The Morning After

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Halley goes to the family planning clinic desperate for the morning after pill but gets to see the doctor practice unsafe sex on the receptionist and then she participates in even more outrageous sex acts with the both of them….

Never trust a guy I kept telling myself as I hurried to the local Family Planning Clinic intent on being the first person there.

I hadn’t lost my faith in hard cock and sensational backseat humping grinding sex. But when a guy’s frickin condom breaks and you get that seepy, oozy gooey creampie feeling between your shaved lady bits, in the full after throes of an intensely satisfying orgasm; you hate that nagging worry and guilt of possible pregnancy so much; you quickly try to push it to the back of your mind as you bask in the delightful selfish gratification of a youthful sensational climax at eighteen.

The clinic was my only choice for the safety of the morning after pill. I didn’t want my local GP reporting back to my mum unprofessionally at Church. Yeah my angelic choir girl days were long gone.

This clinic had a rep I knew for helping girls in need quickly and quietly. As I walked hastily to the clinic I recalled last night.

Jarryn had said to me as he packed his happy prick back in his pants and threw the torn leaking mess out the car window into the lookout bushes; “Sorry, but Halley you’d be unlucky to get pregnant your first time.”

Here was another dude suckered into thinking he had had virgin sex. Yeah, unlucky was every girl’s middle name with an over excited big hard fat prick between her legs when the frickin thing ruptures. Jarryn was actually a prick who should have invested in true extra large condoms not the cheap generic brand from the supermarket. His real big cock meant I needed extra protection.

This morning I was as incognito as I could make myself. I didn’t want a gossip trail in my street or at my local state college. I wasn’t denying my sluttish tendencies to myself or my whorish body needs to any guy but the frickin neighbourhood and my rival tramps at school could mind their own business.

Mmm while I was at it, I’d get a prescription for the regular pill; I had decided. Can’t trust males with bloody birth control and Jarryn’s cock was worth a second take. Fuck the dude was big and filling.

But as I turned the corner onto High Street I had my head down, my hoodie right over my fringe, my darkest sunglasses hiding my eyes; not even CCTV was getting me, as I sidled into the clinic entrance, earlier than I had anticipated. I saw the clock on the wall; it was only 8.15 am, with first come, first serve appointments beginning at 8.30. In my rush to get here and get that pill, I had been too quick. My hands were across my top. My ears full of dark brooding music from my headphones. My boots though were loudly clomping as I hit the lino floor. Surely all eyes would be on me, even if they couldn’t see my eyes. The waiting room though was empty. Good. I had that momentary; thank god none of my slutty friends were here either. They’d think I was here for a STD test.

I plonked myself in the far corner seat of the waiting area, adjusting my loose dress, my only concession to what might follow, when the doctor asked me to spread my legs for an examination; then I realised I had better see the receptionist.

I took my hoodie and glasses off. Turned off my music. Caught a look at myself through the glass front door to get my confidence up. Yeah I was fine. My brunette ponytail was cute and still neat. My shape sexy even in a loose dress and I obviously wasn’t looking pregnant, but it was only the morning after. Who knew what those devilish little semen on the loose were probably up to swimming around inside me still?

I couldn’t see anyone at the small glassed reception counter. Though the sliding panel was open. Then I realised again it wasn’t 8.30, but I wanted to be the first appointment and then I’d be quickly out of here. It was Monday. I checked with myself, my mental school timetable. I had biology at 9.00. I’d be late. Biology, well I’d failed the birth control basics last night.

I couldn’t see anyone at the counter screen. But I heard the sweetest of girly murmurs from inside the room. Oh I knew instantly a female was being serviced somewhere on her body where it was doing her the most good.

I peered in through and craned over the open service partition. OMG, the unexpected eyeful hit my senses like a dudes tongue tip on my aroused clitty, as I saw a guy, the doctor I assumed; rim the young receptionist’s gorgeous wet pink open arsehole, as she was spread doggy on top of the desk. Her crisp white uniform already creased and mussed as it was hitched up over her stunning rump and down over her lovely creamy white exposed breasts.

I mean I like my own arsehole getting the royal treatment from a guys tongue and it drives me wild. But there was something so deliciously naughty in seeing another girl get it, well not only get it, get it good, really good, and really enjoy it. She was craving it. I could see the enjoyment on her face with each delving wet probe of the guys tongue. I mean her arsehole was so glistening with tacky saliva, but I knew already my pussy was sopping as my panties stuck to my aroused girly lipettes opening like flower petals as I put pressure on them, opening and squeezing my thighs together as I soaked up a stunning dirty anal act as an unknown voyeur.

