Honeymoon With 3 Men

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Honeymoon With 3 MenHoneymoon With 3 Men 2

my honeymoon was so awesome and loved my hubby a lot..

Location: Coorg – An excellent hotel with bar facilities.

I used to dress always modern, especially when going to trips, picnic. that’s too hot that you could imagine. I like to expose my beautiful assets more. Even my hubby is modern and does not restrict me on my dressing. We reached coorg on a nice early morning. We made check-in in the excellent class hotel with all the facilities.

As soon as we both went into the room, my hubby was so hot and wanted to take me on the bed. Yeah.. he is so hard and his cute cock was much erect. Sweat .. Sweat… Sweat.. Hope you understood what happened for next 1hour. Then we took some rest cuddling each other. At 8 am we came for breakfast and had a nice time. We were scheduled to visit nearby places at 10 pm and a van will pick us up with an agent/guide.

Hubby got dressed up in 3/4 shorts and a t-shirt. I got dressed in cream color kurthi and skirt. On seeing my dressed up, my hubby made a sweet request, not to wear inners.. so during the site seeing he can play easily on me. Even I loved to be free without innerwear.

We were provided with a jeep so it can travel well in hill regions, 3 other guys joined us for sight seeing from the same hotel. My hubby had an intro with those guys as well, so it would be best during the site seeing location. Intro of the 3 guys are below

Matthew – Called as Matt, nice guy with thirsty eyes. He was scanning my body well with his cute eyes.
George – Normal physic – looks like a good boy.
Kannan – As the name says. he looks naughty boy and his hands were moving like he want to crush me

During the first hour of sightseeing I was sitting near my hubby and after seeing some places. I asked hubby that I wish to get seated in the back seat of the jeep, so I can get a better view. But the actual reason is. .. I want to show my thighs and make other guys hot. I love to be a seducer. Now I am in the back seat of jeep and George will have the best view point to me… especially on my thighs. Kannan is seeing my cleavage and scanning. But they are not ready to touch my legs or hit my legs with their legs accidentally. But I needed some hot touches near my knees or lower legs. During sightseeing, I tried much to show my cleavage by bending here and there during photo poses. After lunch when getting into the jeep, I purposely made a slip off, so Matt could get his hands on me to hold. WWOOWW, as planned I get his hands holding my hips and underboob. He should also have felt that shapes and softness, then after recovering, he was making smiles to his friends.

Evening 5 pm we are back to our rooms. Our program guide came and said that they have a pub on the backside of that hotel building. That night they are launching a DJ party with drinks as well. My hubby readily agreed upon the reservation. After the guide person left, my hubby took me to bed and made a nice session and hot ride. But this time he forgot to lick my pussy and then start the ride, that was hunting me down. I got to shower and got dressed well for that pub party. my hubby got dressed in a t-shirt and 3/4th pants. I dressed in a cool wear and skirt.

Dance party pub hall:
We entered the pub hall, I was so energetic. My legs were triggering me to dance well and get tired for that night. My hubby asked me to join for dance, there were several other couples dancing here and there. People were enjoying themselves, and there was DJ music going on.

I and my hubby made slow romantic movements in the dance floor. Our hands moved well and we were enjoying the music and relaxed touches. I could see some more men coming in and my eyes got fixed on the 3 guys who came with us for site seeing. Suddenly my body asked for some more needs, as a basic girl physical needs. Gradually we moved towards the main dance floor that has dazzling lights and nothing will be clear to visibility.

Now the naughty girl inside me started coming out. I was jumping well for the music as others were doing and my boobs were juggling well, so others can get impressed. Now the bar counter got started and drinks were getting supplied to all in the dance floor. I could see many men getting around and mix match on the dance. My hubby asked my permission for taking hot drinks there, as I had some kinky ideas I allowed him for the drink. As the bar counter just got opened there was a huge crowd at that point and my hubby was entering into there. Suddenly someone called “Madam, can you dance with me”. Ya a smart guy with nice dressing asked me for a dance. I said ok 2 min. We danced well for the music and while dancing I could see his hands rolling more in my ass and hips. Yes, certainly I loved that. But during the dance in that dazzling light, I got shifted to some other area and this smart boy gave me to another friend and shouted in that music area “this is my friend he likes to have a dance with u”. I nodded and this new boy’s hands moved in most parts of my body. We both very well know that we enjoyed. He also sensed that I did not wear panties or bra inside. Suddenly he took a visiting card from his pocket and slid that in my skirt elastic. I could surely understand that he wants to meet me for some more fun.

