A Different View Ch. 02

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I quickly backed away from the window and Sandy’s smiling stare. Humility and dread replaced lust and heat in a matter of a second. I pulled my boxers and pants up quickly fearing Sandy would come bounding up the stairs to confront my spying of her. I sat down on the bed and settled down and realized my fear was not to be. My thoughts were mixed as I wondered how I would act and what I or she would say. A splash from the pool caused me to stand and peek out from the side of the window. Sandy was in the pool probably to wash the young boy’s sticky sperm from her crotch and hair. Her bikini lay on the lounge chair. Three times she had stared up at the window as I watched her swim.

I sat back on the bed and wondered not only how she knew I was home, but why she did what she did knowing I was. I ejected the tape from the camera and loaded it into the VCR. I wanted to see if I could find out when she knew I was watching her. The tape showed me panning her tanned body with the camera. The back of her head was facing the window. My dick stirred as the camera zoomed in on the crotch of her bikini revealing small black pubic hairs. There was no way she could have known at this point I was filming her. The tape then showed her turning over and her top falling exposing her white tit and fat nipple as she lay on her stomach. Her face was turned away from me. Soon afterwards Billy had arrived and Sandy fumbled around trying to tie her top back. She had gone into the house to make drinks as I filmed Billy fixing his hair and remembered smiling to myself. Sandy came out and the tape showed her looking directly at me watching her. There! I said in a whisper to myself. That’s where she had seen me and I had missed it filming Billy!

I now watched the tape of her seduction of young Billy looking for anymore signs of her seeing me. Later as she lowered Billy’s bathing suit revealing his oversized cock, her eyes turned up towards my view point and she winked!

“Fuck!” I said allowed. I had missed this because I was stunned at the sight of the boy’s dick. I continued to watch the tape with the volume down as she stroked his thick shaft with two hands while stretching her mouth over the plum sized cock head. I sat mesmerized again as within a minute she began licking his shaft and balls causing the overexcited youth to unleash the first huge spurt of cum spraying her forehead and hair. Quickly she had engulfed his spewing cock as his second blast filled her mouth. This time instead of watching his fat prick, I watched her eyes widen and look up at me as he continued to dump his cum laden balls down her throat. My cock was again rock hard as his knees buckled causing him to sit down.

My cock oozed precum as she nursed his prick back to its full hardness. I removed my pants again and began to stroke myself as Billy positioned his dick to fuck his first piece of ass. This time I watched her. Her pussy was lined with a thin strip of trimmed black hair that contrasted her wet, dark pink lips. Her cunt lips were soon stretched to either side of her crotch as Billy began forcing the fat spit slick head of his dick into her. Her finger nails were digging into his ass as his fat cock sank deeper into her cunt pressing hard onto her extended clit. Within minutes his balls heaved as young cum filled her depths. She continued hunching his impaled cock as her orgasm rocked her body. I lost my second load onto the carpet from my lesser dick as the camera zoomed in on her gaping cum filled hole and then went black.

All I could think was ‘she knew’. The bitch knew the whole time that I was there. Jesus H. Christ. What the fuck was she doing and thinking. I heard the door downstairs open and close and sounds coming from the kitchen. I stood and showered not yet wanting to face Sandy. All I could think was she had watched me through the open window jacking off to her escapades. I finished and put on my swimming trunks thinking she was done at the pool and I could avoid her there. I went down the stairs and got almost to the kitchen when Sandy spoke causing my heart to stop.

“Do you always spy on your wife’s girlfriends?” she asked

I turned around to answer and froze. Sandy was standing in the doorway of her bedroom. She had a towel around her waist and was drying her hair with another smiling at me while her naked breasts swung slightly as she rubbed her hair.

“I got off earlier than expected,” I stammered trying not to stare at her breasts.

“I know. Seems like everyone did,” she said wrapping the towel around her tits. “That Benny is quite a young man, isn’t he?”

“It’s Billy,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I mean Billy,” she giggled. “I can certainly see why your wife hired him to clean her pool,” she said smiling at me. “Kelley will have to call tonight to make sure he comes back to finish the job tomorrow. Yep, I can certainly see why,” she said again lowering her eyes to my crotch as she retreated back into her bedroom.

