First time dogging – stud’s.

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First time dogging – stud’s.

Continuation story from “First time stallion” and “first time stallion – Black stallion”

It’s the dead of night, Jess (a crossdressing hotel whore) had been lifted out of a camper van by her black stallion, that not more than 20 minutes ago had been having his way with her in her hotel room. Her arms reached up around his neck while he carried her soft body. Her body curled into an elongated V shape held at his front, as if a hero would carry a damsel in distress away from danger. His right arm supported under both her legs and his other arm supported her upper back. His right hand squeezed into her black self-holdup stockings, now somewhat laddered due to his rough fucking, just above and behind her knees. The man’s thumb seductively and slowly rubs against the stocking fabric tickling her. Her black heeled shoes were just hanging there as if hooked onto her pretty pink painted toe nails, while the sole had swung away from her heel. Jess was now imagining the feeling of how a newly wedded husband may carry his wife into their bedroom before placing her onto a bed, then making sweet passionate love.

All thoughts quickly left her mind as she could feel a very light cool night breeze run over her legs and up her skirt, as if her stallion were the wind, he’d be doing the same thing and had done earlier in that hotel room. The breeze made Jess clench a little with her ass, as she clenched she felt her knickers pinch between her cheeks as they had ridden up further than usual. At that moment Jess felt the soaked up cum that had only just escaped her asspussy get squeezed, almost rinsing the fabric a little by the pressure and tension. The black man’s cum had run a short distance around her cheeks and a drop or two was now sitting somewhere on the floor of this woodland area. The camper van they turned up in was now out of sight due to darkness and the many trees that they passed by. The only light was that of a full-moon, which seemed larger than Jess had ever seen. For a moment, whilst being carried through the woods, that moon had been her only real distraction to the fact she was being carried through the woods with no knowledge of the area. Jess looked into the man’s eye as he carried her, ducking under tree branches as he moved, she wondered what he had in store for her. The night had already brought so many delightful surprises, perhaps this kind of thing is what happens when you dress up as slutty whore for men, Jess thought.

‘Seriously how far are we going in?’ Jess asked. The walk felt like a long time for her, but then it would have, even if it was only 2-3 minutes’ into the shrubs, being exposed as a crossdressing whore in public was keeping her on edge. This had been her first real daring venture as Jess, being an inexperienced sissy encouraged her large eyes to appear larger as they scanned her surroundings. As ironic as it sounded, it was only the dark and the fact her man had seen her in both male and female mode that stopped Jess from being more objective to these unfolding events. An odd sense of security sat with her, perhaps it was the comfort of being in his arms this way. Then suddenly he put Jess down. Jess could make out a small flat patch of grass, a clearing that the trees surrounded, but only enough room for a wooden bench. Yes, Jess saw much clearer now. A wooden garden pub bench, the type you could sit around four people either side at, sat empty in front of them. It seemed out of place here, no concrete paths had led to this area nor could she tell any public buildings to which it belonged.

‘You studs are gonna fucking love this one’, the sound of her man’s voice spoke out, obviously to someone lying in wait.

As Jess stood there, she sensed her black lover’s footsteps walking away from her over to the right into the trees, just fading into the darkness of the night. The thought Jess had the moment she saw the trees from the back of the van was unfolding to be true. She came to understand that a make shift dogging location was here. However, how many of these so called “stud’s” had turned up tonight? Jess could not see a soul, but the sound of rustling and footsteps from all around her had become apparent the second the black man’s statement of arrival had been made. It was as if they were just lying in wait. Jess, it seemed, had been offered to them like a piece of meat to lions, or a mare to a team of stallions by a farmer, ready for breeding.

Jess stood there looking around when at least 3 guys had approached her. One stood behind and then suddenly another one either side of her. Then Jess saw in the dark, perhaps about another 4 in front, but they were just looking at her from the tree line. One had his mobile phone out and had chosen to point it at Jess, the glow of the screen lit his face slightly. Jess saw the light of the phone, it also lit her up a little, making her stand out even more so in the dark. The gentleman was clearly recording whatever was about to happen to her. The light allowed the slut to see these three men next to her a little better, though her black stallion that had carried her in was nowhere to be seen now. Jess felt totally at the mercy of the woods and its inhabitants of the night.

