The Banana

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When I came home you had been crying, and you tell me the story and I hug and kiss you. I say “C’mon baby, sit on Daddy’s lap and let me hold you a bit.” You say okay and sit on my lap.

“Are you comfy?” I ask , “my big belly gets in the way,” You nod your head . I hold you and nuzzle your neck as we talk. My hand on your thigh and you throw an arm around me and hug me tight your nighty opens a bit and I cup your breast, squeezing and feeling your nipple in my hand. My thumb plays with your erect nipple, and I pull you closer to me, in an attempt to get your nipple close enough for me to suck it. My hand goes to your thigh to pull you closer and slides up ur thigh.

Once there I find that you are wearing no panties, I feel the cleft in your mound. I am excited at the prospects. So as I begin to suck and lick your nipple, you hold tighter and moan. My hand is snug in the cleft of your pussy, and as I suck, I can feel your clit get erect.

I dip a finger in your wet pussy for moisture, and rub your clit, and begin to suck harder on your nipple. Your tit is completely out of your nighty now. You say “wait” and you pull off your nighty, rubbing your hard nipples on my chest: You pull off my shirt and pants and drop to your knees and begin to lick my cock. You are between my legs stroking and sucking my cock

Once he’s big and hard you pull me closer to the edge of the sofa, and straddle me, your knees on the sofa, your tits on my chest, my cock touching your pussy. You move your hips dragging your pussy lips over my cock, getting him wet with your juices. You push your tits in my face, and I suck your nipples hard. Very hard. My tongue mashes your nipples up against my palette as I suck. You get very wet, I feel your wetness as you rub my cock with your pussy

With your arms around my neck your pussy begins to push, and slides onto my cock…. going down, then waiting before coming up. We both like it. you like being filled, I like your pussy swallowing my cock

I continue to suck your nipples quite wall and soon you cum. Your wetness coating my cock, and dripping on my balls.

We get up to go in kitchen, where I take a banana, peel it, and point it down and push into your pussy, I grab some olive oil and coat my cock and ease it into your ass as you lean on the dining room table After a few strokes in and out of your ass, you start to push back, my balls hitting the banana in your cunt and the part hanging out side breaks off, falling to the floor.

“Ooooh fuck-k-k Daddy”, you say

Like riding a bucking bronc, one hand into the air, one hand on your ass, I tell you “cum Baby, cum hard. piss on my nuts, cum for me” as I pound your ass

You love my cock in your ass and you tell me so

I am thrusting deep into your ass, so hot, I love it. I hear you moan, and squish my cock, piss hitting my balls and legs and feet, splattering onto the floor as you cum well

This was so hot, I loved it, who cares about the mess, we’ll clean the kitchen floor.

I pull out of your ass, and force my cock into your banana filled cunt, chunks of banana on the floor as my cock mashes the banana in your cunt I see some Hershey’s syrup. and I pull out, squirt some on your pussy, and shove my cock back inside you It does not take long before I cum, filling my cum with the banana in your pussy. I pull out, and lie on a dry part of kitchen floor, and you sit on my face and suck my cock, each of us with dessert in our mouths

I suck chocolate off your lips. I lick chocolate and banana out of your cunt, and you lick and suck my cock, getting him squeaky clean, so as my nose tickles your ass, with my tongue in your pussy, you grind your clit on my billy goat beard, and try to cum

I enjoy sucking your lips and pressing the tip of my nose to your ass. You are a naughty girl at heart, and as you strain to cum, a bit off piss comes forth, not much, but your body shakes and I know that you did it again

I grab my cock and start masturbating, you get close, and you push a finger in my ass hole, I love it and you let me shoot my load onto your face and into your mouth

You lick your lips, your fingers finding my cum on your face, and you lick it. Then you grin and say “Any pee for me, Daddy”? And as you hover above my cock, I let go a stream that shoots right in your mouth, dripping out onto the kitchen floor. Once my stream stops, you suck me and I squeeze small amounts of piss into ur mouth which you swallow with delight

We are a mess, the floor is a disaster, and smells of pee. I grab a paper towel and pick up banana chunks, while you get a mop and mop the floor, then wash and rinse. So we find our way to a shower to rinse off.. You do your hair as I watch., then hose out your pussy of any banana, and we soap up, and get clean

We play around, slapping towels, laughing and you run and I chase you, and pin you on the sofa, where I suck your nipples and kiss you. we are back on sofa, hugging like we were, only now we’re naked and happy

Screw our clothes. I feel your damp hair on my body, you smell sooooo good. You get up and put some music on, then come back to lie on sofa, your head in my lap. Content, we relax in each other’s arms
The BananaThe Banana 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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