I filled a small cooler with beer https://bursali.org and headed out to the pool. I continued to chug beer through out the afternoon. Kel arrived home around six and joined me out by the pool along with Sandy. The girls plowed into the vodka and I sat and listened to their small talk relieved that I didn’t have to talk with Sandy one on one. The alcohol flowed and soon a pizza was ordered that would not get eaten that night. Sandy continuously dropped sexual innuendos whenever she could causing her and Kelley to giggle like school girls. Some reference was made to the large pizza I ordered causing Sandy to ask Kelley about Billy.

“Speaking of large, was Billy supposed to do the pool today?” she asked Kelley.

“Yeah, normally he does it on Wednesdays but since it rained yesterday he should have cleaned it today. What’s that have to do with large?” Kelley asked grinning at Sandy.

Any other time, I would relish this type of conversation between two women. I didn’t trust Sandy and had no idea where she was going with this.

“Well, I think he kind of got distracted seeing a half naked woman laying out by the pool today. I guess you’ll have to call and tell him to finish the job tomorrow,” Sandy said.

“You are so bad teasing the young boys,” Kelley said slapping her girlfriend on the knee.

“Me? You’re off on Wednesdays and you haven’t noticed what’s in his shorts?” Sandy asked causing both girls to laugh.

“As much as I would like to listen to you ‘old’ women fantasize about your pool boy, I’m half tight and going to bed,” I announced.

“Awww, jealous? Remember what we always tell you men, size doesn’t matter,” the bitch Sandy said as I sat up to leave.

I literally ran upstairs, turned off the light and sat down by the still opened window. I knew I couldn’t be seen and leaned my right ear as close as possible to the opening. I was sure Kelley had no idea the window from the bedroom was open. I was also sure Sandy knew it was.

“Of course I’ve seen his bulge, but I’ve known him since he was ten and he’s only eighteen now,” Kelley said to Sandy.

“I don’t care how old he is. That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever had,” Sandy said to an opened mouth Kelley.

“Had? You did not. Oh shit, tell me you didn’t,” Kelley said covering her mouth with her hands.

“I couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty sure I was his first piece,” Sandy said as both girls laughed hysterically.

“Girlfriend, he’s inexperienced and cums quick, but that’s the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. If I lived here, I’d double his pay and get my brains fucked out every Wednesday,” Sandy said.

“You are such a slut,” Kelley said giggling at Sandy.

“For a dick like that you’re damned right I am. Call him before we forget and make sure he comes tomorrow. You should take tomorrow off. We could relive our old days and get kinky,” Sandy said.

“You’re killing me, I can’t do that” Kelley said as she picked up the phone and made her call.

“Come on Kel, take the day off. We could have so much fun. God, remember those three guys we screwed and the one with the big dick? Well, Billy’s got him beat and cums like a hose” Sandy mused.

My heart raced as I listened to the girl’s talk obviously buoyed by the alcohol. What the fuck was Sandy talking about? Three men? When, how, where? We’re a pretty liberal couple but I couldn’t imagine Kelley taking on three guys with Sandy. Hundreds of scenarios played through my mind.

“Oh god. I remember we both couldn’t walk the next day. I can’t believe I called to get the neighbor boy laid,” Kelley said.

“Come on girl. If nothing else we’ll just get drunk and tease the shit out of him,” Sandy coaxed.

“Hmmm, well maybe I get off at lunch. I’ll have to see how the day goes. Right now I need to take my butt to bed,” Kelley said as she sat up to leave.

I quickly got into bed and pretended to sleep. My heart felt like it was beating at 10 times the normal rate. Kelley undressed and slipped into bed reaching for me. She was obviously horny and but I continued to act like I was sleeping. Moments later I listened to her rapid breathing as she masturbated to a quick orgasm. What she was thinking I could only guess.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of Kelley’s shower. I watched as she readied herself for work. I took my place in the shower and finished in time for her to tell me she was going in early due to a lot of work she needed to take care of. I thought different and kissed her goodbye. I then called my car pool and told Roy I was under the weather and didn’t need to be picked up today. I knew Sandy was a late sleeper so I dressed and went out for breakfast to pass the time. I arrived home after 10AM and quietly let myself in. Her downstairs bedroom door was still shut as I slipped upstairs. Around eleven I could hear the water running through the pipes and knew she was showering. My bedroom door was cracked giving me a view bursa escort kız to watch her in the great room and kitchen as she made her breakfast. She had on jean shorts and a light blue bikini top as I watched her morning routine wondering what the fuck was going to happen today.

The phone rang almost causing me to stroke. I looked at the bedroom phone and almost picked it up and thought better of it. I listened to Sandy’s side of the conversation downstairs. It was obviously my wife.

