Catching my wife, Part 4

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My mind really began to wander…

*What was really going on over at ‘book-club’* I would often ask myself.

The following week went quickly with little to no discussion. Things seemed normal, yet I was full of questions. When my wife announced the reoccurring, scheduled Book-club night at Connie’s, I seized the opportunity to ask:

“What don’t we plan to get together with Connie and Stan this weekend?” I asked, hoping to see them again and fish for San’s impression of ‘Book-club’.

“I’ll ask her tonight” my wife replied. “Is that what you’d like?”

“Sure” I quickly shot back. “They’re nice and we haven’t seen them, as a couple, in a while.”

“Okay” she said, “I ask.”

The next evening, my wife got ready as usual and gave me the customary kiss-goodbye and headed out the door.
I turned in around 10:00, as usual and drifted off to sleep. At around midnight, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered, in a very sleepy tone.

“Hi, Bob?” said a very sexy voice on the other end, “This is Connie”
I sat straight up in bed.

“Is everything alight?” I asked, in a somewhat panicked state.

“Oh yes, everything is fine” Connie replied, in a reassuring tone…. “It’s just that…..”

“What is it?” I interrupted her.

“It’s just that, well, I’m afraid that your wife has had a bit too much to drink tonight and I really don’t want her to drive home. How about if she just stays here tonight an I’ll make sure that she gets home in the morning.”

“Shall I come get her?” I replied.

“Well, then you’d have her car over here” Connie replied. “Plus, it’s late and I know that you get up early. I think that her staying here tonight is probably best.”

“Perhaps it is” I added, feeling somewhat defeated, “May I please talk to her.” I asked.

“Well, Bob” Connie said, “she’s actually sleeping now. I’ll see that she gets home safely tomorrow. Okay?”

“Okay…Good night, Connie” I replied, “and thanks for taking care of her.”

“My pleasure. Night” said Connie… and the line went dead.

I lay there for a few minutes….. then suddenly sprung to my feet and pulled some clothes on. Since I knew where Connie and Stan lived, I felt that I just had to do a drive-by.
15 minutes later, I was slowly driving down the street that Connie and Stan lived on. Sure enough, I saw my wife’s car in the driveway… but I also saw several other cars as well. Most of the lights in the house were on and it sure didn’t look like it was the end of the evening’s events. One part of me wanted to knock on the door and bring my wife home, yet I knew that would embarrass her and perhaps be a violation of her privacy. So, I drove home and went to bed, yet was unable to sleep.

My alarm went off at 5:00am, as it always does. My wife was not home, yet I didn’t expect her at that hour. I showered, dressed and went to work as usual. I half expected a phone call from her, at some point during the morning, to apologize and let me know that she was home, yet nothing. At around 10:00, I called my wife’s office number. Her assistant said that she called in sick. I then called her cell phone and then the house phone… nothing on either line. I assumed that my wife had a bad hangover so at 10:30, I couldn’t stand it and went to my car and drove home. My wife’s car was not in the garage, so I headed over to Connie and Stan’s house. Sure, enough, my wife’s car was the only one in driveway. I parked behind hers, went to the front door and knocked softly. Connie pulled open the door and smiled sweetly.

“Hi Bob” she said with a bit of a nervous smile, “What a surprise.”

“Hi Connie” I returned, “I just was worried about my wife. I assume that she’s still here?”

“Why yes, of course” Connie replied “But she’s still resting. I told you that I’d make sure that she got home okay, and I assure you that I will” she added with a charming smile.

It’s then that I noticed that Connie was still in her robe… a somewhat sheer robe, in fact. It was off her right shoulder, went to just below her very shapely ass. . It was gathered around her waist with a tie. She looked very sexy as she stood there, cup of coffee in her one hand, hair still slightly messed.

“Can I offer you a cup of coffee, Bob?” Connie asked, very graciously, and yet seeming very confident standing there.

“No” I replied, “no thank you, Connie…. But may I see my wife, please?”

“Of course you can, silly” Connie said, “But I imagine that she’s still sleeping. She had a bit of a rough night and I’d hate to disturb her.”

Those last words, ‘bit of a rough night,’ made me even more curious since I saw all of the cars the night before.

“I’m sure” I said, “But if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to peek my head in and check on her…. That is, if you don’t mind.”

“Certainly, Bob” Connie answered. “Please come in…. I just ask that you please remove your shoes. House Rules” she added with a smile.

I took off my shoes and then followed Connie down the hall to what looked to be the Master Bedroom.

*why would my wife be sleeping it off in Connie and Stan’s bedroom? * I thought to myself, but I found my eyes fixated on her perfectly shaped ass as she sauntered down the hallway.

Sure enough, there lay my wife, in the large king-sized bed. She was only half covered by the expensive looking sheet, and sleeping contently. I tiptoed in and around to the side of the bed to see her hair all tousled around her face, a very contented and peaceful expression was apparent. I then noticed that she was topless and, most likely naked, since her breasts were partially exposed as was her left butt cheek. It’s then that I noticed it!.. the red welts across her butt cheek! In shock and disbelief, I reached down and gently ran my fingertips over the raised welts that were horizontally crisscrossing her ass.
A slight pained-expression now swiped across her face and her eyes fluttered open.

“What are You doing here” my wife asked, in a somewhat annoyed tone.

What am I doing here “, I repeated in a bit louder voice, “what are YOU doing here… and what are you doing?”

My wife rolled her eyes and then rolled her entire body over onto her back and lazily pulled at the sheet in a feeble attempt to cover her naked body.

“Look” stated my wife, in a matter-of-fact tone and while facing away, her eyes still closed, “You can leave, or you can stay, but I’m staying here for a few more hours. I’m sleepy. If you decide to stay, please be quiet… and if you do stay, feel free to join me in this wonderful bed.” She was now patting the bed and smiling.

She then rolled to her other side, facing away from me. Her ass now totally exposed and the red welts clearly visible and covering both of her ass cheeks.
I didn’t know what to do… on the one hand, I was worried about her. On the other, I was very concerned about what happened last night… and lastly, I was a bit turned-on. While standing there, I completely forgot about Connie standing behind me… until she spoke:

“If you care to join her” Connie said, as she placed both of her hands on my shoulders from behind me, “Same house rules, as with your shoes, apply here…. No clothing, please.”

Connie’s hands now slid down my chest and to my belt buckle. I turned to see that Connie was now totally naked, her robe in a pile at her feet. She slowly unbuckled my belt and opened my slacks, all while maintaining constant eye contact.

“Let’s get you out of these clothes and into bed beside your beautiful wife.” Said Connie. “It seems that we have some things to tell you.”

Connie’s fingers were now tracing my stiffening cock.

“Why don’t you sit on the edge of the bed” Connie encouraged. I sat down, and my slacks and underwear were quickly pulled from my hips. My cocks were next and then my shirt. Now, Connie, my wife and I were now all naked… and in their bedroom.

“Reach back and feel those welts” Connie encouraged, “those welts that mark your wife.”

Connie knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and I felt amazing! I did reach back and lightly feel the raised welts, heat still emanating. My wife moaned softly, either unaware of the blowjob I was reviving, or simply disinterested. Connie lifted her head, looked me in the eye and smiled.

“Feel between her thighs” Connie suggested, as she leaned back down and took my length all the way into her mouth. I leaned back and bit more and slid my fingers in between my wife’s smooth thighs. She was DRENCHED! I felt deeper and my fingers easily slipped into her syrupy hole. My immediate reaction was one of jealousy and anger…. But it’s then that Connie kicked her efforts into high-gear and there was no turning back for me. I closed my eyes and let go! My cum boiled and spurt out with such intensity that I almost lost my balance. Connie never let up and literally sucked me dry. Once I calmed and Connie was content, she stood, leaned around me and pulled my wife’s shoulder, guiding her onto her back. My wife objection, to being disturbed, quickly changed to a smile as she realized it was Connie’s hand on her. My wife opened her eyes and looked lovingly up at Connie, then slowly opened her mouth wide. Connie leaned in and slowly let all of my cum drain down into my wife’s open mouth, then the two kissed passionately! As Connie’s’ mouth emptied, she directed my wife more onto her back, pulling her thighs apart.

“Taste her” Connie said softly, “Taste your beautiful wife’s excitement right now” as Connie gently guided me with one of her hands, by the back of my head, to my wife’s open yet sticky pussy. Connie’s other hand felt for my now-stirring cock. I couldn’t get my head around everything that was going on, but I was definitely caught up in the excitement of it all….

To Be Continued….

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Moms and daughters grannies and studs Part 3

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It was a balmy Friday evening and our little village seemed to have switched off and gone to bed for the night, The streets were deserted and once darkness fell it was apparent that people were not going out but had decided to stay home instead. As I looked out of my window I noticed that doors were closed curtains were drawn and the gentle glow of lights were the only evidence that anyone was home. Fuck but I was horny and was wanting to know who was doing what behind those curtains so I decided I would go for a walk and hopefully would come across a home with a gap in the curtains or noisy lover having sex. Little did I know that Friday night would be so much fun.

I did not have to travel far in my quest for a lusty woman or two who also wanted to have fun and satisfy their craven lusts. My regular readers will know that I am Kay and while in a happy marriage to a hunk my preference is to be with other older women who I find always satisfy my lustful cravings. if I could not find any indiscreet sexual by prowling around looking into windows there was only one solution and that was to visit one of my friends and I knew I would be lucky with the right woman. So that is exactly what I did when my search proved to be unfruitful. My best bet would be to go next door and visit a spinster my own age. Being sure she would welcome a visit I approached her front door and would use an excuse to pay her a visit.

Monica was like so many of my circle of friend who were alll fairly normal, and sometimes plain in appearance. The woman is question was named Stella. She was about five foot six and slim who wore sweat pants and tee shirts most of the time. She never wore a bra and her nipples were constantly poking through her tank tops, tees or sweaters. I never saw ger wear anything but sandles that were nothing more than minimal covering for her feet. When I first had an encounter with her it was the height of summer she was wearing shorts tee and her trade-mark sandles. I was immediately attracted to Stella who seemed so vulnerable and alone.

I later found out that Stella had been in several relationships with men over the years but she explained that her first woman was the defining moment in her life. She spent an afternoon at my place and after a couple of drinks she loostened up and talked freely about her life, loves and desires. The two of us were hanging out on my patio and because it was hot had decided to have a swim and lounge around the pool for the afternoon. I expected the spinster to be wearing a full black bathing suit and nearly dropped my drink when she took off her summer dress to reveal a thong and the tiniest bikini top I had ever seen. She noticed my surprised and explained that it was all she has and normally lived as a nudist at home. Immediately we had something in common and I said, “Stella, I also live without clothes when at home and you are welcome to get rid of your uncomfortable garments and we can both be comfortable. I took off my summer dress and bikini and reclined on the day-beds, after a couple of drinks the heat became to much for us and we slipped into the cool water of our pool. The cold water had an instant effect on our nipples and there we were both naked, and aroused in the water, I love to swim around and so did she. Eventually we got close to each other, our eyes met and we both knew we were going down a path from which we would not return.

I was not going to miss out on this heaven-sent opportunity and I knew we would form a very intimate bond that afternoon. We did and we embraces, kissed, licked, and penetrated one another with our hands. As this lovely woman concluded, “It was a fucking great afternoon and the start of something good”. I agreed whole-heartedly and we played regularly after that.

Back to the balmy Friday evening and I approached Stella’s door with anticipation. I knocked softly just in case she had already retired for the night but I need not have bothered. My friend opened the door, face beaming and said, “Kay, we are so glad you are here?. “WE” what did she mean” I thought to myself but I would soon find out as I heard a familiar voice from inside he home. It was another of my conquests that turned the tables on me and turned out to be full-blown lesbian that had seduced half the wives in the village. I was a little put out by not having Stella to myself for the evening but it turned out to be a sensational visit. As Stella welcomed me and invited me in I could smell the the fact that they were either engaged in some sexual act when I interrupted or had recently been fucking each other. Stella removed the robe she had hurriedly thrown on to answer the door and I noticed Beth the granny was naked, and there hanging before her was the biggest strap-on I had ever seen.

Beth’s next word were the start of a great evening. This old woman with a cock said, ‘Goody another cunt to fuck and more pussy juice to drink”. I burst out laughing and they both joined me as we giggled like a group of school girls. I was instantly aware of my arousal as my nipples became erect and I was leaking from my now smoldering vagina. As someone once said, Men only have one erection but womand tits and clit all get erect in an atmosphere of sex. Men can only have one orgasm and we can keep cumming for ages”. Three erections time three horny women and multiple orgasms mad for a wonderful evening of fum, even if it was a messy affair.

Stella offered me a drink after embracing me in welcome and shoving he tongue down my throat as she welcomed me with a kiss. Betg also came up to me, holding her strap-on like a huge cock on a virile young stud. Her welcome was as sensual as Stella’s as she cock pressed against my already engorged cunt.

Stella asked if I would like a drink and then without an answer she served up what they had been drinking. I asked what it was and she replied, “it is called a ‘Sparkling Ginger Daisy’,and it is made from 1 part gin, 1 part ginger liqueur, 11 part fresh lemon juice, 1 dash of grenadine Prosecco and we top it off with a cherry”.
I had never heard of it and had to get the recipe written down but I want to tell you this cocktail not only looked sexy, it also contained aphrodisiacs like ginger and cherry. The bubbles of the Prosecco give a very special feeling and the Gin was the seal on the deal for me. I was parched and soon asked for another a little too soon to realize how potent the mix would be. It certainly hit the spot as my husband say, and in my case the “spot” was my clit.

The naked women, the smell of sex in the air and the cocktail were enough for us to have a very sensual experience.

Beth was the first to speak again and she was so close to me I could feel her breath in my cheek and ear. as she whispered “Kay I am going to fuck you tonight and we are all going to cum so violently and so many times you will have to stay the night. And you know what, I am going to teach you how to use a strap-on before you go home?. Beth’s hand started to caress my tits and she began to play with my nipples and then started to suck on the, She was driving me crazy and I soon knew that Stella had joined us and when she started to lick my cunt – I was quick to cum. and as I crumpled on to the rug Beth took control and place the head of her strap-on at the entrance of my Vagina. Slowly she penetrated me while Stella now paid attention to my tits. Beth then withdrew with a plop and lay down on her back with the strap-on stiking up in the air. I knew exactly what to do ans descended onto her cock and began to ride my friend. I then nearly wet myself as Stella came up behind me and started to lube up my back hole. She then inserted a finger and began to fuck me. She added a second finger and stretched me a little more only to replace her digits with another strap-on and I was at the center of a Lesbian DP. The two invaders were relentless in their onslaught and I kept cumming for what seemed like ages. I had never been so aroused before, and when they were finished I was a quivering mass of sweating flesh covered in pussy juice from head to toe.

I did not understand why these two women would want to fuck me with artificial penises yet they were the ones yelling and squirting all over me. Beth answered my unuttered question when she removed her strap
-on and told me to lift my hips so that she could put it on me. It was a beautiful model, with built in vibration and she also had two dildos which filled both her holes – I loved her triple cock instantly.

We inserted the bits and pieces into my two nether holes and then she switched on the vibrator which soon had me aroused and on the edge of an orgasm. I loved it and thought to myself, I never want to take it off and I hope the batteries will last long enough for me to have my way with both women. I then stepped up to Beth and pushed her onto her back. I was having such fun and the idea of fucking her was brilliant. I moved my hips forward and entered her sopping cunt quite easily. The deeper I went the better the sensations I was feeling in my pussy.. Stella then came up behind me and she too wore a strap-on. She asked me to stop a moment so that she could change the strap on I was wearing. I was so aroused I refused to stop until Beth and I had both cum. We did and it was a bone-shaking, full body, gushing orgasm that came in wave after wave of pure ecstasy. A little worn out and needing some respite I complied with Stella’s request. She replaced my strap-on for one with just the main and a secondary dildo that fitted snugly into my cunt. Then came the surprise as we lay on our sides. I was spooning Beth when I felt Stella begin to enter my anal passage. so I was fucking Stella, had the other part of the strap-on in my pussy and now was being penetrated by an older woman who was as horny as I was. Deeper and deeper she moved until she could go no further. It was a fucking threesome involving perverted grannies obsessed with sex.

The noise became deafening as we all screamed out in pleasure. I did managed a thought in the midst of all the wanton activity. I thought to myself that the only missing element was some sticky, creamy cum from a few big cock as they wanked off over our already drenched bodies. I Wished I had a cock in my mouth so that every hole was filled and there would be a shower of come to finish off. Both Beth and Stella did try to help by pissing all over me and inviting me to pee on them. We then wallowed in all the bodily fluids, moving against each other and enjoying every minute of our orgy.

We had not had our fill but we were eventually too exhausted to continue, falling asleep in one another’s arms.

Saturday dawned with a little more debauchery and after a shower together we had to go our separate ways. I was amazed at the pervert grannies I now had in my life and suddenly thought we could do with a couple of nubile young ladies to have even more fun together. I would also like to add a stud or two so that satisfaction would be guaranteed.

We will be back with another episode….


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The Sponsor Part 3

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The Sponsor Part 3
“Why don’t you two beauties go take a dip in the pool and cool off” offered Bill.

       Ann and Babbs slowly got up and walked nude toward the pool. They were worn out from the romp they had just had with Bill. For his part Bill sat in his chair and watched as the two women wiggled their asses out the door. All he could think of is how lucky he was.

At 39 Ann was in great shape. She had learned over the years how to please and tease men. She was a great entertainer and when it came to the bedroom Olympics she was an all around gold medalist. Babbs at 24 was still inexperience but had shown her ability to learn.

The afternoon was coming to an end. Bill went out and told the women to come in the house and get dressed for dinner. As they went in he pulled Ann to the side.

“While you’re here, maybe we could give Babbs a little more training. There is a party in about 2 weeks and I’d love to be able to show her off.” he confided.

Ann, having coached other women over the years, knew exactly what to do. She went with Babbs to one of the guest rooms and sat her down on the edge of the bed.

“You know that when you are around these men you should be ready for anything.” Ann started. “We have talked about the way you present yourself and dress. Dinner won’t be ready for a while so let me give you some tips on how to take care of your body. “First lets get you cleaned up.”

They entered the glass enclosed shower. With Ann’s help Babbs cleaned all traces of Bill’s cum still inside her pussy. She knew how to do it but it was erotic to have Ann’s help. She returned the favor for Ann but Bill had done a superior job with his tongue.

Bathing each other was just to much. They massaged and finger fucked each other until they came. They just couldn’t help themselves. They continued their mutual care as they dried off and put on lotion. If they had not had to go to dinner, they would have been happy to climb into bed and have sex all night.

They each put on a matching wrap, mid thigh dresses with no underwear. As always high, matching heels completed the outfits. A little bit of makeup with a last minute check and they were off to the dining room.

As with all of the house, the dining room was tastefully decorated. Bill was standing off to the side and signaled for them to follow him. Through a set of double French doors there was a smaller, more cozy dining area set up for three. As they ate dinner, the conversation was mainly the women telling Bill what a great host he was and what a fine home he had. Bill was content to enjoy the beauty of his companions.

With the after dinner drinks, the conversation changed direction. Bill wanted to talk about his sponsorship of Babbs.

“Most things that I can do for you are financial. Membership in a good gym and a personal trainer. A full service spa with tanning facilities, makeup, hair, nails. and such is a necessity. The cost is not important but the quality of the service is. If there is not suitable ones near where you live I’ll arrange transportation to one that is suitable. The bills will be sent to me for payment. ” he said in a business sort of way.

“Tonya, my personal secretary will take care of all these things. She will take care of setting up shopping trips from time to time to get you appropriate clothes. A monthly cash stipend of $5000 a month will assist you with incidentals. These things are in addition to your pageant and contest moneys. I just want you to look your best. Ann, is there anything else you can think of?” concluded Bill.

“Not right now” she answered.

“Do you think this would be acceptable?” Bill asked Babbs.

“I think that would be fine.” answered Babbs at a loss to say much else. “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

“Now, let’s have some fun. You ladies stay here. Come to the game room in a five minutes.” directed Bill.

Neither of the women knew what to expect. As they entered the game room they could see Bill had been joined by another man. A black man.

“May I introduce you. Ann, Babbs, this is Mr. Robert. It’s a bit of an odd name but we have always called him that for all the years I have known him. Ann was familiar with him but did no let on. He was a male entertainer that the men employed from time to time. He was very muscular and very dark skinned. Standing about 6’2” he was an imposing figure.

“Babbs, remember how Ann danced for me earlier today?” asked Bill. “I hope you were paying attention before we got carried away. You will be called upon at our gatherings to provide entertainment. Sometimes for one person and sometimes for a group. It is important that you learn and perfect your skills.”

“I want you to entertain Mr. Robert the way Ann entertained me. The practice will be good for you. Anne and I will be here to give you an audience.”

Babbs had never dated a black man. She had not seen any blacks at the pageant either. But this is what Bill wanted. As her sponsor she thought she should do as he requested. Also, Mr. Roberts was exotic. He radiated a sexual confidence even when he was just standing. When he spoke he had a bit of an English accent which she found interesting.
She felt she could handle this.

Bill and Ann sat in one of the sofas. Mr. Robert took a seat in a chair to the left. With no coffee table in the way, Babbs had plenty of room. Bill used his remote to fill the room with music. Babbs began to sway from side to side with the soft beat. From watching Anne she figured that time was not an issue. She allowed her body to move in slow movements with the rhythm of the music. Mr. Robert sat with a slight smile on his face.

At the end of the first song Babbs was dressed exactly the same as when she started. Bill put on a bit faster song with a stronger beat. The d**gs that had been put in Babbs drinks during the day were coursing through he veins. In front of her she saw a man she was to tease and please. She was to entertain him with her body. She needed to get her act in gear.

She bent over while standing in front of him which allowed Mr. Robert to see her naked boobs, hard nipples and all. She even shimmied a bit to make them jiggle. His smile increased a bit. Then she stood and raised the hem of her skirt to show him her shaved and lack of panties. For this he gave a slight nod of approval.

Not sure what to do next, she remembered Ann’s performance and leaned forward again. This time she rested her hands on Mr. Robert’s thighs. She was concentrating on keeping eye contact with him. This being the case, when the edge of her hand came in contact with his cock she was surprised. Even though her hand was halfway down his thigh, she was sure it was the head of his cock.

Looking down, she saw it was no mistake. There outlined in the fabric of his pants was the biggest piece of manhood she had ever seen. She was not sure how she had missed seeing it before but it was there now. She stopped dancing and just stared.

“Is that for real? Babbs blurted out.

“Of course it is” answered Bill. “Mr. Robert is a very well endowed entertainer that sometimes performs at some of our get togethers.” Bill continued. “Please. Continue with your dance.”

With that Babbs slowly started to get back into the rhythm of the music. But instead of looking at Mr. Roberts, she continued to look at the growing bulge in his pants.

“You must not be distracted” Bill chastised her. “Our guest want you to entertain them. Entertain Mr. Robert. Show him your delicious body. Tease him and make him want to desire you. Make that bulge in his pants grow.

With that Babbs laid back on the floor and spread her knees. She pulled her dress up to her waist to fully expose herself. She reached down an stroked the moist lips of her pussy. When she could see the smile return to Mr. Roberts face, she took both hands and spread her lips apart. She wanted him to see her. She wanted him to know that she was available. She wanted him to see how wet she was.

As he leaned forward in his chair to get a better look, she slid a finger into herself. Slowly in and out. Then two fingers. Slowly in and out. She stopped only long enough to rub the palm off her hand over the outside of her entire pussy. Letting out a soft moan she moved her fingers to massage her exposed clit.

Everyone in the room was focused on Babbs as she fingered and rubbed herself toward a orgasm. As it crested all that was heard in the room was “Oh shit, Oh fuck”
interspaced with moans. She arched her back raising her ass off the floor. As her entire body tensed he legs began to shiver. There was no doubt what was happening. All this occurred just as the music came to an end.

Bill, Ann and Mr. Robert began to clap and cheer. Babbs for her part was trying to recuperate. As the high of the orgasm passed she wondered what to next.

Ann rose from the sofa and stood over Babbs. “That was quite a show. Now stand and remove your dress. Then help Mr. Robert remove his clothes.”

Babbs followed Ann’s instructions. Mr. Robert stood as she removed his clothing. When it came to his underwear she paused, looking at the bulge before her. She placed both hand is the waste band and slowly lowered them to reveal his now soft manhood. It was not as long as she thought it was but it was thick.

As Babbs finished removing Mr. Roberts’ clothes two young woman entered the room. Both were dressed only panties and high heels. The first carried a tray that contained a pitcher, a sponge, a bar of soap on a smaller tray and an two rather large empty bowls. The second carried a similar tray that contained two plush white towels and what appeared to be dispensers of oil or lotion. They sat them on the floor next to Babbs and left the room

“Get on your knees and pay homage to the gift that nature has provided you. Follow my instructions exactly. You will be asked to repeat this ceremony during your time in the pageants. The members find it to be very entertaining.” Ann instructed.

Taking a seat in the chair vacated by Mr. Robert, the instructions continued. “Fill the first bowl with warm water from the pitcher. Use the sponge and soap o clean this beautiful serpent that is presented before you. Make sure you are attentive to the hanging heavy ball sac. When finished rinse everything using the remaining water in the pitcher and the second bowl. Do these things tenderly so as to not wake the sleeping giant.”

Babbs carefully began her chore. Holding it in one hand and the sponge in the other she tried to not arouse the flaccid cock. She found it very different from what was normally expected of her. Men could not wait for her to make them erect. This was a challenge.

With the soft towel she completed her first task successfully. Ann began to give her the next set of directions. “Put some oil from the silver dispenser in your hand. Before you do anything else kiss the tip of Mr. Robert’s cock. Pay your respect to the sleeping giant.
Place some oil from the silver dispenser in your hand. Reach between Mr. Robert’s legs and start at the back of his ball sac. Apply the oil from back to front ending at the tip of his cock. Apply as much as you need but do not stroke any part of his sex. If he responds, that is fine, but do not attempt to make him erect.”

“When finished once again show your respect and kiss the tip of the glans. Put some more oil in your hand. Stroke his shaft with one hand and massage his balls with the other.
As you move your hand up and down, place your mouth over the head. Suck on it gently as you lick it with your tongue. Kiss it as if it were your lover.”

The attention that Mr. Robert’s cock had received brought it from a piece of soft black flesh to a glistening 10″ shaft. Rising from the curly, black hair at its base, it was the center of attention in the room. Babbs remained on her knees massaging and sucking it waiting for further instructions.

She did not have to wait long. Ann had gotten up from her chair and returned to the sofa next to Bill. He welcomed her arrival as he had exposed himself and was stroking his cock. As she took to rubbing his cock she said. “Mr. Robert please return to your seat.”

” Babbs… you have done really well. You have properly prepared the glistening ebony shaft for the final part of the ritual. Rise and approach Mr Robert. Slide your finger through the precum at the tip of the cock. Place your finger in your mouth and savor its sweetness. This liquid is a fruit of your labor. You have made the serpent grow hard and moist with your attention. You have teased it to produce it’s nectar. Lick it from the bulbous head.”

Mr. Robert and Bill were mesmerized by the spectacle. A fully nude Babbs paying homage to Mr. Robert’s manhood at Ann’s direction. The fully enlarged shaft stood
ready to perform its part.

Ann once again began to give directions. “Grab it and rub it on your lips. Slide it down your body and massage your nipples with its tip. Grind your body against it. Show it that you are possessed by it. Give yourself to it. “

After a few minutes of a display of pure unbridled a****listic lust, Babbs put it back in her mouth.

“That’s right. Make sure its as large as you can make it. Make sure its ready” cried Ann. “Get off your knees and stand in front of Mr. Robert. Spread you legs. Use your hands and open those pussy lips. Show Mr. Robert how wet you are. Show him how ready you are to please him.”

“Climb up on him. Spread your pussy as wide as it will go. Impale yourself on his rigid shaft. Do it. Do it now!” Ann demanded.

Babbs once again followed Ann’s direction without question. It was far beyond the size of anything she had ever put in her pussy. She was in such a state of lust that she never gave a thought whether it would fit or not. Mr. Robert s remained motionless as her pussy consumed the first few inches of him. She brought herself up allowing the head to remain inside of her.

Ann had stood and removed her dress. She retook her seat next to Bill and resumed stroking his cock. Babbs after three attempts had taken the full length of Mr. Robert. Methodically she went up and down his entire length. Pausing briefly at the top and bottom, she massaged the massive tool with her pussy.

“Use that cunt of yours to pull the seed out. Drag it from Mr. Robert’s balls. That dick is not there for your pleasure. Service it. Make Mr. Robert glad that you were chosen to
harvest his seed. Move that ass.” Ann demanded.

With renewed energy and enthusiasm Babbs picked up the tempo. Up and down like a woman possessed. Wiggling her ass as she moved it up in down. The effect on Mr. Roberts was positive. With an noticeable increase in his breathing it was apparent the time was quickly approaching. With her hands on his chest Babbs was going to make it happen.

“Pull up and let your pussy dance on the head of that wonderful piece of manhood.. ” was Anne’s next instruction. “Drop down on it and let it fill you. Fuck it like your life depended on it. Come on girl, your almost there.”

Mr. Roberts could not help himself. He reach around and grabbed Babbs ass cheeks in his massive hands. Squeezing the flesh hard enough to make Babbs yell, he pulled himself as hard as he could into her. Then while not releasing his grip on her , Mr. Roberts began to roughly fuck her. Without a thought about her comfort, he forcefully rammed himself into her.

Babbs began to scream. Not because she was hurting but because this bull of a man was using her body as nature intended. He was taking her. She was there only to sacrifice her womanhood to his shaft. She should consider herself lucky to be able to service such a marvelous specimen.

“Shoot your seed into her. Give the bitch her reward” Ann yelled excitedly. “Explode inside of her. Make her release her juices to lubricate you. Pound her hard. Fuck her good.
Make her know she has been with a bull.”

Just then Bill exploded into Ann’s hands. Mr. Robert began to cum inside Babbs. He was still driving into her like the piston of a steam engine. All this brought her over the edge. This time instead of screaming in pain, Babbs was in pure pleasure.

It had been quite an evening. Ann licked Bill’s cum off her hands. As Babbs climbed off of Mr. Robert’s softening rod. Bill spoke up. “Ann, don’t let Mr. Robert’s seed go to waste. Babbs worked so hard to make it erupt from Mr. Robert. Pay your respects to him and that fine cock of his. Clean him with your mouth. Make sure nothing remains. Put him in your mouth and make sure there is nothing left inside. And when you finish with him, clean Babbs the same way.”

Ann was not hesitant. She was a good employee that knew her place. She slid off the sofa and in her naked state. She dutifully did as instructed. For some reason there was nothing sexual about it. She was simply performing a service.

She didn’t like to think of herself as just one of the other women. She had worked so hard and sacrificed so much. Over the years she had performed like a trained dog. She was an entertainer just like the rest of the women. Yes she had traded her body for money. And it was a lot of money. But somewhere along the way she had traded her self respect for money.

Being one of the paid entertainers, Mr. Robert was sent on his way when the performance was over. After a night cap, Babbs and Ann joined Bill in his bed. Lying naked with the two of them, Babbs pondered if she would be able to lead a normal life. Accepting the this sponsorship was looking more and more like a full time job.

The end

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Mommy Sexual Journey

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I will give a brief details about me. Myself Shradda on my 9th standard. I’m from Jabalpur it is in Madhya Pradesh. Our family consists of 3 members’ mom and dad.

My dad works as a taxi driver and mom is a house wife as our great grandparents left much money for us we are living happily. My mom’s name is Archana. She got married to dad when she was young and within one year she got pregnant and gave birth to me and our happy family.

Now my mom’s age is 32 now s dad is a taxi driver he comes very late in the nights and sometimes don’t come home in the nights. He will go with his friends and enjoy the whole night and comes. But mom was not disappointed with dad’s behaviour as dad took great care of my mom.

Now let’s come into the story as I told my mom Archana is a beautiful woman with having all perfectly shaped in her body she looks very sexy when she wears a saree than in a chudidar. I loved to see other men sighting my moms and I thought I want to see my mom getting fucked by other men as days are passing.

This incident happened on 17th February 2012.on that day I and my mom went to super market to get some grocery then while we are returning home we got into an autorikshaw. It is a seven seater autorikshaw but already there are six men so no place for me and my mom.

The auto driver said me to sit in front beside the driver’s seat and told mom to get adjusted backside. Mom sat In between those six men. Those six men enjoyed as in was very congested and they are able to touch moms body one of the man sitting very beside to mom was completely touching my mom’s body.

I can see my mom facing difficult to sit through her facial expressions but somehow adjusted to sit. As we are moving in auto slowly one by one is getting down of the auto at their destinations. All got down but the man sitting next to my mom was not getting off.

He is still close to my mom then mom asked him to move aside as no one is there in auto except my mom and that man in the behind and me and the driver in the front. After 40 minutes of journey the auto stopped in front of our house. Then my mom and I got off the auto and mom paid the auto man.

The man sitting beside my mom also got down in front of our house only. Then the auto left. While we are going that man called my mom and asked excuse me can you please give me some water to drink. My mom didn’t reply for a while and after a few seconds told to come in.

My mom opened the door lock and we went it. That man also came inside that man is black in colour with a well built body and he looks like a rough man. My mom placed the grocery on the table and went inside the kitchen to get water. Mean while that man asked me what my name was.

And I told him my name and then he asked how many will be there in my house. I said my mom and dad. He then asked where your dad is. I said him about my dad and what work he does then mom came and gave him water bottle and went into the bedroom and that man drank water and looked our house and asked what’s my mom name was.

I replied him as Archana and then mom came out n a nighty and that man was smiling and he stood up and mom came near him he gave the water bottle to mom and thanked mom and mom took the bottle and told him to leave now without any harshness then that man went out and mom locked the door

Then it was 4 in the evening and I want to go out for playing with my friends. So I opened the door and went out. I was surprised to see the man who came home in the morning to drink water is still in front of our house. I pretended as I didn’t notice him and my friends were playing in front of our house only.

So I also joined them and that man is weighting to get a chance to go inside my house. But as I was playing in front of my house only so he was unable to get inside. After some time my dad came in a taxi and I went inside my home as my dad called me.

My dad told to mom that he is going to Delhi as a picnic with his friends tonight. My mom felt sad then my dad hugged her and said he will return within one week. My mom gave send off to my dad and my dad went. So I went and continued playing with my friends.

Meanwhile that man was still roaming in front of our house only then he came to me and asked who that man who came in a taxi is. I replied him as he is my dad. He asked me where your dad went. I replied him that he went to Delhi with his friends and will return back in a week.

Then that man got a smile in his face. I asked him what his name was he said his name is Benarjee. I kept playing with my friends. Then he called me as said that he don’t have a house to live so he wants to be in our house. I said him to ask my mom but he said if your mom doesn’t agree

I will not find any shelter so please help he said. Then I thought for a while and decided that he is a good man and I told him that there is another room in our house you can be in that secretly without getting known to mom. He said ok then I walked back to home and he followed me back.

I said him to wait till I call him to come inside. After deciding that mom is inside the bedroom I called him and he came inside the house and I showed the room. The room was next to the master bedroom where I and my mom will sleep.

I said to him to go under the bed so that mom cannot get known him that he is inside the house. He did what I said. Then the time was running and it was 8 and mom called me for dinner I went and had my dinner and mom also had her dinner.

She cleaned the vessels and we sat in front of TV for some time. I remembered that man so I went into the room and closed the door and called him. He came out from under the bed. He then said that his 2 more friends are outside of the house and wants to come in.

I said no it’s not possible as mom is sitting in the hall and he then said ok and started talking about some sex matter slowly and I gave response to him by asking all doubts and we went in deep discussion then Benarjee said if you allow me I will do sex with your mom and clarify all your doubts.

I was shocked but as my wish also was that so I kept quiet and asked him how he will fuck. He then said that his friends who are outside can help him and they 3 will fuck my mom it seems. At first I resisted but after few minutes I agreed. Then Benarjee took his mobile and called to his friends and told a plan.

The plan was that I and mom will be watching tv and they will ring the bell mom will go and open the door and they says that their car got troubled and would like to stay here this night if my mom don’t agree means the 2 people should forcibly come in and close the door and should try to start r****g her then Benarjee will join.

By hearing all this plan I said best of luck to Benarjee and I went in to the hall and sat in the sofa after some time the bell rang and mom went to open the door as according to the plan they said that their car got trouble so they wants to stay in our house tonight.

But mom didn’t agree after them begging for some time mom agreed and showed the room where I kept Benarjee. The two men thanked mom and came inside and I took them into the room then they closed the room door and I called Benarjee to come out.

He came out and smiled to his friends. He introduced his friends to me. Their names are Arjun and Aakash then all 3 men thanked me and mom called me to come out while I am going Aakash told me that you will see your mom getting hard fuck tonight. I smiled and went out.

My mom and I went into our bedroom and got ready to sleep. My mom was in nighty and she slept beside me and switched off the lights. It was 9:30 by that time. My mom slept early but I couldn’t get sleep as my dream is going to get true tonight.

I slowly got up from my bed and saw the time it was 10 in the night and slowly moved towards the door and opened and went into to the other room where all the 3 men were there. I knocked the door as it was locked. Arjun came and opened the door.

I went inside and asked when they are going to start. Benarjee said as soon as your mom sleeps we will get into action. I said mom slept then Benarjee said u too go and act as you are sleeping because your mother shouldn’t get doubt on you so you also go we will come in 5 minutes

And bang your mom as he said I went and lied on the bed mom was sleeping. After 5 minutes the door was knocked I didn’t get up and pretended as I am sleeping mom got up and went to see who it was. She then opened the bedroom door and saw the two men.

Mom asked what they want and they said some water so mom went into the kitchen and got a water bottle from the fridge and got and gave to them. Then Arjun said to my mom that she is very beautiful. My mom looked a bit serious and said thanks.

He said your lips are in good colour then mom got angry and told that she is getting sleep and closed the door after some time again the door was knocked. Again mom went and opened and again the two men were standing. My mom asked them what they want in bit anger.

They said that they were hunger and want something to eat. Then my mom went inside the kitchen and got some biscuits and chips and some sweets and placed them on the table and said them to eat and came back into the bedroom by closing the door.

Then again after 5 minutes the door was knocked and mom again went and opened the door this time Benarjee was there mom saw him and remembered him that this man came for water in the morning mom was shocked how he came inside she told who are you and how did you come inside.

Then the other two men also came and they pushed mom into the bedroom. Mom was shouting who are you get out from her but the three people came inside our bedroom and locked the door. Mom was shouting I got up due to shouting Benarjee pushed mom on to the bed and told that you sexy lady

I thought fucking you in the auto itself in the morning but I got chance now I will fuck you as hard as I can along with my friends. So you cooperate with us. My mom shouted them you bastards get out of my house then Arjun came and slapped my mom and I resisted then Benarjee said to me you small GIRL

I will kill your mother if you come in between. So just see your mothers live blue film. I kept quiet and then Aakash caught hold my mom and tore her nighty. That was the first time for me to see my mom in a bra and petticoat.

My mom was crying by covering her boobs with her hands. Then Benarjee went to my mom and caught her hands and folded them back and removed the petticoat nodes and he pulled the petticoat and it was the first time I saw mom in bra and panty.

Then Benarjee slapped mom and pulled mom towards him by holding the bra. Mom fell on him and he removed the bra and mom was half naked now and Benarjee caught mom and hugged her tightly her boobs are crushed on Benarjee chest mean while Aakash came from behind

And removed mom’s panty and started beating on her hips. Now my mom was totally nude completely nude. I was watching all the scene with my big eyes. Then Benarjee kissed on moms cheeks and gave some rough kisses on her lips.

Meanwhile Arjun was pressing and squeezing mom’s boobs and Aakash was rubbing mom’s pussy and ass. Then they left mom and they got undressed. Then I saw all 3 people have monster cooks nearly 9 inches each. Then Benarjee went as mom was crying and covering her body with her hands.

He pulled mom and rubbed her pussy hardly. My mom was crying in pain. Benarjee said there is no use in crying shut up and just cooperate with us. He then bent and licked my mom’s pussy and the other 2 men were pinching and biting mom’s nipples and lips.

Then Benarjee got up and tried to enter into mom’s pussy but as mom was moving he couldn’t and he gave a hard slap on her cheep. She started crying more. Benarjee then slowly entered into her pussy she shouted loudly and louder. Aakash close mom’s mouth with his mouth by giving a tight lip kiss.

The Benarjee slowly started moving to and fro and started fucking mom’s pussy and mom was unable to shout as Aakash close her mouth with lip kiss. Arjun was playing with moms boobs and kissing navel. Benarjee fucked mom’s pussy for 30 minutes and finally cum in mom’s pussy and sat beside to relax.

Meanwhile Arjun occupied the place and entered his giant cook into mom’s pussy and Aakash started to bite her boobs and kiss her navel. Mom was shouting in pain. Then Arjun also fucked and cum in side mom’s pussy for more than 30 minutes and at last Aakash fucked my mom very hard as he was the last to fuck.

Aaksah was pumping very hard and mom was shouting louder and louder. After pumping harder and harder Aakash slow down and he too cum in my moms’ pussy at last and removed his cook out and slept beside my crying mom. Now there is mixed cum of 3 men inside my mom’s pussy.

Benarjee got relaxed and got up and again came towards mom and this time he turned mom and bet very hard on her hip. He widened her legs and I saw my mom’s beautiful ass hole. It is very small hole. As my dad didn’t fuck my ass hole so it is very small.

Benarjee fingered in mom’s ass hole his finger with a bit difficulty went inside. Mom moaned in pain and was crying more. Benarjee finger fucked mom for some time and then took his cook and slowly kept inside the ass hole but as his big dick couldn’t enter into that small ass hole.

Then he used his all force and pushed his dick inside her ass hole. Half of his cook entered mom was shouting like hell. Benarjee again pushed with more force this time the entire cook went inside and mom was shouting like a pregnant women while delivery slowly Benarjee was moving his cook in and out due to this blood started coming of mom’s ass hole.

By seeing the blood he increased the speed and he cum and removed his dick like this all three fucked mom’s ass and mom fell u*********s and all three cum on her body and enjoyed her a lot. They kept their hands inside moms pussy and they applied their cum on her whole body after all finished mom was in conscious and was unable to get up.

Benarjee came to me and asked me whether I have enjoyed or not. I said yes I enjoyed. Then the 3 men slept beside mom that night and the day was over. We all got up very late in the morning first I got up and saw the three men and mom lying nude still.

Then the 3 men got up one by one and they got fresh up and al last mom got up and she was unable to stand up and walk as her pussy and her ass was fucked very badly by the three men. Then mom couldn’t walk and fell down then that 3 men came and lifted mom and placed her on bed. Mom saw them and was crying.

Benarjee took his cell phone and captured some of my mom’s nude pics then Benarjee said it’s all over now just shut up and we can enjoy till your husband comes daily. My mom kept crying slowly and she went to bathroom and took bath and came out and wore a blue saree.

By seeing mom in saree that 3 men again wants to fuck mom but they waited till our breakfast and lunch was prepared.

That night the three men benarjee,arjun,Aakash had nicely fucked my mom very hard.

I have enjoyed a lot that night. The next day morning mom came from bath and wore a sexy blue silk saree and went into the kitchen. Those three men were still nude and sitting in the hall and reading newspaper. They saw mom and called her to come near them.

Mom came and Benarjee stood and hugged my mom. Mom didn’t like it but somehow kept quiet and got loose from his hug and went into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. After 30 min the breakfast was ready and those 3 men got freshen up and we all had our breakfast.

After some time Aakash said that they can start their fucking session again now but Benarjee said no and said that they will start fucking my mom again after lunch. All agreed with his sayings. Then Benarjee turned towards me and called me to come towards him.

I went and Benarjee asked how did you enjoy by seeing your sexy mom nude and fucked by us. I said I enjoyed a lot without mom noticing me. Benarjee said that they are going to repeat the same fucking session afternoon also. I said ok and asked them when they are leaving my mom and home.

Benarjee replied to me how can we leave your mom she is a sex goddess. But I said my dad will come back so leave as soon as possible. Then Benarjee said till your dad comes we will enjoy your mom’s beautiful body. I said ok. Mom is in kitchen arranging for lunch.

She completed cooking and came to hall where that three stupid men are sitting. Mom came and asked them to leave her and go away. But benarjee got up and slapped her again and said “you bitch shut your mouth and do what we say.

If you do anything extra means we will post your sexy nude pics in the internet. So just make us enjoy by fucking your sexy body till your husband comes. Mom was shocked with his slap and started weeping.

Aakash told to stop her crying. Mom again asked if my husband comes will you leave me. Then Benarjee said your husband is a taxi driver naa so he will be busy in the day time we three people will come in the day time when your husband is not there and we will enjoy fucking you.

Mom was disappointed after sometime around 2 in the afternoon we all had our lunch and then after relaxing for some times by 3 in the afternoon and those three nude men went into the bed room again. Benarjee went into the kitchen and got mom by dragging her with her hair.

Mom was crying and she is shouting my name to help her but Benarjee said if I come in middle they will kill my mom. So I kept quiet and then went inside and I too went inside the bed room. Benarjee threw mom towards Arjun and Arjun hugged mom tightly and he removed my mom’s saree pallu.

Now mom is in blue blouse and saree down. Aakash came towards mom and removed mom’s saree. Now mom is only in blue blouse and bra under it and petticoat and a panty in the bottom. Benarjee came and gave three hard slaps on mom’s face.

Mom started crying and requested them to leave her she is begging them to leave her but the three people are laughing then Aakash caught moms hands from back said and Arjun came and kept hands on mom’s boobs on blouse.

He pressed so hard and squeezed the that mom moaned in pain and he licked her blouse. The whole blouse was wet with his saliva. Aakssh removed mom’s blouse and petticoat then Benarjee came and pressed mom’s boobs on her white bra.

He too licked and bites he boobs. Benarjee licked her armpits and licked her hair also under her arm pits then Arjun removed mom’s panty from back and gave a bite to her him. Mom cried in pain she is begging them like anything to leave her.

But they didn’t listen to my mom. Arjun without waiting pushed my mom on to bed and started licking her hairy pussy where Aakash is holding mom’s hands and Benarjee is destroying mom’s lips and boobs. Arjun is licking and pulling my mom’s hair at her pussy.

Due to that mom is feeling pain and shouting after licking mom’s pussy for 15 minutes Arjun gave his attempt to keep his cook in mom’s pussy. He slowly entered and mom moaned loud again then Benarjee closed mom’s lips with his lips.

Arjun started pumping faster in mom’s pussy mom is now unable to shout and move as Benarjee closed her mouth and Aakash has binded her hands without moving. Mom is now in real hell then Arjun continued pumping harder and cum in mom’s pussy

And removed his cook then Benarjee took his place and kept his fat cook in moms pussy and mom roared aloud in pain again. Arjun was unable to stop mom’s shouting by closing mom’s lips with his lips as he was tired by fucking.