When the doctor’s middle finger started poking in and out of her flexing puckered pinkness, my fingers were just as active under my knickers enjoying spreading my smeary wetness over my engorged clitty and deeper into my pussy slit with every seeking prod of the guys now two finger deal, in the pretty near naked receptionists arsehole. The bastard I noticed had on a wedding ring which made me even more excited.

I was really turned on by the swaying jiggle of her cute titties, her cherry nipples so hard, but it was her perky breasts swaying like quivering perfectly moulded blancmanges that had me lust centred. I had never had a bi moment or bi experience, but I was having it now. I wanted to suck this girl’s tits.

Oh the bitch, she was off the desk, she had something in mind to suck herself. She gasped loudly as she saw the object of her desire and need. I barely got my hand over my mouth in time to stifle my surprise. I mean I thought Jarryn was well endowered. This doctor, probably about thirty, was packing serious male meat out of his zipper hole. And he was hard. I mean pointing to the sky, stiff and ready. Silky dangling demanding nuts too.

The receptionist started at his balls. Oh she knew what she was doing despite her youthful looks. I think I would have started there too. But right now I was watching and really frigging myself with two fingers deep in my pussy and my palm pressing into my swollen clit, as the blonde tart, licked his balls, then her tongue slid up his entire shaft in a smooth fluid motion of mutual appreciation and well then she gobbled his knob. I mean she was taking head with gusto. She was in the intense suck off zone; so fast. Focused on cock. Loving cock. Delivering her best for cock. It was a treat to watch, but I now wanted my share of this pecker too.

The speed of sex when you are in it, well you’re in it, and you reflect on the heady energetic burst of frenzy later, but to see sexual heat, to see sexual energy flare and pulse, so rapidly; god it took me by surprise. Yeah sex is actually a great spectator sport… but I was thinking it was better to come off the bench and join in.

I mean his cock was primed. Teased unbearably good by her tongue and mouth work. She was cock struck and gave her all. He had no option but to get her up hastily, spin her around, raise one leg on the desk and hold it under her thigh and plough his huge stiff pecker into her shaved waiting pussy. Their pleasure was instantaneous. He gave her the complete fat filling fit. She had the wetness. She had the grip. They had the mutual traction and attraction that made it, well great sex. It was all flesh locked and flowing together. So richly gratifying to the pair and to me. I was wetter than I had ever been between my legs. My mind so engaged in their sex too. My orgasm was a virtual body binder, everything got sensitive at once, my clitty pulsed, my thighs quivered, my chest heaved, my mind seared the pleasure, both theirs and mine in the instance.

I barely had time to realise the sod didn’t have a condom on, and yet this place was run with the intention of getting everyone to practice safe sex. Yeah I realised safe sex was as usual left to us girls. And I just hoped the receptionist was on the pill.

As the girl moaned with the doctors ramming insistent thrusting and the guy groaned with the receptionists encircling tight but leaking lubricated flesh duct, I hit the high guttural uncontainable fem-climax, the unstifled “OrRGHH” note, loud and clear. Impossible to contain. I mean I had a you beaut climax. Impossible not to, I had a front row view to amazing heated sexual synergy. I wondered as I peaked just how long these two had been working together yet holding back on getting each other and what had tipped the balance.

Of course they looked at the counter and saw me. I had made a pitched a****l pleasure sound, real loud. They saw my flushed heated face. Saw my glow of facial pleasure. Knew what I had been doing. Knew what I had seen. And was seeing.

The cocky doctor kept pumping the blonde’s exposed pussy with male pleasure. Takes a lot to stop a cock once it has pussy or arse. He was caught out but was obviously male delirious with pecker happiness yet still insisted I come in. The receptionist didn’t seem to care what I did; she was enjoying her pussy approaching the peak of her own orgasm. Nothing was stopping her pleasure. I doubt the doctor’s wife could have prised them physically apart.

As I came through the side door, it was the filthy doctor who urged both of us girls to kiss. And it was so easy to do. My first kiss with another woman ever and it was while she was being screwed senseless. I mean it was pashy and french and tongue twisting and so frickin sexy. That was until her face contorted and her body tightened as she orgasmed.

I thought the doctor must have creamed his load into her, she moaned so loudly and repeatedly. I was massaging her sweet titties that I had had my eyes on before. They were so soft and springy. Squishy and squashy as I shaped them with the push and lift of my spread hands. Her nipples so firm.

It was the grubby doctor who got me away from the young blonde’s body and eased me across the desk, my floppy dress up over my navel, my moisture stained knickers peeled off and my cute arsehole getting professional attention from the unprofessional doctor. But boy was I glad for it. His tongue action was arse riveting divine. His delving was sure and dirty in the same instance. He had the rimming and the application of mussy mushy wetness to a perfect combination. My arse craved his touch. My arse demanded his touch. My arse couldn’t believe it hadn’t got this sort of treatment before.

