Camping trip

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The summer after my 19th birthday, my parents let me go away on a week’s camping holiday
with three friends: Mandy, Sam and Chris. We’d all been friends since primary school, and though
we’d gone off to different secondary schools we’d still kept in touch.
Some old friends of theirs had a farm in west Wales, and they
often used to go up there and pitch a couple of tents on a field down by the lake.
This time, her parents agreed to stay with the friends actually in the farmhouse, so we had a bit more
freedom to camp by ourselves. I suppose they felt they could keep an eye on us that way, without
having to put up with all the mess and fuss that four teenagers create. The only rule was that the guys
had to have one tent, and Mandy and me the other.
We’d all done a bit of camping before, on Duke of Edinburgh Award trips and that sort of thing, so we
decided we’d do it properly and cook for ourselves as well – though I don’t think Mandy’s parents
expected us to last out all week without trying to phone for pizza! But we started off well enough, and
on the first morning we managed to have a fry-up for breakfast without burning everything. Mandy,
Chris and Sam then went into the village to get some more food. I was going to go too, but I had
some books I needed to read for school next year, so I decided I’d better stay behind and make a
It was a lovely hot day, and when they’d gone I decided I’d have a quick dip in the lake first, just to
cool off. I’d got my red bikini on, but it was so nice and warm that when I got down to the water’s edge
I decided it would be more fun to swim topless. I unclipped the straps, and pulled off my bikini top,
letting my little 36C boobs bounce free. I loved the feeling of water on my bare tits as I swam about. A
couple of boats sailed past on the lake, but I don’t suppose they could see me, and even if they could,
I didn’t care! The water was pretty cold, but nice enough once you were in. My nipples got pretty hard,
what with the cold water and me feeling a bit horny swimming without my top on.
After a while I began to feel a bit chilly, so I came out to warm up. I wondered whether I should put
my bikini top back on, but decided not to bother. There was no public access to the field by the lake,
so I didn’t think I’d be disturbed by walkers, and in any case topless sunbathing isn’t exactly a
hanging offence, even in Wales. I sat down on my towel and rubbed plenty of sun cream over as
much of me as I could reach. I then got out my book, lay down on my back and started to read. This
was heavenly; the warm sun on my body and nothing to worry about.
I think I must have drifted off, because I suddenly woke up to hear a big splash from the lake. I
looked up with a bit of a start, but relaxed when I saw it was only Sam. I looked around to see if
Mandy and Chris were around, but couldn’t see them. I assumed he must have turned round and
come back, since there wouldn’t have been time to get to the village and back yet, let alone do any
shopping. I waved at him and he waved back, before diving back under the water.
I shut my eyes again and listened to him splashing around. Again, I wondered if I should put my
bikini top on, but decided not to. So what if he saw my bare breasts? I’d nothing to be ashamed of.
After a while the splashing stopped, and he emerged from the water and walked up the grass towards
me. I put down my book.
“Hi Sam,” I said. “It’s a bit cold in, isn’t it?”
“You’re bloody right about that,” said Sam. “Mind you, it’s nice and warm in the sun.”
“Do you want some sun-cream?”
“That’s okay, I’ve got some in the tent.”
“No, you might as well use mine. Then you can put a bit more on me. I think I’m starting to dry out.”
“Sure, no problem.”
I watched as he rubbed cream over his well-toned torso. He kept glancing at me too. It made me feel
a bit horny, knowing he was looking at my tits. I began to think about what it would feel like to have
his hands rubbing sun-cream over them, his fingers stroking my nipples. I bet he’d like to do it, too.
There was only one way to find out.
“Your turn now,” he said. “Give us your leg.”
He took the tube and squeezed a big dollop onto my right leg. He started to rub it in, up and down m
smooth bare leg, starting at the foot and moving up past my knee. It was funny, but it felt much nicer
having someone else do it than just doing it myself. He squirted some more cream onto my thigh and
rubbed that in, squeezing my firm toned flesh. I raised my leg so he could do the underside too, and
felt his warm hands on my sensitive inner thigh. Then it was my left leg’s turn. It did feel really good,
like an oily massage. His hands stroked right up to the edge of my little bikini bottoms.
“How’s that?” he said, when my legs were shining with cream again.
“Thanks, Sam,” I said “Could you just squeeze a bit on my tummy while you’re there?”
