing to each other. I entered her gently as I wanted this one to last and be great for both of us.

Pam was getting wet again as much as I was hard. We were both ready to pleasure each other but it was unspoken to make it slow and loving this time. Pam reached up and was trying to wrap her arms around me but was unable. Instead she held unto my hands as I held her legs against my shoulders. We fucked slowly and pushed hard against each other. Wanting to feel every inch of each others sex and savor the time together. We looked and watched each other go through the passion of our love making and pleasure.

Pam released a hand and began to reach down and rub her clit. Her eyes were closed and her breathing was short. We screwed like that for several minutes and it felt wonderful. I was in heaven with every stroke and the total bliss Pam seemed to be in. “Roll over baby and let me on top.” I let her legs loose and pulled away. I rolled to the said as Pam rolled with me and slide me back inside her without skipping a beat. Pam laid fully on top of me and we began a lustful kiss while still thrusting in and out of her pussy. Damn, did she love the act of kissing at the same time as fucking like I do? The harder we kissed the harder we pushed our bodies together. My penis head sliding in and out felt so snug and comfortable inside Pam. I was moving in and out with such easy and I could feel a steady flow of precum moisture in her pussy. Pam broke the kiss and raised up on her hands and I thought she was looking into my deepest desires and secrets. Her head was tilted to one side as she watch me. I think she was enjoying watching me enjoying myself. We continued being joined this way for several more minutes until I wanted to change positions.

I rolled Pam off and to the side. “Get on you hands and knees at the edge of the bed baby.” Standing up I came behind her and she was playing with her pussy with one hand waiting for me. I took aim and pushed myself forcibly into her and heard her take a deep breath as I entered her pussy. I felt like a man possessed and couldn’t help but fuck her hard and fast. Seeing her bent over and waiting to be fucked turned me on so much. I held her hips and used them to hang on as I pounded her tender pussy as hard as I could. “Oh God, fuck me hard baby. Fuck me!” was coming out of her mouth. “I’m going to cum hard on your cock!” That just encouraged me “You like the way I’m fucking you honey? You want me to cum in your pussy? You want it baby?” both our breathing was heavy and fast. “Cum for me. Cum in my wet and horny pussy! I was shocked “My pussy belongs to you so fuck it and cum for me!”

Her pussy was tightening and beginning to flood and this started my juices churning in my balls. I was pushing in hard and fast while she match each thrust with her own. She started to cum all over my dick and this set me off. We were both cumming so intensely all we could do was to hold still as deep as possible and grunt our enjoyment to each other. Many moments passed before we could say or do anything. I pulled out of her and we both moaned a disappointment. We both collapsed on the bed face to face and kissed each other light and tender. I think we both fell a sleep naked and totally spent. We awoke when my alarm went off the next morning.

We woke up still tired and spent when my alarm went off. I rolled over and turned the alarm off and she snuggled up behind me. As I laid there she began to lightly kiss my ear and neck. “Damn, that was a hell of a dinner last night, huh boss?” We both chuckled and got out of bed slowly. Pam put her lounge pants and t-shirt on and gave me a kiss. “I’ll talk to you later sexy.” she said as she checked to make sure the coast was clear before heading to her room to get ready for work.

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The Wedding Happenings Pt. 04

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In Room 520…

Cassidy felt Brian turn towards her, oh what a stud, his cock was rock hard again. Since she was no longer a virgin, she decided to get rid of her other lower virginity. Bet my fiance has some big-titted British piece of ass he’s butt fucking, ran through her mind.

Like it had grown and taken root, John’s almost offhand comment about Donald had filled Cassidy’s mind, she was now convinced, without even knowing if it was so, that Donald was fucking some British bird. No doubt she’d be a full-bodied number, it was his favorite, probably with big tits, a sweet full ass, and a mouth that sucks like a Hoover. Considering that description fit her, she wondered if he had found a duplicate of her body shape.

Her girlfriends had unknowingly helped that seed to germinate. More than a few times, having a drink with them after work, she’d hear the latest sad tale of how one of them had found her boyfriend, fiance, and in one case, the husband, fucking some woman who was only too happy to take what was not hers. There were agreements when they said that all men were like horny dogs, nothing more than walking peckers, eager to stick it into whatever hole was offered to them.

