Out of Afrika – Chapter 15

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Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 15

The consolidation of Rhino’s influence throughout the state had resulted in an atmosphere of calm and contentment amongst the population. Nobody could recall in any great detail how polarized and sexually segmented society had been prior to the company’s arrival in Hawksville but there was universal agreement with how good life had now become since Rhino had taken root.

Following the agreements made with the state’s government and legislature, which effectively embedded the objectives of Rhino’s ‘Grand Plan’ into law, great strides had been made with expanding the company’s business interests and philosophy into other areas beyond just communications and electronics.

The secular included the retail sector with the opening of several new TV and electronics stores and even a pair of new small malls. Their business had also branched out into the world of entertainment with the acquisition of a number of cinema complexes and clubs and, their latest venture into the opening of a multistate chain of motels and travel lodges. Oskar was especially pleased at the recent opening of their newest establishment, the ‘Rhino Tower’, a multi-story hotel and high end apartment complex which replaced the older Hawksville motel. Situated on the edge of town in a pleasant wooded area not far from Rhino’s U.S. HQ it was both convenient for accommodating visitors to the company and, more importantly for Oskar, who had designated one of the penthouse suites as his personal residence. Another added facility feature was the relocation and expansion of the firm’s old ‘Gentleman’s’ Club’ which now occupied the entire basement area of the main building.

The spiritual side of life in Hawksville was increasingly being cared for by the establishment of the ‘Church of the Black Staff’ which was quickly becoming the hub by many of those the religiously-inclined. The church promoted a very convincing set of beliefs that had been enthusiastically embraced by not only in Hawksville, but in other communities throughout the state. There were very few areas in the entire state that hadn’t been impacted one way or another by Rhino Industries.

Oskar, Rhino’s US boss, a man not noted for a sense of humour, joked that maybe Rhino should change the company name to ‘Octopus’ given there were now so many tentacles reaching out throughout the land.


The Goodfellows considered winters in the North East to be brutal and for Jeanne Goodfellows, a sun-loving ex-resident of Florida, the onset of snow and plunging temperatures in her Massachusetts home was especially hard to bear. For her the attractions of the sunshine state was bought into sharp focus from the moment the first snowflake fell and she spent the winter months with a longing to escape back to the warmer climes where she had been bought up. (“Be careful what you wish for” might have been appropriate advice.)

Jim, her husband, from pioneer stock could trace his family lineage back to the founding fathers and was more used to the cold winters but, nonetheless, sympathized with his wife’s desire to be somewhere warmer when the thermometer started to drop.

He was a sales representative for a building materials company and his ‘patch’ stretched from New England all the way down the Eastern Seaboard to Florida. Indeed, it was when he was visiting her hometown of Fort Myers, Florida a few years back that he had met Jeanne, pursued her and eventually asked for her hand in marriage. She was so besotted with him that the realities of moving to set up home far away from her beloved sunny Florida had not occurred to her at the time. She still loved him dearly but after spending two years suffering New England winters had coloured her opinions somewhat and she was beginning to harbor doubts!

They were both still very much in love and had simple tastes and a conservative outlook on life. They neither drank nor smoked and the subject of sex was one that was acknowledged discretely, for their upbringing had instilled in them that the act of intercourse was all about procreation and not to be regarded primarily as a form of pleasure. The unspoken belief made them both a little uneasy when the topic of sex came up for in truth they both harboured fantasies that they wished for something more exciting to happen in the bedroom.

Since their marriage Jim had been promoted and his new job didn’t require him to do the amount of long distance traveling that he previously done. On the one hand Jeanne was pleased to have him at home more often but there was the downside, which meant now with his new position she never got the occasional treat to travel with him as she did before his promotion. However, all was not lost as from time-to-time he was still required to liaise with the firm’s major customers and her joy knew no bounds when at the onset of another New England winter he came home to tell her he was going to be taking a road trip to visit her hometown down Fort Myers in Florida, with several other stops along the way.

Given Jim’s fear of flying there was no question that he would be driving and she regarded this to be an opportunity of them to transform his trip into a mini-vacation. He took up her suggestion and he extended the trip by taking some of the leave days he was owed. Whilst she understood that the trip was all about Jim’s work she justified her involvement as providing essential companionship for him on the long distance drive that would take them through every state between Massachusetts and Florida.

Jim had done the route a few times over the years and he was excited at the prospect of taking one of their overnight stops in the small town of Hawksville where he had stayed a couple of times previously. He related to Jeanne that it was one of a chain of hotels that was unique to the state and that the standards and the welcome they offered were first class and that all that comfort was provided for little money. (Jim was very careful about personal finances.) He told her that he had already called and made a reservation.

The I-95 Interstate quickly took them away from home and the falling snow. Jeanne gave a shudder and silently thanked her good fortune that she was leaving the cold weather behind and that in a couple of days they would be enjoying the warmth of the sandy beaches and warm Gulf Coast waters. However there was the matter of a few hundred miles of road ahead before that was going to happen as they set to and for the next 10 hours concentrated on the shared drive south to their first overnight stop in Hawksville.

They turned off the interstate as the sun was setting and Jim followed the route he knew so well and soon they saw a familiar sign advertising the location of Hawksville Rhino Suites on the approach to the town. He spotted the drive-way leading through the trees but was both confused and somewhat taken aback when on turning into the lot he was confronted not by the old familiar lo-rise (and somewhat ramshackle) two story motel to find a more modern hi-rise modern hotel. His first instinct was that he had taken a wrong turn but, no, there was the familiar Rhino Suites logo that suggested he must be in the right place.

The check-in clerk looked up and smiled when they entered the lobby, “Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Goodfellow , how nice see you again sir.”

Jeanne was impressed from the outset. She liked the calming atmosphere created by the soft hum in the air in the lobby and was delighted by the recognition of the big black man for it had been quite a while since Jim had travelled down that way. It was a nice welcome and as she looked around the lobby she became even more impressed as she took in the modern, African lodge décor and with the high quality of the establishment’s appointments. What she didn’t know (and neither did Jim) was that from his very first visit to Rhino Suites a few years before that a file had been created, one that detailed many personal details about Mr. Jim Goodfellow. The clerk had been prepared for their arrival from the moment he had made their reservation and the combination of Rhino’s face-recognition software and knowledge of his previous stays in their Rhino TV-equipped rooms ensured that there was little that the friendly clerk didn’t already know about Jim and his personal habits.

The elevator took them to their third floor room and Jeanne marvelled at the sight of the large room, the king sized bed and the other furniture in the suite. It was so luxurious compared to her suburban tastes and, “wow, just look at the size of that flat screen TV,” she said as Jim followed her into the room.