He squeezed a big white dollop onto my flat stomach, and rubbed that in too. At first, I could tell he
was trying not to look at my little breasts, right in front of his eyes. He caught my eye, and looked
embarrassed, but I smiled to let him know that I didn’t mind. His hands stroked down the sides of my
body, and up round the sides of my bare titties. His fingers just touched my under-breast; then he
“I think you’d better do the rest,” he said, his voice a little bit hoarse. I looked at him, and he was
actually blushing a little. And what was more, I could see a bit of a bulge in his swim-shorts, so he
was getting turned on too.
“Ok, Sam,” I said, and he passed me the cream. I squeezed out two dollops, one onto my right
breast and one onto my left. The cream ran down the sides of my boobs a little.
I lowered my sunnies and looked him in the eye.
“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to do it?” I asked.
There was a pause, but only a short one.
“Oh fuck yes, Annie, if it’s okay with you.”
“What are you waiting for, then?”
I shivered as I felt the first touch of his fingers on my bare breasts, and he began gently to rub the
cool cream into the firm but yielding flesh. He seemed to be avoiding my nipples at first, but then his
fingers touched my areola, which were already aroused and goose-bumpy. I was trying to keep my
breathing under control, but I couldn’t help letting out a little gasp.
I admit I’d just been teasing him, but now I was starting to feel more than a bit aroused as his hands
rubbed the cream further into my breasts. Every time his fingers slid over my hard nipples I wanted
him to squeeze and play with them. Little tingles ran through my body. I clenched my toes, tensing
the muscles in my legs. I could feel a bigger tingle starting to grow between my legs, and it was a
struggle to stop myself from touching myself there.
“Oh God, Sam, that does feel nice,” I whispered.
I could see his erection really straining at his swim-shorts now. I couldn’t wait any longer, so without
saying a word I just raised my arms and put them round his neck, pulling his head down to me.
I opened my mouth as our lips met, and let out a deep moan in my throat. His mouth was open too,
and our tongues were sliding over each other. My hands clasped him to me. For a second, Sam
pulled away and was about to say something, but I put my finger on his lips. I didn’t want him to say
anything, apologize, or ask if it was okay or anything like that. I just wanted him to carry on. He was
kneeling beside me now on the grass, and I pulled him against me. I could feel my creamy naked
breasts pressed against his chest. My hand stroked his back, moving down to his swim-shorts,
slipping inside them and clasping his firm bum. Now it was his turn to gasp.
I got both of my hands on his swim-shorts, and pulled them down off his waist. For a second, they
snagged on his erection, but I tugged a bit more and his cock sprang free. It was very hard and the
knob was a deep purple colour. I put my hand around it, my fingers only just able to encompass its
girth. I squeezed it, feeling the blood pumping into it. And oh my God, it got even bigger! It must have
been easily ten inches long, and very thick. Wow! Sam moaned a little.
For a moment, I just stared at it, almost unable to believe just how big it was. I knew I wanted to have
it inside me, if only to find out how much of it I could take, but it seemed a shame to rush things. I
tugged his swim-shorts right down his legs, as he lay down next to me. I bent down with one hand still
on his cock, and angled it towards my mouth. My tongue licked around his hard smooth knob,
underneath the tender flesh of the helmet.
I looked at him with a smile on my face.
“How’s that?”
“Ah yes; that’s good.”
I sucked the knob end into the warm wet cave of my mouth and held it there, while my tongue tickled
round it, nudging at the little hole in the tip. Then I slowly swallowed it, taking it deep into the back of
my mouth until about six inches of it was in my mouth. Then I leant forward, straightening my throat,
and did my party trick, swallowing it all, taking him deep into my throat, until his balls were pressed
against my chin, his pubic hair tickling my face. I could feel his knob end halfway down my throat,
pressing against it. I knew that from the outside it would be clearly visible, like my own little Adam’s
apple. I gently squeezed his balls in my hand.
“Annie – oh my god!” he groaned. I pulled my head back, letting his cock slip out about halfway, then
thrust it back again. I loved deep-throating guys, although I’d not swallowed a cock as big as Sam’s
before. For about five minutes I sucked and licked at his erection. I could feel his thick girth almost
choking me, but I knew I could keep this up as long as I wanted. But Sam was starting to moan quite
hard now.
“Ah, Annie, I’m going to come.”
I was surprised he’d managed to last as long as he had; most guys I’d done this to had spurted
almost straight away. But I didn’t want to choke on his cum, so I let him slip out of my mouth, his cock
wet and slippery with my saliva.