So he just closed mom’s mouth with his hand. Benarjee is also moving his cook in and out of mom’s pussy as Benarjee used more force blood started coming from mom’s pussy he didn’t mind that and kept on fucking after he cuming in mom’s pussy got out

And Aakash got the chance and he also fucked mom very hard and her pussy was in red colour more blood is coming from her pussy. Aakash also finished fucking mom. All the 3 men cum is dripping out from mom’s pussy drop by drop.

The cum is in red colour due to mixing of blood then they 3 men got relaxed and they got recharged and again they 3 fucked mom’s ass very badly as mom both holes are bleeding now. The bed is dirty with blood and cum.

After all fucking in mom’s ass then Benarjee told that one will fuck pussy and one will fuck ass and the other will be kissing boobs navel and lips. I thought mom will die if they do like that. But I kept seeing what will happen. Benarjee went to mom and pinched mom’s nipples.

Mom shouted in pain then he called Aakash and Arjun to lift mom they both came and lifted mom. Benarjee slept on bed with his cook erect. Aakash and Arjun lifted mom by spreading her legs and slowly placed mom on Benarjee

And Benarjee perfectly entered mom’s ass mom was moving in pain and shouting then Aakash took his cook and kept in mom’s pussy and Arjun kept his cook in mom’s mouth for the first time. Mom was unable to bear the pain and she is unable to shout also.

Her hands are binded by Benarjee from back who is fucking her ass from back. Now it’s a real feast to me. My mom is getting sandwiched and a cook in her mouth the 3 exchanged their places after 30 minutes each. Much blood flowed out of mom’s pussy and ass.

At last they left and relaxed. Mom was not in conscious then all relaxed and at last they got up and cum all over my mom’s body. Aakash got a bottle full of very cool water from fridge and threw that water on moms face. Mom got into conscious and was moaning with pain.

Benarjee went near mom and started slapping slowly by saying hey bitch get up get up bitch. Mom was unable to get up. It was 6:50 by that time in the evening. They have ****d my mom from 3 to 6:50 them means nearly 4 hours.

Then they 3 people took mom to bathroom and there they cleaned mom’s body and remover all cum and blood on her body and gave her a good bath. They got mom out of the bathroom and Aakash dried mom’s hair with a hair drier and Arjun cleaned mom’s body with a towel and Benarjee got a nighty from the almara.

Benarjee told to left mom and make her to stand to wear her a nighty then Arjun said to wear a bra and panty also. But as my mom is not that energetic to wear them so those three men just gave a nighty to mom and they somehow got nighty on mom’s body and lied mom on the bed and went into the hall.

I also went with them. All 3 men wore their dress. Benarjee called me and said your mom is a sex bomb. It’s really a good pleasure for us to fuck your beautiful mom. I said its ok. Benarjee said to Arjun that my mom is unable to cook dinner so he told Aakash and Arjun to get food parcelled to home. They both went to get food parcels.

I am talking with benarjee asking him when mom will become normal. He said by tomorrow mom will be ok. After that we started watching TV. Then after an hour of watching tv Arjun and Aakash came and they got meals and a chocolate cream bottle. Benarjee asked them why they brought that.

Then Arjun replied if we apply it to her body my mom’s body and lick it will be real fun. Any how she is not able to bear fucking night naa. So we planned like this said Arjun. Benarjee laughed and said its ok.

Benarjee took food to bedroom and sprinkled some water on mom’s face and mom woke up and he slowly kept small amount of food in mom’s mouth and told to eat. Mom slowly ate the food. The Benarjee came out and we all sat to eat food. We had finished eating food by 8 pm.

Then sat watching TV and after sometime around 9 we all saw mom got up and walking towards bathroom. Aakash and I went to mom and helped her to go to bathroom. Then mom told aakash to go out as she wants to go for Shith. Aaksah told we had screwed well again why shy so mom went to

Shith before me and Aakash only in the bathroom. Mom’s shith was in red colour due to blood. After finishing Aakash helped mom in standing and Aakash took water in the bucket and cleaned mom’s ass hole from Shith.

Then he wore nighty to mom and we are returning to bed again while returning mom to bed my mom’s cell phone rang. I went and saw the number. It was my dad. I told Benarjee about it. He told to lift and talk normally by switching the speaker phone on.

I lifted the call and spoke normally o my dad. My dad asked me to give phone to mom as he wants to speak to her. Then I went to mom and all 3 men came behind me. I gave phone to mom as mom was not sleeping.

Mom spoke to dad normally and dad also spoke to mom and told that he and his friends are planning to do some supermarkets and textile business in Delhi and it will take 20 more days for him to return home and he cut the call by saying bye to mom.

Then Benarjee and ajay and Aakash laughed loudly and went back to hall and mom was taking rest. I and those 3 en were sitting in hall and watching tv. Suddenly Arjun said we will take her (my mom)to our village any how her husband(my dad) wont come na.

We can enjoy her in our village but Benarjee thought for some time and said to Arjun “we will go to our village but you have to marry this bitch. Then we can enjoy this beautiful lady forever but Arjun said no I can’t

Benarjee said yaar this is not real marriage we will get all new people for the marriage this is just a proof for your to get advantage on this lady” then Arjun ok. Benarjee asked me about the plan. I said as their wish. Then that night we all went to the bedroom and Aakash removed my mom’s nighty.

Mom wakes up from her sleep. She said please don’t do now. Please don’t do now. Benarjee replied ok sexy lady we won’t do now and he told about her my mom getting married to Arjun.

Mom shouted no but Benarjee caught her cheeks and said it’s just for fun and it’s not real marriage just for a practise and made mom to agree. Benarjee said so you are beautiful lady are going to get married to Arjun we are going to my village tomorrow morning is that ok for you darling.

Then my mom nodded her head then they applied chocolate cream to mom’s body and licked her the hold night and slept. That night was finished without any fucking. The next day morning Benarjee got a hired Scorpio car and we all went to their village in that.

Now in the morning Benarjee hired a Scorpio car

We all started our journey to the village at 8 in the morning after half an hour of our journey. Benarjee got a call. He answered the call. After talking to the call benarjee said to stop the car and return back to our home and then Aakash asked what the matter was then benarjee said that he got some money in the bank and he should go and take the money.

So Benarjee said to the driver to drive the car back to home then at 9 we reached our home back. I and my mom Arjun, and Aakash got down the car and Benarjee took the car and went out. All of you went in to the house mom went into the bed room and sat on bed.

Arjun is watching TV and I and Aakash went inside the bedroom where mom is sitting. Aakash went and sat beside my mom and I was standing at the entrance of the room then Aakash put his hand on mom’s shoulder and said I like you very much darling but Benarjee said Arjun to marry you.

I didn’t get chance to get marry a beautiful lady like you. Mom didn’t speak a word after talking some time to my mom. Aakash phone rang. He answered the call and spoke for five minutes then he went to Arjun and said that Benarjee called me now. He told he will come at night.

Arjun replied ok Aakash went to my mom and gave 5000 rupees and said my mom to go for shopping and get some new sarees and he told me to go with my mom. My mom and I got ready. Aakash saw my mom very beautiful in a blue silk saree and he took his cell phone and captured my mom in his cell phone

I and my mom left the house at 10 am. We walked for some distance and got an empty auto. We took that auto and went to the shopping mall. It was very far away from our house and it took 45 minutes to reach the shopping mall. Mom and I went into the mall. Mom selected 2 sarees and she bought them.

The sarees were packed and mom paid the bill. We came out of the mall. I was carrying the bag in which sarees were there and mom was holding her purse in her hand. We waited for some time but no auto came for us. At last a bus came but the bus was fully loaded.

I said we will go into the bus mom but my mom didn’t agree and told to wait for some time as another bus or auto may comes. So we waited for 15 minutes. But no bus and auto came. Finally another city bus came. It was still more loaded with more people than the first bus.

I said to mom if we miss this bus also we won’t get anything to go home. So my mom and I got into the bus. But at the front entrance of the bus many people were there so we went and got into the bus from the gents entrance. Once we got into the bus the bus started moving.

We were standing and travelling. All men were staring at mom and some men came around my mom and stood somehow could get a seat and sat on it. My mom couldn’t get a seat. She was blocked by many men behind me. 2 men went around my mom.

One of the men went in the back of my mom and the other man was facing my mom. The bus went to a stop nearby and there in that stop some more people got into the bus. Now there was no place to move in the bus. All were stick. I saw my mom who is standing at the back of my seat.

I saw two men hugging my mom. I thought due to over crowd it might had happened but I kept looking at mom only then the man standing back of mom was touching mom’s hand which she hold to get support to stand. He then touched mom’s back.

But in the crowd mom could not notice all those. So he advanced more and inserted his hand into mom’s saree and kept his hand on mom’s navel and started rubbing mom’s navel. Mom noticed this and tried to get rid of that. But as there was no place to move she kept quite.

The man who is standing in front of mom was hugging mom .mom tried to separate from his hug then that man in front slowly put his hands on my mom’s boobs on saree and started to press them slowly.

My mom looked angrily at him but he didn’t react and continued pressing mom’s boobs. The man at the back of my mom now slowly took his hand and started rubbing my mom’s ass hips on saree and he is rubbing and pressing my mom’s hips.

He is even inserting his hand fingers in the gap between the two hips. Mom was feeling so much uncomfortable. I can see her feelings through her facial expressions. The two men enjoyed mom like that for some time. The bus stopped as there was a traffic jam.

So the two men got some more time to enjoy with my beautiful mom and the man in front of mom slowly removed his hand from mom’s boobs and placed inside her saree and touched my mom’s belly and navel. Then he started to rub and massage my mom’s navel and belly.

Mean while the man at the back of my mom looked around and confirmed that no one was seeing him and he unzipped his pant and took his cook out and started rubbing his cook on mom’s ass on saree.

He did it for some time and he couldn’t control and he cum and all the cum has fallen on mom’s saree as his cook is touched to mom’s ass on saree then after cuming that man kept his cook inside his pant and kept his hand on my mom’s boobs and started to press them from behind with his left hand.

The man at the front of mom was still rubbing mom’s navel. Mean while the bus started to move as the traffic was cleared as the bus was moving a sudden break was applied so all people in the bus moved a bit forward.

The man at the back of mom fell on mom and mom has fallen on the man in front of her. Mom is in the position like a curry in between two bread pieces. The bus started moving now the person in front of mom couldn’t control his feeling so he took out his hand from mom’s navel.

I started to rub her pussy on saree itself. He is pressuring his hand towards mom’s pussy. Due to his pressure some part of the saree and his finger tips had gone into the pussy and I think. Then he finally couldn’t control and he too kept out his cook and rubbed his cook to mom’s pussy on saree.

After rubbing his cook to mom’s pussy mom was very angry on him and she is looking with her eyes wide opened as my mom was holding the rod with one hand to support herself to stand she took her other hand and she closed her pussy part with her hand.

Now his cook was touching mom’s hand and then that man hold mom’s hand and he placed mom’s hand on his cook. But mom removed her hand fast and she kept quite. That man couldn’t control and he cum.

He collected his cum in his hand and he kept that hand with cum inside mom’s saree and applied all cum to my mom’s navel and belly. Mom could feel the wetness of the cum on her stomach. She looked angry again to that man.

He took his hand out and cleaned his hand by wiping his hand to mom’s saree pallu while taking my mom’s saree pallu he pulled her pallu slowly but it didn’t came so he slowly inserted his hand on the back of mom and dragged her pallu forward while doing this he touched mom’s ass.

He was surprised that mom’s ass was very wet on her saree. Then he saw the other men at mom’s back and he came to know that he is also doing the same thing then he signalled to the man at the back of my mom and they both signalled with their eyes to exchange their places.

But as there was no place to move in the bus they couldn’t exchange their places. The man at the back of mom was pressing mom’s boobs. He once again took his cook and rubbed on my mom’s wet saree on her ass.

He again cum and allowed all his cum to fall on mom’s saree and they both continued this for some time and the man in front didn’t cum again but the man at the back had cum many times and kept all his cum on mom’s saree. The bus kept moving and slowly passengers are getting down at their destinations.

The person next to me also got down and so mom told me to move inside as she will sit. So I moved in and mom came from the both men and sat in my seat. After her sitting she could feel something wet under her.

So my mom kept her hand under her and took it out and saw her wet hand she smelled her hand and got shocked by knowing that all her saree at the back was wet with cum. Mom looked back at the two men who were standing behind her seat

And looked very angrily at the man who has put his cum on moms back on saree. The both men didn’t matter and they stood behind mom only. One man slowly kept his hand on mom’s shoulder and he moved mom’s blouse on shoulder a bit aside and now mom’s white bra strip is visible.

My Mom noticed that and adjusted her shoulder. The bus kept going and our stop was nearing slowly mom came to near my ear and said to walk behind as her back was wet. I wanted asked why it wet is. Mom answered as some one has poured water.

I said ok and then after few minutes our stop came. Mom got up and started walking to get down I too went behind her and I saw her back was fully wet with cum. We got down from the bus and the time was 1:15 pm in the afternoon.

It was very hot as no one was walking or roaming on roads. The roads were empty. No one was there and I and my mom started walking on the road. Mom took her handkerchief and cleaned her navel and belly as all cum was applied by the man in the bus.

After some time someone stopped me by putting his hand on my shoulder and I turned back and saw the two men who enjoyed my mom’s body in the bus. They both men pushed me back and they went to mom and one man bind her hands and the other man closed my mom’s mouth

And avoided her shouting and they both soon lifted mom and started to walk fastly carrying mom. I got up and ran behind them. The both men went into a lane where all old houses will be there. The men took mom into an old house which was half collapsed.

They went into the house as no door was there to it. I also went behind them and I hide my elf behind a wall. The two men took mom into a room which was a bit good for fucking. There those two men threw my mom on the heap of sand which was there.

One man went and removed the pin which was tied to support the pallu with out filling from my mom’s boobs and he pulled and saw mom’s boobs on blouse and then he removed my mom’s belly saree pin and now completely pulled her saree and removed it.

Mom was rolling on the sand and covering her boobs with her hands and crying. Mom was shouting to leave her but they didn’t listen to my mom. Now mom was in her blouse and her petticoat and bra and panty inside.

The man who removed mom’s saree went and caught mom’s hands tightly from back and the other man come forward to mom and pressed mom’s boobs with his both hands very hardly and kissed them and he removed the blouse nodes which were at front and removed mom’s blouse completely.

Then he only removed the petticoat node and pulled it down and threw away. Now mom was only in her bra and panty both men were touching and pressing mom’s body while mom was shouting and crying they soon removed her bra and panty.

Now mom was nude in front of those two men only her mangalsutra and another chain was in her neck. as mom was moving a lot they both lost grip on mom. So mom took some sand in her hands and threw it in those two men eyes. My mom got up fast and ran where her clothes where her clothes were lying.

She directly wears her blouse without wearing her bra. Then she wore her petticoat without her panty. Mean while the two men got set free their eyes. They both ran towards mom and caught mom again.

Both men were very angry they both gave hard slaps on mom’s face and bet mom on her face and gave some punches on her face. So mom had fallen on the sand again. One man went and holds my mom and the other man undressed himself.

Then the undressed man went to mom and got mom in his hands while the other man also undressed himself. Then they both came to mom and one man hold mom and the other man came and spread mom’s legs and started fingering mom’s pussy.

After doing finger fucking he took his cook and placed it in mom’s pussy and he started fucking her. That man kept fucking mom for some time and the other man was holding my mom’s hands and pressing mom’s boobs as the man was fucking very fast mom couldn’t bear the pain

She was screaming loudly. So other man closed my mom’s mouth with his hand. Later after cuming inside my mom’s pussy that man got his cook out of my mom’s pussy and he stood up and caught mom the other man spread mom’s legs from behind and bent her a bit and licked her ass hole.

After licking he took his cook and placed his cook in my mom’s small ass hole. Mom was struggling in pain. But the man gave gentle rough strokes to mom and him also cum in mom’s ass and so one man fucked and cum in mom’s pussy and the other man fucked and cum inside mom’s ass.

Like this the both men exchanged their places and fucked mom’s pussy and ass and sandwiched my mom. Later after fucking many times they cum inside mom’s holes and the both men got relaxed for some time and they were about to go but they want to destroy my mom’s body.

So they came back and they took a small water bottle of half liter and one man was holding mom’s hands and the other man was keeping the bottle tip in mom’s pussy. But it was not going inside. So he used much force some of the bottle went inside. Mom was grooming in pain.

But the man who was holding mom’s hands took his cook and kept it in my mom’s mouth and fucked her mouth. The other man had successfully inserted the bottle inside mom’s pussy. Now mom’s hands were set free but she was just lying crying and shouting keeping her hands around her pussy.

They saw mom shouting with pain like that. Mom was shouting to take out the bottle but they didn’t do that. Instead they lifted mom and made her to stand. But my mom was unable to stand as the bottle was paining much more inside her pussy.

The men managed and made my mom to stand and one by one they fucked my mom’s ass and while cuming they took their cook and cum on mom’s face and mouth. Mom was in pain and begging them to remove the bottle from her pussy. After some time they pulled the bottle out.

And they wore their clothes. They both men took mom’s clothes which were lying on the ground and threw them beside mom. They even don’t want to touch my mom as all her body was full of their cum. They sat beside my mom and told my mom” you are very sexy woman.

You are like a sexy bitch why don’t u become a prostitute you will get more money.” But mom didn’t say anything. They both said bye to mom and started moving. My mom called them by crying and asked them to get some water for her to clean her body.

They both laughed and came to mom and opened their zips and said to clean my mom’s body with their toilet. They opened their zips and poured toilet on my mom’s body mom was shouting not to do like that. After pouring toilet the two men want away.

But mom was still lying nude on the sand and crying. After some time mom got up and wore her bra and panty and blouse and petticoat and finally wear her saree. She started to get up with great difficult and started to walk out.

I ran out and acted as I was searching my mom. Mom came out and called me by my name. I went out. I asked my mom what happened. My mom said nothing. I told her to adjust her hair properly. She adjusted her hair. All toilet smell is coming from my mom.

We started walking slowly to our home in our way to home there was a public toilet. Mom and I went into in and mom went into the bathroom as there was no door for the bathroom mom told me to see whether no one is coming and I said ok.

Mom went in and removed her saree and petticoat. I saw mom’s panty was wet with all the cum of those two men. Mom removed her panty and all the cum was falling down from her pussy then she cleaned her pussy and ass holes with water and finally washed her face and wore her saree and came out

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My Mom Is A Cheater

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This is about how my mom cheated my dad for sex. My dad is a common man who works hard for the welfare of our family and is working abroad in U.A.E. He has left India at a very young age to make more earning so that his family will live happily in home.

We are an upper middle class family from Kerala. My family consists of me, dad, mom and grandpa. My mom is a housewife who always spends lot of her time and money to go to beauty spa and health clubs and maybe due to all these she looked really young and beautiful for her age. She could make any man get a hard on by her sexy curves. Now before coming to the incident let me introduce myself. I am Rahul studying in 10th standard. My mom’s name is Lakshmi and dad is Rajeev. My grandpa is a retired school teacher and is a member of local temple governing committee. My mom is now 34 but looks like a college student especially in modern dresses. She is really fashionable and anything suits her due to her well maintained body.

I always loved my mom and never in my wildest dreams that she was such a horny bitch. We have a big house and there is generator which was provided by a man called Suresh. He is a very handsome guy about 6 feet tall and also speaks very well. He knows how to tackle with people and knew many ways to impress people. That also reflected in his business as it was growing day by day. We were the first to take generator from him and since then his business was on a rise. He always tells my grandpa that it is all due to his blessings and soon became a pet for him. Similarly he also started his techniques on my mom.

He used to say she looked pretty and the dress she wears suits her like that whenever she sees mom when he comes home. But I noticed that he used to say all this when grandpa was not there. She too responded happily and had a glow in her face whenever she meets him.

Soon they became good friends and started to talk through phone. First he used to call her and have some chit chat about our family and his family. He is also a married guy and has a daughter of 4 years. Whenever she talks with him she was very happy and will talk with much eager.

Soon the frequency of calls started to increase and she used to chat hours through phone. Then one day when dad was calling she was talking with him and phone was engaged and it created a small problem. Soon after that she bought a mobile phone and a new mobile connection. Then I understood that there was something happening in between them. From then I started to listen what they were talking and then I understood they were talking like lovers. I once saw her closing the door and then talked with him for hours. When I kept my ear near door she was saying “I too love you dear” and was giving kisses. Then I understood that she is also a horny bitch.

One night our generator didn’t work and he was given a call by mom as it was exam time for me. Then he came within an hour same day and it was about 9 at night. He said all his workers have already left and so he will try to fix it himself. Then he started to repair the generator.

As there was no power it was so dark in home and only candle light was there in my room and hall. I was studying for my exams and mom instructed me not to come out and waste time. And grandpa also was asleep. He came out when Suresh came and then Suresh told him “Sir, you can go and continue your sleep. I can manage it myself and you need not waste your time for sleep”. Mom also convinced him saying that she will call me if any help is needed. Then grandpa said ok and went back to sleep. My mom then went along with him to the generator room on the backside of our home. She took a candle also along and he took his tool kit. Mom was wearing a satin material night dress which was cream in color and all her curves where very well revealed in that dress. It was really sexy and she looked like a sex goddess in that dress.

He then followed mom and I saw he was looking on her 36 size ass as it was shaking in that night dress. Seeing that I thought something might happen and decided to follow them without them knowing. He then started to praise mom about her dressing. He told “you look really beautiful in this dress and every dress suits you. It is mainly because you have such a beautiful body shape and due to her wheatish complexion.” Mom was enjoying his comments and saying thanks. He then continued “how you maintain such a good body shape even after becoming a mom. You still look like a college student in that dress.”

Even though he was flirting with her whatever he told was true. I also started to enjoy seeing mom blushing on his comments. When they reached the room he asked her “where is the gift you promised to give?” And he said he want it then and there itself. This increased my anxiety. I was staying on the other side of the room and peeping through the window hiding myself behind the bushes.

She then told she will give it later but he didn’t agree then he slowly started to compel her in a naughty manner. She then told that Rahul might come and on hearing this, my heart beat started to increase. He was in no mood to leave her and kept on compelling her like a c***d. She then told smiling at him “OK baby. Need not worry I will give you what I promised”. She then went near him and hugged him and gave him a kiss on his fore head and another one on his cheek. By now my cock has risen and and never in my life has got such a hard on.

He also hugged her tightly and told her that this was the best moment in his life and wished it would stand like this forever and more such filmy dialogues. But she was much impressed hearing this and then I thought what a fool she is and he stayed in his arms. Then he slowly moved his hands above and took her face in his hands and said “you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met” and gave a lip kiss to her. She was shocked at first and then she too started to enjoy the kiss and respond by opening her mouth. She then started to take his tongue inside her mouth and suck it. He then started to move his hands down and slowly started to press her lovely 36 size boobs.

She was then moaning and told him it is not the time for this and told him will give you everything but not now. But he kept on pressing her boobs. She then told him “wow darling you are really strong touching his arms”. I couldn’t believe what was happening and what a slut my mom was staying in another man’s arms and praising him. Suddenly power came and they moved apart as light came everywhere.

Then I went near mom as if I was just coming from my room and asked him whether repairing is over. He then told he just started his work and will need at least 3 or 4 hours to complete it. Saying this he winked at mom. I understood what he meant and mom was just looking down and blushing. But I acted as if I didn’t understand anything and said then better you can come tomorrow with a mechanic. He said he would come tomorrow by 10 in morning.

I understood that he told that time because he know very well that I will be out to school and grandpa in temple as he is a member in temple committee. Then she also told that will be better if you come tomorrow so that we can finish off the work we started. Saying this she smiled at him. He then said he will come and finish the work tomorrow and when he was about to leave mom asked him whether he had dinner. He said he didn’t and then mom asked him to have dinner and go. He first didn’t agree then later accepted to her compulsion.

He was then taken to dining room by mom. I was walking in front and they followed me and I could see him fondling her ass through the corner of my eye. He touched her ass from behind and she was walking with no change of expression on face. I now understood that she is a real bitch who is starving for sex. He then made him sit and made few chappatis for him. While serving the curry, it spilt on to his pants near the thigh region from her hand. She then told him he will help him clean it and asked him to go with her to washroom. I then understood that the bitch is not stopping now.

She then told me to go to bed as I have exams tomorrow. I told ok and but I followed her again to know what she was up to now. He was more confident now and he held his hands across her waist and held her close to him. He then kissed her neck from behind and she ran fast to washroom and he too followed her and as soon as he entered she made him sit on the toilet seat and took a mug of water and washed the area where the curry was spilt. She kept her hand on his thigh and moved it up. She went up and up almost till his cock and it had already formed a tent in his pant. She smiled at seeing this and said to him “someone is standing here in front of me.” He too smiled and asked her “why can’t you make him sit.” She then told will definitely make him sit but not now and asked him to come tomorrow.

After this she only gave him a lip kiss which lasted for at least 5 minutes and at last she left his lips from his mouth. Both of them were gasping for breath but his hands was still around her waist and he then pressed her boobs and she took her hand to his cock and pressed it over his pant. Then she removed his hands and told him “leave now dear and come tomorrow to take whatever you want.”

I couldn’t believe how my so faithful mom became a whore on seeing a hot guy. He then left saying good night and when he was about to leave I ran to my room and acted as if I was fast asleep. She then went with him to door and gave a kiss and he left and she returned to bed. We were sleeping on the same bed and I could see her very excited and laughing in bed thinking something. Then she called him thinking I was asleep and started to plan for next day. She told that she will give him a call as soon as I and grandpa leave home. She also asked him to get a pack of condoms. Later she gave him kisses through and disconnected the call. Then I was totally horny and we both slept.

I woke up and got ready fast as if to go to school and told her that I will be late as I have special class after test and went out. She looked really excited that day morning. She was wearing an ordinary dress but the master bedroom was well decorated and there was a mild fragrance of air freshener in room. I also took the spare key as I left. After getting out from home, I went for a round in bicycle and kept my cycle in friend’s home and came back and entered home. She was bathing as I expected and she came out wearing a transparent light blue night dress with only bra and panty inside. She also put a mild make up and also applied perfume. But to our disappointment all the setting was in vain as my grandpa’s friends came to see him. She was disappointed seeing them and later she called him and said plan is postponed. So I left home through backdoor to my friend’s home and went and entered test half hour late.

When I came back in evening I could hear her saying “not tonight. It is risk” and so on. I then came to know that they are planning for tonight. I think he didn’t agree and he had convinced her to set it for tonight. She then told that she will keep the back door open and come through that door to master bedroom. My grandpa sleeps in upstairs and mom usually sleeps along with me in my room.

But that she told she had some stitching work and will be late after that so she will sleep in master bedroom after finishing it. I understood her plan and purposefully opened a lock of window in that room and put on the curtain without her knowing it. She looked little tensed all day and it was night and she was continuously chatting with him through phone. She served us dinner and didn’t have dinner and told she is not hungry. She then asked me to go to bed early as I may be tired after long days of exams. I said good night and left to my room. As soon as I closed my room she too went to master bedroom and got ready as in morning. She wore that same blue night dress and got ready. She looked a real sex bomb. I was waiting in the bed as if asleep.

Later she came to my room and confirmed that I was asleep and then called him and told him to come to her room carefully as she was tensed because if she gets caught then that’s it. Then time was about 12.20 am I heard sound of his bike. He was well dressed in a cool blue t shirt and jeans. She too was in that same see through sky blue night dress. He entered the compound jumping through the courtyard wall and entered home through backdoor. I then peeped and saw both of them hugging as soon as he entered home and without switching on lights they tiptoed to the master bedroom where she is supposed to share bed with only my dad. They both entered and closed the room. The room was well arranged and ac was on. I then got up from my bed and went and hid myself near window of the master bedroom from outside. I also brought my mobile phone that my dad gifted me on my last birthday and started to video record everything. She never saw me recording it.

They were now inside room and she was sitting on his lap and was kissing him vigorously all over the face. While she was kissing him he was busy playing with her lovely boobs. I could not believe my eyes as the bed that dad bought for their use is being used by mom to have sex with another guy. She was enjoying every moment of it and was staying eyes closed. He then slowly made her stand and said “you have a wonderful body darling” and on hearing this she kissed him on forehead. Then he stood up and took her in his arms and took her to bed and made her lie on bed. On bed she said “wow, you are really strong man as my husband has never did like this to me in my entire life. I think he is not able to do like this. You are a real man”. For this he said “I will now show you what a real man is capable of.”

She then smiled and lied on bed. He then came on top of her and slowly lifted her night dress up to her knees. He was kissing her legs as he came up and slowly pressed her boobs and unbuttoned her top part of night dress. She was moaning lightly as he was pressing on her boobs. Aaaaaaahhhh, ammmmaaaaa, and making all sorts of erotic sounds. Then he slowly pulled up her night dress and removed it and now she was only in her cream color bra and panty which was made of satin like material. Wow what a scene it was to see my mom only in bra and panty and waiting to be fucked by another guy.

She looked really sexy with fat in right places in body. Her boobs were thrusting up like two mountains and her stomach was milky white with a deep navel. She then stood up and removed his t-shirt and unbuckled his belt and removed it. Then he slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slowly inserted her hands into it and touched his cock over his underwear. He then removed his jeans and stood wearing only his underwear. He had a huge erection and a tent was formed in his underwear due to his hard cock.

She then slowly pulled down his underwear and saw his huge 7 inch cock and said “oh my God. How can I take this monster in me” and laughed. He smiled and lied on bed with her and hugged her. Then he slowly unhooked her bra and removed it. Now I had clear view of her large boobies which were waiting to be handled. He first pressed both her boobs and said “wow, Lechu, you have really soft boobs. Your hubby is really lucky. I am jealous of him”. Then she replied, “why darling, you can take anything from my body know. I am all yours. And that fool is working hard so that we can fuck hard comfortably lying on a king size bed in an air conditioned room.”

He smiled at her reply and he then sucked her nipple and pressed the other boob with one hand. She was enjoying all these lying eyes closed. She kept on producing small moans. He kept on sucking her nipples hard and she was breathing heavily. He then circled her nipples with his tongue and was sucking her nipples like a hungry baby. He sucked both her nipples and both her nipples were erect and pointed. He slowly came down and kissed her stomach and inserted his tongue into her deep navel and she was totally out of control and kept on moaning. All these actions have made my cock rock hard and started to make my dick pain. I then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Now I was free and was recording all the action carefully.

He then came near her panties and slowly kissed on pussy over panties. She told “please don’t tease me like this. Please remove it and make me enjoy.” I felt surprised to see my conservative mom begging to another guy for cock like a slut. He then smiled and removed her cream color panty with his mouth and she too was helping him by raising her ass. She was now lying on bed stark naked waiting him to fuck her.

Then he slowly came near her pussy and kissed it. I was shocked and was thrilled to see the holy hole through which I entered this world. It was cleanly shaven and was she was in heavens of pleasure and kept on moaning as he was kissing her pussy. He then slowly inserted his tongue into her pussy and started to suck it. She was moaning like hell like ooooooohhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, yessssss, suck it baby and suck it deeper. Then she kept pressing his head into her pussy and said to suck her deeper. He then was sucking her deeply and playing with her boobs also at the same time. He said “your pussy is really tasty and sweet like you. I am very lucky to have you”. She replied “you enjoy it dear, my husband is a fool and he doesn’t know how to satisfy my hunger. I know you won’t disappoint me. Please now satisfy my pussy with your long dick. I have never taken in such a long cock”

He kept on penetrating her with his tongue and sucked her deeply. Then he spread her legs and kisses her asshole. He licks her asshole and puts her tongue deep into her. He gives her tongue deeper into her ass as she was moving her head in pleasure to both sides. She was gasping for breath and was saying “you are a real man, my husband is a waste and he has never ever showed me pleasures like this. You are making me wet and I want your cock inside me now. I can’t stand anymore. Please fuck me dear like I am your slut. Please.” But instead of fucking her he took his cock and brought it near her mouth and told her to suck it.

She then made him lay on the bed and was sucking his cock like a porn star. While sucking his cock, both her boobs were in air and it was a beautiful scene. She was also saying “what a beautiful and hard cock you have got. My husband’s cock is just half of your size. You are really amazing” I was stunned seeing my simple mom sucking another guy’s cock and praising him lying on my dad’s bed. I then thought she is a real horny bitch.

She then moved the fore skin of his dick and licked the opening on his penis. She kept on rolling her tongue on his hard cock. He was lying on bed with legs placed wide and she was sitting between his legs and sucking his cock. Then she slowly started to take the penis into her mouth. She first took the crown of his penis in and was sucking it. He was holding her hair and slightly pushing her to go deeper.

She was sucking that monster and was gagging as he kept on pushing her to go deeper. Actually she was deep throating there and almost took nearly three-fourth of his cock in. He was also enjoying a lot as he was standing with his eyes closed and he was breathing deeply and saying ” yes darling, like that, do it deeper, deeper, yesss.. yessssss.. Wow, you are a great sucker. You know very well how to please a man. My wife also does blowjob but she is of no match to you. I am going to cum. Oh dear.” She kept on increasing the pace of her sucking and he finally exploded a load of his cum into her mouth. Her face was full of cum and was dripping out of her mouth. It was flowing through her neck.

Then she laid on the bed and her body was full of his cum. Then she came and sucked his cock clean and within few minutes his cock was erect again and ready for action. I was amazed to see that. She too said that “oh dear, your cock is ready so fast so why don’t you give him some place to go and play. My idiot can never fuck me more than once a day. You are a real man.” She was lying on bed with his legs spread and told him “Come on darling and fuck me like a slut. I am your slut and you can do anything you want on me. Come and fuck my pussy.”

I felt so horny to see my mom begging to another guy to fuck her hard. She was completely moved by the pleasure and now wanted a wild fucking session. He then parted her legs and came in between and kept both her legs on his shoulder and pushed his cock into her wet juicy pussy. She was lying on bed and looking into his eyes as he slowly tried to pierce her pussy to let his little man enjoy. She was enjoying each push he was doing and kept on moaning. He too was saying “what a tight pussy you have like a young girl. My wife’s pussy is now loose especially after delivery. But how do you maintain this tight?” She replied “it has only penetrated 3 or 4 inches by that fool. And I also do certain yoga exercises to maintain it tight. Now show me what a real man can do. Moreover I was also craving for something like your cock for the past few months.”

Then he pushed little more and for which she moaned, aaaaahhhh.. wowww.. yessssss.. Then she was saying “yes like that, fuck me deeper.” He then pushed hard and slowly his cock went whole length into her pussy. Both of them were moaning. Their sounds kept on increasing. He then started to increase the pace of his fucking. He was fucking her hard and the sound of his balls hitting her ass was audible even for me who was standing outside. It was like thuck, thuck, and was really making my cock mad. She was enjoying the session madly. She was moaning louder and then he came and kissed her lips to make her silent. They were kissing madly and her tongue was playing with his tongue while his cock was thumping in her pussy. Both of them were fucking hard.

Then he made her stand in doggy position and started to pump her pussy from back. She was being fucked in that position for nearly 30 minutes. She was blabbering and saying something like ” yesss, love that, fuck me deeper, please don’t stop, please I am cumming.” And she was breathing heavily. I understood she had an orgasm. But he was still ramming her pussy. I too feared whether she will wake my grandpa. She had her eyes closed and both their moans were getting heavier and the room was filled with their moans. They were in each others arms and both were exploring their body. His cock increased the pace and he too made a huge sound like “aaaahhhhhhhh. I am cumming.” She told “yes darling, cum, cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your cum. I need it inside me.”

He then kept on ramming and within few minutes he moaned and ejaculated inside my mom and laid on top of mom. Both of them were gasping for breath and breathing heavily. I knew they had a huge orgasm. Both of them were sweating and were in each others arms. Then they were on bed and he asked “how was it dear?” She replied “it was the most beautiful sexual experience I had. My husband has never showed me such pleasure in my whole life. You took me to heavens of pleasure. I never had such a huge orgasm in my life. I will be your slut for my entire life as I loved your cock that much. Please keep this a secret between us.” He said “it will be within us for sure darling” and they kissed each other.

Then they got up and she whispered something in his ears and he then took her in his arms and headed to the bathroom. Then they didn’t even close the door thinking that the room is closed. She then filled the bath tub with warm water and entered into it. He too followed her into it and they put soap on each others body. He was sitting on his back and she in between her legs while he was playing with her boobs and soaping it.

He was removing his own dry cum from her body and face. Then she was also soaping his hairy chest and his cock and played with each others body for more than 30 minutes. They were also kissing each other and she was holding his cock all the time. Then they came out from bathroom and she dried his body and came back to bed. She then took his dick in her hand and said “I need this one whenever I ask for. Will you give it?” He smiled and said “its all yours and you can take it whenever you want and I will be more than happy to fuck such a beautiful horny housewife.” She then lied on bed with him naked and kissed his cock.

Now the time was almost 4.30 am. That means he fucked and played with my mom for past 4 hours. By now I had recorded few clips and lots of clicks. Now this time I just shagged on my cock and within 10 strokes I ejaculated. This was the first time I am ejaculating without even shagging my cock too much. And also the amount of cum I ejaculated was amazing. I have never ejaculated such a huge cum load.

He was in no mood to leave her but she told that it is time for him to leave. As it is already 4.30 am he must leave soon before dawn. She then made him stand up and dressed him up and she was still naked and took a bed sheet and covered her body and walked along with him to the door to send him. While going she took some pill from the safe and had it.

Seeing this he asked “what was that for?” She replied “naughty guy, fucked me so hard and ejaculated inside me and asking me why I take i-pill. Who will be responsible if I become pregnant now?” And smiled. “Why you brought condoms as we didn’t even think of using it? From now on I am going to take contraceptive pills so that we need not have to use condoms anymore” he smiled and said “I will now have to convince my wife that I will have to go to many business tours from now on. She is a fool and believes whatever I say. So she won’t be a big problem.”

And at the door she kissed him and he said “but you didn’t give your ass. I want to fuck your ass.” she smiled and replied “next time baby. I will give anything you want from my body. You can fuck my virgin ass next time. I will even keep it exclusive for you. I haven’t even allowed that idiot to fuck my ass. I love you so much.” She was waiving her hands and giving flying kisses as he was leaving. He smiled and ran and jumped the courtyard wall and I heard the sound of his bike starting and soon he left. She then came back to her room and started to get dressed up.

She was looking her body in mirror and blushing imagining of all that happened I suppose. I then ran back to my room and lied on bed as if sleeping and she then came dressed up and checked my room and slept near me as if nothing happened.

I thought at that time that she did this due to her stress and urge for sex in ladies with husbands not with them. But it was not so, rather it was just the beginning of her series of sexual sessions with him. Each of their encounters needs lot of explanation. I have witnessed it many times. In this story I will tell about our trip to Munnar (a famous hill station and tourist spot in Kerala).

After their sex, he used to come home whenever grandpa was not there. I doubted as if it was planned. Later one night I heard her talking through phone that “I will call you dear as soon as dad leaves tomorrow” to someone. I then understood that they are planning it every time. My grandpa has to go for temple committee works once every month to Thiruvananthapuram. He usually returns only in second or third day.

So this time I asked my friend Deepu in neighborhood to see at what time Suresh uncle comes to our home. He agreed and so next day as I was returning from school I went to his home before entering my home and he told Suresh uncle came by 12 noon. So then I understood they might have had a great fucking session by now and left. But to my surprise he was still sitting in our hall having tea and when I came inside, he started to chit chat with me and then I decided to check my luck and said “I will freshen up and come. Uncle keep talking with mom till then” and started to leave. He has applied a strong perfume as it was piercing my nose as I was sitting next to him. He then told that he was in a hurry to a meeting and just came here on the way for monthly evaluation of generator and will leave soon.

I then said in my mind that I know what you are evaluating every month. I smiled and said “ok uncle, see you.” He too smiled. And soon I left the scene and I went to my room and closed the door pretending as I was freshening up. Instead I went and closed door and started to peep through the key hole.

As soon as I left he stood up and hug her and she was in his arms. He was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips over her night dress. She said “you naughty, was playing and drinking my boobs till now and isn’t that enough for you”. He smiled and said to her that these are few things that he won’t get bored off and will have an urge to take more and more every time he gets it. She again said bad boy and gave him a kiss on his lips.

He slowly lifted her night dress and I was shocked to see that she was not even wearing a panty. He then fingered her pussy and she told “enough dear I can’t take anymore today. How did you fuck me for such a long time? I nearly had three orgasms in that time.” All her comments were making my cock hard. He then smiled and said “you haven’t been with a real man. I will show you to what levels of pleasure a real man can take you.” She replied “yes dear, my husband is a waste and he has never given me half the pleasure you gave me today. Love you dear”. And she kissed him. This time kiss lasted for longer time and then she told him that it is time for him to leave and he left. Seeing this I went inside toilet and got freshened up and gave a shot of my cum into the closet and came back.

As I came back mom was casual with me and she said she is tired today and she is having head ache and said she can’t prepare dinner tonight and asked me to get from the hotel nearby. I then understood that she was tired because of the hard fucking session she underwent few hours back. Saying this she went to the master bedroom and lied on the bed. Within few minutes she was fast asleep and I bought parcel and called her but she told she was not feeling like eating and soon slept.

Next day she told me that she will take me for a trip to Munnar if I score 80% in the term examination coming up. I thought she was so caring and loving. She also said it is too boring staying alone and we need a change from the present condition. She also added there is no point in wasting our lives for others and it is us who have to live our lives to the fullest. I felt something wrong in her comments. But was thrilled hearing her offer and prepared well for exams. Getting 80% was not a tough thing for me as I always got nearly 80% regularly. May be due to my extra effort and God’s grace I got 89% and that day she was really happy and she asked me what you want as a gift for which I told her to keep her promise to take me to Munnar. She said that will be done very soon itself and kissed me on my forehead. I asked her how we will go. She said everything is a surprise for you. I again thought how she will arrange for a trip and later that night I got the answer for all my doubts.

Later that night, I heard her talking through phone that everything has worked out as per plan and can leave to Munnar tomorrow early morning itself. She was very excited during her talks with him. She even said that we can celebrate our honeymoon in Munnar. She then started to get everything ready and I saw her packing all her fancy saris, modern dresses and see through night dresses. She told it will all be a great trip for you as it was January and it was really cold there.

She then asked me to get my things also ready for trip. I too got everything ready and I also took my digital camera also with me which my dad gifted me on my last birthday. I could not sleep that night and was thinking about what was going to happen in my life in the next two days. Somehow I slept till I was woken up by mom saying it is already 3 am and we have to leave by 4 am. She was already fresh and wet as she just came after taking bath. Then I woke up and got freshened up and when I came out after dressing what I saw was just mind blowing. My mom was wearing a pink top and a tight fit legging type bottom. Top that she wore had a low cut neck and was really sexy. While she was sitting simply itself one could clearly see her beautiful cleavage.

As per their plan, he came to our gate and was waiting for us to come in his new Honda CRV. I then showed surprise and asked her “Are we going with Suresh uncle?” She then told “yes dear, he has been there many times and knows very well about the places out there. He is a good friend of mine and was happy to take us when I just asked him how to go to Munnar few days back. So I asked whether if dad knows about this trip he will be angry with us know.

She told then don’t say about this to him and keep this within ourselves. I said ok and we proceeded towards the car. Seeing us he came out of the car and gave a warm smile and he greeted mom and me with a gentle hug. Then when I was going to enter the front seat along with uncle my mom said to me to go and sit in back seat and she will sit in front. I agreed and was now interested in knowing what all has this slut planned for this trip. So I decided to be passive and to enjoy the scenes.

So we started from home by 4 am as per planned and within the first 30 minutes I decided to act as if sleeping and enjoy what all they will do if I am sleeping. So I sat comfortably in back seat and started to act. They were also watching me closely. I could see Suresh uncle staring through the rear view mirror to make sure I was sleeping. I had butterflies in my stomach and could not wait to watch what they would do next. So when they confirmed as I was sleeping they started to be more comfortable and she was the first to hold his hand and lie on his shoulder. He too put his hands over her shoulder and was slowly fondling her soft 36 size boobs. The road was empty as it early morning and he then slowly started to put his hand into her top. He was also praising her while doing so like she was looking extremely sexy in that dress and was looking like an angel.

He also praised her soft boobs for which she said it is all yours dear and you can do whatever you want with those. He then pressed her boobs over her bra and she then took her hand and kept on his thigh and started to move up. She then massaged his thigh and pressed his cock over his shorts. It already showed a big tent inside his shorts. She then pressed his cock and said “my hero is already active today” and smiled. On hearing this he smiled and said “for you it is always ready my darling”. He then slowly kept pressing on her boobs over her top. She was enjoying it and was biting her lips in pleasure. He then slowly inserted his hands into her top and was feeling her nipples.

She then said you have whole two days to do whatever you want with those and why are you so anxious now itself. He replied “I can’t even miss a single opportunity to miss you and your wonderful body. I love you dear.” She was so happy in hearing this and she without saying anything unzipped his pants and took out his long dick and looked at it. She said “what a lucky woman is your wife and I am feeling jealous for her” and she kissed it. He then slowed down the car and said “but she can’t satisfy me to half the amount you did on that day. That was the best sex I had in my whole life. I promise.”

She then removed the foreskin of his cock and kissed it again and this time gave a little of her tongue also on the head of it.

He then slowly said “wow darling, you are too good sucker”. Then she said that it was enough for now and will do the rest in the coming two days. His cock was standing like a pole due to her kiss and she was playing with it. She kept it in her hand and slowly kept on massaging it and saying “I love this cock as this only gives me pleasure in my lonely life”. I couldn’t imagine what a horny slut she was as she was praising and sucking another man’s dick. He then slowly took his left hand from boobs to her pussy area over her tight leggings. He then massaged there for few minutes and she started to move restlessly on the seat and started to give out sighs of her moans of pleasure.

She then slowly widened her legs so that he can get good access to the hole from which I came to the world. He then slowly inserted his hands into her black leggings and started to caress her there. She was biting her lips and lying on her back and saying “I love that. You are too good my darling. I am waiting for this moment in my life nowadays. These are the most pleasure filled moments in my life”. He smiled and said “this is just the starting and you will be satisfied to the core before we leave Munnar. I love you and your lovely sweet pussy” and licked his fingers. Then she said I may wake up and got back to normal. She said “this is all yours only and can do whatever you want with those. We have enough time for all that and I will fulfill all your dreams my love.” By now my cock was rock hard and I somehow hid my erection from them.

Then after sometime they stopped car for breakfast and she came along with him holding his hands like his wife. At this time I acted as if I woke up now and accompanied them. Then finally we reached the resort in Munnar. The climate was too cold and we reached there by nearly 1 pm in noon. While reaching there he asked “we shall take 2 rooms know” to my mom. She said “why to waste money and instead just take a cottage”. I also now got the bitch’s intention. He then went and took a cottage which was really nice. It had two bedrooms a hall and a private swimming pool. It was too good. And later only I came to know from the room boy that it was a honeymoon cottage. The pictures on the wall of the room was also the pics of the erotic sculptures of ancient India. Now everything was set for a great show I supposed.