These horny lurking men had no idea Jess had been fucked twice already before arriving here, and she hadn’t even showered or got herself freshened up to be seen in public again. Jess felt like a dirty cheap whore out in the dark as if she did this for a living or at least on a regular basis. It was seconds after the guy held up his phone at her that the 3 men around her. They all started to touch and grope Jess everywhere, as if they had the rights to claim her amongst themselves. No attempt to speak to her was made at all, just pure action, groping of her ass, legs, breast forms, face and hands continued. Two of them chose to kiss her neck and nibble, one more so than the other which then turned into a love bite, Jess didn’t care if she got a hickey as it made her very horny again, along with the sense of being admired by many.

‘You’re a fucking pretty little bubbled face slut aren’t you?’ one of the guys said.

Jess didn’t answer and wasn’t sure if he expected her too. ‘I’ll ensure you make a few noises tonight sweet heart don’t you worry’ he continued to say to her, in a gritty low voice, he then moved to whisper sweet nothings into her ear.

As well as the hands touching her body, exposed cocks sticking out of unzipped trousers were being wiped on her stocking covered thighs. Then another dick rubbed on her ass, her mini club dress was yanked up and due to its tight hugging fabric it stayed up around her waistline. Still self-conscious Jess arch her back in an attempt to push her butt out and show herself to be feminine, at the same time her breast reached out and the other guys in front walk over to her too. Now all the guys who came to play had joined the others in kissing and groping. One guy pushes her feet together as Jess stood there and he shoots his load over her feet in a wank frenzy. Thick white cum clung to her stockings and a little bit seeped into them, right down into the tiny gaps between her toes that just showed from her open toe shoes. Another guy behind her moans, Jess feels him do the same thing, but to the backs of her legs. Jess wondered how many other men would be spraying her from behind, she had no way to tell how much spunk clung to her dress. As each member of this group had their load released onto her, which was around 3 that she counted, another guy was there to fill the gap in the circle of horny men right away, all there to get frisky with a stranger.

From what Jess could gather, there were all kinds of men here with different ages, races, and fetishes. The one thing they had in common was the need to go dogging. It felt as if Jess were the only attraction there that night and even if she wasn’t she was going to stick with that thought, as the idea of being used like this to satisfy these men was beyond what she thought she’d ever get the chance to experience. So fuck it, she told herself, or rather ‘fuck me, please’, she began to say aloud.

Before she knew it, a guy had marched Jess to the side of the wooden pub bench. She stood at its flat end, where there were no seats. The man bent her over and pushed her legs together tightly and entered her asspussy as soon as he could. He made a loud grunt when entering her ass, and Jess let out her surprised comment, ‘oh fuck your big…o god’ he pushed further without mercy. ‘Yes fuck that feels hot.’ She said. The man fucked her ass hard pushing her over the bench, doggy style, the men around were throwing their filthy comments at the whore before them. He didn’t take long before he pulled out and shot his load over her back and a bit fired off into her hair. That guy surely didn’t notice or care for her already cum wetted ass.

