My Life

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There are only two flats on each floor. The entire floor is in our possession as our neighbor is residing in Saudi Arabia and the keys of that flat are with us only. It was given to us for the cleaning and maintenance purpose.

At present, we are four family members. First my dad, Mansur Ali, aged 47, second my gorgeous mom, Farida Ali aged 44, my grand-dad, Hatim Ali, aged 68 and myself. My parents work in private companies, which are located in fort area. They start in the morning for work and returns by night around 9.30 pm. I am the only c***d of my parent, as my mom had developed complications while giving birth to me. Hence, she could never conceive thereafter.

The first event started, when I was younger and still in school. One of the Saturdays, I fell sick and returned to home with a high fever. At that time my grand-mom was alive. She took to the doctor for medicine in the early evening. After early dinner, I took that medicine which had sedative in it. In those days, I used to share a bedroom with my parents and the other was used by my grand-parents.

In our bedroom, my father used to occupy a court my father’s court was near the window. My mom and I used to sleep on a floor. My mom’s mattress was first and thereafter my one. Around midnight, I woke- up as I was thirsty due to high fever and medicine dose. I opened my eyes, which were still under the effect of sedative and found my mom missing from her bed. I slowly turned my eyes to my dad’s place. I saw my dad sleeping in his bed. As I was about get up to fetch some water for me, I saw my dad’s getting up in his bed.

I saw my mom beneath him. I was shocked, as that was the first time I was seeing my mom in my father’s bed. The street light had penetrated the window curtain and the room had enough light to see their act. My mom also got up and leaned her back towards the wall. Her body was between my father’s legs, she was standing on his knees. My mom told my father in a low voice to check whether I am sleeping or not.

But my father replied that I had taken sedative to her so there was not needed to check whether I am sleeping or not. I was in total shock as I was seeing them together for the first time. I just kept on watching their act as I was curious to see that. My dad advanced towards my mom. My mom raised her both the hands to my dad’s pajama and she pulled it down. My dad’s “susu” came out swinging. I had never seen such a large ‘susu’.

What I had seen in those days were small k**s ‘susu’ which were not even an inch long. I wondered how he must be keeping it inside in his pants or pajamas. Then, my mom held it in her one hand and she leaned towards his ‘susu’ and put it in her mouth. I was totally confused to see my mom doing that act. My mom started shaking her head forward and backward. As she was doing it, my father put his one hand behind my mom’s head and started shaking her head vigorously.

And he held my mom’s breast with another hand. After sometime, my mom removed his ‘susu’ from her mouth. My father went behind my mom. She pulled her gown up to her waist and spread her both legs apart. Her gorgeous lower body was clearly visible in the semi dark room. My dad settled down between her legs and leaned his head towards my mom’s ‘veevee’. Now, my mom hold back of my father’s head and plunged it between her legs.

I could see my father’s tongue out of his mouth and he was licking her ‘veevee’. Some noise was coming out from my mom’s mouth. After sometime my mom said “Mansur, I cannot wait any more, please insert it quickly.” My dad raised his body. My mom grabbed his ‘susu’ in her hand and pulled it towards her ‘veevee’. My father slowly pressed his body toward my mom. I could not see what happed to my father’s ‘susu’ as it was not visible then.

My father’s body was on my mom’s body, he was kissing my mom and then he put his lips onto her lips. Their body remained calm for some time. My mom occasionally shook her body. But after sometime, she was shaking her body vigorously. My dad was shaking his body up and down. Bit loud noise was coming out of my mom’s mouth as dad was doing up and down of his body.

After sometime, my mom stopped shaking her body and she lied down motionlessly. My father got up and stood on his knees. He turned my mom on her stomach, she raised her body upward, and she was on her knees and on her palm. My dad went bit nearer to my mom. My mom held my dad’s ‘susu’, pulled it towards her and it vanished between my mom’s legs again. My father leaned forward and held my mom from her breast.

My mom made some noise in pain and told him to hold it lightly as she was having some pain. Then my father started shaking his body forward and backward. I could see his ‘susu’ coming out and going in between my mom’s legs. At that age, I did not know where it was going. After sometime, my father pulled it out. My mother turned around and put his ‘susu’ inside her mouth. My father held her head from the back and she stared shaking her head backward and forward.

My mom grabbed a napkin and placed it beneath her mouth. My father slow down the pace of shaking his body and then after standing motionless for a while, he pulled his ‘susu’out. My mom leaned his head slightly towards the napkin and poured some liquid out of her mouth. She cleaned her mouth and also cleaned my dad’s “susu’ and went to the attached washroom. The noise of gargle was coming out from the washroom.

