Chapter 28 The Black Tie Ball

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28 The Black Tie Ball

I may have mentioned that Ally used to be quite ‘big’ in banking circles before she moved north – I was never too sure why she’d moved but did know she now owned her own (small) company working as an IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) and had recently expanded taking on new premises and more staff. Anyway she’d been nominated for some business award or other and had won the local round (a low key affair at a local hotel) and had now been shortlisted for a regional award which was a much grander affair to be held in Harrogate at the end of February. All expenses paid two night stay in a swanky hotel, the awards ceremony (highly prestigious in financial circles apparently) and then the traditional dinner dance to follow. Ally was telling Lisa all about it and mentioned that it was a black tie / evening dress do and that she’d have to go out and buy a suitable outfit – plus hire the traditional black tie outfit for Dan “Good luck with that” I interrupted “Why?” said Ally “Have you ever seen him wear one before, or even seen a photo of him wearing one” “Well no” admitted Ally “There’s not a cat in hells chance he’ll wear it – he hates suits at the best of times and ties even more so” I informed her “Check out Tom’s wedding pictures if you don’t believe me” “He’ll hate the whole thing – he’s a bricky not a barrister” I added. ” Yeah you’re maybe right” Ally replied a little sadly” I can’t see him making polite small talk either – and his dancing skills leave a lot to be desired” she continued.

A couple of days later we went out for a drink with Dan & Ally and the subject of the ball naturally cropped up. Dan had flatly refused to accompany her – quite apart from anything else he was up to his eyes in work (which I knew to be very true) and couldn’t spare the time. Ally really didn’t want to go on her own – the two employees she’d invited were fetching their respective partners so she’d feel very awkward and out of place – plus she’d no doubt be pestered to dance with guys from other companies who she’d prefer to avoid. Lisa suddenly piped up “Why don’t you borrow Steve – he’s house-trained, quite polite most of the time and can dance – badly” “That’s actually not a bad idea” said Ally. “Erm excuse me I am here you know” I said smiling “And so am I” said Dan smiling broadly “And” he continued “I have no objection to Steve taking my place at this function – desperate though I am to attend myself” He managed to say that whilst keeping a straight face, although it was proving very difficult.

“So” said Lisa as we were laid in bed later” Will you be fucking Ally while you’re away?” “Well we will be sharing a bed – so it’s a strong possibility” I replied “Yeah Ally said the same thing” said Lisa “Ah checking up on me were you “I said feigning indignation “Not really” she replied “Just if you’re having fun with Ally I might have some fun with Dan while you’re away – now are you gonna come here and fuck my brains out?” “How can I resist” I replied kissing her hungrily, before forcing her onto her back and driving my already erect dick deep into her pussy.” God that’s good” Lisa moaned. Tonight was raw, almost a****listic sex – I fucked her as hard as I’d ever fucked anybody previously and Lisa for her part dug her nails into my back leaving marks which I’m sure are gonna turn out to be permanent. It was never gonna be a marathon session and as I felt Lisa tremble and then scream in orgasm I unloaded deep inside her “That was intense” she mumbled coming back down to earth.

