Single Mom – Faith & Herron

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It was a Saturday night.

Herron Owens had just arrived at 1203 Hummingbird Lane in his black 201 Cadillac Escalade EXT sport truck. He walked up the steps to the above-the garage-apartment where Faith Moreland was staying.

The five-foot-six, blonde-haired chick opened the door. She was eager for him to come inside. There was an overwhelming smell of marinara sauce in the air. She had made mozzarella-stuffed Italian sausage meatballs. They were resting in a warm pan with a store variety tomato-and-basil sauce and a small bit of the same store label pesto.

“Have a seat,” the attractive chick pointed at the futon. She went to the stove in the kitchenette and stirred the mixture. “You ready to eat, baby?”

“Yeah,” the high school football coach answered. “I didn’t eat before I got here,”

Faith put a heaping portion of angel hair pasta on a square plate, She topped it with a few meatballs and some of the sauce,

“Goddamn, girl! This shit good as hell,” the high school football coach shared.
“I’m glad you like it. It’s just an easy throw together recipe,” the thirty-four year-old lady revealed.
“Yeah, my wife can’t cook shit! Her food is either too bland or too salty.”
“Be nice.”
“I’m serious, sexy!”
“Good deal!”
“I like that you be in these lace panties when I come over.”
“You like my titties?”
“Hell yeah!”

Faith removed her red camisole. Her large, 34DD boobs fell out out. Herron examined the sweet tart in front of him and shoveled the rest of the food in his mouth,

Herron Owens had been a star athlete in his glory days. He earned a scholarship to a Division Two school where he played defensive back. He fucked white chicks almost every day while in college. The whole time Chara Simmons was at the University of Southern Mississippi waiting diligently for her. He couldn’t think of a time when he had not been screwing some lily-looking snow bunny behind Chara’s back. He was a dog and he knew it. He had been with a white girl when his wife went in labor with their youngest c***d. He kept fucking the young thing till he nutted and the drove to the hospital.

“Bend that ass over,” instructed the coach.

Faith assumed a face-down, ass-up position. Herron spanked her with his large hands. He fingered her tight pussy as his nine-inch dick grew harder. He wanted to stuff it inside the woman. He lifted her up and carried her to the full-size mattress set across the room. He entered as she cooed, “Oh, Herron!”

“Yeah, baby,” he remarked. Take this big black dick!”
“Yes, sir! Fuck me, daddy,” she cried.
“Damn! Yo pussy tight!”
You like this white girl pussy on the big nigger dick?”
“Yeah, slut! I’m fuckin’ yo tight white pussy. Take my nigga dick.”

All of a sudden a huge bang shook them from their lovemaking. It sounded like a crash. Herron pulled out his huge dick and walked to the window. He saw his truck backing up and driving into Faith’s red 1987 Porsche 944. Another crash. He ran outside to find his wife getting into her 2014 blue Ford Edge. “Fuck you,” she yelled at him.

Herron jumped in the sport utility truck. He followed his wife back home. In the driveway they began to argue.

Jeramiah Stewart was spending the night with Herron’s son, Desmond, The loud, altercation made the thirteen year-old nervous. His adoptive mother had always told him to call her pager in an emergency and say ‘Dolemite’. It was an agreement between the two of them that she would be immediately available in that moment. Jeramiah dialed the number to his mom’s pager.

Rochelle Stewart was on a date with Hugo Alazar. He was a half-French, half-Ethiopian, slender mocha-skinned man with an incredible smile. He had thick-cut pork chops topped with mango salsa on his plate. She was noshing on a steak strip dinner salad. Her pager went off. SHe looked at it and realized it was Jere’s number. “Give me a minute,” she begged off.

Her son explained that things were bad at the Owenses. SHe attempted to calm him. It was not working, He said, ‘Dolemite’. Her next reply was that she was on the way.

Hugo volunteered to drive her, but she wanted to be in charge as per usual. She said he could ride along with her, which he quickly agreed to do.

Rochelle scooped up her son and his best friend, Desmond. Dez’s older sister ran to the car as well. They sped away to Ro’s house where they washed up, changed clothes, and ate a late night snack of nachos.

Hugo had watched the entire time admiring the beautiful lady. She offered him a bed, but he declined. She gave him a blanket.

Early the next morning, she woke him to take him back to his vehicle. She stopped at a fast food place to order hotcakes and sausage patties. She placed them in the oven on warm setting so they’d be hot when the k**s got up.

The smell took tickled Jeramiah’s nose. He got out of bed and walked into the Jack-and-Jill bathroom he shared with his older brother Coree. He took a leak then splashed some water on his face. His dick was hard as a rock. He had been dreaming about porn star Tori Black. He stuffed his member into his sweatpants and went to the kitchen.

“Mornin’, ma,” the JV cornerback greeted the woman.
She replied, “Good morning, sweetie! How are you?”
“I’m okay. Last night was crazy.”
“Yes it was. But you’re safe. You can always call me.”
“I know, ma. I just wanted out of there.”
“I understand.”

By this time, Coree, the older son had risen. He was followed by Dez and Shelby. Rochelle fixed them plates. Afterwards, she cleared the table and the k**s played Uno.

Chara Owens arrived at Rochelle’s house at 10:45 a.m. Ro met her outside. She confessed, “I went crazy last night. I just knew Herron was sleeping with that woman.”

“I get it,” the physician empathized.
“I’m sick of being treated like shit,” bemoaned Chara.
“You’re not a piece of shit. You’re a smart, talented woman. He doesn’t deserve you.”
“He never has. I wasted my whole life loving him.”
“Don’t say that.”
“It’s true. I told him to move out.”
“Yeah. Are Dez and Shelby up yet?”
“Oh, yes! They’re playing cards.”

The ladies walked inside the 2800-square foot, one-story, four bedroom, three-and-a-half bath, house.

“Hey guys,” Chara said.
“Hey, mom,” Dez smiled.
“Ready to go home?”
“Yes,” admitted Shelby.

The Owenses left.

Jeramiah and Coree went to their bedrooms.

Rochelle decided she needed to call Hugo.

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