And then after sometime, the noise of toilet flash sounded. My father too used the washroom and came after few minutes. My mother was setting on the bed. Both hugged each other and then parted. My father occupied his bed and my mom slowly headed towards her mattress. As she came closer to me, I closed my eyes and pretended as if I have not seen them. My body was completely wet in fear.

Then after sometime, I woke up my mom and had asked for some water, which was fetched up by my mom. I went to bed totally confused. I could not sleep, the scenes what I saw that night had gripped my mind. I could not discard them from my mind and kept on thinking it. Following morning I wanted to speak to my grand-mom about the last night incident but I could not ask it to her.

As, I was very curious, I went to bed early following night and remained awake and pretended as if I am sleeping. After an hour or so, my father came into the room and went to his bed and then after sometime my mom came in and occupied her bed which was next to me. I was lying awaked in my bed and had closed both the eyes. After a while my mom got up slowly and proceeded toward my dad’s couch. I gradually opened my eyes and looked in my father’s direction.

The strange feeling was running in my body. My body was shivering and sweating in fear as I was watching them secretly. As my mom about to reach to him, my father pulled her towards him. She fell onto his chest; her upper body was on dad’s chest and lower was hanging. She then turned her mouth towards my dad’s mouth and placed her lips onto his one. After a while, my dad pulled her entire body on top of him.

They were kissing each other madly. Then my mother lifted her body and crawled backwards and settled between my dad’s legs which were wide opened. She put her both hands on the side of his shorts and pulled down it, my dad’s ‘susu’ jumped out swinging from his shorts which my mom took into her one hand, lower her head and swallowed it in her mouth and slowly shook her head up and down.

My father was moaning slowing. She then pulled her nightly up to her chest. Her boobs were clearly visible in the dark due to her fair complexion. While keeping his ‘susu’ in her mouth she then turned her body in my father’s head direction. She placed her legs each side of my father’s face, her crotch was in front of my father’s face. And, my father hides his face between her legs. I could only see my father’s head shake. His ‘susu” was in my mom’s mouth.

After doing it for a while, my mom removed his ‘susu’ from her mouth and slowly advanced to my father’s feet. She stopped herself as her ‘veevee’ touched his ‘susu’. My dad held his ‘susu’ in one hand and started rubbing it on to my mom’s ‘veevee’. Then he stopped rubbing on it and placed it on her ‘veevee’. She stretched her hand backwards between her legs and held it there.

Then, she slowly lower her body, my father put his both the hand on her bums and pressed it hard. His entire ‘susu’ vanished inside her. His crotch was touching her ‘veevee’. She remained in that position for a while and then started riding him as if she was riding a horse. Both were moaning in excitement. She was doing it vigorously. And then, she removed it from her ‘veevee’ and herself towards my father’s face.

She set on my father’s ‘susu’ and was jumping on it rapidly. Then she slowly lower her body and fell on my father’s body. My father then removed her from him. He rode her and put his ‘susu’ into her mouth and started lifting and lowering his buttocks, after a while he removed his ‘susu’ from her mouth and set on his knees besides her. After that act, my mom raised her body and turned on to her stomach and lifted her body, my father took position between her parted legs and put his ‘susu’ there and slowly inserted it in and has stroking it in out of my mom’s ‘veevee’.

Some low noise was coming out of their mouth. After doing it for while my dad removed his ‘susu’, then my mom turned towards my dad and gulped his ‘susu’ in her mouth and started sacking her head backward and forward vigorously. Then my father removed his ‘susu’ from her mouth.

Some fluid came out her mouth. She wiped it with her nighty. Then both kissed each other. My mother took a water bottle, drank some water and gargled and swallow it. Then both caressed, kissed and then went to washroom together without putting lights on. I heard the noise of pee and then the heard noise of flash as well.

Both, then came out and went to bed. I awoke until morning, I repeatedly ruminated the incident, which was happed in from of my eyes. I was totally confused and wondering why they do that act. Since then, I used to watch them doing their act in the night. I started getting sleeps very late in the night. Most of the time I felt drowsiness in my classroom and I was never able to concentrate in my studies, resulted, losing my rank in the class.

Another incident happened in my life during June 2004, I was going to teenage life then. One night, I had severe pain in my stomach and pelvises. My parents gave me some medicine and told me to take off from the school next day. The whole morning I remained sleeping. It was around 11 am in the morning I felt wetness between my legs and had urged for pee. As I un-button my Capri and lowered it and my panty down to my thighs,

I scared to see lot of blood in my panty. I was wondering how it had happed. I thought it might be due to stomach pain. While passing urine, lot of blood oozed out from my ‘veevee’. I was scared a lot. I started crying in the bathroom. As grandma heard me crying, she came to the bathroom, knocked on the bathroom door and inquired about my well being. I was not opening the washroom door as I was very scared.