The following Friday afternoon Ally and I were leaving on the short drive down to Harrogate, it’s only fifty odd miles and as expected the first 45 miles took no time at all until we hit the usual gridlock of Harrogate town centre. Soon found the hotel though and got checked in. Ally immediately spotted a number of other people who she recognised from other local financial companies and we realised that the organisers of the awards must have block booked a couple of the towns hotels – no doubt for preferential rates. Our room was on the first floor and it was a decent size with the bed at one end, a small seating area at the other and a huge (by hotel standards) ensuite bathroom – with a proper (full-size) bath and a shower over it. There was even a nice view of the greener part of Harrogate (the stray I think it’s called) from the window. We got freshened up and then went out to see what Harrogate had to offer. The conference centre where the event was due to be held was only a few hundred yards from the hotel so we had a quick look in – they were just in the midst of arranging the tables and chairs and we managed to sneak a look at the seating plan to see where our table was – just left of centre and about three rows from the front we reckoned. “Who else is on our table then” I asked “Just two of my colleagues with their partners – there’s Lynn and her husband – she’s mid-50s, deadly dull but a bloody good accountant plus Beth with her latest bloke – unless they’ve split up again” Ally explained “You’ll like Beth, she’s a former lap dancer who now sells our equity release policies” “Ah good plan” I said smiling “If the old blokes don’t sign up she teases them until they do” “Nice idea but it’s probably i*****l” replied Ally laughing. “They’re not arriving until tomorrow though” she continued. After a bit of a wander around the town centre we found a pub that looked like it did half-decent food and had an excellent meal accompanied with a couple of bottles of wine. We were a bit drunk by the time we left and although it was still fairly early we headed back to the hotel.

Once back in the room Ally stripped off and reclined on the bed dressed only in her underwear, which she removed slowly as I watched “OK Steve” said Ally quite sternly “I wanna come three times – once when you go down on me, once when you fuck me and once when you do me up the arse” “Well I’ll try” I said “but beautiful women tend to make me come more quickly” “You’re a smooth talking bastard Steve but thanks for the compliment and don’t worry about coming too quick – I can revive soft cocks” I quickly stripped and laid alongside her, we kissed and caressed for some minutes and were both breathing a little harder when we broke our embrace. “Mmmm you’re good” purred Ally as she slithered down my body until she could grab my cock which she licked like a lollipop before sliding it between her warm lips. This was a very different sort of blowjob to the one I’d received from Ally back at Christmas but no less erotic and stimulating. I was forced to tap her on the shoulder as she promised to bring things to a premature end if she continued. “You could have come in my mouth if you’d wanted Steve” she said breaking contact with my cock. “Want me to go down on you now” I asked “No I want cock “she replied quite fiercely positioning herself above my very erect cock before sinking slowly down on it. “Mmmm that always feels good” she moaned quietly before starting to ride me aggressively, she was milking me with her internal muscles too and I was about to warn her to slow things down a bit when she suddenly went rigid, her pussy clamped my cock like a vice and she shook for what seemed like ages. She lifted herself off my cock and came to lay beside me once again “Fucking hell – that took me by surprise” she said quietly “I saw stars then”

I needed to take a break to prevent things coming to a premature end, so with this in mind I moved down the bed and positioned myself between Ally’s legs. I got her to raise her bum off the bed whilst I positioned a couple of pillows beneath her so when she laid down again she was fully exposed to my gaze – and to my questing tongue which wasted no time in tracing the outline of her swollen labia. That brought a gasp from Ally which was repeated when I slid two fingers into her pussy. “Take your time Steve please” Ally begged “I love the way you eat pussy and I want to enjoy it before you attack my clit and I become too sensitive” I was only too pleased to do as she asked – I do actually enjoy performing oral sex on a woman, so was happy to remain between her legs for as long as necessary. I got into a rhythm of tracing around her pussy with my tongue before finger fucking her rapidly – sometimes with two fingers, sometimes with three. I could tell if I kept it up I’d make her come without touching her clit. Ally was moaning constantly and talking gibberish as her orgasm approached and moments later she reached her peak thrashing beneath me and causing me to lose contact with her pussy. “Fuck that was good” she muttered “Now go for my clit” she ordered I did as I was asked and licked at the hood of her clit before attacking the clit itself, when I placed my lips over it and sucked whilst lashing it with my tongue she came again – if anything even harder than the previous occurrence. “Fuck you’re good at that” Ally said quietly as I moved up the bed and embraced her before we kissed deeply “Mmmm I can taste myself on your lips” she whispered.