He dropped the bags and without hesitation immediately picked up the remote and switched on the massive set. The screen instantly came to life and a pleasing low pitched humming sound immediately filled the room. It sounded very familiar to the same muted sounds that they had heard in the lobby, the sound that had told Jim that as soon as he entered their room that he must switch on the TV. The screen started displaying a swirling, dazzling pattern of multi-colored light and as the couple stared at it they became frozen in place.

They had no idea of just how long they stood mute in front of the screen, to them it could have been for minutes, or hours, but after what they thought was just a few seconds things seemed to return to normal and the TV began to display the expected local program. Jeanne watched for a while but soon tired of looking at the local news and feeling a little woozy went into the bathroom to freshen up after their long journey. She had stripped down to her underwear when there was a knock on their door.

Jim tore his attention away from the TV and walked woodenly over to open their door. Jeanne looked over her shoulder to see the same tall handsome black check-in clerk who had greeted them standing in the doorway. He totally ignored Jim and instead beckoned to her to come out of the bathroom. Jim moved aside as their visitor stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. She approached the clerk and felt no embarrassment or made any objection as the black man reached forward and wrapped his strong arms about her waist and pulled her closer. She gazed up into his dark eyes as he bent down and began to kiss her willing mouth. She had a glazed expression and despite the fact she was standing there in just her panties and bra she offered him no resistance as he continued to kiss her, nor did she feel the least bit alarmed as she felt his broad black hands reaching around to release her bra before his hands slid down to fondle and squeeze her ass cheeks. On the contrary she couldn’t help but feel extremely aroused by the attentions of this black man whom she had just met and only briefly spoken to earlier. Her only confusion was that her husband wasn’t expressing any concerns or objections over what their black guest was doing to her. Indeed, he was acting as if he knew this stranger and was welcoming what he was seeing him doing.
The pulsing sounds from the large TV filled the air and as she felt his hands cupping her breasts and she felt a sense of ease, almost as if she had been in the arms of this black man many times before. She gave no resistance when the stranger took her hand and led her over to the king sized bed. She walked as if in a trance and stood there in just her panties as she waited for him to remove his clothes. Jim followed them over towards the bed and sat himself down on a bedside chair. They both watched as the black man pulled off his shirt and then unbuckled his belt to loosen his trousers. The first thing they both noticed as that he wasn’t wearing any underwear; the second thing was as his pants dropped his massive rapidly hardening black cock rose to get their attention.

Jeanne licked her lips at this first encounter with the black stranger and the sight of his massive cock triggered a strange primal reactions in them both. For Jeanne it was an intense feeling of sexual desire, beyond anything she had previously experienced with Jim and yet at the same time it nonetheless felt totally normal. For Jim it stirred faint memories of similar stirrings of horniness which had occurred when he had last stayed in Hawksville.

Across the room on the large flat screen Rhino TV a series of explicit, highly erotic scenes began to be displayed, each scene showing a white woman caught up in the throes of sexual bliss as she was being fucked by a black man. In every scene there would also be a white male, presumed to be the woman’s husband or boyfriend, standing beside the bed, stroking his cock and smiling down as he watched the woman being ravaged by her black lover.

To Jim the scenes seemed oddly familiar to his sleepy eyes. Certainly he could recognise the decor and furnishing of the background of the on-screen action as being the signature Rhino style and clearly had been filmed in a room very similar to their own. Had he concentrated more closely he would have seen that in some of the scenes he was the white wimp standing beside the bed. However, that was the beauty of the hypnotic spell he was now under for unless told otherwise the faces of the people appearing on the screen were not recognised and therefore he had no recollection that on one of his previous stays in this Rhino lodging he had been instructed by the TV to go into the adjacent room where he was filmed watching another guest, a woman traveling on her own, being fucked by one of the motel’s black staff members.

Indeed, it was on that previous visit several years before that his mind had been conditioned by the local Rhino technician who was responsible for the operation of the Rhino TV equipped rooms. Not only had he been invited under a spell to go and watch his fellow guest being ravaged by a black cock he had also been implanted with a command that he must arrange a pretext whereby he needed to re-visit Hawksville and to bring his own wife so they could both experience the same special service.

Jeanne dropped to her knees in front of her new black master and with no hesitation wrapped both her hands around the stiff tool which was pointing its obscene swollen glans at her face. She licked her lips again and with an unladylike gesture spat a gob of saliva onto the fat knob and began to smear the slimy spit to spread the pre-cum that was beginning to dribble from the fat cock.

Jim sat and was both confused and also extremely aroused at the scene before him. His Jeanne, his sexually conservative wife had never acted in this fashion in their love-making. She was the type of girl that would much prefer to have the lights turned off whenever they went to bed. Certainly she had never given him any oral attention as she considered such a suggestion as being ‘dirty.’ Such an act was just a fantasy for him to have a furtive wank over as he sat in a locked bathroom. It was as that thought crossed his mind that he raised his butt from the chair as he pulled off his own pants down and took hold of his own stiff cock.

Jeanne tried her best but there was no way that she could take but a few inches of the fat black cock she was pulling into her willing mouth. Not only was it something she had never done before but it was a physical impossibility for her black ravager to push any further beyond the rosebud lips that surrounded his massive tool. However, it was not a disappointment to him for Jeanne had quickly learned to provide pleasure by sucking at and licking around the fat glans that filled her. Her busy tongue soon bought him to the edge and with murmured words of encouragement he instructed her just when to lick and when to pause so that his pleasure was kept at just the right level.

“Get over here white boy.” Jim’s attention was broken by the sharp command. “Get your woman ready for the best fuck of her life.”

Jim stood up without hesitation and almost fell as his pants grabbed his ankles. He kicked them off to one side and stumbled over to where his wife was enthusiastically sucking a cock that was twice the size of his own.
“Why don’t you get down on the floor and give that white pussy of hers a bit of tongue action. I like to have my women nice and wet when I enter them,” the black man said.

Jim laid down on the floor and lying on his back shuffled himself along and slid behind her. She obligingly raised up slightly and spread her legs to allow him access. Soon his head was between her thighs and the heady smell of her dripping cunt was filling his nostrils. He felt his cock give a twitch as he, for the first time in his life, was allowed to taste a woman’s pussy, his wife’s, most private place. Jeanne, who in her prim little world would never have allowed such a thing was now moaning with pleasure as he tentatively probed between her lips. He looked up and could see the thick black shaft of her aggressor in her mouth and his hanging balls swaying as he gently face-fucked his wife. She rocked back and forth on his tongue, covering his upturned face with her juices and the longer he lapped and licked the louder came the grunts and groans from her cock-filled mouth. Jim could hear the sucking and slobbering above him and soon dribbles of her saliva mixed with goodness know what else started to string down and splash his face.