“Come on then,” I whispered, and pumped his cock with my hand. He barely had time to groan the
words ”Oh, fuck,” before I felt his cock pulsate as he began to come, his cum rushing up his erection
from his balls. The first spurt erupted over my face, hot and thick and sticky, and I aimed his knob at
my chest so the next helpings splashed over my tits and nipples. Again and again he came, his
creamy ejaculate splattering all over me, running off my tits and stomach, a little pool of it gathering in
my navel.
Believe it or not, he was still hard, and showed no signs of wilting. I kissed him, pressing my bare
sticky breasts against his chest, smearing it with his own cum.
“Fuck me now, quick,” I gasped.
He didn’t say anything, just kept on kissing me, as I felt his hands fumble for the tie on my bikini
pants. He found it and pulled on the bow. I felt them loosen around my waist, and then his hand
pulled them away. His still-erect cock was nuzzling against my thigh, leaving a thin trail of semen
along my leg.
“I haven’t got a …” he just managed to gasp, but I shut him up.
“Fuck that,” I squealed, “Just do it, for God’s sake.”
He positioned himself above me, one hand easing my legs apart so that my pussy opened slowly
before him, the little bush of hairs on my mound not hiding the pink folds of my labia. I opened my
legs as wide as they could go, and reached up to grab his cock, pulling him towards me. His thick
purple knob pressed against the entrance to my wet cunt, and I felt my lips parting to take him.
A little dribble of my juices ran down my crotch. I arched my pelvis up against him, and felt his knobend
just pop inside my slit, before the first six inches slid smoothly into me. Sam began to fuck me
properly then, his cock sliding in and out, each time pushing a little deeper, the tight sheath of my
vagina expanding to take him, until after a few thrusts I felt his knob pressing against the entrance to
my cervix. There were still a couple of inches of his cock outside me, but I couldn’t take any more.
I clenched my vaginal muscles around his cock, trying to suck him even deeper. I could feel my inner
labia sliding against him as he thrust smoothly in and out. I began to arch my back, meeting his
thrusts with my own. He was groaning now in time with his movements.
I grasped my little tits in my hands, squeezing them. He leant down and took my right tit in his mouth,
biting at it, bruising the flesh.
“Oh yes, Sam,” I moaned. “Bite me, bite me!”
He took my nipple in his mouth and gently closed his teeth around it. I thrust my crotch harder
against his cock, gripping his body with my bare legs to hold him in me. I was full of him, wanting his
cum, wanting him to fuck me harder, wanting him to make me come too.
And suddenly there was a noise that wasn’t either of us. It sounded like a giggle.
I looked up. Oh crikey, it was Mandy!
My mouth fell open, not quite sure what to say, but I quickly realized that Mandy seemed to be
enjoying the spectacle.
“So that’s why you came back, you filthy sod!” she said to Sam. Turning to me, she went on. “He said
he’d remembered something he really needed to do, and all he wanted was to give you a good
“Honestly, I did,” he protested. “But Annie wanted me to rub sun-cream onto her, and it just kind of
This was sort of a weird conversation to be having, two of us in mid-fuck, Sam with his cock still
buried in me.
“Hey Chris, you just gotta see this!” yelled Mandy, and I saw him walking back from the tents, where
he’d obviously been leaving the shopping. He roared with laughter when he saw us.
“Way to go, mate!” he said to Sam, “You lucky fucker,” and they high-fived each other!
“Oh Jesus, what’s that on your tits?” shrieked Mandy. “Has he come already, the dirty cunt?”
“You can lick it up if you like,” said Sam. “I’ve got plenty more where that came from.”
“I’d rather have some of my own,” she answered. “What do you say, Chris?”
“Fuck yes,” he said, and started to unbutton his shirt.
Mandy began to unbutton her loose summery blouse as well, slipping it off her shoulders and letting
it drop onto the grass. Underneath, she was wearing her blue bikini top. She was wearing cut-off
denim shorts which showed off her long legs a treat.
“Come and help me with this, Chris, sweetie,” she said, and Chris came over and pulled on the bow
that tied her bikini top behind her neck. Mandy held the cups against her large firm breasts for a
moment while Chris undid the bow at the back as well, then let the top fall to the ground. He stood
behind her and put his arms round her, his hands over her boobs, kneading them gently. She purred
in her throat, and pushed her head back against him while he nuzzled at her neck, stroking her long
blonde hair.
Mandy kicked off her shoes, and began unbuttoning her shorts and sliding them down her legs,
followed very quickly by her blue bikini bottoms. Unlike mine, her pussy was almost totally shaved,
apart from a thin Brazilian strip. That was new – last time I saw her naked, getting changed for netball
at school, she was just trimmed like me.