On her insistence, I slowly opened the door an am hiding me behind the door. I told my grandma to see my panty. As she saw it, she started laughing loudly. She told me that nothing has happened to me. Then, she told me to take a shower meanwhile she fetch something for me. Once I finished my shower, she entered into the bathroom and gave me two panties and asked me to wear it up to my thighs.

Then, she folded a large piece of cloth and placed it between my legs and asked me to put on it along with the cloth and told me to come out of the bathroom. She then brought tea and some breakfast for me. She told me that what I had, that is called ‘periods’ which stays for 5 to 6 days. Every grown up women gets it monthly. She also advised me to stay away from boys and men. She also advised me not to eat sour food during my period days.

She then called up my mom and cracked the news about me and asked her whether she has any sanitary pads in stock. She went to our bedroom and fetched a packet of pads and gave it to me and told me to change it as and when it was required. My mom came in the evening and also gave advises as my grandma told to me. Then, I started settling down with my periods. However, I always felt some strange feelings in my body on last three days of it.

Couple of months later, my mom had an off in lieu of one of the Sundays she worked. In the morning, my mom and my grandma were preparing breakfast for us. After some formal talk, my mom asked my grandma whether it is possible for them to accommodate me in their bedroom as I am growing to my adolescent; hence they were not comfortable during their courtship. My grandma flatly refused that Idea.

She told my mother that my grandpa also needed privacy as they are regularly enjoying their private life in that age also; as such it is not possible to shift me in their bedroom as well. Finally, they decided to shift me in the drawing room. On one of the Wednesdays, I have been told by my mom that they are worried about my studies hence they have decided that I should sleep in the drawing room and study late in night.

I cannot study in the bedroom because my father goes to bed early in the night. The following day I have been shifted to drawing room. I did not like that but I was helpless. Since, then I never able to watch my parents’ courtship. However, I always thought of that during nights. Many times I used to stand out near the closed doors of my parents and grandparents and tried to listened noises.

Further two to three months later, one day Saima and I went to my friend Amy’s place directly from the school as her parents had gone to attend a marriage. While watching TV and sipping tea, we talk a lot. Amy started talking about man and woman’s relationship and their courtship. She also told us how women conceive a c***d. And, she let us know the name of genitals in different languages. In short, we discussed about sex in a length. Most of my doubts were cleared by her.

Ever since my periods started, I like to watch my naked body in the full mirror in the bathroom. I liked to see my growing breasts/nipple and my pubic hair. On every third day of my periods, I always felt some mysterious feeling in my vulva and body. I used to clutch a pillow to my chest tightly so that I can press my tits with it during the day and in the presence of other. I liked to watch kissing and hugging scenes in movies and on TV.

Whenever, I watched such scenes, I felt shocking feeling in my body. And my pussy used to get wetness a lot and oozed lots of lubricant on to my panty between my legs. Whenever, a kitty party organized by Saima’s mother at her place, she always called me to attend it. Both of us used to listen there gossips behind the closed doors of Shaima’s room. We both enjoyed their talks.

The rule of party was that each one has to talk about their sex life this was compulsory. Their gossips were mainly on someone’s breast, on hips, on periods and their body parts. The major talk was always on their husband’s demand for sex. Most of them engaged in sex activity almost daily night and on Saturday nights multiple courtships. Many of them watch porno films with their husbands after c***dren go to bed which happened mostly on Saturday-nights.

Some uncles want to sleep naked with aunties. One uncle was fond of taking bath together under the shower while his dick is in her. I will give brief details on kitty party members. Shameem aunt’s husband had habit to make tea of her milk. Aunty got four c***dren. Her husband is old aged because she was caught in an awkward situation by her mother and her father forcefully married her with his distant cousin when she was 17 and he was a widow aged 40 having two c***dren.

Mona aunt’s husband most of the time cummed in her mouth rather than in her pussy. Noora aunty was a widow for last ten years and she was always targeted by other females. She lives with her old aged parents. Once she told another aunty that she uses “khilone” to satisfy her sex desire and had sexual relationship with her neighbor’s young son Bharat who is 23 year old and does a job in an IT company. They met in hotel and enjoy sex. When he is not available she uses “khilone”.

Haifa aunt was the most beautiful and the youngest among all. They are married for last two years and have no c***dren. Once she had miscarriage. She has to be ready for her husband once he is at home. And, she cannot wear her undergarment when he is at home. Whole evening they enjoy foreplay and sex before going to bed. He does not like someone comes to their place when he is at home.

Edwina aunty, the oldest among all and well dressed. She is a good dancer. Her husband divorced her 15 years ago when she was just 38. She has one son who works for a multi-national company. She had confessed in the party that she uses “sex toys”. It is known from other sources that she has an affair with her neighbor. She was divorced because she had an affair with her then-husband’s colleague. But she is not disclosing it.

