Demisexual’s First

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I was so close. In my mind, I had that hot cheerleader’s ass up and I was going as fast as I could. My cock kept drilling into her pussy and she was moaning my name. In reality my cock was in my hand and I was trying to bust for some stress relief. I felt myself on the edge, right there ready to go.

The bathroom door swung open and my eyes popped back into reality. Rose, a woman who told me to call her my aunt even though she was just good friends with my mom, was standing wide-eyed and jaw dropped. We both screamed though at different tones. My hand was quick to cover my cock but I knew she had seen it.

She quickly closed the door, “Sorry, I tried calling out but no one answered.”

I groaned some, my balls ached but there was no way I could finish now. Not with her here. With haste, I got my pants on, washed my hands, then got out of the motorhome bathroom. To my right was the one-bedroom, which belonged to my mother. I turned left and saw Aunt Rose had her back turned to me as she stood at the front where the driver and passenger seats were.

She was in a tight pair of jeans that clung to her body and from the back a green blouse. She turned around to face me as I took a couple steps forward. She had a fair-skinned hand scratching at her arm and her blue eyes seemed to look everywhere but at me. Her hair was cut short and the color of a bright fire right before it reached the point of turning yellow.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

I sighed and shook my head. “It’s fine. I didn’t hear you call out.” It wasn’t fine but there wasn’t much I could do about it. A few steps through the small kitchen area and I was sitting on the sofa. Across from me was a couple of chairs and a table that the computer sat on. Aunt Rose sat down in one of the chairs.

“Still… you are probably blue balled there,” she gestured with her hand towards me.

“Yeah…so what are you doing here?”

For the first time, Aunt Rose looked at me and smiled. “I was uh, wanting to see if you and your mother would like to come over for dinner and cards.”

I raised an eyebrow. Aunt Rose and my mother knew everything about what the other was up to. Almost every day they talked. Surly Rose would know my mother was gone for a few days. Some sort of convention about motorhomes. Mom was talking about upgrading the thirty-footer for something with a little more room. So, how was Aunt Rose out of the loop on that?

“Well, mom is gone for a few days.”

Aunt Rose looked at me, silence filling the room for a few seconds. She then nodded her head and said, “right…. right. That thing she went to.”

“Aunt Rose?”


“Are you okay? The way you said ‘that thing’ makes me think she didn’t go to a convention.”

Aunt Rose chuckled a bit and smiled. “Well, you see…. oh, fuck it. You’re a grown man. Your mother went to a sex party.”

Now I was the one to be stunned. Mom was normally conservative. Showed little if any skin in her clothes made sure there was no cursing under her tin roof and was part of an online church every Sunday. I shook my head. “We are talking about my mother, correct?”

Aunt Rose nodded her head. “Normally I would have gone with her but there has been a predicted tornado warning. It touches down then I got to make sure everyone gets to the shelter.”

“Wait…. you go with her to these parties?”

“Oh yeah. She may act like a church mouse at home but I assure you, she knows how to have fun when she needs to let off some steam…. which you were doing. Sorry.”

Back on that subject. I sighed and shook my head. “What’s done is done. I’ll just try to deal with it later.”

“Well, the offer for dinner is still open to you.”

I smiled some. “Thanks. Honestly would be nice to have some company. Beats trying to talk myself into going to the bar.”

“I didn’t take you for the drinking type. Wine coolers seem to be what you can handle.” I felt the blood rushing through my body and noticed that Aunt Rose’s smile got a bit bigger. “Oh, you are looking for your own fun? I bet you have found lots of it being out on the road. Been here a week I bet you are aching for another round.”

I had a feeling my face was redder and brighter than any tomato in the world. The truth of the matter was, with us traveling so much, I never really had a chance to try. That and being demisexual made it a challenge. Hard to get some emotions forming first before the plunge when you are on the move.

Aunt Rose stood up, her gaze never breaking from my eyes. “Four-o-clock. We can pick up some food and bring it back to my place. Sound like a plan?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah.”

I looked at her and she kept that smile as she walked past me. For a moment, I thought I saw a sway in her hips as if trying to get my attention. She then walked down the steps and out of the motorhome.