After reaching the room, uncle went to bring luggage and at that time she said “Are you happy now my baby? We could do all this and come here only because of him (Suresh uncle). So we should always be thankful to him and should not cause any difficulty to him. We should also satisfy his wishes before even he says it. Ok?” I replied “yes mom we can make him happy this vacation. I will do my best to keep him happy.” She also said that because of his company with the management of the resort there they got this cottage only at a half rate and because and so we can even stay for a few more days if we want. I understood what she was aiming at and I said that’s a wonderful idea. Then by this time he came back with the luggage and mom went near him and gave him a small hug in front of me itself and said “this is a wonderful cottage and we really loved it.”

He too responded by hugging her with his hand and kissed her cheeks. I acted as if I was shocked and after that I asked mom “why did you hug him?” for which she told “he is my best friend and he has done us such great help for us and there is nothing wrong in what I have done there. And I have already told you that it is our duty to keep him happy. I am just doing all for that. And don’t tell any of these things to your dad. He is a narrow minded fellow and cannot understand all this. Ok?” I replied “Ok.” By her each words I was getting excited and wanted to know how they are going to make out in the coming days.

Then we rested in room till 4. He rested in one room and mom and me in another. Mom then went to freshen up in the bathroom and came wearing a new top and jeans. She looked damn hot in that. It was also figure fit and showed the curves in her body. She then asked me to get dressed up and I went to bathroom. In that time she ran to his lover who was sleeping topless in bed and got on top of him and sat on his crotch. He was also surprised in her move. He told like “Rahul will come” for which she said he is in bathroom and getting ready. I meanwhile was just peeping through my room to theirs and kept the pipe open. He then made her lie on his bed and started to kiss her. He started with her lips and was pressing her boobs. He kissed all of her face and on his each pressing she was moaning.

Then they continued to caress each other. And she then moved apart and started to kiss his chest and sucked his nipples and was licking near navel. They then stood from bed and when he was about to remove her top she told “we will do whatever you want tonight as he may come out now” and came back to my room. I meanwhile rushed to bathroom and took a shower and came back.

Later he also got dressed up and we went out for site seeing. First we went to tea estates nearby and took photos there. First he was taking our snaps. Later my horny slut mom asked to take their picture and started to pose like couples. She was standing close to him with her hands in his hands. Soon the poses started to become more intimate as he was holding her across her waist and so on.

She was also acting cool and normal. She herself started to brush her lovely boobs on him. I snapped everything in my mobile camera also. They soon became comfortable in front of me and she himself was holding his hands close to her body. When I asked her about this she told not to forget what I told in the noon and continued to flirt with him. Later we had our dinner and reached room and she got freshened up to go to bed by 9 itself. And she also told me that we should go to bed early tonight as we had to go for trekking tomorrow early morning.

Then I saw my mom changed her dress after bathing into a transparent cream color night dress which could even make an 80 year old man cock to be erect. She was damn sexy and her curves were visible clearly. Her white color panties and bra were also visible. I was sure that this bitch is too horny tonight and is desperate to be screwed. She then came to me and said we can sleep in this room and let Suresh uncle sleep in the other room. Then she said she will wish him good night and come and went to his room. I silently followed her and she rushed to his room and said “everything is as per planned and will meet after he sleeps.

Then he said “you look damn sexy today and can’t wait to have you. Feeling like to eat your pussy now itself and take you to peaks of pleasure”. He then showed his cock which was erect and said it is all because of you and you should do something to cure it”. She then pressed his cock with her hands and played with his balls and said “I will do anything today to satisfy you and I am your slut and can do whatever you want to make yourself feel good. You are the one who showed me what a real man is capable of and how to really satisfy a woman”. She then came to my room and lay alongside me.

Then later when time was 11 or so she slowly woke up from bed and looked at me to know whether I am sleeping and I was acting as I am fast asleep. Then she slowly got up from bed and tiptoed to his room and slowly opened his room and entered inside and locked it from inside. Then I understood that the show time was on and then rushed to their balcony through mine as both are interconnected and peeped through the large French window. For my luck curtain was having a gap so that I can comfortably enjoy the show. As soon as she entered the room he stood from bed and hugged her tightly. She too was enjoying in his arms as she was lying in another man’s arms eyes closed.

He then slowly started to kiss her lips and each inch of her face. She too was enjoying it and was returning the favor. Their lip kiss last long and I could see them exchanging their saliva. He said to her that her lips really tasted good. He then slowly unbuttoned the top buttons of her night dress and started to press her boobs over the dress and said this was the moment what he was waiting for the whole day.

Then he took her to bed in his arms and threw her on to the bed and came on top of her and she removed his t-shirt and started to kiss him on his hairy chest. She was kissing each and every inch of his chest and saying “you are my man, not that fool who works out keeping his wife’s pussy wet all year”. I felt really bad when I heard this but something in those words were turning me on. And then she continued her work like a sex starved slut and started to lick and suck his nipples. He was enjoying it and was giving light moans. Then she climbed on top of him and was pressing his cock putting her hands inside his boxers. A huge tent was visible now itself inside his jockey.

He meanwhile was playing with her milky white boobs. She then slowly removed her night dress and was sitting on his crotch with only her bra and panty. That was really a superb sexy scene to see her sitting on his crotch. Then he was playing with her boobs and slowly unhooked her bra bringing both the milk tanks for my view. He then started to suck her nipples and press the other boob at the same time. She was moaning heavily like ” aaaaaaahhhh, ammmmmaaaaaaa, ooooooooohhhhhhh” and he was also biting her nipples.

She then said “wow, you really know how to satisfy the hunger of a woman. I love you darling. My husband is a waste”. He then smiled and said “I too love you Lechu. It turns me on more when you say about that idiot like this during our pleasure time.” She then said “you naughty devil” and gave him another kiss and this time on his belly. She then said “you have a strong body and your abs are also tight”. Then he made her lie on the bed and started to kiss her body from top without missing even an inch in her sexy body. He was licking her boobs and sucking them like a mad dog. She continued to give out sexy moans. All this made my cock rock hard and I slowly released my little man out of my shorts so that I will feel little more relaxed,

He then slowly came to her stomach region and started to move her lips and tongue all over there. He was licking her navel region and was playing with her large bosoms. She was lying in the bed with closed eyes and her legs were moving in pleasure. Then he slowly came near the sexy hole of my mom and kissed there over her white panty. He then said “you are already dripping wet my dear. I love the smell of your love juices. It drives me crazy.” Then she smiled and said “it was all because of you and now only your thick cock and calm down the heat of my body.” He said “I will definitely make you feel relaxed” and continued to tease her by kissing her over her panty.

She then started to gasp for breath and said “come on darling, please don’t tease me like this. I can’t take this like this. Please remove my panty and play there with your tongue. Show me heavens of pleasure as you usually do. I want your hard cock inside me my love. Come and fuck me darling please.” I was really amazed to see my mom begging to another guy for his cock. She has turned on that much that there is no point of return.

He then smiled and slowly removed her panty. I myself was amazed to see her clean shaved pussy. It was really pink in color and was glazing due to the pussy juices it secreted during the heavy foreplay they underwent. She also then removed his boxers and his large thick 7 inch cock was released free. It was standing erect like a pole and was in its full glory. She then made him lie on the bed and came between his legs kneeling down in front of him and took hold of his cock and said “What a hard cock.

Somehow I want it fully inside me. I really enjoy every time you fuck me. I never had so much pleasure with that fool. He has never given half of the pleasure that you have given me. I will be your slut for my rest of life. I love you my baby.” Then he said to her “Lechu, come and suck my cock dear.” She then started to obey his commands like a slut and took his monster cock in her hands and pulled the foreskin backwards and started to suck. She started to suck the head of his cock and was licking the head putting large amount of saliva on it. He was enjoying it and giving slight moans and saying “yes dear, suck it deeper. Yessssss that feels too good. Oooooooooohhhhh yeah.”

She too started to suck more and more and he too started to mouth fuck her holding her head and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. I too was amazed to see my mom almost taking the whole of that monster in her mouth and was giving him a great blowjob. She even was about to gag due to fast mouth fucking. After about 10 to 15 minutes of sucking he told her to get back on the bed so that he can show his skills with tongue on her hole through which I entered this world. And she climbed on the bed and they were lying face to face kissing on lips.

Both of them were stimulating each other as mom was playing with his hard cock while he was fingering her juicy pussy. Both of them were enjoying that really well. He then went down and came between her thunder thighs and started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. He then slowly reached her pussy and started to suck the juices from her pussy. He was licking every inch of my mom’s pussy and she was moaning heavily and was gasping for breath. She was enjoying every bit of it and also started to moan as he started to insert her tongue deeper to explore her honey pot. I was then wondering how a woman who I thought was very conservative have changed in front of a big cock. I never knew that she was really such a horny bitch.

Then he continued to lick her pussy and she was moving her head to sides and was not able control her moans and was gasping for breath. She was not able to lay on the bed as she was moving in pleasure. Then she told “fuck me dear please. I want your hard cock inside me. I can’t stand any longer and I need you. Please.” Saying this she climbed on top of his crotch and adjusted his cock near her pussy and started to try to push it inside.

Slowly and steadily she kept on taking that monster cock into her wet juicy pussy.

Then slowly she started to moan as his monster pierced her holy hole. Then she started to ride on his cock in that position. It was a great view to see my conservative mom sitting on another guy’s crotch naked and riding his cock. Her boobs were juggling according to her movements. He was pressing and fondling her boobs while she was riding his cock. He too was enjoying it and was lying with his eyes closed. He was asking her “how you feel Lechu?” for which she replied that “these are the moments that she is waiting now a days and is living for this pleasure”. Hearing this he got excited and made her lie down on the bed and started to enter her in missionary position.

He then came between her legs and slowly started to push his cock inside her. Within a minute he successfully inserted his 7 inch long cock into her pussy and started to fuck her. His fucking slowly gained momentum and he was fucking her really fast and she was moaning heavily now. I could now see tears rolling out of her eyes and it was due to the pleasurable pain she was feeling. He then went on fucking her hard in her pussy and then suddenly took his cock out and made her stand in doggy position and started to fuck her from behind. I could hear the sound of his balls hitting her ass as thuck, thuck and she was enjoying this session madly. I too was amazed to see him fucking her for almost 25 minutes now.

She then said “how can you fuck me for so long. My husband can’t stand for more than ten minutes and he will be collapsed on my boobs”. He then said “he is a real waste or else will he leave this pussy and go out to earn. Anyway let him earn well so that we can enjoy and make all our dreams come true.” He kept on fucking her from behind and at one moment he said “he was about to cum” and took his cock out and ejaculated on her body especially in her boobs and pussy region. Then she was almost exhausted and said “as always that was another real enjoyable experience and I got 4 orgasms in between. First one I got even before you started to fuck me that is with your tongue itself. Really dear you are truly awesome.”

He then said “our trip is just getting started and there are so many more things you need to enjoy. She then got up from bed and sucked his cock clean and licked the last drop of cum from his penis. Her ass was red by now and she then went to the washroom and cleaned herself and came to bed with him. He told these were the most lovely moments in his life and again kissed her pressing her boobs. He then told he has a wish and you will have to fulfill it. She told she will fulfill his any wish because she was given that much pleasure by him.

He then told her that he want to be in pool with her tomorrow and she will somehow have to make arrangements for it. She thought for a while and then said “how will I say no when my darling is asking. Somehow I will make it possible. And she told now will also have to get Rahul keep his mouth shut as its morning that we are going to use pool. I have plan for all that and it will be a surprise for you.” She told its time for her to leave as it was already 3 and started searching for her clothes. She then got all her dress and got ready.

Then she went towards him and gave him a nice deep French kiss. I then ran back to my bed and acted as if I was sleeping. She then tiptoed to my room and slowly opened the door and I acted as if I woke up hearing the door sound and asked her where did she go? She said she went to Suresh’s room and was talking with him about our tour plans for tomorrow. I said can I also see him now. She then said “no dear he will be tired now and let him take rest. We must be always grateful to him and will have somehow fulfill all his wishes.”

She was now repeating the same dialogue for the third or fourth time and I understood she was going to do something in front of me and I should keep my mouth shut.

Then next day morning I was late due to last night night duty and when I woke up she was missing in the bed. Then I first ran into that bastard’s room. He too was missing in the bed and then I understood that the slut was into some kind of action. This feeling itself gave me some butterflies in my stomach.

Then I went outside and what I saw was too good to give me an early morning erection. The bitch was wearing a loose pink night dress and was walking with that guy keeping hands across each other like newly married couples. His hands were nearly brushing her ass once in a while and she was acting very cool. They were simply walking through the garden and she was standing too close to him as her boobs were always brushing his arms.

They then saw me and called me near them but still she was in his arms and she hugging him around waist and she said “Rahul, I am having severe back pain and was not able to stand straight in the morning and now only because of my dear friend I am able to walk atleast slowly.” She said this hugging him closer to her body.

He then said “it is nothing dear, it is just a friends duty to help when the other is in need” and smiled. She then continued “so Rahul you will have to go trekking with the other tourists today. It is organised by the hotel and moreover Suresh has already done all the necessary arrangements so that they will pick you up by 10 in morning and will drop you back by evening 4.” Then I asked “are you both not coming?”

She said “I am having severe back pain and will have to go to meet a doctor today and you need not waste your whole day messing around in hospital. You go and enjoy. This whole trip is just for you to enjoy and have fun. Suresh has promised me to take me to a doctor and he will definitely take good care of me. You need not worry. Please go and enjoy your holidays.” I then thought in my mind that she says this trip is for me to enjoy and she enjoying the pleasures and orgasms of a lifetime. He then again added that the trekking here was a great experience and I should not miss it at any cost. He told he has been for trekking many times here still he is interested to go for it.

He then gave me Rs.2000 in my hands and said to keep it as I am going alone. I really felt like I was given money as a rate for my mom for leaving her alone with him so that they can fuck.

Then I was really interested in knowing what this bitch was up to now. This time also I pretended to leave taking my trekking kit and returned through the back French window which I left it open. Then I slowly hid myself in a place so that they can’t easily find me. Then I as soon as they thought I left they started to be more comfortable. He was sitting in a couch watching TV and she was lying in bed. Then as I was out of the scene my horny slut came from bed and sat on his lap and they both started to kiss. Both of them were kissing with eyes closed and were playing with their tongues.

Then she was in his lap and he pressing her boobs and kissing her. She was running her hands through his hair. I thought that this slut cannot be satisfied at all as she was fucked for such a long time the previous night and she is now kissing him like a sex starved prisoner on a parole. Then she slowly started to move her hands into his crotch and started to press his cock. He said then “not here darling, we can go to the pool.”

He then switched off TV and took her in arms and said “we can go to pool. You promised me yesterday night.” She told “yes dear we can but I do not have a swim wear. How can I swim wearing my casual dress?” he then smiled and went to his baggage and took out a box wrapped with gift wrapper and gave it to her. She was surprised and asked him “what was it?” he told “open yourself and find out. You must like it and promise me that you will use it if I ask you.” She told “you know I will do anything for you. I love you so much” and kissed him on his forehead.

She then removed the wrapper and got a box and when she opened it, it was 2 sets of bikinis. One was golden in color and another one was pink. He added “I want you to wear this golden one now and come for a swim along with me. It will be of great pleasure for you. I swear.” She was shocked and meanwhile horny also seeing this. She told this was her first present of this type and never was able to get such a present from her hubby.

She then opened the box and it was a string type bikini and it could not even hardly cover the large and beautiful assets in her body. I think its too small for a woman of my age. He said “it is nothing like that my love. You will be sizzling in this dress. Moreover it will be between us only know. Then why you worrying. You can make any man begging if we go wearing this and go to the public pool.” She smiled and said “you are simply praising me. I can’t believe what you are saying.” “If you want me to prove it then I will do it. Just give me a chance. Ok? I will prove my words true today itself.” he added. Then she blushed and smiled and asked what he meant.

He told everything will be a surprise and wait to enjoy the surprise. He then told her to change and slowly untied her night dress wardrobe. Suddenly she was changed from well covered night dress to just panty. He then removed her night dress and now she was standing cool naked in front of this guy. He then removed her panty and took out the new bikini bra. It was golden in color and he then asked her to wear it. She then went inside the room and changed herself into it and came out. I was really excited and eagerly waiting to see my mom in a bikini for the first time in my life. Meanwhile he also changed himself into a tight white swimming boxer and waiting for her in hall on the couch.

But when she came out she was wearing a wardrobe around her. She then held his hand and took him towards the pool and when she reached there she asked him to close his eyes. My heart started to pump faster and as he closed his eyes she slowly untied the robe of the dress and removed the dress and stood there wearing the bikini.

OMG, what a beautiful scene it was. Bikini was too small to cover even the essentials but she was looking damn hot showing all the curves of her voluptuous body. Her boobs were like trying to jump out to freedom and she looked really like a young girl and never looked like a mother of a 16 year old boy.

Then he asked him to open his eyes and he too was amazed seeing her in such a revealing dress. He told that this will give any man an instant hard on and he does not feel like taking eyes off her and kissed her on her lips. I could see a big tent forming inside his boxers and during kiss itself the slut started to play with his dick over the boxers. The kiss was deep and really passionate and was really wet as anyone could see as their tongues were involved in it. After the kiss he took out his cam and started clicking her stills in bikini. He was taking from all angles and at first she was blushing and opposing but soon she also started to enjoy and give poses like a bikini model. He then said “don’t worry dear, this is just for me to see and remember this wonderful moment throughout my life. I want to see this every time I miss you.”

He then looked into her eyes and said “I am lucky to meet you and spent time with you. These are the most beautiful moments in my life. My wife usually sleeps by the time I finishes the fore play. We really enjoy being with each other.” She replied “it is true my darling, you are the one who came as a relief for my dry barren life and gave back all colors of life. You satisfied my hunger and made me understand what a real man can give to a woman. I really love you dear. I will do anything for your love my darling. I swear.” She then hugged him and he took her in arms and threw her into the pool and he jumped into it. Mom then said “you naughty” and hugged him in pool.

They both were in water and hugging and kissing like a newly married couple. Then he started to lip kiss her and started to press her boobs over the bikini. She was enjoying all this and returning the favor by pressing his cock over the boxers. Then he moved the bikini top to side and started to suck her nipples. She then asked him “are you not still satisfied sucking my boobs? You were drinking it all night yesterday and still doing the same.” He replied that those were the certain things that one does not get bored with especially if it was of a woman who is sexy and beautiful like you. Their every dialogue was turning me on and was standing near the window with a hard on.

He kept on sucking her boobs and slurp sound was clearly audible even outside. She then inserted her hand into his boxer and started to play with his cock. She took out his cock and started to shag with it. She said “this is the first time she is doing something like this in water. But it feels so great to feel your hard long dick in my hand in water.” He smiled and lifted her and made her sit on the pool steps and slowly parted her panty and started to feel her pussy.

He was fingering her pussy and then slowly went between her legs and started to suck the pussy lips and started to chew her pussy. She was moaning and I could see her face expressions clearly and it was turning me further on. Then he kept on sucking there and she was saying “you are a really horny guy. You know how to really satisfy a woman. My husband never even took me to pool. ” Then he kept on sucking the hole through which I came to this world and she was going mad. She was moaning louder and her sound was beyond her normal moans. I understood she was having great pleasure and was nearing a great orgasm.

He then said to her “today we will have a guest and we must entertain him to our maximum so that we will have many benefits.” She then asked “who and how we should entertain him?” he replied “he is the G.M of this resort and is an old friend of mine but if you want him to give us some discount in the bill we will have to serve him in a nice manner. Main thing is that we will have to serve him liquor and we should behave like husband and wife. Ok?” She then thought for a while and said “anything for you my dear. Your wish is my command. You now please put your hard cock inside my pussy. It is dripping wet and I can’t stand anymore like this. Please fuck me dear.”

He then said that we have enough time for all that as he will come here by 12 and so we will have to arrange everything. He then took and told her to wear a nice blue transparent nighty as she looks really beautiful in it. Actually she was looking damn hot and sexy in that dress as her bra and panty was evident in that dress.

He then told her she should also sit along with them and give them a good company while drinking. She said she won’t drink for which he said he has arranged a special red wine for her.

She told she haven’t ever tasted anything like this till now. He told red wine is not an alcohol as it is good for heart and it helps your skin to glow better and he also said that all actresses regularly take red wine to maintain their good skin tone. After hearing all this she was little bit convinced and told she will taste it but he should not compel her if she did not like it. He said ok and gave her a good long kiss on lips while fondling her boobs and slowly came out of the pool. He then went near his luggage and took few bottles of alcohol and a bottle of red wine. He then opened the wine bottle and poured at least 150 to 200 ml of strong whisky in it and closed it. It was now really concentrated. She didn’t see this as she was busy getting herself dried up.

She then came out of pool and came near him he said “c’mon dear get ready soon as he will be here any moment and he has to get many things ready for that.” She then hugged him from behind and now she was standing cool in bikini and no problem of shyness was there for her. She was turning into his anytime approachable whore that too for free. She then slowly moved away from him and went near the mirror in the room and started to remove her bikini and in no time she was nude and she called him and gave him a wicked smile standing near the door.

Then he told her that she was so beautiful and can drive any man craving behind her for a chance to lick her pussy. He said this and said “now I can prove you this. All you have to do is that you just wear that night dress without wearing your inners. This will show you how crazy it will make the GM when he sees you in that condition.” She told “no need darling, you are showing me heavens of pleasure and I will believe whatever you say.” Then he told that it will be really kinky for me to see a guy getting uncomfortable because of you. He then told her to wear only her night dress and get yourself a good make up as we can drive him crazy for you.

She was also convinced but she could not object to his words anymore and agreed it excitingly. She then told she will show him the real bitchiness she has and make him also a slave for her pussy. She saying this went inside the room and closed it.

He then suddenly took out his phone and called someone and said “the bitch is convinced. Just do as usual and we can make her our slut as all you need to do is show off your money and luxury. She is a real fool and all you need to do is to praise her beauty a little and within no time she will be yours as we are accompanying liquor also along with it”. He then smiled and said but do not forget our promise and they hung up. I was really excited in the thought that she was going to be fucked by a stranger and that too in his presence. Then I understood he was making my mom a tool to achieve his personal benefits.

He then went to room and mom was almost ready and was doing some make up standing in front of the mirror. He then went inside and hugged her from behind and was kissing her face and said “he will come now dear, we must satisfy him as much as we can. He then started to look her dress from top to bottom. She was wearing the transparent cream nightdress and it was evident that she was not wearing any undies as when she moves her boobs were juggling and one can easily find the poking nipple.

Then within 20 minutes I heard a sound of a car braking and parking in front of our cottage. As I guessed it was the GM of the resort. He came in his new orange color Ferrari and was looking really handsome. He was few inches taller than Suresh uncle and was wearing a casual T-shirt, shorts and a nike sports shoe. He was fully branded from head to toe with cartier watch and an i-phone in hand.

She was bowled over by his looks as it was evident from her face. He was really handsome and she was introduced by Suresh as his wife. He then introduced himself as Madan and told that this resort belongs to his dad. He then asked her “how do you find the stay in our resort?” for which she replied “it is too good and we are really satisfied” and gave a wink to Suresh uncle and asked “isn’t it so darling?” he replied “yeah dear, it is really comfortable and the pool is really superb. I hope you don’t mind spending some time with us.” Madan then said ok and said he changed all his programs today to spend some real good time with my old friend’s family. We are really pleased with you replied Suresh.

Then Suresh told he will go and fix up drinks for them and went inside meanwhile told mom to keep Madan engaged. Mom was starting to chit chat with him as she asked what he studied and so on. He replied everything and one can easily see his eyes roaming around my mom’s body like an a****l looking at his prey. He was really aroused by her night dress and her huge bosom.

He then said “Suresh is a really lucky guy.” She asked “why?” He replied “he got such a beautiful and sexy wife like you know. I feel really jealous of him. He can enjoy a beautiful woman like you day in and out.” She was blushing and said “Thank you sir.” He then said to call him Madan itself and no need to call him sir and all as it creates a distance between them. Then she slowly became comfortable with him and was chit chatting with him.

He was asking about her home and where she studied and all those stuffs. She was responding well and answering eagerly to all his questions. Then Suresh came to room with a tray and all liquor and wine bottles in it. Then he slowly poured in each glass and poured wine for my mom. She is not used to such drinks but due to his compulsion and sake of the scene she agreed to drink it. Then they lifted the glass and Madan said “this is a toast for my old pal Suresh and his sexy beautiful wife and our friendship. Cheers” She then smiled and too lifted the glass and sipped from the glass. She had a liitle strain in face while gulping it in but slowly finished the round with them. Then they started to pour the next round and she took that also and said to Suresh, “darling, these drinks taste quite good.”

They were also happy that she has liked the taste and now the task will be more easy for them. Then Madan told “there are many drinks like this that will take you to great levels of ecstacy. These are just starters dear and I will surely get some when we meet next time.” she then smiled and stood up and went near Madan and sat next to him and poured him the third round. She also took the third round and by the end of that round she was starting to get on a high. It was evident in her speech and understanding this Suresh told come “let’s have a dance” and put a song in the speaker and he came to the centre of the room and started to dance.

Soon Madan joined him and both started to dance. Then Suresh went and called her to join him to dance and she too joined them. Then he held her by her hand and started to dance with her. Then he slowly held her in waist and started to move in a nice manner then suddenly his phone rang and he went out saying something to them. Then they both were in the room and so she went to stop the music. At that moment Madan went on his knees and said “hey gorgeous sweetie pie, will you give me the honour of dancing with you, the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever seen. I wish you wont disappoint me.”

I think she got carried away in this and gave her hand to him. He then stood up and started to dance with her. He was first just holding her hands and slowly mom also became comfortable with him and he then slowly put her hand around her waist and started to move her close to his body. They were now brushing each other and his hands now started to roam freely in her body. Her boobs were brushing Madan’s body and he too was enjoying it. He then slowly moved his hands down and as if in dancing touched her ass. She didn’t show any change in her face. I thought she is totally out of senses due to alcohol, but the slut was turned on by the foreplay in pool and badly was in need of a cock to cool down the body heat.

Then Suresh came back to the room and continued to play with my mom. This time he sat on the couch and made her sit on his lap and started to play with her body. She was almost out of senses and was in full high. He then started to press her boobs. She was moaning and then he gave her a deep kiss on her lips which lasted for nearly 4 to 5 min. Then he slowly untied the night robe and his hands were in cupping the soft boobs of my mom. Madan too was getting horny and a developing tent in his shorts were a clear sign of that. My mom was in a lost world now enjoying the sexual pleasures and satisfying her sexual desires.

Madan then came near Suresh uncle and showed him sign with the eye to leave her and go and then he said he will go and get food for them and told mom to give company to Madan till he returns. Madan then sat near her and was talking with her and her boobs are still seen and she was not in a state to even cover it. His eyes were roaming around her body and he slowly asked her to lie on his shoulder if she felt tired. He then held her shoulder and said that he will give her a massage that will reduce the stress in her body. She then said that would be a great help for her.

He then went behind her and she was sitting on the couch and he started to press her shoulder. He then started to rub her shoulder and slowly his hands started to move from her neck slowly downwards. She too was enjoying his touch as her eyes were closed and she was relaxing. He then slowly put his hands down and started to touch his upper back and upper part of the boobs. She didn’t show any signs of resistance and then he told “I ll take you to the bed so that you will feel more relaxed and can massage you in correct position so that she can enjoy more”. He then made her stand up and walked along with her to the bedroom and she was fully in his arms and he now had a good feel of her white melons.

He then took and finally reached the bedroom and made her lie on the bed with boobs facing down. He then told he will use oil to massage her and asked her to slowly move her night gown down so that he wont stain her beautiful clothes. He then called the reception and told to bring a set of massage oil to the room. Soon within 5 minutes a room boy bought a set of massage oil to the room. He then took the massage oils and send him back and locked the room.

Then he went to room and started to remove her night dress down. She then removed its sleeves and she lied naked till hips with her back facing him. He then started to massage her and was also praising her skin saying “you have a great skin tone and soft skin and it looks like the skin of a young model.” She was blushing and he slowly started to rub her back more freely. He also started to move his hands to the boobs. At first he couldnot reach it as her hands were obstructing. Then he slowly asked her to lift her hands so that he massage the sides as well properly. Actually he wanted access to her soft boobs. My mom obeyed what he said and lifted her hands above her head still lying on bed.

Wow…. What a scene was that? Seeing her lying with half of her boobs visible. He then slowly started to move his hands to the sides of the boobs and started to spend more time on her boobs. He was very much aroused now and could be seen through the erection in his shorts. I thought what a horny bitch she is as she is staying nude in front of a stranger. I still cant imagine how my such conservative and god fearing mom turn into a such a sex starving whore. Now she have no dress on her top except her mangalsutra that my dad tied. She then slowly started to moan as he started to massage her boobs and he slowly put his hands under her boobs and was literally pressing her boobs in the name of massage. She too understood this and was enjoying it in the high of alcohol I suppose.

Then suddenly she said “stop it Madan, its not safe as he may come back anytime.” Then I understood that she was not on high due to alcohol as she wanted him to stop that as he may come and not because it was wrong. Then Madan told “I will manage that”. And took his phone and called the restaurant and told the manager there to take Suresh for a tour around the hotel and keep him busy for next 2 hours.

She was now happy hearing this and she smiled at him and said “you are really naughty,” and she turned around giving the full view of her boobs to him and asked him to massage front also. He was really amazed and shocked by this move of hers and then slowly came back to normal and started to press and fondle her boobs. The mangalsutra was obstructing his hands in between and she then asked him whether he want her to remove that. He then replied in negative and continued to press and play with her soft boobs. He then slowly came to her and gave her a soft kiss on her cheeks. She was enjoying each bit of these moments. She lied there without showing any signs of obstructing him from kissing her. He then continued to kiss her and slowly started to kiss her lips.

As soon as he reached her lips she also started to respond. She was taking the initiative to get his tongue in her mouth and taste him. Then he was kissing her lips and meanwhile his right hand was playing with her soft fleshy boobs. I think all the foreplay that Suresh uncle did made her that hot as she could not stop responding to any chance to get a cock. She has now turned completely into a whore. As until now I thought she did it with only dad and with Suresh uncle as she loves him. Instead she was waiting for a chance to open up and to get her wild pleasures satisfied. When in kiss itself his hands started to move down slowly exploring her navel and his fingers were playing there. Then he still went down and slowly started to explore her holy hole. I think he was fingering her down there. Then she broke the kiss and was lying on the bed with closed eyes.

He then started to kiss her neck and then slowly he went to kiss her boobs and within few minutes he was sucking her nipples. She was enjoying every bit of it. I was also amazed to see my conservative mom lying nude in front of a stranger with mangalsutra letting him suck her nipples. Her nipples have become erect and he was sucking and giving love bites on it. His fingers were exploring her pussy and he was inserting his two fingers inside. In between he took his fingers out and gave it to her mouth so that she could taste it. She sucked and tasted her pussy juices and suddenly she got up from bed and made him lie down. She then started to remove his dress. She herself removed his t-shirt and was kissing his hairy chest.

She then was sucking his nipples and he was lying on bed enjoying. While sucking his nipples she was playing with the hard cock in her hands. She was massaging his cock and I thought what a change she has underwent after she started an illicit relation with Suresh uncle. She is now turning into a sex starved bitch.

Then she went down and started to remove his shorts and within seconds he was in his boxers. A huge tent was seen in his boxers and she was amazed to see that. She said “I think u are having a huge cock. I wonder how am I going to take this. U are going to tear my pussy if u want to put it inside me. I fear.” She then put her hands inside his shorts and took his dick out and said “what a huge dick? How will I take such a monster cock in me?”

I felt she was repeating the same dialogues she said to Suresh uncle. He then told “it will give you lots of pleasure and all you must do is just lie on bed with your eyes closed.” She then started to kiss his dick and was kissing and playing with his balls. He had a cock of similar size of Suresh uncle and she was excited seeing his cock as a glow was seen in her eyes. She then slowly started to pull down the foreskin of his cock and slowly started to suck the head of his glorious pole which was standing erect in its full might.

She said “my husband’s cock is just half the size of yours and you are having such a big cock. That’s why I fear how I will take that inside me.” He then said “All men are not same baby, so don’t miss the chance to be with a real man. I will show you all the real pleasures what a man can give to a beautiful woman like you.” I think he was proud hearing a woman appreciating his cock size. My mom was now out of my imagination as she is sucking a stranger’s cock and praising him about it. But all this was making my cock hard. She was taking the cock slowly into her mouth and was sucking it. She was going on sucking it and was sucking it deep. And he was also enjoying her tongue skills as he was on bed with closed eyes and was moaning lightly and saying to her “yessss… like that… keep sucking baby… you are an awesome cock sucker.”

She then kept on sucking and at a point he said that he was about to cum and exploded a full load of cum into her mouth and she was almost gagging. Then she drank all that and few drops were dripping out of his mouth. She then said “what a load of cum u gave? I was breathless and gasping for air. I never had such an experience. First time I am sucking such a big cock as my husband’s cock is just like a small bubblegum and doesn’t even give half of your cum load.” He then said “that’s because you have not been in the hands of an experienced man who can give you lot of pleasure that even u can’t imagine. I will show you ecstasy today in sex.

She then was made completely nude and Madan then slowly came down to her wet cunt. He could see that her pussy was dripping wet due to the fingering and fore play they underwent. Then he slowly started to come down to her belly region and was kissing her on her navel. He was sucking her navel and was putting his tongue into her navel and swirling it there. She was moving restlessly lying in the bed with pleasure of his tongue.

He then without wasting any time started to free her from the only piece of clothing in her body. He was slowly pulling her cream panty downwards and she lifted her ass so that he can easily remove it. He then started to kiss and taste the lovely hole that Suresh was sucking and fucking few hours back. He then was looking at her pink pussy and saying “you have a wonderful body dear that can make any man mad. Your pussy looks so fucking hot and is dripping already with fluids that you leaked during our foreplay.” He then started to suck all the juices that she has leaked and started to put his tongue into it. But he didn’t suck for long time and soon he took out a condom and wore on his throbbing cock and tried to insert it into her hole. He was very professional in fucking also.

He parted her legs and started to push his dick into the hole and slowly was inserting it deeper and deeper. She was moaning and enjoying every moment of it. She was blabbering and saying, “fuck me hard dear, fuck me. Don’t stop. Please continue. Make me your slut. Make me feel the pleasure.” Soon he was fully inside her hole and was slowly increasing the speed. I don’t understand how long will she lie and enjoy like this. She was fucked her pussy apart yesterday by Suresh uncle and today she was in bed for Madan. She can take a cock in her pussy for a real long time. I understood that she is very horny and is not easy to manage alone by a man. He was fucking her non-stop and his pace was increasing. She was bouncing in the soft double cot bed due to his hard fucking and she was hugging him and kissing him in his neck and chest and wherever she could. Then within few minutes he was about to cum and was seen from his expressions.

Then he soon withdrew the cock and ejaculated all over her face and chest. She was licking and enjoying it without any objection. I also was amazed to see how my mom can turn into such a whore and take all the cum of a stranger all over her body and enjoy the feeling. She then got up from bed and came near his cock and started to suck off the juices and cum from it. She was drinking every drop of it and soon she started to give another blowjob to him.

She was sucking his cock again and with cum all over her body she was making his cock erect again. And to my surprise within another 5 to 10 minutes of sucking his cock got erect again and this time he was harsher. He then made her turn around and started to fuck her from behind in doggy style. This time he even forgot about wearing a condom and started to hump my mom from behind. He was also moaning this time as he was also getting tired. Her moans were louder and she was biting her lips in pleasure. He kept on ramming her pussy for another 10 minutes and pulled out his cock and ejaculated all over her ass.

He was so tired now and he collapsed on to the bed after the second round. She but got up from bed and went to washroom and took a quick shower and came back to him wearing only a towel. She told she was totally satisfied today and gave him a kiss in his lips. He too said “I had sex many times with many women from all over the world. But rarely only I feel so satisfied and exhausted. You are really an amazing woman.” She then told him “please keep whatever that happened here within ourselves and never let Suresh know about it. He may get mad and will ruin my family life.” The horny bitch was acting innocent in front of this man. He said it will be within us and told her it was time for him to leave. He then took out his visiting card from his purse and told her to call him if she needs any help.

He also said that you will be given a 50% reduction in tariff for the stay here. She said she was so happy to hear this and then gave him her mobile number and told that she will call him to come to our home for a day when she was alone. He said ok and got dressed up. She was still in towel and when about to leave he held her close to his body and unwrapped her towel and sucked her boobs and pressed her ass. He then finally kissed her lips and told adieu. She was now walking along with him to see him off without wearing anything. Only her mangalsutra and waist string was present on her body and she was looking sexy with those. She accompanied him till door and gave him a hug. He then walked towards his car and I was shocked to see Suresh uncle waiting there near his car in the garden.

He then was laughing and talking with him and I heard Madan telling him “she is too good man. Better than all our previous women and I am ready to waive off all the room charges” and gave him a bundle of rs.100 notes. I guess it was Rs.10000.

He gleefully accepted it and gave a respectful goodbye to him. Then he put the money in the pocket and went near cottage and called “Lechu, I am back.” She then came to him and “I was waiting for you for so long and was bored sitting alone here. Madan also left soon as you left and I was bored here.” I was amazed to see how she can act so well as an innocent woman. She was now looking fresh and was wearing a new night dress. He then hugged her and went inside. It was 2 by then and I went to door and knocked. They opened the door and asked me about the trekking and why I came in between. I told I was bored and so returned soon. Then in the next two days also they were kissing and fucking like rabbits whenever they got chance during day and night.

Each of their encounters were making her more and more slutty.

Now she was looking for a chance to get laid. I thought at that time that she did cheated dad due to her blind love with Suresh and also the stress and urge for sex in ladies with husbands not with them. But it was not so. She started to be more open and started to have secret relations with many people at the same time. She was turning into a whore. It had reached a point where she could never be satisfied by a man.

Today I am going to narrate her affair and illicit relation with her friend’s husband. His name was Kumar and his wife was Raji. They also had a k** which was 6 years old then. Raji was an average looking lady and she is younger than my mom while Kumar was of my mom’s age. My mom and Raji were very close friends and they always used to be together for chatting or even for shopping. I used to call him Kumar uncle and he always had an eye on my mom. My mom also didn’t show any opposing signs and moreover she was enjoying the attention. There were many occasions to substantiate that.

Once they both came to our home and I could very well see them glancing at each other quite very often. Mom also never missed a chance to seduce him. Mom always used to touch him or graze him as if unknowingly when she was not looking. He too was happy about that. That day they came for dinner and we had dinner together and I could see her giving special attention to him while serving dishes and all. During the conversation Raji told that she used to go to her home every Sundays and return on Monday morning. That struck my mind as I could see her hours in phone on Sundays.

Now I understood something is happening between these two also. I could not imagine how a woman can become such a slut for bodily pleasures. Next day when she was bathing I took her mobile phone and checked her call register and installed the automatic call recording app in it so that I can keep a track of all the calls that she has been making. I was shocked to see that she was in constant chat with him. She had saved his name as Raji dear. Many times I had seen call coming in name of Raji and she used to take the phone and go inside saying it was her and want to know about some recipe etc. Their chat usually lasted for hours.

Then once on a Saturday night, I saw her talking with someone through mobile phone. She was sitting inside the bedroom with doors closed. I then went near the door and tried to over hear what she was speaking. I could not hear anything clearly. So after some time I tiptoed to her room and saw that she was sleeping and took her phone. Then I opened the call recording app and started to hear their conversation.

Then I came to know that their chat was purely a lustful chat and they were planning for a meeting the very next day. She was telling him to come to our home as soon as Raji aunty start to her home. She also said that she was very excited for their first date together. She then asked him what dress should she wear? He said “it doesn’t matter as anyway you will not be wearing it for too long after I enter your home.” She said sexily “you are too naughty.” Then he said her to wear something sexy. She said she will wear some dress that you will love to see. He asked what was it and she replied that it will be a surprise for him. She then said that she will send me to some relatives home and will call you soon. He said that he will drop Raji aunty and Arav(their son) in bus stand by 6.30 in morning.

Then I opened her Whatsapp account and was shocked to see a lot of sex chats with him. He also had send her many pornographic clips. One clip had a title “when are you going to eat my dick like this?” She replied anytime she is ready and told him to make everything ready and call her. Similarly she was also asking him for video clips. And I was shocked when I opened the Gallery. She had a large collection of porn clips and most of them were hardcore stuff and blowjobs. That is when I noticed that it was not only him who has send her such clips. I will come into the details of that later.

Then I send all the sex chat and voice recordings into my mail and kept back the mobile near her.

Then I went to my room and was very excited and angry at the same time as I was going to see her with another man tomorrow. I could not sleep that night and was thinking of what the bitch has planned for tomorrow. And somehow I dozed off by 2 am in the morning.

Then she came to me and woke me up at 6 am and told me “you need to go to village as my uncle needed some help from you”. Now I understood that she was trying to get rid of me from home so that she can have a lovely time with that bastard. Moreover my grandpa also has already left for the temple committee works on Friday and he will also be not there till Monday evening. So I also didn’t oppose much and said ok. Then she said me to rush and get ready so that you need to reach there by 9. Our village was nearly 3 hours travel from my home so she was sure i will be late to return. So I moved from bed and went to bathroom and got ready for my travel.

I then went to her room after getting myself ready, but she was already in the bathroom and I understood that she was getting ready to get her laid and screwed. She was taking bath in the bathroom attached to her room and when I peeped through a hole on the door, I could see her standing naked and that she was shaving her armpit.

Then she started to move her concentration from the armpit to the very small bushes in the pussy region. She applied lot of foam on each area and was using disposable razors for shaving. She was very careful and clean in the procedure. She repeated the shaving one more time to make sure no hair was remaining on the private parts of her body that was being prepared for a guy to eat. Then I moved back and called her and told that I was about to leave.

She then said that money has been kept on the table for my travel and food expenses. She also told me to come only after finishing my work as it was vacation time for me. It was clear from her words that she didn’t want me to return the same day. I was amazed to see that she had kept Rs.3000 for my expenses. It was a huge amount for me as she never gave me money even if I asked.

I was also excited to see the way she has arranged the bedroom. She had changed the bed sheet and the room was neatly arranged. There were few aromatic candles kept here and there in the room. But it was not lighted and AC was on. The room also had a mild fragrance of room freshener in the room. The setting was very similar to that she made for Suresh. Then I unlocked the lock of a window so that i can see what was happening in the room if I just move the curtains to one side.

I then left the room saying good bye and she said ok. I then took the bicycle and went for a round and came back and hid myself in the same position I hid last time. That area was now covered with bushes and plants and it was tough to spot me even in day time. Moreover the compound walls behind were little taller than usual as there were some factory godown there before. But off late it has been shutdown and it was an uninhabited area. I then sat there and was peeping through a small gap between the curtain into her room.

Then she came out of bathroom wearing a towel around her and locked the bedroom door. She then came and sat in front of the mirror and removed the towel and was seeing her reflection in the mirror.

She then had a naughty smile on her face after seeing her nude in the large mirror in her room. It was a great scene to see her like that and I had a huge erection growing in my pants. She then took some body lotion that dad had brought and started applying it all over her body. She started with neck and then to her boobs and then thighs and pussy region. She was massaging and fondling her boobs while applying the lotion.

She then said to herself “you beauty, today you are going to make another man crazy for this. You are a naughty devil.” Seeing her playing with her boobs were little too much for me to control. So I unzipped my pants and freed my little man who was trying for a way out of my pants.

She then opened the shelf and took out a parcel and to my surprise it was a special lingerie which was very skimpy and sexy. It was fitting her perfectly and i never knew that she had such dresses as have never seen her wearing such dresses. She to the maximum wore see through night dress when she wanted to seduce Suresh (Read previous episodes to know those details). It was dark red in colour which was sleeveless and string type and was covering her till her thighs. It also had a panty of same colour but it was looking smaller than the usual.

Then she wore all that and was a treat to watch. It could even make an impotent guy’s dick rock hard. The dress was suiting her perfectly due to her well maintained and toned body. Thanks to yoga and all the gym activities she undergoes. She never skipped her gym training sessions. She then did a mild make up and applied perfume in her body. It was a deo roll on type and she applies it in her clean shaved underarms and neck. She also put a matching lipstick and was looking really seductive.

Once she was ready, she took her mobile and rang him and said everything is as per planned and told him to come to our home. She told that she will keep the doors open and told him not to keep the sandals outside and told him to directly come and enter into the home. She then took a bathrobe and covered herself with that. Then i heard the sound of gate opening and understood he was there.

She then looked a final glance in the mirror and rushed towards the door. She then opened the door and he was also looking fresh. He was a tall guy of nearly 6 ft tall and well built physique. He was also stunned to see her in such a dress as she was wearing just a bathrobe. A good part of thigh was seen in that dress. He was wearing a red t shirt and a jean and looked smart in that. She even commented “you are looking really smart in this dress.” He was looking at her from top to bottom and then said that she looked really stunning. He couldn’t take eyes off her and was constantly looking at her lovely boobs.

She then held his hand and took him to the bedroom. He said “you have arranged the room perfectly for us dear.” She replied “anything for you dear. You are the man who has cared me and given me company for my lonely life here. So I will do all whatever I can to satisfy you and make you happy. That’s why I decided to give you everything even what a woman finds priceless.”

Then only I understood that she was acting innocent in front of him and telling him that this was her first experience outside marriage. She then said “I really don’t know what I am doing is right or not but I couldn’t oppose your wishes.” She had tears in her eyes while saying this and I was thinking what a great acting the bitch was doing to convince him. He then said that don’t worry dear and held her close to him and gave her a hug.

She too responded as she was waiting for this.

She then hugged him and he was wiping her tears and saying “don’t worry dear, there is no point in you wasting your youth for someone who doesn’t care for you. Let’s enjoy and live the present moments to the fullest.” Saying this he planted a kiss on her cheek and it was comparatively a long kiss as it lasted for nearly a minute. Then she closed her eyes and moved her face close to him. He then slowly touched her lips with his lips and started to taste her.

She too started to respond back by opening her mouth for him to explore with his tongue. He soon started to put his tongue into her mouth and was soon exchanging and tasting each other’s saliva. She was excited and was evident from the glow in her eyes. He then held her close to his body and slowly pulled the knot of the bathrobe and opened her dress.

She then was so indulged in his kiss as she was not aware of what he was doing. Then he was amazed to see her in such a sexy dress and made her remove the bathrobe. She then stood in front of him wearing that single piece night dress which was barely extending till her middle of thighs. She was standing looking down and acting as if she was shy.