Jessie aunty is most darling of all and she is much closed to Saima’s mom. Saima told me about her that when she was in 9th standard, she was caught red handedly having sex with her boyfriend. She was beaten up by his father, when school principal informed him about the event. Her father forced her to marry a person who was double then her age within month of the incident and widow too.

He is a wealthy businessman though. He took lots of care of Jessie aunty. At the age of 30, she has 5 c***dren. About the eldest her husband still feels that he must be of his boyfriend only. Her husband Shane is very fun loving, broad minded and fond of traveling. The couple travel extensively abroad.

She said to Saima’s mom that they like Germany because you experience freedom there when you go to their nude beaches specially. All are free like bird. You can see people in their birthday suits. You can look someone’s naked body without any hue and cry. Can Kiss someone and feel their body with no restriction. People can enjoy sex in the natural conditions and in any position without any fuss.

They like night life of Germany as well. Their casinos and bars where one can watch live porno shows. And, the city tour by lumo in the night, where one can enjoy sex while roaming on the roads of Germany. No one can see through the glass window inside as glasses are heavily tinted. And, people have no time to peep into your privacy. They are just enjoying their life. On their every visit they have utilized this facility and enjoyed sex on the streets of Germany in running lumo.

Laamiya aunty is talkative of all. She is 2 to 3 years younger than Edwina aunt, she has 5 c***dren. She was merely teenager years of age when she got married to a person, who was double her age. Her husband is very naughty even at his age. She is fond of P-films and watches with her husband regularly. And both enjoy active sex life. Gazelle aunt is a fattest in the lot. Her husband does not like her because of her ugly figure.

She has thyroid problem. She is deprived of sex by her husband who is always away from her and takes lot of liquor. And sometimes beat her as well. She too has to rely on “home-made tools” to satisfy her need. Kitty members have doubt that she is a lesbian. Kitty party members have feel that she has an affair with her maid. The saddest thing happened two years back when Ameena aunt died while delivering her eighth c***d. Her husband never stops producing c***dren in spite of doctors warning. She was good at heart.

And lastly, Saima’s mother, she has average look but very smart and good at heart. She too enjoys sex most days. She is housewife only and looks after Saima. Saima is her only c***d. She could not conceive further as she developed complication while delivering Saima.

In every kitty party we used to know something more about someone.

Once, I had decided to go to Saima’s place as she was every eager to see me in her house.

I reached to her building by 2.30pm. I decided to climb the stair case as lift was stuck at 12th floor and took the ladder which was used for transporting goods. When I reached to the second floor, I heard some noise of a female from upper staircase; I slowed down the pace of climbing so that my rubber footwear does not make noise.

As, I was climbing, the noise of male and female was clearly heard by me. When, I reached to third floor, I was shocked to see the bai of Saima’s neighbor and a watchman in courtship position. Both of them were in standing position. Kamala’s leaned back to the wall, her eyes were closed. The watchman’s back was towards me.

I sat down near the corner of the staircase and was watching. They could not notice my presence as they were in their intense courtship. Bai’s saree pallu was fallen on the floor, her saree was pulled upward, and I could see her crotch clearly. Her blouse was unbuttoned completely; her large size melons were out hanging from her chest as she was not wearing a bra. The watchman had held one of her boobs in his mouth and another one squeezing by him.

Kamla had closed her eyes as such she could not realize that I am watching them. The watchman’s pant zip was opened and his erected tool was out and in the cunt of Kamla. I could not see then in this position as it was covered by her petticoat and saree. After sometime, he started stroking her hard. Both were moaning in low noise.

I too started feeling too much heat. My nipple stared coming to the life as such my bra was getting tight. My cunt too gotten pretty wet and was oozing lots of lubricant, resulting in wetting my panty. Thank god that I had worn a Punjabi suit and not my jean or Capri. I did not know when my hand reached between my legs. I also started rubbing my cunt.

Stroking for a while, he pulled out his dick from her cunt, as he removed it; his sperm spurt out from the penis hole like a fountain and spill over her sari and the side wall. His meat was extra-large in size and semi black. Now, I could see Kamal’s boob’s as he moved sideward which were very large. When she opened her eyes, she was shock to find me on the corner of the staircase. Then, she pulled her pallu on to her shoulders.

He then quickly pushed his tool into his paint and zipped up it. I too got up quickly and rushed on to the third floor and took the lift and reached to Saima’s place, leaving them behind me. My heart was beating very fast. I told Saima to give me some water urgently and my throat was very dry. After having a glass of water, I felt bit relaxed but the incident which I saw was running in the background of my mind. Saima served me a cup of coffee, while sipping coffee; I narrated the incident to her and told not to tell to anyone.

