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”Well, how was she? Was she everything I said she would be?” Nick asked his old friend and business partner while the beautiful young redhead laid sleeping beside him. It was the first time they had done anything like this, but Nick knew that it would not be the last time that they would swop daughters.

”OMG, Nicky this beautiful little girl of yours is something else,” Jim said as he stroked Brook’s long beautiful red hair.

”Didn’t I tell you. Girls like our Brook and Lizzy, well they are made for fucking. I knew that the first time I laid eyes on my Brook.

”When was the first time you got into this sweet girl’s pussy?” Jim asked.

A smile appeared on his handsome face as he thought about the first time he was inside his Brook. ”She could not have been more than fifteen years old the first time I was in my sweet girl’s pussy. It was a beautiful late summer afternoon, and Brook was getting ready to go back to boarding school. We had spent a lovely summer together. We were at my cabin at the lake. I had been busy her last week in town, so I decided a few days alone at the cabin would be a perfect way to top off the summer. It all started the morning we drove up to the lake, and we had left early that morning, and it was hot for that early in the morning. I remember seeing Brook as she walked out to the car. She was wearing these black shorts, which showed off her lovely long legs, and a thin white tank top. The fact that she didn’t wear a bra should have given me the first clue. Driving down the freeway in my open convertible prove to be a real challenge. My Brook looked so hot; she had no idea how hard she had my cock. Looking back, I guess I should have seen it coming because she had been my little temptress for years.”

”Once we got to the cabin, we unpacked the car and got settled in, and I had packed a picnic basket with all of Brook’s favorites. I just wanted to make the day special for my little girl. I honestly had no intention of fucking her, but I think fate stepped in and the course of our lives changed forever,” Nick recalled as he watched his beautiful daughter sleep.

”It’s like I said, it was hot that day, and once we had picked our spot by the lake to have our picnic, Brook asked if she could go swimming. I saw no reason to deny her, so I said yes. It was in those next few minutes that my life would change because that is when my Brook stood up and stripped down to nothing right before my very eyes,” Nick recalled with a twinkle in his eyes.

”Wow, what did you do then?” Jim asked.

”Nothing, I just sat there on the blanket staring at the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. My baby knew damn well what she was doing. She was turning me on, and she knew it. Brook stood there for a minute without saying a word; I think she wanted me to get a real good look at what she had to offer. I was in awe of my girl; her body was something to behold. She has the body of a Goddes. Her beautiful titties left me speechless. She had long shapely legs, and that lovely heart shaped ass nearly took my breath away. But it was when I first saw her pussy, that is what blew me away. I always knew that I wanted her. Even as a c***d there was something about my little Brook that had me craving her. So I knew I would have her someday. I just thought that it would be on my terms and not hers.”

Nick’s recollection of his first time with Brook had Jim on edge. Jim knew just what his old friend meant. Brook Taylor was something all right, and other than his Lizzy Brook Taylor can make his dick feel like something out of a dream. He wanted to hear more.

”I watched as she dipped her naked body into the crystal clear lake. I don’t know what came over me, but I knew that I was going to have her sweet little pussy by the end of the day. I didn’t know how right I was that day. Brook was only in the water a minute or two, or at least long enough to be sure that she had me right where she wanted me, on my knees begging for it. She slowly walked out of the water, her body glistening in the warm sunshine, she looked so hot and young, and for a moment I nearly forgot that this was my fifteen-year-old daughter that I was contemplating fucking.”

When Brook sat down on the blanket beside her dad, she knew she had him right where she wanted him. She knew that her father wanted her, she saw it in his eyes, the way he looked at her told that he was ready, all he needed was a little push.

”Dad, I know you want to fuck me, and it’s okay, cause I want to fuck you too. I know what you’re thinking, I’m your father, you’re my daughter, and we shouldn’t be having sex with each other. Oh, daddy that’s so old school. Today dads do their daughters all the time. Besides, I know all about the agreement you made with my mother or at least the woman that gave birth to me.

Except for her nanny Ms. King, Brook only had one companion, her father. The first time he saw her, he knew that one day that she would be his. She was two days old when her mother brought her to him. She had agreed to have his baby, he made no bones about wanting a girl, and that one day he would take her to his bed and enjoy the pleasures of her womanhood. That was the agreement he made with a woman that he slept with three times before they knew she was carrying his c***d.

