My First Goodbi

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Well, I am kind of at a loss as to how to start this, but my whole world was rocked this weekend. It all started with going to a Halloween Party. I dressed up as a Roman. Just for fun, I thought it would be fun to not wear anything under my costume. I mean who is gonna know? It was great and fun was had. Shots were shot and smoke was smoked. As the party wound down, the hostess and her boyfriend retired to bed. Her cousin and her boyfriend and myself, were the only ones left still smoking and doing shots. Her name was Michelle and his name was James. Both are 20 years younger than I. We were on opposite couches. They were on one and me on the other. It was late and they started to make out on the couch. Michelle was dressed as a witch and James had dressed in drag. To my surprise as I tried not to stare, Michelle raised James dress to expose his cock and began to stroke it. Michelle looked over at me, and asked, “Do you like to watch?” I responded with, “Yes. I do.” And with that Michelle raised her skirt to expose her very bald pussy, and started to play with herself. Apparently I was not the only one who thought it would be fun to not wear anything under my costume. I was caught in a trance. After what seemed like forever, Michelle got up and walked over to me. Now Michelle has several piercings and tattoos, which I find sexy as hell. She has purple hair, B-cup breasts and a nice round ass. She leaned in and started to kiss me. I returned her kiss with full force. This is when I found out that Michelle had her tongue pierced as well. I was so turned on. We kissed and continued to kiss. I finally broke our passion and asked,” What about James?” Michelle responded, “James likes to watch too.” With that Michelle got on her knees in front of me and exposed my by now very hard cock. She started to suck my cock like I have never felt before. She was my very first pierced tongue I had ever felt. She sucked me for a little while and then stood up, raised her very short skirt and proceeded to mount my hard cock. I could not believe the pleasure I felt as her tight pussy engulfed my rock hard dick. She started to ride me and pulled down her top to expose her lovely young breasts for my hungry mouth. I sucked on her pierced nipples, tonguing them and nibbling on then gently. She started to moan and I could feel her juices running down my shaft and balls. She was so wet. I was in heaven. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes just so into the moment. Michelle eagerly kissed my mouth and we became a tangle of tongues as she rode my cock. I suddenly feel a new sensation. Waves of pleasure hit me as I feel a tongue on my balls and shaft as Michelle bounces up and down on my cock. I open my eyes enough to glance at the now empty couch that is in front of me. It is then that I realize that James is the one licking my shaft and balls. With that Michelle raises up off my cock enough for it to slide out of her soaking wet pussy. I then feel my cock being sucked. As I process this, a hand grips my cock and guides it back into Michelle’s dripping pussy and she starts to ride me some more. I again feel a tongue on my balls. Now I have always considered myself straight, and maybe it was the weed and shots dancing in my head, or maybe it was Michelle’s pussy on my cock or her tongue twisted around mine, but I just closed my eyes and decided right then and there that I was just going to go with this.
I broke the kiss of twisted tongues with Michelle and nibbled on her ear as I whispered, “I want to eat your wet pussy. I want to taste you.” Michelle just responded with a moan. She rose up off of my cock and had me lay down on the couch so she could straddle my face. The first touch of my tongue to her pussy was exquisite. I lapped, and licked and sucked for all I was worth. She moved her pussy back and forth so I could lick all parts of her pussy and ass. As I was so intoxicated with Michelle’s pussy juice all over my face, I felt a mouth engulf my cock. Again, I knew it was James. I must admit, between Michelle on my face and James sucking my cock, I was in Heaven. Michelle started to moan loudly and I knew she was about to cum. I grabbed her hips and pulled her tighter to me so I could focus on sucking her clit. This sent her over the edge and she exploded into an orgasm. She soaked my face with her juices. James had picked up the pace on my cock and had brought me to the edge, but Michelle stopped him when she recovered from her orgasm. “Not Yet.” She said. Michelle guided James to the couch and straddled him in reverse cowgirl. I watched as his cock buried itself into Michelle’s wet cunt. I stood in front of her, kissing her lips and sucking her breasts. I also reached down to rub her clit as James’ cock slid in and out of her. I thought, “What the Hell?” I reached low enough to give James’ balls a squeeze as Michelle rode his hard cock. He seemed to respond to this as he let out a moan and rose up a little bit for Michelle to take every inch of his cock. I was mesmerized watching his glistening cock, coated with Michelle’s juices, slide in and out of her wet pussy. Michelle stared to moan again. I kissed her mouth and plunged my tongue deep between her parted lips. She returned my kiss full force. I grabbed her tits and rubbed her clit, and James’ balls some more. Michelle had another exploding orgasm. She soaked James and my hand as she came. Michelle kissed me on the lips as she rose from James’ cock. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I had already decided that I was going to go for it and enjoy where this night took me.