Actually this was no new experience for her and she was acting shy to make him believe that she was an innocent housewife. I too could not believe how an illicit relation can turn an innocent wife to a horny slut.

He then held her close to him and slowly touched her 36 sized white melons with his right hand while tasting her lips. He then slowly moved to neck and started to kiss her. He then said to her “Wow darling, your boobs are so soft and I can’t wait to taste it”. “It is all for you. I don’t mind giving you all that I have as you have been a rain in my dry barren life. You have brought back colours in my dreams”. She then slowly moved the sleeves from her shoulder and slowly started to slide down her top.

She then removed the top and was standing topless in front of him with only the mangalsutra on her upper body. Her boobs were in perfect shape and never looked like a woman in late 30s. He then sat on our couch and pulled her and made her sit on his lap. She was giving a vague attempt to cover her boobs with both her hands and to act shy.

She was then sitting comfortably in his lap and kissing him. She was now taking initiative in kissing his lips and neck. He then slowly parted her hands and had a good view of her softies and started to play with that. First he touched it an slowly pressed on it and she was moaning slightly and kissing him more fiercely on his neck. He was now massaging her boobs and was pinching her nipples. Mom then said “ooooohh. This feels sooo good dear.” Then he lifted her and carried her to her bed. I was shocked to see her letting another man play with her boobs even wearing the mangalsutra my dad had tied on her.

He then made her lie on the bed and came on top of her. And then she slowly lifted his t shirt and started to kiss him on his bare chest. She removed his t shirt and said “wow, you have a lovely body and you are really strong as you can easily lift me and walk around carrying me.” He had a hairy body and she was kissing him making him lie on bed. She started from his chest and was kissing each inch of his body and was sucking his nipples. He too was enjoying it. Then he made her lie and started to suck her lovely boobs. He first tasted the boobs and then slowly started to suck her pink nipples.

While sucking one boob he was massaging the other boob and playing with it. She was moaning in great pleasure and was biting her lower lip and saying “you are too good. It feels so good.” She was pressing his head on to her boobs to make him continue for more. He was using a lot of tongue and her boobs were shining in his saliva. He then took the nipple between his teeth and bit her nipples slowly and her moaning was becoming louder. Then he started to kiss her on her shoulder and then was kissing her underarms. He was licking her there and she was having a tickling sensation and was smiling when he was exploring his tongue all over her armpits.

He by now had developed a huge tent in his jeans and she was now pressing his cock over his jean. She now slowly unhooked his jean and was removing his jean. Now a well developed tent was seen in his white jockey. She was lying with closed eyes but her arms were exploring his dick over his jockey. Now he started to kiss and suck her milky white belly and was licking inside her navel. He was licking inside her navel and his hands were massaging her pussy over her red string panty.

She had a gold waist string around her belly which was increasing her sex appeal. It is called aranjaanam in Kerala. He then went between her legs and started to tease her with his tongue over her panty. He was licking and sucking her without removing her panty and she was getting so turned on that she started to moan “come on dear, please don’t tease me like this. Remove my panty and give me real pleasure. I want to feel your tongue over there. Please don’t make me wait any longer.” Saying this she herself slid her panties down and was waiting for him to eat her pussy.

He was touching her soft skin on top of her hole and was so smooth as the skin of a newborn as she has removed all the hairs today. He then started to kiss her on the holy hole through which I entered the world. He was kissing her there and then started to use more of his tongue over there. He then sucked her pussy which was glistening already due to the juices that was flowing out. He was drinking all the juices that was secreted by her and was inserting his tongue into her pussy. She was saying “yes darling, suck me. Suck me deeper and don’t stop. please.” she was moving her head to both sides in pleasure while moaning and pushing his head into her pussy. He then parted the lips of her pussy and started to probe her tongue into her pussy. He was moving his tongue in circles around her pussy.

She was lifting her ass and making it comfortable for him to suck. He now spread her legs apart and started to suck both her holes. He also started to suck her asshole. He was kissing and licking her asshole and was trying to insert his tongue into her hole. He also partly succeeded in doing so. She then said “wow darling, you really know how to make a woman happy. These are the most erotic moments in my life. I have never experienced such great pleasure in my life. You are my Man. You have touched all the unexplored areas of my body.” He then smiled and told “you are a real beauty dear. You have a wonderful body that can make any man crazy and I consider myself lucky to have an opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful creation of God.”

She then slowly put her hands into his underwear and felt his tool. She then made him lie down and was going to return the favour that he has done just few minutes ago. So she slowly pulled down his white underwear and was amazed to see his dick. It was of similar size of Suresh Uncle but looked little more thicker. It was fully erect and his engorged veins were seen on his throbbing cock. She then started to praise his dick “Oh my God, how will I take such a large one into me. Yours is too big and I am afraid that you will be tearing my pussy if you want to put it inside my hole. My husband has a small dick and is not even half of your size. So I am not used to taking such big ones so please don’t feel bad if I didn’t allow you to enter the whole of your cock into my pussy ”

I now understood that it was her tactic to praise the dick of a man so that he will feel that he is a real Hero. Similarly she will also say bad about my dad also so that the other man will feel superior and feel as a macho in front of mom. Without even him saying anything she started to take it in her hands and was playing with his rock hard cock. She then slowly held his cock and pulled the foreskin of his cock and was kissing the crown part of his throbbing cock. She then slowly started to lick it and apply more of her tongue. She was licking his cock from tip to his balls.

She then started to take his cock slowly into her mouth and was sucking it like a pro. She was maintaining constant eye contact with him to make him feel horny. Her eyes were looking too hot and sexy. All the lust in her was visible in her eyes. She was taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth and was literally deep throating it. He too was enjoying it as he was having his eyes closed and was moaning in pleasure. He was saying “yes dear, like that. Suck me like that my honey.”

He was slightly pushing his cock into her mouth and she almost took the entire length in her mouth but suddenly she gagged due to excessive pushing. Then he took out the cock and started to take his balls into her mouth. She was sucking each ball separately also was sucking his scrotum. She then took his cock near her nipples and made its head touch her nipples. Then she kept the cock between both her boobs and moved his cock between them. He was really enjoying her boob massage on his hard cock.

He then made her lie on the bed and came on top of her and slowly inserted his index finger into her pussy and slowly started to finger fuck her. He was slowly moving his finger in and out of her pussy. He then took out his finger and made her suck two fingers and started to finger fuck her like that. She was sucking her own juices from his finger and his pace of finger fucking slowly increased.

She then was turned on to the maximum that she started to moan and say “please dear, fuck me now. I can’t stay like this for longer time. Please fuck me with your hard dick.” He was smiling and slowly brought his rock hard cock near her pussy and she herself spread her legs and took the dick to the hole and he slowly pushed it into her.

She then shouted “ ahhhhh …. my god … it hurts..” he then slowly kept on inserting into her and she was in a lost world. She was in a world of pleasurable pain. Tears were rolling out of her eyes and he then successfully inserted more than half of his cock and slowly started to ramm her pussy hard with his cock. She was in ecstasy as she was lying with eyes closed and made all sorts of sexy noises. She was telling him not to stop and continue fucking her. “fuck me dear, please don’t stop. Yes darling, deeper, deeper. Comeon..” he was slowly increasing pace and in a single push he inserted his entire cock in her hole. She was shocked and was gasping for air and was not expecting such a drastic move. She left out a loud moan which was clearly audible for even me.

Then he kept on fucking her in missionary position for nearly 15 minutes and her moans were becoming more and more louder. So he kissed her lips in order to make her silent. She was kissing her more passionately and his pace also kept on increasing. He then took out his cock and made her stand in doggy position and went to enter her from behind. He was ramming her pussy from behind and she was struggling to control her loud moans. But she was enjoying it as it was evident from her face.

He continued to fuck her in that position and it was a glorious scene to see his 7 inch cock ramming into my mom’s hole. The sound of his cock hitting her ass was clearly audible as thuck, thuck during his each penetration.

He then kept on stroking in her ass. Her ass has already turned red due to this. Her milky white ass was having red colour in the ass crack region. He then gave two spanks on her each ass and she was saying “ohhh… yess, hit me. I am your slave. Do as you wish. You have showed me heavens of pleasure today and I don’t know how to repay you for all that you have done for me.” He didn’t cum till now and I was also amazed to see how he fucks her this long.

Then she made him lie on the bed and jumped on to his crotch. She then inserted his dick into her hole and started to ride his cock. She was pressing her pussy on his cock and was inserting into her hole. He too was lifting his ass according to her motion so as to fuck her. She was now riding his cock and was jumping in his crotch. He was now pressing her large bosoms and playing with it while she was enjoying her ride on his cock. The sounds of her ass meeting his hips was clearly heard and he fucked her for some more time. After sometime he said he was about to reach the climax and increased his pace.

Then she moved out from his cock and took his cock and started to stroke his cock in her hands giving him a blowjob. Within no time he was about to cum and he ejaculated a load of cum which she took in her face and mouth. She drank half of his load and then sucked out his whole cum from the cock and smiled at him.

She then stood up and went to wash room. He also stood up and followed her. She then washed off the cum from her face and they helped each other in cleaning their bodies. He was hugging her from behind standing under the shower and wiping her pussy region. He was taking special attention of her boobs and pussy. He was also applying soap in her ass crack and cleaning there. She was also applying soap on his tool and cleaning it.

She also kissed his chest and cleaned his ass with her hands applying soap. They were hugging each other and had kissing passionately under the shower. By the time they finished cleaning each other he had already developed another erection in his cock.

They then wiped each other’s bodies with towel and came back on bed. Both were still nude and she was lying on his chest and he said “wow dear, that was the best sex in my life.” She too also was excited and was praising him saying “these were the best moments in my whole life. I never knew sex could give such a large amount of pleasure. My sex with my hubby would usually last just 10 minutes. He would be on my boobs after ejaculating by the time I have just turned on my body heat. He could never satisfy me. But you were totally different as I came at least 4 or 5 times during our session. You really know how to satisfy a woman. I now start to envy Raji as she can enjoy such a great lover day in and out.” He said “don’t worry, Raji could never satisfy me to this level” and kissed her.

Both their bodies were totally nude and they were lying such that all their parts touched each other. Her pussy was near his cock. He was lying on my dad’s bed and kissing and sucking her boobs. She too was responding well and laid in each other’s arms and slept. I by then had ejaculated nearly 3 times. Later after few hours he woke up and got himself dressed and gave her a kiss on her boobs.

Then she woke up from her sleep and came out from bed wore the bathrobe and made him a coffee. They had coffee and ordered lunch and had. She was sitting in his lap and were sharing the food. He was caressing and playing with her body all this time. He finally left my home by 4 in evening.

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Our Awesome Threesome

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I am born and raised in Kolkata. This story is about me and my fiancée and our first experiment with our sex life. I met Akansha during my Post graduation days in Delhi. It was 5 years back when I was 22 and she was 21. We are now engaged and will be getting married in February. Akansha belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan and had also come to Delhi to pursue her post graduation. It was love at first sight for both of us and our relationship immediately clicked and we connected to each other mentally. We had a rocking time in Delhi and since I had rented an apartment for my own self our sex life flourished too. We used to fuck like kittens. Both of us were equally adventurous and we enjoyed our time together. But this story is not about our experiences with each other but about our first real experimentation with our sex life. It was a threesome.

We had been seeing each other for almost a year and a half when this incident happened. Like all other Indian men I typically had fantasies of Threesomes and swaps and gangbangs. But I did not have the courage to tell her about these ideas out of the sheer love. But it one day stuck me to open up in front of her. At the first instance she thought I was k**ding. But when she understood that I was serious, it was a kind of a mixed reaction. On one hand the idea did excite her which I could see in her shining eyes, on the other hand she was over cautious and pointing out the risks involved. I comforted her and made her ready some real life experiences people had shared on an online portal. I also showed her some videos and clips and tried to make her understand the concepts. She actually was eager to read and see all that which kind of gave me the hint that this could work. Eventually it worked out. Our foreplay sessions started revolving around such videos and stories that we started reading and watching together. This continued for some months till the time I was convinced that she is on the same page with me. It was time to hit the nail on its head. I causally one day told her that it is time we should try it out once.

She was not 100% convinced but I started discussing about the options and the Do’s and Don’ts. I told her that we have to look for someone outside our friend circle or known associates. I also told that we will look for some who is elder to us. She also agreed that we will try with an open mind, in case we don’t like it we will never try it again. I told her that incase any of us feel uncomfortable then we will stop immediately. Well! The ground work had been done; it was up to me to search for the perfect guy keeping in mind the safety, security, the maturity and off course the threat to identity.

To me it was like a dream come true. I was actually very excited. I had been chatting with a lot of people on yahoo messenger for a very long time without her knowing. My friend list actually had a lot of likeminded people who will suit the basic criteria we had decided on. Pramod, 44 was someone I had been chatting for a very long time. He was into the life style of threesomes / swaps etc. He was matured, had a lot of experience, he belonged to a well to do family and was extra cautious about his identity and the safety and security. He matched our requirements and I immediately contacted him. We shared numbers and immediately decided to meet over drinks. I told him our entire idea and the situation, our concerns and showed him our pictures. He understood our situation and we both were convinced about the safety issues. He understood that it was our first time and comforted me.

A week passed and my interaction with Pramod increased. I made Akansha aware that I had found someone who matches our requirements. I also made a few conference calls with him and Akansha so that the basic introduction is done. Our interactions and phone calls increased and in no time we started discussing about our fantasies and sex life. We clicked so much that one day during our foreplay session we had called him and she had phone sex with him. I could see that Akansha was getting turned on and at the same time was comfortable and ready for the first experience. I was just waiting for the right time to execute so many plans.

It was a Saturday and we had bunked college. She came over to my apartment in the morning. We had plans of a Saturday night out. After lunch we both were getting horny and we decided to call Pramod as we generally used to do. Things quickly started to get steamy as Akansha started rubbing herself while talking to him. Her panty was dripping wet. She got so turned on that eventually she kept fingering herself till she had an orgasm. I was watching her in awe and excitement as she was moaning all the time. Pramod had managed to give her an orgasm over the phone. I quickly took the phone from her and without thinking about anything else asked him to come over. He was super excited when he heard that Akansha had already had an orgasm. I messaged him the address and he said he will reach in an hour. She asked me if I am doing the right thing. I told her that it is now time we try; the real experience is all that’s left.

My apartment was 2BHK on the top floor of a 4 storied apartment in South Delhi. The third floor had been vacant for a long time. I generally did not see anyone coming to the top floor or the roof so it kind of gave me the seclusion I needed. Akansha used to keep a few dresses and nighties at my place always. But unfortunately that day there was no extra set of under garments. Once the idea settled in that Pramod will be coming over she got up, got fresh and changed her dress. She wore a black and white stripped pleated skirt which was up to her knees and a white sleeveless top. She was wearing a black halter neck bra that day and to add fuel to the fire the only panty was not in a wearable condition. She wore basic makeup that day which was sufficient. I quickly changed into Bermuda and t Shirt and ordered some snacks and food online. I also made arrangements for drinks, cleaned the room and little and waited for him to arrive.

It was around 4.15 that the door bell rang. I opened the door and saw Pramod standing with a big smile in his face. I quickly greeted him inside and took him to my bedroom was Akanhsa was sitting. He was carrying a bottle of wine which he presented to Akansha when they greeted each other with a hand shake and a big smile. We all sat in the bed. I sat just behind Akansha on one side and Pramod sitting across us. I quickly started a conversation to break the ice. Things were not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be and we were in a smooth comfortable conversation. After some time I asked Akansha to serve the snacks while I prepared the drinks. Pramod was extremely happy to have met us finally and he complemented her on her beauty as she served the snacks. I had already made 3 pegs and we raised a toast to our friendship.

There was a lot of excitement in the air as one could imagine, after all we all knew why we three were in that situation. The conversation gradually changed into sex and our expectations and his experiences and we all seemed to like the conversation as we finished our first peg. Akansha excused herself to the washroom. As she left Pramod told me, “You are lucky Abhi, she is beautiful and equally hot at time same time” I smiled at time in acknowledgement. “She has great curves man, what is her stats?” he added. It was the first time I was actually getting to hear about my girl friend from a stranger. It was turning me on. The fact that someone else is observing the curves of my girl friend and complement on her sex appeal was horny. “34B” I answered.

Let me describe Akansha. She is a typical Jain girl from north India. Fair, naturally dark brown long hair till about her waist line, expressive eyes, thin pink lips, a great neck line and a superbly curvy body. She was 34B-28-36, a narrow waist line complementing her 34B firm round boobs, light brown long nipples. Her ass was equally tight, firm round plump and more importantly virgin at that point of time. She was extremely conscious about health and hygiene. Every 15days she would go for a full body waxing followed by manicure and pedicure. At any given point of time you would not get 1 hair in her body whether it is her underarms or her pussy.

Akansha came back with the rest of the snacks and I handed every one the next pegs. As she sat down on the bed, she leaned back on me and folded her legs. Pramod got a good glimpse of her long legs up to her thighs as his eyes lit up. I hugged her from behind making her more comfortable and we continued our conversation. Pramod and I were sipping our pegs but Akansha finished the same bottoms up. I guess he was a little nervous and anxious. She was never a drinker but I guess she needed one more that day to calm her senses as she made the third peg for her own self. As she started her third Pramod proposed we play some game to pass some time and suggested “Truth and Dare”. “It will help us know each other more” he added. We all acknowledged by nodding and mutually decided not to spin a bottle but voluntarily participate. Ladies first we agree and Akansha as I thought she would chose “Truth”

“What are your stats?” Pramod asked instantaneously. She leaned back on me more, as I hugged her, closed her eyes but had a naughty faint smile on her lips. I faintly kissed her on her neck and whispered “Common baby, answer him” I actually could not believe that I was encouraging her, but I guess I was going with the flow. It was exciting, it was turning me on and more importantly I was waiting for this for a long time. “34-28-36” she answered after a pause.
“I must complement that you have great curves at a very young age and Abhi is lucky, but my dear you had not completed your answer” Pramod said. “When I ask you your stats, you have to mention your cup size too, but I can take a guess, it must be B, 34B”
Akansha was blushing and smiling at the same time. She just nodded to acknowledge his answer.
“You have got a great eye I must say, Pramod. I guess you are keenly observing her curves” I said. We all laughed a little and continued our game.

Pramod was next and he chose truth too. I took it a little forward and asked him about the size of his tool and whether he keeps himself clean.
“I prefer keeping myself clean, it is hygienic and its better presentation. I do not think Abhi, you are keen to know about my dick, but just for Akansha, I am 8 inch and it is pretty thick” he laughed and answered. His answer made me blush too, but somehow I managed to laugh. Akansha too was smiling and blushing all the time. “Wow! It’s a great piece you have got; you must have got a lot of complement from a lot of ladies, huh?” I asked. “Well! Who would not love complements from ladies on your size, but I prefer complements on the performance” Pramod said laughing.
We had finished our 2nd peg and Akansha her third. As I prepared a 3rd for me and Pramod, Akansha asked for a small 4th peg. I was surprised by her reaction, she generally doesn’t drink too much, but I guess that day she needed one more. I chose a Dare.
Pramod gave me the Dare. “You have to smooch Akansha in front of me, and you have to do it till I ask you to stop.” We had never kissed or smooched or got mushy in public or in front of anyone, we both did not like PDA much. But since it was a dare I had to. I gulped half of my 3rd peg down and she gulped her 4th peg bottoms up before we started to smooch. I made her lean back more on me, grabbed her and hugged her from behind and started to smooch her. Her thin lips were cold; guess of out of the excitement, her fingers were cold too. I kept smooching her, slowly to start with and then started to use my tongue. Softly started to suck her tongue and there was a lot of faint moans from both of us. I glanced at Pramod once. He was keenly observing us; he had come a little close to us as well. He had a big smile on his face. Since we had to smooch till he asked us to stop, we kept smooching. The smooch was turning Akansha on more; the drinks were also starting to take their effects. I did not realize until Pramod asked us to stop that my hands had reached for her boobs. I was actually grabbing her boobs and massaging her boobs all the time that I had been smooching her. As I had made her lean back more she had opened her folded legs, her skirt had moved up to the middle of her thighs and Pramod had got a very good view of her legs. If lucky enough he would have got a glimpse of her bare pussy too.

“You guys are extremely passionate I must say. The love for each other is very evident” he smiled and complemented. Both of us were feeling shy and embarrassed but to me the excitement and the anticipation were more. Akansha was turned on, her eyes were shining in excitement, and the drink too had started to take effect.
It was Akansha’s turn again and she chose Truth again in spite of a lot of encouragement from both Pramod and me to take a dare. “I can see that you are wearing a black halter neck bra, what is the colour of panty you are wearing?” Pramod asked. It kind of stuck me that Pramod must have got a glimpse of her not wearing any panty and therefore the question. I gulped down the third peg and Pramod kept sipping his. He had a naughty smile and a naughty look as he stared at her. Anticipation her answer I was smiling too. This time Akansha was more confident, she glanced and me, got my acknowledgement, looked at pramod and answered “I am not wearing any”

Pramod looked surprised, “Abhi, is that true?”
“Well! She is saying the truth”
“I do not believe it, it can’t be possible” he answered looking at her.
“I don’t lie” Akansha said.
“If you are not lying, then prove it to me” Pamod said. He had a lot of conviction in his voice.
Akansha did not know what to do, she looked at me. She was blushing but she looked confident.
“Well! I guess it has to be proven then” I said and I hugged her again from behind and pulled her towards me. She closed her eyes as she rested her head on my shoulders. I looked at Pramod and smiled. Pramod came close to us moving the glasses and snacks in anticipation. I held both her legs at her knee and parted them. I glanced at Akansha and her eyes were shut. She was trying hard to keep them shut, and her eyebrows suggested that she was anticipating something to happen.
I looked at Pramod who was then leaning in front of her stretched legs. I grabbed her skirt, lifted it up as far as I could and made her legs part. I kissed her neck while I made her legs part, lifted her skirt upto her navel and gave Pramod a clear view of her shaved, clean smooth pussy.
Pramod was superbly excited. He was leaning in front to get the view. “Can I come a little more close to take a close look?” he asked. Without waiting for me to answer, he too grabbed her legs, made them part as much as he could and lay right in the middle of her legs. His face was a feet from her pussy. “WOW! Not only is she not wearing any panty, but Abhi! She is dripping wet” Pramod said. I smiled at him and said “She gets very wet when she is turned on”

“She smells awesome, my friend! Do you mind if I take a closer look?” I did not have to answer that question. He pulled himself 6 inch closer, holding her right leg at the thigh and started to smell her. Akansha was grabbing my right hand in anticipation and excitement. I did not oppose Pramod. He glanced at me, got a positive nod and placed a kiss on her pussy, right below her clitoris. It was a deep, warm and long kiss. She gasped and there was a moan that she made as his lips kissed her pussy. Her eyes were shut and she was biting her lips. I grabbed her right thigh and made Pramod’s both hands available and free to explore her pussy. With my left hand I grabbed her just below her boobs. I started kissing her on her neck and ears and licking her ear lobes. She was all turned on was grabbing my right hand tightly as Pramod did not move an inch away and his kiss slowly turned into licking. I pulled her closer to me and started smooching her again. Her lips were cold, there were faint moans as I started sucking her lips. Pramod had by that time started to use his fingers. He was slowly playing with her clitoris and at the same time using his tongue to explore every inch of her pussy.
I used my left hand to untie her halter neck bra that was tied behind her neck and I slid my hand inside her top to feel her boobs.

Pramod gradually increased his speed and intensity and in no time he was violently sucking her pussy, licking every drop of wetness. He was also inserting his middle finger inside slowly giving it a rhythm. He was sucking and biting her clitoris as his finger entered her pussy. He had thick and long fingers too.
As I grabbed her boobs, I felt her nipples. They were hard and erect. I understood that she was turned on massively. As I kept smooching her and playing and fondling with her boobs, Pramod increased his speed of fingering using 2 fingers sometimes, sucking her clitoris all the while. It was too much for her to handle and in 10 minutes or so her body started to shiver. She kept bending backwards and her body started cramping as Pramod kept exploring her pussy, his tongue going deep inside her. I was grabbing and fondling with her boobs violently too, sucking her lips and kissing her neck and neck line. She froze and her body shivered in the excitement and pleasure as she let a loud gasp and moan and had her first orgasm. Her juices were all over Pramods face. He was slurping it up like a hungry cat. As Akansha had her orgasm, she started sucking my lips and tongue. Pramod had not stopped fingering her or sucking her. He continued for some more time, this time he was using 2 fingers continuously, biting softly at times. His left hand reached for her left boob. I held his hand placed it on her boob and I was actually pressing them over his hand.

I had got turned on too; my dick was throbbing to come out. Pramod finally stopped sucking and fingering her. He got up as I made her lie down straight on the bed and removed her top and her half opened bra. Finally she was all nude in front of us. I took a while to realize that I was actually doing this finally. It was like a dream come true. I had actually made my girl friend nude in front of a stranger and his lusty eyes were scanning every inch of her body. Akansha had not opened her eyes, out of the sheer excitement, pleasure or the embarrassment may be. I lay on her right side caressing her boobs and gently sucking her nipples, hugging her at times and kissing her neck and arms. Pramod too was turned on, he had stripped into his underwear by then. He came over Akansha from the left. He gently started massaging her boobs, feeling her nipples. Akansha’s hands were on top of her head, I was actually grabbing one of her hand. Pramod started to grab the other as he went down on her boobs, massaging one while he sucked then other. He varied his speed, slow at time, like a hungry man at times. Akansha’s nipples were hard and long, her firm 34B boobs were being massaged well. I took some time to watch him. He was caressing her boobs very well. Licking, sucking, and biting them at times. Akanhsa started to moan, mildly loud ones when he bit her, softly while he fondled and pressed and licked them. At times he kept kissing her all the way down to her navels. Making circles with his tongue around her navel. She at times had Goosebumps. He moans started to be persistent and continuous as he kept licking her boobs at times moving up towards her neck and neck line and then suddenly would rub his face on her underarms and lick them too.

I could not handle the heat any more. Watching him so closely, had turned me on immensely. I got up and pulled my shorts down and opened my t shirt. As Pramod kept licking her neck and slowly come up to her ear and suck her ear lobes, I went towards her face with my 7.5 inch dick throbbing, waiting to be sucked.
I did not get my chance to get her to suck as Pramod had by that time started to smooch her and suck her lips. She was getting extremely passionate while he was smooching her and sucking her tongue. His hands were all over her body, playing with her nipples at times, pinching them at times and making her moan a little loudly at times when he went a little hard.
Then he went to suck and play with her boobs again. At the same time he grabbed her hand and made her feel his throbbing dick over his underwear. By then I had managed to reach for her face. I rubbed my dick on her pink lips which had turned red by that time with all the sucking and kissing. She responded by parting her lips and licking the tip of my dick. As the heat of the situation increased, she started to slowly suck my cock. I was pushing it into her mouth as I kept watching Pramod playing and grabbing her boobs and her left hand was being ribbed on his dick. He finally stopped for a moment. He then arranged my pillows near the wall, sat in an half lying kind of a positing with his back at the pillows. He indicated me to stop and told Akansha “It’s your turn now darling” holding her arm and indicating her to turn towards him.

Akansha got up and moved toward him, her face now was in between his legs. He made her hold his cock and made her rub his dick from over his underwear. I sat right next to Pramod and watched keenly. She was rubbing and holding Pramods cock. He held her hands and indicated her to pull his underwear down. Akansha, already superbly turned on and already one orgasm down needed the hint. She was a great cock sucker and I knew Pramod would love every bit of it. She pulled his underwear down to his knees. I was surprised to see him, it was in a semi erect state, but buy it was thick. She was surprised too. With both her hands she grabbed his dick and gently started to stroke the same. “I want your tongue and not your hands” Pramod said. I could see that she was feeling shy and embarrassed. In spite of that she pulled herself together and placed a kiss of the tip of his dick. Pramod held his dick and started to brush it against her lips till the time she parted her lips. As she slowly started to part her lips to suck his cock I watched in utmost excitement and pleasure. Pramod also started to push his dick into her mouth. Slowly the speed started to increase as she had also started to get comfortable in the situation and started to suck his dick more and more. Pramod held her head and grabbed her hair as his cock was getting to the fully erect state. It was big, more than 8 inches it seemed and he was thick, very thick. As pre cum started to come out, Akansha tried to move her face away, but Pramods grip was strong. He started to pull her hea more and more, deeper and deeper. This started to make her gag. He wanted to go deep on her. He gradually increased speed and started to rhythmically fuck her face as she tried her level best to accommodate his thick long tool. Pramod was enjoying every bit of it, moaning all the while. “She is a great cock sucker Abhi, look how I am making her gag like a slut” pramod said. “She drinks too” I answered. Pramod got my hint, smiled at me, and started to increase his speed more and more. Akansha was gasping and gagging as it was getting more and more difficult for her. Pramod was deep throating her and fucking her face literally. He started to moan louder and louder as he was reaching his climax. After a couple of hard thrusts he finally exploded in her mouth, deep in her throat. Akansha gasped for air, gagged as the first load of thick cum filled her mouth. Pramod did not let go of his grip of her head and hair. Instead he gave a few more pushes into her mouth. Cum was oozing from her mouth. She finally managed to gulp it down and it was then that Pramod let her go. She had already gulped most of it down; her face had turned red because of the gagging and gasping. There was cum dripping from her lips and mouth. Pramods expression was that of proudness and satisfaction. Akansha caught her breath back, but was looking embarrassed and humiliated a little.

Pramod did not waste any time at all. He immediately lay flat of the bed and asked her to come on top of her in a 69 position. I was watching everything and even helping her accommodate herself. For the next 15 minutes it was a sight to remember. Pramod sucked and licked and fingered her as deeply and passionately as he could. The pleasure and the excitement also made Akansha suck him, harder and deeper till he was erect and hard again.
Finally the moment of truth had arrived. Pramod made her lie down comfortably on the bed and positioned himself in between her legs. He had pulled them apart and was stretching both her legs. I grabbed one of her legs as I anticipated his move. He positioned himself in the missionary position and started rubbing his cock on her clitoris and pussy. She was dripping already. I was waiting in anticipation. He finally positioned his cock in her pussy and gave it a slight push. The head of his dick was into her. I was pulling her legs as wide as I could in excitement. He slowly started to pull the head of the dick out and push it in again. It was a thick cock and it will stretch her pussy I thought. After 5-6 soft strokes of the head of his cock, he pushed it in with all his strength. It was a hard push, and almost his entire dick was into her. Akansha screamed out with the push. It was thicker than me and longer than me so the reaction was normal. I could not believe my eyes, my dream had come true. As he slowly pulled out, Akansha caught her breath back. There were a few drops of tear rolling down. I could understand the pain. Before even she could realize, there was a second thrust. This time it was harder and deeper. Akansha was crying in pain, the entire 8 inch was inside her.

“God, she is one tight bitch, it is going to be a great fuck, enjoy the show, Abhi”
He grabbed her boobs, gave them a good squeeze as he pulled out and push it back in again. This time the pain had subdued into loud moans. After 10-12 suck slow strokes Pramod started to gain speed. Each and every thrust was making her entire body shake and her boobs to bounce. Her face was getting red, her eyes were shut, and yes she was enjoying it. Pramod started to increase his speed. He was going deep and deep, stretching her pussy as wide as he could. He leaned over her to suck her boobs. Her nipples were hard. He started to chew on her nipples and boobs as he started to fuck her harder and harder. Akansha was moaning louder and louder, her tone was getting more and more passionate every time. It was a combination of pain and pleasure and she too was enjoying it.

“Look how I have made a slut out of your girl friend Abhi” as he glanced at me as he kept fucking her. “Do you like it Akansha?” he asked. “Ye..Yeaa..Yeaaah..” she answered.
“I am going to tear your pussy apart, do you want me harder?”
“Ye..yeah..hard..Oh yes..harder..harder”
I could not believe that she was saying it. There was a sense of satisfaction and pleasure as I could see she was enjoying it”
Pramod went harder and harder and harder, at least for 15 minutes he fucked her like an a****l. Akansha moaned and screamed, grabbed her own boobs at times out of sheer pleasure and excitement.
Finally Pramod pulled out. “Now I am going to fuck you like a bitch that you are” he said indicating to her that he wanted to fuck her doggy. Akansha changed her position into doggy. “Hey Abhi, your bitch has got a great fair ass” Pramod said as he spanked and slapped her ass a few times. He positioned himself, and pushed his cock in. He grabbed both her boobs and started to fuck her in doggy position. Pramod was enjoying every bit of it. “Tonight you are my slut, say yes” he said.
Akansha was moaning and screaming all the while managed to just say “Ye..yea..yeah..yes I am”
His grip was strong, his stamina was worth a salute and his style was just flawless. He kept fucking her for the next 15 minutes and finally as his speed started to increase more I could feel he is about to cum.

He pushed Akansha down on the bed, grabbing her hair, pulled her face and started to bite her lips and smooch her as he started to push harder and harder into her. Her moans were getting louder and louder. “O yee..O yeah..O yes I am cumming..harder..oh..hard..yeas..i am cumming”
Pramod could not hold himself any more. He too started to shake and go harder and harder. “ I am going to cum inside you, I am going to fill that pussy up with my cum” He kept saying this as his strokes got the hardest and finally he gasped a loud “Yeah” and shot his cum deep inside her pussy. “O yeah, o yes, feel my cum inside you Akansha” as he gave a few more strokes before finally collapsing on her.

Pramod had collapsed on Akansha. For the next 5 to 10 minutes, he laid motionless both of them breathing heavily. Finally, he pulled his semi-erect cock out and rolled over to one side. Akansha had her eyes still closed. I could clearly see her pussy dripping with Pramod’s cum.

I got close to her and comforted her with a warm hug and felt her whole body warm. Not only had she been into an intense session but the first time getting banged by another cock had taken its toll. I kissed and whispered her to get cleaned up and take a shower.

She got up slowly and started to walk out of the room towards the bathroom. Pramod closely watched her walk away nude and as she left the room, he turned towards me, smiled and said, “She is by far one of the best pussy I have ever fucked”. “She is tight and she is damn hot in the bed”, he added and thanked me for the opportunity. All I could do was to smile at him. He seemed very happy and satisfied. “She has a virgin ass, isn’t it?” Pramod asked.

“I haven’t been able to have enough of her pussy; there is a lot of time left for me to explore other holes”, I answered. Pramod and I had a good laugh over it as he kept stroking his own cock again.

“She not only smells awesome but tastes equally good”, Pramod said. “My cock is still smelling her juices,” he added.

I started preparing a peg for both of us because I knew Akansha would take time to clean up and take a shower.

As he sipped his peg, he looked at me and said: “This wasn’t a threesome, Abhi; you did not participate at all; you just sat and watched”.

“This was the first time and I wasn’t sure of what to do”, I answered.

Pramod was confident and quick in his response. He said, “A threesome needs to be a threesome and I believe she is ready for it. Let’s finish what we wanted to do.”

I was clueless and asked him what his plan was.

He said, “Let’s give her the experience of a threesome. Since this is your first time, you sit and watch, what say?” he asked.

I had no clue as to what he was up to and asked him about his plans.

Without answering me, he took his phone, dialed someone and asked to come over and shared our address. I gulped my drink and asked him about it.

“Don’t worry, Abhi. She will be in safe hands, you want her to experience a threesome, isn’t it?”


“Then don’t worry about it, you will get to see a threesome today itself. I have called one of my friends who would be here soon.” I panicked, I was nervous, but the excitement was equally there.

So I told him it was already late and we should plan it some other day. But he casually said that as it was late, his friend will stay over at our place and we shouldn’t waste the opportunity.

“Akansha is ready for it, Abhi. Don’t be a spoilsport, enjoy the show!”

I took another peg and sat and thought as to how Akansha would react. But since he had already shared our address, I was sure that it was going to happen. I was scared but to be honest the idea was too exotic and arousing my wildest desires.

After 10 more minutes, Akansha came into the room fresh after a shower, wrapped in a towel. She was smelling awesome but was looking a little tired. Pramod asked her to sit beside him and she obliged.

“I am sure you need another drink”, Pramod told Akansha and handed her the peg.

“We have a surprise for you, it is going to be a long night”, Pramod said to her.

Akansha looked at me for answers and I comforted her with a smile. As we started taking our pegs, Pramod who was still nude started to get cozy with Akansha.

He started to gently hold her and tease her towel a little. Akansha knew what he was up to and looked at me with embarrassed eyes. I comforted her again with a smile and this time, I leaned towards her and started to kiss her face.

As I started to smooch her, Pramod managed to undo her towel and started to massage her boobs. He started to make circles around her nipple and in no time, her nipples were erect. He kept on teasing her for about 10 minutes before he got a call and moved out to the living room.

While he went out, I told Akansha not to worry at all and asked her to relax. I comforted her as much as I could but I knew what was in store for the rest of the night. Akansha looked nervous and asked me about the surprise, but I smartly teased her by saying that a surprise needs to be a surprise.

I was turned on the whole evening and since Pramod was not there. I kept kissing her and smooching her to turn her on more. Her towel was gone and I was playing with her erect nipples gently biting them. As I touched her pussy, it was all wet. The entire evening experience and the drinks had turned her on again.

We got involved with each other and started to get more and more passionate. Suddenly, Pramod and his friend entered the room. I had not heard any doorbell and therefore was confident about the fact that Pramod would still need some time before his friend arrives. But, to my surprise, both of us startled when we saw him and his friend walking into the bedroom. His friend looked like a man in his late 40s but looked fit.

While I was checking him out, his eyes were glued on to Akansha. There was a little left to the imagination as she was Stark nude, even the towel was long gone.

Pramod had a big smile on his face as both of them approached the bed. His friend was scanning every inch of Akansha’s body and his eyes were literally fixed on her boobs. As they came close, Akansha tried to cover herself up with her hands and her towel but it was a little too late.

Pramod sat on the bed looked facing Akansha and said, “This is your surprise, darling. You and Abhi had planned a threesome but since he did not participate, I thought of arranging a threesome”.

Pramod’s friend was the only one with clothes in the room. He had a wry smile on his face as he came forward and asked for Akansha’s hand to shook and introduced himself as Rajesh. He sat right next to Akansha and kept on checking her out. Akansha was embarrassed and her face turned red.

“You guys continue what you were doing. In the meantime, I will have a drink and undress”, Rajesh said.

I have never made out in front of people before but somehow the entire situation was stimulating. I thought that it will calm the senses of Akansha and leaned on her to smooch again. This time I could feel that both our lips were a little cold and our liplock was more passionate than before.

I made her lie down and started working on her body. Slowly, I started to caress her boobs and gently massaging them while her nipples started to get harder and harder. I glanced at both of them, and both were watching us keenly with big smiles.

Pramod was sipping his drink and Rajesh was undressing himself. As I started to go down on her and stretch her legs, I could hear Pramod say to Rajesh: “Look at that tight chut, she is one hell of a fuck!”

I glanced again and saw Rajesh completely nude now, stroking his semi-erect cock. He was trimmed and looked bigger than the average Indian cock. As I started to finger Akansha, both of them got on the bed to get a closer look.

“Look at her, she is dripping!” Rajesh exclaimed. Pramod laughed and patted on my back as an indication to stop. I looked at him and he said, “Let us take over from here, Abhi. Enjoy the threesome that you had planned!”

I got up and made way for both of them. Pramod grabbed her legs stretching them as far as he could and indicated Rajesh to take charge.

“Taste her juices, Rajesh. She is more intoxicating than the whiskey.”

Rajesh immediately gulped down his peg and in no time, got down on her. He dug his face deep inside her pussy, slurping and licking her like a hungry dog. Pramod grabbed her legs with one hand and his other hand started to explore her boobs.

Akansha was turned on in no time and her erect nipples and her soft moans were the proof. Rajesh was engrossed in her pussy. He was licking and biting her clitoris and pushing his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy. I watched in awe a threesome in front of my eyes! Gradually, her moans became louder and louder and the intensity of Rajesh eating her got more and more aggressive.

Pramod started to have his share of fun too and started to suck and play with her boobs while he got his fingers licked and sucked. Akansha was leaking juices and as Rajesh started to finger her with one finger first, then two, her moans turned into soft screams. I could see her shivering with excitement and I knew she was close to an orgasm.

As the speed of fingering increased, her body began cramping and in a minute or two, she gasped and moaned as she had her first orgasm. This was the first time she was experiencing the pleasure of two men fondling her body and the reaction was evident. As she squirted, Rajesh hungrily slurped up as much as he could and finally got up. His face had Akansha’s juices all over.

Pramod was still busy on her boobs when Rajesh got beside her and started to kiss her face all over. He turned Akansha’s face towards him and started to suck on her lips. He was sucking her tongue and sucking her lips and biting them simultaneously.

Pramod grabbed her leg, pulled it up and started to finger her pussy vigorously. Rajesh grabbed her boobs and was massaging them hard, pinching her nipples. Akansha’s expression suggested that she was in the seventh heaven of pleasure. Her moans were now muffled and she was moving her legs further to give access to Pramod’s 3 fingers.

Rajesh sucked and smooched her lips for quite some time as his hands were exploring her boobs. Finally, he let go and got onto her boobs. I could see Akansha’s lips swollen a little. He sucked and pumped her boobs harder and harder every second. Pramod’s vigorous fingering continued till she squirted again and finally, he stopped.

The half an hour of foreplay and 2 orgasms were tiring for her. Finally, both of them stopped and indicated Akansha to get up. Rajesh lied down on the bed flat with his cock rock hard and indicated her to blow him. Akansha had no choice but to get in the middle of his legs. His cock looked above average but was a thick one. Precum was oozing.

As Akansha started to lick the head of his cock, he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down on his cock and one go making her gasp for air.

“We have pleasured you for quite some time baby, it’s your turn to return the favor”, Pramod exclaimed as he got up and adjusted Akansha into a doggy position while she was sucking Rajesh.

“Pramod made love to you, but together we are going to fuck you now bitch”, Rajesh told her as he tightened his grip on her hair. She was gasping for air as he was pushing her head up and down on his cock. Rajesh was loving every bit of it and he kept saying things to Akansha.

Pramod, in the meantime, adjusted himself in doggy style and started to fuck her. He grabbed both her dangling boobs and started to fuck her rhythmically. With every thump, Rajesh’s cock went deeper and deeper into her throat. This was the first time ever I wondered and she was trying her level best to cope up with 2 cocks.

Rajesh kept encouraging Pramod to go harder and harder. As he kept thumping harder, Rajesh kept deep throating her occasionally letting go of his grip so that she could manage her breathe.

In about 5 minutes, Rajesh started to moan louder with the pleasure and grabbed her head harder and exploded deep in her throat. Akansha gagged and muffled and somehow managed to gulp the thick cum, half kept dripping from her mouth.

Rajesh finally let go of the grip, he had an expression of tremendous satisfaction. Pramod was still thumping her harder and harder. Rajesh looked at me and said, “Your girlfriend is a real cock sucker, you are lucky!” and smiled.

Pramod started grunting and in some time, he too exploded inside her, which was actually his third load for the day. He let go of her hips and pulled out his semi-erect cock which had cum all over.

Pramod got into Rajesh’s place and indicating him to take his place. Rajesh did not waste a single second and immediately got into position. He kept on stroking his cock and started to admire Akansha’s ass. He massaged and grabbed her ass cheeks and in the same doggy position, slid his fingers into her cum filled pussy.

Pramod sat with his legs stretched, Akansha’s face in the middle and kept caressing her face and lips.

“Look how we turned an innocent girlfriend into a slut today”, Pramod said.

Rajesh laughed and said, “It is so much fun to turn these innocent ones into raands” and slapped her ass cheeks.

“Abhi has kept her ass a virgin one for us, why don’t you start with that plump ass first?” Pramod exclaimed to Rajesh.

“What? Is it, Abhi? You want me to take your little bitch’s virgin ass?” and both of them started to laugh.

Akansha pleaded them not to and seeing her condition, I asked them not to since she had enough for the first time experience.

“Come on Abhi, we have plans to sandwich her, enjoy how we ride her the whole night”, Pramod answered.

Rajesh was not paying any heed to our conversation and he had already started to stretch her ass cheeks and spitting on it.

“This is going to be one tight ass”, Rajesh said to Pramod as he kept spitting on her asshole and rim the same with his tongue.

Pramod got up and went beside him to help him. Pramod grabbed her ass cheeks and stretched it wide for Rajesh to adjust his cock. Rajesh, who was now fully erect, adjusted his cock right in her ass hole. Akansha was scared and nervous to the core.

Finally, Rajesh pushed hard, and a loud scream filled the room. Akansha couldn’t take the pain but Rajesh had managed to get the head of his cock into her. He pushed Akansha down on the bed, grabbed her waist and gave another hard thump. She screamed again and I could see tears rolling down her eyes.

“Thanks, Abhi. I have never had such a tight ass” Rajesh smiled and pushed again. This time, the scream was more muffled and half of the cock was inside her ass. Rajesh slowly pulled out a little and thumped again. Pramod stepped aside and patted on my back and said, “Enjoy the show”.

We both sat on the bed and watched Rajesh fuck that tight ass slowly. Her screams subdued into muffles gradually and Rajesh kept pushing in and out slowly into her ass. He took out his cock completely once and admired the view but the respite was for a very small time.

He got into action again and this time, grabbed her hair from behind which made her bend back and started to fuck her ass with full force now. She screamed and moaned and muffled as he kept riding her ass like an a****l.

He started to abuse and abuse more as he kept thumping. He grabbed both her boobs from behind pinching them harder and harder as he fucked that virgin plump ass. In about 5 minutes, he unloaded his cum partially inside her ass and partially on her ass cheeks and finally let go.

Her ass had turned red with all the spanking. She laid there motionless, tired, fucked well and exhausted. Rajesh was still panting for breath but had a huge smile on his face. He grabbed his drinks and made a peg for 3 of us. It was 2 in the night.

Both of them gulped their drinks and laid on both sides of Akansha. Pramod started to kiss her face and lips and caress her body like her lover while Rajesh started to kiss and lick her neck and back caressing her ass and boobs from behind. This was a scene to remember with my girlfriend in between 2 guys and both of them loving her like her boyfriends. She had cum all over her body and both of them kept kissing and loving her all over.

Finally and after 15 to 20 minutes, both of them got up and said, “Let her rest and sleep, she needs it.”

I was relieved that it was over and accompanied them to the other bedroom. Both of them got into the other bedroom and locked the door. I came back to my room and saw Akansha had fallen asleep. She had enough for the day I thought to myself as I hugged her and lied beside her. Her body was burning and therefore I comforted her and fell asleep.

I woke up around 7.30 and saw that Akansha was not there. I wasn’t expecting it, but I nervously went to the other bedroom. The door wasn’t looked and so I slowly walked in. Akansha was there with both of them. She was lying nude in the middle of the bed with her legs stretched and high.