Once his daughter was born and, the nameless woman who gave her life had been paid off, Nick hired Ms. King to help care for his c***d. He named her Brook Maria Taylor; after his mother.

”What do you think you know?” he asked.

”I know that you paid some nameless woman to carry a c***d for you. You wanted a little girl to model into your ideal woman. It’s me that you have chosen as your ideal woman. So I think it’s time you show me, dad, show me what you want in your woman.

Nick was surprised but pleased. He didn’t know how she came about all the information about her birth, but then at that moment, it didn’t matter. The only thing that did matter was that Nick and Brook were on the same page they wanted each other, and their status as father and daughter would have to take a backseat to their love.

”I laid her down on the blanket. She looked so soft and sweet, and yes innocent. She had become the girl of my dreams, and so much more. While up until that fateful afternoon I had never laid a hand on my sweet girl. But I could never deny the fact that I wanted her. And now there I was on a blanket with my naked fifteen-year-old daughter about to do things to her sweet body that up until then I had only dreamed of doing.”

He walked over to the side of the bed where Brook was still sleeping. Whenever Nick thought back to that time in their lives, he always has shown a sense of pride in his beautiful daughter. As Nick slightly played with Brook’s hair, he continued his sex tale. ”I remember hitting my knees as I unzipped my pants and freed my cock. I could tell by the look on Brook’s face that she had never seen a man’s cock up close before. My cock is ordinarily big, so I didn’t want to scare my girl off. I gently caressed her face while she examined my cock.”

”The look in Brook’s eyes was both sweet and naughty, she claims to this day that before that afternoon that she had never sucked cock. But I’m still not sure if I believe her or not. I guided Brook in the fine art of cock sucking, how to hold and stroke it. She took me in hand softly; her light caress added something new and unique to my growing need for her. She began by laying sweet kisses all over the head. And then suddenly without warning, she opened her mouth and dove right in. Brook’s first-time at cock sucking proved quite memorable. I don’t know how my Brook knew what to do to make my dick feel so good, but at that point, I didn’t care. All I know is that she had the most talented mouth that had ever sucked my tired old cock.”

”My girl was so tight that afternoon by the lake. When I took her pussy, it was like nothing that I had never known. She was the sweetest thing in the world. I remember pulling her legs apart and getting my first good look at that beautiful little kitty. It was all I could do to keep in control. I was hard and in need of my baby girl when I slammed into my Brook full force.’

”I think I must have blacked out for a few seconds because the next thing I remember is hearing Brook screaming at the top of her lugs in pleasure and pain while I was pounding her pussy as hard as I can. Our passion and lust had melted into one, and we were off on this sexual adventure that was new and fresh. The thought of fucking my daughter was never far from my mind. Brook was my constant obsession, from the day she was born until that day by the lake, the thought of having her never left my mind. We made love all through the day, and into the night. My Brook and I started a whole new chapter in our lives that day, and now my friend we have added you and your lovely Lizzy,” Nick said as his mind came back to present day events.

”Well, when will I get to see Lizzy?” Nick asked with a wicked grin that told him what he wanted to do to his sweet girl.

”She is down the hall waiting for you.”

Nick couldn’t believe his good fortune. It was only a few weeks ago when he suggested the swap. Nick had discovered Jim’s dirty little secret one day when Lizzy paid a visit to her father’s office. It was the first time that Nick had seen Lizzy Clay in over four years. After her mom died her, father thought that it would be best for everyone if thirteen-year-old Lizzy be send away to boarding school. Nick remembers the day his old friend told him about his growing lust for his Lizzy.

Finding out Lizzy was home for the summer was a surprise to Nick. When he and his best friend Jim Clay had talked about his daughter coming back home, it was not an idea that appealed to the girl. She had made her plans to live in New York once she had finished boarding school. However, the day Lizzy showed up at her dad’s office looking like a three-alarm fire told Nick that something had happened between Jim Clay and his daughter, Lizzy that made her change her mind.

Nick never gave much thought to the fact that he and Jim had a connecting office, two doors separated the partners. However, Nicky had never been more grateful for the two-door setup than on the day when Lizzy Clay came calling.

On the morning Lizzy decided to drop in on her dad it had been a long stressful time for Jim. He was trying to land a contract for the company that would net their company billions of dollars if done right. Nick had started to notice that Jim had not been himself since he had come home from his trip to New York to see his daughter, Lizzy.