Part II

Michelle kissed me again, this time plunging her tongue deep into my mouth . I returned her kiss full force. I as I kissed her she lowered herself to her knees, pulling me down to my knees as well. I knew where this was going and I seemed powerless to stop it. Besides, Michelle was very persuasive, what can I say? I just kept kissing her back and we were really building up some passion. Suddenly, something parted our lips. I instantly knew it was James cock. Michelle and I continued to kiss and lap our tongues at one another. I could taste her juices on James cock, mixed with his precum. Michelle broke our kiss and started to rub her open mouth up and down James cock. Well, I am dressed as a Roman and figured “When in Rome”….What the hell? I opened my mouth and did the same as Michelle. I just tried to follow her lead. She gripped James by the cock and pulled him to her lips. She started to suck up and down his cock, pausing momentarily to deep throat him. She then continued to suck up and down his cock. She pulled off of James cock and turned and plunged her tongue deep into my mouth and we were kissing like mad again. She broke our kiss and motioned me towards James cock. This was the moment of truth. I opened my mouth and started to suck up and down James cock like Michelle had done. I didn’t try to deep throat him though, baby steps here. Michelle and I traded off like this for a bit until finally we started to kiss with James head between our tongues. It was a combination of her tongue and his cock. Michelle picked up the pace of her tongue and I followed suit. I was determined to drop all inhibitions and see this through. As we picked up the intensity, James started to moan. I knew this was it. I just closed my eyes and focused on Michelle’s tongue. James groaned as he shot his load. The first spurt landed on my cheek. I just kept moving my tongue with Michelle’s. I could taste James cum as he continued to unload. Finally Michelle took control and went down on James cock to suck him off the rest of the way. When she had drained him, James fell back on the couch. Michelle then leaned in to kiss me. She kissed me with such passion as she shared the rest of James cum with me. Once again I was so under this witches spell. Michelle got up to get a towel and handed it to me to clean up. She then pushed me down on the couch and started to suck my cock. Without a word, James got on his knees beside her and started to share my cock with her. It was then that I felt what James had experienced. I had never felt two mouths on my cock at once. It was like nothing I had ever felt in my life. I just closed my eyes to focus on the pleasure I was feeling. As one licked my balls the other sucked the head of my cock. While one sucked up and down my cock, I could feel a tongue on my ass. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. They both flicked their tongues across the head of my cock as Michelle and I had done to James. I felt my load building. Michelle seemed to since this as she started to rub her fingers across my ass. That was all it took. I cried out as my cock erupted and shot my load. I seemed to just keep on squirting hot cum. I felt as I’d never stop. Finally Michelle sucked my dry as she had done James. And like before she shared my cum, this time with James. I just lay there on the couch unable to move or process what had just happened. Michelle cleaned up with the towel and passed it to James who did the same. Michelle looked at me and smiled. “Anyone ready for a shot?” James and I answered in unison. “Yeah.” With that Michelle got up to get the Patron. “I’ll roll another joint.” James said. It looked like this evening might just really be beginning. “It’s a Halloween Party after all,” I though. “What the Hell? This story might be far from finished.”