He heard a black voice say, “Good boy, good girl, good job,” and then without warning Jeanne gave a jerk and clenched his head between her thighs. Her head fell back releasing the black cock from her mouth and with a loud squeal she spasmed and climaxed, ejaculating her pleasure all over his face and into his open mouth. He gasped to breathe as she squirted cum into his mouth and then added a grunt to the soundtrack as he felt his own cum-flood spurt over his hand that was frantically wanking his own cock.

His pleasure was short-lived for just as he was delighting in the strange warmth surrounding his face a sudden change in temperature hit him as Jeanne was wrenched to her feet. The big black man had grabbed her and without ceremony pushed her over toward the bed. She stumbled and unknowingly kicked Jim as he lay there, which confused him no end and he was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of humiliation. He felt as if he was being totally ignored and in addition that his wife and her black lover’s treatment and lack of consideration gave him cause to think he was somehow inferior ….

…which was exactly what the Rhino programme was designed to achieve.

He instinctively ducked his head as the black man stepped over him and he glimpsed the fat, thick, 10” long cock swinging above him dripping yet another glob of spit down on him. The black interloper looked down on him contemptuously, “Get up wimp and sit over there,” pointing to the chair beside the bed.

Jim scrambled to his feet and did as he was told. He rubbed the damp from his face with the back of his hand only to realize that he was spreading his own cum adding to the mix. He felt foolish and hoped that his silliness hadn’t been noticed. It hadn’t, neither Jeanne nor the black stranger were paying even the slightest attention of him. Blinking he looked toward the bed where his naked wife lay with her legs spread wide, her knees drawn up and her hands holding either side of her gaping wet pussy open. Forgetting the mess he had smeared around his face he instantly had nothing but feelings of love and admiration for her as he took in the lewd sight.

She mewled, “Please, don’t make me beg. Come on; fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours.” The plea was not directed toward her husband but to the towering black figure who was positioning himself between her parted legs. Jim then watched as the black stranger eased his massive cock into her and made her his slut for the evening. It was several hours later, after having deposited several loads of hot cum into his loving wife that the black stranger put his clothes back on and left the two of them alone. Jim immediately climbed onto the bed and bent down, just as he’d seen many of the white males on the screen do. He felt his wife guiding him down till his tongue found her now stretched opening and the warm prize he knew was his reward.


The following morning Jim and Jeanne awoke totally refreshed from their solid night’s sleep. Jeanne felt a little sore ‘down there’ but she didn’t think too much of it and certainly wasn’t going to share such an intimate topic with her equally prudish husband; Jim, when he swung his legs over the edge of the bed saw a large wet spot on the sheets and noted the fact that his pajamas also had the evidence of a copious wet-dream staining the front. He kept his back to his wife as he went straight into the bathroom to start his day with a shower. The pyjamas would have to be hidden away in the suitcase until he could get them into the laundry was his overriding thought.

They didn’t linger long in the suites breakfast bar before presenting themselves at reception to check-out. The familiar face of the receptionist, the same one who had checked them in the night before was behind the desk and Jim joked that he must really love his job as he always seemed to be on duty.

“I do love my job sir,” the black man retorted, “and it’s meeting and getting to know lovely people like you that makes it all worthwhile.”

Jim laughed; Jeanne joined him but as she smiled she had the strangest feeling that she knew this man from somewhere else.

“You have a safe journey sir and you too madam,” he said as he returned Jim’s credit card, “it’s been a real pleasure to have you spend time with us.”

They left the lobby and went out to the parking lot to find their car and then the road to Florida and Fort Myers.
Back at the reception desk the clerk was already busy checking that the Goodfellows’s file had been updated successfully, with especial attention being paid to the video files that had been recorded from the previous evening.


Chloe’s world had changed beyond measure since the coming of summer, the school vacation and the return of her cousin Holly back to live in Hawksville. In fact there had been so many changes that the Chloe of 6 months ago would not be recognized as the one whom now had something of a growing reputation as ‘a bit of a slut’. Outwardly she was still the young fresh-faced bubbly 18 year-old, star of the Cheerleader Troupe who helped to her grateful parents. She was kind to her pets as well, but at other times, in the right company and with the right stimulus, she transformed into a kind of sexual predator, who had no inhibitions about doing anything that wasn’t going to cause her harm.

It was Ma’bill, the software programmer and now Rhino Store retail manager, who might be identified as being instrumental in bringing this rapid transformation about but, then again, he was only carrying out orders from a higher authority, so the credit cannot be given to him in providing Rhino with its newest asset.

Ma’bill had felt a little slighted that after having nurtured the beautiful Ingrid, the Swedish girl who had recently come with her father to buy a new Rhino phone, had been taken from him by Oskar before he could make a move on her. There was nothing he could do about it, other than regret that the embryo of the idea he had planned out had been effectively stilled at birth. No matter, there were plenty of other fish in the sea and he sought solace in applying ‘plan B,’ which if carried out as his fevered mind had planned it would be far more satisfying and, indeed, personally more profitable for he was not the most highly paid employee and was always looking to be making a bit of extra cash.
Oskar had decreed that despite an implied contradiction to the Rhino philosophy and their initial plan of making white males feel inferior to their black superiors by denying them sexual intercourse with their wives and lovers, that there was a danger that mental complications would build up in the minds of the white men who were subjected to the Rhino mind-controlling influences. It was a situation that he didn’t want to negatively impact on the ‘grand plan’ and he decided that in one way or other the white male population should be catered to so that harmony and happiness could be encouraged and maintained.

It was for that reason that the new Gentlemen’s club in the basement of Rhino Tower and Suites had been designed to provide some special facilities. The club was primarily a ‘blacks-only’ place of entertainment, but the white husbands and boyfriends of the black patrons white female guests had also been accommodated, so that they wouldn’t feel completely left out.

Chloe had no idea that she was destined to add to her portfolio by becoming an entertainer and part of this new endeavor.


Holly was delighted with her new mobile phone and even more impressed when that nice chap who had sold it to her had contacted her with what he said was a follow-up courtesy call. Ma’bill had listened patiently to her queries and questions regarding some of the phone’s many features, some of which she was unsure about and he made the suggestion that perhaps they might meet up and he could give her a practical demonstration, show her first-hand what she needed to do in order to get the maximum benefit from the phone. In truth she had no choice for the ‘command’ had already been implanted and the invite was just the first step in his scheme to satisfy both Oskar’s directive and his own personal needs.

