Three-Way Love Ch. 02

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When Cup had showered and dressed, he found Tess and GT in the kitchen. The pizza had been recently delivered. After getting a beer out of the fridge, he grabbed a couple of slices, and sat down.

GT looked at his two roommates and smiled. “A lot happened today. Do you two have anything you think I need to know? Are you planning to stay here? Should I be looking for new roommates?”

Cup looked at Tess and smiled. She nodded, “It’s a fair question. Cup and I consummated our friendship today. We are officially ‘friends with benefits.’ Neither of us plans to move. We both apologize for disturbing the peace. We have ‘feelings’ for each other that remain unclear to us both. I think everything else remains the same. Cup, would you agree?”

Cup’s smile grew larger, as he nodded agreement.

“OK, I appreciate your candor. I’d hate to lose either one of you,” GT replied.

During the next month, a routine developed. Chores were still shared. Tess and Cup had some type of sexual activity a couple of times a week. The rest of the week they were ‘just’ roomies and friends. GT spent a lot of time studying but ran several miles every morning. Tess began running with him part of the way as she built up her endurance.

Towards the end of the month, she could go the distance and GT slowed down to help her keep up. They began to talk, when Tess developed enough lung capacity to run and verbalize at the same time. There conversations were wide-ranging. They quickly became comfortable about sharing more personal things.

It was during one of these running conversations GT asked about her ‘group sex’ research. She talked about her experimental research project. Her hypothesis was ménage à trois relationships would more readily incorporate a variation in their sex play. She would compare a control group of couples in relationships for five years to age-matched couples in the small group. She would gather extensive sexual histories and then ask the couples and triads to do something novel… an untried sexual act. Protecting their identity, she would film their private discussion of the request and the sexual activity if they agreed to attempt it.

“Do you have a specific sex act in mind, or would it vary?” GT asked.

“It would vary according to the sexual history I take in the interview,” she replied.

Nodding his understanding of the design, he asked how she would recruit the participants. She mentioned a few ideas and he made a couple of suggestions that were excellent. He went on to ask articulate and probing questions about clarifying distinct aspects of sexual behavior.

They were just outside the apartment, when he asked, “You said the night we met you that ‘Something about three people having sex piqued’ your interest. What was it?”

As they entered the kitchen, “That’s something nobody has had the balls to ask me yet.”

Cup was sitting at the table. “I’m all ears. Sounds like whatever the question is, the answer’s going to be interesting.”

GT got two bottles of Gatorade out of the fridge and joined Tess and Cup at the table.

“The question is ‘why am I doing sex research.’ The answer is complicated. I was a nerd in high school. I focused on getting into college. I was a virgin until my freshman year at college. My roommate asked me to go to a frat party in the second semester. We got there and it was crazy. Everybody was drinking, talking, dancing, or making out. The punch was spiked, and I became uninhibited. A nice guy was talking with me, and we danced. We kept talking and I thought we were making a connection. So, when he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him, I said ‘yes.'”

“Did he coerce you?” Cup asked alarmed.

“No, he didn’t. Actually, he was a decent person. He suggested we use a room upstairs and I agreed. We walked back to a room with a closed door. He told me before we went in that there might be another couple in the room, but they ‘won’t mind.’ I was thinking about losing my virginity and didn’t care. I wanted sex badly at that point. In the room there were three college-aged participants. A young woman was sucking a guy and another guy was pounding her from behind. It was a startling sight for my nerdy, alcohol washed brain. But I was fascinated with watching them. My beau was right. They didn’t give a damn what else was going on.”

“We watched for several minutes and then he suggested the bed. We undressed each other and he went down on me. I came fairly quickly since it was a new experience. He propped pillows up against the headboard and we lay together watching the live porn show. I found the voyeurism highly erotic. The guy getting the blowjob came first. She pulled him out and he ejaculated all over her face. He sat on the floor and watched the finish. She began masturbating herself and came when the guy pounding her from behind ejaculated all over her back. They cleaned up, got dressed and left.”

“My beau put some moves on me and in a few minutes, we were having intercourse. He was a gentle and conscientious lover. He took his time. ulus escort I went from a little frightened to really enjoying it. He came first but continued thrusting until I had my second orgasm. When he rolled off, I saw two couples standing at the foot of the bed. They had been watching us. It was shocking at first, but then I began to think exhibitionism was erotic too. One couple waited for us to vacate the bed. The other couple began having sex in a club chair. He was sitting and she was astride him. I stood for a few minutes and watched.”

“Afterwards, I was still a nerd. Instead of dating I was now working hard to get into graduate school. But that experience created an interest in group sex. It fascinated me to try and figure out why people engage in unusual sexual behavior. In graduate school I maintained the interest and saw what little research had been done on threesomes. So now you’re both up to date.”

Cup said, “The first time we were together, you told me you had never done doggie style. With your interest in sexual behavior, that surprised me.”

“The first time we were together was my first time doggie style, first time playing with and eating cum, first time I went to sleep with a man in my arms, first time I initiated sex with someone, first time I allowed myself to become fully involved in a sexual encounter, and the first time I had sex with someone I truly connected with as a person.” Tess responded. “I’ve never felt I needed to take part in what I’m studying.”

GT surprised Cup with his mature response. “Thank you for trusting us enough to share that. I feel fortunate to have you as a roommate.”

Tess surprised Cup by standing up and giving GT a long hug. “Cup knows how I feel about him. I want you to know you mean a lot to me, as well.”

Cup surprised himself by thinking how cool that was and not experiencing any jealousy.

In the weeks following Tess’s disclosure, she and GT were much more engaged with each other. They talked on their run together and at meals. She was more involved in GT’s studies, often spending time in his room covering material he was having difficulty with. Cup didn’t mind. His introverted nature liked sharing his social responsibilities. Besides, he and Tess were still sexual explorers.

Toward the end of their second semester together Cup and Tess ‘discovered’ a new delight. Both were always open to their partner’s suggestion. So, one evening, when Tess suggested ’69,’ he agreed immediately. They began in what had become their custom. Tess slowly undressed Cup, teasing him with her lips and tongue. He always ended up with a vertical boner, hard enough to use as a hammer. Then Cup undressed her, spending a long time on her breasts and nipples. Something about removing your lover’s clothes, was incredibly erotic to both. They laid on the bed, heads facing the other’s feet, side-by-side.

Tess adjusted her position enough to pull Cup’s cock between her lips and swirl her tongue around the head. She pulled her right foot up behind her left knee. Allowing the right knee to rotate out, opened her enough for Cup’s tongue to access her lady bits. They were already turned-on, and the oral attention was raising their lust. But more stimulation would be required to get off. Cup had watched enough porn to know one partner on top was an often used position. He suggested it and Tess eagerly accepted. He straddled her head and spread his knees to lower his cock. Tess immediately pulled it back to her lips. Cup now had full access to her pleasure spot.

They were both gobbling lustily. Tess had a minor orgasm that vibrated upwards from Cup’s tongue on her clit. When she was cumming, she placed a finger on Cup’s sphincter. It was unintentional but made him shiver. She informed him, she wanted to switch positions. Cup rolled to the side and centered himself on the bed when Tess assumed the top position. His cock was sloppy wet with saliva and pre-cum. Tess stroked him a couple of times with her left hand, then pulled his rod into her mouth. She rested her labia majora on Cup’s face and began rocking it across his nose and tongue. This position gave her much more control over her upcoming orgasm.

Cup liked being on the bottom. It was simpler for him to see where the important parts were. That allowed his tongue to be much more effective. Her ‘humping’ of his face, made it easier for him to lavish attention on multiple locations. Another benefit was Tess didn’t have to pull his erection ‘backwards’ so much. It felt more comfortable. Tess had pushed his legs apart further and was fondling his balls. His release would be coming soon.

Tess used the saliva and pre-cum mixture on her hand to lubricate Cup’s perineum. She was rubbing the area and sliding her finger lower. She reached Cup’s balloon knot and slipped a fingertip inside. Cup came immediately. She had started trying to swallow cum, but it was too much, too fast. What she couldn’t eat flowed out of her mouth and down Cup’s cock. It was a wild yenimahalle escort ride. He was bucking and whimpering. His sphincter gripped her finger spasmodically.

When his orgasm subsided, she began grinding her pussy against Cup’s eager mouth. She positioned her joy button over his tongue. He pulled it into his lips, and she came. In the midst of the ‘O,’ she flashed on the idea that he could see her asshole. She wondered if it was clinching like his had. The intensity of her bliss increased very quickly. She thought she might pass out.

“If you had told me, a finger in my bum would feel that hot, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Cup said, when they were laying together recovering.

“I didn’t know. When I accidentally touched it, you seemed delighted. I think I’ve found your orgasm button,” she teased.

“You keep finding new ways to ring my bell,” he confessed.

They lay together each gently fondling the other. Tess was cupping his balls and toying with his nuts. Cup was trailing his finger around her stiff nipples.

“I love how we keep finding new ways to turn each other on. You make me feel safe,” she whispered.

“I feel the same way. I wouldn’t just let anybody put their fingers up my ass. You’re special,” Cup joked.

Tess flicked his soft cock with her finger. He pretended it hurt but got no sympathy.

“I’ve got a serious question,” she announced

“Uh oh. That sounds bad,” he responded.

“I don’t know if it is. But you may be surprised. It’s a hypothetical question in a way. What I’m looking for is an honest response from you,” she said mysteriously.

“I’m always honest with you,” he sounded a little hurt


“You’re right. I worded that poorly. I have an unusual idea and I want to know what you think,” she rephrased.

“Well, you’ve certainly got my attention. Fire away!”

“How would you feel if I had sex with GT?” She said softly.

“You’re right, it does surprise me. So, Initially, I feel a little hurt. But it doesn’t seem like you’re choosing him over me. So ‘hurt’ isn’t right. We’re just too good together for me to need to ‘own’ you. I don’t feel jealous because I love GT like a brother. Are you wanting to have sex with both of us?” He asked.

“My god, Cup, you processed that before I did. I wasn’t thinking about both of you. I was just saying something I’ve been thinking about… maybe a one-off fuck. But you’re right. You both mean so much to me. I couldn’t choose between you two on a friendship level. So, thank you and yes, I want to have sex with both of you… maybe even together at some point. But right now, I just want to add the physical element with GT.”

“I know you’re not asking my permission. I will say you’ll make GT a happy man. I hope we can all come together sooner rather than later. When and if you are ready to do that, I’m in!” Cup replied.

“I know I’ve said this before but you’re a marvelous human being, Reese.”

“Actually, before you said ‘magnificent’ human being. Not that I’m keeping track or anything.” He replied.

Tess flicked his flaccid cock a couple more times, but he just smiled.

“I’ll need to say something to GT and let him know…”

Tess interrupted, “Let him know what? That I have your permission?”

“No,” he responded. “Not that at all. I need to let him know HE has my permission.

He would never become sexual with a woman I was involved with. If you asked him first, he wouldn’t answer. He’d come to me.”

“Wow, you’re pretty confident.” She observed.

“This isn’t about you or his desire for you. I’ve known GT since we were kids. He wouldn’t betray me.”

Tess frowned.

“I’m not saying I think it’s a ‘betrayal,’ but he might and would need to know my feelings.”

“You’re lucky to have a friend like that,” Tess said.

“I have two friends like that,” he replied and tapped her nose with his index finger.

Later that evening, Cup’s conversation with GT was quick and to the point. GT simply asked if he was ‘sure it was OK.’ Cup gave him that assurance. Then they talked about Tampa Bay Buc’s chances of being in the Super Bowl. Tess and GT went running the next morning. Both were a bit cautious, each hoping the other would bring the sex thing up.

About halfway through the run, Tess asked, “Have you ever had sex outdoors?”

“Yes, one time on the beach. Ended up with sand in places, it shouldn’t be,” GT replied.

“What about that field up ahead just off the jogging trail? We could find a place in the shade away from passing runners.” She suggested.

“That should work,” he replied simply.

They found a nice spot by the trail, screened by a cluster of bushes. It was an area that was mowed regularly… flat and dry. Tess immediately began undressing. She stepped out of her shorts, leaving her shoes on. Her sports bra came off next. GT remembered first seeing those tits, when he walked by her room the morning after she and Cup had come back drunk. As he looked at her now, the sunlight caused a light sheen on the perspiration from the run. She was truly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in person, naked. His cock stirred. He pulled off his t-shirt, then stepped out of his jock and shorts. The air felt cool against his body sweat. Tess stood still, watching him disrobe. She continued to watch as his cock expressed its joy at her nudity, rising up fully.

Neither moved for several moments. Each was content to gaze in lust at the exquisite body across from them. Tess broke the spell by holding her arms out. GT stepped into them and kissed her passionately. Tess responded with her tongue and gripped GT’s muscular butt with both hands. GT held her with one hand and caressed her breast and nipple with the other. When the kiss broke, he eased back enough to lower his lips to the now-erect nipple.

“Ummm, salty. I love salt,” he murmured.

Tess didn’t respond verbally but took his big cock in hand and stroked its hardness. Urgency overcame the gentle stimulation of foreplay. GT pulled her down on their discarded clothing. He found the wetness between her legs with his hand, stroked some on his cock, and eased himself home. Tess made a small gasping sound as GT pushed his big meat between her legs. Then she wrapped her legs around his ass and fucked him passionately. Her enthusiasm was incredibly erotic to GT. He followed her lead and they rutted like animals in heat. They grasped each other and loudly slapped their bodies together. Both were making unintelligible sounds, pleas, and cries of joy. The intensity did not lend itself to prolonged pleasure. She came. He came. They forcefully verbalized their pleasure with screams and grunts.

As they lay in each other’s arms drifting down from the sexual high, they heard a youngish female speak.

“Are you two alright?” The female voice asked from the other side of the shrubs.

“Never been better,” GT replied, stifling a laugh.

“OK, it’s just that you sounded like you were in pain or something.”

“Really, we’re great. Only tired from exercising,” Tess responded with her hand over GT’s mouth to keep his laughter muted.

“Oh, exercising! I got it! Sorry to have interrupted.”

When her footsteps retreated, they both laughed.

“I’m glad we did this. How do you think it will work going forward?” GT asked.

“If you two are comfortable with it, I’d like to keep, uh, ‘seeing,’ you both.” She answered.

“OK with me. Do you expect fidelity from us both? Do you get to decide when and where? Should we have a schedule?” GT inquired.

“Whoa, big guy! These are all valid questions, but I haven’t thought it completely through. Let’s get together with Cup to make some decisions.” She replied.

When all three had a clear schedule, they ordered Chinese delivery and sat around the kitchen table to work the details out. After a couple of hours of discussion there reached several decisions. First, they agreed they were, and would continue to be committed to each other, as close friends, and lovers. Second, while sex outside the group wasn’t anticipated, it would only occur if a condom was used and the other two were informed. Third, any group member could ask for sex from another, who could agree or decline. Fourth, any changes or problems would be resolved through agreement by all three.

This worked well over the summer. All three stayed in town. GT was taking a couple of courses. Tess was working on her dissertation research. Cup worked a part-time job for pocket change. They all seemed happy with the relationship, and nobody dated outside it. Tess appreciated the difference between sex with her two lovers. Cup was gentle and open. GT didn’t go in for much foreplay, but just looking at his chiseled body and big cock turned her on quickly. Cup took his time and sustained the pleasure. GT ‘took her,’ usually from behind, and drove them both to quick hard orgasms. The variety worked and all three cared deeply for the other two.

Near the beginning of the fall semester, Tess requested sex from both Cup and GT. She didn’t tell either that the other was ‘invited.’ It came out over dinner when Cup asked, ‘what time?’ GT realized what was going on and asked Tess for an explanation.

“First, I want to say, this is not about my dissertation. I love being with you both. By that I mean everything about being with you. You’re the most genuine, honest, and caring men I’ve ever met. And I also mean that sexually as well. Both of you turn me on to the nth degree when I’m with you. If sex can be that good with each of you separately, I wonder what it would do to me to have you at the same time.” Tess clarified.

GT looked at Cup, “Did you tell her about…”

“No, but I was wondering if you did,” Cup interrupted.

“About what?” Tess asked.

Cup pointed at GT. “You tell her.”

GT nodded. “When we were seniors in high school, we masturbated together…”

“You did?” Tess looked surprised.

“We did and we fantasized about sharing a woman. I’m a little embarrassed to say I remember that day fondly. To be honest, not just for the fantasy, but seeing my buddy jerk off. When I was in the SEALS, I did share a woman in Greece with a teammate. Seeing him and her and participating myself, was incredibly erotic for me.” GT clarified.

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Tawny and the RPG

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Big Boobs

Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her being a slut to be used by strangers is something that her husband Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well.

Be aware that while sex with multiple guys (and the occasional woman) is almost always a primary feature, most of these stories also contain explicit aspects of bondage, S&M, and other general kink.

It is strongly suggested to at least first read her origin story “Tawny and the Value Given” to better understand her lifestyle, and to get an idea of what will (and won’t) be happening to her in these stories.

Tawny charging her “customers” for these parties is an idea she had to get the type of sex she enjoys, but still have boundaries. She’d happily do it all for free, the money is just a way to ensure that the guys feel entitled to treat her as roughly as she wants to be treated.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary. For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

The Tawny Chronicles so far:

– Tawny and the Value Given

– Tawny and the Five Guys

– Tawny and the Fraternity Reunion

– Tawny and the Charity Food Drive

– Tawny and the Farmhands

– Tawny and the RPG

Copyright © 2021 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the RPG

Meet the Adventurers

Again, Eric dropped me off, and I walked into the now somewhat familiar kitchen to find Jarrod sitting there waiting for me.

“Tawny,” he said happily, “I’m really happy to have you back, and I know the guys are really looking forward to meeting you. They’re downstairs whenever you’re ready.”

I said, “Well, I’m looking forward to meeting them also. Should I wear anything in particular?” I held up the large soft-sided suitcase I’d brought. I know you told me they would have any costumes they needed me in for the game, but you know how I like to be prepared if I can.

“No, what you have on is fine. I think it will be more fun if they get to see you naked during the first scene you are in. And that also means that right now it is just a chance to meet them, I’m not throwing you to the metaphorical wolves when we get down there,” Jarrod said, giving me a reassuring smile.

“Oh, ok,” I said, thinking that this was unusual. I can normally count on the guys at these parties to treat me like their slut almost from the moment I walk in the door. But you’d assured me that this was going to be the kinky stuff and rough use I love, so I had faith.

We walked down the stairs into Jarrod’s game room. There were three guys sitting around on some of the sofas and chairs. They all stared at me, trying not to be rude about it and almost succeeding. I appreciated the effort, but try as they might, there was still something in the way they looked at me that made it clear they were thinking about how it was going to feel to fuck me.

The tallest one stood up, and said, “Hi, I’m Micah.” He had dark hair and was sort of awkward looking.

I said hello, and the other two stood and introduced themselves as well. Luis was a short but solid-looking Latino, with longish-hair and a very handsome face. Paul was asian, taller than Luis but shorter than Micah. They all sat back down, and I took an empty chair and sat facing them.

Jarrod said, “I don’t expect you to remember all this, but I’ll at least give you the quick overview. The characters that these guys play have an alignment, a class, and a race. I’ll let them each introduce their characters. I, of course, am the game’s DM.”

Micah went first, saying, “My character is Micah Wolfswift. He’s a Lawful Neutral Monk, and his race is human. Yeah, I kept my real name.” He sounded a bit defensive about that. I guess the others had given him some grief for not adopting a different name for his character?

Paul followed next, and told me his character was a Neutral Elf Ranger named Pankas Duskwalker.

Luis was Licari Dragonsbane, a Chaotic Good Sorcerer who happened to be a Dwarf.