Pramod had his head dug deep into her pussy. Rajesh was getting a blowjob from her. As Rajesh saw me, he greeted ‘good morning’, smiled and said, “We had unfinished business yesterday night, so woke her up early”.

Pramod paused and got up for a moment looked and me and said, “We thought of a final round or two before we leave” and got back to business. Akansha was moaning and at the same time, giving Rajesh a deep throat.

She looked way more comfortable than the previous night but looked tired. After 10 to 15 minutes, both of them stopped. Akansha was wet, Pramod has licked her real good and Rajesh was rock hard.

Rajesh lied flat on the bed and indicated Akansha to get on top. Akansha followed instructions and got on top of him with her pussy right above his erect cock. Rajesh adjusted a little and pushed it in, adjusted her position and pulled her on his chest.

She was on top of him and his 8-inch cock deep into her. Rajesh started to massage her boobs and grabbed her head to start smooching her. He pushed himself deeper with some assistance from Pramod who had grabbed her waist and making her go deep. He was simultaneously massaging her asscheeks and occasionally spanking them.

After a few minutes, Pramod turned towards me and said, “Time to sandwich her” and smiled. I was tensed and it was something I had only watched in porns. I had no clue how she would react or whether she would be able to take it at all. Pramod asked me to stretch her ass cheeks. I could see her asshole swollen from last night’s banging. Pramod spat on it, lubricated it and positioned himself to penetrate.

Rajesh paused for a moment to allow Pramod to penetrate. It was difficult to adjust but Pramod somehow got on top of her and positioned his cock on her asshole. It was her first time and her body was not exactly suited to such sandwich but Pramod managed and with some force penetrated her ass again. Last night’s scream was nothing to her scream that morning. 2 cocks simultaneously on her pussy and asshole was more than what she could handle.

Pramod grabbed her waist and pushed as hard as he could making half of his cock penetrate her. Tears rolled down as both of them started to rhythmically penetrate both her holes. The more she screamed and moaned, the harder these two thumped. At times one of the cocks slipped out but momentarily only and they somehow managed to continue drilling both her holes. It looked difficult but Rajesh and Pramod were doing it like pros.

They continued it for 5 to 10 minutes before Pramod pulled out. “I told you she is ready for more” Pramod giggled. Rajesh kept going for some time more before he turned her around into missionary position and thumped like an a****l. Her boobs bounced and bounced with every thump. Rajesh made sure he went deep and he pushed and pushed.

“What a pussy she has, what a tight pussy” Rajesh exclaimed while thumping.

Pramod went towards her face and kept slapping his cock on her cheeks and lips occasionally getting himself sucked. It was a sight to remember. The very first experiment had turned out to be a wild one.

Rajesh took a lot of time but finally, he unloaded deep inside her pussy with a loud grunt. He was panting for breath as he pulled out his cock. Akansha did not get a minute to relax and Pramod got in his place and started to penetrate her pussy which was dripping Rajesh’s cum.

Rajesh sat beside her, grabbed her boobs and kept slapping and pinching them. He was stroking his semi-erect cock as Pramod kept fucking her pussy.

“It feels so good to turn your little bitch into a slut,” Rajesh said looking at me as he kept stroking his cock. Rajesh was erect again and started getting himself sucked till he was rock hard again.

He kept stroking himself and finally shagged on her face and boobs. Pramod fucked her for 15 minutes more before he pulled out and unloaded on her face too.

Both of them kept smiling and panting as Akansha lay there in the bed exhausted humiliated and tired with cum dripping from her lips to her boobs and some on her boobs slipping towards her navel. She had enough and did not move an inch. Both Pramod and Rajesh smiled and giggled and went out to the washroom.

The first-ever plan to experiment with our sex life had turned out to be a real test on her endurance but somehow she had survived. Every hole had been drilled to the fullest and she had been royally fucked.

As both of them thanked me and left, I accompanied her to the washroom and before taking a shower together, I stood and fucked her in the bathroom itself before finally taking a shower.

Our threesome with Pramod and Rajesh had spiced up our sex life tremendously. Our experiences with both of them were fulfilling and it gave us a lot of confidence. Although we ventured twice in 2 months at an average but whenever we did, the aftermath of the same remained with us for weeks to come.

The experiences turned out to be better than our expectation and since the safety and security was top priority, it ensured we have the best experience.

Akansha and I used to discuss in minute details after each encounter during every foreplay sessions to follow, and both of us used to get turned on tremendously. Experimenting with our sex life became regular. But the frequency remained twice in 3 months.

For readers who haven’t read the first 2 parts, Akansha and I have been together for 4 years. Akansha is a Jain girl and I am a bong. She had been blessed with a fair complexion with naturally dark brown long hair till her waist. She had been endowed with tight firm round boobs with a 34 C cup size, a 28 inch waist line and a plump ass as typically a north Indian Jain has measuring 36.

Her nipples were not very long but very hard once turned on and the light brown color of the same complemented her fair skin. She used to maintain herself a lot with a full body was every 15 days and a body polishing every month.

On one such foreplay session, I suggested that we should look for a new partner. Akansha was reluctant to accept my idea. She was of the opinion that since we are very comfortable with both Pramod and Rajesh, there is no need to look for a new partner. According to her, it was also too early to try someone new. Bing a marketing guy, it did not take me a lot of time to convince her with my new idea.

I told her variety is the spice of life and it is never advisable to be dependent on any individual. This time just to keep her interested, I added a clause. I told her there is no hurry but this time the new partner has to be chosen by her. She was taken aback, because she knew that I was aware of the fact that she is not much of an extrovert. More so, she wasn’t very savvy with online chatting or any such things. She did not have a huge friend circle and therefore it was even more difficult for her to look for a partner to indulge in something discrete.

I asked her to take as much time as she wants and encourage her to find out and shortlist eligible options. I knew it would take time but I wanted her to take the step this time. So I kept encouraging her everyday to started looking for options. It wouldn’t be anyone from her friend circle, and therefore the job was even more difficult.

A month passed without any luck and then one day she casually told me that she might have been able to shortlist someone. I was excited and happy for the fact that she has been able to take this step. I asked her whom she had in mind. To my surprise, she said Asif. I knew this name. He was the head of marketing in her office. I had heard his name lot of times from Akansha. She had told me about how in office parties Asif would always look for opportunities to flirt with Akansha to dance with her and to speak to her privately.

Akansha had also told me that Asif would always flirt with her even at office, and his interest in Akansha was evident. I had no problems with the choice. First, because of the fact that he was single. Second because he was Muslim. Third he was as it is interested in Akansha.

I immediately replied her in the affirmative and asked her to give positive vibes to Asif.

I also asked her go out for dinner with Asif the next time he asks her out. Akansha was happy with the fact that I was happy with her choice.

From the next day onwards, Akansha started to reply to every WhatsApp of Asif even when she is home. Asif being a smart guy got the hint and started texting her even at night.

Once he started getting replies, he knew he had a chance. Gradually with every passing day, their conversation grew from formal messages to more casual ones and then from casual ones to the more subtle sexting. I encouraged Akansha to get more friendly with him and try and see if he was matured enough and can be trusted with such discreet affairs.

They even went out on a dinner date; and later I came to know that he also dropped her home. She also stated that they also had a few pegs together but he was gentleman enough not to cross the line; although he flirted with her to the fullest.

Gradually their conversation had turned more sexually explicit and I had no problems with that. The more Akansha started to have confidence in Asif; the more free she got while conversing with him. The day I saw her texting him about the colour of her lingerie and about how she waxes herself entirely, I knew it was time. Akansha had clearly told Asif about me being her fiancée; but since she was responding to his sexting; Asif had not held himself back.

I told Akansha that it was time to plan for the actual action and to look for the perfect time.

By this time, Asif had clearly communicated to Akansha about his intention to have sex with her. He had also offered her to go to his place which was safe, to which she had denied.

After about a fortnight later, Akansha told me that Asif’s birthday was round the corner and that he had invited her to his place for the birthday party. Akansha had denied the offer stating that I would not allow her. Asif had reached such desperation that he had invited me too.

I told Akansha that I have no problem in going to his place but since I had no formal intro with him it would be awkward.

The next day when she was in office, she called me and said that Asif wanted to speak to me and handed the phone over to him.

Asif introduced himself and jokingly told me that I had got a very faithful fiancée who would not lie and go to his place for his birthday party and therefore he had called to invite me. I laughed and answered him that that is what true love is.

Asif then said jokes apart he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday however this time was an exception and there would not be anyone else other than me and Akansha.

I was smiling to myself. I thought it could not be any better, thanked him for the invitation and told him that we would surely go.

Once Akansha returned after office, she told me that Asif was happy with we would go. Both of us discussed about how coincidentally the entire plan has been set up. Both of us were excited for the encounter.

Finally, the day had come. It was a Friday, both of us had taken half day at office and we shopped for Asif. We bought a cake; a tie and a bottle of wine for him.

At about 6 in the evening, Akansha started to get ready. She put on a pink one piece off shoulder dress with strapless bra. She also put on a white and red mark and Spencer’s lacy panty. With minimum make up; a pony tail, a stiletto and Davidoff cool water perfume she looked gorgeous. She looked hot and beautiful.

We reached Asifs residence at about 8 pm. He greeted us with a big smile; while I shook hands and wished him a happy birthday; Akansha hugged him at the door to wish him. His eyes had lit up seeing Akansha and the same was evident with the way he was scanning every inch of her body.

As we walked into the living room my excitement vanished. I saw 2 others sitting in the sofa with drinks and snacks. Akansha who was behind me looked perplexed as both of us had thought that we were the only ones invited.

Asif introduced his both the guys as his c***dhood friend Wasim and Rahat. Akansha and I looked at each other, smiled and shook hands with them and sat opposite to them. Both of us were a little disappointed but we had to join the conversation.

We handed over the cake to Asif who was smiling all this while and handed us drinks. As we raised a toast, I could see both Wasim and Rahat checking Akansha out. They were literally X raying her with their eyes. Both of them were hungrily looking at her and it was making Akansha uncomfortable. Asif was busy serving the snacks to us.

After a couple of pegs; we decided to cut the cake. He took the first piece and made Akansha take a bite first; followed by all of us. I cut the next piece and made Asif took a bite.

Asif then took the rest of the cake to the kitchen and asked Akansha to accompany him. I knew something was up; but I preferred to give them the space. I took my drink and went to the balcony for a smoke. Akansha joined me after a few minutes and stated that while in the kitchen Asif had told her that his friends would leave after drinks and we should stay over for dinner.

This guy is smart I thought; knows how to improvise. Akansha and I smiled at each other knowing that we still had a chance and gradually joined the others for drinks. We kept chatting about office and stuff and all this while both Asif’s friends kept flirting as much as they could.

Asif looked composed and was the constantly keeping us engaged with his jokes. At about 9.45, we ran out of drinks and snacks. Both Wasim and Rahat looked disappointed. They had no plans to leave so early but had to get up finally. Both of them smiled at us and complimented of how beautiful a couple we were and shook hands and started to leave.

Asif accompanied them to the lift and both Akansha and I breathed a sigh of relief. As he came back; he apologized to both of us as it was not planned and they had dropped all of a sudden.

Akansha and I politely told him not to worry so much. We had ran out of drinks. “Asif never runs out of stock”, he exclaimed and asked us to accompany him to the bedroom. He said he was waiting for his friends to leave. Akansha and I were smiling at his smartness.

We sat down on the bed and although we had 3 pegs already we needed one more. Akansha was really uncomfortable sitting in the bed with her legs folded. As it is it was a one piece of dress and her folded legs ensured that a good part of her thighs were exposed.

I saw Asif checking Akansha out. His eyes were shining. “Don’t be so cautious; your legs are attractive; but I will not flirt with you in front of your fiancée” Asif said. “It is your birthday today and you have the liberty to flirt” I answered and all 3 of us had a good laugh.

We chatted for sometime about their office and bitched about who was sleeping around with whom. Though both of them were enjoying the conversation I was a mere party to it. I wanted them to be comfortable to be honest.

Asif was a guy in his late 30’s, well-built; about 5 ft 10 in; not muscular but fit. He had a good sense of humor and he was a real flirt.

After the first peg was done; he prepared a second. As we had ran out of snacks; Asif proposed that he would make salad. He asked Akansha to help him with the same. “Please don’t mind me stealing your girl friend for 10 minutes! Enjoy your drink and we will be back with the salad”

“Not an issue my friend”, I answered and nodded to Akansha.

I knew that Asif desperately wanted to have some time with Akansha and I had no problem to let them go. So I sipped my peg as they left the room. I could see the shine in his eyes and my curiosity got the better of me. After a couple of minutes, I sneaked out of the bedroom and looked down the living room. As I went closer to the living room; I could clearly hear heavy breath. I knew what they were up to. So I silently went to the living room and peeped inside the kitchen which was straight. And yes I was right!

I saw Akansha with her back towards the kitchen door; working on something on the kitchen. Asif was holding her from behind and kissing on her bare shoulders and neck. Though I couldn’t see where his hands were; but I could make out that he was hugging her from behind with his hands most probably cupping her boobs.

Asif was rubbing himself on her ass as he was kissing and licking her shoulders and neck. Akansha was moaning and breathing heavily. Both of them were engrossed in action and had probably forgotten my existence.

I was turned on instantly and silently kept enjoying the view. I was right behind the cupboard carefully trying to hide while peeping continuously to see what they were up to. Then I saw Asif glancing a couple of times to check if I was around. And every time he saw I wasn’t there; he got more and more involved.

After a couple of minutes, I saw Asif move back one step and hold Akansha by her waist and admiring her back. Akansha did not move an inch. He then grabbed the dress from behind and pulled it up to her waist exposing her ass. It was too hot to handle for Asif and he immediately grabbed her ass and started to press her ass. All I could hear was Akansha’s moaning.

Asif was busy massaging her ass cheeks and grabbing them and pinching them. He then pulled the sides of the panty covering her ass and pulled them upwards to get a g string kind of a view. He got wild this time and hugged Akansha again from behind and started to kiss her ear lobes neck and shoulder and all this while rubbing himself on her ass as much as he can.

After a couple of minutes he made Akansha turn her face around and started to smooch her lips like a madman. With all the alcohol I knew Akansha was turned on. Their smooch was like lovers who were kissing for the first time. It was wild and was passionate.

While smooching Asif who was wearing a jeans; unbuttoned and pulled his jeans down to his knees. He adjusted his manhood and started to press against her ass. Then he glanced a few more times and got the assurance that I wasn’t there and made him take his next step. He broke the smooch and pushed Akansha on the kitchen slab.

He took back a step and enjoyed the view of her ass; and then pulled her panty down till her knees. Wow! She looked amazing. She had bent over the kitchen slab and it gave a perfect view somewhat like a doggy. Asif went crazy. He rubbed his hands all over; pinching her ass at times. He was stretching her ass cheeks and trying to get a good view.

He slowly slid his fingers from her ass cheeks towards her pussy. I could clearly see him working his fingers into her pussy.

From what I had known Akansha would have been dripping. I got a confirmation of the same when he took his fingers out and licked the same. Asif got wilder knowing that she was turned on to the core. He slipped his fingers again and took out and sucked his fingers again. He couldn’t control any further as he stopped and turned Akansha around and made her sit on the kitchen slab. She had her boobs still covered but her panty gone; her eyes closed; her pussy dripping and her legs stretched. Akansha’s breathes were heavier now.

Asif knelt and in no time started to lick her and suck her. By this time he had forgotten about me as he had stopped glancing back to check on me and was engrossed on eating her. Akansha was heated up as I saw her clenching her eyes; moaning like hell and pressing her own boobs. Asif was eating her like a hungry dog with both his hands stretching her legs as much as he can.

Akansha opened her eyes for a split second and saw me staring at her and all she could do was pass a faint smile. She was enjoying the action to the fullest. I passed a smile to her as well and kept enjoying the show. I was turned on and my dick was throbbing to come out. Watching Asif insert two fingers into her pussy and eating her was too much for me and I had got my dick out as well.

After about 5 minutes Asif finally stopped and stood straight in front of her and immediately pulled his underwear down. I couldn’t see him but he indicated Akansha to hold him. As he started to smooch her again I could see Akansha’s hand movement stroking him.

While smooching, Asif could not wait any longer to see her bare body and ripped down her dress up to her waist. His action was wild and he had simultaneously pulled her bra down too. Finally her nude body was in front of him.

As he continued smooching and Akansha stroking his manhood his hand were free to feel her boobs. He grabbed and massaged and pinched them. He hinted Akansha to stop stroking him and indicated her to hold him like his lover and smooch him. Akansha obliged and I could see Asif rubbing his dick on her belly.

He stopped smooching and got down to now lick and suck her voluptuous 36b boobs. Her nipples were hard and he was chewing them to glory. Akansha’s moans got louder and louder as his girp on her boobs got stronger and harder.

This continued for 10 minutes more before it was too much for Asif. He stopped and indicated Akansha to take his position as he turned around and exchanged positions and hinted her to kneel down.

As he turned around I could see his erect dick dangling. It was long and moderately thick, circumcised but what stood out was the unusually large and thick mushroom head. He was clean shaven. As Akansha kneeled he grabbed her head by her hairs and pushed his dick into her mouth.

From Akansha’s first reaction I could see her trying her best to gobble it down. The unusually large head stretched her lips. As Asif pushed more into her mouth, he gasped and moaned. As he adjusted his grip he looked up and saw me standing there stroking my dick. He was taken aback a little but did not let go of his grip on her head. I passed a smile at him and walked towards them. Akansha was busy slurping his dick and trying to manage the length. He kept moving her head up and down on her as I entered the kitchen.

“You are one lucky guy, Abhijit..She is amazing! This is the best birthday gift ever”, Asif exclaimed.

“Isn’t kitchen a little uncomfortable? Let’s go to the bed room” I answered.

He smiled and stopped; indicated Akansha to get up and all 3 of us headed to the bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom Asif got onto the bed and indicated Akansha to continue what she had started. Precum was rolling down his dick as Akansha started to blow him again. This time he was harder with his grip and he pushed her head as much down as he could. Akansha was gagging and this was turning Asif on more and more.

He was thoroughly enjoying every moment of it, must have been his best birthday ever.

After 5 minutes he had enough and indicated her to stop by letting go of his grip. Akansha’s face had turned red.

He indicated Akansha to lie down in the bed and he worked his way down on her pussy again. I could see her juices rolling down her thighs. “I have fucked a lot of non-Muslim girls but I have never seen anyone get wet like this”, Asif said this as he buried his face again on Akansha’s clean pussy. She was leaking like hell and Asif was sucking her dry. He was nibbling of her clit which made her moan louder and louder. I took my dick to her lips. My throbbing dick needed attention too.

After about 3-4 minutes Asif got up; looked at me and asked “Wouldn’t you like a Muslim cock cum in her pussy?”

I smiled faintly as I was enjoying the blowjob and answered, “Would you like to use a condom with such a hot chick?”

He knew what I meant and immediately got up, placed himself right in the middle with his cock right in front of her pussy; stretched her legs and started to rub his thick mushroom head on her clit.

It was getting too much for Akansha who was shivering in excitement. Finally Asif pushed it in. The head was too thick and it stretched her pussy. She gasped and moaned as a circumcised Muslim dick penetrated her. Asif was enjoying every second of it.

He pushed himself in inch by inch in slow motion. As it went half in he took it out and thumped hard. Akansha screamed in pain, clenching the bed sheet. Asif was hard and his thump ensured that he penetrated her pussy deep. “Fuck she is tight” is all he said as he pulled out again and thumped again. Akansha’s boobs bounded with the thump as she screamed again. This time the volume had lowered a little.

A few more strokes and Asif started increasing his speed; faster and harder. Akansha moaned and muffled sounds we’re all that came out. About a minute into the thump as Asif got more and more wild and passionate with his face dug in her boobs and his dick deep inside her all of a sudden his door bell rang.


I got scared and all of a sudden all 3 of us went silent. It was about 11.40 and no one was expected at this time. All the excitement vanished instantaneously. Asif kept calm and asked me to get the door. Akansha lay there nude in bed, with her pussy dripping with her orgasmic juice; barely trying to cover herself with the pillow.

He asked me to check who it was and whoever it might be, Asif instructed me to tell him to come back tomorrow morning. He said if he goes to check and it turns out to be anyone known to him then he might get stuck. I agreed and nervously got up; wrapped a towel and went towards the main door. There was no eye hole to check and I had to open the door. I was scared to be honest. With my girlfriend nude in Asif’s bed room and at 12 in the night I had every reason to be.

I opened the door and to my surprise Wasim and Rahat were standing there. I had imagined a lot of things in 2 minutes but not in my wildest dreams had I expected these 2 to come back.

“Hey! You guys haven’t left?!”, Wasim asked. “We thought you guys are long gone and we came back with drinks to celebrate the night with the birthday boy”, Rahat added.

I didn’t know what to say and I fumbled.

“No..I mean..Asif asked us to have dinner and we..I could not complete and Wasim asked, “Why are you in a towel? Where is Asif? Are you guys staying over?” and they walked inside.

I had no clue how to manage and closed the door. They entered the living room and kept the whiskey bottle on the table and asked Wasim asked again, “where is Asif?”

“We were in the bed room” I answered.

“What are you guys doing in the bed room?”, enquired Wasim as both of them headed for the bed room. I was clueless and walked behind them. The door was shut but not locked. I knew my girlfriend was lying nude in the bed and I had no clue what to expect but I knew what the night had in store.

Wasim opened the door of the bed room walked inside and both of them just stopped. I was right behind them as they walked in. They we’re surprised to see Akansha nude lying in the bed and Asif right next to her nude. They had no clue as to what we were up to but their mouth opened wide in surprise. Both their eyes had lit up.

Wow! Wasim exclaimed and Rahat added, “you are one lucky dog Asif; you are having the birthday party of your life”

I just stood there; clueless and shocked.

Asif was smiling and had no answer.

Both of them walked right up to the bed and they were scanning every inch of her nude body. Akansha was embarrassed and she was clinching her eyes.

Both of them were drunk and such a scene in front of their eyes is what they had least expected. I could see the lust in their eyes.

“Look at her choot; she is dripping, tu chod raha tha kya bhai?” Wasim asked Asif. Asif smiled and nodded. His language was rustic and his body language was rough.

“Threesome to kar rahe the; let us also join in and make this a memorable experience”, Wasim added.

“Ek lund se kya hoga? Iski chut dekh; 3 bhi kam padega”, Rahat exclaimed.

“She is my birthday gift; let me take her first” Asif said. He looked at me and asked me, “You don’t mind a gangbang, do you?”

I had no clue and just stood there.

Asif did not wait for my answer and immediately turned toward Akansha and started to kiss her face all over.

Within a fraction of a second, both Wasim and Rahat undressed themselves and we’re nude. Both of them were bushy but with a very healthy manhood. Though semi erect but I could see both were circumcised. They got onto the bed and sat right next to Akansha.

Asif had by then started smooching her again his hands grabbing her boobs. Asif did not stop for a second from there. He gradually started to kiss and suck and lick both her boobs as Wasim and Rahat sat next to her stroking their cocks and enjoying the view.

This was unplanned and unexpected but I had no choice but to enjoy. So I opened my towel and got on to the bed.

As Asif kept massaging her boobs and chewing her nipples I stretched her legs and started to eat her pussy. She was still wet.

After a couple of minutes, Wasim patted on me and indicated me to get up and he took my place right in between her legs.

He slowly started to finger her and rhythmically started to build up speed. He started with one and then started to insert 2 fingers. All this while Rahat was sitting and stroking his own cock but after watching all this he got up and made Akansha hold his cock and stroke it. I had no clue how she was managing it but with Asif on her boobs, Wasim eating her pussy and Rahat’s cock.On her had it was a scene to remember.

In no time Asif was hard again and indicated Wasim to get up who was busy slurping up Akansha’s juices and positioned himself to penetrate.

As he started to push in again Wasim got to her right and started fondling with her boobs. Pinching her erect nipples and sucking like a hungry dog. Asifs thumps were hard and deep and made her boobs bounce every time.

Akansha clinched her eyes and only muffled moans came out. “Look at how the bitch is enjoying our attention” Wasim said as he got wilder on her boobs. His grip was hard and was sucking licking and pinching them continuously.

Rahat got up and moved towards her lips. He started rubbing his cock on her lips. “Thump harder Asif; she is enjoying it” Rahat added.

Asif immediately started to increase the force of his pounding. With every thump now she gasped for air and her moans turned into screams. Rahat got the opportunity and pushed his cock into her mouth making her gag and gasp for air.

With every second their dirty comments increased. “I never knew my co worker is such a slut” Asif said as he kept pushing deeper and harder. “you should have got her to us earlier” Wasim added.

After a minute more Asif stopped and indicated others to pause as they changed position. He wanted Akansha to be on top of him. Akansha had no choice and got on top of him.

Asif started to slap her bouncing boobs as she started to move up and down on his cock. It seemed a little painful but she was thoroughly enjoying it. Wasim and Rahat stood up on the bed and from 2 sides started to rub their dicks on her face. Both of them wanted her to suck them and she started to suck them one at a time.

Wasim grabbed her head, pulled her hair and pushed himself as deep in her face as possible. She gagged immediately as his ball sack thumped her chin. He started to fuck her face and deep throated her.

Wasim then pulled out and pushed Akansha on top of Asif who continued to thump. Wasim had other plans. He want to Akansha’s ass and spanked them. He stretched her ass cheeks and started to lick her asshole. “looks like a virgin ass” Wasim said as he spit on her asshole.

Rahat encouraged him to double penetrate her and he positioned himself on her ass. Akansha this time pleeded him not to. But all 3 of them were in no mood to stop. He spat a little more to lubricate and pushed as hard as he could.

Akansha had experienced anal before but this time it was different. Asif was continously thumping her and simultaneously Wasim was trying to penetrate her ass. The more resistance he got, the more turned on he became.

He stretched Akansha’s ass cheeks as hard as he could and after some time he managed to push the head of his cock inside. It was no longer moans but faint screams from Akansha. The pain was evident. It turned on both Wasim and Rahat more and Wasim pushed more and more. I could not believe my eyes as both of them double penetrated Akansha. He face had turned red and tears were rolling down her eyes.

Wasim had a long dick and he was using his entire body strength to push as far in as he could. He spanked her ass at the same time. Rahat waited for his turn as for the next 10 minutes both of them had their time.

Finally Asif could not hold on any further and with a loud grunt he came deep inside her pussy. Wasim immediately stopped as Asif got up; with his cock still covered in cum. Rahat wanted to get in Asif’s position but Rahat indicated him to wait. He made Akansha lie down in missionary position and got on top of her. Akansha was tired.

For the next 15 to 20 minutes Wasim thumped her nonstop. They were hard thumps deep inside her. All Akansha could manage was some faint grunts and moans. Rahat who couldn’t wait any longer was continuously slapping his cock on her bouncing boobs and at times on her lips.

Asif who was still semi erect sat by my side and smiled. “How does it feel to watch 3 muslims thump your cute slutty girlfiened?” Asif asked. ” I never thought she would be able to handle this” I answered, but she is managing well I added.

“We have just started, wait for us to finish” Wasim answered as he leaned on Akansha and grabbed her boobs and gave a firm tight pinch. His speed increased more and finally he gave a loud gasp as he cum inside her too. He took out his dick and immediately indicated Akansha to suck him. Akansha had no choice but to suck and taste his cum.

Rahat had finally got his chance and asked Akansha to get into doggy style. She had almost no strength left in her and both Wasim and Rahat helped her get into the position.

Wasim continued to get himself sucked. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth and started to deep throat. Akansha was gagging on his cock and gasping for air as Rahat started to fuck Akansha in a doggy style. He grabbed her hanging boobs and was giving them a hard massage. He was the fastest one of the 3.

In about 5 minutes he too came. Wasim was still not done. He was now hard again and was going on fucking her face. He was rough and kept on deep throating. Akansha had no more energy left in her. She had been royally screwed for more than 2 hours with 3 separate cocks inside her. After about 2 more minutes Wasim came inside her mouth. He could not manage and gulped down half while the rest dropped on her boobs.

As he let go Akansha fell flat on the bed tired and exhausted with cum dripping from her pussy and her mouth. All 3 of them admired the view. “she is one of the best I have had” Wasim said. “the best birthday gift I have ever had” Asif added.

Akansha laid in the bed motionless and tired. She too must have had her share of pleasure but somehow handling 3 guys was not easy at all. All 3 of them left the room and headed to the living room for some drinks. I kissed her on her lips, felt it to be warm. It must have been exhausting for her. I hugged and and both of us dozed off, but I never thought that it was not over.

Probably a hour later all three of them came back inside the room. “Prepare the slut for round 2” Wasim said. I woke up and saw all 3 of them standing right next to the bed with semi erect dicks. Akansha could barely wake up when Wasim and Asif jumped into the bed and started fondling with her. Both of them were on her 2 sides and both of them were kissing smooching and licking her entire body from both the sides.

Akansha was facing Wasim on her right side with her ass towards Asif. I saw Asif rubbing his cock on her ass as Wasim was chewing on her lips. Asif pulled her leg up and started penetrating her ass while he was passionately kissing and licking her bare back and neck. On the other wise Wasim was leaving bite marks on her boobs and frantically fingering her pussy with 2 fingers.

Form the next 30 minutes, all I could hear was abuses from all 3 of them sometimes calling her a slut sometimes a raand sometimes a bitch sometimes a kutia and thumping her as hard as they could. Akansha begged them to stop but they continued like wild a****ls. Rahat started to shag on her face.

Till about 5 in the morning all three of them fucked her brains out. They not only fucked her holes but they literally ripped her apart. I lost count on how. Many times she had been thumped but when it was finally over Akansha was tired, exhausted and laid there motionless.

Her face had turned red, her lips swollen, bite marks on her boobs, tears rolling down her eyes and cum all over her body. All 3 of them were satisfied to the core, admired her figure as all 3 of them sleeped naked beside us. I had been a witness to one unplanned rough gangbang session which I would never forget.

Once we finally woke up, it was afternoon the next day. Both Wasim and Rahat had left. Akansha and I headed to the shower together, her pussy still sore. It was finally over, the dream or the nightmare as you say had come to an end.

Akansha took a couple of days to recover but the memories of that night still give us a turn on.

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We girls were sitting on the lawns outside, awaiting the clock to strike for the practical class. Just then a flying bird shitted on the jutting of my left breast, I mean, over my blouse. I looked up: it was a crane.

“It’s a good omen of luck!” opined my classmates.

My father used to say that I was conceived in a spiritual way and would bring good luck and fortune once I grew, but he didn’t have any luck to see it realized. And luck is here in the premonition of …

Oh shit! I had to have a wash and change. On my way to the hostel, I met Bhavana and she accompanied me into my room. Bhavana was doing her final year whereas I was a fresher in first year. She became my best friend from the very first day she rescued me of my college raking. And Hindi (though I knew little) was our common factor.

Once inside, I undressed and noticed no strain underneath, but the devouring look of my best friend. A bit shocked but riveted, I felt a weakness in my knees.

Moment next I was in the hold of Bhavana, with her hands so busy on my breasts and her breaths so hot on the back of my neck. In no time, we were naked together. Her boobs were double the size of mine. And so was her thighs and pudendum. Being a northerner and well fed, she was in total contrast in size and color of me, a southerner. A beautiful girl she was, and in her birthday suit she looked a real bomb.

She downed me on my back. Her hairs were loose. And when she eclipsed me with her nakedness, her locks cascaded and covered my face. Within its shade she robbed my lips with her mouth and tongued into me. And down below, she rubbed my mound with her hot one as if to set alight my moss, but dampened it with her gushing gash.

“Want mommy to show you her love, my little lass?” she purred.

“Hmmm.” I moaned and entwined her with my limbs and crushed her against me. It was my first ever involvement in sex with another person. And so what if it happened to be a girl?

She traveled down me with her wet kisses; kneaded my breasts with her palms and fingers and sucked at, with half of them filled her mouth. At my navel, she swirled and pried with her tongue. And then at the wet eagerness of the valley of my thighs, I received her soft mouth.

I raised my legs, folded at my knees, and presented her my little rose as a token of my love. I kept up my head to observe her lovemaking. She planted a warm wet kiss right on my slit. A shiver ran through my body. She lifted her head then and looked into my eyes with a mischievous smile. A blush crept into my cheeks.

She licked her lips and said, “Want mommy to love you deep, honey?”

I didn’t speak out, but ran my hands around my buttocks and, with my own fingers, pulled apart my pussy lips and bumped up.

“You little impatient whore!” she laughed and dived into my valley. Her tongue swept through my canyon. I let go my pussy lips to cling around her hunting tongue and ran my fingers through her locks. She got hold of my pleasure button and, on and around it, fluttered her tongue like a butterfly. I lifted up my hips and rubbed my gorge against her chin. She mouthed up my pussy lips and chewed them as if sucking at a mango slit. I pushed more of my pussy up into her eager mouth and was seized by a tremor. O Ambe (mother goddess)..!

And then she ploughed in with her tongue to enter me, but… She raised her head and wondered, “My God, you’ve not broken in yet!”

“Had you, then?” I inquired in a mocking silly voice.

She flashed her teeth, raised herself, moved on top in a 69 position and presented me with her cunt and said, “Find out the truth you yourself.”

I didn’t know how to assess. She inserted a single finger into my oozing hole and said, “Look! Your hole is not even big enough to receive a single slender finger. Now find out how many fingers you can put into mommy’s sheath.”

I put one, two, three fingers easily into her abyss and it was slippery like a butter pot that may admit even more fingers. I knew the answer right away, but remained shocked to ask.

With my three fingers inside her she tossed a merry laugh and declared, “Mommy is broken in, you know…long back…with thick real cocks.”

I didn’t miss to notice the plural use. I sighed at her gapping cave, but kissed at its slush to show her that I was not a square and thus commenced my first licking exercise.

“Ah, that’s it, suck my pussy and make mommy happy. I’ll fix a fatty cock, in return, to break in your virgin pussy.”

Her vulgar speech heightened my lust. I eagerly licked and sucked at her odd sourness. She dived again into my pussy and feasted there with all her skills. I was not able to hold it for long. Raising my hips I groaned. My groans muffled into the fleshy folds of her cunt. And I released flood after flood into her slurping mouth. Buried my face into her cunt I whimpered like a kitten. After licking for some more time, she got off me. I huddled into her bosom and she cuddled me and we kissed.

“Sorry, Devika, I made you miss your practical class.” she apologized.

“A better one we had, Bhavana.” I blushed.

“Would you then accept me as your guide and instructor?”

“You are my teacher. You are my lover.”

Bhavana was a day scholar for she lived in the city. I had to be a hosteller for my home was three hours journey away. My two other roommates used to be off the room all evenings, doing some additional courses. In that way Bhavana and I got plenty of time to be together in our lovemaking. Her parents, it seemed, never mind her arriving home late in the night.

One day she took me to her home. I felt shy to interact with her people, but they displayed warmth and affection. That made me relaxed. Her parents looked very young, unbelievably. I told them so and they were pleased at my observations. They insisted me to come to their house quite often. I capitalized on that and fell in love with Rahul, Bhavana’s brother, a handsome boy.

Rahul was 19 years old, just 1 year elder than me. He was doing his second year in commerce. Bhavana helped us, as a go between, in our love and in a short time Rahul and I became intimate.

Soon I came to learn that Bhavana and Rahul were not of the same womb, but only stepsister and stepbrother. Bhavana was born of Saroj but not of Dev. And Rahul was the son of Dev but not of Saroj.

That could be a reason why Bhavana and Rahul behave more like friends than as sister and brother.

Even after my involvement with Rahul, I didn’t give up my lesbian love with Bhavana. When we do lovemaking, she used to finger fuck me, in between cunnilingus, telling me that she had to make my hole wide enough to receive her brother’s cock. Thus she made my cunt to accommodate two of her fingers in one month time. My love with Rahul deepened meanwhile; and we started necking now and then. I decided to lose my cherry with him.

When vacation started, I didn’t proceed to my native, but moved into Bhavana’s house, with an intention on the back of my mind to trap Rahul in between my thighs. Bhavana’s parents were happy to have me as their guest.

Next day, Rahul took me to a movie. Bhavana too accompanied. In the darkness of the movie hall, Rahul started fondling my breasts. It would be his wont if we gained some privacy. On that particular day at movie hall, while he was playing with my boobs, Bhavana received a call at her mobile phone. And she left the hall to attend to her call. At once Rahul moved his hand on and in between my thighs. Conveniently I was with a skirt and a loose top on that day. I was also eager to feel his fingers at my naked pussy. So I rolled my skirt up and allowed him to fondle my pussy over my panty. But that led us to yearn to have more. I removed my panty and put it in my hand back. Then in no time I felt his thick fingers allover my hot mound. I slipped down on my seat, pushing my buttocks to the edge of the seat. That gave him more access and he inserted his middle finger into my vagina and finger fucked me.

Meanwhile, he took my hand and placed it on his rock-hard cock, freed out of his pants. First time I touched a cock. A thrill ran through my body. Fortunately, there was not much crowd on that day and none at the row behind. I was just holding his erection. I didn’t know what to do. He guided my hand to clasp around and pump his cock up and down. I did as he guided and got soiled my hand with a thin sticky secretion. And meanwhile he bathed his finger with my juices by finger fucking me. Unusual circumstances heightened my pleasure. I stifled my groans, stuffing my mouth with his shirt. I thought I was in heaven, but my bad luck, Bhavana retuned by then.

I lowered my skirt and he covered his thing with his hand-kerchief. I felt, out of shame, that it would be better if I could escape that situation for a few minutes at least. I begged excuse and went for toilet and had to spend some time to cool down my emotions. I put on my panty and, walking around the lobby, entered the cinema from the opposite end. In doing so, I lost my sense of location and moved accidentally through the row behind where I was sitting. Then, to my shock, I witnessed… Bhavana, sitting next to Rahul, was running her hand up and down her brother’s cock. I froze. In that very instant, Bhavana lowered her head and took her brother’s enlarged member into her mouth and…

I ran out in distress, chocked with tears.

On the way back, I didn’t talk much. I feigned I was not feeling well. As soon as the dinner was over, I retired to my bed. I couldn’t sleep. All my dreams about marrying Rahul were broken. To whom I could represent my case? Bhavana’s mother was an affectionate person, of course. But how could I shock a caring mother by revealing her c***dren’s i****tuous secret? Silent tears welled up and burned down my cheeks.

I didn’t know when I went to sleep. Suddenly I woke up. I thought I heard somebody was crying. The room was so dark. I heard again the wailing. A fear raised in me. I switched on the lights. Bhavana was not there. I went out. Rahul’s room was in dark, but there was light in their parent’s bedroom. I heard noises coming out of it. I shouldn’t have done it, but out of curiosity I approached there and peeped in.

Saroj aunty was naked and sucking at Dev uncle’s cock. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and uncle was standing in front. It might be a common sight between a husband and wife, but to me, a first timer, it was a visual spell that charmed me in. As I was looking, Saroj aunty pulled away her mouth from uncle’s cock and said, “Dev is ready, Bhavana.”

I strained a bit more and found to my shock, on the same bed, Bhavana was jumping up and down, splitting her pussy on Rahul’s upstanding cock.

My head started dizzying.

Dev uncle climbed on the bed and seized Bhavana’s jumping breasts. And she ceased from her jumping and yielded to her stepfather’s pull. Her hand voluntarily went down and grabbed at Dev uncle’s erection. And uncle kissed her on her mouth. She dismounted her stepbrother and submitted herself to the embrace of her stepfather.

Rahul, in turn, went into the inviting hands of his stepmother. And aunt Saroj drew two pillows; pushed them under her buttocks, to position her cunt elevated, and pulled Rahul on top. Rahul grabbed aunt’s big boobs and entered her up-opened cunt with his virile wet cock. Aunt shouted, “Chodho mujjhe beta, jor se chodho. Chodhke chodhke, pod do mommy ki choot (Ah, fuck me my boy. Fuck mommy hard and rend her cunt).”

Bhavana, meanwhile, freed herself from Dev uncle’s embrace and moved on her knees and elbows and locked her mouth to her mother’s lips. Dev uncle moved behind Bhavana, grabbed her hips and knocked at her pussy door with the fist his cock. Bhavana lifted her head, tilted and threw her stepfather an inviting smile. And uncle entered her from behind.

Rahul moved up and down into aunt Saroj. And uncle Dev moved to and fro into Bhavana. And all of them moved and moaned.

With dizzying head I slogged back to my room, sat on the bed to get me back composed. Then I packed up my things and came out of the front door. I hid my bag behind a portico pillar and went up to the gate and awakened the watchman, who was sleeping already.

“Can you get me some tablets for headache, watch-man.”

“But, memsaaheb, at this night… One has to go to the main road to locate a medical shop opened.”

“You have to, please. It’s killing me. I don’t want to bother others. I’ll wait here at the gate till you return.”

He gave in. I gave him money. As soon as he turned the corner, I, with my bag, climbed and jumped over the gate and escaped. I could get an auto-rickshaw to Central Bus Stand and a bus from there to my native place.

The sky broke down that night and trees fell down all along the highway. My journey, thus hindered, took almost a full day and I could reach my town only on the next day night. I became dead tired of the tedious journey. I wanted to run in to the soothing hands of my mother. My mother was of a noble character. She could have remarried when my father expired, but she decided to give up all her pleasures solely to bring-up my elder brother Anand and me, her only c***dren. What a great soul she is, I thought, among the filthy people like Bhavana and family!

Our house was on the bank of a pond. The town was already gone to sleep. A small town it was. I walked on the bank towards my house and it was pitch-dark. Frogs croaked in high pitch. Chances of snakes crossing my path were more. I walked up with my heart at my throat. All of a sudden rain battered again and I was drenched in no time. Luckily light shone in my house. I knocked at the door, but no answer. Probably the noise of the rain would have drowned my knocking sound or else my mother and Anand would have slept already, leaving the lights on.

The light was coming from the kitchen window. I went around to that window. The window was bolted from inside and the glasses were tainted. But I could spot a broken triangle-shaped slot in one of the glasses. I fixed one of my eyes on the slot and peeped in.

First it was not clear, but when it became clear it crashed on me as a thunderbolt. My mother was leaning forward, pressing her abdomen against the kitchen slab and her white sari was hiked well above her hips. Big orbs of her buttocks were jutting behind. And against them was slapping again and again the flat abdomen of my brother, driving his thick penis in and out of her depths. Her blouse being unbuttoned, her big boobs were overflowing his kneading fingers. And sinking his teeth on her bare shoulders, Anand was attacking at her yielding point, violently, like a wild cat. With eyes closed and face upturned, exposing her upper row of white teeth, my mother seemed to be enthralled in their love game.

I collapsed on the wet earth and remained there till I got strength to get up. I limbed back to the bank of the pond and walked away from my home. Frogs all around heckled at me. I wept along my way.

I didn’t know where to go or what to do. Walking back u*********sly to the junction, I phoned up involuntarily to Bhavana’s home.

“What’s got into you, bagli (made girl),” shouted Bhavana from the other end, but her mother’s voice interrupted. I cried. “Are you alright, Devika? Don’t worry, I’ll come over there and pick you up, where are you, my c***d?”

I wept bitterly. “On the national highway, auntie, under the cross flyover, south of city.”

I was brought back to Bhavana’s home. I buried my face in Soroj auntie’s bosom and washed down my sorrows with my tears. And I narrated her, in between my sobs, my brief spell of sex that ended in… “I’m sorry auntie, I’m unable to make it out… First, here, you and uncle with your c***dren…and then, there, my own mother and brother…” I stuttered.

“I understand your shock, my c***d, but you’ll overcome it when you come to realize the corruption of love in society. We’ll show you a way-out.”

“Isn’t it wrong, then?”

“There is nothing wrong, neither in our relationships nor in that of your own mother and brother.”


“But tell me first, why did you call on us when you got disillusioned with your mother and brother?”

“I don’t know, because I called on you only on impulse. May be having such relationship with ones step c***dren is not so… Comparatively”

She smiled and said, “Comparison is good when it leads one to get close. Take some rest, baby. Later we meet.”

I didn’t know how long I slept. I woke up to hear some familiar voices. When I entered the hall, I found my mother and brother, chit chatting with others in a gay mood. I didn’t understand how come they arrived there.

Spotted me, my mother ran up and took me in a breath-blocking hug. “Oh, my darling, you’re a c***d of mother goddess. You’d brought us back luck and everything. You’ve made us happy;” my mother was overflowing with joy and said, “Dev uncle seeks your hand in marriage with his son.”

Aunt Saroj walked over to us, took my hand and led me aside. “Let her have something to eat, first.”

Once I had ate and settled down, they all surrounded me. Aunt Saroj took me to her bosom and kissed me so affectionately. “You don’t know what you’ve done to us. I love you… Love you so much.”

I felt like a k** over-loved. I said, “I don’t understand, auntie, the way the life takes shape around me.”

“Nothing to worry, the life takes shape around you in a fine way,” Saroj aunty assured me. “To clear the cobweb off your mind, I’m going to tell you a story: my own story. Even Bhavana and Rahul are not revealed of it till now, but the time has come.”

Saroj aunty cast a look at Dev uncle. He nodded his head in approval. And she started narrating:

We were three c***dren to our parents: meri didi (my elder sister), mera bada bhai (my elder brother) and me the youngest. I don’t know what happened between my parents, but my mother left us and went somewhere when we were very young. Our father brought us up. When I was around 15, my elder sister too had run away from home. Our dad though was upset, never failed to care for us.

At 18, after school final, I fell in love with a neighbor. He was ten years older than me; jobless too. But love is so blind it doesn’t calculate. My lover was insisting me to run away with him, because my father will never allow us to marry. I hesitated to do so for I didn’t want to hurt my dad.

And one day I went for a picnic with a few of my schoolmates. On the way, twenty km away from our town, our vehicle developed some problem and we had to give up our tour. All other friends phoned up their home to pick them up. I too phoned up and my brother arrived there with his bike.

While driving home, suddenly it started raining. Others, left earlier, could have reached home already. We spotted an old structure, a bit away from the highway. My brother and I decided to shelter there till the rain stops, but before we reached the building we were completely drenched.

The building looked like an ancient temple ruined by the course of time. Surprisingly the interior was clean, swept by the forest wind. My brother removed his cloths, squeezed out the water and started drying his hairs. I blushed looking at him only in his brief, wet with his bulge outlined.

‘What are you waiting for?’ my brother shouted at me. ‘Remove your wet clothes and get dried or else you’ll catch cold.’

I hesitated.

He laughed at me. ‘Look, I’m only your brother. It’s insulting to imagine me in any other way.’

Then I disrobed and squeezed the water out of my cloths, clad only in my bra and panty. But I felt a sudden change in the atmosphere. I looked up at my brother. I could feel the burning of his eyes on my skin. I lowered my eyes. Oh goddess! Clinging wet, my white bra and panty left nothing underneath to hide. Even the soft moss of my pubic hair was clearly visible.