Then before Jess could get up from her bent over position, anther guy had gone inside her, his penetration forceful and eager, her ass hadn’t even fully settled to a closed position before he was in. This one enjoyed a little fondle at her balls too. From the beginning of the night, it seemed Jess couldn’t keep her knickers up higher than her thighs for more than an hour the way she was going, as if they too knew their place around her ankles. Is this the life of a girl? Do girls really get this much on offer? And how could us girls take such hard fucking punishment? Jess was wondering if she was able to keep up with the attention. Jess’s anal ring heightened with sensitivity and weakened somewhat to the dick it was serving. Well girls maybe, she thought could cope, but she was a sissy crossdresser / tgirl, a wannabe transsexual, not really a girl at all. Tranny, t-girl or crossdressers, were really not the same thing as a cis woman when it came to enduring many cocks. Her asspussy is just that, an ass being used as a pussy, like a naughty substitute. Raw hard ignorant cock finding its way inside an ass and destroying any function as an ass didn’t matter now, Jess used what she had for self pleasure. Jess wondered to herself while her ass got pounded hard, ‘I think I will call it (her ass) a pussy from now on, as its earnt the right in this night alone’ And the night was still not over yet. ‘Fuck I feel like a real girl now’ she said aloud to the delight of the men inside her. There was surely no going back from these feelings of enduring such sexually charged men giving her the best assgasoms ever! As Jess reached a place in her head full of feeling like a girl, she realised she hadn’t cum yet. The cock ring around her balls prevented her ejaculation, a massive surge of pleasure built in her loins to cum hard. The cock ring around her balls and shaft had done a good job of stopping her balls from engaging in a burst of her own spunk, yet the tightness of that cock ring was certainly felt and getting tighter with each guy that mounted her behind like a dog on heat. Jess started to loose count of how many had a go on her, or was it the case that the same person had more than one go, she didn’t know and didn’t care anymore.

The next guy moved into position, about to line up his love length with her slutty pussy that was dripping with the thick white stuff by now. Jess checked to feel herself, however, her asspussy was tighter now, reacting to close up as the friction of fucking swelled her ring. The closure of her ass was holding in those loads as if collecting them as a prize. As Jess looked up, the man about to fuck her had signalled to another guy, and with that came the bright headlight of a moped, beaming out over the fuck pig. The light had given all involved a better view of the pounding Jess had been getting. Jess guessed that guy filming it all would have better footage with the stage light set.

As a result of these powerful thrusts from these men, Jess’s legs and stockings against the hard bench were rubbing and giving discomfort to her lap. Her stockings were taring where the contact had been made against the wooden bench… she made an attempt with her hand to stop the man from fucking her to readjust her position, however she was weak and had no rights in this dogging spot to stop men. In that moment another large built man saw Jess’s feeble attempt for rest, he jumped on top of the pub table and pulled her hands forward, right out in front of her head to stop her from pushing the fucker away. He crouched in front of her continuing to hold her wrists and he pulled hard allowing the guy fucking her to get his rocks off at her expense.

‘It’s too hard it hurts, ouch!’ Jess complained. The men loved her pleas and went harder and laughed thinking she was talking about the fast deep dick thrashing of her buttocks, making her cheeks slap and wobble uncontrollably. In the end the feeling of being dicked overruled the pain in her legs. Jess used the advantage of more light to see her surroundings better for the first time. The light hadn’t passed more than three or four trees into the woods before the dark took over again, though it was enough light to see the amount of men here. Jess started to look for the man who’d carried her into this wooden trap. She knew she would not be able to endure the rest of these men if they were all to use her that night and her ass was now full leaking cum with each stroke. At least another 8 of them were still there waiting for their turn with her, on top of that she’d need her ride back to the hotel when this was all over.

A hint of relief came when Jess saw the black man form the hotel stood there to her right. Jess smiled and he smiled back as he watched her ass jiggle taking dick. He walked over to her and said, ‘You have me to thank for that smile on your face you white trash sissy bitch.’ Jess could barely say anything back, as her body shuddered with the need to cum and she began to get physically tired of being pushed into by men’s pelvises, though she hadn’t got tired of the sexual rush itself. Jess was in a state of constant need to cum now; she couldn’t control her shaking legs, wiggling toes and moans that got louder and louder with her g-spot rubbing against the men’s purple helmet. She knew the release wasn’t coming with the cock ring secured in place. The chap holding her wrist had now let go, only to wank over her face and again into her hair. For the second time tonight her makeup was amess, with her eye-liner and mascara always running down her cheeks when cum and tears combined. The makeup mess on her face always caught her admires attention, it was noted that they enjoyed rubbing her face into a further mess with their hands and cocks.