“Are you gonna take me up the arse now?” she asked “If that’s what you want” I replied She reached across to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube. She used some of the lube on my cock which she soon massaged back to full-size and then squeezed a little on my fingers which I had great fun in working well into her arse. The way Ally was squirming I think she rather enjoyed it too. She was already positioned on all fours in front of me so I moved forward and nudged her arsehole with my cock. “Ready” I asked “Yes – go for it” she insisted. I did as asked and slowly pushed my cock into her arsehole – it was as tight as I remembered and as I reached full depth Ally let out a long sigh of contentment. “God you fill me so well” she moaned “Go slow please” I started slow but couldn’t maintain that pace and slowly speeded up “Oh yeah” Ally cried “Go on – fuck my arse” I couldn’t remember ever arse fucking anybody this hard and fast before but Ally was loving it so I carried on. I was getting close to orgasm and was trying to hold back and let Ally get there first “I’m gonna cum soon” I warned her “Where do you want it” “Down my throat” she muttered between moans. Unaccustomed to fucking Ally to orgasm I wasn’t sure of the signs that she was almost there however when she went stiff as board, arched her back and clamped down on my cock so tightly I was worried it might snap I was fairly sure that she’d got there. She reversed off my cock turned around and jammed it into her mouth. It took only moments for her to bring me to orgasm too and I shot what seemed to be gallons of sperm down her throat. “Wow – quite a mouthful” Ally said, licking her lips in a most sensual manner in the process. “Satisfied?” I asked with a smile “Mmmm for now” she confirmed. We both fell asleep shortly afterwards.

I’d forgotten to set the alarm on my phone, so too had Ally so we almost slept through breakfast and just had time to throw some clothes on before running down to the dining room. After eating a very nice full English it was almost 10am before we returned to the room to shower and get ready for the day. Ally stripped and jumped into the bath-tub to shower, I followed and the sight of her naked body had predictable results – my cock stiffening rapidly. Ally noticed and beckoned me closer “Fuck me, make me come but don’t come inside me” she commanded. She remained where she was in the bath-tub but turned to face the wall, braced herself against it and presented her pert derriere towards me. I didn’t need inviting twice joining her in the tub and after a quick exploratory caress of her pussy I slipped my cock smoothly inside her. “Mmmm that’s good” she moaned, her voice somewhat muffled by the noise of the shower. I grabbed her around the waist to pull her closer and then really went for it thrusting as hard as I could. “Slow down a bit Steve” Ally requested “I don’t wanna come too quick – this feels so good” I slowed a little – nice rhythmic strokes that were effective for both of us. I reached and grabbed Ally’s hair and pulled her head back a little, this caused her to arch her back and altered the angle my dick was hammering into her “Oh fuck yesssss” she cried “That’s good” I could tell by her breathing that an orgasm was imminent and I was about to finger her arse (which I knew would do the trick) when I realised we were being watched. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a girl stood watching us through the partially open bathroom door. By the purple uniform I realised she was probably the chambermaid and we hadn’t heard her knock due to the noise of the shower.

Had this been a work of fiction no doubt the chambermaid would have joined us in a naked romp, however things like that don’t happen in real life, she saw I’d spotted her, flushed a lovely pink colour and disappeared from the door-way. Meanwhile Ally had almost reached her peak and a few harder thrusts from me were all it took to send her over the edge. “Fuck that was good but my legs have gone” she said moving across and sitting on the edge of the bath “Come here and let me finish you off” she continued taking my very erect cock into her mouth. It didn’t take long to bring me to the edge and Ally held me there for a moment before sucking hard and squeezing my balls. I erupted explosively and I thought for a moment Ally was gonna choke but she recovered her composure and swallowed the lot. Ally still hadn’t realised we’d been spied on and insisted I should have invited the chambermaid to join us – I told her she’d been watching too many porn films. We towelled ourselves dry and then dressed before having another stroll around Harrogate.