Wait…she would have gone with mom. Okay not touching that line of thought. Two consenting adults can do what they want and I don’t want to ponder what all that ankara sınırsız escortlar want was. I mean, that’s my mother we are talking about. Aunt Rose, while she wasn’t related by blood, was practically family. Did I really want those images in my head while I had dinner with her tonight? I guess that means blue balls for the day at least.

I wish I could say I had lots to do but really after a shower and a light lunch, I was just killing time.

It was when I heard a knock on the door that I realized it was four. A quick shutdown of the game, a few steps over and down, and I opened the door. The first thing I saw was my Aunt Rose smiling at me, her head tilted to the side. My eyes drifted down and I felt a jolt go through me. Aunt Rose had changed her blouse for another and this one was very low cut. Her large breasts seemed to be barely held in and I noticed she was not wearing a bra.

“You uh… you looking nice for dinner,” I stuttered a bit before I stepped out of the motorhome.

“Why thank you. And you don’t look half bad yourself.” I tried wearing something nice. The best I had was some black jeans and a blue shirt without a graphic on it. I closed the door and locked it before I turned to face Aunt Rose. I had no idea how hard it would be to keep my eyes up but the blood rush wasn’t helping things.

“So, what did you have in mind?” I needed to get my brain focused. I didn’t want her thinking me a creep. When I got beside her, she turned on her heel and we started to go to her truck.

“I was thinking some Chinese food. Could use a nice big eggroll to chew on. Heck, we could get some wine coolers for you to help you relax some.”

I looked over at Aunt Rose and was about to ask. Then I just looked forward and figured she assumed I was still tense from earlier. Between how she has dressed and the talk from earlier still floating in my mind, I doubt I could relax all that much. We got into the truck, and she started driving.

I tried to keep my eyes forward but with how the roads caused the truck to jump once in a while, I found myself stealing looks to see if her breasts would jump out. Normally, I wouldn’t care. The skin was skin. Nevertheless, I was getting a warmth spreading through me when it came to thinking about my Aunt Rose. Was I starting to see her differently, like my brain was given the green light to go further than friendly memories about her?

The Chinese place was a breeze. I was fine with whatever so I let Aunt Rose order for me. The liquor store was a different matter. When we pulled up, there were a couple of guys out front. I assumed by their jeans and cowboy hats that either they were posing or were labor workers. The only way I could really tell them apart was one had a black hat and the other was a brown hat. Their eyes were on Aunt Rose in a second. We got out of her truck and instantly black hat man said, “damn! Why don’t you leave the boy at home and I can show you how a real man can rock your world.”

Now normally, my filters would be in place and I would just ignore them. However, my mouth started writing a check to cash. “I doubt you would get to two minutes before you were tapped out for the night.” I know that could imply a lot of things about Aunt Rose but my mind was looking to wound an ego. Brown hat shook his head and laughed. The black hat took a step towards me but Brown hat was quick to hold him back.

I went past them, not too slow and not too quickly, and found Aunt Rose waiting for me at the door. She had a smile on her face. Once inside, “Isaac, I swear I never expected you to have a comeback like that ready.”

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be. Saves me the time of trying to figure out how to wound his ego. Men like that, if their ego doesn’t deflate once in a while, they can become toxic. Just like my ex.”

“John, the guy whose arm you broke?”

Aunt Rose nodded her head, smile still in place as I followed her to the back. “I told him if he laid a hand on me, he was going to regret it.” Aunt Rose grabbed a six-pack for herself and a couple of strawberry wine coolers for me. “Surprised your mother told you about that.”

“Thirty-foot motorhome. Privacy isn’t really a thing.”

“Fair enough. Head out to the truck and get it running for me.” She handed me the keys and I made my way outside.

I almost got to the passenger side door when I heard Black hat call out, “Hey, dipshit!”

The brown hat was behind him, “man, let it go. Not worth the trouble.”

I did my best to ignore and opened the door. Before I could get in, the Black hat had shoved the door shut. I looked up at him and he said, “you owe me an apology. And then you are going to walk away so I can have some time with your woman.”

“Both of those won’t be happening.”