She shook off the thought, rolled over to face Brian, and purred, “Brian, my ass is still a tight virgin hole, and I want you to take that cherry.”

Brian’s eyes were wide, his cock was topping up at that idea. He’d buggered his 18-year-old sister when she asked him, flat out, to do so. He’d also butt fucked fucked his girlfriend a couple of weeks ago, and he’d wanted to do it again, the grip was so tight, it was the ultimate in cock milking. Getting to bugger the hot, very rideable Cassidy Riley was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

“Roll over Cassidy, on hands and knees.”

She felt his hands grab her ass cheeks and pull them apart. She realized he was looking at the tight rose-shaped pucker, it made her feel wanton and wicked. She wiggled her ass a bit, inviting him onward.

Cassidy was almost shaking from the anticipation, then…HOLY FUCK, Brian was licking at her tight little asshole! It took her breath away, she’d never had anyone play with her asshole, and the feel of Brian’s hot wet mouth, licking and slobbering all over the tight little pucker was nothing short of mind-blowing.

Brian went at her ass with vigor, her taint, and asshole just as hair-free as her pussy, it spurred him on, his cock was steel hard, licking a tight little asshole always drove him up to such solidness. He gave her a lingering session of ass munching.

“Oh god, my fucking god, Ankara bayan escort lick my tight little asshole, fuck it’s so fucking good, Fuck fuck!”

Cassidy was swearing like a slut, her tight little asshole was very sensitive, and the stimulation was like nothing she’d ever felt before. A small part of her mind marveled at what she had transformed into.

Brian lifted his face away, and growled, “Now, let’s get you all lubed up.”

Cassidy felt a drizzle of Astroglide squeezed over her asshole, and his fingers were spreading it around. When she was well slicked up, he turned her over, slid two large pillows beneath her ass. He liked to bugger them while he could see the reaction on the woman’s face.

Cassidy could see his dick, glistening with a coating of lube, just before he pushed her knees up to her tits, lifting her asshole up. The tight pucker was now turned up towards him, perfect.

Cassidy could feel her ass cheeks being pulled apart, knowing that her asshole was about to be fucked as she felt the tip of his dick against her. He pushed, the head popped in and he started his entry. He kept her knees up against her tits, spreading her asshole as wide as possible for his prick.

“Ummmppph, unnnggghhh, ohhhh, ummmm,” were all the sounds Cassidy could make as her asshole was stuffed. At least Brian had lubed up, it was still a slow, grunting reaming as her ass walls opened reluctantly to the cock pushing slowly into her. Cassidy could feel the tight, reluctant parting, her Hershey highway getting the first fucking of her life, inch by inch, his eager cock kept up the relentless push. She let out loud grunts as she was taken, but she felt a rush of heat as Brian wedged his way in. With a final push, her ass got the maximum stretch as Brian’s 8-inch cock was driven into the hilt, his balls swung down and smacked against her ass. Cassidy let out a loud growl as she lost her last vestige of virginity, but she felt a growing lust.

Brian grunted, “Oh yeah, virgin tight, nice, my 8-inch cock will stretch you out nicely. And you’re going to love it, aren’t you baby?”

She cried out, “Yes Brian, yes I love it, I’m getting my ass fucked for the first time, fuck my tight little asshole, loosen me up then blow your load!”

He pulled back, and drove forward again, stretching Cassidy’s tight little hole open again. Her ass was throbbing, feeling incredibly stuffed, aching at the penetration, as her bunghole got its first reaming. She imagined his glistening prick, pulling back, then driving forward again, spreading her tight ass open Escort bayan Ankara around his thick hard shaft.

The sound of her sultry voice urging him on to fuck her ass fired him up, and he started to pump in and out, the tightness of her virgin asshole was making his head spin. Brian felt the supreme grip, she had the tightest hole he’d ever been in, even his 18-year-old sister and his girlfriend had not been as tight as this when he’d taken their asshole cherries. His cock was rock hard, plunging between the cheeks to the hilt on every thrust, he could see the wild, naked lust on Cassidy’s face, he continued to ram her, savoring the build-up.

“Unnngghhh, ummmpppfff, mmmm, mmmm, keep buggering my tight little ass, I love up!”