“Oh goody! I’ll make us up some ta ta’s. I’ll see you in just a bit then,” she said as she hung up.

I watched Sandy in the kitchen as she began making daiquiris. She made two pitchers that were at least half rum and fruit juices. Thirty long minutes later, Kelley arrived home. I listened to their conversation. I could tell Kelley was very hesitant about Sandy’s scheme.

“This is so wrong to tease that boy,” she said to Sandy.

“But don’t it make you feel so sexy that young boys still want us,” Sandy replied. “Go get your suit on girl. I made daiquiris. Let’s get some sun.”

We have two walk in closets. I quickly eased into mine and left a crack in the door. Kelley came into the bedroom and began undressing. I watched her as she slipped her bathing suit bottom over her firm ass and blonde crotch. My cock rose as she haltered her 34C breasts and spritzed her chest with body perfume. She pinned her blonde hair up and left the room. I listened from the closet until I knew she was downstairs. I slowly walked to the window and watched as she joined Sandy by the pool directly below my view. Kelley’s bathing suit was a high waisted two piece and Sandy had discarded her jeans revealing the matching blue thong to her top. She had the radio on as I cursed silently only able to catch bits of their conversation. The sun was already hot causing the girls to quickly finish Sandy’s potent drinks. I retrieved my camera and zoomed in on their bodies. With the exception of dark and blonde hair, both girls were very similar in build. Sandy’s tits were slightly larger and fuller than Kelley’s.

The girls were well into their second drink when I took the chance to sneak downstairs and grabbed a six pack of beer. I made my way through the great room and got the beer from the refrigerator and made it to the bottom of the stairs when the door leading out to the pool opened. I froze as Sandy appeared. She closed the door and walked towards the bathroom and caught her breath as she saw me.

“You scared the shit out of me,” she said. “Well, well, aren’t we quite the little voyeur,” she continued as a huge grin spread across her face.

There was nothing I could do or say. I felt like an idiot standing there.

“I also see you’re excited, well, a little excited,” she said staring at hard on in my shorts. “Don’t worry. You’re little secret is safe with me,” she said making her way to the bathroom.

I felt totally humiliated. I’d been caught and mocked at by Sandy’s comment. My humility was also coupled with this new excitement of watching and the appreciation of the power of women. I went back upstairs and looked down as Sandy made her way back to the pool. She looked up and winked at me as she put her sunglasses on and handed Kelley her fresh drink. After watching her make the pitchers earlier, I knew both girls had to be buzzing.

Billy came through the side gate about 15 minutes later. He slowly walked over to where the girls lay. I zoomed in on his face obviously disappointed that Sandy was not alone.

“Hey Billy,” Kelley said.

“Hi Mrs. Haynes,” Billy said sheepishly trying not to look at the girls.

“Billy, have you met Sandy? She’s one of my best friends and is staying with us for a week or so,” Kelley asked.

“We met yesterday. Billy came over to tell me he couldn’t do the pool,” Sandy said.

“Oh, that’s right. You told me last night,” Kelley replied.

Billy began his task of sweeping the pool all the while trying to catch glimpse of the girls. He removed his shirt after awhile and continued vacuuming the pool bottom. Kelley and Sandy were talking in low tones and it was extremely hard to pick up their voices. Kelley stood up and started towards the house. I quickly moved to the door ready to hide if she came upstairs. She went to the bathroom and made fresh drinks including a third one for Billy. She set the drinks on the table by the chairs and Sandy called out to Billy.

“You want to take a break from the heat Billy?” she asked.

“Sure,” Billy replied as he headed toward the women and Sandy’s offering of the frozen concoction.

The boy sat down in the chair facing Kelley and Sandy. He had a great view looking between their legs but was too shy to take the chance. I could make out some of the conversation as they drank their drinks. Sandy was asking him about college plans and such. Billy quickly finished his drink and Sandy got up to make him another. She came bursa anal yapan escort back and sat back in her chair.

“It’s so hot out here isn’t it,” Sandy said to Kelley. I’m starting to get tan lines and I hate tan lines,” she continued. “Billy, you wouldn’t mind if I removed my top would you?” she asked.

Billy just shook his head. My chest thumped wildly as Sandy untied her top freeing her breasts. Billy’s eye’s darted back and forth stealing glances of Sandy’s white tits. He had his arm on his crotch trying to hide his growing bulge.

