Holiday Spa Pantyhose Play

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Several years ago, not long after having joined the Holiday Spa Fitness Center I had an erotic pantyhose encounter. I was just 19 at the time. As a life-long pantyhose wearer I wear pantyhose nearly every day and always under my trousers to work. My schedule for working out was every Monday, Wednesday and Friday immediately after work. When I would enter the men’s locker room I would look around for a discreet space to change. I would pull off my shoes and pull my shirt tails out. Next, I would sit my shorts or sweatpants out and peel off my socks. I would pause for a moment to listen for anyone and once I thought I was alone I would drop my trousers with my thumbs tucked into the waistband of my pantyhose. This way I removed my pantyhose and trousers at the same time. I would toss my hose in my locker and hang my shirt and pants before going in to the gym.

One day, I was getting dressed when I was caught with my pantyhose. I had put my shirt on and was debating whether or not to put the pantyhose back on. I had accidentally rolled the waistband and part of the panty. If anyone has done this you know it can sometimes be difficult to unfurl the pantyhose. I looked at them a second time and decided wearing them home wasn’t worth the effort and that I would fix them once I got home. Just as I was about to toss the pantyhose in my bag I heard a man clear his throat. I tossed the pantyhose quickly and they landed a few feet behind me on the bench. The man was an employee of the gym. He was a young, lean muscled and good looking guy. I guessed he was about 24-25 years old. My heart was pounding. He said “looks like some nice stockings, huh?” I immediately replied “they aren’t mine.” He then said “oh, well, I’m not judging, just saying they look nice, probably feel good on the skin too.” He walked past me and picked up the pantyhose by the toe of one of the legs. “Oh, its pantyhose!” he exclaimed. “Have to say, black pantyhose is sexy, don’t you think?” The only reply I could muster was “I guess so, but they aren’t mine.” He said “they aren’t your girlfriend’s?” I repeated “they aren’t mine.”

The employee next said “well, that’s a shame that these nice pantyhose were lost. Most lost items we hold in the lost and found but something like this I will just throw out.” The employee raised the pantyhose in front of him and looked at them closely. “I don’t see any rips in them, fucking shame to throw them out” he said. By this point I wanted my pantyhose back and I had a chance to really look him over and I wanted to fool around with him desperately. I didn’t say anything. After a few moments he balled the pantyhose up in his hands. “Oh these are soft” he said. “Well I guess I’ll get back to my office so I can throw these pantyhose away” he said. He kept the pantyhose balled up in his hands and walked two steps past me when he turned quickly and threw the pantyhose at me. He had a big grin on his face and asked “why are you lying? We both know they are your pantyhose.” I stammered that I was embarrassed and he said “awe, you’re so cute.” He said he had to do a few things and would be back in 15 minutes could I wait there for him and would I put the pantyhose on.

I put the pantyhose on, then my trousers over top and sat dressed in the locker room waiting for him. Fifteen minutes later he entered the locker room. He was pleasantly surprised that I waited for him. He asked “why did you wait for me? You had every opportunity to leave.” I told him I thought he was hot and I wanted to suck his cock. His eyes glazed over and he grunted “oh Baby, you’re going to get to, believe me!” He walked me over to a stall and asked me to drop my trousers. He wanted to see the pantyhose. He had me stand on the toilet as he rubbed his face all over my crotch and ass. “That is fucking sexy, I don’t care what anyone says, pantyhose are sexy on a man” he said. He continued rubbing my legs, kissing them, licking them, squeezing my ass, nibbling on my cock through the pantyhose as his cock strained against his track shorts. He helped me down and kissed me hard on the mouth. I could feel the heat of his hard cock against my groin. He continued kissing me while roughly groping my ass cheeks and keeping his hard cock pressed against me.

We separated and he yanked his shorts down and pulled his jockstrap to the side. OMG, I thought. I love how men look when wearing a jockstrap. I bent over and took his full length in my mouth. He let out a soft sigh and proceeded to give me instruction on how he liked oral performed on him. I wondered if he had worked out earlier. His balls and cock tasted salty and there was a masculine muskiness behind his nut sack. Not funk, just an intoxicating aroma of manliness. As I sucked his beautiful 7 inch cock he ran his hands over my back, ass and the backs of my legs, moaning softly and giving me words of encouragement.

I lowered myself, squatting in front of him and began caressing his silky haired legs, fondling his balls and cupping his ass all while sucking his tasty cock with all I had in me. I had decided that I wanted him to nut in my mouth but had not yet told him so. A couple of times he arched his back and let out an “oh fuck, fuck… whew! Baby! I almost came!” Minutes later he said “I don’t want this to end but it is going to have to soon. Can I jerk off on your pantyhose?” I said “I thought I’d get you off and let you cum in my mouth.” He cupped my face and had me stand. He leaned forward and kissed me and said “okay, you don’t have to, I won’t be disappointed.” I said “I want to do it but I can’t promise I’m going to swallow.” I took him in my mouth again and began sucking his cock in order to get him to nut. Seconds before he blew he began panting heavily and his thigh muscles bulged and his back arched. “Fuck” he muttered with his fist in his hand. We needed to remain discreet. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, Baby, suck my cock, take my load!” I felt his cock head expand and grow hot, then his cock spasmed as jet after jet of his semen spewed into my waiting mouth. He tried to pull out as the last squirt of cum entered my mouth but I wouldn’t release. I did a hard swallow of his cum and began sucking again to get every drop from his cock. “Oh shit, no, no, I can’t, ugh, ugh….stop.” He was giggling in ecstasy and implored me to stop before he passed out. He adjusted himself in his jockstrap and pulled his shorts up. He went over to the sinks and splash cool water on his face. “Damn, I’m going to smell like sex for the rest of the night” he said. I told him “well, everyone will be jealous, so just enjoy it.” “Oh you! Next time I’m going to fuck you in your pantyhose!” he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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