I noticed happily that each of them had chosen a name that at least started with the first initial of their actual names, so that would help, but the rest of those details didn’t mean a lot to me.

“Ok, tandoğan escort I did dabble a bit in RPGs in college,” I admitted. “But I don’t remember exactly what those alignments all mean. I do know that DM means Dungeon Master, and that you run the game.”

Smiling, Jarrod said, “All you really need to know at this point is that you can’t expect any of them to be actual gentlemen during the gameplay. No Lawful Good Clerics in this mangy bunch!”

The guys chuckled at that, and I smiled politely, while telling myself I needed to look up what all this meant next time I had a chance.

We sat there and made small-talk for a few minutes, until Jarrod and Micah excused themselves to go discuss some gaming details, leaving just Paul and Luis.

“So, Tawny, how did you get into this?” asked Paul.

“Dude!” exclaimed Luis, “Sorry Tawny, Paul never actually learned what ‘appropriate’ meant when it comes to talking to the humans.”

Paul shrugged and said, “What? I was just curious. You and Jarrod were speculating earlier, so I figured I’d ask.”

Luis looked embarrassed as he rolled his eyes and said, “See what I mean?”

At that, Paul glared at him, but also started to look a little embarrassed. As much fun as I was having watching the Paul and Luis show, I decided to help them out.

“It’s ok, guys, don’t worry. I’ve been asked much worse, believe me.” I gave them my stock answer. “I don’t have anything against sex, have a pretty high pain tolerance, and I like money. I’d seen enough kinky porn that made me think I could do better, so here I am.”

They nodded, and I could see them trying to come up with a new topic.

“How did all you guys meet?” I asked, solving their problem.

“College,” they both said at the same time. Paul went on, “We were all in the Computer Science program, as you might have guessed. Discovered we all liked RPGs, and here we are.”

Jarrod had come back over, and was standing there waiting for Paul to finish, and since I could ll the guys were anxious to start their game, and I’d like to think they were anxious to get to the part of it where they got to see me naked. I said, “Hey, thanks for making me feel welcome, but don’t let that stop you from getting to your game.”

Jarrod said, “Good point Tawny. Guys, go get things set up and I’ll take our guest into the playroom.”

He led me through one of the mysterious doors I’d seen on my first visit, and into a room that looked like a cross between a dungeon and a bachelor’s swinging bedroom.

There was a king-sized bed against one wall, and several large wooden cabinets stood against another wall. There were sex benches, some interesting looking chairs, an x-frame, and a couple other pieces of what I assumed were bondage furniture under very well-made cloth covers. There were also a couple normal-looking chairs and a small sofa.

“Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be in to prep you for whichever scene they first come to that involves you. I’ve tried to set things up so it won’t take too long, no matter what happens. I know they are really anxious to play with you.”

You know I love it when guys talk about me like I’m a toy! They weren’t the only ones anxious to get to that part.

He went out and I heard the game begin. While I waited, I decided I’d pull out my phone and do some research on RPG characters and the general rules. I chose one of the normal-looking chairs, sat down and began reading.


I heard the guys cheering, and then sounds like chairs being pushed back from the table. Jarrod came into the room where I was waiting, and said, “Ok, they have made it past the basilisk, and are taking a RL break, so let’s get you ready.”

“RL?”, I asked, puzzled.

“Sorry – Real Life. They are out of the game and getting snacks, using the bathroom and stuff,” he explained.

“Ah, ok. I’ll get all this down eventually!” I said.

He smiled and said, “I have no doubt you will! I want to start out with you wearing just this cape, and your panties. Be standing in the middle of the room, holding this prop dagger.”

He handed me a real-looking dagger with a 10-inch blade, which, as he’d said, was just a prop. The blade was some very soft and bendy material, even though it looked a lot like bronze.

He’d told me there were a few roles I might possibly be playing, depending on how the game went, so I listened while he explained which one they’d gotten to. “You are Janora, the wizard whose spells and creatures have been harrying them as they make their way to rescue the Princess from your boss, the Purple Mage. They think you have her here, although you don’t. They will be trying to get you to tell them where she is. Got it?”

“Um, yeah, I think so. What should I do when they first come in?” I asked.

“You’ve exhausted your magic by summoning beasts such as the basilisk, so you are pretty much defenseless at the moment. tunalı escort They aren’t going to actually hurt you in a fight, and if they cast spells I’ll be explaining to you all what the results are, so just go along as best you can.”

Well that sounded vague, but I knew this was going to require thinking on my feet, so I nodded. If all else failed, I decided I’d distract them by showing them my boobs – that always works on you anyway.

The guys came in, looking around warily, but still focused on me and my dagger.

Paul / Pankas said, “Her magic must be depleted, if all she’s threatening us with is a dagger.”

Nodding, Luis/Licari made some gestures with his hands and declared, “I cast Pleasant Paralysis.”

Jarrod consulted a book he carried, rolled a multi-sided die on the table and said, “It works. She’s too overwhelmed with sensual pleasure to move.”

I knew a cue when I heard it, and I stopped the menacing way I’d been moving the dagger, threw my head back and gave a sensual moan. The guys stepped forward and grabbed my arms, as one of them took the dagger from my unresisting hand.

“We should be sure she’s not hiding any more weapons,” said Micah. I stood there writhing in faux-pleasure as they stripped away my cloak, leaving me naked save for my cute little panties.

“Behold! This bitch has quite the impressive pair of tits!” said Luis happily. All of the guys were now staring hungrily at my naked body, no acting required.

Micah said, “Before her magic regenerates, we need to make sure she can’t cast a spell.”

Luis grabbed a large purple ball-gag, and placed it between my teeth, saying, “There, this will keep her quiet. What about her hands?”

“Leave that to me,” said Micah. He took my arms, and twisted them behind me with my hands between my shoulder blades, palm pressed to palm. He had Luis hold them there while he took a long length of cord from a table and began to wind it around my hands. He worked his way down, pulling my elbows as close together as he could, finishing by tying off the end of the cord.

“There,” he said, “that reverse-prayer she’s in will keep her from making even the slightest arcane gesture. And, it makes her tits stand out quite prominently too!” He grinned.

It was uncomfortable, and as he’d said, I couldn’t move my arms or hands at all, making me feel both helpless and horny.

Luis said, “Now, how do we get her to tell us where the Princess is being held?”

Micah gave him a I-can’t-believe-I-need-to-explain-this look, and said, “By giving her incentive to talk to us, of course.”

At the same time, Luis said, “Bribe her?” while Paul said, “Threaten to kill her?

Micah responded, “No, I don’t think a bribe will work. And I am loath to consider killing a woman, even one as evil as she, in cold blood. I think we can combine her incentive with our fun.”

“Ah, indeed,” said Paul, as he grasped Micah’s intentions. “It’s been longer than I like since I’ve enjoyed a wench’s pleasures.”

Nodding in agreement, Micah looked me in the eyes and said, “You do have fine tits, Janora,” He made little circles against my nipples with the palm of his hand and continued, “Almost makes me feel bad about what we’re going to have to do to them.”

He drew his left arm back and gave my tit a hard slap, making me yelp into the gag. He slapped the other one even harder with his right hand. I felt my pussy get a little wetter.

“Of course, you can spare yourself the pain, just tell us where you have the Princess.”

I shook my head “no”, and he smiled.

“Ok, slut, it’s up to you. Pankas, have you found anything useful?”

Paul had been rummaging through one of the cabinets. He said, “Not yet.”

Micah said, “Well, then, I’ll just have to improvise. Every minute we delay in rescuing the Princess is another minute she’s experiencing whatever torments this evil bitch has planned.”

He stepped behind me, taking my arms in his hands, which were much stronger than I’d expected. He pushed me forward towards until I was close to one of the rough stone walls. Reaching from behind, he wrapped his hands around each of my bare tits, and I could again feel how strong his long fingers were. Holding them firmly, he pressed my body forward and rubbed my nipples lightly against the cold wall, letting me feel just how coarse the stone was.

“Your tender nipples will be no match for these abrasive stones, bitch. Think about that as you answer. Will you tell us her whereabouts?”

The light pressure he’d used to brush my nipples against that wall hadn’t been painful, but it was enough to make me take his threat seriously. I shivered at the thought of my breasts being hurt that way, and a little jolt of excitement went through me. I shook my head “no” and moaned in anticipation.

“Foolish slut,” he growled. Tightening his grip on my tits, he pressed me forward again firmly scraped each of my sensitive türbanlı escort nipples against the rough stones. My nipples on fire, I screamed into the gag, and felt my excitement rise. He let me lean back, and his fingers gently rubbed my abused nipples, which were now even more sensitive.

“I’m glad you refuse to talk,” he whispered in my ear. He pressed up against me again, and I could feel how hard his torment of my tits had made his dick. He let me feel my nipples pressed hard against the stone, as he led them there but didn’t rub them against it. He let my anticipation of the coming pain build for a while and only when it had did he again rub the tips of my breasts back and forth on that coarse surface, even harder this time. First my left tit, then my right, he kept alternating until I finally screamed even louder than before. He stopped, but kept my sore nipples pressed against the cold wall, making it clear he wasn’t finished.

“Licari,” said Paul, “I believe I have found the perfect object to loosen her tongue. Our captive keeps plenty of cruel devices on hand, but I doubt the wench expected them to ever be used on her!”

Micah sighed, and pulled me back from the wall. We returned to the middle of the room, where he turned me over to Luis and Paul, who stood there holding the device Paul had “found”.

It was a breast press – two long flat bars of black anodized aluminum, connected by threaded rods at each end. Each bar was about as wide as my hand, and maybe a half an inch thick. Paul hefted it speculatively, then placed the bars of the press above and below my tits and started turning the handles on the threaded screws.

Once he’d tightened the press enough to hold it in place, but before it became too painful, he stopped tightening it. Letting it go, I felt my breasts support the weight of it as it hung there, slightly flattening them.

“The slut’s tits are firm enough to hold that up nicely,” Paul said.

I made a little “uuunnnn” noise through the gag.

“Now do you wish to tell us what we want from you?” asked Luis. I shook my head no and glared at him.

Luis then took his turn tightening the press. My breasts were getting flatter with each turn of those screws. I gave another “unnnnn” as the pressure increased.

He kept tightening and the press was starting to really flatten my tits. Only some of the tips of my breasts that stuck out past the bars, and those portions were now swelling up. I began making more moans of pain as he continued squashing my tits.

“Ready to talk?”

Eyes closed against the pain, I nonetheless shook my head “no”.

Luis gave another couple turns, and the pain reached the point where I gave a scream into the gag. He stopped turning the screws, and just let me stand there feeling the pressure as those bars compressed my poor tits.

Paul reached out and gave the very taut portion of my tit that protruded from the press a squeeze. “Talk slut!” he snarled.

“Never,” I said into my gag as I glared at them.

“Hold her please, Pankas,” said Luis.

Paul obliged by taking hold of the press that held my tits so tightly. Luis reached out and gave my nipple a hard flick with his fingernail, making me yelp and try to twist away. Paul stepped behind me and used the press like a handle to hold me in place, as Luis flicked the other nipple, already sensitive from being scraped against that wall. Then he began flicking both nipples simultaneously, causing a jolt of pain to shoot through each of my tits once a second. I yelped each time, and tried to pull away, but Paul’s grip on the press meant that all my efforts did was cause me more pain, as my breasts pulled painfully against the press that was squishing them.

The combination of pain and excitement made my knees weak, and I sagged a little. At that, Luis stopped his assault on my nipples, and looked at me with concern, while Paul let go of the press and wrapped his arms around my waist, steadying me.

Breaking character, Paul quietly asked me, “Are you okay?”

I wanted to tell him that I was more turned on than in pain, but couldn’t really get that message across with the gag in my mouth, so I just nodded. He said, “Good”, but still kept his supporting grip around my waist.

Micah looked at this tableau and said, “This harlot can’t answer us if she’s unconscious. Let us find a position for her that doesn’t require that she stand.”


The position they found for me was, not surprisingly, flat on my back. While they placed me in my new bondage, we didn’t actually stay in character, but we didn’t revert to small-talk either. I felt more like a prop in a play, being moved into place on a darkened stage by the stagehands between acts.

They had untied me, and even removed the ball gag as they laid me down on an actual rack, complete with cuffs for my ankles and wrists, attached by chains to one of those big wheels with the spokes sticking out that to turn it. The surface I was laying on was, at least, lightly padded rather than bare wood or metal. My arms were pulled straight back above my head as I lay there. My legs were spread a little wider than I think they would have been on a standard rack, exposing my now-naked pussy. I wasn’t going anywhere, but they hadn’t tightened my restraints much either.

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Problem Solver Ch. 03: POW Rescue

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Jade stepped off the jetway from her private jet — company paid of course. The humidity hit her immediately. Her white low-cut dress billowed in the wind as a porter came over to grab her hand luggage while others scrambled to get her luggage from below the plane. Her blonde hair and blue eyes immediately put her out of place in Southeast Asia. Despite years of training in the hospitality business, the porter could not help but steal glances at her deep cleavage and her sensuous leg as it emerged from the high slit of her dress. The leg tapered to a stiletto heel that tapped briskly on the runway. The porter blushed crimson red as she caught his ogling, a smirk forming at the edge of her lips.

Jade was here for work. And her work brought her to Cambodia of all places. She was a special operative with a unique and valuable skill set. She was responsible for sending governments into disarray, stealing valuable tech secrets, and the occasional assassination. Though technically a freelancer, she would routinely contract for many of the 3-letter agencies that inhabited the clandestine world she worked in.

She was a problem solver like her mentor — Asia 7. Asia had taken Jade under her wing after being vetted in college and they pooled their resources and talents. But this was her mission, her first on her own.

Jade plopped down onto the bed and perused the dossier she had been given. The dappled light from the window caressed her curves as her white dress pooled around her. Six CIA operatives were held in a Cambodian POW camp in the nearby jungle, she read to herself. Their cover had been blown as they were monitoring the rebel factions fighting over control of the drug trade. The identity of Doctors Without Borders volunteers had somehow been compromised and as the current Cambodian regime was not particularly friendly to the United States at this time, the government would not green-light a U.S. operation on their sovereign territory. She provided plausible deniability should her mission go sideways.


The predictable thing about military camps was that soldiers have only one thing on their minds when they get time off to go into town — a belly full of food and an empty nutsack. And that made Jade’s job of locating a hidden secret camp deep in the jungle that much easier. Based on all her intel the POW camp was somewhere driving distance from her current city. Jade changed to better look the part of a backpacking tourist before heading out for the night. After chatting with some locals, she learned where the local watering hole closest to the red light district would be and headed on over. For the night, she wore khaki shorts that barely covered the curve of her ass, hiking boots and a white shirt tied in a knot under her breasts. She knew that with the humidity, it wouldn’t be long before her shirt became see through.

As she entered the bar, the loud music and smell of cigars wafted over her. She sauntered over to the bar and ordered a beer. Quickly she identified two guys who might fit the bill of off-duty soldiers. They had already finished off 8 beers and 6 shots between the two of them. Kind of hard for a Tuesday night, Jade thought. Seems like they might be making up for lost time. Despite being dressed in civilian clothes, the combat boots gave them away.

Jade just had to provide the right bait.

She knew their type, they wanted to be the initiators and she had to play along. Jade walked over to a nearby pay phone directly within view of the 2 soldiers and “made a call.” First, she made a big deal about fishing coins out of her pockets, wiggling her ass in their direction, then she carefully balanced her beer on the phone only to knock it clumsily. She quickly caught it, but not before splashing some beer on her white shirt. As she stood their wiping her chest with a napkin, it was apparent to anybody watching that her shirt was now completely see through. Her hard nipples poking out, her large breasts jiggling in the direction of the 2 soldiers. She never made eye contact, until one came up to Jade.

“Miss, you seem lost. May I be of assistance?”

Jade gave the whole touristy backpacking story, which completely flew over their heads as they just ogled her breasts after inviting her back to their booth.

There in the darkened corner of the bar she could better “interrogate” these two men.

As they spoke about themselves, Jade gently rested her hand on their thighs. Sandwiched between the two of them, after a few more rounds, she could more earnestly pump them for information. It wasn’t long before each soldier was kneading her breasts under her shirt, while she firmly grasped both of their shafts under the table. Her arms flexed rhythmically as she asked them about their base.

“12 miles off the beaten path”

“A barracks of 32 soldiers armed with automatic weapons, RPGs, and even stingers.”

Her thumb grazed over their uncut cocks stimulating the frenulum. “Tell me more,” Jade inquired. “I just love men in uniform, and rus escort I am quite the depraved slut.”

She tightened her grip on them as she said this to make no mistake that she meant it. They both groaned in unison. By now her hands were smoothly gliding up and down. Their cocks rock hard, and based on their erratic breathing, wouldn’t take much longer. She couldn’t believe she was getting turned on from all the kneading of her breasts.

The first guy on the right started to stiffen, as he started splattering the bottom of the table Jade leaned over and kissed him forcefully, wrestling his tongue with her own. As he groaned into her mouth, cum spilling over her hand Jade shoved a pill-sized tracking device to the back of his throat, which he readily swallowed without knowing it. As he slumped in his seat with a satisfied grin of a man who has had his balls so thoroughly emptied, Jade turned her attention to the soldier to her left, who she discerned to be the base camp Sergeant.

Jade dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock all the while eye-fucking him as he just stared in amazement, watching his cock slip between the lips of the hottest woman he has seen. Between licks and sucks, Jade pulled off asking “So when might I see this base of yours? I would love to see yourhardware.”

“We can make arrangements.” He quickly agreed.

Good enough Jade thought, and she decided to end the interrogation, as she easily deep throated his average-sized cock and started swallowing.

“Fuck.” He exclaimed. Jade was rewarded with a draining splash of cum at the back of her throat.

In an almost regal manner, Jade stood up, wrote her phone number on a napkin and left the exhausted soldiers to pull themselves together.


The next day, Jade got the call she expected. A car was being sent over to bring her into the jungle.

Jade made sure she had plenty of compound O hidden in discrete parts of her outfit. Unable to hide a full suppository, she had elected the more discrete transdermal patch. About the size of a postage stamp, it would slowly absorb in the skin, but have all the effects of compound O: explosive mind-blowing orgasms, loss of consciousness, and amnesia, in that order.

For tonight she chose a military pin-up style outfit, with a cinched belt at her waist, push up bras, leather gloves, riding boots and a beret. The outfit accentuated her hourglass figure. As she was driven in a jeep deeper and deeper into the jungle a plan was forming.

The sergeant she had blown the night before greeted her at the entrance to the compound. Jade took in her surroundings. There was a large building off to the side with plumbing and bars across the windows. That must be where prisoners are held, Jade thought. There was a watchtower with a search light and some kind of communications center, as there were many satellites and wires leading to another building.

“I was hoping I could put on a show for your men. It’s kind of my fetish to have a bunch of horny soldiers wanting to ravish me.” Jade said.

“That was just what I had in mind,” the sergeant said as he led Jade off to the barracks.

All eyes were on Jade as her ass shook and breast jiggled in her outfit as she walked across the base. She looked like a blonde Amazon Goddess.

In the barracks, cat calls followed her and lustful glares bore into her. Jade relished it. To her it was a stack of dominoes, she just had to line everything up just right and then give the push over the edge. The hard part right now was sticking this translucent patch on each soldier’s bare skin without him knowing it. Fortunately, her body was built to distract. With all the blood rushing to their cocks and the hypnotic sway of tits and ass and the sweet smell of perfume, they wouldn’t notice the adhesive sticking to their skin.