A brief moment gives Jess the chance to change her position; she lifts herself up and sits on the low bench chairs facing outwards to the group, her back to the table-top. Her hands yank her dress back down covering just the tops of her smooth legs, the tare in her stockings had widened with her thigh muscles bloating outwards over the hard wooden table, like a water balloon squashed down. The remainder of the men gather around her. The guy still filming on his phone also comes close and joins the others. Five of them stood in an arch around Jess, her head was at crotch height, their cocks were solid and exposed, even harder than the others as if their wait had gotten them that bit more erect, that bit more horny and on the edge just as she had felt. The shiny heads of those dicks looked at her waiting to be treated to her wet pink pouting lips. Jess tries to flirt a bit for the guy filming on his phone. She looks into the camera pushing her tongue out and drooling a little over all those men. One of the guys couldn’t wait for her to go get around to serve him, he really had taken a liking to this whore, and whilst Jess began to suck a guy’s dick, this one chap pulled her away in order to get his load first. He shot into her mouth with a grunt seeming to be possessed by a devil.

He needed to claim her throat for that moment and jess didn’t care at this point who put what inside her, Jess was completely theirs.

With the taste of a stranger’s cum in her mouth, Jess’s eyes rolled with deep acceptance of downing some jizz. Each guy left standing there had there moment with her however they wished it to be. As the night went on, Jess eased into the setting and only looked at about four faces directly. There was really no point in trying to remember these guys or make chitchat, nothing social or friendly was coming, just the need to get horny, get off on your dogging moment, then leave.

There were two guys left now, and the guy who was still filming. Jess hoped her black friend was still waiting for her somewhere. The last two wanted Jess in the back of a car at the carpark for sexual preference. She was more than happy too, she needed something soft to lean and rest on anyways, a car seat would be just perfect right now she thought. The amount of men in the woods had diminished, some, however, did re-emerge perhaps after a short walk around for others girls or dogging spots in these woods. Those that were in Jess’s company walked to the quiet spot where she’d gotten out of the camper van on arrival. A small dusty carpark fitted around thirteen or so cars but only five spaces were occupied. The five cars had no other reason to be there at this time of night other than for dogging, and Jess was the star of the show on this occasion.

The two kinky men escorted Jess to their car and she tried to use the moment to walk with sassiness with a sexy swinging in her hips. Jess had the right to flaunt it now, she had a twinkle in her eye with on guy either side of her, they linked arms while one occasionally reached down and tapped and pinched her bum cheeks. The car they arrived at was a large 4×4 dark blue BMW, Jess got in the back seat and sat there with her legs crossed waiting to be set on. The two men got in either side and asked her her name, ‘Its Jess, but whatever you want my name to be, it shall be’ Jess replied.

‘Ok then, wife it is’ one of the men said, while he held her jaw and faced her towards him with a look in his eye like he wanted to play something out, specifically with her.

Perhaps he wanted to just pretend Jess was his sissy wife, whatever It was that went through his head she wasn’t bothered, as long as he was going to give her a seeing too in his nice luxurious car. ‘suck my friends dick wife, while I make love to your wet stuck up pussy.’ He said. Jess did as she was told, sliding down on her side to reach down on that cock, she noticed the windows come down and the other dogging males had peered inside, forming a crowd. The other guy just slid her cum soaked black twisted panties to the side as Jess’s ass protruded into the air, her head low giving a deep bj. The dominant man’s dick soon came sniffing into her asspussy. ‘Good wife, you fucking take it, …Fucking take it…Let me deeper inside you wifie… let the full length inside you, FUCKING DO AS I SAY.’ He shouted, spreading her ass cheeks very wide. Jess started to wonder if his real wife had never allowed him anal and this was his way of getting it. He was long and Jess moved into a sideways lay-down position, with one leg pushed out between the front two seats and her left foot near the hand break. The dom males dick wasn’t going in all the way, though he was pushing hard. The other guy she was sucking had cum over her face and legs and a big load it was too. He rubbed it into her skin like massage oil. The car started to smell of nothing but sex and her perfume that she was wearing had been overcome. The Dom man was fucking Jess now, with such a fears look in his eyes and sweat beading on his forehead. She could see he hated her just as he had hated his wife, and due to zero ramifications in this dirty setting, he bullied her with his dick, without holding back anything here, he could out lay those emotions onto Jess.