“Come on then, Mandy,” said Sam, “I’m sure Annie would like to taste you first!”
“Would you, Annie?” asked Mandy, standing over me and spreading her pussy lips with her fingers,
letting me see her pink wet pussy in all its glory. I saw glistening droplets of juice start to dribble out
and drip out onto the grass. And I thought I got wet when I was horny!
“Oh, Mandy, yes please!” I gasped. All this time, Sam still had his cock inside me; I thought it might
have gone soft but it still seemed hard as ever. Mandy knelt down over my face, one leg on either
side of my head, and presented her gaping pussy for my tongue. I grasped her thighs with my hands
and held them tight, my nails digging into her flesh, while I thrust my face into her crotch. I licked
through the little pathway of hair that led down towards her clitoris, enjoying the tickly sensation on
my tongue. I explored the little nest where her clit nestled, feeling it harden as I did so.
“Oh yes, Annie,” gasped Mandy, “That’s so good!”
Sam had started to fuck me again, sliding his cock slowly in and out. My tongue was sucking on
Mandy’s labia now. They were quite prominent, and I was able to suck them into my mouth one at a
time. I felt more of Mandy’s juices dribble out over my chin as I parted her labia and pushed my
tongue into her slit, searching out her g-spot.
I suddenly realized that Chris was now standing over me, naked too, and Mandy had his cock in her
mouth, sucking him as I had sucked Sam a few minutes ago. He was mashing her big tits in his
hands, playing with them as she fellated him. I ran my hands up his legs and squeezed his firm tight
buttocks. I slipped a finger between the crack of his cheeks and found his asshole. With a little push, I
pushed my finger in and wiggled it about.
He sucked in his breath with a gulp. “Christ, Annie, is that you?”
“Don’t you like my finger up your bum?”
“No, carry on, it’s fucking cool,” he moaned.
What a sight we must have made! Me on my back with my legs in the air, Sam with his ten-inch cock
deep inside my cunt; Mandy kneeling over my face with my tongue deep in her wet pussy, while she
pumped and sucked on Chris’s cock, while (to complete the circle) I had my finger buried up to my
knuckles in his asshole. I’d never even been with more than one person before, and here I was
involved in a foursome!
Suddenly Mandy pulled her pussy away.
“You are great, Annie,” she said, “but I really need a cock! Come here, Chris.”
And she rolled over onto the grass right next to me, and opened her legs wide. I pulled my finger out
of Chris’s bum, and he knelt over Mandy, his erect prick bobbing in front of him, wet with her saliva.
She took his cock in her hand and guided him towards her dripping cunt. He looked at me and smiled
as Mandy manoeuvred his cock until the hard knob was poking at her entrance. As he entered her,
she wrapped her big firm thighs around him, pulling him deeper. He began to thrust into her.
“Oh fuck Mandy, you’re tight,” he grunted, pumping his cock into her as deep as it would go, his balls
slapping against her thighs.
Mandy was making little squeaky noises in her throat.
“Ooo, yes Chris, yes, ooo yes,” she gasped. Then she reached over and grasped my hand in hers.
“Oh Annie, isn’t this awesome?” she asked, squeezing my hand.
“Oh, yes!” I gasped, as Sam’s cock slammed in and out of me.
She reached over and stroked my hard nipple. I looked at her tits, and her nipples were rock hard
“I’ve got a great idea,” she said. “Shall we make the guys give us a facial? Both of us together?”
“Yeah, let’s”
“I’m pretty close,” groaned Sam, thrusting even harder.
“Ok babes,” said Mandy, pushing Chris out of her, “Me and Annie, together, okay?”
Sam slid his cock out of me with a wet pop, some of my juices running out of me.
Mandy sat up and put her arm round me, squeezing my tits. We both knelt on the grass, while Sam
and Chris stood over us, pumping their cocks. Mandy opened her mouth, so I did the same.
“Ahhhhh” cried Chris, and gave his cock one last squeeze. The first load of his cum splashed over
Mandy’s face, coating her cheek and going into her mouth as well. He aimed the second spurt at me,
and it went straight into my mouth, leaving just a bit hanging off my lower lip.
Sam was only a second behind. His first load went straight over my chin, nose and forehead and into
my hair. He then sprayed his cock back and forth, semen spraying everywhere over Mandy and I.