That morning when Nick caught a glimpse of a young, tall, shapely blond walking into Jim’s office, he had not a clue as to who she was, all he knew is that his dick did a happy dance when he first saw her. He had to ask Millie, Jim’s assistant, who was the young woman that was with Mr. Clay?

”That’s his daughter, Lizzy,” Millie said as she straightens the papers on her desk. The minute he heard her name, Nick tried to picture the last time he saw her. She must have been around f******n-years-old, and he couldn’t recall her looking so sweet and sexy. He went back to his office to try to get some work done, but he couldn’t get Lizzy Clay out of his mind. When Nick got back to his office, he slumped down in his chair, and closed his eyes, never noticing that the connecting doors to Jim’s office were ajar.

He suddenly hears voices coming from next door. At first, it sounds like someone in distress, but when he listened closer it wasn’t sounds of pain he was hearing, but it was the sound of two people fucking that caught his attention. Nick knew he should have just closed the door, and mind his own business, but something inside of him had to know who was on the other side of the door. Slipping from his chair and quietly walking to the slightly open door, and what he saw would change the course of their lives forever.

Jim was caught off guard when he saw his daughter walking in the door. Looking so hot and sexy in a white mini skirt that hugged all of her carves, and a black low cut tank top. She gave her dad that shy sexy smile, as she sucked on her all-day cherry sucker that said Lizzy wanted something.

”Lizzy, what are you doing here?” her father asked.

”Well I was in town, and I wanted to see where you worked, you know I have never been here, so I thought I would drop by and surprise my man… Oh, I meant my old man,” Lizzy corrected herself in front of Jim’s assistant, Millie.

”Well come on in Lizzy, Millie holds all my calls please,” Jim said as he escorted his daughter into his office.

Over the last seven months, Jim has gotten to know his Lizzy rather well. He can always tell when she wants something, and the fact that she is still willing to give up the pussy to get whatever she wanted made it hard for Jim to ever say no to his baby girl.

”All right Lizzy what do you want?” Jim asked as

”I need some money, five hundred should do,” Lizzy said with great easy.

”Five hundred, I just gave you three hundred two days ago,” Jim complained.

”Ye, I know, it’s gone, and I need more. Come on dad I don’t have all day,” she whined.

”Look, Lizzy, I don’t know what you are thinking, but let me tell you I do not shit money, I work hard to give you the kind of life that you want, and I get no thanks for it. You haven’t shown any responsibility when it comes to money, so no Lizzy you’re not getting another dime from me until you learn to be more responsible for the money I give you,” Jim lecture.

Lizzy never trips, she always keeps her cool. ”Okay dad is the lecture over because we both know you’re going to give me the money unless you want me to close down my cookie shop,” Lizzy said as he watched her take a seat on his desk, and crossed her long beautiful legs.

”Lizzy I said no, and I mean it,” he said in his most stern voice.

She was amused if nothing else. ” I’m not asking you for your money, I’m asking mine, you know the money my mom left me,” she said as she hiked up her skirt and opened her legs to reveal that she wore no panties.

Her smooth bare pussy looked so tempting as he tried his best to resist. However, he was weak when came to Lizzy, and he couldn’t bear the thought of never having his baby girl’s pussy again.

She knew he could never resist her, he would always try to put up a good fight, but it would still end up the same way, with his big cock buried in her sweet little pussy. Jim couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful hairless cunt, knowing that she was the best he’s ever had Lizzy reached out and pulled Jim between her legs. Placing his hand between her legs, Lizzy knew that it would be all he could take before he gave in to his unbearable lust for his only daughter.

They shared a fiery, passionate kiss as Jim’s hand coated with her sweet juice as he fingered her hard and fast as moans of pleasure erupt from her core. Unzipping his pants to free his dick Jim slammed into Lizzy full force. Taking Lizzy on his desk felt like heaven. He fucked her hard, and with every stroke of his dick, he wrote his name all over her sweet kitty once again.

They never noticed the connecting doors between Jim and Nick’s offices was open. The sounds of Lizzy’s moans traveled from Jim’s office to Nick’s. Knowing what he was hearing Nick couldn’t resist trying to find out what was going on in his partner’s office.

His eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Jim had his daughter laid out on top of his disk, and he was fucking her as if there was no tomorrow. Watching Jim fuck his daughter was a real turn on for Nick. He wanted Lizzy Clay for himself. Watched her take all nine inches of her father’s glorious cock, Nick started to form a plan to get sweet Lizzy into his bed. Since he had begun banging his Brook over a year ago, Nick had begun to think it was time to spice up their relationship. The thought of him and is old friend swopping daughters had its charm. Jim would fuck Brook, while he would have his fun with Lizzy, all Nick needed to do it to come up with a full proof plan to set it off.

”Oh daddy, daddy, that feels so good, ye, ye, fuck me daddy fuck me hard,” Nick heard the young beauty order her father. As Nick continued to watch the father-daughter lovers, he noticed how much Lizzy enjoyed being in control. Anyone else looking in would sware that it was Jim who was in control of the situation. But Nick knew better. It was all about Lizzy. She knew how to work that sweet body to get everything she wanted. At one point he couldn’t help himself, unzipping his pants and pulling out his dick, Nik starts to jack off to the sight of Jim and Lizzy fucking.

”OH Lizzy, MY SWEET LIZZY GIRL, DADDY LOVES YOU, I LOVE YOU SO,” Jim screamed as he drove into his special girl.

When Jim pulled out of her, Lizzy hit her knees. Lizzy loved playing with his cock and thanks to her best friend, Candy and some good porn, Lizzy knew her way around big cocks. She sucked and licked, and sucked her daddy’s big dick until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Father and daughter came hard, and nearly at the same time. Nick continued to watch the enter play between Jim and Lizzy. ”Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? And I know that was a thousand dollar fuck session, but I’ll let you slide with six hundred,” Lizzy cajole.

”Wait a minute, you said five hundred,” Jim corrected.
”I know, but when I was grinding your cock with my pussy, I made sure it would be worth an extra hundred,” Lizzy said as she put herself back together.

Nick saw his best friend shell out six one-hundred dollar bills to his fine ass daughter. Nick could only conclude that Lizzy Clay was worth every dime. He slipped back into his office and tried to calm himself down, but the image of Lizzy Clay would not leave him. Nick knew he would have Lizzy one day, all he had to do is to come up with a plan to make it happen.

Nick’s plan came together one night while he was on top of his sweet Brook, and watching porn. A new CD, SWOPPING DAUGHTERS was playing on the big screen tv. Two fathers who swop their girls for sex. He had considered looking for another father-daughter duel, but once Nick saw Jim banging Lizzy, he knew he had his answer. After he was done with Brook for the night, he sent Jim a text asking for an early morning meeting.

It was around one in the morning when Jim heard his phone beep, glancing at it he wondered who could be texting him at that time of the morning, however, with Lizzy riding his cock to pure insanity he honestly couldn’t care less what was happening in the outside world. Jim decided to treat himself and eat Lizzy’s pussy. He had never been a big fan of eating pussy, but with his sweet Lizzy, it was different. Everything was different now that Lizzy was home. He only had a few weeks before she returned to New York, and fucking his girl day and night was what Jim craved. Jim had been inside Lizzy for no more than ten minutes when he heard his phone beep again. Never pulling out he grabbed his phone and read the text from Nick.

Jim, need to speak with you about a new project I’m working on, can we meet first thing tomorrow morning before business hours.


He wondered what new project was in the works. Whatever it was it would have to wait he thought to himself as he started to pump Lizzy’s sweet pussy again.

It was a little past seven the next morning when Jim walked into Nick’s office. What took place in that one hour would change both men and the lives of their daughters forever.

”Jim, please come on in,” Nick said as he sat at his desk pretending to read business reports.

”Ye boss, you needed to see me?” Jim asked when he sat down in front of the big oke brown desk.

Nick smiled and closed the folder and place it down in front of him. Nick knew that this might be the most essential talk that he will ever have with his old friend and business partner.

”Yes Jim, I wanted to check in, see how life is treating you. Things going okay here at work?” Nick asked to break the ice.

”Yes, things are going great, I just closed a major deal, and that’s going to bring in some big bucks,” he said.

”Good. And how are things at home, I heard Lizzy is back in town?” Nick asked as a wicked smile crossed his lips as flashes of Lizzy’s beautiful naked body laid out over her father’s desk played in his mind.

”Yes, my girl surprised me last week by coming home for a few days, she starts her new job soon, and she is going to be busy for the rest of the summer. I’m just grateful that she wants to spend some time with her old man,” he said.