Despite being February it was a nice, sunny day, we had a stroll down Parliament Street with its overpriced galleries and boutiques, laughing at the pensioners queuing outside Betty’s tea room for expensive sandwiches and fancy cakes. Ally did have a look in one of the boutiques but came out quite quickly when she realised the dress she was admiring was a few pence short of five hundred quid. Short of visiting The Spa we’d exhausted Harrogate’s possibilities by lunchtime so I suggested we nip to the neighbouring town of Knaresborough for lunch. We had a cracking lunch in a local pub and by the time we got back to the hotel it was about time to start getting ready for the ceremony – apparently we were supposed to be at the venue by 6.00pm, although Ally had arranged to meet her staff in our hotel lobby 15 minutes earlier. I just had the standard gentleman’s evening suit – I’ve owned one for years but fortunately don’t need to wear it very often. I hadn’t seen the outfit Ally was intending to wear but she emerged from the bathroom wearing very new looking and sexy black underwear – including stockings and suspenders. I gave her a wolf whistle just to be polite. “Take a photo and send it to Dan please Steve” she asked “Show him what he’s missing” I did as she asked and moments later got a picture back from Dan of his cock jammed down Lisa’s throat with my message repeated ‘See what YOU’RE missing” it simply said.

A few minutes later we were ready to leave, Ally looking fabulous in a ‘little black dress’ which, so she told me later, are currently back in fashion for these grand occasions. With her black stilettos and wearing her hair up she was almost as tall as me. “How are you introducing me to your colleagues by the way?” I asked her as we strolled into the lobby. “Just a friend” she replied “they’ve already met Dan when he’s picked me up from work previously – although I may change that later if I’m trying to get rid of someone” Ally spotted the rest of her company – I guessed the middle aged couple were Lynn and husband (later discovered to be called Nev – nice enough chap but with no real hobbies or interests) – and the girl on her own I guessed must be Beth (about 30 with a cracking set of boobs, long, jet-black hair and darkly pretty in a gothic sort of style) I could see why she’d do well as a lap dancer. “Where’s Keith?” Ally asked her “Don’t know, don’t care, he’s been fucking around behind my back again so I’ve told him to sling his hook” Beth answered in a soft, scouse accent. After the introductions were complete we moved on to the conference centre. There were drinks and nibbles on offer as we entered the building and I could see Ally had spotted a few people she knew. Shortly we were called into the main room for dinner and the awards ceremony itself. Ally was shortlisted for two awards – she didn’t win either but did receive ‘Highly Commended” status, which still involved an appearance on the stage and a swish looking pair of trophies and certificates. Everybody on our table seemed very pleased with the result.

After the awards was the obligatory dancing and I got called up a couple of times by Ally and once by Beth who you could tell was an ex-dancer as she was a great mover, if a little risqué at times. I also had to rescue Ally from the clutches of associates of her who were dancing just a little too close. Beth was a little drunk by now and had to be restrained from giving Nev a lap-dance – although I don’t think he was objecting. I don’t know what time the dancing continued until but we left about midnight and made the short walk back to the hotel where Lynn & Nev went straight to their room.

Beth was intent on carrying on the party and insisted on accompanying us to our room. She slumped in the chair at the foot of the bed with a half bottle of vodka that she seemed committed to finishing. She’d barely had a glass when she either fell asleep or passed out where she was sat so Ally and I took our chance and got into bed. “No demands tonight Steve” she whispered “Just fuck me nice and slow and make me come” We lay in each other’s arms for some time just kissing and caressing until we were both very aroused. I got on top and slid my very erect cock slowly into Ally’s damp pussy “Mmmm lovely” she murmured and I could feel her trembling slightly every time I sunk down to full-depth. We were fairly tightly constrained beneath the bed covers and it took me back to the sex we’d shared back before Christmas. Ally must have remembered too as she was using her internal muscles to heighten her pleasure and building quickly to an orgasm “Oh it’s fucking good Steve – just like last time” she moaned and just a minute or two later she murmured “I can feel it – I’m gonna fucking come” and she did with a similar outcome to the previous occasion. “That was fucking unbelievable again – did you come” she asked “Not yet” I confirmed.