As I was not fully relaxed, I departed early from Saima’s place and board a train. While returning back to my place, the incident kept on running in my mind. I was really fully charged. I straight away went to toilet. Then, I removed my cloths, stood naked in front of the full size mirror inside the bathroom. My nipples were totally erected, pussy was wet and oozing lot of lubricant, and my panty was soaked due to oozing lubricant.

I then sat on the floor, separated my both legs and slowly inserted the handle of the brush in my twat and started jerking in and out. The inner wall of my cunt started experiencing the great feeling. I could not push it further in as it reached to my hymn. However, I slowly kept on thrusting it in and out and once, I poked it with some force it went it further but gave me some pain. I slowly removed it and this time sliding it with vigor so that it goes fully inside.

I was having slight pain but the feeling inside was un-descriptive. I kept on sliding it until I reach to my climax. That was my first masturbation, it was really pleasing one. Then, I took cold water bath to cool my body, changed my clothes and lie down in my parent’s bed and took a nice nap. When I called up Saima and asked her about the bai and the watchman, she told me that they have not come to work since that incident took place.

One of the Mondays, the schools were closed due to some festival. I got up late by 10.30 am. My parents had gone to their offices. My grandfather was also not in the house. My grandma called me for the breakfast as she wanted to go to purchase some groceries from the market. As I completed my breakfast, my grandma departed to market. Since I have nothing to do, I then went to computer to kill the morning time.

I switched on it and waited for system to come up. Then, after sometime, computer auto played the CD which was in it. I was shocked to see that CD. It was porno film which must have watched by my parents previous night. I kept on watching it. As I kept on watching it, then I was clear about my parents doing. My body was experiencing some mysterious feeling. I didn’t know when my hand slipped inside my Capri.

My left hand was between my legs. I started rubbing my vulva. I then slide my index finger inside it and spinning my clit with it. My cunt started oozing lots of juices from it. I kept on rubbing my clit vigorously. As nobody was in the house unzipped my Capri and lower it down to my knees so that I can get good leverage to play with my pussy. I could not control myself further; I pulled the hair brush of my mom.

The handle of it was of plastic and had perfect shape and smoothness. I then removed my panty and Capri so that I can get good leverage to play with my cunt. I was naked below my waste. I spread my both legs. I hold the brush portion in my one hand, opened my cunt with other hand and was rubbing the handle on my clit and near the opening of my pussy. While doing so, I kept on watching the video and was doing exactly the same.

I was feeling great. My whole body was very warm. I could not control myself anymore, I slowly inserted the handle of the hairbrush in the lower hole my vulva. I started doing it rapidly. As the speed of the rhythm increased my buttocks stiffen. I started moaning in low noise and finally with great feeling I cum and the feeling was so special which cannot be put into words. I closed my eyes and lay down in the cot for a while.

Then I removed the brush from my cunt. I was fully shedding water from it. I took the brush to my nose and smell it. I liked the smell and then I put it in my mouth and tasted the saliva of my cunt. It was my first experience of tasting my own fluid which I enjoyed with great pleasure. That day, I watch the CD one more time in the afternoon when my grand-parents were sleeping after lunch and masturbated in the bathroom.

Since then, it was a beginning of masturbation by me until the penultimate day which took place in my life when I was enjoying the vacation after my 12 standard exams. My parents have to travel to Hyderabad as my mom’s mother was not well. My uncle (mama) called my mom and told her that my grand mom (nani) wanted to see her. This time it was some cause of concern. Hence, they took 2weeks off from the office and went to see my grand-mom, leaving me and dada behind in Mumbai.

I lost my grandmom when I was in my eleven standard due to massive heart attack. I felt very lonely in his absence. It was third week of July. It was the third day after my parent’s departure; Saima came to my place in the morning. We had lunch together. After lunch both of us surf net and not to mention what sites we must have visited as no one was around it is understood. After that we had seen a horror film called “Evil dead” a horrific horror movie. Saima left for her home around 7 in the evening as light rain started.

We, dada and I finished our dinner. And around 11.00, I went to bed but the effect of that scary movie was still in my mind. I don’t know when I slipped in my sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night as thunder stuck to Mumbai. It was pouring outside with a thunder and lightening. I was alone in my parent’s room and the door was closed. I was frightened because I had watched horror movie in the evening with Saima.

With every thunder of clouds, It was terrifying me. It was impossible for me to sleep alone in my parents room so I took my blanket and pillow and went to my grand-father’s room. He was sleeping on one side of his double bed. I slowly took the other side of the bed. I tried to sleep but I could not do so as the scene of the movie was still playing in my mind and the noise of clouds thunder. I slowly move towards my dada who was just inches far from me.