He got a little angry that his dick was not fully indulged, and he backhanded her ass a few times in frustration, he then violently pulled Jess up while the other guy left the car. He positioned her facing him, her legs spread wide over his lap, they lock eyes and Jess could see his demand for her grow with a pinch to her ass cheeks. Jess slid down on his dick, his back was now against the back of the front car seat, her body facing out the back window. They were very cramped even in this big car with the current seating and sex position. The small space made them very close to each other, forcing them to squeeze closer. Then finally with Jess upright on his dick, her knees a few inches from her cheek bones with legs bent and her upper body a little slouched, he could push all the way into her ass. He went in and out of her smoothly, like a BMW piston in the engine working at full capacity, in and out, up and down, with one true purpose. ‘That’s it wife, now you’re on your hubby’s dick, fuck it’ He said, with his hand pinching into her waist like a corset. He wanted her to ride it and show willing. Jess grinded on his dick with deep pressure as her ass hit his lap, she moaned loud as best she could in this position. The dom man placed his hand at the back of her neck, he forced kissed Jess’s filthy wet lips. She kept rubbing and moving her hips in a sexual and seductive way keeping a hard stare at him, she was so horny with him and she needed him to cum so bad. Jess was grinding now and she could use her actions to get his dick hitting her spot, she was moaning so loud, the on-lookers almost cheered her on from outside of the car. Remarks were made ‘that sissy is a fuck toy’, ‘a true bitch’, ‘our new cum dump dogging member’, ‘look at her bounce for cum.’

All of those comments added to the heat of that moment, the few closed windows steamed up in the 4×4, even with this hard suspension the car was rocking strongly. ‘I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum… fuck daddy’ Jess said, losing sense of time and space.

In that moment of bouncing like a true bitch in heat on her hubby’s cock her cock ring attached by Velcro had given way to the demand for sex, it had teared off with the pressure of her balls desperate to overcome any restraint. Jess cum so hard and in such thick loads it was stuck to the soft inside of the interior roof, it started to hang, but it was too thick to drip down. At the same time she came, her man had cum inside her. After her cum had released he pulled her head to his, face to face, as he grunted hard for a while making sure the rest of him had emptied inside her.

‘Goooooood girl, arhhhh, good wife’ he said, like a d**g addict getting a fix.

He stayed in Jess and she was a shivering excited wreck, lost in deep ecstasy. Cramped into this position they both hadn’t moved until their bodies came back from heaven and woke them up, which was at least 3 minutes or so. In which time her asspussy had tightened around him as he pulled out, she felt the full run of his dick being removed. ‘Now home to fuck the actual wife, ha-ha’, he chuckled to himself. He was a rich fat cat type of guy and took everything for granted. Jess was glad he had taken her for granted too though, but she wanted to be away from who he was in a personal sense. A part of her wanted his wife to see the mess she’d left on the roof interior and question him about it, ha to see the look on his face would have been so good, Jess thought.

There were still guys there masturbating when she turned to get out of the BMW but, she felt light headed and sat with her legs facing out of the car with the door open for a moment. Jess was dehydrated from all her hard work, sweating and catching another cool breeze in the air. Those by standing near her took the opportunity to try and cum again over her legs. She was hoping now for the hotel bed to just appear in front of her already. Suddenly out of nowhere like the breeze in the air, a blue and red flashing light swamped the carpark, a single cop car rolled in without a siren. People s**ttered and ran in all directions, cars took off without even turning on their headlamps, dust picked up from spinning wheels. Jess leaped out of the BMW whilst the driver started to reverse it to escape. She wanted to make for the camper van but as she did, he took off as well. Jess couldn’t see much through the brightly lit colours of the dust mixing with the cop car’s lights. She did not know where to run, she had also twisted her ankle in the jump from the car seat. All the noises that erupted in a split moment, were quickly falling quieter away just as quickly as they appeared, filtered into the distance put between this place. In shock, Jess stood still, the only one left there, wherever there was, she still wasn’t sure exactly of her location.

