AMULYA –The List Continues

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AMULYA --The List ContinuesAMULYA --The List Continues 2AMULYA --The List Continues 3

I am 24 YEARS girl with flaunting assets of 34D-28-36. I thank you all for the wonderful appreciations on my previous stories. Without wasting much time, let me begin this encounter of mine.

I was contended with my life. Everything was going so well. I had just joined my PG course, had a sweet boyfriend and was a pampered c***d in family. I was no virgin. I had boyfriends earlier and I was contented with the lovely sex we used to have. My mom expired when I was 5. After that, dad took the sole responsibility of raising me up without marrying for the second time. I love him and respect him for that. He is a businessman and remains busy in her work most of the time.

One day I was burning up for sex. As I had just recovered from my periods, sex was an urgent need and since Dad was in his office and my boyfriend Akash was out of town, I thought to call Arun. He was Priya’s boyfriend and I knew he likes me. I had seen him ogling at me many times. So I thought to give it a chance. After all, I had to do something for my burning vagina. It was a need.

He was happy to come. He took hardly 20 minutes to reach my place. I was wearing red top and blue denim with black sporty bra and pink kinky panty. With the moisturizer, my face was glowing and I received a compliment for this. He was feeling shy on the first hand but my lust hardly gave him any chance. We were sitting on a sofa talking about the daily stuffs. I had no time to waste.

I took his hands and placed them inside my top, on my breasts. I slipped mine inside his shirt and was surprised to find his abdomen rippling muscled. I ran my hands over his body and asked, “You go to the gym often?” He nodded shyly. “What’s this?” he asked, gesturing with his eyes to the love bite on my breast.
“Just an allergy”
He was about to say anything when I put my hand over his mouth and slipped his under my bra. Then I removed my hand and kissed him again, this time pressing my body hard against him, my left leg separating his.

He picked me up quite easily and with one hand, swept the gifts off the bed and on to the floor. He placed me on the bed. He then held my hands together, over my head, keeping them in place with a tight grip while with the other; he pulled out my denim and swiftly removed my panty. Before I could react, he was inside me. “Ohhhhhh”. A loud gasp escaped me. He was massive, and I loved it. I watched him moving over me, taking shots and thought, “Wow, this guy is a machine.” I was exploding with pleasure. My panties had been thrown aside and my expensive top was pushed up to expose my melons. Meanwhile, his tongues were rolling over my nipples, increasing my lust towards him. He slammed into me with the precision, force and regularity. My hands were pinned down by his. I loved being dominated, which was very unusual for me.

A tiny yelp escaped me when he suddenly released my arms and with both his hands, lifted by butt up to pump harder and deeper. He lifted both my legs in the air and with the other hand, still supporting my buttocks, entered the home stretch. Oh, I loved it! The speed was increased and we both were drenched with sweat and soon with cum as he spread it on my bare melons.

I squeezed and stroked his penis, gave it a kiss and then made my way up will I reached his lips which were softer and sweeter. His hands lifted me up by bottom and his tongue sought mine as eagerly as mine had searched for his.

We heard some shouting from outside. He stopped. “Don’t worry. Dad honge.” He gave me a surprising look and then I explained him, “Yeah. He knows that I fuck a lot. And he is OK with it”
“Does he fuck you too?” He asked.
“OMG! Kitno ko shikaar bana chuki ho yar?” he woke up from bed.
“Bahut hain. But you don’t worry, you are awesome. Come on lets continue. Nahi to priya se bol dungi”
“You bitch. You have trapped me na.” He got angry.
I burst out in laughter and the cum dropping from my lips added a flavor to my laughter.
Somebody knocked at the door. He got frightened. He got dressed and opened the door. It was Dad. He winked at me, glancing at my melons which were drooping on sides as I was lying on my left side giving a clear picture to him.
“kitne liye aaj?” Dad asked.
“Kya papa aap bhi! Pahla hi to tha ye. Aao ab aap hi ka sahaara hai”
“Aww meri beti. Apne papa se itna pyar karti hai!” Dad exclaimed.
“Papa se bhi. Aur unke lund se bhi”

Arun bite his fingers on hearing the kinky conversation between a father and his daughter. He moved out slamming the door behind. Dad reached the bed and before that I jumped from the bed and pounced on him and pressing him against the wall, kissed him with aggression, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. He was taken aback by the ferocity of my attack. I was opening his buttons of the shirt while crushing my breasts against his chest. I took his hands and guided them back, over my buttocks, urging him to press me against him.

He stood there, unmoving, as I let go of his hands and expertly undid his belt, the clasps of the trousers and unzipped him. The garment fell in a heap around his ankles. I then reached inside his briefs. He could see my eyes wider in amazement as my fingers wrapped around his girth and when I pulled him out, an involuntary exclamation escaped me when I saw the actual size of his massive penis.

“Itna kyu surprise ho rhi ho. Roj hi to leti ho ise andar.” He spoke.
“Jitna bhi lo kam hai. Ye lund nahi Jannat hai mere liye.”
“Choosogi nahi?”
“Nahi aaj to bas iski aag bujhani hai !”
I pressed down on his shoulders and until he lay down on the bed. I took my bra and tied his hands over his head with it. Stopping briefly to carefully ease him into me, I began to ride him. I rocked slowly at first but soon gathered speed. He simply lay still, gazing up at my wonderful breasts as they bounced about in rhythm. As I rocked back on his cock, my nipples jumped, reached an apex of their trajectory and plunged down when I rocked forward.
I gripped his thighs, arched back and came. After my monster orgasm, I climbed off him and he got up. I asked, “Lao papa aapko bhi jhadwa du. Nahi to kahoge ki beti badi ho gayi hai to baat bhi nahi sunti”.

I could see tears in his eyes. I asked, “Kya hua papa”. He replied, “Aaj tujhe apne lund pe uchalta dekh teri maa ki yad aa gayi”. I smiled at his comment.
I then kneeled down before him, alternately wrapping my lips and my hands around his cock until he, within minutes, spurted cum all over my face.
“Love you darling” His satisfied face said it all.
“Sham ka kya plan hai?” He asked.
“Tripathi uncle ko bula do na” I smirked at him.
“Kitna chudogi yaar! Chal apni bitiya ke liye itna to kar hi skta hu!” Dad said as he patted my melons.

I hope you have liked this encounter. My life is full of encounters and I take out some time to write it to you all, doing this as a part of social service as I know how it feels to be alone, especially for the young generation. So keep reading, keep masturbating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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