Each weekend Chloe and Holly would typically spend the Saturday doing ‘girly things’ together which usually involved them getting up close and personal in either one of their bedrooms, depending on who was visiting who. Their Sapphic pastimes often followed after a shopping trip to the mall, where they would spend hours trying on the dresses and other clothing that the Rhino Adult store stocked. It seemed that every week would see some new line of dresses being introduced and they delighted in showing off and complimenting each other as they tried on and modeled the erotic garments displayed on the racks and shelves. Sometimes they even made a purchase!

Sundays were altogether more serious in tone, for the day began early by attending the morning service at the Church of the Black Staff. Both Chloe and Holly had swiftly become converts to the new religion after their initial visit and they’d both found the greatest of pleasure in following the commandments and guidelines that Pastor Erasmus shared with his flock from his pulpit. They especially looked forward to the latter part of the service, where the black priests selected several female parishioners, who would then be led by the black church elders down to the basement where a special communion took place. Holly and Chloe were always selected but neither of them could, if questioned, explain what it was that made them feel so happy and fulfilled at being included in this special ceremony. They just knew that afterwards when they finally emerged into the late afternoon daylight that they felt filled with love and a sense of having made a real difference to the well-being of the church community and beyond.

After church they would invariably go back to Holly’s house where the rest of the day would be spent in the company of her parents, the new black family who lived next door and any other guests who might be invited to spend the day around the backyard pool. The summer weather encouraged everyone to enjoy themselves by lazing around the in ground pool, listening to the soft sounds of the family’s new Rhino stereo system and enjoying the barbecued food that Holly’s Dad, Gerald, insisted on providing. It was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Ma’bill had no doubts that he would be included in the guest list from the moment that Holly had mentioned what sort of things that she liked doing on the weekends. He was showing her another feature of her phone when as a by-the-way she told him about the upcoming Sunday barbeque pool party. He pressed a few keys and without a pause in their conversation her phone told her to invite him.


Gerald was standing at his usual position, behind his new stainless steel five burner grill supposedly guarding the various cuts of meats, ribs and whatever else he had elected to cook this day from becoming charred or burnt. In truth his attention was not entirely focused on the food he was charged with preparing as he was more interested in what everyone else was doing as they lay around on loungers chatting or, especially the youngsters, playing in the pool. It seemed to him that a pattern had developed over the past few weeks since he had started to host these garden parties that folks would arrive, quickly change into their swimming costumes and after having consumed a couple of drinks begin to display the most uninhibited sexually-tinged behavior. It always seemed to happen once Sally, his wife, had turned on their Rhino stereo sound system that everyone began to play and fool around.

Gerald had no problem witnessing what was going on, indeed, he welcomed it having spent the previous days in a state of frustrated anticipation knowing he would be soon be observing more than just innocent flirting between couples happening in front of his eyes. Not just male/female activities either for last week Holly had introduced her cousin Chloe to the mix and he was excited beyond measure when he had watched the two of them laying on a lounger, each with their hands inside each other’s bikini bottoms. They were totally unabashed and oblivious as they openly fingered each other for quite some time. He was embarrassed to find himself subconsciously stroking his stiff cock as he stood behind the grill watching them loving one another. As they writhed in their pleasure before him he was grateful for the sweet sound of music that blanketed his groans of ecstasy as he spirted cum all over his hand. He looked around and was relieved to see, as usual, that nobody was paying him even the slightest attention.

This week it should be even more interesting for Holly informed him that she had invited her new boyfriend, Ma’bill, a chap she’d met when she bought her new phone at the Rhino store. He was pleased for not only was he a ‘company man’ like himself, but apparently he was also black and that fitted in very well with Gerald’s mind set of encouraging greater interaction between the races. Indeed, since goig to work for Rhino he had developed this overwhelming need to see white females with black males as he subconsciously recognized there was something about these darker skinned males that made him regard them as superior and for himself to feel a little inferior in their presence. For his older daughter to actually have such a companion made him feel that he was truly fulfilling a duty of being subservient to a superior being. Where such an idea came from he had no idea, but it was one he was completely comfortable with, just as he gained constant comfort from the humming Rhino phone in his pocket.

This Sunday afternoon had progressed along now familiar lines. The black family next door had come over and their young girl and one of her young black girlfriends had quickly hooked up with their best friend, Rachael, his younger daughter. They were all wearing very skimpy bikinis and he was delighted to watch them cavort in the shallow end of the pool as they jumped around and to see their little titties bouncing with excitement. It didn’t take too long for their suits to become soaked and the flimsy material to mold itself to their young flesh so that they may as well have been totally naked, given that their costumes only emphasized the delights that they were supposed to conceal.

He continued to prod and poke at the steaks on the grill but wasn’t really looking at the food but rather was keeping his attention focused on the unfolding scenes before him. Holly, Chloe and Ma’bill had already commandeered the two loungers at deep end of the pool; too far for him to hear their conversation but that didn’t matter for he was more than happy with his perfect view as they settled down to enjoy their drinks. He looked around and saw that Sally was entertaining the neighbours with her usual combination of flirting with the husband under the approving eye of his wife, together with frequent touches to his arm as she emphasized the intimate things (he supposed) she was sharing with them both. He had no doubt that as the afternoon wore on that the touches would become ever more intimate and, hopefully, they would lead to the trio going off to the shady part of their garden, where more serious and intimate exchanges would take place.

He was entirely content in his own little world and as he watched the overtly sexual behavior that once again was rapidly developing in front of him and he mused at how well life had turned since they had moved back to Hawksville and he had taken the job with Rhino. The relocation to Hawksville, meeting and getting to know their black neighbors and everything else that had flowed from the day since they had returned back to their roots, in his view it just couldn’t get any better.

The greatest change and source of wonder to him that gave him an immense sense of satisfaction was with how assertive Sally had become since they’d returned. She was now no longer the dowdy, conservative and submissive wife of old but rather she had transformed herself into a sexy and domineering woman who knew exactly what she wanted and would not hesitate to say and do whatever it took in order to get it. Since their return her sexual appetite had long overtaken his and perversely he was extremely grateful that she found comfort and satisfaction by frequently fucking the black husband who lived next door. It didn’t occur to him that his reaction should have been one of total outrage for there was something that seemed so right about her behavior and attitude, especially since he was unable to physically provide her with what she now needed sexually, on an almost daily basis. He had gained his own satisfaction from witnessing the sight of his neighbor’s big fat black cock sliding into her welcoming white pussy. It confirmed in his mind that he was the inadequate one and he felt gratitude toward this superior black man for providing his wife with what he could not. That his neighbor’s wife had no objections and indeed had even openly encouraged and participated in these couplings was a bonus. His sense of inadequacy was compensated by them occasionally ‘allowing’ him to satisfy his voyeuristic tendencies by watching from a discrete distance, so long as he obeyed the rules. He was looking forward to the certainty of what was going to happen between the three of them today as he stroked his little cock but at the same time was totally unaware that he was a perfect result of ‘the Rhino Effect’.