Jess had had some of the best fucks in her life that night, but standing there in this car park, she thought this is what it feels like to be truly screwed over. Then with that thought, a pair of hands puts her wrists together and clamped handcuffs onto them. Everyone’s gone; a scare tack tick by the lone police man had worked, he knew he couldn’t catch anyone by himself. The policeman and Jess turned and looked at each other, he was trying to work out if she was male or female and what she was covered in. Her stance slightly buckled down on her sensitive ankle, her knees come together and rubbed in ripped cum wet stockings. Bruises showed on her legs, makeup on her face tried its best to stay put, wet cum covered hair that had dried in some patches stuck out, parts of her leopard print mini club dress twisted out of its rightful place around her breasts and upturned at the lower cuff leaving her wet pants hanging on her for dear life. Jess could have rinsed her clothing and still got a few cup fills of spunk it was that drenched; She could actually feel the weight of it on her clothes. What must this young fresh faced blue eyed thin lanky cop have thought? Would he really want to put Jess in his car?, and then to a station? Jess had not the energy to care about it too much, she had already gone beyond her comfort zone, however, she needed to go somewhere safe now.

‘Watch your head as you get in, it’s a lot warmer in here’, the cop said, as she sat in the back of the cop car, another BMW but of different model.

To her surprise he sat in the same side as Jess, he didn’t ask her name, just if she was comfortable and then he leant over and put the seat belt on her as her hands were still cuffed. ‘listen we know this kind of stuff goes on here and we just show up to respond to complaints most of the time, it would be better if you didn’t make a disturbance for anyone’ he said. Jess knew better, this was place really in the middle of nowhere. No one is effected by the dogging here, not a soul in sight unless you knew of the dogging event and came here strictly for that reason. ‘Do you have a place you want me to take you to miss?’ he said.

‘Yes please, my hotel is only 15 minutes away from here’, she said. Her eyes light up in surprise he was going to let her off.

Then off they went, after he had tried to tidy her up somewhat, by pulling down her skirt for her, lifting up her stockings and tap drying her face with some serviettes he had in the car, he then placed her shoe back onto her cold wet foot. He pulled up right at the entrance to the hotel’s car park a good 5minute walk to the doors of the large hotel itself. Jess caught a glimpse of the time in the car, it read 3:03 in the morning. ‘You gotta walk from here I’m afraid mam, I can’t be seen giving people lifts, especially looking like a street walking prostitute. Here, I’ll help you out of the car’, he said. He helped Jess up and onto her feet and walked a short way with her.

‘Can you take these cuff of sir’ Jess asked.

‘Yes, just one thing first’

As they walked past a small outhouse or maintenance storage bricked holding area for the hotel, he pushed Jess to the backside of it out of view and against one of the large dumping container’s there. It was full and the area didn’t smell good. Her body and face pushed against the metal bin by the cop, Jess knew what was coming. He checked her cuffs, and then he started to quickly and nervously try to find her asspussy under he dress. He’s in her quickly and gives Jess his version of rough justice. Jess was too tired to care for his efforts and half expected his come on, so she just leant on the bin’s wall waiting for him to finish off and let her go. Her body jerking to him as he thrusts hard and deep, nice and fast, it would have been sexy for her had she not been sore from her many conquers earlier on. He was hurting Jess now, she wanted him to stop. She thought it was going to be a quickie but he just kept going, she started to moan loud with some pain he was inflicting. He knew he had to finish up quick now and he did. The final load of the night unwanted but Jess had no money for a taxi and he did do her a favour. He took off after removing the cuffs and asked Jess to make sure She gets caught there again and more often. She assumed he treated other girls the same way, that he had his naughty routine stop at the dogging car park for an easy screw.

Jess finally made her way to her hotel room door and dropped like a hat onto the bed after peeling off her knickers, stockings and her dress. The wig hit the wall after she threw it off and she didn’t bother to lift her head from the covers to check if it had hit the floor, with the sticky man love in it she wouldn’t be surprised if stuck there till the morning. Like a light match in heavy wind, Jess’s flame went out and she slept while her ass leaked into the bed sheets.

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