Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18.
SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease)

Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter
Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – 6th Chapter

My dick now hung like a dry sausage, and my bum hole still pulsed from the invasion it endured. But Flavius was an a****l. His Black Magic Johnson stood fully rigid, and the veins that grew along it gave the nodular appearance of a tree trunk. My Aunt carefully dried me off, then wiped out her ebony pupil with even more care, working her way up and down on his stomach and legs, and every time she passed her hand over his erect penis, she’d lower it and then let it bounce back up, more tantalizing and engorged than any other dick I’ve seen before.

My aunt took us into the room and layed each of us into his bed. I lay on my back and felt Michelle’s soft hands hovering around my hips. I shouldn’t even mention that as soon as she leaned over me I felt her heavy breasts pressing my loins and although I’ve just been milked, I felt my cocklet jerking in my pants again. At first I was scared, but then I saw what she was doing. She pulled a leather strap over my belly and locked it on the other side of the bed. Two smaller leather shackles tied my hands next to my body.
– I know how you boys are at night … it’s for your sake, so we won’t have other surprises.
She kissed my forehead. I felt her fleshy wet lips sticking to my forehead and her breasts pressed against my chest, molding around my small frame, pulled down by their own weight. They were just divine.
My Aunt stood up and went to Flavius’s bed, probably going to do the same thing.
My puckered pink rosette and my inner anal muscles quenched, and now I felt nothing but a sense of calm and relaxation. In a few seconds the thoughts began to turn into dreams and I felt my heavy eyelids falling over each other. I fell asleep.
I have no idea how long it’s been since I fell asleep and when I woke up, but it is certain that what I saw made my eyes bulge and made me forget about any sleep.
I was still in bed, and I suspect Flavius was too. But sitting on the edge of his bed, dressed only in her transparent nightclothes, was my aunt, my mother’s older sister, Michelle, as she liked calling herself… Through the fabric’s transparency I could distinguish her bra straps and black pantyhose, so narrow and slim across the base of her broad back. She was amazing. A real Amazonian queen. Staring at her from the side I could trace the outline of one of her giant breasts, that the bra could hardly suspend.
But what shocked me most was what she was doing.
It was not surprising that Flavius had his head thrown back in a perpetual state of stupid ecstasy, biting his lips from time to time, and exhaling loudly as he stared into the ceiling.
My aunt’s hand raised and lowered itself slowly across Flaviu’s impressive phallus that rose above the sheets. The helmet was shining in the faint light, and a small constant stream of precum was trinkling from the top slit, a sign that his testies were doing some serious over time. Michelle barely touched him, raising and lowering her fingers on the beefy baton, transporting the young man further on the height of ecstasy.

Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter 2
– Oh, baby, she whispered. I think it’s so hard … you poor thing have to walk around the house all day with that dick so hard … and those balls so full … I think they hurt at every step …
– Yes, ma’am, they hurt badly, he whispered a little too loud, barely controlling his excitement.
– And all you want to do is lock yourself in the room and masturbate yourself silly, maybe even pass out from it, right? To work that dick until it spills all over the place.
– Yeah, I mean, no, no, ma’am, I do not want …
– It’s normal to want that… this all boys your age think about … be it a girl from school, or a teacher they like, or a girl from TV, I’ve had so many cases, so many young lads I had to break out of their habit… they were just like you… man cocks hanging from skinny, brat, boy bodies. They just wanted to dig their penis faster into something or rub it raw all day long, marking their territory with seedy fluid everywhere they spurt… you were the same way, remember?
– Yes … ma’am, Flavius said again, undulating like a snake in the hands of my aunt.
Flavius was uncircumcised, just like me, and the skin around his hard boner slid from top to bottom, hiding his red egg from the top, and rewinding, leaving him even brighter than before. Then suddenly Michelle did something I would never have imagined. She pulled out her gum – so delicate, so sensual – and placed it on the bedside table. Then she moistened her lips with her tongue. With a short jerk of her neck she threw her hair over one shoulder and I watched her lowering her lips to the boy’s massive erection. Her full and slightly wrinkled lips were an inch away from the biggest dick I’ve ever seen (bigger that Teo’s, bigger than the black men I saw in the dirty magazines). She was so close that if she would have pulled out her tongue for a second, she would have easily touched the tip of the engorged head.
But she chose not to. Instead, she slowly blew air towards the brown head, as if trying to cool it off. This only increased Flavius’ frustration.
– Flavius, my dear? she whispered imperceptibly.
– YES?? YES !!! the boy nearly squealed out, elated.
– What was the name of your 6th grade Literature teacher, do you remember? You know … the one with big breasts?
Flavius threw his head back in desperation. Michelle knew his most inner secrets and perversions.
– Ahhhhh! Miss Viola
– Yes … Miss Viola … Do you remember when you thought about her?
– Yeah …
– Do you remember what you were doing when you thought about her …
– Yeaaaa!
It was like watching a kettle on fire, whistling and ready to blow.
– How many times a day? …
– Six… seven! All night … I was an a****l … I just couldn’t control myself ….
– Do I… remind you of Miss Viola? Just a tiny bit?
– No … she was …
– Go on, said Michelle rearranging herself on the edge of the bed and I saw a hand slip between her fat thighs.
– You’re taller than her, but … –
– But what? she whispered provocatively.
– You have bigger breasts … the boy managed to blurt out.
– You like … big breasts?
– Yeah, I like to …
– Say it.
Michelle leaned a little over the bed and left one of her heavy breasts land in the bound hand of her prisoner. The boy didn’t hesitate to slide his hand between the velvet titty meat and woman’s undergarment, tossing the large brown nipple between his fingers. He was obviously consumed by lust for this wonderful Amazon.
– I like to play with them … I like to … get them out.
Flavius raised his sweaty forehead to see the show in front of him.
– Draw your legs apart, sweetie, my aunt whispered retreating the nipple from the boy’s hungry touch.
Flavius did as was told, bending his knees to his chest and leaving his sex, balls and pucker exposed to my aunt’s warm breath. I saw Michelle raising two fingers to her mouth and like a real lady, letting her spit drool all over them. Her fine fingers and red nails with an impeccable manicure needed to get wet for the following procedure. She then lowered her hand and slid her red claws along the throbbing coal phallus all the way to the heavy balls which she clutched forcefully. A long moan escaped the skinny black youth’s mouth, but of course I couldn’t see it since his knee was obstructing his face. This position reminded me of a broken frog toy and all I could think about was how vulnerable he must feel.
My aunt didn’t linger around his balls to much, and her fingers continued their course further downstream where, with enormous care, she began to massage his man hole, sending streams of ecstasy upwards. Flavius was actually struggling in the leather strap, twisting his head from side to side on the pillow and panting so hard that I thought his heart would jump out of his chest. Michele, however, was imperturbable. With one hand she was massaging his swollen bull balls and puckered brown eye while the other went up and down the skin covered beer can of a dick her pupil was packing. Suddenly I saw her flowing hair lowering gently over him and I saw the 40 year old woman take a mouthful of cock, making the monster disappear without a trace in a matter of seconds. She basically swallowed the boy in one long movement.
And if there was any other doubt in my mind about what was going on a few feet away from my bed, the proof was in Flavius big and bewildered stare through the dark, confirming he was indeed being ingested by the house mistress.
The wavy head began to bob up and down between the thin thighs of the mulatto, and my aunt’s broad back straightened and relaxed under the yo-yo move. Flavius was now shaking and trembling with his legs raised to his chest, and he could hardly control the cocktail of pleasure and ecstasy as Michelle was stimulating all his buttons directly. Michelle was simply choking on his black penis… “her personal penis”, as she had groomed and farmed it all these years. A low humming gurgle meant his penis was lodged in the woman’s throat and she was now working it with the muscles of her esophagus and tonsils. It was probability more intense than any self-pleasuring had Flavius rewarded himself with throughout his young life.

Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter 3
And the fingers that lurked around the hidden pleasure centers contributed to his general condition. Flavius was suddenly locked in a constant trembling epileptic seizure. He was rolling his eyes incontrolably and foaming at his mouth, incapable of swallowing his own drool. His brain has simply shut down. Every muscle is his body was strained from his thing thighs to the bulging veins on his throat and forehead.
My aunt, in turn, was coiling like a serpent, or better yet, like a MERMAID! Fluid, wavy and constant, raising and lowering her head along the meat haft, from the mushroom head to the two swollen canopies. Then Flavius snapped!
A prolonged groan began to form deep down his throat and grew without stopping.
My Aunt moaned from between his legs, holding position. Without detaching her jaws from the incarnated pipe or at least slowing down she just encouraged her boy to go for it:
– Mhm! Mhm! she confirmed.
Flavius trembled like a madman, tugging at his ankles and spitting his frothy mouth with every breath. I realized that was the moment when a good healthy doze of semen was being transferred from my coleague’s balls and prostate directly into my aunt’s throat. And she received and ingested every warm gush, directly from its source. It was an extraordinary show and I was afraid Flavius might die from the sheer pleasure. I did not think anyone could survive such a prolonged and powerful orgasm.
In the same time, I was afraid I was next.
Michelle caressed the boy with great tenderness then wiped his trembling body with a towel. She took great care of his still deflating juggernaut and his sweaty bum hole and made sure he was dry before stretching his legs back on the bed. I watched her manipulate him like a broken rag doll, which in a way he was, then she lovingly tucked him in under the sheet and leaned over for one last kiss. Her full lips, that only a few seconds ago massaged and caressed his pecker like a loving wife now pecked his forehead like a loving mother. And I just stood there watching the outline of her perfect breasts dangle beneath her robe in the moon light.
When she turned towards the door I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I heard her steps as she approached me and one second later I felt a killer grip tightening around my penis – now tenting through the sheets. The little fabric mound stood proud and stood proof that I myself stood witness. Aunt Michelle proceeded to kiss my forehead and I felt her lips still wet from the cum flood Flavius has just released. She didn’t even bother to wipe my forehead. She just let go of my prick and left the room, locking the door behind her.

Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula 6th Chapter 4
– TO BE CONTINUED – ( o Y o )

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