Jakarta Pt. 02

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**I am an early 40’s Caucasian expat in Asia. Fair, slim, reasonably fit and a hedonist by nature.

My stories are of encounters I have experienced with other men and trans / shemales during my two decades in Asia.**


Jakarta, Indonesia. Around 2008.

With a few hours to spare before Tony would return, I decided on a quick bite from room service, followed by a nice long relaxing shower.

Exiting the bathroom the cool air conditioned air, mixed with the subtle scent of lemongrass instantly reminded me of the earlier encounter.

What started out as a simple, relaxing massage quickly became so much more.

At no stage in my hectic day rushing between meetings, did I imagine I would be having such a hot oral session, following my enjoyable massage.

Smiling to myself I settled on the bed and caught up on the international news channels.

My mind slowly drifting towards the possibilities of what was about to happen.

Having tasted Tony’s cum already this evening I was in no doubt that I would be happy to do so again, though I wanted more this time.

Just after 11pm there was a light knock on the door. Letting Tony in I was once again greeted by his warm smile.

Passing him almanbahis a towel to freshen up, I returned to the bed, taking some lube and condoms from the dresser and placing them on the bedside table.

It wasn’t long before Tony joined me in the room, the brightness of the white towel in contrast to the smooth toned caramel colour of his lean body.

Removing my robe I knelt on the bed and started to slowly stroke my rapidly hardening cock. Tony dropped his towel and joining me on the bed, knelt directly in front of me, his beautiful cock already firm and inviting.

Without a word spoken we started to make out. Tongues exploring mouths while arms pulled each other closer, hands rubbing taunt tight muscles and teasing ever hardening cocks.

Tony was once again working his magic on me. From intense passionate kissing, he slowly worked his way to my neck, lightly sucking while still stroking my cock. The intense feeling was driving me wild. There was still more to come.

Leaning back slightly, Tony took both our cocks in his hand and began stroking them together.

Pushing my foreskin back, electric bolts of pleasure pulsed through my body as Tony rubbed our cock heads together.

Firmly pressing almanbahis giriş them into each other.

The intensity was pushing me close to climax. Not wanting to cum so quickly I asked Tony if he wanted to fuck me.

Again that beautiful smile was all the answer required.

Passing Tony the lube and a condom, I positioned the many pillows to provide support, and lying back I placed one under my hips. I was looking forward to this and wanted to watch his gorgeous body as we were engaged in the most primal of activities.

Lying there on my back, my legs spread and lubed ass exposed to a man I met just hours ago, my mind was filled with an anticipation and lust that was keeping my cock erect.

Sensing my need to be fucked, Tony slowly started to open me up. His big thick cock head stretching me and challenging me to accept it, slowly being worked in.

Inch by inch.

After gradually working my hole open, Tony started to push deeper inside me, until leaning forward we were able to kiss.

My legs wrapped around his waist. His strong cock fully inside me, my body slowly adjusting to the most intense feeling of pleasure.

It wasn’t long before Tony had found a sweet balance of rhythm, pace and depth.

Each almanbahis yeni giriş long probing stroke pressing firmly into my prostate, making my erect cock throb and flooding my body with intense feelings of pure lust.

I kept encouraging him to fuck me, breaking our kissing just long enough to ask him to fuck me harder and deeper, letting him know just how good it felt.

With a thin sheen of sweat highlighting the defined muscles of his torso, and his rhythmic fucking pushing me over the edge, it wasn’t long before my orgasm swept through my body and I shot my load onto my stomach.

All the while Tony continued to fuck me as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

Soon after I felt Tony’s body tense and he started to cum. Spurting cum deep inside me, the condom catching his load while he collapsed on top of me.

His orgasm sweeping through his sweat covered body.

As his orgasm subsided we slowly disconnected our bodies and cleaned ourselves up before taking turns to shower.

Tony dressed to leave I thanked him for a special night, and for one last time he flashed me that magical smile, thanking me in return.

A quick embrace at the door followed by some tender kissing ended one of the most sexually satisfying encounters I had experienced to that point.

A glance at the hallway mirror and the prominent love bite just below my collar bone, would be a pleasant reminder for the following days.

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