”Well I can see where you would be grateful for her time. Did I tell you I saw Lizzy the other day when she dropped in to see you, I didn’t recognize her at first. Millie had to clue me in on who she was, and I must say that is one fine ass daughter you got,” Nick said

‘If only he knew,’ Jim thought to himself. ”Well she takes after her mother, she is a handful my Lizzy.”

”Oh yes, I’m sure she is, and after what I saw that day I wouldn’t mind getting a piece of that myself,” Nick said as he watched his friend’s reaction.

”What do you mean you wouldn’t mind having a piece?” he asked.

There was a look in Nick’s eyes that told Jim that Nick knew, he knew everything. But how could he know about him and Lizzy?

”Well it looks like I’m going to have to lay all my cards on the table. When I saw Lizzy, I knew I would have her. Even from afar I knew I had to have her. I don’t mind telling you that sweet Lizzy had my dick so hard that day I saw you and her walk into your office. I must tell you Jim old boy; it has been a long time since a bitch has gotten me hard on sight. But that is exactly what your Lizzy did. It’s funny, but when I came back to my office, I couldn’t get Lizzy out of my head. Thinking about what she must look like, feel like
and to taste her would feel like heaven. My head was spinning with the thoughts of sweet Lizzy when I heard sounds coming from your office.”

There was a blank look on Jim’s face that told Nick that he was on to something. ”No need for you to deny it, I saw everything that went down between you and Lizzy. I can tell you I never thought you would have had it in you, you Jim Clay screwing your daughter, but who could blame you, that Lizzy Clay is something alright.”

He just sat there with his head down. A sense of dread and embarrassment hit him in the pit of his stomach. ”I, I don’t know what to say. I never meant for anything like this to happen. I know what you must be thinking, Lizzy is my little girl, how could I violate her that way?” Jim said as he was overwhelmed with shame.

”Jim, there’s no need for shame. What you did with your Lizzy was perfectly normal. There is nothing more normal or beautiful then what you and Lizzy were doing the other day in your office. I do understand how you feel. The first time I was inside my sweet Brook was the most significant thing that I have ever done as her dad. But then afterward I felt guilty, and shame nearly drowned me. I had to come to terms with the love and the sexual connection that Brook and I shared. It has been almost a year since I took my Brook to my bed. She knows she is made for me. I made that pussy for my cock. I love her, and I will never give her up.”

Nick’s confession of his undying love for Brook had Jim mesmerize. From the moment he laid with Lizzy the guilt of taking her to bed had been eating away at him. But yet he could not bring himself to stop. ”Oh Nick man, I don’t know what has come over me, her body is like a d**g that I have to have. Her pussy is unbelievable, and I can’t get enough of my sweet girl. Lizzy is the little fucktoy that I can’t stop playing with I have tried to resist her when she comes to my bed, but she always wins. God, what am I going to do?” he needed answers.

”Jim, are you happy, with all things considered are you happy?”

Jim had to take a few minutes to think about his answer. He knew his life had been turned upside down since that first night with Lizzy in New York. He loved her as a daughter, as her father Jim could not have been prouder of his baby girl. Lizzy was smart and beautiful, and she was going places in her life. As his young lover, she was everything he has ever wanted. Lizzy was nothing like any of the other women that he has known, not even her mother could hold a candle to his sweet Lizzy. Fucking Lizzy was mind-blowing and exciting. His forbidden lust for her made the sex all the better for him.

”Yes Nick, I’m happy.”

”And is Lizzy happy?” Nicky asked.

”Yes, it seems so.”

”Well then, life is good,” Nick said.

”Yes, I guess it is.

”So, tell me about the first time,” Nick said.

”The first time?” Jim questioned.

”Yes, tell me about the first time you banged sweet Lizzy,” Nick wanted to hear every detail of Jim and Lizzy’s first father-daughter fuck session.

”Do you remember when I went to see Lizzy a few months ago?”

”Yes, New York, is that where it happened?”

”Yes. It was just so unexpected, the attraction that I felt the first time I saw her was so overwhelming. I could barely put two words together when we talked. I think all I did is sat there and stared at her big beautiful tits. I had zero control over my dick. I sat for two hours in that coffee shop fantasizing about taking my daughter to bed.” Jim said as he recalled the started of his i****tuous relationship with Lizzy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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