As we were laid gently kissing and caressing I suddenly heard something, initially I thought it was coming from an adjacent room but I soon realised it was emanating from the room we were in – it was the quite unmistakable sound of a woman approaching orgasm but trying to stifle the sound. I nudged Ally who’d also heard it and urged me to turn the bedside lamp on. I did as she asked and we were greeted with the sight of a half-naked Beth sat with her legs up on the coffee table, dress around her waist with three fingers of one hand jammed up her pussy and the other hand frantically rubbing at her clit. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover up when the light came on, but was too close to orgasm to stop for long and returned to her frantic masturbation. Beth was wailing in frustration as she couldn’t quite achieve her peak – I nudged Ally to go and help her out. She slid out of bed, took a couple of steps towards Beth and then dropped to her knees in front of her. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and clamped her mouth over Beth’s clit. It only took a few moments for Ally to work her magic and give Beth the orgasm she craved.

“I’m sorry guys” said Beth once she’d recovered “but I woke up, heard you two fucking and couldn’t help myself – I tried to be as quiet as possible but obviously I wasn’t” “You should have jumped in and joined us” said Ally smiling “I did think about it but I wasn’t sure what the score was with you two – I was pretty sure Steve wasn’t the guy I’d seen picking you up from work now and then so if you were having an affair I didn’t wanna get involved.” Beth explained. Ally told her why I was here and a little about our sex life back home “So you jumping into bed with us would not be an unusual occurrence” Ally concluded smiling at Beth. “In that case I’ll come join you” said Beth as she stood and let her dress fall to the floor. She unclipped her bra and I got a first view of her fabulous breasts – they were large but surprisingly firm and beautifully well-rounded. I did think she might have had some silicon enhancements but Ally assured me later that they were 100% natural. As she came closer and I was able to get my hands on them they certainly felt real enough. She laid between me and Ally and I began fondling one breast whilst teasing a nipple with my tongue – Ally doing the same on the other side. Beth was squirming with the dual sensation and begging us (very quietly) to stop.” God I’m feeling so turned on – I need cock” Beth said a little more loudly whilst making a grab at my crotch. “I’m sure Steve will give you what you want” said Ally quietly “But will you give me what I want?” “I dunno” murmured Beth who was squirming again as I was running a finger around her pussy. “What is it you want?” she continued “I want eating out until I cum” said Ally bluntly “OK” said Beth “I’ve never really done it before -I’ve always had something of a yearning for it but I’ve never had the opportunity”

Ally scooted up to the top of the bed with her back to the headboard and her legs parted. Beth got up on all fours and without any prompting lowered her head towards Ally’s pussy – by the look on Ally’s face she’d found her target but she stopped for a moment and looked up at Ally “Let me know if I’m doing it wrong, or if I’m missing something” she said before returning to her task. “She loves a finger or a tongue up her arse” I whispered in Beth’s ear as I moved around to get behind her. As I grabbed a handful of Beth’s lovely arse I slipped a finger into her pussy and was pleased to find she wasn’t just damp, she was soaking. Only the gentlest of pushes was required to bury my cock to the hilt. “Fuck that cock feels fat” moaned Beth as she raised her head from Ally’s crotch for a second. “Fuck me harder” commanded Beth quite fiercely. I did as I was asked and increased the pace whilst attempting to slip a finger into Beth’s arse, twice she bucked against it but the third time she allowed me access and as my finger penetrated her tight arsehole she came loudly, slumping onto her stomach my cock sliding out of her pussy as she went. “Oh my God” she murmured “that was an orgasm and a half – you guys really know what you’re doing” “Did anybody else cum” she asked sounding a bit worried “Nope – but we’re both close” I answered.