Chris copied him, and in seconds we were both soaked in their hot, sticky, smelly ejaculate. It was
everywhere! I swallowed some, but lots more was over my face and hair, as well as running down my
chin and dripping onto my tits. I looked at Mandy; she even had it in her eyelashes! She licked at a
sticky dribble of it that ran down her cheek into her mouth.
“Mmm, you guys both taste great!” she said. “Oh Annie, just look at you!”
“Oh Mandy!” I giggled. On impulse, I leaned over and kissed her, tasting the cum on her lips and in
her mouth. Her tongue licked around my mouth, licking at the cum that was in it.
Chris and Sam were both still pulling at their cocks. Sam had gone a bit soft, but Chris was still rockhard;
I suppose he had only come once!
“Look at Chris, Annie!” said Mandy. “I think he’s ready for more!”
I lay back on the grass and opened my legs.
“Come on,” I said lustily. “I’m still hot. How about you?
Chris lay down between my legs, his erect cock brushing against the inside of my thighs and leaving
a trail of pre-cum down my leg. He kissed my cum-smeared face, our tongues licking round our
mouths. Sam’s cum was drying on my tits now, and Chris sucked on my still-hard right nipple, his
teeth nibbling gently at it.
“Come on, fuck me!” I managed to say.
Chris rubbed his cock against my labia. My pussy was still sticky, pink and gaping from Sam’s cock,
and Chris had no difficulty in slipping straight in. He ground his cock around inside me, his big knobend
stimulating my sensitive vaginal walls. I arched my pelvis into him, meeting his thrusts with my
own. I could see Mandy and Sam watching us; Sam had two of his fingers in Mandy’s pussy, and she
was stroking his cock, which was starting to get hard again.
“Oh Annie” grunted Chris, “You are so hot!”
I was rubbing my clit, feeling his cock inside me.
“Ah, ah, ah,” I gasped, as my fingers on my clit brought me nearer and nearer to orgasm.
I felt a little tremor run through me; a little cum before the big one. Oh, here it came.
“Ah Chris!” I screamed, and my whole body went stiff, my pussy tightening around his cock, as I
came in one massive earth-shaking explosion; wave after wave of electric shocks pulsed through me.
I felt Chris give one last massive thrust, and then he came too, his cum filling my cunt. As I felt his
semen fill me, I came again and again. Chris collapsed on top of me, and I wrapped my legs and
arms around him, holding him tight as my orgasm subsided, and my shaking trembling body came to
a rest. I was glistening and warm with perspiration, and so was he.
“Oh Annie!”
“Oh Chris!”
He slid his cock out of me, and as my vaginal muscles tightened a series of white gooey splodges
oozed out of my cunt.
“Let me clean those up,” said Mandy, and knelt down between my legs and began to lick up the
gooey mixture of my juice and Chris’s semen. I could only lie on my back and gurgle, while Chris
stroked and nuzzled at my boobs, as Mandy licked and sucked at my still pulsating pussy.
For a few minutes, we just lay there, sated and sweaty. But I was still feeling horny, despite my
I looked at Chris. “Did you like having my finger up your bum, then?” I asked.
He nodded. “It really gets me when someone does that,” he admitted.
I suddenly thought of something really hot.
“Have you had anything bigger up there?” I asked casually.
“Like what?”
“Well, you know, a vibrator or something.”
“Or a cock!” piped up Mandy.
“Hey, no way, no!” said Chris.
“Fuck it, I’ve always wanted to watch one guy fuck another in the arse,” cried Mandy.
“How about you then, Sam?” I asked. “Have you done it?”
Sam looked a bit embarrassed.
“With Mike,” he said. “Just once, but I’m not gay! It was just to see…”
“Fuck, that’s hot,” said Mandy. “It doesn’t make you gay, it just sounds awesome.”
Chris was stroking his cock, which I could hardly believe was hard again.
“That’s got you turned on, hasn’t it?” I said.
“Oh my God, you guys have to do it,” said Mandy. “Sam, you will, won’t you? Fuck Chris, I mean.”
Sam and Chris looked at each other.
“I’m horny just thinking about it,” I said. “Please, do it for me.” I put my hand between my legs and
rubbed up and down across my clit.
“And me!” cried Mandy. “Or it’s no more fucks from us.”
Chris shrugged. “Well, I want more fucks with the girls,” he said. “So come on, are you okay for it?”
“Go on then,” said Sam. “Let’s do it.”
“Let me get him ready,” said Mandy, and she took Sam’s cock in her mouth, licking and slurping at it
until he was fully hard again. Then she took his cock and placed his knob against the dark hole of
Chris’s arsehole. She pressed it against the hole, and Chris let out a gasp. But Sam had a big knobhelmet,
and it wasn’t making any progress; Chris’s arse was just too tight.