Though, I was near to him but still the effect of that scary movie was on my head. Outside, rain was in its fifth gear. I closed my eyes and was trying to sleep. And, then there was a big thunders sound of clouds with a lightening which scared me. So I just hugged him. He just shook his body and told me that nothing would happen, relax and sleep.

I was still holding him. After sometime, I realize that my hand was on his bare chest. Then I started playing with his hair on his chest while doing so my hand accidently slipped on to his one of the nipple. It was erected. I started playing with his both nipples. He hold my hand and told me not to do that But, I kept on continue it. His both the nipples were rock solid like a peanut in size.

I hold him tightly and jammed my breasts onto his back and rubbing my chest there. He again told me to leave him as it is a sin. I tried to turn him on his back but he resisted that and he stiffened his body. However, after few efforts I was able to turn him onto his back. This time his body was loose. His eyes were closed may be in shy or fear. I moved my body over to his chest and took one of the nipples in my mouth and started playing it with my tongue. His body started shivering in pleasure and started moaning in low noise.

I kept on sucking his both nipples one after another. Then, I move my face on to his face and kissed him all over there and finally jammed my lips onto his lips and hold his head pretty tight. Initially, he tried to let off my grip but unable to do so due to my tight hold. I inserted my tongue in to his mouth. He then surrendered to me and both of us now touching our tongues and sucking the juices of each other.

Meanwhile, I moved my one hand onto his belly hole and was fingering it for some time and moved my hand further down. My fingers were near his pajama string which was not tight. I could able to snick my fingers up to his crotch. His crotch was full of long curly hair. He was not wearing his undergarment. As I was circling and playing with his pubic hair, I felt some movement in his pajama.

The linen which was touching my palm skin moved upward. I further moved down my hand and grabbed his erect penis in my hand. This is the first time I had held a penis. And, shocking wave passed through my body. The feeling of touching dick was so soothing which I cannot describe in writing. Honestly, it was some special feeling never felt before. His tool was quite large, thick and throbbing which I kept on pressing hard and squeezing. I was feeling wetness in my palm.

I broke from the kiss and started unbuttoning my shirt. His eyes were shut and entire body was at my disposal. And, then lead my hand to my back and unbutton my bra too. My both the boob came out of the confinement of my bra and were hanging with nipples erected. I moved my chest further up and placed one of the boobs on to his lips and press it against it. He slowing took it into his mouth and started sucking slowing but after sometime with force.

I took his one hand and place it onto my breast. He hold tightly and started pressing hard and squeezing it. Now, he moved his hand and hold breast tightly which was in his mouth. He then started sucking each one after another. His eyes were still closed while doing this. I too started squeezing his tool vigorously. Then, removed my hand from his pajama and pulled his pajama string to loosen up it and lower it and pulled his dick out of his pajama.

Now, it was oozing transparent fluid from it. My palm was fully wet of it. As, I was feeling some strange felling between my legs, I unzipped my shorts and lower it down to my knees. My vagina was oozing fluid too from it. I felt wetness between my legs. I grabbed his one hand and placed it on to my pubic part. After initial hesitance, he slipped his hand between my legs and reached to my clits and started rubbing on it. 440 volts power passed through my body and which stated shivering in.

My entire vulva was wet. I was crossing my legs and pressing my thighs when his hand was on my pussy. After sometime, he was rubbing my entire cunt. I was feeling indescribable feeling when his finger reached to my clit and opening of the cunt. Finally, slowly he inserted his middle finger fully into my twat. A 10000 volts power swept through my body. I quickly put my hand on to his hand and was pressing it and closed my thighs tightly. Then it was my turn to moan. I kept on moaning as he continues to finger my pussy.

After sometime, I turned my legs towards each side of his head. His head was between my legs. I then moved slowly upwards and positioned my twat onto his mouth. He holds my buttocks, opened labia of my vulva, and grabbed my clit with both lips and started sucking and biting it. This act of his was giving me tremendous pleasure, my pussy was discharging lots of fluid, it was rolling down on to his face and mouth which he was swallowing.

I hold his penis in my hand and put it in to my mouth and started sucking. He put his one hand on the back of my head and forced my head toward him so that his whole penis could go into my mouth. But I could not take in in full due to size of it. I like it very much. I was feeling good as he started taking interest and supporting me. Both us kept on sucking, chewing organs of each other. The taste of his fluid, I liked.