Cassidy had completely surrendered to Brian, the wild lust whipping through her body was firing off shockwaves of surging pleasure. Her asshole had adjusted to the extra stretching it was getting, the way it had started out, the resistance, then the acceptance, his cock rammed her now accepting asshole, it made her body burn with lust.

Brian could feel the grip milking hard at his cock, he was going to explode, fuck, her good little virgin gone bad transformation drove him wild. He reamed out her asshole, Cassidy got a long, hard buggering, her squeals, grunts, and urgings kept him really powered up, and his balls were swollen, ready to blow.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck my ass, cum inside me!”

Her sultry voice pushed him over, he suddenly froze, grunted, “Oh yeah, cumming, oh FUCK!”

Cassidy could feel his pelvis smacking against her ass, holding her tight against him, his loud cry joined in as she felt the hot bloom of cum as he burst deep inside her, the jetting rush of white-hot spunk painting her bowels. She felt the flooding of her tight back door, he pulled out and shot two ropes of spunk all over the tight rim of her ass to finish off the deflowering of Cassidy’s last virgin hole.


In Room 501

Bella awoke with a bit of a start. Then her mind focused on, oh yes, her wedding night. it had been so easy to drift off, with her holes having been well serviced by John’s big cock, she was a highly satisfied bride. The only difference was it was her husband’s cousin who had the honor of giving her what a happy bride needs.

She looked at the bedside clock, the lighted numbers read 12:30 AM. She felt John’s body against hers, his cock was rock hard again, god, he really had the tool to keep a woman satisfied. She realized she had not given him a blowjob yet. Eager to do so, and make all her Bayan escort Ankara holes filled with his sperm, she felt him stir, yawn, and waken up.

“What time is it Bella?”

“It’s just after 12:30, I should be getting back to the bridal suite, but before I do, I want a 69. My dates were never complete until I’d been fucked in every hole, given a hot blow job, and had my cunt munched. And you topped everyone, by giving my tight little asshole its first licking and buggering. And with your cock stiff and eager, I need to get my mouth creamed, just like my cunt and asshole have been!”

They rolled into a 69, and Bella purred as she squatted above John’s face. John looked up, seeing her crimson pink hole, all rosy and swollen, glistening with her juices. John ran his tongue along her delicate pink inner lips, them into her steaming snatch.

Bella moaned, bending forward and stretching out, her mouth engulfing his cock. John grunted as he felt her lips clamp tightly his cock, and her hot, wet mouth slid up and down his throbbing prick. As her mouth slid up and down his cock, John nudged his tongue against her clitoral hood, coaxing her clit to come out and play. Only too happy to do so, her orgasm trigger rose to the stimulation, and they were giving each other their best suck and lick job.

Bella was sizzling with the rush of forbidden fucking, god, it felt so liberating, married yet fucking another man, her husband’s cousin no less. He’d taken all her holes, god, what a rush it gave her. She could feel John’s mouth at her pussy, giving her a carpet munching that hit all the right notes, it was sheer pleasure to have a man who knew how to dote on her cunt. He was no two licks and done, he was taking his time, making her pussy light up, his mouth buried into her pussy, his tongue sliding against her straining clit.

Bella gave back as good as she got, her lips pillowed against his dick, sliding up and down with that milking action. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, her tongue caressing his dick in a swirl around his cock. She felt his cock jerk, swelling up, getting ready to explode.

John could feel the rise, as Bella’s mouth kept up the action, hungry for his spray of sperm. Her hand cupped his balls, that did it, and his spunk exploded across her tongue, she slid her mouth down, his cock was in her throat, holy fuck, milking another thick gout out of him.

The taste of his spunk flooding her mouth did it, and Bella let out muffled squeals of pleasure around his cock as she crested, giving John’s face a healthy serving of her girl cum as she sucked and sucked, eager for every drop his cock could give her.

When they came apart and flopped down, they drifted for a while, until Bella saw the clock, it was One AM, and she figured she’d better get back to the bridal suite. Her husband usually slept the night away after getting drunk, but no need to take chances.

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The Game

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Author’s note: This is my first published story and take characters from a larger (as yet unpublished piece) I’m writing for my girlfriend. She had to go home for Christmas without me and this story was inspired by her. I’m not a writer, but I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think, but please be kind.