After completing that song, I came in search of my hubby. Oh god, he was sitting near the bartender and had lots of rounds for sure. He is getting out of his senses. I tried to get him up to the room so that he will not mess up with that bar. But it’s hard for me to take him as lone. He drank a lot of rounds, so he is unable to stand or talk. so my next option is to get the help of watchman or the security of that party room. While I walk through the crowd I could feel a lot of hands touching around me. At the part of the crowd, I could see those 3 boys who were also dancing. I went directly to them and asked for a help to carry my hubby to the room.

Matt with a hornyness in his eyes said… “Yes surely, but we have not yet started drinking, by the time we help your hubby, the drinks time would be over here”

Ramya: Yes that’s ok, if you help me out, I can buy you drinks as much as you all drink.

Matt: Let me discuss with friends and decide

Ramya: Please help me out, I can buy you drinks also.

Meanwhile, those 3 were exchanging some discussions and smiling to each other

Matt: Yes we will help you and you get us the drinks.

All 3 guys helped me in carrying my hubby to my room. When we are near the door of the room, I made my hubby face on my shoulder and asked one of the guys to open the door. Ohh god, my hubby did some vomit on my shoulders and we handled it in such a way that floor is not much dirty. I put my hubby on the chair and he was in the boozer and can’t walk up sooner. My dress got dirty. I asked the 3 guys to sit and I went to wash up myself.

I now went into the bathroom and without locking the door, I just took some water and cleaned my shoulder, so my left side body got wet. As I did not wear a bra inside, my left boobs were much clear on the wet spot. Suddenly I made a plan to seduce these guys and get them on my bed. I need a hard session for so long, mind now calculates what can be done to seduce these guys.

Now I came to the main room with my left boob on my dress is wet and all 3 could see my nipple poke. Matt did not take his eyes off my boobs. I asked them. “hey guys, thanks for helping me out. Let me know your room number, so I can order whatever you would need. I mean drinks”

Below will be like conversations, so it would be best for you to understand.

Matt – “hello madam, I would need to dance for some more time”

Ramya – but you asked that you like to drink in your room

Matt – our room is next to your room, but I would like to dance for some time. I would like to dance with you for some time.

Ramya – But we need some music to dance, here nothing is available and may be we need to go back to dance floor

Matt – hey, we have a small handy player and speakers. lets dance in our room

Ramya(now I called in the room service and ordered some drinks to those 3 in their room)

Ramya – i said I will change my dress and join you all in your room for a dance

Matt – No , this dress is fine to get dancing

In few minutes drinks got delivered in the other room and I was slowly dancing with Matt. I could feel his hands rolling over my hips. Other 2 guys finished the first round of glass and came near me for dancing. Now Matt went to take a drink. now, these 2guys were standing from and back to me and caressing my hands and hips.

Both guys hands were moving here and there. Finally, Kannan took the step, his both hands are on my boobs now and he started to squeeze gently. I was really shocked with this. On seeing this, George’s hands pressed my ass well and it was grabbing and crushing. I was still smiling and moving gently to the slowly to dance movements. Guys got more courage and now Kannan hand slide in my tops to grab the bare boobs.

Kannan – wow.. guys she is not restricting, she is hot and sweet

George is not lifting my bottoms to get bare access to my ass. now the guys are getting faster than it was before. They removed my dress in a fraction of second and I was posing like an actress before them. stylish pose. both tried to suck my boobs well and hands scrolling all the way on my body. Matt now joined them and he went straight away to my pussy and at his knees.He was sitting below, lifting my one leg to his shoulder.. wow.. imagine the pose. 3 guys caressing me to the core.

Kannan – let’s take her to bed, she is dinner for us

George – i will drink another glass and get on bed

Matt – her pussy is deliciously fresh and cute.. its already wet guys

The next minute I am in bed with Matt and Kannan. they were eating my body like they found a princess.

Ramya – Guys your deal is not nice. i am completely nude and you are all in your garments.

Next second I can see hot bodies of boys near me. Yes everyone got naked and licking me well. Slowly my hand caught Matt cock. Wow. it had its own size.. and black color. It was so nice that I am nude before 3guys on my honeymoon with my hubby in the nearby room. But sounds hot and hotter for me.

