Alternate Trapeze

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With the tv still running in the background, you trail me to the bedroom. I keep looking over my shoulder to judge your interest, but needn’t have been too concerned. Your interest is evident, much to my delight. Well, the fun’s not over yet, and I smile to myself.

I know you think the trapeze is a great idea – I do, too, but reality has intruded and that knee won’t support me that long. But I have an alternative you may like just as well. At the bed, I pile pillows up at the head we always have lots ’cause I really like pillows. Taking your hand, I guide you to the bed, and prop you up with your head and shoulders on my soft pile. Kneeling beside you, I kiss you. We make the best kisses, sweet and loving and moving to hot and demanding. Or not. It really doesn’t matter that much. Kissing you is something I could occupy myself with for several days. Your hands roam my body and mine yours. I love the feel of your skin against my hands, I love the feel of your hands against my skin. We have marvelous trade-offs.

Still at your side, I pull two firm pillows to either side of your hips, and then kiss your neck and nibble and love you, slowly moving lower on your Etimesgut Escort body. You’re such a dream, such a darling, such a love. You purr deep in your throat, a subvocal moan or groan from time to time. I play with your nipples, until they pucker nicely and wonder if their sensitivity goes to the head of your cock as mine seem directly connected to my clit. Ah, well, even if not, you taste wonderful.

Down your tummy, until my mouth captures its prize again. This time I tease you until you are firm and wanting and leaking as much as I. Playing with you gives me such pleasure that each voicing of yours sends ripples of exquisite sensation through my cunny and causes it to grab and clench on its need. The pillows fit under my knees as I straddle you, lifting my honey cave well above you. I reach with my hand to raise you and lower my body’s open gate until I can run the head of your cock up and down my slit, gathering moisture as you pass. I lodge you securely at my opening, the muscles there pulsing in a gentle rhythm against you.

Now you are securely locked at my spot, I raise my upper body and unblock your view. There. Your proud Escort Etimesgut manhood begs entrance, and your eyes nearly glow as I lower myself just a bit, until your hardness is just halfway into the pulsing ring. It’s only a matter of a bit before your crown disappears inside me, as if drawn by my hungering emptiness. Then the edge appears again past the gate, and slips inside once more, this time traveling just a bit further and emerging, glistening in the light. Over and over I raise and lower myself over your shaft until you are fully engaged within my velvet confines, and I can feel your response to my hungered milking.

Bracing myself on you, hand to hand, my fingers intertwined with yours, your belly hard with the balancing of our joining as well as your impending orgasm, I begin a slow circling, while rising and falling, round and round, with your being stroking the recesses of my vault and your pubis a stimulus to my clit, sending electric jolts through me at each sideways pass across you before rising. My tempo increases with my rising tide of need. I, too, watch as you penetrate me, and feel your hips matching my downward spiral Etimesgut Escort Bayan with an upthrust mirrored in your belly.

Quickly, now, the nuance of motion lost in the driving needs screaming in my body, I feel you gather again to spew your seed into me. Your eyes have ceased to see as your world narrows to the focus of your desire, a bottomless chasm of ecstacy. You explode, bathing me in your heat, my breath stops, my toes curl, my hands clench against yours as my vault narrows to pull your essence to me, over and over, the hot waves of purest pleasure suffusing my body, radiating from the sweetest center. Our shaking arms collapse me to your chest as your spasms subside with my own and I rock you and me slowly back to reality with my hips still sliding up and down our joining. And then, peace, bliss, satiety.

I whisper at your neck, “I love you,” softly breathing in your man scent and the delightful aroma of our heat. “I love you, my darling Larry.”

“Oh, baby, I love you, too,” is your response.

We languish a few more minutes before you nearly buck me from your body. “I wonder if we’ve missed too much of the movie,” you say in your most serious tone.

I rise to smite you dead for destroying this moment of utter bliss, until I see the twinkle in your eye and the grin on your face before your arms crush me to you and my laughter joins yours. We giggle at our silly joke and love the laughter as we love each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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