‘The game’

For the real Sophie.

The covid checks and queues were an absolute shitshow, and it had taken hours to work through the new protocols, but Sophie was giddy to be going home. It had been too long, years, but she was once again sitting in a departure terminal, boarding pass and documents in hand and ready to board the gruelling long haul flight home.

The flight was never easy, but Sophie had a system which relied heavily on the cocktails available in the departure lounge before settling into the flight. Two strong gin and tonics were normally in order, but with the covid situation she had twice as long to wait around, so she imagined it would likely be at least four. And perhaps a martini.

By her side for the first leg of her journey was Constance, her best friend and confidant. They’d take different regional flights at the other end, but Sophie was grateful for her friend’s company. It wouldn’t be long until she was surrounded by family and the frustrations that come with it, so a close friend was valuable foil before the holidays.

With baggage checked and nothing but time to spare, they settled in at the fanciest looking bar in the lounge and ordered some drinks. Constance raised an eyebrow at the sight of the young bartender who approached them but after he came to take their order it was clear he was gay. Fair enough Sophie thought, you can’t have it all, but she recognised the look Constance gave straight away. What was it about airports and flying that made everyone so horny?

The gin wasn’t the strongest, Sophie would have mixed a more potent concoction at home, but it still had a gentle kick in it which she appreciated. No need to get totally wasted before the flight. With drinks in hand, the girls chatted on autopilot for a few minutes, in a way that only best friends can, with each preoccupied by their own journey and the stories that may unfold on the other end. It seemed like a blink of an eye before they were ordering another drink, but the alcohol and the chit-chat had settled them both down when they spoke for the first time with any purpose.

“This is the bit I hate the most,” Sophie said. “Remember when you used to check in and it felt like 15 minutes later you were on the plane?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind it. It was never 15 mins Soph, but I hear you, we do have time to kill here. At least we have the gin” her friend replied.

“True. So what do we do, just drink until we’re ready to board?”

“Well, I’m pretty happy just taking in the sights” Constance said with a salacious grin and a gaze that was firmly fixed on a dapper gentleman sitting at a booth on the other side of the bar.

“Hmm. Not bad, but not my style. He looks like he’s got an ego. Nice bod though.” Sophie conceded.

“I don’t care about the ego. He looks rich.”

“Typical Constance. Always the gold digger.”

“Shut up bitch, let a girl dream.”

The girls sat in silence for a moment as they continued to take in the scenery when Constance’ face lit up with a devious grin and she leaned in slightly closer to Sophie.

“Let’s play the game.” She said in hushed tones, not that anyone was listening to them.

“Oh, here we go.”

“C’mon, it’ll be fun, what’ve we got, two and a half hours of sitting around?”

“You can play Connie, I think I’m happy with my gin.”

“Fine, I’ll start, but you’re playing.”

“Maybe.” Sophie conceded, mostly so it didn’t turn into a pointless back and forth.

“Perfect. Ok, let me see…” as Constance started looking around the terminal for oblivious players that might be appropriate as pawns for their entertainment.

‘The game’ was a sexy little tradition the girls had invented in college. They didn’t play much these days and to be fair, it was better suited to a nightclub than an airport, but it was still a bit of fun and Sophie assumed playing kept Constance feeling young. The rules were simple. Take turns picking out guys and asking the other how far they would go with them. The idea was to out-do the other’s suggestion, making it as salacious as possible, with the winner forced to approach the man in question. But the game had tended to go one way over the course of their friendship. Like it or not, Constance was more confident with guys than Sophie had ever been, and she inevitably used this little back and forth as some mental foreplay before chatting to a guy she was going to approach anyway. Sophie had learned her only hope was the ‘trump card’, but she’d long grown out of such shameless suggestions and was resigned to letting Constance have her fun and ‘win’.

“Ok, I’ve got one. Briefcase. Getting a coffee.” Constance started, pointing out what looked like Ankara escort a man-child in an oversized suit and cheap shoes ordering a latte at the coffeeshop next door.

“I said I’m not playing.”

“You said maybe, and it only works if we both play. Don’t be a prude.”

“I’m not a prude, I just don’t want to play.”

