Redefining Boundaries Ch. 01

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Sarah and I were crazy about each other. We lived in a small duplex apartment just on the edge of downtown, and had been in a committed relationship for going on about six months. Our sex life was incredible. We both admitted that we had more chemistry between us than any lovers we’ve ever had in the past. We were playful and adventurous in the bedroom.

Sarah was the first woman I ever openly shared my bisexuality and my past experiences with. She was understanding, open, and intrigued. She knew that at this point in my life I preferred to date women, but she was aroused by the thought of my willingness and desire to be on the receiving end of all forms of anal stimulation.

Sarah had a taste for sexual dominance… Nothing too extreme, but her assertiveness in the bedroom commanded respect. Light bondage, role-playing, and even some mild humiliation often found a place between the sheets. Having shared my most secretive sexual desires with her, Sarah now had a new set of tools of submission at her disposal. Her inexperience was at once marginalized by her enthusiasm. The limits of her curiosity seemed nonexistent. She was unafraid. She was elated. She discovered we shared a new fetish.

Much the same as most couples’ experience with unchartered sexual territory goes, we started slowly. In the beginning, our love making sessions would be prompted by our usual, passionate foreplay. However, the addition of anal stimulation was now becoming an increasingly common overtone. While her attitude towards the attention I had given her backside in the past always seemed that of indifference, her recollection of my techniques marked the beginning of her mastery of the art. Our first night was an amazing prelude to the first chapter of our anal exploration.

She entered the house that evening to find me in the kitchen, wearing only a pair of white boxer shorts and an apron. I’d come home early from work to surprise her with dinner. With my attention focused on the vegetables I was sautéing, I didn’t hear her come in. I was startled by her voice behind me.

“Well, well, well…” she remarked, in a pleasantly surprised tone. “If this isn’t a mouthwatering sight, then I don’t know what is.” As she came up behind me, slipping her arms around my waist under the apron, I shot a mischievous grin over my shoulder at her. She gently ran her finger nails up and down my hairy, well manicured chest. Shivers ran down my spine she stood on her toes and began planting gentle, passionate kisses on the tops of my broad shoulders and the nape of my neck. When she stopped, a light moan of pleasure escaped my throat. She wrapped her arms tightly around my waist and squeezed, resting her head against my back. “Mmmm…” she sighed, “I think I’m a bit overdressed for the occasion. I’m going to go slip into something more appropriate.” With that, she landed one more quick kiss in the middle of my back and walked to the bedroom.

As I finish setting the table, I looked up just as she stepped out of the bedroom. My mouth dropped wide open and I froze.

“Fuck… You are stunning,” was all I could manage to say.

Sarah was a gorgeous woman. She had short hair that was chopped just below her ears, and her bluish-green eyes seemed to glow against its blackness. Her porcelain skin, flawless in complexion, outlined her perfectly feminine curves.

She approached me and stood just inches away, staring up into my erotik film izle eyes. I was entranced by the stark contrast of the black lingerie against her petite figure. The grin across her pouty lips suggested that she was awaiting my approval as she watch my eyes absorb every detail of her body. As my eyes left hers, they traced the sensuous line from her cheekbone, down her neckline, to her shoulder. I was forced to pause as my gaze fell upon the lace that encased her large breasts. They were held on display with a delicate firmness that seemed impossible. Searching farther down her body across her flat, soft stomach; my eyes fell upon her lace panties. The complexity in their pattern was indicative of the sacred nature of what lied beneath them. Outstretched downward over her womanly hips, garters met with more beautiful lace. Her sheer stockings sharpened the image of her beautifully athletic thighs and calves. Her legs would have seemed to have no end, had it not been for the high-heeled shoes that supported them. Black and open at the toes, they revealed her flawless pedicure while disguising her 5′ 2″ stature. Unable to resist any longer, I grabbed her in my arms and pressed my broad chest against hers. Her breasts were absorbed by my body as my lips landed firmly on hers for a long, passionate embrace. She took this as my approval.

Dinner was no longer a priority. Sarah took me by the hand and walked me back to the bedroom, making sure to draw my attention to her memorizing hips and ass. As they swayed back and forth, her heels highlighted their beauty with each step. My mouth began to water. Tearing the apron away from my body, she spun me around and shoved me onto the bed with authority.

She climbed onto me with a wicked smile across her face, straddling me at the waist. Her hips opened up as she rolled them forward, grinding her pussy onto my stiffening cock. The heat radiating from beneath our undergarments was intense as she leaned forward to kiss my mouth. Her lips remain fastened to mine as she reached around and unsnapped the clasp of her bra, tossing it aside.

She leaned in farther to present her exposed breasts at my mouth. I slid my hands up her torso from her hips to take take them, one in each hand, with a firm yet tender squeeze. Her nipples were small and shaded with a pretty pink hue that was as delicate as the test of her porcelain complexion. I took one of them into my mouth and sucked with a steady pressure that caused her to throw her head backwards and groan in pleasure as they began to stand at attention. Sarah freed her lips from mine and kissed my cheek as she whispered in my ear, “I hope you’re ready for this, love.”

“You have no idea,” I replied, managing to pull my face from her luscious breasts for a moment.

“Oh I think I have a pretty good handle on this situation,” she replied, her hips now slowly rocking back and forth. My cock grew to a painfully full capacity as she continued to gyrate. It was a pleasurable pain, but it didn’t last long.

She climbed off of me and stood at the foot of the bed, leaving my sprawled body wanting and my fully-erect cock protruding from the boxers. She unhooked the garters from her stockings and teasingly removed her panties from underneath the lacy belt as she turned her body to the side, hiding her prized possessions. Her garter belt, stockings and heels remained intact as she approached me.