I turned away from my brother out of shame, but the next moment I felt his nearness behind me. He held me by my shoulders and pressed his whole body against mine. I felt his hardness on my bums. I shivered. The cold wind blown across helped only to increase the fever in me.

He turned me to face him. And then pressed his lips against mine and locked me in a fiery kiss. I yielded. He pushed down his brief and guided my hand to his cock. I broke the kiss and looked down. He was huge! And it jerked its head upward like a wild lizard. I was a bit frightened by its temper. But he moved close and held my breasts. I didn’t retreat. He unhooked my bra and my panty followed. The wet wind had a free kiss on my exposed mounds.

In that moment, the sky flashed a lightning and the deity inside the sanctum sanctorum was revealed. And it was a goddess in her nakedness.

He lowered me on my back on the cold surface of the granite block. Then he laid his naked body on mine. I opened my thighs to receive him, but a virgin he too was. And, alas, he couldn’t connect himself to the target. I put my hand in between and guided his cock-head into my pussy hole. It nudged in about an inch, but was prevented there by my virgin veil.

On the stonewall, the rain battered furiously.

My brother lost his patience in no time. With a vengeance he pinned me down and smashed my pit with his steel hard prick. A sharp pain ripped through me and I wailed in high pitch only to be drowned by the roaring rain.

‘Leave me, you devil, you’re killing me.’ I cried.

But he didn’t heed. He was driving his fiery monster through my burning notch. I couldn’t bear with the pain. I tried to kick him off and free myself, but he was too much strong to get rid of. He fucked me with an aggression as if a butcher had a blunt knife at his worktable.

Unable to push him off, with tears running down my cheeks, I endured under my bother. And he, as if in a ****, attacked my cunt with his merciless cock and filled my virgin hole with his flaming fluid.

When he heaved off me, I inspected my aching pussy and found my blood flowing down stained with his surplus semen. I wept over it like as a wounded c***d. My brother tried to cheer up me, but I pushed him off and hated him.

The next day I ran away from home with my lover.

My lover took me to Kanpur, where his friend Surjit lived. My lover had a hope that his friend would find him a job. The house, where Surjit lived was behind the cinema Deoki Palace. Surjit was a sardar – a sikh. He was also about the age of my lover, but he had married already and had two k**s. When we arrived at his, his wife had gone to deliver his third at her mother’s house. Despite, the sardar-friend invited us in to his house and did all possible to make us feel at home. We were given a separate bedroom and in that very night, my lover and I celebrated our first night.

My lover was not as big as my brother in that department. His was only half the size of my brother’s. And I didn’t feel any pain when I was involved with his thing. My lover was very happy after having sex with me. He said that he was lucky to have an angel like me and promised that he would never leave me until his death.

Sardarji took my lover to three four firms and succeeded in finding him jobs, but my lover didn’t get into the groove, saying that those jobs were not to his taste. Sardarji didn’t lose his patience but gave my lover his consent and pocket money to go anywhere into the city and seek a job to his taste.

My lover then made it a routine to go out early in the morning and come back late in the night. Like that, it went up to a month and yet he couldn’t find himself a suitable job. Sardarji didn’t raise it as an issue, but I started losing my patience. My lover had stopped long back having sex with me, because he arrived every night dead tired.

One day I told our sardarji that I wanted to go to Gangaji (river Ganges) and have a snaan (bath) and pray her to bless us. He took me to Ganges. The river was at its spate because of the recent rains. The water was red in color and at tremendous speed. Sardarji too stepped in for the sake of my protection. Even as I took my very first dip, I was pulled down by the current and I had to get hold of sardar’s hand. And he was on my downstream and the Ganges pushed me against him. In steadying me, accidentally, he caught hold of my breast. Our eyes met. I could read the disturbance in his look.

Though I was only eighteen and yet to be married, I was wearing a sari to pose as a married woman. In the turbulence of Ganges I found that sari was not a convenient dress. It exposed my thighs. I don’t wear panties under sari while indoor. And on that day I proceeded out as such, forgetting to wear a panty.

When I took my second dip it happened. Water pulled me down and when I struggled to get up it pushed my sari up above my hips exposing the matted mound of my cunt. Sardar was stunned at my exhibit, but pulled me up in time. Our eyes met. I could recognize the fire in his look.

Suddenly it brought up the memories of my brother. I could feel the burning of his eyes on my skin. ‘Bhaiya (brother)’ I murmured to me.

‘Did you say something?’ Sardar asked.

‘Nothing, let’s go.’

‘But the third dip remains.’

I looked into his eyes. They were boring into me. ‘O.K. then, let me complete it. Hold me.’ I told him and tied the pallu (border of the sari that covers the breasts) around my waist, baring my boobs. And from behind he put his hands through my armpits to hold me. And I took the third and final dip. He didn’t miss his chance that time. He moved his hand under water and held me firmly by my boobs. And I didn’t shy away, but in submission prolonged my third dip.

All the way back home, sardar was after me as a honey trapped bee. When we reached home, to our surprise, my lover was waiting there. And his face was gleaming full of his teeth. ‘I got the job, at last, Surjit.’

‘Really? The dip in Ganges yielded the result so fast?’ Sardar wondered. On that night my lover had sex with me, but in my mind’s eye it was only Sardarji.

The next day my lover joined duty, but Sardar took leave and said he wanted to go and have a visit on his wife. Before leaving he took care to water the flower plants that his wife was growing in pots around the house.

‘Why troubling you, bhaai sahib (big brother), won’t I do all these?’ I said.

‘But watering is a men’s job.’ He replied.

I didn’t understand him. I thought that it was one of sardarji’s absurdities. ‘Even if your wife were here, you only do it?’ I wanted to know.

‘Only I have to water my wife’s garden, no? If you permit, I can water yours too.’

That struck me and a hot wave seized up my body. I turned to go in, but at the doorstep, I turned back and cast him an inviting glance and went in. He followed me. He was a big man. He swept me of my legs and carried me in to his bedroom. I would say that he almost tore my cloths. He might have starved so long after his wife left for delivery.

His cock was huge, as huge as that of my brother. Yet when he entered me it didn’t create any pain. He fucked with force. I didn’t know why, but in his place suddenly appeared my own brother’s face. And by all means the fuck was excellent, not like the ones I had with my lover.

‘Bhaiyaa, O bhaiyaa…’ I moaned through out the fuck; and received his strokes with an unexplainable feeling of nostalgia.

And soon I climaxed. And it was tremendous. I climaxed for the first time in my life. The acts I had my lover were nothing. Sardar emptied his lava into my cavern and dismounted me.

‘Ooph, kya cheez hai! Ithnee tight aur ektham garam choot hum dekha bhi nahi aur chodha bhi nahi. (Ooph, what a rarity! I had never come across nor fucked a pussy so tight and totally hot)’ Sardar exclaimed.

In that same day itself we fucked four times. Sardar cancelled his trip to visit his wife. While we were making love, I called him ‘bhaiyaa (brother)’ again and again. He took it natural, because that was how I called him in front of others. But it connected me to a past painful experience, being converted then in my mind’s eye, into a pleasure that gave me a secret satisfaction.

Our fucking went like that nearly for a month, but was discovered one day by my lover and he deserted us leaving us a letter. Sardar consoled and promised me that he would look after me. But my lover didn’t leave it there. He went straight to sardar’s wife and told her everything. Sardarini arrived there with her relatives, and drove me away with a broomstick thrashing.

I returned home with a high fever. I had to do a ticket less travel by the train. I couldn’t have anything to eat and I had my periods too.

My dad was a living god, I must say. He didn’t ask me anything about. He took me into his embrace and said, ‘Never mind. Tell the neighbors that you were spending your holidays at a relative.’ And I wept uncontrollably on his shoulders.

My brother on the other hand was angry with me. He didn’t even speak to me. And one day after I regained my health, when we were alone, I wanted to know from my brother why he was so. He cast me a glance full of hatred.

I didn’t give up. He was sitting on a sofa in the main hall. I went and hugged him from behind. He got up as if he had come in to contact with an ugly thing. I went around and faced him. His eyes were red and his lips were quivering and he was in the edge of crying. In that moment I understood his love. I collapsed at his feet and cried myself.

We were like that for quite some time. Then he lifted me up and asked in a tiny voice, ‘Why did you do that on me?’

I only wept.

He pulled me to him. And I crushed him in a tight embrace. Then we kissed. It was a deep wet kiss of long separated lovers. We collapsed on the sofa, him over me. I myself undressed and offered him my nakedness.

He was not violent this time as he was before. He fondled my breasts and sucked at them. I freed his cock and ran my hand along its length. We were kissing again and again. I opened up my thighs and murmured in his ear, “Enter, brother, the gate which you opened a month back.”

He fumbled this time also. Poor boy, he didn’t venture out as I did. I took his cock and guided it into me. He immersed into me up to his balls. Secretions seeped out of my hole.

‘Oh, my goddess, isn’t this I longed for? Why did I run away so foolishly? Fuck me brother, fuck your foolish sister as hard as you can and punish her stupid cunt with your enraged cock.’

At my words he moved his cock, in and out of my weeping sheath and kissed my lips and said, ‘Oh, Saroj, you don’t know how much I love you. I was longing to fuck you ever since semen started forming up at my balls. And you ran out on me only to insult and make my love meaningless.’

‘I ran out only to realize that there is no true love in the outer world. I’m sorry. Now I’ve come back to give all of mine to you. Fuck me and empty the semen load that has accumulated for me in your balls.’

He increased his force and gave me nice strokes. I raised my hips and received them deeply. My cunt clung to his hitting cock and wept sweetly around it, on their reunion. His hands kneaded my breasts and his tongue probed into my mouth. I ruffled and pulled at his hairs, affectionately.

It went on and on and at one point suddenly he shouted that he was coming and doubled his speed. Immediately my dam also started breaking and I whimpered and bumped up my cunt to receive him more. He groaned and drove hard and, in to my depths, his cock swelled and gushed in hot streams.

I bound him to me with my long legs. We remained like that, I don’t know for how long.

‘Unbelievable! The pleasure down there in the depths of your slimy hot pussy!’ He exclaimed.

‘Unbelievable too, the spell of a brother’s cock to raise the pleasure from the depths of his sister’s pussy!’ I quipped.

And we laughed. By then his cock stirred again in the shelter of my sheath. We exchanged a meaningful look. When his rod extended into my depth, I swayed my hip up and down to invite him for a second fuck. With a pleasing expression on his face he engaged himself in the task. We swam into the depth of bliss.

After that beautiful encounter, we became real lovers. I was bubbling of my love. Our dad was happy at my change. He encouraged my brother to take me out. Poor dad, he didn’t have an iota of an idea of his c***dren’s love. And we were fucking behind his back.

But every good thing has its sad end. We failed to take enough care, of course. On the same sofa in the main hall, where we started our sexploration, we were having a quickie one day with our dress on, opened only at our groins. We heard a throat clearing. And there in the doorstep was standing our dad. And my brother rolled off me, fell down on the floor, sprung up and ran out of the house pushing away my dad in the doorway.

And he returned not thereafter.

Locking my door I wept and wept. I couldn’t find any solace. One day my father entered my room, sat on my bed and placing my head on his lap, spoke to me in a soothing soft voice, ‘It’s not at all my fault, my c***d. I never expected that situation. You see, I didn’t even raise my voice nor condemned it. Poor boy scared himself and ran away. I don’t know why this happens only to me: first it was your mother, then your elder sister and then you and now this boy, why people always running away from me? Will you at least care to stay with this poor old man or…?’ And he broke down.

I was at a loss and pained by his utterances. I hugged his neck and wept with him. ‘No, papa, never again; the world outside is no good. And moreover I do love you.’

‘Thank you, my darling.’ He hugged me with tears running down and kissed my forehead.

I waited him to recover and asked in a tiny voice, ‘And you don’t disapprove our relationship, I mean, between me and my brother?’

‘Why should I, darling, when I myself had engaged in such relationships?’ He said in a matter of fact voice.

‘My goodness, what do you mean, papa?’

‘It’s an old story of another time.’

‘Would you mind to expound it?’

He cast a long look on me, sighed and started narrating his history:

“I was 22 years old then, just completed my college. I wanted to go for a job, but my dad told me to look after the family shop. There was not much work for two people in a small shop. And I used to spend most of my time idling in my home. I was the only c***d for my parents.

“One day, it seemed, my mother noticed my restlessness. She called me for a card game with her. I agreed. My mother was good at the game. We played for money. I had an edge over her and won in the end.

“Next day she didn’t agree to bet on money, because it was not my own earning but theirs. She suggested that the loser had to kiss the winner, wherever the winner wanted the loser to do so, even if it happened to be the winner’s feet. Out of gambling thrill, I accepted her suggestion.

“We started our play. And she was not the one of previous day. She won every game. She demanded me to kiss her feet first. I did. There is nothing wrong in kissing one’s own mother’s feet. To the next win, she hiked her sari and told me to kiss her knees. I did. But to the third win, she hiked her sari up above her waist and exposed her shaved cunt. It looked like a pav roti (an Indian bread). My cock hardened immediately.

“Leaning on the hand rest of the sofa, where we were playing the cards, she spread her thighs. Her cunt unfolded its petals like a hibiscus flower. I was thrilled at the developments, but hesitated at the same time.

‘Come on, loser, kiss me here.’ She pointed right at her cunt.

‘But, ma…’

‘What is there to fuss? It is the sacred place from where you came out to this world.’ My mom announced in a proud voice. ‘You must be grateful to get a chance like this to worship and please your birth place.’

“I slipped of the sofa and knelt on the floor. She ran her fingers through my hair, affectionately. She positioned herself conveniently to present her cunt to my advantage. Its pinkish opening was gleaming with its excessive wetness. I placed my hands on her thighs and they were feverishly hot. She might have sexed-up already. I lowered my head and felt her heat and scent even before I made the contact. I kissed on her shaven white mound and looked up. Mom smiled at me and signaled, waggling her tongue. I smiled back and obeyed. First I kissed squarely on her flowered slit and then licked the whole wet patch.

“My mother groaned, ‘Ah, baby, that’s it. Eat my cunt. Eat your beloved birth place.’

“I dived into her cleft and licked and fucked her with my tongue. In between her groaning, my mom, as a true mother in training her c***d, instructed and guided me in my first ever cunnilingus. I did as she demanded and she was full of praise for me.

‘Now, take my clit between your lips and nibble at it as if it were a prick and provoke it with your tongue.’ She instructed.

“I followed.

“In no time she vibrated at her cuntal region, pulled at my hairs and flooded my mouth and chin with her hot thin juices. I went on licking, but she stopped me, pulled me up and kissed my lips. ‘Thank you, darling’ she said. ‘What a nice manner you pleased your birth place!’

“And she was about to cover and get up. I was alarmed. ‘Is that all, ma? Isn’t there any other manner to do my service to please my birth place?’ I pleaded her on the brink of tears.

“My mother laughed and winked at and assured me in a husky voice. ‘Don’t worry; I promise you a fuck…in…my…cunt, but tell me first, how many girls you’ve had so far?’

‘How many?! Oh ma, don’t be so cruel. Why making fun of me?’

‘What is fun about it? You’re 22 and have friends in the opposite sex too, no?’

‘But, ma, they’re only friends; mere friends.’

‘And no sex?’

‘No sex.’

‘Swear on me.’

‘I swear.’ I put my hand on her head.

“She made me stand and pulled my trousers down and my brief. My cock sprang up and nearly slapped at her face.

‘Oh, my…what a cock!’ Mom took it in her hand, pushed back its foreskin and inspected the vain underneath that connects the stem and the glans. ‘Well, it’s intact.’

“I was confused by her act and was impatient to have some action. She appeared to be not in a hurry. She got up, picked up the phone, dialed and started speaking to someone.

‘Good news! Swargadwaar (gateway of heaven) calls on us.’


‘Yes, he is.’


‘Yes, it’s very much intact.’

“Mom hung up the phone and turned her attention again on me. I was trying to soothe my restless cock by running my hand over it. She reached me with a smile and pushed me down on the sofa. Kneeling in between my legs, she held my cock, bent her head and took my cock-head in to her mouth. Aha, what a warmth! And what a heavenly feeling it was!

“Taking three four suck at my cock, mom pulled of her mouth and asked, ‘May I seek my son a promise?’

‘A promise!’ I wondered. ‘What’s it, ma?’

‘That your first fuck would be performed only in my cunt.’

‘Ah, what a sweet request! I promise. When is it, ma, now? I’m dying to.’

‘Be patient, lover boy. Prior to it, a pooja (ritual) is to be performed.’

‘A pooja? What for?’

‘To defile you, my son.’ I heard my dad’s voice.

“I turned around and was shocked to see my dad at the doorstep. A shiver seized me and I tried to get up, but my mom held me still. My dad came around and sat by my side casually. He put his hand around my shoulder and kissed my temple.

‘Look, what a growth your son has.’ Mom sought my dad’s attention to the cock in her hand.

‘My goddess, it’s titanic!’ Dad took my cock from mom’s hand and ran his fingers to its length. ‘Goddess Swargadwaarika has shaped this so big to serve and please his birth place.’

“My mother blushed at his words. ‘And already he is dying to serve.’ She said in a mocking voice.

‘By the name of goddess, aren’t you then?’ my father scoffed at my mother.

“That made my mother to blush even more. She took my erection from my father’s hand and played with its foreskin, pushing it back and forth.

“Dad put his hand around my shoulder and gave me a hug. ‘Look at mom; she blushes like a newlywed virgin. Take my word, my son; she is going to give overtime to your young wand.’

“My mother hit him playfully. And they laughed. It was such a beautiful family scene, etched in my mind.

‘Alright, give some relief to his long longing lollypop.’ Dad pushed down mom’s head over my upstanding prick.

“Mom O-ed her mouth and in-took my erection. She wrapped it around my shaft and gave pressure here and there. I groaned. Dad patted my shoulder and encouraged me. I lifted my buttocks and moved my cock in and out of her mouth. She looked up, mouthful, and smiled at me with her big eyes. I tried to push in more of my piston. But she controlled its stroke length by grabbing at its base.

“Dad got up and slipped out of his dress. His cock was standing straight and it was not far smaller than mine. He went behind mom, raised her dress above her hips and entered her from behind.

‘Ah, I never had your pussy so hot and so slushy. Can a mother get excited this much mouthing her son’s cock?’ My dad exclaimed.

“Mom looked up at me and winked.

Holding her hips, dad fucked her from behind. Mom swayed. And that made her mouth moved back and forth on my cock. It looked as if she was driven at the same time by two engines: one by her son and another by her son’s father. In between, my father stretched his hand and we shook hands. And we laughed. Mommy pinched at my thighs playfully. I was fully relaxed and fucked her mouth free of any guilt. She tightened her mouth around my cock, by gripping it with her jaws, and scrapped the length with her teeth. In between, she tickled the tip and its small slit with the tip of her tongue. My balls boiled up and I felt that I couldn’t hold any more. I held her head and fucked fast her clamped mouth and then ejaculated, with a wild groan. Mom clasped her lips around and didn’t allow even a single drop to escape. Gulping down all my discharge, she kept on sucking at my cock until it loses its temper. When mom let my cock to go, I raised her face and kissed her mouth. She smiled beautifully and winked at me.

“Dad seemed met his end point long back. He was fully dressed and sitting on the sofa, watching us absorbedly.

‘Thank you, ma, and thank you, papa.’ I said.

‘Welcome, dear.’ They sang in chorus.

“And, after a month, on an auspicious day they took me on a travel to our kulswamy (family deity). Swargadwaarika was the name of the deity and the shrine was called Swargadwaar (gateway of heaven), in the Himalayas. A difficult travel it was. My parents said that only with the company of a virgin (and I was the virgin that time) people could find the way; else, it will be lost. A crane sent by the goddess, they told, would show us the way.

“Our bad luck, heavy rain lashed the Himalayan region and landslides occurred and blocked our route. It was a disappointment for my parents. On my account, they hoped they could visit swargadwaar. For them it was only a disappointment, but it was a heartrending setback for me as I was dreaming all those days of my first ever fuck with my mom.

“On our way back, we stopped at the Nagnadevika (naked goddess) temple, near our town. Worship in that temple was stopped long back by general public, believing that it had an evil spell. But the temple, my parents said, was one such as Swargadwaar in spirit.

“I was undressed and laid on my back in front of the naked goddess with my cock pointing up the sky. Mom undressed and standing naked with folded hands said her prayers first. She looked as curved as the goddess herself in her nakedness. My father knelt beside me and bathed my upstanding cock with honey we brought. My mom came around and crouched over me. She positioned the slit of her cunt just above the tip of my cock and stayed. My father dipped his middle finger in the honey cup and then in my mom’s orifice to wet it too with honey. And my mom placed her cunt petals on my ‘ling’ and, with her eyes closed, slid down to swallow my entire length in to her depth.

‘Bhagwati Swargadwaarike! Nagnadevike!’ shouted my father.

“And with that, my mother started her fucking on my cock. All through the fucking my parents were chanting a mantra. And it was a lovely, long lasting, heavenly fuck. When I started ejaculating, with a groan, the mantra jumped on to my tongue and, I too chanted it out, pumping up my mother’s cunt and filling up her womb.

“That’s how I was initiated and made a lover of my own mother by my own father, whom I came to know, later, as her own brother.

When my father concluded with his narration, I was so sexed up to bounce on any cock, but then luckily I had my father’s cock, stirred up by his own narration.

‘What a family tale!’ I commented. ‘Would you mind to link the lineage down to your daughter, dad?’

He placed his hands on my boobs and gave them an affectionate squeeze. ‘Actually I wanted to take you to Swargadwaar and take your cherry there, but you spoiled everything by running away and loosing it with an outsider. Our dream to visit Swargadwaar remains unfulfilled.’ My father sighed.

‘I’m sorry, papa, but I lost my cherry even before I ran away, and that too only to my brother. It happened in the temple ruins 20 km away from here, where a naked goddess resides as deity.’

‘Is it? Thank goddess, we are saved then. It’s the same temple, the temple of Nagnadevika, where my mom initiated me,’ dad was exited.

He scooped me up and kissed my mouth. I put down my hand and squeezed his cock under his dress. Dad had me laid across the bed in such a way that my legs were touching the floor. He moved in between my legs and started pulling down my garments. I lifted my buttocks to make his task easy. On seeing my naked pussy, his eyes sparkled.

‘Like it?’ I lifted my groin a bit up.

‘I love it, honey,’ my dad ran his tongue over his lips.

I swayed my hip in an inviting way. He lowered his head and occupied my pussy. Whipping my clit with his experienced tongue, he raised me swiftly to the pleasure flow. His probing and jabbing kept me afloat for a prolonged time. It was my first experience in yielding my pussy for a tongue. And my father, trained by my grand mother, took me to the peak. I raised my melting cunt and rubbed it against my father’s mouth, holding his head with my both hands. In that moment, my abdomen muscles convulsed in ripples and my up heaved cunt surged out its sweet hot juices. I had become so tender down there and I shoved off my father’s head.

Before I settled down of my sweet sensations, my father got up, got rid of his cloths and entered my cunt hole with his big pole. I felt its girth stretching out my vaginal walls and its tip deep up to my navel line. Shock and thrill out of it triggered in me an immediate climax. I moaned and moaned.

‘You’re too big to me, papa,’ I spoke out.

‘I won’t rush things and will be kind to you, my c***d,’ dad assured.

‘I didn’t mean that. This cunt-stretching itself is more than enough was what I meant by that.’

‘But you see your poor papa has to empty his balls.’

‘Who prevents you? Tear me down, if you want. Fuck the hell out of me, dad, I’m all yours.’

He thanked me and started his engine. My sheath never stopped lubricating him. All through the fuck he was praising the tightness of my lubricating hot cunt. In between, he babbled about another tight cunt, which I didn’t care to decipher. I clung to him and encouraged him to loot me. And in short time he raised me to a massive orgasm and into my quaking pussy he flooded, in hot spurt, his stored up seeds.

I didn’t allow him to disengage. I confined him in my arms and legs. He continued his sucking at my breasts until his cock shrunk to its normal size. And then I let him go.

He filled up nicely the emptiness left out by my brother. We moved into a same room and lived like a husband and wife. In a month time I was found conceived. I was not sure that whose seed it was. No doubt, it was not of that my so-called lover or of that sardar. My periods, I had in my return journey, ruled out that. Either it had to be of my brother or of my father. When I told my father my concern, he only laughed. He said that it was immaterial as long as it was within our family.

Unmarried girls giving birth are not allowed. Dad took me to the ruined temple, where I lost my cherry to my brother, and married me in front of that naked goddess. Dad and daughter, living as husband and wife, are also not allowed. Dad sold his business and shifted to south with me as his wife.

And with the goddess’ blessings, we freely lived there as husband and wife. And we begot Bhavana and brought her up with all our love.

Twenty one years later I returned to the same temple ruins, where I was deflowered on a rainy day by my brother and married later by my father. It was my father who took me there. And it was his 60th birthday. He wanted to have a dharsan of that deity, with whose blessings he lost his cherry to his mother and with whose witness he married me. Bhavana had her exams and so she stayed back.

As we entered the temple we noticed a bike parked outside with its back wheel removed. A young man sitting inside the porch was on his feet when he noticed us. My father asked him what his trouble was. He told that he and his friend came that way on a picnic, but wanted to know what that structure was, but ended up with the back wheel punctured. And his friend has gone to the nearby town to repair the wheel. We also came to know of him that he was from South, doing his school final in a Central School there. Only then I observed his boyish face. If he was in school final, then he must be around 18, but he looked on the higher side because of his physique. His Hindi was flawless for a boy from south. My father introduced him us as husband and wife, on which he looked at me with a quizzical interest.

We went into the holy chamber and offered our prayer. The boy too accompanied us.

He wondered at the naked statue of the deity. At that moment, suddenly, there was a roar in the sky and, as if from nowhere, the rain came heavily and fell in floods. I felt a change in the atmosphere, and to my guilt, I felt hot.

My father murmured in my ear, to my shock, and induced me to have sex with the boy. I said I wouldn’t touch an outsider because of my past and wanted to make love only to my father. But, why I don’t know, my father talked me into it. He talked long about his inner voice. And I had to respect his beliefs.

He then talked to the boy. The boy readily agreed. To my inquiring father, the boy said it was his first time. My father grinned at me. I blushed. He made him naked and laid him on his back on the same granite block where I was laid by my bother 21 years back.

The boy’s erection was enormous. And my father, running his fingers on it, winked at me and invited me to feast on my prey. I got rid of my cloths. The boy, with his eyes bulging, starred at my stark nakedness. I climbed and squatted on him. And my father guided the boy’s young sturdy cock into my matured melting cunt. I had to close my eyes in pleasure as the young thing bored into me.

I opened my eyes to the mockery in the pleasing look of my father. I made a face at him. And I moved up and down and squashed my inner folds against the boy’s hard cock. My father laughed and I with him. But the boy was gasping as if he was getting drowned.

I lowered me on my knees, leaned on the boy with my big breasts crushing against his chest and covered his gasping mouth with mine. And raised my buttocks and glided up and down on his cock. He was restless with his hands. He wanted to have a feel of my boobs. I raised my chest a bit and allowed space for his hands to invade. He grabbed and pressed at them. I moved up and fed his mouth with my nipples. And eagerly he sucked at them.

Soon the boy caught up with the rhythm. And from down below he started fucking up. I enjoyed his force and speed. With appreciation, I cast a side-glance at my father. Poor old man that he is holding his semi hard cock and pumping it, to raise it to its glory. I pitied him and signaled him to come to me.

My father came around and knelt in front, with the boy’s head in between his legs. I gave open my mouth to him. My father fed me with his semi hardness. And I sucked on. And from below our guest lover fucked on.

As we were roused by our movements, the boy let out a long groan and lodged his cock up in my cunt and simmered. His hot seeds gushed into my cave. I waited his movements to ebb away. And then I gave him space to slip out his cock of my cunt and him of me. My father reached his point by then and filled my mouth.

‘Nice way to celebrate my 60th birthday,’ said my father, ‘and my old mom-son commemoration.’

‘Thank goddess for involving me on this occasion,’ I replied.

The rain too had stopped. And we three dressed and kissed one another thanks.

I felt suddenly the presence of my brother there, but nowhere to see. And I sighed.

Aunt Saroj, by her story, had heated up the atmosphere in that room. I was boiling to pull out all the cocks there and fuck. There was a marshland slopping in between my legs. It should have been the conditions of other listeners too. We were looking at each other with a burning desire. But I had a question to ask.

“And where is your father now, aunty?”

At that, her eyes were filled with tears. Bhavana too was shaking with sobs. I was confused.

“I’m sorry, aunty, if I’d asked a wrong question.”

“Never mind,” she kissed me on my lips. Her tears rolled down on my cheeks. And remember, I was leaning on her bosoms.

“We planned to go to Swargadwaar when Bhavana attained her age.” Aunt Saroj continued. “We went up the Himalayas, but our bad time we couldn’t spot the crane which was supposed to show us the way. My father turned suspicious and he pulled up Bhavana to know whether she was true to her word. Bhavana maintained her stand and opted out if she were not believed. I was very eager to go up, hence I pressed on my father to proceed.

We proceeded, but shortly our mules were in knee-deep snow. And suddenly there was a roar in the air and my father shouted us to turn and run back. We obeyed. A white wall of an avalanche was sliding down. We were rushing back to safety with Bhavana and me in the lead and my father on our back. We two women were escaped and turned about to see my father and his mule were buried under the snow, dumped by the avalanche. I was stunned and speechless, but Bhavana was crying aloud to forget her sin for she had lied in saying that she was a virgin.”

As aunt Saroj told us that much, I heard my mother started wailing. And I could see tears in Dev uncle’s eyes too. I realized that the fire alighted on our flesh by her carnal story was put off by her father’s tragedy.

“It was only our fault;” Saroj aunt continued, “Bhavana was kept in dark. We must’ve revealed her that my husband, in fact, was my real father. My grand parents took care to reveal their i****tuous lineage to their son, i.e. My father and my father to me. But I failed to do the same to my daughter. We took time, much more time than necessary. If Bhavana had been revealed of our secret, she wouldn’t have lied of her virginity.”

I felt sorry for aunt Saroj, but a bit bad about Bhavana. “Of all present here you are more close to me, Bhavana,” I turned my attention to her, “And may I know who is that villain deflowered you? I won’t demand if you want it to be a secret.”

“There’s no secret,” nosed in Saroj aunt. “It was him,” she pointed at uncle Dev, who responded with an awkward smile.

I didn’t expect that. I faced aunt Saroj, “You mean to say that Bhavana met uncle even before you meet him and marry?”

“It was only Bhavana who brought him to me.”

I turned again to Bhavana, “And how come you run into uncle Dev?”

“It was Rahul who took me to him.”

“But where did you meet Rahul, in the first place?”

“Only here in this same house. He was mom’s lover, of which I had no idea then.”

My head was spinning. I slumped. All others, following my lead, laughed at my loss. The mood has changed in a fraction of second.

Saroj aunt put her hand around me and said, “Don’t puzzle, Devika darling, Rahul is the same boy whom I fucked at the temple ruins on my father’s 60th birthday.”

“Oh, my…what a link! Unbelievable!” I shook my head. “Well, now, who’d tell how uncle Dev was brought into this fold? Bhavana? Or uncle himself?”

“I’m no good at story telling,” Bhavana slipped out.

“It’s ok, I’ll try, but I’m afraid I won’t be as good as Saroj in words,” so humble Uncle Dev started his narration:

Rahul had told Bhavana, it seemed, that his father was a man who can answer any question. On that account Bhavana wanted to meet me, so I was told. I received Bhavana at my ashram. Yes, I was leading a hermit life for quite some time.

Leaving her to my custody, Rahul left on some other mission. At that time I was sitting in lotus posture in my pooja(prayer) room. Bhavana scanned the room around with her beautiful eyes. Looking at her lower lip protruding than her upper one, I thought, ‘Here is a sensuous girl.’

‘What do you think about i****t?’ she asked. ‘Is it wrong or right?’

I was startled by her question, but managed to get my ground. ”What do you think?’ I asked her back.

‘I think it’s wrong.’

‘If so, what makes it wrong?’

‘The closeness of the blood, of course.’

‘If it is so, it has to work in the case of other a****ls too.’

‘But other a****ls don’t relate.’

‘Therefore, it’s not the closeness of the blood.’

‘Then, I think it’s the sixth sense.”

‘If a real mother and son were separated so long as to recognize not each other when they meet again, what the so called sixth sense would do?’

‘You mean to say that the difference is not born with, but folly?’

‘You got the point.’

She sat there without a word for a longtime. I interrupted her silence cautiously, ‘What made you to ask a question on i****t?’

She didn’t answer, but asked instead, ‘Where’s Rahul’s mother?’

‘She is no more. What has it to do with?’

She looked deep into my eyes, remained so for a minute, and left my place abruptly.

A month after that meet, Bhavana arrived back at my ashram. And that time Rahul was not there. She was in a sexy dress, exposing her young boobs almost to their nipples and her shaped long legs almost to her panties. I passed a comment to myself, ‘She urgently needs a nice fuck.’

‘You wanted to know last time, what made me to ask you a question on i****t, right?’ She started. ‘I’ve come back to answer that.’

I kept silence and was listening.

She continued, ‘whom I believed as my dad is not my dad, but my mom’s dad. They think that I’ve no idea, but I know. The old man lives as my mom’s husband and sleeps with her. I learned from you last time that nothing was wrong with i****t. So I went back to forgive them. But this time I’ve come here to tell you,’ Bhavana stopped for a moment and said, ‘my mom sleeps not only with her dad but also your son Rahul.’ She took a breath and asked, ‘What do you say about it?’

‘What’s there to say? Rahul is already 18, old enough to have his way in these matters.’ I said.

‘Is that all? I’m 19. You mean to say that I can do whatever I like?’

‘Yes, if it doesn’t hurt others as well as you.’

‘What do you mean by hurting one’s own self?’

‘For example, if Rahul fucks your mother on compulsion, but not of his will.’ I explained, ‘Sorry if my language offends you.’

She laughed and continued in the same spirit of language, ‘But even legal fucks are compulsive fucks.’

‘They ought to be. Law is compulsion. Being compulsive, law calls unconditional love like i****t as taboo.’

‘You mean i****t is an unconditional, non-compulsive way of love?

‘Yes, i****t lovers consider their partners as their own self. So they don’t compel or impose conditions.’

‘That’s how my grand father fucks my mother and at the same time allows her to fuck Rahul?’

‘You got the point.’

‘Your logic is interesting. How come you plead for i****t?’

‘I had partaken.’


I nodded. She stared at me. And to make her believe I expounded my past.

I had a mother who absconded, leaving her three c***dren. And then my elder sister ran away with her lover. Later I too ran away from home, leaving my father and younger sister.

Running away I reached Baroda and joined a business house, but only as an office boy. The payment I received was just sufficient to meet my needs.

In Prince Cinema there, I happened to view an x-rated film. Since then it became a habit of me to visit that cinema house. As I was watching a movie one day, someone moved in the dark and occupied my next seat. But after a few minutes I felt his hand on my thighs. Already I was pressing my bulge now and then.

The scene on the screen was so hot: in a hill station a taxi driver, hired by a honeymooning couple/ took the couple to a remote place in the forest/ binds the husband to a tree and ****s the wife under his eyes. And the wife, after an initial struggle/, gives up her struggle and enjoys the fuck.

My neighbor’s hand moved and settled on my crotch. I didn’t show any protest. It pressed and squeezed at my crotch. I did nothing to prevent, but allowed it to have its freedom. And the hand was not satisfied with that limit. It opened my trousers and pulled out my fully erected cock. Out of fear I looked this way and that way to see if anybody is watching.

‘What a big thing you own,’ murmured the neighbor in my ear. ‘Let me play with it, but don’t spill the seed. Tap my hand when you feel like cumming.’

And the hand seemed to be an experienced one; it performed a sensational masturbation on my cock.

On the screen, the camera moves to a close-up, focusing the bulging in the husband’s trousers spans down to the noticing eyes of the wife/ pulls back to show the wife, raising her hips and to a top close up showing the thick cock stretching in and drawing out through the shining lips of the bulged cunt.

I was on the brink. So, I tapped the hand and expected it to stop or take care, but an unexpected action followed: the neighbor bent down and wrapped his mouth around my cock and sucked frantically and made my cock-head to burst into his mouth, discharging an abundant load. And he drank all his catch. Within seconds, the hall came alive with lights and I had little time to cover up. Interval it was.

The neighbor was a handsome old man of above 50 and was in police uniform with three stars each on his shoulder straps. I was panicked, but he smiled amicably. And subsequently he enquired all about me. I didn’t tell him that I was a runaway boy, but told him the truth about my Baroda life.

Once the lights are switched off after interval, he gave a squeeze at my cock and told me to follow him. He got up and moved out of the hall. Panic struck me again. I had no other option, but to follow him.

He took me in his police bike to a posh bungalow in Karelibaug. The door was opened by a beautiful middle-aged lady. Gori gori (whitish complexion), she looked like a caged angel. Inspector introduced her as his wife and briefed her about me. She gave me water to drink followed by tea. I couldn’t help but running my eyes on her voluptuous breasts and butts. And I was not able to take away my eyes until she disappears from the front room.

‘You like her?’ inspector smiled at me.

My throat went dry. ‘Sorry, sir, I…”

‘No excuse, you’re going to stay here.’

‘But, sir, my job…’

‘Forget it. You are appointed as our housekeeper and already I’ve arranged to bring here your things.’

I kept mum. Inspector called his wife out, but she didn’t show her face again. Inspector went in and soon I could hear a heated argument and her crying followed. I was sitting there in great confusion. ‘Tomorrow we’ve to start again our job-searching exercise,’ I worried within me.

Inspector took me out for dinner. And, that night, he made me to sleep in a guest room in his house. In the middle of the night I woke up to hear voices.

‘Why are you so adamant? I should’ve left you to rot on the streets.’

‘Listen, if you want a c***d, why don’t you try yourself?’

‘Hey, don’t repeat all those nonsense. I’m resolved to achieve my goal with this boy.’

‘But he is only a k** and I’m afraid to loot innocence.’

‘Come on, he is already 20. Once you had a look at his growth, you’d come to know.’

‘No I don’t want to.’

‘Look, he is an orphan too. And he won’t go anywhere or breathe out.’

There was no sound for some time. Then I heard footsteps approaching me. Inspector woke me up and told me to go into madam’s room. I obeyed and went in. Madam told me to bolt the door. I did. But then she told me to lie down on the floor and sleep. I followed.

It went like that for thee days. On the fourth day morning, inspector called me to his room. He wanted to know whether I had intercourse with his wife. I didn’t know what to say, buy he guessed. He pulled me to him and pushed down my trousers. My cock raised its head and nodded at him.

‘Let her go to hell. Why should I waste you, my godsend?’

Inspector knelt in front of me and took my cock into his mouth. I held his head for support and the sucking went on nicely. Soon I was drawn in to the lust wave and was slowly fucking his sucking mouth. By then I noticed the door opened and madam standing there. Our eyes met and locked for a moment and then she had gone. It was so quick that I thought it was only my imagination. So I pushed it away from my mind and pulled me back to fill the milking mouth.

In the night, madam called me to her bed and told me to press her legs. I obeyed eagerly. She wanted to know whether I was truly an orphan. I said yes, because that’s how I was answering the world from the very first day I flee my home.

She hiked her gown to expose more of her legs to be massaged. I followed enthusiastically. She was on her stomach. Her thighs were plump, smooth and wheat white. My pecker stirred in my pajamas.

Few minutes later, she hiked her gown further to expose her big-big orbs of buttocks. Breathless I was, but attended to her with the attention of my cock. It might have exited her; she divided her thighs to permit my fingers to move below. Under her wheat colored orbs appeared her husky brown lips. I didn’t fail to touch and feel them, as if accidentally.

Suddenly she turned on her back and her shaved prominent cunt blocked and dragged my vision. Looking at her fleshy mound I had to wet my parched lips. She pulled her gown over her head and tossed it off. Her big-big boobs swung forth. I started trembling in anticipation.

‘Come on in my boy, fuck me out, if that’s what you want’ she invited by her coarse voice and at the same time by her spreading thighs. That appeared vulgar for a lady like her. And it maddened me. I tore off my dresses and dived in between her thighs. And my cock plunged in smoothly and deeply.

I fucked her as a long starved lustful man. She too had an urgency to quench her thirst it seemed; she raised her hips and reciprocated fervently. I kneaded her big breasts, sucked at her long nipples and fucked and fucked at her hot hungry cunt. Soon she was at her peak and I could sense the tremor in her body. She gasped, stiffened and collapsed down.

I didn’t stop my powerful thrusts but speeded up. The morning suck I had from the inspector helped in my prolonging. She convulsed under me as if she was in great pain and was moaning continuously. Her breasts hardened as shot-put balls. For a big mass such as they were, it was unbelievable. Her nipples stood as hard as my thumbs. Her sheath was steaming and streaming around my sliding cock and I was floating through a groundless grip. And it ended up as too much to bear and I ejaculated and collapsed on her, writhing like a fish out of water.

She enfolded me into her arms and legs, and rested me on her, to perspire in bliss. And she searched out my mouth with hers and locked me further.

Next day madam told her husband to stay away from me for I had become her property. Inspector blinked at first but jumped up next in happiness. Yet he was suspicious. And he expressed so. Madam, in fury, pushed me down on my back, pulled out my cock, and mounted me, in front of him.

Inspector was much pleased, but left the scene because the act of cock-in-cunt was not of his taste.

I was employed in fucking madam continuously for three months. And it bore its fruit. Inspector achieved his goal. Madam conceived. And everybody was happy including me.

But fate took on its course. Inspector k**napped me from his own house and put me in a southbound train and warned me that he would shoot me down if he happened to see my head again in Baroda. I left Baroda and my meager belongings in madam’s house.

I got down next day morning on the bank of Godhavari, took bath in the great river and roamed empty handed. A man took me to an ashram for a free meal. I liked it. No work, no worry, nice bath in Godhavari and two meals a day in the ashram. I decided to stay in the ashram, but the chief monk called me in and wanted to know from me if I wanted to be a monk. Only a monk is allowed to stay there permanently. I consented.

My steadfastness was tested for a mandala (42 days) and then I was given diksha. Once I’ve enrolled into the fold, the secrets of the ashram were revealed to me. I stayed there happily for 18 months. Bnd my fate awakened to take its course.

Inspector from Baroda arrived there and wanted to take me back to Baroda. I refused, but he took me back on his gunpoint.

Madam was sitting on her bed in her room and a baby was sleeping on a cradle nearby. Tears welled up in her eyes as soon as she spotted me. And inspector left us to be alone and closed the door. I was standing there as an idiot in my monk’s robe.

‘Dev? Vasudev? Are you not Vasudev?’ asked madam.

And I was alarmed. ‘But how? How do you know?’

She ran up to me and fell on my chest and cried. I was completely confused. She led me to her bed and took out a photograph from under her pillow and put it in my hand. It was one of my belongings I left in that house. It was my family photo. All were there: my father, mother, elder sister, younger sister and I.

‘How do you come to know us? Who are you?’ I wondered.

She pointed her finger at my mother in the photograph. And the photograph slipped off my hand. I was taken aback. She fell on me once again and burst into sobs. Tears poured out of my eyes too.

Once we overcome our emotions, she led me to the cradle and showed me the sleeping c***d, ‘Look at the beauty, your son’.

‘I’m sorry, mom, it wouldn’t have happened if I had known that you were my real mother.’

She covered my mouth with her hand and said, ‘No ifs and buts. I must say that I owe my life to the inspector, who saved it and guarding me so far. I became his wife as a safe step for I knew he would not touch a woman in his life. But of late he wanted to have a c***d by me to show the world that he is potent too. In fact, I wanted to help him boosting his image, but at the same time I didn’t like to bed with another man. But one has to believe in fate. I came out of my shell on account of you, unaware of our blood link.’

‘O ma, I never imagined I’d meet you in my life.’

‘Me too, but then why did you say that you were an orphan?’

I told her briefly my runaway story. She took me in her arms and soothed me, ‘It’s all the game of fate.’

‘How come the inspector agreed to bring me back?’ I wondered.

‘I told him that I would open-out the secret of the baby to the world otherwise,’ my mother cleared.

I cuddled in her embrace. She kissed me first on my forehead and then on my lips. The kiss on my lips lingered long.

‘Ma, now we’ve come to know we’re mom and son.’

‘That’s why I kissed you first on your forehead; but next on your mouth because you’re also my lover, who fathered my son.’

I didn’t stand on her way thereafter. She locked me in her hot wet kiss and ran her fingers on my crotch. My cock jumped under my robe.

Breaking her kiss she said, ‘It’ll be terrific for us to fuck, knowing we are real mom and son.’

So, on her guidance, I entered her. Her cunt was slimy and slippery like the floor of Puri Jagannath Temple, where cooked rice was spilled and trodden by human feet. And we fucked. The heat, the love and all our movements in and out, it was terrific. Even after ejaculation I didn’t have the mind to pull out my depleted cock off her cunt.

‘Ma, what you said was true.’ I gasped. ‘It was unbelievably terrific.’

‘Didn’t I tell you?’ Mom patted my cheeks and pulled at them. ‘It was terrific the way you fucked, O my..!’

‘And I tasted your milk too, ma,’ I told her excitedly, ‘your boobs are full of milk.’

She pecked at my lips and pushed my head down to her boobs. ‘A breast feeding mother has to give the balance milk to the father of her c***d,’ she said. I sucked at her thumb-sized nipples, drawing in her thin sweet milk. Mom ran her fingers through my hair and said, ‘you remind me of my dad. He too was mad after my milk pots.’

‘O ma, what do you mean? May be a slip of tongue. I think it was my dad; not yours.’

‘Not a slip of tongue, but I’ve to admit he was also your dad, your grand dad,’ she flashed me a nasty smile.


Smiling, my mother opened another part of her/my story.

“It happened first when I was 20 years old. Delivered my first baby, I had to stay a bit long at my parent’s home. My in-laws were struggling to build up their business at that juncture. My first baby, your elder sister, was two years old then and yet hadn’t given up feeding at my breasts.

“Neighbors advised me to wean my c***d for her better growth. So, I stopped my breastfeeding, but had come by with a peculiar problem. My breasts had swelled with unfed milk. My neighbors told me to milk them out, but they were so painful even to touch. I didn’t know what to do and was crying with my unbearable pain.

“There was where my father came forward to give me the relief. He bolted the door and sat beside me. He didn’t touch me; just put his head down, took my nipple by his lips and started sucking at it. That was all. In half an hour I was alright.

“I had to seek his help once in the night also. He readily agreed. That time he held my boobs and gave a gentle squeeze. It went like that for two more days, with some variations in his grip and squeeze. And on the third day while he was sucking at my breasts, he took my hand and placed it on his erection. I was shocked.