“Oh, c’mon. What are we meant to do?”

“I’m not playing Connie.”

“Fine. I’ll start, you ask me.” Her face beaming with expectation and confidence at the fun that was about to be had.

Sophie’s friend was clearly desperate to relive the halcyon days, and realising she wouldn’t take no for an answer, she conceded.

“Fine. But get me another G&T and make it strong. Bloody hell, I can’t believe we’re doing this. Right. Briefcase. Go.”

“Aww, I wanted you to pick me a good one.” Constance complained as she ordered two double highballs.

“What the fuck? You picked him for me! Why did you point him out if you think he’s shit?”

“I wanted to make the first one easy.”

“Con, he’s eleven! And clearly a virgin. And by the look of him it’s going to stay that way for quite some time.”

“Alright, alright. No more virgins. I promise. Now pick me a good fish.”

“Nope. This is your game, you wanted to play and I picked Briefcase. So, go.”

Constance huffed with frustration but realised this was her only chance at giving the game some life, so she turned to take in the young fish again.

“Um, I’d let him buy me a cocktail and then I’d tell him I have a boyfriend and that he seems really sweet.”

Sophie rolled her eyes, “Oooo, salacious”, sarcasm practically spewing out of her mouth.

“Ok, he was a shit start. That was my fault. But it’s your turn.” shuffling in her chair to find a worthy subject. “I’ve got it. Beach bum, with the hair. Gate 4.”

Sophie looked in the direction Constance had gestured. There were about 35 people sprawled out on chairs and on the floor for a flight which looked to be boarding in about an hour. She spotted the player, well, players, Constance must be referring to. Two mid-twenties dudes on the floor resting against their bags, eyes glued to their phones and clearly, with exclusively surf-branded attire and suntanned skin, off to chase the next wave.

“Which one, blonde or dark?” Sophie clarified, since they both seemed to have hair.

“The blonde Sophie, c’mon, as if that’s not ‘the hair'”

It was obvious now that Constance mentioned it. The young fellow had sun-bleached shoulder length curls and his friend had a buzz-cut. Sophie preferred the cropped version, which is where the confusion probably came from, but as directed she took in the blonde and considered her move. He had a good body, no doubt. Strong arms and shoulders protruded from his quicksilver singlet and his abs were clearly flat and firm.

“Er, I’d let him have a dance and put those arms around my waist.”

“Is that all?” Constance fumed. “Don’t fancy some young flesh to take home for some fun? Not even a kiss?”

“I don’t think he’s my type Connie.”

“Oh shut up. This game isn’t about your type. We’re window shopping. I bet if you got the chance you’d take him home.”

Sophie looked again, the boy was kind of cute, but so young and that put her off these days. Young bodies were beautiful, but she liked the strength and touch of an older man as she’d found them to be far more satisfying. And far more secure. But the gin was kicking in and despite her initial hesitation, the game was a lot more fun if you got into it.

“Ok, ok. Look, if he tied that hair into a bun we could make out on the dancefloor and I’d let him squeeze my butt. Happy?”

“Oooo, someone’s getting into it.” Constance shrieked with delight. “Ok, my turn. Find me some man candy you dirty little minx.” Her lips were pursed in a way that showed she knew the game was about to get interesting and that she would get to up the stakes in ever more interesting ways.

Sophie looked around. She was uninspired by a lot of the options, but knew she had to find someone to satisfy her friend. After a moment Constance interrupted her, glee written all over her face.

“I’ve got it. Armani. News stand. Ask me about him.”

Sophie spotted him. “You mean ‘Mr Regional Manager’ over there looking at cookbooks? Really?”

“Oh he is not middle management baby, he’s the real deal. Mmmm, yummy.” Constance rubbed her hands together, eyes glued on her fish and waited for the question.

“Hang on, that’s not the rules. You can’t pick your own fish. I get to choose. Also, I think that little ring on his finger might cause you some problems. Oh, and look, there she is now. Just needed a tiny bottle of water to hydrate her perfectly formed, size four pilates bod. You really want to waste a turn on this?”

A stunning brunette had come to his side while the girls were watching the man. Sophie thought he was absolutely punching, but the woman with an enormous rock of her left hand only seemed to heighten Constance’ Ankara escort bayan desire to include him in their conversation.