Down at the far end of the pool Ma’bill listened with great interest to the concerns of Chloe who, since losing her virginity a few weeks back at the special church baptism, had developed a healthy interest in getting as much black cock, any cock, as she was able. Under the subconscious influence of the Rhino sound system, which was playing softly in the background she also confessed without any sense of discretion that she loved being with her cousin Holly and how the two of them would spend hours together ‘playing with one another’ and having the most satisfactory orgasms as a result. Holly nodded her agreement and, as a by-the-way, agreed with Chloe that it sucked that they both had champagne tastes and soda pop pocket money.

Ma’bill’s interest in these two young white girl’s conversation was sparked by the directive from Oskar that all levels of the society that were being put into place by Rhino’s ‘grand plan’ should be served so that no one should feel disadvantaged. Clearly, implementing the over-riding concept of Black superiority over white ran the big risk of generating resentment and unhappiness in the white male half of the equation and Oskar had decreed that from now on that every measure must be taken to keep everybody happy, regardless of where they sat in the pecking order. Ma’bill had his own plan and one which would provide satisfaction to all involved and, he pointed out to the girls, his plan was one that would provide them with that extra bit of money that they deserved. It would, he said, involve them doing a bit of regular work as a team, nothing too arduous and it would be something that they would both enjoy.
The girls as they lay on the loungers playing with their drinks (and each other) were both intrigued by his suggestion, especially the part where he hinted they would also earn some money. “What would we have to do? I’ve never had a job and I don’t have any skills,” said Holly.

“Oh yes you do; you both do. Now listen carefully and do exactly as I tell you. This is what is known in business as ‘on-the-job-training’. You can start by taking off your tops.”

Chloe and Holly looked at each other quizzically but nevertheless did as they were told. They sat up and put their drinks to the ground before they both unclipped and removed their bikini tops. Ma’bill gave a mock growl of approval as they sat facing each other quite unfazed that they had so eagerly exposed their perky young breasts for him to see. They smiled at each other and turned to him awaiting his next instruction.

“Why don’t you give each other a little kiss? I know you like to do that; you already told me so.”

It was true, their previous conversation had really been a confession of what turned them on and under the evasive humming sound in the air emanating from the speakers they had shared with him how they liked to spend most of their free time kissing and bringing each other to frequent orgasms using their fingers or by experimenting with the extensive collection of Rhino sex toys that Chloe’s mother had provided her with to try out.

They did as he suggested and without any hesitation they were soon locked in a passionate embrace. It was no gentle cuddle, it was a full-on hug and he smiled approvingly and his cock began to grow stiff as he watched these two white girls, their tongues probing each other’s mouths as they practiced their French-kissing technique.

“Now I want you to both to also give each other tits a little attention.”

They needed little encouragement as their passion built and as they continued to kiss their hands began to wander and Ma’bill looked on approvingly as he witnessed them caressing each other’s soft globes and their stiffening nipples being tweaked there, out in the open beside the pool. He lifted his butt from his lounger and slid his swimming trunks down. The girls paused to look at him and smiled as they saw his hardening black cock flop out to lie on his groin. Chloe dropped one hand from Holly’s breast and made to reach out.

“Uh uh, no you don’t. Just carry on enjoying each other. I’ll just watch you.” Chloe gave a frown but did as she was told and turned her attention back to her older cousin. It took no time at all for her disappointment at being denied her new-found interest in black cock to disappear as she transferred her attention back to Holly who was cupping her breasts in her hands, offering herself. She gave a small sigh of approval and lowered her head and began to kiss and lick at the stiff little nubbins of her cousin tits; Holly responded with a moan of her own.

Ma’bill began to stroke his cock and once again had to admonish Chloe who had thought he was sending her an invite. He moved out of her reach and said, “Don’t you dare. Keep enjoying your cousin and don’t think about me. Just carry on giving a show. This is part of your ‘training’; this is what you are going to be doing in your new job. ”

Gerald was observing the trio’s activities from his station behind the grill and although he could see what they were doing still had no idea what they were saying. He wasn’t too concerned for he felt like he was viewing a silent porn movie, something he had begun doing more frequently in the sanctuary of his den, and he was quietly thrilled as he watched his daughter, his niece, both topless, and that black fellow rubbing his big black cock; all three of them acting in a completely uninhibited manner as if no one was watching. He was pathetically grateful for the shield that the grill provided to hide his embarrassment as he compared his own stiff cock, which he had eased out of his pants, to the black monster that the black fellow was stroking. He glanced around to see if any of the others had noticed what the trio was doing, if they had, then no one appeared to be taking any interest in him or the fact that he was now softly wanking.

In the pool, the three younger girls were also keeping half an eye on what was unfolding but, for the moment they were more interested in their own touchy feely water games and giggling like young teenagers do about how nicely their young bodies were filling out. Gerald knew the three of them would soon be retreating back inside, to a bedroom somewhere, to dry off and strip out of their wet suits so they could continue to make more intimate comparisons.
Ma’bill encouraged the girls, “that looks very nice girl. Why don’t you go ahead and also get rid of those suit bottoms and really start getting into some hot pussy play action.”

They both immediately stood up and with dreamy expressions on their faces they did as he bid and pulled down their bikini bottoms. They stepped out from the damp bottoms and returned to lay naked side-by-side on the lounger. Without another word they continued to kiss and fondle each other but, inevitably, their hands strayed down to seek out each other’s pussies so that more intimate attention could be applied.

Gerald was thrilled at what he was observing. In front of him in the pool the younger girls were cavorting about with their noisy water games and seemingly not paying the any notice to anyone but themselves or that their soaked swimming costumes were doing nothing to hide stiff little nipples or their fuzz covered cunts; on the lounger to one side of the pool his daughter and her friends were mutually masturbating and on the other side of the pool, over in the shade of the trees his wife looked for all the world as if she was straddled across their neighbor and was slowly moving up and down as she did so. He couldn’t be certain if they were actually fucking but it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise for she inevitably ending up doing so whenever they were in their neighbor’s company and she did, with his wife’s vocal encouragement, so like to have his big fat black cock buried inside her.