‘It’s wrong, papa.’ I said, pulling away my hand.

‘Only a mutual help: I suck your milk and you suck mine.’

“He exposed his cock. And it was a big beautiful tool. My mouth and cunt started watering.

‘But, papa, I’m your daughter…’

‘Since your mother died, I’m struggling to find a let out. These servant maids are all after money and I’m vexed.’

“I considered his condition and petition and decided to help him.

“I lowered my head and took his thing into my mouth and sucked at it from tip to base and base to tip. He groaned in pleasure. It took only 5 minutes and he discharged in my mouth. He thanked me with tears. I took him into my embrace and kissed him saying, ‘Don’t worry, papa, you can even take me if you feel like.’

“He didn’t waste time. He raised my dress up above my hips, pulled down my panties and admired at my young hairy mound. ‘Oh mother goddess, you look big everywhere. Big boobs! Big thighs! And so is your broad bulged cunt. Let papa to have a lick at your creamy cake, otherwise I’d die.’

‘You are shockingly vulgar, pa.’

‘I can’t help; I’m mad after you.’

“I opened up my thighs and he dived into my pussy folds. He lapped me like a honey hunter licking at his hand, front and back. Within no time he conjured up my cunt to give out juices flooding his mouth.

“His wonderful cock was ready already. He placed his bulbous head at my flooded gate and poised for a full minute as if ruminating. Losing my patience, I pulled him down by his buttocks. His eel lodged into my slurry hole to make me gasp in pleasure.

He started moving in and out. A fantastic feeling it was: his stone hard thickness stretching my vaginal walls and his bulbous head nudging through my cervix.

‘Fuck me dad, fuck me deep. You’re making my weeping cunt crazy after your hard long cock.’

“And he doubled me up and fucked so deep to drive the hell out of my hot flowing cunt. I lost all my senses and bubbled out with vulgar words and soon clung to him in a superb climax. He emptied his hot syrup in to my sweet depths.

‘No need to go behind the servant maids hereafter, papa, I’m here to serve you.’

‘I’m lucky. You’re a great fuck, daughter, what a pussy oh what a pussy!’

“I kissed him and bound him with me.

“Thereafter I kept him as my lover and entertained my cunt with him. I filled in him the emptiness left by my mother’s death. He filled in me by emptying his seeds of life. Soon the milk in my breasts dried up and my womb came alive with a baby. Yes, my son, I conceived you from the seeds of my own father.

“My father sold his properties and helped my in-laws in their business. I took my father to live with my in-laws. They happily accepted him. Every secret has to come out one day. But I am still unable to believe what happened that day. It was my father-in-law, who busted in on one of our daughter-dad adventures. He didn’t say anything, but rushed out. We didn’t bother. We resolved to face.

“My dad and I decided to go south and live there openly as husband and wife, but the only problem was that we sold all our properties and put into our in-laws’ business.

“I must say it was only a miracle that my husband rushed in and kissed me fervently as a new found lover. I didn’t catch up with the situation first. Then my husband made it clear to my father and me that he and his father too were the products of an i****t family.

“That made everything straight. And thereafter I fucked with all three cocks at my home: my father, my father-in-law and my husband. And it used to be an orgy most of the time: filling my three holes each with a cock. When I conceived my third c***d i.e. Your younger sister, I had no idea who fathered her.

One day when my youngest c***d was 3 years old, I went to a temple with my father, leaving the c***dren at home. In the temple, out of blue, I experienced an urge to fuck. My father too expressed the same. We couldn’t help but fucked in front of the deity. And it was such a terrific fuck. We were hurling vulgar words at one another. Suddenly stones started hurling at us. A crowd of people surrounded us. They bounced on us and killed my father on the spot. I managed to ran away and escape.

But it seemed I reached Baroda city by a westbound train. Inspector spotted and rescued me from a gang, which sells girls to Mumbai red light area. I was completely out of mind. I couldn’t recollect anything from my past. Inspector put me in a hospital and saved me. f******n long years he looked after me. When my old memories returned, I told the inspector all about my family hiding my side of i****t. He, as a true friend, took me to our native place and alas I couldn’t trace out our family.

And here I am face to face with my beloved son but as my newfound lover.

My mother concluded her story, kissed me and bound me with her limbs. I was shell shocked by her revelations. She fucked her father and gave birth to me and fucked me her son and gave birth to my son. Unbelievable, four generations!

‘Certainly there is a difference in i****t lovemaking,’ my mother said. ‘I felt it then with my dad and I feel it now with you, my son.’

‘I agree with you, but why is it so?’

‘It’s so because, I think, 1) a family member naturally cares more, 2) a family member doesn’t impose strictures and 3) it gives extreme pleasure in breaking taboos.’

‘You are right, ma. We are born free; yet it’s sad we formulated laws and got entrapped in them. Let’s encourage i****t and break these unnatural laws.’

My cock stirred and extended into my mom’s cunt. She was pleasantly adjusted herself for our rejuvenated fuck. We then immersed into us.

Inspector agreed to my mother’s suggestion to have me as her permanent lover. We never revealed our blood relation to the inspector. And we lived like real lovers.

But our inspector sahib died soon after in a cross fire during a raid on terrorists. And fate again took it course to displace me. Luckily the inspector registered my mother as the benefactor of his properties. We sold them and moved south.

I started a small business in Chennai and lived happily with my mom and our boy. We lived together 14 years. And my mom died on a hospital bed when she was 57 years old.

When I completed my recounting, I myself was in want of a cunt. And Bhavana the cunt in front of me was no doubt ready. She was sitting there with her thighs apart showing her panty with a big wet patch. On her perspired face, her lips were quivering. She was speechless but aloud in her lusting.

I touched her shoulder. She shuttered. My hand slipped and rested on her breast. She stiffened. Her breaths were laborious and quick. I took her heaving breasts in my hands, but they were as hard as coconut fruits. I pulled her on me and kissed her quivering lips.

She crushed her body against mine expressing her impatience to be fucked. I held her buttocks and pressed them. My erection pressed against her abdomen.

She broke the kiss and urged me, ‘Fuck me, uncle. I want you to do me what my mom is doing your son.’

That was her excuse to get fucked.

It was my prayer room where we were. There was no electric light in that room, but only oil lamps. It was lit on that day with 108 oil flames. The wavering light and dark shade had given it a dreamy look. The smell of flowers, camphor, incense and burning oil gave us a heady lung.

I disrobed her and laid her naked on the tiger skin, meant for my meditation. She was lying there as a rose garland. It looked as if the tiger skin had attained the nirvana. I got myself in to nirvana (nakedness) and squatted in between the spread out thighs of the rose garland. Like a full bloomed rose her pussy was smiling at me. And in earnest, her clitoris was peeping out.

It was not the first time that I had the luck to look at a nude virgin. I had had my younger sister, but then I didn’t have the patience to appreciate. And Bhavana, with her big-big boobs and thighs and pudendum, looked like my mom in her teen. And I couldn’t help but imagining that I was going to take the cherry of my own mother.

I held her boobs that were looking up with her nipples pointing the roof. And I placed my cock head at her fissure. It sensed the heat. I gave a shove, but as I expected it was not getting in.

All the lamps there were burning in caster oil. And castor oil is the one the grooms carry in to their first night room in olden days to break in the virgin cunts. I took the warm oil from a near by lamp and applied it in to her vaginal crack. Also I oiled my cock head and more inches. Then at her gate I put my tip as fulcrum and applied my weight. It gave way. I felt a thin stream of warm blood bathing my balls.

‘Ah, uncle, it’s killing…O…o…’

I stopped. ‘Shall I withdraw, darling?’

‘No…o…o, but…’

‘Don’t panic, it’s your first time, that’s all. I’ll take care.’

And then I bored in slowly, inch by inch, until my balls hit against her buttocks. And then I didn’t move. Tears were running out of the corner of her eyes. I kissed those corners and murmured, ‘It’s all over. Be cheerful.’

She tried to smile, but her lips twisted in pain. So I remained motionless. It was an impossible task to have a tight cunt around your cock but not to fuck.

Few minutes later she herself stirred from under. I looked into her eyes. She smiled, this time without the trace of her pain. I got her message and I moved, of course, slowly to start with. And the gloved grip of her sheath around my cock was…O God!

‘It’s alright, uncle, move faster.’

That was what I longed for. I increased my speed and my cock delighted in its play. It was long time since I fucked. After my mom it was only Bhavana; none in between. And Bhavana was so fresh and tight. I fucked her cunt like a first time schoolboy. But I applied my experience in building her orgasm. I didn’t want to let her hang.

And I did succeed. Bhavana was fucking back with her upward movements. I smiled and winked at her. She blushed but didn’t stop her movements.

‘You feel comfortable?’ I asked.

‘I feel delightful,’ she answered.

I took her boobs one by one into my mouth and sucked. ‘You resemble in every department my mom, you know?’ I told her.

‘Am I? Fuck me then as you fucked your mom all these years.’

‘Yes, mom, here I go.’ I obeyed.

It was a fantasy we stumbled in. And that clicked like anything. All of the erotic and exotic memories of my mom flowed across my mind. I fucked with force like a man in fits. And the cunt I fucked floated in hot current.

‘Mummi ko chodho, beta, aur faat dalo uski choot (Fuck your mom, son, and tear down her cunt.)’ crying aloud she shivered as if in high fever. And her cunt flooded with hot slime.

Neither could I hold back nor did I want to. And I erupted into her. And it was a tremendous relief. My body down poured with sweat. I kissed her and she kissed me back.

And we became lovers.

When Bhavana lost her grand father cum father, she blamed it on me. I didn’t argue. Her story on the Himalayan deity raised a doubt in me. I wanted to meet her mother and Bhavana brought me here.

Uncle Dev stopped his story abruptly at this point. I expressed, “Uncle, it’s not fair: You’ve not properly concluded.”

Uncle Dev cleared his throat and continued, “Bhavana brought me here and introduced me to her mom. Her mom looked at me as if I have arrived from another planet. She didn’t receive me or said a word; but hurried away in to a nearby room. Bhavana was upset. I told Bhavana to cool down. And I entered the room where her mother was. And to her mother, I apologized for my thoughtless love with her daughter. She forgave me on the ground that she too had her affair with my son, in the same way. We opened up our minds and found out that we had similar tastes. So we married and allowed our c***dren also…”

“Enough, Dev, enough,” busted in aunt Saroj, “it’s time to open up our secret. Listen c***dren, I’ll tell you what happened, on that day. When I saw Bhavana brought in Dev, I recognized him at once, and was hit by an emotional wave. I sought where to weep; and I entered into my room and wept there. Dev followed me in; and I fell on him and we kissed again and again and wept together.”

Bhavana cut in, “In that case, you knew uncle in advance, ma?”

Her mother smiled, but her eyes were bordered with tears. “Who wouldn’t know one’s own brother?”

I was stunned by the sudden proved link. Bhavana fell on her mom and beat her like a mad c***d. My mother pulled the girl and took her to her bosom and Bhavana broke down. Rahul too was on tears, sitting on one side.

“It was not our intension to hide you anything, dear c***dren, but we were waiting you to mature.” Saroj aunty said. “And mean time, Devika entered our life.”

“We were thrilled, when we heard from Devika, of her mother-brother love,” Uncle Dev chimed in. “We at once resolved to marry Rahul to Devika; and Bhavana to Devika’s brother. We traveled to her home. And you know what?” Uncle Dev looked around.

“What?” I questioned him in a silly voice.

“We found to our pleasure, at Devika’s home, our own didi (elder sister). Yes, Devika’s mom turned out to be our didi.” Uncle Dev concluded.

There was a pin drop silence.

I took it first as a joke, but by the look of my brother Anand it dawned on me.

And I turned myself about from them, and wept. Aunt Saroj understood my emotions and took me to her lap and kissed me. “Devika darling, you’re also a gem of this family and it’s you who has brought us all together.”

I quieted down from my sobbing and tried to make a smile. “No auntie, the credit must go to Bhavana. It was she who had brought uncle and it was she who had brought me and that which led to my mother, your sister.”

Bhavana looked up at me with great affection. And she stretched her arms and I went into them. In no time everybody was in every ones arms.

Once our emotions were subsided Rahul asked my mom, “Auntie, now it’s your turn. Would you tell us what made you to run away from granddad’s home?”

My mom looked at every one and smiled. “So you want to hear out my story also. Ok, then, have it.” And she started narrating:

Dad was very kind to me, of course, no doubt. But I had become pregnant and was afraid that if dad came to know he would ask me to abort the baby. I wanted to have it. So I ran away from home with a man who was in love with me more than a year then. He was a South Indian and he brought me to this part of the country. He married me and we had our first baby, a boy, named after my dad, Anand.

Two years since, one day, my husband told me that he wanted to have a second baby, a girl this time. I laughed and told him to try his best. But he shocked me with his reply.

He said, ‘Manju, if I’m able to, why should I ask for your permission? I know I’m sterile. I was tested a number of times and I know it too well.”

‘But I don’t see any thing wrong with you.’ I said.

‘I know there is nothing wrong with my organ or my desires. What I mean is I’m germ-free; no way capable of giving you a baby.’

‘But we’ve a boy already…’

‘Let’s not go into that,’ pat was his reply. ‘But I promise I’ll never go into it and ask you, who fathered him.’

I sprang up in shock and ran into the next room. I threw myself face down on the floor and was rocked by the waves of shame. I didn’t go to his bed, that night. And I couldn’t get a sleep either. Old memoirs, I thought I had done with, waved in:

It was our dad who made me pregnant. It was my eighteenth birthday. Dad bought me new dresses. It was early in the morning. I got up, took bath and was naked in front of the mirror, powdering my armpits. Suddenly, behind me there, was our dad. I went numb. But he kissed my temple and said, ‘What a big woman you have grown into!’ and gone.

By the time I was ready, dad was busy with Dev and Saroj to see them off to school. Dad had told me the previous day that he wanted to take me to a temple on my birthday.

On our way to the temple, I reminded him, ‘Dad, you were telling that you would take me to a temple in Himalayas on my 18th birthday.”

‘That’s right. Not on your birthday, but at your 18th year. This whole year we can go. But I tell you the temple where we go today is part of that Himalayan temple. The deity here in this temple is called ‘Nagnadevika’, who indeed would come as a crane in Himalayas to show us the route to ‘Swargadwaar’. So I thought it would be apt if we pray here on this memorable day.’

The temple was an old one and a ruin. From the memoirs narrated by Saroj and Dev you can easily guess that it was the same temple, where our father was first initiated by his mother; and Saroj was broken in by Dev; and fucked after by dad on the day he married her; and, later, Rahul was initiated by Saroj on dad’s insistence. Such was its connection with our family.

We went into the temple. It was a deserted one. Inside the holy chamber we lighted up an oil lamp. And in the light the deity emerged in her granite nudity. I felt a current of hotness slowly crept into my body as if I was getting charged to spend it on someone nearby. Dad prostrated in front of the deity. I followed him, but on my knees and elbows, keeping my breasts and pussy off the ground, as it is an injunction to women. When dad stood up, I could notice in his dhoti an up tent in front. My boobs likewise were taut and swelled as well was my creaming pussy.

Dad murmured in my ears, ‘The name of the deity is Nagnadevika (naked goddess); we ought to pray in our nakedness.’

I was happy to get out of my cloths. Once naked, I looked stealthily at dad’s side. He was huge. His cock was double the size of a banana I used a week back to masturbate. I was scared, though I wanted to have a fuck by it.

‘O my young woman, your upturned boobs and puffed out cunt are too much,’ dad lamented, ‘I want to break in you here and now, but I have the duty to preserve you for Swargadwaar.’

Though I was scared by the size of his cock, I got depressed by his intention to postpone the fuck he wanted to have. Such was the effect of lust on me, aroused by that goddess. I pleaded, ‘But papa, you said this temple is part of that temple.’

‘Yes, that’s true, but your first fuck ought to be up in Himalayas.’

‘But, papa, I’m itching to be fucked now. If you’re not going to do it here and now, I’ll find some other cock out there. Where then is the question of my first fuck in Himalayas?’ I said arrogantly.

Dad didn’t talk after that. He took me in his hands and right away sucked at my breasts. His cock was hitting at my abdomen and drawing wet lines with its secretions. I enjoyed his hands pressing at my bums. I put my hand in between, held his cock and pushed it down to my vagina. ‘How many days had I masturbated imagining a cock and here is a real big one, by the grace of goddess!’ I thought.

‘I admit, I too had the urge to fuck you here and now,’ my father interrupted. ‘As you said, if you seek out some other cock… Why should I lose my beautiful doll to some other brute? My dream to go to Swargadwaar may not come true in this birth, but it can wait in the face of my daughter’s offer.’

Dad lowered me on the granite floor. Spread-eagled was I, lying there at the feet of goddess, to be taken by my dad. He knelt in between my stretched out thighs and bend his head and kissed at my pussy blossom. I raised my hips an inch as a gesture and he licked at my slit with a few quick swipes.

Then he stretched on me, placing his big mushroom head of his penis at my slit. He gave a push, but it didn’t get in. He tried three four times, but failed. He was about to get up and I was alarmed. I pulled him down.

‘What are you getting up for? I’ll not allow you to get off. Fuck me, dad. Put it in.’

‘Manju darling, your hole is narrow. Let me put some oil. I will not leave this place without stuffing your little pussy with papa’s big thing and emptying my balls into your craving hot pit.’

That made sense. He took some warm oil from the burning lamp and applied it into my slot and on his cock. He wiped dry his oiled fingers on the back his head. And he placed his big cock head again at my opening and gave a mighty push. This time I too loosened my cunt hole to help him in. And that worked out. An inch of his cock got through the neck of my cunt. I felt a sharp pain, but it was momentary. He stopped and gasped but didn’t give up. Another push. And another inch got in. I encouraged him by lifting up my pussy and pushing against. He put down his weight and inch-by-inch the whole length nudged in and filled up my sheath. Now it was my turn to gasp.

‘Oh, what a tight hole yours is! It’s so clamped around the full length of my cock, I doubt if I can move it.’

‘O papa, don’t say this and that. Fuck me and just fuck.’ I pulled at him.

He moved his cock in and out and that was the sweetest sensation I had in my life. I lifted my buttocks and fucked him back. Time went by.

Roof of that holy chamber had eight stone carvings in eight directions, depicting celestial nymphs fucked by bearded saints, in different postures.

I wanted to be fucked by my dad in all those postures. And here, in real, his fatty cock is splitting the hell of my cunt. I felt a tremendous bliss through my abdomen and it shook my whole body. Time stood still. And I collapsed on the ground. Dad didn’t stop his drive, but speeded up instead. I was moaning and moaning. And suddenly he crushed his pelvis at my groins and let out a cry like a bull. His cock head swelled out of proportions against the tender walls of my cunt and burst opened a floodgate, which filled me with hot gushing lava.

A few minutes later, regaining my senses, I said, ‘Thank you pa.’

‘What a great fuck, Manju beti, and such a tight sheathed fuck I never had in my life before. Will you allow me to fuck your pussy, hereafter, again and again?’

‘Sure, dad. I had never imagined fucking would give me this much pleasure. My pussy is yours. Promise me, you will not seek any other slut.’

‘Why should I? I promise in front of this naked goddess that I will not quench my thirst but with your tight sheathed pussy.’

‘Give me something as a token of your promise.’ I wanted to register.

He removed a golden ring from his little finger, raised it and said, ‘This ring will be the token of my promise I made on the day I opened my daughter’s virgin cunt with my fatherly cock at the temple of our goddess Nagnadevika.’ And he put it on my left hand ring finger.

And we kissed and he was exited like a just married groom. I showed him the stone carvings on the temple roof. And together we registered them in our minds.

And at home we forgot not to put them into practice. It was so fulfilling a sexual life I had with our dad. We assumed a life of a husband and wife and looked after Dev and Saroj as our c***dren. Every night I slept in his bed and had him in my cunt the way I fancied.

But there was a lover, a South Indian, who was after me all my school finals. I liked him, of course, for his good looks and his position. He was an engineer doing some power project in our region. But then I was mad after my father too because of his pleasure drills.

I didn’t keep away my cunt even a single night from the pleasure play of my dad’s cock-strokes. And in three months I had the fruit of our action. I was pregnant. I didn’t tell my dad. I thought he would fear the world and destroy the baby. But I wanted to have his baby as a token of our love. That’s how I came to the decision to run away with the South Indian engineer.

Promptly, by then, the engineer’s project came to an end and I left the place with him.

With a nice heartening flashback like that one would not be ashamed to admit her past. I prepared to face my husband and the consequences. Next day, early in the morning, I woke up my husband with coffee in my hand. He was startled by my call. And the redness in his eyes proved his sleepless night.

I waited till he took his coffee. And then I sat on the edge of his bed. ‘I’m sorry. I never had the courage to come out with the truth. But then why should I be open and destroy your peace, when I have no intention to whore out of you? It was my father, I admit, who fathered our son.’ I confessed.

I could read the shock in his face. He pulled me to his chest and patted me at my back. ‘I pity you. It could have been a horrible experience, a daughter being m*****ed by her own father. I had saved you indeed. I’m proud of it. Never mind, I’ll bring up Anand like my own son.

I let out a sigh of relief. It took another course and solved itself. Poor man my husband, he didn’t ever know how much I loved my dad and that was the only reason why I eloped with him. He didn’t even know that Anand was my father’s name.

I then slowly opened the other topic of having one more c***d. His face lit up.

‘I was thinking of having a girl c***d,’ he said.

‘When you are so sure of your germless condition, what is the alternative?’ I inquired.

‘I came to know it from a reliable source. I hope you’ve heard about the baba (religious saint) in Andhra Pradesh. It seems he is bestowing this sort of wishes. Only thing we have to stay there two three months in his ashram. It’s a spiritual way; no whoring.’

‘I agree, let’s try, nothing wrong.’

And we proceeded to Andhra Pradesh. We got appointment with the baba and had his dharsan too. They had allotted us a residential hut, where we had to cook our own meals. They took me to a clinic and a complete set of test was conducted: all scientific; nothing like spiritual.

The third day, baba called me alone. ‘Would you keep our holy secrets for ever?’ was his question.

‘I will.’

‘Swear in the name of goddess.’

‘I swear.’

‘You will be put in a dark room. God will come in the guise of a young man. Don’t try to make out his identities and don’t ever reveal your identities or address. Is that ok with you?’


‘You can go now. Don’t tell your husband anything. Come in the evening taking a perfumed bath. Cleanliness is important.’

In the evening I was sent into a dark chamber. It was so dark that I was not able to assess even the size of the room. I was blinking. Suddenly I heard a low male voice. I responded. He located me and led me to a soft bed. It was only six seven steps to the bed, but our bodies dashed with one another in the dark and it thrilled me.

Once we seated on our bed, he took my hand and placed it on a warm long hardness. I perceived immediately what it was. I ran my fingers though its length and girth. Its bulbous head smeared a sticky wetness on my palm.

‘Ithi neekosaram, ishtamaayanda?’ he said something like that in Telugu. I told him that I could follow only Hindi but to some extend Tamil. Then he repeated it in Hindi, ‘Yah tumareliye. Pasand hai? (It’s yours. Like it?)’ He said this in a husky voice.

‘It’s huge; I’m going to like it.’ I replied in the same husky tone.

‘You are also huge, at your boobs and thighs,’ he said running his hands all over my boobs and thighs. ‘Why don’t you undress?’

In no time I was naked in his hands, willingly. He pressed at my breasts and sucked at them. He squeezed my thighs and buttocks and ran his hand on my mound of Venus. I kissed allover his face and at his mouth. He had no mustache, but long hair. He was very young. His body was hard as board but his skin was soft.

‘Your pussy is bulged out like a burger,’ he said, ‘And would be great to have a mouthful.’

‘Hush,’ I interrupted, ‘Not like a swamiji at an ashram.’

‘A swamiji indeed. Premananda Swamy going to fuck Amruthananda Mayi.’

I laughed at his absurdity. But who knows, he could be a hired hand. He traced my cunt with his mouth and started eating it fervently. I started pulling at his long hairs and yielding him my drooling snatch. He seemed to be more interested in sucking at my slit, but forgot not to provoke at my clitoris. I squirmed and urged him to put his cock in to my sheath.

He laid himself on his back and pulled me over him. ‘If you want it so urgently, then take the mantle and fuck me as you like.’

I mounted on him and fed his cock into my eager cunt-hole. I rode him like an experienced jockey. Dad, in those three months I fucked him, liked to have me mostly in this position; now this young lover too is of the same taste, I ruminated.

His stiffness, moving up and down, was stretching my dripping vagina. And he was pressing and pulling at my breasts. It was like a blind man leading a blind man and falling into a pit of honey.

In less than 10 minutes I groaned and collapsed on his chest. He rolled me on my back and continued our fucking from an attacking position. I never stopped my moaning and my cunt was frothing at his forceful strokes. I was heading to my second peak when he matched his outlet and filled my pit with his seeds.

We fucked three times in that night.

Next day, to my husband’s query, I told him it was only a prayer they conduct exclusively for women. Poor husbands, willing their wives for strangers to fuck!

And I observed a gratification in the women devotees there. We women exchanged a secret smile of understanding among ourselves.

My fuck with my darkroom lover continued in different positions. But he refused to fuck my cunt on three specific days. Those were the 13, 14, and 15th days counting from the first day of my menstrual cycle. He said, if fertilization took place of the fuck on those days, then it would produce a male c***d. What a golden rule! (I recommend, readers, to practice it and have the baby of your choice. In ignorance of this human knowledge, if there is a verse in any religious book, to prove God, let it remain as a proof to their ignorance). On those three days he allowed me to suck at his cock and gulp down his semen. Since he was very fond of my fleshy cunt, he locked me in the 69 position and ate my pussy earnestly.

My menstrual cycle stopped the next month. But my darkroom lover didn’t stop his flooding my vagina. After 45 days elapsed my urine was tested and my pregnancy was confirmed. My husband’s happiness was beyond limit. I was happy on one side for having conceived my second c***d but sad on the other side that the time had come to part with my darkroom lover.

Even after confirmation of my pregnancy, they gave me one day to be with my lover. As soon as we met on that night, I leaned on his broad bare chest and started crying. He consoled me and talked long on the pain of losing me. I thanked his cock by kissing it again and again. He kissed at my cunt again and again and thanked it for receiving his seed to produce his baby. We were not satisfied at all. We fucked our soul out.

‘Being a sanyasi, I shouldn’t ask this. But give me something to keep in your memory.’

I had only my mangalsutra on my neck. Nothing else. And then I remembered that I had a ring on one of my fingers: a snake shaped one given to me by my father at the Nagnadevika temple. I removed it and gave it to him. He showed his happiness by kissing me. And I couldn’t get anything from him for he was a man of nothing.

He said, ‘I have given you the most precious thing, my c***d in your womb.’

And we returned from Andhra Pradesh and in ten months time I gave birth to Devika.

My husband believed that she was conceived in a spiritual way and would bring good luck one day. And it has been proved now.

My mom Manjuladevi stopped at this point and thought she had concluded her story, but Rahul raised his voice, “Auntie, you’ve not yet told us how come the gun of Anand in your holster.”

At that all others laughed. I looked at my brother. He looked back at me and our eyes were locked. I felt a tweak at the nervous center of my cunt. I lowered my head.

My mom cleared her throat again and started her narration:

My husband earned some money working in gulf countries and we could build the house we live now, and purchase some agricultural land 15 km away from our town. My husband died in an accident when I was at my 30th year. I could have remarried, but I decided against in order to bring up my beloved c***dren.

One day I took Anand with me to have a look at our fields. He was 18 years old then. We had sugarcanes on our lands in that year. We were walking on the northern boundary of our field where Anand toed a stone and fell down. And then, to our surprise, the stone looked like a statue covered by earth and grass. Anand dug it up and, to my astonishment; I was face to face with something like Nagnadevika. It was a small size statue of a naked goddess.

Anand went into the field to wash that statue off mud. I waited, but in the mean time I felt the well-known hotness building up in my body. I went into the field in search of my son. And there, near the canal, my son was standing naked with the statue in one hand and his mammoth erection in the other hand.

As I knew why it was, I went near, took the statue from his hand and placed it down. I knelt in front of my son and took his erection into my mouth. He groaned at my action, but showed his liking by moving his thing to and fro through my lips grip. My cunt and mouth were watering in the face of my situational luck.

I noticed a patch of lush green grass on my left. The spot was well hidden by the tall sugarcanes. I got up, made myself as naked as the goddess and spread my sari on the grass patch and invited my son over there. He was staring at my big-big boobs and pleasure garden.

I pulled him towards me by his cock and wanted to know, ‘Is this your first encounter or had you have experience?’

His lips quivered but words didn’t come out. I lay on my back and stretched my thighs in an inviting gesture. He stepped in and hovered on me. I pulled him down. He fumbled his cock with my cunt. And it was a clear indication that he was at his first fuck.

I rolled him off on his back and straddled him. My favorite position, trained well by our dad. His cock stood far bigger than that of my husband and as big as of my father. The size itself delighted me. I held it and guided its huge head into my tunnel. And I slid down on it to fill up my cunt to its very depth. I gave my boobs in his hands and shoved my cunt on his cock. And I moved my buttocks up and down. His hardness, stretching through my tunnel, and its broad head hitting against my womb gate, triggered my cunt to surge in bliss.

My son, pressing and squeezing at my breasts, fucked back at my cunt from below. As my cunt seeped in its secretions his cock swam through its greasy grip. Suddenly, then, his cock head swelled and spewed out seeds to fill up my sheath. And I collapsed sweetly on him and purred like a pet a****l in satisfaction.

He wanted to take the goddess to our home, but I said no. He installed it facing north, in the spot, where he had toed it. But by then we had our second urge to fuck. I led him to the same spot where we fucked first and, this time, I had him on top and trained him to plough my pleasure garden.

By the grace of the goddess, I had my cunt opened by our dad and opened to my son as well on his virgin fuck. Having had the taste of a young cock in my cunt, I didn’t allow my son to rest. It was something like my second honeymoon. And I taught my son all that I learned from my father and my darkroom lover. My son was keen on learning and satisfying me of all my wishes.

We went on a city tour one day. I wanted to see the new lighthouse, but the security man denied us permission. My son bribed him and we went up by the lift. From top, it was a grand view we get of the sea on one side and the city on the other side.

Suddenly my son said, ‘I want to fuck you, mom, at this elevation.’

A crazy idea it was and a dangerous one too. If we were spotted out, our story would stink, thanks to media world. But the idea was so sensational that my cunt started watering. I held my sari raised and swayed my hip at my son. ‘Come on my boy, fuck me then.’

But he insisted we both should do it in nude. And in no time he was naked, his big thing challenging me. I hesitated, but my cunt was itching to have his cock. So I too bared my secrets.

‘Which view you want to have, sea view or city view?’ my son asked me.

‘City view,’ I answered.

He made me to hold the handrail on the city view side. He came around and entered me from behind. And he fucked me like a bull. My boobs were hitting against the handrail and I was scared of his fucking force that I may fly over the handrail and land on my head in the pavement below.

‘How is the city view, mom?’

‘It’s stretched below at a mock able level.’

‘How do you feel this high point fuck, mom?’

‘As if I am flying! Fantastic! And how do you feel, my son?’

‘As if I am fucking a holy cow at the top of the world.’

‘It’s a crazy idea.’

‘What to do? Your motherly cunt drives me crazy. Ah, here I cum…’

And he lodged his cock deep in my cunt and discharged. I simmered with him. And our juices surged out of my cunt and flowed down along my inner thighs.

When we climbed down, there we found a young woman with the security man. Both were grinning at us in a sheepish manner.

‘Who is this?’ my son asked the security man.

‘Never mind, she’s my daughter-in-law. She’s come here to give me my lunch.’

We smiled at the woman and said, ‘Hello!’

The woman then raised her hand and it held a binoculars. We were shocked.

But the woman laughed and commented, ‘Super show.’

The security man tweaked one of her breast and said, ‘Top ideas come only to top class people.’

The woman laughed. And in a hurry we left the place and the city.

In our small town, at our own house, we lived and loved as free birds, till Devika spied on us on that rainy day.

My mom thus had completed her story and it was received with applause. Aunt Saroj went up to my brother Anand and hugged him.

“Like to have a lighthouse trip, Saroj?” Uncle Dev commented; at which all laughed.

“Silly, I am moved to know that he is our father’s son,” said aunt Saroj; at which all became quiet and smiled.

“But, on the whole, the only outsider is me,” I lamented, “who is not an outcome of this family seed.”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Uncle Dev shouted at me. “You are our princess, our hope and our way to the Himalayan deity.”

“So the Himalayan idea is not dropped yet?” I observed.

“A Himalayan idea it is,” said uncle Dev. “And we are starting in a day or two. And Devika is to be on guard till we reach the shrine.”

The proposal was accepted in one voice.

On an auspicious day, at an auspicious time we started our pilgrimage. It was a three days journey to Haridwaar. On the way, we happened to cross our native place. Bhavana proposed a visit to the temple ruins of Nagnadevika, but my mother advised otherwise. Mom said that the deity was a real tempter and would divert us from our path and it would end up in soiling me, who was their only hope left in the family. And she assured Bhavana a visit and a sure orgy, on our return journey, at the historical remains. And it was accepted as sensible and we moved on.

At Haridwaar, we took a dip at Ganges. The flow was cold as ice. If it was so cold at that level, how cold it would be at the height of Swargadwaar, I wondered. From Haridwaar we went up to Rishikesh, where the sacred Ganges touches the ground. There on a plateau, we approached the horse traders to get us mules for the uphill journey. Uncle Dev took Anand and Rahul to assist in his negotiation.

The man they approached called on another man, an old one, who was standing a bit apart, looking away as if in trance. “Gode ke liye lok aaye hain, Anand bhai (people have come for horses, brother Anand).”

And the old man with white hair and beard turned toward us, disinterestedly. At that instant, Bhavana flew forward and threw herself on the old man and hugged at his neck.

All of us were shocked. But that was only for a fleeting second.

Aunt Saroj followed her daughter, “Papa!” She cried. Then it dawned on us: the grand old man, the name giver of my elder brother. Didn’t they call him Anand bhai? My mother joined them and uncle Dev and Rahul, followed by my brother and me.

Grandpa was crying and laughing at the same time. All local people were watching us with interest. It took quite some time to bring our emotions under control. Finally uncle Dev pulled me apart and put me in front of his father and briefed him of our mission. I could see stars in grandpa’s eyes. He lifted me off the ground and danced, I must say. He was a big man. And I was puny in his hands.

He was moved to know the love of my mom in carrying his seed to give birth to Anand. He hugged mom and Anand his first born, through his loving daughter.

“Being alive, why didn’t you come back home, dad?” aunt Saroj asked.

“Because I resolved to have a darshan of the goddess or die in the Himalayas,” he said.

With grandfather in lead, other things fell in groove. We took 14 mules, including standbys, for 8 persons and the luggage. Outright purchase and lot of money, for the traders didn’t agree to give their a****ls on hire to such an unheard of a place.

On the way, grandpa told us how he had come alive out of the snow burial. The place he was buried by the avalanche was a running stream and it turned out to be a miraculous warm stream, which melted away the snow to help him, breath.

In a day’s journey we reached the point where we were supposed to spot the goddess Nagnadevika in the form of a crane. Anxiety gripped me of my fidelity to bring the crane out there.

And it was grandpa who spotted the crane first. The same bird, which shitted on me, that led me to Bhavana and our family and up to this point. Spotting the bird, grandpa once again danced, lifting me off the floor.

From that point we followed the bird. It flew up along the Ganges for half a day. Then arrived at the place where our grandpa was buried by snow. A stream from left was flowing into the Ganges. From there onwards the bird started flying westward and we followed it by the warm stream. On our way, with our grandpa in lead, we sang the following song:

The gateway of heaven to where we go;

The fruit of love is there to win.

To pass the path, appalls with wind and snow,

We take with us a beau virgin.

O Swargadwaarike, show us the way!

O Nagnadevike, lead us today!

It’s pure indeed the meals we make in-door

And flavored by blood relations.

Pigs run out on streets to filths and devour;

Sermonize on regulations.

O Swargadwaarike, show us the way!

O Nagnadevike, lead us today!

Cunts and cocks from afar would come and go;

Donating claps, aids in a row.

Cunts and cocks of same-same blood mellow

The home; and love and pleasures flow.

O Swargadwaarike, show us the way!

O Nagnadevike, lead us today!

Mom and dad, train your c***dren to make love

Family love would bring good luck.

Sons and fills, serve your parents in home-love

Recycling is richness; so, fuck!

O Swargadwaarike, show us the way!

O Nagnadevike, lead us today!

And we reached Swargadwaar on the fourth day since we left Haridwaar. We traveled not up and up, but deep and deep. Tunnel after tunnels we passed and the place was not at an elevation, but deep in the womb of the Himalayas. The numerous tunnels we passed led us finally in to a triangular open space, which resembled exactly as a womb. The warm water in two streams flowed down from the far two corners of the triangle, and join as a single stream at its center, to flow down eastward through the tunnels to the Ganges. It appeared we had traveled through a vaginal tunnel in to a womb space. That open space was with lush green grass, flower plants and fruit bearing trees, with charming birds and butterflies.

And in the centre, where the two streams flew in one, was a big flat rock crowned with a beautiful statue of a naked girl. The naked girl, standing on her right leg, had lifted her left leg and held it in her left hand, as in a dance stance, with her head tilted right and chin up in a trance. Her boobs were big and firm, waist narrow, hips flared out and thighs round and plump on long legs. Her vulva was chiseled in to a blooming rose revealing a secret slit. Ah!

Om, Bhagvati Swargadwaarike

Namosthute nagna naayike.

Om, Goddess of Gateway of Heaven

We salute you, naked lead-woman

Chanted my grandfather. All others followed. And the crane, which led us there, flew up and disappeared.

As grandpa told we plucked flowers and made two garlands. And we all got rid of our cloths and stepped into the sangam (confluence) to take a dip. I didn’t know how others felt, but I was a bit shy to show my properties. I had seen the nakedness of uncle Dev, Rahul, aunt Saroj and Bhavana. But of others, I hadn’t. Grandpa was an old man and his snake was sleeping head down, out of his white bush. Mommy was in good shape: her boobs and bums were the biggest and she had come well prepared, shaving her broad cunt. And it was at my brother’s cock that my eyes settled: it was as long as that of grandpa, but young and shining. I didn’t miss to notice the fire in the eyes of aunt Saroj and Bhavana, staring at his cock, the same way I did.

The water was warm, very warm, and started building up our carnal desires. I wanted to swim across into the arms of my brother, but had to restrain thinking the rituals.

Grandpa ushered us to the top of the rock. Lot of space was there. The statue of the Devi was as large as life. In front of it was an altar as wide a dining table. Grandpa applied sandal paste on my limbs and breasts and cheeks and forehead and garlanded the statue and me. Then he laid me on the altar with my head to the goddess.

And he raised a question, “Who’s right is it to initiate this virgin, among the gents present here?”

“It’s mine,” Rahul claimed, “Because I’m the one going to marry her.”

“But we follow i****t;” interrupted my mom, “In that order, her brother Anand is closer than others.”

“In that case, her father is a closer relative than her brother,” uncle Dev opined.

“But her father is a faceless man, my darkroom lover,” my mom laughed. “And who knows who he is and who can fetch him here, now?”

“I can,” replied uncle Dev and raised his right hand. In it was a ring, glittering.

“Ah, my serpent-ring!” shouted my grandpa.

All others marveled and understood what it did mean. For me it was more than a pleasant surprise. A lump I felt at my throat. Mom was in tears and rushed into her brother’s hands, kissing him fervently. “Why didn’t you tell us that it was you, when I narrated my story?” she asked uncle Dev.

“Because I had vowed at the ashram, not to open out the secrets. And now here I break my vow, in front of our goddess, for a suitable cause.”

My grandfather was apprised of the situation and he was extremely happy to know the connections. And I had a feeling of belonging. After all I was neither an outsider, nor a southerner, as I believed all these days.

“Look, Devika darling, you were lamenting of your origin,” aunt Saroj told me, “And now you turned out to be a perfect product of this family. Are you satisfied now?”

“Ham, mousi (yes, aunt).” I wept.

So it was decided that uncle Dev, my real father, to fuck me first. My mom was so happy. She herself opened the bottle and poured honey into my vaginal slot. And she poured some more honey on her right palm and was about to apply it on to Uncle Dev’s erected cock.

“Stop,” roared a female voice as a thunderclap. “I give the right to Anand Vyas the senior. His zeal to have my darshan, I favor.”

It was an oracle.

We all were stunned and frozen in fear. I jumped up; my pussy to sweat in honey.

“But, Mother Goddess, whereby shall I serve this?” Grandpa appealed in a shivering tone. “I’m well stricken in age and it ceased to be with my manhood after the manner of potent men.”

The birds all around stopped their chirping. Even the flowing stream stopped murmuring and was listening.

“Is anything too hard for the Creator Mother?” spoke the thunder. “You shall touch ‘The Heaven’s Gate’ with your withered member and be alive forever.”

That was a divine sanction. I never dreamed one can experience such things in these days.

Grandpa approached the image of the Goddess. We were observing with our breath in grip. Host of butterflies assembled on their wings, behind the Goddess, in to a vibrant backdrop.

He knelt and kissed Her right foot first, vulva next; and stood up against Her front. And then he lifted his limp tool in his shivering hand and to Her granite cunt slot he touched.

Something happened like a lightning flash.

And we saw our grandpa, facing us, as an ageless man with his head, beard and pubic hairs turned black. His cock was standing straight as a wooden log. We marveled at his change. He was speechless, tears pouring down his cheeks. All rushed to him and he embraced them, but I held back out of shyness.

They laid me again on the altar and mom poured more honey into my opening. And then she held her father’s erection with one hand and applied honey on it too with her other hand. Granddad spread my thighs and squatted in between. Mom with her honey-trenched hand guided her father’s cock to her daughter’s cunt. As his cock head meshed against my cunt petals, my lower mouth had a taste of honey. All others, one by one, touched grandpa’s cock at my cunt, as a ritual, indicating they too a party to the rite. Then they all chanted in Sanskrit a mantra, again and again,

Om, gurushroni payodhara kuladevi maatharam

Samarpayaama: vayam the navayoni maitthunam

(Om, big hipped big breasted family deity the mother,

We dedicate you the first fuck of a virgin cunt.)

As they chant, grandpa gave a push with his cock and it pierced through my honey filled cunt. I didn’t feel much pain, may be because Bhavana had widened my hole during our lesbian love; or may be of the honey, the chant, and the crowd; or of the mercy of the goddess herself.

But grandpa was a big man and I was a puny girl. Besides, his cock was the biggest of all the cocks assembled there. Think of my condition! He pinned me down with his cock, as a hunter pins down a fish with a spear. And I was gasping for air as the dying fish. But no one cared for me and all were deliberate only on chanting the mantra.

I wanted to kick out of his subjugation, but my cunt worked the other way. It clung to the monstrous cock, as if willing to be punished. And as if he grasped its mood, my grandpa started his strokes, running his piston deep and out, rubbing off the wrinkles of my sheath. In a short time my ego surrendered to my carnal cunt and I started enjoying the fuck. My breasts were fittingly small in his big hands and Grandpa squeezed them and sucked them mouthful. I ran my palms on his wide shoulders and my feet on the small of his waist. In my cupped up cunt mouth his cock roughed up. Clinging to him I groaned and shuddered at his attack. And my sheath slobbered around his cock. Following it, his cock rushed in a warm liquid and filled me down.

“Ah, Ambe Swargadwaarike!” grandpa bellowed like a bull. It was his first utterance after his contact with the goddess.

All of us wondered at his expression. He smiled at us; and explained that it was an inexpressible nothing he went through the goddess. And he said it lasted until he discharged his semen into my pit. When he discharged his semen, he said, he felt shocked like a c***d of its first breath on birth.

He kissed me and got off. I looked down at my hole. There was blood, I noticed, but I didn’t mind.

Then the next ritual took place. Starting with my mom, one by one, all knelt in between my legs and tasted, from the cup of my cunt, the honey-blood-semen syrup with the tip of their tongues. And my mom took me on to her lap; kissed all over my face, and wanted to know whether I had any pain. I said no.

And I was laid again on my back and my real father i.e. Uncle Dev entered me. Mom and aunt were on either side of my wings, kneeling, and sucking each one of my breasts. And Bhavana was kneeling on my head end, kissing my mouth. Coming behind the ladies, in doggy style, my brother Anand entered aunt Saroj and Rahul entered my mom and grandpa entered Bhavana. It looked as if the saying of the old proverb, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ had come true.

Needless to say our orgy went on and on.

In the third round, my brother accounted for my crush on him. I had his big beautiful cock beating mad my pussy than any other pricks. We fucked in the crowd but like secret lovers. “Am I as good as mom?” I murmured in his ears. “But your cunt grips so tight around my cock,” he murmured back. “Is that a complaint?” I asked. “It’s a compliment,” he answered.

We stayed there seven days. Lot of things happened on those seven days. All cunts were behind grandpa most of the time for the divine bliss his rejuvenated cock blessed in them. And my mom was found pregnant. All congratulated my brother Anand. Mom in shyness hid her face behind Anand’s back. Anand beamed proudly. On the same day I pulled Anand away and demanded him a c***d in me. Induced by my question he fucked me then and there. Others thought, it was part of our routines, because on another side, Bhavana was sliding her cunt on grandpa’s pole.

I wanted my brother to fuck me as he fucked mom on that rainy night in our kitchen. He made me bend forward against a low branch of a fruit-bearing tree and split my cunt with his thick cock from behind. It gave me an immense pleasure. Reenacting the mom’s kitchen scene gave me a secret satisfaction.

Our grandfather made us known that with his newly acquired body, he cannot enter the world of mortals. That made us sad. But he declared that, with his ever presence as an immortal in Himalayas, our family members could come at anytime to Swargadwaar even without a virgin to lead. That made us happy.

Taking charge as priest, our grandfather conducted our marriages. I was married to Rahul; and Bhavana to Anand.

And on the eighth day morning, we left Swargadwaar and our grand father to the southern city of Chennai.

As instructed by our grand father, we rebuilt the temple of Nagnadevika in the north. And also we built a temple in the south to Nagnabhavana. So was the naked statue my mom and brother found at our field named by our grandfather, in his prophetical utterance.

Our grandfather, as an immortal, resides in Himalayas. And some who spotted him says that there lives a baba in Himalayas more than 2000 years.

Twice in a year we go to Swargadwaar and enjoy with the company of our grandfather. And the temples of Nagnabhavana and Nagnadevika are there always to induce us to stick to our family love games.

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Threesome with the maid

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I recently decided to hire a maid to maintain my house. Though I often work from home, my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to keep up with the cleaning the way I’d like to, so I justified the cost. Stephanie has been coming over to clean every other week for the past three months, and until recently knew very little about my personal life.