She started with her driver, a deep kiss followed by her hand entangled in his hair. He never noticed the thin adhesive being applied to the back of his neck with leather gloved fingers. The sergeant was easy, being already in his good graces, while fondling the front of his pants her other hand slid behind him grabbing his ass and placing a patch. The gloves kept Jade from inadvertently dosing herself. And so it went, as she introduced herself to each soldier. A pat on the back here, squeezing a bicep there, pinching a nipple there, all while filling their vision with tantalizing tit flesh, letting them smell her feminine perfume. Satisfied, she had dosed each soldier and at least gotten the room of men partially erect, she walked towards the center of the barracks.

As Jade reached the front of the stage, she noticed two soldiers sneak into the back. “Must be the watch tower guy and the communications guy leaving their posts for the show,” she thought. “Too bad I didn’t dose them, but I can just do it the old-fashioned way.”

Jade started by thanking the kind sergeant for inviting her to the base and said she was hoping to provide sıhhiye escort some quality entertainment for the evening. “So sit back, relax, feel free to get those hardening cocks out and enjoy the show.”

She cued some music and started with a high energy number which involved Jade gyrating and tearing her shirt open. Her nipples remained encased in a black bra, her skirt revealed a high slit as she posed her leather boots on a table. Soon, she had one soldier naked acting as her footstool as she used a riding crop to whip his ass. Crimson marks appeared on his butt, yet he remained rock hard. She ran her crop along the length of his cock as she fingered herself wantonly. The sound of 32 men stroking their cocks transfixed on the sight of her teasing a hapless soldier’s cock.

“Cum for me my pet,” she exclaimed as she whipped his scrotum repeatedly. In a tangled yelp he fell the ground in pain, but erupting in a fountain of cum as if a balloon was popped. He quickly passed out in a puddle of cum.

“I think I broke him,” Jade pouted as she stepped down off the stage into the horny mass of soldiers. “Who wants to play next.”

Five men approached her from all sides immediately pulling her shirt apart, and ripping off her bra. Her DD’s bounced free, perky and proud and glistening with sweat. 10 hands immediately started fondling her breasts, one pushing her panties aside to slide back and forth out her cunt. Her hands latched on to two cocks as she dropped to her knees, as third cock dangled in front of her. Jade easily leaned forward and engulfed it in one smooth motion. The two others enjoyed molesting her as she handled three cocks with practiced ease. Sliding up and down two cocks with her hands teasing their balls with her manicured fingernails on the downstroke and twisting as she got to the top, she got into a steady rhythm. The third soldier was more aggressive and fucked her face like a glory hole. Fortunately for her, he was not well endowed and she easily swirled her tongue around the cock, sliding in all the right places and making for a very slippery ride. Within a minute in this position, the balance was thrown off as one of her hands erupted with stick cum, only to be replaced by another, happy to use his fellow soldier’s cum as lubricant. The other two did not last much longer soon blowing their loads and crumpling into a snoring heap on the ground.

Her goal was to work her way to the only two soldiers not dosed with compound 0. She could see them at the back. They were probably not authorized to leave their posts. “So much for military discipline.” Another five soldiers unable to keep their loads back at the erotic site of this vixen tearing through soldiers with her raw sexuality slumped with their limp cocks still pumping jizz onto their abdomens. “Amateurs,” Jade thought, “Eleven down and twenty one to go.”

“You two,” Jade bellowed pointing at the 2 soldiers hiding in back, “come here and fuck me right.”

Sheepishly they walked over to Jade. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see their superiors glaring at them. “You here and you there.” She pointed as the soldiers lie down both cocks side by side as they criss-crossed legs. “Watch me boys as I ride these two to orgasm.”

“Gentlemen, grip those cocks nice and tight for Miss Jade. Stroke them imagining my pussy is clamping down on you like these two here.” To accentuate that point she dropped her ass and pussy sliding cleanly on to the two gasping soldiers.

“Yes…. Fuck” she squealed in delight massaging her tits wantonly. Two more went down unable to handle the visual stimuli.

“You four, get over here and shower me with your cum.” Soon, she was bouncing on the two soldiers wantonly, sweat glistening down her body. Since her last stash of transdermal compound O was half way across the room, with her clothes, long discarded, she had a different tactic.

As part of her sexual training, she had learned to combine pressure points with sex. If the right pressure points were pressed, just like acupuncture, at the moment of orgasm, it could overwhelm the senses, lead to loss of consciousness, a heart attack or even a coma. It was hard to predict which one exactly, but these were not exactly upstanding citizens here. Clenching and unclenching her pelvic muscles, she knew that she was giving the men below her the fucking of their lives. Anal sex was generally a short-lived affair and soon she felt the worm in her ass twitch and thicken just slightly. Without anyone noticing she jabbed a pressure point in his solar plexus and inner thigh while squeezing really hard with her ass. The effects were instantaneous as her anal invader turned beet red, then came like his all his bodily fluids were erupting from his cockhead. Jade easily let the jizz flood her bowels, while still fucking his partner.

With all her attention on him, she started teasing the row of cocks around her giving them kissed and licking her own tits just begging sincan escort them to coat her with their spunk. The guy beneath her really got off on the dirty talk and stiffened. Like lightning, Jade leaned forward smothering him as he cried out in orgasmic bliss. At the base of the skull, she jabbed a hidden hairpin, making him seek out oxygen and paralyzed from the neck down, but unable to catch his breath under the weight of those DDs, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, dead. His fellow soldiers did not even register the silent assassination, it happened so quickly and they were so focused on the undulations of her ass milking the last drops of cum out from her victim. As Jade leaned back up, she looked around and held up her tits as if demanding an offering, and the four men jerking off around her happily obliged covering her in cum. She allowed herself to cum too from all the stimulation. Another three witnessing this erotic goddess mow down men and orgasm doing so let out a loud groan and down they went. Ten to go.

By now, the remainder should have been getting worried that two thirds of their brethren had been taken down by this single woman. But they just anticipated their shot. Jade found the highest ranking officer and straddled him, giving him a lapdance. She grinded on his old cock, tenting in his slacks. Her hands snaked into his shirt between his buttons and played with his nipples. She leaned in close, letting her breasts squish against his chest as her pubis continued to grind into his cock. Jade whispered into his ear, “I heard you have been doing very naughty things here. And one of your prisoners is a good friend of mine. And I was sent here to put you and this place out of commission.”

He looked at her in shock. The sudden realization spreading on his face.

With that final word she slammed her pubis hard against his tenting cock. Far too hard in this position to be pleasant and she heard a snap, as he tried to scream out in pain, under her tongue she flipped a mega dose of compound O down his gasping gullet, while she pretended to kiss him. With her hand she pinched his nipple hard. The mixture of pain, pleasure and overdose of compound O mainlined into his esophagus overloaded his system as he came and stroked out instantly. Jade held the position for a few seconds as he spasmed before letting out a sigh.

Like a deadly goddess of vengeance, she turned around and eyed the remaining 9 soldiers. It was all fun and games, but now they knew something was wrong as they could not arouse their buddies. Fortunately, they were still naked and disarmed, high and horny on compound O and after jerking off for 90 minutes at this point but holding back, she could tell from the precum hanging from their cocks, they were a stroke or two away from losing it.

“Well, I guess the ruse is up. What are you going to do, make me your prisoner?”

The 9 soldiers surrounded her, their angry cocks waving in the wind. They still had their training and strength. The one directly behind her grabbed Jade from behind and tried to bearhug her as the others closed in. Jade kicked out pushing the others back and she ground her ass into the naked cock behind, sliding her cheeks up and down the trapped cock while his python arms tried to restrain her. His cock was just too sensitive and he gasped in shock as he fell to the ground, a stream of cum splattering her buttocks.

Deciding to mount the offensive Jade leapt forward and tucked into a roll. She came up level with two cocks and grabbed them. They both tried to pull away, but they had never been this sensitive before. Any motion to escape only stimulated them further and pulses up their shafts soon thereafter gave Jade the reward she was seeking. The remaining six were unsure of what to do, not having a better strategy they all tackled Jade simultaneously, like a football tackle pileup.

There was a mass of arms and legs as they struggled for dominance, but Jade was like a sensual porcupine and her entire body was a stimulating weapon. Turning her head she found an uncut cock and sucked on it. Her slick body from bodily fluids made it hard to control her limbs. She wiggled and writhed. One cock nestled behind her knee and she clamped her calf around it. Her toes found a set of balls and started kneading them. A hand snaked to find another rigid member. Her breasts trapped another cock. It wasn’t long before the groans of the pile reached a crescendo only to die down and Jade slithered her way out from underneath. For a second, she took a moment to look at her handiwork. An entire barracks taken out.

Given she had all the time in the world now, she took a hot shower. The warm suds cascading down her lithe body as she washed away the evidence of her prior indiscretions. As she exited the barracks, she locked the door behind her. She went to the communications room and alerted the government about the rebel base and that it was unguarded.

Jade then made her way to where the prisoners were held. She unlocked the unguarded prison cells and found the CIA agents she was tasked with rescuing. After confirming payment through her phone, she ensured that everyone got a vehicle to drive off in. Jade hugged her friend in the CIA and they parted ways. She texted Asia about her accomplished mission. They got a cool $18 million in their bank account.

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Linda’s First Gangbang

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A few days had passed since joining Frank and his friends at his apartment when I received a phone call from Murray.

“Hi Toni, it’s Murray.” He said.

“Hi Murray. Frank said you were going to call.” I replied.

“Well, I was wondering what you were doing tomorrow afternoon? Linda and I would like to know if you would like to come over for the afternoon.” Murray asked.

“That sounds great. I have to ask though, what have you told Linda?”

“She knows about the other night. She was ok with it. I told her you were someone she would like. She has always spoken about inviting another woman to the bedroom. Only if you’re interested of course?” Murray said.

“Well, I haven’t met your wife, but I’d love to come. We can see what happens.” I replied.

“Ok, sounds good. I’ll text you the address, it’s not far from your apartment. Why don’t you head over around two o’clock?”

“Sounds good, I can’t wait.” I replied.

After I got off the phone, I headed for a shower and got dressed. I put on a short black summer dress and bra and a tiny black G-string. I grabbed my purse and keys and headed out to do a little shopping. The shops weren’t far, so I decided to walk.

As I arrived at the shops, I received a text message from Mandy.

“Hi honey. What are you up to?”

“Not much today, just doing a little shopping and looking for a new piece of lingerie.” I replied.

“Send me a picture when you find something. Want some company later?”

“You’re naughty. Love some company, what time?”

“How’s one o’clock sound?”

“Honey I can’t wait. I’ll send you a picture shortly.” I replied.

I walked through the shops and headed straight to my favourite lingerie store. I took my time searching and came across a red see-through babydoll with matching g-string. I grabbed my size and headed to the changing rooms to try it on and send a picture to Mandy. I removed all my clothes and put on the lingerie. I grabbed my phone and took a few pictures for Mandy.

“Honey, that’s hot. One more picture. Squat down and show me your pussy” She replied.

I squatted down and pulled the g-string to the side, showing my moist pussy. I took the picture and sent it to Mandy before changing back into my clothes. I paid for the lingerie and headed for the grocery store to grab a few things. On my way out, Mandy replied.

“My god, my heart is racing. I’m sitting at my desk at work and my pussy is wet.”

“Show me.” I texted back.

As I waited for her reply, I grabbed a coffee and took a seat at the back of the cafe, away from everyone. As I sat down, Mandy replied with a picture. Her legs were apart with one hand spreading her moist pussy lips. As I stared at the picture, I could feel my pussy getting wet. Sitting at the back of the cafe with no one around me, I took my phone and held it under the table. I spread my legs and took a picture of my panties buried in my pussy, revealing my pussy lips escaping from my panties. I decided to take one more picture for Mandy before heading home. I slid my panties off and with my legs spread, I took the picture. As I finished my coffee, Mandy texted back.

“Oh my god, I am so wet. I am leaving work shortly. I want to taste your wet pussy.”

I got up and grabbed my things as the guy came to collect my coffee mug.

“Excuse me, I think you left something behind.” He said quietly, as I was about to leave.

As I put my bags down, he looked around making sure know body was watching and passed me my panties.

“Oops, thank you.” I said, looking at him with a smile.

I turned around and knowing he was watching; I bent over and grabbed my bags making sure he had a good view of my bare arse. As I walked out of the cafe, I turned around giving him a smile. As I made my way home with no panties on, the cool breeze on my naked pussy turned me on and I couldn’t wait to feel Mandy’s tongue between my legs.

I arrived at my apartment and quickly put the groceries away before heading to the bedroom and changing into my new lingerie. All of a sudden, I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“It’s me honey.” Mandy replied.

I quickly opened the door and pulled her inside. I closed the door and pushed her up against the wall kissing her passionately. With her legs slightly apart, I ran my hand up her dress rubbing her pussy through her wet panties. With my heart racing, I quickly undressed Mandy and led her to the bedroom pushing her on the bed. As she laid naked, I knelt over her mounting my pussy over her mouth. She pulled my g-string to the side, and as we lay in a sixty-nine position, our tongues ravished each other’s pussy.

After a few minutes, I got up and headed for my toys in the drawer. I grabbed the multi-ribbed anal toy and covered it in lubricant and a large dildo before returning to the bed. I slid a pillow under Mandy’s arse and slowly slid the anal toy in her arse.

“Oh yeah, god that feels good.” She moaned, as she gripped the sheets on the bed.

As she moaned with pleasure, I slid the large dildo in her pussy. As she continued to moan, I fucked her with both toys. All of a sudden, mamak escort she started to moan louder, as her body started to shake.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck, I’m cumming, oh god I’m cumming.” She screamed, as her body shook over and over.

As she started to relax, she slid the toys out of her arse and pussy and hopped up off the bed. As I lay, I removed my panties and started rubbing my pussy as I watched her going through my toys. She pulled out a very thick dildo and a vibrator before joining me back on the bed. She rolled me onto my knees and knelt behind me. She rubbed my pussy with the large dildo, teasing me, before slowly working it inside me. As she slowly slid it in and out of my pussy, I felt her tongue teasing the rim of my arse.

“Oh yeah.” I moaned.

All of a sudden, she grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. I felt the vibration softly against my arse as she continued fucking me with the dildo. I laid my head down on the bed with my arse in the air, enjoying the dildo deeper inside my pussy. As I gripped the sheets, Mandy pressed the vibrator firmly against the rim of my arse, slowly stretching me.

“Oh fuck, fuck me.” I moaned, feeling the vibrator slide deep in my arse.

As both toys fucked me, I could feel myself ready to cum. I gripped the sheets tighter as I started to moan over and over.

“Mandy, oh Mandy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as my body trembled over and over.

With the vibrator still in my arse, it made the orgasm long and intense which felt so good, and after what felt like a minute my body collapsed on the bed.

“That felt so good.” I said, as Mandy cuddled into me.

“Honey, it always feels good.” She replied.

We spent the rest of the day naked out on the balcony before Mandy left around seven o’clock. I had dinner and a shower before watching a movie and heading to bed.

The next morning, I got up and headed to the kitchen for a coffee before heading for a shower. I shaved my legs and pussy and washed my hair before getting out and drying myself. As I was in the bathroom, I received a text message.

“Hi Toni, it’s Murray. Linda and I would like to know if you want to come over a little earlier for lunch. She’s keen to meet you.” His message read.

“Ok, sounds great. I’ll get ready and head over if you like.”

“Ok, see you soon. I’ll text you the address.” He replied.

I went to my cupboard and look through my clothes for something to wear. I put on a white bra and panty set and decided to wear a white dress. I found my keys and headed out the door locking it behind me. I caught the lift down to the lobby and headed to my car. I checked the address and drove to Murray’s, which wasn’t far from my apartment. Once I arrived, I parked the car and headed to the door. I knocked and after a short wait, Murray answered the door.

“Hi Toni, come in. How are you?” Murray asked, as I walked inside.

“I’m good, how are you.” I replied.

“Well. Linda, this is Toni. Toni this is Linda.” Murray said, introducing us both.

“Hi Toni.” Linda said, looking me up and down.

Linda was around sixty, blondie grey hair, slim and extremely large breasts which I couldn’t wait to play with.

“I might leave you ladies to chat while I get lunch ready.” Murray said, as he headed to the kitchen.

“Would you like a wine?” Linda asked.

“I would love one.” I replied, as I followed her to their bar.

Their house was very big, and I could tell they were a very wealthy couple.

“So, you met Murray and his friends the other night?” Linda asked.

“Yes I did.” I replied, a little worried on how she was going to reply.

“I always fantasized about being in that situation. Guys giving me all their attention.” She said, with a smile.

“It doesn’t bother you about the other night?” I asked.

“Definitely not. I get so turned on when he tells me all about it. As he tells me, I toy my pussy with a dildo while he strokes his cock.” She replied.

“That I’d love to see.” I said, with a cheeky smile.

“God Toni, I’m so much older than you.” Linda said.

“I like older.” I replied,

“Lunch ladies.” Murray’s shouted from the kitchen.

“We will have to continue this after lunch.” Linda said, as we got up and headed to the kitchen.

The three of us sat around chatting over lunch getting to know each other and before we knew it, we had gone through 2 bottles of wine. After a few hours, Linda offered to show me through their large house. There were five bedrooms, a games room, theatre room and a large pool out the back.

“Since it’s a nice day, why don’t we all head out to the pool?” Murray suggested.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring any swimmers.” I replied.

“Who needs swimmers.” Linda said, as she took my hand and led me outside.

I looked over at Murray removing all his clothes before diving into the pool naked. As I undressed, I watched Linda remove her clothes, revealing her very large breasts. Both of us now naked, climbed in the pool.

“You have an amazing body.” Linda said, as she swam up close. “You ofise gelen escort know, I’ve never been with another woman before.”

As she looked at me, I moved in close kissing her on the lips. As we kissed, my hands groped her breasts, as Murray watched on.

“You like my breasts?” She said, as she played with my nipples.

“I do, very much” I replied.

We kissed for a few more minutes as we fondled each other’s breasts before Murray swam up behind me. I felt his hard cock pressed against me as he started kissing my neck. Linda slid her hand down between my legs, softly touching my pussy as my heart started to race.

“Why don’t we take this inside?” Frank said, as his hand grabbed my arse.

The three of us got out of the pool and dried off with the towels on the chair, before Linda took my hand and led me to the bedroom. We both lay on the bed kissing and fondling each other’s breasts as Murray sat on a chair in the corner watching as he stroked his cock.

“I want to taste you.” Linda said, as she made her way down between my legs.

As her tongue touched my pussy, I let out a soft moan.

“You enjoying her, baby?” Frank asked Linda.

“Sure am honey, I love her pussy.” Linda replied.

She spread my lips with one hand and fingered me with the other while licking my pussy. I ran my hands through her hair, enjoying the feeling of her tongue between my legs. All of a sudden, Murray got up. He went to the bedside table and pulled out an extremely fat dildo. He moved behind Linda and slowly slid the toy in her pussy.

“Oh yeah.” She moaned.

“You like that?” Murray said.

“Oh you know I do honey.” She replied, as she continued to lick my pussy.

After a few minutes, Linda got up from between my legs as Murray slid the dildo out of her pussy. I knelt up and pushed Linda down on the bed, laying her on her back. I spread her legs and buried my tongue in her pussy, tasting her juices. All of a sudden, Murray moved behind me.

“Fuck her honey.” Linda said, as she grabbed my head pressing my tongue harder against her pussy.

Murray’s cock was nice and hard, and as I licked every part of Linda’s pussy, Murray buried his cock deep inside me.

“Oh fuck her Murray, fuck that pussy.” Linda moaned, as she watched Murray fucking me.