As he attempted to focus better on the distant scene in the shade of the trees through the smoke that was now rising from the grill, which was adding to his blurred vision, he was surprised to see that the two women had both turned their attention towards him. With a degree of shock he saw Sally point and straightaway he thought that she was beckoning him to go and join them. As he pondered the exciting thought with some confusion (for he had never previously been invited to be part of her games, rather, she had always pointedly told him to keep out of their way) he saw her lift up and get to her feet leaving her companion laying on his back with that obscene phallus pointing stiffly upwards. She made her way around the pool glancing neither left nor right but totally fixing her attention on him as she tugged at her swimming costume back into shape. “Oh my God, at last it’s going to happen. I’m going to get to be part of their action,” he thought, his stiff little cock poking out of his shorts and bobbing in anticipation.

She came straight toward him, a gleam in her eye. “I thought so, you idiot! What the hell do you think you are doing?” she hissed pointing to the charred steaks and sausages that were covering the grill. “You are given a simple job to do and you manage to muck that up as usual. Look at this mess; how do expect us to eat that burnt offering. If you paid more attention to what you are asked to do instead of being a pervy Peeping Tom we would all be a lot happier.”

He was stunned and crestfallen that contrary to his fantasy of being invited to join in the activities going on around him that he was once again being shamed and having his shortcomings publically announced. Indeed, it seemed that everyone had paused in what they were doing and were now looking his way and laughing at his discomfort. As a final humiliation a sausage on the grill spat of burst of hot fat which unerringly struck his deflated cock. He sprang back in agony and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Sally looked at him contemptuously. “You better .go and see what we have in the fridge; we can’t be eating that, can we?”

She turned on a heel, picked up some beers and returned to her two companions who had watched her performance with amusement. Gerald tucked his scalded cock back in his pants and went back into the house to do what he had been told.


It had only been open for a few weeks but already ‘Rhinos – Gentlemen’s Club’ had proven to be a big success and had quickly become the ‘must-go to place’ for much of the adult population of Hawksville and the surrounding area. Most evenings saw the venue well attended and come the weekends it was necessary to get there extra early if one was to gain entry such was the popularity of its strict entry requirements.

As with all prestigious adult clubs there were rules and entry requirements and Rhinos’ rules was quite straightforward and easily understood by all. The formal rules were that access to the actual main club area was restricted to just black males and their escorts; white men seeking entry were given access to a separate area, from which through a series of tinted windows they could view the main body of the club and any entertainment that might being staged there. Black men would be given free access if they were accompanied by a white woman; white men would be given free access if they’d bought their wife or a female partner along, who was seeking to be a guest of one of the black males.

The design of the club’s interior layout featured a foyer area where under the eye of the duty doorman guests were directed to one of two entry doors. To the left Black men and their guests; to the right the door that led to a mezzanine that ran around the complete club area and where white men after they had paid the ‘whites only’ entrance fee were directed. The doorman had long got used to seeing white couples enter the foyer and observed the white man to give his wife or girlfriend a peck on the cheek before handing her over to her waiting black companion, or to one of the single black males looking to pick up a date. Lately single white females, both single and married hoping to find a black date had also begun growing in number.

The inside of the club was unremarkable. There was a large open area with a small stage at one end alongside a bar and around the room there were several booths and a few tables, leaving a small area in the centre for dancing or staged entertainment. However, at the far end, opposite the entrance there was a wide corridor which led off to a series of large private rooms, all which contained a bed of one sort or another, for whatever purpose the patrons may decide. Each of these rooms was ‘themed’ in some fashion to cater for whatever fantasy may be held by the occupant and all the rooms had either tinted windows or one-way mirrors over looking whatever action may be happening inside. It was on the other side of the wall that the mezzanine ran and where tables and seats were positioned alongside the windows for the white patrons to sit. A few of the rooms were designated as providing special facilities inasmuch they had a series of circular holes cut through the walls. Access to that particular area of the mezzanine came at a premium price but it was a price that was willing paid by the grateful watcher as they pushed their cock through the padded hole and pressed his face against the glass to look down on the bobbing head of some female on the other side.

Holly and Chloe were so excited. Their good friend Ma’bill had got them their first ‘gig’ at the club and it seemed crazy to them but they were actually going to get paid for doing something that they did all the time in the privacy of their bedrooms. Not only that but they were getting money for what he had described as providing a ‘community service’. In the cold light of day it all seemed a bit odd but whenever the gentle hum of the renown Rhino soundtrack was heard, it all made perfect sense. Ma’bill had explained to them that there was a danger that white men who were affected in some way by the increasing influence of the black men on their wives and partners may become subconsciously resentful at being denied attention. It had been proven through research by Rhino’s psychology division that if specific provisions were made that appeared to be exclusively for the white male that they would not be as inclined to object at the situation they now found where their wives or partners now preferred the company of black men. It was a crude supposition but everyone who had it explained to them to the background humming had no difficulty in accepting that the concept to be true.

The girls got to the club early and Ma’bill showed them around the facilities before the doors opened for the paying clientele. They had a shared dressing room (or rather, an undressing room) where they could stow their things and he also found them feathered Mardi Gras style masks to wear for it had been decreed by management that there should be an extra air of mystery to be provided by their entertainers. There were various costumes all of them skimpy and revealing and Ma’bill thought it would be a nice touch given Chloe’s qualification and experience that a Cheerleader theme might be appropriate. The girls had a fit of giggles as they pulled on these faintly ridiculous outfits for there were no panties and the neckline of the halter tops were so low that it proved impossible for their tits to be effectively covered. However they had to admit that the result once they had pulled on the white calf-length boots was quite impressive and Chloe in particular felt herself becoming quite wet between the legs as she viewed herself in the mirror. Ma’bill gave them a nod of approval and told them to relax and to entertain themselves by looking at the wall mounted screen which was showing a series of videos depicting activities in some Glory Hole. As they turned their attention to the screen and focused on the action he mentioned as a by-the-way that it was an easy way to earn an extra fee by providing an extra special service for whoever might be watching from the other side of the windows. They would know what to do when the moment occurred but it was entirely up to them if they wanted to deliver. He left them to their thoughts and said he would return when it was time for them to do their little show.


Simone had watched her daughter leaving the house earlier to go spend yet another evening with her cousin. She had no idea exactly what the two f them got up but had a no illusions that it wouldn’t involve sex and boys, given Chloe shared Holly’s new-found passion for that Rhino fellow Ma’bill (“was that his name?”). However, she had little time to much think about it for she had other more important things on her mind for that evening.

She had finally gotten over the disappointment of Oskar moving out of her home. It had been a nice few months of having him around and available whenever the urge took her (which was pretty much constantly!) but, for whatever reason, he had decided that he needed his own space and now had his own home, a penthouse in the recently opened Rhino Tower. She still saw him most days at work when he was at work and she still enjoyed her regular morning fun but even that it was becoming less frequent as he seemed to be spending more and more time on the road and she couldn’t always travel with him. No matter, tonight would be different and special for Ian was taking her to Club Rhino for her first visit and she had heard that it was always guaranteed to be a great night.