She stared directly film izle into my eyes as she removed my boxers, allowing my engorged masculinity to spring free.

She climbed onto the bed next to me and turned her body, exposing herself from behind on all fours next to me. She wagged her butt towards me and I rolled to the side, leaning up to grasp it with both hands. She shoved me back down and threw a leg over my head. Her knees were now on either side of my head and she began to crawl forward a bit to present her clean-shaven pussy in plain sight. It was slightly swollen and glistening with arousal. Her smooth slit, just ever-so-slightly, revealed two pretty pink folds that begged for attention.

I freed my arms so that her legs were hooked underneath, allowing me free access to the prize in front of me. I massaged her ass deeply, being sure to steal a glimpse of her tightly puckered hole while pulling her hips down and her throbbing pussy towards my face. I was teasingly nibbling at her outer lips when I felt her take the head of my cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it endlessly as she reached her arms around and grasped my legs tightly at the base of my buttocks. In one swift motion she took the entire shaft into her mouth, while at the same time pressing her saturated mound hard against my face.

My moans were muffled by her demands, and I had to take her entire pussy into my mouth just to breathe. I pushed her up with my forearms and spread her open to reveal her wanting vaginal opening and swollen clit. At the very moment her throat had accepted me to the hilt, I drove my tongue deep inside her.

The unexpected feeling of ecstasy caused her the need to gasp for air, and she jerked her head away from me quickly. As my cock sprang free, the sound she made was as if she had just narrowly escaped suffocation.

“Oh fuck…” she growled, as I engulfed her pussy and began flickering my tongue over her clitoris. I created a slight suction with my lips and felt her fingernails dig deep into the back of my legs. I knew she had momentarily lost interest in the stiff cock just inches away.

“Oh god baby…” she said in a yelling whisper, “please don’t you fucking dare stop!”

She sat straight up and reach back for a handful of my hair. She forced my face into her as she ground her hips from side to side. She was shaking uncontrollably.

“Oh fuck yes…” she shouted through her gritting teeth, “I’m going to cum all over your fucking face!”

Sarah’s core started to convulse wildly above me. As I intensified the action of my mouth, I plunged my middle and index fingers deep inside her body. She immediately fell into the throes of an explosive climax.

“Ooohhh… taste me goddammit!” she cried as she froze in place, her pussy unleashing a rush of orgasmic fluids that flooded my mouth and face. She tasted sweet. She collapsed onto her side, lying in the fetal position, breathing heavily. She was silent, except for her breathing.

I tenderly caressed her back with my fingertips while she laid still… composing herself. She finally mustered the energy to ease herself up. She was sitting at my feet and turned to look at me. There was that wicked smile again. “You’re not going to regret what you just did to me sweetheart.”

Sarah crawled towards my throbbing cock as if she were a predator sneaking up on its prey. She aggressively took me into her mouth… past the seks filmi izle tip… down the shaft. She bobbed up and down until she was taking its full length. I felt her hands begin to wander towards my balls. Holding them in her hand, she lifted them up as she withdrew my cock from her mouth.

She tilted her head sideways to examine what she had exposed. Without hesitation, she nuzzled her face into my perineum, tracing the line from my balls until it reached tight hole with her tongue. She stopped at her destination and encircled my anus with her mouth. I could feel her saliva building as she lapped heavily at my point of entry.

“Mmmm… You are fucking amazing Sarah,” I uttered. She had no reservations and her enthusiasm only increased as she began fingering her pussy. She was rimming my asshole in sync with her rhythmic motions of self-pleasure.

She took that hand and held it close to my face, but pulled it away when I attempted to take her fingers in my mouth. She was showing me the wetness she had collected.

As she pulled her face away from me, she began coating the opening of my anus with those fingers. The first slid in with ease. She twisted and turned and pumped her finger in and out of me. I released a guttural growl that let her know I was ready for a second. Her palm facing upward, she slid another finger along side the other and stopped only when she could go no further. She curved her fingers slightly upward and began to draw them out very slowly. Applying steady pressure with her fingertips, my body shivered when she grazed my prostate.

“Oh my go–…” I squealed but my words were cut off when she recognized my cue on where to focus her efforts… “–that’s it baby. You’re right there!”

Her fingers began massaging my P-spot with mounting pressure as a stream of precum began to ooze from my slit and slide down the shaft. She quickly attended to it with her tongue, tracing its path back towards the source. My hips thrust upwards as she reached the head of my erection, forcing it past her full lips. She obliged, and took my whole cock in one motion. My hands clenched the sheets as if to tear them out from under us.

“Shit baby!” I gasped, as she came to a dead stop when mouth reached the base. Her eyes looked up at me in this moment, her fingers still working my ass with vigor. She swallowed a few times, and the sensation brought me to the edge of insanity. I bucked wildly as an orgasm tore through my entire body.

“Aaahhh… C–c–cumming!”

I was nearly screaming in pleasure as she pulled my cock from her throat. She freed it from her mouth to reveal a steady stream of cum pumping out of me in rhythm with motion of her fingers. It lasted for what seemed like an eternity. The duration of my pleasure was under her complete control as she grasped my shaft with her free hand.

I was hyperventilating and writhing uncontrollably, when she released me from her spell as she began stroking my cock and slid her fingers out of my body. I spasmed hard, firing four long ropes into the air. I finally relaxed, panting for air and completely spent.

Along with her hand, my pelvis and stomach were drenched in the aftermath. She licked the cum from her hand and raised up to meet me face to face. She shared the prize in a passionate exchange, kissing me deeply.

She pulled away and smiled as she stared into my eyes. “We’re only getting started, aren’t we?” she asked.

“You were absolutely incredible Sarah…” was my only response, as she laid her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest. We laid naked, letting our exhausted bodies and minds drift to sleep.

To be continued…

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