All of a sudden, Linda started to moan. He body started to tremble, and I could tell she was ready to cum all over my lips.

“Oh god honey, don’t stop, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” She screamed, as he body started to shake over and over.

As she came, her pussy squirted, drenching my lips and tongue with her juices. As I continued to lick her pussy, Murray slid his cock out and stood watching. When she finished coming, I crawled up beside her, sucking her hard pointy nipples. Murray laid on the bed, and with my back to him, he positioned himself, pressing his hard cock against my arse. He slowly slid inside me and as he fucked me, I continued sucking Linda’s hard nipples.

“Fuck your arse feels good.” Murray said, as he buried deep inside me.

Linda hopped up and knelt next to me on the bed, watching Murray fuck my arse. As his cock slid in and out of me, Linda started to finger my wet pussy. All of a sudden, I was ready to cum. I started to moan as I felt every inch of Murray’s cock pounding deep in my arse, as Linda fingered my pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as my body shook.

“Oh baby, I enjoyed watching you cum.” Linda said, sliding her fingers out of my pussy.

As I started to relax, Murray pulled his cock out and stood up stroking his cock. Linda mounted me in a sixty-nine position, burying her tongue between my legs tasting my cum.

“Your pussy is so wet.” I said, burying my tongue inside her.

Murray knelt up on the bed behind Linda, and as I licked her pussy, I was enjoying the view of his hard cock and balls above me. I reached up and grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against Linda’s arse.

“Fuck honey, take it slow, oh my god.” Linda said, as she raised her head.

Murray grabbed his cock from my hand as I spread her arse wide. I watched the head of his cock spread her arse as it slid inside her. As he slowly worked his cock deeper inside her, I continued licking her pussy as she buried her tongue in mine. I slid my hands behind me and grabbed Murray’s arse, sharing my tongue between his balls and Linda’s pussy as he started fucking her harder. All of a sudden, Linda raised her head and started to moan louder and louder, and I knew she was about to cum.

“Yeah, oh yeah, I’m cumming.” She moaned, as Murray pounded her arse harder.

As she came, Murray pulled his cock out of her arse. Her body trembled as her pussy squirted cum all over my mouth. I buried my tongue back in her pussy tasting her juices as her body collapsed on mine. As she caught her breath, she rolled off me and lay on her back.

“Sit on me honey, I want to watch Murray fuck your arse.” Linda said, as she rubbed her wet pussy.

I sat up and mounted her, positioning my pussy over her mouth. She otele gelen escort grabbed my arse spreading me as I felt the head of Murray’s cock slide inside me.

“That’s it baby, fuck her.” Linda said, before licking my pussy.

After a minute, I was ready to cum. My body froze as Murray started to fuck me harder.

“Oh yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as my body started to shake.

As I came, I could feel Murray’s cock getting hard. All of a sudden, he slid his cock out and started stroking.

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck yeah.” He moaned, as his cock exploded shooting cum all over my pussy.

“Oh fuck honey.” Linda said, as she tasted Murray’s cum as she licked my pussy.

As I collapsed on the bed beside Linda, Murray put on his boxer shorts and headed out of the room.

“Honey that was fun.” Linda said, cuddling in to me.

“It was. Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” She replied.

“Has Murray ever shared you with another guy?” I asked.

“No he hasn’t but I wish he would. What was it like with Murray and his friends the other night?” She asked.

“I loved it; I always love it.”

“I’m guessing that wasn’t your first time being shared?” She asked.

“Oh no, it’s a regular occurrence for me.” I said, with a cheeky smile.

“Maybe you should talk to Murray for me. Get him to invite his friends over. I’d love for him and his friends to fuck me like they did to you.” She said.

“I’ll chat with him.” I said, as I got up off the bed.

I headed to the bathroom and freshened up, before heading out to the lounge joining Murray.

“Where’s Linda?” He asked.

“In the bathroom. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what’s up.” He replied.

“You know Linda is keen for you to invite a few friends over.” I said.

“You know, she asks a lot of questions, but when I ask her how she would feel about it, she didn’t give me an answer. God, I could have the guys over tonight.” He replied.

“I think she’s worried how you would feel about guys fucking her Infront of you.” I said, as I dressed.

“Oh fuck, I’d love it. Do you think I should invite them over tonight? Will you stay.”

“Yes I reckon you should, and yes I’d love to stay.” I replied.

As Linda joined us in the lounge, Murray headed to the games room to make a few calls.

“Let’s have another wine.” Linda said, as she poured us both a glass. “Why don’t you stay for dinner.”

“I’d love to.” I replied.

For the rest of the afternoon, Linda and I sat by the pool chatting, while Murray organised his friends. Around six o’clock, we headed inside and had something to eat. Murray joined us and I couldn’t stop thinking about how many of his friends he had organised.

It was about seven-thirty, when there was a knock at the door. Murray got up to answer it, and after a minute returned with four of his friends.

“Linda, you know the guys.” Murray said.

“Hi guys.” She said with a smile.

“Guys this is Toni, Toni this is Chris, Paul, Bob and Ray.

“Hi guys.” I said with a smile.

The guys headed into the games room as Linda poured us both another wine. We both joined the guys and sat watching them play pool.

“You ladies want to play?” Chris asked.

“Sure.” Linda replied, as Chris set up the next game.

“I’ll watch.” I said, as Linda got up.

Linda had a short dress on, and I couldn’t wait to see her bending over the table.

Chris broke and didn’t sink any balls. Now Linda’s turn, she moved in front of me and went to play her shot. As she bent over the table, the guys and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Nice view honey.” Murray said, as we stared at her almost naked arse.

She played her shot then looked around with a smile, as she moved from the table.

“Tell you what Linda, if you win, Chris will play the next game naked.” Paul said, with a cheeky smile.

“And if I win?” Chris asked, as he went to play his shot.

“Linda and I will play the next game naked.” I replied.

“That sounds fair.” Murray said, giving the guys a wink.

Chris and Linda continued the game. All of a sudden, Chris sank every ball except one.

“Here goes ladies. Get ready to undress.” Chris said, before sinking the last ball.

Your turn ladies, but don’t forget you’re playing naked.” Murray said, as the guys stood around waiting for us to remove our clothes.

I stood up and looked at Linda as we both undressed. We collected the pool balls from the pockets and set the table ready to play, as the guys sat staring at our naked bodies. I let Linda go first and stood back watching her bend over the table. The guys stared at her arse, and I could tell they were getting turned on. I looked over at Murray as Linda played her shot, and by the look on his face I could tell he was enjoying the guys staring at his wife. Now it was my turn. I had to play my shot from the opposite end of the table. As the guys watched, I leant over the table feeling my nipples rub against the felt of the pool table. The sensation felt good, and my pussy was getting wet. I played my shot and sank the ball. Now having to play my shot from the middle of the table, I was ready to give the guys a good view. With them sitting behind me, I stretched for the middle and took my time lining up my shot. I lifted one leg up and rested it on the table, and I could feel my wet pussy lips on display. I looked around at the guys and Linda and their eyes were right where I wanted them.

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Flamingos Ch. 05

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As it happened, it wasn’t moving day after all.

I was outside, doing my walkaround, sort of a pre-leaving ritual I had developed. I wasn’t actually doing anything, but I always liked to do a quick check and remind myself what I needed to do.

It was early so I was kind of surprised when I heard a greeting.

I looked up and it was Steve and Gwen, the guy I had seen setting up yesterday and then lifting the girl into her wheelchair. We had met, briefly, last night between songs and beers.

“Mornin’,” I said as he approached. Gwen was right behind him, her strong arms moving the unpowered chair with skill.

“We didn’t get a chance to talk much last night,” he said and I chuckled, “but we’d like to invite you to dinner this evening.”

“Well,” I said, starting to tell him that we would be heading out today but he interrupted me.

“Gwen really liked your music and,” and here he chuckled, “I really liked your wife’s ass and we’d like to see if you’re interested.”

I looked at Gwen, her strong arms displayed by the sleeveless T-shirt she wore, this one advertising some restaurant of which I had never heard, her legs strapped to the footrests with what looked like velcro straps and the sudden image of taking this crippled girl to bed won the internal argument for me.

I grinned and said, “what time and what do we need to bring?”

“Oh, say seven,” he said, matching my grin, and if you have some of those gummies laying around that would be nice. We have beer and wine.

“Done,” I said.

So they continued their morning promenade and I finished my walkaround.

Inside I watched Fox News and waited for Paula to wake.

When she did get up I heard her pee and brush her teeth and then she walked into the front room, walking a bit funny I thought.

“Sore?” I asked by way of greeting.

She giggled and closed the distance between us so I was nose to pussy with her.

“A very pleasant soreness,” she said in that cooing voice she used when she was feeling particularly horny.

I laughed and slapped her ass.

“Rest, wench,” I said, “and get us coffee.” I held my cup out to her.

She snorted, giggled, took my cup and went over to the Keurig machine, putting a LOT of swing into those magnificent hips of hers.

“We have a dinner date,” I said.

“Oh?” she asked, “with?”

“Steve and Gwen,” I said and I watched her face as she made the connections.

“The girl in the wheelchair and her dad?” she asked.

“Yep,” I confirmed.

“Oh my,” she said, looking at me from the corner of her eye.

I laughed and said, “he REALLY likes your ass.”

We sat and worked on the map for a while, figuring our next stop.

We spent that day doing a combination of sightseeing and the beach. I mean, why visit the Gulf coast if you’re not going to spend time on that white sugar sand. Besides that, I LOVE the looks my wife draws in her string bikini.

We had lunch at a local place where we both slurped down oysters and beer, giggling, talking about the mythical aphrodisiac effect of oysters in voices not really loud, but not trying to hide our conversation either. I laughed and offered my beer in an across-the-aisle toast as a matronly woman, I presumed the guy’s wife, giggled at something Paula said. The husband scowled and I laughed and toasted him too.

It was a good day.

We arrived at Steve and Gwen’s place at 7:00 sharp, bearing a package of my favorite Sativa marijuana gummies and a Key Lime pie we had purchased after trying a slice at the restaurant.

I wasn’t sure how it would play out. We were still VERY new to the Flamingo Life and had never been with a father-daughter couple before. Hell, we had never imagined such a thing existed.

I did the introductions for Paula and then opened my package of gummies with a bit of a flourish.

“These are 10-milligram gummies,” I said, “and I will cut one in half for Paula and me. You guys are welcome to try as much as you’d like but I’ll tell you, I’m still fascinated by how much better this stuff is than what I was sneaking as a college student.”

I cut one in half and offered half to Paula and then passed the little cutting board to Steve. He cut one in half and handed the board to Gwen who grabbed a whole gummy and put it in her mouth.

He turned out to be a good cook and the fish dinner he had prepared was world-class-restaurant quality. It was served as a full meal with a salad course that had an absolutely delicious dressing (“my own recipe,” Steve had said), the fish with a small baked potato, corn on the cob, and the tiniest baby peas I had ever seen.

And we talked in that way I was learning was normal in the Flamingo Life. It was an odd mixture of learning each other but with a lack of inhibition you would expect from someone who had explained a dinner invitation with an announcement that he REALLY kızılay escort liked my wife’s ass.

Their trailer was full of interesting modifications. Well, of interesting handholds. Gwen had very strong arms and moved around confidently, pulling herself hand over hand, moving easily from place to place, and pulling herself up onto the couch. She had an odd grace as she moved, her legs dragging behind her.

The story, it turned out, was that she had been a world-class gymnast. She had reached what she called “Elite” status and had tryouts for the Olympic team scheduled. And then she had a stupid accident.

“It was one of those stupid things that happen,” she had said, open about her “being a cripple” as she called it with a giggle.

“I had done the really scary things,” she said, “the uneven bars and the balance beam. Hell, my floor routine was dangerous itself with all the big twists I had in it. Then I was going to do my vault, normally my best, well, my easiest, event. I was making the run and my foot just slipped and I tried to catch myself and when I hit the horse I just caught myself exactly wrong and broke my back.”

She said this all very matter-of-factly but I thought I heard quite a bit of emotion.

“So here I am, everybody’s favorite cripple,” she said.

The pot had taken hold and Paula was hanging onto Steve’s arm, doing that two-hand-on-the-arm thing that all women seem to know how to do on an instinctive level and all men find irresistible.

She stood, suddenly, and offered her hand to Steve.

“Take me to bed, Goose, or lose me forever,” she said, stealing the line from “Top Gun.”

He stood, grinning as well.

She kissed me, lightly on the cheek, and said, “don’t hurry, baby.”

Gwen and I watched them leave and then, “alone at last” as they say, I felt an odd awkwardness.

“Oh Jesus,” she said, grabbing one of the ubiquitous handholds and swinging over to sit on my lap, “don’t get all inhibited on me now.”

The kiss was a good kiss. In part, it was feeling the sheer strength in her powerful arms that got to me.

She finally broke the kiss, and it was up to her at that point, I was along for the ride.

“Not bad,” she said, giggling.

I watched, fascinated, as she reached down, did the crossed arms thing that women seem to know instinctively, and peeled off her T-shirt.

Her breasts were tiny, just buds of slightly enlarged nipples.

I touched them and the nipples hardened into little points, not much bigger than my own.

“Not much there,” she said.

I smiled and said, “but cute.

“I started gymnastics at 7,” she said, obviously wanting to talk so I leaned back to listen.

“When you train hard like that you actually delay puberty,” she continued, “and then when I broke my back, the spinal cord was broken at T12 (“thoracic number 12″ she explained when I asked) leaving me completely paralyzed from the waist down and screwing up my hormones in the process.”

She smiled wanly, “leaving me kinda stuck in puberty,” she finished.

“But,” she said, “my mouth and hands still work just fine,” and she reached down and squeezed where I was about half-hard, making me chuckle in reply.

“You’re welcome to anything else,” she added, the redness of her eyes and the weird little giggle that accompanied it attesting to the pot working on her, “but there’s no telling what you’ll find.”

I caught her hands in mine, again fascinated with her strength, and kissed her, a long, LONG kiss, more gentle than passionate. I felt the sort of frantic tension leave her body as the kiss lingered.

Her eyes were a little unfocused when I broke the kiss and leaned back to meet her eyes.

“I think I’ll take my chances with all of you,” I said.

She grinned.

“You just wanna see the crippled girl naked, don’t you,” she said, but I thought she was smiling as she said it.

I answered in kind.

“Yep,” I said, “can’t wait.”

She twisted away, flexible as an otter, and took off, moving in that oddly graceful hand-over-hand way through what was obviously familiar ground to her.

“Come on then,” she said, disappearing up the four steps to the bedroom above the hitch in that fifth-wheel rig.

It was interesting watching her move, her broad shoulders and powerful arms working smoothly while her legs, clad in oversize jeans trailed limply.

When I caught up she was laying back in the bed, smiling at me.

I leaned over and untied her tennis shoes and worked them off of her. Her feet were bony, the muscles atrophied from lack of use.

When I reached up and unbuttoned her jeans she covered my hand with hers.

“David,” she said, “you’ve been warned. I don’t know what you’ll find.”

I didn’t say anything, I just smiled at her and moved her hand away from mine.

Her kolej escort breath caught as I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and began tugging them down.

I wasn’t surprised to see her laying there in an adult diaper.

She sighed and said, “take what you want, David.”

I looked around and when I didn’t see what I was looking for in the bedroom I said, “hold that thought,” and went down into the bathroom where I found it.

Back in the bedroom, I chuckled and pulled the tabs loose, one pair at her waist and one at the tops of her legs, just like the diapers I had changed when my son was born.

The diaper was heavy and wet and I folded it carefully, as I had done hundreds of times.

I carefully washed her with the hot, wet washcloth I had brought, smiling at the womanchild laying before me. The light sprinkling of new pubic hair, just starting to come in when her development had been arrested, was soft and downy against the small labia. Her legs were atrophied and very thin, sticks really.

I lifted her by the ankles, another move still in my muscle memory, and carefully washed her ass. I noticed a small hint of diaper rash around the tiny opening of her anus and carefully spread some of the Desitin I had found in the bathroom on the rash.

When I laid her down carefully, her ass centered on the new diaper I had brought, and locked things up with the tapes, she said, very softly, “thank you.”

I smiled, went down into the bathroom, dropped off the dirty diaper in the diaper pail, and went back up to the bedroom.

I watched her eyes as she watched me undress.

“Thank you,” she said again, “so many men just want to fuck a cripple.”

I chuckled, crawled up beside her, and kissed her.

“I wanted to see what you looked like under all of this,” I said, patting her diaper, “and now,” I added, kissing her softly, “let’s see how good you are with hands and mouth as you promised and, for that matter, let’s find out where YOUR erogenous zones are.”

It turned out, she had some interesting ones. A tongue, grazing the shell of her ear, took her breath away. That one didn’t surprise me although the strength of her reaction did. Her back arched and her fingers curled into claws while she huffed out five quick breaths.

I leaned back to meet her eyes.

“This may sound stupid,” I said, smiling, “but did I just make you cum?”

She giggled and said, “not down here,” and she patted the pad of her diapers, “but in here,” she said, and patted her chest, between those little buds of breasts, “and here,” she rubbed her belly, “I get sensations I really like.”

When I touched her little nipple she shivered. I could get the entire thing in my mouth, and sucked gently. Her fingers dug into the skin of my shoulders in response.

She shuddered suddenly, and I wondered if she had drawn blood on my back.

“I don’t know what other women experience,” she said, answering my unasked question when I released her tiny titty and met her eyes, “but that’s what I would call ‘release,’ and it’s what women I’ve talked to describe as their orgasm.”

I was in no hurry and kept up my exploration. It turned out there was a band around her hips, right where feeling and non-feeling met, that would take her breath away and I played with it for a long time, enjoying the play of her strong arms as she squirmed and, well, “came” is as good a word as any.

She caught my hands in hers and made me stop.

“Sit on my hips, David,” she said, so I swung my leg over her and did as she asked, my ass sitting on her bony hips. The Cialis works for me, generally, but I was not hard yet. Turgid is the word they use in the potboiler romance novels for how I was, firm but not yet erect.

She smiled and took me in her hand. I felt a moment of worry. Her hands were obviously strong and very callused, not womanly at all. But it turned out she hadn’t exaggerated a bit. Her fingers started an odd rolling motion, her little finger squeezing then her ring finger and so on, like, I suppose, a farmer does when milking a cow.

It worked.

I was fully erect in just a few seconds.

Strong hands grabbed my hips then, and pulled me forward until my scrotum nestled between the buds of her breasts that would never develop.

And she was smiling. An odd smile, pure happiness or maybe “joy” is a better word.

“Is this just because I’m a cripple,” she asked and I bent my back as far as I could and kissed her.

“It’s because you’re a beautiful, unique young woman who gets to me,” I whispered, leaning back, offering my cock.

Time, as they say, lost meaning. She was an artist with her hand. That milking motion would take me close and she would stop. She would cup my balls and squeeze, right to the edge of pain and hold me there, afraid to move.

When she maltepe escort laid her palms on both sides and used her thumbs to very gently make my one-eyed friend open his eye wide and then touched it with her tongue I almost exploded but she held me, her thumb pressing hard right at the base of my erection and I didn’t quite cum.

Strong hands pulled me a bit farther and she took me into her mouth.

She hadn’t been lying. She was truly world-class with her mouth. It was her tongue, really, that made the difference. It was warm and wet and caressed and played and took me farther than I had ever imagined I would be and still I didn’t quite finish.

Finally, after some measurable fraction of eternity, she pulled her mouth away and took me in her hand again.

By then I could barely breathe. She was VERY good with her mouth.