“Yes. He’s perfect. I’ve always wanted to be a side piece.”

Sophie rolled her eyes. The game always ended up going the same way. Constance really got off on these little fantasies and she might as well let her have her fun. “Ok, go on then. Middle management.”

After Constance rebuked the middle management claim – apparently, he was clearly a high-flying executive – she didn’t mix her words, suggesting they’d be back in his hotel at the first opportunity to perform a variety of acrobatics and it would be the start of a x-rated affair anytime he came to town.

It frustrated Sophie a bit, some handsome guys had wandered into their part of the terminal with a few even sitting at the bar, but Constance had gone nuclear with this guy. Sophie always preferred a more graduated development of the game, but like she’d known all along, this was just for Constance to live out some fantasies and pass the time.

“Well that’s it I suppose? I guess you better go chat to him.”

“What? No. That’s not the end, I was just talking about a sexy little affair. We can do better.”

“Conny, I had to google some of the moves you were suggesting. There’s no way I can compete with that. You win, game over.”

“Oh come on. I was just starting to have fun. What if I can out-do myself? And what if Mr Big comes and sits at the bar?”

Mr Big was the second highest level in the game and regularly came up when Sophie had had enough. The idea being someone so perfect might turn up out of the blue at exactly the right time and if the game was still going one of the girls could approach him. But in all their time playing, Mr Big had never arrived. It was just Constance’ last desperate ploy to keep it going. Sophie knew the fun had gone for her, but her friend kept bugging her until she gave in.

Over the course of 2 more worryingly strong gins, the girls back and forthed their way through another dozen guys. Constance’ ‘side piece’ fantasy was still the clear winner and although Sophie occasionally conceded defeat, she was energized by a couple of the handsome guys that presented themselves on her turns. During the game she’d twice offered her number, agreed to a few pashes and suggested that one rugged looking photographer that reminded her of Leonardo Di Caprio in Blood Diamond would be getting at least one night in a hotel. Frustratingly, Constance had offered her a few ‘catfish’ — fish that needed to be immediately thrown back – and Sophie assumed she was keeping the best blokes for her own turns, which was classic Constance. But there were still a few hotties around. It was no coincidence that both the girls suggestions got more provocative as they drank — at one point Constance had offered to blow a pilot in the cockpit – but when they moved from the bar into the comfort of a booth, the game kind of died out. Their new seats restricted their view somewhat and instead of giving in entirely, Constance had said they’d wait for a worthy player to come along before they kept going.

Sophie was relieved as much as anything. She wasn’t 19 anymore and these games used to be fun in college, but deep down she wasn’t expecting to meet Mr Big or act on any of her suggestions in an airport. It was all just a bit of fun.

The girls sat opposite each other and went into a routine of checking their phones, double checking their flight status and documents, and chit-chatting about whatever came to mind.

Every so often Constance would ask if there were any new players, but Sophie always took a cursory glance and shook her head. Technically it was Sophie’s turn next, but Constance had picked up on her mood and was being kind. At some point they realised ‘Armani’ (as Constance had insisted on calling him) must’ve boarded a flight with his perfect wife, although they couldn’t really remember who was in the lead with that option off the table. It didn’t matter. They would be boarding in an hour and a half, and Sophie was happy to chat and read the news and her socials.

In the booth they had also caught up on each other’s families and plans for the holidays and just generally floated in and out of conversation as friends do. By the time a fifth gin — just a single this time – was in front of each of them, they girls had been without a fish for at least 20 minutes and the game was turning into a distant memory.

All of which made it most surprising when ‘Salt and Pepper’ took his seat in the bar.

Sophie had her head in her bag when she caught a peripheral view of a body plonking down in a leather armchair a few metres away from their booth. The chair was slightly pointed away from them, so the sitter wouldn’t be staring straight at them, but still in full view of both girls. There was a small coffee table in front of it and despite not looking over, Sophie clocked the man placing a drink on it and settling in. She could tell it was Escort Ankara a man by the bulky frame and manly gait that had passed their booth en route to the chair. Beyond that, his presence didn’t even register, and she continued to check for her lip gloss that had disappeared into the deep recesses of her carry on.