Just I was racing to cloud nine anal bliss, the whorette of a receptionist joined the bastard between my legs and was nibbling and sucking on my spread girly flaps at the same time. My arse in paroxysms of happiness and my pussy in spasms of girly contentment. I had it all and wanted it all. I didn’t want it to stop. I was twisting and flexing my body to try to meet the two tongues delivering unbelievable double bliss to my body.

The bitch was fingering my slit deep. Her tongue pashing with my clitty. The sod was plying two fingers to the knuckle, spreading my tight little bum-hole ready for something huge. I writhed. I moaned. I was soaking. I was aroused to the point of debasement. There was nothing the pair couldn’t do to my body that I wouldn’t approve of.

The absolute blonde harlot pulled my legs back towards my ears and squatted over my face. Her musky girly leaking liquid pussy greeting my wet lips and tongue with a smear of her inner flavours. Then she was face sitting me. Rubbing her pussy and arse in my face, seeking and urging my tongue to explore everything but especially her arsehole and her pussy. It was divinely smutty. A true pleasure treat as I licked and splashed and twisted my tongue wherever it had freedom to roam as she ground her buttocks over my face and teased her pungent sodden pussy flaps and shaved pubic mound over my cheek, nose and mouth. Filth never felt so engaging.

“Oh fuck…Oh yeah…oh fuck…yes…yes …arh…mmm…ah” from me as the doctor stopped flexing my arsehole with his fingers and eased his huge stiff knob head into my rear cupid’s furrow, my little pink puckered starfish somehow accommodating the seemingly unmanageable.

God I was brutally flexed by the bitch above me. She really pulled my legs back at the ankles, pinning my feet literally to my ears. My arsehole, I felt it give and really widen, as my body flexed over, oh hell was the doctor in bloody deep. I could feel his balls slapping against my bum cheeks. There is depth and there is the subterranean. I was arse pounded. I was bum flogged. My arsehole expanding somehow to take each deep thrust. And the pleasure plateau was achingly blissful and constrictingly intense at the same time. Like eating too much good food, my arse was over full, but I was leveraging to an intoxicating altitude of reward and punishment combined in the same decadent instance of each battering cock penetration and the sweet sensitivity of his knob close to withdrawing at my puckered rim.

Oh I knew there was heaven on earth; it was a huge cock stabbing in and out of my bum.

The bastard got his fingers teasing my clitty at the same time, as the receptionist tart somehow pulled my legs seemingly even further back and even wider. I had never felt so sexually vulnerable and so sexually voracious as in the following minutes of passionate full body encompassing bliss and open anal pitted exposure.

My arse was pummelled like a butcher tenderizing meat. Its limits of sensitivity tested and retested. I was comprehensively buggerised. I was anally gouged. I was pumped deep with creamy male seed as he finally released one hell of a huge load in my needy arsehole, just as his finger work on my clitty led to a stunning climax. But what caught me by surprise was my arseholes spasms as his cock jerked inside my butthole. My arse and my pussy giving me a series of powerful contractions together, so womanly intense and so earth shaking. I groaned. I moaned. My head was shaking from side to side. My chest heaved. My legs quivered. My body was flooded with another wave of orgasmic delight. My next orgasm catching the ripples of the climax just finished.

Well after the clean up and introductions to Dr Mark Jones and Ms Narelle Hastings, who yes had had the hots for each other since the lass had started here two weeks ago, we had coffee together. Closing the clinic with a notice that appointments would start at nine-thirty.

The suave sod gave us both the morning after pill, but in my case, only on the condition I came back this afternoon at two-thirty for a complete check up.

“What do you mean” I said innocently. I had seen the whole thing as a sensationally lucky one off.

“Oh the stirrups sweetheart and you think my cock is big, then wait till you get this” and he took from the draw a huge black linked beaded butt plug, and said, “see the ridges, designed to open your so cute rump hole, bump by bump, inch by inch, stretching you until…well that’s enough to get you thinking…off you go to college.”

As I exited the clinic; the waiting room was still luckily empty.

And there I was heading off to college. Firstly realising why the clinic was so popular with college girls. But also safe in the knowledge I wasn’t getting pregnant. My hoodie was down, my glasses were off and I was feeling so satisfied with myself and the world. My pussy and arse were both still giving me an after filled sense of happiness. And then I realised: had I said safe? But hey, safe is safe, and the wild, dangerous side of sex beckoned and I was up for whatever the afternoon held from the stirrups to that big anal beaded toy. I wanted more of Narelle too. I believed already my arse could hold anything shoved into it after the doc’s huge cock. Besides I wanted those beads, link by link, ploughed into me already.

I couldn’t wait. Who waits for sex when it’s been offered? I circled back to the Family Planning Center. I was having it all now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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