She smiled as she finished me and my ejaculation was powerful and sweet. She continued milking me as I pumped my release, accepting it on her face and in her hair, not dropping her smile as she finished and then held me while I gave those last three or four little shudders and began to soften.

“Thank you,” she said, pulling me with strong arms down for a kiss.

And I didn’t mind. It was a good kiss.

I laid beside her and held her. I told her she was beautiful, and she was. She said she was just a cripple and I slapped her ass, then realized that accomplished nothing so I slapped her on the face, not too hard but hard enough to get her attention.

“You’re special, Gwen, and you’re beautiful,” I said, “quit deflecting compliments.

She smiled and said thank you and pulled me down for another kiss.

We laid like that, touching, kissing, saying, as the old song goes, “sweet nothings,” until I felt the vibration in the trailer signifying her father coming back.

She rolled her eyes and said, “you’d better go on home, he’ll be in a state.”

I chuckled at the antique turn of phrase, but I did roll off the bed, find my clothes, and get dressed.

I kissed her once more, said, “thank you,” and started down the stairs.

“It was fun,” she said to my back.

Downstairs Steve was doing something in the kitchen and didn’t turn when I got to the bottom of the stairs.

“That’s weird,” I thought, but just left.

Back at our trailer, Paula was sitting in her recliner with a beer in her hand.

I grabbed a beer myself and sat beside her.

“Well, how did it go?” I asked.

She giggled softly and said, “he’s a crier.”

“Huh?” I asked, demonstrating that I’m not always a rapier-wit.

“He spent most of his time crying, literally crying, about how hard life is,” she said, finishing her beer.

“Was the sex at least good?” I asked.

She scowled.

“If you consider 30 seconds and done good,” she said.

I chuckled and went to the refrigerator and got her a fresh beer.

I handed it to her and then got to my knees before her.

“I apologize,” I said, “on behalf of ALL stupid men in the world.”

I pulled on her calves, encouraging her to scoot forward until I could give her oral pleasure as she deserved.

The taste of Steve’s semen was slightly bitter, something I would later learn to associate with men who drank a lot. But I didn’t let that stop me. I cleaned her first, like a cat, and then continued, my tongue probing, finding her clitoris, and slowly bringing her along.

Her fingers entwined in my hair and she said, “now that’s a good boy.”

And deep in my brain, way down there at the brain stem, something shifted. I felt it, I liked it, and I was surprised when I got suddenly hard again.

It was one of those timeless interludes. I was licking and probing and sucking and feeling her respond and on some level, I realized that was what I wanted, HER pleasure. Mine would always be secondary now.

When she came I drank her thick, salty nectar greedily, sucking gently, feeling her labia swell in my mouth as I brought her along through three waves of pleasure before those fingers in my hair pulled me away.

I deliberately left my mouth open slightly, allowing her nectar to overflow and hand from my chin in a thick white string as I looked up at her.

“Good boy,” she said again and then stood.

“Let’s go to bed,” she said.

As I followed her I had a random thought – “Steve WAS right about something. THAT is a magnificent ass.”

In bed she took me. She took me like a man takes a woman. She was the aggressor and when she mounted me it wasn’t just accepting me into her body. It was demanding my performance. She played with my nipples more than she ever had before when we made love, and told me I was beautiful. She came again, surprising me, and again before she managed to coax a second ejaculation from me.

I softened instantly, of course, and she giggled.

We laid side by side, kissing, and still, she was somehow in charge. It was HER hands that guided and HER lips that decided when and where and how the kisses were exchanged.

Finally, she relaxed, her frantic energy expended.

I found her nipple and began suckling as she stroked my hair and told me I was a good boy.

And that is how our last day on the beach ended.

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Unicorn Ch. 03

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*****Author’s Note – Everyone in this story is over the age of 18.****


“I’m going to miss you so much,” Mrs. Preston whispered between soft, closed mouth kisses. The queen was off to visit her sister for the 4th of July. This meant that Lauren and Mr. Preston were to be on their own, in the city for the long weekend.

“The car is downstairs, my love,” Mr. Preston told her as he swept his hand gently down her back. He followed the line of her spine, down her back, cupped her bottom and sighed. “Your luggage is in the trunk and the driver has your carryon. We’ll both miss you terribly,” he assured her. Then he broke out a devilish grin and added, “If your sister wasn’t such an uptight bitch, we could all go to Martha’s Vineyard.”

“Mark,” Mrs. Preston said his name with a pretend scowl on her face as she tried to hold back her laughter. “She isn’t a bitch.”

“Honey, come on,” Mark made a face at his wife.

Apparently, they had a long history, Mr. Preston and the Johnsons. Mr. Preston had always been seen as bourgeoisie and he’d never been good enough for Mrs. Preston. Rather than try to impress the queen’s family, Mr. Preston hadn’t ever given a shit if they liked him or not. From then on, it had become Mrs. Preston’s job to keep them all apart.

Mrs. Preston admitted in a quiet voice, “Okay, she is sort of a bitch. But she can’t help it. She’s just under a lot of stress.”

Lauren had wanted to see her dark haired lover to the airport, or at least to the car but Mrs. Preston had explained with smiling eyes. “Everyone will wonder what Mark and I are doing, kissing this beautiful, young girl,” she had murmured with her soft hands on Lauren’s face. It was exactly the way Mrs. Preston held her face right before she came in Lauren’s mouth and the thought of that made Lauren twitch. For now, they had to say their goodbyes away from prying eyes.

Mr. Preston kissed his wife on the forehead and Lauren watched them stare into each other’s eyes. They were the only two people Lauren had ever known who were so obvious about being completely in love. They were obsessed with each other and their happiness. Her lovers shared a space that nothing else touched. Sheltered from the world, it was just their two hearts beating in time. Lauren smiled as she watched their hands on each other. She felt the love radiate between their bodies. They warmed the atmosphere, they were both a force of nature. “You don’t have time to talk about all the reasons why your family is so weird,” Mr. Preston said with a chuckle. “Go, have a good time. I’ll take care of our girl.”

Mrs. Preston had a worried look when she reached for Lauren’s hand. “Don’t just sit on the couch and smoke weed all week guys. It’s the 4th. Promise you’ll go out and do something, okay?”

“We promise,” Lauren and Mr. Preston mumbled in unison. One quick look at each other and they both doubled over with suppressed laughter.

“Honey, you know we can do edibles now, right?” Mr. Preston asked his wife as he nudged Lauren, his co conspirator, in the ribs. “We can be high outside and we don’t even have to smoke.”

“Totally,” Lauren said and tried to look very serious.

Mrs. Preston shook her head and smiled, like they were both bad kids. She blew them a kiss and rolled her luggage out the door. Both Lauren and Mr. Preston watched as she left and Lauren felt that they were both imagining her naked as the queen walked away. “She’s going to have a perfectly miserable time,” Mr. Preston said and sounded like he missed her already.

Once they closed the door, Lauren perceived the change, it was a palpable shift. Without her dark haired beauty, this would be the first time that she would be alone with Mr. Preston. It was just going to be the two of them for four days and Lauren wondered if she’d be able to keep him interested on her own. She’d always had Mrs. Preston and the queen was always so creative and kinky. Plus she knew what Mr. Preston liked. Lauren remembered what her lover had told her the day before. “Mark can be a little much but just tell him that you need a break,” Mrs. Preston had said as she hugged Lauren tight. Her sheath of black hair had made a veil around herself and Lauren and it had seemed like a secret hiding place to kiss.

Lauren watched him as he walked to the kitchen. Mr. Preston attracted almost as much attention as his wife. He was tall and broad and there was his amazing ass that Lauren had watched often but never really touched. His physical presence stirred her, there was something about him that made her ache inside. She wanted to smell his manly musk on her skin. She wanted to taste him in her mouth and feel his seed trickle down her inner thighs. She wanted to be his. The king’s. Marked.

“Hey, want to go to the art museum with me?” Mr. Preston asked as he reached into the cereal box with his hand. “I always have to go by myself because Sharon hates it.”

The art museum? The McCullums had no time eve gelen escort or money for cultural things. If it wasn’t a school field trip, Mr. McCullum would just put his newspaper up and pretend like he couldn’t hear the request. Lauren nodded, “yes, please. I’ve never been and I’ve always wanted to go.”

“Never? Okay, baby love, it’s you and me and the art museum today. And can I make a request?”

It was going to be something sexual, Lauren could see the light in his eye. It was the familiar look of desire that had just started to simmer.

They had just made love this morning, Lauren could still feel the sticky residue of the three of them on her chest. Mr. Preston had been deep inside the queen as Lauren had licked them both. She knew that he had cum a massive amount inside Mrs. Preston. There had been too much for Lauren to swallow and she had dripped his salty mess down her neck. She’d used the extra cum to masturbate and squirted all over her lovers. She remembered that Mr. Preston had glowed with satisfaction as he watched. There had been that look of utter release, emptied of anything but the ebb and flow of pleasure, but now he had the hungry look once more. “Sure, of course,” Lauren said quietly, suddenly parched. “Anything you want,” she added and realized that her hips were drawn to him. It felt like her body couldn’t say no to the king. She was magnetized.

After all, she was his concubine.

“Will you wear your hair in braids for me?” he asked, his voice was tender and soft. It was his bedroom voice. It was the voice that he used when he was on his knees. The voice he spoke to her in as he kissed her thighs and took down her panties. So braids were a turn on and something inside Lauren needed to keep him hard and wanting her.

“Yes,” she approached him and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “I’ll braid my hair after I take a shower. Should I dress up?” Lauren wondered as she reached for a bowl. She never wanted to look out of place, she loved to make them proud.

Mr. Preston talked with his mouth full of cereal, “No, you don’t need to dress up.” His eyes were on her though and he was obvious about it. Lauren could feel his gaze and the roll of his eyes as he sought out her nipples in the front of the baggy tee shirt. The king was undressing her with his eyes and he was taking his time about it. Mr. Preston studied her bare legs, his eyes traced the shape of her bottom. “Unless you want to drive me crazy all day and then you could wear a sundress and your white sneakers.”

She wanted to drive him crazy all day.

Lauren ate her yogurt quickly and got in the shower. Even though it was hot outside, she liked to stand in the shower in the master bathroom and crank the water all the way to hot. She liked to watch the steam billow around her, she liked to stand in the ghostly embrace. The heat brought her back to the real world, almost painful and sharp. It was something which Lauren found that she needed more and more after spending so much time immersed in their fantasy world.

She turned the lever over to cold and washed herself until she had goosebumps that way. Her pussy lips were hot and swollen and the icy cold water on her sensitive places made her shiver. She liked to go back and forth, freeze and burn and then freeze again. Lauren wanted to feel everything on her body and the water was almost like a thousand strange fingers.

Lauren dried off carefully with one of the thick, Egyptian cotton towels. She wrapped her hair in the damp towel once her skin was dry. She slowly massaged the pink, rose scented lotion into her skin. Smelling it reminded her of Mrs. Preston and the lake house that she’d started to call home.

Here, in the penthouse, it definitely felt more like male territory. Mr. Preston was here alone most of the week and it had the atmosphere of a bachelor pad. When she and Mrs. Preston had first arrived, it smelled of stale cigar smoke. There had been empty pizza boxes strewn about on the coffee table. The toilet seats were both up and Mrs. Preston had joked about him becoming a caveman.

Lauren had to admit that she found it sexy. Not the mess or the smoke, just that he was wild and untamed. Mr. Preston sort of looked like a caveman, Lauren thought. Especially when he took off the expensive suit and the Italian loafers and he was just naked and free. Mr. Preston with his dark, possessed eyes, eyes that were fierce and full of love and passion. He kissed Lauren like a beast, like he was something untamable and savage. An animal like that couldn’t be bothered to clean up pizza boxes.

Once Lauren was finished with her lotion, she combed her crazy coil of thick, blonde hair. It was quite a chore and took the better part of fifteen minutes to get all the tangles out. Once she had tugged out all of the knots, Lauren parted her hair into two sections. Then each section had to be pinned and she gaziosmanpaşa escort started to braid two long coils. When she was finished, she stood back and smiled at her reflection. It was erotic and yet innocent all at the same time. It seemed obscene to be naked and in braids and Lauren thought that this was probably why Mr. Preston had asked for it.

She padded barefoot to the bedroom. Lauren looked over at the huge, king-sized mattress and it was a reminder. The bed that was usually meant for three was now down to two. Lauren felt the weight of it and worried. What if, try as she might, she wasn’t enough for the king?

Lauren needed to use all of her possible advantages. She pulled out one of the dresser drawers that Mrs. Preston had designated for Lauren’s things. Lauren had brought several small bras and panties. They were matching sets, the fancy underwear that Mrs. Preston always bought her and Lauren seldom wore. Lauren felt her mouth wind up into a little bow as she contemplated the possibilities.

Mr. Preston had never noticed her panties, except to get them off. They were just a hindrance to her pussy. There had only been one time that he had seemed to care. It had been the second time that they had made love and Lauren had worn high waisted pink polka dotted panties. Those, he’d kept his eyes on. As Mrs. Preston had kissed her down the center of her dots and then slipped Lauren’s panties off, she remembered that Mr. Preston had picked them up quickly. In fact, she remembered that Mr. Preston had rubbed his nose in the damp center as he had watched his wife part Lauren’s lips. He had licked Lauren’s pink panties while Mrs. Preston kissed Lauren and with tongue, right there.

The pink panties were the ones and Lauren slid them up, over her hips. She wiggled her cheeks and pulled the back material out of her crack. It wouldn’t last though. The center of the panties would creep right back in but she was used to it by now. Lauren’s bottom couldn’t be contained.

Lauren skipped the bra altogether. That was the second thing that she knew. Mr. Preston enjoyed watching her little breasts jiggle in tops and dresses and bathing suits. He seemed to know that his eyes on her made her nipples hard. It seemed that just staring at her chest was enough to give him the desired effect.

She slipped the short, pink sundress over her head and pulled the top down to show her bare shoulders. Lauren twirled in front of the mirror and watched her reflection. The dress was short and cut very full and the fabric rose to reveal the underneath side of her cheeks when she spun around. Once she put on the Keds, her outfit was complete.

She was quick with the rest of her routine. Lauren never put on much makeup and she wasn’t very good at it. Mrs. Preston would always do her mascara for her after she curled her eyelashes. Now, on her own, Lauren just swiped her lashes with the brush and hoped for the best. She wore her fruit flavored lip gloss that made her lips shine like she’d just licked them.

She presented herself in the living room with her hands behind her back. Lauren couldn’t believe how nervous she was, it was almost like the first time all over again. But she knew Mr. Preston, they’d been intimate in ways that she’d never been with any other man before. She ought to be relaxed. One look at him on the couch though and she knew that she was too aroused to be relaxed. He was wearing a white shirt and she saw a bit of black hair that gleamed at the top where the collar was open. “Is this okay?” Lauren asked before she twirled for him to see the front and the back.

He whispered, “Wow, my dream girl.”

Well fuck.

Mr. Preston sat back and requested in his husky voice, “Twirl around for me again?”

Lauren blushed as she made another circle for him. His dream girl? God, did he know how much she wanted to please him? Her king, her lover; he knew all of her. Lauren felt the warm gush in the center of her polka dotted panties and she hoped that he called her his dream girl when he pulled the dress off.

His arms were over the back of the sectional and his legs were open. His thick, powerful thighs were always something Lauren was drawn to. She couldn’t help but let her eyes move over him. Mr. Preston was hard, obviously hard and made no attempt to hide it or move it. He just let Lauren stare and he watched her with a knowing smile, as if to tell her that she’d get more of it than she knew what to do with later.

“Come on, we’ll take the Mercedes to the museum. I heard you drive all over Lake Geneva?” he cocked his head at her and gave her a secret smile. He must be referencing Virginia’s party. Maybe he wanted to ask about all of the intimate details but he was waiting for Lauren to spill.

“Yeah, I do,” she came in close and wrapped her hands around his left arm. Lauren leaned in and smelled Mr. Preston. His clean, masculine gölbaşı escort scent was something she was addicted to. Sometimes Lauren would smell his shirt or even his discarded boxers when he wasn’t looking. She blushed as she thought of that and swallowed down the smell of him and held it inside.

“Think you can drive downtown?” Mr. Preston asked with raised eyebrows. He’d be impressed if she could and Lauren put her small hand out for the keys.

She giggled, “We’ll see,” once Mr. Preston had handed them over with a jingle. He gave her a terrified look and then laughed.

Mr. Preston looked almost as enthused about the museum as he did for Lauren’s dress and braids. As he paid for the tickets, he grinned. “I usually feel like I’m sneaking around when I come here,” he put his large hand out for Lauren to weave her fingers through. “It’s nice to have company, especially for the Monet exhibit.”

Lauren stood hand in hand with Mr. Preston and she was set adrift in a world of color. Layers and layers of colors that seemed more alive than the room in which the paintings were hung. They stood in front of a painting titled “Japanese Bridge” and Mr. Preston stood behind her. It felt as if they were swimming in the water rather than standing on their feet. He wrapped his arms around her chest and drew Lauren into his body. There was just the colors and the light and Lauren could feel his heartbeat against her back. His cock was half hard and stirred at their closeness. Lauren smelled him and snuggled her bottom up into her lover but all the while, it was the painting that she was immersed in.

“It’s almost too much,” she whispered.

“Almost like us,” Mr. Preston murmured and kissed Lauren’s neck right on her pulse. She was wet for him, soaked really. The pink polka dotted panties were too warm and slippery in the center and she thought if he reached under her frilly sundress that she might cum instantly in his hand.

They took their time and walked slowly from one exhibit to the next. It wasn’t until Lauren realized that they had been immersed in some black and white photos for what might have been hours that she heard her stomach rumble.

Mr. Preston grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. He kissed her upper lip, just a sweet, lingering kiss that made Lauren want to open her mouth for his tongue. “Enough art for now. Miss McCullum,” he told her. “I need to feed you.”

“It’s okay, I can wait,” she said as she stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her hands behind his neck. She was his dream girl, pressed against his hard cock, her heart hammered in her chest as she felt his erection reach out to touch her.

“Nonsense,” he reached down and affectionately grabbed her bottom and hummed with pleasure. “Mrs. Preston is much too fond of you. She’d never forgive me if I let you starve. Besides, they have a lovely restaurant here with an incredible view.”

He twirled Lauren and she went up on her tiptoes again as her dress flared around her thighs. Then he dipped her low and pulled Lauren back into his solid arms. “We should go dancing,” Mr. Preston said as he wrapped one hand around a braid.

He pushed it over her shoulder and Lauren nodded, “That would be fun.” They had a warm, electric spark between them and everything was foreplay. The handholding was just like fucking. Looking in each other’s eyes was just as soul baring as undressing.

He led her to the third floor where Terzo Piano was located. Lauren gasped, Mr. Preston had downplayed what a breathtaking view it was. From this spot, the whole city of Chicago opened out like a magic carpet all the way to the horizon. Everything was afternoon sunlight and white marble and the space was art, just like the paintings. “Oh my god,” she whispered and felt Mr. Preston knead her fingers on the crook of his arm.

They were led to a table next to the wall of windows and Mr. Preston held Lauren’s chair for her and tucked her into place. He was such a gentleman. Lauren hadn’t realized until his regular ministrations for both she and Mrs. Preston, how gratifying it was to be taken care of by a man. It was yet another layer of intimacy, Lauren thought as he placed the napkin over her lap. It felt like Mr. Preston was always thinking of the ladies in his life in all of the best of ways.

The waitress was a small woman with a face full of freckles. She had brown hair that she wore tucked into a tight bun. She wore a black shirt and pants and she spoke in a quiet voice that you needed to lean in to hear. Mr. Preston wanted a dry martini and gave the specifics to the lady in black.