Constance had settled into some trashy magazine she’d picked up from the news stand. When Sophie came up for air, lip gloss nowhere to be found, she grabbed her own book and reclined as much as possible to get comfortable and do some reading.

“Are you gonna stretch your legs before we board?” Constance asked without looking up.

“Yeah, I’m just gonna read a couple chapters to see if this book’s any good.” Sophie also kept her eyes on the page. “Maybe in 10 minutes.”

“Any fish?”

“Nah.” Sophie didn’t even look up this time. Her passion for the game was over.

“Ok, I’m gonna get a water, you want one?”

“I’m all good thanks, got one here,” as Sophie dutifully took a sip from her bottle.

“Ok.” Constance was rearranging her belongings to exit the booth when her movement stopped. She had clearly paused to figure something out.


“Sophie, look.”

“What?” her eyes still on the book.

“Trust me. You’re gonna wanna see this.” Constance pressed.

Sophie still didn’t look up, sure there couldn’t be anything that exciting in bar. “Is this another poor women who you’re gonna tease for wearing too much makeup and clothes six sizes too small?”

“Sophie!” Her tone harsh, but hushed all of a sudden. “I said look.”

Sophie looked at her friend who immediately bobbed her head a bit to the right and gestured furiously with eyes wide, pointed in the same direction to clarify her demands. Sophie sighed and lowered her book, then looked as instructed and saw what, or in this case who, Constance was referring to.

The result was visceral and Sophie’s mouth opened a fraction involuntarily as she took in the scene. There in front of them, only a handful of metres away was a breathtakingly stunning man. His face was a picture. Skin a flawless deep mocha with exotic emerald eyes, a perfectly straight and proportionate nose, and scratchy three-day growth across his impeccable jaw. His short hair was black as night, effortlessly styled with sophistication and a smattering of grey creeping through above his ears and on his cheeks. The man was one of those absurd looking people that you would only see on expensive health care ads for men, impossibly perfect, but someone you would never actually see in real life. His posture reeked of style and intelligence, and he was fit. His bright white cotton shirt fell over a strong frame, with unclasped buttons below his chin revealing just enough evidence of the chiselled physique that lay underneath. More mocha fell from his sharp tan short openings with calves that revealed yet more evidence of a well-toned body. His hands held “A brave new world”, and Sophie felt her breath quicken when she gazed at his fingers, large and strong, yet delicate and well kept. His dark skin was having the most profound effect, and his features were faultless. He was an Adonis, a truly beautiful man and both girls were shocked into a brief stupor at the sight of him. Constance was the first to claw them back to reality.


“See what?” Sophie felt her heart beating a lot faster than it was a minute ago.

“Oh, don’t play dumb. I saw the look on your face. He’s a ‘ten’ Soph. Admit it.”

Sophie could sense where this was going. He was a perfect male specimen. Adding to the intrigue was the fact that it was impossible to tell if he was a builder or a surgeon. It was obvious he was in great shape, but his clothes and his demeanour suggested intellect and class. The thought of him was exhilarating and petrifying. She looked again, in case it was a dream, but there he was, right before her eyes and her mind raced towards the things she wished he would do to her. Perhaps it was the gin, perhaps it was playing ‘the game’ earlier, but after not knowing this man existed even moments before, her thoughts had catapulted her into a passionate encounter. Just looking at him made her want to tear his clothes off, and for him to do likewise. For him to ravish her. It was overwhelming. She had to look away.

Constance was still staring and Sophie recognized flushed cheeks on her friend. She wondered if her own cheeks were flushed, but the burning sensation on her face gave her the answer. He was having the same effect on both on them it seemed.

When she finally averted her gaze, Constance’ complexion had changed. Her eyes had sharpened, projecting her sultry mood, lips pursed with provocation.


“No.” Sophie retorted.

“No, what?”

“Just no. You know what I mean.”

“I do not”, Constance lied.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. The game’s finished. You already won.”

“Oh, scared of what I might say?” she teased.

“What do you mean what you might say?”

“When you ask me about him. You’re scared of what I’ll say because you’ll be jealous.”

“I beg your pardon!” Sophie was indignant. “I believe it’s my turn.”

“Oh, is it now? I thought the game was finished?”

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