He turned me aside and get down from the couch, pulled me on the edge of the bed and removed my Capri. I removed my bra and shirt. I was lying naked on the side of the bed. My upper body was on the bed and lower body was hanging from the side of the bed. He parted my legs and settled himself between them. He raised my both legs over his shoulders, drew his head towards my cunt, opened labia and pushed his tongue in my pussy hole. This was fully wet emitting lubricant from it. He was moving his tongue vigorously in my twat. I started moaning louder and louder.

Then I pulled him towards me and told me to ride on me. He removed his pajama and put his penis on my pussy slit and started rubbing it. And then he put his rode on the opening of my cunt and with a hard thrust poked his tool inside it. I cried in pain and pleasure. Lots of tears came out my eyes due to his hard thurst. But that stroke shivered my body with a powerful electric shock.

And, his second thrust, the entire penis of his went inside me. I hold him tightly. He then pulled my legs over his shoulders and started thumping his tool in and out like a piston of a railway engine. Every stroke of him was giving me pleasure. I was moaning and urging him to fuck me harder and harder. He obliged my call and increased the pace of stroking. He then also started moaning and his moaning was much larger than me.

I crossed my legs around his waist as I was about to reach the climax of my first intercourse. My body became stiff, I hold his waist tightly, closed my eyes tight as well and cummed. He continued to stroke me for a while and he too cummed before he cum he removed his cock from my twat and took his penis in his hand and started jerking it and his cummed spurt out of his penis all over my belly. He laid on me.

Our naked bodies were touching each other. Our bodies were wet due to his sperm on my belly. It was a great a feeling, which I had never experience before. The experience of intercourse was much for pleasant than masturbation. We did not bother to put on our clothes nor we got up to clean our bodies from sperm instead we slept naked in the blanket after another intercourse. My relationship with my grand-dad was changed since.

In the morning, when I got up, grandpa was in the bathroom. I quickly rushed to the washroom. He is about to take shower. I told him to wait for some time. I brushed my teeth. I told him that I want to remove his pubic hair. I took out his razor, change a blade and started removing his pubic hair. I hold his penis in my mouth and slowly started shaving that area. As, I was cleaning his pubic area, his tool became bulgy in my mouth.

When I finished the cleaning, his tool was fully erected in my mouth and he put on the shower. Water from the shower was flowing down on both of us. I kept on chewing and sucking his penis. He was jerking my head vigorously. He then pulled me up from my armpit and placed his cock on the opening of my cunt. I hold him tightly, wrapped my legs around his buttocks and with one hand guided his penis inside me.

He inserted his middle finger in my ass. He then beginning to stroke until I reached to my orgasm. As, he also about reach his orgasm. He thrust his penis in to my mouth and off loaded his cum in my mouth and told me to swallow it, which I did it obediently with great pleasure. I liked the first taste of his cum, a good one. And smell of it as well. Both of us took our showers and then we set for our morning breakfast.

Once we finished that meantime a housemaid came to clean up the house. And grandpa went out to buy some stuff. Meanwhile, I gave some excuse to Saima so that she can’t come to my house. I wanted to be with grandpa to enjoy the rest of the day. When he returned after hour and so, the house maid had left after finishing cleaning the house and cooking for us. He brought some fruits and along with fruits, I found a pack of condoms, a bottle of multi vitamins tables and a jelly tube along with a nozzle and contraceptive pills.

By 1.30pm, we finished our lunch. After our lunch, he gave a multi vitamin table and he too swallowed it to keep our energy going. During our meals we talked about sex and its various positions. He told me that my cunt smell is great. He liked the smell very much.

Both of us were in our minimum attire. I was wearing two piece bikinis and he was in his underwear only. The weather was again been good with us. As I clear the dining table, it started pouring in again. It was typical Mumbai weather. When I reached to his room he was lying down on his back on the bed. He has covered his half body with a bed sheet. I got on the couch and hugged him. I pushed the bed sheet with my legs and found that he was lying naked under the bed sheet.

I told him, he did a good thing to buy condoms. I also asked him why he brought jelly. He did not answer but, He pulled my head towards him and put his lips onto my lips and started kissing me violently. He then inserted his tongue in my mouth and both of us were rolling our tongues against each other. Meanwhile, he removed my bra and removed my panty as well. We caress each other tightly. During our hug, I was squeezing and stroking his penis and he was playing with my clit and fingering my vulva.

After sometime we broke apart, He grabbed the jelly tube and the nozzle, opened the tube, put the nozzle on it. He asked me turn on. He parted my bums, placed the nozzle tip on my ass, poured some jelly on it, then inserted the nozzle inside my ass and poured good amount of jelly inside. Then removed the nozzle from my ass and poured some jelly again on it. And also put zylocain, a pain reliever ointment as well.

