Carmen’s bi trio

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Once a month I did a role play with Carmen, letting her decide what she wanted for sex. The day came we agreed upon and Carmen ordered me into the bedroom to dress as she wanted. In the meantime she called up her lover Josh and told him to come over and called another male friend Richard to come over and told him what she wanted him to do. As I finished dressing in a black teddy, black panties, hose and heels, Carmen had me come back out into the living room just as Josh arrived.
“What the fuck’s this?” I heard him ask Carmen, looking over at me.
“My fuckin’ hubby’s gonna be my cuckold for this little get together” she replied.
I watched as Carmen went over to Josh and began to kiss him, watching as each of them caressed the others body; Josh caressing Carmen’s tits and then crotch while Carmen rubbed his crotch. After a few minutes she looked over at me,
“You like watching me kiss another man?” she asked
“You like me caressing his crotch?” she added.
“Yes mistress” I replied
“I like watching you kiss and caress another man” I then added.
Carmen had on a sheer white top, white panties, hose and heels as I watched Josh pull her top down a bit to suck on her tit. I could hear Carmen start to moan with pleasure as Josh suck and bit at her nipple, all the while his one hand went down to caress her crotch.
“Oh fuck baby” she said
“That feels so fuckin’ good” as Josh now sucked at her other tit. Looking back at me,
“Does this turn you on you fuckin’ slut?” she asked of me as I watched Josh caress and squeeze her tits.
“Yes mistress” I began
“It turns me on” I added and it was now showing by the bulge in my panties.
Carmen broke off with Josh and went over to the table, picked up a collar and leash and turning back to me,
“On your knees” she ordered and down I went. She came over and got down on her knees in front of me,
“You’re gonna wear this for the rest of the day” she said to me as she placed the collar around my neck.
Rising up and stepping back a bit she pulled one side of her panties aside,
“Get over here and suck my cunt” she ordered me. I moved over to her and stuck my face right into her cunt and started to lick and suck on her beautiful tight cunt. While I did so Josh came up behind her and started kissing her and reaching around now caressed her tits.
While he did so, Carmen took the leather loop at the end of the leash she began to slap my back with it softly at first.
After a couple of minutes of me sucking her cunt,
“Get up” she demanded and I stood back up. She continued to slap at my face and chest with the leather loop,
“You like this slut?” she asked me.
“Yes mistress” I began
“Your slut likes it” I added.
Handing the leash over to Josh she instructed him to lead me down to the spare bedroom and when we all entered there, I saw Richard sitting on the bed with just a shirt and pair of shorts on. Taking the leash from Josh,
“Okay slut” she started
“Get on your knees and suck his cock until you get it hard” she ordered me.
I got down on my knees and leaning forward, reached up and took Richard’s limp cock in my hand and then put it in my mouth and began to suck on it. I couldn’t see behind me, but I could hear Josh move up behind Carmen and begin to kiss around her neck and caress her tits as she moaned out in pleasure.
“That’s it slut” I heard her say.
“Suck that fuckin cock” she added. Looking at Richard,
“Is he doing a good job” she asked him.
“It’s okay” he replied. Taking the leash a little tighter she began to whip my back a little harder,
“Suck that fuckin’ cock better you fuckin’ slut” she ordered me and I went after Richard’s cock with more gusto. I did my best to suck his cock deeper and better and soon his cock was rock hard. Pulling the leash hard,
“Get off you fuckin’ slut” she ordered me as I backed off Richard’s cock. Looking at me,
“Get over and suck Josh’s cock slut” she now ordered and I crawled over on my knees to Josh and since he had taken off his clothes, I was able to reach up and taking hold of his cock, stuck it in my mouth and I began to suck him off earnestly. Carmen moved over and ordered Richard to stand up and when he did, she got down on her knees and taking his hard cock in her mouth, began to suck him off. This went on for a while as both men reeled in the pleasure of having their cocks sucked; I could hear the soft moaning from each man and I knew Carmen and I were doing a good job on each of them.
After a bit more Carmen stopped and got up and went over to the dresser and took out a strap on dildo and put it on. Moving over to where I was still sucking on Josh’s cock, she reached down and taking hold of the leash,
“Stop sucking bitch” she ordered me and I sat back a bit from Josh’s cock. Looking over at Richard,
“Get over here and suck Josh’s cock” she ordered him.
Looking down at me,
“Suck my fuckin’ cock you fuckin’ whore” she demanded of me.
There we all were, me sucking away at Carmen’s dildo, Richard sucking at Josh’s cock; all of us in intense pleasure judging by the moans and groans coming out. Soon Carmen pulled away from me and ordered me onto the bed, on my hands and knees and when I was ready, she moistened my bunt hole and without any warning stuffed the dildo into my bunt hole and began to fuck me hard. I cried out in pain a bit at first, but soon began to enjoy the feeling of that dildo fucking away at my bunt hole. I heard Carmen cry out to Josh,
“Get over here lover” she said to him as she pointed to the area in front of me. Richard released Josh’s cock and he came around and climbed onto the bed in front of me.
“Suck his cock you fuckin’ whore” she poked at my ass and I moved my head up just enough to reach Josh’s cock and into my mouth it went. I was in true heaven as Carmen fucked my hole and I had Josh’s cock in my mouth, sucking on it and letting him fuck my mouth hard as he held my head in place. Richard now came over and getting behind Carmen, reached around her and began to caress and squeeze her tits. We stayed like this for minutes more until Carmen pulled out of my hole and ordered me to lie down on my back on the bed with my head next to the edge of the mattress. Moving around the bed after she got off, she climbed over my head and looking at Josh,
“Fuck me love” she said to him.
I soon had a bird’s eye view of Josh’s cock sliding in and out of Carmen’s cunt as he fucked her hard and deep. Looking at another man’s cock fucking my whore wife, feeling the little splatter of her cunt juices on my face as Josh fucked her so hard.
“What a fuckin’ joy ” I thought to myself. Getting to watch another cock fucking Carmen’s cunt; hearing her moan out in pleasure as this beautiful cock pounded away at her cunt. Watching as his balls slapped against my face and her cunt lips when he drove deep into her. I wanted to so lick his cock and her cunt that I reached down and began to jerk my own cock off. Carmen must have noticed this as she ordered Richard to suck my cock off.
Carmen climaxed just ahead of me coming in Richard’s mouth and after a brief pause, we all broke off and rested around the bed.
“Oh fuck lover” I heard Carmen say to Josh.
“Your so fuckin’ good” she added
“So much better at fucking me than my shitty whore of a husband” she added.
“Thanks baby” Josh replied as he moved up and began to kiss her passionately. As long as Carmen could suck and fuck Josh, things would be all right. And they were.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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