He put his hand firmly on my shoulder and squeezed. Fear and pain coursed through me and I felt my heart kick up its pace. “Maybe you didn’t hear me clearly. Give me an apology faggot or else…”

The next thing I knew, he was hollering in ankara suriyeli escortlar pain, his hand let go of my shoulder, and Aunt Rose was behind him. From what I could tell, his other arm was pinned behind his back, and Aunt Rose was able to lead him where she wanted. She pulled him away, slid a leg under his leg, and had him land on the ground. Aunt Rose then statedly in a firm tone, “If you get up before I leave or if I hear you cause my man any more trouble, I will break your arms!”

The man only groaned. The brown hat was walking over to his friend, hands up to show he wasn’t there to cause Aunt Rose any trouble. The brown hat then said, “I told you it wasn’t worth the trouble. I knew her ex, she’ll do it.”

Aunt Rose came over to me, the first time I didn’t see a smile on her face. Her eyes were scanning over me and she gently placed her hands on my shoulders. “You okay, Isaac?”

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was. One second my heart was trying to kick me into fight or flight mode and the next second I was feeling a pull to my Aunt Rose. No one had done what she did before for me. It took me a moment but I got out, “yeah. I’m okay.”

She opened the door for me and I quickly got in. I started up the truck as she went back inside. A moment later, she came out with a brown paper bag and got into the driver’s seat. When we pulled away, the Black hat was still on the ground.

“Fucking hell, men can be such assholes at times,” Aunt Rose exhaled. I would like to say my gaze was all over the place but right now, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. It wasn’t like I was waiting for the top to fail in its job. No, I was looking at her. I think my mind finished its crossing into going beyond the friendly valley of thoughts when it came to Aunt Rose. This kept a wave of heat going through me but I needed to keep cool. This gave me no right to be a creep now. And besides, again, this was my aunt.

Aunt Rose looked over at me and saw I was looking at her. “I didn’t freak you out, did I?”

I shook my head. “Nope… I uh… well I am just processing it all.”

“You want to talk about it? It’s understandable if the fear got to you.”

“Yeah…fear, surprise…a few odds and ends.”

There was silence in the truck yet I felt like it was a silence that was doing all the talking. Between my pants getting tight and my face being flushed, I was a wreck trying not to freak out.

When we got back to the trailer park, we pulled up in front of my aunt’s house. The world was a bit of a blur right that moment but I remembered going inside with my aunt, us getting dinner plated, and we were partway through eating when I felt a hand get placed on my shoulder. This jumped me into the present. However, it was a gentle hand. My Aunt Rose looked at me with concern on her face and asked, “do you still want to talk about what happened?”

I wasn’t sure what was more on my mind. The fear of that man punching my lights out or wanting to be the one under my Aunt Rose as she… “I’m not sure if I can really talk about it.”

The next moment I knew, Rose was leading me to the back of her house into her bedroom. It was nice looking. Diagrams framed on the dark red walls and her large bed in the middle with a dark red cover over it. The colors screamed a deep passion for her inner sanctuary. A deep passion that was a reflection of what she was truly like. She also had a computer station in one corner and a dresser with a TV on it positioned so you could watch from the bed. She sat me on the edge of her bed as she took a seat next to me. She had a hand gently rubbing my back as she said, “I don’t care what it is, you can talk to me about it. You know I love you like family.”

This made me shuddersome. I couldn’t bring myself to look at Rose. “I’m not so sure that…”

“Isaac, don’t hold back.”

I sighed then with my gaze locked onto the carpeted floor. “Look, are you familiar with the term demisexual?”

“Yeah. You need a strong emotional bond before… Isaac, did I trip a switch in you today?”

I felt my hands clutch a bit. “I figured it was a bad idea to…”

“Oh, no-no-no. Isaac, there was nothing wrong with bringing this up with me. But with all that traveling, it would make things difficult to get the emotional bond first. And the housing market is expensive, renting or buying.”

“Housing so expensive that the only place I could stay at until I got some money is with a part of the family I don’t want to be with.”

“Yeah, they are a bit zealot-like with their religion. But I get it, aside from your mom, the only person you have an emotional tie to is me.”

“So, you see, my mind is torn. On the one hand, I’ve got desires running through my head of you. But on the other, you’re my aunt and I don’t want to be the creepy nephew to you.”

“It’s okay to be scared like that though. You don’t want to make things worse. That said, it isn’t good to keep the feelings bottled up.”