“And what would your daughter like?” the waitress asked.

Lauren felt the spontaneous blush. Her cheeks were on fire, she was sure that they were deeply red. The woman thought Mr. Preston was her father and that suddenly made this seem so wrong.

He looked very amused though and clasped Lauren’s hand, “I believe that my daughter wants a Coke.”

Once the waitress walked away, Lauren bit her bottom lip and looked down at her dress. Why was she suddenly flushed everywhere? It was as if the blush on her cheeks had coursed down her body.

The waitress continued to refer to Lauren throughout the meal as Mr. Preston’s daughter and every time, her lover went with it. He didn’t correct her, he just smiled to himself.

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Barb at 21

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Ken proposed a few months before Barb’s 21st birthday. They were on Ken’s boat, enjoying an unusually hot Summer day. She kept jumping in the water to cool off, and Ken wondered if she was working on her dive technique or testing the bikini’s ability to stay on her body. Her tan had reached its peak weeks ago, and her all-over golden color contrasted well with her bright coral orange, sheer-when-wet, string bikini.

Unlike the past few trips to the lake, this time it was just her and Ken. She felt something must have been on his mind all morning, as he wasn’t very talkative. When he got down on one knee and produced a small jewelry box, she thought he was joking. When he opened the box and asked her those magic words, she knew he was serious. She accepted without hesitation, and it made for some of the best sex she’d ever had with Ken – on the boat and in view of anyone looking in their direction, no less – non-stop for over an hour. She wondered if Ken even noticed her bleached butt hole, and felt stupid for letting Bethany talk her into it.

The proposal made for a quiet ride home that afternoon, though. She looked at the ring the entire drive back to her Aunt Dori’s house. It was pretty. Not too big, not too small, but very elegant. Definitely not fake, though, and definitely something he picked out with her in mind. She wore it all the way to the side door to Dori’s house, and then placed it back in the jewelry box.

Barb wasn’t sure how her parents would react. Ken didn’t ask permission from her father, and Barb said that would have to happen if she was going to have a ‘real’ wedding. They also didn’t know where they were going to live because Ken shared a house – what Barb considered a small mansion – with two roommates. The house was paid for, left to him by his parents that died years prior, but he didn’t think it would go over well to abruptly ask his roommates to move out after living there for the past few years. Ken decided to hold off on kicking them out until they found somewhere else to live that was about the same price as the rent they were paying him. In the meantime, if Barb moved in with Ken, his roommates would undoubtedly see her as the resident living fuck doll, to which she would have no complaints. She liked Ken’s roommates, and Barb was no stranger to their cocks. They apparently liked her, too, as they’d always ask Ken if they could fuck her whenever she spent the weekend at his house. As long as Barb said yes, then Ken said yes.

But, Ken and Barb realized her parents would want to visit wherever they lived together while engaged, and two well-hung roommates walking around half – or completely – naked wouldn’t go over well. At least, not with Barb’s dad.

Barb had developed some lesbian tendencies toward (her now BFF) Bethany shortly after Bethany fucked Ken for the first time. And, she even developed some incestuous tendencies with her Aunt Dori that same weekend. But, she preferred a nice, big dick… specifically, Ken’s big dick. And, she preferred Ken. She loved him. Not just for his body, but for who he was. And, as luck would have it, Ken felt the same way about Barb. Fortunately, Ken didn’t get Bethany pregnant while she wasn’t on birth control. Bethany got on the pill a month later, but Ken was reluctant to come inside her pussy, again. Barb thought her Aunt Dori’s pussy, however, always tasted like Ken’s come. She meant to talk to him about that.

Barb accepted Ken fucking other women as much as he accepted her fucking other men. She trusted him, and even let him fuck girls or women she didn’t know about when she wasn’t around, as long as he promised to tell her about it later. Ken always did, sometimes hours later while he was fucking Barb. Barb asked him not to shower after fucking someone else she knew – as long as it wasn’t anal – and she would guess who it was when she sucked his cock afterward. She didn’t mind tasting her own ass, but she drew the line at tasting anyone else’s ass. Aunt Dori, however, didn’t seem to mind.

Barb found herself in several very surreal relationships, in an equally surreal world. So far, all of it had been good.

Sex with Ken was never boring, and never would be. He was financially secure, handsome, and treated her well. How could she say no to a marriage proposal, let alone wait? She couldn’t, and didn’t. She wasn’t sure why it was so important to Ken, just the fact that it was something he wanted made her take it seriously.

They opted for a Justice-of-the-Peace wedding at the county courthouse, and were married days later without anyone else knowing. Barb continued to live with her Aunt, while Ken let his roommates be roommates. He eventually helped them find a house on the other side of town, but it wasn’t going to be vacant for another 6 months. He discussed his “engagement” with his roommates, and unsurprisingly, they were happy for him. Although disappointed they would have to move out of his nice house, their mood brightened further when Ken told them that he would call them grup escort whenever Barb was in the mood for a ‘moresome.’

Knowing their timeline, Ken and Barb decided to set up a dinner where Ken could ask Barb’s parents for permission to marry her. This time, dinner was at Aunt Dori’s, and once again, Ken was the perfect gentleman. Barb’s dad had no reservations about giving his permission, but surprisingly, her mom was hesitant.

“But you’re so young,” Barb’s mom started. “Don’t you want to travel a bit, see the world, go out and do things?”

Barb knew that was her mom’s way of saying, “Go have sex with a lot of guys before settling on just one.”

“It’s okay, mom,” Barb answered. “I can still travel, see the world, and go out and do things after I’m married.”

And that was it. Barb’s parents gave their blessing, and a wedding date was set for six months later.

As Barb’s 21st birthday approached, Ken asked her what she’d like to do. She moved closer to him on the couch in Aunt Dori’s living room and ran a bare foot up and down his shin.

Barb thought for awhile, and then realized she didn’t have to pretend to be a hot wife. She could actually be one, now that she was married. She wasn’t sure how to proceed, though. “Let me think about it,” Barb said, and undid Ken’s pants.

After breakfast, Barb sat across from Ken at Dori’s kitchen table, looking at him sweetly.

“Remember that dive bar we went to a little over a year ago?” Barb asked.

“The one where everyone was trying to finger your wet pussy while you played pool?” Ken said.

“And the one where I got stupidly drunk and practically pissed on myself in the bar,” Barb added.

“How can I forget?” Ken smiled. “You want to go back?”

“Did you know any of those guys?” Barb asked.

“I knew a few of them, yeah,” Ken said. “Why?”

“Were you planning on letting them fuck me that night?” Barb asked.

“I thought about it,” Ken said. “But then you were too drunk to know what was happening, so I had to call it off.”

“I bet they were pissed,” Barb grinned.

“Are you kidding?” Ken said. “They were ready fuck you with or without my permission.”

“Were you worried?” Barb asked.

“Not really,” Ken said. “I know the bar owner. He was going to let it happen as long as he got a blowjob out of it, but then he saw things were going South, and made sure nothing happened that I didn’t want to happen.”

“But what about his blowjob?” Barb asked.

“He’ll be happy to call in his raincheck,” Ken smiled. “Even if that was well over a year ago. I’m sure he won’t forget the 19 year-old that was trying to look ten or twenty years older so she wouldn’t get carded.”

“And the other guys?” Barb asked, pouting her lips.

“The other guys will play nice, or they won’t play at all,” Ken said, standing up and unbuttoning his jeans for the second time that morning. “But, they’re energetic, with a lot of stamina. Once they get started, they won’t stop for at least a few hours. And… if you’re getting fucked in the bar, you’ll be expected to swallow to cut down on the mess,” Ken said, only half-serious.

“Well, as long as they taste okay, that shouldn’t be a problem,” Barb said, getting down to her knees.

“It would be a lot of come,” Ken said as Barb stroked his manhood.

“You know me… I’m a ‘lot of come’ kind of girl,” Barb said as she looked up and took the head of Ken’s large dick in her mouth.

At 5’4″ and 135 lbs., Barb found it easy to make any of her clothes work for a given occasion. She had put on an extra 5 lbs. over the past year, but she was sure it was mostly muscle.

Like her Aunt Dori, Barb had boobs big enough to fill a D cup, but preferred a C cup, or not wearing a bra at all. Where Aunt Dori’s breasts had started to sag a bit over the past decade, Barb’s tits were still very firm. Barb’s shape seemed to compliment itself with her narrow waist, flat stomach, and wider than average hips. Also like her Aunt Dori, she had pretty feet, shapely calves, muscular thighs, and a perfectly round, slightly big, attention-getting butt. Her boobs kept Barb from continuing in gymnastics when she was younger, but made for a short interview as a hotwings restaurant waitress after moving in with her Aunt Dori. Her rock-hard gymnast thighs and legs had relaxed a bit since high school, but still maintained a smooth, sexy appearance. Ken’s body-building friend, Gunter, certainly seemed to enjoy them.

Barb had kept her hair long when she was in high school, but recently cut it shorter and kept it curled to just below her shoulders. She was a natural blonde, but lightened it in the Summer months before letting it turn almost brunette in the Winter. Ken liked her hair, and would notice whenever she took the time to do something different with it, even if it was just putting it in a ponytail.

Barb had included a jeweled metal butt plug as part of her regular date-night attire whenever iranlı escort she was around Ken for the past 13 months, but wanted to keep that between them. According to her Aunt – who seemed to be an expert on the subject – it was important to maintain just the right balance of being accessible but not loose. Barb felt like her butt hole was there.

“No butt plug needed tonight,” Barb whispered. She had been watching what she ate all week, and the pre-shower enema was almost routine at this point. Aunt Dori’s recipe was especially a hit with her bestest girlfriend, Bethany, as Barb found Bethany’s tongue up her ass almost as much as in her pussy.

She had finished the last of several laser hair removal sessions a week ago, and was still amazed at the result. No bumps. No anything. Just smooth skin, not that Barb was all that hairy to begin with. She appreciated someone going down on her, and hoped they would appreciate the look and feel of her unobstructed sex.

She teased her clit as she showered, sliding her fingers over her smooth mound, but forced herself not to make herself come.

“There’ll be plenty of that, later,” Barb smiled as she finished scrubbing her body. “I hope.”

She used some of the more expensive lotion that Ken had bought her for the occasion, and wondered if the smell would have the same effect on men as it was having on her.

“I smell delicious,” Barb thought. “Yes, Ken certainly knows what he’s doing.” She actually thought about seeing if she could sit on Aunt Dori’s face for a few minutes, as that was all it would take. The thought passed, though, when she realized Ken was going to be there in less than thirty minutes.

Ken didn’t have a preference of nail polish color, but Barb noticed that his friends seemed to like when she painted her fingernails and toenails a bright red and wore matching red lipstick – not that the lipstick stayed on her lips for long.

“Red nail polish, it is,” Barb said as she sat on the toilet in her bathroom.

When she finished with her nails, she dabbed just the barest amount of perfume on her naval, the small of her back, behind her knees, and a little on each collarbone. Her hair was naturally wavy, and even more so when she let it dry naturally. She preferred that nothing needed to be done with her hair, but if she was going to reprise her role as the thirty-something hot wife, she would have to straighten it a bit. She was also going to have to age herself with plenty of make-up. A few days earlier, Bethany had shown Barb how to use make-up to give herself crow’s feet wrinkles around her eyes, and old-school applications of eyeliner, eye shadow, and eyebrow pencil. Ten minutes later, she looked ever bit of thirty going on forty trying to look twenty. Bethany’s only regret was that she wasn’t going to be there to watch.

Barb tried to recreate the outfit that she wore the first night she went to the bar with Ken, but the clothes just seemed to be wrong. She wasn’t sure if her body had changed, or if she was so caught up in the moment over a year ago, that she didn’t care how she looked. She wasn’t sure what she was thinking – letting Ken pick out her clothes that night – but this time, she decided she would put a little more thought into it.

Barb had gone shopping with Bethany several times over the past few months, and was shown where to buy some of the sexiest clothes she’d ever seen. Bethany seemed to be an expert, and Barb was a quick learner as to what would work best with her own body type.

Barb decided to go with a little black dress she bought a few weeks prior, but had yet to wear. This one was a little different in that it looked modestly sexy from the front and back, but sinfully slutty from the sides. The front came down to barely show any cleavage, and the bottom was well above the knee, but not so short that she’d have to pull it down every time she moved. The back plunged down to the small of her back, but the sides were what made this dress interesting. Both sides were laced, holding the front and back halves together. The laces, themselves, were thin strips of material, and the laced openings were large enough to remove all doubt as to whether or not she was wearing a bra or panties. She made sure to buy a size too small so the gap between the front and back halves of the dress was as wide as possible, without giving too much away. She put it on, and felt like she was still naked. The material was thinner than she remembered when she bought it.

“Practically see-through,” Barb thought, approving of the look in the mirror and wondering if she was going to be cold in the bar. Adding hard nipples to the mix was definitely going to take things up a notch.

She knew Ken liked her high-heeled sandals, and while she preferred her peep-toe slip-ons, she didn’t think she’d spend too much time walking around. She bought a garter and stockings to go with this particular dress, but opted to keep things simple keçiören escort and go without. She was sure she’d find a use for them some other time.

Aunt Dori poked her head through the doorway as Barb stepped out of the bathroom.

“Well, what do you think?” Barb asked.

“I think you need to make sure Ken is there to tell any cops you’re not soliciting,” Aunt Dori said.

“That bad?” Barb asked. “Too over-the-top?”

“If I had a dick, I’d fuck you right now,” Dori smiled. “There’s ringing the dinner bell, and there’s banging the bell tower.”

“Notre Dame-level?” Barb asked.

“Oh yeah,” Dori sighed.

“Good,” Barb said. “I was going for that.”

“Well, dear,” Dori answered. “I think you’re definitely going to get it.”

Barb didn’t give Ken a chance to get out of the car to meet her. She had bundled herself into a long, but feminine coat as it was a particularly chilly night. She had her recently updated driver’s license and a few hundred dollar bills zipped into an inner pocket of her coat, as well as her phone, a small make-up compact, and a roll of condoms.

Ken had been to the bar the week before, and had spoken with Clay, the bar owner, describing the special birthday party he had in mind. Ken asked if any of Clay’s regulars would mind getting tested for STDs if they knew there was something in it for them, and Clay came up with several names. They decided to give those guys orange wristbands, and Clay would close the bar early for a “private event” on the night of Barb’s birthday. Guys with the orange wristbands were welcomed to stay.

Before he could get out of the car, Barb let herself into Ken’s old-but-immaculate 1970-something Toronado, and gave Ken a hard kiss on the lips.

“And, a happy birthday to you, too,” Ken smiled. “Please tell me you’re wearing something under that coat.”

“I am,” Barb answered. “But not much. And my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, officially.” She winked and undid Ken’s fly. He lifted his rear so she could pull his pants down enough to release his engorged cock. He was obviously as excited as she was, if not more so.

“I ran into Bethany, earlier…” Ken started to say.

Barb lifted her mouth from the head of his shaft. “I can tell,” she said. “I love the taste of her. Thank you.”

And, she wasn’t kidding. She really did enjoy Bethany’s taste, especially when she was really excited. Bethany knew Barb was going to blow Ken on the way to the bar, as she blew him almost every time they were in the car. That was all the reason Bethany needed to make herself available to Ken for a quick fuck. If Barb was at all jealous, she didn’t show it.

She knew Ken wouldn’t want to cover her face in come after all her hard work preparing for the bar experience, so she slowed her sucking and eventually withdrew her face from his shaft.

“Mind if I finish that later?” Barb asked.

“Not at all,” Ken smiled.

After she helped Ken pull up his pants and tuck away his fat dick, she placed his right hand between her legs. Ken let her long coat open and he admired her choice of attire. He didn’t have to pull the front of her little black dress up very much to feel her wetness with his fingers. He inserted one, then another, making them wet with her juices. Ken let his fingers slide out, and Barb groaned. When he pushed them firmly on her raised clit, though, she moaned.

“Better?” Ken asked.

“I’m close,” Barb muttered.

“Pretty quick for you, isn’t it?” Ken asked.

“Yeah,” Barb answered. “But, you, this, and thinking about tonight have me really turned on.”

“Good.” Ken said as Barb gyrated beneath his large hand. Her legs tensed and she pushed his fingers inside her as far as they would go.

“Well, that should take the edge off for a little while,” Ken smiled. He withdrew his fingers and Barb licked them seductively before straightening her little black dress and adjusting her coat. She touched up her make-up and looked at Ken.

“Well?” Barb asked.

“Good as new,” Ken said as he put the car in Park and turned off the engine. “Ready?”

“So, what are we doing, again?” Barb asked.

“Whatever you want,” Ken answered.

“Well, last time we were here, I think we were doing what you wanted, remember?” Barb smiled. “You had me dress up and dress old so I’d look like a cheating hot wife, and not get carded. I think we pulled it off.”

“But, then you got shit-faced drunk,” Ken said.

“Right,” Barb said. “I barely remember what happened that night.”

“Not much to remember,” Ken said.

“Well, lets not make that mistake again,” Barb said. “So, I’m still the hot wife, out with my bull, feeling slutty?”

“Sure,” Ken smiled. “Why not?”

“Rules?” Barb asked.

“Limits?” Ken asked in reply.

“Hmmm,” Barb thought. “I don’t know what I don’t know. Maybe only stay a couple hours. Make sure I go home with you.”

“Of course,” Ken said. “Anything else?”

“I don’t know,” Barb said. “My pussy is so wet right now, I can’t even think straight.”

“Well, try to think straight enough to not drink that much, no matter how many drinks the guys buy for you.”

“I’ll stick to Sprite or Ginger Ale, if that works,” Barb said.

“You can have at least one adult beverage,” Ken said. “It is your 21st birthday, after all. After midnight.”

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Work Party Gone Wild

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Sequel to Bachelor Party Gone Wild. You can read the first one or just this one. The characters will make a little more sense. Essentially a husband and wife partook in a bachelor party that got a little out of hand and the wife (Hailey) and a friend (Zoey) ended up being strippers with extra benefits at a bachelor party. Now you’re caught up. On with the story.


My wife Hailey and I relived our bachelor party fun many times after that fateful night. No actual re-enactment though. Just bedroom dirty talk and “remember how we” whisperings that never failed to get both of us pretty hot and bothered. My wife loved whispering in my ear things like, “Your slut of a wife needs a good fucking,” or, “My cunt is soooo empty… I hope there’s someone who can help me with that.”

It always resulted in a very thorough, very satisfying session that would leave us both sweating, panting and laughing as we lay in bed afterwards. We mutually agreed that it was very likely to be a one time thing and that neither of us had any compelling interest in doing it again or making it a recurring event.

And so our life continued for several months. My sister and her new husband moved away from LA and seemed very happy. She thanked me multiple times for keeping her husband out of trouble at the bachelor party. Based on conversations that Hailey and my sister had, she also thanked her husband in a lot of ways as well. About eight months after the wedding, my sister called and, during the conversation, mentioned that Zoe and Danny had gotten divorced.

“I’m not surprised,” I told her.

“Yeah… Aidan loves Danny but he’s a dick.”

“They seemed like a pretty mismatched couple. Zoe was really terrific and he was kind of an ass to her.”

“Kind of? He cheated on her constantly and treated her like an idiot just because he’s older. He’s an ass.”

“Not gonna argue. She definitely could do better.”

“So you liked her?” my sister asked. She didn’t know the details of that night as far as I was aware so the question made me a little defensive.

“She was nice enough. I didn’t get to talk to her much.”

“She’s smarter than she looks. I thought she was just some bimbo, airhead Danny hooked up with but much smarter. You should hang out with her.”