He then get down on the floor and told me to get down on the side of the bed. He asked me to part my legs and stand on the floor and bent down. He came behind me. He told me to rub my clit and pussy with my one hand. And then grandpa slowly put his fully erect 8 inch tool on my ass and started pushing it in. I was having pain. So, told him to enter it slowly. He told me not to worry as he has poured good amount of jelly in and on my ass.

He told me to rub my clit and pussy rapidly. He gave a little more push and his half dick was in my ass. I felt little pain as I was rubbing my clit and cunt. It was another type of experience. And then came another thrust and his entire cock was inside my ass. He stood for a while in that position. Then, he grabbed my boobs in his hands and slowly started fucking my ass.

He then inserted his middle finger in my cunt and started finger fucking me. I continue to rub my clit vigorously as he told me. Grandpa increased the pace of stroking. He started moaning loudly and I too. As, he was about to reach his orgasm, he removed his tool from my ass, turned my face toward him rapidly and shoved his dick in my mouth and started mouth fucking me and then offloaded his cum inside it. Which, I swallowed once again as I liked the taste of it.

He then pulled me on the side of couch, came between my legs, set on his ankles , raised both the legs above his shoulders, leaned towards by pussy, opened the pussy chicks and thrust his tongue inside my wet cunt. And, kept on doing so until I reached to my climax. He sucked my fluid and cleaned my pussy with his tongue. It was nice two and half hour session, both of us enjoyed it. Outside, it was still raining. I made coffee for us and we had it with biscuits.

Then, I went to kitchen for preparation of dinner. He came and helped me. Time and again he used to hug me, squeezed and sucked my boobs and bums. I too squeezed his penis hard. Meanwhile, the maid called me up and informed that she was not coming to my place due to rainy condition.

By 9.30pm, we finished our dinner. I cleaned up the dining table, switched off the kitchen lights and enter into the drawing room. Grandpa was watching TV. I sat next to him. While watching TV, we did not know when both us aroused and did intercourse and around 11.30 we had one more round of courtship and then went to sleep.

During these 12 days, we had plenty of time enjoyed courtship. We had in all the position and everywhere in the house including in my parents couch as well. Just two days prior to my parent’s arrival, I had my periods. During that time even we had sex. I really enjoyed it as well. Once, he put a tumbler under my twat and collected blood from there and poured it on his penis for fun. During my periods, we had sex without condoms which I liked very much. During those days, my grandpa confessed to me the following:

He told me that I am as beautiful as my mom. He likes the figure of my mom very much even in her twilight days. Still today, she is as beautiful as when she married to dad. Her figure is still immaculate and awesome. Her hips are still in perfect round shapes. And, breasts are not yet sag. Her swaying hipped has ability to kill someone still. And she has not belly. She has perfect naval hole. She looks pretty sexy when she wears low hipster sari.

He said he used to watch her body very closely and secretly. He always used to sit on a sofa, from where he can see my mom coming out from the bathroom after taking a bath. My mom is in a habit to wrap a towel from her boob when she comes out of bathroom and change her cloths in her bedroom; even today she follows this practice. Her pinky thighs are clearly seen from the far. He used to see them and most of the time masturbated thinking of her body in the bathroom.

He also confessed that many times he has peeped in the bathroom when my mom was taking bath when no one was present in the house and my mom and grandpa were alone in there. He took the advantage of the slit in the door to peep inside the bathroom. He used to set in dining table opposite her and always stared into her low line blouse to see her cleavage.

This is pretty deep due to the size of her boobs. It is true that whenever she used to lean in front to offer him some food at the dinning table, most part of her breasts are visible always. That was even noticed by me as well. He also agreed that he still envy my father for getting such a beautiful wife as her sex partner.

When no one was in the house he used to take a bath in her bathroom. There he used to play and sniff my mom’s bra, underwear, her petticoats, blouse and nighties. Grandpa likes to pass closely from my mom so that he can sniff the fragrance of her body. Whenever, he used to take something from my mom he always touched her fingers purposely, to feel her body. He is happy when my father is away so that he can drop my mom to railway station on his bike so that he can touch her body.

After the death of grandma, he wanted to have an affair with my mom, but as I am with him now, he has decided against it. He also compared me with my grandma. He said when he married to her she was just still teenager. I have better boobs than her at this age. Our cunts are very similar. Both are tight long slit oozing lots of lubricant and smell equally too.

And, the size of our clits is more or less same. But she was not as beautiful as me however; she was very co-operative in the matter of sex. The only difference is that initially, she was very shy and whom I taught sex. Here, I have good amount of knowledge about sex and not feeling shyness. He also told me that they had sex just day before the death of my grandpa. She was very healthy at that age even. And always ready for it whenever I demanded it. My relationship with my grandpa is on. This will remain as am not going to get married soon. I promised him that I will keep this relationship after marriage as well.

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