“I’m sorry, I feel like I made tonight sincan türbanlı escortlar awkward after you planned…”

“This isn’t an awkward situation. We are being honest. Sometimes you can’t tell the two apart and they feel the same. So, let me ask you something.” I felt Rose place her hand under my chin and slowly she pulled my gaze from the floor to her. I could still see the worry in her eyes but she also had that smile. “Do you want to explore what you are feeling right now?”

“You mean… but you’re my aunt.”

Rose chuckled as she moved her hand to my cheek. I don’t know why but on instinct, I pressed my face into her hand. Her hand felt rough, but there was an edge of softness as if she had been trying to keep the edges dulled. “Look, aunt was the title your mom and I went with since I was around so much. There isn’t blood between us but there is love and I am willing to guide you through it. But I won’t force it. This is your first time and when it is over, I want you to feel comfortable with the fact you wanted this. So, let me ask you again, do you want to have sex with me?”

That was the line. A simple yes or no and yet it felt like reality had split in front of me. She was fine with knowing I was attracted to her and had the thoughts going through my head. However, it was my choice if we went forward with this. At that moment, that bond was just burning liquid desire on my soul and made me moan out for more. The look in her eyes said it all. Love would still bind us, but the passion was a choice.

I gulped and felt a jolt go through my body as I knew what my answer would be. I placed my hand over her hand and asked, “how do we start this?”

Rose smiled and leaned down close to me. In a whisper, she said, “slow. Now, finish the distance for me.” I don’t know how I figured what she meant when she said that but the next thing I knew, my lips were pressed against hers. Between the jolts of pleasure and the heat that burned through me, I felt like the world shrank. We were sharing a moment of passion together, a moment that wouldn’t be shared with anyone else so no one else mattered but us. Once in a while, I would hear our moist lips pull apart only for them to get pressed against each other.

I gently placed a hand on her shoulder as I felt her hand rest on my thigh. Part of me yearned for her touch further up, just a few more inches. The other part was just happy to be experiencing this at all.

A moment later, Rose pulled away, her eyes glazed over in desire. “Go ahead. Undress me like a present.” I reached for the bottom of her blouse and found myself slowly pulling it up. However, when her shirt was about to reveal her breasts, I found myself looking away. “Something the matter,” she asked as she placed a hand over mine.

“Well, tonight is also about you and I figured you want to see the look on my face when I saw you partially naked.”

Rose chuckled and whispered, “oh so you noticed. Well, close your eyes then.” I did as she asked me too then finished with pulling her blouse off. My eyes stayed closed but I felt a hand on the back of my head pull me to her. Before I knew it, I felt my face get pulled to her breasts and felt the cool dry skin under my cheek. “Now you can open them.”

I slowly opened my eyes as I felt Rose guide my hand to one of her breasts. It felt like it would spill out of my hand and that it had some weight to it. In the palm of my hand, I could feel her nipple sticking up and pressing hard as if begging for attention. I gently massaged it as Rose whispered, “why not suck on the other one? When you get to my nipple, roll your lips over your teeth and be gentle. If you are hurting your lips, then my nipple would be hurting as well.”

I pulled my head back and looked at the unattended breast. A second later, my mouth was latched onto it. I tried my best to be gentle, alternating between sucking on her nipple and running my tongue around and over it. Rose moaned and pressed her breasts hard into my mouth and hand. This sent a jolt through me, my mind clicked she liked what I was doing and was happy with me to keep going. It was during this that I felt her hand move further up my leg until she reached my crotch. I shuddered as she rubbed her hand against me down there. The heat coursing through me was begging to be freed and my cock demanded freedom from its denim-woven prison.

I heard the snap of a button followed by a zip as my pants slowly released like flower petals blooming. Then the waistband was pulled away and for a moment I felt a rush of cold air flow by before that rough hand wrapped itself around my cock. I moaned and my lips left her breast as my eyes closed. “Your cock is soaked in precum. Nice to see I got you that worked up.”

I wish I could say I had a compliment for her but my mind was laser-focused on what she was doing. Slowly, she started to stroke my cock. This pulled a moan from my lips as jolts of pleasure went up to my spine. It had felt good when I did it myself but this feeling was better and different. I had no idea how many she had done this for but I could tell I wasn’t the first yet she seemed to be learning about what made my cock tick in her hand. A twist, sometimes a little pressure, all to find what I liked best. To be honest, right now, just her hand on my cock was having me going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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