They arrived at the club and neither of them showed any surprise at finding Oskar waiting in the foyer. Ian blinked as he grew accustomed to the low lighting and the equally soft background sound but made no protest when Oskar held out his hand and drew Simone to him giving her a warm embrace. She melted in his arms whilst Ian patiently waited for them to part; he was amused to see his black hands squeezing the soft swell of her butt as they kissed.

Oskar looked at Ian and gave a slight nod; Simone turned and gave him a brush of her lips on his cheek and said, “Have fun.” The doorman stood aside as she went through the Left Hand door on the arm of her handsome boss. The doorman then pointedly asked Ian for the entrance fee and after he had paid opened the right hand door and gestured to him to enter.

Ian wandered along the dark passageway and found an empty table on which there was a drinks menu and soon a pretty young black girl dressed in a very revealing tan safari jacket, stockings and a white hunter’s style hat came along to take his order. He knew that the rules of the club didn’t allow any intimate fraternization with the female staff but that didn’t stop him from flirting and fantasizing as she attended to his thirst. He excused himself for his apparent wimpy-ness noting to her that he was the ‘designated driver.’ Soon she returned and put down his soda. She had heard it all before from these white men, but nevertheless commiserated with him and as compensation she whispered that there was to be a special show in the exclusive rooms at the back of the club later and, actually, it was worth staying sober for as it involved two lesbian Cheerleaders she said enigmatically. Ian needed no further encouragement to stay with drinking soda as he paid her the premium fee for entry later when the show would begin.
The club filled up quickly and Ian and the rest of the white men sitting alongside the windows were entertained and amused to look down and see their wives and girlfriends all drinking, dancing and coupling with black companions who were acting as if they were their boyfriends … which is exactly what they were. As the evening wore on the atmosphere in the main area became more sexually charged and there was no surprised shown by the watchers when from time-to-time a woman would pull down her dress so that her date could play with her tits, or reach over and stroke her black date’s cock.

Soon one then another of the couples got up and left the dance floor or table and wandered off down the corridor to one of the private rooms. At each occasion the husband of the women involved would leave his seat and go and find a place where he could overlook and witness his wife being thoroughly fucked by a fat black cock.

As Ian toyed with his soda he focused on a young married housewife who was sharing a table with three black males suddenly stand up and for all of them to head down the hallway for what he imagined would be a gang bang party. He looked around the mezzanine and was neither surprised nor shocked to see the woman’s husband get up from an adjacent table and to follow their progress to overlook one of the rooms below. Ian smiled as he saw him take out his stiff cock and wank himself to satisfaction while his wife was writhing and moaning in ecstasy in the room beneath his gaze. Indeed the only recognition that ever came about was when at the end of these performances was when one of the black waitresses would come along and offer a wad of tissues to the husband or boyfriend to clean up his dripping spunk.

He turned his attention back to the dance floor and saw Oskar taking Simone’s arm guiding her toward the corridor. “My turn,” he thought and he got up find the appropriate window that would allow him to overlook the bed where he could witness Oskar fucking his Simone. He unzipped his pants and murmured his approval at seeing her obligingly holding up her dress so that he could see her white pussy being fucked by Oskar’s fat black cock.

He returned to his seat and was musing on what he just seen when his waitress came up and handed him a handful of tissues. As he wiped himself clean she whispered that in a little while ‘his’ special show was about to be performed and if he would like to make his way to the end of the mezzanine there was a roped barrier beyond which was an exclusive seating area where the special shows could be viewed. Needing no further invitation he picked up his drink and followed her. She unclipped the rope and led him to sit down in one of the plush armchairs. He thanked her with a small squeeze in anticipation of her soft black hand caressing his cock which was already beginning to tent his trousers. She smiled, shook her head and reminded him, “no touching,” and withdrew.

He gave a disappointed short-lived sigh but no sooner had he placed his drink on the side table than through the one way mirror he saw a door open and two young girls enter the room on the other side. They both wore masks and were dressed in a sexy parody of a Cheerleader’s uniform which was close enough as far as Ian was concerned to look like the real thing. They glanced his way but saw nothing but their own reflections in the one way mirror. Chloe was amused to see that beneath the mirror was a circular hole and in the gloom it was quite apparent to her as to its purpose having just watched many glory hole scenes in the dressing area. Indeed, she was sure she could see movement through the aperture which proved that someone was the other side waiting to see their performance and she felt deliciously wicked having no idea who it could be together with the knowledge that her feathered mask made her equally anonymous.

The music started as the girls stood and faced each other and began to kiss and just as they had done at the Sunday barbecue party they soon turned the innocent kissing and caressing into something altogether more sensual and satisfying as their hands began to roam over each other. Holly soon succumbed to the gentle administrations of her cousin and pulled her back to lie with her on the wide bed behind them. She spread her legs and Ian gasped as he saw that the naughty girl wasn’t wearing any panties but rather had her smooth pussy spread wide for all to see. Chloe was equally impressed and she knelt down and kissed the damp slit to show her appreciation. Holly groaned as she felt her cousin’s tongue slip and slide into her wet cunt and already she could feel that familiar sense of a climax approaching. She didn’t need much attention to feel that and Chloe was so good at knowing what she liked.

Ian felt himself almost choking as he viewed the erotic scene before him. It was as if his Friday night dreams over at Herb’s had finally come true for there before him were two young Cheerleaders performing just for him and it was as if all his Christmas wishes had come at once. He took out his straining cock and disciplined himself not to touch himself as he held his breath watching what was happening on the other side of his window. Chloe remained in the floor with her head buried between Holly’s thighs. She had spread her own legs and Ian felt himself weal up and almost came in his pants as he saw her hand dip beneath herself and start to stroke and caress her own pussy which was presented so perfectly for him to view. Holly had pulled down the flimsy covering of her top and was cupping and stroking her breasts and swollen nipples as her cousin continued to lap and lick at her sopping cunt and then with a squeal she announced that she was enjoying the first of what would be many orgasms before they finished their performance. Chloe lifted her head and grinned at the reaction that her attention had caused before getting up onto the bed herself. Holly responded by turning around and straddling her cousin’s face so that they were in a perfect 69 position and could both attend to each other with their probing tongues and fingers.