Kannan brought his cock near my mouth. I know he is willing to insert in my mouth. But I said I would like to offer a suck to the guy who licks we first well. suddenly all 3 were fighting to lick my wet pussy.

Ramya – all one by one lick me .. who licks best will get the first suck of cock from me.

Slowly all took turns, Matt was the one licked perfectly and made me leak some liquid. The order of suck was this Matt, Kannan, and George. while I started sucking Matt, I made George suck on boobs and Kannan on pussy.

Sucking Matt:
Slowly tasted his balls and cock on the face. smelled well the fragrance of young cock. Gave a lick to the balls so the erection gains well. tasting the tip of cock with my tip of tongue. kissing the tip of the cock, seeing his eyes slowly take whole of the cock inside mouth gasping.. ha ha ha ,.
Without using hands. rolling my tongue on cock with a full cock inside my mouth. He felt like heaven.

Slowly sucked all 3 cocks and boys were very happy. suddenly Kannan took his bag and grabbed a pack of condoms. I know well that what they are up to. Kannan wore a condom on his erect cock.

First fuck in the room:
I confessed that I can get in anal and nothing more. As I have been an anal slut during college days I can easily enjoy and satisfy guys with my ass fuck.

Kannan changed me to doggy pose and other 2 guys came to the front. In the doggy pose, Kannan first took his ride on this white horse. others were in my mouth. Kannan was fucking me in the ass more than 30min and finally about to climax his cum in me. I took a turn and pulled out the condom and caught that jelly cock in my mouth. The second I caught the cock in mouth, it started juicing out… wow.. the first cum in my honeymoon with a boy other than hubby.

Kannan went to rest. now Matt came into position.

Matt – Dear ramya, i want to continue from here.

Now he climbed into my ass with his condom covered cock.yeah.. that was amazing. George took my mouth properly. WOW, mouth and ass pounded with cocks. Now my imaginations went and remembered the way how I used my 2 cousins in Kodaikanal.

George – ramya i want to cum on your face i would really like to cum on your face.

I smiled

Matt – Ramya i would really need to pour my cum on your ass bum.

It sounds like a nice plan and wish of guys. But as I am a cum drinking slut I needed all in the mouth. But anyway whole night is for us.

Then started the hard hits of this cute cocks. they played on me like anything., I loved the way they fucked me hard in ass and mouth .., taking turns. lovely

Matt said in my ears – l loved fucking your ass, its really fucking awesome tight ass girl.

All poured their cum on me where ever they wanted to spray. I was really feeling the real slut inside me. wow what an awesome session. Freshen up again walking nude in their room and laid down with those guys in bed. They drank next set of drinks and touching my body like I am the side dish.

As all of us are nude, I could clearly sense Matt getting hard again. Now its my turn and my slutty brain is now activated. I am Queen of anal and I should play a super role dominating guys.

Now I gave pressed and squeezed my boobs for Matt and started stroking his cock. It got little erect and its time for my slutty mouth.. wow.. sucking sucking sucking. Again guys got more energy I was on top of all. enjoyed all 3guys again.

bla bla bla…. repeated all again by as i am queen dominating all others.

Now my time to do the KERALA style .. most south Indians know this. I am on top riding their cock in my ass.. wow. it feels hot. When I ride on one cock other 2 boys are sucking my nipples. now I am jumping on the cock faster and I am going to reach a nice climax. My pussy is now dripping a lot. At the same time both boys are chewing my boobs well and added pleasure. Pleasure Pleasure Pleasure I exploded now with pussy dripping lots and cock in ass. Matt was about to cum.. I jumped off and sucked his juicy dick again. mouth gulped and filled with more sperm. Again all took turns as if I am queen and they are servants, I love the feel. Drank cum of all guys and made them tired to think anything.

Now i am satisfied for that night alone.. haaa.. lovely.

I got up and dressed up to get back to my room.

I got inside my room and saw my hubby still in deep sleep. I also joined him on the bed. Again after 30min, I heard the door bell. I woke up and opened the door.. I saw those 3 boys again at door. I just made sure my hubby didn’t hear what we are talking. they said they want to give a nice gift.Came inside again and locked the door. Made me kneel and all 3 surrounded my face and took their cocks out and shag for my face and sprayed a good load of cum and said HAPPY HONEYMOON DEAR

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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