“Now that’s much better,” Sandy said reaching for the suntan oil.

She began massaging the oil onto her breasts causing her nipples to harden. I watched Billy squirming in his chair as he watched her. Kelley had not spoken a word during this and smiled at Billy.

“Billy, you wouldn’t mind if Mrs. Haynes took her top off too would you?” Sandy asked.

Again Billy could only shake his head. There was a moment of hesitation and I seriously thought Kelley would not remove her top. I was wrong as she sat up and untied her strings. She removed her top revealing to the boy her mature breasts.

“Billy, hand Mrs. Haynes her oil over there,” Sandy said.

Billy stood up not able to conceal his outrageous hard on as he brought Kelley her suntan oil. Kelley looked at Sandy and mouth what look to be the words ‘oh fuck’ as Billy sat back down in his chair. Sandy said something I couldn’t make out causing her and Kelley to stand up. They removed the cushions from their lounge chairs and placed them side by side on the pool deck. They put their beach towels on the cushions and reclined back on their elbows. I stroked my aching cock through my shorts as I tried to steady the camera.

“Come join us and relax Billy,” Sandy said patting the cushion between her and Kelley.

Slowly Billy rose and went towards the girls. His young cock was now at full attention and stretching the front of his shorts. Billy sat back between the two vixens as Sandy reached for her oil.

“Let’s put some oil on you Billy before you burn,” she said

Billy lay back as Sandy squirted a generous amount of Hawaiian Tropic onto his chest. She began rubbing the oil into his chest and asked Kelley to help her. Both women now began massaging oil onto the lucky boy. She squirted oil on both legs as each worked their way up from his ankles to his thighs. Sandy was smiling wickedly at Kelley as her hand made its way up the inside of his shorts and onto his balls. Kelley’s hand followed on his opposite thigh.

“Let’s get an all over tan,” Sandy said as she removed her hands from Billy and began tugging down his swimming trunks.

Billy lifted his ass as she slid the trunks down. His thick cock filled the camera view finder as Sandy removed his suit.

“Can you believe that Billy said he doesn’t have a girlfriend?” Sandy said to an opened mouth Kelley. “I told him with what he’s got he could have any woman,” Sandy continued as she grabbed his dick with her oil slick hand.

“Oh my, that’s a nice dick Billy,” my wife finally spoke. “Real nice,” she said watching Sandy’s hand long stroking his cock.

“Billy, have you ever thought about fucking Mrs. Haynes?” Sandy said.

“Ye yes,” Billy stammered.

“Do you want her Billy?” Sandy asked.

“God yes,” Billy said.

“Have you ever gone down on a woman before Billy?” Sandy said as Kelley’s hand began helping Sandy’s.

Billy just shook his head no.

“Mrs. Haynes wants you to eat her Billy, don’t you?” she said.

Kelley lifted her ass and removed her bottoms exposing her blonde trimmed bush. She placed her knees on either side of Billy’s head and slowly lowered her sex to his face. She eased further down as her pussy spread out over the boy’s mouth and leaned down taking Billy’s massive cock head into her mouth. Sandy continued stroking his cock and rubbing his balls as Kelley ground her crotch onto his face. Billy’s muffled groans grew louder as the girls worked his young cock over.

“He’s about to cum,” Sandy said.

Kelley removed her stretched mouth from his cock and squeezed his cock hard just under the head. His balls heaved yet couldn’t release his spunk. After his spasms subsided, Kelley began working her crotch faster onto the boy’s face.

“That’s good Billy. Lick me. Now my ass. Lick me. Oh yes. Oh yes. I’m cumming Billy. I’m cumming,” Kelley moaned as she pushed her cunt deeper onto his face.

Her orgasm was loud and long. She finished and finally lifted one knee up and lifted herself from his face. Billy was completely soaked from her juices as Sandy removed her bottoms. She traded places with Kelley and lowered her dark haired cunt onto his face. Again the girls licked and stroked Billy’s fat cock as Sandy took her pleasure on his face. Billy held out longer this time and Sandy flooded his face with her juices as she ground out her orgasm. Sandy lifted her crotch from his face and joined Kelley at his crotch. Again Billy neared orgasm only to be stopped by the squeezing under his cock head.

“Billy, tell Mrs. Haynes how much you want her pussy. Tell her Billy and she’ll let you cum,” Sandy said as she stroked his cock.

“I want to fuck you,” Billy said gaining confidence.

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