“We’ll probably never see her again,” I said, shrugging my shoulders reflexively despite my sister being unable to see.

“She’s moving there. I gave her your number.”

“What? Really?” I asked, confused.

“Yup… she and Hailey really hit it off at my Bachelorette party and I knew you guys would be able to help her out.”

“Uhmm…” I said, glancing over at my wife who sat oblivious on the couch.

“Don’t worry big bro. Hailey’s not the jealous type as long as you look but don’t touch.”

We finished our conversation though my mind was a bit of a whirl. How was Hailey going to take the news. Darla was right, she wasn’t the jealous type. But you didn’t have to be jealous in general to be apprehensive about the hot girl that your husband fucked a few months ago moving to town and hanging out.

I hung up the phone and my expression must have given things away to Hailey. “What’s wrong, babe?”

“Uhmm… Remember Zoey?”

My wife looked at me and a crooked smile came over her mouth, “Uh-huh,” she said slowly.

“Uhmm… she’s moving to town…”

“Ughh…,” she bemoaned, “We are NOT going to start hanging out with them. She’s cool enough and I know you think she’s hot but Danny’s a prick. I couldn’t take him on a regular basis.”

“Well… uh… that’s good because she divorced him.”

“What? Really?! Awesome!” she said and jumped up excitedly. “Is she here already? Should we invite her over?”

Of all the responses I expected, that wasn’t on the list. I ran my fingers through my hair and took a breath, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean…”

Hailey looked at me and her smirk returned, “What? Because you fucked her?”

“UHmm… well… I mean… yeah. Won’t that be weird for you?”

Hailey walked up to me, “Why? Should it be? Do you want to fuck her again, Sam?”

“No,” I said quickly as Hailey pressed herself up against me. She was wearing a thin white t-shirt and a pair of plain panties. She looked really cute without any makeup and her hair still messed up from sleeping. Despite the appearance that she’d just rolled out of bed the twinkle in her eyes showed exactly how alert she was.

“Seriously? Maybe you don’t remember her well. Remember those nice big tits she had when you were sinking your fingers into them?” she asked huskily as she grabbed my hand. She slid my right hand up her shirt and placed it on her tit where I could feel the hard nipple poking into my palm. “Remember how absurdly tiny her waist was? Didn’t it feel good to grab her waist,” she said as she pulled my other hand above her hip and sighed as I kneaded her breast. “…to grab her waist and ram into her. Was she tight, baby?”

I swallowed and nodded, unwilling to risk a sound that might break dikmen escort whatever spell my wife was weaving.

“Didn’t she fuck you good?”

Another nod.

“So you really don’t want to fuck her again? Really?”

“Uhmm… I don’t know,” I said.

Hailey raised herself onto her toes and kissed me, our tongues snaking together needfully. When she broke the kiss she pulled away and said, “Take me to the bedroom and fuck me like you want to fuck her. Show me how much you ‘don’t want’ to fuck her, stud.”

She practically drug me to the bedroom and I had her bent over and was buried inside of her only moments later. She urged me to call her ‘Zoey’ as I pummeled her and she kept telling me how much better and bigger I was than Danny. “I’ve missed this cock Sam. I’ve been getting fucked by that pencil dick loser and now my slutty little fuck hole is ready to get a real man’s cock again. I need to get fucked by real cock. He won’t pass me around anymore because he’s so jealous of how well you fucked my cunt. Fuck that’s good… fuck me… fuck me… I’m so glad Hailey is okay with sharing you. Fuckfuckfuck,” she screamed as I emptied inside of her.

Hailey rolled over and I collapsed in the bed next to her as our juices oozed out of her making a mess. “Fuck that was good. I’m glad you showed me that you don’t want to fuck her,” she laughed.

“Shut up,” I said, playfully slapping her thigh. “I didn’t exactly have a defense there. You weren’t fighting fairly.”

“So if that hot little red head came on to you just like that you wouldn’t be able to resist either?”

“She wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“Way to dodge the question, lover,” Hailey said with a smirk.

I rolled over and hugged her, giving her a quick peck on the lips, “You are all the woman I ever need. We had a fun night and got to sew our wild oats but I don’t need that again.”

“Need and want aren’t the same thing.”

I looked at her eyes, unsure what to say. She smiled up at me, “It’s okay to want things, Sam.”

“I know… but I can separate the two.”

Hailey kissed me softly and sweetly and we let the subject come to a close. We started getting dressed and Hailey looked over at me before saying, “It’s okay to get the things you want sometimes.”

I really wasn’t sure what to say to that so I just kept me mouth shut. My wife clearly had thoughts that she wanted to keep to herself and that was fine with me. I knew not to press too hard.

About a week later, Zoey called and talked to Hailey.

“Yeah… yeah… no that’s fine. No! You should stay here while you’re looking. We have plenty of room… no… yes… well sure… Totally. It’s fine. We insist. We’re just glad you finally dumped that loser, Z. Okay… Okay… YES! We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You invited her to stay here?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not for me it’s not,” I said trying to sound lecherous and creepy.

Hailey laughed and threw a sock at me, “You’re just hoping to see her walk around the house in her underwear.”

“Why should she be wearing underwear?” I asked which earned another flung piece of clothing, this time a pair of jeans.

“Don’t get your hopes up. She just got a divorce and she’s probably not going to be interested.”

I tossed the jeans back to Hailey who snatched them deftly out of the air and folded them quickly, tossing them into the pile of clothes on the bed. “Yeah… cause SHE’s the reason why nothing will happen.”

“She should be… only reason I could think of,” Hailey said with a smirk, tossing two bundled socks back to me across the room where I tossed them in a drawer.

“Of course there’s other reasons. What’s gotten into you Hailey? I thought we decided we’d left that behind?”

“We had… I’m kind of just messing with you.”

“But you’re kind of not?” I asked, reading between the lines.

Hailey looked up at me with her head still turned partly away. She looked really sexy and sneaky. A dangerous combination. “You fucked her once and didn’t leave me. I got to fuck a bunch of guys that night. I figure another tumble with her would still leave me in debt.”

I grabbed Hailey and kissed her, “Don’t think about being in debt. It was hot for me that night. I loved it. But I don’t want you to fuck anymore guys and I don’t need to fuck anymore girls.”

“But you want to?” she asked.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” I said.

“I did. And I don’t think of it as being in debt. I just… well… I didn’t get to see much that night. I was a little distracted. And… uhmm… I wouldn’t mind having my own little private replay is all.”

“Wait… you’re being serious?”

“Yeah… absolutely. I trust you and I’d love to watch you fuck a slutty little hottie like her.”

“Interesting,” I said as I stroked my chin, doing my best evil genius impersonation. A t-shirt quickly smacked me in the face.

“Stop mocking me, jerk,” Hailey said playfully. We kept folding the laundry, getting emek escort the house tidied up for our new guest. Zoey showed up about an hour later and Hailey practically sprinted to the door. She did a little happy hop as she opened the door and the two girls squealed and hugged each other excitedly. When they stepped back, I got my first good look at Zoey.

She was even hotter than I remembered. She was wearing a short pair of low-rise jean shorts and a loose crop top. Her tits were stretching the green fabric of her shirt and her the shorts looked like they were painted onto her hips. Her curves were on complete display all the way from round hips through a tiny little waist and up to her bountiful breasts. Her red hair was twirled together and hung over her left shoulder leaving the dragon tattoo on her right shoulder clearly visible. She had bright red lipstick on and I saw her lips curl into a smile when she caught me staring. And I was definitely staring. I was probably a little slack jawed too.

“Her eyes are up there,” Hailey said and the two girls giggled. Hailey grabbed Zoey and showed her to the small guest “bedroom” we’d rigged up. Our 1 bedroom apartment wasn’t particularly big but there was a little alcove in the living room that we’d moved a book shelf next to it to make it a little larger than hung a line and a cloth to give her a little privacy. It wasn’t ideal but she seemed very happy with it. I grabbed her other bag, a small duffel that she’d dropped on the floor when Hailey hugged her and brought it over.

“Not much stuff,” I said. “Do we need to take you shopping or anything?”

“Oh… I’ve got tons of outfits, they’re all just skimpier than this. I wanted to be a little modest when I showed up.”

My eyes bugged out. She had to be joking. Right?

“Is he alright?” Zoey asked Hailey as they stared at my stunned face.

“Yeah… he grew up in a pretty conservative household so hearing you call this outfit modest has short circuited his little mind. Don’t worry. He’s fine.”

“I mean… I could wear a bhurka if he prefers,” Zoey said, teasing me a little as she jutted her hip out and placed her hand on it sexily. The move accentuated her already curvy figure and I involuntarily traced her entire outline up and down.

“Girl… you’d still make a potato sack sexy,” Hailey said and yanked the bag away from me and tossed it on the bed. “Don’t worry, Sam can have some pleasant eye candy for a few weeks. It won’t do him any harm.”

And with that, we started off on this great new chapter of our lives. Things went by great for the first few days. I was in a perpetual state of arousal because, it turns out, Zoey was definitely NOT joking. Her entire wardrobe was skimpy and sexy. Tight little skirts, low cut shirts, t-shirts that were two sizes too small. I’m pretty sure she didn’t own bras or panties and she only slept in a t-shirt so anytime I got up in the night, I got an eyeful because she never seemed to sleep when we did. Frequently she’d be in the kitchen cooking at 3am and I got to see her perfect little bubble butt in all its glory multiple times.

At the end of the week, I was nearly bursting. Hailey had been the biggest beneficiary, fucking me every night and most mornings. We had more sex in that week than we had since our honeymoon. At first we were a little self-conscious and tried not to make too much noise but Zoey mentioned that she kind of liked hearing us and rather than make us quieter, that got Hailey really going. From that point on, it seemed like Hailey wanted to do everything she could to show off how well I fucked. She even started pretending to be Zoey again. Knowingly and intentionally shouting so that our new housemate could hear. I tried to shush her but that didn’t work so all I could do was try to fuck her hard enough that she wouldn’t be able to talk. If you haven’t tried that, you definitely should. It was pretty fun to listen to her words descend into mindless screaming.

The next morning, Zoey was sitting in the kitchen (did she EVER sleep?) without any clothes on at all. “Zoey!” I said. Hailey padded out behind me and laughed.

“I’ve been giving you peeks all week and now you guys are roleplaying fucking me… I figured you should be able to have a good mental image when you’re doing it.”

Hailey walked up to Zoey and looked at her. The redhead looked up at my beautiful, blonde wife and looked a little concerned for the first time. Like maybe she’d gone too far. My wife simply reached out and traced a finger up Zoey’s side and scraped it across her pink areola, teasing the nipple with the barest of grazes. Zoey took in a sharp breath and straightened her back, sticking her tits out more and shuddering. “She is hot, babe. Enjoy the view,” she said with a wicked smile.

These girls were killing me and I was actually happy to get out of the house and get to work. I’d recently started a new job at a logistics company. I’d only been there a couple months but already really enjoyed eryaman escort it. It was a new world to me, much more blue collar than my last job. I was running the back office staff in charge of planning and acquisitions. The job was really challenging and, thankfully now that Zoey had moved in, insanely busy. I couldn’t have thought of the hot, naked redhead at the house even if I wanted to… and boy did I want to. Most of the days were long but I enjoyed the challenge. Around 7pm that night, my boss walked into the office and closed the door behind him.

“Hey… Sam. How’s work been?”

“Fine,” I said slightly nervously. It’s always a little bit worrying when your boss closes your door.

“Look, this is a little awkward but I’ve got something to ask.”

“Uhmm… sure?”

“My son works down on the docks,” he said. That was news to me. The company did almost $90 million in annual revenue. I wouldn’t think that the son would be the working-the-docks type. “Not many people know,” he said, recognizing my surprise, “He wanted to learn about the company in all the facets which I respect.”

“You want him to come work in my department?”

“Oh no… he had your job before we hired you,” he said with a laugh. That really took me aback.

“You moved him from my job to working at the docks?” I asked in shock. I hoped that wasn’t the career trajectory he saw for me.

“No, no my boy. Not for that reason. Goodness no. He just hadn’t done dock work yet and wanted to keep seeing how everything worked. It’s been really good for the company. That change we made to the manifest system last week was based on his suggestion.”

I nodded. It had been a good change and one that hadn’t occurred to any previous logistics or loading manager.

He continued, “He’s been down there for a couple months and he likes to throw a little party when he moves on to another section of the company. I normally throw a little bash for him but he said, given who he’s working with, he thought something a little… uhmm.. Rowdier might be in order.”

“Uhh… okay… why me?” I asked, still confused.

“Well, I heard you mention to Darryl the other day about that bachelor party you and your wife attended…”

I face palmed. I literally face palmed. The company had celebrated a MASSIVE new contract and our boss had bought us champaigne. We’d all gotten a little tipsy and I’d gotten a little bit too full of bravado about the bachelor party. Darryl, my friend who I’d worked with at my last job and had gotten me hired, had been bragging about how hot his wife was and how she fucked like a pornstar. And… well… I’d decided to top that. Apparently the old man had overheard. Damnit.

“I’m not saying it needs to be her but… well… my son thought it would be a big hit,” he said.

“You told your son?” I asked incredulously.

Now it was my boss’s turn to look embarrassed, “Look… I just know you know what a crazy party looks like and thought you’d be able to help. If you can’t, I’ll find someone else who can.” He didn’t say it like a threat, Mr. Sumner wasn’t like that. But as the new guy, I still took it as one.

I held my hand up, “I’ll think of something, Sir,” I said. He backed away, still looking awkward and embarrassed and said his goodbyes. I sat there in my dimly lit office, alone with my thoughts. I took a long time getting home that night. I rode the subway for aimlessly before realizing I’d missed my stop… by a lot. I had to get off and reboard and ended up getting home really late. Zoey and Hailey were sitting there chatting. Both thankfully dressed. The last thing I needed was a brain shorting episode.

Hailey looked up at me, “You’re home late, babe. Everything okay?”

I looked at Hailey and was instantly torn. On the one hand, that bachelor party had been a real glass breaker for us. It had livened up our sex lives and brought us closer in ways neither of us had ever imagined. A part of me… a big part of me if I’m being honest, wanted to do it again. To see her get fucked by a bunch of dock workers would be pretty hot. On the other hand, I really didn’t this to be “our thing”. That possessive lizard brain part of me didn’t want that. And I didn’t want HER to want it. I liked that she enjoyed reliving it and fantasizing but I really didn’t want it to become our lifestyle.

“Nothing… just… the boss asked me for something at work.”

Zoey and Hailey turned to me intrigued, “What was it?” Hailey asked.

I took a breath then decided just to recount the story. I apologetically told about my drunken bragging to Darryl and explained what Mr. Sumner had asked for. Hailey looked at me and smacked my shoulder. “Bragging about your slut wife… you should be ashamed,” she said but she couldn’t contain her grin.

“You’re not mad?” I asked.

She shrugged, “A little annoyed but not really. It’s actually kind of hot that they think that about me.”

“Really?” I asked, confused.

“A little… not like, ‘oh my gosh I’m so wet’ hot but more ‘nice low grade tingly sensation’ hot.”

My eyes flicked to Zoey who was enjoying the confusion on my face, “Sometimes us girls like to think of ourselves as slutty. Sometimes we like guys to think of us that way too. I think Hailey’s thinking about walking into the office and all the guys looking at her and mentally undressing her. Right?”

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Another Trip to Amsterdam

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I recommend you read my story “The Amsterdam Coffee House” before reading this one as there is some linkage.

I use the British word “Fanny” which means vagina. A welly is known in the USA as “rainboots”.

Going back to 2009 we had become firm friends with another swinging couple, Gina and Tim from Leeds. In background, age (early forties) and sexual desires they were very similar to us. Gina and I have had loads of girly fun together, we certainly turn each other on! Unusually for me, Gina is a little larger built than women I normally go with, she is probably a size 16 against my size 12, but she has the most wonderful large soft breasts. I spend ages fondling them and sucking her nipples.

We had met them often at swingers clubs, had a weekend away with them at a cottage in Yorkshire and always had a great time, both socially and sexually.

When we first met them they declared they were softswingers, which means they did not do full swap. We had no problem with that as we had been softswingers for many years and indeed softswing can be just as much fun as full swap. That changed for us when I got really randy at a swingers club in Newcastle and let two men have full sex with me, while my husband John had sex with my friend. That occurrence is described in my story “Shel’s First Full Swing” if you want all the details.

However, we deliberately did not mention this to Gina and Tim in case they thought we were putting pressure on them to do full swap with us.

After a very enjoyable visit to a sex club in Leeds with them both we were discussing upcoming holidays. John mentioned that we were thinking of a visit for a long weekend to Amsterdam.

“Oh, we like Amsterdam,” said Gina, “Especially the Coffee shops, we do like a few smokes.”

“Wow, we never knew you’d been to Amsterdam before and never imagined that you’d be doing drugs.” I replied. Tim had a job where even the use of soft drugs would be frowned on. “Have you ever been to any of the clubs in Holland? We have been to a couple and just love Fun4Two.”

“Never been to a club apart from UK ones and a couple of smokes is not exactly hard drugs are they?” Says Tim. “But how about this for an idea, let’s all four of us have a long weekend in Amsterdam? It will be great, the Coffee Shops, the pubs, the Red Light District and a bit of play in the hotel!”

Everyone was in full agreement with that idea and within a couple of days the trip was booked and paid for.

After landing at Schippol Airport and getting the train into Amsterdam we checked into our hotel, quite near to the station and the RLD. Luckily we were allocated adjacent rooms.

“Right, give us a knock at 8 o’clock and take it from there.” Suggested Gina after we had booked in, “what are you wearing tonight Shel?”

“It’ll just be jeans and a top for me, you know not many people dress up in Amsterdam of an evening.”

Our room turned out to be excellent. A king sized bed, a shower large enough for two and a well stocked mini-bar!

Promptly at 8 we were gathered outside the hotel discussing what we should do first. We decided that we’d go for food immediately then hit the bars in the RLD with possibly an excursion into a Coffee House if Tim spots a good one.

At 10 o’clock we are standing in the Old Sailor pub in the middle of the RLD sipping on our drinks, a little drunk already due to the wine consumed with our meal.

“How come you know the doorman here?” Tim asks John.

“Every time we come to Amsterdam we drink in here.”

“Do you think he would know a good Coffee House in this area then?”

“I’m sure he would, but we already know a great one not far away.” John replied. “Shall I tell them the full story Shel?”

“I suppose you’ll have to now.” I’m a little worried how our friends will react when John tells them the story of me getting well fucked by the black owner of the Coffee House on our last trip to Amsterdam.

“So it happened like this,” says John. “A few years ago we did a trip to Amsterdam and just around the corner from our hotel was a Coffee House. Now we had never done any drugs before, preferring alcohol, but we thought we’d give it a go. Long story short, when the owner asked what sort of smokes we wanted I had not got a clue so I jokingly asked him for ones to make Shel randy.”

” Well, he produced a couple of “special” smokes from under the counter and believe it or not within 15 minutes Shel was more randy than I have ever seen her and she ended up shagging the owner when the shop was empty and locked up.”

“Whaaattt?” Exclaimed Tim and Gina in unison!

Red faced I admitted it was all true and although it was a one off I really enjoyed it.

“I bet you did,” giggled Gina, “but you have never let on that you’d had another man up you, we thought you were strictly softswing.”

“Right,” Tim announced, “drink up, we’re going to that Coffee House right now, I hope that guy still does those specials because I want Gina and Shel to have at least one each!”

“And esat escort I want to see this guy that had gave my Shel a good Dutch poking!” added Gina.

Arriving at the Coffee House a few minutes later it looks pretty busy, but there are a couple of tables free. Upon entering the place, Wim, my Dutch lover, comes straight over.