This past week I happened to be working at home on her day to clean. She is trusted and has a key, so I’m not always there, but this day I was. She arrived and began cleaning as usual, saying hello but not minding my presence much more after that. She is a very sexy lady, about 5’9, mid 30s, thin with a few nice curves, and a very pretty face. She normally wears a skirt to work in – though it’s never a tight skirt, in fact not revealing at all – when I see her it has often made my mind wander. I respect the professional relationship, so the thoughts have always remained thoughts and have been just a fantasy for me.

My girlfriend Amber is a sales executive for a very large company here in the Dallas area. She texted me and wanted to come over on her lunch break for some play time. I told her that Stephanie was here cleaning, but Amber insisted, and threw in a few choice ideas to entice me. I said I’d figure it out and told her to let me know when she was close. Half an hour later, Amber texted me that she was exiting the highway. I found Stephanie and asked her if she could please focus on the upstairs rooms for now, as I had some business to attend to and would prefer to have silence for a bit. She obliged, said she would finish the first floor later and headed upstairs.

Amber arrived a few minutes later. She walked in, gave me a big kiss and said “fuck me”. Who am I to say no to that? Knowing that Stephanie would be working upstairs for about an hour, we went to the living room. I stripped my clothes off, while Amber stripped down to her panties, to tease me. She sat on my lap and kissed me deeply. I reminded her that Stephanie was here and she said “she’s upstairs right? She’ll be up there for a while, I want you to beg for my pussy”. She began grinding on my hard cock, leaned back with one arm around my neck and the other on the couch when I saw something out of the corner of my eye towards the kitchen and realized – it was Stephanie.

I let Amber keep going and kept my focus on her, anticipating what might happen. After a minute or so Stephanie walked up to us, topless. She asked “who is this?” I said ” this is Amber, she’s a friend of mine.” I looked at Amber, then back at Stephanie and said “your tits are amazing. What do you think honey?” Without hesitation Amber leaned over and began to fondle her tits and suck on her nipples. Stephanie sighed and grabbed the back of Amber’s head. Amber was grinding harder on me now, having her face firmly pressed into Stephanie’s breast and her hand squeezing the other one. She caressed and suckled for a minute then pulled back, looked at Stephanie and said “do you want his cock?” She said yes. Amber grabbed it at the base, her hand covering less than half of it and said “how bad do you want it?” Stephanie said “I came downstairs to get a couple of things. I saw you two and couldn’t stop watching. That’s a huge cock, I want to fuck him if that’s ok with you.” Amber pushed Stephanie’s head down and said “then suck his dick and get it ready for you.”

Stephanie eagerly went down on me immediately – standing at the edge of the couch, bent over, in her skirt. Amber removed her panties, I laid back and she sat on my face. Stephanie began slow, grabbing my cock and gently stroking it while licking the head. Amber moaned as I ate her pussy and said to Stephanie “you’ll need to do better than that if you want to fuck him.” Stephanie took her time working down my shaft, slowly taking more and more. Amber began to rock back and forth on my tongue, rubbing her clit, pussy, and ass on it. Stephanie was just over halfway down on me, Amber said “here, let me show you what he likes.” Stephanie lifted her head, and Amber went down. Since Stephanie already had over half of my cock lubed with her saliva, Amber easily went all the way down in just a couple of tries. She lingered at the base for a few seconds then came up. I was fiercely flicking her clit with my tongue and fingering her at this point, and I could tell she was ready to cum. She said “do you think you can do that?” between moans. As Stephanie’s lips wrapped around my cock again, Amber came on my face.

I watched as Amber stood up and walked behind her, sliding her hand across Stephanie’s back, over her skirt, then down her leg as Amber squatted down behind her. She lifted up the skirt and said “she’s not wearing panties. You dirty little slut.” and smacked her on the ass. Amber started eating her pussy, which made Stephanie moan and suck my cock a little harder, faster and deeper. I enjoyed the situation for a moment, then told Amber to lick her ass while rubbing her clit. Stephanie moaned louder this time. I said “tongue fuck her ass, she’s almost going all the way down on me!” As Amber slid her tongue inside, Stephanie’s lips slid to the base of my cock.

I was in heaven. Looking down Stephanie’s sexy body at Amber eating her ass while she worked my cock deep in her throat was an amazing sight. I felt the urge to cum beginning, but didn’t want to end this dream so quickly. I waited for Amber to look up at me, then gave her a nod. I didn’t need to say a word – she knew exactly what I was suggesting. Amber stood up, gave Stephanie another smack on the ass and said “I’ll be right back. Don’t let him cum.” She walked out of the room, and I pulled Stephanie up to kiss her. I mentioned how incredibly sexy she was, and that I never imagined something like this would happen. She playfully said she had been lusting for me since she was hired, but had not felt it was appropriate to approach me until she saw Amber and I playing. “She is very beautiful. As I was watching her ride you, I couldn’t help but think what it would be like to experience both of you. I decided to take a chance that you would both be receptive, and I’m glad you are.” I told her that Amber enjoys playing with women and that she would be back any time to join us again.

I removed her skirt, layed back and pulled her on top of me, kissing her again, then moving to her breasts. I slid a finger inside her pussy, then two – she was dripping wet. She moaned as I fingered her, now kissing on my neck. I saw Amber walk in from behind Stephanie so she couldn’t see. She was completely naked, except for the strap-on she was wearing. I pulled my fingers out and put them in her mouth. “How does your pussy taste?” I asked as she sucked my fingers clean. She moaned “mmmmmmm”. As Amber walked up silently behind her, I leaned in and asked her “would you like to have a hard cock inside you?” “Yes please.” Amber plunged her strap-on into Stephanie’s pussy, grabbing her hips and pushing deep inside her. Stephanie gasped and looked at me with a bit of confusion, then she smiled. I sat up and pushed Stephanie’s head towards my cock, which she eagerly began sucking again.

Amber continued thrusting hard, Stephanie moaning loudly with my cock in her mouth. I pulled out and said “I want to watch her fuck you and make you cum.” Stephanie clutched the couch as I moved beside her, now almost screaming. I watched as both pairs of tits bounced wildly, Amber pounding away. Stephanie buried her face in a pillow and screamed. She raised her head and said “fuck me! Fuck me! Yes fuck me! I’m going to cum!” Amber kept going, never letting up, until Stephanie screamed “FUCK. YES. I’M CUMMIIIIIIIIING!” Her orgasm seemed to last forever, until Amber slowed down, eventually pulled out, and Stephanie collapsed on the couch.

Amber walked up, playfully running her hand up Stephanie’s leg, across her ass and over her back. Sitting in front of her on the armrest of couch, she said “suck your juices off my cock.” Stephanie sat up on her hands and knees and took the cock in her mouth, working it like she had worked mine, cleaning every bit of it. I kissed Amber, then walked behind Stephanie, burying my face in her soaked pussy. While she sucked Amber’s strap-on, I ate her pussy and ass while I fingered her again. She was moaning again, writhing on my face and fingers. I could tell she was ready for another round, so I sat up and pushed my cock into her pussy.

I could see why she came so hard – she was incredibly tight, and Amber’s strap-on is 9″ and quite thick. As I began to fuck her I could feel her juices running down my thighs. She didn’t last as long on the heels of her first orgasm, and came within minutes. Amber leaned over and slid a finger into Stephanie’s ass. She let out a great moan, obviously enjoying having both holes pleasured. Amber soon slipped a second finger in, followed shortly by a third. “Look at this baby, I think she’s ready to take your cock in her ass.” With the strap-on still in her mouth, Stephanie gave a muffled “mmm hmmmmmmm”. Amber pulled her fingers out, and I switched holes. I pushed slowly, though her ass seemed to be sucking my cock in. “Oh my God” she sighed as I pushed deeper, slowly watching my cock disappear.

I worked her up to a full on pounding, her moans turning into screams again. Amber sat back and watched me as I enjoyed fucking the maid in the ass. Stephanie soon came again, this time harder and louder than the first. As she was recovering, Amber slid down on the couch and got below Stephanie and began kissing her. I went down and tongued Stephanie’s ass and pussy for a few minutes while they enjoyed each other’s bodies. Amber grabbed Stephanie’s ass and pulled it down towards her, I sat back and guided the strap-on into Stephanie’s still dripping pussy. I watched as Stephanie bounced up and down on that cock, enjoying the incredible view I had. After a couple of minutes, Amber grabbed her ass again and held it still while she took over. Pounding her pussy hard, she spread Stephanie’s ass cheeks. I slid my tongue in and out of Stephanie’s ass a few times then sat up and positioned myself to enter her again.

This time I didn’t go slow. Amber was still fucking her hard; I placed the head of my cock against her tight hole and with one thrust, pushed all the way into Stephanie’s ass. She let out an incredible moan as we filled both of her holes. Amber and I fucked her hard, then Stephanie started riding us. We both slowed down as Stephanie pushed herself onto our cocks; I repositioned a little to get us both in line. Stephanie was now full on dp impaling herself, pulling out almost to the tip and pushing all the way down on both of us. She was fucking us hard, screaming loudly. When she came, it was so intense that we knew she was completely satisfied.

She layed down on Amber’s body, kissing her deeply again. I layed on top of her, caressing her body and kissing the back of her neck, keeping my cock in her ass for a minute then slowly pulling it out. She whimpered a bit as the head popped out, but she was still latched on to Amber’s face. I said I’d be back shortly and went to take a shower.

When I returned the tables had turned – Stephanie was laying on her back wearing the strap-on and Amber was riding her hard. They were sitting up on the couch – Amber’s eyes were closed, her hands on Stephanie’s tits. I walked up behind them and watched Amber’s ass bounce up and down on that cock. When I could tell she was about to cum I slid a finger inside her ass and she orgasmed instantly. I walked around to the back side of the couch and put my hard cock in front of Amber; she leaned over and blew me, while reaching back to finger Stephanie. I grabbed her head and shoved it down on my cock, making her take it deep. I pulled her up by her hair to look at me and said “I want to fuck you so bad.” She said “you’ll have to wait until she’s done with me” and winked.

Stephanie turned and laid down on the couch, the strap-on still inside Amber’s pussy. Amber turned and leaned over her, their nipples rubbing against each others. Stephanie grabbed Amber’s ass and began fucking her slowly while I moved in above Stephanie’s face, offering my cock to Amber again. As she leaned down to reach my cock with her mouth, I sat just enough to position my balls above Stephanie’s face. Stephanie began sucking on my balls just as Amber took me in her mouth. Amber started riding her while they pleased me, working me up so much that I slid forward until Stephanie’s tongue was on my ass. I reached back and spread my cheeks enough for her tongue to penetrate me, while Amber deepthroated me and rode her cock. If you’ve never experienced a tongue in your ass while getting a blowjob, I couldn’t begin to explain the euphoric sensations you’re missing out on. Amber fucked the strap-on furiously, eventually pulling away from my cock to focus on her own orgasm. I grabbed her left breast and squeezed as she bounced up and down until she came again.

She fell back on to the couch. I leaned down, pushing the strap-on down to Stephanie’s belly, licking her clit and fingering her pussy through the gap in the strap-on while she sucked my cock. Amber was laid back in front of me, legs spread wide, head hanging back off of the side of the couch. I reached up with my other hand and slid two fingers inside her, leaned in and licked her pussy; she moaned and grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me in. Having my dick sucked with my face between two pussies had me more than ready. Amber, still having her head over the side of the couch, one hand over the armrest and the other grasping my hair whispered “fuck me”.

I sat up, turned around and motioned to Stephanie to remove the strap-on. She stood up to do so and I pulled Amber’s legs over my shoulders. I rubbed the head of my cock in little circles around her pussy. She grabbed my ass and tried to pull me in, but I resisted. Though she had allowed me an amazing experience, I wanted to tease her just as she had teased me in the beginning. I moved up and rubbed my cock over her clit, side to side at first, then I pressed flat against her and began to slide back and forth, bringing it down until the tip was right at her entrance, then sliding all the way up. I looked at Stephanie who was watching, and pointed to her pussy, then to Amber. Stephanie walked around the couch and straddled her face, grabbed her head and lifted it up. She graciously ate Stephanie’s pussy while I continued to tease her with my cock. Stephanie leaned towards me, moaning. I reached out and grabbed her breasts, squeezing her nipples to pull her in for a kiss. Both of us rubbing our bodies on Amber’s, I felt my cock go a little further down than intended and I slipped inside.

Amber let out a muffled moan, not stopping her pussy eating duty. I grabbed her thighs and made long, deep, slow strokes in and out. I looked at Stephanie and mouthed “rub her clit”. She reached down and put her hand on Amber’s clit, stimulating it as I fucked her. Amber moaned loudly and I began to fuck her hard and fast. She leaned her head back again, panting and moaning. “Please make me cum” she said. I kissed Stephanie again, still squeezing one of her nipples. I whispered “suck on her tits” and Stephanie immediately went down. Amber was at the verge of climax, and that set her off. She grabbed Stephanie’s head and bucked on my cock as she came, releasing a series of screams.

I pulled out and sat down on the couch as Amber went limp and laid across the armrest. Stephanie walked to me and asked “when are you going to get off?” as she kneeled and started sucking my cock. Amber got up and joined her, licking my balls and ass. They worked my cock together for just a minute before Amber climbed up and started riding me; Stephanie went down and started sucking on my balls. I grabbed Amber’s tits as she fucked me hard. I pulled her close, took one breast in my mouth, one arm around her shoulders and the other around her waist. I looked up at her and said “don’t stop baby, I’m going to cum.” She fucked me harder, moaning “me too!” I exploded into her pussy as she came, my cum shooting deep inside as her juices flowed out. I was well emptied by the time she slowed down as she finished. We laid there for a minute, then Amber looked at Stephanie an said “I have a pussy full of cum, if you want it.” Stephanie turned around and got ready; Amber pulled off of me and moved slightly to position herself over Stephanie’s face. She squatted down and pushed my cum out into Stephanie’s mouth, Stephanie eagerly licking her pussy to get every bit she could. She swallowed and stood up. They kissed, then Amber winked at me and grabbed Stephanie’s hand to lead her to the shower.

I gave them a minute to get started, then headed upstairs to watch. They were in the master bathroom, which has a glassed-in shower, and had left the door wide open – I could see them clearly in the mirror from the doorway. They were kissing and rubbing each other’s bodies with body wash. Amber turned Stephanie towards the far wall, grabbing her wrists and putting them on the wall above her head. She slid down Stephanie’s body, grabbed her hips and pulled them back. My cock got hard again as I watched Amber start to lick Stephanie’s pussy. She reached down to rub herself, while sliding a couple of fingers inside Stephanie with her other hand. Stephanie moaned loudly; Amber’s moans were muffled from her face begin buried in Stephanie’s ass. Amber sat back, fingering herself wildly. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. YESSSSSSS, AAAAHHHH!” She sat there panting for a moment, then looked back up at Stephanie. I thought she caught a glimpse of me in the mirror stroking my cock, but wasn’t sure. She stood up and turned Stephanie, pressing her tits flat against the glass. She shoved her fingers inside Stephanie’s pussy, banging her as hard as she had been doing to herself just a minute ago. Without looking up she said “are you going to join us or just stand there and watch?” Stephanie’s eyes opened and immediately found me in the mirror, not realizing I had been there the whole time. She looked down to find my hard cock in my hand, smiled at me and motioned with her finger for me to join.

I stepped into the shower, Amber’s fingers slowing down. She grabbed my cock and said “I assume you’ve been watching for a while, so you know it’s her turn.” She sucked me, now gently fingering Stephanie, then pulled her fingers out and guided my cock into Stephanie’s pussy. With her body pressed against the glass I had a great view from behind, and from the front through the mirror across the room. I fucked her hard, Amber standing beside us watching. She grabbed the shower head, squatted down and aimed it at us, hitting everything from my balls to Stephanie’s clit with the water stream. Stephanie’s moans turned into screams; before I knew it I could feel her pussy clenching on my cock as she came.

I turned her around to kiss her; Amber joined us, pointing the shower head to her clit. As the three of us made out, my fingers inside Stephanie, Amber said “I want you to cum again – in her ass.” Stephanie went down on me, replacing my fingers with hers in her pussy. Amber sat on the ledge at the end of the shower, putting one foot up on the ledge, spreading wide and spraying her pussy with the water. She looked at me seductively, reached around her raised leg and slid a finger into her ass; her eyes rolled back and she moaned. I grabbed Stephanie’s hand and pulled her up, turned her body sideways and bent her over, her ass right in front of Amber. I spread her cheeks, revealing her tight asshole to Amber and myself, then plunged my cock inside.

Stephanie’s ass was gripping me tightly as I made fast, deep strokes in and out of her. Amber was still fingering her ass, water pounding on her clit, watching intently from her intimately front row seat to the show. I reached up and grabbed Stephanie’s tits, which I had been watching bounce wildly in the mirror. She panted and begged me to cum inside her; Amber was moaning and nearing climax as well. I couldn’t take it much longer, and I knew they both wanted it, so I began pounding Stephanie hard. Stephanie reached down to rub her clit, my cock began to twitch. Amber came instantly, and Stephanie did too – I pushed myself all the way in, my cum shooting deep inside her, holding it there until I was done. I slowly pulled out, Stephanie stood up and we kissed deeply. She washed my body as Amber and I kissed, then I left to get dressed.

The girls came downstairs about 15 minutes later, both dressed. Amber kissed me, and thanked both of us for the best lunch ever. She looked at Stephanie and said “you can fuck him anytime you want, but only if I’m here to join you.” She left, I went back to work and Stephanie continued her chores. Later that afternoon, Stephanie let me know she was finished and would be back in two weeks. I thanked her, but could sense an awkwardness in her. I told her that while today was completely unexpected, it was amazing. I assured her that per Amber’s request, our relationship remains professional, unless either of them wanted another experience. Stephanie smiled and thanked me, said she enjoyed it as well, then left. As she walked out of my office I heard her say “oh, I must have missed this.” Pulling up her skirt she bent over to wipe something from the floor, exposing her bare ass and pussy to me. She wiped the floor, stood up and walked out.

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First Wife 3

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After Marvin left Veronika got in front with me her dress open nipples hard and swollen from Marvin sucking on them, I could see cum on her chin and thighs and asked her how she likes black cock, just smiled and said come on Friday. Marvin called again Monday evening told Veronika he wants to see her needs his dick sucked, she said meet her at Regency Mall in an houŕ, told me she was going to meet Marvin and give him a blow job did I want to go watch, said I’ll drive. We had discussed Friday night at length and decided she wants black cocks. When we got to mall saw his car and he had 2 friends with him, when I parked next to him said they didn’t believe him that he was fucking a married white woman. He told Ronnie to switch cars , get in back seat with friends, when she hesitated he said you promised you would fuck my friends, this is first 2 that’s going to fuck you. She looked at me got out and slid into back seat of Marvin car, the 2 thugs and in daylight I could see that’s what they were pulled her in and ripped her skirt and blouse off 1 pulled her head towards his crotch saying Marvin told them you a good cocksucker, suck this saw her head bobbing, other thug was playing with her cunt and ass, Marvin yelled stay out the bitches ass I’m taking that cherry Saturday night in my bed,William said he just has a finger in it, bitch is squirming to get it deeper she gonna like all that black dick balls deep up her white ass. You gonna let us fuck her up the ass too, Marvin said after he pops that white ass hole cherry all da Boyz are gonna fuck her in all her holes. Wille said fuck I’m glad you found Dat book, luv these white boys wantin us to fuck their wifes for them. I thought found the book, Christ he may have been robbing a house and found it,what have we gotten into. Veronika sucked both guys while they played with her ass, pussy and tits, after swallowing their cum Marvin told get up here and fuck me she straddled his legs and guided his dick in her cunt and started fucking him. He told the guys this is how white cunt fuck brothers,sit back and let them do it all, watch how she sucks my dick clean after I cum which she did. When we were ready to leave Marvin told her he will call this week with directions to his apt.
Marvin called Friday afternoon and gave me directions to his apartment in Southside area of Jax, asked to talk to Ronnie, she said ok a few times and hung up, said we need to go to Fredrick to get an outfit to wear. The outfit she got covered nothing, tits and nipples fully exposed,pussy exposed and accessable,ass easy to get to, she also got a sheer red mini dress and spike heels to match. Next morning she went and had hair done,nails and toenails too both in bright red with lip stick to match. Be for she showered I trimmed her pussy hair, being mid 70s there weren’t any wax shops, I did trim it shape of a heart about 1/2 inch long, as she did make up
I made sure she had shaved her legs good and didn’t miss any. She put sheer n black thigh high on then 5″ heels, open crotch pantys, french bra then the dress, nothing was hidden I hoped no neighbors were out when we left at 5pm. Needless to say she was nervous, had fucked first black cock 2 weeks ago and we were on our way to his apt for her to fuck his friends and no idea how many.
We got to Marvin apt, he was on ground floor so I could park almost at patio door, got out and walked up side walk door slid open and Marvin was there,nothing on but a hardon, when we walked in saw 5 other bulk guys all naked and hard, Marvin told me to get her dress off, they gonna fuck her first get her heated up for me to fuck her up her ass. Marvin gave her a glass filled with rum and coke,pulled her nipples while she drank it then pushed her to her knees told suck his dick then started walking backwards towards bedroom said don’t let my dick out of your mouth, made her walk on knees sucking it. I watched as she followed him into bedroom on her knees not once letting his dick slip out of her mouth, as he sat on edge of bed the other thugs came into room jarring their dicks in anticipation of fucking this hot ass white wife. Marvin told her get on bed and speed your legs the boys is gonna fuck you cunt , then to the 5 guys anyone puts more than a finger up her ass get a hole in da head, cunt and mouth only, she’s yours. Then as I watched they started taking turns fucking her cunt and mouth, Cummings in both holes and giving her several climaxes too, I looked at Marvin and saw he was hard and rubbing his dick with a lube of some kind , then when the last guy finished coming in her mouth he handed her another rum and coke, when she finished it he told the guys to get her in position, she looked at me with a worried look as they got her on her hands and knees. Once on hands and knees they pushed her shoulders down which raised her ass up, then they moved her knees forward that caused her ass cheeks to spread open exposing her little pink ass hole for all to see. Marvin got on the bed behind her asked if she’s ready to be ass fucked, nodded yes as 1 guy had his dick in her mouth,, he moved closer to her ass his 10 inch dick bouncing and hitting her ass cheeks told 2 guys to hold her arms and tits, 2 others to keep her legs spread and ass cheeks open wide then he took what ever lube he had rubbed on his dick and started rubbing it on and in her ass hole, pushing 2 fingers in and out could hear her squeal around dick in her mouth, and when he slid 3rd finger in her ass her squealing got louder and she tried moving ass away from him. Marvin yelled at the 2 holding her arms and tits to keep the cunt still, do whatever it takes, the 2 holding her legs and ass cheeks spread tightened their hold on her. Marvin added more lube to his fingers and her ass hole and pushed 4th finger in, started moving his hand back and forth finger fucking her ass, the he added lube to his dick moved up until the head was pressing against her hole, told the guys to hold her and started pushing his dick up her virgin ass hole.I watched as the head started going in he took it slow but her squealing got louder even around the dick in her mouth, Marvin was steadily going up her ass he even told her it wouldn’t hurt as bad once his mushroom head was past her sphincter, when it popped past it I watched as her rose bud contracted a little around his shaft but her squeals were still loud. He waited a minute then started pushing more dick up her ass telling her got 3 inches in your ass now, just passed 6 inches up you ass 4 more to go, then here it comes balls deep in your white ass, how’s it feel having 10 inches of big black cock up your lily white ass? She was whimpering and could see tears on her cheeks, but she never took cock out of her mouth and teeth didn’t touch it 1 time, the Marvin started to pull out, got out to head and then pushed back in, told guys this is best feeling in world, my black dick up a married white woman’s ass and its the first cock up her ass ever but it fuck in ain’t the last one going there, Marvin reached for and cupped both her tits and rolled her nipples between thumb and forfinger while he kept sliding dick in and out of her ass, saw she was bobbing her head faster now on dick in her mouth, the other 4 watching said they need her to suck their dicks now, Marvin told them in a minute, turn her loose she’s liking my dick up her ass look at how she’s sliding her ass back and forth fucking herself on my dick. Fucking her up the ass another 15 minutes Marvin went balls deep and started cumming, when he was done he let his dick go soft in her ass until it popped out, told the other guys leave her ass hole alone, fuck her cunt and mouth, the 5 thugs took turns fucking her mouth and cunt for another hour then left. Veronika was sitting on floor in front of Marvin nursing on his dick he was telling us to be here next Saturday afternoon, he is going to let crew fuck her, but her ass hole will only get his his dick.

To Be Continued

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Chapter 28 The Black Tie Ball

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28 The Black Tie Ball

I may have mentioned that Ally used to be quite ‘big’ in banking circles before she moved north – I was never too sure why she’d moved but did know she now owned her own (small) company working as an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) and had recently expanded taking on new premises and more staff. Anyway she’d been nominated for some business award or other and had won the local round (a low key affair at a local hotel) and had now been shortlisted for a regional award which was a much grander affair to be held in Harrogate at the end of February. All expenses paid two night stay in a swanky hotel, the awards ceremony (highly prestigious in financial circles apparently) and then the traditional dinner dance to follow. Ally was telling Lisa all about it and mentioned that it was a black tie / evening dress do and that she’d have to go out and buy a suitable outfit – plus hire the traditional black tie outfit for Dan “Good luck with that” I interrupted “Why?” said Ally “Have you ever seen him wear one before, or even seen a photo of him wearing one” “Well no” admitted Ally “There’s not a cat in hells chance he’ll wear it – he hates suits at the best of times and ties even more so” I informed her “Check out Tom’s wedding pictures if you don’t believe me” “He’ll hate the whole thing – he’s a bricky not a barrister” I added. ” Yeah you’re maybe right” Ally replied a little sadly” I can’t see him making polite small talk either – and his dancing skills leave a lot to be desired” she continued.

A couple of days later we went out for a drink with Dan & Ally and the subject of the ball naturally cropped up. Dan had flatly refused to accompany her – quite apart from anything else he was up to his eyes in work (which I knew to be very true) and couldn’t spare the time. Ally really didn’t want to go on her own – the two employees she’d invited were fetching their respective partners so she’d feel very awkward and out of place – plus she’d no doubt be pestered to dance with guys from other companies who she’d prefer to avoid. Lisa suddenly piped up “Why don’t you borrow Steve – he’s house-trained, quite polite most of the time and can dance – badly” “That’s actually not a bad idea” said Ally. “Erm excuse me I am here you know” I said smiling “And so am I” said Dan smiling broadly “And” he continued “I have no objection to Steve taking my place at this function – desperate though I am to attend myself” He managed to say that whilst keeping a straight face, although it was proving very difficult.

“So” said Lisa as we were laid in bed later” Will you be fucking Ally while you’re away?” “Well we will be sharing a bed – so it’s a strong possibility” I replied “Yeah Ally said the same thing” said Lisa “Ah checking up on me were you “I said feigning indignation “Not really” she replied “Just if you’re having fun with Ally I might have some fun with Dan while you’re away – now are you gonna come here and fuck my brains out?” “How can I resist” I replied kissing her hungrily, before forcing her onto her back and driving my already erect dick deep into her pussy.” God that’s good” Lisa moaned. Tonight was raw, almost a****listic sex – I fucked her as hard as I’d ever fucked anybody previously and Lisa for her part dug her nails into my back leaving marks which I’m sure are gonna turn out to be permanent. It was never gonna be a marathon session and as I felt Lisa tremble and then scream in orgasm I unloaded deep inside her “That was intense” she mumbled coming back down to earth.

The following Friday afternoon Ally and I were leaving on the short drive down to Harrogate, it’s only fifty odd miles and as expected the first 45 miles took no time at all until we hit the usual gridlock of Harrogate town centre. Soon found the hotel though and got checked in. Ally immediately spotted a number of other people who she recognised from other local financial companies and we realised that the organisers of the awards must have block booked a couple of the towns hotels – no doubt for preferential rates. Our room was on the first floor and it was a decent size with the bed at one end, a small seating area at the other and a huge (by hotel standards) ensuite bathroom – with a proper (full-size) bath and a shower over it. There was even a nice view of the greener part of Harrogate (the stray I think it’s called) from the window. We got freshened up and then went out to see what Harrogate had to offer. The conference centre where the event was due to be held was only a few hundred yards from the hotel so we had a quick look in – they were just in the midst of arranging the tables and chairs and we managed to sneak a look at the seating plan to see where our table was – just left of centre and about three rows from the front we reckoned. “Who else is on our table then” I asked “Just two of my colleagues with their partners – there’s Lynn and her husband – she’s mid-50s, deadly dull but a bloody good accountant plus Beth with her latest bloke – unless they’ve split up again” Ally explained “You’ll like Beth, she’s a former lap dancer who now sells our equity release policies” “Ah good plan” I said smiling “If the old blokes don’t sign up she teases them until they do” “Nice idea but it’s probably i*****l” replied Ally laughing. “They’re not arriving until tomorrow though” she continued. After a bit of a wander around the town centre we found a pub that looked like it did half-decent food and had an excellent meal accompanied with a couple of bottles of wine. We were a bit drunk by the time we left and although it was still fairly early we headed back to the hotel.

Once back in the room Ally stripped off and reclined on the bed dressed only in her underwear, which she removed slowly as I watched “OK Steve” said Ally quite sternly “I wanna come three times – once when you go down on me, once when you fuck me and once when you do me up the arse” “Well I’ll try” I said “but beautiful women tend to make me come more quickly” “You’re a smooth talking bastard Steve but thanks for the compliment and don’t worry about coming too quick – I can revive soft cocks” I quickly stripped and laid alongside her, we kissed and caressed for some minutes and were both breathing a little harder when we broke our embrace. “Mmmm you’re good” purred Ally as she slithered down my body until she could grab my cock which she licked like a lollipop before sliding it between her warm lips. This was a very different sort of blowjob to the one I’d received from Ally back at Christmas but no less erotic and stimulating. I was forced to tap her on the shoulder as she promised to bring things to a premature end if she continued. “You could have come in my mouth if you’d wanted Steve” she said breaking contact with my cock. “Want me to go down on you now” I asked “No I want cock “she replied quite fiercely positioning herself above my very erect cock before sinking slowly down on it. “Mmmm that always feels good” she moaned quietly before starting to ride me aggressively, she was milking me with her internal muscles too and I was about to warn her to slow things down a bit when she suddenly went rigid, her pussy clamped my cock like a vice and she shook for what seemed like ages. She lifted herself off my cock and came to lay beside me once again “Fucking hell – that took me by surprise” she said quietly “I saw stars then”

I needed to take a break to prevent things coming to a premature end, so with this in mind I moved down the bed and positioned myself between Ally’s legs. I got her to raise her bum off the bed whilst I positioned a couple of pillows beneath her so when she laid down again she was fully exposed to my gaze – and to my questing tongue which wasted no time in tracing the outline of her swollen labia. That brought a gasp from Ally which was repeated when I slid two fingers into her pussy. “Take your time Steve please” Ally begged “I love the way you eat pussy and I want to enjoy it before you attack my clit and I become too sensitive” I was only too pleased to do as she asked – I do actually enjoy performing oral sex on a woman, so was happy to remain between her legs for as long as necessary. I got into a rhythm of tracing around her pussy with my tongue before finger fucking her rapidly – sometimes with two fingers, sometimes with three. I could tell if I kept it up I’d make her come without touching her clit. Ally was moaning constantly and talking gibberish as her orgasm approached and moments later she reached her peak thrashing beneath me and causing me to lose contact with her pussy. “Fuck that was good” she muttered “Now go for my clit” she ordered I did as I was asked and licked at the hood of her clit before attacking the clit itself, when I placed my lips over it and sucked whilst lashing it with my tongue she came again – if anything even harder than the previous occurrence. “Fuck you’re good at that” Ally said quietly as I moved up the bed and embraced her before we kissed deeply “Mmmm I can taste myself on your lips” she whispered.

“Are you gonna take me up the arse now?” she asked “If that’s what you want” I replied She reached across to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube. She used some of the lube on my cock which she soon massaged back to full-size and then squeezed a little on my fingers which I had great fun in working well into her arse. The way Ally was squirming I think she rather enjoyed it too. She was already positioned on all fours in front of me so I moved forward and nudged her arsehole with my cock. “Ready” I asked “Yes – go for it” she insisted. I did as asked and slowly pushed my cock into her arsehole – it was as tight as I remembered and as I reached full depth Ally let out a long sigh of contentment. “God you fill me so well” she moaned “Go slow please” I started slow but couldn’t maintain that pace and slowly speeded up “Oh yeah” Ally cried “Go on – fuck my arse” I couldn’t remember ever arse fucking anybody this hard and fast before but Ally was loving it so I carried on. I was getting close to orgasm and was trying to hold back and let Ally get there first “I’m gonna cum soon” I warned her “Where do you want it” “Down my throat” she muttered between moans. Unaccustomed to fucking Ally to orgasm I wasn’t sure of the signs that she was almost there however when she went stiff as board, arched her back and clamped down on my cock so tightly I was worried it might snap I was fairly sure that she’d got there. She reversed off my cock turned around and jammed it into her mouth. It took only moments for her to bring me to orgasm too and I shot what seemed to be gallons of sperm down her throat. “Wow – quite a mouthful” Ally said, licking her lips in a most sensual manner in the process. “Satisfied?” I asked with a smile “Mmmm for now” she confirmed. We both fell asleep shortly afterwards.

I’d forgotten to set the alarm on my phone, so too had Ally so we almost slept through breakfast and just had time to throw some clothes on before running down to the dining room. After eating a very nice full English it was almost 10am before we returned to the room to shower and get ready for the day. Ally stripped and jumped into the bath-tub to shower, I followed and the sight of her naked body had predictable results – my cock stiffening rapidly. Ally noticed and beckoned me closer “Fuck me, make me come but don’t come inside me” she commanded. She remained where she was in the bath-tub but turned to face the wall, braced herself against it and presented her pert derriere towards me. I didn’t need inviting twice joining her in the tub and after a quick exploratory caress of her pussy I slipped my cock smoothly inside her. “Mmmm that’s good” she moaned, her voice somewhat muffled by the noise of the shower. I grabbed her around the waist to pull her closer and then really went for it thrusting as hard as I could. “Slow down a bit Steve” Ally requested “I don’t wanna come too quick – this feels so good” I slowed a little – nice rhythmic strokes that were effective for both of us. I reached and grabbed Ally’s hair and pulled her head back a little, this caused her to arch her back and altered the angle my dick was hammering into her “Oh fuck yesssss” she cried “That’s good” I could tell by her breathing that an orgasm was imminent and I was about to finger her arse (which I knew would do the trick) when I realised we were being watched. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a girl stood watching us through the partially open bathroom door. By the purple uniform I realised she was probably the chambermaid and we hadn’t heard her knock due to the noise of the shower.

Had this been a work of fiction no doubt the chambermaid would have joined us in a naked romp, however things like that don’t happen in real life, she saw I’d spotted her, flushed a lovely pink colour and disappeared from the door-way. Meanwhile Ally had almost reached her peak and a few harder thrusts from me were all it took to send her over the edge. “Fuck that was good but my legs have gone” she said moving across and sitting on the edge of the bath “Come here and let me finish you off” she continued taking my very erect cock into her mouth. It didn’t take long to bring me to the edge and Ally held me there for a moment before sucking hard and squeezing my balls. I erupted explosively and I thought for a moment Ally was gonna choke but she recovered her composure and swallowed the lot. Ally still hadn’t realised we’d been spied on and insisted I should have invited the chambermaid to join us – I told her she’d been watching too many porn films. We towelled ourselves dry and then dressed before having another stroll around Harrogate.

Despite being February it was a nice, sunny day, we had a stroll down Parliament Street with its overpriced galleries and boutiques, laughing at the pensioners queuing outside Betty’s tea room for expensive sandwiches and fancy cakes. Ally did have a look in one of the boutiques but came out quite quickly when she realised the dress she was admiring was a few pence short of five hundred quid. Short of visiting The Spa we’d exhausted Harrogate’s possibilities by lunchtime so I suggested we nip to the neighbouring town of Knaresborough for lunch. We had a cracking lunch in a local pub and by the time we got back to the hotel it was about time to start getting ready for the ceremony – apparently we were supposed to be at the venue by 6.00pm, although Ally had arranged to meet her staff in our hotel lobby 15 minutes earlier. I just had the standard gentleman’s evening suit – I’ve owned one for years but fortunately don’t need to wear it very often. I hadn’t seen the outfit Ally was intending to wear but she emerged from the bathroom wearing very new looking and sexy black underwear – including stockings and suspenders. I gave her a wolf whistle just to be polite. “Take a photo and send it to Dan please Steve” she asked “Show him what he’s missing” I did as she asked and moments later got a picture back from Dan of his cock jammed down Lisa’s throat with my message repeated ‘See what YOU’RE missing” it simply said.

A few minutes later we were ready to leave, Ally looking fabulous in a ‘little black dress’ which, so she told me later, are currently back in fashion for these grand occasions. With her black stilettos and wearing her hair up she was almost as tall as me. “How are you introducing me to your colleagues by the way?” I asked her as we strolled into the lobby. “Just a friend” she replied “they’ve already met Dan when he’s picked me up from work previously – although I may change that later if I’m trying to get rid of someone” Ally spotted the rest of her company – I guessed the middle aged couple were Lynn and husband (later discovered to be called Nev – nice enough chap but with no real hobbies or interests) – and the girl on her own I guessed must be Beth (about 30 with a cracking set of boobs, long, jet-black hair and darkly pretty in a gothic sort of style) I could see why she’d do well as a lap dancer. “Where’s Keith?” Ally asked her “Don’t know, don’t care, he’s been fucking around behind my back again so I’ve told him to sling his hook” Beth answered in a soft, scouse accent. After the introductions were complete we moved on to the conference centre. There were drinks and nibbles on offer as we entered the building and I could see Ally had spotted a few people she knew. Shortly we were called into the main room for dinner and the awards ceremony itself. Ally was shortlisted for two awards – she didn’t win either but did receive ‘Highly Commended” status, which still involved an appearance on the stage and a swish looking pair of trophies and certificates. Everybody on our table seemed very pleased with the result.

After the awards was the obligatory dancing and I got called up a couple of times by Ally and once by Beth who you could tell was an ex-dancer as she was a great mover, if a little risqué at times. I also had to rescue Ally from the clutches of associates of her who were dancing just a little too close. Beth was a little drunk by now and had to be restrained from giving Nev a lap-dance – although I don’t think he was objecting. I don’t know what time the dancing continued until but we left about midnight and made the short walk back to the hotel where Lynn & Nev went straight to their room.

Beth was intent on carrying on the party and insisted on accompanying us to our room. She slumped in the chair at the foot of the bed with a half bottle of vodka that she seemed committed to finishing. She’d barely had a glass when she either fell asleep or passed out where she was sat so Ally and I took our chance and got into bed. “No demands tonight Steve” she whispered “Just fuck me nice and slow and make me come” We lay in each other’s arms for some time just kissing and caressing until we were both very aroused. I got on top and slid my very erect cock slowly into Ally’s damp pussy “Mmmm lovely” she murmured and I could feel her trembling slightly every time I sunk down to full-depth. We were fairly tightly constrained beneath the bed covers and it took me back to the sex we’d shared back before Christmas. Ally must have remembered too as she was using her internal muscles to heighten her pleasure and building quickly to an orgasm “Oh it’s fucking good Steve – just like last time” she moaned and just a minute or two later she murmured “I can feel it – I’m gonna fucking come” and she did with a similar outcome to the previous occasion. “That was fucking unbelievable again – did you come” she asked “Not yet” I confirmed.

As we were laid gently kissing and caressing I suddenly heard something, initially I thought it was coming from an adjacent room but I soon realised it was emanating from the room we were in – it was the quite unmistakable sound of a woman approaching orgasm but trying to stifle the sound. I nudged Ally who’d also heard it and urged me to turn the bedside lamp on. I did as she asked and we were greeted with the sight of a half-naked Beth sat with her legs up on the coffee table, dress around her waist with three fingers of one hand jammed up her pussy and the other hand frantically rubbing at her clit. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover up when the light came on, but was too close to orgasm to stop for long and returned to her frantic masturbation. Beth was wailing in frustration as she couldn’t quite achieve her peak – I nudged Ally to go and help her out. She slid out of bed, took a couple of steps towards Beth and then dropped to her knees in front of her. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and clamped her mouth over Beth’s clit. It only took a few moments for Ally to work her magic and give Beth the orgasm she craved.

“I’m sorry guys” said Beth once she’d recovered “but I woke up, heard you two fucking and couldn’t help myself – I tried to be as quiet as possible but obviously I wasn’t” “You should have jumped in and joined us” said Ally smiling “I did think about it but I wasn’t sure what the score was with you two – I was pretty sure Steve wasn’t the guy I’d seen picking you up from work now and then so if you were having an affair I didn’t wanna get involved.” Beth explained. Ally told her why I was here and a little about our sex life back home “So you jumping into bed with us would not be an unusual occurrence” Ally concluded smiling at Beth. “In that case I’ll come join you” said Beth as she stood and let her dress fall to the floor. She unclipped her bra and I got a first view of her fabulous breasts – they were large but surprisingly firm and beautifully well-rounded. I did think she might have had some silicon enhancements but Ally assured me later that they were 100% natural. As she came closer and I was able to get my hands on them they certainly felt real enough. She laid between me and Ally and I began fondling one breast whilst teasing a nipple with my tongue – Ally doing the same on the other side. Beth was squirming with the dual sensation and begging us (very quietly) to stop.” God I’m feeling so turned on – I need cock” Beth said a little more loudly whilst making a grab at my crotch. “I’m sure Steve will give you what you want” said Ally quietly “But will you give me what I want?” “I dunno” murmured Beth who was squirming again as I was running a finger around her pussy. “What is it you want?” she continued “I want eating out until I cum” said Ally bluntly “OK” said Beth “I’ve never really done it before -I’ve always had something of a yearning for it but I’ve never had the opportunity”

Ally scooted up to the top of the bed with her back to the headboard and her legs parted. Beth got up on all fours and without any prompting lowered her head towards Ally’s pussy – by the look on Ally’s face she’d found her target but she stopped for a moment and looked up at Ally “Let me know if I’m doing it wrong, or if I’m missing something” she said before returning to her task. “She loves a finger or a tongue up her arse” I whispered in Beth’s ear as I moved around to get behind her. As I grabbed a handful of Beth’s lovely arse I slipped a finger into her pussy and was pleased to find she wasn’t just damp, she was soaking. Only the gentlest of pushes was required to bury my cock to the hilt. “Fuck that cock feels fat” moaned Beth as she raised her head from Ally’s crotch for a second. “Fuck me harder” commanded Beth quite fiercely. I did as I was asked and increased the pace whilst attempting to slip a finger into Beth’s arse, twice she bucked against it but the third time she allowed me access and as my finger penetrated her tight arsehole she came loudly, slumping onto her stomach my cock sliding out of her pussy as she went. “Oh my God” she murmured “that was an orgasm and a half – you guys really know what you’re doing” “Did anybody else cum” she asked sounding a bit worried “Nope – but we’re both close” I answered.

Ally took charge now “Steve get in the same position Beth was in and eat my pussy – Beth you lie under him and give him a blow-job” she directed. “Steve won’t take long to get me off and then I’ll eat your pussy Beth” “You don’t need to” Beth protested “I’ve come twice tonight already I’m more than satisfied” Ally laid back at the head of the bed once again and I got between her legs – I knew I could make her cum in just a couple of minutes but always prefer to make the pleasure last a little longer. I bunged a pillow under her so she was completely exposed to me and lifted her legs before describing lazy circles around her arsehole with my tongue, whilst sliding a finger in and out of her pussy “Ffffuuccckkk” she moaned “That feels so good”

Meanwhile Beth had positioned herself underneath me and after some gentle caresses to get me fully erect had enveloped my cock in her warm and willing mouth. She couldn’t deep throat me but whatever she was doing it was very pleasurable and I knew my orgasm wasn’t far away. Ally wanted more intimate stimulation so I started licking around her clit whilst jamming three fingers into her pussy. She was loving the sensations, moaning loudly and obviously very close to coming. I sucked hard on her clit whilst finger fucking her and that was enough to make her come again. “You’re fucking good at that” said Ally quietly before kissing me and scooting down the other end of the bed where she buried her face in Beth’s crotch. Beth hadn’t really experienced Ally’s expertise in oral sex but judging by the sounds coming from her mouth she was finding the experience most pleasurable. I’d shifted positions slightly and was gently fucking Beth’s mouth. before I pulled out, shuffled down the bed a little and slid my cock between Beth’s wonderful boobs “I couldn’t miss this opportunity” I said smiling down at her. “Are you gonna cover me in spunk?” she asked “More than likely” I replied, picking up the pace and sliding my cock back and forth faster.
Beth was heading for a big orgasm thanks to Ally’s magic touch and I was getting close myself. I was holding back a little so I came at the same time as Beth and I felt her body go tense before I heard her almost guttural moan as she hit her peak – that was my cue to cum and I did so covering her neck and chest with my sperm. “Mmmm” murmured Beth “I love that” running her fingers through the biggest patch of sperm and transferring it to her mouth. “I drank a lot of this when I used to be a dancer” Beth confessed “You did?” said Ally quizzically after joining us and helping Beth to remove all traces of my spunk. “When the guys wanted a private lap-dance it wasn’t at all unusual for them to get their cocks out and start wanking – it was against the rules but most of the girls didn’t care – and quite often they’d offer you money to wank ‘em off or give ‘em a blowjob – sometimes fifty quid for the latter” “Easy money” said Ally “It was“ agreed Beth “Two or three of them a night and you could double your wages” “Although you had to be careful” she continued “Instant dismissal if you got caught” I think Beth quite fancied carrying on but Ally and I were knackered so I pulled the quilt over us and turned out the light.

Next morning, I got awoken by the strident blaring of my mobile, Ally was still asleep beside me but Beth had disappeared – presumably returned to her own room. We didn’t have long to eat breakfast, pack and leave, so much as Ally tried to tempt me into a quick shag we really didn’t have time. We caught up with Beth in the dining room and she was most insistent that we invite her along next time we had a bit of a party. Breakfast finished, we were soon packed and away. I got a text half-way home from Lisa saying she was round Dan’s (which didn’t really surprise me) and pulling to a halt outside she was straight out and into my arms “I’ve missed you babe” she said. We went back inside where Ally & Dan were getting reacquainted and after me and Lisa did the same we sat with a cup of coffee before heading home. “Been here all weekend?” I asked Lisa “More or less” she replied “Yeah and she invited Heather round last night ‘cos Tom was on a night out with his rugby mates and the pair of ‘em ****d me” said Dan looking hurt, although I knew he’d probably loved it. “Very demanding woman that ex of yours” he continued before bursting out laughing. C’mon babe, take me home and I’ll tell you all about it” said Lisa.

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