Through the thin wall Ian could hear and see two girls who were very adept at pleasuring each other and who seemingly had the capacity to provide each other with almost continuous orgasms in the most imaginative manner. He was beside himself with an intense feeling of pleasure and satisfaction as he watched the cheerleaders with their short skirts which hid nothing; their halter tops pulled down so that their pert young breasts were totally exposed; their leather boots which clung to their strong sturdy calves, there was just much to look at and everything seemed so right. He stood up and instinctively guided his rigid dripping cock through the padded hole in the wall. On the other side Chloe saw movement from the corner of her eye and knew, indeed expected that when she turned she would see an erect penis poking through. She was a little bit disappointed to see that the cock was obviously owned by an inadequate white male and not anything like the massive black ones she had watched on the videos in the dressing room. Certainly it was nothing like the size or girth of Ma’bill’s but, hey ho, never mind, it was a neat, small, sweet looking cock and clearly the owner had taken the extra trouble to shave himself clean for there was not a scrap of pubic hair to be seen. Chloe smiled and thought that she must be attending to some kind of pervert but, nevertheless, she was grateful for the opportunity to expand her experience.

All three participants got themselves comfortable. Holly lay back against the headboard and took from the adjacent shelf a large black dildo; Chloe slipped off the bed and once again got to her knees and shuffled over to the wall and the protruding cock; Ian gave a gasp as the teenager’s wet warm mouth engulfed him and he used every last ounce of his self-control to stop himself from shooting off as he felt her tongue swirl around him as if she was sucking a lollipop.
He looked down on the bobbing head and whimpered as he felt her expertly sucking and licking him. He could see neither her face, which was effectively shielded by her feathery mask nor could he glimpse his penis which he was thrusting as far into the large hole as he was able for the lovely girl had taken all that he could offer into her mouth. He ashamedly conceded to himself that his cock wasn’t very big and had he been able he would have made some sort of apology to the young sweet thing who was providing him the service he had paid for. She, for her part, was quite amused by how small this ‘little boy cock’ was but still it was nice and easy to handle and she knew she was doing something right when she felt the owner begin to buck and tremble. Ian raised his eyes from the blonde head and looked over at the other girl, the one who was lazily fucking herself with that obscene looking black dildo. She was obviously gaining great enjoyment as she slid the phallus back and forth into her wet sloppy cunt and had he been able to read her mind he would have heard her tell him that she was completely turned on by the view of her cousin fellating an unseen man through the wall.

Chloe managed to push her upturned hand through the hole and as she continued to suck she softly scratched at the smooth shaven balls of her ‘customer’. The feel of her fingers was just what was needed and giving a final thrust Ian felt a surge through his groin as his climax overtook his self-control and spunk fountained from his cock and flooded into the mouth of his daughter. His orgasm consumed his body and his legs trembled to the point where he almost fell but grasping at the sill of the window he prevented himself that indignity. Had he known that it was his daughter that he had just defiled then who knows what his reaction would have been.

She gagged as his the first shot of his cum hit the back of her throat and unsuccessfully tried to swallow his gift but he fell away from her so that the following shots of hot spunk just splattered over her surprised face. She giggled as cum continued to spit a few more dribbles through the hole in the wall accompanied by the sound of soft moaning but the sounds diminished and were soon overwhelmed by the incessant Rhino hum. Through the hole she heard a softly spoken ‘Thank you’ before quiet returned.


Ian returned to his original seat where a waitress brought over a tray holding a damp washcloth and some tissues which he gratefully received. She waited for him to finish his ablutions and took the soiled cloths from him before she went off to find her next customer who had booked a different show. He hadn’t been there for long before a different waitress appeared and curtly told him that his wife was waiting for him downstairs with the added instruction for him to hurry up.

He did as he was bidden and found Simone standing with Oskar in the foyer. She gave him that ‘and where have you been’ look knowing full well where he had been. Oskar gave him his signature nod and then turned his attention back to Simone and gave her a last lingering kiss which said in so many words ‘thank you for a good night.’

Simone responded with, “What a lovely time we’ve all had. Thank you Oskar; we must do this again sometime.” She gave him another kiss, “Bye, see you in the morning,” and turned on her heel and went up the staircase that led to the hotel lobby. Ian scuttled after her and shared her surprise when they virtually bumped into Chloe and Holly who were standing chatting with Ma’bill.

“Well, what are you three doing here? I thought you were having a night in at home.”

“No Mummy, we changed our minds when Ma’bill called and suggested we might like to go out for a drink so here we are,” said Chloe not suggesting anything other than a quiet drink had taken place.

“Hmm, lucky for you then that you chose to come here so we can give you a lift home,” said an unsuspecting Ian.
“Thank you Daddy that will be lovely. Are you coming Holly?” she said to her cousin.

“No, I’ll stay here a while with Ma’bill. We haven’t finished our drinks yet and there’s a lot I want to talk about,” she responded with a knowing wink.

Chloe’s parents missed that exchange and she followed them out of the hotel to find their car. On the drive home Simone closed her eyes and dreamt about the cocks she had seen and enjoyed that night; Ian drove carefully thinking all the while of the almost perfect blowjob that he had just enjoyed with the ‘cheerleader’. In his mind it could only have been improved by it being given by his daughter; Chloe sat in the darkness of the back seat behind her parents and carefully counted out the fifty dollar bills that Ma’bill had just given her as her earnings for the evening. She could get used to this kind of work was her final thought as she drifted off into a blameless sleep.


Oskar watched as the car pulled away and made his way to the private elevator which would take him to his apartment on the top floor. It had been a very successful evening from his point of view and his satisfaction came from not only the couple of fuck sessions that he had had with Simone and some other married white woman but with the knowledge that the whole nightclub venture was working very well and that everyone who visited the club was being gratified in their own special way. Indeed, it was a prime example of how the whole Rhino business plan was all coming together and he felt confident that the next phases would similarly also come to fruition.

He entered his apartment and found as expected his latest conquest, the sweet blond Ingrid who was waiting for him dressed in her role as a ‘Swedish Slave’. He loved this girl, not in a romantic sense but instead for her imaginative approach to sex. He had only known her for a few weeks following the visit when she had come to Hawksville with her father but in that time she had been the perfect companion to take to bed and the ideas she came up with to spice up their frequent fuck sessions were always a delight. She was heavily into role play and now she wanted to be treated as a slave.

“Call me Sabbath,” was her call to play and he was glad to oblige and would begin to treat her in the most off hand fashion as she squealed her mock frustration at being treated so badly.

“Crazy Europeans,” was his thought after yet another frantic session of rough sex but it was a thought that led to the idea that maybe the time was now right to extend Rhino’s operations and philosophies into countries beyond the US.
He stumbled to the bathroom to shower but not before he made a note on his ‘to do’ list of subjects to be discussed at the next board meeting.


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