“Shel, Shel, Shel, it’s so good to see you again! John, you also.” He adds as an afterthought, “Come, please sit down here, are you a group of four?”

“Hi Wim, it’s great to see you again. Yes, we have brought our friends to visit this time with us. Do I not get a hug then?”

Wim pulls me in for a cuddle and a quick kiss, reaching down to fondle my bum in doing so, much to the amusement of everybody watching.

Releasing me, Wim asks what everyone would like.

“Wim, I’m sure you remember those special smokes that got Shel so randy a couple of years ago. Can we have three each of those for Shel and Gina? Do you recommend them for men? Are they some sort of Viagra? If not, I’ll have a bit of mild space cake, what do you fancy Tim?” John said, ordering for us all.

“If the smokes act like Viagra for men, that’s what I want, otherwise just a couple of joints for me,” Tim answered.

“Sorry gentlemen, the smokes only make you randy and if your fine ladies are smoking them tonight then you’ll need to provide your own Viagra to see you through the night. I’ll get the order served immediately.”

A few minutes later myself and Gina were inhaling our first of the special smokes.

“Listen, I know how potent these things are so I suggest we only have one smoke each in here, then make our way back towards the hotel and have another before we go in, then all in our room to play.”

Which was fine in theory!

However, as Gina was finishing hers I could see her becoming more aroused. Her nipples were more prominent and her breathing was a little more rapid.

To tell the truth I was feeling the effects as well.

When Gina leaned in to kiss me, I responded immediately, an open mouthed full on tongue in mouths kiss, which must have lasted a full minute.

“Shel, I now understand why you got fucked the first time you had one of these. I’m soaked, my fanny is aching to be filled and my clit is tingling! Will you take me into the toilet and finger me? I so much want to come.” Gina whispered in my ear.

“I know, I feel the same, but it’s a very small toilet in here, you’ll have to wait till we get back to the hotel.”

Telling John and Tim it was time to go we got up to leave.

Wim came over to open the door for us. “I wish this place was not so busy, will you all come back tomorrow in the afternoon?”

“We’ll see what we can do.” John replied, “but no promises, it might be a long night for us.”

Holding hands Gina and I head off, a little bit wobbly, in the general direction of the hotel, followed by our husbands.

Coming up to the Old Sailor pub the doorman asks if we are coming back in.

“Are they still doing food?” Asks Tim, perhaps suffering from the munchies.

“Yes, but be quick”

Tim is straight in and we have no option but to follow.

After getting our drinks and a toasty for Tim, we can’t find a free table so have to stand near the bar. Gina gets right in front of me and pulls me in for another full on kiss. I can’t help responding and our lips lock together, tongues mashing against each other. Our arms are wrapped around each other’s necks, the passion for each other is overwhelming!

Lost in our own world we don’t realise that the pub has gone silent with most people watching us until Tim nudges both of us and we come up for air.

“Didn’t realise we were providing the entertainment,” I mutter, while the customers go back to their chatter.

“Look, there is a table just come free in the window, let’s go grab it.” Says Tim while diving through the crowd to claim the seats.

Gina and I plonk ourselves down on a bench seat directly in front of the window with the men sitting opposite us.

“How are you feeling girls? Still randy?” John asks both of us.

“I certainly am and I know Gina is, but I’m still going to have another of the smokes before we go into the hotel, this is going to be a night to remember!” I reply.

Gina leans towards me and whispers in my ear, “I’m still dripping, but Shel my love, I have to tell you I am desperate for cock rather than woman loving.”

“I know, I feel the same, that’s maybe how Wim got into my knickers so easy, I feel like I want to be fucked all night long,” I softly whisper back. “I know you have never done it before, but would you consider swapping husbands for tonight? That way we’d certainly be getting shagged none stop, they’d be so rampant!”

Gina starts giving me little kisses, “The way I feel, I’d take on all the men in the hotel, yes, we’ll do that, we’ll spring it on the men later.”

With that we locked lips again. This time a couple passing by etimesgut escort on the street outside stopped to watch! This is weird, we are in the middle of the RLD with scantily clad hotties flaunting themselves in windows. Over the road is a Gay Cinema with explicit posters outside and yet two middle aged women kissing draws attention!

Finishing our drinks we leave the Old Sailor, the doorman laughing while saying, “Have a good night and thanks for entertaining the customers.”

Walking back along the canals, we are looking at the girls in the windows and the men standing outside thinking about maybe paying for sex. Myself and Gina again holding hands and giggling to each other wondering what it would be like for us both to rent a window and entice men in. Obviously just a fantasy between two sexually charged lovers. Timing it right we finished our special smokes, as we reach the hotel entrance.

In the lift it is a mass grope fest, me and Gina playing with each other’s tits or grabbing a cock, the men trying to rub our fannies or squeeze a tit where they can.

Tumbling into our room, I push Gina onto the bed and start stripping her off. I feel hands reach under me and start pulling my clothes off also. We are quickly naked and I suck on her large, soft breasts as the men remove all their clothes.

Laying me on my back, Tim’s head is quickly between my legs and licking at my soaked, dribbling fanny. I love the feelings produced by his tongue and lips. Closing my eyes I concentrate on the pleasure radiating outwards from my fanny.

“Wow Shel, your clit is hard like a little cock! I know you have a larger than average one, but tonight it must be nearly as big as my little finger!”

“Just keep working on it, no more talking! Oh yes, that’s wonderful Tim, keep licking, suck my clit, stick your tongue right up my hole, fuuuucccckkkkkkk you are good!”

I hear Gina groaning right next to me and I know she is getting similar treatment from John.

Suddenly she shouts, “I’m coming! Get a fucking cock in my hole NOW!”

I feel Tim start to move away from me to service Gina so I clamp my legs round his head.

“Stay right there and keep licking my cunt!” I demand.

“I NEED COCK!” shouts Gina again.

“John, stick your prick in her right now, shut her up. Fuck her good!” Keeping Tim pinned between my thighs I give John the green light to shag Gina.

“Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk, I’m coming, oh, oh, oh, oh. I’m squirting on you John. Shag me harder, don’t stop!”

“Tim, when I release you just stuff your cock right up me, Gina won’t mind, it’s what we both want.” Easing my legs apart a very wet faced Tim stands up, takes one look at John ramming his cock into Gina then lifts my legs up and apart.

No finesse, no easing the cock gently in, he powers it straight into me.

It does not even reach halfway in before my orgasm hits! It’s happened again! Every time a new cock opens up my fanny I come as it enters me! But this is different. This cock is bare, I know that I could not stop Tim from shagging me, the room could burn down around us and he’d still be ploughing into me.

I also know that he is going to flood my cunt with his spunk. I’m so looking forwards to that. Luckily I know he is free of disease and has had a vasectomy so no worries at all!

I’m getting exactly what I need, he is hammering into me, slamming in hard, thrusting right up as far as his cock can reach then pulling out until my fanny lips are losing contact with it. Normally I’d want to change positions or vary angles of penetration, but not now, that cock is making me happy and wet just by sawing in and out.

Slam, slam, slamming into me, my legs are crossed around Tim’s back and I am holding tight around his neck. He is snorting and panting into my neck. I know he is unsure how he was allowed to put his cock into my cunt, but he is making the most of it!

I feel his cock stiffen a bit more, thrusting frantically into me, straining to force every millimetre up inside of me.

He’s coming! His cockend expands and I feel the first spray of cum blasting into my cunt! That pushes me into another orgasm! Repeatedly he strains and grunts while unloading at least a cupful of spunk into me. My fanny grasps tightly onto his prick with every spasm of my orgasm, this is amazing! Every nerve in me is overloaded with sensation, stars are exploding behind my eyes!

Slowly we come down from our joint well timed orgasms.

We both relax together, breathing heavily, his cock just losing a bit of hardness, but not yet soft, a dribble of his spunk seeps out and runs over my bumhole.

Now that the wild passion has passed, at least for a little while, I look around and see that John and Gina must have finished their coupling a few minutes before us. They are sitting on the settee with a glass of wine each. Gina has a rosy glow from her tits right up to her chin, obviously she enjoyed her fucking as much as me.

As etlik escort Tim slips out of me I feel his spunk slowly seeping out of my still open fanny. Gina passes me a handful of tissues, which I wedge over my fanny to avoid a pool on top of the bed.

Everyone is quiet, knowing we didn’t just step over a line we ran across it at full speed.

“Is everyone OK with what happened?” I ask.

Nods all around, then Tim says, “I am not really sure how we made that leap, but it was amazing.”

“Well, it was half planned by me and Shel,” replies Gina, “we were so randy from the smokes that we knew we’d need more than a standard fucking, so the best way was to get you guys to swap. Admit it, you were shagging the different cunts much harder than you would have done with the familiar one.”

“Gina, I know we have not discussed this, but I’d like to spend the rest of the night with Tim in your room, while you and John stay in here, I think I’ll need a lot more sex tonight.”

“It’s a big step Shel, but I think your right, it will satisfy all our cravings and allow us to explore our new sexual partners at our own pace. My pace for tonight will be fast and furious. Can you keep up John?”

“I’ll do my best, but any chance of a quick nap around 4am to recharge?” replied John jokingly.

After putting a few clothes on for the journey out into the corridor to the next room, I give John a big kiss. “Enjoy yourself pet, give her all you have and do whatever she asks of you, at least until you pass out.”

I also gave Gina a big kiss, “And you, try not to permanently damage him. Remember we are in the next room and can probably hear every orgasm.”

As soon as Tim and I are in his room our clothes are straight off, we hold each other close and kiss deeply.

“I still can’t believe this is happening,” says Tim, “have I really got you to myself all night?”

“You sure have, but it’s going to be a long HARD night for you, lover boy.”

“Shel, to have full access to your beautiful body all night, I don’t care if my cock snaps off by the morning.”

Looking down I see his cock is nearly, but not quite fully hard, I drop to my knees and take it into my mouth. I can taste his cum and my juices on his knob end. Sucking deeply and working my tongue around his shaft it only takes a minute to get it ramrod hard.

I quickly stand up and move onto the bed, kneeling in the centre of the bed I wiggle my bum at him. “Come on Tim, I want you to give me a hard ride, no foreplay just get it right in.” I am still randy as hell, my clit is tingling, my fanny is aching to be filled with cock, I just want a good hard shag!

Climbing behind me, Tim presents the head of his cock to my still gaping hole. No effort is required to push it in, my own secretions and his spunk which is still in there from the last orgasm provide fantastic lube!

Bottoming out he feels deeper than when he was having me in the missionary position, which is just fine by me. “Come on then, ride me. Long, fast strokes.”

Tim takes the hint. Holding tightly onto my hips he savagely thrusts in and out, straining into me on each in stroke and pulling back so far that my fanny lips can feel the ridge of his knob end nearly leaving me.

He shags me like this for a good fifteen minutes, I’ve been on the edge of orgasm all that time, but have held myself back as I want to come while he is squirting into me.

“Shel, I’m coming, coming, coming.”

“Get my clit, rub it, nip it, ahhhhhhh that’s it, rub it harder, shag me hard, force it right up me……………………..OHHHHHHHHH, THAT’S IT, fuck, fuck, fuck. Fill me with your spunk!”

For the second time in an hour my insides are coated with his spunk, only this time I am squirting as well. My fanny has clamped hard around his cock.

“Oh Shel, arrrggggg, ugguugggggg, WHAT? I can feel something deep inside your fanny rubbing on my cockend, fuck that feels so great. OOhhhhhh I’m coming! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!”

My fanny is convulsing around his cock, sucking his jism out of his twitching cock. I can feel my cervix moving as I orgasm, it is rubbing against the very tip of his cock.

I feel his jets of cum lessen and cease but he is still thrusting into me, after less than a minute he suddenly starts coming again, another two powerful bursts of spunk splash against my cervix.

We both start shouting in ecstasy at this new sensation, then I fall forwards almost lifeless onto the bed with Tim left kneeling behind me. He is sucking air into his lungs like he has just run 100 metres.

Shaking me, Tim is making sure I have not lost consciousness.

“I’m OK” I mutter while small aftershocks still radiate from my fanny and my clit. “Fucking Hell, that was some fuck. You came twice there didn’t you?”

“Oh Shel, that was amazing! Yes, two separate orgasms, just a few seconds apart, but certainly separate. I need a drink!” With that Tim fetches two glasses of wine from the mini-bar. “Bottoms up,” he says.

“You might just get lucky with that,” I reply before taking a long gulp of the white wine. “Pass some tissues please or else this bed will be like a swimming pool.”

Propping ourselves up against the headboard we sip our wine and contemplate the evening of wild sex. The unmistakeable sound of orgasm comes faintly through the wall from my room.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Reblog If

I vigilantly carry the shots back to our booth and the guys cheer my return. I lick my hand and sprinkle salt on my skin.

“Let’s do this the right way, folks,” I say. “Don’t be stingy with the shaker.”

Adam, Matias, Jovan, and Nick dutifully salt their fists. We toast. I gulp the harsh liquor down, grimace, and suck a lime wedge until the juice is gone. I light a cigarette and exhale toward the ceiling.

“Man!” Matias chugs his lager. “I fucking hate tequila.”

Jovan slugs him on the shoulder.

“That’s cause you’re a bitch.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re a big, macho man. We get it.” I blow a smoke ring and watch it float away. “So do you guys come to the same beach every year, or do you do different places on the shore?”

“Same beach, same motel,” Adam says. “It’s tradition.”

“That’s really nice.”

“You know what else is an opening day tradition?” Nick takes a blunt from his pocket and looks at me. “Do you partake?”

“Hell yes! Where are we doing this?”

“We’ve got a spot,” Jovan says. “But let’s get another round before we go.”

“Bacardi?” I flash a dazzling smile. “We’re at the beach!”

“Bacardi it is.”

Jovan departs for the bar. I turn back to the rest of the group.

“Thanks for the drinks, by the way.”

“Any time,” Matias says. He drapes his arm over the back of the booth. “How long are you in Wildwood for?”

“Just the weekend. I came with a girlfriend but she’s doing family stuff tonight.”

“Her loss, our gain,” he says.

“Is your friend hot, too?” Nick asks.

“She’s even hotter than me.”

“Not possible,” Adam says.

“You should invite her over,” Matias says.

“When I have four dashing men all to myself? No way!”

Matias slides so close that we’re touching. The air between us is electric.

“You’re a greedy girl, aren’t you?”

“Hey, take your glasses, I’m about to drop cebeci escort this shit.” Jovan passes me a shot and scoots in. “To rum!”

We clink.

“To rum!”

We pay the tab and exit onto the boardwalk. The midway is packed with tourists. Adam falls back and walks in step with me. I snatch his baseball cap and put it on my head.

“It looks better on you,” he says.

“Flattery will get everywhere.”

“Oh yeah? Everywhere?”

“Well, some rides require a ticket. That’s where they get you.”

“Seems worth it to me.”

We descend the steep wooden staircase and duck under the boardwalk. I kick off my sandals and carry them in my hand. The sand is cool between my toes. It’s dark, but I can see the people above us through the thin wooden planks.

Nick lights the blunt and takes a couple hits. The tide laps gently against the shore.

“Ladies first, you animal,” Matias says. “Give it to Angie.”

“Sorry, sorry. In my defense, I’m really drunk.” Nick passes me the blunt. “M’lady.”

“Ew, gross.” I inhale deeply and close my eyes. “Mmm. I needed that. Thank you.”

I pass to Jovan. Our fingers gently touch.

“Okay, so now that we know each better, we need you to settle a bet,” Jovan says. “What kind of underwear do you have on? It’s for science.”

I laugh.

“What? Why do you need to know that?”

“It’s a game we play,” Adam says. “You can leave us wondering. That’s sexier anyway.”

“You dirty dogs.” I pause and look around the circle for dramatic effect. “I’m not wearing anything. I like a light breeze in the summer.”

“Bullshit,” Jovan says. “Prove it.”

“Ooh. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I’m just an honest citizen doing his duty. And if that means seeing your naked pussy, so be it.”

“Uh huh. Go ahead, pussy patrol. Check.”

Jovan lightly çukurambar escort places his hand above my knee. I shiver. He stares deep into my eyes as he slowly moves up. I’m already wet when his fingers crawl inside me. He moves in and out and in and out. My breathing gets shallow. I tip my head back and Adam’s hat falls into the sand.

Jovan kisses me sensitively and I moan softly into his lips. He takes his fingers out and sucks them. He gropes my breasts and slides his hands over my bare ass.

Nick comes over and tries to lift my sundress over my head. I slap his hands away.

“Oh my God, not here! There are kids up there!”

“Our place is on the boardwalk,” Matias says. “It’s like a ten-minute walk.”

“What are we waiting for?”

Matias and Jovan both sling their arms around my shoulders as we walk to the motel. Matias casually lets his fingertips brush my nipple until it’s hard. Jovan whispers secret, filthy things in my ear. I’m aroused by his hot breath on my skin.

We go up to the second floor and enter the small, stuffy room. There are two double beds, and you can see all the action from the doorway.

“You guys are sharing the sheets, huh? It’s like you’re in a cult.”

Matias slips off my dress and reveals all of me. He runs his finger down the center of my body. I tremble under his touch.

“That’s not all we share.”

Matias kisses me and slips his tongue around mine. Nick pins my arms behind my back, and I rub my cheek against his face. Matias and Jovan explore my body with their hands and mouths. I twist and whimper and moan.

Adam opens a beer, turns on some music, and sits of the edge of the bed. Jovan finger-fucks my pussy and asshole, and Matias sucks and bites my nipples. Nick sloppily kisses the side of my face. Adam takes out his thick cock and jerks himself. I don’t know who demetevler escort to pay attention to.

Jovan pushes me to my knees and shoves his dick in my mouth. I bob up and down eagerly and cradle his balls in the palm of my hand. I hear the rest of the guys take their clothes off. Jovan rests his hand on the back of my head.

“Yeah girl, do it. Suck that cock. Take it.”

Nick and Matias stroke themselves and rub their cocks on me. I take each of them in my hands and jack them off while I go down on Jovan. My muscles burn. My knees ache.

“Oh my God, Angie,” Adam pants from the bed. “You’re a fucking goddess. Don’t stop.”

Jovan inches himself down my throat and cums in my mouth. I swallow it all. I wipe my face and move on to Nick. Matias licks my pussy from behind while I suck Nick off. Jovan gently pulls my hair back and pushes me down on Nick’s cock.

I pull back and massage my stiff jaw. Matias throws me on the bed. Adam gets on top and kisses me passionately. I pull him close and cross my ankles over his ass. He kisses my breasts and touches my ribs.

Adam squeezes my breasts together and runs his cock between them. He tweaks my nipples with his thumbs and fucks my cleavage. I moan and writhe and grip his thighs. Matias licks my pussy until I’m wet and slides in. Nick kneels next to me and I take him into my mouth. Jovan spits in my hand, and I work his shaft until he’s hard. We move like a finely tuned machine.

Matias strokes my clitoris and fucks me until I cum. They all pull out and masturbate onto my tits and waiting mouth. I smear their semen all over me and Jovan takes me down for a quick hard fuck. My hair is matted at the back of my head.

I clean myself up and open the curtains. The boardwalk is still bustling with activity. A man with long wavy hair stops his bicycle in front of our room. He stares up at me longingly. I touch my breasts and subtly part my lips. Even from this distance, I can see the shape of his erection through the spandex.

“Ready for more?”

Adam kisses my neck and grasps my hips. I put my palms against the glass. He fucks me hard, and I lock eyes with the bicyclist and cry out as I climax.


Originally published in “Stories To Bang By, Vol. 28: Wildwood”

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