“You gotta relax a bit more,” said Sam, sounding like an expert. But Chris was just too tense.
“Hang on a minute,” I said. “We need some sort of lube. Did you bring any KY?”
Mandy smiled and shook her head. “If I’d known this was going to happen…” she began.
“Wait a minute,” I said. “This’ll do, at least to get his cock inside.”
I picked up the tube of sun-cream, and squeezed loads of it all over Sam’s cock. Then I squeezed
even more of it all around (and even into) Chris’s anal sphincter. Mandy smeared it all over his cock
with her hands, then pushed the knob back against Chris’s arsehole. I could see Chris’s little
puckered entrance start to expand, then suddenly Sam lunged forward, and with one “slurp” his cock
slid straight into Chris’s arse.
“Oh fucking hell!” screamed out Chris as Sam’s balls slapped against his bum and he felt his tight
anal passage suddenly filled right up with his friend’s cock. Sam grabbed hold of Chris’s waist to
steady himself, as he began to thrust in and out of his arse. The sun-cream was doing a good job as
a lubricant, and Sam’s cock made a delightful slurping noise each time it pulled out and then rammed
back in again. Rivulets of cream began to run down over Chris’s thighs.
Mandy and I were beside ourselves with glee, watching the two guys in action. Chris’s cock was
swinging backwards and forwards between his legs as Sam fucked him from behind. It was pretty
hard still, so he was obviously enjoying the experience of having his virgin arse ravaged.
“Oh my God, I cannot believe this,” shrieked Mandy. “He’s actually fucking him up the bum! It’s so
“Look at Chris’s cock,” I giggled. “Why don’t you go and give him a hand?”
So she got down on her hands and knees, crawled over to Chris and took his cock in her mouth.
Soon she was sucking and slurping on it, pumping at the shaft with one hand. Her bum looked so hot
sticking up in the air, the pink petals of her labia sticking out between her thighs. I began to feel a bit
left out, so I went over and began to play with Mandy’s pussy, rubbing at it until she was wet, then
slipping two fingers inside and wriggling them about inside her.
Sam began to thrust faster and faster into Chris’s arse. By the expression on his face, he was
approaching his climax, and I matched his thrusts with my fingers up Mandy’s cunt. Then he groaned,
steadied himself, and held still while his cock pumped shot after shot of semen up his friend’s anal
passage. For a few moments he knelt there, breathing heavily, then with a sigh he pulled out, his stillerect
cock smeared all over with his own semen.
He began to look a bit ashamed, as post-orgasmic realization swept over him, but I didn’t give him a
chance to regret what he’d done. I grabbed his softening cock, and licked at the semen that was still
clinging to it. The remains of the lubricating sun-cream tasted a bit yucky, but his semen was salty
and tangy. I rubbed it over my tits, flicking his knob against my nipples, and Sam smiled.
I heard a groan behind me, and looked round. Chris had obviously just blown his load into Mandy’s
mouth, and she knelt up and opened wide, showing us her tongue coated in his creamy jism. I put my
finger into her mouth and stirred it around, before taking it out and sucking it clean. Mandy swallowed
and licked her lips with a grin.
Meanwhile, Sam’s semen had started to dribble out of Chris’s arsehole and run down his thighs.
There was cum all over the place! Chris lay down and reached back to his arse. He winced slightly as
he squeezed his cheeks together, forcing out a further gobbet of creamy spunk, which he caught in
his hand. He looked at it, as if unsure what to do with it. I thought for a moment he was going to lick it
off his own hand, but maybe that was a step too far, as he just wiped it on his stomach.
“Fucking hell,” he said. “That’s sore.”
“Now you know what it feels like for us,” said Mandy.
“Yeah, but it was kind of amazing too,” he admitted. “Actually having something right up inside like
“So you’d do it again?” I asked.
He grinned. “I guess so,” he admitted. “Through maybe next time, I wouldn’t mind being the one
doing the fucking.”
Sam shrugged. “I don’t mind either,” he said. “And maybe you could do it while I’m screwing one of
the girls. That would be kind of cool.”
I looked at Mandy. Her blue eyes were round and excited, and her nipples were already hard and
“Shall we toss a coin?” I asked.
“Whoa, hold on a minute,” groaned Sam. “I’ve got none left! You girls are just going to have to wait a
I didn’t mind: I had a feeling it would be worth it.

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