The birthday

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I,ve been waiting for that day for the last years , finally i woud be legal to buy beer and go in bars without a fake ID

I was at a [art downtown with friends

I was getting drunk but still was prdering drink at the bar

”hey look Dee its the birthday boy, getting a bit drunk arent you?”

2 hot ebony milfs looking at me sit at the bar

”ahah yes , my first time legally!”

”oh wow you turned 18! you remember our 18th birthday Dee?”

”you got caught sucking cock in the bar alley!”

both laughting about it ,looking at me getting my drink , shy and trying not to look at them hot tits , both milfs in sexy tight summer dress

i left feeling horny , images of them big black lipse aroundt my cock

i drank my rhum quick , wanting to get back at the bar and maybe….

I got back at the counter to order and she turned around

”Hey you again, Dee I think we make the birthday boy horny”

and i felt her hand grab my crotch
finding out i was actually hard
my 6inch grabbed and rub

”oh you dirty boy , you got hard for us?”

”maybe you want to follow us out for a cigarette?’

i coudnt believe it
i was discretely goig out

walking between 2 tall milfs getting in the parking lot

they were giggling and rubbing my ass as we reach the black SUV

i was jumping in without any question

on the back seat were pushed down in the floor , the cabin so huge without seat i look at em get in and close the door

both not loosing time and stripping my jean down

grabbing both girl tits and kissing em pulling the cute dress down both hot milfs tits rub in my face

”oh he is cute, i love how he suck our tits”

”be a good girl Dee and suck him”

my cock soon out of my boxer Dee who was younger it seems , working her mouth on my cock

sit on the floor legs spread watching the hot black milf sucking on my cock

”she love to suck cocks, i teach her good”

and i was looking at her friend, pulling her dress down

getting on her knees near me

her panty pull to the side

not understanding how and why

still a big half hard cock got tucked out from her panty

i look up at her smilling

”let me teach you boy”

and she help herself in my mouth

my cock sucked by Dee ,sit down face up in her hands my mouth getting filled too

”like this? let my cock in, its big and all for you birthday boy”

god it wasa crazy
i felt so hot getting suck by a talented mouth

wondering how many time she sucked her friend bbc to be that good

her friend having fun in my mouth

telling me i make her big for my cute young mouth

getting her cock out asking me to kiss it

watching me kiss her big cock , all around like a horny boy

she was so hot , i kept looking up , her hot tits dancing has she pumped in my mouth

”Dee i need that cum quick”

and dee just jacked me off quick tip in her mouth until i coudnt resist it
unloading in her mouth , all of it ,as i grunt mouth open only to be shut up by the bbc

Dee mouth full getting up
my back pushed on until they had me lay on my stomach

wondering what they were doing

Dee open her mouth and let my load fload down right between my cheeks
her friend rubbing her big cock in the pool of cum

dee sit on my back helping my cheeks open spitting all of my load on my ass crack
her friend bbc sliding over to spread my cheecks open and wet

all i coud do was moan in the cabin ass up getting wet and slowly open
Dee continous spitting on my cherry and sucking of her friend help my lil hole open each time it got teased

Dee help her friend in me and i coudnt believe i was letting myself fucked

the big black cock sliding in and out

Dee spitting and spreading me open made sure i took her friends cock like a champ
moaning helplessly under the 2 milfs having their way with me

”good girl , my love you can get your pussy lick now”

and Dee giggle getting infront of me , taking my head between her spread legs making me see her wet horny pussy

”kiss her , make her feel good boy”

i was lapping on her pussy
ass up , getting fuck slowly , feeling way too good between the hot girls

feeling privilege i met such special girls, a couple loving to play
not knowing this is actually a tradition between them

Dee loving to offer cute white ass to her lover
getting lick watching her lover fuck the white ass up to obediance

how hot and beautifull she was tits boucing has she fuck the boy

they cum together bith holding me on them , tongue digging in the chocolate delicious pussy and feeling warm cum in my ass her Lover moaning so cute as she cum

i tried my best to clean and wash before going back to my friend

some had left wondering what happen

i got more rhum and coke before leaving

but the black waiter caught me before i left

i shoud have seen him before but i guess he started his shift later

”hey wait a sec, these 2 girls said you woud pay for the drinks boy”

i just let him walk me to the backstore

i knew exactly what was going to happen

as he closed the door of the small office

his jeans removed and getting me on my knees

”you must have loved her , i love when she does that”

not understanding it all , too occupied to pump the fat cock in my mouth

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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