Ally took charge now “Steve get in the same position Beth was in and eat my pussy – Beth you lie under him and give him a blow-job” she directed. “Steve won’t take long to get me off and then I’ll eat your pussy Beth” “You don’t need to” Beth protested “I’ve come twice tonight already I’m more than satisfied” Ally laid back at the head of the bed once again and I got between her legs – I knew I could make her cum in just a couple of minutes but always prefer to make the pleasure last a little longer. I bunged a pillow under her so she was completely exposed to me and lifted her legs before describing lazy circles around her arsehole with my tongue, whilst sliding a finger in and out of her pussy “Ffffuuccckkk” she moaned “That feels so good”

Meanwhile Beth had positioned herself underneath me and after some gentle caresses to get me fully erect had enveloped my cock in her warm and willing mouth. She couldn’t deep throat me but whatever she was doing it was very pleasurable and I knew my orgasm wasn’t far away. Ally wanted more intimate stimulation so I started licking around her clit whilst jamming three fingers into her pussy. She was loving the sensations, moaning loudly and obviously very close to coming. I sucked hard on her clit whilst finger fucking her and that was enough to make her come again. “You’re fucking good at that” said Ally quietly before kissing me and scooting down the other end of the bed where she buried her face in Beth’s crotch. Beth hadn’t really experienced Ally’s expertise in oral sex but judging by the sounds coming from her mouth she was finding the experience most pleasurable. I’d shifted positions slightly and was gently fucking Beth’s mouth. before I pulled out, shuffled down the bed a little and slid my cock between Beth’s wonderful boobs “I couldn’t miss this opportunity” I said smiling down at her. “Are you gonna cover me in spunk?” she asked “More than likely” I replied, picking up the pace and sliding my cock back and forth faster.
Beth was heading for a big orgasm thanks to Ally’s magic touch and I was getting close myself. I was holding back a little so I came at the same time as Beth and I felt her body go tense before I heard her almost guttural moan as she hit her peak – that was my cue to cum and I did so covering her neck and chest with my sperm. “Mmmm” murmured Beth “I love that” running her fingers through the biggest patch of sperm and transferring it to her mouth. “I drank a lot of this when I used to be a dancer” Beth confessed “You did?” said Ally quizzically after joining us and helping Beth to remove all traces of my spunk. “When the guys wanted a private lap-dance it wasn’t at all unusual for them to get their cocks out and start wanking – it was against the rules but most of the girls didn’t care – and quite often they’d offer you money to wank ‘em off or give ‘em a blowjob – sometimes fifty quid for the latter” “Easy money” said Ally “It was“ agreed Beth “Two or three of them a night and you could double your wages” “Although you had to be careful” she continued “Instant dismissal if you got caught” I think Beth quite fancied carrying on but Ally and I were knackered so I pulled the quilt over us and turned out the light.

Next morning, I got awoken by the strident blaring of my mobile, Ally was still asleep beside me but Beth had disappeared – presumably returned to her own room. We didn’t have long to eat breakfast, pack and leave, so much as Ally tried to tempt me into a quick shag we really didn’t have time. We caught up with Beth in the dining room and she was most insistent that we invite her along next time we had a bit of a party. Breakfast finished, we were soon packed and away. I got a text half-way home from Lisa saying she was round Dan’s (which didn’t really surprise me) and pulling to a halt outside she was straight out and into my arms “I’ve missed you babe” she said. We went back inside where Ally & Dan were getting reacquainted and after me and Lisa did the same we sat with a cup of coffee before heading home. “Been here all weekend?” I asked Lisa “More or less” she replied “Yeah and she invited Heather round last night ‘cos Tom was on a night out with his rugby mates and the pair of ‘em ****d me” said Dan looking hurt, although I knew he’d probably loved it. “Very demanding woman that ex of yours” he continued before bursting out laughing. C’mon babe, take me home and I’ll tell you all about it” said Lisa.

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