Part III
Michelle sat next to me after we finished up a round of shots. She started to rub my leg up and down. James sat next to her as he finished putting the joint out. Michelle started to rub his leg as well. James was a very quiet, soft spoken guy. He seems very feminine almost, and except for his long blonde hair, he doesn’t have a hair anywhere on his body. I found him oddly intriguing I watched as his cock grew from Michelle rubbing his leg. This in turn made my cock grow as well. Michelle took full advantage and gripped both of our cocks, one in each hand. Her touch was intoxicating. The rush up feelings I had mesmerized me. I wanted them both. Michelle had us both hard in no time. She stroked us simultaneously. She got down on her knees and motioned us to stand up. She took both of our cocks into her mouth at the same time. I could feel my cock rubbing against James’ as Michelle sucked us both. It was very erotic. Michelle finally had James get back on the couch. She had him on his knees facing the back of the couch. She started to rub his ass and then went to sucking my cock some more. I was so hard by now. Michelle could feel this and got up to get a bottle of lube. She started to rub lube on James’ ass. I watched her start to finger his ass. I longed that it was me she was doing this to. I watched her work three fingers into James’ ass. I could tell he was loving it which made me all the more jealous. Then Michelle turned to me and started to lube up my cock. I knew before the words left her lips what she wanted. She whispered into my ear, “I want you to fuck him.” It was right then and there that I realized that I wanted to fuck him too. I stood up and let Michelle guide my cock towards James’ ass. With Michelle’s help I slide my cock all the way into James’ ass. Michelle watched closely as my cock slide in and out. She stood up and got behind me. The feeling of her body against mine from behind as I fucked James’ was unbelievable. She rubbed her tits on my back and stroked her hands up and down my legs, ass and balls. I just closed my eyes to absorb it all in. I was lost in my pleasure when I felt Michelle start to rub my ass with lube. I just kept fucking James’. I felt her slip a finger into my ass. Then I felt another. I was in heaven. Then she started to whisper into my ear. “That’s it, Fuck him. Fuck him good. That is how he likes it. He loves it when I fuck him like that.” I was so hot and horny by now. I felt Michelle walk away for a moment and then return. She was moving up and down my body and soon I was to lean why. She had put on a strap on. I felt her rubbing the head of it up and down my ass. I maneuvered to give her better access while still fucking James’. I felt her sliding into me. I wanted all of her. I was lost for a moment and had forgotten about James’. He stared to push back on my cock. I was being pushed from both sides. Penetrating and being penetrated. Michelle had decided she was going to take charge. She removed me from James, and pushed me onto the couch the same as he. I watched her bury her rubber cock into James’ ass. “I told you this is how he likes it.” She cooed. I reached over and grabbed James’ cock and started to stroke it. He moaned out loud as I did. Michelle stopped immediately and said, “I didn’t say you could do that.” And then removed her strap on from James’ and slid it into me. That was when James’ gripped my cock to return the favor. Michelle was an expert with that strap on. She fucked the both of us for a few. Then she whispered in my ear, “You want to feel the real thing?” Without even thinking, I said “Yes.” So with that I closed my eyes, leaned against the back of the couch and waited. James got up and I could feel the head of his cock rub up and down my ass. I reached back and pulled my ass open as far as I could. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me. I wanted to feel it for the first time, and for what might be the last time. But I was going to try this once. As great as it felt to have Michelle fuck me with her strap on, there was no comparison. James took it easy and made sure I enjoyed it. As he picked up pace I could not help but moan out loud. This seemed to get to James as he picked up the pace even more. I felt him twitch and then felt him blow his load into my ass. It is like nothing I have ever experienced ever in my life. It was amazing to say the least. James collapsed on the couch. I just fell back against the couch motionless. My cock was still hard. I regained my composure and turned to Michelle. “Now I am going to fuck your ass.” She smiled with delight and bent over the couch. I slide my cock into her ass from behind. She was so tight I knew I wouldn’t last long at all. Michelle must have sensed this and rubbed her pussy like crazy. She started to moan and I knew she was going to cum, which was good because I was going to cum too. As Michelle cried out from her orgasm, I moaned as I pumped her ass full of my cum. Afterwards it was time to go. I was exhausted and my head was whirling from the night’s activities. I was going to have to figure some things out. I had learned new things of myself. It was an amazing evening. I hope to run into Michelle and James again. Who knows what the future brings. Does this mean I am bisexual now? Maybe…just maybe it does.

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