Anal cherry poppin

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anal cherry poppin
The following is one of my fantasy’s of losing my anal virginity.

im sitting alone on my computer browsing older mens profiles on collarspace, squirt , silverdaddies, fetlife and nzdating occasionally checking grindr on my phone searching for a older dominant man,

when out the blue after many profile views and taps a older dominant man messages me

asking if id like to meetup for a coffee and chat to discuss limits and so forth
i agree to meet him at a local cafe at this point im hard and my cock is dripping as my mind is racing and i struggle to sleep that night.

the next day get a message with a time and what he will be wearing all morning i have raging boner and the time to meet him seems to take forever to roll around

walking into the cafe looking around i notice him sitting at a table for two in the back corner i make my way over and sit down at the table after ordering a coffee

he slides a bag under the table while saying now you have seen me if you want this to go any further take the bag to the toilet and read the note inside i nod and pick up the bag and head to toilet and enter a cubical

i open the bag and read the note ” contained in this bag is a butt plug lube and a collar if you wish to go further lube the butt plug and insert it and place the collar around your neck and your briefs in the bag then join me for your coffee”
i find my self rock hard as i lube the plug and push it in and place the collar around my neck before heading out to join him.

as he see’s the collar he says good i was hoping you would follow through faggot, i gulp nervously but find my self hard again before he tells me to hurry up and finish my drink , i drink it back quick and follow him to his car

when we enter the door to his house he attaches a leash to the collar and orders me to strip i remove the rest of my clothes before getting blinded by a flash a photo for the throphy album he exclaims before pulling me over to the edge of his bed and pushing me upon it tying my legs and arms

saying now see that laptop over there the webcam is live streaming and recording men from all over are going to be watching you take your first cock and im going to upload the recorded to xhamster
and ill take photos also to upload

when im finished with you men all across the world will see how much you love cock and will want your ass

biting my lip as he pulls out the plug replacing it his is cock groaning and biting my lip as he thrusts it in stretching my virgin hole ” thats right faggot no turning back now” he says as the thursts become deeper and harder as he pushes my back down arching my body as rams his cock into my tight hole doggy style,

i start moaning as it becomes pleasurable he spanks my as while saying ” there we go, hows it feel faggot moaning for cock fucking your hole… what are you?” im a faggot i respond, “what do love?” i love cock

i feel his cock throbing as he cums the throbing pushing me over the edge as my small cock starts cumming too

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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